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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Controlled vocabulary of tissues
Name:        tisslist.txt
Release:     2022_02 of 25-May-2022


  This document lists the currently valid values for the "TISSUE" topic of
  the RC line type.

  The list of tissues as well as other information is provided in the
  following format:

  ---------  ---------------------------     ------------------------------
  Line code  Content                         Occurrence in an entry
  ---------  ---------------------------     ------------------------------
  ID         Identifier (tissue)             Once; starts an entry
  AC         Accession (TS-xxxx)             Once
  SY         Synonyms                        Optional; once or more
  DR         Cross-reference                 Optional; once or more
  //         Terminator                      Once; ends an entry

  PO: Plant Ontology (

ID   Abdomen.
AC   TS-0001
ID   Abdominal adipose tissue.
AC   TS-0002
ID   Abdominal epidermis.
AC   TS-0003
ID   Abdominal flexor muscle.
AC   TS-0004
ID   Abdominal ganglion.
AC   TS-0005
SY   Abdominal ganglia.
ID   Abdominal muscle.
AC   TS-0006
ID   Abdominal nerve cord.
AC   TS-0007
ID   Abdominal perisympathetic organs.
AC   TS-0008
ID   Abomasum.
AC   TS-0009
ID   Abscission zone.
AC   TS-0010
ID   Adductor muscle.
AC   TS-0011
SY   Catch muscle.
ID   Adipocyte.
AC   TS-0012
SY   Adipocytes.
ID   Adipose tissue.
AC   TS-0013
SY   Adipose; Fat cell; Fat.
ID   Adrenal chromaffin.
AC   TS-0014
ID   Adrenal cortex.
AC   TS-0015
SY   Adrenocortical; Adrenal gland cortex; Cortex of adrenal gland; Cortex of suprarenal gland; Suprarenal cortex.
ID   Adrenal gland.
AC   TS-0016
SY   Adrenal; Suprarenal gland.
ID   Adrenal gland cortical cell.
AC   TS-1235
SY   Adrenal gland cortical cells; Adrenal gland cortex cell; Adrenal cortex cell; Cortical cell of adrenal gland.
ID   Adrenal glomerulosa.
AC   TS-0017
SY   Zona glomerulosa.
ID   Adrenal medulla.
AC   TS-0018
ID   Adrenal tumor.
AC   TS-0019
SY   Adrenal tumour.
ID   Aerial part.
AC   TS-0020
SY   Aerial tissue.
ID   Aerial root.
AC   TS-0021
SY   Air root.
DR   PO; PO:0009005; root.
ID   Aerial tuber.
AC   TS-0022
ID   Airway epithelium.
AC   TS-0023
SY   Airway epithelial cell; Respiratory system epithelium; Respiratory system epithelial cell.
ID   Airway smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0024
SY   Respiratory system smooth muscle.
ID   Albedo.
AC   TS-0025
ID   Albumen gland.
AC   TS-0026
ID   Aleurone.
AC   TS-0027
SY   Aleurone layer.
DR   PO; PO:0005360; aleurone layer.
ID   Alimentary system.
AC   TS-1293
SY   Digestive system.
ID   Alkaline gland.
AC   TS-0028
ID   Allantoic fluid.
AC   TS-0029
ID   Alveolar macrophage.
AC   TS-0030
ID   Alveolus.
AC   TS-0031
SY   Lung alveolar cells; Alveolar cells; Alveoli.
ID   Ameloblast.
AC   TS-0032
SY   Enamel cell.
ID   Amnion.
AC   TS-0033
ID   Amniotic fluid.
AC   TS-0034
ID   Amniotic membrane.
AC   TS-0035
ID   Ampulla.
AC   TS-0036
ID   Amygdala.
AC   TS-0037
ID   Anal region.
AC   TS-1294
ID   Anal sac.
AC   TS-0038
ID   Androgenic gland.
AC   TS-0039
ID   Angioblast.
AC   TS-1204
SY   Vasoformative cell; Endothelial progenitor cell; EPC.
ID   Animal cap.
AC   TS-1173
SY   Animal hemisphere.
ID   Antenna.
AC   TS-0040
ID   Antennal lobe.
AC   TS-1327
ID   Anterior byssus retractor muscle.
AC   TS-0041
ID   Anterior latissimus dorsi muscle.
AC   TS-0042
ID   Anterior silk gland.
AC   TS-1162
SY   Anterior silkgland; ASG.
ID   Anther.
AC   TS-0043
DR   PO; PO:0009066; anther.
ID   Anther tapetum.
AC   TS-0044
SY   Tapetum cells of anther.
DR   PO; PO:0009071; tapetum.
ID   Antler.
AC   TS-0045
ID   Aorta.
AC   TS-0046
SY   Aortic.
ID   Aortic endothelium.
AC   TS-0047
SY   Aortic endothelial cell.
ID   Aortic smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0048
SY   Aortic vascular smooth muscle.
ID   Appendix.
AC   TS-1267
SY   Vermiform appendix; Cecal appendix; Caecal appendix; Vermix.
ID   Appendix glandular cell.
AC   TS-1271
SY   Vermiform appendix glandular cell; Cecal appendix glandular cell; Caecal appendix glandular cell; Vermix glandular cell; Appendix glandular cells.
ID   Appendix lymphoid tissue.
AC   TS-1268
SY   Appendix lymphoid; Appendix lymphoreticular system.
ID   Apical bud.
AC   TS-0049
ID   Apices.
AC   TS-0050
ID   Arachnoid membrane.
AC   TS-0052
SY   Arachnoid mater; Arachnoid.
ID   Arbuscular mycorrhiza.
AC   TS-0053
ID   Artery.
AC   TS-0054
SY   Arterial.
ID   Artery smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1198
SY   Arterial smooth muscle.
ID   Articular cartilage.
AC   TS-0055
SY   Joint cartilage.
ID   Articular chondrocyte.
AC   TS-0056
ID   Ascending colon.
AC   TS-0057
ID   Ascites.
AC   TS-0058
ID   Ascitic tumor.
AC   TS-0059
SY   Ascites tumor; Ascitic tumour.
ID   Astrocyte.
AC   TS-0060
SY   Brain astrocyte; Astroglia.
ID   Astrocytoma.
AC   TS-0061
SY   Brain astrocytoma.
ID   Asynchronous muscle.
AC   TS-0062
ID   Atrial gland.
AC   TS-0063
ID   Atrial tumor.
AC   TS-0064
SY   Atrial tumour.
ID   Auditory ganglion.
AC   TS-0065
SY   Auditory ganglia; Cochlear ganglion.
ID   Axillary bud.
AC   TS-0066
DR   PO; PO:0004709; axillary bud.
ID   B-cell lymphoma.
AC   TS-0067
ID   B-cell.
AC   TS-0068
SY   B lymphocyte; B-lymphocyte; B cell.
ID   B1 motor neuron.
AC   TS-1189
ID   B2 motor neuron.
AC   TS-1190
ID   Bag cell.
AC   TS-0069
ID   Barbel.
AC   TS-0070
ID   Bark.
AC   TS-0071
ID   Basal ganglia.
AC   TS-1149
SY   Basal ganglion; Basal nuclei; Basal nucleus.
ID   Basilar papilla.
AC   TS-0072
ID   Basophil.
AC   TS-0073
SY   Basophilic granulocyte.
ID   Bean-shaped accessory gland.
AC   TS-0074
ID   Bile.
AC   TS-1172
SY   Gall.
ID   Bile duct.
AC   TS-0075
SY   Bile duct cells; Biliary duct; Gall duct.
ID   Blastocyst.
AC   TS-0076
ID   Blastopore lip.
AC   TS-0077
ID   Blastula.
AC   TS-0078
ID   Blood.
AC   TS-0079
ID   Blood vessel.
AC   TS-0080
ID   Blubber.
AC   TS-0081
ID   Body wall.
AC   TS-0082
ID   Body wall muscle.
AC   TS-0083
SY   Body-wall muscle.
ID   Bone.
AC   TS-0088
SY   Bones.
ID   Bone marrow.
AC   TS-0087
SY   Marrow.
ID   Bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell.
AC   TS-1243
SY   Bone marrow hematopoietic cell; Bone marrow poietic cells.
ID   Bone marrow macrophage.
AC   TS-0084
ID   Bone marrow stroma.
AC   TS-0085
ID   Bone marrow tumor.
AC   TS-0086
SY   Bone marrow tumour.
ID   Bowman gland.
AC   TS-0089
SY   Bowman's gland.
ID   Bradyzoite.
AC   TS-1333
ID   Brain capillary.
AC   TS-0090
ID   Brain.
AC   TS-0095
SY   Cerebrum; Cerebral.
ID   Brain cortex.
AC   TS-0091
SY   Cerebral cortex; Cerebrum cortex; Cerebellar cortex; Cerebellum cortex; Cortex; Pallium.
ID   Brain cortex glial cell.
AC   TS-1256
SY   Cerebral cortex glial cell; Cerebrum cortex glial cell; Cerebellar cortex glial cell; Cerebellum cortex glial cell; Cortex glial cell; Pallium glial cell; Brain cortex glial cells; Cerebral cortex glial cells.
ID   Brain cortex neuron.
AC   TS-1259
SY   Cerebral cortex neuron; Cerebrum cortex neuron; Cerebellar cortex neuron; Cerebellum cortex neuron; Cortex neuron; Pallium neuron;
SY   Cerebral cortex neuronal cell; Cerebrum cortex neuronal cell; Cerebellar cortex neuronal cell; Cerebellum cortex neuronal cell; Cortex neuronal cell; Pallium neuronal cell; Cerebral cortex neuronal cells;
SY   Cerebral cortex neural cell; Cerebrum cortex neural cell; Cerebellar cortex neural cell; Cerebellum cortex neural cell; Cortex neural cell; Pallium neural cell.
ID   Brain endothelium.
AC   TS-0092
SY   Brain endothelial cell; Cerebromicrovascular endothelium; Cerebromicrovascular endothelial cell.
ID   Brain stem.
AC   TS-0093
SY   Brainstem.
ID   Brain tumor.
AC   TS-0094
SY   Brain tumour.
ID   Brain ventricle.
AC   TS-1295
SY   Ventricular system; Ventricular system of brain.
ID   Branchia.
AC   TS-0096
ID   Branchial arch region.
AC   TS-0097
ID   Branchial gland.
AC   TS-0098
ID   Bristle.
AC   TS-1176
ID   Bronchiolar epithelial cell.
AC   TS-0570
ID   Bronchoalveolar system.
AC   TS-1296
ID   Bronchus.
AC   TS-1229
SY   Bronchi.
ID   Bronchus epithelial cell.
AC   TS-1240
SY   Bronchial epithelial cell; Bronchus respiratory epithelial cells; Bronchial epithelium cell.
ID   Brown adipose tissue.
AC   TS-0099
SY   Brown adipocyte; Brown fat cell.
ID   Buccal ganglion.
AC   TS-0100
SY   Buccal ganglia.
ID   Buccal muscle.
AC   TS-0101
ID   Bulb.
AC   TS-0102
ID   Bulbourethral gland.
AC   TS-0103
ID   Bundle sheath cell.
AC   TS-0104
ID   Bundle sheath strand.
AC   TS-0105
ID   Bursa of Fabricius.
AC   TS-0106
SY   Bursa.
ID   Cajal-Retzius cell.
AC   TS-1171
SY   CR cell.
ID   Callus.
AC   TS-0107
SY   Calli; Callus tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0005052; callus.
ID   Calvaria.
AC   TS-0108
SY   Concha of cranium; Skull cap.
ID   Cambium.
AC   TS-0109
DR   PO; PO:0005597; cambium.
ID   Cancellous bone.
AC   TS-0110
SY   Trabecular bone; Spongy bone; Cancellated bone.
ID   Cap.
AC   TS-0111
SY   Mushroom cap.
ID   Capillary endothelium.
AC   TS-0112
SY   Capillary endothelial cell.
ID   Carapace cuticle.
AC   TS-0113
ID   Carcinoma.
AC   TS-0114
SY   Epithelial cancer.
ID   Cardiac myocyte.
AC   TS-0115
SY   Cardiac muscle cell; Cardiac cell; Cardiomyocyte; Heart muscle cell; Heart muscle myocyte; Heart muscle myocytes.
ID   Cardiovascular system.
AC   TS-1297
ID   Carotid artery.
AC   TS-0116
ID   Carpel.
AC   TS-0117
DR   PO; PO:0009030; carpel.
ID   Cartilage.
AC   TS-0118
ID   Cartilage chondrocyte.
AC   TS-0119
ID   Caudal fin.
AC   TS-0120
ID   Caudate nucleus.
AC   TS-0121
SY   Caudate.
ID   Cecum.
AC   TS-0122
SY   Caecum; Ceca; Caeca; Blind intestine; Blindgut; Intestinum caecum.
ID   Cement gland.
AC   TS-0123
ID   Cementoblast.
AC   TS-1164
ID   Central ganglion.
AC   TS-0124
SY   Central ganglia.
ID   Cerebellum.
AC   TS-0125
SY   Cerebellar.
ID   Cerebellum granular layer.
AC   TS-1247
SY   Cerebellum cells in granular layer.
ID   Cerebellum molecular layer.
AC   TS-1248
SY   Cerebellum cells in molecular layer.
