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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein counte
UP000008649Rabies virus (strain Pasteur vaccins / PV) (RABV)1039295
UP000002280Monodelphis domestica (Gray short-tailed opossum)1361622243
UP000001666Tomato bushy stunt virus (strain Cherry) (TBSV)121474
UP000031627Candidatus Tachikawaea gelatinosa (Strain: UwTKB)1410383613
UP000034908Rhizobium sp. LC14511206885603
UP000052090Saimiri sciureus papillomavirus 19903046
UP000000398Botrytis virus F (isolate Botrytis cinerea/New Zealand/Howitt/2001) (BotV-F)6869462
UP000009092Escherichia phage P2 (Bacteriophage P2)1067943
UP000008787Cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (strain Kansas) (CRPV) (Papillomavirus sylvilagi)315538
UP000001098Feline calicivirus (strain Cat/United States/Urbana/1960) (FCV)2923493
UP000176459Geobacteraceae bacterium GWC2_53_1117983163595
UP000034699Serratia fonticola (Strain: DSM 4576)479175086
UP000002514Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii (strain DSM 15139 / CIP 105565 / TT01)2432654556
UP000034711Candidatus Uhrbacteria bacterium GW2011_GWA2_53_101618980542
UP000007078Torque teno midi virus 1 (isolate MD1-073)7661842
UP000034723Geoglobus ahangari (Strain: 234)1136531973
UP000006367Human papillomavirus type 411058911
UP000219030Streptomyces sp. 1331.219388357105
UP000030905Clostridium pasteurianum DSM 525 = ATCC 6013 (Strain: DSM 525 / ATCC 6013)12624493930
UP000005615gamma proteobacterium IMCC30888760442855
UP000007025Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (isolate plum P863) (ACLSV)734733
UP000005215Ictidomys tridecemlineatus (Thirteen-lined ground squirrel) (Spermophilus tridecemlineatus)4317925333
UP000233622Betaproteobacteria bacterium HGW-Betaproteobacteria-1420137053115
UP000031803Vibrio phage phi 11589297110
UP000008827Glycine max (Soybean) (Glycine hispida) (Strain: cv. Williams 82)384775674
1 to 25 of 180,929  Show

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