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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
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Description: Controlled vocabulary of species
Name:        speclist.txt
Release:     2022_01 of 23-Feb-2022


See the UniProtKB user manual for a description of the rules followed for
the creation of the organism (species) identification codes.

- The letter which follows each code indicates which taxonomic 'kingdom' an
  organism belongs to. It can be one of the following:

  'A' for archaea (=archaebacteria)
  'B' for bacteria (=prokaryota or eubacteria)
  'E' for eukaryota (=eukarya)
  'V' for viruses and phages (=viridae)
  'O' for others (such as artificial sequences)

- The one to seven-digit number is used to indicate to which taxonomic node
  in the NCBI taxonomy an organism is assigned.

- This document contains two sublists:

  1) "Real" organism codes

   These codes are used in both UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
   They correspond to a specific and specified organism.
   They are assigned specific official (scientific) names and optionally
   common names and synonyms.

  2) "Virtual" codes that regroup organisms at a certain taxonomic level

   These codes are used only in UniProtKB/TrEMBL.
   They generally correspond to a 'pool' of organisms, which may be as wide
   as a kingdom.
   They are assigned a specific official or semi-official name of that
   group of organism. Examples: Amphibia, Coleoptera, Orthomyxoviridae,
   Zygomycetes, etc.

- Total number of identification codes currently defined: 26873.

(1) Real organism codes

Code    Taxon    N=Official (scientific) name
        Node     C=Common name
_____ _ _______  ____________________________________________________________
AADNV V  648330: N=Aedes albopictus densovirus (isolate Boublik/1994)
AAV2  V   10804: N=Adeno-associated virus 2
AAV2S V  648242: N=Adeno-associated virus 2 (isolate Srivastava/1982)
ABAMA E  118452: N=Abacion magnum
ABANI E   72259: N=Abaeis nicippe
                 C=Sleepy orange butterfly
                 S=Eurema nicippe
ABAPA E  102642: N=Abax parallelepipedus
                 C=Ground beetle
ABAST E  392897: N=Abalistes stellaris
                 C=Starry triggerfish
                 S=Balistes stellaris
ABBRI E   75332: N=Abbottina rivularis
                 C=Chinese false gudgeon
                 S=Gobio rivularis
ABDAC E  515833: N=Abdopus aculeatus
                 C=Algae octopus
                 S=Octopus aculeatus
ABDS2 B   56673: N=Antarctic bacterium DS2-3R
ABECH E  180068: N=Abelia chinensis
                 C=Chinese abelia
ABEFI E  183219: N=Abelmoschus ficulneus
                 C=Native rosella
ABEGR E  105883: N=Abelia grandiflora
                 C=Glossy abelia
                 S=Abelia chinensis x Abelia uniflora
ABEMA E  183220: N=Abelmoschus manihot
                 C=Sweet hibiscus
                 S=Hibiscus manihot
ABHV  V 1241371: N=Abalone herpesvirus (isolate Abalone/Australia/Victoria/2009)
ABIAL E   45372: N=Abies alba
                 S=European silver fir
ABIBA E   90345: N=Abies balsamea
                 C=Balsam fir
                 S=Pinus balsamea
ABIBE E  123605: N=Abies beshanzuensis
                 C=Baishan fir
ABIBR E   66168: N=Abies bracteata
                 C=Bristle-cone fir
                 S=Pinus bracteata
ABICO E   97173: N=Abies concolor
                 C=White fir
                 S=Picea concolor
ABIDE B   46125: N=Abiotrophia defectiva
                 S=Streptococcus defectivus
ABIFI E   78260: N=Abies firma
                 C=Momi fir
ABIFR E   97172: N=Abies fraseri
                 C=Fraser fir
                 S=Pinus fraseri
ABIFY E  473868: N=Abisara fylloides
                 C=Judy butterfly
ABIGR E   46611: N=Abies grandis
                 C=Grand fir
                 S=Pinus grandis
ABIHL E   97168: N=Abies holophylla
                 C=Neddle fir
                 S=Manchurian fir
ABIHO E   78261: N=Abies homolepis
                 C=Nikko fir
ABIKO E   97170: N=Abies koreana
                 C=Korean fir
ABILA E   34340: N=Abies lasiocarpa
                 C=Subalpine fir
                 S=Pinus lasiocarpa
ABIMA E    3320: N=Abies magnifica
                 C=Red fir
ABIMR E   78263: N=Abies mariesii
                 C=Marie's fir
ABINE E   97176: N=Abies nebrodensis
                 C=Sicilian fir
ABINO E   97177: N=Abies nordmanniana
                 C=Caucasian fir
                 S=Pinus nordmanniana
ABISA E   78264: N=Abies sachalinensis
                 C=Sakhalin fir
                 S=Abies veitchii var. sachalinensis
ABIVE E   78262: N=Abies veitchii
                 C=Veitch fir
ABLBU E  283347: N=Ablepharus budaki
                 C=Budak's snake-eyed skink
                 S=Ablepharus kitaibellii subsp. budaki
ABLHI E  129035: N=Ablennes hians
                 C=Flat needlefish
                 S=Belone hians
ABLKI E  245592: N=Ablepharus kitaibelii
                 C=Snake-eyed skink
ABLVB V  446561: N=Australian bat lyssavirus (isolate Bat/AUS/1996)
ABLVH V  446562: N=Australian bat lyssavirus (isolate Human/AUS/1998)
ABMVW V   10816: N=Abutilon mosaic virus (isolate West India)
ABPVR V 1217067: N=Acute bee paralysis virus (strain Rothamsted)
ABRAN E   89096: N=Abrothrix andinus
                 C=Andean mouse
ABRBE E  108855: N=Abrocoma bennettii
                 C=Bennett's chinchilla rat
ABRBR E   38527: N=Abramis brama
                 C=Freshwater bream
                 S=Cyprinus brama
ABRGR E  278977: N=Abronia graminea
                 C=Terrestrial arboreal alligator lizard
                 S=Gerrhonotus gramineus
ABRJE E  241142: N=Abrothrix jelskii
                 C=Jelski's altiplano mouse
                 S=Akodon jelskii
ABRLO E   29094: N=Abrothrix longipilis
                 C=Long-haired grass mouse
                 S=Akodon longipilis
ABROL E   29098: N=Abrothrix olivaceus
                 C=Olive grass mouse
                 S=Akodon olivaceus
ABROR E   49579: N=Abrophyllum ornans
                 C=Native hydrangea
ABRPR E    3816: N=Abrus precatorius
                 C=Indian licorice
                 S=Glycine abrus
ABRSY E  190335: N=Abraxas sylvata
                 C=Clouded magpie moth
                 S=Calospilos sylvatus
ABSGL E    4829: N=Absidia glauca
                 C=Pin mould
ABSSP E  126712: N=Absidia spinosa
ABUSA E   50731: N=Abudefduf saxatilis
                 C=Sergeant major
                 S=Chaetodon saxatilis
ABUSE E   80948: N=Abudefduf sexfasciatus
                 C=Scissortail sergeant
                 S=Labrus sexfasciatus
ABUTH E    3631: N=Abutilon theophrasti
                 S=Sida abutilon
ABUVA E  192871: N=Abudefduf vaigiensis
                 C=Indo-Pacific sergeant
                 S=Glyphisodon vaigiensis
ABV   V  437444: N=Acidianus bottle-shaped virus
ABVP  V  654911: N=Acidianus bottle-shaped virus (isolate Italy/Pozzuoli)
ABYKO E   61637: N=Abyssocottus korotneffi
                 C=Baikalian deep-water sculpin
ACAAN E    8605: N=Acanthophis antarcticus
                 C=Common death adder
ACAAR E  258588: N=Acanthoscelides argillaceus
                 C=Bean weevil
                 S=Bruchid beetle
ACAAU E  185140: N=Acanthospermum australe
                 C=Paraguayan starburr
                 S=Melampodium australe
ACABA E  157584: N=Acanthurus bahianus
                 C=Ocean surgeonfish
ACABE E  119680: N=Acanthopagrus berda
                 C=Picnic seabream
                 S=Sparus berda
ACABI E  200166: N=Acanthidops bairdi
                 C=Peg-billed finch
ACABO E  425510: N=Acanthocobitis botia
                 C=Mottled loach
                 S=Cobitis botia
ACABR E  339859: N=Acanthaster brevispinus
                 C=Short-spined crown-of-thorns starfish
ACABU E    8179: N=Acanthopagrus butcheri
                 C=Australian black bream
                 S=Mylio butcheri
ACABW E  392908: N=Acanthaluteres brownii
                 C=Spiny-tailed leatherjacket
                 S=Aleuterius brownii
ACACA E    5755: N=Acanthamoeba castellanii
ACACE E  157585: N=Acanthurus coeruleus
                 C=Blue tang surgeonfish
ACACH E   51758: N=Acanthurus chirurgus
                 S=Chaetodon chirurgus
ACACI E  357281: N=Acantopsis choirorhynchos
                 C=Horseface loach
                 S=Cobitis choirorhynchos
ACACL E  256091: N=Acalypha californica
                 C=California copperleaf
ACACN E  126420: N=Acanthochitona crinita
ACACO E    3809: N=Acacia confusa
                 C=Formosa acacia
ACACP E   52216: N=Acanthosaura capra
                 C=Mountain horned dragon
ACACR E 1310284: N=Acanthosoma crassicaudum
                 C=Shield bug
ACACS E  136140: N=Acartia clausii
ACACT E  271173: N=Acanthophlebia cruentata
                 S=Atalophlebia cruentata
ACACU E  938165: N=Acantholipes circumdata
ACADO E  121031: N=Acar domingensis
                 C=White miniature ark
                 S=Barbatia domingensis
ACAEB E  241842: N=Acanthus ebracteatus
                 C=Holly-leaved mangrove
ACAER E  111511: N=Acanthodactylus erythrurus
                 C=Spanish fringe-toed lizard
                 S=Lacerta erythrura
ACAEU E   44213: N=Acanella eburnea
                 C=Bamboo coral
ACAFL E   54769: N=Acanthis flammea
                 C=Common redpoll
                 S=Carduelis flammea
ACAGO E  115339: N=Acanthoscurria gomesiana
                 C=Tarantula spider
                 S=Phormictopus pheopygus
ACAGR E 1129268: N=Acar gradata
                 C=Ark clam
                 S=Barbatia gradata
ACAGU E   75013: N=Acanthurus guttatus
                 C=Whitespotted surgeonfish
ACAHO E   90719: N=Acanthis hornemanni
                 C=Arctic redpoll
                 S=Carduelis hornemanni
ACAKA E  117190: N=Acanthiza katherina
                 C=Mountain thornbill
ACALA E    8177: N=Acanthopagrus latus
                 C=Yellowfin seabream
                 S=Sparus latus
ACALE E  459747: N=Acanthurus leucosternon
                 C=Powderblue surgeonfish
ACALI E  483362: N=Acanthurus lineatus
                 C=Lined surgeonfish
                 S=Chaetodon lineatus
ACALU E   85306: N=Acalolepta luxuriosa
                 C=Udo longhorn beetle
ACAM1 B  329726: N=Acaryochloris marina (strain MBIC 11017)
ACAMA E   78687: N=Acanthophippium mantinianum
ACAMI E 1110371: N=Acanthemblemaria maria
                 C=Secretary blenny
ACAMN E  224085: N=Acacia mangium
                 C=Back wattle
                 S=Racosperma mangium
ACAMR B  155978: N=Acaryochloris marina
ACAMY E  138032: N=Acacia myrtifolia
                 C=Myrtle wattle
                 S=Mimosa myrtifolia
ACANA E 1108046: N=Acanthoscurria natalensis
                 C=Tarantula spider
ACANG E  175431: N=Acanthurus nigricans
                 C=Whitecheek surgeonfish
                 S=Chaetodon nigricans
ACANI E   12913: N=Acanthurus nigrofuscus
                 C=Brown surgeonfish
                 S=Chaetodon nigrofuscus
ACANR E  175432: N=Acanthurus nigroris
                 C=Bluelined surgeonfish
ACAOB E  200917: N=Acanthoscelides obtectus
                 C=Bean weevil
                 S=Bruchus obtectus
ACAOV E  204797: N=Acanthoscelides obvelatus
                 C=Bean weevil
ACAPA E 1264770: N=Acanthoscurria paulensis
                 C=Brazilian giant black tarantula spider
ACAPC E  335913: N=Acartia pacifica
ACAPF E  452306: N=Acanthodiaptomus pacificus
                 S=Diaptomus pacificus
ACAPI E   71285: N=Acanthodoris pilosa
                 C=Hairy spiny doris
                 S=Doris pilosa
ACAPL E  133434: N=Acanthaster planci
                 C=Crown-of-thorns starfish
ACAPO E    5757: N=Acanthamoeba polyphaga
ACAPT E  173075: N=Acar plicata
                 C=Ark clam
                 S=Barbatia plicata
ACARH E   32204: N=Acalypha rhomboidea
                 C=Rhombic three-seeded mercury
                 S=Acalypha virginica var. rhomboidea
ACARO E 1211104: N=Acanthoscurria rondoniae
ACARU E  266413: N=Acanthagenys rufogularis
                 C=Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
ACAS  E   57776: N=Acanthemblemaria aspera
                 C=Roughhead blenny
                 S=Paremblemaria aspera
ACASC E   72011: N=Acanthopagrus schlegelii
                 C=Black porgy
ACASE E  239748: N=Acanthophis rugosus
                 C=Irian Jayan death adder
ACASI E   66546: N=Acarus siro
                 C=Flour mite
                 S=Tyroglyphus farinae
ACASN E  642423: N=Acanthemblemaria spinosa
                 C=Spinyhead blenny
ACASO E   13323: N=Acanthocybium solandri
                 S=Cybium solandri
ACASP E  150342: N=Acanthinucella spirata
                 C=California marine snail
                 S=Acanthina spirata
ACASS E  412080: N=Acanthophis sp. (strain Seram)
                 C=Seram death adder
ACATH E  175434: N=Acanthurus thompsoni
                 C=Thompson's surgeonfish
                 S=Hepatus thompsoni
ACATN E  136180: N=Acartia tonsa
ACATR E  175435: N=Acanthurus triostegus
                 C=Convict surgeonfish
                 S=Chaetodon triostegus
ACATU E  385555: N=Acanthocardia tuberculata
                 C=Rough cockle
ACAUN E  753143: N=Acanthopteroctetes unifascia
ACAVI E    6277: N=Acanthocheilonema viteae
                 C=Filarial nematode worm
                 S=Dipetalonema viteae
ACAVT E  133117: N=Acalymma vittatum
                 C=Striped cucumber beetle
ACAWO E  478375: N=Acarapis woodi
                 C=Honey bee tracheal mite
                 S=Tarsonemus woodi
ACCCO E  261198: N=Accipiter cooperii
                 C=Cooper's hawk
ACCGE E    8957: N=Accipiter gentilis
                 C=Northern goshawk
                 S=Falco gentilis
ACCPU B  522306: N=Accumulibacter phosphatis (strain UW-1)
ACCSB B 1454004: N=Accumulibacter sp. (strain BA-93)
ACCST E   56330: N=Accipiter striatus
                 C=Sharp-shinned hawk
ACEAC B     435: N=Acetobacter aceti
ACEAT E   35845: N=Acetabularia acetabulum
                 C=Mermaid's wine glass
                 S=Acetabularia mediterranea
ACEAU B 1446466: N=Acetothermus autotrophicum
ACEAZ B  574087: N=Acetohalobium arabaticum (strain ATCC 49924 / DSM 5501 / Z-7288)
ACEBU E   57649: N=Acer buergerianum
                 C=Trident maple
ACECA E   66205: N=Acer campestre
                 C=Field maple
                 S=Hedge maple
ACECH E 1285428: N=Acentrogobius chlorostigmatoides
                 C=Greenspot goby
                 S=Gobius chlorostigmatoides
ACECR E   35846: N=Acetabularia crenulata
                 C=White mermaid's wine glass
ACEJA E  376739: N=Acentrogobius janthinopterus
                 C=Robust mangrove goby
                 S=Gobius janthinopterus
ACEJU E  505845: N=Acerodon jubatus
                 C=Golden-capped fruit bat
ACEMN B  891968: N=Acetomicrobium mobile (strain ATCC BAA-54 / DSM 13181 / JCM 12221 / NGA)
                 S=Acetomicrobium mobile
ACEMO E  168566: N=Acer monspessulanum
                 C=Montpellier maple
ACENE E    4023: N=Acer negundo
                 C=Box elder
ACEOP E  168567: N=Acer opalus
                 C=Italian maple
ACEP3 B  634452: N=Acetobacter pasteurianus (strain NBRC 105184 / IFO 3283-01)
ACEPA B     438: N=Acetobacter pasteurianus
                 S=Acetobacter turbidans
ACEPE E   35862: N=Acetabularia peniculus
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Polyphysa peniculus
ACEPF E  376893: N=Acentrogobius pflaumii
                 C=Striped sandgoby
                 S=Gobius pflaumii
ACEPL E    4025: N=Acer platanoides
                 C=Norway maple
ACEPM E   66201: N=Acer palmatum
                 C=Japanese maple
ACEPS E    4026: N=Acer pseudoplatanus
                 C=Sycamore maple
ACERU E   45314: N=Acer rubrum
                 C=Red maple
ACESA E    4024: N=Acer saccharum
                 C=Sugar maple
ACESC E   75745: N=Acer saccharinum
                 C=Silver maple
ACESD B  499177: N=Acetoanaerobium sticklandii (strain ATCC 12662 / DSM 519 / JCM 1433 / CCUG 9281 / NCIMB 10654 / HF)
                 S=Clostridium sticklandii
ACESP E   57652: N=Acer spicatum
                 C=Moose maple
                 S=Mountain maple
ACEST B    1511: N=Acetoanaerobium sticklandii
                 S=Clostridium sticklandii
ACET2 B  203119: N=Acetivibrio thermocellus (strain ATCC 27405 / DSM 1237 / JCM 9322 / NBRC 103400 / NCIMB 10682 / NRRL B-4536 / VPI 7372)
                 S=Hungateiclostridium thermocellum
ACETH B    1515: N=Acetivibrio thermocellus
                 S=Hungateiclostridium thermocellum
ACEWD B  931626: N=Acetobacterium woodii (strain ATCC 29683 / DSM 1030 / JCM 2381 / KCTC 1655 / WB1)
ACEWO B   33952: N=Acetobacterium woodii
ACHAC E 1442373: N=Achatina achatina
                 C=Giant Ghana snail
ACHAD E  188992: N=Achimenes admirabilis
                 C=Monkey faced pansy
ACHAE B 1287736: N=Achromobacter aegrifaciens
ACHAM E    4768: N=Achlya ambisexualis
                 C=Water mold
ACHAR E  169206: N=Achyranthes arborescens
                 C=Chaff tree
ACHAX B   29552: N=Acholeplasma axanthum
ACHBI E    4766: N=Achlya bisexualis
                 C=Water mold
ACHBT E  262805: N=Achelia bituberculata
                 C=Sea spider
ACHBU E  354749: N=Achlyodes busirus
                 C=Giant sicklewing skipper
ACHCK E   75334: N=Acheilognathus chankaensis
                 C=Khanka spiny bitterling
                 S=Acanthorhodeus chankaensis
ACHCO E  229769: N=Achipteria coleoptrata
                 C=Oribatid mite
ACHCY B     223: N=Achromobacter cycloclastes
ACHDE B   32002: N=Achromobacter denitrificans
                 S=Alcaligenes denitrificans
ACHDO E    6997: N=Acheta domesticus
                 C=House cricket
ACHEC E   61895: N=Achelia echinata
                 C=Sea spider
ACHJA E  378752: N=Achaea janata
                 C=Castor semi-looper moth
                 S=Acanthodelta janata
ACHKL E    4767: N=Achlya klebsiana
ACHLA B    2148: N=Acholeplasma laidlawii
ACHLI B  441768: N=Acholeplasma laidlawii (strain PG-8A)
ACHLN E  253938: N=Achirus lineatus
                 C=Lined sole
                 S=Pleuronectes lineatus
ACHLY B     224: N=Achromobacter lyticus
ACHMA E   80791: N=Acheilognathus macropterus
                 C=Deep body bitterling
                 S=Acanthorhodeus macropterus
ACHME E  572522: N=Achalinus meiguensis
                 C=Sichuan odd-scaled snake
ACHMI E   13329: N=Achillea millefolium
                 S=Achillea lanulosa
ACHOB B   37486: N=Achromobacter obae
ACHOL E  236538: N=Achondrostoma oligolepis
                 S=Chondrostoma oligolepis
ACHPJ B 1318466: N=Acholeplasma palmae (strain ATCC 49389 / J233)
ACHSL B  129026: N=Achromobacter sp. (strain LBAA)
ACHTA E  112802: N=Acharia tragodes
ACHTR E   63345: N=Achlys triphylla
                 C=Vanilla leaf
                 S=Leontice triphylla
ACHXA B  762376: N=Achromobacter xylosoxidans (strain A8)
ACIA4 B 1171373: N=Acidipropionibacterium acidipropionici (strain ATCC 4875 / DSM 20272 / JCM 6432 / NBRC 12425 / NCIMB 8070 / 4)
                 S=Propionibacterium acidipropionici
ACIAC B  397945: N=Acidovorax citrulli (strain AAC00-1)
                 S=Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli
ACIAD B   62977: N=Acinetobacter baylyi (strain ATCC 33305 / BD413 / ADP1)
ACIAI B   80869: N=Acidovorax citrulli
                 S=Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli
ACIAM A    2283: N=Acidianus ambivalens
                 S=Desulfurolobus ambivalens
ACIAN B  107673: N=Acinetobacter calcoaceticus subsp. anitratus
ACIAO B   76588: N=Acidiphilium acidophilum
                 S=Thiobacillus acidophilus
ACIAP B  643561: N=Acidovorax avenae (strain ATCC 19860 / DSM 7227 / CCUG 15838 / JCM 20985 / LMG 2117 / NCPPB 1011)
ACIAU E   48024: N=Aciphylla aurea
                 C=Golden speargrass
ACIB1 B  696749: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain 1656-2)
ACIB2 B  575584: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain ATCC 19606 / DSM 30007 / JCM 6841 / CCUG 19606 / CIP 70.34 / NBRC 109757 / NCIMB 12457 / NCTC 12156 / 81)
ACIB3 B  557600: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain AB307-0294)
ACIB4 A  439481: N=Aciduliprofundum boonei (strain DSM 19572 / T469)
ACIB5 B  480119: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain AB0057)
ACIB9 B 1310613: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain 1295743)
ACIBA B     470: N=Acinetobacter baumannii
ACIBC B  405416: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain ACICU)
ACIBD B  980514: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain TCDC-AB0715)
ACIBE E   27689: N=Acipenser baerii
                 C=Siberian sturgeon
ACIBI B  202950: N=Acinetobacter baylyi
ACIBM B  497978: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain MDR-ZJ06)
ACIBR E    7907: N=Acipenser brevirostrum
                 C=Shortnose sturgeon
ACIBS B  509170: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain SDF)
ACIBT B  400667: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain ATCC 17978 / CIP 53.77 / LMG 1025 / NCDC KC755 / 5377)
ACIBY B  509173: N=Acinetobacter baumannii (strain AYE)
ACIBZ B  106648: N=Acinetobacter bereziniae
                 S=Acinetobacter genomosp. 10
ACIC1 B  351607: N=Acidothermus cellulolyticus (strain ATCC 43068 / DSM 8971 / 11B)
ACIC5 B  240015: N=Acidobacterium capsulatum (strain ATCC 51196 / DSM 11244 / BCRC 80197 / JCM 7670 / NBRC 15755 / NCIMB 13165 / 161)
ACICA B     471: N=Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
ACICE B   28049: N=Acidothermus cellulolyticus
ACICH E   78691: N=Acineta chrysantha
                 S=Neippergia chrysantha
ACICJ B  349163: N=Acidiphilium cryptum (strain JF-5)
ACICK B  637389: N=Acidithiobacillus caldus (strain ATCC 51756 / DSM 8584 / KU)
ACICP B  871585: N=Acinetobacter calcoaceticus (strain PHEA-2)
ACICR E    3018: N=Acinetospora crinita
                 C=Brown alga
                 S=Ectocarpus crinitus
ACICS B  990288: N=Acidithiobacillus caldus (strain SM-1)
ACICY B     524: N=Acidiphilium cryptum
ACIDA E   62061: N=Acipenser dabryanus
                 C=Yangtze sturgeon
                 S=Dabry's sturgeon
ACIDE B   47920: N=Acidovorax delafieldii
ACIET B  535289: N=Acidovorax ebreus (strain TPSY)
                 S=Diaphorobacter sp. (strain TPSY)
ACIF2 B  243159: N=Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (strain ATCC 23270 / DSM 14882 / CIP 104768 / NCIMB 8455)
                 S=Ferrobacillus ferrooxidans (strain ATCC 23270)
ACIF5 B  380394: N=Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans (strain ATCC 53993 / BNL-5-31)
                 S=Leptospirillum ferrooxidans (ATCC 53993)
ACIFA B     525: N=Acidocella facilis
                 S=Acidiphilium facilis
ACIFD B  525909: N=Acidimicrobium ferrooxidans (strain DSM 10331 / JCM 15462 / NBRC 103882 / ICP)
ACIFE B     905: N=Acidaminococcus fermentans
ACIFI B 1232575: N=Acidithiobacillus ferridurans
ACIFR B     920: N=Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
                 S=Thiobacillus ferrooxidans
ACIFU E   41871: N=Acipenser fulvescens
                 C=Lake sturgeon
ACIFV B  591001: N=Acidaminococcus fermentans (strain ATCC 25085 / DSM 20731 / CCUG 9996 / CIP 106432 / VR4)
ACIG1 B   72607: N=Acinetobacter genomosp. 13
ACIG6 B  106646: N=Acinetobacter genomosp. 6
ACIGI B  106649: N=Acinetobacter guillouiae
                 S=Acinetobacter genomosp. 11
ACIGL B     474: N=Acinetobacter glutaminasificans
ACIGU E    7902: N=Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
                 C=Russian sturgeon
                 S=Danube sturgeon
ACIHA B   29430: N=Acinetobacter haemolyticus
ACIHW A  933801: N=Acidianus hospitalis (strain W1)
ACIIN A   12915: N=Acidianus infernus
ACIIR B  568816: N=Acidaminococcus intestini (strain RyC-MR95)
ACIJB E   32536: N=Acinonyx jubatus
ACIJO B   40214: N=Acinetobacter johnsonii
ACIJU B   40215: N=Acinetobacter junii
ACILW B   28090: N=Acinetobacter lwoffii
ACIMA B  926570: N=Acidiphilium multivorum (strain DSM 11245 / JCM 8867 / NBRC 100883 / AIU 301)
ACIME E    7908: N=Acipenser medirostris
                 C=Green sturgeon
ACIMI E   61966: N=Acipenser mikadoi
                 C=Sakhalin sturgeon
ACIMT B     437: N=Acidomonas methanolica
                 S=Acetobacter methanolicus
ACIMU B   62140: N=Acidiphilium multivorum
ACINA E   42330: N=Acipenser naccarii
                 C=Adriatic sturgeon
ACINO B  106654: N=Acinetobacter nosocomialis
ACINU E   61967: N=Acipenser nudiventris
                 C=Fringebarbel sturgeon
ACIOR B   33999: N=Acidiphilium organovorum
ACIOX E   36177: N=Acipenser oxyrinchus
                 C=Atlantic sturgeon
ACIPA E  342762: N=Acisoma panorpoides
                 C=Trumpet tail dragonfly
ACIPE E   61968: N=Acipenser persicus
                 C=Persian sturgeon
ACIPI B   48296: N=Acinetobacter pittii
                 S=Acinetobacter genomosp. 3
ACIRA B   40216: N=Acinetobacter radioresistens
ACIRT E    7906: N=Acipenser ruthenus
                 C=Sterlet sturgeon
ACIRU B     526: N=Acidiphilium rubrum
ACIS0 A  673860: N=Aciduliprofundum sp. (strain MAR08-339)
ACIS1 A 1071056: N=Acidianus sp. (strain A1-3)
ACIS2 B  525244: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain ATCC 27244 / 9458)
ACIS3 A  666510: N=Acidilobus saccharovorans (strain DSM 16705 / JCM 18335 / VKM B-2471 / 345-15)
ACIS5 B  710648: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain Tol 5)
ACIS7 B   68992: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain ATCC 33308 / BD413 ErpE27)
ACIS8 B   68995: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain SEIP 12.81)
ACIS9 B   68996: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain T4)
ACISA B   72569: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain AK226)
ACISB B 1111120: N=Acidaminococcus sp. (strain BV3L6)
ACISC E  111304: N=Acipenser schrenckii
                 C=Amur sturgeon
ACISD B  436717: N=Acinetobacter oleivorans (strain JCM 16667 / KCTC 23045 / DR1)
ACISE B  194927: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain ED45-25)
ACISI E   61970: N=Acipenser sinensis
                 C=Chinese sturgeon
ACISJ B  232721: N=Acidovorax sp. (strain JS42)
ACISL E  107768: N=Acilius sulcatus
                 C=Water beetle
                 S=Dytiscus sulcatus
ACISP B     472: N=Acinetobacter sp.
ACISR B   68994: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain RA3849)
ACISS B  135835: N=Acinetobacter sp. (strain SE19)
ACIST E    7903: N=Acipenser stellatus
                 S=Starry sturgeon
ACISU E   61674: N=Acipenser sturio
                 C=Atlantic sturgeon
ACITH B     930: N=Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans
                 S=Thiobacillus thiooxidans
ACITR E    7904: N=Acipenser transmontanus
                 C=White sturgeon
ACIUN E  121830: N=Acizzia uncatoides
                 C=Acacia psyllid
ACIVR B 1191460: N=Acinetobacter venetianus (strain ATCC 31012 / DSM 23050 / BCRC 14357 / CCUG 45561 / CIP 110063 / KCTC 2702 / LMG 19082 / RAG-1)
ACLHE E  714756: N=Aclytia heber
                 S=Sphinx heber
ACLSA V   73472: N=Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (isolate apple)
ACLSP V   73473: N=Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (isolate plum P863)
ACMAM E  100151: N=Acmispon americanus
                 C=American bird's-foot trefoil
                 S=Lotus purshianus
ACMMI E  119162: N=Acmaea mitra
                 C=Whitecap limpet
ACMRA E  217838: N=Acmella radicans
                 C=Creeping spotflower
ACOAM E  263995: N=Acorus americanus
                 S=Acorus calamus var. americanus
ACOAN E 1086103: N=Acosmeryx anceus
                 C=Hawk moth
ACOCA E   10068: N=Acomys cahirinus
                 C=Cairo spiny mouse
ACOCE E  219331: N=Acossus centerensis
                 C=Poplar carpenterworm moth
ACOCL E    4465: N=Acorus calamus
                 C=Sweet flag
ACOCM E   85363: N=Aconitum carmichaelii
                 C=Carmichael's monkshood
ACOCO E  662772: N=Aconitum coreanum
                 C=Korean monkshood
                 S=Aconitum delavayi var. coreanum
ACOCR E  980951: N=Acontias cregoi
                 C=Cregoe's legless skink
                 S=Typhlosaurus cregoi
ACOGR E   55184: N=Acorus gramineus
                 C=Dwarf sweet flag
ACOIG E   60745: N=Acomys ignitus
                 C=Fiery spiny mouse
ACOLI E  764543: N=Acontias lineatus
                 C=Striped legless skink
                 S=Microacontias lineatus
ACOLU E  753144: N=Acontia lucida
                 C=Pale shoulder
                 S=Phalaena lucida
ACOME E  156899: N=Acontias meleagris
                 C=Cape legless skink
ACOMI E   83528: N=Acomys minous
                 C=Crete spiny mouse
ACONA E  112591: N=Aconitum napellus
ACOOR E  156900: N=Acontias orientalis
                 C=Linnaeus' lance skink
                 S=Acontias meleagris orientalis
ACOPE E  156902: N=Acontias percivali
                 C=Percival's legless lizard
ACOPR E   83527: N=Acomys percivali
                 C=Percival's spiny mouse
ACORI E  980958: N=Acontias rieppeli
                 C=Wood-bush legless skink
                 S=Acontophiops lineatus
ACORU E   60746: N=Acomys russatus
                 C=Golden spiny mouse
                 S=Acomys lewisi
ACOTR E  357125: N=Acontias tristis
                 C=Striped legless skink
                 S=Acontias lineatus tristis
ACOWI E   37436: N=Acomys wilsoni
                 C=Wilson's spiny mouse
ACOWR E  292681: N=Acoelorraphe wrightii
                 C=Everglades palm
                 S=Paurotis wrightii
ACRAC E   43715: N=Acronychia acidula
                 C=Lemon aspen
ACRAL E  169987: N=Acrocomia aculeata
                 C=Macaw palm
                 S=Cocos aculeata
ACRAP E  140238: N=Acropora aspera
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRAR E   39621: N=Acrocephalus arundinaceus
                 C=Great reed-warbler
ACRAS E   57686: N=Acrolepiopsis assectella
                 C=Leek moth
ACRAT E   73033: N=Acrosiphonia arcta
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Conferva arcta
ACRAU E   29594: N=Acrostichum aureum
                 C=Golden leather fern
ACRBR E  126873: N=Acrocephalus brevipennis
                 C=Cape Verde swamp-warbler
ACRC1 E  857340: N=Acremonium chrysogenum (strain ATCC 11550 / CBS 779.69 / DSM 880 / IAM 14645 / JCM 23072 / IMI 49137)
ACRCA E  219317: N=Acroneuria carolinensis
                 C=Carolina stonefly
ACRCE E    6130: N=Acropora cervicornis
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRCH E    5044: N=Acremonium chrysogenum
                 S=Cephalosporium acremonium
ACRCI E  244713: N=Acrida cinerea
                 C=Chinese grasshopper
ACRCR E  451382: N=Acridotheres cristatellus
                 C=Crested myna
                 S=Gracula cristatella
ACRDA E  214017: N=Acronicta dactylina
                 C=Fingered dagger moth
ACRDI E   70779: N=Acropora digitifera
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRDO E   34495: N=Acropora donei
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRDU E   51850: N=Acrantophis dumerili
                 C=Dumeril's ground boa
                 S=Boa dumerili
ACREC E  103372: N=Acromyrmex echinatior
                 C=Panamanian leafcutter ant
                 S=Acromyrmex octospinosus echinatior
ACREG E  749675: N=Acremonium egyptiacum
                 S=Oospora egyptiaca
ACRFA E  356809: N=Acrossocheilus fasciatus
                 S=Crossochilus fasciatus
ACRFO E  126732: N=Acropora formosa
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRGR E   46287: N=Acrochordus granulatus
                 C=Rasp-skinned water snake
ACRHI E  244443: N=Acrosternum hilare
                 C=Green stink bug
                 S=Nezara hilaris
ACRHU E   46687: N=Acropora humilis
                 C=Finger staghorn coral
ACRJA E   39267: N=Acrochordus javanicus
                 C=Javan wart snake
ACRJP E  223805: N=Acropoma japonicum
ACRLO E  227548: N=Acrocinus longimanus
                 C=Giant harlequin beetle
ACRLR E  154029: N=Acropora loripes
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRMA E   51851: N=Acrantophis madagascariensis
                 C=Madagascar ground boa
                 S=Boa madagascariensis
ACRME E  435338: N=Acrocephalus mendanae
                 C=Marquesan reed-warbler
ACRMI E   45264: N=Acropora millepora
                 C=Staghorn coral
                 S=Heteropora millepora
ACRNA E   70778: N=Acropora nasuta
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACROI E  161545: N=Acrocephalus orinus
                 C=Large-billed reed-warbler
ACROR E   68483: N=Acrocephalus orientalis
                 C=Oriental great reed warbler
ACRPA E   68471: N=Acrocephalus paludicola
                 C=Aquatic warbler
ACRPD E   76593: N=Acrossocheilus paradoxus
                 C=Taiwan torrent carp
                 S=Barbus paradoxus
ACRPL E    6131: N=Acropora palmata
                 C=Elkhorn coral
ACRPR E  127871: N=Acropora prolifera
                 C=Fused staghorn coral
ACRPT E 2593634: N=Acritoscincus platynotus
                 C=Red-throated cool-skink
                 S=Bassiana platynota
ACRPY E  190720: N=Acrobates pygmaeus
                 C=Feathertail glider
ACRRB E  676058: N=Acropora robusta
                 C=Staghorn coral
                 S=Acropora nobilis
ACRRO E   43695: N=Acrasis rosea
ACRSC E   48156: N=Acrocephalus scirpaceus
                 C=Eurasian reed-warbler
ACRSO E  932719: N=Acrosiphonia sonderi
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Cladophora sonderi
ACRSP E 2046025: N=Acremonium sp.
ACRST E   68485: N=Acrocephalus stentoreus
                 C=Clamorous reed-warbler
ACRSU E  713687: N=Acroclita subsequana
                 C=Coast spurge bell
ACRSX E 2546662: N=Acratocnus sp. (strain SLP-2019)
                 C=Ground sloth
ACRTA E  207112: N=Acrossidius tasmaniae
                 C=Tasmanian grass grub
                 S=Blackheaded pasture cockchafer
ACRTE E   70783: N=Acropora tenuis
                 C=Purple tipped acropora
ACRTO E  392910: N=Acreichthys tomentosus
                 C=Bristle-tail file-fish
                 S=Balistes tomentosus
ACRVA E   55976: N=Acropora valida
                 C=Staghorn coral
ACRVU E    8992: N=Acryllium vulturinum
                 C=Vulturine guineafowl
ACRWI E  227550: N=Acrida willemsei
                 C=Short-horned grasshopper
                 S=Acrida cinerea willemsei
ACRYE E 2546656: N=Acratocnus ye
                 C=Hispaniolan ground sloth
ACTAF E  118783: N=Actophilornis africanus
                 C=African jacana
                 S=Parra africana
ACTAR E   64478: N=Actinidia arguta
                 C=Tara vine
                 S=Hardy kiwi
ACTBE E 1078900: N=Actinia bermudensis
                 C=Maroon anemone
ACTC0 B 1120948: N=Actinomycetospora chiangmaiensis (strain DSM 45062 / JCM 15998 / NBRC 104400 / YIM 0006)
ACTCA B     717: N=Actinobacillus capsulatus
ACTCC E 1590841: N=Actinidia chinensis var. chinensis
                 C=Chinese soft-hair kiwi
ACTCH E    3625: N=Actinidia chinensis
ACTCU E  199376: N=Actinodium cunninghamii
                 C=Albany daisy
ACTCY B   65497: N=Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus
                 S=Streptomyces caeruleus
ACTDE E    3627: N=Actinidia deliciosa
ACTEC E  571810: N=Actinopyga echinites
                 C=Deep-water redfish
ACTEQ E    6106: N=Actinia equina
                 C=Beadlet anemone
ACTER E  165200: N=Actinidia eriantha
                 C=Velvet vine
                 S=Actinidia fulvicoma var. lanata
ACTEU B     718: N=Actinobacillus equuli
ACTFR E  396334: N=Actinia fragacea
                 C=Strawberry anemone
ACTGA B   69485: N=Actinoplanes garbadinensis
ACTHA B    1850: N=Actinopolyspora halophila
ACTHE E  160769: N=Actinotus helianthi
                 C=Flannel flower
ACTHY E  320702: N=Actitis hypoleucos
                 C=Common sandpiper
                 S=Tringa hypoleucos
ACTKI B   46161: N=Actinomadura kijaniata
ACTLG B   69484: N=Actinoplanes liguriensis
ACTLI B     720: N=Actinobacillus lignieresii
ACTLU E   63976: N=Actias luna
                 C=Luna moth
ACTM4 B  512565: N=Actinoplanes missouriensis (strain ATCC 14538 / DSM 43046 / CBS 188.64 / JCM 3121 / NBRC 102363 / NCIMB 12654 / NRRL B-3342 / UNCC 431)
ACTMA E  190659: N=Actitis macularius
                 C=Spotted sandpiper
ACTMD B  446462: N=Actinosynnema mirum (strain ATCC 29888 / DSM 43827 / JCM 3225 / NBRC 14064 / NCIMB 13271 / NRRL B-12336 / IMRU 3971 / 101)
ACTMI B    1866: N=Actinoplanes missouriensis
ACTMR E  335395: N=Actinemys marmorata
                 C=Western pond turtle
                 S=Emys marmorata
ACTNA B    1655: N=Actinomyces naeslundii
ACTNH B 1115803: N=Actinomyces naeslundii (strain ATCC 12104 / DSM 43013 / CCUG 2238 / JCM 8349 / NCTC 10301 / Howell 279)
ACTNM B  182080: N=Actinomadura namibiensis
ACTP2 B  416269: N=Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 5b (strain L20)
ACTP7 B  537457: N=Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 7 (strain AP76)
ACTPA B   42198: N=Actinosynnema pretiosum subsp. auranticum
ACTPJ B  434271: N=Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 3 (strain JL03)
ACTPL B     715: N=Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
                 S=Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae
ACTRA E   64040: N=Actaea racemosa
                 C=Black cohosh
                 S=Cimicifuga racemosa
ACTRD B  111015: N=Actinomyces radicidentis
ACTS3 B    1872: N=Actinoplanes sp. (strain ATCC 31351 / 3876)
                 S=Ampullariella sp.
ACTS5 B  134676: N=Actinoplanes sp. (strain ATCC 31044 / CBS 674.73 / SE50/110)
ACTSC B   67854: N=Actinobacillus succinogenes
ACTSI E  571813: N=Actinopyga spinea
                 C=New Caledonia blackfish
ACTSK B  237531: N=Actinomycete sp. (strain K97-0003)
ACTSL B   38989: N=Actinomycete sp. (strain L585-6 / ATCC 53650)
ACTSP B   72570: N=Actinomadura sp. (strain R39)
ACTSU B     716: N=Actinobacillus suis
ACTSX B   29317: N=Actinomyces sp.
ACTSZ B  339671: N=Actinobacillus succinogenes (strain ATCC 55618 / DSM 22257 / CCUG 43843 / 130Z)
ACTTE E    6105: N=Actinia tenebrosa
                 C=Australian red waratah sea anemone
ACTTI B    1867: N=Actinoplanes teichomyceticus
ACTUT B    1869: N=Actinoplanes utahensis
ACTVI B    1656: N=Actinomyces viscosus
ACTVL E  227975: N=Actineria villosa
                 C=Okinawan sea anemone
ACUCH E  232576: N=Acuticosta chinensis
                 C=Freshwater mussel
                 S=Unio chinensis
ACULO E  863974: N=Acutisoma longipes
                 C=Neotropical harvestman
                 S=Goniosoma longipes
ACUSC E 2072973: N=Aculamprotula scripta
                 C=Freshwater mussel
                 S=Unio scriptus
ACYKO E   34664: N=Acyrthosiphon kondoi
                 C=Blue alfalfa aphid
ACYMA E    7030: N=Acyrthosiphon magnoliae
ACYPI E    7029: N=Acyrthosiphon pisum
                 C=Pea aphid
ACYPU E  559140: N=Acytolepis puspa
                 C=Common hedge blue butterfly
                 S=Lycaenopsis puspa
ACYSU E  361139: N=Acytostelium subglobosum
                 C=Slime mold
AD01A V  928294: N=Human adenovirus C serotype 1 (strain Adenoid 71)
                 S=Human adenovirus 1
ADABI E    7084: N=Adalia bipunctata
                 C=Two-spotted ladybird beetle
                 S=Coccinella bipunctata
ADADE E  115343: N=Adalia decempunctata
                 C=Ten-spotted ladybird beetle
ADADI E   69109: N=Adansonia digitata
                 C=Baobab tree
                 S=Dead-rat tree
ADAGE E   69110: N=Adansonia gregorii
                 C=Australian baobab tree
                 S=Adansonia gibbosa
ADAGR E   69111: N=Adansonia grandidieri
                 C=Madagascan baobab tree
ADAPA E  176095: N=Adamsia palliata
                 C=Cloak anemone
                 S=Adamsia carciniopados
ADARU E   69114: N=Adansonia rubrostipa
                 C=Malagasy baobab tree
                 S=Adansonia fony var. rubrostipa
ADAZA E   69116: N=Adansonia za
                 C=Baobab tree
ADDNA E   59515: N=Addax nasomaculatus
ADE01 V   10533: N=Human adenovirus C serotype 1
                 S=Human adenovirus 1
ADE02 V   10515: N=Human adenovirus C serotype 2
                 S=Human adenovirus 2
ADE03 V   45659: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 3
                 S=Human adenovirus 3
ADE04 V   28280: N=Human adenovirus E serotype 4
                 S=Human adenovirus 4
ADE05 V   28285: N=Human adenovirus C serotype 5
                 S=Human adenovirus 5
ADE06 V   10534: N=Human adenovirus C serotype 6
                 S=Human adenovirus 6
ADE07 V   10519: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 7
                 S=Human adenovirus 7
ADE08 V   31545: N=Human adenovirus D serotype 8
                 S=Human adenovirus 8
ADE09 V   10527: N=Human adenovirus D serotype 9
                 S=Human adenovirus 9
ADE12 V   28282: N=Human adenovirus A serotype 12
                 S=Human adenovirus 12
ADE15 V   28276: N=Human adenovirus D serotype 15
                 S=Human adenovirus 15
ADE16 V   31544: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 16
                 S=Human adenovirus 16
ADE17 V   46922: N=Human adenovirus D serotype 17
                 S=Human adenovirus 17
ADE18 V   10528: N=Human adenovirus A serotype 18
                 S=Human adenovirus 18
ADE1A V  343463: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 11 (strain BC34)
                 S=Human adenovirus 11A (strain BC34)
ADE1H V  308444: N=Human adenovirus D serotype 15/H9
                 S=Human adenovirus 15/H9
ADE1P V  343462: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 11 (strain Slobiski)
                 S=Human adenovirus 11P (strain Slobiski)
ADE31 V   10529: N=Human adenovirus A serotype 31
                 S=Human adenovirus 31
ADE35 V   10522: N=Human adenovirus B serotype 35
                 S=Human adenovirus 35
ADE40 V   28284: N=Human adenovirus F serotype 40
                 S=Human adenovirus 40
ADE41 V   10524: N=Human adenovirus F serotype 41
                 S=Human adenovirus 41
ADEAL E  462377: N=Adenostyles alpina
                 C=Alpine plantain
                 S=Adenostyles glabra
ADEAN E  479879: N=Adenomera andreae
                 C=Lowland tropical bullfrog
                 S=Leptodactylus andreae
ADEB2 V  114429: N=Bovine adenovirus 2
                 S=Mastadenovirus bos2
ADEB3 V   10510: N=Bovine adenovirus B serotype 3
                 S=Mastadenovirus bos3
ADEB4 V   70333: N=Bovine adenovirus 4
ADEB7 V   10511: N=Bovine adenovirus 7
ADEBA V   39788: N=Bovine adenovirus C serotype 10
                 S=Mastadenovirus bos10
ADEBR E  311011: N=Adelpha bredowii
                 C=Bredow's sister butterfly
                 S=Limenitis bredowii
ADEC2 V   10514: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 2
                 S=Canine adenovirus 2
ADECA E  574363: N=Adelpha californica
                 C=California sister butterfly
                 S=Adelpha bredowii californica
ADECC V   69150: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 1 (strain CLL)
                 S=Canine adenovirus 1 (strain CLL)
ADECG V   10513: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 1 (strain Glaxo)
                 S=Canine adenovirus 1 (strain Glaxo)
ADECO E  133065: N=Adelges cooleyi
                 C=Cooley spruce gall adelgid
                 S=Gilletteella cooleyi
ADECR V   69151: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 1 (strain RI261)
                 S=Canine adenovirus 1 (strain RI261)
ADECT V   69152: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 2 (strain Toronto A 26-61)
                 S=Canine adenovirus 2 (strain Toronto A 26-61)
ADECU V   36364: N=Canine adenovirus serotype 1 (strain Utrecht)
                 S=Canine adenovirus 1 (strain Utrecht)
ADEDI E   56633: N=Adenia digitata
                 C=Wild granadilla
                 S=Modecca digitata
ADEE1 V   46916: N=Equine adenovirus A serotype 1
                 S=Equine adenovirus 1
ADEE2 V   67603: N=Equine adenovirus B serotype 2
                 S=Equine adenovirus 2
ADEF1 V  114102: N=Frog adenovirus 1 (strain ATCC VR-896)
ADEFA E  140993: N=Adenostoma fasciculatum
ADEFR V  298331: N=Frog adenovirus
ADEG1 V   10553: N=Fowl adenovirus A serotype 1 (strain CELO / Phelps)
                 S=Avian adenovirus gal1 (strain Phelps)
ADEG8 V   66295: N=Avian adenovirus 8 (strain ATCC A-2A)
                 S=Fowl adenovirus 8
ADEGU E  237833: N=Adenia gummifera
                 S=Modecca gummifera
ADEGX V   10547: N=Fowl adenovirus C serotype 10 (strain SA2)
                 S=Fowl adenovirus 10
ADEHI E   41468: N=Adenocaulon himalaicum
ADEHL E  326184: N=Adenomera hylaedactyla
                 C=Napo tropical bullfrog
                 S=Cystignathus hylaedactylus
ADEHY E  185462: N=Adenophorus hymenophylloides
                 C=Filmy kihi fern
ADELA E  104308: N=Adesmia lanata
ADELI E  236346: N=Adelphocoris lineolatus
                 C=Alfalfa plant bug
ADELR E  133063: N=Adelges laricis
                 C=Larch woolly aphid
ADEM1 V   10530: N=Murine adenovirus A serotype 1
                 S=Murine adenovirus 1
ADEMA E 1349687: N=Adenomera marmorata
                 C=Marbled tropical bullfrog
                 S=Leptodactylus marmoratus
ADEME E  304594: N=Adelomyia melanogenys
                 C=Speckled hummingbird
ADEO7 V  114430: N=Ovine adenovirus D serotype 7 (isolate OAV287)
                 S=Ovine adenovirus 7
ADEOB E   69375: N=Adenium obesum
                 C=Desert rose
                 S=Nerium obesum
ADEOD V  130327: N=Ovine adenovirus D
ADEOO E   54927: N=Adenanthos obovatus
                 C=Basket flower
ADEP3 V   35265: N=Porcine adenovirus A serotype 3
                 S=Porcine adenovirus 3
ADEP4 V   35267: N=Porcine adenovirus B serotype 4
                 S=Porcine adenovirus 4
ADEPA E    3811: N=Adenanthera pavonina
                 C=Sandal bead tree
                 S=Condori wood
ADEPE E  185464: N=Adenophorus periens
                 C=Pendant kihi fern
ADEPI E  185465: N=Adenophorus pinnatifidus
                 C=Graceful kihi fern
ADEPO E  428835: N=Adelieledone polymorpha
                 C=Antarctic knobbed octopus
                 S=Graneledone polymorpha
ADES1 V  189830: N=Snake adenovirus serotype 1
ADES7 V   10532: N=Simian adenovirus serotype 7
                 S=Simian adenovirus 7
ADESE E   16929: N=Adenanthos sericeus
                 C=Woolly bush
ADET1 V   47680: N=Tree shrew adenovirus serotype 1
                 S=Tupaia adenovirus 1
ADETR E  185467: N=Adenophorus tripinnatifidus
                 C=Royal kihi fern
ADETS E  357502: N=Adelges tsugae
                 C=Hemlock woolly adelgid
ADEUN E   76949: N=Adenandra uniflora
                 C=China flower
                 S=Diosma uniflora
ADEVO E  219186: N=Adenia volkensii
                 C=Kilyambiti plant
ADHGA E  325918: N=Adhemarius gannascus
                 C=Sphinx moth
ADIBE E   38043: N=Adisura bella
ADICA E   13818: N=Adiantum capillus-veneris
                 C=Maidenhair fern
ADICR E 1418983: N=Adipicola crypta
                 C=Saltwater clam
                 S=Terua crypta
ADIGR E  433695: N=Adineta gracilis
ADIIW E 1418984: N=Adipicola iwaotakii
                 C=Saltwater clam
                 S=Adula iwaotakii
ADIMA E  451080: N=Adiantum malesianum
                 C=Maidenhair fern
ADIPE E   29590: N=Adiantum pedatum
                 C=Northern maidenhair fern
ADIRA E   32168: N=Adiantum raddianum
                 C=Maidenhair fern
ADIRI E  249248: N=Adineta ricciae
ADIVA E  104782: N=Adineta vaga
                 S=Callidina vaga
ADOCA E   73670: N=Adolphia californica
                 C=California prickbush
ADOHO E   85585: N=Adoxophyes honmai
                 C=Smaller tea tortrix moth
ADOMO E    4208: N=Adoxa moschatellina
ADOOR E  480707: N=Adoxophyes orana
                 C=Summer fruit tortrix moth
ADOVE E   46985: N=Adonis vernalis
                 C=Pheasant's eye
ADVG  V   10783: N=Aleutian mink disease parvovirus (strain G)
ADVKW B 1036672: N=Advenella kashmirensis (strain DSM 17095 / LMG 22695 / WT001)
                 S=Tetrathiobacter kashmirensis
ADVMD B 1247726: N=Advenella mimigardefordensis (strain DSM 17166 / LMG 22922 / DPN7)
AECCL E  190660: N=Aechmophorus clarkii
                 C=Clark's grebe
                 S=Podiceps clarkii
AECOC E   57236: N=Aechmophorus occidentalis
                 C=Western grebe
                 S=Podiceps occidentalis
AEDAE E    7159: N=Aedes aegypti
                 C=Yellowfever mosquito
                 S=Culex aegypti
AEDAL E    7160: N=Aedes albopictus
                 C=Asian tiger mosquito
                 S=Stegomyia albopicta
AEDCI E  120872: N=Aedes cinereus
                 C=Small woodland mosquito
                 S=Culex pallidohirta
AEDEB V   35338: N=Aedes albopictus densovirus
                 S=Aedes albopictus parvovirus
AEDEV V   10808: N=Aedes densonucleosis virus (strain GKV 002 002)
                 S=Aedes densovirus
AEDFU E  299627: N=Aedes furcifer
AEDJA E  140438: N=Aedes japonicus
                 C=Asian rock pool mosquito
                 S=Ochlerotatus japonicus
AEDKR E 1579483: N=Aedes krombeini
AEDLU E  299629: N=Aedes luteocephalus
AEDMA E 1424567: N=Aedes malayensis
                 S=Stegomyia malayensis
AEDNO E 1579489: N=Aedes novalbopictus
AEDPO E  188700: N=Aedes polynesiensis
                 C=Polynesian tiger mosquito
AEDPS E  316597: N=Aedes pseudoscutellaris
                 S=Stegomyia pseudoscutellaris
AEDTA E  299628: N=Aedes taylori
AEDTO E   55967: N=Aedes togoi
                 S=Ochlerotatus togoi
AEDVE E    7163: N=Aedes vexans
                 C=Inland floodwater mosquito
                 S=Culex vexans
AEDVI E  317808: N=Aedes vittatus
                 S=Fredwardsius vittatus
AEDWA E   69821: N=Aedes w-albus
                 S=Stegomyia w-albus
AEGAC E   56265: N=Aegolius acadicus
                 C=Northern saw-whet owl
                 S=Strix acadica
AEGAL E  172761: N=Aegla alacalufi
                 C=Freshwater crab
AEGAR E  206943: N=Aegialia arenaria
                 C=Aegialian scarab beetle
                 S=Scarabaeus arenarius
AEGBI E    4483: N=Aegilops bicornis
                 C=Spach goatgrass
                 S=Triticum bicorne
AEGBO E  762617: N=Aegithalos bonvaloti
                 C=Black-browed tit
AEGCA E   73327: N=Aegithalos caudatus
                 C=Long-tailed tit
                 S=Acredula caudata
AEGCI E   48279: N=Aegotheles cristatus
                 C=Australian owlet-nightjar
AEGCM E    4485: N=Aegilops comosa
AEGCN E  312068: N=Aegithalos concinnus
                 C=Black-throated bushtit
AEGCO E    4493: N=Aegilops columnaris
                 S=Triticum columnare
AEGCR E    4481: N=Aegilops crassa
                 C=Persian goatgrass
                 S=Triticum crassum
AEGCY E  130456: N=Aegilops cylindrica
                 C=Jointed goatgrass
                 S=Triticum cylindricum
AEGDI E 1545397: N=Aegista diversifamilia
AEGFL E  762613: N=Aegithalos fuliginosus
                 C=Sooty tit
AEGFU E  103375: N=Aegolius funereus
                 C=Boreal owl
                 S=Strix funerea
AEGGL E  762568: N=Aegithalos glaucogularis
                 C=Silver-throated tit
AEGHA E  126850: N=Aegolius harrisii
                 C=Buff-fronted owl
AEGIN E  671282: N=Aegotheles insignis
                 C=Feline owlet-nightjar
                 S=Euaegotheles insignis
AEGLO E    4486: N=Aegilops longissima
                 S=Triticum longissimum
AEGMA E   68527: N=Aegle marmelos
                 C=Bael tree
                 S=Crateva marmelos
AEGMO E    8959: N=Aegypius monachus
                 C=Cinereous vulture
AEGPO E   40902: N=Aegopodium podagraria
                 C=Ground elder
                 S=Bishop's goutweed
AEGPU B  203862: N=Aegyptianella pullorum
                 S=Anaplasma pullorum
AEGSA E  191444: N=Aegotheles savesi
                 C=New Caledonian owlet-nightjar
AEGSE E    4487: N=Aegilops searsii
                 C=Sears' goatgrass
                 S=Sitopsis searsii
AEGSP E    4573: N=Aegilops speltoides
                 S=Triticum speltoides
AEGTA E   37682: N=Aegilops tauschii
                 C=Tausch's goatgrass
                 S=Aegilops squarrosa
AEGTI E  175021: N=Aegithina tiphia
                 C=Common iora
AEGTR E   39391: N=Aegilops triuncialis
                 C=Barbed goatgrass
                 S=Triticum triunciale
AEGTS E  200361: N=Aegilops tauschii subsp. strangulata
AEGUM E    4491: N=Aegilops umbellulata
                 S=Triticum umbellulatum
AEGUN E    4492: N=Aegilops uniaristata
AEGVE E  116981: N=Aegilops ventricosa
                 S=Triticum ventricosum
AELAB E  321389: N=Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
                 C=Cat lungworm
AELFE E   96749: N=Aeluroscalabotes felinus
                 C=Cat gecko
AENAR E  232116: N=Aenictus aratus
                 C=Black lesser army ant
AENSU A 1462428: N=Aenigmarchaeum subterraneum
AEOAL E   38134: N=Aeolothrips albicinctus
AEOPA E  195873: N=Aeolidia papillosa
                 C=Sea mouse
                 S=Shag-rug aeolis
AEOTU E  144567: N=Aeoloplides turnbulli
                 C=Russian thistle grasshopper
AEPAR E   30401: N=Aepypodius arfakianus
                 C=Wattled brush turkey
AEPME E    9897: N=Aepyceros melampus
AEPRU E   38598: N=Aepyprymnus rufescens
                 C=Rufous rat-kangaroo
                 S=Rufous bettong
AEQEI E 2716527: N=Aequiyoldia eightsii
                 C=Antarctic yoldia
                 S=Yoldia eightsii
AEQOP E  100776: N=Aequipecten opercularis
                 C=Queen scallop
                 S=Chlamys opercularis
AEQSU B  746697: N=Aequorivita sublithincola (strain DSM 14238 / LMG 21431 / ACAM 643 / 9-3)
AEQTE E  172531: N=Aequidens tetramerus
                 C=Saddle cichlid
AEQVI E    6100: N=Aequorea victoria
                 C=Water jellyfish
                 S=Mesonema victoria
AERCA B     648: N=Aeromonas caviae
                 S=Aeromonas punctata
AEREN B   29489: N=Aeromonas enteropelogenes
                 S=Aeromonas trota
AERER B   31956: N=Aeromicrobium erythreum (strain ATCC 51598 / DSM 8599 / JCM 8359 / NBRC 15406 / NRRL B-3381)
AEREU E  344619: N=Aeria eurimedia
                 C=Yellow-striped clearwing butterfly
AERHH B  380703: N=Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila (strain ATCC 7966 / DSM 30187 / BCRC 13018 / CCUG 14551 / JCM 1027 / KCTC 2358 / NCIMB 9240 / NCTC 8049)
AERHY B     644: N=Aeromonas hydrophila
AERJA B     650: N=Aeromonas jandaei
AERME B     651: N=Aeromonas media
AERPE A  272557: N=Aeropyrum pernix (strain ATCC 700893 / DSM 11879 / JCM 9820 / NBRC 100138 / K1)
AERPX A   56636: N=Aeropyrum pernix
AERRA E   78694: N=Aeranthes ramosa
AERS4 B  382245: N=Aeromonas salmonicida (strain A449)
AERSA B     645: N=Aeromonas salmonicida
AERSO B     646: N=Aeromonas sobria
AERSX E  190674: N=Aeronautes saxatalis
                 C=White-throated swift
AERUA B  866775: N=Aerococcus urinae (strain ACS-120-V-Col10a)
AERVB B  998088: N=Aeromonas veronii (strain B565)
AERVM B  655812: N=Aerococcus viridans (strain ATCC 11563 / DSM 20340 / CCUG 4311 / JCM 20461 / NBRC 12219 / NCTC 8251 / M1)
AERVU E  207699: N=Aerodramus vulcanorum
                 C=Volcano swiftlet
                 S=Collocalia vulcanorum
AESCY E   12921: N=Aeshna cyanea
                 C=Southern hawker dragonfly
                 S=Libellula cyanea
AESHI E   43364: N=Aesculus hippocastanum
                 C=Horse chestnut
AESPA E   43872: N=Aesculus pavia
                 C=Red buckeye
AETAL E   77227: N=Aethalops alecto
                 C=Pygmy fruit bat
AETCO E  434059: N=Aethionema cordifolium
                 C=Lebanon stonecress
AETCR E   28685: N=Aethia cristatella
                 C=Crested auklet
AETCY E   40954: N=Aethusa cynapium
                 C=Fool's parsley
AETFL E  420948: N=Aetobatus flagellum
                 C=Longheaded eagle ray
                 S=Raja flagellum
AETGR E   72657: N=Aethionema grandiflorum
                 C=Persian stone-cress
AETNA E   87140: N=Aetobatus narinari
                 C=Spotted eagle ray
                 S=Raja narinari
AETOP E  202667: N=Aethionema oppositifolium
                 C=Opposite-leaf candytuft
                 S=Eunomia oppositifolia
AETPS E   28699: N=Aethia psittacula
                 C=Parakeet auklet
                 S=Cyclorrhynchus psittacula
AETPU E   28686: N=Aethia pusilla
                 C=Least auklet
AETPY E   28687: N=Aethia pygmaea
                 C=Whiskered auklet
                 S=Alca pygmaea
AETRO E  327776: N=Aethaloperca rogaa
                 C=Redmouth grouper
                 S=Perca rogaa
AETSA E  202778: N=Aethionema saxatile
                 C=Candy mustard
AETTU E  116153: N=Aethina tumida
                 C=Small hive beetle
AEVCA V  475778: N=Avian encephalomyelitis virus (strain Calnek vaccine)
AEVL2 V  475780: N=Avian encephalomyelitis virus (strain L2Z)
AEVVR V  475779: N=Avian encephalomyelitis virus (strain Van Reokel)
AFIC4 B 1031710: N=Afipia carboxidovorans (strain OM4)
                 S=Oligotropha carboxidovorans
AFIC5 B  504832: N=Afipia carboxidovorans (strain ATCC 49405 / DSM 1227 / KCTC 32145 / OM5)
                 S=Oligotropha carboxidovorans
AFICA B   40137: N=Afipia carboxidovorans
                 S=Oligotropha carboxidovorans
AFIFE B    1035: N=Afipia felis
                 C=Cat scratch disease bacillus
AFIMA B    1080: N=Afifella marina
                 C=Rhodobium marinum
                 S=Rhodopseudomonas marina
AFRCO E    9076: N=Afropavo congensis
                 C=Congo peafowl
AFRGR E   56897: N=Afrocarpus gracilior
                 C=African fern pine
                 S=Podocarpus gracilior
AFRPL E  421919: N=Afrogethes planiusculus
                 C=Paterson's curse pollen beetle
                 S=Meligethes planiusculus
AFV1  V  235266: N=Acidianus filamentous virus 1
AFV1Y V  654909: N=Acidianus filamentous virus 1 (isolate United States/Yellowstone)
AFV2  V  300186: N=Acidianus filamentous virus 2
AFV2P V  654910: N=Acidianus filamentous virus 2 (isolate Italy/Pozzuoli)
AGAAA E   89882: N=Agaricia agaricites
                 C=Lettuce coral
AGAAC E  175446: N=Agama aculeata
                 C=Ground agama
AGAAE E   39511: N=Agave attenuata
                 C=Fox tail agave
                 S=Swan's neck agave
AGAAF E   51501: N=Agapanthus africanus
                 C=Lily of the Nile
                 S=Crinum africanum
AGAAG E  103336: N=Agama agama
                 C=Red-headed rock agama
AGAAL B  182262: N=Agarivorans albus
AGAAM E   39510: N=Agave americana
                 C=Century plant
AGAAN E   75990: N=Agalychnis annae
                 C=Blue-sided leaf frog
                 S=Phyllomedusa annae
AGAAT E   52208: N=Agama atra
                 C=Southern rock agama
AGAAU E   58027: N=Agathis australis
                 S=Dammara australis
AGABB E  936046: N=Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus (strain H97 / ATCC MYA-4626 / FGSC 10389)
                 C=White button mushroom
AGABE E   87249: N=Agaricus benesii
                 S=Psalliota benesii
AGABI E    5341: N=Agaricus bisporus
                 C=White button mushroom
AGABP E  107770: N=Agabus bipustulatus
                 C=Water beetle
AGABR E   59020: N=Agave bracteosa
                 C=Squid agave
AGABT E    5343: N=Agaricus bitorquis
                 C=Pavement mushroom
                 S=Psalliota bitorquis
AGABU E  597362: N=Agaricus bisporus var. burnettii (strain JB137-S8 / ATCC MYA-4627 / FGSC 10392)
                 C=White button mushroom
AGACA E   88128: N=Agaricus californicus
                 C=California agaricus
AGACE E  205702: N=Agave celsii
                 C=Century plant
AGACH E 2510777: N=Agarophyton chilensis
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gracilaria chilensis
AGACL E  197464: N=Agalychnis callidryas
                 C=Red-eyed tree frog
                 S=Phyllomedusa callidryas
AGACM E   56157: N=Agaricus campestris
                 C=Field mushroom
AGACN E   60462: N=Agapornis canus
                 C=Grey-headed lovebird
                 S=Psittacus canus
AGACO E 1585285: N=Agallia constricta
                 C=Constricted leafhopper
AGACP E   51427: N=Agapanthus campanulatus
                 C=African bluebell
AGACT E  105404: N=Agarum clathratum
                 C=Shotgun kelp
                 S=Agarum cribosum
AGADA E   60851: N=Agathis dammara
                 C=Malayan kauri
                 S=Pinus dammara
AGADC E   75988: N=Agalychnis dacnicolor
                 C=Giant mexican leaf frog
                 S=Pachymedusa dacnicolor
AGAFI E   60463: N=Agapornis fischeri
                 C=Fischer's lovebird
AGAFO E   39269: N=Agastache foeniculum
                 C=Blue giant hyssop
                 S=Stachys foeniculum
AGAFR E  165097: N=Agaricia fragilis
                 C=Fragile saucer coral
AGAGH E  112803: N=Agave ghiesbreghtii
                 C=Green century plant
AGAHU E  367765: N=Agaricia humilis
                 C=Lowrelief saucer coral
AGAIM E  129731: N=Agama impalearis
                 C=Bibron's agama
AGALE E  317382: N=Agalychnis lemur
                 C=Lemur leaf frog
                 S=Hylomantis lemur
AGALI E   87251: N=Agaricus lilaceps
                 C=Giant cypress agaricus
AGALL E   60464: N=Agapornis lilianae
                 C=Nyasa lovebird
                 S=Lilian's lovebird
AGAME E   39270: N=Agastache mexicana
                 C=Mexican giant hyssop
                 S=Dracocephalum mexicanum
AGAMI E  695500: N=Agaraea minuta
AGAMO E   60852: N=Agathis montana
                 C=Kauri pine
AGAMR E   57373: N=Agathis moorei
                 C=Moore kauri
                 S=Dammara moorei
AGANI E   60465: N=Agapornis nigrigenis
                 C=Black-cheeked lovebird
AGAOD E   83693: N=Agastachys odorata
                 C=Fragrant waratah
                 S=White waratah
AGAPA E  205703: N=Agave parviflora
                 C=Small-flowered century plant
AGAPC E  182818: N=Agaricus placomyces
AGAPE E   60466: N=Agapornis personatus
                 C=Yellow-collared lovebird
AGAPL E  175468: N=Agama planiceps
                 C=Namib rock agama
AGAPR E  186128: N=Agapanthus praecox
                 C=African blue lily
AGAPU E   60467: N=Agapornis pullarius
                 C=Red-headed lovebird
                 S=Psittacus pullarius
AGARO E   60854: N=Agathis robusta
                 C=Queensland kauri pine
AGARS E   60468: N=Agapornis roseicollis
                 C=Rosy-faced lovebird
AGARU E   39271: N=Agastache rugosa
                 C=Korean mint
                 S=Lophanthus rugosus
AGARV B  515619: N=Agathobacter rectalis (strain ATCC 33656 / DSM 3377 / JCM 17463 / KCTC 5835 / VPI 0990)
                 S=Eubacterium rectale
AGASC E  105626: N=Agassizia scrobiculata
                 C=Sea urchin
AGASP E  317303: N=Agalychnis spurrelli
                 C=Gliding leaf frog
                 S=Agalychnis litodryas
AGASU E   87253: N=Agaricus subrutilescens
                 C=Wine-colored agaricus
AGATA E   60469: N=Agapornis taranta
                 C=Black-winged lovebird
                 S=Psittacus taranta
AGATE E  386106: N=Agave tequilana
                 C=Tequila agave
AGATN E 2510778: N=Agarophyton tenuistipitatum
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gracilaria tenuistipitata
AGATS E 1135959: N=Agama tassiliensis
                 C=Agama lizard
AGAXA E   83518: N=Agaricus xanthodermus
                 C=Poison yellow meadow mushroom
AGCRV V  465447: N=American grass carp reovirus
AGEAL E  131577: N=Agelastica alni
                 C=Alder leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela alni
AGEAP E    6908: N=Agelenopsis aperta
                 C=North American funnel-web spider
                 S=Agelenopsis gertschi
AGEAT E  102750: N=Ageratina altissima
                 C=White snakeroot
                 S=Eupatorium rugosum
AGEBA E   84835: N=Agelaioides badius
                 C=Bay-winged cowbird
                 S=Molothrus badius
AGECL E  313630: N=Agelas clathrodes
                 C=Orange elephant ear sponge
                 S=Chalinopsis clathrodes
AGECN E   68299: N=Ageratum conyzoides
                 C=Tropical whiteweed
AGECO E  295242: N=Agelas conifera
                 C=Brown tube sponge
                 S=Chalinopsis conifera
AGECY E  555143: N=Agelasticus cyanopus
                 C=Unicolored blackbird
                 S=Agelaius cyanopus
AGEDI E  295252: N=Agelas dispar
                 C=Marine sponge
AGEHO E   55598: N=Ageratum houstonianum
                 S=Ageratum mexicanum
AGEHU E   84773: N=Agelaius humeralis
                 C=Tawny-shouldered blackbird
AGEOR E  293813: N=Agelena orientalis
                 C=Funnel-web spider
AGEPH E   39638: N=Agelaius phoeniceus
                 C=Red-winged blackbird
                 S=Oriolus phoeniceus
AGEPP E  313352: N=Agelaia pallipes pallipes
                 C=Neotropical social wasp
AGESC E 2723817: N=Agelas schmidtii
                 C=Brown tubular sponge
AGETH E  555144: N=Agelasticus thilius
                 C=Yellow-winged blackbird
                 S=Agelaius thilius
AGETR E    9191: N=Agelaius tricolor
                 C=Tricolored blackbird
AGEXA E   84777: N=Agelaius xanthomus
                 C=Yellow-shouldered blackbird
AGEXN E   84778: N=Agelasticus xanthophthalmus
                 C=Pale-eyed blackbird
                 S=Agelaius xanthophthalmus
AGGAC B     714: N=Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans
                 C=Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
                 S=Haemophilus actinomycetemcomitans
AGGAD B  668336: N=Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans serotype C (strain D11S-1)
                 S=Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
AGGAN B  634176: N=Aggregatibacter aphrophilus (strain NJ8700)
                 S=Haemophilus aphrophilus
AGGAP B     732: N=Aggregatibacter aphrophilus
                 S=Haemophilus aphrophilus
AGKBI E    8718: N=Agkistrodon bilineatus
                 S=Tropical moccasin
AGKCL E   37195: N=Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus
                 C=Broad-banded copperhead
                 S=Agkistrodon mokasen laticinctus
AGKCO E    8713: N=Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix
                 C=Southern copperhead
AGKPC E 1928342: N=Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti
                 C=Florida cottonmouth
AGKPI E    8716: N=Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus
                 C=Eastern cottonmouth
AGKPL E  459671: N=Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma
                 C=Western cottonmouth
                 S=Acontias leucostoma
AGLAU E  104712: N=Aglaophamus australiensis
                 C=Marine catworm
                 S=Nephtys australiensis
AGLCU E   56648: N=Aglaeactis cupripennis
                 C=Shining sunbeam
AGLKI E  472768: N=Aglaiocercus kingii
                 C=Long-tailed sylph
                 S=Trochilus kingi
AGLMI E  171570: N=Aglais milberti
                 C=Milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly
                 S=Nymphalis milberti
AGLNE E    2765: N=Aglaothamnion neglectum
                 C=Red alga
AGLTR E  193166: N=Aglaothamnion tripinnatum
                 C=Red alga
AGLUR E  111881: N=Aglais urticae
                 C=Small tortoiseshell butterfly
                 S=Nymphalis urticae
AGOFL E  106026: N=Agonis flexuosa
                 C=Australian willow myrtle
                 S=Metrosideros flexuosa
AGONI E  272002: N=Agonum nigrum
                 C=Ground beetle
AGRAE E    5400: N=Agrocybe aegerita
                 C=Black poplar mushroom
                 S=Agaricus aegerita
AGRAL E   29659: N=Agrostis alba
                 C=Bent grass
AGRCA E  204232: N=Agrostis capillaris
                 C=Colonial bentgrass
                 S=Agrostis tenuis
AGRCI E   40104: N=Agrius cingulata
                 C=Pink-spotted hawk moth
                 S=Sphinx cingulata
AGRCO E   55055: N=Agrius convolvuli
                 C=Convolvulus hawk-moth
AGRCR E    4593: N=Agropyron cristatum
                 C=Crested wheatgrass
                 S=Bromus cristatus
AGRCY E   64608: N=Agrocybe cylindracea
                 S=Pholiota aegerita
AGRDO E  184613: N=Agriosphodrus dohrni
                 C=Japanese assassin-bug
AGRER E   84605: N=Agrocybe erebia
                 C=Little brown mushroom
AGRFC B  176299: N=Agrobacterium fabrum (strain C58 / ATCC 33970)
                 S=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain C58)
AGRFH B 1183401: N=Agrobacterium fabacearum (strain H13-3)
                 S=Rhizobium lupini (strain H13-3)
AGRFR E  414309: N=Agromyza frontella
                 C=Alfalfa blotch leafminer
                 S=Domomyza frontella
AGRGI E   39848: N=Agrostemma githago
                 C=Corn cockle
                 S=Purple cockle
AGRIP E   56364: N=Agrotis ipsilon
                 C=Black cutworm moth
AGRLI E  292458: N=Agriotes lineatus
                 C=Lined click beetle
AGRME B   41986: N=Agromyces mediolanus
                 S=Corynebacterium mediolanum
AGRMI E  555145: N=Agriornis micropterus
                 C=Grey-bellied shrike-tyrant
AGRPA E   32217: N=Agrimonia parviflora
                 C=Small-flowered agrimony
AGRPL E  224129: N=Agrilus planipennis
                 C=Emerald ash borer
                 S=Agrilus marcopoli
AGRPY E  476655: N=Agriocnemis pygmaea
                 C=Pygmy wisp damselfly
AGRRH B     359: N=Agrobacterium rhizogenes
AGRRK B  311403: N=Agrobacterium radiobacter (strain K84 / ATCC BAA-868)
AGRRU E  989724: N=Agriphila ruricolella
                 C=Lesser vagabond sod webworm
AGRS5 B  388924: N=Agromyces sp. (strain KY5R)
AGRSA B   74562: N=Agrobacterium sp. (strain ATCC 21400)
AGRSC B  268951: N=Agrobacterium sp. (strain CP4)
AGRSE E   47767: N=Agrotis segetum
                 C=Turnip moth
AGRSK B  252128: N=Agrobacterium sp. (strain KNK712)
AGRSP B     361: N=Agrobacterium sp.
AGRST E   63632: N=Agrostis stolonifera
                 C=Creeping bentgrass
AGRT4 B  176298: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain Ach5)
AGRT7 B  176300: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain T37)
AGRT9 B  190386: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain 15955)
AGRTA B     370: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain apple 185)
AGRTB B     371: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain B2A)
AGRTC B     372: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain II Chrys)
AGRTR B  260551: N=Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain RS5)
AGRVA E 2795540: N=Agraulis vanillae
                 C=Gulf fritillary butterfly
                 S=Dione vanillae
AGRVI B     373: N=Agrobacterium vitis
                 S=Rhizobium vitis
AGRVS B  311402: N=Agrobacterium vitis (strain S4 / ATCC BAA-846)
                 S=Rhizobium vitis (strain S4)
AGYAR E 1005071: N=Agylla argentifera
AGYAS E 1140635: N=Agylla asra
AHEBV V 2169964: N=Avon-Heathcote Estuary associated kieseladnavirus
                 S=Avon-Heathcote Estuary associated bacilladnavirus
AHEV  V  516993: N=Avian hepatitis E virus (isolate Chicken/California/Meng)
AHNNV V   99486: N=Atlantic halibut nervous necrosis virus
AHSV1 V   33714: N=African horse sickness virus 1
AHSV2 V   48295: N=African horse sickness virus 2
AHSV3 V  117204: N=African horse sickness virus 3
AHSV4 V   36421: N=African horse sickness virus 4
AHSV5 V   86059: N=African horse sickness virus 5
AHSV6 V   86060: N=African horse sickness virus 6
AHSV7 V   86061: N=African horse sickness virus 7
AHSV8 V   86062: N=African horse sickness virus 8
AHSV9 V   10897: N=African horse sickness virus 9
AHV   V   37961: N=Atkinsonella hypoxylon virus
AHV1W V   33705: N=Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 (strain WC11)
                 S=Malignant catarrhal fever virus
AHV2H V  647331: N=Atkinsonella hypoxylon virus (isolate 2H)
AIGPA E  193128: N=Aigialus parvus
                 C=Marine mangrove fungus
AILAL E 2768810: N=Ailanthus altissimus
                 C=Tree of heaven
                 S=Toxicodendron altissimum
AILFU E    9649: N=Ailurus fulgens
                 C=Lesser panda
                 S=Red panda
AILME E    9646: N=Ailuropoda melanoleuca
                 C=Giant panda
AILUR E  165204: N=Ailurops ursinus
                 C=Sulawesi bear cuscus
                 S=Phalanger ursinus
AIMRU E  198934: N=Aimophila ruficeps
                 C=Rufous-crowned sparrow
AINOV V   11582: N=Aino virus
AIPLA E    8678: N=Aipysurus laevis
                 C=Olive sea snake
AIV   V   72149: N=Aichi virus
AIVA8 V  650132: N=Aichi virus (strain Human/A846/88/1989)
                 S=Aichi virus (strain A846/88)
AIXGA E    8832: N=Aix galericulata
                 C=Mandarin duck
AIXSP E    8833: N=Aix sponsa
                 C=Wood duck
                 S=Anas sponsa
AJEC8 E  544711: N=Ajellomyces capsulatus (strain H88)
                 C=Darling's disease fungus
                 S=Histoplasma capsulatum
AJECA E    5037: N=Ajellomyces capsulatus
                 C=Darling's disease fungus
                 S=Histoplasma capsulatum
AJECG E  447093: N=Ajellomyces capsulatus (strain G186AR / H82 / ATCC MYA-2454 / RMSCC 2432)
                 C=Darling's disease fungus
                 S=Histoplasma capsulatum
AJECH E  544712: N=Ajellomyces capsulatus (strain H143)
                 C=Darling's disease fungus
                 S=Histoplasma capsulatum
AJECN E  339724: N=Ajellomyces capsulatus (strain NAm1 / WU24)
                 C=Darling's disease fungus
                 S=Histoplasma capsulatum
AJEDA E  653446: N=Ajellomyces dermatitidis (strain ATCC 18188 / CBS 674.68)
                 S=Blastomyces dermatitidis
AJEDE E    5039: N=Ajellomyces dermatitidis
                 C=Blastomyces dermatitidis
AJEDR E  559297: N=Ajellomyces dermatitidis (strain ER-3 / ATCC MYA-2586)
                 S=Blastomyces dermatitidis
AJUCH E   49984: N=Ajuga chamaepitys
                 C=Yellow bugle
                 S=Teucrium chamaepitys
AJURE E   38596: N=Ajuga reptans
AKABI E   19375: N=Akania bidwillii
                 S=Akania lucens
AKEQU E   13331: N=Akebia quinata
                 C=Five leaf akebia
                 S=Rajania quinata
AKKLU E    3022: N=Akkesiphycus lubricus
                 C=Brown alga
AKKM8 B  349741: N=Akkermansia muciniphila (strain ATCC BAA-835 / DSM 22959 / JCM 33894 / BCRC 81048 / CCUG 64013 / CIP 107961 / Muc)
AKOAE E   10070: N=Akodon aerosus
                 C=Highland grass mouse
AKOAF E  230186: N=Akodon affinis
                 C=Colombian grass mouse
AKOAL E  251311: N=Akodon albiventer
                 C=White-bellied grass mouse
AKOAZ E   29095: N=Akodon azarae
                 C=Azara's grass mouse
AKOBO E   10072: N=Akodon boliviensis
                 C=Bolivian grass mouse
AKOBU E  291114: N=Akodon budini
                 C=Budin's grass mouse
AKOCU E   29096: N=Akodon cursor
                 C=Cursor grass mouse
AKODA E  291113: N=Akodon dayi
                 C=Day's grass mouse
AKODO E  240584: N=Akodon dolores
                 C=Dolorous grass mouse
AKOFU E  291115: N=Akodon fumeus
                 C=Smoky grass mouse
AKOIN E  240588: N=Akodon iniscatus
                 C=Intelligent grass mouse
AKOJU E   10073: N=Akodon juninensis
                 C=Junin grass mouse
AKOKO E   10074: N=Akodon kofordi
                 C=Koford's grass mouse
AKOLI E  106110: N=Akodon lindberghi
                 C=Lindbergh's grass mouse
AKOLP E   10076: N=Akodon lutescens puer
                 C=Altiplano grass mouse
                 S=Akodon puer
AKOMI E   10087: N=Akodon mimus
                 C=Thespian grass mouse
                 S=Microxus mimus
AKOML E  140761: N=Akodon molinae
                 C=Molina's grass mouse
AKOMN E  106112: N=Akodon montensis
                 C=Montane grass mouse
AKOMO E   10075: N=Akodon mollis
                 C=Soft grass mouse
AKOMY E  106113: N=Akodon mystax
                 C=Caparao grass mouse
AKOOR E   29099: N=Akodon orophilus
                 C=El Dorado grass mouse
AKOPA E  230113: N=Akodon paranaensis
                 C=Parana grass mouse
AKOPH E  306435: N=Akodon philipmyersi
                 C=Myers' grass mouse
AKORE E  230112: N=Akodon reigi
                 C=Reig's grass mouse
AKOSE E  106114: N=Akodon serrensis
                 C=Serrado Mar grass mouse
AKOSI E   29100: N=Akodon siberiae
                 C=Cochabamba grass mouse
AKOSP E  230187: N=Akodon spegazzinii
                 C=Spegazzini's grass mouse
AKOSU E   10077: N=Akodon subfuscus
                 C=Puno grass mouse
AKOTB E   29101: N=Akodon toba
                 C=Chaco grass mouse
AKOTO E   10078: N=Akodon torques
                 C=Cloud forest grass mouse
ALAAG E  720635: N=Alabama argillacea
                 C=Cotton leafworm
ALAAR E   88112: N=Alauda arvensis
                 C=Eurasian skylark
ALACH E   16897: N=Alangium chinense
                 C=Chinese alangium
                 S=Stylidium chinense
ALAES E    2889: N=Alaria esculenta
                 C=Irish wakame
                 S=Fucus esculentus
ALAHE E   85048: N=Alasmidonta heterodon
                 C=Dwarf wedge mussel
                 S=Unio heterodon
ALAMA E   96911: N=Alasmidonta marginata
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ALAMR E   98221: N=Alaria marginata
                 C=Ribbon kelp
                 S=Orgyia marginata
ALBBR E   82047: N=Albuca bracteata
                 C=False sea onion
                 S=Ornithogalum longebracteatum
ALBCA E   42349: N=Albinaria caerulea
                 C=Land snail
ALBJU E    3813: N=Albizia julibrissin
                 C=Silk tree
ALBKA E  199156: N=Albizia kalkora
                 C=Kalkora mimosa
                 S=Mimosa kalkora
ALBSE E  205705: N=Albuca setosa
                 C=Small white albuca
ALBTU E   27820: N=Albinaria turrita
                 C=Door snail
                 S=Clausilia turrita
ALBVE E 1859699: N=Albifimbria verrucaria
                 C=Myrothecium leaf spot and pod blight fungus
                 S=Myrothecium verrucaria
ALCAA E    9853: N=Alces alces alces
                 C=European moose
ALCAC E  162953: N=Alces alces cameloides
                 C=Ussuri moose
                 S=Siberian moose
ALCAI E  714350: N=Alcithoe aillaudorum
                 C=Sea snail
ALCAT E   36245: N=Alcedo atthis
                 C=Common kingfisher
ALCBS B  393595: N=Alcanivorax borkumensis (strain ATCC 700651 / DSM 11573 / NCIMB 13689 / SK2)
ALCBU E   59517: N=Alcelaphus buselaphus
ALCDB B  930169: N=Alcanivorax dieselolei (strain DSM 16502 / CGMCC 1.3690 / MCCC 1A00001 / B-5)
ALCFA B     511: N=Alcaligenes faecalis
ALCHY B     516: N=Alcaligenes hydrogenophilus
ALCLI E   59520: N=Alcelaphus lichtensteinii
                 C=Lichtenstein's hartebeest
                 S=Sigmoceros lichtensteinii
ALCSC B   68998: N=Alcaligenes sp. (strain CT14)
ALCSD B  242601: N=Alcaligenes sp. (strain DSM 11172)
                 S=Bordetella sp. (strain FB188)
ALCSP B     512: N=Alcaligenes sp.
ALCTO E   28689: N=Alca torda
ALCWI E 1069867: N=Alcithoe wilsonae
                 C=Sea snail
ALCXX B   85698: N=Alcaligenes xylosoxydans xylosoxydans
                 S=Achromobacter xylosoxidans
ALDFO E  443748: N=Aldrichetta forsteri
                 C=Yellow-eye mullet
                 S=Mugil forsteri
ALDGI E  167804: N=Aldabrachelys gigantea
                 C=Aldabra giant tortoise
                 S=Geochelone gigantea
ALDMO E  369574: N=Alderia modesta
                 C=Sea slug
ALDWI E  516969: N=Alderia willowi
                 C=Sea slug
ALDYE B   72989: N=Alder yellows phytoplasma
ALEAC E  266942: N=Aleurochiton aceris
ALEAE E  641275: N=Alectrias alectrolophus
                 C=Stone cockscomb
                 S=Blennius alectrolophus
ALEAG E  492023: N=Alepocephalus agassizii
                 C=Agassiz' slickhead
ALEAL E  179358: N=Alectis alexandrina
                 C=Alexandria pompano
                 S=Gallus alexandrinus
ALEAN E  183001: N=Alepidocline annua
ALEAS E  492024: N=Alepocephalus australis
                 C=Small scaled brown slickhead
ALEAU E    5188: N=Aleuria aurantia
                 C=Orange peel mushroom
ALEBA E  134618: N=Alepocephalus bairdii
                 C=Baird's slickhead
ALEBI E  443629: N=Alepocephalus bicolor
                 C=Bicolor slickhead
ALECA E    2925: N=Alexandrium catenella
                 C=Red tide dinoflagellate
                 S=Gonyaulax catenella
ALECH E    9078: N=Alectoris chukar
                 C=Chukar partridge
                 S=Perdix chukar
ALECI E  179359: N=Alectis ciliaris
                 C=African pompano
                 S=Zeus ciliaris
ALECM E 1000661: N=Aleurocanthus camelliae
                 C=Camellia spiny whitefly
ALECO E    2928: N=Alexandrium cohorticula
                 S=Gonyaulax cohorticula
ALEDJ E  173327: N=Alepes djedaba
                 C=Shrimp scad
                 S=Scomber djedaba
ALEDU E   30099: N=Aleurodicus dugesii
                 C=Giant whitefly
ALEFA E  167569: N=Aletris farinosa
                 C=Colic root
ALEFU E    2932: N=Alexandrium fundyense
ALEGR E   40178: N=Alectoris graeca
                 C=Rock partridge
                 S=Perdix graeca
ALEIN E  436001: N=Alectis indica
                 C=Indian threadfish
                 S=Scyris indicus
ALELA E   81907: N=Alectura lathami
                 C=Australian brush turkey
ALEMI E   39455: N=Alexandrium minutum
ALEOV E  212130: N=Aleuroglyphus ovatus
                 C=Brown-legged grain mite
                 S=Tyroglyphus ovatus
ALEPR E  492027: N=Alepocephalus productus
                 C=Smalleye smooth-head
ALERE E  798263: N=Alexfloydia repens
                 C=Floyd's grass
ALERU E    9079: N=Alectoris rufa
                 C=Red-legged partridge
                 S=Tetrao rufus
ALESE E   46040: N=Alectra sessiliflora
                 S=Gerardia sessiliflora
ALESP E  593793: N=Aleurocanthus spiniferus
                 C=Orange spiny whitefly
                 S=Aleurodes spinifera
ALETA E    2926: N=Alexandrium tamarense
                 C=Red tide dinoflagellate
                 S=Gonyaulax tamarensis
ALETE E  170189: N=Alepocephalus tenebrosus
                 C=California slickhead
ALETH E 1655842: N=Alebra thoracica
ALEUM E  492028: N=Alepocephalus umbriceps
ALGTI E  364079: N=Algansea tincella
                 C=Spottail chub
                 S=Leuciscus tincella
ALHV1 V  654901: N=Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 (strain C500)
                 S=Malignant catarrhal fever virus
ALIAC B    1388: N=Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius
                 S=Bacillus acidocaldarius
ALIAD B  521098: N=Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius (strain ATCC 27009 / DSM 446 / BCRC 14685 / JCM 5260 / KCTC 1825 / NBRC 15652 / NCIMB 11725 / NRRL B-14509 / 104-IA)
                 S=Bacillus acidocaldarius
ALIAG B 1356854: N=Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris (strain ATCC 49025 / DSM 3922 / CIP 106132 / NCIMB 13137 / GD3B)
ALIAT B 1048834: N=Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius (strain Tc-4-1)
                 S=Bacillus acidocaldarius
ALIB4 B  367737: N=Aliarcobacter butzleri (strain RM4018)
                 S=Arcobacter butzleri
ALICA E  120010: N=Alisma canaliculatum
                 C=Water plantain
ALICL E  402984: N=Aliatypus californicus
                 C=Trapdoor spider
                 S=Atypoides californica
ALIDB B  596153: N=Alicycliphilus denitrificans (strain DSM 18852 / JCM 14587 / BC)
ALIDK B  596154: N=Alicycliphilus denitrificans (strain DSM 14773 / CIP 107495 / K601)
ALIF1 B  312309: N=Aliivibrio fischeri (strain ATCC 700601 / ES114)
                 S=Vibrio fischeri
ALIFI B  679935: N=Alistipes finegoldii (strain DSM 17242 / JCM 16770 / CCUG 46020 / CIP 107999 / KCTC 15236 / AHN 2437)
ALIFM B  388396: N=Aliivibrio fischeri (strain MJ11)
                 S=Vibrio fischeri
ALIFS B     668: N=Aliivibrio fischeri
                 S=Vibrio fischeri
ALIJA E  322457: N=Aliatypus janus
                 C=Trapdoor spider
ALILO B     688: N=Aliivibrio logei
                 S=Vibrio logei
ALIPA E  662937: N=Alionycteris paucidentata
                 C=Mindanao pygmy fruit bat
ALIPL E   15000: N=Alisma plantago-aquatica
                 C=Common water-plantain
ALISA E 1326985: N=Alicia sansibarensis
                 C=Tuberculate night anemone
ALISL B  316275: N=Aliivibrio salmonicida (strain LFI1238)
                 S=Vibrio salmonicida (strain LFI1238)
ALISU E  981110: N=Alitta succinea
                 C=Pile worm
                 S=Neanthes succinea
ALITH E 1094238: N=Aliatypus thompsoni
                 C=Trapdoor spider
ALIVI E  880429: N=Alitta virens
                 S=Nereis virens
ALKAL B    1445: N=Alkalihalobacillus alcalophilus
                 S=Bacillus alcalophilus
ALKAM B  152573: N=Alkalimonas amylolytica
ALKCL B   79880: N=Alkalihalobacillus clausii
                 S=Bacillus clausii
ALKEH B  187272: N=Alkalilimnicola ehrlichii (strain ATCC BAA-1101 / DSM 17681 / MLHE-1)
ALKHA B   86665: N=Alkalihalobacillus halodurans
                 S=Bacillus halodurans
ALKHC B  272558: N=Alkalihalobacillus halodurans (strain ATCC BAA-125 / DSM 18197 / FERM 7344 / JCM 9153 / C-125)
                 S=Bacillus halodurans
ALKMQ B  293826: N=Alkaliphilus metalliredigens (strain QYMF)
ALKOF E   33120: N=Alkekengi officinarum
                 C=Chinese lantern
                 S=Physalis alkekengi
ALKOO B  350688: N=Alkaliphilus oremlandii (strain OhILAs)
                 S=Clostridium oremlandii (strain OhILAs)
ALKPO B  398511: N=Alkalihalobacillus pseudofirmus (strain ATCC BAA-2126 / JCM 17055 / OF4)
                 S=Bacillus pseudofirmus
ALKPS B   79885: N=Alkalihalobacillus pseudofirmus
                 S=Bacillus pseudofirmus
ALKV  V  172148: N=Alkhumra hemorrhagic fever virus
                 S=Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus
ALLAE E  115439: N=Allagoptera arenaria
                 C=Seashore palm
                 S=Cocos arenaria
ALLAL E   28691: N=Alle alle
                 C=Little auk
ALLAR E   64504: N=Allomyces arbusculus
                 C=Aquatic fungus
ALLCA E   52818: N=Allamanda cathartica
                 C=Yellow allamanda
ALLCE E    4679: N=Allium cepa
ALLCG E   28911: N=Allium cepa var. aggregatum
                 S=Allium ascalonicum
ALLCO E  201005: N=Allophylus cobbe
                 S=Rhus cobbe
ALLCU E  290258: N=Allagoptera caudescens
                 C=Buri palm tree
                 S=Polyandrococos caudescens
ALLEL E   73861: N=Allactaga elater
                 C=Small five-toed jerboa
                 S=Dipus elater
ALLEO E  688501: N=Allotria elonympha
                 C=False underwing moth
ALLFE E   92733: N=Allobates femoralis
                 C=Brilliant-thighed poison frog
                 S=Epipedobates femoralis
ALLFI E   35875: N=Allium fistulosum
                 C=Welsh onion
ALLFL E  406991: N=Alloxylon flammeum
                 C=Red silky oak
ALLGR E  479881: N=Allobates granti
                 C=Striped rocket frog
                 S=Colostethus granti
ALLHA E  221223: N=Allium haematochiton
                 C=Redskin onion
                 S=Allium marvinii
ALLIN E  122398: N=Allionia incarnata
                 C=Trailing four o'clock
ALLLH E  100224: N=Allochrocebus lhoesti
                 C=L'Hoest's monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus lhoesti
ALLM3 E  578462: N=Allomyces macrogynus (strain ATCC 38327)
                 S=Allomyces javanicus var. macrogynus
ALLMA E   28583: N=Allomyces macrogynus
ALLMI E    8496: N=Alligator mississippiensis
                 C=American alligator
ALLNG E  181445: N=Allocyttus niger
                 C=Black oreo dory
ALLNI E   54135: N=Allenopithecus nigroviridis
                 C=Allen's swamp monkey
ALLOB E  414762: N=Allograpta obliqua
                 S=Scaeva obliqua
ALLOC E  224139: N=Allenrolfea occidentalis
                 C=Iodine bush
                 S=Halostachys occidentalis
ALLOP E   29934: N=Allagelena opulenta
                 C=Funnel weaving spider
                 S=Agelena opulenta
ALLPE E  126270: N=Alliaria petiolata
                 C=Garlic mustard
                 S=Arabis petiolata
ALLPO E    4681: N=Allium porrum
                 S=Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum
ALLPR E    3586: N=Alluaudia procera
                 C=Madagascan ocotillo
                 S=Didierea procera
ALLPU E  147649: N=Allochrocebus preussi
                 C=Preuss's monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus preussi
ALLSA E    4682: N=Allium sativum
ALLSB E  217839: N=Alloispermum scabrifolium
ALLSC E   74900: N=Allium schoenoprasum
                 S=Allium sibiricum
ALLSE E  435756: N=Alloteropsis semialata
                 C=Cockatoo grass
                 S=Panicum semialatum
ALLSI E   38654: N=Alligator sinensis
                 C=Chinese alligator
ALLSO E  147650: N=Allochrocebus solatus
                 C=Sun-tailed monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus solatus
ALLSU E   54069: N=Alloteuthis subulata
                 S=Loligo subulata
ALLTA E   51951: N=Allobates talamancae
                 C=Talamanca rocket frog
                 S=Colostethus talamancae
ALLTE E  207935: N=Allium textile
                 C=Textile onion
                 S=Allium reticulatum
ALLTN E   34307: N=Allosyncarpia ternata
                 C=Anbinik tree
ALLTR E  122248: N=Allocebus trichotis
                 C=Hairy-eared dwarf lemur
                 S=Cheirogaleus trichotis
ALLTU E    4683: N=Allium tuberosum
                 C=Garlic chives
ALLUR E    4684: N=Allium ursinum
                 S=Bear garlic
ALLVD B  572477: N=Allochromatium vinosum (strain ATCC 17899 / DSM 180 / NBRC 103801 / NCIMB 10441 / D)
                 S=Chromatium vinosum
ALLVI B    1049: N=Allochromatium vinosum
                 S=Chromatium vinosum
ALLVP V  144752: N=Allpahuayo mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Peru/CLHP-2472/1997)
ALLWA B   61595: N=Allochromatium warmingii
                 S=Chromatium warmingii
ALLWI E   83845: N=Alloxylon wickhamii
                 S=Embothrium wickhamii
ALNGL E    3517: N=Alnus glutinosa
                 C=European alder
                 S=Betula alnus var. glutinosa
ALNIN E    3516: N=Alnus incana
                 C=White alder
ALNMA E   21015: N=Alnus maritima
                 C=Seaside alder
ALNVC E    3518: N=Alnus viridis subsp. crispa
                 C=Green alder
                 S=Alnus crispa
ALNVI E   38784: N=Alnus viridis
                 C=European green alder
                 S=Betula viridis
ALOAE E   30382: N=Alopochen aegyptiaca
                 C=Egyptian goose
ALOAN E  979739: N=Alopoglossus angulatus
                 C=Spectacled lizard
ALOAR E   45385: N=Aloe arborescens
                 C=Kidachi aloe
ALOBE E   30590: N=Alouatta belzebul
                 C=Red-handed howler monkey
ALOCA E    9502: N=Alouatta caraya
                 C=Black howler monkey
ALOFE E  117798: N=Aloe ferox
                 C=Bitter aloe
ALOGL E  117800: N=Aloe glauca
                 C=Blue aloe
ALOGU E  182256: N=Alouatta guariba
                 C=Brown howler monkey
                 S=Alouatta fusca
ALOJO E  444139: N=Alopecoenas jobiensis
                 C=White-bibbed ground-dove
                 S=Gallicolumba jobiensis
ALOMA E    4456: N=Alocasia macrorrhizos
                 C=Giant taro
                 S=Arum macrorrhizon
ALOMC E 1155789: N=Aloe maculata
                 C=Soap aloe
                 S=Aloe saponaria
ALOME E  106274: N=Alonsoa meridionalis
                 C=Mask flower
                 S=Scrophularia meridionalis
ALOMR E 2066572: N=Alopecosa marikovskyi
                 C=Wolf spider
                 S=Lycosa kazakhstanicus
ALOMY E   81473: N=Alopecurus myosuroides
                 C=Slender meadow foxtail
                 S=Alopecurus agrestis
ALOPA E   30589: N=Alouatta palliata
                 C=Mantled howler monkey
ALOPI E  182253: N=Alouatta pigra
                 C=Guatemalan howler monkey
                 S=Mexican black howler monkey
ALOPR E   15304: N=Alopecurus pratensis
                 C=Meadow foxtail
ALOSA E  121123: N=Alouatta sara
                 C=Bolivian red howler monkey
ALOSE E    9503: N=Alouatta seniculus
                 C=Red howler monkey
ALOSP E   34773: N=Alosa sapidissima
                 C=American shad
                 S=Clupea sapidissima
ALOUN E   68860: N=Alonsoa unilabiata
                 C=Mask flower
ALOVE E   58940: N=Alophia veracruzana
                 C=Mexican pine woods lily
ALOVR E   34199: N=Aloe vera
                 S=Aloe barbadensis
ALOVU E    7852: N=Alopias vulpinus
                 C=Common thresher shark
                 S=Squalus vulpinus
ALPAN E  195663: N=Alpheus angulosus
                 C=Snapping shrimp
                 S=Alpheus angulatus
ALPAR E  195664: N=Alpheus armillatus
                 C=Banded snapping shrimp
ALPBO E   87356: N=Alpheus bouvieri
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPCA E  199618: N=Alpinia calcarata
                 C=Snap ginger
                 S=Maranta galanga
ALPCO E   87358: N=Alpheus colombiensis
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPCR E   29969: N=Alpheus cristulifrons
                 C=Dotted snapping shrimp
ALPCY E   29970: N=Alpheus cylindricus
                 C=Cylindrical snapping shrimp
ALPDA E   27448: N=Alphitobius diaperinus
                 C=Lesser mealworm beetle
ALPDI E  674293: N=Alpheus digitalis
                 C=Forceps snapping shrimp
                 S=Alpheus distinguendus
ALPDJ E  331275: N=Alpheus djeddensis
                 C=Djeddah snapping shrimp
ALPES E   87359: N=Alpheus estuariensis
                 C=Estuarine snapping shrimp
ALPFO E   29971: N=Alpheus formosus
                 C=Striped snapping shrimp
ALPGA E   94327: N=Alpinia galanga
                 C=Greater galangal
                 S=Languas galanga
ALPLO E   54109: N=Alpheus lottini
                 C=Coral snapping shrimp
ALPMA E   87361: N=Alpheus malleator
                 C=Hammerclaw snapping shrimp
ALPMI E  426605: N=Alpheus millsae
                 C=Mills' snapping shrimp
ALPNU E   29972: N=Alpheus nuttingi
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPOF E  199623: N=Alpinia officinarum
                 C=Lesser galangal
                 S=Languas officinarum
ALPPA E   29974: N=Alpheus paracrinitus
                 C=Smooth-claw snapping shrimp
ALPPN E   29973: N=Alpheus panamensis
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPPU E  230707: N=Alpinia purpurata
                 C=Red ginger
                 S=Guillainia purpurata
ALPSA E   29976: N=Alpheus saxidomus
                 C=Pistol shrimp
                 S=Snapping shrimp
ALPSC E   87363: N=Alpheus schmitti
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPSI E   29977: N=Alpheus simus
                 C=Rock-boring snapping shrimp
ALPTR E  151042: N=Alpheopsis trigonus
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPUM E   87364: N=Alpheus umbo
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPUT E  426604: N=Alpheus utriensis
                 C=Utria spotted snapping shrimp
ALPV  V  209529: N=Aphid lethal paralysis virus
ALPVA E  525436: N=Alpheus vanderbilti
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPWE E   87365: N=Alpheus websteri
                 C=Snapping shrimp
ALPZE E   97723: N=Alpinia zerumbet
                 C=Shell ginger
                 S=Languas speciosa
ALSAU E   56742: N=Alstroemeria aurea
                 C=Peruvian lily
                 S=Alstroemeria aurantiaca
ALSIN E   71970: N=Alstroemeria inodora
ALSLI E   71825: N=Alstroemeria ligtu
                 C=St. Martin's flower
                 S=Peruvian lily
ALSPE E   71826: N=Alstroemeria pelegrina
                 C=Peruvian lily
ALSPS E   75983: N=Alstroemeria psittacina
                 C=Lily of the Incas
ALTAG B  105692: N=Alteromonas agarilytica
ALTAL E    5599: N=Alternaria alternata
                 C=Alternaria rot fungus
                 S=Torula alternata
ALTB1 E  622360: N=Alternaria brassicicola (strain ATCC 96836)
                 C=Dark leaf spot fungus
ALTBO E  119956: N=Alternaria botrytis
                 S=Ulocladium botrytis
ALTBR E   29001: N=Alternaria brassicicola
                 C=Dark leaf spot agent
ALTCA E  213817: N=Alternanthera caracasana
                 C=Mat chaff-flower
ALTCI E  216837: N=Alternaria cinerariae
ALTCL E   34792: N=Altolamprologus calvus
                 S=Neolamprologus calvus
ALTMA B   28108: N=Alteromonas macleodii
                 S=Pseudoalteromonas macleodii
ALTMB B 1004787: N=Alteromonas macleodii (strain Balearic Sea AD45)
ALTMC E   98316: N=Alticola macrotis
                 C=Large-eared vole
ALTMD B 1774373: N=Alteromonas mediterranea (strain DSM 17117 / CIP 110805 / LMG 28347 / Deep ecotype)
ALTME B 1004788: N=Alteromonas macleodii (strain English Channel 673)
ALTMS B 1004785: N=Alteromonas macleodii (strain Black Sea 11)
ALTNA B  715451: N=Alteromonas naphthalenivorans
ALTOF E  145745: N=Althaea officinalis
                 C=Common marshmallow
ALTS2 B  262966: N=Alteromonas sp. (strain 272)
ALTSL B 1537994: N=Alteromonas sp. (strain LOR)
ALTSM B   29457: N=Alteromonas sp. (strain M-1)
ALTSO E   48100: N=Alternaria solani
ALTSP B   29456: N=Alteromonas sp. (strain B-10-31)
ALTSX B     232: N=Alteromonas sp.
ALUSC E  303710: N=Aluterus scriptus
                 C=Scrawled filefish
                 S=Balistes scriptus
ALV   V   11864: N=Avian leukosis virus
ALVAM E   85161: N=Alvaradoa amorphoides
                 C=Mexican alvaradoa
ALVHS B    2326: N=Alvinoconcha hessleri symbiotic bacterium
ALVLI E   56200: N=Alvikia littoralis
                 C=Marine green alga
                 S=Chlorococcum littorale
ALVLU E   98103: N=Alvinocaris lusca
                 C=Hydrothermal vent shrimp
ALYCI E  214502: N=Alytes cisternasii
                 C=Iberian midwife toad
ALYLE E  226033: N=Alyssum lesbiacum
                 S=Odontarrhena lesbiaca
ALYMO E  226036: N=Alyssum montanum
                 C=Creeping basket of gold
ALYMU E   97955: N=Alytes muletensis
                 C=Mallorcan midwife toad
ALYOB E    8443: N=Alytes obstetricans
                 C=Common midwife toad
                 S=Bufo obstetricans
ALYRU E  184265: N=Alyxia ruscifolia
                 C=Chain fruit
AMAAE E   12930: N=Amazona aestiva
                 C=Blue-fronted Amazon parrot
AMAAP E   60756: N=Amara apricaria
                 C=Ground beetle
AMAAU E  536885: N=Amara aulica
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Curtonotus aulicus
AMABE E   51432: N=Amaryllis belladonna
                 C=Naked lady lily
AMABI E   87325: N=Amanita bisporigera
                 C=Destroying angel
AMABL E  124761: N=Amaranthus blitoides
                 C=Mat amaranth
                 S=Prostrate pigweed
AMABR E   75867: N=Amazonetta brasiliensis
                 C=Brazilian teal
AMABU E   87326: N=Amanita brunnescens
                 C=Brown star-footed amanita
AMABY E  501319: N=Amazilia beryllina
                 C=Berylline hummingbird
                 S=Saucerottia beryllina
AMACA E    3567: N=Amaranthus caudatus
AMACC E  655148: N=Amauta cacica
                 C=Sugar-cane borer moth
                 S=Castnia cacica
AMACL E 2042712: N=Amarsipus carlsbergi
AMACO E  145466: N=Amathia convoluta
                 C=Wool bryozoan
                 S=Amathia spiralis
AMACR E  117272: N=Amaranthus cruentus
                 C=Purple amaranth
                 S=Amaranthus paniculatus
AMACY E 1290859: N=Amazilia cyanocephala
                 C=Azure-crowned hummingbird
                 S=Agyrtria cyanocephala
AMAEX E  262245: N=Amanita exitialis
                 C=Guangzhou destroying angel
AMAFA E  151760: N=Amazona farinosa
                 C=Mealy parrot
AMAFL E  580329: N=Amanita fuligineoides
AMAFU E   67708: N=Amanita fuliginea
                 C=East Asian brown death cap
AMAGR E  240022: N=Amaranthus greggii
                 C=Gregg's amaranth
AMAHP E   28502: N=Amaranthus hypochondriacus
                 C=Prince-of-Wales feather
                 S=Amaranthus hybridus var. hypochondriacus
AMAHY E    3565: N=Amaranthus hybridus
                 C=Slim amaranth
AMAMI E  164282: N=Amazophrynella minuta
                 C=Tiny tree toad
                 S=Dendrophryniscus minutus
AMAMK E  946122: N=Amanita muscaria (strain Koide BX008)
AMAMU E   41956: N=Amanita muscaria
                 C=Fly agaric
AMANI E   74111: N=Amatitlania nigrofasciata
                 C=Convict cichlid
AMANO E  698013: N=Amalda northlandica
                 C=Northland olive shell
                 S=Gracilispira northlandica
AMAOC E  235532: N=Amanita ocreata
                 C=Western North American destroying angel
AMAOH E  151761: N=Amazona ochrocephala
                 C=Yellow-crowned parrot
                 S=Psittacus ochrocephalus
AMAPA E  107608: N=Amaranthus palmeri
                 C=Palmer amaranth
AMAPH E   67723: N=Amanita phalloides
                 C=Death cap
AMAPL E 1324310: N=Amanita pallidorosea
AMAPO E  158579: N=Amaranthus powellii
                 C=Powell's amaranth
AMAQU E  107609: N=Amaranthus quitensis
                 C=Mucronate amaranth
                 S=Amaranthus hybridus subsp. quitensis
AMARE E  124763: N=Amaranthus retroflexus
                 C=Redroot amaranth
                 S=American pigweed
AMARI E  580330: N=Amanita rimosa
AMASA E   63160: N=Amatitlania sajica
                 C=T-bar cichlid
                 S=Cryptoheros sajica
AMASB E  500611: N=Amanita suballiacea
                 C=Garlic-odored death cap
AMASC E  245707: N=Amanses scopas
                 C=Broom filefish
                 S=Balistes scopas
AMASE E   63161: N=Amatitlania septemfasciata
                 C=Cutter's cichlid
                 S=Cryptoheros septemfasciatus
AMASI E  501721: N=Amazonsprattus scintilla
                 C=Rio Negro pygmy anchovy
AMASP E  124765: N=Amaranthus spinosus
                 C=Spiny amaranth
AMASU E  187413: N=Amandava subflava
                 C=Gold breast waxbill
AMATR E   29722: N=Amaranthus tricolor
                 C=Joseph's coat
                 S=Amaranthus gangeticus
AMATU E  277990: N=Amaranthus tuberculatus
                 C=Rough-fruited waterhemp
                 S=Amaranthus rudis
AMATZ E   57392: N=Amazilia tzacatl
                 C=Rufous-tailed hummingbird
AMAVB V 2169996: N=Amapari mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/Brazil/BeAn 70563/1965)
                 S=Amapar mammarenavirus
AMAVE E   57393: N=Amazona ventralis
                 C=Hispaniolan amazon
                 S=Psittacus ventralis
AMAVI E   56196: N=Amaranthus viridis
                 C=Slender amaranth
AMAVR E   78357: N=Amanita virosa
                 C=European destroying angel
                 S=Agaricus virosa
AMAVT E  241585: N=Amazona vittata
                 C=Puerto Rican parrot
AMAYU E  372284: N=Amazilia yucatanensis
                 C=Buff-bellied hummingbird
AMBAC E  187148: N=Amburana acreana
                 S=Torresea acreana
AMBAM E    6943: N=Amblyomma americanum
                 C=Lone star tick
AMBAR E    4212: N=Ambrosia artemisiifolia
                 C=Short ragweed
AMBAS E  219765: N=Amblyopone australis
                 C=Southern Michelin ant
AMBAU E  161766: N=Amblyglyphidodon aureus
                 C=Golden damselfish
                 S=Glyphisodon aureus
AMBCA E   43107: N=Ambystoma californiense
                 C=California tiger salamander
AMBCE E  149628: N=Amburana cearensis
                 S=Torresea cearensis
AMBCH E   38661: N=Amblypharyngodon chulabhornae
AMBCJ E   34607: N=Amblyomma cajennense
                 C=Cayenne tick
                 S=Acarus cajennensis
AMBCR E   51208: N=Amblyrhynchus cristatus
                 C=Galapagos marine iguana
AMBEL E    4215: N=Ambrosia artemisiifolia var. elatior
                 C=Short ragweed
                 S=Ambrosia elatior
AMBGE E 1051904: N=Amblyraja georgiana
                 C=Antarctic starry skate
                 S=Raja georgiana
AMBGO E  909836: N=Amblydoras gonzalezi
                 S=Zathorax gonzalezi
AMBGR E   59636: N=Ambystoma gracile
                 C=Northwestern salamander
AMBHL E   84791: N=Amblycercus holosericeus
                 C=Yellow-billed cacique
                 S=Cacicus holosericeus
AMBHO E    9391: N=Amblysomus hottentotus
                 C=Hottentot golden mole
AMBHS E   84812: N=Amblyramphus holosericeus
                 C=Scarlet-headed blackbird
AMBHY E  315322: N=Amblyraja hyperborea
                 C=Arctic skate
                 S=Raja hyperborea
AMBJA E  498363: N=Ambassis jacksoniensis
                 C=Port Jackson perchlet
                 S=Opisthognathus jacksoniensis
AMBJE E    8297: N=Ambystoma jeffersonianum
                 C=Jefferson salamander
AMBLA E    8298: N=Ambystoma laterale
                 C=Blue-spotted salamander
AMBLE E 1178221: N=Ambesa laetella
AMBMA E    9166: N=Amblyornis macgregoriae
                 C=Macgregor's bowerbird
AMBMC E   43114: N=Ambystoma maculatum
                 C=Spotted salamander
                 S=Lacerta maculatum
AMBME E    8296: N=Ambystoma mexicanum
AMBML E  745234: N=Amblysomus marleyi
                 C=Marley's golden mole
AMBMO E   43982: N=Ambrosiozyma monospora
                 S=Endomycopsis monosporus
AMBMR E   43111: N=Ambystoma macrodactylum
                 C=Long-toed salamander
AMBMU E   34609: N=Amblyomma maculatum
                 C=Gulf Coast tick
AMBOP E   43115: N=Ambystoma opacum
                 C=Marbled salamander
                 S=Salamandra opaca
AMBPA E  251391: N=Amblyomma parvum
                 C=South American tick
AMBPH E  166732: N=Amblygobius phalaena
                 C=Whitebarred goby
                 S=Gobius phalaena
AMBPI E  390302: N=Amblycirrhitus pinos
                 C=Redspotted hawkfish
                 S=Pseudocirrhites pinos
AMBPL E   47525: N=Amblema plicata
                 C=Threeridge mussel
                 S=Freshwater mussel
AMBPS E   29715: N=Ambrosia psilostachya
                 C=Western ragweed
                 S=Ambrosia coronopifolia
AMBPU E  149407: N=Amblyopappus pusillus
                 C=Dwarf coastweed
AMBRA E  386614: N=Amblyraja radiata
                 C=Thorny skate
                 S=Raja radiata
AMBRU E  109273: N=Ambloplites rupestris
                 C=Rock bass
                 S=Bodianus rupestris
AMBST E  586770: N=Amblyeleotris steinitzi
                 C=Steinitz' shrimp goby
                 S=Cryptocentrus steinitzi
AMBSU E 1144608: N=Ambohima sublima
AMBTA E    8306: N=Ambystoma talpoideum
                 C=Mole salamander
AMBTC E   13333: N=Amborella trichopoda
AMBTE E    8304: N=Ambystoma texanum
                 C=Smallmouth salamander
                 S=Salamandra texana
AMBTI E    8305: N=Ambystoma tigrinum
                 C=Eastern tiger salamander
AMBTR E    4214: N=Ambrosia trifida
                 C=Giant ragweed
AMBTS E  375577: N=Amblyomma testudinarium
                 C=Hard tick
AMBTT E  251400: N=Amblyomma triste
                 C=Neotropical tick
AMBVA E   34610: N=Amblyomma variegatum
                 C=Tropical bont tick
AMBWH E  166729: N=Amblyeleotris wheeleri
                 C=Gorgeous prawn-goby
                 S=Cryptocentrus wheeleri
AMCV  V   12142: N=Artichoke mottled crinkle virus
AMEAM E    8535: N=Ameiva ameiva
                 C=Giant ameiva
                 S=South American ground lizard
AMEAR E   25625: N=Amentotaxus argotaenia
                 C=Chinese flowering yew
                 S=Podocarpus argotaenia
AMEBA E   35968: N=Amelanchier bartramiana
                 C=Mountain serviceberry
                 S=Amelanchier oligocarpa
AMECA E   66911: N=Ameiurus catus
                 C=White catfish
                 S=Silurus catus
AMECE E  148033: N=Ametrida centurio
                 C=Small leaf-nosed bat
                 S=Little white-shouldered bat
AMEIN E  560355: N=Ameletus inopinatus
                 C=Upland summer mayfly
AMEME E  219545: N=Ameiurus melas
                 C=Black bullhead
                 S=Silurus melas
AMENA E   66912: N=Ameiurus natalis
                 C=Yellow bullhead
                 S=Pimelodus natalis
AMENE E   27778: N=Ameiurus nebulosus
                 C=Brown bullhead
                 S=Pimelodus nebulosus
AMEPH E   38229: N=Amesiella philippinensis
                 S=Angraecum philippinense
AMEPV V   28321: N=Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus
AMESA E   57635: N=Americoliva sayana
                 C=Lettered olive
                 S=Oliva sayana
AMESN E 2015500: N=Amesia sanguiflua
AMIAI B   83263: N=Aminobacter aminovorans
                 S=Chelatobacter heintzii
AMIAM B  135579: N=Aminomonas aminovorus
AMIAN E  327958: N=Amietia angolensis
                 C=Angola river frog
                 S=Afrana angolensis
AMICA E    7924: N=Amia calva
AMICL B  572547: N=Aminobacterium colombiense (strain DSM 12261 / ALA-1)
AMIMO E  168052: N=Amischotolype monosperma
                 S=Forrestia monosperma
AMISM B  613028: N=Amycolatopsis sp. (strain MI481-42F4 / FERM P-12739)
AMMAR E   96047: N=Ammophila arenaria
                 C=Marram beachgrass
AMMCA E  648471: N=Ammothea carolinensis
                 C=Sea spider
AMMDK B  429009: N=Ammonifex degensii (strain DSM 10501 / KC4)
AMMHA E   45487: N=Ammospermophilus harrisii
                 C=Harris' antelope squirrel
AMMHI E  258330: N=Ammothea hilgendorfi
                 C=Sea spider
AMMIN E  142640: N=Ammospermophilus insularis
                 C=Espiritu Santo island antelope squirrel
AMMIT E   45486: N=Ammospermophilus interpres
                 C=Texas antelope squirrel
AMMLC E  198935: N=Ammospiza leconteii
                 C=Le Conte's sparrow
                 S=Ammodramus leconteii
AMMLE E    9899: N=Ammotragus lervia
                 C=Barbary sheep
                 S=Antilope lervia
AMMLU E   45488: N=Ammospermophilus leucurus
                 C=White-tailed antelope squirrel
                 S=Tamias leucurus
AMMMA E  371905: N=Ammodramus maritimus
                 C=Seaside sparrow
AMMMJ E   48026: N=Ammi majus
                 C=Bishop's weed
AMMSA E  135422: N=Ammodramus savannarum
                 C=Grasshopper sparrow
                 S=Fringilla savannarum
AMNAL E  333676: N=Amnirana albolabris
                 C=White-lipped frog
                 S=Rana albolabris
AMOA5 B  452471: N=Amoebophilus asiaticus (strain 5a2)
AMOAL E  152299: N=Amorphophallus albus
                 C=Dwarf white voodoo lily
AMOBY E  175716: N=Amorphophallus abyssinicus
                 C=Black arum
                 S=Arum abyssinicum
AMOCH E 1285437: N=Amoya chusanensis
                 S=Ctenogobius chusanensis
AMOCU E  325556: N=Amolops chunganensis
                 C=Chungan torrent frog
                 S=Hylorana chunganensis
AMOFR E   48131: N=Amorpha fruticosa
                 C=False indigo-bush
AMOGL E  199625: N=Amomum glabrum
AMOGO E 2109901: N=Amoeboradix gromovi
AMOGR E  325557: N=Amolops granulosus
                 C=Granular torrent frog
                 S=Staurois granulosus
AMOJI E 1077530: N=Amolops jingdongensis
                 C=Chinese torrent frog
AMOKO E   78372: N=Amorphophallus konjac
                 C=Devil's tongue
                 S=Amorphophallus rivieri
AMOLO E  318551: N=Amolops loloensis
                 C=Lolokou Sucker Frog
                 S=Staurois loloensis
AMOMA E  167930: N=Amolops mantzorum
                 C=Sichuan torrent frog
AMOPA E    4881: N=Amoebidium parasiticum
AMOPO E  174187: N=Amorphophallus paeoniifolius
                 C=Whitespot giant arum
                 S=Amorphophallus campanulatus
AMOPR E    5775: N=Amoeba proteus
                 S=Chaos diffluens
AMORE E    5101: N=Amorphotheca resinae
                 C=Creosote fungus
                 S=Hormoconis resinae
AMORI E  110104: N=Amolops ricketti
                 C=Chinese sucker frog
                 S=Rana ricketti
AMOTI E  175755: N=Amorphophallus titanum
                 C=Titan arum
                 S=Conophallus titanum
AMOWR E   69456: N=Amoreuxia wrightii
                 C=Wright's yellowshow
AMOWU E  120494: N=Amolops wuyiensis
                 C=Wuyi torrent frog
                 S=Staurois wuyiensis
AMPAA E  858711: N=Amphilophus amarillo
                 C=Cichlid fish
AMPAB E  476771: N=Amphiagrion abbreviatum
                 C=Western red damselfly
                 S=Pyrrhosoma abbreviatum
AMPAE E  515815: N=Amphioctopus aegina
                 C=Marbled octopus
                 S=Octopus aegina
AMPAI E 1197293: N=Amplirhagada alta intermedia
                 C=Land snail
                 S=Amplirhagada intermedia
AMPAM E 1232801: N=Amphibalanus amphitrite
                 C=Striped barnacle
                 S=Balanus amphitrite
AMPBA E  582868: N=Ampullaceana balthica
                 C=Wandering pond snail
                 S=Radix balthica
AMPBI E  198939: N=Amphispiza bilineata
                 C=Black-throated sparrow
                 S=Aimophila bilineata
AMPBR E   45679: N=Amphicarpaea bracteata
                 C=American hog peanut
                 S=Glycine bracteata
AMPCA E    2961: N=Amphidinium carterae
AMPCI E   61819: N=Amphilophus citrinellus
                 C=Midas cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma citrinellum
AMPCL E   80970: N=Amphiprion clarkii
                 C=Clark's amemonefish
                 S=Anthias clarkii
AMPCM E  178514: N=Amphimedon compressa
                 C=Erect rope sponge
                 S=Haliclona compressa
AMPCO E  160601: N=Amphidinium corpulentum
AMPCP E  860918: N=Ampulex compressa
                 C=Emerald cockroach wasp
AMPEB E  637417: N=Amphibalanus eburneus
                 C=Ivory barnacle
                 S=Balanus eburneus
AMPED E  132429: N=Amphicarpaea edgeworthii
                 C=Chinese hog peanut
                 S=Amphicarpaea bracteata subsp. edgeworthii
AMPEL E 1127133: N=Amphilonche elongata
AMPFA E  515817: N=Amphioctopus fangsiao
                 C=Ocellated octopus
                 S=Octopus ocellatus
AMPFE E   51823: N=Amplexidiscus fenestrafer
                 C=Giant cup mushroom anemone
AMPFR E   80971: N=Amphiprion frenatus
                 C=Tomato anemonefish
AMPFU E  643087: N=Amphisbaena fuliginosa
                 C=Speckled worm lizard
AMPGA E   53615: N=Amphisamytha galapagensis
                 C=Polychaete worm
AMPGB E  178805: N=Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata
                 S=Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
AMPHE E  160602: N=Amphidinium herdmanii
AMPIM E 1220549: N=Amphibalanus improvisus
                 C=Bay barnacle
                 S=Balanus improvisus
AMPIN E  107775: N=Amphizoa insolens
                 C=Trout-stream beetle
                 S=Dysmathes sahlbergii
AMPLA E   61820: N=Amphilophus labiatus
                 C=Red devil cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma labiatum
AMPLE E  159779: N=Amphizoa lecontei
                 C=Trout-stream beetle
                 S=Amphizoa carinata
AMPLO E  134542: N=Ampithoe longimana
                 C=Long-antennaed tube-building amphipod
AMPMA E  505397: N=Amphioctopus marginatus
                 C=Veined octopus
                 S=Octopus marginatus
AMPMC E   64099: N=Amphilophus macracanthus
                 S=Cichlasoma guija
AMPME E    8312: N=Amphiuma means
                 S=Two-toed amphiuma
AMPMR E  184382: N=Amphineurion marginatum
                 S=Echites marginatus
AMPMU E  116113: N=Amphibolurus muricatus
                 C=Jacky dragon
                 S=Lacerta muricata
AMPOB E   85312: N=Amphiareus obscuriceps
                 C=Minute pirate bug
                 S=Cardiastethus obscuriceps
AMPOC E   80972: N=Amphiprion ocellaris
                 C=Clown anemonefish
AMPOP E  107036: N=Amphidinium operculatum
AMPPE E  161767: N=Amphiprion percula
                 C=Orange clownfish
                 S=Lutjanus percula
AMPPO E   96882: N=Amphiprion polymnus
                 C=Saddleback anemonefish
                 S=Perca polymna
AMPPR E   80973: N=Amphiprion perideraion
                 C=Pink anemonefish
AMPQE E  400682: N=Amphimedon queenslandica
AMPQU E   50730: N=Ampelomyces quisqualis
                 C=Powdery mildew agent
AMPRU E  512393: N=Ampelophaga rubiginosa
                 C=Common vine hawkmoth
AMPSA E   96883: N=Amphiprion sandaracinos
                 C=Yellow clownfish
AMPSC E  273519: N=Amphisbaena schmidti
                 C=Schmidt's worm lizard
AMPSE E  229075: N=Amphiprion sebae
                 C=Sebae anemonefish
AMPSG E  858759: N=Amphilophus sagittae
                 C=Cichlid fish
AMPSQ E   48271: N=Amphipholis squamata
                 C=Dwarf Brittle Star
                 S=Asterias squamata
AMPTR E  689058: N=Amphipyra tragopoginis
                 C=Mouse moth
AMPV1 V  652954: N=Avian metapneumovirus (isolate Canada goose/Minnesota/15a/2001)
AMPVA E  134543: N=Ampithoe valida
AMPXN B  698758: N=Amphibacillus xylanus (strain ATCC 51415 / DSM 6626 / JCM 7361 / LMG 17667 / NBRC 15112 / Ep01)
AMSAL E  340056: N=Amsacta albistriga
                 C=Red hairy caterpillar
AMSMO E  343453: N=Amsacta moorei
                 C=Tiger moth
                 S=Aloa moorei
AMSTA E  144544: N=Amsonia tabernaemontana
                 C=Eastern bluestar
AMV79 V 1552985: N=Alphamesonivirus 1 (isolate Aedes harrisoni/Cote d'Ivoire/C79/2004)
                 S=Cavally virus (isolate C79)
AMVLE V   12322: N=Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain 425 / isolate Leiden)
AMVMA V   12323: N=Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain 425 / isolate Madison)
AMVST V   12324: N=Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain Strasbourg)
AMVYS V   12325: N=Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain YSMV)
AMYBA B  208443: N=Amycolatopsis balhimycina
AMYCA E  161655: N=Amyda cartilaginea
                 C=Asiatic softshell turtle
AMYLA B    1913: N=Amycolatopsis lactamdurans
                 S=Nocardia lactamdurans
AMYMD B   33910: N=Amycolatopsis mediterranei
                 S=Nocardia mediterranei
AMYME B    1814: N=Amycolatopsis methanolica
AMYMS B  713604: N=Amycolatopsis mediterranei (strain S699)
                 S=Nocardia mediterranei
AMYMU B  749927: N=Amycolatopsis mediterranei (strain U-32)
AMYOR B   31958: N=Amycolatopsis orientalis
                 S=Nocardia orientalis
AMYRO E   29923: N=Amylomyces rouxii
                 C=Filamentous fungus
                 S=Mucor rouxii
AMYS7 B  385957: N=Amycolatopsis sp. (strain ATCC 39116 / 75iv2)
AMYSP B   37632: N=Amycolatopsis sp.
