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General annotation (Comments)

Last modified July 25, 2019

Position-independent general annotations used to be found in the 'General annotation (Comments)' section in the previous version of the UniProtKB entry view. They provide any useful information about the protein, mostly biological knowledge. General annotations are frequently written in free text, although we increasingly try to standardize them and use controlled vocabulary wherever possible. The flat file and XML formats still group all general annotation together in a "Comments section" (CC, <comment>).

The current entry view disp lays annotation by subject (Function, PTM & processing, etc), and the various "general" annotations are now distributed to the relevant new sections.

Subsection Content
Function General function(s) of a protein
Catalytic activity Reaction(s) catalyzed by an enzyme
Cofactor Non-protein substance required for enzyme activity
Activity regulation Factors that regulate the activity of enzymes, but also of transporters and microbial transcription factors
Biophysicochemical properties Biophysical and physicochemical properties
Subunit structure Interaction with other protein(s)
Pathway Associated metabolic pathways
Subcellular location Subcellular location of the mature protein
Tissue specificity Expression of the gene product in different tissues
Developmental stage Expression of the gene product according to the cell stage and/or tissue or organism development
Induction Effects of environmental factors on gene expression
Domain Relevant information on protein domain(s)
Post-translational modification Post-translational modifications
RNA editing Amino acid variation(s) due to RNA editing
Mass spectrometry Information derived from mass spectrometry experiments
Polymorphism Description of polymorphism(s)
Involvement in disease Disease(s) associated with protein defect(s)
Disruption phenotype Description of the effects caused by ablation of a protein-encoding gene (or of its transcript(s))
Allergenic properties Information relevant to allergenic proteins
Toxic dose Lethal, paralytic, effect dose or lethal concentration of a toxin
Biotechnological use Use in a biotechnological process
Pharmaceutical use Use of as a pharmaceutical drug
Miscellaneous Any relevant information that doesn’t fit in any other defined sections
Sequence similarities Description of the sequence similaritie(s) with other proteins and family attribution
Caution Warning about possible errors and/or grounds for confusion
Sequence caution Warning about possible errors related to the protein sequence
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