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Description: Rice (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica): entries and gene names
Name:        rice.txt
Release:     2022_02 of 25-May-2022


This document lists all the rice (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica) entries present
in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

More information on the rice genome, proteome, biology and genetics, is
available from the following WWW pages:


____________ ______________________ __________________________________________
Chromosome   Swiss-Prot             Description and gene name(s)
locus        AC         Entry name
____________ ______________________ __________________________________________
Os01g0100900 Q52RG7     SGPL_ORYSJ  Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase precursor (EC (S1PL) (SP-lyase) (SPL) (Sphingosine-1-phosphate aldolase) [SPL] [LOC_Os01g01080] [OsJ_00009] [P0402A09.4] [P0672D08.8]
Os01g0102800 Q7F2E4     CSB_ORYSJ   DNA excision repair protein CSB (EC 3.6.4.-) (Cockayne syndrome protein CSB) (OsCSB) [CSB] [LOC_Os01g01312] [P0402A09.26] [P0455C04.20] [P0672D08.47]
Os01g0102900 Q03200     LIRP1_ORYSJ Light-regulated protein, chloroplastic precursor [LIR1] [LOC_Os01g01340] [OsJ_00023] [P0436E04.2] [P0455C04.23] [P0672D08.50]
Os01g0103600 Q9FTZ2     EBP_ORYSJ   Probable 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-Delta(8),Delta(7)-isomerase (EC (Cholestenol Delta-isomerase) (Delta(8)-Delta(7) sterol isomerase) (D8-D7 sterol isomerase) [LOC_Os01g01369] [P0436E04.5] [P0455C04.26]
Os01g0104500 Q9FTY0     NAC20_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 20 (ONAC020) (OsNAC20) [NAC20] [DLN1] [LOC_Os01g01470] [OsJ_00037] [P0436E04.23]
Os01g0106900 Q8W250     DXR_ORYSJ   1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase) (DXP reductoisomerase) (2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate synthase) [DXR] [LOC_Os01g01710] [OsJ_00058] [P0005A05.24] [P0482C06.2]
Os01g0107900 Q657X6     EXEC2_ORYSJ Protein EXECUTER 2, chloroplastic precursor (OsEX2) [EX2] [OsJ_00066] [P0005A05.36] [P0482C06.14]
Os01g0110100 Q657S5     PHO11_ORYSJ Phosphate transporter PHO1-1 (Protein PHO1-1) (OsPHO1;1) [PHO1-1] [LOC_Os01g02000] [P0439B06.4] [P0482C06.38]
Os01g0111600 Q9ASJ1     MFT2_ORYSJ  Protein MOTHER of FT and TFL1 homolog 2 (OsMFT2) [MFT2] [LOC_Os01g02120] [P0439B06.26]
Os01g0112400 Q9ASI1     NIP41_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP4-1 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 4-1) (OsNIP4;1) [NIP4-1] [LOC_Os01g02190] [OsJ_00101] [OSJNBb0032H19.9] [P0439B06.35]
Os01g0118300 Q0JR55     PSS1_ORYSJ  CDP-diacylglycerol--serine O-phosphatidyltransferase 1 (EC (Phosphatidylserine synthase 1) [PSS1] [LOC_Os01g02890]
Os01g0124401 Q0JR25     IBBR_ORYSJ  Bowman-Birk type bran trypsin inhibitor precursor (OSE727A) (Protein RBBI3-3) (RBTI) [RBBI3.3] [Os01g0124400] [LOC_Os01g03360] [P0037C04.19] [P0044F08.1]
Os01g0126100 Q9AWU4     LPR1_ORYSJ  Multicopper oxidase LPR1 homolog 1 precursor (EC 1.-.-.-) [LPR1] [LOC_Os01g03530] [P0037C04.37] [P0044F08.18]
Os01g0126200 Q5ZE07     LPR2_ORYSJ  Multicopper oxidase LPR1 homolog 2 precursor (EC 1.-.-.-) [LPR2] [LOC_Os01g03549] [P0409B08.2]
Os01g0126900 Q7F757     LPR4_ORYSJ  Multicopper oxidase LPR1 homolog 4 precursor (EC 1.-.-.-) [LPR4] [LOC_Os01g03620] [P0044F08.29] [P0409B08.14]
Os01g0127000 Q5ZE00     LPR3_ORYSJ  Multicopper oxidase LPR1 homolog 3 precursor (EC 1.-.-.-) [LPR3] [LOC_Os01g03630] [P0409B08.15]
Os01g0127200 A2ZNT5     LPR5_ORYSJ  Multicopper oxidase LPR1 homolog 5 precursor (EC 1.-.-.-) (OsSTA2) [LPR5] [LOC_Os01g03640] [OsJ_00218] [P0409B08.18]
Os01g0128300 Q5ZEG0     MHZ4_ORYSJ  Protein MAO HUZI 4, chloroplastic precursor [MHZ4] [LOC_Os01g03750] [P0408F06.3]
Os01g0129200 Q9LG97     SL1_ORYSJ   Zinc finger protein STAMENLESS 1 (OsJAG) (Zinc finger protein OPEN BEAK) [SL1] [OBP] [LOC_Os01g03840] [P0408F06.18]
Os01g0130000 Q9LDU0     MTP7_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 7 (OsMTP7) [MTP7] [LOC_Os01g03914] [OsJ_00239] [P0408F06.28] [P0504H10.3]
Os01g0130200 Q5ZEF1     NRR_ORYSJ   Protein NEGATIVE REGULATOR OF RESISTANCE (NPR1-interactor) [NRR] [LOC_Os01g03940] [P0408F06.32] [P0504H10.7]
Os01g0131800 Q9LGB4     SPCS3_ORYSJ Signal peptidase complex subunit 3 (Microsomal signal peptidase 22 kDa subunit) (SPC22) (SPase 22 kDa subunit) [LOC_Os01g04030] [P0504H10.30]
Os01g0132800 Q5ZCL8     CRS2_ORYSJ  Chloroplastic group IIB intron splicing facilitator CRS2, chloroplastic precursor (CRS2-like protein) (Chloroplastic RNA splicing factor 2) [LOC_Os01g04130] [OsJ_00257] [OSJNBa0083M16.12]
Os01g0135700 Q5ZCK5     CML16_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML16 (Calmodulin-like protein 16) [CML16] [LOC_Os01g04330] [OsJ_000267] [OSJNBa0083M16.46]
Os01g0135800 Q943Q3     HS166_ORYSJ 16.6 kDa heat shock protein (OsHsp16.6) [HSP16.6] [LOC_Os01g04340] [OsJ_00276] [OSJNBa0083M16.49]
Os01g0135900 Q943E9     HS17B_ORYSJ 17.9 kDa heat shock protein 2 (OsHsp17.9B) [HSP17.9B] [LOC_Os01g04350] [P0443D08.1]
Os01g0136000 Q943E7     HS16C_ORYSJ 16.9 kDa class I heat shock protein 3 (16.9 kDa heat shock protein 3) (OsHsp16.9C) [HSP16.9C] [LOC_Os01g04360] [OsJ_00278] [P0443D08.3]
Os01g0136100 P27777     HS16A_ORYSJ 16.9 kDa class I heat shock protein 1 (16.9 kDa heat shock protein 1) (OsHsp16.9A) [HSP16.9A] [LOC_Os01g04370] [OsJ_00279] [P0443D08.5]
Os01g0136200 Q943E6     HS16B_ORYSJ 16.9 kDa class I heat shock protein 2 (16.9 kDa heat shock protein 2) (OsHsp16.9B) [HSP16.9B] [LOC_Os01g04380] [P0443D08.6]
Os01g0140700 Q9AWS7     Y1407_ORYSJ Putative AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0140700 [LOC_Os01g04750] [P0480E02.22]
Os01g0141000 Q9AWS0     Y1410_ORYSJ AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0141000 [LOC_Os01g04800] [P0480E02.32]
Os01g0141700 Q84KJ3     DDB2_ORYSJ  DNA damage-binding protein 2 (UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 2) (OsUV-DDB2) (WD40 repeat-containing protein 2) (OsWD40-2) [DDB2] [LOC_Os01g04870] [OsJ_00319] [P0019D06.8]
Os01g0142100 Q0JQS5     EGY2_ORYSJ  Probable zinc metalloprotease EGY2, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (Protein ETHYLENE-DEPENDENT GRAVITROPISM-DEFICIENT AND YELLOW-GREEN 2) (OsEGY2) [EGY2] [LOC_Os01g04900] [OsJ_00322] [P0019D06.11]
Os01g0144340 A2ZP58     ARP5_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 5 [ARP5] [OsJ_000330] [P0024G09.33]
Os01g0147900 P48494     TPIS_ORYSJ  Triosephosphate isomerase, cytosolic (EC (TIM) (Triose-phosphate isomerase) [TPI] [LOC_Os01g05490] [OsJ_00367] [P0416D03.45] [P0434B04.9]
Os01g0149400 Q94JJ7     H2B3_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.3 [H2B.3] [LOC_Os01g05610] [OsJ_000370] [P0434B04.27]
Os01g0149600 Q94JJ4     H2B4_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.4 [H2B.4] [LOC_Os01g05630] [OsJ_000372] [P0434B04.31]
Os01g0149800 P94029     MT2A_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 2A (Class I metallothionein-like protein 2A) (OsMT-I-2a) (OsMT2a) (OsMT2-1) [MT2A] [MT-2] [LOC_Os01g05650] [OsJ_00383] [P0434B04.33]
Os01g0150200 Q5ZEJ0     HACDB_ORYSJ Very-long-chain (3R)-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase PASTICCINO 2B (EC (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase PASTICCINO 2B) (HACD) (PAS2B) (Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein) [PAS2B] [LOC_Os01g05694] [OsJ_000378] [OsJ_00388] [P0009G03.5]
Os01g0152300 Q9LGI2     H2B10_ORYSJ Histone H2B.10 [H2B.10] [LOC_Os01g05900] [OsJ_000397] [P0009G03.29] [P0030H07.8]
Os01g0152700 Q9LGH8     H2B8_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.8 [H2B.8] [LOC_Os01g05950] [OsJ_000402] [P0009G03.35] [P0030H07.14]
Os01g0152900 Q7GBK0     H2B7_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.7 [H2B.7] [OsH2B] [LOC_Os01g05970] [P0009G03.37] [P0030H07.16]
Os01g0153100 Q9LGH4     H2B6_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.6 [H2B.6] [LOC_Os01g05970] [OsJ_000406] [P0009G03.42]
Os01g0153300 Q94JE1     H2B5_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.5 [H2B.5] [LOC_Os01g06010] [OsJ_000408] [P0030H07.24]
Os01g0157700 Q5ZCC5     GT11_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os01g0157700 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os01g06450] [P0011G08.41]
Os01g0158000 Q9FYP9     IMAP2_ORYSJ Importin subunit alpha-2 [LOC_Os01g06470] [P0011G08.44]
Os01g0164500 Q761Z9     RH18_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 18 (EC (BRI1-KD-interacting protein 115) (BIP115) [LOC_Os01g07080] [B1189A09.47] [OsJ_00495] [P0701D05.2]
Os01g0164600 Q942P9     P2C01_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 1 (EC (OsPP2C01) [LOC_Os01g07090] [B1189A09.48] [OsJ_000491] [P0701D05.3]
Os01g0165000 Q0JQF7     DRE2A_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2A (OsDREB2A) [DREB2A] [ERF40] [LOC_Os01g07120] [OsJ_000494]
Os01g0166100 Q942N7     CAN1_ORYSJ  Probable staphylococcal-like nuclease CAN1 (EC 3.1.31.-) (Calcium-dependent nuclease 1) (Ca(2+)-dependent nuclease 1) [LOC_Os01g07200] [OsJ_00507] [P0701D05.20]
Os01g0168200 Q9AS75     TRH41_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H4-1 (OsTrxh4-1) (OsTrx01) [LOC_Os01g07376] [OJ1276_B06.16] [OsJ_00524] [P0028E10.17] [P0701D05.44]
Os01g0169800 Q5VQG8     TAR2_ORYSJ  Tryptophan aminotransferase-related protein 2 (EC (OsTAR2) (Protein FISH BONE) [TAR2] [FIB] [TAA1] [LOC_Os01g07500] [OJ1276_B06.34]
Os01g0170000 Q5VQG4     RFS_ORYSJ   Galactinol--sucrose galactosyltransferase (EC (Raffinose synthase) [RFS] [LOC_Os01g07530] [OJ1276_B06.38] [OsJ_00538] [P0583G08.2]
Os01g0172100 Q5VQL3     PPT3_ORYSJ  Phosphoenolpyruvate/phosphate translocator 3, chloroplastic precursor (OsPPT3) [PPT3] [LOC_Os01g07730] [P0583G08.29]
Os01g0172200 Q5VQL1     RH14_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 14 (EC [LOC_Os01g07740] [P0583G08.30-1] [P0583G08.30-2]
Os01g0172400 Q43007     PLDA1_ORYSJ Phospholipase D alpha 1 precursor (EC (PLD alpha 1) (Choline phosphatase 1) (Phosphatidylcholine-hydrolyzing phospholipase D 1) [PLD1] [LOC_Os01g07760] [OsJ_00559]
Os01g0174600 Q5VR07     C3H1_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 1 (OsC3H1) [LOC_Os01g07930] [OSJNBa0089K24.23]
Os01g0174700 Q94E49     PID2_ORYSJ  Protein kinase PINOID 2 (EC (Protein PID-like) (OsPIDlike) [PID2] [LOC_Os01g07940] [OSJNBa0089K24.26]
Os01g0174900 Q0JQ97     GRXS1_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S1, mitochondrial precursor [GRXS1] [LOC_Os01g07950] [OSJNBa0089K24.28]
Os01g0176700 Q5VRW2     NOH1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor NIGTH1 (MYB-domain transcription factor NIGT1 homolog 1) [NHO1] [LOC_Os01g08160] [P0013F10.17]
Os01g0177400 Q9FU53     G3OX2_ORYSJ Gibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase 2 (EC (GA 3-oxidase 2) (OsGA3ox2) (Gibberellin 3 beta-hydroxylase 2) (Protein DWARF18) [GA3OX2] [D18] [LOC_Os01g08220] [OsJ_00594] [P0013F10.29]
Os01g0177900 Q8GU87     AB31G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 31 (OsABCG31) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 6) (OsPDR6) [ABCG31] [PDR6] [LOC_Os01g08260] [P0013F10] [P0509B06]
Os01g0178300 Q5VRD7     CDT3_ORYSJ  Protein CADMIUM TOLERANCE 3 (Cd tolerant 3) (OsCDT3) [CDT3] [OsJ_00601]
Os01g0178500 Q5VRD1     IAA1_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA1 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 1) [IAA1] [LOC_Os01g08320] [P0406H10.6-1] [P0509B06.8-1]
Os01g0179400 W0RYD3     SSG4_ORYSJ  Protein SUBSTANDARD STARCH GRAIN 4, chloroplastic precursor (Translocon at the inner-envelope- membrane of chloroplasts SSG4) [SSG4] [LOC_Os01g08420] [P0406H10.19]
Os01g0182200 Q5VR89     SIP11_ORYSJ Aquaporin SIP1-1 (OsSIP1;1) (Small basic intrinsic protein 1-1) [SIP1-1] [LOC_Os01g08660] [OsJ_000627] [P0666G04.23-1] [P0666G04.23-2]
Os01g0182600 Q9AWL7     GIGAN_ORYSJ Protein GIGANTEA [GI] [LOC_Os01g08700] [P0666G04.27-1] [P0666G04.27-2]
Os01g0184100 Q5VRY1     HSP18_ORYSJ 18.0 kDa class II heat shock protein (18.0 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp18.0) [HSP18.0] [LOC_Os01g08860] [P0489A01.22]
Os01g0184500 Q5VRY0     RH39_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 39 (EC [LOC_Os01g08930] [OsJ_00660] [P0510F03.6]
Os01g0184900 Q9LGR0     SSP1A_ORYSJ FACT complex subunit SSRP1-A (Early drought-induced protein R1G1A) (Facilitates chromatin transcription complex subunit SSRP1-A) (Recombination signal sequence recognition protein 1-A) [SSRP1-A] [R1G1A] [LOC_Os01g08970] [OsJ_00664] [P0510F03.10]
Os01g0185300 Q9LGQ6     AT9_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 9 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT9) [AT9] [LOC_Os01g09010] [P0510F03.18]
Os01g0187600 Q0JQ12     CKX1_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 1 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 1) (OsCKX1) [CKX1] [LOC_Os01g09260] [P0512G09.11]
Os01g0188400 P43279     MAOC_ORYSJ  NADP-dependent malic enzyme, chloroplastic precursor (EC (NADP-ME) [ME6] [LOC_Os01g09320] [OsJ_00690] [P0512G09.20] [P0695A04.29]
Os01g0190300 Q9LG86     IAA2_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA2 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 2) [IAA2] [LOC_Os01g09450] [OsJ_00698] [P0710E05.18]
Os01g0190400 Q1WM15     HXK8_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-8 (EC (Hexokinase-4) [HXK8] [HXK4] [LOC_Os01g09460] [P0710E05.19]
Os01g0192000 Q9FU27     C3H2_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 2 (OsC3H2) (Protein DELAY OF THE ONSET OF SENESCENCE) (OsDOS) [LOC_Os01g09620] [P0671B11.13]
Os01g0192900 A0A0P0UZP7 1A15_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 5 (EC (ACC synthase 5) (OsACS5) [ACS5] [ACC5] [LOC_Os01g09700] [P0671B11.29]
Os01g0194300 Q9FDY4     NPR1_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NPR1 (OsNPR1) (NPR1 homolog 1) (OsNH1) [NPR1] [NH1] [LOC_Os01g09800] [P0001B06.13] [P0671B11.44]
Os01g0194600 Q5SMY5     GRXS2_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S2 [GRXS2] [LOC_Os01g09830] [OsJ_00727] [P0001B06.21] [P0498B01.7]
Os01g0197100 Q94IW5     C90D2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 90D2 (OsCYP90D2) (3-dehydro-6-deoxoteasterone synthase) (EC 1.14.19.-) (3-dehydroteasterone synthase) (EC 1.14.19.-) (C6-oxidase) [CYP90D2] [D2] [LOC_Os01g10040] [P0419B01.11]
Os01g0197200 Q5QMN3     RH20_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 20 (EC [LOC_Os01g10050] [P0419B01.12]
Os01g0197700 Q4ADV8     CKX2_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 2 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 2) (OsCKX2) (QTL grain number 1a) (Gn1a) [CKX2] [LOC_Os01g10110] [B1046G12.8] [OsJ_00744] [P0419B01.20]
Os01g0197900 Q5QMN5     RDR3_ORYSJ  Probable RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 3 (EC (OsRDR3) [RDR3] [LOC_Os01g10130] [B1046G12.12] [B1046G12.13] [OsJ_00745] [P0419B01.24] [P0419B01.25]
Os01g0198000 Q5QMN4     RDR4_ORYSJ  Probable RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 4 (EC (OsRDR4) [RDR4] [LOC_Os01g10140] [B1046G12.14] [P0419B01.26]
Os01g0200300 Q5QMZ9     HOX29_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX29 (HD-ZIP protein HOX29) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX29) (OSHB5) (OsHox29) [HOX29] [LOC_Os01g10320] [B1015E06.7]
Os01g0200700 A1YTM8     MT3A_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 3A (Class I metallothionein-like protein 3A) (OsMT-I-3a) (OsMT3) (OsMT3a) [MT3A] [ML2] [LOC_Os01g10400] [B1015E06.18] [OsJ_00763]
Os01g0201700 Q40704     MADS3_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 3 (OsMADS3) (Protein AGAMOUS-like) (RMADS222) [MADS3] [RAG] [LOC_Os01g10504]
Os01g0202800 Q0JPT5     NIP12_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP1-2 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 1-2) (OsNIP1;2) [NIP1-2] [Os01g0202900] [LOC_Os01g10600] [OsJ_000763] [P0489A05.30]
Os01g0203000 Q0JPT4     BZR2_ORYSJ  Protein BZR1 homolog 2 (OsBZR2) (Protein BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT 1 homolog 2) [BZR2] [LOC_Os01g10610] [P0489A05.32]
Os01g0205700 Q9LWN0     GSK1_ORYSJ  Shaggy-related protein kinase GSK1 (EC (Glycogen synthase kinase3-like protein 1) (OsGSK1) (Shaggy/GSK3-like kinase 21) (OsSK21) [GSK1] [SK21] [LOC_Os01g10840] [P0451C06.26]
Os01g0206300 Q5QNM6     CIPKD_ORYSJ Putative CBL-interacting protein kinase 13 (EC (OsCIPK13) [CIPK13] [LOC_Os01g10870] [OSJNBa0016I09.1] [P0451C06.32]
Os01g0206700 Q9LWM4     CIPK5_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 5 (EC (OsCIPK05) [CIPK5] [LOC_Os01g10890] [OsJ_000797] [OSJNBa0016I09.5] [P0451C06.36]
Os01g0208600 Q5QNA6     SCRL2_ORYSJ SCAR-like protein 2 [LOC_Os01g11040] [OSJNBa0016I09.25]
Os01g0209200 Q5QNB8     14337_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-G (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog G) [GF14G] [LOC_Os01g11110] [OSJNBa0016I09.32]
Os01g0210700 Q5QNI1     KAT2_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KAT2 [LOC_Os01g11250] [P0031E09.16] [P0466B10.26]
Os01g0211800 Q5QNI5     BZP02_ORYSJ Basic leucine zipper 2 (OsbZIP02) (bZIP protein 2) [BZIP02] [LOC_Os01g11350] [P0031E09.34]
Os01g0212400 Q5QNI2     NCL1_ORYSJ  Sodium/calcium exchanger NCL1 (Na(+)/Ca(2+)-exchange protein NCL1) (OsEFCAX1) (Protein NCX-like 1) (OsNCL1) [NCL1] [LOC_Os01g11414] [OsJ_00857] [P0031E09.40]
Os01g0213800 Q8LT07     PCF5_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF5 [PCF5] [LOC_Os01g11550] [OsJ_000844] [OSJNBa0038J17.21]
Os01g0218032 C7IW64     ROS1A_ORYSJ Protein ROS1A (EC 3.2.2.-) (Protein REPRESSOR OF SILENCING 1 homolog a) (Protein ROS1 homolog) (OsROS1) (Protein THICK ALEURONE 2) [ROS1A] [ROS1] [TA2] [LOC_Os01g11900]
Os01g0219600 Q5NAT8     GUN1_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 1 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 1) (OsCel9B) (OsGLU7) [GLU7] [LOC_Os01g12030] [OsJ_000887] [P0483F08.8] [P0489G09.23]
Os01g0220100 Q5NAT0     GUN2_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 2 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 2) (OsCel9A) (OsGLU5) [GLU5] [LOC_Os01g12070] [OsJ_000889] [P0483F08.13] [P0489G09.28]
Os01g0220700 Q5NAZ9     SWT3B_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET3b (OsSWEET3b) [SWEET3B] [LOC_Os01g12130] [OsJ_00913] [P0483F08.29]
Os01g0221100 Q5NAZ7     GH33_ORYSJ  Jasmonoyl--L-amino acid synthetase GH3.3 (EC (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 3) (OsGH3-3) (Indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.3) (Jasmonate-amino acid synthetase JAR2) (Jasmonic acid-amido synthetase JAR2) (Protein JASMONATE RESISTANT 2) (OsJAR2) [GH3.3] [JAR2] [LOC_Os01g12160] [P0483F08.33-1]
Os01g0221700 Q5NAY7     GDT11_ORYSJ GDT1-like protein 1, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os01g12220] [OsJ_00919] [P0443E05.5] [P0483F08.42]
Os01g0224700 Q9LG41     YUC4_ORYSJ  Indole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase YUCCA4 (EC (OsYUCCA4) (Flavin-containing monooxygenase YUCCA4) [YUCCA4] [LOC_Os01g12490] [P0417G05.39] [P0492F05.5]
Os01g0225400 Q9AWZ8     PANB1_ORYSJ 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Ketopantoate hydroxymethyltransferase 1) [KPHMT1] [PANB1] [LOC_Os01g12560] [P0443E07.6] [P0492F05.15]
Os01g0225500 Q9AWZ7     PANB2_ORYSJ 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Ketopantoate hydroxymethyltransferase 2) [KPHMT2] [PANB2] [LOC_Os01g12570] [P0443E07.7] [P0492F05.16]
Os01g0227100 Q5N800     NYC1_ORYSJ  Probable chlorophyll(ide) b reductase NYC1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Protein NON-YELLOW COLORING 1) (OsNYC1) [NYC1] [LOC_Os01g12710] [OsJ_00960] [P0443E07.35] [P0452F10.6]
Os01g0229400 Q9SSX0     RAC1_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 1 (OsRac1) [RAC1] [LOC_Os01g12900]
Os01g0231000 Q5NB25     IAA3_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA3 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 3) [IAA3] [LOC_Os01g13030] [P0431F01.14] [P0485D09.31]
Os01g0232000 Q9LWR2     TIP43_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP4-3 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 4-3) (OsTIP4;3) [TIP4-3] [LOC_Os01g13120] [P0431F01.24]
Os01g0232100 Q9LWR0     TIP42_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP4-2 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 4-2) (OsTIP4;2) [TIP4-2] [LOC_Os01g13130] [P0431F01.26]
Os01g0232700 Q5NAY4     HISX_ORYSJ  Histidinol dehydrogenase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (HDH) [HDH] [LOC_Os01g13190] [OsJ_01002] [P0702F03.3]
Os01g0233000 Q0JPA6     SRS1_ORYSJ  Salt stress root protein RS1 [LOC_Os01g13210] [OsJ_000980] [P0702F03.6]
Os01g0233100 Q0JPA4     CCA12_ORYSJ Cyclin-A1-2 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A1-2) (CycA1;2) [CYCA1-2] [Os01g0233300] [LOC_Os01g13229] [P0702F03.7]
Os01g0233500 Q7F830     CCA11_ORYSJ Cyclin-A1-1 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A1-1) (CycA1;1) [CYCA1-1] [CYCA1] [LOC_Os01g13260] [P0702F03.11]
Os01g0234100 Q0JP99     Y1341_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0234100 [LOC_Os01g13300] [P0702F03.19]
Os01g0236300 Q5NB85     ARFA_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 1 (OsARF16) [ARF1] [ARF16] [LOC_Os01g13520] [P0708G02.26]
Os01g0236400 Q5NB83     ABIL3_ORYSJ Probable protein ABIL3 (Abl interactor-like protein 3) [LOC_Os01g13530] [OsJ_01031] [P0708G02.30]
Os01g0236700 Q5NB82     NLP3_ORYSJ  Protein NLP3 (AtNLP3) (NIN-like protein 3) (Nodule inception protein-like protein 3) [NLP3] [LOC_Os01g13540] [OsJ_01032] [P0708G02.34]
Os01g0237000 Q9LI17     CSPLB_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1C1 (OsCASPL1C1) [LOC_Os01g13560] [OsJ_001011] [P0708G02.36]
Os01g0238700 Q9FTU1     YSL1_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL1 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 1) (OsYSL1) [YSL1] [LOC_Os01g13710] [OSJNBa0086P08.25]
Os01g0239000 Q5NAN5     GLK2_ORYSJ  Probable transcription factor GLK2 (Golden2-like protein 2) (OsGLK2) [GLK2] [LOC_Os01g13740] [OSJNBa0086P08.28-1] [OSJNBa0086P08.28-2]
Os01g0239200 Q9FTT3     TPT_ORYSJ   Triose phosphate/phosphate translocator TPT, chloroplastic precursor [TPT] [LOC_Os01g13770] [OSJNBa0010K01.4] [OSJNBa0086P08.33]
Os01g0241400 Q0JP62     GRXS3_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S3 [GRXS3] [LOC_Os01g13950] [OSJNBa0010K01.30]
Os01g0243100 B9EUM5     KN14A_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14A [KIN14A] [LOC_Os01g14090] [B1066G12.23] [OsJ_01073]
Os01g0246100 Q9XHY7     HACL3_ORYSJ Probable histone acetyltransferase HAC-like 3 (EC [LOC_Os01g14370] [OSJNBa0004G10.16] [OSJNBa0049B20.5]
Os01g0248900 Q9XHX0     EXPA8_ORYSJ Expansin-A8 precursor (Alpha-expansin-8) (OsEXP8) (OsEXPA8) (OsaEXPa1.17) [EXPA8] [EXP8] [LOC_Os01g14650] [OSJNBa0049B20.23] [P0034C11.30]
Os01g0249100 Q4PR53     EXPA9_ORYSJ Expansin-A9 precursor (Alpha-expansin-9) (OsEXP9) (OsEXPA9) (OsaEXPa1.19) [EXPA9] [EXP9] [LOC_Os01g14660] [OSJNBa0049B20.24] [P0034C11.32]
Os01g0252200 Q0JP11     C3H3_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 3 (OsC3H3) [LOC_Os01g14870] [OsJ_01120]
Os01g0253300 Q71VM4     IMA1A_ORYSJ Importin subunit alpha-1a [LOC_Os01g14950]
Os01g0253600 Q9SDK9     RFA3_ORYSJ  Replication protein A 14 kDa subunit (OsRPA14) (Replication factor A protein 3) (Replication protein A 3) [RPA3] [RPA14] [LOC_Os01g14980] [OsJ_01130] [P0705D01.4]
Os01g0254100 Q5NBT9     TPR1_ORYSJ  Protein TPR1 (Aberrant spikelet and panicle1-related 2) (Protein ASP1-RELATED 2) (OsASPR2) (Topless-related protein 1) (Topless-related protein 2) (OsTPR2) [TPR1] [ASPR2] [TPR2] [LOC_Os01g15020] [OsJ_01134] [OSNPB_010254100] [P0705D01.10-1]
Os01g0256800 Q1EHT7     C3H4_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 4 (EC 3.6.4.-) (OsC3H4) [LOC_Os01g15300] [P0711E10.43]
Os01g0256900 Q9LGE6     LSM4_ORYSJ  Probable U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm4 [LOC_Os01g15310] [OsJ_01157] [P0462H08.1] [P0711E10.44]
Os01g0257300 Q9LGE3     FLP1_ORYSJ  Flowering-promoting factor 1-like protein 1 (FPF1-like protein 1) (Protein ROOT ARCHITECTURE ASSOCIATED 1) (OsRAA1) [RAA1] [LOC_Os01g15340] [OsJ_01159] [P0462H08.5]
Os01g0257400 Q5NAV3     C3H5_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 5 (OsC3H5) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein ZFN-like 3) [LOC_Os01g15350] [P0462H08.6]
Os01g0258700 Q5NAW2     C3H6_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 6 (OsC3H6) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein ZFN-like 1) [LOC_Os01g15460] [P0462H08.27-1] [P0462H08.27-2]
Os01g0260100 A2ZRG4     KN14B_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14B [KIN14B] [LOC_Os01g15540] [OsJ_01175]
Os01g0261200 Q7GCL7     NAC74_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 74 (ONAC074) (OsNAC8) (Protein NTM1-like 3) (OsNTL3) [NAC074] [NAC8] [NTL3] [LOC_Os01g15640] [OsJ_01182] [P0469E09.5] [P0699D11.24]
Os01g0265800 Q9LJ04     RBPP_ORYSJ  RNA-binding protein P [RBP-P] [LOC_Os01g16090] [OsJ_01215] [P0499C11.21]
Os01g0266600 Q9SDD6     PRX2F_ORYSJ Peroxiredoxin-2F, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Glutaredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin) (Peroxiredoxin IIF) (Thioredoxin peroxidase 2F) [PRXIIF] [LOC_Os01g16152] [P0011D01.6] [P0499C11.34]
Os01g0267300 Q5NBM0     SPZ12_ORYSJ Putative serpin-Z12 (OrysaZ12) [LOC_Os01g16200] [P0011D01.15]
Os01g0267900 Q0JNS6     CALM1_ORYSJ Calmodulin-1 (CaM-1) [CAM1-3] [LOC_Os01g16240] [OsJ_001186] [P0011D01.22]
Os01g0268300 Q5NBJ3     GYRB_ORYSJ  DNA gyrase subunit B, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC [GYRB] [LOC_Os01g16290] [P0011D01.27] [P0667A10.1]
Os01g0269900 Q5NBI2     ARP6_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 6 [ARP6] [LOC_Os01g16414] [OsJ_001201] [P0667A10.19]
Os01g0270100 Q0JNR2     CYT12_ORYSJ Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 12 precursor (Oryzacystatin XII) (OC-XII) (Oryzacystatin-12) [LOC_Os01g16430] [P0667A10.20]
Os01g0274500 Q4PNY1     EXP11_ORYSJ Expansin-A11 precursor (Alpha-expansin-11) (OsEXP11) (OsEXPA11) (OsaEXPa1.25) [EXPA11] [EXP11] [LOC_Os01g16770] [P0424A08.10]
Os01g0274800 Q5NBM8     CSA_ORYSJ   Transcription factor CSA (Myb-related protein CSA) (Protein CARBON STARVED ANTHER) [CSA] [LOC_Os01g16810] [P0038F12.1] [P0424A08.17]
Os01g0275200 Q5NBN9     AGO15_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 15 (OsAGO15) [AGO15] [Os01g0275200/Os01g0275300] [LOC_Os01g16850/LOC_Os01g16860] [P0038F12.10]
Os01g0275300 Q5NBN9     AGO15_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 15 (OsAGO15) [AGO15] [Os01g0275200/Os01g0275300] [LOC_Os01g16850/LOC_Os01g16860] [P0038F12.10]
Os01g0275600 Q9SDG8     AGO4A_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 4A (OsAGO4a) [AGO4A] [LOC_Os01g16870] [P0038F12.13]
Os01g0276000 Q9SDG6     RL30_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L30 [RPL30] [LOC_Os01g16890] [OsJ_01280] [P0038F12.17]
Os01g0276800 Q5NBP9     GLU2B_ORYSJ Glucosidase 2 subunit beta precursor (Glucosidase II subunit beta) [OsJ_01291] [P0038F12.26]
Os01g0279300 Q0JNL7     CALM3_ORYSJ Calmodulin-3 (CaM-3) [CAM3] [LOC_Os01g17190] [OsJ_001265] [OsJ_01307] [P0003H10.4]
Os01g0279700 Q9SDI4     PHT41_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 1, chloroplastic precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;1) [PHT4;1] [LOC_Os01g17240] [OsJ_01311] [OSJNBa0036E02.3] [P0003H10.9]
Os01g0279900 Q0JNL3     TGA23_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGA2.3 (OsNIF3) (bZIP transcription factor 3) (OsbZIP03) [TGA2.3] [LOC_Os01g17260]
Os01g0281200 Q0JNK6     CCB13_ORYSJ Cyclin-B1-3 (CYCB1;1) (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1-3) (CycB1;3) [CYCB1-3] [CycB1-1] [LOC_Os01g17402] [B1085F09.20]
Os01g0281400 Q0JNK5     COPB2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit beta-2 (Beta-coat protein 2) (Beta-COP 2) [LOC_Os01g17430] [OsJ_001282] [OSJNBa0036E02.23]
Os01g0282800 Q43594     TBB1_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-1 chain (Beta-1-tubulin) [TUBB1] [OSTB-34] [TUB1] [LOC_Os01g18050] [OSJNBa0004B13.5] [P0581F09.13]
Os01g0284500 Q7F731     GL11_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 1-1 precursor (Germin-like protein 4) (OsGER4) [GER4] [LOC_Os01g18170] [OsJ_001298] [OSJNBa0004B13.19] [P0498A12.11] [P0581F09.32]
Os01g0286100 Q0JNI9     PIL15_ORYSJ Transcription factor PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR-LIKE 15 (OsPIL15) (PIF-like protein 15) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 105) (OsbHLH105) [PIL15] [BHLH105] [LOC_Os01g18290] [P0498A12.33]
Os01g0286600 Q9AR38     PPOC_ORYSJ  Protoporphyrinogen oxidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (PPO) (Protoporphyrinogen oxidase 1) [PPOX1] [LOC_Os01g18320] [P0498A12.42]
Os01g0286900 A2ZRY8     IAA4_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA4 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 4) [IAA4] [IAA20] [LOC_Os01g18360] [OsJ_001310]
Os01g0287600 Q5NB11     CHI10_ORYSJ Chitinase 10 precursor (EC (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 10) [Cht10] [GCH7] [LOC_Os01g18400] [OsJ_01366] [P0511C01.18]
Os01g0290100 Q9LGZ2     LCYD1_ORYSJ Putative L-cysteine desulfhydrase 1 (EC (OsL-CDes1) (L-CDes1) [LOC_Os01g18640] [P0469E05.28]
Os01g0290600 Q5JNT6     LCYD2_ORYSJ Putative L-cysteine desulfhydrase 2 (EC (OsL-CDes2) (L-CDes2) [LOC_Os01g18660] [P0469E05.32] [P0706B05.1]
Os01g0291500 Q5JNT2     AT4_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 4 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT4) (p-coumaroyl-CoA monolignol transferase) (OsPMT) [AT4] [PMT] [LOC_Os01g18744] [OsJ_01392] [P0706B05.17]
Os01g0292200 Q9LGV5     CIPK1_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 1 (EC (OsCIPK01) [CIPK1] [LOC_Os01g18800] [P0706B05.31]
Os01g0292900 Q9LGU7     SPL1_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 1 [SPL1] [LOC_Os01g18850] [OsJ_01398] [P0706B05.40]
Os01g0293000 Q9LGU6     METK3_ORYSJ S-adenosylmethionine synthase 3 (EC (AdoMet synthase 3) (Methionine adenosyltransferase 3) (MAT 3) [METK3] [LOC_Os01g18860] [OsJ_001358] [P0706B05.41]
Os01g0293100 Q5JNS0     TIP2_ORYSJ  Transcription factor TIP2 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 142) (OsbHLH142) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein TIP2) (TDR INTERACTING PROTEIN2) [TIP2] [BHLH142] [LOC_Os01g18870] [P0706B05.43]
Os01g0295700 Q9FYN7     P2C02_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 2 (EC (OsPP2C02) [LOC_Os01g19130] [OsJ_001369] [P0702D12.28]
Os01g0300200 Q93VT8     ACLB1_ORYSJ ATP-citrate synthase beta chain protein 1 (EC (ATP-citrate synthase B-1) (ATP-citrate lyase B-1) (Citrate cleavage enzyme B-1) [ACLB-1] [LOC_Os01g19450] [OsJ_01435] [P0487H02.31] [P0682B08.9]
Os01g0302500 Q9FP29     KNOS1_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 1 (Homeobox protein HOS16) (Homeobox protein OSH6) [OSH6] [HOS16] [LOC_Os01g19694] [B1146F03.18] [P0035H10.13]
Os01g0304100 Q657W3     CCC2_ORYSJ  Cation-chloride cotransporter 2 (OsCCC2) (Potassium-chloride cotransporter 2) [CCC2] [KCC2] [LOC_Os01g19850] [P0475H04.13] [P0475H04.14]
Os01g0307500 Q0JNB6     HKT8_ORYSJ  Cation transporter HKT8 (OsHKT8) (HKT1;5) [HKT8] [HKT1.5] [SKC1] [LOC_Os01g20160] [OsJ_01471] [OSJNBb0022N24.25] [OSJNOa173H09.1]
Os01g0312800 Q8LQ92     GUN3_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 3 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 3) (OsGLU8) [GLU8] [LOC_Os01g21070] [B1011A07.26] [OsJ_01487]
Os01g0323300 Q657G7     CAF2P_ORYSJ CRS2-associated factor 2, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplastic group IIA intron splicing facilitator CRS2-associated factor 2) [LOC_Os01g21990] [OSJNBa0011P19.4] [P0426D06.47]
Os01g0323600 P93438     METK2_ORYSJ S-adenosylmethionine synthase 2 (EC (AdoMet synthase 2) (Methionine adenosyltransferase 2) (MAT 2) [SAM2] [SAMS2] [LOC_Os01g22010] [OSJNBa0011P19.8]
Os01g0328400 Q9ARZ9     R27AA_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-40S ribosomal protein S27a-1 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; 40S ribosomal protein S27a-1] [RPS27AA] [LOC_Os01g22490] [OsJ_01558] [P0537A05.41]
Os01g0332200 Q5ZA21     G2OX2_ORYSJ Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 2 (EC (Gibberellin 2-beta-hydroxylase 2) (Gibberellin 2-oxidase 2) (GA 2-oxidase 2) (OsGA2ox2) [GA2OX2] [LOC_Os01g22910] [B1140D12.2]
Os01g0339900 Q942L2     PDI22_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 2-2 precursor (EC (OsPDIL2-2) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 4-2) (OsPDIL4-2) [PDIL2-2] [PDIL4-2] [LOC_Os01g23740] [B1088D01.21] [OsJ_01619]
Os01g0342700 Q8LQX2     AB32G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 32 (OsABCG32) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 16) (OsPDR16) [ABCG32] [PDR16] [PDR5] [LOC_Os01g24010] [B1045F02.15]
Os01g0348900 Q0JMY8     SALT_ORYSJ  Salt stress-induced protein (Salt protein) (Protein lectin-like) (Protein mannose-binding lectin) [SALT] [ML] [LOC_Os01g24710] [B1051E10.18] [P0440D10.39]
Os01g0350900 Q5Z8R1     IPI1_ORYSJ  E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase IPI1 (EC (IPA1-interacting protein 1) [IPI1] [LOC_Os01g24880] [B1051E10.48-1] [P0463A02.18-1]
Os01g0351100 Q0JMY1     PRP2B_ORYSJ Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 2-B (EC (PARP-2-B) (NAD(+) ADP-ribosyltransferase 2-B) (ADPRT-2-B) (Poly[ADP-ribose] synthase 2-B) (Protein ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP2) (EC 2.4.2.-) [PARP2-B] [LOC_Os01g24920] [B1051E10.53] [P0463A02.23]
Os01g0351200 Q5Z8Q9     PRP2A_ORYSJ Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 2-A (EC (PARP-2-A) (NAD(+) ADP-ribosyltransferase 2-A) (ADPRT-2-A) (Poly[ADP-ribose] synthase 2-A) (Protein ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP2) (EC 2.4.2.-) [PARP2-A] [LOC_Os01g24940] [B1051E10.55] [P0463A02.25]
Os01g0356500 Q0JMW0     TPK2_ORYSJ  Thiamine pyrophosphokinase 2 (EC (OsTPK2) (Thiamine kinase 2) [TPK2] [LOC_Os01g25440] [B1157F09.24] [P0025H06.10]
Os01g0357100 Q42997     NIR_ORYSJ   Ferredoxin--nitrite reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os01g25484] [P0025H06.19-1] [P0025H06.19-2]
Os01g0357400 Q0JMV4     AMYC1_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme C (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) (Alpha-amylase isozyme 1B) [AMY1B] [AMYC] [LOC_Os01g25510] [P0025H06.22] [P0514H03.1]
Os01g0360200 Q5ZAJ0     RBOHB_ORYSJ Respiratory burst oxidase homolog protein B (EC 1.11.1.-) (EC 1.6.3.-) (NADPH oxidase RBOHB) (OsrbohB) [RBOHB] [LOC_Os01g25820] [B1164G11.26] [OsJ_01746]
Os01g0360600 Q94DR2     COAE_ORYSJ  Dephospho-CoA kinase (EC (Dephosphocoenzyme A kinase) [P0460H02.10]
Os01g0363300 Q9ARX2     CSPL8_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1E1 (OsCASPL1E1) [LOC_Os01g26120] [OsJ_01759] [P0460H02.47] [P0503E05.9]
Os01g0367900 Q7G8Y3     ISW2_ORYSJ  Probable chromatin-remodeling complex ATPase chain (EC 3.6.4.-) (ISW2-like) (Sucrose nonfermenting protein 2 homolog) [LOC_Os01g27040] [B1329D01.23] [OsJ_01780] [P0043B10.9] [P0560B06.13] [P0784G04.20]
Os01g0368900 Q7G8Y5     GRXC1_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C1 [GRXC1] [LOC_Os01g27140] [B1329D01.42] [OsJ_01785] [P0043B10.28] [P0560B06.28] [P0784G04.35]
Os01g0369000 Q5ZC88     CUL1_ORYSJ  Cullin-1 (OsCUL1) (OsCUL1-1) [CUL1] [CUL1-1] [LOC_Os01g27150] [OsJ_01786] [OSJNBa0010P20.16] [P0043B10.31] [P0560B06.30]
Os01g0369300 Q5ZC87     HAK3_ORYSJ  Probable potassium transporter 3 (OsHAK3) [HAK3] [LOC_Os01g27170] [P0043B10.36] [P0560B06.33]
Os01g0369900 Q0JMR0     OPR10_ORYSJ Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 10 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 10) (OsOPR10) [OPR10] [OPR12] [LOC_Os01g27230]
Os01g0370000 Q5ZC83     OPR9_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 9 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 9) (OsOPR9) [OPR9] [LOC_Os01g27240] [P0043B10.48] [P0493G01.8]
Os01g0371200 O65857     GSTF1_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase GSTF1 (EC (GST-I) [GSTF1] [RGST I] [LOC_Os01g27360] [B1039D07.2] [OsJ_01799] [P0493G01.33]
Os01g0372500 Q93VC3     ANS1_ORYSJ  Leucoanthocyanidin dioxygenase 1 (EC (LDOX1) (Leucocyanidin oxygenase 1) (Anthocyanidin synthase) (OsANS) (Anthocyanidin synthase 1) (OsANS1) (Leucoanthocyanidin hydroxylase 1) [ANS1] [ANS] [LOC_Os01g27490] [B1039D07.24] [B1045D11.2]
Os01g0374600 Q5ZCW1     LAC1_ORYSJ  Putative laccase-1 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 1) (Diphenol oxidase 1) (Urishiol oxidase 1) [LAC1] [LOC_Os01g27700] [B1045D11.30] [OsJ_001779]
Os01g0376700 Q94E75     SPP1_ORYSJ  Probable sucrose-phosphatase 1 (EC (OsSPP1) [SPP1] [LOC_Os01g27880] [B1111C09.29] [OsJ_001789] [OsJ_01840]
Os01g0377500 Q9AS36     CCL11_ORYSJ Cyclin-L1-1 (CycL1;1) [CYCL1-1] [LOC_Os01g27940] [OsJ_01844] [P0416G11.14]
Os01g0377700 Q9AS33     NPL4_ORYSJ  NPL4-like protein [LOC_Os01g27990] [P0416G11.21-1]
Os01g0388000 B9X287     C7346_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 734A6 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP734A6] [LOC_Os01g29150] [OSJNBb0008D07.26]
Os01g0393100 Q5VNK1     NAC26_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 26 (ONAC026) (OsNAC26) [NAC26] [DLN11] [LOC_Os01g29840] [B1109A06.36]
Os01g0495900 Q5VMQ5     CAF1P_ORYSJ CRS2-associated factor 1, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplastic group IIA intron splicing facilitator CRS2-associated factor 1) [LOC_Os01g31110] [OJ1126_G08.1] [OsJ_01906] [OSJNBa0029L04.25]
Os01g0501700 Q9AVE6     TATC_ORYSJ  Sec-independent protein translocase protein TATC, chloroplastic precursor (Protein TWIN-ARGININE TRANSLOCATION C) (OsTATC) [TATC] [LOC_Os01g31680] [B1080D07.26] [OsJ_01920]
Os01g0502700 Q94E96     H2A5_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.5 [LOC_Os01g31800] [OsJ_001872] [P0507H06.22]
Os01g0503400 Q5QN13     NRAM4_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp4 [NRAMP4] [LOC_Os01g31870] [OsJ_01931] [P0507H06.36-1] [P0507H06.36-2]
Os01g0505400 Q0JMH0     HACL_ORYSJ  2-hydroxyacyl-CoA lyase (EC 4.1.-.-) (2-hydroxyphytanoyl-CoA lyase) (2-HPCL) (Oxalyl-CoA decarboxylase) [LOC_Os01g32080]
Os01g0505600 Q9AWK2     CML11_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML11 (Calmodulin-like protein 11) [CML11] [LOC_Os01g32120] [OsJ_001885] [P0436D06.34]
Os01g0508000 Q5QMT0     BGL01_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 1 precursor (EC (Os1bglu1) [BGLU1] [LOC_Os01g32364] [OSJNBa0094H06.33]
Os01g0508100 B7F924     NRH3_ORYSJ  NRR repressor homolog 3 [RH3] [LOC_Os01g32380] [OSJNBa0094H06.34] [P0455H03.1]
Os01g0508500 Q5QM06     NRH2_ORYSJ  NRR repressor homolog 2 [RH2] [LOC_Os01g32460] [OsJ_01957] [P0455H03.9]
Os01g0510100 Q5QN75     M2K1_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 (EC (MAP kinase kinase 1) (MAPKK1) (OsMEK1) [MKK1] [MEK1] [LOC_Os01g32660] [P0455H03.45] [P0520B06.8]
Os01g0513100 Q0JMD4     P2C03_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 3 (EC (OsPP2C03) [LOC_Os01g32964] [OsJ_001929] [OSJNBa0054L14.32] [P0504D03.18]
Os01g0513800 Q9AWM9     RPF2_ORYSJ  Ribosome production factor 2 homolog (Brix domain-containing protein 1 homolog) (Ribosome biogenesis protein RPF2 homolog) [LOC_Os01g33030] [OsJ_01990] [P0504D03.20]
Os01g0513900 Q9AWM8     KN7A_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7A (NPK1-activating kinesin-like protein) (OsNACK) (Protein DWARF BAMBOO SHOOT 1) [KIN7A] [DBS1] [NACK] [LOC_Os01g33040] [OsJ_01991] [P0504D03.36]
Os01g0518400 Q0JMB2     RSLE4_ORYSJ Zinc finger BED domain-containing protein RICESLEEPER 4 (Transposase-like protein RICESLEEPER 4) [LOC_Os01g33410] [B1003B09] [OsJ_02008]
Os01g0524500 Q8LH59     MYBS1_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYBS1 (Myb-related protein S1) (OsMYBS1) (Syringolide-induced protein 1-3-1B) [MYBS1] [OJ1005_B10.31] [OSNPB_010524500]
Os01g0527600 Q8LHH9     SHL2_ORYSJ  Probable RNA-dependent RNA polymerase SHL2 (EC (Protein SHOOTLESS 2) [SHL2] [LOC_Os01g34350] [B1074C08.31]
Os01g0530400 Q0JM76     GRXS4_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S4, mitochondrial precursor [GRXS4] [LOC_Os01g34620] [P0702H08.16-1]
Os01g0532600 Q8L481     HKT3_ORYSJ  Probable cation transporter HKT3 (OsHKT3) [HKT3] [LOC_Os01g34850] [OJ1619_F12.15]
Os01g0533400 Q8RUV9     BGAL1_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 1 precursor (EC (Lactase 1) [LOC_Os01g34920] [OJ1029_F04.5] [OJ1619_F12.26]
Os01g0536000 Q5JLD8     CIPK8_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 8 (EC (OsCIPK08) [CIPK8] [LOC_Os01g35184] [OSJNBa0086A10.18]
Os01g0541800 Q5JJY5     SWT2A_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET2a precursor (OsSWEET2a) [SWEET2A] [LOC_Os01g36070] [OsJ_02136] [OSJNBa0062A24.19]
Os01g0541900 Q5JJY4     P2C04_ORYSJ Protein kinase and PP2C-like domain-containing protein [Includes: Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase Os01g0541900 (EC; Probable protein phosphatase 2C 4 (EC (OsPP2C04)] [LOC_Os01g36080] [OSJNBa0062A24.20]
Os01g0544450 Q5JKB0     MCM4_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM4 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 4) (OsMCM4) [MCM4] [LOC_Os01g36390] [OSJNBa0051H17.26]
Os01g0547600 A2ZU80     NRT24_ORYSJ Probable high-affinity nitrate transporter 2.4 (OsNRT2.4) [NRT2.4] [LOC_Os01g36720] [OsJ_02167] [OSJNBa0026J14]
Os01g0549400 Q5JKF2     RH40_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 40 (EC [LOC_Os01g36860] [B1156H12.12-1] [B1156H12.12-2] [OsJ_02174]
Os01g0549700 Q0JM17     RH56_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 56 (EC (API5-interacting protein 1) [AIP1] [BAT1] [LOC_Os01g36890] [B1156H12.15-1]
Os01g0550000 Q5JK84     RH15_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 15 (EC (API5-interacting protein 1) [AIP2] [LOC_Os01g36920] [B1156H12.21-1] [OSJNBa0024F24.6-1]
Os01g0551100 Q5JK90     RTL1_ORYSJ  Ribonuclease 3-like protein 1 (EC 3.1.26.-) (Ribonuclease III-like protein 1) (RNase III-like protein 1) [LOC_Os01g37050] [OSJNBa0024F24.33] [OSJNBa0066C06.2]
Os01g0551800 Q5JKN2     ABIL2_ORYSJ Putative protein ABIL2 (Abl interactor-like protein 2) [LOC_Os01g37110] [OSJNBa0066C06.14]
Os01g0552300 Q5JKN1     P2C05_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 5 (EC (OsPP2C05) [LOC_Os01g37130] [OSJNBa0066C06.19]
Os01g0555800 B6RGY0     DEF1A_ORYSJ Peptide deformylase 1A, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPDF1A) (PDF 1A) [PDF1A] [LOC_Os01g37510] [OsJ_002139] [OsJ_02204]
Os01g0557500 Q769E5     CAX1A_ORYSJ Vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 1a (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 1a) (OsCAX1a) [CAX1a] [LOC_Os01g37690] [B1144D11.14] [OJ1014_G12.40]
Os01g0558600 P40392     RIC1_ORYSJ  Ras-related protein RIC1 [RIC1] [LOC_Os01g37800] [B1064G04.9] [B1144D11.31] [OsJ_02222]
Os01g0559900 A9UGV6     APEP2_ORYSJ Arabinogalactan peptide 2 precursor (OsAGPEP2) [AGPEP2] [LOC_Os01g37950] [B1064G04.42] [OsJ_02235]
Os01g0560000 Q8S9S4     ILL1_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 1 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL1] [IAR] [LOC_Os01g37960] [B1064G04.44] [OsJ_002169]
Os01g0566100 Q657D6     ELF32_ORYSJ ELF3-like protein 2 [ELF3-2] [LOC_Os01g38530] [OsJ_02258] [P0697C12.26]
Os01g0566500 Q93VD5     CCD8A_ORYSJ Carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 8 homolog A, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.13.11.-) (OsCCD8a) (Protein D10-like) [CCD8A] [D10L] [LOC_Os01g38580] [OsJ_02260] [P0002B05.5] [P0697C12.32]
Os01g0567500 Q94EC4     MST8_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST8 (Monosaccharide transporter 8) (OsMST8) (Sugar:proton symporter MST8) [MST8] [LOC_Os01g38670] [P0002B05.20]
Os01g0567600 Q94EC3     MST7_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST7 (Monosaccharide transporter 7) (OsMST7) (Sugar:proton symporter MST7) [MST7] [LOC_Os01g38680] [OsJ_02268] [P0002B05.21]
Os01g0570700 B9EXM2     CARB_ORYSJ  Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase large chain, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase ammonia chain) [CARB] [LOC_Os01g38970] [OsJ_02282]
Os01g0571300 Q657C0     HFA6B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-6a (Heat stress transcription factor 1) (OsHsf-01) [HSFA6B] [HSF01] [LOC_Os01g39020] [B1129G05.5] [OsJ_002223]
Os01g0572100 Q657B3     C3H7_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 7 (OsC3H7) [LOC_Os01g39100] [B1129G05.17]
Os01g0574400 Q8LQJ9     FTSH4_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 4, mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH4) [FTSH4] [LOC_Os01g39250] [B1151A10.24-2] [OsJ_002240]
Os01g0574500 Q8LQJ8     FTSH5_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 5, mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH5) [FTSH5] [LOC_Os01g39260] [B1151A10.26-1] [OsJ_002241]
Os01g0575000 Q0JLS6     RHD3_ORYSJ  Protein ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE 3 (EC 3.6.5.-) (Protein SEY1 homolog 1) [RHD3] [LOC_Os01g39310] [B1112D09.4]
Os01g0579600 Q3HRN8     CNBL9_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 9 [CBL9] [LOC_Os01g39770]
Os01g0580200 Q8W0A1     BGAL2_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 2 precursor (EC (Lactase 2) [LOC_Os01g39830] [P0672C09.21]
Os01g0583100 Q0JLP9     P2C06_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 6 (EC (OsPP2C06) (ABI1-like protein 1) (OsABI-LIKE1) (OsABIL1) [PP2C06] [ABIL1] [LOC_Os01g40094]
Os01g0587000 Q8RU33     VA0D_ORYSJ  Probable V-type proton ATPase subunit d (V-ATPase subunit d) (Vacuolar proton pump subunit d) [LOC_Os01g40470] [OsJ_02396] [P0700A11.10]
Os01g0588200 Q7F4F8     VDAC3_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 3 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 3) (OsVDAC3) [VDAC3] [LOC_Os01g40570] [OsJ_02405] [P0700A11.20]
Os01g0588900 Q5ZC82     LOG_ORYSJ   Cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOG (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY) [LOG] [LOC_Os01g40630] [OsJ_02411] [P0415C01.3]
Os01g0592900 A0A0P0V4R0 RTEL1_ORYSJ Regulator of telomere elongation helicase 1 homolog (EC [RTEL1] [LOC_Os01g40980] [P0710A02.28-1]
Os01g0598200 Q3HRP2     CNBL5_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 5 [CBL5] [LOC_Os01g41510] [P0025A05.19]
Os01g0600900 P12331     CB22_ORYSJ  Chlorophyll a-b binding protein 2, chloroplastic precursor (LHCII type I CAB-2) (LHCP) [CAB2R] [LOC_Os01g41710] [OsJ_28992] [P0518F01.17-1]
Os01g0604500 Q5ZD81     CML12_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML12 (Calmodulin-like protein 12) [CML12] [LOC_Os01g41990] [P0681B11.28]
Os01g0605500 Q0JLE4     KN8A_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-8A [KIN8A] [LOC_Os01g42070] [OsJ_02534]
Os01g0605700 Q8W0K2     SWT6B_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET6b (OsSWEET6b) [SWEET6B] [LOC_Os01g42090] [OsJ_02536] [P0681B11.45] [P0704D04.1]
Os01g0606000 Q8LR09     SWT6A_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET6a (OsSWEET6a) [SWEET6A] [LOC_Os01g42110] [OsJ_02538] [P0704D04.5]
Os01g0607200 B9EXZ6     BAT1_ORYSJ  Amino-acid permease BAT1 homolog [BAT1] [LOC_Os01g42234] [OsJ_02547]
Os01g0609000 Q7PC80     AB34G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 34 (OsABCG34) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 10) (OsPDR10) [ABCG34] [PDR1] [PDR10] [LOC_Os01g42350] [P0410E03.4]
Os01g0609200 Q8GU92     AB35G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 35 (OsABCG35) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 11) (OsPDR11) [ABCG35] [PDR11] [PDR2] [LOC_Os01g42370] [P0410E03.6]
Os01g0609300 Q0JLC5     AB36G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 36 (OsABCG36) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 9) (OsPDR9) [ABCG36] [PDR3] [PDR9] [LOC_Os01g42380] [P0410E03.7]
Os01g0609900 Q8GU89     AB37G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 37 (OsABCG37) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 8) (OsPDR8) [ABCG37] [PDR4] [PDR8] [LOC_Os01g42410] [P0410E03.10]
Os01g0611100 Q7F7I7     RAN1_ORYSJ  GTP-binding nuclear protein Ran-1 (OsRan1) (Ras-related nuclear protein 1) [RAN1] [TC4] [LOC_Os01g42530] [OsJ_002485] [P0046B10.3] [P0410E03.34]
Os01g0612700 Q704V3     LOL5_ORYSJ  Protein LOL5 (OsLOL2) (Protein LSD ONE LIKE 5) (OsLOL5) (Putative zinc finger LOL5) [LOL5] [LOL2] [LOC_Os01g42710] [P0046B10.32] [P0410E01.13]
Os01g0616400 Q5ZDJ6     C3H8_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 8 (OsC3H8) [LOC_Os01g42970] [P0686E09.13-1] [P0686E09.13-2]
Os01g0618200 Q0JL75     P2C07_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 7 (EC (OsPP2C07) [LOC_Os01g43100]
Os01g0618400 Q5ZBH5     RH25_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 25 (EC [LOC_Os01g43120] [B1040D09.6] [OsJ_02628]
Os01g0618500 Q0JL73     RH26_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 26 (EC [LOC_Os01g43130] [B1040D09.7] [OsJ_02629]
Os01g0618800 A2ZVG7     FTSH9_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 9, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH9) [FTSH9] [LOC_Os01g43150] [B1040D09.10-1] [B1040D09.11] [OsJ_002539]
Os01g0622300 Q9AXB0     DCUP1_ORYSJ Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (UPD1) (URO-D1) [LOC_Os01g43390] [OsJ_02650] [P0501G01.7]
Os01g0622600 A2ZVI7     CDPK1_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 (EC (OsCDPK1) (OsCPK1) [CPK1] [LOC_Os01g43410] [OsJ_02652] [P0501G01.10]
Os01g0622700 Q9AXA6     ABIL1_ORYSJ Probable protein ABIL1 (Abl interactor-like protein 1) [LOC_Os01g43420] [P0501G01.11]
Os01g0624000 Q0JL46     NCASE_ORYSJ Neutral ceramidase precursor (EC (N-CDase) (NCDase) (OsCDase) (Acylsphingosine deacylase) (N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase) [LOC_Os01g43520] [OsJ_02661] [P0501G01.30-1]
Os01g0624500 Q0JL44     SGT1_ORYSJ  Protein SGT1 homolog (OsSGT1) (Suppressor of G2 allele of SKP1 homolog) [SGT1] [LOC_Os01g43540] [OsJ_02663]
Os01g0625200 B9EY52     KN13B_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-13B [KIN13B] [LOC_Os01g43580] [OsJ_02667]
Os01g0625300 Q6VBA4     HFC1A_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor C-1a (Heat stress transcription factor 13) (rHsf13) (Heat stress transcription factor 2) (OsHsf-02) [HSFC1A] [HSF02] [HSF13] [LOC_Os01g43590] [OsJ_002575] [OsJ_02668] [P0006C01.11]
Os01g0629900 Q5ZCI1     MPK10_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 10 (EC (MAP kinase 10) [MPK10] [LOC_Os01g43910] [OsJ_02699] [OSJNBb0035I14.5-1] [OSJNBb0035I14.5-2] [OSJNBb0035I14.5-3]
Os01g0633100 Q7G065     GLGL2_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase large subunit 2, cytosolic (EC (OsAGPL2) (OsAPL2) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPL2) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPL2) (Protein FLOURY ENDOSPERM 6) (Protein GRAIN INCOMPLETE FILLING 2) (Protein SHRUNKEN 1) [AGPL2] [APL2] [FLO6] [GIF2] [SHR1] [LOC_Os01g44220] [P0663E10.9]
Os01g0634500 Q8RYM9     LAC2_ORYSJ  Laccase-2 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 2) (Diphenol oxidase 2) (Urishiol oxidase 2) [LAC2] [LOC_Os01g44330] [OsJ_002637] [P0663E10.27]
Os01g0635550 Q5VM82     ZHD5_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 5 (OsZHD5) [ZHD5] [LOC_Os01g44430] [OSJNOa234E14.10]
Os01g0637600 Q5VNN5     DEF1B_ORYSJ Peptide deformylase 1B, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPDF1B) (PDF 1B) [PDF1B] [LOC_Os01g45070] [OsJ_002667] [OsJ_02762] [P0004A09.6] [P0696E01.27]
Os01g0639100 Q5VNM3     IF43A_ORYSJ Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-III homolog A (EC (OseIF4AIIIa) (eIF-4A-III) (eIF4A-III) (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 2) (OsRH2) [EIF4A3A] [EIF4A3] [RH2] [LOC_Os01g45190] [OsJ_02769] [P0004A09.21] [P0696E01.42]
Os01g0639200 Q0JKZ0     SNL6_ORYSJ  Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase-like SNL6 (EC 1.2.-.-) (Protein SUPPRESSOR OF NH1-MEDIATED LESION 6) [SNL6] [LOC_Os01g45200] [P0004A09.22] [P0004A09.23] [P0696E01.43] [P0696E01.44]
Os01g0641600 P0C032     RUB3_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-like protein-NEDD8-like protein RUB3 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin-like protein; NEDD8-like protein RUB3 (OsRUB3) (Ubiquitin-related protein 3)] [RUB3] [NEDD8] [UBL1] [LOC_Os01g45400] [P0039G05.16] [P0510C12.1]
Os01g0642000 Q5VNW5     IMCL2_ORYSJ Probable isoprenylcysteine alpha-carbonyl methylesterase ICMEL2 (EC 3.1.1.n2) (Isoprenylcysteine methylesterase-like protein 2) [IMCEL2] [P0039G05.24] [P0510C12.9]
Os01g0643300 Q5VP70     PIN3A_ORYSJ Auxin efflux carrier component 3a (OsPIN3a) (OSPIN10a) (OsPIN3t) [PIN3A] [LOC_Os01g45550] [OsJ_02793] [P0510C12.26-1] [P0510C12.26-2]
Os01g0643600 Q0JKX1     HOX3_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX3 (HD-ZIP protein HOX3) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX3) (OsHox3) [HOX3] [LOC_Os01g45570] [OsJ_002698]
Os01g0643800 Q5VP69     MPK16_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 16 (EC (MAP kinase 16) [MPK16] [LOC_Os01g45620] [P0510C12.37] [P0707D10.2]
Os01g0645000 A2ZVY5     C3H9_ORYSJ  Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 9 (OsC3H9) [LOC_Os01g45730] [OsJ_002707]
Os01g0645200 Q5VRB2     BASS2_ORYSJ Probable sodium/metabolite cotransporter BASS2, chloroplastic precursor (Bile acid-sodium symporter family protein 2) [BASS2] [SBF1] [LOC_Os01g45750] [OsJ_02805] [P0707D10.23-1]
Os01g0645400 A0A0P0V5U9 YUC1_ORYSJ  Indole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase YUCCA1 (EC (OsYUCCA1) (Flavin-containing monooxygenase YUCCA1) [YUCCA1] [LOC_Os01g45760] [P0707D10.26]
Os01g0646300 B7F9I5     SLRL1_ORYSJ Protein SLENDER RICE1-LIKE 1 (Protein SLR1-LIKE 1) [SLRL1] [LOC_Os01g45860] [P0038D11.11] [P0707D10.38]
Os01g0648000 Q0JKV1     AKT1_ORYSJ  Potassium channel AKT1 (OsAKT1) [AKT1] [LOC_Os01g45990]
Os01g0651100 A2ZW16     PLA1_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 1 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os01g46240] [OsJ_02836]
Os01g0651200 Q0JKT4     PLA2_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 2 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os01g46250] [OJ1159_D09.22] [OsJ_02837]
Os01g0651800 Q8RZ40     PLA3_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 3 precursor (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os01g46290] [OJ1159_D09.27]
Os01g0652300 B9EYD3     PLA4_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 4 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os01g46370] [OsJ_02844]
Os01g0656200 Q5SN75     P2C08_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 8 (EC (OsPP2C08) [LOC_Os01g46760] [OSJNBa0049H05.30]
Os01g0657100 Q94DB8     PT111_ORYSJ Inorganic phosphate transporter 1-11 (OsPT11) (OsPht1;11) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-11] [PT11] [LOC_Os01g46860] [OsJ_002785] [P0694A04.21]
Os01g0658400 Q8S920     UBC5A_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 5A (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 5A) (Ubiquitin carrier protein 5a) (OsUBC5a) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase 5A) [UBC5A] [LOC_Os01g46926] [OsJ_02884]
Os01g0662300 O22386     RK12_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L12, chloroplastic precursor (CL12) [RPL12-2] [LOC_Os01g47330] [P0671D01.26]
Os01g0662600 Q8LR34     ISU1_ORYSJ  Iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein 1 precursor (OsIsu1) [ISU1] [LOC_Os01g47340] [P0671D01.28]
Os01g0663300 Q0JKM9     MAN1_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 1 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 1) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 1) (OsMAN1) [MAN1] [LOC_Os01g47400] [P0671D01.40]
Os01g0665200 Q5SN53     MPK8_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 (EC (MAP kinase 8) (OsWJUMK1) (Wound- and JA-uninducible MAP kinase 1) [MPK8] [WJUMK1] [LOC_Os01g47530] [P0003E08.19-1]
Os01g0667400 Q0JKK6     WOX7_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 7 (OsWOX7) [WOX7] [LOC_Os01g47710] [OSJNBb0063G05.20]
Os01g0667700 Q5QLR5     ZFP1_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ZFP1 (EC (OsZFP1) [ZFP1] [LOC_Os01g47740] [OsJ_02947] [OSJNBb0063G05.28-1] [OSJNBb0063G05.28-2]
Os01g0667900 Q5QLR2     GRXS5_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S5 [GRXS5] [LOC_Os01g47760] [OSJNBb0063G05.32] [P0014E08.2]
Os01g0670800 Q0JKI9     ARFB_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 2 (ETTIN-like protein 2) (OsETTIN2) [ARF2] [LOC_Os01g48060]
Os01g0672400 Q5QMP3     DI193_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 homolog 3 (OsDi19-3) [DI19-3] [LOC_Os01g48190] [OsJ_002873] [OsJ_02966] [P0007F06.11-1] [P0485G01.1-1]
Os01g0674500 Q5QM27     TLP1_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 1 (OsTLP1) (Tubby-like F-box protein 9) (OsTLP9) [TULP1] [TULP9] [LOC_Os01g48370] [OJ1117_G01.2-1] [P0485G01.36-1]
Os01g0675100 Q9FR35     PRX2C_ORYSJ Peroxiredoxin-2C (EC (Glutaredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin) (Peroxiredoxin IIC) (Thioredoxin peroxidase 2C) [PRXIIC] [LOC_Os01g48420] [OJ1117_G01.9] [OsJ_002891] [P0485G01.43]
Os01g0675500 Q5QM25     IRX9L_ORYSJ Probable beta-1,4-xylosyltransferase IRX9L (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsGT43F) (Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os01g0675500) (Protein IRREGULAR XYLEM 9 homolog L) (OsIRX9L) [IRX9L] [GT43F] [LOC_Os01g48440] [OJ1117_G01.11] [OsJ_02989] [P0485G01.45]
Os01g0675700 Q0JKG7     IAA5_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA5 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 5) [IAA5] [IAA8] [LOC_Os01g48444] [OJ1117_G01.13] [OsJ_002894]
Os01g0678500 Q5QM84     TPC1_ORYSJ  Two pore calcium channel protein 1 (OsTPC1) (Voltage-dependent calcium channel protein TPC1) [TPC1] [LOC_Os01g48680] [B1144G04.26-1] [OsJ_03004]
Os01g0679700 P0DKK1     RL371_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L37a-1 [LOC_Os01g48770] [B1144G04.40-1] [OsJ_03011]
Os01g0681900 Q0JKD0     GLT1_ORYSJ  Glutamate synthase 1 [NADH], chloroplastic precursor (EC (NADH-dependent glutamate synthase 1) (NADH-GOGAT 1) [LOC_Os01g48960]
Os01g0683400 Q5N8Q4     ORC4_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 4 (OsORC4) [ORC4] [LOC_Os01g49010] [OsJ_03032] [P0445E10.9]
Os01g0683500 Q5N8Q3     PSS3_ORYSJ  CDP-diacylglycerol--serine O-phosphatidyltransferase 3 (EC (Phosphatidylserine synthase 3) [PSS3] [Os01g0683500/Os01g0683550] [LOC_Os01g49024] [P0445E10.10]
Os01g0683550 Q5N8Q3     PSS3_ORYSJ  CDP-diacylglycerol--serine O-phosphatidyltransferase 3 (EC (Phosphatidylserine synthase 3) [PSS3] [Os01g0683500/Os01g0683550] [LOC_Os01g49024] [P0445E10.10]
Os01g0686800 P49027     GBLPA_ORYSJ Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit beta-like protein A (GPB-LR) (RWD) (Receptor for activated C kinase 1A) [RACK1A] [LOC_Os01g49290]
Os01g0693400 Q8RZX9     Y1934_ORYSJ AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0693400 [LOC_Os01g49830] [P0034C09.44]
Os01g0693900 Q5N9Q7     PTHM_ORYSJ  Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (M-PTH) [LOC_Os01g49900] [OsJ_03102] [P0431H09.8]
Os01g0695600 B9EYZ1     DCYD2_ORYSJ Putative D-cysteine desulfhydrase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsD-CDes2) (D-CDes2) [LOC_Os01g50060] [OsJ_03112] [P0431H09.32]
Os01g0700100 Q5N8J1     SWT2B_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET2b (OsSWEET2b) [SWEET2B] [LOC_Os01g50460] [OsJ_03146] [P0047E11.3] [P0454A11.22]
Os01g0702000 Q5N8J3     BBD1_ORYSJ  Bifunctional nuclease 1 (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsBBD1) [BBD1] [LOC_Os01g50622] [OsJ_03158] [P0047E11.30] [P0421H07.6]
Os01g0702500 P30287     DHR25_ORYSJ Dehydrin Rab25 (Drought-resistant protein 1) (rDRP1) [RAB25] [LOC_Os01g50700] [P0421H07.13]
Os01g0704100 Q94JG1     NRT23_ORYSJ High-affinity nitrate transporter 2.3 (OsNRT2.3) [NRT2.3] [LOC_Os01g50820] [OsJ_03170] [P0421H07.34-1] [P0421H07.34-2] [P0684B02.9-1] [P0684B02.9-2]
Os01g0705100 Q94JF3     GL12_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 1-2 precursor [LOC_Os01g50900] [OsJ_003078] [P0684B02.21] [P0692C11.2]
Os01g0705200 Q94JF2     LEA14_ORYSJ Late embryogenesis abundant protein 14 (OsLEA14) (Protein WATER STRESS-INDUCED 18) [LEA14] [WSI18] [LOC_Os01g50910] [OsJ_03178] [P0684B02.22] [P0692C11.3]
Os01g0706700 Q0JJZ6     CACLC_ORYSJ Anoctamin-like protein Os01g0706700 [LOC_Os01g51040]
Os01g0706900 Q5N8F2     ILL2_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 2 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL2] [LOC_Os01g51060] [P0510F09.6] [P0692C11.28]
Os01g0708500 Q8LR50     LOGL1_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL1 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 1) [LOGL1] [LOC_Os01g51210] [OsJ_03202] [P0510F09.28]
Os01g0710200 Q5NAI7     PAO1_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 1 (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO1) (OsAO4) [PAO1] [LOC_Os01g51320] [OsJ_03212] [P0456F08.19]
Os01g0710700 Q5NAI4     PLA5_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 5 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os01g51360] [OsJ_03214] [P0456F08.24]
Os01g0711500 Q3HRN7     CNBLA_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 10 [CBL10] [LOC_Os01g51420] [B1142C05.7] [OsJ_003119] [P0456F08.32]
Os01g0711800 A2ZX50     NAP1C_ORYSJ Nucleosome assembly protein 1;3 (OsNAP1;3) (Nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 3) (OsNAP1_L3) [NAP1;3] [NAP1_L3] [LOC_Os01g51450] [OsJ_03221]
Os01g0713600 A4LBC0     LFL1_ORYSJ  B3 domain-containing protein LFL1 (LEC2 and FUSCA3-like protein 1) (OsLFL1) [LFL1] [LOC_Os01g51610] [B1142C05.32]
Os01g0715500 Q0JJV1     VDAC4_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 4 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 4) (OsVDAC4) [VDAC4] [LOC_Os01g51170] [B1131B07.20] [P0683B11.1]
Os01g0715600 Q0JJV0     PIN8_ORYSJ  Probable auxin efflux carrier component 8 (OsPIN8) [PIN8] [LOC_Os01g51780] [OsJ_03248]
Os01g0717601 Q5JLA7     SAP13_ORYSJ Zinc finger AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 13 (OsSAP13) [SAP13] [LOC_Os01g51990] [P0480C01.4] [P0683B11.29]
Os01g0718000 Q942F8     SAP2_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 2 (OsSAP2) [SAP2] [LOC_Os01g52030] [P0480C01.11] [P0683B11.36]
Os01g0718300 Q942F3     BRI1_ORYSJ  Brassinosteroid LRR receptor kinase BRI1 precursor (EC (Protein BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE 1 homolog) (OsBRI1) (Protein DWARF 61) [BRI1] [D61] [LOC_Os01g52050] [P0480C01.18-1]
Os01g0718700 A2ZX97     KAT6_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KAT6 [LOC_Os01g52070] [OsJ_03266]
Os01g0719100 Q5JL96     ZFP34_ORYSJ Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RZFP34 (EC (OsRFP1) (RING zinc-finger protein 34) (OsRZFP34) [RZFP34] [RFP1] [LOC_Os01g52110] [OsJ_03270] [P0480C01.28-1]
Os01g0719700 Q0JJS8     HF101_ORYSJ Fe-S cluster assembly factor HCF101, chloroplastic precursor (Protein HIGH CHLOROPHYLL FLUORESCENCE 101 homolog) [HCF101] [LOC_Os01g52170] [OsJ_03276] [P0480C01.27]
Os01g0720700 Q8W0E4     SAT1_ORYSJ  Probable serine acetyltransferase 1 (EC (OsSERAT1;1) [SAT1] [LOC_Os01g52260] [OsJ_003188] [P0690B02.9]
Os01g0722700 Q2KNB7     HXK9_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-9 (EC (Hexokinase-5) [HXK9] [HXK5] [LOC_Os01g52450] [P0690B02.34]
Os01g0723500 Q8S2E6     Y1235_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0723500 [LOC_Os01g52514] [P0022F10.16]
Os01g0723600 Q8S2E5     KPRS3_ORYSJ Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase 3) [LOC_Os01g52530] [P0022F10.17]
Os01g0723700 Q5JNA1     Y1237_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0120900 [LOC_Os01g52540] [P0022F10.18]
Os01g0724500 Q7FMW4     AB38G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 38 (OsABCG38) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 15) (OsPDR15) [ABCG38] [PDR15] [LOC_Os01g52560] [P0022F10.18]
Os01g0725400 Q5JM57     CSPLC_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 3A1 (OsCASPL3A1) [LOC_Os01g52610] [OsJ_03314] [P0022F10.36] [P0042A10.11]
Os01g0726400 Q8S151     MAD32_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 32 (OsMADS32) [MADS32] [LOC_Os01g52680] [P0042A10.22]
Os01g0733200 Q942D6     HFC1B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor C-1b (Heat stress transcription factor 11) (rHsf11) (Heat stress transcription factor 3) (OsHsf-03) [HSFC1B] [HSF03] [HSF11] [LOC_Os01g53220] [B1060H01.5] [OsJ_012463] [OSJNBb0036G09.16]
Os01g0733500 Q942D4     BURP3_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 3 precursor (OsBURP03) [BURP3] [LOC_Os01g53240] [B1060H01.8] [OsJ_03360] [OSJNBb0036G09.19]
Os01g0738400 Q94JI5     C3H10_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 10 (OsC3H10) [LOC_Os01g53650] [OSJNBb0021A09.32] [P0638D12.6]
Os01g0741900 Q8LQ74     IAA6_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA6 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 6) [IAA6] [LOC_Os01g53880] [OsJ_03405] [P0439E07.11]
Os01g0742500 Q8LQ68     HXK6_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-6 (EC (Hexokinase-2) [HXK6] [HXK2] [LOC_Os01g53930] [P0439E07.19]
Os01g0743800 Q0JJE3     PHP1_ORYSJ  Pseudo histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 1 (OsHpt1) [PHP1] [LOC_Os01g54050] [OSJNBa0014K08.3] [P0439E07.36]
Os01g0744000 Q5JKW1     KN14C_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14C [KIN14C] [LOC_Os01g54080] [OSJNBa0014K08.6] [P0439E07.39]
Os01g0744400 Q5JLY8     GOGA5_ORYSJ Golgin-84 [LOC_Os01g54119] [OsJ_03424] [OSJNBa0014K08.9]
Os01g0746400 Q8LIY8     CCD8B_ORYSJ Carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 8 homolog B, chloroplastic precursor (EC (EC (OsCCD8b) (Protein DWARF-10) (Protein MAX4 homolog) [CCD8B] [D10] [LOC_Os01g54270] [OSJNBa0014K08.38]
Os01g0746700 Q0JJD4     MAN2_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 2 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 2) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 2) (OsMAN2) [MAN2] [LOC_Os01g54300] [OSJNBa0014K08.42] [P0481E12.1]
Os01g0747500 Q0JJD1     PYRC_ORYSJ  Dihydroorotase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (DHOase) [PYRC] [LOC_Os01g54370] [OsJ_03441] [P0481E12.13]
Os01g0748150 Q5JNJ5     ENOL1_ORYSJ Early nodulin-like protein 1 precursor (OsENODL1) (Phytocyanin-like protein) [ENODL1] [LOC_Os01g54430] [P0481E12.22]
Os01g0749300 Q94J16     HFA4B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-4b (Heat stress transcription factor 4) (OsHsf-04) (Heat stress transcription factor 9) (rHsf9) [HSFA4B] [HSF04] [HSF9] [LOC_Os01g54550] [OsJ_03456] [P0481E12.39]
Os01g0750300 Q5JN63     CESA4_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 4 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA4) [CESA4] [LOC_Os01g54620] [P0046E05.4]
Os01g0752300 Q943F3     RL18A_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L18a [RPL18A] [LOC_Os01g54870] [OsJ_03475] [P0046E05.38] [P0435B05.19]
Os01g0753500 Q5JMM1     ARFC_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 3 [ARF3] [LOC_Os01g54990] [P0435B05.36] [P0503C12.8]
Os01g0755500 Q8LT05     PCF7_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF7 [PCF7] [LOC_Os01g55100] [OsJ_03497] [P0503C12.34]
Os01g0756200 Q5JMK6     BZP06_ORYSJ Basic leucine zipper 6 (OsbZIP06) (bZIP protein 6) [BZIP06] [LOC_Os01g55150] [OsJ_03500] [P0503C12.45]
Os01g0756700 Q5JM04     KAT3_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KAT3 [LOC_Os01g55200] [OJ1414_E05.9]
Os01g0757200 Q8S0S6     G2OX3_ORYSJ Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 3 (EC (Gibberellin 2-beta-hydroxylase 3) (Gibberellin 2-oxidase 3) (GA 2-oxidase 3) (OsGA2ox3) [GA2OX3] [LOC_Os01g55240] [OJ1414_E05.17]
Os01g0758200 Q5JLR7     DOF5_ORYSJ  Dof zinc finger protein 5 (OsDof5) [DOF5] [LOC_Os01g55340] [B1131G08.10]
Os01g0759100 Q94DT9     TLP2_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 2 (OsTLP2) (Tubby-like F-box protein 12) (OsTLP12) [TULP2] [TULP12] [LOC_Os01g55430] [B1131G08.31] [OsJ_03520] [P0460E08.4]
Os01g0759200 Q5JLQ9     CIPKU_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 30 (EC (OsCIPK30) [CIPK30] [LOC_Os01g55440] [B1131G08.36] [OsJ_003433] [P0460E08.7]
Os01g0759400 Q5JLS2     CIPKC_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 12 (EC (OsCIPK12) (OsPK7) [CIPK12] [LOC_Os01g55450] [B1131G08.38] [P0460E08.9]
Os01g0760600 P37833     AATC_ORYSJ  Aspartate aminotransferase, cytoplasmic (EC (Transaminase A) [LOC_Os01g55540] [P0460E08.21] [P0512C01.10]
Os01g0760800 Q5JMF3     ROC9_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC9 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 9) (HD-ZIP protein ROC9) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC9) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 9) [ROC9] [GL2-9] [LOC_Os01g55549] [P0460E08.22] [P0512C01.11]
Os01g0760900 Q5JMF2     ABIL5_ORYSJ Probable protein ABIL5 (Abl interactor-like protein 5) [LOC_Os01g55560] [P0460E08.23] [P0512C01.12]
Os01g0762500 P07728     GLUA1_ORYSJ Glutelin type-A 1 precursor (Glutelin type I) [Contains: Glutelin type-A 1 acidic chain; Glutelin type-A 1 basic chain] [GLUA1] [GLUA-1] [LOC_Os01g55690] [P0460E08.38] [P0512C01.36]
Os01g0764000 O82451     GSTF2_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase GSTF2 (EC (GST-II) [GSTF2] [RGST II] [LOC_Os01g55830] [P0403C05.5]
Os01g0764800 P0C0M2     GH32_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.2 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 2) (OsGH3-2) [GH3.2] [LOC_Os01g55940]
Os01g0765400 Q94DW6     SPZ1_ORYSJ  Serpin-Z1 (OrysaZ1) [LOC_Os01g56010] [OsJ_003479] [P0403C05.26]
Os01g0765900 Q5JN07     SAP3_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 3 (OsSAP3) [SAP3] [LOC_Os01g56040] [P0403C05.31]
Os01g0766900 Q8LIY0     CSLC1_ORYSJ Probable xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 1 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C1) (OsCslC1) [CSLC1] [LOC_Os01g56130] [OSJNBb0053G03.13]
Os01g0767000 Q0JJ05     NMCPB_ORYSJ Nuclear matrix constituent protein 1b (OsNMCP1b) (Nuclear matrix constituent protein 1) (OsNMCP1) [NMCP1B] [NMCP1] [LOC_Os01g56140] [B1143G03.1] [OsJ_03582] [OSJNBb0053G03.15]
Os01g0767900 Q0JJ01     NPR2_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NPR2 (OsNPR2) (NPR1 homolog 2) (OsNH2) [NPR2] [NH2] [LOC_Os01g56200] [B1143G03.10] [OSJNBb0053G03.24]
Os01g0769100 Q5ZAQ2     LISC1_ORYSJ Lipoyl synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Lipoate synthase 1) (LS 1) (Lip-syn 1) (Lipoate synthase, plastidial 1) (LIP1p 1) (Lipoic acid synthase 1) [LIP1P-1] [LOC_Os01g56310] [B1143G03.28] [OsJ_03597] [P0665A11.4]
Os01g0769900 Q0JIZ1     PTA12_ORYSJ Protein PLASTID TRANSCRIPTIONALLY ACTIVE 12, chloroplastic precursor [PTAC12] [LOC_Os01g56350] [OsJ_03603] [P0665A11.10]
Os01g0770200 Q94EE9     TYDC_ORYSJ  Tyrosine decarboxylase (EC (OsTyDC) (Trypthophan decarboxylase) [TYDC] [TDC] [LOC_Os01g56380] [P0665A11.14]
Os01g0770700 Q94EE4     COPT1_ORYSJ Copper transporter 1 (OsCOPT1) [COPT1] [LOC_Os01g56420] [P0665A11.22]
Os01g0770800 Q5ZD08     COPT3_ORYSJ Copper transporter 3 (OsCOPT3) [COPT3] [LOC_Os01g56430] [P0665A11.23]
Os01g0772000 Q5N8Z0     DRB1_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 1 (dsRNA-binding protein 1) [DRB1] [LOC_Os01g56520] [P0695H10.10]
Os01g0773700 Q5ZBY9     PSBW_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center W protein, chloroplastic precursor (PSII 6.1 kDa protein) [PSBW] [LOC_Os01g56680] [P0490D09.17]
Os01g0775400 Q5ZAY9     CKX5_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 5 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 5) (OsCKX5) [CKX5] [LOC_Os01g56810] [P0413G02.1] [P0490D09.33]
Os01g0777300 Q60GC1     EXO1_ORYSJ  Exonuclease 1 (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsEXO-1) [EXO1] [LOC_Os01g56940] [P0413G02.29]
Os01g0778400 A9UGV5     APEP1_ORYSJ Arabinogalactan peptide 1 precursor (OsAGPEP1) [AGPEP1] [LOC_Os01g57040] [OsJ_03666] [P0010B10.2]
Os01g0780500 Q7F613     SCAM2_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 2 (RiSC) (Secretory carrier membrane protein 2) [SCAMP2] [SC] [LOC_Os01g57220] [P0010B10.29]
Os01g0785400 Q8LQM5     GH31_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.1 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 1) (OsGH3-1) [GH3.1] [LOC_Os01g57610] [B1070A12.26] [OsJ_03707]
Os01g0788800 Q5ZAY0     TF1_ORYSJ   Homeobox-leucine zipper protein TF1 (HD-ZIP protein TF1) (Homeodomain transcription factor TF1) (Protein TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1) (OsTF1) [TF1] [LOC_Os01g57890] [P0415A04.46-1] [P0415A04.46-2] [P0415A04.46-3] [P0415A04.46-4] [P0557A01.4-1] [P0557A01.4-2] [P0557A01.4-3] [P0557A01.4-4]
Os01g0789100 Q5N9A1     PGPS1_ORYSJ CDP-diacylglycerol--glycerol-3-phosphate 3-phosphatidyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase 1) (PGP synthase 1) [P0557A01.8]
Os01g0794400 Q0JIL1     NRX2_ORYSJ  Probable nucleoredoxin 2 (EC (OsNrx2) [LOC_Os01g58194] [OsJ_03740]
Os01g0798500 Q5VQK9     CEST_ORYSJ  Protein CHLOROPLAST ENHANCING STRESS TOLERANCE, chloroplastic precursor (OsCEST) [CEST] [LOC_Os01g58470] [OsJ_03754] [P0691E06.11-1]
Os01g0801600 Q8S2G5     GPDH2_ORYSJ Probable glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)] 2, cytosolic (EC [LOC_Os01g58740] [OsJ_03778] [P0003D09.23]
Os01g0801700 Q8S2G4     GCD1_ORYSJ  Protein GAMETE CELL DEFECTIVE 1, mitochondrial precursor (OsGCD1) [GCD1] [LOC_Os01g58750] [OsJ_03779] [OSNPB_010801700] [P0003D09.24]
Os01g0802100 Q8S2G0     ISPE_ORYSJ  4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (4-(cytidine-5'-diphospho)-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase) (CDPMEK) (CMEK) [ISPE] [LOC_Os01g58790] [OsJ_01815] [P0003D09.29]
Os01g0802700 Q5VQY3     PIN9_ORYSJ  Probable auxin efflux carrier component 9 (OsPIN9) [PIN9] [LOC_Os01g58860] [P0003D09.37]
Os01g0803200 P09229     CYT1_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 1 precursor (Oryzacystatin I) (OC-I) (Oryzacystatin-1) (OsCP1) (SPOC-I) [LOC_Os01g58890] [P0003D09.48] [P0034E02.11]
Os01g0805600 Q0JIF2     CCB11_ORYSJ Cyclin-B1-1 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1-1) (CycB1;1) [CYCB1-1] [LOC_Os01g59120] [P0034E02.58]
Os01g0805900 P45960     TBB4_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-4 chain (Beta-4-tubulin) [TUBB4] [OSTB-16] [R1623] [RTUB-1] [TUB4] [LOC_Os01g59150] [P0034E02.62]
Os01g0808100 Q6IVC2     TGAL1_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL1 (OsNIF4) (bZIP transcription factor 8) (OsbZIP08) [TGAL1] [TGAL2] [LOC_Os01g59350]
Os01g0808400 Q5VQQ5     CDPK2_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 2 (EC (OsCDPK2) (OsCPK2) [CPK2] [LOC_Os01g59360] [P0468B07.1] [P0702B09.46]
Os01g0809300 Q5VQP7     LRR1_ORYSJ  Leucine-rich repeat protein 1 precursor (OsLRR1) [LRR1] [LOC_Os01g59440] [OSNPB_010809300] [P0468B07.21]
Os01g0810000 Q8S1Z1     UTP11_ORYSJ Probable U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 11 (U3 snoRNA-associated protein 11) [LOC_Os01g59500] [OsJ_03819] [P0468B07.32-1] [P0468B07.32-2]
Os01g0810100 Q8S1Z0     RNC1_ORYSJ  Ribonuclease III domain-containing protein RNC1, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplast ribonuclease III domain protein) [RNC1] [OSNPB_010810100] [P0468B07.33]
Os01g0810300 Q8S1Y9     CML1_ORYSJ  Calmodulin-like protein 1 precursor (OsCAM61) [CML1] [LOC_Os01g59530] [OsJ_003721] [P0468B07.35]
Os01g0811100 Q9LSU0     PSA3_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit alpha type-3 (20S proteasome alpha subunit G) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-7) [PAG1] [LOC_Os01g59600] [OsJ_03826] [P0425G02.8] [P0468B07.45]
Os01g0812000 Q0JIC2     GAMYB_ORYSJ Transcription factor GAMYB (OsGAMyb) [GAMYB] [GAM1] [MYBGA] [LOC_Os01g59660] [OsJ_003732] [P0425G02.18-1] [P0425G02.18-2]
Os01g0813400 Q06396     ARF1_ORYSJ  ADP-ribosylation factor 1 (13 kDa cold-induced protein) [LOC_Os01g59790] [OsJ_03844] [OSJNBa0085D07.10] [P0425G02.41] [P0432B10.14]
Os01g0813700 B7F8N7     BGL02_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 2 precursor (EC (Os1bglu2) [BGLU2] [LOC_Os01g59819]
Os01g0813800 Q8RZL1     BGL03_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 3 precursor (EC (Os1bglu3) [BGLU3] [LOC_Os01g59840] [OSJNBa0085D07.14-1] [P0432B10.18]
Os01g0816100 Q52QH4     NAC68_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 68 (ONAC068) (OsNAC4) [NAC068] [NAC4] [LOC_Os01g60020] [B1148D12.1] [OSJNBa0085D07.44]
Os01g0816400 Q5N749     MOR1_ORYSJ  Protein MOR1 (Protein GEM1) (Protein MICROTUBULE ORGANIZATION 1) [MOR1] [LOC_Os01g60040] [B1148D12.6-1] [OsJ_03864] [OSJNBa0085D07.49-1]
Os01g0818400 Q5QMM3     WOX8_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 8 (OsWOX8) (Protein WOX13) [WOX8] [LOC_Os01g60270] [OsJ_03880] [P0454H12.31]
Os01g0823100 Q40636     EXPA2_ORYSJ Expansin-A2 precursor (Alpha-expansin-2) (OsEXP2) (OsEXPA2) (OsaEXPa1.23) (RiExB) (RiExC) [EXPA2] [EXP2] [LOC_Os01g60770] [OsJ_03905] [P0031D02.10] [P0485B12.42]
Os01g0823300 P49216     RS26_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S26 (S31) [RPS26] [LOC_Os01g60790] [OsJ_03907] [P0031D02.12] [P0485B12.44]
Os01g0824600 Q0JI49     CIPKB_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 11 (EC (OsCIPK11) [CIPK11] [LOC_Os01g60910] [P0031D02.33-1]
Os01g0826400 Q6IEQ7     WRK24_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY24 (OsWRKY24) [WRKY24] [OsJ_03928] [OSNPB_010826400]
