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        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Rickettsia felis strain URRWXCal2: entries and gene names
Name:        ricfe.txt
Release:     2019_09 of 16-Oct-2019


The complete genome (1'485'148 base pairs) of Rickettsia felis strain URRWXCal2
has been determined by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

  [Pubmed: 15984913] [Article from publisher]
  Ogata H., Renesto P., Audic S., Robert C., Blanc G., Fournier P.-E. et al.
  PLoS Biol. 3:1-12(2005).

Various types of information about this genome can be found on the following
WWW servers:


Warning: not all R.felis strain URRWXCal2 genome predicted proteins are yet
incorporated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
RF_0001                  PDRP_RICFE  Q4UNK5      273     
RF_0002                  THIO_RICFE  Q4UNK3      105     trxA
RF_0006                  LPXA_RICFE  Q4UNJ9      264     lpxA
RF_0007                  FABZ_RICFE  Q4UNK0      145     fabZ
RF_0008                  LPXD_RICFE  Q4UNJ8      346     lpxD
RF_0011                  Y011_RICFE  Q4UNJ5      325     
RF_0012                  DUS_RICFE   Q4UNJ4      325     dus
RF_0017                  TSAE_RICFE  Q4UNJ0      171     tsaE
RF_0022                  SCA1_RICFE  Q4UNI5      1703    sca1
RF_0027                  ATPF_RICFE  Q4UNI0      164     atpF
RF_0029                  ATPL_RICFE  Q4UNH9      74      atpE
RF_0030                  ATP6_RICFE  Q4UNH7      242     atpB
RF_0032                  DSB_RICFE   Q4UNH3      278     
RF_0035                  RECF_RICFE  Q4UNG8      364     recF
RF_0043                  SCO21_RICFE Q4UNH4      198     
RF_0044                  Y044_RICFE  Q4UNH2      189     
RF_0053                  Y053_RICFE  Q4UNF4      439     
RF_0054                  DCD_RICFE   Q4UNF3      188     dcd
RF_0055                  SECB_RICFE  Q4UNF2      152     secB
RF_0057                  QUEF_RICFE  Q4UNF0      273     queF
RF_0060                  Y060_RICFE  Q4UNE7      244     
RF_0061                  SAM_RICFE   Q4UNE6      294     sam
RF_0063                  Y063_RICFE  Q4UNE4      234     
RF_0067                  SCA2_RICFE  Q4UNE0      1604    sca2
RF_0068                  SYC_RICFE   Q4UND9      459     cysS
RF_0069                  RS2_RICFE   Q4UND8      295     rpsB
RF_0070                  EFTS_RICFE  Q4UND7      309     tsf
RF_0072                  KDTA_RICFE  Q4UND5      464     waaA; kdtA
RF_0074                  AAPAT_RICFE Q4UND3      409     aatA
RF_0076                  Y076_RICFE  Q4UND1      251     
RF_0079                  ALR_RICFE   Q4UNC8      462     alr
RF_0080                  Y080_RICFE  Q4UNC7      259     
RF_0083                  RL28_RICFE  Q4UNC4      97      rpmB
RF_0084                  RL31_RICFE  Q4UNC3      78      rpmE
RF_0085                  ENGB_RICFE  Q4UNC2      212     engB
RF_0089                  Y089_RICFE  Q4UNB8      1138    
RF_0090                  Y090_RICFE  Q4UNB7      672     
RF_0091                  Y091_RICFE  Q4UNB6      977     
RF_0092                  Y092_RICFE  Q4UNB5      890     
RF_0093                  Y093_RICFE  Q4UNB4      1155    
RF_0094                  VAPB2_RICFE Q4UNB3      78      vapB2
RF_0095                  VAPC2_RICFE Q4UNB2      134     vapC2
RF_0096                  PTAS_RICFE  Q4UNB1      349     pta
RF_0097                  ACKA_RICFE  Q4UNB0      385     ackA
RF_0099                  TRMD_RICFE  Q4UNA8      234     trmD
RF_0100                  RL19_RICFE  Q4UNA7      138     rplS
RF_0104                  SECG_RICFE  Q4UNA3      100     secG
