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Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit beta



Escherichia coli
Unreviewed-Annotation score: -Protein inferred from homologyi


Provides the precursors necessary for DNA synthesis. Catalyzes the biosynthesis of deoxyribonucleotides from the corresponding ribonucleotides.UniRule annotation

Catalytic activityi

2'-deoxyribonucleoside diphosphate + thioredoxin disulfide + H2O = ribonucleoside diphosphate + thioredoxin.UniRule annotation


Fe cationUniRule annotationNote: Binds 2 iron ions per subunit.UniRule annotation

Pathwayi: DNA replication

This protein is involved in the pathway DNA replication, which is part of Genetic information processing.UniRule annotation
View all proteins of this organism that are known to be involved in the pathway DNA replication and in Genetic information processing.


Feature keyPosition(s)DescriptionActionsGraphical viewLength
Metal bindingi67Iron 1UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi98Iron 1UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi98Iron 2UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi101Iron 1UniRule annotation1
Active sitei105UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi158Iron 2UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi192Iron 2UniRule annotation1
Metal bindingi195Iron 2UniRule annotation1

GO - Molecular functioni

GO - Biological processi


Molecular functionOxidoreductaseUniRule annotationImported
Biological processDNA replicationUniRule annotation
LigandIronUniRule annotation, Metal-bindingUniRule annotation

Enzyme and pathway databases


Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit betaUniRule annotation (EC: annotation)
Gene namesi
ORF Names:A8C65_15460Imported, A8G17_02880Imported, A9819_15270Imported, A9R57_07495Imported, AA102_05175Imported, AC789_1c29940Imported, ACN77_20625Imported, ACU57_06795Imported, ACU90_16330Imported, AM266_20415Imported, AM270_01450Imported, AMK83_10060Imported, AUQ13_17010Imported, B1K96_24840Imported, BB545_28100Imported, BHS87_15200Imported, BJJ90_05795Imported, BMT91_21360Imported, BUE81_12050Imported, BVL39_13540Imported, BW690_13025Imported, BZL31_00285Imported, C2U48_20590Imported, C5N07_05630Imported, C5P43_22030Imported, C7235_06305Imported, C7B02_14475Imported, C9E25_03860Imported, CHQ87_0006175Imported, COD46_23090Imported, CR534_05850Imported, CR538_06040Imported, CRM83_26940Imported, CRT55_06605Imported, CWS33_17880Imported, EC1094V2_1028Imported, EC3234A_47c00420Imported, ECs3539Imported, EL75_1008Imported, EL79_1019Imported, EL80_1021Imported, ERS085365_04324Imported, ERS085374_03220Imported, ERS085379_00730Imported, ERS085383_02319Imported, ERS085404_02111Imported, ERS085416_02073Imported, ERS139211_03273Imported, ERS150873_03341Imported, GJ11_17450Imported, JD73_16880Imported, PGD_04427Imported, PU06_25625Imported, RX35_01547Imported, SK85_02911Imported, UN86_27120Imported, WR15_13150Imported
OrganismiEscherichia coliImported
Taxonomic identifieri562 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiBacteriaProteobacteriaGammaproteobacteriaEnterobacteralesEnterobacteriaceaeEscherichia
  • UP000044893 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000233549 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000217968 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000193530 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000030018 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000194908 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000030000 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000038112 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000188724 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000070045 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000234324 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000037564 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000051846 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000194285 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000040934 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000185422 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000234238 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000240478 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000036012 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000240648 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000236587 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000028651 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000238978 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000186204 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000235136 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000186169 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000188855 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000031522 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000233768 Componenti: Chromosome iv
  • UP000029988 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000245030 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000077380 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000030834 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000218721 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000215493 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000040589 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000050307 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000033592 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000042305 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000238857 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000234906 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000218701 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000034530 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000043139 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000051850 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000196865 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000092566 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000216366 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000220282 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000050556 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000076304 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000196822 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000044658 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000095183 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000041959 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence

Subcellular locationi

GO - Cellular componenti

Family & Domainsi

Sequence similaritiesi

Belongs to the ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase small chain family.UniRule annotation

Phylogenomic databases

eggNOGiENOG4107R25 Bacteria

Family and domain databases

CDDicd01049 RNRR2, 1 hit
Gene3Di1.10.620.20, 1 hit
InterProiView protein in InterPro
IPR009078 Ferritin-like_SF
IPR012348 RNR-like
IPR026494 RNR_NrdF
IPR033909 RNR_small
IPR030475 RNR_small_AS
IPR000358 RNR_small_fam
PANTHERiPTHR23409 PTHR23409, 1 hit
PfamiView protein in Pfam
PF00268 Ribonuc_red_sm, 1 hit
PIRSFiPIRSF000355 NrdB, 1 hit
SUPFAMiSSF47240 SSF47240, 1 hit
TIGRFAMsiTIGR04171 RNR_1b_NrdF, 1 hit
PROSITEiView protein in PROSITE
PS00368 RIBORED_SMALL, 1 hit


Sequence statusi: Complete.

C3SY95-1 [UniParc]FASTAAdd to basket

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60 70 80 90 100
110 120 130 140 150
160 170 180 190 200
210 220 230 240 250
260 270 280 290 300
Mass (Da):36,443
Last modified:June 16, 2009 - v1

Sequence databases

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Links Updated
EU896878 Genomic DNA Translation: ACI79434.1
CP010315 Genomic DNA Translation: AJE57213.1
CP011416 Genomic DNA Translation: AKH23346.1
CP015229 Genomic DNA Translation: ANO90476.1
CP017631 Genomic DNA Translation: APT01570.1
CP024141 Genomic DNA Translation: AUK00014.1
CP024127 Genomic DNA Translation: AUK20729.1
CP019051 Genomic DNA Translation: AUL69086.1
CP024056 Genomic DNA Translation: AUL83789.1
CP026202 Genomic DNA Translation: AUV32888.1
CP029242 Genomic DNA Translation: AWJ98314.1
HG976963 Genomic DNA Translation: CDU41420.1
CXZU01000020 Genomic DNA Translation: CTS01449.1
CYBF01000004 Genomic DNA Translation: CTT35178.1
CYAQ01000054 Genomic DNA Translation: CTT47352.1
CYBJ01000010 Genomic DNA Translation: CTT79278.1
CYCH01000009 Genomic DNA Translation: CTV03257.1
CYCX01000014 Genomic DNA Translation: CTV83736.1
CYDH01000035 Genomic DNA Translation: CTW45450.1
CYFX01000024 Genomic DNA Translation: CTZ62911.1
JPQG01000003 Genomic DNA Translation: KFD75354.1
JPKH01000009 Genomic DNA Translation: KGM70867.1
JPKL01000018 Genomic DNA Translation: KGM83043.1
JPMZ01000007 Genomic DNA Translation: KGM84436.1
JUDN01000162 Genomic DNA Translation: KHJ13331.1
JZDU01000160 Genomic DNA Translation: KJW23442.1
LEUM01000017 Genomic DNA Translation: KLX95951.1
LGZN01000028 Genomic DNA Translation: KNF68895.1
LDYI01000052 Genomic DNA Translation: KPO15561.1
LECN01000111 Genomic DNA Translation: KPO51560.1
LIVE01000043 Genomic DNA Translation: KQJ12899.1
LIVI01000001 Genomic DNA Translation: KQJ46293.1
LOOZ01000024 Genomic DNA Translation: KXR88939.1
LOCS01000119 Genomic DNA Translation: KYV71208.1
LCVH01000047 Genomic DNA Translation: OAC43355.1
LZEH01000101 Genomic DNA Translation: OEI65788.1
LGMU01000127 Genomic DNA Translation: OKU09253.1
MSEK01000078 Genomic DNA Translation: OLR87223.1
MTKH01000098 Genomic DNA Translation: ONG28591.1
MPAF01000052 Genomic DNA Translation: OOK25031.1
NAFT01000058 Genomic DNA Translation: ORT01602.1
NBCM01000044 Genomic DNA Translation: OTE90327.1
MUAB01000001 Genomic DNA Translation: OUK55199.1
LYAA01002473 Genomic DNA Translation: OWC04252.1
LYBG01000774 Genomic DNA Translation: OWD68180.1
LEOO01000006 Genomic DNA Translation: OYC72077.1
NWAO01000048 Genomic DNA Translation: PBR50110.1
NTDZ01000037 Genomic DNA Translation: PBT40374.1
NTEV01000187 Genomic DNA Translation: PBU41419.1
PDEE01000004 Genomic DNA Translation: PEI01338.1
PITP01000018 Genomic DNA Translation: PKD88120.1
PTNY01000232 Genomic DNA Translation: PPZ53505.1
PUJR01000004 Genomic DNA Translation: PQP11930.1
NOLW03000012 Genomic DNA Translation: PSM36116.1
PYRA01000013 Genomic DNA Translation: PSY92263.1
PYRW01000003 Genomic DNA Translation: PSZ86968.1
LT883142 Genomic DNA Translation: SMZ44124.1
RefSeqiWP_000777969.1, NZ_QBRX01000023.1