Os01g0827300 Q941X2     LAC3_ORYSJ  Laccase-3 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 3) (Diphenol oxidase 3) (Urishiol oxidase 3) [LAC3] [LOC_Os01g61160] [B1088C09.5] [OsJ_03932]
Os01g0828900 Q941W1     G1L7_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like7 [G1L7] [LOC_Os01g61310] [B1088C09.26]
Os01g0829000 Q5QLS7     MRL7_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin-like fold domain-containing protein MRL7 homolog, chloroplastic precursor (OsMRL7) [MRL7] [LOC_Os01g61320] [B1088C09.28] [P0446G04.1]
Os01g0829900 Q941V3     YSL18_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL18 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 18) (OsYSL18) [YSL18] [LOC_Os01g61390] [B1088C09.39] [P0446G04.12]
Os01g0830700 Q8S237     XOAT1_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 12) (OsTBL12) [XOAT1] [TBL12] [LOC_Os01g61460] [P0446G04.22]
Os01g0831000 Q7XAQ6     LAX1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor LAX PANICLE 1 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 123) (OsbHLH123) (Protein LAX PANICLE) [LAX1] [BHLH123] [LAX] [LOC_Os01g61480] [P0446G04.27]
Os01g0831300 Q8S233     AMT23_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 2 member 3 (OsAMT2;3) [AMT2-3] [LOC_Os01g61510] [OsJ_03961] [P0446G04.35]
Os01g0831900 Q8S230     AMT22_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 2 member 2 (OsAMT2;2) [AMT2-2] [LOC_Os01g61550] [OsJ_03963] [P0446G04.40]
Os01g0832000 Q5N9J9     PHYK2_ORYSJ Probable phytol kinase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os01g61560] [P0446G04.41]
Os01g0832300 Q8LPZ7     CDPK3_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 3 (EC (OsCDPK3) (OsCPK3) [CPK3] [LOC_Os01g61590] [OsJ_03967] [P0460C04.4]
Os01g0833700 P49661     COPD3_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit delta-3 (Delta-coat protein 3) (Archain) (Delta-COP 3) [LOC_Os01g61710] [P0460C04.25]
Os01g0834400 Q5QMG3     NFYB2_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-2 (OsNF-YB-2) (Transcriptional activator HAP3A) [NFYB2] [HAP3A] [LOC_Os01g61810] [P0460C04.37] [P0506B12.4]
Os01g0834700 Q0JHZ2     C3H11_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 11 (OsC3H11) [LOC_Os01g61830] [P0460C04.40] [P0506B12.7]
Os01g0837000 A2CIR5     NPR4_ORYSJ  Ankyrin repeat-containing protein NPR4 (OsNPR4) [NPR4] [LOC_Os01g61990] [P0506B12.37]
Os01g0837800 Q5NA18     MTP5_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 5 (OsMTP5) [MTP5] [LOC_Os01g62070] [OsJ_04008] [P0031D11.3]
Os01g0838800 Q5NA06     COPZ3_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit zeta-3 (Zeta-3-coat protein) (Zeta-COP 3) [LOC_Os01g62150] [P0031D11.22-1]
Os01g0839500 Q943L2     H2B11_ORYSJ Histone H2B.11 [H2B.11] [LOC_Os01g62230] [OsJ_003922] [P0031D11.32] [P0408C03.7]
Os01g0840300 Q8LR86     WOX5_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 5 (OsWOX5) (Protein WOX2) [WOX5] [LOC_Os01g62310] [P0408C03.23]
Os01g0841500 Q0JHU7     MB3R2_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYB3R-2 (Myb-related protein MYB3R-2) (OsMYB3R-2) [MYB3R-2] [MYB15] [LOC_Os01g62410] [OsJ_04034] [P0408C03.41]
Os01g0841700 Q0JHU5     ERG1_ORYSJ  Elicitor-responsive protein 1 (OsERG1) (17 kDa phloem protein) (Fungal elicitor immediate early-responsive gene 1 protein) (FIERG1) (RPP17) [ERG1] [LOC_Os01g62430] [OsJ_04036] [P0406G08]
Os01g0842400 Q5N9X2     LAC4_ORYSJ  Laccase-4 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 4) (Diphenol oxidase 4) (Urishiol oxidase 4) [LAC4] [LOC_Os01g62480] [OsJ_003940] [P0406G08.11]
Os01g0842600 Q8S2A7     FTSH3_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 3, mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH3) [FTSH3] [LOC_Os01g62500] [OsJ_003942] [P0406G08.15]
Os01g0843800 Q5N9W4     LAC5_ORYSJ  Putative laccase-5 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 5) (Diphenol oxidase 5) (Urishiol oxidase 5) [LAC5] [LOC_Os01g62600] [OsJ_003951] [P0406G08.30]
Os01g0846300 Q5N9N2     P2C09_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 9 (EC (OsPP2C09) [LOC_Os01g62760] [OsJ_003961] [OsJ_04060] [P0446B05.26-1] [P0446B05.26-2] [P0446B05.26-3]
Os01g0847200 Q941T9     GMPP2_ORYSJ Probable mannose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase 2 (EC [OsJ_26535] [P0005H10.12] [P0446B05.40]
Os01g0847300 Q5N794     CSPLR_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5B1 (OsCASPL5B1) [LOC_Os01g62850] [P0005H10.13] [P0446B05.41]
Os01g0848200 Q941T1     P5CS2_ORYSJ Delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthase 2 (OsP5CS2) [Includes: Glutamate 5-kinase (EC (GK) (Gamma-glutamyl kinase); Gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase (EC (GPR) (Glutamate-5-semialdehyde dehydrogenase) (Glutamyl-gamma-semialdehyde dehydrogenase)] [P5CS2] [OsJ_04075] [P0005H10.23]
Os01g0850100 Q5N7A7     IPCS_ORYSJ  Phosphatidylinositol:ceramide inositolphosphotransferase (EC 2.7.8.-) (Inositol-phosphorylceramide synthase) (IPC synthase) (Protein ENHANCING RPW8-MEDIATED HR-LIKE CELL DEATH 1) (Sphingolipid synthase) [ERH1] [OsJ_04087] [P0414E03.14] [P0529H11.3]
Os01g0850550 Q5N7A3     LAC6_ORYSJ  Laccase-6 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 6) (Diphenol oxidase 6) (Urishiol oxidase 6) [LAC6] [LOC_Os01g63180] [OsJ_003986] [P0529H11.21]
Os01g0850700 Q5N7B4     LAC7_ORYSJ  Laccase-7 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 7) (Diphenol oxidase 7) (Urishiol oxidase 7) [LAC7] [LOC_Os01g63190] [OsJ_003987] [OsJ_04091] [P0414E03.33-1] [P0529H11.22-1]
Os01g0850800 Q0JHP8     LAC8_ORYSJ  Laccase-8 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 8) (Diphenol oxidase 8) (Urishiol oxidase 8) [LAC8] [LOC_Os01g63200] [P0529H11.24]
Os01g0851400 Q8LQ36     ATX3_ORYSJ  Putative ataxin-3 homolog (EC [LOC_Os01g63250] [P0529H11.31]
Os01g0852200 Q8W0H5     PHT43_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 3, chloroplastic precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;3) [PHT4;3] [LOC_Os01g63290] [P0529E05.4-1] [P0529E05.4-2] [P0529H11.39-1] [P0529H11.39-2]
Os01g0853400 Q6Y9P5     COI1A_ORYSJ Coronatine-insensitive protein homolog 1a (OsCOI1a) [COI1A] [COI1] [LOC_Os01g63420] [OsJ_04105] [P0529E05.20]
Os01g0854500 Q8W0F1     WOX9_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 9 (OsWOX9) (Protein WOX5) (Quiescent-specific homeobox protein) [WOX9] [QHB] [WOX5] [LOC_Os01g63510] [B1096A10.8] [OsJ_004011] [P0529E05.42]
Os01g0856000 Q5N897     CDC6_ORYSJ  Cell division control protein 6 homolog [CDC6] [LOC_Os01g63710] [OJ1402_H07.11-1] [OJ1402_H07.11-2]
Os01g0856500 Q5N892     LAX11_ORYSJ Auxin transporter-like protein 1 [LOC_Os01g63770] [OJ1402_H07.23-1] [OJ1402_H07.23-2] [OsJ_04119]
Os01g0857700 Q94DE2     BD31A_ORYSJ Protein BUD31 homolog 1 (Protein G10 homolog 1) [LOC_Os01g63890] [OsJ_004032] [P0683F02.14]
Os01g0858900 Q94DD4     STLP1_ORYSJ Sialyltransferase-like protein 1 (EC 2.4.99.-) (OsSTLP1) [STLP1] [LOC_Os01g63970] [OsJ_04139] [P0489B03.1] [P0683F02.29]
Os01g0859300 Q8RZ35     ABI5_ORYSJ  bZIP transcription factor ABI5 homolog (OsABI5) (bZIP transcription factor 10) (OsBZIP10) [ABI5] [BZIP10] [OREB1] [LOC_Os01g64000] [OsJ_04142] [P0489B03.11] [P0679C12.1]
Os01g0859500 Q5N7C7     LG2_ORYSJ   Transcription factor LG2 (Protein LIGULELESS 2 homolog) (OsLG2) (rLG2) (bZIP transcription factor 11) (OsbZIP11) [LG2] [LOC_Os01g64020] [OsJ_04144] [P0489B03.13] [P0679C12.3]
Os01g0864000 Q94CV1     OFP8_ORYSJ  Transcription repressor OFP8 (OVATE family protein 8) (OsOFP8) [OFP8] [LOC_Os01g64430] [OsJ_04171] [P0423B08.30]
Os01g0864700 Q94CU5     NEK5_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek5 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 5) (OsNek5) [NEK5] [LOC_Os01g64490] [OsJ_004086] [P0423B08.37] [P0505D12.3]
Os01g0866100 P0C540     ACT7_ORYSJ  Actin-7 [ACT7] [AC7] [RAC7] [LOC_Os01g64630] [P0505D12.32-2]
Os01g0866200 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [LOC_Os01g64640] [OsJ_004096] [P0505D12.33]
Os01g0866400 Q0JHF8     F16P2_ORYSJ Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase, cytosolic (EC (FBPase) (D-fructose-1,6-bisphosphate 1-phosphohydrolase) (Protein MONOCULM 2) [CFBP1] [FBP1] [MOC2] [LOC_Os01g64660] [P0505D12.36]
Os01g0866800 Q8LJA9     TLP3_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 3 (OsTLP3) (Tubby-like F-box protein 5) (OsTLP5) [TULP3] [TULP5] [LOC_Os01g64700] [OsJ_004102] [P0505D12.45]
Os01g0867300 Q0JHF1     BZP12_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 12 (OsBZIP12) (Abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 1) (ABA responsive element binding factor 1) (ABRE-binding factor 1) (OsABF1) [BZIP12] [ABF1] [OSE2] [LOC_Os01g64730] [P0677H08.2-1]
Os01g0868300 O48653     DPOLA_ORYSJ DNA polymerase alpha catalytic subunit (EC [LOC_Os01g64820] [P0677H08.20]
Os01g0869200 Q8S1N1     MRS2E_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-E [MRS2-E] [LOC_Os01g64890] [OsJ_04219] [P0677H08.30]
Os01g0869800 Q943K1     PSBS1_ORYSJ Photosystem II 22 kDa protein 1, chloroplastic precursor (22 kDa protein of photosystem II 1) (Photosystem II subunit 1) (OsPsbS1) [PSBS1] [qNPQ1-2] [LOC_Os01g64960] [OsJ_04227] [OSNPB_010869800] [P0039A07.6] [P0677H08.38]
Os01g0869900 Q5N942     SAPK4_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK4 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 4) (RK2 kinase) (stress-activated protein kinase 4) (OsSAPK4) [SAPK4] [RK2] [LOC_Os01g64970] [OsJ_04228] [P0039A07.8-1] [P0677H08.40-1]
Os01g0870100 Q5N941     POLLU_ORYSJ Probable ion channel POLLUX (OsPOLLUX) (Probable ion channel DMI1) [LOC_Os01g64980] [P0039A07.9] [P0677H08.41]
Os01g0870300 Q84KJ6     AMT31_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 3 member 1 (OsAMT3;1) [AMT3-1] [LOC_Os01g65000] [OsJ_04233]
Os01g0871200 Q943I6     STOP1_ORYSJ Zinc finger protein STOP1 homolog (Protein STOP1 homolog) [LOC_Os01g65080] [OsJ_04239] [OSJNBb0008G24.8] [P0039A07.24-1]
Os01g0875500 Q5N8X6     BGAL3_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 3 precursor (EC (Lactase 3) [LOC_Os01g65460] [P0648C09.21] [P0698A10.24]
Os01g0880800 Q8LJJ9     STAD1_ORYSJ Stearoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] 9-desaturase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Stearoyl-ACP desaturase 1) (Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 1) [LOC_Os01g65830] [P0018C10.55]
Os01g0881300 Q8RZQ8     SWT1A_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET1a (OsSWEET1a) [SWEET1A] [LOC_Os01g65880] [B1065E10.2-1] [OsJ_04300] [P0018C10.61-1]
Os01g0883100 Q40702     MADS2_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 2 (NMADS1) (OsMADS2) (RMADS219) [MADS2] [MADS] [LOC_Os01g66030] [B1065E10.30] [OsJ_04312]
Os01g0883800 Q0JH50     GAOX2_ORYSJ Gibberellin 20 oxidase 2 (EC 1.14.11.-) (OsGA20ox2) (GA 20-oxidase 2) (Gibberellin C-20 oxidase 2) (Os20ox2) (Protein semidwarf-1) [GA20OX2] [20ox2] [C20ox2] [GA20] [Sd-1] [SD1] [LOC_Os01g66100] [B1065E10.46]
Os01g0884300 Q7F2L3     NAC48_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 48 (ONAC048) (OsNAC6) (Protein STRESS-RESPONSIVE NAC 2) [NAC048] [NAC6] [SNAC2] [LOC_Os01g66120] [B1065E10.51] [OsJ_04317]
Os01g0886200 Q8RU31     MAD21_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 21 (OsMADS21) (RMADS207) [MADS21] [LOC_Os01g66290] [OsJ_04337] [P0408G07.26] [P0434C04.5]
Os01g0887000 Q5N8G1     ISPD_ORYSJ  2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate cytidylyltransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (4-diphosphocytidyl-2C-methyl-D-erythritol synthase) (OsCMS) (MEP cytidylyltransferase) [ISPD] [CMS] [LOC_Os01g66360] [OsJ_04342] [P0408G07.39] [P0434C04.18]
Os01g0887700 Q7F2Z1     ALFL6_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 6 [LOC_Os01g66420] [B1099D03.10] [OsJ_04343] [P0434C04.30]
Os01g0889400 Q8LQH4     LBD6_ORYSJ  LOB domain-containing protein 6 (Crown rootless-like protein 3) (Protein ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 2) [LBD6] [AS2] [CRLL3] [LOC_Os01g66590] [B1099D03.43] [OsJ_04355]
Os01g0890900 Q5N829     ZIP4L_ORYSJ TPR repeat-containing protein ZIP4 (Protein ZIP4 homolog) (OsZIP4) [ZIP4] [LOC_Os01g66690] [B1078G07.1] [B1099D03.58] [OsJ_04366]
Os01g0894300 Q0JGZ6     SCRK1_ORYSJ Fructokinase-1 (EC (Fructokinase I) (OsFKI) [FRK1] [FKI] [LOC_Os01g66940] [B1078G07.45-1] [B1078G07.45-2] [P0696G06.9]
Os01g0895100 Q8S0J7     IM30_ORYSJ  Probable membrane-associated 30 kDa protein, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os01g67000] [B1078G07.38] [OsJ_04390] [P0696G06.15]
Os01g0896300 B2ZX90     FAS1_ORYSJ  Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit FSM (CAF-1 subunit FSM) (CAF-1 p150 homolog) (Protein FASCIATA 1 homolog) (Protein FLATTENED SHOOT MERISTEM) [FSM] [LOC_Os01g67100] [P0696G06.24] [P0696G06.25]
Os01g0896700 Q8L4L4     RL52_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L5-2 [RPL5B] [LOC_Os01g67134] [OsJ_04400] [P0674H09.11] [P0696G06.29]
Os01g0896800 Q0JGY1     RL51_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L5-1 [RPL5A] [RPL5] [LOC_Os01g67134] [P0674H09.12] [P0696G06.30]
Os01g0897000 Q8L4P8     CKB11_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase B1-1 (EC (EC (CDKB1;1) (CDKB;1) [CDKB1-1] [LOC_Os01g67160] [OsJ_04403] [P0674H09.14] [P0696G06.32]
Os01g0897600 Q5N863     BGL04_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 4 (EC (Os1bglu4) [BGLU4] [LOC_Os01g67220] [OsJ_04409] [P0506A10.5] [P0674H09.22]
Os01g0897700 Q8S0F0     FH1_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 1 precursor (OsFH1) [FH1] [LOC_Os01g67240] [P0506A10.7] [P0674H09.24]
Os01g0898900 Q5N855     CSTR3_ORYSJ CMP-sialic acid transporter 3 (CMP-SA-Tr 3) (CMP-Sia-Tr 3) (CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein 3) [CSTLP3] [LOC_Os01g67330] [P0506A10.22]
Os01g0900400 Q8S1D9     EG1_ORYSJ   Phospholipase A1 EG1, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC (Protein EXTRA GLUME 1) [EG1] [LOC_Os01g67430] [P0035F12.8]
Os01g0901500 Q7F1X5     4CLL5_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 5 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL5] [LOC_Os01g67530] [B1065G12.9]
Os01g0901600 Q8RU95     4CLL6_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 6 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL6] [LOC_Os01g67540] [B1065G12.10] [P0551C06.10]
Os01g0904700 Q5N6V8     ORR26_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR26 (OsRRB6) [RR26] [ORR6] [LOC_Os01g67770] [OsJ_04457] [OSJNOa013M08.3]
Os01g0905400 Q5N6V0     Y1054_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os01g0905400 [LOC_Os01g67830] [OsJ_04461] [OSJNOa108M02.5]
Os01g0905800 Q5N725     ALFC3_ORYSJ Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 3, cytoplasmic (EC (Aldolase C-1) (AldC-1) [FBA3] [LOC_Os01g67860] [B1417F08.1-1]
Os01g0907400 Q5N712     JM705_ORYSJ Lysine-specific demethylase JMJ705 (EC (Jumonji domain-containing protein 705) (Lysine-specific histone demethylase JMJ705) (Protein JUMONJI 705) ([histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine(27) demethylase JMJ705) [JMJ705] [LOC_Os01g67970] [B1417F08.20] [OsJ_04472] [P0497A05.7]
Os01g0907900 Q0JGS5     EAR1_ORYSJ  Protein terminal ear1 homolog (MEI2-like protein 1) (OML1) (Protein LEAFY HEAD2) (Protein PLASTOCHRON2) [PLA2] [LHD2] [ML1] [LOC_Os01g68000] [B1417F08.27] [OsJ_004377] [P0497A05.12]
Os01g0908500 Q8L4S2     MRS2F_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-F [MRS2-F] [LOC_Os01g68040] [B1417F08.35] [OsJ_04478] [P0456E05.8] [P0497A05.17]
Os01g0909200 Q5N870     DCL3A_ORYSJ Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 3a (Dicer-like protein 3a) (EC 3.1.26.-) (OsDCL3a) [DCL3A] [LOC_Os01g68120] [P0456E05.21]
Os01g0911100 Q5N7W4     RH30_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 30 (EC [LOC_Os01g68320] [P0456E05.41-1] [P0456E05.41-2] [P0470A12.9-1] [P0470A12.9-2]
Os01g0911200 Q5N7W3     RPN2_ORYSJ  Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 2 precursor (Ribophorin II) (RPN-II) (Ribophorin-2) [RPN2] [LOC_Os01g68324] [P0470A12.10]
Os01g0911700 P37398     VIV_ORYSJ   B3 domain-containing protein VP1 (OsVP1) (Protein viviparous homolog) [VP1] [LOC_Os01g68370] [P0470A12.15-1] [P0470A12.15-2]
Os01g0913000 Q8S091     TRXF_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin F, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxf) (OsTrx03) [LOC_Os01g68480] [OsJ_04513] [P0470A12.34]
Os01g0914700 Q5N808     SIPL3_ORYSJ Signal peptide peptidase-like 3 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPPL3) [SPPL3] [LOC_Os01g68620] [OsJ_04526] [P0004D12.11]
Os01g0915200 Q5N806     CYT4_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 4 precursor (Oryzacystatin IV) (OC-IV) (Oryzacystatin-4) [LOC_Os01g68660] [OsJ_04530] [P0004D12.18]
Os01g0915401 Q0JGM8     CYT5_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 5 precursor (Oryzacystatin V) (OC-V) (Oryzacystatin-5) [LOC_Os01g68670] [OsJ_04531]
Os01g0917400 Q5JLB5     C3H12_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 12 (OsC3H12) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein ZFN-like 2) [LOC_Os01g68860] [P0413C03.19-1] [P0413C03.19-2]
Os01g0917500 Q8RZV7     MSP1_ORYSJ  Leucine-rich repeat receptor protein kinase MSP1 precursor (EC (Protein MULTIPLE SPOROCYTE 1) [MSP1] [LOC_Os01g68870] [P0413C03.22]
Os01g0918300 P55857     SUMO1_ORYSJ Small ubiquitin-related modifier 1 (OsSUMO1) (Ubiquitin-like protein SMT3) [SUMO1] [SMT3] [SUM1] [LOC_Os01g68950] [OsJ_04555] [P0413C03.34-1] [P0678F11.1-1]
Os01g0919400 Q0JGK4     SPSA1_ORYSJ Probable sucrose-phosphate synthase 1 (EC (Sucrose phosphate synthase 1F) (OsSPS1F) (UDP-glucose-fructose-phosphate glucosyltransferase) [SPS1] [LOC_Os01g69030] [P0678F11.16]
Os01g0919800 Q5JLM1     PIN5A_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 5a (OsPIN5a) [PIN5A] [LOC_Os01g69070] [P0678F11.27]
Os01g0919900 Q8S059     STAD2_ORYSJ Stearoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] 9-desaturase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Stearoyl-ACP desaturase 2) (Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 2) (SSI2 homolog) (OsSSI2) [SSI2] [LOC_Os01g69080] [B1793G04.1] [OsJ_04566] [P0678F11.28]
Os01g0921600 Q5JJI4     TOM20_ORYSJ Probable mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM20 (Translocase of outer membrane 20 kDa subunit) [TOM20] [LOC_Os01g69250] [B1793G04.21] [OJ1485_B09.8] [OsJ_004482] [OsJ_04580]
Os01g0922600 Q0JGI1     SPL2_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 2 [SPL2] [LOC_Os01g69830] [B1455F06.12] [OsJ_004487]
Os01g0922800 Q9XJ61     MAD51_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 51 (OsMADS51) (OsMADS65) [MADS51] [LOC_Os01g69850] [B1455F06.16]
Os01g0923700 A1A696     OHK3_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 3 (EC (OsHK3) (OsCRL2) [HK3] [OHK2] [LOC_Os01g69920] [B1455F06.33] [P0592G05.17]
Os01g0924000 O65037     RK27_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L27, chloroplastic precursor (CL27) [RPL27] [LOC_Os01g69950] [B1033B05.2-1] [OsJ_04596] [P0592G05.26-1]
Os01g0926400 Q8S1X9     GT13_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os01g0926400 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT47D) [LOC_Os01g70180] [OSJNBa0093F16.16] [P0482D04.15]
Os01g0926600 Q8S1X8     GT14_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os01g0926600 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os01g70190] [OsJ_04617] [OSJNBa0093F16.18] [P0482D04.16]
Os01g0926700 Q8S1X7     GT15_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os01g0926700 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os01g70200] [OsJ_04618] [OSJNBa0093F16.20] [P0482D04.17]
Os01g0927600 Q5JK20     ARFD_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 4 (OsARF2) [ARF4] [ARF2] [LOC_Os01g70270] [OSJNBa0093F16.35]
Os01g0928600 Q8RYL1     LCB2B_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 2b (EC [LOC_Os01g70360] [OsJ_04633] [OSJNBa0052O12.11]
Os01g0928700 Q8RYL0     LCB2C_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 2c (EC [LOC_Os01g70370] [OsJ_04634] [OSJNBa0052O12.13]
Os01g0928800 Q5JK39     LCB2D_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 2d (EC [LOC_Os01g70380] [OsJ_04635] [OSJNBa0052O12.15]
Os01g0929600 Q942X0     RTS_ORYSJ   Anther-specific protein RTS precursor (Protein RICE TAPETUM-SPECIFIC) [RTS] [LOC_Os01g70440] [OSJNBa0052O12.23] [P0506E04.1]
Os01g0930400 Q5JK32     HAK5_ORYSJ  Potassium transporter 5 (OsHAK5) [HAK5] [LOC_Os01g70490] [OsJ_04644] [OSJNBa0052O12.31] [P0506E04.9]
Os01g0930800 Q5JK35     BGL05_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 5 precursor (EC (Os1bglu5) [BGLU5] [LOC_Os01g70520] [OSJNBa0052O12.35] [P0506E04.13]
Os01g0931400 Q5JK24     TPK1_ORYSJ  Thiamine pyrophosphokinase 1 (EC (OsTPK1) (Thiamine kinase 1) [TPK1] [LOC_Os01g70580] [OSJNBa0052O12.42-1] [P0506E04.20-1]
Os01g0932500 Q5JMH0     HAK6_ORYSJ  Potassium transporter 6 (OsHAK6) [HAK6] [LOC_Os01g70660] [P0423A12.11] [P0506E04.32]
Os01g0933500 Q8LR63     FLP2_ORYSJ  Flowering-promoting factor 1-like protein 2 (FPF1-like protein 2) [LOC_Os01g70730] [P0423A12.24]
Os01g0934800 Q0JG99     PIR7B_ORYSJ Esterase PIR7B (EC 3.1.-.-) [PIR7B] [LOC_Os01g70850] [P0423A12.26] [P0492G09.7]
Os01g0934900 Q0JG98     PIR7A_ORYSJ Probable esterase PIR7A (EC 3.1.-.-) [PIR7A] [LOC_Os01g70860] [P0423A12.27] [P0492G09.8]
Os01g0935500 Q942X8     HAK2_ORYSJ  Probable potassium transporter 2 (OsHAK2) [HAK2] [LOC_Os01g70940] [OsJ_04680] [P0492G09.24-1] [P0492G09.24-2]
Os01g0935900 Q942X4     SDH4_ORYSJ  Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 4, mitochondrial precursor [SDH4] [LOC_Os01g70980] [P0492G09.31]
Os01g0936000 Q0JG89     GRXC2_ORYSJ Putative glutaredoxin-C2 [GRXC2] [LOC_Os01g70990] [OsJ_04685] [P0492G09.32]
Os01g0937050 Q8S1V1     CLP_ORYSJ   Chitinase CLP precursor (EC (OsCLP) (Chitinase-like protein) [CLP] [LOC_Os01g71080] [P0504E02.9]
Os01g0938100 Q0JG75     PSB28_ORYSJ Photosystem II reaction center PSB28 protein, chloroplastic precursor (Photosystem II protein W-like) [PSB28] [LOC_Os01g71190] [OsJ_04705] [P0504E02.24]
Os01g0939100 Q8RUN1     ACA1_ORYSJ  Calcium-transporting ATPase 1, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA1) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 1) [ACA1] [LOC_Os01g71240] [B1150F11.11] [P0504E02.35]
Os01g0939600 Q8S0G4     GPDH1_ORYSJ Probable glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)] 1, cytosolic (EC [LOC_Os01g71280] [B1150F11.17] [OsJ_04716]
Os01g0940000 Q5JLP4     CKX4_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 4 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 4) (OsCKX4) [CKX4] [LOC_Os01g71310] [B1150F11.25]
Os01g0940100 Q2KNB4     HXK3_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-3 (EC (Hexokinase-8) [HXK3] [HXK8] [LOC_Os01g71320] [B1150F11.26-1]
Os01g0948100 Q8GT06     MUS81_ORYSJ Crossover junction endonuclease MUS81 (EC 3.1.22.-) (Protein MMS AND UV SENSITIVE 81) (OsMUS81) [MUS81] [LOC_Os01g71960] [OsJ_04752] [P0466H10.31]
Os01g0948900 A2CIR7     NPR5_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NPR5 (OsNPR5) [NPR5] [NH4] [LOC_Os01g72020] [P0466H10.44-1]
Os01g0949500 Q8RZB5     CML10_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML10 (Calmodulin-like protein 10) [CML10] [LOC_Os01g72100] [B1147A04.18] [OsJ_04761]
Os01g0951200 Q9LDN2     UMPS1_ORYSJ Uridine 5'-monophosphate synthase (UMP synthase) [Includes: Orotate phosphoribosyltransferase (EC (OPRTase); Orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase (EC (OMPdecase)] [UMPS1] [LOC_Os01g72240] [B1147A04.37] [OsJ_04774]
Os01g0951400 Q8RZA1     UMPS2_ORYSJ Uridine 5'-monophosphate synthase (UMP synthase) [Includes: Orotate phosphoribosyltransferase (EC (OPRTase); Orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase (EC (OMPdecase)] [UMPS2] [LOC_Os01g72250] [B1147A04.39]
Os01g0952000 Q942A8     GL13_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 1-3 precursor (Germin-like protein 8) (OsGER8) [GER8] [LOC_Os01g72290] [OsJ_004676] [P0431G06.1-1] [P0431G06.1-2]
Os01g0952100 Q942A7     GL14_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 1-4 precursor [LOC_Os01g72300] [OsJ_004677] [P0431G06.3]
Os01g0952500 Q942A1     ORR4_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR4 (OsRR4) [RR4] [LOC_Os01g72330] [OsJ_04783] [P0431G06.9]
Os01g0952800 Q0JFZ0     IRO2_ORYSJ  Protein IRON-RELATED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 2 (OsIRO2) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 56) (OsbHLH056) [IRO2] [BHLH056] [LOC_Os01g72370] [OsJ_04787] [P0431G06.13-1]
Os01g0953600 Q941Z0     NQR1_ORYSJ  Probable NADPH:quinone oxidoreductase 1 (EC [LOC_Os01g72430] [OsJ_04792] [P0431G06.26-1]
Os01g0954000 Q941Y8     NQR2_ORYSJ  Probable NADPH:quinone oxidoreductase 2 (EC [LOC_Os01g72460] [OsJ_04795] [P0431G06.30]
Os01g0955100 Q8RYK0     CML31_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML31 (Calmodulin-like protein 31) [CML31] [LOC_Os01g72530] [B1139B11.15]
Os01g0955400 Q8RYJ9     CML23_ORYSJ Putative calcium-binding protein CML23 (Calmodulin-like protein 23) [CML23] [LOC_Os01g72540] [B1139B11.18] [OsJ_004699]
Os01g0955500 Q8RYJ8     CML19_ORYSJ Putative calcium-binding protein CML19 (Calmodulin-like protein 19) [CML19] [LOC_Os01g72550] [B1139B11.19] [OsJ_004700]
Os01g0957000 Q5JK52     NADK1_ORYSJ Probable NAD kinase 1 (EC [LOC_Os01g72690] [OJ1294_F06.11]
Os01g0958000 Q5JK68     CDKC2_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase C-2 (EC (EC (CDKC;2) [CDKC-2] [CDKC1] [LOC_Os01g72790] [OJ1294_F06.25] [OsJ_04825]
Os01g0959800 Q5JN42     PSD2_ORYSJ  Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme 2 (EC [Contains: Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase 2 beta chain; Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase 2 alpha chain] [PSD2] [LOC_Os01g72940] [P0401G10.19]
Os01g0962400 Q94DM8     UFM1_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-fold modifier 1 precursor [LOC_Os01g73140] [P0483G10.25]
Os01g0963400 Q5JMR9     TRXY_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin Y, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxy) [LOC_Os01g73234] [P0483G10.36]
Os01g0966700 Q5JJV0     INV4_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 4 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 4) (Invertase 4) (OsCIN4) (Sucrose hydrolase 4) [CIN4] [LOC_Os01g73580] [OsJ_04889] [P0458E05.32]
Os01g0968800 Q8S9Z5     DRE1F_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1F (Protein DREB1F) (Protein C-repeat-binding factor 2) (rCBF2) [DREB1F] [CBF2] [ERF27] [LOC_Os01g73770] [OJ1656_A11.17] [OsJ_004800]
Os01g0969100 Q8S9Z2     AXS_ORYSJ   UDP-D-apiose/UDP-D-xylose synthase [LOC_Os01g73790] [OJ1656_A11.20] [OsJ_04912]
Os01g0970400 P48599     IF4E1_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E-1 (eIF-4E-1) (eIF4E-1) (eIF-4F 25 kDa subunit) (eIF-4F p26 subunit) (mRNA cap-binding protein) [eIF4E] [LOC_Os01g73880] [OJ1656_A11.43] [OsJ_04917]
Os01g0970600 Q0JFN7     RH58_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 58, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os01g73900] [OsJ_024578] [P0518C01.3]
Os01g0971100 Q5JME8     DI195_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 homolog 5 (OsDi19-5) [DI19-5] [LOC_Os01g73960] [OsJ_004810] [P0518C01.8]
Os01g0971800 Q94DH3     PCL1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCL1 (Protein PHYTOCLOCK 1 homolog) (OsPCL1) [PCL1] [OsJ_04927] [P0518C01.17]
Os01g0972200 Q94DG6     ZIP1_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 1 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 1) (OsZIP1) [ZIP1] [LOC_Os01g74110] [P0518C01.26]
Os01g0972300 A0A5S6RB44 RTFL3_ORYSJ Small polypeptide ROTUNDIFOLIA LIKE 3 (OsRTFL3) (Small polypeptide ROT-FOUR-LIKE 3) [RTFL3] [OsJ_04932] [OSNPB_010972300] [P0518C01.28] [P0698H10.2]
Os01g0974200 Q5JM82     MT2B_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 2B (Class I metallothionein-like protein 2B) (OsMT-I-2b) (OsMT2c) [MT2B] [RICMT] [LOC_Os01g74300] [OsJ_04949] [P0698H10.31-1]
Os01g0974400 Q94CT7     XB31_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS31 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS31) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS31) (XB3 protein homolog 1) [XBOS31] [LOC_Os01g74320] [P0459B04.9]
Os01g0975900 Q94CS9     TIP12_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP1-2 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 1-2) (OsTIP1;2) [TIP1-2] [TIP1] [LOC_Os01g74450] [OsJ_004842] [P0459B04.30]
Os01g0976000 Q5JL08     MON1_ORYSJ  Vacuolar fusion protein MON1 homolog [MON1] [LOC_Os01g74460] [P0020E09.1] [P0459B04.31]
Os01g0976600 Q5JNC0     COQ5_ORYSJ  2-methoxy-6-polyprenyl-1,4-benzoquinol methylase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Ubiquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase COQ5) [COQ5] [LOC_Os01g74520] [OsJ_04965] [P0020E09.9]
Os01g0977200 Q5JNB5     DJC15_ORYSJ DnaJ protein P58IPK homolog B precursor (OsP58B) (Chaperone protein dnaJ C15) (OsDjC15) [P58B] [DJC15] [LOC_Os01g74580] [P0020E09.19]
Os02g0100100 Q67IX6     PDI14_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 1-4 precursor (EC (OsPDIL1-4) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 2-1) (OsPDIL2-1) [PDIL1-4] [PDIL2-1] [LOC_Os02g01010] [OsJ_04977] [OSJNOa183H18.2]
Os02g0101800 Q6YU88     KN6_ORYSJ   Kinesin-like protein KIN-6 [KIN6] [LOC_Os02g01180] [B1370C05.21] [OJ1435_F07.11] [OsJ_04995]
Os02g0103800 Q6ZFJ3     FENR2_ORYSJ Ferredoxin--NADP reductase, leaf isozyme 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Leaf FNR 2) (FNR-2) (Os-LFNR2) [LFNR2] [LOC_Os02g01340] [OJ1435_F07.32-2] [OsJ_05011] [OSNPB_020103800]
Os02g0104700 Q6YPG5     NOS_ORYSJ   Putative nitric oxide synthase (EC [LOC_Os02g01440] [OJ1212_C06.17] [OJA1212_C06.18]
Os02g0105900 P49398     RS4_ORYSJ   40S ribosomal protein S4 (SCAR protein SS620) [RPS4] [SS620] [LOC_Os02g01560] [OJ1359_D06.12]
Os02g0112100 P0DKG9     NRT21_ORYSJ High-affinity nitrate transporter 2.1 (OsNRT2.1) [NRT2.1] [LOC_Os02g02170] [OJ1399_H05.5] [P0501G04.34]
Os02g0112600 P0DKH0     NRT22_ORYSJ High-affinity nitrate transporter 2.2 (OsNRT2.2) [NRT2.2] [LOC_Os02g02190] [OJ1399_H05.7] [OsJ_05080] [P0501G04.36]
Os02g0112900 Q6ZH29     GATP4_ORYSJ Probable gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase 4 (EC (OsGABA-T) [GABA-T] [LOC_Os02g02210] [OJ1399_H05.13] [OsJ_05081]
Os02g0114200 P37891     CBP3_ORYSJ  Serine carboxypeptidase 3 precursor (EC (Serine carboxypeptidase III) [CBP3] [LOC_Os02g02320] [OJ1399_H05.34] [OsJ_05092] [P0036E06.13]
Os02g0115700 Q0E4K1     CATA1_ORYSJ Catalase isozyme A (EC (CAT-A) [CATA] [LOC_Os02g02400] [OJ1442_E05.8-1] [OsJ_004973] [P0036E06.27-1]
Os02g0115900 Q6Z7B0     BIP1_ORYSJ  Heat shock 70 kDa protein BIP1 precursor (Luminal-binding protein 1) (OsBiP1) [BIP1] [BIP] [LOC_Os02g02410] [OJ1442_E05.10] [OsJ_05115] [P0036E06.29]
Os02g0116300 Q6ZGM7     YSL7_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL7 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 7) (OsYSL7) [YSL7] [LOC_Os02g02450] [OJ1442_E05.16] [OsJ_004978]
Os02g0116400 Q0E4J6     YSL8_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL8 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 8) (OsYSL8) [YSL8] [LOC_Os02g02460] [OJ1442_E05.17] [OsJ_004979]
Os02g0117400 Q6ZGL9     SIP1_ORYSJ  Signal peptide peptidase 1 (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPP1) (Intramembrane protease 1) (IMP) (IMPAS) [SPP1] [LOC_Os02g02530] [OJ1442_E05.26] [OsJ_05128]
Os02g0117800 Q6ZGL4     ATG5_ORYSJ  Autophagy protein 5 [ATG5] [APG5] [LOC_Os02g02570] [OJ1217_F02.1] [OJ1442_E05.32] [OsJ_004990]
Os02g0118400 Q6ZH45     STLP4_ORYSJ Sialyltransferase-like protein 4 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsSTLP4) [STLP4] [LOC_Os02g02620] [OJ1217_F02.7]
Os02g0120500 Q6YUS3     TDR_ORYSJ   Transcription factor TDR (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 5) (OsbHLH005) (Protein TAPETUM DEGENERATION RETARDATION) [TDR] [BHLH5] [LOC_Os02g02820] [OJ1020_C02.6] [OsJ_05158] [OSJNBb0088N06.15]
Os02g0120800 Q6ZHA3     RAC6_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 6 precursor (GTPase protein RacB) (OsRac6) [RAC6] [RACB] [LOC_Os02g02840] [OJ1020_C02.8] [OsJ_05161] [OSJNBb0088N06.17]
Os02g0121700 Q6ZH94     LINS_ORYSJ  S-(+)-linalool synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsLIS) [LIS] [OJ1020_C02.21]
Os02g0121800 Q6ZH92     SDH31_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 3-1, mitochondrial precursor [SDH3-1] [LOC_Os02g02940] [OJ1020_C02.23] [OsJ_05172]
Os02g0123100 P29619     CDKA2_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase A-2 (EC (EC (CDKA;2) (CDC2Os-2) (Cell division control protein 2 homolog 2) [CDKA-2] [CDC2-2] [LOC_Os02g03060] [P0575F10.10-1] [P0575F10.10-2]
Os02g0123700 Q6Z715     GUN4_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 4 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 4) (OsCel9F) (OsGLU14) [GLU14] [LOC_Os02g03120] [P0575F10.17]
Os02g0125300 Q9MBD8     BI1_ORYSJ   Bax inhibitor 1 (BI-1) (OsBI-1) [BI1] [LOC_Os02g03280] [P0482F12.1-1] [P0482F12.1-2]
Os02g0126400 Q6Z2M9     CDPK4_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 4 (EC (OsCDPK4) (OsCPK4) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCDPK1) [CPK4] [CDPK1] [LOC_Os02g03410] [P0482F12.15-1] [P0482F12.15-2]
Os02g0127700 Q6Z2L5     KPRS1_ORYSJ Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase 1) [LOC_Os02g03540] [P0482F12.28-1] [P0482F12.28-2] [P0576F08.1-1] [P0576F08.1-2]
Os02g0128000 Q0E4A8     HS189_ORYSJ 18.9 kDa heat shock protein (OsHsp18.9) [HSP18.9] [LOC_Os02g03570] [OsJ_05223] [P0482F12.31] [P0576F08.4]
Os02g0131800 Q6ZG85     NRAT1_ORYSJ Metal transporter NRAT1 (Protein NRAMP ALUMINUM TRANSPORTER 1) [NRAT1] [LOC_Os02g03900] [OJ1007_D04.24] [OsJ_05257]
Os02g0133000 Q0E474     CCT11_ORYSJ Cyclin-T1-1 (CycT1;1) [CYCT1-1] [LOC_Os02g04010] [OsJ_005122] [P0030G11.11]
Os02g0133800 P52428     PSA1_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit alpha type-1 (20S proteasome alpha subunit F) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-6) (Proteasome component C2) [PAF1] [LOC_Os02g04100] [OsJ_05275] [P0030G11.18] [P0585B01.3]
Os02g0134000 B9F2L1     COAD2_ORYSJ Phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase 2 (EC (Dephospho-CoA pyrophosphorylase 2) (Pantetheine-phosphate adenylyltransferase 2) [LOC_Os02g04120] [OsJ_05277] [P0030G11]
Os02g0134400 Q6Z836     NADB_ORYSJ  L-aspartate oxidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Protein FLAGELLIN-INSENSITIVE 4) [LOC_Os02g04170] [P0585B01.16]
Os02g0134500 A3A2W2     CSPLO_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4A2 (OsCASPL4A2) [LOC_Os02g04180] [OsJ_05284]
Os02g0135200 Q0E459     MPK13_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 13 (EC (MAP kinase 13) (Benzothiadiazole-induced MAP kinase 2) (MAP kinase 2) (OsBIMK2) (OsBWMK2) (OsMAPK2) (OsMPK17-2) (Wound- and blast-induced MAPK 2) [MPK13] [BIMK2] [BWMK2] [MAPK2] [MPK17-2] [LOC_Os02g04230] [P0585B01.25]
Os02g0135300 Q6Z829     WEE1_ORYSJ  Wee1-like protein kinase (EC [WEE1] [LOC_Os02g04240] [P0585B01.27]
Os02g0137500 Q6YXY2     HACL1_ORYSJ Probable histone acetyltransferase HAC-like 1 (EC [LOC_Os02g04490] [OSJNBa0026E05.8] [OSJNBa0081C13.32]
Os02g0137800 Q6YXX9     GG2_ORYSJ   Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit gamma 2 (Ggamma-subunit 2) (Heterotrimeric G protein gamma-subunit 2) [RGG2] [LOC_Os02g04520] [OSJNBa0026E05.11-1]
Os02g0138900 Q6YXZ1     CAX4_ORYSJ  Putative vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 4 (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 4) (OsCAX4) [LOC_Os02g04630] [OSJNBa0026E05.30]
Os02g0139000 Q6YXZ4     PHR3_ORYSJ  Protein PHOSPHATE STARVATION RESPONSE 3 (OsPHR3) [PHR3] [LOC_Os02g04640] [OsJ_05314] [OSJNBa0026E05.31]
Os02g0139200 Q6YXZ7     ANM5_ORYSJ  Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 5 (EC (Shk1 kinase-binding protein 1 homolog) [PRMT5] [SKB1] [LOC_Os02g04660] [OJ1679_B08.2] [OsJ_005168] [OSJNBa0026E05.36]
Os02g0139400 A3A2Z8     SPL3_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 3 [SPL3] [LOC_Os02g04680] [OJ1679_B08.6] [OsJ_005170] [OSJNBa0026E05.40]
Os02g0139700 Q6Z2X6     CAS_ORYSJ   Cycloartenol synthase (EC [LOC_Os02g04710] [OJ1679_B08.9]
Os02g0140300 Q6Z2X3     MOC2B_ORYSJ Molybdopterin synthase catalytic subunit (EC (Molybdenum cofactor synthesis protein 2 large subunit) (Molybdenum cofactor synthesis protein 2B) (MOCS2B) [MOCS2] [LOC_Os02g04740] [OJ1679_B08.15] [OsJ_005176]
Os02g0141100 Q6Z2W3     ARFE_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 5 [ARF5] [LOC_Os02g04810] [OJ1679_B08.29] [OsJ_005181]
Os02g0143100 Q6YXW6     SPP2_ORYSJ  Sucrose-phosphatase 2 (EC (OsSPP2) [SPP2] [LOC_Os02g05030] [OsJ_005195] [OSJNBa0064G16.2]
Os02g0146600 Q6Z2Z4     IF4A3_ORYSJ Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-3 (EC (eIF-4A-3) (ATP-dependent RNA helicase eIF4A-3) (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 23) (eIF4A-2) [LOC_Os02g05330] [OJ1008_C03.10] [OsJ_05367]
Os02g0148100 Q6Z437     MPK3_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 (EC (MAP kinase 3) (MAP kinase 2) (OsMAP3) (OsMAPK2) [MPK3] [MAP3] [MAPK2] [LOC_Os02g05480] [P0479D12.11]
Os02g0148500 Q6Z433     GAT17_ORYSJ GATA transcription factor 17 (OsGATA17) (Protein TIFY 2a) (OsTIFY2a) [GATA17] [TIFY2A] [LOC_Os02g05510] [P0479D12.16]
Os02g0149800 Q67UX7     P2C10_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 10 (EC (OsPP2C10) [LOC_Os02g05630] [OSJNBa0050G13.3]
Os02g0149900 Q67UX6     HOX26_ORYSJ Putative homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX26 (HD-ZIP protein HOX26) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX26) (OsHox26) [HOX26] [LOC_Os02g05640] [OsJ_005235] [OSJNBa0050G13.4]
Os02g0150100 Q0E3X4     RH35A_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 35A (EC [LOC_Os02g05660] [OSJNBa0050G13.7]
Os02g0150800 Q67UX0     ADO2_ORYSJ  Putative adagio-like protein 2 [LOC_Os02g05700] [OSJNBa0050G13.16]
Os02g0151300 Q67UW5     GUN5_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 5 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 5) [LOC_Os02g05744] [OSJNBa0050G13.22]
Os02g0152900 Q0E3V2     YL1_ORYSJ   Protein YELLOW LEAF 1, choloroplastic precursor [YL1] [LOC_Os02g05890] [P0463E12.11]
Os02g0157700 B9F2U5     GUFP_ORYSJ  Translation factor GUF1 homolog, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.6.5.-) (Elongation factor 4 homolog) (EF-4) (GTPase GUF1 homolog) (Ribosomal back-translocase) [LOC_Os02g06300] [B1103G11.7] [OsJ_05443] [P0419H03.27]
Os02g0157900 Q6ET49     OML7_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 7 (OML7) (MEI2-like protein 7) [OML7] [LOC_Os02g06320] [B1103G11.10] [P0419H03.30]
Os02g0161000 Q6H7U5     CIPKQ_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 26 (EC (OsCIPK26) [CIPK26] [LOC_Os02g06570] [B1103G11.47] [OJ9003_G05.12] [OsJ_005311]
Os02g0161100 Q6H7U3     FH10_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 10 precursor (OsFH10) [FH10] [LOC_Os02g06580] [B1103G11.53] [OJ9003_G05.18] [OsJ_005312]
Os02g0161200 Q6H7U2     C3H13_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 13 (OsC3H13) (BRI1-kinase domain-interacting protein 105) (BIP105) [LOC_Os02g06584] [B1103G11.54] [OJ9003_G05.19]
Os02g0164900 Q6H6V4     ARFF_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 6 (OsARF6a) [ARF6] [ARF6A] [LOC_Os02g06910] [OJ1661_C12.26] [OsJ_005343] [OSJNBa0023I17.9]
Os02g0166800 Q0E3M2     G1L1_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like1 [G1L1] [LOC_Os02g07030]
Os02g0167300 P46265     TBB5_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-5 chain (Beta-5-tubulin) [TUBB5] [OSTB-50] [R2242] [TUB5] [LOC_Os02g07060] [OsJ_05524] [OSJNBa0085K21.33]
Os02g0168000 Q0E3L5     UREF_ORYSJ  Urease accessory protein F (AtUREF) [UREF] [LOC_Os02g07150] [OSJNBa0085K21]
Os02g0168800 Q6H6D2     HEM3_ORYSJ  Porphobilinogen deaminase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (PBG) (Hydroxymethylbilane synthase) (HMBS) (Pre-uroporphyrinogen synthase) [HEMC] [LOC_Os02g07230] [OsJ_05540] [P0669G09.15-1] [P0669G09.15-2]
Os02g0169400 Q6H6C3     AGO17_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 17 (OsAGO17) [AGO17] [LOC_Os02g07310] [OJ1116_A06.3] [OsJ_05545] [P0669G09.26]
Os02g0170300 Q6H711     MAD29_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 29 (OsMADS29) [MADS29] [LOC_Os02g07430] [OJ1116_A06.26] [OsJ_05554] [P0030G02.16]
Os02g0173000 Q0E3I9     URED_ORYSJ  Urease accessory protein D (AtURED) [URED] [LOC_Os02g07670] [OSJNBa0073A21]
Os02g0173900 B9F3B6     SSDH_ORYSJ  Succinate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 5 member F1) (NAD(+)-dependent succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase) [ALDH5F1] [SSADH1] [LOC_Os02g07760] [OsJ_05574]
Os02g0174100 Q6H509     SPL4_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 4 [SPL4] [LOC_Os02g07780] [OSJNBa0073A21.21-1] [OSJNBa0073A21.21-2] [OSJNBa0073A21.21-3]
Os02g0175000 Q6H501     HKT6_ORYSJ  Probable cation transporter HKT6 (OsHKT6) [HKT6] [LOC_Os02g07830] [OSJNBa0073A21.31]
Os02g0175100 Q6H500     RSBZ4_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor RISBZ4 (Rice seed bZIP4) (bZIP transcription factor 15) (OsbZIP15) [RISBZ4] [BZIP15] [RITA-2] [LOC_Os02g07840] [OJ1077_E05.6] [OsJ_05580] [OSJNBa0073A21.32]
Os02g0177300 Q0E3F8     SPL5_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 5 [SPL5] [LOC_Os02g08070] [P0504A05.16]
Os02g0177600 Q6ETN3     4CL3_ORYSJ  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 3 (EC (4CL 3) (Os4CL3) (4-coumaroyl-CoA synthase 3) [4CL3] [LOC_Os02g08100] [OsJ_005431] [P0504A05.24]
Os02g0177700 Q6ETN2     CSPLM_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 2C2 (OsCASPL2C2) [LOC_Os02g08110] [P0504A05.25]
Os02g0178400 P38385     SC61G_ORYSJ Protein transport protein Sec61 subunit gamma [LOC_Os02g08180] [OsJ_05608] [P0544B02.4]
Os02g0178800 Q6ETL8     GLO12_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-2 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-2) [GL1-2] [LOC_Os02g08230] [OSNPB_020178800] [P0544B02.10]
Os02g0179400 Q6ETL2     TLP4_ORYSJ  Tubby-like protein 4 (OsTLP4) (Tubby-like F-box protein 13) (OsTLP13) [TULP4] [TULP13] [LOC_Os02g08310] [P0544B02.22]
Os02g0179500 Q6ETK9     ADPO2_ORYSJ Heptahelical transmembrane protein ADIPOR2 (PAQR family protein ADIPOR2) [ADIPOR2] [LOC_Os02g08320] [P0544B02.25]
Os02g0180000 Q6ETK3     P2C11_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 11 (EC (OsPP2C11) [LOC_Os02g08364] [P0544B02.31]
Os02g0181300 Q6QHD1     WRK71_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY71 (OsWRKY71) [WRKY71] [wrky38] [OJ1297_C09.15]
Os02g0181900 Q0E3C8     CLPB3_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpB3, mitochondrial precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpB homolog 3) (Casein lytic proteinase B3) [CLPB3] [CLPB-M] [LOC_Os02g08490]
Os02g0182100 Q6H805     ORR24_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR24 (OsRRB2) [RR24] [ORR4] [LOC_Os02g08500] [OJ1297_C09.26] [OsJ_05635]
Os02g0182800 Q0E3C3     KNOS2_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 2 (Homeobox protein HOS58) [HOS58] [LOC_Os02g08544]
Os02g0184400 B7F7B9     SPSA2_ORYSJ Probable sucrose-phosphate synthase 2 (EC (Sucrose phosphate synthase 2F) (OsSPS2F) (UDP-glucose-fructose-phosphate glucosyltransferase) [SPS2] [LOC_Os02g09170] [OJ1572_F02.13] [OsJ_05652]
Os02g0187100 Q6ZIF9     CYL1_ORYSJ  Cyclase-like protein 1 precursor (OsCYL1) [CYL1] [LOC_Os02g09420] [OJ1073_F05.22] [OJ1115_B01.33]
Os02g0187800 Q6ZHS4     CADH2_ORYSJ Cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 2 (EC (OsCAD2) (Protein GOLD HULL AND INTERNODE 2) [CAD2] [CAD] [GH2] [LOC_Os02g09490] [OJ1073_F05.31] [OJ1145_F01.6]
Os02g0190300 Q6YUU5     MDR_ORYSJ   Putative multidrug resistance protein (P-glycoprotein) [LOC_Os02g09720] [OSJNBb0031B09.19]
Os02g0192500 Q7PC76     CSLA1_ORYSJ Glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 1 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A1) (OsCslA1) (Glucomannan-synthase 1) (Mannan synthase 1) [CSLA1] [LOC_Os02g09930] [P0437H03.110] [P0453H10.31]
Os02g0192700 Q7F8S5     PR2E2_ORYSJ Peroxiredoxin-2E-2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Glutaredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin) (Peroxiredoxin IIE-2) (Thioredoxin peroxidase 2E-2) [PRXIIE-2] [LOC_Os02g09940] [P0437H03.112] [P0453H10.33]
Os02g0194200 Q7F8R0     C3H14_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 14 (OsC3H14) [LOC_Os02g10080] [OsJ_005555] [P0437H03.134]
Os02g0194400 Q7F8Q9     MSL1_ORYSJ  Leucine-rich repeat receptor protein kinase MSL1 precursor (EC (MSP1 protein homolog 1) (MSP1-like protein 1) [MSL1] [LOC_Os02g10100] [OsJ_05738] [P0437H03.136]
Os02g0194900 Q0E342     TGAL9_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL9 (bZIP transcription factor 17) (OsbZIP17) [TGAL9] [LOC_Os02g10140] [OJ1225_F07.6] [OsJ_05742]
Os02g0195300 A0A0P0VG31 DJC16_ORYSJ DnaJ protein P58IPK homolog A precursor (OsP58A) (Chaperone protein dnaJ C16) (OsDjC16) [P58A] [DJC16] [LOC_Os02g10180] [OJ1225_F07.10] [OsJ_05745]
Os02g0195600 Q6H7P8     SAP4_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 4 (OsSAP4) [SAP4] [LOC_Os02g10200] [OJ1225_F07.15]
Os02g0196300 Q6H7M7     OEP80_ORYSJ Outer envelope protein 80, chloroplastic (Chloroplastic outer envelope protein of 80 kDa) (OsOEP80) [OEP80] [OEP75] [LOC_Os02g10260] [OJ1225_F07.23] [OJ1524_D08.8] [OsJ_005573]
Os02g0196600 Q6H7M3     HMA4_ORYSJ  Copper-transporting ATPase HMA4 (EC (Protein HEAVY METAL ATPASE 4) (OsHMA4) [HMA4] [LOC_Os02g10290] [OJ1225_F07.30] [OJ1524_D08.15] [OsJ_05752]
Os02g0196800 Q6H7M1     FAH_ORYSJ   Fumarylacetoacetase (EC (Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase) [FAH] [LOC_Os02g10310] [OJ1524_D08.17] [OsJ_05754]
Os02g0201000 B7EZJ7     HS23M_ORYSJ 23.6 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial precursor (OsHsp23.6) [HSP23.6] [LOC_Os02g10710] [P0419A09.16-1]
Os02g0201900 Q0E2Z7     RH41_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 41 (EC [LOC_Os02g10770] [P0419A09.31]
Os02g0202200 Q6Z784     SPX2_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 2 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 2) (OsSPX2) [SPX2] [LOC_Os02g10780] [OsJ_05799] [P0419A09.34]
Os02g0204400 Q0E2Y1     UVR3_ORYSJ  (6-4)DNA photolyase (EC [UVR3] [LOC_Os02g10990] [OSJNBb0056C19.3] [P0544H11.19]
Os02g0204700 Q6Z6D6     C7342_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 734A2 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP734A2] [LOC_Os02g11020] [OSJNBb0056C19.10] [P0544H11.26]
Os02g0208300 Q8GU88     AB39G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 39 (OsABCG39) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 7) (OsPDR7) [ABCG39] [PDR7] [LOC_Os02g11760] [OJ1003_F05.29-1] [OJ1006_A02.12-1]
Os02g0208500 A3A4E0     CDT4_ORYSJ  Protein CADMIUM TOLERANCE 4 (Cd tolerant 4) (OsCDT4) [CDT4] [OsJ_05841] [OSNPB_020208500]
Os02g0209000 Q6H8D6     COB23_ORYSJ Putative coatomer subunit beta'-3 (Beta'-coat protein 3) (Beta'-COP 3) [LOC_Os02g11830] [OJ1006_A02.22]
Os02g0209100 Q6H8D5     COB22_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit beta'-2 (Beta'-coat protein 2) (Beta'-COP 2) [LOC_Os02g11840] [OJ1006_A02.24]
Os02g0214500 Q6H8A9     NAC23_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 23 (ONAC023) (OsNAC6) (Protein THERMOSENSITIVE MALE STERILITY 5) [NAC23] [NAC6] [TMS5] [LOC_Os02g12310] [OJ1006_D05.18] [OsJ_05880]
Os02g0214900 Q7Y0Y6     HDAC3_ORYSJ Histone deacetylase 3 (EC (OsHDAC3) [HDAC3] [HDA703] [LOC_Os02g12350] [OJ1006_D05.27-1]
Os02g0215200 Q6YV04     HDAC2_ORYSJ Histone deacetylase 2 (EC (OsHDAC2) [HDAC2] [HDA710] [LOC_Os02g12380] [B1307A11.3-1] [OJ1006_D05.31-1] [OsJ_05884]
Os02g0217600 Q0E2S4     PP2A3_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP2A-3 catalytic subunit (EC [PP2A3] [LOC_Os02g12580] [OsJ_005728] [P0027A02.2-1] [P0027A02.2-2]
Os02g0217900 Q6Z6L5     HSP19_ORYSJ 19.0 kDa class II heat shock protein (19.0 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp19.0) [HSP19.0] [LOC_Os02g12610] [OsJ_05903] [P0027A02.5]
Os02g0218200 Q6Z6L4     APM1A_ORYSJ Aminopeptidase M1-A (EC (Alpha-aminoacylpeptide hydrolase) [LOC_Os02g12650] [OsJ_05906] [P0027A02.7]
Os02g0218700 Q6Z6L1     C74A3_ORYSJ Allene oxide synthase 3 (EC (Cytochrome P450 74A3) (Hydroperoxide dehydrase 3) [CYP74A3] [AOS3] [LOC_Os02g12680] [P0027A02.12]
Os02g0218800 Q6Z6K9     C74A4_ORYSJ Allene oxide synthase 4 (EC (Cytochrome P450 74A4) (Hydroperoxide dehydrase 4) [CYP74A4] [AOS4] [LOC_Os02g12690] [P0027A02.15]
Os02g0219200 Q6Z6K4     BGAL4_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 4 precursor (EC (Lactase 4) [LOC_Os02g12730] [P0027A02.24]
Os02g0219900 Q6YW53     CSPL9_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 2D1 (OsCASPL2D1) [LOC_Os02g12760] [B1131G07.1] [OsJ_005746] [P0027A02.30]
Os02g0220000 Q6YW51     CKX6_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 6 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 6) (OsCKX6) [CKX6] [LOC_Os02g12770] [B1131G07.3] [OsJ_05919] [P0027A02.32]
Os02g0220100 Q6YW50     CKX7_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 7 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 7) (OsCKX7) [CKX7] [LOC_Os02g12780] [B1131G07.5] [OsJ_05920] [P0027A02.34]
Os02g0220400 Q6YW48     CGA1_ORYSJ  Protein CYTOKININ-RESPONSIVE GATA TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1 (OsCGA1) [CGA1] [LOC_Os02g12790] [B1131G07.8]
Os02g0220500 Q6YW46     EF1G2_ORYSJ Elongation factor 1-gamma 2 (EF-1-gamma 2) (eEF-1B gamma 2) [LOC_Os02g12800] [B1131G07.11]
Os02g0220600 Q9ZRI7     EF1G1_ORYSJ Elongation factor 1-gamma 1 (EF-1-gamma 1) (eEF-1B gamma 1) [LOC_Os02g12800] [B1131G07.12]
Os02g0221300 Q0E2Q3     IF4A2_ORYSJ Putative eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-2 (EC (eIF-4A-2) (ATP-dependent RNA helicase eIF4A-2) (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 19) [LOC_Os02g12840] [B1131G07.20]
Os02g0224100 Q6Z8B9     P2C12_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 12 (EC (OsPP2C12) [LOC_Os02g13100] [OsJ_005771] [P0470A03.13-1]
Os02g0224200 Q0E2P1     2ABB_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A 55 kDa regulatory subunit B beta isoform (PP2A, subunit B, beta isoform) [LOC_Os02g13110] [OsJ_005772] [P0470A03.14]
Os02g0228900 Q6H543     IAA7_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA7 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 7) [IAA7] [LOC_Os02g13520] [OsJ_05967] [OSJNBb0035N08.7] [P0620H05.33]
Os02g0229500 Q0E2L3     KN14D_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14D [KIN14D] [Os02g0229500/Os02g0229600] [LOC_Os02g13570/LOC_Os02g13580] [OsJ_05972] [OSJNBb0035N08.18]
Os02g0229600 Q0E2L3     KN14D_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14D [KIN14D] [Os02g0229500/Os02g0229600] [LOC_Os02g13570/LOC_Os02g13580] [OsJ_05972] [OSJNBb0035N08.18]
Os02g0232000 Q6EUG4     HFC2A_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor C-2a (Heat stress transcription factor 5) (OsHsf-05) [HSFC2A] [HSF05] [LOC_Os02g13800] [OJ1705_E12.15]
Os02g0232100 I6PL68     HEI10_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase CCNB1IP1 homolog (EC (RING finger-containing protein HEI10) (OsHEI10) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase HEI10) [HEI10] [LOC_Os02g13810] [OJ1705_E12.17] [OsJ_05990]
Os02g0232900 Q40746     NIP11_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP1-1 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 1-1) (OsNIP1;1) [NIP1-1] [rMIP1] [YK347] [LOC_Os02g13870] [OJ1705_E12.32]
Os02g0233200 Q6EUF1     BZR4_ORYSJ  Protein BZR1 homolog 4 (OsBZR4) (Protein BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT 1 homolog 4) [BZR4] [LOC_Os02g13900] [OJ1705_E12.36]
Os02g0234300 Q6EUK7     PUB04_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 4 (EC (Plant U-box protein 4) (OsPUB4) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB4) [PUB4] [LOC_Os02g13960] [OJ1145_E05.4] [OsJ_06003]
Os02g0244100 B9F4Q9     GW2_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase GW2 (EC (Protein GRAIN WIDTH AND WEIGHT 2) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase GW2) [GW2] [LOC_Os02g14720] [OsJ_06048] [P0503B05.32]
Os02g0244300 Q0E2F9     UBP15_ORYSJ Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase 15 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 15) (Protein LARGE GRAIN 1) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 15) (Ubiquitin-specific protease 15) (OsUBP15) [UBP15] [LG1] [LOC_Os02g14730] [P0503B05.35]
Os02g0245800 Q6K3T2     KAT1_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KAT1 [LOC_Os02g14840] [OJ1134_F06.17] [OSJNBa0090H18.7]
Os02g0247100 Q6K3R9     BZP19_ORYSJ Basic leucine zipper 19 (OsbZIP19) (bZIP protein 19) [BZIP19] [LOC_Os02g14910] [OSJNBa0090H18.24]
Os02g0247800 Q6K3R5     NCL2_ORYSJ  Sodium/calcium exchanger NCL2 (Na(+)/Ca(2+)-exchange protein NCL2) (OsEFCAX2) (Protein NCX-like 2) (OsNCL2) [NCL2] [LOC_Os02g14980] [OsJ_06069] [OSJNBa0011N12.6] [OSJNBa0090H18.33]
Os02g0249000 Q6K508     GLUD1_ORYSJ Glutelin type-D 1 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-D 1 acidic chain; Glutelin type-D 1 basic chain] [GLUD1] [GLUD-1] [LOC_Os02g15090] [OsJ_06077] [OSJNBa0011N12.22]
Os02g0249600 Q02897     GLUB2_ORYSJ Glutelin type-B 2 precursor (Glutelin type-B 7) [Contains: Glutelin type-B 2 acidic chain; Glutelin type-B 2 basic chain] [GLUB2] [GLUB-2] [GluB-7] [GLUB7] [LOC_Os02g15150] [OSJNBa0011N12.30]
Os02g0249800 P14323     GLUB1_ORYSJ Glutelin type-B 1 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-B 1 acidic chain; Glutelin type-B 1 basic chain] [GluB1-A] [GluB-1] [LOC_Os02g15169] [OJ1113_G05.6] [OSJNBa0011N12.36]
Os02g0249900 P14323     GLUB1_ORYSJ Glutelin type-B 1 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-B 1 acidic chain; Glutelin type-B 1 basic chain] [GLUB1-B] [GLUB-1] [LOC_Os02g15178] [OJ1113_G05.4] [OSJNBa0011N12.34]
Os02g0252400 Q6K537     DOF3_ORYSJ  Dof zinc finger protein 3 (OsDof3) (Prolamin box-binding factor) [DOF3] [RPBF] [LOC_Os02g15350] [OSJNBa0009N02.17]
Os02g0255100 Q6EN45     P2C13_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C member 13, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsPP2C13) (Protein DOWNREGULATED IN CW-CMS 11) [PP2C13] [DCW11] [LOC_Os02g15594] [OSJNBa0052K15.14]
Os02g0255500 Q6EN42     PYL3_ORYSJ  Abscisic acid receptor PYL3 (PYR1-like protein 10) (OsPYL10) (PYR1-like protein 3) (OsPYL3) (Regulatory components of ABA receptor 3) [PYL3] [PYL10] [RCAR3] [LOC_Os02g15640] [OSJNBa0052K15.19] [P0613F08.1]
Os02g0257300 Q6ETQ7     TROL_ORYSJ  Protein THYLAKOID RHODANESE-LIKE, chloroplastic precursor [TROL] [LOC_Os02g15750] [OsJ_06134] [P0613F08.22]
Os02g0261100 Q8S919     UBC5B_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 5B (EC (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 5B) (Ubiquitin carrier protein 5b) (OsUBC5b) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase 5B) [UBC5B] [LOC_Os02g16040] [OsJ_06152] [OSJNBb0026F09.5]
Os02g0266800 Q6ETX0     RSBZ3_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor RISBZ3 (Rice seed bZIP3) (bZIP transcription factor 20) (OsbZIP20) [RISBZ3] [BZIP20] [RITA-1] [LOC_Os02g16680] [OsJ_06179] [P0006C08.38]
Os02g0267200 Q4PR52     EXP13_ORYSJ Expansin-A13 precursor (Alpha-expansin-13) (OsEXP13) (OsEXPA13) (OsaEXPa1.13) [EXPA13] [EXP13] [LOC_Os02g16730] [OsJ_06183] [P0693E08.4]
Os02g0267700 Q4PR51     EXP14_ORYSJ Expansin-A14 precursor (Alpha-expansin-14) (OsEXP14) (OsEXPA14) (OsaEXPa1.11) [EXPA14] [EXP14] [LOC_Os02g16780] [P0693E08.10]
Os02g0267900 Q4PR42     EXP24_ORYSJ Expansin-A24 precursor (Alpha-expansin-24) (OsEXP24) (OsEXPA24) (OsaEXPa1.10) [EXPA24] [EXP24] [LOC_Os02g16800] [OsJ_06187] [P0693E08.12]
Os02g0268000 Q4PR43     EXP23_ORYSJ Expansin-A23 precursor (Alpha-expansin-23) (OsEXP23) (OsEXPA23) (OsaEXPa1.12) [EXPA23.1] [EXP23.1] [LOC_Os02g16809] [P0693E08.13]
Os02g0268100 Q6ERU3     GLUB5_ORYSJ Glutelin type-B 5 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-B 5 acidic chain; Glutelin type-B 5 basic chain] [GLUB5] [GLUB-5] [LOC_Os02g16820] [P0693E08.14]
Os02g0268300 P14614     GLUB4_ORYSJ Glutelin type-B 4 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-B 4 acidic chain; Glutelin type-B 4 basic chain] [GLUB4] [GLUB-4] [LOC_Os02g16830] [P0693E08.16]
Os02g0268600 Q4PR44     EXP22_ORYSJ Expansin-A22 precursor (Alpha-expansin-22) (OsEXP22) (OsEXPA22) (OsaEXPa1.9) [EXPA22] [EXP22] [LOC_Os02g16850] [P0693E08.19]
Os02g0274000 F1SZ44     RF2N_ORYSJ  Protein FERTILITY RESTORER RF2, mitochondrial precursor [RF2] [LOC_Os02g17380]
Os02g0274100 Q8W1L6     MFP_ORYSJ   Peroxisomal fatty acid beta-oxidation multifunctional protein (MFP) [Includes: Enoyl-CoA hydratase/3-2-trans-enoyl-CoA isomerase/3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA epimerase (EC (EC (EC; 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase (EC] [MFP] [LOC_Os02g17390] [P0413A11.18]
Os02g0275100 Q6K7S7     CCMH_ORYSJ  Cytochrome c-type biogenesis CcmH-like mitochondrial protein (OsCCMH) [CCMH] [LOC_Os02g17520] [OsJ_06229] [P0017G06.11] [P0413A11.41]
Os02g0276500 Q6K7V6     TOCC_ORYSJ  Probable tocopherol cyclase, chloroplastic precursor (Vitamin E pathway gene 1 protein) [VTE1] [LOC_Os02g17650] [OsJ_06237] [OSJNBa0055M07.5] [P0017G06.29]
Os02g0278700 Q6ET36     CPS1_ORYSJ  Ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ent-CDP synthase 1) (OsCPS1) (OsCPS1ent) (Ent-kaurene synthase A) (OsCPS) [CPS1] [LOC_Os02g17780] [P0444A09.11]
Os02g0283800 Q6K4T4     SERK4_ORYSJ LRR receptor kinase SERK2 precursor (EC (BRI1-associated receptor kinase 1 homolog 5) (OsBAK1-5) (Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase 4) (OsSERK4) [SERK4] [LOC_Os02g18320] [OsJ_06271] [OSJNBa0018M09.11]
Os02g0288600 Q0E1Z0     BURP4_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 4 precursor (OsBURP04) [BURP4] [LOC_Os02g18690] [OJ1756_H07.37] [OJ1756_H07.38] [OsJ_06300]
Os02g0290500 Q6K881     P4KG4_ORYSJ Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase gamma 4 (EC (PI-4Kgamma4) (PI4K gamma 4) (Ubiquitin-like domain kinase gamma 4) (OsUbDKgamma4) (UbDKgamma4) [PI4KG4] [LOC_Os02g18840] [OJ1086_G08.5] [OJ1756_H07.61] [OsJ_06315]
Os02g0291000 Q3HRP0     CNBL7_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 7 [CBL7] [LOC_Os02g18880] [OJ1086_G08.10]
Os02g0291400 Q3HRN9     CNBL8_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 8 [CBL8] [LOC_Os02g18930] [OJ1124_E11.15]
Os02g0301000 Q6K4V3     C3H15_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 15 (OsC3H15) [LOC_Os02g19804] [OSJNBa0010K08.8-1]
Os02g0301100 Q6K4V2     SWET4_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET4 (OsSWEET4) [SWEET4] [LOC_Os02g19820] [OsJ_06370] [OSJNBa0010K08.10]
Os02g0304900 Q6H6E6     DI194_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 homolog 4 (OsDi19-4) [DI19-4] [LOC_Os02g20170] [OsJ_006199] [OsJ_06388] [P0572A04.25]
Os02g0306401 A0A0P0VI36 NAAT1_ORYSJ Nicotianamine aminotransferase 1 (EC (OsNAAT1) [NAAT1] [LOC_Os02g20360] [P0543C11.29]
Os02g0312600 Q6Z7L8     RAC7_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 7 precursor (GTPase protein ROP5) (OsRac7) [RAC7] [ROP5] [LOC_Os02g20850] [OJ1233_A01.27] [OsJ_06426] [P0705A04.1]
Os02g0313400 Q6Z6S1     API5_ORYSJ  Apoptosis inhibitor 5-like protein API5 (Protein APOPTOSIS INHIBITOR 5) [API5] [LOC_Os02g20930] [OsJ_06432] [P0705A04.11]
Os02g0314300 Q5KTQ9     CAX1C_ORYSJ Vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 1c (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 1c) (OsCAX1c) [CAX1c] [Os02g0314400] [Os02g0314100] [LOC_Os02g21009] [P0705A04.26]
Os02g0317400 Q6Z844     COPZ2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit zeta-2 (Non-clathrin coat protein zeta2-COP) (Zeta-2-coat protein) (Zeta-COP 2) [COPZ2] [LOC_Os02g21250] [OJ1134_B09.3-1] [OsJ_006260] [OsJ_06451] [P0572D06.37-1]
Os02g0318450 Q8GU85     AB40G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 40 (OsABCG40) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 4) (OsPDR4) [ABCG40] [PDR4] [Os02g0318450/Os02g0318500] [LOC_Os02g21340] [OJ1134_B09.15] [OSJNBa0086N11.3]
Os02g0318500 Q8GU85     AB40G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 40 (OsABCG40) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 4) (OsPDR4) [ABCG40] [PDR4] [Os02g0318450/Os02g0318500] [LOC_Os02g21340] [OJ1134_B09.15] [OSJNBa0086N11.3]
Os02g0319100 Q6EQX3     OML5_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 5 (OML5) (MEI2-like protein 5) [ML5] [LOC_Os02g21430] [OSJNBa0086N11.15]
Os02g0324400 Q6Z6T2     FOS1_ORYSJ  Inactive protein FON2 SPARE1 (CLAVATA3/ESR (CLE)-related protein 202) (OsCLE202) [FOS1] [CLE202] [LOC_Os02g21890] [OsJ_06495] [P0688H12.37]
Os02g0325600 Q6Z869     NIGT1_ORYSJ Transcription factor NIGT1 (MYB-domain transcription factor NIGT1) (Protein NITRATE-INDUCIBLE GARP-TYPE TRANSCRIPTIONAL REPRESSOR 1) [NIGT1] [LOC_Os02g22020] [P0476C12.20]
Os02g0327000 Q6YWF1     GAP1_ORYSJ  GTPase activating protein 1 (OsGAP1) (G-protein binding protein 1) (OsGPBP1) [GAP1] [GPBP1] [LOC_Os02g22130] [OsJ_06508] [OSJNBb0042G06.10] [P0476C12.36]
Os02g0329800 Q6Z7I3     XAX1_ORYSJ  Beta-1,2-xylosyltransferease XAX1 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Protein XYLOSYL ARABINOSYL SUBSTITUTION OF XYLAN 1) [XAX1] [LOC_Os02g22380] [OJ1521_G01.21] [OsJ_06519]
Os02g0330200 Q6ZFR0     XAT2_ORYSJ  Alpha-1,3-arabinosyltransferase XAT2 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Xylan arabinosyltransferase 2) (OsXAT2) [XAT2] [LOC_Os02g22480] [OJ1116_E03.2] [OsJ_06523]
Os02g0436400 Q67W29     DAPB1_ORYSJ Probable 4-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate reductase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (HTPA reductase 1) [DAPB1] [LOC_Os02g24020] [OJ1126_B05.33] [OsJ_006340] [OsJ_06538]
Os02g0438200 Q6Z7H3     CCT12_ORYSJ Cyclin-T1-2 (CycT1;2) [CYCT1_2] [LOC_Os02g24190] [OJ1570_H12.4-1] [OJ1570_H12.4-2] [OsJ_06547]
Os02g0440000 Q6ZG77     DCDA_ORYSJ  Probable diaminopimelate decarboxylase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (DAP decarboxylase) (DAPDC) [LYSA] [LOC_Os02g24354] [OJ1008_E02.6] [OsJ_006351/OsJ_006352]
Os02g0455800 Q6K3B2     Y2558_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os02g0455800 [LOC_Os02g25820] [OsJ_06608] [OSJNBa0008C07.35] [OSJNBa0063K04.11]
Os02g0455900 Q6K3B1     Y2559_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os02g0455900 [LOC_Os02g25830] [OSJNBa0008C07.36] [OSJNBa0063K04.12]
Os02g0459600 A0A0P0VIP0 LRSK7_ORYSJ L-type lectin-domain containing receptor kinase S.7 precursor (EC (OsLecRK-S.7) (Protein DEFECTIVE IN APERTURE FORMATION 1) (OsDAF1) [LECRKS7] [DAF1] [LOC_Os02g26160]
Os02g0460200 Q0E1D7     FLP3_ORYSJ  Flowering-promoting factor 1-like protein 3 (FPF1-like protein 3) [LOC_Os02g26210] [OsJ_06629]
Os02g0466400 Q6K7B8     ITPK4_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 4 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 4) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 4) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 4) (OsITP5/6K-4) (OsITPK4) [ITPK4] [LOC_Os02g26720] [OJ1342_D02.13] [OsJ_06663]
Os02g0471500 Q6K6N7     P2C14_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 14 (EC (OsPP2C14) [LOC_Os02g27220] [P0046H03.1] [P0403C01.30]
Os02g0475400 Q6K739     BASS3_ORYSJ Probable sodium/metabolite cotransporter BASS3, chloroplastic precursor (Bile acid-sodium symporter family protein 3) [BASS3] [LOC_Os02g27490] [P0419C03.11]
Os02g0489400 P49199     RS8_ORYSJ   40S ribosomal protein S8 [RPS8] [LOC_Os02g28810] [OsJ_06781] [OSJNBa0048K16.2] [P0483C08.42]
Os02g0489800 Q6K765     KN12B_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12B (OsKinesin-12B) [KIN12B] [LOC_Os02g28850] [OsJ_06785] [OSJNBa0048K16.12]
Os02g0490000 Q6K762     PUB73_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 73 (EC (Plant U-box protein 73) (OsPUB73) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB73) [PUB73] [OsJ_06787] [OSJNBa0048K16.15]
Os02g0491600 Q6K5Q0     GL21_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 2-1 precursor [LOC_Os02g29000] [OSJNBa0048K16.34] [P0579G08.10]
Os02g0491700 Q6K5P9     GL22_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 2-2 precursor [LOC_Os02g29010] [OsJ_006582] [OSJNBa0048K16.35] [P0579G08.11]
Os02g0491800 Q6K5P8     GL23_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 2-3 precursor [LOC_Os02g29020] [OsJ_006583] [OSJNBa0048K16.37] [P0579G08.13]
Os02g0496100 Q6K6S5     HSFA5_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-5 (Heat stress transcription factor 6) (OsHsf-06) [HSFA5] [HSF06] [LOC_Os02g29340] [P0040H05.33]
Os02g0504800 B9F058     STAD3_ORYSJ Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.14.19.-) [LOC_Os02g30200] [OJ1003_F04.32] [OsJ_06845]
Os02g0506500 Q6K6K7     UBA5_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 5 (Ubiquitin-activating enzyme 5) [LOC_Os02g30310] [OsJ_06853] [P0047E05.15]
Os02g0510200 Q6K2E8     ILVB1_ORYSJ Acetolactate synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Acetohydroxy-acid synthase 1) [ALS1] [LOC_Os02g30630] [OSJNBa0052M16.38]
Os02g0512300 Q0E0Y3     PUS7_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 7 (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 7) (RNA-uridine isomerase 7) [LOC_Os02g30840]
Os02g0512400 Q6K609     GRXC3_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C3 (Protein ROXY 2) [GRXC3] [ROXY2] [LOC_Os02g30850] [OJ1789_D08.10]
Os02g0513100 Q6K602     SWT15_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET15 (OsSWEET15) [SWEET15] [LOC_Os02g30910] [OJ1789_D08.23] [OsJ_06889]
Os02g0517531 Q64M78     OML4_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 4 (OML4) (MEI2-like protein 4) [ML4] [LOC_Os02g31290] [OsJ_06913] [OSJNBa0004O05.27]
Os02g0518600 Q6H4M2     HAK19_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 19 (OsHAK19) [HAK19] [LOC_Os02g31910] [P0461D06.12]
Os02g0519100 Q6H4L9     HAK20_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 20 (OsHAK20) [HAK20] [LOC_Os02g31940] [OsJ_06926] [P0461D06.18]
Os02g0520750 Q6H4N0     GT21_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os02g0520750 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os02g32110] [OSJNBb0003H22.12]
Os02g0523800 Q6H545     IPK2_ORYSJ  Inositol polyphosphate multikinase IPK2 (EC (EC (OsIPK2) (Inositol polyphosphate 6-/3-/5-kinase) [IPK2] [LOC_Os02g32370] [OsJ_06957] [OSJNBa0047A17.37] [P0415B12.9]
Os02g0526400 Q6H795     CLPD1_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpD1, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpD homolog 1) (Casein lytic proteinase D1) [CLPD1] [LOC_Os02g32520] [P0458B05.10]
Os02g0527300 Q6H6Q7     HSFA3_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-3 (Heat stress transcription factor 7) (OsHsf-07) [HSFA3] [HSF07] [LOC_Os02g32590] [P0458B05.23] [P0475F05.3]
Os02g0528900 Q8GU83     AB41G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 41 (OsABCG41) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 2) (OsPDR2) [ABCG41] [PDR2] [LOC_Os02g32690] [P0475F05.27] [P0476H10.11]
Os02g0529150 Q6H6P0     ATG8E_ORYSJ Putative autophagy-related protein 8E (Autophagy-related ubiquitin-like modifier ATG8E) [ATG8E] [APG8E] [LOC_Os02g32700] [P0475F05.30] [P0476H10.14]
Os02g0529400 Q6H6N5     NIN3_ORYSJ  Neutral/alkaline invertase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNIN3) [NIN3] [LOC_Os02g32730] [OsJ_06987] [P0475F05.37-1] [P0476H10.21-1]
Os02g0529600 Q6H765     GT2_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 2 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT2) [GT2] [LOC_Os02g32750] [OsJ_06989] [P0476H10.24]
Os02g0530300 Q6H754     SAP5_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 5 (OsSAP5) [SAP5] [LOC_Os02g32840] [OsJ_06995] [P0476H10.31]
Os02g0530600 Q0E0Q3     PARP3_ORYSJ Protein ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP3 (EC 2.4.2.-) (NAD(+) ADP-ribosyltransferase 3) (ADPRT-3) (Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 3) (PARP-3) (Poly[ADP-ribose] synthase 3) [PARP3] [LOC_Os02g32860] [OsJ_06997] [P0476H10.38]
Os02g0531200 Q6ESG1     BASS4_ORYSJ Probable sodium/metabolite cotransporter BASS4, chloroplastic precursor (Bile acid-sodium symporter family protein 4) [BASS4] [LOC_Os02g32930] [OsJ_06999] [P0605D08.11]
Os02g0532500 Q6ESF0     GL24_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 2-4 precursor [LOC_Os02g32980] [P0605D08.24]
Os02g0533900 Q93XI4     AGUB_ORYSJ  N-carbamoylputrescine amidase (EC [CPA] [LOC_Os02g33080] [B1136H02.7] [P0605D08.40]
Os02g0534400 Q0E0P0     INV1_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 1 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 1) (Invertase 1) (OsCIN1) (Sucrose hydrolase 1) [CIN1] [LOC_Os02g33110] [B1136H02.14] [OJ1112_G07.1]
Os02g0535400 Q6EPW7     RAR1_ORYSJ  Cysteine and histidine-rich domain-containing protein RAR1 (CHORD domain-containing protein RAR1) (OsRAR1) (Protein REQUIRED FOR MLA12 RESISTANCE 1) [RAR1] [LOC_Os02g33180] [B1136H02.25] [OJ1112_G07.12]
Os02g0537000 Q6ETW4     PMEI8_ORYSJ Pectinesterase inhibitor 8 precursor (Pectin methylesterase inhibitor 8) (OsPMEI8) [PMEI8] [LOC_Os02g33380] [OsJ_07032] [P0508B05.10]
Os02g0537700 Q6ER94     BAS1_ORYSJ  2-Cys peroxiredoxin BAS1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Thiol-specific antioxidant protein) (Thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin BAS1) [BAS1] [LOC_Os02g33450] [OsJ_07037] [OSJNBa0014M17.2] [P0508B05.23]
Os02g0541325 Q6ESZ9     SDC1_ORYSJ  Serine decarboxylase 1 (EC 4.1.1.-) [SDC1] [LOC_Os02g33710] [OJ1298_H07.24] [OsJ_07054] [P0472F10.2]
Os02g0549600 P0DKK8     RS10A_ORYSJ 40S ribosomal protein S10-1 [RPS10-1] [LOC_Os02g34460] [OsJ_07087] [OSJNBa0040I22.20] [P0451A10.8]
Os02g0550300 Q0E0I1     PDI53_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 5-3 precursor (OsPDIL5-3) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 7-2) (OsPDIL7-2) [PDIL5-3] [PDIL7-2] [LOC_Os02g34530] [OsJ_07093]
Os02g0550600 Q69T31     CINV1_ORYSJ Cytosolic invertase 1 (EC (OsCYT-INV1) [CINV1] [LOC_Os02g34560] [OsJ_07095] [P0451A10.27]
Os02g0550800 Q69T29     AMT33_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 3 member 3 (OsAMT3;3) [AMT3-3] [LOC_Os02g34580] [OsJ_07097] [P0451A10.33]
Os02g0551100 Q6ZI44     SAPK6_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK6 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 6) (stress-activated protein kinase 6) (OsSAPK6) [SAPK6] [RK1] [LOC_Os02g34600] [OJ1004_H01.2] [OsJ_07099] [P0451A10.35]
Os02g0553200 Q69SV0     APX8_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 8, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsAPx8) [APX8] [LOC_Os02g34810] [P0470G10.5]
Os02g0554900 Q69ST6     PID13_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 1-3 precursor (EC (OsPDIL1-3) [PDIL1-3] [LOC_Os02g34940] [P0470G10.25]
Os02g0557200 Q6YVY0     ARFG_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 7 [ARF7] [LOC_Os02g35140] [OsJ_07141] [OSJNBb0038F20.6]
Os02g0557500 Q6YVX9     C3H16_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 16 (OsC3H16) [LOC_Os02g35150] [OSJNBb0038F20.8]
Os02g0557800 Q6YVX7     ORR2_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR2 (OsRR2) [RR2] [LOC_Os02g35180] [OSJNBb0038F20.11]
Os02g0558300 Q6YVX4     MOC2A_ORYSJ Molybdopterin synthase sulfur carrier subunit (Molybdenum cofactor synthesis protein 2 small subunit) (Molybdenum cofactor synthesis protein 2A) (MOCS2A) (Sulfur carrier protein MOCS2A) [LOC_Os02g35200] [OsJ_006938] [OSJNBb0038F20.16]
Os02g0559400 Q0E0C6     OPR8_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 8 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 8) (OsOPR8) [OPR8] [OPR7] [LOC_Os02g35310] [P0435E12.12]
Os02g0559800 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.1] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35329] [P0435E12.16]
Os02g0560200 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.2] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35347] [P0435E12.20]
Os02g0560600 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.3] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35365] [P0435E12.24]
Os02g0561000 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.4] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35383] [P0435E12.28]
Os02g0561400 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.5] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35401] [P0435E12.32]
Os02g0561800 Q9LRB7     EL5_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 (EC (Protein ELICITOR 5) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase EL5) [EL5.6] [EL5] [LOC_Os02g35429] [P0435E12.37]
Os02g0564100 Q6Z7F4     ALFL7_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 7 [LOC_Os02g35600] [OJ1712_E04.22] [OsJ_07167] [P0020C11.11]
Os02g0565600 Q0E0A6     HOX7_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX7 (HD-ZIP protein HOX7) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX7) (OsHox7) [HOX7] [LOC_Os02g35770] [P0020C11.33]
Os02g0567100 Q6YTI3     TRL4_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin-like 4, chloroplastic precursor (Lilium-type thioredoxin 3) [LOC_Os02g35900] [OsJ_07192] [P0020D05.18]
Os02g0567200 Q6YTI2     P2C15_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 15 (EC (OsPP2C15) [LOC_Os02g35910] [OsJ_07193] [P0020D05.19]
Os02g0568200 Q5KS50     NPH3_ORYSJ  Coleoptile phototropism protein 1 (BTB/POZ domain-containing protein CPT1) (Non-phototropic hypocotyl 3-like protein) (NPH3-like protein) [CPT1] [LOC_Os02g35970] [P0020D05.32] [P0025F02.3]
Os02g0569000 Q6YTF5     C76M5_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 76M5 (EC [CYP76M5] [LOC_Os02g36030] [OsJ_07201] [P0025F02.20]
Os02g0569400 Q6YTF1     C76M8_ORYSJ Oryzalexin D synthase (EC (EC (Cytochrome P450 76M8) (Ent-cassadiene C11-alpha-hydroxylase 2) [CYP76M8] [LOC_Os02g36070] [OsJ_07203] [OSJNBa0008E01.2] [P0025F02.31]
Os02g0570400 Q0E088     KSL7_ORYSJ  Ent-cassa-12,15-diene synthase (EC (Diterpene cyclase 1) (OsDTC1) (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 7) (OsKSL7) (OsKS3) [KSL7] [DTC1] [LOC_Os02g36140] [OsJ_006992] [OSJNBa0008E01.23]
Os02g0570500 A3A871     C71Z6_ORYSJ Ent-isokaurene C2/C3-hydroxylase (EC (Cytochrome P450 71Z6) [CYP71Z6] [LOC_Os02g36150] [OsJ_07206] [OSJNBa0008E01.28]
Os02g0570700 Q6YV88     C71Z7_ORYSJ Ent-cassadiene hydroxylase (EC (Cytochrome P450 71Z7) [CYP71Z7] [LOC_Os02g36190] [OsJ_07207] [OSJNBa0008E01.37] [P0689H05.7]
Os02g0571100 Q6Z5I0     CPS2_ORYSJ  Ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ent-CDP synthase 2) (OsCPS2) (OsCPS2ent) (Diterpene cyclase 2) (OsCyc2) (Ent-kaurene synthase A) [CPS2] [CYC2] [LOC_Os02g36210] [OsJ_006996] [P0689H05.16]
Os02g0571300 Q6Z5J6     KSL5_ORYSJ  Ent-pimara-8(14),15-diene synthase (EC (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 5) (OsKS5) (OsKSL5j) (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 6) (OsKS6) [KSL5] [KS6] [LOC_Os02g36220] [P0689H05.20]
Os02g0571800 A4KAG8     KSL6_ORYSJ  Ent-isokaur-15-ene synthase (EC (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 5) (OsKS5) (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 6) (OsKS6) (OsKSL6) (Iso-kaurene synthase) [KSL6] [KS5] [LOC_Os02g36264] [P0689H05.34]
Os02g0571900 Q6Z5I7     C76M6_ORYSJ Oryzalexin E synthase (EC (Cytochrome P450 76M6) [CYP76M6] [LOC_Os02g36280] [OsJ_07213] [P0689H05.39]
Os02g0572400 Q0E079     RIBA2_ORYSJ Probable bifunctional riboflavin biosynthesis protein RIBA 2, chloroplastic precursor (OsRIBA2) [Includes: 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase (EC (DHBP synthase); GTP cyclohydrolase-2 (EC (GTP cyclohydrolase II)] [RIBA2] [J023020F21] [OsJ_07218]
Os02g0575200 Q69S81     PPCS1_ORYSJ Phosphopantothenate--cysteine ligase 1 (EC (Phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase 1) (PPC synthetase 1) [LOC_Os02g36550] [OsJ_07236] [P0703B01.18]
Os02g0576600 Q69JW3     SUT5_ORYSJ  Sucrose transport protein SUT5 (Sucrose permease 5) (Sucrose transporter 5) (OsSUT5) (Sucrose-proton symporter 5) [SUT5] [SUT5Z] [LOC_Os02g36700] [B1342F01.9]
Os02g0576700 Q69JW2     NRP2_ORYSJ  NAP1-related protein 2 (Protein SET homolog 2) [LOC_Os02g36710] [B1342F01.10]
Os02g0578366 Q6EP58     CASP7_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 7 (OsCASP7) [LOC_Os02g36845] [B1267B06.3] [B1342F01.34] [OsJ_07255]
Os02g0579600 Q6EP49     MAD27_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 27 (OsMADS27) (RMADS218) [MADS27] [LOC_Os02g36924] [B1267B06.20]
Os02g0580300 Q6EUP4     14335_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-E (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog E) [GF14E] [LOC_Os02g36974] [B1267B06.30-1] [OJ1115_A05.5-1] [OsJ_07268]
Os02g0580300 Q7XAK4     GID2_ORYSJ  F-box protein GID2 (Gibberellin-insensitive dwarf protein 2) (Protein GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF2) [GID2] [LOC_Os02g36974]
Os02g0581300 Q6EUN0     ASCL1_ORYSJ ASC1-like protein 1 (Alternaria stem canker resistance-like protein 1) [LOC_Os02g37080] [OJ1115_A05.19]
Os02g0590800 Q6YY75     NEK6_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek6 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 6) (OsNek6) [NEK6] [LOC_Os02g37830] [OsJ_07328] [OSJNBa0006O15.28]
Os02g0593600 Q6ZH85     PIRL2_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 2 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 2) (OsIRL2) [IRL2] [LOC_Os02g38040] [OJ1067_B01.5] [OsJ_07347] [OSJNBa0016G10.27]
