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Proteinsi <p>Number of protein entries associated with this proteome: UniProtKB entries for regular proteomes or UniParc entries for redundant proteomes (<a href="/help/proteome_redundancy">more...</a>)</p> 1,262
Gene counti <p>This is the total number of unique genes found in the proteome set, algorithmically computed. For each gene, a single representative protein sequence is chosen from the proteome. Where possible, reviewed (Swiss-Prot) protein sequences are chosen as the representatives.</p> - Download one protein sequence per gene (FASTA)
Proteome IDi <p>The proteome identifier (UPID) is the unique identifier assigned to the set of proteins that constitute the <a href="">proteome</a>. It consists of the characters ‘UP’ followed by 9 digits, is stable across releases and can therefore be used to cite a UniProt proteome.<p><a href='/help/proteome_id' target='_top'>More...</a></p>UP000002276
Taxonomy290434 - Borreliella bavariensis (strain ATCC BAA-2496 / DSM 23469 / PBi)
StrainATCC BAA-2496 / DSM 23469 / PBi
Last modifiedSeptember 28, 2019
Genome assembly and annotationi <p>Identifier for the genome assembly (<a href="">more...</a>)</p> GCA_000196215.1 from ENA/EMBL
Pan proteomei <p>A pan proteome is the full set of proteins thought to be expressed by a group of highly related organisms (e.g. multiple strains of the same bacterial species).<p><a href='/help/pan_proteomes' target='_top'>More...</a></p> This proteome is part of the Borrelia burgdorferi (strain ATCC 35210 / B31 / CIP 102532 / DSM 4680) pan proteome (fasta)

Borrelia garinii has been found to be involved in cases of Lyme borreliosis. It is associated with neurological symptoms.

Componentsi <p>Genomic components encoding the proteome</p>

Component nameGenome Accession(s)
Plasmid cp2626
Plasmid lp5470
Plasmid 332
Plasmid 422
Plasmid 529
Plasmid 624
Plasmid 723
Plasmid 823
Plasmid 918
Plasmid 1020
Plasmid 1112
Plasmid 129
Plasmid 137
Plasmid 144
Plasmid 1512
Plasmid 168
Plasmid 176
Plasmid 184
Plasmid 195
Plasmid 206
Plasmid 2110
Plasmid 225
Plasmid 234
Plasmid 244
Plasmid 253
Plasmid 262
Plasmid 277
Plasmid 286
Plasmid 293
Plasmid 304
Plasmid 311
Plasmid 323
Plasmid 331
Plasmid 344
Plasmid 351
Plasmid 363
Plasmid 373
Plasmid 382
Plasmid 394
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