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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein counte
UP000000862Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1)10506794
UP000000958Thermus virus P23-77171427237
UP000052082Francolinus leucoscepus papillomavirus 14853628
UP000007024His1 virus (isolate Australia/Victoria) (His1V) (Haloarcula hispanica virus 1)65491235
UP000008649Rabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV)1039295
UP000029763Galliform aveparvovirus 1 (isolate Chicken/Hungary/ABU-P1/-/-) (ChPV)7176414
UP000087266Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) (Strain: ouble haploid)803082390
UP000217400Diuris virus A12471152
UP000000351Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus L-A (ScV-L-A) (ScVL1)110082
UP000028761Papio anubis (Olive baboon)955544721
UP000002296Trypanosoma cruzi (strain CL Brener)35315319242
UP000185273Bovine papillomavirus type 5405377
UP000201718Sanxia tombus-like virus 5 (Strain: SXSSP12445)19233892
UP000001295Torque teno canis virus (isolate Cf-TTV10)7661893
UP000029767Perch rhabdovirus (isolate Perch/France/PRV/1981) (PRV)15593595
UP000008778Torque teno virus 1 (isolate TA278)7661822
UP000001686Korarchaeum cryptofilum (strain OPF8)3748471602
UP000000670Human parechovirus 2 (strain Williamson) (HPeV-2) (Echovirus 23)1229621
UP000201178Hubei picorna-like virus 13 (Strain: QTM26736)19230921
UP000008418Mycobacterium phage Rey1034115153
UP000224291Stenotrophomonas phage IME-SM11654717202
UP000246700Mycobacterium phage Byougenkin2182394101
UP000007020Rachiplusia ou multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (strain R1) (RoMNPV)654904149
UP000006703Blackberry virus Y (isolate Blackberry plant/USA:Arkansas/C3ARK/2005) (BVY) (Strain: Isolate Blackberry plant/USA: Arkansas/C3ARK/2005)6869491
UP000000404Duck hepatitis A virus (strain Duck/Taiwan/03D/2003) (DHAV)6939921
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