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Pathology and Biotech section

Last modified April 13, 2021

This section provides information on the disease(s) and phenotype(s) associated with a protein.

The information is filed in different subsections. The current subsections and their content are listed below:

Involvement in diseaseDescription of the disease(s) associated with the deficiency of a protein
Natural variantNatural variants of the protein that are associated with one of the diseases listed above
Allergenic propertiesInformation relevant to allergenic proteins
Biotechnological use Use of a specific protein in the biotechnological industry
Toxic doseLethal, paralytic, or effect dose, or lethal concentration of a toxin
Pharmaceutical useDescription of the use of a protein as a pharmaceutical drug
Disruption phenotypeDescription of the effects caused by the disruption of a protein-encoding gene
MutagenesisSite which has been experimentally altered by mutagenesis
Keywords 'Disease' Selection of controlled vocabulary which summarises the content of an entry
Some chemistry and organism-specific databasesSelection of cross-references that point to data collections other than UniProtKB
UniProt is an ELIXIR core data resource
Main funding by: National Institutes of Health

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