Os02g0595900 Q6ZI50     NAR21_ORYSJ High-affinity nitrate transporter-activating protein 2.1 precursor (OsNAR2.1) [NAR2.1] [LOC_Os02g38230] [OJ1126_D09.33] [OsJ_07366]
Os02g0596900 Q6K908     ARP3_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 3 [ARP3] [LOC_Os02g38340] [OJ1568_B05.15] [OsJ_007159] [OsJ_07378]
Os02g0598200 Q6K5K2     Y2982_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os02g0598200 [LOC_Os02g38470] [OJ1212_D02.14]
Os02g0599150 Q6K1U4     P2C16_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 16 (EC (OsPP2C16) [LOC_Os02g38580] [OJ1212_D02.33] [OSJNBa0038P01.17]
Os02g0599150 Q6K1U0     P2C17_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 17 precursor (EC (OsPP2C17) [LOC_Os02g38690] [OSJNBa0038P01.32]
Os02g0599200 A3A8Q4     P2C18_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 18 (EC (OsPP2C18) [LOC_Os02g38710] [OsJ_007176] [OSJNBa0038P01.37]
Os02g0599700 Q0DZT4     P2C19_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 19 (EC (OsPP2C19) [LOC_Os02g38780] [OsJ_007181]
Os02g0600000 Q6K5I0     P2C20_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 20 (EC (OsPP2C20) [LOC_Os02g38804] [OJ1791_B03.14] [OJ1791_B03.15]
Os02g0601300 Q6K5G8     G3PC3_ORYSJ Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 3, cytosolic (EC [GAPC3] [GAPDH] [LOC_Os02g38920] [OJ1791_B03.34] [OsJ_07411]
Os02g0602100 Q6K5F8     CDKG1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase G-1 (EC (EC (CDKG;1) [CDKG-1] [LOC_Os02g39010] [OJ1669_F01.7] [OJ1791_B03.45]
Os02g0603800 Q6K8J4     ISPG_ORYSJ  4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl diphosphate synthase (ferredoxin), chloroplastic precursor (EC (1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate synthase) [ISPG] [LOC_Os02g39160] [OJ1669_F01.30] [OsJ_07430]
Os02g0604300 Q6K8S7     CSTR5_ORYSJ CMP-sialic acid transporter 5 (CMP-SA-Tr 5) (CMP-Sia-Tr 5) (CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein 5) [CSTLP5] [LOC_Os02g39200] [OJ1058_F07.2]
Os02g0604600 Q6K8S5     CCF12_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F1-2 (CycF1;2) [CYCF1-2] [LOC_Os02g39220] [OJ1058_F07.4]
Os02g0604700 Q6K8S3     CCF14_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F1-4 (CycF1;4) [CycF1-4] [LOC_Os02g39230] [OJ1058_F07.6] [OsJ_007218]
Os02g0604800 Q6K8S1     CCF13_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F1-3 (CycF1;3) [CYCF1-3] [LOC_Os02g39240] [OJ1058_F07.8]
Os02g0605000 Q6K8S0     CCF22_ORYSJ Cyclin-F2-2 (CycF2;2) [CYCF2-2] [LOC_Os02g39260] [OJ1058_F07.10] [OsJ_007220]
Os02g0605900 Q6K8R2     CHI6_ORYSJ  Chitinase 6 precursor (EC (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 6) [Cht6] [LOC_Os02g39330] [OJ1058_F07.19] [OsJ_07447]
Os02g0606600 Q0DZP5     CML17_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML17 (Calmodulin-like protein 17) [CML17] [LOC_Os02g39380]
Os02g0606900 A3A8W2     P2C21_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 21 (EC (OsPP2C21) [LOC_Os02g39410] [OsJ_007234] [OsJ_07456]
Os02g0607000 Q6K1Z6     CCF21_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F2-1 (CycF2;1) [CycF2-1] [LOC_Os02g39420] [OsJ_007235] [OSJNBa0030C08.9]
Os02g0607400 Q6K1Z1     CCF11_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F1-1 (CycF1;1) [CYCF1-1] [LOC_Os02g39470] [OSJNBa0030C08.20]
Os02g0607500 A3A8W6     P2C22_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 22 precursor (EC (OsPP2C22) [LOC_Os02g39480] [OsJ_007238] [OSJNBa0030C08.21]
Os02g0610600 Q6K9C3     RZP23_ORYSJ Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor RSZ23 (RS-containing zinc finger protein 23) (Os-RSZ23) (Os-RSZp23) [RSZ23] [RSZP23] [LOC_Os02g39720] [OJ1476_F05.20]
Os02g0610800 Q6K9C1     ATAB2_ORYSJ Protein TAB2 homolog, chloroplastic precursor [OJ1476_F05.22]
Os02g0611500 Q6K641     IF4G2_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor isoform 4G-2 (eIF(iso)-4G-2) (eIF(iso)4G-2) (Eukaryotic initiation factor iso-4F subunit p82) (eIF-(iso)4F p82 subunit) [LOC_Os02g39840] [OJ1004_A05.11] [OsJ_07496]
Os02g0611800 Q6K638     HCT2_ORYSJ  Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsHCT2) (BAHD-like hydroxycinnamoyl transferase HCT2) [HCT2] [LOC_Os02g39850] [OJ1004_A05.15]
Os02g0612300 Q84L14     NCBP2_ORYSJ Nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 2 (20 kDa nuclear cap-binding protein) (NCBP 20 kDa subunit) (CBP20) [CBP20] [LOC_Os02g39890] [OJ1004_A05.24]
Os02g0617500 B6DMK2     MER3_ORYSJ  ATP-dependent DNA helicase MER3 homolog (EC (Protein RICE MEIOTIC CROSSOVER 1) [MER3] [RMC1] [LOC_Os02g40450]
Os02g0617700 Q6KAI0     PNP2_ORYSJ  Polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Polynucleotide phosphorylase 2) (PNPase 2) [PNP2] [LOC_Os02g40460] [OJ1014_H03.14]
Os02g0618100 Q6K953     GRXC4_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C4, chloroplastic precursor (Glutaredoxin-C2 homolog 2) [GRXC4] [LOC_Os02g40500] [OJ1014_H03.21] [OJ1212_C01.7]
Os02g0618200 Q689G9     PRR1_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator-like PRR1 (Pseudo-response regulator 1) (OsPRR1) [PRR1] [LOC_Os02g40510] [OJ1014_H03.23] [OJ1212_C01.9] [OsJ_07546]
Os02g0620500 Q6K9G3     AMT13_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 1 member 3 (OsAMT1;3) [AMT1-3] [AMT1-2] [LOC_Os02g40710] [OJ1234_B11.1] [OJ1372_D06.26] [OsJ_07561]
Os02g0620600 Q6K9G1     AMT12_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 1 member 2 (OsAMT1;2) [AMT1-2] [AMT1-3] [LOC_Os02g40730] [OJ1234_B11.3] [OJ1372_D06.28] [OsJ_07562]
Os02g0621300 Q6K9F6     GLO14_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-4 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-4) [GL1-4] [LOC_Os02g40784] [OJ1234_B11.10] [OJ1372_D06.35] [OSNPB_020621300]
Os02g0621700 Q6K9N6     SUCB_ORYSJ  Succinate--CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit beta, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Succinyl-CoA synthetase beta chain) (SCS-beta) [LOC_Os02g40830] [OJ1234_B11.18] [OsJ_07569]
Os02g0622100 Q6K9N1     CKI1_ORYSJ  Casein kinase 1 (EC (OsCKI1) (Protein HYBRID BREAKDOWN 2) (Protein LOW TEMPERATURE GROWTH 1) [CKI1] [HBD2] [LTG1] [LOC_Os02g40860] [OJ1234_B11.27] [OsJ_07571]
Os02g0623400 Q0DZF3     G1L3_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like3 [G1L3] [LOC_Os02g41460] [B1215B07.4] [OSJNOa148N02.6]
Os02g0624300 Q6K1S6     MYB30_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYB30 (OsMYB30) [MYB30] [LOC_Os02g41510] [B1215B07.15] [OsJ_07582]
Os02g0626100 P14717     PAL1_ORYSJ  Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (EC [PAL] [LOC_Os02g41630] [B1215B07.42] [OsJ_07592] [P0042D01.1]
Os02g0627100 Q0DZE0     PAL2_ORYSJ  Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (EC [ZB8] [LOC_Os02g41680] [OsJ_007359] [P0042D01.10]
Os02g0628000 B9F166     LOGL2_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL2 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 2) [LOGL2] [LOC_Os02g41770] [OsJ_07599]
Os02g0628600 Q6K223     ARFH_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 8 [ARF8] [LOC_Os02g41800] [B1469H02.12] [OsJ_07601]
Os02g0629200 Q6K215     PIP22_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-2 (OsPIP2;2) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-2) [PIP2-2] [LOC_Os02g41860] [B1469H02.22-1]
Os02g0629800 Q6K209     CAL1_ORYSJ  Defensin-like protein CAL1 precursor (OsCPT1) (Pathogen-related protein 12) (OsPR12) (Protein CADMIUM ACCUMULATION IN LEAF 1) [CAL1] [CPT1] [PR12] [LOC_Os02g41904] [B1469H02.30] [OsJ_07607]
Os02g0631700 Q6H468     ORR11_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR11 (OsRR11) (OsRRA8) [RR11] [LOC_Os02g42060] [B1250G12.17] [OsJ_07618]
Os02g0633300 Q6H7J6     YSL14_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL14 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 14) (OsYSL14) [YSL14] [LOC_Os02g42220] [OJ1643_A10.18]
Os02g0633400 Q6H7J5     RFA2B_ORYSJ Replication protein A 32 kDa subunit B (OsRPA32B) (OsRPA32-2) (Replication factor A protein 2B) (Replication protein A 2B) [RPA2B] [RPA32B] [LOC_Os02g42230] [OJ1643_A10.19]
Os02g0633700 Q6H7J4     P2C23_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 23 (EC (OsPP2C23) [LOC_Os02g42250] [OJ1643_A10.22]
Os02g0633900 Q6H7J3     P2C24_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 24 (EC (OsPP2C24) [LOC_Os02g42270] [OJ1643_A10.23]
Os02g0635200 Q6H849     NRL4_ORYSJ  Bifunctional nitrilase/nitrile hydratase NIT4 (EC (EC (OsNIT4) (Cyanoalanine nitrilase) (Nitrilase 4) [NIT4] [LOC_Os02g42350] [OJ1626_B09.8] [OsJ_007404]
Os02g0636300 Q6H874     RH47A_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 47A (EC [LOC_Os02g42406] [OJ1581_H9.6] [OsJ_07650]
Os02g0637000 Q6H5X0     RIP2_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 2 precursor [LOC_Os02g42450] [OJ1581_H09.18] [OSJNBa0014E22.12]
Os02g0639500 Q0DZ85     EXB16_ORYSJ Expansin-B16 precursor (Beta-expansin-16) (OsEXPB16) (OsaEXPb1.14) [EXPB16] [LOC_Os02g42650] [OSJNBa0014E22.43] [P0010C01.19]
Os02g0639600 Q6H5U3     DES1L_ORYSJ Sphingolipid delta(4)-desaturase DES1-like (EC [LOC_Os02g42660] [OsJ_07673] [OSJNBa0014E22.44] [P0010C01.20]
Os02g0639900 Q6H7E4     TRXM1_ORYSJ Thioredoxin M1, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxm1) (OsTrx08) [LOC_Os02g42700] [OsJ_07676] [P0010C01.26]
Os02g0640500 Q6H7D2     SIT1_ORYSJ  L-type lectin-domain containing receptor kinase SIT1 precursor (EC (Protein SALT INTOLERANCE 1) [SIT1] [LOC_Os02g42780] [P0010C01.40]
Os02g0641800 Q6H7S2     RH8_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 8 (EC [LOC_Os02g42860] [OJ1112_G03.6-1] [OJ1112_G03.6-2] [OsJ_07688]
Os02g0642300 A3A9H6     ACET1_ORYSJ Probable ascorbate-specific transmembrane electron transporter 1 (EC 1.-.-.-) (Cytochrome b561-1) [LOC_Os02g42890] [OJ1112_G03.14] [OsJ_07691]
Os02g0642600 B9F1C0     SHOC1_ORYSJ Protein SHORTAGE IN CHIASMATA 1 homolog (OsSHOC1) [SHOC1] [LOC_Os02g42910] [OJ1112_G03.16] [OsJ_07694]
Os02g0643200 Q6H668     YAB4_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 4 (OsYAB7) (OsYABBY4) [YAB4] [LOC_Os02g42950] [OJ1282_H11.2] [OsJ_007454]
Os02g0644200 Q6H658     VITH1_ORYSJ Vacuolar iron transporter homolog 1 (Protein NODULIN-LIKE 1) [LOC_Os02g43030] [OJ1282_H11.20]
Os02g0644400 Q6H647     KN7B_ORYSJ  Putative inactive kinesin-like protein KIN-7B (Fragment) [KIN7B] [LOC_Os02g43050] [OJ1282_H11.24] [OsJ_07707] [P0030D07.2]
Os02g0644900 Q6H641     MHX2_ORYSJ  Magnesium/proton exchanger 2 (Mg(2+)/H(+) exchanger 2) (Zinc/proton exchanger 2) (Zn(2+)/H(+) exchanger 2) [MHX2] [LOC_Os02g43110] [OJ1282_H11.33] [P0030D07.11]
Os02g0645100 Q6H638     KN7C_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7C [KIN7C] [LOC_Os02g43130] [OsJ_07710] [P0030D07.15]
Os02g0646400 Q6H628     GRXS6_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S6 [GRXS6] [LOC_Os02g43180] [OsJ_07715] [P0030D07.29] [P0519A12.14]
Os02g0649300 Q6H6S3     HOX24_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX24 (HD-ZIP protein HOX24) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX24) (OsHox24) [HOX24] [LOC_Os02g43330] [P0048B08.20]
Os02g0649700 Q6H6R9     FTSH7_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 7, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH7) [FTSH7] [LOC_Os02g43350] [OsJ_007487] [P0048B08.24-1] [P0048B08.24-2]
Os02g0649900 Q6H3Z6     YSL2_ORYSJ  Metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL2 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 2) (OsYSL2) [YSL2] [LOC_Os02g43370] [OSJNBb0012J10.2] [P0048B08.26]
Os02g0650300 Q6H3Z3     YSL15_ORYSJ Iron-phytosiderophore transporter YSL15 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 15) (OsYSL15) [YSL15] [LOC_Os02g43410] [OSJNBb0012J10.10-1] [P0048B08.34-1]
Os02g0650900 Q6H3Y7     DHE3_ORYSJ  Glutamate dehydrogenase 3, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsGDH3) [GDH3] [LOC_Os02g43470] [OsJ_07745] [OSJNBb0012J10.18] [OSNPB_020650900]
Os02g0656200 C0LT23     CERK_ORYSJ  Ceramide kinase (EC (OsCERK) [CERK] [LOC_Os02g43906/LOC_Os02g43912] [OJ1003_B06.39] [P0519E06.23]
Os02g0658100 Q7XA61     TIP21_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP2-1 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 2-1) (OsTIP2;1) [TIP2-1] [TIP2] [W950ERIPDM] [LOC_Os02g44080] [OJ1112_F09.18] [OsJ_007553] [P0519E06.48]
Os02g0658600 Q6H677     EXB14_ORYSJ Putative expansin-B14 precursor (Beta-expansin-14) (OsEXPB14) (OsaEXPb1.18) [EXPB14] [LOC_Os02g44106] [OJ1112_F09.27] [P0708H12.6]
Os02g0658800 Q6H676     EXB11_ORYSJ Expansin-B11 precursor (Beta-expansin-11) (OsEXPB11) (OsaEXPb1.20) [EXPB11] [LOC_Os02g44108] [OJ1112_F09.30] [P0708H12.9]
Os02g0661100 Q75WV3     TPP1_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 1 (EC (OsTPP1) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP1] [LOC_Os02g44230] [OsJ_07820] [P0516F12.9] [P0708H12.35]
Os02g0661300 Q6H6M5     INP1_ORYSJ  Protein INAPERTURATE POLLEN 1 homolog (OsINP1) [INP1] [LOC_Os02g44250] [P0516F12.11] [P0708H12.37]
Os02g0663800 Q6EUH7     ADF1_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 1 (ADF-1) (OsADF1) [ADF1] [LOC_Os02g44470] [OJ1001_D02.29]
Os02g0664300 Q6ESI7     TPPII_ORYSJ Tripeptidyl-peptidase 2 (EC (Tripeptidyl-peptidase II) (TPPII) [TPP2] [LOC_Os02g44520] [P0461B08.4-1] [P0461B08.4-2]
Os02g0666200 Q6EU94     PIP11_ORYSJ Aquaporin PIP1-1 (OsPIP1;1) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1-1) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1a) (PIP1a) (Water channel protein RWC1) (RWC-1) [PIP1-1] [PIP1A] [RWC1] [LOC_Os02g44630] [OJ1486_E07.10] [OsJ_007594] [P0461B08.25]
Os02g0669100 Q6ESR4     DHN1_ORYSJ  Dehydrin DHN1 (Dehydration stress-inducible protein 1) (Dehydrin 1) (OsDhn1) (Low tmperature-induced protein 9) (OsLIP9) [DHN1] [DIP1] [LIP9] [LOC_Os02g44870] [OJ1725_H08.23-1] [P0684A08.9-1]
Os02g0672200 Q6EU14     AGO1A_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 1A (OsAGO1a) [AGO1A] [LOC_Os02g45070] [OJ1493_H11.13]
Os02g0672600 Q6EU10     MTA70_ORYSJ Probable N6-adenosine-methyltransferase MT-A70-like (EC [LOC_Os02g45110] [OJ1197_E09.7] [OJ1493_H11.20]
Os02g0672800 Q6EU49     WNK4_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK4 (EC (OsWNK4) (Protein kinase with no lysine 4) [WNK4] [LOC_Os02g45130] [OJ1197_E09.9] [OsJ_007637]
Os02g0673700 B9F1L8     DOF2_ORYSJ  Dof zinc finger protein 2 (OsDof2) [DOF2] [LOC_Os02g45200] [OsJ_07904] [P0657H12.10]
Os02g0674800 Q6EPF0     ROC5_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC5 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 5) (HD-ZIP protein ROC5) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC5) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 5) [ROC5] [GL2-5] [LOC_Os02g45250] [OsJ_07908] [P0657H12.28]
Os02g0677300 Q6EP77     DRE1G_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1G (Protein DREB1G) [DREB1G] [ERF25] [LOC_Os02g45450] [OsJ_007653] [OSJNBb0005A04.16] [P0135D07.43]
Os02g0677700 Q0DYP5     C3H17_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 17 (OsC3H17) [LOC_Os02g45480]
Os02g0678200 Q6EPQ3     SPXM1_ORYSJ SPX domain-containing membrane protein Os02g45520 [LOC_Os02g45520] [OsJ_07922] [OSJNBb0005A04.25] [P0663F07.1]
Os02g0678800 Q6EPP9     GRF10_ORYSJ Growth-regulating factor 10 (OsGRF10) (Transcription activator GRF10) [GRF10] [LOC_Os02g45570] [OSJNBb0005A04.34] [P0663F07.10]
Os02g0680400 Q6EPN8     FACE1_ORYSJ CAAX prenyl protease 1 homolog (EC (Farnesylated proteins-converting enzyme 1) (FACE-1) (Prenyl protein-specific endoprotease 1) (Zinc metalloproteinase Ste24 homolog) [FACE1] [STE24] [LOC_Os02g45650] [OsJ_007668] [OsJ_07930] [P0663F07.25]
Os02g0680600 Q6EPN6     ISPF_ORYSJ  2-C-methyl-D-erythritol 2,4-cyclodiphosphate synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (MECDP-synthase) (MECPS) (MECS) [ISPF] [MCS] [LOC_Os02g45660] [P0663F07.27]
Os02g0682200 Q6EU39     MADS6_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 6 (OsMADS6) (Protein MOSAIC FLORAL ORGANS 1) [MADS6] [MFO1] [LOC_Os02g45770] [OJ1123_G04.6] [OsJ_07942]
Os02g0682600 Q9XGY5     TIM13_ORYSJ Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim13 [TIM13] [LOC_Os02g45820] [OJ1123_G04.16] [OsJ_07945]
Os02g0683500 Q6EU30     Y2835_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os02g0683500 [LOC_Os02g45850] [OJ1123_G04.23]
Os02g0685600 Q6ZHC8     P2C25_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 25 (EC (OsPP2C25) [LOC_Os02g46080] [OJ1717_A09.24]
Os02g0685900 Q0DYK7     CDPK5_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 5 (EC (OsCDPK5) (OsCPK5) [CPK5] [LOC_Os02g46090]
Os02g0690500 Q6ZGY0     P2C26_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 26 (EC (OsPP2C26) [LOC_Os02g46490] [OJ1743_B12.38] [OsJ_007725]
Os02g0697400 Q42982     4CL2_ORYSJ  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 2 (EC (4CL 2) (Os4CL2) (4-coumaroyl-CoA synthase 2) [4CL2] [4CL.2] [LOC_Os02g46970] [P0459B01.4-1] [P0666E12.12-1]
Os02g0697800 Q6Z8F5     SCAM5_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 5 (Secretory carrier membrane protein 5) [SCAMP5] [LOC_Os02g47010] [OsJ_007763] [P0459B01.9]
Os02g0700400 Q8W855     AOX1C_ORYSJ Ubiquinol oxidase 1c, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Alternative oxidase 1c) (OsAOX1C) [AOX1C] [LOC_Os02g47200] [OJ1111_E07.10] [P0459B01.39]
Os02g0700500 Q6Z8D0     PUT1_ORYSJ  Polyamine transporter PUT1 (Polyamine uptake transporter 1) (OsPUT1) [PUT1] [LOC_Os02g47210] [OJ1111_E07.11] [OsJ_08051] [P0459B01.40]
Os02g0700600 Q6Z8C8     CDKF4_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase F-4 (EC (EC (CDKF;4) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase MHK-like protein 2) [CDKF-4] [LOC_Os02g47220] [OJ1111_E07.13-1] [OsJ_08052] [P0459B01.42-1]
Os02g0700700 Q6ZIK7     BRXL2_ORYSJ Protein Brevis radix-like 2 (OsBRXL2) [BRXL2] [LOC_Os02g47230] [OJ1111_E07.14] [OsJ_08053]
Os02g0701300 Q6ZIK5     GRF4_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 4 (OsGRF4) (Protein GRAIN LENGTH AND WIDTH 2) (Protein GRAIN SIZE ON CHROMOSOME 2) (Protein PANICLE TRAITS 2) (Transcription activator GRF4) [GRF4] [GL2] [GLW2] [GS2] [PT2] [LOC_Os02g47280] [OJ1111_E07.19] [OsJ_08054]
Os02g0701600 Q6ZIK0     GTOMC_ORYSJ Probable tocopherol O-methyltransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Gamma-tocopherol methyltransferase) (Vitamin E pathway gene 4 protein) [VTE4] [G-TMT] [TMT] [LOC_Os02g47310] [OJ1111_E07.25]
Os02g0702000 Q6ZHJ5     OTP51_ORYSJ Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein OTP51, chloroplastic precursor (Protein ORGANELLE TRANSCRIPT PROCESSING 51) (OsOTP51) [OTP51] [LOC_Os02g47360] [OJ1218_D07.6] [OsJ_08060]
Os02g0703600 Q05JG2     ABAH1_ORYSJ Abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase 1 (EC (ABA 8'-hydroxylase 1) (Cytochrome P450 707A5) (OsABA8ox1) [CYP707A5] [ABA8OX1] [LOC_Os02g47470] [OJ1218_D07.28] [OsJ_007800] [P0724B10.17]
Os02g0704000 Q6YVJ0     NCED1_ORYSJ 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNCED1) [NCED1] [LOC_Os02g47510] [P0724B10.24]
Os02g0704900 Q0DYB1     IPYR_ORYSJ  Soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase (EC (Pyrophosphate phospho-hydrolase) (PPase) [IPP] [LOC_Os02g47600] [OsJ_007809] [P0724B10.39]
Os02g0705300 Q6Z2G9     TLP5_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 5 (OsTLP5) (Tubby-like F-box protein 8) (OsTLP8) [TULP5] [TULP8] [LOC_Os02g47640] [OsJ_007813] [P0680A05.6-1]
Os02g0706600 Q8S3Q9     ZHD7_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 7 (OsZHD7) [ZHD7] [LOC_Os02g47770] [49D11.22] [OSJNBb0060O16.6] [P0680A05.32]
Os02g0707000 Q8S3R1     MDAR1_ORYSJ Monodehydroascorbate reductase 1, peroxisomal (EC (OsMDAR1) (OsMDHAR1) [MDAR1] [MDHAR1] [LOC_Os02g47790] [49D11.20b] [OsJ_35955] [OSJNBb0060O16.12] [P0680A05.38]
Os02g0707100 Q8S3R2     MDAR2_ORYSJ Monodehydroascorbate reductase 2, peroxisomal (EC (OsMDAR2) (OsMDHAR2) [MDAR2] [MDHAR2] [LOC_Os02g47800] [49D11.20a] [OsJ_35954] [P0680A05.39]
Os02g0708100 Q6YV23     CARA_ORYSJ  Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase small chain, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase glutamine chain) [CARA] [LOC_Os02g47850] [OSJNBb0060O16.25]
Os02g0709400 Q6ZFZ4     DEK1_ORYSJ  Calpain-type cysteine protease ADL1 precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) (Phytocalpain ADL1) (Protein ADAXIALIZED LEAF1) (Protein DEFECTIVE KERNEL 1) (OsDEK1) (Protein SHOOTLESS 3) [ADL1] [DEK1] [ODM63] [SHL3] [LOC_Os02g47970] [OJ1311_H06.4]
Os02g0709900 Q0DY81     NMCPA_ORYSJ Nuclear matrix constituent protein 1a (OsNMCP1a) [NMCP1A] [LOC_Os02g48010] [OJ1311_H06.10-1]
Os02g0711300 Q0DY72     HS178_ORYSJ 17.8 kDa heat shock protein (OsHsp17.8) [HSP17.8] [LOC_Os02g48140] [OJ1038_A06.24] [OJ1311_H06.34]
Os02g0713400 Q6ZFU6     NTRB_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin reductase NTRB (EC (NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase B) (OsNTRB) [NTRB] [LOC_Os02g48290] [OJ1479_B12.9] [OsJ_08126]
Os02g0713900 Q0DY59     HMDH1_ORYSJ 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase 1 (EC (HMG-CoA reductase 1) [HMG1] [LOC_Os02g48330]
Os02g0714600 Q6ZFT5     KPRS4_ORYSJ Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase 4 (EC (Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase 4) [LOC_Os02g48390] [OJ1191_G08.2] [OJ1479_B12.26] [OsJ_08135]
Os02g0717700 C7IZ16     GNA2_ORYSJ  Probable glucosamine 6-phosphate N-acetyltransferase 2 (EC (Glucose-6-phosphate acetyltransferase 2) (Phosphoglucosamine acetylase 2) (Phosphoglucosamine transacetylase 2) [LOC_Os02g48650] [OsJ_08156]
Os02g0718900 P31691     ADT_ORYSJ   ADP,ATP carrier protein, mitochondrial precursor (ADP/ATP translocase) (Adenine nucleotide translocator) (ANT) [LOC_Os02g48720] [OJ2056_H01.33]
Os02g0719800 Q6ZI17     OML2_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 2 (OML2) (MEI2-like protein 2) [ML2] [LOC_Os02g48790] [OJ1008_D06.12-1]
Os02g0723200 Q6Z5M3     GT7_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 7 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT7) [GT7] [LOC_Os02g49140] [P0685G12.14]
Os02g0723400 Q6Z5M0     IAA8_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA8 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 8) [IAA8] [LOC_Os02g49160] [OsJ_08196] [P0685G12.16-1] [P0685G12.16-2]
Os02g0725300 Q0DXZ1     CSLE2_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein E2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslE2) [CSLE2] [LOC_Os02g49332]
Os02g0725900 Q6Z348     NFYB1_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-1 (CCAAT-binding transcription factor subunit NF-YB1) (OsNF-YB-1) [NFYB1] [LOC_Os02g49410] [B1121A12.5] [OJ1124_G07.28]
Os02g0726300 Q6Z345     DOF4_ORYSJ  Dof zinc finger protein 4 (OsDof4) [DOF4] [LOC_Os02g49440] [B1121A12.10]
Os02g0728300 Q6YWS8     ASCL2_ORYSJ ASC1-like protein 2 (Alternaria stem canker resistance-like protein 2) [LOC_Os02g49590] [B1121A12.39] [OSJNBa0072H09.2]
Os02g0729700 Q6YWR4     HOX16_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX16 (HD-ZIP protein HOX16) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX16) (OsHox16) [HOX16] [LOC_Os02g49700] [OsJ_007974] [OSJNBa0072H09.24] [P0617A09.3]
Os02g0730300 Q6YWQ4     HAK25_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 25 (OsHAK25) [HAK25] [LOC_Os02g49760] [OSJNBa0072H09.37] [P0617A09.16]
Os02g0730800 Q6YWP9     ORRM1_ORYSJ Organelle RRM domain-containing protein 1, chloroplastic precursor [ORRM1] [LOC_Os02g49820] [OSJNBa0072H09.43] [P0617A09.22]
Os02g0731200 Q6Z6W2     MAD57_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 57 (OsMADS57) [MADS57] [LOC_Os02g49840] [OsJ_08264] [P0617A09.25]
Os02g0732400 Q6Z2K1     TIF8_ORYSJ  Protein TIFY 8 (OsTIFY8) [TIFY8] [LOC_Os02g49970] [P0643A10.21]
Os02g0733300 Q6Z2J3     GUN6_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 6 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 6) (OsCel9E) [LOC_Os02g50040] [P0643A10.32]
Os02g0733500 Q6Z2J1     CML20_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML20 (Calmodulin-like protein 20) [CML20] [LOC_Os02g50060] [OsJ_008004] [P0643A10.34]
Os02g0735200 P14656     GLN11_ORYSJ Glutamine synthetase cytosolic isozyme 1-1 (EC (Glutamate--ammonia ligase GLN1;1) (OsGLN1;1) (Glutamine synthetase shoot isozyme) (OsGS1;1) [GLN1-1] [RGS28] [LOC_Os02g50240] [OsJ_08295] [P0487D09.8]
Os02g0736100 Q6Z746     MP702_ORYSJ Microtubule-associated protein 70-2 (AtMAP70-2) (70 kDa microtubule-associated protein 2) [MAP70.2] [LOC_Os02g50320] [P0487D09.19-1]
Os02g0736200 Q0DXS3     RDR1_ORYSJ  Probable RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 1 (EC (OsRDR1) [RDR1] [LOC_Os02g50330]
Os02g0738400 A1A699     OHK6_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 6 (EC (OsHK6) (OsCRL1a) [HK6] [OHK5] [LOC_Os02g50480] [P0684F11.6]
Os02g0738600 Q6Z5P2     GUN7_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 7 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 7) (OsGLU10) [GLU10] [LOC_Os02g50490] [P0684F11.11]
Os02g0739100 A3AB67     FH16_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 16 precursor (OsFH16) [FH16] [LOC_Os02g50570] [OsJ_008039]
Os02g0739600 Q6Z5N4     ODPA1_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit alpha-1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (PDHE1-A) [LOC_Os02g50620] [OsJ_08320] [P0684F11.25]
Os02g0742200 Q6Z808     RAC3_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 3 (OsRac3) [RAC3] [LOC_Os02g50860] [OsJ_08342] [P0585G03.19]
Os02g0742800 B9F2Y7     KN4C_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-4C [KIN4C] [Os02g0742800/Os02g0742900] [LOC_Os02g50910] [OJ1734_E02.4/OJ1734_E02.5] [OsJ_08347] [P0585G03.27/P0585G03.28]
Os02g0742900 B9F2Y7     KN4C_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-4C [KIN4C] [Os02g0742800/Os02g0742900] [LOC_Os02g50910] [OJ1734_E02.4/OJ1734_E02.5] [OsJ_08347] [P0585G03.27/P0585G03.28]
Os02g0743400 Q5SMQ9     PIN1A_ORYSJ Auxin efflux carrier component 1a (OsPIN1a) (Auxin efflux carrier component 1) (OsPIN1) (Ethylene-insensitive root 1 homolog) (OsPIN1b) [PIN1A] [PIN1] [REH1] [LOC_Os02g50960] [OJ1734_E02.14] [OsJ_08350] [P0585G03.37]
Os02g0743900 Q6Z2U5     CASP4_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 4 (OsCASP4) [LOC_Os02g51010] [OJ1734_E02.23]
Os02g0744200 Q6ZGU9     EXPA5_ORYSJ Expansin-A5 precursor (Alpha-expansin-5) (OsEXP5) (OsEXPA5) (OsaEXPa1.20) [EXPA5] [EXP5] [LOC_Os02g51040] [OJ1118_G04.3] [OJ1734_E02.30] [OsJ_08358]
Os02g0744600 Q6Z2T9     CSLA6_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 6 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A6) (OsCslA6) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 6) [CSLA6] [Os02g0744600/Os02g0744650] [Os02g0744500] [LOC_Os02g51060] [OJ1118_G04.6] [OJ1734_E02.33]
Os02g0744650 Q6Z2T9     CSLA6_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 6 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A6) (OsCslA6) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 6) [CSLA6] [Os02g0744600/Os02g0744650] [Os02g0744500] [LOC_Os02g51060] [OJ1118_G04.6] [OJ1734_E02.33]
Os02g0744700 Q6Z2T8     SSY22_ORYSJ Soluble starch synthase 2-2, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Soluble starch synthase II-2) [SSII-2] [SS2] [LOC_Os02g51070] [OJ1118_G04.8] [OJ1734_E02.35]
Os02g0744900 Q6Z2T6     CHLP_ORYSJ  Geranylgeranyl diphosphate reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Geranylgeranyl reductase) [CHLP] [LOC_Os02g51080] [OJ1118_G04.11] [OJ1734_E02.38] [OsJ_08361]
Os02g0745100 Q6Z2T3     NIP21_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP2-1 (Low silicon protein 1) (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 2-1) (OsNIP2;1) (Silicon influx transporter LSI1) [NIP2-1] [LSI1] [SIIT1] [LOC_Os02g51110] [OJ1118_G04.16] [OJ1734_E02.43] [OsJ_008085]
Os02g0747900 Q6YUX0     ILI5_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI5 (OsILI5) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 170) (OsbHLH170) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 5) (Protein POSITIVE REGULATOR OF GRAIN LENGTH 2) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH170) [ILI5] [BHLH170] [PGL2] [LOC_Os02g51320] [OsJ_08379] [OSJNBa0078N11.24]
Os02g0749300 Q5NTH4     SK1_ORYSJ   Shikimate kinase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSK1) [SK1] [LOC_Os02g51410]
Os02g0749700 Q6Z8L2     LAC9_ORYSJ  Putative laccase-9 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 9) (Diphenol oxidase 9) (Urishiol oxidase 9) [LAC9] [LOC_Os02g51440] [OsJ_008109] [P0431B06.7]
Os02g0750400 A3ABE1     PPR5_ORYSJ  Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein PPR5 homolog, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os02g51480] [OsJ_08397] [P0431B06.14]
Os02g0750600 Q6Z8K4     MUB3_ORYSJ  Membrane-anchored ubiquitin-fold protein 3 precursor (Membrane-anchored ub-fold protein 3) (OsMUB3) [MUB3] [LOC_Os02g51500] [OsJ_08399] [P0431B06.16]
Os02g0753000 Q6ZGP8     TPP4_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 4 (EC (OsTPP4) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP4] [LOC_Os02g51680] [OJ1288_G09.15] [OsJ_08413]
Os02g0754900 Q84P95     APRL3_ORYSJ 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase-like 3 precursor (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 3) (APR-like 3) (OsAPRL3) [APRL3] [LOC_Os02g51850] [OsJ_08430] [P0627E03.20]
Os02g0755200 Q6Z690     LDL1_ORYSJ  Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 homolog 1 (EC 1.-.-.-) (Flavin-containing amine oxidase domain-containing protein 1) (Protein LSD1-LIKE 1) [LOC_Os02g51880] [P0627E03.23]
Os02g0757100 Q6Z7W3     PHI1_ORYSJ  Protein PHOSPHATE-INDUCED 1 homolog precursor (OsPHI-1) [PHI-1] [OsJ_08448] [P0471A11.10]
Os02g0758000 Q6Z7V2     HS24M_ORYSJ 24.1 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial precursor (OsHsp24.1) [HSP24.1] [LOC_Os02g52150] [OsJ_08454] [P0471A11.32]
Os02g0759800 Q6K8D9     SKIPA_ORYSJ SNW/SKI-interacting protein A (OsSKIPa) [SKIPA] [LOC_Os02g52250] [OJ1175_B01.11] [OsJ_08462]
Os02g0761000 Q9XJ66     MAD22_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 22 (OsMADS22) [MADS22] [RMD1] [LOC_Os02g52340] [OJ1175_B01.24] [OsJ_08471]
Os02g0762300 Q6Z6G6     CTU1_ORYSJ  Cytoplasmic tRNA 2-thiolation protein 1 (EC 2.7.7.-) (Cytoplasmic tRNA adenylyltransferase 1) [NCS6] [CTU1] [LOC_Os02g52470] [P0486G03.16]
Os02g0762400 Q6Z6G5     KRP1_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1 (KIP-related protein 1) [KRP1] [LOC_Os02g52480] [OsJ_008194] [P0486G03.18]
Os02g0762800 A4PBL4     RAD54_ORYSJ DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54 (EC 3.6.4.-) (OsRad54) [RAD54] [LOC_Os02g52510] [OsJ_08484] [P0486G03.23]
Os02g0764100 Q0DXB1     Y2641_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os02g0764100 [LOC_Os02g52620]
Os02g0765600 P17654     AMY1_ORYSJ  Alpha-amylase precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) (Alpha-amylase isozyme 1B) [AMY1.1] [AMY1A] [LOC_Os02g52710] [OJ1004_A11.13] [P0539D10.32]
Os02g0766700 Q6Z312     BZP23_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 23 (OsBZIP23) (ABRE-binding factor 2) (OsABF2) (Abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 1) (OsAREB1) [BZIP23] [ABF2] [AREB1] [LOC_Os02g52780] [OJ1004_A11.20] [P0539D10.39]
Os02g0766900 Q6Z310     MAN9_ORYSJ  Putative mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 9 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 9) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 9) (OsMANP) (OsMan9) [MAN9] [LOC_Os02g52800] [OJ1004_A11.22] [P0539D10.41]
Os02g0771400 Q0DX67     DSP2_ORYSJ  Probable tyrosine-protein phosphatase DSP2 (EC (Protein PLANT AND FUNGI ATYPICAL DUAL-SPECIFICITY PHOSPHATASE 2) (OsPFA-DSP2) [DSP2] [LOC_Os02g53160]
Os02g0773300 Q6ZHE5     DCYD1_ORYSJ Putative D-cysteine desulfhydrase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsD-CDes1) (D-CDes1) [LOC_Os02g53330] [OJ1611_C08.26] [OsJ_08555]
Os02g0774100 Q6Z7L3     TRL31_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like 3-1, chloroplastic [LOC_Os02g53400] [OJ1448_G06.8] [OJ1611_C08.36]
Os02g0775100 Q6Z7K5     MTP3_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 3 (OsMTP3) [MTP3] [LOC_Os02g53490] [OJ1448_G06.19] [OsJ_08570]
Os02g0775200 Q6YZ54     RFC3_ORYSJ  Replication factor C subunit 3 (OsRFC3) (Activator 1 subunit 3) [RFC3] [LOC_Os02g53500] [OJ1448_G06.20] [OSJNBb0013K01.1]
Os02g0775400 Q6YZ52     KN7D_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7D, chloroplastic precursor [KIN7D] [K16] [LOC_Os02g53520] [OJ1448_G06.23] [OsJ_08573] [OSJNBb0013K01.4] [OSNPB_020775400]
Os02g0776800 Q6YZ49     RFA1A_ORYSJ Replication protein A 70 kDa DNA-binding subunit A (OsRPA70a) (Replication factor A protein 1A) (Replication protein A 1A) [RPA1A] [RPA70A] [LOC_Os02g53680] [OJ1534_E09.2] [OsJ_08582] [OSJNBb0013K01.36]
Os02g0776900 Q6AWY8     GRF1_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 1 (OsGRF1) (Transcription activator GRF1) [GRF1] [LOC_Os02g53690] [OJ1534_E09.5] [OsJ_08584] [OSJNBb0013K01.39]
Os02g0777400 I1Z695     EREC2_ORYSJ LRR receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase ER2 precursor (EC (ERECTA homolog 2) (ER homolog 2) (OsER2) (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 85) (OsRLCK85) [ER2] [RLCK85] [LOC_Os02g53720] [OJ1534_E09.14]
Os02g0778400 Q6K7H2     KCY4_ORYSJ  UMP-CMP kinase 4 (EC (Deoxycytidylate kinase 4) (CK 4) (dCMP kinase 4) (Uridine monophosphate/cytidine monophosphate kinase 4) (UMP/CMP kinase 4) (UMP/CMPK 4) [LOC_Os02g53790] [OJ1293_A01.3]
Os02g0778600 Q6K7G9     GUN8_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 8 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 8) [LOC_Os02g53820] [OJ1293_A01.6] [OsJ_008299]
Os02g0780600 Q6K833     MCES2_ORYSJ mRNA cap guanine-N7 methyltransferase 2 (EC (mRNA (guanine-N(7))-methyltransferase 2) (mRNA cap methyltransferase 2) [LOC_Os02g54000] [OJ1369_G08.2]
Os02g0782500 Q6K7E9     HS186_ORYSJ 18.6 kDa class III heat shock protein (18.6 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp18.6) [HSP18.6] [LOC_Os02g54140] [OJ1311_D08.6-1] [OsJ_08623]
Os02g0782700 Q6K7E6     ERF1_ORYSJ  Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1 (Ethylene-responsive element-binding factor 1) (EREBP-1) (OsEREBP1) [EREBP1] [LOC_Os02g54160] [OJ1311_D08.9]
Os02g0784700 P0DKJ9     PRS7A_ORYSJ 26S proteasome regulatory subunit 7A (26S proteasome AAA-ATPase subunit RPT1A) (26S proteasome subunit 7A) (Regulatory particle triple-A ATPase subunit 1A) [RPT1A] [LOC_Os02g54340] [OJ1715_H01.26]
Os02g0789400 Q6K4N0     RSZ21_ORYSJ Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor RSZ21 (RS-containing zinc finger protein 21) (Os-RSZ21) (Os-RSZp21) [RSZP21] [RSZP21B] [LOC_Os02g54770] [OJ1046_F07.9] [OsJ_08668] [OSJNBa0054K20.35]
Os02g0791200 Q6KAE5     XB32_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS32 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS32) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS32) (XB3 protein homolog 2) [XBOS32] [LOC_Os02g54860] [OJ1046_F07.26] [OsJ_08676]
Os02g0793000 Q6K687     C3H18_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 18 (OsC3H18) [LOC_Os02g55000] [OJ1249_F12.27-1] [P0700F06.15-1]
Os02g0793900 Q6K678     HDR1_ORYSJ  Protein HEADING DATE REPRESSOR 1 [HDR1] [LOC_Os02g55080] [OJ1249_F12.36] [OsJ_08697] [OSNPB_020793900] [P0700F06.24]
Os02g0794700 Q6K669     AMPL2_ORYSJ Leucine aminopeptidase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Leucyl aminopeptidase 2) (LAP 2) (Proline aminopeptidase 2) (EC (Prolyl aminopeptidase 2) [LOC_Os02g55140] [OJ1695_H09.4] [P0700F06.36]
Os02g0794900 Q6K8Z4     FH7_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 7 (OsFH7) [FH7] [LOC_Os02g55150/LOC_Os02g55160/LOC_Os02g55170] [OJ1695_H09.6]
Os02g0795900 Q0DWT8     RH1_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 1 (EC [LOC_Os02g55260] [OJ1004_E04.4] [OJ1695_H09.19]
Os02g0796500 Q6K8X6     ORR23_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR23 (OsRRB5) [RR23] [ORR3] [LOC_Os02g55320] [OJ1004_E04.14] [OJ1695_H09.29] [OsJ_08721]
Os02g0797200 Q6KAJ8     RL391_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L39-1 [RPL39A] [OJ1004_E04.27] [OsJ_08725]
Os02g0797200 P51426     RL392_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L39-2 [RPL39B] [LOC_Os02g55390] [OJ1004_E04.30] [OsJ_08727]
Os02g0797400 Q6KAJ4     MCM5_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM5 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 5) (OsMCM5) [MCM5] [LOC_Os02g55410] [OJ1004_E04.32] [OsJ_08729]
Os02g0798400 P0CE66     Y2984_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein Os02g0798400 precursor (Unknown protein AN04) [LOC_Os02g55500] [OJ1695_D07.7]
Os02g0798501 B7F6L8     Y2985_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein Os02g0798501 precursor (Unknown protein AN04) [LOC_Os02g55510] [OJ1695_D07.8]
Os02g0799000 Q69QZ0     P2C27_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 27 (EC (OsPP2C27) [LOC_Os02g55560] [OJ1695_D07.18] [OsJ_008442]
Os02g0799100 E3VXF2     SGO1_ORYSJ  Shugoshin-1 (OsSGO1) [SGO1] [LOC_Os02g55570] [OJ1695_D07.19]
Os02g0801300 Q0DWQ7     CCB12_ORYSJ Cyclin-B1-2 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1-2) (CycB1;2) [CYCB1-2] [LOC_Os02g55720]
Os02g0802700 Q0DWQ1     MGDG3_ORYSJ Probable monogalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMGD3) [MGD3] [LOC_Os02g55910] [OsJ_008461] [P0689B12.17]
Os02g0803700 P46465     PRS6A_ORYSJ 26S proteasome regulatory subunit 6A homolog (Tat-binding protein homolog 1) (TBP-1) [TBP1] [OsRPT5a] [LOC_Os02g56000] [P0689B12.30]
Os02g0804600 A3ACF3     MOCS3_ORYSJ Adenylyltransferase and sulfurtransferase MOCS3 (Molybdenum cofactor synthesis protein 3) [Includes: Molybdopterin-synthase adenylyltransferase (EC (Adenylyltransferase MOCS3) (Sulfur carrier protein MOCS2A adenylyltransferase); Molybdopterin-synthase sulfurtransferase (EC (Sulfur carrier protein MOCS2A sulfurtransferase) (Sulfurtransferase MOCS3)] [MOCS3] [CNX5] [UBA4] [LOC_Os02g56050/LOC_Os02g56080] [OsJ_008475]
Os02g0805100 Q6K846     IAA9_ORYSJ  Auxin-responsive protein IAA9 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 9) [IAA9] [LOC_Os02g56120] [OJ1548_F12.17] [OsJ_08776] [OSJNBa0049O12.20]
Os02g0805200 P17070     PCNA_ORYSJ  Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (OsPCNA) (PCNA) (Cyclin) [LOC_Os02g56130] [OJ1548_F12.18] [OsJ_08777] [OSJNBa0049O12.19]
Os02g0806900 Q6K8E7     LCB1B_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 1b (EC [LOC_Os02g56300] [OJ1111_C07.25] [OsJ_08792]
Os02g0808800 Q6K9A2     CCR1_ORYSJ  Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase 1 (EC (OsCCR1) [CCR1] [LOC_Os02g56460] [OJ1112_G06.14] [OJ1520_C09.26] [OsJ_08807]
Os02g0809800 Q6K991     PHO12_ORYSJ Phosphate transporter PHO1-2 (Protein PHO1-2) (OsPHO1;2) [PHO1-2] [LOC_Os02g56510] [OJ1112_G06.31] [OJ1520_C09.43] [OsJ_08812]
Os02g0810200 Q6K990     KN10A_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-10A [KIN10A] [LOC_Os02g56540] [OJ1112_G06.36] [OJ1116_E04.2] [OsJ_08815]
Os02g0811000 Q6K5X1     G1L6_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like6 (OsG1L6) (Protein ABNORMAL FLOWER AND DWARF 1) (Protein BEAK LIKE SPIKELET 1) (Protein BEAK-SHAPED GRAIN 1) (Protein TRIANGULAR HULL 1) [G1L6] [AFD1] [BLS1] [BSG1] [TH1] [LOC_Os02g56610] [OJ1116_E04.14] [OsJ_08822] [P0016F11.6]
Os02g0813500 P48642     GSHRC_ORYSJ Glutathione reductase, cytosolic (EC (GR) (GRase) [GRC2] [RGRC2] [LOC_Os02g56850] [OJ1293_E04.4-1] [OsJ_08842] [OSJNBa0053L11.26-1]
Os02g0814200 Q6K3D8     GLO16_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-6 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-6) [GL1-6] [LOC_Os02g56920] [OJ1293_E04.17] [OsJ_08848] [OSJNBa0053L11.39] [OSNPB_020814200]
Os02g0814900 Q0DWH7     NMNAT_ORYSJ Nicotinamide/nicotinic acid mononucleotide adenylyltransferase (EC (EC (NMN/NaMN adenylyltransferase) (Nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase) (NMN adenylyltransferase) (Nicotinate-nucleotide adenylyltransferase) (NaMN adenylyltransferase) [LOC_Os02g56980] [OJ1293_E04.25] [OsJ_08854]
Os02g0815500 Q0DWH1     ADHX_ORYSJ  Alcohol dehydrogenase class-3 (EC (Alcohol dehydrogenase class-III) (Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase) (EC 1.1.1.-) (FALDH) (FDH) (GSH-FDH) (S-(hydroxymethyl)glutathione dehydrogenase) (EC [LOC_Os02g57040] [OsJ_008550] [P0643F09.4]
Os02g0817500 Q40648     KCAB_ORYSJ  Probable voltage-gated potassium channel subunit beta (K(+) channel subunit beta) [KOB1] [LOC_Os02g57240] [OJ1136_C12.15] [P0643F09.35]
Os02g0817600 Q0DWF2     IAA10_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA10 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 10) [IAA10] [LOC_Os02g57250] [OJ1136_C12.16-1] [OJ1136_C12.16-2] [OsJ_08880] [P0643F09.36-1] [P0643F09.36-2]
Os02g0817800 Q9LL45     TBP1_ORYSJ  Telomere-binding protein 1 (Protein RTBP1) [TBP1] [LOC_Os02g57270] [OJ1136_C12.18-1] [OJ1136_C12.18-2] [OJ1202_E07.1-1] [OJ1202_E07.1-2]
Os02g0819400 B9F4I8     LPA1_ORYSJ  P-loop NTPase domain-containing protein LPA1 (Protein LOW PHYTIC ACID 1) (OsLpa1) [LPA1] [LOC_Os02g57400] [OsJ_08893]
Os02g0820900 Q0DWC7     ETR3_ORYSJ  Ethylene receptor 3 (EC (OsETR3) (OsPK2) [ETR3] [LOC_Os02g57530] [OJ1119_A01.4-1] [P0474F11.19-1]
Os02g0823000 Q0DWA9     SIPL4_ORYSJ Signal peptide peptidase-like 4 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPPL4) [SPPL4] [LOC_Os02g57710] [OJ1136_C04.4] [OsJ_08929]
Os02g0823100 Q9SXF8     PIP13_ORYSJ Aquaporin PIP 1-3 (OsPIP1;3) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1-3) (Water channel protein RWC3) (RWC-3) [PIP1-3] [RWC3] [LOC_Os02g57720] [OJ1136_C04.6] [OsJ_008613]
Os02g0823400 Q6K9X3     NAMT1_ORYSJ Nicotinate N-methyltransferase 1 (EC [NANMT1] [LOC_Os02g57760] [OJ1063_D06.1] [OJ1136_C04.9] [OsJ_08933]
Os02g0826100 Q6K7R9     RH48_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 48 (EC [LOC_Os02g57980] [OsJ_08955] [P0452F04.14]
Os02g0826600 Q6K7R2     PIRL6_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 6 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 6) (OsIRL6) [IRL6] [LOC_Os02g58030] [P0452F04.20]
Os02g0827200 Q6YK44     SUT4_ORYSJ  Sucrose transport protein SUT4 (Sucrose permease 4) (Sucrose transporter 4) (OsSUT4) (Sucrose-proton symporter 4) [SUT4] [SUT2] [LOC_Os02g58080] [OsJ_08963]
Os02g0829100 Q6K9U2     RFA2A_ORYSJ Replication protein A 32 kDa subunit A (OsRPA32A) (OsRPA32-1) (Replication factor A protein 2A) (Replication protein A 2A) [RPA2A] [RPA32A] [LOC_Os02g58220] [OJ1124_D06.4] [OsJ_08977]
Os02g0829900 Q84VA7     BRK1_ORYSJ  Probable protein BRICK1 [LOC_Os02g58320] [OJ1124_D06.16]
Os02g0830200 Q6K9T0     ORR3_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR3 (OsRR3) (OsRRA7) [RR3] [LOC_Os02g58350] [OJ1124_D06.19] [OsJ_08987]
Os02g0831100 Q6K977     C3H19_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 19 (OsC3H19) [LOC_Os02g58440] [OJ1149_C12.8] [OsJ_008677]
Os02g0831500 Q6K973     SUS6_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 6 (EC (OsSUS6) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 6) [SUS6] [LOC_Os02g58480] [OJ1149_C12.12-1]
Os02g0831600 Q6K972     AGO1C_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 1C (OsAGO1c) (Protein argonaute 1) (OsAGO1) [AGO1C] [AGO1] [LOC_Os02g58490] [OJ1149_C12.13] [OsJ_08998]
Os02g0831700 Q9XG80     PLA21_ORYSJ Probable phospholipase A2 homolog 1 precursor (EC [PLA2-I] [LOC_Os02g58500] [OJ1149_C12.15] [OsJ_08999]
Os02g0832000 Q6K968     CDPK6_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 6 (EC (OsCDPK6) (OsCPK6) [CPK6] [LOC_Os02g58520] [OJ1149_C12.18]
Os02g0832200 Q6K965     OEP21_ORYSJ Outer envelope pore protein 21, chloroplastic (Chloroplastic outer envelope pore protein of 21 kDa) [OEP21] [LOC_Os02g58550] [OJ1149_C12.21] [OsJ_09004]
Os02g0834000 Q6EP31     RAC5_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 5 precursor (GTPase protein RacD) (OsRac5) [RAC5] [RACD] [LOC_Os02g58730] [OJ1282_E10.23-1] [OJ1282_E10.23-2] [OsJ_09018] [P0264G11.2-1] [P0264G11.2-2]
Os03g0100100 Q10T67     PMI12_ORYSJ Pectinesterase inhibitor 12 precursor (Pectin methylesterase inhibitor 12) (OsPMEI12) [PMEI12] [LOC_Os03g01020] [OsJ_09046]
Os03g0101900 Q10T43     PSD1_ORYSJ  Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzyme 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC [Contains: Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase 1 beta chain; Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase 1 alpha chain] [PSD1] [LOC_Os03g01216]
Os03g0102500 Q10T32     EXPB8_ORYSJ Expansin-B8 precursor (Beta-expansin-8) (OsEXPB8) (OsaEXPb1.11) [EXPB8] [LOC_Os03g01260]
Os03g0102700 Q9LD07     EXPB7_ORYSJ Expansin-B7 precursor (Beta-expansin-7) (OsEXPB7) (OsaEXPb1.12) [EXPB7] [LOC_Os03g01270] [OsJ_09068]
Os03g0105600 Q8H7U1     TBB2_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-2 chain (Beta-2-tubulin) [TUBB2] [TUB2] [LOC_Os03g01530] [OSJNBa0009C08.10]
Os03g0106300 Q75RY2     PAIR1_ORYSJ Protein PAIR1 (Protein HOMOLOGOUS PAIRING ABERRATION IN RICE MEIOSIS 1) [PAIR1] [LOC_Os03g01590] [OSJNBa0009C08.13]
Os03g0106500 Q40638     EXPB1_ORYSJ Expansin-B1 precursor (Beta-expansin-1) (Major pollen allergen Ory s 1) (Ory s I) (OsEXPB1) (OsaEXPb1.2) (OsaEXPb1.3) (Allergen Ory s 1) [EXPB1a] [LOC_Os03g01610] [OSJNBa0009C08.15]
Os03g0106700 Q946J4     EXB13_ORYSJ Expansin-B13 precursor (Beta-expansin-13) (OsEXPB13) (OsaEXPb1.4) [EXPB13] [LOC_Os03g01630] [OSJNBa0009C08.17]
Os03g0106800 Q8H7T4     EXB10_ORYSJ Expansin-B10 precursor (Beta-expansin-10) (OsEXPB10) (OsaEXPb1.5) [EXPB10] [LOC_Os03g01640] [OSJNBa0009C08.18]
Os03g0106900 Q40638     EXPB1_ORYSJ Expansin-B1 precursor (Beta-expansin-1) (Major pollen allergen Ory s 1) (Ory s I) (OsEXPB1) (OsaEXPb1.2) (OsaEXPb1.3) (Allergen Ory s 1) [EXPB1b] [LOC_Os03g01650] [OSJNBa0009C08.19]
Os03g0107300 Q10SY9     LSI2_ORYSJ  Silicon efflux transporter LSI2 (Low silicon protein 2) [LSI2] [SIET1] [LOC_Os03g01700] [OJ1384D03.1] [OsJ_09099]
Os03g0107700 Q10SY2     EL2_ORYSJ   Cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitor EL2 [EL2] [LOC_Os03g01740] [OsJ_09102]
Os03g0107900 Q10SX7     GT31_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os03g0107900 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os03g01760] [OsJ_09104]
Os03g0108000 Q10SX6     ACR22_ORYSJ Arsenate reductase 2.2 (EC (OsACR2.2) (Dual specificity phosphatase CDC25.2) (Sulfurtransferase 21) (OsStr21) [ACR2.2] [CDC25.2] [STR21] [LOC_Os03g01770]
Os03g0108600 Q0DVX2     RH50_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 50 (EC [LOC_Os03g01830] [OJ1384D03.13] [OsJ_09113]
Os03g0109300 Q8H7U8     LOGL3_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL3 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 3) [LOGL3] [LOC_Os03g01880] [OsJ_09119] [OSJNBb0043C10.13]
Os03g0109400 Q6TAQ6     HOX10_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX10 (HD-ZIP protein HOX10) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX10) (OsHB1) (OsHox10) [HOX10] [HB1] [LOC_Os03g01890] [OsJ_008792] [OSJNBb0043C10.12]
Os03g0110800 Q10SU5     DRM2_ORYSJ  DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM2 (EC (OsDRM2) (Protein DOMAINS REARRANGED METHYLASE 2) [DRM2] [LOC_Os03g02010] [OSJNBb0043C10.1]
Os03g0111300 Q10ST8     NLTPX_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 2 precursor (nsLTP2) (7 kDa lipid transfer protein) [LTP-2] [LOC_Os03g02050] [OsJ_008807]
Os03g0112700 Q0DVU4     C3H20_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 20 (OsC3H20) [LOC_Os03g02160]
Os03g0113100 O81263     KITH_ORYSJ  Thymidine kinase (EC [TK] [LOC_Os03g02200] [OSJNBa0090O10.3]
Os03g0114000 B9FAF3     KN14E_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14E [KIN14E] [LOC_Os03g02290] [OsJ_09155] [OSJNBa0090O10.9]
Os03g0117100 Q10SM7     PX111_ORYSJ Peroxisomal membrane protein 11-1 (OsPEX11-1) (Peroxin-11-1) [PEX11-1] [LOC_Os03g02590] [OsJ_09180]
Os03g0117800 Q10SM2     FN3KR_ORYSJ Protein-ribulosamine 3-kinase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Fructosamine 3-kinase-related protein) [LOC_Os03g02640] [OsJ_09183]
Os03g0118400 P29618     CDKA1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase A-1 (EC (EC (CDKA;1) (CDC2Os-1) (Cell division control protein 2 homolog 1) [CDKA-1] [CDC2-1] [LOC_Os03g02680]
Os03g0120900 Q8LMR9     Y3209_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0120900 [LOC_Os03g02900] [OJ1705B08.4]
Os03g0121800 Q8LMR2     DCL1_ORYSJ  Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 1 (Dicer-like protein 1) (EC 3.1.26.-) (OsDCL1) [DCL1] [LOC_Os03g02970] [OJ1705B08.11] [OsJ_09217]
Os03g0122600 Q9XJ60     MAD50_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 50 (OsMADS50) (Protein AGAMOUS-like 20) (Protein SUPPRESSOR OF CONSTANS OVEREXPRESSION 1-like) (OsSOC1) (RMADS208) [MADS50] [AGL20] [SOC1] [LOC_Os03g03070] [OJ1126B12.8]
Os03g0123500 Q94LW3     KNOS3_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 3 (Homeobox protein HOS66) [HOS66] [LOC_Os03g03164] [OJ1126B12.15/OJ1126B12.16] [OsJ_008895] [OsJ_008896] [OsJ_09228]
Os03g0125000 Q9ZST0     RK5_ORYSJ   50S ribosomal protein L5, chloroplastic precursor [RPL5] [LOC_Os03g03360]
Os03g0126800 Q10SC8     CIPK9_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 9 (EC (OsCIPK09) [CIPK9] [LOC_Os03g03510] [OJ1015F07.8] [OsJ_008917]
Os03g0128500 Q9LRE5     DPOD2_ORYSJ DNA polymerase delta small subunit (EC [POLD2] [LOC_Os03g03650] [OJ1528D07.1] [OsJ_09265]
Os03g0128700 P53684     CDPK7_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 7 (EC (OsCDPK7) (OsCPK7) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCDPK1) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCDPK13) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase isoform 11) (OsCPKII) [CPK7] [CDPK1] [CDPK12] [CPK11] [LOC_Os03g03660] [OJ1528D07.2]
Os03g0130400 Q10S93     KAD1_ORYSJ  Probable adenylate kinase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 1) [LOC_Os03g03820]
Os03g0131100 Q10S83     NLP1_ORYSJ  Protein NLP1 (OsNLP1) (NIN-like protein 1) (Nodule inception protein-like protein 1) [NLP1] [LOC_Os03g03900] [OJ1004C08.16] [OsJ_09292]
Os03g0131200 Q10S82     CATA3_ORYSJ Catalase isozyme C (EC (CAT-C) (OsCatC) (Protein NITRIC OXIDE EXCESS 1) [CATC] [CAT1] [NOE1] [LOC_Os03g03910] [OsJ_09293] [OSNPB_030131200]
Os03g0131900 Q8LSQ2     SR43C_ORYSJ Probable signal recognition particle 43 kDa protein, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os03g03990] [OJ1004C08.7] [OsJ_09298]
Os03g0132000 Q10S72     4CLL4_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 4 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL4] [LOC_Os03g04000] [OsJ_09299]
Os03g0132200 Q10S70     EXLA1_ORYSJ Expansin-like A1 precursor (OsEXLA1) (OsEXPL1) (OsaEXPb2.1) [EXLA1] [EXPL1] [LOC_Os03g04020] [OJ1004C08.4] [OsJ_09301]
Os03g0132900 Q10S66     CHI11_ORYSJ Chitinase 11 precursor (EC (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 11) [Cht11] [MIRCH38] [LOC_Os03g04060] [OsJ_09305]
Os03g0133000 Q10S65     NAC22_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 22 (ONAC022) [NAC022] [LOC_Os03g04070] [OsJ_09306]
Os03g0133400 Q8H8C7     CEBIP_ORYSJ Chitin elicitor-binding protein precursor (CEBiP) (OsCEBiP) (Lysin motif-containing protein 1) (Os-LYP1) [CEBIP] [LOC_Os03g04110] [OJ1006F06.19] [OsJ_30068]
Os03g0133900 Q10S58     SAT2_ORYSJ  Probable serine acetyltransferase 2 (EC (OsSERAT3;1) [SAT2] [LOC_Os03g04140] [OJ1006F06.16]
Os03g0134300 Q10S55     HIS1_ORYSJ  ATP phosphoribosyltransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (ATP-PRTase) (AtATP-PRT) [LOC_Os03g04169] [OJ1006F06.12] [OJ1006F06.14]
Os03g0135700 Q10S44     BH003_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH3 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 3) (OsbHLH003) (Protein RAC IMMUNITY 1) (bHLH transcription factor 3) [BHLH3] [BHLH003] [RAI1] [LOC_Os03g04310] [OJ1006F06.1]
Os03g0136200 O82427     SMT2_ORYSJ  24-methylenesterol C-methyltransferase 2 (EC (24-sterol C-methyltransferase 2) (Sterol-C-methyltransferase 2) [Smt2-1] [LOC_Os03g04340]
Os03g0136400 Q8H6G9     PHT17_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-7 (OsPT7) (OsPht1;7) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-7] [PT7] [LOC_Os03g04360] [OsJ_008981]
Os03g0137200 Q10S32     P2C28_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 28 (EC (OsPP2C28) [LOC_Os03g04430]
Os03g0137500 Q10S27     VDAC6_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 6 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 6) (OsVDAC6) [VDAC6] [LOC_Os03g04460]
Os03g0137700 Q10S25     MRS2H_ORYSJ Putative magnesium transporter MRS2-H [MRS2-H] [LOC_Os03g04480] [OsJ_09331]
Os03g0137800 Q283L0     KRP5_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 5 (KIP-related protein 5) [KRP5] [LOC_Os03g04490] [OsJ_008991]
Os03g0141200 Q10RZ1     BAMY2_ORYSJ Beta-amylase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsBamy2) (4-alpha-D-glucan maltohydrolase) [BAMY2] [LOC_Os03g04770] [OsJ_09355]
Os03g0142800 Q10RX7     AB13C_ORYSJ ABC transporter C family member 13 (EC 7.-.-.-) (OsABCC13) (Multidrug resistance-associated protein 13) (OsMRP13) (OsMRP5) (Protein LOW PHYTIC ACID 2) [ABCC13] [LPA2] [LOC_Os03g04920]
Os03g0144800 Q8H038     KATAM_ORYSJ Xyloglucan galactosyltransferase KATAMARI1 homolog (EC 2.4.1.-) [LOC_Os03g05110] [OJ1172F09.5]
Os03g0146100 P50156     TIP11_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP1-1 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 1-1) (OsTIP1;1) (rTIP1) [TIP1-1] [YK333] [LOC_Os03g05290] [OsJ_009057] [OSJNBa0067N01.16]
Os03g0146300 Q6PS57     CKS1_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinases regulatory subunit 1 [CKS1] [LOC_Os03g05300] [OsJ_009058] [OSJNBa0067N01.15]
Os03g0146400 Q0DV66     PAO_ORYSJ   Pheophorbide a oxygenase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPaO) (Pheide a oxygenase) [PAO] [LOC_Os03g05310]
Os03g0148000 Q10RR9     U496C_ORYSJ UPF0496 protein 3 [LOC_Os03g05440] [OsJ_009069] [OSJNBa0067N01.1] [OSJNBb0050N02.3]
Os03g0149100 Q5UG13     LBD_ORYSJ   LOB domain-containing protein CRL1 (Protein ADVENTITIOUS ROOTLESS 1) (OsARL1) (Protein CROWN ROOTLESS 1) [CRL1] [ARL1] [LOC_Os03g05510] [OSJNBb0050N02.10]
Os03g0150500 Q8H074     PT112_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-12 (OsPT12) (OsPht1;12) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-12] [PT12] [LOC_Os03g05610] [OsJ_009085] [OSJNBb0050N02.17]
Os03g0150600 Q8H6H4     PHT11_ORYSJ Inorganic phosphate transporter 1-1 (OsPT1) (OsPht1;1) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-1] [PT1] [LOC_Os03g05620] [OsJ_009086]
Os03g0150800 Q8GSD9     PHT12_ORYSJ Inorganic phosphate transporter 1-2 (OsPT2) (OsPht1;2) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) (OsPT1) [PTH1-2] [PT1] [PT2] [LOC_Os03g05640] [OsJ_009088]
Os03g0151300 Q10RP4     SE14_ORYSJ  Probable lysine-specific demethylase SE14 (EC 1.14.11.-) (Protein PHOTOPERIOD SENSITIVITY 14) [SE14] [LOC_Os03g05690]
Os03g0152400 Q0DV32     4CLL1_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 1 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL1] [LOC_Os03g05780]
Os03g0152900 Q0DV28     KINUA_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-UA (Protein ARMADILLO REPEAT KINESIN1) [KINUA] [LOC_Os03g05820]
Os03g0155300 Q7G6Z2     EXP12_ORYSJ Expansin-A12 precursor (Alpha-expansin-12) (OsEXP12) (OsEXPA12) (OsaEXPa1.15) [EXPA12] [EXP12] [LOC_Os03g06000] [OsJ_09458] [OSJNBa0011L14.18]
Os03g0155500 Q4PR41     EXP25_ORYSJ Expansin-A25 precursor (Alpha-expansin-25) (OsEXP25) (OsEXPA25) (OsaEXPa1.6) [EXPA25] [EXP25] [LOC_Os03g06010] [OSJNBa0011L14.17]
Os03g0155700 Q4PR50     EXP15_ORYSJ Expansin-A15 precursor (Alpha-expansin-15) (OsEXP15) (OsEXPA15) (OsaEXPa1.8) [EXPA15] [EXP15] [Os03g0155600] [LOC_Os03g06020] [OSJNBa0011L14.16]
Os03g0155900 Q4PR48     EXP18_ORYSJ Expansin-A18 precursor (Alpha-expansin-18) (OsEXP18) (OsEXPA18) (OsaEXPa1.3) [EXPA18] [EXP18] [LOC_Os03g06040] [OsJ_09461] [OSJNBa0011L14.15]
Os03g0156000 Q7G6Z5     EXP19_ORYSJ Expansin-A19 precursor (Alpha-expansin-19) (OsEXP19) (OsEXPA19) (OsaEXPa1.2) [EXPA19] [EXP19] [LOC_Os03g06050] [OsJ_09462] [OSJNBa0011L14.14]
Os03g0156300 Q10RK1     EXP20_ORYSJ Expansin-A20 precursor (Alpha-expansin-20) (OsEXP20) (OsEXPA20) (OsaEXPa1.1) [EXPA20] [EXP20] [LOC_Os03g06060] [OsJ_09463] [OSJNBa0011L14.13]
Os03g0158200 Q10RI7     RH38_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 38 (EC [LOC_Os03g06220] [OJ1134F05.6]
Os03g0161800 Q10RE5     MTND2_ORYSJ Acireductone dioxygenase 2 (Acireductone dioxygenase (Fe(2+)-requiring) 2) (EC (ARD' 2) (Fe-ARD 2) (Acireductone dioxygenase (Ni(2+)-requiring) 2) (EC (ARD 2) (Ni-ARD 2) (Submergence-induced protein 2A) [ARD2] [SIP2A] [LOC_Os03g06620] [OJ1607A12.13] [OsJ_09506]
Os03g0161900 Q8H7Y6     HFA2D_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-2d (Heat stress transcription factor 7) (rHsf7) (Heat stress transcription factor 8) (OsHsf-08) [HSFA2D] [HSF08] [HSF7] [LOC_Os03g06630] [OJ1607A12.12] [OsJ_009160]
Os03g0162000 Q10RE2     YUC8_ORYSJ  Indole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase YUCCA8 (EC (OsYUCCA8) (Flavin-containing monooxygenase YUCCA8) (OsFMOt) (Protein CONSTITUTIVELY WILTED 1) (OsCOW1) (Protein NARROW LEAF 7) (Protein RICE ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE 7) [YUCCA8] [COW1] [NAL7] [REIN7] [YUCA8] [LOC_Os03g06654] [OJ1607A12.11]
Os03g0162200 Q8H7Y8     H2AV1_ORYSJ Probable histone H2A variant 1 [LOC_Os03g06670] [OJ1607A12.10] [OsJ_09510]
Os03g0164300 B7EIH2     Y3643_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0164300 [LOC_Os03g06850] [OJ1123F12.9] [OsJ_09529]
Os03g0165000 C7J0A2     TOP3A_ORYSJ DNA topoisomerase 3-alpha (EC [TOP3A] [LOC_Os03g06900] [OJ1123F12.5]
Os03g0165400 Q10RB4     BGAL5_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 5 precursor (EC (Lactase 5) [LOC_Os03g06940] [OJ1123F12.1]
Os03g0167500 Q10R93     RMR1_ORYSJ  Receptor homology region, transmembrane domain- and RING domain-containing protein 1 precursor (OsRMR1) [LOC_Os03g07130] [OSJNBa0091P11.36]
Os03g0169100 Q9ZTP5     RPE_ORYSJ   Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimerase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Pentose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase) (PPE) (R5P3E) (RPE) [RPE] [RPE2] [LOC_Os03g07300] [OsJ_09567] [OSJNBa0091P11.10]
Os03g0169500 Q8S7W0     CSLA4_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 4 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A4) (OsCslA4) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 4) [CSLA4] [LOC_Os03g07350] [OsJ_009219] [OSJNBa0091P11.21]
Os03g0170600 Q8S7W9     HOX21_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX21 (HD-ZIP protein HOX21) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX21) (OsHox21) [HOX21] [LOC_Os03g07450] [OSJNBa0091P11.3]
Os03g0170900 Q10R54     SUT1_ORYSJ  Sucrose transport protein SUT1 (Sucrose permease 1) (Sucrose transporter 1) (OsSUT1) (Sucrose-proton symporter 1) [SUT1] [LOC_Os03g07480] [OSJNBa0091P11.1]
Os03g0171300 Q0DUR2     ILI6_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI6 (OsILI6) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 6) (Protein POSITIVE REGULATOR OF GRAIN LENGTH 1) [ILI6] [PGL1] [LOC_Os03g07510] [OsJ_09588]
Os03g0171700 Q10R47     ILI3_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI3 (OsILI3) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 153) (OsbHLH153) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 3) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH153) [ILI3] [BHLH153] [LOC_Os03g07540] [OsJ_09590]
Os03g0174400 Q10R18     DRE2E_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2E (OsDREB2E) [DREB2E] [ERF41] [LOC_Os03g07830]
Os03g0174500 Q10R17     PURA1_ORYSJ Adenylosuccinate synthetase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (AMPSase 1) (AdSS 1) (IMP--aspartate ligase 1) [PURA1] [LOC_Os03g07840] [OsJ_09613]
Os03g0175800 Q10R09     BG1_ORYSJ   Protein BIG GRAIN 1 [BG1] [LOC_Os03g07920] [OsJ_09620]
Os03g0177400 O64937     EF1A_ORYSJ  Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) [REFA1] [LOC_Os03g08010]
Os03g0177500 O64937     EF1A_ORYSJ  Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) [REFA4] [LOC_Os03g08020]
Os03g0177900 O64937     EF1A_ORYSJ  Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) [REFA3] [LOC_Os03g08050]
Os03g0178000 O64937     EF1A_ORYSJ  Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha) [REFA2] [LOC_Os03g08060]
Os03g0179100 Q8H021     GL31_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-1 precursor [LOC_Os03g08150] [OsJ_009284] [OSJNBa0050H14.9]
Os03g0179900 Q8H016     LOX6_ORYSJ  Probable lipoxygenase 6 (EC [LOC_Os03g08220] [OSJNBa0050H14.14] [OSJNBb0076N15.1]
Os03g0180400 Q9LSU3     PSA6_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit alpha type-6 (20S proteasome alpha subunit A) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-1) [PAA1] [LOC_Os03g08280] [OsJ_09653] [OSJNBa0050H14.19] [OSJNBb0076N15.5]
Os03g0180800 Q8GSI0     TI11A_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11a (OsTIFY11a) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 9) (OsJAZ9) (OsJAZ3) [TIFY11A] [JAZ9] [LOC_Os03g08310] [OsJ_09656] [OSJNBa0050H14.22] [OSJNBb0076N15.8]
Os03g0180900 Q8GRS2     TI11C_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11c (OsTIFY11c) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 11) (OsJAZ11) (OsJAZ2) [TIFY11C] [JAZ11] [LOC_Os03g08320] [OsJ_09657] [OSJNBa0050H14.23] [OSJNBb0076N15.9]
Os03g0181100 Q10QW3     TI11B_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11b (OsTIFY11b) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 10) (OsJAZ10) (OsJAZ4) [TIFY11B] [JAZ10] [LOC_Os03g08330] [OSJNBa0050H14.24] [OSJNBb0076N15.10]
Os03g0182700 Q94HF1     EIF3K_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit K (eIF3k) (eIF-3 p25) [TIF3K1] [LOC_Os03g08450] [OsJ_09669] [OSJNBa0032G08.17]
Os03g0183100 Q8L4E7     BP73_ORYSJ  SAP-like protein BP-73 (OsBP-73) (Riaa1) [BP-73] [LOC_Os03g08480] [OSJNBa0032G08.14]
Os03g0184000 Q0DUI8     PDS_ORYSJ   15-cis-phytoene desaturase, chloroplastic/chromoplastic precursor (EC (Phytoene dehydrogenase) (Phytoene desaturase) [PDS] [PDS1] [LOC_Os03g08570] [OSJNBa0032G08.5]
Os03g0184500 Q10QS9     Y3845_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0184500 [LOC_Os03g08620] [OsJ_09687] [OSJNBa0032G08.2]
Os03g0184700 Q10QS7     ORC2_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 2 (OsORC2) [ORC2] [LOC_Os03g08640] [OsJ_09689]
Os03g0185000 Q0DUI1     SAT3_ORYSJ  Probable serine acetyltransferase 3 (EC (OsSERAT2;1) [SAT3] [LOC_Os03g08660]
Os03g0186100 Q10QR9     HEM4_ORYSJ  Uroporphyrinogen-III synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Hydroxymethylbilane hydrolyase [cyclizing]) (Uroporphyrinogen-III cosynthase) [UROS] [HEMD] [LOC_Os03g08730]
Os03g0186600 Q5K4R0     MAD47_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 47 (MADS-domain-containing protein 1) (OsMDP1) (OsMADS47) [MADS47] [MDP1] [LOC_Os03g08754]
Os03g0186900 Q6F4N5     AP25_ORYSJ  Aspartyl protease 25 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (Protein RICE ANTHER DOWN-REGULATED BY CHILLING 1) [AP25] [RADC1] [LOC_Os03g08790]
Os03g0188200 Q8H7N9     ATL31_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Os03g0188200 (EC (RING-H2 finger protein Os03g0188200) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase Os03g0188200) [LOC_Os03g08920] [OJ1217B09.7]
Os03g0188900 Q10QP3     HOX13_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX13 (HD-ZIP protein HOX13) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX13) (OsHox13) [HOX13] [LOC_Os03g08960] [OJ1217B09.11]
Os03g0192500 Q10QL5     BIP2C_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C BIPP2C1 (EC (BTH-induced protein phosphatase 2C 1) (OsBIPP2C1) [BIPP2C1] [LOC_Os03g09220] [OsJ_09738]
Os03g0192700 O64437     RINO1_ORYSJ Inositol-3-phosphate synthase 1 (EC (MIP synthase 1) (Myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase) (IPS) (MI-1-P synthase) (OsINO1-1) [RINO1] [INO1] [INO1-1] [LOC_Os03g09250]
Os03g0192800 A3AF13     UBP26_ORYSJ Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 26 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 26) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 26) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 26) [UBP26] [LOC_Os03g09260] [OsJ_009385]
Os03g0195100 Q6VMN7     ALD1_ORYSJ  Aminotransferase ALD1 homolog (EC 2.6.1.-) [ALD1] [LOC_Os03g09910] [OSJNBa0064E16.9]
Os03g0196400 Q10QH3     CSPLL_ORYSJ CASP-like protein Os03g0196400 [LOC_Os03g10030] [OsJ_09768]
Os03g0196600 Q10QH1     SAT4_ORYSJ  Probable serine acetyltransferase 4 (EC (OsSERAT2;2) [SAT4] [LOC_Os03g10050]
Os03g0198600 Q10QF2     HOX12_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX12 (HD-ZIP protein HOX12) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX12) (OsHox12) [HOX12] [LOC_Os03g10210] [OsJ_009423]
Os03g0199100 Q10QE9     U496A_ORYSJ UPF0496 protein 1 [LOC_Os03g10240] [OsJ_009426]
Os03g0200500 P49397     RS3A_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S3a (CYC07 protein) [RPS3A] [CYC07] [T151] [LOC_Os03g10340] [OsJ_09804]
Os03g0202200 Q84P97     VDAC5_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 5 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 5) (OsVDAC5) [VDAC5] [LOC_Os03g10510] [OsJ_09816]
Os03g0203200 Q10QA5     D14_ORYSJ   Strigolactone esterase D14 (EC 3.1.-.-) (Protein DWARF 14) (Protein DWARF 88) (Protein HIGH-TILLERING DWARF 2) [D14] [D88] [HTD2] [LOC_Os03g10620]
Os03g0203800 Q10QA2     CCD53_ORYSJ Cyclin-D5-3 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D5-3) (CycD5;3) [CYCD5-3] [LOC_Os03g10650]
Os03g0204100 Q10Q99     FH8_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 8 precursor (OsFH8) [FH8] [LOC_Os03g10680]
Os03g0206300 Q10Q80     ERV1_ORYSJ  FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase ERV1 (EC (Mitochondrial sulfhydryl oxidase ERV1) [ERV1] [LOC_Os03g10850]
Os03g0206600 Q10Q78     CSPLV_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5A1 (OsCASPL5A1) [LOC_Os03g10870] [OsJ_09845] [OSJNBa0014O06.2]
Os03g0207400 Q8H063     P2C29_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 29 (EC (OsPP2C29) [LOC_Os03g10950] [OSJNBa0014O06.9]
Os03g0208500 Q10Q65     NRAM2_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp2 (OsNramp2) [NRAMP2] [LOC_Os03g11010] [OSJNBa0014O06.13]
Os03g0208700 Q10Q63     CCF31_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F3-1 (CycF3;1) [CYCF3-1] [LOC_Os03g11030]
Os03g0208800 Q10Q62     CCF32_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-F3-2 (CycF3;2) [CYCF3-2] [LOC_Os03g11040] [OsJ_009490]
Os03g0210000 Q10Q48     CYT9_ORYSJ  Putative cysteine proteinase inhibitor 9 precursor (Oryzacystatin IX) (OC-IX) (Oryzacystatin-9) [LOC_Os03g11160] [OsJ_09870]
Os03g0210100 Q10Q47     CYT7_ORYSJ  Putative cysteine proteinase inhibitor 7 precursor (Oryzacystatin VII) (OC-VII) (Oryzacystatin-7) [LOC_Os03g11170] [OsJ_09871]
Os03g0210200 Q10Q46     CYT6_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 6 precursor (Oryzacystatin VI) (OC-VI) (Oryzacystatin-6) [LOC_Os03g11180]
Os03g0212200 B9F655     PIRL7_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 7 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 7) (OsIRL7) [IRL7] [LOC_Os03g11360] [OsJ_09890]
Os03g0212300 Q10Q26     Y3123_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0212300 [LOC_Os03g11370]
Os03g0212800 Q8L7J2     BGL06_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 6 precursor (EC (Os3bglu6) [BGLU6] [LOC_Os03g11420]
Os03g0214100 Q10Q08     RFA1B_ORYSJ Replication protein A 70 kDa DNA-binding subunit B (OsRPA70b) (Replication factor A protein 1B) (Replication protein A 1B) [RPA1B] [RPA70B] [LOC_Os03g11540] [OsJ_09906]
Os03g0214200 Q10Q07     NNJA1_ORYSJ Ninja-family protein MODD (Protein MEDIATOR OF OSBZIP46 DEACTIVATION AND DEGRADATION) [MODD] [LOC_Os03g11550]
Os03g0215200 Q76EJ0     YABDL_ORYSJ Protein DROOPING LEAF (Protein CRABS CLAW homolog) (Protein CRC homolog) [DL] [LOC_Os03g11600] [OsJ_009541]
Os03g0215400 Q10PZ9     MADS1_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 1 (OsMADS1) (Protein LEAFY HULL STERILE 1) (Protein SEPALLATA-like) [MADS1] [LHS1] [LOC_Os03g11614] [OsJ_09913]
Os03g0215700 Q10PZ6     MP704_ORYSJ Microtubule-associated protein 70-4 (AtMAP70-4) (70 kDa microtubule-associated protein 4) [MAP70.4] [LOC_Os03g11650] [OsJ_09915]
Os03g0215900 Q10PZ4     ATP4_ORYSJ  Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein ATP4 homolog, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os03g11670]
Os03g0216600 B9F676     GLU2A_ORYSJ Probable glucan 1,3-alpha-glucosidase precursor (EC (Glucosidase II subunit alpha) [LOC_Os03g11720] [OsJ_09923]
Os03g0218400 Q10PW9     MST4_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST4 (Monosaccharide transporter 4) (OsMST4) (Sugar:proton symporter MST4) [MST4] [LOC_Os03g11900]
Os03g0219700 Q10PV9     RH47B_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 47B (EC [LOC_Os03g12000] [OsJ_09947]
Os03g0223200 Q10PS6     CADH9_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 9 (EC (OsCAD9) [CAD9] [LOC_Os03g12270] [OJ1743A09.18]
Os03g0223400 P14654     GLN12_ORYSJ Glutamine synthetase cytosolic isozyme 1-2 (EC (Glutamate--ammonia ligase GLN1;2) (OsGLN1;2) (Glutamine synthetase root isozyme) (OsGS1;2) [GLN1-2] [GSR] [RGS8] [LOC_Os03g12290] [OJ1743A09.19] [OsJ_09974]
Os03g0224200 Q8H7S7     ORR21_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR21 (OsRRB1) [RR21] [ORR1] [LOC_Os03g12350] [OsJ_09978] [OSJNBa0081P02.4]
Os03g0224700 Q10PR4     HSFA9_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-9 (Heat stress transcription factor 8) (rHsf8) (Heat stress transcription factor 9) (OsHsf-09) [HSFA9] [HSF09] [HSF8] [LOC_Os03g12370] [OsJ_009601] [OSJNBa0081P02.6]
Os03g0225200 Q10PQ9     CCSDS_ORYSJ Cyclin-SDS-like (Protein SOLO DANCERS-like) (OsSDS) [SDS] [LOC_Os03g12414] [OsJ_09984] [OSJNBa0081P02.10] [OSJNBa0081P02.9]
Os03g0225900 Q7XYS3     C74A2_ORYSJ Allene oxide synthase 2 (EC (Cytochrome P450 74A2) (Hydroperoxide dehydrase 2) [CYP74A2] [AOS2] [LOC_Os03g12500] [OSJNBa0081P02.18]
Os03g0226200 O04985     HBL2_ORYSJ  Non-symbiotic hemoglobin 2 (ORYsa GLB1b) (rHb2) [HB2] [GLB1B] [LOC_Os03g12510] [OsJ_09991] [OSJNBa0081P02.19]
Os03g0226400 Q10PP8     MTP4_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 4 (OsMTP4) [MTP4] [LOC_Os03g12530] [OsJ_09993] [OSJNBa0081P02.21]
Os03g0226800 A0A0P0VUY4 CMT1_ORYSJ  DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase CMT1 (EC (Chromomethylase 1) (OsMET3b) [CMT1] [LOC_Os03g12570] [OJ1626B05.3]
Os03g0227000 Q8H852     COPG1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit gamma-1 (Gamma-1-coat protein) (Gamma-1-COP) [LOC_Os03g12590] [OJ1626B05.5]
Os03g0227700 Q5CCK3     C90B2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 90B2 (EC 1.14.13.-) (OsCYP90B2) ((22S)-22-hydroxycampesterol synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) (6-deoxycathasterone synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) (Protein DWARF4 homolog) (OsDWARF4) (Steroid 22-alpha-hydroxylase) [CYP90B2] [CYP90B1] [DWARF4] [LOC_Os03g12660] [OJ1626B05.9]
Os03g0230500 Q10PL5     ITPK2_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 2 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 2) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 2) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 2) (OsITP5/6K-2) (OsITPK2) (OsITL1) (Protein DROUGHT- AND SALT-SENSITIVE MUTANT 3) (OsDSM3) [ITPK2] [DSM3] [ITL1] [LOC_Os03g12840] [OJ1017C11.3] [OJ1781E12.6] [OsJ_10020]
Os03g0231000 Q8GRL4     HOX19_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX19 (HD-ZIP protein HOX19) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX19) (OsHox19) [HOX19] [LOC_Os03g12860] [OJ1017C11.5] [OJ1781E12.8]
Os03g0232600 Q10PI9     PUB75_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 75 (EC (OsPUB75) (Protein ERECT LEAF 1) (Protein TAIHU DWARF1) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB75) [TUD1] [ELF1] [PUB75] [LOC_Os03g13010] [OJ1175C11.15]
Os03g0232800 Q10PI6     LCAT1_ORYSJ Lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase-like 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) [LOC_Os03g13030] [OJ1175C11.13]
Os03g0232900 Q10PI5     ADPO3_ORYSJ Heptahelical transmembrane protein ADIPOR3 (PAQR family protein ADIPOR3) [ADIPOR3] [LOC_Os03g13040] [OJ1175C11.13]
Os03g0233900 O04986     HBL1_ORYSJ  Non-symbiotic hemoglobin 1 (ORYsa GLB1a) (rHb1) [HB1] [GLB1A] [LOC_Os03g13140] [OJ1175C11.5] [OsJ_10047]
Os03g0234000 Q94FT8     HBL3_ORYSJ  Non-symbiotic hemoglobin 3 (ORYsa GLB1c) (rHb3) [HB3] [GLB1C] [LOC_Os03g13150] [OJ1175C11.4]
Os03g0234100 Q94FT7     HBL4_ORYSJ  Non-symbiotic hemoglobin 4 (ORYsa GLB1d) (rHb4) [HB4] [GLB1D] [LOC_Os03g13160] [OJ1175C11.3] [OsJ_10049]
Os03g0234200 P0CH34     RL40A_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-60S ribosomal protein L40-1 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; 60S ribosomal protein L40-1 (CEP52)] [Ub-CEP52-1] [UBQ1] [LOC_Os03g13170] [OJ1175C11.2] [OsJ_30399]
Os03g0237100 Q10PE7     DMAS1_ORYSJ Deoxymugineic acid synthase 1 (EC (OsDMAS1) [DMAS1] [LOC_Os03g13390] [OJ1081D05.5]
Os03g0237900 Q0DTM7     CCJ18_ORYSJ Cyclin-J18-like [LOC_Os03g13480] [OJ1081D05.11] [OsJ_009690]
Os03g0239200 Q10PC5     TTA1_ORYSJ  Protein TITANIA (OsTITANIA) (OsTTA) (Protein LOW CADMIUM 5) [TTA] [LC5] [LOC_Os03g13590] [OsJ_10081]
Os03g0243100 Q10P87     ADF5_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 5 (ADF-5) (OsADF5) [ADF5] [LOC_Os03g13950] [OsJ_10102]
Os03g0243300 O82143     PSMDA_ORYSJ 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 4 homolog (26S proteasome regulatory subunit RPN10) (OsRPN10) (26S proteasome regulatory subunit S5a homolog) (OsS5a) [RPN10] [LOC_Os03g13970] [OsJ_10104] [OSNPB_030243300]
Os03g0243600 Q10P83     ACBP5_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 5 precursor (Acyl-CoA binding protein 5) (OsACBP5) [ACBP5] [LOC_Os03g14000] [OsJ_10106]
Os03g0245100 Q10P67     DAPB2_ORYSJ Probable 4-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate reductase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (HTPA reductase 2) [DAPB2] [LOC_Os03g14120] [OsJ_009732] [OsJ_10116]
Os03g0245800 Q10P60     HS26P_ORYSJ 26.7 kDa heat shock protein, chloroplastic precursor (OsHsp26.7) [HSP26.7] [LOC_Os03g14180] [OsJ_10121]
Os03g0251350 A6BLW4     NFYC2_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit C-2 (OsNF-YC2) (Transcriptional activator HAP5C) (OsHAP5C) [NFYC2] [HAP5C] [LOC_Os03g14669]
Os03g0252800 Q10P01     LCB1A_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 1a (EC [LOC_Os03g14800] [OsJ_10166]
Os03g0254700 Q10NY2     TPR3_ORYSJ  Protein TPR3 (Aberrant spikelet and panicle1-related 1) (Protein ASP1-RELATED 1) (OsASPR1) (Topless-related protein 1) (OsTPR1) (Topless-related protein 3) [TPR3] [ASPR1] [TPR1] [LOC_Os03g14980] [OsJ_08437]
Os03g0255100 Q10NX8     BGAL6_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 6 precursor (EC (Lactase 6) [LOC_Os03g15020]
Os03g0259300 Q10NT7     HRD3_ORYSJ  ERAD-associated E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase component HRD3 precursor (OsSel1) [HRD3] [LOC_Os03g15350]
Os03g0261100 Q9XG81     PLA22_ORYSJ Probable phospholipase A2 homolog 2 precursor (EC [PLA2-II] [LOC_Os03g15460] [OsJ_10213]
Os03g0262400 Q10NQ9     IF4E3_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor NCBP (Novel cap-binding protein) (nCBP) (mRNA cap-binding protein) [NCBP] [LOC_Os03g15590] [OsJ_10222]
Os03g0262900 Q10NQ3     VPS9A_ORYSJ Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 9A (OsVPS9A) (Protein GLUTELIN PRECURSOR ACCUMULATION 2) [VPS9A] [GPA2] [LOC_Os03g15650] [OsJ_10226]
Os03g0263300 Q84Q92     NSP2_ORYSJ  Protein NODULATION SIGNALING PATHWAY 2 (OsNSP2) (GRAS family protein 13) (OsGRAS-13) [NSP2] [LOC_Os03g15680] [OJ1041F02.13]
Os03g0264000 Q84QC0     ASCL3_ORYSJ ASC1-like protein 3 (Alternaria stem canker resistance-like protein 3) [LOC_Os03g15750] [OJ1012B02.1] [OsJ_10237]
Os03g0264400 Q9XJ29     ASA2_ORYSJ  Anthranilate synthase alpha subunit 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsASA2) [ASA2] [OASA2] [LOC_Os03g15780]
Os03g0265500 Q84QA7     COI2_ORYSJ  Coronatine-insensitive protein homolog 2 (OsCOI2) [COI2] [LOC_Os03g15880] [OJ1012B02.14] [OsJ_10247]
Os03g0266300 Q84Q77     HS17A_ORYSJ 17.9 kDa class I heat shock protein (17.9 kDa heat shock protein 1) (OsHsp17.9A) [HSP17.9A] [RNB5] [LOC_Os03g15960] [OJ1364E02.6]
Os03g0266900 P31673     HS174_ORYSJ 17.4 kDa class I heat shock protein (17.4 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp17.4) [HSP17.4] [LOC_Os03g16020] [OJ1364E02.10] [OsJ_10261]
Os03g0267000 Q84Q72     HS181_ORYSJ 18.1 kDa class I heat shock protein (18.1 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp18.1) [HSP18.1] [LOC_Os03g16030] [OJ1364E02.11] [OsJ_10262]
Os03g0267200 Q84J50     HS177_ORYSJ 17.7 kDa class I heat shock protein (17.7 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp17.7) [HSP17.7] [LOC_Os03g16040] [OJ1364E02.12] [OJA1364E02.1] [OsJ_10263]
Os03g0267300 O64422     F16P1_ORYSJ Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FBPase) (D-fructose-1,6-bisphosphate 1-phosphohydrolase) [LOC_Os03g16050] [OJ1364E02.13] [OJA1364E02.2] [OsJ_10264]
Os03g0267800 Q10NJ6     HDR3_ORYSJ  LIM domain-containing protein HDR3 (Protein HOMOLOG OF DA1 ON RICE CHROMOSOME 3) [HDR3] [LOC_Os03g16090]
Os03g0268000 P48489     PP1_ORYSJ   Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP1 (EC [LOC_Os03g16110] [OJ1364E02.17] [OJA1364E02.7]