ID   Cerebral artery.
AC   TS-0126
ID   Cerebral ganglion.
AC   TS-0127
SY   Cerebral ganglia.
ID   Cerebral pedal.
AC   TS-0128
ID   Cerebral vascular smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0129
ID   Cerebrospinal fluid.
AC   TS-0130
SY   Cerebral spinal fluid; CSF.
ID   Cervical ganglion.
AC   TS-0132
SY   Cervical ganglia.
ID   Cervicothoracic ganglion.
AC   TS-0133
SY   Stellate ganglion; Stellate ganglia.
ID   Cervix.
AC   TS-0134
SY   Uterine cervix; Cervix, uterine.
ID   Cervix adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0135
SY   Cervical adenocarcinoma; Uterine cervix adenocarcinoma.
ID   Cervix cancer.
AC   TS-1221
SY   Cervical cancer; Cervix malignant tumor; Cervix malignant tumour; Cervical malignant tumor; Cervical malignant tumour.
ID   Cervix carcinoma.
AC   TS-0136
SY   Hela; Hela cells; Cervical carcinoma; Uterine cervix carcinoma.
ID   Cervix epithelium.
AC   TS-0137
SY   Cervical epithelium; Uterine cervix epithelium; Cervix epithelial cell; Cervical epithelial cell; Uterine cervix epithelial cell.
ID   Cervix glandular cell.
AC   TS-1273
SY   Uterine cervix glandular cell; Cervix, uterine glandular cell; Cervix, uterine glandular cells.
ID   Cervix squamous cell.
AC   TS-1251
SY   Cervix squamous epithelial cell; ; Uterine cervix squamous cell; Uterine cervix squamous epithelial cell; Cervix, uterine squamous epithelial cells.
ID   Chondrocyte.
AC   TS-0138
SY   Chondrocytes.
ID   Chondrosarcoma.
AC   TS-0139
SY   Chondrosarcoma tumor.
ID   Chorioallantoic membrane.
AC   TS-0140
ID   Chorioamniotic membrane.
AC   TS-0141
SY   Amnionic/chorionic membrane.
ID   Choriocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0142
SY   Choriocarcinoma cell; Malignant trophoblast.
ID   Choriogenic follicle.
AC   TS-0143
SY   Choriogenic follicular cell.
ID   Chorionic membrane.
AC   TS-0144
ID   Choroid plexus.
AC   TS-0145
ID   Chromaffin cell.
AC   TS-0146
SY   Chromaffin granule.
ID   Chronic myeloid leukemia cell.
AC   TS-0147
SY   Chronic myeloid leukaemia cell; CML cell; Myeloid leukemia.
ID   Ciliary ganglion.
AC   TS-1135
SY   Ciliary ganglia.
ID   Circumesophageal ganglion.
AC   TS-0148
SY   Circumesophageal ganglia; Circumoesophageal ganglion; Circumoesophageal ganglia.
ID   Circumvallate papilla.
AC   TS-0149
SY   Circumvallate papillae; Vallate papilla; Papilla vallata.
AC   TS-0150
SY   Central nervous system.
ID   Coagulating gland.
AC   TS-1213
ID   Coagulating gland secretion.
AC   TS-1214
ID   Cochlea.
AC   TS-0151
SY   Cochlear organ.
ID   Cochlear duct.
AC   TS-0152
SY   Cochlear scala media; Scala media; Membranous cochlea.
ID   Cochlear nucleus.
AC   TS-1187
SY   Cochlear nuclei; Anterior ventral cochlear nucleus; AVCN; Posterior ventral cochlear nucleus; PVCN; Dorsal cochlear nucleus; DCN.
ID   Coeliac ganglion.
AC   TS-0153
SY   Coeliac ganglia; Celiac ganglion; Celiac ganglia.
ID   Coelomic fluid.
AC   TS-0154
ID   Coelomocyte.
AC   TS-0155
ID   Coleoptile.
AC   TS-0156
SY   Coleoptile tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0020033; coleoptile.
ID   Collar.
AC   TS-0157
SY   Leaf collar.
DR   PO; PO:0006012; leaf collar.
ID   Colon.
AC   TS-0158
ID   Colon adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0159
SY   Colorectal adenocarcinoma; Colonic adenocarcinoma.
ID   Colon cancer.
AC   TS-0160
SY   Colorectal cancer; Colon malignant tumor; Colorectal malignant tumor.
ID   Colon carcinoma.
AC   TS-0161
SY   Colorectal carcinoma.
ID   Colon endothelium.
AC   TS-0162
SY   Colon endothelial cell; Colorectal endothelium; Colorectal endothelial cell; Colonic endothelium; Colonic endothelial cell.
ID   Colon epithelium.
AC   TS-0163
SY   Colon epithelial cell; Colorectal epithelium; Colorectal epithelial cell; Colonic epithelium; Colonic epithelial cell.
ID   Colon glandular cell.
AC   TS-1274
SY   Colon glandular cells.
ID   Colon mucosa.
AC   TS-0164
SY   Colorectal mucosa; Colonic mucosa.
ID   Colon smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0165
SY   Colorectal smooth muscle; Colonic smooth muscle.
ID   Colon tumor.
AC   TS-0166
SY   Colorectal tumor; Colonic tumor; Colon tumour; Colorectal tumour; Colonic tumour.
ID   Colorectal.
AC   TS-1298
SY   Colorectum.
ID   Colostrum.
AC   TS-0167
SY   Colostrum corpuscles; First milk.
ID   Conceptus membrane.
AC   TS-0168
ID   Cone.
AC   TS-0169
ID   Conidium.
AC   TS-0170
SY   Conidia.
ID   Corm.
AC   TS-1328
ID   Cornea.
AC   TS-0171
ID   Corneal endothelium.
AC   TS-0172
SY   Corneal endothelial cell; Cornea endothelium; Cornea endothelial cell.
ID   Corneal epithelium.
AC   TS-0173
SY   Cornea epithelium; Corneal epithelial cell; Cornea epithelial cell.
ID   Corneal fibroblast.
AC   TS-1159
ID   Corneal stroma.
AC   TS-1138
SY   Cornea stroma.
ID   Corolla.
AC   TS-0174
SY   Flower corolla.
DR   PO; PO:0009059; corolla.
ID   Coronary arterial endothelium.
AC   TS-0175
SY   Coronary arterial endothelial cell.
ID   Coronary artery.
AC   TS-0176
ID   Corpora allata.
AC   TS-0177
ID   Corpora cardiaca.
AC   TS-0178
SY   CC.
ID   Corpora quadrigemina.
AC   TS-0179
SY   Colliculi.
ID   Corpus callosum.
AC   TS-0180
ID   Corpus luteum.
AC   TS-0181
SY   Corpora lutea; Yellow body of ovary.
ID   Corpus spongiosum.
AC   TS-0182
SY   Corpora spongiosa; Corpus cavernosum urethrae.
ID   Corpus striatum.
AC   TS-0183
SY   Brain striatum; Striatum.
ID   Cotyledon.
AC   TS-0184
DR   PO; PO:0020030; cotyledon.
ID   Craniofacial.
AC   TS-0185
ID   Cropsac.
AC   TS-0186
ID   Crystalline style.
AC   TS-1208
ID   Culm.
AC   TS-0187
SY   Stem.
DR   PO; PO:0009047; stem.
ID   Cultured root.
AC   TS-0188
SY   Cultured root cell.
DR   PO; PO:0000008; cultured root cell.
ID   Cuticle.
AC   TS-0189
SY   Cuticular epidermis.
DR   PO; PO:0000022; cuticle.
ID   Cytotoxic T-cell.
AC   TS-0190
SY   Cytotoxic T lymphocyte; Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte; Cytolytic T-cell; Cytolytic T lymphocyte; Cytolytic T-lymphocyte.
ID   Dander.
AC   TS-0191
SY   Hair dandruff.
ID   Dart gland.
AC   TS-0192
SY   Digitiform gland.
ID   Decidua.
AC   TS-0193
SY   Uterine decidua; Placenta decidua cells; Placenta decidual cells.
ID   Dendritic cell.
AC   TS-0194
ID   Dental pulp.
AC   TS-0195
SY   Pulpa dentis; Tooth pulp.
ID   Dermal melanophore.
AC   TS-0196
ID   Dermal system.
AC   TS-1299
ID   Dermoid cancer.
AC   TS-0197
ID   Diaphragm.
AC   TS-0198
SY   Diaphragm muscle.
ID   Diencephalon.
AC   TS-0199
ID   Digestive gland.
AC   TS-0200
ID   Digestive juice.
AC   TS-0201
ID   Distal colon.
AC   TS-0202
ID   Distal colon epithelium.
AC   TS-0203
SY   Distal colon epithelial cell.
ID   Distal colon mucosa.
AC   TS-1160
ID   Distal nephron.
AC   TS-0204
ID   Distal small intestine.
AC   TS-0205
ID   Dormant root.
AC   TS-0206
ID   Dorsal ganglionic sheath.
AC   TS-1197
ID   Dorsal lip.
AC   TS-0207
ID   Dorsal skin.
AC   TS-0208
ID   Dorsal-abdominal integument.
AC   TS-0209
ID   Dry seed.
AC   TS-0210
SY   Seed.
DR   PO; PO:0009010; seed.
ID   Ductus ejaculatorius.
AC   TS-0211
ID   Duodenal adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0212
ID   Duodenum glandular cell.
AC   TS-1275
SY   Duodenum glandular cells.
ID   Duodenal mucosa.
AC   TS-0213
SY   Duodenum mucosa.
ID   Duodenum.
AC   TS-0214
ID   Ear.
AC   TS-1165
ID   Ear of corn.
AC   TS-0215
DR   PO; PO:0020136; ear (sensu Zea).
ID   Ectoderm.
AC   TS-0216
SY   Embryonic ectoderm.
ID   Ectomesenchyme.
AC   TS-1178
SY   Mesectoderm.
ID   Ectoplacental cone.
AC   TS-0217
ID   Egg jelly.
AC   TS-0218
ID   Egg white.
AC   TS-0219
ID   Egg yolk.
AC   TS-0220
ID   Egg.
AC   TS-0221
ID   Eggshell matrix.
AC   TS-0222
ID   Ehrlich ascites tumor cell.
AC   TS-0223
ID   Ejaculatory bulb.
AC   TS-0224
ID   Electric lobe.
AC   TS-0225
SY   Lobus electricus.
ID   Electric organ.
AC   TS-0226
ID   Electromotor nucleus.
AC   TS-0227
ID   Electroplax.
AC   TS-0228
ID   Embryo.
AC   TS-0229
SY   Embryonic; Embryonic tissue; Whole embryo; Parthenogenote.
DR   PO; PO:0009009; embryo.
ID   Embryoid bodies.
AC   TS-0230
ID   Embryonic brain.
AC   TS-0231
ID   Embryonic breast.
AC   TS-0232
ID   Embryonic callus.
AC   TS-0233
DR   PO; PO:0006091; embryogenic callus.
ID   Embryonic carcinoma.
AC   TS-0234
SY   Embryonal carcinoma.
ID   Embryonic chondrocyte.
AC   TS-0235
ID   Embryonic claw.
AC   TS-0236
ID   Embryonic epithelium.
AC   TS-0237
ID   Embryonic eye.
AC   TS-0238
ID   Embryonic fibroblast.
AC   TS-0239
ID   Embryonic floor plate.
AC   TS-0240
ID   Embryonic foot.
AC   TS-0241
ID   Embryonic ganglion.
AC   TS-0242
ID   Embryonic germ cell.
AC   TS-0243
ID   Embryonic gizzard.
AC   TS-0244
ID   Embryonic gonad.
AC   TS-0245
ID   Embryonic head.
AC   TS-0246
ID   Embryonic heart.
AC   TS-0247
ID   Embryonic intestine.
AC   TS-0248
SY   Embryonic gut; Embryonic intestinal tract.
ID   Embryonic kidney.
AC   TS-0249
ID   Embryonic lens.
AC   TS-0250
ID   Embryonic limb.
AC   TS-0251
ID   Embryonic liver.
AC   TS-0252
ID   Embryonic lung.
AC   TS-0253
ID   Embryonic lung fibroblast.
AC   TS-0254
ID   Embryonic muscle.
AC   TS-0255
ID   Embryonic ovary.
AC   TS-0256
ID   Embryonic pectoralis muscle.
AC   TS-0257
ID   Embryonic retina.
AC   TS-0258
ID   Embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma.
AC   TS-1139
ID   Embryonic skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0259
ID   Embryonic skin.
AC   TS-0260
ID   Embryonic spinal cord.
AC   TS-0261
ID   Embryonic spinal ganglion.
AC   TS-0262
SY   Embryonic dorsal root ganglion.
ID   Embryonic spleen.
AC   TS-1338
ID   Embryonic stem cell.
AC   TS-0263
SY   ES cell.
ID   Embryonic sternal cartilage.
AC   TS-0264
ID   Embryonic stomach.
AC   TS-1152
ID   Embryonic tail.
AC   TS-0265
ID   Embryonic testis.
AC   TS-0266
ID   Embryonic testis carcinoma.
AC   TS-0267
ID   Embryonic thymus.
AC   TS-0268
ID   Embryonic tooth.
AC   TS-0269
ID   Enamel epithelium.
