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UniProt release 1.8

Published April 26, 2004


Two new completely annotated microbial proteomes

In the framework of the HAMAP project we not only annotate specified microbial protein families, but we also aim to completely annotate all the proteins from a number of selected microbial genomes.

We maintain pages that list complete bacterial and archaeal proteomes and which report the status of completion of the annotations in Swiss-Prot.

We have now completed the annotation of two more microbial genomes, namely those of Buchnera aphidicola (subsp. Baizongia pistaciae) and Methanococcus jannaschii. The total number of microbial genomes where all proteins are annotated in Swiss-Prot is now 8 and more are yet to come.

UniProtKB news

Cross-references to Structural and functional annotation of Arabidopsis thaliana gene and protein families (GeneFarm)

We have added cross-references to the Structural and functional annotation of Arabidopsis thaliana gene and protein families (GeneFarm), available at

The identifiers of the appropriate DR line are:

Resource abbreviation GeneFarm
Resource identifier GeneFarm's unique identifier for a gene.
Optional information 1 GeneFarm's identifier for a gene family.
DR   GeneFarm; 1671; 91.

Changes concerning the controlled vocabulary for PTMs

We are continuously overhauling the annotation of post-translational modifications (PTMs). Sulfation sites are described in the description field of the feature key MOD_RES, all entries with such a site contain the keyword 'Sulfation'. The initially defined controlled vocabulary for sulfation sites is listed below:

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