AMYTR E  680683: N=Amyelois transitella
                 C=Navel orangeworm moth
AMYVI E  506674: N=Amynthas vittatus
                 S=Pheretima vittata
ANAAA E  145890: N=Anartia amathea
                 C=Scarlet peacock butterfly
                 S=Brown peacock butterfly
ANAAB B    2087: N=Anaeroplasma abactoclasticum
ANAAC E   28680: N=Anas acuta
                 C=Northern pintail
ANAAE E    8389: N=Anaxyrus americanus
                 C=American toad
                 S=Bufo americanus
ANAAG E   57095: N=Anacridium aegyptium
                 C=Egyptian locust
ANAAL E   83297: N=Anairetes alpinus
                 C=Ash-breasted tit-tyrant
ANAAN E  195821: N=Anableps anableps
                 C=Largescale four-eyed fish
                 S=Cobitis anableps
ANAAR E    4337: N=Anagallis arvensis
                 C=Scarlet pimpernel
                 S=Lysimachia arvensis
ANAAU E   75833: N=Anas aucklandica
                 C=Brown teal
                 S=Auckland island teal
ANABA E   75834: N=Anas bahamensis
                 C=White-cheeked pintail
ANABE E   75835: N=Anas bernieri
                 C=Madagascar teal
                 S=Bernier's teal
ANABO E   30325: N=Anaxyrus boreas
                 C=Boreal toad
                 S=Bufo boreas
ANABR E  148819: N=Anadara broughtonii
                 C=Blood clam
                 S=Scapharca broughtonii
ANACA E    8837: N=Anas capensis
                 C=Cape teal
                 S=African Cape teal
ANACC B  272123: N=Anabaena cylindrica (strain ATCC 27899 / PCC 7122)
ANACD B  411490: N=Anaerostipes caccae (strain DSM 14662 / CCUG 47493 / JCM 13470 / NCIMB 13811 / L1-92)
ANACE B     769: N=Anaplasma centrale
ANACG E   30328: N=Anaxyrus cognatus
                 C=Great plains toad
                 S=Bufo cognatus
ANACH E   75837: N=Anas chlorotis
                 C=Brown teal
ANACI B  574556: N=Anaplasma centrale (strain Israel)
                 S=Anaplasma marginale subsp. centrale (strain Israel)
ANACO E    4615: N=Ananas comosus
                 S=Ananas ananas
ANACP E  165849: N=Anartia chrysopelea
                 C=Caribbean peacock butterfly
ANACR E   75839: N=Anas crecca
                 C=Green-winged teal
ANACS E   45631: N=Anas castanea
                 C=Chestnut teal
ANACT E 1107567: N=Anania coronata
                 S=Phlyctaenia coronata
ANACU E   30327: N=Anaxyrus canorus
                 C=Yosemite toad
                 S=Bufo canorus
ANACV E 2599388: N=Anastrepha curvicauda
                 C=Papaya fruit fly
                 S=Toxotrypana curvicauda
ANACY B    1165: N=Anabaena cylindrica
ANAD2 B  455488: N=Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans (strain 2CP-1 / ATCC BAA-258)
ANADE B  290397: N=Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans (strain 2CP-C)
ANADF B  404589: N=Anaeromyxobacter sp. (strain Fw109-5)
ANAER E   75843: N=Anas erythrorhyncha
                 C=Red-billed duck
ANAFA E   56368: N=Anagrapha falcifera
                 C=Celery looper moth
ANAFI E   74357: N=Anairetes flavirostris
                 C=Yellow-billed tit-tyrant
ANAFT E  145889: N=Anartia fatima
                 C=Banded peacock butterfly
ANAFU E   75846: N=Anas fulvigula
                 C=Mottled duck
                 S=Anas platyrhynchos fulvigula
ANAFV E   75845: N=Anas flavirostris
                 C=Speckled teal
ANAGA E  495550: N=Anabarilius grahami
                 C=Kanglang fish
                 S=Barilius grahami
ANAGE E   75847: N=Anas georgica
                 C=Yellow-billed pintail
ANAGI E   75848: N=Anas gibberifrons
                 C=Sunda teal
ANAGR E   45630: N=Anas gracilis
                 C=Grey teal
ANAHA B  649756: N=Anaerostipes hadrus
ANAIM E   39274: N=Anax imperator
                 C=Emperor dragonfly
ANAIN E 2784303: N=Anadara inaequivalvis
                 C=Inequivalve ark
                 S=Scapharca inaequivalvis
ANAJA E  165846: N=Anartia jatrophae
                 C=White peacock butterfly
                 S=Papilio jatrophae
ANAJU E  214820: N=Anax junius
                 C=Green darner dragonfly
                 S=Anax spiniferus
ANALA E   75850: N=Anas laysanensis
                 C=Laysan duck
                 S=Anas platyrhynchos laysanensis
ANALE E  188169: N=Anacolia laevisphaera
                 C=Anacolia moss
                 S=Glyphocarpa laevisphaera
ANALU E    8204: N=Anarhichas lupus
                 C=Atlantic wolffish
ANALZ E   75851: N=Anas luzonica
                 C=Philippine duck
ANAMA B     770: N=Anaplasma marginale
ANAMC E  203992: N=Ananas macrodontes
                 C=False pineapple
                 S=Pseudananas macrodontes
ANAME E   75852: N=Anas melleri
                 C=Meller's duck
ANAMF B  320483: N=Anaplasma marginale (strain Florida)
ANAMI E   65739: N=Anarhichas minor
                 C=Arctic spotted wolffish
ANAML B  403778: N=Anaplasma marginale (strain Illinois)
ANAMM B  234826: N=Anaplasma marginale (strain St. Maries)
ANAMR E   49045: N=Anaphalis margaritacea
                 C=Pearly everlasting
                 S=Gnaphalium margaritaceum
ANAMV B  403779: N=Anaplasma marginale (strain Virginia)
ANANE E  101514: N=Anas nesiotis
                 C=Campbell island teal
                 S=Anas aucklandica nesiotis
ANAOC E  171929: N=Anacardium occidentale
ANAPD B  525919: N=Anaerococcus prevotii (strain ATCC 9321 / DSM 20548 / JCM 6508 / NCTC 11806 / PC1)
                 C=Peptostreptococcus prevotii
                 S=Peptococcus prevotii
ANAPH B     948: N=Anaplasma phagocytophilum
                 S=Ehrlichia phagocytophila
ANAPI B   28446: N=Anaerotignum propionicum
                 S=Clostridium propionicum
ANAPL E    8839: N=Anas platyrhynchos
                 S=Anas boschas
ANAPN E   75855: N=Anas puna
                 C=Puna teal
                 S=Spatula puna
ANAPO E   75854: N=Anas poecilorhyncha
                 C=Indian spot-billed duck
ANAPP E    8840: N=Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos
                 C=Northern mallard
ANAPR E  126066: N=Anax parthenope
                 C=Lesser emperor dragonfly
                 S=Aeschna parthenope
ANAPS E   83300: N=Anairetes parulus
                 C=Tufted tit-tyrant
ANAPU E   47553: N=Anaxyrus punctatus
                 C=Red-spotted toad
                 S=Bufo punctatus
ANAPZ B  212042: N=Anaplasma phagocytophilum (strain HZ)
ANARE E   47555: N=Anaxyrus retiformis
                 C=Sonoran green toad
                 S=Bufo retiformis
ANARU E   75857: N=Anas rubripes
                 C=American black duck
                 S=Anas obscura
ANASA E   75860: N=Anas sparsa
                 C=African black duck
ANASB B 1794912: N=Anaerosporomusa subterranea
ANASC B   52271: N=Anabaena sp. (strain CA / ATCC 33047)
ANASE E   45632: N=Anas superciliosa
                 C=Pacific black duck
ANASK B  447217: N=Anaeromyxobacter sp. (strain K)
ANASL B   29412: N=Anabaena sp. (strain L31)
ANASP E  316456: N=Anabrus simplex
                 C=Mormon cricket
ANASU B   13335: N=Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens
ANATE E   64144: N=Anabas testudineus
                 C=Climbing perch
                 S=Anthias testudineus
ANATI E  236421: N=Anasa tristis
                 C=Squash bug
ANATR E    6556: N=Anadara trapezia
                 C=Sydney cockle
                 S=Arca trapezia
ANATT E 1140616: N=Anania tertialis
                 C=Crowned Phlyctaenia moth
ANATU B  926569: N=Anaerolinea thermophila (strain DSM 14523 / JCM 11388 / NBRC 100420 / UNI-1)
ANAUN E   75862: N=Anas undulata
                 C=Yellow-billed duck
ANAVA B  264691: N=Anabaena variabilis
ANAWO E   47561: N=Anaxyrus woodhousii
                 C=Woodhouse's toad
ANCAQ B     100: N=Ancylobacter aquaticus
ANCCA E   29170: N=Ancylostoma caninum
                 C=Dog hookworm
ANCDI E   28473: N=Anchomanes difformis
                 S=Amorphophallus difformis
ANCKO E   63089: N=Ancistrocladus korupensis
                 C=Cameroonian vine
ANCOF E   89630: N=Anchusa officinalis
                 S=Common bugloss
ANCSP E  280265: N=Ancylometes sp.
                 C=South American fishing spider
ANDAM E  112024: N=Androctonus amoreuxi
                 C=African fattail scorpion
                 S=Scorpio amoreuxi
ANDAU E    6858: N=Androctonus australis
                 C=Sahara scorpion
ANDBI E 1190795: N=Andrena bicolor
                 C=Gwynne's mining bee
ANDCI E  465493: N=Andrena cineraria
                 C=Ashy mining bee
ANDCO E  318583: N=Andinoacara coeruleopunctatus
                 C=Cichlid fish
                 S=Acara coeruleopunctata
ANDCR E  122909: N=Androctonus crassicauda
                 C=Arabian fat-tailed scorpion
ANDDA E  141262: N=Andrias davidianus
                 C=Chinese giant salamander
                 S=Sieboldia davidiana
ANDDU E  337472: N=Andrena dunningi
                 C=Dunning's mining bee
ANDGO E  505711: N=Andalucia godoyi
ANDIN E  122529: N=Andryala integrifolia
                 C=Common andryala
ANDJA E  166789: N=Andrias japonicus
                 C=Japanese giant salamander
                 S=Triton japonicus
ANDKO E   75165: N=Andricus kollari
                 C=Oak marble gall wasp
ANDMA E    6860: N=Androctonus mauritanicus mauritanicus
ANDMU E    6859: N=Androctonus mauritanicus
                 C=Fat-tailed scorpion
ANDOL E  118858: N=Andalgalomys olrogi
                 C=Olrog's chaco mouse
ANDPA E  175694: N=Andrographis paniculata
                 S=Justicia paniculata
ANDPE E  118859: N=Andalgalomys pearsoni
                 C=Pearson's chaco mouse
ANDPO E   95630: N=Andromeda polifolia
                 C=Bog rosemary
ANDPU E  172522: N=Andinoacara pulcher
                 C=Blue acara
                 S=Cychlasoma pulchrum
ANDRI E  242820: N=Andinoacara rivulatus
                 C=Green terror
                 S=Chromis rivulata
ANDRO E  119814: N=Andalgalomys roigi
                 C=Roig's chaco mouse
ANDSE E  184985: N=Androsace septentrionalis
                 C=Northern fairy candelabra
ANDV  V 1980456: N=Andes orthohantavirus
                 S=Andes virus
ANDWI E  205204: N=Andrena wilkella
                 C=Mining bee
                 S=Melitta wilkella
ANEAD E  148548: N=Anemia adiantifolia
                 C=Pineland fern
                 S=Osmunda adiantifolia
ANEAE B    1391: N=Aneurinibacillus aneurinilyticus
                 S=Bacillus aneurinolyticus
ANEAS E   59045: N=Anemarrhena asphodeloides
                 C=Zhi mu
ANEBL E   22869: N=Anemone blanda
ANEER E   48400: N=Anemonia erythraea
                 C=Sea anemone
ANEEX E  233458: N=Anelosimus eximius
                 C=South American social spider
                 S=Theridion eximium
ANEGR E   40922: N=Anethum graveolens
ANEHE E  168011: N=Anemone hepatica
                 S=Hepatica nobilis
ANELE E  212809: N=Anemone leveillei
ANEMA E  105399: N=Anemonia manjano
                 C=Sea anemone
ANEME E   29599: N=Anemia mexicana
                 C=Mexican fern
ANEMI B   47500: N=Aneurinibacillus migulanus
                 S=Bacillus migulanus
ANEMR E  280810: N=Aneura mirabilis
                 C=Parasitic liverwort
                 S=Cryptothallus mirabilis
ANEMU E  168001: N=Anemone multifida
                 C=Cut-leaf anemone
ANENE E   37489: N=Anemone nemorosa
                 C=Wood anemone
                 S=Anemonoides nemorosa
ANEPH E   12940: N=Anemia phyllitidis
                 S=Osmunda phyllitidis
ANEPI E   39026: N=Aneura pinguis
                 S=Riccardia pinguis
ANEQU E   46976: N=Anemone quinquefolia
                 C=Wood anemone
ANESU E    6108: N=Anemonia sulcata
                 C=Mediterranean snakelocks sea anemone
ANETH B  143495: N=Aneurinibacillus thermoaerophilus
ANEVI E   51769: N=Anemonia viridis
                 C=Snakelocks anemone
ANGAC E   55605: N=Angelica acutiloba
                 C=Japanese angelica
                 S=Ligusticum acutilobum
ANGAN E    7936: N=Anguilla anguilla
                 C=European freshwater eel
                 S=Muraena anguilla
ANGAR E   40949: N=Angelica archangelica
                 S=Archangelica officinalis
ANGAU E    7940: N=Anguilla australis
                 C=Australian eel
ANGCA E    6313: N=Angiostrongylus cantonensis
                 C=Rat lungworm
ANGCO E   87657: N=Angophora costata
                 C=Sydney red gum
                 S=Metrosideros costata
ANGCR E  620897: N=Anguillicoloides crassus
                 C=Eel swimbladder nematode
                 S=Anguillicola crassus
ANGCS E  334426: N=Angiostrongylus costaricensis
                 C=Nematode worm
ANGCU E  201618: N=Angraecum cultriforme
                 S=Conchograecum cultriforme
ANGDI E   61127: N=Anguilla dieffenbachii
                 C=New Zealand longfin eel
ANGEB E   53060: N=Angraecum eburneum
ANGEI E  201619: N=Angraecum eichlerianum
                 C=Eichler's Angraecum orchid
                 S=Eichlerangraecum eichlerianum
ANGEV E   13825: N=Angiopteris evecta
                 C=Mule's foot fern
                 S=Polypodium evectum
ANGFL E   34308: N=Angophora floribunda
                 C=Rough-barked apple
                 S=Metrosideros floribunda
ANGFR E  102178: N=Anguis fragilis
                 C=Slow worm
ANGHO E  125081: N=Anguloa hohenlohii
ANGIN E   86967: N=Anguilla interioris
                 C=Highlands long-finned eel
ANGJA E    7937: N=Anguilla japonica
                 C=Japanese eel
ANGLY E    3267: N=Angiopteris lygodiifolia
                 C=Turnip fern
ANGMA E    7939: N=Anguilla marmorata
                 C=Giant mottled eel
ANGMO E   48164: N=Anguilla mossambica
                 C=African longfin eel
                 S=Muraena mossambica
ANGPA E   49856: N=Angiopteris palmiformis
                 C=Elephant fern
ANGPP E  620899: N=Anguillicoloides papernai
                 C=Swimbladder nematode
                 S=Anguillicola papernai
ANGRE E   48165: N=Anguilla reinhardtii
                 C=Speckled longfin eel
ANGRO E    7938: N=Anguilla rostrata
                 C=American eel
                 S=Muraena rostrata
ANGSE E   78697: N=Angraecum sesquipedale
                 C=Star of Bethlehem orchid
                 S=Darwin's orchid
ANGVA E  321387: N=Angiostrongylus vasorum
                 C=French heartworm
ANHAN E   56067: N=Anhinga anhinga
                 S=Plotus anhinga
ANHNO E    9213: N=Anhinga novaehollandiae
                 C=Australian darter
                 S=Anhinga melanogaster novaehollandiae
ANHV1 V 1283343: N=Anguillid herpesvirus 1 (isolate Anguilla anguilla/Netherlands/500138/1998)
                 S=European eel herpesvirus
ANIBU E   50529: N=Anisomorpha buprestoides
                 C=Two-striped walkingstick
ANIFA E   72643: N=Anigozanthos flavidus
                 C=Evergreen kangaroo-paw
ANIFL E   62157: N=Anisognathus flavinuchus
                 C=Blue-winged mountain-tanager
ANIIF E   56372: N=Anicla infecta
                 C=Green cutworm moth
ANIIM E  332661: N=Anisomys imitator
                 C=Uneven-toothed rat
ANIIN E   41474: N=Anisothrix integra
ANIIT E  531320: N=Anisotremus interruptus
                 C=Burrito grunt
                 S=Genytremus interruptus
ANIMA E  114198: N=Anigozanthos manglesii
                 C=Red and green kangaroo-paw
                 S=Mangles' kangaroo paw
ANINO E  185876: N=Anisosticta novemdecimpunctata
                 C=Water ladybird beetle
ANISC E   51844: N=Anilius scytale
                 C=Red pipe snake
                 S=Coral cylinder snake
ANISI E    6269: N=Anisakis simplex
                 C=Herring worm
ANITY E  303233: N=Anisakis typica
                 C=Nematode worm
ANIVO E  271030: N=Anisus vortex
                 C=Whirlpool ramshorn snail
ANNCH E   49314: N=Annona cherimola
                 C=Custard apple
ANNGL E  301703: N=Annona glabra
                 C=Pond apple
                 S=Annona palustris
ANNMC E  301699: N=Annona mucosa
                 C=Wild sugar apple
                 S=Rollinia mucosa
ANNMU E   13337: N=Annona muricata
ANNPU E   51957: N=Anniella pulchra
                 C=California legless lizard
ANNRE E  301862: N=Annona reticulata
                 C=Custard apple
ANNSE E  306945: N=Annona senegalensis
                 C=Wild custard apple
ANNSQ E  301693: N=Annona squamosa
                 C=Sugar apple
ANNTR E  327061: N=Annulohypoxylon truncatum
                 S=Hypoxylon truncatum
ANOAB E   58236: N=Anopheles albitarsis
                 C=Malaria mosquito
ANOAL E    7167: N=Anopheles albimanus
                 C=New world malaria mosquito
ANOAN E  143294: N=Anodonta anatina
                 C=Duck mussel
ANOAQ E   42839: N=Anopheles aquasalis
                 C=Malaria mosquito
ANOAR E    7173: N=Anopheles arabiensis
ANOBA E  238106: N=Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus
                 C=Rocket frog
                 S=Colostethus baeobatrachus
ANOBE E  384853: N=Anomaloglossus beebei
                 C=Beebe's rocket frog
                 S=Colostethus beebei
ANOBR E  380096: N=Anomalocardia brasiliana
                 C=Carib pointed venus clam
ANOCA E   28377: N=Anolis carolinensis
                 C=Green anole
                 S=American chameleon
ANOCH E  141895: N=Anolis chrysolepis
                 C=Goldenscale anole
                 S=Anolis nitens
ANOCI E  195290: N=Anoxypristis cuspidata
                 C=Pointed sawfish
                 S=Pristis cuspidata
ANOCL E 1518534: N=Anopheles coluzzii
                 C=African malaria mosquito
ANOCN E  217632: N=Anoplophora chinensis
                 C=Citrus longhorn beetle
ANOCO E   88656: N=Anoplogaster cornuta
                 C=Common fangtooth
ANOCP E  121601: N=Anomala cuprea
                 C=Cupreous chafer beetle
ANOCS E 1069816: N=Anomala costata
                 C=Larger striated chafer
                 S=Mimela costata
ANOCU E   27642: N=Anoura caudifer
                 C=Hairy-legged long-tongued bat
ANODA E   43151: N=Anopheles darlingi
ANODD E    8811: N=Anomalopteryx didiformis
                 C=Little bush moa
ANODE E   70593: N=Anoplocephaloides dentata
                 S=Andrya dentata
ANODI E   38893: N=Anolis distichus
                 C=Bark anole
                 S=Ctenonotus distichus
ANOEM E  486636: N=Anochetus emarginatus
                 S=Stenomyrmex emarginatus
ANOEQ E   75253: N=Anolis equestris
                 C=Knight anole
ANOFI E  229290: N=Anoplopoma fimbria
ANOFN E   62324: N=Anopheles funestus
                 C=African malaria mosquito
ANOFR E    7170: N=Anopheles freeborni
                 C=Western malaria mosquito
ANOFU E   43584: N=Anolis fuscoauratus
                 C=Slender anole
ANOFW B  491915: N=Anoxybacillus flavithermus (strain DSM 21510 / WK1)
ANOGA E    7165: N=Anopheles gambiae
                 C=African malaria mosquito
ANOGC E  354296: N=Anoplolepis gracilipes
                 C=Yellow crazy ant
ANOGE E  148021: N=Anoura geoffroy
                 C=Geoffroy's tailless bat
ANOGL E  217634: N=Anoplophora glabripennis
                 C=Asian longhorn beetle
                 S=Anoplophora nobilis
ANOGR E  866357: N=Anorrhinus galeritus
                 C=Bushy-crested hornbill
                 S=Buceros galeritus
ANOHY E   51900: N=Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus
                 C=Hyacinth macaw
                 S=Psittacus hyacinthinus
ANOKA E  181433: N=Anomalops katoptron
                 C=Splitfin flashlightfish
                 S=Heterophthalmus katoptron
ANOLE E  178882: N=Anodorhynchus leari
                 C=Lear's macaw
ANOMA E   38684: N=Anomochloa marantoidea
                 C=Herbaceous bamboo
ANOME E   30066: N=Anopheles merus
ANOMI E  298326: N=Anous minutus
                 C=Black noddy
ANOOC E  121602: N=Anomala octiescostata
                 C=Scarab beetle
ANOOE E  269450: N=Anodonta oregonensis
                 C=Oregon floater
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ANOOS E   71818: N=Anomala osakana
                 C=Osaka chafer beetle
ANOOT E   44141: N=Anolis ortonii
                 C=Ortoni's anole
                 S=Norops ortonii
ANOPN E  174263: N=Anolis punctatus
                 C=Amazon green anole
ANOPU E   40675: N=Anolis pulchellus
                 C=Common grass anole
                 S=Ctenonotus pulchellus
ANOQN E   34691: N=Anopheles quadriannulatus
ANOQU E    7166: N=Anopheles quadrimaculatus
                 C=Common malaria mosquito
ANORU E   84230: N=Anomodon rugelii
                 C=Rugel's anomodon moss
                 S=Anomodon apiculatus
ANOSA E   38937: N=Anolis sagrei
                 C=Bahaman brown anole
                 S=Norops sagrei
ANOSE E  260542: N=Anoplotrupes stercorosus
                 C=Dor beetle
                 S=Geotrupes stercorosus
ANOSI E   74873: N=Anopheles sinensis
ANOSM E  200614: N=Anoplius samariensis
                 C=Solitary wasp
ANOSO E  297802: N=Anous stolidus
                 C=Brown noddy
ANOSP E  101665: N=Anomalurus sp.
ANOSQ E  127560: N=Anourosorex squamipes
                 C=Chinese mole shrew
ANOST E   30069: N=Anopheles stephensi
                 C=Indo-Pakistan malaria mosquito
ANOTI E  118651: N=Anolis trinitatis
                 C=Saint Vincent's bush anole
ANOTR E  174264: N=Anolis transversalis
                 C=Banded tree anole
ANOYA E  268756: N=Anourosorex yamashinai
                 C=Taiwanese mole shrew
                 S=Anourosorex squamipes yamashinai
ANRCO E   46150: N=Anredera cordifolia
                 C=Madeira vine
                 S=Boussingaultia cordifolia
ANSAL E   50365: N=Anser albifrons
                 C=Greater white-fronted goose
                 S=Branta albifrons
ANSAN E    8844: N=Anser anser anser
                 C=Western greylag goose
ANSCA E  107021: N=Anser canagicus
                 C=Emperor goose
                 S=Chen canagica
ANSCE E    8849: N=Anser caerulescens
                 C=Snow goose
                 S=Chen caerulescens
ANSCY E    8845: N=Anser cygnoid
                 C=Swan goose
ANSFA E  132587: N=Anser fabalis
                 C=Bean goose
ANSGI E   78699: N=Ansellia gigantea
                 C=Leopard orchid
ANSIN E    8846: N=Anser indicus
                 C=Bar-headed goose
                 S=Anas indica
ANSMU E   47577: N=Ansonia muelleri
                 C=Mueller's stream toad
                 S=Bufo muelleri
ANSRO E   56281: N=Anser rossii
                 C=Ross' goose
                 S=Chen rossii
ANSSE E    8851: N=Anseranas semipalmata
                 C=Magpie goose
                 S=Anas semipalmata
ANTAC E  856778: N=Antholoba achates
                 C=Sea anemone
                 S=Actinia achates
ANTAD E  226677: N=Anthurium andraeanum
                 C=Flamingo lily
ANTAF E  152178: N=Anthopleura aff. xanthogrammica
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTAG E   48387: N=Anthoceros angustus
                 S=Anthoceros formosae
ANTAI E 2717063: N=Antigone antigone
                 C=Sarus crane
                 S=Grus antigone
ANTAL E  999307: N=Anthophila alpinella
ANTAM E    9891: N=Antilocapra americana
ANTAN E  195717: N=Anthocercis angustifolia
                 C=Narrow-leaf ray-flower
ANTAR E 1081868: N=Anthometrina adriani
                 C=Feather star
                 S=Antedon adriani
ANTAS E  160217: N=Anthopleura asiatica
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTAT E  191313: N=Anthocoris antevolens
                 C=Predatory bug
ANTBA E  385382: N=Anthocharis bambusarum
                 C=Orange tip butterfly
ANTBE E   71384: N=Antechinus bellus
                 C=Fawn marsupial mouse
ANTBI E 1499518: N=Antillogorgia bipinnata
                 C=Purple sea plume
                 S=Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata
ANTBU E  287979: N=Antidesma bunius
                 S=Stilago bunius
ANTCA E  227532: N=Anthocharis cardamines
                 C=Orange tip butterfly
ANTCE E   59525: N=Antilope cervicapra
ANTCH E   51888: N=Antaresia childreni
                 C=Children's python
                 S=Liasis childreni
ANTCI E  102600: N=Antirrhinum cirrhigerum
                 S=Antirrhinum majus subsp. cirrhigerum
ANTCN E 1977160: N=Antigone canadensis
                 C=Sandhill crane
                 S=Grus canadensis
ANTCR E  279965: N=Antrostomus carolinensis
                 S=Caprimulgus carolinensis
ANTCS E 2805811: N=Anthopleura cascaia
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTCT E 2773500: N=Antiopella cristata
                 C=Crystal sea slug
                 S=Janolus cristatus
ANTCV E   45805: N=Anthus cervinus
                 C=Red-throated pipit
ANTDE E  480319: N=Antricola delacruzi
                 C=Soft tick
ANTDI E 1005074: N=Antachara diminuta
ANTEL E    6110: N=Anthopleura elegantissima
                 C=Green aggregating anemone
                 S=Actinia elegantissima
ANTEP E  509296: N=Anthoptus epictetus
                 C=Trailside skipper
                 S=Hesperia epictetus
ANTFA E  999308: N=Anthophila fabriciana
                 C=Nettle-tap moth
                 S=Phalaena fabriciana
ANTFL E   38775: N=Antechinus flavipes
                 C=Yellow-footed marsupial mouse
ANTFM E  329991: N=Anterhynchium flavomarginatum micado
                 C=Solitary wasp
ANTFR E  436886: N=Anthanassa frisia
                 C=Cuban crescent
                 S=Phyciodes frisia
ANTFU E    6111: N=Anthopleura fuscoviridis
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTGA E   28539: N=Anthocleista grandiflora
                 C=Forest fever tree
                 S=Anthocleista zambesiaca
ANTGC E  364406: N=Antrokoreana gracilipes
                 C=Troglobite millipede
ANTGE E  129554: N=Anticarsia gemmatalis
                 C=Velvetbean caterpillar moth
ANTGL E  208054: N=Antilophia galeata
                 C=Helmeted manakin
ANTGO E   71385: N=Antechinus godmani
                 C=Atherton antechinus
ANTGR E    7044: N=Anthonomus grandis
                 C=Mexican cotton boll weevil
                 S=Anthonomus thurberiae
ANTHE E   43444: N=Anthospermum herbaceum
ANTHI E   49039: N=Antirrhinum hispanicum
                 S=Antirrhinum glutinosum
ANTJA E   67755: N=Anthopleura japonica
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTLA E   60701: N=Antechinomys laniger
                 C=Eastern jerboa marsupial
ANTLE E   65606: N=Antechinus leo
                 C=Cinnamon antechinus
ANTLI E   51434: N=Anthericum liliago
                 C=St-Bernard's lily
ANTLN E  102601: N=Antirrhinum linkianum
                 S=Antirrhinum majus subsp. linkianum
ANTLO E  278021: N=Antonospora locustae
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
                 S=Nosema locustae
ANTLP E  137667: N=Antigonon leptopus
                 C=Mexican creeper
                 S=Coral vine
ANTLU E   43446: N=Antirhea lucida
                 C=Palo iloron
                 S=Stenostomum lucidum
ANTMA E    4151: N=Antirrhinum majus
                 C=Garden snapdragon
ANTMC E  280228: N=Antheopsis maculata
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTMD E  127303: N=Anthocharis midea
                 C=Falcate orangetip butterfly
ANTME E  105859: N=Antedon mediterranea
                 C=Mediterranean feather star
                 S=Comatula mediterranea
ANTMI E   71386: N=Antechinus minimus
                 C=Swamp antechinus
ANTMN E  156561: N=Anthoscopus minutus
                 C=Southern penduline-tit
ANTMO E   51891: N=Antaresia maculosa
                 C=Eastern small blotched python
                 S=Liasis maculosa
ANTMR E   59523: N=Antidorcas marsupialis
ANTMS E  520121: N=Anthocoris musculus
                 C=Predatory bug
ANTMT E  689153: N=Anticlea multiferata
                 C=Many-lined carpet moth
ANTMU E  208057: N=Anthoscopus musculus
                 C=Mouse-colored penduline-tit
ANTMY E   34739: N=Antheraea mylitta
                 C=Tasar silkworm
ANTNA E   38774: N=Antechinus naso
                 C=Long-nosed marsupial mouse
                 S=Antechinus habbema
ANTNI E  118180: N=Anthracothorax nigricollis
                 C=Black-throated mango
ANTOB E  156282: N=Anthidium oblongatum
                 C=Leaf-cutter bee
ANTOD E   29661: N=Anthoxanthum odoratum
                 C=Sweet vernal grass
ANTPA E    9440: N=Antrozous pallidus
                 C=Pallid bat
                 S=Vespertilio pallidus
ANTPE E    7119: N=Antheraea pernyi
                 C=Chinese oak silk moth
                 S=Bombyx pernyi
ANTPI E  120386: N=Antalis pilsbryi
                 C=Pilsbry tusk shell
                 S=Dentalium pilsbryi
ANTPL E  259846: N=Anthomyia pluvialis
                 S=Musca pluvialis
ANTPO E    7120: N=Antheraea polyphemus
                 C=Polyphemus moth
ANTPR E 1171711: N=Anthropoides paradiseus
                 C=Blue crane
                 S=Grus paradisea
ANTPS E   89416: N=Antarctomyces psychrotrophicus
ANTPU E    3234: N=Anthoceros punctatus
ANTPV E  247271: N=Antitrogus parvulus
                 C=Childers canegrub
                 S=Scarab beetle
ANTRA E   81729: N=Anthericum ramosum
                 C=Branched St. Bernard's-lily
ANTRB E 2717061: N=Antigone rubicunda
                 C=Brolga crane
                 S=Grus rubicunda
ANTRE E   29628: N=Antrophyum reticulatum
                 C=Ox-tongue fern
ANTRO E  473346: N=Antimora rostrata
                 C=Blue antimora
                 S=Haloporphyrus rostratus
ANTRU E  279928: N=Anthus rubescens
                 C=American pipit
ANTS7 E  462333: N=Anthopleura sp. (strain 'Zhanjiang')
                 C=Sea anemone
ANTSA E  505414: N=Anticollix sparsata
                 C=Dentated pug
ANTSC E   78378: N=Anthurium scherzerianum
                 C=Flamingo flower
ANTSI E   45802: N=Anthus spinoletta
                 C=Water pipit
                 S=Alauda spinoletta
ANTSL E  160748: N=Anthopleura sola
                 C=Solitary starburst anemone
ANTSO E  227537: N=Anthocharis scolymus
                 C=Yellow tip butterfly
ANTSP E    2767: N=Antithamnion sp.
                 C=Red alga
ANTSR E  241820: N=Antennarius striatus
                 C=Striated frogfish
                 S=Lophius striatus
ANTST E    9283: N=Antechinus stuartii
                 C=Brown marsupial mouse
ANTSW E    9284: N=Antechinus swainsonii
                 C=Dusky antechinus
ANTVA E  942217: N=Anticlea vasiliata
                 C=Variable carpet moth
ANTVI E    9111: N=Anthropoides virgo
                 C=Demoiselle crane
                 S=Grus virgo
ANTVO E   57400: N=Antrostomus vociferus
                 C=Eastern Whip-poor-will
                 S=Caprimulgus vociferus
ANTVP E 2717088: N=Antigone vipio
                 C=White-naped crane
                 S=Grus vipio
ANTVR E  190442: N=Anthracothorax viridis
                 C=Green mango
ANTVS E   33112: N=Anthocercis viscosa
                 C=Sticky tailflower
ANTXA E    6112: N=Anthopleura xanthogrammica
                 C=Giant green sea anemone
                 S=Actinia xanthogrammica
ANTYA E    7121: N=Antheraea yamamai
                 C=Japanese oak silkmoth
ANUPH E  246982: N=Anuroctonus phaiodactylus
                 C=Mafia scorpion
ANV1  V  336960: N=Avian nephritis virus 1
ANYLE E  160702: N=Anyperodon leucogrammicus
                 C=Slender grouper
                 S=Serranus leucogrammicus
AONAU E   30082: N=Aonidiella aurantii
                 C=California red scale
AONCA E   76722: N=Aonyx capensis
                 C=African clawless otter
AONCI E  452597: N=Aonyx cinereus
                 C=Asian small-clawed otter
                 S=Amblonyx cinereus
AOTAI E  867331: N=Aotus azarai subsp. infulatus
                 C=Feline night monkey
                 S=Aotus infulatus
AOTAZ E   30591: N=Aotus azarae
                 C=Southern owl monkey
                 S=Aotus azarai
AOTLE E   43147: N=Aotus lemurinus
                 C=Gray-bellied night monkey
AOTNA E   37293: N=Aotus nancymaae
                 C=Ma's night monkey
AOTNI E   57175: N=Aotus nigriceps
                 C=Black-headed night monkey
AOTTR E    9505: N=Aotus trivirgatus
                 C=Three-striped night monkey
AOTVO E   57176: N=Aotus vociferans
                 C=Spix's owl monkey
                 S=Noisy night monkey
APAAM E   95190: N=Apamea amputatrix
                 C=Yellow-headed cutworm
APACH E  197142: N=Apacheria chiricahuensis
                 C=Apache bush
APAFE E  100213: N=Apalone ferox
                 C=Florida softshell turtle
                 S=Testudo ferox
APAFO E  590156: N=Apatides fortis
                 C=Horned powderpost beetle
APAIL E  461127: N=Apatura ilia
                 C=Lesser purple emperor
APAIR E  191396: N=Apatura iris
                 C=Purple emperor butterfly
APANA E   59407: N=Apaloderma narina
                 C=Narina trogon
                 S=Trogon narina
APANE E  464366: N=Apantesis nevadensis
                 C=Nevada tiger moth
                 S=Grammia nevadensis
APASP E   55534: N=Apalone spinifera
                 C=Spiny softshell turtle
                 S=Trionyx spiniferus
APATO E   82585: N=Apatelodes torrefacta
                 C=Spotted apatelodes moth
APAVI E   57397: N=Apaloderma vittatum
                 C=Bar-tailed trogon
APBV1 V 1289471: N=Aeropyrum pernix bacilliform virus 1 (isolate -/Japan/Tanaka/2005)
APEGL E  597273: N=Apeiba glabra
                 S=Apeiba aspera
APETI E   82398: N=Apeiba tibourbou
                 C=Hairy apeiba
                 S=Aubletia tibourbou
APHAD E  295201: N=Aphrophora alni
                 C=European alder spittlebug
APHAL E   12942: N=Aphanocladium album
                 C=Wheat rust fungus
                 S=Acremonium album
APHAN E  195826: N=Aphanius anatoliae
                 S=Cyprinodon anatoliae
APHAP E   95972: N=Aphidoletes aphidimyza
                 C=Aphid midge
                 S=Cecidomya aphidimyza
APHAR E  143608: N=Aphyocypris arcus
                 S=Yaoshanicus arcus
APHAS E   52653: N=Aphyosemion australe
                 C=Cape Lopez lyretail
                 S=Haplochilus calliurus subsp. australis
APHAU E  183535: N=Aphanotriccus audax
                 C=Black-billed flycatcher
APHAV E   70226: N=Aphelenchus avenae
                 C=Mycophagous nematode worm
APHBL B  173580: N=Aphanizomenon baltica
APHCA E  142466: N=Aphelocoma californica
                 C=Western scrub-jay
APHCE E   39617: N=Aphelocoma coerulescens
                 C=Florida scrub-jay
                 S=Corvus coerulescens
APHCH E    6899: N=Aphonopelma chalcodes
                 C=Desert blond tarantula
APHCI E  295202: N=Aphrophora cribrata
                 C=Pine spittlebug
APHCO E   78482: N=Aphidius colemani
                 C=Aphid parasite
APHCR E  307492: N=Aphis craccivora
                 C=Cowpea aphid
APHDE E  207143: N=Aphodius depressus
                 C=Dung beetle
                 S=Acrossus depressus
APHEC E  106658: N=Alphitonia excelsa
                 C=Red ash
                 S=Colubrina excelsa
APHER E   37627: N=Aphidius ervi
                 C=Aphid parasite
APHEX E   60282: N=Aphyosemion exigoideum
                 C=False jewel killi
APHF2 B 1532906: N=Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (strain 2012/KM1/D3)
APHFA E  191316: N=Aphis fabae
                 C=Black bean aphid
APHFL B    1176: N=Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
APHFS E   30736: N=Aphanius fasciatus
                 C=Mediterranean killifish
                 S=Lebias fasciata
APHGA E  261045: N=Aphanarthrum glabrum
                 C=Bark beetle
APHGL E  307491: N=Aphis glycines
                 C=Soybean aphid
APHGO E   80765: N=Aphis gossypii
                 C=Cotton aphid
APHHA B   72020: N=Aphanothece halophytica
APHHY E 2795564: N=Aphantopus hyperantus
                 C=Ringlet butterfly
                 S=Papilio hyperantus
APHIB E  136835: N=Aphanius iberus
                 C=Spanish toothcarp
                 S=Cyprinodon iberus
APHJA E  183005: N=Aphanactis jamesoniana
APHMA E   77486: N=Aphidius matricariae
                 C=Aphid parasite
APHRU E  207206: N=Aphodius rufipes
                 C=Night-flying dung beetle
                 S=Acrossus rufipes
APHSA B    1122: N=Aphanothece sacrum
APHSE E 1203466: N=Aphonopelma seemanni
                 C=Costa Rican zebra tarantula
                 S=Eurypelma seemanni
APHSI E    4187: N=Aphelandra sinclairiana
                 C=Orange shrimp plant
                 S=Panama Queen
APHSP E   29932: N=Aphonopelma sp.
                 C=American tarantula
APHUT E   55973: N=Aphelocoma ultramarina
                 C=Mexican jay
                 S=Corvus ultramarinus
APHVA E   83887: N=Aphrocallistes vastus
                 C=Cloud glass sponge
                 S=Aphrocallistes whiteavesianus
APICA E   88217: N=Apis mellifera carnica
                 C=Carniolan honeybee
APICC E   94128: N=Apis cerana cerana
                 C=Oriental honeybee
APICE E    7461: N=Apis cerana
                 C=Indian honeybee
APIDO E    7462: N=Apis dorsata
                 C=Giant honeybee
APIER E  124133: N=Apiognomonia errabunda
                 C=Oak anthracnose fungus
                 S=Discula umbrinella
APIFL E    7463: N=Apis florea
                 C=Dwarf honeybee
APIGA E  278110: N=Apium graveolens var. rapaceum
APIGR E    4045: N=Apium graveolens
APIKO E    7468: N=Apis koschevnikovi
                 C=Koschevnikov's honey bee
APILI E    7469: N=Apis mellifera ligustica
                 C=Common honeybee
                 S=Italian honeybee
APIME E    7460: N=Apis mellifera
APIMI E  308624: N=Apiomorpha minor
                 C=Gall-inducing scale insect
APIMS E  212527: N=Apis mellifera scutellata
                 C=Africanized honey bee
APLCA E    6500: N=Aplysia californica
                 C=California sea hare
APLCO E  286149: N=Aplidium conicum
                 C=Conical sea squirt
                 S=Alcyonium conicum
APLCU E  289398: N=Aplysina cauliformis
                 C=Row pore rope sponge
APLDA E  144766: N=Aplysia dactylomela
                 C=Spotted sea hare
APLDE E   76186: N=Aplysia depilans
                 C=Sea hare
APLFA E  144767: N=Aplysia fasciata
                 C=Mottled sea hare
                 S=Aplysia brasiliana
APLGR E  225389: N=Aplodinotus grunniens
                 C=Freshwater drum
APLJU E    6506: N=Aplysia juliana
                 C=Walking sea hare
                 S=Juliana's sea hare
APLKU E    6501: N=Aplysia kurodai
                 C=Kuroda's sea hare
APLLI E    6502: N=Aplysia limacina
                 C=Sea hare
APLPA E    6503: N=Aplysia parvula
                 C=Dwarf sea hare
APLPU E   71498: N=Aplysia punctata
                 C=Spotted sea hare
APLRU E   51342: N=Aplodontia rufa
                 C=Mountain beaver
APLSP E    6504: N=Aplysia sp.
                 C=Sea hare
APLVA E  144771: N=Aplysia vaccaria
                 C=California black sea hare
APMV  V   12259: N=Andean potato mottle virus
APOAG E   39030: N=Apodemus agrarius
                 C=Eurasian field mouse
APOAL E  100381: N=Apodemus alpicola
                 C=Alpine field mouse
APOAN E   61254: N=Apocynum androsaemifolium
                 C=Spreading dogbane
APOAR E   61837: N=Apodemus argenteus
                 C=Small Japanese field mouse
APOBA E  490712: N=Apocrypta bakeri
                 C=Parasitic fig wasp
APOBI E  441315: N=Aporia bieti
                 C=Oberthur's black-veined white butterfly
APOCA E   13339: N=Apocynum cannabinum
                 S=Indian hemp
APOCH E  129246: N=Apodemus chevrieri
                 C=Chevrier's field mouse
                 S=Apodemus agrarius chevrieri
APOCI E  706528: N=Apocheima cinerarius
APOCL E 2032702: N=Apostichopus californicus
                 C=California sea cucumber
                 S=Parastichopus californicus
APOCM E  768346: N=Apomys camiguinensis
                 C=Camiguin forest mouse
APOCO E  201766: N=Apoderus coryli
                 C=Hazel leaf-roller weevil
APOCR E  761910: N=Apogonia cribricollis
                 C=Chafer beetle
APOCT E  129397: N=Aporia crataegi
                 C=Black-veined white butterfly
APODA E  238002: N=Apomys datae
                 C=Luzon montane forest mouse
APODR E  129247: N=Apodemus draco
                 C=South China field mouse
APOFL E   54292: N=Apodemus flavicollis
                 C=Yellow-necked field mouse
APOGR E  238003: N=Apomys gracilirostris
                 C=Large mindoro forest mouse
APOHY E  238004: N=Apomys hylocetes
                 C=Mindanao mossy forest mouse
APOIN E  238005: N=Apomys insignis
                 C=Mindanao montane forest mouse
APOLA E  214933: N=Apodemus latronum
                 C=Sichuan field mouse
                 S=Large-eared field mouse
APOLU E  248454: N=Apolygus lucorum
                 C=Plant bug
                 S=Lygocoris lucorum
APOMA E  417555: N=Apochrysa matsumurae
                 C=Green lacewing
APOMC E  238006: N=Apomys microdon
                 C=Small Luzon forest mouse
APOMO E   42267: N=Apodemia mormo
                 C=Mormon metalmark
APOMU E  238007: N=Apomys musculus
                 C=Least Philippine forest mouse
APOMY E  100382: N=Apodemus mystacinus
                 C=Broad-toothed field mouse
APOPA E 1902835: N=Apostichopus parvimensis
                 C=Warty sea cucumber
                 S=Stichopus parvimensis
APOPE E  105297: N=Apodemus peninsulae
                 C=Korean field mouse
APORH E  248455: N=Apolygus rhamnicola
                 C=Plant bug
                 S=Lygus rhamnicola
APOSC E   12944: N=Apomastus schlingeri
                 C=Trap-door spider
                 S=Aptostichus schlingeri
APOSE E   83883: N=Apogon semilineatus
                 C=Half-lined cardinal
APOSI E  105296: N=Apodemus speciosus
                 C=Large Japanese field mouse
APOSM E  105299: N=Apodemus semotus
                 C=Taiwan field mouse
                 S=Formosan wood mouse
APOSP E  248456: N=Apolygus spinolae
                 C=Plant bug
                 S=Lygocoris spinolae
APOSY E   10129: N=Apodemus sylvaticus
                 C=European woodmouse
APOTR E  109717: N=Apolemichthys trimaculatus
                 C=Tree spot angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus trimaculatus
APOUR E  134910: N=Apodemus uralensis
                 C=Herb field mouse
                 S=Apodemus microps
APOV1 V 1032474: N=Aeropyrum pernix ovoid virus 1
APPFA E  382869: N=Appalachioria falcifera
                 S=Brachoria falcifera
APPPP B   37692: N=Apple proliferation phytoplasma
APRBU E   58059: N=Aproteles bulmerae
                 C=Bulmer's fruit bat
APRGE E  157307: N=Apriona germari
                 C=Mulberry longhorn beetle
APRV  V  341721: N=Aedes pseudoscutellaris reovirus
APRVF V  648170: N=Aedes pseudoscutellaris reovirus (isolate France)
APTAL E   36673: N=Apteronotus albifrons
                 C=Black ghost
                 S=Gymnotus albifrons
APTAP E   41041: N=Apterobittacus apterus
                 C=Wingless scorpionfly
APTAU E    8822: N=Apteryx australis
                 C=Southern brown kiwi
APTCO E  107607: N=Aptenia cordifolia
                 C=Heartleaf iceplant
                 S=Mesembryanthemum cordifolium
APTFO E    9233: N=Aptenodytes forsteri
                 C=Emperor penguin
APTFU E  344696: N=Aptera fusca
                 C=Cape Mountain cockroach
                 S=Giant Table Mountain cockroach
APTHA E    8823: N=Apteryx haastii
                 C=Great spotted kiwi
APTOW E    8824: N=Apteryx owenii
                 C=Little spotted kiwi
APTPA E    9234: N=Aptenodytes patagonicus
                 C=King penguin
APUAP E    8895: N=Apus apus
                 C=Common swift
APUPR E   41120: N=Apusomonas proboscidea
AQRVA V  928295: N=Aquareovirus A (isolate Chum salmon/Japan/CSRV/1981)
AQRVC V  185783: N=Aquareovirus C (isolate Golden shiner/USA/GSRV/1977)
AQRVG V  648234: N=Aquareovirus G (isolate American grass carp/USA/PB01-155/-)
AQUAD E   52408: N=Aquila adalberti
                 C=Adalbert's eagle
                 S=Spanish imperial eagle
AQUAE B  224324: N=Aquifex aeolicus (strain VF5)
AQUAL E  218850: N=Aquilegia alpina
                 C=Alpine columbine
AQUAO B   63363: N=Aquifex aeolicus
AQUAR B   87645: N=Aquaspirillum arcticum
AQUAU E    8961: N=Aquila audax
                 C=Wedge-tailed eagle
AQUAV V 1554492: N=Aquamavirus A (isolate Phoca hispida/Canada/HO.02.21/2002)
                 S=Seal picornavirus type 1 (isolate HO.02.21)
AQUCA E  218851: N=Aquilegia coerulea
                 C=Rocky mountain columbine
AQUCH E    8962: N=Aquila chrysaetos
                 C=Golden eagle
AQUCI E  108989: N=Aquarius cinereus
                 C=Water strider
AQUCN E   46964: N=Aquilegia canadensis
                 C=Red columbine
AQUCR E  223751: N=Aquilaria crassna
                 C=Eagle wood
AQUEL E   95690: N=Aquarius elongatus
                 C=Giant water strider
                 S=Gerris elongatus
AQUFO E  223430: N=Aquilegia formosa
                 C=Western columbine
AQUHE E   52410: N=Aquila heliaca
                 C=Eastern imperial eagle
AQULA E    7052: N=Aquatica lateralis
                 C=Heike firefly
                 S=Luciola lateralis
AQUMI E   60558: N=Aquilonastra minor
                 C=Sea star
AQUNA E  108913: N=Aquarius najas
                 C=River skater
                 S=Gerris najas
AQUPA E   95691: N=Aquarius paludum
                 C=Water strider
                 S=Gerris paludum
AQUPY B    2714: N=Aquifex pyrophilus
AQURE E   36163: N=Aquarius remigis
                 C=Common water strider
                 S=Gerris remigis
AQUSE B     190: N=Aquaspirillum serpens
AQUTE B  391953: N=Aquincola tertiaricarbonis
AQUVU E    3451: N=Aquilegia vulgaris
                 C=European columbine
ARAAA E   42754: N=Araucaria araucana
                 C=Monkey-puzzle tree
                 S=Pinus araucana
ARAAC E  867384: N=Aratinga auricapillus
                 C=Golden-capped parakeet
                 S=Psittacus auricapillus
ARAAE E   38785: N=Arabidopsis arenosa
                 C=Sand rock-cress
                 S=Cardaminopsis arenosa
ARAAG E   56992: N=Araucaria angustifolia
                 C=Brazilian pine tree
ARAAI E   41966: N=Arachniodes aristata
                 C=Indian holly fern
ARAAL E   50452: N=Arabis alpina
                 C=Alpine rock-cress
ARAAN E 1112382: N=Araneus angulatus
                 C=Orb-weaving spider
ARAAR E    9226: N=Ara ararauna
                 C=Blue-and-yellow macaw
ARAAT E  634056: N=Araptus attenuatus
                 C=Sonoran desert bark beetle
ARABI E   29013: N=Araneus bicentenarius
                 C=Giant lichen orbweaver
ARABL E   81973: N=Arabis blepharophylla
                 C=Coast rock-cress
                 S=Erysimum blepharophyllum
ARACH E   43067: N=Aralia chinensis
                 C=Chinese angelica tree
ARACO E   29746: N=Aralia cordata
                 S=Cordate spikenard
ARACU E   56994: N=Araucaria cunninghamii
                 C=Hoop pine
                 S=Moreton Bay pine
ARADE E   29714: N=Aranda deborah
ARADI E   45920: N=Araneus diadematus
                 C=European garden spider
                 S=Cross spider
ARADS E  336630: N=Araniella displicata
                 C=Six-spotted orbweaver
                 S=Epeira displicata
ARADU E  130453: N=Arachis duranensis
                 C=Wild peanut
ARAEL E   82095: N=Aralia elata
                 C=Japanese angelica tree
ARAFA E  251759: N=Araecerus fasciculatus
                 C=Coffee bean weevil
                 S=Anthribus coffeae
ARAFL E   78190: N=Arabis flagellosa
ARAGA E   54356: N=Aramus guarauna
                 S=Scolopax guarauna
ARAGI E  113544: N=Arapaima gigas
ARAHA E   81970: N=Arabidopsis halleri
ARAHE E   34341: N=Araucaria heterophylla
                 C=Norfolk Island pine
ARAHG E   63677: N=Arabidopsis halleri subsp. gemmifera
                 S=Arabis gemmifera
ARAHH E   81971: N=Arabidopsis halleri subsp. halleri
                 S=Arabis halleri
ARAHI E   78191: N=Arabis hirsuta
                 C=Hairy rock-cress
                 S=Turritis hirsuta
ARAHY E    3818: N=Arachis hypogaea
ARAIP E  130454: N=Arachis ipaensis
                 C=Wild peanut
ARAIR E   65494: N=Arabella iricolor
                 C=Opal worm
ARAJA E  330465: N=Arabitragus jayakari
                 C=Arabian tahr
                 S=Hemitragus jayakari
ARAKO E   78176: N=Arabidopsis korshinskyi
                 S=Olimarabidopsis cabulica
ARALE E  171575: N=Araschnia levana
                 C=Map butterfly
ARALL E   81972: N=Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. lyrata
                 C=Lyre-leaved rock-cress
ARALP E   59691: N=Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. petraea
                 C=Northern rock-cress
                 S=Cardaminopsis petraea
ARALY E   59689: N=Arabidopsis lyrata
                 C=Lyre-leaved rock-cress
                 S=Arabis lyrata
ARAMA E  176014: N=Ara macao
                 C=Scarlet macaw
ARAMI E   57237: N=Ara militaris
                 C=Military macaw
ARAMR E  336584: N=Araneus marmoreus
                 C=Marbled orbweaver
ARAMT E 1662246: N=Araneus mitificus
                 C=Kidney garden spider
ARANE E   51908: N=Aratinga nenday
                 C=Nanday parakeet
                 S=Nandayus nenday
ARAPF B  767029: N=Arachnia propionica (strain F0230a)
                 S=Pseudopropionibacterium propionicum
ARAPI E  464741: N=Arachnis picta
                 C=Painted tiger moth
ARAPR E   81981: N=Arabis procurrens
                 C=Running rock-cress
ARAPU E  126272: N=Arabis pumila
ARARA E   45208: N=Aralia racemosa
                 C=American spikenard
ARASA E  336585: N=Araneus saevus
                 C=Fierce orbweaver
                 S=Epeira saevus
ARASO E  208901: N=Arabis soyeri
                 S=Arabis jacquinii
ARASP E   13341: N=Aralia spinosa
                 C=Devil's walkingstick
ARASU E   45249: N=Arabidopsis suecica
                 C=Swedish thale-cress
                 S=Cardaminopsis suecica
ARATH E    3702: N=Arabidopsis thaliana
                 C=Mouse-ear cress
ARATO E 1005077: N=Arawacus togarna
                 C=Togarna stripestreak butterfly
ARATR E  588433: N=Araneus trifolium
                 C=Shamrock orbweaver
ARAV  V  211977: N=Aravan virus
ARAVE E  182803: N=Araneus ventricosus
                 C=Orbweaver spider
                 S=Epeira ventricosa
ARAWE E  190661: N=Aratinga weddellii
                 C=Dusky-headed parakeet
ARBAR E   98738: N=Arbusculohypopterygium arbuscula
                 S=Hypopterygium arbuscula
ARBCA E   13343: N=Arbutus canariensis
                 C=Canary madrona
ARBDU E   70065: N=Arbacia dufresnii
                 C=Naked green sea urchin
ARBIN E   70066: N=Arbacia incisa
                 C=Sea urchin
ARBLI E    7640: N=Arbacia lixula
                 C=Black urchin
                 S=Echinus lixula
ARBLO E  251274: N=Arborimus longicaudus
                 C=Red tree vole
                 S=Phenacomys longicaudus
ARBME E   82758: N=Arbutus menziesii
                 C=Pacific madrone
                 S=Arbutus procera
ARBPU E    7641: N=Arbacia punctulata
                 C=Punctuate sea urchin
ARBRA E 1949112: N=Arbanitis rapax
                 C=Sydney brown trapdoor spider
                 S=Misgolas rapax
ARBRO E  196125: N=Arbanitis robertsi
                 C=Trapdoor spider
                 S=Dyarcyops robertsi
ARBTO E    9105: N=Arborophila torqueola
                 C=Hill partridge
                 S=Perdix torqueola
ARBUN E   84005: N=Arbutus unedo
                 C=Strawberry tree
ARCAD E  121028: N=Arcopsis adamsi
                 C=Cancellate ark
ARCAE E  371906: N=Archilochus alexandri
                 C=Black-chinned hummingbird
ARCAL E   84011: N=Arctous alpina
                 C=Alpine bearberry
                 S=Arctostaphylos alpina
ARCAR E  139974: N=Archips argyrospila
                 C=Fruit-tree leafroller moth
ARCAU E  161928: N=Arctocephalus australis
                 C=South American fur seal
                 S=Phoca australis
ARCBE E  399533: N=Archelaphe bella
                 C=Bella rat snake
                 S=Elaphe bella
ARCBI E   94180: N=Arctictis binturong
                 S=Malay civet cat
ARCBR E  571296: N=Archips breviplicana
                 C=Asiatic leafroller moth
ARCCA E  261739: N=Arctocebus calabarensis
                 C=Calabar angwantibo
ARCCE E  191705: N=Archips cerasivorana
                 C=Uglynest caterpillar
                 S=Lozotaenia cerasivorana
ARCCL E  139309: N=Arctonyx collaris
                 C=Hog badger
ARCCN E   63155: N=Archocentrus centrarchus
                 C=Flier cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma centrarchus
ARCCO E  190676: N=Archilochus colubris
                 C=Ruby-throated hummingbird
ARCCR E  710733: N=Arcyptera coreana
                 C=Short-horned grasshopper
ARCCY E  714486: N=Archidendron clypearia
                 C=Greater grasshopper tree
                 S=Pithecellobium clypearia
ARCDE E  191427: N=Archaeoprepona demophon
                 C=One-spotted leafwing butterfly
ARCDU E  256136: N=Architeuthis dux
                 C=Giant squid
ARCEC E  160771: N=Arctopus echinatus
ARCEL E  392766: N=Archidendron ellipticum
                 S=Albizia fasciculata
ARCFE E  191706: N=Archips fervidana
                 C=Oak webworm moth
ARCFL A    2234: N=Archaeoglobus fulgidus
ARCFO E   29084: N=Arctocephalus forsteri
                 C=New Zealand fur seal
                 S=Arctocephalus australis forsteri
ARCFU A  224325: N=Archaeoglobus fulgidus (strain ATCC 49558 / DSM 4304 / JCM 9628 / NBRC 100126 / VC-16)
ARCG0 A 1579372: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR13
ARCG1 A 1579365: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR3
ARCG2 A 1579366: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR4
ARCG3 A 1579373: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR15
ARCG4 A 1579374: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR16
ARCG5 A 1579370: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR10
ARCG6 A 1579378: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR20
ARCG7 A 1579371: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR11
ARCG8 A 1579379: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR21
ARCG9 A 1579376: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR18
ARCGA E   30584: N=Arctocephalus galapagoensis
                 C=Galapagoes fur seal
                 S=Arctocephalus australis galapagoensis
ARCGL E  185735: N=Arctogadus glacialis
                 C=Arctic cod
ARCGX A 1579367: N=Archaeon GW2011_AR5
ARCGZ E   37190: N=Arctocephalus gazella
                 C=Antarctic fur seal
ARCHA B   28264: N=Arcanobacterium haemolyticum
                 S=Corynebacterium haemolyticum
ARCHD B  644284: N=Arcanobacterium haemolyticum (strain ATCC 9345 / DSM 20595 / CCUG 17215 / LMG 16163 / NBRC 15585 / NCTC 8452 / 11018)
ARCIM E  121025: N=Arca imbricata
                 C=Mossy ark
ARCIS E   59239: N=Arctica islandica
                 C=Ocean quahog
                 S=Venus islandica
ARCJA E  148607: N=Arctoscopus japonicus
                 C=Sailfin sandfish
ARCLA E    4217: N=Arctium lappa
                 C=Greater burdock
                 S=Lappa major
ARCLI A  138903: N=Archaeoglobus lithotrophicus
ARCLU E  237995: N=Archboldomys luzonensis
                 C=Mount Isarog shrew mouse
ARCMA E  176243: N=Arctostaphylos manzanita
                 C=Whiteleaf manzanita
                 S=Arctostaphylos pungens subsp. manzanita
ARCMI E  143172: N=Arctium minus
                 C=Lesser burdock
ARCNC B  572480: N=Arcobacter nitrofigilis (strain ATCC 33309 / DSM 7299 / CCUG 15893 / LMG 7604 / NCTC 12251 / CI)
                 S=Campylobacter nitrofigilis
ARCPA A  572546: N=Archaeoglobus profundus (strain DSM 5631 / JCM 9629 / NBRC 100127 / Av18)
ARCPD E   37193: N=Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus
                 C=Australian fur seal
ARCPE E  753270: N=Archaeoses pentasema
ARCPH E  161927: N=Arctocephalus philippii
                 C=Juan Fernandez fur seal
ARCPL E  874455: N=Arctia plantaginis
                 C=Wood tiger moth
                 S=Phalaena plantaginis
ARCPO E  119682: N=Archosargus probatocephalus
                 S=Sparus probatocephalus
ARCPR A   84156: N=Archaeoglobus profundus
ARCPS E 1138477: N=Arcovomer passarellii
                 C=Passarelli's frog
ARCPU E   37191: N=Arctocephalus pusillus
                 C=Cape fur seal
ARCRO E  191716: N=Archips rosana
                 C=European leafroller
ARCSE E 1954227: N=Arcuatula senhousia
                 C=Asian date mussel
                 S=Musculista senhousia
ARCSM E  191717: N=Archips semiferana
                 C=Oak leafroller moth
ARCTE E   36945: N=Archimandrita tessellata
                 C=Peppered roach
                 S=Giant cockroach
ARCTO E  161921: N=Arctocephalus townsendi
                 C=Guadalupe fur seal
ARCTR E   94182: N=Arctogalidia trivirgata
                 C=Small-toothed palm civet
ARCUU E   84009: N=Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
                 S=Arbutus uva-ursi
ARCVE A   58290: N=Archaeoglobus veneficus
ARCVN E  173067: N=Arca ventricosa
                 C=Ventricose ark
ARCVS A  693661: N=Archaeoglobus veneficus (strain DSM 11195 / SNP6)
ARCZE E  173078: N=Arca zebra
                 C=Turkey wing
ARDAL E  110620: N=Ardea alba
                 C=Great white egret
                 S=Casmerodius albus
ARDBA E  188375: N=Ardeola bacchus
                 C=Chinese pond heron
ARDBU E   48676: N=Ardenna bulleri
                 C=Buller's shearwater
                 S=Puffinus bulleri
ARDCA E 1934105: N=Ardenna carneipes
                 C=Flesh-footed shearwater
                 S=Puffinus carneipes
ARDCE E   48679: N=Ardenna creatopus
                 C=Pink-footed shearwater
                 S=Puffinus creatopus
ARDCI E   30390: N=Ardea cinerea
                 C=Grey heron
ARDCR E   13345: N=Ardisia crenata
                 S=Ardisia crenulata
ARDGI E   37052: N=Ardenna grisea
                 C=Sooty shearwater
                 S=Puffinus griseus
ARDGR E   37051: N=Ardenna gravis
                 C=Greater shearwater
                 S=Procellaria gravis
ARDHE E   56072: N=Ardea herodias
                 C=Great blue heron
ARDIN E  585464: N=Ardea intermedia
                 C=Intermediate egret
                 S=Mesophoyx intermedia
ARDMO E 1481669: N=Ardea modesta
                 C=Eastern great egret
                 S=Ardea alba modesta
ARDNC E  148034: N=Ardops nichollsi
                 C=Tree bat
                 S=Stenoderma nichollsi
ARDNI E  172692: N=Ardeotis nigriceps
                 C=Great Indian bustard
ARDPU E  188373: N=Ardea purpurea
                 C=Purple heron
ARDTE E   48684: N=Ardenna tenuirostris
                 C=Short-tailed shearwater
                 S=Puffinus tenuirostris
AREBU E   78701: N=Arethusa bulbosa
                 C=Dragon's mouth orchid
ARECR E  273048: N=Arenicola cristata
AREDR E    3578: N=Arenaria drummondii
                 C=Drummond sandwort
AREIN E   54971: N=Arenaria interpres
                 C=Ruddy turnstone
                 S=Tringa interpres
AREMA E    6344: N=Arenicola marina
                 S=Lumbricus marinus
ARGAF E 1210872: N=Argas africolumbae
                 C=Soft tick
ARGAM E 1577494: N=Argyrosomus amoyensis
                 C=Amoy croaker
                 S=Pseudosciaena amoyensis
ARGAQ E  375087: N=Argyroneta aquatica
                 C=Water spider
                 S=Araneus aquaticus
ARGAR E    9081: N=Argusianus argus
                 C=Great argus
                 S=Phasianus argus
ARGAU E  156844: N=Argiope aurantia
                 C=Black-and-yellow garden spider
ARGBR E   94029: N=Argiope bruennichi
                 C=Wasp spider
                 S=Aranea bruennichi
ARGCA E    4245: N=Argyroxiphium caliginis
                 C=Eke silversword
ARGCY E  222789: N=Arge cyanocrocea
                 S=Tenthredo cyanocrocea
ARGDE E   37460: N=Argyrochosma delicatula
                 C=Delicate cloak fern
                 S=Notholaena delicatula
ARGFE E   40963: N=Argyrochosma fendleri
                 C=Fendler's false cloak fern
                 S=Notholaena fendleri
ARGFV E   79453: N=Argia fumipennis violacea
                 C=Violet dancer
                 S=Argia violacea
ARGIR E   31199: N=Argopecten irradians
                 C=Bay scallop
                 S=Aequipecten irradians
ARGJA E  448029: N=Argyrosomus japonicus
                 C=Japanese meagre
                 S=Sciaena japonica
ARGKA E   76671: N=Argyroxiphium kauense
                 C=Kau silversword
                 S=Argyroxiphium sandwicense var. kauense
ARGLA E  182350: N=Argas lagenoplastis
                 C=Australian fairy martin argasid
                 S=Soft tick
ARGME E   54796: N=Argemone mexicana
                 C=Mexican prickly poppy
ARGMI E 1442166: N=Argas miniatus
                 C=Fowl tick
ARGMO E   34602: N=Argas monolakensis
                 C=Mono lake bird tick
ARGMU E   99321: N=Argemone munita
                 C=Flatbud prickly poppy
ARGNI E   95270: N=Arge nigripes
                 S=Tenthredo nigripes
ARGPA E  171802: N=Argynnis paphia
                 C=Silver-washed fritillary butterfly
ARGPU E  228297: N=Argopecten purpuratus
                 C=Chilean northern scallop
ARGRE E  172269: N=Argyrosomus regius
ARGRF E   34604: N=Argas reflexus
                 C=European pigeon tick
ARGSA E   76672: N=Argyroxiphium sandwicense
                 C=Hawaiian silversword
ARGSP E   85884: N=Argania spinosa
                 S=Syderoxylon spinosum
ARGTR E  156845: N=Argiope trifasciata
                 C=Banded garden spider
                 S=Aranea trifasciata
ARHLA E 1371314: N=Arhodia lasiocamparia
ARIAA E  396705: N=Ariadne ariadne
                 C=Angled castor butterfly
                 S=Ergolis ariadne
ARIAB E  158532: N=Aristolochia arborea
ARIAG E   91739: N=Aricia agestis
                 C=Brown argus
                 S=Plebejus agestis
ARIAI E  287714: N=Arius arius
                 C=Threadfin sea catfish
                 S=Pimelodus arius
ARIAN E  479306: N=Aristeus antennatus
                 C=Blue and red shrimp
                 S=Penaeus antennatus
ARIAR E   45985: N=Arianta arbustorum
                 C=Land snail
ARIAT E   91738: N=Aricia artaxerxes
                 C=Northern brown argus
ARIBA E  158536: N=Aristolochia baetica
ARICA E   58983: N=Aristea capitata
ARICI E  171875: N=Aristolochia californica
                 C=California Dutchman's pipe vine
                 S=Isotrema californica
ARICL E  158538: N=Aristolochia clematitis
ARICO E  266420: N=Aristolochia contorta
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARICR E  282009: N=Aricia cramera
                 C=Southern brown argus
ARICU E  158539: N=Aristolochia cucurbitifolia
ARICY E  158540: N=Aristolochia cymbifera
ARIDE E  158541: N=Aristolochia debilis
                 S=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIEE E  143780: N=Aristolochia elegans
                 C=Elegant Dutchman's pipe vine
                 S=Calico flower
ARIEL E   94893: N=Arizona elegans
                 C=Glossy snake
ARIER E  257524: N=Aristolochia eriantha
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIFA E  227241: N=Arisaema flavum
                 C=Yellow cobra lily
                 S=Arum flavum
ARIFE E   75286: N=Ariopsis felis
                 C=Hardheaded sea catfish
                 S=Silurus felis
ARIFI E  158543: N=Aristolochia fimbriata
                 C=White veined hardy Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIFL E  148035: N=Ariteus flavescens
                 C=Jamaican fig-eating bat
ARIGG E   12948: N=Aristolochia gigantea
                 C=Giant Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIGI E  158546: N=Aristolochia gibertii
ARIGL E   61253: N=Aristea glauca
ARIGR E  145283: N=Aristolochia grandiflora
                 C=Pelican flower
ARIIN E 1649244: N=Ariomma indicum
                 C=Indian driftfish
                 S=Cubiceps indicus
ARIKA E  158550: N=Aristolochia kaempferi
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARILI E  158553: N=Aristolochia liukiuensis
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARILU E  316125: N=Ariomma lurida
                 C=Slope driftfish
ARIMA E   12949: N=Aristolochia macrophylla
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
                 S=Isotrema macrophyllum
ARIMN E  158555: N=Aristolochia manshuriensis
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIMX E  158557: N=Aristolochia maxima
                 C=Florida Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIOD E  158562: N=Aristolochia odoratissima
                 C=Fragrant Dutchman's pipe vine
ARION E  158563: N=Aristolochia onoei
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIOV E  158564: N=Aristolochia ovalifolia
ARIPE E  158567: N=Aristolochia peruviana
                 C=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARIPI E  158569: N=Aristolochia pilosa
ARIPL E   58984: N=Aristea platycaulis
ARIPR E  933624: N=Aristelliger praesignis
                 C=Jamaican croaking lizard
                 S=Hemidactylus praesignis
ARIRI E  158570: N=Aristolochia ringens
                 C=Gaping Dutchman's pipe vine
ARISA E  158571: N=Aristolochia salvadorensis
ARISH E  135220: N=Ariosoma shiroanago
                 C=Conger eel
ARISI E  228843: N=Arisaema sikokianum
                 C=Japanese Jack-in-the-pulpit
ARITA E  158573: N=Aristolochia tagala
                 C=Indian birthwort
                 S=Dutchman's pipe vine
ARITI E  158575: N=Aristolochia tricaudata
ARITM E   35927: N=Aristolochia tomentosa
                 C=Woolly Dutchman's pipe vine
ARITO E  175759: N=Arisaema tortuosum
                 C=Whipcord cobra lily
                 S=Arum tortuosum
ARITR E   78371: N=Arisaema triphyllum
                 S=Arum triphyllum
ARIWE E  158577: N=Aristolochia westlandii
                 C=Westland's birthwort
ARMAG E  592791: N=Armillifer agkistrodontis
                 C=Tongue worm
ARMAR E  260804: N=Armillifer armillatus
                 C=Tongue worm
ARMGA E   47427: N=Armillaria gallica
                 C=Bulbous honey fungus
                 S=Armillaria bulbosa
ARMLO E  428494: N=Armadillidium lobocurvum
ARMMA E   71835: N=Armeria maritima
                 C=Sea thrift
                 S=Statice maritima
ARMME E   47429: N=Armillaria mellea
                 C=Shoestring root rot fungus
                 S=Honey mushroom
ARMOF E   96821: N=Armadillo officinalis
                 C=Oak-woodland pillbug
ARMOS E   47428: N=Armillaria ostoyae
                 C=Armillaria root rot fungus
ARMRU E    3704: N=Armoracia rusticana
                 S=Armoracia laphatifolia
ARMSU E  124917: N=Armigeres subalbatus
ARMTA E   47431: N=Armillaria tabescens
                 C=Ringless honey mushroom
                 S=Agaricus tabescens
ARMV  V   12271: N=Arabis mosaic virus
ARMVN V  282063: N=Arabis mosaic virus (isolate NW)
ARMVS V  283676: N=Arabis mosaic virus (isolate Syrah)
ARMVU E   13347: N=Armadillidium vulgare
                 S=Pill woodlouse
ARNDE E  149409: N=Arnica dealbata
                 C=Mock leopardbane
                 S=Whitneya dealbata
ARNEU E  373122: N=Arnebia euchroma
                 C=Pink arnebia
                 S=Lithospermum euchromon
ARNIM E  206127: N=Arnoglossus imperialis
                 C=Imperial scaldfish
                 S=Bothus imperialis
ARNMI E  122531: N=Arnoseris minima
                 C=Lamb's succory
                 S=Hyoseris minima
ARNMO E    4247: N=Arnica mollis
                 C=Hairy arnica
ARNTH E  157241: N=Arnoglossus thori
                 C=Thor's scaldfish
AROAE B   76114: N=Aromatoleum aromaticum (strain EbN1)
                 S=Azoarcus sp. (strain EbN1)
AROAR E   36594: N=Aronia arbutifolia
                 C=Red chokeberry
                 S=Photinia pyrifolia
AROEV B   59406: N=Aromatoleum evansii
                 S=Azoarcus evansii
AROHI E  300221: N=Arothron hispidus
                 C=White-spotted puffer
                 S=Tetraodon hispidus
AROME E  342437: N=Arothron meleagris
                 C=Guineafowl pufferfish
                 S=Tetraodon meleagris
AROSA E  384873: N=Aromobates saltuensis
                 C=Salty rocket frog
                 S=Colostethus saltuensis
ARPCO E   37247: N=Arphia conspersa
                 C=Speckle-winged grasshopper
ARPGI E   38181: N=Arpophyllum giganteum
                 C=Hyacinth orchid
ARPPS E   37248: N=Arphia pseudonietana
                 C=Red-winged grasshopper
ARREL E   52139: N=Arrhenatherum elatius
                 C=False oat-grass
                 S=Avena elatior
ARRRU E   95653: N=Arremonops rufivirgatus
                 C=Olive sparrow
ARRSC E  159452: N=Arrhamphus sclerolepis
                 C=Northern snubnose garfish
ARRTR E  270544: N=Arripis trutta
                 C=Australian salmon
                 S=Sciaena trutta
ARRXA E  264540: N=Arracacia xanthorrhiza
ARTAB E   72332: N=Artemisia absinthium
                 C=Absinth wormwood
ARTAD E   51015: N=Artibeus anderseni
                 C=Andersen's fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura anderseni
ARTAL E  194251: N=Artocarpus altilis
                 C=Breadfruit tree
                 S=Sitodium altile
ARTAM E  283491: N=Artibeus amplus
                 C=Large fruit-eating bat
ARTAN E   35608: N=Artemisia annua
                 C=Sweet wormwood
ARTAZ E   40239: N=Artibeus aztecus
                 C=Aztec fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura azteca
ARTBA E   29631: N=Arthropteris beckleri
                 S=Polypodium beckleri
ARTBC E  663331: N=Arthroderma benhamiae (strain ATCC MYA-4681 / CBS 112371)
                 S=Trichophyton mentagrophytes
ARTBE E   63400: N=Arthroderma benhamiae
                 S=Trichophyton mentagrophytes
ARTBL E  198938: N=Artemisiospiza belli
                 C=Sage sparrow
                 S=Amphispiza belli
ARTCI E   40224: N=Artibeus cinereus
                 C=Gervais's fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura cinerea
ARTCL E  119871: N=Arthrostemma ciliatum
                 S=Arthrostemma latifolium
ARTCO E   40225: N=Artibeus concolor
                 C=Brown fruit-eating bat
                 S=Koopmania concolor
ARTCR E  283624: N=Artedius corallinus
                 C=Coralline sculpin
                 S=Allartedius corallinus
ARTDA E   74499: N=Arthrobotrys dactyloides
                 C=Nematode-trapping fungus
ARTFI E   51010: N=Artibeus fimbriatus
                 C=Fringed fruit-eating bat
ARTFM E  303133: N=Artanema fimbriatum
ARTFR E   51011: N=Artibeus fraterculus
                 C=Fraternal fruit-eating bat
ARTGA E   40226: N=Artibeus glaucus
                 C=Silver fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura glauca
ARTGG E   40227: N=Artibeus glaucus gnomus
                 S=Dermanura gnoma
ARTGL B    1664: N=Arthrobacter glacialis
ARTGO B    1665: N=Arthrobacter globiformis
ARTGP E  535722: N=Arthroderma gypseum (strain ATCC MYA-4604 / CBS 118893)
                 S=Microsporum gypseum
ARTGW E   51016: N=Artibeus glaucus watsoni
                 C=Thomas's fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura watsoni
ARTGY E   63402: N=Arthroderma gypseum
                 S=Microsporum gypseum
ARTHA E   27654: N=Artibeus hartii
                 C=Little fruit-eating bat
                 S=Enchisthenes hartii
ARTHE E    3489: N=Artocarpus heterophyllus
ARTHI E   51012: N=Artibeus hirsutus
                 C=Hairy fruit-eating bat
ARTHX E  225833: N=Artabotrys hexapetalus
                 C=Climbing ylang-ylang
                 S=Annona hexapetala
ARTIN E    3490: N=Artocarpus integer
                 C=Jack fruit
                 S=Artocarpus integrifolia
ARTIO E   51013: N=Artibeus inopinatus
                 C=Honduran fruit-eating bat
ARTIT E   51014: N=Artibeus intermedius
                 C=Intermediate fruit-eating bat
ARTJA E    9417: N=Artibeus jamaicensis
                 C=Jamaican fruit-eating bat
ARTKO E  174774: N=Arthrosaura kockii
                 C=Eastern creek lizard
                 S=Prionodactylus kockii
ARTLE E  175024: N=Artamus leucorynchus
                 C=White-breasted woodswallow
ARTLI E   27634: N=Artibeus lituratus
                 C=Great fruit-eating bat
ARTOA E  756982: N=Arthrobotrys oligospora (strain ATCC 24927 / CBS 115.81 / DSM 1491)
                 C=Nematode-trapping fungus
                 S=Didymozoophaga oligospora
ARTOB E   40228: N=Artibeus obscurus
                 C=Dark fruit-eating bat
ARTOC E  554155: N=Arthroderma otae (strain ATCC MYA-4605 / CBS 113480)
                 S=Microsporum canis
ARTOR E  136232: N=Artedidraco orianae
                 C=Barbeled plunderfish
ARTOT E   63405: N=Arthroderma otae
                 S=Microsporum canis
ARTPA E    6663: N=Artemia parthenogenetica
                 C=Brine shrimp
ARTPE E  112178: N=Arthrinium phaeospermum
                 S=Gymnosporium phaeospermum
ARTPH E   40229: N=Artibeus phaeotis
                 C=Pygmy fruit-eating bat
                 S=Dermanura phaeotis
ARTPL E   40230: N=Artibeus planirostris
                 C=Flat-faced fruit-eating bat
ARTPN B  696747: N=Arthrospira platensis (strain NIES-39 / IAM M-135)
                 S=Spirulina platensis
ARTPO E  577105: N=Arthroleptis poecilonotus
                 C=West African screeching frog
ARTPS B    1677: N=Arthrobacter pascens
ARTPT B  118562: N=Arthrospira platensis
                 S=Spirulina platensis
ARTRA E    5451: N=Arthromyces ramosus
ARTRM B    1672: N=Arthrobacter ramosus
ARTS1 B   47915: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain P1)
ARTS2 B  290399: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain FB24)
ARTS7 B    1669: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain NRRL B3728)
ARTS8 B  196628: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain KUJ 8602)
ARTSA E   85549: N=Artemia salina
                 C=Brine shrimp
ARTSB B   86041: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain B7)
ARTSC B   79670: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain 1C)
ARTSD B   74565: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain CB-8)
ARTSF E    6661: N=Artemia franciscana
                 C=Brine shrimp
                 S=Artemia sanfranciscana
ARTSH E  166626: N=Arthrinium sacchari
                 S=Coniosporium sacchari
ARTSI E  235357: N=Artemisia spiciformis
                 C=Spiked big sagebrush
                 S=Artemisia tridentata spiciformis
ARTSK B  184230: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain KM)
ARTSP B    1667: N=Arthrobacter sp.
ARTSQ B  104027: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain Q36)
ARTSS B 1029718: N=Arthromitus sp. (strain SFB-mouse-Japan)
ARTST B   68999: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain TE1826)
ARTSU E   79160: N=Artedia squamata
                 C=Crown flower
ARTSW B   79671: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain YCWD3)
ARTSX E    6662: N=Artemia sp.
                 C=Brine shrimp
ARTSY B   72571: N=Arthrobacter sp. (strain Py1)
ARTSZ E 1756131: N=Arthrinium sp.
ARTTL E   40240: N=Artibeus toltecus
                 C=Toltec fruit-eating bat
ARTTO E    3492: N=Artocarpus tonkinensis
ARTTR E  132421: N=Arthurdendyus triangulatus
                 C=New Zealand flatworm
                 S=Artioposthia triangulata
ARTVI B    1673: N=Arthrobacter viscosus
ARTVL E  150246: N=Arthroleptella villiersi
                 C=De Villier's moss frog
ARTVU E    4220: N=Artemisia vulgaris
ARUDI E   32220: N=Aruncus dioicus
                 C=Goat's beard
ARUDO E   35708: N=Arundo donax
                 C=Giant reed
                 S=Donax arundinaceus
ARUMA E    4458: N=Arum maculatum
ARV   V   31612: N=Adelaide River virus
ARVAM E 1047088: N=Arvicola amphibius
                 C=Eurasian water mole
                 S=Arvicola terrestris
ARVAN E  204747: N=Arvicanthis ansorgei
                 C=Sudanian grass rat
ARVNI E   61156: N=Arvicanthis niloticus
                 C=African grass rat
ARVS1 V   38171: N=Avian reovirus (strain S1133)
ARVSA E   88454: N=Arvicola sapidus
                 C=Southwestern water vole
ARVSO E   61157: N=Arvicanthis somalicus
                 C=Neumann's grass rat
                 S=Somali grass rat
ARYSP E  178948: N=Arytainilla spartiophila
                 C=Broom psyllid
                 S=Arytaina spartiophila
ASAAM E 1686733: N=Asagena americana
                 C=Twospotted cobweb spider
ASACA E   28498: N=Asarum canadense
                 C=Wild ginger
ASACR E   60803: N=Asaphidion curtum
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Tachypus curtus
ASACU E   76083: N=Asarum caudatum
                 C=Long-tailed wild ginger
                 S=British Columbia wild ginger
ASADI E  184428: N=Asaphis dichotoma
ASAEU E   49456: N=Asarum europaeum
ASAYA E  158578: N=Asarum yakusimense
                 C=Japanese wild ginger
                 S=Asarum hirsutisepalum
ASCAP E 2028591: N=Ascaloptynx appendiculata
                 S=Ascalaphus appendiculatus
ASCCU E   52823: N=Asclepias curassavica
                 C=Tropical milkweed
ASCEX E   28506: N=Asclepias exaltata
                 C=Poke milkweed
ASCFR E  195875: N=Ascobulla fragilis
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Cylindrobulla fragilis
ASCIM E    5191: N=Ascobolus immersus
ASCIN E  330158: N=Asclepias incarnata
                 C=Swamp milkweed
                 S=Asclepias decumbens
ASCLU E    6252: N=Ascaris lumbricoides
                 C=Giant roundworm
ASCNO E   52969: N=Ascophyllum nodosum
                 C=Knotted wrack
                 S=Brown seaweed
ASCSA E  139061: N=Ascocoryne sarcoides
                 C=Purple jellydisc fungus
                 S=Bulgaria sarcoides
ASCSB E 1310335: N=Ascalohybris subjacens
                 S=Ascalaphus subjacens
ASCSS E   79730: N=Ascidia sydneiensis samea
                 C=Vanadium-rich ascidian
ASCSU E    6253: N=Ascaris suum
                 C=Pig roundworm
                 S=Ascaris lumbricoides
ASCSY E   48545: N=Asclepias syriaca
                 C=Common milkweed
ASCTA E  158379: N=Ascogregarina taiwanensis
ASCTR E    8439: N=Ascaphus truei
                 C=Coastal tailed frog
ASCTU E  141466: N=Asclepias tuberosa
                 C=Butterfly milkweed
                 S=Asclepias decumbens
ASEAQ E   92525: N=Asellus aquaticus
                 C=Water hoglouse
ASEST E  188568: N=Aselliscus stoliczkanus
                 C=Stoliczka's Asian trident bat
                 S=Asellia stoliczkana
ASF   V   10497: N=African swine fever virus
ASFB7 V   10498: N=African swine fever virus (strain Badajoz 1971 Vero-adapted)
ASFC1 V   82810: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Crocodile Cr1/1996)
ASFC3 V   82811: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Crocodile Cr3/1996)
ASFCH V   82812: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/Zimbabwe/Chiredzi Ch1/1983)
ASFE1 V   82813: N=African swine fever virus (strain E-70 MS16)
ASFE4 V   39014: N=African swine fever virus (strain E-70 MS44)
ASFE7 V  686262: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Spain/E-75/1975)
ASFH8 V   82814: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Haiti/H811/1981)
ASFK5 V  561445: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Kenya/KEN-50/1950)
ASFL5 V   10499: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Portugal/Lis 57/1957)
ASFL6 V   82815: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Portugal/Lis 60/1960)
ASFM1 V   82816: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Wildebeeslaagte M1/1996)
ASFM2 V   10500: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/Malawi/Lil 20-1/1983)
ASFP4 V  561443: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Pretoriuskop Pr4/1996)
ASFP5 V   82817: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Tick/South Africa/Pretoriuskop Pr5/1996)
ASFPB V  443876: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Benin/Ben 97-1/1997)
ASFPP V  443878: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Pig/Portugal/OURT88/1988)
ASFWA V  561444: N=African swine fever virus (isolate Warthog/Namibia/Wart80/1980)
ASGVK V  273525: N=Apple stem grooving virus (strain Korea)
ASGVP V   36402: N=Apple stem grooving virus (strain P-209)
ASHAC E  566037: N=Ashbya aceri
ASHG1 E 1034331: N=Ashbya gossypii (strain FDAG1)
                 S=Eremothecium gossypii
ASHGO E  284811: N=Ashbya gossypii (strain ATCC 10895 / CBS 109.51 / FGSC 9923 / NRRL Y-1056)
                 S=Eremothecium gossypii
ASHLU E 1511595: N=Ashtoret lunaris
                 C=Spotted moon crab
ASHV  V   41952: N=Arctic squirrel hepatitis virus
ASHYP B   35780: N=Ash yellows phytoplasma
ASIFL E   56267: N=Asio flammeus
                 C=Short-eared owl
                 S=Strix flammea
ASIOT E  111810: N=Asio otus
                 C=Long-eared owl
                 S=Strix otus
ASIPA E  137664: N=Asimina parviflora
                 C=Smallflower pawpaw
                 S=Orchidocarpum parviflorum
ASITR E   12953: N=Asimina triloba
                 S=Annona triloba
ASLSE E  389572: N=Aslamidium semicirculare
                 C=Rolled-leaf hispine beetle
ASOCA E   95193: N=Asota caricae
                 C=Tiger moth
ASOHE E  938179: N=Asota heliconia
                 C=Tiger moth
ASOPL E  581254: N=Asota plana
                 C=Tiger moth
ASOTA E   58720: N=Asobara tabida
                 C=Parasitic wasp
ASPA1 E  690307: N=Aspergillus aculeatus (strain ATCC 16872 / CBS 172.66 / WB 5094)
ASPAC E    5053: N=Aspergillus aculeatus
ASPAL E  207931: N=Asphodelus albus
                 C=White asphodel
ASPAM E    5054: N=Aspergillus amstelodami
ASPAN E   41894: N=Asplenium antiquum
ASPAU E   78367: N=Asplenium australasicum
                 C=Bird's nest fern
                 S=Neottopteris australasica
ASPAW E  105351: N=Aspergillus awamori
                 C=Black koji mold
ASPBC E  767769: N=Aspergillus brasiliensis (strain CBS 101740 / IMI 381727 / IBT 21946)
ASPBU E 2508778: N=Aspergillus burnettii
ASPC5 E  602072: N=Aspergillus carbonarius (strain ITEM 5010)
ASPCA E   40993: N=Aspergillus carbonarius
ASPCE E  147945: N=Asplenium ceterach
                 C=Rustyback fern
                 S=Ceterach officinarum
ASPCH E  182096: N=Aspergillus chevalieri
                 S=Eurotium chevalieri
ASPCI E  454130: N=Aspergillus calidoustus
ASPCL E  344612: N=Aspergillus clavatus (strain ATCC 1007 / CBS 513.65 / DSM 816 / NCTC 3887 / NRRL 1 / QM 1276 / 107)
ASPCV E    5057: N=Aspergillus clavatus
ASPCY E   35891: N=Asperula cynanchica
ASPDE E 1810909: N=Aspergillus desertorum
                 S=Emericella desertorum
ASPDO E  127584: N=Aspronema dorsivittatum
                 C=Paraguay mabuya
                 S=Mabuya dorsivittata
ASPEC E 1448314: N=Aspergillus eucalypticola (strain CBS 122712 / IBT 29274)
ASPEL E   39526: N=Aspidistra elatior
                 C=Cast-iron plant
                 S=Barroom plant
ASPFA E 1392242: N=Aspergillus flavus (strain ATCC MYA-384 / AF70)
ASPFC E  451804: N=Neosartorya fumigata (strain CEA10 / CBS 144.89 / FGSC A1163)
                 S=Aspergillus fumigatus
ASPFI E    5058: N=Aspergillus ficuum
ASPFL E    5059: N=Aspergillus flavus
ASPFM E  746128: N=Neosartorya fumigata
                 S=Aspergillus fumigatus
ASPFN E  332952: N=Aspergillus flavus (strain ATCC 200026 / FGSC A1120 / IAM 13836 / NRRL 3357 / JCM 12722 / SRRC 167)
ASPFS E  286432: N=Aspergillus fumisynnematus
ASPFU E  330879: N=Neosartorya fumigata (strain ATCC MYA-4609 / Af293 / CBS 101355 / FGSC A1100)
                 S=Aspergillus fumigatus
ASPFV E   41900: N=Aspergillus flavipes
ASPGI E    5060: N=Aspergillus giganteus
ASPGL E   41413: N=Aspergillus glaucus
                 S=Eurotium herbariorum
ASPHA E 1873369: N=Aspergillus hancockii
ASPHC E 1450537: N=Aspergillus homomorphus (strain CBS 101889)
ASPJA E   34381: N=Aspergillus japonicus
ASPKA E 1069201: N=Aspergillus kawachii
                 C=White koji mold
                 S=Aspergillus awamori var. kawachi
ASPKW E 1033177: N=Aspergillus kawachii (strain NBRC 4308)
                 C=White koji mold
                 S=Aspergillus awamori var. kawachi
ASPLA E   29781: N=Asperula laevigata
                 C=Smooth woodruff
ASPLB E 1450533: N=Aspergillus lacticoffeatus (strain CBS 101883)
ASPLC E 1137211: N=Aspergillus luchuensis (strain CBS 106.47)
ASPLU E   49696: N=Asphodeline lutea
                 C=King's spear
ASPMA E   59019: N=Asparagus maritimus
                 C=Sea asparagus
                 S=Asparagus scaber
ASPME E   51883: N=Aspidites melanocephalus
                 C=Black-headed python
ASPMI E  181476: N=Aspasma minima
                 S=Lepadogaster minimus
ASPMU E   66184: N=Aspidomorphus muelleri
                 C=Mueller's crown snake
                 S=Elaps muelleri
ASPN1 E 1392255: N=Aspergillus novofumigatus (strain IBT 16806)
ASPNA E  380704: N=Aspergillus niger (strain ATCC 1015 / CBS 113.46 / FGSC A1144 / LSHB Ac4 / NCTC 3858a / NRRL 328 / USDA 3528.7)
ASPNB E 1448310: N=Aspergillus neoniger (strain CBS 115656)
ASPNC E  425011: N=Aspergillus niger (strain CBS 513.88 / FGSC A1513)
ASPND E   29642: N=Asplenium nidus
                 C=Bird's nest fern
ASPNG E    5061: N=Aspergillus niger
ASPNI E  183865: N=Aspidytes niobe
                 C=Cliff water beetle
ASPNN E 2582783: N=Aspergillus nanangensis
ASPNO E   41061: N=Aspergillus nomius
ASPO3 E 1160506: N=Aspergillus oryzae (strain 3.042)
                 C=Yellow koji mold
ASPOF E    4686: N=Asparagus officinalis
                 C=Garden asparagus
ASPOR E  510516: N=Aspergillus oryzae (strain ATCC 42149 / RIB 40)
                 C=Yellow koji mold
ASPOZ E    5062: N=Aspergillus oryzae
                 C=Yellow koji mold
ASPPA E    5067: N=Aspergillus parasiticus
ASPPE E 1405805: N=Aspergillus pseudoglaucus
                 S=Eurotium repens
ASPPH E    5063: N=Aspergillus phoenicis
                 S=Aspergillus saitoi
ASPPL E   29839: N=Aspergillus pallidus
ASPPS E  132259: N=Aspergillus pseudotamarii
ASPPU E 1403190: N=Aspergillus parasiticus (strain ATCC 56775 / NRRL 5862 / SRRC 143 / SU-1)
ASPRA E  461326: N=Aspidites ramsayi
                 C=Woma python
                 S=Ramsay's python
ASPRD E  877789: N=Aspidapion radiolus
                 C=Seed weevil
                 S=Apion radiolus
ASPRE E    5064: N=Aspergillus restrictus
ASPRU E   41736: N=Aspergillus rugulosus
                 S=Emericella rugulosa
ASPSB E 1448318: N=Aspergillus sclerotiicarbonarius (strain CBS 121057 / IBT 28362)
ASPSC E    8607: N=Aspidelaps scutatus
                 C=Shield-nose snake
ASPSE E  169380: N=Asplenium septentrionale
                 C=Forked spleenwort
                 S=Acrostichum septentrionale
ASPSM E  877550: N=Aspergillus sp. (strain MF297-2)
ASPSO E   41058: N=Aspergillus sojae
ASPTA E  285217: N=Aspergillus terreus (strain ATCC 20542 / MF4845)
ASPTC E  767770: N=Aspergillus tubingensis (strain CBS 134.48)
ASPTE E   33178: N=Aspergillus terreus
ASPTN E  341663: N=Aspergillus terreus (strain NIH 2624 / FGSC A1156)
ASPTR E   78464: N=Asplenium trichomanes
                 C=Maidenhair spleenwort fern
ASPTU E    5068: N=Aspergillus tubingensis
ASPUN E   37197: N=Aspidoscelis uniparens
                 C=Desert grassland whiptail lizard
                 S=Cnemidophorus uniparens
ASPUS E  186680: N=Aspergillus usamii
                 S=Aspergillus shirousami
ASPUT E   40382: N=Aspergillus ustus
ASPV1 E 1450538: N=Aspergillus violaceofuscus (strain CBS 115571)
ASPVC E 1448311: N=Aspergillus vadensis (strain CBS 113365 / IMI 142717 / IBT 24658)
ASPVE E   46472: N=Aspergillus versicolor
ASPVI E   75553: N=Aspergillus viridinutans
ASPVP V  651356: N=Apple stem pitting virus (isolate PA66)
ASPVR V 1283346: N=Atlantic salmon paramyxovirus (isolate -/Norway/Yrkje371/1995)
ASPWE E    5066: N=Aspergillus wentii
ASTAE E  178766: N=Astyanax aeneus
                 C=Banded tetra
                 S=Tetragonopterus aeneus
ASTAL E   40171: N=Astatoreochromis alluaudi
                 C=Alluaud's haplo
ASTAM E    7602: N=Asterias amurensis
                 C=Northern Pacific seastar
ASTAN E  354785: N=Astraptes anaphus
                 C=Yellow-tipped flasher
ASTAP E   20403: N=Astragalus alpinus
                 C=Alpine milk-vetch
ASTAS E    6715: N=Astacus astacus
                 C=Noble crayfish
                 S=Astacus fluviatilis
ASTBI E   20406: N=Astragalus bisulcatus
                 C=Two-grooved milkvetch
                 S=Phaca bisulcata
ASTCA E    8154: N=Astatotilapia calliptera
                 C=Eastern happy
                 S=Chromis callipterus
ASTCE E  439696: N=Asterocampa celtis
                 C=Hackberry emperor
                 S=Apatura celtis
ASTCL E   40075: N=Asterocampa clyton
                 C=Tawny emperor
ASTCO E  356845: N=Asteromyia carbonifera
                 C=Gall midge
                 S=Cecidomyia carbonifera
ASTDO E    9138: N=Asthenes dorbignyi
                 C=Creamy-breasted canastero
                 S=Thripophaga dorbignyi
ASTEC B  573065: N=Asticcacaulis excentricus (strain ATCC 15261 / DSM 4724 / KCTC 12464 / NCIMB 9791 / VKM B-1370 / CB 48)
ASTFA E  223369: N=Astyanax fasciatus
                 C=Blind cave fish
                 S=Astyanax mexicanus
ASTFC E   47038: N=Astragalus falcatus
                 C=Russian milk vetch
ASTFO E    7603: N=Asterias forbesi
                 C=Forbes' starfish
ASTGI E   46515: N=Asterina gibbosa
                 C=Cushion starfish
ASTGL E   83862: N=Astragalus glycyphyllos
                 C=Wild liquorice
ASTGR E  263456: N=Astronium graveolens
                 C=Goncalo alves
ASTHA E 2751893: N=Astrangia haimei
                 C=Cup coral
                 S=Astrangia lajollaensis
ASTLA E   66004: N=Astrebla lappacea
                 C=Curly Mitchell grass
                 S=Danthonia lappacea
ASTLE E  113307: N=Asterocampa leilia
                 C=Empress leilia butterfly
                 S=Apatura leilia
ASTLP E    6717: N=Astacus leptodactylus
                 C=Turkish narrow-clawed crayfish
                 S=Pontastacus leptodactylus
ASTMA E   52448: N=Astrantia major
                 C=Great masterwort
ASTMD E  691888: N=Astrospartus mediterraneus
                 C=Basket sea star
                 S=Euryale mediterraneus
ASTME E  649199: N=Astragalus membranaceus
                 C=Membranous milk-vetch
                 S=Phaca membranacea
ASTML E 2607521: N=Astripomoea malvacea
                 C=Common star-creeper
                 S=Breweria malvacea
ASTMO E  119829: N=Astragalus mongholicus
                 C=Milk vetch
                 S=Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus
ASTMU E  446113: N=Astrocaryum murumuru
                 C=Murumuru palm
ASTMX E    7994: N=Astyanax mexicanus
                 C=Blind cave fish
                 S=Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus
ASTMY E  102202: N=Astreopora myriophthalma
                 C=Porous star coral
                 S=Astrea myriophthalma
ASTOC E   50733: N=Astronotus ocellatus
                 S=Lobotes ocellatus
ASTOI E 1226970: N=Astylosternus occidentalis
                 C=Western night frog
ASTPE E   47093: N=Astragalus pelecinus
                 S=Biserrula pelecinus
ASTPH E  195879: N=Asterina phylactica
                 C=Cushion starfish
ASTPN E  158323: N=Astragalus penduliflorus
                 C=Mountain lentil
ASTPO E   60560: N=Astropecten polyacanthus
                 C=Comb sea star
ASTRA E  145534: N=Astropyga radiata
                 C=Radiant sea urchin
ASTRD E   66190: N=Astrochelys radiata
                 C=Radiated tortoise
                 S=Geochelone radiata
ASTRU E    7604: N=Asterias rubens
                 C=Common European starfish
                 S=Asterias vulgaris
ASTSC E 1010632: N=Astrocaryum scopatum
                 C=Palm tree
ASTSE E  151713: N=Asterropteryx semipunctata
                 C=Starry goby
ASTSI E   47065: N=Astragalus sinicus
                 C=Chinese milk vetch
ASTSM E  350939: N=Asteropus simplex
                 C=Marine sponge
                 S=Stellettinopsis simplex
ASTSR E 1328801: N=Astrolonche serrata
ASTTA E  588669: N=Aster tataricus
                 C=Tartarian aster
ASTTU E  445148: N=Asterophrys turpicola
                 C=New Guinea bush frog
ASTYP B   35779: N=Aster yellows phytoplasma
ASYAM E 1931186: N=Asychis amphiglyptus
                 C=Polychaete worm
                 S=Maldane amphiglypta
ATAAP E  565089: N=Ataxolepis apus
                 C=Cetomimid whalefish
ATACA E  509350: N=Atalopedes campestris
ATEAB E    9368: N=Atelerix albiventris
                 C=Middle-African hedgehog
                 S=Four-toed hedgehog
ATEAL E   30576: N=Atelerix algirus
                 C=Algerian hedgehog
                 S=Erinaceus algirus
ATEBE E    9507: N=Ateles belzebuth
                 C=White-bellied spider monkey
ATECH E  118643: N=Ateles chamek
                 C=Peruvian spider monkey
                 S=Ateles paniscus chamek
ATEFR E  183327: N=Ateles fusciceps robustus
                 C=Colombian black-faced spider monkey
ATEFU E    9508: N=Ateles fusciceps
                 C=Brown-headed spider monkey
                 S=Ateles geoffroyi fusciceps
ATEGE E    9509: N=Ateles geoffroyi
                 C=Black-handed spider monkey
                 S=Geoffroy's spider monkey
ATEIN E  903645: N=Atergatis integerrimus
                 C=Red egg crab
                 S=Cancer integerrimus
ATEJA E  143306: N=Ateleopus japonicus
                 C=Pacific jellynose fish
ATEMI E   68722: N=Atelocynus microtis
                 C=Short-eared dog
                 S=Dusicyon microtis
ATEPA E    9510: N=Ateles paniscus
                 C=Black spider monkey
                 S=Red-faced black spider monkey
ATESP E    9511: N=Ateles sp.
                 C=Spider monkey
ATETH B 1453429: N=Atelocyanobacterium thalassa (isolate ALOHA)
ATHBO E   87785: N=Atherina boyeri
                 C=Big-scale sand smelt
ATHBR E  126786: N=Athene brama
                 C=Spotted owlet
ATHCE E  110223: N=Atheris ceratophora
                 C=Horned bush viper
                 S=Usambara eyelash bush viper
ATHCH E  110216: N=Atheris chlorechis
                 C=Western bush viper
                 S=Vipera chlorechis
ATHCN E  194338: N=Athene cunicularia
                 C=Burrowing owl
                 S=Speotyto cunicularia
ATHCU E   99817: N=Athrotaxis cupressoides
                 C=Pencil pine
ATHDE E  110221: N=Atheris desaixi
                 C=Mount Kenya bush viper
ATHDI E 1737331: N=Athetis dissimilis
                 S=Proxenus dissimilis
ATHEN E  429650: N=Atherinomorus endrachtensis
                 C=Eendracht land silverside
                 S=Atherina endrachtensis
ATHFF E   32110: N=Athyrium filix-femina
                 C=Lady fern
                 S=Polypodium filix-femina
ATHGP E  183107: N=Athroisma gracile subsp. psyllioides
ATHGR E   41482: N=Athroisma gracile
ATHLA E   28976: N=Athrotaxis laxifolia
                 C=Tasmanian pencil pine
ATHLC E  215336: N=Atherinomorus lacunosus
                 C=Wide-banded hardyhead silverside
                 S=Atherina lacunosa
ATHLE E 1223490: N=Athetis lepigone
                 S=Proxenus lepigone
ATHMA E   34836: N=Atherurus macrourus
                 C=Asian brush-tailed porcupine
ATHNI E  110224: N=Atheris nitschei
                 C=Great lakes bush viper
ATHNO E  126797: N=Athene noctua
                 C=Little owl
ATHRO E   37344: N=Athalia rosae
                 C=Turnip sawfly
ATHSE E   99816: N=Athrotaxis selaginoides
                 C=King Billy pine
ATHSI E   94911: N=Atherinomorus stipes
                 C=Hardhead silverside
                 S=Atherina stipes
ATHSQ E  110225: N=Atheris squamigera
                 C=Variable bush viper
ATHST E  428034: N=Atheresthes stomias
                 C=Arrow-tooth flounder
                 S=Platysomatichthys stomias
ATHSU E 1170475: N=Athyma sulpitia
                 C=Spotted sergeant
ATHV3 V   85618: N=Ateline herpesvirus 3
                 S=Herpesvirus ateles
ATIPA E  210642: N=Atilax paludinosus
                 C=Marsh mongoose
ATLCA E 1072469: N=Atlantoraja castelnaui
                 C=Spotback skate
                 S=Raja castelnaui
ATLFU E   65363: N=Atlapetes fulviceps
                 C=Fulvous-headed brush-finch
ATLHE B     565: N=Atlantibacter hermannii
                 S=Escherichia hermannii
ATLME E 1536837: N=Atlapetes melanopsis
                 C=Black-spectacled brush-finch
ATRAE E  334909: N=Atractoscion aequidens
                 C=Geelbeck croaker
                 S=Otolithus aequidens
ATRAL E   85299: N=Atrophaneura alcinous
                 C=Chinese windmill
                 S=Byasa alcinous
ATRBE E   33113: N=Atropa belladonna
                 S=Deadly nightshade
ATRBI E   61304: N=Atractaspis bibronii
                 C=Bibron's mole viper
                 S=Southern stiletto snake
ATRCA E   35922: N=Atriplex canescens
                 C=Fourwing saltbush
                 S=Calligonum canescens
ATRCH E 1048738: N=Atrina chinensis
                 C=Pen shell
ATRCL E   46090: N=Atriplex calotheca
                 C=Hastate orach
                 S=Atriplex hastata
ATREN E 1343144: N=Atractaspis engaddensis
                 C=Israeli burrowing asp
                 S=Israeli mole viper
ATRFR E  192015: N=Atrina fragilis
                 C=Fan mussel
                 S=Pinna fragilis
ATRHO E   34272: N=Atriplex hortensis
                 C=Mountain spinach
ATRIL E  153482: N=Atrax sp. (strain Illawarra)
                 C=Funnel-web spider
ATRIR E  512568: N=Atractaspis irregularis
                 C=Variable burrowing asp
                 S=Elaps irregularis
ATRLA E   41486: N=Atractylodes lancea
                 S=Atractylodes japonica
ATRLE E   89475: N=Atriplex lentiformis
                 C=Quail brush
                 S=Obione lentiformis
ATRMI E   55260: N=Atractaspis micropholis
                 C=Mole viper
ATRMM E  172021: N=Atractaspis microlepidota microlepidota
ATRNM E   44730: N=Atropoides nummifer
                 C=Jumping pit viper
                 S=Porthidium nummifer
ATRNU E    3553: N=Atriplex nummularia
                 C=Old man saltbush
                 S=Atriplex johnstonii
ATRPA E    3551: N=Atriplex patula
                 C=Common orache
ATRPE E   49198: N=Atrina pectinata
                 C=Comb pen shell
                 S=Pinna pectinata
ATRPI E   44729: N=Atropoides picadoi
                 C=Picado's pit viper
                 S=Porthidium picadoi
ATRPR E  190330: N=Atriplex prostrata
                 C=Spear-leaved orache
ATRRI E   61340: N=Atrina rigida
                 C=Stiff penshell
                 S=Pinna rigida
ATRRO E    6903: N=Atrax robustus
                 C=Sydney funnel-web spider
ATRRS E    3552: N=Atriplex rosea
                 C=Red orache
                 S=Tumbling saltweed
ATRSP E    7917: N=Atractosteus spatula
                 C=Alligator gar
                 S=Lepisosteus spatula
ATRSU E 1107878: N=Atrax sutherlandi
                 C=Australian funnel-web spider
ATRTR E  512342: N=Atractosteus tropicus
                 C=Tropical gar
ATRVE E  907449: N=Atrina vexillum
                 C=Flag pen shell
ATTAT E   63978: N=Attacus atlas
                 C=Atlas moth
                 S=Phalaena atlas
ATTAU E  721898: N=Atteva aurea
                 C=Ailanthus webworm moth
                 S=Deiopeia aurea
ATTBU E  169997: N=Attalea butyracea
                 C=Yagua palm tree
                 S=Cocos butyracea
ATTCE E   12957: N=Atta cephalotes
                 C=Leafcutter ant
ATTPE E   41096: N=Attagenus pellio
                 C=Two-spotted carpet beetle
ATTPH E  290273: N=Attalea phalerata
                 C=Urucuri palm tree
ATTPS E  753633: N=Atteva pustulella
                 C=Ailanthus webworm moth
                 S=Tinea pustulella
ATTPU E   57998: N=Atteva punctella
                 C=Ailanthus webworm moth
                 S=Phalaena punctella
ATTSP E  145700: N=Attalea speciosa
                 C=Babassu palm tree
                 S=Orbignya speciosa
ATUMA E  197572: N=Atule mate
                 C=Yellowtail scad
                 S=Caranx mate
ATV   V  315953: N=Acidianus two-tailed virus
ATYBI E  178401: N=Atyoida bisulcata
                 C=Hawaiian stream shrimp
ATYDE E  363739: N=Atyaephyra desmarestii
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
ATYIN E  454333: N=Atya innocous
                 C=Basket shrimp
                 S=Cancer innocous
ATYLA E  454334: N=Atya lanipes
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
ATYPI E  395625: N=Atyoida pilipes
                 C=Green lace shrimp
                 S=Atya pilipes
ATYSC E  454337: N=Atya scabra
                 C=Camacuto shrimp
AUCCR E  397536: N=Auchenoplax crinita
                 C=Polychaete worm
AUCJA E   16901: N=Aucuba japonica
                 C=Japanese laurel
                 S=Spotted laurel
AUCOC E  390418: N=Auchenoglanis occidentalis
                 C=Giraffe catfish
                 S=Pimelodus occidentalis
AUGEZ E 2053131: N=Augacephalus ezendami
                 C=Mozambique baboon spider
                 S=Ceratogyrus ezendami
AULBO E  164752: N=Auliscomys boliviensis
                 C=Bolivian big-eared mouse
AULCH E  150448: N=Aulostomus chinensis
                 C=Chinese trumpetfish
                 S=Fistularia chinensis
AULGA E  619610: N=Aulogymnus gallarum
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
                 S=Ichneumon gallarum
AULHA E   27781: N=Aulonocara hansbaenschi
                 C=Red shoulder peacock cichlid
AULPA E  171833: N=Aulacomnium palustre
                 C=Ribbed bog moss
                 S=Mnium palustre
AULPI E   29104: N=Auliscomys pictus
                 C=Painted big-eared mouse
AULSK E  619623: N=Aulogymnus skianeuros
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
AULSO E  202456: N=Aulacorthum solani
                 C=Foxglove aphid
AULST E  286572: N=Aulonocara stuartgranti
                 C=Flavescent peacock cichlid
AULVE E  200527: N=Aulactinia verrucosa
                 C=Gem anemone
                 S=Bunodactis verrucosa
AURAJ E   29892: N=Auricularia auricula-judae
                 C=Judas ear fungus
                 S=Tremella auricula-judae
AURAN E   44056: N=Aureococcus anophagefferens
                 C=Harmful bloom alga
AURAU E    6145: N=Aurelia aurita
                 C=Moon jellyfish
AURAV V   44158: N=Aura virus
AURFA E  274456: N=Aurigequula fasciata
                 C=Striped ponyfish
                 S=Clupea fasciata
AURFL E  142859: N=Auriparus flaviceps
AURLA E  184214: N=Aurelia labiata
                 C=Moon jellyfish
AURMO E  862799: N=Auriglobus modestus
                 C=Bronze puffer
                 S=Tetraodon modestus
AURMS B  287752: N=Aurantimonas manganoxydans (strain ATCC BAA-1229 / DSM 21871 / SI85-9A1)
AURN1 V 1289385: N=Aurantiochytrium single-stranded RNA virus 01 (isolate -/Japan/AuRNAV01/2000)
                 S=Schizochytrium single-stranded RNA virus
AURPU E    5580: N=Aureobasidium pullulans
                 C=Black yeast
                 S=Pullularia pullulans
AURSE E 1043005: N=Aureobasidium subglaciale (strain EXF-2481)
                 S=Aureobasidium pullulans var. subglaciale
AURST E  717982: N=Auricularia subglabra (strain TFB-10046 / SS5)
                 C=White-rot fungus
                 S=Auricularia delicata (strain TFB10046)
AUSAL E 1131899: N=Austinograea alayseae
AUSBL E   53833: N=Austrosteenisia blackii
                 C=Blood vine
AUSCH E  103964: N=Austrocedrus chilensis
                 C=Chilean cedar
                 S=Thuja chilensis
AUSDE E   56729: N=Austrolycus depressiceps
                 C=South American eelpout
AUSED E  516884: N=Austinogebia edulis
                 C=Mud shrimp
                 S=Upogebia edulis
AUSFA E  318676: N=Australoheros facetus
                 C=Chameleon cichlid
AUSFS E   73628: N=Austrolycopodium fastigiatum
                 C=Mountain clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium fastigiatum
AUSGA E  253136: N=Austrophasma gansbaaiense
AUSIM E  516881: N=Austrobalanus imperator
                 S=Balanus imperator
AUSLA E  471292: N=Austrelaps labialis
                 C=Pygmy copperhead
                 S=Denisonia superba
AUSMO E 1732093: N=Austrominius modestus
                 C=Australasian barnacle
                 S=Elminius modestus
AUSPA E   94943: N=Austropotamobius pallipes
                 C=White-clawed crayfish
                 S=Astacus pallipes
AUSPO E   69573: N=Austrocochlea porcata
                 C=Zebra top snail
                 S=Labio porcata
AUSPS E  261882: N=Austromegabalanus psittacus
                 C=Giant barnacle
AUSRA E  253137: N=Austrophasma rawsonvillense
AUSRO E  728235: N=Austinograea rodriguezensis
                 C=Hydrothermal vent crab
AUSST E   98293: N=Austrovenus stutchburyi
                 C=New Zealand littleneck clam
AUSSU E   29156: N=Austrelaps superbus
                 C=Lowland copperhead snake
                 S=Hoplocephalus superbus
AUSTO E   94942: N=Austropotamobius torrentium
                 C=Stone crayfish
                 S=Cancer torrentium
AUSVE E   58935: N=Australopyrum velutinum
                 C=Mountain wheat-grass
                 S=Agropyron velutinum
AUSVS E  154406: N=Austrocylindropuntia vestita
                 S=Opuntia vestita
AUTGA E  254363: N=Autographa gamma
                 C=Silver Y moth
                 S=Phytometra gamma
AUTGR E  150702: N=Automate gardineri
                 C=Pistol shrimp
AUTIO E   82589: N=Automeris io
                 C=Io moth
AUTLO E  354804: N=Autochton longipennis
                 C=Spike-banded skipper
AUTZA E  354805: N=Autochton zarex
                 C=Sharp-banded skipper
AUXPR E    3075: N=Auxenochlorella protothecoides
                 C=Green microalga
                 S=Chlorella protothecoides
AUXPY E    3078: N=Auxenochlorella pyrenoidosa
                 C=Freshwater green alga
                 S=Chlorella pyrenoidosa
AUXRO E  217026: N=Auxis rochei
                 C=Bullet tuna
AUXTH E   13353: N=Auxis thazard
                 C=Frigate tuna
                 S=Scomber thazard
AUXZU E   33186: N=Auxarthron zuffianum
                 S=Gymnoascus zuffianus
AVACL E  402244: N=Avahi cleesei
                 C=Cleese's woolly lemur
                 S=Bemaraha woolly lemur
AVALA E  122246: N=Avahi laniger
                 C=Eastern woolly lemur
AVAOC E  132108: N=Avahi occidentalis
                 C=Western woolly lemur
AVAUN E  402239: N=Avahi unicolor
                 C=Sambirano woolly lemur
AVECA E   28974: N=Averrhoa carambola
                 C=Star fruit
AVEFA E    4499: N=Avena fatua
                 C=Wild oats
AVEFL E   29672: N=Avenella flexuosa
                 C=Wavy hair-grass
                 S=Deschampsia flexuosa
AVENU E    4497: N=Avena nuda
                 C=Small naked oat
AVESA E    4498: N=Avena sativa
AVEV1 V   11859: N=Avian endogenous virus EV-1
AVEV2 V   11949: N=Avian endogenous rous-associated virus-0
                 S=Avian retrovirus RAV-0
AVEVR V   11950: N=Avian rous-associated virus type 1
AVIAU E 2652665: N=Avicularia aurantiaca
                 C=Yellow-banded pinktoe tarantula
AVIAV B     751: N=Avibacterium avium
                 S=Pasteurella avium
AVIER V   79685: N=Avian erythroblastosis virus (strain ES4)
AVIES V   11862: N=Avian erythroblastosis virus (strain Sloan-Kettering)
AVIET V   11863: N=Avian erythroblastosis virus (strain S13)
AVIEU V  103898: N=Avian erythroblastosis virus (strain ts167)
AVIGA B     755: N=Avibacterium gallinarum
                 S=Pasteurella gallinarum
AVIGE E   41378: N=Avicennia germinans
                 C=Black mangrove
                 S=Bontia germinans
AVII1 V   11874: N=Avian retrovirus IC10
AVIJU E  548547: N=Avicularia juruensis
                 C=Yellow-banded pinktoe
AVILE V   11913: N=Avian leukemia virus E26
AVIM2 V   11869: N=Avian myelocytomatosis virus CMII
AVIMA V   11960: N=Avian myeloblastosis associated virus
AVIMB V   11866: N=Avian myeloblastosis virus
AVIMC V   11868: N=Avian myelocytomatosis virus MC29
AVIMD V   11915: N=Avian myelocytomatosis virus HBI
AVIME V   11916: N=Avian retrovirus MH2E21
AVIMH V   11870: N=Avian retrovirus MH2
AVIMR E   82927: N=Avicennia marina
                 C=Grey mangrove
                 S=Sceura marina
AVINK V   11875: N=Avian retrovirus NK24
AVIOK V   11871: N=Avian retrovirus OK10
AVIPA B     728: N=Avibacterium paragallinarum
                 S=Haemophilus gallinarum
AVIPU E 2652666: N=Avicularia purpurea
                 C=Ecuadorian purple pinktoe tarantula
AVIR3 V   31671: N=Avian retrovirus RPL30
AVIRE V   11636: N=Avian reticuloendotheliosis virus
AVIS1 V   11877: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain 17)
AVIS2 V   11879: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain PR2257)
AVIS3 V   35270: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain 31)
AVIS4 V   11873: N=Avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma virus AS42
AVISC V   11878: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain CT10)
AVISN V   11899: N=Avian spleen necrosis virus
AVISP V   11880: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain PRCII)
AVISR V   11894: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain rASV1441)
AVISS V   11881: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain S1)
AVIST V   11882: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain S2)
AVISU V  354090: N=UR2 sarcoma virus
                 S=Avian sarcoma virus (strain UR2)
AVISV V 1554484: N=Avisivirus A (isolate Turkey/USA/USA-IN1/2010)
AVISY V   11884: N=Avian sarcoma virus (strain Y73)
AVIVO B     762: N=Avibacterium volantium
                 S=Pasteurella volantium
AXIAX E   30531: N=Axis axis
                 C=Axis deer
AXICO E  153946: N=Axinella corrugata
                 C=Marine sponge
                 S=Teichaxinella morchella
AXIDA E   72671: N=Axinella damicornis
                 C=Marine sponge
                 S=Axinella cinnamomea
AXIDI E  798306: N=Axinella dissimilis
                 C=Mediterranean branching sponge
                 S=Isodictya dissimilis
AXIPO E   12959: N=Axinella polypoides
                 C=Yellow-orange branching sponge
AXIPR E   57737: N=Axis porcinus
                 C=Hog deer
AXIRU E   61847: N=Axiothella rubrocincta
                 C=Red-banded bamboo worm
AXIVE E  237119: N=Axinella verrucosa
                 C=Mediterranean sponge
AXONI E   57784: N=Axoclinus nigricaudus
                 C=Cortez triplefin
AYTAF E  189533: N=Aythya affinis
                 C=Lesser scaup
AYTAM E   30385: N=Aythya americana
AYTCO E  189535: N=Aythya collaris
                 C=Ring-necked duck
AYTFU E  219594: N=Aythya fuligula
                 C=Tufted duck
                 S=Anas fuligula
AYTMA E  189534: N=Aythya marila
                 C=Greater scaup
                 S=Anas marila
AYTVA E  110915: N=Aythya valisineria
                 S=Anas valisineria
AYWBP B  322098: N=Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma (strain AYWB)
AZAIN E  124943: N=Azadirachta indica
                 C=Neem tree
                 S=Melia azadirachta
AZEFE E    8773: N=Azemiops feae
                 C=Fea's viper
AZERH E  744621: N=Azeta rhodogaster
AZOBR B     192: N=Azospirillum brasilense
AZOC5 B  438753: N=Azorhizobium caulinodans (strain ATCC 43989 / DSM 5975 / JCM 20966 / LMG 6465 / NBRC 14845 / NCIMB 13405 / ORS 571)
AZOCA B       7: N=Azorhizobium caulinodans
AZOCH B     355: N=Azotobacter chroococcum mcd 1
AZOFI E   84609: N=Azolla filiculoides
                 C=Water fern
AZOL4 B  862719: N=Azospirillum lipoferum (strain 4B)
AZOLI B     193: N=Azospirillum lipoferum
AZOMA B   69962: N=Azomonas macrocytogenes
AZOOP B  640081: N=Azospira oryzae (strain ATCC BAA-33 / DSM 13638 / PS)
                 S=Dechlorosoma suillum
AZOPA B   69963: N=Azorhizophilus paspali
                 S=Azotobacter paspali
AZOPC B  511995: N=Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae genomovar. CFP2
AZOS1 B  137722: N=Azospirillum sp. (strain B510)
AZOSA B   69964: N=Azotobacter salinestris
AZOSB B  418699: N=Azoarcus sp. (strain BH72)
AZOSP B   29544: N=Azoarcus sp.
AZOVD B  322710: N=Azotobacter vinelandii (strain DJ / ATCC BAA-1303)
AZOVI B     354: N=Azotobacter vinelandii
BABAD E  120495: N=Babina adenopleura
                 C=Olive frog
                 S=Nidirana adenopleura
BABAN E  934965: N=Babakina anadoni
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Rioselleolis anadoni
BABAR E  304850: N=Babylonia areolata
                 C=Spotted babylon snail
BABBA E   41806: N=Babyrousa babyrussa
BABBI E    5866: N=Babesia bigemina
BABBO E    5865: N=Babesia bovis
BABCA E    5867: N=Babesia canis
BABCB E    5871: N=Babesia caballi
BABCE E  244728: N=Babycurus centrurimorphus
                 C=East African scorpion
BABDI E   32595: N=Babesia divergens
BABGI E   33632: N=Babesia gibsoni
BABHO E  658163: N=Babina holsti
                 C=Holst's frog
                 S=Rana holsti
BABHY E   37552: N=Babesia hylomysci
BABLU E  128467: N=Babylonia lutosa
                 C=Mud ivory whelk
BABMI E    5868: N=Babesia microti
BABMR E 1133968: N=Babesia microti (strain RI)
BABOD E   36766: N=Babesia odocoilei
BABOV E    5869: N=Babesia ovis
BABPO E  351243: N=Babesia poelea
BABRO E    5870: N=Babesia rodhaini
BABRS E  167444: N=Babesia rossi
BABST E   58942: N=Babiana stricta
                 C=Baboon flower
                 S=Gladiolus strictus
BABSU E  872127: N=Babina subaspera
                 C=Otton frog
                 S=Rana subaspera
BAC11 B   72572: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 17-1)
BAC17 B   74566: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 170)
BAC25 B  129908: N=Bacillus sp. (strain H-257)
BACA1 B  720555: N=Bacillus atrophaeus (strain 1942)
BACA3 B 1236973: N=Bacillus akibai (strain ATCC 43226 / DSM 21942 / JCM 9157 / 1139)
BACAA B  592021: N=Bacillus anthracis (strain A0248)
BACAC B  568206: N=Bacillus anthracis (strain CDC 684 / NRRL 3495)
BACAD B   28030: N=Bacillus acidopullulyticus
BACAE E  164440: N=Bactrocera arecae
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Dacus arecae
BACAH B  412694: N=Bacillus thuringiensis (strain Al Hakam)
BACAI B  637380: N=Bacillus cereus var. anthracis (strain CI)
BACAL E  164677: N=Bactrocera albistrigata
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Dacus albistrigatus
BACAM B    1390: N=Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
                 S=Bacillus velezensis
BACAN B    1392: N=Bacillus anthracis
BACAQ E  101690: N=Bactrocera aquilonis
                 C=Fruit fly
BACAS B  692420: N=Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (strain ATCC 23350 / DSM 7 / BCRC 11601 / CCUG 28519 / NBRC 15535 / NRRL B-14393 / F)
BACAT B    1452: N=Bacillus atrophaeus
BACB0 B   69000: N=Bacillus sp. (strain B-0618)
BACB2 B   69001: N=Bacillus sp. (strain B21-2)
BACBA B    1455: N=Bacillus badius
BACBN E  164675: N=Bactrocera bancroftii
                 C=Fruit fly
BACC0 B  405535: N=Bacillus cereus (strain AH820)
BACC1 B  222523: N=Bacillus cereus (strain ATCC 10987 / NRS 248)
BACC2 B  405531: N=Bacillus cereus (strain G9842)
BACC3 B  572264: N=Bacillus cereus (strain 03BB102)
BACC4 B  405532: N=Bacillus cereus (strain B4264)
BACC7 B  405534: N=Bacillus cereus (strain AH187)
BACCA B    1395: N=Bacillus caldotenax
BACCB E   69614: N=Bactrocera carambolae
                 C=Carambola fruit fly
BACCC E   47773: N=Bactrocera correcta
                 C=Guava fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus correctus
BACCD B   33931: N=Bacillus caldovelox
BACCE B    1396: N=Bacillus cereus
BACCH B  451708: N=Bacillus cereus (strain H3081.97)
BACCL B    1394: N=Bacillus caldolyticus
BACCM E  164441: N=Bactrocera cacuminata
                 C=Wild tobacco fruit fly
BACCN B  315749: N=Bacillus cytotoxicus (strain DSM 22905 / CIP 110041 / 391-98 / NVH 391-98)
BACCQ B  361100: N=Bacillus cereus (strain Q1)
BACCR B  226900: N=Bacillus cereus (strain ATCC 14579 / DSM 31 / CCUG 7414 / JCM 2152 / NBRC 15305 / NCIMB 9373 / NCTC 2599 / NRRL B-3711)
BACCT E   39976: N=Backhousia citriodora
                 C=Lemon scented myrtle
BACCV E   87115: N=Bactrocera curvipennis
                 C=Oriental fruit fly
                 S=Dacus curvipennis
BACCX B 1053236: N=Bacillus cereus (strain VD146)
BACCY E  164678: N=Bactrocera caryeae
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Dacus caryeae
BACCZ B  288681: N=Bacillus cereus (strain ZK / E33L)
BACDO E   27457: N=Bactrocera dorsalis
                 C=Oriental fruit fly
                 S=Dacus dorsalis
BACEN E  164444: N=Bactrocera endiandrae
                 C=Fruit fly
BACEV B  483216: N=Bacteroides eggerthii (strain ATCC 27754 / DSM 20697 / JCM 12986 / CCUG 9559 / CIP 104285 / NCTC 11155 / VPI T5-42B-1)
BACF5 B  268806: N=Bacillus sp. (strain F5)
BACF6 B  862962: N=Bacteroides fragilis (strain 638R)
BACFA E   69615: N=Bactrocera frauenfeldi
                 C=Mango fruit fly
                 S=Dacus frauenfeldi
BACFG B     817: N=Bacteroides fragilis
BACFN B  272559: N=Bacteroides fragilis (strain ATCC 25285 / DSM 2151 / CCUG 4856 / JCM 11019 / NCTC 9343 / Onslow)
BACFR B  295405: N=Bacteroides fragilis (strain YCH46)
BACGA E  154467: N=Bactris gasipaes
                 C=Peach palm tree
BACGL B   84635: N=Bacillus sp. (strain GL1)
BACHK B  281309: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. konkukian (strain 97-27)
BACHL E  114187: N=Baccharis halimifolia
                 C=Groundsel tree
BACHU B  180856: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. konkukian
BACIA B  561879: N=Bacillus safensis
BACIE B  439292: N=Bacillus selenitireducens (strain ATCC 700615 / DSM 15326 / MLS10)
BACIN B    1400: N=Bacillus intermedius
BACIS B   42189: N=Bacillus israeli
BACIT B  293386: N=Bacillus stratosphericus
BACIU B    1423: N=Bacillus subtilis
BACJA E   87116: N=Bactrocera jarvisi
                 C=Jarvis' fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus jarvisi
BACKI E  164616: N=Bactrocera kirki
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Dacus kirki
BACL7 B   62626: N=Bacillus sp. (strain L7)
BACLA E  174628: N=Bactrocera latifrons
                 C=Malaysian fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus latifrons
BACLD B  279010: N=Bacillus licheniformis (strain ATCC 14580 / DSM 13 / JCM 2505 / CCUG 7422 / NBRC 12200 / NCIMB 9375 / NCTC 10341 / NRRL NRS-1264 / Gibson 46)
BACLI B    1402: N=Bacillus licheniformis
BACMA B 1236954: N=Bacillus mannanilyticus (strain DSM 16130 / JCM 10596 / AM-001)
BACMB B 1348623: N=Bacillus megaterium (strain ATCC 14581 / DSM 32 / JCM 2506 / NBRC 15308 / NCIMB 9376 / NCTC 10342 / NRRL B-14308 / VKM B-512)
BACMJ E  341993: N=Bactris major
                 C=Prickly palm tree
BACMK B  315730: N=Bacillus mycoides (strain KBAB4)
                 S=Bacillus weihenstephanensis
BACML E  164679: N=Bactrocera melanotus
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Dacus melanotus
BACMM B  796606: N=Bacillus methanolicus (strain MGA3 / ATCC 53907)
BACMN E  263974: N=Bacopa monnieri
                 C=Herb of grace
                 S=Lysimachia monnieri
BACMO B   72360: N=Bacillus mojavensis
BACMR E  178105: N=Backhousia myrtifolia
                 C=Grey myrtle
BACMT B    1471: N=Bacillus methanolicus
BACMU E   98807: N=Bactrocera musae
                 C=Banana fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus musae
BACMY B    1405: N=Bacillus mycoides
BACNA B   86029: N=Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto
BACNB B  645657: N=Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto (strain BEST195)
BACNE E   98809: N=Bactrocera neohumeralis
                 C=Lesser Queensland fruit fly
                 S=Dacus tryoni var. neohumeralis
BACNG E   41488: N=Baccharis neglecta
BACO1 B  411476: N=Bacteroides ovatus (strain ATCC 8483 / DSM 1896 / JCM 5824 / BCRC 10623 / CCUG 4943 / NCTC 11153)
BACOC E  137262: N=Bactrocera occipitalis
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus ferrugineus var. occipitalis
BACOH B    1481: N=Bacillus ohbensis
BACOL E  104688: N=Bactrocera oleae
                 C=Olive fruit fly
                 S=Dacus oleae
BACOV B   28116: N=Bacteroides ovatus
BACOY B  104667: N=Bacillus sp. (strain OY1-2)
BACP2 B  315750: N=Bacillus pumilus (strain SAFR-032)
BACP3 B    2334: N=Bacillus sp. (strain PS3)
BACPA B  536229: N=Bacillus pumilus (strain ATCC 7061 / DSM 27 / CCUG 26015 / JCM 2508 / NBRC 12092 / NCIMB 9369 / NCTC 10337 / NRRL NRS-272 / CCM 2144)
BACPD E   98811: N=Bactrocera psidii
                 C=South Sea guava fruit fly
                 S=Tephritis psidii
BACPJ B 1921421: N=Bacillus sp. (strain JF8)
BACPU B    1408: N=Bacillus pumilus
                 S=Bacillus mesentericus
BACRI E   69617: N=Bactrocera trilineola
                 C=Vanuatu fruit fly
BACRY E   59916: N=Bactrocera tryoni
                 C=Queensland fruit fly
                 S=Tephritis tryoni
BACS0 B    1410: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 1011)
BACS1 B 1221190: N=Bacterium symbiont subsp. Theonella swinhoei (strain pTSMAC1)
BACS2 B   29334: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 1-1)
BACS3 B    1412: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 38-2)
BACS4 B 1052585: N=Bacillus spizizenii (strain DSM 15029 / JCM 12233 / NBRC 101239 / NRRL B-23049 / TU-B-10)
                 S=Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii
BACS5 B  120046: N=Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-522)
BACS6 B    1415: N=Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-635)
BACS7 B    1416: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 707)
BACS8 B    1417: N=Bacillus sp. (strain B1018)
BACS9 B   29336: N=Bacillus sp. (strain TA39)
BACSA B    1483: N=Bacillus subtilis subsp. amylosacchariticus
BACSB B   36824: N=Bacillus sp. (strain TB-90)
BACSC B   96241: N=Bacillus spizizenii
                 S=Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii
BACSD B   86035: N=Bacillus sp. (strain DS11)
BACSE B   46506: N=Bacteroides stercoris
BACSF B   72577: N=Bacillus sp. (strain RFL6)
BACSG B  126782: N=Bacillus sp. (strain MGA3)
BACSH B  655816: N=Bacillus spizizenii (strain ATCC 23059 / NRRL B-14472 / W23)
                 S=Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii
BACSI B  126783: N=Bacillus sp. (strain S)
BACSJ B  268807: N=Bacillus sp. (strain AK1)
BACSK B   66692: N=Bacillus clausii (strain KSM-K16)
BACSL B  231717: N=Bacillus sp. (strain ULM1)
BACSM E  178123: N=Backhousia subargentea
                 C=Giant ironwood
                 S=Choricarpia subargentea
BACSN B    1419: N=Bacillus sp. (strain NS-129)
BACSO B  246599: N=Bacillus sp. (strain EA1)
BACSP B    1409: N=Bacillus sp.