RF_0107                  PARC_RICFE  Q4UNA0      737     parC
RF_0109                  SYR_RICFE   Q4UN98      576     argS
RF_0110                  DGTL1_RICFE Q4UN97      383     
RF_0113                  KDSA_RICFE  Q4UN94      274     kdsA
RF_0116                  PARB_RICFE  Q4UN91      286     parB
RF_0118                  RSMG_RICFE  Q4UN89      192     rsmG
RF_0119                  MNMG_RICFE  Q4UN88      622     mnmG; gidA
RF_0120                  NDK_RICFE   Q4UN87      140     ndk
RF_0122                  TLCA_RICFE  Q4UN85      498     tlcA; tlc1
RF_0128                  Y128_RICFE  Q4UN79      127     
RF_0129                  Y129_RICFE  Q4UN78      192     
RF_0130                  PGSA_RICFE  Q4UN77      181     pgsA
RF_0131                  YIDC_RICFE  Q4UN76      560     yidC
RF_0133                  LGT_RICFE   Q4UN74      259     lgt
RF_0136                  SDHB_RICFE  Q4UN71      261     sdhB
RF_0139                  FTSH_RICFE  Q4UN68      635     ftsH
RF_0140                  TILS_RICFE  Q4UN67      430     tilS
RF_0141                  RL9_RICFE   Q4UN66      171     rplI
RF_0142                  RS18_RICFE  Q4UN65      95      rpsR
RF_0143                  RS6_RICFE   Q4UN64      121     rpsF
RF_0146                  TSAD_RICFE  Q4UN61      389     tsaD; gcp
RF_0150/RF_0149          CLPB_RICFE  Q4UN57      858     clpB
RF_0161                  TLCE_RICFE  Q4UN46      499     tlcE; tlc5
RF_0175                  SURF1_RICFE Q4UN32      226     
RF_0176                  DPO3E_RICFE Q4UN31      229     dnaQ
RF_0177                  COAE_RICFE  Q4UN30      191     coaE
RF_0180                  RNH_RICFE   Q4UN27      152     rnhA
RF_0191                  TGT_RICFE   Q4UN16      361     tgt
RF_0192                  DNLJ_RICFE  Q4UN15      689     ligA; lig
RF_0196                  LPXK_RICFE  Q4UN11      325     lpxK
RF_0201                  HLP_RICFE   Q4UN06      95      
RF_0210                  LOLD_RICFE  Q4UMZ7      221     lolD
RF_0214                  Y214_RICFE  Q4UMZ3      576     
RF_0217                  QUEC_RICFE  Q4UMZ0      224     queC
RF_0219                  CLPX_RICFE  Q4UMY8      425     clpX
RF_0225                  RMUC_RICFE  Q4UMY2      428     rmuC
RF_0229                  SYV_RICFE   Q4UMX8      859     valS
RF_0234                  KTHY_RICFE  Q4UMX3      206     tmk
RF_0235                  SYM_RICFE   Q4UMX2      512     metG
RF_0242                  FPG_RICFE   Q4UMW5      276     mutM; fpg
RF_0243                  UBIE_RICFE  Q4UMW4      248     ubiE
RF_0248                  DER_RICFE   Q4UMV9      447     der; engA
RF_0253                  EX7L_RICFE  Q4UMV4      450     xseA
RF_0255                  Y255_RICFE  Q4UMV2      296     
RF_0256                  RSMA_RICFE  Q4UMV1      239     rsmA; ksgA
RF_0262                  CSPA_RICFE  Q4UMU5      70      cspA
RF_0265                  AMPG2_RICFE Q4UMU2      408     ampG2
RF_0266                  Y266_RICFE  Q4UMU1      406     
RF_0268                  ECOTL_RICFE Q4UMT9      162     
RF_0270                  FTSZ_RICFE  Q4UMT7      452     ftsZ
RF_0273                  FUMC_RICFE  Q4UMT4      461     fumC
RF_0276                  EFTU_RICFE  Q8KT97      394     tuf
RF_0277                  RS10_RICFE  Q4UMT0      105     rpsJ
RF_0278                  RL3_RICFE   Q4UMS9      215     rplC
RF_0279                  RL4_RICFE   Q4UMS8      207     rplD
RF_0280                  RL23_RICFE  Q4UMS7      98      rplW
RF_0281                  RL2_RICFE   Q4UMS6      273     rplB
RF_0282                  RS19_RICFE  Q4UMS5      92      rpsS
RF_0283                  RL22_RICFE  Q4UMS4      119     rplV