Os03g0268400 Q84JH5     GMPP1_ORYSJ Probable mannose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase 1 (EC [LOC_Os03g16150] [OJA1364E02.11] [OsJ_10274] [OSJNBa0071M09.2]
Os03g0268600 Q84JI0     P2C30_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 30 (EC (OsPP2C30) [PP2C30] [LOC_Os03g16170] [OJA1364E02.13] [OsJ_009875] [OSJNBa0071M09.4]
Os03g0271200 Q84Q83     TOC75_ORYSJ Protein TOC75, chloroplastic precursor (75 kDa translocon at the outer-envelope-membrane of chloroplasts) [TOC75] [LOC_Os03g16440] [OJ1261C08.8]
Os03g0273200 Q10ND7     LAC10_ORYSJ Laccase-10 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 10) (Diphenol oxidase 10) (Urishiol oxidase 10) [LAC10] [LOC_Os03g16610] [OsJ_009911] [OsJ_10313]
Os03g0275100 Q10NB9     P2C31_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 31 (EC (OsPP2C31) [LOC_Os03g16760] [OsJ_009919]
Os03g0279000 A3AGM4     H2B1_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.1 [H2B1] [LOC_Os03g17084] [OsJ_009946]
Os03g0279200 Q94E96     H2A5_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.5 [LOC_Os03g17100] [OsJ_009947]
Os03g0279400 Q10N79     ARGJ_ORYSJ  Arginine biosynthesis bifunctional protein ArgJ, chloroplastic precursor [Includes: Glutamate N-acetyltransferase (EC (GAT) (Ornithine acetyltransferase) (OATase) (Ornithine transacetylase); Amino-acid acetyltransferase (EC (N-acetylglutamate synthase) (AGS)] [Contains: Arginine biosynthesis bifunctional protein ArgJ alpha chain; Arginine biosynthesis bifunctional protein ArgJ beta chain] [LOC_Os03g17120]
Os03g0279832 B9F7C8     KN5B_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-5B [KIN5B] [LOC_Os03g17164] [OsJ_10359]
Os03g0281900 Q8H8V7     AB5G_ORYSJ  ABC transporter G family member 5 (ABC transporter ABCG.5) (OsABCG5) (Protein REDUCED CULM NUMBER 1) (White-brown complex homolog protein 5) (OsWBC5) [RCN1] [WBC5] [LOC_Os03g17350] [OsJ_10379]
Os03g0283100 Q8H8U5     IN21B_ORYSJ Protein IN2-1 homolog B (Glutathione S-transferase GSTZ5) [GSTZ5] [LOC_Os03g17470]
Os03g0283200 Q10N44     IN21A_ORYSJ Protein IN2-1 homolog A [LOC_Os03g17480] [OsJ_009979]
Os03g0283600 Q8H8U0     CLS_ORYSJ   Cardiolipin synthase (CMP-forming), mitochondrial precursor (EC (CLS) [LOC_Os03g17520]
Os03g0284100 Q10N34     PRR73_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator-like PRR73 (Pseudo-response regulator 73) (OsPRR73) [PRR73] [LOC_Os03g17570]
Os03g0284800 Q0DSV9     TOP6A_ORYSJ Topoisomerase 6 subunit A3 (EC (OsTOP6A3) (DNA topoisomerase 6 subunit A) (OsTOP6A) (Meiotic recombination protein SPO11-3) (OsSPO11-3) (OsSPO11C) [SPO11-3] [TOP6A] [TOP6A3] [LOC_Os03g17610] [OSJNBa0013D02.18]
Os03g0285700 Q10N21     APX1_ORYSJ  L-ascorbate peroxidase 1, cytosolic (EC (APXa) (OsAPx1) [APX1] [LOC_Os03g17690] [OsJ_009999] [OSJNBa0013D02.10]
Os03g0285800 Q10N20     MPK5_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 5 (EC (MAP kinase 5) (Benzothiadiazole-induced MAP kinase 1) (MAP kinase 2) (Multiple stress-responsive MAP kinase 2) (OsBIMK1) (OsMAP1) (OsMAPK2) (OsMAPK5) (OsMPK3) (OsMSRMK2) [MPK5] [BIMK1] [MAPK2] [MAPK5] [MPK3] [MSRMK2] [LOC_Os03g17700] [OsJ_10412] [OSJNBa0013D02.9]
Os03g0287800 Q10N05     GT32_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os03g0287800 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os03g17850]
Os03g0287900 Q10N04     PDI51_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 5-1 precursor (OsPDIL5-1) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 6-1) (OsPDIL6-1) [PDIL5-1] [PDIL6-1] [LOC_Os03g17860]
Os03g0288000 Q10N03     MT1B_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 1B (Class I metallothionein-like protein 1B) (OsMT-I-1b) [MT1B] [LOC_Os03g17870] [OsJ_10428]
Os03g0288500 Q0DST9     PUS5_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 5 (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 5) (RNA-uridine isomerase 5) [LOC_Os03g17920] [OsJ_010020]
Os03g0289100 Q852Q0     OSK3_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein kinase OSK3 (EC (OsK3) (Serine/threonine protein kinase OSK35) (OsK35) [OSK3] [OSK35] [OSK5] [LOC_Os03g17980] [OsJ_10438] [OSNPB_030289100]
Os03g0291200 Q10MX4     XOAT8_ORYSJ Probable xylan O-acetyltransferase 8 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 8) (OsTBL8) [XOAT8] [TBL8] [LOC_Os03g18120]
Os03g0291500 Q10MX3     ASNS1_ORYSJ Asparagine synthetase [glutamine-hydrolyzing] 1 (EC (Glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase 1) [LOC_Os03g18130]
Os03g0291800 Q10MX2     XOAT6_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 6 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 15) (OsTBL15) [XOAT6] [TBL15] [LOC_Os03g18140]
Os03g0292100 Q10MX1     P2C32_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 32 (EC (OsPP2C32) [LOC_Os03g18150]
Os03g0293000 Q10MW6     DJC27_ORYSJ DnaJ protein ERDJ3A precursor (Chaperone protein dnaJ C27) (OsDjC27) (Endoplasmic reticulum dnaJ domain-containing protein 3A) (OsERdj3A) [ERDJ3A] [DJC27] [LOC_Os03g18200]
Os03g0293500 Q10MW3     PDC2_ORYSJ  Pyruvate decarboxylase 2 (EC (PDC) [PDC2] [LOC_Os03g18220]
Os03g0298300 Q10MR5     CSPLN_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4B2 (OsCASPL4B2) [LOC_Os03g18680]
Os03g0298800 Q10MR0     RU2B_ORYSJ  U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein B'' (U2 snRNP B'') [LOC_Os03g18720] [OsJ_10509]
Os03g0299900 Q10MQ2     DAPAT_ORYSJ Probable LL-diaminopimelate aminotransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (DAP-AT) (DAP-aminotransferase) (LL-DAP-aminotransferase) [AGD2] [LOC_Os03g18810] [OsJ_27598]
Os03g0300000 Q10MQ0     XXT1_ORYSJ  Probable xyloglucan 6-xylosyltransferase 1 (EC (OsXXT1) (Proteinn SHORT ROOT HAIR 2) [XXT1] [SRH2] [LOC_Os03g18820] [OsJ_27597]
Os03g0301500 Q10MN8     C3H21_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 21 (OsC3H21) [LOC_Os03g18950] [OsJ_010105]
Os03g0301700 Q10MN6     P2C33_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 33 (EC (OsPP2C33) [LOC_Os03g18970] [OsJ_10527]
Os03g0301800 Q10MN5     KN14F_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14F [KIN14F] [LOC_Os03g18980] [OsJ_10528]
Os03g0301950 Q10MN3     PX112_ORYSJ Peroxisomal membrane protein 11-2 (OsPEX11-2) (OsPEX11-5) (Peroxin-11-2) [PEX11-2] [LOC_Os03g19000]
Os03g0302000 Q10MN2     PX113_ORYSJ Peroxisomal membrane protein 11-3 (OsPEX11-3) (Peroxin-11-3) [PEX11-3] [LOC_Os03g19010] [OsJ_010110]
Os03g0305800 Q10MK2     GT4_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 4 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT4) [GT4] [LOC_Os03g19310] [OsJ_10555]
Os03g0306100 C7J0P3     GT5_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 5 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT5) [GT5] [LOC_Os03g19330] [OsJ_10556]
Os03g0307100 Q10MJ1     CGEP_ORYSJ  Probable glutamyl endopeptidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.21.-) [GEP] [LOC_Os03g19410] [OsJ_10563]
Os03g0307200 Q10MI9     NAS2_ORYSJ  Nicotianamine synthase 2 (EC (S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-methionine 3-amino-3-carboxypropyltransferase 2) (OsNAS2) [NAS2] [LOC_Os03g19420] [OsJ_010144]
Os03g0307300 Q0DSH9     NAS1_ORYSJ  Nicotianamine synthase 1 (EC (S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-methionine 3-amino-3-carboxypropyltransferase 1) (OsNAS1) [NAS1] [LOC_Os03g19427]
Os03g0307800 Q10MI4     EZ1_ORYSJ   Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase EZ1 (EC (Protein SET DOMAIN GROUP 718) (SET family protein 1) (OsSET1) (SET family protein 15) (OsSET15) [EZ1] [SDG718] [SET1] [LOC_Os03g19480] [OsJ_10569]
Os03g0308200 Q10MI0     SRL2_ORYSJ  Protein SEMI-ROLLED LEAF 2 [SRL2] [LOC_Os03g19520]
Os03g0308500 Q10MH8     RH24_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 24 (EC [LOC_Os03g19530]
Os03g0309200 Q10MG9     PHYB_ORYSJ  Phytochrome B [PHYB] [PHYB1] [LOC_Os03g19590]
Os03g0314800 Q10MC0     NIN1_ORYSJ  Neutral/alkaline invertase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsNIN1) [NIN1] [LOC_Os03g20020]
Os03g0315400 Q10MB4     MYB2_ORYSJ  Transcription factor MYB2 (Myb-related protein 2) (OsMYB2) [MYB2] [LOC_Os03g20090]
Os03g0318600 Q6IVC3     TGA22_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGA2.2 (OsNIF1) (OsbZIP1) (bZIP transcription factor 28) (OsbZIP28) [TGA2.2] [LOC_Os03g20310] [OsJ_10635]
Os03g0319300 Q0JNS6     CALM1_ORYSJ Calmodulin-1 (CaM-1) [CAM1-1] [CAM1] [LOC_Os03g20370] [OsJ_010214]
Os03g0319400 Q6X4A2     CIPKV_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 31 (EC (OsCIPK31) (OsCK1) [CIPK31] [CK1] [LOC_Os03g20380]
Os03g0320000 Q10M80     SIP21_ORYSJ Aquaporin SIP2-1 (OsSIP2;1) (Small basic intrinsic protein 2-1) [SIP2-1] [LOC_Os03g20410]
Os03g0320900 Q10M74     GMK2_ORYSJ  Guanylate kinase 2, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsGKpm) (GMP kinase 2) (Protein VIRESCENT 2) [V2] [LOC_Os03g20460]
Os03g0322900 A3AHG5     LEA17_ORYSJ Late embryogenesis abundant protein 17 (OsLEA17) (Late embryogenesis abundant protein 1) (OsLEA3-2) [LEA17] [LEA1] [LEA3-2] [LOC_Os03g20680] [OsJ_010237]
Os03g0323200 Q10M50     CHLH_ORYSJ  Magnesium-chelatase subunit ChlH, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Mg-chelatase subunit H) (Mg-protoporphyrin IX chelatase subunit ChlH) [CHLH] [LOC_Os03g20700]
Os03g0324200 Q8W3M0     EIL1B_ORYSJ Protein ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE 3-like 1b (EIN3-like protein 1b) (OsEIL1b) (OsEIL1) [EIL1B] [EIL1] [LOC_Os03g20780]
Os03g0324300 Q10M41     EIL1A_ORYSJ Protein ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE 3-like 1a (EIN3-like protein 1a) (OsEIL1a) (OsEIL1) (Protein MAO HUZI 6) [EIL1A] [EIL1] [MHZ6] [LOC_Os03g20790] [OsJ_10672]
Os03g0325600 Q10M29     WOX6_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 6 (OsWOX6) [WOX6] [LOC_Os03g20910]
Os03g0326500 Q10M18     TRL12_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like 1-2, chloroplastic precursor (Lilium-type thioredoxin 1-2) [LOC_Os03g21000]
Os03g0327600 Q10M12     40C1_ORYSJ  Ricin B-like lectin R40C1 (Osr40c1) [R40C1] [LOC_Os03g21040] [OSJNBb0014I10.3]
Os03g0328400 Q8H7L6     APY1_ORYSJ  Probable apyrase 1 (EC (OsAPY1) (ATP-diphosphatase) (ATP-diphosphohydrolase) (Adenosine diphosphatase) (ADPase) [APY1] [LOC_Os03g21120] [OSJNBb0014I10.10]
Os03g0328900 Q10M00     C3H22_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 22 (OsC3H22) [LOC_Os03g21140]
Os03g0329200 Q10LZ9     C3H23_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 23 (OsC3H23) [LOC_Os03g21160]
Os03g0329500 P0C1U4     GUN9_ORYSJ  Endoglucanase 9 (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 9) (OsCel9D) (OsGLU1) [GLU1] [LOC_Os03g21210]
Os03g0329900 Q10LZ1     PHR1_ORYSJ  Protein PHOSPHATE STARVATION RESPONSE 1 (OsPHR1) [PHR1] [LOC_Os03g21240] [OsJ_10705]
Os03g0331700 Q10LX4     CML27_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML27 (Calmodulin-like protein 27) [CML27] [LOC_Os03g21380]
Os03g0332100 Q0DS59     C14B2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714B2 (EC 1.14.-.-) (GA 13-oxidase 2) (Gibberellin 13 oxidase 2) [CYP714B2] [LOC_Os03g21400] [LOC_Os03g21419] [OsJ_10714] [OsJ_10715]
Os03g0336200 Q6S4P4     RF2B_ORYSJ  Transcription factor RF2b [RF2b] [LOC_Os03g21800]
Os03g0336400 Q9M4X7     EXPA6_ORYSJ Expansin-A6 precursor (Alpha-expansin-6) (OsEXP6) (OsEXPA6) (OsaEXPa1.24) [EXPA6] [EXP6] [LOC_Os03g21820]
Os03g0337500 Q8VXB5     HAK8_ORYSJ  Putative potassium transporter 8 (OsHAK8) [HAK8] [LOC_Os03g21890] [OsJ_10761]
Os03g0337600 Q10LR9     DCUP2_ORYSJ Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (UPD2) (URO-D2) [LOC_Os03g21900] [OsJ_10762]
Os03g0339900 Q10LQ2     CIPKA_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 10 (EC (OsCIPK10) [CIPK10] [LOC_Os03g22050]
Os03g0340500 Q10LP5     SUS4_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 4 (EC (OsSUS4) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 4) [SUS4] [LOC_Os03g22120] [OsJ_10783]
Os03g0340900 Q9AYT5     RSH1_ORYSJ  Putative GTP diphosphokinase RSH1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (RelA/SpoT homolog 1) (Os-RelA1) (OsRSH1) (ppGpp synthetase RSH1) [RSH1] [LOC_Os03g22160] [OsJ_10786]
Os03g0341300 Q10LN5     SWT16_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET16 (OsSWEET16) [SWEET16] [LOC_Os03g22200] [OsJ_10795]
Os03g0345200 P35687     RS21_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S21 [RPS21] [LOC_Os03g22460]
Os03g0346800 Q10LJ2     MTP2_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 2 (OsMTP2) [MTP2] [LOC_Os03g22550] [OsJ_10821]
Os03g0347200 Q10LJ0     NCBP1_ORYSJ Nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 1 (80 kDa nuclear cap-binding protein) (CBP80) (NCBP 80 kDa subunit) [ABH1] [CBP80] [LOC_Os03g22570] [OsJ_10823]
Os03g0347300 Q0DRX6     CWZF3_ORYSJ Cysteine-tryptophan domain-containing zinc finger protein 3 (OsCW-ZF3) [CWZF3] [LOC_Os03g22580]
Os03g0347500 Q10LI8     SWT12_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET12 (OsSWEET12) [SWEET12] [LOC_Os03g22590] [OsJ_10824]
Os03g0347800 Q10LI6     CRS2L_ORYSJ CRS2-like protein, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplastic RNA splicing factor 2-like protein) [LOC_Os03g22610]
Os03g0348900 Q10LI1     SRFP1_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase SRFP1 (EC (OsSRFP1) [SRFP1] [LOC_Os03g22680] [OsJ_10832]
Os03g0351200 Q10LH0     DCVR_ORYSJ  Divinyl chlorophyllide a 8-vinyl-reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [DVR] [LOC_Os03g22780] [OsJ_10840]
Os03g0351400 Q10LG8     TLP6_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 6 (OsTLP6) (Tubby-like F-box protein 14) (OsTLP14) [TULP6] [TULP14] [LOC_Os03g22800] [OsJ_010398]
Os03g0351500 Q0DRV6     SODC1_ORYSJ Superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] 1 (EC [SODCC1] [SODCC.1] [LOC_Os03g22810] [OsJ_010399]
Os03g0352400 Q10LF7     NUG2_ORYSJ  Nuclear/nucleolar GTPase 2 (OsNug2) [NUG2] [LOC_Os03g22890] [OsJ_10852]
Os03g0356414 Q10L91     DIS1_ORYSJ  E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DIS1 (EC (Drought-induced SINA protein 1) (OsDIS1) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase DIS1) [DIS1] [LOC_Os03g24040]
Os03g0356700 Q10L71     VLN2_ORYSJ  Villin-2 [VLN2] [LOC_Os03g24220] [OSNPB_030356700]
Os03g0360700 Q10L32     MSRB5_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase B5 (EC (OsMSRB5) (Peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase) [MSRB5] [LOC_Os03g24600] [OsJ_10923]
Os03g0366200 Q10KY3     CAMK1_ORYSJ Calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (EC (Calcium/calmodulin-binding serine/threonine-protein kinase) (CaM-binding protein kinase) (OsCBK) [CAMK1] [LOC_Os03g25070]
Os03g0366800 Q10KX8     HFB4D_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-4d (Heat stress transcription factor 10) (OsHsf-10) [HSFB4D] [HSF10] [LOC_Os03g25120] [OsJ_10971]
Os03g0370800 Q10KT6     COPT4_ORYSJ Copper transporter 4 (OsCOPT4) [COPT4] [LOC_Os03g25470]
Os03g0377100 Q10KN4     EXP21_ORYSJ Expansin-A21 precursor (Alpha-expansin-21) (OsEXP21) (OsEXPA21) (OsaEXPa1.21) [EXPA21] [EXP21] [LOC_Os03g25990] [OSJNBb0048D20.14]
Os03g0377700 Q7PC73     CSLA5_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 5 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A5) (OsCslA5) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 5) [CSLA5] [LOC_Os03g26044] [OsJ_11041] [OSJNBb0048D20.18]
Os03g0379300 Q10KL8     IRO3_ORYSJ  Protein IRON-RELATED TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 3 (OsIRO2) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 63) (OsbHLH063) (Transcription factor BHLH063) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH063) [IRO3] [BHLH063] [LOC_Os03g26210] [OsJ_11051] [OSJNBa0013O08.3]
Os03g0385400 Q6ASY2     NLTL1_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid transfer protein-like 1 precursor (OsLTPL1) [LTPL1] [LOC_Os03g26820] [B1246D11.7]
Os03g0386500 Q10KF5     TPP9_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 9 (EC (OsTPP9) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP9] [LOC_Os03g26910] [OsJ_11091] [OSJNBb0058G04.17]
Os03g0387100 Q10KF0     PSA2_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit alpha type-2 (20S proteasome alpha subunit B) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-2) [PAB1] [LOC_Os03g26970] [OsJ_11088] [OSJNBb0058G04.11]
Os03g0389700 Q75LR2     AROF_ORYSJ  Phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase 1) (DAHP synthase 1) (Phospho-2-keto-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase 1) [DAHPS1] [LOC_Os03g27230] [OSJNBa0017N12.13]
Os03g0390200 Q75LR7     SAPK1_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK1 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 1) (stress-activated protein kinase 1) (OsSAPK1) [SAPK1] [LOC_Os03g27280] [OOSJNBa0017N12.8] [OsJ_11114]
Os03g0390600 Q0JCT1     H33_ORYSJ   Histone H3.3 (H3.2) [H3] [RH3] [RH3.2A] [LOC_Os03g27310] [OSJNBa0017N12.5]
Os03g0391000 Q75KP8     ATG4A_ORYSJ Cysteine protease ATG4A (EC 3.4.22.-) (Autophagy-related protein 4 homolog A) [ATG4A] [APG4A] [LOC_Os03g27350] [OsJ_010666] [OSJNBa0017N12.1] [OSJNBa0065F09.1]
Os03g0392000 Q10K98     CCD23_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-D2-3 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D2-3) (CycD2;3) [CYCD2-3] [LOC_Os03g27420] [OSJNBa0065F09.8]
Os03g0392050 C7J0R5     OST4B_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 4B [OST4B]
Os03g0393900 Q84QY3     PLP1_ORYSJ  Patatin-like protein 1 (EC 3.1.1.-) (OsPLP1) [PLP1] [LOC_Os03g27610] [OSJNBa0093I13.16]
Os03g0395000 Q10K62     HMOX2_ORYSJ Probable inactive heme oxygenase 2, chloroplastic precursor [HO2] [LOC_Os03g27770] [OSJNBa0093I13.32] [OSJNBb0004M10.4]
Os03g0396500 Q94LG1     TI11G_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11g (OsTIFY11g) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 15) (OsJAZ15) [TIFY11G] [JAZ15] [LOC_Os03g27900] [OsJ_11155] [OSJNBb0004M10.17]
Os03g0397400 Q5KQN0     CAX2_ORYSJ  Vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 2 (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 2) (OsCAX2) [CAX2] [LOC_Os03g27960]
Os03g0401300 P31924     SUS1_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 1 (EC (OsSUS1) (Sucrose synthase 2) (RSs2) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 1) [SUS1] [RSS2] [RSUS1] [LOC_Os03g28330] [OsJ_11182]
Os03g0402800 Q84R94     TI10A_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 10a (OsTIFY10a) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 6) (OsJAZ6) (OsJAZ5) [TIFY10A] [JAZ6] [LOC_Os03g28940] [OsJ_11194] [OSJNBb0041J20.5]
Os03g0405500 Q7Y0E8     NRX11_ORYSJ Probable nucleoredoxin 1-1 (EC (OsNrx1-1) [LOC_Os03g29190] [OsJ_11206] [OSJNBb0074M06.8]
Os03g0405900 Q7Y0F2     NRX12_ORYSJ Probable nucleoredoxin 1-2 (EC (OsNrx1-2) [LOC_Os03g29240] [OsJ_11208] [OSJNBa0002D18.22] [OSJNBb0074M06.3]
Os03g0406100 Q7Y0F6     SPX5_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 5 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 5) (OsSPX5) [SPX5] [LOC_Os03g29250] [OsJ_11210] [OSJNBa0002D18.21] [OSJNBb0074M06.1]
Os03g0406200 Q40682     EF1D2_ORYSJ Elongation factor 1-delta 2 (EF-1-delta 2) (Elongation factor 1B-beta 2) (eEF-1B beta 2) [LOC_Os03g29260] [OSJNBa0002D18.20]
Os03g0408600 Q84MQ9     NSP1_ORYSJ  Protein NODULATION SIGNALING PATHWAY 1 (OsNSP1) (GRAS family protein 14) (OsGRAS-14) [NSP1] [LOC_Os03g29480] [OSJNBa0030J19.7]
Os03g0411800 Q852F6     ZIP2_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 2 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 2) (OsZIP2) [ZIP2] [LOC_Os03g29850]
Os03g0413000 Q75IZ7     NFYB8_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-8 (OsNF-YB8) (Transcriptional activator HAP3I) (OsHAP3I) [NFYB8] [HAP3I] [LOC_Os03g29970]
Os03g0416200 Q10JL1     COBL5_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 5 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1) [BC1] [LOC_Os03g30250] [OsJ_010811] [OSJNBb0059G13.18]
Os03g0416300 Q75IW1     COBL2_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 2 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like 2) [BC1L2] [LOC_Os03g30260] [OsJ_11271] [OSJNBb0059G13.19]
Os03g0416500 Q75IV7     6PGL1_ORYSJ Probable 6-phosphogluconolactonase 1 (EC (6PGL 1) [LOC_Os03g30300] [OsJ_010814] [OSJNBb0059G13.23]
Os03g0417800 Q7Y1L9     SP1L1_ORYSJ Protein SPIRAL1-like 1 [LOC_Os03g30430] [OsJ_11276] [OSJNBb0056B16.13]
Os03g0418000 P25765     CHI12_ORYSJ Chitinase 12 precursor (EC (Basic endochitinase 2) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 12) [Cht12] [RCH10] [LOC_Os03g30470] [OSJNBb0028K20.4] [OSJNBb0056B16.17]
Os03g0419100 Q10JI3     NNJA3_ORYSJ Ninja-family protein Os03g0419100 [LOC_Os03g30570] [OSJNBb0028K20.14]
Os03g0421500 A3AJ77     FAHD1_ORYSJ Probable acylpyruvase FAHD1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain-containing protein 1) (FAH domain-containing protein 1) [FAHD1] [LOC_Os03g30800] [OsJ_11310] [OSJNBb0021K20.19]
Os03g0423300 Q84MF1     STAD4_ORYSJ Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 4, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.14.19.-) [LOC_Os03g30950] [OsJ_11322] [OSJNBa0032H19]
Os03g0424200 Q0DR28     PUB57_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 57 (EC (Plant U-box protein 57) (OsPUB57) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB57) [PUB57] [LOC_Os03g31070]
Os03g0424500 P40978     RS19_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S19 [RPS19B] [LOC_Os03g31090] [OsJ_11332] [OSJNBa0032H19.8]
Os03g0424800 P40978     RS19_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S19 [RPS19A] [LOC_Os03g31134] [OsJ_11334] [OSJNBa0032H19.4]
Os03g0425000 Q84MH1     RAP_ORYSJ   RAP domain-containing protein, chloroplastic precursor (Protein ALBINO LEAF 1) [AL1] [LOC_Os03g31150] [OsJ_11335]
Os03g0425600 Q75GS4     UGDH1_ORYSJ UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase 1 (EC (UDP-Glc dehydrogenase 1) (UDP-GlcDH 1) (UDPGDH 1) (Os-UGD1) [UGD1] [LOC_Os03g31210] [OSJNBa0020H02.10]
Os03g0426800 Q75GT2     MUB1_ORYSJ  Membrane-anchored ubiquitin-fold protein 1 precursor (Membrane-anchored ub-fold protein 1) (OsMUB1) [MUB1] [LOC_Os03g31290] [OsJ_11344] [OSJNBa0020H02.2]
Os03g0426900 Q75GT3     CLPB2_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpB2, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpB homolog 2) (Casein lytic proteinase B2) [CLPB2] [CLPB-C] [LOC_Os03g31300] [OSJNBa0020H02.1] [OSJNBa0083F15.25]
Os03g0427300 Q09151     GLUA3_ORYSJ Glutelin type-A 3 precursor [Contains: Glutelin type-A 3 acidic chain; Glutelin type-A 3 basic chain] [GLUA3] [GLUA-3] [GT22] [GT3] [LOC_Os03g31360] [OSJNBa0083F15.19]
Os03g0428700 Q75I75     EXP31_ORYSJ Expansin-A31 precursor (Alpha-expansin-31) (OsEXP31) (OsEXPA31) (OsaEXPa1.5) [EXPA31] [EXP31] [LOC_Os03g31480] [OSJNBa0083F15.7]
Os03g0429000 Q10J94     CYT8_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 8 precursor (Oryzacystatin VIII) (OC-VIII) (Oryzacystatin-8) [LOC_Os03g31510] [OsJ_11358]
Os03g0429800 Q6AUV1     XDH_ORYSJ   Xanthine dehydrogenase (EC [XDH] [LOC_Os03g31550] [OsJ_11360] [OSJNBa0091B22.11]
Os03g0432100 Q75KR1     PPDK2_ORYSJ Pyruvate, phosphate dikinase 2 (EC (Pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase 2) [PPDK2] [CPDK2] [LOC_Os03g31750] [OsJ_010907] [OSJNBa0036E17.10]
Os03g0433200 Q75I13     SHR2_ORYSJ  Protein SHORT-ROOT 2 (OsSHR2) [SHR2] [LOC_Os03g31880] [OsJ_010915] [OSJNBb0031F05.14]
Os03g0437200 Q75KE5     ZFP36_ORYSJ Zinc finger protein 36 (Protein BROAD-SPECTRUM RESISTANCE DIGU 1) [ZFP36] [BSR-D1] [LOC_Os03g32230] [OsJ_11395] [OSJNBa0054H04.4] [OSJNBb0034P05.8]
Os03g0437600 Q10J20     D14L_ORYSJ  Probable esterase D14L (Protein DWARF-14-like) (Protein D14-like) (Protein HEBIBA D14L) [D14L] [LOC_Os03g32270]
Os03g0438100 Q75KD7     AOC_ORYSJ   Allene oxide cyclase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsAOC) (Protein COLEOPTILE PHOTOMORPHOGENESIS 2) (Protein HEBIBA) [AOC] [AOC3] [CPM2] [HB] [LOC_Os03g32314] [OsJ_11399] [OSJNBa0054H04.12] [OSNPB_030438100]
Os03g0449200 Q75HC2     AGO7_ORYSJ  Protein argonaute 7 (OsAGO7) (Protein SHOOT ORGANIZATION 2) (Protein SHOOTLESS 4) [AGO7] [SHL4] [SHO2] [LOC_Os03g33650] [OSJNBa0034E08.23]
Os03g0563300 Q53RM0     CHLI_ORYSJ  Magnesium-chelatase subunit ChlI, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Mg-chelatase subunit I) (Mg-protoporphyrin IX chelatase subunit ChlI) (Protein CHLORINA 9) [CHLI] [CHL9] [LOC_Os03g36540] [OsJ_11451]
Os03g0565100 Q94I55     OST3_ORYSJ  Probable dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 3 precursor [OST3] [LOC_Os03g36730] [OSJNBa0084C09.17]
Os03g0565500 Q9FE64     EFGM_ORYSJ  Elongation factor G, mitochondrial (EF-Gmt) (Elongation factor G 1, mitochondrial) (mEF-G 1) (Elongation factor G1) [LOC_Os03g36780] [OSJNBa0026A15.1]
Os03g0566800 Q10I26     IF43B_ORYSJ Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-III homolog B (EC (OseIF4AIIIb) (eIF-4A-III) (eIF4A-III) (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 34) (OsRH34) [EIF4A3B] [EIF4A3] [RH34] [LOC_Os03g36930] [OSJNBa0026A15.3]
Os03g0567600 Q10I20     XAT3_ORYSJ  Alpha-1,3-arabinosyltransferase XAT3 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Xylan arabinosyltransferase 3) (OsXAT3) [XAT3] [LOC_Os03g37010] [OsJ_11476] [OSJNBa0026A15.4]
Os03g0570300 Q75LU5     KIN17_ORYSJ KIN17-like protein [KIN17] [LOC_Os03g37330] [OSJNBa0004B24.17] [OSJNBb0015I21.3]
Os03g0574900 Q84MS4     HAK27_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 27 (OsHAK27) [HAK27] [LOC_Os03g37830] [OSJNBa0029P07.16]
Os03g0575200 Q84MS3     HAK16_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 16 (OsHAK16) [HAK16] [LOC_Os03g37840] [OsJ_11514] [OSJNBa0008D12.19] [OSJNBa0029P07.17]
Os03g0576200 Q75G84     HAK21_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 21 (OsHAK21) [HAK21] [LOC_Os03g37930] [OSJNBa0008D12.10]
Os03g0576600 Q75G87     ACBP3_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 3 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 3) (OsACBP3) [ACBP3] [LOC_Os03g37960] [OSJNBa0008D12.7]
Os03g0582200 Q75IC7     SCAM4_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 4 (Secretory carrier membrane protein 4) [SCAMP4] [LOC_Os03g38590] [OJ1785_A05.15] [OsJ_011085] [OsJ_11549]
Os03g0583900 Q10HL3     DCL2A_ORYSJ Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 2a (Dicer-like protein 2a) (EC 3.1.26.-) (OsDCL2a) [DCL2A] [LOC_Os03g38740] [OJ1785_A05.30]
Os03g0586800 Q6F2U9     SYK_ORYSJ   Lysine--tRNA ligase (EC (Lysyl-tRNA synthetase) (LysRS) [LOC_Os03g38980] [OSJNBa0010D22.26]
Os03g0587200 Q5W6L9     KN12C_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12C [KIN12C] [LOC_Os03g39020] [OsJ_11583] [OSJNBa0010D22.30] [OSJNBb0085A04.1]
Os03g0592500 Q10HD0     CB23_ORYSJ  Chlorophyll a-b binding protein, chloroplastic precursor (LHCII type I CAB) (LHCP) [RCABP89] [LOC_Os03g39610] [OsJ_011145] [OSJNBb0056O10.8]
Os03g0594400 Q851G4     MST2_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST2 (Monosaccharide transporter 2) (OsMST2) (Sugar:proton symporter MST2) [MST2] [LOC_Os03g39710] [OsJ_11618] [OSJNBb0042N11.24]
Os03g0599800 Q8H8T0     RGP1_ORYSJ  UDP-arabinopyranose mutase 1 (EC (OsUAM1) (Reversibly glycosylated polypeptide 1) (UDP-L-arabinose mutase 1) [UAM1] [RGP1] [LOC_Os03g40270] [OJ1523_A02.1] [OsJ_11657]
Os03g0602300 Q8GSQ1     C85A1_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 85A1 (OsCYP85A1) (3-dehydroteasterone synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) (C6-oxidase) (Protein DWARF) (OsDWARF) (Teasterone synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) (Typhasterol synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) [CYP85A1] [DWARF] [LOC_Os03g40540] [OJ1519_A12.12] [OsJNBa0015G17.1]
Os03g0604200 B7F958     UGDH2_ORYSJ UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase 2 (EC (UDP-Glc dehydrogenase 2) (UDP-GlcDH 2) (UDPGDH 2) (Os-UGD2) [UGD2] [LOC_Os03g40720] [OSJNBa0004G03.9]
Os03g0607600 Q75I54     CCA31_ORYSJ Cyclin-A3-1 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A3-1) (CycA3;1) [CYCA3-1] [LOC_Os03g41100] [OSJNBa0091E13.3]
Os03g0610650 Q75H81     SPZXA_ORYSJ Serpin-ZXA (OrysaZxa) [LOC_Os03g41419] [OSJNBa0034J04.19] [OSJNBb0007E22.7]
Os03g0610800 Q10GX0     SPZXB_ORYSJ Serpin-ZXB (OrysaZxb) [LOC_Os03g41438] [OSJNBb0007E22.10]
Os03g0610900 Q75H77     SAPKA_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK10 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 10) (stress-activated protein kinase 10) (OsSAPK10) [SAPK10] [LOC_Os03g41460] [OsJ_11716] [OSJNBb0007E22.11]
Os03g0616400 Q6ATV4     ACA3_ORYSJ  Calcium-transporting ATPase 3, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA3) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 3) [ACA3] [LOC_Os03g42020] [OJ1285_H07.3]
Os03g0617500 Q0DQA9     CCD51_ORYSJ Cyclin-D5-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D5-1) (CycD5;1) [CYCD5-1] [LOC_Os03g42070] [OSJNBa0063J18.4]
Os03g0617900 Q6AV34     ARGC_ORYSJ  Probable N-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (AGPR) (N-acetyl-glutamate semialdehyde dehydrogenase) (NAGSA dehydrogenase) [LOC_Os03g42110] [OSJNBa0063J18.8]
Os03g0619600 Q6AV22     Y3196_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0619600 [LOC_Os03g42230] [OsJ_11751] [OSJNBa0063J18.20]
Os03g0619800 Q6AV21     Y3982_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0619800 [Os03g0619825] [LOC_Os03g42240] [OsJ_11753] [OSJNBa0063J18.21]
Os03g0619850 Q10GP0     Y3198_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0619850 [LOC_Os03g42250] [OSJNBa0063J18.22] [OSJNBb0111B07.1]
Os03g0620400 Q851W5     Y3204_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0620400 [LOC_Os03g42280] [OsJ_11757] [OSJNBb0111B07.7]
Os03g0620500 Q851W4     Y3205_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0620500 [LOC_Os03g42290] [OSJNBb0111B07.8]
Os03g0620800 Q851W1     SLY1_ORYSJ  SEC1 family transport protein SLY1 [SLY1] [LOC_Os03g42320] [OsJ_11759] [OSJNBb0111B07.11]
Os03g0621600 Q851V1     Y3160_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0621600 [LOC_Os03g42410] [OSJNBb0111B07.21]
Os03g0621600 Q851V5     Y3216_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0621600 [LOC_Os03g42370] [OSJNBb0111B07.17]
Os03g0622100 Q10GM4     Y3221_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0622100 [LOC_Os03g42420] [OSJNBb0111B07.22]
Os03g0622200 Q10GM3     Y3222_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os03g0622200 [LOC_Os03g42430] [OsJ_11768] [OSJNBb0111B07.22]
Os03g0625900 Q75LV5     YAO_ORYSJ   U3 snoRNP-associated protein-like YAOH (Protein YAO homolog) [LOC_Os03g42770]
Os03g0626800 Q75LU8     CNBL3_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 3 [CBL3] [LOC_Os03g42840] [OsJ_11802] [OSJNBa0002I03.21] [OSJNBb0013K08.3]
Os03g0633500 Q75GK0     IAA11_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA11 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 11) [IAA11] [LOC_Os03g43400] [OSJNBa0010N03.17]
Os03g0633800 Q75GK1     IAA12_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA12 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 12) [IAA12] [LOC_Os03g43410] [OsJ_11822] [OSJNBa0010N03.16]
Os03g0634000 Q75GK3     TATA_ORYSJ  Sec-independent protein translocase protein TATA, chloroplastic precursor (Protein THYLAKOID ASSEMBLY 4) (Protein TWIN-ARGININE TRANSLOCATION A) [TATA] [THA4] [LOC_Os03g43430] [OsJ_11824] [OSJNBa0010N03.14]
Os03g0634400 Q75GK4     CIPK7_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 7 (EC (OsCIPK07) [CIPK7] [LOC_Os03g43440] [OsJ_011355] [OSJNBa0010N03.13]
Os03g0635100 Q75WU1     GG1_ORYSJ   Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit gamma 1 precursor (Ggamma-subunit 1) (Heterotrimeric G protein gamma-subunit 1) [RGG1] [LOC_Os03g43480] [OsJ_11830]
Os03g0636800 Q10GB1     NEK1_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek1 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 1) (OsNek1) [NEK1] [LOC_Os03g43590] [OsJ_11838] [OSJNBa0066H15.19]
Os03g0637800 Q75J39     CKI4_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase-like protein CR4 precursor (EC (Protein CRINKLY 4) (OsCR4) [CR4] [LOC_Os03g43670] [OSJNBa0066H15.11] [OSNPB_030637800]
Os03g0639600 Q6ASS2     LOL3_ORYSJ  Protein LOL3 (Protein LSD ONE LIKE 3) (OsLOL3) (Putative zinc finger LOL3) [LOL3] [LOC_Os03g43840] [B1394A07.19] [OsJ_11851] [OSJNBb0029I19.1]
Os03g0640100 Q10G81     MSI1_ORYSJ  Histone-binding protein MSI1 homolog (CAF-1 p48 homolog) (Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit MSI1 homolog) (CAF-1 subunit MSI1 homolog) (WD-40 repeat-containing protein MSI1 homolog) [MSI1] [LOC_Os03g43890] [B1394A07.14]
Os03g0640800 Q6AST1     HOX32_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX32 (HD-ZIP protein HOX32) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX32) (OsHox32) [HOX32] [LOC_Os03g43930] [B1394A07.10]
Os03g0643300 Q10G56     OAT_ORYSJ   Ornithine aminotransferase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Ornithine delta-aminotransferase) (Ornithine--oxo-acid aminotransferase) [OAT] [LOC_Os03g44150] [OSJNBa0038E17.15]
Os03g0644400 Q60DN5     PROT1_ORYSJ Proline transporter 1 (OsPROT) [PROT1] [PROT] [LOC_Os03g44230] [OSJNBa0038E17.23]
Os03g0645000 Q10G40     EXB12_ORYSJ Expansin-B12 precursor (Beta-expansin-12) (OsEXPB12) (OsaEXPb1.17) [EXPB12] [LOC_Os03g44290]
Os03g0645100 Q10G39     ODPB4_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-4, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os03g44300] [OsJ_11888]
Os03g0645900 Q5MBR5     NCED3_ORYSJ 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNCED3) [NCED3] [LOC_Os03g44380] [OsJ_11896]
Os03g0650000 Q10FZ7     YAB2_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 2 (OsYABBY2) (OsYAB2) (Protein FILAMENTOUS FLOWER 2) [YAB2] [FIL2] [LOC_Os03g44710]
Os03g0650400 Q53KW9     AM1_ORYSJ   Protein AMEIOTIC 1 homolog (OsAM1) [AM1] [LOC_Os03g44760]
Os03g0650900 Q7XZZ3     BAHL1_ORYSJ Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase BAH1-like 1 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase BAH1-like 1) [LOC_Os03g44810] [OsJ_11925] [OSJNBa0093M23.3]
Os03g0651000 Q7XZZ1     GATC_ORYSJ  Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit C, chloroplastic/mitochondrial (EC 6.3.5.-) (Glu-AdT subunit C) [GATC] [LOC_Os03g44820] [OsJ_11926] [OSJNBa0093M23.4]
Os03g0651800 Q7XZY1     GL32_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 3-2 precursor [LOC_Os03g44880] [OsJ_011452] [OSJNBa0093M23.10]
Os03g0654600 Q84ST4     NOL_ORYSJ   Chlorophyll(ide) b reductase NOL, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Protein NON-YELLOW COLORING 1-LIKE) (OsNOL) (Protein NYC1-LIKE) (Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase NOL) [NOL] [LOC_Os03g45194] [OsJ_11943] [OSJNBa0092N01.25] [OSJNBb0023J24.13]
Os03g0657000 Q8W0W4     TBP2_ORYSJ  TATA-binding protein 2 (TATA sequence-binding protein 2) (TBP-2) (TATA-binding factor 2) (TATA-box factor 2) (Transcription initiation factor TFIID TBP-2 subunit) [TBP2] [TFIID] [LOC_Os03g45410] [OSJNBa0075A22.20]
Os03g0657100 Q10FT0     PUB24_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 24 (EC (Plant U-box protein 24) (OsPUB24) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB24) [PUB24] [LOC_Os03g45420] [OSJNBa0075A22.19]
Os03g0661300 Q76FS2     TBB8_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-8 chain (Beta-8-tubulin) [TUBB8] [TUB8] [LOC_Os03g45920] [OSJNBa0034D21.30] [OSJNBb0065L20.6]
Os03g0663800 Q75GX9     GLB63_ORYSJ 63 kDa globulin-like protein precursor (Allergen Ory s GLP63) [LOC_Os03g46100] [OSJNBa0034D21.12]
Os03g0663900 Q75GY0     EPAD1_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein EPAD1 precursor (Protein EXINE PATTERN DESIGNER 1) [EPAD1] [LOC_Os03g46110] [OSJNBa0034D21.11]
Os03g0667100 Q75HA6     NPR3_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NPR3 (OsNPR3) [NPR3] [NH3] [LOC_Os03g46440] [OsJ_12014] [OSJNBa0056E06.6]
Os03g0667300 Q6L8G1     IRT2_ORYSJ  Fe(2+) transport protein 2 precursor (Fe(II) transport protein 2) (Iron-regulated transporter 2) (OsIRT2) [IRT2] [LOC_Os03g46454] [OsJ_12018] [OSJNBb0036M02.15]
Os03g0667500 Q75HB1     IRT1_ORYSJ  Fe(2+) transport protein 1 precursor (Fe(II) transport protein 1) (Iron-regulated transporter 1) (OsIRT1) [IRT1] [LOC_Os03g46470] [OSJNBa0056E06.2] [OSJNBb0036M02.13]
Os03g0668900 Q7Y180     AN322_ORYSJ Acidic leucine-rich nuclear phosphoprotein 32-related protein 2 (ANP32/acidic nuclear phosphoprotein-like protein 2) [LOC_Os03g46600] [OsJ_12028] [OSJNBa0039O18.14] [OSJNBb0036M02.2]
Os03g0669000 Q7Y183     RH10_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 10 (EC (DEAD-box RNA helicase TOGR1) (Protein THERMOTOLERANT GROWTH REQUIRED1) [RH10] [TOGR1] [LOC_Os03g46610] [OsJ_12029] [OSJNBa0039O18.13] [OSJNBb0036M02.1]
Os03g0669100 Q10FF9     DUT_ORYSJ   Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (EC (dUTPase) (dUTP pyrophosphatase) [DUT] [LOC_Os03g46640] [OSJNBa0039O18.10]
Os03g0669200 Q40687     GBB_ORYSJ   Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit beta (WD40 repeat-containing protein 80) (OsWD40-80) [RGB1] [LOC_Os03g46650] [OSJNBa0039O18.9]
Os03g0673000 Q75LX7     KNOS4_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 4 (Homeobox protein OSH10) [OSH10] [Os03g0673100] [LOC_Os03g47016/LOC_Os03g47022] [OsJ_011583/OsJ_011584] [OSJNBa0035I24.12] [OSJNBb0113I20.24]
Os03g0673500 Q75LX9     KNOS5_ORYSJ Putative homeobox protein knotted-1-like 5 [LOC_Os03g47036/LOC_Os03g47042] [OsJ_011587] [OSJNBa0035I24.10]
Os03g0674700 Q9FRG8     GRF9_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 9 (OsGRF9) (Transcription activator GRF9) [GRF9] [LOC_Os03g47140] [OsJ_12074] [OSJNBa0035I24.1] [OSJNBb0009F04]
Os03g0675600 Q9FRF9     PSK3_ORYSJ  Phytosulfokines 3 precursor [Contains: Phytosulfokine-alpha (PSK-alpha) (Phytosulfokine-a); Phytosulfokine-beta (PSK-beta) (Phytosulfokine-b)] [PSK3] [LOC_Os03g47230] [OSJNBb0009F04.16]
Os03g0681700 Q9AYE4     LST8_ORYSJ  Target of rapamycin complex subunit LST8 (TORC subunit LST8) (Lethal with SEC13 protein 8 homolog) (WD40 repeat-containing protein 81) (OsWD40-81) [LST8] [LOC_Os03g47780] [OsJ_12123] [OSJNBa0003G23.2] [OSJNBb0070O09.2]
Os03g0682200 Q7Y001     AGO12_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 12 (OsAGO12) [AGO12] [LOC_Os03g47820] [OSJNBb0070O09.6]
Os03g0682600 Q10F39     AGO11_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 11 (OsAGO11) [AGO11] [LOC_Os03g47830] [OSJNBb0070O09.7]
Os03g0684000 Q10F25     GAT18_ORYSJ GATA transcription factor 18 (OsGATA18) (Protein TIFY 1a) (OsTIFY1a) [GATA18] [TIFY1A] [LOC_Os03g47970] [OsJ_12136] [OSJNBb0072E24.6]
Os03g0684400 Q9AUK4     MRS2A_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-A, chloroplastic precursor [MRS2-A] [LOC_Os03g48000] [OsJ_12139] [OSJNBb0072E24.13]
Os03g0686900 Q10F03     FLO6_ORYSJ  Protein FLOURY ENDOSPERM 6, chloroplastic precursor (SKIPa-interacting protein 4) [FLO6] [SIP4] [LOC_Os03g48170] [OsJ_12152] [OSJNBb0024N19.10]
Os03g0688300 Q6AVI8     CDPK9_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 9 (EC (OsCDPK9) (OsCPK9) [CPK9] [LOC_Os03g48270] [OSJNBa0022C08.19]
Os03g0690000 Q6AVK1     COSA_ORYSJ  Costars family protein [LOC_Os03g48390] [OsJ_011680] [OSJNBa0022C08.7]
Os03g0693700 Q851J8     GL33_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-3 precursor [LOC_Os03g48750] [OsJ_011704] [OSJNBb0021O11.14]
Os03g0693800 Q851J9     GL34_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 3-4 precursor [LOC_Os03g48760] [OsJ_011705] [OSJNBb0021O11.13]
Os03g0693900 Q851K0     GL35_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-5 precursor [LOC_Os03g48770] [OSJNBb0021O11.12]
Os03g0694000 Q851K1     GL36_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-6 precursor [LOC_Os03g48780] [OsJ_011707] [OSJNBb0021O11.11]
Os03g0695600 Q9LST6     PSB2_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit beta type-2 (20S proteasome alpha subunit D) (20S proteasome subunit beta-4) [PBD1] [LOC_Os03g48930] [OsJ_12208] [OSJNBb0021P10.3]
Os03g0697200 Q851C7     LOGL4_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOG4 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 4) [LOGL4] [LOC_Os03g49050] [OsJ_12214] [OSJNBb0021P10.15]
Os03g0698800 Q10EL1     C3H24_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 24 (OsC3H24) [LOC_Os03g49170] [OSJNBb0017F17.19]
Os03g0699000 Q10EK7     OLEO2_ORYSJ Oleosin 18 kDa (OSE721) [OLE18] [LOC_Os03g49190] [OsJ_011734] [OSJNBb0017F17.17]
Os03g0699200 Q851S7     PESC_ORYSJ  Pescadillo homolog [PES] [LOC_Os03g49210] [OsJ_12225] [OSJNBb0017F17.15]
Os03g0699300 Q851S8     PURA2_ORYSJ Adenylosuccinate synthetase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (AMPSase 2) (AdSS 2) (IMP--aspartate ligase 2) [PURA2] [LOC_Os03g49220] [OsJ_12227] [OSJNBb0017F17.14]
Os03g0699700 Q76I22     LOX1_ORYSJ  Linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase 1 (EC (9-lipoxygenase) (Lipoxygenase 1) (r9-LOX1) [LOC_Os03g49260] [OSJNBb0017F17.10]
Os03g0700400 Q7G794     LOX3_ORYSJ  Putative linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase 3 (EC (Lipoxygenase 3) [LOC_Os03g49350] [OSJNBb0017F17.2]
Os03g0700700 Q53RB0     LOX4_ORYSJ  Probable linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase 4 (EC (Lipoxygenase 4) [LOC_Os03g49380] [OsJ_12241]
Os03g0701700 Q53RH0     ERS1_ORYSJ  Probable ethylene response sensor 1 (EC (OsERS1) (Ethylene response factor 1) [ERS1] [LOC_Os03g49500] [OsJ_12251]
Os03g0701800 Q6EX42     PI5K1_ORYSJ Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase 1 precursor (EC (1-phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate kinase) (Diphosphoinositide kinase) (PIP5K) (PtdIns(4)P-5-kinase) [PIPK1] [LOC_Os03g49510]
Os03g0703000 Q75I93     BGL07_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 7 precursor (EC (Os3bglu7) [BGLU7] [BGLU1] [LOC_Os03g49600] [OSJNBa0004L11.16]
Os03g0703100 Q75I94     BGL08_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 8 precursor (EC (Os3bglu8) [BGLU8] [LOC_Os03g49610] [OsJ_12263] [OSJNBa0004L11.15]
Os03g0706500 Q8LN68     TB1_ORYSJ   Transcription factor TB1 (Protein FINE CULM 1) (Protein TEOSINTE BRANCHED 1 homolog) (OsTB1) (TCP transcription factor 8) (OsTCP8) [TB1] [FC1] [TCP8] [LOC_Os03g49880]
Os03g0707600 Q7G7J6     SLR1_ORYSJ  DELLA protein SLR1 (Gibberellic acid-insensitive mutant protein) (OsGAI) (Protein SLENDER RICE1) [SLR1] [GAI] [LOC_Os03g49990] [OsJ_12286] [OSJNBb0022E02.5]
Os03g0708000 Q10E50     PLA23_ORYSJ Phospholipase A2 homolog 3 precursor (EC [PLA2-III] [LOC_Os03g50030] [OsJ_12288] [OSJNBb0022E02.7]
Os03g0708100 Q10E49     PAHX1_ORYSJ Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase 1 (EC (Phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase) [LOC_Os03g50040] [OsJ_12289] [OSJNBb0022E02.8]
Os03g0708600 Q53RK8     RH21_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 21 (EC [LOC_Os03g50090] [OsJ_12293]
Os03g0710500 Q53RJ5     BIP2_ORYSJ  Heat shock 70 kDa protein BIP2 precursor (Luminal-binding protein 2) (OsBiP2) [BIP2] [LOC_Os03g50250]
Os03g0710800 Q06967     14336_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-F (14-3-3-like protein S94) (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog F) (OsGF14a) (Stress-regulated 14-3-3 protein) (SR14-3-3) [GF14F] [LOC_Os03g50290] [OsJ_12311]
Os03g0711400 Q9AUR8     COPA1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit alpha-1 (Alpha-coat protein 1) (Alpha-COP 1) [LOC_Os03g50340] [OsJ_011822] [OSJNBb0033N16.10]
Os03g0711500 Q9AUR7     COPA2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit alpha-2 (Alpha-coat protein 2) (Alpha-COP 2) [LOC_Os03g50350] [OsJ_011823] [OSJNBb0033N16.11]
Os03g0712800 Q4W8D0     GLN13_ORYSJ Glutamine synthetase cytosolic isozyme 1-3 (EC (Glutamate--ammonia ligase GLN1;3) (OsGLN1;3) (OsGS1;3) [GLN1-3] [LOC_Os03g50490] [OsJ_12330] [OSJNBb0033N16.19]
Os03g0717700 A1A698     OHK4_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 4 (EC (OsHK4) (OsCRL1b) [HK4] [OHK4] [LOC_Os03g50860] [OsJ_12359]
Os03g0718000 Q764B9     ASB2_ORYSJ  Anthranilate synthase beta subunit 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsASB2) (Anthranilate synthase, glutamine amidotransferase component 2-2) [ASB2] [OASB2] [LOC_Os03g50880] [OsJ_12361]
Os03g0718100 Q10DV7     ACT1_ORYSJ  Actin-1 (OsRAC1) [ACT1] [AC1] [RAC1] [LOC_Os03g50885] [OsJ_011865] [OSJNBa0078A17.12]
Os03g0718500 Q10DV5     ZHD11_ORYSJ Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 11 (OsZHD11) [ZHD11] [LOC_Os03g50920] [OsJ_12364]
Os03g0719100 Q6ASW7     SIZ2_ORYSJ  E3 SUMO-protein ligase SIZ2 (EC 2.3.2.-) (E3 SUMO-protein transferase SIZ2) [SIZ2] [LOC_Os03g50980] [B1377B10.3] [OsJ_12369]
Os03g0719800 Q10DU0     PHYA_ORYSJ  Phytochrome A [PHYA] [PHY18] [LOC_Os03g51030] [B1377B10.8] [OAJNBa0031O09.11] [OsJ_011877]
Os03g0721900 Q8LLP5     H2AXA_ORYSJ Probable histone H2AXa [LOC_Os03g51200] [B1377B10.25] [OsJ_011892] [OSJNBa0031O09.03]
Os03g0723000 Q53K16     SCL7_ORYSJ  SCARECROW-LIKE protein 7 (Os-SCL7) [SCL7] [LOC_Os03g51330]
Os03g0725300 Q6AU07     DBR1_ORYSJ  Lariat debranching enzyme (EC 3.1.-.-) [DBR1] [LOC_Os03g51540] [OSJNBb0122C16.4]
Os03g0726200 Q75GI4     ITPK3_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 3 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 3) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 3) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 3) (OsITP5/6K-3) (OsITPK3) [ITPK3 OsIPK1?? (OsMIK)] [LOC_Os03g51610] [OsJ_12420] [OSJNBa0013A09.13] [OSJNBb0122C16.11]
Os03g0727000 P46609     KNOS6_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 6 (Homeobox protein OSH1) (Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 1) (Oskn1) [OSH1] [LOC_Os03g51690] [OSJNBa0013A09.5]
Os03g0727200 Q948L5     KNOS7_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 7 (Homeobox protein HOS13) (Homeobox protein OSH3) [OSH3] [HOS13] [LOC_Os03g51710] [OSJNBa0013A09.3]
Os03g0727600 Q10DK7     1A11_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 1 (EC (ACC synthase 1) (OsACS1) (S-adenosyl-L-methionine methylthioadenosine-lyase 1) [ACS1] [ACC1] [LOC_Os03g51740]
Os03g0728800 Q6ATJ8     RH16_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 16 (EC [LOC_Os03g51900] [OSJNBa0005H20.2] [OSJNBb0011H13.1]
Os03g0729000 Q851F9     EGY3_ORYSJ  Probable zinc metalloprotease EGY3, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (Protein ETHYLENE-DEPENDENT GRAVITROPISM-DEFICIENT AND YELLOW-GREEN 3) (OsEGY3) [EGY3] [LOC_Os03g51920] [OsJ_12438] [OSJNBb0011H13.3]
Os03g0729500 Q6AWY3     GRF6_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 6 (OsGRF6) (Transcription activator GRF6) [GRF6] [LOC_Os03g51970] [OsJ_12442] [OSJNBb0011H13.8]
Os03g0731900 Q6AVG6     ISPH_ORYSJ  4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [ISPH] [LOC_Os03g52170] [OSJNBa0079G12.18]
Os03g0733400 Q6AVI0     RSLE2_ORYSJ Zinc finger BED domain-containing protein RICESLEEPER 2 (Transposase-like protein RICESLEEPER 2) [LOC_Os03g52310] [OsJ_12466] [OSJNBa0027J18.23] [OSJNBa0079G12.4]
Os03g0733600 Q6AVI1     GIF1_ORYSJ  GRF-interacting factor 1 (OsGIF1) (Protein ANGUSTIFOLIA 3 homolog) (Protein MAKIBA 3) [GIF1] [AN3] [MKB3] [LOC_Os03g52320] [OSJNBa0027J18.22] [OSJNBa0079G12.3]
Os03g0734900 Q0DNU1     GAT19_ORYSJ GATA transcription factor 19 (OsGATA19) (Protein TIFY 1b) (OsTIFY1b) [GATA19] [TIFY1B] [LOC_Os03g52450] [OsJ_12477] [OSJNBa0027J18.9]
Os03g0735000 Q6AVT2     GLGL1_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase large subunit 1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (OsAGPL1) (OsAPL1) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPL1) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPL1) [AGPL1] [APL1] [LOC_Os03g52460] [OSJNBa0027J18.8]
Os03g0736300 Q84R49     GUN10_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 10 (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 10) (OsGLU2) [GLU2] [LOC_Os03g52630] [OsJ_12485] [OSJNBb0016H12.13]
Os03g0737600 Q10D80     CCH11_ORYSJ Cyclin-H1-1 (CycH1;1) (Cyclin-H-1) (CycH-1) [CYCH1-1] [CYCH-1] [LOC_Os03g52750] [OsJ_12494] [OSJNBa0084L17.8] [OSJNBb0016H12.25]
Os03g0737701 Q84R36     MIK_ORYSJ   Inositol 3-kinase (EC (Myo-inositol kinase) (OsMIK) (Protein LOW PHYTIC ACID) [MIK] [LPA] [LOC_Os03g52760] [OSJNBa0057G07.25] [OSJNBb0016H12.26]
Os03g0738600 P29250     LOX2_ORYSJ  Linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase 2 (EC (Lipoxygenase 2) (Lipoxygenase L-2) [LOX1.1] [LOC_Os03g52860] [OsJ_12500] [OSJNBa0057G07.15]
Os03g0741100 Q75KV9     BH148_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH148 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 148) (OsbHLH148) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH148) [BHLH148] [LOC_Os03g53020] [OJ1365_D05.18]
Os03g0742300 Q75KW7     ORR41_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR41 (OsRRA14) [RR41] [LOC_Os03g53100] [OJ1365_D05.10] [OsJ_12520]
Os03g0742400 Q10D38     MRS2I_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-I [MRS2-I] [LOC_Os03g53110] [OJ1365_D05.9] [OsJ_12521]
Os03g0742900 Q10D34     IAA13_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA13 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 13) [IAA13] [IAA1] [LOC_Os03g53150] [OJ1365_D05.5] [OsJ_012025]
Os03g0743400 Q84MP7     H2AV3_ORYSJ Probable histone H2A variant 3 [LOC_Os03g53190] [OJ1365_D05.1] [OsJ_12526] [OSJNBb0036F07.3]
Os03g0743500 Q84MN0     CML4_ORYSJ  Calmodulin-like protein 4 [CML4] [LOC_Os03g53200] [OsJ_12528] [OSJNBb0036F07.4]
Os03g0745000 Q84MN7     HFA2A_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-2a (Heat shock protein 41) (Heat stress transcription factor 11) (OsHsf-11) (Heat stress transcription factor 4) (rHsf4) [HSFA2A] [HSF11] [HSF4] [RHSP2] [LOC_Os03g53340] [OsJ_012039] [OSJNBb0036F07.17]
Os03g0746500 Q10D00     SUV3M_ORYSJ ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUV3, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsSUV3) (Protein SUPPRESSOR OF VAR 3) [SUV3] [LOC_Os03g53500] [OJ1124_H03.19] [OsJ_12550]
Os03g0747800 Q9XEA8     CYSK2_ORYSJ Cysteine synthase (EC (CSase) (O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase) (OAS-TL) (O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase) [RCS3] [LOC_Os03g53650] [OJ1124_H03.2] [OSJNBa0069E14.1]
Os03g0749000 Q10CV4     AMT41_ORYSJ Putative ammonium transporter 4 member 1 (OsAMT4;1) [AMT4-1] [Os03g0749050] [LOC_Os03g53780] [OSJNBa0069E14.17]
Os03g0750200 Q75LL2     KN12G_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12G [KIN12G] [Os03g0750200/Os03g0750300] [LOC_Os03g53920] [OsJ_12582] [OSJNBa0047E24.25]
Os03g0750300 Q75LL2     KN12G_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12G [KIN12G] [Os03g0750200/Os03g0750300] [LOC_Os03g53920] [OsJ_12582] [OSJNBa0047E24.25]
Os03g0750800 Q75LL6     TADA2_ORYSJ Transcriptional adapter ADA2 [ADA2] [LOC_Os03g53960] [OSJNBa0047E24.21]
Os03g0752100 Q10CQ8     PHYC_ORYSJ  Phytochrome C [PHYC] [LOC_Os03g54084] [OJ1112_G08.5] [OsJ_012088] [OSJNBa0032E21.08] [OSJNBa0047E24.9]
Os03g0752200 Q7Y021     SPO11_ORYSJ Meiotic recombination protein SPO11-1 (OsSPO11-1) (OsSPO11A) (Putative topoisomerase VI subunit A1) (OsTOP6A1) [SPO11-1] [LOC_Os03g54084] [OJ1112_G08.6] [OsJ_12593] [OSJNBa0047E24.8]
Os03g0752300 Q850M0     KCO1_ORYSJ  Two pore potassium channel a (Two K(+) channel a) (Calcium-activated outward-rectifying potassium channel 1) (OsKCO1) [TPKA] [KCO1] [LOC_Os03g54100] [OJ1112_G08.7] [OsJ_12594] [OSJNBa0032E21.10] [OSJNBa0047E24.7]
Os03g0752800 Q10CQ1     MAD14_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 14 (FDRMADS6) (OsMADS14) (Protein AGAMOUS-like 10) (Protein APETALA1-like B) (RMADS211) [MADS14] [AGL10] [RAP1B] [LOC_Os03g54160] [OJ1112_G08.13] [OsJ_12598] [OSJNBa0032E21.04] [OSJNBa0047E24.2]
Os03g0753100 Q6Q9H6     MAD34_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 34 (OsMADS34) (RMADS212/RMADS217/RMADS221) [MADS34] [LOC_Os03g54170] [OJ1112_G08.14] [OSJNBa0032E21.03] [OSJNBa0047E24.1]
Os03g0755100 Q9FNU2     AB25B_ORYSJ ABC transporter B family member 25 (ABC transporter ABCB.25) (OsABCB25) (Protein ALS1 homolog) (Protein ALUMINUM SENSITIVE 1) (OsALS1) [ABCB25] [ALS1] [LOC_Os03g54790] [OSJNBb0081K01.19]
Os03g0757900 Q9AUV6     UGDH3_ORYSJ UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase 3 (EC (UDP-Glc dehydrogenase 3) (UDP-GlcDH 3) (UDPGDH 3) (Os-UGD3) [UGD3] [LOC_Os03g55070] [OsJ_12653] [OSJNBa0040E01.8]
Os03g0759500 Q10CI8     ORC5_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 1 (OsORC1) [ORC5] [LOC_Os03g55200] [OsJ_12664] [OSJNBb0048A17.14]
Os03g0761100 Q94H98     P2C34_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 34 (EC (OsPP2C34) (BTH-induced protein phosphatase 2C 2) (OsBIPP2C2) [BIPP2C2] [LOC_Os03g55320] [OsJ_12676] [OSJNBb0048A17.8]
Os03g0762000 Q9AQU1     HD6N_ORYSJ  Inactive casein kinase II subunit alpha-2 (OsCKA2) (Protein HEADING DATE 6) [HD6] [CKA2] [LOC_Os03g55389] [OSJNBb0048A17.1]
Os03g0764800 Q7Y0B9     SAPK8_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK8 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 8) (stress-activated protein kinase 8) (OsSAPK8) [SAPK8] [LOC_Os03g55600] [OSJNBa0079B15.27]
Os03g0766100 Q0DN94     PROA_ORYSJ  10 kDa prolamin precursor [LOC_Os03g55730] [OSJNBa0079B15]
Os03g0767000 Q7Y0C8     C74A1_ORYSJ Allene oxide synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Cytochrome P450 74A1) (Hydroperoxide dehydrase 1) [CYP74A1] [AOS1] [LOC_Os03g55800] [OSJNBa0079B15.7] [OSJNBb0106M04.24]
Os03g0767500 Q7Y0D4     TR164_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like protein HCF164, chloroplastic precursor (Protein HIGH CHLOROPHYLL FLUORESCENCE 164) [LOC_Os03g55820] [OSJNBa0079B15.5] [OSJNBb0106M04.22]
Os03g0767900 Q10EJ2     CSPLU_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5C1 (OsCASPL5C1) [LOC_Os03g55870] [OsJ_12722]
Os03g0769600 Q75KA9     CCS1_ORYSJ  Cytochrome c biogenesis protein CCS1, chloroplastic precursor (C-type cytochrome synthesis protein 1) [CCS1] [LOC_Os03g55970] [OsJ_012198] [OSJNBa0072F13.17]
Os03g0770800 Q6AU53     CSLC9_ORYSJ Probable xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 9 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C9) (OsCslC9) [CSLC9] [LOC_Os03g56060] [OSJNBa0072F13.8]
Os03g0771500 Q10ED2     KNOS8_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 8 (Homeobox protein OSH43) [OSH43] [LOC_Os03g56110] [OSJNBa0072F13.3]
Os03g0772100 Q10EC6     KNOS9_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 9 [LOC_Os03g56140] [OsJ_012214] [OSJNBb0094O03.2]
Os03g0773600 Q10E64     KN8B_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-8B [KIN8B] [LOC_Os03g56260] [OsJ_12760] [OSJNBb0094O03.14]
Os03g0775300 Q8H8N3     TYW1_ORYSJ  S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent tRNA 4-demethylwyosine synthase (EC (tRNA wybutosine-synthesizing protein 1 homolog) [TYW1] [LOC_Os03g56390] [OSJNBa0070N04.14]
Os03g0776000 P42862     G6PIA_ORYSJ Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, cytosolic A (EC (GPI-A) (Phosphoglucose isomerase A) (PGI-A) (Phosphohexose isomerase A) (PHI-A) [LOC_Os03g56460] [OsJ_12779] [OSJNBa0070N04.5]
Os03g0780400 Q9AY76     ADF2_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 2 (ADF-2) (OsADF2) [ADF2] [LOC_Os03g56790] [OsJ_12808] [OSJNBa0091J19.11]
Os03g0780600 P37832     TBB7_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-7 chain (Beta-7-tubulin) (pTUB22) [TUBB7] [TUB7] [LOC_Os03g56810] [OSJNBa0091J19.2]
Os03g0780900 Q10CT5     NTM1_ORYSJ  Alpha N-terminal protein methyltransferase 1 (EC (X-Pro-Lys N-terminal protein methyltransferase 1) (NTM1) [LOC_Os03g56830] [OsJ_12812] [OSJNBa0091J19.10]
Os03g0781501 P62125     RL41_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L41 [RPL41] [Os03g0781500] [LOC_Os03g56878] [OSJNBa0091J19.8]
Os03g0782500 Q10CH5     PIL13_ORYSJ Transcription factor PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR-LIKE 13 (OsPIL13) (PIF-like protein 13) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 152) (OsbHLH152) (OsPIL1) [PIL13] [BHLH152] [PIL1] [LOC_Os03g56950]
Os03g0783000 A3ANB5     ARP7_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 7 [ARP7] [LOC_Os03g56970] [OsJ_012287] [OsJ_12834] [OSJNBa0091J19.6]
Os03g0784700 P41345     FENRO_ORYSJ Ferredoxin--NADP reductase, root isozyme, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FNR) [LOC_Os03g57120] [OsJ_12850] [OSJNBb0093E13.2]
Os03g0785800 Q10CE8     PCF6_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF6 [PCF6] [LOC_Os03g57190]
Os03g0785900 Q10CE7     GSTU1_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase GSTU1 (EC [GSTU1] [GST1] [LOC_Os03g57200] [OsJ_012308]
Os03g0786100 Q10CE4     GLO1_ORYSJ  Glycolate oxidase 1 (EC (GOX 1) (OsGLO1) (Peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO1) (Short chain alpha-hydroxy acid oxidase GLO1) [GLO1] [GOX] [LOC_Os03g57220] [OsJ_12861]
Os03g0788500 Q6F3A6     CDPKA_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 10 (EC (OsCDPK10) (OsCPK10) [CPK10] [LOC_Os03g57450] [OSJNBb0024J04.20]
Os03g0789000 Q852N6     CDPKB_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 11 (EC (OsCDPK11) (OsCPK11) [CPK11] [LOC_Os03g57510] [OsJ_12886] [OSJNBa0087O09.4] [OSJNBb0024J04.26]
Os03g0789500 Q852N2     AGO13_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 13 (OsAGO13) [AGO13] [LOC_Os03g57560] [OSJNBa0087O09.9]
Os03g0790600 Q852M4     PLAT3_ORYSJ Probable glutamate carboxypeptidase PLA3 (EC (Protein GOLIATH) (Protein PLASTOCHRON3) [PLA3] [GO] [LOC_Os03g57660] [OSJNBa0087O09.17]
Os03g0790700 Q852M2     ALDO3_ORYSJ Probable aldehyde oxidase 3 (EC (AO-3) [LOC_Os03g57680] [OSJNBa0087O09.19]
Os03g0790900 Q852M1     ALDO2_ORYSJ Probable aldehyde oxidase 2 (EC (AO-2) [LOC_Os03g57690] [OSJNBa0087O09.20]
Os03g0792400 Q852K0     EGY1_ORYSJ  Probable zinc metalloprotease EGY1, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (Protein ETHYLENE-DEPENDENT GRAVITROPISM-DEFICIENT AND YELLOW-GREEN 1) (OsEGY1) [EGY1] [LOC_Os03g57840] [OSJNBb0060J21.23]
Os03g0792600 Q852K3     RFC5_ORYSJ  Replication factor C subunit 5 (OsRFC5) (Activator 1 subunit 5) [RFC5] [LOC_Os03g57870] [OsJ_12910] [OSJNBb0060J21.20]
Os03g0792900 Q852K5     SAP6_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 6 (OsSAP6) [SAP6] [ZFP38] [LOC_Os03g57890] [OSJNBb0060J21.18]
Os03g0793000 Q852K6     SAP7_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 7 (OsSAP7) [SAP7] [ZFP48] [LOC_Os03g57900] [OsJ_12914] [OSJNBb0060J21.16]
Os03g0793300 Q852K8     SAP14_ORYSJ Zinc finger AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 14 (OsSAP14) [SAP14] [LOC_Os03g57920] [OsJ_12921] [OSJNBb0060J21.14]
Os03g0793500 Q852L0     HD16N_ORYSJ Casein kinase 1-like protein HD16 (EC (Os03g0793500 protein) (Protein EARLY FLOWERING 1) (Protein HEADING DATE 16) [HD16] [CKI] [EL1] [LOC_Os03g57940] [OsJ_12923] [OSJNBb0060J21.12]
Os03g0793700 Q852L2     CUCIN_ORYSJ Cupincin precursor (EC 3.4.-.-) (52 kDa globulin-like protein) (Allergen Ory s NRA) [LOC_Os03g57960] [OSJNBb0060J21.10]
Os03g0794500 Q852M0     DHE1_ORYSJ  Glutamate dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsGDH1) [GDH1] [LOC_Os03g58040] [OSJNBb0060J21.2] [OSNPB_030794500]
Os03g0795900 Q6F388     HFA2E_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-2e (Heat stress transcription factor 12) (OsHsf-12) [HSFA2E] [HSF12] [LOC_Os03g58160] [OsJ_012388] [OSJNBb0021G19.9]
Os03g0796900 Q7X9A8     RSBZ2_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor RISBZ2 (Rice endosperm bZIP) (Rice seed bZIP2) (bZIP transcription factor 33) (OsbZIP33) [RISBZ2] [BZIP33] [REB] [LOC_Os03g58250] [OSJNBa0094F01.19]
Os03g0797800 Q7Y1H8     IAA14_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA14 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 14) [IAA14] [LOC_Os03g58350] [OSJNBa0094F01.9]
Os03g0798300 Q7Y1I7     DNM1A_ORYSJ DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1A (EC (OsMET1a) (DNA methyltransferase 1-1) (OsMET1-1) [MET1A] [MET1-1] [LOC_Os03g58400] [OsJ_12965] [OSJNBa0094F01.4]
Os03g0799700 Q851Q6     OBGC2_ORYSJ Probable GTP-binding protein OBGC2 [LOC_Os03g58540] [OSJNBa0052F07.17]
Os03g0800200 Q851R2     MEL1_ORYSJ  Protein argonaute MEL1 (Protein MEIOSIS ARRESTED AT LEPTOTENE 1) (OsMEL1) [MEL1] [MEAL1] [LOC_Os03g58600] [OSJNBa0052F07.11]
Os03g0800700 Q851R5     TRH22_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H2-2 (OsTrxh2-2) (OsTrx10) [LOC_Os03g58630] [OsJ_12982] [OSJNBa0052F07.8]
Os03g0801700 Q10BX9     RIBF_ORYSJ  FAD synthetase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FAD pyrophosphorylase) (FMN adenylyltransferase) (Flavin adenine dinucleotide synthase) [RIBF] [LOC_Os03g58710] [OsJ_12987]
Os03g0802700 Q84T03     RH27_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 27 (EC [LOC_Os03g58810] [OsJ_12997] [OSJNBa0087C10.12]
Os03g0802900 Q84T08     BH089_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH089 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 89) (OsbHLH089) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH089) [BHLH089] [LOC_Os03g58830] [OSJNBa0087C10.10]
Os03g0804500 Q10BU2     GL37_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-7 precursor (Germin-like protein 7) (OsGER7) [GER7] [LOC_Os03g58980] [OsJ_012450] [OSJNBb0015I02.7]
Os03g0804700 Q75HJ4     GL38_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 3-8 precursor [LOC_Os03g59010] [OsJ_012452] [OSJNBb0015I02.10]
Os03g0805200 Q75HJ0     RH37_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 37 (EC (OsPL10a) [PL10A] [LOC_Os03g59050] [OsJ_13017] [OSJNBb0015I02.14]
Os03g0805300 Q10BT5     PP2A2_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP2A-2 catalytic subunit (EC [PP2A2] [LOC_Os03g59060] [OsJ_012457] [OSJNBb0015I02.15]
Os03g0806500 Q84M47     APRL5_ORYSJ 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase-like 5 precursor (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 5) (APR-like 5) (OsAPRL5) [APRL5] [LOC_Os03g59170] [OsJ_13029] [OSJNBa0059E14.22]
Os03g0808100 Q84M43     CESA2_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 2 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA2) [CESA2] [LOC_Os03g59340] [OsJ_012480] [OSJNBa0059E14.5] [OSJNBa0060M17.2]
Os03g0808600 Q75GE8     CDPK8_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 8 (EC (OsCDPK8) (OsCPK8) [CPK8] [LOC_Os03g59390] [OsJ_13049] [OSJNBa0028F23.27] [OSJNBa0060M17.7]
Os03g0809900 Q6ATR0     Y14B_ORYSJ  RNA-binding protein Y14B (OsY14b) (RNA-binding protein 8A) [Y14B] [RBM8] [LOC_Os03g59550] [OSJNBa0028F23.11]
Os03g0811100 Q6ATS0     CHLD_ORYSJ  Magnesium-chelatase subunit ChlD, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Mg-chelatase subunit D) (Mg-protoporphyrin IX chelatase subunit ChlD) (Protein CHLORINA 1) [CHLD] [CHL1] [LOC_Os03g59640] [OsJ_13066] [OSJNBa0028F23.2] [OSJNBb0033J23.6]
Os03g0812000 Q7XZF7     GYRA_ORYSJ  Probable DNA gyrase subunit A, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC [GYRA] [LOC_Os03g59750] [OSJNBa0024F18.37] [OSJNBb0033J23.17]
Os03g0815100 Q75HE5     NAC2_ORYSJ  NAC domain-containing protein 2 (ONAC002) (OsNAC19) (Protein STRESS-RESPONSIVE NAC 1) [NAC002] [NAC19] [SNAC1] [LOC_Os03g60080] [OsJ_13092] [OSJNBa0024F18.3]
Os03g0815200 Q75HE6     MTHR_ORYSJ  Probable methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (EC [LOC_Os03g60090] [OSJNBa0024F18.2] [OSJNBb0042K11.1]
Os03g0815700 Q75GR5     SPIN1_ORYSJ KH domain-containing protein SPIN1 (SPL11-interacting protein 1) [SPIN1] [LOC_Os03g60110] [OsJ_13097] [OSJNBb0042K11.3]
Os03g0816900 Q84TX2     SCRL1_ORYSJ SCAR-like protein 1 [Os03g0817000] [LOC_Os03g60240] [OSJNBa0094J08.20]
Os03g0817100 B9F6Z0     CSPLH_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4B3 (OsCASPL4B3) [LOC_Os03g60250] [OsJ_13110] [OSJNBa0094J08.19]
Os03g0817500 Q84TV3     XOATE_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 14 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 3) (OsTBL3) [XOAT14] [TBL3] [LOC_Os03g60300] [OsJ_13115] [OSJNBa0094J08.14]
Os03g0817800 Q10BH4     XOATB_ORYSJ Probable xylan O-acetyltransferase 11 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 6) (OsTBL6) [XOAT11] [TBL6] [LOC_Os03g60340] [OsJ_13117]
Os03g0817900 Q84TW8     XOATA_ORYSJ Probable xylan O-acetyltransferase 10 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 5) (OsTBL5) [XOAT10] [TBL5] [LOC_Os03g60350] [OSJNBa0094J08.9]
Os03g0818300 Q84TV4     ALFL3_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 3 [LOC_Os03g60390] [OJ1754_E06.2] [OsJ_13123] [OSJNBa0094J08.5]
Os03g0818800 Q84TB5     AP22_ORYSJ  APETALA2-like protein 2 (Protein INDETERMINATE SPIKELET 1) (OsIDS1) [AP2-2] [AP2D2] [IDS1] [LOC_Os03g60430] [OJ1754_E06.6]
Os03g0819100 Q84TA3     LKHA4_ORYSJ Leucine aminopeptidase (EC 3.4.11.-) (Epoxide hydrolase) (EC (Leukotriene A-4 hydrolase homolog) (LTA-4 hydrolase) [LKHA4] [LOC_Os03g60460] [OJ1754_E06.9] [OsJ_13129]
Os03g0819600 Q84T92     CFI_ORYSJ   Chalcone--flavanone isomerase (EC (Chalcone isomerase) [CHI] [CFI] [LOC_Os03g60509] [OJ1754_E06.14]
Os03g0820500 Q84TB6     ADF3_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 3 (ADF-3) (OsADF3) [ADF3] [LOC_Os03g60580] [OJ1754_E06.21] [OsJ_13138]
Os03g0820600 Q84TB3     ADF4_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 4 (ADF-4) (OsADF4) [ADF4] [LOC_Os03g60590] [OJ1754_E06.22]
Os03g0821300 Q84T94     P2C35_ORYSJ Protein phosphatase 2C 35 (EC (OsPP2C35) (XA21-binding protein 15) [XB15] [LOC_Os03g60650] [OJ1754_E06.28] [OsJ_012575]
Os03g0822000 Q852A1     EXPA7_ORYSJ Expansin-A7 precursor (Alpha-expansin-7) (OsEXP7) (OsEXPA7) (OsaEXPa1.26) [EXPA7] [EXP7] [LOC_Os03g60720] [OsJ_13156] [OSJNBb0081B07.24]
Os03g0826400 Q10B98     C3H25_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 25 (OsC3H25) [LOC_Os03g61110] [OJ1111_B11.10] [OsJ_012616] [OSJNBa0010E04.12]
Os03g0826500 Q94GF1     ASA1_ORYSJ  Anthranilate synthase alpha subunit 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsASA1) [ASA1] [OASA1] [LOC_Os03g61120] [OJ1111_B11.9] [OsJ_13197] [OSJNBa0010E04.11]
Os03g0827500 Q10B79     SPX4_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 4 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 4) (OsSPX4) [SPX4] [LOC_Os03g61200] [OsJ_13205] [OSJNBa0010E04.24]
Os03g0827700 Q0DM51     RH3_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os03g61220] [OSJNBa0010E04.4]
Os03g0828100 Q8SAY0     RK18_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L18, chloroplastic precursor (CL18) [RPL18] [LOC_Os03g61260] [OsJ_13209] [OSJNBa0010E04.3]
Os03g0828300 Q0DM48     MAN3_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 3 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 3) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 3) (OsMAN3) [MAN3] [LOC_Os03g61270] [OSJNBa0010E04.20]
Os03g0828500 Q10B67     MAN4_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 4 (EC (Beta-mannanase 4) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 4) (OsMAN4) [MAN4] [LOC_Os03g61280] [OSJNBa0010E04.2]
Os03g0829000 Q10B63     FAHD2_ORYSJ Probable acylpyruvase FAHD2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain-containing protein 2) (FAH domain-containing protein 2) [FAHD2] [LOC_Os03g61330] [OsJ_13211] [OSJNBa0010E04.1] [OSJNBb0027B08.34]
Os03g0832400 Q7Y138     P2C36_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 36 (EC (OsPP2C36) [LOC_Os03g61690] [OsJ_13243] [OSJNBa0078D06.30]
Os03g0833200 Q10B19     TRM13_ORYSJ tRNA:m(4)X modification enzyme TRM13 (EC (tRNA methylase 13) (OsTRM13) [TRM13] [LOC_Os03g61750] [OSJNBa0078D06.36] [OSJNBa0096I06.32]
Os03g0833300 Q75LH6     SPL6_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 6 [SPL6] [LOC_Os03g61760] [OsJ_13251] [OSJNBa0078D06.37] [OSJNBa0096I06.31]
Os03g0834000 Q75LI2     FEN12_ORYSJ Flap endonuclease 1-B (EC 3.1.-.-) (FEN-1-B) (Flap structure-specific endonuclease 1-B) (OsFEN-1b) [FEN1B] [LOC_Os03g61820] [OsJ_13256] [OSJNBa0096I06.25]
Os03g0835400 Q75LJ3     ETFA_ORYSJ  Electron transfer flavoprotein subunit alpha, mitochondrial precursor (Alpha-ETF) [ETFA] [LOC_Os03g61920] [OsJ_012687] [OSJNBa0096I06.15]
Os03g0835600 Q75LJ4     ACBP6_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 6 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 6) (OsACBP6) [ACBP6] [LOC_Os03g61930] [OSJNBa0096I06.14]
Os03g0835800 Q10AZ7     GPA3_ORYSJ  Protein GLUTELIN PRECURSOR ACCUMULATION 3 [GPA3] [LOC_Os03g61950] [OsJ_13268]
Os03g0836000 Q10AZ4     ACT3_ORYSJ  Actin-3 [ACT3] [AC3] [RAC3] [LOC_Os03g61970] [OsJ_13270] [OSJNBa0096I06.10]
Os03g0836800 Q851L5     ILL3_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 3 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL3] [LOC_Os03g62060] [OSJNBa0042I09.29] [OSJNBa0096I06.2]
Os03g0836900 Q851L6     ILL4_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 4 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL4] [LOC_Os03g62070] [OSJNBa0042I09.28]
Os03g0837100 Q851L8     CESA5_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 5 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA5) [CESA5] [LOC_Os03g62090] [OsJ_012702] [OSJNBa0042I09.26]
Os03g0838400 Q851M9     AMT32_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 3 member 2 (OsAMT3;2) [AMT3-2] [LOC_Os03g62200] [OsJ_13291] [OSJNBa0042I09.15]
Os03g0843600 Q75LD5     CASTO_ORYSJ Probable ion channel CASTOR (OsCASTOR) (Probable ion channel DMI1-like) [LOC_Os03g62650] [OSJNBa0032G11.8]
Os03g0847600 Q84SN3     CDKF3_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase F-3 (EC (EC (CDKF;3) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase MHK-like protein 1) [CDKF-3] [LOC_Os03g63020] [OSJNBb0043P23.8]
Os03g0851200 Q851Y7     GRXS7_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S7, chloroplastic precursor [GRXS7] [LOC_Os03g63420] [OsJ_13389] [OSJNBa0015N08.14]
Os03g0851800 O24210     PANC_ORYSJ  Pantoate--beta-alanine ligase (EC (Pantoate-activating enzyme) (Pantothenate synthetase) [PANC] [LOC_Os03g63490] [OSJNBa0015N08.21]
Os03g0852200 Q851X7     DERL2_ORYSJ Derlin-2 (OsDerlin 2-1) [DER2] [LOC_Os03g63520] [OSJNBa0015N08.24]
Os03g0853500 Q84T65     BRXL4_ORYSJ Protein Brevis radix-like 4 (OsBRXL4) [BRXL4] [LOC_Os03g63650] [OsJ_13410]
Os03g0854200 Q84T68     EXOS5_ORYSJ Exosome complex exonuclease RRP46 homolog (EC 3.1.13.-) (Exosome component 5) (Ribosomal RNA-processing protein 46) (oRrp46) [RRP46] [LOC_Os03g63720]
Os03g0854500 Q84T61     HSFA1_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-1 (Heat stress transcription factor 13) (OsHsf-13) (Heat stress transcription factor 3) (rHsf3) [HSFA1] [HSF13] [HSF3] [LOC_Os03g63750]
Os03g0855600 Q75IQ4     OEP24_ORYSJ Outer envelope pore protein 24, chloroplastic (Chloroplastic outer envelope pore protein of 24 kDa) [OEP24] [LOC_Os03g63860] [OsJ_13425]
Os03g0856200 Q75IP6     KU80_ORYSJ  ATP-dependent DNA helicase 2 subunit KU80 (EC (ATP-dependent DNA helicase 2 subunit 2) (ATP-dependent DNA helicase II 80 kDa subunit) [KU80] [LOC_Os03g63920] [OsJ_13430]
Os03g0856700 P93771     GAOX1_ORYSJ Gibberellin 20 oxidase 1 (EC 1.14.11.-) (OsGA20ox1) (GA 20-oxidase 1) (Gibberellin C-20 oxidase 1) (Os20ox) [GA20OX1] [20ox1] [GA20ox-1] [LOC_Os03g63970] [OSJNBa0059G06.22]
Os03g0857900 Q84M85     LOGL5_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL5 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 5) [LOGL5] [LOC_Os03g64070] [OsJ_23804] [OSJNBa0059G06.12]
Os03g0861300 Q7Y1E6     PIP28_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-8 (OsPIP2;8) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-8) [PIP2-8] [LOC_Os03g64330] [OSJNBa0033P04.25]
Os03g0862200 Q7Y1C8     KN14G_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14G [KIN14G] [LOC_Os03g64415] [OSJNBa0033P04.11]
Os04g0100300 Q6MWG9     FH18_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 18 precursor (OsFH18) [FH18] [LOC_Os04g01070] [B1160F02.7]
Os04g0101400 Q0JFI2     C93G1_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 93G1 (EC (Flavone synthase II) (OsFNSII) [CYP93G1] [LOC_Os04g01140] [B1160F02.15] [OsJ_13492] [OSJNBa0068L06.2]
Os04g0102700 Q0JFH7     FAAH_ORYSJ  Fatty acid amide hydrolase (EC 3.5.1.-) (N-acylethanolamine amidohydrolase) [FAAH] [OsJ_13498] [OSJNBa0068L06.10]
Os04g0103100 Q7XTB2     GT43H_ORYSJ Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os04g0103100 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT43H) [GT43H] [LOC_Os04g01280] [OsJ_13499] [OSJNBa0068L06.11] [OSJNBa0094O15.1]
Os04g0104900 Q7XXI9     OMTL2_ORYSJ Caffeate O-methyltransferase-like protein 2 (EC 2.1.1.-) (OsCOMTL2) [COMTL2] [LOC_Os04g01470] [OSJNBa0094O15.13]
Os04g0105500 Q7XMI0     KCY2_ORYSJ  UMP-CMP kinase 2 (EC (Deoxycytidylate kinase 2) (CK 2) (dCMP kinase 2) (Uridine monophosphate/cytidine monophosphate kinase 2) (UMP/CMP kinase 2) (UMP/CMPK 2) [LOC_Os04g01530] [OSJNBb0004G23.5]
Os04g0106300 Q7X7N2     ARGI1_ORYSJ Arginase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Arginine amidohydrolase 1) [ARG1] [LOC_Os04g01590] [OsJ_13517] [OSJNBb0004G23.10] [OSJNBb0085F13.5]
Os04g0107600 Q7XRA1     ADC2_ORYSJ  Arginine decarboxylase 2 (EC (ARGDC2) (OsADC2) [ADC2] [LOC_Os04g01690] [OsJ_13525] [OSJNBb0085F13.14]
Os04g0117500 Q7XT08     KAT5_ORYSJ  Putative potassium channel KAT5 [LOC_Os04g02720] [OsJ_13587] [OSJNBb0050O03.14]
Os04g0117600 Q7XT07     DUS3L_ORYSJ tRNA-dihydrouridine(47) synthase [NAD(P)(+)]-like (EC (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 26) (OsC3H26) (mRNA-dihydrouridine synthase DUS3 homolog) (EC 1.3.1.-) (tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase 3-like) [LOC_Os04g02730] [OsJ_012997] [OSJNBb0050O03.15]
Os04g0118100 Q7XTK3     AMI1_ORYSJ  Amidase 1 (EC (OsAMI1) [AMI1] [LOC_Os04g02780] [OSJNBa0020P07.1]
Os04g0119400 Q7XTJ3     ODPA3_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit alpha-3, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os04g02900] [OsJ_13591] [OSJNBa0020P07.11]
Os04g0151800 Q0JF58     AGO4B_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 4B (OsAGO4b) [AGO4B] [LOC_Os04g06770] [OsJ_13701]
Os04g0162100 Q0JF48     EMF2A_ORYSJ Polycomb group protein EMF2A (OsEMF2A) (Polycomb group protein EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2B) [EMF2A] [LOC_Os04g08034] [OsJ_13761] [OSJNBb0028M18.7]
Os04g0167900 Q7XP01     P2C37_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 37 (EC (OsPP2C37) [LOC_Os04g08560] [OSJNBb0089K06.2]
Os04g0169100 Q7XX84     ETR2_ORYSJ  Ethylene receptor 2 (EC (OsETR2) (OsPK1) [ETR2] [LOC_Os04g08740] [P0650D04.3] [SJNBb0089K06.20]
Os04g0173800 Q0JF21     AGI_ORYSJ   Lectin precursor (Agglutinin) [Contains: Lectin 10 kDa peptide; Lectin 8 kDa peptide] [LOC_Os04g09390] [OSJNBb0015C06.8]
Os04g0175900 Q7XXD4     METL_ORYSJ  Probable inactive methyltransferase Os04g0175900 (EC 2.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g09654] [OSJNBa0039G19.11]
Os04g0177600 Q0JF03     ARP9_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 9 [ARP9] [LOC_Os04g09860] [OsJ_013419] [OSJNBa0096F01.9]
Os04g0178300 Q0JF02     CPS4_ORYSJ  Syn-copalyl diphosphate synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsCPSsyn) (Syn-CPP synthase) (OsCPS4) (OsCyc1) [CPS4] [CYC1] [LOC_Os04g09900] [OSJNBa0096F01.12]
Os04g0178400 Q0JF01     C99A3_ORYSJ 9-beta-pimara-7,15-diene oxidase (EC (Cytochrome P450 99A3) [CYP99A3] [LOC_Os04g09920] [OsJ_013415] [OSJNBa0096F01.14]
Os04g0179200 Q7FAE1     MOMAS_ORYSJ Momilactone A synthase (EC (OsMAS) [LOC_Os04g10010] [OsJ_13988] [OSJNBa0052P16.9]
Os04g0179700 Q0JEZ8     KSL4_ORYSJ  9-beta-pimara-7,15-diene synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 4) (OsKS4) (OsKSL4) (OsDTS2) (Syn-pimara-7,15-diene synthase) [KSL4] [DTS2] [KS4] [LOC_Os04g10060] [OsJ_013413] [OSJNBa0052P16.14]
Os04g0180400 Q7X7X4     C99A2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 99A2 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP99A2] [LOC_Os04g10160] [OSJNBa0027O01.2] [OSJNBa0052P16.24]
Os04g0182800 Q7F9U3     ETFB_ORYSJ  Electron transfer flavoprotein subunit beta, mitochondrial precursor (Beta-ETF) [ETFB] [LOC_Os04g10400] [OsJ_013398] [OSJNBb0006L01.5]
Os04g0185600 Q7X7V2     PHT15_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-5 (OsPT5) (OsPht1;5) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-5] [PT5] [LOC_Os04g10690] [OsJ_013381] [OSJNBb0003A12.6]
Os04g0186400 Q8H6H2     PHT14_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-4 (OsPT4) (OsPht1;4) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) (OsPT1) [PHT1-4] [PHT1-2] [PT1] [PT4] [LOC_Os04g10750] [OsJ_013378] [OSJNBb0003A12.10]
Os04g0186800 Q7XRH8     PT113_ORYSJ Putative inorganic phosphate transporter 1-13 (OsPT13) (OsPht1;13) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-13] [PT13] [LOC_Os04g10800] [OSJNBb0003A12.11]
Os04g0194600 O23875     PCF1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF1 (Proliferating cell factor 1) [PCF1] [LOC_Os04g11830] [OSJNBa0040D17.14] [OSJNBb0026E15.1]
Os04g0201900 Q7FAZ3     LERK1_ORYSJ G-type lectin S-receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase LECRK1 precursor (EC (OsLecRK1) (OsRLCK134) [LECRK1] [LOC_Os04g12540] [OsJ_13804] [OSJNBb0005B05.5]
Os04g0202300 Q7FAZ2     LERK2_ORYSJ G-type lectin S-receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase LECRK2 precursor (EC (OsLecRK2) [LECRK2] [LOC_Os04g12560] [OsJ_13805] [OSJNBb0005B05.6]
Os04g0202500 Q0JEU6     LERK3_ORYSJ G-type lectin S-receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase LECRK3 precursor (EC (OsLecRK3) (OsRLCK135) [LECRK3] [LOC_Os04g12580] [OSJNBb0005B05.7]
Os04g0202800 Q7FAZ0     LERK4_ORYSJ G-type lectin S-receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase LECRK4 precursor (EC (OsLecRK4) (OsRLCK136) [LECRK4] [LOC_Os04g12600] [OsJ_13808] [OSJNBb0005B05.8]