AC   TS-0270
SY   Enamel epithelial cell; Tooth enamel epithelium; Tooth enamel epithelial cell.
ID   Enamel organ.
AC   TS-0271
SY   Dental organ.
ID   Endocarp.
AC   TS-0272
SY   Fruit endocarp.
DR   PO; PO:0009086; endocarp.
ID   Endocrine gland.
AC   TS-1300
SY   Ductless gland.
ID   Endocrine system.
AC   TS-1301
ID   Endocrine pancreas.
AC   TS-1302
SY   Endocrine part of pancreas.
ID   Endoderm.
AC   TS-0273
SY   Embryonic endoderm.
ID   Endometrial adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0274
ID   Endometrial cancer.
AC   TS-1222
SY   Endometrium cancer; Endometrium malignant tumor; Endometrium malignant tumour; Endometrial malignant tumor; Endometrial malignant tumour.
ID   Endometrial tumor.
AC   TS-0275
SY   Endometrium tumor; Endometrial tumour.
ID   Endometrium.
AC   TS-0276
SY   Endometrial; Uterus endometrium; Uterine endometrium; Tunica mucosa uteri.
ID   Endometrium stroma.
AC   TS-1266
SY   Endometrial stroma; Endometrial stromal cell; Endometrium stromal cell; Uterus endometrium stroma; Uterine endometrium stroma; Cells in endometrial stroma; Stroma of endometrium.
ID   Endosperm.
AC   TS-0277
DR   PO; PO:0009089; endosperm.
ID   Endothelial cell.
AC   TS-0278
SY   Endothelial; Endothelium; Endothelial cells.
DR   PO; PO:0020024; endothelium.
ID   Eosinophil.
AC   TS-0279
SY   Eosinophilic granulocyte.
ID   Ependymocyte.
AC   TS-0280
ID   Epicotyl.
AC   TS-0281
DR   PO; PO:0020035; epicotyl.
ID   Epidermal carcinoma.
AC   TS-0282
SY   Epidermoid carcinoma.
ID   Epidermis.
AC   TS-0283
SY   Epiderm; Epidermal; Epidermal cells; Skin epidermal cells.
DR   PO; PO:0005679; epidermis.
ID   Epididymal fluid.
AC   TS-0284
ID   Epididymis.
AC   TS-0285
SY   Epididymal.
ID   Epididymis glandular cell.
AC   TS-1276
SY   Epididymal glandular cell; Epididymis glandular cells.
ID   Epigonal organ.
AC   TS-0286
ID   Epiphyseal cartilage.
AC   TS-0287
ID   Epithelium.
AC   TS-0288
SY   Epithelial; Epithelial cell.
ID   Erythroblast.
AC   TS-0289
ID   Erythrocyte.
AC   TS-0290
SY   Red blood cell; Corpuscle; RBC.
ID   Erythroid cell.
AC   TS-0291
SY   Erythroid; Erythroid lineage cell.
ID   Erythroleukemia.
AC   TS-0292
SY   Erythroleukaemia; Erythroleukemic; Erythroleukaemic; Polycythemia rubra; Vasquez disease.
ID   Etiolated bud.
AC   TS-0293
ID   Etiolated cotyledon.
AC   TS-0294
ID   Etiolated epicotyl.
AC   TS-0295
ID   Etiolated hypocotyl.
AC   TS-0296
ID   Etiolated leaf.
AC   TS-0297
ID   Etiolated plantlet.
AC   TS-0298
ID   Etiolated root.
AC   TS-0299
ID   Etiolated seedling.
AC   TS-0300
ID   Etiolated shoot.
AC   TS-0301
ID   Ewing sarcoma.
AC   TS-0302
SY   Ewing's sarcoma; Ewing's.
ID   Exocarp.
AC   TS-0303
SY   Fruit exocarp; Epicarp.
DR   PO; PO:0009085; epicarp.
ID   Exocrine pancreas.
AC   TS-1241
SY   Exocrine part of pancreas.
ID   Extraembryonic tissue.
AC   TS-0304
ID   Extraocular muscle.
AC   TS-0305
ID   Extrapallial fluid.
AC   TS-0306
ID   Eye.
AC   TS-0309
SY   Ocular; Oculus; Eyeball.
ID   Eye imaginal disk.
AC   TS-0307
SY   Eye disk; Eye disc; Eye imaginal disc.
ID   Eye vitreous humor.
AC   TS-0308
SY   Vitreous humor.
ID   Eye-antennal disk.
AC   TS-0310
SY   Eye antennal disc; Eye-antennal imaginal disk.
ID   Eyestalk.
AC   TS-0311
SY   Eye stalk.
ID   Fast swimbladder muscle.
AC   TS-0313
ID   Fast-twitch skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0314
SY   Fast skeletal muscle; Fast muscle.
ID   Fat body.
AC   TS-0315
SY   Fat-body cell.
ID   Feather.
AC   TS-0316
ID   Feather calamus.
AC   TS-0317
ID   Feather root.
AC   TS-0318
ID   Female accessory gland.
AC   TS-0319
ID   Female cone.
AC   TS-0320
ID   Female reproductive system.
AC   TS-1303
ID   Femoral artery.
AC   TS-0321
ID   Femur.
AC   TS-0322
SY   Thighbone; Femoral bone.
ID   Fetal adrenal gland.
AC   TS-0323
SY   Fetal adrenal tissue.
ID   Fetal aorta.
AC   TS-0324
ID   Fetal ascending colon.
AC   TS-1148
ID   Fetal astrocyte.
AC   TS-0325
ID   Fetal B-cell.
AC   TS-0326
SY   Fetal B-lymphocyte; Fetal B lymphocyte; Fetal B cell.
ID   Fetal blood.
AC   TS-0327
ID   Fetal brain.
AC   TS-0328
SY   Foetal brain.
ID   Fetal brain cortex.
AC   TS-1211
SY   Fetal cerebral cortex; Fetal cerebrum cortex; Fetal cerebellar cortex; Fetal cerebellum cortex; Fetal cortex; Fetal pallium; Foetal cerebral cortex; Foetal cerebrum cortex; Foetal cerebellar cortex; Foetal cerebellum cortex; Foetal cortex; Foetal pallium.
ID   Fetal cartilage.
AC   TS-0329
ID   Fetal cerebellum.
AC   TS-0330
ID   Fetal colon.
AC   TS-0331
ID   Fetal cotyledon.
AC   TS-0332
ID   Fetal epiphyseal cartilage.
AC   TS-0333
ID   Fetal eye.
AC   TS-0334
ID   Fetal fibroblast.
AC   TS-0335
ID   Fetal forelimb.
AC   TS-1161
ID   Fetal gonad.
AC   TS-0336
ID   Fetal head.
AC   TS-0337
ID   Fetal heart.
AC   TS-0338
ID   Fetal intestine.
AC   TS-0339
SY   Fetal gut.
ID   Fetal jaw.
AC   TS-0340
ID   Fetal keratinocyte.
AC   TS-0341
ID   Fetal kidney.
AC   TS-0342
ID   Fetal limb.
AC   TS-0343
ID   Fetal liver.
AC   TS-0344
ID   Fetal lung.
AC   TS-0345
ID   Fetal lung fibroblast.
AC   TS-0346
ID   Fetal medulla.
AC   TS-1156
ID   Fetal muscle.
AC   TS-0347
ID   Fetal esophagus.
AC   TS-1185
SY   Fetal oesophagus.
ID   Fetal pancreas.
AC   TS-0348
ID   Fetal pons.
AC   TS-1144
ID   Fetal retina.
AC   TS-0349
ID   Fetal serum.
AC   TS-0350
SY   Fetal blood serum.
ID   Fetal skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0351
ID   Fetal skin.
AC   TS-0352
ID   Fetal smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0353
ID   Fetal spinal cord.
AC   TS-0354
SY   Fetal spinal column.
ID   Fetal spleen.
AC   TS-0355
ID   Fetal sternum.
AC   TS-0356
SY   Fetal breastbone.
ID   Fetal stomach.
AC   TS-1203
SY   Fetal gaster; Fetal gastric tissue.
ID   Fetal testis.
AC   TS-0357
ID   Fetal thymocyte.
AC   TS-0358
ID   Fetal thymus.
AC   TS-0359
ID   Fetus.
AC   TS-0360
SY   Foetus; Fetal.
ID   Fiber.
AC   TS-0361
ID   Fibroblast.
AC   TS-0362
SY   Fibroblasts.
ID   Fibroma.
AC   TS-0363
ID   Fibrosarcoma.
AC   TS-0364
ID   Fibrotic liver.
AC   TS-0365
ID   Fifth instar larvae.
AC   TS-0366
ID   Fifth instar larvae cuticle.
AC   TS-1151
SY   Fifth instar larvae cuticular epidermis.
ID   Filter chamber.
AC   TS-0367
ID   Flank organ.
AC   TS-0368
ID   Flavedo.
AC   TS-0369
ID   Flight muscle.
AC   TS-0370
ID   Floret.
AC   TS-0371
DR   PO; PO:0009082; floret.
ID   Flower bud.
AC   TS-0372
SY   Floral bud.
DR   PO; PO:0000056; floral bud.
ID   Flower meristem.
AC   TS-0373
SY   Floral meristem; Inflorescence meristem.
DR   PO; PO:0000229; floral meristem.
ID   Flower.
AC   TS-0374
SY   Inflorescence; Inflorescense; Floral tissue; Floral.
DR   PO; PO:0009046; flower.
ID   Foam nest.
AC   TS-1200
ID   Foliate papilla.
AC   TS-0375
SY   Foliate papillae.
ID   Follicular cell.
AC   TS-0376
ID   Foot.
AC   TS-0377
ID   Foot muscle.
AC   TS-0378
ID   Foot sole tissue.
AC   TS-0379
ID   Forebrain.
AC   TS-0380
ID   Forebrain cortex.
AC   TS-0381
ID   Forelimb.
AC   TS-0382
ID   Foreskin.
AC   TS-0383
ID   Foreskin fibroblast.
AC   TS-0384
ID   Foreskin keratinocyte.
AC   TS-0385
ID   Foveolar epithelium.
AC   TS-0386
SY   Foveolar epithelial cell.
ID   Frond.
AC   TS-0387
ID   Frond tip.
AC   TS-0388
ID   Frontal cortex.
AC   TS-0389
SY   Brain frontal cortex; Brain frontal lobe; Frontal lobe.
ID   Fruit cortical tissue.
AC   TS-0390
ID   Fruit flesh.
AC   TS-0391
SY   Fruit pulp.
DR   PO; PO:0009086; endocarp.
ID   Fruit.
AC   TS-0392
SY   Berry.
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Fruiting body.
AC   TS-0393
ID   Gall bladder.
AC   TS-0394
SY   Gallbladder.
ID   Gall bladder glandular cell.
AC   TS-1278
SY   Gallbladder glandular cell; Gall bladder glandular cells.
ID   Gall bladder wall.
AC   TS-1304
SY   Gallbladder wall; Wall of gallbladder.
ID   Gametangium.
AC   TS-1215
SY   Gametangia.
ID   Gamete.
AC   TS-0395
ID   Gametophyte.
AC   TS-0396
DR   PO; PO:0009004; gametophyte.
ID   Ganglion.
AC   TS-0397
SY   Ganglia.
ID   Gastric adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0398
SY   Adenogastric carcinoma; Stomach adenocarcinoma.
ID   Gastric antrum.
AC   TS-0399
SY   Antrum.
ID   Gastric carcinoma.
AC   TS-0400
SY   Stomach carcinoma.
ID   Gastric corpus.
AC   TS-0401
SY   Gastric body.
ID   Gastric fundic mucosa.
AC   TS-0402
ID   Gastric fundus.
AC   TS-0403
SY   Stomach fundus.
ID   Gastric mucosa.
AC   TS-0404
SY   Stomach mucosa; Gastric antral mucosa; Antral mucosa.
ID   Gastric parietal cell.
AC   TS-0405
SY   Parietal cell; Oxyntic cell.
ID   Gastrocnemius.
AC   TS-0406
ID   Gastrointestinal tract.
AC   TS-0407
SY   Gastro-intestinal system; Gastrointestinal system.
ID   Gastrointestinal tract epithelium.
AC   TS-0408
SY   Gastrointestinal tract epithelial cell.
ID   Gastrula.
AC   TS-1143
ID   Germ.
AC   TS-0410
DR   PO; PO:0009009; embryo.
ID   Germ cell.
AC   TS-0411
ID   Gill.
AC   TS-0412
ID   Gizzard.
AC   TS-0413
ID   Gizzard smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0414
ID   Gland.
AC   TS-1305
ID   Glial cell.
AC   TS-0415
SY   Neuroglial cell; Glial; Neuroglia; Nerve cement; Glia; Neuroglia cell.
ID   Glial tumor.
AC   TS-0416
SY   Glial tumour; Glioma; Glioma cell; Gliocytoma; Neuroglioma; Neurospongioma; Malignant glioma.
ID   Glioblastoma.
AC   TS-0417
ID   Glucagonoma.
AC   TS-0418
SY   Glucagonoma tumor.
ID   Gonad.
AC   TS-0419
ID   Grain.
AC   TS-0420
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Granular dorsal gland.
AC   TS-0421
ID   Granulocyte.