BACSQ B  114630: N=Bacillus sp. (strain NEB-606)
BACSR B    1420: N=Bacillus sp. (strain RC607)
BACSS B   29335: N=Bacillus sp. (strain 6.6.3)
BACST B  936156: N=Bacillus subtilis (strain BSn5)
BACSU B  224308: N=Bacillus subtilis (strain 168)
BACSV B   86039: N=Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-64)
BACSW B   72576: N=Bacillus sp. (strain LW2)
BACSX B   98228: N=Bacillus sp. (strain OxB-1)
BACSY B   69002: N=Bacillus sp. (strain HIL-Y85/54728)
BACSZ B   72575: N=Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-330)
BACT0 B  930170: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. finitimus (strain YBT-020)
BACT1 B  714359: N=Bacillus thuringiensis (strain BMB171)
BACT3 B  180850: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. indiana
BACT4 B     818: N=Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron
BACT6 B  693979: N=Bacteroides helcogenes (strain ATCC 35417 / DSM 20613 / JCM 6297 / CCUG 15421 / P 36-108)
BACT7 B 1279365: N=Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki (strain ATCC 35866 / NRRL B-4488 / HD73)
BACTA B    1433: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. aizawai
BACTB B    1434: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. berliner
BACTD B    1435: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. san diego
BACTE B    1436: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. entomocidus
BACTF B   29337: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. finitimus
BACTG B   29338: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriae
BACTH B    1427: N=Bacillus thermoproteolyticus
BACTI B    1430: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis
BACTJ B   56955: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. jegathesan
BACTK B   29339: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki
BACTL B    1440: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. alesti
BACTM B    1441: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. morrisoni
BACTN B  226186: N=Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (strain ATCC 29148 / DSM 2079 / JCM 5827 / CCUG 10774 / NCTC 10582 / VPI-5482 / E50)
BACTO B    1442: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. tolworthi
BACTP B  128936: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. japonensis
BACTQ B    1425: N=Bacillus thermoamyloliquefaciens
BACTS B   29340: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. sotto
BACTT B    1444: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. tenebrionis
BACTU B    1428: N=Bacillus thuringiensis
BACTV B   79672: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. medellin
BACTW B   43262: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. neoleoensis
BACTX B   33930: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kenyae
BACTY B   44161: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kyushuensis
BACTZ B   52024: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. wuhanensis
BACUA B  132268: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. dakota
BACUB E  190553: N=Bactrocera tuberculata
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Chaetodacus tuberculatus
BACUC B  411479: N=Bacteroides uniformis (strain ATCC 8492 / DSM 6597 / CCUG 4942 / CIP 103695 / JCM 5828 / KCTC 5204 / NCTC 13054 / VPI 0061)
BACUD B  132264: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. darmstadiensis
BACUE E  104691: N=Bactrocera tsuneonis
                 C=Japanese orange fly
                 S=Dacus tsuneonis
BACUF B  132265: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. fukuokaensis
BACUH B  132266: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. higo
BACUK B  132267: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kumamotoensis
BACUM E   69618: N=Bactrocera umbrosa
                 C=Breadfruit fruit fly
                 S=Dacus umbrosus
BACUN B     820: N=Bacteroides uniformis
BACUT B   44162: N=Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. thompsoni
BACVA B   72361: N=Bacillus vallismortis
BACVZ B  326423: N=Bacillus velezensis (strain DSM 23117 / BGSC 10A6 / FZB42)
                 S=Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum
BACXA E   69619: N=Bactrocera xanthodes
                 C=Pacific fruit fly
                 S=Dacus xanthodes
BACY2 B   72580: N=Bacillus sp. (strain YM-2)
BACYA B   72578: N=Bacillus sp. (strain YaB)
BACYM B   72579: N=Bacillus sp. (strain YM-1)
BACZO E  137042: N=Bactrocera zonata
                 C=Guava fruit fly
BAEBI E   88114: N=Baeolophus bicolor
                 C=Tufted titmouse
                 S=Parus bicolor
BAEFR E  199392: N=Baeckea frutescens
BAEIN E  142467: N=Baeolophus inornatus
                 C=Oak titmouse
                 S=Parus inornatus
BAERI E  287038: N=Baeolophus ridgwayi
                 C=Juniper titmouse
                 S=Parus ridgwayi
BAEVM V   11764: N=Baboon endogenous virus (strain M7)
BAEWO E  156540: N=Baeolophus wollweberi
                 C=Bridled titmouse
                 S=Parus wollweberi
BAGDO E  390465: N=Bagrus docmak
                 C=Sudan catfish
                 S=Silurus docmak
BAGYA E  175774: N=Bagarius yarrelli
                 S=Bagrus yarrelli
BAHJA E 1041811: N=Bahadzia jaraguensis
BAHTA E  912804: N=Bahaba taipingensis
                 C=Chinese bahaba
                 S=Nibea taipingensis
BAHTO E  144192: N=Bahiopsis tomentosa
BAICH E  331523: N=Bairdiella chrysoura
                 C=Silver perch
                 S=Dipterodon chrysourus
BAIMU E  213557: N=Baiomys musculus
                 C=Southern pygmy mouse
BAIPI E  198322: N=Baizongia pistaciae
                 C=Gall-forming aphid
BAITA E   56219: N=Baiomys taylori
                 C=Northern pygmy mouse
BAJME E  492034: N=Bajacalifornia megalops
                 C=Bigeye smooth-head
                 S=Cyclothone megalops
BALAC E    9767: N=Balaenoptera acutorostrata
                 C=Common minke whale
                 S=Balaena rostrata
BALAS E  310752: N=Balaenoptera acutorostrata scammoni
                 C=North Pacific minke whale
                 S=Balaenoptera davidsoni
BALBN E   33556: N=Balaenoptera bonaerensis
                 C=Antarctic minke whale
                 S=Balaenoptera acutorostrata subsp. bonaerensis
BALBO E    9768: N=Balaenoptera borealis
                 C=Sei whale
                 S=Pollack whale
BALBR E  255365: N=Balaenoptera brydei
                 C=Bryde's whale
                 S=Balaenoptera edeni brydei
BALCA E   35080: N=Balanoglossus carnosus
                 C=Acorn worm
BALCL E  560604: N=Balanoglossus clavigerus
                 C=Acorn worm
BALCO E  303689: N=Balistoides conspicillum
                 C=Clown triggerfish
                 S=Balistes conspicillum
BALCP E  303685: N=Balistes capriscus
                 C=Grey triggerfish
BALED E    9769: N=Balaenoptera edeni
                 C=Pigmy Bryde's whale
BALGA E  110520: N=Balanus glandula
                 C=White acorn barnacle
BALIP E   74069: N=Balclutha impicta
BALMA E   77229: N=Balionycteris maculata
                 C=Spotted-winged fruit bat
BALMG E   66625: N=Balanites maughamii
BALMU E    9771: N=Balaenoptera musculus
                 C=Blue whale
BALMY E   27602: N=Balaena mysticetus
                 C=Bowhead whale
BALNU E    6678: N=Balanus nubilus
                 C=Giant acorn barnacle
BALOB E   40611: N=Balansia obtecta
BALOM E  255217: N=Balaenoptera omurai
                 C=Omura's baleen whale
BALPA E   30414: N=Balearica pavonina
                 C=Black crowned-crane
BALPH E    9770: N=Balaenoptera physalus
                 C=Fin whale
                 S=Balaena physalus
BALPL E  249010: N=Balantiopteryx plicata
                 C=Gray sac-winged bat
                 S=Peters' sac-winged bat
BALRA E   55328: N=Baldellia ranunculoides
                 C=Lesser water-plantain
                 S=Alisma ranunculoides
BALRE E  925459: N=Balearica regulorum
                 C=Grey crowned-crane
                 S=Anthropoides regulorum
BALRX E   33584: N=Balaeniceps rex
BALSE E  115448: N=Balaka seemannii
BALUN E  392899: N=Balistapus undulatus
                 C=Orange-lined triggerfish
                 S=Balistes undulatus
BALVE E  303687: N=Balistes vetula
                 C=Queen triggerfish
BALVI E   82147: N=Balanops vieillardii
BAMEM E  280850: N=Bambusa emeiensis
                 S=Dendrocalamus affinis
BAMMA V  103899: N=Barley mild mosaic virus (strain ASL)
BAMML E    4582: N=Bambusa multiplex
                 C=Hedge bamboo
                 S=Bambusa glaucescens
BAMMN V  103900: N=Barley mild mosaic virus (strain Na1)
BAMMU V  103901: N=Barley mild mosaic virus (strain UK-F)
BAMOL E   58923: N=Bambusa oldhamii
                 C=Giant timber bamboo
BAMTH E    9083: N=Bambusicola thoracicus
                 C=Chinese bamboo-partridge
                 S=Perdix thoracica
BAMVU E   58168: N=Bambusa vulgaris
                 C=Common bamboo
BANAT E   31347: N=Bangia atropurpurea
                 C=Purple sea scum
BANCA E  120363: N=Bankia carinata
                 C=Carinate shipworm
BANCN E  188593: N=Banksia candolleana
                 C=Propeller banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera candolleana
BANCP E  577683: N=Banisteriopsis caapi
                 S=Soul vine
BANCU E   83699: N=Banksia cuneata
                 C=Quairading banksia
                 S=Matchstick banksia
BANDI E  756487: N=Banasa dimiata
                 C=Banasa stink bug
                 S=Pentatoma dimiata
BANER E  188598: N=Banksia ericifolia
                 C=Heath-leaved banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera ericifolia
BANFU E  101920: N=Bangia fuscopurpurea
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Conferva fuscopurpurea
BANGO E  300633: N=Bankia gouldi
                 C=Cupped shipworm
                 S=Gould's shipworm
BANGR E  188599: N=Banksia grandis
                 C=Bull banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera grandis
BANIN E  456472: N=Bandicota indica
                 C=Greater bandicoot rat
BANME E  188604: N=Banksia menziesii
                 C=Firewood banksia
BANOB E  188606: N=Banksia oblongifolia
                 C=Fern-leaved banksia
BANPE E  188607: N=Banksia petiolaris
                 S=Sirmuellera petiolaris
BANPU E  188608: N=Banksia pulchella
                 C=Teasel banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera pulchella
BANQU E  188609: N=Banksia quercifolia
                 C=Oak-leaved banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera quercifolia
BANRO E  344686: N=Bantua robusta
                 C=African bullet roach
BANSA E  456473: N=Bandicota savilei
                 C=Savile's bandicoot rat
BANSE E  199795: N=Banksia serrata
                 C=Saw banksia
BANSS E  188616: N=Banksia sessilis
                 C=Common parrot bush
                 S=Dryandra sessilis
BANST E  693219: N=Bankia setacea
                 C=Feathery shipworm
BANTR E  188612: N=Banksia tricuspis
                 C=Lesueur banksia
                 S=Sirmuellera tricuspis
BANV  V   38837: N=Banzi virus
BAPAU E  149633: N=Baptisia australis
                 C=Blue wild indigo
                 S=Sophora australis
BAPTI E   49797: N=Baptisia tinctoria
                 C=Wild indigo
                 S=Sophora tinctoria
BARAA B 1094489: N=Bartonella australis (strain Aust/NH1)
BARAL E   46052: N=Bartsia alpina
                 C=Velvet bells
BARAS E   79557: N=Barringtonia asiatica
                 C=Fish poison tree
                 S=Mammea asiatica
BARBA B     774: N=Bartonella bacilliformis
BARBB E  135647: N=Barbatula barbatula
                 C=Stone loach
                 S=Noemacheilus barbatulus
BARBE E  209118: N=Barilius bendelisis
                 C=Hamilton's barila
                 S=Cyprinus bendilisis
BARBK B  360095: N=Bartonella bacilliformis (strain ATCC 35685 / NCTC 12138 / KC583)
BARBR E   59449: N=Barbastella barbastellus
                 C=Western barbastelle
BARBU E   40830: N=Barbus barbus
                 S=Cyprinus barbus
BARC7 B  696125: N=Bartonella clarridgeiae (strain CIP 104772 / 73)
BARCA E    4238: N=Barnadesia caryophylla
BARCL B   56426: N=Bartonella clarridgeiae
BARCN E  121030: N=Barbatia candida
                 C=White-beard ark
                 S=Arca candida
BARCU E  303055: N=Barytelphusa cunicularis
                 C=Freshwater crab
                 S=Thelphusa cunicularis
BARDE E  107241: N=Beryx decadactylus
BARDO B   33044: N=Bartonella doshiae
BAREL B     807: N=Bartonella elizabethae
                 S=Rochalimaea elizabethae
BARGA B  634504: N=Bartonella grahamii (strain as4aup)
BARGR B   33045: N=Bartonella grahamii
BARHE B  283166: N=Bartonella henselae (strain ATCC 49882 / DSM 28221 / Houston 1)
                 S=Rochalimaea henselae
BARHN B   38323: N=Bartonella henselae
                 S=Rochalimaea henselae
BARHU E  142126: N=Barytettix humphreysi
                 C=Humphrey's grasshopper
BARIT E  203222: N=Bartramia ithyphylla
                 C=Straight-leaved apple-moss
BARJA E   49652: N=Barnardia japonica
                 C=Chinese squill
                 S=Scilla scilloides
BARLN E  279933: N=Bartramia longicauda
                 C=Upland sandpiper
                 S=Tringa longicauda
BARLO E    4412: N=Barclaya longifolia
                 C=Orchid lily
                 S=Hydrostemma longifolium
BARMA E  176943: N=Baryphthengus martii
                 C=Rufous motmot
BAROL E   48391: N=Barbeya oleoides
BARPO E   52976: N=Bartramia pomiformis
                 C=Apple moss
BARPR E    4189: N=Barleria prionitis
                 C=Porcupine flower
BARPS E   30256: N=Barytettix psolus
                 C=Flightless Mexican grasshopper
BARQI B     803: N=Bartonella quintana
                 S=Rochalimaea quintana
BARQU B  283165: N=Bartonella quintana (strain Toulouse)
                 S=Rochalimaea quintana
BARRE E    6558: N=Barbatia reeveana
                 C=Low-rib ark
                 S=Arca reeveana
BARRF E   88660: N=Barbourisia rufa
                 C=Red velvet whalefish
BARRU E  135162: N=Baryphthengus ruficapillus
                 C=Rufous-capped motmot
BARSH E 1906136: N=Barbonymus schwanefeldii
                 C=Tinfoil barb
                 S=Barbus schwanenfeldii
BARSO E   13517: N=Bartlettina sordida
                 C=Purple torch
                 S=Eupatorium atrorubens
BARSP E  171760: N=Barnadesia spinosa
                 C=Spiny barnadesia
BARSR B  687861: N=Bartonella schoenbuchensis (strain DSM 13525 / NCTC 13165 / R1)
BART1 B  382640: N=Bartonella tribocorum (strain CIP 105476 / IBS 506)
BARTA B   33046: N=Bartonella taylorii
BARTO E  357282: N=Barbatula toni
                 C=Siberian stone loach
                 S=Cobitis toni
BARVB B   40933: N=Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii
BARVE E   50458: N=Barbarea verna
                 C=Early yellowrocket
                 S=Erysimum vernum
BARVI B   33047: N=Bartonella vinsonii
                 S=Rochalimaea vinsonii
BARVR E   84868: N=Bartonia virginica
                 C=Yellow screwstem
                 S=Sagina virginica
BARVU E   50459: N=Barbarea vulgaris
                 C=Yellow rocket
                 S=Erysimum barbarea
BARVW B 1094497: N=Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii (strain Winnie)
BASAL E    3589: N=Basella alba
                 C=Malabar spinach
                 S=Basella rubra
BASAS E   55047: N=Bassariscus astutus
BASBO E  232714: N=Basileostylus bollonsi
                 C=New Zealand flax snail
                 S=Placostylus bollonsi
BASCO E  159941: N=Basiphyllaea corallicola
                 C=Carter's orchid
                 S=Carteria corallicola
BASCU E   85526: N=Basileuterus culicivorus
                 C=Golden-crowned warbler
BASDU E  316450: N=Bassiana duperreyi
                 C=Eastern three-lined skink
BASGA E   48422: N=Bassaricyon gabbii
                 C=Bushy-tailed olingo
BASHY E  224140: N=Bassia hyssopifolia
                 C=Fivehorn smotherweed
                 S=Salsola hyssopifolia
BASPL E   52191: N=Basiliscus plumifrons
                 C=Green basilisk
BASPR E  151232: N=Bassia prostrata
                 C=Prostrate summercypress
                 S=Kochia prostrata
BASSC E   83154: N=Bassia scoparia
                 C=Summer cypress
                 S=Kochia scoparia
BASTO E  102865: N=Bathypolypus sponsalis
                 C=Globose octopus
                 S=Octopus sponsalis
BASVI E  211979: N=Basiliscus vittatus
                 C=Brown basilisk
BASZE E  181397: N=Bassozetus zenkevitchi
BATAB E   61693: N=Bathyteuthis abyssicola
                 C=Deepsea squid
                 S=Benthoteuthis megalops
BATAR E   85595: N=Bathypolypus arcticus
                 C=Spoonarm octopus
                 S=Octopus arcticus
BATAT E  159185: N=Batrachoseps attenuatus
                 C=California slender salamander
                 S=Salamandrina attenuata
BATAZ E  150808: N=Bathymodiolus azoricus
BATCH E  114452: N=Bathymodiolus childressi
BATCO E  166735: N=Bathygobius cocosensis
                 C=Cocos frill-goby
                 S=Gobius cocosensis
BATCU E 1403704: N=Bathyctena chuni
                 C=Comb jellyfish
BATDA E  443631: N=Bathyprion danae
                 C=Fangtooth smooth-head
BATDE E  109871: N=Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
                 C=Frog chytrid fungus
BATDJ E  684364: N=Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (strain JAM81 / FGSC 10211)
                 C=Frog chytrid fungus
BATDL E  403673: N=Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (strain JEL423)
BATEA E  298348: N=Bathyraja eatonii
                 C=Eaton's skate
                 S=Raja eatonii
BATEX E  473350: N=Bathylychnops exilis
                 C=Javelin spookfish
BATGE E  863438: N=Bathygobius geminatus
                 C=Twin-spotted frillfin
BATGI E  192963: N=Bathynomus giganteus
                 C=Giant deep sea isopod
BATGR E  234628: N=Batomys granti
                 C=Luzon hairy-tailed rat
                 S=Luzon forest rat
BATGU E  330545: N=Bathykurila guaymasensis
                 C=Whale worm
BATIN E  341244: N=Bathyraja interrupta
                 C=Bering skate
                 S=Raja interrupta
BATJA E   10171: N=Bathyergus janetta
                 C=Namaqua dune mole rat
BATLI E  583388: N=Batocera lineolata
                 C=White-striped longhorn beetle
BATLO E  156987: N=Batrachuperus londongensis
                 C=Longdong stream salamander
BATMA E    4436: N=Batis maritima
                 C=Maritime saltwort
BATMC E  308766: N=Batozonellus maculifrons
                 C=Solitary wasp
BATMI E  268467: N=Bathymodiolus marisindicus
BATMJ E  294360: N=Batrachoseps major
                 C=garden slender salamander
BATML E  458561: N=Bathyraja multispinis
                 C=Multispine skate
                 S=Raja multispinis
BATMR E  557268: N=Bathynectes maravigna
                 C=Swimming crab
BATMU E   61628: N=Batrachocottus multiradiatus
                 C=Baikal sculpin
                 S=Batrachocottus nikolskii multiradiatus
BATNI E   79686: N=Batrachocottus nikolskii
                 C=Fat sculpin
                 S=Cottus nikolskii
BATOE E    3140: N=Batophora oerstedii
                 C=Green alga
BATPH E   42288: N=Battus philenor
                 C=Pipevine swallowtail butterfly
                 S=Papilio philenor
BATPI E  156988: N=Batrachuperus pinchonii
                 C=Stream salamander
BATPU E   91705: N=Bathymodiolus puteoserpentis
BATSA E  349693: N=Batomys salomonseni
                 C=Mindanao hairy-tailed rat
BATSE E  382305: N=Batrachostomus septimus
                 C=Philippine frogmouth
BATSI E  274808: N=Bathymaster signatus
BATSO E  314015: N=Bathygobius soporator
                 C=Frillfin goby
                 S=Gobius soporator
BATSP E    8066: N=Batrachoididae sp.
BATSU E   10172: N=Bathyergus suillus
                 C=Cape dune mole rat
BATTH E   12966: N=Bathymodiolus thermophilus
BATTI E  156989: N=Batrachuperus tibetanus
                 C=Alpine stream salamander
BATWR E   57547: N=Batrachoseps wrighti
                 C=Oregon slender salamander
                 S=Batrachoseps wrightorum
BATXB A 1779368: N=Bathyarchaeota archaeon (strain B24)
BATYE E  156990: N=Batrachuperus yenyuanensis
                 C=Yenyuan stream salamander
BAUBA E  166014: N=Bauhinia bauhinioides
                 S=Perlebia bauhinoides
BAUCH B  374463: N=Baumannia cicadellinicola subsp. Homalodisca coagulata
BAUFO E  413686: N=Bauhinia forficata
                 C=Brazilian orchid-tree
BAUPA E  717646: N=Baudoinia panamericana (strain UAMH 10762)
                 C=Angels' share fungus
                 S=Baudoinia compniacensis (strain UAMH 10762)
BAUPU E    3806: N=Bauhinia purpurea
                 C=Camel's foot tree
                 S=Phanera purpurea
BAURF E  390785: N=Bauhinia rufa
                 C=Orchid tree
                 S=Pauletia rufa
BAURU E   23051: N=Bauera rubioides
                 C=Dog rose
BAUSP E   45160: N=Bauhinia sp.
                 C=Orchid tree
BAUUN E  231278: N=Bauhinia ungulata
                 C=Orchid tree
BAVJK V  649604: N=Banna virus (strain Indonesia/JKT-6423/1980)
BAXAU E  202377: N=Baxteria australis
BAYAI E  941948: N=Baylisascaris ailuri
                 C=Red panda roundworm
BAYMG V   31728: N=Barley yellow mosaic virus (isolate Germany)
BAYMI E  702825: N=Bayerotrochus midas
                 C=King Midas's slitsnail
                 S=Perotrochus midas
BAYMJ V   31729: N=Barley yellow mosaic virus (strain Japanese II-1)
BAYMV V   12465: N=Barley yellow mosaic virus
BAYMY V  652104: N=Barley yellow mosaic virus (isolate China/Yancheng/1998)
BAYPR E    6259: N=Baylisascaris procyonis
                 C=Raccoon roundworm
BAYSC E  522413: N=Baylisascaris schroederi
                 C=Giant panda roundworm
BAYTR E    6260: N=Baylisascaris transfuga
                 C=Bear roundworm
BAZTR E   13808: N=Bazzania trilobata
                 C=Greater whipwort
                 S=Jungermannia trilobata
BBMV  V   12301: N=Broad bean mottle virus
BBSCV V   31722: N=Blueberry scorch virus
BBTV  V   12585: N=Banana bunchy top virus
BBTVA V  645099: N=Banana bunchy top virus (isolate Autralia)
BBV   V   12285: N=Black beetle virus
BBWV1 V   50817: N=Broad bean wilt virus 1
BBWV2 V   76875: N=Broad bean wilt virus 2
BBWVS V  649895: N=Broad bean wilt virus 1 (strain Spinach/United States/ATCC PV-132/1963)
BC133 V  389230: N=Bat coronavirus 133/2005
BC279 V  389167: N=Bat coronavirus 279/2005
BC512 V  693999: N=Bat coronavirus 512/2005
BCCV  V 1980460: N=Black Creek Canal orthohantavirus
                 S=Black Creek Canal virus
BCHK3 V  442736: N=Bat coronavirus HKU3
                 S=SARS-like coronavirus HKU3
BCHK4 V  694007: N=Bat coronavirus HKU4
BCHK5 V  694008: N=Bat coronavirus HKU5
BCHK9 V  694006: N=Bat coronavirus HKU9
BCMNN V  500578: N=Bean common mosaic necrosis virus (strain NL-3)
                 S=Bean common mosaic virus serotype A (strain NL-3)
BCNVU V  192848: N=Bear Canyon mammarenavirus (isolate Mouse/United States/AV A0070039/2000)
BCRP3 V  349344: N=Bat coronavirus Rp3/2004
                 S=SARS-like coronavirus Rp3
BCTIV V 1559363: N=Beet curly top Iran virus (isolate Sugar beet/Iran/Kerman/-)
BCTVC V  268960: N=Beet curly top virus (strain California/Logan)
BDEBA B  264462: N=Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (strain ATCC 15356 / DSM 50701 / NCIMB 9529 / HD100)
BDEBC B     959: N=Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
BDECA E   46766: N=Bdelloura candida
                 C=Horseshoe crab flatworm
BDENI E  326577: N=Bdeogale nigripes
                 C=Black-footed mongoose
BDV   V   12455: N=Borna disease virus
BDV1  V 1714621: N=Borna disease virus 1
BDVV  V  928296: N=Borna disease virus (strain V)
BEAB2 E  655819: N=Beauveria bassiana (strain ARSEF 2860)
                 C=White muscardine disease fungus
                 S=Tritirachium shiotae
BEABA E  176275: N=Beauveria bassiana
                 C=White muscardine disease fungus
                 S=Tritirachium shiotae
BEAGR E   63464: N=Beaumontia grandiflora
                 C=Easter herald's trumpet
BEAHI E   70596: N=Beamys hindei
                 C=Long-tailed pouched rat
BEAHU E   59527: N=Beatragus hunteri
                 C=Hunter's antelope
                 S=Damaliscus hunteri
BEARE E   39519: N=Beaucarnea recurvata
                 C=Elephant-foot tree
BEASZ E  297510: N=Beaufortia szechuanensis
                 C=Hillstream loach
                 S=Gastromyzon szechuanensis
BEBJU E  183007: N=Bebbia juncea
                 S=Carphephorus junceus
BECMA E  131259: N=Beccariophoenix madagascariensis
                 C=Manarano palm tree
BECN1 V  331642: N=Bovine enteric calicivirus Newbury agent-1 (isolate Bovine/UK/Newbury1/1976)
BECNB V  190239: N=Bovine enteric calicivirus NB (isolate Bovine/United States/Nebraska/1980)
BEDVI E  587730: N=Bedeva vinosa
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Buccinum vinosum
BEFV  V   11303: N=Bovine ephemeral fever virus
BEFVB V  928297: N=Bovine ephemeral fever virus (strain BB7721)
BEGMS E    3682: N=Begonia metallica x Begonia sanguinea
BEHRE E   51438: N=Behnia reticulata
                 C=Forest smilax
                 S=Ruscus reticulatus
BEII9 B  395963: N=Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica (strain ATCC 9039 / DSM 1715 / NCIMB 8712)
BEJRA E   45896: N=Bejaria racemosa
BEJRE E  190995: N=Bejaria resinosa
                 C=Andean shrub
                 S=Befaria resinosa
BELBD B  866536: N=Belliella baltica (strain DSM 15883 / CIP 108006 / LMG 21964 / BA134)
BELMO E   83702: N=Bellendena montana
                 C=Mountain rocket
BELPA E  100949: N=Belomys pearsonii
                 C=Hairy-footed flying squirrel
BELPE E   41492: N=Bellis perennis
BEMAF E  166114: N=Bemisia afer
BEMAR E   77855: N=Bemisia argentifolii
                 C=Silverleaf whitefly
BEMIC E  301037: N=Bembecia ichneumoniformis
                 C=Six-belted clearwing
BEMLA E  795070: N=Bembidion lampros
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Metallina lampros
BEMRA E  331371: N=Bembidion rapidum
                 C=Ground beetle
BEMTA E    7038: N=Bemisia tabaci
                 C=Sweetpotato whitefly
                 S=Aleurodes tabaci
BEMTE E  109854: N=Bembidion tetracolum
                 C=Ground beetle
BENAC E  868582: N=Benthopecten acanthonotus
                 C=Sea star
BENHI E  102211: N=Benincasa hispida
                 C=Wax gourd
                 S=Cucurbita hispida
BENHO E  407255: N=Benedenia hoshinai
BENNI E  145673: N=Bentinckia nicobarica
                 C=Bentinck palm
                 S=Orania nicobarica
BENSE E  160838: N=Benedenia seriolae
                 C=Skin fluke
BERAB E  320166: N=Beroe abyssicola
                 C=Comb jelly
BERAR E   74391: N=Berardius arnuxii
                 C=Arnoux's beaked whale
BERBD E  595394: N=Berylmys berdmorei
                 C=Berdmore's berylmys
                 S=Small white-toothed rat
BERBE E   13601: N=Berberis bealei
                 C=Beale's barberry
                 S=Mahonia bealei
BERBI E   48742: N=Berardius bairdii
                 C=Baird's beaked whale
                 S=North Pacific bottle-nosed whale
BERBO E   83759: N=Berylmys bowersi
                 C=Bower's white-toothed rat
BERBR E   43448: N=Bertiera breviflora
BERCH E  411565: N=Berberis chitria
                 C=Indian barberry
BERCI E  154620: N=Berthellina citrina
                 C=Orange gumdrop sea slug
                 S=Gymnotoplax citrina
BERCM E  175841: N=Berenicornis comatus
                 C=White-crowned hornbill
                 S=Aceros comatus
BERCR E   29762: N=Bergenia crassifolia
                 C=Siberian tea
                 S=Bergenia cordifolia
BERDE B     494: N=Bergeriella denitrificans
                 S=Neisseria denitrificans
BEREX E    3645: N=Bertholletia excelsa
                 C=Brazil nut
BERFE E 1577906: N=Berkeleya fennica
                 C=Tube-dwelling diatom
BERFO E  258162: N=Berberis fortunei
                 C=Chinese mahonia
                 S=Mahonia fortunei
BERFR E  140453: N=Beroe forskalii
                 C=Comb jelly
BERLA E   28530: N=Berzelia lanuginosa
BERLS B  880071: N=Bernardetia litoralis (strain ATCC 23117 / DSM 6794 / NBRC 15988 / NCIMB 1366 / Sio-4)
                 S=Flexibacter litoralis
BERLY E  659594: N=Berberis lycium
                 C=Indian barberry
BERMA E  294704: N=Berryteuthis magister
                 C=Magister armhook squid
                 S=Gonatus magister
BERMJ E  443660: N=Berberomeloe majalis
                 C=Oil beetle
                 S=Meloe majalis
BERMO E  182780: N=Beryx mollis
BEROV E   10201: N=Beroe ovata
                 C=Comb jellyfish
BERPU E 1885022: N=Beringraja pulchra
                 C=Mottled skate
                 S=Raja pulchra
BERRH E   30478: N=Beringraja rhina
                 C=Longnose skate
                 S=Raja rhina
BERSI E   71293: N=Berthella sideralis
                 C=Sea slug
BERSP E   88663: N=Beryx splendens
                 C=Splendid alfonsino
BERST E   33814: N=Berberis stolonifera
BERTH E  121720: N=Berberis thunbergii
                 C=Japanese barberry
BERVA E   34689: N=Beris vallata
                 C=Common orange legionnaire
                 S=Musca vallata
BESDA E  190281: N=Besnoitia darlingi
BESOR E  218676: N=Besnoitia oryctofelisi
BETCO E   19767: N=Beta corolliflora
BETLE E  216994: N=Betula lenta
                 C=Sweet birch
BETLO E   65139: N=Beta lomatogona
BETMA E  343494: N=Beta macrocarpa
                 S=Beta vulgaris subsp. macrocarpa
BETMH E  697946: N=Betta mahachaiensis
                 C=Bubble-nesting fighting fish
BETNA E   45494: N=Beta nana
BETNI E    3508: N=Betula nigra
                 C=River birch
BETPA E    3507: N=Betula papyrifera
                 C=Paper birch
BETPE E   69259: N=Bettongia penicillata
                 C=Brush-tailed bettong
BETPL E   78630: N=Betula platyphylla
                 C=Asian white birch
BETPN E    3505: N=Betula pendula
                 C=European white birch
                 S=Betula verrucosa
BETPO E  216989: N=Betula populifolia
                 C=Gray birch
BETSC E  216986: N=Betula schmidtii
                 C=Schmidt's birch
BETSI E  382944: N=Betulapion simile
                 C=Seed weevil
                 S=Apion simile
BETSM E  209228: N=Betta smaragdina
                 C=Blue betta
BETSP E  158456: N=Betta splendens
                 C=Siamese fighting fish
BETTO E  135160: N=Bettongia tropica
                 C=Northern bettong
BETTR E   19769: N=Beta trigyna
                 C=Caucasian wild beet
BETVM E  350892: N=Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima
                 C=Sea beet
                 S=Beta maritima
BETVU E  161934: N=Beta vulgaris
                 C=Sugar beet
BETVV E    3555: N=Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris
BEUC1 B  471853: N=Beutenbergia cavernae (strain ATCC BAA-8 / DSM 12333 / NBRC 16432)
BEV   V   11156: N=Berne virus
BEYDV V   57119: N=Bean yellow dwarf virus
BFDV  V   77856: N=Beak and feather disease virus
BFPYV V 1891747: N=Budgerigar fledgling disease virus
                 S=Aves polyomavirus 1
BFV   V   11020: N=Barmah forest virus
BGYMJ V  222449: N=Bean golden yellow mosaic virus (isolate Puerto Rico-Japan)
BGYMV V  222448: N=Bean golden yellow mosaic virus (isolate Puerto Rico)
                 S=Bean golden mosaic virus (isolate Puerto Rico)
BHV16 V   10322: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1 (strain 6660)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1C V   10323: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.1 (strain Cooper)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1J V   31518: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.1 (strain Jura)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1K V   31519: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.2 (strain K22)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1P V   10324: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.1 (strain P8-2)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1Q V   10321: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.2 (strain Q3932)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV1S V   45407: N=Bovine herpesvirus 1.2 (strain ST)
                 S=Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
BHV2B V   10296: N=Bovine herpesvirus 2 (strain BMV)
                 S=Bovine mammillitis virus
BHV2H V   10297: N=Bovine herpesvirus 2 (strain BHM-1)
                 S=Bovine mammillitis virus
BHV4  V   10385: N=Bovine herpesvirus 4
                 S=Movar virus
BHV46 V  263360: N=Bovine herpesvirus 4 (strain 66-p-347)
                 S=Movar virus
BHV4D V   10355: N=Bovine herpesvirus 4 (strain DN-599)
                 S=Movar virus
BHV4L V  436506: N=Bovine herpesvirus 4 (strain LVR140)
                 S=Movar virus
BHV4V V  436507: N=Bovine herpesvirus 4 (strain V. test)
                 S=Movar virus
BHV5  V   36350: N=Bovine herpesvirus 5 (strain N569)
                 S=Bovine encephalitis herpesvirus
BIASA E  483143: N=Biancaea sappan
                 S=Caesalpinia sappan
BIBLO E  560707: N=Bibio longipes
                 C=March fly
BIBMA E  189979: N=Bibio marci
                 C=St. Mark's fly
                 S=Tipula marci
BIBTR B   47735: N=Bibersteinia trehalosi
                 S=Pasteurella trehalosi
BIBXA E 1262228: N=Bibio xanthopus
                 C=March fly
BICAN E  110368: N=Bicyclus anynana
                 C=Squinting bush brown butterfly
BIDPI E   42337: N=Bidens pilosa
                 C=Hairy beggarticks
                 S=Cobbler's pegs
BIFA0 B  442563: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (strain AD011)
BIFAA B  367928: N=Bifidobacterium adolescentis (strain ATCC 15703 / DSM 20083 / NCTC 11814 / E194a)
BIFAB B  552531: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (strain BB-12)
BIFAD B    1680: N=Bifidobacterium adolescentis
BIFAN B  302911: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis
                 S=Bifidobacterium lactis
BIFAP B 1147128: N=Bifidobacterium asteroides (strain PRL2011)
BIFAR B  703613: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. animalis (strain ATCC 25527 / DSM 20104 / JCM 1190 / R101-8)
BIFAS B  555970: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (strain DSM 10140 / JCM 10602 / LMG 18314)
BIFAV B  573236: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (strain V9)
BIFBA B  866777: N=Bifidobacterium breve (strain ACS-071-V-Sch8b)
BIFBI B    1681: N=Bifidobacterium bifidum
BIFBP B  702459: N=Bifidobacterium bifidum (strain PRL2010)
BIFBR B    1685: N=Bifidobacterium breve
BIFBS B  883062: N=Bifidobacterium bifidum (strain S17)
BIFBU B  326426: N=Bifidobacterium breve (strain NCIMB 8807 / UCC2003)
BIFDB B  401473: N=Bifidobacterium dentium (strain ATCC 27534 / DSM 20436 / JCM 1195 / Bd1)
BIFL1 B  565040: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis (strain 157F)
BIFL2 B  565042: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum (strain ATCC 15707 / DSM 20219 / JCM 1217 / NCTC 11818 / E194b)
BIFLB B  580050: N=Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (strain Bl-04 / DGCC2908 / RB 4825 / SD5219)
BIFLD B  205913: N=Bifidobacterium longum (strain DJO10A)
BIFLI B    1682: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis
BIFLJ B  759350: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum (strain JDM301)
BIFLM B  890402: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum (strain BBMN68)
BIFLN B  216816: N=Bifidobacterium longum
BIFLO B  206672: N=Bifidobacterium longum (strain NCC 2705)
BIFLS B  391904: N=Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis (strain ATCC 15697 / DSM 20088 / JCM 1222 / NCTC 11817 / S12)
BIFRR B 1410647: N=Bifidobacterium ruminantium (strain ATCC 49430 / DSM 6489 / JCM 8222 / CCUG 34975 / KCTC 3425 / LMG 21811 / Ru687)
BIFRU B   78346: N=Bifidobacterium ruminantium
BIGAE E   83943: N=Bignonia aequinoctialis
                 C=Garlic vine
                 S=Cydista aequinoctialis
BIGNA E  227086: N=Bigelowiella natans
                 C=Pedinomonas minutissima
                 S=Chlorarachnion sp. (strain CCMP621)
BIGNC E  753081: N=Bigelowiella natans (strain CCMP2755)
BILAU E  106915: N=Bilobella aurantiaca
BILW3 B  563192: N=Bilophila wadsworthia (strain 3_1_6)
BILWA B   35833: N=Bilophila wadsworthia
BIOAL E   50959: N=Biomphalaria alexandrina
                 C=Bloodfluke planorb
                 S=Freshwater snail
BIOCH E  158987: N=Biomphalaria choanomphala
                 C=Freshwater snail
BIOGL E    6526: N=Biomphalaria glabrata
                 C=Bloodfluke planorb
                 S=Freshwater snail
BIOOB E  153466: N=Biomphalaria obstructa
                 C=Bloodfluke planorb
                 S=Freshwater snail
BIOOC E   29856: N=Bionectria ochroleuca
                 S=Gliocladium roseum
BIOPE E  232302: N=Bionia pedicellata
                 S=Camptosema pedicellatum
BIOPF E  112525: N=Biomphalaria pfeifferi
                 C=Bloodfluke planorb
                 S=Freshwater snail
BIOSU E  112527: N=Biomphalaria sudanica
                 C=Freshwater snail
                 S=Planorbis sudanica
BIOTE E  112528: N=Biomphalaria tenagophila
                 C=Bloodfluke planorb
                 S=Freshwater snail
BIPBI E   52188: N=Bipes biporus
                 C=Baja worm lizard
BIPCA E  273521: N=Bipes canaliculatus
                 C=Four-toed worm lizard
BIPLU E  197003: N=Biphyllus lunatus
BISBE E   82595: N=Biston betularia
                 C=Pepper-and-salt geometer moth
                 S=Phalaena betularia
BISBI E    9901: N=Bison bison
                 C=American bison
                 S=Bos bison
BISBO E    9902: N=Bison bonasus
                 C=European bison
BISOF E  125587: N=Bistorta officinalis
                 C=Meadow bistort
                 S=Polygonum bistorta
BISPA E 1229185: N=Biston panterinaria
                 C=Chinese pistacia looper
BISPR E  268291: N=Bison priscus
                 C=Steppe wisent
                 S=Steppe bison
BISPU E  765342: N=Bisanthe pulchripennis
                 C=Praying mantis
BISSU E 1049282: N=Biston suppressaria
                 C=Tea looper moth
BITAR E    8692: N=Bitis arietans
                 C=African puff adder
BITAT E  110196: N=Bitis atropos
                 C=Berg adder
                 S=Coluber atropos
BITBH E  122298: N=Blitum bonus-henricus
                 C=Good King Henry
                 S=Chenopodium bonus-henricus
BITCA E    8693: N=Bitis caudalis
                 C=Horned adder
                 S=Horned viper
BITCL E   79308: N=Bittacomorpha clavipes
                 C=Phantom crane fly
BITGA E    8694: N=Bitis gabonica
                 C=Gaboon adder
                 S=Gaboon viper
BITNA E    8695: N=Bitis nasicornis
                 C=Rhinoceros adder
                 S=Rhinoceros viper
BITPI E  172808: N=Bittacus pilicornis
                 C=Hairy-horned scorpionfly
BITRH E  715877: N=Bitis rhinoceros
                 C=West African gaboon viper
                 S=Vipera rhinoceros
BITST E   50433: N=Bittacus strigosus
                 C=Hanging fly
BITTE E    6478: N=Bithynia tentaculata
                 C=Spire snail
                 S=Helix tentaculata
BITWO E  110197: N=Bitis worthingtoni
                 C=Kenya horned viper
BIV29 V  417296: N=Bovine immunodeficiency virus (strain R29)
                 S=Bovine immunodeficiency-like virus
BIVCA E  543397: N=Bivetiella cancellata
                 C=Cancellate nutmeg snail
                 S=Cancellaria cancellata
BIXOR E   66672: N=Bixa orellana
                 C=Lipstick tree
BIZLO E   45648: N=Biziura lobata
                 C=Musk duck
                 S=Anas lobata
BLAAD E  409370: N=Blastobotrys adeninivorans
                 S=Arxula adeninivorans
BLAAN E  476467: N=Blaesodactylus antongilensis
                 C=Antongil velvet gecko
                 S=Homopholis antongilensis
BLABE E   89115: N=Blarinomys breviceps
                 C=Brazilian shrew mouse
BLABO E  290510: N=Blaesodactylus boivini
                 C=Madagascar velvet gecko
                 S=Platydactylus boivini
BLABR E    9387: N=Blarina brevicauda
                 C=Northern short-tailed shrew
BLABU E  399229: N=Blanfordimys bucharensis
                 C=Bucharian vole
                 S=Blanfordimys bucharicus
BLACA E  183658: N=Blarina carolinensis
                 C=Southern short-tailed shrew
BLACI E  227091: N=Blanus cinereus
                 C=Mediterranean worm lizard
                 S=Amphisbaena cinerea
BLACR E    6982: N=Blaberus craniifer
                 C=Death's head cockroach
BLADC E  248133: N=Blastocerus dichotomus
                 C=Marsh deer
BLADI E    6981: N=Blaberus discoidalis
                 C=Tropical cockroach
BLADU E  132935: N=Blaptica dubia
                 C=Argentinian wood cockroach
BLAEM E    4808: N=Blastocladiella emersonii
                 C=Aquatic fungus
BLAGE E    6973: N=Blattella germanica
                 C=German cockroach
                 S=Blatta germanica
BLAGI E   36943: N=Blaberus giganteus
                 C=Giant cockroach
BLAGR E  268772: N=Blarinella griselda
                 C=Asiatic short-tailed shrew
BLAGS E  559298: N=Blastomyces gilchristii (strain SLH14081)
                 S=Blastomyces dermatitidis
BLAHA B    1322: N=Blautia hansenii
                 S=Ruminococcus hansenii
BLAHN E  478820: N=Blastocystis sp. subtype 1 (strain ATCC 50177 / NandII)
BLAHO E   12968: N=Blastocystis hominis
BLAHS B  476272: N=Blautia hydrogenotrophica (strain DSM 10507 / JCM 14656 / S5a33)
                 S=Ruminococcus hydrogenotrophicus
BLAHY E  183659: N=Blarina hylophaga
                 C=Elliot's short-tailed shrew
BLAMI E  196593: N=Blabericola migrator
                 S=Leidyana migrator
BLAMU E  197344: N=Blaps mucronata
                 C=Churchyard beetle
BLAOC E  121832: N=Blastopsylla occidentalis
                 C=Eucalyptus psyllid
BLAOR E    6976: N=Blatta orientalis
                 C=Oriental cockroach
BLAPU E  155385: N=Blackburnia puncticeps
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Deropristus puncticeps
BLARH E 1379410: N=Blaps rhynchoptera
                 C=Churchyard beetle
BLASB B  331104: N=Blattabacterium sp. subsp. Blattella germanica (strain Bge)
                 S=Blattella germanica symbiotic bacterium
BLASD B 1146883: N=Blastococcus saxobsidens (strain DD2)
BLASP B  600809: N=Blattabacterium sp. subsp. Periplaneta americana (strain BPLAN)
                 S=Periplaneta americana symbiotic bacterium
BLATR E    4850: N=Blakeslea trispora
                 S=Choanephora trispora
BLAVI B    1079: N=Blastochloris viridis
                 S=Rhodopseudomonas viridis
BLAWA E  155393: N=Blackburnia waialeale
                 C=Ground beetle
BLEAL E  416422: N=Blepharipa albicauda
BLEAM E    5960: N=Blepharisma americanum
BLECA E  140405: N=Bletia catenulata
BLEDE E   43731: N=Blepharocarya depauperata
                 C=Rose butternut
BLEDI E  521524: N=Blepharodera discoidalis
BLEJA E    5961: N=Blepharisma japonicum
BLEMU E  197864: N=Blepharisma musculus
BLENA E   13359: N=Blennosperma nanum
                 C=Common stickyseed
                 S=Chrysanthemum nanum
BLEOC E   32073: N=Blechnum occidentale
                 C=Hammock fern
BLEOR E   29606: N=Blechnopsis orientalis
                 C=Fish fern
                 S=Blechnum orientale
BLEPU E  140406: N=Bletia purpurea
                 S=Limodorum purpureum
BLESP E  114457: N=Blechnum spicant
                 C=Deer fern
                 S=Osmunda spicant
BLEZA E   41494: N=Blepharispermum zanguebaricum
BLIAC E   67425: N=Blindia acuta
                 C=Acute blindia moss
                 S=Weissia acuta
BLOB1 E 1603295: N=Fungal sp. (strain No.11243)
BLOCL E  205721: N=Bloomeria clevelandii
                 C=San Diego golden star
                 S=Muilla clevelandii
BLOCR E   51442: N=Bloomeria crocea
                 C=Golden stars
                 S=Allium croceum
BLOFL B  203907: N=Blochmannia floridanus
BLOLI E  154411: N=Blossfeldia liliputana
                 C=Miniature button cactus
                 S=Parodia liliputana
BLOPB B  291272: N=Blochmannia pennsylvanicus (strain BPEN)
BLOTA E   40697: N=Blomia tropicalis
BLOVB B  859654: N=Blochmannia vafer (strain BVAF)
BLRV  V   12041: N=Bean leafroll virus
BLUG1 E  546991: N=Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei (strain DH14)
                 C=Barley powdery mildew
                 S=Oidium monilioides f. sp. hordei
BLUGR E   34373: N=Blumeria graminis
                 C=Powdery mildew
                 S=Oidium monilioides
BLUHO E 2867405: N=Blumeria hordei
                 C=Barley powdery mildew
                 S=Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei
BLV   V   11901: N=Bovine leukemia virus
BLVAF V   11902: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate American FLK)
BLVAU V   11903: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate Australian)
BLVAV V   11904: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate American VDM)
BLVB2 V   11905: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate Belgium LB285)
BLVB5 V   11906: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate Belgium LB59)
BLVJ  V   11907: N=Bovine leukemia virus (isolate Japanese BLV-1)
BMDND V  648412: N=Bombyx mori densovirus 3 (isolate Silkworm/China/Zhenjiang/-)
BMDNS V  648251: N=Bombyx mori densovirus 5 (isolate Shinshu)
BMDNV V   10809: N=Bombyx mori densovirus
                 S=Bombyx densonucleosis virus
BMDV  V   12149: N=Belladonna mottle virus
BMV   V   12302: N=Brome mosaic virus
BNDNV V  328668: N=Bombyx mori densovirus 3
BNYVF V   12256: N=Beet necrotic yellow vein mosaic virus (isolate France/F2)
BNYVG V   12257: N=Beet necrotic yellow vein mosaic virus (isolate Yugoslavia/G1)
BNYVS V  652670: N=Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (isolate Japan/S)
BOAAL E  279985: N=Boana albopunctata
                 C=Spotted tree frog
                 S=Hypsiboas albopunctatus
BOACA E  568912: N=Boaedon capensis
                 C=Brown house snake
                 S=Lamprophis capensis
BOACO E    8574: N=Boa constrictor
BOAFU E   39328: N=Boaedon fuliginosus
                 C=Brown house snake
                 S=Lamprophis fuliginosus
BOALE E  318325: N=Boana lemai
                 C=Lema tree frog
                 S=Hyla lemai
BOALI E  578139: N=Boaedon lineatus
                 C=Striped house snake
                 S=Lamprophis lineatus
BOALU E 2517092: N=Boana lundii
                 C=Brazilian tree frog
                 S=Hypsiboas lundii
BOAOL E  292868: N=Boaedon olivaceus
                 C=Olive house snake
                 S=Lamprophis olivaceus
BOAPU E 2499473: N=Boana punctata
                 C=Polka-dot tree frog
                 S=Hypsiboas punctatus
BOARA E  192750: N=Boana raniceps
                 C=Chaco tree frog
                 S=Hyla roeschmanni
BOAVI E  292838: N=Boaedon virgatus
                 C=Hallowell's house snake
                 S=Lamprophis virgatus
BOBGL E   58946: N=Bobartia gladiata
                 C=Sword rush-lily
BOBOX E   30522: N=Bos indicus x Bos taurus
                 C=Hybrid cattle
BOBOY E  870456: N=Bos frontalis x Bos indicus
                 C=Hybrid cattle
BOCAC E 1231925: N=Boccardia acus
                 C=Shell worm
BOCPR E  573193: N=Boccardia proboscidea
                 C=Shell worm
BODOX E  626239: N=Bodianus oxycephalus
                 C=Blackspot pigfish
                 S=Cossyphus oxycephalus
BODSA E   75058: N=Bodo saltans
                 C=Flagellated protozoan
BOEFE E   93887: N=Boechera fecunda
                 C=Mt. Sapphire rockcress
                 S=Arabis fecunda
BOEGU E   93888: N=Boechera gunnisoniana
                 C=Gunnison's rock-cress
                 S=Arabis gunnisoniana
BOEHO E   93890: N=Boechera holboellii
                 C=Holboell's rockcress
                 S=Arabis holboellii
BOELA E  359822: N=Boechera laevigata
                 C=Smooth rockcress
                 S=Arabis laevigata
BOELI E   81976: N=Boechera lignifera
                 C=Desert rock-cress
                 S=Arabis lignifera
BOEMI E   81978: N=Boechera microphylla
                 C=Little-leaf rock-cress
                 S=Arabis microphylla
BOENI E   83906: N=Boehmeria nivea
                 C=Chinese grass
                 S=Urtica nivea
BOEPA E   81979: N=Boechera parishii
                 C=Dwarf rockcress
                 S=Arabis parishii
BOERO E   97729: N=Boesenbergia rotunda
                 C=Chinese ginger
                 S=Curcuma rotunda
BOEST E   72658: N=Boechera stricta
                 C=Drummond's rockcress
                 S=Boechera drummondii
BOETI E  683978: N=Boeckella titicacae
BOGSU E   94906: N=Bogertophis subocularis
                 C=Trans-pecos rat snake
                 S=Elaphe subocularis
BOIDE E   46286: N=Boiga dendrophila
                 C=Mangrove snake
                 S=Gold-ringed cat snake
BOIIR E   92519: N=Boiga irregularis
                 C=Brown tree snake
BOKAL E 1513809: N=Bokermannohyla alvarengai
                 C=Santa Barbara treefrog
                 S=Hyla alvarengai
BOLAD E  129235: N=Bolitoglossa adspersa
                 C=Neotropical salamander
BOLAL E  266497: N=Bolitoglossa altamazonica
                 C=Neotropical salamander
BOLAM E   10081: N=Bolomys amoenus
                 C=Pleasant bolo mouse
BOLAV E  266498: N=Bolitoglossa alvaradoi
                 C=Alvarado's salamander
BOLBE E  127314: N=Boloria bellona
                 C=Meadow fritillary butterfly
                 S=Clossiana bellona
BOLBR E  179646: N=Bolinus brandaris
                 C=Purple dye murex
                 S=Murex brandaris
BOLCO E  266502: N=Bolitoglossa colonnea
                 C=Ridge-headed salamander
BOLDO E  129236: N=Bolitoglossa dofleini
                 C=Giant palm salamander
                 S=Doflein's salamander
BOLED E   36056: N=Boletus edulis
                 C=King bolete
BOLEP E  132696: N=Boloria epithore
                 C=Pacific fritillary
BOLEU E  405022: N=Boloria eunomia
                 C=Bog fritillary butterfly
                 S=Proclossiana eunomia
BOLFL E  266507: N=Bolitoglossa flavimembris
                 C=Neotropical salamander
BOLLI E  211877: N=Bolborhynchus lineola
                 C=Barred parakeet
                 S=Psittacula lineola
BOLMU E  188110: N=Bolbometopon muricatum
                 C=Green humphead parrotfish
                 S=Scarus muricatus
BOLNA E  525771: N=Boloria napaea
                 C=Mountain fritillary butterfly
BOLPE E  150288: N=Boleophthalmus pectinirostris
                 C=Great blue-spotted mudskipper
                 S=Gobius pectinirostris
BOLSE E  191398: N=Boloria selene
                 C=Small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly
                 S=Clossiana selene
BOLUR E  100644: N=Bolomys urichi
                 C=Northern grass mouse
BOLVI E   63515: N=Boltenia villosa
                 C=Spiny-headed tunicate
                 S=Cynthia villosa
BOMBA E   30197: N=Bombus barbutellus
                 C=Barbut's cuckoo-bee
                 S=Psithyrus barbutellus
BOMBH E   30198: N=Bombus bohemicus
                 C=Gypsy cuckoo-bee
                 S=Psithyrus bohemicus
BOMBO E    8345: N=Bombina bombina
                 C=Fire-bellied toad
BOMBU E   66654: N=Bombax buonopozense
                 C=Red-flowered silk cotton tree
BOMCE E  161648: N=Bombycilla cedrorum
                 C=Cedar waxwing
                 S=Ampelis cedrorum
BOMCI E   45325: N=Bombax ceiba
                 C=Red silk-cotton tree
                 S=Bombax malabaricum
BOMCR E  130687: N=Bombus cryptarum
                 C=Cryptic bumblebee
BOMED E  198697: N=Bomarea edulis
                 C=Climbing lily vine
                 S=Alstroemeria edulis
BOMFR E  207631: N=Bombus fraternus
                 C=Southern Plains bumblebee
BOMGA E  125297: N=Bombycilla garrulus
                 C=Bohemian waxwing
                 S=Lanius garrulus
BOMHO E   85660: N=Bombus hortorum
                 C=Small garden bumblebee
BOMHP E  130701: N=Bombus hypocrita
BOMHU E   65597: N=Bombus humilis
                 C=Brown-banded carder bee
BOMHY E   30191: N=Bombus hypnorum
                 C=Tree bumblebee
                 S=Pyrobombus hypnorum
BOMIG E  130704: N=Bombus ignitus
BOMIM E  132113: N=Bombus impatiens
BOMJA E  127872: N=Bombycilla japonica
                 C=Japanese waxwing
BOMLA E   30192: N=Bombus lapidarius
                 C=Red-tailed bumblebee
                 S=Apis lapidaria
BOMLU E   30193: N=Bombus lucorum
                 C=White-tailed bumblebee
BOMMA E    7092: N=Bombyx mandarina
                 C=Wild silk moth
                 S=Wild silkworm
BOMMG E  218856: N=Bombus magnus
                 C=Northern white-tailed bumblebee
BOMMO E    7091: N=Bombyx mori
                 C=Silk moth
BOMMX E  161274: N=Bombina maxima
                 C=Giant fire-bellied toad
                 S=Chinese red belly toad
BOMOR E    8346: N=Bombina orientalis
                 C=Oriental fire-bellied toad
BOMOV E  198687: N=Bomarea ovallei
                 C=Lion's claw
                 S=Leontochir ovallei
BOMPA E   65598: N=Bombus pascuorum
                 C=Common carder bumblebee
BOMPE E   28643: N=Bombus pensylvanicus
                 C=American bumblebee
                 S=Apis pensylvanica
BOMPR E   30194: N=Bombus pratorum
                 C=Early bumblebee
                 S=Pyrobombus pratorum
BOMPT E  130707: N=Bombus patagiatus
BOMRP E   30200: N=Bombus rupestris
                 C=Hill cuckoo-bee
                 S=Psithyrus rupestris
BOMRU E  207645: N=Bombus ruderatus
                 C=Large garden bumblebee
BOMSL E   30201: N=Bombus sylvestris
                 C=Four-coloured cuckoo-bee
                 S=Psithyrus sylvestris
BOMSO E  203818: N=Bombus sonorus
                 C=Sonoran bumblebee
BOMSP E    8349: N=Bombina sp.
BOMSU E  163670: N=Bombus subterraneus
                 C=Short-haired bumblebee
                 S=Apis subterranea
BOMSY E  218859: N=Bombus sylvarum
                 C=Shrill carder bee
BOMTE E   30195: N=Bombus terrestris
                 C=Buff-tailed bumblebee
                 S=Apis terrestris
BOMVA E    8348: N=Bombina variegata
                 C=Yellow-bellied toad
BOMVE E   30202: N=Bombus vestalis
                 C=Vestal cuckoo-bee
                 S=Psithyrus vestalis
BONBI E  270782: N=Boneia bidens
                 C=Manado fruit bat
                 S=Rousettus bidens
BONUM E    9000: N=Bonasa umbellus
                 C=Ruffed grouse
                 S=Tetrao umbellus
BOOBO E   36219: N=Boops boops
                 S=Sparus boops
BOOGL E  144575: N=Booneacris glacialis
                 C=Wingless mountain grasshopper
BOOLV V   12286: N=Boolarra virus
BORA1 B  360910: N=Bordetella avium (strain 197N)
BORAD B   42109: N=Borrelia andersonii
                 S=Borreliella andersonii
BORAF B   29518: N=Borrelia afzelii
                 S=Borreliella afzelii
BORAN B     143: N=Borrelia anserina
BORAP B  390236: N=Borrelia afzelii (strain PKo)
BORAV B     521: N=Bordetella avium
BORBA E 1064586: N=Boreophyllum birdiae
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Porphyra birdiae
BORBD B  521010: N=Borrelia bissettiae (strain DSM 17990 / CIP 109136 / DN127)
                 S=Borreliella bissettiae
BORBG B     139: N=Borrelia burgdorferi
                 C=Lyme disease spirochete
                 S=Borreliella burgdorferi
BORBI B   64897: N=Borrelia bissettiae
                 S=Borreliella bissettiae
BORBJ B  521008: N=Borrelia burgdorferi (strain JD1)
BORBM B 1208658: N=Bordetella bronchiseptica (strain MO149)
BORBN B  521007: N=Borrelia burgdorferi (strain N40)
BORBO B     518: N=Bordetella bronchiseptica
                 S=Alcaligenes bronchisepticus
BORBP B  290434: N=Borrelia bavariensis (strain ATCC BAA-2496 / DSM 23469 / PBi)
                 S=Borreliella bavariensis
BORBR B  257310: N=Bordetella bronchiseptica (strain ATCC BAA-588 / NCTC 13252 / RB50)
                 S=Alcaligenes bronchisepticus
BORBU B  224326: N=Borrelia burgdorferi (strain ATCC 35210 / B31 / CIP 102532 / DSM 4680)
BORBZ B  445985: N=Borrelia burgdorferi (strain ZS7)
BORCA B 1155096: N=Borrelia crocidurae (strain Achema)
BORDL B  412419: N=Borrelia duttonii (strain Ly)
BOREL E  948611: N=Boreus elegans
                 C=Snow scorpionfly
BORFR E   53578: N=Borrichia frutescens
                 C=Sea oxeye daisy
                 S=Buphthalmum frutescens
BORGR B   29519: N=Borrelia garinii
                 S=Borreliella garinii
BORHD B  314723: N=Borrelia hermsii (strain HS1 / DAH)
BORHE B     140: N=Borrelia hermsii
BORJA B   34095: N=Borrelia japonica
                 S=Borreliella japonica
BOROF E   13363: N=Borago officinalis
BORP1 B  568706: N=Bordetella pertussis (strain ATCC 9797 / DSM 5571 / NCTC 10739 / 18323)
BORPA B  257311: N=Bordetella parapertussis (strain 12822 / ATCC BAA-587 / NCTC 13253)
BORPB B 1208660: N=Bordetella parapertussis (strain Bpp5)
BORPC B 1017264: N=Bordetella pertussis (strain CS)
BORPD B  340100: N=Bordetella petrii (strain ATCC BAA-461 / DSM 12804 / CCUG 43448)
BORPE B  257313: N=Bordetella pertussis (strain Tohama I / ATCC BAA-589 / NCTC 13251)
BORPO E 1260276: N=Borikenophis portoricensis
                 C=Puerto Rican racer
                 S=Alsophis portoricensis
BORPP B     519: N=Bordetella parapertussis
BORPR B     141: N=Borrelia parkeri
BORPT B     520: N=Bordetella pertussis
BORRA B  412418: N=Borrelia recurrentis (strain A1)
BORSA E   44932: N=Boreogadus saida
                 C=Polar cod
                 S=Gadus saida
BORSP E  589375: N=Bornetella sphaerica
                 C=Spherical turtle shell
                 S=Neomeris sphaerica
BORT9 B  314724: N=Borrelia turicatae (strain 91E135)
BORTU B     142: N=Borrelia turicatae
BORVA B   62088: N=Borrelia valaisiana
                 S=Borreliella valaisiana
BOSCA E  161377: N=Bostrychia calliptera
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Rhodomela calliptera
BOSCL E  293899: N=Bostrycapulus calyptraeformis
                 C=Slipper limpet
                 S=Crepidula calyptraeformis
BOSGA E    9904: N=Bos gaurus
                 S=Indian bison
BOSGF E   30520: N=Bos gaurus frontalis
                 C=Domestic gayal
                 S=Bos frontalis
BOSIN E    9915: N=Bos indicus
BOSJA E    9906: N=Bos javanicus
                 C=Wild banteng
BOSMO E  103713: N=Bostrychia moritziana
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Polysiphonia moritziana
BOSMU E   30521: N=Bos mutus grunniens
                 C=Wild yak
                 S=Bos grunniens
BOSOD E  178556: N=Bostrycapulus odites
                 C=South Atlantic spiny slipper limpet
                 S=Crepidula odites
BOSPR E    9909: N=Bos primigenius
BOSRA E  103714: N=Bostrychia radicans
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Rhodomela radicans
BOSSA E  135829: N=Bos sauveli
BOSSE E  613112: N=Boswellia serrata
                 C=Indian frankincense
BOSTR E    9917: N=Boselaphus tragocamelus
BOTAB E  129326: N=Bothrochilus albertisii
                 C=White lipped python
                 S=Liasis albertisii
BOTAL E   64174: N=Bothrops alternatus
                 S=Rhinocerophis alternatus
BOTAM E  169857: N=Bothrops ammodytoides
                 S=Patagonian lancehead
BOTAN E 1144373: N=Bothrocophias andianus
                 C=Andean lancehead
                 S=Bothrops andianus
BOTAS E    8722: N=Bothrops asper
BOTAT E    8725: N=Bothrops atrox
                 C=Barba amarilla
BOTBA E 1051630: N=Bothrops barnetti
                 C=Barnett's lancehead
                 S=Trimeresurus barnetti
BOTBI E   44724: N=Bothrops bilineatus
                 C=Green jararaca
                 S=Bothriopsis bilineata
BOTBR E   38881: N=Botryococcus braunii
                 C=Green alga
BOTBS E 2815652: N=Bothrops bilineatus smaragdinus
                 C=Two-striped forest-pitviper
BOTBU E  577487: N=Bothrophthalmus brunneus
                 S=Bothrophthalmus lineatus brunneus
BOTBZ E  157546: N=Bothrops brazili
                 C=Brazil's lancehead
BOTCN E   65640: N=Bothriocroton concolor
                 C=Echidna tick
                 S=Aponomma concolor
BOTCO E    8727: N=Bothrops cotiara
                 S=Rhinocerophis cotiara
BOTDP E 1107943: N=Bothrops diporus
                 C=Chaco lancehead
                 S=Bothrops neuwiedi diporus
BOTER E   44710: N=Bothrops erythromelas
                 C=Caatinga lance head
BOTF1 E 1290391: N=Botryotinia fuckeliana (strain BcDW1)
                 C=Noble rot fungus
                 S=Botrytis cinerea
BOTF4 E  999810: N=Botryotinia fuckeliana (strain T4)
                 C=Noble rot fungus
                 S=Botrytis cinerea
BOTFB E  332648: N=Botryotinia fuckeliana (strain B05.10)
                 C=Noble rot fungus
                 S=Botrytis cinerea
BOTFO E  157549: N=Bothrops fonsecai
                 C=Fonseca's lancehead
                 S=Rhinocerophis fonsecai
BOTFU E   40559: N=Botryotinia fuckeliana
                 C=Noble rot fungus
                 S=Botrytis cinerea
BOTHY E  230469: N=Bothrocophias hyoprora
                 C=Amazonian hognose viper
                 S=Porthidium hyoprora
BOTIN E    8723: N=Bothrops insularis
                 C=Golden lancehead
                 S=Lachesis insularis
BOTIS E   29660: N=Bothriochloa ischaemum
                 C=Yellow bluestem
                 S=Andropogon ischaemum
BOTJA E    8724: N=Bothrops jararaca
                 S=Bothrops jajaraca
BOTJR E    8726: N=Bothrops jararacussu
BOTLA E   44727: N=Bothriechis lateralis
                 C=Side-striped palm pitviper
BOTLC E  157295: N=Bothrops leucurus
                 C=Whitetail lancehead
BOTLE E  110661: N=Botaurus lentiginosus
                 C=American bittern
BOTLH E   62808: N=Botrylloides leachii
                 C=Sea squirt
BOTLI E  186543: N=Bothrophthalmus lineatus
                 C=Red-black striped snake
BOTLN E   94921: N=Bothus lunatus
                 C=Plate fish
                 S=Pleuronectes lunatus
BOTLT E 1368281: N=Bothrops lutzi
                 C=Sertao lancehead
                 S=Bothrops iglesiasi
BOTLU E   37231: N=Botrychium lunaria
BOTMA E  157554: N=Bothrops marajoensis
                 C=Marajo lancehead
BOTMO E   98334: N=Bothrops moojeni
                 C=Lance-headed viper
BOTMT E 1171125: N=Bothrops matogrossensis
                 S=Bothrops neuwiedi matogrossensis
BOTMY E  366894: N=Bothus myriaster
                 C=Indo-Pacific oval flounder
                 S=Rhombus myriaster
BOTNI E   88079: N=Bothriechis nigroviridis
                 C=Black-speckled palm pit viper
BOTNR E  157695: N=Bothrops neuwiedi urutu
                 C=Neuwied's lancehead
BOTNU E   95648: N=Bothrops neuwiedi
                 C=Neuwied's lancehead
BOTOC E  253859: N=Bothus ocellatus
                 C=Eyed flounder
                 S=Rhombus ocellatus
BOTPA E 1042543: N=Bothrops pauloensis
                 C=Neuwied's lancehead
                 S=Bothrops neuwiedi pauloensis
BOTPC E  133440: N=Bothrops pictus
                 C=Desert lancehead
BOTPI E  113192: N=Bothrops pirajai
                 C=Piraja's lancehead
BOTPN E  366905: N=Bothus pantherinus
                 C=Leopard flounder
                 S=Rhombus pantherinus
BOTPO E  147829: N=Bothus podas
                 C=Wide-eyed flounder
                 S=Pleuronectes podas
BOTPR E  312706: N=Bothrometopus parvulus
BOTPV E 1287680: N=Botryosphaeria parva (strain UCR-NP2)
                 C=Grapevine canker fungus
                 S=Neofusicoccum parvum
BOTPZ E 1256661: N=Botrylloides pizoni
                 C=Sea squirt
BOTRO E  195598: N=Bothus robinsi
                 C=Twospot flounder
BOTSC E   44725: N=Bothriechis schlegelii
                 C=Eyelash palm pitviper
BOTSE E  188376: N=Botaurus stellaris
                 C=Eurasian bittern
BOTSH E   30301: N=Botryllus schlosseri
                 C=Golden star tunicate
                 S=Alcyonium schlosseri
BOTST E   13832: N=Botrypus strictus
                 S=Botrychium strictum
BOTSU E    8334: N=Bolitoglossa subpalmata
                 C=Neotropical salamander
BOTVF V  686946: N=Botrytis virus F (isolate Botrytis cinerea/New Zealand/Howitt/2001)
BOTVI E  581057: N=Botrylloides violaceus
                 C=Orange cloak sea squirt
BOTVX V  686947: N=Botrytis virus X (isolate Botrytis cinerea/New Zealand/Howitt/2006)
BOUAR E  510508: N=Boudemos ardabilia
                 C=Polychaete carpet worm
                 S=Vigtorniella ardabilia
BOUBO E  260983: N=Boulengerula boulengeri
                 C=Usambara bluish-gray caecilian
BOUMI E   32488: N=Boulengerochromis microlepis
                 C=Giant cichlid
                 S=Tilapia microlepis
BOUTA E  102246: N=Boulengerula taitana
                 C=East African caecilian
BOUTR E   29783: N=Bouvardia ternifolia
                 S=Bouvardia glaberrima
BOVEV V   12065: N=Bovine enterovirus (strain VG-5-27)
BOVIN E    9913: N=Bos taurus
BOVVA E   36205: N=Bovichtus variegatus
BOWSE E   13365: N=Bowenia serrulata
                 C=Byfield fern
                 S=Bowenia spectabilis var. serrulata
BOWVO E   44987: N=Bowiea volubilis
                 C=Climbing onion
                 S=Ophiobostryx volubilis
BP163 V   10704: N=Rhizobium phage 16-3
                 S=Bacteriophage 16-3
BP186 V   29252: N=Escherichia phage 186
                 S=Bacteriophage 186
BP201 V  198110: N=Pseudomonas phage 201phi2-1
                 S=Pseudomonas chlororaphis phage 201phi2-1
BP234 V  466051: N=Thermus virus P23-45
                 S=Thermus thermophilus phage P23-45
BP35C V  236750: N=Bacillus phage Bam35c
                 S=Bacillus thuringiensis bacteriophage Bam35c
BP434 V   10712: N=Enterobacteria phage 434
                 S=Bacteriophage 434
BP44A V  204086: N=Staphylococcus phage 44AHJD
BP742 V  466052: N=Thermus virus P74-26
                 S=Thermus thermophilus phage P74-26
BP788 V  138946: N=Shigella phage 7888
                 S=Shigella sonnei bacteriophage 7888
BP82  V   10705: N=Enterobacteria phage 82
                 S=Bacteriophage 82
BP933 V   10730: N=Escherichia phage 933W
                 S=Bacteriophage 933W
BPA18 V   40521: N=Listeria phage A118
                 S=Bacteriophage A118
BPA50 V   40522: N=Listeria phage A500
                 S=Bacteriophage A500
BPA51 V   40523: N=Listeria phage A511
                 S=Bacteriophage A511
BPAL3 V   10849: N=Escherichia phage alpha3
                 S=Bacteriophage alpha-3
BPAPS V   67571: N=Acyrthosiphon pisum secondary endosymbiont phage 1
                 S=Bacteriophage APSE-1
BPAR1 V   66711: N=Escherichia phage AR1
                 S=Bacteriophage AR1
BPB03 V   10778: N=Bacillus phage B103
                 S=Bacteriophage B103
BPB30 V  209152: N=Streptococcus phage B30
                 S=Streptococcus agalactiae bacteriophage B30
BPB78 V 1283334: N=Burkholderia phage Bcep781 (isolate -/United States/Beer/1978)
                 S=Bacteriophage Bcep781
BPBF2 V   10707: N=Escherichia phage Bf23
                 S=Enterobacteria phage BF23
BPBMU V 1283335: N=Burkholderia phage BcepMu (isolate -/United States/Summer/2002)
                 C=Bacteriophage BcepMu
BPBO1 V   12014: N=Enterobacteria phage BO1
                 S=Bacteriophage BO1
BPBPP V  194699: N=Bordetella phage BPP-1
BPBZ1 V  329853: N=Escherichia phage BZ13
                 S=Bacteriophage BZ13
BPCHP V 2003327: N=Chlamydia phage 1
                 C=Bacteriophage Chp1
BPCP1 V   10747: N=Streptococcus phage Cp-1
                 S=Bacteriophage Cp-1
BPCP7 V   10748: N=Streptococcus phage Cp-7
                 S=Bacteriophage Cp-7
BPCP9 V   10749: N=Streptococcus phage Cp-9
                 S=Bacteriophage Cp-9
BPCPT V   10689: N=Vibrio phage CP-T1
                 S=Bacteriophage CP-T1
BPD10 V  665033: N=Escherichia phage D108
                 S=Bacteriophage D108
BPD3  V   31535: N=Pseudomonas phage D3
                 S=Bacteriophage D3
BPD31 V   10708: N=Pseudomonas phage D3112
                 S=Bacteriophage D3112
BPDP1 V   59241: N=Pneumococcus phage Dp-1
                 S=Bacteriophage Dp-1
BPDPK V  169683: N=Pseudomonas phage phiKZ
BPE15 V  215158: N=Salmonella phage epsilon15
BPE32 V  490103: N=Escherichia phage Phieco32
                 S=Escherichia coli phage phi32
BPF1  V   10863: N=Enterobacteria phage f1
                 S=Bacteriophage f1
BPF2  V   12016: N=Enterobacteria phage f2
                 S=Bacteriophage f2
BPF41 V   12387: N=Lactococcus phage F4-1
                 S=Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage F4-1
BPFD  V   10864: N=Enterobacteria phage fd
                 S=Bacteriophage fd
BPFO1 V 1283336: N=Salmonella phage Felix O1 (isolate Felix O1-VT1)
                 S=Bacteriophage Felix O1
BPFR  V   12017: N=Enterobacteria phage fr
                 S=Bacteriophage fr
BPFSA V   69605: N=Enterobacteria phage FSalpha
                 S=Bacteriophage FS-alpha
BPG20 V 1406341: N=Thermus phage G20c
                 S=Thermus thermophilus phage G20c
BPG4  V   10843: N=Escherichia phage G4
                 S=Bacteriophage G4
BPGA  V   12018: N=Enterobacteria phage GA
                 S=Bacteriophage GA
BPGA1 V   12345: N=Bacillus phage GA-1
                 S=Bacteriophage GA-1
BPH19 V   69932: N=Enterobacteria phage H19B
                 S=Bacteriophage H19B
BPH30 V   12371: N=Bacteriophage H30
BPH44 V   12366: N=Streptococcus pyogenes phage H4489A
BPH45 V   86065: N=Streptococcus pyogenes phage H10403
BPH75 V  144736: N=Thermus phage PH75
                 S=Bacteriophage PH75
BPHA1 V 1283337: N=Halomonas phage phiHAP-1 (isolate -/Gulf of Mexico/-/2001)
                 S=Bacteriophage phiHAP-1
BPHB3 V   10728: N=Streptococcus pneumoniae phage HB-3
BPHC1 V 1289570: N=Haemophilus phage HP1 (strain HP1c1)
                 S=Bacteriophage HP1
BPHK0 V   10742: N=Escherichia phage HK022
                 S=Bacteriophage HK022
BPHK6 V  155148: N=Enterobacteria phage HK620
                 S=Bacteriophage HK620
BPHK7 V   37554: N=Enterobacteria phage HK97
                 S=Bacteriophage HK97
BPHP1 V   10690: N=Haemophilus phage HP1
                 S=Bacteriophage HP1
BPI22 V   10869: N=Enterobacteria phage I2-2
                 S=Bacteriophage I2-2
BPIF1 V   10868: N=Escherichia phage If1
                 S=Bacteriophage If1
BPIKE V   10867: N=Salmonella phage IKe
                 S=Bacteriophage IKe
BPJP3 V   12019: N=Enterobacteria phage JP34
                 S=Bacteriophage JP34
BPJP5 V   12020: N=Enterobacteria phage JP501
                 S=Bacteriophage JP501
BPK11 V   10766: N=Enterobacteria phage K11
                 S=Bacteriophage K11
BPK1E V  344022: N=Escherichia phage K1E
                 S=Bacteriophage K1E
BPK1F V  344021: N=Escherichia phage K1F
                 S=Bacteriophage K1F
BPK21 V 1678082: N=Pseudomonas phage KPP21
BPK22 V 1772250: N=Pseudomonas phage KPP22
BPK3  V   10674: N=Enterobacteria phage K3
                 S=Bacteriophage K3
BPKHP V 1208236: N=Helicobacter pylori bacteriophage KHP30
BPKMV V  204270: N=Pseudomonas phage phiKMV
BPKP2 V 1462608: N=Pseudomonas phage KPP25
                 S=Bacteriophage KPP25
BPKPP V  582345: N=Pseudomonas phage KPP10
                 S=Bacteriophage KPP10
BPKU1 V   12021: N=Enterobacteria phage KU1
                 S=Bacteriophage Ku1
BPKV4 V   75320: N=Vibrio phage KVP40
                 S=Bacteriophage KVP40
BPKVM V 1283340: N=Vibrio phage KVP40 (isolate Vibrio parahaemolyticus/Japan/Matsuzaki/1991)
                 S=Bacteriophage KVP40
BPL2  V   46014: N=Acholeplasma phage L2
                 S=Bacteriophage L2
BPL54 V   10727: N=Staphylococcus phage L54a
                 S=Bacteriophage L54a
BPL79 V   12375: N=Lactococcus phage (isolate 7-9)
                 S=Lactococcus bacteriophage isolate 7-9
BPLC2 V   31537: N=Lactococcus phage c2
BPLLH V   12348: N=Lactococcus phage LL-H
                 S=Lactococcus delbrueckii bacteriophage LL-H
BPLP0 V   83129: N=Lactococcus phage P008
BPLP2 V  254252: N=Lactococcus phage p2
                 S=Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage p2
BPLP7 V   10750: N=Enterobacteria phage LP7
                 S=Bacteriophage LP7
BPLSK V   31532: N=Lactococcus phage SK1
                 S=Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage SK1
BPLUZ V  484895: N=Pseudomonas phage LUZ24
BPLZ1 V   42175: N=Enterobacteria phage LZ1
                 S=Bacteriophage LZ1
BPLZ3 V   37362: N=Enterobacteria phage LZ3
                 S=Bacteriophage LZ3
BPLZ4 V   42176: N=Enterobacteria phage LZ4
                 S=Bacteriophage LZ4
BPLZ5 V   37363: N=Enterobacteria phage LZ5
                 S=Bacteriophage LZ5
BPM   V 1235640: N=Enterobacteria phage M
                 S=Escherichia levivirus M
BPM1  V   10676: N=Enterobacteria phage M1
                 S=Bacteriophage M1
BPM13 V 1977402: N=Enterobacteria phage M13
                 C=Bacteriophage M13
BPM2  V  331976: N=Bacillus phage M2
                 S=Bacteriophage M2
BPMB1 V  148603: N=Mycobacterium phage Bxb1
                 S=Mycobacteriophage Bxb1
BPMB2 V  205870: N=Mycobacterium phage Bxz2
                 S=Mycobacteriophage Bxz2
BPMBZ V  205877: N=Mycobacterium phage Bxz1
                 S=Mycobacteriophage Bxz1
BPMCO V  205875: N=Mycobacterium phage Corndog
                 S=Mycobacteriophage Corndog
BPMD2 V   28369: N=Mycobacterium phage D29
                 S=Mycobacteriophage D29
BPMFR V   12388: N=Mycobacterium phage FRAT1
                 S=Mycobacteriophage FRAT1
BPML5 V   31757: N=Mycobacterium phage L5
                 S=Mycobacteriophage L5
BPMOM V  205879: N=Mycobacterium phage Omega
                 S=Mycobacteriophage Omega
BPMR1 V  379501: N=Staphylococcus phage phiMR11
BPMR2 V  487152: N=Staphylococcus phage phiMR25
BPMS2 V  329852: N=Escherichia phage MS2
                 S=Bacteriophage MS2
BPMT4 V   88870: N=Mycobacterium phage TM4
                 S=Mycobacteriophage TM4
BPMU  V   10677: N=Escherichia phage Mu
                 S=Bacteriophage Mu
BPMV  V   31715: N=Bean-pod mottle virus (strain Kentucky G7)
BPMV1 V   33769: N=Lactococcus phage mv1
                 S=Lactococcus delbrueckii bacteriophage mv1
BPMV4 V   12392: N=Lactococcus phage mv4
                 S=Lactococcus delbrueckii bacteriophage mv4
BPMX1 V 2789016: N=Escherichia phage Qbeta
BPN15 V   40631: N=Escherichia phage N15
                 S=Bacteriophage N15
BPN4  V   10752: N=Enterobacteria phage N4
                 S=Bacteriophage N4
BPNF  V   10753: N=Bacillus phage Nf
                 S=Bacteriophage Nf
BPO12 V   85154: N=Streptococcus phage O1205
                 S=Streptococcus bacteriophage phi-O1205
BPOX2 V   10691: N=Enterobacteria phage Ox2
                 S=Bacteriophage Ox2
BPP1  V   10678: N=Escherichia phage P1
                 S=Bacteriophage P1
BPP2  V   10679: N=Escherichia phage P2
                 S=Bacteriophage P2
BPP21 V   10711: N=Enterobacteria phage P21
                 C=Bacteriophage 21
                 S=Bacteriophage P21
BPP22 V   10754: N=Salmonella phage P22
                 S=Bacteriophage P22
BPP4  V   10680: N=Enterobacteria phage P4
                 S=Bacteriophage P4
BPP42 V   10715: N=Staphylococcus phage 42D
                 S=Bacteriophage P42D
BPP7  V   10682: N=Enterobacteria phage P7
                 S=Bacteriophage P7
BPPA2 V   10738: N=Enterobacteria phage PA-2
                 S=Bacteriophage PA-2
BPPA3 V  998086: N=Pseudomonas phage PhiPA3
                 S=Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage PhiPA3
BPPAJ V  504346: N=Pseudomonas phage PAJU2
BPPB1 V   10683: N=Bacillus phage PBS1
                 S=Bacteriophage PBS1
BPPB2 V   10684: N=Bacillus phage PBS2
                 S=Bacteriophage PBS2
BPPCD V 1283341: N=Clostridium phage phiCD119 (strain Clostridium difficile/United States/Govind/2006)
                 S=Bacteriophage phiCD119
BPPF1 V 2011081: N=Pseudomonas phage Pf1
                 S=Bacteriophage Pf1
BPPF3 V   10872: N=Pseudomonas phage Pf3
                 S=Bacteriophage Pf3
BPPGK V  221915: N=Staphylococcus phage K
BPPH1 V   10717: N=Bacillus phage phi105
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-105
BPPH2 V   10756: N=Bacillus phage phi29
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-29
BPPH3 V   10737: N=Enterobacteria phage phi21
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-21
BPPH5 V   10755: N=Bacillus phage phi15
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-15
BPPH6 V   10879: N=Pseudomonas phage phi6
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-6
BPPH8 V   10713: N=Enterobacteria phage phi80
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-80
BPPHA V   12360: N=Staphylococcus phage phi11
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-11
BPPHC V   10719: N=Streptomyces phage phiC31
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-C31
BPPHD V  186153: N=Staphylococcus phage phi13
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-13
BPPHE V  442493: N=Enterococcus phage phiEF24C
                 S=Enterococcus bacteriophage phi-EF24C
BPPHH V  169684: N=Halobacterium phage phiH
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-H
BPPHK V   10848: N=Enterobacteria phage phiK
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-K
BPPHL V   28365: N=Xanthomonas phage phiLf
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-Lf
BPPHM V  145579: N=Bdellovibrio phage phiMH2K
                 S=Bacteriophage phiMH2K
BPPHS V 1217068: N=Enterobacteria phage phiX174 (Isolate Sanger)
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-X174
BPPHT V   10736: N=Bacillus phage phi3T
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-3T
BPPHV V   10746: N=Lactococcus phage phivML3
                 S=Lactococcus bacteriophage phi-vML3
BPPHX V   10847: N=Escherichia phage phiX174
                 S=Bacteriophage phi-X174
BPPM2 V   10661: N=Pseudoalteromonas phage PM2
                 S=Bacteriophage PM2
BPPMB V 2081904: N=Salmonella phage PMBT28
BPPP7 V   12023: N=Pseudomonas phage PP7
                 S=Bacteriophage PP7
BPPPB V 1283339: N=Pseudomonas phage PB1 (isolate Pseudomonas aeruginosa/Scotland/Bradley/1968)
                 S=Bacteriophage PB1
BPPRD V   10658: N=Enterobacteria phage PRD1
                 S=Bacteriophage PRD1
BPPRM V  268746: N=Prochlorococcus phage P-SSM2
BPPRP V  268748: N=Prochlorococcus phage P-SSP7
BPPRR V   12024: N=Pseudomonas phage PRR1
                 S=Bacteriophage PRR1
BPPRS V  268747: N=Prochlorococcus phage P-SSM4
BPPS1 V   83128: N=Bacteriophage PS119
BPPS3 V   83127: N=Bacteriophage PS34
BPPS4 V 1010614: N=Staphylococcus phage S24-1
BPPSP V 1010615: N=Staphylococcus phage S13'
BPPST V   69607: N=Enterobacteria phage PST
                 S=Bacteriophage PST
BPPYU V  462590: N=Pseudomonas phage YuA
BPPZA V   10757: N=Bacillus phage PZA
                 S=Bacteriophage PZA
BPQBE V   39803: N=Escherichia virus Qbeta
                 S=Bacteriophage Q-beta
BPR03 V   31533: N=Enterobacteria phage RB3
                 S=Bacteriophage RB3
BPR06 V   69610: N=Enterobacteria phage RB6
                 S=Bacteriophage RB6
BPR08 V   69611: N=Enterobacteria phage RB8
                 S=Bacteriophage RB8
BPR09 V   69612: N=Enterobacteria phage RB9
                 S=Bacteriophage RB9
BPR10 V   69608: N=Enterobacteria phage RB10
                 S=Bacteriophage RB10
BPR15 V   36340: N=Enterobacteria phage RB15
                 S=Bacteriophage RB15
BPR17 V   12026: N=Enterobacteria phage R17
                 S=Bacteriophage R17
BPR18 V   10692: N=Enterobacteria phage RB18
                 S=Bacteriophage RB18
BPR1T V   43685: N=Lactococcus phage r1t
                 S=Bacteriophage r1t
BPR27 V   69609: N=Enterobacteria phage RB27
                 S=Bacteriophage RB27
BPR32 V   45406: N=Enterobacteria phage RB32
                 S=Bacteriophage RB32
BPR51 V   10693: N=Enterobacteria phage RB51
                 S=Bacteriophage RB51
BPR69 V   12353: N=Escherichia phage RB69
                 S=Bacteriophage RB69
BPR70 V   36338: N=Enterobacteria phage RB70
                 S=Bacteriophage RB70
BPRB4 V   50948: N=Escherichia phage RB49
                 S=Bacteriophage RB49
BPRH1 V   10735: N=Bacillus phage rho11s
                 S=Bacteriophage rho-11s
BPRH5 V   36451: N=Bacillus phage rho15
                 S=Bacteriophage rho-15
BPRHR V  148943: N=Rhodothermus phage RM378
                 S=Bacteriophage RM378
BPS13 V   10844: N=Enterobacteria phage S13
                 S=Bacteriophage S13
BPS14 V   47488: N=Escherichia phage SV14
                 S=Bacteriophage SV14
BPS2  V   53000: N=Haemophilus phage S2
                 S=Bacteriophage S2
BPS24 V 1041527: N=Staphylococcus phage S25-4
BPS25 V 1041526: N=Staphylococcus phage S25-3
BPS2L V  260586: N=Cyanophage S-2L
                 S=Cyanobacteria phage S-2L
BPS76 V   69613: N=Enterobacteria phage SV76
                 S=Bacteriophage SV76
BPSAV V 1987993: N=Salmonella phage ViI
BPSF2 V   66284: N=Shigella phage SfII
                 C=Shigella flexneri bacteriophage II
                 S=Bacteriophage SfII
BPSF5 V   55884: N=Shigella phage SfV
                 C=Shigella flexneri bacteriophage V
                 S=Bacteriophage SfV
BPSF6 V   10773: N=Bacillus phage SF6
                 S=Bacteriophage SF6
BPSFV V   10761: N=Shigella phage Sf6
                 C=Shigella flexneri bacteriophage VI
                 S=Bacteriophage SfVI
BPSFX V   10874: N=Shigella phage SfX
                 C=Shigella flexneri bacteriophage X
                 S=Bacteriophage SfX
BPSHA V 2060946: N=Acinetobacter phage SH-Ab 15497
BPSK1 V  552529: N=Serratia phage KSP100
                 S=Serratia marcescens bacteriophage KSP100
BPSK2 V  552527: N=Serratia phage KSP20
                 S=Serratia marcescens bacteriophage KSP20
BPSK9 V  552528: N=Serratia phage KSP90
                 S=Serratia marcescens bacteriophage KSP90
BPSP  V   12027: N=Enterobacteria phage SP
                 S=Bacteriophage SP
BPSP1 V   10685: N=Bacillus phage SP01
                 S=Bacteriophage SP01
BPSP2 V   10723: N=Bacillus phage SP02
                 S=Bacteriophage SP02
BPSP6 V  194966: N=Enterobacteria phage SP6
                 S=Bacteriophage SP6
BPSPB V   66797: N=Bacillus phage SPbeta
                 C=Bacillus phage SPBc2
                 S=Bacteriophage SP-beta
BPSPP V   10724: N=Bacillus phage SPP1
                 S=Bacteriophage SPP1
BPSPR V   10725: N=Bacillus phage SPR
                 S=Bacteriophage SPR
BPST1 V   10845: N=Escherichia phage St-1
                 S=Bacteriophage St-1
BPST6 V  173443: N=Salmonella phage ST64T
                 S=Bacteriophage ST64T
BPSYP V  238854: N=Synechococcus phage S-PM2
BPSYR V  264653: N=Synechococcus phage S-RSM2
BPSYS V  382359: N=Synechococcus phage syn9
BPSYW V   65015: N=Synechococcus phage S-WHM1
BPT1  V 1921008: N=Escherichia phage T1
                 S=Bacteriophage T1
BPT12 V   35344: N=Streptococcus pyogenes phage T12
                 S=Bacteriophage T12
BPT2  V   10664: N=Enterobacteria phage T2
                 S=Bacteriophage T2
BPT3  V   10759: N=Enterobacteria phage T3
                 S=Bacteriophage T3
BPT4  V   10665: N=Enterobacteria phage T4
                 S=Bacteriophage T4
BPT5  V   10726: N=Escherichia phage T5
                 S=Enterobacteria phage T5
BPT6  V   10666: N=Enterobacteria phage T6
                 S=Bacteriophage T6
BPT7  V   10760: N=Escherichia phage T7
                 S=Bacteriophage T7
BPTH1 V   12029: N=Enterobacteria phage TH1
                 S=Bacteriophage TH1
BPTU2 V   35241: N=Lactococcus phage Tuc2009
                 S=Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage Tuc2009
BPTWO V 1283338: N=Staphylococcus phage Twort (strain DSM 17442 / HER 48)
                 S=Bacteriophage Twort
BPV1  V  337052: N=Bovine papillomavirus type 1
BPV2  V 2758382: N=Bos taurus papillomavirus 2
                 S=Bovine papillomavirus 2
BPV3  V   10561: N=Bovine papillomavirus type 3
BPV4  V   10562: N=Bos taurus papillomavirus 4
                 S=Bovine papillomavirus 4
BPV5  V   40537: N=Bovine papillomavirus type 5
BPV6  V   10563: N=Bos taurus papillomavirus 6
                 S=Bovine papillomavirus 6
BPVC8 V 1076759: N=Vibrio phage phiVC8
BPVK  V   12032: N=Enterobacteria phage VK
                 S=Bacteriophage VK
BPVT1 V  462299: N=Enterobacteria phage VT1-Sakai
BPVT2 V   97081: N=Enterobacteria phage VT2-Sa
                 S=Bacteriophage VT2-Sa
BPXF  V  356629: N=Xanthomonas phage Xf
                 S=Bacteriophage Xf
BPZJ2 V   10866: N=Enterobacteria phage ZJ/2
                 S=Bacteriophage ZJ-2
BPZR  V  332942: N=Enterobacteria phage ZR
                 S=Bacteriophage ZR
BRAAA E  125079: N=Brassia aurantiaca
                 S=Ada aurantiaca
BRAAB E 1137169: N=Brachyglene albicephala
BRAAC E   93745: N=Brachychiton acerifolius
                 C=Australian flame tree
                 S=Sterculia acerifolia
BRAAE E 1431903: N=Brassicogethes aeneus
                 C=Rape pollen beetle
                 S=Meligethes aeneus
BRAAG E  545418: N=Branchiostegus argentatus
                 C=Silver horsehead
                 S=Latilus argentatus
BRAAI E  503929: N=Brachypelma albiceps
                 C=Mexican golden redrump tarantula
                 S=Brachypelma ruhnaui
BRAAL E  107270: N=Brachytarsomys albicauda
                 C=White-tailed rat
BRAAN E  154655: N=Brassia allenii
                 S=Ada allenii
BRAAR E   30594: N=Brachyteles arachnoides
                 C=Southern muriqui
                 S=Woolly spider monkey
BRAAS E  545417: N=Branchiostegus albus
                 C=White horsehead
BRAAU E  125090: N=Brassia arcuigera
                 C=Arching brassia
                 S=Brassia lanceana
BRABA E  349651: N=Brama brama
                 C=Atlantic pomfret
                 S=Sparus brama
BRABE E    7741: N=Branchiostoma belcheri
BRABN E  184712: N=Branta bernicla
                 C=Brent goose
                 S=Anas bernicla
BRABR E   28693: N=Brachyramphus brevirostris
                 C=Kittlitz's murrelet
                 S=Uria brevirostris
BRABT E  107272: N=Brachyuromys betsileoensis
                 C=Betsileo short-tailed rat
BRACA E    8853: N=Branta canadensis
                 C=Canada goose
                 S=Anas canadensis
BRACD E  224526: N=Brachycaudus cardui
                 C=Plum-thistle aphid
BRACE E  119244: N=Brahmaea certhia
                 C=Owl moth
BRACH E 2340912: N=Brachyponera chinensis
                 C=Asian needle ant
                 S=Pachycondyla chinensis
BRACI E   52824: N=Brassica carinata
                 C=Ethiopian mustard
                 S=Abyssinian cabbage
BRACL E    7738: N=Branchiostoma californiense
                 C=California lancelet
BRACM E    3711: N=Brassica campestris
                 C=Field mustard
BRACN E  643745: N=Brachylophosaurus canadensis
                 C=Campanian hadrosaur
BRACO E   38358: N=Bradysia coprophila
                 C=Dark-winged fungus gnat
                 S=Sciara coprophila
BRACR E   69181: N=Brassica cretica
BRACT E  342759: N=Brachythemis contaminata
                 C=Ditch jewel dragonfly
BRACV E    9421: N=Brachyphylla cavernarum
                 C=Antillean fruit-eating bat
BRADA E  230334: N=Bradypodion damaranum
                 C=Knysna dwarf chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleon damaranus
BRADE E  305701: N=Brachyscome decipiens
                 C=Field daisy
BRADI E   15368: N=Brachypodium distachyon
                 C=Purple false brome
                 S=Trachynia distachya
BRADU B  224911: N=Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens (strain JCM 10833 / BCRC 13528 / IAM 13628 / NBRC 14792 / USDA 110)
BRAEL B   29448: N=Bradyrhizobium elkanii
BRAEX E   40254: N=Brachidontes exustus
                 C=Scorched mussel
                 S=Mytilus exustus
BRAFA E   46195: N=Brachylophus fasciatus
                 C=Fiji banded iguana
                 S=Iguana fasciata
BRAFD B  446465: N=Brachybacterium faecium (strain ATCC 43885 / DSM 4810 / JCM 11609 / LMG 19847 / NBRC 14762 / NCIMB 9860 / 6-10)
BRAFL E    7739: N=Branchiostoma floridae
                 C=Florida lancelet
BRAGU E  230335: N=Bradypodion gutturale
                 C=Robertson dwarf chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo gutturalis
BRAHE E  185480: N=Brasiliscincus heathi
                 C=Brazilian scincid lizard
                 S=Mabuya heathi
BRAHL E  330452: N=Brachycaudus helichrysi
                 C=Leaf-curling plum aphid
BRAHO B     159: N=Brachyspira hyodysenteriae
                 S=Treponema hyodysenteriae
BRAHW B  565034: N=Brachyspira hyodysenteriae (strain ATCC 49526 / WA1)
BRAHY E  342807: N=Brachyteles hypoxanthus
                 C=Northern muriqui
                 S=Woolly spider monkey
BRAID E   48083: N=Brachylagus idahoensis
                 C=Pygmy rabbit
BRAIP B 1045858: N=Brachyspira intermedia (strain ATCC 51140 / PWS/A)
                 S=Serpulina intermedia
BRAJA E  270562: N=Branchiostegus japonicus
                 C=Horsehead tilefish
                 S=Coryphaena japonica
BRAJC E  303720: N=Brachaluteres jacksonianus
                 C=Southern pigmy leatherjacket
                 S=Balistes jacksonianus
BRAJP B     375: N=Bradyrhizobium japonicum
BRAJU E    3707: N=Brassica juncea
                 C=Indian mustard
                 S=Sinapis juncea
BRALA E    7740: N=Branchiostoma lanceolatum
                 C=Common lancelet
                 S=Amphioxus lanceolatum
BRALC E 1176341: N=Brachycybe lecontii
BRALE E  184711: N=Branta leucopsis
                 C=Barnacle goose
BRAM5 B  526224: N=Brachyspira murdochii (strain ATCC 51284 / DSM 12563 / 56-150)
                 S=Serpulina murdochii
BRAMA E   28694: N=Brachyramphus marmoratus
                 C=Marbled murrelet
BRANA E    3708: N=Brassica napus
BRANI E    3710: N=Brassica nigra
                 C=Black mustard
                 S=Sinapis nigra
BRANN E  290570: N=Brachyphylla nana
                 C=Cuban fruit-eating bat
BRANO E   38185: N=Brassavola nodosa
                 C=Lady of the night
BRAOA E    3714: N=Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra
                 C=Chinese kale
                 S=Brassica alboglabra
BRAOB E    3715: N=Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
BRAOC E    3716: N=Brassica oleracea var. capitata
BRAOD E 1194720: N=Brachyhypopomus occidentalis
                 S=Hypopomus occidentalis
BRAOG E  178616: N=Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
                 C=Brussel sprouts
BRAOI E  179886: N=Bradypodion occidentale
                 C=Namaqua dwarf chameleon
                 S=Bradypodion pumilum occidentale
BRAOL E    3712: N=Brassica oleracea
                 C=Wild cabbage
BRAOT E   36774: N=Brassica oleracea var. italica
BRAOV E    3713: N=Brassica oleracea var. viridis
                 C=Flowering kale
                 S=Brassica oleracea var. acephala
BRAOX E  180534: N=Brassica oxyrrhina
                 C=Smoothstem turnip
BRAP9 B  759914: N=Brachyspira pilosicoli (strain ATCC BAA-1826 / 95/1000)
BRAPA E  205971: N=Brachidontes pharaonis
                 S=Mytilus pharaonis
BRAPC E   10195: N=Brachionus plicatilis
                 C=Marine rotifer
                 S=Brachionus muelleri
BRAPD E   77838: N=Brachyhypopomus pinnicaudatus
                 C=Pintailed knifefish
                 S=Hypopomus pinnicaudatus
BRAPH E  161183: N=Brachymeria phya
                 C=Plutella xylostella parasite
BRAPI E   29663: N=Brachypodium pinnatum
                 C=Tor grass
                 S=Bromus pinnatus
BRAPL B   52584: N=Brachyspira pilosicoli
BRAPM E  290571: N=Brachyphylla pumila
                 C=Fruit eating bat
BRAPN E  879976: N=Brachidontes puniceus
                 S=Mytilus puniceus
BRAPO E  121625: N=Brachychiton populneus
                 C=Kurrajong tree
                 S=Poecilodermis populnea
BRAPT E  249445: N=Brachyseps punctatus
                 S=Amphiglossus punctatus
BRAPU E  179887: N=Bradypodion pumilum
                 C=Cape dwarf chameleon
BRARC E   93385: N=Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis
                 S=Brassica chinensis
BRARD E 1365436: N=Brachidontes rodriguezii
                 S=Mytilus rodriguezii
BRARM E  107281: N=Brachyuromys ramirohitra
                 C=Gregarious short-tailed rat
BRARO E  145471: N=Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera
                 C=Biennial turnip rape
BRARP E   51351: N=Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis
                 C=Chinese cabbage
                 S=Brassica pekinensis
BRARR E   51350: N=Brassica rapa subsp. rapa
BRARU E   69186: N=Brassica rupestris
BRAS3 B  566679: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain ORS 375)
BRASA E   56282: N=Branta sandvicensis
                 C=Hawaiian goose
                 S=Anser sandvicensis
BRASB B  288000: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain BTAi1 / ATCC BAA-1182)
BRASC E    4424: N=Brasenia schreberi
                 C=Water shield
BRASE E  326992: N=Branchipolynoe seepensis
                 C=Scale worm
BRASG E 1633465: N=Brachyopsis segaliensis
                 C=Sea poacher
                 S=Brachyopsis rostratus
BRASI E  529684: N=Brachyurophis semifasciatus
                 C=Southern shovel-nosed snake
                 S=Simoselaps semifasciatus
BRASK E  914003: N=Brachynemurus sackeni
BRASM E   54074: N=Brachypelma smithi
                 C=Mexican red knee tarantula
                 S=Eurypelma smithi
BRASN B   55395: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain NC92)
BRASO B  114615: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain ORS 278)
BRASP B  186901: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain ANU 289)
BRASR B     378: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain RP501 Parasponia)
BRASS B   84640: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain SNU001)
BRAST E  167793: N=Branchipolynoe symmytilida
                 C=Scale worm
BRASW B  133505: N=Bradyrhizobium sp. (strain WM9)
BRASX E    3717: N=Brassica sp.
BRASY E   29664: N=Brachypodium sylvaticum
                 C=False brome
BRASZ B     376: N=Bradyrhizobium sp.
BRATE E  230340: N=Bradypodion taeniabronchum
                 C=Smith's dwarf chamaeleon
                 S=Bradypodion pumilum subsp. taeniabronchum
BRATN E  179889: N=Bradypodion transvaalense
                 C=Transvaal dwarf chameleon
BRATO E   37661: N=Brassica tournefortii
                 C=Wild turnip
                 S=Sahara mustard
BRATR E    9354: N=Bradypus tridactylus
                 C=Pale-throated three-toed sloth
BRAUL E  392911: N=Brachaluteres ulvarum
                 C=Japanese inflator filefish
BRAV  V   65743: N=Blackcurrant reversion association virus
BRAVA E    9355: N=Bradypus variegatus
                 C=Brown-throated three-fingered sloth
BRAVE E  179890: N=Bradypodion ventrale
                 C=Southern dwarf chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo ventralis
BRAVI E   46196: N=Brachylophus vitiensis
                 C=Fiji crested iguana
BRAVL E  307618: N=Brada villosa
                 C=Polychaete worm
BRD   V   10893: N=Broadhaven virus
BREAA E   81100: N=Breviata anathema
                 C=Amoeboid flagellate
BREAN E   37662: N=Brettanomyces anomalus
BREBE B    1393: N=Brevibacillus brevis
                 S=Bacillus brevis
BREBN B  358681: N=Brevibacillus brevis (strain 47 / JCM 6285 / NBRC 100599)
BREBR E   69196: N=Brevicoryne brassicae
                 C=Mealy cabbage aphid
BRECH B   54911: N=Brevibacillus choshinensis
BRECS E   13368: N=Brettanomyces custersianus
BREDA B  751586: N=Brevundimonas diminuta (strain ATCC 11568 / DSM 7234 / NBRC 12697 / NCIMB 9393 / NCTC 8545)
BREDI B     293: N=Brevundimonas diminuta
                 S=Pseudomonas diminuta
BREEP B    1698: N=Brevibacterium epidermidis
BREHE B    1704: N=Brevibacterium helvolum
BREHX E  999289: N=Brenthia hexaselena
BRELA B    1465: N=Brevibacillus laterosporus
                 S=Bacillus laterosporus
BRELC E    4779: N=Bremia lactucae
                 C=Lettuce downy mildew
BRELN B    1703: N=Brevibacterium linens
BREMA E   39394: N=Brexia madagascariensis
BRENA E   13370: N=Brettanomyces naardenensis
BRENE E  181412: N=Bregmaceros nectabanus
                 C=Smallscale codlet
BREPA B   54914: N=Brevibacillus parabrevis
BREPH E  152387: N=Brevipalpus phoenicis
                 C=Red and black flat mite
                 S=Tenuipalpus phoenicis
BREPV E  691629: N=Brenthia pavonacella
                 C=Peacock brenthia moth
BRESC B  633149: N=Brevundimonas subvibrioides (strain ATCC 15264 / DSM 4735 / LMG 14903 / NBRC 16000 / CB 81)
                 S=Caulobacter subvibrioides
BRESI E   28529: N=Bretschneidera sinensis
BREST B    1702: N=Brevibacterium sterolicum
BREVE B   41276: N=Brevundimonas vesicularis
                 S=Pseudomonas vesicularis
BRIAM E   81741: N=Brimeura amethystina
                 C=Spanish hyacinth
                 S=Hyacinthus amethystinus
BRIIN E   76571: N=Brighamia insignis
                 C=Cabbage on a stick
                 S=Brighamia citrina
BRIMA E   29665: N=Briza maxima
                 C=Quaking grass
BRIPO E  207381: N=Brindalus porcicollis
                 C=Scarab beetle
BROAA E  662117: N=Brotheas amazonicus
BROAM E  187918: N=Brookesia ambreensis
                 C=Amber Mountain leaf chameleon
BROAN E  187919: N=Brookesia antakarana
                 C=Antakarana leaf chameleon
BROAT E  249277: N=Brotia armata
                 C=Spiny snail
                 S=Brotia pseudosulcuspira armata
BROAV E   55764: N=Bromus arvensis
                 C=Field brome
BROBO E   81638: N=Brosme brosme
                 S=Gadus brosme
BROBR E  179892: N=Brookesia brygooi
                 C=Brygoo's leaf chameleon
BROCA E   52150: N=Bromus catharticus
                 C=Rescue brome
                 S=Ceratochloa cathartica
BROCM E   55773: N=Bromus commutatus
                 C=Meadow brome
BROCN E   51444: N=Brodiaea coronaria
                 C=Californian hyacinth
                 S=Hookera coronaria
BROCO E   72381: N=Brownea coccinea
                 C=Rose of Venezuela
BROCR E  118090: N=Bronchocela cristatella
                 C=Green crested lizard
                 S=Agama cristatella
BRODE E  587619: N=Brookesia decaryi
                 C=Spiny leaf chameleon
BROER E   29666: N=Bromus erectus
                 C=Upright brome
BROFI E   41205: N=Bromheadia finlaysoniana
BROFL E  205712: N=Brodiaea filifolia
                 C=Threadleaf brodiaea
                 S=Hookera filifolia
BROHE E  153842: N=Browningia hertlingiana
                 S=Azureocereus hertlingianus
BROHO E   52147: N=Bromus hordeaceus
                 C=Soft brome
                 S=Bromus mollis
BROIN E   15371: N=Bromus inermis
                 C=Smooth brome grass
                 S=Bromopsis inermis
BROLO E  111217: N=Brontispa longissima
                 C=Coconut leaf beetle
                 S=Coconut hispine beetle
BROMC E  100679: N=Brocchinia micrantha
                 C=Giant tank bromeliad
                 S=Cordyline micrantha
BROMI E  187924: N=Brookesia minima
                 C=Minute leaf chameleon
BROOR E  205714: N=Brodiaea orcuttii
                 C=Orcutt's brodiaea
                 S=Hookera orcuttii
BROPA E  172644: N=Broussonetia papyrifera
                 C=Paper mulberry
                 S=Morus papyrifera
BROPE E  179894: N=Brookesia perarmata
                 C=Armored leaf chameleon
                 S=Leandria perarmata
BROPG E  218536: N=Brotia pagodula
                 C=Horned armour snail
                 S=Melania pagodula
BROPI E  629273: N=Bromus pictus
                 C=Patagonian grass
BROPL E    4617: N=Bromelia plumieri
BROPR E  176018: N=Brotogeris pyrrhoptera
                 C=Grey-cheeked parakeet
                 S=Psittacus pyrrhopterus
BROPY E   91904: N=Brookesia peyrierasi
                 C=Peyrieras' pygmy chameleon
BROQU E  881425: N=Brochymena quadripustulata
                 C=Four-humped stink bug
BROSA E  123116: N=Broughtonia sanguinea
                 C=Blood red broughtonia
                 S=Epidendrum sanguineum
BROSE E    4502: N=Bromus secalinus
                 C=Rye brome
BROSM E  187925: N=Brookesia stumpffi
                 C=Plated leaf chameleon
BROST E   55777: N=Bromus sterilis
                 C=Barren brome
                 S=Anisantha sterilis
BROSU E  179895: N=Brookesia superciliaris
                 C=Brown leaf chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo superciliaris
BROTE E   29667: N=Bromus tectorum
                 C=Downy brome
                 S=Anisantha tectorum
BROTH B    2756: N=Brochothrix thermosphacta
                 S=Microbacterium thermosphactum
BROTR E  179896: N=Brookesia therezieni
BROTU E  179898: N=Brookesia tuberculata
                 C=Dwarf chameleon
BROVE E  178886: N=Brotogeris versicolurus
                 C=White-winged parakeet
                 S=Canary-winged parakeet
BRSV  V  191547: N=Beet ringspot virus
                 S=Tomato black ring virus (strain S)
BRSV1 V   82818: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 127)
BRSV2 V   82819: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 220-60)
BRSV3 V   31611: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 391-2)
BRSV4 V   82820: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 4642)
BRSV7 V   82821: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 375)
BRSV9 V   82822: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain 220-69)
BRSVA V   11247: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain A51908)
BRSVC V   11248: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain Copenhagen)
BRSVL V   82823: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain Lelystad)
BRSVR V   11249: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain Rb94)
BRSVS V   82824: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain Snook)
BRSVW V   82825: N=Bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain Wbh)
BRUA1 B  430066: N=Brucella abortus (strain S19)
BRUA2 B  359391: N=Brucella abortus (strain 2308)
BRUA4 B  439375: N=Brucella anthropi (strain ATCC 49188 / DSM 6882 / CCUG 24695 / JCM 21032 / LMG 3331 / NBRC 15819 / NCTC 12168 / Alc 37)
                 S=Ochrobactrum anthropi
BRUA8 B  575591: N=Brucella abortus (strain NCTC 8038)
BRUAB B  262698: N=Brucella abortus biovar 1 (strain 9-941)
BRUAN B     529: N=Brucella anthropi
                 S=Ochrobactrum anthropi
BRUAO B     235: N=Brucella abortus
BRUAR E   41689: N=Brugmansia arborea
                 C=Angel's trumpet tree
                 S=Datura arborea
BRUBO E  180135: N=Brunsvigia bosmaniae
BRUBR E  256920: N=Bruchus brachialis
                 C=Hairy-vetch bruchid beetle
                 S=Vetch weevil
BRUC2 B  483179: N=Brucella canis (strain ATCC 23365 / NCTC 10854)
BRUCA B   36855: N=Brucella canis
BRUCI E  880089: N=Bruchidius cisti
                 C=Seed beetle
                 S=Bruchidius debilis
BRUGY E   39984: N=Bruguiera gymnorhiza
                 C=Burma mangrove
                 S=Rhizophora gymnorhiza
BRUM5 B  703352: N=Brucella melitensis (strain M5-90)
BRUMA E    6279: N=Brugia malayi
                 C=Filarial nematode worm
BRUMB B  546272: N=Brucella melitensis biotype 2 (strain ATCC 23457)
BRUMC B  568815: N=Brucella microti (strain CCM 4915)
BRUME B  224914: N=Brucella melitensis biotype 1 (strain 16M / ATCC 23456 / NCTC 10094)
BRUML B   29459: N=Brucella melitensis
BRUMM B  941967: N=Brucella melitensis (strain M28)
BRUNE B   29460: N=Brucella neotomae
BRUNI E  880100: N=Bruchidius nigricornis
                 C=Seed beetle
BRUO2 B  444178: N=Brucella ovis (strain ATCC 25840 / 63/290 / NCTC 10512)
BRUOV B     236: N=Brucella ovis
BRUPA E    6280: N=Brugia pahangi
                 C=Filarial nematode worm
BRUPB B  520461: N=Brucella pinnipedialis (strain NCTC 12890 / BCCN 94-73 / B2/94)
BRUPI E  361683: N=Bruchus pisorum
                 C=Pea weevil
BRUPU E  256910: N=Bruchidius pusillus
                 C=Bean weevil
                 S=Seed beetle
BRURU E  256923: N=Bruchus rufimanus
                 C=Broadbean weevil
BRUSI B  470137: N=Brucella suis (strain ATCC 23445 / NCTC 10510)
BRUSS B   29461: N=Brucella suis
BRUSU B  204722: N=Brucella suis biovar 1 (strain 1330)
BRUVI E  256915: N=Bruchidius villosus
                 C=Broom seed beetle
BRV1  V  360393: N=Breda virus 1
BRV2  V  360394: N=Breda virus 2
BRYAR E  190787: N=Brycon argenteus
                 C=Silver tetra
BRYDI E    3652: N=Bryonia dioica
                 C=Red bryony
                 S=Bryonia cretica subsp. dioica
BRYGM E   45917: N=Bryanthus gmelinii
BRYHP E  222885: N=Bryopsis hypnoides
                 C=Green alga
BRYHY E   38201: N=Bryobium hyacinthoides
                 S=Eria hyacinthoides
BRYMA E    3129: N=Bryopsis maxima
                 C=Green alga
BRYNO E   98454: N=Bryoxiphium norvegicum
                 C=Norway bryoxiphium moss
                 S=Phyllogonium norvegicum
BRYPL E    3130: N=Bryopsis plumosa
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Ulva plumosa
BRYSI E  572820: N=Bryotropha similis
                 S=Gelechia similis
BSMV  V   12327: N=Barley stripe mosaic virus
BSNV  V  311176: N=Blotched snakehead virus
                 S=Channa lucius virus
BSTV1 V  117138: N=Brome streak virus (strain 11-Cal)
                 S=Brome streak mosaic rymovirus
BSTVG V  117139: N=Brome streak virus (strain German)
                 S=Brome streak mosaic rymovirus
BTMV  V  114921: N=Beet mosaic virus
BTPV1 V 1560037: N=Eidolon helvum parvovirus 1 (isolate Bat/Ghana/-/2009)
BTV10 V   10900: N=Bluetongue virus 10 (isolate USA)
                 C=BTV 10
BTV11 V   33716: N=Bluetongue virus 11 (isolate USA)
                 C=BTV 11
BTV13 V   33717: N=Bluetongue virus 13 (isolate USA)
                 C=BTV 13
BTV17 V   33718: N=Bluetongue virus 17 (isolate USA)
                 C=BTV 17
BTV1A V   10904: N=Bluetongue virus 1 (isolate Australia)
                 C=BTV 1
BTV1S V   10905: N=Bluetongue virus 1 (isolate South Africa)
                 C=BTV 1
BTV1V V   36422: N=Bluetongue virus 1 (isolate South Africa vaccine)
                 C=BTV 1
BTV1X V   10906: N=Bluetongue virus 10
                 C=BTV 10
BTV20 V   31562: N=Bluetongue virus 20 (isolate Australia)
                 C=BTV 20
BTV2A V   10907: N=Bluetongue virus 2 (isolate USA)
                 C=BTV 2
BTV3V V   36424: N=Bluetongue virus 3 (isolate South Africa vaccine)
                 C=BTV 3
BTVBZ V  355314: N=Bluetongue virus 13 (isolate 13B89Z)
                 C=BTV 13
BUBAF E  126801: N=Bubo africanus
                 C=Spotted eagle-owl
BUBAS E  126802: N=Bubo ascalaphus
                 C=Pharaoh eagle-owl
BUBBB E   30461: N=Bubo bubo
                 C=Eurasian eagle-owl
                 S=Strix bubo
BUBBE E  126803: N=Bubo bengalensis
                 C=Rock eagle-owl
                 S=Bubo bubo bengalensis
BUBBL E 1564486: N=Bubo blakistoni
                 C=Blakiston's eagle-owl
BUBBU E   89462: N=Bubalus bubalis
                 C=Domestic water buffalo
BUBBX E  365610: N=Bubalus bubalis x Bubalus carabanensis
                 C=Hybrid buffalo
BUBCA E  346063: N=Bubalus carabanensis
                 C=Swamp type water buffalo
                 S=Bubalus bubalis carabanensis
BUBDE E   27596: N=Bubalus depressicornis
                 C=Lowland anoa
                 S=Anoa depressicornis
BUBID E  110668: N=Bubulcus ibis
                 C=Cattle egret
                 S=Ardea ibis
BUBLA E  126804: N=Bubo lacteus
                 C=Verreaux's eagle-owl
BUBMA E  126881: N=Bubo magellanicus
                 C=Magellan horned owl
BUBMI E   56639: N=Bubalus mindorensis
                 S=Anoa midorensis
BUBNI E  126852: N=Bubo nipalensis
                 C=Spot-bellied eagle-owl
BUBQU E   56640: N=Bubalus quarlesi
                 C=Mountain anoa
BUBSC E  371907: N=Bubo scandiacus
                 C=Snowy owl
                 S=Nyctea scandiaca
BUBVI E   56268: N=Bubo virginianus
                 C=Great horned owl
                 S=Strix virginiana
BUCA0 B  713603: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain LL01)
BUCA3 B  713602: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain TLW03)
BUCA5 B  563178: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain 5A)
BUCAB E  153643: N=Bucorvus abyssinicus
                 C=Northern ground-hornbill
                 S=Abyssinian ground-hornbill
BUCAF B  713601: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain JF99)
BUCAI B  107806: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain APS)
                 S=Acyrthosiphon pisum symbiotic bacterium
BUCAJ B  713600: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain JF98)
BUCAK B   42474: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon kondoi
                 S=Acyrthosiphon kondoi symbiotic bacterium
BUCAL E  279934: N=Bucephala albeola
                 S=Anas albeola
BUCAP B  198804: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Schizaphis graminum (strain Sg)
BUCAS B  118100: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Aulacorthum solani
BUCAT B  561501: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain Tuc7)
BUCBI E  175830: N=Buceros bicornis
                 C=Great hornbill
BUCBP B  224915: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Baizongia pistaciae (strain Bp)
BUCCC B  372461: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Cinara cedri (strain Cc)
BUCCL E  107022: N=Bucephala clangula
                 C=Common goldeneye
                 S=Anas clangula
BUCCM B  189837: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Chaetophorus leucomelas
BUCDN B  118101: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Diuraphis noxia
BUCGU B   98801: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Geoica urticularia
BUCIS E   40833: N=Bucephala islandica
                 C=Barrow's goldeneye
                 S=Anas islandica
BUCMD B  118102: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Metopolophium dirhodum
BUCMH B  118103: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Melaphis rhois
BUCMK B  118104: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Mindarus kinseyi
BUCML B  118105: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Macrosiphoniella ludovicianae
BUCMP B   98795: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Myzus persicae
                 S=Myzus persicae primary endosymbiont
BUCMR B   98791: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Macrosiphum rosae
BUCOB E   43864: N=Buchanania obovata
                 C=Green plum tree
                 S=Buchanania latifolia
BUCPB B  118106: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Pemphigus betae
BUCPP B   98792: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Pterocomma populeum
BUCPS B   98799: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Pemphigus spyrothecae
BUCRC B  118107: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Rhopalosiphum cerasifoliae
BUCRH E  175835: N=Buceros rhinoceros
                 C=Rhinoceros hornbill
BUCRI B  118108: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Rhopalosiphum insertum
BUCRM B  118109: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Rhopalosiphum maidis
BUCRO E   53027: N=Bucegia romanica
BUCRP B   98793: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Rhopalosiphum padi
BUCSC B  118110: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Schlechtendalia chinensis
BUCTC B  118111: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Tetraneura caerulescens
BUCTS B   98797: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Thelaxes suberi
BUCTT B   98804: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Tuberolachnus salignus
BUCUA B  118112: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon aeneum
BUCUC B  118113: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon jaceicola
BUCUD B  118114: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon rudbeckiae
BUCUE B  168385: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon erigeronensis
BUCUH B  118115: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon helianthicola
BUCUJ B  118116: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon jaceae
BUCUL B  168386: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon rurale
BUCUM B  118117: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon ambrosiae
BUCUN B  118118: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon sonchi
BUCUO B  118119: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon obscurum
BUCUR B  118120: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon rapunculoidis
BUCUS B  118121: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon solidaginis
BUCUT B  118122: N=Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Uroleucon astronomus
BUCUU E   37541: N=Buccinum undatum
                 C=Common whelk
BUDAS E   69056: N=Buddleja asiatica
BUDDA E   28540: N=Buddleja davidii
                 C=Butterfly bush
BUDSA E  133305: N=Buddleja saligna
                 C=Squarestem butterflybush
                 S=Chilianthus oleaceus
BUDTA E   37181: N=Budorcas taxicolor
                 C=Golden takin
BUEBU E  191197: N=Buergeria buergeri
                 C=Kajika frog
BUFBA E   86345: N=Bufo bankorensis
                 C=Central formosan toad
BUFBU E    8384: N=Bufo bufo
                 C=European toad
BUFGA E   61428: N=Bufo gargarizans andrewsi
                 C=Andrew's toad
                 S=Bufo andrewsi
BUFGR E   30331: N=Bufo gargarizans
                 C=Asian toad
                 S=Bufo bufo gargarizans
BUFJA E    8387: N=Bufo japonicus
                 C=Japanese toad
BUFJF E  400544: N=Bufo japonicus formosus
                 C=Eastern-Japanese common toad
BUFTH E  412633: N=Bufoceratias thele
                 C=Deep-sea anglerfish
                 S=Phrynichthys thele
BUFTI E  103437: N=Bufo tibetanus
                 C=Tibetan toad
BUFVI E   30338: N=Bufotes viridis
                 C=European green toad
                 S=Pseudepidalea viridis
BUGCA E    9118: N=Bugeranus carunculatus
                 C=Wattled crane
                 S=Grus carunculatus
BUGCU E  178313: N=Bugula cucullata
                 C=Marine bryozoan
BUGFL E  178314: N=Bugula flabellata
                 C=Erect bryozoan
BUGNE E   10212: N=Bugula neritina
                 C=Brown bryozoan
                 S=Sertularia neritina
BUHPR E  292835: N=Buhoma procterae
                 C=Uluguru forest snake
                 S=Geodipsas procterae
BULAR E   66627: N=Bulnesia arborea
                 C=Maracaibo lignum-vitae
                 S=Zygophyllum arboreum
BULBA E  349695: N=Bullimus bagobus
                 C=Bagobo rat
BULBI E   38209: N=Bulbophyllum biflorum
BULGA E  349696: N=Bullimus gamay
                 C=Camiguin forest rat
BULGO E  114738: N=Bulla gouldiana
                 C=California bubble
BULLO E   78708: N=Bulbophyllum lobbii
                 C=Lobb's bulbophyllum
BULLU E  349697: N=Bullimus luzonicus
                 C=Large Luzon forest rat
BULMA E   50232: N=Bulbophyllum macranthum
BULMR E  313259: N=Bulimina marginata
                 C=Benthic foraminifer
BULRH E 1210364: N=Bullia rhodostoma
                 C=Smooth plough shell
BULTR E   55810: N=Bulinus truncatus
                 C=Freshwater snail
BUMFI E    2835: N=Bumilleriopsis filiformis
                 C=Yellow-green alga
BUMPU E 2024411: N=Bumba pulcherrimaklaasi
                 C=Tarantula spider
                 S=Euathlus pulcherrimaklaasi
BUNCA E   92438: N=Bungarus candidus
                 C=Malayan krait
BUNCE E  132961: N=Bungarus caeruleus
                 C=Indian krait
BUNCI E   31165: N=Bunodosoma caissarum
                 C=Sea anemone
BUNCN E  138296: N=Bunodosoma cangicum
                 C=Sea anemone
BUNCO E  385276: N=Bunocephalus coracoideus
                 C=Banjo catfish
                 S=Dysichthys coracoideus
BUNCP E 2022720: N=Bunodosoma capense
                 C=Knobbly sea anemone
                 S=Actinia capensis
BUNCV E 2022721: N=Bunodosoma cavernatum
                 C=Wharty sea anemone
                 S=Actinia cavernata
BUNFA E    8613: N=Bungarus fasciatus
                 C=Banded krait
                 S=Pseudoboa fasciata
BUNFL E    8615: N=Bungarus flaviceps flaviceps
                 C=Red-headed krait
BUNGE V   11574: N=Bunyavirus germiston
BUNGR E   31164: N=Bunodosoma granuliferum
                 C=Red warty sea anemone
BUNL7 V   11578: N=Bunyavirus La Crosse (isolate Aedes triseriatus/United States/L74/1974)
BUNL8 V  796210: N=Bunyavirus La Crosse (isolate Human/United States/L78/1978)
BUNLC V   11577: N=Bunyavirus La Crosse
BUNMM E  102640: N=Bungarus multicinctus multicinctus
                 C=Many-banded krait
BUNMO E   48085: N=Bunolagus monticularis
                 C=Riverine rabbit
                 S=Lepus monticularis
BUNMU E    8616: N=Bungarus multicinctus
                 C=Many-banded krait
BUNSH V   11580: N=Bunyavirus snowshoe hare
BUNTU E   94415: N=Bunopus tuberculatus
                 C=Baiuch rock gecko
BUNYS V  928298: N=Bunyamwera virus (strain Smithburn)
BUNYW V   35304: N=Bunyamwera virus
BUPAM E   90444: N=Bupleurum americanum
                 C=American thoroughwax
                 S=Bupleurum triradiatum subsp. arcticum
BUPAN E   90445: N=Bupleurum angulosum
                 S=Bupleurum pyrenaeum
BUPCH E   52451: N=Bupleurum chinense
                 C=Chinese thoroughwax
BUPFA E   46367: N=Bupleurum falcatum
                 C=Sickle-leaved hare's-ear
BUPFR E   48103: N=Bupleurum fruticosum
                 S=Shrubby hare's ear
BUPRO E   90446: N=Bupleurum rotundifolium
                 C=Hare's ear
                 S=Bupleurum griffithii
BURA4 B  398577: N=Burkholderia ambifaria (strain MC40-6)
BURC1 B 1055524: N=Burkholderia cenocepacia (strain H111)
BURCA B  331271: N=Burkholderia cenocepacia (strain AU 1054)
BURCC B  406425: N=Burkholderia cenocepacia (strain MC0-3)
BURCE B     292: N=Burkholderia cepacia
                 S=Pseudomonas cepacia
BURCH B  331272: N=Burkholderia cenocepacia (strain HI2424)
BURCJ B  216591: N=Burkholderia cenocepacia (strain ATCC BAA-245 / DSM 16553 / LMG 16656 / NCTC 13227 / J2315 / CF5610)
                 S=Burkholderia cepacia (strain J2315)
BURCM B  339670: N=Burkholderia ambifaria (strain ATCC BAA-244 / AMMD)
                 S=Burkholderia cepacia (strain AMMD)
BURGA B   28095: N=Burkholderia gladioli
                 C=Pseudomonas marginata
                 S=Phytomonas marginata
BURGB B  626418: N=Burkholderia glumae (strain BGR1)
BURGL B     337: N=Burkholderia glumae
                 S=Pseudomonas glumae
BURGR E  585466: N=Burhinus grallarius
                 C=Bush stone-curlew
                 S=Burhinus magnirostris
BURGS B  999541: N=Burkholderia gladioli (strain BSR3)
BURIN E    4016: N=Bursera inaguensis
                 S=Elaphrium inaguense
BURL3 B  482957: N=Burkholderia lata (strain ATCC 17760 / DSM 23089 / LMG 22485 / NCIMB 9086 / R18194 / 383)
BURLE E    6508: N=Bursatella leachii
                 C=Ragged sea hare
BURM1 B  395019: N=Burkholderia multivorans (strain ATCC 17616 / 249)
BURM7 B  320389: N=Burkholderia mallei (strain NCTC 10247)
BURM9 B  412022: N=Burkholderia mallei (strain NCTC 10229)
BURMA B  243160: N=Burkholderia mallei (strain ATCC 23344)
BURML B   13373: N=Burkholderia mallei
                 S=Pseudomonas mallei
BURMS B  320388: N=Burkholderia mallei (strain SAVP1)
BURMU E    6325: N=Bursaphelenchus mucronatus
                 C=Pinewood nematode worm
BUROC E 1007665: N=Burmoniscus ocellatus
BUROE E   85105: N=Burhinus oedicnemus
                 C=Eurasian thick-knee
                 S=Charadrius oedicnemus
BUROK E 1007666: N=Burmoniscus okinawaensis
BURP0 B  357348: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain 1106a)
BURP1 B  320372: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain 1710b)
BURP2 B  884204: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain 1026b)
BURP6 B  320373: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain 668)
BURPA E   38600: N=Burramys parvus
                 C=Mountain pygmy possum
BURPB B  357347: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain 1106b)
BURPE B   28450: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei
                 S=Pseudomonas pseudomallei
BURPL B   41899: N=Burkholderia plantarii
BURPS B  272560: N=Burkholderia pseudomallei (strain K96243)
BURPY B   60550: N=Burkholderia pyrrocinia
                 S=Pseudomonas pyrrocinia
BURSE E  228417: N=Burhinus senegalensis
                 C=Senegal thick-knee
BURSG B  640512: N=Burkholderia sp. (strain CCGE1003)
BURSP B   36773: N=Burkholderia sp.