Os04g0206300 Q7XWK5     SAG39_ORYSJ Senescence-specific cysteine protease SAG39 precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) (Cysteine proteinase SAG39) (Protein SENESCENCE-ASSOCIATED GENE 39) [SAG39] [OsJ_13822] [OSJNBa0052O21.11]
Os04g0206600 Q7XT97     UGT79_ORYSJ UDP-glycosyltransferase 79 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsUGT79) (Deoxynivalenol-UDP-glucosyltransferase) [UGT79] [OS79] [LOC_Os04g12970] [OsJ_13826] [OSJNBa0052O21.15]
Os04g0212450 Q7XN30     ORR42_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR42 [RR42] [LOC_Os04g13480] [OsJ_13850] [OSJNBa0021F22.1] [OSJNBa0083I11.14]
Os04g0223300 Q0JEQ2     APX3_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 3, peroxisomal (EC (OsAPx3) [APX3] [LOC_Os04g14680] [OsJ_013310] [OSJNBb0072N21.2]
Os04g0225700 Q0JEP3     BURP5_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 5 precursor (OsBURP05) [BURP5] [LOC_Os04g14990] [OsJ_13897] [OSJNBa0036B17.11]
Os04g0228400 Q7XWU8     EXPA1_ORYSJ Expansin-A1 precursor (Alpha-expansin-1) (OsEXP1) (OsEXPA1) (OsaEXPa1.16) (RiExA) [EXPA1] [EXP1] [LOC_Os04g15840] [OsJ_13482] [OSJNBa0065B15.2]
Os04g0229100 Q7XWU3     CADH6_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 6 (EC (OsCAD6) [CAD6] [LOC_Os04g15920] [OSJNBa0065B15.8]
Os04g0233400 Q7XLR1     PIP26_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-6 (OsPIP2;6) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-6) [PIP2-6] [LOC_Os04g16450] [OSJNBb0093G06.10]
Os04g0244900 Q7XWS7     FH12_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 12 (OsFH12) [FH12] [Os04g0244900/Os04g0245000] [LOC_Os04g17120/LOC_Os04g17130] [OSJNBa0091C12.4] [OSJNBa0091C12.5]
Os04g0245000 Q7XWS7     FH12_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 12 (OsFH12) [FH12] [Os04g0244900/Os04g0245000] [LOC_Os04g17120/LOC_Os04g17130] [OSJNBa0091C12.4] [OSJNBa0091C12.5]
Os04g0249500 Q7XNX6     SUS7_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 7 (EC (OsSUS7) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 7) [SUS7] [LOC_Os04g17650] [OSJNBb0026I12.4]
Os04g0252200 Q7XWP1     CPSF1_ORYSJ Probable cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 1 (Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 160 kDa subunit) (CPSF 160 kDa subunit) [LOC_Os04g18010] [OSJNBa0032B23.5]
Os04g0252400 Q7XWP3     SEC1A_ORYSJ Probable protein transport Sec1a [LOC_Os04g18030] [OSJNBa0032B23.7]
Os04g0271200 Q7XSZ4     HACDA_ORYSJ Very-long-chain (3R)-3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase PASTICCINO 2A (EC (3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydratase PASTICCINO 2A) (HACD) (PAS2A) (Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein) [PAS2A] [LOC_Os04g20280] [OsJ_14083] [OSJNBb0056F09.1] [OSJNBb0067G11.14]
Os04g0281900 Q0JEF7     CSPLA_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 2A1 (OsCASPL2A1) [LOC_Os04g21320] [OsJ_14118] [OSJNBa0071G03.1] [OSJNBa0094P09.18]
Os04g0282400 Q0JEF5     FLP4_ORYSJ  Flowering-promoting factor 1-like protein 4 (FPF1-like protein 4) [LOC_Os04g21350] [OsJ_14120] [OSJNBa0071G03.4]
Os04g0287400 Q0JEE2     WRK51_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY51 (OsWRKY51) [WRKY51] [OsJ_14148] [OSJNBa0065J03.18] [OSNPB_040287400]
Os04g0301500 Q0JEB7     BH006_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH6 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 6) (OsbHLH6) (osbHLH006) (bHLH transcription factor 6) [BHLH6] [BHLH006] [RERJ1] [LOC_Os04g23550] [OSJNBb0018A10.7]
Os04g0304200 Q9ST27     PHOT2_ORYSJ Phototropin-2 (EC (Non-phototropic hypocotyl protein 1B) (OsNPH1B) [PHOT2] [LOC_Os04g23890] [OSJNBa0079M09.13]
Os04g0304400 Q84NC5     MAD25_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 25 (OsMADS25) [MADS25] [LOC_Os04g23910] [OSJNBa0079M09.14]
Os04g0307200 Q7XVN7     DJC43_ORYSJ DnaJ protein ERDJ2 (Chaperone protein dnaJ C43) (OsDjC43) (Endoplasmic reticulum dnaJ domain-containing protein 2) (OsERdj2) [ERDJ2] [DJC43] [LOC_Os04g24180] [OsJ_14220] [OSJNBa0023J03.11] [OSJNBa0024J22.1]
Os04g0309600 H6TFZ4     SUS5_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 5 (EC (OsSUS5) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 5) [SUS5] [LOC_Os04g24430] [OSJNBa0033H08.16]
Os04g0310700 Q7XXL2     4CLL9_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 9 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL9] [LOC_Os04g24530] [OsJ_013660] [OSJNBa0033H08.6]
Os04g0320100 Q7XTG7     HCAR_ORYSJ  7-hydroxymethyl chlorophyll a reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [HCAR] [LOC_Os04g25400] [OSJNBa0041M06.1] [OSJNBb0026L04.9]
Os04g0321600 Q7X923     SPT16_ORYSJ FACT complex subunit SPT16 (Facilitates chromatin transcription complex subunit SPT16) [SPT16] [LOC_Os04g25550] [OSJNBb0062H02.2]
Os04g0321800 Q7XW27     P2C38_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 38 (EC (OsPP2C38) [LOC_Os04g25570] [OSJNBb0062H02.4]
Os04g0337500 Q0JE32     AKR1_ORYSJ  Probable aldo-keto reductase 1 (EC 1.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g26870] [OsJ_14313] [OSJNBa0008A08.8]
Os04g0338000 Q7XT99     AKR2_ORYSJ  Probable aldo-keto reductase 2 (EC 1.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g26910] [OsJ_14315] [OSJNBa0008A08.11] [OSJNBa0032I19.2]
Os04g0339400 Q7XQ45     AKR3_ORYSJ  Probable aldo-keto reductase 3 (EC 1.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g27060] [OsJ_14323] [OSJNBa0032I19.9]
Os04g0345800 Q7XNS7     MTND3_ORYSJ Acireductone dioxygenase 3 (Acireductone dioxygenase (Fe(2+)-requiring) 3) (EC (ARD' 3) (Fe-ARD 3) (Acireductone dioxygenase (Ni(2+)-requiring) 3) (EC (ARD 3) (Ni-ARD 3) [ARD3] [LOC_Os04g27830] [OSJNBb0085H11.10]
Os04g0346900 Q7XS75     Y4469_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0346900 [LOC_Os04g27960] [OSJNBa0020I02.5]
Os04g0347400 Q7XS74     Y4474_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0347400 [Os04g0347500] [LOC_Os04g27990/LOC_Os04g28000] [OsJ_14357] [OSJNBa0020I02.7]
Os04g0348800 Q7XS69     ORR29_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR29 (OsRRB7) [RR29] [LOC_Os04g28130] [OSJNBa0020I02.17]
Os04g0349100 Q7XKS9     ORR28_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR28 (OsRRA22) [RR28] [LOC_Os04g28160] [OsJ_14368] [OSJNBa0038P21.2]
Os04g0350100 P0C579     CYT10_ORYSJ Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 10 precursor (Oryzacystatin X) (OC-X) (Oryzacystatin-10) [LOC_Os04g28250] [OSJNBa0038P21.11]
Os04g0350300 Q7XKR9     KN12A_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12A (OsKinesin-12A) (Phragmoplast-associated kinesin-related protein 1) (OsPAKRP1) [KIN12A] [PAKRP1] [LOC_Os04g28260] [OsJ_14379] [OSJNBa0038P21.12]
Os04g0364800 Q7XVA8     RIP1_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 1 precursor [LOC_Os04g29550] [OSJNBa0081G05.7]
Os04g0375900 Q7XMJ2     KN10B_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-10B [KIN10B] [LOC_Os04g30720] [OsJ_14489] [OSJNBb0006N15.7]
Os04g0379900 Q40731     STAD5_ORYSJ Stearoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] 9-desaturase 5, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Stearoyl-ACP desaturase 5) (Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 5) [LOC_Os04g31070] [OsJ_14516] [OSJNBb0089B03.6]
Os04g0381100 Q7XVB3     BASS1_ORYSJ Probable sodium/metabolite cotransporter BASS1, chloroplastic precursor (Bile acid-sodium symporter family protein 1) [BASS1] [LOC_Os04g31210] [OSJNBa0072D21.3]
Os04g0381700 A0A0N7KIY3 BH156_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH156 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 156) (OsbHLH156) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH156) [BHLH156] [LOC_Os04g31290] [OSJNBa0072D21.7]
Os04g0386900 Q7XLP4     Y4869_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0386900 [LOC_Os04g31730] [OSJNBa0044M19.12]
Os04g0389800 Q7XKQ8     ILVB2_ORYSJ Probable acetolactate synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Acetohydroxy-acid synthase 2) [ALS2] [LOC_Os04g32010] [OSJNBa0053B21.13]
Os04g0390500 Q7XRV2     YSL6_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL6 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 6) (OsYSL6) [YSL6] [LOC_Os04g32050] [OsJ_014022] [OSJNBa0055C08.1]
Os04g0390600 Q7XRV1     YSL5_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL5 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 5) (OsYSL5) [YSL5] [LOC_Os04g32060] [OSJNBa0055C08.2]
Os04g0391000 Q7XRV0     RMI1_ORYSJ  RecQ-mediated genome instability protein 1 (BLM-associated protein of 75 kDa homolog) (BLAP75) [RMI1] [OSJNBa0055C08.4]
Os04g0393300 Q7XRU4     MUB4_ORYSJ  Membrane-anchored ubiquitin-fold protein 4 precursor (Membrane-anchored ub-fold protein 4) (OsMUB4) [MUB4] [LOC_Os04g32270] [OsJ_14610] [OSJNBa0055C08.14]
Os04g0393500 Q0JDM4     GRXC5_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C5 (Protein ROXY 1) [GRXC5] [ROXY1] [LOC_Os04g32300] [OSJNBa0072K14.2]
Os04g0394300 Q0JDM0     C3H27_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 27 (OsC3H27) [LOC_Os04g32340] [OSJNBa0072K14.6]
Os04g0395600 Q7XVM8     TIR1B_ORYSJ Transport inhibitor response 1-like protein Os04g0395600 (TIR1-like protein) [LOC_Os04g32460] [OsJ_14626] [OSJNBa0072K14.18]
Os04g0395800 Q7XV97     TIF9_ORYSJ  Protein TIFY 9 (OsTIFY9) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 5) (OsJAZ5) (OsJAZ11) [TIFY9] [JAZ5] [OsJ_14628] [OSJNBb0039F02.2]
Os04g0396500 G3XKQ9     LAX2_ORYSJ  Protein LAX PANICLE 2 [LAX2] [GNP4] [LOC_Os04g32510] [OSJNBa0039C07.1] [OSJNBb0039F02.5]
Os04g0397000 Q0JDK9     DAD1_ORYSJ  Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit DAD1 (Oligosaccharyl transferase subunit DAD1) (Defender against apoptotic death 1 protein) (Defender against cell death 1) (DAD-1) [DAD1] [DAD-1] [LOC_Os04g32550] [OsJ_014065] [OSJNBa0039C07.3]
Os04g0397100 Q7F9I1     CLPC1_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpC1, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpC homolog 1) (Casein lytic proteinase C1) [CLPC1] [LOC_Os04g32560] [OSJNBa0039C07.4]
Os04g0398600 Q7XLG3     GT42_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os04g0398600 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os04g32670] [OsJ_14642] [OSJNBa0039C07.13]
Os04g0401000 Q7XL73     PI21_ORYSJ  Protein PYRICULARIA ORYZAE RESISTANCE 21 (Pi21) [PI21] [rMg40] [LOC_Os04g32850] [OsJ_14657] [OSJNBb0014D23.16] [OSNPB_040401000]
Os04g0401700 Q6VVA6     HAK1_ORYSJ  Potassium transporter 1 (OsHAK1) [HAK1] [LOC_Os04g32920] [OsJ_14662] [OSJNBb0012E08.7]
Os04g0403701 Q7XVF9     P2C39_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 39 (EC (OsPP2C39) [LOC_Os04g33080] [OJ000315_02.1] [OsJ_014105] [OSJNBb0118P14.8]
Os04g0405000 Q7XL03     CLPD2_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpD2, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpD homolog 2) (Casein lytic proteinase D2) [CLPD2] [LOC_Os04g33210] [OJ000315_02.14]
Os04g0408700 Q7XLX6     S1FA2_ORYSJ DNA-binding protein S1FA2 [S1FA2] [LOC_Os04g33440] [OsJ_14704] [OSJNBa0042I15.16]
Os04g0408900 P42553     S1FA1_ORYSJ DNA-binding protein S1FA1 [S1FA1] [S1FA] [LOC_Os04g33420] [OsJ_14705] [OSJNBa0042I15.18]
Os04g0413200 Q0JDC6     INV3_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 3 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 3) (Invertase 3) (OsCIN3) (Sucrose hydrolase 3) [CIN3] [INV4] [LOC_Os04g33720] [OJ000126_13.7] [OsJ_014163] [OsJ_14738]
Os04g0413500 Q0JDC5     INV2_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 2 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 2) (Invertase 2) (OsCIN2) (Protein GRAIN INCOMPLETE FILLING 1) (Sucrose hydrolase 2) [CIN2] [GIF1] [LOC_Os04g33740] [OJ000126_13.8] [OsJ_014165]
Os04g0415600 Q7XTF8     COPT6_ORYSJ Copper transporter 6 (OsCOPT6) [COPT6] [LOC_Os04g33900] [OJ991214_12.9]
Os04g0418000 Q0JDA2     SDH5_ORYSJ  Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 5, mitochondrial precursor [SDH5] [LOC_Os04g34100] [OsJ_14772] [OSJNBa0033G16.15] [OSJNBb0108J11.2]
Os04g0419600 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [LOC_Os04g34240] [OsJ_014206] [OSJNBb0108J11.17]
Os04g0422000 Q0JD85     PAP7_ORYSJ  Fibrillin protein 5 homolog precursor (OsFBN5) (Plastid-lipid-associated protein 7 homolog, chloroplastic) [FBN5] [LOC_Os04g34460] [OsJ_14801] [OSJNBa0028I23.21]
Os04g0429500 Q7XUT9     CSLH2_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein H2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslH2) [CSLH2] [LOC_Os04g35020] [OSJNBa0042L16.13]
Os04g0429600 Q7XUU0     CSLH3_ORYSJ Putative cellulose synthase-like protein H3 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslH3) [CSLH3] [LOC_Os04g35030] [OSJNBa0042L16.14]
Os04g0430100 P0DKK9     RS10B_ORYSJ 40S ribosomal protein S10-2 [RPS10-2] [LOC_Os04g35090] [OsJ_14842] [OSJNBa0042L16.19]
Os04g0430800 Q7XQQ2     TRXM3_ORYSJ Thioredoxin M3, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxm3) (OsTrx11) [LOC_Os04g35150] [OSJNBa0084A10.3]
Os04g0430900 Q7XQQ1     MRS2D_ORYSJ Putative magnesium transporter MRS2-D [MRS2-D] [LOC_Os04g35160] [OsJ_14848] [OSJNBa0084A10.4]
Os04g0432000 Q7XQP4     SAPK7_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK7 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 7) (RK4 kinase) (stress-activated protein kinase 7) (OsSAPK7) [SAPK7] [RK4] [LOC_Os04g35240] [OsJ_14855] [OSJNBa0084A10.12]
Os04g0432500 Q0JD42     PDI52_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 5-2 precursor (OsPDIL5-2) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 7-1) (OsPDIL7-1) [PDIL5-2] [PDIL7-1] [LOC_Os04g35290] [OSJNBa0084A10.17]
Os04g0434500 Q7X7N3     ZHD8_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 8 (OsZHD8) [ZHD8] [LOC_Os04g35500] [OSJNBa0088K19.15] [OSJNBb0086G13.8]
Os04g0434600 B9FFA3     KN7E_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7E, chloroplastic precursor [KIN7E] [LOC_Os04g35510] [OsJ_14878] [OSJNBa0088K19.16] [OSJNBb0086G13.9]
Os04g0434800 Q7XJ02     APX7_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 7, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsAPx7) [APX7] [LOC_Os04g35520] [OsJ_14879] [OSJNBb0086G13.10]
Os04g0436300 Q7XRB5     PDI12_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 1-2 precursor (EC (OsPDIL1-2) [PDIL1-2] [LOC_Os04g35600] [OSJNBa0006B20.4]
Os04g0438700 Q0JD07     C3H28_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 28 (OsC3H28) [LOC_Os04g35800] [OJ000114_01.2]
Os04g0442000 Q0JCZ4     ARFI_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 9 [ARF9] [LOC_Os04g36054] [OSJNBa0064D20.11]
Os04g0442300 Q2HWG4     ORR1_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR1 (OsRR1) (OsRRA9) [RR1] [LOC_Os04g36070]
Os04g0443300 Q7XTH4     GUN11_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 11 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 11) (OsGLU4) [GLU4] [LOC_Os04g36610] [OsJ_023072] [P0041A24.5]
Os04g0443750 B9FFD2     OPR12_ORYSJ Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 12 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 12) (OsOPR12) [OPR12] [OPR5] [OsJ_14924]
Os04g0443801 B9FFD3     OPR13_ORYSJ Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 13 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 13) (OsOPR13) [OPR13] [OPR9] [OsJ_14925]
Os04g0444300 Q7X6L2     ARGOS_ORYSJ Protein AUXIN-REGULATED GENE INVOLVED IN ORGAN SIZE (OsARGOS) [ARGOS] [LOC_Os04g36670] [OSJNBa0027P08.2] [OSJNBa0058G03.5]
Os04g0444900 Q7XUW3     ALFL4_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 4 [LOC_Os04g36730] [OsJ_14937] [OSJNBa0027P08.7]
Os04g0445000 Q7XUW4     KOR2_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KOR2 (K(+) outward-rectifying channel 2) [LOC_Os04g36740] [OSJNBa0027P08.8]
Os04g0445100 Q7XUW5     HS232_ORYSJ 23.2 kDa heat shock protein precursor (OsHsp23.2) [HSP23.2] [LOC_Os04g36750] [OsJ_14939] [OSJNBa0027P08.9]
Os04g0447100 Q7XV13     LOX5_ORYSJ  Putative lipoxygenase 5 (EC [LOC_Os04g37430] [OSJNBa0064H22.1]
Os04g0448500 Q7XV21     AP37_ORYSJ  Aspartyl protease 37 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) [AP37] [LOC_Os04g37570] [OSJNBa0064H22.11]
Os04g0448900 Q0JCU7     ZEP_ORYSJ   Zeaxanthin epoxidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsZEP1) (Protein ABA DEFICIENT 1) (OsABA1) [ZEP] [ABA1] [LOC_Os04g37619] [OSJNBa0064H22.16]
Os04g0449400 Q7XTC7     P2C40_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 40 (EC (OsPP2C40) [LOC_Os04g37660] [OSJNBa0064H22.20]
Os04g0450800 Q0JCT1     H33_ORYSJ   Histone H3.3 (H3.2) [LOC_Os04g37780]
Os04g0452000 Q7XQU7     P2C41_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 41 (EC (OsPP2C41) [Os04g0451900] [LOC_Os04g37904] [OsJ_014406] [OSJNBa0086B14.22/OSJNBa0086B14.21]
Os04g0452500 Q7FAD5     ZEP1_ORYSJ  Synaptonemal complex protein ZEP1 [ZEP1] [LOC_Os04g37960] [OSJNBa0027G07.1]
Os04g0452700 Q0JCR9     MST1_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST1 (Monosaccharide transporter 1) (OsMST1) (Sugar:proton symporter MST1) [MST1] [LOC_Os04g37980] [OsJ_05845] [OSJNBa0027G07.3] [OSJNBa0027G07.4]
Os04g0455800 Q7XRF1     LIAS_ORYSJ  Lipoyl synthase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Lipoate synthase) (LS) (Lip-syn) (Lipoic acid synthase) [LIP1] [LOC_Os04g38330] [OsJ_15022] [OSJNBa0006M15.16]
Os04g0457800 Q7XV05     SERK2_ORYSJ LRR receptor kinase SERK2 precursor (EC (BRI1-associated receptor kinase 1 homolog 2) (OsBAK1-2) (Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase 2) (OsSERK2) [SERK2] [SERK1] [LOC_Os04g38480] [OsJ_15037] [OSJNBa0036B21.13]
Os04g0459700 Q7X7C9     NRP1_ORYSJ  NAP1-related protein 1 (Protein SET homolog 1) [LOC_Os04g38620] [OSJNBa0036B21.26] [OSJNBa0072F16.3]
Os04g0459800 Q7X745     SUV3L_ORYSJ ATP-dependent RNA helicase SUV3L, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsSUV3L) (Protein SUPPRESSOR OF VAR 3-like) [LOC_Os04g38630] [OsJ_15051] [OSJNBa0036B21.27] [OSJNBa0072F16.4]
Os04g0460400 Q7XUV7     CASP5_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 5 (OsCASP5) [LOC_Os04g38690] [OsJ_014458] [OSJNBa0072F16.8]
Os04g0461800 Q7XUV2     FH2_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 2 precursor (OsFH2) [FH2] [LOC_Os04g38810] [B1358B12.6] [OSJNBa0072F16.14]
Os04g0462500 Q7XTE8     14332_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-B (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog B) [GF14B] [LOC_Os04g38870] [B0812A04.1] [B1358B12.12] [OSJNBa0072F16.20]
Os04g0463400 Q6MWE5     VIT1_ORYSJ  Vacuolar iron transporter 1 (OsVIT1) [VIT1] [LOC_Os04g38940] [B1358B12.19] [OsJ_15080]
Os04g0463500 Q7XUS2     ASB1_ORYSJ  Anthranilate synthase beta subunit 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsASB1) (Anthranilate synthase, glutamine amidotransferase component 2-1) [ASB1] [OASB1] [LOC_Os04g38950] [B1358B12.20] [OSJNBa0060P14.1]
Os04g0464200 O24174     BADH1_ORYSJ Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (EC (OsBADH1) [BADH1] [LOC_Os04g39020] [OSJNBa0060P14.8]
Os04g0464966 Q7X7A4     MOF_ORYSJ   MEIOTIC F-BOX protein MOF [MOF] [OSJNBa0060P14.14] [OSJNBb0048E02.5]
Os04g0465700 Q7XM31     RDR2_ORYSJ  Probable RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 2 (EC (OsRDR2) [RDR2] [LOC_Os04g39160] [OSJNBb0048E02.13]
Os04g0469800 Q6F4F5     C724B_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 724B1 (OsCYP724B1) ((22S)-22-hydroxycampesterol synthase) (EC 1.14.14.-) (Dwarf protein 11) (OsDWARF11) [CYP724B1] [D11] [LOC_Os04g39430] [OSIGBa0124N08.3] [OsJ_15129] [OSJNBa0016O02.25]
Os04g0470600 Q7XQN1     MYB80_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYB80 (Myb-related protein 80) (OsMYB80) [MYB80] [LOC_Os04g39470] [OSJNBa0089K21.5]
Os04g0474300 B7ECS8     BGL09_ORYSJ Putative beta-glucosidase 9 precursor (EC (Os4bglu9) [BGLU9] [LOC_Os04g39814]
Os04g0474500 Q7F9K4     BGL10_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 10 precursor (EC (Os4bglu10) [BGLU10] [LOC_Os04g39840] [OsJ_17051] [OSJNBa0022H21.1]
Os04g0474700 Q7XKV5     BGL11_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 11 precursor (EC (Os4bglu11) [BGLU11] [Os04g0474600] [LOC_Os04g39864] [OSJNBa0022H21.2]
Os04g0474800 Q7XKV4     BGL12_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 12 precursor (EC (Os4bglu12) [BGLU12] [LOC_Os04g39880] [OsJ_15166] [OSJNBa0022H21.3]
Os04g0474900 Q7XKV2     BGL13_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 13 precursor (EC (Os4bglu13) [BGLU13] [LOC_Os04g39900] [OsJ_15167] [OSJNBa0022H21.5]
Os04g0475600 Q7XKU5     DAO_ORYSJ   2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase DAO (EC 1.14.11.-) (Protein DIOXYGENASE FOR AUXIN OXIDATION) [DAO] [LOC_Os04g39980] [OSJNBa0022H21.12]
Os04g0476700 Q7XK44     PIRL3_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 3 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 3) (OsIRL3) [IRL3] [LOC_Os04g40080] [OSJNBa0044K18.1]
Os04g0479000 Q7XK25     PCH2_ORYSJ  Pachytene checkpoint protein 2 homolog (Protein CENTRAL REGION COMPONENT 1) [CRC1] [LOC_Os04g40290] [OsJ_15194] [OSJNBa0044K18.20]
Os04g0480200 Q7XK12     NAR22_ORYSJ Probable high-affinity nitrate transporter-activating protein 2.2 precursor (OsNAR2.2) [NAR2.2] [LOC_Os04g40410] [OSJNBa0044K18.32]
Os04g0480300 Q0JCC3     SWI3A_ORYSJ SWI/SNF complex subunit SWI3A homolog (OsSWI3A) (Transcription regulatory protein SWI3A homolog) [SWI3A] [CHB703] [LOC_Os04g40420] [OSJNBa0044K18.33]
Os04g0482000 Q7XUP7     MSR21_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase A2-1 (EC (OsMSRA2.1) (Peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase) (Peptide Met(O) reductase) (Protein-methionine-S-oxide reductase) [MSRA2-1] [LOC_Os04g40600] [OsJ_15220] [OSJNBb0011N17.16]
Os04g0482100 Q7XUP6     MSR22_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase A2-2 (EC (OsMSRA2.2) (Peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase) (Peptide Met(O) reductase) (Protein-methionine-S-oxide reductase) [MSRA2-2] [LOC_Os04g40620] [OSJNBb0011N17.17]
Os04g0484900 Q7X7L3     ELP3_ORYSJ  Elongator complex protein 3 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Elongator component 3) (tRNA uridine(34) acetyltransferase) [ELP3] [LOC_Os04g40840] [OJ000223_09.4] [OSJNBa0081L15.14]
Os04g0485000 Q8W425     PSMD6_ORYSJ 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 6 (26S proteasome regulatory particle non-ATPase subunit 7) (OsRPN7) (26S proteasome regulatory subunit RPN7) [RPN7] [LOC_Os04g40850] [OJ000223_09.5] [OsJ_15241] [OSJNBa0081L15.15]
Os04g0486600 Q7FAH2     G3PC2_ORYSJ Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2, cytosolic (EC [GAPC2] [GAPDH] [LOC_Os04g40950] [H0302E05.3] [OJ000223_09.15]
Os04g0486950 Q7XUG1     MASY_ORYSJ  Malate synthase (EC [MS] [LOC_Os04g40990] [OJ991113_30.4]
Os04g0487550 Q7XSB2     C3H29_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 29 (OsC3H29) [LOC_Os04g41060]
Os04g0488000 Q7XUF4     CDKG2_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase G-2 (EC (EC (CDKG;2) [CDKG-2] [LOC_Os04g41100] [OJ991113_30.14]
Os04g0492800 Q0JC44     CML22_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML22 (Calmodulin-like protein 22) [CML22] [LOC_Os04g41540] [OJ990528_30.6] [OSJNBb0091E11.1]
Os04g0493400 O04138     CHI4_ORYSJ  Chitinase 4 precursor (EC (OsChia2b) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 4) [Cht4] [LOC_Os04g41620] [OsJ_15306] [OSJNBb0091E11.8]
Os04g0494100 Q7Y1Z0     CHI5_ORYSJ  Chitinase 5 precursor (EC (Class IV chitinase a) (OsChia4a) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 5) [Cht5] [LOC_Os04g41680] [OsJ_15308] [OSJNBb0091E11.12]
Os04g0495800 Q0JC27     NLP2_ORYSJ  Protein NLP2 (OsNLP2) (NIN-like protein 2) (Nodule inception protein-like protein 2) [NLP2] [LOC_Os04g41850] [J033120P08] [OsJ_15319] [OSJNBa0067K08.5]
Os04g0497200 Q7XUK4     GUN12_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 12 (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 12) (OsGLU3) [GLU3] [LOC_Os04g41970] [OSJNBa0067K08.14]
Os04g0498600 Q0JC10     DCAM_ORYSJ  S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzyme precursor (EC (AdoMetDC) (SAMDC) [Contains: S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase alpha chain; S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase beta chain] [SAMDC] [LOC_Os04g42090] [OsJ_004076] [OSJNBa0029H02.4] [OSJNBa0067K08.23]
Os04g0499300 Q84PB3     IF4G1_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor isoform 4G-1 (eIF(iso)-4G-1) (eIF(iso)4G-1) (Eukaryotic initiation factor iso-4F subunit p82) (eIF-(iso)4F p82 subunit) [LOC_Os04g42140] [OSJNBa0029H02.9]
Os04g0500700 Q0JBZ8     HCT1_ORYSJ  Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsHCT1) (BAHD-like hydroxycinnamoyl transferase HCT1) [HCT1] [LOC_Os04g42250] [OsJ_15346] [OSJNBa0029H02.19]
Os04g0500900 Q7XU84     P2C42_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 42 (EC (OsPP2C42) [LOC_Os04g42260] [OSJNBa0029H02.20]
Os04g0501100 Q0JBZ6     MRS2C_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-C [MRS2-C] [LOC_Os04g42280] [OSJNBa0029H02.22]
Os04g0502200 Q0JBY9     TR120_ORYSJ Trafficking protein particle complex II-specific subunit 120 homolog (TRAPP II-specific subunit 120 homolog) [TRS120] [LOC_Os04g42370] [OSJNBa0029H02.30]
Os04g0506800 Q7FA29     STLP3_ORYSJ Sialyltransferase-like protein 3 (EC 2.4.99.-) (OsSTLP3) [STLP3] [LOC_Os04g42760] [OsJ_15390] [OSJNBa0043L24.2] [OSJNBb0002J11.10]
Os04g0508300 P55142     GRXC6_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C6 (Glutaredoxin-C2 homolog 1) [GRXC6] [RASC8] [LOC_Os04g42930] [OsJ_15409] [OSJNBa0043L24.17]
Os04g0509300 A7LFZ6     DCL4_ORYSJ  Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 4 (EC 3.1.26.-) (Dicer-like protein 4) (OsDCL4) (Protein SHOOT ORGANIZATION 1) [DCL4] [SHO1] [LOC_Os04g43050] [OSJNBb0065L13.5]
Os04g0509600 Q7XQ12     AMT11_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 1 member 1 (OsAMT1;1) [AMT1-1] [AMT1] [LOC_Os04g43070] [OsJ_15423] [OSJNBb0065L13.7]
Os04g0510400 A3AVH5     RH13_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 13 (EC [LOC_Os04g43140] [OsJ_014797] [OSJNBb0065L13.12]
Os04g0511200 Q7FAX1     PXG_ORYSJ   Peroxygenase (EC [PXG] [LOC_Os04g43200] [OsJ_15434] [OSJNBa0004N05.7]
Os04g0512200 Q7XPZ4     GLO17_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-7 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-7) [GL1-7] [LOC_Os04g43270] [OSJNBa0004N05.14]
Os04g0513100 Q7XPY7     BGL14_ORYSJ Probable inactive beta-glucosidase 14 precursor (Os4bglu14) [BGLU14] [LOC_Os04g43360] [OSJNBa0004N05.21]
Os04g0513300 Q7XPY5     BGL15_ORYSJ Putative beta-glucosidase 15 (EC (Os4bglu15) [BGLU15] [LOC_Os04g43380] [OSJNBa0004N05.23]
Os04g0513400 Q7XSK2     BGL16_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 16 precursor (EC (Os4bglu16) [BGLU16] [LOC_Os04g43390] [OSJNBa0004N05.24] [OSJNBb0070J16.1]
Os04g0513700 Q7XSK1     BGL17_ORYSJ Putative beta-glucosidase 17 precursor (EC (Os4bglu17) [BGLU17] [LOC_Os04g43400] [OSJNBa0004N05.25] [OSJNBb0070J16.2]
Os04g0513900 Q7XSK0     BGL18_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 18 precursor (EC (Os4bglu18) [BGLU18] [LOC_Os04g43410] [OSJNBa0004N05.26] [OSJNBb0070J16.3]
Os04g0516200 Q7XRS1     G1L4_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like4 [G1L4] [LOC_Os04g43580] [OsJ_15463] [OSJNBb0072M01.12]
Os04g0517100 Q7XBH4     MYB4_ORYSJ  Transcription factor MYB4 (Myb-related protein 4) (OsMyb4) (Transcription factor RLTR1) [MYB4] [LTR1] [LOC_Os04g43680] [OsJ_15470] [OSJNBa0073E02.6]
Os04g0518800 Q0JBP5     LOGL6_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL6 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 6) [LOGL6] [LOC_Os04g43840] [OsJ_15484] [OSJNBb0061C13.8]
Os04g0519700 Q7XKK6     ARFJ_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 10 [ARF10] [LOC_Os04g43910] [OsJ_014843] [OSJNBa0019D11.3] [OSJNBb0061C13.15]
Os04g0521100 Q7XUA6     PIP23_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-3 (OsPIP2;3) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-3) [PIP2-3] [LOC_Os04g44060] [OSJNBa0019D11.16]
Os04g0521800 Q7XUA8     ILL5_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 5 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL5] [LOC_Os04g44110] [OSJNBa0019D11.19]
Os04g0522500 Q7XP65     G2OX6_ORYSJ Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 6 (EC (Gibberellin 2-beta-hydroxylase 6) (Gibberellin 2-oxidase 6) (GA 2-oxidase 6) (OsGA2ox6) [GA2OX6] [LOC_Os04g44150] [OsJ_15497] [OSJNBa0019D11.23]
Os04g0523500 A3AVP1     CKX8_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 8 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 8) (OsCKX8) [CKX8] [LOC_Os04g44230] [OsJ_15507] [OSJNBb0065J09.8]
Os04g0524300 Q2HWH1     ORR5_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR5 (OsRR5) (OsRRA4) [RR5] [LOC_Os04g44280] [OSJNBb0065J09.13]
Os04g0524500 Q7XKF4     YSL13_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL13 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 13) (OsYSL13) [YSL13] [LOC_Os04g44300] [OsJ_014867] [OSJNBb0065J09.15]
Os04g0524600 Q5JQD7     YSL12_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL12 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 12) (OsYSL12) [YSL12] [LOC_Os04g44320] [OSJNBb0065J09.17]
Os04g0524900 Q7X660     YSL11_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL11 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 11) (OsYSL11) [YSL11] [LOC_Os04g44330] [OsJ_014870] [OSJNBa0038O10.1] [OSJNBb0065J09.18]
Os04g0526600 P29421     IAAS_ORYSJ  Alpha-amylase/subtilisin inhibitor precursor (RASI) [RASI] [LOC_Os04g44470] [OSJNBa0038O10.14]
Os04g0527700 Q7XKI7     MIA40_ORYSJ Mitochondrial intermembrane space import and assembly protein 40 homolog (OsMIA40) [MIA40] [LOC_Os04g44550] [OsJ_15538] [OSJNBa0038O10.21]
Os04g0527900 Q7XKI5     TIP32_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP3-2 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 3-2) (OsTIP3;2) [TIP3-2] [LOC_Os04g44570] [OsJ_014891] [OSJNBa0038O10.23]
Os04g0530100 Q7X6J9     EXB17_ORYSJ Expansin-B17 precursor (Beta-expansin-17) (OsEXPB17) (OsaEXPb1.13) [EXPB17] [LOC_Os04g44780] [OSJNBa0074L08.17] [OSJNBa0081C01.5]
Os04g0530600 Q7X8R5     TRXM2_ORYSJ Thioredoxin M2, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxm2) (OsTrx14) [LOC_Os04g44830] [OsJ_15561] [OSJNBa0074L08.22] [OSJNBa0081C01.10]
Os04g0531100 Q0JBH9     ERG3_ORYSJ  Elicitor-responsive protein 3 (OsERG3) (16 kDa phloem protein) (RPP16) [ERG3] [LOC_Os04g44870] [OsJ_014914] [OSJNBa0081C01.13]
Os04g0531400 Q7XUN6     SIT2_ORYSJ  L-type lectin-domain containing receptor kinase SIT2 precursor (EC (Protein SALT INTOLERANCE 2) [SIT2] [LOC_Os04g44900] [OsJ_15568] [OSJNBa0081C01.16]
Os04g0532500 Q7F9R9     PLI2B_ORYSJ LIM domain-containing protein PLIM2b (Pollen-expressed LIM protein 2b) (OsPLIM2b) [PLIM2B] [LOC_Os04g45010] [OsJ_15578] [OSJNBa0081C01.26] [OSJNBb0039L24.7]
Os04g0533000 Q7XMK8     RH6_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 6 (EC [LOC_Os04g45040] [OsJ_15580] [OSJNBb0039L24.10]
Os04g0533500 Q7XMK3     ACET2_ORYSJ Probable ascorbate-specific transmembrane electron transporter 2 (EC 1.-.-.-) (Cytochrome b561-2) [LOC_Os04g45090] [OsJ_15584.15] [OSJNBb0039L24]
Os04g0533700 Q7XMK1     SPZ10_ORYSJ Putative non-inhibitory serpin-10 (OrysaZ10) [LOC_Os04g45110] [OSJNBb0039L24.17]
Os04g0533700 Q7XMK0     SPZ11_ORYSJ Putative non-inhibitory serpin-Z11 (OrysaZ11) [LOC_Os04g45110] [OsJ_014933] [OSJNBb0039L24.18]
Os04g0534600 Q7XU74     PX114_ORYSJ Peroxisomal membrane protein 11-4 (OsPEX11-4) (Peroxin-11-4) [PEX11-4] [LOC_Os04g45210] [OsJ_014940] [OSJNBb0020O11.14]
Os04g0536300 Q0JBF0     YAB5_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 5 (OsYAB3) (OsYABBY5) [YAB5] [LOC_Os04g45330] [OsJ_014945] [OSJNBb0020O11.2]
Os04g0537900 Q84LM2     VPE1_ORYSJ  Vacuolar-processing enzyme beta-isozyme 1 precursor (EC (Beta-VPE 1) (OsVPE1) (Asparaginyl endopeptidase VPE1) [VPE1] [Glup3] [OsJ_15605]
Os04g0538400 B7F138     VITH2_ORYSJ Vacuolar iron transporter homolog 2 (Protein NODULIN-LIKE 2) [LOC_Os04g45520] [OSJNBa0091D06.17]
Os04g0538800 Q7X7H4     KN7F_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7F [KIN7F] [K23] [LOC_Os04g45580] [OsJ_15615] [OSJNBa0011L07.1] [OSJNBa0091D06.23] [OSNPB_040538800]
Os04g0539000 Q7FB12     NDHM_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit M, chloroplastic precursor (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit M) (NDH subunit M) (NDH-M) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit M) [ndhM] [NDH-M] [LOC_Os04g45600] [OsJ_014964] [OSJNBa0011L07.3] [OSJNBa0091D06.25]
Os04g0540300 Q7XR91     COBL7_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 7 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like P1) [BC1LP1] [LOC_Os04g45700] [OSJNBa0011L07.10]
Os04g0540900 Q7XR88     STRK1_ORYSJ Salt tolerance receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 1 (EC (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 154) (OsRLCK154) [STRK1] [RLCK154] [LOC_Os04g45730] [H0115B09.7] [OsJ_15629] [OSJNBa0011L07.13] [OSNPB_040540900]
Os04g0541700 Q7XUJ5     HOX22_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX22 (HD-ZIP protein HOX22) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX22) (OsHox22) [HOX22] [LOC_Os04g45810] [OsJ_014981] [OSJNBb0103I08.6]
Os04g0542200 Q7XUJ2     YSL9_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL9 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 9) (OsYSL9) [YSL9] [LOC_Os04g45860] [OSJNBb0103I08.11]
Os04g0542800 Q7XN54     YSL16_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL16 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 16) (OsYSL16) [YSL16] [LOC_Os04g45900] [OSJNBb0103I08.15]
Os04g0543900 Q33E23     DHE2_ORYSJ  Glutamate dehydrogenase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsGDH2) [GDH2] [LOC_Os04g45970] [OSNPB_040543900]
Os04g0546500 Q42980     OLEO1_ORYSJ Oleosin 16 kDa (OSE701) [OLE16] [1CP] [OSE375] [LOC_Os04g46200] [OsJ_15670] [OSJNBa0079A21.14]
Os04g0548700 Q0JB92     HOX17_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX17 (HD-ZIP protein HOX17) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX17) (OsHox17) [HOX17] [LOC_Os04g46350] [OSJNBa0065H10.13]
Os04g0549500 Q0JB89     MYB58_ORYSJ Probable transcription factor MYB58 (OsMYB58) [MYB58] [LOC_Os04g46384] [OsJ_15687] [OSJNBa0065H10.16] [OSJNBb0034G17.1]
Os04g0549600 Q0JB88     DJA6_ORYSJ  Chaperone protein dnaJ A6 (OsDjA6) [DJA6] [RNB8] [LOC_Os04g46390] [OsJ_15688] [OSJNBb0034G17.1]
Os04g0550400 Q7XU27     BRE1A_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase BRE1-like 1 (EC (Protein HISTONE MONOUBIQUITINATION 1) (OsHUB1) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase BRE1-like 1) [HUB1] [BRE1A] [LOC_Os04g46450] [OsJ_15692] [OSJNBb0034G17.7]
Os04g0550600 Q7XU29     CCD7_ORYSJ  Carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 7, chloroplastic precursor (OsCCD7) (Beta,beta-carotene 9',10'-oxygenase) (EC (Protein DWARF-17) (Protein HIGH-TILLERING DWARF 1) (Protein MAX3 homolog) [CCD7] [D17] [HTD1] [LOC_Os04g46470] [OsJ_15694] [OSJNBb0034G17.9]
Os04g0550800 Q7XU31     TIP51_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP5-1 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 5-1) (OsTIP5;1) [TIP5;1] [LOC_Os04g46490] [OSJNBb0034G17.11]
Os04g0551500 Q7XT42     SPL7_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 7 [SPL7] [LOC_Os04g46580] [OSJNBa0010H02.3] [OSJNBb0034G17.20]
Os04g0552000 Q7XT40     EXB15_ORYSJ Expansin-B15 precursor (Beta-expansin-15) (OsEXPB15) (OsaEXPb1.16) [EXPB15] [LOC_Os04g46630] [OsJ_15706] [OSJNBa0010H02.7]
Os04g0552200 Q7XT39     EXPB5_ORYSJ Expansin-B5 precursor (Beta-expansin-5) (OsEXPB5) (OsaEXPb1.19) [EXPB5] [LOC_Os04g46650] [OSJNBa0010H02.8]
Os04g0552300 Q7FAT5     CCP21_ORYSJ Cyclin-P2-1 (CycP2;1) [CYCP2-1] [LOC_Os04g46660] [OsJ_015051] [OSJNBa0010H02.9]
Os04g0554000 Q7XT34     TPP5_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 5 (EC (OsTPP5) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP5] [LOC_Os04g46760] [OSJNBa0010H02.18]
Os04g0555700 Q7XSN9     ADF6_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 6 (ADF-6) (OsADF6) [ADF6] [LOC_Os04g46910] [OSJNBb0012E24.5]
Os04g0555900 Q7XSN8     SRR_ORYSJ   Serine racemase (EC (D-serine dehydratase) (EC (D-serine ammonia-lyase) (L-serine dehydratase) (EC (L-serine ammonia-lyase) [SERR] [LOC_Os04g46930] [OsJ_15733] [OSJNBb0012E24.7]
Os04g0556000 A3AWA4     HMA5_ORYSJ  Copper-transporting ATPase HMA5 (EC (Protein HEAVY METAL ATPASE 5) (OsHMA5) [HMA5] [LOC_Os04g46940] [OsJ_15734] [OSJNBb0012E24.8]
Os04g0559700 Q7XSQ9     PIP12_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP1-2 (OsPIP1;2) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 1-2) [PIP1-2] [LOC_Os04g47220] [OsJ_015100] [OSJNBa0084K11.2]
Os04g0560200 Q7XSQ7     TRL33_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like 3-3 (Thioredoxin-like 1) [LOC_Os04g47260] [OsJ_15765] [OSJNBa0084K11.5]
Os04g0560300 Q7XUR2     LDL3_ORYSJ  Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 homolog 3 (EC 1.-.-.-) (Flavin-containing amine oxidase domain-containing protein 3) (Protein FLOWERING LOCUS D-LIKE) (Protein LSD1-LIKE 3) [LOC_Os04g47270] [OSJNBa0084K11.6]
Os04g0560400 Q7XUR3     FUCO1_ORYSJ Putative alpha-L-fucosidase 1 precursor (EC (Alpha-L-fucoside fucohydrolase) [LOC_Os04g47280] [OSJNBa0084K11.7]
Os04g0560600 Q7XSQ5     CDPKC_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 12 (EC (OsCDPK12) (OsCPK12) [CPK12] [LOC_Os04g47300] [OsJ_15768] [OSJNBa0084K11.9]
Os04g0563700 Q7XSJ6     CCB21_ORYSJ Cyclin-B2-1 (CycB2-Os1) (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B2-1) (CycB2;1) [CYCB2-1] [CYCB2] [LOC_Os04g47580] [OsJ_15792] [OSJNBb0078D11.10]
Os04g0566500 Q7XSA2     AGO1B_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 1B (OsAGO1b) [AGO1B] [LOC_Os04g47870] [OSJNBa0005N02.3]
Os04g0566600 A3AWH5     MOF1_ORYSJ  Myb family transcription factor MOF1 (Protein MORE FLORET 1) [MOF1] [LOC_Os04g47890] [OsJ_15811] [OSJNBa0005N02.4]
Os04g0567800 Q9SXG8     DOF1_ORYSJ  Dof zinc finger protein 1 (OsDof1) [DOF1] [LOC_Os04g47990] [OSJNBa0005N02.10]
Os04g0568700 Q7XRX3     HFB2A_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-2a (Heat stress transcription factor 1) (rHsf1) (Heat stress transcription factor 14) (OsHsf-14) [HSFB2A] [HSF1] [HSF14] [LOC_Os04g48030] [OSJNBb0032E06.3]
Os04g0569000 Q7XRX1     RFC4_ORYSJ  Replication factor C subunit 4 (OsRFC4) (Activator 1 subunit 4) [RFC4] [LOC_Os04g48060] [OSJNBb0032E06.6]
Os04g0569100 Q7Y0V9     ROC4_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC4 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 4) (HD-ZIP protein ROC4) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC4) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 4) [ROC4] [GL2-4] [LOC_Os04g48070] [OSJNBb0032E06.7]
Os04g0570000 Q7XU38     C87A3_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 87A3 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP87A3] [LOC_Os04g48170] [OSJNBa0088I22.16]
Os04g0572400 Q8H273     DRE1E_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1E (Protein DREB1E) [DREB1E] [ERF30] [LOC_Os04g48350] [OSJNBa0019K04.2]
Os04g0573000 Q0JAW2     SPXM2_ORYSJ SPX domain-containing membrane protein Os04g0573000 [LOC_Os04g48390] [OsJ_15847] [OSJNBa0019K04.6]
Os04g0573200 Q7XTY9     CCS_ORYSJ   Copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase, chloroplastic precursor (Superoxide dismutase copper chaperone) [CCS] [LOC_Os04g48410] [OsJ_15850] [OSJNBa0019K04.8]
Os04g0574500 Q6AWX7     GRF12_ORYSJ Growth-regulating factor 12 (OsGRF12) (Transcription activator GRF12) [GRF12] [LOC_Os04g48510] [OsJ_15856] [OSJNBa0019K04.18]
Os04g0576800 Q7XUH5     POED1_ORYSJ Polyprenol reductase 1 (EC [LOC_Os04g48750] [OsJ_15866] [OSJNBa0020J04.7]
Os04g0576900 G9LZD7     XIAO_ORYSJ  Probable inactive leucine-rich repeat receptor kinase XIAO precursor [XIAO] [LOC_Os04g48760] [OSJNBa0020J04.8]
Os04g0578000 Q7XQ85     1A12_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 2 (EC (ACC synthase 2) (OsACS2) [ACS2] [ACC2] [LOC_Os04g48850] [OSJNBa0011J08.4]
Os04g0578300 Q7XQ83     SP1L4_ORYSJ Protein SPIRAL1-like 4 [LOC_Os04g48870] [OsJ_15879] [OSJNBa0011J08.6]
Os04g0580700 Q7XUN2     MAD17_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 17 (NMADS3) (OsMADS17) (RMADS213) [MADS17] [LOC_Os04g49150] [OSJNBa0064M23.11]
Os04g0581400 Q7F9W2     Y4814_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0581400 [LOC_Os04g49230] [OSJNBa0088A01.1]
Os04g0583500 Q7XUD0     EXP10_ORYSJ Expansin-A10 precursor (Alpha-expansin-10) (OsEXP10) (OsEXPA10) (OsaEXPa1.28) [EXPA10] [EXP10] [LOC_Os04g49410] [OsJ_15914] [OSJNBa0088A01.16]
Os04g0584300 Q7XUC5     P2C43_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 43 (EC (OsPP2C43) [Os04g0584366] [LOC_Os04g49490] [OsJ_015252] [OSJNBa0088A01.23]
Os04g0584600 Q9FXQ3     CDPKD_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 13 (EC (OsCDPK13) (OsCPK13) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCDPK7) [CPK13] [LOC_Os04g49510] [OSJNBa0013K16.2]
Os04g0585200 Q7XP59     GLR31_ORYSJ Glutamate receptor 3.1 precursor (Ligand-gated ion channel 3.1) [GLR3.1] [LOC_Os04g49570] [OSJNBa0013K16.8]
Os04g0590900 Q7XLY8     ATL41_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Os04g0590900 (EC (RING-H2 finger protein Os04g0590900) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase Os04g0590900) [LOC_Os04g50100] [OsJ_15972] [OSJNBa0086O06.21]
Os04g0597000 Q0JAI9     SCAM6_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 6 (Secretory carrier membrane protein 6) [SCAMP6] [Os04g0595800] [LOC_Os04g50890] [OsJ_16007] [OSJNBa0006A01.24] [OSJNba0093F12.6]
Os04g0598300 Q0JAI1     FL_ORYSJ    Probable transcription factor FL (RFL) (Protein ABERRANT PANICLE ORGANIZATION 2) [FL] [APO2] [OSL] [LOC_Os04g51000] [OsJ_16017] [OSJNba0093F12.17]
Os04g0599300 Q7X8R0     EAT1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor EAT1 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 141) (OsbHLH141) (Protein DELAYED TAPETUM DEGENERATION) (Protein ETERNAL TAPETUM 1) [EAT1] [BHLH141] [DTD] [LOC_Os04g51070] [OsJ_16023] [OSJNBa0083N12.3] [OSJNba0093F12.24]
Os04g0600200 O82807     AOX1A_ORYSJ Ubiquinol oxidase 1a, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Alternative oxidase 1a) (OsAOX1A) [AOX1A] [AOX1] [LOC_Os04g51150] [OsJ_16032] [OSJNBa0083N12.11]
Os04g0600300 O82766     AOX1B_ORYSJ Ubiquinol oxidase 1b, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Alternative oxidase 1b) (OsAOX1B) [AOX1B] [LOC_Os04g51160] [OsJ_16033] [OSJNBa0083N12.12]
Os04g0600500 Q7XPT0     BRXL3_ORYSJ Putative protein Brevis radix-like 3 (OsBRXL3) [BRXL3] [LOC_Os04g51172] [OSJNBa0083N12.14]
Os04g0600800 Q7X7S8     COLD1_ORYSJ GPCR-type G protein COLD1 (Protein CHILLING TOLERANCE DIVERGENCE 1) [COLD1] [LOC_Os04g51180] [OsJ_16035] [OSJNBa0083N12.15]
Os04g0600900 Q6AWY6     GRF3_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 3 (OsGRF3) (Transcription activator GRF3) [GRF3] [LOC_Os04g51190] [OsJ_16036] [OSJNBa0083N12.16]
Os04g0602400 Q7XTQ5     MEX1_ORYSJ  Maltose excess protein 1-like, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os04g51330] [OSJNBa0041A02.13]
Os04g0602900 Q7XSR9     ICMT_ORYSJ  Probable protein-S-isoprenylcysteine O-methyltransferase (EC (Isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase) (Prenylated protein carboxyl methyltransferase) (Prenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase) [ICMT] [LOC_Os04g51380] [OsJ_015369] [OSJNBa0041A02.18]
Os04g0604000 Q0JAD9     VLN4_ORYSJ  Villin-4 [VLN4] [LOC_Os04g51440] [OsJ_16056] [OSJNBa0041A02.24] [OSNPB_040604000]
Os04g0605300 Q7XNY1     PIRL1_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 1 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 1) (OsIRL1) [IRL1] [LOC_Os04g51580] [OsJ_16067] [OSJNBb0015N08.10]
Os04g0605500 Q7X8B5     ACA5_ORYSJ  Calcium-transporting ATPase 5, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA5) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 5) (OsACA6) [ACA5] [LOC_Os04g51610] [OsJ_16068] [OSJNBa0035M09.2] [OSJNBb0015N08.12]
Os04g0606450 Q7X7E9     DNLI4_ORYSJ Putative DNA ligase 4 (EC (DNA ligase IV) (Polydeoxyribonucleotide synthase [ATP] 4) [LIG4] [LOC_Os04g51700] [OSJNBa0035M09.8]
Os04g0607500 Q7XPF8     HKT4_ORYSJ  Cation transporter HKT4 (OsHKT4) [HKT4] [LOC_Os04g51820] [OSJNBa0060N03.3]
Os04g0607600 Q7XPF7     HKT7_ORYSJ  Probable cation transporter HKT7 (OsHKT7) [HKT7] [LOC_Os04g51830] [OSJNBa0060N03.4]
Os04g0608600 Q7XPE8     NRX3_ORYSJ  Probable nucleoredoxin 3 (EC (OsNrx3) [LOC_Os04g51920] [OSJNBa0060N03.13]
Os04g0609600 Q0JAA0     P2C44_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 44 (EC (OsPP2C44) [LOC_Os04g52000] [OsJ_16105] [OSJNBa0085I10.2]
Os04g0610700 Q7XPL3     HAK15_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 15 (OsHAK15) [HAK15] [LOC_Os04g52120] [OSJNBa0085I10.13]
Os04g0610800 Q7XPL2     HEM6_ORYSJ  Oxygen-dependent coproporphyrinogen-III oxidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Coprogen oxidase) (Coproporphyrinogenase) [CPX] [LOC_Os04g52130] [OSJNBa0085I10.14]
Os04g0611700 Q0JA83     KSL3_ORYSJ  Ent-kaurene synthase-like 3 (EC 4.2.3.-) (OsKS3) (OsKSL3) (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 2) (OsKS2) [KSL3] [KS2] [LOC_Os04g52210] [OSJNBa0070C17.6]
Os04g0611800 Q0JA82     KS1_ORYSJ   Ent-kaur-16-ene synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ent-kaurene synthase B) (Kaurene synthase 1) (OsKS1) [KS1] [KS1A] [LOC_Os04g52230] [OSJNBa0070C17.8]
Os04g0612000 Q0JA81     KSL2_ORYSJ  Ent-kaurene synthase-like 2 (EC 4.2.3.-) (OsKSL2) [KSL2] [LOC_Os04g52240] [OSJNBa0070C17.9]
Os04g0612600 Q9MAX6     COPE1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit epsilon-1 (Epsilon-coat protein 1) (Epsilon-COP 1) (Epsilon1-COP) [COPE1] [LOC_Os04g52270] [OsJ_015440] [OSJNBa0070C17.12]
Os04g0612700 Q0JA75     CADH7_ORYSJ Cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (EC (OsCAD7) (Protein FLEXIBLE CULM 1) [CAD7] [FC1] [LOC_Os04g52280] [OSJNBa0070C17.13]
Os04g0613000 Q7XLD4     ZIP3_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 3 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 3) (OsZIP3) [ZIP3] [LOC_Os04g52310] [OsJ_16134] [OSJNBa0070C17.15]
Os04g0613900 Q7XLC6     HAK11_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 11 (OsHAK11) [HAK11] [LOC_Os04g52390] [OSJNBa0070C17.23]
Os04g0614100 Q84NC2     MAD31_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 31 (OsMADS31) [MADS31] [LOC_Os04g52410]
Os04g0614500 Q7XN12     GATP2_ORYSJ Probable gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC [LOC_Os04g52440] [OSJNBa0008M17.3]
Os04g0614600 Q7XN11     GATP1_ORYSJ Gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC [OSL2] [LOC_Os04g52450] [OsJ_16145] [OSJNBa0008M17.4]
Os04g0615700 Q7XTS4     AGO2_ORYSJ  Protein argonaute 2 (OsAGO2) [AGO2] [LOC_Os04g52540] [OSJNBa0008M17.11]
Os04g0615800 Q7XTS3     AGO3_ORYSJ  Protein argonaute 3 (OsAGO3) [AGO3] [LOC_Os04g52550] [OSJNBa0008M17.12]
Os04g0617900 Q7XSN6     GL41_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 4-1 precursor [LOC_Os04g52720] [OsJ_015483] [OSJNBa0058K23.2] [OSJNBa0093O08.12]
Os04g0618200 Q8H0B6     ARAE2_ORYSJ Probable UDP-arabinose 4-epimerase 2 (EC (OsUEL-2) (UDP-D-xylose 4-epimerase 2) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase-like protein 2) [UEL-2] [LOC_Os04g52730] [OsJ_16180] [OSJNBa0058K23.4] [OSJNBa0093O08.14]
Os04g0618700 Q0JA29     FLS2_ORYSJ  LRR receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase FLS2 precursor (EC (Protein FLAGELLIN-SENSING 2 homolog) (OsFLS2) (Protein FLAGELLIN-SENSITIVE 2 homolog) [FLS2] [LOC_Os04g52780] [OsJ_16186]
Os04g0620700 Q7XTT4     NUCL2_ORYSJ Nucleolin 2 (Protein NUCLEOLIN LIKE 2) [LOC_Os04g52960] [OSJNBa0058K23.21]
Os04g0623300 Q7X809     PAO3_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 3 (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO3) [PAO3] [LOC_Os04g53190] [OsJ_16215] [OSJNBa0053K19.6] [OSJNBb0085C12.17]
Os04g0623500 Q7FAS1     GLO3_ORYSJ  Glycolate oxidase 3 (EC (GOX 3) (OsGLO3) (Peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO3) (Short chain alpha-hydroxy acid oxidase GLO3) [GLO3] [LOC_Os04g53210] [OsJ_16217] [OSJNBa0053K19.8]
Os04g0623600 Q7XPR4     GLO2_ORYSJ  Glycolate oxidase 2 (EC (GOX 2) (OsGLO2) (Peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO2) (Short chain alpha-hydroxy acid oxidase GLO2) [GLO2] [LOC_Os04g53214] [OsJ_16218] [OSJNBa0053K19.9]
Os04g0623700 O04433     SRP14_ORYSJ Signal recognition particle 14 kDa protein (SRP14) [SRP14] [LOC_Os04g53220] [OsJ_16219] [OSJNBa0053K19.10]
Os04g0624000 Q7XPR1     ATG8B_ORYSJ Autophagy-related protein 8B precursor (Autophagy-related ubiquitin-like modifier ATG8B) [ATG8B] [APG8B] [LOC_Os04g53240] [OsJ_015525] [OSJNBa0053K19.12]
Os04g0625800 Q0J9Y2     RBPL_ORYSJ  RNA-binding protein L [RBP-L] [LOC_Os04g53440] [OSJNBb0060E08.6]
Os04g0627000 Q0J9X2     ROC2_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC2 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 2) (HD-ZIP protein ROC2) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC2) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 2) [ROC2] [GL2-2] [LOC_Os04g53540] [OSJNBb0060E08.16]
Os04g0628100 Q58G87     UBQ3_ORYSJ  Polyubiquitin 3 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin-related; Ubiquitin] [UBQ3] [RUBI3] [LOC_Os04g53620] [OsJ_16259] [OSJNBa0089N06.4]
Os04g0628900 Q0J9W0     CCP11_ORYSJ Cyclin-P1-1 (CycP1;1) [CYCP1-1] [Os04g0628700] [LOC_Os04g53680] [OSJNBa0089N06.10]
Os04g0629400 Q0J9V6     Y4294_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein Os04g0629400 precursor [LOC_Os04g53730] [OSJNBa0089N06.15]
Os04g0629500 Q0J9V5     CXXS1_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like protein CXXS1 (OsCXXS1) (OsTrx15) [LOC_Os04g53740] [OsJ_16273] [OSJNBa0089N06.15]
Os04g0629700 Q0J9V3     KN14H_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14H [KIN14H] [LOC_Os04g53760] [OsJ_16274] [OSJNBa0089N06.17]
Os04g0634700 Q7XQT2     DGK1_ORYSJ  Diacylglycerol kinase 1 (EC (DAG kinase 1) (OsDGK1) (BTH-inducible diacylglycerol kinase 1) (OsBIDK1) [DGK1] [BIDK1] [LOC_Os04g54200] [OSJNBa0043L09.15]
Os04g0635900 Q7XQR9     MRE11_ORYSJ Double-strand break repair protein MRE11 (OsMre11) [MRE11] [OsJ_16317] [OSJNBa0043L09.28]
Os04g0637000 A0A0P0WFC8 TGAL6_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL6 (bZIP transcription factor 37) (OsbZIP37) [TGAL6] [LOC_Os04g54474] [OsJ_16330] [OSJNBb0034I13.13]
Os04g0640600 Q7X7H9     SK3_ORYSJ   Shikimate kinase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSK3) [SK3] [LOC_Os04g54800] [OsJ_16353] [OSJNBb0079B02.2]
Os04g0641700 Q7X742     ILI1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI1 (OsILI1) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 154) (OsbHLH154) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 1) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH154) [BHLH154] [ILI1] [LOC_Os04g54900] [OsJ_16370] [OSJNBa0063C18.7] [OSJNBb0079B02.12]
Os04g0643200 Q7X8Z8     GATA_ORYSJ  Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit A, chloroplastic/mitochondrial (EC (Glu-AdT subunit A) [GATA] [LOC_Os04g55050] [OSJNBa0033G05.4] [OSJNBa0063C18.18]
Os04g0644700 P0C541     COPE2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit epsilon-2 (Epsilon-coat protein 2) (Epsilon-COP 2) [LOC_Os04g55200] [OsJ_015672] [OSJNBa0033G05.19]
Os04g0646100 Q94DE2     BD31A_ORYSJ Protein BUD31 homolog 1 (Protein G10 homolog 1) [LOC_Os04g55290] [OsJ_015680] [OSJNBa0070O11.6]
Os04g0648700 Q0J9J6     EME1_ORYSJ  Crossover junction endonuclease EME1 (EC 3.1.22.-) (Essential meiotic endonuclease 1) (OsEME1) [EME1] [LOC_Os04g55500] [OsJ_16416] [OSJNBa0010D21.8]
Os04g0648800 Q7XTV7     HIP1_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HIP1 (EC (HAL3-interacting protein 1) (OsHIP1) (RING-H2 finger HIP1) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase HIP1) [HIP1] [LOC_Os04g55510] [OsJ_16417] [OSJNBa0010D21.9]
Os04g0649100 A0A0N7KJT8 APL25_ORYSJ APETALA2-like protein 5 (Protein SHATTERING ABORTION 1) [AP2-5] [SHAT1] [LOC_Os04g55560] [OSJNBa0010D21.13] [OSNPB_040649100]
Os04g0649400 Q7XTV3     WOX4_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 4 (OsWOX4) [WOX4] [HB3] [LOC_Os04g55590] [OsJ_015698] [OSJNBa0010D21.16] [OSJNBb0059K02.2]
Os04g0650000 P25776     ORYA_ORYSJ  Oryzain alpha chain precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) [LOC_Os04g55650] [H0212B02.7] [OSJNBb0059K02.8]
Os04g0650300 B9FCV3     GT43_ORYSJ  Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os04g0650300 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT43B) [LOC_Os04g55670] [OsJ_16428]
Os04g0653000 Q7XPM8     TIF3_ORYSJ  Protein TIFY 3 (OsTIFY3) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 1) (OsJAZ1) (OsJAZ10) (Protein EXTRA GLUME 2) [TIFY3] [EG2] [JAZ1] [LOC_Os04g55920] [OsJ_16440] [OSJNBa0060D06.16]
Os04g0653200 Q6K1C4     CAX3_ORYSJ  Vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 3 (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 3) (OsCAX3) [CAX3] [LOC_Os04g55940] [OsJ_16442] [OSJNBa0060D06.18]
Os04g0653400 Q7X7K8     NCPR1_ORYSJ NADPH--cytochrome P450 reductase 1 (EC (CPR) (OsCPR1) (P450R) [CPR1] [OSJNBa0060D06.20] [OSJNBb0022F16.2]
Os04g0654700 Q8H936     CSN5_ORYSJ  COP9 signalosome complex subunit 5 (OsCSN5) (JUN-activation-domain-binding protein 1) (Signalosome subunit 6) [CSN5] [JAB1] [OSJNBb0022F16.7]
Os04g0656100 Q7XPY2     PMA1_ORYSJ  Plasma membrane ATPase (EC (Proton pump) [LOC_Os04g56160] [OSJNBa0071I13.11]
Os04g0656500 Q7XPY1     SPL8_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 8 (OsLG1) (Protein LIGULELESS 1) [SPL8] [LG1] [LOC_Os04g56170] [OSJNBa0071I13.12]
Os04g0659100 P14655     GLNA2_ORYSJ Glutamine synthetase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Glutamate--ammonia ligase GLN2) (OsGLN2) (OsGS2) (GS2) [GLN2] [RGS31] [LOC_Os04g56400] [OsJ_16481] [OSJNBa0011F23.15] [OSJNBa0015K02.2]
Os04g0659500 Q7XR06     P2C45_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 45 (EC (OsPP2C45) [LOC_Os04g56450] [OsJ_015762] [OSJNBa0011F23.20] [OSJNBa0015K02.7]
Os04g0660100 Q7XR02     IBH1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor IBH1 (OsIBH1) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 175) (OsbHLH175) (Protein ILI1-BINDING BHLH 1) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH175) [IBH1] [BHLH175] [LOC_Os04g56500] [OSJNBa0015K02.11]
Os04g0660400 Q7FAY6     RGP2_ORYSJ  Probable inactive UDP-arabinopyranose mutase 2 (OsUAM2) (Reversibly glycosylated polypeptide 2) (UDP-L-arabinose mutase 2) [UAM2] [RGP2] [LOC_Os04g56520] [OSJNBa0015K02.13]
Os04g0661200 Q7XQZ6     IPK1_ORYSJ  Inositol-pentakisphosphate 2-kinase IPK1 (EC (Inositol-1,3,4,5,6-pentakisphosphate 2-kinase IPK1) (OsIPK1) (Ins(1,3,4,5,6)P5 2-kinase) (InsP5 2-kinase 1) [IPK1] [LOC_Os04g56580] [OsJ_16498] [OSJNBa0015K02.18]
Os04g0662600 Q7XM21     FL3H1_ORYSJ Flavanone 3-dioxygenase 1 (EC (Flavanone 3-beta-hydroxylase 1) (Flavanone 3-hydroxylase 1) (OsF3H-1) [F3H-1] [LOC_Os04g56700] [OSJNBa0084K01.10]
Os04g0663200 Q7XM16     C3H30_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 30 (OsC3H30) [LOC_Os04g56750] [OsJ_015790] [OSJNBa0084K01.15]
Os04g0663600 Q7XM13     WOX1_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 1 (OsWOX1) (Protein MONOCULM 3) (Protein STERILE AND REDUCED TILLERING 1) (Protein TILLERS ABSENT 1) (Protein WUS) (OsWUS) [WOX1] [MOC3] [SRT1] [TAB1] [WUS] [LOC_Os04g56780] [OSJNBa0084K01.1]
Os04g0664400 Q8S983     ARFK_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 11 (OsARF5) (OsMP) (Protein MONOPTEROS-like) [ARF11] [ARF5] [MP] [LOC_Os04g56850] [OSJNBa0084K01.22]
Os04g0664600 Q7XPK7     AHT1_ORYSJ  Agmatine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAHT1) (Agmatine hydroxycinnamoyl transferase) [AHT1] [LOC_Os04g56910] [OsJ_16526] [OSJNBa0087O24.2]
Os04g0664800 Q56UD0     INV6_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 6 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 6) (Invertase 6) (OsCIN6) (Sucrose hydrolase 6) [CIN6] [LOC_Os04g56920] [OSJNBa0087O24.3]
Os04g0664900 Q56UD1     INV5_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 5 (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 5) (Invertase 5) (OsCIN5) (Sucrose hydrolase 5) [CIN5] [LOC_Os04g56930] [OSJNBa0087O24.4]
Os04g0665200 Q0J998     IAMT1_ORYSJ Indole-3-acetate O-methyltransferase 1 (EC (IAA carboxylmethyltransferase 1) (OsSABATH4) (S-adenosyl-L-methionine:(indol-3-yl) acetate carboxylmethyltransferase 1) [IAMT1] [SABATH4] [LOC_Os04g56950] [OSJNBa0087O24.5]
Os04g0665700 Q7XPK1     C3H31_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 31 (OsC3H31) [LOC_Os04g57010] [OsJ_16534] [OSJNBa0087O24.9]
Os04g0666900 Q7XPJ0     KN14I_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14I (Kinesin-like calmodulin-binding protein) (OsKCBP) [KIN14I] [KCBP] [LOC_Os04g57140] [OsJ_16543] [OSJNBa0087O24.20]
Os04g0667200 Q7XR84     FL3H3_ORYSJ Flavanone 3-dioxygenase 3 (EC (Flavanone 3-beta-hydroxylase 3) (Flavanone 3-hydroxylase 3) (OsF3H-3) (Flavonoid 3-hydroxylase) (OsF3H) [F3H-3] [F3H] [LOC_Os04g57160] [OSJNBa0043A12.1]
Os04g0667400 Q7XR83     ODD21_ORYSJ 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 21, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.14.11.-) (Melatonin 2-hydroxylase) (OsSTA135) [2ODD21] [STA135] [LOC_Os04g57180] [B0811B10.4] [OsJ_16545] [OSJNBa0043A12.2]
Os04g0667700 Q7XR80     ARP8_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 8 (F-box protein ARP8) [ARP8] [LOC_Os04g57210] [B0811B10.7] [H1005F08.28] [OsJ_015820] [OSJNBa0043A12.5]
Os04g0669500 Q0J969     CAEH1_ORYSJ Probable carboxylesterase Os04g0669500 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g57370] [OsJ_16562] [OSJNBa0043A12.21]
Os04g0669600 Q0J968     CAEH2_ORYSJ Probable carboxylesterase Os04g0669600 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g57380] [OsJ_16563] [OSJNBa0043A12.22]
Os04g0669700 Q7XR62     CAEH3_ORYSJ Probable inactive carboxylesterase Os04g0669700 [LOC_Os04g57390] [OSJNBa0043A12.23]
Os04g0669800 Q7XR61     MTK1_ORYSJ  Methylthioribose kinase 1 (EC (MTR kinase 1) (OsMTK1) [MTK1] [LOC_Os04g57400] [OsJ_16565] [OSJNBa0043A12.24]
Os04g0669900 Q7XR60     MTK2_ORYSJ  Methylthioribose kinase 2 (EC (MTR kinase 2) (OsMTK2) [MTK2] [LOC_Os04g57410] [OsJ_16566] [OSJNBa0043A12.25]
Os04g0670200 P25777     ORYB_ORYSJ  Oryzain beta chain precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) [LOC_Os04g57440] [H0818H01.14] [OSJNBa0043A12.28]
Os04g0670500 Q7XR52     CYSP1_ORYSJ Cysteine protease 1 precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) (OsCP1) [CP1] [LOC_Os04g57490] [OSJNBa0043A12.33]
Os04g0670700 Q7XR51     PHYK1_ORYSJ Probable phytol kinase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os04g57500] [OSJNBa0043A12.34]
Os04g0671100 Q7XR47     KAD6_ORYSJ  Probable adenylate kinase 6, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 6) [LOC_Os04g57540] [OSJNBa0043A12.38]
Os04g0671200 Q7XR46     PAO4_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 4 (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO4) [PAO4] [LOC_Os04g57550] [OsJ_16578] [OSJNBa0043A12.39]
Os04g0671300 Q0J954     PAO5_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 5 (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO5) [PAO5] [LOC_Os04g57560] [OsJ_16579] [OSJNBb0004A17.1]
Os04g0671800 Q0J952     C3H32_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 32 (OsC3H32) [LOC_Os04g57600] [OsJ_015854] [OSJNBb0004A17.5]
Os04g0671900 Q0J951     ARFL_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 12 (OsARF8) [ARF12] [ARF8] [LOC_Os04g57610] [OsJ_16583] [OSJNBb0004A17.6]
Os04g0673300 Q7XQA6     ORR6_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR6 (OsRR6) (OsRRA6) [RR6] [LOC_Os04g57720] [OsJ_16592] [OSJNBa0018M05.2] [OSJNBb0004A17.17]
Os04g0674400 Q7XQ97     DRE21_ORYSJ Anamorsin homolog 1 (Fe-S cluster assembly protein DRE2 homolog 1) [LOC_Os04g57810] [OSJNBa0018M05.11]
Os04g0674600 Q0J932     YSL10_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL10 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 10) (OsYSL10) [YSL10] [LOC_Os04g57840] [OsJ_015875] [OsJ_16603] [OSJNBa0018M05.14]
Os04g0674800 Q0J930     GUN13_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 13 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 13) (OsGLU6) [GLU6] [LOC_Os04g57860] [OSJNBa0018M05.16]
Os04g0675500 Q7XQ88     STT3B_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit STT3B (EC (Oligosaccharyl transferase subunit STT3B) (STT3-B) (Protein STAUROSPORIN AND TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE 3-LIKE B) [STT3B] [LOC_Os04g57890] [OsJ_16609] [OSJNBa0018M05.20]
Os04g0676100 Q7XKD0     TRXX_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin X, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxx) (OsTrx16) [TRX-X] [LOC_Os04g57930] [OSJNBa0064G10.1]
Os04g0676300 Q7XKC8     PYRD_ORYSJ  Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (quinone), mitochondrial precursor (EC (DHOdehase) (Dihydroorotate oxidase) [PYRD] [LOC_Os04g57950] [OsJ_16613] [OSJNBa0064G10.3]
Os04g0676600 Q7XKC5     IDEFH_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0676600 (Protein IDEF1 homolog) [LOC_Os04g58000] [OsJ_16616] [OSJNBa0064G10.6]
Os04g0676650 Q7XKC4     Y4765_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os04g0676650 [Os04g0676500] [LOC_Os04g58010] [OSJNBa0064G10.7]
Os04g0677066 Q7XKC0     ANM61_ORYSJ Probable protein arginine N-methyltransferase 6.1 (EC 2.1.1.-) [PRMT6.1] [LOC_Os04g58060] [OsJ_015894] [OSJNBa0064G10.11]
Os04g0678700 Q7XKF3     PORA_ORYSJ  Protochlorophyllide reductase A, chloroplastic precursor (EC (PCR A) (NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase A) (POR A) [PORA] [LOC_Os04g58200] [OsJ_16634] [OSJNBb0017I01.1]
Os04g0679100 Q7XKE9     CLC1_ORYSJ  Clathrin light chain 1 [LOC_Os04g58240] [OsJ_16638] [OSJNBb0017I01.5]
Os04g0680400 B9FDB8     ALN_ORYSJ   Probable allantoinase (EC (OsALN) [ALN] [LOC_Os04g58390] [OsJ_16648]
Os04g0681900 A3AYR1     ACBP4_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 4 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 4) (OsACBP4) [ACBP4] [LOC_Os04g58550] [OsJ_16661] [OSJNBa0032F06.12]
Os04g0682000 Q7XPW8     ATG4B_ORYSJ Cysteine protease ATG4B (EC 3.4.22.-) (Autophagy-related protein 4 homolog B) [ATG4B] [APG4B] [LOC_Os04g58560] [OSJNBa0032F06.13]
Os04g0682050 Q7XPW7     DRE22_ORYSJ Anamorsin homolog 2 (Fe-S cluster assembly protein DRE2 homolog 2) [LOC_Os04g58564] [OsJ_16663] [OSJNBa0032F06.14]
Os04g0682300 Q7XPW5     PMM_ORYSJ   Phosphomannomutase (EC (OsPMM) [PMM] [LOC_Os04g58580] [OsJ_015937] [OSJNBa0032F06.16]
Os04g0684200 B9FDE0     BSK3_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase BSK3 (EC (Brassinosteroid-signaling kinase 3) (OsBSK3) (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 173) (OsRLCK173) [BSK3] [RLCK173] [LOC_Os04g58750] [OsJ_16683] [OSJNBa0088H09.6]
Os04g0684300 Q7XPU9     CASP1_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 1 (OsCASP1) [LOC_Os04g58760] [OsJ_015951] [OSJNBa0088H09.7]
Os04g0686800 Q7XTL7     VITH5_ORYSJ Vacuolar iron transporter homolog 5 (Protein NODULIN-LIKE 5) [LOC_Os04g59020] [OsJ_16707] [OSJNBa0070M12.11]
Os04g0687900 Q7XSV4     TLP7_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 7 (OsTLP7) (Tubby-like F-box protein 3) (OsTLP3) [TULP7] [TULP3] [LOC_Os04g59130] [OSJNBa0039K24.2]
Os04g0690600 Q7XSS9     ARFM_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 13 [ARF13] [LOC_Os04g59430] [OSJNBa0039K24.27]
Os04g0690800 Q0J8R9     PSBS2_ORYSJ Photosystem II 22 kDa protein 2, chloroplastic precursor (22 kDa protein of photosystem II 2) (Photosystem II subunit 2) (OsPsbS2) [PSBS2] [PSBS] [PSII-S] [LOC_Os04g59440] [OsJ_16732] [OSJNBa0039K24.28] [OSNPB_040690800]
Os04g0691100 Q7XKA8     SAPK5_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK5 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 5) (RK3 kinase) (stress-activated protein kinase 5) (OsSAPK5) [SAPK5] [RK3] [LOC_Os04g59450] [OsJ_16733] [OSJNBb0020J19.1]
Os04g0691500 Q9ZST1     RR17_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S17, chloroplastic precursor (CS17) [RPS17] [Os04g0691600] [LOC_Os04g59494] [OsJ_16738] [OSJNBb0020J19.5]
Os04g0691500 B9FDR3     TNPO1_ORYSJ Transportin-1 (OsTRN1) (Importin beta-2) (Karyopherin beta-2) [TRN1] [LOC_Os04g59494] [OsJ_16737]
Os04g0692600 Q0J8Q3     SGRL_ORYSJ  Protein STAY-GREEN LIKE, chloroplastic [LOC_Os04g59610] [OsJ_16753] [OSJNBb0020J19.16]
Os04g0692750 A0A0P0WGX7 ENL1_ORYSJ  SNF2 domain-containing protein ENL1 (EC 3.6.4.-) (Protein ENDOSPERMLESS 1) [ENL1] [LOC_Os04g59624]
Os04g0693000 B9FDT1     OST1B_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 1B precursor (Ribophorin IB) (RPN-IB) (Ribophorin-1B) [OST1B] [RPN1B] [OsJ_16761]
Os05g0102800 Q75M35     OML3_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 3 (OML3) (MEI2-like protein 3) [ML3] [LOC_Os05g01240] [OsJ_16784] [P0036D10.18] [P0668H12.3]
Os05g0104000 Q0DLG0     FH14_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 14 precursor (OsFH14) [FH14] [LOC_Os05g01350] [P0668H12.11]
Os05g0107700 Q0DLD3     T2AG_ORYSJ  Transcription initiation factor IIA subunit 2 (General transcription factor IIA subunit 2) (Transcription initiation factor IIA gamma chain) (TFIIA-gamma) [TFIIAy] [XA5] [LOC_Os05g01710] [OSJNBa0068N01.8]
Os05g0107900 Q7XBA5     DI196_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 homolog 6 (OsDi19-6) [DI19-6] [DI1] [LOC_Os05g01730] [OsJ_016081] [OSJNBa0068N01.9]
Os05g0108300 Q65X23     WNK2_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK2 (EC (OsWNK2) (Protein DISEASE RELATIVE SIGNAL 1) (Protein kinase with no lysine 2) [WNK2] [RDRS1] [LOC_Os05g01780] [OsJ_16836] [OSJNBa0068N01.12]
Os05g0108800 P49100     CYB5_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b5 [LOC_Os05g01820] [OsJ_16839] [OSJNBa0068N01.16]
Os05g0110500 Q0DLB9     RH17_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 17 (EC (OsRH17) [RH17] [LOC_Os05g01990] [OsJ_16855] [P0016H04.6]
Os05g0110900 Q65XV8     RK176_ORYSJ Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 176 (EC (OsRLCK176) [RLCK176] [LOC_Os05g02020] [OsJ_16858] [P0016H04.10]
Os05g0111000 Q65XV7     RFA1C_ORYSJ Replication protein A 70 kDa DNA-binding subunit C (OsRPA70c) (Replication factor A protein 1C) (Replication protein A 1C) [RPA1C] [RPA70C] [LOC_Os05g02040] [OsJ_16860] [P0016H04.11]
Os05g0111300 A3AZ88     MT2C_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 2C (Class I metallothionein-like protein 2C) (OsMT-I-2c) (OsMT2b) [MT2C] [MTE] [LOC_Os05g02070] [OsJ_016110] [P0016H04.13]
Os05g0111800 A3AZ89     P2C46_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 46 (EC (OsPP2C46) [LOC_Os05g02110] [OsJ_016111]
Os05g0112000 Q65XV2     XB3_ORYSJ   E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XB3 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XB3) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XB3) (XA21-binding protein 3) [XB3] [LOC_Os05g02130] [OsJ_16866] [P0016H04.16]
Os05g0113400 Q0DLA3     ADF7_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 7 (ADF-7) (OsADF7) [ADF7] [LOC_Os05g02250]
Os05g0113900 Q75L11     H2A6_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.6 [LOC_Os05g02300] [OsJ_016124] [OSJNBb0041A22.10]
Os05g0116100 Q65XA0     DHAR1_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase DHAR1, cytosolic (EC (GSH-dependent dehydroascorbate reductase 1) (EC (OsDHAR1) (Glutathione-dependent dehydroascorbate reductase 1) [DHAR1] [DHAR] [LOC_Os05g02530] [OJ1654_B10.18] [P0496H07.8]
Os05g0117600 B9FM64     UFL1_ORYSJ  E3 UFM1-protein ligase 1 homolog (EC 2.3.2.-) (E3 UFM1-protein transferase 1 homolog) [LOC_Os05g02650] [OsJ_16906] [P0496H07.16]
Os05g0117798 Q5W7C6     KN5A_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-5A [KIN5A] [LOC_Os05g02670] [OsJ_16908] [P0496H07.17]
Os05g0118700 Q5W7C3     WOX2_ORYSJ  Putative WUSCHEL-related homeobox 2 (OsWOX2) [WOX2] [LOC_Os05g02730] [OsJ_016162] [P0496H07.20]
Os05g0119000 Q5W7C1     STAR2_ORYSJ UPF0014 membrane protein STAR2 (Protein SENSITIVE TO ALUMINUM RHIZOTOXICITY 2) [STAR2] [LOC_Os05g02750] [P0496H07.22]
Os05g0121600 Q2TQ34     AP21_ORYSJ  APETALA2-like protein 1 (APETALA2-like protein 23) (Protein RICE STARCH REGULATOR 1) (Protein TARGET OF EAT 1) (OsTOE1) [AP2-1] [AP2D23] [RSR1] [TOE1] [LOC_Os05g03040] [OsJ_16937] [OSNPB_050121600]
Os05g0123100 Q75L84     GT43A_ORYSJ Probable beta-1,4-xylosyltransferase GT43A (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsGT43A) (Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os05g0123100) [GT43A] [LOC_Os05g03174] [OJ1729_E02.10] [P0008A07.2]
Os05g0125000 Q6L4L4     SIZ1_ORYSJ  E3 SUMO-protein ligase SIZ1 (EC 2.3.2.-) (E3 SUMO-protein transferase SIZ1) [SIZ1] [LOC_Os05g03430] [OSJNBb0079L11.3]
Os05g0125500 Q75IM9     IVD_ORYSJ   Isovaleryl-CoA dehydrogenase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (IVD) [OsJ_16966] [OSJNBb0079L11.8] [P0683F12.2]
Os05g0128200 Q688R3     C3H33_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 33 (OsC3H33) [LOC_Os05g03760] [OSJNBa0056I11.7]
Os05g0128400 Q688R1     MTP1_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 1 (OsMTP1) [MTP1] [LOC_Os05g03780] [OsJ_16988] [OSJNBa0056I11.9]
Os05g0129000 Q688Q9     GSH1A_ORYSJ Glutamate--cysteine ligase A, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Gamma-ECS A) (GCS A) (Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase A) [GSH1-1] [LOC_Os05g03820] [OSJNBa0056I11.11]
Os05g0129200 P0C1U5     GUN14_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 14 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 14) [LOC_Os05g03840] [OsJ_016234]
Os05g0129700 Q7GDL5     KNOSA_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 10 (Homeobox protein HOS9) (Homeobox protein OSH71) (Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 2) (Oskn2) [OSH71] [HOS9] [LOC_Os05g03884] [OSJNBa0056I11.15]
Os05g0131500 B9FGV7     S40A3_ORYSJ Solute carrier family 40 member 3, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os05g04120] [OsJ_17006] [P0033D06.13]
Os05g0133100 Q6AUR2     GLNB_ORYSJ  Nitrogen regulatory protein P-II homolog precursor (Protein PII-like) [GLB] [GLB1] [LOC_Os05g04220] [OsJ_17013] [OSJNBa0077L08.6]
Os05g0133900 Q6AUQ7     DRM3_ORYSJ  Probable inactive DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM3 (Protein DOMAINS REARRANGED METHYLASE 3) [DRM3] [LOC_Os05g04330] [OSJNBa0077L08.12]
Os05g0134200 Q6AUQ4     P2C47_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 47 (EC (OsPP2C47) [LOC_Os05g04360] [OSJNBa0077L08.15] [P0519E07.3]
Os05g0134300 Q6AVZ9     RPAP2_ORYSJ Putative RNA polymerase II subunit B1 CTD phosphatase RPAP2 homolog (EC (RNA polymerase II-associated protein 2 homolog) [LOC_Os05g04370] [OsJ_17019] [P0519E07.4]
Os05g0135700 Q0DKY4     METK1_ORYSJ S-adenosylmethionine synthase 1 (EC (AdoMet synthase 1) (Methionine adenosyltransferase 1) (MAT 1) [SAM1] [SAMS] [LOC_Os05g04510] [OsJ_016271] [P0519E07.14]
Os05g0136200 Q75L42     CIPKH_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 17 (EC (OsCIPK17) [CIPK17] [LOC_Os05g04550] [OJ1127_B08.4] [P0519E07.18]
Os05g0137400 P42211     ASPRX_ORYSJ Aspartic proteinase precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) [RAP] [LOC_Os05g04630] [OJ1127_B08.13]
Os05g0138300 Q0DKW8     LTI6B_ORYSJ Hydrophobic protein LTI6B (Low temperature-induced protein 6B) [LTI6B] [DRR2] [R1G1B] [LOC_Os05g04700] [OSJNBa0069I13.6]
Os05g0139100 Q6AT90     APG_ORYSJ   Transcription factor APG (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 106) (OsbHLH106) (Protein ANTAGONIST OF PGL1) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH106) [APG] [LOC_Os05g04740] [OSJNBa0069I13.9] [OSJNBb0111O13.2]
Os05g0140500 B7FAL5     Y14A_ORYSJ  RNA-binding protein Y14A (OsY14a) (RNA-binding protein 8A) [Y14A] [RBM8] [LOC_Os05g04850] [OSJNBb0111O13.11]
Os05g0140800 Q75KH3     GRDH_ORYSJ  Glucose and ribitol dehydrogenase homolog (EC 1.1.1.-) [LOC_Os05g04870] [OJ1489_G03.3] [OSJNBb0111O13.13]
Os05g0143500 Q75KK8     MPK14_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 14 (EC (MAP kinase 14) [MPK14] [LOC_Os05g05160] [OJ1264_A04.20] [OJ1607_F09.3]
Os05g0143800 Q60EY1     GH36_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.6 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 6) (OsGH3-6) [GH3.6] [LOC_Os05g05180] [OJ1607_F09.5]
Os05g0144300 Q60EX7     CHR19_ORYSJ Probable ATP-dependent DNA helicase CHR719 (EC (Protein CHROMATIN REMODELING 719) (OsCHR719) [CHR719] [LOC_Os05g05230] [OJ1607_F09.9]
Os05g0144400 Q60EX6     BSL1_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase BSL1 homolog (EC (BSU1-like protein 1 homolog) [BSL1] [LOC_Os05g05240] [OJ1607_F09.10]
Os05g0144900 A3AZW5     SPP3_ORYSJ  Probable sucrose-phosphatase 3 (EC (OsSPP3) [SPP3] [LOC_Os05g05270] [OsJ_016337] [OSJNBb0015A05.2]
Os05g0148700 Q65XF2     OSA15_ORYSJ Senescence-associated protein OSA15, chloroplastic precursor [OSA15] [PSAG] [LOC_Os05g05600] [OJ1504_G04.1] [OsJ_17123]
Os05g0149950 P0C290     GRXS8_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S8 [GRXS8] [LOC_Os05g05730] [OsJ_17135]
Os05g0150400 Q0DKP4     DRB2_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 2 (dsRNA-binding protein 2) (dsRNA-binding protein 3) (OsDRB3) [DRB2] [DRB3] [LOC_Os05g05790] [P0001A07.3]
Os05g0150500 Q0DKP3     TIR1A_ORYSJ Transport inhibitor response 1-like protein Os05g0150500 (TIR1-like protein) [LOC_Os05g05800] [OsJ_17141] [P0001A07.4]
Os05g0150900 P93422     SYHC_ORYSJ  Histidine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic (EC (Histidyl-tRNA synthetase) (HisRS) [LOC_Os05g05840] [P0001A07.8]
Os05g0151300 Q9FRA7     Y5513_ORYSJ REF/SRPP-like protein Os05g0151300/LOC_Os05g05940 [LOC_Os05g05940] [OsJ_016392] [OsJ_17148] [OSJNBa0072C16.2] [P0001A07.13]
Os05g0153000 Q0DKN3     VLN1_ORYSJ  Villin-1 [VLN1] [LOC_Os05g06110] [OsJ_17157] [OSNPB_050153000]
Os05g0154700 B9FMJ3     KN13A_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-13A (Protein SMALL AND ROUND SEED 3) [KIN13A] [SRS3] [LOC_Os05g06280] [OsJ_17169] [OSJNBa0059G01.13] [P0431G05.2]
Os05g0154800 Q0DKM4     RU1A_ORYSJ  U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A (U1 snRNP protein A) [LOC_Os05g06280] [OsJ_17170]
Os05g0155200 Q0DKM0     ERS2_ORYSJ  Probable ethylene response sensor 2 (EC (OsERS2) (Ethylene response factor 2) [ERS2] [LOC_Os05g06320] [OsJ_17173] [P0431G05.6]
Os05g0155601 Q9SLX0     IMA1B_ORYSJ Importin subunit alpha-1b [LOC_Os05g06350]
Os05g0156300 Q75M08     PDI21_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 2-1 precursor (EC (OsPDIL2-1) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 4-1) (OsPDIL4-1) [PDIL2-1] [PDIL4-1] [LOC_Os05g06430] [OsJ_17181] [P0431G05.14] [P0676G05.4]
Os05g0156500 B9FHF3     DJB6_ORYSJ  DnaJ protein ERDJ3B precursor (Chaperone protein dnaJ B6) (OsDjB6) (Endoplasmic reticulum dnaJ domain-containing protein 3B) (OsERdj3B) [ERDJ3B] [DJB6] [LOC_Os05g06440] [OsJ_17183] [P0431G05.15] [P0676G05.5]
Os05g0156600 O49068     TBG2_ORYSJ  Tubulin gamma-2 chain (Gamma-2-tubulin) [TUBG2] [TUBC] [LOC_Os05g06450] [P0431G05.16] [P0676G05.6]
Os05g0158500 Q5W727     SCP26_ORYSJ Serine carboxypeptidase-like 26 precursor (EC 3.4.16.-) (OsSCP26) (Protein GRAIN SIZE 5) [SCP26] [GS5] [LOC_Os05g06660] [OsJ_17198] [OSJNBa0017J22.3]
Os05g0158600 Q5W726     G2OX1_ORYSJ Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 1 (EC (Gibberellin 2-beta-hydroxylase 1) (Gibberellin 2-oxidase 1) (GA 2-oxidase 1) (OsGA2ox1) [GA2OX1] [LOC_Os05g06670] [OSJNBa0017J22.4]
Os05g0160200 P51431     R27AB_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-40S ribosomal protein S27a-2 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; 40S ribosomal protein S27a-2] [RPS27AB] [UBQ6] [LOC_Os05g06770] [OsJ_17209] [OSJNBa0017J22.14] [OSJNBa0034O12.6]
Os05g0161200 Q6ATB4     CRSH1_ORYSJ GTP diphosphokinase CRSH1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Calcium-activated RelA/Spot homolog 1) (OsCRSH1) (ppGpp synthetase CRSH1) [CRSH1] [RELA2] [LOC_Os05g06890] [OsJ_17215] [OSJNBa0034O12.15]
Os05g0161500 Q6ATB2     CRSH2_ORYSJ GTP diphosphokinase CRSH2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Calcium-activated RelA/Spot homolog 2) (OsCRSH2) (ppGpp synthetase CRSH2) [CRSH2] [LOC_Os05g06920] [OSJNBa0034O12.17]
Os05g0161800 Q75IS2     CRSH3_ORYSJ GTP diphosphokinase CRSH3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Calcium-activated RelA/Spot homolog 3) (OsCRSH3) (ppGpp synthetase CRSH3) [CRSH3] [LOC_Os05g06940] [OSJNBb0099P06.1]
Os05g0163100 Q75IR6     ALFL1_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 1 [LOC_Os05g07040] [OsJ_17228] [OSJNBb0099P06.7]
Os05g0164800 Q6L8F9     ZIP6_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 6 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 6) (OsZIP6) [ZIP6] [LOC_Os05g07210] [OSJNBa0027N19.9]
Os05g0169000 Q0DKF1     TRH42_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H4-2 (OsTrxh4-2) (OsTrx18) [LOC_Os05g07690] [OsJ_17272]
Os05g0169100 Q0DKF0     RL102_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L10-2 (Protein QM1) (Putative tumor suppressor SG12) [SG12] [QM1] [LOC_Os05g07700]
Os05g0169300 Q0DKE8     TAR1_ORYSJ  Tryptophan aminotransferase-related protein 1 (EC (OsTAR1) (Protein FISH BONE-LIKE) (Protein FIB-LIKE) [TAR1] [FBL] [LOC_Os05g07720]
Os05g0170000 Q65XS5     BC10_ORYSJ  Glycosyltransferase BC10 (EC 2.4.-.-) (Protein BRITTLE CULM 10) (Protein FRAGILE CULM 116) [BC10] [FC116] [LOC_Os05g07790] [OsJ_17281] [P0685E10.4]
Os05g0176100 Q6AT26     CESA1_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 1 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA1) [CESA1] [LOC_Os05g08370] [OsJ_016545] [OsJ_17310] [OSJNBa0029B02.3] [P0617A08.14]