AC   TS-0422
ID   Granuloma.
AC   TS-0423
ID   Green leaf.
AC   TS-0424
SY   Adult leaf.
DR   PO; PO:0006340; adult leaf.
ID   Green siliques.
AC   TS-0425
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Growth plate.
AC   TS-0426
SY   Epiphyseal plate.
ID   Gut.
AC   TS-0427
ID   Gut juice.
AC   TS-0428
ID   Gynoecium.
AC   TS-0429
SY   Gynoecia.
DR   PO; PO:0009062; gynoecium.
ID   Hair.
AC   TS-0430
DR   PO; PO:0000262; trichoblast.
ID   Hair follicle dermal papilla.
AC   TS-0431
SY   Hair follicle dermal papillae; Dermal papilla; Dermal papillae.
ID   Hair follicle.
AC   TS-0432
SY   Follicle of hair.
ID   Hair root.
AC   TS-0433
SY   Radix pili; Hair bulb.
ID   Harderian gland.
AC   TS-0434
ID   Haustorium.
AC   TS-0435
SY   Haustoria.
ID   Head.
AC   TS-0436
ID   Head and neck cancer.
AC   TS-1232
SY   Head and neck malignant tumor; Head and neck malignant tumour.
ID   Head kidney.
AC   TS-1206
SY   Forekidney; Primordial kidney.
ID   Heart atrium.
AC   TS-0437
SY   Heart atria; Cardiac atrium; Atria; Atrium; Atrial.
ID   Heart left atrium.
AC   TS-0438
SY   Heart left atria; Cardiac left atrium; Left atria; Left atrium.
ID   Heart left ventricle.
AC   TS-0439
SY   Left ventricular cardiac muscle; Heart left ventricular muscle; Left ventricle.
ID   Heart muscle.
AC   TS-0440
SY   Cardiac muscle.
ID   Heart Purkinje fiber.
AC   TS-0441
ID   Heart right atrium.
AC   TS-0442
SY   Heart right atria; Cardiac right atrium; Right atria; Rihgt atrium.
ID   Heart right ventricle.
AC   TS-0443
SY   Right ventricular cardiac muscle; Heart right ventricular muscle.
ID   Heart ventricle.
AC   TS-0444
SY   Heart ventrical; Heart ventricular muscle; Cardiac ventricular muscle; Ventricle; Ventricular muscle.
ID   Heart.
AC   TS-0445
SY   Cardiac; Cardiac tissue.
ID   Heating tissue.
AC   TS-0446
SY   Heater cells.
ID   Helper T-cell.
AC   TS-1146
SY   Helper T-lymphocyte; Helper T lymphocyte; Helper induced T-lymphocyte; Helper induced T lymphocyte; T-helper cell.
ID   Hemangioendothelioma.
AC   TS-0447
SY   Haemangioendothelioma; HE.
ID   Hematopoietic stem cell.
AC   TS-0448
SY   Haematopoietic stem cell.
ID   Hematopoietic.
AC   TS-0449
SY   Haematopoietic.
ID   Hemocyte.
AC   TS-0450
SY   Haemocyte.
ID   Hemolymph.
AC   TS-0451
SY   Haemolymph.
ID   Hensens node.
AC   TS-1188
ID   Hepatic stellate cell.
AC   TS-0452
SY   Ito cell.
ID   Hepatoblastoma.
AC   TS-0453
ID   Hepatocyte.
AC   TS-0454
SY   Liver parenchymal cell; Hepatocytes.
ID   Hepatoma.
AC   TS-0455
SY   Hepatocarcinoma; Hepatocellular carcinoma.
ID   Hepatopancreas.
AC   TS-0456
SY   Hepato-pancreas.
ID   Hindbrain.
AC   TS-0457
ID   Hindfoot.
AC   TS-0458
ID   Hindgut.
AC   TS-0459
ID   Hind limb.
AC   TS-1170
SY   Hind leg.
ID   Hippocampus.
AC   TS-0460
SY   Brain hippocampus.
ID   Hippocampus glial cell.
AC   TS-1257
SY   Hippocampal glial cell; Hippocampus glial cells.
ID   Hippocampus neuron.
AC   TS-1260
SY   Hippocampus neuronal cell; Hippocampus neural cell; Hippocampus neuronal cells.
ID   Histiocytic lymphoma.
AC   TS-0461
ID   Husk.
AC   TS-0462
SY   Inflorescence bract of ear.
DR   PO; PO:0006337; inflorescence bract of ear.
ID   Hybridoma.
AC   TS-0463
ID   Hyphae.
AC   TS-0464
ID   Hypoblast.
AC   TS-0465
ID   Hypocotyl.
AC   TS-0466
DR   PO; PO:0020100; hypocotyl.
ID   Hypoglossal nucleus.
AC   TS-0467
SY   Hypoglossal nuclei; Nucleus of the hypoglossal nerve.
ID   Hypopharyngeal gland.
AC   TS-0468
ID   Hypothalamus.
AC   TS-0469
SY   Hypothalamic.
ID   Ileal mucosa.
AC   TS-0470
ID   Ileal villus.
AC   TS-0471
ID   Ileum.
AC   TS-0472
SY   Ilea; Ileal; Intestinal ileum.
ID   Imaginal disk.
AC   TS-0473
SY   Imaginal disc.
ID   Immature flower.
AC   TS-0474
ID   Immature kernel.
AC   TS-0475
ID   Immature seed.
AC   TS-0476
ID   Incisor.
AC   TS-0477
ID   Ink.
AC   TS-1210
SY   Purple fluid.
ID   Ink gland.
AC   TS-1336
ID   Inner ear.
AC   TS-0478
SY   Internal ear; Labyrinth.
ID   Inner ear vestibule.
AC   TS-0479
SY   Vestibule.
ID   Insulinoma.
AC   TS-0480
SY   Insulinoma tumor.
ID   Integument.
AC   TS-0481
DR   PO; PO:0020021; integument.
ID   Interalveolar muscle.
AC   TS-0482
ID   Internode.
AC   TS-0483
SY   Stem internode.
DR   PO; PO:0020142; stem internode.
ID   Interrenal gland.
AC   TS-0484
ID   Intersegmental muscle.
AC   TS-0485
ID   Intestinal crypt.
AC   TS-0486
SY   Intestinal gland.
ID   Intestinal epithelium.
AC   TS-0487
SY   Intestinal epithelial lining; Intestinal epithelium lining; Intestinal epithelial cell.
ID   Intestinal mucosa.
AC   TS-0488
ID   Intestinal smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0489
ID   Intestine.
AC   TS-0490
SY   Intestinal; Bowel.
ID   Iris.
AC   TS-0491
ID   Iris sphincter muscle.
AC   TS-0492
SY   Pupillary sphincter; Circular muscle of iris.
ID   Jaw.
AC   TS-0493
ID   Jejunal epithelium.
AC   TS-0494
SY   Jejunal epithelial cell.
ID   Jejunal mucosa.
AC   TS-0495
ID   Jejunal smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1216
ID   Jejunum.
AC   TS-0496
ID   Jugular vein.
AC   TS-0497
ID   Jugular vein endothelial cell.
AC   TS-0498
ID   Juice tissue.
AC   TS-0499
SY   Juice sac.
DR   PO; PO:0006013; juice sac.
ID   Keratinocyte.
AC   TS-0500
SY   Epidermal keratinocyte; Skin keratinocyte.
ID   Kernel.
AC   TS-0501
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Kidney adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0502
ID   Kidney cancer.
AC   TS-1225
SY   Renal cancer; Renal malignant tumor; Renal malignant tumour; Kidney malignant tumor; Kidney malignant tumour.
ID   Kidney cortex.
AC   TS-0503
SY   Renal cortex.
ID   Kidney distal tubule.
AC   TS-0504
SY   Kidney distal convoluted tubule; Renal distal tubule; renal distal convoluted tubule.
ID   Kidney epithelium.
AC   TS-0505
SY   Kidney epithelial cell; Renal epithelium; Renal epithelial cell.
ID   Kidney inner medulla.
AC   TS-0506
SY   Renal inner medulla; Inner zone of renal medulla; Inner medulla of kidney.
ID   Kidney marrow.
AC   TS-0507
ID   Kidney outer medulla.
AC   TS-0508
SY   Renal outer medulla; Outer zone of renal medulla; Outer medulla of kidney.
ID   Kidney proximal tubule.
AC   TS-0509
SY   Renal proximal tubule.
ID   Kidney tubule.
AC   TS-1262
SY   Renal tubule; Kidney cells in tubules.
ID   Kidney.
AC   TS-0510
SY   Renal.
ID   Labial palp.
AC   TS-0511
ID   Lacrimal gland.
AC   TS-0512
ID   Lactating mammary gland.
AC   TS-0513
ID   Lamina.
AC   TS-0514
ID   Lantern.
AC   TS-0515
ID   Large intestine.
AC   TS-1306
SY   Large bowel.
ID   Larva.
AC   TS-0516
SY   Larvae.
ID   Larval brain.
AC   TS-0517
ID   Larval bristle.
AC   TS-1184
ID   Larval CNS.
AC   TS-0518
ID   Larval epidermis.
AC   TS-0519
ID   Larval eye.
AC   TS-1193
ID   Larval fat body.
AC   TS-0520
ID   Larval gut.
AC   TS-0521
ID   Larval hemolymph.
AC   TS-0522
SY   Larval haemolymph.
ID   Larval liver.
AC   TS-0523
ID   Larval midgut.
AC   TS-0524
SY   Larval mid-gut.
ID   Larval peritrophic membrane.
AC   TS-0525
ID   Larval plasma.
AC   TS-0526
ID   Larval ring gland.
AC   TS-0527
ID   Larval salivary gland.
AC   TS-0528
ID   Laryngeal carcinoma.
AC   TS-0529
ID   Laryngeal cartilage chondrocyte.
AC   TS-0530
ID   Laryngeal muscle.
AC   TS-0531
ID   Larynx.
AC   TS-0532
ID   Lateral eye.
AC   TS-0533
ID   Lateral ventricle.
AC   TS-1230
ID   Lateral ventricle glial cell.
AC   TS-1258
SY   Lateral ventricle glial cells.
ID   Lateral ventricle neuron.
AC   TS-1261
SY   Lateral ventricle neuronal cell; Lateral ventricle neural cell; Lateral ventricle neuronal cells.
ID   Latex.
AC   TS-0534
ID   Laticifer.
AC   TS-0535
ID   Leaf blade.
AC   TS-0536
SY   Leaf lamina.
DR   PO; PO:0020039; leaf lamina.
ID   Leaf gel.
AC   TS-0537
ID   Leaf meristem.
AC   TS-0538
SY   Meristematic leaf; Leaf primordium.
DR   PO; PO:0000017; leaf primordium.
ID   Leaf mesophyll.
AC   TS-0539
SY   Mesophyll; Mesophyll protoplast.
DR   PO; PO:0005645; leaf mesophyll.
ID   Leaf.
AC   TS-0540
SY   Leaves; Foliage; Mature leaf.
DR   PO; PO:0009025; leaf.
ID   Leiomyosarcoma.
AC   TS-0541
ID   Lens cortex.
AC   TS-0542
ID   Lens epithelium.
AC   TS-0543
SY   Lens epithelial cell.
ID   Lens fibers.
AC   TS-0544
ID   Lens.
AC   TS-0545
SY   Eye lens.
ID   Leptomeninges.
AC   TS-0546
ID   Leukemia.
AC   TS-0547
SY   Leukemia cell; Leukaemia.
ID   Leukemic T-cell.
AC   TS-0548
SY   Leukaemic T-cell; Leukemic T-lymphocyte; Leukemic T lymphocyte; Leukaemic T lymphocyte; Leukaemic T-lymphocyte.
ID   Leukocyte.
AC   TS-0549
SY   Leucocyte; White blood cell.
ID   Leydig cell.
AC   TS-1150
SY   Interstitial cell; Leydig cells; Interstitial cells of Leydig.
ID   Light organ.
AC   TS-0550
ID   Light-green cell.
AC   TS-0551
SY   Light green cell.
ID   Limb.
AC   TS-0552
ID   Limb bud.
AC   TS-0553
SY   Embryonic limb bud.
ID   Limb mesenchyme.
AC   TS-0554
SY   Limb mesenchymal cell.
ID   Limbal epithelium.
AC   TS-0555
SY   Limbal epithelial cell.
ID   Limbic system.
AC   TS-1307
ID   Lingual salivary gland.
AC   TS-0557
ID   Lip.
AC   TS-0558
ID   Liposarcoma.
AC   TS-1142
ID   Liver and biliary system.
AC   TS-1308
ID   Liver cancer.
AC   TS-0559
SY   Hepatic cancer; Liver malignant tumor; Liver malignant tumour.
ID   Liver epithelium.
AC   TS-0561
SY   Liver epithelial cell.
ID   Liver tumor.
AC   TS-0563
SY   Liver tumour.
ID   Liver.
AC   TS-0564
SY   Hepatic.
ID   Locus coeruleus.
AC   TS-0565
SY   Locus caeruleus; Locus ceruleus.
ID   Longissimus dorsi muscle.
AC   TS-0566
ID   Longissimus muscle.
AC   TS-0567
ID   Lung.
AC   TS-0568
ID   Lung adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0569
ID   Lung cancer.
