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Biotechnological use

Last modified April 10, 2018

This subsection of the 'Pathology and Biotech' section describes the use of a specific protein in the biotechnological industry.

It explains in a few words in which biotechnological process the protein is used or could be used, with an explanation that describes the commercial use of the protein. The brand names of the product and of the firm that commercialises it are cited.


(P30297): Introduced by genetic manipulation and expressed in improved ripening tomato by Monsanto. ACC is the immediate precursor of the phytohormone ethylene who is involved in the control of ripening. ACC deaminase reduces ethylene biosynthesis and thus extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

(P06278): Used in the food industry for high temperature liquefaction of starch-containing mashes and in the detergent industry to remove starch. Sold under the name Termamyl by Novozymes.

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