BURSR B   69003: N=Burkholderia sp. (strain RASC)
BURST B  109791: N=Burkholderia sp. (strain TH2)
BURTA B  271848: N=Burkholderia thailandensis (strain ATCC 700388 / DSM 13276 / CIP 106301 / E264)
BURTH B   57975: N=Burkholderia thailandensis
BURUM E   59025: N=Burchardia umbellata
                 S=Reya umbellata
BURVG B  269482: N=Burkholderia vietnamiensis (strain G4 / LMG 22486)
                 S=Burkholderia cepacia (strain R1808)
BURVI B   60552: N=Burkholderia vietnamiensis
BURXY E    6326: N=Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
                 C=Pinewood nematode worm
                 S=Aphelenchoides xylophilus
BUSCA E   57622: N=Busycotypus canaliculatus
                 C=Channeled whelk
                 S=Busycon canaliculatum
BUSCR E   55857: N=Busycon carica
                 C=Knobbed whelk
BUSV  V   64304: N=Bussuquara virus
BUTAB E  223445: N=Buteo albigula
                 C=White-throated hawk
BUTAN E  321091: N=Buteogallus anthracinus
                 C=Common black-hawk
BUTAO E  223473: N=Buteo albonotatus
                 C=Zone-tailed hawk
BUTAR E   70335: N=Buthacus arenicola
                 C=North African scorpion
BUTBR E  223853: N=Buteo brachyurus
                 C=Short-tailed hawk
BUTBU E   30397: N=Buteo buteo
                 C=Eurasian buzzard
BUTCA E  290278: N=Butia capitata
                 C=South American jelly palm tree
BUTFI B     831: N=Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens
BUTGA E  211879: N=Buteo galapagoensis
                 C=Galapagos hawk
BUTHE E  115122: N=Buteo hemilasius
                 C=Upland buzzard
BUTJA E   56263: N=Buteo jamaicensis
                 C=Red-tailed hawk
BUTLA E  115229: N=Buteo lagopus
                 C=Rough-legged hawk
                 S=Falco lagopus
BUTLI E  223475: N=Buteo lineatus
                 C=Red-shouldered hawk
BUTMA E 1143368: N=Buthacus macrocentrus
                 C=Turkish scorpion
BUTME B    1487: N=Butyribacterium methylotrophicum
BUTMO E   56060: N=Butea monosperma
                 C=Flame of the forest
                 S=Erythrina monosperma
BUTNI E  387814: N=Buteo nitidus
                 C=Gray hawk
                 S=Asturina nitida
BUTOC E    6871: N=Buthus occitanus tunetanus
                 C=Common European scorpion
                 S=Buthus tunetanus
BUTOI E    6868: N=Buthus occitanus
                 C=Common European scorpion
BUTOM E    6869: N=Buthus occitanus mardochei
                 C=Moroccan scorpion
                 S=Buthus mardochei
BUTOS E  539894: N=Buthus occitanus israelis
                 C=Common yellow scorpion
                 S=Buthus israelis
BUTPA E 1388771: N=Buthus paris
                 S=Buthus occitanus paris
BUTPB B  515622: N=Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus (strain ATCC 51982 / DSM 14932 / B316)
                 S=Clostridium proteoclasticum
BUTPL E  218281: N=Buteo platypterus
                 C=Broad-winged hawk
BUTRE E  223441: N=Buteo regalis
                 C=Ferruginous hawk
BUTRI E  223850: N=Buteo ridgwayi
                 C=Ridgway's hawk
BUTSP B  129886: N=Buttiauxella sp. (strain PNBS)
BUTSQ E  411873: N=Buthus sp. (strain IY-2001)
BUTST E  433628: N=Butorides striata
                 C=Green-backed heron
BUTSW E  156757: N=Buteo swainsoni
                 C=Swainson's hawk
BUTUM E   50236: N=Butomus umbellatus
                 C=Flowering rush
BUTVI E  110671: N=Butorides virescens
                 C=Green heron
                 S=Butorides striata virescens
BUXAP E   70128: N=Buxbaumia aphylla
                 C=Brown shield-moss
BUXMI E  153571: N=Buxus microphylla
                 C=Littleleaf boxwood
                 S=Japanese boxwood
BUXSE E    4002: N=Buxus sempervirens
                 C=Common box
                 S=Buxus colchica
BVDV  V   11099: N=Bovine viral diarrhea virus
                 S=Mucosal disease virus
BVDVC V  268305: N=Bovine viral diarrhea virus (strain CP7)
                 S=Mucosal disease virus
BVDVN V   11100: N=Bovine viral diarrhea virus (isolate NADL)
                 S=Mucosal disease virus
BVDVS V   31656: N=Bovine viral diarrhea virus (strain SD-1)
                 S=Mucosal disease virus
BVY3  V  686949: N=Blackberry virus Y (isolate Blackberry plant/USA:Arkansas/C3ARK/2005)
BWYVG V   12044: N=Beet western yellows virus (isolate GB1)
BYBLI E    3770: N=Byblis liniflora
                 C=Carnivorous plant
BYCBR E  175843: N=Bycanistes brevis
                 C=Silvery-cheeked hornbill
                 S=Ceratogymna brevis
BYCBU E  175844: N=Bycanistes bucinator
                 C=Trumpeter hornbill
                 S=Ceratogymna bucinator
BYCPO E 1069883: N=Byctiscus populi
                 C=Leaf-rolling weevil
BYDV1 V   31723: N=Barley yellow dwarf virus (isolate MAV-PS1)
BYDVM V 2169984: N=Barley yellow dwarf virus (isolate MAV)
BYDVN V   12039: N=Barley yellow dwarf virus (isolate NY-RPV)
BYDVP V 2169986: N=Barley yellow dwarf virus (isolate PAV)
BYDVR V   31724: N=Barley yellow dwarf virus (isolate P-PAV)
BYMV  V   12197: N=Bean yellow mosaic virus
BYRCR E    4270: N=Byrsonima crassifolia
                 C=Cajuil cimarron
                 S=Malpighia crassifolia
BYSSN E 1356009: N=Byssochlamys spectabilis (strain No. 5 / NBRC 109023)
                 S=Paecilomyces variotii
BYSSP E  264951: N=Byssochlamys spectabilis
                 S=Paecilomyces variotii
BYTTH E  118381: N=Bythograea thermydron
                 C=Hydrothermal vent crab
BYVU  V  478555: N=Beet yellows virus (isolate Ukraine)
                 S=Sugar beet yellows virus
CABCA E    4426: N=Cabomba caroliniana
                 C=Carolina fanwort
CABUN E   48852: N=Cabassous unicinctus
                 C=Southern naked-tailed armadillo
CACAL E  141836: N=Cacatua alba
                 C=White cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus albus
CACCA E   30596: N=Cacajao calvus
                 C=Red uakari
CACCC E   59379: N=Cactoblastis cactorum
                 C=Cactus moth
CACCE E   84788: N=Cacicus cela
                 C=Yellow-rumped cacique
CACCO E 1646117: N=Cacopsylla coccinea
                 S=Psylla coccinea
CACDU E  141834: N=Cacatua ducorpsii
                 C=Solomons cockatoo
CACGA E  141274: N=Cacatua galerita
                 C=Sulfur-crested cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus galeritus
CACGO E   12983: N=Cacatua goffiniana
                 C=Tanimbar cockatoo
                 S=Cacatua goffini
CACHA E  141837: N=Cacatua haematuropygia
                 C=Philippine cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus haematuropygius
CACME E   70825: N=Cacajao melanocephalus
                 C=Black-headed uakari
CACMO E  136504: N=Cacatua moluccensis
                 C=Salmon-crested cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus moluccensis
CACMR E  121385: N=Cacomantis merulinus
                 C=Plaintive cuckoo
                 S=Cuculus merulinus
CACOP E  141835: N=Cacatua ophthalmica
                 C=Blue-eyed cockatoo
CACSO E   84814: N=Cacicus solitarius
                 C=Solitary black cacique
                 S=Procacicus solitarius
CACSU E  141271: N=Cacatua sulphurea
                 C=Yellow-crested cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus sulphureus
CACUR E   84815: N=Cacicus uropygialis
                 C=Subtropical cacique
CACV  V  142661: N=Canary circovirus
CACV4 V  292348: N=Canine calicivirus (strain 48)
CADCA E   12985: N=Cadra cautella
                 C=Almond moth
                 S=Ephestia cautella
CADIV V 1554482: N=Cadicivirus A (isolate Dog/Hong Kong/209/2008)
                 S=Canine picodicistrovirus (isolate 209)
CADLA E   71296: N=Cadlina laevis
                 C=White Atlantic cadlina
                 S=Doris obvelata
CAEBE E  135651: N=Caenorhabditis brenneri
                 C=Nematode worm
CAEBR E    6238: N=Caenorhabditis briggsae
CAECA E  182665: N=Caesio caerulaurea
                 C=Blue and gold fusilier
CAECR E   95199: N=Caenurgina crassiuscula
                 C=Clover looper
CAECU E  119694: N=Caesio cuning
                 C=Redbelly yellowtail fusilier
                 S=Caesio erythrogaster
CAEEL E    6239: N=Caenorhabditis elegans
CAEEX E  172846: N=Caerostris extrusa
                 C=Bark spider
                 S=Caerostris bankana
CAEFU E   37696: N=Caenolestes fuliginosus
                 C=Shrew opossum
CAEGR E 1415575: N=Caecilia gracilis
                 C=Slender caecilian
CAEJA E  281687: N=Caenorhabditis japonica
CAEPU E   53846: N=Caesalpinia pulcherrima
                 S=Poinciana pulcherrima
CAERE E   31234: N=Caenorhabditis remanei
                 S=Caenorhabditis vulgaris
CAETA B   28907: N=Caedibacter taeniospiralis
CAETE E  356198: N=Caecilia tentaculata
                 C=Guayaquil caecilian
CAEV  V   11660: N=Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus
CAEVC V   11661: N=Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (strain Cork)
CAEVG V   11662: N=Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (strain 63)
CAEVO E  543901: N=Caecilia volcani
                 C=Cocle caecilian
CAFRO E   33653: N=Cafeteria roenbergensis
                 C=Marine flagellate
CAICA E  157164: N=Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis
                 C=Rio Apaporis caiman
CAICR E    8499: N=Caiman crocodilus
                 C=Spectacled caiman
                 S=Caiman sclerops
CAIMO E    8855: N=Cairina moschata
                 C=Muscovy duck
CAJCA E    3821: N=Cajanus cajan
                 C=Pigeon pea
                 S=Cajanus indicus
CAKMA E  220483: N=Cakile maritima
                 C=European searocket
CALAA E  279936: N=Calidris alba
CALAB E   77336: N=Calochortus albus
                 C=White globe lily
                 S=Cyclobothra alba
CALAC E  192723: N=Calidris acuminata
                 C=Sharp-tailed sandpiper
CALAD E  145452: N=Calliphora augur
                 C=Lesser brown blowfly
CALAE E   62009: N=Calopteryx aequabilis
                 C=River jewelwing damselfly
                 S=Agrion aequabile
CALAF E  458538: N=Calliphona alluaudi
                 C=Gran Canaria green bush-cricket
CALAG E   87482: N=Calathus angularis
                 C=Ground beetle
CALAH E 1309695: N=Callogorgia americana
                 C=Soft coral
CALAI E  145454: N=Calliphora albifrontalis
                 C=Western goldenhaired blowfly
CALAJ E  688402: N=Callizzia amorata
                 C=Gray scoopwing moth
CALAK E  240499: N=Calcarisporium arbuscula
                 S=Dendryphion arbuscula
CALAL E    8919: N=Calidris alpina
                 S=Tringa alpina
CALAM E  204211: N=Callicarpa americana
                 C=American beautyberry
CALAN E    9244: N=Calypte anna
                 C=Anna's hummingbird
                 S=Archilochus anna
CALAO E  394117: N=Caledoniscincus austrocaledonicus
                 C=Common litter skink
                 S=Lygosoma austro-caledonica
CALAP E  134851: N=Calochortus apiculatus
                 C=Baker's mariposa lily
CALAS B  926550: N=Caldilinea aerophila (strain DSM 14535 / JCM 11387 / NBRC 104270 / STL-6-O1)
CALAT E  257891: N=Callinectes arcuatus
                 C=Arched swimming crab
CALAU E   57375: N=Callithrix aurita
                 C=White-eared marmoset
                 S=Buffy-eared marmoset
CALAV E  302767: N=Calloplesiops altivelis
                 S=Plesiops altivelis
CALBA E  279937: N=Calidris bairdii
                 C=Baird's sandpiper
CALBB E 1197119: N=Callophyllis beringensis
                 C=Red alga
CALBC E  370330: N=Calliptamus barbarus
                 C=Short-horned grasshopper
                 S=Acridium barbarum
CALBD B  521460: N=Caldicellulosiruptor bescii (strain ATCC BAA-1888 / DSM 6725 / Z-1320)
                 S=Anaerocellum thermophilum
CALBE E  257890: N=Callinectes bellicosus
                 C=Warrior swimming crab
CALBG E    8633: N=Calliophis bivirgatus
                 C=Blue Malaysian coral snake
                 S=Maticora bivirgata
CALBI E  414942: N=Calosilpha brunnicollis
                 C=Carrion beetle
                 S=Necrophila brunnicollis
CALBK E   35551: N=Calyptorhynchus banksii
                 C=Red-tailed black cockatoo
                 S=Psittacus banksii
CALBO E  179899: N=Calumma boettgeri
                 C=Boettger's chameleon
CALBP E  707973: N=Callianax biplicata
                 C=Purple dwarf olive
                 S=Olivella biplicata
CALBR E  179900: N=Calumma brevicorne
                 C=Short-horned chameleon
CALBS B   31899: N=Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
                 S=Anaerocellum thermophilum
CALBU E   78714: N=Calypso bulbosa
                 C=Fairy slipper
CALBV E  706268: N=Calathus brevis
                 C=Ground beetle
CALCA E   43450: N=Calycophyllum candidissimum
                 C=Degame lemonwood tree
                 S=Macrocnemum candidissimum
CALCB E   94334: N=Calathea crotalifera
                 C=Rattlesnake plant
                 S=Calathea insignis
CALCC E   67771: N=Callipepla californica
                 C=California quail
                 S=Lophortyx californica
CALCD E 1219929: N=Calomera cardoni
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela cardoni
CALCE E  192207: N=Callaeas cinereus
                 S=Glaucopis cinerea
CALCF E  247896: N=Calliandra californica
                 C=Baja fairy duster
CALCG E  765184: N=Callorhinchus capensis
                 C=Cape elephantfish
CALCH E   13379: N=Callistephus chinensis
                 C=China aster
                 S=Callistemma chinense
CALCI E   87480: N=Calathus cinctus
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Neocalathus cinctus
CALCJ E  229100: N=Calliope calliope
                 C=Siberian rubythroat
                 S=Luscinia calliope
CALCL E   56210: N=Calomys callosus
                 C=Large vesper mouse
CALCM E  344056: N=Caligus clemensi
                 C=Sea louse
CALCN E   64664: N=Callosciurus caniceps
                 C=Gray-bellied squirrel
CALCO E  371909: N=Calypte costae
                 C=Costa's hummingbird
CALCP E   68533: N=Calodendrum capense
                 C=Cape chestnut
CALCR E  188112: N=Calotomus carolinus
                 C=Carolines parrotfish
                 S=Callyodon carolinus
CALCS E  146774: N=Callosobruchus chinensis
                 C=Pulse beetle
                 S=Pachymerus chinensis
CALCT E  227173: N=Calidris canutus
                 C=Red knot
                 S=Tringa canutus
CALCU E  886552: N=Calumma cucullatum
                 C=Hooded chameleon
CALCV V  345184: N=Cabbage leaf curl virus (isolate Jamaica)
CALCY E    7867: N=Callorhinchus callorynchus
                 C=Plownose chimaera
                 S=Chimaera callorynchus
CALDA E  146765: N=Callinectes danae
                 C=Blue swimming crab
CALDB E  300641: N=Calicophoron daubneyi
                 C=Rumen fluke
                 S=Paramphistomum daubneyi
CALDC E  170247: N=Calleida decora
                 C=Ground beetle
CALDD E  101724: N=Calopteryx dimidiata
                 C=Sparkling jewelwing damselfly
CALDE E   13387: N=Calocedrus decurrens
                 C=California incense-cedar
                 S=Libocedrus decurrens
CALDI E   28515: N=Callicarpa dichotoma
                 C=Purple beautyberry
                 S=Porphyra dichotoma
CALDL E  317383: N=Callimedusa duellmani
                 C=Purple and orange leaf frog
                 S=Phyllomedusa duellmani
CALDM E   52122: N=Calonectris diomedea
                 C=Scopoli's shearwater
                 S=Puffinus diomedea
CALDR E   43586: N=Callisaurus draconoides
                 C=Zebra-tailed lizard
CALDU E  145451: N=Calliphora dubia
                 C=Lesser brown blowfly
CALEA B  511051: N=Caldisericum exile (strain DSM 21853 / NBRC 104410 / AZM16c01)
CALEI E  457889: N=Calliandra eriophylla
                 C=Fairy duster
CALEP E   29668: N=Calamagrostis epigeios
                 C=Wood small-reed grass
                 S=Arundo epigeios
CALER E   64677: N=Callosciurus erythraeus
                 C=Pallas's squirrel
CALET E   73634: N=Calpodes ethlius
                 C=Brazilian skipper
                 S=Larger canna leafroller
CALFA E  279940: N=Calidris fuscicollis
                 C=White-rumped sandpiper
                 S=Erolia fuscicollis
CALFB E  340437: N=Calyptophilus frugivorus
                 C=Eastern chat-tanager
CALFC E  160455: N=Calomys fecundus
                 C=Vesper mouse
CALFD E  362796: N=Calypogeia fissa
                 C=Common pouchwort
                 S=Mnium fissum
CALFE E  217133: N=Calidris ferruginea
                 C=Curlew sandpiper
CALFG E  212734: N=Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus
                 C=Eastern sweetshrub
                 S=Calycanthus fertilis var. ferax
CALFI E    6837: N=Calanus finmarchicus
                 S=Calanus tonsus
CALFL E    3429: N=Calycanthus floridus
                 C=Eastern sweetshrub
CALFM E   54798: N=Calocedrus formosana
                 C=Taiwan incense-cedar
                 S=Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana
CALFO E   54581: N=Calocitta formosa
                 C=White-throated magpie jay
                 S=Pica formosa
CALFR E  179902: N=Calumma furcifer
                 C=Fork-nosed chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleon furcifer
CALFS E  127480: N=Calathus fuscipes
                 C=Ground beetle
CALFV E  177015: N=Caladenia flava
                 C=Cowslip orchid
CALGA E  179903: N=Calumma gastrotaenia
                 C=Short-nosed chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleon gastrotaenia
CALGD E   86228: N=Calumia godeffroyi
                 C=Tailface sleeper
CALGE E   52231: N=Callithrix geoffroyi
                 C=Geoffroy's marmoset
CALGI E    4066: N=Calotropis gigantea
                 C=Giant milkweed
                 S=Asclepias gigantea
CALGL E  113644: N=Calanus glacialis
CALGM E   67773: N=Callipepla gambelii
                 C=Gambel's quail
                 S=Lophortyx gambelii
CALGO E    9495: N=Callimico goeldii
                 C=Goeldi's marmoset
CALGY E  655848: N=Calyptocephalella gayi
                 C=Helmeted water toad
CALH1 B  632292: N=Caldicellulosiruptor hydrothermalis (strain DSM 18901 / VKM B-2411 / 108)
CALHA E  279938: N=Calidris himantopus
                 C=Stilt sandpiper
                 S=Micropalama himantopus
CALHE E   13381: N=Callitriche heterophylla
                 C=Large water-starwort
CALHG E  114068: N=Calanus helgolandicus
CALHI E  143468: N=Calumma hilleniusi
                 C=Hillenius' short-nosed chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo brevicornis hilleniusi
CALHL E  145456: N=Calliphora hilli
                 C=Hill's brown blowfly
CALHM E  169185: N=Calomys hummelincki
                 C=Hummelinck's vesper mouse
CALHY E  114069: N=Calanus hyperboreus
CALIN E   49409: N=Calosoma inquisitor
                 C=Ground beetle
CALIO E  158927: N=Calophyllum inophyllum
                 C=Alexandrian laurel
CALIR E  126286: N=Caluromysiops irrupta
                 C=Black-shouldered opossum
CALIS E 1940537: N=Calidris subruficollis
                 C=Buff-breasted sandpiper
                 S=Tryngites subruficollis
CALIT E  334752: N=Calliptamus italicus
                 C=Italian locust
CALIV E  108539: N=Callirhoe involucrata
                 C=Purple poppy mallow
                 S=Malva involucrata
CALJA E    9483: N=Callithrix jacchus
                 C=White-tufted-ear marmoset
CALJP E  105891: N=Callicarpa japonica
                 C=Japanese beautyberry
CALK2 B  632348: N=Caldicellulosiruptor kronotskyensis (strain DSM 18902 / VKM B-2412 / 2002)
CALKI B  632335: N=Caldicellulosiruptor kristjanssonii (strain ATCC 700853 / DSM 12137 / I77R1B)
CALKU E  867363: N=Callithrix kuhlii
                 C=Wied's black-tufted-ear marmoset
CALKY E   40623: N=Calonectria kyotensis
                 C=Cylindrocladium floridanum
                 S=Calonectria uniseptata
CALLA E  135424: N=Calcarius lapponicus
                 C=Lapland longspur
                 S=Fringilla lapponica
CALLC E   56211: N=Calomys laucha
                 C=Small vesper mouse
CALLD A 1056495: N=Caldisphaera lagunensis (strain DSM 15908 / JCM 11604 / ANMR 0165 / IC-154)
CALLE E   79622: N=Calonectris leucomelas
                 C=Streaked shearwater
CALLH E  706271: N=Calathus leechi
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Neocalathus leechi
CALLI E  174778: N=Calyptommatus leiolepis
                 C=Spectacled lizard
CALLL E 1343298: N=Calomera lunulata
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela lunulata
CALLN E   42713: N=Caluromys lanatus
                 C=Brown-eared woolly opossum
CALLO E  285225: N=Calomera littoralis
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela littoralis
CALLP E   29106: N=Calomys lepidus
                 C=Andean vesper mouse
CALLR E   76772: N=Callospermophilus lateralis
                 C=Golden-mantled ground squirrel
                 S=Spermophilus lateralis
CALLT E   82220: N=Calostemma luteum
                 C=Yellow Garland lily
CALLU E  134853: N=Calochortus luteus
                 C=Yellow mariposa lily
CALMA E   28682: N=Calidris maritima
                 C=Purple sandpiper
                 S=Erolia maritima
CALMB E  279935: N=Calidris minutilla
                 C=Least sandpiper
                 S=Erolia minutilla
CALMC E  515824: N=Callistoctopus minor
                 S=Octopus minor
CALMD E   50491: N=Calopteryx maculata
                 C=Ebony jewelwing damselfly
                 S=Agrion maculatum
CALME E  183009: N=Calea megacephala
CALMF E 1267412: N=Calocaris macandreae
                 C=Mud-burrowing shrimp
CALMG E   99842: N=Callospermophilus madrensis
                 C=Sierra Madre ground squirrel
                 S=Spermophilus madrensis
CALMH E 1343294: N=Callytron malabaricum
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela malabarica
CALMI E    7868: N=Callorhinchus milii
                 C=Ghost shark
CALMJ E  695509: N=Calodesma maculifrons
CALMK B  908809: N=Caloramator mitchellensis
CALML E  127483: N=Calathus mollis
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Neocalathus mollis
CALMM E  145455: N=Calliphora maritima
CALMN E  240202: N=Calidris melanotos
                 C=Pectoral sandpiper
                 S=Erolia melanotos
CALMO E  154335: N=Calicophoron microbothrioides
                 C=Rumen fluke
CALMP E  257541: N=Callistoctopus macropus
                 C=Atlantic white-spotted octopus
                 S=Octopus macropus
CALMQ A  397948: N=Caldivirga maquilingensis (strain ATCC 700844 / DSM 13496 / JCM 10307 / IC-167)
CALMR E  279941: N=Calidris mauri
                 C=Western sandpiper
                 S=Erolia mauri
CALMS E   64391: N=Callosobruchus maculatus
                 C=Southern cowpea weevil
                 S=Pulse bruchid
CALMT E  187931: N=Calumma malthe
                 C=Green-eared chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleon malthe
CALMU E   56212: N=Calomys musculinus
                 C=Drylands vesper mouse
CALMY E  194938: N=Calamospiza melanocorys
                 C=Lark bunting
CALNA E  886553: N=Calumma nasutum
                 C=Big-nosed chameleon
CALNI E  187106: N=Caloenas nicobarica
                 C=Nicobar pigeon
CALNO A   57174: N=Caldococcus noboribetus
CALNT E   64678: N=Callosciurus notatus
                 C=Plantain squirrel
CALNY B  768670: N=Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens (strain DSM 19672 / NBRC 101217 / Yu37-1)
CALOB E  177218: N=Calcinus obscurus
                 C=Hermit crab
CALOC E    3430: N=Calycanthus occidentalis
                 C=Spice bush
CALOF E   41496: N=Calendula officinalis
                 C=Pot marigold
CALOH E  318695: N=Calliphora ochracea
                 C=Reddishbrown blowfly
CALOL E  229534: N=Caldesia oligococca
                 S=Alisma oligococcum
CALOO B  608506: N=Caldicellulosiruptor obsidiansis (strain ATCC BAA-2073 / strain OB47)
CALOR E  198940: N=Calcarius ornatus
                 C=Chestnut-collared longspur
CALOS E  179906: N=Calumma oshaughnessyi
                 C=O'Shaughnessy's chameleon
CALOW B  632518: N=Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis (strain ATCC 700167 / DSM 13100 / OL)
CALPA E    6114: N=Calliactis parasitica
                 C=Sea anemone
                 S=Actinia parasitica
CALPB E  371908: N=Calcarius pictus
                 C=Smith's longspur
CALPC E  141467: N=Calotropis procera
                 S=Asclepias procera
CALPD E   70610: N=Caluromys philander
                 C=Bare-tailed woolly opossum
CALPE E  178121: N=Calyptranthes pallens
                 S=Chytraculia pallens
CALPF E   45007: N=Calla palustris
                 C=Water arum
CALPG E  198806: N=Calidris pugnax
                 S=Philomachus pugnax
CALPH E  236818: N=Calligrapha philadelphica
                 C=Dogwood leaf beetle
CALPI E   57378: N=Callithrix penicillata
                 C=Black-pencilled marmoset
CALPJ E  178539: N=Callyspongia plicifera
                 C=Azure vase sponge
CALPL E    3449: N=Caltha palustris
                 C=Yellow marsh marigold
CALPM E  186546: N=Calamaria pavimentata
                 C=Collared reed snake
CALPN E   78274: N=Callicebus personatus nigrifrons
                 C=Black-fronted titi
CALPO E   73732: N=Callistemon polandii
                 C=Gold-tipped bottlebrush
CALPP E   78275: N=Callicebus personatus personatus
                 C=Masked titi
CALPR E  179907: N=Calumma parsonii
                 C=Parson's chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo parsonii
CALPS E  298093: N=Callosobruchus phaseoli
                 C=Cowpea weevil
                 S=Bruchus phaseoli
CALPT E  217132: N=Calidris ptilocnemis
                 C=Rock sandpiper
                 S=Erolia ptilocnemis
CALPU E  279961: N=Calidris pusilla
                 C=Semipalmated sandpiper
CALPV E   64676: N=Callosciurus prevostii
                 C=Prevost's squirrel
CALQU E  419956: N=Calvia quattuordecimguttata
                 C=Cream-spotted ladybird
CALRB E  242269: N=Callophrys rubi
                 C=Green hairstreak
CALRE E  168061: N=Callisia repens
                 C=Creeping inchplant
                 S=Hapalanthus repens
CALRH E    8717: N=Calloselasma rhodostoma
                 C=Malayan pit viper
                 S=Agkistrodon rhodostoma
CALRI E   39283: N=Calabaria reinhardtii
                 C=Calabar boa
                 S=Calabar ground python
CALRO E  217165: N=Caligus rogercresseyi
                 C=Sea louse
CALRU E  178202: N=Calathus ruficollis
                 C=Flightless ground beetle
CALS0 A  311458: N=Caldiarchaeum subterraneum
CALS4 B  273068: N=Caldanaerobacter subterraneus subsp. tengcongensis (strain DSM 15242 / JCM 11007 / NBRC 100824 / MB4)
                 S=Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis
CALS5 E  269418: N=Calisoga sp.
CALS8 B  351627: N=Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus (strain ATCC 43494 / DSM 8903 / Tp8T 6331)
CALSA B   44001: N=Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus
                 S=Caldocellum saccharolyticum
CALSB E   60821: N=Calosoma scrutator
                 C=Fiery searcher beetle
                 S=Calodrepa scrutator
CALSC E    9010: N=Callipepla squamata castanogastris
                 C=Chestnut bellied scaled quail
CALSD E   52612: N=Calopteryx splendens
                 C=Banded demoiselle damselfly
CALSE E   47519: N=Calystegia sepium
                 C=Hedge bindweed
                 S=Convolvulus sepium
CALSF E  138870: N=Callicoma serratifolia
                 C=Black wattle
CALSG E  145453: N=Calliphora stygia
                 C=Common brown blowfly
CALSH E   35139: N=Calyptrosphaera sphaeroidea
CALSI E    6763: N=Callinectes sapidus
                 C=Blue crab
CALSJ E  338196: N=Callianassa subterranea
                 C=Burrowing mud shrimp
CALSK E  174780: N=Calyptommatus sinebrachiatus
                 C=Spectacled lizard
CALSL E  136204: N=Calystegia soldanella
                 C=Sea bindweed
                 S=Convolvulus soldanella
CALSM E 1084567: N=Callophrys spinetorum
                 C=Thicket hairstreak
CALSN E  204986: N=Calliandra surinamensis
                 C=Suriname powder puff
CALSP E    9011: N=Callipepla squamata pallida
                 C=Blue scaled quail
CALSQ E    9485: N=Callithrix sp.
CALSR B   28238: N=Caldicellulosiruptor sp. (strain Rt8B.4)
CALSS E   29107: N=Calomys sorellus
                 C=Peruvian vesper mouse
CALST E  119595: N=Callitriche stagnalis
                 C=Common water starwort
CALSU E    9009: N=Callipepla squamata
                 C=Scaled quail
CALSV E  114070: N=Calanus sinicus
CALSW E   99858: N=Callospermophilus saturatus
                 C=Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel
                 S=Spermophilus saturatus
CALSX B  111519: N=Caldanaerobacter subterraneus subsp. yonseiensis
                 S=Thermoanaerobacter yonseiensis
CALSY E  287701: N=Calosoma sycophanta
                 C=Forest caterpillar hunter
CALSZ E  255003: N=Calochortus splendens
                 C=Splendid mariposa lily
CALTB E   48942: N=Calliarthron tuberculosum
                 C=Coralline red alga
                 S=Corallina tuberculosa
CALTE E  162310: N=Calomys tener
                 C=Delicate vesper mouse
CALTH E  465833: N=Calyptra thalictri
                 C=Vampire moth
CALTR E  142253: N=Calanthe tricarinata
CALTT B  986075: N=Caldalkalibacillus thermarum (strain TA2.A1)
CALTU E   78712: N=Calopogon tuberosus
                 C=Grass pink orchid
CALUR E   34884: N=Callorhinus ursinus
                 C=Northern fur seal
CALUS E    4712: N=Calamus usitatus
                 C=Palm tree
CALVA E   53717: N=Calyptocarpus vialis
                 C=Straggler daisy
                 S=Synedrella vialis
CALVB E 2010997: N=Calephelis virginiensis
                 C=Little metalmark
CALVC E   48253: N=Calotes versicolor
                 C=Oriental garden lizard
                 S=Agama versicolor
CALVE E   38207: N=Calanthe vestita
CALVF E 1330018: N=Calocera viscosa (strain TUFC12733)
CALVG E   52613: N=Calopteryx virgo
                 C=Beautiful demoiselle damselfly
                 S=Libellula virgo
CALVI E    7373: N=Calliphora vicina
                 C=Blue blowfly
                 S=Calliphora erythrocephala
CALVL E   31433: N=Callophyllis violacea
                 C=Red seaweed
CALVN E  160456: N=Calomys venustus
                 C=Vesper mouse
CALVO E   27454: N=Calliphora vomitoria
                 C=Blue bottle fly
                 S=Musca vomitoria
CALVR E  135972: N=Calyptomena viridis
                 C=Lesser green broadbill
CALVS E  178540: N=Callyspongia vaginalis
                 C=Branching vase sponge
CALVT E  279930: N=Calidris virgata
                 S=Aphriza virgata
CALVU E   13385: N=Calluna vulgaris
                 S=Erica vulgaris
CALWE E  134854: N=Calochortus weedii
                 C=Weed's mariposa lily
CAMAC E   16922: N=Camptotheca acuminata
                 C=Happy tree
CAMAR E  203940: N=Camissonia arenaria
                 C=Fortuna range suncup
                 S=Chylismia arenaria
CAMAT E  104420: N=Camponotus atriceps
                 C=Florida carpenter ant
                 S=Camponotus abdominalis
CAMBA E    9837: N=Camelus bactrianus
                 C=Bactrian camel
CAMBE E  296050: N=Camellia brevistyla
CAMBO E  203941: N=Camissonia boothii
                 C=Booth's evening-primrose
                 S=Eremothera boothii
CAMBR E  141853: N=Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus
                 C=Cactus wren
CAMC1 B  360104: N=Campylobacter concisus (strain 13826)
CAMC5 B  360105: N=Campylobacter curvus (strain 525.92)
CAMCH E  946280: N=Cambarellus chapalanus
                 C=Dwarf crayfish
CAMCI E 1550735: N=Camaena cicatricosa
                 C=Land snail
CAMCO B     195: N=Campylobacter coli
CAMCR E 1407748: N=Camellia crassicolumna
                 C=Evergreen tea
CAMCU E  680187: N=Campylopterus curvipennis
                 C=Wedge-tailed sabrewing
CAMDR E    9838: N=Camelus dromedarius
                 S=Arabian camel
CAMFA E  201621: N=Campylocentrum fasciola
CAMFE B     196: N=Campylobacter fetus
CAMFF B  360106: N=Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus (strain 82-40)
CAMFL E  137517: N=Campephaga flava
                 C=Black cuckoo-shrike
CAMFO E  104421: N=Camponotus floridanus
                 C=Florida carpenter ant
CAMFR E  419612: N=Camelus ferus
                 C=Wild bactrian camel
                 S=Camelus bactrianus ferus
CAMGR E  108594: N=Campsis grandiflora
                 C=Trumpet vine
                 S=Bignonia grandiflora
CAMGU E  381861: N=Campephilus guatemalensis
                 C=Pale-billed woodpecker
CAMHA E  375934: N=Cambarus hamulatus
                 C=Prickly cave crayfish
                 S=Orconectes hamulatus
CAMHC B  360107: N=Campylobacter hominis (strain ATCC BAA-381 / LMG 19568 / NCTC 13146 / CH001A)
CAMHE E  647691: N=Camelops hesternus
                 C=Western camel
                 S=Camelus hesternus
CAMHI E 1840584: N=Camellia hiemalis
CAMHU E   61487: N=Cambarus hubrichti
                 C=Salem cave crayfish
CAMHY B     198: N=Campylobacter hyointestinalis
CAMIM E  372288: N=Camptostoma imberbe
                 C=Northern beardless-tyrannulet
CAMIP E  386524: N=Campephilus imperialis
                 C=Imperial woodpecker
CAMIR E  153142: N=Camellia irrawadiensis
                 C=Burmese tea
CAMJ8 B  407148: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype O:6 (strain 81116 / NCTC 11828)
CAMJC B  757425: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype HS:41 (strain ICDCCJ07001)
CAMJD B  360109: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. doylei (strain ATCC BAA-1458 / RM4099 / 269.97)
CAMJE B  192222: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype O:2 (strain ATCC 700819 / NCTC 11168)
CAMJI B  567106: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni (strain IA3902)
CAMJJ B  354242: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype O:23/36 (strain 81-176)
CAMJM B  645464: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni serotype HS21 (strain M1 / 99/308)
CAMJR B  195099: N=Campylobacter jejuni (strain RM1221)
CAMJS B  718271: N=Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni (strain S3)
CAMJU B     197: N=Campylobacter jejuni
CAMLA B     201: N=Campylobacter lari
CAMLE E   49707: N=Camassia leichtlinii
                 C=Western quamash
                 S=Chlorogalum leichtlinii
CAMLR B  306263: N=Campylobacter lari (strain RM2100 / D67 / ATCC BAA-1060)
CAMMA E   61489: N=Cambarus maculatus
                 C=Freckled crayfish
CAMMC E   71324: N=Camelina microcarpa
                 C=Littlepod false flax
                 S=Camelina sativa subsp. microcarpa
CAMME E   56154: N=Campanula medium
                 C=Canterbury bells
CAMMI E  201625: N=Campylocentrum micranthum
                 C=Fairy bentspur orchid
                 S=Angraecum micranthum
CAMPA E  201627: N=Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum
                 C=Leafless bentspur orchid
CAMPC V  203174: N=Camelpox virus (strain CP-1)
CAMPE E   37261: N=Camnula pellucida
                 C=Clear-winged grasshopper
CAMPI E  386521: N=Campephilus principalis
                 C=Ivory-billed woodpecker
                 S=Picus principalis
CAMPL E  319931: N=Camellia ptilophylla
                 C=Cocoa tea
CAMPM V  203173: N=Camelpox virus (strain M-96)
CAMPR E   82598: N=Campaea perlata
                 C=Pale beauty
CAMPS V  203172: N=Camelpox virus (strain CMS)
CAMPT E 1241579: N=Cambarellus patzcuarensis
                 C=Dwarf crayfish
CAMQU E  205718: N=Camassia quamash
                 C=Common quamash
                 S=Phalangium quamash
CAMRA E   83937: N=Campsis radicans
                 C=Trumpet creeper
                 S=Bignonia radicans
CAMRE B     203: N=Campylobacter rectus
                 S=Wolinella recta
CAMSA E   90675: N=Camelina sativa
                 C=False flax
                 S=Myagrum sativum
CAMSB E  261999: N=Camellia sinensis var. assamica
                 C=Assam tea
                 S=Thea assamica
CAMSC E   60963: N=Cambarellus shufeldtii
                 C=Cajun dwarf crayfish
CAMSI E    4442: N=Camellia sinensis
CAMSL E   39524: N=Camassia scilloides
                 C=Wild hyacinth
                 S=Cyanotris scilloides
CAMSM E 1241576: N=Cambarellus schmitti
                 C=Fontal dwarf crayfish
CAMSS E  182300: N=Camellia sasanqua
                 C=Christmas camellia
CAMSX E  254099: N=Campylostelium saxicola
                 C=Rock-loving swan-necked moss
                 S=Campylostelium moss
CAMTA E  182317: N=Camellia taliensis
                 C=Wild tea
CAMTR E   85178: N=Campanula trachelium
                 C=Nettle-leaved Bellflower
CAMUP B   28080: N=Campylobacter upsaliensis
CAMV4 V   10642: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D4)
CAMVB V   10643: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Bari 1)
CAMVC V   10644: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain CM-1841)
CAMVD V   10645: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain D/H)
CAMVE V   31556: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain BBC)
CAMVJ V   10646: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain S-Japan)
CAMVN V   31557: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain NY8153)
CAMVP V   10647: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain PV147)
CAMVS V   10648: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain Strasbourg)
CAMVW V   31558: N=Cauliflower mosaic virus (strain W260)
CANAD E   68723: N=Canis adustus
                 C=Side-striped jackal
CANAL E  237561: N=Candida albicans (strain SC5314 / ATCC MYA-2876)
CANAP E   29830: N=Candida apicola
CANAR E  498019: N=Candida auris
CANAS E   51853: N=Candoia aspera
                 C=New Guinea boa
CANAU E   68724: N=Canis aureus
                 C=Golden jackal
CANAW E  294748: N=Candida albicans (strain WO-1)
CANAX E    5476: N=Candida albicans
CANBE E   39395: N=Cancer borealis
                 C=Jonah crab
CANBL E  232300: N=Canavalia boliviana
CANBN E  192414: N=Canavalia bonariensis
CANBO E    5477: N=Candida boidinii
CANBR E   61861: N=Canavalia brasiliensis
                 C=Brazilian jack bean
CANBU E  110325: N=Cantua buxifolia
                 C=Sacred flower of the Incas
CANCA E   51854: N=Candoia carinata
                 C=Papuan tree boa
CANCI E   36066: N=Cantharellus cibarius
CANCO E  264150: N=Canthigaster coronata
                 C=Crowned puffer
                 S=Tetraodon coronatus
CANCT E   28958: N=Canavalia cathartica
                 S=Canavalia virosa
CANDC E  573826: N=Candida dubliniensis (strain CD36 / ATCC MYA-646 / CBS 7987 / NCPF 3949 / NRRL Y-17841)
CANDU E   42374: N=Candida dubliniensis
CANEN E    3823: N=Canavalia ensiformis
                 C=Jack bean
                 S=Dolichos ensiformis
CANGA E  284593: N=Candida glabrata (strain ATCC 2001 / CBS 138 / JCM 3761 / NBRC 0622 / NRRL Y-65)
                 S=Torulopsis glabrata
CANGB E    5478: N=Candida glabrata
                 S=Torulopsis glabrata
CANGE E  341692: N=Canna generalis
                 C=Canna lily
                 S=Canna glauca x Canna indica
CANGL E    3824: N=Canavalia gladiata
                 C=Sword bean
                 S=Dolichos gladiatus
CANGR E  232301: N=Canavalia grandiflora
CANHU E   51915: N=Candida humilis
                 C=Sour dough yeast
                 S=Kazachstania humilis
CANIR E    6756: N=Cancer irroratus
                 C=Atlantic rock crab
CANJA E  913992: N=Cancellaria jayana
                 C=Jay's nutmeg snail
                 S=Bivetia jayana
CANLA E    9614: N=Canis latrans
CANLF E    9615: N=Canis lupus familiaris
                 S=Canis familiaris
CANLI E   28957: N=Canavalia lineata
                 C=Beach bean
                 S=Dolichos lineatus
CANLU E    9612: N=Canis lupus
                 C=Gray wolf
CANMA E    5479: N=Candida maltosa
CANMC E  303691: N=Canthidermis maculata
                 C=Rough triggerfish
                 S=Balistes maculatus
CANME E   69045: N=Canis mesomelas elongae
                 C=Eastern African black-backed jackal
CANMS E   68725: N=Canis mesomelas
                 C=Black-backed jackal
CANMX E 1245528: N=Candida maltosa (strain Xu316)
CANNO E    4921: N=Candida norvegensis
                 S=Candida mycoderma
CANO9 E 1136231: N=Candida orthopsilosis (strain 90-125)
CANOD E   13393: N=Cananga odorata
                 C=Ylang-ylang tree
                 S=Uvaria odorata
CANOL E   45573: N=Candida oleophila
CANPA E    5480: N=Candida parapsilosis
CANPC E  578454: N=Candida parapsilosis (strain CDC 317 / ATCC MYA-4646)
                 S=Monilia parapsilosis
CANPG E    6755: N=Cancer pagurus
                 C=Rock crab
CANPR E   88209: N=Cancer productus
                 C=Red rock crab
                 S=Platycarcinus productus
CANRF E   45781: N=Canis rufus
                 C=Red wolf
                 S=Canis lupus rufus
CANRO E    3825: N=Canavalia rosea
                 C=Beach bean
                 S=Canavalia maritima
CANRS E 1257145: N=Cantharidus roseus
                 C=Sea snail
CANS1 E   78167: N=Candida sp. (strain HA167)
                 S=Galactocandida mastotermitis
CANSA E    3483: N=Cannabis sativa
CANSI E   32534: N=Canis simensis
                 C=Ethiopian wolf
                 S=Simenia simensis
CANTA E   98735: N=Canalohypopterygium tamariscinum
CANTC E  590646: N=Candida tenuis (strain ATCC 10573 / BCRC 21748 / CBS 615 / JCM 9827 / NBRC 10315 / NRRL Y-1498 / VKM Y-70)
                 S=Yamadazyma tenuis
CANTE E 2315449: N=Candida tenuis
                 S=Yamadazyma tenuis
CANTR E    5482: N=Candida tropicalis
CANTS E    5483: N=Candida tsukubaensis
                 S=Pseudozyma tsukubaensis
CANTT E  294747: N=Candida tropicalis (strain ATCC MYA-3404 / T1)
CANVA E  223152: N=Canthigaster valentini
                 C=Valentin's sharpnose puffer
                 S=Tetraodon valentini
CANWI E    3426: N=Canella winterana
                 C=Wild cinnamon
                 S=Laurus winterana
CAPAA E   40321: N=Capsicum annuum var. annuum
                 C=Red pepper
CAPAN E    4072: N=Capsicum annuum
                 C=Capsicum pepper
CAPBA E   33114: N=Capsicum baccatum
                 C=Peruvian pepper
CAPBU E    3719: N=Capsella bursa-pastoris
                 C=Shepherd's purse
                 S=Thlaspi bursa-pastoris
CAPCA E    9858: N=Capreolus capreolus
                 C=European roe deer
CAPCC B  860228: N=Capnocytophaga canimorsus (strain 5)
CAPCH E   80379: N=Capsicum chinense
                 C=Scotch bonnet
                 S=Bonnet pepper
CAPCR E    9966: N=Capricornis crispus
                 C=Japanese serow
                 S=Naemorhedus crispus
CAPCU E   72540: N=Capra caucasica
                 C=West Caucasian tur
CAPCY E   72541: N=Capra cylindricornis
                 C=East Caucasian tur
                 S=Capra caucasica cylindricornis
CAPFA E   48167: N=Capra falconeri
CAPFO E  202773: N=Capparidastrum frondosum
                 S=Capparis frondosa
CAPFR E    4073: N=Capsicum frutescens
                 C=Cayenne pepper
                 S=Tabasco pepper
CAPGB B  641143: N=Capnocytophaga granulosa (strain ATCC 51502 / DSM 11449 / JCM 8566 / LMG 16022 / NCTC 12948 / B0611)
CAPGI B  553178: N=Capnocytophaga gingivalis
CAPGR E  173783: N=Capnia gracilaria
                 C=Slender snowfly
CAPHE E    9923: N=Capra hircus aegagrus
                 C=Wild goat
                 S=Capra aegagrus
CAPHI E    9925: N=Capra hircus
CAPIB E   72542: N=Capra ibex
CAPII E   80420: N=Capra ibex ibex
                 C=Alpine ibex
CAPMA E   13395: N=Capparis masaikai
CAPMI E   41070: N=Capitulum mitella
                 C=Stalked barnacle
                 S=Pollicipes mitella
CAPMR E   27604: N=Caperea marginata
                 C=Pigmy right whale
                 S=Balaena marginata
CAPNU E   72543: N=Capra nubiana
                 C=Nubian ibex
                 S=Capra ibex nubiana
CAPO3 E  595528: N=Capsaspora owczarzaki (strain ATCC 30864)
CAPOC B    1018: N=Capnocytophaga ochracea
CAPOD B  521097: N=Capnocytophaga ochracea (strain ATCC 27872 / DSM 7271 / JCM 12966 / NCTC 12371 / VPI 2845)
                 S=Bacteroides ochraceus
CAPPI E   34842: N=Capromys pilorides
                 C=Desmarest's hutia
                 S=Isodon pilorides
CAPPY E   48560: N=Capreolus pygargus
                 C=Eastern roe deer
CAPRO E  119767: N=Capensibufo rosei
                 C=Rose's mountain toad
                 S=Bufo rosei
CAPSE E    3464: N=Capnoides sempervirens
                 S=Corydalis sempervirens
CAPSI E   72544: N=Capra sibirica
                 C=Siberian ibex
                 S=Capra ibex sibirica
CAPSN E   65558: N=Capparis spinosa
CAPSP B    1019: N=Capnocytophaga sputigena
CAPSU E   34865: N=Capricornis sumatraensis
                 C=Sumatran serow
CAPSW E   34866: N=Capricornis swinhoei
                 C=Taiwan serow
                 S=Naemorhedus swinhoei
CAPTE E  283909: N=Capitella teleta
                 C=Polychaete worm
CAQKR E   63165: N=Caquetaia kraussii
                 C=Krauss' basketmouth cichlid
                 S=Petenia kraussii
CARAA E  695510: N=Carales astur
                 C=Cramer's leopard moth
CARAB E   20484: N=Caragana arborescens
                 C=Siberian pea tree
                 S=Robinia caragana
CARAC E   61394: N=Caracal caracal
                 S=Felis caracal
CARAE E   53602: N=Carcinus aestuarii
                 C=Green crab
                 S=Carcinus mediterraneus
CARAF E  241197: N=Carex atrofusca
                 C=Darkbrown sedge
CARAG E  109590: N=Cardamine angustata
                 C=Slender toothwort
                 S=Dentaria heterophylla
CARAH E  303933: N=Carcharhinus altimus
                 C=Bignose shark
                 S=Eulamia altima
CARAI E 1075789: N=Carlia ailanpalai
CARAL E 1193083: N=Carybdea alata
                 C=Hawaiian box jellyfish
CARAM E  181460: N=Carangoides armatus
                 C=Longfin trevally
                 S=Citula armata
CARAN E   50461: N=Cardamine amara
                 C=Large bitter-cress
CARAO E   49194: N=Carabus auronitens
                 C=Golden ground beetle
                 S=Chrysocarabus auronitens
CARAR E   49192: N=Carabus arvensis
                 C=Ground beetle
CARAS E  303932: N=Carcharhinus acronotus
                 C=Blacknose shark
                 S=Squalus acronotus
CARAT E  450228: N=Caridina acutirostris
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
CARAU E    7957: N=Carassius auratus
CARAX E  217509: N=Carassius carassius
                 C=Crucian carp
CARAY E  443756: N=Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
                 C=Graceful shark
CARBA E  173318: N=Carangoides bartholomaei
                 C=Yellow jack
                 S=Caranx bartholomaei
CARBB E   82356: N=Cardamine bulbifera
                 C=Coralroot bittercress
                 S=Dentaria bulbifera
CARBC E  671158: N=Carcharhinus brachyurus
                 C=Copper shark
                 S=Carcharias brachyurus
CARBE E   12990: N=Carpinus betulus
                 C=European hornbeam
                 S=Carpinus caucasica
CARBI E  263685: N=Carcharhinus brevipinna
                 C=Spinner shark
CARBL E  109591: N=Cardamine bellidifolia
                 C=Alpine bitter-cress
CARBN E  168717: N=Carukia barnesi
                 C=Irukandji jellyfish
CARBR E  138695: N=Carollia brevicauda
                 C=Silky short-tailed bat
CARBU E  109593: N=Cardamine bulbosa
                 C=Bulbous bitter-cress
                 S=Arabis bulbosa
CARBV E  140875: N=Carex brevicaulis
                 C=Shortstem sedge
                 S=Carex deflexa var. brevicaulis
CARBW E  109592: N=Cardamine breweri
                 C=Brewer's bitter-cress
CARC0 E  154811: N=Carpiodes carpio
                 C=River carpsucker
CARC1 E  176285: N=Carios capensis
                 C=Seabird soft tick
                 S=Ornithodoros capensis
CARC3 E  244777: N=Carpiodes cyprinus
                 C=Quillback carpsucker
CARCA E    6766: N=Cardisoma carnifex
                 C=Blue land crab
CARCB E   48032: N=Carum carvi
CARCC E  114447: N=Carabus cancellatus
                 C=Ground beetle
CARCD E   98964: N=Cardinalis cardinalis
                 C=Northern cardinal
CARCE E  138696: N=Carollia castanea
                 C=Chestnut short-tailed bat
CARCF E   69401: N=Carteria cerasiformis
                 C=Green alga
CARCG E   23101: N=Carpenteria californica
                 C=Tree anemone
CARCH E   13397: N=Carcharodon carcharias
                 C=Great white shark
                 S=Squalus carcharias
CARCI E   49195: N=Carabus coriaceus
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Procrustes coriaceus
CARCJ E  143179: N=Carduus carlinoides
                 C=Pyrenean thistle
CARCK E   88034: N=Carpinus cordata
                 C=Heartleaf hornbeam
CARCL E  142000: N=Carpobrotus chilensis
                 C=Sea fig
                 S=Mesembryanthemum chilense
CARCM E  109594: N=Cardamine californica
                 C=Milk maids
                 S=Dentaria californica
CARCN E  182910: N=Cardellina canadensis
                 C=Canada warbler
                 S=Wilsonia canadensis
CARCO E   12991: N=Carpinus caroliniana
                 C=American hornbeam
CARCP E  100277: N=Carex cephalophora
                 C=Oval-leaf sedge
CARCQ E  270764: N=Cardioderma cor
                 C=Heart-nosed bat
CARCR E    8467: N=Caretta caretta
                 C=Loggerhead sea turtle
CARCS E  173309: N=Caranx crysos
                 C=Blue runner
                 S=Caranx fusus
CARCT E  109596: N=Cardamine concatenata
                 C=Cut-leaved toothwort
                 S=Dentaria laciniata
CARCU E  173313: N=Caranx caballus
                 C=Green jack
CARCV E  142099: N=Carabus convexus
CARCW E   52617: N=Carassius cuvieri
                 C=Japanese white crucian carp
CARCX E  109595: N=Cardamine clematitis
                 C=Small mountain bitter-cress
CARCY E  179361: N=Carangoides chrysophrys
                 C=Longnose trevally
                 S=Caranx chrysophrys
CARCZ E  102757: N=Carphephorus corymbosus
                 C=Coastalplain chaffhead
                 S=Liatris corymbosa
CARDI E  109597: N=Cardamine diphylla
                 C=Crinkled toothwort
                 S=Dentaria diphylla
CARDM E  185303: N=Carex dimorpholepis
CARDO E  111420: N=Carex dioica
                 C=Dioecious sedge
CARDS E  214075: N=Caripeta divisata
                 C=Gray spruce looper
CARDV B    2748: N=Carnobacterium divergens
                 S=Lactobacillus divergens
CAREN E  450229: N=Caridina ensifera
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
CAREQ E  274469: N=Carangoides equula
                 C=Whitefin trevally
                 S=Caranx equula
CARER E  175930: N=Carpodacus erythrinus
                 C=Common rosefinch
                 S=Loxia erythrina
CARFC E  202609: N=Carcharhinus falciformis
                 C=Silky shark
                 S=Carcharias falciformis
CARFL E   50462: N=Cardamine flexuosa
                 C=Wavy bitter-cress
                 S=Cardamine sylvatica
CARFS E 1171619: N=Carpocoris fuscispinus
                 C=Shield bug
CARFU E   96729: N=Carlia fusca
                 C=Brown four-fingered skink
CARGB E  101364: N=Carassius gibelio
                 C=Prussian carp
                 S=Cyprinus gibelio
CARGE E  247931: N=Carex geophila
                 C=White mountain sedge
CARGI E 1265864: N=Carcinops gilensis
                 C=Hister beetle
CARGL E 1149273: N=Carabus glabratus
                 C=Ground beetle
CARGO E  247942: N=Carex globosa
                 C=Roundfruit sedge
                 S=Carex umbellata var. globosa
CARGR E  118799: N=Carabus granulatus
                 C=Ground beetle
CARGU E  201012: N=Carapa guianensis
CARH6 B  638300: N=Cardiobacterium hominis (strain ATCC 15826 / DSM 8339 / NCTC 10426 / 6573)
CARHI E  173312: N=Caranx hippos
                 C=Crevalle jack
                 S=Scomber hippos
CARHR E   50463: N=Cardamine hirsuta
                 C=Hairy bitter-cress
CARHU E  141942: N=Carabus hummeli
                 C=Ground beetle
CARHY B  129958: N=Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans
CARHZ B  246194: N=Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans (strain ATCC BAA-161 / DSM 6008 / Z-2901)
CARIC E   54380: N=Cariama cristata
                 C=Red-legged seriema
CARIG E  376895: N=Caranx ignobilis
                 C=Giant trevally
                 S=Scomber ignobilis
CARIL E   32201: N=Carya illinoinensis
CARIN E   44489: N=Carettochelys insculpta
                 C=Pitted-shelled turtle
CARKI E  185305: N=Carex kiotensis
CARLA E   69859: N=Carex laxiflora
                 C=Broad looseflower sedge
CARLC E  223459: N=Carpoglyphus lactis
                 C=Dried fruit mite
                 S=Acarus lactis
CARLE E   46612: N=Carcharhinus leucas
                 C=Bull shark
CARLG E  138676: N=Carassius langsdorfii
                 C=Japanese silver crucian carp
                 S=Carassius auratus langsdorfii
CARLI E   61865: N=Carcharhinus limbatus
                 C=Blacktip shark
                 S=Carcharias limbatus
CARLN E  302049: N=Carcharhinus longimanus
                 C=Oceanic whitetip shark
                 S=Squalus longimanus
CARLO E  120936: N=Carabus lopatini
                 C=Ground beetle
CARLT E   75015: N=Caranx latus
                 C=Horse-eye jack
CARLV E   71021: N=Carphodactylus laevis
                 C=Chameleon gecko
CARMA E    6759: N=Carcinus maenas
                 C=Common shore crab
                 S=Green crab
CARMB E  443759: N=Carcharhinus macloti
                 C=Hardnose shark
                 S=Carcharias macloti
CARMC E  109601: N=Cardamine macrophylla
CARMD E 1171620: N=Carpocoris mediterraneus
                 C=Shield bug
CARMI E    4714: N=Caryota mitis
                 C=Burmese fishtail palm
CARML B    2751: N=Carnobacterium maltaromaticum
                 S=Carnobacterium piscicola
CARMM E  181461: N=Caranx melampygus
                 C=Bluefin trevally
CARMN E   34600: N=Carios mexicanus
                 C=Soft tick
                 S=Antricola mexicanus
CARMO E    7022: N=Carausius morosus
                 C=Indian stick insect
                 S=Dixippus morosus
CARMP E  263686: N=Carcharhinus melanopterus
                 C=Blacktip reef shark
                 S=Carcharias melanopterus
CARMR E  274471: N=Carangoides malabaricus
                 C=Malabar trevally
                 S=Scomber malabaricus
CARMS V  652111: N=Carnation mottle virus (isolate China/Shanghai)
CARMT E  185306: N=Carex metallica
CARMU E  274728: N=Caracanthus maculatus
                 C=Spotted coral croucher
                 S=Micropus maculatus
CARMV V   11986: N=Carnation mottle virus
CARMX E  109602: N=Cardamine maxima
                 C=Large toothwort
                 S=Dentaria maxima
CARND E 1531406: N=Cartodere nodifer
                 C=Swollen fungus beetle
                 S=Aridius nodifer
CARNE E   49290: N=Carabus nemoralis
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Archicarabus nemoralis
CARNG E  234464: N=Carex nigra
                 C=Smooth black sedge
                 S=Carex acuta var. nigra
CARNI E  114441: N=Carabus nitens
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Hemicarabus nitens
CARNO E  335955: N=Cardamine nipponica
CARNU E   92906: N=Carduus nutans
                 C=Musk thistle
CAROB E    7807: N=Carcharhinus obscurus
                 C=Dusky shark
                 S=Squalus obscurus
CAROL E  312758: N=Carex oligocarpa
                 C=Richwoods sedge
CAROP E  118064: N=Carabus opaculus
CAROR E  175951: N=Carpinus orientalis
                 C=Oriental hornbeam
CAROT E  179362: N=Carangoides otrynter
                 C=Threadfin jack
                 S=Caranx otrynter
CAROX E  140841: N=Carex oxyandra
                 S=Carex montana var. oxyandra
CARPA E    3649: N=Carica papaya
CARPB E   82288: N=Cardamine pentaphyllos
                 S=Dentaria pentaphylla
CARPD E   75418: N=Cartonema philydroides
CARPE E   65946: N=Cardamine pensylvanica
                 C=Pennsylvania bitter-cress
                 S=Quaker bitter-cress
CARPF E    8951: N=Caracara plancus
                 C=Southern caracara
                 S=Polyborus plancus
CARPG E  142478: N=Cardellina pusilla
                 C=Wilson's warbler
                 S=Wilsonia pusilla
CARPH E  185301: N=Carex phacota
                 C=Lakeshore sedge
                 S=Carex lenticularis
CARPI E 1134736: N=Carpocoris purpureipennis
                 C=Shield bug
CARPL E    7808: N=Carcharhinus plumbeus
                 C=Sandbar shark
                 S=Squalus plumbeus
CARPM E  877948: N=Carcinops pumilio
                 C=Hister beetle
CARPO E    7810: N=Carcharhinus porosus
                 C=Smalltail shark
CARPR E   49291: N=Carabus problematicus
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Mesocarabus problematicus
CARPS E   40233: N=Carollia perspicillata
                 C=Seba's short-tailed bat
CARPT E   50465: N=Cardamine pratensis
                 C=Cuckoo flower
                 S=Alpine bitter-cress
CARPU E  179409: N=Carpodacus pulcherrimus
                 C=Beautiful rosefinch
CARPV E   69862: N=Carex pensylvanica
                 C=Pennsylvania sedge
                 S=Carex marginata
CARPY E  143180: N=Carduus pycnocephalus
                 C=Italian thistle
CARPZ E  303935: N=Carcharhinus perezii
                 C=Reef shark
                 S=Carcharhinus springeri
CARRA E   78582: N=Carybdea rastonii
                 C=Box jellyfish
CARRB E  173315: N=Caranx ruber
                 C=Bar jack
                 S=Carangoides ruber
CARRC E  360972: N=Carijoa riisei
                 C=Snowflake coral
CARRE E    8943: N=Carpococcyx renauldi
                 C=Coral-billed ground-cuckoo
CARRF E  182912: N=Cardellina rubrifrons
                 C=Red-faced warbler
CARRH E  173350: N=Caranx rhonchus
                 C=False scad
CARRI E  140852: N=Carex rossii
                 C=Ross' sedge
CARRM E  124115: N=Carlia rhomboidalis
                 C=Blue-throated rainbow-skink
CARRO E    6848: N=Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda
                 C=Mangrove horseshoe crab
                 S=Limulus rotundicauda
CARRP B  387662: N=Carsonella ruddii (strain PV)
CARRR E  103656: N=Carlia rubrigularis
                 C=Northern red-throated skink
CARRS E  175933: N=Carpodacus roseus
                 C=Pallas' rosefinch
CARRT E  241230: N=Carex rostrata
                 C=Beaked sedge
CARRU B  114186: N=Carsonella ruddii
CARS1 B  208596: N=Carnobacterium sp. (strain 17-4)
CARSA E  252295: N=Carposina sasakii
                 C=Peach fruit moth
                 S=Carposina niponensis
CARSB E  447399: N=Caridina spinata
                 C=Gold spotted shrimp
CARSC E   32492: N=Cardiopharynx schoutedeni
                 C=Cichlid fish
                 S=Cyathopharynx schoutedeni
CARSD E  280671: N=Carcharhinus sorrah
                 C=Spot-tail shark
                 S=Carcharias sorrah
CARSE E  173346: N=Caranx sexfasciatus
                 C=Bigeye trevally
CARSF E 1868482: N=Carlito syrichta
                 C=Philippine tarsier
                 S=Tarsius syrichta
CARSH E  185307: N=Carex shimidzensis
CARSI E   69867: N=Carex scirpoidea
                 C=Northern singlespike sedge
CARSN E  371910: N=Cardinalis sinuatus
                 S=Pyrrhuloxia sinuatus
CARSO E  447396: N=Caridina spongicola
                 C=Celebes beauty shrimp
                 S=Harlequin shrimp
CARSP E  175943: N=Carpodacus sipahi
                 C=Scarlet finch
                 S=Haematospiza sipahi
CARSR E  247933: N=Carex serpenticola
                 C=Serpentine sedge
CARSS E   64408: N=Caryedon serratus
                 C=Groundnut bruchid beetle
                 S=Tamarind seed weevil
CARST B   76118: N=Carnobacterium sp. (strain St2)
CARSU E  138697: N=Carollia subrufa
                 C=Gray short-tailed bat
CARSY E   82188: N=Carabus sylvestris
CARTA E   30501: N=Carcharias taurus
                 C=Sand tiger shark
                 S=Eugomphodus taurus
CARTE E  990566: N=Caranx tille
                 C=Tille trevally
CARTH E  653379: N=Carex thornei
                 C=Thorne's sedge
                 S=Carex oligocarpa var. thornei
CARTI E    4222: N=Carthamus tinctorius
CARTL E  280670: N=Carcharhinus tilstoni
                 C=Australian blacktip shark
CARTO E  299770: N=Carex tonsa
                 C=Shaved sedge
                 S=Carex umbellata var. tonsa
CARTY E  303109: N=Caridina typus
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
CARUI B   35782: N=Carnobacterium sp. (strain UI49)
CARUM E  247930: N=Carex umbellata
                 C=Parasol sedge
CARUN E  100770: N=Carex unciniata
                 C=Hook sedge
                 S=Uncinia uncinata
CARVI E  173314: N=Caranx vinctus
CARVL E  140866: N=Carex vulpinoidea
                 C=Brown fox sedge
CARVO E   41075: N=Carabus violaceus
                 C=Violet ground beetle
CARVU E   41500: N=Carlina vulgaris
                 C=Carline thistle
CARWA E  109604: N=Cardamine waldsteinii
                 S=Dentaria trifolia
CARXA E 1112393: N=Carrhotus xanthogramma
                 C=Jumpimg spider
CARXE E  111423: N=Carex xerantica
                 C=Whitescale sedge
                 S=Carex foenea var. xerantica
CARZE E  144740: N=Caridina zebra
                 C=Freshwater shrimp
CASAN E  114796: N=Cassiopea andromeda
                 C=Upside-down jellyfish
                 S=Medusa andromeda
CASBE E   30463: N=Casuarius bennetti
                 C=Dwarf cassowary
CASCA E    8787: N=Casuarius casuarius
                 C=Southern cassowary
                 S=Struthio casuarius
CASCH E  279180: N=Castanopsis chinensis
                 C=Chinese evergreen chinquapin
                 S=Kweilin chestnut
CASCN E   51338: N=Castor canadensis
                 C=American beaver
CASCR E  103480: N=Castanea crenata
                 C=Japanese chestnut
CASDE B   75697: N=Castellaniella defragrans
                 S=Alcaligenes defragrans
CASDU E   51857: N=Casarea dussumieri
                 C=Round Island keel-scaled boa
CASED E   68535: N=Casimiroa edulis
                 C=White sapote
CASEQ E    3523: N=Casuarina equisetifolia
                 C=Beach she-oak
                 S=Casuarina litorea
CASFI E   10185: N=Castor fiber
                 C=Eurasian beaver
CASFR E  237412: N=Cassiopea frondosa
                 C=Upsidedown jellyfish
CASFS E   53852: N=Cassia fistula
                 C=Golden shower tree
CASGL E    3522: N=Casuarina glauca
                 C=Swamp oak
CASLE E 1884235: N=Cassia leiandra
CASLN E   46037: N=Castilleja linariifolia
                 C=Wyoming Indian paintbrush
                 S=Castilleja linearis
CASLY E   75586: N=Cassiope lycopodioides
                 C=Clubmoss mountain heather
                 S=Andromeda lycopodioides
CASME E   13405: N=Cassiope mertensiana
                 C=Western moss heather
                 S=Andromeda mertensiana
CASPH E  695512: N=Castrica phalaenoides
CASRU E  294607: N=Cassida rubiginosa
                 C=Green tortoise beetle
CASSA E   21020: N=Castanea sativa
                 C=Sweet chestnut
CASSU E  188296: N=Castilleja sulphurea
                 C=Sulphur Indian paintbrush
                 S=Castilleja rhexiifolia var. sulphurea
CASXA E   12993: N=Cassiopea xamachana
                 C=Mangrove jellyfish
                 S=Mangrove upside-down jellyfish
CATAD B  479433: N=Catenulispora acidiphila (strain DSM 44928 / JCM 14897 / NBRC 102108 / NRRL B-24433 / ID139908)
CATAN E  690174: N=Catocala andromedae
                 C=Gloomy underwing moth
CATAT E  555350: N=Catharacta antarctica
                 C=Brown skua
                 S=Stercorarius antarcticus
CATAU E   43455: N=Cathartes aura
                 C=Turkey vulture
                 S=Vultur aura
CATBA E   61454: N=Catopuma badia
                 C=Bay cat
                 S=Pardofelis badia
CATBC E  159580: N=Catharus bicknelli
                 C=Bicknell's thrush
CATBE E  547471: N=Catostomus bernardini
                 C=Yaqui sucker
CATBI E   85179: N=Catalpa bignonioides
                 C=Southern catalpa
                 S=Catalpa syringifolia
CATBO E   72790: N=Cataglyphis bombycinus
                 C=Saharan silver ant
                 S=Formica bombycina
CATBS E  182921: N=Catharopeza bishopi
                 C=Whistling warbler
CATBU E  761849: N=Catocala butleri
                 S=Ephesia butleri
CATCI E   98733: N=Catharomnion ciliatum
                 S=Pterigynandrum ciliatum
CATCL E    7970: N=Catostomus clarkii
                 C=Desert sucker
CATCO E    7971: N=Catostomus commersonii
                 C=White sucker
                 S=Cyprinus commersonnii
CATDO E   78717: N=Cattleya dowiana
CATEX E   78716: N=Catasetum expansum
CATFR E  172405: N=Catharus frantzii
                 C=Ruddy-capped nightingale-thrush
CATFU E  159581: N=Catharus fuscescens
CATGT E   38237: N=Cattleya guttata
CATGU E    9185: N=Catharus guttatus
                 C=Hermit thrush
                 S=Hylocichla guttata
CATIN E  696896: N=Catacanthus incarnatus
                 C=Man-faced stink bug
CATLU E  126631: N=Cattleya lueddemanniana
                 C=Lueddemann's cattleya
CATMA E  395889: N=Catharacta maccormicki
                 C=South polar skua
                 S=Stercorarius maccormicki
CATME E  241529: N=Catherpes mexicanus
                 C=Canyon wren
                 S=Salpinctes mexicanus
CATMI E  159579: N=Catharus minimus
                 C=Gray-cheeked thrush
                 S=Hylocichla minima
CATMO E  237413: N=Catostylus mosaicus
                 C=Blue blubber jellyfish
CATMR B  451640: N=Catenibacterium mitsuokai (strain DSM 15897 / JCM 10609 / CIP 106738 / RCA14-39)
CATNU E  423320: N=Catocala nupta
                 C=Red underwing moth
CATPL E  259651: N=Catostomus plebeius
                 C=Rio Grande sucker
CATPO E  259983: N=Catomerus polymerus
                 C=Surf barnacle
                 S=Catophragmus polymerus
CATRO E    4058: N=Catharanthus roseus
                 C=Madagascar periwinkle
                 S=Vinca rosea
CATRU E  181404: N=Cataetyx rubrirostris
                 C=Rubynose brotula
CATSE E  155717: N=Catalpa speciosa
                 C=Northern catalpa
                 S=Catalpa bignonioides var. speciosa
CATSK E   54056: N=Catharacta skua
                 C=Great skua
                 S=Stercorarius skua
CATSP E   43452: N=Catesbaea spinosa
CATUL E   56376: N=Catocala ultronia
                 C=Ultronia underwing moth
CATUS E   91951: N=Catharus ustulatus
                 C=Russet-backed thrush
                 S=Hylocichla ustulatus
CATWA E    9085: N=Catreus wallichii
                 C=Cheer pheasant
                 S=Lophophorus wallichii
CAUDE E   88081: N=Causus defilippii
                 C=Snouted night adder
CAUFL E  228867: N=Caulanthus flavescens
                 C=Yellow mustard
                 S=Guillenia flavescens
CAUFU E   46696: N=Caulastraea furcata
                 C=Candy cane coral
CAUJO E  717990: N=Caulophryne jordani
                 C=Fanfin angler
CAULA E  154104: N=Caulanthus lasiophyllus
                 C=California mustard
                 S=Guillenia lasiophylla
CAUPE E  181422: N=Caulophryne pelagica
                 C=Fanfin anglerfish
                 S=Melanocetus pelagicus
CAURA E   76317: N=Caulerpa racemosa
                 C=Green alga
CAURH E   44735: N=Causus rhombeatus
                 C=Rhombic night adder
CAUSK B  366602: N=Caulobacter sp. (strain K31)
CAUST B  509190: N=Caulobacter segnis (strain ATCC 21756 / DSM 7131 / JCM 7823 / NBRC 15250 / LMG 17158 / TK0059)
                 S=Mycoplana segnis
CAUTA E   76313: N=Caulerpa taxifolia
                 C=Killer algae
                 S=Fucus taxifolius
CAUTH E   46963: N=Caulophyllum thalictroides
                 C=Blue cohosh
                 S=Leontice thalictroides
CAUVC B  190650: N=Caulobacter vibrioides (strain ATCC 19089 / CB15)
                 S=Caulobacter crescentus
CAUVI B  155892: N=Caulobacter vibrioides
                 S=Caulobacter crescentus
CAUVN B  565050: N=Caulobacter vibrioides (strain NA1000 / CB15N)
                 S=Caulobacter crescentus
CAV26 V   73477: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate USA 26p4)
CAV82 V   73476: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate Japan 82-2)
CAVAP E   37548: N=Cavia aperea
                 C=Brazilian guinea pig
CAVAU V   73474: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate Australia)
CAVC1 V   73475: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate Germany Cuxhaven-1)
CAVCA V  486492: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate Australia/CAU269-7/2000)
CAVCI V   73478: N=Chicken anemia virus (isolate USA CIA-1)
CAVCU E   10144: N=Cavia cutleri
                 C=Guinea pig
CAVFA E 1054147: N=Cavenderia fasciculata (strain SH3)
                 C=Slime mold
                 S=Dictyostelium fasciculatum
CAVPO E   10141: N=Cavia porcellus
                 C=Guinea pig
CAVTS E  143287: N=Cavia tschudii
                 C=Montane guinea pig
CAYMV V   12150: N=Cacao yellow mosaic virus
CBCP  V   12336: N=Clostridium botulinum C phage
                 S=Clostridium botulinum C bacteriophage
CBDP  V   29342: N=Clostridium botulinum D phage
                 S=Clostridium botulinum D bacteriophage
CBEPV V   10288: N=Choristoneura biennis entomopoxvirus
CBPW1 V  352209: N=Chrysochromulina brevifilum virus PW1
CCHFI V  652961: N=Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (strain Nigeria/IbAr10200/1970)
CCHFV V   11594: N=Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (isolate C68031)
CCMV  V   12303: N=Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus
CDDV1 V 2169869: N=Chaetoceros diatodnavirus 1
                 S=Chaetoceros setoense DNA virus
CDVA4 V   82826: N=Canine distemper virus (strain A92-27/4)
CDVA6 V   82827: N=Canine distemper virus (strain A92-6)
CDVC  V   82828: N=Canine distemper virus (strain Convac vaccine)
CDVO  V   11233: N=Canine distemper virus (strain Onderstepoort)
CEACR E   73674: N=Ceanothus crassifolius
                 C=Hoary-leaved lilac
CEATH E   48245: N=Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
                 C=Blue blossom
CEATO E   73712: N=Ceanothus tomentosus
                 C=Ramona lilac
CEAVE E   73714: N=Ceanothus verrucosus
                 C=Wart-stemmed lilac
CEBAL E    9514: N=Cebus albifrons
                 C=White-fronted capuchin
CEBCA E    9516: N=Cebus capucinus
                 C=White-faced sapajou
CEBIM E 2715852: N=Cebus imitator
                 C=Panamanian white-faced capuchin
                 S=Cebus capucinus imitator
CEBKA E   37294: N=Cebus kaapori
                 C=Ka'apor capuchin
                 S=Cebus olivaceus kaapori
CEBOL E   37295: N=Cebus olivaceus
                 C=Weeper capuchin
CEBPY E    9493: N=Cebuella pygmaea
                 C=Pygmy marmoset
                 S=Callithrix pygmaea
CEDAT E  123597: N=Cedrus atlantica
                 C=Atlas cedar
                 S=Pinus atlantica
CEDDE E    3322: N=Cedrus deodara
                 C=Deodar cedar
                 S=Pinus deodara
CEIAC E   93753: N=Ceiba acuminata
                 C=Silk cotton tree
CEIPE E  193163: N=Ceiba pentandra
                 C=Kapok tree
                 S=Bombax pentandrum
CELAD B  688270: N=Cellulophaga algicola (strain DSM 14237 / IC166 / ACAM 630)
CELAG E  203782: N=Celastrina argiolus
                 C=Holly blue butterfly
                 S=Papilio argiolus
CELAR E   46112: N=Celosia argentea
                 C=Silver cock's comb
CELBM E  303880: N=Celatoblatta sp. (strain Blue Mountains)
CELCE B    1710: N=Cellulosimicrobium cellulans
                 S=Arthrobacter luteus
CELEE E  315362: N=Celeus elegans
                 C=Chestnut woodpecker
CELEL E  213665: N=Celithemis elisa
                 C=Calico pennant dragonfly
                 S=Diplax elisa
CELEN E  102180: N=Celestus enneagrammus
                 C=Huaxteca lesser galliwasp
                 S=Diploglossus enneagrammus
CELEX E  457029: N=Cellana exarata
                 C=Hawaiian blackfoot limpet
                 S=Patella undatolirata
CELFA B  590998: N=Cellulomonas fimi (strain ATCC 484 / DSM 20113 / JCM 1341 / NBRC 15513 / NCIMB 8980 / NCTC 7547)
CELFI B    1708: N=Cellulomonas fimi
CELFL E  296020: N=Cellana flava
CELFN B  446466: N=Cellulomonas flavigena (strain ATCC 482 / DSM 20109 / BCRC 11376 / JCM 18109 / NBRC 3775 / NCIMB 8073 / NRS 134)
CELFV E  315363: N=Celeus flavus
                 C=Cream-colored woodpecker
CELGA B  593907: N=Cellulomonas gilvus (strain ATCC 13127 / NRRL B-14078)
                 S=Cellvibrio gilvus
CELGM E  367948: N=Celeus grammicus
                 C=Scaly-breasted woodpecker
CELGR E  157699: N=Cellana grata
CELHE E  797158: N=Celastrina hersilia
                 C=Azure butterfly
CELJA B  155077: N=Cellvibrio japonicus
                 S=Pseudomonas fluorescens subsp. cellulosa
CELJU B  498211: N=Cellvibrio japonicus (strain Ueda107)
                 S=Pseudomonas fluorescens subsp. cellulosa
CELLA E   42299: N=Celastrina ladon
                 C=Spring azure
CELLC B  867900: N=Cellulophaga lytica (strain ATCC 23178 / DSM 7489 / JCM 8516 / NBRC 14961 / NCIMB 1423 / VKM B-1433 / Cy l20)
CELLD B  642492: N=Cellulosilyticum lentocellum (strain ATCC 49066 / DSM 5427 / NCIMB 11756 / RHM5)
                 S=Clostridium lentocellum
CELLY B     979: N=Cellulophaga lytica
                 S=Cytophaga lytica
CELNE E  470730: N=Celastrina neglecta
                 C=Summer azure butterfly
CELON E  296023: N=Cellana ornata
                 C=Ornate limpet
CELOR E   85181: N=Celastrus orbiculatus
                 C=Oriental bittersweet
CELPH E  213552: N=Celtis philippensis
                 C=Da guo you po
CELRA E  296022: N=Cellana radians
                 C=Radiate limpet
CELSC E  123407: N=Celastrus scandens
                 C=American bittersweet
CELSP B   40001: N=Cellulomonas sp.
CELUD B    1714: N=Cellulomonas uda
CELWA E  865857: N=Celestus warreni
                 C=Giant Hispaniolan galliwasp
                 S=Diploglossus warreni
CEMCO E   94897: N=Cemophora coccinea
                 C=Scarlet snake
                 S=Coluber coccineus
CENAM E    4543: N=Cenchrus americanus
                 C=Pearl millet
                 S=Pennisetum glaucum
CENAR E   56558: N=Centropomus armatus
                 C=Armed snook
CENAU E  466111: N=Centropyge aurantia
                 C=Golden angelfish
CENBA E  329350: N=Centruroides baergi
                 S=Centruroides nigrovariatus baergi
CENBC E 2565416: N=Centruroides bicolor
CENBE E   50282: N=Centaurea benedicta
                 C=Blessed thistle
                 S=Cnicus benedictus
CENBI E  109723: N=Centropyge bicolor
                 C=Bicolor angelfish
                 S=Chaetodon bicolor
CENBS E  586785: N=Centropyge bispinosa
                 C=Twospined angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus bispinosus
CENCA E   41511: N=Centaurea calcitrapa
                 C=Purple starthistle
CENCI E   35872: N=Cenchrus ciliaris
                 S=Pennisetum ciliare
CENCU E   81878: N=Centropus cupreicaudus
                 C=Coppery-tailed coucal
CENCY E   41522: N=Centaurea cyanus
                 C=Garden cornflower
                 S=Centaurea segetum
CENDR E 1053715: N=Centroberyx druzhinini
                 C=Flathead alfonsino
                 S=Trachichthodes druzhinini
CENEI E  109725: N=Centropyge eibli
                 C=Blacktail angelfish
CENEL E  217897: N=Centruroides elegans
                 C=Bark scorpion
CENEN E   28803: N=Centropomus ensiferus
                 C=Swordspine snook
CENER E  172057: N=Centaurium erythraea
                 C=European centaury
                 S=Centaurium minus
CENES E 1258684: N=Centromochlus existimatus
                 C=Amazonian driftwood catfish
CENEX E    6879: N=Centruroides exilicauda
                 C=Bark scorpion
                 S=Buthus exilicauda
CENFA E  586787: N=Centropyge flavissima
                 C=Lemonpeel angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus flavissimus
CENFE E  586786: N=Centropyge ferrugata
                 C=Rusty angelfish
CENFL E  109727: N=Centropyge flavicauda
                 C=Whitetail angelfish
CENGR E  217898: N=Centruroides gracilis
                 C=Slenderbrown scorpion
                 S=Florida bark scorpion
CENII E   42199: N=Centruroides infamatus
                 C=Kock scorpion
CENLI E    6876: N=Centruroides limpidus
                 C=Mexican scorpion
CENLM E  244936: N=Centruroides limbatus
                 C=Bark scorpion
CENLO E  586789: N=Centropyge loriculus
                 C=Flame angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus loriculus
CENMA E   29018: N=Centruroides margaritatus
                 C=Central American bark Scorpion
CENME E   56559: N=Centropomus medius
                 C=Blackfin snook
CENMI E  500177: N=Centrolobium microchaete
                 C=Canarywood tree
                 S=Centrolobium robustum var. microchaete
CENML E  110272: N=Centropyge multifasciata
                 C=Barred angelfish
                 S=Paracentropyge multifasciata
CENMR E  197001: N=Cenchritis muricatus
                 C=Beaded periwinkle
CENMU E  109731: N=Centropyge multispinis
                 C=Dusky angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus multispinis
CENNI E   75633: N=Centaurea nigra
                 C=Black knapweed
                 S=Centaurea jacea subsp. nigra
CENNO E    6878: N=Centruroides noxius
                 C=Mexican scorpion
CENNX E  109732: N=Centropyge nox
                 C=Midnight angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus nox
CENOR E 2338500: N=Centruroides ornatus
                 S=Centruroides infamatus ornatus
CENPO E  109733: N=Centropyge potteri
                 C=Potter's angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus potteri
CENPU E  172069: N=Centaurium pulchellum
                 C=Lesser centaury
                 S=Gentiana pulchella
CENRU E   42332: N=Centranthus ruber
                 C=Red valerian
                 S=Valeriana rubra
CENSC E  218467: N=Centruroides sculpturatus
                 C=Arizona bark scorpion
CENSE E   27644: N=Centurio senex
                 C=Lattice-winged bat
                 S=Wrinkle-faced bat
CENSI E   57402: N=Centropus sinensis
                 C=Greater coucal
CENSL E 1540822: N=Centrochelys sulcata
                 C=African spurred tortoise
                 S=Geochelone sulcata
CENSM A   46770: N=Cenarchaeum symbiosum
CENSR E  184440: N=Centropristis striata
                 C=Black sea bass
                 S=Labrus striatus
CENST E   72152: N=Centaurea stoebe
                 C=Spotted knapweed
CENSU E    6880: N=Centruroides suffusus
                 C=Durango bark scorpion
CENSY A  414004: N=Cenarchaeum symbiosum (strain A)
CENTE E 1028682: N=Centruroides tecomanus
                 S=Centruroides limpidus tecomanus
CENTI E  109734: N=Centropyge tibicen
                 C=Keyhole angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus tibicen
CENTO E  500182: N=Centrolobium tomentosum
CENTY E  463189: N=Centropages typicus
CENUR E    9002: N=Centrocercus urophasianus
                 C=Sage grouse
                 S=Tetrao urophasianus
CENVI E  121388: N=Centropus viridis
                 C=Philippine coucal
CENVR E  109736: N=Centropyge vrolikii
                 C=Pearlscale angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus vrolikii
CENVT E  120091: N=Centruroides vittatus
                 C=Striped bark scorpion
CEPAD E  129222: N=Cephalophus adersi
                 C=Aders' duiker
CEPAR E  309930: N=Cephalopholis argus
                 C=Peacock hind
CEPBA E    9477: N=Cephalopachus bancanus
                 C=Western tarsier
                 S=Tarsius bancanus
CEPBO E   91743: N=Cephalopholis boenak
                 C=Chocolate hind
                 S=Bodianus boenak
CEPCA E  129223: N=Cephalophus callipygus
                 C=Peters's duiker
CEPCI E  212547: N=Cephalota circumdata
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela circumdata
CEPCM E  103582: N=Cephalorhynchus commersonii
                 C=Commerson's dolphin
CEPCN E  211228: N=Cephus cinctus
                 C=Wheat stem sawfly
CEPCO E   28696: N=Cepphus columba
                 C=Pigeon guillemot
CEPCR E   43308: N=Cepphus carbo
                 C=Spectacled guillemot
CEPDO E   97360: N=Cephalophus dorsalis
                 C=Bay duiker
CEPEU E   27608: N=Cephalorhynchus eutropia
                 C=Chilean dolphin
                 S=Delphinus eutropia
CEPFO E    3775: N=Cephalotus follicularis
                 C=Albany pitcher plant
CEPFR E   66169: N=Cephalotaxus fortunei
                 C=Chinese plum yew
CEPFU E  160705: N=Cephalopholis fulva
                 S=Labrus fulvus
CEPGR E   28697: N=Cepphus grylle
                 C=Black guillemot
CEPHA E  103583: N=Cephalorhynchus heavisidii
                 C=Heaviside's dolphin
CEPHE E   37035: N=Cephalorhynchus hectori
                 C=Hector's dolphin
                 S=Electra hectori
CEPHR E  129224: N=Cephalophus harveyi
                 C=Harvey's red duiker
                 S=Cephalophus natalensis harveyi
CEPHY E  151547: N=Cephonodes hylas
                 C=Coffee bee hawkmoth
                 S=Sphinx hylas
CEPJE E  129225: N=Cephalophus jentinki
                 C=Jentink's duiker
CEPLE E   70738: N=Cephalophus leucogaster
                 C=White-bellied duiker
CEPMI E  334914: N=Cephalopholis miniata
                 C=Coral hind
                 S=Perca miniata
CEPNA E   69299: N=Cephalophus natalensis
                 C=Red duiker
                 S=Natal duiker
CEPNE E   28835: N=Cepaea nemoralis
                 C=Banded wood snail
CEPNG E  129227: N=Cephalophus nigrifrons
                 C=Black-fronted duiker
CEPNI E  129226: N=Cephalophus niger
                 C=Black duiker
CEPOC E   43461: N=Cephalanthus occidentalis
                 C=Common buttonbush
CEPOG E  129228: N=Cephalophus ogilbyi
                 C=Ogilby's duiker
CEPOL E  147282: N=Cephalotaxus oliveri
                 C=Oliver's plum yew
CEPRF E  129230: N=Cephalophus rufilatus
                 C=Red-flanked duiker
CEPRU E  129229: N=Cephalophus rubidus
                 C=Ruwenzori duiker
CEPSI E   50347: N=Cephalophus silvicultor
                 C=Yellow-backed duiker
CEPSO E  160708: N=Cephalopholis sonnerati
                 C=Tomato hind
                 S=Serranus sonnerati
CEPSP E  129231: N=Cephalophus spadix
                 C=Abbott's duiker
CEPSW E   50179: N=Cephalotaxus wilsoniana
                 C=Taiwan plum yew
                 S=Cephalotaxus sinensis var. wilsoniana
CEPUR E  160709: N=Cephalopholis urodeta
                 C=Darkfin hind
                 S=Perca urodeta
CEPWE E  129232: N=Cephalophus weynsi
                 C=Weyns' duiker
CEPZE E  129233: N=Cephalophus zebra
                 C=Zebra duiker
                 S=Banded duiker
CERAC E  192857: N=Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti
                 C=Schmidt's red-tailed monkey
CERAG E  255237: N=Cercocebus agilis
                 C=Agile mangabey
CERAL E   75570: N=Cercocebus atys lunulatus
                 C=White-crowned mangabey
                 S=Cercocebus torquatus lunulatus
CERAM E  186443: N=Certhia americana
                 C=American treecreeper
CERAN E  692077: N=Ceraclea annulicornis
                 S=Athripsodes annulicornis
CERAS E   36223: N=Cercopithecus ascanius
                 C=Black-cheeked white-nosed monkey
                 S=Redtail monkey
CERAT E    9531: N=Cercocebus atys
                 C=Sooty mangabey
                 S=Cercocebus torquatus atys
CERAY E  741432: N=Ceroctena amynta
CERBA E  280693: N=Cercaria batillariae
CERBC E 1527800: N=Cerataulina bicornis
                 S=Cerataulina daemon
CERBE E  140994: N=Cercocarpus betuloides
                 C=Mountain mahogany
CERBT E  122368: N=Cercospora beticola
                 C=Sugarbeet leaf spot fungus
CERCA E    7213: N=Ceratitis capitata
                 C=Mediterranean fruit fly
                 S=Tephritis capitata
CERCC E  190651: N=Cercartetus concinnus
                 C=Western pygmy possum
CERCE E    8697: N=Cerastes cerastes
                 C=Horned desert viper
CERCH E   75569: N=Cercocebus chrysogaster
                 C=Golden-bellied mangabey
                 S=Cercocebus galeritus chrysogaster
CERCN E   49801: N=Cercis canadensis
                 C=Eastern redbud
                 S=Judas tree
CERCO E  194917: N=Ceratitis cosyra
                 C=Mango fruit fly
                 S=Trypeta cosyra
CERCP E    9535: N=Cercopithecus cephus
                 C=Moustached monkey
CERCR E  214083: N=Cerma cerintha
                 C=Tufted bird-dropping moth
CERCT E  119246: N=Ceratomia catalpae
                 C=Catalpa sphinx
CERCU E   38602: N=Cercartetus caudatus
                 C=Long-tailed pygmy possum
CERDA E 2051643: N=Ceratogyrus darlingi
                 C=Rear horned baboon tarantula
CERDE E    4428: N=Ceratophyllum demersum
                 C=Rigid hornwort
CERDI E   36224: N=Cercopithecus diana
                 C=Diana monkey
CERDN E  928250: N=Ceratophysella denticulata
CERED E   55710: N=Cerastoderma edule
                 C=Common cockle
                 S=Cardium edule
CEREH E   46360: N=Cervus elaphus hippelaphus
                 C=European red deer
CEREI E   13411: N=Ceratiola ericoides
                 C=Sandhill rosemary
                 S=Sand heath
CEREL E    9860: N=Cervus elaphus
                 C=Red deer
CEREN E    9864: N=Cervus elaphus nelsoni
                 C=Rocky Mountain elk
                 S=Cervus canadensis nelsoni
CEREO E   65383: N=Cervus elaphus roosevelti
                 C=Roosevelt's wapiti
                 S=Cervus canadensis roosevelti
CERER E  161496: N=Cercopithecus erythrogaster
                 C=Red-bellied monkey
                 S=White-throated monkey
CEREX E  692079: N=Ceraclea excisa
CERFA E   73333: N=Certhia familiaris
                 C=Eurasian treecreeper
CERFI E   88771: N=Ceratocystis fimbriata f. sp. platani
CERFS E  220499: N=Ceratitis fasciventris
                 C=Fruit fly
CERGA E    9532: N=Cercocebus galeritus
                 C=Tana river mangabey
CERGC E   94722: N=Cerastoderma glaucum
                 C=Lagoon cockle
CERGE E  572824: N=Ceratodalia gueneata
CERGL E    3580: N=Cerastium glomeratum
                 C=Sticky chickweed
                 S=Mouse-eared chickweed
CERGO E   44722: N=Cerrophidion godmani
                 C=Porthidium godmani
                 S=Bothrops godmani
CERGU E    3778: N=Ceratopetalum gummiferum
                 C=New South Wales Christmas bush
CERHA E    9536: N=Cercopithecus hamlyni
                 C=Owl-faced monkey
                 S=Hamlyn's monkey
CERHI E  171009: N=Ceratozamia hildae
                 C=Bamboo cycad
CERJA E   13413: N=Cercidiphyllum japonicum
                 C=Katsura tree
CERJP E  218448: N=Ceramium japonicum
                 C=Red alga
CERKI E  227354: N=Ceracris kiangsu
                 C=Yellow-spined bamboo locust
                 S=Rammeacris kiangsu
CERKU E  179072: N=Ceratozamia kuesteriana
CERLA E    6221: N=Cerebratulus lacteus
                 C=Milky ribbon worm
                 S=Micrura lactea
CERLD E   32221: N=Cercocarpus ledifolius
                 C=Curl-leaf mountain mahogany
CERLE E  212226: N=Ceratiosicyos laevis
CERLO E 1191211: N=Cercopithecus lomamiensis
CERLP E  190652: N=Cercartetus lepidus
                 C=Little pygmy possum
CERLW E   52826: N=Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii
                 C=Hearts entangled
                 S=Ceropegia woodii
CERMA E  187795: N=Cerebratulus marginatus
                 C=Ribbon worm
CERME E   41994: N=Ceratozamia mexicana
                 C=Mexican horncone
CERMI E   36225: N=Cercopithecus mitis
                 C=Blue monkey
CERMM E  208460: N=Cerianthus membranaceus
                 C=Colored tube anemone
CERMN E   61263: N=Cerorhinca monocerata
                 C=Rhinoceros auklet
                 S=Alca monocerata
CERMO E   36226: N=Cercopithecus mona
                 C=Mona monkey
CERMQ E  115872: N=Ceratozamia miqueliana
                 C=Miquel's horncone
                 S=Ceratozamia mexicana var. miqueliana
CERMR E  316287: N=Ceratogyrus marshalli
                 C=Straighthorned baboon tarantula
                 S=Ceratogyrus cornuatus
CERNA E   92865: N=Cervus nippon aplodontus
                 C=Sika deer
CERNC E   29003: N=Cercospora nicotianae
                 C=Barn spot disease fungus
CERNE E   36227: N=Cercopithecus neglectus
                 C=De Brazza's monkey
CERNH E   92866: N=Cervus nippon hortulorum
                 C=Dybowski's sika deer
CERNI E    9863: N=Cervus nippon
                 C=Sika deer
CERNN E   92867: N=Cervus nippon nippon
                 C=Japanese sika deer
CERNO E    8858: N=Cereopsis novaehollandiae
                 C=Cape Barren goose
CERNP E   92868: N=Cervus nippon pseudaxis
                 C=Tonkin sika deer
CERNS E   36228: N=Cercopithecus nictitans
                 C=Greater white-nosed monkey
                 S=White-nosed guenon
CERNT E   37550: N=Cervus nippon taiouanus
                 C=Formosan sika deer
CERNU E  190653: N=Cercartetus nanus
                 C=Eastern pygmy possum
CERNY E  223998: N=Cervus nippon yesoensis
                 C=Wild sika deer
                 S=Hokkaido sika deer
CEROE E  111892: N=Cercyonis oetus
                 C=Small wood nymph
CEROL E   48880: N=Certhidea olivacea
                 C=Green warbler-finch
CERON E   30347: N=Ceratophrys ornata
                 C=Ornate horned frog
CERPE E   64451: N=Cercyonis pegala
                 C=Common wood-nymph
CERPI E  122369: N=Cercospora piaropi
CERPT E  100487: N=Cercopithecus petaurista
                 C=Lesser spot-nosed monkey
CERPU E    3225: N=Ceratodon purpureus
                 C=Fire moss
                 S=Dicranum purpureum
CERRH E    6472: N=Cerithidea rhizophorarum
                 C=Water snail
                 S=Horn shell
CERRI E   49495: N=Ceratopteris richardii
                 C=Triangle waterfern
CERRO E   56958: N=Ceratitis rosa
                 C=Natal fruit fly
                 S=Pterandrus rosa
CERRY E   46267: N=Cerberus rynchops
                 C=Dog-faced water snake
CERS4 B  272943: N=Cereibacter sphaeroides (strain ATCC 17023 / DSM 158 / JCM 6121 / CCUG 31486 / LMG 2827 / NBRC 12203 / NCIMB 8253 / ATH 2.4.1.)
                 S=Rhodobacter sphaeroides
CERS5 B  349102: N=Cereibacter sphaeroides (strain ATCC 17025 / ATH 2.4.3)
                 S=Rhodobacter sphaeroides
CERS8 E  914234: N=Ceriporiopsis subvermispora (strain B)
                 C=White-rot fungus
                 S=Gelatoporia subvermispora
CERSA E 1200835: N=Cerrophidion sasai
                 C=Costa Rica montane pitviper
CERSB E  108412: N=Ceratophyllum submersum
                 C=Tropical hornwort
CERSC E  310713: N=Ceratotherium simum cottoni
                 C=Northern white rhinoceros
CERSH E  280694: N=Cercaria shikokuensis
CERSI E    9807: N=Ceratotherium simum
                 C=White rhinoceros
                 S=Square-lipped rhinoceros
CERSL E   20340: N=Ceratonia siliqua
                 S=St John's-bread
CERSM E  411686: N=Cerrena sp. (strain MTCC 5159)
                 C=Bracket fungus
CERSP B    1063: N=Cereibacter sphaeroides
                 S=Rhodobacter sphaeroides
CERSS E   73337: N=Ceratotherium simum simum
                 C=Southern white rhinoceros
CERST E   60662: N=Ceratonova shasta
                 C=Freshwater myxozoan parasite
                 S=Ceratomyxa shasta
CERSU E   42742: N=Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
                 C=White-rot fungus
                 S=Gelatoporia subvermispora
CERTH E    9620: N=Cerdocyon thous
                 C=Crab-eating fox
                 S=Dusicyon thous
CERTI E  104142: N=Ceratoserolis trilobitoides
                 C=Antarctic isopod
                 S=Serolis trilobitoides
CERTR E    9530: N=Cercocebus torquatus
                 C=Red-capped mangabey
                 S=Cercocebus torquatus subsp. torquatus
CERUI E   90312: N=Cerrena unicolor
                 C=Canker rot fungus
                 S=Daedalea unicolor
CERV  V   10640: N=Carnation etched ring virus
CERVI E    8698: N=Cerastes vipera
                 C=Sahara sand viper
CERVU E  279269: N=Cercopis vulnerata
                 C=Blood froghopper
CERWO E  263448: N=Cercopithecus wolfi
                 C=Wolf's monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus pogonias wolfi
CESEL E  103475: N=Cestrum elegans
                 C=Red cestrum
                 S=Habrothamnus elegans
CESNO E  225615: N=Cestrum nocturnum
                 C=Night jessamine
                 S=Cestrum suberosum
CESVE E   12997: N=Cestum veneris
                 C=Venus girdle
CETAU E  290679: N=Cetonia aurata
                 C=Rose chafer beetle
                 S=Scarabaeus auratus
CETBI E  188107: N=Cetoscarus bicolor
                 C=Bicolor parrotfish
                 S=Scarus bicolor
CETRE E   88671: N=Cetostoma regani
                 C=Pink flabby whalefish
CETUR E  412660: N=Ceratias uranoscopus
                 C=Stargazing seadevil
CEUCO E  467361: N=Ceutorhynchus contractus
                 C=Cabbage leaf weevil
                 S=Curculio contractus
CEUER E  334568: N=Ceutorhynchus erysimi
                 S=Curculio erysimi
CEV01 V  455364: N=Chrysochromulina ericina virus
CEYER E  860587: N=Ceyx erithaca
                 C=Oriental dwarf-kingfisher
CEYLE E  325320: N=Ceyx lepidus
                 C=Moluccan dwarf-kingfisher
CFEPV V   28322: N=Choristoneura fumiferana entomopoxvirus
CFMVN V 1005059: N=Cocksfoot mottle virus (isolate Dactylis glomerata/Norway/CfMV-NO/1995)
CGMVS V   12236: N=Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (strain watermelon SH)
CGMVW V   12237: N=Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (strain watermelon W)
CHAAA E  420385: N=Chamaeleo arabicus
                 C=Arabian chameleon
CHAAB E  142641: N=Chaetodipus arenarius
                 C=Little desert pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus arenarius
CHAAC E   36190: N=Chaenocephalus aceratus
                 C=Blackfin icefish
                 S=Chaenichthys aceratus
CHAAD E  145406: N=Chaetodipus artus
                 C=Narrow-skulled pocket mouse
CHAAE E  181417: N=Chaunax abei
CHAAF E   91906: N=Chamaeleo africanus
                 C=African chameleon
CHAAG E  256060: N=Chaetopleura angulata
                 S=Chiton angulatus
CHAAI E  188929: N=Channa asiatica
                 C=Small snakehead
                 S=Gymnotus asiaticus
CHAAL E   50392: N=Charadrius alexandrinus
                 C=Snowy plover
                 S=Kentish plover
CHAAM E  341736: N=Chatogekko amazonicus
                 C=Brazilian pygmy gecko
                 S=Coleodactylus amazonicus
CHAAN E  256042: N=Chaerephon ansorgei
                 C=Ansorge's free-tailed bat
                 S=Tadarida ansorgei
CHAAP E   58794: N=Chaetopleura apiculata
                 C=Common eastern chiton
                 S=Chiton apiculatus
CHAAR E   39041: N=Chaetodon argentatus
                 C=Asian butterflyfish
                 S=Anisochaetodon argentatus
CHAAS E  109684: N=Chaetodon austriacus
                 C=Exquisite butterflyfish
CHAAT E   80837: N=Charybdis acuta
                 C=Swimming crab
CHAAU E   39042: N=Chaetodon auriga
                 C=Threadfin butterflyfish
CHABA E  145407: N=Chaetodipus baileyi
                 C=Bailey's pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus baileyi
CHABI E   50394: N=Charadrius bicinctus
                 C=Double-banded plover
CHABO E   51858: N=Charina bottae
                 C=Northern rubber boa
CHABR E  109685: N=Chaetodon baronessa
                 C=Eastern triangular butterflyfish
CHABU E   69332: N=Chara braunii
                 C=Braun's stonewort
CHACA E   37949: N=Chaetodon capistratus
                 C=Four-eye butterflyfish
CHACB E   43696: N=Chara corallina
                 S=Green alga
CHACC E   50395: N=Charadrius collaris
                 C=Collared plover
CHACD E  160823: N=Chaos carolinense
                 S=Pelomyxa carolinensis
CHACE E  109721: N=Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus
                 C=Bluespotted angelfish
CHACF E  420386: N=Chamaeleo calcaricarens
                 C=Awash chameleon
CHACG E 1502715: N=Chamaedrilus cognettii
                 C=Terrestrial worm
                 S=Cognettia cognettii
CHACH E    8829: N=Chauna chavaria
                 C=Northern screamer
CHACI E  109686: N=Chaetodon citrinellus
                 C=Speckled butterflyfish
CHACJ E  228311: N=Chamaetylas choloensis
                 C=Thyolo alethe
                 S=Alethe choloensis
CHACK E  743411: N=Chartergellus communis
CHACL E  145408: N=Chaetodipus californicus
                 C=California pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus californicus
CHACM E   91907: N=Chamaeleo chamaeleon
                 C=Mediterranean chameleon
CHACN E   29144: N=Chanos chanos
                 S=Mugil chanos
CHACO E   13779: N=Chara connivens
                 C=Convergent stonewort
CHACP E  288697: N=Chaerephon chapini
                 C=Chapin's free-tailed bat
                 S=Tadarida chapini
CHACR E  109687: N=Chaetodon collare
                 C=Redtail butterflyfish
CHACS E  154471: N=Chamaedorea costaricana
                 C=Costarican bamboo palm
CHACT E  510798: N=Chassalia chartacea
CHACU E   41813: N=Chaoborus crystallinus
                 C=Phantom midge
                 S=Tipula crystallina
CHACY E  179908: N=Chamaeleo calyptratus
                 C=Veiled chameleon
CHADB E  225396: N=Charadrius dubius
                 C=Little ringed plover
                 S=Aegialitis dubia
CHADE E  109688: N=Chaetodon decussatus
                 C=Indian vagabond butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon vagabundus jordani
CHADI E   91908: N=Chamaeleo dilepis
                 C=Flapneck chameleon
CHADQ E  179919: N=Chamaeleo dilepis quilensis
                 C=Bocage's chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo quilensis
CHADU E  109737: N=Chaetodontoplus duboulayi
                 C=Scribbled angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus duboulayi
CHAEP E  109689: N=Chaetodon ephippium
                 C=Saddleback butterflyfish
CHAER E  145409: N=Chaetodipus eremicus
                 C=Chihuahuan pocket mouse
CHAFA E   50396: N=Charadrius falklandicus
                 C=Two-banded plover
CHAFC E  190680: N=Chamaea fasciata
CHAFE E   65693: N=Charybdis feriata
                 C=Crucifix crab
                 S=Cancer feriatus
CHAFL E  145410: N=Chaetodipus fallax
                 C=San Diego pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus fallax
CHAFM E  187461: N=Chamaecyparis formosensis
                 C=Formosan cypress
                 S=Cupressus formosensis
CHAFO E   38678: N=Chaetodipus formosus
                 C=Long-tailed pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus formosus
CHAFR E   69336: N=Chara fibrosa
                 C=Green alga
CHAFS E   53854: N=Chamaecrista fasciculata
                 C=Showy partridge pea
                 S=Cassia fasciculata
CHAFV E  109690: N=Chaetodon flavirostris
                 C=Black butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon aphrodite
CHAGB E  306901: N=Chaetomium globosum (strain ATCC 6205 / CBS 148.51 / DSM 1962 / NBRC 6347 / NRRL 1970)
                 C=Soil fungus
CHAGD E  145411: N=Chaetodipus goldmani
                 C=Goldman's pocket mouse
CHAGL E   96477: N=Chaetosphaeridium globosum
                 C=Charophycean green alga
                 S=Herposteiron globosum
CHAGO E   69338: N=Chara globularis
                 C=Fragile stonewort
CHAGR E   91909: N=Chamaeleo gracilis
                 C=Graceful chameleon
CHAGS E   38033: N=Chaetomium globosum
                 C=Soil fungus
CHAGT E   39043: N=Chaetodon guttatissimus
                 C=Peppered butterflyfish
CHAGU E   52237: N=Champsocephalus gunnari
                 C=Mackerel icefish
CHAHA E  371911: N=Charadrius hiaticula
                 C=Common ringed plover
CHAHE E   66417: N=Chalcostigma herrani
                 C=Rainbow-bearded thornbill
CHAHI E   38665: N=Chaetodipus hispidus
                 C=Hispid pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus hispidus
CHAHL E  600358: N=Charybdis hellerii
                 C=Indo-Pacific swimming crab
CHAHU E   54446: N=Chamaerops humilis
                 C=Mediterranean fan palm
CHAIN E   38666: N=Chaetodipus intermedius
                 C=Rock pocket mouse
CHAJB E  288699: N=Chaerephon jobensis
                 C=Northern mastiff bat
                 S=Tadarida jobensis
CHAJP E   80839: N=Charybdis japonica
                 C=Asian swimming crab
CHAKL E  109691: N=Chaetodon kleinii
                 C=Sunburst butterflyfish
CHALA E   58030: N=Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
                 C=Lawson false cypress
                 S=Cupressus lawsoniana
CHALC E   64146: N=Channa lucius
                 C=Forest snakehead
                 S=Ophicephalus lucius
CHALI E  109693: N=Chaetodon lineolatus
                 C=Lined butterflyfish
CHALN E  413409: N=Chaetopleura lanuginosa
CHALR E  109692: N=Chaetodon larvatus
                 C=Hooded butterflyfish
CHALU E  109694: N=Chaetodon lunula
                 C=Raccoon butterflyfish
                 S=Pomacentrus lunula
CHAMA E   42552: N=Chalceus macrolepidotus
                 C=Pinktailed characin
CHAMB E  279942: N=Charadrius melodus
                 C=Piping plover
CHAMC E  211599: N=Charadrius morinellus
                 C=Eurasian dotterel
                 S=Eudromias morinellus
CHAMD E  109739: N=Chaetodontoplus meredithi
                 C=Queensland yellowtail angelfish
CHAME E  109695: N=Chaetodon melannotus
                 C=Black back butterflyfish
CHAMF E  188791: N=Channa maculata
                 C=Blotched snakehead
                 S=Bostrychus maculatus
CHAMG E  171267: N=Charadrius mongolus
                 C=Lesser sand plover
                 S=Mongolian plover
CHAMH E   64149: N=Channa micropeltes
                 C=Giant snakehead
                 S=Ophicephalus micropeltes
CHAMI E   39045: N=Chaetodon miliaris
                 C=Lemon butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon mantelliger
CHAML E  109738: N=Chaetodontoplus melanosoma
                 C=Black-velvet angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus melanosoma
CHAMN E   50398: N=Charadrius montanus
                 C=Mountain plover
CHAMO E  420383: N=Chamaeleo monachus
                 C=Socotran chameleon
CHAMP E   50353: N=Chalinolobus morio
                 C=Chocolate-wattled bat
                 S=Lobe-lipped bat
CHAMQ E  859642: N=Chattonella marina var. antiqua
                 C=Red tide flagellate
                 S=Chattonella antiqua
CHAMR E   39032: N=Chaetodon mertensii
                 C=Atoll butterflyfish
CHAMS E  109696: N=Chaetodon mesoleucos
                 C=White-face butterflyfish
CHAMT E   50397: N=Charadrius modestus
                 C=Rufous-chested dotterel
                 S=Zonibyx modestus
CHAMU E   39044: N=Chaetodon multicinctus
                 C=Multi-banded butterflyfish
CHAMY E  109697: N=Chaetodon meyeri
                 C=Meyer's butterflyfish
CHANA E  179917: N=Chamaeleo namaquensis
                 C=Namaqua chameleon
CHANE E  145412: N=Chaetodipus nelsoni
                 C=Nelson's pocket mouse
CHANI E  288698: N=Chaerephon nigeriae
                 C=Nigerian free-tailed bat
CHANO E   99037: N=Chamaemelum nobile
                 C=Roman chamomile
                 S=Anthemis nobilis
CHANT E  256131: N=Chaetoderma nitidulum
CHAOB E   13415: N=Chamaecyparis obtusa
                 C=Hinoki false-cypress
                 S=Retinospora obtusa
CHAOC E  109698: N=Chaetodon ocellicaudus
                 C=Spot-tail butterflyfish
CHAOE E   63341: N=Chalcides ocellatus
                 C=Ocellated skink
CHAOP E  528223: N=Chauliognathus opacus
                 C=Soldier beetle
CHAOR E  109700: N=Chaetodon ornatissimus
                 C=Ornate butterflyfish
CHAOT E  109699: N=Chaetodon octofasciatus
                 C=Eight-banded butterflyfish
CHAOX E  109701: N=Chaetodon oxycephalus
                 C=Spot-nape butterflyfish
CHAP6 B 1173020: N=Chamaesiphon minutus (strain ATCC 27169 / PCC 6605)
CHAPA E   58431: N=Chassalia parviflora
CHAPB E 1040949: N=Chaenomugil proboscideus
                 C=Snouted mullet
CHAPC E   39037: N=Chaetodon paucifasciatus
                 C=Crown butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon chrysurus paucifasciatus
CHAPD E  169567: N=Chaetymenia peduncularis
CHAPE E    8897: N=Chaetura pelagica
                 C=Chimney swift
                 S=Hirundo pelagica
CHAPF E  304456: N=Channa punctata
                 C=Spotted snakehead
                 S=Ophicephalus punctatus
CHAPG E 1592441: N=Chaunax penicillatus
                 C=Pencil coffinfish
                 S=Chaunax tosaensis
CHAPI E  242967: N=Chaunax pictus
                 C=Pink frogmouth
CHAPL E  109702: N=Chaetodon plebeius
                 C=Blueblotch butterflyfish
CHAPM E  242384: N=Chaerephon pumilus
                 C=Little free-tailed bat
CHAPN E   38672: N=Chaetodipus penicillatus
                 C=Desert pocket mouse
                 S=Perognathus penicillatus
CHAPO E  348488: N=Chamaedorea plumosa
                 C=Palm tree
CHAPR E   38673: N=Chaetodipus pernix
                 C=Sinaloan pocket mouse
CHAPS E  336004: N=Chauliodes pectinicornis
                 C=Summer fishfly
CHAPT E  113150: N=Chaetosa punctipes
                 S=Cordilura punctipes
CHAPU E   39040: N=Chaetodon punctatofasciatus
                 C=Spotband butterflyfish
CHAPW E   39039: N=Chaetodon pelewensis
                 C=Sunset butterflyfish
CHAQN E  198537: N=Chaceon quinquedens
                 C=Red deepsea crab
                 S=Geryon quinquedens
CHAQU E  146141: N=Chaetodon quadrimaculatus
                 C=Four-spot butterflyfish
CHARA E  109703: N=Chaetodon rafflesii
                 C=Latticed butterflyfish
CHARC E   50399: N=Charadrius ruficapillus
                 C=Red-capped plover
CHARD E  323381: N=Chaetodipus rudinoris
                 C=Baja pocket mouse
CHARF E   66418: N=Chalcostigma ruficeps
                 C=Rufous-capped thornbill
CHARH E   70438: N=Channichthys rhinoceratus
                 C=Unicorn icefish
CHARI E  109704: N=Chaetodon rainfordi
                 C=Rainford's butterflyfish
CHARO E  666059: N=Chamaepsila rosae
                 C=Carrot rust fly
                 S=Psila rosae
CHASA E   75016: N=Chaetodon striatus
                 C=Banded butterflyfish
CHASC E  109705: N=Chaetodon speculum
                 C=Oval-spot butterflyfish
                 S=Mirror butterflyfish
CHASE E  106546: N=Chaenomeles speciosa
                 C=Flowering quince
                 S=Cydonia speciosa
CHASH E  262129: N=Chalcophaps stephani
                 C=Stephan's dove
CHASI E   77339: N=Chamaedorea seifrizii
                 C=Bamboo palm
CHASL E   68509: N=Chauliodus sloani
                 C=Sloane's viperfish
CHASM E   50400: N=Charadrius semipalmatus
                 C=Semipalmated plover
CHASN E  187945: N=Chamaeleo senegalensis
                 C=Senegal chameleon
CHASO E  176524: N=Chamaechaenactis scaposa
CHASP E   36534: N=Chalaropsis sp.
CHASR E   64152: N=Channa striata
                 C=Snakehead murrel
                 S=Ophicephalus striatus
CHAST E  176522: N=Chaenactis santolinoides
                 C=Santolina pincushion
CHASU E  145413: N=Chaetodipus spinatus
                 C=Spiny pocket mouse
CHASX E   63339: N=Chalcides sexlineatus
                 C=Gran Canaria skink
CHATC E 1055734: N=Chaerilus tricostatus
CHATD E  759272: N=Chaetomium thermophilum (strain DSM 1495 / CBS 144.50 / IMI 039719)
CHATF E  109707: N=Chaetodon trifasciatus
                 C=Melon butterflyfish
CHATI E   39031: N=Chaetodon tinkeri
                 C=Tinker's butterflyfish
CHATO E   30388: N=Chauna torquata
                 C=Southern screamer
CHATR E  109706: N=Chaetodon trifascialis
                 C=Chevron butterflyfish
CHATU E  143942: N=Chalinolobus tuberculatus
                 C=New Zealand long-tailed bat
CHATY E 1464547: N=Chaerilus tryznai
CHAUL E  109708: N=Chaetodon ulietensis
                 C=Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish
CHAV  V   11273: N=Chandipura virus (strain I653514)
CHAVA E  109709: N=Chaetodon vagabundus
                 C=Vagabond butterflyfish
CHAVB V  499556: N=Chapare mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Bolivia/810419/2003)
CHAVD E   63294: N=Chalcides viridanus
                 C=West Canary skink
CHAVE E   50401: N=Charadrius veredus
                 C=Oriental plover
CHAVI E   29080: N=Chaetophractus villosus
                 C=South American armadillo
CHAVO E   50402: N=Charadrius vociferus
                 S=Aegialitis vocifera
CHAVR E   34590: N=Chaetopterus variopedatus
                 C=Parchment tube worm
                 S=Tricoelia variopedata
CHAVU E   55564: N=Chara vulgaris
                 C=Common stonewort
CHAVX E   46511: N=Chaetura vauxi
                 C=Vaux's swift
CHAWL E  279943: N=Charadrius wilsonia
                 C=Wilson's plover
CHAXA E   39033: N=Chaetodon xanthurus
                 C=Pearlscale butterfly
CHAYP B   54389: N=Chlorante-Aster yellows phytoplasma
CHAZE E  420384: N=Chamaeleo zeylanicus
                 C=Indian chameleon
CHEAB E  106734: N=Chelonoidis abingdonii
                 C=Abingdon island giant tortoise
                 S=Testudo abingdonii
CHEAI E  273408: N=Cheilosia albitarsis
                 S=Syrphus albitarsis
CHEAL E    3559: N=Chenopodium album
CHEAN E  714760: N=Chetone angulosa
                 C=Leopard moth
CHEAU E   48191: N=Chelon auratus
                 C=Golden grey mullet
                 S=Liza aurata
CHEBA E  169240: N=Chenopodium baccatum
                 C=Coastal saltbush
                 S=Rhagodia baccata
CHEBI E   29634: N=Cheiropleuria bicuspis
                 S=Polypodium bicuspe
CHEBR E  118199: N=Chelosania brunnea
                 C=Chameleon dragon
CHECB E   50047: N=Chelonoidis carbonarius
                 C=Red-footed tortoise
                 S=Geochelone carbonaria
CHECR E  291259: N=Cheirogaleus crossleyi
                 C=Furry-eared dwarf lemur
CHEDE E    6723: N=Cherax destructor
                 C=Common yabby crayfish
CHEDI E   99751: N=Cherax dispar
CHEDN E  101697: N=Chelonoidis denticulatus
                 C=Yellow footed tortoise
                 S=Geochelone denticulata
CHEEU E  316406: N=Cheilochromis euchilus
                 C=Malawi thick lip
                 S=Haplochromis euchilus
CHEFA E   91858: N=Cheilodactylus fasciatus
CHEFI E   44495: N=Chelus fimbriata
                 C=Matamata turtle
CHEFU E  141248: N=Chersonesometrus fulvipes
                 C=Indian black scorpion
                 S=Heterometrus fulvipes
CHEIL E  226154: N=Cheilosia illustrata
CHEJU E   45644: N=Chenonetta jubata
                 C=Australian wood duck
                 S=Anas jubata
CHEKU E  334942: N=Chelidonichthys kumu
                 C=Bluefin gurnard
                 S=Trigla kumu
CHELB E   48171: N=Chelon labrosus
                 C=Thicklip grey mullet
                 S=Mugil chelo
CHELO E   44491: N=Chelodina longicollis
                 C=Snake-necked turtle
                 S=Testudo longicollis
CHEMA E   47177: N=Cheirogaleus major
                 C=Greater dwarf lemur
CHEMC E  682372: N=Cheyletus malaccensis
                 C=Predatory mite
CHEME E    9460: N=Cheirogaleus medius
                 C=Fat-tailed dwarf lemur
CHEMJ E   71251: N=Chelidonium majus
                 C=Greater celandine
CHEML E  129044: N=Cheilopogon melanurus
                 C=Atlantic flyingfish
                 S=Cypselurus melanurus
CHEMU E   46091: N=Chenopodiastrum murale
                 C=Nettle-leaved goosefoot
                 S=Chenopodium murale
CHEMY E    8469: N=Chelonia mydas
                 C=Green sea-turtle
                 S=Chelonia agassizi
CHENC E  132888: N=Chelonus sp. nr. curvimaculatus
                 C=Parasitic wasp
CHENI E   66189: N=Chelonoidis niger
                 C=Galapagos giant tortoise
                 S=Geochelone nigra
CHEPA E  270769: N=Cheiromeles parvidens
                 C=Lesser naked bat
                 S=Sulawesi naked bat
CHEPI E  307590: N=Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus
                 C=Bennett's flyingfish
CHEPR E   71177: N=Chelyosoma productum
                 C=Solitary ascidian
CHEPT E  300230: N=Chelonodontops patoca
                 C=Milkspotted pufferfish
                 S=Tetrodon patoca
CHEPU E  682790: N=Cheiracanthium punctorium
                 C=Yellow sac spider
                 S=Aranea punctoria
CHEQI E   63459: N=Chenopodium quinoa
CHEQN E   99753: N=Cherax quinquecarinatus
                 C=Freshwater crayfish
CHEQU E   27406: N=Cherax quadricarinatus
                 C=Australian red claw crayfish
CHERA E   30804: N=Chelon ramada
                 C=Thin-lipped grey mullet
                 S=Mugil ramada
CHERO E  109905: N=Chelmon rostratus
                 C=Copperband butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon rostratus
CHESA E   48192: N=Chelon saliens
                 C=Leaping mullet
                 S=Liza saliens
CHESB B  266779: N=Chelativorans sp. (strain BNC1)
CHESC E   48093: N=Chengiopanax sciadophylloides
                 S=Acanthopanax sciadophylloides
CHESE E    8475: N=Chelydra serpentina
                 C=Snapping turtle
                 S=Testudo serpentina
CHESI E  752538: N=Cheirogaleus sibreei
                 C=Sibree's dwarf lemur
                 S=Cheirogaleus major sibreei
CHETE E   99755: N=Cherax tenuimanus
                 C=Australian crayfish
CHETO E   30592: N=Cheracebus torquatus
                 C=Collared titi monkey
                 S=Callicebus torquatus
CHETS E  217703: N=Chelonibia testudinaria
                 C=Turtle barnacle
CHEUN E  241271: N=Cheilinus undulatus
                 C=Humphead wrasse
CHHV5 V 1283345: N=Chelonid herpesvirus 5 (strain FL var A)
                 S=Fibropapilloma-associated turtle herpesvirus
CHIAB E  240203: N=Chionis albus
                 C=Snowy sheathbill
CHIAG E   51742: N=Chilabothrus angulifer
                 C=Cuban boa
                 S=Epicrates angulifer
CHIAL E   28527: N=Chiococca alba
                 C=West Indian milkberry
                 S=Lonicera alba
CHIAN E  586795: N=Chilomycterus antillarum
                 C=Web burrfish
                 S=Cyclichthys antillarum
CHIAR E  236789: N=Chilo auricilius
                 C=Gold-fringed rice borer
CHIAS E  693198: N=Chicoreus asianus
                 C=Asian murex
CHIAU E   72523: N=Chironomus annularius
CHIBA V   99565: N=Chiba virus (strain GI/Human/Japan/Chiba 407/1987)
                 C=Hu/NLV/Chiba 407/1987/JP
CHIBL E  311466: N=Chitala blanci
                 C=Indochina featherback
                 S=Notopterus blanci
CHICA E   39287: N=Chironius carinatus
                 C=Machete savane snake
                 S=Coluber carinatus
CHICH E   10152: N=Chinchilla chinchilla
                 C=Short-tailed chinchilla
                 S=Chinchilla brevicaudata
CHICI E  491872: N=Chiromyscus chiropus
                 C=Indochinese chiromyscus
                 S=Fea's tree rat
CHICK E    9031: N=Gallus gallus
CHICT E  112163: N=Chitala chitala
                 C=Clown knifefish
                 S=Mystus chitala
CHIDO E   33544: N=Chiroderma doriae
                 C=Brazilian big-eyed bat
CHIDR E  392843: N=Chironomus dorsalis
                 S=Lobochironomus dorsalis
CHIEX E   51745: N=Chilabothrus exsul
                 C=Abaco Island boa
                 S=Epicrates exsul
CHIFI B  104663: N=Chitinophaga filiformis
                 C=Myxococcus filiformis
                 S=Flexibacter filiformis
CHIFL E   45396: N=Chironex fleckeri
                 C=Australian box jellyfish
CHIFO E   51746: N=Chilabothrus fordii
                 C=Ford's boa
                 S=Epicrates fordii
CHIFU E  928324: N=Chikila fulleri
                 C=Kuttal caecilian
                 S=Herpele fulleri
CHIGI E  491874: N=Chiropodomys gliroides
                 C=Indomalayan pencil-tailed tree mouse
CHIGU E  278060: N=Chilobrachys guangxiensis
                 C=Chinese earth tiger tarantula
                 S=Chilobrachys jingzhao
CHIHA E   36188: N=Chionodraco hamatus
                 C=Antarctic teleost icefish
                 S=Chaenichthys rhinoceratus hamatus
CHIHI E  227887: N=Chimarrogale himalayica
                 C=Himalayan water shrew
CHIID E  443761: N=Chiloscyllium indicum
                 C=Slender bamboo shark
                 S=Chiloscyllium colax
CHIIM E   33545: N=Chiroderma improvisum
                 C=Guadeloupe big-eyed bat
CHIIN E   89117: N=Chilomys instans
                 C=Colombian forest mouse
CHIJA B  104662: N=Chitinophaga japonensis
                 S=Flexibacter japonensis
CHIJP E  290538: N=Chionoecetes japonicus
                 C=Red snow crab
CHIK3 V  371095: N=Chikungunya virus (strain 37997)
CHIKI E   84408: N=Chironomus kiiensis
CHIKN V  371096: N=Chikungunya virus (strain Nagpur)
CHIKS V  371094: N=Chikungunya virus (strain S27-African prototype)
CHIKV V   37124: N=Chikungunya virus
CHILA E   34839: N=Chinchilla lanigera
                 C=Long-tailed chinchilla
                 S=Chinchilla villidera
CHILI E   69901: N=Chilopsis linearis
                 C=Desert willow
                 S=Bignonia linearis
CHILO E  311467: N=Chitala lopis
                 C=Giant featherback
                 S=Notopterus lopis
CHIMA E   93813: N=Chimaphila maculata
                 C=Striped Prince's pine
                 S=Pyrola maculata
CHIMC E  155039: N=Chilonatalus micropus
                 C=Cuban funnel-eared bat
                 S=Natalus micropus
CHIME E  170236: N=Chironax melanocephalus
                 C=Black-capped fruit bat
CHIMI E   91500: N=Chironectes minimus
                 C=Water opossum
CHIMN E  227182: N=Chionis minor
                 C=Black-faced sheathbill
CHIMO E    7871: N=Chimaera monstrosa
                 C=Rabbit fish
CHIMS E   51748: N=Chilabothrus monensis
                 C=Mona Island boa
                 S=Epicrates monensis
CHIMX E  246693: N=Chiangiodendron mexicanum
CHIMY E   70433: N=Chionodraco myersi
                 C=Myers' icefish
                 S=Chionodraco markhami
CHINI E  269649: N=Chionomys nivalis
                 C=European snow vole
                 S=Microtus nivalis
CHIOP E   41210: N=Chionoecetes opilio
CHIOR E  112145: N=Chitala ornata
                 C=Clown featherback
                 S=Notopterus ornatus
CHIPA E    7151: N=Chironomus pallidivittatus
                 S=Camptochironomus pallidivittatus
CHIPD B  485918: N=Chitinophaga pinensis (strain ATCC 43595 / DSM 2588 / LMG 13176 / NBRC 15968 / NCIMB 11800 / UQM 2034)
CHIPL E   33397: N=Chironomus plumosus
                 C=Buzzer midge
                 S=Tipula plumosa
CHIPN E  689490: N=Chilades pandava
                 C=Plains cupid butterfly
                 S=Luthrodes pandava
CHIPT E   62293: N=Chimarrogale platycephalus
                 C=Japanese water shrew
CHIPU E  137246: N=Chiloscyllium punctatum
                 C=Brownbanded bambooshark
                 S=Hemiscyllium punctatum
CHIQU E  130731: N=Chiropsoides quadrigatus
                 C=Box jellyfish
                 S=Chiropsalmus quadrigatus
CHIRA E   34790: N=Chionodraco rastrospinosus
                 C=Ocellated icefish
CHIRO E  269650: N=Chionomys roberti
                 C=Robert's snow vole
                 S=Microtus roberti
CHIRT E  388628: N=Chilomycterus reticulatus
                 C=Spotfin burrfish
                 S=Diodon reticulatus
CHISA E    9525: N=Chiropotes satanas
                 C=Brown-bearded saki
CHISB E  714346: N=Chicoreus subpalmatus
                 C=Sea snail
CHISC E  236793: N=Chilo sacchariphagus
                 C=Spotted borer
                 S=Proceras sacchariphagus
CHISF E   51738: N=Chilabothrus strigilatus fosteri
                 C=Bimini Island boa constrictor
                 S=Epicrates strigilatus fosteri
CHISL E   27646: N=Chiroderma salvini
                 C=Salvin's big-eyed bat
CHISM E   51739: N=Chilabothrus strigilatus mccraniei
                 C=Ragged Island boa constrictor
                 S=Epicrates strigilatus mccraniei
CHISP E  168631: N=Chilo suppressalis
                 C=Asiatic rice borer moth
CHISR E   44152: N=Chilabothrus striatus
                 C=Haitian boa constrictor
                 S=Homalochilus striatus
CHISS E   51741: N=Chilabothrus strigilatus strigilatus
                 C=New Providence boa constrictor
                 S=Epicrates strigilatus strigilatus
CHISU E  182423: N=Chilorhinus suensonii
                 C=Seagrass eel
CHISV E    8576: N=Chilabothrus subflavus
                 C=Jamaican yellow boa
                 S=Epicrates subflavus
CHITA E  262399: N=Chionoecetes tanneri
                 C=Grooved Tanner crab
CHITE E    7153: N=Chironomus tentans
                 S=Camptochironomus tentans
CHITH E    7155: N=Chironomus thummi thummi
CHITP E    7156: N=Chironomus thummi piger
                 S=Chironomus piger
CHITR E   27647: N=Chiroderma trinitatum
                 C=Little big-eyed bat
CHITU E    7154: N=Chironomus thummi
CHIUM E   93815: N=Chimaphila umbellata
                 S=Pyrola umbellata
CHIVA E  442566: N=Chiruromys vates
                 C=Lesser tree mouse
CHIVL E   33546: N=Chiroderma villosum
                 C=Hairy big-eyed bat
CHLAA B  324602: N=Chloroflexus aurantiacus (strain ATCC 29366 / DSM 635 / J-10-fl)
CHLAB B  218497: N=Chlamydia abortus (strain DSM 27085 / S26/3)
                 S=Chlamydophila abortus
CHLAC E  113385: N=Chlosyne acastus
                 C=Sagebrush checkerspot
                 S=Melitaea acastus
CHLAD B  326427: N=Chloroflexus aggregans (strain MD-66 / DSM 9485)
CHLAE E    9534: N=Chlorocebus aethiops
                 C=Green monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus aethiops
CHLAG E  143313: N=Chlorophthalmus agassizi
                 C=Shortnose greeneye
CHLAL E  297814: N=Chlidonias albostriatus
                 C=Black-fronted tern
                 S=Sterna albostriata
CHLAM E   57406: N=Chloroceryle americana
                 C=Green kingfisher
CHLAN E   27585: N=Chlamydoselachus anguineus
                 C=Frilled shark
CHLAO B   83555: N=Chlamydia abortus
                 S=Chlamydophila abortus
CHLAP E   35704: N=Chlamydomonas applanata
                 S=Chlamydomonas humicola
CHLAR E  761901: N=Chlorostoma argyrostoma turbinatum
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Tegula argyrostoma turbinatum
CHLAS E   35855: N=Chloroclados australasicus
                 C=Green alga
CHLAT E    3144: N=Chlorokybus atmophyticus
                 C=Soil alga
CHLAU B    1108: N=Chloroflexus aurantiacus
CHLB2 B 2761530: N=Chloroflexi bacterium (strain G233)
CHLBR E   34112: N=Chlorolobion braunii
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Monoraphidium braunii
CHLCA E  113308: N=Chlosyne californica
                 C=California patch
CHLCH B  340177: N=Chlorobium chlorochromatii (strain CaD3)
CHLCI B   83557: N=Chlamydia caviae
                 S=Chlamydophila caviae
CHLCL E   37601: N=Chloris chloris
                 C=European greenfinch
                 S=Carduelis chloris
CHLCM E   34182: N=Chlorophytum comosum
                 C=Spider plant
                 S=Anthericum comosum
CHLCO E  175117: N=Chloropsis cochinchinensis
                 C=Javan leafbird
CHLCV B  227941: N=Chlamydophila caviae (strain ATCC VR-813 / DSM 19441 / GPIC)
                 S=Chlamydia caviae
CHLEC E   48000: N=Chlorococcum echinozygotum
                 C=Green alga
CHLEL E    3072: N=Chlorella ellipsoidea
CHLFA E   82222: N=Chlidanthus fragrans
                 C=Perfumed fairy lily
CHLFF B  264202: N=Chlamydia felis (strain Fe/C-56)
                 S=Chlamydophila felis
CHLFH E   76953: N=Chloroxylon faho
                 C=Ceylon satinwood
                 S=Chloroxylon swietenia
CHLFP B  184925: N=Chlorogloeopsis fritschii (strain PCC 9212)
CHLFR B    1124: N=Chlorogloeopsis fritschii
CHLFS E  189431: N=Chlorodesmis fastigiata
                 C=Turtle weed
                 S=Vaucheria fastigiata
CHLGO E  113312: N=Chlosyne gorgone
                 C=Gorgone checkerspot
CHLGU E   44316: N=Chloebia gouldiae
                 C=Gouldian finch
                 S=Erythrura gouldiae
CHLHA E  113313: N=Chlosyne harrisii
CHLIN E   51695: N=Chlamydomonas incerta
CHLIS E   27808: N=Chlamys islandica
                 C=Iceland scallop
                 S=Pecten islandicus
CHLJA E   13007: N=Chloranthus japonicus
CHLJN E  113314: N=Chlosyne janais
                 C=Crimson patch butterfly
CHLKI E  103699: N=Chlamydosaurus kingii
                 C=Frill-necked lizard
CHLL2 B  290315: N=Chlorobium limicola (strain DSM 245 / NBRC 103803 / 6330)
CHLL3 B  319225: N=Chlorobium luteolum (strain DSM 273 / BCRC 81028 / 2530)
                 S=Pelodictyon luteolum
CHLLA E  113315: N=Chlosyne lacinia
                 C=Bordered patch butterfly
CHLLE E  297806: N=Chlidonias leucopterus
                 C=White-winged tern
                 S=Sterna leucoptera
CHLLI B    1092: N=Chlorobium limicola
CHLLM B  274537: N=Chlorobaculum limnaeum
CHLLU E 1507376: N=Chlorostilbon lucidus
                 C=Glittering-bellied emerald
                 S=Chlorostilbon aureoventris
CHLLV E  652861: N=Chlorodiella laevissima
CHLMA E  200362: N=Chlorostilbon maugaeus
                 C=Puerto Rican emerald
CHLME E    8860: N=Chloephaga melanoptera
                 C=Andean goose
                 S=Anser melanopterus
CHLML E  200367: N=Chlorostilbon mellisugus
                 C=Blue-tailed emerald
CHLMO E    3054: N=Chlamydomonas moewusii
                 S=Chlamydomonas eugametos
CHLMR B   83560: N=Chlamydia muridarum
CHLMT E  108430: N=Chloranthus multistachys
                 C=Multi-stacked chloranthus
CHLMU B  243161: N=Chlamydia muridarum (strain MoPn / Nigg)
CHLMY E   34430: N=Chlorophyllum molybdites
                 C=Green-spored parasol mushroom
                 S=Lepiota molybdites
CHLNG E  279945: N=Chlidonias niger
                 C=Black tern
                 S=Sterna niger
CHLNI E    6571: N=Chlamys nipponensis akazara
                 C=Akazara scallop
                 S=Japanese scallop
CHLNU E   34932: N=Chlamydera nuchalis
                 C=Great bowerbird
CHLNY E  113319: N=Chlosyne nycteis
                 C=Silvery checkerspot
                 S=Melitaea nycteis
CHLOP E  166061: N=Chlorospingus ophthalmicus
                 C=Common bush-tanager
CHLP1 B  929557: N=Chlamydophila psittaci (strain RD1)
                 S=Chlamydia psittaci
CHLP6 B  331636: N=Chlamydophila psittaci (strain ATCC VR-125 / 6BC)
                 S=Chlamydia psittaci
CHLP8 B  517417: N=Chlorobaculum parvum (strain DSM 263 / NCIMB 8327)
                 S=Chlorobium vibrioforme subsp. thiosulfatophilum
CHLPA E  104500: N=Chlosyne palla
                 C=Northern checkerspot
CHLPB B  331678: N=Chlorobium phaeobacteroides (strain BS1)
CHLPD B  290317: N=Chlorobium phaeobacteroides (strain DSM 266)
CHLPE B  331635: N=Chlamydia pecorum (strain ATCC VR-628 / E58)
                 S=Chlamydophila pecorum
CHLPG E   60710: N=Chlorocebus pygerythrus
                 C=Vervet monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus pygerythrus
CHLPH B    1094: N=Chlorobium phaeovibrioides
CHLPI E    8861: N=Chloephaga picta
                 C=Upland goose
                 S=Anas picta
CHLPL E   62171: N=Chlorospingus pileatus
                 C=Sooty-capped bush tanager
CHLPM B  290318: N=Chlorobium phaeovibrioides (strain DSM 265 / 1930)
                 S=Prosthecochloris vibrioformis (strain DSM 265)
CHLPN B   83558: N=Chlamydia pneumoniae
                 S=Chlamydophila pneumoniae
CHLPO E   50240: N=Chlorogalum pomeridianum
                 C=Wavy-leafed soap plant
CHLPP B  406984: N=Chlamydophila pneumoniae (strain LPCoLN)
CHLPS B   83554: N=Chlamydophila psittaci
                 S=Chlamydia psittaci
CHLPT E    3061: N=Chlamydomonas pitschmannii
CHLPU E  331373: N=Chlaenius pusillus
                 C=Ground beetle
CHLRE E    3055: N=Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
                 S=Chlamydomonas smithii
CHLRI E   62169: N=Chlorornis riefferii
                 C=Grass-green tanager
CHLSA E    3082: N=Chloroidium saccharophilum
                 C=Terrestrial coccoid green alga
                 S=Chlorella saccharophila
CHLSB E   60711: N=Chlorocebus sabaeus
                 C=Green monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus sabaeus
CHLSC E   13006: N=Chloranthus spicatus
                 S=Nigrina spicata
CHLSI E   62165: N=Chlorophanes spiza
                 C=Green honeycreeper
CHLSO E    3076: N=Chlorella sorokiniana
                 C=Freshwater green alga
CHLSP E    3057: N=Chlamydomonas sp. (strain WXM)
CHLSQ B    1095: N=Chlorobium sp.
