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StatusReference proteome
Proteome IDiUP000000754
Taxonomy290399 - Arthrobacter sp. (strain FB24)
Last modifiedJanuary 22, 2018
Genome assembly and annotationi GCA_000196235.1 from ENA/EMBL
Pan proteomei This proteome is part of the Arthrobacter sp. pan proteome (fasta)

Arthrobacter species are apparently ubiquitous soil bacteria that have been studied because of their vast metabolic activities and survival in extreme environments. They are aerobic, Gram-positive bacteria with a high GC content and use a range of carbon sources. They are most often recognized morphologically by their jointed-rod to coccus growth cycle. They are classified into the class Actinobacteria, order Actinomycetales, and family Micrococcaceae. Arthrobacter sp. (strain FB24) was isolated from chromate and xylene enriched soil microcosms used to ascertain changes in microbial community composition under these stresses. This organism shows an extreme chromium tolerance, is resistant to other metals and radiations and is able to degrade some hydrocarbons. Its genome is made up of one chromosome and 3 plasmids.


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Component nameGenome Accession(s)
Plasmid FB24-1158
Plasmid FB24-2108
Plasmid FB24-394