Os05g0176400 Q6AT25     C3H34_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 34 (OsC3H34) [LOC_Os05g08400] [OsJ_016547] [OsJ_17312] [OSJNBa0029B02.4]
Os05g0178100 Q6AT12     G3OX1_ORYSJ Gibberellin 3-beta-dioxygenase 1 (EC (GA 3-oxidase 1) (OsGA3ox1) (Gibberellin 3 beta-hydroxylase 1) [GA3OX1] [LOC_Os05g08540] [OSJNBa0029B02.17]
Os05g0178300 B9FMS2     CDT5_ORYSJ  Protein CADMIUM TOLERANCE 5 (Cd tolerant 5) (OsCDT5) [CDT5] [OsJ_17325] [OSNPB_050178300]
Os05g0178600 Q6AT10     IAA15_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA15 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 15) [IAA15] [LOC_Os05g08570] [OSJNBa0029B02.19]
Os05g0179300 Q0DKA5     AT7_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 7 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT7) [AT7] [LOC_Os05g08640]
Os05g0182600 Q65WY8     SSP1B_ORYSJ FACT complex subunit SSRP1-B (Facilitates chromatin transcription complex subunit SSRP1-B) (Recombination signal sequence recognition protein 1-B) [SSRP1-B] [LOC_Os05g08970] [OsJ_17363] [P0453H11.18] [P0683B12.1]
Os05g0186100 Q0DK78     PHP2_ORYSJ  Pseudo histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 2 (OsHpt4) [PHP2] [LOC_Os05g09410]
Os05g0186900 P0C127     IAA16_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA16 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 16) [IAA16] [LOC_Os05g09480]
Os05g0187100 Q1WM16     HXK7_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-7 (EC (Hexokinase-6) [HXK7] [HXK6] [LOC_Os05g09500] [OJ1097_A12.3]
Os05g0187800 Q06397     DERL1_ORYSJ Derlin-1 (18 kDa cold-induced protein) (DER1-like protein 1) (OsDerlin 1-1) [DER1] [LOC_Os05g09550] [B1007D10.4] [OJ1097_A12.10] [OsJ_17392]
Os05g0195200 Q6L4N4     C3H35_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 35 (OsC3H35) (Protein DELAY OF THE ONSET OF SENESCENCE-like) [LOC_Os05g10670] [P0473H02.8]
Os05g0196500 Q53WJ1     JM703_ORYSJ Lysine-specific demethylase JMJ703 (EC (Jumonji domain-containing protein 703) (Lysine-specific histone demethylase JMJ703) (Protein JUMONJI 703) ([histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine(4) demethylase JMJ703) [JMJ703] [LOC_Os05g10770] [P0617H07.8]
Os05g0196600 A0A0P0WIY3 1A13_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 3 (EC (ACC synthase 3) (OsACS3) [ACS3] [ACC3] [LOC_Os05g10780] [OsJ_17447] [P0617H07.9] [P0636E04.1]
Os05g0196800 Q5I396     DAT11_ORYSJ Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1-1 (EC (OsDGAT1-1) [DGAT1-1] [DAGAT] [LOC_Os05g10810] [P0617H07.12] [P0636E04.4]
Os05g0197200 Q688L5     GL51_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 5-1 precursor [LOC_Os05g10830] [P0617H07.14] [P0636E04.5]
Os05g0198200 Q0DK35     GRXC7_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C7 [GRXC7] [LOC_Os05g10930] [OSJNBa0007C23.5]
Os05g0198400 Q6L8F7     ZIP7_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 7 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 7) (OsZIP7) [ZIP7] [ZIP3] [ZIP7a] [LOC_Os05g10940] [OsJ_17459] [OSJNBa0007C23.6]
Os05g0200100 Q5TKD8     TRL2_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin-like 2, chloroplastic precursor (Lilium-type thioredoxin 2) (OsTrx19) [LOC_Os05g11090] [OSJNBa0017O06.11]
Os05g0202800 A3B0Y1     MT3B_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 3B (Class I metallothionein-like protein 3B) (OsMT-I-3b) [MT3B] [LOC_Os05g11320] [OsJ_016703] [OSJNBa0015G13.2]
Os05g0203800 Q2V0P1     MAD58_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 58 (OsMADS58) [MADS58] [LOC_Os05g11414] [OSJNBa0015G13.8]
Os05g0205000 Q0DK16     NIP13_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP1-3 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 1-3) (OsNIP1;3) [NIP1-3] [LOC_Os05g11560] [OSJNBb0115F21.2]
Os05g0207300 Q0DK10     RL11_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L11 [RPL11] [LOC_Os05g11710] [OJ1430_B02.2] [OsJ_17505] [OsJ_21642]
Os05g0207500 Q60EZ2     GSK2_ORYSJ  Shaggy-related protein kinase GSK2 (EC (Glycogen synthase kinase3-like protein 2) (OsGSK2) (Shaggy/GSK3-like kinase 22) (OsSK22) [GSK2] [SK22] [LOC_Os05g11730] [OJ1430_B02.4]
Os05g0208100 Q60EY8     CIPKK_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 20 (EC (OsCIPK20) [CIPK20] [LOC_Os05g11790] [OJ1430_B02.8] [OsJ_016739] [OsJ_17512]
Os05g0212300 Q6L4I2     GUN15_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 15 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 15) (OsCel9C) [LOC_Os05g12150] [OSJNBa0074P11.11]
Os05g0213500 Q6I5C3     PYL5_ORYSJ  Abscisic acid receptor PYL5 (PYR1-like protein 11) (OsPYL11) (PYR1-like protein 5) (OsPYL5) (Regulatory components of ABA receptor 5) [PYL5] [PYL11] [RCAR5] [LOC_Os05g12260] [OSJNBb0067H15.8]
Os05g0214300 Q0DJY3     SWT3A_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET3a (OsSWEET3a) [SWEET3A] [LOC_Os05g12320] [OsJ_17551]
Os05g0215000 Q6I5B3     BURP1_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 1 precursor (OsBURP01) [BURP1] [LOC_Os05g12400] [OJ1076_H08.1] [OSJNBb0067H15.18]
Os05g0215066 Q6I5B2     BURP6_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 6 precursor (OsBURP06) [BURP6] [LOC_Os05g12410] [OJ1076_H08.2] [OSJNBb0067H15.19]
Os05g0217700 Q60E34     BURP7_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 7 precursor (OsBURP07) [BURP7] [LOC_Os05g12630] [OJ1076_H08.14] [OsJ_17568] [OSJNBb0012L23.3]
Os05g0217800 Q6I5W0     BURP2_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 2 precursor (OsBURP02) [BURP2] [LOC_Os05g12640] [OJ1076_H08.15] [OSJNBb0012L23.4]
Os05g0221900 Q75G46     BURP8_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 8 precursor (OsBURP08) [BURP8] [LOC_Os05g13490] [B1003C08.11] [OSJNBb0043H23.9]
Os05g0223000 Q0DJV6     CML18_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML18 (Calmodulin-like protein 18) [CML18] [LOC_Os05g13580] [OJ1532_D06.3]
Os05g0224800 Q5KQL9     CMT2_ORYSJ  DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase CMT2 (EC (Chromomethylase 2) (OsCMT2) [CMT2] [Os05g0224800/Os05g0224900] [LOC_Os05g13780/LOC_Os05g13790] [OJ1732_H01.8] [OJ1732_H01.9]
Os05g0224900 Q5KQL9     CMT2_ORYSJ  DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase CMT2 (EC (Chromomethylase 2) (OsCMT2) [CMT2] [Os05g0224800/Os05g0224900] [LOC_Os05g13780/LOC_Os05g13790] [OJ1732_H01.8] [OJ1732_H01.9]
Os05g0230700 Q75GB1     IAA17_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA17 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 17) [IAA17] [LOC_Os05g14180] [B1402B06.19] [OsJ_17700] [OSJNBa0042F15.4]
Os05g0231700 Q75GA5     TIP41_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP4-1 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 4-1) (OsTIP4;1) [TIP4-1] [LOC_Os05g14240] [OsJ_016926] [OSJNBa0042F15.10]
Os05g0235300 Q0DJS1     TOR_ORYSJ   Serine/threonine-protein kinase TOR (EC (Protein TARGET OF RAPAMYCIN) (OsTOR) [TOR] [LOC_Os05g14550] [OSJNBa0093E24.9]
Os05g0235800 Q6F353     MCM6_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM6 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 6) (OsMCM6) [LOC_Os05g14590] [OJ1384_A02.2] [OsJ_17726] [OSJNBa0093E24.13]
Os05g0237100 Q0DJR9     CCA14_ORYSJ Cyclin-A1-4 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A1-4) (CycA1;4) [CYCA1-4] [LOC_Os05g14730] [OJ1384_A02.11]
Os05g0239150 B9FJG3     RSLE1_ORYSJ Zinc finger BED domain-containing protein RICESLEEPER 1 (Transposase-like protein RICESLEEPER 1) [LOC_Os05g14940] [OJ1122_B08] [OsJ_17746]
Os05g0245300 Q84UT5     BLE3_ORYSJ  CASP-like protein BLE3 (CASP-like protein 1C2) (OsCASPL1C2) (Protein brassinolide-enhanced 3) (OsBLE3) (Protein BL-enhanced 3) [BLE3] [LOC_Os05g15630] [OsJ_017008] [OSJNBa0037H06.9]
Os05g0246300 Q5W6Z9     EXB18_ORYSJ Expansin-B18 precursor (Beta-expansin-18) (OsEXPB18) (OsaEXPb1.15) [EXPB18] [LOC_Os05g15690] [OSJNBa0037H06.12]
Os05g0247800 Q5WMW5     XIP_ORYSJ   Xylanase inhibitor protein XIP precursor (OsXIP) (Class III chitinase homolog XIP) [XIP] [LOC_Os05g15880] [OJ1037_G10.8] [OsJ_17793]
Os05g0251900 Q6AVD0     YSL3_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL3 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 3) (OsYSL3) [YSL3] [LOC_Os05g16280] [OJ1171_H02.13]
Os05g0252000 Q688S6     YSL4_ORYSJ  Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL4 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 4) (OsYSL4) [YSL4] [LOC_Os05g16290] [OsJ_17816] [OSJNBa0009N21.1]
Os05g0269500 Q5W6B9     HAP2A_ORYSJ Protein HAPLESS 2-A precursor [HAP2A] [LOC_Os05g18730] [OsJ_17850] [OSJNBa0037H03.12]
Os05g0271300 Q6ATG6     RTL2_ORYSJ  Ribonuclease 3-like protein 2 (EC 3.1.26.-) (Ribonuclease III-like protein 2) (RNase III-like protein 2) [LOC_Os05g18850] [OJ1653_D06.9] [OSJNBb0061M13.3]
Os05g0276500 Q40637     EXPA3_ORYSJ Expansin-A3 precursor (Alpha-expansin-3) (OsEXP3) (OsEXPA3) (OsaEXPa1.18) (RiExD) [EXPA3] [EXP3] [LOC_Os05g19570]
Os05g0277000 P0C1Y4     EXP33_ORYSJ Expansin-A33 precursor (Alpha-expansin-33) (OsEXP33) (OsEXPA33) [EXPA33] [EXP33] [LOC_Os05g19600] [OsJ_17883]
Os05g0277500 Q6I544     GL52_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 5-1 precursor [LOC_Os05g19670] [OsJ_017118] [OsJ_17888] [OSJNBa0055E23.9]
Os05g0278500 Q0DJH7     AT5_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 5 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT5) [AT5] [LOC_Os05g19910] [OsJ_17890]
Os05g0280200 Q40723     RLGP2_ORYSJ Ras-related protein RGP2 (GTP-binding regulatory protein RGP2) [RGP2] [LOC_Os05g20050] [P0048F12.8]
Os05g0295300 B9FK36     ACC2_ORYSJ  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 (EC [Includes: Biotin carboxylase (EC] [ACC2] [LOC_Os05g22940] [OsJ_17935]
Os05g0299700 Q0DJC7     SAP15_ORYSJ Zinc finger AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 15 (OsSAP15) [SAP15] [LOC_Os05g23470]
Os05g0301500 Q0DJC5     OST1A_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 1A precursor (Ribophorin IA) (RPN-IA) (Ribophorin-1A) [OST1A] [RPN1A] [LOC_Os05g23600] [OsJ_17960]
Os05g0307400 Q0DJA3     DRB3_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 3 (dsRNA-binding protein 3) [DRB3] [LOC_Os05g24160]
Os05g0310800 Q0DJA0     COPD1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit delta-1 (Delta-coat protein 1) (Delta-COP 1) [LOC_Os05g24594]
Os05g0311000 Q0DJ99     COPD2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit delta-2 (Delta-coat protein 2) (Delta-COP 2) [LOC_Os05g24594]
Os05g0312600 Q0DJ94     CML21_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML21 (Calmodulin-like protein 21) [CML21] [LOC_Os05g24780]
Os05g0319100 Q5W6G0     MAN5_ORYSJ  Putative mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 5 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 5) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 5) (OsMAN5) [MAN5] [LOC_Os05g25480] [OSJNBb0006B22.2] [OSJNBb0059K16.9]
Os05g0319200 Q5W6F9     1A14_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 4 (EC (ACC synthase 4) (OsACS4) [ACS4] [ACC4] [LOC_Os05g25490] [OSJNBb0006B22.3] [OSJNBb0059K16.10]
Os05g0320700 Q5W6F1     TCMO_ORYSJ  Trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase (EC (Cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase) (C4H) (CA4H) (Cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase-like protein) (C4H-like) (OsC4HL) (Cytochrome P450 73A33) (Cytochrome P450C4H) [C4HL] [LOC_Os05g25640] [OsJ_18060] [OSJNBb0006B22.11]
Os05g0322900 Q5W6D6     WR451_ORYSJ Transcription factor WRKY45-1 (OsWRKY45-1) (OsWRKY45) (WRKY transcription factor 45-2) [WRKY45-1] [WRKY45] [LOC_Os05g25770] [OSJNBb0109A13.9] [P0018A03.1]
Os05g0323900 Q43008     SODM_ORYSJ  Superoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial precursor (EC [SODA] [RMSOD1] [SODAOS1] [LOC_Os05g25850] [OsJ_18067] [P0018A03]
Os05g0329100 Q0DJ45     PRO7_ORYSJ  Prolamin PPROL 14E precursor (Prolamin PPROL 14) (Prolamin PPROL 4A) (Prolamin PPROL 7) [PROLM7] [LOC_Os05g26377] [OSJNBa0051L16.16]
Os05g0329300 Q0DJ45     PRO7_ORYSJ  Prolamin PPROL 14E precursor (Prolamin PPROL 14) (Prolamin PPROL 4A) (Prolamin PPROL 7) [PROLM8] [LOC_Os05g26386] [OSJNBa0051L16.17]
Os05g0329350 Q0DJ45     PRO7_ORYSJ  Prolamin PPROL 14E precursor (Prolamin PPROL 14) (Prolamin PPROL 4A) (Prolamin PPROL 7) [PROLM9] [LOC_Os05g26400] [OSJNBa0051L16.18]
Os05g0332300 Q5W736     CIPKI_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 18 (EC (OsCIPK18) [CIPK18] [LOC_Os05g26820] [OJ1005_D04.11] [OJ1675_H07.18]
Os05g0333200 Q0DJ33     GPA1_ORYSJ  Guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha-1 subunit (GP-alpha-1) (Protein Daikoku dwarf) (Protein Dwarf1) [GPA1] [D1] [GA1] [RGA1] [LOC_Os05g26890] [OJ1005_D04.15] [OSJNBa0049D13.1]
Os05g0333500 P0DO01     DJA7A_ORYSJ Chaperone protein dnaJ A7A, chloroplastic precursor (Chaperone protein dnaJ A7) (OsDjA7) [DJA7A] [DJA7] [LOC_Os05g26902] [OJ1005_D04.16] [OsJ_18101] [OSJNBa0049D13.2]
Os05g0334000 P0DO02     DJA7B_ORYSJ Chaperone protein dnaJ A7B, chloroplastic precursor (Chaperone protein dnaJ A7) (OsDjA7) [DJA7B] [DJA7] [LOC_Os05g26926] [OJ1005_D04.17] [OSJNBa0049D13.3]
Os05g0334400 P0DO03     DJA8_ORYSJ  Chaperone protein dnaJ A8, chloroplastic precursor (OsDjA8) [DJA8] [LOC_Os05g26926] [OJ1005_D04.18] [OSJNBa0049D13.4]
Os05g0334750 Q5KQF5     CIPKM_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 22 (EC (OsCIPK22) [CIPK22] [Os05g0334800] [LOC_Os05g26940] [OSJNBa0049D13.5]
Os05g0344400 Q5W6M3     CSPLG_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4B4 (OsCASPL4B4) [LOC_Os05g27790] [B1036C05.1] [P0015F11.14]
Os05g0346200 Q5W6R4     DRE2B_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2B (OsDREB2B) [DREB2B] [ERF42] [LOC_Os05g27930] [B1036C05.12] [B1164G01.2] [OsJ_18158]
Os05g0346300 Q8LJU5     RS7_ORYSJ   40S ribosomal protein S7 [RPS7] [LOC_Os05g27940] [B1036C05.13] [B1164G01.3] [OsJ_18157]
Os05g0347400 Q5W659     G1L9_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like9 [G1L9] [LOC_Os05g28040] [B1164G01.10] [OSJNBb0052F16.2]
Os05g0349700 Q5W6H5     CHLG_ORYSJ  Chlorophyll synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Polyprenyl transferase) [CHLG] [LOC_Os05g28200] [OsJ_18166] [OSJNBa0077J17.3]
Os05g0349800 P46520     EMP1_ORYSJ  Embryonic abundant protein 1 [EMP1] [EM] [LOC_Os05g28210] [OsJ_18167] [OSJNBa0077J17.4]
Os05g0351200 C7J2Z1     ABI4_ORYSJ  Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ABI4 (ERF ABI4) (Protein ABI4 homolog) (OsABI4) [ABI4] [ERF117] [LOC_Os05g28350] [OSJNBa0077J17.14]
Os05g0352700 Q5W770     TAF1B_ORYSJ TATA box-binding protein-associated factor RNA polymerase I subunit B (TATA box-binding protein-associated factor 1B) (TBP-associated factor 1B) [OJ1320_D10.4] [OsJ_18183]
Os05g0354400 A0A0P0WL81 XOAT5_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 5 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 13) (OsTBL13) [XOAT5] [TBL13] [LOC_Os05g28630] [OJ1537_B05.7]
Os05g0356700 Q5W6Y3     XOAT9_ORYSJ Probable xylan O-acetyltransferase 9 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 4) (OsTBL4) [XOAT9] [TBL4] [LOC_Os05g28830] [OSJNBa0036C12.14]
Os05g0358000 Q5W794     DI192_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 homolog 2 (OsDi19-2) [DI19-2] [LOC_Os05g28980] [OJ1045_C06.9] [OsJ_017460]
Os05g0358500 Q6L482     P2C48_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 48 (EC (OsPP2C48) [LOC_Os05g29030] [OJ1045_C06.13] [OSJNBa0009L15.3]
Os05g0361200 Q0DIV0     HEMH2_ORYSJ Ferrochelatase-2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ferrochelatase II) (Heme synthase 2) (Protoheme ferro-lyase 2) [LOC_Os05g29760] [P0530H10.9] [P0692D12.2]
Os05g0365600 Q0DIT2     BGL19_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 19 precursor (EC (Os5bglu19) [BGLU19] [LOC_Os05g30250] [OSJNBa0090H02.2] [OSJNBb0111K12.10] [P0683B02.14]
Os05g0365700 B9FHH2     BGL20_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 20 precursor (EC (Os5bglu20) [BGLU20] [LOC_Os05g30280] [OsJ_18258] [OSJNBa0090H02.5] [OSJNBb0111K12.13]
Os05g0366000 Q60DY1     BGL21_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 21 precursor (EC (Os5bglu21) [BGLU21] [LOC_Os05g30300] [OsJ_18259] [OSJNBa0090H02.7]
Os05g0366600 Q60DX8     BGL22_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 22 precursor (EC (Os5bglu22) [BGLU22] [LOC_Os05g30350] [OSJNBa0090H02.10]
Os05g0366800 Q6L597     BGL23_ORYSJ Putative beta-glucosidase 23 precursor (EC (Os5bglu23) [BGLU23] [LOC_Os05g30390] [OJ1393_A07.1] [OSJNBa0090H02.13]
Os05g0367400 Q60DX1     TPK3_ORYSJ  Thiamine pyrophosphokinase 3 (EC (OsTPK3) (Thiamine kinase 3) [TPK3] [LOC_Os05g30454] [OsJ_18271] [OSJNBa0090H02.18]
Os05g0367800 Q6L590     BIP3_ORYSJ  Heat shock 70 kDa protein BIP3 precursor (Luminal-binding protein 3) (OsBiP3) [BIP3] [LOC_Os05g30480] [OJ1393_A07.8]
Os05g0368000 Q6L589     NRH1_ORYSJ  NRR repressor homolog 1 [RH1] [LOC_Os05g30500] [OJ1393_A07.9]
Os05g0370600 Q60EW9     FTIP7_ORYSJ FT-interacting protein 7 (OsFTIP7) [FTIP7] [LOC_Os05g30750] [OJ1118_F06.6] [OsJ_18293]
Os05g0371100 Q0DIQ5     CWZF5_ORYSJ Cysteine-tryptophan domain-containing zinc finger protein 5 (OsCW-ZF5) [CWZF5] [LOC_Os05g30790]
Os05g0372100 Q6I5Q6     RK185_ORYSJ Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 185 (EC (OsRLCK185) [RLCK185] [LOC_Os05g30870] [OSJNBa0025P09.5]
Os05g0374200 Q75K78     CKX9_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 9 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 9) (OsCKX9) [CKX9] [LOC_Os05g31040] [OJ1005_E12.3] [OsJ_18319] [OSJNBa0025P09.18]
Os05g0375100 Q2KNB5     HXK10_ORYSJ Hexokinase-10 (EC (Hexokinase-7) [HXK10] [HXK7] [LOC_Os05g31110] [OJ1005_E12.7]
Os05g0380900 Q6L4D4     CML15_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML15 (Calmodulin-like protein 15) [CML15] [LOC_Os05g31620] [OSJNBa0088M05.6]
Os05g0381400 Q6L4D2     PM19L_ORYSJ Membrane protein PM19L (PM19-like protein 1) (OsPM19L1) [PM19L] [PM1] [LOC_Os05g31670] [OSJNBa0088M05.8]
Os05g0386800 Q60E70     COBL3_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 3 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like 4) [BC1L4] [LOC_Os05g32110] [OSJNBa0073E05.6]
Os05g0387900 Q60E61     NTAQ1_ORYSJ Protein N-terminal glutamine amidohydrolase (EC (Protein NH2-terminal glutamine deamidase) (N-terminal Gln amidase) (Nt(Q)-amidase) [LOC_Os05g32190] [OsJ_18401] [OSJNBa0073E05.15]
Os05g0388400 Q60E60     NADK3_ORYSJ Putative NAD kinase 3 (EC [LOC_Os05g32210] [OSJNBa0073E05.16]
Os05g0389000 X5HYT8     SMOS1_ORYSJ AP2-like ethylene-responsive transcription factor SMOS1 (Protein REDUCED LEAF ANGLE 1) (Protein SMALL ORGAN SIZE 1) [SMOS1] [RLA1] [LOC_Os05g32270] [OSJNBa0073E05.20]
Os05g0389700 Q6I5Y0     CDKC1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase C-1 (EC (EC (CDKC;1) [CDKC-1] [LOC_Os05g32360] [OJ1562_H01.5] [OsJ_18411]
Os05g0392300 P29620     CDKD1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase D-1 (EC (EC (CDKD;1) (CDC2+/CDC28-related protein kinase R2) (CDK-activating kinase R2) (CAK-R2) [CDKD-1] [R2] [LOC_Os05g32600] [OJ1764_D01.12]
Os05g0393700 Q6AU80     ISOA2_ORYSJ Isoamylase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsISA2) [ISA2] [LOC_Os05g32710] [OsJ_17304] [OSJNBa0014C03.3]
Os05g0395600 Q75HW2     ORR27_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR27 (OsRRA16) [RR27] [LOC_Os05g32880] [OSJNBa0014C03.14] [OSJNBb0092G21.3]
Os05g0397900 Q75HV1     KN14J_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14J [KIN14J] [LOC_Os05g33030] [OsJ_18460] [OSJNBb0092G21.14] [P0605G01.4]
Os05g0398000 Q75HV0     CCP31_ORYSJ Cyclin-P3-1 (CycP3;1) [CYCP3-1] [LOC_Os05g33040] [OsJ_017705] [OSJNBb0092G21.15] [P0605G01.5]
Os05g0399300 Q7DNA1     CHI2_ORYSJ  Chitinase 2 precursor (EC (Class I chitinase b) (OsChia1b) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 2) [Cht2] [RC7] [LOC_Os05g33130] [OsJ_18467]
Os05g0399400 Q688M5     CHI9_ORYSJ  Chitinase 9 precursor (EC (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 9) [Cht9] [Cht1] [LOC_Os05g33140] [P0605G01.14]
Os05g0399700 Q7Y1Z1     CHI7_ORYSJ  Chitinase 7 precursor (EC (Class I chitinase d) (OsChia1d) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 7) [Cht7] [PC] [LOC_Os05g33150] [OSJNBa0035J16.1] [P0605G01.16]
Os05g0401100 Q6ATY4     U603_ORYSJ  UPF0603 protein Os05g0401100, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os05g33280] [OSJNBa0035J16.9]
Os05g0402700 P17784     ALFC1_ORYSJ Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 1, cytoplasmic (EC (Cytoplasmic aldolase) (cALD) (Gravity-specific protein GSC 233) [FBA1] [FBA] [LOC_Os05g33380] [OSJNBa0035J16.18] [OSJNBb0006J12.6]
Os05g0404000 Q6AUK6     MTEF4_ORYSJ Transcription termination factor MTERF4, chloroplastic precursor (Mitochondrial transcription termination factor 4) [LOC_Os05g33500] [OsJ_18494] [OSJNBb0006J12.15]
Os05g0404200 Q6AUK5     MSRB3_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase B3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMSRB3) (Peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase) [MSRB3] [LOC_Os05g33510] [OSJNBb0006J12.16]
Os05g0405000 Q6AVA8     PPDK1_ORYSJ Pyruvate, phosphate dikinase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPPDKB) (Pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase 1) [PPDK1] [CPDK1] [PPDKB] [LOC_Os05g33570] [OJ1174_H11.5] [OsJ_017742]
Os05g0407500 Q6L545     GID1_ORYSJ  Gibberellin receptor GID1 (EC 3.-.-.-) (Gibberellin-insensitive dwarf protein 1) (Protein GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF1) [GID1] [LOC_Os05g33730] [OJ1657_H11.10] [P0040B10.6]
Os05g0408200 Q6I576     SPL9_ORYSJ  Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 9 [SPL9] [LOC_Os05g33810] [OSJNBb0014K18.5] [P0040B10.14]
Os05g0408900 O22567     DXS1_ORYSJ  1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate synthase) (DXP synthase) (DXPS) [CLA1] [LOC_Os05g33840] [OSJNBb0014K18.8] [P0040B10.17]
Os05g0409300 Q6I570     CYT3_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 3 precursor (Oryzacystatin III) (OC-III) (Oryzacystatin-3) [LOC_Os05g33880] [OSJNBb0014K18.11]
Os05g0411300 Q6AU90     BZP39_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 39 (OsbZIP39) [BZIP39] [LOC_Os05g34050] [OsJ_18536] [P0668F02.11]
Os05g0413200 Q76FS3     TBB6_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-6 chain (Beta-6-tubulin) [TUBB6] [TUB6] [LOC_Os05g34170] [P0017D10.10]
Os05g0417200 Q0DI48     MRL7L_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like fold domain-containing protein MRL7L homolog, chloroplastic precursor (OsMRL7-L) [MRL7L] [LOC_Os05g34470] [OsJ_18562] [OSJNBa0084P24.17] [P0579A05.3]
Os05g0419100 Q60DW3     ALFL5_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 5 [LOC_Os05g34640] [OsJ_18575] [P0426G01.9]
Os05g0420600 Q0DI31     CYC_ORYSJ   Cytochrome c [CC-1] [LOC_Os05g34770] [OsJ_017825] [OsJ_18585] [OSJNBb0092E21.3] [P0426G01.18]
Os05g0423400 Q40703     MADS4_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 4 (OsMADS4) [MADS4] [LOC_Os05g34940] [OJ1212_B02.5]
Os05g0424700 Q60EN8     COPT2_ORYSJ Copper transporter 2 (OsCOPT2) [COPT2] [LOC_Os05g35050] [OJ1212_B02.11]
Os05g0426000 Q60EC2     SWT1B_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET1b (OsSWEET1b) [SWEET1B] [LOC_Os05g35140] [OsJ_18606] [OSJNBa0044P19.5]
Os05g0428100 Q75HQ3     BGAL7_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 7 precursor (EC (Lactase 7) [LOC_Os05g35360] [OsJ_017861] [OSJNBa0044P19.21] [P0636F09.15]
Os05g0428600 Q75HQ0     BIP4_ORYSJ  Heat shock 70 kDa protein BIP4 precursor (Luminal-binding protein 4) (OsBiP4) [BIP4] [LOC_Os05g35400] [OSJNBb0048I21.2] [P0636F09.18]
Os05g0428700 Q75HP9     AKT2_ORYSJ  Potassium channel AKT2 [LOC_Os05g35410] [OsJ_18626] [OSJNBb0048I21.3] [P0636F09.19]
Os05g0436400 B9FJ61     SIP2_ORYSJ  Signal peptide peptidase 2 (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPP2) (Intramembrane protease 2) (IMP) (IMPAS) [SPP2] [LOC_Os05g36070] [OJ1058_F05.2] [OsJ_18668] [OSJNBb0088F07.14]
Os05g0437900 Q75HX5     TLP8_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 8 (OsTLP8) (Tubby-like F-box protein 1) (OsTLP1) [TULP8] [TULP1] [LOC_Os05g36190] [OJ1058_F05.11] [OsJ_017918] [OsJ_18676] [OSJNBb0042J17.6]
Os05g0438700 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [LOC_Os05g36280] [OSJNBb0042J17.11]
Os05g0440800 Q60DG4     NEK4_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek4 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 4) (OsNek4) [NEK4] [LOC_Os05g36960] [B1110B01.5] [OsJ_18694]
Os05g0443900 Q6F2N0     TGAL5_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL5 (bZIP transcription factor 41) (OsbZIP41) [TGAL5] [LOC_Os05g37170] [OSJNBa0020H14.17]
Os05g0445900 B8YIE8     ROS1C_ORYSJ Protein ROS1C (EC 3.2.2.-) (DNA glycosylase 701) (Protein REPRESSOR OF SILENCING 1 homolog c) [ROS1C] [DNG701] [LOC_Os05g37350] [OsJ_18723] [P0615D12.11]
Os05g0446300 Q65WT0     BD31B_ORYSJ Protein BUD31 homolog 2 (Protein G10 homolog 2) [LOC_Os05g37390] [OsJ_18724] [P0615D12.15]
Os05g0447200 Q688J2     LAX12_ORYSJ Auxin transporter-like protein 2 [LOC_Os05g37470] [OSJNBb0012G21.5]
Os05g0449500 Q60EH4     COI1B_ORYSJ Coronatine-insensitive protein homolog 1b (OsCOI1b) (COI1 protein homolog) (OsCOI1H) [COI1B] [B1122D01.5] [OsJ_18742]
Os05g0451100 Q53WP9     PHT42_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 2, chloroplastic precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;2) [PHT4;2] [LOC_Os05g37820] [OJ1576_F01.6]
Os05g0455500 O04226     P5CS1_ORYSJ Delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthase 1 (OsP5CS1) [Includes: Glutamate 5-kinase (EC (GK) (Gamma-glutamyl kinase); Gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase (EC (GPR) (Glutamate-5-semialdehyde dehydrogenase) (Glutamyl-gamma-semialdehyde dehydrogenase)] [P5CS1] [P5CS] [LOC_Os05g38150] [OJ1651_D06.9]
Os05g0456500 Q0DHM7     CSPLS_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5B2 (OsCASPL5B2) [LOC_Os05g38250] [OsJ_18787]
Os05g0457200 Q65XG6     P2C49_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 49 (EC (OsPP2C49) [LOC_Os05g38290] [OJ1362_D02.1]
Os05g0458300 Q0DHL5     LAC11_ORYSJ Putative laccase-11 (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 11) (Diphenol oxidase 11) (Urishiol oxidase 11) [LAC11] [LOC_Os05g38390] [OsJ_018044]
Os05g0458400 Q0DHL4     FTSH8_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 8, mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH8) [FTSH8] [LOC_Os05g38400] [OJ1362_D02.8] [OsJ_018045]
Os05g0458500 B9FJH4     LAC12_ORYSJ Laccase-12 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 12) (Diphenol oxidase 12) (Urishiol oxidase 12) [LAC12] [LOC_Os05g38410] [OJ1362_D02.9] [OsJ_018046]
Os05g0458600 P0DKK6     LAC13_ORYSJ Laccase-13 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 13) (Diphenol oxidase 13) (Urishiol oxidase 13) [LAC13] [LOC_Os05g38420] [OJ1362_D02.10]
Os05g0459400 Q6L512     KN10C_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-10C [KIN10C] [LOC_Os05g38480] [OJ1281_H05.2] [OsJ_18806]
Os05g0460600 Q6L506     RIBA3_ORYSJ Probable monofunctional riboflavin biosynthesis protein RIBA 3, chloroplastic precursor [Includes: Inactive 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase (DHBP synthase); GTP cyclohydrolase-2 (EC (GTP cyclohydrolase II)] [RIBA3] [OJ1281_H05.8] [OsJ_18816]
Os05g0461000 Q9MAX5     COPZ1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit zeta-1 (Zeta-1-coat protein) (Zeta-COP 1) (Zeta1-COP) [COPZ1] [LOC_Os05g38610] [OJ1281_H05.11] [OsJ_018059] [OsJ_18819]
Os05g0461400 Q6L500     H2A4_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.4 [LOC_Os05g38640] [OJ1281_H05.14] [OJ1525_A02.1] [OsJ_018061] [OsJ_18822]
Os05g0461900 Q0DHJ5     MTP6_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 6 (OsMTP6) [MTP6] [LOC_Os05g38670] [OJ1281_H05.16] [OJ1525_A02.3]
Os05g0464100 B9FKM7     MCM8_ORYSJ  Probable DNA helicase MCM8 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance 8) (OsMCM8) [MCM8] [LOC_Os05g38850] [OJ1280_A04.12] [OsJ_18839]
Os05g0467000 Q6I5I8     CDPKG_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 16 (EC (OsCDPK16) (OsCPK16) [CPK16] [LOC_Os05g39090] [OJ1387_F08.13] [OSJNBa0009E21.17]
Os05g0468700 Q84KJ7     AMT21_ORYSJ Ammonium transporter 2 member 1 (OsAMT2;1) [AMT2-1] [LOC_Os05g39240] [OJ1058_C01.9]
Os05g0469600 Q0DHF6     PDC1_ORYSJ  Pyruvate decarboxylase 1 (EC (PDC) [PDC1] [LOC_Os05g39310] [OsJ_018109] [OSJNBa0052E20.2]
Os05g0470000 B9FKP6     XOAT2_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 11) (OsTBL11) [XOAT2] [TBL11] [LOC_Os05g39350] [OsJ_18877]
Os05g0472000 Q6ATW6     G1L8_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like8 [G1L8] [LOC_Os05g39500] [OSJNBa0052E20.15] [P0015C02.10]
Os05g0472400 Q0DHE3     ZIP9_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 9 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 9) (OsZIP9) [ZIP9] [LOC_Os05g39540]
Os05g0472700 Q6L8G0     ZIP5_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 5 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 5) (OsZIP5) [ZIP5] [ZIP2] [LOC_Os05g39560] [P0015C02.14] [P0486C01.1]
Os05g0473300 Q65WX1     DRE2D_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2D (OsDREB2D) [DREB2D] [ERF43] [LOC_Os05g39590] [OsJ_18893] [P0486C01.4]
Os05g0473900 Q65WW7     PAHX2_ORYSJ Phytanoyl-CoA dioxygenase 2 (EC (Phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase) [OsJ_18897] [P0486C01.8]
Os05g0476200 Q0DHC4     MCM3_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM3 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 3) (OsMCM3) [MCM3] [LOC_Os05g39850] [P0009H09]
Os05g0476350 A3B529     CIPKS_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 28 (EC (OsCIPK28) [CIPK28] [LOC_Os05g39870] [OsJ_018151]
Os05g0477600 Q0DHB7     EXPA4_ORYSJ Expansin-A4 precursor (Alpha-expansin-4) (OsEXP4) (OsEXPA4) (OsaEXPa1.22) [EXPA4] [EXP4] [LOC_Os05g39990] [OsJ_018161] [OsJ_18926] [OSJNBa0018K15.5]
Os05g0480200 Q75GM1     TRXH5_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H5 (OsTrxh5) (OsTrx20) [LOC_Os05g40190] [OSJNBa0018K15.18]
Os05g0481000 Q5KQI6     SNAT1_ORYSJ Serotonin N-acetyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSNAT1) (Acetyltransferase NSI homolog) (Nuclear shuttle protein-interacting protein homolog) [SNAT1] [GNAT5] [NSI] [SNAT] [LOC_Os05g40260] [OsJ_018182] [OsJ_18949] [OSJNBa0095J22.4]
Os05g0481400 Q5KQI4     Y5814_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os05g0481400 [LOC_Os05g40280] [OSJNBa0095J22.6]
Os05g0482400 Q5KQH7     C14D1_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714D1 (EC 1.14.-.-) (Protein ELONGATED UPPERMOST INTERNODE 1) (EUI1) [CYP714D1] [EUI1] [LOC_Os05g40384] [OsJ_18961] [OSJNBa0095J22.13]
Os05g0488800 Q6AVN2     SIRP1_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase SIRP1 (EC (Salt-induced RING finger protein 1) (OsSIRP1) [SIRP1] [LOC_Os05g40980] [OJ1119_H02.11] [OsJ_19008]
Os05g0489600 P51823     ARF2_ORYSJ  ADP-ribosylation factor 2 [ARF] [LOC_Os05g41060] [OJ1119_H02.17]
Os05g0489800 Q6T367     CENH3_ORYSJ Histone H3-like centromeric protein CENH3 (Centromeric histone CENH3) (Centromeric histone H3) [CENH3] [LOC_Os05g41080] [OJ1119_H02.19] [OsJ_19013]
Os05g0489900 Q6AVM3     CCAMK_ORYSJ Calcium and calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine/threonine-protein kinase (EC (OsCCaMK) [CCAMK] [DMI3] [LOC_Os05g41090] [OJ1119_H02.20] [OsJ_19014]
Os05g0491000 Q6F334     CML9_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-binding protein CML9 (Calmodulin-like protein 9) [CML9] [LOC_Os05g41200] [OsJ_018254] [OsJ_19024]
Os05g0491100 Q6F332     CALM2_ORYSJ Calmodulin-2 (CaM-2) [CAM2] [CAM] [LOC_Os05g41210] [OsJ_018255] [OsJ_19025] [OSJNBa0088I06.9]
Os05g0491900 B9FKW9     CDPKE_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 14 (EC (OsCDPK14) (OsCPK14) [CPK14] [LOC_Os05g41270] [OsJ_19030] [OSJNBa0088I06.13]
Os05g0493500 Q0DH40     CCB15_ORYSJ Cyclin-B1-5 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B1-5) (CycB1;5) [CYCB1-5] [LOC_Os05g41390] [OsJ_018267] [OSJNBa0088I06.19]
Os05g0494200 P20907     CYT2_ORYSJ  Cysteine proteinase inhibitor 2 (Oryzacystatin II) (OC-II) (Oryzacystatin-2) [LOC_Os05g41460] [OJ1579_G03.3] [OsJ_19043]
Os05g0495600 Q65X71     ACA6_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-transporting ATPase 6, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA6) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 6) [ACA6] [LOC_Os05g41580] [OJ1579_G03.12]
Os05g0495700 Q65X70     GPDH3_ORYSJ Probable glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)] 3, cytosolic (EC [LOC_Os05g41590] [OJ1579_G03.13] [OsJ_19053]
Os05g0497500 Q75K81     C3H36_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 36 (OsC3H36) [LOC_Os05g41790] [OJ1118_C04.11] [OsJ_018290] [P0010D04.1]
Os05g0498300 Q6L4V0     MSH5_ORYSJ  DNA mismatch repair protein MSH5 (OsMSH5) (MutS protein homolog 5) [MSH5] [LOC_Os05g41880] [P0010D04.9]
Os05g0499100 P29835     GL19_ORYSJ  19 kDa globulin precursor (Alpha-globulin) (Allergen Ory s 19kD) [LOC_Os05g41970] [OJ1057_B02.5] [OsJ_19079] [P0010D04.16]
Os05g0499300 P37834     PER1_ORYSJ  Peroxidase 1 precursor (EC [PRX74] [LOC_Os05g41990] [OJ1057_B02.6] [OsJ_19081]
Os05g0500500 Q6AUW3     HS223_ORYSJ 22.3 kDa class VI heat shock protein (22.3 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp22.3) [HSP22.3] [LOC_Os05g42120] [OJ1057_B02.14] [OsJ_19091]
Os05g0500900 Q60EJ6     GH34_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.4 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 4) (OsGH3-4) [GH3.4] [LOC_Os05g42150] [OsJ_19094] [OSJNBa0017K09.2]
Os05g0503000 Q60EA5     SCAM3_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 3 (Secretory carrier membrane protein 3) [SCAMP3] [LOC_Os05g42330] [OsJ_19111] [OSJNBa0017K09.16] [OSJNBb0048K05.1]
Os05g0510800 Q6L538     CSLC7_ORYSJ Probable xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 7 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C7) (OsCslC7) [CSLC7] [LOC_Os05g43530] [OJ1005_B11.7]
Os05g0511500 Q6L534     LISC2_ORYSJ Lipoyl synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Lipoate synthase 2) (LS 2) (Lip-syn 2) (Lipoate synthase, plastidial 2) (LIP1p 2) (Lipoic acid synthase 2) [LIP1P-2] [LOC_Os05g43576] [B1155G07.1] [OJ1005_B11.11] [OsJ_19166]
Os05g0513800 Q68Y52     RAC2_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 2 (OsRac2) [RAC2] [LOC_Os05g43820] [B1155G07.15] [OsJ_19185] [P0022D06.2]
Os05g0514200 Q68Y49     CIPKJ_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 19 (EC (OsCIPK19) (OsPK4) [CIPK19] [LOC_Os05g43840] [P0022D06.5]
Os05g0514300 Q68Y48     TLP9_ORYSJ  Tubby-like F-box protein 9 (OsTLP9) (Tubby-like F-box protein 10) (OsTLP10) [TULP9] [TULP10] [LOC_Os05g43850] [OsJ_018408] [OsJ_19188] [P0022D06.6]
Os05g0515400 Q0DGS1     ARFN_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 14 [ARF14] [LOC_Os05g43920] [P0022D06.14]
Os05g0519400 Q0DGP6     NSF_ORYSJ   Vesicle-fusing ATPase (EC (N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion protein) (Vesicular-fusion protein Sec18) (OsSec18) [NSF] [SEC18] [LOC_Os05g44310] [OsJ_19229] [P0599F04.10]
Os05g0519700 Q6F2Y7     CLPB1_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpB1 (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpB homolog 1) (Casein lytic proteinase B1) (Heat shock protein 101) [CLPB1] [HSP101] [LOC_Os05g44340] [OsJ_19232] [P0483D07.3] [P0599F04.13]
Os05g0519900 Q6F2Z1     STT3A_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit STT3A (EC (Oligosaccharyl transferase subunit STT3A) (STT3-A) (Protein STAUROSPORIN AND TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE 3-LIKE A) [STT3A] [LOC_Os05g44360] [OsJ_19234] [P0483D07.5] [P0599F04.15]
Os05g0521300 B9FL70     KN14K_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14K [KIN14K] [LOC_Os05g44560] [OsJ_19246] [P0483D07.17]
Os05g0521300 Q6F303     PHP5_ORYSJ  Pseudo histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 5 (OsHpt5) [PHP5] [LOC_Os05g44570] [P0483D07.18]
Os05g0522500 Q5W676     HXK5_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-5 (EC (Hexokinase I) [HXK5] [LOC_Os05g44760] [OJ1087_C03.12] [OsJ_19253] [OSJNBa0075A10.5]
Os05g0523300 Q5W670     IAA18_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA18 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 18) [IAA18] [LOC_Os05g44810] [OsJ_19257] [OSJNBa0075A10.11]
Os05g0525900 Q65X92     C3H37_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 37 (OsC3H37) [LOC_Os05g45020] [OJ1593_C11.10]
Os05g0530400 Q93VB5     HFA4D_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-4d (Heat stress transcription factor 10) (rHsf10) (Heat stress transcription factor 15) (OsHsf-15) (Protein SPOTTED LEAF 7) [HSFA4D] [HSF10] [HSF15] [SP17] [SPL7] [LOC_Os05g45410] [OJ1131_E09.10] [OsJ_018517] [OsJ_19305]
Os05g0530500 Q852Q2     OSK1_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein kinase OSK1 (EC (OsK1) (SUCROSE NON-FERMENTING-1 related protein kinase 1A) (SNF1-related kinase 1A) (SnRK1A) [OSK1] [SNRK1A] [LOC_Os05g45420] [OJ1131_E09.11] [OSNPB_050530500]
Os05g0532600 Q2KNB9     HXK2_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-2 (EC (Hexokinase-3) [HXK2] [HXK3] [LOC_Os05g45590] [OSJNBa0053E05.8]
Os05g0533500 Q0DGG8     SAT5_ORYSJ  Probable serine acetyltransferase 5 (EC (OsSERAT1;2) [SAT5] [LOC_Os05g45710]
Os05g0534400 Q75KU4     CNBL4_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 4 [CBL4] [LOC_Os05g45810] [OJ1014_C08.4] [OsJ_19333] [OSJNBa0053E05.21]
Os05g0536200 Q6L5I5     VDAC2_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 2 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 2) (OsVDAC2) [VDAC2] [LOC_Os05g45950] [OJ1741_B01.9] [OsJ_19349]
Os05g0537400 Q6L5H6     P2C50_ORYSJ Protein phosphatase 2C 50 (EC (OsPP2C50) (ABI1-like protein 3) (OsABI-LIKE3) (OsABIL3) [PP2C50] [ABIL3] [LOC_Os05g46040] [OJ1741_B01.18] [OSJNBa0052K01.2]
Os05g0539400 Q0DGD7     BGAL8_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 8 precursor (EC (Lactase 8) [LOC_Os05g46200] [OsJ_19375] [OSJNBa0052K01.15]
Os05g0539700 Q53WK4     NAP1B_ORYSJ Nucleosome assembly protein 1;2 precursor (OsNAP1;2) (Nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 2) (OsNAP1_L2) [NAP1;2] [NAP1_L2] [LOC_Os05g46230] [OsJ_19377] [OSJNBa0052K01.18]
Os05g0540000 Q53WK1     GINT1_ORYSJ Glucosamine inositolphosphorylceramide transferase 1 (EC 2.4.99.-) [GINT1] [LOC_Os05g46260] [OSJNBa0052K01.21] [OSNPB_050540000]
Os05g0540100 Q9SXQ6     FEN11_ORYSJ Flap endonuclease 1-A (EC 3.1.-.-) (FEN-1-A) (Flap structure-specific endonuclease 1-A) (OsFEN-1) (OsFEN-1a) [FEN1A] [LOC_Os05g46270] [OsJ_19381] [OSJNBa0052K01.23]
Os05g0541200 Q5TKP8     LOGL7_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL7 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 7) [LOGL7] [LOC_Os05g46360] [OJ1362_G11.10] [OsJ_19391]
Os05g0541400 A0A0P0WQ90 LF_ORYSJ    Transcription factor LATE FLOWERING (OsLF) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 119) (OsbHLH119) [LF] [BHLH119] [LOC_Os05g46370] [OJ1362_G11.11]
Os05g0541750 A9UGV7     APEP3_ORYSJ Arabinogalactan peptide 3 precursor (OsAGPEP3) [AGPEP3] [OsJ_19396]
Os05g0542500 P0C5A4     LEA19_ORYSJ Late embryogenesis abundant protein 19 (OsLEA19) (Late embryogenesis abundant protein, group 3) (LEA-3) (OsLEA3-1) [LEA19] [LEA] [LEA3] [LEA3-1] [LOC_Os05g46480] [OJ1288_A07.1] [OJ1362_G11.19]
Os05g0549800 Q6L4H4     Y5498_ORYSJ AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing protein Os05g0549800 [LOC_Os05g47650] [P0560C03.2]
Os05g0552300 Q6L4F8     GBLPB_ORYSJ Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit beta-like protein B (GPB-LR) (Receptor for activated C kinase 1B) [RACK1B] [LOC_Os05g47890] [OsJ_19467] [OSJNBa0079H23.13] [P0560C03.18]
Os05g0552500 Q6AUC6     QSOX1_ORYSJ Sulfhydryl oxidase 1 precursor (EC (Quiescin-sulfhydryl oxidase 1) (OsQSOX1) [QSOX1] [LOC_Os05g47930] [OsJ_19470] [OSJNBa0079H23.16]
Os05g0553000 Q01859     ATPBM_ORYSJ ATP synthase subunit beta, mitochondrial precursor (EC [ATPB] [LOC_Os05g47980] [OJ1263_E10.1] [OSJNBa0079H23.20]
Os05g0554400 Q6I628     PSS2_ORYSJ  CDP-diacylglycerol--serine O-phosphatidyltransferase 2 (EC (Phosphatidylserine synthase 2) [PSS2] [LOC_Os05g48060] [OJ1263_E10.9] [OsJ_19482]
Os05g0555100 Q6I621     2A5K_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A 57 kDa regulatory subunit B' kappa isoform (OsB'kappa) (PP2A, B' subunit, kappa isoform) [B'KAPPA] [LOC_Os05g48150] [OJ1263_E10.15]
Os05g0555600 Q0DG35     GLT2_ORYSJ  Glutamate synthase 2 [NADH], chloroplastic precursor (EC (NADH-dependent glutamate synthase 2) (NADH-GOGAT 2) [LOC_Os05g48200] [OJ1214_E03.1] [OJ1263_E10.17]
Os05g0557000 P0DKK2     RL372_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L37a-2 [LOC_Os05g48320] [OJ1214_E03.13] [OsJ_018715]
Os05g0558800 Q6AT41     NNJA4_ORYSJ Protein NINJA homolog 1 (OsNINJA1) (Ninja-family protein NINJA1) (Protein NINJA homolog) (OsNINJA) (Protein NINJA homolog 2) (OsNINJA2) [NINJA1] [NINJA] [NINJA2] [LOC_Os05g48500] [OsJ_19515] [OSJNBa0001A14.6]
Os05g0559400 Q6AT33     IAA19_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA19 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 19) [IAA19] [LOC_Os05g48590] [OsJ_19520] [OSJNBa0001A14.14]
Os05g0559600 Q6AT32     GT43E_ORYSJ Probable beta-1,4-xylosyltransferase GT43E (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsGT43E) (Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os05g0559600) [GT43E] [LOC_Os05g48600] [OJ1115_B06.1] [OSJNBa0001A14.15]
Os05g0560000 Q0DG05     PSAH_ORYSJ  Photosystem I reaction center subunit VI, chloroplastic precursor (PSI-H) (Light-harvesting complex I 11 kDa protein) (Protein GOS5) [PSAH] [GOS5] [LOC_Os05g48630] [OJ1115_B06.3] [OsJ_018737] [OsJ_19524] [OSJNBa0001A14.18]
Os05g0560400 Q688Y7     TLP10_ORYSJ Tubby-like F-box protein 10 (OsTLP10) (Tubby-like F-box protein 11) (OsTLP11) [TULP10] [TULP11] [LOC_Os05g48670] [OJ1115_B06.6]
Os05g0562200 Q688X9     DI191_ORYSJ Protein DEHYDRATION-INDUCED 19 (OsDi19) [DI19-1] [DI19] [LOC_Os05g48800] [OJ1115_B06.15] [OsJ_018755] [OsJ_19542]
Os05g0563400 Q8S985     ARFO_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 15 (ETTIN-like protein 1) (OsETTIN1) [ARF15] [LOC_Os05g48870] [OsJ_018762] [OSJNBb0053D02.5]
Os05g0563900 P0C291     GRXS9_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S9 [GRXS9] [LOC_Os05g48930]
Os05g0564200 Q6AUG0     U2AFB_ORYSJ Splicing factor U2af small subunit B (U2 auxiliary factor 35 kDa subunit B) (U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor small subunit B) (U2 snRNP auxiliary factor small subunit B) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 38) (OsC3H38) [U2AF35B] [LOC_Os05g48960] [OsJ_018769] [OsJ_19555] [OSJNBb0053D02.11]
Os05g0564500 A3B6V0     WOX12_ORYSJ WUSCHEL-related homeobox 12 (OsWOX12) (Protein WOX9C) [WOX12] [LOC_Os05g48990] [OsJ_018772] [OSJNBb0053D02.14]
Os05g0565200 Q6AUF3     UREG_ORYSJ  Urease accessory protein G (AtUREG) [UREG] [LOC_Os05g49050] [OsJ_19563] [OSJNBb0053D02.18]
Os05g0566400 Q67C40     MPK7_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 7 (EC (MAP kinase 7) (MAP kinase 6) (OsMAPK6) [MPK7] [MAPK6] [LOC_Os05g49140] [OJ1781_H11.5] [OJ1781_H11.6]
Os05g0567100 Q42456     ASPR1_ORYSJ Aspartic proteinase oryzasin-1 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) [LOC_Os05g49200] [OJ1781_H11.11]
Os05g0567300 B9FI63     ERA_ORYSJ   GTPase ERA-like, chloroplastic precursor (GTP-binding protein Era-like) [LOC_Os05g49220] [OJ1781_H11.13] [OsJ_19577]
Os05g0571100 Q65XL5     WTF1_ORYSJ  Protein WHAT'S THIS FACTOR 1 homolog, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os05g49610] [OJ1735_C10.3] [OsJ_19611]
Os05g0571200 Q0DFT7     WRK19_ORYSJ Transcription factor WRKY19 (OsWRKY19) (WRKY transcription factor 19) [WRKY19] [LOC_Os05g49620] [OJ1735_C10.4] [OsJ_19612]
Os05g0572700 Q65XK7     P2C51_ORYSJ Protein phosphatase 2C 51 (EC (OsPP2C51) [PP2C51] [LOC_Os05g49730] [OJ1735_C10.11] [OsJ_018833] [OsJ_19620]
Os05g0573500 Q60EQ4     NFYB3_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-3 (OsNF-YB-3) (Transcriptional activator HAP3B) [NFYB3] [HAP3B] [LOC_Os05g49780] [OJ1280_A04.9]
Os05g0573500 Q65XK1     NFYB4_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-4 (OsNF-YB-4) (Transcriptional activator HAP3C) [NFYB4] [HAP3C] [LOC_Os05g49780] [OJ1735_C10.17]
Os05g0573700 Q65XK0     ILV5_ORYSJ  Ketol-acid reductoisomerase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Acetohydroxy-acid reductoisomerase) (Alpha-keto-beta-hydroxylacyl reductoisomerase) (Protein KARI) [LOC_Os05g49800] [OJ1735_C10.18]
Os05g0574000 Q6F358     PLA6_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 6 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os05g49830] [OJ1268_B08.3] [OJ1735_C10.21] [OsJ_19631]
Os05g0574100 Q6F357     PLA7_ORYSJ  Phospholipase A1-II 7 (EC 3.1.1.-) [LOC_Os05g49840] [OJ1268_B08.4] [OJ1735_C10.22]
Os05g0574300 Q6F362     H2B9_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.9 [H2B.9] [LOC_Os05g49860] [OJ1268_B08.6] [OJ1735_C10.24] [OsJ_018845] [OsJ_19633]
Os05g0574500 Q7GD79     RAN2_ORYSJ  GTP-binding nuclear protein Ran-2 (OsRan2) (Ras-related nuclear protein 2) [RAN2] [LOC_Os05g49890] [OJ1268_B08.8] [OsJ_018847]
Os05g0574900 Q6F368     SLRL2_ORYSJ Protein SLENDER RICE1-LIKE 2 (OsSLRL2) (Protein SLR1-LIKE 2) [SLRL2] [LOC_Os05g49930] [OJ1268_B08.12]
Os05g0576300 Q6L5G1     C3H39_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 39 (OsC3H39) [LOC_Os05g50080] [OJ1126_B10.1] [OJ1268_B08.22] [OsJ_19647]
Os05g0576800 Q6L5F7     MPK17_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 17 (EC (MAP kinase 17) [MPK17] [LOC_Os05g50120] [OJ1126_B10.5]
Os05g0576900 Q6L5F6     PIN3B_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 3b (OsPIN3b) (OSPIN10b) [PIN3B] [LOC_Os05g50140] [OJ1126_B10.6]
Os05g0577200 Q6L5F5     IMCE_ORYSJ  Probable isoprenylcysteine alpha-carbonyl methylesterase ICME (EC 3.1.1.n2) [IMCE] [LOC_Os05g50170] [OJ1126_B10.7]
Os05g0577500 Q6L5F4     CML14_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML14 (Calmodulin-like protein 14) [CML14] [LOC_Os05g50180] [OJ1126_B10.8]
Os05g0578900 Q6L5E5     GAT15_ORYSJ GATA transcription factor 15 (OsGATA15) (Protein NECK LEAF 1) [GATA15] [NL1] [LOC_Os05g50270] [10A19I.2] [OJ1126_B10.17] [OsJ_19663] [OSJNBa0017N18.4]
Os05g0579300 Q688U3     ZHD6_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 6 (OsZHD6) [ZHD6] [LOC_Os05g50310] [10A19I.6] [OsJ_19667] [OSJNBa0017N18.8]
Os05g0580000 Q688T8     GLGL3_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase large subunit 3, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (OsAGPL3) (OsAPL3) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPL3) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPL3) [AGPL3] [APL3] [LOC_Os05g50380] [10A19I.12] [OsJ_19673] [OSJNBa0017N18.13]
Os05g0582300 Q75HZ9     SPS2_ORYSJ  Solanesyl-diphosphate synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSPS2) (All-trans-nonaprenyl-diphosphate synthase 2 (geranyl-diphosphate specific)) [SPS2] [LOC_Os05g50550] [OJ1651_G11.10] [OsJ_19688] [OSJNBb0035N21.17]
Os05g0582400 Q6L5D4     MPK9_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 9 (EC (MAP kinase 9) [MPK9] [LOC_Os05g50560] [OJ1651_G11.11] [OSJNBb0035N21.16]
Os05g0583200 Q75HY5     RSLE3_ORYSJ Zinc finger BED domain-containing protein RICESLEEPER 3 (Transposase-like protein RICESLEEPER 3) [LOC_Os05g50640] [OSJNBb0035N21.10]
Os05g0585400 Q6I588     ABIL4_ORYSJ Probable protein ABIL4 (Abl interactor-like protein 4) [LOC_Os05g50800] [OsJ_19708] [OSJNBa0009C07.8]
Os05g0585500 Q6I587     CDPKF_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 15 (EC (OsCDPK15) (OsCPK15) [CPK15] [LOC_Os05g50810] [OSJNBa0009C07.9]
Os05g0586200 Q6I581     GH35_ORYSJ  Jasmonoyl--L-amino acid synthetase GH3.5 (EC (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 5) (OsGH3-5) (Indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.5) (Jasmonate-amino acid synthetase JAR1) (Jasmonic acid-amido synthetase JAR1) (Protein JASMONATE RESISTANT 1) (OsJAR1) [GH3.5] [JAR1] [LOC_Os05g50890] [OsJ_19714] [OSJNBa0009C07.16]
Os05g0587100 Q6L5C4     P2C52_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 52 (EC (OsPP2C52) [LOC_Os05g50970] [OJ1007_H05.6] [OsJ_000225]
Os05g0588200 Q6L5B5     PTD_ORYSJ   Protein PARTING DANCERS homolog (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsPTD) (Protein PARTING DANCERS homolog 1) (OsPTD1) [PTD] [PTD1] [LOC_Os05g51060] [OJ1007_H05.15] [OJ1115_D04.1] [OsJ_19727]
Os05g0588500 Q6L568     SWET5_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET5 (OsSWEET5) [SWEET5] [LOC_Os05g51090] [OJ1007_H05.17] [OJ1115_D04.3] [OsJ_19730]
Os05g0591600 Q0DFG8     LOGL8_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL8 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 8) [LOGL8] [LOC_Os05g51390] [OsJ_19750] [OSJNBa0022J22.18] [P0663C08.4]
Os05g0591900 Q6L4S3     HIRL1_ORYSJ Hypersensitive-induced response protein-like protein 1 [HIRL1] [OsJ_19752] [OSNPB_050591900] [P0663C08.5]
Os05g0592400 Q6L4S0     DDB1_ORYSJ  DNA damage-binding protein 1 (UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 1) (OsUV-DDB1) [DBB1] [LOC_Os05g51480] [OsJ_19757] [P0663C08.8]
Os05g0592800 Q6L4R7     P2C53_ORYSJ Protein phosphatase 2C 53 (EC (OsPP2C53) (ABI1-like protein 2) (OsABI-LIKE2) (OsABIL2) [PP2C53] [ABIL2] [LOC_Os05g51510] [OsJ_018965] [OsJ_19760] [P0663C08.11]
Os05g0594200 Q5TKG3     CAX1B_ORYSJ Vacuolar cation/proton exchanger 1b (Ca(2+)/H(+) exchanger 1b) (OsCAX1b) [CAX1b] [LOC_Os05g51610] [OsJ_19769] [OSJNBa0030I14.3]
Os05g0595100 Q8LNZ3     UGE1_ORYSJ  UDP-glucose 4-epimerase 1 (EC (OsUGE-1) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase 1) [UGE-1] [LOC_Os05g51670] [OsJ_19776] [OSJNBa0030I14.9]
Os06g0101600 Q0DFC9     PLAS_ORYSJ  Plastocyanin, chloroplastic precursor [PETE] [LOC_Os06g01210] [OsJ_019001] [OSJNBa0075G19.6]
Os06g0102100 Q5VRI5     C93G2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 93G2 (EC (Flavanone 2-hydroxylase) (OsF2H) [CYP93G2] [LOC_Os06g01250] [OSJNBa0075G19.13]
Os06g0102700 Q5VRH9     PUB12_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 12 (EC (Plant U-box protein 12) (OsPUB12) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PUB12) [PUB12] [LOC_Os06g01304] [OSJNBa0075G19.19-1]
Os06g0103300 Q5VRH4     HGD_ORYSJ   Homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase (EC (Homogentisate oxygenase) (Homogentisic acid oxidase) (Homogentisicase) [HGO] [LOC_Os06g01360] [OsJ_19811] [OSJNBa0075G19.26]
Os06g0105500 Q5VS72     ANM7_ORYSJ  Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 7 (EC 2.1.1.-) [PRMT7] [LOC_Os06g01640] [OsJ_019028] [OsJ_19828] [P0644B06.25]
Os06g0107700 P41344     FENR1_ORYSJ Ferredoxin--NADP reductase, leaf isozyme 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FNR) (Leaf FNR 1) (FNR-1) (Os-LFNR1) [LFNR1] [LOC_Os06g01850] [OsJ_19844] [P0514G12.8] [P0644B06.52]
Os06g0107800 Q5VS55     Y6078_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os06g0107800 [LOC_Os06g01860] [P0514G12.9] [P0644B06.53]
Os06g0108600 Q4PR49     EXP17_ORYSJ Expansin-A17 precursor (Alpha-expansin-17) (OsEXP17) (OsEXPA17) (OsaEXPa1.31) [EXPA17] [EXP17] [LOC_Os06g01920] [P0514G12.20]
Os06g0109600 Q5VRN0     KCY1_ORYSJ  UMP-CMP kinase 1 (EC (Deoxycytidylate kinase 1) (CK 1) (dCMP kinase 1) (Uridine monophosphate/cytidine monophosphate kinase 1) (UMP/CMP kinase 1) (UMP/CMPK 1) [LOC_Os06g02000] [OsJ_19856] [OSJNBa0004I20.14] [P0514G12.38]
Os06g0110000 Q5VRM7     KAO_ORYSJ   Ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase (EC (OsKAO) (Cytochrome P450 88A5) (Protein REDUCED POLLEN ELONGATION 1) [KAO] [CYP88A5] [RPE1] [LOC_Os06g02019] [OSJNBa0004I20.18] [P0514G12.42]
Os06g0111500 Q9LI00     6PGD1_ORYSJ 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating 1 (EC (OsG6PGH1) [G6PGH1] [LOC_Os06g02144] [OsJ_19864] [P0029D06.14-1]
Os06g0111800 Q9LHZ7     CSLD2_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein D2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslD2) [CSLD2] [LOC_Os06g02180] [OsJ_019064] [P0029D06.17]
Os06g0112300 Q9LHY9     Y6112_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os06g0112300 [LOC_Os06g02230] [OsJ_19871] [P0029D06.25]
Os06g0115300 Q5VRM0     ACBP2_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 2 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 2) (OsACBP2) [ACBP2] [LOC_Os06g02490] [OsJ_19900] [OSJNBa0019F11.14] [P0541H01.36]
Os06g0115400 Q5VRL3     SODF1_ORYSJ Superoxide dismutase [Fe] 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os06g02500] [OsJ_19901] [OSJNBa0019F11.15-1] [P0541H01.37-1]
Os06g0115600 A9XMT5     CCLOP_ORYSJ Protein CYCLOPS (OsCYCLOPS) (Protein IPD3 homolog) (OsIPD3) [IPD3] [LOC_Os06g02520] [OSJNBa0019F11.17] [P0541H01.39]
Os06g0116200 Q6AWY4     GRF5_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 5 (OsGRF5) (Transcription activator GRF5) [GRF5] [LOC_Os06g02560] [OSJNBa0019F11.24]
Os06g0124900 Q0DF13     SDH8A_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 8A, mitochondrial [SDH8A] [LOC_Os06g03486] [OsJ_19947]
Os06g0125132 Q5VS45     SDH8B_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 8B, mitochondrial [SDH8B] [LOC_Os06g03514] [P0425F02.23]
Os06g0127000 Q5VRJ8     PX115_ORYSJ Peroxisomal membrane protein 11-5 (OsPEX11-2) (OsPEX11-5) (Peroxin-11-5) [PEX11-5] [LOC_Os06g03660] [OSJNBa0038F22.10-1] [P0425F02.44-1]
Os06g0127100 Q9LWV3     DRE1C_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1C (Protein DREB1C) (Protein C-repeat-binding factor 1) [DREB1C] [CBF1] [ERF26] [LOC_Os06g03670] [OsJ_019159] [OSJNBa0038F22.13] [P0425F02.47]
Os06g0127800 Q9LWU9     DLT_ORYSJ   Protein DWARF AND LOW-TILLERING (GRAS family protein 32) (OsGRAS-32) (Protein SMALL ORGAN SIZE 2) [DLT] [GRAS2] [SMOS2] [LOC_Os06g03710] [OsJ_19967] [OSJNBa0038F22.20] [P0425F02.54]
Os06g0128200 Q658I5     LMBD1_ORYSJ LIMR family protein Os06g0128200 [LOC_Os06g03760] [OsJ_19972] [OSJNBa0038F22.26-1] [OSJNBa0038F22.26-2] [P0538C01.4-1] [P0538C01.4-2]
Os06g0128700 Q4JHE0     XB36_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS36 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS36) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS36) (XB3 protein homolog 6) [XBOS36] [LOC_Os06g03800]
Os06g0129400 Q658H5     SPXM3_ORYSJ SPX domain-containing membrane protein Os06g0129400 [LOC_Os06g03860] [OsJ_19983] [P0538C01.18]
Os06g0130100 Q658G7     SIK1_ORYSJ  LRR receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase SIK1 precursor (EC (ERECTA homolog 2) (ER homolog 2) (OsER2) (Stress-induced protein kinase 1) (OsSIK1) [SIK1] [ER2] [ERL] [PK3] [LOC_Os06g03970] [P0493C11.1] [P0538C01.27]
Os06g0130400 Q9SNN8     1A16_ORYSJ  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase 6 (EC (ACC synthase 6) (OsACS6) (Protein SUBSTANDARD STARCH GRAIN 6) [ACS6] [ACC6] [SSG6] [LOC_Os06g03990] [OsJ_19995] [P0493C11.5]
Os06g0130600 Q5VSA8     BBRD_ORYSJ  Barley B recombinant-like protein D (BBR-like protein D) (GAGA-binding transcriptional activator BBR-D) [LOC_Os06g04010] [P0493C11.7]
Os06g0130900 Q0JCT1     H33_ORYSJ   Histone H3.3 (H3.2) [LOC_Os06g04030] [P0493C11.10]
Os06g0131300 Q9SNN0     SPE1_ORYSJ  Arginine decarboxylase 1 (EC (ARGDC1) (OsADC1) [ADC1] [LOC_Os06g04070] [P0493C11.18]
Os06g0133000 Q0DEV5     SSG1_ORYSJ  Granule-bound starch synthase 1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Granule-bound starch synthase I) (GBSS-I) (Allergen Ory s GBSS_I) [WAXY] [WX] [WX-B] [LOC_Os06g04200] [134P10.7] [P0679C08.19]
Os06g0134000 P35686     RS20_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S20 [RPS20] [LOC_Os06g04290] [OsJ_20022] [P0001H02.5-1] [P0679C08.43-1]
Os06g0135900 Q5VNU3     SEC1B_ORYSJ Probable protein transport Sec1b [LOC_Os06g04450] [P0001H02.27] [P0548D03.12]
Os06g0137100 Q5VQ09     KINUB_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-UB (Protein ARMADILLO REPEAT KINESIN2) [KINUB] [LOC_Os06g04560] [P0548D03.30]
Os06g0138100 Q5VPG8     MSRA5_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase A5 precursor (EC (OsMSRA5) (Peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase) (Peptide Met(O) reductase) (Protein-methionine-S-oxide reductase) [MSRA5] [LOC_Os06g04650] [OSJNBa0041F13.12]
Os06g0140400 Q5VPE5     HOX28_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX28 (HD-ZIP protein HOX28) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX28) (OsHox28) [HOX28] [LOC_Os06g04850] [OsJ_019259] [OSJNBa0041F13.45]
Os06g0140700 Q5VPE3     HOX2_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX2 (HD-ZIP protein HOX2) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX2) (OsHox2) [HOX2] [LOC_Os06g04870] [OsJ_019261] [OsJ_20069] [OSJNBa0041F13.48]
Os06g0142600 Q9SNQ6     HD3B_ORYSJ  Protein HEADING DATE 3B (ELF3-like protein 1) (OsELF3-1) (OsELF3) (Protein HEADING DATE 17) [HD3B] [EF7] [ELF3-1] [HD17] [LOC_Os06g05060] [OsJ_20086] [P0535G04.25]
Os06g0142800 Q9SNQ2     ANM10_ORYSJ Protein arginine N-methyltransferase PRMT10 (EC [PRMT10] [PRMT4.2] [LOC_Os06g05090] [OsJ_019280] [P0535G04.29]
Os06g0143000 Q5VSB7     SODF2_ORYSJ Superoxide dismutase [Fe] 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Iron-superoxide dismutase) [LOC_Os06g05110] [P0535G04.31]
Os06g0143100 Q5VSB5     CDT1_ORYSJ  Protein CADMIUM TOLERANCE 1 (Cd tolerant 1) (OsCDT1) [CDT1] [OsJ_20092] [OSNPB_060143100] [P0535G04.32-2]
Os06g0143100 Q5VSB6     CDT2_ORYSJ  Protein CADMIUM TOLERANCE 2 (Cd tolerant 2) (OsCDT2) [CDT2] [OSNPB_060143100] [P0535G04.32-1]
Os06g0143900 Q5VQ78     COB21_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit beta'-1 (Beta'-coat protein 1) (Beta'-COP 1) [LOC_Os06g05180] [OSJNBa0007O20.8-1]
Os06g0144800 Q5VQ69     GUF1_ORYSJ  Translation factor GUF1 homolog, mitochondrial precursor (EC 3.6.5.-) (Elongation factor 4 homolog) (EF-4) (GTPase GUF1 homolog) (Ribosomal back-translocase) [LOC_Os06g05250] [OsJ_20104] [OSJNBa0007O20.17]
Os06g0149400 Q5VND6     NAP1A_ORYSJ Nucleosome assembly protein 1;1 precursor (OsNAP1;1) (Nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 1) (OsNAP1_L1) [NAP1;1] [NAP1_L1] [LOC_Os06g05660] [OsJ_20136] [P0624B04.18] [P0710H01.4]
Os06g0152100 Q5VMJ3     PROFX_ORYSJ Profilin LP04 [LOC_Os06g05880] [OsJ_019338] [P0529C07.32] [P0710H01.44]
Os06g0154200 Q5VMP0     MAX2_ORYSJ  F-box/LRR-repeat MAX2 homolog (F-box and leucine-rich repeat MAX2 homolog) (Protein DWARF 3) [D3] [LOC_Os06g06050] [OSJNBa0085L11.6-1]
Os06g0154500 Q84UI5     MPK1_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 1 (EC (MAP kinase 1) (MAP kinase 6) (OsMAPK6) (OsSIPK) [MPK1] [MAPK6] [SIPK] [LOC_Os06g06090] [OSJNBa0085L11.14]
Os06g0157500 Q8VWH2     RFT1_ORYSJ  Protein RICE FLOWERING LOCUS T 1 (FLOWERING LOCUS T-like protein 3) (FT-like protein 3) (OsFTL3) [RFT1] [FTL3] [LOC_Os06g06300] [OsJ_20189] [P0046E09.26] [P0702F05.6]
Os06g0157700 Q93WI9     HD3A_ORYSJ  Protein HEADING DATE 3A (FT-like protein A) [HD3A] [LOC_Os06g06320] [OsJ_20191] [P0046E09.30] [P0702F05.10]
Os06g0159501 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [H3R-11] [LOC_Os06g06460] [OsJ_019386] [P0702F05.33]
Os06g0160001 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [P0681F10.3] [P0702F05.38]
Os06g0160100 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [LOC_Os06g06510] [P0681F10.4] [P0702F05.39]
Os06g0160700 Q0DEC8     SSY1_ORYSJ  Soluble starch synthase 1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Starch synthase I) [SS1] [SSS1] [LOC_Os06g06560] [P0681F10.13]
Os06g0162800 Q0DEB8     MADS5_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 5 (FDRMADS2) (OsMADS5) [MADS5] [LOC_Os06g06750] [OsJ_019405] [P0681F10.39]
Os06g0163000 Q5WA76     PUB70_ORYSJ U-box domain-containing protein 70 (OsPUB70) (Plant U-box protein 70) (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 197) (OsRLCK197) [Includes: E3 ubiquitin ligase (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase); Serine/threonine-protein kinase (EC 2.7.11.-)] [PUB70] [RLCK197] [LOC_Os06g06760] [OsJ_20227] [P0681F10.40]
Os06g0163400 Q5WA72     PDI15_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 1-5 precursor (EC (OsPDIL1-5) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 3-1) (OsPDIL3-1) [PDIL1-5] [PDIL3-1] [LOC_Os06g06790] [P0681F10.44]
Os06g0165600 Q6J1A5     DRE1D_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1D (Protein DREB1D) (Protein C-repeat-binding factor 4) [DREB1D] [CBF4] [ERF116] [LOC_Os06g06970] [OSJNBa0015I14.27] [P0680A03.1]
Os06g0166500 Q5VRR0     IAA20_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA20 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 20) [IAA20] [LOC_Os06g07040] [OsJ_20255] [OSJNBa0015I14.39] [P0680A03.13]
Os06g0167600 Q5VRG3     PSA4B_ORYSJ Proteasome subunit alpha type-4-2 (20S proteasome alpha subunit C) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-3) [LOC_Os06g07140] [OsJ_20263] [OSJNBa0033B09.8] [P0680A03.29]
Os06g0169100 P0C5C6     GOS9_ORYSJ  Protein GOS9 [GOS9] [LOC_Os06g07250] [OSJNBa0033B09.25]
Os06g0170500 Q5SNN4     C3H40_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 40 (OsC3H40) [LOC_Os06g07350] [OsJ_019459] [P0675A05.7]
Os06g0171800 Q5SNL7     FAN1_ORYSJ  Fanconi-associated nuclease 1 homolog (EC [LOC_Os06g07490] [OsJ_20287] [P0675A05.29]
Os06g0172200 Q5SND2     CML30_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML30 (Calmodulin-like protein 30) [CML30] [LOC_Os06g07560] [OSJNBa0014B15.8]
Os06g0176000 P0DKK3     PSA4A_ORYSJ Proteasome subunit alpha type-4-1 (20S proteasome alpha subunit C) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-3) [PAC1A] [LOC_Os06g07878] [OsJ_019497] [P0015E04.21]
Os06g0177100 P0DKK4     PSA4C_ORYSJ Proteasome subunit alpha type-4-3 (20S proteasome alpha subunit C) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-3) [LOC_Os06g07978] [P0015E04.34]
Os06g0179700 Q5SMK6     P2C54_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 54 (EC (OsPP2C54) [LOC_Os06g08140] [OsJ_20334] [OSJNBa0035I03.20] [OSJNBb0019L07.2]
Os06g0181566 Q5SMI4     RL393_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L39-3 [RPL39C] [LOC_Os06g08320] [OsJ_20351] [OSJNBa0035I03.41] [OSJNBb0019L07.23]
Os06g0183100 Q5SML5     ORR22_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR22 (OsRRB4) [RR22] [ORR2] [LOC_Os06g08440] [OsJ_20357] [OSJNBb0036B04.15]
Os06g0183200 Q5SML4     OHK2_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 2 (EC (OsHK2) [HK2] [OHK1] [LOC_Os06g08450] [OSJNBb0036B04.16]
Os06g0184900 Q5SMM8     PHT1_ORYSJ  Putrescine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsPHT1) (BAHD-like hydroxycinnamoyl transferase HCT3) (Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 3) (OsHCT3) [PHT1] [HCT3] [LOC_Os06g08580] [P0554A06.23]
Os06g0185300 Q5SMQ0     PHT2_ORYSJ  Putrescine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsPHT2) [PHT2] [LOC_Os06g08610] [P0554A06.28]
Os06g0185500 Q5SMM6     HCT4_ORYSJ  Hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 4 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsHCT4) (BAHD-like hydroxycinnamoyl transferase HCT4) (Glycerol hydroxycinnamoyl transferase) [HCT4] [LOC_Os06g08640] [P0554A06.33] [P0568D10.3]
Os06g0187000 Q5SMU7     ORC1_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 1 (OsORC1) [ORC1] [LOC_Os06g08790] [OsJ_20389] [P0470C02.11]
Os06g0187900 Q69KL9     RZ21A_ORYSJ Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor RSZ21A (RS-containing zinc finger protein 21A) (Os-RSZ21a) (Os-RSZp21a) [RSZ21A] [RSZP21A] [LOC_Os06g08840] [OSJNBb0005A05.14-1] [P0470C02.25-1]
Os06g0192600 P0DKK0     PRS7B_ORYSJ 26S proteasome regulatory subunit 7B (26S proteasome AAA-ATPase subunit RPT1B) (26S proteasome subunit 7B) (Regulatory particle triple-A ATPase subunit 1B) [RPT1B] [LOC_Os06g09290] [OsJ_20424] [OSJNBa0090D06.53] [P0698A06.13]
Os06g0194400 Q69V36     Y6944_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os06g0194400 [LOC_Os06g09420] [P0648E08.15] [P0698A06.41]
Os06g0194900 P30298     SUS2_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 2 (EC (OsSUS2) (Sucrose synthase 1) (RSs1) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 2) [SUS2] [RSS1] [RSUS2] [LOC_Os06g09450] [P0648E08.22]
Os06g0196300 P0C5D5     PRXQ_ORYSJ  Peroxiredoxin Q, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Thioredoxin peroxidase) (Thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin Q) [LOC_Os06g09610] [OsJ_019618] [P0528E04.23]
Os06g0196700 A3B9A0     ARFP_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 16 [ARF16] [LOC_Os06g09660] [OsJ_019622]
Os06g0199500 Q69K55     HAL3_ORYSJ  Phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase (EC (PPCDC) (Halotolerance protein HAL3) (OsHAL3) [HAL3] [LOC_Os06g09910] [B1172G12.27-1] [OJ1147_D11.5-1] [OsJ_20467]
Os06g0203800 Q69SP5     EREC1_ORYSJ LRR receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase ER1 precursor (EC (ERECTA homolog 1) (ER homolog 1) (OsER1) (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 204) (OsRLCK204) [ER1] [RLCK204] [LOC_Os06g10230] [OSJNBa0016O19.39]
Os06g0204800 Q6AWY7     GRF2_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 2 (OsGRF2) (Transcription activator GRF2) [GRF2] [LOC_Os06g10310] [OSJNBb0015B15.12]
Os06g0205000 Q69NP0     ATG12_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-like protein ATG12 (Autophagy-related protein 12) (APG12-like) [ATG12] [APG12] [LOC_Os06g10340] [J100018F14] [OsJ_019683] [OsJ_20516] [OSJNBb0015B15.15]
Os06g0206700 B9FS33     KN7G_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7G [KIN7G] [LOC_Os06g10480] [OsJ_20526]
Os06g0207000 Q69TF4     PANK1_ORYSJ Pantothenate kinase 1 (EC (Pantothenic acid kinase 1) [LOC_Os06g09910] [P0529B09.16]
Os06g0208100 Q69T58     ROC8_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC8 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 8) (HD-ZIP protein ROC8) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC8) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 8) [ROC8] [GL2-8] [LOC_Os06g10600] [P0664C05.15]
Os06g0208800 Q69T51     LYP6_ORYSJ  LysM domain-containing GPI-anchored protein LYP6 precursor (LysM domain-containing protein 6) (Os-LYP6) [LYP6] [LOC_Os06g10660] [P0664C05.26]
Os06g0211200 Q69TW5     BZP46_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 46 (OsBZIP46) (AREB/ABF-family transcription factor 8) (OsAREB8) (Abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 2) (ABRE-binding factor 2) (OsABF2) (Abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 3) (ABRE-binding factor 3) (OsABF3) (Protein ABI5-LIKE 1) [BZIP46] [ABF2] [ABF3] [ABL1] [AREB8] [LOC_Os06g10880] [P0021C04.25] [P0701E03.2]
Os06g0213700 Q283L3     KRP2_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2 (KIP-related protein 2) [KRP2] [LOC_Os06g11050] [P0537F07.1] [P0701E03.40]
Os06g0215500 Q69TI2     OPR6_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 6 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 6) (OsOPR6) [OPR6] [OPR4] [OsJ_20590] [OSJNBb0024N18.3] [P0537F07.25]
Os06g0215600 Q69TI0     OPR5_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 5 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 5) (OsOPR5) [OPR5] [OPR-1] [OPR6] [LOC_Os06g11210] [OSJNBb0024N18.5] [P0537F07.27]
Os06g0215900 Q69TH8     OPR4_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 4 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 4) (OsOPR4) [OPR4] [OPR10] [LOC_Os06g11240] [OsJ_20592] [OSJNBb0024N18.8] [P0537F07.30]
Os06g0216000 Q69TH6     OPR3_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 3 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 3) (OsOPR3) [OPR3] [LOC_Os06g11260] [OSJNBb0024N18.10] [P0537F07.32]
Os06g0216200 Q69TH4     OPR2_ORYSJ  Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 2 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 2) (OsOPR2) [OPR2] [LOC_Os06g11280] [OsJ_20594] [OSJNBb0024N18.12] [P0537F07.34]
Os06g0216300 Q84QK0     OPR1_ORYSJ  12-oxophytodienoate reductase 1 (EC (12-oxophytodienoate-10,11-reductase 1) (OPDA-reductase 1) (OsOPR1) [OPR1] [OPDA] [OPDA2] [OPDAR1] [OPR11] [OPR2] [RRJ4] [LOC_Os06g11290] [OsJ_20595] [OSJNBb0024N18.13] [P0537F07.35]
Os06g0217300 Q69TG5     MAD55_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 55 (OsMADS55) [MADS55] [LOC_Os06g11330] [OSJNBb0024N18.23]
Os06g0217600 B9FS74     KN14L_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14L [KIN14L] [LOC_Os06g11380] [OsJ_20602] [OSJNBb0024N18.29]
Os06g0217900 Q69QB8     CCD31_ORYSJ Cyclin-D3-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D3-1) (CycD3;1) [CYCD3-1] [LOC_Os06g11410] [P0644A02.8]
Os06g0218000 Q69QB5     SKIPB_ORYSJ SNW/SKI-interacting protein B (OsSKIPb) [SKIPB] [LOC_Os06g11420] [P0644A02.12]
Os06g0218500 Q69QA6     MCM9_ORYSJ  Probable DNA helicase MCM9 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance 9) (OsMCM9) [MCM9] [LOC_Os06g11500] [P0436F11.6] [P0644A02.30]
Os06g0219500 Q67X83     HS26M_ORYSJ 26.2 kDa heat shock protein, mitochondrial precursor (OsHsp26.2) [HSP26.2] [LOC_Os06g11610] [P0436F11.23]
Os06g0220800 Q67VZ8     APRL2_ORYSJ 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase-like 2 precursor (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 2) (APR-like 2) (OsAPRL2) [APRL2] [LOC_Os06g11740] [OsJ_20625] [P0436F11.46] [P0516A04.7]
Os06g0222100 Q0DDI1     TPP8_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 8 (EC (OsTPP8) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP8] [LOC_Os06g11840] [P0516A04.26]
Os06g0224100 Q67UI2     MUB2_ORYSJ  Membrane-anchored ubiquitin-fold protein 2 precursor (Membrane-anchored ub-fold protein 2) (OsMUB2) [MUB2] [LOC_Os06g12020] [P0638H11.28]
Os06g0225300 Q67X31     SERK3_ORYSJ LRR receptor kinase SERK2 precursor (EC (BRI1-associated receptor kinase 1 homolog 3) (OsBAK1-3) (Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase 3) (OsSERK3) [SERK3] [LOC_Os06g12120] [OsJ_20659] [OSNPB_060225300] [P0690H04.4]
Os06g0225800 Q5NTH3     SK2_ORYSJ   Shikimate kinase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSK2) [SK2] [LOC_Os06g12150]
Os06g0226500 Q0DDF6     ILI4_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI4 (OsILI4) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 172) (OsbHLH172) (Protein BRASSINOSTEROID UPREGULATED 1) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 4) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH172) [ILI4] [BHLH172] [BU1] [LOC_Os06g12210] [OsJ_20669]
Os06g0228200 Q67WJ8     NIP22_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP2-2 (Low silicon protein 6) (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 2-2) (OsNIP2;2) [NIP2-2] [LSI6] [LOC_Os06g12310] [OsJ_019836] [P0425F05.28-1]
Os06g0229066 Q67WJ2     FTSH6_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 6, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH6) [FTSH6] [LOC_Os06g12370] [OsJ_019841] [P0425F05.40] [P0525F01.10]
Os06g0229300 Q8H991     HAZ1_ORYSJ  Homeobox protein HAZ1 (Homeobox protein HOX1A homolog) [HAZ1] [HOX1A] [LOC_Os06g12400] [P0525F01.18]
Os06g0229800 Q0DDE3     SSY23_ORYSJ Soluble starch synthase 2-3, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Soluble starch synthase II-3) (Starch synthase IIa) [SSII-3] [ALK] [LOC_Os06g12450] [P0525F01.23]
Os06g0230100 Q67X45     CSLA3_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 3 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A3) (OsCslA3) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 3) [CSLA3] [LOC_Os06g12460] [P0525F01.26]
Os06g0231050 Q67X40     CASP3_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 3 (OsCASP3) [LOC_Os06g12500] [OsJ_019849] [P0525F01.34]
Os06g0232300 Q67UL3     PIN1C_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 1c (OsPIN1c) (OsPIN1a) [PIN1C] [LOC_Os06g12610] [P0479H10.14]
Os06g0232600 Q67UK9     DHAR2_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase DHAR2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (GSH-dependent dehydroascorbate reductase 2) (EC (OsDHAR2) (Glutathione-dependent dehydroascorbate reductase 2) [DHAR2] [LOC_Os06g12630] [OsJ_20706] [P0479H10.23]
Os06g0234200 Q67VP4     RAC4_ORYSJ  Rac-like GTP-binding protein 4 (GTPase protein ROP4) (OsRac4) [RAC4] [ROP4] [LOC_Os06g12790] [OsJ_20720] [OSJNBa0080E19.8-1] [OSJNBb0061B07.23-1]
Os06g0236600 Q67V81     CCD11_ORYSJ Cyclin-D1-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D1-1) (CycD1;1) [CYCD1-1] [LOC_Os06g12980] [OsJ_019891] [OSJNBa0080E19.38]
Os06g0236900 Q67V78     TRMB_ORYSJ  tRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase (EC (tRNA (guanine(46)-N(7))-methyltransferase) (tRNA(m7G46)-methyltransferase) [LOC_Os06g12990] [OsJ_20740] [OSJNBa0068B06.2] [OSJNBa0080E19.41]
Os06g0237200 Q67VC8     DPOLL_ORYSJ DNA polymerase lambda (EC (EC 4.2.99.-) (OsPolL) (Pol Lambda) [POLL] [LOC_Os06g13020] [OSJNBa0068B06.5]
Os06g0240050 Q67VD7     BURP9_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 9 precursor (OsBURP09) [BURP9] [Os06g0240300] [LOC_Os06g13240] [OSJNBa0052G07.35]
Os06g0245800 B9FSH5     SYAP_ORYSJ  Alanine--tRNA ligase, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC (Alanyl-tRNA synthetase) (AlaRS) [LOC_Os06g13660] [OJ1136_C11.1] [OsJ_20798]
Os06g0246500 Q654V6     ODPA2_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit alpha-2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (PDHE1-A) [LOC_Os06g13720] [OJ1136_C11.8]
Os06g0247900 Q654U4     GUN16_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 16 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 16) [LOC_Os06g13830] [OJ1136_C11.27]
Os06g0250600 Q653P0     KOR1_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KOR1 (K(+) outward-rectifying channel 1) [LOC_Os06g14030] [OSJNBa0091G06.35] [P0431E05.11]
Os06g0251700 Q653N3     MP703_ORYSJ Microtubule-associated protein 70-3 (AtMAP70-3) (70 kDa microtubule-associated protein 3) [MAP70.3] [LOC_Os06g14080] [P0431E05.19]
Os06g0253100 Q652V8     HSP16_ORYSJ 16.0 kDa heat shock protein, peroxisomal (OsHsp16.0) [HSP16.0] [LOC_Os06g14240] [OsJ_20841] [P0046H10.20]
Os06g0254200 Q652U9     KAT4_ORYSJ  Potassium channel KAT4 [LOC_Os06g14310] [P0046H10.36] [P0592E11.6]
Os06g0256500 P42863     G6PIB_ORYSJ Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, cytosolic B (EC (GPI-B) (Phosphoglucose isomerase B) (PGI-B) (Phosphohexose isomerase B) (PHI-B) [LOC_Os06g14510] [P0624H09.14]
Os06g0256900 Q652F9     GUN17_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 17 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 17) (OsGLU13) [GLU13] [LOC_Os06g14540] [OsJ_020012] [P0624H09.19]
Os06g0265000 Q43011     ASNS2_ORYSJ Asparagine synthetase [glutamine-hydrolyzing] 2 (EC (Glutamine-dependent asparagine synthetase 2) [LOC_Os06g15420] [OJ1001_B06.12]
Os06g0265400 Q5Z6N9     TGAL3_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL3 (bZIP transcription factor 47) (OsbZIP47) [TGAL3] [LOC_Os06g15480] [OJ1001_B06.18]
Os06g0270200 Q5Z6K9     HAK24_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 24 (OsHAK24) [HAK24] [LOC_Os06g15910] [OSJNBa0084K06.26]
Os06g0274500 Q9FP13     SERL2_ORYSJ LRR receptor kinase SERL2 precursor (EC (BRI1-associated receptor kinase 1 homolog 7) (OsBAK1-7) (Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase-like 2) (OsSERL2) [SERL2] [BAK1-7] [LOC_Os06g16330] [P0038C05.17] [P0676F10.28]
Os06g0275000 Q9FDX8     HD1_ORYSJ   Zinc finger protein HD1 (Protein CONSTANS-like) (Protein HEADING DATE 1) (OsHd1) (Protein PHOTOPERIOD SENSITIVITY 1) [HD1] [SE1] [LOC_Os06g16370] [P0038C05.23] [P0676F10.34]
Os06g0275500 Q5VN06     CLF_ORYSJ   Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase CLF (EC (OsCLF) (Protein SET DOMAIN GROUP 711) (SET family protein 24) (OsSET24) [CLF] [SDG711] [LOC_Os06g16390] [P0038C05.29] [P0676F10.40]
Os06g0281800 Q5VN46     BURPA_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 10 precursor (OsBURP10) [BURP10] [LOC_Os06g17000] [OsJ_20979] [OSJNBa0063H02.22]
Os06g0288300 Q5VMI0     CGT_ORYSJ   UDP-glycosyltransferase CGT (EC (UDP-glucose:2-hydroxyflavanone C-glucosyltransferase) (OsCGT) [CGT] [LOC_Os06g18010] [B1197G05.8] [b29O05.13] [OsJ_21017] [P0649C11.32]
Os06g0291600 Q0DCT8     G11A_ORYSJ  Protein kinase G11A (EC [LOC_Os06g18830] [B1026E06.38] [B1066D09.24] [OsJ_020170]
Os06g0301000 Q5Z880     HRD1_ORYSJ  ERAD-associated E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HRD1 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase HRD1) [HRD1] [LOC_Os06g19680] [OJ1217_C01.4] [P0501G08.42]
Os06g0302000 Q5Z5C9     BURPB_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 11 (OsBURP11) [BURP11] [LOC_Os06g19800] [OJ1217_C01.19] [OSJNBa0042E12.9]
Os06g0311600 Q0DCM5     MAN6_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 6 precursor (EC (Beta-mannanase 6) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 6) (OsMAN6) [MAN6] [LOC_Os06g20620] [OSJNBb0005N06.19]
Os06g0318700 Q5ZA07     C3H41_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase makorin (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase makorin) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 41) (OsC3H41) [MKRN] [LOC_Os06g21390] [OsJ_21146] [P0468A12.33] [P0592B08.7]
Os06g0320000 Q5Z9Z3     OCLOT_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like protein Clot (Thioredoxin Clot) (OsClot) [LOC_Os06g21550] [OsJ_21152] [P0592B08.32]
Os06g0320200 Q5Z9Z0     BGL24_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 24 precursor (EC (Os6bglu24) [BGLU24] [LOC_Os06g21570] [OsJ_21154] [P0592B08.35]
Os06g0324800 Q8H6G7     PHT19_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-9 (OsPT9) (OsPht1;9) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-9] [PT9] [LOC_Os06g21920] [OsJ_21168]