CHLSR E  126671: N=Chlorurus sordidus
                 C=Daisy parrotfish
                 S=Scarus sordidus
CHLSU E  163303: N=Chlamydomonas subcaudata
CHLSW E  103365: N=Chlamydomonas sp. (strain W80)
CHLSY B  480224: N=Chloroflexus aurantiacus (strain ATCC 29364 / DSM 637 / Y-400-fl)
CHLT0 B  707186: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar G (strain G/11222)
CHLT1 B  707183: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar E (strain E/11023)
CHLT2 B  471472: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar L2 (strain 434/Bu / ATCC VR-902B)
CHLT3 B  517418: N=Chloroherpeton thalassium (strain ATCC 35110 / GB-78)
CHLT4 B  580047: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar A (strain A2497)
CHLT5 B  707184: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar E (strain E/150)
CHLT7 B  707185: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar G (strain G/9768)
CHLT9 B  718219: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar G (strain G/9301)
CHLTA B  315277: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar A (strain ATCC VR-571B / DSM 19440 / HAR-13)
CHLTB B  471473: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar L2b (strain UCH-1/proctitis)
CHLTC B  887712: N=Chlamydia trachomatis (strain L2c)
CHLTD B  759363: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar D (strain D-EC)
CHLTE B  194439: N=Chlorobaculum tepidum (strain ATCC 49652 / DSM 12025 / NBRC 103806 / TLS)
                 S=Chlorobium tepidum
CHLTF B  981222: N=Chloracidobacterium thermophilum (strain B)
CHLTG B  707187: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar G (strain G/11074)
CHLTH B     813: N=Chlamydia trachomatis
CHLTI B  115852: N=Chlorobaculum thiosulfatiphilum
                 S=Chlorobium limicola f.sp. thiosulfatophilum
CHLTJ B  580049: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar B (strain Jali20/OT)
CHLTL B  759364: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar D (strain D-LC)
CHLTN E   60712: N=Chlorocebus tantalus
                 C=Tantalus monkey
                 S=Cercopithecus tantalus
CHLTP B    1097: N=Chlorobaculum tepidum
CHLTR B  272561: N=Chlamydia trachomatis (strain D/UW-3/Cx)
CHLTS B  634464: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar E (strain Sweden2)
CHLTZ B  672161: N=Chlamydia trachomatis serovar B (strain TZ1A828/OT)
CHLVA E  554065: N=Chlorella variabilis
                 C=Green alga
CHLVU E    3077: N=Chlorella vulgaris
                 C=Green alga
CHOAC E  118183: N=Chordeiles acutipennis
                 C=Lesser nighthawk
                 S=Caprimulgus acutipennis
CHOAL E  294303: N=Chorthippus albomarginatus
                 C=Lesser marsh grasshopper
CHOAN E  442697: N=Chorismus antarcticus
                 C=Antarctic shrimp
                 S=Hippolyte antarctica
CHOAR E   75699: N=Chosenia arbutifolia
                 S=Salix arbutifolia
CHOAZ E  193513: N=Choerodon azurio
                 C=Scarbreast tuskfin
                 S=Choerops azurio
CHOBB E  502494: N=Chondrodactylus bibronii
                 C=Bibron's thick-toed gecko
                 S=Pachydactylus bibronii
CHOBE E  218724: N=Choaspes benjaminii
                 C=Indian awkling
CHOBG E  270253: N=Chorthippus biguttulus
                 C=Bow-winged grasshopper
CHOBI E   27540: N=Choristoneura biennis
                 C=Budworm moth
CHOBU E  238895: N=Chorispora bungeana
                 C=Blue mustard
                 S=Chorispora exscapa
CHOCA E  269271: N=Chodsigoa caovansunga
                 C=Van Sung's shrew
CHOCH E   98106: N=Chorocaris chacei
                 C=Deep-sea hydrothermal vent shrimp
                 S=Rimicaris chacei
CHOCI E 1336846: N=Chondrilla caribensis
                 C=Chicken liver sponge
CHOCO B      52: N=Chondromyces crocatus
CHOCR E    2769: N=Chondrus crispus
                 C=Carrageen Irish moss
                 S=Polymorpha crispa
CHOCU E  223992: N=Choromytilus chorus
                 C=Giant mussel
CHOCY E   35177: N=Chondracanthus corymbiferus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Mastocarpus corymbiferus
CHODI E   27675: N=Choloepus didactylus
                 C=Southern two-toed sloth
                 S=Bradypus didactylus
CHODM E   76955: N=Choisya dumosa var. mollis
                 C=Mexican orange
                 S=Choisya mollis
CHOEL E   29220: N=Chondrus elatus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gigartina elata
CHOEX E   95348: N=Chondracanthus exasperatus
                 C=Turkish towel seaweed
                 S=Gigartina exasperata
CHOFA E  188117: N=Choerodon fasciatus
                 C=Harlequin tuskfish
                 S=Xiphochilus fasciatus
CHOFL E    3026: N=Chordaria flagelliformis
                 C=Brown seaweed
                 S=Fucus flagelliformis
CHOFU E    7141: N=Choristoneura fumiferana
                 C=Spruce budworm moth
                 S=Archips fumiferana
CHOGI E   29221: N=Chondrus giganteus
                 C=Red alga
CHOGO E  148049: N=Choeroniscus godmani
                 C=Godman's long-tailed bat
CHOGR E  158616: N=Chondestes grammacus
                 C=Lark sparrow
CHOHA E   95349: N=Chondracanthus harveyanus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Mastocarpus harveyanus
CHOHO E    9358: N=Choloepus hoffmanni
                 C=Hoffmann's two-fingered sloth
CHOJU E   75963: N=Chondrilla juncea
                 C=Rush skeletonweed
CHOLO E  928821: N=Choristoneura longicellana
                 C=Common apple leafroller moth
                 S=Hoshinoa longicellana
CHOLY E 1266817: N=Chondrocladia lyra
                 C=Carnivorous sponge
CHOME E  148050: N=Choeronycteris mexicana
                 C=Mexican long-tongued bat
CHOMI E   48398: N=Chordeiles minor
                 C=Common nighthawk
                 S=Caprimulgus minor
CHONI E   38342: N=Chondrus nipponicus
CHONU E  220712: N=Chondrilla nucula
                 C=Chicken liver sponge
CHOOC E   27541: N=Choristoneura occidentalis
                 C=Western spruce budworm
CHOOE E   29222: N=Chondrus ocellatus
                 C=Japanese moss
                 S=Red alga
CHOPA E   37639: N=Chorthippus parallelus
                 C=Meadow grasshopper
CHOPC E  268759: N=Chodsigoa parca
                 C=Lowe's shrew
CHOPI E   27542: N=Choristoneura pinus
                 C=Jack pine budworm
                 S=Archips pinus
CHOPN E  687022: N=Choreutis pariana
                 C=Apple leaf skeletonizer moth
CHOPR E  106495: N=Choristoneura parallela
                 C=Spotted fireworm moth
CHOQU E   76957: N=Chorilaena quercifolia
                 C=Karri oak
CHORE E   68574: N=Chondrosia reniformis
                 C=Kidney sponge
CHORO E   27543: N=Choristoneura rosaceana
                 C=Oblique banded leafroller
CHORS E  183410: N=Chondracris rosea
                 C=Large green grasshopper
                 S=Citrus locust
CHOSC E  241275: N=Choerodon schoenleinii
                 C=Blackspot tuskfish
                 S=Cossyphus schoenleinii
CHOSP E   35179: N=Chondracanthus spinosus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Mastocarpus spinosus
CHOSQ E  168823: N=Chondracanthus squarrulosus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Grateloupia squarrulosa
CHOTE E  358662: N=Chorispora tenella
                 S=Raphanus tenellus
CHOUN E  321078: N=Chondrohierax uncinatus
                 C=Hook-billed kite
CHOVE E   29223: N=Chondrus verrucosus
CHOVI E   37250: N=Chortophaga viridifasciata
                 C=Green-striped grasshopper
CHOYE E   38505: N=Chondrus yendoi
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Mazzaella cornucopiae subsp. yendoi
CHPV1 V  717641: N=Galliform aveparvovirus 1 (isolate Chicken/Hungary/ABU-P1/-/-)
CHPVE V   12478: N=Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 (strain EP713)
                 S=Chestnut blight fungus hypovirulence-associated virus
CHPVU V  321609: N=Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 (strain Euro7)
                 S=Chestnut blight fungus hypovirulence-associated virus
CHRAA E  131619: N=Chrysochus auratus
                 C=Dogbane leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela auratus
CHRAB E   81419: N=Chrysomya albiceps
                 S=Musca albiceps
CHRAC E  443774: N=Chrysochir aureus
                 C=Reeve's croaker
                 S=Otolithus aureus
CHRAE E   36749: N=Chrysosplenium americanum
                 C=Golden saxifrage
CHRAI E  111535: N=Chrysolina aurichalcea
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Anopachys aurichalcea
CHRAL E   35141: N=Chrysochromulina alifera
                 C=Plankton alga
CHRAM E    9088: N=Chrysolophus amherstiae
                 C=Lady Amherst's pheasant
                 S=Phasianus amherstiae
CHRAN E  153825: N=Chrysomela aeneicollis
                 C=Willow leaf beetle
CHRAR E   75506: N=Chrysolina americana
                 C=Rosemary beetle
                 S=Chrysomela americana
CHRAS E  185453: N=Chrysochloris asiatica
                 C=Cape golden mole
CHRAU E  148086: N=Chrotopterus auritus
                 C=Peters's woolly false vampire bat
CHRBA E   75507: N=Chrysolina bankii
                 C=Leaf beetle
CHRBE E   69364: N=Chrysomya bezziana
                 C=Old world screw-worm fly
CHRBI E  323313: N=Chrysotoxum bicinctum
                 S=Musca bicincta
CHRBR E   68728: N=Chrysocyon brachyurus
                 C=Maned wolf
CHRCA E  221251: N=Chrysophyllum cainito
                 C=Star apple
CHRCC E  749652: N=Chrysodeixis chalcites
                 C=Golden twin-spot moth
CHRCE E   75510: N=Chrysolina cerealis
                 C=Rainbow leaf beetle
CHRCH E   91607: N=Chromis chromis
                 S=Sparus chromis
CHRCL E  168767: N=Chrysaora colorata
                 C=Purplestriped jellyfish
                 S=Pelagia colorata
CHRCN E 1795674: N=Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
                 C=Greenbottle blue tarantula
                 S=Eurypelma cyaneopubescens
CHRCP E  142978: N=Chrysomya chloropyga
                 S=Musca chloropyga
CHRCR E  111537: N=Chrysolina coerulans
                 C=Blue mint beetle
                 S=Chrysomela coerulans
CHRCT E   13221: N=Chrysotila carterae
                 C=Marine alga
                 S=Syracosphaera carterae
CHRCY E   83874: N=Chrysiptera cyanea
                 C=Sapphire devil
                 S=Abudefduf cyaneus
CHRDI E  294342: N=Chrysochraon dispar
                 C=Large gold grasshopper
                 S=Podisma dispar
CHRDR E  417568: N=Chrysopa dorsalis
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRFA E   75514: N=Chrysolina fastuosa
                 C=Dead-nettle leaf beetle
                 S=Dlochrysa fastuosa
CHRFL E   75516: N=Chrysolina fuliginosa
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela fuliginosa
CHRFO E  417569: N=Chrysopa formosa
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRFU E   79831: N=Chrysopogon fulvus
                 C=Red false beardgrass
                 S=Andropogon monticola
CHRFV E  318699: N=Chrysomya flavifrons
CHRGA E  111401: N=Chrysolina graminis
                 C=Tansy beetle
                 S=Chrysomela graminis
CHRGO E  237998: N=Chrotomys gonzalesi
                 C=Isarog striped shrew rat
CHRHA E   75519: N=Chrysolina haemoptera
                 C=Plantain leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela haemoptera
CHRHE E  176600: N=Chromolepis heterophylla
CHRHO E  239095: N=Chromatomyia horticola
                 C=Garden pea leafminer
                 S=Phytomyza horticola
CHRHR E   75521: N=Chrysolina herbacea
                 C=Mint leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela herbacea
CHRHY E  111402: N=Chrysolina hyperici
                 C=St John's wort leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela hyperici
CHRIA E   22978: N=Chrysobalanus icaco
                 C=Coco plum
                 S=Chrysobalanus pellocarpus
CHRIC E  993346: N=Chrysomus icterocephalus
                 C=Yellow-hooded blackbird
                 S=Agelaius icterocephalus
CHRIL E  689277: N=Chrysodeixis includens
                 C=Soybean looper
                 S=Pseudoplusia includens
CHRIN E  318700: N=Chrysomya incisuralis
                 S=Ochromyia incisuralis
CHRIT E  417570: N=Chrysopa intima
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRKE E   75522: N=Chrysolina kuesteri
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela kuesteri
CHRKN E  153783: N=Chrysomela knabi
                 C=Leaf beetle
CHRKU E  154602: N=Chromodoris kuiteri
                 C=Sea slug
CHRLA E  153811: N=Chrysomela lapponica
                 C=Leaf beetle
CHRLE E  417571: N=Chrysopa lezeyi
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRLT E  318701: N=Chrysomya latifrons
CHRLV E  146996: N=Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium
                 S=Dendranthema lavandulifolium
CHRMA E   75526: N=Chrysolina marginata
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela marginata
CHRMC E  287016: N=Chroicocephalus maculipennis
                 C=Brown-hooded gull
                 S=Larus maculipennis
CHRME E  169569: N=Chrysactinia mexicana
CHRMG E  115424: N=Chrysomya megacephala
                 C=Oriental latrine fly
                 S=Musca megacephala
CHRMO E   41568: N=Chrysanthemum morifolium
                 C=Florist's daisy
                 S=Dendranthema grandiflorum
CHRMR E  235451: N=Chrysomya marginalis
                 S=Musca marginalis
CHRMS E  472795: N=Chrysolampis mosquitus
                 C=Ruby-topaz hummingbird
                 S=Trochilus mosquitus
CHRNG E  417484: N=Chrysopa nigra
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRNI E  318702: N=Chrysomya nigripes
CHRNP E  413239: N=Chrysoperla nipponensis
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRNR E 1003157: N=Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus
                 C=Bagrid catfish
                 S=Pimelodus nigrodigitatus
CHROD E  103745: N=Chromolaena odorata
                 C=Siam weed
                 S=Eupatorium odoratum
CHROW E   94184: N=Chrotogale owstoni
                 C=Owston's palm civet
CHRP1 B 1517683: N=Chryseobacterium sp. (strain P1-3)
CHRPA E  417485: N=Chrysopa pallens
                 C=Green lacewing
                 S=Hemerobius pallens
CHRPC E    9089: N=Chrysolophus pictus
                 C=Golden pheasant
                 S=Phasianus pictus
CHRPE E  260543: N=Chrysopa perla
                 C=Green lacewing
                 S=Hemerobius perla
CHRPI E    8478: N=Chrysemys picta bellii
                 C=Western painted turtle
                 S=Emys bellii
CHRPL E    7522: N=Chrysoperla plorabunda
CHRPN E  192730: N=Chrysomya pinguis
                 S=Lucilia pinguis
CHRPO E   75530: N=Chrysolina polita
                 C=Knotgrass leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela polita
CHRPP E  154003: N=Chrysomela populi
                 C=Poplar leaf beetle
                 S=Melasoma populi
CHRPT E  235600: N=Chrysomya putoria
                 C=Tropical African latrine blowfly
CHRQA E   75531: N=Chrysolina quadrigemina
                 C=Geater St. John's wort beetle
                 S=Chrysomela quadrigemina
CHRQI E    6148: N=Chrysaora quinquecirrha
                 C=Sea nettle jellyfish
                 S=Dactylometra africana
CHRQU E   76164: N=Chromodoris quadricolor
                 C=Sea slug
CHRRE E   80980: N=Chrysiptera rex
                 C=King demoisselle
                 S=Abudefduf rex
CHRRF E  555234: N=Chrysomus ruficapillus
                 C=Chestnut-capped blackbird
                 S=Agelaius ruficapillus
CHRRI E 1192867: N=Chroicocephalus ridibundus
                 C=Black-headed gull
                 S=Larus ridibundus
CHRRO E  196128: N=Chrysiptera rollandi
                 C=Rolland's damsel fish
                 S=Chromis rollandi
CHRRU E   45450: N=Chrysomya rufifacies
                 C=Hairy maggot blowfly
                 S=Lucilia rufifacies
CHRS5 B 2059672: N=Chromobacterium sp. (strain ATCC 53434 / SC 14030)
CHRSB E  290249: N=Chrotomys sibuyanensis
                 C=Sibuyan striped shrew rat
CHRSC E  131620: N=Chrysomela scripta
                 C=Cottonwood leaf beetle
CHRSD B  290398: N=Chromohalobacter salexigens (strain ATCC BAA-138 / DSM 3043 / CIP 106854 / NCIMB 13768 / 1H11)
CHRSE E  142895: N=Chrysomya semimetallica
CHRSF E  318703: N=Chrysomya saffranea
                 C=Steelblue blowfly
                 S=Somomya saffranea
CHRSI E  290248: N=Chrotomys silaceus
                 C=Silver earth rat
CHRSK E  765341: N=Chroicoptera sp. (strain Kasungu)
                 C=Praying mantis
CHRSL B  158080: N=Chromohalobacter salexigens
CHRSO E  224249: N=Chrysogaster solstitialis
CHRSP E    3029: N=Chroomonas sp.
CHRSQ E  216257: N=Chrysomallon squamiferum
                 C=Scaly-foot gastropod
                 S=Pangolin sea
CHRST E  185454: N=Chrysochloris stuhlmanni
                 C=Stuhlmann's golden mole
CHRSW E  765340: N=Chroicoptera sp. (strain Windhoek)
                 C=Praying mantis
CHRTA E  229121: N=Chrysiptera talboti
                 C=Talbot's damsel fish
                 S=Glyphidodontops talboti
CHRTP B  251229: N=Chroococcidiopsis thermalis (strain PCC 7203)
CHRTR E   63687: N=Chrysomela tremula
                 C=Leaf beetle
CHRVA E   75533: N=Chrysolina varians
                 C=St. John's wort beetle
                 S=Chrysomela varians
CHRVB E   80977: N=Chromis viridis
                 C=Blue green damselfish
                 S=Pomacentrus viridis
CHRVD E  417486: N=Chrysopa viridana
                 C=Green lacewing
CHRVG E  153828: N=Chrysomela vigintipunctata
                 C=Willow leaf beetle
CHRVL B     536: N=Chromobacterium violaceum
CHRVO B  243365: N=Chromobacterium violaceum (strain ATCC 12472 / DSM 30191 / JCM 1249 / NBRC 12614 / NCIMB 9131 / NCTC 9757)
CHRVP E  142905: N=Chrysomya varipes
                 C=Small hairy maggot blowfly
                 S=Lucilia varipes
CHRVR E  266496: N=Chrysolina virgata
                 C=Leaf beetle
CHRVS B   42739: N=Chromobacterium viscosum
CHRVT E   27459: N=Chrysops vittatus
                 C=Deer fly
CHRWH E  290250: N=Chrotomys whiteheadi
                 C=Luzon montane striped shrew-rat
CHTAN E   95549: N=Chthamalus anisopoma
                 C=Acorn barnacle
CHTAT E 1198010: N=Chthamalus antennatus
                 C=Six-plated barnacle
CHTCH E  261891: N=Chthamalus challengeri
                 C=Common sessile barnacle
CHTCT B 1303518: N=Chthonomonas calidirosea (strain DSM 23976 / ICMP 18418 / T49)
CHTDA E  116181: N=Chthamalus dalli
                 C=Dall's acorn barnacle
                 S=Little brown barnacle
CHTFI E  116177: N=Chthamalus fissus
                 C=Acorn barnacle
CHTFR E   37709: N=Chthamalus fragilis
                 C=Acorn barnacle
CHTIN E  420416: N=Chthonerpeton indistinctum
                 C=Argentine caecilian
                 S=Siphonops indistinctum
CHTMA E  316610: N=Chthamalus malayensis
                 C=Acorn barnacle
CHTMO E   95551: N=Chthamalus montagui
                 C=Montagu's stellate barnacle
CHTPR E  116183: N=Chthamalus proteus
                 C=Atlantic barnacle
CHTSI E   61699: N=Chtenopteryx sicula
                 C=Comb-finned squid
                 S=Sepioteuthis sicula
CHTST E   95550: N=Chthamalus stellatus
                 C=Poli's stellate barnacle
CHUIN E  383917: N=Chuco intermedium
                 C=Northern checkmark cichlid
                 S=Vieja intermedia
CHUNA E  115457: N=Chuniophoenix nana
                 C=Dwarf Hainan palm
CHV1  V   10325: N=Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1
                 S=Simian herpes B virus
CHV12 V  106332: N=Cercopithecine herpesvirus 12
                 S=Baboon herpesvirus
CHV16 V  340907: N=Cercopithecine herpesvirus 16
                 S=Herpesvirus papio 2
CHV1E V  260965: N=Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1 (strain E2490)
                 S=Simian herpes B virus
CHV9D V   36348: N=Cercopithecine herpesvirus 9 (strain DHV)
                 S=Simian varicella virus
CHYAC E  488674: N=Chydaekata acuminata
CHYAM E    7293: N=Chymomyza amoena
CHYBR E   78722: N=Chysis bractescens
CHYME E  292179: N=Chyphotes mellipes
                 S=Photopsis mellipes
CHYMV V   12272: N=Chicory yellow mottle virus
CIBBA E   29588: N=Cibotium barometz
                 C=Scythian lamb
                 S=Polypodium barometz
CIBSC E   38493: N=Cibotium schiedei
                 C=Mexican tree fern
CICAN E  212429: N=Cicindela anchoralis
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Abroscelis ancholaris
CICAR E    3827: N=Cicer arietinum
CICBO E   52775: N=Ciconia boyciana
                 C=Oriental stork
                 S=Ciconia ciconia boyciana
CICCA E  150234: N=Cicindela campestris
                 C=Green tiger beetle
CICCI E    8928: N=Ciconia ciconia
                 C=White stork
CICDE E  176388: N=Cicindela denverensis
                 C=Green claybank tiger beetle
CICDO E   48036: N=Cicuta douglasii
                 C=Western water hemlock
                 S=Sium douglasii
CICDP E  212443: N=Cicindela duponti
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cosmodela duponti
CICDU E  176314: N=Cicindela duodecimguttata
                 C=Twelve-spotted tiger beetle
CICEN E  114280: N=Cichorium endivia
CICEQ E   54040: N=Cicindela equestris
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Hipparidium equestre
CICFA E  212543: N=Cicindela fabriciana
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Calochroa fabriciana
CICFL E  186872: N=Cicada flammata
CICFO E  176319: N=Cicindela formosa
                 C=Big sand tiger beetle
CICFU E  176320: N=Cicindela fulgida
                 C=Crimson salt flat tiger beetle
CICHI E  176360: N=Cicindela hirticollis
                 C=Hairy-necked tiger beetle
CICHY E  247075: N=Cicindela hybrida
                 C=Northern dune tiger beetle
CICIB E  293757: N=Cicindela iberica
                 C=Tiger beetle
CICIN E   13427: N=Cichorium intybus
CICJA E  212539: N=Cicindela japana
                 C=Tiger beetle
CICJP E  212440: N=Cicindela japonica
                 C=Japanese tiger beetle
CICLG E  293758: N=Cicindela lagunensis
                 C=Tiger beetle
CICLI E  176315: N=Cicindela limbata
                 C=Sandy tiger beetle
CICLM E  176389: N=Cicindela limbalis
                 C=Green-margined tiger beetle
                 S=Claybank tiger beetle
CICLO E  176361: N=Cicindela longilabris
                 C=Boreal long-lipped tiger beetle
CICLS E  247074: N=Cicindela lusitanica
                 C=Tiger beetle
CICMA E  176316: N=Cicindela maritima
                 C=Dune tiger beetle
CICMC E  178650: N=Cicuta maculata
                 C=Spotted water hemlock
CICMG E   28716: N=Cicinnurus magnificus
                 C=Magnificent bird-of-paradise
                 S=Diphyllodes magnificus
CICMO E  150235: N=Cicindela maroccana
                 C=Tiger beetle
CICMR E   93363: N=Cicindela marginata
                 C=Margined tiger beetle
                 S=Ellipsoptera marginata
CICNE E  176321: N=Cicindela nebraskana
                 C=Nebraska tiger beetle
                 S=Prairie long-lipped tiger beetle
CICNG E   36241: N=Ciconia nigra
                 C=Black stork
                 S=Ardea nigra
CICNV E   93365: N=Cicindela nevadica
                 C=Nevada tiger beetle
                 S=Ellipsoptera nevadica
CICOA E  176439: N=Cicindela oaxensis
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindelidia oaxensis
CICOB E  176327: N=Cicindela obsoleta
                 C=Large grassland tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindelidia obsoleta
CICOR E  176317: N=Cicindela oregona
                 C=Oregon tiger beetle
                 S=Western tiger beetle
CICPA E  176322: N=Cicindela patruela
                 C=Barrens tiger beetle
CICPN E  176364: N=Cicindela punctulata
                 C=Sidewalk tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindelidia punctulata
CICPR E   27453: N=Cicindela puritana
                 C=Puritan tiger beetle
                 S=Ellipsoptera puritana
CICPU E  176359: N=Cicindela pulchra
                 C=Beautiful tiger beetle
CICRE E   48620: N=Cicindela repanda
                 C=Common shore tiger beetle
                 S=Bronzed tiger beetle
CICRU E  176328: N=Cicindela rufiventris
                 C=Eastern red-bellied tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindelidia rufiventris
CICSA E   93366: N=Cicindela sperata
                 C=Rio Grande tiger beetle
                 S=Ellipsoptera sperata
CICSE E  176362: N=Cicindela sexguttata
                 C=Six-spotted tiger beetle
CICSP E  176323: N=Cicindela splendida
                 C=Splendid tiger beetle
CICST E   52778: N=Ciconia stormi
                 C=Storm's stork
CICTA E  293760: N=Cicindela transversalis
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela hybrida transversalis
CICTR E  176377: N=Cicindela tranquebarica
                 C=Oblique-lined tiger beetle
                 S=Tribonia tranquebarica
CICVI E   48109: N=Cicuta virosa
                 S=Mackenzie's water hemlock
CICVR E   36150: N=Cicadella viridis
                 C=Green leafhopper
CIGTA E 2714157: N=Cigaritis takanonis
                 S=Spindasis takanonis
CILMU E  348443: N=Ciliata mustela
                 C=Fivebeard rockling
                 S=Gadus mustela
CILST E  458523: N=Ciliopagurus strigatus
                 C=Halloween hermit crab
CILVC V  686950: N=Citrus leprosis virus C (isolate Citrus sinesis/Brazil/Cordeiropolis/2003)
CIMHE E  757355: N=Cimex hemipterus
                 C=Tropical bed bug
CIMLE E   79782: N=Cimex lectularius
                 C=Bed bug
                 S=Acanthia lectularia
CINCA E   13429: N=Cinnamomum camphora
                 C=Camphor tree
                 S=Laurus camphora
CINCI E  127875: N=Cinclus cinclus
                 C=White-throated dipper
CINLA E   29669: N=Cinna latifolia
CINMU E  161649: N=Cinclus mexicanus
                 C=American dipper
CINSU E  603626: N=Cinygmula subaequalis
                 C=Flatheaded mayfly
CINTE E  192326: N=Cinnamomum tenuipile
                 S=Alseodaphne mollis
CINVE E  128608: N=Cinnamomum verum
                 S=Cinnamomum zeylanicum
CIOIN E    7719: N=Ciona intestinalis
                 C=Transparent sea squirt
                 S=Ascidia intestinalis
CIOPE E  177563: N=Ciocalypta penicillus
                 C=Brush horny sponge
CIOSA E   51511: N=Ciona savignyi
                 C=Pacific transparent sea squirt
CIPCH E  527796: N=Cipangopaludina chinensis
                 C=Chinese mystery snail
                 S=Paludina chinensis
CIPUS E 2023715: N=Cipangopaludina ussuriensis
                 C=Freshwater snail
                 S=Paludina ussuriensis
CIRAE E    8964: N=Circus aeruginosus
                 C=Western marsh harrier
                 S=Falco aeruginosus
CIRAL E   22655: N=Circaea alpina
                 C=Alpine enchanter's nightshade
CIRAM E  356931: N=Circeis armoricana
                 C=Polychaete worm
CIRAR E   41550: N=Cirsium arvense
                 C=Canada thistle
                 S=Carduus arvensis
CIRCY E   43466: N=Circus cyaneus
                 C=Northern harrier
                 S=Hen harrier
CIRDI E  326603: N=Cirrospilus diallus
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
CIRDR E  259849: N=Cirsium drummondii
                 C=Short-stemmed thistle
                 S=Drummond's thistle
CIRMR E  683832: N=Cirrhinus mrigala
CIROX E  342438: N=Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
                 C=Coral hawkfish
                 S=Cirrhites oxycephalus
CIRPA E  143190: N=Cirsium palustre
                 C=Marsh thistle
                 S=Carduus palustris
CIRSU E  126568: N=Cirsium subniveum
                 C=Jackson hole thistle
CIRTE E   41551: N=Cirsium texanum
                 C=Texas thistle
CIRTX E  267898: N=Cirolanides texensis
CIRV  V   39443: N=Carnation Italian ringspot virus
CIRVU E   92907: N=Cirsium vulgare
                 C=Bull thistle
                 S=Carduus vulgaris
CISBO E  433030: N=Cis boleti
                 C=Minute tree-fungus beetle
CISCH E   56792: N=Cissa chinensis
                 C=Common green magpie
CISCR E  483148: N=Cistus creticus subsp. creticus
                 C=Rock rose
CISDE E  161395: N=Cistanche deserticola
                 C=Desert broomrape
                 S=Rou cong rong
CISDI E  165299: N=Cissus discolor
                 C=Rex begonia vine
CISFU E   95207: N=Cisseps fulvicollis
                 C=Yellow-collared scape moth
CISIN E  102880: N=Cistopus indicus
                 C=Old woman octopus
CISLE E  265731: N=Cistugo lesueuri
                 C=Lesueur's hairy bat
                 S=Myotis lesueuri
CISPA E  241531: N=Cistothorus palustris
                 C=Marsh wren
                 S=Telmatodytes palustris
CISPL E  241534: N=Cistothorus platensis
                 C=Sedge wren
CISQU E  165298: N=Cissus quadrangularis
                 C=Veldt grape
CISRH E  192758: N=Cissus rhombifolia
                 C=Grape ivy
CISSA E  161396: N=Cistanche salsa
                 S=Phelipaea salsa
CISSE E  712048: N=Cistugo seabrae
                 C=Angolan wing-gland bat
                 S=Myotis seabrai
CISTA E  995026: N=Cistopus taiwanicus
CITAM B   35703: N=Citrobacter amalonaticus
CITAR E   43166: N=Citrus aurantium
                 C=Bitter orange
                 S=Citrus vulgaris
CITAS E  416196: N=Citrus australasica
                 C=Australian finger lime
                 S=Microcitrus australasica
CITAU E  159033: N=Citrus aurantiifolia
                 C=Key lime
                 S=Limonia aurantifolia
CITBB B  404380: N=Citrifermentans bemidjiense (strain ATCC BAA-1014 / DSM 16622 / JCM 12645 / Bem)
                 S=Geobacter bemidjiensis
CITBR B   57706: N=Citrobacter braakii
CITCL E   85681: N=Citrus clementina
                 S=Citrus deliciosa x Citrus sinensis
CITFR B     546: N=Citrobacter freundii
CITGL E   76963: N=Citrus glauca
                 C=Australian desert lime
                 S=Eremocitrus glauca
CITHY E  170989: N=Citrus hystrix
                 C=Kaffir lime
CITIN B   66695: N=Citrobacter intermedius
                 S=Escherichia intermedia
CITJA E   64884: N=Citrus jambhiri
                 C=Rough lemon
CITJP E   76966: N=Citrus japonica
                 S=Fortunella crassifolia
CITJU E  135197: N=Citrus junos
                 S=Citrus ichangensis x Citrus reticulata var. austera
CITK8 B  290338: N=Citrobacter koseri (strain ATCC BAA-895 / CDC 4225-83 / SGSC4696)
CITKO B     545: N=Citrobacter koseri
                 S=Citrobacter diversus
CITLA E    3654: N=Citrullus lanatus
                 S=Citrullus vulgaris
CITLI E    2708: N=Citrus limon
                 S=Citrus medica var. limon
CITLN E  206151: N=Citharus linguatula
                 C=Atlantic spotted flounder
CITMA E   37334: N=Citrus maxima
                 S=Citrus grandis
CITME E  171251: N=Citrus medica
CITMI E  341933: N=Citrus micrantha
                 S=Citrus hystrix var. micrantha
CITNA E  109792: N=Citrus natsudaidai
                 C=Natsudaidai orange
                 S=Japanese summer orange
CITPA E   37656: N=Citrus paradisi
CITPI E  164121: N=Cittarium pica
                 C=West Indian top snail
CITRE E   85571: N=Citrus reticulata
CITRI B  637910: N=Citrobacter rodentium (strain ICC168)
                 S=Citrobacter freundii biotype 4280
CITRO B   67825: N=Citrobacter rodentium
CITSI E    2711: N=Citrus sinensis
                 C=Sweet orange
                 S=Citrus aurantium var. sinensis
CITUN E   55188: N=Citrus unshiu
                 C=Satsuma mandarin
                 S=Citrus nobilis var. unshiu
CIVCI E   94186: N=Civettictis civetta
                 C=African civet
CLAAB E  174044: N=Cladonia arbuscula
CLAAC E  148996: N=Clausocalanus arcuicornis
                 S=Calanus arcuicornis
CLAAG E   52587: N=Cladia aggregata
                 C=Lichen-forming fungus
                 S=Lichen aggregatus
CLAAP E  195755: N=Cladonia apodocarpa
                 C=Stalkless clad lichen
CLAAR E   50280: N=Clarkia arcuata
CLABA E   59899: N=Clarias batrachus
                 C=Walking catfish
                 S=Silurus batrachus
CLABR E   36903: N=Clarkia breweri
                 C=Fairy fans
                 S=Eucharidium breweri
CLACA E 2677969: N=Clanga clanga
                 C=Greater spotted eagle
                 S=Aquila clanga
CLACD E   29917: N=Cladosporium cladosporioides
CLACL E 1031547: N=Clathrina clathrus
                 C=Mediterranean sponge
CLACO E   49040: N=Clarkia concinna
                 C=Red ribbons
                 S=Eucharidium concinnum
CLACY E   29589: N=Claytosmunda claytoniana
                 C=Interrupted fern
                 S=Osmunda claytoniana
CLADU E  685904: N=Clarias dussumieri
                 C=Dussumier's catfish
CLAEP E  145959: N=Clarkia epilobioides
                 C=Willow-herb clarkia
                 S=Oenothera epilobioides
CLAFC E   33541: N=Clarias fuscus
                 C=Chinese catfish
                 S=Macropteronotus fuscus
CLAFR E   49755: N=Clarkia franciscana
CLAFS E   40602: N=Claviceps fusiformis
                 C=Ergot fungus
CLAGA E   13013: N=Clarias gariepinus
                 C=North African catfish
                 S=Silurus gariepinus
CLAGL E   78203: N=Clamator glandarius
                 C=Great spotted cuckoo
                 S=Cuculus glandarius
CLAGO E  162068: N=Cladophora glomerata
CLAGR E   27339: N=Cladonia grayi
                 C=Gray's cup lichen
CLAHY E  197941: N=Clangula hyemalis
                 C=Long-tailed duck
                 S=Anas hyemalis
CLAKE E   38412: N=Cladrastis kentukea
                 C=Yellow wood
                 S=Cladrastis lutea
CLAL4 E  306902: N=Clavispora lusitaniae (strain ATCC 42720)
                 S=Candida lusitaniae
CLALA E  293793: N=Clavulinopsis laeticolor
                 C=Coral fungus
                 S=Ramariopsis laeticolor
CLALC E 1406171: N=Clathrina lacunosa
                 C=Pedunculate clathrina
                 S=Guancha lacunosa
CLALE E    3936: N=Clarkia lewisii
                 S=Clarkia bottae
CLALI E  149005: N=Clausocalanus lividus
CLALP E  159417: N=Clavelina lepadiformis
                 C=Light-bulb sea squirt
                 S=Ascidia lepadiformis
CLALS E   36911: N=Clavispora lusitaniae
                 S=Candida lusitaniae
CLAM3 B  443906: N=Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (strain NCPPB 382)
CLAMA E   35657: N=Clarias macrocephalus
                 C=Bighead catfish
CLAMG E 1594786: N=Clarias magur
                 C=Asian catfish
                 S=Macropteronotus magur
CLAMI E   49756: N=Clarkia mildrediae
CLAMM B   33013: N=Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis
CLAMS B   31964: N=Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus (strain ATCC 33113 / DSM 20744 / JCM 9667 / LMG 2889 / C-1)
                 S=Corynebacterium sepedonicum
CLAMU E  498518: N=Clava multicornis
                 C=Club-headed hydroid
CLAP2 E 1111077: N=Claviceps purpurea (strain 20.1)
                 C=Ergot fungus
                 S=Sphacelia segetum
CLAPA E   40601: N=Claviceps paspali
                 C=Rye ergot fungus
CLAPR E 1190602: N=Clathria prolifera
                 C=Red beard sponge
                 S=Microciona prolifera
CLAPU E    5111: N=Claviceps purpurea
                 C=Ergot fungus
                 S=Sphacelia segetum
CLARO E   49041: N=Clarkia rostrata
CLASP E   86521: N=Clavularia sp.
                 C=Brown star polyp
CLAUC E  174080: N=Cladonia uncialis
                 C=Cup lichen
CLAUN E    3937: N=Clarkia unguiculata
                 C=Elegant clarkia
                 S=Clarkia elegans
CLAVI E   89079: N=Claytonia virginica
                 C=Spring beauty
CLAWI E   49757: N=Clarkia williamsonii
CLAXA E    3938: N=Clarkia xantiana
                 C=Gunsight clarkia
CLAZO E  104245: N=Clavaria zollingeri
                 C=Violet coral
                 S=Clavaria lavandula
CLBVS V  686981: N=Citrus leaf blotch virus (isolate Nagami kumquat/France/SRA-153/1984)
CLEAL E   13435: N=Clethra alnifolia
                 C=Coastal sweet pepperbush
CLEBE E   90527: N=Cleretum bellidiforme
                 C=Livingstone daisy
                 S=Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
CLECA E  913846: N=Clethrionomys californicus
                 C=Western red-backed vole
                 S=Myodes californicus
CLECL E  121322: N=Clelia clelia
                 S=Coluber clelia
CLEDR E  211972: N=Clematis drummondii
                 C=Drummond's clematis
CLEFL E  231648: N=Clematis florida
                 C=Asian virgin's bower
CLEIN E  218853: N=Clematis integrifolia
CLELA E  231652: N=Clematis lasiantha
                 C=Pipestem clematis
CLELI E    3454: N=Clematis ligusticifolia
                 C=Western white clematis
                 S=Clematis brevifolia
CLEMA E  118460: N=Cleidogona major
CLEMR E   43157: N=Cleptornis marchei
                 C=Golden white-eye
CLETE E  231663: N=Clematis terniflora
                 C=Sweet autumn clematis
CLEVI E   37490: N=Clematis vitalba
                 C=Evergreen clematis
                 S=Traveller's joy
CLIAL E  183011: N=Clibadium alatum
                 S=Clibadium laxum
CLIAN E  155127: N=Clintonia andrewsiana
                 C=Andrew's clintonia bead lily
CLIAP E  224743: N=Clinopodium alpinum
                 C=Alpine calamint
                 S=Acinos alpinus
CLIBO E   34183: N=Clintonia borealis
                 C=Blue bead lily
                 S=Dracaena borealis
CLICA E  152470: N=Clivia caulescens
                 C=Kaffir lily
CLICO E  235145: N=Clinostomum complanatum
                 C=Parasitic fluke
CLIDE E   71875: N=Clitocybe dealbata
                 C=Ivory funnel
CLIGA E  152471: N=Clivia gardenii
                 C=Kaffir lily
CLILI E   71516: N=Clione limacina
                 C=Naked sea butterfly
CLIMA E  234884: N=Clinostomum marginatum
                 C=Parasitic fluke
CLIMI E   16049: N=Clivia miniata
                 C=Kaffir lily
                 S=Vallota miniata
CLIMR E  216835: N=Clivia mirabilis
                 C=Kaffir lily
CLINE E  117024: N=Clitocybe nebularis
                 C=Clouded agaric
                 S=Lepista nebularis
CLINO E  112537: N=Clivia nobilis
                 C=Greentip kaffir lily
CLIPA E  648682: N=Clitopilus passeckerianus
                 S=Pleurotus passeckerianus
CLISU E  879478: N=Clinus superciliosus
                 C=Super klipfish
                 S=Blennius superciliosus
CLITE E   43366: N=Clitoria ternatea
                 C=Butterfly pea
CLIUD E  108051: N=Clintonia udensis
                 C=Japanese wood lily
                 S=Clintonia alpina
CLIUM E  155128: N=Clintonia umbellulata
                 C=White clintonia
                 S=Convallaria umbellulata
CLIUN E   44106: N=Clintonia uniflora
                 C=Bride's bonnet
                 S=Smilacina borealis var. uniflora
CLIVA E  297654: N=Cliona varians
                 C=Brown variable sponge
                 S=Anthosigmella varians
CLOAB B  272562: N=Clostridium acetobutylicum (strain ATCC 824 / DSM 792 / JCM 1419 / LMG 5710 / VKM B-1787)
CLOAC B    1556: N=Clostridium acidurici
                 S=Gottschalkia acidurici
CLOAE B  863638: N=Clostridium acetobutylicum (strain EA 2018)
CLOAI B  459349: N=Cloacimonas acidaminovorans (strain Evry)
CLOAL E   85120: N=Clogmia albipunctata
CLOAM B   33953: N=Clostridium aminobutyricum
CLOAN E  499538: N=Clostera anachoreta
                 C=Scarce Chocolate-tip moth
CLOAT B    1488: N=Clostridium acetobutylicum
CLOB0 B  941968: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain H04402 065 / Type A5)
CLOB1 B  441770: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain ATCC 19397 / Type A)
CLOB2 B  758678: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain 230613 / Type F)
CLOB6 B  515621: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain 657 / Type Ba4)
CLOB8 B  290402: N=Clostridium beijerinckii (strain ATCC 51743 / NCIMB 8052)
                 S=Clostridium acetobutylicum
CLOBA B  508767: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Alaska E43 / Type E3)
CLOBB B  935198: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Eklund 17B / Type B)
CLOBE B    1520: N=Clostridium beijerinckii
                 S=Clostridium MP
CLOBH B  441771: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Hall / ATCC 3502 / NCTC 13319 / Type A)
CLOBJ B  536232: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Kyoto / Type A2)
CLOBK B  498213: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Okra / Type B1)
CLOBL B  441772: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Langeland / NCTC 10281 / Type F)
CLOBM B  498214: N=Clostridium botulinum (strain Loch Maree / Type A3)
CLOBO B    1491: N=Clostridium botulinum
CLOBU B    1492: N=Clostridium butyricum
CLOBW B  411902: N=Clostridium bolteae (strain ATCC BAA-613 / WAL 16351)
CLOC7 B  573061: N=Clostridium cellulovorans (strain ATCC 35296 / DSM 3052 / OCM 3 / 743B)
CLOCA E  904192: N=Closteromerus claviger
                 C=Long-horned beetle
CLOCL B    1493: N=Clostridium cellulovorans
CLOCO B    1494: N=Clostridium cochlearium
CLOCY B    1495: N=Clostridium cylindrosporum
CLOD6 B  272563: N=Clostridioides difficile (strain 630)
                 S=Peptoclostridium difficile
CLODC B  645462: N=Clostridioides difficile (strain CD196)
                 S=Peptoclostridium difficile
CLODI B    1496: N=Clostridioides difficile
                 S=Peptoclostridium difficile
CLODQ B  367459: N=Clostridioides difficile (strain QCD-32g58)
                 S=Peptoclostridium difficile
CLODR B  645463: N=Clostridioides difficile (strain R20291)
                 S=Peptoclostridium difficile
CLOEH E  102165: N=Closterium ehrenbergii
                 C=Green alga
CLOHA B   84025: N=Clostridium haemolyticum
CLOHT B  500633: N=Clostridium hiranonis (strain DSM 13275 / JCM 10541 / KCTC 15199 / TO-931)
CLOIN B    1522: N=Clostridium innocuum
CLOK1 B  583346: N=Clostridium kluyveri (strain NBRC 12016)
CLOK5 B  431943: N=Clostridium kluyveri (strain ATCC 8527 / DSM 555 / NCIMB 10680)
CLOKL B    1534: N=Clostridium kluyveri
CLOLD B  748727: N=Clostridium ljungdahlii (strain ATCC 55383 / DSM 13528 / PETC)
CLOLO B    1523: N=Clostridium longisporum
CLONN B  386415: N=Clostridium novyi (strain NT)
CLONO B    1542: N=Clostridium novyi
CLOP1 B  195103: N=Clostridium perfringens (strain ATCC 13124 / DSM 756 / JCM 1290 / NCIMB 6125 / NCTC 8237 / Type A)
CLOPA B    1501: N=Clostridium pasteurianum
CLOPD B   29346: N=Clostridium paradoxum
CLOPE B  195102: N=Clostridium perfringens (strain 13 / Type A)
CLOPF B    1502: N=Clostridium perfringens
CLOPP B   35776: N=Clover proliferation phytoplasma
CLOPS B  289380: N=Clostridium perfringens (strain SM101 / Type A)
CLORO E  122658: N=Clonostachys rogersoniana
CLOS0 B   72582: N=Clostridium sp. (strain G0005)
CLOS1 B  471871: N=Clostridium sporogenes (strain ATCC 15579)
CLOS3 B 1075091: N=Clostridium sporogenes (strain ATCC 7955 / DSM 767 / NBRC 16411 / NCIMB 8053 / NCTC 8594 / PA 3679)
CLOS4 B    1507: N=Clostridium sp. (strain ATCC 29733 / VPI C48-50)
CLOS5 B  411468: N=Clostridium scindens (strain ATCC 35704 / DSM 5676 / VPI 13733 / 19)
CLOSA B  169679: N=Clostridium saccharobutylicum
CLOSC B   84030: N=Clostridium saccharolyticum
                 S=Lacrimispora saccharolytica
CLOSE B    1504: N=Clostridium septicum
CLOSF B    1508: N=Clostridium sp. (strain F1)
CLOSG B    1509: N=Clostridium sporogenes
CLOSI E   79923: N=Clonorchis sinensis
                 C=Chinese liver fluke
CLOSL B    1548: N=Clostridium scatologenes
CLOSM B   69005: N=Clostridium sp. (strain M-E)
CLOSP B    1506: N=Clostridium sp.
CLOSR B   29369: N=Clostridium sardiniense
                 S=Clostridium absonum
CLOSS B 1042156: N=Clostridium sp. (strain SY8519)
CLOSU B    1550: N=Clostridium subterminale
CLOSV B   29347: N=Clostridium scindens (strain JCM 10418 / VPI 12708)
CLOSW B  610130: N=Clostridium saccharolyticum (strain ATCC 35040 / DSM 2544 / NRCC 2533 / WM1)
CLOSY B    1512: N=Clostridium symbiosum
                 S=Bacteroides symbiosus
CLOTA B    1513: N=Clostridium tetani
CLOTE B  212717: N=Clostridium tetani (strain Massachusetts / E88)
CLOTT B    1553: N=Clostridium tetanomorphum
CLOTY B    1519: N=Clostridium tyrobutyricum
CLOWA E  493934: N=Clowesia warczewiczii
CLUCU E  501719: N=Clupeonella cultriventris
                 C=Black and Caspian Sea sprat
                 S=Clupea cultriventris
CLUGA E  555719: N=Clupisoma garua
                 C=River catfish
                 S=Silurus garua
CLUHA E    7950: N=Clupea harengus
                 C=Atlantic herring
CLUPA E   30724: N=Clupea pallasii
                 C=Pacific herring
CLV   V   12164: N=Carnation latent virus
CLVK  V   10818: N=African cassava mosaic virus (isolate West Kenyan 844)
                 S=Cassava latent virus (isolate West Kenyan 844)
CLVN  V  222073: N=African cassava mosaic virus (isolate Nigerian)
                 S=Cassava latent virus (isolate Nigerian)
CLYAR E  132597: N=Clytus arietis
                 C=Wasp beetle
                 S=Cerambyx arietis
CLYEP B   35775: N=Clover yellow edge phytoplasma
CLYEU E  551535: N=Clypeaster europacificus
                 C=Sand dollar
CLYGR E   27801: N=Clytia gregaria
                 C=Gregarious jellyfish
                 S=Phialidium gregarium
CLYJA E    7644: N=Clypeaster japonicus
                 C=Sand dollar
CLYLA E  176498: N=Clyomys laticeps
                 C=Broad-headed spiny rat
CLYRO E  105356: N=Clypeaster rosaceus
                 C=Sea biscuit
                 S=Echinus rosaceus
CLYSU E  105357: N=Clypeaster subdepressus
                 C=Sand dollar
                 S=Echinanthus subdepressus
CLYTO E  292503: N=Clymenella torquata
                 C=Bamboo worm
                 S=Clymene torquatus
CMOVW V  652952: N=Carrot mottle virus (isolate Carrot/Germany/Weddel/2005)
CMVAS V  117118: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain As)
CMVB  V  117119: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain B)
CMVBA V  117120: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Banana)
CMVC  V   12306: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain C)
CMVC7 V  117117: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain C7-2)
CMVCS V  117109: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain CS)
CMVDK V  117110: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain DKRD)
CMVE5 V  117111: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain E5)
CMVFC V   31717: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain FC)
CMVFN V   12307: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain FNY)
CMVFT V  117112: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain FT)
CMVI1 V   12308: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain I17F)
CMVII V  117113: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Iizuka)
CMVIX V  117114: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Ixora)
CMVK  V  117115: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain K)
CMVKI V   36400: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Kin)
CMVKO V  117116: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Kor)
CMVM  V   31718: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain M)
CMVM4 V  117121: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain M48)
CMVMB V  117122: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain MB-8)
CMVN  V  117123: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain N)
CMVNT V  117124: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain NT9)
CMVO  V   12309: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain O)
CMVP6 V   31719: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain P6)
CMVPE V  117125: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Pepo)
CMVQ  V   12310: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Q)
CMVS  V  117126: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain S)
CMVSI V   31725: N=Cymbidium mosaic virus (strain Singapore)
CMVTR V  117127: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Trk7)
CMVWL V   12311: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain WL)
CMVY  V   12312: N=Cucumber mosaic virus (strain Y)
CNAME E  437488: N=Cnaphalocrocis medinalis
                 C=Rice leaffolder moth
CNELE E   68354: N=Cnemidophorus lemniscatus
                 C=Rainbow whiptail lizard
                 S=Lacerta lemniscata
CNELI E  460617: N=Cnemaspis limi
                 C=Tioman Island rock gecko
CNEMA E  108823: N=Cnemophilus macgregorii
                 C=Crested bird-of-paradise
CNIMO E   94007: N=Cnidium monnieri
                 C=Monnier's snowparsley
                 S=Selinum monnieri
CNIQU E 2358373: N=Cnidoscolus quercifolius
CNPV  V   44088: N=Canarypox virus
CNSV  V  173976: N=Cycas necrotic stunt virus
CNV   V   12143: N=Cucumber necrosis virus
COBCH E  457511: N=Cobitis choii
                 C=Choi's spiny loach
                 S=Iksookimia choii
COBEL E  166482: N=Cobitis elongatoides
                 C=Danubian spined loach
                 S=Cobitis taenia elongatoides
COBLU E  264551: N=Cobitis lutheri
                 C=Luther's spiny loach
                 S=Cobitis taenia lutheri
COBMA B   28258: N=Cobetia marina
                 S=Deleya marina
COBSI E  143401: N=Cobitis sinensis
                 C=Siberian spiny loach
COBTA E   98395: N=Cobitis taenia
                 C=Spined loach
COCAM E   33603: N=Coccyzus americanus
                 C=Yellow-billed cuckoo
COCAP E  210143: N=Corchorus capsularis
COCAV V   50713: N=Cocal virus
COCCA E    5017: N=Cochliobolus carbonum
                 C=Maize leaf spot fungus
                 S=Bipolaris zeicola
COCCC E   37609: N=Coccothraustes coccothraustes
COCCO E  110676: N=Cochlearius cochlearius
                 C=Boat-billed heron
COCCR E  123997: N=Coccotrypes carpophagus
                 C=Bark beetle
COCCY E   90976: N=Cochliobolus cymbopogonis
                 S=Curvularia cymbopogonis
COCDA E  126279: N=Cochlearia danica
                 C=Danish scurvygrass
COCDC E  105122: N=Coccotrypes dactyliperda
                 C=Date stone beetle
COCDU E  325928: N=Cocytius duponchel
                 C=Duponchel's sphinx
                 S=Amphonyx duponchel
COCEL E   91237: N=Cochliobolus ellisii
                 S=Curvularia ellisii
COCER E   33604: N=Coccyzus erythropthalmus
                 C=Black-billed cuckoo
COCGR E  387127: N=Coccinia grandis
                 C=Ivy gourd
                 S=Coccinia indica
COCH4 E  665024: N=Cochliobolus heterostrophus (strain C4 / ATCC 48331 / race T)
                 C=Southern corn leaf blight fungus
                 S=Bipolaris maydis
COCH5 E  701091: N=Cochliobolus heterostrophus (strain C5 / ATCC 48332 / race O)
                 C=Southern corn leaf blight fungus
                 S=Bipolaris maydis
COCHE E    5016: N=Cochliobolus heterostrophus
                 C=Southern corn leaf blight fungus
                 S=Bipolaris maydis
COCHI E  295813: N=Coccinella hieroglyphica
                 C=Hieroglyphic ladybird beetle
COCHS E  538890: N=Coccus hesperidum
                 C=Brown soft scale
COCIM E  246410: N=Coccidioides immitis (strain RS)
                 C=Valley fever fungus
COCIT E    5501: N=Coccidioides immitis
                 C=Valley fever fungus
COCKU E   90978: N=Cochliobolus kusanoi
COCLU E    5503: N=Cochliobolus lunatus
                 C=Filamentous fungus
                 S=Curvularia lunata
COCMA E   66361: N=Cochliomyia macellaria
                 C=Secondary screw-worm
COCMI E  101162: N=Cochliobolus miyabeanus
                 C=Brown spot disease fungus
                 S=Bipolaris oryzae
COCMN E  181026: N=Coccyzus minor
                 C=Mangrove cuckoo
COCNU E   13894: N=Cocos nucifera
                 C=Coconut palm
COCOF E  270110: N=Cochlearia officinalis
                 C=Common scurvygrass
COCP7 E  222929: N=Coccidioides posadasii (strain C735)
                 C=Valley fever fungus
COCPO E  199306: N=Coccidioides posadasii
                 C=Valley fever fungus
COCPS E  443226: N=Coccidioides posadasii (strain RMSCC 757 / Silveira)
                 C=Valley fever fungus
COCPY E  126273: N=Cochlearia pyrenaica
                 C=Pyrenean scurvygrass
COCSA E   45130: N=Cochliobolus sativus
                 C=Common root rot and spot blotch fungus
                 S=Bipolaris sorokiniana
COCSC E  574566: N=Coccomyxa subellipsoidea (strain C-169)
                 C=Green microalga
COCSE E   41139: N=Coccinella septempunctata
                 C=Seven-spotted ladybird beetle
COCSN E  665912: N=Cochliobolus sativus (strain ND90Pr / ATCC 201652)
                 C=Common root rot and spot blotch fungus
                 S=Bipolaris sorokiniana
COCUV E   45179: N=Coccoloba uvifera
                 C=Sea grape
                 S=Polygonum uvifera
COCVI E   40125: N=Cochliobolus victoriae
                 C=Victoria blight of oats agent
                 S=Drechslera victoriae
COCVT E   66675: N=Cochlospermum vitifolium
                 C=Buttercup tree
                 S=Bombax vitifolium
CODAR E  221038: N=Codium arabicum
                 C=Green alga
CODFR E    3133: N=Codium fragile
                 C=Dead man's fingers
                 S=Green alga
CODSC E   79339: N=Codon schenckii
COEBO E  673902: N=Coeligena bonapartei
                 C=Golden-bellied starfrontlet
                 S=Ornismia bonapartei
COEBR E  412625: N=Coelophrys brevicaudata
COECM E  177221: N=Coenobita compressus
                 C=Ecuadorian hermit crab
COECO E   56650: N=Coeligena coeligena
                 C=Bronzy inca
                 S=Ornismya coeligena
COECR E   38221: N=Coelogyne cristata
                 S=Cymbidium speciosissimum
COEFA E  166103: N=Coelognathus flavolineatus
                 C=Yellow striped rat snake
                 S=Elaphe flavolineata
COEFL E   87177: N=Coereba flaveola
COEFR E  187002: N=Coelops frithii
                 C=East Asian tailless leaf-nosed bat
COEHE E  201390: N=Coelognathus helena
                 C=Trinket snake
                 S=Elaphe helena
COEIR E   56651: N=Coeligena iris
                 C=Rainbow starfrontlet
                 S=Diphogena iris
COEMI E   55409: N=Coelastrum microporum
                 C=Green alga
COEPA E  242262: N=Coenonympha pamphilus
                 C=Small heath butterfly
COEPL E  305437: N=Coenopoeus palmeri
                 C=Cactus longhorn beetle
COEPN E  673906: N=Coeligena prunellei
                 C=Black Inca
COEPR E  187985: N=Coendou prehensilis
                 C=Prehensile-tailed porcupine
                 S=Brazilian porcupine
COEPU E  116143: N=Coenagrion puella
                 C=Azure damselfly
COERA E  201391: N=Coelognathus radiatus
                 C=Radiated ratsnake
                 S=Elaphe radiata
COERE E   79455: N=Coenagrion resolutum
                 C=Taiga bluet
                 S=Agrion resolutum
COERM E  676894: N=Coeliades ramanatek
                 S=Thymele ramanatek
COERN E  763665: N=Coemansia reversa (strain ATCC 12441 / NRRL 1564)
COETI E  183013: N=Coespeletia timotensis
                 C=Andean giant rosette
                 S=Espeletia timotensis
COETO E  170862: N=Coeligena torquata
                 C=Collared inca
COETU E  132697: N=Coenonympha tullia
                 C=Common ringlet butterfly
COEVA E   77546: N=Coelastrella vacuolata
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Chlorella fusca var. vacuolata
COEVI E  304610: N=Coeligena violifer
                 C=Violet-throated starfrontlet
                 S=Trochilus violifer
COEWI E  304611: N=Coeligena wilsoni
                 C=Brown inca
                 S=Trochilus wilsoni
COFAR E   13443: N=Coffea arabica
                 C=Arabian coffee
COFCA E   49390: N=Coffea canephora
                 C=Robusta coffee
COHLA B  380174: N=Cohnella laeviribosi
COILA E    4505: N=Coix lacryma-jobi
                 C=Job's tears
COIPA E  395013: N=Coitocaecum parvum
COLAA B  411903: N=Collinsella aerofaciens (strain ATCC 25986 / DSM 3979 / JCM 10188 / KCTC 3647 / NCTC 11838 / VPI 1003)
COLAE E  500393: N=Colomesus asellus
                 C=Amazon puffer
                 S=Chelichthys asellus
COLAL E   72246: N=Colias alexandra
                 C=Queen Alexandra's sulphur butterfly
COLAN E   54131: N=Colobus angolensis
                 C=Angolan colobus
COLAP E  336983: N=Colobus angolensis palliatus
                 C=Peters' Angolan colobus
COLAR E    3613: N=Colletia armata
COLAS E  106664: N=Colubrina asiatica
                 S=Ceanothus asiaticus
COLAT E   45005: N=Colchicum autumnale
                 C=Autumn crocus
COLAU E   51355: N=Colaptes auratus
                 C=Yellow-shafted flicker
                 S=Cuculus auratus
COLCC E  190213: N=Coleochaete conchata
COLCD E  391219: N=Coloconger cadenati
                 C=Short-tail eel
COLCE E   72248: N=Colias crocea
                 C=Clouded yellow butterfly
COLCL E   57410: N=Colius colius
                 C=White-backed mousebird
COLCN E   39289: N=Collinsonia canadensis
                 C=Stone root
                 S=Citronella horse balm
COLCO E    8590: N=Coluber constrictor
                 C=Eastern racer
COLCR E  187109: N=Columbina cruziana
                 C=Croaking ground-dove
COLCU E  214663: N=Colibri coruscans
                 C=Sparkling violet-ear
COLDE E   34405: N=Colletotrichum dematium
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
COLDO E 1267232: N=Colymbetes dolabratus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
COLER E   72852: N=Colias erate
                 C=Eastern pale clouded yellow butterfly
                 S=Papilio erate
COLES E    4460: N=Colocasia esculenta
                 C=Wild taro
                 S=Arum esculentum
COLEU E   42296: N=Colias eurytheme
                 C=Orange sulphur butterfly
                 S=Alfalfa caterpillar
COLEX E   97692: N=Colombobalanus excelsa
                 C=Colombian black oak
                 S=Trigonobalanus excelsa
COLFN E 1213859: N=Colletotrichum fructicola (strain Nara gc5)
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
                 S=Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (strain Nara gc5)
COLFT B 1005048: N=Collimonas fungivorans (strain Ter331)
COLGC E 1237896: N=Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (strain Cg-14)
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
                 S=Glomerella cingulata
COLGK E  132548: N=Colobus guereza kikuyuensis
                 C=Mt. Kenya guereza
COLGL E  474922: N=Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
                 S=Glomerella cingulata
COLGM E  645133: N=Colletotrichum graminicola (strain M1.001 / M2 / FGSC 10212)
                 C=Maize anthracnose fungus
                 S=Glomerella graminicola
COLGO E  119564: N=Colomys goslingi
                 C=African water rat
COLGR E   31870: N=Colletotrichum graminicola
                 C=Maize anthracnose fungus
                 S=Glomerella graminicola
COLGU E   33548: N=Colobus guereza
                 C=Mantled guereza
                 S=Eastern black-and-white colobus monkey
COLHC E   78613: N=Colias hecla
                 C=Hecla sulphur butterfly
                 S=Northern clouded yellow butterfly
COLHE E   66235: N=Collomia heterophylla
                 C=Variable leaf collomia
COLHI E  759273: N=Colletotrichum higginsianum (strain IMI 349063)
                 C=Crucifer anthracnose fungus
COLHO E  115425: N=Cochliomyia hominivorax
                 C=Primary screw-worm
                 S=Lucilia hominivorax
COLHT E   69908: N=Collinsia heterophylla
                 C=Purple Chinese houses
                 S=Collinsia bicolor
COLHY E   78615: N=Colias hyale
                 C=Pale clouded yellow butterfly
COLIN E  115616: N=Columbina inca
                 C=Inca dove
                 S=Scardafella inca
COLIR E  187194: N=Coleochaete irregularis
                 C=Charophycean green alga
COLKA E   34407: N=Colletotrichum kahawae
                 C=Coffee berry disease fungus
COLLA E  183428: N=Collinsia linearis
                 C=Narrowleaf blue eyed Mary
                 S=Collinsia rattanii var. linearis
COLLE E   57411: N=Colius leucocephalus
                 C=White-headed mousebird
COLLI E    8932: N=Columba livia
                 C=Rock dove
COLLN E  290576: N=Colletotrichum lindemuthianum
                 C=Bean anthracnose fungus
                 S=Glomerella lindemuthiana
COLLR E  183431: N=Collinsia rattanii
                 C=Sticky blue eyed Mary
COLLU E  240159: N=Collichthys lucidus
                 C=Big head croaker
                 S=Sciaena lucida
COLMA B   77524: N=Colwellia maris
COLMC E  279632: N=Coleomegilla maculata
                 C=Pink spotted ladybird beetle
COLMD E   30423: N=Coloeus monedula
                 C=Eurasian jackdaw
                 S=Corvus monedula
COLME E   72251: N=Colias meadii
                 C=Mead's sulphur butterfly
                 S=Eurymus meadii
COLMG E  136193: N=Colossendeis megalonyx
                 C=Sea spider
COLMI E   63536: N=Columnea mira
                 S=Trichantha mira
COLML E  367944: N=Colaptes melanochloros
                 C=Green-barred woodpecker
                 S=Picus melanochloros
COLMN E  115617: N=Columbina minuta
                 C=Plain-breasted ground-dove
COLMO E  174786: N=Colobosaura modesta
                 C=Spectacled lizard
                 S=Perodactylus modestus
COLMT E  449391: N=Coleonyx mitratus
                 C=Central American banded gecko
COLNA E   78618: N=Colias nastes
                 C=Labrador sulphur butterfly
COLNI E   78178: N=Coleochaete nitellarum
COLNT E  242718: N=Colpophyllia natans
                 C=Boulder brain coral
COLNV E  240160: N=Collichthys niveatus
                 C=Bighead croaker
COLOB E    3124: N=Coleochaete orbicularis
                 C=Charophycean green alga
COLOR E 1213857: N=Colletotrichum orbiculare (strain 104-T / ATCC 96160 / CBS 514.97 / LARS 414 / MAFF 240422)
                 C=Cucumber anthracnose fungus
                 S=Colletotrichum lagenarium
COLP3 B  167879: N=Colwellia psychrerythraea (strain 34H / ATCC BAA-681)
                 S=Vibrio psychroerythus
COLPA E  111974: N=Columbina passerina
                 C=Common ground-dove
COLPE E   78620: N=Colias palaeno
                 C=Moorland clouded yellow butterfly
                 S=Palaeno sulphur butterfly
COLPH E   72851: N=Colias philodice
                 C=Clouded sulphur butterfly
COLPI E  115618: N=Columbina picui
                 C=Picui ground-dove
COLPL E    8934: N=Columba palumbus
                 C=Common wood pigeon
COLPO E    9572: N=Colobus polykomos
                 C=Western black-and-white colobus monkey
COLPR E  160360: N=Collinsia parviflora
                 C=Maiden blue-eyed Mary
COLPS B   28229: N=Colwellia psychrerythraea
                 S=Vibrio psychroerythus
COLPU E   23551: N=Coleonema pulchellum
                 C=Confetti bush
COLRB E   51361: N=Colaptes rubiginosus
                 C=Golden-olive woodpecker
                 S=Piculus rubiginosus
COLRU E    9222: N=Colaptes rupicola
                 C=Southern Andean flicker
COLSA E  129043: N=Cololabis saira
                 C=Pacific saury
                 S=Scomberesox saira
COLSC E    3125: N=Coleochaete scutata
COLSN E   63538: N=Columnea sanguinea
                 S=Dalbergaria sanguinea
COLSP E   13445: N=Colchicum speciosum
                 C=Giant meadow saffron
COLSQ E  115699: N=Columbina squammata
                 C=Scaled dove
                 S=Scardafella squammata
COLST E   57412: N=Colius striatus
                 C=Speckled mousebird
COLSU E 1173701: N=Colletotrichum sublineola
                 C=Sorghum anthracnose fungus
COLSX B   56799: N=Colwellia sp.
COLTA E  504887: N=Columbina talpacoti
                 C=Ruddy ground-dove
COLTR E    5466: N=Colletotrichum trifolii
COLTU E    5467: N=Colletotrichum truncatum
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
                 S=Colletotrichum capsici
COLVA E   52435: N=Coleonyx variegatus
                 C=Western banded gecko
                 S=Stenodactylus variegatus
COLVI E    9014: N=Colinus virginianus
                 C=Northern bobwhite
                 S=Tetrao virginianus
COMAR E   84014: N=Comarostaphylis arbutoides
                 C=Dwarf madrone
                 S=Arctostaphylos arbutoides
COMBA E  133562: N=Commersonia bartramia
                 C=Brown kurrajong tree
                 S=Muntingia bartramia
COMBE E   34173: N=Commelina benghalensis
                 C=Benghal dayflower
COMCM E    4744: N=Commelina communis
                 C=Asiatic dayflower
COMCO E   30110: N=Commellus comma
COMDY E   61641: N=Comephorus dybowskii
COMFR E  133563: N=Commersonia fraseri
                 C=Brush kurrajong tree
COMHA E   43869: N=Commiphora habessinica
                 C=Abyssinian myrrh
                 S=Balsamodendrum habessinicum
COMID E    3956: N=Combretum indicum
                 C=Rangoon creeper
                 S=Quisqualis indica
COMIN E  224548: N=Compsophis infralineatus
                 C=Lined forest snake
                 S=Tachymenis infralineatus
COMS9 B  213664: N=Comamonas sp. (strain NCIMB 9872)
COMSP B   34028: N=Comamonas sp.
COMT2 B  688245: N=Comamonas testosteroni (strain CNB-2)
COMTE B     285: N=Comamonas testosteroni
                 S=Pseudomonas testosteroni
COMTK B  399795: N=Comamonas testosteroni (strain DSM 14576 / KF-1)
COMTR B   32013: N=Comamonas terrigena
COMUM E   50119: N=Comandra umbellata
                 C=Bastard toadflax
                 S=Thesium umbellatum
CONA1 E 1168221: N=Coniosporium apollinis (strain CBS 100218)
                 C=Rock-inhabiting black yeast
CONAA E  198732: N=Conus amadis
                 C=Amadis cone
CONAB E  100123: N=Conus abbreviatus
                 C=Abbreviated cone
                 S=Miliariconus abbreviatus
CONAC E  257315: N=Conus archon
                 C=Cone snail
CONAD E  289019: N=Conus ateralbus
                 C=Cone snail
CONAE E   89451: N=Conus arenatus
                 C=Sand-dusted cone
CONAF E  136854: N=Concinnia amplus
                 C=Orange-sided forest skink
                 S=Sphenomorphus amplus
CONAG E   95952: N=Conostylis androstemma
CONAH E  369967: N=Conus achatinus
                 C=Little frog cone
CONAI E  319919: N=Conus aurisiacus
                 C=Aurisiacus cone
CONAJ E   97188: N=Conus ammiralis
                 C=Admiral cone
CONAK E  101756: N=Conus acutangulus
                 C=Sharp-angled cone
CONAL E   89437: N=Conus aulicus
                 C=Princely cone
CONAM E    4179: N=Conopholis americana
                 S=Orobanche americana
CONAN E  101285: N=Conus anemone
                 C=Anemone cone
CONAO E  101286: N=Conus araneosus
                 C=Cobweb cone
CONAP E  257317: N=Conus aristophanes
                 C=Cone snail
CONAQ E 1173533: N=Conus adamsonii
                 C=Cone snail
CONAR E    4123: N=Convolvulus arvensis
                 C=Field bindweed
                 S=Strophocaulos arvensis
CONAS E  257316: N=Conasprella arcuata
                 C=Arched cone
                 S=Conus arcuatus
CONAT E  289018: N=Conus antoniomonteiroi
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Africonus antoniomonteiroi
CONAU E   89428: N=Conus aureus
                 C=Aureus cone
CONAV E 1519798: N=Conus australis
                 C=Austral cone
                 S=Asprella australis
CONAW E 1520082: N=Conus anabathrum floridanus
                 C=Florida cone
                 S=Conus floridanus floridensis
CONAX E 1945508: N=Conus asiaticus
                 C=Cone snail
CONBA E  101287: N=Conus balteatus
                 C=Ringed cone
                 S=Rolaniconus balteatus
CONBE E   89764: N=Conus betulinus
                 C=Beech cone
CONBH E  289021: N=Conus barthelemyi
                 C=Barthelemy's cone
CONBL E  410709: N=Conus buxeus loroisii
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Conus loroisii
CONBN E   72279: N=Conus bandanus
                 C=Banded marble cone
CONBR E  101289: N=Conus brunneus
                 C=Wood's brown cone
CONBT E  257320: N=Conus bartschi
                 C=Bartsch's cone
                 S=Conus andrangae
CONBU E   89438: N=Conus bullatus
                 C=Bubble cone
CONBY E 2070216: N=Conus bayani
                 C=Bayan's cone
                 S=Stellaconus bayani
CONC2 E  796925: N=Conidiobolus coronatus (strain ATCC 28846 / CBS 209.66 / NRRL 28638)
                 S=Delacroixia coronata
CONCA E  101290: N=Conus canonicus
                 C=Tiger cone
CONCB E   89440: N=Conus caracteristicus
                 C=Characteristic cone
CONCC E  137544: N=Concholepas concholepas
                 C=Barnacle rock-shell
CONCE E   89439: N=Conus capitaneus
                 C=Captain cone
CONCF E  289020: N=Conus cancellatus
                 C=Cancellate cone
                 S=Conus austini
CONCG E   84062: N=Convoluta convoluta
                 C=Acoelomorph flatworm
                 S=Planaria convoluta
CONCH E  101292: N=Conus chaldaeus
                 C=Vermiculate cone
CONCI E   41839: N=Conocephalum conicum
                 C=Snakeskin liverwort
                 S=Marchantia conica
CONCL E 1736779: N=Californiconus californicus
                 C=California cone
                 S=Conus californicus
CONCM E   97190: N=Conus circumcisus
                 C=Circumcision cone
CONCN E  101297: N=Conus consors
                 C=Singed cone
CONCO E   82655: N=Conger conger
                 C=Conger eel
                 S=Muraena conger
CONCP E  183521: N=Contopus cooperi
                 C=Olive-sided flycatcher
CONCR E  143302: N=Condylura cristata
                 C=Star-nosed mole
CONCS E   89441: N=Conus coronatus
                 C=Crowned cone
CONCT E  101291: N=Conus catus
                 C=Cat cone
CONCU E  257322: N=Conus cuneolus
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Africonus cuneolus
CONCV E  692598: N=Conus cervus
                 C=Deer cone
CONDA E  257324: N=Conus daucus
                 C=Carrot cone
                 S=Conus connectens
CONDD E  257325: N=Conus diadema
                 C=Diadem cone
                 S=Lividoconus diadema
CONDE E 2547900: N=Conus delessertii
                 C=Sozon's cone
                 S=Conus sozoni
CONDI E   72281: N=Conus distans
                 C=Distant cone
CONDL E  257323: N=Conus dalli
                 C=Dall's cone
CONEA E   89425: N=Conus ebraeus
                 C=Hebrew cone
CONEB E  101300: N=Conus eburneus
                 C=Ivory cone
CONEM E   89442: N=Conus emaciatus
                 C=False virgin cone
CONEP E   88764: N=Conus episcopatus
                 C=Bishop's cone
CONER E   55423: N=Conus ermineus
                 C=Agate cone
                 S=Chelyconus ermineus
CONFE E  257326: N=Conus fergusoni
                 C=Ferguson's cone
CONFG E  101755: N=Conus frigidus
                 C=Frigid cone
CONFI E  101301: N=Conus figulinus
                 C=Fig cone
CONFL E  101302: N=Conus flavidus
                 C=Yellow Pacific cone
CONFO E   97180: N=Conus floridulus
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Lividoconus floridulus
CONFR E  379542: N=Conus ferrugineus
                 C=Cone snail
CONFS E  427713: N=Coniophanes fissidens
                 C=Yellowbelly snake
                 S=Coronella fissidens
CONGA E  257327: N=Conus gladiator
                 C=Gladiator cone
CONGE E    6491: N=Conus geographus
                 C=Geography cone
                 S=Nubecula geographus
CONGI E   47073: N=Condylactis gigantea
                 C=Giant Caribbean anemone
                 S=Condylactis passiflora
CONGL E   37336: N=Conus gloriamaris
                 C=Glory-of-the-Sea cone
CONGN E   59528: N=Connochaetes gnou
                 C=Black wildebeest
CONGR E  101304: N=Conus generalis
                 C=General cone
CONGU E  473956: N=Conus gauguini
                 C=Gauguin's cone
CONIM E   35631: N=Conus imperialis
                 C=Imperial cone
CONIN E  257329: N=Conus inscriptus
                 C=Engraved cone
CONJA E   86968: N=Conger japonicus
                 C=Beach conger
CONJP E  134427: N=Conocephalum japonicum
                 S=Conocephalum supradecompositum
CONJU E  257330: N=Conus judaeus
                 C=Cone snail
CONKI E  376876: N=Conus kinoshitai
                 C=Kinoshita's cone
CONLA E  200366: N=Contopus latirostris
                 C=Lesser Antillean pewee
CONLE E  101306: N=Conus leopardus
                 C=Leopard cone
CONLF E  536236: N=Convolutriloba longifissura
                 C=Red flatworm
                 S=Acoelomorph flatworm
CONLG E 1077918: N=Conasprella longurionis
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Conus longurionis
CONLI E   89426: N=Conus lividus
                 C=Livid cone
CONLM E 1967283: N=Conus limpusi
                 C=Cone snail
CONLN E  768455: N=Contia longicaudae
                 C=Forest sharp-tailed snake
CONLT E   89445: N=Conus litteratus
                 C=Lettered cone
CONLU E   69696: N=Conomurex luhuanus
                 C=Strawberry conch
                 S=Strombus luhuanus
CONLV E 1519839: N=Conus lenavati
                 C=Cone snail
CONLY E  289038: N=Conus lynceus
                 C=Lynceus cone
CONMA E    6492: N=Conus magus
                 C=Magical cone
CONMB E 2496636: N=Conus moncuri
                 C=Sea snail
CONMC E   13447: N=Conium maculatum
CONMD E 2825866: N=Conus milneedwardsi
                 C=Glory of India cone snail
CONME E  101757: N=Conasprella memiae
                 C=Memi's cone
                 S=Conus memiae
CONMF E  257332: N=Conus magnificus
                 C=Magnificent cone
                 S=Darioconus magnificus
CONMG E   40633: N=Condylostoma magnum
CONMI E   69564: N=Conus miles
                 C=Soldier cone
                 S=Mile cone
CONMJ E   32189: N=Convallaria majalis
                 C=Lily of the valley
CONML E   97181: N=Conus miliaris
                 C=Thousand-spot cone
CONMN E   89446: N=Conus monachus
                 C=Cone snail
CONMO E  351660: N=Conus monile
                 C=Necklace cone
CONMR E   42752: N=Conus marmoreus
                 C=Marble cone
CONMS E  101309: N=Conus mustelinus
                 C=Weasel cone
CONMT E 1017127: N=Conus mitratus
                 C=Miter-like cone
                 S=Conus mitraeformis var. pupaeformis
CONMU E  257335: N=Conus mus
                 C=Mouse cone
CONMY E    7943: N=Conger myriaster
                 C=Conger eel
CONNA E  257336: N=Conus natalis
                 C=Natal textile cone
CONNE E  149418: N=Constancea nevinii
                 C=Nevin's woolly sunflower
                 S=Eriophyllum nevinii
CONNI E 1520089: N=Conus nigropunctatus
                 C=Black-spot cone
CONNU E  101310: N=Conus nux
                 C=Nut cone
CONOB E   89447: N=Conus obscurus
                 C=Obscure cone
                 S=Conus halitropus
CONOC E   94395: N=Conger oceanicus
                 C=American conger eel
CONOH E   72282: N=Conus ochroleucus
                 C=Perfect cone
                 S=Graphiconus ochroleucus
CONOI E  228876: N=Conringia orientalis
                 C=Hare's-ear mustard
                 S=Brassica orientalis
CONOM E   89429: N=Conus omaria
                 C=Omaria cone
CONOR E  257338: N=Conus orion
                 C=Orion cone
CONOS E  106324: N=Contracaecum osculatum
                 C=Nematode worm
CONPA E   57097: N=Conolophus pallidus
                 C=Santa Fe land iguana
                 S=Barrington Island iguana
CONPB E 1042615: N=Conus pictus
                 C=Cone snail
CONPC E  128530: N=Conus praecellens
                 C=Admirable cone
CONPD E  322465: N=Conophthorus ponderosae
                 C=White pine cone beetle
CONPE E   37335: N=Conus pennaceus
                 C=Feathered cone
                 S=Conus episcopus
CONPF E 1133088: N=Conogethes punctiferalis
                 C=Durian fruit borer
                 S=Astura punctiferalis
CONPG E  101311: N=Conus princeps
                 C=Prince cone
CONPI E  505247: N=Conus parius
                 C=Cone snail
CONPL E   93154: N=Conus pulicarius
                 C=Flea-bitten cone
CONPN E   10127: N=Conilurus penicillatus
                 C=Brush-tailed rabbit-rat
                 S=Hapalotis hemileucura
CONPO E   97183: N=Conus planorbis
                 C=Planorbis cone
CONPR E  330676: N=Conus pergrandis
                 C=Grand cone
CONPT E  257339: N=Conus patricius
                 C=Patrician cone
                 S=Conus pyriformis
CONPU E   41690: N=Conus purpurascens
                 C=Purple cone
CONPW E  741705: N=Coniophora puteana (strain RWD-64-598)
                 C=Brown rot fungus
CONQU E  101313: N=Conus quercinus
                 C=Oak cone
CONRA E   61198: N=Conus radiatus
                 C=Rayed cone
CONRE E  101314: N=Conus regius
                 C=Crown cone
CONRG E 1333719: N=Conus regularis
                 C=Regular cone
CONRO E  745791: N=Conus rolani
                 C=Cone snail
CONRT E   72283: N=Conus rattus
                 C=Rat cone
CONRU E  646100: N=Contracaecum rudolphii
                 C=Nematode worm
CONSA E 1017128: N=Conus stupa
                 C=Cone snail
                 S=Embrikena stupa
CONSB E   31140: N=Conolophus subcristatus
                 C=Galapagos land iguana
CONSC E 1519877: N=Conus suturatus
                 C=Sutured cone
CONSD E  183522: N=Contopus sordidulus
                 C=Western wood-pewee
CONSE E   89452: N=Conus stercusmuscarum
                 C=Fly-specked cone
CONSH E  175648: N=Coniferiporia sulphurascens
                 C=Laminated root rot fungus
                 S=Phellinidium sulphurascens
CONSI E   95954: N=Conostylis setigera
                 C=Bristly cottonhead
CONSL E  101760: N=Conus sulcatus
                 C=Sulcate cone
CONSO E   97185: N=Conus sponsalis
                 C=Marriage cone
CONSP E  192919: N=Conus spurius
                 C=Alphabet cone
CONSR E  101315: N=Conus striolatus
                 C=Cone snail
CONST E    6493: N=Conus striatus
                 C=Striated cone
CONTA E    9927: N=Connochaetes taurinus
                 C=Blue wildebeest
CONTB E  158800: N=Contia tenuis
                 C=Sharp-tailed snake
                 S=Calamaria tenuis
CONTE E    6494: N=Conus textile
                 C=Cloth-of-gold cone
CONTI E  909294: N=Conus tinianus
                 C=Variable cone
CONTN E  257345: N=Conasprella tornata
                 C=Grooved cone
                 S=Conus tornatus
CONTO E   41381: N=Congea tomentosa
                 C=Wooly congea
                 S=Shower orchid
CONTR E    4124: N=Convolvulus tricolor
                 C=Dwarf morning glory
CONTS E  101317: N=Conus tessulatus
                 C=Tessellate cone
CONTU E    6495: N=Conus tulipa
                 C=Fish-hunting cone snail
                 S=Tulip cone
CONVA E   89448: N=Conus varius
                 C=Varius cone
CONVC E  319920: N=Conus victoriae
                 C=Queen Victoria cone
CONVE E  117992: N=Conus ventricosus
                 C=Mediterranean cone
CONVI E  183524: N=Contopus virens
                 C=Eastern wood-pewee
CONVL E  257347: N=Conus villepinii
                 C=Villepin's cone
CONVR E   89427: N=Conus virgo
                 C=Virgin cone
CONVX E   89431: N=Conus vexillum
                 C=Flag cone
CONWI B  469383: N=Conexibacter woesei (strain DSM 14684 / CIP 108061 / JCM 11494 / NBRC 100937 / ID131577)
CONXI E  257349: N=Conasprella ximenes
                 C=Interrupted cone
                 S=Conus ximenes
CONZE E 1519886: N=Conus zeylanicus
                 C=Obese cone
                 S=Puncticulis zeylanicus
CONZO E  754466: N=Conus zonatus
                 C=Zoned cone
COOON E   27828: N=Cooperia oncophora
                 C=Parasitic roundworm
                 S=Strongylus oncophora
COOPU E   96640: N=Cooperia punctata
                 C=Nematode worm
COPAN E  257041: N=Copera annulata
                 S=Psilocnemis annulata
COPBI E  498928: N=Coptosoma bifaria
                 C=Stink bug
COPC7 E  240176: N=Coprinopsis cinerea (strain Okayama-7 / 130 / ATCC MYA-4618 / FGSC 9003)
                 C=Inky cap fungus
                 S=Hormographiella aspergillata
COPCI E    5346: N=Coprinopsis cinerea
                 C=Inky cap fungus
                 S=Hormographiella aspergillata
COPCM E   56187: N=Coprinus comatus
                 C=Shaggy mane
COPCO E    5347: N=Coprinellus congregatus
                 C=Inky cap fungus
                 S=Coprinus congregatus
COPDI E   71703: N=Coprinellus disseminatus
                 C=Fairy ink cap fungus
COPFL E   29053: N=Copidosoma floridanum
COPFO E   36987: N=Coptotermes formosanus
                 C=Formosan subterranean termite
COPJA E    3442: N=Coptis japonica
                 C=Japanese goldthread
COPLA E  280048: N=Copaifera langsdorffii
                 C=Balsam copaiba
COPNI E 1191120: N=Copeoglossum nigropunctatum
                 C=Amazonian skink
                 S=Mabuya nigropunctata
COPPD B  309798: N=Coprothermobacter proteolyticus (strain ATCC 35245 / DSM 5265 / OCM 4 / BT)
COPPR E  349346: N=Copernicia prunifera
                 C=Carnauba wax palm
                 S=Copernicia cerifera
COPRA E   71721: N=Coprinellus radians
                 C=Coprophilous mushroom
                 S=Coprinus radians
COPSC E   71696: N=Coprinopsis scobicola
                 C=Ink cap fungus
COPTE E   43588: N=Cophosaurus texanus
                 C=Greater earless lizard
                 S=Holbrookia texana
COPTR E  438892: N=Copris tripartitus
                 C=Dung beetle
COPV  V   35258: N=Canine oral papillomavirus
COPV6 V  766192: N=Canine oral papillomavirus (strain Y62)
CORA7 B  548476: N=Corynebacterium aurimucosum (strain ATCC 700975 / DSM 44827 / CIP 107346 / CN-1)
                 S=Corynebacterium nigricans
CORAA E  333528: N=Cortinarius alcalinophilus
CORAB E  199168: N=Corema album
                 C=Portuguese crowberry
                 S=Empetrum album
CORAC E  160462: N=Cortinarius achrous
                 S=Rozites pallidus
CORAD B  583355: N=Coraliomargarita akajimensis (strain DSM 45221 / IAM 15411 / JCM 23193 / KCTC 12865 / 04OKA010-24)
CORAE E   78632: N=Corylus americana
                 C=American hazelnut
CORAI E  109907: N=Coradion altivelis
                 C=Highfin coralfish
CORAL E   30421: N=Corvus albus
                 C=Pied crow
CORAM B    1697: N=Corynebacterium ammoniagenes
                 S=Brevibacterium ammoniagenes
CORAP E    6535: N=Cornu aspersum
                 C=Brown garden snail
                 S=Helix aspersa
CORAR E   33614: N=Coragyps atratus
                 C=Black vulture
CORAS E  201445: N=Coronella austriaca
                 C=Smooth snake
                 S=Coluber austriacus
CORAT E   16902: N=Cornus alternifolia
                 C=Pagoda dogwood
                 S=Swida alternifolia
CORAU E   27773: N=Coregonus autumnalis
                 C=Arctic cisco
                 S=Salmo autumnalis
CORAV E   13451: N=Corylus avellana
                 C=European hazel
                 S=Corylus maxima
CORAY B   43765: N=Corynebacterium amycolatum
CORBE V   10703: N=Corynephage beta
CORBI E  433728: N=Cordulegaster bidentata
                 C=Two-toothed golden-ringed dragonfly
CORBR E   85066: N=Corvus brachyrhynchos
                 C=American crow
CORBV E   78879: N=Coreobagrus brevicorpus
                 C=Korean stumpy bullhead
                 S=Pseudobagrus brevicorpus
CORC0 E  121492: N=Corticium candelabrum
CORCA E    4282: N=Cornus canadensis
                 C=Bunchberry dogwood
                 S=Chamaepericlymenum canadense
CORCB E  190997: N=Corema conradii
                 C=Broom crowberry
                 S=Empetrum conradii
CORCC E   59586: N=Corynespora cassiicola
                 C=Target leaf spot disease fungus
                 S=Helminthosporium cassiicola
CORCD E  108826: N=Corvus coronoides
                 C=Australian raven
CORCE E   30422: N=Corvus corone
                 C=Carrion crow
CORCF E  279967: N=Corvus caurinus
                 C=Northwestern crow
CORCG E  559164: N=Corydalus cornutus
                 C=Eastern dobsonfly
                 S=Corydalus cognatus
CORCH E  109922: N=Coradion chrysozonus
                 C=Goldengirdled coralfish
                 S=Chaetodon chrysozonus
CORCI E   51861: N=Corallus caninus
                 C=Emerald tree boa
CORCJ E   60117: N=Cornus capitata
                 C=Bentham's dogwood
                 S=Benthamidia capitata
CORCK B  184914: N=Corallococcus coralloides
                 S=Myxococcus coralloides
CORCL E   59861: N=Coregonus clupeaformis
                 C=Lake whitefish
CORCM B 1144275: N=Corallococcus coralloides (strain ATCC 25202 / DSM 2259 / NBRC 100086 / M2)
                 S=Myxococcus coralloides
CORCN E  103956: N=Corythaixoides concolor
                 C=Grey go-away-bird
CORCO E   13452: N=Corylus cornuta
                 C=Beaked hazel
                 S=Corylus rostrata
CORCP E  139036: N=Corcyra cephalonica
                 C=Rice moth
CORCQ E 1028097: N=Coridius chinensis
                 C=Stink bug
                 S=Aspongopus chinensis
CORCR E  103954: N=Corythaeola cristata
                 C=Great blue turaco
CORCS E  144206: N=Corytophanes cristatus
                 C=Smooth helmeted iguana
                 S=Agama cristata
CORCT B  168810: N=Corynebacterium crenatum
CORCU E   56292: N=Coracias caudatus
                 C=Lilac-breasted roller
CORCV E  187425: N=Corvinella corvina
                 C=Yellow-billed shrike
CORCW E 1267413: N=Corallianassa coutierei
                 C=Ghost shrimp
CORCX E   56781: N=Corvus corax
                 C=Common raven
CORCY E  134906: N=Corvus cryptoleucus
                 C=Chihuahuan raven
CORCZ E   80824: N=Corculum cardissa
                 C=Heart cockle
                 S=Cardium cardissa
CORD2 B  698966: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain 241)
CORD3 B  698962: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain 31A)
CORD7 B  698963: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain ATCC 27012 / C7 (beta))
CORDB B  698973: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain BH8)
CORDC E  151714: N=Coryphopterus dicrus
                 C=Colon goby
CORDD B  698965: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain CDCE 8392)
CORDF E 2714763: N=Cordyceps confragosa
                 S=Lecanicillium lecanii
CORDH B  698967: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain HC01)
CORDI B  257309: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain ATCC 700971 / NCTC 13129 / Biotype gravis)
CORDJ B  698968: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain HC02)
CORDK B  698969: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain HC03)
CORDL B  698970: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain HC04)
CORDN B  698972: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain INCA 402)
CORDO E  237664: N=Cordulegaster dorsalis
                 C=Pacific spiketail dragonfly
CORDP B    1717: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae
CORDV B  698971: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain VA01)
CORDW B  698964: N=Corynebacterium diphtheriae (strain PW8)
COREA E 1166676: N=Coraebus elatus
                 C=Jewel beetle
COREC B  152794: N=Corynebacterium efficiens
COREF B  196164: N=Corynebacterium efficiens (strain DSM 44549 / YS-314 / AJ 12310 / JCM 11189 / NBRC 100395)
COREI E  151715: N=Coryphopterus eidolon
                 C=Pallid goby
COREL E  125102: N=Coryanthes elegantium
                 C=Bucket orchid
COREX E   34328: N=Corymbia eximia
                 C=Yellow bloodwood
                 S=Eucalyptus eximia
CORFA E 1081104: N=Cordyceps fumosorosea (strain ARSEF 2679)
                 S=Isaria fumosorosea
CORFC E   34325: N=Corymbia ficifolia
                 C=Red-flowering gum
                 S=Eucalyptus ficifolia
CORFI E  108825: N=Coracina fimbriata
                 C=Lesser cuckooshrike
CORFL B   28028: N=Corynebacterium flavescens
CORFO E    4283: N=Cornus florida
                 C=Flowering dogwood
CORFR E   75140: N=Corvus frugilegus
CORFU E  347312: N=Corticarina fuscula
                 C=Minute brown scavenger beetle
CORGA E  151721: N=Coryphopterus glaucofraenum
                 C=Bridled goby
                 S=Lophogobius glaucofraenum
CORGB B  340322: N=Corynebacterium glutamicum (strain R)
CORGK B 1204414: N=Corynebacterium glutamicum (strain ATCC 13032 / K051)
CORGL B  196627: N=Corynebacterium glutamicum (strain ATCC 13032 / DSM 20300 / BCRC 11384 / JCM 1318 / LMG 3730 / NCIMB 10025)
CORGM E  183803: N=Corymbia gummifera
                 C=Red bloodwood
                 S=Eucalyptus gummifera
CORGP B  700015: N=Coriobacterium glomerans (strain ATCC 49209 / DSM 20642 / JCM 10262 / PW2)
CORGR E   13449: N=Coreopsis grandiflora
                 C=Large-flower tickseed
CORGT B    1718: N=Corynebacterium glutamicum
                 S=Brevibacterium saccharolyticum
CORGU E  188338: N=Coracias garrulus
                 C=European roller
CORHA E  134902: N=Corvus hawaiiensis
                 C=Hawaiian crow
CORHE E   51862: N=Corallus hortulanus enydris
                 C=Garden tree boa
                 S=Corallus enydris
CORHM E  211658: N=Corythoichthys haematopterus
                 C=Messmate pipefish
                 S=Syngnathus haematopterus
CORHP E   34814: N=Coryphaena hippurus
CORHR E  228251: N=Coreoperca herzi
                 C=Korean aucha perch
CORHY E  151716: N=Coryphopterus hyalinus
                 C=Glass goby
CORIO E   68760: N=Cortinarius iodes
                 C=Heliotrope webcap mushroom
                 S=Cortinarius heliotropicus
CORJE B   38289: N=Corynebacterium jeikeium
CORJK B  306537: N=Corynebacterium jeikeium (strain K411)
CORK4 B  645127: N=Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii (strain DSM 44385 / JCM 11950 / CIP 105744 / CCUG 35717)
CORKA E  215345: N=Coreoperca kawamebari
                 C=Japanese aucha perch
                 S=Serranus kawamebari
CORKO E   28501: N=Cornus kousa
                 C=Kousa dogwood
                 S=Benthamidia kousa
CORKU E   68294: N=Corvus kubaryi
                 C=Mariana crow
CORLA E    4312: N=Corynocarpus laevigatus
                 C=New Zealand laurel
CORLD B  525263: N=Corynebacterium lipophiloflavum (strain ATCC 700352 / DSM 44291 / CCUG 37336 / JCM 10383 / DMMZ 1944)
CORLE E  121526: N=Corythaixoides leucogaster
                 C=White-bellied go-away bird
                 S=Criniferoides leucogaster
CORLI E  151717: N=Coryphopterus lipernes
                 C=Peppermint goby
CORLN E  175001: N=Coracina lineata
                 C=Barred cuckooshrike
CORLT E   46118: N=Corrigiola litoralis
CORLV E   59291: N=Coregonus lavaretus
                 C=Common whitefish
                 S=Salmo lavaretus
CORMA E    4285: N=Cornus mas
                 C=Cornelian cherry dogwood
CORMC E   36249: N=Corvus macrorhynchos
                 C=Large-billed crow
CORME E    9145: N=Corcorax melanoramphos
                 C=White-winged chough
CORMI E   73501: N=Cordyceps militaris
                 C=Caterpillar fungus
                 S=Clavaria militaris
CORML B   41643: N=Corynebacterium melassecola
CORMM E  983644: N=Cordyceps militaris (strain CM01)
                 C=Caterpillar fungus
CORMR E  125103: N=Coryanthes macrantha
                 C=Monkey orchid
CORMU E   87660: N=Corymbia maculata
                 C=Spotted gum
                 S=Eucalyptus maculata
CORMY E    3460: N=Coriaria myrtifolia
                 C=Tanner's sumac
CORNE B    1722: N=Corynebacterium nephridii
CORNU E   60120: N=Cornus nuttallii
                 C=Pacific dogwood
COROB E   16904: N=Cornus obliqua
                 C=Silky dogwood
                 S=Cornus amomum subsp. obliqua
COROF E   16906: N=Cornus officinalis
                 C=Japanese cornel
COROI E   35170: N=Corallina officinalis
                 C=Coral seaweed
COROL E   16905: N=Cornus oblonga
COROM V   10714: N=Corynephage omega
COROR E  165401: N=Cortinarius orellanus
                 C=Fool's webcap
COROS E  349685: N=Corvus ossifragus
                 C=Fish crow
CORP1 B  679896: N=Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (strain 1002)
CORP2 B  681645: N=Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (strain C231)
CORP9 B  889513: N=Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (strain I19)
CORPC E   76960: N=Correa pulchella
                 C=Australian fuchsia
CORPE E  151718: N=Coryphopterus personatus
                 C=Masked goby
                 S=Eviota personata
CORPF B  765874: N=Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (strain FRC41)
CORPI E   78447: N=Corallina pilulifera
                 C=Red coralline alga
CORPL E 1933072: N=Cornufer pelewensis
                 C=Palau wrinkled ground frog
                 S=Platymantis pelewensis
CORPS B    1719: N=Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis
CORPT E  217840: N=Coreopsis petrophiloides
CORPU E  151719: N=Coryphopterus punctipectophorus
                 C=Spotted goby
CORRA E   27674: N=Corynorhinus rafinesquii
                 C=Rafinesque's big-eared bat
                 S=Plecotus rafinesquii
CORRG B  662755: N=Corynebacterium resistens (strain DSM 45100 / JCM 12819 / GTC 2026 / SICGH 158)
CORRP E  334015: N=Coreana raphaelis
                 C=Korean hairstreak butterfly
CORS1 B   69006: N=Corynebacterium sp. (strain P-1)
CORS2 B  268954: N=Corynebacterium sp. (strain C12)
CORSA E    4047: N=Coriandrum sativum
                 S=Chinese parsley
CORSC B  268952: N=Corynebacterium sp. (strain ATCC 31090)
CORSL E   58286: N=Cortaderia selloana
                 C=Pampas grass
                 S=Arundo selloana
CORSP B    1720: N=Corynebacterium sp.
CORSS B  268953: N=Corynebacterium sp. (strain SHS752001)
CORST B   43770: N=Corynebacterium striatum
CORSU E  164435: N=Cornus suecica
                 C=Dwarf cornel
CORTA E 2681627: N=Corybas taliensis
                 C=Terrestrial orchid
                 S=Calcearia taliensis
CORTE E   34330: N=Corymbia tessellaris
                 C=Moreton Bay ash
                 S=Eucalyptus tessellaris
CORTI E   41554: N=Coreopsis tinctoria
                 C=Golden tickseed
CORTO E  124745: N=Corynorhinus townsendii
                 C=Townsend's big-eared bat
                 S=Plecotus townsendii
CORTR E 1904443: N=Coremiocnemis tropix
                 C=Australian tarantula spider
CORU7 B  504474: N=Corynebacterium urealyticum (strain ATCC 43042 / DSM 7109)
CORUB B  945712: N=Corynebacterium ulcerans (strain BR-AD22)
CORUL B   65058: N=Corynebacterium ulcerans
CORUM E  115461: N=Corypha umbraculifera
                 C=Talipot palm
CORUR E  151720: N=Coryphopterus urospilus
                 C=Redlight goby
CORUT E  145682: N=Corypha utan
                 C=Buri palm
                 S=Corypha elata
CORVA E  129522: N=Coremiocnemis valida
                 C=Singapore tarantula
                 S=Blue femur tarantula
CORVD B  858619: N=Corynebacterium variabile (strain DSM 44702 / CIP 107183 / JCM 12073 / NCIMB 30131)
                 S=Corynebacterium mooreparkense
CORVE E 2059235: N=Coryphella verrucosa
                 C=Red-finger aeolis
                 S=Flabellina verrucosa
CORVI E   47334: N=Cortinarius violaceus
                 C=Violet webcap
                 S=Agaricus violaceus
CORVO E  371472: N=Corophium volutator
                 C=Mud shrimp
CORVR E   53861: N=Securigera varia
                 C=Crown vetch
                 S=Coronilla varia
CORVT E 1582976: N=Cornufer vitianus
                 C=Fiji ground frog
                 S=Hylodes vitianus
CORWA E   16907: N=Cornus walteri
                 C=Walter's dogwood
                 S=Swida coreana
CORWE E 1096223: N=Cormocephalus westwoodi
                 C=Westwood's green centipede
CORWH E  228250: N=Coreoperca whiteheadi
                 S=Siniperca whiteheadi
CORYC E   44298: N=Corynactis californica
                 C=Strawberry anemone
CORYI E   34329: N=Corymbia citriodora
                 C=Lemon-scented gum
                 S=Eucalyptus citriodora
CORYR E   85095: N=Corythornis cristatus
                 C=Malachite kingfisher
                 S=Alcedo cristata
CORYU E  137237: N=Coryphospingus cucullatus
                 C=Red-crested finch
COSAA V 1554483: N=Cosavirus A (isolate Human/Pakistan/0553/-)
COSBA E    4632: N=Costus barbatus
                 C=Spiral ginger
COSBI E   51277: N=Cosmos bipinnatus
                 C=Garden cosmos
                 S=Bidens formosa
COSCE E  214291: N=Costaconvexa centrostrigaria
                 C=Bent-line carpet moth
COSCO E    8863: N=Coscoroba coscoroba
                 C=Coscoroba swan
                 S=Anas coscoroba
COSCS E    2872: N=Costaria costata
                 C=Five-ribbed kelp
                 S=Laminaria costata
COSER E  328764: N=Costus erythrophyllus
                 C=Oxblood ginger
                 S=Blood red spiral ginger
COSLA E  168190: N=Costus lateriflorus
                 C=Spiral ginger
COSMA E  101691: N=Costus malortieanus
                 C=Stepladder ginger
COSMU E  100456: N=Coscinasterias muricata
                 C=Eleven armed sea star
COSPL E  683962: N=Cosmopterix pulchrimella
                 C=Beautiful cosmopterix moth
COSPU E  160685: N=Costus pulverulentus
                 C=Spiral ginger
COSRU E   55226: N=Cosmelia rubra
                 C=Spindle heath
COTBA E  289835: N=Cotyledon barbeyi
                 C=Hoary navelwort
COTBI E  147208: N=Cottus bairdii
                 C=Mottled sculpin
COTBO E   61639: N=Cottinella boulengeri
                 C=Short-headed sculpin
                 S=Abyssocottus boulengeri
COTCA E  147209: N=Cottus carolinae
                 C=Banded sculpin
                 S=Potamocottus carolinae
COTCG E  269719: N=Cotinus coggygria
                 C=European smoketree
                 S=Rhus cotinus
COTCN E   51543: N=Cotesia congregata
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
                 S=Apanteles congregatus
COTCO E    9091: N=Coturnix coturnix
                 C=Common quail
                 S=Tetrao coturnix
COTCT E  147210: N=Cottus cognatus
                 C=Slimy sculpin
COTDE E    9093: N=Coturnix delegorguei
                 C=Harlequin quail
COTEL E  289829: N=Cotyledon eliseae
COTFL E   89805: N=Cotesia flavipes
                 C=Parasitic wasp
                 S=Apanteles flavipes
COTGB E  100952: N=Cottus gobio
COTGL E   32391: N=Cotesia glomerata
                 C=Parasitic wasp
                 S=Apanteles glomeratus
COTGO E   56716: N=Cottoperca gobio
                 S=Aphritis gobio
COTGR E   57734: N=Cottocomephorus grewingkii
                 C=Baikal yellowfin
                 S=Cottus grewingkii
COTIN E   61627: N=Cottocomephorus inermis
                 C=Longfin Baikal sculpin
COTJA E   93934: N=Coturnix japonica
                 C=Japanese quail
                 S=Coturnix coturnix japonica
COTKA E  178385: N=Cotesia kariyai
                 C=Parasitic wasp
COTMA E   93006: N=Cotesia marginiventris
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
                 S=Apanteles marginiventris
COTME E  251228: N=Cotesia melitaearum
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
COTNO E  302535: N=Coturnicops noveboracensis
                 C=Yellow rail
COTOR E   22999: N=Cotyledon orbiculata
                 C=Pig's ear
COTPA E  289838: N=Cotyledon papillaris
COTRE E  137881: N=Cottus reinii
COTRU E   32392: N=Cotesia rubecula
                 C=Cabbage white butterfly parasite
                 S=Apanteles rubecula
COTSE E   89807: N=Cotesia sesamiae
                 C=Parasitic wasp
COTTI E   99028: N=Cota tinctoria
                 C=Golden marguerite
                 S=Anthemis tinctoria
COTTO E   91073: N=Cotyledon tomentosa
                 C=Bear's paw
COTVE E  217443: N=Cotesia vestalis
                 C=Diamondback moth parasite
                 S=Cotesia plutellae
COTWO E  289836: N=Cotyledon woodii
COUCR E  121393: N=Coua cristata
                 C=Crested coua
COUGU E   66684: N=Couroupita guianensis
                 C=Cannonball tree
COWPX V   10243: N=Cowpox virus
COXB1 B  434924: N=Coxiella burnetii (strain CbuK_Q154)
                 S=Coxiella burnetii (strain Q154)
COXB2 B  434923: N=Coxiella burnetii (strain CbuG_Q212)
                 S=Coxiella burnetii (strain Q212)
COXBE B     777: N=Coxiella burnetii
COXBN B  434922: N=Coxiella burnetii (strain Dugway 5J108-111)
COXBR B  360115: N=Coxiella burnetii (strain RSA 331 / Henzerling II)
COXBU B  227377: N=Coxiella burnetii (strain RSA 493 / Nine Mile phase I)
COYMV V   10653: N=Commelina yellow mottle virus
CPBDV V 2170141: N=Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 2
                 S=Chaetoceros sp. DNA virus 7
CPMV  V   12264: N=Cowpea mosaic virus
CPMV1 V  186769: N=Cryphonectria parasitica mitovirus 1 (strain American chestnut tree/New Jersey/NB631)
                 S=Cryphonectria mitovirus 1
CPMVS V  928299: N=Cowpea mosaic virus (strain SB)
CPRV  V  368445: N=Crocodilepox virus
CPRVZ V 1289473: N=Nile crocodilepox virus (isolate Crocodylus niloticus/Zimbabwe/Ume/2001)
CPSMV V   31716: N=Cowpea severe mosaic virus (strain DG)
CPSVP V  652963: N=Citrus psorosis virus (isolate Spain/P-121)
                 S=Citrus ringspot virus
CPV1  V  205895: N=Cypovirus 1
CPVBM V  110829: N=Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus
CPVCS V   59730: N=Choristoneura fumiferana cypovirus
                 S=Choristoneura fumiferana cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus
CPVES V   10983: N=Euxoa scandens cypovirus
                 S=Euxoa scandens cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus
CPVKS V  766191: N=Cryptosporidium parvum virus 1 (strain KSU-1)
CPVOP V   31592: N=Orgyia pseudotsugata cypovirus
                 S=Orgyia pseudotsugata cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus
CPXVB V  208899: N=Cupixi mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Brasil/BeAn 119303/1970)
CRAAB E    3721: N=Crambe hispanica subsp. abyssinica
                 C=Abyssinian kale
                 S=Crambe abyssinica
CRAAG E   83131: N=Cratylia argentea
                 S=Cratylia floribunda
CRAAL E   84984: N=Crax alberti
                 C=Blue-billed curassow
CRAAR E   94323: N=Crassostrea ariakensis
                 C=Suminoe oyster
CRABL E  125061: N=Crax blumenbachii
                 C=Red-billed curassow
CRABO E  175798: N=Cranoglanis bouderius
                 C=Helmet catfish
                 S=Bagrus bouderius
CRABU E   37549: N=Cratogeomys bursarius
                 C=Plains pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys bursarius
CRACA E   37441: N=Cratogeomys castanops
                 C=Yellow-faced pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys castanops
CRACE E 1077925: N=Crassispira cerithina
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Turridrupa cerithina
CRACN E  491138: N=Crangon crangon
                 C=Brown shrimp
CRACO E   71328: N=Crambe cordifolia
                 C=Greater sea-kale
                 S=Giant gypsophila
CRACR E    3722: N=Crambe crambe
                 C=Mediterranean sponge
CRADI E 1140724: N=Cratoplastis diluta
                 C=Felder's humbug
CRAFA E   84988: N=Crax fasciolata
                 C=Bare-faced curassow
CRAFO E  326578: N=Crangonyx floridanus
                 C=Freshwater amphipod
CRAFU E   13458: N=Cratogeomys fumosus
                 C=Smoky pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys fumosus
CRAFV E  288025: N=Cratogeomys fulvescens
                 C=Oriental Basin pocket gopher
                 S=Cratogeomys merriami subsp. fulvescens
CRAGA E   50415: N=Crassadoma gigantea
                 C=Giant rock scallop
                 S=Hinnites giganteus
CRAGG E   13459: N=Cratogeomys goldmani goldmani
                 S=Pappogeomys goldmani goldmani
CRAGI E   29159: N=Crassostrea gigas
                 C=Pacific oyster
                 S=Crassostrea angulata
CRAGR E   37950: N=Cratogeomys goldmani rubellus
                 S=Pappogeomys goldmani rubellus
CRAGY E   13461: N=Cratogeomys gymnurus
                 C=Llano pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys gymnurus
CRAHE E   86272: N=Cranioleuca henricae
                 C=Bolivian spinetail
CRAHO E  298176: N=Crassostrea hongkongensis
                 C=Hong Kong cultured oyster
CRAIR E  167541: N=Crassostrea iredalei
                 C=Tropical oyster
CRAIS E  856801: N=Crangonyx islandicus
CRAME E   13462: N=Cratogeomys merriami
                 C=Mexican pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys merriami
CRAMN E  140997: N=Crataegus monogyna
                 S=Crataegus apiifolia
CRAMO E  252530: N=Cratylia mollis
                 C=Camaratu bean
CRAMU E 1120149: N=Cratopus murinus
CRANE E   76342: N=Cratogeomys neglectus
                 C=Queretaro pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys neglectus
CRANI E  121615: N=Crassostrea nippona
                 C=Iwagaki oyster
CRAOR E   91080: N=Crassula orbicularis
CRAOV E 1120150: N=Cratopus ovalis
CRAPA E  278198: N=Cratogeomys planiceps
                 C=Pocket gopher
CRAPE E  131161: N=Crassula perforata
CRAPI E  452744: N=Crataerina pallida
                 C=Common swift louse fly
                 S=Ornithomyia pallida
CRAPL E    4153: N=Craterostigma plantagineum
                 C=Blue gem
                 S=Torenia plantagineum
CRAPO E   91081: N=Crassula portulacea
CRAPR E  154642: N=Cratena peregrina
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Hervia costai
CRAPT E  290846: N=Cratogeomys perotensis
                 C=Cofre de Perote pocket gopher
                 S=Cratogeomys merriami subsp. perotensis
CRARH E   37643: N=Crassostrea rhizophorae
                 C=Mangrove oyster
CRARM E 2823420: N=Crassula rupestris subsp. marnieriana
                 S=Crassula marnierana
CRARU E   84990: N=Crax rubra
                 C=Great curassow
CRASC E   61704: N=Cranchia scabra
                 C=Cranch squid
CRASE E  587144: N=Crangon septemspinosa
                 C=Sand shrimp
                 S=Sevenspine bay shrimp
CRASI E   94324: N=Crassostrea sikamea
                 C=Kumamoto oyster
CRASO E  128124: N=Craspedacusta sowerbii
                 C=Freshwater jellyfish
CRAST E   69135: N=Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum
                 C=Fly-specked hardyhead
                 S=Atherina stercusmuscarum
CRATA E  202635: N=Crateva tapia
                 C=Garlic-pear tree
                 S=Crataeva tapia
CRATH E  208972: N=Craseonycteris thonglongyai
                 C=Kitti's hog-nosed bat
                 S=Bumblebee bat
CRATS E   60162: N=Craterostigmus tasmanianus
CRATY E   13463: N=Cratogeomys tylorhinus
                 C=Naked-nosed pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys tylorhinus
CRAVI E    6565: N=Crassostrea virginica
                 C=Eastern oyster
CRAZI E  164517: N=Cratogeomys zinseri
                 C=Zinser's pocket gopher
                 S=Pappogeomys zinseri
CREAL E   72610: N=Crepis alpina
CREAS A 1052801: N=Crenarchaeota archaeon SCGC AAA471-B05
CREAT E  136598: N=Crepidula atrasolea
                 C=Eastern white slipper shell
CREBE E  122532: N=Crepis biennis
                 C=Rough hawk's-beard
CREBU E 2730890: N=Creaserinus burrisi
                 C=Burrowing bog crayfish
                 S=Fallicambarus burrisi
CRECO E  171532: N=Crepidula convexa
                 C=Convex slippersnail
                 S=Crepidula glauca
CRECR E  143330: N=Crenimugil crenilabis
                 C=Fringelip mullet
                 S=Mugil crenilabis
CREDE E  136599: N=Crepidula depressa
                 C=Depressed slippersnail
CREEL E  252961: N=Crella elegans
                 C=Mediterranean sponge
CREFD E 1240942: N=Creaserinus fodiens
                 C=Digger crayfish
                 S=Fallicambarus fodiens
CREFO E  176853: N=Crepidula fornicata
                 C=Slipper limpet
                 S=Patella fornicata
CREFR E  470921: N=Creolimax fragrantissima
CREGR E  151218: N=Crenomytilus grayanus
                 C=Gray mussel
                 S=Mytilus grayanus
CREIN E  211756: N=Crepidula incurva
                 C=Slipper limpet
CREKA E  278781: N=Creteuchiloglanis kamengensis
                 S=Euchiloglanis kamengensis
CRELE E  211757: N=Crepidula lessoni
                 C=Slipper limpet
CRELP E  161897: N=Crenicichla lepidota
                 C=Pike cichlid
CREMA E  211761: N=Crepidula maculosa
                 C=Spotted slippersnail
CREMO E  338198: N=Creaseria morleyi
                 C=Yucatan cave shrimp
                 S=Palaemon morleyi
CREPL E  136493: N=Crepidula plana
                 C=Eastern white slippersnail
CREPO E   83939: N=Crescentia portoricensis
                 C=Higuero de sierra
CREPU E  268025: N=Crepis pulchra
                 C=Smallflower hawk's-beard
CREPY E  122533: N=Crepis pyrenaica
                 C=Pyrenean hawk's beard
                 S=Crepis blattarioides
CRETR E  197373: N=Cressa truxillensis
                 C=Spreading alkaliweed
                 S=Cressa cretica var. truxillensis
CRIAP E  131627: N=Crioceris asparagi
                 C=Common asparagus beetle
                 S=Chrysomela asparagi
CRIAS E  205937: N=Crinum asiaticum
                 C=Asiatic poisonbulb
                 S=Crinum amabile
CRIBE E  741571: N=Crinodes besckei
CRICR E   10034: N=Cricetus cricetus
                 C=Black-bellied hamster
CRIDE E   37674: N=Crithopsis delileana
CRIDS E  104060: N=Crinia deserticola
                 C=Desert froglet
CRIDU E  184539: N=Crioceris duodecimpunctata
                 C=Twelve-spotted asparagus beetle
                 S=Chrysomela duodecimpunctata
CRIEM E  107265: N=Cricetomys emini
                 C=Giant rat
CRIFA E    5656: N=Crithidia fasciculata
CRIGA E   10085: N=Cricetomys gambianus
                 C=Northern giant pouched rat
CRIGE E    8374: N=Crinia georgiana
                 C=Quacking frog
CRIGR E   10029: N=Cricetulus griseus
                 C=Chinese hamster
                 S=Cricetulus barabensis griseus
CRILO E   10030: N=Cricetulus longicaudatus
                 C=Long-tailed dwarf hamster
                 S=Chinese hamster
CRIMI E   10032: N=Cricetulus migratorius
                 C=Gray dwarf hamster
CRIMO E   82223: N=Crinum moorei
                 C=Natal lily
                 S=Amaryllis moorei
CRIPA E 2865377: N=Crisularia pacifica
                 C=Marine bryozoan
                 S=Bugula pacifica
CRIPL E  165446: N=Cristaria plicata
                 C=Cockscomb pearl mussel
CRIRH E   64100: N=Cribroheros rhytisma
                 C=Pearl cichlid
                 S=Amphilophus rhytisma
CRIRI E  446489: N=Crinia riparia
                 C=Streambank froglet
                 S=Flinders Ranges froglet
CRIRO E   64101: N=Cribroheros robertsoni
                 C=Emerald cichlid
                 S=Amphilophus robertsoni
CRISI E  326986: N=Crinia signifera
                 C=Common eastern froglet
CRISP E   36483: N=Cricetidae sp.
CRITU E  231348: N=Crisularia turrita
                 C=Bushy bryozoan
                 S=Bugula turrita
CRIYE E  112538: N=Crinum yemense
                 C=White lily
                 S=Crinum album
CRLV  V  202566: N=Cherry rasp leaf virus
CRLVP V  650137: N=Cherry rasp leaf virus (isolate Potato/United States)
CROAC E   48399: N=Crocodylus acutus
                 C=American crocodile
CROAD E    8729: N=Crotalus adamanteus
                 C=Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
CROAE E  167044: N=Crocidura attenuata
                 C=Asian gray shrew
                 S=Indochinese shrew
CROAH B  216432: N=Croceibacter atlanticus (strain ATCC BAA-628 / HTCC2559 / KCTC 12090)
CROAI E  304459: N=Cromileptes altivelis
                 C=Humpback grouper
                 S=Serranus altivelis
CROAL E  210643: N=Crossarchus alexandri
                 C=Alexander's cusimanse
CROAN E  103947: N=Crotophaga ani
                 C=Smooth-billed ani
CROAT E    8730: N=Crotalus atrox
                 C=Western diamondback rattlesnake
CROAU E    9096: N=Crossoptilon auritum
                 C=Blue-eared pheasant
                 S=Phasianus auritus
CROAZ E  366907: N=Crossorhombus azureus
                 C=Blue flounder
                 S=Rhomboidichthys azureus
CROBA E    8744: N=Crotalus basiliscus
                 C=Mexican west-coast rattlesnake
CROBC E   61086: N=Crocidura beccarii
                 C=Beccari's shrew
CROBE E   61085: N=Crocidura beatus
                 C=Mindanao shrew
CROBG E  105808: N=Crossosoma bigelovii
                 C=Ragged rockflower
CROBI E   86305: N=Crotaphytus bicinctores
                 C=Great basin collared lizard
                 S=Crotaphytus insularis subsp. bicinctores
CROBR E   61087: N=Crocidura brunnea
                 C=Thick-tailed shrew
                 S=Crocidura fuliginosa brunnea
CROCA E   23043: N=Crossosoma californicum
                 C=California rockflower
CROCC E   31149: N=Crotalus cerastes cerastes
                 C=Mojave desert sidewinder
CROCE E   36309: N=Crotalus cerberus
                 C=Arizona black rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus oreganus cerberus
CROCN E  314585: N=Crocidura canariensis
                 C=Canarian shrew
CROCO E   43591: N=Crotaphytus collaris
                 C=Collared lizard
                 S=Agama collaris
CROCP E  317981: N=Crocidura caspica
                 C=Caspian white-toothed shrew
                 S=Crocidura suaveolens caspica
CROCR E    9678: N=Crocuta crocuta
                 C=Spotted hyena
CROCS E   30408: N=Crossoptilon crossoptilon
                 C=White-eared pheasant
                 S=Phasianus crossoptilon
CROCT E    8746: N=Crotalus cerastes
                 C=Sidewinder rattlesnake
CRODC E  184540: N=Crotalus durissus cascavella
                 C=Northeastern Brazilian rattlesnake
CRODD E   31150: N=Crotalus durissus durissus
                 C=Central American rattlesnake
CRODM E  184542: N=Crotalus durissus cumanensis
                 C=South American rattlesnake
CRODN E  184544: N=Crotalus durissus unicolor
                 C=Aruba island rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus unicolor
CRODO E  221569: N=Crotalus durissus collilineatus
                 C=Brazilian rattlesnake
CRODR E  221570: N=Crotalus durissus ruruima
                 C=South American rattlesnake
                 S=Mt. Roraima rattlesnake
CRODS E   62277: N=Crocidura dsinezumi
                 C=Dsinezumi shrew
                 S=Japanese white-toothed shrew
CRODU E    8732: N=Crotalus durissus terrificus
                 C=South American rattlesnake
CROEL E   61088: N=Crocidura elongata
                 C=Elongated shrew
CROEN E  125865: N=Crotalus enyo
                 C=Baja California rattlesnake
CROFO E   61089: N=Crocidura foetida
                 C=Bornean shrew
CROFU E   61090: N=Crocidura fuliginosa
                 C=Southeast Asian shrew
CROHD E   35024: N=Crotalus horridus
                 C=Timber rattlesnake
CROHI E  148965: N=Crocidura hildegardeae
                 C=Hildegarde's shrew
CROHR E  268754: N=Crocidura horsfieldii
                 C=Horsfield's shrew
CROHT E  190824: N=Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
                 C=White-lipped herald snake
CROIN E  184240: N=Crocodylus intermedius
                 C=Orinoco crocodile
                 S=Colombian crocodile
CROJO E  184234: N=Crocodylus johnsoni
                 C=Australian freshwater crocodile
CROJU E    3829: N=Crotalaria juncea
                 C=Sunn hemp
CROLA E 1043697: N=Crotaphatrema lamottei
                 C=Mont Oku caecilian
                 S=Scolecomorphus lamottei
CROLB E   61091: N=Crocidura lea
                 C=Sulawesi shrew
CROLE E   44709: N=Crotalus lepidus
                 C=Banded rock rattlesnake
CROLK E  125877: N=Crotalus lepidus klauberi
                 C=Banded rock rattlesnake
CROLL E  992932: N=Crotalus lepidus lepidus
                 C=Mottled rock rattlesnake
CROLP E   61092: N=Crocidura lepidura
                 C=Sumatran giant shrew
CROLS E  167043: N=Crocidura lasiura
                 C=Ussuri white-toothed shrew
CROLU E  109474: N=Crocidura leucodon
                 C=Bicoloured white-toothed shrew
                 S=Celebes shrew
CROLV E   61093: N=Crocidura levicula
                 C=Celebes shrew
                 S=Sulawesi tiny shrew
CROMA E    9097: N=Crossoptilon mantchuricum
                 C=Brown-eared pheasant
CROMD E  184236: N=Crocodylus mindorensis
                 C=Philippine crocodile
                 S=Crocodylus novaeguineae mindorensis
CROMI E   61094: N=Crocidura mindorus
                 C=Mindoro shrew
CROMM E   31151: N=Crotalus molossus molossus
                 C=Northern black-tailed rattlesnake
CROMN E    8734: N=Crotalus molossus nigrescens
                 C=Black-tailed rattlesnake
CROMO E  184237: N=Crocodylus moreletii
                 C=Morelet's crocodile
CROMT E  384067: N=Crotalus mitchellii mitchellii
                 C=San Lucan speckled rattlesnake
CROMU E   61095: N=Crocidura musseri
                 C=Mossy forest shrew
CRONG E   61096: N=Crocidura nigripes
                 C=Black-footed shrew
CRONI E    8501: N=Crocodylus niloticus
                 C=Nile crocodile
                 S=African crocodile
CRONO E    8503: N=Crocodylus novaeguineae
CRONU E   58950: N=Crocus nudiflorus
                 C=Naked-flowering crocus
CROOA E  128077: N=Crotalus oreganus abyssus
                 C=Grand Canyon rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus abyssus
CROOB E   71111: N=Crossarchus obscurus
                 C=Long-nosed cusimanse
                 S=Mungos obscurus
CROOH E    8741: N=Crotalus oreganus helleri
                 C=Southern pacific rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus viridis helleri
CROOL E  332626: N=Crotalus oreganus lutosus
                 C=Great basin rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus viridis lutosus
CROOO E    8740: N=Crotalus oreganus concolor
                 C=Midget faded rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus viridis concolor
CROOR E  268755: N=Crocidura orii
                 C=Amami shrew
                 S=Crocidura dsinezumi orii
CROPA E   60567: N=Crossaster papposus
                 C=Common sun star
                 S=Solaster papposus
CROPH E  384069: N=Crotalus pyrrhus
                 C=Southwestern speckled rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus mitchellii pyrrhus
CROPI E    3830: N=Crotalaria pallida
                 C=Smooth rattlebox
                 S=Crotalaria striata
CROPL E  184238: N=Crocodylus palustris
                 C=Mugger crocodile
CROPO E    8502: N=Crocodylus porosus
                 C=Saltwater crocodile
                 S=Estuarine crocodile
CROPR E   61097: N=Crocidura paradoxura
                 C=Paradox shrew
                 S=Sumatran long-tailed shrew
CROPY E  125870: N=Crotalus polystictus
                 C=Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake
CRORA E  992936: N=Crotalus ravus
                 C=Mexican pygmy rattlesnake
                 S=Sistrurus ravus
CRORH E   61098: N=Crocidura rhoditis
                 C=Temboan shrew
                 S=Sulawesi white-handed shrew
CRORK E  155306: N=Crocidura rapax kurodai
                 C=Kuroda's shrew
                 S=Crocidura kurodai
CRORO E  184239: N=Crocodylus rhombifer
                 C=Cuban crocodile
CRORS E   36802: N=Crocidura russula
                 C=Greater white-toothed shrew
CRORU E    8736: N=Crotalus ruber ruber
                 C=Red diamond rattlesnake
CROS5 B   43989: N=Crocosphaera subtropica (strain ATCC 51142 / BH68)
                 S=Cyanothece sp. (strain ATCC 51142)
CROS8 B  290339: N=Cronobacter sakazakii (strain ATCC BAA-894)
                 S=Enterobacter sakazakii
CROSA E   82528: N=Crocus sativus
CROSB E   65694: N=Crocidura sibirica
                 C=Siberian white-toothed shrew
CROSG E  458323: N=Crocidura suaveolens gueldenstaedtii
                 C=Gueldenstaedt's shrew
                 S=Crocidura gueldenstaedtii
CROSH E  183721: N=Crocidura shantungensis
                 C=Korean shrew
                 S=Crocidura suavolens shantungensis
CROSI E   68455: N=Crocodylus siamensis
                 C=Siamese crocodile
CROSK B   28141: N=Cronobacter sakazakii
                 S=Enterobacter sakazakii
CROSL E   33598: N=Crotophaga sulcirostris
                 C=Groove-billed ani
CROSM E 1043007: N=Crotalus simus
                 C=Central American rattlesnake
                 S=Caudisona simus
CROSP E   58948: N=Crocosmia sp. (strain Porto Alegre 034)
CROSS E    8738: N=Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus
                 C=Mojave rattlesnake
CROSU E   52631: N=Crocidura suaveolens
                 C=Lesser white-toothed shrew
                 S=Scilly shrew
CROTA E 1043006: N=Crotalus tzabcan
                 C=Yucatan neotropical rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus simus tzabcan
CROTI E   88082: N=Crotalus tigris
                 C=Tiger rattlesnake
CROTO E  186550: N=Crotaphopeltis tornieri
                 C=Tornier's cat snake
                 S=Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia tornieri
CROTZ B  693216: N=Cronobacter turicensis (strain DSM 18703 / CCUG 55852 / LMG 23827 / z3032)
CROVB V  693272: N=Cafeteria roenbergensis virus (strain BV-PW1)
CROVE E  184545: N=Crotalus vegrandis
                 C=Uracoan rattlesnake
                 S=Crotalus durissus vegrandis
CROVI E    8739: N=Crotalus viridis
                 C=Western rattlesnake
CROVN E  128079: N=Crotalus viridis nuntius
                 C=Hopi rattlesnake
CROVR E   87752: N=Crocus vernus
                 C=Dutch crocus
CROVV E    8742: N=Crotalus viridis viridis
                 C=Prairie rattlesnake
CROWA E  167045: N=Crocidura watasei
                 C=Lesser Ryukyu shrew
                 S=Crocidura horsfieldii watasei
CROWT B  263511: N=Crocosphaera watsonii
CROWU E  269632: N=Crocidura wuchihensis
CROXC E 1053288: N=Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
                 S=Crocosmia aurea x Crocosmia pottsii
CRPV  V   12136: N=Cricket paralysis virus
CRPVC V  928300: N=Cricket paralysis virus (isolate Teleogryllus commodus/Australia/CrPVVIC/1968)
CRPVK V   31553: N=Cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (strain Kansas)
                 S=Papillomavirus sylvilagi
CRPVW V   31554: N=Cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (strain Washington B)
                 S=Papillomavirus sylvilagi
CRSV  V   12268: N=Carnation ringspot virus
CRSVL V  652597: N=Carnation ringspot virus (isolate Lommel)
CRUAN E   29784: N=Crucianella angustifolia
                 C=Narrow-leaved crosswort
CRUCA E  318249: N=Cruziohyla calcarifer
                 C=Splendid leaf frog
                 S=Agalychnis calcarifer
CRUGL E   29785: N=Cruciata glabra
                 C=Slender crosswort
                 S=Valantia glabra
CRUHI E   59289: N=Crucihimalaya himalaica
                 S=Arabidopsis brevicaulis
CRUME E  349703: N=Crunomys melanius
                 C=Mindanao shrew rat
                 S=Crunomys rabori
CRUSU E  349704: N=Crunomys suncoides
                 C=Kitanglad shrew mouse
CRUWA E   78192: N=Crucihimalaya wallichii
                 S=Arabidopsis campestris
CRV   V   12144: N=Cymbidium ringspot virus
CRYAA E  136114: N=Cryptocarya alba
                 C=Red laurel
                 S=Cryptocarya rubra
CRYAD E  659513: N=Cryptodendrum adhaesivum
                 C=Adhesive sea anemone
CRYAE E   43048: N=Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
                 S=Salamandra alleganiensis
CRYAH E  427711: N=Cryophis hallbergi
                 C=Hallberg's cloud forest snake
CRYAN E   36192: N=Cryodraco antarcticus
                 C=Long-fingered icefish
                 S=Pagetodes antarcticus
CRYAO E 1418174: N=Cryptops anomalans
CRYAT E  187623: N=Cryptopygus antarcticus
                 C=Antarctic springtail
CRYBL E  585892: N=Cryptachaea blattea
                 C=Cobweb spider
                 S=Cryptachaea acoreensis
CRYBO E  161940: N=Cryptoblepharus boutonii
                 C=Bouton's coral rag skink
                 S=Scincus boutonii
CRYCA E  316436: N=Cryptoblepharus carnabyi
                 C=Spiny-palmed snake-eyed skink
CRYCD B  469378: N=Cryptobacterium curtum (strain ATCC 700683 / DSM 15641 / CCUG 43107 / 12-3)
CRYCE E  412659: N=Cryptopsaras couesii
                 C=Triplewart seadevil
CRYCL E  119679: N=Cryptocercus clevelandi
                 C=Brown-hooded cockroach
CRYCM E 2866956: N=Cryphiops caementarius
                 C=Andean river shrimp
                 S=Cancer caementarius
CRYCO E    2866: N=Crypthecodinium cohnii
                 S=Glenodinium cohnii
CRYCV E 1577145: N=Cryptorchestia cavimana
                 S=Orchestia cavimana
CRYDU E  407121: N=Cryptotympana dubia
                 C=Korean horse cicada
CRYDW E   89835: N=Cryptocercus darwini
                 C=Brown-hooded cockroach
CRYER E  152860: N=Cryptostylis erecta
                 C=Bonnet orchid
CRYEX E 1514863: N=Cryphoeca exlineae
CRYFA E  347678: N=Cryptococcus fagisuga
                 C=Beech scale
CRYFE E   94188: N=Cryptoprocta ferox
CRYGA E  552467: N=Cryptococcus gattii
                 C=Filobasidiella gattii
                 S=Cryptococcus bacillisporus
CRYGE E  143561: N=Cryptothylax greshoffii
                 C=Greshoff's wax frog
                 S=Hylambates greshoffii
CRYGO E  268770: N=Cryptotis goldmani
                 C=Goldman's small-eared shrew
CRYGR E  294750: N=Cryptococcus gattii serotype B (strain R265)
                 C=Filobasidiella gattii
                 S=Cryptococcus bacillisporus
CRYGW E  367775: N=Cryptococcus gattii serotype B (strain WM276 / ATCC MYA-4071)
                 C=Filobasidiella gattii
                 S=Cryptococcus bacillisporus
CRYHC E   63615: N=Cryptomys hottentotus choma
                 C=Choma mole rat
                 S=Cryptomys choma
CRYHO E  237895: N=Cryptosporidium hominis
CRYHT E  353151: N=Cryptosporidium hominis (strain TU502)
CRYHY E 1214277: N=Cryptasterina hystera
CRYJA E    3369: N=Cryptomeria japonica
                 C=Japanese cedar
                 S=Cupressus japonica
CRYJP E   48117: N=Cryptotaenia japonica
                 C=Japanese honewort
CRYKA E 1173517: N=Cryptoperla kawasawai
                 C=Roach-like stonefly
CRYKY E  161578: N=Cryptocercus kyebangensis
                 C=Brown-hooded cockroach
CRYLE E  586810: N=Cryptocentrus leptocephalus
                 C=Pink-speckled shrimpgoby
CRYMA E  268771: N=Cryptotis magna
                 C=Big Mexican small-eared shrew
CRYME E  257448: N=Cryptotis mexicana
                 C=Mexican small-eared shrew
CRYMO E 1109492: N=Cryphoeca montana
CRYMR E  441375: N=Cryptosporidium muris (strain RN66)
CRYNB E  283643: N=Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans serotype D (strain B-3501A)
                 S=Filobasidiella neoformans
CRYNE E    5207: N=Cryptococcus neoformans
                 S=Filobasidiella neoformans
CRYNH E  235443: N=Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii serotype A (strain H99 / ATCC 208821 / CBS 10515 / FGSC 9487)
                 S=Filobasidiella neoformans var. grubii
CRYNI E  292442: N=Cryptophis nigrescens
                 C=Eastern small-eyed snake
                 S=Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens
CRYNJ E  214684: N=Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans serotype D (strain JEC21 / ATCC MYA-565)
                 S=Filobasidiella neoformans
CRYNV E  178876: N=Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii
                 S=Filobasidiella neoformans var. grubii
CRYPA E    5116: N=Cryphonectria parasitica
                 C=Chestnut blight fungus
                 S=Endothia parasitica
CRYPE E   46523: N=Cryptasterina pentagona
                 S=Patiriella pseudoexigua
CRYPI E  353152: N=Cryptosporidium parvum (strain Iowa II)
CRYPR E  183661: N=Cryptotis parva
                 C=North American least shrew
CRYPS E  394108: N=Cryptogemma periscelida
                 C=Atlantic gem-turris
                 S=Gemmula periscelida
CRYPU E   36984: N=Cryptocercus punctulatus
                 C=Brown-hooded cockroach
CRYPV E    5807: N=Cryptosporidium parvum
CRYSI E  174327: N=Cryptolithodes sitchensis
                 C=Umbrella crab
CRYSL E   61817: N=Cryptoheros spilurus
                 C=Blue-eye cichlid
                 S=Heros spilurus
CRYSP E    3031: N=Cryptomonas sp.