AC   TS-0571
SY   Pulmonary cancer; Lung malignant tumor; Lung malignant tumour.
ID   Lung carcinoma.
AC   TS-0572
SY   Lung small cell carcinoma; Non-small cell lung carcinoma.
ID   Lung endothelial cell.
AC   TS-0573
SY   Lung endothelium.
ID   Lung epithelium.
AC   TS-0574
SY   Lung epithelial cell; Lung epithelia.
ID   Lung fibroblast.
AC   TS-0575
ID   Lung macrophage.
AC   TS-0576
SY   Lung macrophages.
ID   Lung tumor.
AC   TS-0577
SY   Lung tumour.
ID   Lupulin gland.
AC   TS-0578
ID   Lymph node.
AC   TS-0579
SY   Lymph gland.
ID   Lymph node lymphoid cell.
AC   TS-1289
SY   Lymph gland lymphoid cell.
ID   Lymph node germinal center.
AC   TS-1269
SY   Germinal centre; Lymph node reaction center; Lymph node reaction center cells; Secondary nodular lymphoid tissue.
ID   Lymph.
AC   TS-0580
SY   Lymphatic fluid.
ID   Lymphoblast.
AC   TS-0581
SY   Transformed lymphocyte; Blast cell; Lymphoblastoid.
ID   Lymphoblastoma.
AC   TS-0582
ID   Lymphocyte.
AC   TS-0583
SY   Lymphocytic.
ID   Lymphoid tissue.
AC   TS-0584
SY   Lymphoid; Lymphatic tissue; Lymphoreticular system.
ID   Lymphoid cell.
AC   TS-1238
ID   Lymphoid epithelium.
AC   TS-1136
SY   Lymphoid epithelial cell; Lymphatic tissue epithelium; Lymphatic tissue epithelial cell; Lymphoreticular system epithelium; Lymphoreticular system epithelial cell.
ID   Lymphoma.
AC   TS-0585
SY   Lymphoid tumor; Lymphatic tumor; Malignant lymphoma.
ID   Lymphoreticular system.
AC   TS-1309
ID   Lymphosarcoma.
AC   TS-0586
ID   Macrophage.
AC   TS-0587
ID   Male accessory gland.
AC   TS-0588
ID   Male cone.
AC   TS-0589
ID   Male reproductive system.
AC   TS-1310
ID   Malignant carcinoid.
AC   TS-1233
ID   Malpighian tubule.
AC   TS-0590
ID   Mammary cancer.
AC   TS-0591
SY   Breast cancer; Mammary gland cancer; Breast malignant tumor; Mammary gland malignant tumor.
ID   Mammary carcinoma.
AC   TS-0592
SY   Breast adenocarcinoma; Breast carcinoma; Mammary adenocarcinoma; Mammary gland carcinoma.
ID   Mammary epithelium.
AC   TS-0593
SY   Mammary epithelial cell.
ID   Mammary fibroblast.
AC   TS-0594
ID   Mammary gland.
AC   TS-0595
SY   Breast; Mammary.
ID   Mammary gland glandular cell.
AC   TS-1272
SY   Breast glandular cell; Mammary glandular cell; Breast glandular cells.
ID   Mammary tumor.
AC   TS-0597
SY   Breast tumor; Mammary gland tumor; Mammary tumour.
ID   Mandible.
AC   TS-0598
SY   Mandibular organ.
ID   Mandibular condyle.
AC   TS-0599
ID   Mantle.
AC   TS-0600
ID   Mantle muscle.
AC   TS-0601
ID   Masseter muscle.
AC   TS-0602
ID   Mast cell.
AC   TS-0603
ID   Mastocytoma.
AC   TS-0604
SY   Mast cell tumor.
ID   Maxillary palp.
AC   TS-0605
ID   Median ocelli.
AC   TS-0606
ID   Medulla oblongata.
AC   TS-0607
ID   Medulloblastoma.
AC   TS-0608
ID   Megagametophyte.
AC   TS-0609
ID   Megakaryoblast.
AC   TS-0610
ID   Megakaryocyte.
AC   TS-0611
ID   Meiocyte.
AC   TS-0612
ID   Melanocyte.
AC   TS-0613
ID   Melanoma.
AC   TS-0614
SY   Malignant melanoma.
ID   Meninges.
AC   TS-1177
ID   Meningioma.
AC   TS-0615
SY   Meningioma tissue.
ID   Meristem.
AC   TS-0616
SY   Meristematic tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0009013; meristem.
ID   Merozoite.
AC   TS-1334
ID   Mesangial cell.
AC   TS-0617
ID   Mesenchymal cell.
AC   TS-0620
SY   Mesenchyme; Mesenchymal.
ID   Mesenchymal stem cell.
AC   TS-0618
ID   Mesenchymal tumor.
AC   TS-0619
SY   Mesenchymal tumour.
ID   Mesocarp.
AC   TS-0621
SY   Fruit mesocarp; Fruit mesosperm; Sarcocarp.
DR   PO; PO:0009087; mesocarp.
ID   Mesocotyl.
AC   TS-0622
DR   PO; PO:0020037; mesocotyl.
ID   Mesoderm.
AC   TS-0623
SY   Embryonic mesoderm.
ID   Mesoglea.
AC   TS-1147
SY   Mesogloea.
ID   Mesonephros.
AC   TS-0624
ID   Mesophyll cell.
AC   TS-0625
DR   PO; PO:0004006; mesophyll cell.
ID   Mesothelium.
AC   TS-1183
ID   Micelial.
AC   TS-0626
ID   Microglia.
AC   TS-0627
SY   Microglial cell.
ID   Microspore.
AC   TS-0628
DR   PO; PO:0020048; microspore.
ID   Microtuber.
AC   TS-0629
ID   Midbrain.
AC   TS-0630
SY   Mid-brain.
ID   Middle ear mucosa.
AC   TS-0631
ID   Middle silk gland.
AC   TS-0632
SY   Middle silkgland; MSG; Median silk gland.
ID   Midgut endoderm.
AC   TS-0633
SY   Mid-gut endoderm.
ID   Midgut epithelium.
AC   TS-0634
ID   Midgut.
AC   TS-0635
SY   Mid-gut.
ID   Milk.
AC   TS-0636
ID   Milt.
AC   TS-1179
ID   Molar.
AC   TS-0637
SY   Multicuspid tooth; Dens molaris.
ID   Monoblast.
AC   TS-1195
ID   Monocyte.
AC   TS-0638
ID   Monocytic leukemia.
AC   TS-0639
SY   Monocytic leukaemia.
ID   Morula.
AC   TS-0640
ID   Mucus cocoon.
AC   TS-0641
ID   Muellerian duct.
AC   TS-1140
SY   Mullerian duct.
ID   Muellerian gland.
AC   TS-1332
SY   Mullerian gland.
ID   Muscle.
AC   TS-0642
ID   Muscle fibroblast.
AC   TS-0643
ID   Musculoskeletal system.
AC   TS-1311
ID   Mushroom body.
AC   TS-1137
SY   Corpora pedunculata.
ID   Muzzle epithelium.
AC   TS-0644
SY   Muzzle epithelial cell.
ID   Mycelium.
AC   TS-0645
SY   Mycelia; Mycelial.
ID   Mycorrhiza.
AC   TS-0646
SY   Mycorrhizal root.
ID   Myeloid.
AC   TS-0647
SY   Myeloid cell.
ID   Myeloid leukemia cell.
AC   TS-0648
SY   Myeloid leukaemia cell.
ID   Myeloma.
AC   TS-0649
ID   Myelomonocyte.
AC   TS-1181
ID   Myoblast.
AC   TS-0650
ID   Myocardium.
AC   TS-0651
SY   Myocard.
ID   Myometrium.
AC   TS-0652
SY   Smooth muscle myometrium.
ID   Myotomal muscle.
AC   TS-0653
ID   Myotube.
AC   TS-0654
ID   Nacre.
AC   TS-1220
SY   Mother of pearl.
ID   Nasal cartilage.
AC   TS-0655
ID   Nasal epithelium.
AC   TS-0656
SY   Nasal epithelial cell.
ID   Nasal mucosa.
AC   TS-0657
ID   Nasal mucus.
AC   TS-0658
ID   Nasal polyp.
AC   TS-0659
ID   Nasal vestibule.
AC   TS-0660
ID   Nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
AC   TS-0661
ID   Nasopharyngeal epithelium.
AC   TS-0662
SY   Nasopharyngeal epithelial cell; Nasopharynx respiratory epithelial cells.
ID   Nasopharynx.
AC   TS-0663
ID   Natural killer cell.
AC   TS-0664
SY   NK lymphocyte; Natural killer T cell; NKT cell.
ID   Needle.
AC   TS-0665
ID   Nematoblast.
AC   TS-0666
SY   Cnidoblast.
ID   Neonatal brain.
AC   TS-0667
ID   Neonatal brain stem.
AC   TS-0668
SY   Neonatal brainstem.
ID   Neonatal heart atrium.
AC   TS-0669
SY   Neonatal heart atria; Neonatal atria; Neonatal cardiac atrium.
ID   Neonatal macrophage.
AC   TS-0670
ID   Neonatal skin.
AC   TS-1191
ID   Neonatal spleen.
AC   TS-0671
ID   Nephron.
AC   TS-1312
ID   Nerve.
AC   TS-0672
ID   Nerve cord.
AC   TS-0673
ID   Nerve ending.
AC   TS-0674
ID   Nervous system.
AC   TS-1313
ID   Neural arch cartilage.
AC   TS-0675
ID   Neural crest.
AC   TS-0676
ID   Neural ganglion.
AC   TS-0677
SY   Nervous ganglion; Neural ganglia.
ID   Neural plate.
AC   TS-0678
ID   Neural stem cell.
AC   TS-0679
ID   Neural tube.
AC   TS-0680
ID   Neuroblastoma.
AC   TS-0681
ID   Neuroectoderm.
AC   TS-1212
SY   Neural ectoderm.
ID   Neuroepithelioma.
AC   TS-1209
ID   Neuroepithelium.
AC   TS-0682
ID   Neuron.
AC   TS-0683
SY   Neuronal cell; Neural cell.
ID   Neuropora cardiaca.
AC   TS-0684
ID   Neuroretina.
AC   TS-0685
SY   Neural retina; Neuroretinal cell.
ID   Neurosecretory cell.
AC   TS-0686
ID   Neurula.
AC   TS-0687
ID   Neutrophil.
AC   TS-0688
SY   Neutrophilic granulocyte.
ID   Nodose ganglion.
AC   TS-0689
SY   Nodose ganglia; Inferior ganglion of vagus nerve; Caudal ganglion of vagus nerve.
ID   Notochord.
AC   TS-0690
ID   Nuchal ligament.
AC   TS-0691
SY   Ligamentum nuchae.
ID   Nucleated erythrocyte.
AC   TS-0692
ID   Occipital cortex.
AC   TS-0693
SY   Brain occipital cortex; Brain occipital lobe; Occipital lobe.
ID   Ocular ciliary body.
AC   TS-0694
SY   Ciliary body.
ID   Ocular ciliary epithelium.
AC   TS-0695
SY   Ocular ciliary epithelial cell; Ciliary body epithelial cell.
ID   Odontoblast.
AC   TS-0696
ID   Esophageal carcinoma.
AC   TS-0697
SY   Oesophageal carcinoma; Esophagus tumor; Oesophagus tumor.
ID   Esophageal epithelium.
AC   TS-0698
SY   Oesophageal epithelial cell; Oesophageal epithelium; Esophageal epithelial cell; Epithelium of esophagus.
ID   Esophageal fibroblast.
AC   TS-0699
SY   Oesophageal fibroblast.
ID   Esophageal squamous cell.
AC   TS-1250
SY   Oesophagus squamous cell; Oesophageal squamous epithelial cell; Oesophagus squamous epithelial cell; Esophagus squamous epithelial cell; Esophagus squamous epithelial cells; Esophagus squamous cell; Oesophageal squamous cell.
ID   Esophageal squamous epithelium.
AC   TS-1314
SY   Oesophageal squamous epithelium.
ID   Esophagus.
AC   TS-0700
SY   Oesophagus.
ID   Oil gland.
AC   TS-0701
ID   Olfactory bulb.
AC   TS-0702
SY   Olfactory brain.
ID   Olfactory epithelium.
AC   TS-0703
SY   Olfactory mucosa; Olfactory epithelial cell.
ID   Olfactory neuroepithelium.
AC   TS-0704
SY   Olfactory neuroepithelial cell.
ID   Olfactory neuron.
AC   TS-0705
ID   Olfactory organ.
AC   TS-0706
ID   Olfactory rosette.
AC   TS-0707
ID   Olfactory sensory neuron.
AC   TS-0708
ID   Oligodendrocyte.
AC   TS-0709
ID   Oligodendroglioma.
AC   TS-1153
ID   Oocyst.
AC   TS-0710
ID   Oocyte.
AC   TS-0711
ID   Optic lobe.
AC   TS-0712
ID   Optic nerve.
AC   TS-0713
ID   Oral cancer.
AC   TS-0714
SY   Oral cavity malignant tumor; Oral cavity malignant tumour.
ID   Oral cavity.
AC   TS-1315
SY   Oral; Mouth.
ID   Oral epithelium.
