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StatusReference proteome
Proteinsi <p>Number of protein entries associated with this proteome: UniProtKB entries for regular proteomes or UniParc entries for redundant proteomes (<a href="/help/proteome_redundancy">more...</a>)</p> 6,050
Gene counti <p>This is the total number of unique genes found in the proteome set, algorithmically computed. For each gene, a single representative protein sequence is chosen from the proteome. Where possible, reviewed (Swiss-Prot) protein sequences are chosen as the representatives.</p> - Download one protein sequence per gene (FASTA)
Proteome IDi <p>The proteome identifier (UPID) is the unique identifier assigned to the set of proteins that constitute the <a href="">proteome</a>. It consists of the characters 'UP' followed by 9 digits, is stable across releases and can therefore be used to cite a UniProt proteome.<p><a href='/help/proteome_id' target='_top'>More...</a></p>UP000002311
Taxonomy559292 - Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c)
StrainATCC 204508 / S288c
Last modifiedJune 15, 2021
Genome assembly and annotationi <p>Identifier for the genome assembly (<a href="">more...</a>)</p> GCA_000146045.2 from EnsemblFungi full
Pan proteomei <p>A pan proteome is the full set of proteins thought to be expressed by a group of highly related organisms (e.g. multiple strains of the same bacterial species).<p><a href='/help/pan_proteomes' target='_top'>More...</a></p> This proteome is part of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) (Baker's yeast) pan proteome (fasta)
Buscoi <p>The Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Ortholog (BUSCO) assessment tool is used, for eukaryotic and bacterial proteomes, to provide quantitative measures of UniProt proteome data completeness in terms of expected gene content. BUSCO scores include percentages of complete (C) single-copy (S) genes, complete (C) duplicated (D) genes, fragmented (F) and missing (M) genes, as well as the total number of orthologous clusters (n) used in the BUSCO assessment, and the name of the taxonomic lineage dataset used.</p> C:99.6%[S:97.4%,D:2.2%],F:0.1%,M:0.3%,n:2137 saccharomycetes_odb10
Completenessi <p>Complete Proteome Detector (CPD) is an algorithm which employs statistical evaluation of the completeness and quality of proteomes in UniProt, by looking at the sizes of taxonomically close proteomes. Possible values are 'Standard', 'Close to Standard' and 'Outlier'.</p> Outlier (high value)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a unicellular fungus. It is commonly known as baker's, brewer's or budding yeast. It is used in the production of a number of human foodstuffs, including alcoholic beverages and in the baking industry, and is widely used as a model species in the study of eukaryotic biology. In 1996, the genome of S. cerevisiae was the first eukaryotic genome to be completely deciphered.

The S. cerevisiae genome is about 12.2 Mb with 6,275 genes, compactly organized on 16 chromosomes. Only about 5,800 of these genes are believed to be functional. The genome assembly and the gene model annotation were provided by the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) in 2011.

Componentsi <p>Genomic components encoding the proteome</p>

Component nameGenome Accession(s)
Component representationProteins
Chromosome I94
Chromosome II418
Chromosome III168
Chromosome IV769
Chromosome V291
Chromosome VI130
Chromosome VII544
Chromosome VIII293
Chromosome IX215
Chromosome X365
Chromosome XI319
Chromosome XII524
Chromosome XIII470
Chromosome XIV399
Chromosome XV547
Chromosome XVI477
Plasmid 2-micron4


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