CRYST E    6655: N=Cryptochiton stelleri
                 C=Giant gumboot chiton
CRYTA E   57238: N=Crypturellus tataupa
                 C=Tataupa tinamou
CRYTR E  136115: N=Cryptocarya triplinervis
                 C=Three veined laurel
CRYTY E  174328: N=Cryptolithodes typicus
                 C=Butterfly crab
CRYX8 E 2572248: N=Cryptosporiopsis sp. (strain 8999)
CSFVA V   11097: N=Classical swine fever virus (strain Alfort)
                 S=Hog cholera virus
CSFVB V   11098: N=Classical swine fever virus (strain Brescia)
                 S=Hog cholera virus
CSFVC V   68626: N=Classical swine fever virus (strain Chinese vaccine Wuhan)
                 S=Hog cholera virus
CSFVK V 1908691: N=Classical swine fever virus (strain KPP/93)
                 S=Hog cholera virus
CSIV  V   10484: N=Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus
CSIVT V  654920: N=Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus (strain Texas A&M)
CSMV  V   10820: N=Chloris striate mosaic virus
CSRV  V  173082: N=Chum salmon reovirus CS
CSVMV V   38062: N=Cassava vein mosaic virus
CTEAD E  564343: N=Ctenophorus adelaidensis
                 C=Heath dragon
                 S=Rankinia adelaidensis
CTEAG E  254370: N=Ctenoplusia agnata
CTEAR E   63766: N=Ctenomys argentinus
                 C=Argentine tuco-tuco
CTEAU E  170736: N=Ctenomys australis
                 C=Southern tuco-tuco
CTEBO E   34838: N=Ctenomys boliviensis
                 C=Bolivian tuco-tuco
CTECA E  180905: N=Ctenophorus caudicinctus
                 C=Ring-tailed dragon
CTECL E  180906: N=Ctenophorus clayi
                 C=Black-shouldered ground dragon
                 S=Amphibolurus clayi
CTECO E   61866: N=Ctenomys conoveri
                 C=Conover's tuco-tuco
CTECR E  180907: N=Ctenophorus cristatus
                 C=Crested dragon
CTECY E   77911: N=Ctenomys coyhaiquensis
                 C=Coyhaique tuco-tuco
CTEDE E   71023: N=Ctenophorus decresii
                 C=Tawny dragon
CTEEU E  121841: N=Ctenarytaina eucalypti
                 C=Blue-gum psyllid
                 S=Rhinocola eucalypti
CTEFA E   88124: N=Ctenomys flamarioni
                 C=Tuco-tuco if the Dunes
CTEFE E    7515: N=Ctenocephalides felis
                 C=Cat flea
CTEFI E  179999: N=Ctenophorus fionni
                 C=Peninsula dragon lizard
                 S=Amphibolurus fionni
CTEFL E  189468: N=Ctenosaura flavidorsalis
                 C=Yellowback spiny-tailed iguana
CTEFM E  180908: N=Ctenophorus femoralis
                 C=Long-tailed sand dragon
                 S=Amphibolurus femoralis
CTEFO E  180909: N=Ctenophorus fordi
                 C=Mallee dragon
CTEFR E  166743: N=Ctenogobiops feroculus
                 C=Sandy prawn-goby
                 S=Ctenogobius feroculus
CTEFT E   61867: N=Ctenomys frater
                 C=Forest tuco-tuco
CTEGI E  180910: N=Ctenophorus gibba
                 C=Bulldust ground dragon
                 S=Amphibolurus gibba
CTEGO E   61868: N=Ctenomys goodfellowi
                 C=Goodfellow's tuco-tuco
CTEGU E   10166: N=Ctenodactylus gundi
                 C=Northern gundi
CTEHA E   61869: N=Ctenomys haigi
                 C=Haig's tuco-tuco
CTEHE E   51210: N=Ctenosaura hemilopha
                 C=Spiny-tailed iguana
CTEID E    7959: N=Ctenopharyngodon idella
                 C=Grass carp
                 S=Leuciscus idella
CTEIS E  180911: N=Ctenophorus isolepis
                 C=Military dragon
CTELA E  112852: N=Ctenomys latro
                 C=Mottled tuco-tuco
CTELE E   61871: N=Ctenomys leucodon
                 C=White-toothed tuco-tuco
CTELI E   27553: N=Ctenolepisma lineata
                 C=Four-lined silverfish
                 S=Lepisma lineata
CTELW E   61872: N=Ctenomys lewisi
                 C=Lewis's tuco-tuco
CTEMA E  180912: N=Ctenophorus maculatus
                 C=Spotted dragon
CTEMC E  180913: N=Ctenophorus maculosus
                 C=Lake Eyre dragon
                 S=Tympanocryptis maculosa
CTEME E   61874: N=Ctenomys mendocinus
                 C=Mendoza tuco-tuco
CTEMK E  180000: N=Ctenophorus mckenziei
                 C=McKenzie's dragon
CTEML E  189469: N=Ctenosaura melanosterna
                 C=Black-chested spiny-tailed iguana
CTEMU E  108848: N=Ctenomys maulinus
                 C=Maule tuco-tuco
CTENU E  116115: N=Ctenophorus nuchalis
                 C=Central netted dragon
CTEOA E  189471: N=Ctenosaura oaxacana
                 C=Oaxaca spiny-tailed iguana
CTEON E  406443: N=Ctenus ornatus
                 C=Brazilian spider
                 S=Oligoctenus ornatus
CTEOP E   61877: N=Ctenomys opimus
                 C=Highland tuco-tuco
CTEOR E   95347: N=Ctenophorus ornatus
                 C=Ornate dragon
CTEPA E   51211: N=Ctenosaura palearis
                 C=Guatemalan spiny-tailed iguana
CTEPE E   88125: N=Ctenomys pearsoni
                 C=Pearson's tuco-tuco
CTEPI E  180001: N=Ctenophorus pictus
                 C=Painted dragon
CTEPO E   33552: N=Ctenomys porteousi
                 C=Porteous' tuco-tuco
CTEQU E  189470: N=Ctenosaura quinquecarinata
                 C=Spiny-tailed iguana
CTERE E  180002: N=Ctenophorus reticulatus
                 C=Western netted dragon
CTERO E  220778: N=Ctenotus robustus
                 C=Robust striped skink
CTERU E  180004: N=Ctenophorus rufescens
                 C=Rusty crevice dragon
CTESA E  180005: N=Ctenophorus salinarum
                 C=Saltpan ground dragon
CTESC E  180006: N=Ctenophorus scutulatus
                 C=Lozenge-marked dragon
CTESI E   51212: N=Ctenosaura similis
                 C=Black spiny-tailed iguana
CTESO E   43321: N=Ctenomys sociabilis
                 C=Social tuco-tuco
CTESR E  175436: N=Ctenochaetus striatus
                 C=Striated surgeonfish
                 S=Acanthurus striatus
CTEST E   61878: N=Ctenomys steinbachi
                 C=Steinbach's tuco-tuco
CTETA E   55520: N=Ctenomys talarum
                 C=Talas tuco-tuco
CTETC E  112857: N=Ctenomys tuconax
                 C=Robust tuco-tuco
CTETU E  112858: N=Ctenomys tucumanus
                 C=Tucuman tuco-tuco
CTEVA E   92481: N=Ctenodactylus vali
                 C=Val's gundi
                 S=Ctenodactylus gundi vali
CTEVD E  180008: N=Ctenophorus vadnappa
                 C=Red barred dragon
CTEVI E  134352: N=Ctenucha virginica
                 C=Virginia ctenuchid moth
CTEVS E 1006002: N=Ctenoptilum vasava
                 C=Tawny angle
CTFV  V   46839: N=Colorado tick fever virus
CTFVL V  648168: N=Colorado tick fever virus (strain USA/Florio N-7180)
CTV36 V   31712: N=Citrus tristeza virus (isolate T36)
CUBAP E 1104540: N=Cubaia aphrodite
CUBDO E   60141: N=Cubanola domingensis
CUBMU E   96829: N=Cubaris murina
CUBPA E  215401: N=Cubiceps pauciradiatus
                 C=Bigeye cigarfish
CUCCO E   56382: N=Cucullia convexipennis
                 C=Brown-hooded owlet moth
CUCEC E   40245: N=Cucumaria echinata
                 C=Sea cucumber
CUCFI E  131071: N=Cucumis ficifolius
                 S=Cucumis figarei
CUCFR E   36326: N=Cucumaria frondosa
                 C=Orange-footed sea cucumber
                 S=Holothuria frondosa
CUCMA E    3661: N=Cucurbita maxima
                 S=Winter squash
CUCMC E    3657: N=Cucumis melo var. conomon
                 C=Oriental pickling melon
CUCME E    3656: N=Cucumis melo
CUCMI E   28833: N=Cucumaria miniata
                 C=Orange sea cucumber
CUCMN E    3658: N=Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis
                 C=Netted muskmelon
                 S=Cucumis melo var. reticulatus
CUCMO E    3662: N=Cucurbita moschata
                 C=Winter crookneck squash
                 S=Cucurbita pepo var. moschata
CUCPE E    3663: N=Cucurbita pepo
                 C=Vegetable marrow
                 S=Summer squash
CUCPM E    3665: N=Cucurbita pepo var. melopepo
CUCSA E    3659: N=Cucumis sativus
CUCZE E   61887: N=Cucumis zeyherii
                 C=Wild cucumber
                 S=Cucumis prophetarum subsp. zeyheri
CULAL E  194366: N=Culter alburnus
                 C=Topmouth culter
CULAN E  162997: N=Culex annulirostris
                 C=Common banded mosquito
CULAR E  198116: N=Culicoides arakawae
                 C=Biting midge
                 S=Ceratopogon arakanae
CULBI E   69822: N=Culex bitaeniorhynchus
CULCH E  375138: N=Culicoides chiopterus
                 C=Biting midge
                 S=Ceratopogon chiopterus
CULCI E   88398: N=Culicoides circumscriptus
                 C=Biting midge
CULCO E  429560: N=Cullen corylifolium
                 C=Malaysian scurfpea
                 S=Psoralea corylifolia
CULDE E  289309: N=Culicoides dewulfi
                 C=Biting midge
CULFE E  309026: N=Culicoides festivipennis
                 C=Biting midge
CULGR E  177095: N=Culicoides grisescens
                 C=Biting midge
CULIM E   88399: N=Culicoides imicola
                 C=Biting midge
CULNE E  304239: N=Culicoides newsteadi
                 C=Biting midge
CULNO E   31170: N=Culcita novaeguineae
                 C=Cushion seastar
CULNU E  144565: N=Culicoides nubeculosus
                 C=Biting midge
CULOB E  289301: N=Culicoides obsoletus
                 C=Biting midge
                 S=Ceratopogon obsoletus
CULOX E  469749: N=Culicoides oxystoma
                 C=Biting midge
CULPA E   42434: N=Culex pipiens pallens
CULPI E    7175: N=Culex pipiens
                 C=House mosquito
CULPM E  233155: N=Culex pipiens molestus
                 C=London underground mosquito
                 S=Culex molestus
CULPP E   38569: N=Culex pipiens pipiens
                 C=Northern house mosquito
CULPU E   41821: N=Culicoides punctatus
                 C=Biting midge
                 S=Ceratopogon punctatus
CULQU E    7176: N=Culex quinquefasciatus
                 C=Southern house mosquito
                 S=Culex pungens
CULSI E  162998: N=Culex sitiens
                 C=Saltmarsh culex
CULSO E  179676: N=Culicoides sonorensis
                 C=Biting midge
CULTA E    7177: N=Culex tarsalis
                 C=Encephalitis mosquito
CULTH E  561267: N=Culex theileri
CULTO E   42433: N=Culex torrentium
CULTR E    7178: N=Culex tritaeniorhynchus
CULVA E   46212: N=Culicoides variipennis
                 C=Biting midge
CUMMO E   52365: N=Cumberlandia monodonta
                 C=Spectacle case pearly mussel
                 S=Margaritifera monodonta
CUNEE E   76406: N=Cunninghamella echinulata var. echinulata
CUNEL E    4853: N=Cunninghamella elegans
CUNLA E   28977: N=Cunninghamia lanceolata
                 C=China fir
                 S=Pinus lanceolata
CUNPA E  108852: N=Cuniculus paca
                 C=Lowland paca
                 S=Agouti paca
CUNTA E  143288: N=Cuniculus taczanowskii
                 C=Mountain paca
                 S=Agouti taczanowskii
CUOAL E   68730: N=Cuon alpinus
CUPAG E  596724: N=Cupido argiades
                 C=Short-tailed blue butterfly
                 S=Everes argiades
CUPAN E   13467: N=Cupaniopsis anacardioides
                 S=Cupania anacardioides
CUPHO E   36775: N=Cuphea hookeriana
                 C=Cigar plant
CUPLA E    3930: N=Cuphea lanceolata
                 C=Cigar flower
CUPMC B  266264: N=Cupriavidus metallidurans (strain ATCC 43123 / DSM 2839 / NBRC 102507 / CH34)
                 S=Ralstonia metallidurans
CUPMI E  596548: N=Cupido minimus
                 C=Small blue butterfly
CUPNE B  106590: N=Cupriavidus necator
                 C=Alcaligenes eutrophus
                 S=Ralstonia eutropha
CUPNH B  381666: N=Cupriavidus necator (strain ATCC 17699 / DSM 428 / KCTC 22496 / NCIMB 10442 / H16 / Stanier 337)
                 S=Ralstonia eutropha
CUPNN B 1042878: N=Cupriavidus necator (strain ATCC 43291 / DSM 13513 / CCUG 52238 / LMG 8453 / N-1)
                 S=Ralstonia eutropha
CUPPJ B  264198: N=Cupriavidus pinatubonensis (strain JMP 134 / LMG 1197)
                 S=Cupriavidus necator (strain JMP 134)
CUPSA E    6928: N=Cupiennius salei
                 C=American wandering spider
CUPSE E   13469: N=Cupressus sempervirens
                 C=Italian cypress
CUPTR B  977880: N=Cupriavidus taiwanensis (strain DSM 17343 / BCRC 17206 / CCUG 44338 / CIP 107171 / LMG 19424 / R1)
                 S=Ralstonia taiwanensis (strain LMG 19424)
CUPVI E  857185: N=Cuphea viscosissima
                 C=Blue waxweed
CUPWR E   35942: N=Cuphea wrightii
                 C=Wright's waxweed
CUPXP B  393999: N=Cupriavidus sp. (strain PS12)
CURAC E   76231: N=Curetis acuta
                 C=Angled sunbeam
CURBU E  124389: N=Curetis bulis
                 C=Bright sunbeam
                 S=Anops bulis
CURCA E  238722: N=Curculio camelliae
                 C=Camellia weevil
CURCL E   95742: N=Curvularia clavata
CURCR E   13025: N=Curculio caryae
                 C=Pecan weevil
CURCU E   84795: N=Curaeus curaeus
                 C=Austral blackbird
CURDE E   16911: N=Curtisia dentata
                 C=Assegai tree
CURGL E  197013: N=Curculio glandium
                 C=Acorn weevil
CURHI E  272748: N=Curculio hilgendorfi
CURIN E   38902: N=Curvularia inaequalis
CURLO E  136217: N=Curcuma longa
                 S=Curcuma domestica
CURNU E  238728: N=Curculio nucum
                 C=Nut weevil
CURSI E  272749: N=Curculio sikkimensis
                 C=Chestnut weevil
CURSU E  238717: N=Curculio sulcatulus
CURTE E  227177: N=Cursorius temminckii
                 C=Temminck's courser
CURXX B  667019: N=Curvibacter symbiont subsp. Hydra magnipapillata
CUSEU E   41803: N=Cuscuta europaea
CUSEX E  476139: N=Cuscuta exaltata
                 C=Tall dodder
CUSGR E   35886: N=Cuscuta gronovii
                 C=Common dodder
CUSJA E   81913: N=Cuscuta japonica
                 C=Japanese dodder
CUSOB E  437280: N=Cuscuta obtusiflora
                 C=Peruvian dodder
CUSPE E  112407: N=Cuscuta pentagona
                 C=Five-angled dodder
CUSRE E    4129: N=Cuscuta reflexa
                 C=Southern Asian dodder
CUSSA E  197374: N=Cuscuta sandwichiana
CUTAC B    1747: N=Cutibacterium acnes
                 S=Propionibacterium acnes
CUTAK B  267747: N=Cutibacterium acnes (strain DSM 16379 / KPA171202)
                 S=Propionibacterium acnes
CUTAS B  553199: N=Cutibacterium acnes (strain SK137)
                 S=Propionibacterium acnes
CUTCT E    5554: N=Cutaneotrichosporon cutaneum
                 S=Trichosporon cutaneum
CUTCU E   57679: N=Cutaneotrichosporon curvatum
                 C=Oleaginous yeast
                 S=Cryptococcus curvatus
CUTMO E 1895941: N=Cutaneotrichosporon moniliiforme
                 S=Trichosporon moniliiforme
CUTMU E   74475: N=Cutleria multifida
                 C=Brown alga
                 S=Ulva multifida
CVB   V   12165: N=Chrysanthemum virus B
CVBEN V  233262: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-ENT)
CVBF  V   11129: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain F15)
CVBG9 V  230235: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain G95)
CVBL9 V   11130: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain L9)
CVBLS V  233261: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain LSU-94LSS-051)
CVBLU V  233264: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain 98TXSF-110-LUN)
CVBLY V   11131: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain LY-138)
CVBM  V   11132: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain Mebus)
CVBOK V  231432: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain OK-0514)
CVBON V  231422: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain Ontario)
CVBQ  V   11133: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain Quebec)
CVBV  V   11134: N=Bovine coronavirus (strain vaccine)
CVCAI V   36391: N=Canine coronavirus (strain Insavc-1)
                 S=Canine enteric coronavirus
CVCAK V   33732: N=Canine coronavirus (strain K378)
                 S=Canine enteric coronavirus
CVCBG V  441619: N=Canine coronavirus (strain BGF10)
                 S=Canine enteric coronavirus
CVEN9 V  202496: N=Equine coronavirus (isolate NC99)
CVFE3 V   33733: N=Feline enteric coronavirus (strain 79-1683)
CVH22 V   11137: N=Human coronavirus 229E
CVH2I V  928307: N=Human coronavirus 229E (strain infectious clone inf-1)
CVHK1 V  290028: N=Human coronavirus HKU1
CVHN1 V  443239: N=Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N1)
CVHN2 V  443240: N=Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N2)
CVHN5 V  443241: N=Human coronavirus HKU1 (isolate N5)
CVHNL V  277944: N=Human coronavirus NL63
CVHOC V   31631: N=Human coronavirus OC43
CVM1  V   11139: N=Murine coronavirus (strain 1)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVM2  V   76344: N=Murine coronavirus (strain 2)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVM3  V   11140: N=Murine coronavirus (strain 3)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVM4  V   12760: N=Murine coronavirus (strain 4)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMA5 V   11142: N=Murine coronavirus (strain A59)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMDV V  231423: N=Murine coronavirus (strain DVIM)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMJC V   33735: N=Murine coronavirus (strain JHMV / variant CL-2)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMJD V   11143: N=Murine coronavirus (strain defective JHM)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMJH V   11144: N=Murine coronavirus (strain JHM)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVMS  V   11145: N=Murine coronavirus (strain S)
                 S=Murine hepatitis virus
CVP67 V  230237: N=Porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus (strain 67N)
CVPFS V   11150: N=Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus (strain FS772/70)
CVPIA V  230236: N=Porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus (strain IAF-404)
CVPMI V   33737: N=Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus (strain Miller)
CVPPU V   11151: N=Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus (strain Purdue)
CVPR8 V   33736: N=Porcine respiratory coronavirus (strain 86/137004 / isolate British)
CVPRM V   11148: N=Porcine respiratory coronavirus (strain RM4)
CVPRT V   33738: N=Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus (strain NEB72-rt)
CVPV  V   76583: N=Puffinosis coronavirus
                 S=Puffinosis virus
CVRNJ V  231433: N=Rat coronavirus (strain NJ)
CVRSD V   33740: N=Rat coronavirus (strain 681)
                 S=Sialodacryoadenitis virus SDAV-681
CVTIN V  231429: N=Turkey coronavirus (strain Indiana)
CVTKE V   11152: N=Turkey enteric coronavirus
CVTMI V  231430: N=Turkey coronavirus (strain Minnesota)
CVTNC V  231431: N=Turkey coronavirus (strain NC95)
CWPXB V  265872: N=Cowpox virus (strain Brighton Red)
CWPXG V  265871: N=Cowpox virus (strain GRI-90 / Grishak)
CX16G V   69159: N=Coxsackievirus A16 (strain G-10)
CX16T V  231417: N=Coxsackievirus A16 (strain Tainan/5079/98)
CXA21 V   12070: N=Coxsackievirus A21 (strain Coe)
CXA24 V   36404: N=Coxsackievirus A24 (strain EH24/70)
CXA9  V   12068: N=Coxsackievirus A9 (strain Griggs)
CXB1J V  103902: N=Coxsackievirus B1 (strain Japan)
CXB2O V  231473: N=Coxsackievirus B2 (strain Ohio-1)
CXB3N V  103903: N=Coxsackievirus B3 (strain Nancy)
CXB3W V  103904: N=Coxsackievirus B3 (strain Woodruff)
CXB4E V  103905: N=Coxsackievirus B4 (strain E2)
CXB4J V  103906: N=Coxsackievirus B4 (strain JVB / Benschoten / New York/51)
CXB5P V  103907: N=Coxsackievirus B5 (strain Peterborough / 1954/UK/85)
CXB6S V  231474: N=Coxsackievirus B6 (strain Schmitt)
CYAAP B  755178: N=Cyanobacterium aponinum (strain PCC 10605)
CYAAU E  114432: N=Cyanoramphus auriceps
                 C=Yellow-fronted parakeet
CYABE E  413414: N=Cyanoplax berryana
                 S=Lepidochitona berryana
CYABI E  200375: N=Cyanophaia bicolor
                 C=Blue-headed hummingbird
CYABO E  335540: N=Cyamus boopis
                 C=Whale louse
CYABU E   98737: N=Cyathophorum bulbosum
CYACA E    2771: N=Cyanidium caldarium
                 C=Red alga
CYACE E   62185: N=Cyanerpes caeruleus
                 C=Purple honeycreeper
CYACH E   54579: N=Cyanocorax chrysops
                 C=Plush-crested jay
                 S=Pica chrysops
CYACK E  137542: N=Cyanoramphus cookii
                 C=Norfolk Island parakeet
                 S=Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae cookii
CYACM E  125286: N=Cyanoptila cyanomelana
                 C=Blue-and-white flycatcher
CYACN E  156570: N=Cyanistes cyanus
                 C=Azure tit
                 S=Parus cyanus
CYACO E   49500: N=Cyathea cooperi
                 C=Australian tree fern
                 S=Sphaeropteris cooperi
CYACP E   27804: N=Cyanea capillata
                 C=Lion's mane jellyfish
                 S=Cyanea arctica
CYACR E   28727: N=Cyanocitta cristata
                 C=Blue jay
CYACU E  156563: N=Cyanistes caeruleus
                 C=Eurasian blue tit
                 S=Parus caeruleus
CYACY E    8865: N=Cyanochen cyanoptera
                 C=Blue-winged goose
CYADE E  413415: N=Cyanoplax dentiens
                 C=Gould's baby chiton
                 S=Lepidochitona dentiens
CYAER E  335539: N=Cyamus erraticus
                 C=Whale louse
CYAFO E  114433: N=Cyanoramphus forbesi
                 C=Forbes' parakeet
                 S=Chatham parakeet
CYAFU E   27741: N=Cyathopharynx furcifer
                 C=Featherfin cichlid
                 S=Paratilapia furcifer
CYAGP B  292564: N=Cyanobium gracile (strain ATCC 27147 / PCC 6307)
CYAGR E  335538: N=Cyamus gracilis
                 C=Whale louse
CYAHA E  244424: N=Cyanoplax hartwegii
                 S=Lepidochitona hartwegii
CYAM1 E  280699: N=Cyanidioschyzon merolae (strain 10D)
                 C=Red alga
CYAMA E  114434: N=Cyanoramphus malherbi
                 C=Malherbe's parakeet
                 S=Orange-fronted parakeet
CYAMD E  125272: N=Cyanolanius madagascarinus
                 C=Madagascar blue vanga
CYAME E   45157: N=Cyanidioschyzon merolae
                 C=Red alga
CYANO E  135523: N=Cyanea nozakii
CYAOV E  335537: N=Cyamus ovalis
                 C=Whale louse
CYAP4 B  395961: N=Cyanothece sp. (strain PCC 7425 / ATCC 29141)
CYAPA E    2762: N=Cyanophora paradoxa
CYAPR E  138966: N=Cyanocompsa parellina
                 C=Blue bunting
                 S=Passerina parellina
CYASC B  292563: N=Cyanobacterium stanieri (strain ATCC 29140 / PCC 7202)
CYASP E   51902: N=Cyanopsitta spixii
                 C=Spix's macaw
CYAST E  114083: N=Cyanocitta stelleri
                 C=Steller's jay
                 S=Corvus stelleri
CYATE E    3832: N=Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
                 S=Cluster bean
CYAUN E  114440: N=Cyanoramphus unicolor
                 C=Antipodes green parakeet
CYAVI E   54577: N=Cyanolyca viridicyanus
                 C=White-collared jay
CYAYN E  114085: N=Cyanocorax yncas
                 C=Green jay
CYBCI E  398587: N=Cybister cinctus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
CYBFA E   36022: N=Cyberlindnera fabianii
                 S=Hansenula fabianii
CYBJA E    4903: N=Cyberlindnera jadinii
                 C=Torula yeast
                 S=Pichia jadinii
CYBJN E  983966: N=Cyberlindnera jadinii (strain ATCC 18201 / CBS 1600 / BCRC 20928 / JCM 3617 / NBRC 0987 / NRRL Y-1542)
                 C=Torula yeast
                 S=Candida utilis
CYBMR E 1004253: N=Cyberlindnera mrakii
                 S=Williopsis mrakii
CYBSA E  907340: N=Cyberlindnera saturnus
                 S=Williopsis saturnus
CYCAC E   48441: N=Cyclothone acclinidens
                 C=Bent-tooth bristlemouth
CYCAT E   46098: N=Cycloloma atriplicifolium
                 C=Winged pigweed
                 S=Kochia atriplicifolia
CYCBI E  171010: N=Cycas bifida
                 C=Fork-leafed cycad
                 S=Cycas rumphii var. bifida
CYCCA E  118677: N=Cyclura carinata
                 C=Turks and Caicos rock iguana
CYCCI E    3397: N=Cycas circinalis
                 C=Queen sago
                 S=Cycas undulata
CYCCL E  118678: N=Cyclura collei
                 C=Jamaican rock iguana
CYCCO E   57098: N=Cyclura cornuta
                 C=Rhinoceros iguana
                 S=Lacerta cornuta
CYCCY E  118679: N=Cyclura cychlura
                 C=Northern Bahamian rock iguana
CYCDI E   84074: N=Cyclopes didactylus
                 C=Silky anteater
                 S=Myrmecophaga didactyla
CYCEG E  163266: N=Cycnoches egertonianum
                 C=Swan orchid
CYCEL E  154813: N=Cycleptus elongatus
                 C=Blue sucker
                 S=Catostomus elongatus
CYCGU E   34943: N=Cyclarhis gujanensis
                 C=Rufous-browed peppershrike
CYCLE E   48034: N=Cyclospermum leptophyllum
                 C=Fir-leaved celery
                 S=Pimpinella leptophylla
CYCLT E  295928: N=Cychramus luteus
                 C=Sap beetle
CYCLU E    8103: N=Cyclopterus lumpus
CYCMD E  171012: N=Cycas media
CYCME E   29205: N=Cyclotella meneghiniana
                 S=Stephanocyclus meneghiniana
CYCMI E  179182: N=Cycas micronesica
CYCMS B  880070: N=Cyclobacterium marinum (strain ATCC 25205 / DSM 745 / LMG 13164 / NCIMB 1802)
                 S=Flectobacillus marinus
CYCMU E  171013: N=Cycas multipinnata
                 C=Royal sago
CYCNA E 1178083: N=Cyclophora nanaria
                 C=Dwarf tawny wave moth
                 S=Ephyra nanaria
CYCNU E   51214: N=Cyclura nubila
                 C=Cuban ground iguana
CYCPA E  123604: N=Cycas panzhihuaensis
                 C=Dukou cycad
                 S=Cycas baguanheensis
CYCPE E  198836: N=Cyclanthera pedata
CYCPI E  118683: N=Cyclura pinguis
                 C=Anegada island iguana
CYCPN E  214108: N=Cyclophora pendulinaria
                 C=Sweetfern geometer moth
CYCPU E  310442: N=Cyclophora punctaria
                 C=Maiden's blush moth
CYCRE E    3396: N=Cycas revoluta
                 C=Sago palm
CYCRI E   51215: N=Cyclura ricordi
                 C=Ricord's rock iguana
CYCRL E  118684: N=Cyclura rileyi
                 C=San Salvador iguana
CYCRU E   58031: N=Cycas rumphii
                 S=Cycas celebica
CYCSA E  161944: N=Cyclodomorphus casuarinae
                 C=Tasmanian she-oak skink
                 S=Cyclodus casuarinae
CYCSI E  171014: N=Cycas siamensis
                 S=Cycas immersa
CYCSN E  120566: N=Cyclina sinensis
                 C=Venus clam
CYCSP B  385025: N=Cycloclasticus sp. (strain P1)
CYCTA E   54799: N=Cycas taitungensis
                 C=Prince sago
                 S=Cycas taiwaniana
CYCTE E  216820: N=Cyclophora tenuis
                 C=Marine diatom
CYCTH E  179184: N=Cycas thouarsii
                 C=Madagascar cycad
                 S=Cycas madagascariensis
CYCTI E  171015: N=Cycas taiwaniana
                 S=Cycas revoluta var. taiwaniana
CYCTN E  214110: N=Cycnia tenera
                 C=Delicate cyncia moth
CYCTU E  228089: N=Cyclonaias tuberculata
                 C=Purple wartyback mussel
CYCWA E  171016: N=Cycas wadei
                 C=Wade's cycad
CYDKU E 2735276: N=Cydia kurokoi
                 C=Nut fruit tortrix moth
CYDOB E   36610: N=Cydonia oblonga
                 S=Pyrus cydonia
CYDPO E   82600: N=Cydia pomonella
                 C=Codling moth
CYENI E  259548: N=Cyerce nigricans
                 C=Black and gold sapsucking slug
CYGAT E    8868: N=Cygnus atratus
                 C=Black swan
                 S=Anas atrata
CYGBU E   48397: N=Cygnus buccinator
                 C=Trumpeter swan
                 S=Olor buccinator
CYGCB E  541010: N=Cygnus columbianus bewickii
                 C=Bewick's swan
                 S=Cygnus bewickii
CYGCO E  110926: N=Cygnus columbianus
                 C=Tundra swan
                 S=Olor columbianus
CYGCY E  219595: N=Cygnus cygnus
                 C=Whooper swan
                 S=Olor cygnus
CYGMA E    8216: N=Cygnodraco mawsoni
                 C=Antarctic dragonfish
CYGOL E    8869: N=Cygnus olor
                 C=Mute swan
                 S=Anas olor
CYLBE E 1343304: N=Cylindera belli
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Ifasina belli
CYLCE E   93208: N=Cylindera celeripes
                 C=Swift tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela celeripes
CYLCV V  175814: N=Cestrum yellow leaf curling virus
CYLFU E    2853: N=Cylindrotheca fusiformis
                 C=Marine diatom
CYLGE E  270030: N=Cyllopsis gemma
                 C=Gemmed satyr
CYLGO E   71465: N=Cylicostephanus goldi
                 C=Nematode worm
CYLIN E   71431: N=Cylicocyclus insigne
                 C=Nematode worm
CYLLA E 1219930: N=Cylindera labioaenea
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Ifasina labeoaneae
CYLMI E  869544: N=Cylindera minuta
                 C=Tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela minuta
CYLNA E   53992: N=Cylicocyclus nassatus
                 C=Nematode worm
CYLPE E  366046: N=Cyllopsis pertepida
                 C=Canyonland satyr butterfly
CYLRU E  186578: N=Cylindrophis ruffus
                 C=Red-tailed pipe snake
CYLSN E    2855: N=Cylindrotheca sp. (strain N1)
                 C=Marine diatom
CYLTE E  176396: N=Cylindera terricola
                 C=Variable tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela terricola
CYMAC E  848633: N=Cymbovula acicularis
                 C=Sea snail
CYMAT E   38177: N=Cymbidium atropurpureum
CYMEN E   78740: N=Cymbidium ensifolium
                 S=Epidendrum ensifolium
CYMOL E  543401: N=Cymbium olla
                 C=Algarve volute
                 S=Voluta olla
CYMRO E  202239: N=Cymbosema roseum
                 S=Dioclea purpurea
CYMV  V   12177: N=Clover yellow mosaic virus
CYMVE E  183016: N=Cymophora venezuelensis
CYNAR E   80640: N=Cynoscion arenarius
                 C=Sand weakfish
CYNBR E   58060: N=Cynopterus brachyotis
                 C=Lesser short-nosed fruit bat
                 S=Pachysoma brachyotis
CYNCA E    4265: N=Cynara cardunculus
CYNCS E   59895: N=Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus
                 C=Globe artichoke
                 S=Cynara scolymus
CYNDA E   28909: N=Cynodon dactylon
                 C=Bermuda grass
                 S=Panicum dactylon
CYNFE E  391196: N=Cynoponticus ferox
                 C=Guinean pike conger
                 S=Muraenesox ferox
CYNFL E  202629: N=Cynophalla flexuosa
                 C=Bay-leaved caper
                 S=Capparis flexuosa
CYNGA E  458567: N=Cynoscion guatucupa
                 C=Stripped weakfish
                 S=Otolithus guatucupa
CYNGU E   45479: N=Cynomys gunnisoni
                 C=Gunnison's prairie dog
CYNHA E 1465296: N=Cynophalla hastata
                 C=Broadleaf caper
                 S=Capparis hastata
CYNHO E  298109: N=Cynopterus horsfieldii
                 C=Horsfield's fruit bat
CYNLA E  501310: N=Cynanthus latirostris
                 C=Broad-billed hummingbird
CYNLE E   99825: N=Cynomys leucurus
                 C=White-tailed prairie dog
CYNLU E   45480: N=Cynomys ludovicianus
                 C=Black-tailed prairie dog
CYNME E   99826: N=Cynomys mexicanus
                 C=Mexican prairie dog
CYNNE E   13029: N=Cynoscion nebulosus
                 C=Spotted seatrout
                 S=Otolithus nebulosus
CYNOF E  181189: N=Cynoglossum officinale
CYNPA E   99827: N=Cynomys parvidens
                 C=Utah prairie dog
CYNPE E   41010: N=Cynictis penicillata
                 C=Yellow mongoose
CYNPY E    8330: N=Cynops pyrrhogaster
                 C=Japanese fire-bellied newt
                 S=Molge pyrrhogaster
CYNRE E  175273: N=Cynoscion regalis
                 C=Gray weakfish
                 S=Johnius regalis
CYNSE E  244447: N=Cynoglossus semilaevis
                 C=Tongue sole
CYNSP E    9400: N=Cynopterus sphinx
                 C=Indian short-nosed fruit bat
CYNVO E  110931: N=Cynocephalus volans
                 C=Philippine flying lemur
CYPAB E  228080: N=Cyprogenia aberti
                 C=Western fanshell
CYPAC E   38191: N=Cypripedium acaule
                 C=Pink lady's slipper orchid
                 S=Fissipes acaulis
CYPBE E   45843: N=Solanum betaceum
                 S=Cyphomandra betacea
CYPBR E  180973: N=Cyperus brevifolius
                 C=Shortleaf spikesedge
                 S=Kyllinga brevifolia
CYPCA E    7962: N=Cyprinus carpio
                 C=Common carp
CYPCH E 1045269: N=Cyprinus carpio haematopterus
                 C=Amur carp
CYPCL E   53038: N=Cypripedium calceolus
                 C=Yellow lady's slipper
                 S=Lady's slipper orchid
CYPDO E  246266: N=Cyphononyx dorsalis
                 C=Spider wasp
                 S=Cyphononyx fulvognathus
CYPFR E   27783: N=Cyphotilapia frontosa
                 C=Frontosa cichlid
                 S=Paratilapia frontosa
CYPGA E   87714: N=Cyprinella galactura
                 C=Whitetail shiner
                 S=Hypsilepis galacturus
CYPGI E  217775: N=Cyphoma gibbosum
                 C=Flamingo tongue snail
                 S=Bulla gibbosa
CYPHI E  283373: N=Cypselurus hiraii
                 C=Japanese flyingfish
                 S=Cypselurus opisthopus hiraii
CYPLU E   28791: N=Cyprinella lutrensis
                 C=Red shiner
                 S=Leuciscus idella
CYPNE E   33520: N=Cyprinodon nevadensis
                 C=Amargosa pupfish
CYPNI E   46500: N=Cypseloides niger
                 C=American black swift
                 S=Nephoecetes niger
CYPPA E   76434: N=Cyperus papyrus
CYPPP E   53050: N=Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens
                 C=Large yellow lady's slipper
                 S=Cypripedium pubescens
CYPPS E   53048: N=Cypripedium passerinum
                 C=Sparrow's egg lady's slipper
                 S=Lady's slipper orchid
CYPRU E   28742: N=Cyprinodon rubrofluviatilis
                 C=Red River pupfish
                 S=Cyprinodon bovinus rubrofluviatilis
CYPS1 E   48417: N=Cyprinodon sp.
CYPSE E  242754: N=Cyphastrea serailia
                 C=Brain coral
                 S=Madrepora serailia
CYPSP E   58952: N=Cypella sp. (strain Porto Alegre 027)
CYPST E  301907: N=Cyprogenia stegaria
                 S=Obovaria stegaria
CYPTI E   75124: N=Cypraea tigris
                 C=Tiger cowry
CYPVA E   28743: N=Cyprinodon variegatus
                 C=Sheepshead minnow
CYRAN E   78742: N=Cyrtopodium andersonii
CYRAU E  751986: N=Cyrtodactylus annulatus
                 C=Annulated bow-fingered gecko
                 S=Gymnodactylus annulatus
CYRBR E  232727: N=Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus
                 C=Bright Orange dobo Lily
                 S=Cyrtanthus parviflorus
CYRCI E  200548: N=Cyrtophora citricola
                 C=Tropical tentweb orbweaver
CYRDI E  104818: N=Cyrtolobus discoidalis
CYRDO E 2024410: N=Cyriopagopus doriae
                 C=Tarantula spider
                 S=Haplopelma doriae
CYRFA E   84614: N=Cyrtomium falcatum
                 C=Japanese holly fern
                 S=Polypodium falcatum
CYRHA E  209901: N=Cyriopagopus hainanus
                 C=Chinese bird spider
                 S=Haplopelma hainanum
CYRLI E 1184493: N=Cyriopagopus lividus
                 C=Cobalt blue tarantula
                 S=Haplopelma lividum
CYRMA E   82225: N=Cyrtanthus mackenii
                 C=Ifafa lily
CYRMO E    9017: N=Cyrtonyx montezumae
                 C=Montezuma quail
                 S=Ortyx montezumae
CYRPH E  751991: N=Cyrtodactylus philippinicus
                 C=Philippine bow-fingered gecko
CYRPO E  344688: N=Cyrtotria poduriformis
CYRPR E   43856: N=Cyrtocarpa procera
CYRPU E   78743: N=Cyrtopodium punctatum
                 C=Cow-horn orchid
CYRRA E    4341: N=Cyrilla racemiflora
                 C=Swamp titi
CYRRE E  131265: N=Cyrtostachys renda
                 C=Red sealing wax palm
                 S=Cyrtostachys lakka
CYRSA E  303590: N=Cyrtopodion scabrum
                 C=Rough-tailed gecko
                 S=Stenodactylus scaber
CYRSC E   29017: N=Cyriopagopus schmidti
                 C=Chinese bird spider
                 S=Haplopelma schmidti
CYRTA E  152249: N=Cyrtonaias tampicoensis
                 C=Tampico pearly mussel
CYSCR E   39293: N=Cystophora cristata
                 C=Hooded seal
                 S=Phoca cristata
CYSFR E   32112: N=Cystopteris fragilis
                 C=Brittle bladder fern
                 S=Polypodium fragile
CYTAU B   29530: N=Cytophaga aurantiaca
CYTFI B    1399: N=Cytobacillus firmus
                 S=Bacillus firmus
CYTH3 B  269798: N=Cytophaga hutchinsonii (strain ATCC 33406 / DSM 1761 / CIP 103989 / NBRC 15051 / NCIMB 9469 / D465)
CYTHU B     985: N=Cytophaga hutchinsonii
CYTSC E    3835: N=Cytisus scoparius
                 C=Scotch broom
                 S=Spartium scoparium
CYTSE E    3834: N=Cytisophyllum sessilifolium
                 C=Sessile-leaved cytisus
                 S=Cytisus sessilifolium
CYVV  V   12198: N=Clover yellow vein virus
DABCA E   13479: N=Daboecia cantabrica
                 C=St Daboec's heath
                 S=Menziesia polifolia
DABPA E 1170828: N=Daboia palaestinae
                 C=Palestine viper
                 S=Vipera palaestinae
DABRR E    8707: N=Daboia russelii
                 C=Russel's viper
                 S=Vipera russelii
DABSI E  343250: N=Daboia siamensis
                 C=Eastern Russel's viper
                 S=Daboia russelii siamensis
DACBO E   30618: N=Dactylomys boliviensis
                 C=Bolivian bamboo rat
DACCA E   62189: N=Dacnis cayana
                 C=Blue dacnis
DACCI E  194918: N=Dacus ciliatus
                 C=Ethiopian fruit fly
                 S=Lesser pumpkin fly
DACCO E  765876: N=Dactylopius coccus
DACDA E   30619: N=Dactylomys dactylinus
                 C=Amazon bamboo rat
                 S=Echimys dactylinus
DACDM E  164854: N=Dacus demmerezi
                 C=Indian Ocean cucumber fly
                 S=Tridacus demmerezi
DACGL E    4509: N=Dactylis glomerata
                 C=Orchard grass
                 S=Cock's-foot grass
DACHA E 1284197: N=Dactylellina haptotyla (strain CBS 200.50)
                 C=Nematode-trapping fungus
                 S=Monacrosporium haptotylum
DACMI E  332664: N=Dacnomys millardi
                 C=Millard's rat
                 S=Large-toothed rat
DACNO E    8939: N=Dacelo novaeguineae
                 C=Laughing kookaburra
                 S=Dacelo gigas
DACPA E   65607: N=Dactylopsila palpator
                 C=Long-fingered triok
DACPD E 1858805: N=Dacryopinax primogenitus (strain DJM 731)
                 C=Brown rot fungus
DACPE E  143342: N=Dactyloptena peterseni
                 C=Starry flying gurnard
DACPR E  490301: N=Dactylomys peruanus
                 C=Peruvian bamboo rat
                 S=Montane bamboo rat
DACRO E   59320: N=Dactylorhiza romana
                 S=Orchis romana
DACSA B  292566: N=Dactylococcopsis salina
                 S=Myxobaktron salinum
DACSI E   58731: N=Dacnusa sibirica
                 C=Parasitic wasp
DACSP B   60453: N=Dactylosporangium sp.
DACTR E   38616: N=Dactylopsila trivirgata
                 C=Striped possum
DACVE E  164855: N=Dacus vertebratus
                 C=Jointed pumpkin fly
                 S=Melon fly
DACVO E   94924: N=Dactylopterus volitans
                 C=Flying gurnard
                 S=Trigla volitans
DAFVA E 2024242: N=Davus fasciatus
                 C=Costa Rican tiger rump
                 S=Cyclosternum fasciatus
DAHCO E   41563: N=Dahlia coccinea
                 C=Red dahlia
DAHLI E  262202: N=Dahlica lichenella
                 C=Lichen case-bearer moth
                 S=Tinea lichenella
DAHME E   43367: N=Dahlia merckii
                 C=Bedding dahlia
DAHPI E  101596: N=Dahlia pinnata
                 C=Pinnate dahlia
                 S=Dahlia variabilis
DAITE E   76233: N=Daimio tethys
                 C=White-banded flat butterfly
DAJMO E  661228: N=Dajaus monticola
                 C=Mountain mullet
                 S=Agonostomus monticola
DAKVI E   58002: N=Daktulosphaira vitifoliae
                 C=Grape phylloxera
                 S=Viteus vitifoliae
DALCH E   74059: N=Dalbulus charlesi
DALMA E   74065: N=Dalbulus maidis
                 C=Corn leafhopper
DALNI E  298683: N=Dalbergia nigrescens
                 C=Thai blackwood
DALPE E   75939: N=Dallia pectoralis
                 C=Alaska blackfish
DALPU E  248511: N=Dalea purpurea
                 C=Violet prairie clover
DALWR E  248515: N=Dalea wrightii
                 C=Wright's prairie clover
DAMAL E   55451: N=Damasonium alisma
DAMCA E  183018: N=Damnxanthodium calvum
                 S=Perymenium calvum
DAMDA E   30532: N=Dama dama
                 C=Fallow deer
                 S=Cervus dama
DAMDI E   41565: N=Dampiera diversifolia
                 C=Blue dampiera
DAMKO E    9930: N=Damaliscus korrigum
                 S=Damaliscus lunatus korrigum
DAMLU E    9929: N=Damaliscus lunatus
DAMME E  141652: N=Dama mesopotamica
                 C=Mesopotamian fallow deer
                 S=Dama dama mesopotamica
DAMPP E   37172: N=Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi
                 S=Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi
DAMPY E    9931: N=Damaliscus pygargus
DAMSP E  765936: N=Damithrax spinosissimus
                 C=Channel clinging crab
                 S=Mithrax spinosissimus
DANAA E   46783: N=Danio aff. albolineatus
DANAP E   38751: N=Danio albolineatus pulcher
                 C=Blue-redstripe danio
DANAT E   46785: N=Danio aff. tweediei
DANDA E  127599: N=Danio dangila
                 C=Moustached danio
DANGE E   76228: N=Danaus genutia
                 C=Common tiger butterfly
DANGI E  166024: N=Danaus gilippus
                 C=Queen butterfly
DANHO E  486202: N=Danafungia horrida
                 C=Plate coral
                 S=Danafungia danai
DANKE E   38750: N=Danio kerri
                 C=Blue danio
                 S=Brachydanio kerri
DANPL E   13037: N=Danaus plexippus
                 C=Monarch butterfly
DANRE E    7955: N=Danio rerio
                 S=Brachydanio rerio
DANSP E   42048: N=Danthonia spicata
                 C=Poverty oatgrass
                 S=Avena spicata
DAPCA E   37055: N=Daption capense
                 C=Cape petrel
                 S=Cape pigeon
DAPGE E  142694: N=Daphne gemmata
                 S=Wikstroemia gemmata
DAPME E   66680: N=Daphne mezereum
                 C=February daphne
DAPPU E    6669: N=Daphnia pulex
                 C=Water flea
DAPRO E  653936: N=Daphne rodriguezii
DAPSP E    4388: N=Daphniphyllum sp.
DARAR E  307438: N=Darevskia armeniaca
                 C=Caucasian rock lizard
                 S=Lacerta armeniaca
DARCA E    4355: N=Darlingtonia californica
                 C=California pitcher plant
                 S=Chrysamphora californica
DARSA E  122331: N=Darevskia saxicola
                 C=Caucasian rock lizard
                 S=Lacerta saxicola
DASAB E   91608: N=Dascyllus albisella
                 C=Hawaiian damselfish
DASAL E   32545: N=Dasyurus albopunctatus
                 C=Native cat
                 S=New Guinean quoll
DASAR E   80949: N=Dascyllus aruanus
                 C=White-tailed damselfish
                 S=Chaetodon aruanus
DASAU E  411745: N=Dasymutilla aureola
                 C=Velvet ant
                 S=Mutilla aureola
DASBI E  913748: N=Dasymutilla bioculata
                 C=Yellow velvet ant
DASBR E  101696: N=Dasypogon bromeliifolius
DASBY E   32544: N=Dasyuroides byrnei
                 S=Dasycercus byrnei
DASCA E   91609: N=Dascyllus carneus
                 C=Cloudy damselfish
DASCH E  374949: N=Dasymutilla chiron
                 C=Velvet ant
                 S=Mutilla chiron
DASCR E   32542: N=Dasycercus cristicauda
                 C=Crest-tailed mulgara
DASFL E   91610: N=Dascyllus flavicaudus
                 C=Yellowtail damselfish
DASFR E   32239: N=Dasiphora fruticosa
                 C=Shrubby cinquefoil
                 S=Potentilla fruticosa
DASFU E  193455: N=Dasyprocta fuliginosa
                 C=Black agouti
DASGE E   63143: N=Dasyurus geoffroii
                 C=Western quoll
DASGL E   50628: N=Dasymutilla gloriosa
                 C=Thistledown velvet ant
DASHA E    9280: N=Dasyurus hallucatus
                 C=Northern quoll
                 S=Satanellus hallucatus
DASHI E  414803: N=Dasysyrphus hilaris
DASIN E   71173: N=Dasymys incomtus
                 C=African marsh rat
DASKA E   81630: N=Dasypus kappleri
                 C=Great long-nosed armadillo
DASKL E 1175364: N=Dasymutilla klugii
                 C=Klug's velvet ant
DASMA E    9281: N=Dasyurus maculatus
                 C=Tiger quoll
DASME E   80950: N=Dascyllus melanurus
                 C=Blacktail humbug
                 S=Pomacentrus onyx
DASMR E   91611: N=Dascyllus marginatus
                 C=Marginate damselfish
                 S=Pomacentrus marginatus
DASNO E    9361: N=Dasypus novemcinctus
                 C=Nine-banded armadillo
DASOC E  374947: N=Dasymutilla occidentalis
                 C=Cow killer
                 S=Velvet ant
DASPA E  471466: N=Dasysyrphus pauxillus
                 S=Syrphus pauxillus
DASPI E  471465: N=Dasysyrphus pinastri
                 S=Musca pinastri
DASPU E   34846: N=Dasyprocta punctata
                 C=Central American agouti
DASRE E   80951: N=Dascyllus reticulatus
                 C=Reticulate damselfish
                 S=Pomacentrus unifasciatus
DASRO E   33560: N=Dasykaluta rosamondae
                 C=Little red marsupial mouse
                 S=Antechinus rosamondae
DASSI E 1175388: N=Dasymutilla sicheliana
                 C=Harlequin velvet ant
DASSP E   32546: N=Dasyurus spartacus
                 C=Bronze quoll
                 S=Satanellus spartacus
DASST E  194453: N=Dascyllus strasburgi
                 C=Strasburg's dascyllus
DASTR E   50790: N=Dascyllus trimaculatus
                 C=Tree-spot damselfish
                 S=Pomacentrus trimaculatus
DASVE E  471506: N=Dasysyrphus venustus
DASVI E    9279: N=Dasyurus viverrinus
                 C=Eastern quoll
                 S=Didelphis viverrina
DATCA E   34296: N=Datisca cannabina
DATDR E 1178085: N=Datana drexelii
                 C=Drexel's datana moth
DATFE E  169103: N=Datura ferox
                 C=Fierce thorn-apple
DATGL E   34297: N=Datisca glomerata
                 C=Durango root
DATIN E    4075: N=Datura inoxia
                 C=Downy thornapple
                 S=Datura meteloides
DATME E   35625: N=Datura metel
                 C=Devil's trumpet
                 S=Datura fastuosa
DATPE E   56586: N=Datana perspicua
                 C=Spotted datana
DATQU E   45451: N=Datura quercifolia
                 C=Oak leaved angel's trumpet
                 S=Chinese thorn-apple
DATST E    4076: N=Datura stramonium
                 S=Common thornapple
DAUCA E    4039: N=Daucus carota
                 C=Wild carrot
DAUCS E   79200: N=Daucus carota subsp. sativus
DAUMA E   31869: N=Daubentonia madagascariensis
                 S=Sciurus madagascariensis
DAUPU E   79171: N=Daucus pusillus
                 C=Rattlesnake weed
                 S=American wild carrot
DAVIN E   16924: N=Davidia involucrata
                 C=Dove tree
DAVLU E  318828: N=Davidius lunatus
                 C=Clubtail dragonfly
                 S=Hologomphus lunatus
DAVMA E   29639: N=Davallia mariesii
                 C=Squirrel's foot fern
DAVPL E  328203: N=Davallia plumosa
                 C=Black caterpillar fern
DAVSF E  328198: N=Davallia solida var. fejeensis
                 C=Lacy rabbit's foot fern
                 S=Davallia fejeensis
DAVSO E  194872: N=Davallia solida
                 C=Giant hare's foot fern
DAVTA E   29918: N=Davidiella tassiana
                 C=Mycosphaerella tassiana
                 S=Cladosporium herbarum
DCVEB V  865617: N=Drosophila C virus (strain EB)
DEBHA E  284592: N=Debaryomyces hansenii (strain ATCC 36239 / CBS 767 / BCRC 21394 / JCM 1990 / NBRC 0083 / IGC 2968)
                 S=Torulaspora hansenii
DEBHN E    4959: N=Debaryomyces hansenii
                 S=Torulaspora hansenii
DEBLO E  242038: N=Debregeasia longifolia
                 C=Orange wild rhea
                 S=Urtica longifolia
DECAR B  159087: N=Dechloromonas aromatica (strain RCB)
DECBE E  696368: N=Deccanometrus bengalensis
                 C=Indian black scorpion
                 S=Heterometrus bengalensis
DECKU E  146142: N=Decapterus kurroides
                 C=Redtail scad
DECMA E   58220: N=Decapterus maruadsi
                 C=Japanese scad
                 S=Caranx maruadsi
DECMC E  146143: N=Decapterus macarellus
                 C=Mackerel scad
                 S=Caranx macarellus
DECMR E  166264: N=Decapterus macrosoma
                 C=Shortfin scad
DECPU E  173322: N=Decapterus punctatus
                 C=Round scad
                 S=Caranx punctatus
DECRU E  146144: N=Decapterus russelli
                 C=Indian scad
                 S=Caranx russelli
DECTA E  173519: N=Decapterus tabl
                 C=Roughear scad
DECVE E  162018: N=Decodon verticillatus
                 C=Swamp loosestrife
                 S=Nesaea verticillata
DEFDS B  639282: N=Deferribacter desulfuricans (strain DSM 14783 / JCM 11476 / NBRC 101012 / SSM1)
DEFTU B 1006576: N=Defluviitoga tunisiensis
DEHLB B  552811: N=Dehalogenimonas lykanthroporepellens (strain ATCC BAA-1523 / JCM 15061 / BL-DC-9)
DEHM1 B  243164: N=Dehalococcoides mccartyi (strain ATCC BAA-2266 / KCTC 15142 / 195)
                 S=Dehalococcoides ethenogenes (strain 195)
DEHMB B  216389: N=Dehalococcoides mccartyi (strain ATCC BAA-2100 / JCM 16839 / KCTC 5957 / BAV1)
DEHMC B  255470: N=Dehalococcoides mccartyi (strain CBDB1)
DEHMG B  633145: N=Dehalococcoides mccartyi (strain GT)
DEHMV B  311424: N=Dehalococcoides mccartyi (strain VS)
DEHRP B  871738: N=Dehalobacter restrictus (strain DSM 9455 / PER-K23)
DEIAC E   36307: N=Deinagkistrodon acutus
                 C=Hundred-pace snake
                 S=Agkistrodon acutus
DEICR E  291376: N=Deiratonotus cristatus
                 C=Brackish-water crab
DEIDV B  546414: N=Deinococcus deserti (strain DSM 17065 / CIP 109153 / LMG 22923 / VCD115)
DEIEL E  283834: N=Deilephila elpenor
                 C=Elephant hawk-moth
                 S=Sphinx elpenor
DEIGD B  319795: N=Deinococcus geothermalis (strain DSM 11300 / AG-3a)
DEIGI B  745776: N=Deinococcus gobiensis (strain DSM 21396 / JCM 16679 / CGMCC 1.7299 / I-0)
DEIML B  709986: N=Deinococcus maricopensis (strain DSM 21211 / LMG 22137 / NRRL B-23946 / LB-34)
DEIPD B  937777: N=Deinococcus peraridilitoris (strain DSM 19664 / LMG 22246 / CIP 109416 / KR-200)
DEIPM B  693977: N=Deinococcus proteolyticus (strain ATCC 35074 / DSM 20540 / JCM 6276 / NBRC 101906 / NCIMB 13154 / VKM Ac-1939 / CCM 2703 / MRP)
DEIPO E  644661: N=Deilephila porcellus
                 C=Small elephant hawkmoth
                 S=Sphinx porcellus
DEIPR B   55148: N=Deinococcus proteolyticus
DEIRA B  243230: N=Deinococcus radiodurans (strain ATCC 13939 / DSM 20539 / JCM 16871 / LMG 4051 / NBRC 15346 / NCIMB 9279 / R1 / VKM B-1422)
DEIRD B    1299: N=Deinococcus radiodurans
DEIRE E  158819: N=Deirochelys reticularia
                 C=Chicken turtle
                 S=Testudo reticularia
DEISP B   29455: N=Deinonema sp.
DEISU E 1905329: N=Deinopis subrufa
                 C=Rufous net-casting spider
DEKBR E    5007: N=Dekkera bruxellensis
                 S=Brettanomyces custersii
DELAC B   80866: N=Delftia acidovorans
                 C=Pseudomonas acidovorans
                 S=Comamonas acidovorans
DELAJ E   37494: N=Delphinium ajacis
                 C=Rocket larkspur
DELAS B  398578: N=Delftia acidovorans (strain DSM 14801 / SPH-1)
DELBI E  183020: N=Delilia biflora
                 S=Delilia berteroi
DELCA E  103584: N=Delphinus capensis
                 C=Long-beaked common dolphin
DELCT E  103585: N=Delphinus capensis tropicalis
                 C=Arabian common dolphin
                 S=Delphinus tropicalis
DELDE E    9728: N=Delphinus delphis
                 C=Short-beaked common dolphin
DELGR E   85439: N=Delphinium grandiflorum
                 C=Siberian larkspur
                 S=Delphinium sinense
DELKE E  230084: N=Deltamys kempi
                 C=Kemp's grass mouse
DELLE E    9749: N=Delphinapterus leucas
                 C=Beluga whale
DELOD E   18795: N=Delairea odorata
                 C=German ivy
                 S=Senecio mikanioides
DELPU E   40385: N=Delisea pulchra
                 C=Marine red alga
                 S=Bonnemaisonia pulchra
DELRA E   30064: N=Delia radicum
                 C=Cabbage root fly
                 S=Anthomyia brassicae
DELRE E   72433: N=Delonix regia
                 C=Royal poinciana
                 S=Poinciana regia
DELSC B  742013: N=Delftia sp. (strain Cs1-4)
DELSH B  518882: N=Delftia sp. (strain HT23)
DELST E  104301: N=Delphinium staphisagria
                 S=Staphisagria macrosperma
DELSU E   89131: N=Delomys sublineatus
                 C=Pallid Atlantic forest rat
DELTR E  158006: N=Delphinium tricorne
                 C=Dwarf larkspur
DELUR E   88116: N=Delichon urbicum
                 C=Common house martin
                 S=Hirundo urbica
DEMAT E  347334: N=Demetrias atricapillus
                 C=Ground beetle
DEMBR E  574145: N=Demodex brevis
                 C=Face mite
DEMFO E  481310: N=Demodex folliculorum
                 C=Face mite
DEMVE E  412038: N=Demansia vestigiata
                 C=Lesser black whip snake
                 S=Demansia atra
DEN18 V   11055: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Philippines/836-1/1984)
DEN1A V   11057: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Thailand/AHF 82-80/1980)
DEN1B V  408685: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Brazil/97-11/1997)
DEN1C V   11058: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Jamaica/CV1636/1977)
DEN1S V   33741: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Singapore/S275/1990)
DEN1T V   31633: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Thailand/TH-Sman/1958)
DEN1W V   11059: N=Dengue virus type 1 (strain Nauru/West Pac/1974)
DEN21 V   11061: N=Dengue virus type 2 (isolate Malaysia M1)
DEN22 V   11062: N=Dengue virus type 2 (isolate Malaysia M2)
DEN23 V   11063: N=Dengue virus type 2 (isolate Malaysia M3)
DEN26 V   31634: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/16681/1984)
DEN27 V   31635: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain 16681-PDK53)
DEN28 V  413041: N=Dengue virus type 2 (isolate Thailand/0168/1979)
DEN2C V  412462: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Cuba/205/1997)
DEN2D V   31636: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain China/D2-04)
DEN2H V   31637: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/TH-36/1958)
DEN2J V   11064: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Jamaica/1409/1983)
DEN2N V   11065: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/NGS-C/1944)
DEN2P V   11066: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Puerto Rico/PR159-S1/1969)
DEN2Q V  408694: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Peru/IQT2913/1996)
DEN2T V   11067: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Tonga/EKB194/1974)
DEN2U V   11068: N=Dengue virus type 2 (strain Thailand/PUO-218/1980)
DEN3C V  408690: N=Dengue virus type 3 (strain China/80-2/1980)
DEN3I V  408693: N=Dengue virus type 3 (strain Singapore/8120/1995)
DEN3M V  408691: N=Dengue virus type 3 (strain Martinique/1243/1999)
DEN3P V  408870: N=Dengue virus type 3 (strain Philippines/H87/1956)
DEN3S V  408692: N=Dengue virus type 3 (strain Sri Lanka/1266/2000)
DEN4D V  408871: N=Dengue virus type 4 (strain Dominica/814669/1981)
DEN4H V  408689: N=Dengue virus type 4 (strain Thailand/0476/1997)
DEN4P V  408686: N=Dengue virus type 4 (strain Philippines/H241/1956)
DEN4S V  408687: N=Dengue virus type 4 (strain Singapore/8976/1995)
DEN4T V  408688: N=Dengue virus type 4 (strain Thailand/0348/1991)
DENA2 B  522772: N=Denitrovibrio acetiphilus (strain DSM 12809 / NBRC 114555 / N2460)
DENAA E   79412: N=Dendrochilum arachnites
DENAC E    8872: N=Dendrocygna arcuata
                 C=Wandering whistling-duck
                 S=Anas arcuata
DENAD E  142611: N=Dendrobium aduncum
                 C=Angelfish orchid
                 S=Callista adunca
DENAH E   50349: N=Dendrobium arachnoideum
                 S=Diplocaulobium arachnoideum
DENAM E   50355: N=Dendrobium acutilingue
                 S=Epigeneium acuminatum
DENAN E    8618: N=Dendroaspis angusticeps
                 C=Eastern green mamba
                 S=Naja angusticeps
DENAR E    8871: N=Dendrocygna arborea
                 C=West Indian whistling-duck
                 S=Anas arborea
DENAT E   43471: N=Dendrobates auratus
                 C=Green and black poison dart frog
DENAU E    8873: N=Dendrocygna autumnalis
                 C=Black-bellied whistling-duck
                 S=Anas autumnalis
DENBA E  201635: N=Dendrophylax barrettiae
                 C=Barrett's ghost orchid
DENBC E 1314807: N=Dendrothele bispora (strain CBS 962.96)
DENBE E  168239: N=Dendrolagus bennettianus
                 C=Bennett's tree-kangaroo
DENBI E    8874: N=Dendrocygna bicolor
                 C=Fulvous whistling-duck
                 S=Anas bicolor
DENBT E  717594: N=Dendrosenecio battiscombei
                 C=Giant groundsel
                 S=Senecio battiscombei
DENCE E  109558: N=Dendrosenecio cheranganiensis
                 C=East African giant groundsel
                 S=Senecio cheranganiensis
DENCH E  161865: N=Dendrobium chrysotoxum
DENCL E    3965: N=Dendrophthora clavata
                 C=Columbian mistletoe
DENCR E   51096: N=Dendrobium crumenatum
                 C=Tropical pigeon orchid
DENCT E  151770: N=Dendronephthya castanea
DENCY E  214965: N=Dendrogyra cylindrus
                 C=Pillar coral
DENDA E  181002: N=Dendrobium denneanum
                 S=Dendrobium aurantiacum var. denneanum
DENDE E  117951: N=Dendrobium delicatum
DENDN E  161866: N=Dendrobium densiflorum
                 C=Pineapple orchid
                 S=Callista densiflora
DENDO E   65608: N=Dendrolagus dorianus
                 C=Doria's tree-kangaroo
                 S=Unicolored tree-kangaroo
DENDR E   42325: N=Dendrohyrax dorsalis
                 C=Beecroft's tree hyrax
DENDT E   94951: N=Dentex dentex
                 C=Common dentex
                 S=Sparus dentex
DENDV E  529689: N=Denisonia devisi
                 C=De Vis' banded snake
DENEB E  150705: N=Dendropsophus ebraccatus
                 C=Hourglass tree frog
                 S=Hyla ebraccata
DENEC E  647263: N=Dendrocnide excelsa
                 C=Giant stinging tree
                 S=Urera excelsa
DENEX E  273752: N=Dendraster excentricus
                 C=Eccentric sand dollar
                 S=Echinarachnius excentricus
DENEY E    8875: N=Dendrocygna eytoni
                 C=Plumed whistling-duck
DENFA E  117952: N=Dendrobium farmeri
                 C=Farmer's dendrobium
DENFF E  201622: N=Dendrophylax filiformis
                 C=Needleroot bentspur orchid
                 S=Epidendrum filiforme
DENFI E  117953: N=Dendrobium fimbriatum
DENFL E   98741: N=Dendrohypopterygium filiculiforme
                 S=Leskea filiculaeformis
DENFN E  179355: N=Dendrobium findlayanum
                 C=Findlay's orchid
DENFO E   71302: N=Dendronotus frondosus
                 C=Bushy-backed nudibranch
                 S=Amphitrite frondosa
DENFR E   77161: N=Dendroctonus frontalis
                 C=Southern pine beetle
DENFU E  201637: N=Dendrophylax funalis
                 C=Corded ghost orchid
                 S=Aeranthes funalis
DENGB E   98813: N=Dentex gibbosus
                 C=Pink dentex
                 S=Sparus gibbosus
DENGG E  151771: N=Dendronephthya gigantea
DENGI E   29671: N=Dendrocalamus giganteus
                 C=Giant bamboo
DENGL E   71597: N=Dendrochilum glumaceum
                 C=Hay-scented orchid
                 S=Platyclinis glumacea
DENGO E   69260: N=Dendrolagus goodfellowi
                 C=Goodfellow's tree-kangaroo
DENIN E   38604: N=Dendrolagus inustus
                 C=Grizzled tree-kangaroo
DENJA E    8619: N=Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae
                 C=Eastern Jameson's mamba
DENJJ E 2032609: N=Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesoni
                 C=Jameson's mamba
DENKI E   78745: N=Dendrobium kingianum
                 C=Pink rock orchid
                 S=Thelychiton kingianus
DENKL E   84964: N=Dendronephthya klunzingeri
                 C=Klunzinger's soft coral
DENLA E  257763: N=Dendrocalamus latiflorus
                 C=Sweet giant bamboo
                 S=Sinocalamus latiflorus
DENLB E  150707: N=Dendropsophus labialis
                 C=Andean frog
                 S=Hyla labialis
DENLC E   81522: N=Dendrocopos leucotos
                 C=White-backed woodpecker
                 S=Picus leucotos
DENLE E  150708: N=Dendropsophus leucophyllatus
                 C=Clown tree frog
                 S=Hyla leucophyllata
DENLO E  117954: N=Dendrobium loddigesii
                 S=Callista loddigesii
DENLU E  168240: N=Dendrolagus lumholtzi
                 C=Lumholtz's tree kangaroo
DENMB E  137523: N=Dendrocopos major
                 C=Great spotted woodpecker
                 S=Picus major
DENMD E 1842752: N=Dendrocnide moroides
                 C=Gympie stinging tree
                 S=Laportea moroides
DENME E  246553: N=Dendrogale melanura
                 C=Bornean smooth-tailed tree shrew
DENMI E   77164: N=Dendroctonus micans
                 C=Great spruce bark beetle
DENMJ E  235478: N=Dentalium majorinum
                 C=Tusk shell
                 S=Fissidentalium majorinum
DENML E  944597: N=Dendronephthya mollis
DENMN E  142614: N=Dendrobium moniliforme
                 S=Epidendrum moniliforme
DENMO E  117955: N=Dendrobium moschatum
                 C=Musky-smelling dendrobium
DENMR E  150709: N=Dendropsophus marmoratus
                 C=Neotropical marbled tree frog
                 S=Hyla marmorata
DENMT E  165202: N=Dendrolagus matschiei
                 C=Huon tree-kangaroo
                 S=Matschie's tree-kangaroo
DENNO E   94219: N=Dendrobium nobile
DENOB E   90755: N=Dendragapus obscurus
                 C=Dusky grouse
DENOF E  142615: N=Dendrobium officinale
DENOS E   62333: N=Dendrolycopodium obscurum
                 C=Groud pine clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium obscurum
DENOT E  211841: N=Dentalium octangulatum
                 C=Octagonal tusk shell
                 S=Laevidentalium octangulatum
DENPD E   77166: N=Dendroctonus ponderosae
                 C=Mountain pine beetle
DENPN E  151304: N=Dendrolimus pini
                 C=Pine-tree lappet moth
DENPO E    8620: N=Dendroaspis polylepis polylepis
                 C=Black mamba
DENPR E  169180: N=Dendrobium primulinum
DENPS E   77167: N=Dendroctonus pseudotsugae
                 C=Douglas fir beetle
DENPU E   32088: N=Dennstaedtia punctilobula
                 C=Hay-scented fern
                 S=Nephrodium punctilobum
DENRF E   77170: N=Dendroctonus rufipennis
                 C=Spruce beetle
DENRI E   56849: N=Dendromecon rigida
                 C=Bush poppy
DENRU E  435234: N=Dendrophysa russelii
                 C=Goatee croaker
                 S=Umbrina russelii
DENSA E   65609: N=Dendrolagus scottae
                 C=Tenkile tree kangaroo
DENSC E   38179: N=Dendrobium scabrilingue
                 S=Callista scabrilinguis
DENSE E  414925: N=Dendroxena sexcarinata
                 C=Carrion beetle
                 S=Xylodrepa sexcarinata
DENSP E  223847: N=Dendrolagus spadix
                 C=Lowlands tree-kangaroo
DENSR E  420590: N=Dendrolimus superans
                 C=Siberian silkmoth
                 S=Odonestis superans
DENSU E  151773: N=Dendronephthya suensoni
DENTA E   50284: N=Dendrobium taurinum
DENTH E  117978: N=Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
                 C=Pinecone-like raceme dendrobium
DENTI E   92724: N=Dendrobates tinctorius
                 C=Dyeing poison dart frog
DENTR E 1233521: N=Dentitruncus truttae
                 C=Spiny-headed worm
DENTY E   50467: N=Dendrobium taylorii
                 S=Bulbophyllum taylori
DENVA E   77173: N=Dendroctonus valens
                 C=Red turpentine beetle
DENVD E    8876: N=Dendrocygna viduata
                 C=White-faced whistling-duck
                 S=Anas viduata
DENVI E    8621: N=Dendroaspis viridis
                 C=Western green mamba
DENZE E   94308: N=Dendrochirus zebra
                 C=Zebra turkeyfish
                 S=Pterois zebra
DEOFE E  106343: N=Deomys ferrugineus
                 C=Congo forest mouse
DEPBE E  298190: N=Deporaus betulae
                 C=Birch leaf-roller weevil
                 S=Attelabus betulae
DEPGR E   43474: N=Deppea grandiflora
DEPLA E  104666: N=Deparia lancea
                 C=False spleenwort
                 S=Asplenium lanceum
DEPPA E   58004: N=Depressaria pastinacella
                 C=Parsnip webworm moth
                 S=Depressaria radiella
DEPPE E   65727: N=Deparia petersenii
                 C=Japanese false spleenwort
                 S=Asplenium petersenii
DERAC E   51904: N=Deroptyus accipitrinus
                 C=Red-fan parrot
                 S=Psittacus accipitrinus
DERAL E   60249: N=Dermacentor albipictus
                 C=Winter tick
                 S=Ixodes albipictus
DERAN E   34620: N=Dermacentor andersoni
                 C=Rocky mountain wood tick
DERAS E  240275: N=Deropegus aspina
DERAT E  596120: N=Deropeltis atra
DERBR E  191324: N=Deraeocoris brevis
                 C=Predaceous plant bug
                 S=Camptobrochis brevis
DERCR E  344972: N=Derocalymma cruralis
                 C=African cockroach
DEREJ E  303919: N=Deropeltis cf. erythrocephala JT-2004
DERER E  303918: N=Deropeltis erythrocephala
                 C=Black velvet roach
DERFA E    6954: N=Dermatophagoides farinae
                 C=American house dust mite
DERIM E    7590: N=Dermasterias imbricata
                 C=Leather sea star
                 S=Asteropsis imbricata
DERIN E  596121: N=Deropeltis integerrima
                 S=Deropeltis cf. schweinfurthii (strain SR-2005)
DERKE E  303920: N=Deropeltis sp. (strain Kenya)
DERLA E  219542: N=Dermestes lardarius
                 C=Larder beetle
                 S=Bacon beetle
DERLN E  441252: N=Dermestes laniarius
                 C=Dermestid beetle
                 S=Dermestes affinis
DERMA E   33107: N=Derbesia marina
DERME E  118251: N=Dermophis mexicanus
                 C=Mexican burrowing caecilian
DERMI E    6955: N=Dermatophagoides microceras
                 C=House dust mite
DERML E  143563: N=Dermatonotus muelleri
                 C=Mueller's termite frog
                 S=Engystoma muelleri
DERMR E   49202: N=Dermacentor marginatus
                 C=Ornate sheep tick
                 S=Acarus marginatus
DERMU E  346769: N=Dermestes murinus
                 C=Dermestid beetle
                 S=Dermestinus murinus
DERNI E   60253: N=Dermacentor nitens
                 C=Tropical horse tick
                 S=Anocentor nitens
DERNU E 1046038: N=Dermacentor nuttalli
DERON E  441219: N=Deracantha onos
                 C=Relict katydid
DERPA E   60255: N=Dermacentor parumapertus
                 C=Rabbit tick
DERPE E  295668: N=Dermestes peruvianus
                 C=Peruvian larder beetle
                 S=Dermestes angustus
DERPT E    6956: N=Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
                 C=European house dust mite
DERRE E  145610: N=Deroceras reticulatum
                 C=Gray garden slug
DERSI E  543639: N=Dermacentor silvarum
DERVA E   34621: N=Dermacentor variabilis
                 C=American dog tick
DERVE E  344692: N=Derocalymma versicolor
DESA1 A  490899: N=Desulfurococcus amylolyticus (strain DSM 18924 / JCM 16383 / VKM B-2413 / 1221n)
                 S=Desulfurococcus kamchatkensis
DESA6 B  281689: N=Desulfuromonas acetoxidans (strain DSM 684 / 11070)
DESAA B  439235: N=Desulfatibacillum alkenivorans (strain AK-01)
DESAB E  698789: N=Desmapsamma anchorata
                 C=Lumpy overgrowing sponge
DESAC B     891: N=Desulfuromonas acetoxidans
                 S=Chloropseudomonas ethylica
DESAE B   33002: N=Desulfurella acetivorans
DESAF B     873: N=Desulfocurvibacter africanus
                 S=Desulfovibrio africanus
DESAG B  207559: N=Desulfovibrio alaskensis (strain ATCC BAA 1058 / DSM 17464 / G20)
                 S=Desulfovibrio desulfuricans (strain G20)
DESAH B  177437: N=Desulfobacterium autotrophicum (strain ATCC 43914 / DSM 3382 / HRM2)
DESAJ B  646529: N=Desulfosporosinus acidiphilus (strain DSM 22704 / JCM 16185 / SJ4)
DESAL B  218208: N=Desulfatibacillum aliphaticivorans
DESAM A   94694: N=Desulfurococcus amylolyticus
DESAN E  159298: N=Deschampsia antarctica
                 C=Antarctic hair grass
DESAP B  477974: N=Desulforudis audaxviator (strain MP104C)
DESAR B  880072: N=Desulfobacca acetoxidans (strain ATCC 700848 / DSM 11109 / ASRB2)
DESAS B  485916: N=Desulfofarcimen acetoxidans (strain ATCC 49208 / DSM 771 / KCTC 5769 / VKM B-1644 / 5575)
                 S=Desulfotomaculum acetoxidans
DESAT B  589865: N=Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus (strain DSM 19089 / UNIQEM U267 / AHT2)
DESAU E  298896: N=Desmodillus auricularis
                 C=Cape short-eared gerbil
DESB2 B  644282: N=Desulfarculus baarsii (strain ATCC 33931 / DSM 2075 / LMG 7858 / VKM B-1802 / 2st14)
DESBA B     899: N=Desulfomicrobium baculatum
                 S=Desulfovibrio baculatus
DESBD B  525897: N=Desulfomicrobium baculatum (strain DSM 4028 / VKM B-1378 / X)
                 S=Desulfovibrio baculatus
DESBR B  453230: N=Desulfarculus baarsii
                 S=Desulfovibrio baarsii
DESCA E  932098: N=Desmodium canadense
                 C=Showy ticktrefoil
                 S=Hedysarum canadense
DESCC B  868595: N=Desulfotomaculum nigrificans (strain DSM 14880 / VKM B-2319 / CO-1-SRB)
                 S=Desulfotomaculum carboxydivorans
DESCE E   37723: N=Deschampsia cespitosa
                 C=Tufted hairgrass
                 S=Aira caespitosa
DESDA B  525146: N=Desulfovibrio desulfuricans (strain ATCC 27774 / DSM 6949 / MB)
DESDE B     876: N=Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
DESDI E  703462: N=Desmophyllum dianthus
                 C=Cockscomb cup coral
                 S=Madrepora dianthus
DESDJ B  756499: N=Desulfitobacterium dehalogenans (strain ATCC 51507 / DSM 9161 / JW/IU-DC1)
DESDL B  871963: N=Desulfitobacterium dichloroeliminans (strain LMG P-21439 / DCA1)
DESFR B     878: N=Desulfovibrio fructosivorans
DESFU E  217841: N=Desmanthodium fruticosum
DESGG B 1121448: N=Desulfovibrio gigas (strain ATCC 19364 / DSM 1382 / NCIMB 9332 / VKM B-1759)
DESGI B     879: N=Desulfovibrio gigas
DESHA B   49338: N=Desulfitobacterium hafniense
                 S=Desulfitobacterium frappieri
DESHD B  272564: N=Desulfitobacterium hafniense (strain DSM 10664 / DCB-2)
DESHY B  138119: N=Desulfitobacterium hafniense (strain Y51)
DESIS B  653733: N=Desulfurispirillum indicum (strain ATCC BAA-1389 / DSM 22839 / S5)
DESK7 B  760568: N=Desulfofundulus kuznetsovii (strain DSM 6115 / VKM B-1805 / 17)
                 S=Desulfotomaculum kuznetsovii
DESM0 A  765177: N=Desulfurococcus mucosus (strain ATCC 35584 / DSM 2162 / JCM 9187 / O7/1)
DESMC B    1179: N=Desmonostoc muscorum
                 S=Nostoc muscorum
DESMD B  768704: N=Desulfosporosinus meridiei (strain ATCC BAA-275 / DSM 13257 / KCTC 12902 / NCIMB 13706 / S10)
DESML B     897: N=Desulfococcus multivorans
DESMO A    2275: N=Desulfurococcus mucosus
                 S=Desulfurococcus mobilis
DESMR B  573370: N=Desulfovibrio magneticus (strain ATCC 700980 / DSM 13731 / RS-1)
DESMS E  182682: N=Desmana moschata
                 C=Russian desman
DESMU B   32018: N=Desulfovibrio multispirans
DESNO B   52561: N=Desulfomicrobium norvegicum (strain DSM 1741 / NCIMB 8310)
                 C=Desulfovibrio baculatus (strain Norway 4)
                 S=Desulfovibrio desulfuricans (strain Norway 4)
DESOD B  768706: N=Desulfosporosinus orientis (strain ATCC 19365 / DSM 765 / NCIMB 8382 / VKM B-1628 / Singapore I)
                 S=Desulfotomaculum orientis
DESOH B   96561: N=Desulfococcus oleovorans (strain DSM 6200 / JCM 39069 / Hxd3)
DESOM B     884: N=Desulfovibrio oxamicus (strain Monticello)
                 S=Desulfovibrio vulgaris subsp. oxamicus
DESPA E  343495: N=Desmodium paniculatum
                 C=Panicledleaf ticktrefoil
                 S=Hedysarum paniculatum
DESPD B  577650: N=Desulfobulbus propionicus (strain ATCC 33891 / DSM 2032 / VKM B-1956 / 1pr3)
DESPH E   60955: N=Desserobdella phalera
                 S=Placobdella phalera
DESPS B  177439: N=Desulfotalea psychrophila (strain LSv54 / DSM 12343)
DESRD B  485915: N=Desulfohalobium retbaense (strain ATCC 49708 / DSM 5692 / JCM 16813 / HR100)
DESRL B  696281: N=Desulfotomaculum ruminis (strain ATCC 23193 / DSM 2154 / NCIMB 8452 / DL)
DESRM B  349161: N=Desulfotomaculum reducens (strain MI-1)
DESRO E    9430: N=Desmodus rotundus
                 C=Vampire bat
DESSA B     880: N=Desulfovibrio salexigens
                 S=Maridesulfovibrio salexigens
DESSD B 1167006: N=Desulfocapsa sulfexigens (strain DSM 10523 / SB164P1)
DESSO E   89411: N=Descurainia sophia
                 C=Flixweed tansy-mustard
                 S=Sisymbrium sophia
DESSP B    1181: N=Desmonostoc sp. (strain PCC 7906)
                 S=Nostoc sp. (strain PCC 7906)
DESST A  108142: N=Desulfurococcus sp. (strain Tok)
DESSY A   59822: N=Desulfurococcus sp. (strain SY)
DESTA B  706587: N=Desulfomonile tiedjei (strain ATCC 49306 / DSM 6799 / DCB-1)
DESTD B  868864: N=Desulfurobacterium thermolithotrophum (strain DSM 11699 / BSA)
DESTE B   42471: N=Desulfofundulus thermocisternus
                 S=Desulfotomaculum thermocisternum
DESTI B   83661: N=Desulfonispora thiosulfatigenes
DESTT B  651182: N=Desulfobacula toluolica (strain DSM 7467 / Tol2)
DESUN E  225101: N=Desmodium uncinatum
                 C=Silverleaf Spanish clover
                 S=Hedysarum uncinatum
DESVH B     882: N=Desulfovibrio vulgaris (strain ATCC 29579 / DSM 644 / NCIMB 8303 / VKM B-1760 / Hildenborough)
DESVM B     883: N=Desulfovibrio vulgaris (strain DSM 19637 / Miyazaki F)
DESVR B  573059: N=Desulfovibrio vulgaris (strain RCH1)
DESVU B     881: N=Desulfovibrio vulgaris
DESVV B  391774: N=Desulfovibrio vulgaris subsp. vulgaris (strain DP4)
DETCO E   83371: N=Detonula confervacea
                 C=Marine diatom
DEUGR E   23105: N=Deutzia gracilis
                 C=Slender deutzia
DEVAE E   46778: N=Devario aequipinnatus
                 C=Giant danio
                 S=Danio aequipinnatus
DEVDE E   46781: N=Devario devario
                 C=Bengal danio
                 S=Danio devario
DEVIN E  390672: N=Deveximentum insidiator
                 C=Pugnose ponyfish
                 S=Zeus insidiator
DEVMA E   46780: N=Devario malabaricus
                 C=Malabar danio
                 S=Danio malabaricus
DEVPA E   46779: N=Devario pathirana
                 C=Barred danio
                 S=Danio pathirana
DEVRA E   35202: N=Devaleraea ramentacea
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Halosaccion ramentaceum
DHAV  V  693992: N=Duck hepatitis A virus (strain Duck/Taiwan/03D/2003)
DHBV1 V  489543: N=Duck hepatitis B virus (strain United States/DHBV-16)
DHBV3 V  489542: N=Duck hepatitis B virus (strain Germany/DHBV-3)
DHBVQ V  644639: N=Duck hepatitis B virus (isolate Shanghai/DHBVQCA34)
DHVI1 V   11319: N=Dhori virus (strain Indian/1313/61)
DIAAB E   13040: N=Diaprepes abbreviatus
                 C=Citrus root weevil
                 S=Curculio abbreviatus
DIAAN E  105358: N=Diadema antillarum
                 C=Long-spined sea urchin
                 S=Cidaris antillarum
DIABA E  107213: N=Diabrotica balteata
                 C=Banded cucumber beetle
DIABR E   50386: N=Diabrotica barberi
                 C=Northern corn rootworm
DIACA E    3570: N=Dianthus caryophyllus
                 S=Clove pink
DIACH E  179674: N=Diachrysia chrysitis
                 C=Burnished brass moth
DIACI E  121845: N=Diaphorina citri
                 C=Asian citrus psyllid
DIACT E  298404: N=Dialeurodes citri
                 C=Citrus whitefly
                 S=Aleurodes citri
DIAEN E   13485: N=Dianella ensifolia
                 C=Flax lily
                 S=Dracaena ensifolia
DIAFE E  202342: N=Diapheromera femorata
                 C=Northern walkingstick
DIAGR E   61289: N=Diatraea grandiosella
                 C=Southwestern corn borer
DIALA E   13487: N=Diapensia lapponica
                 C=Lapland diapensia
DIALT E 2081491: N=Diacronema lutheri
                 C=Unicellular marine alga
                 S=Monochrysis lutheri
DIALU E   76167: N=Diaphorodoris luteocincta
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Onchidoris luteocincta
DIAME E  105359: N=Diadema mexicanum
                 C=Needle sea urchin
DIAMO E  129769: N=Dianthus monspessulanus
DIANI E 1140737: N=Diaphania nitidalis
                 C=Pickleworm moth
                 S=Cryptographis nitidalis
DIAOB E   38691: N=Diarrhena obovata
                 C=Obovate beakgrain
DIAPA E  145529: N=Diadema palmeri
                 C=Fiery sea urchin
DIAPC E  145530: N=Diadema paucispinum
                 C=Long-spined sea urchin
DIAPI E  556049: N=Diagramma picta
                 C=Painted sweetlips
                 S=Perca picta
DIAPN E  158804: N=Diadophis punctatus
                 C=Ring-necked snake
                 S=Coluber punctatus
DIAPU E    7420: N=Diadromus pulchellus
                 C=Parasitic wasp
DIARA E   55893: N=Diaeretiella rapae
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
DIASA E  105360: N=Diadema savignyi
                 C=Long-spined black urchin
DIASD E  190916: N=Diaulula sandiegensis
                 C=Ringed doris
                 S=Doris sandiegensis
DIASE E   31175: N=Diadema setosum
                 C=Long-spined sea urchin
DIASM E  208481: N=Diadegma semiclausum
                 C=Diamondback moth
DIASN E  464721: N=Diacrisia sannio
                 C=Clouded buff
DIASP E  133126: N=Diabrotica speciosa
                 C=Cucurbit beetle
DIAST E  254378: N=Diachrysia stenochrysis
                 C=Noctuid moth
                 S=Diachrysia tutti
DIAUH E   50388: N=Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi
                 C=Spotted cucumber beetle
DIAUN E   50387: N=Diabrotica undecimpunctata
                 C=Spotted cucumber beetle
DIAVI E   50389: N=Diabrotica virgifera
                 C=Western corn root beetle
DIAYO E  148087: N=Diaemus youngi
                 C=White-winged vampire bat
DIBDE E   28845: N=Dibothriocephalus dendriticus
                 S=Diphyllobothrium dendriticum
DIBLA E   60516: N=Dibothriocephalus latus
                 C=Fish tapeworm
                 S=Diphyllobothrium latum
DIBMA E  261510: N=Dibamus montanus
                 C=Worm-like lizard
DIBNI E 2567821: N=Dibothriocephalus nihonkaiensis
                 S=Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense
DICAB E  298346: N=Dictamnus albus
DICAC E   49299: N=Dicyema acuticephalum
                 C=Dicyemid mesozoan
DICAL E  148088: N=Diclidurus albus
                 C=Northern ghost bat
DICAN E    3271: N=Dicksonia antarctica
                 C=Australian tree fern
DICAT E  294758: N=Dicamptodon aterrimus
                 C=Idaho giant salamander
DICB4 B   69007: N=Dictyoglomus sp. (strain B4A)
DICBI E    9805: N=Diceros bicornis
                 C=Black rhinoceros
DICBM E   77932: N=Diceros bicornis minor
                 C=South-central black rhinoceros
DICC1 B  561229: N=Dickeya chrysanthemi (strain Ech1591)
                 S=Dickeya zeae (strain Ech1591)
DICCA E  205719: N=Dichelostemma capitatum
                 S=Wild hyacinth
DICCH B     556: N=Dickeya chrysanthemi
                 C=Pectobacterium chrysanthemi
                 S=Erwinia chrysanthemi
DICCI E  361072: N=Dictyostelium citrinum
                 C=Slime mold
DICCN E  483157: N=Dicrocoelium chinensis
                 C=Small liver fluke
DICCR E    4315: N=Dichapetalum crassifolium
DICD3 B  198628: N=Dickeya dadantii (strain 3937)
                 S=Erwinia chrysanthemi (strain 3937)
DICDA B  204038: N=Dickeya dadantii
DICDE E   57078: N=Dicrocoelium dendriticum
                 C=Small liver fluke
DICDH E    2876: N=Dictyota dichotoma
DICDI E   44689: N=Dictyostelium discoideum
                 C=Slime mold
DICEC E   44604: N=Dictyocaulus eckerti
                 C=Red deer lungworm
DICEX E   41767: N=Dicentra eximia
                 C=Turkey corn
                 S=Fumaria eximia
DICFL E 1393954: N=Dicyemennea floscephalum
                 C=Dicyemid mesozoan
DICGR E   85953: N=Dicrostonyx groenlandicus
                 C=Northern collared lemming
DICHU E   92538: N=Dicrostonyx hudsonius
                 C=Ungava collared lemming
DICJA E  399803: N=Dicyema japonicum
                 C=Dicyemid mesozoan
DICLA E   13489: N=Dicentrarchus labrax
                 C=European seabass
                 S=Morone labrax
DICLI E   37229: N=Dicranopteris linearis
                 C=False staghorn fern
DICME E  175002: N=Dicaeum melanozanthum
                 C=Yellow-bellied flowerpecker
DICMU E   31287: N=Dictyostelium mucoroides
                 C=Slime mold
DICNO B     870: N=Dichelobacter nodosus
                 S=Bacteroides nodosus
DICNV B  246195: N=Dichelobacter nodosus (strain VCS1703A)
DICP7 B  579405: N=Dickeya paradisiaca (strain Ech703)
                 S=Dickeya dadantii (strain Ech703)
DICPI E  412635: N=Diceratias pileatus
                 C=Deep-sea anglerfish
DICPU E    5786: N=Dictyostelium purpureum
                 C=Slime mold
DICRI E   92537: N=Dicrostonyx richardsoni
                 C=Richardson's collared lemming
                 S=Dicrostonyx groenlandicus richardsoni
DICSC E    3222: N=Dicranum scoparium
                 C=Broom moss
DICSH E  310711: N=Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harrissoni
                 C=Bornean rhinoceros
DICSP E    5785: N=Dictyostelium sp. (strain GA11)
                 C=Slime mold
DICSQ E  732165: N=Dichomitus squalens (strain LYAD-421)
                 C=Western red white-rot fungus
DICSS E  310712: N=Dicerorhinus sumatrensis sumatrensis
                 C=Western Sumatran rhinoceros
DICSU E   89632: N=Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
                 C=Sumatran rhinoceros
DICT6 B  309799: N=Dictyoglomus thermophilum (strain ATCC 35947 / DSM 3960 / H-6-12)
DICTD B  515635: N=Dictyoglomus turgidum (strain DSM 6724 / Z-1310)
DICTH B      14: N=Dictyoglomus thermophilum
DICTO E   85952: N=Dicrostonyx torquatus
                 C=Arctic lemming
DICTR E  135427: N=Dicaeum trigonostigma
                 C=Orange-bellied flowerpecker
DICTY E  168067: N=Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
                 C=Blue ginger
DICVI E   29172: N=Dictyocaulus viviparus
                 C=Bovine lungworm
DICZ5 B  590409: N=Dickeya zeae (strain Ech586)
                 S=Dickeya dadantii (strain Ech586)
DIDAL E   42716: N=Didelphis albiventris
                 C=White-eared opossum
DIDAU E   85694: N=Didelphis aurita
                 C=Big-eared opossum
DIDFA E  372025: N=Didymella fabae
                 C=Leaf and pod spot disease fungus
                 S=Ascochyta fabae
DIDGL E  410608: N=Diderma globosum
                 C=Slime mold
                 S=Chondrioderma globosum
DIDIM E  461399: N=Didelphis imperfecta
                 C=Guianan white-eared opossum
DIDMR E    9268: N=Didelphis marsupialis
                 C=Southern opossum
DIDNA E    5997: N=Didinium nasutum
DIDRA E    5454: N=Didymella rabiei
                 C=Chickpea ascochyta blight fungus
                 S=Mycosphaerella rabiei
DIDST E  187111: N=Didunculus strigirostris
                 C=Tooth-billed pigeon
                 S=Gnathodon strigirostris
DIDVI E    9267: N=Didelphis virginiana
                 C=North American opossum
                 S=Didelphis marsupialis virginiana
DIEGR E   58954: N=Dietes grandiflora
                 C=Wild iris
DIERO E   58955: N=Dietes robinsoniana
DIESC B  370437: N=Dietzia sp. (strain CQ4)
DIESD B 1408143: N=Dietzia sp. (strain D5)
DIESE E   79608: N=Diervilla sessilifolia
                 C=Southern bush-honeysuckle
DIGCA E   38407: N=Diguetia canities
                 C=Desert bush spider
                 S=Segestria canities
DIGCI E   66018: N=Digitaria ciliaris
                 C=Southern crabgrass
                 S=Panicum ciliare
DIGCL E  185701: N=Diglymma clivinoides
                 C=Ground beetle
DIGCU E  942228: N=Digrammia curvata
                 C=Looper moth
                 S=Semiothisa curvata
DIGGR E   38791: N=Digitalis grandiflora
                 C=Yellow foxglove
DIGIN E  547951: N=Diglossa indigotica
                 C=Indigo flowerpiercer
                 S=Diglossopis indigotica
DIGIS E  108727: N=Diglyphus isaea
                 C=Leafminer parasitoid wasp
                 S=Cirrospilus isaea
DIGLA E   49450: N=Digitalis lanata
                 C=Grecian foxglove
DIGPU E    4164: N=Digitalis purpurea
                 C=Common foxglove
DIGSI E  547942: N=Diglossa sittoides
                 C=Rusty flowerpiercer
DIGSM E  945030: N=Digenea simplex
                 C=Marine red alga
                 S=Conferva simplex
DIKVI E  191522: N=Dikerogammarus villosus
                 C=Killer shrimp
DILCA E   31417: N=Dilsea californica
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Sarcophyllis californica
DILIN E    4378: N=Dillenia indica
                 C=Elephant apple
                 S=Dillenia speciosa
DILMA E  197863: N=Dileptus margaritifer
                 S=Amphileptus margaritifer
DILPI E  379225: N=Dilatris pillansii
DIMHO E  176528: N=Dimeresia howellii
DIMSI E  112408: N=Dimorphotheca sinuata
                 C=African daisy
DIMVE E  183306: N=Dimerostemma vestitum
DINAC E   47934: N=Dinophysis acuminata
DINAS E  609289: N=Dinoponera australis
                 C=Giant neotropical hunting ant
DINAU E  150597: N=Dinophysis acuta
DINBO E  418655: N=Dinaromys bogdanovi
                 C=Martino's snow vole
DINBR E  108858: N=Dinomys branickii
DINCE E  441509: N=Dinocras cephalotes
DINDI E  457357: N=Dinobryon divergens
                 C=Golden alga
                 S=Dinobryon cylindricum var. divergens
DINEX E   66290: N=Dinenympha exilis
DINGI E  147464: N=Dinornis giganteus
                 C=Giant moa
DINME E  357803: N=Dineutus mellyi
                 C=Large whirligig beetle
DINNO E  120300: N=Dinophysis norvegica
                 S=Dinophysis debilior
DINNV E    8818: N=Dinornis novaezealandiae
                 C=North Island giant moa
DINQU E  609295: N=Dinoponera quadriceps
                 C=South American ant
DINSH B  398580: N=Dinoroseobacter shibae (strain DSM 16493 / NCIMB 14021 / DFL 12)
DIOAB E  305662: N=Dioryctria abietella
                 C=Spruce coneworm moth
DIOAI E  357117: N=Dioryctria abietivorella
                 C=Fir coneworm moth
DIOAL E   55571: N=Dioscorea alata
                 C=Purple yam
DIOAM E   46552: N=Diomedea amsterdamensis
                 C=Amsterdam albatross
                 S=Diomedea exulans amsterdamensis
DIOAS E   54989: N=Diodora aspera
                 C=Rough keyhole limpet
                 S=Fissurella aspera
DIOBU E   35874: N=Dioscorea bulbifera
                 C=Air potato
                 S=Dioscorea latifolia
DIOCA E  160021: N=Diodora cayenensis
                 C=Cayenne keyhole limpet
DIOCP E  398472: N=Diopatra cuprea
                 C=Plumed worm
DIOCR E   55577: N=Dioscorea cayennensis subsp. rotundata
                 C=White Guinea yam
                 S=Dioscorea rotundata
DIOCU E    3457: N=Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii
                 C=Serendipity berry
                 S=Rhopalandria cumminsii
DIODA E  198596: N=Diomedea dabbenena
                 C=Tristan albatross
                 S=Diomedea exulans dabbenena
DIODI E  110741: N=Diospyros digyna
                 C=Black sapote
DIOEB E  570484: N=Diospyros ebenum
                 C=Ceylon ebony
                 S=Ebony persimmon
DIOED E   58033: N=Dioon edule
                 C=Virgin's palm
DIOEL E  145284: N=Dioscorea elephantipes
                 C=Elephant's foot yam
                 S=Testudinaria elephantipes
DIOGA E  120387: N=Diodora graeca
                 C=Greek keyhole limpet
                 S=Patella graeca
DIOGL E  124593: N=Dioclea glabra
DIOGR E    3837: N=Dioclea grandiflora
DIOGU E   99571: N=Dioclea guianensis
DIOHO E  229062: N=Diodon holocanthus
                 C=Longspined porcupinefish
                 S=Spiny puffer
DIOHY E  223145: N=Diodon hystrix
                 C=Spot-fin porcupinefish
DIOJA E    4673: N=Dioscorea japonica
                 C=Japanese yam
DIOKA E   35925: N=Diospyros kaki
                 C=Kaki persimmon
                 S=Diospyros chinensis
DIOLA E 1457464: N=Dioclea lasiophylla
DIOLE E    3838: N=Dioclea lehmannii
DIOME E  171017: N=Dioon mejiae
                 C=Palma teosinte
DIOMO E  310786: N=Dione moneta
                 C=Mexican silverspot
DIOMU E    4362: N=Dionaea muscipula
                 C=Venus flytrap
DIONE E  552537: N=Diopatra neapolitana
                 C=Polychaete worm
DIOPO E   55575: N=Dioscorea polystachya
                 C=Chinese yam
DIOPS E  360021: N=Dioryctria pseudotsugella
DIOPU E  179189: N=Dioon purpusii
                 C=Purpus' cycad
DIORE E  357114: N=Dioryctria reniculelloides
                 C=Spruce coneworm moth
DIORF E 1048258: N=Dioclea reflexa
                 C=Sea purse
DIORO E  192416: N=Dioclea rostrata
DIOSC E 1176036: N=Dioclea sclerocarpa
                 S=Dioclea reflexa var. glabrescens
DIOSP E  115877: N=Dioon spinulosum
                 C=Gum palm
DIOTE E   37488: N=Diospyros texana
                 C=Texas persimmon
DIOTO E  182487: N=Dioon tomasellii
DIOVI E  167618: N=Dioclea virgata
DIOVO E  192415: N=Dioclea violacea
DIOVR E   13493: N=Diospyros virginiana
                 C=American persimmon
                 S=Diospyros mosieri
DIOWH E   55364: N=Diospyros whyteana
                 S=Royena lucida
DIOWI E  763456: N=Dioclea wilsonii
                 C=Wilson's clusterpea
DIPAG E   50722: N=Dipodomys agilis
                 C=Agile kangaroo rat
DIPAL E  264775: N=Diplophyllum albicans
                 C=White earwort
DIPAM E  118092: N=Diporiphora amphiboluroides
                 C=Mulga dragon
                 S=Caimanops amphiboluroides
DIPAN E   48913: N=Diplodus annularis
                 C=Annular seabream
                 S=Sparus annularis
DIPAP E   73625: N=Diphasiastrum alpinum
                 C=Alpine clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium alpinum
DIPAU E   68869: N=Diplacus aurantiacus
                 C=Orange bush monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus aurantiacus
DIPBA E  463145: N=Diplogonoporus balaenopterae
                 C=Whale tapeworm
DIPBI E   91747: N=Diploprion bifasciatum
                 C=Barred soapfish
DIPBL E  118204: N=Diporiphora bilineata
                 C=Two-lined dragon
DIPCA E   10017: N=Dipodomys californicus
                 C=California kangaroo rat
DIPCH E 2605608: N=Dipturus chilensis
                 C=Yellownose skate
                 S=Zearaja chilensis
DIPCM E   34168: N=Diphasiastrum complanatum
                 C=Issler's clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium complanatum
DIPCN E   66787: N=Dipylidium caninum
                 C=Double-pored dog tapeworm
DIPCO E  323378: N=Dipodomys compactus
                 C=Gulf coast kangaroo rat
DIPCP E   41199: N=Dipodillus campestris
                 C=North African gerbil
                 S=Gerbillus campestris
DIPCT E  230966: N=Diplotaxis catholica
                 S=Sisymbrium catholicum
DIPDG E   13841: N=Diphasiastrum digitatum
                 C=Fan clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium digitatum
DIPDI E   86694: N=Diplazium dilatatum
                 C=Lady fern
DIPDL E  335917: N=Diplodontias dilatatus
                 S=Asterodon dilatatus
DIPDO E   51217: N=Dipsosaurus dorsalis
                 C=Desert iguana
                 S=Crotaphytus dorsalis
DIPDS E  284671: N=Dipodomys deserti
                 C=Desert kangaroo rat
DIPEC E  148089: N=Diphylla ecaudata
                 C=Hairy-legged vampire bat
DIPEL E  323376: N=Dipodomys elephantinus
                 C=Big-eared kangaroo rat
DIPER E    3732: N=Diplotaxis erucoides
                 C=White wall-rocket
                 S=Sinapis erucoides
DIPFA E 1869259: N=Dipsastraea favus
                 C=Head coral
                 S=Favia favus
DIPFO E   82928: N=Diphyscium foliosum
                 S=Buxbaumia foliosa
DIPGA E  433352: N=Diplogonoporus grandis
                 C=Diplogonadic human tapeworm
DIPGL E  279650: N=Diplocirrus glaucus
                 C=Polychaete worm
DIPGR E  323377: N=Dipodomys gravipes
                 C=San Quintin kangaroo rat
DIPGU E  397682: N=Diplopterygium glaucum
                 S=Polypodium glaucum
DIPHE E   10018: N=Dipodomys heermanni
                 C=Heermann's kangaroo rat
DIPHO E  399979: N=Diporeia hoyi
DIPIN E  104298: N=Dipodomys ingens
                 C=Giant kangaroo rat
                 S=Perodipus ingens
DIPIS E  323373: N=Dipodomys insularis
                 C=San Jose island kangaroo rat
DIPKE E  262469: N=Diplacus kelloggii
                 C=Kellogg's monkey flower
                 S=Eunanus kelloggii
DIPKW E  195326: N=Dipturus kwangtungensis
                 C=Kwangtung skate
                 S=Raja kwangtungensis
DIPLA E  242715: N=Diploria labyrinthiformis
                 C=Grooved brain coral
DIPLE E  106283: N=Diplothrix legata
                 C=Ryukyu long-tailed giant rat
DIPLT E   65311: N=Diplazon laetatorius
                 C=Parasitic wasp
DIPMA E   72496: N=Dipetalogaster maximus
                 C=Blood-sucking bug
DIPME E   94247: N=Dipodomys merriami
                 C=Merriam's kangaroo rat
DIPMI E   94248: N=Dipodomys microps
                 C=Chisel-toothed kangaroo rat
DIPMR E  549624: N=Dipodomys margaritae
                 C=Margarita island kangaroo rat
DIPMU E  360583: N=Diplotaxis muralis
                 C=Annual wall rocket
                 S=Sisymbrium murale
DIPNE E  108145: N=Dipodomys nelsoni
                 C=Nelson's kangaroo rat
DIPNI E  323374: N=Dipodomys nitratoides
                 C=Fresno kangaroo rat
DIPOM E 1870830: N=Diplobatis ommata
                 C=Ocellated electric ray
                 S=Discopyge ommata
DIPOR E   10020: N=Dipodomys ordii
                 C=Ord's kangaroo rat
DIPOX E  182854: N=Dipturus oxyrinchus
                 C=Longnosed skate
                 S=Raja oxyrinchus
DIPPA E   10019: N=Dipodomys panamintinus
                 C=Panamint kangaroo rat
DIPPL E 2723967: N=Dipsastraea pallida
                 S=Favia pallida
DIPPN E   48915: N=Diplodus puntazzo
                 C=Sharpsnout seabream
                 S=Sparus puntazzo
DIPPU E    6984: N=Diploptera punctata
                 C=Pacific beetle cockroach
DIPSA E   73863: N=Dipus sagitta
                 C=Northern three-toed jerboa
DIPSC E   89040: N=Diphasium scariosum
                 C=Creeping clubmoss
                 S=Lycopodium scariosum
DIPSG E   38941: N=Diplodus sargus
                 C=White seabream
DIPSI E  180535: N=Diplotaxis siifolia
DIPSM E  323382: N=Dipodomys simulans
                 C=Dulzura kangaroo rat
DIPSP E  105255: N=Dipodomys spectabilis
                 C=Banner-tailed kangaroo rat
DIPST E  323379: N=Dipodomys stephensi
                 C=Stephens's kangaroo rat
DIPTA E   91975: N=Diplophos taenia
                 C=Pacific portholefish
DIPVE E  323375: N=Dipodomys venustus
                 C=Narrow-faced kangaroo rat
DIPVU E   87756: N=Diplodus vulgaris
                 C=Common two-banded seabream
                 S=Sargus vulgaris
DIPYU E  180069: N=Dipelta yunnanensis
DIPZA E   94420: N=Diplometopon zarudnyi
                 C=Zarudnyi's worm lizard
                 S=Pachycalamus zarudnyi
DIRAR E   88682: N=Diretmus argenteus
                 C=Silver spinyfin
DIRIM E    6287: N=Dirofilaria immitis
                 C=Canine heartworm
DIRVE E  181431: N=Diretmoides veriginae
                 C=Verigin's spinyfin
DISCA E   37265: N=Dissosteira carolina
                 C=Carolina grasshopper
DISCP E   98464: N=Distichium capillaceum
                 C=Distichium moss
                 S=Cynontodium capillaceum
DISCR E   62839: N=Disa cardinalis
DISEL E  100907: N=Dissostichus eleginoides
                 C=Patagonian toothfish
                 S=Dissostichus amissus
DISGL E   62841: N=Disa glandulosa
                 C=Glanded disa
DISLO E  190684: N=Discosura longicaudus
                 C=Racket-tailed coquette
DISMA E   36200: N=Dissostichus mawsoni
                 C=Antarctic cod
DISOB E  175366: N=Disa obtusa
DISPE E   38614: N=Distoechurus pennatus
                 C=Feather-tailed possum
DISRO E   40000: N=Dissotis rotundifolia
                 C=Spanish shawl
                 S=Osbeckia rotundifolia
DISRS E   62844: N=Disa rosea
DISSA E  191474: N=Discoglossus sardus
                 C=Tyrrhenian painted frog
DISSC E  177274: N=Discorsopagurus schmitti
                 C=Tubeworm hermit crab
                 S=Pylopagurus schmitti
DISSE E   34188: N=Disporum sessile
                 C=Japanese fairy bells
                 S=Uvularia sessilis
DISSP E   86600: N=Discosoma sp.
                 C=Sea anemone
DISST E  105400: N=Discosoma striata
                 C=Striped mushroom
DISTE E  376042: N=Disa tenella
DISTR E   62846: N=Disa tripetaloides
DISTU E   89668: N=Distimake tuberosus
                 C=Wood rose
                 S=Ipomoea tuberosa
DISTY E   46295: N=Dispholidus typus
                 S=Bucephalus typus
DISUN E   62847: N=Disa uniflora
                 S=Disa grandiflora
DITBI E  560959: N=Ditaxis biseriata
                 C=Mantid lacewing
                 S=Mantispa biseriata
DIUDI E  460193: N=Diuca diuca
                 C=Common diuca finch
DIUNO E  143948: N=Diuraphis noxia
                 C=Russian wheat aphid
DIURU E    5481: N=Diutina rugosa
                 S=Candida rugosa
DMSVA V  666363: N=Drosophila melanogaster sigma virus (isolate Drosophila/USA/AP30/2005)
DOBIN E  170214: N=Dobsonia inermis
                 C=Solomons naked-backed fruit bat
DOBMI E  170215: N=Dobsonia minor
                 C=Lesser bare-backed fruit bat
DOBMO E   42147: N=Dobsonia moluccensis
                 C=Moluccan bare-backed fruit bat
DOBPA E  170216: N=Dobsonia pannietensis
                 C=Panniet naked-backed fruit bat
DOBPR E  170217: N=Dobsonia praedatrix
                 C=New Britain naked-backed fruit bat
DOBV  V 1980467: N=Dobrava-Belgrade orthohantavirus
                 S=Dobrava virus
DOBVI E  170218: N=Dobsonia viridis
                 C=Greenish naked-backed fruit bat
DODVI E  151065: N=Dodonaea viscosa
DOEBE E  223795: N=Doederleinia berycoides
                 C=Rosy seabass
                 S=Anthias berycoides
DOESX E 1849957: N=Doedicurus sp.
                 C=South American giant glyptodont
DOFAR E 1664552: N=Dofleinia armata
                 C=Armed anemone
DOKS4 B  983548: N=Dokdonia sp. (strain 4H-3-7-5)
                 S=Krokinobacter sp. (strain 4H-3-7-5)
DOLAR E    7442: N=Dolichovespula arenaria
                 C=Yellow hornet
                 S=Aerial yellowjacket
DOLAU E    6511: N=Dolabella auricularia
                 C=Shoulderblade sea cat
DOLBA E  387771: N=Dolycoris baccarum
                 C=Sloe bug
                 S=Hairy shield bug
DOLCA E  927616: N=Dolichophis caspius
                 C=Large whip snake
                 S=Coluber caspius
DOLDO E  114741: N=Dolabrifera dolabrifera
                 C=Sea hare
DOLEC E   85190: N=Delosperma echinatum
                 C=Pickle cactus
DOLFA B    1166: N=Dolichospermum flosaquae
                 S=Anabaena flos-aquae
DOLFO E 1632114: N=Dolicheulota formosensis
                 C=Land snail
DOLGE E 2488630: N=Dolopus genitalis
                 C=Giant Australian assassin fly
                 S=Asilus genitalis
DOLMA E    7441: N=Dolichovespula maculata
                 C=Bald-faced hornet
                 S=Vespula maculata
DOLNA E   76841: N=Doliolum nationalis
                 C=Planktonic tunicate
DOLOR E   84799: N=Dolichonyx oryzivorus
DOLPA E   29091: N=Dolichotis patagonum
                 C=Patagonian mara
DOLTE E  156846: N=Dolomedes tenebrosus
                 C=Dark fishing spider
DOLUC E   73871: N=Dolichandra unguis-cati
                 C=Cat's claw vine
                 S=Macfadyena unguis-cati
DONCU E  120567: N=Donax cuneatus
                 C=Wedge clam
DONFA E  120568: N=Donax faba
                 C=Pacific bean clam
DONOC E 1154717: N=Dondice occidentalis
                 C=Western dondice
                 S=Sea slug
DORAT E  154629: N=Doriprismatica atromarginata
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Glossodoris atromarginata
DORBO E 1481156: N=Doryichthys boaja
                 C=Long-snouted pipefish
                 S=Syngnathus boaja
DORCO E  118758: N=Doronicum columnae
                 C=Eastern leopard's bane
DORER E  221997: N=Dorvillea erucaeformis
                 C=Polychaete worm
DOREX E  161450: N=Doryrhamphus excisus
                 C=Bluestripe pipefish
                 S=Syngnathus melanopleura
DORJA E 1147755: N=Doryrhamphus japonicus
                 C=Honshu pipefish
                 S=Doryrhamphus melanopleura japonica
DORLU E  214665: N=Doryfera ludovicae
                 C=Green-fronted lancebill
                 S=Trochilus ludovicae
DORMU E   69268: N=Dorcopsis muelleri
                 C=Brown dorcopsis
                 S=Dorcopsis veterum
DOROP E 1051066: N=Doryteuthis opalescens
                 C=California market squid
                 S=Loligo opalescens
DORPA E   41107: N=Dorcus parallelipipedus
                 C=Lesser stag beetle
                 S=Scarabaeus parallelipipedus
DORPE E 1051067: N=Doryteuthis pealeii
                 C=Longfin inshore squid
                 S=Loligo pealeii
DORPL E 1051068: N=Doryteuthis pleii
                 C=Slender inshore squid
                 S=Loligo pleii
DORPS E 1677693: N=Doris pseudoargus
                 C=Sea lemon
                 S=Archidoris pseudoargus
DORSP E    4749: N=Doritaenopsis sp.
                 C=Moth orchid
DORST E  139543: N=Doratura stylata
DORVA E   69270: N=Dorcopsulus vanheurni
                 C=Lesser forest wallaby
DORVU E 1372962: N=Doratifera vulnerans
                 C=Mottled cup moth
DOSGI E  346249: N=Dosidicus gigas
                 C=Humboldt squid
DOTCO E  154624: N=Doto coronata
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Crown doto
DOTSE E   64363: N=Dothistroma septosporum
                 C=Red band needle blight fungus
                 S=Mycosphaerella pini
DOTSN E  675120: N=Dothistroma septosporum (strain NZE10 / CBS 128990)
                 C=Red band needle blight fungus
                 S=Mycosphaerella pini
DPIRV V   37368: N=Diadromus pulchellus idnoreovirus 1
DPV83 V  305674: N=Deerpox virus (strain Mule deer/United States/W-848-83/1983)
DPV84 V  305676: N=Deerpox virus (strain W-1170-84)
DRAAL E  208905: N=Draba altaica
DRACH E  125397: N=Dracula chimaera
DRAFL E   95392: N=Draba fladnizensis
                 C=Austrian whitlowgrass
DRAGL E  177038: N=Drakaea glyptodon
DRAGR E   39295: N=Dracocephalum grandiflorum
                 C=Dragon's head
                 S=Dracocephalum altaiense
DRAIN E  331418: N=Dracunculus insignis
                 C=North American guinea worm
DRALA E  208922: N=Draba lactea
                 C=Lapland whitlowgrass
                 S=Draba fladnizensis var. heterotricha
DRALO E  171818: N=Draba lonchocarpa
                 C=Lancepod whitlowgrass
DRAME E  318479: N=Dracunculus medinensis
                 C=Guinea worm
DRAMO E   39296: N=Dracocephalum moldavica
                 C=Moldavian dragonhead
DRANE E  171822: N=Draba nemorosa
                 C=Woodland whitlowgrass
DRANG E 1107637: N=Drassodes neglectus
DRANI E  171823: N=Draba nivalis
                 C=Yellow arctic whitlowgrass
DRAPA E  282782: N=Draba palanderiana
                 C=Palander's whitlowgrass
DRAPL E   33095: N=Draparnaldia plumosa
DRAPO E  282780: N=Draba porsildii
                 C=Porsild's whitlowgrass
DRARU E   39297: N=Dracocephalum ruyschiana
                 C=Nordic dragonhead
DRASB E 2038759: N=Dracogyra subfusca
                 C=Dragon snail
DRASI E  282781: N=Draba sibirica
                 C=Siberian whitlowgrass
DRASU E  282783: N=Draba subcapitata
                 C=Ellesmereland whitlowgrass
DRATU E  282779: N=Draba turczaninowii
DREAL E    9151: N=Drepanornis albertisi
                 C=Black-billed sicklebill
                 S=Epimachus albertisi
DRECO E   64815: N=Drepanis coccinea
                 C=Scarlet honeycreeper
                 S=Vestiaria coccinea
DRENO E  749402: N=Dreyfusia nordmannianae
                 C=Slver fir woolly aphid
                 S=Adelges nordmannianae
DREPE E  234634: N=Dremomys pernyi
                 C=Perny's long-nosed squirrel
DREPI E  749403: N=Dreyfusia piceae
                 C=Balsam woolly aphid
                 S=Adelges piceae
DREPO E   45954: N=Dreissena polymorpha
                 C=Zebra mussel
                 S=Mytilus polymorpha
DRIEL E   65775: N=Drimia elata
                 C=Tall drimia
                 S=Idothea elata
DRIGR E  224735: N=Drimys granadensis
DRIMA E   82070: N=Drimia maritima
                 C=Sea squill
                 S=Charybdis maritima
DRIWI E    3419: N=Drimys winteri
                 C=Winter's bark
                 S=Drimys chilensis
DROAA E   46893: N=Drosophila adunca
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAB E    7291: N=Drosophila albomicans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAC E   51166: N=Drosophila acanthoptera
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAD E    7261: N=Drosophila adiastola
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia adiastola
DROAE E   40366: N=Drosophila americana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAF E    7262: N=Drosophila affinidisjuncta
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia affinidisjuncta
DROAI E    7246: N=Drosophila affinis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAL E    7247: N=Drosophila algonquin
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAM E    7216: N=Drosophila ambigua
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAN E    7217: N=Drosophila ananassae
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAP E   60715: N=Drosophila atripex
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAR E    7263: N=Drosophila arizonae
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAS E   72469: N=Drosophila austrosaltans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAT E    7248: N=Drosophila athabasca
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAV E   47315: N=Drosophila auraria
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAX E   30016: N=Drosophila aracataca
                 C=Fruit fly
DROAZ E    7249: N=Drosophila azteca
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBA E   30018: N=Drosophila bakoue
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBC E   74549: N=Drosophila bocqueti
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBE E  143565: N=Dromicodryas bernieri
                 C=Bernier's striped snake
                 S=Herpetodryas bernierii
DROBF E    7218: N=Drosophila bifasciata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBI E    4364: N=Drosera binata
                 C=Fork-leaved sundew
                 S=Dismophyla binata
DROBM E  125945: N=Drosophila biarmipes
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBO E   40368: N=Drosophila borealis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBP E   42026: N=Drosophila bipectinata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBR E    4365: N=Drosera burmannii
                 C=Burmese sundew
DROBS E   30019: N=Drosophila busckii
                 C=Fruit fly
DROBU E    7264: N=Drosophila buzzatii
                 C=Fruit fly
DROCA E    4366: N=Drosera capensis
                 C=Cape sundew
DROCP E   46840: N=Drosophila capricorni
                 C=Fruit fly
DROCY E   46895: N=Drosophila cyrtoloma
                 C=Fruit fly
DRODA E   58308: N=Drosophila dasycnemia
                 C=Fruit fly
DRODC E    4367: N=Drosera dichrosepala
                 C=Rusty sundew
DRODI E    7219: N=Drosophila differens
                 C=Fruit fly
DRODO E   60716: N=Drosophila dossoui
                 C=Fruit fly
DRODS E   46796: N=Drosophila disjuncta
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEC E   42063: N=Drosophila ercepeae
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEL E   30023: N=Drosophila elegans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEM E   30024: N=Drosophila emarginata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEQ E   46790: N=Drosophila equinoxialis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROER E    7220: N=Drosophila erecta
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEU E   29029: N=Drosophila eugracilis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROEZ E   47313: N=Drosophila ezoana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROFC E   30025: N=Drosophila ficusphila
                 C=Fruit fly
DROFI E    4368: N=Drosera filiformis
                 C=Thread-leaved sundew
DROFL E   40367: N=Drosophila flavomontana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROFM E   30026: N=Drosophila fima
                 C=Fruit fly
DROFU E    7221: N=Drosophila funebris
                 C=Fruit fly
DROGL E   33562: N=Dromiciops gliroides
                 C=Monito del Monte
                 S=Dromiciops australis
DROGR E    7222: N=Drosophila grimshawi
                 C=Hawaiian fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia grimshawi
DROGU E    7266: N=Drosophila guanche
                 C=Fruit fly
DROHA E   46435: N=Drosophila hawaiiensis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROHE E   32382: N=Drosophila heteroneura
                 C=Fruit fly
DROHY E    7224: N=Drosophila hydei
                 C=Fruit fly
DROIK E   58311: N=Drosophila iki
                 C=Fruit fly
DROIM E    7250: N=Drosophila immigrans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROIN E   46792: N=Drosophila insularis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROIU E  198719: N=Drosophila innubila
                 C=Mycophagous fly
DROJA E  111875: N=Drosophila jambulina
                 C=Fruit fly
DROKA E   50033: N=Drosophila kanekoi
                 C=Fruit fly
DROKI E   30033: N=Drosophila kikkawai
                 C=Fruit fly
DROKT E    7280: N=Drosophila kitumensis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROKU E   42027: N=Drosophila kuntzei
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLA E   40369: N=Drosophila lacicola
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLE E    7225: N=Drosophila lebanonensis
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Scaptodrosophila lebanonensis
DROLI E   46802: N=Drosophila lineosetae
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLM E   42028: N=Drosophila limbata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLN E   74550: N=Drosophila lini
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLO E    7251: N=Drosophila lowei
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLR E   47316: N=Drosophila littoralis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLS E   72470: N=Drosophila lusaltans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLT E   51159: N=Drosophila lutescens
                 C=Fruit fly
DROLU E    4373: N=Drosophyllum lusitanicum
                 C=Portuguese sundew
                 S=Drosera lusitanica
DROMA E    7226: N=Drosophila mauritiana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMC E    7281: N=Drosophila microlabis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMD E   30013: N=Drosophila madeirensis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROME E    7227: N=Drosophila melanogaster
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMI E    7229: N=Drosophila miranda
                 C=Fruit fly
DROML E   72471: N=Drosophila milleri
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMM E    7270: N=Drosophila mimica
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia mimica
DROMN E   40370: N=Drosophila montana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMO E    7230: N=Drosophila mojavensis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMR E    7253: N=Drosophila mercatorum
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMS E    7269: N=Drosophila mediostriata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMT E    7228: N=Drosophila mettleri
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMU E    7231: N=Drosophila mulleri
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMX E    7252: N=Drosophila melanica
                 C=Fruit fly
DROMY E    7268: N=Drosophila mayaguana
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONA E    7232: N=Drosophila navojoa
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONC E   30039: N=Drosophila neocordata
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONE E    7271: N=Drosophila nebulosa
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONF E   88887: N=Drosophila nasuta F
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONI E    7272: N=Drosophila nigra
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia nigra
DRONM E   47314: N=Drosophila novamexicana
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONO E    8790: N=Dromaius novaehollandiae
DRONR E    7254: N=Drosophila narragansett
                 C=Fruit fly
DRONS E   42062: N=Drosophila nasuta
                 C=Fruit fly
DROOB E    7282: N=Drosophila obscura
                 C=Fruit fly
DROOR E    7233: N=Drosophila orena
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPA E    4369: N=Drosera peltata
                 C=Pale sundew
DROPB E   46244: N=Drosophila pseudoobscura bogotana
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPC E    7256: N=Drosophila pinicola
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPE E    7234: N=Drosophila persimilis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPI E    7235: N=Drosophila picticornis
                 C=Fruit fly
                 S=Idiomyia picticornis
DROPL E    7236: N=Drosophila planitibia
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPN E   60717: N=Drosophila punjabiensis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPO E   58309: N=Drosophila petalopeza
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPR E   30042: N=Drosophila prosaltans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPS E   46245: N=Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPT E    4370: N=Drosera petiolaris
                 C=Woolly sundew
                 S=Carnivorous plant
DROPU E   46793: N=Drosophila paulistorum
                 C=Fruit fly
DROPV E   46795: N=Drosophila pavlovskiana
                 C=Fruit fly
DRORE E    4371: N=Drosera regia
                 C=King sundew
DRORH E 1041015: N=Drosophila rhopaloa
                 C=Fruit fly
DRORO E    7257: N=Drosophila robusta
                 C=Fruit fly
DRORP E   30043: N=Drosophila repleta
                 C=Fruit fly
DRORT E  173423: N=Drosera rotundifolia
                 C=Roundleaf sundew
DROSA E    7273: N=Drosophila saltans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSB E   72474: N=Drosophila subsaltans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSC E   46791: N=Drosophila sucinea
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSE E    7238: N=Drosophila sechellia
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSH E 1486046: N=Drosophila subpulchrella
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSI E    7240: N=Drosophila simulans
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSL E   47010: N=Drosophila silvestris
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSN E  129105: N=Drosophila santomea
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSO E   58310: N=Drosophila soonae
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSP E    7242: N=Drosophila sp.
