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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein count
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000318527Alteromonadaceae bacterium 2753L.S.0a.0214033204947 n:820
C:92.7% (S:91.8% D:0.9%) F:0.4% M:7% alteromonadales_odb10
Close to standard (high value)full
UP000295807Anseongella ginsenosidimutans (Strain: DSM 21100)4960563575 n:1068
C:86.5% (S:86.1% D:0.4%) F:0.3% M:13.2% sphingobacteriia_odb10
Close to standard (low value)full
UP000583740Cardinalis cardinalis (Northern cardinal)9896413821 n:10844
C:73.3% (S:73.1% D:0.2%) F:5.9% M:20.9% passeriformes_odb10
UP000503504Begomovirus-associated alphasatellite sp.19119081Standardfull
UP000203973Magnaporthe oryzae virus 12712572Standardfull
UP000015097Brevibacillus phage Emery1296660102Standardfull
UP000001645Meleagris gallopavo (Wild turkey)910328236 n:8338
C:87.1% (S:77.3% D:9.8%) F:4.4% M:8.6% aves_odb10
Outlier (high value)full
UP000500852Microviridae sp. ctzVR2626567068Outlier (high value)full
UP000320011Amycolatopsis rhizosphaerae (Strain: TBRC 6029)20530037256 n:356
C:97.5% (S:96.6% D:0.8%) F:1.1% M:1.4% actinobacteria_phylum_odb10
Close to standard (low value)full
UP000000867Myxoma virus (strain Lausanne) (MYXV)31530158Outlier (high value)full
UP000009253Human papillomavirus 4106178Close to standard (high value)full
UP000240847Staphylococcus phage phiSa2wa_st5206095177Outlier (high value)full
UP000096131Taggert virus4870503Standard
UP000207757Sanxia tombus-like virus 1 (Strain: SXXX36383)19233853Unknownfull
UP000076023Terrimicrobium sacchariphilum (Strain: NM-5)6908794168 n:471
C:98.9% (S:97.9% D:1.1%) F:0.2% M:0.8% verrucomicrobia_odb10
UP000199051Actinokineospora terrae (Strain: DSM 44260)1559746615 n:356
C:99.4% (S:98.6% D:0.8%) F:0% M:0.6% actinobacteria_phylum_odb10
UP000221883Pectobacterium phage PP99193288356Close to standard (high value)full
UP000289334Apis mellifera associated microvirus 124947365Standardfull
UP000201402Beihai picorna-like virus 118 (Strain: BHHK118641)19225473Unknownfull
UP000003019Neisseria shayeganii 87110324882530 n:804
C:97.9% (S:97.9% D:0%) F:0.2% M:1.9% neisseriales_odb10
Outlier (high value)full
UP000500797Flavobacterium phage FPSV-D15257533863Standardfull
UP000502241Bat paramyxovirus13009788Close to standard (high value)full
UP000318416Kitasatospora atroaurantiaca (Strain: DSM 41649)2855456749 n:1579
C:98.7% (S:97.2% D:1.6%) F:0.1% M:1.2% streptomycetales_odb10
UP000031461Pedobacter glucosidilyticus (Strain: DD6b)11229413311 n:1068
C:98.2% (S:98% D:0.2%) F:0% M:1.8% sphingobacteriia_odb10
Close to standard (low value)full
UP000229850Xanthomonadaceae bacterium NML03-022220325812067 n:1152
C:90.4% (S:90.3% D:0.1%) F:0.1% M:9.5% xanthomonadales_odb10
Outlier (low value)full
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