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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein countBUSCO
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000000399Grapevine fleck virus (isolate Italy/MT48) (GFkV)6526684Outlierfull
UP000233180Rhinopithecus bieti (Black snub-nosed monkey) (Pygathrix bieti)6162142660 n:6192
C:95.1% (S:49.6% D:45.5%) F:2.9% M:2%
UP000000348Rice ragged stunt virus (isolate Thailand) (RRSV)64960312Standardfull
UP000007022Bovine parvovirus (isolate pAT153/1986) (BPV)6482433Standardfull
UP000008255Triticum mosaic virus (isolate Triticum aestivum/United States/U06-123/2006) (TriMV)12894721Standardfull
UP000008589Cowpea mosaic virus (strain SB) (CPMV)9282993Outlierfull
UP000001863Sputnik virophage54393921Standardfull
UP000184514Planktotalea frisia (Strain: SH6-1)6967624128 n:221
C:99.5% (S:99.1% D:0.5%) F:0.5% M:0%
UP000000405Equine rhinitis B virus 1 (strain Equine/Switzerland/P1436/71/1971) (ERBV-1) (Equine rhinovirus type 2)6501311Standardfull
UP000006541Maize streak virus genotype A (isolate South Africa) (MSV)108244Close to Standardfull
UP000001670Poinsettia latent virus (isolate Euphorbia pulcherrima/Germany/Siepen/2005) (PnLV) (Poinsettia cryptic virus)6869434Standardfull
UP000233160Propithecus coquereli (Coquerel's sifaka) (Propithecus verreauxi coquereli)37953232113 n:6192
C:92% (S:63.6% D:28.4%) F:4.1% M:3.9%
UP000202816Hubei sobemo-like virus 25 (Strain: QTM27214)19232112Standardfull
UP000051008Lactobacillus agilis DSM 2050914237181951 n:443
C:97.1% (S:96.6% D:0.5%) F:2.3% M:0.7%
UP000289228Streptomyces phage Shawty251052156Standardfull
UP000007267Pelodiscus sinensis (Chinese softshell turtle) (Trionyx sinensis)1373520509 n:3950
C:93.5% (S:78.3% D:15.2%) F:4.9% M:1.6%
UP000000826Norwalk virus (strain GI/Human/United States/Norwalk/1968) (Hu/NV/NV/1968/US)5243643Standardfull
UP000001950Theileria annulata (Strain: Ankara)58743790 n:234
C:85.5% (S:85.5% D:0%) F:1.3% M:13.2%
UP000001061Human T-cell leukemia virus 1 (isolate Caribbea HS-35 subtype A) (HTLV-1)119279Close to Standardfull
UP000288876Apple necrotic mosaic virus17793394Standardfull
UP000240724Escherichia phage LAMP206519195Standardfull
UP000028926Candidatus Paracaedibacter acanthamoebae916041803 n:221
C:80.5% (S:80.5% D:0%) F:2.7% M:16.7%
Close to Standardfull
UP000201600Listeria phage LP-030-2117374369Standardfull
UP000296517Streptococcus phage Javan144254800554Standardfull
UP000102095Lymantria dispar cypovirus 1416542911Standardfull
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