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSR E    7274: N=Drosophila serrata
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSS E    7239: N=Drosophila subsilvestris
                 C=Fruit fly
DROST E   30047: N=Drosophila sturtevanti
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSU E    7241: N=Drosophila subobscura
                 C=Fruit fly
DROSZ E   28584: N=Drosophila suzukii
                 C=Spotted-wing drosophila fruit fly
DROTA E   46827: N=Drosophila tanythrix
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTE E    7243: N=Drosophila teissieri
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTK E   29030: N=Drosophila takahashii
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTO E    7259: N=Drosophila tolteca
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTP E   46794: N=Drosophila tropicalis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTR E    7284: N=Drosophila tristis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROTS E   34677: N=Drosophila tsacasi
                 C=Fruit fly
DROVA E   30050: N=Drosophila varians
                 C=Fruit fly
DROVI E    7244: N=Drosophila virilis
                 C=Fruit fly
DROVL E   30049: N=Drosophila vallismaia
                 C=Fruit fly
DROWH E    7277: N=Drosophila wheeleri
                 C=Fruit fly
DROWI E    7260: N=Drosophila willistoni
                 C=Fruit fly
DROYA E    7245: N=Drosophila yakuba
                 C=Fruit fly
DRYAR E   64575: N=Dryobalanops aromatica
                 C=Borneo camphor tree
DRYAU E  124009: N=Dryocoetes autographus
                 C=Hairy spruce bark beetle
DRYCA E   97234: N=Dryopteris crassirhizoma
                 C=Thick stemmed wood fern
DRYCH E   30342: N=Dryophytes chrysoscelis
                 C=Cope's gray tree frog
                 S=Hyla chrysoscelis
DRYCI E  186583: N=Drymarchon corais
                 C=Indigo snake
                 S=Coluber corais
DRYCN E   66186: N=Drysdalia coronoides
                 C=White-lipped snake
                 S=Hoplocephalus coronoides
DRYCR E   32114: N=Dryopteris cristata
                 C=Crested buckler-fern
                 S=Polypodium cristatum
DRYFM E    3289: N=Dryopteris filix-mas
                 C=Male fern
                 S=Polypodium filix-mas
DRYIU E   33453: N=Dryas iulia
                 C=Julia longwing butterfly
DRYJA E  109175: N=Dryophytes japonicus
                 C=Japanese tree frog
                 S=Hyla japonica
DRYLA E  221696: N=Dryomys laniger
                 C=Woolly forest dormouse
DRYME E  358746: N=Drymarchon melanurus erebennus
                 C=Texas indigo snake
                 S=Drymarchon corais erebennus
DRYNI E   55145: N=Dryomys nitedula
                 C=Forest dormouse
DRYNU E  165748: N=Dryobates nuttallii
                 C=Nuttall's woodpecker
                 S=Picoides nuttallii
DRYPU E  118200: N=Dryobates pubescens
                 C=Downy woodpecker
                 S=Picoides pubescens
DRYRU E  119254: N=Dryocampa rubicunda
                 C=Rosy maple moth
DRYSC E  165749: N=Dryobates scalaris
                 C=Ladder-backed woodpecker
                 S=Picoides scalaris
DRYSU E    4716: N=Drymophloeus subdistichus
                 C=Palm tree
DSDNV V   72003: N=Diatraea saccharalis densovirus
DUBLU E  186585: N=Duberria lutrix
                 C=Common slug eater
                 S=Coluber lutrix
DUBVA E  382732: N=Duberria variegata
                 C=Variegated slug eater
DUCRU E  444138: N=Ducula rufigaster
                 C=Purple-tailed imperial-pigeon
DUDVI E   23004: N=Dudleya viscida
                 C=Sticky liveforever
DUFNO E  178035: N=Dufourea novaeangliae
                 C=Sweat bee
DUGBA V  766194: N=Dugbe virus (isolate ArD44313)
DUGBV V 1980521: N=Dugbe virus
DUGDU E   29137: N=Dugong dugon
                 S=Trichechus dugon
DUGJA E    6161: N=Dugesia japonica
DUGME E  121910: N=Dugesia mexicana
DUMCA E  111981: N=Dumetella carolinensis
                 C=Grey catbird
DUMHI E   56917: N=Dumortiera hirsuta
DUNAC E   38272: N=Dunaliella acidophila
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Spermatozopsis acidophila
DUNBI E   13790: N=Dunaliella bioculata
                 C=Green alga
DUNDA E  161453: N=Dunckerocampus dactyliophorus
                 C=Ringed pipefish
                 S=Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus
DUNSA E    3046: N=Dunaliella salina
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Protococcus salinus
DUNTE E    3047: N=Dunaliella tertiolecta
                 C=Green alga
DURER E  167917: N=Duranta erecta
                 C=Golden dewdrops
                 S=Duranta repens
DURPE E  909845: N=Duringlanis perugiae
                 C=Oil catfish
                 S=Centromochlus perugiae
DURXX E  298137: N=Durusdinium sp. clade D
                 S=Symbiodinium sp. clade D
DURZI E   66656: N=Durio zibethinus
DUTME E   30335: N=Duttaphrynus melanostictus
                 C=Asian common toad
                 S=Bufo melanostictus
DUVV  V   38767: N=Duvenhage virus
DXV   V   48981: N=Drosophila x virus
DXV96 V  654931: N=Drosophila x virus (isolate Chung/1996)
DYAFD B  471854: N=Dyadobacter fermentans (strain ATCC 700827 / DSM 18053 / CIP 107007 / KCTC 52180 / NS114)
DYCES E  106445: N=Dyckia estevesii
                 C=Fan-shape dyckia
DYMDY E  113292: N=Dymasia dymas
                 C=Tiny checkerspot
                 S=Microtia dymas
DYMPI E  182680: N=Dymecodon pilirostris
                 C=True's shrew mole
                 S=Urotrichus pilirostris
DYPLE E  154479: N=Dypsis leptocheilos
                 C=Redneck palm
DYSAB E  214120: N=Dyspteris abortivaria
                 C=Badwing moth
DYSAC E  270550: N=Dysalotus alcocki
                 C=Swallower fish
DYSAL E  444697: N=Dystacta alticeps
                 C=Praying mantis
DYSCI E  572746: N=Dysstroma citrata
                 C=Dark marbled carpet moth
DYSCR E   58764: N=Dysdera crocata
                 C=Woodlouse spider
DYSDA E  207422: N=Dytiscus dauricus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
DYSJA E  695513: N=Dysschema jansonis
DYSMI E  183024: N=Dyscritothamnus mirandae
DYSML E 1430524: N=Dysphania militaris
                 C=False tiger moth
DYSPA E  169576: N=Dyssodia papposa
                 C=Fetid marigold
DYSTR E  685363: N=Dysstroma truncata
                 C=Common marbled carpet moth
DYTMA E  398601: N=Dytiscus marginalis
                 C=Great diving beetle
EACIM E  180268: N=Eacles imperialis
                 C=Imperial moth
EARAU E   78759: N=Earina autumnalis
                 C=Easter orchid
EATNI E  149422: N=Eatonella nivea
                 C=White false tickhead
EAV   V   11047: N=Equine arteritis virus
EAVBU V  299386: N=Equine arteritis virus (strain Bucyrus)
EBHSG V  316979: N=European brown hare syndrome virus (strain GD)
EBLV1 V  453115: N=European bat lyssavirus 1 (strain Bat/Germany/RV9/1968)
EBLV2 V  453116: N=European bat lyssavirus 2 (strain Human/Scotland/RV1333/2002)
EBOEC V  129000: N=Zaire ebolavirus (strain Eckron-76)
                 S=Zaire Ebola virus
EBOG4 V  128947: N=Zaire ebolavirus (strain Gabon-94)
                 S=Zaire Ebola virus
EBORE V  129003: N=Reston ebolavirus (strain Philippines-96)
                 S=Reston Ebola virus
EBORR V  386032: N=Reston ebolavirus (strain Reston-89)
                 S=Reston Ebola virus
EBORS V  129004: N=Reston ebolavirus (strain Siena/Philippine-92)
                 S=Reston Ebola virus
EBOSB V  128948: N=Sudan ebolavirus (strain Boniface-76)
                 S=Sudan Ebola virus
EBOSM V  128949: N=Sudan ebolavirus (strain Maleo-79)
                 S=Sudan Ebola virus
EBOSU V  386033: N=Sudan ebolavirus (strain Human/Uganda/Gulu/2000)
                 S=Sudan Ebola virus
EBOUG V  693990: N=Bundibugyo ebolavirus (strain Human/Uganda/2007)
                 S=Bundibugyo Ebola virus
EBOZ5 V  128951: N=Zaire ebolavirus (strain Kikwit-95)
                 S=Zaire Ebola virus
EBOZM V  128952: N=Zaire ebolavirus (strain Mayinga-76)
                 S=Zaire Ebola virus
EBVA8 V   82830: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain AG876)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EBVB9 V   10377: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain B95-8)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EBVC  V   31525: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain Cao)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EBVG  V   10376: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain GD1)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EBVP3 V   82829: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain P3HR-1)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EBVR  V   10378: N=Epstein-Barr virus (strain Raji)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 4
EC01F V  103908: N=Echovirus 1 (strain Human/Egypt/Farouk/1951)
EC05N V  176283: N=Echovirus 5 (strain Noyce)
EC06A V  543291: N=Echovirus 6 (strain D'Amori)
EC06C V  103913: N=Echovirus 6 (strain Charles)
EC07W V  543292: N=Echovirus 7 (strain Wallace)
EC09B V  103914: N=Echovirus 9 (strain Barty)
EC09H V  103915: N=Echovirus 9 (strain Hill)
EC11G V   31705: N=Echovirus 11 (strain Gregory)
EC12T V  103909: N=Echovirus 12 (strain Travis)
EC16H V  103910: N=Echovirus 16 (strain Harrington)
EC20J V  543293: N=Echovirus 20 (strain JV-1)
EC21F V  543294: N=Echovirus 21 (strain Farina)
EC30B V  176284: N=Echovirus 30 (strain Bastianni)
ECBEL E    3679: N=Ecballium elaterium
                 C=Squirting cucumber
                 S=Momordica elaterium
ECCSC E   83945: N=Eccremocarpus scaber
                 C=Chilean glory flower
                 S=Calampelis scaber
ECHAM E  146804: N=Echinothrips americanus
ECHBL E  466947: N=Echiniscus blumi
                 C=Water bear
ECHCA E   40353: N=Echis carinatus
                 C=Saw-scaled viper
ECHCB E   65610: N=Echymipera clara
                 C=Clara's echymipera
                 S=Clara's spiny bandicoot
ECHCC E  227868: N=Echinochloa crus-galli subsp. caudata
                 S=Echinochloa caudata
ECHCD E   39298: N=Echinocardium cordatum
                 C=Common heart urchin
                 S=Echinus cordatum
ECHCG E   90397: N=Echinochloa crus-galli
                 C=Barnyard grass
                 S=Panicum crus-galli
ECHCH E   30621: N=Echimys chrysurus
                 C=White-faced spiny tree rat
ECHCL E  742514: N=Echinothrix calamaris
                 C=Banded sea urchin
ECHCO E   64175: N=Echis coloratus
                 C=Carpet viper
ECHCR E    7646: N=Echinolampas crassa
                 C=Sea urchin
                 S=Palaeolampas crassa
ECHCS E  124223: N=Echis carinatus sochureki
                 C=Saw-scaled viper
ECHDE E  217851: N=Echidna delicatula
                 C=Mottled moray
                 S=Poecilophis delicatulus
ECHDI E  742515: N=Echinothrix diadema
                 C=Black sea urchin
                 S=Echinus diadema
ECHES E    7648: N=Echinus esculentus
                 C=Sea urchin
ECHEX E    9372: N=Echinops exaltatus
                 C=Tall globethistle
ECHFR E  158098: N=Echinochloa frumentacea
                 C=White millet
                 S=Panicum frumentaceum
ECHGA E   55312: N=Echinodorus grandiflorus
                 C=Large flowered Amazon sword
ECHGE E  242757: N=Echinopora gemmacea
                 C=Hedgehog coral
ECHGR E    6210: N=Echinococcus granulosus
                 C=Hydatid tapeworm
ECHGY E  162630: N=Echinosorex gymnura
                 C=Moon rat
ECHKA E   42733: N=Echymipera kalubu
                 C=Kalubu echymipera
ECHLE E  504457: N=Echis leucogaster
                 C=Roman's saw-scaled viper
                 S=Echis carinatus leucogaster
ECHLO E  252533: N=Echinocystis lobata
                 C=Wild cucumber vine
                 S=Sicyos lobatus
ECHLU E  105361: N=Echinometra lucunter
                 C=Rock-boring urchin
ECHMA E   31178: N=Echinometra mathaei
                 C=Rock boring urchin
                 S=Echinus mathaei
ECHML E   93050: N=Echis multisquamatus
                 C=Central Asian sand viper
ECHMU E    6211: N=Echinococcus multilocularis
                 C=Fox tapeworm
ECHNA E  173247: N=Echeneis naucrates
                 C=Live sharksucker
ECHO9 V   12060: N=Echo 9 virus
                 S=Coxsackievirus A23
ECHOC E   99586: N=Echis ocellatus
                 C=Ocellated saw-scaled viper
ECHOL E    6212: N=Echinococcus oligarthrus
ECHPA E  130113: N=Echinocactus platyacanthus
                 C=Candy barrel cactus
                 S=Echinocactus ingens
ECHPI E   53749: N=Echinacea pallida
                 C=Pale purple coneflower
                 S=Rudbeckia pallida
ECHPL E   38415: N=Echis pyramidum leakeyi
                 C=Leakey's carpet viper
                 S=Echis carinatus leakeyi
ECHPR E   53750: N=Echinacea paradoxa
                 C=Bush's purple coneflower
ECHPU E   53751: N=Echinacea purpurea
                 C=Eastern purple coneflower
                 S=Rudbeckia purpurea
ECHRU E   65611: N=Echymipera rufescens
                 C=Long-nosed echymipera
                 S=Long-nosed spiny bandicoot
ECHSE E  133435: N=Echinaster sentus
                 C=Spiny sea star
ECHSP E   72721: N=Echinaster sepositus
                 C=Red sea star
ECHTE E    9371: N=Echinops telfairi
                 C=Lesser hedgehog tenrec
ECHTS E  399800: N=Echiniscus testudo
                 C=Water bear
ECHVK B  926556: N=Echinicola vietnamensis (strain DSM 17526 / LMG 23754 / KMM 6221)
ECHVU E   34253: N=Echium vulgare
                 C=Viper's bugloss
ECLPR E   53719: N=Eclipta prostrata
                 C=False daisy
                 S=Eclipta alba
ECLRO E  176024: N=Eclectus roratus
                 C=Eclectus parrot
ECLSI E  104457: N=Ecliptopera silaceata
                 C=Small phoenix moth
ECLVA E  479700: N=Eclysippe vanelli
                 C=Polychaete worm
ECO10 B  585395: N=Escherichia coli O103:H2 (strain 12009 / EHEC)
ECO11 B  168927: N=Escherichia coli O111:H-
ECO14 B 1134782: N=Escherichia coli O104:H4 (strain 2009EL-2050)
ECO1A B  585396: N=Escherichia coli O111:H- (strain 11128 / EHEC)
ECO1C B 1133852: N=Escherichia coli O104:H4 (strain 2011C-3493)
ECO1E B 1133853: N=Escherichia coli O104:H4 (strain 2009EL-2071)
ECO24 B  331111: N=Escherichia coli O139:H28 (strain E24377A / ETEC)
ECO26 B  573235: N=Escherichia coli O26:H11 (strain 11368 / EHEC)
ECO27 B  574521: N=Escherichia coli O127:H6 (strain E2348/69 / EPEC)
ECO44 B  216592: N=Escherichia coli O44:H18 (strain 042 / EAEC)
ECO45 B  585035: N=Escherichia coli O45:K1 (strain S88 / ExPEC)
ECO55 B  585055: N=Escherichia coli (strain 55989 / EAEC)
ECO57 B   83334: N=Escherichia coli O157:H7
ECO5C B  478008: N=Escherichia coli O157:H7 (strain EC869)
ECO5E B  444450: N=Escherichia coli O157:H7 (strain EC4115 / EHEC)
ECO5T B  544404: N=Escherichia coli O157:H7 (strain TW14359 / EHEC)
ECO7I B  585057: N=Escherichia coli O7:K1 (strain IAI39 / ExPEC)
ECO81 B  585397: N=Escherichia coli O81 (strain ED1a)
ECO8A B  585034: N=Escherichia coli O8 (strain IAI1)
ECO8N B  685038: N=Escherichia coli O83:H1 (strain NRG 857C / AIEC)
ECOAB B  655817: N=Escherichia coli OR:K5:H- (strain ABU 83972)
ECOBB B  511693: N=Escherichia coli (strain B / BL21)
ECOBD B  469008: N=Escherichia coli (strain B / BL21-DE3)
ECOBR B  413997: N=Escherichia coli (strain B / REL606)
ECOBW B  595496: N=Escherichia coli (strain K12 / MC4100 / BW2952)
ECOC1 B  885275: N=Escherichia coli (strain 'clone D i14')
ECOC2 B  885276: N=Escherichia coli (strain 'clone D i2')
ECOCB B  701177: N=Escherichia coli O55:H7 (strain CB9615 / EPEC)
ECOD1 B  536056: N=Escherichia coli (strain ATCC 33849 / DSM 4235 / NCIMB 12045 / K12 / DH1)
ECODH B  316385: N=Escherichia coli (strain K12 / DH10B)
ECOH1 B  316401: N=Escherichia coli O78:H11 (strain H10407 / ETEC)
ECOHS B  331112: N=Escherichia coli O9:H4 (strain HS)
ECOK1 B  405955: N=Escherichia coli O1:K1 / APEC
ECOKI B  714962: N=Escherichia coli O18:K1:H7 (strain IHE3034 / ExPEC)
ECOKO B  595495: N=Escherichia coli (strain ATCC 55124 / KO11FL)
ECOL5 B  362663: N=Escherichia coli O6:K15:H31 (strain 536 / UPEC)
ECOL6 B  199310: N=Escherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC)
ECOLC B  481805: N=Escherichia coli (strain ATCC 8739 / DSM 1576 / NBRC 3972 / NCIMB 8545 / WDCM 00012 / Crooks)
ECOLI B   83333: N=Escherichia coli (strain K12)
ECOLR B 1248823: N=Escherichia coli O145:H28 (strain RM12581)
ECOLU B  585056: N=Escherichia coli O17:K52:H18 (strain UMN026 / ExPEC)
ECOLW B  566546: N=Escherichia coli (strain ATCC 9637 / CCM 2024 / DSM 1116 / LMG 11080 / NBRC 13500 / NCIMB 8666 / NRRL B-766 / W)
ECOLX B     562: N=Escherichia coli
ECOM1 B  749537: N=Escherichia coli (strain MS 115-1)
ECOMS B  749527: N=Escherichia coli (strain MS 21-1)
ECONC B  753642: N=Escherichia coli (strain NC101)
ECOS5 B  431946: N=Escherichia coli O150:H5 (strain SE15)
ECOSE B  409438: N=Escherichia coli (strain SE11)
ECOSM B  439855: N=Escherichia coli (strain SMS-3-5 / SECEC)
ECOST B  754081: N=Escherichia coli (strain STEC_O31)
ECOU3 B 1281200: N=Escherichia coli (strain UMEA 3162-1)
ECOUM B  869729: N=Escherichia coli (strain UM146)
ECOUT B  364106: N=Escherichia coli (strain UTI89 / UPEC)
ECOW3 B  316407: N=Escherichia coli (strain K12 / W3110 / ATCC 27325 / DSM 5911)
ECPV1 V  333920: N=Equus caballus papillomavirus 1
ECPVO V  654918: N=Equus caballus papillomavirus 1 (strain Olson)
ECSBI E  152539: N=Ecsenius bicolor
                 C=Bicolor blenny
                 S=Salarias bicolor
ECSVG V 1559364: N=Eragrostis curvula streak virus (isolate Eragrostis curvula/South Africa/g382/2008)
ECTAL E  148036: N=Ectophylla alba
                 C=White bat
                 S=Honduran fruit bat
ECTBR E  369127: N=Ectatomma brunneum
                 S=Ectatomma quadridens
ECTFE E  458493: N=Ectyoplasia ferox
                 C=Brown encrusting octopus sponge
ECTMO B  195064: N=Ectothiorhodospira mobilis
ECTOB E  248899: N=Ectropis obliqua
                 C=Tea geometrid moth
ECTSH B    1054: N=Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii
                 S=Ectothiorhodospira vacuolata
ECTSI E    2880: N=Ectocarpus siliculosus
                 C=Brown alga
                 S=Conferva siliculosa
ECTTU E   39300: N=Ectatomma tuberculatum
                 C=Selva ant
ECTVM V  265874: N=Ectromelia virus (strain Moscow)
                 S=Mousepox virus
ECTVR E    2881: N=Ectocarpus variabilis
                 C=Brown alga
EDHAE E 1003232: N=Edhazardia aedis (strain USNM 41457)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
EDMPE E   76183: N=Edmundsella pedata
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Flabellina pedata
EDWGI E  560712: N=Edwardsina gigantea
                 C=Giant torrent midge
EDWI9 B  634503: N=Edwardsiella ictaluri (strain 93-146)
EDWIC B   67780: N=Edwardsiella ictaluri
EDWTA B     636: N=Edwardsiella tarda
EDWTE B  498217: N=Edwardsiella tarda (strain EIB202)
EDWTF B  718251: N=Edwardsiella tarda (strain FL6-60)
EEEV  V   11021: N=Eastern equine encephalitis virus
                 S=Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEEV1 V  374596: N=Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain PE-0.0155)
                 S=Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEEV3 V   11022: N=Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain va33[ten broeck])
                 S=Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEEV8 V  374597: N=Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain PE-3.0815)
                 S=Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEEVF V  374598: N=Eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain Florida 91-469)
                 S=Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus
EEGSY B  502558: N=Eggerthella sp. (strain YY7918)
EENNA E   13502: N=Eeniella nana
                 S=Brettanomyces nanus
EEVV3 V   36382: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain 3880)
EEVV8 V   11037: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain TC-83)
EEVVC V  376610: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain CPA201)
EEVVE V   36383: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Everglades Fe3-7c)
EEVVM V   36384: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Mena II)
EEVVP V   36385: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain P676)
EEVVT V   11038: N=Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (strain Trinidad donkey)
EEVZ  V 1289470: N=Euprosterna elaeasa virus (isolate Euprosterna elaeasa/-/Zeddam/-)
EGGLE B  479437: N=Eggerthella lenta (strain ATCC 25559 / DSM 2243 / CCUG 17323 / JCM 9979 / KCTC 3265 / NCTC 11813 / VPI 0255 / 1899 B)
                 S=Eubacterium lentum
EGGLN B   84112: N=Eggerthella lenta
                 S=Eubacterium lentum
EGRCA E  110682: N=Egretta caerulea
                 C=Little blue heron
                 S=Ardea caerulea
EGREU E  458089: N=Egretta eulophotes
                 C=Chinese egret
EGRGA E  188379: N=Egretta garzetta
                 C=Little egret
EGRNO E  390973: N=Egretta novaehollandiae
                 C=White-faced heron
                 S=Ardea novaehollandiae
EGRRU E   56074: N=Egretta rufescens
                 C=Reddish egret
                 S=Ardea rufescens
EGRSA E  887049: N=Egretta sacra
                 C=Pacific reef-egret
EGRTH E  110681: N=Egretta thula
                 C=Snowy egret
EGRTR E  110683: N=Egretta tricolor
                 C=Tricolored heron
                 S=Ardea tricolor
EHDV1 V   33720: N=Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus 1
EHDV2 V   10910: N=Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (strain Alberta)
EHDVA V   33719: N=Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (strain Australia)
EHRAN E   99303: N=Ehretia anacua
                 C=Sandpaper tree
                 S=Gaza anacua
EHRCA B     944: N=Ehrlichia canis
EHRCH B     945: N=Ehrlichia chaffeensis
EHRCJ B  269484: N=Ehrlichia canis (strain Jake)
EHRCR B  205920: N=Ehrlichia chaffeensis (strain ATCC CRL-10679 / Arkansas)
EHRRG B  302409: N=Ehrlichia ruminantium (strain Gardel)
EHRRU B     779: N=Ehrlichia ruminantium
                 S=Cowdria ruminantium
EHRRW B  254945: N=Ehrlichia ruminantium (strain Welgevonden)
EHV   V   64296: N=Edge Hill virus
EHV1  V   10327: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain HVS25A)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1A V   10328: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain AB1)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1B V   31520: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Ab4p)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1D V   10330: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky D)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1H V  310537: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain HH1)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1K V   10329: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain Kentucky A)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV1V V  310273: N=Equine herpesvirus 1 (strain V592)
                 S=Equine abortion virus
EHV2  V   82831: N=Equine herpesvirus 2 (strain 86/87)
EHV2T V   82832: N=Equine herpesvirus 2 (strain T400/3)
EHV4  V   10333: N=Equine herpesvirus 4 (strain 1942)
                 S=Equine rhinopneumonitis virus
EHV86 V  181082: N=Emiliania huxleyi virus 86
EHV8U V  654925: N=Emiliania huxleyi virus 86 (isolate United Kingdom/English Channel/1999)
EIAV1 V   11666: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate P3.2-1)
EIAV2 V   11667: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate P3.2-2)
EIAV3 V   11668: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate P3.2-3)
EIAV5 V   11669: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate P3.2-5)
EIAV9 V   11670: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate 1369)
EIAVC V   31675: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (isolate CL22)
EIAVW V   11671: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (strain WSU5)
EIAVY V   11672: N=Equine infectious anemia virus (strain Wyoming)
EICCR E   44947: N=Eichhornia crassipes
                 C=Water hyacinth
                 S=Piaropus crassipes
EICPA E   44951: N=Eichhornia paniculata
                 C=Brazilian water hyacinth
                 S=Piaropus paniculatus
EIDHE E   77214: N=Eidolon helvum
                 C=Straw-colored fruit bat
EIGVI E  749526: N=Eigenmannia virescens
                 C=Glass knifefish
                 S=Sternachus virescens
EIKCO B     539: N=Eikenella corrodens
EIMAC E    5801: N=Eimeria acervulina
                 C=Coccidian parasite
EIMBO E    5803: N=Eimeria bovis
EIMMA E    5804: N=Eimeria maxima
                 C=Coccidian parasite
EIMTE E    5802: N=Eimeria tenella
                 C=Coccidian parasite
EIRBA E  204263: N=Eira barbara
EIRBC E  434650: N=Eirmocephala brachiata
                 S=Vernonia brachiata
EIRBR E  256110: N=Eirenis barani
                 C=Baran dwarf racer
EIRLE E  256113: N=Eirenis levantinus
                 C=Levantine dwarf snake
EIRMO E  166101: N=Eirenis modestus
                 C=Ring-headed dwarf snake
                 S=Coronella modesta
EIRPU E  256116: N=Eirenis punctatolineatus
                 C=Dotted dwarf snake
                 S=Contia schelkovnikovi
EISEL B     997: N=Eisenibacter elegans
                 S=Flexibacter elegans
EISFE E    6396: N=Eisenia fetida
                 C=Red wiggler worm
EISHO E  265212: N=Eisenia hortensis
                 C=European nightcrawler
                 S=Dendrobaena veneta
ELAAN E   36777: N=Elaeagnus angustifolia
                 C=Russian olive
ELACE E  109298: N=Elaphodus cephalophus
                 C=Tufted deer
ELACL E   31143: N=Elaphe climacophora
                 C=Japanese rat snake
                 S=Coluber climacophorus
ELACO E  529694: N=Elapognathus coronatus
                 C=Western crowned snake
                 S=Drysdalia coronata
ELACU E   48623: N=Elaphrus cupreus
                 C=Ground beetle
                 S=Meoelaphrus cupreus
ELADA E   43332: N=Elaphurus davidianus
                 C=Pere David's deer
ELADI E  122936: N=Elaphe dione
                 C=Dione's ratsnake
ELAEV E  203291: N=Elacatinus evelynae
                 C=Sharknose goby
                 S=Gobiosoma evelynae
ELAFO E  192873: N=Elanoides forficatus
                 C=Swallow-tailed kite
                 S=Falco forficatus
ELAGV E   51953: N=Elaeis guineensis var. tenera
                 C=Oil palm
ELALE E  321063: N=Elanus leucurus
                 C=White-tailed kite
ELALO E  317236: N=Elacatinus lori
                 C=Linesnout goby
ELANI E   66178: N=Elapsoidea nigra
                 C=Usambara garter snake
ELAOL E   80265: N=Elaeis oleifera
                 C=American oil palm
                 S=Corozo oleifera
ELAQT E  122934: N=Elaphe quatuorlineata
                 C=Four-lined rat snake
                 S=Coluber quatuorlineatus
ELAQU E   86195: N=Elaphe quadrivirgata
                 C=Japanese four-lined ratsnake
ELASE E   55266: N=Elapsoidea semiannulata
                 C=Angolan garter snake
ELAUM E   43233: N=Elaeagnus umbellata
                 C=Autumn olive
                 S=Elaeagnus crispa
ELAZO E   71679: N=Elassoma zonatum
                 C=Banded pygmy sunfish
ELBSC E  354921: N=Elbella scylla
                 C=Skipper butterfly
ELEAA E   86232: N=Eleotris acanthopoma
                 C=Spinecheek gudgeon
ELEAC E  280053: N=Eleocharis acicularis
                 C=Needle spikerush
                 S=Scirpus acicularis
ELEBR E  113275: N=Elephantulus brachyrhynchus
                 C=Short-snouted elephant shrew
ELECA E  753698: N=Eleocharis carniolica
ELECI E  102876: N=Eledone cirrhosa
                 C=Curled octopus
                 S=Ozaena cirrosa
ELECO E    4511: N=Eleusine coracana
                 C=Indian finger millet
ELECQ E   57060: N=Eleutherodactylus coqui
                 C=Puerto Rican coqui
ELEED E   28737: N=Elephantulus edwardii
                 C=Cape long-eared elephant shrew
ELEEL E    8005: N=Electrophorus electricus
                 C=Electric eel
                 S=Gymnotus electricus
ELEER E  753699: N=Eleocharis erythropoda
                 C=Bald spikerush
ELEGR E    8047: N=Eleginus gracilis
                 C=Saffron cod
                 S=Gadus gracilis
ELEIN E   29674: N=Eleusine indica
                 S=Cynosurus indicus
ELEIT E  110289: N=Eleocharis interstincta
                 C=Knotted spikerush
                 S=Scirpus interstinctus
ELEMA E    9783: N=Elephas maximus
                 C=Indian elephant
ELEMC E   56733: N=Eleginops maclovinus
                 C=Patagonian blennie
                 S=Eleginus maclovinus
ELEMO E    6641: N=Eledone moschata
                 C=Musky octopus
                 S=Ozaena moschata
ELEMY E  113277: N=Elephantulus myurus
                 C=Eastern rock elephant shrew
ELERU E   42151: N=Elephantulus rufescens
                 C=East African long-eared elephant shrew
                 S=Galegeeska rufescens
ELETR E   46385: N=Eleutherococcus trifoliatus
                 C=Climbing ginseng
                 S=Zanthoxylum trifoliatum
ELGKI E  102185: N=Elgaria kingii
                 C=Madrean alligator lizard
                 S=Gerrhonotus kingii
ELGMU E   71008: N=Elgaria multicarinata
                 C=Southern alligator lizard
                 S=Gerrhonotus multicarinatus
ELHV1 V  146015: N=Elephantid herpesvirus 1
                 S=Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus
ELHVK V  654902: N=Elephantid herpesvirus 1 (isolate Asian elephant/Berlin/Kiba/1998)
                 S=Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus
ELIEL E  107274: N=Eliurus ellermani
                 C=Ellerman's tufted-tailed rat
ELIGR E  107282: N=Eliurus grandidieri
                 C=Grandidier's tufted-tailed rat
ELIMA E  107283: N=Eliurus majori
                 C=Major's tufted-tailed rat
ELIME B     238: N=Elizabethkingia meningoseptica
                 S=Chryseobacterium meningosepticum
ELIMI E  107284: N=Eliurus minor
                 C=Lesser tufted-tailed rat
ELIMO E   89097: N=Eligmodontia morgani
                 C=Morgan's gerbil mouse
ELIMR B  172045: N=Elizabethkingia miricola
                 S=Chryseobacterium miricola
ELIMY E  107285: N=Eliurus myoxinus
                 C=Dormouse tufted-tailed rat
ELIQU E   53277: N=Eliomys quercinus
                 C=Garden dormouse
ELITY E   56221: N=Eligmodontia typus
                 C=Highland gerbil mouse
ELIWE E  107287: N=Eliurus webbi
                 C=Webb's tufted-tailed rat
ELLBR E   45893: N=Elliottia bracteata
ELLCO E   55832: N=Elliptio complanata
                 C=Eastern elliptio
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ELLDA E  934026: N=Elliptio dariensis
                 C=Georgia elephant-ear
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ELLHO E  504353: N=Elliptio hopetonensis
                 C=Altamaha slabshell
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ELLIC E  504354: N=Elliptio icterina
                 C=Variable spike
                 S=Freshwater mussel
ELLLI E   52391: N=Ellipsaria lineolata
                 C=Butterfly mussel
                 S=Obliquaria lineolata
ELLLU E   39086: N=Ellobius lutescens
                 C=Transcaucasian mole vole
ELLPA E   75585: N=Elliottia paniculata
                 S=Tripetaleia paniculata
ELLPY E   49141: N=Elliottia pyroliflora
                 S=Cladothamnus pyroliflorus
ELLRA E   13506: N=Elliottia racemosa
                 C=Georgia plume
ELLSS E  348767: N=Elliptorhina sp. (strain SR-2005)
                 C=Hisser roach
ELLTA E   98658: N=Ellobius tancrei
                 C=Zaisan mole vole
ELLTL E  329620: N=Ellobius talpinus
                 C=Northern mole vole
ELMPH B  182216: N=Elm witches'-broom phytoplasma
ELOCA E  100364: N=Elodea canadensis
                 C=Canadian pondweed
                 S=Anacharis canadensis
ELOFL E 1146932: N=Elodia flavipalpis
ELOSA E    7928: N=Elops saurus
ELSFA E   40997: N=Elsinoe fawcettii
                 C=Citrus scab fungus
                 S=Sphaceloma fawcettii
ELSME E   50406: N=Elseyornis melanops
                 C=Black-fronted dotterel
                 S=Charadrius melanops
ELSST E   41226: N=Elsholtzia stauntonii
                 C=Mint shrub
                 S=Aphanochilus stauntonii
ELUMP B  445932: N=Elusimicrobium minutum (strain Pei191)
ELV   V   12152: N=Erysimum latent virus
ELYCA E   29675: N=Elymus canadensis
                 C=Canada wild rye
ELYCH E  188477: N=Elysia chlorotica
                 C=Eastern emerald elysia
                 S=Sea slug
ELYCL E  145786: N=Elymus californicus
                 C=California bottlebrush grass
                 S=Hystrix californica
ELYEP B   35774: N=Elm yellows phytoplasma
ELYHY E  145781: N=Elymus hystrix
                 C=Eastern bottlebrush grass
                 S=Hystrix patula
ELYRE E   52152: N=Elymus repens
                 S=Agropyron repens
ELYTI E  154625: N=Elysia timida
                 C=Sea slug
ELYVI E   71494: N=Elysia viridis
                 C=Sea slug
EMARV V 1980426: N=European mountain ash ringspot-associated virus (isolate Sorbus aucuparia)
EMBAL E  187004: N=Emballonura alecto
                 C=Philippine sheath-tailed bat
                 S=Small Asian sheath-tailed bat
EMBAT E  110940: N=Emballonura atrata
                 C=Peters's sheath-tailed bat
EMBAU E  433632: N=Emberiza aureola
                 C=Yellow-breasted bunting
                 S=Schoeniclus aureolus
EMBCO E   54937: N=Embothrium coccineum
                 C=Chilean firebush
EMBJA E  100190: N=Embiotoca jacksoni
                 C=Black perch
EMBMO E  175525: N=Emballonura monticola
                 C=Lesser sheath-tailed bat
EMBRU E   36250: N=Emberiza rustica
                 C=Rustic bunting
                 S=Schoeniclus rusticus
EMBSC E   30425: N=Emberiza schoeniclus
                 C=Reed bunting
EMBVA E   36251: N=Emberiza variabilis
                 C=Grey bunting
EMCV  V   12104: N=Encephalomyocarditis virus
EMCVB V   12105: N=Encephalomyocarditis virus (strain emc-b nondiabetogenic)
EMCVD V   12106: N=Encephalomyocarditis virus (strain emc-d diabetogenic)
EMCVR V  650129: N=Encephalomyocarditis virus (strain Rueckert)
EMEAN E  101204: N=Emerita analoga
                 C=Pacific sand crab
                 S=Hippa analoga
EMEAU E 1030327: N=Emesis aurimna
                 C=White-spotted emesis butterfly
EMEMA E  328888: N=Emesis mandana
                 C=Mandana metalmark
                 S=Papilio mandana
EMEND E  162425: N=Emericella nidulans
                 S=Aspergillus nidulans
EMENI E  227321: N=Emericella nidulans (strain FGSC A4 / ATCC 38163 / CBS 112.46 / NRRL 194 / M139)
                 S=Aspergillus nidulans
EMETA E  101207: N=Emerita talpoida
                 C=Atlantic mole crab
                 S=Hippa talpoida
EMEVA E 1549217: N=Emericella variicolor
                 S=Aspergillus stellatus
EMIHU E    2903: N=Emiliania huxleyi
                 S=Pontosphaera huxleyi
EMMPE E   79345: N=Emmenanthe penduliflora
                 C=Whispering bells
EMOCA E   38245: N=Emoia caeruleocauda
                 C=Marianas blue-tailed skink
EMOCO E  127903: N=Emoia concolor
                 C=Azure-tailed skink
EMOCY E   38244: N=Emoia cyanura
                 C=Azure-tailed skink
EMOIM E   38243: N=Emoia impar
                 C=Blue-tailed copper-striped skink
EMOJA E  230623: N=Emoia jakati
                 C=Kopstein's emo skink
EMPAL E  209618: N=Empidonax alnorum
                 C=Alder flycatcher
                 S=Empidonax traillii alnorum
EMPAT E   49142: N=Empetrum atropurpureum
                 C=Purple crowberry
                 S=Empetrum eamesii subsp. atropurpureum
EMPDE E  478132: N=Empoasca decipiens
EMPDI E  183525: N=Empidonax difficilis
                 C=Pacific-slope flycatcher
EMPEA E  199170: N=Empetrum eamesii
                 S=Empetrum nigrum var. eamesii
EMPFA E  139595: N=Empoasca fabae
                 C=Potato leafhopper
EMPFL E  183529: N=Empidonax flaviventris
                 C=Yellow-bellied flycatcher
EMPFU E  209623: N=Empidonax fulvifrons
                 C=Buff-breasted flycatcher
EMPHA E  158048: N=Empidonax hammondii
                 C=Hammond's flycatcher
EMPMI E   28730: N=Empidonax minimus
                 C=Least flycatcher
EMPNH E  199171: N=Empetrum nigrum subsp. hermaphroditum
                 C=Black crowberry
                 S=Empetrum hermaphroditum
EMPNI E  191066: N=Empetrum nigrum
                 C=Black crowberry
EMPOB E  142470: N=Empidonax oberholseri
                 C=American dusky flycatcher
EMPOC E  209626: N=Empidonax occidentalis
                 C=Cordilleran flycatcher
EMPRU E   45919: N=Empetrum rubrum
                 C=Red crowberry
EMPTI E  765376: N=Empria tridens
EMPTR E  164674: N=Empidonax traillii
                 C=Willow flycatcher
EMPVI E  209628: N=Empidonax virescens
                 C=Acadian flycatcher
EMPVT E  436393: N=Empoasca vitis
                 C=Vine leafhopper
EMPWR E  209629: N=Empidonax wrightii
                 C=American grey flycatcher
EMTOG B  929562: N=Emticicia oligotrophica (strain DSM 17448 / CIP 109782 / MTCC 6937 / GPTSA100-15)
EMYBL E   85613: N=Emys blandingii
                 C=Blanding's turtle
                 S=Emydoidea blandingii
EMYOR E   82168: N=Emys orbicularis
                 C=European pond turtle
ENAAS E   79462: N=Enallagma aspersum
                 C=Azure bluet damselfly
                 S=Agrion aspersum
ENABA E   79463: N=Enallagma basidens
                 C=Double-striped bluet damselfly
ENABO E   79464: N=Enallagma boreale
                 C=Boreal bluet damselfly
ENACA E   79465: N=Enallagma carunculatum
                 C=Tule bluet damselfly
                 S=Enallagma optimolocus
ENACI E   78524: N=Enallagma civile
                 C=Familiar bluet damselfly
                 S=Agrion civile
ENACY E   79468: N=Enallagma cyathigerum
                 C=Common blue damselfly
                 S=Agrion cyathigerum
ENADO E   79472: N=Enallagma doubledayi
                 C=Atlantic bluet damselfly
                 S=Agrion doubledayi
ENAGE E   79477: N=Enallagma geminatum
                 C=Skimming bluet damselfly
ENAHA E   79478: N=Enallagma hageni
                 C=Hagen's bluet damselfly
                 S=Agrion hageni
ENAPR E   79484: N=Enallagma praevarum
                 C=Arroyo bluet damselfly
                 S=Agrion praevarum
ENARE E   79485: N=Enallagma recurvatum
                 C=Pine Barrens bluet damselfly
ENASI E   79486: N=Enallagma signatum
                 C=Orange bluet damselfly
ENCAL E    3300: N=Encephalartos altensteinii
                 C=Altenstein's bread tree
                 S=Eastern Cape giant cycad
ENCAR E    3302: N=Encephalartos arenarius
                 C=Alexandria cycad
ENCBA E  133428: N=Encephalartos barteri
                 C=West African cycad
ENCBI E   54656: N=Enchenopa binotata
                 C=Twomarked treehopper
ENCBU E   34589: N=Enchytraeus buchholzi
                 C=Grindal worm
ENCC1 E  986730: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi (strain ATCC 50503 / ECI)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCC2 E  989654: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi (strain ECII)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCC3 E  989655: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi (strain ATCC 50502 / ECIII)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCCA E   36013: N=Encephalartos caffer
                 C=Eastern Cape dwarf cycad
                 S=Cycas caffra
ENCCL E  183026: N=Encelia californica
                 C=Bush sunflower
ENCCN E    6035: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCCO E   37252: N=Encoptolophus costalis
                 C=Western clouded grasshopper
ENCCU E  284813: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi (strain GB-M1)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCCZ E 1290881: N=Encephalitozoon cuniculi (strain ECII-CZ)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCEM E  179200: N=Encephalartos eugene-maraisii
                 C=Waterberg cycad
ENCFE E    3301: N=Encephalartos ferox
                 C=Zululand cycad
ENCFO E   32400: N=Encarsia formosa
                 C=Whitefly parasite
ENCGR E  179202: N=Encephalartos gratus
                 C=Mulanje cycad
ENCHA E  907965: N=Encephalitozoon hellem (strain ATCC 50504)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCHE E   27973: N=Encephalitozoon hellem
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCHI E  179203: N=Encephalartos hildebrandtii
                 C=Monbasa cycad
ENCHO E  171018: N=Encephalartos horridus
                 C=Eastern Cape blue cycad
                 S=Zamia horrida
ENCHU E  179204: N=Encephalartos humilis
                 C=Dwarf cycad
ENCIN E   58839: N=Encephalitozoon intestinalis
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCIT E  876142: N=Encephalitozoon intestinalis (strain ATCC 50506)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
                 S=Septata intestinalis
ENCLA E  179208: N=Encephalartos latifrons
                 C=Broadleaf kafferbread
                 S=Albany cycad
ENCLE E   58035: N=Encephalartos lebomboensis
                 C=Lebombo cycad
ENCMI E  273753: N=Encope michelini
                 C=Notched sand dollar
ENCRO E 1178016: N=Encephalitozoon romaleae (strain SJ-2008)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENCTA E   38231: N=Encyclia tampensis
                 C=Tampa butterfly orchid
                 S=Epidendrum tampense
ENCTR E  179227: N=Encephalartos trispinosus
                 C=Bushman's river cycad
                 S=Encephalartos horridus var. trispinosus
ENCVI E  173274: N=Encephalartos villosus
                 C=Poor man's cycad
ENDEN E 1178095: N=Endoxyla encalypti
                 C=Wattle goat moth
                 S=Xyleutes encalypti
ENDIN E   30120: N=Endria inimica
                 C=Painted leafhopper
                 S=Amplicephalus inimicus
ENDPU E 1263415: N=Endocarpon pusillum (strain Z07020 / HMAS-L-300199)
                 C=Lichen-forming fungus
ENDTX B 1408204: N=Endomicrobium trichonymphae
ENGEN E  184585: N=Engraulis encrasicolus
                 C=European anchovy
ENGJA E   42892: N=Engraulis japonicus
                 C=Japanese anchovy
ENGMO E  239368: N=Engraulis mordax
                 C=Californian anchovy
ENGPE E   53580: N=Engelmannia peristenia
                 C=Engelmann's daisy
                 S=Engelmannia pinnatifida
ENGPT E   76064: N=Engystomops petersi
                 C=Peters' dwarf frog
                 S=Physalaemus petersi
ENGPU E   76066: N=Engystomops pustulosus
                 C=Tungara frog
                 S=Physalaemus pustulosus
ENHLU E   34882: N=Enhydra lutris
                 C=Sea otter
ENILE E  320572: N=Enicurus leschenaulti
                 C=White-crowned forktail
ENKCA E   13508: N=Enkianthus campanulatus
                 C=Redvein enkianthus
                 S=Andromeda campanulata
ENKCH E  171226: N=Enkianthus chinensis
                 C=Chinese enkianthus
ENMG3 V   31702: N=Mengo encephalomyocarditis virus (strain 37A)
ENMGO V   12107: N=Mengo encephalomyocarditis virus
ENNBO E  722436: N=Enneanectes boehlkei
                 C=Roughhead triplefin
ENOAR E  215367: N=Enoplosus armatus
                 C=Old wife
                 S=Chaetodon armatus
ENOOV E   81834: N=Enoplognatha ovata
                 C=Candy-striped spider
                 S=Theridion ovatum
ENOPO E   42284: N=Enodia portlandia
                 C=Southern pearly-eye
ENOTE E  290643: N=Enochrus testaceus
                 C=Water scavenger beetle
ENSAD B  106592: N=Ensifer adhaerens
                 S=Sinorhizobium morelense
ENSDI E   58666: N=Ensis directus
                 C=Atlantic jackknife clam
ENSLA E  101617: N=Ensete lasiocarpum
                 C=Chinese dwarf banana
                 S=Musa lasiocarpa
ENSMI E    6587: N=Ensis minor
                 C=Razor shell
                 S=Minor jackknife clam
ENSVE E    4639: N=Ensete ventricosum
                 C=Abyssinian banana
                 S=Musa ensete
ENT38 B  399742: N=Enterobacter sp. (strain 638)
ENTAG B     549: N=Enterobacter agglomerans
                 C=Erwinia herbicola
                 S=Pantoea agglomerans
ENTAL B  640513: N=Enterobacter asburiae (strain LF7a)
ENTAS B   61645: N=Enterobacter asburiae
ENTAV B   33945: N=Enterococcus avium
                 S=Streptococcus avium
ENTBF B  693444: N=Enterobacteriaceae bacterium (strain FGI 57)
ENTBH E  481877: N=Enterocytozoon bieneusi (strain H348)
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
ENTCA B   37734: N=Enterococcus casseliflavus
                 S=Enterococcus flavescens
ENTCC B  716541: N=Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae (strain ATCC 13047 / DSM 30054 / NBRC 13535 / NCTC 10005 / WDCM 00083 / NCDC 279-56)
ENTCL B     550: N=Enterobacter cloacae
ENTCO E   55671: N=Enterolobium contortisiliquum
                 C=Pacara earpod tree
                 S=Mimosa contortisiliqua
ENTCR E 1464891: N=Entylia carinata
                 C=Keeled treehopper
ENTCS B  565654: N=Enterococcus casseliflavus (strain EC10)
ENTCU E   47911: N=Entodinium caudatum
ENTDI E   46681: N=Entamoeba dispar
ENTDO E  267067: N=Enteroctopus dofleini
                 C=North Pacific giant octopus
                 S=Octopus dofleini
ENTDS E  370354: N=Entamoeba dispar (strain ATCC PRA-260 / SAW760)
ENTF3 B 1158653: N=Enterococcus faecalis (strain EnGen0310 / MMH594)
ENTF6 B  936153: N=Enterococcus faecalis (strain 62)
ENTFA B  226185: N=Enterococcus faecalis (strain ATCC 700802 / V583)
ENTFC B    1352: N=Enterococcus faecium
                 S=Streptococcus faecium
ENTFD B  333849: N=Enterococcus faecium (strain ATCC BAA-472 / TX0016 / DO)
ENTFL B    1351: N=Enterococcus faecalis
                 S=Streptococcus faecalis
ENTFO B  474186: N=Enterococcus faecalis (strain ATCC 47077 / OG1RF)
ENTFT B  749493: N=Enterococcus faecalis (strain TX4000 / JH2-2)
ENTFU B 1155766: N=Enterococcus faecium (strain Aus0004)
ENTGA B    1353: N=Enterococcus gallinarum
ENTGE B  565653: N=Enterococcus gallinarum (strain EG2)
ENTHA B  768486: N=Enterococcus hirae (strain ATCC 9790 / DSM 20160 / JCM 8729 / LMG 6399 / NBRC 3181 / NCIMB 6459 / NCDO 1258 / NCTC 12367 / WDCM 00089 / R)
ENTHI E    5759: N=Entamoeba histolytica
ENTHR B    1354: N=Enterococcus hirae
ENTHU E  104632: N=Entosphenus hubbsi
                 C=Kern brook lamprey
ENTI1 B  888064: N=Enterococcus italicus (strain DSM 15952 / CCUG 50447 / LMG 22039 / TP 1.5)
ENTIV E   33085: N=Entamoeba invadens
ENTLE E  188704: N=Enteromyxum leei
                 C=Intestinal myxosporean parasite
ENTLS B  701347: N=Enterobacter lignolyticus (strain SCF1)
ENTMU B   53346: N=Enterococcus mundtii
ENTNP E 1076696: N=Entamoeba nuttalli (strain P19)
ENTQU E    6118: N=Entacmaea quadricolor
                 C=Bubble-tip anemone
                 S=Parasicyonis actinostoloides
ENTS2 B  151779: N=Enterobacter sp. (strain 22)
ENTS3 B 1834176: N=Enterococcus sp. (strain 3G1_DIV0629)
ENTSB E  761655: N=Entella sp. (strain Beaufort-W)
                 C=Praying mantis
ENTSI E  104636: N=Entosphenus similis
                 C=Klamath river lamprey
                 S=Lampetra similis
ENTSP B  268950: N=Enterobacter sp. (strain G-1)
ENTSX B   35783: N=Enterococcus sp.
ENTTH B  417368: N=Enterococcus thailandicus
ENTTR E  245074: N=Entosphenus tridentatus
                 C=Pacific lamprey
                 S=Lampetra tridentata
ENTVE E   51028: N=Enterobius vermicularis
                 C=Human pinworm
ENYLA E   51206: N=Enyalioides laticeps
                 C=Amazon wood lizard
ENYSE E  183029: N=Enydra sessilis
                 C=Smallray swampwort
                 S=Eclipta sessilis
EODWO E 1087294: N=Eodiaptomus wolterecki
EOGFI E  226811: N=Eoglaucomys fimbriatus
                 C=Small Kashmir flying squirrel
                 S=Hylopetes fimbriatus
EOGHI E 1206364: N=Eogystia hippophaecolus
                 S=Holcocerus hippophaecolus
EOLRO E  176039: N=Eolophus roseicapilla
                 C=Galah cockatoo
                 S=Cacatua roseicapilla
EONSP E   58065: N=Eonycteris spelaea
                 C=Lesser dawn bat
                 S=Macroglossus spelaeus
EOPV  V  240555: N=Ectropis obliqua picorna-like virus
EOSFB E  146132: N=Eospalax fontanierii baileyi
                 C=Plateau zokor
                 S=Eospalax baileyi
EOSFC E  146133: N=Eospalax fontanierii cansus
                 C=Gansu zokor
                 S=Eospalax cansus
EOSRO E  146136: N=Eospalax rothschildi
                 C=Rothschild's zokor
EOSRU E  146137: N=Eospalax rufescens
                 S=Myospalax rufescens
EOTCH E  577681: N=Eothenomys chinensis
                 C=Sichuan red-backed vole
                 S=Pratt's vole
EOTCU E  259050: N=Eothenomys custos
                 C=Southwest China vole
EOTME E   82468: N=Eothenomys melanogaster
                 C=Pere David's red-backed vole
EPABA E 1429325: N=Epacanthaclisis banksi
EPASP E    4344: N=Epacris sp.
EPHAL E    3391: N=Ephedra altissima
                 C=High-climbing jointfir
EPHAN E   36014: N=Ephedra antisyphilitica
EPHAS E   52783: N=Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
                 C=Black-necked stork
                 S=Mycteria asiatica
EPHCA E   45090: N=Ephedra californica
                 C=California joint-fir
                 S=Desert tea
EPHDI E    3389: N=Ephedra distachya
                 S=Ephedra vulgaris
EPHEQ E   49760: N=Ephedra equisetifolia
EPHEU E  173280: N=Ephedra equisetina
                 C=Bluestem joint fir
                 S=Ephedra shennungiana
EPHGE E   42328: N=Ephedra gerardiana
                 C=Gerard joint-fir
EPHKU E   40079: N=Ephestia kuehniella
                 C=Mediterranean flour moth
EPHMA E   34344: N=Ephedra major
                 S=Ephedra nebrodensis
EPHMU E    6052: N=Ephydatia muelleri
                 C=Mueller's freshwater sponge
                 S=Spongilla muelleri
EPHNE E  191310: N=Ephedra nevadensis
                 C=Nevada joint-fir
                 S=Mormon tea
EPHPL E   55914: N=Ephedrus plagiator
                 C=Aphid parasite
                 S=Bracon plagiator
EPHSE E   52785: N=Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
                 C=Saddle-billed stork
                 S=Mycteria senegalensis
EPHSI E   33152: N=Ephedra sinica
                 C=Chinese ephedra
                 S=Ma huang
EPHTW E    3390: N=Ephedra tweediana
                 C=Vining horsetail
EPHVI E   66172: N=Ephedra viridis
                 C=Mormon tea
EPIAE E  179536: N=Epinephelus aeneus
                 C=White grouper
                 S=Serranus aeneus
EPIAK E  215347: N=Epinephelus akaara
                 C=Hong Kong grouper
                 S=Serranus akaara
EPIAM E  308561: N=Epinephelus amblycephalus
                 C=Banded grouper
                 S=Serranus amblycephalus
EPIAO E  170559: N=Epichloe aotearoae
                 C=Endophyte fungus
                 S=Neotyphodium aotearoae
EPIAR E  160715: N=Epinephelus areolatus
                 C=Areolate grouper
                 S=Perca areolata
EPIAT E  190347: N=Epirrhoe alternata
                 C=Common carpet
EPIAU E  492483: N=Epipactis atrorubens
                 C=Dark red helleborine
                 S=Serapias atrorubens
EPIAW E  152218: N=Epinephelus awoara
                 C=Yellow grouper
                 S=Serranus awoara
EPIBA E  286459: N=Episyrphus balteatus
                 C=Marmalade hoverfly
                 S=Syrphus balteaus
EPIBI E  172520: N=Epiperipatus biolleyi
                 C=Velvet worm
                 S=Peripatus biolleyi
EPIBL E  203261: N=Epinephelus bleekeri
                 C=Duskytail grouper
                 S=Serranus bleekeri
EPIBR E  323802: N=Epinephelus bruneus
                 C=Longtooth grouper
EPICA E  179534: N=Epinephelus caninus
                 C=Dogtooth grouper
                 S=Serranus caninus
EPICE E   51743: N=Epicrates cenchria
                 C=Rainbow boa
                 S=Boa cenchria
EPICH E  267161: N=Episcopomantis chalybea
                 C=Double-coned grass mantid
                 S=Schizocephala chalybea
EPICL E   30326: N=Epidalea calamita
                 C=Natterjack toad
                 S=Bufo calamita
EPICN E    5047: N=Epichloe coenophiala
                 C=Tall fescue endophyte fungus
                 S=Neotyphodium coenophialum
EPICO E   94232: N=Epinephelus coioides
                 C=Orange-spotted grouper
                 S=Epinephelus nebulosus
EPICP E  193532: N=Epioblasma capsaeformis
                 C=Oyster mussel
EPICR E 1086745: N=Epinotia criddleana
EPIEL E   55200: N=Epichloe elymi
EPIEO E 1562316: N=Epirixanthes elongata
EPIEP E  309922: N=Epinephelus epistictus
                 C=Dotted grouper
                 S=Serranus epistictus
EPIFA E   28714: N=Epimachus fastosus
                 C=Black sicklebill
EPIFC E  327828: N=Epinephelus fasciatomaculosus
                 C=Rock grouper
                 S=Serranus fasciatomaculosus
EPIFE E  696363: N=Epichloe festucae (strain E2368)
EPIFF E  877507: N=Epichloe festucae (strain Fl1)
EPIFI E   73839: N=Epichloe festucae var. lolii
                 C=Neotyphodium lolii
                 S=Acremonium lolii
EPIFL E   34391: N=Epidermophyton floccosum
EPIFO E  293821: N=Epinephelus fuscoguttatus
                 C=Brown-marbled grouper
                 S=Perca summana fuscoguttata
EPIFS E  160718: N=Epinephelus fasciatus
                 C=Blacktip grouper
                 S=Perca fasciata
EPIFU E  150090: N=Episoriculus fumidus
                 C=Taiwan brown-toothed shrew
                 S=Soriculus fumidus
EPIGU E  160720: N=Epinephelus guttatus
                 C=Red hind
                 S=Perca guttata
EPIHE E   28472: N=Epipactis helleborine
                 C=Broad-leaved helleborine
                 S=Serapias helleborine
EPIIT E  160721: N=Epinephelus itajara
                 C=Atlantic goliath grouper
                 S=Serranus itajara
EPIJA E   58804: N=Epiactis japonica
                 C=Sea anemone
                 S=Cnidopus japonicus
EPILA E  310571: N=Epinephelus lanceolatus
                 C=Giant grouper
                 S=Holocentrus lanceolatus
EPILB E  160722: N=Epinephelus labriformis
                 C=Starry grouper
                 S=Serranus labriformis
EPILE E  862700: N=Episoriculus leucops
                 C=Long-tailed brown-toothed shrew
                 S=Soriculus leucops
EPILT E  306583: N=Epinephelus latifasciatus
                 C=Striped grouper
                 S=Serranus latifasciatus
EPIMA E  179535: N=Epinephelus marginatus
                 C=Dusky grouper
EPIMC E  268760: N=Episoriculus macrurus
                 C=Long-tailed mountain shrew
EPIME E  215346: N=Epinephelus merra
                 C=Honeycomb grouper
EPIMG E   38235: N=Epidendrum magnoliae
                 C=Green-fly orchid
                 S=Epidendrum conopseum
EPIMI E  170570: N=Epichloe melicicola
                 C=Endophyte fungus
                 S=Neotyphodium melicicola
EPIML E  162300: N=Epinephelus malabaricus
                 C=Malabar grouper
                 S=Holocentrus malabaricus
EPIMO E  300413: N=Epinephelus moara
                 C=Kelp grouper
EPINE E 1915362: N=Epichloe typhina x Neotyphodium lolii
                 S=Neotyphodium sp. (strain Lp1)
EPING E  105696: N=Epicoccum nigrum
                 C=Soil fungus
                 S=Epicoccum purpurascens
EPINI E  989769: N=Epinotia nisella
                 C=Grey poplar bell
                 S=Evetria nisella
EPIPO E   65032: N=Epiphyas postvittana
                 C=Light brown apple moth
EPIQU E  308564: N=Epinephelus quoyanus
                 C=Longfin grouper
                 S=Serranus quoyanus
EPIRE E   45914: N=Epigaea repens
                 C=Trailing arbutus
EPIRI E   33145: N=Epilobium rigidum
                 C=Stiff willowherb
EPISA E  126619: N=Epidendrum stamfordianum
EPISC E  111441: N=Epiblema scudderiana
                 C=Goldenrod gall moth
EPISE E  309926: N=Epinephelus sexfasciatus
                 C=Sixbar grouper
                 S=Serranus sexfasciatus
EPISI E   84672: N=Epilobocera sinuatifrons
                 C=Freshwater crab
                 S=Boscia sinuatifrons
EPIST E  428845: N=Epinephelus stictus
                 C=Black-dotted grouper
EPITA E  203262: N=Epinephelus tauvina
                 C=Greasy grouper
                 S=Perca tauvina
EPITE E   71991: N=Epichloe tembladerae
                 S=Neotyphodium tembladerae
EPITI E  308562: N=Epinephelus trimaculatus
                 C=Threespot grouper
                 S=Serranus trimaculatus
EPITL E  349654: N=Epigonus telescopus
                 C=Black cardinal fish
EPITR E   92736: N=Epipedobates tricolor
                 C=Phantasmal poison frog
EPITY E    5113: N=Epichloe typhina
EPIUN E    5050: N=Epichloe uncinata
                 C=Endophyte fungus
                 S=Neotyphodium uncinatum
EPIVA E  447619: N=Epilachna varivestis
                 C=Mexican bean beetle
EPIVI E    4177: N=Epifagus virginiana
                 S=Orobanche virginiana
EPMV  V   12151: N=Eggplant mosaic virus
EPOBU E 1410044: N=Epomops buettikoferi
                 C=Buettikofer's epauletted fruit bat
EPOFR E   77231: N=Epomops franqueti
                 C=Franquet's epauleted fruit bat
EPOGA E  372077: N=Epomophorus gambianus
                 C=Gambian epauletted fruit bat
EPOLA E  903567: N=Epomophorus labiatus
                 C=Ethiopian epauletted fruit bat
EPOWA E   58067: N=Epomophorus wahlbergi
                 C=Wahlberg's epauleted fruit bat
EPTAL E  266351: N=Epthianura albifrons
                 C=White-fronted chat
EPTBR E  177183: N=Eptesicus brasiliensis
                 C=Brazilian brown bat
EPTBU E    7764: N=Eptatretus burgeri
                 C=Inshore hagfish
EPTDI E  159320: N=Eptesicus diminutus
                 C=Diminutive serotine bat
EPTFR E  124746: N=Eptesicus furinalis
                 C=Argentine brown bat
EPTFU E   29078: N=Eptesicus fuscus
                 C=Big brown bat
                 S=Vespertilio fuscus
EPTHO E  258906: N=Eptesicus hottentotus
                 C=Long-tailed house bat
EPTNI E   59451: N=Eptesicus nilssonii
                 C=Northern bat
EPTSE E   59452: N=Eptesicus serotinus
                 C=Serotine bat
EPTST E    7765: N=Eptatretus stoutii
                 C=Pacific hagfish
EQUAR E    3258: N=Equisetum arvense
                 C=Field horsetail
                 S=Common horsetail
EQUAS E    9793: N=Equus asinus
                 S=Equus africanus asinus
EQUBA E  200155: N=Equus burchellii antiquorum
                 C=Damara zebra
                 S=Chapman zebra
EQUBO E  127539: N=Equisetum bogotense
EQUBU E    9790: N=Equus burchelli
                 C=Plains zebra
                 S=Equus quagga
EQUFL E  231680: N=Equisetum fluviatile
                 C=Water horsetail
EQUGI E    3259: N=Equisetum giganteum
                 C=Giant horsetail
EQUGR E    9792: N=Equus grevyi
                 C=Grevy's zebra
EQUHE E   73334: N=Equus hemionus kulan
                 C=Turkmenian kulan
                 S=Equus onager kulan
EQUHM E    9794: N=Equus hemionus
                 S=Asian wild ass
EQUHY E    3262: N=Equisetum hyemale
                 C=Dutch rush
                 S=Scouring-rush horsetail
EQULA E  223814: N=Equisetum laevigatum
                 C=Smooth horsetail
EQULE E  274459: N=Equulites leuciscus
                 C=Whipfin ponyfish
                 S=Equula leuciscus
EQUPA E  113538: N=Equisetum palustre
                 C=Marsh horsetail
EQUPR E    9798: N=Equus przewalskii
                 C=Przewalski's horse
                 S=Equus caballus przewalskii
EQUPT E  231681: N=Equisetum pratense
                 C=Meadow horsetail
EQUSC E    3261: N=Equisetum scirpoides
                 C=Dwarf-scouring rush
                 S=Hippochaete scirpoides
EQUSP E   46122: N=Equus sp.
EQUSY E  231679: N=Equisetum sylvaticum
                 C=Wood horsetail
EQUTE E    3260: N=Equisetum telmateia
                 C=Great horsetail
                 S=Equisetum majus
EQUVA E  231678: N=Equisetum variegatum
                 C=Variegated horsetail
EQUZE E    9791: N=Equus zebra
                 C=Mountain zebra
ERAAG E 1686644: N=Eratigena agrestis
                 C=Hobo spider
                 S=Tegenaria agrestis
ERAST E   93211: N=Eranthis stellata
                 C=Winter aconite
ERATE E  110835: N=Eragrostis tef
                 S=Poa tef
ERAVU E  680300: N=Erasmoneura vulnerata
ERBST E  722378: N=Erbessa stroudi
ERBV1 V  650131: N=Equine rhinitis B virus 1 (strain Equine/Switzerland/P1436/71/1971)
                 S=Equine rhinovirus type 2
EREAL E  135430: N=Eremophila alpestris
                 C=Horned lark
                 S=Alauda alpestris
ERECI E  175337: N=Eresus cinnaberinus
                 C=Ladybird spider
                 S=Eresus kollari
ERECY E  931890: N=Eremothecium cymbalariae (strain CBS 270.75 / DBVPG 7215 / KCTC 17166 / NRRL Y-17582)
EREDI E   58936: N=Eremopyrum distans
EREDO E   34844: N=Erethizon dorsatum
                 C=North American porcupine
EREGO E   33169: N=Eremothecium gossypii
                 S=Ashbya gossypii
EREGR E  183358: N=Eretes griseus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
EREIM E   27787: N=Eretmochelys imbricata
                 C=Hawksbill sea turtle
                 S=Testudo imbricata
EREMA E   41573: N=Eremothamnus marlothianus
ERESA E  175338: N=Eresus sandaliatus
                 C=Ladybird spider
                 S=Aranea sandaliata
EREST E  107803: N=Eretes sticticus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
ERETR E  242256: N=Erebia triaria
                 C=De Prunner's ringlet butterfly
EREVI E  447842: N=Erebia vidleri
                 C=Vidler's alpine butterfly
EREWA E  175339: N=Eresus walckenaeri
                 C=Ladybird spider
ERGCA E   76901: N=Ergaula capucina
                 C=Beetle roach
ERGCR E  705226: N=Ergavia carinenta
ERIAG E  100292: N=Eriophorum angustifolium
                 C=Cotton grass
                 S=Eriophorum polystachyon
ERIAN E   91248: N=Erigeron annuus
                 C=Eastern daisy fleabane
                 S=Aster annuus
ERIAQ E   72646: N=Eriocaulon aquaticum
                 C=Seven-angled pipewort
ERIAU E   13510: N=Erica australis
                 C=Spanish heath
ERIBA E   39304: N=Erignathus barbatus
                 C=Bearded seal
ERIBU E   63005: N=Erigenia bulbosa
                 C=Harbinger of spring
ERICA E    4132: N=Eriodictyon californicum
                 C=California yerba santa
                 S=Wigandia californica
ERICD E   72917: N=Erigeron canadensis
                 C=Canadian horseweed
                 S=Conyza canadensis
ERICN E  149424: N=Eriophyllum congdonii
                 C=Congdon's woolly sunflower
ERICO E   37316: N=Erinaceus concolor
                 C=Eastern European hedgehog
                 S=Erinaceus roumanicus
ERICR E  185769: N=Erica carnea
                 C=Winter heath
                 S=Erica herbacea
ERIDE E  189387: N=Eriocaulon decangulare
                 C=Tenangle pipewort
ERIEU E    9365: N=Erinaceus europaeus
                 C=Western European hedgehog
ERIFL E   63101: N=Eriogonum flavum
                 C=Alpine golden buckwheat
ERIIS E  299522: N=Erimacrus isenbeckii
                 C=Hair crab
ERILA E  133082: N=Eriosoma lanigerum
                 C=Woolly apple aphid
                 S=Aphis lanigerum
ERIMA E  110227: N=Eristicophis macmahoni
                 C=Leaf-nosed viper
ERIMI E  153394: N=Eris militaris
                 C=Bronze jumping spider
ERINI E   56653: N=Eriocnemis nigrivestis
                 C=Black-breasted puffleg
ERIOB E  154815: N=Erimyzon oblongus
                 C=Creek chubsucker
                 S=Cyprinus oblongus
ERIPE E  931557: N=Ericerus pela
                 C=Chinese white wax scale
                 S=Coccus pela
ERIRU E   37610: N=Erithacus rubecula
                 C=European robin
ERISC E   49143: N=Erica sicula
                 C=Sicilian heath
                 S=Pentapera sicula
ERISI E   95602: N=Eriocheir sinensis
                 C=Chinese mitten crab
ERISO E  270444: N=Erica scoparia
                 C=Besom heath
ERISP E   49138: N=Erica spiculifolia
                 C=Spike heath
                 S=Bruckenthalia spiculifolia
ERIST E  149426: N=Eriophyllum staechadifolium
                 C=Seaside woolly sunflower
ERITE E   49144: N=Erica tetralix
                 C=Cross-leaved heath
ERITN E  198635: N=Eristalis tenax
                 C=Drone fly
                 S=Musca tenax
ERITO E  137678: N=Eriogonum tomentosum
                 C=Dogtongue buckwheat
ERIVA E   76438: N=Eriophorum vaginatum
                 C=Hare's-tail cottongrass
                 S=Scirpus vaginatus
ERIVE E  483417: N=Eriphia verrucosa
                 C=Warty crab
ERNVE E   34121: N=Ernodesmis verticillata
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Valonia verticillata
EROBO E  290569: N=Erophylla bombifrons
                 C=Eastern buffy flower bat
EROSE E  148092: N=Erophylla sezekorni
                 C=Buffy flower bat
                 S=Phyllonycteris sezekorni
EROTE E   28960: N=Erodium texanum
                 C=Texas stork's bill
ERPCA E   27687: N=Erpetoichthys calabaricus
                 C=Rope fish
                 S=Calamoichthys calabaricus
ERUAB E  180537: N=Erucastrum abyssinicum
                 C=Abyssinian mustard
ERUGA E  180538: N=Erucastrum gallicum
                 C=Common dogmustard
                 S=Hairy rocket
ERUST E  192845: N=Erucastrum strigosum
                 S=Sisymbrium strigosum
ERUVE E  180536: N=Eruca vesicaria
                 C=Rocket salad
                 S=Brassica vesicaria
ERUVS E   29727: N=Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa
                 C=Garden rocket
                 S=Eruca sativa
ERWAC B  665029: N=Erwinia amylovora (strain CFBP1430)
ERWAE B  716540: N=Erwinia amylovora (strain ATCC 49946 / CCPPB 0273 / Ea273 / 27-3)
ERWAM B     552: N=Erwinia amylovora
                 C=Fire blight bacteria
ERWAP B   68334: N=Erwinia aphidicola
ERWBE B  634500: N=Erwinia billingiae (strain Eb661)
ERWCI B     558: N=Erwinia citreus
ERWP6 B  644651: N=Erwinia pyrifoliae (strain DSM 12163 / CIP 106111 / Ep16/96)
ERWPE B  634499: N=Erwinia pyrifoliae (strain DSM 12162 / Ep1/96)
ERWPY B   79967: N=Erwinia pyrifoliae
ERWRD B   55212: N=Erwinia rhapontici
                 S=Pectobacterium rhapontici
ERWSE B  215689: N=Erwinia sp. (strain Ejp617)
ERWT9 B  465817: N=Erwinia tasmaniensis (strain DSM 17950 / CFBP 7177 / CIP 109463 / NCPPB 4357 / Et1/99)
ERYAE E  121328: N=Erythrolamprus aesculapii
                 C=Aesculapian false coral snake
                 S=Coluber aesculapii
ERYCA E    3842: N=Erythrina caffra
                 C=Kaffir tree
                 S=Coastal coral tree
ERYCB E  289672: N=Erythroxylum coca
                 C=Coca plant
ERYCC E   51865: N=Eryx colubrinus colubrinus
ERYCE E  330168: N=Erysimum cheiranthoides
                 C=Wormseed wallflower
                 S=Cheirinia cheiranthoides
ERYCG E   49817: N=Erythrina crista-galli
                 C=Cockspur coral tree
                 S=Micropteryx crista-galli
ERYCH E   71232: N=Erysimum cheiri
                 S=Cheiranthus cheiri
ERYCL E   51866: N=Eryx colubrinus loveridgei
ERYCN E   51867: N=Eryx conicus
                 C=Rough-scaled sand boa
                 S=Gongylophis conicus
ERYCO E    3843: N=Erythrina corallodendron
                 C=Coral tree
ERYCP E  220481: N=Erysimum capitatum
                 C=Sand-dune wallflower
                 S=Cheiranthus capitatus
ERYCT E  451471: N=Erythemis collocata
                 C=Western pondhawk dragonfly
                 S=Mesothemis collocata
ERYDE E  128537: N=Erythrophyllum delesserioides
                 C=Red alga
ERYEL E   51868: N=Eryx elegans
                 C=Central Asian sand boa
ERYGA E  202130: N=Erythronium grandiflorum
                 C=Yellow avalanche-lily
ERYGU E    4155: N=Erythranthe guttata
                 C=Yellow monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus guttatus
ERYHA E   37492: N=Eranthis hyemalis
                 C=Winter aconite
                 S=Helleborus hyemalis
ERYJA E   51869: N=Eryx jaculus
                 C=Javelin sand boa
ERYJO E   51870: N=Eryx johnii
                 C=Indian red sand boa
                 S=Boa johnii
ERYJY E  380607: N=Eryx jayakari
                 C=Arabian sand boa
ERYLA E    3844: N=Erythrina latissima
                 C=Broad-leaved coral tree
ERYLC E    4156: N=Erythranthe laciniata
                 C=Cut-leaved monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus laciniatus
ERYLE E   69919: N=Erythranthe lewisii
                 C=Purple monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus lewisii
ERYLH B  314225: N=Erythrobacter litoralis (strain HTCC2594)
ERYLO B    1044: N=Erythrobacter longus
ERYMI E   51871: N=Eryx miliaris
                 C=Desert sand boa
ERYML E    8582: N=Erythrolamprus miliaris
                 C=South American water snake
                 S=Liophis miliaris
ERYMN E   51872: N=Eryx miliaris nogaiorum
                 C=Black sand boa
ERYMO E   76213: N=Erynnis montanus
                 C=Skipper butterfly
ERYNA E    4158: N=Erythranthe nasuta
                 C=Monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus nasutus
ERYNU E    4159: N=Erythranthe nudata
                 C=Bare monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus nudatus
ERYPA E    9538: N=Erythrocebus patas
                 C=Red guenon
                 S=Cercopithecus patas
ERYPI E   36044: N=Erysiphe pisi
                 C=Pea powdery mildew
ERYPO E  338838: N=Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus
                 C=Water snake
                 S=Liophis poecilogyrus
ERYPR E  400187: N=Erynnis propertius
                 C=Propertius duskywing butterfly
ERYQU E  425177: N=Erysiphe quercicola
                 C=Hevea powdery mildew
ERYRE E  202152: N=Erythronium revolutum
                 C=Pink fawn lily
ERYRF B  650150: N=Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (strain Fujisawa)
ERYRH B    1648: N=Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
ERYSC E  350427: N=Erythropalum scandens
ERYTA E   51873: N=Eryx tataricus
                 C=Tartar sand boa
ERYTI E    4161: N=Erythranthe tilingii
                 C=Creeping monkey flower
                 S=Mimulus tilingii
ERYVA E    3845: N=Erythrina variegata
                 C=Indian coral tree
                 S=Erythrina indica
ERYYU E   90460: N=Eryngium yuccifolium
                 C=Rattlesnake master
ESCAT B  502347: N=Escherichia albertii (strain TW07627)
ESCCA E    3467: N=Eschscholzia californica
                 C=California poppy
ESCF3 B  585054: N=Escherichia fergusonii (strain ATCC 35469 / DSM 13698 / CCUG 18766 / IAM 14443 / JCM 21226 / LMG 7866 / NBRC 102419 / NCTC 12128 / CDC 0568-73)
ESCFE B     564: N=Escherichia fergusonii
ESCLA E   27912: N=Escarpia laminata
ESCRO E    9764: N=Eschrichtius robustus
                 C=California gray whale
                 S=Eschrichtius gibbosus
ESCSO E  247738: N=Escarpia southwardae
ESCSP E   53617: N=Escarpia spicata
ESOAM E  184450: N=Esox americanus
                 C=Redfin pickerel
ESOLU E    8010: N=Esox lucius
                 C=Northern pike
ESOMA E  126735: N=Esox masquinongy
                 S=Allegheny river pike
ESONI E  184451: N=Esox niger
                 C=Chain pickerel
ESORE E  256424: N=Esox reichertii
                 C=Amur pike
ESPPR E  231021: N=Espadarana prosoblepon
                 C=Nicaragua giant glass frog
                 S=Hyla prosoblepon
ESRV  V  273810: N=Eriocheir sinensis reovirus
ESRV9 V  648171: N=Eriocheir sinensis reovirus (isolate China/905)
ESTAC E   56594: N=Estigmene acrea
                 C=Salt marsh moth
                 S=Phalaena acrea
ESV1  V   37665: N=Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1
ESV1K V  654926: N=Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 (isolate New Zealand/Kaikoura/1988)
ETHBA E  227980: N=Etheostoma basilare
                 C=Corrugated darter
ETHHY B  663278: N=Ethanoligenens harbinense (strain DSM 18485 / JCM 12961 / CGMCC 1.5033 / YUAN-3)
ETHJE E  417927: N=Etheostoma jessiae
                 C=Blueside darter
                 S=Poecilichthys jessiae
ETHMA E  691795: N=Ethmidium maculatum
                 C=Pacific menhaden
                 S=Alausa maculata
ETHNI E   54337: N=Etheostoma nigrum
                 C=Johnny darter
ETHOK E  417933: N=Etheostoma okaloosae
                 C=Okaloosa darter
                 S=Villora okaloosae
ETHOL E  417934: N=Etheostoma olmstedi
                 C=Tessallated darter
ETHRA E   54341: N=Etheostoma radiosum
                 C=Orangebelly darter
                 S=Poecilichthys whipplii radiosus
ETHRU E   62613: N=Ethmostigmus rubripes
                 C=Giant centipede
ETHSI E  162978: N=Etheostoma simoterum
                 C=Snubnose darter
                 S=Hyostoma simoterum
ETRSU E  238232: N=Etroplus suratensis
                 C=Green chromide
                 S=Chaetodon suratensis
EUABA E  397949: N=Eualus barbatus
                 C=Barbed eualid
EUBAS E  160595: N=Eubalaena australis
                 C=Southern right whale
EUBBA B    1528: N=Eubacterium barkeri
                 S=Clostridium barkeri
EUBCE B   29322: N=Eubacterium cellulosolvens
EUBDI E  424761: N=Eublaberus distanti
                 C=Four-spotted cockroach
EUBGL E   27606: N=Eubalaena glacialis
                 C=North Atlantic right whale
                 S=Balaena biscayensis
EUBJA E  302098: N=Eubalaena japonica
                 C=North Pacific right whale
EUBLI B    1736: N=Eubacterium limosum
EUBLK B  903814: N=Eubacterium limosum (strain KIST612)
EUBMA E  481883: N=Eublepharis macularius
                 C=Leopard gecko
                 S=Cyrtodactylus macularius
EUBML B 2041044: N=Eubacterium maltosivorans
EUBOX B    1732: N=Eubacterium oxidoreducens
EUBPO E   36951: N=Eublaberus posticus
                 C=Golden cockroach
EUBRA B   39490: N=Eubacterium ramulus
EUBRE E 1435191: N=Eubasilissa regina
EUBSB E  521510: N=Eublaberus sp. (strain BF-2008)
EUBSP E  218808: N=Eubleekeria splendens
                 C=Splendid ponyfish
                 S=Equula splendens
EUBTU E  302466: N=Eublepharis turcmenicus
                 C=Turkmenistan eyelid gecko
                 S=Cyrtodactylus macularius
EUCAM E   87662: N=Eucalyptus amygdalina
                 C=Black peppermint
EUCAR E   87663: N=Eucalyptus aromaphloia
                 C=Creswick apple-box
EUCAU E  415331: N=Euchloe ausonia
                 C=Eastern dappled white butterfly
EUCBA E 1171781: N=Eucalyptus baxteri
                 C=Brown stringybark
                 S=Eucalyptus santalifolia var. baxteri
EUCBE E  535715: N=Euchloe belemia
                 C=Green-striped white butterfly
                 S=Papilio belemia
EUCBI E  208119: N=Eucomis bicolor
                 C=King's flower
                 S=Pineapple lily
EUCBO E   33130: N=Eucalyptus botryoides
                 C=Southern mahogany
                 S=Eucalyptus saligna subsp. botryoides
EUCBR E  436910: N=Eucryptorrhynchus brandti
                 C=Snout weevil
EUCCA E   34316: N=Eucalyptus camaldulensis
                 C=River red gum
EUCCD E  452569: N=Eucalyptus cladocalyx
                 C=Sugar gum
EUCCH E  415323: N=Euchloe charlonia
                 C=Greenish black-tip butterfly
                 S=Elphinstonia charlonia
EUCCL E   34320: N=Eucalyptus cloeziana
                 C=Queensland messmate
EUCCO E 2771863: N=Eucratoscelus constrictus
                 C=African red-rump baboon spider
EUCCR E  535721: N=Euchloe crameri
                 C=Western dappled white butterfly
EUCCS E  112544: N=Eucharis castelnaeana
                 C=Amazon lily
EUCCU E   34319: N=Eucalyptus curtisii
                 C=Plunkett mallee
EUCDE E  106642: N=Eucalyptus deglupta
                 C=Mindanao gum
                 S=Rainbow eucalyptus
EUCDG E   87669: N=Eucalyptus delegatensis
                 C=Alpine ash
EUCDI E  166933: N=Eucalyptus diversicolor
                 C=Karri tree
EUCDL E  219333: N=Euclea delphinii
                 C=Spiny oak slug moth
EUCDV E   87670: N=Eucalyptus diversifolia
                 C=Coastal white mallee
EUCER E   34314: N=Eucalyptus erythrocorys
EUCFO E  146422: N=Eucharis formosa
                 C=Amazon lily
EUCGA E   44989: N=Eucharis grandiflora
                 C=Amazon lily
EUCGG E   71271: N=Eucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus
                 C=Tasmanian blue gum
EUCGI E  183827: N=Eucalyptus guilfoylei
                 C=Yellow tingle
EUCGL E   34317: N=Eucalyptus globulus
                 C=Tasmanian blue gum
EUCGR E   71139: N=Eucalyptus grandis
                 C=Flooded gum
EUCGU E    3933: N=Eucalyptus gunnii
                 C=Cider gum
EUCKI E  221676: N=Euchiloglanis kishinouyei
EUCLU E    3791: N=Eucryphia lucida
EUCMA E  183836: N=Eucalyptus marginata
                 C=Jarrah tree
EUCME E  105364: N=Eucidaris metularia
                 C=Pencil urchin
EUCMI E   34315: N=Eucalyptus microcorys
EUCML E  183838: N=Eucalyptus melliodora
                 C=Yellow box
EUCMO E  208120: N=Eucomis montana
                 C=Pineapple lily
EUCNI E   87674: N=Eucalyptus nitens
                 C=Shining gum
                 S=Eucalyptus goniocalyx var. nitens
EUCOB E   36592: N=Eucalyptus obliqua
                 C=Messmate stringybark
EUCOL E  345725: N=Euchloe olympia
                 C=Olympia marble
EUCPA E  582372: N=Eucalyptus patens
                 C=Western Australian blackbutt
EUCPE E  415327: N=Euchloe penia
                 C=Eastern greenish black-tip butterfly
                 S=Elphinstonia penia
EUCPN E   62197: N=Eucometis penicillata
                 C=Grey-headed tanager
EUCPO E 1282669: N=Eucalyptus polybractea
                 C=Blue-leaved mallee
EUCRA E   87679: N=Eucalyptus radiata
                 C=Narrow-leaf peppermint gum
EUCRE E   87681: N=Eucalyptus regnans
                 C=Mountain ash
EUCSA E   99019: N=Eucalyptus saligna
                 C=Sydney blue gum
EUCSC E 1552824: N=Eucryptorrhynchus scrobiculatus
                 C=Snout weevil
                 S=Eucryptorrhynchus chinensis
EUCSE E   38516: N=Eucheuma serra
                 C=Marine red alga
                 S=Sphaerococcus serra
EUCSI E   87684: N=Eucalyptus sieberi
                 C=Silvertop ash
EUCSL E  183851: N=Eucalyptus salmonophloia
                 C=Salmon gum
EUCSP E   87685: N=Eucalyptus spathulata
                 C=Swamp mallee
EUCTA E  415341: N=Euchloe tagis
                 C=Portuguese dappled white butterfly
                 S=Papilio tagis
EUCTE E  183855: N=Eucalyptus tereticornis
                 C=Forest red gum
EUCTO E  687041: N=Eucosma tocullionana
                 C=White pine cone borer
EUCTQ E  183858: N=Eucalyptus torquata
                 C=Coral gum
EUCTR E    7632: N=Eucidaris tribuloides
                 C=Slate pencil urchin
EUCUL E    4392: N=Eucommia ulmoides
                 C=Hardy rubber tree
EUCUM E   87688: N=Eucalyptus umbra
                 C=Broad-leaved white mahogany
EUCUR E   99020: N=Eucalyptus urophylla
                 C=Timor mountain gum
EUCVE E  582381: N=Eucalyptus verrucata
                 C=Mount Abrupt stringybark
EUCVI E   97517: N=Eucypris virens
                 C=Freshwater ostracod
EUCZA E  208122: N=Eucomis zambesiaca
                 C=Pineapple lily
EUDAL E  371913: N=Eudocimus albus
                 C=White ibis
                 S=Plegadis alba
EUDCH E   79626: N=Eudyptes chrysocome
                 C=Western rockhopper penguin
                 S=Aptenodytes chrysocome
EUDCY E   79627: N=Eudyptes chrysolophus
                 C=Macaroni penguin
EUDEL E    8805: N=Eudromia elegans
                 C=Elegant crested-tinamou
EUDMA E  153291: N=Euderma maculatum
                 C=Spotted bat
                 S=Histiotus maculatus
EUDMI E   37083: N=Eudyptula minor
                 C=Little blue penguin
                 S=Aptenodytes minor
EUDNI E  116851: N=Eudiplozoon nipponicum
                 S=Diplozoon nipponicum
EUDPA E   37080: N=Eudyptes pachyrhynchus
                 C=Fiordland crested penguin
EUDRU E   69304: N=Eudorcas rufifrons
                 C=Red-fronted gazelle
                 S=Gazella rufifrons
EUDSC E    8945: N=Eudynamys scolopaceus
                 C=Western koel
                 S=Cuculus scolopaceus
EUDSF E  715217: N=Eudistoma sp. (strain FJ04-12-071)
EUDSL E   92688: N=Eudyptes sclateri
                 C=Erect-crested penguin
EUDTH E   69308: N=Eudorcas thomsonii
                 C=Thomson's gazelle
                 S=Gazella thomsonii
EUDVA E    6364: N=Eudistylia vancouveri
                 C=Northern feather duster worm
EUEIS E   33448: N=Eueides isabella
                 C=Isabella's longwing butterfly
EUGAN E   38273: N=Euglena anabaena
                 S=Euglenaria anabaena
EUGDE E   66845: N=Euglena deses
EUGDY E  866613: N=Eugenia dysenterica
                 C=Cagaita tree
EUGFU E  304846: N=Eugenes fulgens
                 C=Magnificent hummingbird
                 S=Trochilus fulgens
EUGGA E   69255: N=Euglena granulata
EUGGE E   38274: N=Euglena geniculata
EUGGR E    3039: N=Euglena gracilis
EUGLO E    3037: N=Euglena longa
                 C=Euglenophycean alga
                 S=Astasia longa
EUGMU E   38275: N=Euglena mutabilis
EUGMY E   38276: N=Euglena myxocylindracea
EUGPI E   38277: N=Euglena pisciformis
EUGSA E  130315: N=Euglena sanguinea
EUGST E   38278: N=Euglena stellata
EUGVI E    3040: N=Euglena viridis
                 S=Cercaria viridis
EUHPE E   87841: N=Euhadra peliomphala
                 C=Land snail
EULAL E 1215604: N=Eulemur albifrons
                 C=White-headed lemur
                 S=Eulemur fulvus albifrons
EULCO E   13514: N=Eulemur coronatus
                 C=Crowned lemur
EULDI E  214133: N=Eulithis diversilineata
                 C=Lesser grapevine looper moth
EULFC E   47178: N=Eulemur fulvus collaris
                 C=Collared brown lemur
                 S=Eulemur collaris
EULFL E   87288: N=Eulemur flavifrons
                 C=Blue-eyed black lemur
                 S=Eulemur macaco flavifrons
EULFU E   40322: N=Eulemur fulvus fulvus
                 C=Brown lemur
EULHO E  190445: N=Eulampis holosericeus
                 C=Green-throated carib
                 S=Sericotes holosericeus
EULJU E  190444: N=Eulampis jugularis
                 C=Purple-throated carib
                 S=Trochilus jugularis
EULMA E   30602: N=Eulemur macaco
                 C=Black lemur
                 S=Petterus macaco
EULMM E   30603: N=Eulemur macaco macaco
                 C=Black lemur
EULMO E   34828: N=Eulemur mongoz
                 C=Mongoose lemur
EULPE E  108749: N=Eulophus pennicornis
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
EULQU E  204903: N=Eulamprus quoyii
                 C=Eastern water skink
EULRF E  859984: N=Eulemur rufifrons
                 C=Bennett's brown lemur
EULRU E   34829: N=Eulemur rubriventer
                 C=Red-bellied lemur
EULVE E   36941: N=Eulimnogammarus verrucosus
EULVI E   58370: N=Eulimnogammarus vittatus
                 C=Baikalian amphipod
EUMAU E  124747: N=Eumops auripendulus
                 C=Black bonneted bat
                 S=Shaw's mastiff bat
EUMFR E 1035771: N=Eumenes fraterculus
                 C=Solitary wasp
EUMGL E   27619: N=Eumops glaucinus
                 C=Wagner's mastiff bat
                 S=Wagner's bonneted bat
EUMJU E   34886: N=Eumetopias jubatus
                 C=Steller sea lion
                 S=Phoca jubata
EUMPE E   27620: N=Eumops perotis
                 C=Western bonneted bat
                 S=Molossus perotis
EUMPO E  693051: N=Eumenes pomiformis
                 C=Potter wasp
                 S=Vespa pomiformis
EUMRB E 1035770: N=Eumenes rubrofemoratus
                 C=Solitary wasp
EUMRU E  539890: N=Eumenes rubronotatus
                 C=Solitary wasp
EUMVA E  151549: N=Eumeta variegata
                 C=Bagworm moth
                 S=Eumeta japonica
EUNCA E  317547: N=Eunicella cavolini
                 C=Yellow gorgonian
EUNCO E  119403: N=Eunymphicus cornutus
                 C=Horned parakeet
                 S=Psittacus cornutus
EUNFL E  437162: N=Eunicea flexuosa
                 C=Bent sea rod
                 S=Plexaura flexuosa
EUNMU E   51876: N=Eunectes murinus
                 C=Green anaconda
EUNNO E   51877: N=Eunectes notaeus
                 C=Yellow anaconda
EUNPA E  287899: N=Eunicea palmeri
                 C=Palmer's sea rod
EUNPE E  167814: N=Eunice pennata
                 C=Rock worm
                 S=Polychaete worm
EUNTO E  204326: N=Eunicea tourneforti
                 C=Tournefort's knobby candelabra
EUNUV E  119404: N=Eunymphicus uvaeensis
                 C=Uvea parakeet
                 S=Eunymphicus cornutus uvaeensis
EUOAL E    4307: N=Euonymus alatus
                 C=Burning bush
                 S=Celastrus alatus
EUOEL E  261736: N=Euoticus elegantulus
                 C=Southern needle-clawed bushbaby
EUOEU E  123417: N=Euonymus europaeus
                 C=European spindle tree
EUOMA E    4309: N=Euonymus maackii
                 C=Maack's spindle tree
                 S=Euonymus hamiltonianus var. maackii
EUPAE E    5940: N=Euplotes aediculatus
EUPAR E   51898: N=Eupsittula aurea
                 C=Peach-fronted parakeet
                 S=Psittacus aureus
EUPAU E  104503: N=Euphydryas aurinia
                 C=Marsh fritillary butterfly
EUPBR E 1131482: N=Eupenicillium brefeldianum
                 S=Penicillium brefeldianum
EUPCA E   63984: N=Eupackardia calleta
                 C=Calleta silkmoth
EUPCB E   58800: N=Euplexaura crassa
                 C=Soft coral
EUPCC E  209681: N=Eupsophus calcaratus
                 C=Chiloe Island ground frog
EUPCH E    3991: N=Euphorbia characias
                 C=Albanian spurge
EUPCI E  226699: N=Eupetaurus cinereus
                 C=Woolly flying squirrel
EUPCL E  104504: N=Euphydryas chalcedona
                 C=Variable checkerspot
                 S=Occidryas chalcedona
EUPCN E  102770: N=Eupatorium cannabinum
                 C=Hemp agrimony
EUPCO E   84801: N=Euphagus carolinus
                 C=Rusty blackbird
EUPCP E   58519: N=Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis
                 C=Skittering frog
EUPCR E    5936: N=Euplotes crassus
EUPCS E   38844: N=Euphorbia cyparissias
                 C=Cypress spurge
EUPCT E  216473: N=Euphorbia cyathophora
                 C=Fire on the mountain
                 S=Euphorbia heterophylla var. cyathophora
EUPCU E   64454: N=Euptoieta claudia
                 C=Variegated fritillary
EUPCY E   84817: N=Euphagus cyanocephalus
                 C=Brewer's blackbird
EUPDU E    3992: N=Euphorbia dulcis
                 C=Sweet spurge
EUPED E  104508: N=Euphydryas editha
                 C=Edith's checkerspot
EUPEN E  301164: N=Euphilotes enoptes
                 C=Dotted blue butterfly
                 S=Lycaena enoptes
EUPES E    3993: N=Euphorbia esula
                 C=Leafy spurge
EUPEU E    5941: N=Euplotes eurystomus
EUPFO E   36767: N=Euplotes focardii
EUPHE E  154990: N=Euphorbia helioscopia
                 C=Madwoman's milk
                 S=Chamaesyce hirta
EUPHX E  143416: N=Euphlyctis hexadactylus
                 C=Indian five-fingered frog
EUPHY E  102774: N=Eupatorium hyssopifolium
                 C=Hyssop-leaf thoroughwort
EUPLA E   54672: N=Euphorbia lagascae
EUPLT E  212925: N=Euphorbia lathyris
                 C=Caper spurge
EUPMA E   28955: N=Euphorbia marginata
                 S=Euphorbia variegata
EUPMC E  153633: N=Eupetomena macroura
                 C=Swallow-tailed hummingbird
                 S=Campylopterus macrourus
EUPMI E   65559: N=Euphorbia milii
                 C=Crown of thorns
EUPNE E   57415: N=Euptilotis neoxenus
                 C=Eared trogon
EUPNI E  334690: N=Euphorbia nivulia
                 C=Leafy milk hedge
                 S=Euphorbia varians
EUPNO E  184062: N=Euplotes nobilii
EUPOC E 2716877: N=Euplotoides octocarinatus
                 C=Freshwater ciliate
                 S=Euplotes octocarinatus
EUPPA E  522824: N=Euproserpinus phaeton
                 C=Phaeton primrose sphinx moth
                 S=Macroglossa erato
EUPPE E   38846: N=Euphorbia peplus
                 C=Petty spurge
EUPPH E  104513: N=Euphydryas phaeton
                 C=Baltimore checkerspot
EUPPL E 1344811: N=Euphilotes pallescens
                 C=Pallid dotted-blue butterfly
EUPPR E  102777: N=Eupatorium perfoliatum
                 C=Common boneset
EUPPU E   37495: N=Euphorbia pulcherrima
                 S=Poinsettia pulcherrima
EUPRA E    5938: N=Euplotes raikovi
EUPSC E    6613: N=Euprymna scolopes
                 C=Hawaiian bobtail squid
EUPSE E   89385: N=Eupodotis senegalensis
                 C=White-bellied bustard
EUPSU E    6819: N=Euphausia superba
                 C=Antarctic krill
EUPSX E  143300: N=Euphractus sexcinctus
                 C=Six-banded armadillo
                 S=Dasypus sexcinctus
EUPTI E  142860: N=Euphorbia tirucalli
                 C=Pencil tree
EUPVA E    5939: N=Euplotes vannus
                 C=Marine ciliate
                 S=Moneuplotes vannus
EURAB E  712838: N=Eurema arbela boisduvaliana
                 C=Boisduval's yellow butterfly
                 S=Eurema boisduvaliana
EURAD E 1172129: N=Eurytoma adleriae
                 C=Chalcid wasp
EURAF E   88015: N=Eurytemora affinis
                 S=Temora affinis
EURBL E  323675: N=Eurema blanda
                 C=Three-spot grass yellow butterfly
                 S=Terias blanda
EURCO E  167815: N=Eurythoe complanata
                 C=Orange fire worm
EURDA E   72257: N=Eurema daira
                 C=Barred yellow butterfly
EURDE E 1204382: N=Euraphia depressa
                 C=Flattened barnacle
                 S=Chthamalus depressus
EURDI E 2233550: N=Eurynia dilatata
                 S=Elliptio dilatata
EURDP E  108111: N=Eurypanopeus depressus
                 C=Flatback mud crab
                 S=Panopeus depressus
EURFE E    4414: N=Euryale ferox
                 C=Gorgon plant
                 S=Prickly water lily
EURFL E  303877: N=Eurycotis floridana
                 C=Florida woods cockroach
                 S=Skunk roach
EURGE E  286707: N=Eurydema gebleri
                 C=Shield bug
EURGR E  304095: N=Euryhaliotrema grandis
                 S=Euryhaliotrematoides grandis
EURHC E   76203: N=Eurema hecabe
                 C=Common grass yellow butterfly
                 S=Papilio hecabe
EURHL E   54383: N=Eurypyga helias
EURLI E   72258: N=Eurema lisa
                 C=Little yellow
                 S=Pyrisitia lisa
EURMA E    6958: N=Euroglyphus maynei
                 C=Mayne's house dust mite
EURMC E  286131: N=Euroscaptor micrura
                 C=Himalayan mole
                 S=Talpa micrura
EURME E  320261: N=Eurema mexicana
                 C=Mexican yellow butterfly
EURMI E 2835217: N=Euroscaptor mizura
                 C=Japanese mountain mole
                 S=Oreoscaptor mizura
EURMO E   48006: N=Euryoryzomys macconnelli
                 C=Macconnell's rice rat
                 S=Oryzomys macconnelli
EURMR E   77245: N=Eurytides marcellus
                 C=Zebra swallowtail butterfly
                 S=Protographium marcellus
EURNO E  516507: N=Euroleon nostras
EURPE E   55117: N=Eurypharynx pelecanoides
                 C=Pelican eel
EURPR E  125303: N=Euryceros prevostii
                 C=Helmet vanga
EURPU E  155694: N=Eurydice pulchra
                 C=Speckled sea louse
EURRU E  123941: N=Euryoryzomys russatus
                 C=Big-headed rice rat
                 S=Oryzomys russatus
EURSO E  178769: N=Eurosta solidaginis
                 C=Goldenrod gall fly
EURSP E   43325: N=Euryzygomatomys spinosus
                 S=Euryzygomatomys guiara
EUSBL E  199554: N=Eusyllis blomstrandi
                 C=Polychaete worm
EUSDA E   82231: N=Eustephia darwinii
EUSER E   52518: N=Eustoma exaltatum subsp. russellianum
                 S=Eustoma grandiflorum
EUSHE E  437493: N=Euschistus heros
                 C=Neotropical brown stink bug
EUSJA E  210332: N=Euscaphis japonica
                 C=Korean sweetheart tree
                 S=Sambucus japonica
EUSJP E  414931: N=Eusilpha japonica
                 C=Japanese carrion beetle
                 S=Necrophila japonica
EUSLA E  101708: N=Eustrephus latifolius
                 C=Wombat berry
EUSPL E    6827: N=Euscelis plebejus
EUSSE E  756488: N=Euschistus servus
                 C=Brown stink bug
EUSTR E 1284683: N=Euschistus tristigmus
                 C=Dusky stink bug
                 S=Pentatoma tristigma
EUSVA E 1643527: N=Euscorpiops validus
EUTAF E    8227: N=Euthynnus affinis
                 C=Mackerel tuna
                 S=Thynnus affinis
EUTAL E    8228: N=Euthynnus alletteratus
                 C=Little tunny
                 S=Scomber alletteratus
EUTAQ E  190686: N=Eutoxeres aquila
                 C=White-tipped sicklebill
EUTBR E  294354: N=Euthystira brachyptera
                 C=Small gold grasshopper
                 S=Chrysochraon brachyptera
EUTCA E  280766: N=Eutrichopus canariensis
                 C=Ground beetle
EUTFI E  102764: N=Eutrochium fistulosum
                 C=Hollow Joe-Pye weed
                 S=Eupatorium fistulosum
EUTGO E  127491: N=Eutrichopus gonzalezi
                 C=Ground beetle
EUTGR E   72935: N=Euthamia graminifolia
                 C=Flat-top goldentop
                 S=Chrysocoma graminifolia
EUTHA E   98038: N=Eutrema halophilum
                 C=Salt cress
                 S=Sisymbrium halophilum
EUTIR E 1417367: N=Euthalia irrubescens
                 C=Baron butterfly
EUTJA E   75806: N=Eutrema japonicum
                 C=Wasabi plant
                 S=Eutrema wasabi
EUTLA E 1287681: N=Eutypa lata (strain UCR-EL1)
                 C=Grapevine dieback disease fungus
                 S=Eutypa armeniacae
EUTMA E  102765: N=Eutrochium maculatum
                 C=Spotted Joe-Pye weed
                 S=Eupatorium maculatum
EUTMU E  217868: N=Eutropis multifasciata
                 C=Many-lined sun skink
                 S=Mabuya multifasciata
EUTPA E  176532: N=Eutetras palmeri
EUTPN E  374591: N=Eurytrema pancreaticum
                 C=Pancreas fluke
EUTRU E 1936067: N=Eutolmus rufibarbis
                 C=Golden-tabbed robberfly
                 S=Asilus rufibarbis
EUTSA E   72664: N=Eutrema salsugineum
                 C=Saltwater cress
                 S=Sisymbrium salsugineum
EUXDI E  721891: N=Euxoa divergens
                 C=Divergent dart moth
EUXSC E  690670: N=Euxoa scandens
                 C=White cutworm moth
EVAC2 B  649639: N=Evansella cellulosilytica (strain ATCC 21833 / DSM 2522 / FERM P-1141 / JCM 9156 / N-4)
                 S=Bacillus cellulosilyticus
EVAHO E  243409: N=Evarcha hoyi
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Hasarius hoyi
EVATR E    7616: N=Evasterias troschelii
                 C=Mottled sea star
                 S=Asterias troschelii
EVESU E  566438: N=Everettia subconsul
EVIAF E  166747: N=Eviota afelei
                 C=Afele's fringefin goby
EVYCA E  497151: N=Evynnis cardinalis
                 C=Cardinal seabream
                 S=Sparus cardinalis
EVYTU E  119711: N=Evynnis tumifrons
                 C=Yellowback seabream
                 S=Dentex tumifrons
EXAAF E   13525: N=Exacum affine
                 C=Persian violet
EXADI E 2652724: N=Exaiptasia diaphana
                 C=Tropical sea anemone
                 S=Aiptasia pulchella
EXALE E  457479: N=Exapion lemovicinum
                 C=Seed weevil
                 S=Apion lemovicinum
EXAUL E  457478: N=Exapion ulicis
                 C=Gorse seed weevil
                 S=Apion ulicis
EXCCH E   46218: N=Excalfactoria chinensis
                 C=Blue-breasted quail
                 S=Coturnix chinensis
EXCHI E  440103: N=Excirolana hirsuticauda
                 C=Sandy beach isopod
EXERO E    7412: N=Exeristes roborator
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
EXIAB B 1087448: N=Exiguobacterium antarcticum (strain B7)
EXIAC B   41170: N=Exiguobacterium acetylicum
                 S=Brevibacterium acetylicum
EXICO E  226548: N=Exilisciurus concinnus
                 C=Philippine pygmy squirrel
EXIEI E  226549: N=Exilisciurus exilis
                 C=Least pygmy squirrel
EXIEX E   30122: N=Exitianus exitiosus
EXIGL E    5219: N=Exidia glandulosa
                 C=Black witch's butter
EXINE E 1234564: N=Exiligada negriensis
                 C=Land snail
EXIPL E  196258: N=Exiliboa placata
                 C=Oaxacan dwarf boa
EXIS2 B  262543: N=Exiguobacterium sibiricum (strain DSM 17290 / CIP 109462 / JCM 13490 / 255-15)
EXISA B  360911: N=Exiguobacterium sp. (strain ATCC BAA-1283 / AT1b)
EXODE E    5970: N=Exophiala dermatitidis
                 C=Black yeast
                 S=Wangiella dermatitidis
EXODN E  858893: N=Exophiala dermatitidis (strain ATCC 34100 / CBS 525.76 / NIH/UT8656)
                 C=Black yeast
                 S=Wangiella dermatitidis
EXOEX E   13202: N=Exophiala exophialae
                 C=Black yeast-like fungus
                 S=Phaeococcomyces exophialae
EXOJE E    5584: N=Exophiala jeanselmei
                 C=Dematiaceous fungus
                 S=Phialophora jeanselmei
EXOLA E  380514: N=Exorista larvarum
                 C=Parasitoid fly
EXOME E  212818: N=Exophiala mesophila
                 C=Black yeast
EXOMO E  293907: N=Exocoetus monocirrhus
                 C=Barbel flyingfish
EXOOR E  121605: N=Exomala orientalis
                 C=Oriental beetle
                 S=Anomala orientalis
EXOQU E  115346: N=Exochomus quadripustulatus
                 C=Pine ladybird beetle
                 S=Brumus quadripustulatus
EXORO E  175328: N=Exoneura robusta
                 C=Australian allodapine bee
EXOSO E  191189: N=Exorista sorbillans
                 C=Uzi fly
EXOVO E  143332: N=Exocoetus volitans
                 C=Tropical two-wing flyingfish
EXPEX E 1224815: N=Explanatum explanatum
                 C=Liver fluke
EXSCR E  103981: N=Exsertotheca crispa
                 S=Neckera crispa
EXSRO E 1659837: N=Exserohilum rostratum
                 S=Setosphaeria rostrata
EXTTI E    7024: N=Extatosoma tiaratum
                 C=Giant prickly stick insect
                 S=Phasma tiaratum
EYSGU E  702485: N=Eysarcoris guttigerus
                 C=White-spotted globular bug
                 S=Cimex guttigerus
FAEPA B  411483: N=Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (strain DSM 17677 / JCM 31915 / A2-165)
FAGCR E   28929: N=Fagus crenata
                 C=Japanese beech
FAGEA E  180217: N=Fagopyrum esculentum subsp. ancestrale
                 C=Wild buckwheat
FAGES E    3617: N=Fagopyrum esculentum
                 C=Common buckwheat
                 S=Polygonum fagopyrum
FAGHA E  133895: N=Fagus hayatae
                 C=Formosan elm
FAGJA E   63422: N=Fagus japonica
                 C=Japanese beech
FAGSY E   28930: N=Fagus sylvatica
FAGTA E   62330: N=Fagopyrum tataricum
                 C=Tartarian buckwheat
                 S=Polygonum tataricum
FAHPI E  294761: N=Fahrenholzia pinnata
FALCA E  109674: N=Falcipennis canadensis
                 C=Spruce grouse
                 S=Dendragapus canadensis
FALCH E  345164: N=Falco cherrug
                 C=Saker falcon
FALCO E    8953: N=Falco columbarius
FALFE E   56349: N=Falco femoralis
                 C=Aplomado falcon
FALME E  279964: N=Falco mexicanus
                 C=Prairie falcon
FALNA E  148594: N=Falco naumanni
                 C=Lesser kestrel
FALPA E   35969: N=Fallugia paradoxa
                 C=Apache plume
                 S=Sieversia paradoxa
FALPE E    8954: N=Falco peregrinus
                 C=Peregrine falcon
FALRU E  120794: N=Falco rusticolus
FALSP E   56350: N=Falco sparverius
                 C=American kestrel
FALTI E  100819: N=Falco tinnunculus
                 C=Common kestrel
FANAR E   95469: N=Fannia armata
                 C=Lesser house fly
                 S=Anthomyia armata
FANCA E  307205: N=Fannia canicularis
                 C=Lesser house fly
                 S=Musca canicularis
FANMA E  392039: N=Fannia manicata
                 C=Lesser house fly
                 S=Anthomyia manicata
FARAB E   39306: N=Farancia abacura
                 C=Mud snake
FASGI E   46835: N=Fasciola gigantica
                 C=Giant liver fluke
FASHE E    6192: N=Fasciola hepatica
                 C=Liver fluke
FASTU E  167136: N=Fasciolaria tulipa
                 C=True tulip snail
                 S=Murex tulipa
FATJA E   46397: N=Fatsia japonica
                 C=Glossy-leaf paper plant
                 S=Aralia japonica
FAVCO E  498483: N=Favites complanata
                 C=Hard coral
FAVFR E   44304: N=Favia fragum
                 C=Golfball coral
                 S=Madrepora fragum
FAVHA E  242760: N=Favites halicora
                 C=Brain coral
                 S=Goniastrea halicora
FAVPE E  498486: N=Favites pentagona
                 C=War coral
FAVVA E 1920457: N=Favites valenciennesi
                 C=Brain coral
                 S=Phymastrea valenciennesi
FAXLI E   28379: N=Faxonius limosus
                 C=Spinycheek crayfish
                 S=Orconectes limosus
FAXRU E 2588666: N=Faxonius rusticus
                 C=Rusty crayfish
                 S=Orconectes rusticus
FAXVI E 2860243: N=Faxonius virilis
                 C=Virile crayfish
                 S=Orconectes virilis
FAZFA E  498370: N=Fazia fascifrons
                 S=Allograpta fascifrons
FBNY1 V  291603: N=Faba bean necrotic yellows virus (isolate Egyptian EV1-93)
FBNY2 V  291604: N=Faba bean necrotic yellows virus (isolate SV292-88)
FBNYS V  349460: N=Faba bean necrotic yellows virus subviral DNA
FCDNV V 1556324: N=Fenneropenaeus chinensis hepatopancreatic densovirus (isolate Shrimp/China/HB/2008)
FCPV  V  197771: N=Fringilla coelebs papillomavirus
FCPVN V  654914: N=Fringilla coelebs papillomavirus (isolate Chaffinch/Netherlands/Dutch)
FCVC6 V   11979: N=Feline calicivirus (strain CFI/68 FIV)
FCVF4 V   11980: N=Feline calicivirus (strain Japanese F4)
FCVF9 V   11981: N=Feline calicivirus (strain F9)
FCVUR V  292349: N=Feline calicivirus (strain Cat/United States/Urbana/1960)
FDLV8 V 1283347: N=Fer-de-Lance paramyxovirus (strain ATCC VR-895)
                 S=Fer-de-Lance virus
FDV   V   77698: N=Fiji disease virus
FDVS  V  648172: N=Fiji disease virus (isolate Sugarcane)
FEJCA E  111367: N=Fejervarya cancrivora
                 C=Crab-eating frog
                 S=Rana cancrivora
FEJLI E  110108: N=Fejervarya limnocharis
                 C=Boie's wart frog
                 S=Rana limnocharis
FEJMU E  429310: N=Fejervarya multistriata
                 C=Hong Kong paddy frog
                 S=Rana multistriata
FELBI E  458418: N=Felis bieti
                 C=Chinese mountain cat
                 S=Felis silvestris bieti
FELCA E    9685: N=Felis catus
                 S=Felis silvestris catus
FELCH E   61376: N=Felis chaus
                 C=Jungle cat
FELJA E   48986: N=Feltia jaculifera
                 C=Dingy cutworm moth
FELKR E 1522280: N=Felimida krohni
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Chromodoris krohni
FELLU E 1499118: N=Felimida luteorosea
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Chromodoris luteorosea
FELMA E   61378: N=Felis margarita
                 C=Sand cat
FELMN E   61408: N=Felis manul
                 C=Pallas's cat
                 S=Otocolobus manul
FELNI E   61379: N=Felis nigripes
                 C=Black-footed cat
                 S=Anthill tiger
FELOR E   71311: N=Felimare orsinii
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Hypselodoris orsinii
FELPI E 1564611: N=Felimare picta
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Hypselodoris elegans
FELPU E 1499119: N=Felimida purpurea
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Chromodoris purpurea
FELSI E    9683: N=Felis silvestris
                 C=Wild cat
FELSL E   61377: N=Felis silvestris lybica
                 C=African wildcat
                 S=Felis lybica
FENTA E  691577: N=Feniseca tarquinius
                 C=Harvester butterfly
                 S=Hesperia tarquinius
FENV1 V   11766: N=Feline endogenous virus ECE1
FERAC A   97393: N=Ferroplasma acidarmanus
FERAT E  103592: N=Feresa attenuata
                 C=Pygmy killer whale
                 S=Delphinus intermedius
FERAY B   72581: N=Ferdinandcohnia aciditolerans (strain JCM 32973 / CCTCC AB 2017280 / YN-1)
                 S=Bacillus aciditolerans
FERBD B  550540: N=Ferrimonas balearica (strain DSM 9799 / CCM 4581 / KCTC 23876 / PAT)
FERFK A 1163730: N=Fervidicoccus fontis (strain DSM 19380 / JCM 18336 / VKM B-2539 / Kam940)
FERGO B   44754: N=Fervidobacterium gondwanense
FERIS B    2423: N=Fervidobacterium islandicum
FERNB B  381764: N=Fervidobacterium nodosum (strain ATCC 35602 / DSM 5306 / Rt17-B1)
FERPA A  589924: N=Ferroglobus placidus (strain DSM 10642 / AEDII12DO)
FERPD B  771875: N=Fervidobacterium pennivorans (strain DSM 9078 / Ven5)
FERPE B   93466: N=Fervidobacterium pennivorans
FERPL A   54261: N=Ferroglobus placidus
FESAL E  145835: N=Festuca altissima
                 C=Wood fescue
FESAR E    4606: N=Festuca arundinacea
                 C=Tall fescue
                 S=Schedonorus arundinaceus
FESFE E   72455: N=Festucopsis festucoides
FESGI E   29677: N=Festuca gigantea
                 C=Giant fescue
                 S=Bromus giganteus
FESPR E    4608: N=Festuca pratensis
                 C=Meadow fescue
                 S=Schedonorus pratensis
FESRU E   52153: N=Festuca rubra
                 C=Red fescue
FESSE E   72456: N=Festucopsis serpentini
FFV   V   53182: N=Feline foamy virus
                 S=Feline syncytial virus
FHV   V   12287: N=Flock house virus
FHV1  V   10334: N=Feline herpesvirus 1
                 S=Feline viral rhinotracheitis virus
FIBRA E 1078123: N=Fibroporia radiculosa (strain TFFH 294)
                 C=Brown rot fungus
                 S=Antrodia radiculosa
FIBSS B   59374: N=Fibrobacter succinogenes (strain ATCC 19169 / S85)
FIBSU B     833: N=Fibrobacter succinogenes
                 S=Bacteroides succinogenes
FICAL E   59894: N=Ficedula albicollis
                 C=Collared flycatcher
                 S=Muscicapa albicollis
FICBE E  309271: N=Ficus benghalensis
                 C=Indian banyan tree
                 S=Ficus indica
FICBN E  182105: N=Ficus benjamina
                 C=Weeping fig
                 S=Ficus nitida
FICCA E    3494: N=Ficus carica
                 C=Common fig
FICEL E  182112: N=Ficus elastica
                 C=Rubber tree
FICHY E   46689: N=Ficedula hypoleuca
                 C=European pied flycatcher
                 S=Muscicapa hypoleuca
FICNA E   36293: N=Ficedula narcissina
                 C=Narcissus flycatcher
FICPA E  126711: N=Ficedula parva
                 C=Red-breasted flycatcher
                 S=Muscicapa parva
FICPW E  204231: N=Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang
                 C=Jelly fig
                 S=Ficus awkeotsang
FICSE E   59864: N=Ficedula semitorquata
                 C=Semi-collared flycatcher
                 S=Muscicapa semitorquata
FICVE E   79245: N=Ranunculus ficaria
                 C=Lesser celandine
                 S=Ficaria verna
FILAD B  546269: N=Filifactor alocis (strain ATCC 35896 / D40 B5)
                 S=Fusobacterium alocis
FILMA E  175761: N=Filarum manserichense
FIMAN E   46750: N=Fimbriaphyllia ancora
                 C=Hammer coral
                 S=Euphyllia ancora
FINM2 B  334413: N=Finegoldia magna (strain ATCC 29328 / DSM 20472 / WAL 2508)
                 S=Peptostreptococcus magnus
FINMA B    1260: N=Finegoldia magna
                 S=Peptostreptococcus magnus
FIPV  V   33734: N=Feline coronavirus (strain FIPV WSU-79/1146)
FISAU B  230521: N=Fischerella ambigua (strain UTEX 1903)
FISCU E  317588: N=Fissurella cumingi
                 C=Rosy keyhole limpet
FISEL E  691745: N=Fischoederius elongatus
FISMU B   92938: N=Fischerella muscicola
FISNO E 2008595: N=Fissidens nobilis
FISSO E 1519565: N=Fistulifera solaris
                 C=Oleaginous diatom
FISVO E  707972: N=Fissurella volcano
                 C=Volcano keyhole limpet
FIVPE V   11674: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (isolate Petaluma)
FIVSD V   11675: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (strain San Diego)
FIVT2 V   31676: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (isolate TM2)
FIVU1 V   36373: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (strain UT-113)
FIVU2 V   36371: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (strain UK2)
FIVU8 V   36372: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (strain UK8)
FIVWO V   45409: N=Feline immunodeficiency virus (isolate Wo)
FLAAF E  154626: N=Flabellina affinis
                 C=Pink flabellina
                 S=Sea slug
FLAAN E   35877: N=Flaveria anomala
FLAB3 B  531844: N=Flavobacteriaceae bacterium (strain 3519-10)
FLABB B  156586: N=Flavobacteria bacterium (strain BBFL7)
FLABF B 1034807: N=Flavobacterium branchiophilum (strain FL-15)
FLABI E    4224: N=Flaveria bidentis
                 C=Coastal plain yellowtops
                 S=Ethulia bidentis
FLABM B  487796: N=Flavobacteria bacterium (strain MS024-2A)
FLABR E   33111: N=Flaveria brownii
                 C=Brown's yellowtops
FLACA B 1041826: N=Flavobacterium columnare (strain ATCC 49512 / CIP 103533 / TG 44/87)
FLACH E    4228: N=Flaveria chlorifolia
                 C=Clasping yellowtops
FLACR E   29717: N=Flaveria cronquistii
FLADA B  350893: N=Flavobacterium daejeonense
FLAFI B  229204: N=Flavobacterium frigoris
FLAFL E   35878: N=Flaveria floridana
                 C=Florida yellowtops
FLAFP B 1086011: N=Flavobacterium frigoris (strain PS1)
FLAFR B  262320: N=Flavobacterium frigidimaris
FLAHY B     991: N=Flavobacterium hydatis
                 S=Cytophaga aquatilis
FLAIG B 1094466: N=Flavobacterium indicum (strain DSM 17447 / CIP 109464 / GPTSA100-9)
FLAJ1 B  376686: N=Flavobacterium johnsoniae (strain ATCC 17061 / DSM 2064 / JCM 8514 / NBRC 14942 / NCIMB 11054 / UW101)
                 S=Cytophaga johnsonae
FLAJO B     986: N=Flavobacterium johnsoniae
                 S=Cytophaga johnsonae
FLALI E    4225: N=Flaveria linearis
                 C=Narrowleaf yellowtops
FLALU B     255: N=Flavobacterium lutescens
FLAPA E   35879: N=Flaveria palmeri
FLAPJ B  402612: N=Flavobacterium psychrophilum (strain ATCC 49511 / DSM 21280 / CIP 103535 / JIP02/86)
FLAPL B  292800: N=Flavonifractor plautii
                 S=Fusobacterium plautii
FLAPO E   72155: N=Flammulina populicola
                 C=Enokitake mushroom
FLAPR E    4226: N=Flaveria pringlei
FLAPS B   96345: N=Flavobacterium psychrophilum
FLAPU E   35880: N=Flaveria pubescens
FLAQU E  116135: N=Favonius quercus
                 C=Purple hairstreak
                 S=Neozephyrus quercus
FLARA E   41578: N=Flaveria ramosissima
FLARO E  163089: N=Flaveria robusta
FLAS1 B     240: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain 141-8)
FLAS3 B  268949: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain K3-15 / DSM ID92-509)
FLAS9 B  216393: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain P99-3)
FLASC B 1144313: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain CF136)
FLASK B   37931: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain K172)
FLASP B     239: N=Flavobacterium sp.
FLASS B     241: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain SC 12,154)
FLAST B  148444: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain SK1022)
FLASU B     242: N=Flavobacterium sp. (strain U-188)
FLASX B 2778089: N=Flavobacteriaceae sp. genome_bin_11
FLATR E    4227: N=Flaveria trinervia
                 C=Clustered yellowtops
                 S=Oedera trinervia
FLAVE E   38945: N=Flammulina velutipes
                 S=Agaricus velutipes
FLDV  V   36363: N=Fish lymphocystis disease virus
FLEAB E   57261: N=Flexamia abbreviata
FLEAR E   57334: N=Flexamia areolata
FLERU E   43495: N=Fleroya rubrostipulata
                 S=Mitragyna rubrostipulata
FLESA E   57358: N=Flexamia sandersi
FLESI B    2352: N=Flexistipes sinusarabici
FLESM B  717231: N=Flexistipes sinusarabici (strain ATCC 49648 / DSM 4947 / MAS 10)
FLEVB V   45220: N=Flexal mammarenavirus (isolate Rat/Brazil/BeAn 293022/1975)
FLOCH E 2587399: N=Floropilus chiversii
                 S=Chaetomium chiversii
FLOFU E  689215: N=Florisuga fusca
                 C=Black jacobin
                 S=Melanotrochilus fuscus
FLOPE E  183106: N=Florestina pedata
                 S=Stevia pedata
FLOPR E   13531: N=Floerkea proserpinacoides
                 C=False mermaid-weed
FLOTE E   51328: N=Floydiella terrestris
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Planophila terrestris
FLUTR B  755732: N=Fluviicola taffensis (strain DSM 16823 / NCIMB 13979 / RW262)
FLV   V   11768: N=Feline leukemia virus
FLVC1 V   11921: N=Feline leukemia virus (isolate CFE-16)
FLVC6 V   11922: N=Feline leukemia virus (isolate CFE-6)
FLVCA V  103917: N=Feline leukemia virus (strain C/FA27)
FLVCS V  103918: N=Feline leukemia virus (strain C/FS246)
FLVGL V   11769: N=Feline leukemia virus (strain A/Glasgow-1)
FLVLB V  103916: N=Feline leukemia virus (strain B/lambda-B1)
FLVSA V  103919: N=Feline leukemia virus (strain C/Sarma)
FLVTT V   11923: N=Feline leukemia virus FTT
FMDV1 V   12112: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (strain A10-61)
                 C=Aphthovirus A
FMDV5 V   12113: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Germany/A5Westerwald/1951 serotype A)
FMDVA V   12114: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Bovine/United Kingdom/A12Valle119/1932 serotype A)
FMDVC V   12115: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Bovine/Brazil/A24Cruzeiro/1955 serotype A)
FMDVI V   12117: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Brazil/C3Indaial/1971 serotype C)
FMDVO V   73482: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Bovine/Germany/O1Kaufbeuren/1966 serotype O)
FMDVP V  649897: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate Swine/Taiwan/OTai/1997 serotype O)
FMDVS V   12120: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Spain/S8c1SantaPau/1970 serotype C)
FMDVT V   12121: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Germany/C1Oberbayen/1960 serotype C)
FMDVZ V   73481: N=Foot-and-mouth disease virus (isolate -/Azerbaijan/A22-550/1965 serotype A)
FMVD  V   10650: N=Figwort mosaic virus (strain DxS)
FNSVC V 1554495: N=Furcraea necrotic streak virus (isolate/Colombia/Furcraea/Cauca/2004)
FOAMV V   11963: N=Human spumaretrovirus
                 S=Human foamy virus
FOEVU E 2849586: N=Foeniculum vulgare
                 S=Foeniculum officinale
FOLCA E  158441: N=Folsomia candida
FOMME E  694068: N=Fomitiporia mediterranea (strain MF3/22)
                 C=Grapevine white-rot fungus
FOMML E  383679: N=Fomes meliae
                 S=Fomitopsis meliae
FOMPI E  743788: N=Fomitopsis pinicola (strain FP-58527)
                 C=Brown rot fungus
FONAL E  691883: N=Fonticula alba
                 C=Slime mold
FORAG B 1347342: N=Formosa agariphila (strain DSM 15362 / KCTC 12365 / LMG 23005 / KMM 3901)
FORAQ E  258703: N=Formica aquilonia
                 C=Red wood ant
                 S=Scottish wood ant
FORAU E   13068: N=Forficula auricularia
                 C=European earwig
FORCY E 1265754: N=Forpus cyanopygius
                 C=Mexican parrotlet
                 S=Psittacula cyanopygia
FORFL E  109909: N=Forcipiger flavissimus
                 C=Longnose butterflyfish
FORFU E   72779: N=Formica fusca
                 C=Black ant
                 S=Silky ant
FORIN E   55183: N=Forsythia intermedia
                 C=Border forsythia
                 S=Forsythia suspensa x Forsythia viridissima
FORLA E    7980: N=Formosania lacustris
                 C=Oriental stream loach
                 S=Crossostoma lacustre
FORLE E   63648: N=Forficula lesnei
                 C=Lesne's earwig
FORLU E  111071: N=Formica lugubris
                 C=Hairy wood ant
FORMO E  870969: N=Forpus modestus
                 C=Dusky-billed parrotlet
FORPA E   69957: N=Forpus passerinus
                 C=Green-rumped parrotlet
FORPR E  221681: N=Formica pratensis
                 C=European red wood ant
FORRU E  258706: N=Formica rufa
                 C=Southern wood ant
FORSC E  185569: N=Forficula scudderi
FORTA E  515531: N=Forcipomyia taiwana
                 C=Bloodsucking midge
                 S=Lasiohelea taiwana
FORTR E   72783: N=Formica truncorum
                 C=Wood ant
FOSFO E  143320: N=Fossa fossana
                 C=Malagasy civet
                 S=Viverra fossa
FOUAL E   81980: N=Fourraea alpina
                 S=Arabis pauciflora
FOUEM E  441684: N=Foudia eminentissima
                 C=Red-headed fody
FOUSP E   13533: N=Fouquieria splendens
FOWPN V  928301: N=Fowlpox virus (strain NVSL)
FOWPV V   10261: N=Fowlpox virus
FPV   V   10786: N=Feline panleukopenia virus
FPV19 V   10787: N=Feline panleukopenia virus (strain 193)
FPVL  V   10577: N=Avian papillomavirus fpv-l
FRAAA B  326424: N=Frankia alni (strain ACN14a)
FRAAD B  767434: N=Frateuria aurantia (strain ATCC 33424 / DSM 6220 / KCTC 2777 / LMG 1558 / NBRC 3245 / NCIMB 13370)
                 S=Acetobacter aurantius
FRAAL B    1859: N=Frankia alni
FRAAN E    3747: N=Fragaria ananassa
                 S=Fragaria chiloensis x Fragaria virginiana
FRAAR E   28701: N=Fratercula arctica
                 C=Atlantic puffin
FRACC B  106370: N=Frankia casuarinae (strain DSM 45818 / CECT 9043 / CcI3)
FRACF B  984129: N=Francisella cf. novicida (strain Fx1)
FRACI E   43311: N=Fratercula cirrhata
                 C=Tufted puffin
                 S=Lunda cirrhata
FRACN B  676032: N=Francisella cf. novicida (strain 3523)
FRACR E   28702: N=Fratercula corniculata
                 C=Horned puffin
FRADG B 2714109: N=Frankia symbiont subsp. Datisca glomerata
FRAEX E   38873: N=Fraxinus excelsior
                 C=European ash
FRAFR E    9023: N=Francolinus francolinus
                 C=Black francolin
FRAIE B  298654: N=Frankia inefficax (strain DSM 45817 / CECT 9037 / EuI1c)
FRAIN E  163893: N=Frankliniella intonsa
                 S=Thrips intonsa
FRANO B     264: N=Francisella novicida
FRANT B 1163389: N=Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis (strain Toba 04)
FRAOC E  133901: N=Frankliniella occidentalis
                 C=Western flower thrips
                 S=Euthrips occidentalis
FRAP2 B  484022: N=Francisella philomiragia subsp. philomiragia (strain ATCC 25017 / FSC 153 / O#319-036)
FRAPI E  472989: N=Francolinus pintadeanus
                 C=Chinese francolin
                 S=Tetrao pintadeanus
FRAPO E    9019: N=Francolinus pondicerianus
                 C=Grey francolin
                 S=Tetrao pondicerianus
FRASA E  194574: N=Frankenia salina
                 C=Alkali seaheath
                 S=Ocimum salinum
FRASE B   47227: N=Frankia sp. (strain EuIK1)
FRASN B  298653: N=Frankia sp. (strain EAN1pec)
FRASP B    1857: N=Frankia sp. (strain FaC1)
FRAST B  573569: N=Francisella salina
FRAT1 B  393115: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis (strain FSC 198)
FRATE B  510831: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis (strain NE061598)
FRATF B  458234: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica (strain FTNF002-00 / FTA)
FRATH B  376619: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica (strain LVS)
FRATL B  119856: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis
FRATM B  441952: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. mediasiatica (strain FSC147)
FRATN B  401614: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida (strain U112)
FRATO B  393011: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica (strain OSU18)
FRATR E   45061: N=Frankliniella tritici
                 C=Wheat thrips
FRATT B  177416: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis (strain SCHU S4 / Schu 4)
FRATU B     263: N=Francisella tularensis
FRATW B  418136: N=Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis (strain WY96-3418)
FRAVE E   57918: N=Fragaria vesca
                 C=Woodland strawberry
                 S=Potentilla vesca
FRAVI E   64942: N=Fragaria viridis
                 C=Wild strawberry
FRAVR E  101015: N=Fragaria virginiana
                 C=Virginia strawberry
FRAXR B 1817864: N=Fraserbacteria sp. (strain RBG_16_55_9)
FREAN E  244444: N=Fregata andrewsi
                 C=Christmas Island frigatebird
FRECA E   93767: N=Fremontodendron californicum
                 C=California flannelbush
                 S=Fremontia californica
FREGA E   79628: N=Fregetta grallaria
                 C=White-bellied storm-petrel
                 S=Procellaria grallaria
FREMA E   37042: N=Fregata magnificens
                 C=Magnificent frigatebird
FRESP E   58989: N=Freesia sp. (strain Lejeune 1997)
FRETR E   37073: N=Fregetta tropica
                 C=Black-bellied storm-petrel
                 S=Thalassidroma tropica
FRG3G V  654924: N=Frog virus 3 (isolate Goorha)
FRG3V V   10493: N=Frog virus 3
FRIAG E   64177: N=Fritillaria agrestis
FRILI E  167482: N=Fritillaria liliacea
                 C=Fragrant fritillary
FRIME E  134857: N=Fritillaria meleagris
                 C=Chequered lily
FRIMO E   36255: N=Fringilla montifringilla
FRIPE B 1267021: N=Frischella perrara
FRMCV V   11783: N=Friend mink cell focus-inducing virus
FROCO E  329899: N=Frontinella communis
                 C=Bowl and doily spider
                 S=Frontinella pyramitela
FROFL E   46114: N=Froelichia floridana
                 C=Florida snake-cotton
                 S=Oplotheca floridana
FROGR E  169208: N=Froelichia gracilis
                 C=Slender snake-cotton
FROIN E  109180: N=Fromia indica
                 C=Indian sea star
FRSF5 V  355329: N=Friend spleen focus-forming virus (isolate 502)
FRSFB V   31692: N=Friend spleen focus-forming virus (strain BB6)
FRSFL V  355328: N=Friend spleen focus-forming virus (strain Lilly-Steeves)
FRSFV V   11820: N=Friend spleen focus-forming virus
FRUDI E  106129: N=Frullania dilatata
                 S=Jungermannia dilatata
FRUKU E 1257154: N=Fruhstorferiola kulinga
                 C=Chinese grasshopper
                 S=Fruhstorferiola viridifemorata kulinga
FRUPO E  105340: N=Frullania polysticta
FRUSA B    1625: N=Fructilactobacillus sanfranciscensis
                 S=Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis
FRUSL B 1423800: N=Fructilactobacillus sanfranciscensis (strain ATCC 27651 / DSM 20451 / JCM 5668 / CCUG 30143 / KCTC 3205 / NCIMB 702811 / NRRL B-3934 / L-12)
                 S=Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis
FRUST B  714313: N=Fructilactobacillus sanfranciscensis (strain TMW 1.1304)
                 S=Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis
FRUTA E   95764: N=Frullania tamarisci
                 S=Jungermannia tamarisci
FSVGA V   11774: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain Gardner-Arnstein)
                 S=Gardner-Arnstein feline leukemia oncovirus B
FSVGR V   11775: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain Gardner-Rasheed)
FSVHY V   11776: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain Hardy-Zuckerman 2)
FSVHZ V   11777: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain Hardy-Zuckerman 4)
FSVMD V   11778: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain McDonough)
FSVSM V   11779: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain SM)
FSVST V   11780: N=Feline sarcoma virus (strain Snyder-Theilen)
FUCDI E    3012: N=Fucus distichus
                 C=Common rockweed
                 S=Brown alga
FUCSE E   87148: N=Fucus serratus
                 C=Toothed wrack
FUCVE E   49266: N=Fucus vesiculosus
                 C=Bladder wrack
FUGTE E  121057: N=Fugleria tenera
                 C=Delicate ark
                 S=Barbatia tenera
FUJSV V   11885: N=Fujinami sarcoma virus
FUKAM E  423608: N=Fukomys amatus
                 C=Zambian mole rat
                 S=Cryptomys hottentotus amatus
FUKDA E  885580: N=Fukomys damarensis
                 C=Damaraland mole rat
                 S=Cryptomys damarensis
FUKDR E   63616: N=Fukomys darlingi
                 C=Mashona mole rat
                 S=Cryptomys darlingi
FULAM E   81903: N=Fulica americana
                 C=American coot
FULAT E    9121: N=Fulica atra
                 C=Common coot
FULFU E 1645557: N=Fulvoscirtes fulvus
                 C=Bush cricket
FULGA E   30455: N=Fulmarus glacialis
                 C=Northern fulmar
FULGL E   79629: N=Fulmarus glacialoides
                 C=Southern fulmar
FULMU E   80828: N=Fulvia mutica
                 C=Egg cockle
FULSE E  159720: N=Fuligo septica
                 C=Scrambled-egg slime mold
FUMDE E  476021: N=Fumontana deprehendor
FUMOF E  200993: N=Fumaria officinalis
                 C=Common fumitory
FUNCA E  234638: N=Funisciurus carruthersi
                 C=Carruther's mountain squirrel
FUNGA E   60262: N=Fundulopanchax gardneri
                 C=Blue lyretail
                 S=Fundulus gardneri
FUNHE E    8078: N=Fundulus heteroclitus
FUNHY E   29583: N=Funaria hygrometrica
FUNMO E   27381: N=Funneliformis mosseae
                 C=Endomycorrhizal fungus
                 S=Glomus mosseae
FUNPA E   28757: N=Fundulus parvipinnis
                 C=California killifish
FUNPE E   64681: N=Funambulus pennantii
                 C=Five-striped palm squirrel
                 S=Northern palm squirrel
FUNPL E  226678: N=Funambulus palmarum
                 C=Indian palm squirrel
                 S=Three-striped palm squirrel
FUNPY E  226680: N=Funisciurus pyrropus
                 C=Fire-footed rope squirrel
FUNXX E 1547289: N=Fungal sp. (strain NRRL 50135)
FURAN E  187937: N=Furcifer angeli
                 C=Angel's chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo angeli
FURBA E  179923: N=Furcifer balteatus
                 C=Two-banded chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo balteatus
FURBE E  179924: N=Furcifer belalandaensis
                 C=Belalanda chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo belalandaensis
FURBI E  187938: N=Furcifer bifidus
FURCA E  179925: N=Furcifer campani
                 C=Jeweled chameleon
FURFO E   59021: N=Furcraea foetida
                 C=Mauritius hemp
                 S=Furcraea gigantea
FURHO E  148082: N=Furipterus horrens
                 C=Thumbless bat
FURLA E  143473: N=Furcifer labordi
                 C=Labord's chameleon
FURLT E  179926: N=Furcifer lateralis
                 C=Carpet chameleon
                 S=Chamaeleo lateralis
FURMI E  181670: N=Furcifer minor
                 C=Lesser chameleon
                 S=Brookesia minor
FUROU E  179927: N=Furcifer oustaleti
                 C=Malagasy giant chameleon
                 S=Oustalet's chameleon
FURPA E  187939: N=Furcifer pardalis
                 C=Panther chameleon
FURPE E  187940: N=Furcifer petteri
                 C=Petter's chameleon
FUSAC E  282272: N=Fusarium acaciae-mearnsii
FUSAS E  282267: N=Fusarium asiaticum
FUSAU E  282268: N=Fusarium austroamericanum
FUSBO E  282271: N=Fusarium boothii
FUSC1 E 1229664: N=Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (strain race 1)
                 C=Panama disease fungus
FUSC4 E 2502994: N=Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (strain race 4)
                 C=Panama disease fungus
FUSCE E   56641: N=Fusarium cerealis
                 S=Fusarium crookwellense
FUSCO E  281068: N=Fusarium cortaderiae
FUSCU E    5516: N=Fusarium culmorum
FUSEQ E   61235: N=Fusarium equiseti
                 S=Fusarium scirpi
FUSFE E    6488: N=Fusinus ferrugineus
                 C=Ferruginous spindle
                 S=Fusinus perplexus ferrugineus
FUSFL E   96912: N=Fusconaia flava
                 C=Wabash pigtoe
                 S=Freshwater mussel
FUSHE E   42747: N=Fusarium heterosporum
FUSHO E  152502: N=Fusarium hostae
FUSLA E  179993: N=Fusarium langsethiae
FUSLI E   42744: N=Fusarium lichenicola
                 S=Cylindrocarpon lichenicola
FUSLU E   56643: N=Fusarium lunulosporum
FUSMA E  192010: N=Fusarium mangiferae
                 C=Mango malformation disease fungus
FUSME E  282269: N=Fusarium meridionale
FUSMI E  282270: N=Fusarium mesoamericanum
FUSMR B     850: N=Fusobacterium mortiferum
FUSN2 B  525283: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum (strain ATCC 23726 / VPI 4351)
FUSNC B   76856: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum
FUSNE E  151725: N=Fusigobius neophytus
                 C=Common fusegoby
                 S=Gobius neophytus
FUSNN B  190304: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum (strain ATCC 25586 / DSM 15643 / BCRC 10681 / CIP 101130 / JCM 8532 / KCTC 2640 / LMG 13131 / VPI 4355)
FUSNP B   76857: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. polymorphum
FUSNU B     851: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum
FUSNV B  155615: N=Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. vincentii
FUSO4 E  426428: N=Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (strain 4287 / CBS 123668 / FGSC 9935 / NRRL 34936)
                 C=Fusarium vascular wilt of tomato
FUSOF E  660025: N=Fusarium oxysporum (strain Fo5176)
                 C=Fusarium vascular wilt
FUSOX E    5507: N=Fusarium oxysporum
                 C=Fusarium vascular wilt
FUSPC E 1028729: N=Fusarium pseudograminearum (strain CS3096)
                 C=Wheat and barley crown-rot fungus
FUSPO E   36050: N=Fusarium poae
FUSPR E 1227346: N=Fusarium proliferatum (strain ET1)
                 C=Orchid endophyte fungus
FUSPS E  101028: N=Fusarium pseudograminearum
                 C=Wheat and barley crown-rot fungus
FUSRE E   48865: N=Fusarium redolens
FUSSC E 2747967: N=Fusarium solani subsp. cucurbitae
                 S=Neocosmosporum cucurbitae
FUSSF E 1608308: N=Fusarium sp. (strain FN080326)
FUSSH E  120645: N=Fusarium solani subsp. phaseoli
                 S=Nectria haematococca
FUSSI B     855: N=Fusobacterium simiae
FUSSL E  169388: N=Fusarium solani
                 C=Filamentous fungus
FUSSM E  543403: N=Fusiturris similis
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Pleurotoma similis
FUSSP E    5514: N=Fusarium sporotrichioides
FUSSU E  293108: N=Fusconaia subrotunda
                 C=Long solid mussel
                 S=Unio subrotundus
FUSSX E   29916: N=Fusarium sp.
FUSV7 E  660122: N=Fusarium vanettenii (strain ATCC MYA-4622 / CBS 123669 / FGSC 9596 / NRRL 45880 / 77-13-4)
                 S=Fusarium solani subsp. pisi
FUSVA B     856: N=Fusobacterium varium
FUSVI E  232082: N=Fusarium virguliforme
FUSVN E 2747968: N=Fusarium vanettenii
                 S=Neocosmospora pisi
FXMV  V   12179: N=Foxtail mosaic virus
GABAR E 1486857: N=Gabala argentata
GADCH E 1042646: N=Gadus chalcogrammus
                 C=Alaska pollock
                 S=Theragra chalcogramma
GADMC E    8053: N=Gadus morhua subsp. callarias
                 C=Baltic cod
                 S=Gadus callarias
GADMO E    8049: N=Gadus morhua
                 C=Atlantic cod
GADOC E    8052: N=Gadus ogac
                 C=Greenland cod
GAEAV E   36778: N=Gaeumannomyces avenae
                 C=Oat take-all root rot fungus
                 S=Gaeumannomyces graminis var. avenae
GAEGR E   29850: N=Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis
                 C=Turf grass take-all root rot fungus
GAET3 E  644352: N=Gaeumannomyces tritici (strain R3-111a-1)
                 C=Wheat and barley take-all root rot fungus
                 S=Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici
GAETR E   36779: N=Gaeumannomyces tritici
                 C=Wheat and barley take-all root rot fungus
                 S=Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici
GAGDO E  400069: N=Gagata dolichonema
                 C=Blackfin sisorid-catfish
GAGLU E   82209: N=Gagea lutea
                 C=Yellow star-of-Bethlehem
                 S=Ornithogalum luteum
GAGMI E  173661: N=Gagea minima
                 C=Small star-of-Bethlehem
                 S=Ornithogalum minimum
GAHVB V   10387: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain bc-1)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAHVG V   10388: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain GA)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAHVH V   82833: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain HPRS16)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAHVM V   10389: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain Chicken/Md5/ATCC VR-987)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAHVN V   31527: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain MD11/75C/R2)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAHVR V   33707: N=Gallid herpesvirus 2 (strain RB-1b)
                 S=Marek's disease herpesvirus type 1
GAIAR E   55624: N=Gaillardia aristata
                 C=Great blanket-flower
GAIPU E  128738: N=Gaillardia pulchella
                 C=Indian blanket
GALAL E   29787: N=Galium album
                 C=White bedstraw
GALAP E   29788: N=Galium aparine
                 C=Catchweed bedstraw
GALAS E    9125: N=Gallirallus australis
GALAU B 1005058: N=Gallibacterium anatis (strain UMN179)
                 S=Pasteurella anatis
GALBE E   13535: N=Galbulimima belgraveana
                 C=Northern pigeonberry ash
                 S=Eupomatia belgraveana
GALBI E  409921: N=Galerucella birmanica
                 C=Water lily leaf beetle
GALBO E   35896: N=Galium boreale
                 C=Northern bedstraw
GALCE E  104685: N=Galeolaria caespitosa
                 C=Polychaete tubeworm
GALCH E    9123: N=Gallinula chloropus
                 C=Common moorhen
GALCO E   29789: N=Galium corsicum
GALCS B  395494: N=Gallionella capsiferriformans (strain ES-2)
                 S=Gallionella ferruginea capsiferriformans (strain ES-2)
GALCU E    7819: N=Galeocerdo cuvier
                 C=Tiger shark
                 S=Squalus cuvier
GALDE E   89672: N=Galagoides demidoff
                 C=Prince Demidoff's bushbaby
                 S=Galago demidoff
GALDI E  173241: N=Galaxias divergens
                 C=Dwarf galaxias
GALDL E  279947: N=Gallinago delicata
                 C=Wilson's snipe
                 S=Gallinago gallinago delicata
GALDV E   78776: N=Galeandra devoniana
GALEC E 1665550: N=Galeodea echinophora
                 C=Mediterranean spiny bonnet
GALEE E   61400: N=Galidia elegans
                 C=Malagasy ring-tailed mongoose
GALEL E   29791: N=Galium elongatum
                 C=Great marsh bedstraw
                 S=Galium palustre subsp. elongatum
GALEW E   82232: N=Galanthus elwesii
                 C=Giant snowdrop
GALFA E  215636: N=Galidictis fasciata
                 C=Eastern Malagasy broad-striped mongoose
GALFS E   46745: N=Galaxea fascicularis
GALGA E   86063: N=Galeorhinus galeus
                 C=Tope shark
                 S=Galeorhinus australis
GALGB E  261731: N=Galago gabonensis
                 C=Gabon Allen's galago
GALGL E  107377: N=Gallinago gallinago
                 C=Common snipe
                 S=Capella gallinago
GALGO E  126305: N=Galaxias gollumoides
                 C=Gollum galaxias
GALGR E  261732: N=Galago granti
                 C=Grant's bushbaby
                 S=Galagoides granti
GALIV V 1560035: N=Gallivirus A (isolate Turkey/Hungary/M176/2011)
                 S=Turkey gallivirus (isolate M176)
GALLA E    9032: N=Gallus lafayettii
                 C=Sri Lanka junglefowl
GALLI E  161256: N=Galerucella lineola
                 C=Brown willow beetle
                 S=Crioceris lineola
GALLU E   29792: N=Galium lucidum
GALM3 E  685588: N=Galerina marginata (strain CBS 339.88)
GALMA E  135486: N=Galago matschiei
                 C=Dusky bushbaby
                 S=Galago inustus
GALMC E   61620: N=Galaxias maculatus
GALME E    7137: N=Galleria mellonella
                 C=Greater wax moth
GALML E   77914: N=Galeus melastomus
                 C=Blackmouth catshark
GALMO E   30609: N=Galago moholi
                 C=South African galago
                 S=South African lesser bushbaby
GALMU E   10146: N=Galea musteloides
                 C=Common yellow-toothed cavy
GALNG E   89574: N=Galaxiella nigrostriata
                 C=Black-striped minnow
                 S=Galaxias pusillus nigrostriatus
GALNI E    4670: N=Galanthus nivalis
                 C=Common snowdrop
GALNY E  131645: N=Galerucella nymphaeae
                 C=Waterlily leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela nymphaeae
GALOD E   35899: N=Galium odoratum
                 C=Sweet woodruff
                 S=Asperula odorata
GALOF E   47101: N=Galega officinalis
                 C=Goat's rue
                 S=Galega bicolor
GALPA E   29793: N=Galium palustre
                 C=Common marsh bedstraw
                 S=Rubia palustris
GALPH E   54499: N=Gallirallus philippensis
                 C=Buff-banded rail
GALPI E  176602: N=Galinsoga parviflora
                 C=Gallant soldier
                 S=Tridax parviflora
GALPL E   51448: N=Galanthus plicatus
                 C=Pleated snowdrop
GALPR E   29796: N=Galium parisiense
                 C=Wall bedstraw
GALPS E   89575: N=Galaxiella pusilla
                 C=Eastern dwarf galaxias
GALPT E  176537: N=Galeana pratensis
GALPU E   89560: N=Galaxias paucispondylus
                 C=Alpine galaxias
GALPV E   55052: N=Galerella pulverulenta
                 C=Cape grey mongoose
                 S=Herpestes pulverulentus
GALPY E  202257: N=Galemys pyrenaicus
                 C=Iberian desman
                 S=Pyrenean desman
GALQU E  183030: N=Galinsoga quadriradiata
                 C=Shaggy soldier
                 S=Peruvian daisy
GALSA E  210644: N=Galerella sanguinea
                 C=Slender mongoose
                 S=Herpestes sanguineus
GALSC E   29794: N=Galium scabrum
GALSE E    9465: N=Galago senegalensis
                 C=Northern lesser bushbaby
                 S=Senegal bushbaby
GALSO E    9033: N=Gallus sonneratii
                 C=Grey junglefowl
GALSP E  671179: N=Galerina sp.