Genome annotation databases

EnsemblBacteriaiAJE57213; AJE57213; AC789_1c29940
AKH23346; AKH23346; AA102_05175
ALZ66102; ALZ66102; AWH59_08020
ANO90476; ANO90476; GJ11_17450
ANP19471; ANP19471; GJ12_17435
AOT31663; AOT31663; FORC31_1198
CDU41420; CDU41420; PGD_04427
CTS01449; CTS01449; ERS085374_03220
CTT35178; CTT35178; ERS085379_00730
CTT47352; CTT47352; ERS085365_04324
CTT79278; CTT79278; ERS085383_02319
CTV03257; CTV03257; ERS085404_02111
CTV83736; CTV83736; ERS085416_02073
CTW45450; CTW45450; ERS139211_03273
CTW96780; CTW96780; ERS139235_00373
CTY03309; CTY03309; ERS139269_00717
CTZ62911; CTZ62911; ERS150873_03341
KFD75354; KFD75354; JD73_16880
KGM70867; KGM70867; EL75_1008
KGM83043; KGM83043; EL80_1021
KGM84436; KGM84436; EL79_1019
KHH07406; KHH07406; PU69_18485
KHJ13331; KHJ13331; PU06_25625
KIG81606; KIG81606; PU38_09475
KIH36091; KIH36091; PD07_10940
KJW23442; KJW23442; UN86_27120
KLG77765; KLG77765; WR12_09180
KLX95951; KLX95951; SK85_02911
KNF68895; KNF68895; WR15_13150
KPO15561; KPO15561; ACU57_06795
KPO51560; KPO51560; ACU90_16330
KQJ12899; KQJ12899; AM266_20415
KQJ46293; KQJ46293; AM270_01450
KXQ40647; KXQ40647; AUQ01_07660
KYV71208; KYV71208; AMK83_10060
OAC43355; OAC43355; EC3234A_47c00420
OAJ88201; OAJ88201; A5958_16655
OCO60785; OCO60785; AN669_0208545
ODA88002; ODA88002; A9D65_16765
ODH32250; ODH32250; A6803_05175
OEI65788; OEI65788; A9R57_07495

Similar proteinsi

Entry informationi

Entry nameiC3SY95_ECOLX
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: C3SY95
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL: June 16, 2009
Last sequence update: June 16, 2009
Last modified: July 18, 2018
This is version 71 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiUnreviewed (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)


Keywords - Technical termi

Complete proteomeImported

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