RF_0284                  RS3_RICFE   Q4UMS3      217     rpsC
RF_0285                  RL16_RICFE  Q4UMS2      136     rplP
RF_0286                  RL29_RICFE  Q4UMS1      71      rpmC
RF_0287                  RS17_RICFE  Q4UMS0      82      rpsQ
RF_0288                  RL14_RICFE  Q4UMR9      122     rplN
RF_0289                  RL24_RICFE  Q4UMR8      109     rplX
RF_0290                  RL5_RICFE   Q4UMR7      179     rplE
RF_0291                  RS14_RICFE  Q4UMR6      101     rpsN
RF_0292                  RS8_RICFE   Q4UMR5      132     rpsH
RF_0293                  RL6_RICFE   Q4UMR4      177     rplF
RF_0294                  RL18_RICFE  Q4UMR3      118     rplR
RF_0295                  RS5_RICFE   Q4UMR2      176     rpsE
RF_0296                  RL30_RICFE  Q4UMR1      63      rpmD
RF_0297                  RL15_RICFE  Q4UMR0      153     rplO
RF_0298                  SECY_RICFE  Q4UMQ9      433     secY
RF_0299                  KAD_RICFE   Q4UMQ8      212     adk
RF_0300                  RS13_RICFE  Q4UMQ7      125     rpsM
RF_0301                  RS11_RICFE  Q4UMQ6      127     rpsK
RF_0302                  RPOA_RICFE  Q4UMQ5      340     rpoA
RF_0303                  RL17_RICFE  Q4UMQ4      126     rplQ
RF_0304                  RS20_RICFE  Q4UMQ3      90      rpsT
RF_0314                  Y314_RICFE  Q4UMP3      227     
RF_0325                  FMT_RICFE   O33523      303     fmt
RF_0330                  QUEA_RICFE  Q4UMM7      367     queA
RF_0337                  Y337_RICFE  Q4UMM0      283     
RF_0338                  Y338_RICFE  Q4UML9      412     
RF_0339                  PUR7_RICFE  Q4UML8      236     purC
RF_0347                  RNPA_RICFE  Q4UML0      118     rnpA
RF_0348                  RL34_RICFE  Q4UMK9      44      rpmH
RF_0349                  RL20_RICFE  Q4UMK8      117     rplT
RF_0350                  RL35_RICFE  Q4UMK7      68      rpmI
RF_0352                  RL25_RICFE  Q4UMK5      203     rplY; ctc
RF_0353                  PTH_RICFE   Q4UMK4      185     pth
RF_0358                  BCRH_RICFE  Q4UMJ9      405     
RF_0364                  DNAA_RICFE  Q4UMJ3      463     dnaA
RF_0367                  MFD_RICFE   Q4UMJ0      1142    mfd
RF_0368                  MURE_RICFE  Q4UMI9      530     murE
RF_0370                  MRAY_RICFE  Q4UMI7      361     mraY
RF_0371                  RICKA_RICFE Q4UMI6      526     rickA
RF_0381                  Y381_RICFE  Q4UMH6      1179    
RF_0402                  GRPE_RICFE  Q4UJN5      179     grpE
RF_0403                  RNPH_RICFE  Q4UJN4      239     rph
RF_0408                  CH10_RICFE  Q4UMF3      95      groS; groES
RF_0409                  CH60_RICFE  Q4UMF2      547     groL; groEL
RF_0413                  SYE2_RICFE  Q4UME8      463     gltX2
RF_0414                  UBIG_RICFE  Q4UME7      244     ubiG
RF_0423                  SYI_RICFE   Q4UMD8      1094    ileS
RF_0426                  RS21_RICFE  Q4UMD5      66      rpsU
RF_0427                  NTRYL_RICFE Q4UMD4      599     
RF_0456                  VAPC1_RICFE Q4UMB0      134     vapC1
RF_0457                  VAPB1_RICFE Q4UMA9      103     vapB1
RF_0471                  Y471_RICFE  Q4UM95      385     
RF_0480                  Y480_RICFE  Q4UJN3      294     
RF_0483                  MUTS_RICFE  Q4UM86      886     mutS
RF_0486                  Y486_RICFE  Q4UM83      145     
RF_0491                  THYX_RICFE  Q4UM78      294     thyX
RF_0492                  TOLB_RICFE  Q4UM77      444     tolB
RF_0494                  COXZ_RICFE  Q4UM75      187     ctaG
RF_0496                  MNMA_RICFE  Q4UM73      365     mnmA; trmU