AC   TS-0715
SY   Oral epithelial cell; Oral cavity epithelium; Oral cavity epithelial cell.
ID   Oral mucosa.
AC   TS-0716
SY   Oral cavity mucosa.
ID   Oral mucosa squamous cell.
AC   TS-1252
SY   Oral mucosa squamous epithelial cell; Oral cavity mucosa squamous cell; Oral cavity mucosa squamous epithelial cell; Oral mucosa squamous epithelial cells.
ID   Organ of Corti.
AC   TS-0717
SY   Spiral organ of Corti.
ID   Oropharynx.
AC   TS-0718
ID   Osteoarthritic cartilage.
AC   TS-0719
ID   Osteoblast.
AC   TS-0720
ID   Osteoclast.
AC   TS-0721
ID   Osteoclastoma.
AC   TS-0722
SY   Osteoclastoma tumor; Malignant giant cell tumor; Giant cell tumor of bone.
ID   Osteocyte.
AC   TS-1167
ID   Osteosarcoma.
AC   TS-0723
ID   Otocyst.
AC   TS-1192
SY   Embryonic otocyst.
ID   Otolith.
AC   TS-1201
SY   Statoconium; Otoconium.
ID   Ovarian adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0724
ID   Ovarian cancer.
AC   TS-1223
SY   Ovary cancer; Ovarian malignant tumor; Ovarian malignant tumour; Ovary malignant tumor; Ovary malignant tumour.
ID   Ovarian carcinoma.
AC   TS-0725
SY   Ovarian small cell carcinoma; Ovarian tumor; CHO.
ID   Ovarian follicle.
AC   TS-0726
SY   Graafian follicle; Follicle of ovary; Ovary follicle.
ID   Ovarian follicle cell.
AC   TS-1236
SY   Ovarian follicular cell; Ovary follicular cell; Ovary follicle cells.
ID   Ovarian follicle membrane.
AC   TS-0727
ID   Ovarian follicular fluid.
AC   TS-0728
ID   Ovarian granulosa cell.
AC   TS-0729
ID   Ovarian stromal cell.
AC   TS-1246
SY   Ovary stromal cells; Ovarian stromal cells.
ID   Ovary.
AC   TS-0730
SY   Ovaries; Ovarian.
DR   PO; PO:0009072; ovary.
ID   Ovary tumor.
AC   TS-0731
SY   Ovary tumour.
ID   Oviduct.
AC   TS-0732
SY   Fallopian tube; Uterine tube.
ID   Oviduct epithelium.
AC   TS-1316
SY   Uterine tube epithelium; Epithelium of uterine tube.
ID   Oviduct glandular cell.
AC   TS-1277
SY   Fallopian tube glandular cell; Uterine tube glandular cell; Fallopian tube glandular cells.
ID   Ovotestis.
AC   TS-0733
ID   Ovule.
AC   TS-0734
DR   PO; PO:0020003; ovule.
ID   Palate.
AC   TS-0735
ID   Pancreas.
AC   TS-0736
SY   Pancreatic.
ID   Pancreas exocrine glandular cell.
AC   TS-1242
SY   Pancreas exocrine glandular cells.
ID   Pancreas islet cell.
AC   TS-1237
SY   Pancreas islet cells; Pancreatic islet cell.
ID   Pancreatic acinar cell.
AC   TS-0737
ID   Pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0738
ID   Pancreatic cancer.
AC   TS-0739
SY   Pancreas cancer; Pancreas malignant tumor; Pancreas malignant tumour.
ID   Pancreatic carcinoma.
AC   TS-0740
ID   Pancreatic islet.
AC   TS-0741
SY   Islet of Langerhans; Islets of Langerhans; Granules of Langerhans; Island of Langerhans.
ID   Pancreatic tumor.
AC   TS-0742
SY   Pancreatic tumour.
ID   Panicle.
AC   TS-0743
SY   Inflorescence.
DR   PO; PO:0009049; inflorescence.
ID   Paracorolla.
AC   TS-0744
ID   Parathyroid.
AC   TS-0745
SY   Parathyroid gland.
ID   Parathyroid glandular cell.
AC   TS-1279
SY   Parathyroid gland glandular cell; Parathyroid gland glandular cells.
ID   Parathyroid adenoma.
AC   TS-0746
ID   Parietal cortex.
AC   TS-0747
SY   Brain parietal cortex; Brain parietal lobe; Parietal lobe.
ID   Parotid gland.
AC   TS-0748
ID   Parotoid gland.
AC   TS-0749
ID   Parotoid gland secretion.
AC   TS-1218
SY   Parotoid secretion.
ID   Pars intercerebralis.
AC   TS-0750
ID   Pectoralis muscle.
AC   TS-0751
SY   Pectoral muscle.
ID   Pedal disk.
AC   TS-0752
ID   Pedal ganglion.
AC   TS-0753
SY   Pedal ganglia.
ID   Pedicel.
AC   TS-0754
SY   Pedicel tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0009052; pedicel.
ID   Peelings.
AC   TS-0755
SY   Peel; Fruit peel.
DR   PO; PO:0009084; pericarp.
ID   Peltate glandular trichome.
AC   TS-0756
ID   Pelvis.
AC   TS-0757
ID   Penis.
AC   TS-0758
ID   Perianth.
AC   TS-0759
SY   Flower perianth.
DR   PO; PO:0009058; perianth.
ID   Pericardial organs.
AC   TS-0760
ID   Pericardium.
AC   TS-0761
ID   Pericarp.
AC   TS-0762
SY   Fruit pericarp.
DR   PO; PO:0009084; pericarp.
ID   Perineural cell.
AC   TS-1291
SY   Perineural cells.
ID   Periodontal ligament.
AC   TS-0763
ID   Periodontium fibroblast.
AC   TS-0764
SY   Periodontal fibroblast.
ID   Peripheral blood.
AC   TS-0771
SY   Bloodstream; Circulating blood; Peripheral blood cell; PBMC.
ID   Peripheral blood granulocyte.
AC   TS-0765
ID   Peripheral blood leukocyte.
AC   TS-0766
SY   Peripheral blood leucocyte.
ID   Peripheral blood lymphocyte.
AC   TS-0767
ID   Peripheral blood monocyte.
AC   TS-0768
ID   Peripheral blood neutrophil.
AC   TS-0769
ID   Peripheral blood T-cell.
AC   TS-0770
SY   Peripheral blood T cell; Peripheral blood T-lymphocyte; Peripheral blood T lymphocyte.
ID   Peripheral nerve.
AC   TS-0772
ID   Peritoneal cavity.
AC   TS-0773
ID   Peritoneal exudate.
AC   TS-0774
ID   Peritoneal macrophage.
AC   TS-0775
ID   Peritoneal mast cell.
AC   TS-0776
ID   Peritoneal neutrophil.
AC   TS-0777
ID   Petal.
AC   TS-0778
SY   Flower petal.
DR   PO; PO:0009032; petal.
ID   Petiole.
AC   TS-0779
DR   PO; PO:0020038; petiole.
ID   Peyer patch.
AC   TS-0780
SY   Peyer's patch; Peyer's gland; Agregated lymphatic nodule.
ID   Pharate adult cuticle.
AC   TS-0781
ID   Pharate pupal cuticle.
AC   TS-0782
ID   Pharyngeal arch.
AC   TS-0783
ID   Pharyngeal muscle.
AC   TS-0784
ID   Pharyngula.
AC   TS-1196
SY   Vasoformative cell.
ID   Pharynx.
AC   TS-0785
SY   Pharyngeal; Pharyngeal tissue.
ID   Pharynx carcinoma.
AC   TS-1133
SY   Pharyngeal carcinoma; Pharyngeal tissue carcinoma.
ID   Pheochromocytoma.
AC   TS-0786
SY   Phaeochromocytoma.
ID   Pheromone gland.
AC   TS-0787
ID   Phloem.
AC   TS-0788
SY   Phloem tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0005417; phloem.
ID   Photogenic organ.
AC   TS-1329
ID   Pineal gland.
AC   TS-0789
SY   Pineal.
ID   Pistil.
AC   TS-0790
SY   Flower pistil.
DR   PO; PO:0009062; pistil.
ID   Pitcher.
AC   TS-0791
ID   Pituitary adenoma.
AC   TS-0792
SY   Pituitary gland adenoma.
ID   Pituitary anterior lobe tumor.
AC   TS-0793
SY   Anterior pituitary tumor; Anterior pituitary gland tumor; Pituitary pars distalis tumor.
ID   Pituitary anterior lobe.
AC   TS-0794
SY   Anterior pituitary; Anterior pituitary gland; Pituitary pars distalis; Adenohypophysis; Anterior lobe of hypophysis.
ID   Pituitary neurointermediate lobe.
AC   TS-0795
SY   Intermediate pituitary.
ID   Pituitary pars tuberalis.
AC   TS-0796
SY   Hypophyseal pars tuberalis; Pars tuberalis.
ID   Pituitary tumor.
AC   TS-0797
SY   Pituitary tumour.
ID   Pituitary.
AC   TS-0798
SY   Pituitary gland; Hypophysis; Pituitary body.
ID   Placenta.
AC   TS-0799
SY   Placental.
ID   Plasma.
AC   TS-0800
SY   Blood plasma.
ID   Plasmacytoid dendritic cell.
AC   TS-0801
SY   Lymphoid dendritic cell; IPC; T-associated plasma cell; pDC; Interferon-producing cell; DC2; Plasmacytoid monocyte; Plasmacytoid T cell.
ID   Plasmacytoma.
AC   TS-0802
ID   Platelet.
AC   TS-0803
SY   Thrombocyte; Blood platelet.
ID   Pleopod.
AC   TS-0804
SY   Swimming leg.
ID   Pleural sensory cell.
AC   TS-0805
ID   Plumule.
AC   TS-0806
ID   Pluteus.
AC   TS-0807
SY   Plutei.
AC   TS-0808
SY   Peripheral nervous system.
ID   Pod.
AC   TS-0809
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Pollen.
AC   TS-0810
SY   Male gametophyte.
DR   PO; PO:0020091; male gametophyte.
ID   Pollen tube.
AC   TS-0811
DR   PO; PO:0006345; pollen tube.
ID   Polyric caeca.
AC   TS-0812
ID   Pons.
AC   TS-0813
ID   Portal vein.
AC   TS-0814
ID   Posterior pituitary.
AC   TS-0815
SY   Posterior pituitary gland; Pituitary pars nervosa; Neurohypophysis; Posterior lobe.
ID   Posterior salivary gland.
AC   TS-0816
ID   Posterior silk gland.
AC   TS-0817
SY   Posterior silkgland; Posterial silkgland; PSG.
ID   Posterior tectum.
AC   TS-0818
ID   Pre-B cell.
AC   TS-0819
SY   Pre-B lymphocyte.
ID   Prefrontal cortex.
AC   TS-1219
ID   Premonocytic leukemia.
AC   TS-0820
SY   Premonocytic leukaemia; Promonocytic leukemia; Promonocytic leukaemia.
ID   Premonocytic lymphoma.
AC   TS-0821
SY   Promonocytic lymphoma.
ID   Preoptic area of hypothalamus.
AC   TS-0822
SY   Preoptic nucleus.
ID   Preosteoblast.
AC   TS-1182
ID   Prepupa.
AC   TS-0823
SY   Prepupae.
ID   Preputial gland.
AC   TS-0824
ID   Promyelocyte.
AC   TS-0825
ID   Promyelocytic leukemia.
AC   TS-0826
SY   Promyelocytic leukaemia.
ID   Pronephros.
AC   TS-0827
ID   Prostate.
AC   TS-0828
SY   Prostate gland.
ID   Prostate cancer.
AC   TS-1224
SY   Prostatic cancer; Prostate malignant tumor; Prostate malignant tumour; Prostatic malignant tumor; Prostatic malignant tumour.
ID   Prostate glandular cell.
AC   TS-1280
SY   Prostate glandular cells.
ID   Prostatic adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-0829
ID   Prostatic carcinoma.
AC   TS-0830
SY   Prostate carcinoma.
ID   Prothallus.
AC   TS-0831
SY   Prothallia.
ID   Prothoracic gland.
AC   TS-0832
ID   Protonema.
AC   TS-0833
ID   Protoplast.
AC   TS-0834
SY   Cultured protoplast.
DR   PO; PO:0000006; cultured protoplast.
ID   Proventriculus.
AC   TS-0835
SY   Forestomach.
ID   Proximal small intestine.
AC   TS-0836
ID   Pseudobulb.
AC   TS-1330
ID   Psoas muscle.
AC   TS-0837
ID   Psoriatic skin.
AC   TS-0838
ID   Pulmonary artery.
AC   TS-0839
ID   Pulmonary vein.
AC   TS-0840
ID   Pulvinus.
AC   TS-0841
SY   Petiolar pulvinus; Pulvini.
DR   PO; PO:0009000; pulvinus.
ID   Pupae.
AC   TS-0842
ID   Pupal hemocyte.
AC   TS-0843
SY   Pupal haemocyte.
ID   Pupal midgut.
AC   TS-0844
SY   Pupal mid-gut.
ID   Purkinje cell.
AC   TS-0845
SY   Purkinje's cell; Purkinje cells; Purkinje neuron; Cerebellar Purkinje cell; Cerebellar Purkinje neuron.
