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Subcellular location

Last modified April 7, 2021

This subsection provides information on the location and the topology of the mature protein in the cell.

The information contained in this subsection uses a structured hierarchy of controlled vocabulary, except for the 'Note' which allows free text.
Example: Q9ULX6

The whole ontology is described, if known.
Example: Q02630, P38182

The subcellular location generally concerns the mature protein. When specific alternative products (isoforms or derived peptides for example) have a specific location, that is clearly indicated.
Example: O43687

Cell images from the SwissBioPics library of interactive biological images are included this section to enhance the representation of UniProt and Gene Ontology (GO) subcellular location annotations. SwissBioPics covers cell types from all kingdoms of life - ranging from muscle, neuronal and epithelial cells of animals, to the rods, cocci, clubs, spirals and other more exotic forms of bacteria and archaea.

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