RF_0498                  SYH_RICFE   Q4UM71      415     hisS
RF_0512                  DHAS_RICFE  Q4UM57      338     asd
RF_0515                  HSLV_RICFE  Q4UM54      182     hslV
RF_0516                  HSLU_RICFE  Q4UM53      450     hslU
RF_0519                  LPXB_RICFE  Q4UJN0      390     lpxB
RF_0522                  CYAY_RICFE  Q4UM50      101     cyaY
RF_0527                  BIOB_RICFE  Q4UM45      309     bioB
RF_0529                  SYE1_RICFE  Q4UM43      447     gltX1
RF_0530                  TOP1_RICFE  Q4UM42      776     topA
RF_0535                  YQGF_RICFE  Q4UM37      154     
RF_0539                  CAPD_RICFE  Q4UM33      341     capD
RF_0543                  Y543_RICFE  Q4UM29      602     
RF_0549                  RS4_RICFE   Q4UM23      205     rpsD
RF_0550                  COXX_RICFE  Q4UM22      305     ctaB
RF_0555                  RIMM_RICFE  Q4UM17      165     rimM
RF_0557                  EX7S_RICFE  Q4UM15      80      xseB
RF_0560                  3MGH_RICFE  Q4UM12      177     
RF_0562                  YIDD_RICFE  Q4UM10      82      
RF_0563                  NUOE_RICFE  Q4UM09      167     nuoE
RF_0564                  NUOD_RICFE  Q4UM08      391     nuoD
RF_0565                  NUOC_RICFE  Q4UM07      207     nuoC
RF_0566                  NUOB_RICFE  Q4UM06      174     nuoB
RF_0567                  NUOA_RICFE  Q4UM05      123     nuoA
RF_0568                  Y568_RICFE  Q4UM04      407     
RF_0571                  XERD_RICFE  Q4UM01      306     xerD
RF_0575                  FABI_RICFE  Q4ULZ7      260     fabI
RF_0576                  LNT_RICFE   Q4ULZ6      496     lnt
RF_0580                  Y580_RICFE  Q4ULZ2      305     
RF_0582                  SYK_RICFE   Q4ULZ0      525     lysS
RF_0590                  MDH_RICFE   Q4ULY2      314     mdh
RF_0592                  TLCB_RICFE  Q4ULY0      507     tlcB; tlc2
RF_0593                  PYRG_RICFE  Q4ULX9      537     pyrG
RF_0594                  KDSB_RICFE  Q4ULX8      246     kdsB
RF_0599                  GCH1_RICFE  Q4ULX3      190     folE
RF_0600                  SYP_RICFE   Q4ULX2      427     proS
RF_0604                  RUVA_RICFE  Q4ULW8      203     ruvA
RF_0606                  RUVB_RICFE  Q4ULW6      342     ruvB
RF_0608                  AMPG4_RICFE Q4ULW4      414     ampG4
RF_0611                  RLPA_RICFE  Q4ULW1      228     rlpA
RF_0613                  YCIB_RICFE  Q4ULV9      180     
RF_0616                  Y616_RICFE  Q4ULV6      331     
RF_0617                  Y617_RICFE  Q4ULV5      208     
RF_0620                  DUT_RICFE   Q4ULV2      148     dut
RF_0624                  Y624_RICFE  Q4ULU8      856     
RF_0627                  COX1_RICFE  Q4ULU5      532     ctaD; coxA
RF_0629                  COX2_RICFE  Q4ULU3      315     ctaC; coxB
RF_0632                  LSPA_RICFE  Q4ULU0      197     lspA
RF_0634                  MURD_RICFE  Q4ULT8      449     murD
RF_0636                  MURG_RICFE  Q4ULT6      360     murG
RF_0637                  Y637_RICFE  Q4ULT5      218     
RF_0645                  DAPF_RICFE  Q4ULS7      270     dapF
RF_0647                  SYFA_RICFE  Q4ULS5      349     pheS
RF_0648                  SYFB_RICFE  Q4ULS4      818     pheT
RF_0649                  DPO3B_RICFE Q4ULS3      379     dnaN
RF_0651                  SYL_RICFE   Q4ULS1      835     leuS
RF_0655                  CDSA_RICFE  Q4ULR7      227     cdsA
RF_0656                  ISPT_RICFE  Q4ULR6      235     uppS
RF_0659                  ILVE_RICFE  Q4ULR3      290     ilvE
RF_0660                  DAPA_RICFE  Q4ULR2      294     dapA
RF_0661                  SSRP_RICFE  Q4ULR1      152     smpB
