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Where can I buy protein X? Which company sells protein Y? Where can I buy strain Z?

The UniProt consortium does not sell any biological products, neither proteins nor organisms. To obtain additional commercial information you need to access the on-line catalogs of the many suppliers of biochemicals and reagents for the life sciences.

To the best of our knowledge this information is not available in any exhaustive public compilation i.e. one that includes all suppliers. There are some exceptions such as, for example, the commercial availability of restriction enzymes which can be obtained from the REBASE database or for peptides (amino acids, peptide synthesis reagents, or peptides) from the Peptide Resource Page. In addition some useful links maybe found in the Life Science Directory list present on the ExPASy server. In the Gateways section, there is a website called Enzyme Directory. Other interesting information can be found in the Biotech and pharmaceutical companies section (Note that these pages are not updated anymore).

The UniProtKB database provides for certain entries a 'Biotechnological use' subsection which describes the use of a specific protein in a biotechnological process. It explains in a few words in which biotechnological process the protein is used or could be used with an explanation that describes the commercial use of the protein.

The UniProtKB database also provides for certain entries a 'Pharmaceutical use' subsection which describes the name under which the protein is available as a the drug and the name of the firm that commercializes it.

Example: P01275

     Available under the names Glucagon (Eli Lilly) and
     GlucaGen or Glucagon Novo Nordisk (Novo Nordisk). Used to treat
     severe hypoglycemia in insulin-dependent diabetics.

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