ID   Pyloric caecum.
AC   TS-0846
SY   Pyloric caeca; Pyloric cecum; Pyloric ceca.
ID   Rachis.
AC   TS-0847
ID   Radicle.
AC   TS-0848
DR   PO; PO:0020031; radicle.
ID   Radular muscle.
AC   TS-0849
ID   Rathke gland.
AC   TS-0850
SY   Rathke's gland.
ID   Receptacle.
AC   TS-0851
ID   Rectal gland.
AC   TS-0852
SY   Salt gland.
ID   Rectum.
AC   TS-1180
ID   Rectum glandular cell.
AC   TS-1281
SY   Rectum glandular cells.
ID   Rectum tumor.
AC   TS-0853
SY   Rectum tumour.
ID   Red muscle.
AC   TS-0854
ID   Regenerating blastema.
AC   TS-0855
SY   Regeneration blastema; Regenerating tissue; Blastema; Blastemal.
ID   Regenerating forelimb blastema.
AC   TS-0856
SY   Forelimb regeneration blastema.
ID   Regenerating limb blastema.
AC   TS-0857
SY   Limb blastema; Regenerating limb bud.
ID   Regenerating liver.
AC   TS-0858
ID   Renal cell carcinoma.
AC   TS-0859
SY   Grawitz tumor; Nephroblastoma; Hypernephroma; Renal adenocarcinoma; RCC.
ID   Renal collecting duct.
AC   TS-0860
SY   Kidney cortex collecting duct.
ID   Renal corpuscle.
AC   TS-1317
SY   Corpusculum renale; Malphigian corpuscle.
ID   Renal cyst lining cell.
AC   TS-0861
ID   Renal glomerulus.
AC   TS-0862
SY   Renal glomerus; Glomerus; Kidney glomerulus cell; Kidney glomeruli cell; Kidney glomeruli cells; Renal glomerulus cell; Renal glomerular cell; Kidney cells in glomeruli; Glomerular tuft; Malphigian glomerulus.
ID   Renal medulla.
AC   TS-1157
SY   Kidney medulla.
ID   Reproductive accessory gland.
AC   TS-0863
ID   Reproductive system.
AC   TS-1318
ID   Resin.
AC   TS-1340
ID   Respiratory system.
AC   TS-1319
ID   Reticulocyte.
AC   TS-0864
ID   Retina.
AC   TS-0865
SY   Retinal.
ID   Retinal cone cell.
AC   TS-0866
SY   Retinal cone.
ID   Retinal ganglion.
AC   TS-0867
SY   Retinal ganglia.
ID   Retinal photoreceptor.
AC   TS-0868
ID   Retinal pigment epithelium.
AC   TS-0869
SY   Retinal pigment epithelial cell.
ID   Retinal rod cell.
AC   TS-0870
SY   Retinal rod.
ID   Retinoblastoma.
AC   TS-0871
ID   Retrocerebral complex.
AC   TS-0872
ID   Rhabdomyosarcoma.
AC   TS-0873
ID   Rheumatoid arthritic synovial fluid.
AC   TS-0874
ID   Rhizome.
AC   TS-0875
DR   PO; PO:0004542; rhizome.
ID   Ring ganglion.
AC   TS-1174
SY   Ring ganglia.
ID   Root cap.
AC   TS-0876
DR   PO; PO:0020123; root cap.
ID   Root cortex.
AC   TS-0877
DR   PO; PO:0000258; root cortex.
ID   Root hair.
AC   TS-0878
DR   PO; PO:0000256; root hair.
ID   Root meristem.
AC   TS-0879
DR   PO; PO:0006085; root meristem.
ID   Root nodule.
AC   TS-0880
SY   Root-nodule; Nodule; Symbiotic root nodule.
DR   PO; PO:0003023; root nodule.
ID   Root tip.
AC   TS-0881
DR   PO; PO:0000025; root tip.
ID   Root tuber.
AC   TS-0882
ID   Root.
AC   TS-0883
SY   Root tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0009005; root.
ID   Rosette leaf.
AC   TS-0884
SY   Rosette leaves; Rosettes; Leaf whorl.
DR   PO; PO:0008034; leaf whorl.
ID   Rostral gland.
AC   TS-0885
ID   Round spermatid.
AC   TS-0886
ID   Royal jelly.
AC   TS-1326
ID   Rumen.
AC   TS-0887
ID   Rumen reticulum.
AC   TS-0888
SY   Reticulum.
ID   Ruminal epithelium.
AC   TS-0889
SY   Ruminal epithelial cell.
ID   Saccule.
AC   TS-0890
ID   Saliva.
AC   TS-0891
ID   Salivary gland.
AC   TS-0892
ID   Salivary gland glandular cell.
AC   TS-1282
SY   Salivary gland glandular cells.
ID   Saphenous vein.
AC   TS-0893
ID   Sarcomere.
AC   TS-0894
ID   Satellite cell.
AC   TS-1205
ID   Scale.
AC   TS-0895
ID   Scalp.
AC   TS-0896
ID   Scapula bone.
AC   TS-0897
ID   Schwann cell.
AC   TS-0898
ID   Sciatic nerve.
AC   TS-0899
ID   Sclera.
AC   TS-0900
ID   Sclerite.
AC   TS-0901
ID   Sclerotium.
AC   TS-0902
ID   Scutellar node.
AC   TS-0903
DR   PO; PO:0004708; scutellar node.
ID   Scutellum.
AC   TS-0904
SY   Scutella.
DR   PO; PO:0020110; scutellum.
ID   Seed coat.
AC   TS-0905
DR   PO; PO:0009088; seed coat.
ID   Seed cotyledon.
AC   TS-0906
DR   PO; PO:0020030; cotyledon.
ID   Seed embryo.
AC   TS-0907
DR   PO; PO:0009009; embryo.
ID   Seed endosperm.
AC   TS-0908
DR   PO; PO:0009089; endosperm.
ID   Seed nucellus.
AC   TS-0909
DR   PO; PO:0020020; nucellus.
ID   Seed.
AC   TS-0910
DR   PO; PO:0009010; seed.
ID   Seedling.
AC   TS-0911
DR   PO; PO:0008037; seedling.
ID   Seedling cotyledon.
AC   TS-0912
DR   PO; PO:0020030; cotyledon.
ID   Seedling hypocotyl.
AC   TS-0913
DR   PO; PO:0020100; hypocotyl.
ID   Seedling leaf.
AC   TS-0914
ID   Seedling root.
AC   TS-0915
SY   Radicle.
DR   PO; PO:0020031; radicle.
ID   Seedling shoot.
AC   TS-0916
DR   PO; PO:0008037; seedling.
ID   Semen.
AC   TS-0917
SY   Seminal fluid.
ID   Seminal plasma.
AC   TS-0918
ID   Seminal vesicle.
AC   TS-0919
SY   Seminal vesicular gland; Glandula vesicularis; Glandula vesiculosa; Seminal gland.
ID   Seminal vesicle glandular cell.
AC   TS-1283
SY   Seminal vesicle glandular cells.
ID   Seminiferous epithelium.
AC   TS-0920
SY   Seminiferous epithelial cell; Germinal epithelium; Germinal epithelial cell.
ID   Seminiferous tubule.
AC   TS-1239
SY   Seminiferous duct; Testis cells in seminiferus ducts; Seminiferous tubule of testis.
ID   Seminoma.
AC   TS-1186
ID   Sensory ganglion.
AC   TS-1202
SY   Sensory ganglia.
ID   Sepal.
AC   TS-0921
DR   PO; PO:0009031; sepal.
ID   Sertoli cell.
AC   TS-0922
ID   Serum.
AC   TS-0923
SY   Blood serum.
ID   Seta.
AC   TS-1339
ID   Sheath.
AC   TS-0924
DR   PO; PO:0020104; leaf sheath.
ID   Shell.
AC   TS-0925
ID   Shoot.
AC   TS-0926
DR   PO; PO:0009006; shoot.
ID   Shoot apex.
AC   TS-0927
SY   Shoot tip; Apical shoot.
DR   PO; PO:0000037; shoot apex.
ID   Shoot meristem.
AC   TS-0928
DR   PO; PO:0006079; shoot meristem.
ID   Signet-ring cell carcinoma.
AC   TS-1166
SY   Signet ring cell adenocarcinoma; Signet ring cell carcinoma; Signet cell carcinoma; Signet ring cancer.
ID   Silique.
AC   TS-0929
DR   PO; PO:0009001; fruit.
ID   Silk gland.
AC   TS-0930
SY   Silkgland.
ID   Single abdominal segment.
AC   TS-0931
ID   Sinus gland.
AC   TS-0932
ID   Skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0933
SY   Striated muscle.
ID   Skeletal muscle cell.
AC   TS-1244
SY   Skeletal muscle myocyte; Skeletal muscle myocytes; Striated muscle cell; Striated muscle myocyte.
ID   Skeletal system.
AC   TS-1320
ID   Skin.
AC   TS-0934
ID   Skin appendages.
AC   TS-0051
SY   Adnexa of skin; Skin adnexal cells.
ID   Skin cancer.
AC   TS-1227
SY   Skin malignant tumor; Skin malignant tumour.
ID   Skin fibroblast.
AC   TS-0935
ID   Skin mucus.
AC   TS-0936
ID   Skin secretion.
AC   TS-0937
ID   Slime gland.
AC   TS-0938
ID   Slow skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0939
ID   Slow-twitch skeletal muscle.
AC   TS-0940
ID   Small intestine mucosa.
AC   TS-0941
SY   Small intestinal mucosa.
ID   Small intestine.
AC   TS-0942
SY   Small bowel.
ID   Small intestine glandular cell.
AC   TS-1286
SY   Small bowel glandular cell; Small intestine glandular cells.
ID   Smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0943
ID   Smooth muscle cell.
AC   TS-1245
SY   Smooth muscle myocyte; Smooth muscle myocytes; Smooth muscle cells.
ID   Soft tissues.
AC   TS-0944
ID   Soleus muscle.
AC   TS-0945
SY   Soleus.
ID   Somatic embryo.
AC   TS-0946
ID   Spear.
AC   TS-0947
ID   Spear tip.
AC   TS-0948
SY   Tip section of spear.
ID   Sperm.
AC   TS-0949
SY   Spermatozoon; Spermatozoan.
ID   Spermatid.
AC   TS-0950
ID   Spermatocyte.
AC   TS-0951
ID   Spermatophorus.
AC   TS-0952
ID   Sphincter of Oddi.
AC   TS-1163
ID   Spicule.
AC   TS-1175
ID   Spike.
AC   TS-1331
ID   Spinal cord.
AC   TS-0953
ID   Spinal ganglion.
AC   TS-0954
SY   Dorsal root ganglion; Dorsal root ganglia.
ID   Spine.
AC   TS-1158
ID   Spiral intestine.
AC   TS-0955
ID   Spleen.
AC   TS-0956
ID   Spleen red pulp.
AC   TS-1263
SY   Splenic pulp; Spleen cells in red pulp; Red pulp of spleen.
ID   Spleen white pulp.
AC   TS-1264
SY   Spleen cells in white pulp.
ID   Splenocyte.
AC   TS-0957
ID   Spongiosa bone.
AC   TS-1155
SY   Spongiosa.
ID   Spore.
AC   TS-0958
ID   Sporophyte.
AC   TS-0959
DR   PO; PO:0009003; sporophyte.
ID   Sporozoite.
AC   TS-0960
ID   Sprout.
AC   TS-0961
ID   Sprouting bulb.
AC   TS-0962
ID   Sputum.
AC   TS-0963
ID   Squamous cell.
AC   TS-1249
SY   Squamous epithelial cell.
ID   Squamous cell carcinoma.
AC   TS-0964
ID   Squamous epithelium.
AC   TS-1321
ID   Stamen.
AC   TS-0965
DR   PO; PO:0009029; stamen.
ID   Stannius corpuscle.
AC   TS-0966
ID   Starchy endosperm.
AC   TS-0967
ID   Stem bark.
AC   TS-0968
SY   Stembark.
DR   PO; PO:0004518; bark.
ID   Stem nodule.
AC   TS-0969
ID   Stem plug.
AC   TS-0970
ID   Stem.
AC   TS-0971
SY   Stem tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0009047; stem.
ID   Sternum.
AC   TS-0972
SY   Breastbone.
ID   Sternum cartilage.
AC   TS-0973
ID   Stigma.
AC   TS-0974
DR   PO; PO:0009073; stigma.
ID   Stolon.
AC   TS-0975
DR   PO; PO:0003024; stolon.
ID   Stolon node.
AC   TS-0976
ID   Stolon tip.
AC   TS-0977
ID   Stomach.
AC   TS-0980
SY   Gaster; Gastric tissue.
ID   Stomach glandular cell.
AC   TS-1284
SY   Gaster glandular cell; Gastric tissue glandular cell; Stomach glandular cells.
ID   Stomach cancer.
AC   TS-0978
SY   Gastric cancer; Stomach malignant tumor; Gastric malignant tumor.
ID   Stomach smooth muscle.
AC   TS-0979
ID   Stratum corneum.
AC   TS-0981
SY   Horny layers.
ID   Stria vascularis.
AC   TS-0982
ID   Striated adductor muscle.
AC   TS-0983
ID   Stromal cell.
AC   TS-0984
ID   Style.