RF_0664                  SUCD_RICFE  Q4ULQ8      292     sucD
RF_0665                  SUCC_RICFE  Q4ULQ7      386     sucC
RF_0669                  RBFA_RICFE  Q4ULQ3      120     rbfA
RF_0672                  RECR_RICFE  Q4ULQ0      201     recR
RF_0675                  NADK_RICFE  Q4ULP7      255     nadK
RF_0677                  GPDA_RICFE  Q4ULP5      321     gpsA
RF_0681                  TRXB_RICFE  Q4ULP1      310     trxB
RF_0687                  UVRD_RICFE  Q4ULN5      654     uvrD
RF_0692                  LON_RICFE   Q4ULN0      778     lon
RF_0699                  FOLD_RICFE  Q4ULM3      291     folD
RF_0700                  FENR_RICFE  Q4ULM2      335     
RF_0714                  MIAA_RICFE  Q4ULK8      309     miaA
RF_0721                  PNP_RICFE   Q4ULK1      747     pnp
RF_0722                  RS15_RICFE  Q4ULK0      91      rpsO
RF_0723                  TRUB_RICFE  Q4ULJ9      339     truB
RF_0724                  TLCD_RICFE  Q4ULJ8      511     tlcD; tlc4
RF_0725                  SCA4_RICFE  Q9AJ37      1039    sca4; D
RF_0735                  PPDK_RICFE  Q4ULI7      878     ppdK
RF_0741                  SODF_RICFE  Q4ULI1      209     sodB
RF_0760                  IF3_RICFE   Q4ULG2      185     infC
RF_0761                  ODP2_RICFE  Q4ULG1      412     pdhC
RF_0762                  RF1_RICFE   Q4ULG0      355     prfA
RF_0765                  RHO_RICFE   Q4ULF7      458     rho
RF_0769                  Y769_RICFE  Q4ULF3      248     
RF_0770                  KCY_RICFE   Q4ULF2      219     cmk
RF_0771                  RS1_RICFE   Q4ULF1      568     rpsA
RF_0772                  CLPP_RICFE  Q4ULF0      201     clpP
RF_0782                  Y782_RICFE  Q4ULE0      181     
RF_0783                  Y783_RICFE  Q4ULD9      215     
RF_0785                  IDI2_RICFE  Q4ULD7      345     fni
RF_0799                  Y799_RICFE  Q4ULC3      252     
RF_0800                  RL36_RICFE  Q4ULC2      41      rpmJ
RF_0817                  HEM3_RICFE  Q4ULA5      301     hemC
RF_0824                  SYW_RICFE   Q4UL98      330     trpS
RF_0834                  AMPG1_RICFE Q4UL88      441     ampG1
RF_0837                  TLCC_RICFE  Q4UL85      501     tlcC; tlc3
RF_0845                  ISCS_RICFE  Q4UL77      410     iscS
RF_0854                  NUON_RICFE  Q4UL68      458     nuoN
RF_0858                  PRIA_RICFE  Q4UL64      648     priA
RF_0860                  DNAB_RICFE  Q4UL62      494     dnaB
RF_0863                  Y544_RICFE  Q4UL59      229     
RF_0866                  RADA_RICFE  Q4UL56      446     radA
RF_0868                  RECO_RICFE  Q4UL54      237     recO
RF_0871                  IF2_RICFE   Q4UL51      829     infB
RF_0873                  RIMP_RICFE  Q4UL49      161     rimP
RF_0877                  SYY_RICFE   Q4UL45      411     tyrS
RF_0879                  Y879_RICFE  Q4UL43      113     
RF_0890                  FAD3_RICFE  Q4UL32      720     
RF_0895                  NTRXL_RICFE Q4UL27      475     
RF_0904                  RSMH_RICFE  Q4UL18      306     rsmH; mraW
RF_0905                  MRAZ_RICFE  Q4UL17      149     mraZ
RF_0912                  UVRC_RICFE  Q4UL10      642     uvrC
RF_0922                  Y922_RICFE  Q4UL00      179     
RF_0923                  Y923_RICFE  Q4UKZ9      311     
RF_0939                  Y939_RICFE  Q4UKY3      226     
RF_0941                  SECA_RICFE  Q4UKY1      906     secA
RF_0942                  PLP_RICFE   Q4UKY0      282     plp
RF_0943                  ACPS_RICFE  Q4UKX9      131     acpS
RF_0944                  RPOZ_RICFE  Q4UKX8      126     rpoZ
