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10 kDa chaperonin



Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Unreviewed-Annotation score: -Protein inferred from homologyi


Binds to Cpn60 in the presence of Mg-ATP and suppresses the ATPase activity of the latter.UniRule annotationSAAS annotation

GO - Molecular functioni

GO - Biological processi


Molecular functionChaperoneUniRule annotationSAAS annotation

Names & Taxonomyi

Protein namesi
Recommended name:
10 kDa chaperoninUniRule annotation
Alternative name(s):
GroES proteinUniRule annotation
Protein Cpn10UniRule annotation
Gene namesi
Name:groESUniRule annotationImported
Synonyms:groES_1Imported, groSUniRule annotation
ORF Names:CAB90_03845Imported, ERS007661_01412Imported, ERS007665_02357Imported, ERS007670_03701Imported, ERS007672_04587Imported, ERS007679_01849Imported, ERS007681_01934Imported, ERS007688_02608Imported, ERS007703_02768Imported, ERS007720_00961Imported, ERS007722_04018Imported, ERS007726_01692Imported, ERS007739_04936Imported, ERS007741_04078Imported, ERS023446_03591Imported, ERS024213_04048Imported, ERS024276_01152Imported, ERS027644_00881Imported, ERS027646_01147Imported, ERS027651_01965Imported, ERS027652_01512Imported, ERS027653_04644Imported, ERS027654_03214Imported, ERS027656_04805Imported, ERS027659_02888Imported, ERS027661_03493Imported, ERS027666_02384Imported, ERS031537_01153Imported, ERS124361_02355Imported, SAMEA2682864_03563Imported, SAMEA2683035_02899Imported
OrganismiMycobacterium tuberculosisImported
Taxonomic identifieri1773 [NCBI]
Taxonomic lineageiBacteriaActinobacteriaCorynebacterialesMycobacteriaceaeMycobacteriumMycobacterium tuberculosis complex
  • UP000049299 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049861 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000046932 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049989 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000041288 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000046947 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000048289 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000050143 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049139 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000050164 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049058 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000048948 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049498 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000236349 Componenti: Chromosome
  • UP000047075 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000045842 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000039217 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000043293 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000044031 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049023 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000048600 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000183655 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000039953 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000182946 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049258 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000038802 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000049114 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000050038 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000045274 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000039021 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence
  • UP000044938 Componenti: Unassembled WGS sequence

Subcellular locationi

  • Cytoplasm UniRule annotationSAAS annotation

GO - Cellular componenti

Keywords - Cellular componenti

CytoplasmUniRule annotationSAAS annotation


Subunit structurei

Heptamer of 7 subunits arranged in a ring.UniRule annotationSAAS annotation

Family & Domainsi

Sequence similaritiesi

Belongs to the GroES chaperonin family.UniRule annotationSAAS annotation

Family and domain databases

CDDicd00320 cpn10, 1 hit
Gene3Di2.30.33.40, 1 hit
HAMAPiMF_00580 CH10, 1 hit
InterProiView protein in InterPro
IPR020818 Chaperonin_GroES
IPR037124 Chaperonin_GroES_sf
IPR018369 Chaprnonin_Cpn10_CS
IPR011032 GroES-like_sf
PANTHERiPTHR10772 PTHR10772, 1 hit
PfamiView protein in Pfam
PF00166 Cpn10, 1 hit
SMARTiView protein in SMART
SM00883 Cpn10, 1 hit
SUPFAMiSSF50129 SSF50129, 1 hit
PROSITEiView protein in PROSITE
PS00681 CHAPERONINS_CPN10, 1 hit


Sequence statusi: Complete.