GALSU E  130081: N=Galdieria sulphuraria
                 C=Red alga
GALTE E 1000418: N=Galeopsis tetrahit
                 C=Common hemp-nettle
GALTO E   92911: N=Galactites tomentosus
                 C=Milk thistle
GALV  V   11840: N=Gibbon ape leukemia virus
GALVA E    9034: N=Gallus varius
                 C=Green junglefowl
GALVI E  204265: N=Galictis vittata
GALVR E  482537: N=Galeopterus variegatus
                 C=Malayan flying lemur
                 S=Cynocephalus variegatus
GALZE E   51243: N=Galaxias zebratus
                 C=Cape galaxias
GAMAC E  513413: N=Gammarus acherondytes
                 C=Illinois cave amphipod
GAMAF E   33528: N=Gambusia affinis
                 C=Western mosquitofish
                 S=Heterandria affinis
GAMBA E  315706: N=Gammarus balcanicus
GAMGR E  420844: N=Gampsocleis gratiosa
                 C=Chinese bush-cricket
GAMHO E   37273: N=Gambusia holbrooki
                 C=Eastern mosquitofish
GAMV  V   60714: N=Galinsoga mosaic virus
GAMWI E   43593: N=Gambelia wislizenii
                 C=Long-nosed leopard lizard
                 S=Crotaphytus wislizenii
GANAU E   34457: N=Ganoderma australe
                 C=Bracket fungus
                 S=Polyporus australis
GANJO E  320221: N=Ganyra josephina
                 C=Giant white butterfly
                 S=Pieris josephina
GANLU E    5315: N=Ganoderma lucidum
                 C=Ling zhi medicinal fungus
                 S=Bracket fungus
GANMI E   34462: N=Ganoderma microsporum
GANPH E  712825: N=Ganyra phaloe
                 C=Godart's white butterfly
GANTS E   34467: N=Ganoderma tsugae
                 C=Hemlock varnish shelf mushroom
                 S=Polyporus tsugae
GANYU E  585898: N=Gandalfus yunohana
                 C=Hydrothermal vent crab
                 S=Austinograea yunohana
GARCR E  148071: N=Gardnerycteris crenulatum
                 C=Striped hairy-nosed bat
                 S=Mimon crenulatum
GAREL E    4288: N=Garrya elliptica
                 C=Wavyleaf silktassel
GARGL E   56783: N=Garrulus glandarius
                 C=Eurasian jay
                 S=Corvus glandarius
GARIS E    9175: N=Garritornis isidorei
                 C=Papuan babbler
                 S=Pomatostomus isidorei
GARJA E  114476: N=Gardenia jasminoides
                 C=Cape jasmine
                 S=Gardenia augusta
GARLE E   98127: N=Garrulax leucolophus
                 C=White-crested laughingthrush
GARLI E   56784: N=Garrulus lidthi
                 C=Amami jay
GARMA E   58228: N=Garcinia mangostana
GARNE E   79649: N=Garrodia nereis
                 C=Grey-backed storm-petrel
                 S=Oceanites nereis
GARV1 V  374005: N=Gremmeniella abietina type B RNA virus XL1
GARV2 V  374006: N=Gremmeniella abietina type B RNA virus XL2
GARV3 B  525284: N=Gardnerella vaginalis (strain ATCC 14019 / 317)
GARV4 B  553190: N=Gardnerella vaginalis (strain 409-05)
GARVA B    2702: N=Gardnerella vaginalis
GARVH B 1009464: N=Gardnerella vaginalis (strain HMP9231)
GASAC E   69293: N=Gasterosteus aculeatus
                 C=Three-spined stickleback
GASAT E  169758: N=Gastrophysa atrocyanea
                 C=Leaf beetle
GASCA E  472970: N=Gasteracantha cancriformis
                 C=Spinybacked orbweaver
                 S=Aranea cancriformis
GASCM E 1852973: N=Gastroclonium compressum
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Coeloseira compressa
GASCO E    2773: N=Gastroclonium coulteri
                 C=Red alga
GASCR E  318296: N=Gastrotheca cornuta
                 C=Horned marsupial frog
                 S=Hyla ceratophrys
GASCU E  762070: N=Gastrothylax crumenifer
                 C=Rumen worm
GASCY E  154014: N=Gastrophysa cyanea
                 C=Green dock beetle
GASKU E  216277: N=Gasteracantha kuhli
                 C=Black-and-white shiny spider
GASME E   13537: N=Gasterochisma melampus
                 C=Butterfly kingfish
GASVI E  154015: N=Gastrophysa viridula
                 C=Green dock beetle
                 S=Chrysomela viridula
GAUPR E  157519: N=Gaultheria procumbens
                 S=Eastern teaberry
GAV   V   96491: N=Gill-associated virus
GAVAD E  372293: N=Gavia adamsii
                 C=Yellow-billed loon
GAVAR E   57069: N=Gavia arctica
                 C=Arctic loon
                 S=Black-throated diver
GAVAU V  649894: N=Gill-associated virus (isolate Giant tiger prawn/Australia)
GAVGA E   94835: N=Gavialis gangeticus
                 C=Indian gharial
GAVIM E   37039: N=Gavia immer
                 C=Common loon
                 S=Colymbus immer
GAVPA E   85097: N=Gavia pacifica
                 C=Pacific loon
                 S=Pacific diver
GAVST E   37040: N=Gavia stellata
                 C=Red-throated diver
                 S=Colymbus stellatus
GAVVI E  335985: N=Gavicalis virescens
                 C=Singing honeyeater
                 S=Lichenostomus virescens
GAZBE E   69300: N=Gazella bennettii
                 S=Indian gazelle
GAZCU E   69301: N=Gazella cuvieri
                 C=Cuvier's gazelle
                 S=Edmi gazelle
GAZDO E   37751: N=Gazella dorcas
                 C=Dorcas gazelle
GAZGA E   69302: N=Gazella gazella
                 C=Mountain gazelle
GAZLE E   69303: N=Gazella leptoceros
                 C=Sand gazelle
GAZMI E  218819: N=Gazza minuta
                 S=Scomber minutus
GAZSA E   69305: N=Gazella saudiya
                 C=Saudi gazelle
GAZSP E   69307: N=Gazella spekei
                 C=Speke's gazelle
GAZSU E   59529: N=Gazella subgutturosa
                 C=Goitred gazelle
GBMV  V  694581: N=Marseillevirus marseillevirus
GBMVT V 1559367: N=Marseillevirus marseillevirus (strain T19)
GBVB  V 2847087: N=Hepatitis GB virus B
                 S=GB virus B
GCMV  V   12273: N=Grapevine chrome mosaic virus
                 S=Hungarian grapevine chrome mosaic virus
GECLA E    6769: N=Gecarcinus lateralis
                 C=Blackback land crab
GEGRA E  194526: N=Gegeneophis ramaswamii
                 C=Forest caecilian
GEICY E    4705: N=Geitonoplesium cymosum
                 C=Scrambling lily
                 S=Luzuriaga cymosa
GEKGE E   36310: N=Gekko gecko
                 C=Tokay gecko
GEKJA E  146911: N=Gekko japonicus
                 C=Schlegel's Japanese gecko
GELCR E  143013: N=Gelidium crinale
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Fucus crinalis
GELDI E   37198: N=Gelidiophycus divaricatus
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gelidium divaricatum
GELEL E   37200: N=Gelidium elegans
                 C=Red alga
GELHE E  696548: N=Gelasimus hesperiae
                 C=Fiddler crab
                 S=Uca hesperiae
GELLA E   28851: N=Gelidium latifolium
                 C=Red alga
GELNI E  126865: N=Gelochelidon nilotica
                 C=Gull-billed tern
                 S=Sterna nilotica
GELPL E   28852: N=Gelidium pulchellum
                 C=Red alga
GELPU E   31402: N=Gelidium purpurascens
                 C=Red alga
GELSE E   28542: N=Gelsemium sempervirens
                 C=Carolina jasmine
                 S=Bignonia sempervirens
GELSP E   42248: N=Gelasinospora sp. (strain G114)
GELSS E  210212: N=Gelasinospora sp. (strain S23)
GELVA E   35171: N=Gelidium vagum
                 C=Red alga
GEMAT B  379066: N=Gemmatimonas aurantiaca (strain T-27 / DSM 14586 / JCM 11422 / NBRC 100505)
GEMCL E  652014: N=Gemmuloborsonia clandestina
                 C=Sea snail
GEMDI E  439588: N=Gemmula diomedea
GEMHP B  113355: N=Geminocystis herdmanii (strain PCC 6308)
                 S=Synechocystis sp. (strain PCC 6308)
GEMKI E  535937: N=Gemmula kieneri
                 C=Kiener's gem-turris
GEMLI E  439589: N=Gemmula lisajoni
GEMMI E  163309: N=Geminella minor
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Hormospora minor
GEMMO E  651859: N=Gemmuloborsonia moosai
                 C=Sea snail
GEMSO E  439591: N=Gemmula sogodensis
GEMSP E  439592: N=Gemmula speciosa
                 C=Splendid gem-turris
                 S=Pleurotoma speciosa
GENAN E  235200: N=Genetta angolensis
                 C=Angolan genet
GENAS E   49936: N=Gentianella aspera
                 S=Gentiana aspera
GENBO E  235208: N=Genetta bourloni
                 C=Bourlon's genet
GENCR E  235203: N=Genetta cristata
                 C=Crested servaline genet
                 S=Genetta servalina cristata
GENGE E   94190: N=Genetta genetta
                 C=Small-spotted genet
GENJO E  205594: N=Genetta johnstoni
                 C=Johnston's genet
GENLA E  109912: N=Genicanthus lamarck
                 C=Lamarck's angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus lamarck
GENLU E   38851: N=Gentiana lutea
                 C=Yellow gentian
GENMA E  205595: N=Genetta maculata
                 C=Panther genet
GENME E  109923: N=Genicanthus melanospilos
                 C=Spotbreast angelfish
                 S=Holacanthus melanospilos
GENPA E  235204: N=Genetta pardina
                 C=Pardine genet
                 S=West African large-spotted genet
GENPO E  235207: N=Genetta poensis
                 C=King genet
GENSA E   49809: N=Genista sagittalis
                 C=Winged broom
                 S=Chamaespartium sagittale
GENSE E  205596: N=Genetta servalina
                 C=Servaline genet
GENTG E  220101: N=Genetta tigrina
                 C=Large-spotted genet
GENTH E  205597: N=Genetta thierryi
                 C=Thierry's genet
                 S=Haussa genet
GENTI E   49825: N=Genista tinctoria
                 C=Dyer's greenweed
GENTR E   55190: N=Gentiana triflora
                 C=Clustered gentian
GENVI E  235202: N=Genetta victoriae
                 C=Giant forest genet
GEOAC E  261498: N=Geocalamus acutus
                 C=Wedge-snouted worm lizard
GEOAE E  158054: N=Geothlypis aequinoctialis
                 C=Masked yellowthroat
GEOAI A  565033: N=Geoglobus acetivorans
GEOAR E  108582: N=Geomys arenarius
                 C=Desert pocket gopher
GEOAT E   72447: N=Geomys attwateri
                 C=Attwater's pocket gopher
                 S=Geomys bursarius attwateri
GEOBE E   32529: N=Geomys breviceps
                 C=Baird's pocket gopher
GEOBR E   81339: N=Geophagus brasiliensis
                 C=Pear cichlid
GEOBU E   27682: N=Geomys bursarius
                 C=Plains pocket gopher
GEOCA E    8947: N=Geococcyx californianus
                 C=Greater roadrunner
                 S=Saurothera californiana
GEOCI E   48882: N=Geospiza conirostris
                 C=Large cactus-finch
GEOCN E 1173061: N=Geotrichum candidum
                 C=Oospora lactis
                 S=Dipodascus geotrichum
GEOCO E  173285: N=Geophilus carpophagus
GEOCP E   10177: N=Georychus capensis
                 C=Cape mole rat
GEOCY E    6047: N=Geodia cydonium
GEODE E  290333: N=Geothelphusa dehaani
                 C=Japanese freshwater crab
GEODF B  316067: N=Geobacter daltonii (strain DSM 22248 / JCM 15807 / FRC-32)
GEODI E   87173: N=Geospiza difficilis
                 C=Sharp-beaked ground-finch
GEOEL E  180179: N=Geochelone elegans
                 C=Indian star tortoise
GEOFE E   44066: N=Geotrichum fermentans
                 S=Trichosporon fermentans
GEOFO E   48883: N=Geospiza fortis
                 C=Medium ground-finch
GEOFR E  182909: N=Geothlypis formosa
                 C=Kentucky warbler
                 S=Oporornis formosus
GEOFU E   48884: N=Geospiza fuliginosa
                 C=Small ground-finch
GEOKA B  235909: N=Geobacillus kaustophilus (strain HTA426)
GEOKN E   27683: N=Geomys knoxjonesi
                 C=Knox Jones's pocket gopher
GEOKU B    1462: N=Geobacillus kaustophilus
GEOLS B  398767: N=Geobacter lovleyi (strain ATCC BAA-1151 / DSM 17278 / SZ)
GEOLU E  100209: N=Geomys bursarius lutescens
                 C=Plains pocket gopher
                 S=Geomys lutescens
GEOMA E   48885: N=Geospiza magnirostris
                 C=Large ground-finch
GEOME B   28232: N=Geobacter metallireducens
GEOMG B  269799: N=Geobacter metallireducens (strain ATCC 53774 / DSM 7210 / GS-15)
GEOMO E  115651: N=Geotrygon montana
                 C=Ruddy quail-dove
GEONE E   36754: N=Geodia neptuni
                 C=Leathery barrel sponge
GEOOG B  526225: N=Geodermatophilus obscurus (strain ATCC 25078 / DSM 43160 / JCM 3152 / KCC A-0152 / KCTC 9177 / NBRC 13315 / NRRL B-3577 / G-20)
GEOP9 B  278858: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain PA-9)
GEOPA E  300797: N=Geocoris pallidipennis
                 C=Big-eyed bug
GEOPE E   35659: N=Geomys personatus
                 C=Texas pocket gopher
GEOPH E  245564: N=Geothlypis philadelphia
                 C=Mourning warbler
                 S=Oporornis philadelphia
GEOPI E  100306: N=Geomys pinetis
                 C=Southeastern pocket gopher
                 S=Geomys colonus
GEOPP E   93066: N=Geospiza pauper
                 C=Medium tree-finch
                 S=Camarhynchus pauper
GEOPR E   87175: N=Geospiza parvula
                 C=Small tree-finch
                 S=Camarhynchus parvulus
GEOPS E  257702: N=Geomys personatus streckeri
                 C=Carrizo springs pocket gopher
                 S=Geomys streckeri
GEOPU E 1468586: N=Geocoris punctipes
                 C=Big-eyed bug
GEOQU E  324121: N=Geocenamus quadrifer
                 C=Nematode worm
                 S=Scutylenchus quadrifer
GEOS0 B  581103: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain Y4.1MC1)
GEOS1 E  203496: N=Geotrichum sp. (strain M128)
GEOS2 B  550542: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain Y412MC52)
GEOS3 B  272567: N=Geobacillus stearothermophilus (strain DSM 13240 / CIP 106956 / 10)
GEOS4 B  481743: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain Y412MC10)
GEOS8 B  443143: N=Geobacter sp. (strain M18)
GEOSA E  260995: N=Geotrypetes seraphini
                 C=Gaboon caecilian
                 S=Caecilia seraphini
GEOSC B  691437: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain C56-T3)
GEOSD E   13074: N=Geophagus steindachneri
                 C=Red hump earth eater
GEOSE B    1422: N=Geobacillus stearothermophilus
                 S=Bacillus stearothermophilus
GEOSK B  663917: N=Geobacter sulfurreducens (strain DL-1 / KN400)
GEOSL B  243231: N=Geobacter sulfurreducens (strain ATCC 51573 / DSM 12127 / PCA)
GEOSM B  443144: N=Geobacter sp. (strain M21)
GEOSN B   35554: N=Geobacter sulfurreducens
GEOSP E  231569: N=Geothlypis speciosa
                 C=Black-polled yellowthroat
GEOSS E   48886: N=Geospiza scandens
                 C=Common cactus-finch
GEOST E  444140: N=Geopelia striata
                 C=Zebra dove
                 S=Peaceful dove
GEOSW B  471223: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain WCH70)
GEOSY B  544556: N=Geobacillus sp. (strain Y412MC61)
GEOTD B   33940: N=Geobacillus thermodenitrificans
GEOTE E   72448: N=Geomys texensis
                 C=Llano pocket gopher
GEOTH B   33941: N=Geobacillus thermoleovorans
                 S=Bacillus thermoleovorans
GEOTL E  142474: N=Geothlypis tolmiei
                 C=MacGillivray's warbler
                 S=Oporornis tolmiei
GEOTM B 1408282: N=Geobacillus thermopakistaniensis (strain MAS1)
GEOTN B  420246: N=Geobacillus thermodenitrificans (strain NG80-2)
GEOTO E  108586: N=Geomys tropicalis
                 C=Tropical pocket gopher
GEOTR E  135433: N=Geothlypis trichas
                 C=Common yellowthroat
                 S=Turdus trichas
GEOUR B  351605: N=Geobacter uraniireducens (strain Rf4)
                 S=Geobacter uraniumreducens
GERAL E  223485: N=Geranoaetus albicaudatus
                 C=White-tailed hawk
                 S=Buteo albicaudatus
GERAR E  143924: N=Gerris argenticollis
                 C=Water strider
GERBR E  252256: N=Gerris brasili
                 C=Water strider
GERBU E   56086: N=Gerris buenoi
                 C=Blue-winged water strider
GERCL E  100821: N=Geronticus calvus
                 C=Southern bald ibis
GERCO E  143926: N=Gerris costae
                 C=Moorland pond skater
GERER E  100822: N=Geronticus eremita
                 C=Northern bald ibis
                 S=Upupa eremita
GERGA E   95696: N=Gerris gracilicornis
                 C=Red-backed water strider
GERGE E  298880: N=Gerbillus gerbillus
                 C=Lesser Egyptian gerbil
GERGI E  143928: N=Gerris gibbifer
                 C=Pond skater
GERGM E   41264: N=Gerbilliscus gambianus
                 C=Gambian gerbil
                 S=Gerbilliscus kempi gambiana
GERHE E   52284: N=Gerbillus henleyi
                 C=Pygmy gerbil
                 S=Henley's gerbil
GERHY E   18101: N=Gerbera hybrida
GERIN E  310520: N=Gerrhonotus infernalis
                 C=Texas alligator lizard
                 S=Gerrhonotus liocephalus infernalis
GERJA E   13547: N=Gerbera jamesonii
                 C=Transvaal daisy
GERLA E  108914: N=Gerris lacustris
                 C=Common pond skater
                 S=Cimex lacustris
GERMA E  143932: N=Gerris maculatus
                 C=Pond skater
GERMR E  236397: N=Gerris marginatus
                 C=Water strider
                 S=Limnotrechus marginatus
GERNA E  298881: N=Gerbillus nanus
                 C=Baluchistan gerbil
                 S=Wagner's gerbil
GERNG E  410305: N=Gerbilliscus nigricaudus
                 C=Black-tailed gerbil
                 S=Tatera nigricauda
GERNI E   39472: N=Gerbillus nigeriae
                 C=Nigerian gerbil
GERNN E 1421425: N=Gerbillus nancillus
                 C=Sudan gerbil
GEROD E  143933: N=Gerris odontogaster
                 C=Toothed pond skater
GERPA E  186476: N=Gerbillurus paeba
                 C=Hairy-footed gerbil
GERPU E  122182: N=Geranium pusillum
                 C=Small-flowered crane's-bill
GERRO E  410303: N=Gerbilliscus robustus
                 C=Fringe-tailed gerbil
                 S=Tatera robusta
GERSE E  186477: N=Gerbillurus setzeri
                 C=Setzer's hairy-footed gerbil
GERSP E   10187: N=Gerbillus sp.
GERTH E  143936: N=Gerris thoracicus
                 C=Pond skater
GERTY E  186478: N=Gerbillurus tytonis
                 C=Dune hairy-footed gerbil
GERVA E   49440: N=Gerbillurus vallinus
                 C=Brush-tailed hairy-footed gerbil
GETCI E  112547: N=Gethyllis ciliaris
GETV  V   59300: N=Getah virus
GEUBO E    3763: N=Geum borisii
                 S=Geum bulgaricum x Geum reptans
GEUDE E   27807: N=Geukensia demissa
                 C=Ribbed mussel
                 S=Ischadium demissa
GEUFR E   32251: N=Geum fragarioides
                 C=Barren strawberry
                 S=Waldsteinia fragarioides
GEUQU E    3762: N=Geum quellyon
                 C=Chilean avens
                 S=Geum chiloense
GEUUR E   57919: N=Geum urbanum
                 C=Wood avens
GEUVE E  148900: N=Geum vernum
                 C=Spring avens
                 S=Stylypus vernus
GFKVM V  652668: N=Grapevine fleck virus (isolate Italy/MT48)
GFLV  V   12274: N=Grapevine fanleaf virus
GFLVN V  282370: N=Grapevine fanleaf virus (isolate NW)
GGNNV V  143921: N=Greasy grouper nervous necrosis virus
                 S=Epinephelus tauvina nervous necrosis virus
GHVS  V  379529: N=Glossina hytrovirus (isolate Glossina pallidipes/Ethiopia/Seibersdorf/-)
GIAIA E  658858: N=Giardia intestinalis (strain P15)
                 S=Giardia lamblia
GIAIB E  598745: N=Giardia intestinalis (strain ATCC 50581 / GS clone H7)
                 S=Giardia lamblia
GIAIC E  184922: N=Giardia intestinalis (strain ATCC 50803 / WB clone C6)
                 S=Giardia lamblia
GIAIN E    5741: N=Giardia intestinalis
                 S=Giardia lamblia
GIAMU E    5742: N=Giardia muris
GIBBA E    5523: N=Gibberella baccata
                 S=Fusarium lateritium
GIBCI E   48490: N=Gibberella circinata
                 C=Pitch canker fungus
                 S=Fusarium circinatum
GIBF5 E 1279085: N=Gibberella fujikuroi (strain CBS 195.34 / IMI 58289 / NRRL A-6831)
                 C=Bakanae and foot rot disease fungus
                 S=Fusarium fujikuroi
GIBFU E    5127: N=Gibberella fujikuroi
                 C=Bakanae and foot rot disease fungus
                 S=Fusarium fujikuroi
GIBGE E  168073: N=Gibasis geniculata
                 C=Tahitian bridal veil
                 S=Tradescantia geniculata
GIBIN E  948311: N=Gibberella intermedia
                 C=Bulb rot disease fungus
                 S=Fusarium proliferatum
GIBM7 E  334819: N=Gibberella moniliformis (strain M3125 / FGSC 7600)
                 C=Maize ear and stalk rot fungus
                 S=Fusarium verticillioides
GIBMO E  117187: N=Gibberella moniliformis
                 C=Maize ear and stalk rot fungus
                 S=Fusarium verticillioides
GIBNY E   42673: N=Gibberella nygamai
                 C=Bean root rot disease fungus
                 S=Fusarium nygamai
GIBPU E    5128: N=Gibberella pulicaris
GIBSA E   42676: N=Gibberella sacchari
                 S=Fusarium sacchari
GIBSU E   42677: N=Gibberella subglutinans
                 S=Fusarium subglutinans
GIBTH E  120644: N=Gibberella thapsina
                 C=Grain mold fungus
                 S=Fusarium thapsinum
GIBTU E 1182007: N=Gibbula turbinoides
                 C=Sea snail
GIBZA E    5518: N=Gibberella zeae
                 C=Wheat head blight fungus
                 S=Fusarium graminearum
GIBZE E  229533: N=Gibberella zeae (strain ATCC MYA-4620 / CBS 123657 / FGSC 9075 / NRRL 31084 / PH-1)
                 C=Wheat head blight fungus
                 S=Fusarium graminearum
GIGAE E 1735272: N=Gigantopelta aegis
                 C=Deep sea snail
GIGCH E 1735271: N=Gigantopelta chessoia
                 C=Deep sea snail
GIGGL E  273759: N=Gigantidas gladius
GIGGR E  341002: N=Gigartina grandifida
                 C=Red alga
GIGMA E    4874: N=Gigaspora margarita
GIGVA E  242958: N=Gigantactis vanhoeffeni
                 C=Deep-sea anglerfish
GILMI E    8222: N=Gillichthys mirabilis
                 C=Long-jawed mudsucker
GILSE E   79683: N=Gillichthys seta
                 C=Shortjaw mudsucker
GINBI E    3311: N=Ginkgo biloba
                 S=Maidenhair tree
GINCI E    7801: N=Ginglymostoma cirratum
                 C=Nurse shark
                 S=Squalus cirratus
GIRCA E    9894: N=Giraffa camelopardalis
GIRPU E  163149: N=Girella punctata
                 C=Largescale blackfish
GIRTI E    6162: N=Girardia tigrina
                 S=Dugesia tigrina
GISPH E    3530: N=Gisekia pharnaceoides
GIUMA E 1095382: N=Giuris margaritaceus
                 C=Snakehead gudgeon
                 S=Eleotris margaritacea
GLAAA E 1712426: N=Glabraster antarctica
                 C=Red spiny cushion star
                 S=Porania antarctica
GLAAE E  472812: N=Glaucis aeneus
                 C=Bronzy hermit
GLAAL E  203781: N=Glaucopsyche alexis
                 C=Green-underside blue butterfly
GLAAN E  278783: N=Glaridoglanis andersonii
                 S=Exostoma andersonii
GLAAT E 1154737: N=Glaucus atlanticus
                 C=Blue sea slug
GLABE E  177182: N=Glauconycteris beatrix
                 C=Beatrix's bat
                 S=Chalinolobus beatrix
GLABO E  126879: N=Glaucidium bolivianum
                 C=Yungas pygmy-owl
GLABR E   78217: N=Glaucidium brasilianum
                 C=Ferruginous pygmy-owl
GLACA E  126806: N=Glaucidium californicum
                 C=Northern pygmy-owl
GLACH E    5883: N=Glaucoma chattoni
GLACO E   58992: N=Gladiolus communis
GLACP E  126805: N=Glaucidium capense
                 C=African barred owlet
GLAFL E   56853: N=Glaucium flavum
                 C=Yellow horned-poppy
GLAGN E  111812: N=Glaucidium gnoma
                 C=Mountain pygmy-owl
                 S=Northern pygmy-owl
GLAGR E  126855: N=Glaucidium griseiceps
                 C=Central American pygmy-owl
GLAGT E  695519: N=Glaucostola guttipalpis
GLAGU E   58993: N=Gladiolus gueinzii
                 C=Coastal gladiolus
GLAHA E  126883: N=Glaucidium hardyi
                 C=Amazonian pygmy-owl
GLAHE E  443782: N=Glaucosoma hebraicum
                 C=Westralian jewfish
GLAHI E  190457: N=Glaucis hirsutus
                 C=Rufous-breasted hermit
GLAJA E  126808: N=Glaucidium jardinii
                 C=Andean pygmy-owl
GLAL2 E 1116229: N=Glarea lozoyensis (strain ATCC 20868 / MF5171)
GLAL7 E 1104152: N=Glarea lozoyensis (strain ATCC 74030 / MF5533)
GLALO E  101852: N=Glarea lozoyensis
GLALY E  301165: N=Glaucopsyche lygdamus
                 C=Silvery blue
GLAMI E   57417: N=Glaucidium minutissimum
                 C=Least pygmy-owl
GLAMR E 1154738: N=Glaucilla marginata
                 C=Blue sea slug
                 S=Glaucus marginatus
GLAMU E   58994: N=Gladiolus murielae
                 C=Abyssinian gladiolus
                 S=Acidanthera murielae
GLANA E 2781061: N=Glaucidium nana
                 C=Austral pygmy-owl
                 S=Strix nana
GLANF B 1085623: N=Glaciecola nitratireducens (strain JCM 12485 / KCTC 12276 / FR1064)
GLANU E  227235: N=Glareola nuchalis
                 C=Rock pratincole
GLAPA E   58995: N=Gladiolus papilio
                 C=Goldblotch gladiolus
                 S=Gladiolus purpureoauratus
GLAPE E   69937: N=Glaucidium perlatum
                 C=Pearl-spotted owlet
                 S=Strix perlata
GLAPR E  126880: N=Glaucidium peruanum
                 C=Peruvian pygmy-owl
GLAPS E  121724: N=Glaucidium passerinum
                 C=Eurasian pygmy-owl
                 S=Strix passerina
GLAPT E   43316: N=Glareola pratincola
                 C=Collared pratincole
                 S=Hirundo pratincola
GLARU E    8410: N=Glandirana rugosa
                 C=Japanese wrinkled frog
                 S=Rana rugosa
GLAS4 B  983545: N=Glaciecola sp. (strain 4H-3-7+YE-5)
GLASA E   45482: N=Glaucomys sabrinus
                 C=Northern flying squirrel
                 S=Sciurus sabrinus
GLASF E   84758: N=Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus
                 C=Virginia northern flying squirrel
GLASK B 2161813: N=Glaciecola sp. (strain KUL10)
GLATE E  126856: N=Glaucidium tephronotum
                 C=Red-chested owlet
GLATU E  126882: N=Glaucidium tucumanum
                 C=Chaco pygmy owl
GLATY E  337882: N=Glaucostegus typus
                 C=Giant shovelnose ray
GLAVO E   64683: N=Glaucomys volans
                 C=Southern flying squirrel
GLECO E   99038: N=Glebionis coronaria
                 C=Crown daisy
                 S=Chrysanthemum coronarium
GLEHE E   28509: N=Glechoma hederacea
GLEJA E    3274: N=Gleichenia japonica
GLELI E   48119: N=Glehnia littoralis
                 C=Beach silvertop
                 S=Phellopterus littoralis
GLEOR E   88208: N=Glebocarcinus oregonensis
                 C=Pygmy rock crab
                 S=Cancer oregonensis
GLETR E   54874: N=Gleditsia triacanthos
GLIGL E   41261: N=Glis glis
                 C=Fat dormouse
                 S=Myoxus glis
GLIJA E   55147: N=Glirulus japonicus
                 C=Japanese dormouse
GLISE E  167663: N=Gliricidia sepium
                 S=Robinia sepium
GLIVE E   42715: N=Glironia venusta
                 C=Bushy-tailed opossum
GLOAC E   27357: N=Glomerella acutata
                 S=Colletotrichum acutatum
GLOAU E    7395: N=Glossina austeni
                 C=Savannah tsetse fly
GLOBA E  685568: N=Gloeospermum blakeanum
                 S=Rinorea blakeana
GLOBB E  417378: N=Gloydius blomhoffii blomhoffii
                 C=Japanese mamushi
                 S=Agkistrodon blomhoffii blomhoffii
GLOBL E  242054: N=Gloydius blomhoffii
                 S=Agkistrodon halys blomhoffi
GLOBR E  259325: N=Gloydius brevicaudus
                 C=Korean slamosa snake
                 S=Agkistrodon halys brevicaudus
GLOBS E   31147: N=Gloydius brevicaudus siniticus
                 C=Chinese mamushi
                 S=Agkistrodon blomhoffii siniticus
GLOC7 B   65393: N=Gloeothece citriformis (strain PCC 7424)
                 S=Cyanothece sp. (strain PCC 7424)
GLOCA E  990588: N=Glossogobius callidus
                 C=River goby
                 S=Gobius callidus
GLOCI E 1238289: N=Glossogobius circumspectus
                 C=Circumspect goby
                 S=Gobius circumspectus
GLOCM E   60927: N=Glossiphonia complanata
GLOCO E  177159: N=Glossophaga commissarisi
                 C=Commissaris's long-tongued bat
GLOCP E    2824: N=Gloiopeltis complanata
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Endocladia complanata
GLOEL E  321800: N=Glossiphonia elegans
GLOFF E  201502: N=Glossina fuscipes fuscipes
                 C=Riverine tsetse fly
GLOGI E  205127: N=Glossogobius giuris
                 C=Tank goby
                 S=Gobius giuris
GLOHA E    8714: N=Gloydius halys
                 C=Chinese water mocassin
                 S=Agkistrodon halys
GLOHY E  255163: N=Globisporangium hypogynum
                 S=Pythium hypogynum
GLOIR E   36331: N=Globisporangium irregulare
                 C=Soil fungus
                 S=Pythium irregulare
GLOIT E   44732: N=Gloydius intermedius
                 C=Central Asian pit viper
                 S=Agkistrodon intermedius
GLOLA E    5462: N=Glomerella lagenarium
                 C=Anthracnose fungus
                 S=Colletotrichum lagenarium
GLOLE E  177160: N=Glossophaga leachii
                 C=Gray's long-tongued bat
GLOLO E  177161: N=Glossophaga longirostris
                 C=Miller's long-tongued bat
GLOMA E   38241: N=Globicephala macrorhynchus
                 C=Short-finned pilot whale
                 S=Globicephala scammoni
GLOME E    9731: N=Globicephala melas
                 C=Long-finned pilot whale
                 S=Globicephala melaena
GLOMM E   37546: N=Glossina morsitans morsitans
                 C=Savannah tsetse fly
GLOMN E  177162: N=Glossophaga morenoi
                 C=Mexican long-tongued bat
GLOMP B   55396: N=Gloeothece membranacea (strain PCC 6501 / SAG 26.84)
GLOMR E   62006: N=Glomeris marginata
                 C=Pill millipede
GLOOL E  764832: N=Glossogobius olivaceus
                 S=Gobius olivaceus
GLOPA E   36090: N=Globodera pallida
                 C=Potato cyst nematode
GLOPL E    7398: N=Glossina pallidipes
                 C=Tsetse fly
GLOPP E   66268: N=Glossina palpalis palpalis
                 C=Riverine tsetse fly
GLOPS E  212519: N=Globobulimina pseudospinescens
GLOPU E  685569: N=Gloeospermum pauciflorum
GLOPY E   34515: N=Glottidia pyramidata
                 C=Lamp shell
GLORB E 2591764: N=Glossotherium robustum
                 C=Ground sloth
                 S=Mylodon robustus
GLORO E   31243: N=Globodera rostochiensis
                 C=Golden nematode worm
                 S=Heterodera rostochiensis
GLOSA E   92067: N=Gloydius saxatilis
                 C=Rock mamushi
                 S=Gloydius intermedius saxatilis
GLOSE E  170196: N=Glossanodon semifasciatus
                 C=Deep-sea smelt
                 S=Argentina semifasciata
GLOSH E   88083: N=Gloydius shedaoensis
                 C=Shedao island pit viper
                 S=Agkistrodon shedaoensis
GLOSP E   82926: N=Globisporangium splendens
                 C=Leaf rot fungus
                 S=Pythium splendens
GLOSR E   27638: N=Glossophaga soricina
                 C=Pallas' long-tongued bat
                 S=Vespertilio soricinus
GLOST E  160069: N=Gloeotilopsis sterilis
                 C=Green alga
GLOSU E   41220: N=Gloriosa superba
                 C=Glory lily
GLOTA E  670483: N=Gloeophyllum trabeum (strain ATCC 11539 / FP-39264 / Madison 617)
                 C=Brown rot fungus
GLOTR E  104355: N=Gloeophyllum trabeum
                 C=Brown rot fungus
                 S=Agaricus trabeus
GLOUD E  431595: N=Globisporangium ultimum (strain ATCC 200006 / CBS 805.95 / DAOM BR144)
                 S=Pythium ultimum
GLOUL E 2052682: N=Globisporangium ultimum
                 S=Pythium ultimum
GLOUS E   35671: N=Gloydius ussuriensis
                 C=Ussuri mamushi
                 S=Gloydius blomhoffii ussuriensis
GLOV7 B  497965: N=Gloeothece verrucosa (strain PCC 7822)
                 S=Cyanothece sp. (strain PCC 7822)
GLOVI B  251221: N=Gloeobacter violaceus (strain ATCC 29082 / PCC 7421)
GLRV3 V  651354: N=Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 (isolate United States/NY1)
                 S=Grapevine leafroll-associated closterovirus (isolate 109)
GLRV7 V 1554493: N=Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 7 (isolate Grapevine/Albania/AA42/-)
GLUAM E   75295: N=Glugea americanus
                 C=Microsporidian parasite
GLUAR B  861360: N=Glutamicibacter arilaitensis (strain DSM 16368 / CIP 108037 / IAM 15318 / JCM 13566 / NCIMB 14258 / Re117)
                 S=Arthrobacter arilaitensis
GLUDA B  272568: N=Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (strain ATCC 49037 / DSM 5601 / CCUG 37298 / CIP 103539 / LMG 7603 / PAl5)
GLUDI B   33996: N=Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus
                 S=Acetobacter diazotrophicus
GLUDR E  320198: N=Glutophrissa drusilla
                 C=Florida white butterfly
                 S=Appias drusilla
GLUJA B  376620: N=Gluconobacter japonicus
GLULI B   89584: N=Gluconacetobacter liquefaciens
                 S=Acetobacter liquefaciens
GLUNI B   37929: N=Glutamicibacter nicotianae
                 S=Arthrobacter nicotianae
GLUOX B  290633: N=Gluconobacter oxydans (strain 621H)
                 S=Gluconobacter suboxydans
GLUOY B     442: N=Gluconobacter oxydans
                 S=Gluconobacter suboxydans
GLUPO B     439: N=Gluconacetobacter polyoxogenes
                 S=Acetobacter polyoxogenes
GLUTH B  257438: N=Gluconobacter thailandicus
GLUUR B   43667: N=Glutamicibacter uratoxydans
                 S=Arthrobacter uratoxydans
GLVWB V  649893: N=Giardia lamblia virus (isolate Wang)
GLYBA E   33399: N=Glyptotendipes barbipes
                 S=Chironomus barbipes
GLYBR E  519551: N=Glyptothorax brevipinnis
GLYCA E   48924: N=Glycine canescens
                 C=Silky glycine
                 S=Glycine sericea
GLYCR E  174383: N=Glyptolithodes cristatipes
                 C=King crab
                 S=Rhinolithodes cristatipes
GLYCY E   34819: N=Glyptocephalus cynoglossus
                 S=Pleuronectes cynoglossus
GLYDA E  148064: N=Glyphonycteris daviesi
                 C=Davies's big-eared bat
                 S=Micronycteris daviesi
GLYDE E   52154: N=Glyceria declinata
                 C=Small sweet-grass
GLYDI E    6350: N=Glycera dibranchiata
GLYDO E  105145: N=Glycyphagus domesticus
                 C=House itch mite
                 S=Acarus domesticus
GLYEC E   46348: N=Glycyrrhiza echinata
GLYFL E  254778: N=Glyceria fluitans
                 C=Water mannagrass
                 S=Festuca fluitans
GLYFO E  175780: N=Glyptothorax fokiensis
GLYGA E  602008: N=Glyptothorax granulus
GLYGI E  496093: N=Glyphis garricki
                 C=Northern river shark
GLYGL E   49827: N=Glycyrrhiza glabra
GLYGR E   79847: N=Glyceria grandis
                 C=American mannagrass
                 S=Panicularia americana
GLYGY E  571825: N=Glyphis glyphis
                 C=Speartooth shark
                 S=Carcharias glyphis
GLYIN E   92994: N=Glyptapanteles indiensis
                 C=Parasitoid wasp
GLYMA E  175778: N=Glyptosternon maculatum
                 S=Parexostoma maculatum
GLYMU E  335393: N=Glyptemys muhlenbergii
                 C=Bog turtle
                 S=Clemmys muhlenbergii
GLYNG E  602009: N=Glyptothorax ngapang
GLYPL E 1056655: N=Glyphidohaptor plectocirra
GLYPY E 1242752: N=Glyphodes pyloalis
                 C=Lesser mulberry snout moth
GLYQU E 1394546: N=Glyphodes quadrimaculalis
                 C=Grass moth
GLYSA E   33400: N=Glyptotendipes salinus
GLYSI E  226551: N=Glyphotes simus
                 C=Sculptor squirrel
GLYSO E    3848: N=Glycine soja
                 C=Wild soybean
GLYST E   37677: N=Glyceria striata
                 C=Fowl manna grass
                 S=Poa striata
GLYSX E 2546663: N=Glyptodon sp. (strain SLP-2019)
                 C=Giant armadillo
GLYSY E  409029: N=Glyphonycteris sylvestris
                 C=Tri-colored big-eared bat
                 S=Micronycteris sylvestris
GLYTA E   44016: N=Glycine tabacina
GLYTO E   44015: N=Glycine tomentella
                 C=Woolly glycine
                 S=Glycine tomentosa
GLYTR E  231675: N=Glyptothorax trilineatus
                 C=Three-lined catfish
GLYUR E   74613: N=Glycyrrhiza uralensis
                 C=Chinese licorice
                 S=Glycyrrhiza shiheziensis
GLYZA E  195612: N=Glyptocephalus zachirus
                 C=Rex sole
                 S=Errex zachirus
GMDNV V   37138: N=Galleria mellonella densovirus
GMEAR E  201509: N=Gmelina arborea
                 S=White teak
GMEHA E  201510: N=Gmelina hainanensis
                 C=Hainan bushbeech
GMEPH E  548838: N=Gmelina philippensis
                 C=Parrot's beak
                 S=Gmelina hystrix
GNAAM E  390955: N=Gnathophyllum americanum
                 C=Striped bumblebee shrimp
GNABO E 1107651: N=Gnaphosa borea
                 C=Ground spider
GNACA E  435243: N=Gnathopogon caerulescens
                 C=Willow shiner
                 S=Squalius caerulescens
GNAPA E  336655: N=Gnaphosa parvula
                 C=Ground spider
GNEGN E    3382: N=Gnetum gnemon
                 C=Spanish joint-fir
                 S=Gnetum acutatum
GNEPA E   33153: N=Gnetum parvifolium
                 C=Small-leaved jointfir
                 S=Gnetum scandens var. parvifolium
GNOCH E   84803: N=Gnorimopsar chopi
                 C=Chopi blackbird
GOBBO E  203314: N=Gobiosoma bosc
                 C=Naked goby
                 S=Gobius bosc
GOBBR E  300741: N=Gobiomorphus breviceps
                 C=Upland bully
                 S=Philypnodon breviceps
GOBCO E  226931: N=Gobiomorphus cotidianus
                 C=New Zealand common bully
GOBGI E   36202: N=Gobionotothen gibberifrons
                 C=Humped rockcod
                 S=Notothenia gibberifrons
GOBHI E  151729: N=Gobiodon histrio
                 C=Broad-barred goby
GOBLA E  943675: N=Gobiopterus lacustris
                 C=Lacustrine goby
                 S=Mirogobius lacustris
GOBNI E   85417: N=Gobius niger
                 C=Black goby
GOBQU E  459508: N=Gobiodon quinquestrigatus
                 C=Five-lined coral goby
                 S=Gobius quinquestrigatus
GOBRA E  143606: N=Gobiocypris rarus
                 C=Chinese rare minnow
GOCV  V  146032: N=Goose circovirus
GOECA E  761584: N=Goera calcarata
GOEEL E   70013: N=Goetzea elegans
                 C=Mata buey
                 S=Ilex hexandra
GOEFU E  761585: N=Goera fuscula
GOGV  V 1223562: N=Alethinophid 1 reptarenavirus (isolate AlRrV1/Boa/USA/BC/2009)
                 S=Golden Gate virus
GOLVU E  210797: N=Golfingia vulgaris
                 C=Marine worm
GOMAD E  558808: N=Gomphus adelphus
                 C=Mustached clubtail dragonfly
GOMGL E  221775: N=Gomphrena globosa
                 C=Globe amaranth
GOMHA E  240061: N=Gomphrena haageana
                 C=Haage's globe-amaranth
                 S=Rio Grande globe-amaranth
GOMHO E  221270: N=Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni
                 C=Antarctic springtail
GOMPU E  270119: N=Gomphrena pulchella
                 C=Globe amaranth
                 S=Gomphrena rosea
GOMVA E    8249: N=Gomphosus varius
                 C=Bird wrasse
                 S=Gomphosus tricolor
GONAL E  460622: N=Gonatodes albogularis
                 C=Yellow-headed gecko
GONAN E 1109128: N=Gondogeneia antarctica
                 C=Antarctic amphipod
GONAT E   48456: N=Gonostoma atlanticum
                 C=Atlantic fangjaw
                 S=Gonostoma denudatum atlanticum
GONBO E   93049: N=Gonatopsis borealis
                 C=Boreopacific gonate squid
GONBR E  292901: N=Gonionotophis brussauxi
                 C=Mocquard's African ground snake
GONCH E   85123: N=Gonodactylus chiragra
                 C=Mantis shrimp
GONCL E   78624: N=Gonepteryx cleopatra
                 C=Cleopatra butterfly
GONGO E  267100: N=Gongylus gongylodes
                 C=Wandering violin mantis
GONIN E   63691: N=Gonioctena intermedia
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Phytodecta intermedius
GONIT E   63692: N=Gonioctena interposita
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Phytodecta interposita
GONLI E   63694: N=Gonioctena linnaeana
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela linnaeana
GONMO E   52235: N=Gonatozygon monotaenium
                 C=Green alga
GONNO E   71309: N=Goniodoris nodosa
                 C=Sea slug
                 S=Doris nodosa
GONOL E   63697: N=Gonioctena olivacea
                 C=Broom leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela olivacea
GONON E   61755: N=Gonatus onyx
                 C=Clawed armhook squid
GONPA E   63698: N=Gonioctena pallida
                 C=Leaf beetle
GONPE E   33097: N=Gonium pectorale
                 C=Green alga
GONPJ E 1344416: N=Gonapodya prolifera (strain JEL478)
                 S=Monoblepharis prolifera
GONPN E  292869: N=Gonionotophis poensis
                 C=Western forest file snake
                 S=Mehelya poensis
GONPR E 1123529: N=Gonapodya prolifera
                 C=Aquatic fungus
GONRE E  465062: N=Goniastrea retiformis
                 C=Brain coral
GONRH E   78609: N=Gonepteryx rhamni
                 C=Brimstone butterfly
GONRO E 1078899: N=Goneplax rhomboides
                 C=Angular crab
GONST E  292850: N=Gonionotophis stenophthalmus
                 C=Small-eyed file snake
                 S=Mehelya stenophthalmus
GONTE E   75301: N=Goniopora tenuidens
                 C=Anemone coral
                 S=Rhodaraea tenuidens
GONUN E  186556: N=Gonionotophis unicolor
                 S=Mehelya unicolor
GONVI E  104610: N=Gonatodes vittatus
                 C=Wiegmann's striped gecko
                 S=Gymnodactylus vittatus
GONVM E   63704: N=Gonioctena viminalis
                 C=Leaf beetle
                 S=Chrysomela viminalis
GOOOV E   49600: N=Goodenia ovata
                 C=Hop goodenia
GOOPU E   78780: N=Goodyera pubescens
                 C=Downy rattlesnake plantain
                 S=Neottia pubescens
GOPPO E   38773: N=Gopherus polyphemus
                 C=Gopher tortoise
                 S=Testudo polyphemus
GORAQ E   42815: N=Gordius aquaticus
GORB4 B  526226: N=Gordonia bronchialis (strain ATCC 25592 / DSM 43247 / BCRC 13721 / JCM 3198 / KCTC 3076 / NBRC 16047 / NCTC 10667)
                 S=Rhodococcus bronchialis
GORBE E  499232: N=Gorilla gorilla beringei
                 C=Mountain gorilla
                 S=Highland gorilla
GORGI E 1215352: N=Gorsachius goisagi
                 C=Japanese night-heron
                 S=Nycticorax goisagi
GORGO E    9595: N=Gorilla gorilla gorilla
                 C=Western lowland gorilla
GORLA E  182306: N=Gordonia lasianthus
                 C=Loblolly bay
GORMA E  887050: N=Gorsachius magnificus
                 C=Endangered white-eared night-heron
                 S=Nycticorax magnificus
GORME E  752197: N=Gorsachius melanolophus
                 C=Malayan night-heron
                 S=Ardea melanolopha
GORPV B 1112204: N=Gordonia polyisoprenivorans (strain DSM 44266 / VH2)
GORRU B   36822: N=Gordonia rubripertincta
                 S=Rhodococcus corallinus
GORST B  235467: N=Gordonia sp. (strain TY-5)
GORVE E  204384: N=Gorgonia ventalina
                 C=Purple sea fan
GOSAI E   34290: N=Gossypium aridum
                 C=American cotton
GOSAR E   29729: N=Gossypium arboreum
                 C=Tree cotton
                 S=Gossypium nanking
GOSBA E    3634: N=Gossypium barbadense
                 C=Sea-island cotton
                 S=Egyptian cotton
GOSDA E   34276: N=Gossypium darwinii
                 C=Darwin's cotton
                 S=Gossypium barbadense var. darwinii
GOSDV E   34287: N=Gossypium davidsonii
                 C=Davidson's cotton
GOSGO E   34282: N=Gossypium gossypioides
                 C=Mexican cotton
                 S=Selera gossypioides
GOSHE E   34274: N=Gossypium herbaceum
                 C=Levant cotton
                 S=Arabian cotton
GOSHI E    3635: N=Gossypium hirsutum
                 C=Upland cotton
                 S=Gossypium mexicanum
GOSMU E   34275: N=Gossypium mustelinum
GOSRA E   29730: N=Gossypium raimondii
                 C=New World cotton
GOSSC E   34291: N=Gossypium schwendimanii
GOSST E   34278: N=Gossypium sturtianum
                 C=Sturt's desert rose
                 S=Gossypium sturtii
GOSTH E   34273: N=Gossypium thurberi
                 C=Thurber's cotton
GOSTO E   34277: N=Gossypium tomentosum
                 C=Hawaiian cotton
                 S=Gossypium sandvicense
GOSTU E   34284: N=Gossypium turneri
GOTA9 B 1128398: N=Gottschalkia acidurici (strain ATCC 7906 / DSM 604 / BCRC 14475 / CIP 104303 / KCTC 5404 / NCIMB 10678 / 9a)
                 S=Clostridium acidurici
GOTPU B    1503: N=Gottschalkia purinilytica
                 S=Clostridium purinilyticum
GOUCR E  115654: N=Goura cristata
                 C=Western crowned-pigeon
                 S=Columba cristata
GOUVI E  187124: N=Goura victoria
                 C=Victoria crowned pigeon
GOWLO E  118216: N=Gowidon longirostris
                 C=Long-nosed water dragon
                 S=Lophognathus longirostris
GPCMV V  103920: N=Guinea pig cytomegalovirus (strain 22122)
GRAAC E  320551: N=Gracilinanus aceramarcae
                 C=Aceramarca gracile mouse opossum
                 S=Marmosa aceramarcae
GRAAG E  191870: N=Gracilinanus agilis
                 C=Agile gracile mouse opossum
GRAAL E    8448: N=Grandisonia alternans
                 C=Stejneger's caecilian
GRABC B  391165: N=Granulibacter bethesdensis (strain ATCC BAA-1260 / CGDNIH1)
GRABE E  307730: N=Gratiola brevifolia
                 C=Sticky hedgehyssop
GRABP E  172962: N=Gracilaria bursa-pastoris
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gracilaria compressa
GRABR E  107618: N=Grahamia bracteata
GRACC E  236401: N=Graphocephala coccinea
                 C=Red-banded leafhopper
                 S=Scarlet-and-green leafhopper
GRADL E  491754: N=Grammomys dolichurus
                 C=Woodland thicket rat
GRADO E  118864: N=Graomys domorum
                 C=Pale leaf-eared mouse
GRAEB E   55752: N=Graptacme eborea
                 C=Ivory tusk shell
                 S=Dentalium eboreum
GRAEM E  320550: N=Gracilinanus emiliae
                 C=Emilia's gracile mouse opossum
GRAFK B  411154: N=Gramella forsetii (strain KT0803)
GRAGA E    2777: N=Gracilaria gracilis
                 C=Red alga
GRAGE E    8481: N=Graptemys geographica
                 C=Common map turtle
                 S=Testudo geographica
GRAGI E  118865: N=Graomys griseoflavus
                 C=Gray leaf-eared mouse
GRAGR E   83653: N=Grampus griseus
                 C=Risso's dolphin
                 S=Delphinus griseus
GRAIH E 1496261: N=Grammostola iheringi
                 C=Argentinean black tarantula
                 S=Eurypelma iheringii
GRAJA E  429032: N=Grandidierella japonica
GRAKE E 1223622: N=Graphiurus kelleni
                 C=Savanna dormouse
                 S=Graphiurus parvus
GRALE E    2782: N=Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Gracilaria lemaneiformis
GRALO E  221682: N=Graphiurus lorraineus
                 C=Lorrain dormouse
GRALY E  479586: N=Granata lyrata
                 C=Elegant stomatella
                 S=Stomatella lyrata
GRAMA E  248794: N=Grammomys macmillani
                 C=Macmillan's thicket rat
GRAMC E  221700: N=Graphiurus microtis
                 C=Small-eared dormouse
GRAMI E  126289: N=Gracilinanus microtarsus
                 C=Brazilian gracile mouse opossum
GRAMM B  682795: N=Granulicella mallensis (strain ATCC BAA-1857 / DSM 23137 / MP5ACTX8)
GRAMO E  192188: N=Grapholita molesta
                 C=Oriental fruit moth
                 S=Cydia molesta
GRAMR E  710200: N=Grania maricola
                 C=Annelid worm
GRAMU E   51346: N=Graphiurus murinus
                 C=African pygmy dormouse
                 S=African woodland dormouse
GRANE E  307731: N=Gratiola neglecta
                 C=Clammy hedgehyssop
GRANI E   30127: N=Graminella nigrifrons
                 C=Blackfaced leafhopper
GRANY E  234070: N=Gracililima nyassae
                 C=Black file snake
                 S=Gonionotophis nyassae
GRAOC E  221698: N=Graphiurus ocularis
                 C=Spectacled dormouse
GRAOF E  204382: N=Gratiola officinalis
GRAOR E  121295: N=Grayia ornata
                 C=Ornate African water snake
                 S=Macrophis ornatus
GRAPC E 1826295: N=Grammostola pulchra
                 C=Brazilian black tarantula
GRAPE E 1150885: N=Graphoderus perplexus
                 C=Predaceous diving beetle
GRAPI E   68864: N=Gratiola pilosa
                 C=Shaggy hedgehyssop
GRAPL E  221699: N=Graphiurus platyops
                 C=Rock dormouse
GRAPO E 1749325: N=Grammostola porteri
                 C=Tarantula spider
                 S=Lasiodora porteri
GRAPR E  464372: N=Grammia parthenice
                 C=Parthenice tiger moth
                 S=Apantesis parthenice
GRAPU E  710204: N=Grania pusilla
                 C=Annelid worm
GRARI E  117491: N=Grallaria ridgelyi
                 C=Jocotoco antpitta
GRARO E  432528: N=Grammostola rosea
                 C=Chilean rose tarantula
                 S=Grammostola spatulata
GRARU E  295705: N=Graphosoma rubrolineatum
                 C=Striped shield bug
GRASE E   78782: N=Grammatophyllum speciosum
                 C=Tiger orchid
GRASI E   46100: N=Grayia spinosa
                 C=Spiny hopsage
                 S=Atriplex spinosa
GRASO E  527460: N=Gradungula sorenseni
                 C=Sorensen's spider
GRASU E  491861: N=Grammomys surdaster
                 C=African woodland thicket rat
                 S=Thamnomys surdaster
GRASX E  270576: N=Grammistes sexlineatus
                 C=Goldenstriped soapfish
                 S=Perca sexlineata
GRATI E    2779: N=Gracilaria tikvahiae
                 C=Red alga
                 S=Graceful red weed
GRATL E  285951: N=Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui
                 C=Red alga
GRATM B 1198114: N=Granulicella tundricola (strain ATCC BAA-1859 / DSM 23138 / MP5ACTX9)
GRAVE E 1433369: N=Graecoanatolica vegorriticola
                 C=Freshwater snail
                 S=Hydrobia vegorriticola
GRAVG E  214156: N=Grammia virguncula
                 C=Little virgin tiger moth
                 S=Apantesis virguncula
GRAVI E  307729: N=Gratiola virginiana
                 C=Roundfruit hedgehyssop
GRAVR E  214157: N=Grammia virgo
                 C=Virgin tiger moth
                 S=Apantesis virgo
GRAWI E  464377: N=Grammia williamsii
                 C=Williams' tiger moth
                 S=Apantesis williamsii
GREAN E  344638: N=Greta annette
                 C=White-spotted clearwing butterfly
GREAQ E  406993: N=Grevillea aquifolium
                 C=Holly grevillea
GREBA E  213825: N=Grevillea banksii
                 C=Bank's grevillea
GREBI E  493990: N=Grewia bicolor
                 C=False brandybush
                 S=Two-coloured raisin-bush
GRECA E  544770: N=Grevillea caleyi
                 C=Caley's grevillea
GREFL E  493991: N=Grewia flavescens
                 C=Rough-leaved raisin
GRENI E  110365: N=Gregarina niphandrodes
                 C=Septate eugregarine
GREOB E   28664: N=Greya obscura
GREOC E   82408: N=Grewia occidentalis
                 S=Lavender starflower
GREOT E  191407: N=Greta oto
                 C=Glasswinged butterfly
                 S=Greta morgane oto
GREPL E 1908658: N=Greta polissena
                 C=Polissena clearwing butterfly
                 S=Hypomenitis polissena
GREPO E  198477: N=Gregarina polymorpha
GRERA E   23282: N=Greyia radlkoferi
                 C=Transvaal bottlebrush
GRERE E  183032: N=Greenmaniella resinosa
                 S=Zaluzania resinosa
GRERO E  105748: N=Grevillea robusta
                 C=Southern silky oak
GRERP E  653993: N=Grevillea repens
                 C=Creeping grevillea
GREVI E  493992: N=Grewia villosa
                 C=Mallow raisin
GRIER E   82850: N=Grillotia erinaceus
GRIFR E    5627: N=Grifola frondosa
                 S=Polyporus frondosus
GRIHO B     673: N=Grimontia hollisae
                 S=Vibrio hollisae
GRIHY E  112549: N=Griffinia hyacinthina
                 S=Amaryllis hyacinthina
GRIJA E   83288: N=Griffithsia japonica
                 C=Red alga
GRIMO E   42003: N=Griffithsia monilis
                 C=Red alga
GRIPA E   35689: N=Griffithsia pacifica
                 C=Red alga
GRISI E    3850: N=Griffonia simplicifolia
                 S=Bandeiraea simplicifolia
GRISQ E  373036: N=Griffithsia sp. (strain Q66D336)
                 C=Red alga
GROCL E  655863: N=Grosmannia clavigera (strain kw1407 / UAMH 11150)
                 C=Blue stain fungus
                 S=Graphiocladiella clavigera
GROGR E  521511: N=Gromphadorhina grandidieri
GROLA E  231263: N=Gromphadorhina laevigata
                 C=Madagascar hissing cockroach
GROOV E   35217: N=Gromia oviformis
                 C=Marine testate filosean
GROPO E   36953: N=Gromphadorhina portentosa
                 C=Madagascan hissing cockroach
GROST E  648866: N=Grona styracifolia
                 C=Coin-leaf desmodium
                 S=Hedysarum styracifolium
GRUAM E    9117: N=Grus americana
                 C=Whooping crane
GRUGR E   40816: N=Grus grus
                 C=Common crane
                 S=Ardea grus
GRUJA E   30415: N=Grus japonensis
                 C=Japanese crane
                 S=Red-crowned crane
GRUMO E   40818: N=Grus monacha
                 C=Hooded crane
GRUNI E   40817: N=Grus nigricollis
                 C=Black-necked crane
GRVMC V 1005060: N=Groundnut rosette virus (strain MC1)
GRYAS E  128156: N=Gryllus assimilis
                 C=Jamaican field cricket
                 S=Acheta assimilis
GRYBI E    6999: N=Gryllus bimaculatus
                 C=Two-spotted cricket
GRYFI E    7000: N=Gryllus firmus
                 C=Sand field cricket
GRYOR E  213494: N=Gryllotalpa orientalis
                 C=Oriental mole cricket
GRYPE E   51074: N=Gryllus pennsylvanicus
                 C=Fall field cricket
GRYPL E  552513: N=Gryllotalpa pluvialis
                 C=Common mole cricket
                 S=Austrotalpa pluvialis
GRYRU E  128159: N=Gryllus rubens
                 C=Southeastern field cricket
GRYUN E  263542: N=Gryllotalpa unispina
                 C=Single-spined mole cricket
GSHV  V   10406: N=Ground squirrel hepatitis virus (strain 27)
GSMV  V   12201: N=Gloriosa stripe mosaic virus
GTOVV V   45219: N=Guanarito mammarenavirus (isolate Human/Venezuela/NH-95551/1990)
GUAAE E  295146: N=Guatteria aeruginosa
GUAAU E  123119: N=Guarianthe aurantiaca
                 C=Orange cattleya
                 S=Cattleya aurantiaca
GUADU E  295159: N=Guatteria dumetorum
                 C=Sigua negro
GUAGU E   51906: N=Guaruba guarouba
                 C=Golden parakeet
GUAPA E  142273: N=Guarianthe patinii
                 C=Patin's cattleya
                 S=Cattleya patinii
GUATU E  176604: N=Guardiola tulocarpus
GUDCH E  691797: N=Gudusia chapra
                 C=Indian river shad
                 S=Clupanodon chapra
GUESP E  128314: N=Guettarda speciosa
                 C=Beach gardenia
GUIAB E    4230: N=Guizotia abyssinica
GUIBO E  191881: N=Guilandina bonduc
                 C=Yellow nicker
                 S=Caesalpinia bonduc
GUIGU E   30392: N=Guira guira
                 C=Guira cuckoo
GUITC E  905079: N=Guillardia theta (strain CCMP2712)
GUITH E   55529: N=Guillardia theta
                 S=Cryptomonas phi
GULGU E   48420: N=Gulo gulo
GULMO B  397457: N=Gulbenkiania mobilis
GUNCA E  283783: N=Gunnarea capensis
                 C=Cape reef-worm
GUNCH E  130722: N=Gunnera chilensis
                 C=Chilean rhubarb
GUTPU E    8994: N=Guttera pucherani
                 C=Eastern crested guineafowl
GVAIS V  651358: N=Grapevine virus A (isolate Is 151)
GVAO  V  170617: N=Adoxophyes orana granulovirus
GVAS  V   10464: N=Agrotis segetum granulosis virus
                 S=Agrotis segetum granulovirus
GVCF  V   56947: N=Choristoneura fumiferana granulovirus
GVCL  V   35254: N=Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulosis virus
                 S=Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus
GVCP  V   28289: N=Cydia pomonella granulosis virus
                 S=Cydia pomonella granulovirus
GVCPM V  654905: N=Cydia pomonella granulosis virus (isolate Mexico/1963)
                 S=Cydia pomonella granulovirus
GVHA  V   45440: N=Heliothis armigera granulosis virus
                 S=Heliothis armigera granulovirus
GVHB  V  115813: N=Harrisina brillians granulovirus
GVLO  V   52412: N=Lacanobia oleracea granulosis virus
                 S=Lacanobia oleracea granulovirus
GVPB  V   10465: N=Pieris brassicae granulosis virus
                 S=Pieris brassicae granulovirus
GVPU  V   36355: N=Pseudalatia unipuncta granulosis virus
                 S=Pseudalatia unipuncta granulovirus
GVTN  V   10462: N=Trichoplusia ni granulosis virus
                 S=Trichoplusia ni granulovirus
GVXN  V   51677: N=Xestia c-nigrum granulosis virus
                 S=Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus
GYMAC E    8218: N=Gymnodraco acuticeps
                 C=Antarctic dragonfish
GYMAL E  262121: N=Gymnophaps albertisii
                 C=Papuan mountain-pigeon
GYMAM E   82755: N=Gymnanthemum amygdalinum
                 C=Bitter leaf
                 S=Vernonia amygdalina
GYMCA E   33616: N=Gymnogyps californianus
                 C=California condor
                 S=Vultur californianus
GYMCE E   57865: N=Gymnocephalus cernuus
                 S=Perca cernua
GYMCH E   66097: N=Gymnocladus chinensis
                 C=Soap tree
                 S=Yunnan bean
GYMCO E   59324: N=Gymnadenia conopsea
                 C=Fragrant orchid
                 S=Orchis conopsea
GYMCY E  109446: N=Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus
                 C=Pinyon jay
GYMDI E   53883: N=Gymnocladus dioicus
                 C=Kentucky coffee tree
                 S=Guilandina dioica
GYMFL E  217850: N=Gymnothorax flavimarginatus
                 C=Yellow-edged moray
                 S=Muraena flavimarginata
GYMGY E   96991: N=Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys
                 C=Smooth-cheek eartheater
                 S=Geophagus gymnogenys
GYMIN E 1573495: N=Gymnodinium instriatum
                 S=Gyrodinium instriatum
GYMKI E  139722: N=Gymnothorax kidako
                 C=Common moray eel
                 S=Muraena kidako
GYMLE E   38618: N=Gymnobelideus leadbeateri
                 C=Leadbeater's possum
GYMLU E   88864: N=Gymnophthalmus leucomystax
                 C=White spectacled tegu
GYMME E   84819: N=Gymnomystax mexicanus
                 C=Oriole blackbird
GYMMO E  182438: N=Gymnothorax moringa
                 C=Spotted moray
                 S=Muraena moringa
GYMMS E   13754: N=Gymnanthemum mespilifolium
                 C=Bitter tea
                 S=Vernonia mespilifolia
GYMMU E  449092: N=Gymnopis multiplicata
                 C=Purple caecilian
GYMNI E   42648: N=Gymnarchus niloticus
GYMOD E   97904: N=Gymnadenia odoratissima
                 C=Short-spurred fragrant orchid
                 S=Orchis odoratissima
GYMPO E  495854: N=Gymnura poecilura
                 C=Long-tailed butterfly ray
                 S=Raja poecilura
GYMRO E  107276: N=Gymnuromys roberti
GYMST E   67809: N=Gymnochlora stellata
GYMSY E    4068: N=Gymnema sylvestre
                 S=Periploca sylvestris
GYMTI E    9132: N=Gymnorhina tibicen
                 C=Australian magpie
                 S=Cracticus tibicen
GYMUI E  372805: N=Gymnosarda unicolor
                 C=Dogtooth tuna
                 S=Thynnus unicolor
GYMUN E  296138: N=Gymnothorax unicolor
                 C=Brown moray
                 S=Muraenophis unicolor
GYNCS E  348763: N=Gyna cf. cafforum (strain SR-2005)
GYNFI E   59752: N=Gynaikothrips ficorum
                 C=Cuban laurel thrips
GYNLU E  406578: N=Gyna lurida
                 C=Porcelain cockroach
GYNPE E  182084: N=Gynostemma pentaphyllum
                 S=Sweet tea vine
GYPBA E   33610: N=Gypaetus barbatus
                 C=Bearded Vulture
GYPBE E   43491: N=Gyps bengalensis
                 C=White-rumped vulture
GYPCO E    8966: N=Gyps coprotheres
                 C=Cape vulture
                 S=Vultur coprotheres
GYPPR E  378364: N=Gyptis propinqua
                 C=Polychaete worm
                 S=Oxydromus propinquus
GYPRU E    8967: N=Gyps rueppelli
                 C=Rueppell's griffon
                 S=Vultur rueppellii
GYRAR E   83193: N=Gyrodactylus arcuatus
GYRMI E  357801: N=Gyrinus minutus
                 C=Small whirligig beetle
GYRSA E   37629: N=Gyrodactylus salaris
HABAI E  158244: N=Habronattus amicus
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes amicus
HABAL E  158242: N=Habronattus altanus
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes altanus
HABAM E  158243: N=Habronattus americanus
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes americanus
HABCA E  176417: N=Habroscelimorpha californica
                 C=California tiger beetle
                 S=Cicindela californica
HABCO E  104786: N=Habrotrocha constricta
HABDE E  188422: N=Habronattus decorus
                 C=Jumping spider
HABIX E  397749: N=Habromys ixtlani
                 C=Ixtlan deermouse
                 S=Habromys lepturus ixtlani
HABLE E  322711: N=Habromys lepturus
                 C=Slender-tailed deer mouse
HABLO E   56319: N=Habromys lophurus
                 C=Crested-tailed deer mouse
HABOR E  130930: N=Habronattus oregonensis
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes oregonense
HABPU E  130932: N=Habronattus pugillis
                 C=Jumping spider
HABRE E   38205: N=Habenaria repens
                 C=Water-spider bog orchid
HABRU E   62201: N=Habia rubica
                 C=Red-crowned ant-tanager
HABSI E  158275: N=Habronattus signatus
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes signatus
HABSM E  397750: N=Habromys simulatus
                 C=Jico deermouse
HABTA E  169234: N=Hablitzia tamnoides
                 C=Caucasian spinach
HABUS E  158281: N=Habronattus ustulatus
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes ustulatus
HABVI E  158285: N=Habronattus viridipes
                 C=Jumping spider
                 S=Pellenes viridipes
HADAR E   88316: N=Hadrurus arizonensis
                 C=Giant desert hairy scorpion
HADCE E 1107879: N=Hadronyche cerberea
                 C=Southern tree funnel-web spider
HADFO E  426499: N=Hadronyche formidabilis
                 C=Northern tree funnel-web spider
                 S=Atrax formidabilis
HADIN E  153481: N=Hadronyche infensa
                 C=Fraser island funnel-web spider
                 S=Atrax infensus
HADMO E 1337084: N=Hadronyche modesta
                 C=Victorian funnel-web spider
HADVA E 2072569: N=Hadronyche valida
                 C=Funnel-web spider
                 S=Atrax valida
HADVE E    6904: N=Hadronyche versuta
                 C=Blue mountains funnel-web spider
                 S=Atrax versutus
HADVN E 1337083: N=Hadronyche venenata
                 C=Tasmanian funnel-web spider
                 S=Atrax venenatus
HADYE A 1776334: N=Hadarchaeum yellowstonense
HAEAE B  197575: N=Haemophilus aegyptius
HAEBA E  279948: N=Haematopus bachmani
                 C=American black oystercatcher
HAECA E  372289: N=Haemorhous cassinii
                 C=Cassin's finch
                 S=Carpodacus cassinii
HAECL E   77522: N=Haemoproteus columbae
HAECN E  523089: N=Haemaphysalis concinna
                 C=Relict tick
HAECO E    6289: N=Haemonchus contortus
                 C=Barber pole worm
HAEDC B     730: N=Haemophilus ducreyi
HAEDE E  279730: N=Haementeria depressa
HAEDU B  233412: N=Haemophilus ducreyi (strain 35000HP / ATCC 700724)
HAEEQ E   53526: N=Haemagogus equinus
HAEFA E  181088: N=Haemaphysalis flava
HAEFL E  236585: N=Haemulon flavolineatum
                 C=French grunt
                 S=Diabasis flavolineatus
HAEFO E 1155004: N=Haemaphysalis formosensis
HAEGH E    6409: N=Haementeria ghilianii
                 C=Amazon leech
HAEHA B     726: N=Haemophilus haemolyticus
HAEI1 B  862964: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain 10810)
HAEI2 B  262727: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain R2846 / 12)
HAEI3 B  375177: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain NTHi 3655)
HAEI6 B  262728: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain R2866)
HAEI8 B  281310: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain 86-028NP)
HAEIE B  374930: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain PittEE)
HAEIF B     727: N=Haemophilus influenzae
HAEIG B  374931: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain PittGG)
HAEIN B   71421: N=Haemophilus influenzae (strain ATCC 51907 / DSM 11121 / KW20 / Rd)
HAEIR E    7368: N=Haematobia irritans
                 C=Horn fly
                 S=Conops irritans
HAEIX E   34678: N=Haematobia irritans exigua
                 C=Buffalo fly
HAEKO E  195943: N=Haemoproteus kopki
HAELA E   44745: N=Haematococcus lacustris
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Haematococcus pluvialis
HAELO E   44386: N=Haemaphysalis longicornis
                 C=Bush tick
HAEMA E   38567: N=Haemopis marmorata
                 C=Green horse leech
HAEME E   30427: N=Haemorhous mexicanus
                 C=House finch
                 S=Carpodacus mexicanus
HAEMJ E  131374: N=Haemoproteus majoris
HAEOB E 1256039: N=Haemaphysalis obesa
HAEOF E    6410: N=Haementeria officinalis
                 C=Mexican leech
HAEOS E   31908: N=Haematopus ostralegus
                 C=Eurasian oystercatcher
HAEP3 B  862965: N=Haemophilus parainfluenzae (strain T3T1)
HAEPA B     729: N=Haemophilus parainfluenzae
HAEPB E  630956: N=Haemaphysalis parva
                 S=Dermacentor parvus
HAEPC E    6290: N=Haemonchus placei
                 C=Barber's pole worm
HAEPH B     735: N=Haemophilus parahaemolyticus
HAEPI E  279960: N=Haematopus palliatus
                 C=American oystercatcher
HAEPP E  142468: N=Haemorhous purpureus
                 C=Purple finch
                 S=Carpodacus purpureus
HAEPR B     738: N=Haemophilus parasuis
                 S=Glaesserella parasuis
HAEPS B  557723: N=Haemophilus parasuis serovar 5 (strain SH0165)
                 S=Glaesserella parasuis
HAEPT E  195941: N=Haemoproteus ptyodactylii
HAEPU E  178770: N=Haematopota pluvialis
                 C=Notch-horned cleg fly
HAEPV V   10290: N=Heliothis armigera entomopoxvirus
HAES1 B  205914: N=Haemophilus somnus (strain 129Pt)
                 S=Histophilus somni
HAESC E  119718: N=Haemulon sciurus
                 C=Bluestriped grunt
                 S=Sparus sciurus
HAESI E  244029: N=Haemodorum simulans
HAESL E   13555: N=Haemadipsa sylvestris
                 C=Indian leech
HAESP E 1134476: N=Haemaphysalis spinigera
HAESY E  131376: N=Haemoproteus sylvae
HAFAL B     569: N=Hafnia alvei
HAGBR E  126207: N=Hagenius brevistylus
HAHCH B  349521: N=Hahella chejuensis (strain KCTC 2396)
HALAA B 1176239: N=Halobacillus andaensis
HALAD B  240303: N=Halobacillus aidingensis
HALAF B 1121939: N=Halomonas anticariensis (strain DSM 16096 / CECT 5854 / LMG 22089 / FP35)
HALAI E  109174: N=Haliotis asinina
                 C=Donkey's ear abalone
                 S=Ass's ear abalone
HALAL E    8969: N=Haliaeetus albicilla
                 C=White-tailed sea-eagle
                 S=Falco albicilla
HALAN E  654955: N=Haliclystus antarcticus
                 C=Antarctic stalked jellyfish
                 S=Microhydrula limopsicola
HALAR A   43776: N=Haloarcula argentinensis
HALAS A  245739: N=Halobacterium sp. (strain AS7092)
HALAU E  254849: N=Halocynthia aurantium
                 C=Sea peach
HALBO E  145470: N=Halichondria bowerbanki
                 C=Crumb-of-bread sponge
HALBP A  469382: N=Halogeometricum borinquense (strain ATCC 700274 / DSM 11551 / JCM 10706 / KCTC 4070 / PR3)
HALBR E  328596: N=Halosydna brevisetosa
                 C=Eighteen-scaled worm
HALC1 A  335819: N=Halorubrum chaoviator (strain DSM 11365 / JCM 9573 / AUS-1)
HALCA E   79655: N=Halobaena caerulea
                 C=Blue petrel
HALCE E 1131259: N=Haliclona caerulea
                 C=Blue Caribbean sponge
                 S=Sigmadocia caerulea
HALCG E  462315: N=Halcurias carlgreni
                 C=Sea anemone
HALCH E  161903: N=Halichoeres chrysus
                 C=Canary wrasse
HALCL E   85887: N=Halesia carolina
                 C=Carolina silverbell
HALCM E  433634: N=Halcyon coromanda
                 C=Ruddy kingfisher
                 S=Alcedo coromanda
HALCO E    6453: N=Haliotis corrugata
                 C=Pink abalone
HALCR E    6455: N=Haliotis cracherodii
                 C=Black abalone
HALDA B  240302: N=Halobacillus dabanensis
HALDD E  101187: N=Halobatrachus didactylus
                 C=Lusitanian toadfish
HALDH E   42344: N=Haliotis discus hannai
                 C=Japanese abalone
HALDI E   36094: N=Haliotis discus
                 S=Nordotis discus
HALDO A  179637: N=Halococcus dombrowskii
HALDP E   86865: N=Halesia diptera
                 C=Two-winged silverbell
HALDS E  535939: N=Halomonhystera disjuncta
                 C=Nematode worm
HALDU E 2583056: N=Halisarca dujardinii
                 C=Dujardin's slime sponge
HALDV E   36095: N=Haliotis diversicolor
                 S=Sulculus diversicolor
HALED B  768066: N=Halomonas elongata (strain ATCC 33173 / DSM 2581 / NBRC 15536 / NCIMB 2198 / 1H9)
HALEL B    2746: N=Halomonas elongata
HALER B   42566: N=Halomonas eurihalina
HALEU B      27: N=Halophilic eubacterium NRCC 41227
HALFA E 1503185: N=Haludaria fasciata
                 C=Melon barb
                 S=Dravidia fasciata
HALFL E  369808: N=Halozetes fulvus
HALFU E    6456: N=Haliotis fulgens
                 C=Green abalone
HALGA E  161458: N=Halicampus grayi
                 C=Gray's pipefish
HALGI A   35746: N=Haloferax gibbonsii
HALGM A 1227459: N=Haloferax gibbonsii (strain ATCC 33959 / DSM 4427 / JCM 8863 / NBRC 102184 / NCIMB 2188 / Ma 2.38)
HALGN E    5974: N=Halteria grandinella
HALGO E  159712: N=Halichoeres garnoti
                 C=Yellowhead wrasse
                 S=Julis garnoti
HALGR E    9711: N=Halichoerus grypus
                 C=Gray seal
                 S=Phoca grypus
HALH1 B  760192: N=Haliscomenobacter hydrossis (strain ATCC 27775 / DSM 1100 / LMG 10767 / O)
HALH2 B   31991: N=Halomonas halodenitrificans (strain ATCC 12084 / NCIMB 8669)
                 S=Paracoccus halodenitrificans
HALH3 B  866895: N=Halobacillus halophilus (strain ATCC 35676 / DSM 2266 / JCM 20832 / KCTC 3685 / LMG 17431 / NBRC 102448 / NCIMB 2269)
                 S=Sporosarcina halophila
HALHA B    1053: N=Halorhodospira halophila
                 S=Ectothiorhodospira halophila
HALHC B  748449: N=Halobacteroides halobius (strain ATCC 35273 / DSM 5150 / MD-1)
HALHD B   28252: N=Halomonas halodenitrificans
                 S=Paracoccus halodenitrificans
HALHG B  656519: N=Halanaerobium hydrogeniformans
                 S=Halanaerobium sp. (strain sapolanicus)
HALHI A   51589: N=Haloarcula hispanica
HALHL B  349124: N=Halorhodospira halophila (strain DSM 244 / SL1)
                 S=Ectothiorhodospira halophila (strain DSM 244 / SL1)
HALHM A   33003: N=Halobacterium halobium (strain mex)
HALHO B    1570: N=Halobacillus halophilus
                 S=Sporosarcina halophila
HALHP A   33004: N=Halobacterium halobium (strain port)
HALHR B    1052: N=Halorhodospira halochloris
                 S=Ectothiorhodospira halochloris
HALHS A   33005: N=Halobacterium halobium (strain shark)
HALHT A  634497: N=Haloarcula hispanica (strain ATCC 33960 / DSM 4426 / JCM 8911 / NBRC 102182 / NCIMB 2187 / VKM B-1755)
HALHY E  286706: N=Halyomorpha halys
                 C=Brown marmorated stink bug
                 S=Pentatoma halys
HALIN E    8971: N=Haliastur indus
                 C=Brahminy kite
HALIR E   36096: N=Haliotis iris
                 C=Paua abalone
HALJA E    6062: N=Halichondria japonica
                 C=Marine sponge
HALJB A  795797: N=Halalkalicoccus jeotgali (strain DSM 18796 / CECT 7217 / JCM 14584 / KCTC 4019 / B3)
HALJO E  319453: N=Halargyreus johnsonii
                 C=Slender codling
HALJP A   29282: N=Haloarcula japonica
HALJT A 1227453: N=Haloarcula japonica (strain ATCC 49778 / DSM 6131 / JCM 7785 / NBRC 101032 / NCIMB 13157 / TR-1)
HALKA E    6457: N=Haliotis kamtschatkana
                 C=Pinto abalone
                 S=Northern abalone
HALL2 A 1230452: N=Haloferax lucentense (strain DSM 14919 / JCM 9276 / NCIMB 13854 / Aa 2.2)
                 S=Haloferax alicantei
HALLA E   36097: N=Haliotis laevigata
                 C=Smooth Australian abalone
HALLC E   68866: N=Halleria lucida
                 C=Tree fuchsia
                 S=Halleria abyssinica
HALLE E   52644: N=Haliaeetus leucocephalus
                 C=Bald eagle
HALLI E   77576: N=Halictus ligatus
                 C=Sweat bee
HALLT A  416348: N=Halorubrum lacusprofundi (strain ATCC 49239 / DSM 5036 / JCM 8891 / ACAM 34)
HALLU E   52646: N=Haliaeetus leucoryphus
                 C=Pallas's fish-eagle
                 S=Aquila leucorypha
HALMA A  272569: N=Haloarcula marismortui (strain ATCC 43049 / DSM 3752 / JCM 8966 / VKM B-1809)
                 S=Halobacterium marismortui
HALMC E   51789: N=Halichoeres maculipinna
                 C=Clown wrasse
HALMD A  485914: N=Halomicrobium mukohataei (strain ATCC 700874 / DSM 12286 / JCM 9738 / NCIMB 13541)
                 S=Haloarcula mukohataei
HALME A    2252: N=Haloferax mediterranei
                 S=Halobacterium mediterranei
HALMK E   81897: N=Haliotis madaka
                 C=Giant abalone
                 S=Nordotis madaka
HALML E  170866: N=Halcyon malimbica
                 C=Blue-breasted kingfisher
HALMO A    2250: N=Halococcus morrhuae
                 S=Micrococcus morrhuae
HALMS B  862908: N=Halobacteriovorax marinus (strain ATCC BAA-682 / DSM 15412 / SJ)
                 S=Bacteriovorax marinus
HALMT A  523841: N=Haloferax mediterranei (strain ATCC 33500 / DSM 1411 / JCM 8866 / NBRC 14739 / NCIMB 2177 / R-4)
                 S=Halobacterium mediterranei
HALNC B  555778: N=Halothiobacillus neapolitanus (strain ATCC 23641 / c2)
                 S=Thiobacillus neapolitanus
HALNE B     927: N=Halothiobacillus neapolitanus
                 S=Thiobacillus neapolitanus
HALO1 B  502025: N=Haliangium ochraceum (strain DSM 14365 / JCM 11303 / SMP-2)
HALOC E    6058: N=Haliclona oculata
                 C=Finger sponge
HALOH B  373903: N=Halothermothrix orenii (strain H 168 / OCM 544 / DSM 9562)
HALOK E  163232: N=Halichondria okadai
                 C=Marine sponge
                 S=Reniera okadai
HALP7 B   65093: N=Halothece sp. (strain PCC 7418)
                 S=Synechococcus sp. (strain PCC 7418)
HALPA E    6063: N=Halichondria panicea
                 C=Breadcrumb sponge
HALPE E   52647: N=Haliaeetus pelagicus
                 C=Steller's sea-eagle
HALPG B  572479: N=Halanaerobium praevalens (strain ATCC 33744 / DSM 2228 / GSL)
HALPI E  371669: N=Halomitra pileus
                 C=Bowl coral
HALPL E 1496258: N=Halcyon pileata
                 C=Black-capped kingfisher
                 S=Alcedo pileata
HALPP E  201963: N=Halocynthia papillosa
                 C=Red sea-squirt
HALPR B    2331: N=Halanaerobium praevalens
HALPT A 1227461: N=Haloferax prahovense (strain DSM 18310 / JCM 13924 / TL6)
HALRE E   42343: N=Haliotis roei
                 C=Roe's abalone
HALRI E   77578: N=Halictus rubicundus
                 C=Social sweat bee
HALRO E    7729: N=Halocynthia roretzi
                 C=Sea squirt
                 S=Cynthia roretzi
HALRR E  373956: N=Halocaridina rubra
                 C=Hawaiian red shrimp
HALRU E    6454: N=Haliotis rufescens
                 C=California red abalone
HALRX A  797302: N=Halovivax ruber (strain DSM 18193 / JCM 13892 / XH-70)
HALS2 A   29285: N=Halobacterium sp. (strain aus-2)
HALS3 A  478009: N=Halobacterium salinarum (strain ATCC 29341 / DSM 671 / R1)
HALS4 A  160432: N=Haloterrigena sp. (strain arg-4)
HALS8 A  135836: N=Haloarchaeon S8a
HALS9 A 2597657: N=Halobacterium salinarum (strain ATCC 33171 / DSM 3754 / JCM 8978 / NBRC 102687 / NCIMB 764 / 91-R6)
HALSA A   64091: N=Halobacterium salinarum (strain ATCC 700922 / JCM 11081 / NRC-1)
                 S=Halobacterium halobium
HALSB A    2253: N=Haloferax sp.
HALSC A   44098: N=Haloarcula sp.
HALSD A   35743: N=Halorubrum sodomense
HALSE B   49447: N=Halochromatium salexigens
                 S=Chromatium salexigens
HALSF E  569430: N=Halocynthia spinosa
                 C=Spiny ascidian
HALSG A 1072681: N=Haloredivivus sp. (strain G17)
HALSI A    2242: N=Halobacterium salinarum
                 S=Halobacterium halobium
HALSN A   88773: N=Halobacterium sp. (strain GN101)
HALSO E    6458: N=Haliotis sorenseni
                 C=White abalone
HALSP A    2243: N=Halobacterium sp.
HALSR A   69009: N=Haloarcula sp. (strain arg-2 / Andes heights)
HALSS A   33006: N=Halobacterium sp. (strain SG1)
HALSX B 1486246: N=Halomonas sp.
HALTE E  214159: N=Halysidota tessellaris
                 C=Banded tussock moth
HALTR E  147232: N=Halichoeres trimaculatus
                 C=Three-spot wrasse
                 S=Julis trimaculata
HALTU E   36103: N=Haliotis tuberculata
                 C=Green ormer
                 S=Tuberculate abalone
HALTV A  543526: N=Haloterrigena turkmenica (strain ATCC 51198 / DSM 5511 / JCM 9101 / NCIMB 13204 / VKM B-1734 / 4k)
                 S=Halococcus turkmenicus
HALUD A  519442: N=Halorhabdus utahensis (strain DSM 12940 / JCM 11049 / AX-2)
HALVA A   28442: N=Haloarcula vallismortis
                 S=Halobacterium vallismortis
HALVC E   52649: N=Haliaeetus vocifer
                 C=African fish-eagle
                 S=Falco vocifer
HALVD A  309800: N=Haloferax volcanii (strain ATCC 29605 / DSM 3757 / JCM 8879 / NBRC 14742 / NCIMB 2012 / VKM B-1768 / DS2)
                 S=Halobacterium volcanii
HALVO A    2246: N=Haloferax volcanii
                 S=Halobacterium volcanii
HALVR E   37750: N=Haliotis varia
                 C=Variable abalone
HALVU A   63740: N=Halorubrum vacuolatum
                 S=Natronobacterium vacuolatum
HALWA E    6459: N=Haliotis walallensis
                 C=Flat abalone
                 S=Haliotis fulgens var. walallensis
HALWC A  768065: N=Haloquadratum walsbyi (strain DSM 16854 / JCM 12705 / C23)
HALWD A  362976: N=Haloquadratum walsbyi (strain DSM 16790 / HBSQ001)
HALXS A  797210: N=Halopiger xanaduensis (strain DSM 18323 / JCM 14033 / SH-6)
HALZH B 1176240: N=Halomonas zhaodongensis
HAMAP E   47613: N=Hampea appendiculata
                 S=Hampea integerrima var. appendiculata
HAMD5 B  572265: N=Hamiltonella defensa subsp. Acyrthosiphon pisum (strain 5AT)
HAMEP E 1324347: N=Hamadryas epinome
                 C=Epinome cracker butterfly
HAMHA E   99158: N=Hammondia hammondi
                 C=Parasitic protozoan
HAMHE E   99159: N=Hammondia heydorni
                 C=Coccidian parasite
HAMJA E   63355: N=Hamamelis japonica
                 C=Japanese witch hazel
HAMMO E    4396: N=Hamamelis mollis
                 C=Chinese witch hazel
HAMVI E    4397: N=Hamamelis virginiana
                 S=Hamamelis macrophylla
HANTB V   31617: N=Hantaan virus (strain B-1)
                 S=Korean hemorrhagic fever virus
HANTH V   11583: N=Hantaan virus (strain Hojo)
                 C=Hojo virus
                 S=Korean hemorrhagic fever virus
HANTL V   11601: N=Hantaan virus (strain Lee)
                 C=Lee virus
                 S=Korean hemorrhagic fever virus
HANTV V   11602: N=Hantaan virus (strain 76-118)
                 S=Korean hemorrhagic fever virus
HANUN E  459127: N=Hannoa undulata
                 S=Quassia undulata
HANUV E   29833: N=Hanseniaspora uvarum
                 S=Kloeckera apiculata
HANXR B 1817868: N=Handelsmanbacteria sp. (strain RIFCSPLOWO2_12_FULL_64_10)
HAPAU E  122222: N=Hapalemur aureus
                 C=Golden bamboo lemur
HAPBR E  466703: N=Haploperla brevis
                 S=Chloroperla brevis
HAPBU E    8153: N=Haplochromis burtoni
                 C=Burton's mouthbrooder
                 S=Chromis burtoni
HAPDE E  174385: N=Hapalogaster dentata
                 C=Stone crab
HAPFI E  301158: N=Haplonycteris fischeri
                 C=Philippine pygmy fruit bat
HAPGR E   13557: N=Hapalemur griseus
                 C=Gray gentle lemur
                 S=Eastern lesser bamboo lemur
HAPHI E   35142: N=Haptolina hirta
                 C=Plankton alga
                 S=Chrysochromulina hirta
HAPHO E   37406: N=Haplomitrium hookeri
                 C=Hooker's flapwort
                 S=Jungermannia hookeri
HAPIR E   95324: N=Hapsidospora irregularis
HAPLE E  464379: N=Haploa lecontei
                 C=Leconte's haploa moth
HAPMA E   61716: N=Hapalochlaena maculosa
                 C=Southern blue-ringed octopus
                 S=Octopus maculosus
HAPME E  174386: N=Hapalogaster mertensii
                 C=Hairy crab
HAPMO E  412653: N=Haplophryne mollis
                 C=Soft leafvent angler
                 S=Aceratias mollis
HAPNU E   51172: N=Haplochromis nubilus
                 C=Blue Victoria mouthbrooder
                 S=Tilapia nubila
HAPRO E  516612: N=Haploniscus rostratus
                 S=Antennuloniscus rostratus
HAPSI E 1107785: N=Haplodrassus signifer
HAPV1 V  634168: N=Halorubrum pleomorphic virus 1
HAPXE E   51185: N=Haplochromis xenognathus
                 C=Lake Victoria cichlid
                 S=Ptyochromis xenognathus
HARAF E  247283: N=Harpalus affinis
                 C=Ground beetle
HARAN E   43256: N=Harpagifer antarcticus
                 C=Antarctic spiny plunderfish
HARAR E   59408: N=Harpactes ardens
                 C=Philippine trogon
HARAX E  115357: N=Harmonia axyridis
                 C=Multicolored Asian lady beetle
                 S=Coccinella axyridis
HARCA E  239731: N=Hartmannella cantabrigiensis
                 S=Copromyxa cantabrigiensis
HARDE E  517475: N=Haritalodes derogata
                 C=Cotton leaf roller moth
                 S=Syllepte derogata
HARDI E   59409: N=Harpactes diardii
                 C=Diard's trogon
HARER E  297715: N=Harpactes erythrocephalus
                 C=Red-headed trogon
HARHA E  124749: N=Harpiocephalus harpia
                 C=Hairy-winged bat
HARHE E  331377: N=Harpalus herbivagus
                 C=Ground beetle
HARIM E   61848: N=Harmothoe imbricata
                 C=Fifteen-scaled worm
                 S=Aphrodita imbricata
HARJA E  224705: N=Harengula jaguana
                 C=Scaled sardine
HARMI E  143314: N=Harpadon microchir
                 C=Smallfinned Bombay duck fish
HARMO E  294655: N=Harpiocephalus mordax
                 C=Greater hairy-winged bat
                 S=Harpiocephalus harpia mordax
HARNA V  239720: N=Heterosigma akashiwo RNA virus (strain SOG263)
HARNE E  435155: N=Harpadon nehereus
                 C=Bombay duck fish
                 S=Osmerus nehereus
HARQU E  346781: N=Harmonia quadripunctata
                 C=Cream-streaked ladybird beetle
                 S=Coccinella quadripunctata
HARRA E  765186: N=Harriotta raleighana
                 C=Pacific longnose chimaera
HARRU E  247442: N=Harpalus rufipes
                 C=Strawberry seed beetle
                 S=Pseudoophonus rufipes
HARSA E  610380: N=Harpegnathos saltator
                 C=Jerdon's jumping ant
HARV  V  254711: N=Havel river virus
HARWH E  378750: N=Harpyionycteris whiteheadi
                 C=Harpy fruit bat
HASAN E 1454237: N=Hasora anura
                 C=Slate awl
HASCH E  218732: N=Hasora chromus
                 C=Common banded awl
HASHE E  745793: N=Hastula hectica
                 C=Sea snail
                 S=Impages hectica
HASNA E  681919: N=Hasemania nana
                 C=Silvertip tetra
                 S=Tetragonopterus nanus
HASOS E   67476: N=Haslea ostrearia
                 C=Marine diatom
HASV  V   37206: N=Helicoverpa armigera stunt virus
HASV1 V   12456: N=Human astrovirus-1
HASV2 V   12701: N=Human astrovirus-2
HASV3 V   35740: N=Human astrovirus-3
HASV4 V   35300: N=Human astrovirus-4
HASV5 V   35741: N=Human astrovirus-5
HASV6 V   37130: N=Human astrovirus-6
HASV7 V   38950: N=Human astrovirus-7
HASV8 V   43358: N=Human astrovirus-8
HASVI E 1652496: N=Hasora vitta
                 C=Plain banded awl
HATAR E  327054: N=Hatena arenicola
HATHI B    1498: N=Hathewaya histolytica
                 S=Clostridium histolyticum
HATLI B    1536: N=Hathewaya limosa
                 S=Clostridium limosum
HAV01 V   97195: N=Heterosigma akashiwo virus 01
HAV0H V  654927: N=Heterosigma akashiwo virus 01 (strain Japan/Unoshima Port/HaV01/1996)
HAV88 V  470592: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IIB (isolate SLF88)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Sierra Leone/SLF88/1988)
HAVCF V  470591: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IIA (isolate CF-53)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/France/CF-53/1979)
HAVCR V   12097: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate CR326)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Costa Rica/CR326/1960)
HAVGA V   31706: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IIIA (isolate GA76)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Georgia/GA76/1976)
HAVGB V  470422: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate GBM)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Germany/GBM/1976)
HAVH2 V  470423: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate H2)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/China/H2/1982)
HAVHA V  470424: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate HAS-15)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Arizona/HAS-15/1979)
HAVHM V   12098: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IB (isolate HM175)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Australia/HM175/1976)
HAVJ8 V  474341: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IIIB (isolate HAJ85-1)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Japan/HAJ85-1/1985)
HAVLA V   12099: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate LA)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Northern California/LA/1974)
HAVLC V   12093: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IA (isolate LCDC-1)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/China/LCDC-1/1984)
HAVMB V   12100: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IB (isolate MBB)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Northern Africa/MBB/1978)
HAVNO V  470593: N=Human hepatitis A virus genotype IIIA (isolate NOR-21)
                 S=Human hepatitis A virus (isolate Human/Norway/NOR-21/1998)
HAVS2 V   12102: N=Simian hepatitis A virus genotype V (isolate AGM-27)
                 S=Simian hepatitis A virus (isolate Cercopithecus/Kenya/AGM-27/1985)
HAVSC V   31707: N=Simian hepatitis A virus genotype IV (isolate CY-145)
                 S=Simian hepatitis A virus (isolate Macaca/Philippines/CY-145/1988)
HAVSJ V  470594: N=Simian hepatitis A virus genotype VI (isolate JM55)
                 S=Simian hepatitis A virus (isolate Macaca/Indonesia/JM55/1985)
HAZBA E   43939: N=Hazenia basiliensis
                 C=Green alga
                 S=Pseudendoclonium basiliense
HAZVJ V   11597: N=Hazara virus (isolate JC280)
HBOC1 V  689403: N=Primate bocaparvovirus 1 (strain Human bocavirus 1 type 1)
                 S=Human bocavirus type 1
HBOC2 V  573977: N=Human bocavirus 2
                 S=Human bocavirus type 2
HBOC3 V  638313: N=Human bocavirus 3
                 S=Adelavirus W471
HBOC4 V 1511883: N=Human bocavirus 4
                 S=Human bocavirus type 4
HBV   V   10407: N=Hepatitis B virus
HBVA1 V  489449: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw2 (isolate Southern-Africa/Cai)
HBVA2 V  482134: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw (isolate Japan/Nishioka/1983)
HBVA3 V  480116: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw2 (strain Rutter 1979)
HBVA4 V   10410: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 subtype adw2 (isolate Germany/991/1990)
HBVA5 V   31514: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw (isolate Philippines/pFDW294/1988)
HBVA6 V  489454: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A1 subtype adw2 (isolate South Africa/84/2001)
HBVA7 V  489457: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A2 (isolate Japan/11D11HCCW/1998)
HBVA8 V  489458: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A3 (isolate Cameroon/CMR983/1994)
HBVA9 V  489459: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype A3 (isolate Cameroon/CMR711/1994)
HBVAW V  106821: N=Hepatitis B virus subtype adw
HBVB1 V   10413: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 subtype adw (isolate Japan/pJDW233/1988)
HBVB2 V   10412: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Indonesia/pIDW420/1988)
HBVB3 V  489461: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Vietnam/9873/1997)
HBVB4 V   10415: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B/C subtype adw (isolate Okinawa/pODW282/1998)
HBVB5 V  489462: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 (isolate Vietnam/16091/1992)
HBVB6 V  489463: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B2 subtype adw (isolate China/patient4/1996)
HBVB7 V  489464: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 (isolate Japan/Yamagata-2/1998)
HBVB8 V  489465: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype B1 (isolate Japan/Ry30/2002)
HBVC0 V  489472: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C (isolate Vietnam/3270/2000)
HBVC1 V  482133: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Japan/Nishioka/1983)
HBVC2 V  489467: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ar (isolate Japan/S-207/1988)
HBVC3 V   10409: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (strain Japan/adr4/1983)
HBVC4 V   31512: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Korea/Kim/1989)
HBVC5 V  489468: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ad (isolate Japan/S-179/1988)
HBVC6 V   31513: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate China/NC-1/1988)
HBVC7 V  489469: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayw (isolate China/Tibet127/2002)
HBVC8 V  489470: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype adr (isolate Japan/A4/1994)
HBVC9 V  489471: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayw (isolate Australia/AustRC/1992)
HBVCJ V  928302: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayr (isolate Human/Japan/Okamoto/-)
HBVCP V   10414: N=Chimpanzee hepatitis B virus (isolate United Kingdom/LSH/1988)
HBVCY V  644637: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype C subtype ayr
HBVD1 V   10419: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype adw (isolate United Kingdom/adyw/1979)
HBVD2 V   10411: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D (isolate France/alpha1/1989)
HBVD3 V  490133: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate France/Tiollais/1979)
HBVD4 V  489487: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Japan/JYW796/1988)
HBVD5 V  489488: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Australia/AustKW/1991)
HBVD6 V  489489: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D subtype ayw (isolate Italy/CI/1992)
HBVD7 V  489490: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype D (isolate Germany/1-91/1991)
HBVDR V  106820: N=Hepatitis B virus subtype adr
HBVE1 V  489495: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype E subtype ayw4 (isolate Kou)
HBVE2 V  489496: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype E (isolate Cote d'Ivoire/ABI-129/2003)
HBVE3 V  489497: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype E (isolate Chimpanzee/Ch195/1999)
HBVE4 V  489498: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype E (isolate Cote d'Ivoire/ABI-212/2003)
HBVF1 V   45410: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 (isolate Brazil/w4B)
HBVF2 V  489499: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F1 subtype adw4 (isolate El Salvador/1116Sal/1997)
HBVF3 V  489500: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F1 (isolate Argentina/sa11/2000)
HBVF4 V  489501: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 (isolate Argentina/sa16/2000)
HBVF5 V  489502: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 (isolate Venezuela/VNZ8248-1/1980)
HBVF6 V  489503: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype F2 subtype adw4q (isolate Senegal/9203)
HBVG1 V   31515: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype G subtype adw2 (isolate United States/sf/1990)
HBVG2 V  489537: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype G (isolate United States/USG17/2002)
HBVG3 V  489538: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype G (isolate IG29227/2000)
HBVGB V  489544: N=Gibbon hepatitis B virus subtype ayw3q (isolate Hope)
HBVGO V  489546: N=Gorilla hepatitis B virus (isolate Cameroon/gor97)
HBVH1 V  489539: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype H (isolate United States/LAS2523/2002)
HBVH2 V  489540: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype H subtype adw4 (isolate Nicaragua/1853Nic/1997)
HBVH3 V  489541: N=Hepatitis B virus genotype H subtype adw4 (isolate Nicaragua/2928Nic/1997)
HBVOR V  489545: N=Orangutan hepatitis B virus (isolate Somad)
HCMV  V   10359: N=Human cytomegalovirus
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV1 V   73483: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 119)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV2 V   69162: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 1042)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV3 V   69163: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 2387)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV4 V   69164: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 4654)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV5 V   69166: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 5035)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV6 V   69165: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 5040)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV7 V   69167: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 5160)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMV8 V   69168: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain 5508)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVA V   10360: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain AD169)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVE V   10362: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain Eisenhardt)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVM V  295027: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain Merlin)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVO V  311339: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain Toledo)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVP V   69169: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain PT)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCMVT V   10363: N=Human cytomegalovirus (strain Towne)
                 S=Human herpesvirus 5
HCRNA V 1289474: N=Heterocapsa circularisquama RNA virus 01 (strain 34)
HCV01 V  650121: N=Heterocapsa circularisquama DNA virus 01
HCV1  V   11104: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1a (isolate 1)
HCV6A V  356391: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6a (isolate 6a33)
HCV77 V   63746: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1a (isolate H77)
HCVBB V  356413: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2c (isolate BEBE1)
HCVBK V   11105: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate BK)
HCVCO V  333284: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Con1)
HCVE0 V   11106: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate EC10)
HCVE1 V   11107: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate EC1)
HCVED V  356418: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 4a (isolate ED43)
HCVEU V  356420: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6a (isolate EUHK2)
HCVEV V  356419: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 5a (isolate EUH1480)
HCVGL V  329389: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate Glasgow)
HCVH  V   11108: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1a (isolate H)
HCVH4 V   31643: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HCV-476)
HCVH7 V   11109: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HCT27)
HCVH8 V   11110: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HCT18)
HCVH9 V  356410: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1c (isolate HC-G9)
HCVHK V   31644: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HCV-KF)
HCVIN V  356386: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1c (isolate India)
HCVJ1 V  421877: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-J1)
HCVJ2 V   11111: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HC-J2)
HCVJ4 V  420174: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (strain HC-J4)
HCVJ5 V   11112: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HC-J5)
HCVJ6 V   11113: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2a (isolate HC-J6)
HCVJ7 V   11114: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate HC-J7)
HCVJ8 V   11115: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2b (isolate HC-J8)
HCVJA V   11116: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Japanese)
HCVJF V  356411: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2a (isolate JFH-1)
HCVJK V  356417: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 3k (isolate JK049)
HCVJL V  356423: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6g (isolate JK046)
HCVJP V  356412: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2b (isolate JPUT971017)
HCVJT V   31642: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-JT)
HCVK3 V  356416: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 3a (isolate k3a)
HCVN1 V  115789: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N1)
HCVN2 V  115790: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N2)
HCVN3 V  115791: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N3)
HCVN4 V  115792: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N4)
HCVN5 V  115793: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N5)
HCVN6 V  115794: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-N6)
HCVN7 V  115795: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2a (isolate HC-N7)
HCVN8 V  115796: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2b (isolate HC-N8)
HCVNZ V  356415: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 3a (isolate NZL1)
HCVR6 V  421879: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HCR6)
HCVS1 V  115787: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-S1)
HCVS2 V  115785: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-S2)
HCVS3 V  115803: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-S3)
HCVS4 V  115788: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate HC-S4)
HCVSA V  356390: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 5a (isolate SA13)
HCVT5 V  356421: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6b (isolate Th580)
HCVTH V   11117: N=Hepatitis C virus (isolate TH)
HCVTR V  357355: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 3b (isolate Tr-Kj)
HCVTW V   31645: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 1b (isolate Taiwan)
HCVVA V  356414: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 2k (isolate VAT96)
HCVVN V  356422: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6d (isolate VN235)
HCVVO V  356425: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6k (isolate VN405)
HCVVP V  356424: N=Hepatitis C virus genotype 6h (isolate VN004)
HCYV5 V  742918: N=Human associated cyclovirus 1 (isolate Homo sapiens/Pakistan/PK5510/2007)
                 S=Cyclovirus PK5510
HDV   V   12475: N=Hepatitis delta virus
HDV27 V 2691025: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate HDV/Human/Central African Republic/FH27/1985)
HDV83 V   10421: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype II (isolate 7/18/83)
HDVAM V   10422: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate American)
HDVD3 V   31762: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate D380)
HDVIT V   10423: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Italian)
HDVL1 V   31763: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Lebanon-1)
HDVM1 V   10424: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Japanese M-1)
HDVM2 V   10425: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Japanese M-2)
HDVNA V   10426: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Nauru)
HDVP1 V  261996: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype III (isolate Peru-1)
HDVS1 V   10427: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype II (isolate Japanese S-1)
HDVS2 V   10428: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Japanese S-2)
HDVTW V  261992: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype II (isolate TW2476)
HDVU2 V  261991: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate US-2)
HDVV1 V  261993: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype III (isolate VnzD8624)
HDVV2 V  261994: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype III (isolate VnzD8349)
HDVV3 V  261995: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype III (isolate VnzD8375)
HDVWO V   31764: N=Hepatitis delta virus genotype I (isolate Woodchuck)
HE701 V   31915: N=Human enterovirus 70 (strain J670/71)
HE71  V   39054: N=Human enterovirus 71
HE71B V   69153: N=Human enterovirus 71 (strain USA/BrCr/1970)
HE71M V  103922: N=Human enterovirus 71 (strain 7423/MS/87)
HEBCY E   76867: N=Hebeloma cylindrosporum
HEBGL E  152600: N=Hebomoia glaucippe
                 C=Great orangetip butterfly
                 S=Papilio glaucippe
HED68 V   42789: N=Human enterovirus D68
HEDAL E   85349: N=Hedera algeriensis
                 C=Algerian ivy
HEDCI E   52988: N=Hedwigia ciliata
                 C=Ciliate hedwigia moss
HEDCO E   71610: N=Hedychium coronarium
                 C=White butterfly ginger-lily
HEDDI E  126592: N=Hediste diversicolor
                 S=Nereis diversicolor
HEDFA E   97746: N=Hedychium flavescens
                 C=Yellow ginger-lily
HEDFL E    4646: N=Hedychium flavum
HEDGA E    4647: N=Hedychium gardnerianum
                 C=Kahili ginger lily
HEDHE E    4052: N=Hedera helix
                 C=English ivy
HEDJA E   73376: N=Hediste japonica
                 C=Polychaete worm
                 S=Neanthes japonica
HEIAB A 2012493: N=Heimdallarchaeota archaeon (strain B3-JM-08)
HEIFU E  209871: N=Heimyscus fumosus
                 C=African smoky mouse
HEILC A 1841597: N=Heimdallarchaeota archaeon (strain LC_2)
HEIPA E   39318: N=Heisteria parvifolia
                 S=Heisteria elegans
HELAA E  138408: N=Helenium autumnale
                 C=Common sneezeweed
HELAB E   28508: N=Heliotropium arborescens
                 C=Garden heliotrope
HELAC B     212: N=Helicobacter acinonychis
                 S=Helicobacter acinonyx
HELAG E  121331: N=Helicops angulatus
                 C=South American water snake
HELAH B  382638: N=Helicobacter acinonychis (strain Sheeba)
HELAL E   38051: N=Heliocheilus albipunctella
                 C=Millet head miner
HELAM E   29058: N=Helicoverpa armigera
                 C=Cotton bollworm
                 S=Heliothis armigera
HELAN E    4232: N=Helianthus annuus
                 C=Common sunflower
HELAR E   10179: N=Heliophobius argenteocinereus
                 C=Silvery mole rat
HELAT E   75303: N=Heliofungia actiniformis
                 C=Mushroom coral
HELAU E   52344: N=Helicoverpa assulta
                 C=Oriental tobacco budworm
                 S=Heliothis assulta
HELAV E  394686: N=Helicolenus avius
HELBA E  190688: N=Heliothryx barroti
                 C=Purple-crowned fairy
HELBC B 1002804: N=Helicobacter bizzozeronii (strain CIII-1)
HELBG E  128739: N=Helenium bigelovii
                 C=Bigelow's sneezeweed
HELBI B   56877: N=Helicobacter bizzozeronii
HELBK E  375939: N=Heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri
                 C=Parasitic nematode
                 S=Heligmosomoides bakeri
HELBO E  177803: N=Helicopsyche borealis
HELBU E   50364: N=Helonias bullata
                 C=Swamp pink
HELC0 B  182217: N=Helicobacter cetorum (strain ATCC BAA-429 / MIT 00-7128)
HELCH E   33434: N=Heliconius charithonia
                 C=Zebra longwing butterfly
HELCL B    2698: N=Heliobacterium chlorum
HELCM B 1163745: N=Helicobacter cetorum (strain ATCC BAA-540 / MIT 99-5656)
HELCP B 1172562: N=Helicobacter cinaedi (strain PAGU611)
HELCR E 1043166: N=Heliocidaris crassispina
                 C=Sea urchin
                 S=Anthocidaris crassispina
HELCY E   33424: N=Heliconius cydno
                 C=Cydno longwing butterfly
HELDA E  202727: N=Helicolenus dactylopterus
                 C=Blackbelly rosefish
HELDE E   73282: N=Helianthus debilis
                 C=Beach sunflower
HELDI E   38052: N=Heliocheilus discalis
HELDV E   73285: N=Helianthus divaricatus
                 C=Woodland sunflower
HELEA E   33431: N=Heliconius erato
                 C=Crimson patched longwing butterfly
HELEL E   33432: N=Heliconius eleuchia
                 C=Eleuchia longwing butterfly
HELER E    7634: N=Heliocidaris erythrogramma
                 C=Sea urchin
HELEU E  270691: N=Helobdella europaea
HELFC B  936155: N=Helicobacter felis (strain ATCC 49179 / NCTC 12436 / CS1)
HELFE B     214: N=Helicobacter felis
HELFO E  261783: N=Helichrysum foetidum
                 C=Stinking strawflower
HELFU E  135172: N=Heliomaster furcifer
                 C=Blue-tufted starthroat
HELGE B    2699: N=Heliobacterium gestii
                 S=Heliomicrobium gestii
HELGL E   38040: N=Helicoverpa gelotopoeon
HELGO E  168181: N=Hellenia globosa
                 C=Spiral ginger
                 S=Costus globosus
HELGR E   73291: N=Helianthus grosseserratus
                 C=Sawtooth sunflower
HELHA E  764489: N=Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis
                 C=Greenhouse thrips
                 S=Thrips haemorrhoidalis
HELHC E   33425: N=Heliconius hecale
                 C=Tiger longwing butterfly
HELHE B   35817: N=Helicobacter heilmannii
HELHI E  210646: N=Helogale hirtula
                 C=Desert dwarf mongoose
HELHK E  320632: N=Helictochloa hookeri
                 S=Avena hookeri
HELHL E  143344: N=Helicolenus hilgendorfi
                 C=Hilgendorf's saucord
                 S=Sebastes hilgendorfii
HELHO E    8552: N=Heloderma horridum horridum
                 C=Mexican beaded lizard
HELHP B  235279: N=Helicobacter hepaticus (strain ATCC 51449 / 3B1)
HELHR E    8551: N=Heloderma horridum
                 C=Mexican beaded lizard
HELHT B   32025: N=Helicobacter hepaticus
HELIE E  542982: N=Heliothis peltigera
                 C=Bordered straw moth
                 S=Noctua peltigera
HELIP E  261796: N=Helichrysum petiolare
HELIT E  261786: N=Helichrysum italicum
                 S=Gnaphalium italicum
HELLU E   31229: N=Helix lucorum
HELM1 B  679897: N=Helicobacter mustelae (strain ATCC 43772 / LMG 18044 / NCTC 12198 / 12198)
                 S=Campylobacter mustelae
HELMA E    9634: N=Helarctos malayanus
                 C=Malayan sun bear
                 S=Ursus malayanus
HELME E   34740: N=Heliconius melpomene
                 C=Postman butterfly
HELMI B  498761: N=Heliobacterium modesticaldum (strain ATCC 51547 / Ice1)
HELMO B   28064: N=Heliobacillus mobilis
                 S=Heliobacterium mobile
HELMU B     217: N=Helicobacter mustelae
HELMX E   73297: N=Helianthus maximiliani
                 C=Maximilian sunflower
HELNM E   33419: N=Heliconius numata
                 C=Numata longwing butterfly
HELNU E    4357: N=Heliamphora nutans
                 C=Venezuelan marsh pitcher plant
HELP1 B  290847: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain 51)
HELP2 B  570508: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain P12)
HELP3 B  693745: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain B8)
HELP4 B  907240: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain Gambia94/24)
HELP5 B  684950: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain 52)
HELP7 B  907238: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain India7)
HELP8 B  544406: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain B128)
HELP9 B  869727: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain 908)
HELPA E  210647: N=Helogale parvula
                 C=Common dwarf mongoose
HELPB B  592205: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain B38)
HELPC B  765964: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain Cuz20)
HELPD E  226174: N=Helophilus pendulus
HELPE E    4234: N=Helianthus petiolaris
                 C=Prairie sunflower
HELPF B  585535: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain 35A)
HELPG B  563041: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain G27)
HELPH B  357544: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain HPAG1)
HELPI B  866344: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain F16)
HELPJ B   85963: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain J99 / ATCC 700824)
                 S=Campylobacter pylori J99
HELPK B  866345: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain F30)
HELPL B  102608: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain F32)
HELPM B  765962: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain SJM180)
HELPN E   27545: N=Helicoverpa punctigera
                 C=Australian bollworm
                 S=Native budworm
HELPO E    6536: N=Helix pomatia
                 C=Roman snail
                 S=Edible snail
HELPP B  765963: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain PeCan4)
HELPQ B  866346: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain F57)
HELPR B  907237: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain Lithuania75)
HELPS B  512562: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain Shi470)
HELPT B  794851: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain Sat464)
HELPU E  171899: N=Helleborus purpurascens
                 C=Purple hellebore
HELPV B  637913: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain v225d)
HELPW B  907239: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain SouthAfrica7)
HELPX B     210: N=Helicobacter pylori
                 S=Campylobacter pylori
HELPY B   85962: N=Helicobacter pylori (strain ATCC 700392 / 26695)
                 S=Campylobacter pylori
HELPZ E    6339: N=Heligmosomoides polygyrus
                 C=Parasitic roundworm
HELRE E  143568: N=Heleophryne regis
                 C=Royal ghost frog
HELRO E    6412: N=Helobdella robusta
                 C=Californian leech
HELRS E   96511: N=Heliconia rostrata
                 C=Lobster claw
                 S=Bihai rostrata
HELRU E  226685: N=Heliosciurus ruwenzorii
                 C=Ruwenzori sun squirrel
HELSA E   33443: N=Heliconius sara
                 C=Sara longwing butterfly
HELSB E   38041: N=Heliothis subflexa
                 C=Subflexus straw moth
HELSC E  537493: N=Heloderma suspectum cinctum
                 C=Banded Gila monster
HELSJ E  145475: N=Helicosporidium sp. subsp. Simulium jonesii
                 C=Green alga
HELSP E   49577: N=Hellenia speciosa
                 C=Crepe ginger
                 S=Cheilocostus speciosus
HELSS E  709964: N=Heloderma suspectum suspectum
                 C=Reticulate Gila monster
HELST E   34588: N=Helobdella stagnalis
HELSU E    8554: N=Heloderma suspectum
                 C=Gila monster
HELTB E    7635: N=Heliocidaris tuberculata
                 C=Sea urchin
HELTR E    6413: N=Helobdella triserialis
HELTU E    4233: N=Helianthus tuberosus
                 C=Jerusalem artichoke
                 S=Helianthus tomentosus
HELUN E  234639: N=Heliosciurus undulatus
                 C=Zanj sun squirrel
HELVE E  182932: N=Helmitheros vermivorum
                 C=Worm-eating warbler
HELVI E    7102: N=Heliothis virescens
                 C=Tobacco budworm moth
HELVO E   66419: N=Heliangelus viola
                 C=Purple-throated sunangel
HELVS V   12171: N=Helenium virus S
HELZE E    7113: N=Helicoverpa zea
                 C=Corn earworm moth
                 S=Heliothis zea
HEMAK E 2704970: N=Hemitrygon akajei
                 C=Red stingray
                 S=Dasyatis akajei
HEMAM E    8094: N=Hemitripterus americanus
                 C=Sea raven
HEMAN E  464988: N=Hemiselmis andersenii
                 C=Cryptophyte alga
HEMAO E  236576: N=Hemimysis anomala
                 C=Bloody red shrimp
HEMAT E 1085968: N=Hemichloris antarctica
                 C=Green alga
HEMAU E  217708: N=Hemiechinus auritus
                 C=Long-eared hedgehog
HEMBR E  129050: N=Hemiramphus brasiliensis
                 C=Ballyhoo halfbeak
                 S=Esox brasiliensis
HEMDE E   94192: N=Hemigalus derbyanus
                 C=Banded palm civet
HEMDI E  999296: N=Hemerophila diva
                 C=Iridescent moth
HEMEG E  167094: N=Hemileuca eglanterina
                 C=Elegant sheep moth
                 S=Saturnia eglanterina
HEMEL E  132702: N=Hemileuca electra
                 C=Electra buckmoth
HEMFC E  188315: N=Hemichaena fruticosa
HEMFE E  655041: N=Hemerophila felis
HEMFO E  241458: N=Hemimyzon formosanus
                 C=Hillstream loach
                 S=Homaloptera formosana
HEMFR E   47729: N=Hemidactylus frenatus
                 C=Common house gecko
HEMFU E   34190: N=Hemerocallis fulva
                 C=Day lily
HEMHA E    8626: N=Hemachatus haemachatus
                 S=Sepedon haemachatus
HEMHI E  166086: N=Hemorrhois hippocrepis
                 C=Horseshoe whip snake
                 S=Coluber hippocrepis
HEMHY E  330464: N=Hemitragus hylocrius
                 C=Nilgiri tahr
HEMJE E   37179: N=Hemitragus jemlahicus
                 C=Himalayan tahr
HEMJP E  376633: N=Hemitriakis japanica
                 C=Japanese topeshark
                 S=Galeus japanicus
HEMLA E   87135: N=Hemitrygon laosensis
                 C=Mekong freshwater stingray
                 S=Dasyatis laosensis
HEMLE E  520031: N=Hemiscorpius lepturus
HEMLI E   81732: N=Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
                 C=Yellow daylily
HEMMA E   51756: N=Hemidactylus mabouia
                 C=House gecko
                 S=Gekko mabouia
HEMMC E  175789: N=Hemibagrus macropterus
                 C=Largefin longbarbel catfish
                 S=Mystus macropterus
HEMMG E  351692: N=Hemimysis margalefi
                 C=Opossum shrimp
HEMMI E   40090: N=Hemileuca maia
                 C=Eastern buckmoth
HEMMO E  253130: N=Hemilobophasma montaguense
HEMMR E  930249: N=Hemigrammus marginatus
                 C=Bassam tetra
HEMNE E  167095: N=Hemileuca nevadensis
                 C=Nevada buckmoth
HEMNO E  262124: N=Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae
                 C=New Zealand pigeon
HEMNU E   88210: N=Hemigrapsus nudus
                 C=Purple shore crab
HEMOR E  106767: N=Hemigrapsus oregonensis
                 C=Oregon shore crab
                 S=Brachynotus oregonensis
HEMPO E  109914: N=Hemitaurichthys polylepis
                 C=Pyramid butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon polylepis
HEMPU E    7650: N=Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus
                 C=Sea urchin
                 S=Strongylocentrotus pulcherrimus
HEMRA E  166082: N=Hemorrhois ravergieri
                 C=Spotted whip snake
                 S=Coluber ravergieri
HEMRH E  138166: N=Hemiorchis rhodorrhachis
                 C=Thai ginger
HEMSA E   40176: N=Hemigrapsus sanguineus
                 C=Asian shore crab
HEMSP E   29711: N=Hemerocallis sp.
HEMSX E  173654: N=Hematodinium sp.
HEMTA E  241461: N=Hemimyzon taitungensis
                 C=Hillstream loach
HEMTH E  119277: N=Hemaris thysbe
                 C=Hummingbird clearwing moth
                 S=Sesia thysbe
HEMWI E   64798: N=Hemignathus wilson
                 S=Hemignathus munroi
HEMZO E  109924: N=Hemitaurichthys zoster
                 C=Brown-and-white butterflyfish
                 S=Chaetodon zoster
HENAC E  109917: N=Heniochus acuminatus
                 C=Longfin bannerfish
                 S=Chaetodon acuminatus
HENAL E  444142: N=Henicophaps albifrons
                 C=New Guinea bronzewing
HENCH E  109925: N=Heniochus chrysostomus
                 C=Threeband pennantfish
HENDH V  928303: N=Hendra virus (isolate Horse/Autralia/Hendra/1994)
HENLE E  133436: N=Henricia leviuscula
                 C=Blood star
                 S=Linckia leviuscula
HENMI E  336589: N=Hentzia mitrata
                 C=White-jawed jumping spider
HENPE E   37678: N=Henrardia persica
                 S=Lepturus persicus
HENPL E  109926: N=Heniochus pleurotaenia
                 C=Phantom bannerfish
HENPU E  436170: N=Henosepilachna pustulosa
                 C=Ladybird beetle
                 S=Epilachna pustulosa
HENSA E   72675: N=Henricia sanguinolenta
                 C=Blood sea star
                 S=Asterias sanguinolenta
HENSL E   69463: N=Henneguya salminicola
HENVA E  109927: N=Heniochus varius
                 C=Horned bannerfish
                 S=Taurichthys varius
HENVI E  420088: N=Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata
                 C=Potato ladybird beetle
                 S=Epilachna vigintioctomaculata
HEPFU E 1085684: N=Hephaestus fuliginosus
                 C=Black bream
                 S=Therapon fuliginosus
HEPHU E  470875: N=Hepialus humuli
                 C=Ghost moth
HERA2 B  316274: N=Herpetosiphon aurantiacus (strain ATCC 23779 / DSM 785 / 114-95)
HERAR B  204773: N=Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans
HERAT E  754017: N=Heremites auratus
                 C=Golden grass mabuya
                 S=Euprepis auratus
HERAU B      65: N=Herpetosiphon aurantiacus
                 S=Herpetosiphon giganteus
HERCA E   56343: N=Herpetotheres cachinnans
                 C=Laughing falcon
                 S=Falco cachinnans
HERCO E  100756: N=Hericium coralloides
                 C=Coral tooth fungus
                 S=Hericium ramosum
HERCP E  131405: N=Herichthys carpintis
                 C=Lowland cichlid
                 S=Neetroplus carpintis
HERCR E  205593: N=Hermissenda crassicornis
                 C=Opalescent sea slug
                 S=Phidiana crassicornis
HERCU E  259844: N=Hermodice carunculata
                 C=Bearded fireworm
                 S=Aphrodita carunculata
HERCY E    8117: N=Herichthys cyanoguttatus
                 C=Rio Grande cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum
HERED E   39705: N=Herpestes edwardsi
                 C=Indian gray mongoose
                 S=Urva edwardsii
HEREF E  745802: N=Heros efasciatus
                 C=Common severum
                 S=Heros appendiculata
HERER E   91752: N=Hericium erinaceus
                 C=Lion's mane mushroom
                 S=Hydnum erinaceus
HERFA E 1183871: N=Hertwigia falcifera
HERFE E  153979: N=Hercinothrips femoralis
                 C=Banded greenhouse thrips
HERHE E   42286: N=Hermeuptychia hermes
                 C=Hermes satyr
HERHM B 1564487: N=Herbinix hemicellulosilytica
HERIC E    9700: N=Herpestes ichneumon
                 C=Egyptian mongoose
HERIL E  343691: N=Hermetia illucens
                 C=Black soldier fly
HERJA E  140016: N=Herpestes javanicus
                 C=Small Indian mongoose
                 S=Urva javanica
HERLB E  119479: N=Herichthys labridens
                 C=Curve-bar cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma labridens
HERLI E  371667: N=Herpolitha limax
                 C=Striate boomerang coral
                 S=Madrepora limax
HERME E    5717: N=Herpetomonas megaseliae
HERMI E  247393: N=Herichthys minckleyi
                 C=Minkley's cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma minckleyi
HERML E  504442: N=Heriaeus mellotteei
                 C=Crab spider
                 S=Heriaeus oblongus
HERMN E  380077: N=Heracleum mantegazzianum
                 C=Giant hogweed
HERMO E    7733: N=Herdmania momus
                 C=Brown sea squirt
                 S=Cynthia momus
HERMU E    5718: N=Herpetomonas muscarum
HERMX E   40918: N=Heracleum maximum
                 C=Cow parsnip
                 S=Heracleum lanatum
HERNA E  210648: N=Herpestes naso
                 C=Long-nosed mongoose
HERNY E  121082: N=Hernandia nymphaeifolia
                 C=Sea hearse
                 S=Biasolettia nymphaeifolia
HERPA E  247398: N=Herichthys pantostictus
                 C=Chairel cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma pantostictum
HERPE E 1904997: N=Hererolandia pearsonii
HERSE B     964: N=Herbaspirillum seropedicae
HERSO E  270075: N=Hermeuptychia sosybius
                 C=Carolina satyr
HERSQ E  118254: N=Herpele squalostoma
                 C=Congo caecilian
                 S=Caecilia squalostoma
HERSS B  757424: N=Herbaspirillum seropedicae (strain SmR1)
HERST E  247402: N=Herichthys steindachneri
                 C=Steindachner's cichlid
                 S=Cichlasoma steindachneri
HERTA E  247396: N=Herichthys tamasopoensis
                 C=Tamasopo cichlid
HERTH E  572859: N=Herpetogramma thestealis
                 C=Zigzag herpetogramma moth
HESAR E   49011: N=Hesperocyparis arizonica
                 C=Arizona cypress
                 S=Cupressus arizonica
HESBE E  359165: N=Hesiolyra bergi
                 C=Polychaete worm
HESDE E  160085: N=Hesperophylax designatus
                 C=Silver striped caddisfly
                 S=Limnephilus designatus
HESVE E  670343: N=Hesperiphona vespertina
                 C=Evening grosbeak
                 S=Coccothraustes vespertinus
HESVI E  144588: N=Hesperotettix viridis
                 C=Snakeweed grasshopper
HESWH E   39553: N=Hesperoyucca whipplei
                 C=Our Lord's candle
                 S=Yucca whipplei
HETA2 E  536047: N=Heterosigma akashiwo (strain NIES-293)
HETA4 E  536046: N=Heterosigma akashiwo (strain CCMP452)
HETAA E  295550: N=Heteronychus arator
                 C=African black beetle
HETAK E    2829: N=Heterosigma akashiwo
                 C=Chromophytic alga
                 S=Heterosigma carterae
HETAL E   38565: N=Heteromyias albispecularis
                 C=Ashy robin
                 S=Poecilodryas albispecularis
HETAM E   62018: N=Hetaerina americana
                 C=American rubyspot damselfly
                 S=Agrion americana
HETAN E   13563: N=Heterobasidion annosum
                 C=Root rot fungus
HETAO E  348153: N=Heteromys anomalus
                 C=Caribbean spiny pocket mouse
HETAR E   40689: N=Heteromorpha arborescens
                 C=Parsley tree
HETAV E   34510: N=Heterodera avenae
                 C=Cereal cyst nematode worm
HETBA E   37862: N=Heterorhabditis bacteriophora
                 C=Entomopathogenic nematode
HETBE E  143569: N=Heterixalus betsileo
                 C=Betsileo reed frog
                 S=Eucnemis betsileo
HETBL E 1423826: N=Heterololigo bleekeri
                 C=Spear squid
                 S=Loligo bleekeri
HETBR E   77598: N=Heterohyrax brucei
                 C=Yellow-spotted hyrax
                 S=Rock hyrax
HETCI E  139025: N=Heterocapsa circularisquama
HETCR E  175771: N=Heteractis crispa
                 C=Leathery sea anemone
                 S=Radianthus macrodactylus
HETDE E  323367: N=Heteromys desmarestianus
                 C=Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse
HETDI E  173795: N=Heteropteryx dilatata
                 C=Malayan jungle nymph walking stick
HETDU E   44955: N=Heteranthera dubia
                 C=Water star-grass
                 S=Zosterella dubia
HETFI E  397554: N=Heteromastus filiformis
                 C=Polychaete worm
HETFO E   93621: N=Heteropneustes fossilis
                 C=Stinging catfish
HETFR E    7792: N=Heterodontus francisci
                 C=Horn shark
                 S=Cestracion francisci
HETFS E  767275: N=Heteroxenia fuscescens
                 C=Pulse coral
HETGA E   10181: N=Heterocephalus glaber
                 C=Naked mole rat
HETGD E   44957: N=Heteranthera gardneri
                 C=Gardner's hydrothrix
                 S=Hydrothrix gardneri
HETGI E  291067: N=Heterocarpus gibbosus
                 C=Humpback nylon shrimp
HETGL E   51029: N=Heterodera glycines
                 C=Soybean cyst nematode worm
HETGR E 2203757: N=Heteroctenus garridoi
                 C=Cuban scorpion
                 S=Rhopalurus garridoi
HETGU E  101676: N=Heteromys gaumeri
                 C=Gaumer's spiny pocket mouse
HETHA E  391206: N=Heteroconger hassi
                 C=Spotted garden-eel
                 S=Xarifania hassi
HETHE E  659514: N=Heterodactyla hemprichii
                 C=Hemprich's sea anemone
HETIT E  747525: N=Heterobasidion irregulare (strain TC 32-1)
HETLA E  217256: N=Heterometrus laoticus
                 C=Thai giant scorpion
HETLI E   44958: N=Heteranthera limosa
                 C=Blue mud-plantain
                 S=Pontederia limosa
HETMA E   31180: N=Heterocentrotus mammillatus
                 C=Slate-pencil urchin
HETMC E  268413: N=Heteroscodra maculata
                 C=Togo starburst tarantula
                 S=Togo starburst baboon spider
HETME E   52065: N=Heterorhabditis megidis
                 C=Entomopathogenic nematode
HETMG E   38281: N=Heteractis magnifica
                 C=Magnificent sea anemone
                 S=Radianthus magnifica
HETMO E  224115: N=Heteronympha merope
                 C=Common brown butterfly
HETMP E  876081: N=Heteropterus morpheus
                 C=Large chequered skipper
                 S=Papilio morpheus
HETMR E  256678: N=Heterophrys marina
                 S=Marophrys marina
HETNI E    2920: N=Heterocapsa niei
                 S=Cachonina niei
HETPA E   13642: N=Heterostelium pallidum
                 C=Cellular slime mold
                 S=Polysphondylium pallidum
HETPE E  754296: N=Heterometrus petersii
                 C=Asian forest scorpion
HETPI E   37679: N=Heteranthelium piliferum
                 S=Elymus pilifer
HETPL E    8597: N=Heterodon platirhinos
                 C=Eastern hognose snake
HETPO E    7793: N=Heterodontus portusjacksoni
                 C=Port Jackson shark
HETPY E   35672: N=Heterocapsa pygmaea
HETRO E   89963: N=Heterocapsa rotundata
                 S=Amphidinium rotundatum
HETRT E   44960: N=Heteranthera rotundifolia
                 C=Roundleaf mudplantain
HETSC E   97005: N=Heterodera schachtii
                 C=Sugarbeet cyst nematode
                 S=Tylenchus schachtii
HETSI E  111884: N=Heterodon simus
                 C=Southern hognose snake
                 S=Coluber simus
HETSP E  118530: N=Heterometrus spinifer
                 C=Asia giant forest scorpion
                 S=Malaysian black scorpion
HETSU E  113466: N=Heterocentron subtriplinervium
                 S=Heterocentron macrostachyum
HETTR E   66468: N=Heterocapsa triquetra
                 S=Glenodinium triquetrum