AC   TS-0985
SY   Stylar tissue.
DR   PO; PO:0009074; style.
ID   Subcommissural organ.
AC   TS-0986
ID   Sublingual gland.
AC   TS-0987
SY   Sublingual salivary gland.
ID   Submandibular gland.
AC   TS-0988
SY   Submaxillary gland; Submaxillary salivary gland.
ID   Subesophageal ganglion.
AC   TS-0989
SY   Suboesophageal ganglia; Suboesophageal ganglion; Subesophageal ganglia.
ID   Substantia nigra.
AC   TS-0990
ID   Subthalamic nucleus.
AC   TS-1154
SY   Subthalamic nuclei; Corpus Luysi; Luys' body.
ID   Superior cervical ganglion.
AC   TS-0991
ID   Suprachiasmatic nucleus.
AC   TS-0992
ID   Sweat gland.
AC   TS-0993
ID   Sympathetic ganglion.
AC   TS-0994
SY   Sympathetic ganglia.
ID   Synovial cell.
AC   TS-0995
SY   Synovial cells.
ID   Synovial fluid.
AC   TS-0996
ID   Synovial sarcoma.
AC   TS-0997
ID   Synovium.
AC   TS-0998
SY   Synovial membrane.
ID   T lymphoblast.
AC   TS-0999
SY   T-lymphoblast.
ID   T-cell lymphoma.
AC   TS-1000
SY   T cell lymphoma.
ID   T-cell.
AC   TS-1001
SY   T lymphocyte; T-lymphocyte; T cell.
ID   Tachyzoite.
AC   TS-1002
SY   Endodyozoite; Endozoite.
ID   Tadpole.
AC   TS-1134
ID   Tadpole brain.
AC   TS-1290
ID   Tadpole erythrocyte.
AC   TS-1194
SY   Tadpole red blood cell; Tadpole corpuscle; Tadpole RBC.
ID   Tadpole head.
AC   TS-1003
ID   Tadpole heart.
AC   TS-1292
ID   Tadpole liver.
AC   TS-1004
ID   Tadpole tail.
AC   TS-1005
ID   Tail.
AC   TS-1006
ID   Tail bud.
AC   TS-1007
SY   Tailbud.
ID   Tail epidermis.
AC   TS-1008
ID   Tail fin.
AC   TS-1009
ID   Tail muscle.
AC   TS-1010
ID   Tap root.
AC   TS-1011
SY   Taproot; Primary root.
DR   PO; PO:0020127; primary root.
ID   Tapetum.
AC   TS-1012
DR   PO; PO:0009071; tapetum.
ID   Tapetum lucidum.
AC   TS-1013
ID   Tassel.
AC   TS-1014
DR   PO; PO:0020126; tassel.
ID   Taste bud.
AC   TS-1015
SY   Gemma gustatoria; Caliculus gustatorius; Gustatory bud; Schwalbe's corpuscle; Schwalbe corpuscle.
ID   Tear.
AC   TS-1016
ID   Tegument.
AC   TS-1017
ID   Telencephalon.
AC   TS-1018
ID   Telson.
AC   TS-1019
ID   Temporal cortex.
AC   TS-1020
SY   Brain temporal cortex; Brain temporal lobe; Temporal lobe.
ID   Tendon.
AC   TS-1021
ID   Tendril.
AC   TS-1022
ID   Tentacle.
AC   TS-1023
ID   Tepal.
AC   TS-1024
SY   Flower tepal.
DR   PO; PO:0009033; tepal.
ID   Teratocarcinoma.
AC   TS-1025
ID   Term myometrium.
AC   TS-1026
ID   Term placenta.
AC   TS-1027
ID   Testa.
AC   TS-1028
DR   PO; PO:0020057; testa.
ID   Testis cancer.
AC   TS-1228
SY   Testicular cancer; Testis malignant tumor; Testis malignant tumour; Testicular malignant tumor; Testicular malignant tumour.
ID   Testis carcinoma.
AC   TS-1029
ID   Testis.
AC   TS-1030
SY   Testes; Testicle; Testicular; Testiculus.
ID   Thalamus.
AC   TS-1031
ID   Thallus.
AC   TS-1032
ID   Thigh epidermis.
AC   TS-1033
ID   Thigh muscle.
AC   TS-1034
ID   Thoracic aorta.
AC   TS-1035
ID   Thoracic ganglion.
AC   TS-1036
SY   Thoracic ganglia.
ID   Thoracic ganglionic sheath.
AC   TS-1199
ID   Thoracic muscle.
AC   TS-1037
SY   Thorax muscle.
ID   Thoracic nervous system.
AC   TS-1038
ID   Thoracic perisympathetic organs.
AC   TS-1337
ID   Thorax.
AC   TS-1039
ID   Thymic epithelium.
AC   TS-1040
SY   Thymic epithelial cell.
ID   Thymic lymphoma.
AC   TS-1041
SY   Thymoma.
ID   Thymocyte.
AC   TS-1042
ID   Thymus.
AC   TS-1043
SY   Thymus gland.
ID   Thyroid cancer.
AC   TS-1226
SY   Thyroid malignant tumor; Thyroid malignant tumour.
ID   Thyroid carcinoma.
AC   TS-1044
ID   Thyroid papillary carcinoma.
AC   TS-1045
SY   Papillary thyroid carcinoma.
ID   Thyroid tumor.
AC   TS-1046
SY   Thyroid tumour.
ID   Thyroid.
AC   TS-1047
SY   Thyroid gland.
ID   Thyroid glandular cell.
AC   TS-1285
SY   Thyroid gland glandular cell; Thyroid gland glandular cells.
ID   Tibial bone.
AC   TS-1048
SY   Tibia.
ID   Tibial gland.
AC   TS-1049
ID   Tongue.
AC   TS-1050
ID   Tongue epithelium.
AC   TS-1051
SY   Lingual epithelium; Lingual epithelia; Lingual epithelial cell; Tongue epithelium.
ID   Tongue keratinocyte.
AC   TS-1207
ID   Tongue serous gland.
AC   TS-1052
SY   Ebner's gland; von Ebner's gland.
ID   Tonsil.
AC   TS-1053
ID   Tonsil germinal center.
AC   TS-1288
SY   Tonsil reaction center; Tonsil reaction centre; Tonsil reaction center cells.
ID   Tonsil lymphoid cell.
AC   TS-1270
ID   Tonsillar carcinoma.
AC   TS-1054
ID   Tonsil squamous cell.
AC   TS-1253
SY   Tonsil squamous epithelial cell; Tonsillar squamous cell; Tonsillar squamous epithelial cell; Tonsil squamous epithelial cells.
ID   Tooth.
AC   TS-1055
ID   Tooth bud.
AC   TS-1056
ID   Tooth enamel.
AC   TS-1057
ID   Trabecular meshwork.
AC   TS-1058
SY   Eye trabeculum.
ID   Trachea smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1059
ID   Trachea.
AC   TS-1060
SY   Tracheal.
ID   Tracheal epithelium.
AC   TS-1061
SY   Tracheal epithelial cell.
ID   Tracheobronchial.
AC   TS-1062
ID   Tracheobronchial epithelium.
AC   TS-1063
SY   Tracheobronchial epithelial cell.
ID   Tracheobronchial mucosa.
AC   TS-1064
ID   Trichome gland.
AC   TS-1065
DR   PO; PO:0000282; trichome.
ID   Trigeminal ganglion.
AC   TS-1066
ID   Triturative stomach.
AC   TS-1067
ID   Trophectoderm.
AC   TS-1068
ID   Trophoblast stem cell.
AC   TS-1069
ID   Trophoblast.
AC   TS-1070
SY   Embryonic trophoblast; Trophoblastic cells.
ID   Trophozoite.
AC   TS-1335
ID   Trunk.
AC   TS-1071
ID   Tuber.
AC   TS-1072
DR   PO; PO:0004543; tuber.
ID   Tuber disk.
AC   TS-1073
SY   Tuber disc.
ID   Tuberous root.
AC   TS-1074
ID   Tubular accessory gland.
AC   TS-1075
ID   Udder.
AC   TS-1076
ID   Umbilical artery.
AC   TS-1077
ID   Umbilical cord.
AC   TS-1078
ID   Umbilical cord blood.
AC   TS-1079
ID   Umbilical smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1080
SY   Umbilicus smooth muscle.
ID   Umbilical vein endothelial cell.
AC   TS-1081
SY   Umbilical vein endothelium.
ID   Umbilical vein.
AC   TS-1082
SY   Umbilical cord vein.
ID   Underground adventitious buds.
AC   TS-1083
ID   Ureter.
AC   TS-1084
ID   Ureteric bud.
AC   TS-1085
ID   Urethra.
AC   TS-1132
ID   Urinary bladder carcinoma.
AC   TS-1086
ID   Urinary bladder epithelium.
AC   TS-1322
ID   Urinary bladder smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1087
ID   Urinary bladder urothelium.
AC   TS-1088
SY   Urinary bladder urothelial cell; Urinary bladder urothelial cells.
ID   Urinary bladder wart.
AC   TS-1089
ID   Urinary bladder.
AC   TS-1090
SY   Bladder; Vesica.
ID   Urinary system.
AC   TS-1323
ID   Urinary tract.
AC   TS-1091
ID   Urine.
AC   TS-1092
ID   Urogenital ridge.
AC   TS-1093
ID   Urogenital system.
AC   TS-1324
ID   Urophysis.
AC   TS-1094
ID   Uropygial gland.
AC   TS-1095
ID   Urothelium.
AC   TS-1096
ID   Urothelium cancer.
AC   TS-1234
SY   Urothelial cancer; Urothelium malignant tumor; Urothelium malignant tumour; Urothelial malignant tumor; Urothelial malignant tumour.
ID   Uterine adenocarcinoma.
AC   TS-1097
ID   Uterine corpus.
AC   TS-1265
SY   Corpus, uterine; Uterus body; Uterus womb.
ID   Uterine corpus glandular cell.
AC   TS-1287
SY   Corpus, uterine glandular cell; Corpus, uterine glandular cells; Uterus body glandular cell; Uterus womb glandular cell.
ID   Uterine ectocervix.
AC   TS-1098
SY   Ectocervix.
ID   Uterine endothelium.
AC   TS-1099
SY   Uterine endothelial cell; Uterus endothelium; Uterus endothelial cell.
ID   Uterine horn luminal epithelium.
AC   TS-1100
SY   Uterine horn luminal epithelial cell; Uterine cornu luminal epithelium; Uterine cornu luminal epithelial cell; Cornu luminal epithelium; Cornu luminal epithelial cell.
ID   Uterine leiomyoma.
AC   TS-1101
ID   Uterus.
AC   TS-1102
SY   Uterine; Womb.
ID   Vagina.
AC   TS-1103
ID   Vaginal epithelium.
AC   TS-1325
ID   Vaginal fibroblast.
AC   TS-1104
ID   Vagina squamous cell.
AC   TS-1254
SY   Vagina squamous epithelial cell; Vaginal squamous cell; Vaginal squamous epithelial cell; Vagina squamous epithelial cells.
ID   Vas deferens.
AC   TS-1105
ID   Vascular endothelial cell.
AC   TS-1106
ID   Vascular smooth muscle.
AC   TS-1107
SY   Vascular.
ID   Vegetal pole.
AC   TS-1217
SY   Vegetal hemisphere.
ID   Vein.
AC   TS-1108
ID   Venom.
AC   TS-1109
ID   Venom duct.
AC   TS-1110
ID   Venom gland.
AC   TS-1111
SY   Venomous gland.
ID   Ventral eye.
AC   TS-1112
ID   Ventral nerve cord.
AC   TS-1113
ID   Ventral spinal cord.
AC   TS-1114
ID   Visceral mass.
AC   TS-1116
ID   Visual cortex.
AC   TS-1117
ID   Vomeronasal organ.
AC   TS-1141
SY   VNO; Organ of Jacobson; Jacobson's organ.
ID   Vomeronasal sensory neuron.
AC   TS-1145
SY   Vomeronasal neuron.
ID   Vulva.
AC   TS-1168
ID   Vulva/Anal skin.
AC   TS-1231
ID   Vulva/anal squamous cell.
AC   TS-1255
SY   Vulva/anal squamous epithelial cell; Vulva/anal skin squamous epithelial cells.
ID   Vulvar carcinoma.
AC   TS-1169
ID   Wart.
AC   TS-1118
ID   White adipose tissue.
AC   TS-1119
SY   White adipose.
ID   White muscle.
AC   TS-1120
ID   White-root.
AC   TS-1121
ID   Wing.
AC   TS-1122
ID   Wing imaginal disk.
AC   TS-1123
SY   Wing imaginal disc; Wing disk; Wing disc.
ID   Wolffian duct.
AC   TS-1124
SY   Mesonephric duct; Embryonic Wolffian duct.
ID   Wool.
AC   TS-1125
ID   Wool follicle.
AC   TS-1126
ID   Xiphoid cartilage.
AC   TS-1127
ID   Xylem.
AC   TS-1128
DR   PO; PO:0005352; xylem.
ID   Yolk.
AC   TS-1129
ID   Yolk sac.
AC   TS-1130
ID   Yolk sac carcinoma.
AC   TS-1131
SY   Yolk sac tumor; Endodermal sinus tumor.
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