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How can I query UniProtKB annotations by evidence?

Last modified March 23, 2021

The table below summarizes the different evidence types used in UniProtKB annotation, and details how they are labeled in the Advanced search menu and in the UniProtKB entry view.

Advanced searchECO_0000XXXSourceEntry view labelsNotesExperimentalManualAutomatic
Manual assertions (in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)
ExperimentalECO_0000269Literature referencex Publication(s) with "Manual assertion based on experiment in" yesyesno
Non-traceable author statementECO_0000303Literature referencex Publication(s) with "Manual assertion based on opinion in" yesyesno
Curator inferenceECO_0000305Literature reference (optional)Curated, x Publication(s) with "Manual assertion inferred by curator from" noyesno
Sequence similarityECO_0000250Another UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entryBy similarity noyesno
Sequence modelECO_0000255A rule (optional)Sequence analysis, UniRule annotation, Prosite ProRule annotation, ARBA annotation noyesno
CombinatorialECO_0007744a PDB entry or literature reference (for large-scale proteomics publications)Combined sources noyesno
Imported informationECO_0000312an entry from nucleotide sequence databases, PDB, model organism databasesImported noyesno
Automatic assertions (in UniProtKB/TrEMBL)
Sequence modelECO_0000256a sequence analysis program or an automatic annotation ruleSequence analysis (SIGNAL, TRANSMEM, COILED or MobiDB-lite), UniRule annotation (RuleBase, HAMAP or PIRNR/PIRSR), ARBA annotation nonoyes
CombinatorialECO_0007829A PDB entryCombined sources nonoyes
Imported informationECO_0000313An entry from nucleotide sequence databases (EMBL, Ensembl), PDB, model organism databasesImported nonoyes
Sequence motif match (InterPro)ECO_0000259An entry in an InterPro member databaseInterPro annotationused for domain annotationnonoyes
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