Os06g0325200 Q69T94     PT110_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-10 (OsPT10) (OsPht1;10) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-10] [PT10] [LOC_Os06g21950] [OsJ_020312] [P0421H01.35] [P0652D10.5]
Os06g0327300 Q69PS6     NTRA_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin reductase NTRA (EC (NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase A) (OsNTRA) [LOC_Os06g22140] [OSJNBb0039F24.13]
Os06g0334400 Q5Z754     CDKF1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase F-1 (EC (EC (CDKF;1) [CDKF-1] [LOC_Os06g22820] [OSJNBa0012F14.17]
Os06g0335500 Q5Z749     IAA21_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA21 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 21) [IAA21] [LOC_Os06g22870] [OSJNBa0012F14.28]
Os06g0336200 Q5Z6F0     TIP22_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP2-2 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 2-2) (OsTIP2;2) [TIP2-2] [LOC_Os06g22960] [OsJ_020360] [OSJNBa0012F14.45-1] [P0427E01.5-1]
Os06g0336500 Q5Z6E5     CSLD5_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein D5 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslD5) [CSLD5] [LOC_Os06g22980] [OsJ_020361] [P0427E01.10]
Os06g0342100 P49964     SRP19_ORYSJ Signal recognition particle 19 kDa protein (SRP19) [SRP19] [LOC_Os06g23430] [P0428A03.35] [P0459H02.12]
Os06g0348800 Q5Z5I4     GLK1_ORYSJ  Probable transcription factor GLK1 (Golden2-like protein 1) (OsGLK1) [GLK1] [LOC_Os06g24070] [OSJNBa0031J07.13]
Os06g0355300 Q69TU6     IAA22_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA22 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 22) [IAA22] [LOC_Os06g24850] [OSJNBa0021M10.5]
Os06g0358800 Q69KJ0     RTL3_ORYSJ  Ribonuclease 3-like protein 3 (EC 3.1.26.-) (Ribonuclease III-like protein 3) (RNase III-like protein 3) [LOC_Os06g25250] [OsJ_21299] [OSJNBb0027A16.25]
Os06g0367900 Q5VN19     MPK11_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 11 (EC (MAP kinase 11) [MPK11] [LOC_Os06g26340] [OSJNBa0015G09.36-1] [OSJNBa0015G09.36-2]
Os06g0472000 Q0DC89     MSRB1_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase B1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMSRB1) (Peptide-methionine (R)-S-oxide reductase) [MSRB1] [LOC_Os06g27760] [OsJ_21331] [P0613F06.49-1]
Os06g0486300 Q0DC45     MLOH1_ORYSJ MLO protein homolog 1 (OsMLO1) [MLO1] [MLO-H1] [LOC_Os06g29110] [OJ1568_D07.18] [P0008F02.13]
Os06g0486800 Q9SXP2     FDH1_ORYSJ  Formate dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (FDH 1) (NAD-dependent formate dehydrogenase 1) [LOC_Os06g29180] [P0008F02.23] [P0404G03.8]
Os06g0486900 Q67U69     FDH2_ORYSJ  Formate dehydrogenase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (FDH 2) (NAD-dependent formate dehydrogenase 2) [LOC_Os06g29220] [OsJ_21395] [P0404G03.13]
Os06g0489200 Q67VW6     TGHH_ORYSJ  G patch domain-containing protein TGH homolog (Protein TOUGH homolog) [LOC_Os06g29400] [OsJ_21406] [P0583E12.23]
Os06g0493600 Q651J5     PHO13_ORYSJ Phosphate transporter PHO1-3 (Protein PHO1-3) (OsPHO1;3) [PHO1-3] [LOC_Os06g29790] [B1423D04.17]
Os06g0498800 Q656A5     MFT1_ORYSJ  Protein MOTHER of FT and TFL1 homolog 1 (OsMFT1) [MFT1] [LOC_Os06g30370] [P0596H06.13]
Os06g0499500 Q654M1     GH37_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.7 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 7) (OsGH3-7) [GH3.7] [LOC_Os06g30440] [P0012H03.1-1] [P0012H03.1-2] [P0596H06.21-1] [P0596H06.21-2]
Os06g0508700 Q9ZTS1     SYM_ORYSJ   Probable methionine--tRNA ligase (EC (Methionyl-tRNA synthetase) (MetRS) [LOC_Os06g31210] [P0561B08.33]
Os06g0519400 Q0DBW8     C3H42_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 42 (OsC3H42) [LOC_Os06g32720]
Os06g0520600 Q5Z5Q3     C3H43_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 43 (OsC3H43) [LOC_Os06g32860] [OSJNBa0077L03.22]
Os06g0523400 Q654D9     CSTR1_ORYSJ CMP-sialic acid transporter 1 (CMP-SA-Tr 1) (CMP-Sia-Tr 1) (CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein 1) (OsCSTLP1) [CSTLP1] [LOC_Os06g33210] [OsJ_21524] [OSJNBa0009J19.27]
Os06g0526600 Q0DBU5     RH31_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 31 (EC [LOC_Os06g33520] [OSJNBa0043B22.23] [P0001B01.3]
Os06g0526700 Q652Z7     P2C55_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 55 (EC (OsPP2C55) [LOC_Os06g33530] [OsJ_020683] [OSJNBa0043B22.24] [P0001B01.4]
Os06g0526800 Q0DBU3     P2C56_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 56 (EC (OsPP2C56) [Os06g0526950] [LOC_Os06g33549] [OsJ_020684] [OSJNBa0043B22.28] [P0001B01.8]
Os06g0530400 Q5Z6B6     NAC76_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 76 (ONAC076) (OsNAC7) [NAC076] [NAC7] [LOC_Os06g33940] [P0410C01.5-1] [P0438E12.26-1]
Os06g0530700 Q5Z6B1     SEN2_ORYSJ  Probable tRNA-splicing endonuclease subunit Sen2 (EC (tRNA-intron endonuclease Sen2) [LOC_Os06g33980] [P0410C01.17] [P0438E12.38]
Os06g0535100 Q0DBS1     RH51_ORYSJ  Putative DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 51 (EC [LOC_Os06g34420] [OsJ_21574] [OSJNBa0001B21.18]
Os06g0535400 Q5Z5F2     ATL61_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Os06g0535400 (EC (RING-H2 finger protein Os06g0535400) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase Os06g0535400) [LOC_Os06g34450] [OSJNBa0001B21.23]
Os06g0543400 Q5Z6X0     CIPKP_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 25 (EC (OsCIPK25) [CIPK25] [LOC_Os06g35160] [B1068H08.30] [P0007G12.2]
Os06g0547900 Q5Z7J0     GSK4_ORYSJ  Shaggy-related protein kinase GSK4 (EC (Glycogen synthase kinase3-like protein 4) (OsGSK4) (Shaggy-related protein kinase etha homolog) (OsKETHA) (SKETHA) [GSK4] [LOC_Os06g35530] [OsJ_21630] [OSJNBa0016D02.31]
Os06g0551400 P40393     RIC2_ORYSJ  Ras-related protein RIC2 [RIC2] [SS230] [LOC_Os06g35814] [OsJ_21648] [P0659D09.45]
Os06g0552300 Q5Z9E5     BZR3_ORYSJ  Protein BZR1 homolog 3 (OsBZR3) (Protein BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT 1 homolog 3) [BZR3] [LOC_Os06g35900] [P0427B07.9]
Os06g0552700 Q5Z9E2     NIP14_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP1-4 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 1-4) (OsNIP1;4) [NIP1-4] [LOC_Os06g35930] [P0427B07.13]
Os06g0553100 Q0DBL6     HFC2B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor C-2b (Heat stress transcription factor 16) (OsHsf-16) [HSFC2B] [HSF16] [LOC_Os06g35960] [P0427B07.22]
Os06g0554700 B9FTR1     KN14M_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14M [KIN14M] [LOC_Os06g36080] [OsJ_21674] [P0458E11.2]
Os06g0554800 Q5Z9S8     AB42G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 42 (OsABCG42) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 12) (OsPDR12) [ABCG42] [PDR12] [LOC_Os06g36090] [P0458E11.3-1] [P0458E11.3-2]
Os06g0560000 Q5Z922     S40A1_ORYSJ Solute carrier family 40 member 1 [LOC_Os06g36450] [P0528E12.13]
Os06g0561000 Q5Z8T3     MIOX_ORYSJ  Probable inositol oxygenase (EC (Myo-inositol oxygenase) (MI oxygenase) [LOC_Os06g36560] [P0456F09.5] [P0528E12.30]
Os06g0562200 Q5Z8S0     PYL9_ORYSJ  Abscisic acid receptor PYL9 (PYR1-like protein 2) (OsPYL2) (PYR1-like protein 9) (OsPYL9) (Regulatory components of ABA receptor 9) [PYL9] [PYL2] [RCAR9] [LOC_Os06g36670] [P0456F09.29] [P0656E03.2]
Os06g0563300 Q5Z8Z7     2ABA_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A 55 kDa regulatory subunit B alpha isoform (PP2A, subunit B, alpha isoform) [LOC_Os06g36770] [P0656E03.30]
Os06g0563900 A0A0P0WY03 DAT12_ORYSJ Diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1-2 (EC (OsDGAT1-2) [DGAT1-2] [LOC_Os06g36800] [P0656E03.36]
Os06g0565200 Q5Z6A4     HFA6A_ORYSJ Putative heat stress transcription factor A-6a (Heat stress transcription factor 17) (OsHsf-17) [HSFA6A] [HSF17] [LOC_Os06g36930] [OsJ_020873] [P0513E02.12]
Os06g0566300 Q5Z653     ZIP10_ORYSJ Zinc transporter 10 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 10) (OsZIP10) [ZIP10] [LOC_Os06g37010] [P0513E02.27] [P0567G03.8]
Os06g0568600 Q5Z5S6     C7019_ORYSJ Ent-kaurene oxidase-like 5 (EC 1.14.13.-) (OsKOL5) (Cytochrome P450 701A9) (Ent-kaurene oxidase 5) (OsKO5) (OsKOS2) [CYP701A9] [LOC_Os06g37224] [OSJNBa0062E01.13]
Os06g0569500 Q0DBF4     C7018_ORYSJ Ent-sandaracopimaradiene 3-hydroxylase (EC (Cytochrome P450 701A8) (Ent-kaurene oxidase 4) (OsKO4) (Ent-kaurene oxidase-like 4) (OsKOL4) (OsKOS1) (Syn-pimaradiene 3-monooxygenase) (EC [CYP701A8] [KO1] [LOC_Os06g37300] [OSJNBa0062E01.27]
Os06g0569900 Q5Z5R7     C701S_ORYSJ Ent-kaurene oxidase-like 3 (EC 1.14.13.-) (OsKOL3) (Cytochrome P450 701A19) (Ent-kaurene oxidase 1) (OsKO1) (OsKOS4) [CYP701A19] [LOC_Os06g37330] [OSJNBa0062E01.34]
Os06g0570100 Q5Z5R4     C7016_ORYSJ Ent-kaurene oxidase 2 (EC (OsKO2) (Cytochrome P450 701A6) (Ent-kaurene oxidase-like 2) (OsKOL2) (OsKOS3) (Protein DWARF 35) [CYP701A6] [D35] [LOC_Os06g37364] [OSJNBa0062E01.38]
Os06g0570600 C7J3A2     C7017_ORYSJ Ent-kaurene oxidase-like protein 1 (OsKOL1) (Cytochrome P450 701A7) [CYP701A7] [KO1] [KOL1]
Os06g0571400 Q5Z627     EF1G3_ORYSJ Elongation factor 1-gamma 3 (EF-1-gamma 3) (eEF-1B gamma 3) [LOC_Os06g37440] [OSJNBa0006A22.2] [P0610D01.10]
Os06g0572300 Q5Z620     CKX10_ORYSJ Cytokinin dehydrogenase 10 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 10) (OsCKX10) [CKX10] [LOC_Os06g37500] [OSJNBa0006A22.17] [P0610D01.25]
Os06g0573600 Q5Z7L0     BGAL9_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 9 precursor (EC (Lactase 9) [LOC_Os06g37560] [OSJNBa0006A22.31-1]
Os06g0574500 Q0DBD3     PP2A1_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP2A-1 catalytic subunit (EC [PP2A1] [LOC_Os06g37660] [OsJ_020918] [OSJNBa0006A22.44]
Os06g0583400 Q7Y0Y8     HDAC1_ORYSJ Histone deacetylase 1 (EC (OsHDAC1) [HDAC1] [HDA702] [LOC_Os06g38470] [P0498C03.28-1]
Os06g0594600 Q69UE6     AT10_ORYSJ  Acyl transferase 10 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT10) [AT10] [LOC_Os06g39390] [OsJ_21858] [P0652A05.17]
Os06g0595800 Q69UD7     AT8_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 8 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT8) [AT8] [LOC_Os06g39470] [P0417D05.2] [P0652A05.34]
Os06g0597000 Q69VE0     IAA23_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA23 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 23) [IAA23] [LOC_Os06g39590] [OsJ_21866] [P0417D05.17-1]
Os06g0597200 Q69VD9     P2C57_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 57 (EC (OsPP2C57) [LOC_Os06g39600] [OsJ_21867] [P0417D05.18-1] [P0417D05.18-2]
Os06g0597400 Q69VD5     PNH1_ORYSJ  Protein argonaute PNH1 (Protein PINHEAD homolog 1) (OsPNH1) [PHN1] [LOC_Os06g39640] [P0417D05.31]
Os06g0599200 Q69X58     C76M7_ORYSJ Ent-cassadiene C11-alpha-hydroxylase 1 (EC (Cytochrome P450 76M7) [CYP76M7] [LOC_Os06g39780] [OsJ_07204] [OsJ_21875] [OSJNBa0008E01.17] [P0025F02.46] [P0642B07.53]
Os06g0600301 Q69XM7     RAN3_ORYSJ  GTP-binding nuclear protein Ran-3 (OsRan3) (Ras-related nuclear protein 3) [RAN3] [LOC_Os06g39875] [OsJ_021038] [P0457B11.6]
Os06g0600400 Q69XM6     C7344_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 734A4 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP734A4] [LOC_Os06g39880] [OsJ_21885] [P0457B11.8]
Os06g0600550 Q69XK5     CESAB_ORYSJ Putative cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 11 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA11) [CESA11] [LOC_Os06g39970] [P0457B11.25] [P0486H12.12]
Os06g0602400 Q0DB53     RH52A_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 52A (EC [LOC_Os06g40020] [P0486H12.18]
Os06g0603000 Q69XJ4     HMOX1_ORYSJ Heme oxygenase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Protein PHOTOPERIODIC SENSITIVITY 5) [HO1] [HY1] [SE5] [LOC_Os06g40080] [OsJ_21897] [P0486H12.31]
Os06g0603600 Q69XJ0     SPX1_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 1 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 1) (OsSPX1) [SPX1] [LOC_Os06g40120] [OsJ_21901] [P0486H12.37]
Os06g0604400 P93844     PLDA2_ORYSJ Phospholipase D alpha 2 (EC (PLD alpha 2) (Choline phosphatase 2) (Phosphatidylcholine-hydrolyzing phospholipase D 2) [PLD2] [LOC_Os06g40190] [OsJ_21907] [P0481H08.5]
Os06g0606000 Q69Q47     CIPKO_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 24 (EC (OsCIPK24) [CIPK24] [LOC_Os06g40370] [P0029C06.1] [P0481H08.35]
Os06g0610300 Q84MM9     MOC_ORYSJ   Protein MONOCULM 1 [MOC1] [LOC_Os06g40780] [P0490F09.19]
Os06g0611700 B9FU45     NAP1D_ORYSJ Nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 4 [LOC_Os06g40920] [OsJ_21957] [P0429G06.8] [P0490F09.44]
Os06g0612800 A3BDI8     SAP8_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 8 (OsSAP8) (Stress-associated protein 3) [SAP8] [SAP3] [LOC_Os06g41010] [OsJ_021110] [P0417G12.11] [P0429G06.28]
Os06g0614000 Q69T22     FTIP1_ORYSJ FT-interacting protein 1 (OsFTIP1) [FTIP1] [LOC_Os06g41090] [OsJ_21968] [P0417G12.28] [P0691E09.4]
Os06g0614100 Q69T21     TGAL8_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL8 (bZIP transcription factor 49) (OsbZIP49) [TGAL8] [LOC_Os06g41100] [OsJ_21969] [P0417G12.29] [P0691E09.5]
Os06g0617800 Q69XQ6     KPRS2_ORYSJ Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase 2) [LOC_Os06g41360] [P0012B02.3-1] [P0012B02.3-2]
Os06g0618100 Q69XQ3     C3H44_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 44 (OsC3H44) [LOC_Os06g41384] [P0012B02.7-1]
Os06g0621900 Q69XV9     EXP16_ORYSJ Expansin-A16 precursor (Alpha-expansin-16) (OsEXP16) (OsEXPA16) (OsaEXPa1.27) [EXPA16] [EXP16] [LOC_Os06g41700] [P0040H10.29]
Os06g0622700 Q69XV0     BZP50_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 50 (OsbZIP50) (OsBZIP74) [BZIP50] [BZIP60] [BZIP74] [LOC_Os06g41770] [OsJ_22012] [P0040H10.41]
Os06g0625400 Q69TY5     SPP_ORYSJ   Stromal processing peptidase, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) [SPP] [LOC_Os06g41990] [OSJNBa0029G06.38-1] [OSJNBa0072A21.7-1]
Os06g0625500 Q69TY4     PR2E1_ORYSJ Peroxiredoxin-2E-1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Glutaredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin) (Peroxiredoxin IIE-1) (Thioredoxin peroxidase 2E-1) [PRXIIE-1] [LOC_Os06g42000] [OSJNBa0029G06.40] [OSJNBa0072A21.9]
Os06g0625700 Q67VS7     CSLA9_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 9 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A9) (OsCslA9) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 9) [CSLA9] [LOC_Os06g42020] [OsJ_021176] [OsJ_22033] [OSJNBa0072A21.15]
Os06g0625900 Q67VS5     HAK10_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 10 (OsHAK10) [HAK10] [LOC_Os06g42030] [OSJNBa0072A21.17]
Os06g0626700 Q67VR7     ANS2_ORYSJ  Leucoanthocyanidin dioxygenase 2 (EC (LDOX2) (Leucocyanidin oxygenase 2) (Anthocyanidin synthase 2) (OsANS2) (Leucoanthocyanidin hydroxylase 2) [ANS2] [LOC_Os06g42130] [OSJNBa0072A21.33] [P0530H05.4]
Os06g0628500 Q67VU7     BGA10_ORYSJ Putative beta-galactosidase 10 precursor (EC (Lactase 10) [LOC_Os06g42310] [OSJNBa0023I22.22] [P0530H05.37]
Os06g0632500 Q67VL7     Y6325_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os06g0632500 [LOC_Os06g42630] [P0505A04.21]
Os06g0633300 Q0DAS9     PSK1_ORYSJ  Phytosulfokines 1 precursor [Contains: Phytosulfokine-alpha (PSK-alpha) (Phytosulfokine-a); Phytosulfokine-beta (PSK-beta) (Phytosulfokine-b)] [PSK1] [PSK] [LOC_Os06g42680] [OsJ_021203] [P0505A04.32-1]
Os06g0638700 Q67WE2     CYL2_ORYSJ  Cyclase-like protein 2 precursor (OsCYL2) [CYL2] [LOC_Os06g43180] [P0523F01.29]
Os06g0639200 A0A0N7KMH0 AP24_ORYSJ  APETALA2-like protein 4 (Protein GLOSSY 15) (OsGL15) [AP2-4] [GL15] [LOC_Os06g43220] [OSNPB_060639200]
Os06g0643100 Q9LST7     PSB3_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit beta type-3 (20S proteasome alpha subunit C) (20S proteasome subunit beta-3) [PBC1] [LOC_Os06g43570] [OsJ_22127] [P0416A11.24]
Os06g0643300 Q84VG1     CHMP1_ORYSJ ESCRT-related protein CHMP1 (Protein CHARGED MULTIVESICULAR BODY PROTEIN 1) (Protein CHROMATIN MODIFYING PROTEIN 1) [CHMP1] [LOC_Os06g43590] [OsJ_22129] [P0416A11.29]
Os06g0643700 B7F9G7     ADPO1_ORYSJ Heptahelical transmembrane protein ADIPOR1 (PAQR family protein ADIPOR1) [ADIPOR1] [LOC_Os06g43620] [P0017B12.2] [P0416A11.35]
Os06g0643800 Q67WN8     SPSA3_ORYSJ Probable sucrose-phosphate synthase 3 (EC (Sucrose phosphate synthase 3F) (OsSPS3F) (UDP-glucose-fructose-phosphate glucosyltransferase) [SPS3] [SPS6] [LOC_Os06g43630] [P0017B12.4] [P0416A11.37]
Os06g0644800 Q67WM9     OS9_ORYSJ   Protein OS-9 homolog precursor (OsOS9) [OS9] [LOC_Os06g43710] [OsJ_22141] [P0017B12.18-1]
Os06g0645700 Q67W65     TAF1_ORYSJ  Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1 (TAFII250) [TAF1] [LOC_Os06g43790] [OJ1226_A12.6] [P0017B12.32]
Os06g0646600 Q94LW4     KNOSB_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 11 (Homeobox protein HOS59) [HOS59] [LOC_Os06g43860] [OJ1226_A12.18] [OSJNBa0062J02.2]
Os06g0646900 Q0DAK7     HGGT_ORYSJ  Homogentisate geranylgeranyltransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsHGGT) [HGGT] [LOC_Os06g43880] [OJ1226_A12.22] [OSJNBa0062J02.6]
Os06g0647200 Q67W50     ORR25_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR25 (OsRRB3) [RR25] [ORR5] [LOC_Os06g43910] [OJ1226_A12.26] [OSJNBa0062J02.10]
Os06g0649000 Q0DAJ3     WRK28_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY28 (OsWRKY28) [WRKY28] [OsJ_22168] [OSJNBa0062J02.29] [OSNPB_060649000]
Os06g0650100 P0C031     RUB2_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-NEDD8-like protein RUB2 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; NEDD8-like protein RUB2 (OsRUB2) (Ubiquitin-related protein 2)] [RUB2] [NEDD8] [UBQ5] [LOC_Os06g44080] [P0453H04.18]
Os06g0650300 Q67UR2     GW6A_ORYSJ  Acetyl transferase GW6a (EC 2.3.1.-) (GNAT-like histone acetyltransferase 1) (OsglHAT1) (Histone H4 acetyltransferase) (Protein GRAIN WEIGHT ON CHROMOSOME 6) [GW6A] [GNAT1] [HAT1] [LOC_Os06g44100] [P0453H04.20]
Os06g0650800 Q67UQ7     MRS2B_ORYSJ Magnesium transporter MRS2-B [MRS2-B] [LOC_Os06g44150] [P0453H04.31]
Os06g0651600 Q67UP9     P2C58_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 58 (EC (OsPP2C58) [LOC_Os06g44210] [OsJ_22185] [P0453H04.39-1] [P0453H04.39-2]
Os06g0652300 Q67WR5     FCL2_ORYSJ  Putative GDP-L-fucose synthase 2 (EC (GDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-mannose-3,5-epimerase-4-reductase 2) [LOC_Os06g44260] [OsJ_22190] [OSJNBa0085J13.4]
Os06g0652400 Q67WR2     FCL1_ORYSJ  Probable GDP-L-fucose synthase 1 (EC (GDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-mannose-3,5-epimerase-4-reductase 1) [LOC_Os06g44270] [OsJ_22191] [OSJNBa0085J13.7]
Os06g0653000 Q67WQ7     GLO13_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-3 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-3) (Protein GLOSSY l) [GL1-3] [GL1] [LOC_Os06g44300] [OsJ_22195] [OSJNBa0085J13.13] [OSNPB_060653000]
Os06g0654300 A3BE68     OHK1_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 1 (EC (OsHK1) [HK1] [MHZ1] [LOC_Os06g44410] [OsJ_22203]
Os06g0656300 Q67W83     CSPLD_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 2C1 (OsCASPL2C1) [LOC_Os06g44610] [P0460H04.29] [P0709F06.50]
Os06g0656500 Q67W82     4CL4_ORYSJ  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 4 (EC (4CL 4) (Os4CL4) (4-coumaroyl-CoA synthase 4) (Protein RESISTANCE TO ALUMINUM 1) [4CL4] [RAL1] [LOC_Os06g44620] [P0460H04.31-1] [P0460H04.31-2]
Os06g0658900 B7FA90     HPT1_ORYSJ  Probable homogentisate phytyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Vitamin E pathway gene 2-1 protein) (OsVTE2-1) [HPT1] [VTE2-1] [LOC_Os06g44840] [B1047G05.17] [P0677B10.32]
Os06g0659100 Q0DAE8     SPL10_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 10 [SPL10] [LOC_Os06g44860] [B1047G05.25]
Os06g0659300 Q67U26     VLN3_ORYSJ  Villin-3 [VLN3] [LOC_Os06g44890] [B1047G05.32] [OsJ_22231] [OSJNBa0051O02.4] [OSNPB_060659300]
Os06g0659500 Q0DAE4     GRXC8_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C8 (Glutaredoxin-C4 homolog) [GRXC8] [LOC_Os06g44910] [B1047G05.35] [OSJNBa0051O02.7]
Os06g0660200 Q651V6     PIN2_ORYSJ  Auxin efflux carrier component 2 (OsPIN2) [PIN2] [LOC_Os06g44970] [OSJNBa0051O02.21]
Os06g0661800 Q651U1     CRYD_ORYSJ  Cryptochrome DASH, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor [CRYD] [LOC_Os06g45100] [OSJNBa0051O02.40] [OSJNBb0065C04.7]
Os06g0662200 Q654B3     RSBZ5_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor RISBZ5 (Rice seed bZIP5) (bZIP transcription factor 52) (OsbZIP52) [RISBZ5] [BZIP52] [LOC_Os06g45140] [OsJ_22252] [OSJNBb0065C04.12]
Os06g0662900 P83466     MPAO2_ORYSJ Pollen allergen Ory s 2-A (Allergen Ory s 2-A) (Fragment) [LOC_Os06g45230]
Os06g0663500 Q653Z5     SPL11_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 11 [SPL11] [LOC_Os06g45310] [OsJ_021400] [OSJNBb0065C04.42]
Os06g0665400 Q655Y0     APO1_ORYSJ  Protein ABERRANT PANICLE ORGANIZATION 1 (F-box protein 0393) (Os_F0393) (F-box protein 321) (OsFbox321) (Protein PRIMARY BRANCH NUMBER ON CHROMOSOME 6) (Protein STRONG CULM 2) [APO1] [F0393] [FBOX321] [PBN6] [SCM2] [LOC_Os06g45460] [OSNPB_060665400] [P0473H04.19]
Os06g0665500 Q655X8     AAH_ORYSJ   Probable allantoate deiminase precursor (EC (Allantoate amidohydrolase) (OsAAH) [AAH] [LOC_Os06g45480] [OsJ_22281] [P0473H04.24]
Os06g0665800 A0A0P0X004 HMA9_ORYSJ  Cation-transporting ATPase HMA5 (EC 7.2.2.-) (Protein HEAVY METAL ATPASE 5) (OsHMA5) [HMA9] [LOC_Os06g45500] [P0473H04.28]
Os06g0665900 Q655X0     TRXO_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin O, mitochondrial precursor (OsTrxo1) (OsTrx22) [LOC_Os06g45510] [OsJ_22283] [P0473H04.30] [P0637D03.1]
Os06g0667100 Q655V5     NFYC4_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit C-4 (OsNF-YC4) (Transcriptional activator HAP5B) (OsHAP5B) [NFYC4] [HAP5B] [LOC_Os06g45640] [OsJ_22293] [P0637D03.35]
Os06g0667200 Q655V4     MAD30_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 30 (OsMADS30) [MADS30] [LOC_Os06g45650] [P0637D03.37]
Os06g0669400 Q655S1     FTSH2_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH2) [FTSH2] [LOC_Os06g45820] [OsJ_021445] [P0686E06.31-1] [P0686E06.31-2]
Os06g0670000 Q655R6     MOCOS_ORYSJ Molybdenum cofactor sulfurase (EC (MCS) (MOS) (MoCo sulfurase) (Molybdenum cofactor sulfurase-like protein 3) (Molybdenum cofactor sulfurtransferase) [MCSU3] [LOC_Os06g45860] [OsJ_22313] [P0686E06.35]
Os06g0670300 A0A0P0X0C0 MPH1_ORYSJ  Myb family transcription factor MPH1 (Myb transcription factor 45) (OsMYB45) (Protein MYB-LIKE GENE OF PLANT HEIGHT 1) (OsMPH1) [MPH1] [MYB45] [LOC_Os06g45890] [P0485A07.2] [P0686E06.38]
Os06g0671000 Q652J4     HAK13_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 13 (OsHAK13) [HAK13] [LOC_Os06g45940] [OSJNBa0032M14.1] [P0485A07.11]
Os06g0671900 Q40665     TBB3_ORYSJ  Tubulin beta-3 chain (Beta-3-tubulin) [TUBB3] [RTUB-2] [TUB3] [LOC_Os06g46000] [OsJ_22330] [OSJNBa0032M14.15] [P0485A07.25]
Os06g0672400 Q652I1     G1L2_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like2 [G1L2] [LOC_Os06g46030] [OSJNBa0032M14.22] [P0485A07.32]
Os06g0675700 Q653V7     AGLU_ORYSJ  Probable alpha-glucosidase Os06g0675700 precursor (EC (Maltase) [LOC_Os06g46284] [B1153E06.2] [OsJ_22347]
Os06g0676000 Q653V6     NRAM3_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp3 (OsNramp3) [NRAMP3] [LOC_Os06g46310] [B1153E06.4] [OsJ_22349]
Os06g0677700 Q0DA50     C3H45_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 45 (OsC3H45) [LOC_Os06g46400] [B1153E06.24] [P0710B08.18]
Os06g0677800 Q653U3     ARFQ_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 17 [ARF17] [LOC_Os06g46410] [B1153E06.26] [P0710B08.20]
Os06g0678200 Q653T6     SPS1_ORYSJ  Solanesyl-diphosphate synthase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsSPS1) (All-trans-nonaprenyl-diphosphate synthase 1 (geranyl-diphosphate specific)) [SPS1] [LOC_Os06g46450]
Os06g0683300 Q0DA21     BGL25_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 25 precursor (EC (Os6bglu25) [BGLU25] [LOC_Os06g46940]
Os06g0685700 Q653H7     ARFR_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 18 (OsARF10) [ARF18] [ARF10] [LOC_Os06g47150] [P0009H10.43] [P0623A10.1]
Os06g0687900 Q653F4     IRX14_ORYSJ Probable beta-1,4-xylosyltransferase IRX14 (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsGT43J) (Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os06g0687900) (Protein IRREGULAR XYLEM 14 homolog) (OsIRX14) [IRX14] [GT43J] [LOC_Os06g47340] [OsJ_22428] [P0623A10.33] [P0661G04.6]
Os06g0691400 Q5Z678     ILL6_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 6 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL6] [LOC_Os06g47620] [OsJ_22451] [P0532H03.15]
Os06g0691600 Q5Z676     CML29_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML29 (Calmodulin-like protein 29) [CML29] [LOC_Os06g47640] [OsJ_021585] [P0532H03.18]
Os06g0693300 Q5Z8L1     RFA2C_ORYSJ Replication protein A 32 kDa subunit C (OsRPA32C) (OsRPA32-3) (Replication factor A protein 2C) (Replication protein A 2C) [RPA2C] [RPA32C] [LOC_Os06g47830] [P0550B04.15]
Os06g0694000 Q5Z8K3     ADO1_ORYSJ  Adagio-like protein 1 [LOC_Os06g47890] [OsJ_22473] [P0550B04.22]
Os06g0695800 Q0D9V6     STAR1_ORYSJ Protein STAR1 (ABC transporter ABCI.12) (OsABCI12) (ABC transporter I family member 12) (Protein ALUMINUM SENSITIVE 1) (Protein SENSITIVE TO ALUMINUM RHIZOTOXICITY 1) [STAR1] [ABCI12] [ALS1] [LOC_Os06g48060] [P0622F03.26]
Os06g0697200 Q5Z6G5     RH35B_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 35B (EC [LOC_Os06g48210] [OsJ_22496] [P0028E05.25]
Os06g0698200 Q5Z6F6     HOX18_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX18 (HD-ZIP protein HOX18) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX18) (OsHox18) [HOX18] [LOC_Os06g48290] [OsJ_021636] [P0028E05.36]
Os06g0698300 Q5Z6F5     P2C59_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 59 precursor (EC (OsPP2C59) [LOC_Os06g48300] [OsJ_021637] [P0028E05.39]
Os06g0698900 Q5Z4U5     GAT20_ORYSJ GATA transcription factor 20 (OsGATA20) (Protein TIFY 2b) (OsTIFY2b) [GATA20] [TIFY2B] [LOC_Os06g48534] [P0468G03.1] [P0545E05.36]
Os06g0699400 Q5Z859     MPK4_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 4 (EC (MAP kinase 4) (Multiple stress-responsive MAP kinase 3) (OsMAP2) (OsMSRMK3) [MPK4] [MAP2] [MSRMK3] [LOC_Os06g48590] [OsJ_22520] [P0468G03.11]
Os06g0699700 Q5Z856     ADCS_ORYSJ  Probable aminodeoxychorismate synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (ADC synthase) (P-aminobenzoic acid synthase) (PABA synthase) (Para-aminobenzoate synthase) [ADCS] [LOC_Os06g48620] [P0468G03.14]
Os06g0700700 A3BF39     HMA2_ORYSJ  Cadmium/zinc-transporting ATPase HMA2 (EC (EC (Protein HEAVY METAL ATPASE 2) (OsHMA2) [HMA2] [LOC_Os06g48720] [OsJ_22530]
Os06g0701100 P35683     IF4A1_ORYSJ Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-1 (EC (eIF-4A-1) (ATP-dependent RNA helicase eIF4A-1) (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 4) [LOC_Os06g48750] [OsJ_22532] [P0468G03.33] [P0596H10.2]
Os06g0701200 Q5Z8Y4     USP_ORYSJ   UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase (EC [USP] [LOC_Os06g48760] [OsJ_021664] [P0596H10.4]
Os06g0701400 P56724     RLA3_ORYSJ  60S acidic ribosomal protein P3 (P1/P2-like) [LOC_Os06g48780] [P0596H10.6]
Os06g0701600 Q8L4K5     HKT9_ORYSJ  Probable cation transporter HKT9 (OsHKT9) [HKT9] [LOC_Os06g48800] [OsJ_22537] [P0596H10.8]
Os06g0701700 Q0D9S3     HKT1_ORYSJ  Cation transporter HKT1 (OsHKT1) (Ni-OsHKT1) (Po-OsHKT1) [HKT1] [LOC_Os06g48810] [P0596H10.9]
Os06g0702600 Q0D9R7     ARFS_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 19 (OsARF7a) [ARF19] [ARF7A] [LOC_Os06g48950] [OJ1215_E11.1] [P0596H10.43]
Os06g0703500 Q5Z818     SPL12_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 12 [SPL12] [LOC_Os06g49010] [OJ1215_E11.11] [OsJ_22552]
Os06g0704300 Q5Z807     C3H46_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 46 (OsC3H46) (Protein LEAF AND TILLER ANGLE INCREASED CONTROLLER) (OsLIC) [LIC] [LOC_Os06g49080] [OJ1215_E11.23]
Os06g0704600 Q5Z8V9     HEM2_ORYSJ  Delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (ALADH) (Porphobilinogen synthase) [HEMB] [LOC_Os06g49110] [OsJ_22561] [P0018H04.2]
Os06g0704800 Q5Z8V7     HACL2_ORYSJ Probable histone acetyltransferase HAC-like 2 (EC [LOC_Os06g49130] [P0018H04.4]
Os06g0707000 Q5Z8T8     XYXT1_ORYSJ Beta-1,2-xylosyltransferase XYXT1 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Xylan xylosyltransferase 1) [XYXT1] [LOC_Os06g49300] [OsJ_22601] [P0018H04.33] [P0621D05.21]
Os06g0708000 Q5Z9J0     MPK12_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 12 (EC (MAP kinase 12) (Blast- and wound-induced MAP kinase 1) (MAP kinase 1) (OsBWMK1) (OsMAPK1) [MPK12] [BWMK1] [MAPK1] [LOC_Os06g49430] [P0621D05.40-1] [P0621D05.40-2]
Os06g0708100 Q5Z9I2     IMCL1_ORYSJ Probable isoprenylcysteine alpha-carbonyl methylesterase ICMEL1 (EC 3.1.1.n2) (Isoprenylcysteine methylesterase-like protein 1) [IMCEL1] [LOC_Os06g49440] [OsJ_22610] [P0621D05.41-1] [P0655A07.1-1]
Os06g0712700 Q944S9     MAD16_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 16 (OsMADS16) (Protein APETALA3-like) (Protein SUPERWOMAN1) [MADS16] [SPW1] [LOC_Os06g49840] [OJ1663_H12.32] [P0712G01.7]
Os06g0713800 Q0D9J1     AMY2A_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 2A precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) (Alpha-amylase isozyme C2) [AMY2A] [AMY1.5] [AMYC2] [LOC_Os06g49970] [OJ1136_F03.12] [OsJ_22644]
Os06g0715300 Q5Z9P8     GUN18_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 18 (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 18) [LOC_Os06g50140] [P0481E08.13]
Os06g0717200 Q5Z9N5     FON1_ORYSJ  Leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase protein FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER1 precursor (EC (OsFON1) (CLV1-like LRR receptor kinase) [FON1] [LOC_Os06g50340] [OJ1540_H01.10] [OsJ_22674] [P0481E08.42] [P0541C02.9]
Os06g0717400 Q5Z8P2     PUS2_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 2) (RNA-uridine isomerase 2) [LOC_Os06g50360] [OsJ_22675] [P0481E08.45] [P0541C02.12]
Os06g0717800 Q5Z8P0     P2C60_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 60 (EC (OsPP2C60) [LOC_Os06g50380] [OJ1540_H01.4] [OsJ_22677] [P0541C02.17]
Os06g0718100 Q4PR39     EXP29_ORYSJ Expansin-A29 precursor (Alpha-expansin-29) (OsEXP29) (OsEXPA29) (OsaEXPa1.14) [EXPA29] [EXP29] [LOC_Os06g50400] [OJ1540_H01.14] [P0541C02.22]
Os06g0718300 Q5Z8N6     U496B_ORYSJ Putative UPF0496 protein 2 [LOC_Os06g50410] [OJ1540_H01.15] [P0541C02.23]
Os06g0724700 Q5Z987     ATR_ORYSJ   Serine/threonine-protein kinase ATR (EC [LOC_Os06g50910] [P0535F09.39] [P0548E04.6]
Os06g0725300 Q5Z980     EXLA4_ORYSJ Expansin-like A4 precursor (OsEXLA4) (OsEXPL4) [EXLA4] [EXPL4] [LOC_Os06g50960] [P0548E04.14]
Os06g0725900 Q5Z974     FTSH1_ORYSJ ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (OsFTSH1) [FTSH1] [LOC_Os06g51029] [OsJ_021819] [P0548E04.20]
Os06g0726100 P24626     CHI3_ORYSJ  Chitinase 3 precursor (EC (Basic endochitinase 1) (Class I chitinase c) (OsChia1c) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 3) [Cht3] [CH6] [LOC_Os06g51050] [P0017G10.2] [P0548E04.22]
Os06g0726200 Q42993     CHI1_ORYSJ  Chitinase 1 precursor (EC (Class I chitinase a) (OsChia1a) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 1) [Cht1] [CH16] [RC24] [LOC_Os06g51060] [OsJ_22713] [P0017G10.4] [P0548E04.24]
Os06g0726400 Q01401     GLGB_ORYSJ  1,4-alpha-glucan-branching enzyme, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Q-enzyme) (Starch-branching enzyme) [SBE1] [RBE1] [LOC_Os06g51084] [P0017G10.8-1] [P0017G10.8-2] [P0548E04.28-1] [P0548E04.28-2]
Os06g0726800 Q0D9C7     CCB22_ORYSJ Cyclin-B2-2 (CycB2-Os2) (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-B2-2) (CycB2;2) [CYCB2-2] [CYCB2] [LOC_Os06g51110] [P0017G10.10]
Os06g0727200 Q0D9C4     CATA2_ORYSJ Catalase isozyme B (EC (CAT-B) [CATB] [LOC_Os06g51150] [OsJ_021830] [P0017G10.17]
Os06g0729000 Q5Z5B7     PSY1_ORYSJ  Phytoene synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPSY1) [PSY1] [OsJ_22735] [OSJNBa0069C14.4-1]
Os06g0729300 Q5Z5B2     AGO1D_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 1D (OsAGO1d) [AGO1D] [LOC_Os06g51310] [OSJNBa0069C14.10-1]
Os06g0729500 Q5Z5A8     P2SAF_ORYSJ Photosystem II stability/assembly factor HCF136, chloroplastic precursor [HCF136] [LOC_Os06g51330] [OSJNBa0069C14.15]
Os06g0730900 Q5Z413     SIPL5_ORYSJ Signal peptide peptidase-like 5 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPPL5) [SPPL5] [LOC_Os06g51430] [B1206D04.13] [OsJ_22746] [OSJNBa0069C14.36]
Os06g0731800 Q5Z402     CLC2_ORYSJ  Clathrin light chain 2 [LOC_Os06g51510] [B1206D04.26] [OsJ_22754]
Os07g0100200 Q69LA6     PDX11_ORYSJ Probable pyridoxal 5'-phosphate synthase subunit PDX1.1 (EC (PLP synthase subunit PDX1.1) [PDX11] [LOC_Os07g01020] [B1026C12.3] [OSJNOa219C16.3]
Os07g0101000 Q69L99     LAC14_ORYSJ Laccase-14 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 14) (Diphenol oxidase 14) (Urishiol oxidase 14) [LAC14] [LOC_Os07g01110] [B1026C12.14] [OsJ_021873]
Os07g0101500 Q69L93     GLO18_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-8 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-8) [GL1-8] [LOC_Os07g01150] [B1026C12.22] [OSNPB_070101500]
Os07g0102100 Q69L87     HAK22_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 22 (OsHAK22) [HAK22] [LOC_Os07g01214] [B1026C12.31-1] [B1026C12.31-2]
Os07g0103200 Q8LH03     DDRGK_ORYSJ DDRGK domain-containing protein 1 precursor [LOC_Os07g01320] [OsJ_22784] [P0446F04.109]
Os07g0103500 Q8LGZ9     G2OX5_ORYSJ Gibberellin 2-beta-dioxygenase 5 (EC (Gibberellin 2-beta-hydroxylase 5) (Gibberellin 2-oxidase 5) (GA 2-oxidase 5) (OsGA2ox5) [GA2OX5] [LOC_Os07g01340] [P0446F04.116]
Os07g0105700 A3BFT0     KN14N_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14N [KIN14N] [LOC_Os07g01490] [B1317D11.110] [OsJ_22797] [P0446F04.141] [P0617C02.115]
Os07g0106200 Q7EZD7     MST3_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST3 (Monosaccharide transporter 3) (OsMST3) (Sugar:proton symporter MST3) [MST3] [LOC_Os07g01560] [B1317D11.119-1] [OsJ_22802] [P0617C02.124-1]
Os07g0108800 Q8LIN5     KCO2_ORYSJ  Two pore potassium channel b (Two K(+) channel b) (Calcium-activated outward-rectifying potassium channel 2) (OsKCO2) [TPKB] [KCO2] [LOC_Os07g01810] [OJ1567_G09.108] [OsJ_22819] [P0585H11.123]
Os07g0108900 Q6Q9I2     MAD15_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 15 (FDRMADS3) (OsMADS15) (Protein APETALA1-like A) (RMADS215) [MADS15] [RAP1A] [LOC_Os07g01820] [OJ1567_G09.109-1] [P0585H11.124-1]
Os07g0114000 Q7XHN8     P2C61_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 61 (EC (OsPP2C61) [LOC_Os07g02330] [OJ1513_F02.129] [OsJ_021960]
Os07g0124100 Q9AR88     PSK4_ORYSJ  Phytosulfokines 4 precursor [Contains: Phytosulfokine-alpha (PSK-alpha) (Phytosulfokine-a); Phytosulfokine-beta (PSK-beta) (Phytosulfokine-b)] [PSK4] [LOC_Os07g03200] [OJ1007_H09.107] [OsJ_22943] [OSJNBa0057M23.146] [P0474G09.107]
Os07g0124700 Q84Z02     CRL5_ORYSJ  AP2-like ethylene-responsive transcription factor CRL5 (Protein CROWN ROOTLESS 5) (Protein PLETHORA 8) (OsPLT8) [CRL5] [PLT8] [LOC_Os07g03250] [P0474G09.118]
Os07g0124750 Q84Z01     CSLCA_ORYSJ Putative xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 10 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C10) (OsCslC10) [CSLC10] [LOC_Os07g03260] [P0474G09.119]
Os07g0129700 O80416     KNOSC_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 12 (Homeobox protein HOS3) (Homeobox protein OSH15) (Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 3) (Oskn3) [OSH15] [HOS3] [LOC_Os07g03770] [OSJNBa0088O14.22] [P0483E09.2]
Os07g0134800 Q6ZDY8     SDHA_ORYSJ  Succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] flavoprotein subunit, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Flavoprotein subunit of complex II) (FP) [SDH1] [LOC_Os07g04240] [P0507H12.27]
Os07g0138400 Q8GW05     C3H47_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 47 (OsC3H47) [LOC_Os07g04580] [OJ1417_E01.106] [OsJ_022124] [P0495H05.46]
Os07g0139000 Q8GVZ8     C3H48_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 48 (OsC3H48) [LOC_Os07g04650] [OJ1417_E01.115] [OsJ_022129] [P0495H05.55]
Os07g0139300 Q8GVZ6     G1_ORYSJ    Protein G1 (Protein ELONGATED EMPTY GLUME) [G1] [ELE] [LOC_Os07g04670] [OJ1417_E01.118] [P0495H05.58]
Os07g0139400 Q8H930     ARAE1_ORYSJ Probable UDP-arabinose 4-epimerase 1 (EC (OsUEL-1) (UDP-D-xylose 4-epimerase 1) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase-like protein 1) [UEL-1] [LOC_Os07g04690] [OJ1417_E01.121] [OsJ_23039] [P0495H05.61]
Os07g0143700 Q0D8N0     RH53_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 53 (EC [LOC_Os07g05050]
Os07g0144500 Q8H5D4     PLP3_ORYSJ  Patatin-like protein 3 (EC 3.1.1.-) (OsPLP3) [PLP3] [LOC_Os07g05110] [OJ1343_B12.121]
Os07g0147900 O23877     FENR3_ORYSJ Ferredoxin--NADP reductase, embryo isozyme, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FNR) [LOC_Os07g05400] [OsJ_23093] [P0022E03.21-1]
Os07g0150700 Q6ZLP5     CIPKN_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 23 (EC (OsCIPK23) [CIPK23] [LOC_Os07g05620] [OJ1027_G06.32]
Os07g0151100 Q7XIZ1     GRXC9_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C9 [GRXC9] [LOC_Os07g05630] [B1364A02.2] [OJ1048_C10.3] [OsJ_23111]
Os07g0152900 Q6YT73     GLO5_ORYSJ  Glycolate oxidase 5 (EC (GOX 3) (OsGLO5) (Peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO5) (Short chain alpha-hydroxy acid oxidase GLO5) [GLO5] [LOC_Os07g05820] [B1364A02.33-1] [OsJ_23125] [OSJNBb0050B07.1-1]
Os07g0153000 Q69NY7     TIF5_ORYSJ  Protein TIFY 5 (OsTIFY5) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 2) (OsJAZ2) [TIFY5] [JAZ2] [LOC_Os07g05830] [OSJNBb0050B07.2]
Os07g0154100 Q69NX5     NCED4_ORYSJ 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED4, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNCED4) [NCED4] [LOC_Os07g05940] [OsJ_23132] [OSJNBb0050B07.21]
Os07g0155600 Q0D8I9     EIN2_ORYSJ  Protein ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE 2 (OsEIN2) (Protein MAO HUZI 7) [EIN2] [MHZ7] [LOC_Os07g06130] [OSJNBa0024L18.19] [OSJNBa0024L18.30] [OSJNBa0024L18.49] [P0455F03.4]
Os07g0160100 Q7XIM7     YAB1_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 1 (OsYABBY1) (OsYAB1) (Protein FILAMENTOUS FLOWER 1) [YAB1] [FIL1] [LOC_Os07g06620]
Os07g0161600 Q7XIM0     CDPKH_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 17 (EC (OsCDPK17) (OsCPK17) [CPK17] [LOC_Os07g06740] [OJ1714_H10.135]
Os07g0167100 Q0D8D4     NADE_ORYSJ  Glutamine-dependent NAD(+) synthetase (EC (NAD(+) synthase [glutamine-hydrolyzing]) (NAD(+) synthetase) [LOC_Os07g07260]
Os07g0168000 Q69LE7     PNP1_ORYSJ  Probable polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Polynucleotide phosphorylase 1) (PNPase 1) [PNP1] [LOC_Os07g07310] [OSJNBa0050F10.4]
Os07g0168800 Q7Y1W9     SAP9_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 9 (OsSAP9) [SAP9] [ZFP33] [LOC_Os07g07350] [OsJ_23237] [OSJNBa0050F10.11]
Os07g0169100 P0C282     SAP18_ORYSJ Zinc finger A20 domain-containing stress-associated protein 18 (OsSAP18) [SAP18] [LOC_Os07g07370]
Os07g0169500 Q69LE0     SAP10_ORYSJ Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 10 (OsSAP10) [SAP10] [LOC_Os07g07400] [OSJNBa0050F10.17]
Os07g0169700 Q69LD8     GAOX3_ORYSJ Gibberellin 20 oxidase 3 (EC 1.14.11.-) (OsGA20ox3) (GA 20-oxidase 3) (Gibberellin C-20 oxidase 3) [GA20OX3] [LOC_Os07g07420] [OSJNBa0050F10.19]
Os07g0175400 Q8H569     AKT3_ORYSJ  Potassium channel AKT3 [LOC_Os07g07910] [OJ1656_E11.135]
Os07g0176600 Q6ZEZ5     NEK3_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek3 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 3) (OsNek3) [NEK3] [LOC_Os07g08000] [OsJ_23299] [P0534H07.24]
Os07g0178600 Q6VBB2     HFA2B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-2b (Heat stress transcription factor 18) (OsHsf-18) (Heat stress transcription factor 5) (rHsf5) [HSFA2B] [HS1] [HSF18] [HSF5] [LOC_Os07g08140] [OJ1361_E02.115] [OsJ_022374]
Os07g0179300 Q6ZLD3     BQMT1_ORYSJ 2-methyl-6-phytyl-1,4-hydroquinone methyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (37 kDa inner envelope membrane protein) (E37) (Arsenite methyltransferase 2) (OsArsM2) (MPBQ/MSBQ methyltransferase) (Protein VTE3 homolog) [ARSM2] [LOC_Os07g08200] [OJ1014_E09.7] [OJ1361_E02.125]
Os07g0179400 Q6ZLC4     COAD1_ORYSJ Phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase 1 (EC (Dephospho-CoA pyrophosphorylase 1) (Pantetheine-phosphate adenylyltransferase 1) [LOC_Os07g08210] [OJ1014_E09.9]
Os07g0182000 Q6ZLB0     RSBZ1_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor RISBZ1 (Rice seed bZIP1) (bZIP transcription factor 58) (OsbZIP58) [RISBZ1] [BZIP58] [LOC_Os07g08420] [OJ1014_E09.42] [OsJ_23334]
Os07g0182400 Q6ZL57     IAA24_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA24 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 24) [IAA24] [LOC_Os07g08460] [OJ1506_G02.8]
Os07g0182900 B1Q3J6     DNM1B_ORYSJ DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1B (EC (OsMET1b) (DNA methyltransferase 1-2) (OsMET1-2) [MET1B] [MET1-2] [LOC_Os07g08500] [OJ1506_G02.17]
Os07g0183100 A3BH85     ARFT_ORYSJ  Putative auxin response factor 20 [ARF20] [LOC_Os07g08520] [OJ1046_F10.103] [OJ1506_G02.20] [OsJ_022407]
Os07g0183200 Q8H507     Y7832_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os07g0183200 [LOC_Os07g08530] [OJ1046_F10.104] [OJ1506_G02.21]
Os07g0183350 Q8H506     Y7833_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os07g0183300/Os07g0183600 [LOC_Os07g08540] [OJ1046_F10.105] [OJ1506_G02.22]
Os07g0183700 A3BH91     Y7838_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os07g0183700 [Os07g0183866] [Os07g0183932] [LOC_Os07g08600] [OJ1046_F10.111] [OJ1506_G02.28] [OsJ_23349]
Os07g0184300 P31674     RS15_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S15 [RPS15] [LOC_Os07g08660] [OJ1046_F10.119]
Os07g0184900 Q7F1M0     KU70_ORYSJ  ATP-dependent DNA helicase 2 subunit KU70 (EC (OsKU70) (ATP-dependent DNA helicase 2 subunit 1) (ATP-dependent DNA helicase II 70 kDa subunit) [KU70] [LOC_Os07g08729] [OJ1046_F10.128] [OsJ_23357] [OsJ_23359]
Os07g0185000 Q0D847     WNK3_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK3 (EC (OsWNK3) (Protein kinase with no lysine 3) [WNK3] [LOC_Os07g08750] [OJ1046_F10.129-1]
Os07g0186000 Q0D840     TRXH1_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H1 (OsTrxh1) (Phloem sap 13 kDa protein 1) [TRXH] [RPP13-1] [LOC_Os07g08840] [OJ1339_B08.1] [OsJ_022432] [P0506C07.2]
Os07g0187200 Q7XI14     D2HDH_ORYSJ Probable D-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial precursor (EC [D2HGDH] [LOC_Os07g08950] [OsJ_23376] [OSJNBb0084L07.2] [P0506C07.26]
Os07g0188000 Q6Z4F1     AGO14_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 14 (OsAGO14) [AGO14] [LOC_Os07g09020] [OSJNBb0002L09.2] [OSJNBb0084L07.14]
Os07g0190000 Q6YU51     DXS2_ORYSJ  Probable 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (1-deoxyxylulose-5-phosphate synthase) (DXP synthase) (DXPS) [LOC_Os07g09190] [OsJ_23394] [OSJNBb0002L09.31] [OSJNBb0003E08.7]
Os07g0190800 Q6Z4I3     TRH21_ORYSJ Thioredoxin H2-1 (OsTrxh2-1) (OsTrx24) [LOC_Os07g09310] [OsJ_23401] [OSJNBb0003E08.27]
Os07g0193800 Q69WS3     BH094_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH094 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 94) (OsbHLH094) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH094) [BHLH094] [LOC_Os07g09590] [OJ1118_E12.15]
Os07g0195400 Q6ZDQ1     AGM1_ORYSJ  Phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase (EC (PAGM) (Acetylglucosamine phosphomutase) (N-acetylglucosamine-phosphate mutase) [LOC_Os07g09720] [OJ1715_A07.21] [OsJ_23435] [P0589E08.4]
Os07g0197100 Q6Z398     HXK4_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-4, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Hexokinase II) [HXK4] [LOC_Os07g09890] [OsJ_23449] [P0417F02.7] [P0589E08.26]
Os07g0201100 Q6Z382     COPG2_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit gamma-2 (Gamma-2-coat protein) (Gamma-2-COP) [LOC_Os07g10150] [OsJ_23473] [P0519E02.25]
Os07g0202100 Q6Z4K6     RH52B_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 52B (EC (OsPL10b) [PL10B] [LOC_Os07g10250] [OsJ_23477] [OSJNBa0081K20.14]
Os07g0206400 P17048     PRO25_ORYSJ 13 kDa prolamin C precursor [PROLM25] [RP6] [LOC_Os07g10570] [OJ1119_B04.14]
Os07g0206700 Q6ZIX2     SMT1_ORYSJ  Cycloartenol-C-24-methyltransferase 1 (EC (24-sterol C-methyltransferase 1) (Sterol C-methyltransferase 1) [Smt1-1] [LOC_Os07g10600] [OJ1119_B04.19-1]
Os07g0208500 Q84ZN6     CESA8_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 8 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA8) [CESA8] [LOC_Os07g10770] [OJ1136_A05.10] [OJ1559_F09.120] [OsJ_022567]
Os07g0209000 Q6ZLK0     OST48_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase 48 kDa subunit precursor (Oligosaccharyl transferase 48 kDa subunit) [OST48] [LOC_Os07g10830] [OJ1136_A05.21]
Os07g0214100 Q01883     RAG1_ORYSJ  Seed allergenic protein RAG1 precursor (Seed allergenic protein RA17) (Allergen Ory s aA_TI) [RAG1] [RA17] [LOC_Os07g11360] [OJ1116_C08.112]
Os07g0214300 Q01882     RAG2_ORYSJ  Seed allergenic protein RAG2 precursor (Seed allergenic protein RA14) (Allergen Ory s aA_TI) [RAG2] [RA14] [LOC_Os07g11380] [OJ1116_C08.114] [OsJ_23551]
Os07g0214600 Q8H4L8     RA16_ORYSJ  Alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor RA16 precursor (Allergen RA16) (Allergen Ory s aA_TI) [RA16] [OJ1116_C08.118]
Os07g0214900 Q8H4L3     CHS2_ORYSJ  Chalcone synthase 2 (EC (OsCHS2) (Naregenin-chalcone synthase) [CHS2] [LOC_Os07g11440] [OJ1116_C08.125]
Os07g0215500 Q01881     RA05_ORYSJ  Seed allergenic protein RA5 precursor (Allergen Ory s aA_TI) [RA5] [LOC_Os07g11510]
Os07g0216600 Q7X7E6     AI171_ORYSJ 17kDa alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor 1 precursor (Allergen Ory s 17kD) [OJ1080_F08.102] [OJ1779_B07.129] [OsJ_23555]
Os07g0216700 Q7X8H9     AI172_ORYSJ 17kDa alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor 2 precursor (Allergen Ory s 17kD) [LOC_Os07g11650] [OJ1080_F08.106] [OJ1779_B07.133] [OsJ_23556]
Os07g0219300 Q42465     PRO20_ORYSJ Prolamin PPROL 14P precursor [PROLM20] [LOC_Os07g11910] [B1130E10.109] [OSJNBa0031C24.133]
Os07g0225300 Q7EZT1     NAC67_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 67 (ONAC067) (OsNAC3) [NAC067] [NAC3] [LOC_Os07g12340] [OSJNBa0066H10.107] [P0668C05.126]
Os07g0229800 Q8H2J9     GPDA_ORYSJ  Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)], chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os07g12640] [OSJNBa0016A21.127]
Os07g0232100 Q84YL3     Y7282_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein LOC_Os07g12820 [LOC_Os07g12820] [OSJNBa0086N05.127]
Os07g0232800 A3BI11     ZIP8_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 8 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 8) (OsZIP8) [ZIP8] [ZIP1] [LOC_Os07g12890] [OsJ_23626] [OSJNBa0061L20.103] [OSJNBa0086N05.143]
Os07g0232900 Q8H384     HMA3_ORYSJ  Cadmium/zinc-transporting ATPase HMA3 (EC (EC (Protein HEAVY METAL ATPASE 3) (OsHMA3) [HMA3] [CASTLE1n] [LOC_Os07g12900] [OSJNBa0061L20.105]
Os07g0233300 Q8H383     ALFL2_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 2 [LOC_Os07g12910] [OsJ_23628] [OSJNBa0061L20.107-1]
Os07g0235800 Q8H443     AP23_ORYSJ  APETALA2-like protein 3 (Protein SUPERNUMERARY BRACT) [AP2-3] [SNB] [LOC_Os07g13170] [OsJ_23635] [OSNPB_070235800] [P0407H12.124]
Os07g0243200 Q0D7I3     GLGL4_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase large subunit 4, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (OsAGPL4) (OsAPL4) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPL4) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPL4) [AGPL4] [APL4] [LOC_Os07g13980] [OJ1341_A08.119] [P0418E08.141]
Os07g0246200 Q9SLY8     CALR_ORYSJ  Calreticulin precursor (56 kDa protein) [CRO1] [pp56] [LOC_Os07g14270] [OJ1058_C08.34-1] [OJ1058_C08.34-2] [OSJNBa0003K21.18-1] [OSJNBa0003K21.18-2]
Os07g0247100 Q6YSY5     MTS1_ORYSJ  O-methyltransferase 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsMTS1) (Acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase MTS1) (EC (Protein LESION AND LAMINA BENDING) (OsLLB) (Protein PREMATURE LEAF SENESCENCE 3) (Putative leucine carboxyl methyltransferase MTS1) [MTS1] [LLB] [PLS3] [LOC_Os07g14350] [OsJ_23703] [OSJNBa0003K21.34] [P0639B07.8]
Os07g0249700 Q8H3C9     ILL7_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 7 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL7] [LOC_Os07g14590] [P0021G06.114]
Os07g0249800 Q8H3C8     ILL8_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 8 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL8] [LOC_Os07g14600] [P0021G06.115]
Os07g0249900 Q8H3C7     ILL9_ORYSJ  IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 9 precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) [ILL9] [LOC_Os07g14610] [P0021G06.116-1] [P0021G06.116-2]
Os07g0252400 Q6YVM4     CESA6_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 6 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA6) [CESA6] [LOC_Os07g14850] [OsJ_23733] [P0669H03.13]
Os07g0257200 Q8H4H5     NRAM5_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp5 [NRAMP5] [LOC_Os07g15370] [OJ1057_E05.110]
Os07g0258400 Q0D7E4     NRAM1_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp1 (OsNramp1) [NRAMP1] [LOC_Os07g15460] [OJ1354_H07.109] [OsJ_23752]
Os07g0259100 Q7F239     ETR4_ORYSJ  Ethylene receptor 4 (EC (OsETR4) (OsPK3) [ETR4] [LOC_Os07g15540] [OJ1354_H07.118] [OJ1370_E02.107] [OsJ_23757]
Os07g0261200 E5RQA1     GHD7_ORYSJ  Transcription factor GHD7 (Protein GRAIN NUMBER PLANT HEIGHT AND HEADING DATE 7) [GHD7] [LOC_Os07g15770] [P0046D03.119]
Os07g0265600 Q6YSJ5     AGO16_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 16 (OsAGO16) (OsAGO6) (Protein ZWILLE/PINHEAD-like 1) [AGO16] [ZP1] [LOC_Os07g16224] [B1059D01.1] [B1100H02.17]
Os07g0271500 Q8LIL0     CUS_ORYSJ   Bisdemethoxycurcumin synthase (EC (Curcuminoid synthase) [LOC_Os07g17010] [OJ1001_C01.122] [OSJNBb0002J01.6]
Os07g0280200 Q69RG7     4CLL7_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 7 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL7] [LOC_Os07g17970] [P0474B11.33]
Os07g0281000 Q6Z358     C3H49_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 49 (OsC3H49) [LOC_Os07g18050] [OsJ_23846] [P0557D09.17]
Os07g0281700 Q6Z351     ALDOL_ORYSJ Putative aldehyde oxidase-like protein [Os07g0281800] [LOC_Os07g18120] [P0557D09.31]
Os07g0282300 Q69R21     ALDO4_ORYSJ Probable aldehyde oxidase 4 (EC (AO-4) [LOC_Os07g18154] [P0557D09.36]
Os07g0297500 Q0D744     ADF8_ORYSJ  Putative actin-depolymerizing factor 8 (ADF-8) (OsADF8) [ADF8] [LOC_Os07g20170] [P0680C01.12]
Os07g0301200 Q6YS30     RH5_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 5 (EC [LOC_Os07g20580] [B1114D08.16-1]
Os07g0408700 Q9SMB1     SPDS1_ORYSJ Spermidine synthase 1 (EC (SPDSY 1) (Putrescine aminopropyltransferase 1) [SPDSYN1] [LOC_Os07g22600] [OsJ_23928] [P0492E07.108]
Os07g0409900 Q0D715     CDPKI_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 18 (EC (OsCDPK18) (OsCPK18) (OsCDPK5) [CPK18] [CDPK5] [LOC_Os07g22710] [OsJ_23937]
Os07g0413700 Q7EYV7     PARP1_ORYSJ Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 1 (EC (PARP-1) (NAD(+) ADP-ribosyltransferase 1) (ADPRT-1) (Poly[ADP-ribose] synthase 1) (Protein ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP1) (EC 2.4.2.-) [PARP1] [LOC_Os07g23110] [OsJ_23951] [OSJNBa0077F02.113]
Os07g0424400 Q69V23     CESA3_ORYSJ Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 3 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA3) [CESA3] [LOC_Os07g24190] [P0409D09.11]
Os07g0435400 Q0D6V7     BOP1_ORYSJ  Ribosome biogenesis protein BOP1 homolog [BOP1] [LOC_Os07g25440] [OsJ_24034]
Os07g0437500 Q7XHL3     TDC2_ORYSJ  Tryptophan decarboxylase 2 (EC 4.1.1.-) [TDC2] [LOC_Os07g25590] [OSJNBa0026I22.3] [OSJNBb0095H08.30]
Os07g0438800 Q6Z156     PHR2_ORYSJ  Protein PHOSPHATE STARVATION RESPONSE 2 (OsPHR2) [PHR2] [LOC_Os07g25710] [OSJNBa0026I22.19] [P0443H10.4]
Os07g0442900 Q6YT98     CSPL7_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1D1 (OsCASPL1D1) [LOC_Os07g26110] [B1157F01.19] [OsJ_023119]
Os07g0446100 Q7XI08     XB34_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS34 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS34) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS34) (XB3 protein homolog 4) [XBOS34] [LOC_Os07g26490] [P0030H06.109-1] [P0030H06.109-2]
Os07g0446800 Q8LH82     HXK1_ORYSJ  Hexokinase-1 (EC [HXK1] [LOC_Os07g26540] [P0030H06.133] [P0475E07.113]
Os07g0448100 Q8GRT8     PIP24_ORYSJ Aquaporin PIP2-4 (OsPIP2;4) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-4) [PIP2-4] [LOC_Os07g26630] [OJ1047_A06.105] [P0475E07.131]
Os07g0448400 Q8GRI8     PIP25_ORYSJ Aquaporin PIP2-5 (OsPIP2;5) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-5) [PIP2-5] [LOC_Os07g26660] [OJ1047_A06.108-1] [OsJ_023143] [P0475E07.134-1]
Os07g0448800 Q8H5N9     PIP21_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-1 (OsPIP2;1) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-1) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2a) (PIP2a) [PIP2-1] [PIP2a] [LOC_Os07g26690] [OJ1047_A06.117] [OsJ_023145]
Os07g0449700 Q0PVB3     ORR7_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR7 (OsRR7) (OsRRA5) [RR7] [RR] [LOC_Os07g26720] [OJ1047_A06.126]
Os07g0461500 Q6Z3A8     CLC3_ORYSJ  Clathrin light chain 3 [LOC_Os07g27750] [P0038F09.33]
Os07g0462000 Q6Z3A3     GSH1B_ORYSJ Glutamate--cysteine ligase B, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Gamma-ECS B) (GCS B) (Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase B) [GSH1-2] [LOC_Os07g27790] [P0038F09.39]
Os07g0466300 Q0D6M1     URM1_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-related modifier 1 homolog [URM1] [LOC_Os07g28280] [OsJ_023216] [P0404G11.126-1]
Os07g0467500 Q6AWX8     GRF11_ORYSJ Growth-regulating factor 11 (OsGRF11) (Transcription activator GRF11) [GRF11] [LOC_Os07g28430] [OsJ_24174] [P0003B09.18]
Os07g0471000 Q7XIT1     IRE1_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase/endoribonuclease IRE1 precursor (Endoplasmic reticulum-to-nucleus signaling 1) (Inositol-requiring protein 1) (OsIRE1) [Includes: Serine/threonine-protein kinase (EC; Endoribonuclease (EC 3.1.26.-)] [IRE1] [LOC_Os07g28820] [OJ1103_E04.109] [OsJ_24190]
Os07g0471300 Q69UP6     AGO18_ORYSJ Protein argonaute 18 (OsAGO18) [AGO18] [LOC_Os07g28850] [OJ1103_E04.115] [P0675B10.105]
Os07g0472200 Q69UP7     LOL1_ORYSJ  Protein LOL1 (Protein LSD ONE LIKE 1) (OsLOL1) (Putative zinc finger LOL1) [LOL1] [P0675B10.121]
Os07g0475400 Q8H274     EXLA3_ORYSJ Expansin-like A3 precursor (OsEXLA3) (OsEXPL3) (OsaEXPb2.3) [EXLA3] [EXPL3] [LOC_Os07g29290] [OsJ_24214] [P0571D04.118]
Os07g0476900 Q84NN4     CDSP_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin-like protein CDSP32, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplastic drought-induced stress protein of 32 KDa) (OsCDSP32) [CDSP32] [LOC_Os07g29410] [OsJ_24223] [P0640E12.112]
Os07g0479300 P52712     CBPX_ORYSJ  Serine carboxypeptidase-like precursor (EC 3.4.16.-) [CBP31] [LOC_Os07g29620] [P0434A03.108-1] [P0640E12.147-1]
Os07g0484200 Q8H2P8     ADF9_ORYSJ  Actin-depolymerizing factor 9 (ADF-9) (OsADF9) [ADF9] [LOC_Os07g30090] [OJ1136_F08.120]
Os07g0484500 Q7XAM0     SKA1_ORYSJ  Spindle and kinetochore-associated protein 1 homolog [LOC_Os07g30110] [OJ1136_F08.123] [OJ1753_E03.102] [OsJ_24262]
Os07g0485000 Q0D6F4     TPP10_ORYSJ Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 10 (EC (OsTPP10) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP10] [LOC_Os07g30160] [OsJ_24268]
Os07g0490200 Q7XHR2     CBT_ORYSJ   Calmodulin-binding transcription activator CBT (CaM-binding transcription factor) (OsCBT) [CBT] [LOC_Os07g30774] [P0477A12.32]
Os07g0492000 Q07661     NDK1_ORYSJ  Nucleoside diphosphate kinase 1 (EC (Nucleoside diphosphate kinase I) (NDK I) (NDP kinase I) (NDPK I) [NDKR] [LOC_Os07g30970] [OJ1218_C12.24] [OsJ_023347] [P0038F10.104]
Os07g0493400 Q7F0Q2     POED2_ORYSJ Polyprenol reductase 2 (EC [LOC_Os07g31140] [OsJ_24314] [P0038F10.126]
Os07g0495000 Q7F1K9     UGHY_ORYSJ  Probable (S)-ureidoglycine aminohydrolase precursor (EC (OsUGLYAH) [UGLYAH] [UGHY] [LOC_Os07g31270] [OJ1058_B11.119] [OsJ_24321]
Os07g0496250 Q850K7     EXLB1_ORYSJ Expansin-like B1 precursor (Expansin-related 1) (OsEXLB1) (OsEXPR1) (OsaEXPb3.1) [EXLB1] [EXPR1] [LOC_Os07g31390] [OJ1457_D07.118] [OsJ_023376]
Os07g0497400 Q7F0R1     PNG1_ORYSJ  Peptide-N(4)-(N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminyl)asparagine amidase (EC (Peptide:N-glycanase) [PNG1] [LOC_Os07g31460] [OJ1197_D06.103] [P0005E02.110]
Os07g0505200 Q6Z461     SPL13_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 13 [SPL13] [LOC_Os07g32170] [P0430F03.47]
Os07g0507000 Q0D673     P2C62_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 62 (EC (OsPP2C62) [LOC_Os07g32380] [OsJ_023427] [OSJNBb0062D12.125]
Os07g0509200 Q69RI8     HAK14_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 14 (OsHAK14) [HAK14] [LOC_Os07g32530] [P0409B11.4]
Os07g0509800 Q6Z4A7     APR1_ORYSJ  Probable 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate 5'-adenylylsulfate sulfotransferase 1) (APS sulfotransferase 1) (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 1) (APR-like1) (OsAPRL1) (Thioredoxin-independent APS reductase 1) [APR1] [LOC_Os07g32570] [P0409B11.14]
Os07g0512200 Q69RC4     ATG8A_ORYSJ Autophagy-related protein 8A precursor (Autophagy-related ubiquitin-like modifier ATG8A) [ATG8A] [APG8A] [LOC_Os07g32800] [OsJ_023466] [OSJNBb0041J06.103] [P0580A11.122]
Os07g0515000 Q8H4D4     TYW23_ORYSJ tRNA wybutosine-synthesizing protein 2/3/4 [Includes: tRNA wybutosine-synthesizing protein 3 homolog (EC (tRNA-yW-synthesizing protein 3) (tRNA(Phe) 7-((3-amino-3-carboxypropyl)-4-demethylwyosine(37)-N(4))-methyltransferase); tRNA wybutosine-synthesizing protein 2 homolog (EC (tRNA-yW-synthesizing protein 2) (tRNA(Phe) (4-demethylwyosine(37)-C(7)) aminocarboxypropyltransferase)] [LOC_Os07g33100] [OsJ_24443] [P0048D08.111]
Os07g0515100 P53683     CDPKJ_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 19 (EC (OsCDPK19) (OsCPK19) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase isoform 2) (OsCDPK2) (OsCPK2) [CPK19] [CPK2] [LOC_Os07g33110] [P0048D08.112]
Os07g0516100 Q0D629     P2C63_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 63 (EC (OsPP2C63) [LOC_Os07g33230]
Os07g0517000 Q0D622     RH32_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 32 (EC [LOC_Os07g33340] [OSJNBa0036M16.110] [P0650C03.25]
Os07g0517100 Q7EZ57     HS188_ORYSJ 18.8 kDa class V heat shock protein (18.8 kDa heat shock protein) (OsHsp18.8) [HSP18.8] [LOC_Os07g33350] [OsJ_24457] [OSJNBa0036M16.111-1] [OSJNBa0036M16.111-2] [P0650C03.26-1] [P0650C03.26-2]
Os07g0520800 A3BKF2     LTD_ORYSJ   Protein LHCP TRANSLOCATION DEFECT precursor [LTD] [LOC_Os07g33660] [OJ1657_A07.104] [OJ1793_E11.12] [OsJ_24479]
Os07g0521000 Q84VK7     SDH32_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 3-2, mitochondrial precursor [SDH3-2] [LOC_Os07g33680] [OJ1657_A07.107] [OsJ_24481]
Os07g0522500 Q8GU86     AB43G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 43 (OsABCG43) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 5) (OsPDR5) [ABCG43] [PDR5] [LOC_Os07g33780] [OJ1372_D12.114]
Os07g0524100 Q69SA9     PDI54_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 5-4 precursor (OsPDIL5-4) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 8-1) (OsPDIL8-1) [PDIL5-4] [PDIL8-1] [LOC_Os07g34030] [OsJ_24505] [OSJNBb0052O11.108]
Os07g0529000 Q6Z6M4     ACEA_ORYSJ  Isocitrate lyase (EC (ICL) (Isocitrase) (Isocitratase) [ICL] [LOC_Os07g34520] [OsJ_24528] [OSJNBa0007H12.39]
Os07g0529800 Q0D5W6     SUI1_ORYSJ  Protein translation factor SUI1 homolog (Protein GOS2) (Protein eIF1) (Translation initiation factor 1) [GOS2] [LOC_Os07g34589]
Os07g0530600 Q8GVP6     PDRP1_ORYSJ Probable pyruvate, phosphate dikinase regulatory protein, chloroplastic precursor (EC (EC (Bifunctional dikinase regulatory protein) (BFRP) (Pyruvate, Pi dikinase regulatory protein) (PPDK RP) (PPDK regulatory protein) [PDRP1] [LOC_Os07g34640] [OsJ_023576] [P0681F05.120]
Os07g0533100 A3BKM2     WOX13_ORYSJ WUSCHEL-related homeobox 13 (OsWOX13) (Protein WOX9) [WOX13] [LOC_Os07g34880] [OsJ_023594] [OSJNBa0039D04.15]
Os07g0541400 Q0D5R3     CRK6_ORYSJ  Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 6 precursor (EC 2.7.11.-) (Cysteine-rich RLK6) [CRK6] [LOC_Os07g35690] [OJ1008_E09.114] [P0458H05.131]
Os07g0541500 Q0D5R2     CRK10_ORYSJ Cysteine-rich receptor-like protein kinase 10 precursor (EC 2.7.11.-) (Cysteine-rich RLK10) [CRK10] [LOC_Os07g35700] [OJ1008_E09.116] [OsJ_24608] [P0458H05.133]
Os07g0544800 Q0D5P8     PSBQ_ORYSJ  Oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 3, chloroplastic precursor (OEE3) (LP02) [LOC_Os07g36080] [OJ1582_D10.19]
Os07g0545300 Q6ZL43     H2A1_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.1 [LOC_Os07g36130] [OJ1582_D10.25] [OsJ_023673]
Os07g0545400 Q6ZL42     H2A2_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.2 [LOC_Os07g36140] [OJ1582_D10.26] [OsJ_023674]
Os07g0545500 Q0D5P3     FH11_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 11 precursor (OsFH11) [FH11] [LOC_Os07g36150]
Os07g0545800 Q69VG1     CIGR1_ORYSJ Chitin-inducible gibberellin-responsive protein 1 [CIGR1] [LOC_Os07g36170] [OsJ_24639] [P0006G05.102]
Os07g0548300 Q84ZD2     CRP1_ORYSJ  Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein CRP1 homolog, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os07g36390] [OsJ_24656] [P0534A03.109]
Os07g0549600 B9FXT3     UDT1_ORYSJ  Transcription factor UDT1 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 164) (OsbHLH164) (Protein UNDEVELOPED TAPETUM 1) [UDT1] [BHLH164] [LOC_Os07g36460] [OsJ_24663] [P0534A03.125]
Os07g0549700 Q84ZC0     VATH_ORYSJ  Probable V-type proton ATPase subunit H (V-ATPase subunit H) (Vacuolar proton pump subunit H) [LOC_Os07g36470] [P0534A03.126]
Os07g0551600 Q7XHV0     CSLF9_ORYSJ Probable mixed-linked glucan synthase 9 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 9) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F9) (OsCslF9) [CSLF9] [Os07g0551500] [LOC_Os07g36610] [OSJNBb0041B22.113]
Os07g0551700 Q84S18     CSLF8_ORYSJ Probable mixed-linked glucan synthase 8 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 8) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F8) (OsCslF8) [CSFL8] [LOC_Os07g36630] [OSJNBb0041B22.114]
Os07g0552800 Q84S11     CSLF2_ORYSJ Mixed-linked glucan synthase 2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 2) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F2) (OsCslF2) [CSLF2] [LOC_Os07g36690] [OSJNBb0041B22.126] [P0013G11.2]
Os07g0553000 Q6ZF89     CSLF1_ORYSJ Putative mixed-linked glucan synthase 1 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3/1,4-beta D-glucan synthase 1) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F1) (OsCslF1) [CSFL1] [LOC_Os07g36700] [P0013G11.6]
Os07g0553300 Q6ZF86     CSLF4_ORYSJ Mixed-linked glucan synthase 4 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 4) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F4) (OsCslF4) [CSLF4] [LOC_Os07g36740] [P0013G11.11]
Os07g0553400 Q6ZF85     CSLF3_ORYSJ Probable mixed-linked glucan synthase 3 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 3) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F3) (OsCslF3) [CSLF3] [LOC_Os07g36750] [OsJ_023724] [P0013G11.12]
Os07g0555200 B9FXV5     IF4G_ORYSJ  Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4G (eIF-4G) (eIF4G) (Eukaryotic initiation factor 4F subunit p220) (eIF-4F p220 subunit) [LOC_Os07g36940] [OsJ_24703] [OSJNBa0058I18.6]
Os07g0556000 Q69S43     CCD61_ORYSJ Cyclin-D6-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D6-1) (CycD6;1) [CYCD6-1] [LOC_Os07g37010] [OsJ_24707] [OSJNBa0058I18.18]
Os07g0556200 Q69S39     UCRIA_ORYSJ Cytochrome b6-f complex iron-sulfur subunit, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Plastohydroquinone:plastocyanin oxidoreductase iron-sulfur protein) (Rieske iron-sulfur protein) (ISP) (RISP) [petC] [LOC_Os07g37030] [OsJ_06631] [OSJNBa0058I18.25]
Os07g0558500 Q84PB7     THF1_ORYSJ  Protein THYLAKOID FORMATION1, chloroplastic precursor [THF1] [LOC_Os07g37250] [OsJ_24722] [P0567H04.15-1]
Os07g0559700 Q6Z401     MST6_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST6 (Monosaccharide transporter 6) (OsMST5) (Sugar:proton symporter MST6) [MST6] [LOC_Os07g37320] [OsJ_24726] [P0567H04.25]
Os07g0563300 Q0D5G4     Y7633_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os07g0563300 [LOC_Os07g37610] [OJ1720_F04.105]
Os07g0564600 Q8H5X5     SCAM1_ORYSJ Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 1 (Secretory carrier membrane protein 1) [SCAMP1] [LOC_Os07g37740] [OJ1112_E08.118] [OsJ_023796]
Os07g0566200 Q8H4S6     P2C64_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 64 (EC (OsPP2C64) [LOC_Os07g37890] [OJ1773_H01.121] [OsJ_023811]
Os07g0566500 Q8H4S4     NAC10_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 10 (ONAC010) (NAC transcription factor ONAC010) [NAC010] [LOC_Os07g37920] [OJ1092_A07.104] [OJ1773_H01.126] [OsJ_24777]
Os07g0568300 Q84SL2     C3H50_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 50 (OsC3H50) (Protein ZF) [LOC_Os07g38090] [OJ1092_A07.129] [OsJ_023829]
Os07g0568600 Q84SL0     CDPKK_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 20 (EC (OsCDPK20) (OsCPK20) [CPK20] [LOC_Os07g38120] [OJ1092_A07.132] [OsJ_24795]
Os07g0568700 Q8GT95     PGIP1_ORYSJ Polygalacturonase inhibitor 1 precursor (Floral organ regulator 1) (Polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein 1) (PGIP-1) [FOR1] [LOC_Os07g38130] [OJ1019_E02.4] [OsJ_24796]
Os07g0569100 Q7XII4     REM41_ORYSJ Remorin 4.1 (OsREM4.1) (Remorin group 4 member 1) [REM4.1] [LOC_Os07g38170] [OJ1019_E02.9] [OsJ_24800]
Os07g0569700 Q0D5B9     SAP16_ORYSJ Zinc finger AN1 and C2H2 domain-containing stress-associated protein 16 (OsSAP16) [SAP16] [LOC_Os07g38240] [OJ1019_E02.22]
Os07g0570700 A3BLC3     RRFC_ORYSJ  Ribosome-recycling factor, chloroplastic precursor (RRF) (Protein OsL8) (Ribosome-releasing factor, chloroplastic) [LOC_Os07g38300] [OJ1121_A05.3] [OsJ_023845] [OsJ_24808]
Os07g0571800 A2PZN8     YAB7_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 7 (OsYABBY7) [YAB7] [LOC_Os07g38410] [OsJ_023849]
Os07g0572800 Q0D598     WNK1_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK1 (EC (OsWNK1) (Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1) (Protein kinase with no lysine 1) [WNK1] [MEK1] [LOC_Os07g38530] [OJ1121_A05.35-1] [OJ1121_A05.35-2] [OJ1699_E05.11-1] [OJ1699_E05.11-2] [OsJ_023858]
Os07g0573700 Q6ZL17     CSTR2_ORYSJ CMP-sialic acid transporter 2 (CMP-SA-Tr 2) (CMP-Sia-Tr 2) (CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein 2) (OsCSTLP2) [CSTLP2] [LOC_Os07g38610] [OJ1699_E05.21] [OsJ_24829]
Os07g0574800 P28752     TBA1_ORYSJ  Tubulin alpha-1 chain [TUBA1] [LOC_Os07g38730] [OJ1562_B11.119] [OJ1699_E05.40]
Os07g0576000 Q0D576     HPT2_ORYSJ  Probable homogentisate phytyltransferase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Vitamin E pathway gene 2-2 protein) (OsVTE2-2) [HPT2] [VTE2-2] [LOC_Os07g38850] [OJ1065_B06.2-1] [OsJ_24854]
Os07g0576100 Q6ZLA7     GH310_ORYSJ Putative indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.10 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 10) (OsGH3-10) [GH3.10] [LOC_Os07g38860] [OJ1065_B06.4]
Os07g0576500 Q6ZLA3     GH39_ORYSJ  Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.9 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 9) (OsGH3-9) [GH3.9] [LOC_Os07g38890] [OJ1065_B06.9]
Os07g0577700 Q6ZL94     SUCA_ORYSJ  Succinate--CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit alpha, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Succinyl-CoA synthetase subunit alpha) (SCS-alpha) [LOC_Os07g38970] [OJ1065_B06.20] [OsJ_24862]
Os07g0580500 Q7XI96     BZR1_ORYSJ  Protein BZR1 homolog 1 (OsBZR1) (Protein BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT 1 homolog 1) [BZR1] [LOC_Os07g39220] [OsJ_24880] [P0453G03.22]
Os07g0581700 Q7XI85     HOX14_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX14 (HD-ZIP protein HOX14) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX14) (OsHox14) [HOX14] [LOC_Os07g39320] [OJ1301_C12.13] [OsJ_023919] [P0453G03.37]
Os07g0583300 Q84ZT0     C3H51_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 51 (OsC3H51) [LOC_Os07g39440] [OJ1127_E01.106] [OsJ_023926]
Os07g0583600 Q8GVE1     CIGR2_ORYSJ Chitin-inducible gibberellin-responsive protein 2 [CIGR2] [LOC_Os07g39470] [OJ1127_E01.113] [OsJ_24900]
Os07g0584100 Q0D541     WNK5_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK5 (EC (OsWNK5) (Protein kinase with no lysine 5) [WNK5] [LOC_Os07g39520] [OJ1127_E01.120] [OsJ_023934]
Os07g0586900 Q8H2X8     SHR1_ORYSJ  Protein SHORT-ROOT 1 (OsSHR1) (GRAS family protein 38) (OsGRAS-38) [SHR1] [LOC_Os07g39820] [OJ1047_C01.1] [OJ1113_E01.116] [OsJ_24926]
Os07g0588200 Q0D519     FH13_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 13 precursor (OsFH13) [FH13] [LOC_Os07g39920] [OJ1047_C01.20] [OSJNBb0005G07.114]
Os07g0592600 Q0D4Z6     GH38_ORYSJ  Indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.8 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 8) (OsGH3-8) (OsMGH3) [GH3.8] [GH3-8] [LOC_Os07g40290] [OJ1710_H11.110] [OsJ_023992] [OsJ_24963]
Os07g0596300 Q84ZL0     FH5_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 5 (OsFH5) [FH5] [LOC_Os07g40510/LOC_Os07g40520] [P0453E05.107]
Os07g0600400 Q8H594     WDR12_ORYSJ Ribosome biogenesis protein WDR12 homolog [WDR12] [LOC_Os07g40930] [OJ1634_B10.122] [OsJ_25010]
Os07g0602900 Q6YVY6     NNJA2_ORYSJ Ninja-family protein Os07g0602900 [LOC_Os07g41160] [OSJNBb0018H10.21] [OSJNBb0039M16.11]
Os07g0604000 Q6Z4H0     6PGL2_ORYSJ Probable 6-phosphogluconolactonase 2 (EC (6PGL 2) [LOC_Os07g41280] [OsJ_024061] [OSJNBb0040H10.9]
Os07g0604300 Q6Z4G8     COBL1_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 1 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like 6) [BC1L6] [LOC_Os07g41310] [OsJ_25037] [OSJNBb0040H10.12]
Os07g0604400 Q6Z4G7     COBL6_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 6 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like 7) [BC1L7] [LOC_Os07g41320] [OsJ_25038] [OSJNBb0040H10.13]
Os07g0604800 Q6Z4G3     RGP3_ORYSJ  UDP-arabinopyranose mutase 3 (EC (OsUAM3) (Reversibly glycosylated polypeptide 3) (UDP-L-arabinose mutase 3) [UAM3] [RGP3] [LOC_Os07g41360] [OsJ_25044] [OSJNBb0040H10.21]
Os07g0605200 Q0D4T4     MAD18_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 18 (FDRMADS7) (MADS-box protein 2) (MADS-box protein 28) (OsMADS18) (OsMADS2) (OsMADS28) [MADS18] [MADS2] [MADS28] [LOC_Os07g41370] [OsJ_25046] [OSJNBb0040H10.26]
Os07g0606600 Q69J40     NFYBA_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-10 (OsNF-YB10) (Transcriptional activator HAP3F) (OsHAP3F) [NFYB10] [HAP3F] [LOC_Os07g41580] [OSJNBa0072I06.11] [P0493C06.26]
Os07g0607800 Q6YSF3     AN321_ORYSJ Acidic leucine-rich nuclear phosphoprotein 32-related protein 1 (ANP32/acidic nuclear phosphoprotein-like protein 1) [LOC_Os07g41694] [OsJ_25065] [OSJNBa0072I06.30]
Os07g0608400 Q6YTY3     ALFL9_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 9 [LOC_Os07g41740] [OsJ_25070] [OSJNBa0072I06.37] [OSJNBb0018L13.1]
Os07g0609766 Q6YTW6     LFR_ORYSJ   Armadillo repeat-containing protein LFR (Protein LFR ortholog) (OsLFR) [LFR] [LOC_Os07g41900] [OSJNBb0018L13.27]
Os07g0613300 Q8H3A7     XPOT_ORYSJ  Exportin-T (Exportin(tRNA)) (Protein PAUSED homolog) (tRNA exportin) [LOC_Os07g42180] [OJ1003_H02.130] [P0616D06.103]
Os07g0614500 Q40680     EF1D1_ORYSJ Elongation factor 1-delta 1 (EF-1-delta 1) (Elongation factor 1B-beta 1) (eEF-1B beta 1) [LOC_Os07g42300] [P0616D06.117]
Os07g0614700 Q8H398     SPX6_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 6 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 6) (OsSPX6) [SPX6] [OsJ_25123] [P0616D06.120]
Os07g0615200 Q8H395     TI10B_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 10b (OsTIFY10b) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 7) (OsJAZ7) (OsJAZ6) [TIFY10B] [JAZ7] [LOC_Os07g42370] [P0616D06.125]
Os07g0616500 Q8H3I4     HAOX_ORYSJ  Peroxisomal (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase GLO4 (EC (Glycolate oxidase 4) (GOX 4) (OsGLO4) (Short chain alpha-hydroxy acid oxidase GLO4) [GLO4] [B1056G08.112] [OsJ_25131]
Os07g0616800 Q43009     SUS3_ORYSJ  Sucrose synthase 3 (EC (OsSUS3) (RSs3) (Sucrose-UDP glucosyltransferase 3) [SUS3] [RSS3] [RSUS3] [LOC_Os07g42490] [B1056G08.118] [OsJ_25133] [P0552F09.101]
Os07g0618800 Q7F0J0     CML13_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML13 (Calmodulin-like protein 13) [CML13] [LOC_Os07g42660] [P0552F09.133] [P0560B08.106]
Os07g0620501 C7J4U3     OST4A_ORYSJ Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 4A [OST4A]
Os07g0620800 Q8LHA8     CCD22_ORYSJ Cyclin-D2-2 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D2-2) (CycD2;2) [CYCD2-2] [LOC_Os07g42860] [OsJ_024175] [P0594D10.119]
Os07g0622000 Q0D4J7     SAPK2_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK2 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 2) (stress-activated protein kinase 2) (OsSAPK2) [SAPK2] [LOC_Os07g42940] [OsJ_25167] [P0594D10.134]
Os07g0622200 Q75W16     AROG_ORYSJ  Phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase 2) (DAHP synthase 2) (Phospho-2-keto-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase 2) [DAHPS2] [LOC_Os07g42960] [P0594D10.136]
Os07g0622900 Q7XI45     DTM1_ORYSJ  Signal peptidase complex-like protein DTM1 precursor (Protein DEFECTIVE TAPETUM AND MEIOCYTES 1) [DTM1] [LOC_Os07g43010] [P0524E08.106]
Os07g0624600 Q7XI41     TPP3_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 3 (EC (OsTPP3) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP3] [LOC_Os07g43160] [P0524E08.130]
Os07g0624700 Q7XI40     KCY3_ORYSJ  UMP-CMP kinase 3 (EC (Deoxycytidylate kinase 3) (CK 3) (dCMP kinase 3) (UMP/CMP kinase a) (UMP/CMP kinase b) (Uridine monophosphate/cytidine monophosphate kinase 3) (UMP/CMP kinase 3) (UMP/CMPK 3) [URA6] [LOC_Os07g43170] [P0524E08.133]
Os07g0626600 Q8LI34     MYST1_ORYSJ Putative MYST-like histone acetyltransferase 1 (EC [LOC_Os07g43360] [OJ1339_F05.128]
Os07g0627000 Q8LI30     DPE1_ORYSJ  4-alpha-glucanotransferase DPE1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Amylomaltase) (Disproportionating enzyme) (D-enzyme) (Protein DISPROPORTIONATING ENZYME 1) [DPE1] [LOC_Os07g43390] [OJ1339_F05.134] [P0506F02.102]
Os07g0627700 Q0D4G3     GLO19_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-9 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-9) [GL1-9] [LOC_Os07g43460] [OsJ_25211] [OSNPB_070627700]
Os07g0628500 Q69V10     BH062_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH062 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 1) (OsbHLH1) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 62) (OsbHLH062) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH062) [BHLH062] [BHLH1] [LOC_Os07g43530] [OsJ_25221] [P0011H09.105] [P0506F02.119]
Os07g0628600 Q8GSL4     ORC6_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 6 (OsORC6) [ORC6] [LOC_Os07g43540] [OsJ_25222] [P0011H09.106] [P0506F02.120]
Os07g0630900 Q7XIF5     CSLA7_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 7 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A7) (OsCslA7) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 7) [CSLA7] [LOC_Os07g43710] [P0011H09.139]
Os07g0631100 Q8LHP0     ELOF1_ORYSJ Transcription elongation factor 1 homolog [LOC_Os07g43730] [OsJ_25233] [P0519E12.3]
Os07g0633500 Q8L4E9     RH36_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 36 (EC [LOC_Os07g43980] [OsJ_25257] [P0455H11.103] [P0519E12.133]
Os07g0635900 Q8H5T6     LTI6A_ORYSJ Hydrophobic protein LTI6A (Low temperature-induced protein 6A) [LTI6A] [DRR1] [LOC_Os07g44180] [OJ1136_D11.102] [OsJ_25274]
Os07g0637000 Q0D4B2     CIPKL_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 21 (EC (OsCIPK21) [CIPK21] [LOC_Os07g44290] [OJ1136_D11.123]
Os07g0638000 B9FUF9     KN12E_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12E [KIN12E] [LOC_Os07g44400] [OJ1340_C08.103] [OsJ_25289]
Os07g0638300 P0C5C9     REHYA_ORYSJ 1-Cys peroxiredoxin A (EC (1-Cys Prx A) (Protein RAB24) (Rice 1Cys-peroxiredoxin) (R1C-Prx) (Thioredoxin peroxidase A) (Thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin A) [LOC_Os07g44430] [OJ1340_C08.107] [OsJ_024297]
Os07g0638400 P0C5D1     REHYB_ORYSJ 1-Cys peroxiredoxin B (EC (1-Cys Prx B) (Thioredoxin peroxidase B) (Thioredoxin-dependent peroxiredoxin B) [LOC_Os07g44440] [OJ1340_C08.108] [OsJ_024298]
Os07g0639100 Q8GVF9     4CLL8_ORYSJ Putative 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 8 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL8] [LOC_Os07g44560] [OJ1340_C08.126]
Os07g0640000 A3BMN9     ANM3_ORYSJ  Probable protein arginine N-methyltransferase 3 (EC 2.1.1.-) [PRMT3] [LOC_Os07g44640] [OJ1340_C08.133] [OsJ_024311]
Os07g0640900 Q7XHZ0     HFB4B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-4b (Heat stress transcription factor 12) (OsHSF12) (rHsf12) (Heat stress transcription factor 19) (OsHsf-19) [HSFB4B] [HSF12] [HSF19] [LOC_Os07g44690] [OJ1340_C08.141-1] [OJ1340_C08.141-2] [P0524G08.108-1] [P0524G08.108-2]
Os07g0644100 Q8LIB3     BZP60_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor 60 (OsbZIP60) [BZIP60] [LOC_Os07g44950] [OJ1003_C06.133] [OJ1458_B07.101]
