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Keyword - Organellar chromatophore (KW-0994)

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Protein encoded by the organellar chromatophore genome or a protein targeted to the organellar chromatophore. The organellar chromatophore is the photosynthetic inclusion found in Paulinella species, which are photosynthetic thecate amoeba. It probably derives from a different endosymbiotic event than that which led to all other plastids. Houses the machinery necessary for photosynthesis and CO(2) fixation; it also has the genetic capacity to synthesize some amino acids, some fatty acids and a few cofactors. It contains thylakoid membranes, and a residual peptidoglycan wall between the 2 envelope membranes. There are 1 or 2 chromatophores per cell.


Cellular component

Gene Ontology


organellar chromatophore [ GO:0070111 ]


Organellar chromatophorePlastidCellular component
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