RF_0945                  MURA_RICFE  Q4UKX7      419     murA
RF_0947                  GYRB_RICFE  Q4UKX5      808     gyrB
RF_0950                  Y950_RICFE  Q4UKX2      395     
RF_0958                  YAJC_RICFE  Q4UKW4      142     yajC
RF_0959                  SECD_RICFE  Q4UKW3      518     secD
RF_0960                  SCO22_RICFE Q4UKW2      205     
RF_0961                  CCME_RICFE  Q4UKW1      128     ccmE; cycJ
RF_0962                  IPYR_RICFE  Q4UKW0      173     ppa
RF_0979                  SYT_RICFE   Q4UKU3      635     thrS
RF_0987                  Y987_RICFE  Q4UKT5      566     
RF_0988                  PARE_RICFE  Q4UKT4      662     parE
RF_0994                  RL13_RICFE  Q4UKS8      155     rplM
RF_0995                  RS9_RICFE   Q4UKS7      161     rpsI
RF_0997                  PHS_RICFE   Q4UKS5      110     
RF_1000                  LEPA_RICFE  Q4UKS2      600     lepA
RF_1001                  RF2_RICFE   Q4UKS1      368     prfB
RF_1004                  HSPC2_RICFE Q4UKR8      154     hspC2
RF_1005                  HSPC1_RICFE Q4UKR7      167     hspC1
RF_1009                  CYB_RICFE   Q4UJM4      398     petB; cytB
RF_1010                  UCRI_RICFE  Q4UKR6      177     petA
RF_1015                  IDH_RICFE   Q4UKR1      483     icd
RF_1019                  ODPB_RICFE  Q4UKQ7      326     pdhB
RF_1020                  ODPA_RICFE  Q4UKQ6      326     pdhA
RF_1023                  RLUC_RICFE  Q4UKQ3      305     rluC
RF_1024                  CTAA_RICFE  Q4UKQ2      337     ctaA; coxW
RF_1028                  LPXC_RICFE  Q4UKP8      288     lpxC
RF_1030                  CYCM_RICFE  Q4UKP6      175     cycM
RF_1034                  FTSQ_RICFE  Q4UKP2      267     ftsQ
RF_1035                  DDL_RICFE   Q4UKP1      321     ddl
RF_1036                  MURB_RICFE  Q4UKP0      295     murB
RF_1037                  MURC_RICFE  Q4UKN9      478     murC
RF_1046                  PSD_RICFE   Q4UKN0      231     psd
RF_1049                  EFP_RICFE   Q4UKM7      188     efp
RF_1051                  RPPH_RICFE  Q4UKM5      161     rppH; nudH
RF_1055                  GYRA_RICFE  Q4UKM1      906     gyrA
RF_1059                  GLRX1_RICFE Q4UKL7      102     grxC1; grx
RF_1060                  UVRB_RICFE  Q4UKL6      661     uvrB
RF_1061                  RNH2_RICFE  Q4UKL5      193     rnhB
RF_1062                  HSCB_RICFE  Q4UKL4      166     hscB
RF_1063                  HSCA_RICFE  Q4UKL3      637     hscA
RF_1064                  FER2_RICFE  Q4UKL2      112     fdxB
RF_1073                  DAPD_RICFE  Q4UKK3      274     dapD
RF_1076                  COX3_RICFE  Q4UKK0      278     ctaE; coxC
RF_1081                  Y1081_RICFE Q4UKJ5      214     
RF_1084                  DNAK_RICFE  Q4UJK7      627     dnaK
RF_1085                  DNAJ_RICFE  Q4UJK6      371     dnaJ
RF_1087                  Y1087_RICFE Q4UKJ3      124     
RF_1089                  RECN_RICFE  Q4UKJ1      546     recN
RF_1092                  ODO1_RICFE  Q4UKI8      977     sucA
RF_1093                  ODO2_RICFE  Q4UKI7      401     sucB
RF_1094                  QUED_RICFE  Q4UKI6      138     queD
RF_1099                  Y1099_RICFE Q4UKI1      267     
RF_1106                  SRP54_RICFE Q4UKH4      449     ffh
RF_1108                  DBH_RICFE   Q4UKH2      99      hup; hupA
RF_1112                  Y1112_RICFE Q4UKG8      78      
RF_1118                  RLME_RICFE  Q4UKG2      227     rlmE; ftsJ; rrmJ
RF_1119                  NUSB_RICFE  Q4UKG1      156     nusB
RF_1126                  PYRH_RICFE  Q4UKF4      242     pyrH
RF_1127                  RRF_RICFE   Q4UKF3      186     frr