A0A045IVI8-1 [UniParc]FASTAAdd to basket

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        10         20         30         40         50
60 70 80 90 100
Mass (Da):10,804
Last modified:July 9, 2014 - v1

Sequence databases

Select the link destinations:
Links Updated
CP024614 Genomic DNA Translation: AUS52649.1
CFOE01000223 Genomic DNA Translation: CFE39554.1
CFOH01000455 Genomic DNA Translation: CFE57457.1
CNCN01000210 Genomic DNA Translation: CKO15691.1
CNDE01001289 Genomic DNA Translation: CKQ71672.1
CNFW01000105 Genomic DNA Translation: CKR27702.1
CNFQ01000278 Genomic DNA Translation: CKR47670.1
CIEA01000017 Genomic DNA Translation: CKS01814.1
CNGE01000152 Genomic DNA Translation: CKS03562.1
CNFT01000759 Genomic DNA Translation: CKS28806.1
CNFR01000735 Genomic DNA Translation: CKS41547.1
CNFU01000926 Genomic DNA Translation: CKS75592.1
CNGG01000464 Genomic DNA Translation: CKT23517.1
CNFS01001663 Genomic DNA Translation: CKT77373.1
CNFV01001432 Genomic DNA Translation: CKT79622.1
CNIS01000136 Genomic DNA Translation: CKU73796.1
CHDS01000041 Genomic DNA Translation: CNG93432.1
CQGE01000123 Genomic DNA Translation: CNN47567.1
CQQC01000387 Genomic DNA Translation: CNU95067.1
CQPW01000489 Genomic DNA Translation: CNV20314.1
CQPL01001110 Genomic DNA Translation: CNV61844.1
CSAD01000221 Genomic DNA Translation: COV44144.1
CSAJ01000083 Genomic DNA Translation: COV80738.1
CSAE01000323 Genomic DNA Translation: COW10396.1
CHEE01001364 Genomic DNA Translation: COX03635.1
CSAM01000506 Genomic DNA Translation: COX05802.1
CSAU01000768 Genomic DNA Translation: COX07244.1
CHKL01000749 Genomic DNA Translation: COX26292.1
CSBK01003427 Genomic DNA Translation: CPA90599.1
FPTZ01000022 Genomic DNA Translation: SGI13140.1
FPXX01000028 Genomic DNA Translation: SGN01482.1
RefSeqiWP_003418028.1, NZ_PYQD01000059.1

Genome annotation databases

EnsemblBacteriaiAMC47911; AMC47911; RN05_3635
CFE39554; CFE39554; ERS007681_01934
CFE57457; CFE57457; ERS007688_02608
CKO15691; CKO15691; ERS024276_01152
CKQ71672; CKQ71672; ERS024213_04048
CKR27702; CKR27702; ERS027644_00881
CKR47670; CKR47670; ERS027652_01512
CKS03562; CKS03562; ERS027646_01147
CKS28806; CKS28806; ERS027659_02888
CKS41547; CKS41547; ERS027654_03214
CKS75592; CKS75592; ERS027661_03493
CKT23517; CKT23517; ERS027666_02384
CKT77373; CKT77373; ERS027653_04644
CKT79622; CKT79622; ERS027656_04805
CKU73796; CKU73796; ERS031537_01153
CNG93432; CNG93432; ERS124361_02355
CNN47567; CNN47567; ERS023446_03591
CNU95067; CNU95067; ERS007661_01412
CNV20314; CNV20314; ERS007665_02357
CNV61844; CNV61844; ERS007670_03701
CNY96463; CNY96463; ERS013471_03186
COV44144; COV44144; ERS007679_01849
COV80738; COV80738; ERS007720_00961
COW10396; COW10396; ERS007703_02768
COX03635; COX03635; ERS007672_04587
COX05802; COX05802; ERS007722_04018
COX07244; COX07244; ERS007726_01692
COX26292; COX26292; ERS007741_04078
CPA90599; CPA90599; ERS007739_04936

Similar proteinsi

Entry informationi

Entry nameiA0A045IVI8_MYCTX
AccessioniPrimary (citable) accession number: A0A045IVI8
Entry historyiIntegrated into UniProtKB/TrEMBL: July 9, 2014
Last sequence update: July 9, 2014
Last modified: July 18, 2018
This is version 46 of the entry and version 1 of the sequence. See complete history.
Entry statusiUnreviewed (UniProtKB/TrEMBL)


Keywords - Technical termi

Complete proteomeImported

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