RF_1128                  GATC_RICFE  Q4UKF2      100     gatC
RF_1129                  GATA_RICFE  Q4UKF1      493     gatA
RF_1130                  GATB_RICFE  Q4UKF0      483     gatB
RF_1133                  DAPB_RICFE  Q4UKE7      245     dapB
RF_1138                  SYDND_RICFE Q4UKE2      600     aspS
RF_1143                  AMPA_RICFE  Q4UKD7      500     pepA
RF_1145                  RPOC_RICFE  Q4UKD5      1372    rpoC
RF_1146                  RPOB_RICFE  Q4UKD4      1373    rpoB
RF_1147                  RL7_RICFE   Q4UKD3      125     rplL
RF_1148                  RL10_RICFE  Q4UKD2      169     rplJ
RF_1149                  RL1_RICFE   Q4UKD1      239     rplA
RF_1150                  RL11_RICFE  Q4UKD0      145     rplK
RF_1151                  NUSG_RICFE  Q4UKC9      192     nusG
RF_1152                  SECE_RICFE  Q4UKC8      66      secE
RF_1153                  EFG_RICFE   Q8KTA8      699     fusA
RF_1154                  RS7_RICFE   Q4UKC6      159     rpsG
RF_1155                  RS12_RICFE  Q4UKC5      129     rpsL
RF_1156                  GLNP_RICFE  Q4UKC4      218     glnP
RF_1157                  Y1157_RICFE Q4UJM3      89      
RF_1158                  Y1158_RICFE Q4UJM2      148     
RF_1159                  SDHA_RICFE  Q4UJM1      596     sdhA
RF_1161                  DHSD_RICFE  Q4UKC3      120     sdhD
RF_1163                  DHSC_RICFE  Q4UKC1      124     sdhC
RF_1169                  APBC_RICFE  Q4UKB5      318     mrp
RF_1173                  RUVC_RICFE  Q4UKB1      156     ruvC
RF_1174                  ERA_RICFE   Q4UKB0      293     era
RF_1176                  RNC_RICFE   Q4UKA8      225     rnc
RF_1177                  LEP_RICFE   Q4UKA7      266     lepB
RF_1178                  NUOF_RICFE  Q4UKA6      422     nuoF
RF_1179                  SECF_RICFE  Q4UKA5      308     secF
RF_1180                  Y1180_RICFE Q4UKA4      78      
RF_1185                  HLYC_RICFE  Q4UK99      299     tlyC
RF_1186                  YBEY_RICFE  Q4UK98      167     ybeY
RF_1187                  LIPA_RICFE  Q4UK97      301     lipA
RF_1188                  GLYA_RICFE  Q4UK96      421     glyA
RF_1189                  Y1189_RICFE Q4UK95      215     
RF_1190                  GLRX2_RICFE Q4UK94      104     grxC2; grlA
RF_1191                  END3_RICFE  Q4UK93      213     nth
RF_1196                  TATA_RICFE  Q4UK88      54      tatA
RF_1198                  RL21_RICFE  Q4UK86      105     rplU
RF_1199                  RL27_RICFE  Q4UK85      86      rpmA
RF_1200                  AK_RICFE    Q4UK84      401     lysC
RF_1214                  MNME_RICFE  Q4UK70      480     mnmE; trmE
RF_1221                  RECA_RICFE  Q4UK63      343     recA
RF_1222                  FABG_RICFE  Q4UK62      241     fabG
RF_1223                  ACP_RICFE   Q4UK61      86      acpP
RF_1229                  KGUA_RICFE  Q4UK55      192     gmk
RF_1235                  FABH_RICFE  Q4UK49      317     fabH
RF_1236                  RL32_RICFE  Q4UK48      66      rpmF
RF_1238                  FTSY_RICFE  Q4UK46      303     ftsY
RF_1239                  DPO1_RICFE  Q9RAA9      922     polA
RF_1244                  DPO3A_RICFE Q4UK40      1207    dnaE
RF_1245                  UDG_RICFE   Q4UK39      448     udg
RF_1247                  AMPG3_RICFE Q4UK37      421     ampG3
RF_1249                  SYS_RICFE   Q4UK35      425     serS
RF_1252                  Y1252_RICFE Q4UK32      301     
RF_1255                  NUOJ_RICFE  Q4UK29      205     nuoJ
RF_1256                  NUOK_RICFE  Q4UK28      110     nuoK
RF_1257                  NUOL_RICFE  Q4UK27      645     nuoL
RF_1258                  NUOM_RICFE  Q4UK26      493     nuoM
RF_1259                  CCMA_RICFE  Q4UK25      195     ccmA
RF_1260                  NUOI_RICFE  Q4UK24      159     nuoI
RF_1261                  NUOH_RICFE  Q4UK23      339     nuoH
RF_1262                  NUOG_RICFE  Q4UK22      671     nuoG
RF_1264                  ACNA_RICFE  Q4UK20      878     acnA
RF_1265                  ATPE_RICFE  Q4UK19      112     atpC
RF_1266                  ATPB_RICFE  Q4UK18      474     atpD
RF_1267                  ATPG_RICFE  Q4UK17      288     atpG
RF_1268                  ATPA_RICFE  Q4UK16      510     atpA
RF_1269                  ATPD_RICFE  Q4UK15      184     atpH
RF_1276                  PBPA_RICFE  Q4UK08      790     mrcA; ponA
RF_1278                  MIAB_RICFE  Q4UK06      445     miaB
RF_1292                  IF1_RICFE   Q4UJZ6      71      infA
RF_1293                  NTPP_RICFE  Q4UJZ5      203     
RF_1295                  XERC_RICFE  Q4UJZ3      305     xerC
RF_1297                  PLD_RICFE   Q4UJZ1      200     pld
RF_1306                  Y1306_RICFE Q4UJY2      380     
RF_1307                  FTSK_RICFE  Q4UJY1      745     ftsK
RF_1314                  Y1314_RICFE Q4UJX4      224     
RF_1315                  FER_RICFE   Q4UJX3      109     fdxA
RF_1319                  TADA_RICFE  Q4UJW9      144     tadA
RF_1321                  17KD_RICFE  Q9F9F2      159     omp
RF_1323                  ZNUC_RICFE  Q4UJW5      233     znuC
RF_1324                  UVRA_RICFE  Q4UJW4      955     uvrA
RF_1325                  SSB_RICFE   Q4UJW3      152     ssb
RF_1332                  Y1332_RICFE Q4UJV6      105     
RF_1333                  HTPG_RICFE  Q4UJV5      621     htpG
RF_1334                  HEM1_RICFE  Q4UJV4      414     hemA
RF_1336                  TIG_RICFE   Q4UJV2      445     tig
RF_1337                  OBG_RICFE   Q4UJV1      330     obg
RF_1338                  CISY_RICFE  P51040      435     gltA
RF_1344                  RFTRM_RICFE Q4UJU4      527     prmC/trmB; hemK
RF_1346                  SYGB_RICFE  Q4UJU2      664     glyS
RF_1347                  SYGA_RICFE  Q4UJU1      289     glyQ
RF_1353                  SYA_RICFE   Q4UJT5      878     alaS
RF_1356                  TRUA_RICFE  Q4UJT2      245     truA
RF_1357                  RPOD_RICFE  Q4UJT1      635     rpoD
RF_1358                  DNAG_RICFE  Q4UJT0      595     dnaG
RF_1360                  GREA_RICFE  Q4UJS8      162     greA
RF_1365                  Y1365_RICFE Q4UJS3      107     
RF_1376                  DAPE_RICFE  Q4UJR2      381     dapE
RF_1381                  NHAA_RICFE  Q4UJQ7      286     nhaA
RF_1383                  LIPB_RICFE  Q4UJQ5      209     lipB
RF_1385                  RS16_RICFE  Q4UJQ3      111     rpsP
RF_1386                  RL33_RICFE  Q4UJQ2      56      rpmG
RF_1387                  MUTL_RICFE  Q4UJQ1      609     mutL
RF_1396                  HEM6_RICFE  Q4UJP2      279     hemF
RF_1399                  HEMH_RICFE  Q4UJN9      344     hemH
RF_1400                  DCUP_RICFE  Q4UJN8      346     hemE
RF_p14                   Y2014_RICFE Q4UJJ2      63      
RF_p42                   Y2042_RICFE Q4UJC0      205     
RF_p51                   HSPC4_RICFE Q4UJB1      163     hspc4-1; hspP2-1
RF_p52                   HSPC3_RICFE Q4UJB0      196     hspc3-1; hspP1-1
RF_pd14                  Y2114_RICFE Q4UJC4      66      
RF_pd42                  Y2042_RICFE Q4UJC0      205     
RF_pd51                  HSPC4_RICFE Q4UJB1      163     hspc4-2; hspP2-2
RF_pd52                  HSPC3_RICFE Q4UJB0      196     hspC3-2; hspP1-2

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