Os07g0646100 Q8H2T0     P2C65_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 65 (EC (OsPP2C65) [LOC_Os07g45170] [P0503D09.114]
Os07g0647200 Q8LIF2     C7345_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 734A5 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP734A5] [LOC_Os07g45290] [OJ1316_A04.108] [OsJ_25362] [P0503D09.125]
Os07g0647900 Q5K5B6     RH57_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 57 (EC [LOC_Os07g45360] [OJ1316_A04.119] [OsJ_25369] [P0427D10.102]
Os07g0656200 A3BMZ5     BGL26_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 26 precursor (EC (Os7bglu26) [BGLU26] [LOC_Os07g46280] [OsJ_25416]
Os07g0657900 Q70G58     NTRC_ORYSJ  Thioredoxin reductase NTRC precursor (EC (NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase C) (OsNTRC) [LOC_Os07g46410] [OsJ_25429]
Os07g0658400 Q69RJ0     GLTB_ORYSJ  Ferredoxin-dependent glutamate synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Fd-GOGAT) [GLU] [LOC_Os07g46460] [OJ1477_F01.112] [P0047B07.133]
Os07g0660400 A3BN26     PUS6_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 6, chloroplastic precursor (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 6) (RNA-uridine isomerase 6) [LOC_Os07g46600] [OsJ_024448] [P0496C02.118]
Os07g0662500 P29545     EF1B_ORYSJ  Elongation factor 1-beta (EF-1-beta) (Elongation factor 1-beta') (EF-1-beta') (Elongation factor 1B-alpha 2) (eEF-1B alpha 2) [LOC_Os07g46750] [P0453E03.116]
Os07g0662900 Q69Q02     DPE2_ORYSJ  4-alpha-glucanotransferase DPE2 (EC (Amylomaltase) (Disproportionating enzyme) (D-enzyme) (Protein DISPROPORTIONATING ENZYME 2) [DPE2] [LOC_Os07g46790] [P0453E03.120]
Os07g0665200 P28757     SODC2_ORYSJ Superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] 2 (EC [SODCC2] [SODCC.2] [LOC_Os07g46990] [OJ1343_D04.132] [P0450A04.103]
Os07g0666900 Q9SXJ8     NHX1_ORYSJ  Sodium/hydrogen exchanger 1 (Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 1) (OsNHX1) [NHX1] [LOC_Os07g47100] [P0450A04.124]
Os07g0667000 Q8H485     TLP11_ORYSJ Tubby-like F-box protein 11 (OsTLP11) (Tubby-like F-box protein 7) (OsTLP7) [TULP11] [TULP7] [LOC_Os07g47110] [OsJ_25493] [P0450A04.125]
Os07g0669200 Q0D3S3     OBGC1_ORYSJ Probable GTP-binding protein OBGC1, chloroplastic precursor [OBGC1] [LOC_Os07g47300] [P0625E02.120]
Os07g0669500 Q8H3Q1     FZP_ORYSJ   Ethylene-responsive transcription factor FZP (OsERF078) (Protein BRANCHED FLORETLESS 1) (Protein FRIZZY PANICLE) (Protein FRIZZY PANICLE 2) [FZP] [BFL1] [ERF78] [FZP2] [LOC_Os07g47330] [OsJ_25514] [P0625E02.126]
Os07g0669700 Q8H3P9     HAK7_ORYSJ  Potassium transporter 7 (OsHAK7) [HAK7] [LOC_Os07g47350] [P0625E02.129]
Os07g0669800 A0A0P0X9Z7 CWZF7_ORYSJ Cysteine-tryptophan domain-containing zinc finger protein 7 (OsCW-ZF7) (Protein WIDE GRAIN 7) [CWZF7] [WG7] [LOC_Os07g47360]
Os07g0671000 A3BNA1     FLP5_ORYSJ  Flowering-promoting factor 1-like protein 5 (FPF1-like protein 5) [LOC_Os07g47450] [OsJ_25526] [P0470D12.115]
Os07g0671500 P0C0M3     GH311_ORYSJ Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.11 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 11) (OsGH3-11) [GH3.11] [LOC_Os07g47490]
Os07g0671700 Q7XI75     CARM1_ORYSJ Probable histone-arginine methyltransferase CARM1 (EC (Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 4) [CARM1] [PRMT4] [LOC_Os07g47500] [OsJ_25531] [P0470D12.124]
Os07g0673200 Q7XI73     BAHL2_ORYSJ Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase BAH1-like 2 (EC (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase BAH1-like 2) [LOC_Os07g47590] [OsJ_25542] [P0470D12.139]
Os07g0677200 Q7F1U0     PER22_ORYSJ Peroxidase 22.3 precursor (EC 1.11.1.-) [POX22.3] [PRX111] [LOC_Os07g48020] [OJ1167_G06.125]
Os07g0677300 Q0D3N0     PER2_ORYSJ  Peroxidase 2 precursor (EC [PRX112] [POXGX9] [LOC_Os07g48030] [OJ1167_G06.126] [OJ1409_C08.1] [OsJ_25570]
Os07g0678300 Q7XIW5     CIPKT_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 29 (EC (OsCIPK29) [CIPK29] [LOC_Os07g48090] [OJ1409_C08.10] [OsJ_024572]
Os07g0678600 Q7X996     CIPK2_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 2 (EC (OsCIPK02) [CIPK2] [LOC_Os07g48100] [OJ1409_C08.14-1] [OJ1409_C08.14-2] [OsJ_024573]
Os07g0679000 Q7XIV8     HAK9_ORYSJ  Probable potassium transporter 9 (OsHAK9) [HAK9] [LOC_Os07g48130] [OJ1409_C08.19]
Os07g0679700 Q6Z3U3     Y7797_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os07g0679700 [LOC_Os07g48200] [OJ1205_F02.12]
Os07g0681300 Q7XHW5     C14B1_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714B1 (EC 1.14.-.-) (GA 13-oxidase 1) (Gibberellin 13 oxidase 1) [CYP714B1] [LOC_Os07g48330] [OsJ_25604] [OSJNBa0008J01.23]
Os07g0681400 Q7XHW4     CML24_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML24 (Calmodulin-like protein 24) [CML24] [LOC_Os07g48340] [OsJ_024595] [OSJNBa0008J01.24]
Os07g0682400 Q0D3J9     C3H53_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 53 (OsC3H53) [LOC_Os07g48410] [OSJNBa0008J01.35]
Os07g0682800 Q6Z4P2     APY2_ORYSJ  Probable apyrase 2 (EC (OsAPY2) (ATP-diphosphatase) (ATP-diphosphohydrolase) (Adenosine diphosphatase) (ADPase) [APY2] [LOC_Os07g48430] [OsJ_25612] [OSJNBa0060O17.4]
Os07g0683900 Q6Z4N6     40G2_ORYSJ  Ricin B-like lectin R40G2 (Osr40g2) [R40G2] [LOC_Os07g48490] [OSJNBa0060O17.13-1] [OSJNBa0060O17.13-2]
Os07g0684000 Q6Z4N4     40G3_ORYSJ  Ricin B-like lectin R40G3 (Osr40g3) [R40G3] [LOC_Os07g48500] [OsJ_25617] [OSJNBa0060O17.15]
Os07g0684100 Q6Z4N3     TRL11_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like 1-1, chloroplastic (Lilium-type thioredoxin 1-1) [LOC_Os07g48510] [OsJ_25618] [OSJNBa0060O17.16]
Os07g0684900 Q0D3I7     WOX11_ORYSJ WUSCHEL-related homeobox 11 (OsWOX11) [WOX11] [LOC_Os07g48560] [OsJ_25623]
Os07g0685700 Q8W3L9     EIL2_ORYSJ  Protein ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE 3-like 2 (EIN3-like protein 2) (OsEIL2) [EIL2] [LOC_Os07g48630] [OJ1200_C08.104] [OsJ_25629]
Os07g0687000 Q8LIG4     CIPK3_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 3 (EC (OsCIPK03) [CIPK3] [LOC_Os07g48760] [OJ1150_E04.118] [OJ1200_C08.122] [OsJ_024629]
Os07g0687200 Q0JNS6     CALM1_ORYSJ Calmodulin-1 (CaM-1) [CAM1-2] [CAM] [LOC_Os07g48780] [OJ1150_E04.120-1] [OJ1200_C08.124-1] [OsJ_024630] [OsJ_25643]
Os07g0687700 Q7X993     TGA21_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGA2.1 (OsNIF2) (bZIP transcription factor 63) (OsbZIP63) [TGA2.1] [LOC_Os07g48820] [OJ1150_E04.124] [OJ1165_F02.101] [OsJ_25648]
Os07g0688000 Q8H5F8     ADPRM_ORYSJ Manganese-dependent ADP-ribose/CDP-alcohol diphosphatase (EC (EC (EC (ADPRibase-Mn) (CDP-choline phosphohydrolase) [LOC_Os07g48840] [OJ1150_E04.129] [OJ1165_F02.106] [OsJ_25650]
Os07g0689300 Q69UZ3     LONM_ORYSJ  Lon protease homolog, mitochondrial (EC [LOC_Os07g48960] [OJ1165_F02.125] [P0597G07.108]
Os07g0689600 Q0D3F2     NAS3_ORYSJ  Nicotianamine synthase 3 (EC (S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-L-methionine:S-adenosyl-methionine 3-amino-3-carboxypropyltransferase 3) (OsNAS3) [NAS3] [LOC_Os07g48980] [OJ1165_F02.29] [OsJ_024648] [P0597G07.112]
Os07g0691800 P46466     PRS4_ORYSJ  26S proteasome regulatory subunit 4 homolog (Tat-binding protein homolog 2) [TBP2] [LOC_Os07g49150] [P0034A04.112]
Os07g0692200 Q84NQ7     CSPL4_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4B1 (OsCASPL4B1) [LOC_Os07g49200] [P0034A04.117]
Os07g0693100 Q0D3D2     PDC3_ORYSJ  Pyruvate decarboxylase 3 (EC (PDC) [PDC3] [LOC_Os07g49250] [OsJ_024667]
Os07g0693500 Q84NP7     AMPD_ORYSJ  Probable AMP deaminase (EC [AMPD] [LOC_Os07g49270] [OsJ_25692] [P0034A04.129]
Os07g0693600 Q0D3C8     XOAT7_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 7 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 14) (OsTBL14) [XOAT7] [TBL14] [LOC_Os07g49280] [OsJ_25693]
Os07g0694400 Q6Z3Y6     IRX9_ORYSJ  Probable beta-1,4-xylosyltransferase IRX9 (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsGT43C) (Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os07g0694400) (Protein IRREGULAR XYLEM 9 homolog) (OsIRX9) [IRX9] [LOC_Os07g49370] [P0627E10.10]
Os07g0694700 Q9FE01     APX2_ORYSJ  L-ascorbate peroxidase 2, cytosolic (EC (APXb) (OsAPx2) [APX2] [SS622] [LOC_Os07g49400] [OsJ_25704] [P0627E10.14]
Os07g0695100 Q0D3B6     PRR37_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator-like PRR37 (Protein DAYS TO HEADING 7) (Protein HEADING DATE 2) (Pseudo-response regulator 37) (OsPRR37) [PRR37] [DTH7] [HD2] [LOC_Os07g49460] [P0627E10.21]
Os08g0101000 Q6Z1Z3     IDEF1_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein IDEF1 (Protein IRON DEFICIENCY-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT FACTOR 1) [IDEF1] [LOC_Os08g01090] [B1147B12.12] [OsJ_25718]
Os08g0101600 Q8W5R1     GENL2_ORYSJ Single-strand DNA endonuclease 1 (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsSEND-1) (Flap endonuclease GEN-like 2) (XPG-like endonuclease 2) [SEND1] [GEN2] [LOC_Os08g01130] [B1147B12.17] [OsJ_25722]
Os08g0101900 Q6Z1Y7     CASP2_ORYSJ Casparian strip membrane protein 2 (OsCASP2) [LOC_Os08g01160] [B1147B12.21] [OsJ_024703] [P0015C07.4]
Os08g0102000 Q6Z1Y6     SNAT2_ORYSJ Serotonin N-acetyltransferase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSNAT2) [SNAT2] [LOC_Os08g01170] [B1147B12.22] [OsJ_25726] [P0015C07.5]
Os08g0103300 Q69U54     TLP12_ORYSJ Tubby-like F-box protein 12 (OsTLP12) (Tubby-like F-box protein 2) (OsTLP2) [TULP12] [TULP2] [LOC_Os08g01290] [OsJ_25735] [P0015C07.29]
Os08g0104300 Q69U49     RMR2_ORYSJ  Receptor homology region, transmembrane domain- and RING domain-containing protein 2 precursor (OsRMR2) [RMR1] [LOC_Os08g01360] [P0015C07.39-1]
Os08g0104600 Q0J8M2     FER1_ORYSJ  Ferredoxin-1, chloroplastic precursor (Anti-disease protein 1) (Ferredoxin I) [ADI1] [LOC_Os08g01380] [OJ1300_E01.1] [OsJ_024720]
Os08g0105000 Q6ZJM9     EHD3_ORYSJ  PHD finger protein EHD3 (Proetin EARLY HEADING 3) [EHD3] [LOC_Os08g01420] [OJ1300_E01.8-1]
Os08g0107900 A0A0P0XB70 MGN1_ORYSJ  Protein mago nashi homolog 1 (OsMAGO1) (Mago nashi-like protein 1) [MAGO1] [P0450B04.29]
Os08g0108100 Q0J8J8     PMI28_ORYSJ Pectinesterase inhibitor 28 precursor (Pectin methylesterase inhibitor 28) (OsPMEI28) [PMEI28] [LOC_Os08g01670] [P0450B04.30]
Os08g0108200 Q6ZD63     FAS2_ORYSJ  Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit FAS2 homolog (CAF-1 subunit FAS2 homolog) (CAF-1 p60 homolog) (Protein FASCIATA 2 homolog) [FAS2] [LOC_Os08g01680] [OsJ_25768] [P0450B04.31]
Os08g0109300 Q6ZC69     KAD2_ORYSJ  Probable adenylate kinase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 2) [LOC_Os08g01770] [P0007D08.12]
Os08g0109400 P0C128     IAA25_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA25 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 25) [IAA25] [LOC_Os08g01780] [OsJ_21291]
Os08g0112700 Q0J8G8     MAD26_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 26 (FDRMADS3) (OsMADS26) (RMADS220) [MADS26] [LOC_Os08g02070] [P0498H04.24]
Os08g0112800 Q6ZCC4     SDH6_ORYSJ  Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 6, mitochondrial [SDH6] [LOC_Os08g02080] [OsJ_25800] [P0498H04.25]
Os08g0113100 Q0J8G4     SCRK2_ORYSJ Fructokinase-2 (EC (Fructokinase II) (OsFKII) [FRK2] [FKII] [LOC_Os08g02120] [OsJ_024778] [P0498H04.29]
Os08g0114200 Q6YXT7     GUN19_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 19 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 19) [LOC_Os08g02220] [P0427G12.14]
Os08g0117000 F9W301     KN1_ORYSJ   Kinesin-like protein KIN-1 (Kinesin-1-like protein PSS1) (Pollen semi-sterility protein 1) [KIN1] [PSS1] [LOC_Os08g02380] [OsJ_25827] [P0470F10.15]
Os08g0117200 Q69UI2     RS131_ORYSJ 40S ribosomal protein S13-1 [LOC_Os08g02400] [P0470F10.17]
Os08g0117300 Q69UI1     RS132_ORYSJ 40S ribosomal protein S13-2 [LOC_Os08g02410] [OsJ_25831] [P0470F10.18]
Os08g0117400 Q84VG0     CML7_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-binding protein CML7 (Calmodulin-like protein 7) [CML7] [LOC_Os08g02420] [OsJ_024805] [P0470F10.20]
Os08g0118900 Q6ZJ48     KAD7_ORYSJ  Probable adenylate kinase 7, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 7) [LOC_Os08g02540] [OJ1005_B05.19] [OsJ_25843]
Os08g0120000 Q9S827     SDHB1_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur subunit 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Iron-sulfur subunit of complex II) (Ip) [SDH2-1] [LOC_Os08g02640] [OJ1005_B05.29-1]
Os08g0121900 Q6YRM6     Y8219_ORYSJ Glycosyltransferase family 92 protein Os08g0121900 (EC 2.4.1.-) [LOC_Os08g02850] [B1203H11.32] [OsJ_25865] [OSJNBa0073J19.9] [OSJNBa0091F23.17]
Os08g0126300 Q0J8A4     G3PC1_ORYSJ Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1, cytosolic (EC (PP38) [GAPC1] [GAPC] [GAPDH] [GPC] [LOC_Os08g03290] [OJ1163_G08.15] [OsJ_024858]
Os08g0126700 Q6ZK57     C3H54_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 54 (OsC3H54) [LOC_Os08g03310] [OJ1163_G08.18] [OsJ_024860]
Os08g0127700 Q6ZK48     SLU7_ORYSJ  Pre-mRNA-splicing factor SLU7 [LOC_Os08g03390] [OJ1163_G08.29] [OsJ_024869] [OsJ_25904]
Os08g0129700 Q8H0B2     ARAE3_ORYSJ Probable UDP-arabinose 4-epimerase 3 (EC (OsUEL-3) (UDP-D-xylose 4-epimerase 3) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase-like protein 3) [UEL-3] [LOC_Os08g03570] [P0582D05.120]
Os08g0130100 Q84UR0     LOL4_ORYSJ  Protein LOL4 (Protein LSD ONE LIKE 4) (OsLOL4) (Putative zinc finger LOL4) [LOL4] [LOC_Os08g03610] [OsJ_25929] [P0582D05.124]
Os08g0130500 P41095     RLA0_ORYSJ  60S acidic ribosomal protein P0 (Os60SP0p) [60SP0] [LOC_Os08g03640] [P0582D05.130-1]
Os08g0131100 Q7EZR4     C70A3_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 703A2 (EC (Laurate 7-monooxygenase) [CYP703A3] [LOC_Os08g03682] [OSJNBb0009H02.9] [P0582D05.139]
Os08g0135800 Q6YYC0     C3H55_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 55 (OsC3H55) [LOC_Os08g04170] [OJ1613_G04.4-1] [P0680F05.43-1]
Os08g0136100 A3BPF2     ROC7_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC7 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 7) (HD-ZIP protein ROC7) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC7) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 7) [ROC7] [GL2-7] [Os08g0136000] [LOC_Os08g04190] [OJ1613_G04.7] [OsJ_024924] [P0680F05.46]
Os08g0137100 Q6ZJX0     FIE2_ORYSJ  Polycomb group protein FIE1 (Protein FERTILIZATION-INDEPENDENT ENDOSPERM 2) (OsFIE2) (WD40 repeat-containing protein 153) (OsWD40-153) [FIE2] [LOC_Os08g04270] [OJ1613_G04.20] [OsJ_25971]
Os08g0137200 Q6ZJW9     ARP4_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 4 [ARP4] [LOC_Os08g04280] [OJ1613_G04.21] [OsJ_024932]
Os08g0137250 Q6ZJW8     FIE1_ORYSJ  Polycomb group protein FIE1 (Protein FERTILIZATION-INDEPENDENT ENDOSPERM 1) (OsFIE1) (WD40 repeat-containing protein 154) (OsWD40-154) [FIE1] [LOC_Os08g04290] [OJ1613_G04.22] [OsJ_25973]
Os08g0140300 Q6ZJK7     TDC1_ORYSJ  Tryptophan decarboxylase 1 (EC (5-hydroxytryptophan decarboxylase TDC1) [TDC1] [LOC_Os08g04540] [OJ1368_G08.14] [OsJ_25993]
Os08g0143300 Q6YYZ2     4CLL3_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 3 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL3] [LOC_Os08g04770] [P0025F03.16] [P0473D02.38]
Os08g0143400 Q6YYZ1     LDL2_ORYSJ  Lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 homolog 2 (EC 1.-.-.-) (Flavin-containing amine oxidase domain-containing protein 2) (Protein LSD1-LIKE 2) [LOC_Os08g04780] [P0025F03.17-1] [P0025F03.17-2] [P0473D02.39-1] [P0473D02.39-2]
Os08g0144100 Q84UL5     CML32_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML32 (Calmodulin-like protein 32) [CML32] [LOC_Os08g04890] [P0571B09.102] [P0665F09.116]
Os08g0151800 Q84PW3     MDAR5_ORYSJ Monodehydroascorbate reductase 5, chlorplastic precursor (EC (OsMADR5) (OsMDHAR5) [MDAR5] [MDHAR5] [LOC_Os08g05570] [OJ1349_D05.106] [P0443G08.138]
Os08g0152000 Q7EYH7     NIP32_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP3-2 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 3-2) (OsNIP3;2) [NIP3-2] [LOC_Os08g05590] [OJ1349_D05.108] [P0443G08.140]
Os08g0152100 Q84S07     NIP33_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP3-3 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 3-3) (OsNIP3;3) [NIP3-3] [LOC_Os08g05600] [OJ1349_D05.110] [OsJ_025008]
Os08g0153300 Q84ZM7     VITH3_ORYSJ Vacuolar iron transporter homolog 3 (Protein NODULIN-LIKE 3) [LOC_Os08g05720] [OJ1066_B03.106] [OJ1349_D05.127]
Os08g0154200 Q0J7Y8     RH45_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 45 (EC [LOC_Os08g05810]
Os08g0156900 Q6ZD95     SPO12_ORYSJ Meiotic recombination protein SPO11-2 (OsSPO11-2) (OsSPO11B) (Topoisomerase 6 subunit A2) (OsTOP6A2) [SPO11-2] [LOC_Os08g06050] [P0438H08.23-1]
Os08g0157000 Q5J4W4     MPK2_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 2 (EC (MAP kinase 2) [MPK2] [LOC_Os08g06060] [P0438H08.24]
Os08g0157500 Q6ZD89     OMT1_ORYSJ  Flavone 3'-O-methyltransferase 1 precursor (EC (OsOMT1) (Acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase COMT) (EC (Caffeate O-methyltransferase 1) (EC (OsCOMT1) (OsCOMT) (Quercetin 3'-O-methyltransferase 1) [COMT] [ROMT-9] [LOC_Os08g06100] [OsJ_26105] [P0438H08.29]
Os08g0157700 Q7EZD5     Y8577_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os08g0157700 [LOC_Os08g06120] [OsJ_26107] [P0498E12.101]
Os08g0159500 Q0J7V9     LSD1_ORYSJ  Protein LSD1 (Protein LESION SIMULATING DISEASE 1) (OsLSD1) (Putative zinc finger LSD1) [LSD1] [LOC_Os08g06280] [OsJ_26122]
Os08g0159800 Q84UQ3     C3H56_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 56 (OsC3H56) [LOC_Os08g06330] [P0498E12.129] [P0672D01.112]
Os08g0159900 Q84UQ1     RH42_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 42 (EC [LOC_Os08g06344] [OsJ_26125] [P0498E12.131] [P0672D01.114]
Os08g0160500 Q84UP7     CSLF6_ORYSJ Probable mixed-linked glucan synthase 6 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 6) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F6) (OsCslF6) [CSLF6] [LOC_Os08g06380] [OsJ_025078] [P0577B11.104-1] [P0672D01.120-1]
Os08g0162100 Q0J7U6     TPR2_ORYSJ  Protein TOPLESS-RELATED PROTEIN 2 (Protein TPR2) (Protein ABERRANT SPIKELET AND PANICLE 1) (Protein ASP1) (Protein LISSENCEPHALY TYPE-1-LIKE 1) (OsLIS-L1) (Protein LIS-L1) (Protein TPL) (OsTPL) (Ramosa1 enhancer locus 2) (OsREL2) (Protein REL2) (Topless-like protein) [TPR2] [ASP1] [LIS-L1] [REL2] [TPL] [LOC_Os08g06480] [OsJ_26138] [P0577B11.132]
Os08g0162800 Q84SC3     ACBP1_ORYSJ Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 1 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 1) (OsACBP1) [ACBP1] [LOC_Os08g06550] [OJ9990_A01.106] [OsJ_26146] [P0577B11.140]
Os08g0163400 Q0J7T6     SIGA_ORYSJ  RNA polymerase sigma factor sigA precursor (Os-sigA) (Sigma factor A) (Protein YELLOW-GREEN LEAF 13) (RNA polymerase sigma factor sig1) (OsSIG1) (Sigma factor 1) [SIGA] [SIG1] [YGL13] [LOC_Os08g06630] [OJ9990_A01.116-1] [OJ9990_A01.116-2]
Os08g0174500 Q0J7P4     HD5_ORYSJ   Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B-11 (OsNF-YB11) (Protein DAYS TO HEADING 8) (Protein HEADING DATE 5) (Transcriptional activator HAP3H) (OsHAP3H) [HD5] [DTH8] [GHD8] [HAP3H] [NFYB11] [LOC_Os08g07740]
Os08g0174700 Q6Z4U4     BAK1_ORYSJ  LRR receptor kinase BAK1 precursor (EC (BRI1-associated receptor kinase 1 homolog) (OsBAK1) (Benzothiadiazole-induced SERK1) (BTH-induced SERK1) (OsBISERK1) (Somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase 1) (OsSERK1) [BAK1] [BISERK1] [LOC_Os08g07760] [OsJ_26221] [OSJNBa0054L03.30]
Os08g0174900 Q6Z4U2     CAF1M_ORYSJ CRS2-associated factor 1, mitochondrial precursor [LOC_Os08g07790] [OJ1134_B10.1] [OSJNBa0054L03.32]
Os08g0175300 Q6Z4T5     POLIA_ORYSJ DNA polymerase I A, chloroplastic precursor (EC (DNA polymerase PolI-like A) (OsPolI-like A) (DNA polymerase gamma 1) [LOC_Os08g07840] [OJ1134_B10.8-1] [OJ1134_B10.8-2] [OsJ_26226] [OSJNBa0054L03.39-1] [OSJNBa0054L03.39-2]
Os08g0175600 Q6Z4T3     POLIB_ORYSJ DNA polymerase I B, mitochondrial precursor (EC (DNA polymerase PolI-like B) (OsPolI-like B) (DNA polymerase gamma 2) [LOC_Os08g07850] [OJ1134_B10.10] [OSJNBa0054L03.41]
Os08g0176100 Q0J7N5     PPCS2_ORYSJ Phosphopantothenate--cysteine ligase 2 (EC (Phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase 2) (PPC synthetase 2) [LOC_Os08g07880] [OJ1134_B10.16] [OsJ_36371]
Os08g0176900 Q6ZBS8     TGL10_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL10 (bZIP transcription factor 64) (OsbZIP64) [TGAL10] [LOC_Os08g07970] [OJ1120_C08.7] [P0583B06.15]
Os08g0178200 Q6ZKF0     MST5_ORYSJ  Sugar transport protein MST5 (Monosaccharide transporter 5) (OsMST5) (Sugar:proton symporter MST5) [MST5] [LOC_Os08g08070] [OJ1120_C08.22] [OsJ_26248]
Os08g0180000 Q6Z9U7     MCES1_ORYSJ mRNA cap guanine-N7 methyltransferase 1 (EC (mRNA (guanine-N(7))-methyltransferase 1) (mRNA cap methyltransferase 1) [LOC_Os08g08200] [OsJ_26261] [P0455A11.11]
Os08g0187500 Q6ZAR0     ROC1_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC1 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 1) (HD-ZIP protein ROC1) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC1) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 1) [ROC1] [GL2-1] [LOC_Os08g08820] [P0020B10.22] [P0547A06.49]
Os08g0188000 Q0J7J7     CAF2M_ORYSJ CRS2-associated factor 2, mitochondrial precursor [LOC_Os08g08860] [P0020B10.28]
Os08g0188900 Q6YZB2     GL81_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 8-1 precursor [LOC_Os08g08920] [B1099H05.17] [OsJ_025234] [P0020B10.41]
Os08g0189100 Q6YZA9     GL82_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-2 precursor (Germin-like protein 16) (Germin-like protein 3) (OsGER3) [GER3] [GLP16] [LOC_Os08g08960] [B1099H05.23] [OsJ_025236]
Os08g0189200 Q6YZZ7     GL83_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-3 precursor (Germin-like protein 2) (OsGER2) [GER2] [LOC_Os08g08970] [B1099H05.26] [OsJ_025237] [P0610E02.2]
Os08g0189300 Q6YZZ6     GL84_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-4 precursor (Germin-like protein 1) (OsGER1) [GER1] [LOC_Os08g08980] [B1099H05.28] [OsJ_025243] [P0610E02.4]
Os08g0189400 Q6YZA6     GL85_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-5 precursor [LOC_Os08g08990] [B1099H05.29] [OsJ_025244] [P0610E02.5]
Os08g0189500 Q6YZA4     GL86_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-6 precursor [LOC_Os08g09000] [B1099H05.31] [OsJ_025245] [P0610E02.7]
Os08g0189600 Q6YZZ2     GL87_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-7 precursor (Germin-like protein 6) (OsGER6) [GER6] [LOC_Os08g09010] [B1099H05.32] [OsJ_025246] [P0610E02.8]
Os08g0189700 Q6YZA1     GL88_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-8 precursor [LOC_Os08g09020] [B1099H05.34] [OsJ_025247] [P0610E02.10]
Os08g0189850 Q6YZ99     GL89_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 8-9 precursor [LOC_Os08g09040] [B1099H05.37] [OsJ_025249] [P0610E02.13]
Os08g0189900 Q6YZ97     GL810_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 8-10 precursor (Germin-like protein 2) [GLP2] [LOC_Os08g09060] [B1099H05.39] [P0610E02.15]
Os08g0190100 Q6YZY5     GL811_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 8-11 precursor [LOC_Os08g09080] [B1099H05.40] [OsJ_025238] [P0610E02.16]
Os08g0191100 Q6YZX6     ACOHC_ORYSJ Putative aconitate hydratase, cytoplasmic (EC (Aconitase) (Citrate hydro-lyase) [LOC_Os08g09200] [P0610E02.32]
Os08g0191433 A0A0P0XCU3 SSY3A_ORYSJ Soluble starch synthase 3a, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Protein FLOURY ENDOSPERM 5) (Soluble starch synthase IIIa) (OsSSIIIa) [SSIIIA] [FLO5] [SS3A] [SSIII-2] [LOC_Os08g09230] [OSJNBa0056O06.4-1]
Os08g0191600 Q6Z1D5     ATG8C_ORYSJ Autophagy-related protein 8C precursor (Autophagy-related ubiquitin-like modifier ATG8C) [ATG8C] [APG8C] [LOC_Os08g09240] [OsJ_26315] [OSJNBa0056O06.5]
Os08g0191700 Q948T6     LGUL_ORYSJ  Lactoylglutathione lyase (EC (Aldoketomutase) (Allergen Glb33) (Glyoxalase I) (Glx I) (Glyoxylase I 11) (OsGLYI-11) (OsGLYI11) (Ketone-aldehyde mutase) (Methylglyoxalase) (PP33) (S-D-lactoylglutathione methylglyoxal lyase) (Allergen Ory s Glyoxalase I) [GLYI-11] [GLX-I] [LOC_Os08g09250] [OSJNBa0056O06.9-1]
Os08g0192900 Q6Z1C0     NUCL1_ORYSJ Nucleolin 1 (Protein NUCLEOLIN LIKE 1) [LOC_Os08g09350] [OsJ_26324] [OSJNBa0056O06.24]
Os08g0197700 Q6Z058     BIP5_ORYSJ  Heat shock 70 kDa protein BIP5 precursor (Luminal-binding protein 5) (OsBiP5) [BIP5] [LOC_Os08g09770] [P0412D08.27]
Os08g0199300 Q6Z1J6     OLA1_ORYSJ  Obg-like ATPase 1 (EC 3.6.5.-) (Ribosome-binding ATPase YchF) (OsYchF1) [YCHF1] [LOC_Os08g09940] [OsJ_26368] [OSJNBb0094P23.28]
Os08g0199400 Q0J7E4     STAD6_ORYSJ Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 6, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.14.19.-) [LOC_Os08g09950] [OSJNBb0094P23.29]
Os08g0200100 Q6Z1I5     STAD7_ORYSJ Acyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] desaturase 7, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.14.19.-) [LOC_Os08g10010] [OsJ_26370] [OSJNBb0094P23.43] [P0556A11.14]
Os08g0205900 Q6ZCF0     GATP3_ORYSJ Probable gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase 3, mitochondrial precursor (EC [LOC_Os08g10510] [OJ1119_C05.10] [OsJ_26408] [P0486F07.39]
Os08g0206400 Q8VXB1     HAK12_ORYSJ Putative potassium transporter 12 (OsHAK12) [HAK12] [LOC_Os08g10550] [OsJ_26409]
Os08g0207500 Q6ZJ91     ZIP4_ORYSJ  Zinc transporter 4 precursor (ZRT/IRT-like protein 4) (OsZIP4) [ZIP4] [LOC_Os08g10630] [OJ1734_E04.11]
Os08g0218700 Q6YUE5     Y8187_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein Os08g0218700/LOC_Os08g12160 precursor (Unknown protein AN01 from 2D-PAGE of anther) [LOC_Os08g12160] [B1049E04.7-1]
Os08g0231400 Q6ZCR3     GL812_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 8-12 precursor [LOC_Os08g13440] [OsJ_025435] [P0461A06.15]
Os08g0237000 Q76BW5     XTH8_ORYSJ  Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase/hydrolase protein 8 precursor (EC (End-xyloglucan transferase) (OsXRT5) (OsXTH8) [XTH8] [XRT5] [LOC_Os08g13920] [P0682A06.17]
Os08g0237200 Q6Z9A3     GMPP3_ORYSJ Probable mannose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase 3 (EC [LOC_Os08g13930] [OsJ_04069] [P0682A06.20]
Os08g0240800 Q0J716     VLN5_ORYSJ  Villin-5 [VLN5] [LOC_Os08g14230] [OSNPB_080240800]
Os08g0242400 Q6Z3L4     WOX10_ORYSJ WUSCHEL-related homeobox 10 (OsWOX10) (Protein WOX11/12) [WOX10] [LOC_Os08g14400] [OsJ_025487] [OSJNBa0087F21.36]
Os08g0242700 Q0J709     UP12_ORYSJ  ACT domain-containing protein DS12, chloroplastic precursor (Uncharacterized protein DS12 from 2D-PAGE of leaf) [LOC_Os08g14440]
Os08g0243500 Q0J705     NCPR2_ORYSJ NADPH--cytochrome P450 reductase 2 (EC (CPR) (OsCPR2) (P450R) [CPR2] [LOC_Os08g14570] [OSJNBb0070J06.25] [P0437G01.10]
Os08g0245200 P17814     4CL1_ORYSJ  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 1 (EC (4CL 1) (Os4CL1) (4-coumaroyl-CoA synthase 1) [4CL1] [4CL] [LOC_Os08g14760] [OJ1033_B09.16]
Os08g0245400 Q6ZKV8     BIODA_ORYSJ Bifunctional dethiobiotin synthetase/7,8-diamino-pelargonic acid aminotransferase, mitochondrial precursor (Bifunctional BIO3-BIO1 protein) [Includes: Dethiobiotin synthetase (EC (DTB synthetase) (DTBS) (Protein BIOTIN AUXOTROPH 3); 7,8-diamino-pelargonic acid aminotransferase (DAPA AT) (DAPA aminotransferase) (7,8-diaminononanoate synthase) (DANS) (Adenosylmethionine-8-amino-7-oxononanoate aminotransferase) (EC (Diaminopelargonic acid synthase) (Protein BIOTIN AUXOTROPH 1)] [BIO3-BIO1] [BIO1] [BIO3] [LOC_Os08g14770] [OJ1033_B09.17] [OsJ_26590]
Os08g0248800 Q9LD61     PYRB_ORYSJ  Aspartate carbamoyltransferase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Aspartate transcarbamylase) (ATCase) [PYRB] [LOC_Os08g15030] [OsJ_26609] [OSJNBa0012K14.1] [OSJNBb0003H03.24]
Os08g0250900 Q6Z517     SMAX1_ORYSJ Protein SMAX1-like [SMAX1L] [LOC_Os08g15230] [OSJNBa0036E18.7] [OSNPB_080250900]
Os08g0253800 Q7PC69     CSLC3_ORYSJ Probable xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 3 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C3) (OsCslC3) [CSLC3] [LOC_Os08g15420] [OJ1112_D12.1] [OJ1575_B01.13]
Os08g0254500 Q6ZG25     SECY_ORYSJ  Preprotein translocase subunit SECY, chloroplastic precursor (CpSecY) [SECY] [LOC_Os08g15460] [OJ1112_D12.8] [OJ1575_B01.20] [OsJ_26630]
Os08g0258200 Q7EZ44     XB35_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS35 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS35) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS35) (XB3 protein homolog 5) [XBOS35] [LOC_Os08g15840] [B1015H11.105] [OsJ_26639]
Os08g0270400 Q0J6T3     CADH5_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 5 (EC (OsCAD5) [CAD5] [Os08g0270433] [Os08g0270466] [LOC_Os08g16910] [OsJ_26689]
Os08g0280200 Q6ZCX3     FH6_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 6 (OsFH6) [FH6] [LOC_Os08g17820] [OJ1003_E05.5-1] [OsJ_025644] [P0026A08.31-1]
Os08g0280300 Q6ZCX1     YSL17_ORYSJ Probable metal-nicotianamine transporter YSL17 (Protein YELLOW STRIPE LIKE 17) (OsYSL17) [YSL17] [LOC_Os08g17830] [OJ1003_E05.7] [P0026A08.33]
Os08g0288200 Q0J6P7     KAD5_ORYSJ  Probable adenylate kinase 5, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 5) [LOC_Os08g19140] [B1114E07.12]
Os08g0292900 Q0J6N4     KNOSD_ORYSJ Homeobox protein knotted-1-like 13 (Homeobox protein OSH45) [OSH45] [LOC_Os08g19650] [OJ1705_A03.8] [OSJNBb0075O18.121]
Os08g0299400 Q6UTZ2     MGDG2_ORYSJ Probable monogalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMGD2) [MGD2] [LOC_Os08g20420] [OsJ_025729] [OSJNBa0063H21.123] [OSJNBa0070J19.22] [P0045D08.104]
Os08g0301500 Q6ZHZ1     SPSA4_ORYSJ Probable sucrose-phosphate synthase 4 (EC (Sucrose phosphate synthase 4F) (OsSPS4F) (UDP-glucose-fructose-phosphate glucosyltransferase) [SPS4] [SPS8] [LOC_Os08g20660] [OJ1115_A07.105]
Os08g0319900 Q0J6H8     CYL3_ORYSJ  Cyclase-like protein 3 precursor (OsCYL3) [CYL3] [LOC_Os08g23100] [OJ1136_D12.114] [P0465H09.131]
Os08g0323700 Q6Z0E2     CCC1_ORYSJ  Cation-chloride cotransporter 1 (OsCCC1) (Potassium-chloride cotransporter 1) [CCC1] [KCC1] [LOC_Os08g23440] [OsJ_26882] [OSJNBa0078D03.20]
Os08g0324300 Q6Z0D9     Y8347_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os08g0324300 [LOC_Os08g23470] [OSJNBa0078D03.26] [P0703C03.6]
Os08g0325134 Q6Z0D2     Y8251_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os08g0325100 [LOC_Os08g23570] [OsJ_26886] [OSJNBa0078D03.39] [P0703C03.19]
Os08g0326400 P35685     RL7A1_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L7a-1 [RPL7A-1] [LOC_Os08g23710] [OJ1136_A10.108] [P0703C03.43]
Os08g0327400 Q6Z0I4     FABI1_ORYSJ Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH] 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (ENR) (NADH-dependent enoyl-ACP reductase) [LOC_Os08g23810] [OSJNBa0049I01.2] [P0670E08.13]
Os08g0333500 Q6YTQ4     Y8335_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os08g0333500 [LOC_Os08g24470] [OSJNBa0030G18.13]
Os08g0342300 Q6ZCZ2     BRL3_ORYSJ  Brassinosteroid LRR receptor kinase BRL3 precursor (EC (BRI1-like receptor kinase 3) [BRL3] [LOC_Os08g25380] [OJ1790_D02.27] [OsJ_26971]
Os08g0344600 Q84QU8     PPT2_ORYSJ  Phosphoenolpyruvate/phosphate translocator 2, chloroplastic precursor (OsPPT2) [PPT2] [LOC_Os08g25624] [OJ1119_B10.35] [P0410E11.104]
Os08g0345500 Q7EZW6     CSLD3_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein D3 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslD3) [CSLD3] [LOC_Os08g25710] [OsJ_025895] [P0410E11.117]
Os08g0345800 P15280     GLGS2_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase small subunit 2, chloroplastic/amyloplastic/cytosolic precursor (EC (OsAGPS2) (OsAPS2) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPS2) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPS2) (AGPase B) (Alpha-D-glucose-1-phosphate adenyl transferase) (OsAGPS2a) (OsAGPS2b) [AGPS2] [APS2] [LOC_Os08g25734] [OsJ_26991] [P0410E11.123-1] [P0410E11.123-2]
Os08g0357000 Q6YZM6     BBD2_ORYSJ  Bifunctional nuclease 2 (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsBBD2) [BBD2] [LOC_Os08g26870] [OsJ_27034] [P0426E02.15]
Os08g0358800 Q2HWG0     ORR13_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR13 (OsRR13) (OsRRA12) [RR13] [LOC_Os08g26990] [OsJ_27037]
Os08g0359500 Q6YYB0     Y8359_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein Os08g0359500 [LOC_Os08g27070] [OJ1014_E02.2] [OsJ_025957] [P0488B06.44]
Os08g0360100 Q6YYA3     CRS1_ORYSJ  Chloroplastic group IIA intron splicing facilitator CRS1, chloroplastic precursor (Chloroplastic RNA splicing factor 1) (Protein CHLOROPLAST RNA SPLICING 1) [LOC_Os08g27150] [OJ1014_E02.14]
Os08g0368000 Q0J649     COPD4_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit delta-4 (Delta-coat protein 4) (Delta-COP 4) [LOC_Os08g28080]
Os08g0369300 Q6Z256     ARP2_ORYSJ  Actin-related protein 2 [ARP2] [LOC_Os08g28190] [OJ1770_H03.15] [OsJ_026006] [OSJNBa0091C18.37]
Os08g0374800 Q6ZDJ7     UGE2_ORYSJ  UDP-glucose 4-epimerase 2 (EC (OsUGE-2) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase 2) [UGE-2] [LOC_Os08g28730] [P0436B06.11]
Os08g0376700 Q8GVV6     ORR8_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR8 (OsRR8) (OsRRA13) [RR8] [LOC_Os08g28900] [OJ1705_C03.116] [P0436B06.42]
Os08g0377200 Q2HWG1     ORR12_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR12 (OsRR12) (OsRRA11) [RR12] [LOC_Os08g28950] [OJ1705_C03.124] [OsJ_27123]
Os08g0378900 Q8H2V6     CITRX_ORYSJ Thioredoxin-like protein CITRX, chloroplastic precursor (EC 1.8.-.-) (Cf-9-interacting thioredoxin) (OsCiTrx) (OsTrx25) [LOC_Os08g29110] [OsJ_27130] [OSJNBb0011E04.120] [P0709D11.10]
Os08g0380100 Q6ZA27     BURPC_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 12 precursor (OsBURP12) [BURP12] [LOC_Os08g29200] [P0709D11.28]
Os08g0384100 Q6YW64     DRB4_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 4 (dsRNA-binding protein 4) [DRB4] [LOC_Os08g29530] [B1090H08.31]
Os08g0384500 Q6YW62     AB44G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 44 (OsABCG44) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 17) (OsPDR17) [ABCG44] [PDR17] [LOC_Os08g29570] [B1090H08.39]
Os08g0387400 Q6ZA06     GUN20_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 20 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 20) (OsGLU15) [GLU15] [LOC_Os08g29770] [P0434E03.25]
Os08g0390000 Q6ZBF6     BP131_ORYSJ Proton pump-interactor BIP131 (BRI1-interacting protein 131) [BIP131] [LOC_Os08g30060] [OsJ_27178] [P0671F11.9]
Os08g0398400 Q6ZIV7     HIR1_ORYSJ  Hypersensitive-induced response protein 1 (OsHIR1) [HIR1] [LOC_Os08g30790] [OJ1051_A08.5] [OJ1198_B10.17] [OsJ_27208] [OSNPB_080398400]
Os08g0398700 Q0J5V5     APM1B_ORYSJ Aminopeptidase M1-B (EC (Alpha-aminoacylpeptide hydrolase) [LOC_Os08g30810] [OJ1051_A08.7] [OJ1198_B10.19]
Os08g0399600 Q6ZJS7     EFTS_ORYSJ  Elongation factor Ts, mitochondrial precursor (EF-Ts) (EF-TsMt) [EFTS] [OJ1051_A08.16] [OsJ_27216/OsJ_27215]
Os08g0409100 Q6ZAL2     TPP6_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 6 (EC (OsTPP6) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP6] [LOC_Os08g31630] [P0042B03.17]
Os08g0412401 Q5DJV7     APRL4_ORYSJ 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase-like 4 precursor (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 4) (APR-like 4) (OsAPRL4) [APRL4] [LOC_Os08g31814] [OSJNBa0007M04.15]
Os08g0416000 Q6ZA74     HOX5_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX5 (HD-ZIP protein HOX5) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX5) (OsHox5) [HOX5] [LOC_Os08g32080] [OsJ_026223] [P0433E10.14-1]
Os08g0416100 A3BT52     RH29_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 29 (EC (RNAH) [LOC_Os08g32090] [OsJ_026224] [OsJ_27320] [P0433E10.15]
Os08g0421100 Q8H339     CCD12_ORYSJ Cyclin-D1-2 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D1-2) (CycD1;2) [CYCD1-2] [LOC_Os08g32540] [OJ1188_F05.24] [OSJNBa0077M12.105]
Os08g0422200 Q8H329     MTP8_ORYSJ  Metal tolerance protein 8 (OsMTP8) [MTP8] [LOC_Os08g32650] [OSJNBa0077M12.119]
Os08g0424500 Q84LK3     BADH2_ORYSJ Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (EC (OsBADH2) [BADH2] [fgr] [LOC_Os08g32870] [OsJ_27367] [OSJNBa0056L09.30] [P0456B03.101]
Os08g0425300 Q84Q51     GUN21_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 21 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 21) (OsGLU9) [GLU9] [LOC_Os08g32940] [P0456B03.110]
Os08g0427300 Q7EY72     CCZ_ORYSJ   Vacuolar fusion protein CCZ1 homolog [CCZ1] [NP70] [LOC_Os08g33076] [OJ1663_D06.7] [OSJNBb0032E15.114]
Os08g0427700 Q84NJ4     H2A3_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.3 [LOC_Os08g33100] [OJ1663_D06.11] [OsJ_026285] [OSJNBb0032E15.118]
Os08g0428400 Q6ZJU3     TIF6A_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 6a (OsTIFY6a) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 3) (OsJAZ3) (OsJAZ9) [TIFY6A] [JAZ3] [LOC_Os08g33160] [OJ1663_D06.22] [OsJ_27393]
Os08g0430500 Q6ZKC0     14333_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-C (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog C) [GF14C] [LOC_Os08g33370] [OJ1124_B05.7]
Os08g0431200 Q6ZKB2     FH9_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 9 precursor (OsFH9) [FH9] [LOC_Os08g33430] [OJ1111_B08.10] [OJ1124_B05.19] [OsJ_026308]
Os08g0431900 Q6VAM4     MAD23_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 23 (OsMADS23) [MADS23] [LOC_Os08g33488] [OJ1111_B08.22]
Os08g0433100 B9G125     GDT15_ORYSJ GDT1-like protein 5 [LOC_Os08g33630] [OsJ_27425] [P0431A03.16]
Os08g0434500 Q6YWK8     CSLAB_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 11 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A11) (OsCslA11) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 11) [CSLA11] [LOC_Os08g33740] [P0413H11.13] [P0431A03.35]
Os08g0436400 Q6Z541     SAP12_ORYSJ Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 12 (OsSAP12) [SAP12] [LOC_Os08g33880] [OsJ_27448] [OSJNBa0016C11.6]
Os08g0438100 Q0J5F8     MIF4_ORYSJ  Mini zinc finger protein 4 (OsMIF4) [MIF4] [LOC_Os08g33990]
Os08g0438400 Q6Z528     ZHD10_ORYSJ Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 10 (OsZHD10) [ZHD10] [LOC_Os08g34010] [OSJNBa0016C11.32] [P0524F03.1]
Os08g0441100 Q6Z9F4     CIPK6_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 6 (EC (OsCIPK06) [CIPK6] [LOC_Os08g34240] [P0524F03.52] [P0528B09.25]
Os08g0448000 Q6ZAC1     4CL5_ORYSJ  4-coumarate--CoA ligase 5 (EC (4CL 5) (Os4CL5) (4-coumaroyl-CoA synthase 5) [4CL5] [LOC_Os08g34790] [OsJ_026405] [P0409A07.17] [P0429B05.38]
Os08g0453800 Q6ZAG3     CDKC3_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase C-3 (EC (EC (CDKC;3) [CDKC-1] [LOC_Os08g35220] [OsJ_026440] [P0048G02.5]
Os08g0455900 Q6Z0Q9     COP52_ORYSJ Putative copper transporter 5.2 (OsCOPT5.2) [COPT5.2] [LOC_Os08g35490] [B1144B06.22]
Os08g0457600 Q7XAP4     RSH2_ORYSJ  Probable GTP diphosphokinase RSH2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (RelA/SpoT homolog 2) (OsRSH2) (ppGpp synthetase RSH2) [RSH2] [LOC_Os08g35620] [OsJ_27564] [P0493A04.9]
Os08g0458600 Q6ZC03     ORR33_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR33 (OsRRA19) [RR33] [LOC_Os08g35670] [P0493A04.24]
Os08g045960  Q6Z965     OPR7_ORYSJ  12-oxophytodienoate reductase 7 (EC (12-oxophytodienoate-10,11-reductase 7) (OPDA-reductase 7) (OsOPR7) (Protein OPEN GLUME 1) [OPR7] [OG1] [OPR13] [OPR3] [LOC_Os08g35740] [OsJ_27573] [P0493A04.35] [P0690E03.3]
Os08g0459700 Q6Z964     GL813_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 8-13 precursor [LOC_Os08g35750] [OsJ_026468] [P0493A04.37] [P0690E03.5]
Os08g0460000 Q6ZBZ2     GL814_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 8-14 precursor (Germin-like protein 1) (Germin-like protein 5) (OsGER5) [GER5] [GLP1] [GLP110] [LOC_Os08g35760] [OsJ_026469] [P0493A04.40] [P0690E03.8]
Os08g0460600 Q6Z955     CKX11_ORYSJ Cytokinin dehydrogenase 11 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 11) (OsCKX11) [CKX11] [LOC_Os08g35860] [P0690E03.23]
Os08g0462700 Q6YUB8     BRXL1_ORYSJ Protein Brevis radix-like 1 (OsBRXL1) [BRXL1] [LOC_Os08g36020] [B1111C03.19] [B1116H04.7] [OsJ_27591]
Os08g0463900 Q6YUA8     PSA22_ORYSJ Protein PHOTOSYSTEM I ASSEMBLY 2, chloroplastic precursor [PSA2] [LOC_Os08g36140] [B1111C03.36] [B1116H04.24] [OsJ_27600]
Os08g0465000 Q6YPD0     HOX27_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX27 (HD-ZIP protein HOX27) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX27) (OsHox27) [HOX27] [LOC_Os08g36220] [OSJNOa174H12.5]
Os08g0466200 Q6YSA9     HAK4_ORYSJ  Probable potassium transporter 4 (OsHAK4) [HAK4] [LOC_Os08g36340] [OsJ_27614] [P0104B02.21]
Os08g0468100 P16081     NIA1_ORYSJ  Nitrate reductase [NADH] 1 (EC (NR1) [NIA1] [LOC_Os08g36480] [OsJ_27622] [P0470B03.25]
Os08g0471000 Q6Z9R8     HFB4A_ORYSJ Putative heat stress transcription factor B-4a (Heat stress transcription factor 20) (OsHsf-20) [HSFB4A] [HSF20] [LOC_Os08g36700] [P0461F06.21]
Os08g0472000 Q6ZDF3     TRAB1_ORYSJ bZIP transcription factor TRAB1 (Protein ABA RESPONSIVE ELEMENT 1) [TRAB1] [ABA1] [LOC_Os08g36790] [P0013B04.7]
Os08g0472800 Q6ZDE3     ABAH2_ORYSJ Abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase 2 (EC (ABA 8'-hydroxylase 2) (Cytochrome P450 707A6) (OsABA8ox2) [CYP707A6] [ABA8OX2] [LOC_Os08g36860] [OsJ_026541] [P0013B04.19]
Os08g0473600 P27934     AMY3E_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 3E precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) [AMY1.4] [AMY3E] [LOC_Os08g36900] [P0013B04.34-1] [P0451G12.3-1]
Os08g0473900 P27933     AMY3D_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 3D precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) [AMY1.3] [AMY3D] [LOC_Os08g36910] [P0013B04.36-1] [P0451G12.5-1]
Os08g0477500 Q6ZJD3     PLP2_ORYSJ  Patatin-like protein 2 (EC 3.1.1.-) (OsPLP2) [PLP2] [LOC_Os08g37250] [OJ1666_A04.9] [OsJ_27671]
Os08g0479300 Q4KYM5     CCD42_ORYSJ Cyclin-D4-2 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D4-2) (CycD4;2) [CYCD4-2] [LOC_Os08g37390] [OJ1113_A10.14] [OsJ_026575]
Os08g0479400 Q6ZB90     ZHD2_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 2 (OsZHD2) [ZHD2] [LOC_Os08g37400] [OJ1113_A10.19] [OsJ_27685]
Os08g0480200 Q6Z244     ODD19_ORYSJ 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 19 (EC 1.14.11.-) (Melatonin 2-hydroxylase) [2ODD19] [LOC_Os08g37456] [OJ1113_A10.32] [OSJNBb0092C08.2]
Os08g0480800 Q84J55     14331_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-A (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog A) [GF14A] [LOC_Os08g37490] [OJ1113_A10.40] [OSJNBb0092C08.10]
Os08g0481400 Q6Z248     HOX20_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX20 (HD-ZIP protein HOX20) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX20) (OsHox20) [HOX20] [LOC_Os08g37580] [OSJNBb0092C08.26]
Os08g0481950 Q6Z234     RIBA1_ORYSJ Probable bifunctional riboflavin biosynthesis protein RIBA 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsRIBA1) [Includes: 3,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase (EC (DHBP synthase); GTP cyclohydrolase-2 (EC (GTP cyclohydrolase II)] [RIBA1] [LOC_Os08g37605] [OJ1111_H02.5] [OsJ_27700] [OSJNBb0092C08.34]
Os08g0482300 Q6Z232     AGP1_ORYSJ  Arabinogalactan protein 1 precursor (OsAGP1) [AGP1] [OJ1111_H02.8] [OSJNBb0092C08.37]
Os08g0484600 Q852Q1     OSK4_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine protein kinase OSK4 (EC (OsK4) (SUCROSE NON-FERMENTING-1 related protein kinase 1B) (SNF1-related kinase 1B) (SnRK1B) (Serine/threonine protein kinase OSK24) (OsK24) [OSK4] [OSK24] [SNRK1B] [LOC_Os08g37800] [OsJ_27714] [OSNPB_080484600] [P0419H09.18]
Os08g0490900 Q6ZBP3     H2B2_ORYSJ  Histone H2B.2 [H2B.2] [LOC_Os08g38300] [OsJ_026648] [P0605H02.39]
Os08g0491700 A3BUD2     C3H57_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 57 (OsC3H57) [LOC_Os08g38370] [OsJ_026654] [P0605H02.48] [P0686H11.8]
Os08g0496500 Q9XE33     NFYC6_ORYSJ Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit C-6 (OsNF-YC6) (Transcriptional activator HAP5D) (OsHAP5D) [NFYC6] [HAP5D] [LOC_Os08g38780] [B1142B04.32] [P0026F07.3]
Os08g0496800 Q7F8U7     BURPD_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 13 precursor (OsBURP13) (Protein RAFTIN 1) (OsRAFTIN1) [BURP13] [RAFTIN1] [LOC_Os08g38810] [B1142B04.37] [P0026F07.8]
Os08g0498100 Q9XGP7     OMT15_ORYSJ Tricin synthase 1 (EC (Caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase ROMT15) [ROMT-15] [COA20] [LOC_Os08g38900] [OsJ_27813] [P0026F07.24]
Os08g0498400 Q7F8T6     OMT17_ORYSJ Tricin synthase 2 (EC (Caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase ROMT17) [ROMT-17] [LOC_Os08g38910] [OsJ_27815] [P0026F07.26-1] [P0026F07.26-2]
Os08g0500000 Q6ZKM2     CSN6_ORYSJ  COP9 signalosome complex subunit 6 (OsCSN6) (Signalosome subunit 6) [CSN6] [LOC_Os08g39070] [OJ1118_A06.12] [OsJ_27828]
Os08g0500300 Q6ZKL8     P2C66_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 66 (EC (OsPP2C66) [LOC_Os08g39100] [OJ1118_A06.15] [OsJ_026714]
Os08g0500700 Q0J4P2     HSP81_ORYSJ Heat shock protein 81-1 (HSP81-1) (Heat shock protein 82) [HSP81-1] [HSP82] [LOC_Os08g39140] [OJ1118_A06.20-1] [OJ1345_D02.4-1]
Os08g0503800 Q6ZFH6     RCN11_ORYSJ Beta-1,2-xylosyltransferase RCN11 (EC 2.4.2.-) (OsXylT) (Protein REDUCED CULM NUMBER 11) [RCN11] [LOC_Os08g39380] [OJ1506_F01.30]
Os08g0504700 Q84PD8     SAP11_ORYSJ Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 11 (OsSAP11) [SAP11] [ZFP60] [LOC_Os08g39450] [OJ1134_H03.11] [OsJ_27862] [OSJNBa0025J22.1]
Os08g0508800 P38419     LOXC1_ORYSJ Lipoxygenase 7, chloroplastic precursor (EC [CM-LOX1] [LOX2.1] [LOC_Os08g39840] [B1168A08.24]
Os08g0509100 Q84YK8     LOXC2_ORYSJ Probable lipoxygenase 8, chloroplastic precursor (EC [CM-LOX2] [LOC_Os08g39850] [B1168A08.28-1] [B1168A08.28-2] [OSJNBa0016N23.103-1] [OSJNBa0016N23.103-2]
Os08g0509200 Q84YK7     BGL27_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 27 precursor (EC (Os8bglu27) [BGLU27] [LOC_Os08g39860] [B1168A08.29-1] [B1168A08.29-2] [OSJNBa0016N23.104-1] [OSJNBa0016N23.104-2]
Os08g0509400 Q7EXZ4     BGL28_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 28 precursor (EC (Os8bglu28) [BGLU28] [LOC_Os08g39870] [B1168A08.31] [OSJNBa0016N23.106]
Os08g0509600 Q7EXZ2     SPL14_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 14 (OsSPL14) (Protein IDEAL PLANT ARCHITECTURE 1) (Protein WEALTHY FARMER'S PANICLE) [SPL14] [IPA1] [WFP] [LOC_Os08g39890] [B1168A08.33] [OSJNBa0016N23.108]
Os08g0510300 Q84YJ9     HAK26_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 26 (OsHAK26) [HAK26] [LOC_Os08g39950] [OsJ_27891] [OSJNBa0016N23.121]
Os08g0511700 Q6Z8P4     PIRL4_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 4 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 4) (OsIRL4) [IRL4] [LOC_Os08g40090] [P0711H09.3]
Os08g0512600 Q0J4I1     CKB21_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase B2-1 (EC (EC (CDKB2;1) (CDKB;2) (CDC2Os-3) [CDKB2-1] [SS224] [LOC_Os08g40170] [OsJ_27911] [P0711H09.13]
Os08g0512700 Q9XHL5     HMDH3_ORYSJ 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase 3 (EC (HMG-CoA reductase 3) [HMG3] [HMGR3] [LOC_Os08g40180] [P0711H09.15]
Os08g0513700 Q6Z8M8     SPL15_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 15 [SPL15] [LOC_Os08g40260] [OsJ_026806] [P0711H09.27]
Os08g0520100 Q0J4D4     PUS3_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 3, mitochondrial precursor (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 3) (RNA-uridine isomerase 3) [LOC_Os08g40860] [OJ1003_A09.9/OJ1003_A09.10] [P0689E12.33 /P0689E12.34]
Os08g0520300 Q6YZW2     RB208_ORYSJ RNA-binding protein 208 [RBP-208] [LOC_Os08g40880] [OJ1003_A09.12] [OsJ_27962] [P0689E12.36]
Os08g0520500 Q6YZW0     ARFU_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 21 (OsARF7b) [ARF21] [ARF7B] [LOC_Os08g40900] [OJ1003_A09.14] [P0689E12.38]
Os08g0520900 D0TZF0     ISOA1_ORYSJ Isoamylase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsISA1) (Protein SUGARY-1) [ISA1] [ISA] [SU1] [LOC_Os08g40930]
Os08g0528500 Q6ZIB9     GDT14_ORYSJ GDT1-like protein 4 precursor [LOC_Os08g41670] [OJ1770_H02.9] [OsJ_28031]
Os08g0529000 Q6ZIB5     PIN5C_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 5c (OsPIN5c) (OsPIN5b) [PIN5C] [LOC_Os08g41720] [OJ1770_H02.15]
Os08g0531600 Q6YZE8     SPL16_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 16 [SPL16] [LOC_Os08g41940] [P0702E04.9]
Os08g0531700 Q0J466     MADS7_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 7 (FDRMADS1) (MADS-box protein 45) (OsMADS45) (OsMADS7) (Protein AGAMOUS-like 6) (RMADS216) [MADS7] [AGL6] [M79] [MADS45] [LOC_Os08g41950] [P0702E04.10]
Os08g0532200 Q6YZE2     GSA_ORYSJ   Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (GSA) (Glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase) (GSA-AT) [GSA] [LOC_Os08g41990] [OsJ_28060] [P0702E04.16]
Os08g0532300 Q9XJ54     NTF2_ORYSJ  Nuclear transport factor 2 (NTF-2) [NTF2] [LOC_Os08g42000] [OsJ_28061] [P0702E04.18]
Os08g0535200 Q6YZF3     SWT11_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET11 (OsSWEET11) (Disease resistant allele Xa13) [SWEET11] [Os8N3] [XA13] [LOC_Os08g42350] [OsJ_28080] [OSJNBa0033D24.17] [P0702C09.32]
Os08g0536000 Q6Z1G7     ODPB1_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-1, mitochondrial precursor (EC (PDHE1-B) [LOC_Os08g42410] [OsJ_28086] [OSJNBa0033D24.29] [P0665C04.10]
Os08g0536200 Q6Z1G3     CSPL3_ORYSJ CASP-like protein UU-1 (OsCASPLUU-1) [LOC_Os08g42430] [OSJNBa0033D24.32] [P0665C04.13]
Os08g0538300 A0A0P0XII1 CERK1_ORYSJ Chitin elicitor receptor kinase 1 precursor (EC (OsCERK1) (LysM domain receptor-like kinase 1) (LysM RLK1) (LysM-containing receptor-like kinase 1) (LysM domain receptor-like kinase 9) (OsLysM-RLK9) [CERK1] [RLK9] [LOC_Os08g42580] [P0665C04.34] [P0666G10.101]
Os08g0538700 Q84QM3     RBR1_ORYSJ  Retinoblastoma-related protein 1 (OsRBR1) [RBR1] [LOC_Os08g42600] [OsJ_002829] [P0666G10.104]
Os08g0540400 Q6ZIU9     CDPKL_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 21 (EC (OsCDPK21) (OsCPK21) [CPK21] [LOC_Os08g42750] [OJ1211_G06.4]
Os08g0544400 Q8GU82     AB45G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 45 (OsABCG45) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 1) (OsPDR1) [ABCG45] [PDR1] [LOC_Os08g43120] [P0623F08.24]
Os08g0544500 Q6ZBH9     NCKP1_ORYSJ Probable protein NAP1 (NAP of plants) (Nck-associated protein 1) (P125Nap1) [NAP1] [LOC_Os08g43130] [P0623F08.25]
Os08g0544800 Q6ZBH6     PCF2_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF2 (Proliferating cell factor 2) [PCF2] [LOC_Os08g43160] [OsJ_027020] [P0623F08.31]
Os08g0545500 Q0J3Y6     DRE1I_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1I (Protein DREB1I) [DREB1I] [ERF29] [LOC_Os08g43210] [OJ1323_A06.8] [P0623F08.41]
Os08g0545500 Q0J3Y7     DRE1J_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1J (Protein DREB1J) [DREB1J] [ERF28] [Os08g0545400] [LOC_Os08g43200] [OJ1323_A06.7] [OsJ_027024] [P0623F08.40]
Os08g0546300 Q6ZFW0     C4_ORYSJ    Non-specific lipid-transfer protein C4 precursor (OsC4) [C4] [OJ1323_A06.22] [OsJ_28169]
Os08g0546800 Q6Z9C8     HFB2B_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-2b (Heat stress transcription factor 2) (rHsf2) (Heat stress transcription factor 21) (OsHsf-21) [HSFB2B] [HSF2] [HSF21] [LOC_Os08g43334] [OJ1323_A06.29] [P0544G09.1]
Os08g0547100 Q6Z9C3     6PGL3_ORYSJ Probable 6-phosphogluconolactonase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (6PGL 3) [LOC_Os08g43370] [OsJ_027038] [OsJ_28176] [P0544G09.8]
Os08g0547500 Q6Z9D2     KN7H_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7H [KIN7H] [LOC_Os08g43400] [OsJ_28179] [P0544G09.15-1] [P0544G09.15-2]
Os08g0548900 Q6YT00     PSA7A_ORYSJ Proteasome subunit alpha type-7-A (20S proteasome alpha subunit D-1) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-4-A) [LOC_Os08g43540] [OJ1112_E06.28] [OJ1479_B11.3] [OsJ_000765] [OsJ_00782]
Os08g0549100 Q6ZJJ1     APX4_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 4, peroxisomal (EC (OsAPx4) [APX4] [LOC_Os08g43560] [OJ1479_B11.9]
Os08g0549200 Q6ZJJ0     BGA11_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 11 precursor (EC (Lactase 115) [LOC_Os08g43570] [OJ1479_B11.10]
Os08g0557600 Q6ZJ08     MDAR4_ORYSJ Monodehydroascorbate reductase 4, cytosolic (EC (OsMADR4) (OsMDHAR4) [MDAR4] [MDHAR4] [LOC_Os08g44340] [OJ1150_A11.25]
Os08g0557700 Q6VAK3     OHP1_ORYSJ  Histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 1 (OsAHP1) (OsHP1) (OsHP2) (OsHPt1) (OsHpt2) [AHP1] [HP2] [HPT1] [OHP1] [LOC_Os08g44350] [OJ1150_A11.26] [OsJ_28261]
Os08g0557900 Q6ZJ05     URH1_ORYSJ  Probable uridine nucleosidase 1 (EC (Uridine ribohydrolase 1) [URH1] [LOC_Os08g44370] [OJ1150_A11.30] [OsJ_28263]
Os08g0558400 B7EJ91     KN5C_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-5C [KIN5C] [LOC_Os08g44420]
Os08g0558800 B7F845     R10A_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L10a [RPL10A] [LOC_Os08g44450] [OsJ_28271]
Os08g0559300 Q6YZI0     SPY_ORYSJ   Probable UDP-N-acetylglucosamine--peptide N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase SPINDLY (EC [SPY] [LOC_Os08g44510] [P0562A06.20]
Os08g0560000 Q6YYX9     SLC1_ORYSJ  Probable 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase SLC1 (EC 1.14.11.-) (2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 4) (Gibberellin 20 oxidase 7) (OsGA20ox7) (Protein SLENDER AND CRINKLY LEAF 1) [SLC1] [2ODD4] [GA20OX7] [LOC_Os08g44590] [P0562A06.31] [P0604E01.8]
Os08g0561700 P93407     SODCP_ORYSJ Superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn], chloroplastic precursor (EC [SODCP] [LOC_Os08g44770] [P0543D10.3] [P0604E01.43]
Os08g0561900 Q6YYW5     EXP32_ORYSJ Expansin-A32 precursor (Alpha-expansin-32) (OsEXP32) (OsEXPA32) (OsaEXPa1.30) [EXPA32] [EXP32] [LOC_Os08g44790] [P0543D10.5] [P0604E01.45]
Os08g0562700 B7EA73     PSA_ORYSJ   Puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase (EC (PSA) (Cytosol alanyl aminopeptidase) (AAP-S) [LOC_Os08g44860] [P0543D10.15]
Os08g0564000 Q8H6H0     PHT16_ORYSJ Inorganic phosphate transporter 1-6 (OsPT6) (OsPht1;6) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) (OsLPT1) (OsLPT6:1) [PHT1-6] [PT6] [LOC_Os08g45000] [P0543D10.41] [P0705A05.110]
Os08g0565200 Q84ZA1     DRE2C_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2C (OsDREB2C) [DREB2C] [AP22] [ERF44] [LOC_Os08g45110] [OSJNBa0044E16.12] [P0705A05.128]
Os08g0565800 Q0J3L4     GRS10_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S10 [GRXS10] [LOC_Os08g45140] [OsJ_28319] [OSJNBa0044E16.18-1] [OSJNBa0044E16.18-2] [P0705A05.134-1] [P0705A05.134-2]
Os09g0103500 Q69K07     PUS4_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 4, mitochondrial precursor (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 4) (RNA-uridine isomerase 4) [LOC_Os09g01620] [OSJNBa0006G10.3] [P0414D03.35]
Os09g0110300 Q6YX89     CYL4_ORYSJ  Cyclase-like protein 4 precursor (OsCYL4) [CYL4] [LOC_Os09g02270] [OsJ_28368] [P0646B04.11]
Os09g0111100 Q0J3H7     CCD32_ORYSJ Cyclin-D3-2 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D3-2) (CycD3;2) [CYCD3-2] [LOC_Os09g02360] [OsJ_027234]
Os09g0114500 Q6YUL8     KN4A_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-4A (Protein BRITTLE CULM 2) (Protein GIBBERELLIN-DEFICIENT DWARF 1) [KIN4A] [BC2] [GDD1] [LOC_Os09g02650] [OJ1134_E08.39-1] [OJ1134_E08.39-2] [OsJ_28385]
Os09g0123200 Q6K271     FCA_ORYSJ   Flowering time control protein FCA (OsFCA) (rFCA) [FCA] [LOC_Os09g03610] [OSNPB_090123200] [P0415D04.46-1]
Os09g0127800 Q0J3D9     COPA3_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit alpha-3 (Alpha-coat protein 3) (Alpha-COP 3) [LOC_Os09g04110] [OsJ_027299]
Os09g0133600 Q6K439     PAP2_ORYSJ  Probable plastid-lipid-associated protein 2, chloroplastic precursor (Fibrillin-like protein 2) [PAP2] [LOC_Os09g04790] [P0406E03.32-1]
Os09g0134500 Q6K431     TRX1_ORYSJ  Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase TRX1 (EC (OsTrx1) (Protein SET DOMAIN GROUP 723) (SET family protein 33) (OsSET33) [TRX1] [SDG723] [SET] [LOC_Os09g04890] [P0406E03.49-1] [P0406E03.49-2]
Os09g0240200 O82117     CO3_ORYSJ   Zinc finger protein CO3 (Protein CONSTANS-like CO3) (OsCO3) [CO3] [LOC_Os09g06464] [OJ1178_D01.3]
Os09g0245500 Q6K332     ODD33_ORYSJ 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 33 (EC 1.14.11.-) (Melatonin 2-hydroxylase) [2ODD33] [LOC_Os09g07020] [OJ1058_F03.5] [OsJ_28501] [OSJNBa0069P02.20]
Os09g0247700 B9G2A8     BIG_ORYSJ   Auxin transport protein BIG [LOC_Os09g07294] [OJ1451_A02.25] [OsJ_28507] [P0499G10.6]
Os09g0249400 Q6K478     CSPLQ_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5B3 (OsCASPL5B3) [LOC_Os09g07480] [OJ1695_A02.21] [OsJ_28518]
Os09g0249900 Q6K471     FTRC_ORYSJ  Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase catalytic chain, chloroplastic precursor (EC (FTR-C) (Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase subunit B) (FTR-B) [LOC_Os09g07570] [OJ1116_H10.13] [OJ1695_A02.34] [OsJ_28527]
Os09g0254600 Q0J361     SWT7A_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET7a (OsSWEET7a) [SWEET7A] [LOC_Os09g08030] [OsJ_28550]
Os09g0255000 Q0J360     INV7_ORYSJ  Beta-fructofuranosidase, insoluble isoenzyme 7 precursor (EC (Cell wall beta-fructosidase 7) (Invertase 7) (OsCIN7) (Sucrose hydrolase 7) [CIN7] [INV1] [LOC_Os09g08072] [OSJNBb0066C12.30]
Os09g0255200 Q6K309     CYT11_ORYSJ Putative cysteine proteinase inhibitor 11 precursor (Oryzacystatin XI) (OC-XI) (Oryzacystatin-11) [LOC_Os09g08100] [OsJ_28554] [OSJNBb0066C12.33]
Os09g0256600 A3BWJ9     SWT7E_ORYSJ Putative bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET7e (OsSWEET7e) [SWEET7E] [LOC_Os09g08270] [OsJ_28561]
Os09g0258700 Q0J349     SWT7B_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET7b (OsSWEET7b) [SWEET7B] [LOC_Os09g08440]
Os09g0259200 B9G2E6     SWT7D_ORYSJ Putative bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET7d (OsSWEET7d) [SWEET7D] [LOC_Os09g08490] [OsJ_28570]
Os09g0274700 Q6H4D6     SKP5_ORYSJ  SKP1-like protein 5 (SKP1-like 5) [SKP5] [OSK5] [LOC_Os09g10260] [OJ1031_C12.36] [OsJ_28634] [OSJNBb0012I09.3]
Os09g0277800 Q6H5J0     FABI2_ORYSJ Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH] 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (ENR) (NADH-dependent enoyl-ACP reductase) [LOC_Os09g10600] [P0701E06.10]
Os09g0279600 Q6H442     TOP6B_ORYSJ DNA topoisomerase 6 subunit B (EC (OsTOP6B) [TOP6B] [LOC_Os09g10770] [OsJ_28656] [P0651G05.4]
Os09g0280500 Q6H434     TGAL7_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL7 (bZIP transcription factor 70) (OsbZIP70) [TGAL7] [LOC_Os09g10840] [P0651G05.17]
Os09g0281700 P25766     RLGP1_ORYSJ Ras-related protein RGP1 (GTP-binding regulatory protein RGP1) [RGP1] [LOC_Os09g10940] [P0645D04.22-1]
Os09g0293500 Q69JN6     BRL1_ORYSJ  Brassinosteroid LRR receptor kinase BRL1 precursor (EC (BRI1-like receptor kinase 1) [BRL1] [LOC_Os09g12240] [B1043F11.38]
Os09g0297000 Q69TB1     HEMH1_ORYSJ Ferrochelatase-1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ferrochelatase I) (Heme synthase 1) (Protoheme ferro-lyase 1) [LOC_Os09g12560] [P0592C05.24]
Os09g0297400 Q69VR7     PPT1_ORYSJ  Phosphoenolpyruvate/phosphate translocator 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsPPT1) [PPT1] [LOC_Os09g12600] [OJ1381_H04.7] [OsJ_28749] [P0592C05.31]
Os09g0298200 Q69T99     GLGS1_ORYSJ Glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase small subunit 1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (OsAGPS1) (OsAPS1) (ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase AGPS1) (ADP-glucose synthase AGPS1) [AGPS1] [APS1] [LOC_Os09g12660] [OJ1381_H04.16] [OsJ_28755] [P0592C05.40]
Os09g0299400 Q69TN4     KCO3_ORYSJ  Two pore potassium channel c (Two K(+) channel c) (Calcium-activated outward-rectifying potassium channel 3) (OsKCO3) [TPKC] [KCO3] [LOC_Os09g12790] [OsJ_28764] [OSJNBa0062A09.6]
Os09g0305900 Q69KP0     C3H58_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 58 (OsC3H58) [LOC_Os09g13530] [OSJNBa0064I23.11]
Os09g0306632 A0A0P0XL10 RTFL2_ORYSJ Small polypeptide ROTUNDIFOLIA LIKE 2 (OsRTFL2) (Small polypeptide ROT-FOUR-LIKE 2) [RTFL2] [OSNPB_090306632]
Os09g0306800 Q69KN0     EMF2B_ORYSJ Polycomb group protein EMF2B (OsEMF2B) (Polycomb group protein EMBRYONIC FLOWER 2B) [EMF2B] [LOC_Os09g13630] [OSJNBa0064I23.28]
Os09g0314400 Q0J2R1     P2C67_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 67 (EC (OsPP2C67) [LOC_Os09g14540]
Os09g0315100 Q69LX2     DCL2B_ORYSJ Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 2b (Dicer-like protein 2b) (EC 3.1.26.-) (OsDCL2b) [DCL2B] [LOC_Os09g14610] [OSJNBa0057D11.8-1] [OSJNBb0079G12.35-1]
Os09g0323000 Q6K2E1     UGE4_ORYSJ  UDP-glucose 4-epimerase 4 (EC (OsUGE-4) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase 4) [UGE-4] [LOC_Os09g15420] [OsJ_28859] [OSJNBb0024J13.13-1]
Os09g0325700 Q0J2L7     P2C68_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 68 (EC (OsPP2C68) [LOC_Os09g15670] [OsJ_027745] [P0692F07.24]
Os09g0329000 Q6K2M1     BURPE_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 14 precursor (OsBURP14) [BURP14] [LOC_Os09g16010] [OSJNBa0040N23.1] [P0706E03.43]
Os09g0332360 C7J6G6     AB46G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 46 (OsABCG46) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 21) (OsPDR21) [ABCG46] [PDR21] [LOC_Os09g16290] [OsJ_28924]
Os09g0332700 A3BXL8     AB53G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 53 (OsABCG53) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 20) (OsPDR20) [ABCG53] [PDR20] [LOC_Os09g16330] [OsJ_28928] [OSJNBa0017I18.21] [OSJNBb0095I04.27]
Os09g0333000 Q6EQ60     AB47G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 47 (OsABCG47) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 19) (OsPDR19) [ABCG47] [PDR19] [LOC_Os09g16380] [OSJNBa0017I18.31]
Os09g0333500 B9G300     AB52G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 52 (OsABCG52) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 18) (OsPDR18) [ABCG52] [PDR18] [Os09g0333600/Os09g0333500] [LOC_Os09g16458/LOC_Os09g16449] [OsJ_28934] [P0466E03.13]
Os09g0333600 B9G300     AB52G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 52 (OsABCG52) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 18) (OsPDR18) [ABCG52] [PDR18] [Os09g0333600/Os09g0333500] [LOC_Os09g16458/LOC_Os09g16449] [OsJ_28934] [P0466E03.13]
Os09g0344500 Q6EPG8     ASMT1_ORYSJ Acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase 1 (EC (OsASMT1) [ASMT1] [ASMT] [LOC_Os09g17560] [OSJNBb0057I13.39] [OSJNBb0085I16.5]
Os09g0345700 Q6EQG2     NADHK_ORYSJ Probable NADH kinase (EC [LOC_Os09g17680] [OSJNBb0085I16.26]
Os09g0346400 Q762B4     BP103_ORYSJ Proton pump-interactor BIP103 (BRI1-interacting protein 103) [BIP103] [LOC_Os09g17730] [OSJNBb0085I16.34-1] [P0512H04.3-1]
Os09g0346500 P12330     CB21_ORYSJ  Chlorophyll a-b binding protein 1, chloroplastic precursor (LHCII type I CAB-1) (LHCP) [CAB1R] [LOC_Os09g17740] [OSJNBb0085I16.35] [P0512H04.4]
Os09g0347800 Q6ES10     HAT1_ORYSJ  Probable histone acetyltransferase type B catalytic subunit (EC (HAT B) [HATB] [LOC_Os09g17850] [P0512H04.23] [P0698G06.3]
Os09g0359800 Q0J2C6     ANM1_ORYSJ  Probable protein arginine N-methyltransferase 1 (EC 2.1.1.-) [PRMT1] [LOC_Os09g19560] [OsJ_027926] [P0711F01.27-1]
Os09g0361200 Q6K550     HIRL2_ORYSJ Hypersensitive-induced response protein-like protein 2 [HIRL2] [OSNPB_090361200] [P0711F01.54]
Os09g0361400 Q6K548     VDAC1_ORYSJ Mitochondrial outer membrane protein porin 1 (Voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein 1) (OsVDAC1) [VDAC1] [LOC_Os09g19734] [P0711F01.56-1]
Os09g0362500 Q0J2B5     APM1C_ORYSJ Aminopeptidase M1-C (EC (Alpha-aminoacylpeptide hydrolase) [LOC_Os09g19790] [OJ1506_A04.10]
Os09g0362800 Q6K4E7     APM1D_ORYSJ Aminopeptidase M1-D (EC (Alpha-aminoacylpeptide hydrolase) [LOC_Os09g19800/LOC_Os09g19820] [OJ1506_A04.11]
Os09g0364000 Q69NK8     C3H59_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 59 (OsC3H59) [LOC_Os09g19940] [OJ1001_G09.14]
Os09g0368200 A0A0P0XM10 PAO6_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 6 precursor (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO6) (Polyamine oxidase B) [PAO6] [PAOB] [LOC_Os09g20260] [OJ1759_F09.3] [P0564H06.9]
Os09g0368500 Q0J290     PAO7_ORYSJ  Polyamine oxidase 7 precursor (EC 1.5.3.-) (OsPAO7) [PAO7] [LOC_Os09g20284] [OSNPB_090368500]
Os09g0369400 Q6H5L4     TPP7_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 7 (EC (OsTPP7) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP7] [LOC_Os09g20390] [OJ1759_F09.33] [P0564H06.39]
Os09g0370300 Q6H4G3     SDHB2_ORYSJ Succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur subunit 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Iron-sulfur subunit of complex II) (Ip) [SDH2-2] [LOC_Os09g20440] [B1168F12.7]
Os09g0376900 Q6H4R6     HAK23_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 23 (OsHAK23) [HAK23] [LOC_Os09g21000] [OsJ_29162] [OSJNBa0041C07.15-1] [P0711A01.29-1]
Os09g0379600 A3BYC1     HOX25_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX25 (HD-ZIP protein HOX25) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX25) (OsHox25) [HOX25] [LOC_Os09g21180] [OsJ_028043] [P0027G10.17]
Os09g0382300 Q0J233     CCD21_ORYSJ Cyclin-D2-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D2-1) (CycD2;1) [CYCD2-1] [LOC_Os09g21450] [P0505H05.23]
Os09g0382400 Q6H612     PRIN2_ORYSJ Protein PLASTID REDOX INSENSITIVE 2, chloroplastic precursor [PRIN2] [LOC_Os09g21460] [OsJ_29199] [P0505H05.24]
Os09g0382500 Q6H611     SDH7_ORYSJ  Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 7, mitochondrial precursor [SDH7] [LOC_Os09g21470] [P0505H05.25]
Os09g0383400 Q6H601     RH22_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 22 (EC [LOC_Os09g21520] [P0505H05.40]
Os09g0385700 Q6H595     SAP17_ORYSJ Zinc finger AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 17 (OsSAP17) [SAP17] [LOC_Os09g21710] [OSJNBa0048A13.10]
Os09g0394300 Q6H3Z9     GUN22_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 22 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 22) (OsGLU11) [GLU11] [LOC_Os09g23084] [B1339H09.3] [OSJNOa018M17.6]
Os09g0395300 Q0J235     ROLL9_ORYSJ Probable transcription factor RL9 (Protein ROLLED LEAF 9) (Protein SHALLOT-LIKE 1) [RL9] [SLL1] [LOC_Os09g23200] [B1040D06.24]
Os09g0396900 Q6ERE5     VIT2_ORYSJ  Vacuolar iron transporter 2 (OsVIT2) [VIT2] [LOC_Os09g23300] [OJ1655_B12.5] [OsJ_29262]
Os09g0399800 Q6ERX1     CAD8A_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 8A (EC (OsCAD8A) [CAD8A] [LOC_Os09g23530] [P0435D08.27] [P0650H04.9]
Os09g0400000 Q6ERW9     CAD8B_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 8B (EC (OsCAD8B) [CAD8B] [LOC_Os09g23540] [P0435D08.29] [P0650H04.11]
Os09g0400300 Q6ERW7     CAD8C_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 8C (EC (OsCAD8C) [CAD8C] [LOC_Os09g23550] [OsJ_29283] [P0435D08.33] [P0650H04.15]
Os09g0400400 Q6ERW5     CAD8D_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 8D (EC (OsCAD8D) [CAD8D] [LOC_Os09g23560] [OsJ_29284] [P0435D08.35] [P0650H04.17]
Os09g0401200 Q6ES52     TDX_ORYSJ   TPR repeat-containing thioredoxin TDX (OsTrx26) (Tetratricoredoxin) (OsTDX) [LOC_Os09g23650] [P0650H04.34]
Os09g0401300 Q6ES51     TIF6B_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 6b (OsTIFY6b) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 4) (OsJAZ4) (OsJAZ8) [TIFY6B] [JAZ4] [LOC_Os09g23660] [OsJ_29291] [P0650H04.35-1]
Os09g0407200 Q40742     RAD23_ORYSJ Probable ubiquitin receptor RAD23 (OsRAD23) (Probable DNA repair protein RAD23) [RAD23] [LOC_Os09g24200] [OJ1261_A08.49] [OsJ_29306] [P0465E03.1]
Os09g0414500 Q6ER22     MIF3_ORYSJ  Mini zinc finger protein 2 (OsMIF2) [MIF3] [LOC_Os09g24810] [OsJ_29354] [P0707C02.4]
Os09g0414600 Q6ER21     ZHD9_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 9 (OsZHD9) [ZHD9] [LOC_Os09g24820] [P0707C02.7]
Os09g0417600 Q6EPZ2     WRK76_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY76 (OsWRKY76) [WRKY76] [OsJ_29378] [OSNPB_090417600] [P0014G10.39]
Os09g0417800 Q6EPZ0     WRK62_ORYSJ WRKY transcription factor WRKY62 (OsWRKY62) (XA21-binding protein 10) [WRKY62] [XB10] [OsJ_29379] [OSNPB_090417800] [P0014G10.42] [P0701F11.1]
Os09g0418000 Q6ERS4     CIPKG_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 16 (EC (OsCIPK16) [CIPK16] [LOC_Os09g25090] [P0701F11.5-1]
Os09g0418500 Q6ERS0     CIPKR_ORYSJ Putative CBL-interacting protein kinase 27 (EC (OsCIPK27) [CIPK27] [LOC_Os09g25100] [P0701F11.10]
Os09g0420800 P0C030     RUB1_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-NEDD8-like protein RUB1 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; NEDD8-like protein RUB1 (OsRUB1) (Ubiquitin-related protein 1)] [RUB1] [NEDD8] [UBQ4] [LOC_Os09g25320] [OJ1740_D06.1] [P0668D04.32]
Os09g0421200 B9G3M6     KN7I_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7I [KIN7I] [LOC_Os09g25380] [OJ1740_D06.15] [OsJ_29398]
Os09g0422500 Q69P51     CESA9_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 9 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA9) [CESA9] [LOC_Os09g25490] [OJ1740_D06.31] [OsJ_028258] [P0418B08.2]
Os09g0423600 Q69QJ7     MGDG1_ORYSJ Probable monogalactosyldiacylglycerol synthase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMGD1) [MGD1] [LOC_Os09g25580] [OsJ_028264] [OsJ_29413] [P0418B08.19]
Os09g0426800 Q69PA8     GLO11_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-1 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-1) [GL1-1] [LOC_Os09g25850] [OJ1299_A11.27] [OSNPB_090426800]
Os09g0428000 Q69L19     CSLC2_ORYSJ Probable xyloglucan glycosyltransferase 2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Cellulose synthase-like protein C2) (OsCslC2) [CSLC2] [LOC_Os09g25900] [OJ1299_A11.39] [OsJ_028287] [P0689B09.2]
Os09g0439200 Q69P94     TI10C_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 10c (OsTIFY10c) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 8) (OsJAZ8) (OsJAZ7) [TIFY10C] [JAZ8] [LOC_Os09g26780] [OJ1344_B01.13] [OsJ_29511] [P0556H01.29]
Os09g0439800 Q69P88     DRO1_ORYSJ  Protein DEEPER ROOTING 1 (Protein NEGATIVE GRAVITROPIC RESPONSE OF ROOTS 3) (OsNGR3) [DRO1] [NGR3] [LOC_Os09g26840] [OJ1344_B01.21]
Os09g0440700 Q69P80     COP51_ORYSJ Copper transporter 5.1 (OsCOPT5.1) [COPT5.1] [LOC_Os09g26900] [OJ1344_B01.31]
Os09g0441900 Q67UU9     DEP1_ORYSJ  Guanine nucleotide-binding protein subunit gamma 4 (Heterotrimeric G protein gamma-subunit 4) (OsGGC3) (Protein DENSE AND ERECT PANICLE 1) (Protein ERECT POSE) [DEP1] [DN1] [EP] [qPE9-1] [RGG4] [LOC_Os09g36160] [OsJ_29530] [P0046G12.12-1]
Os09g0442300 P25778     ORYC_ORYSJ  Oryzain gamma chain precursor (EC 3.4.22.-) [LOC_Os09g27030] [P0046G12.22]
Os09g0442600 Q67UU0     RSH3_ORYSJ  Probable GTP diphosphokinase RSH3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (RelA/SpoT homolog 3) (OsRSH3) (ppGpp synthetase RSH3) [RSH3] [LOC_Os09g27050] [P0046G12.25]
Os09g0447000 Q67UE2     HOX11_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX11 (HD-ZIP protein HOX11) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX11) (OsHox11) [HOX11] [LOC_Os09g27450] [OJ1596_C06.7] [OsJ_028406]
Os09g0448200 Q67UC7     HAK17_ORYSJ Probable potassium transporter 17 (OsHAK17) [HAK17] [LOC_Os09g27580] [OJ1596_C06.35-1] [OJ1596_C06.35-2] [OsJ_29574] [P0047B10.17-1] [P0047B10.17-2]
Os09g0449000 Q67V61     PTC1_ORYSJ  PHD finger protein PERSISTENT TAPETAL CELL 1 [PTC1] [LOC_Os09g27620] [OsJ_29577] [P0047B10.27]
Os09g0451400 Q0J1C1     ACCO1_ORYSJ 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase 1 (EC (ACC oxidase 1) (Ethylene-forming enzyme) (EFE) [ACO1] [LOC_Os09g27820] [OJ1163_C07.24] [P0488D02.1]
Os09g0451500 Q67UF5     PDI23_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 2-3 precursor (EC (OsPDIL2-3) (Protein disulfide isomerase-like 5-1) (OsPDIL5-1) [PDIL2-3] [PDIL5-1] [LOC_Os09g27830] [OJ1163_C07.26] [P0488D02.3]
Os09g0452200 Q67UE8     LYP4_ORYSJ  LysM domain-containing GPI-anchored protein LYP4 precursor (LysM domain-containing protein 4) (Os-LYP4) [LYP4] [LOC_Os09g27890] [OJ1163_C07.33] [OsJ_29593] [P0488D02.10]
Os09g0455200 Q67U94     HFB4C_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-4c (Heat stress transcription factor 22) (OsHsf-22) [HSFB4C] [HSF22] [LOC_Os09g28200] [P0025H07.19]
Os09g0456800 Q67TP9     HSFB1_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-1 (Heat stress transcription factor 23) (OsHsf-23) [HSFB1] [HSF23] [LOC_Os09g28354] [LOC_Os09g28360] [B1342C04.35]
Os09g0457100 Q0J185     ABAH3_ORYSJ Abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase 3 (EC (ABA 8'-hydroxylase 3) (Cytochrome P450 707A7) (OsABA8ox3) [CYP707A7] [ABA8OX3] [LOC_Os09g28390] [B1342C04.43] [OsJ_028469]
Os09g0457400 P27932     AMY3A_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 3A precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) [AMY1.2] [AMY3A] [LOC_Os09g28400] [B1045B05.8] [OsJ_29629]
Os09g0457600 P27937     AMY3B_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 3B precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) [AMY1.6] [AMY3B] [LOC_Os09g28420] [B1045B05.10] [OsJ_29630]
Os09g0457800 P27939     AMY3C_ORYSJ Alpha-amylase isozyme 3C precursor (EC (1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase) [AMY1.7] [AMY3B] [LOC_Os09g28420] [LOC_Os09g28430] [B1045B05.11] [OsJ_29632]
Os09g0459500 Q67J19     BKI1_ORYSJ  Probable BRI1 kinase inhibitor 1 (BRI1-KD interacting protein 119) [BKI1] [BIP119] [LOC_Os09g28550] [B1045B05.34] [OsJ_29642] [OSJNBa0054F02.12]
Os09g0459600 Q67J17     P2C69_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 69 (EC (OsPP2C69) [LOC_Os09g28560] [B1045B05.36] [OsJ_028485] [OSJNBa0054F02.14]
Os09g0459900 Q67J15     KRP6_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 6 (KIP-related protein 6) [KRP6] [LOC_Os09g28580] [B1045B05.40-1] [OSJNBa0054F02.18-1]
Os09g0466100 Q6YXH8     CCD41_ORYSJ Cyclin-D4-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D4-1) (CycD4;1) [CYCD4-1] [OSCYCD] [LOC_Os09g29100] [OJ1005_D12.23-1] [OJ1005_D12.23-2] [OsJ_028521]
Os09g0466400 Q6YXH5     ZHD1_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 1 (OsZHD1) [ZHD1] [LOC_Os09g29130] [OJ1005_D12.28] [OsJ_29679]
Os09g0469400 B9G434     ISOA3_ORYSJ Isoamylase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsISA3) [ISA3] [LOC_Os09g29404] [OJ1595_D08.13-1] [OsJ_29702] [P0676H02.31-1]
Os09g0470500 Q6K498     HOX4_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX4 (HD-ZIP protein HOX4) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX4) (OsHox4) [HOX4] [LOC_Os09g29460] [OJ1595_D08.21]
Os09g0478100 Q651X7     CSLE1_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein E1 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslE1) [CSLE1] [LOC_Os09g30120] [OsJ_028602] [P0556A05.31-1] [P0556A05.31-2]
Os09g0478300 Q651X6     CSLE6_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein E6 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslE6) [CSLE6] [Os09g0478200] [LOC_Os09g30130] [P0556A05.32]
Os09g0480900 Q69QR8     BURPF_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 15 precursor (OsBURP15) (Anther-specific protein 8) [BURP15] [RA8] [LOC_Os09g30320] [P0463D04.17-1] [P0463G11.32-1]
Os09g0482100 Q69QQ6     HSP82_ORYSJ Heat shock protein 81-2 (HSP81-2) (Heat shock protein 90) [HSP81-2] [HSP90] [LOC_Os09g30418] [P0463D04.32]
Os09g0482400 Q07078     HSP83_ORYSJ Heat shock protein 81-3 (HSP81-3) (Gravity-specific protein GSC 381) [HSP81-3] [P0463D04.35]
Os09g0482600 Q07078     HSP83_ORYSJ Heat shock protein 81-3 (HSP81-3) (Gravity-specific protein GSC 381) [LOC_Os09g30418]
Os09g0485900 P49210     RL9_ORYSJ   60S ribosomal protein L9 [RPL9] [YK426] [LOC_Os09g31180] [OsJ_29817]
Os09g0486500 A3C039     SAP1_ORYSJ  Zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein 1 (OsSAP1) (Multiple stress-responsive zinc finger protein ISAP1) (OsiSAP1) [SAP1] [ISAP1] [LOC_Os09g31200] [OsJ_028661]
Os09g0488000 Q5U9F2     GNA1_ORYSJ  Glucosamine 6-phosphate N-acetyltransferase 1 (EC (Glucose-6-phosphate acetyltransferase 1) (OsGNA1) (Phosphoglucosamine acetylase 1) (Phosphoglucosamine transacetylase 1) [GNA1] [LOC_Os09g31310]
Os09g0490400 A3C053     BGL29_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 29 precursor (EC (Os9bglu29) [BGLU29] [LOC_Os09g31410] [OsJ_29835]
Os09g0491100 Q0J0N4     BGL30_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 30 precursor (EC (Os9bglu30) [BGLU30] [LOC_Os09g31430]
Os09g0491532 A3C057     SPL17_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 17 [SPL17] [LOC_Os09g31438] [OsJ_028679]
Os09g0491756 Q9ZQW8     U2AFA_ORYSJ Splicing factor U2af small subunit A (U2 auxiliary factor 35 kDa subunit A) (U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor small subunit A) (U2 snRNP auxiliary factor small subunit A) (Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 60) (OsC3H60) [U2AF35A] [LOC_Os09g31482] [OsJ_028686]
Os09g0500600 Q0J0S6     TOP3B_ORYSJ DNA topoisomerase 3-beta (EC [TOP3B] [LOC_Os09g32450]
Os09g0504400 P93411     CCC11_ORYSJ Cyclin-C1-1 (CycC1;1) [LOC_Os09g32680]
Os09g0505400 D5A7J3     PIN5B_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 5b (OsPIN5b) (OsPIN5c) [PIN5B] [LOC_Os09g32770]
Os09g0505600 O64464     PSB1_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit beta type-1 (20S proteasome alpha subunit F) (20S proteasome subunit beta-6) [PBF1] [LOC_Os09g32800] [OsJ_29931]
Os09g0505700 Q9SE42     RPE1_ORYSJ  Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimerase, cytoplasmic isoform (EC (Cyt-RPEase) (Pentose-5-phosphate 3-epimerase) (PPE) (RPEcyt) (Ribulose-5-phosphate-epimerase) [LOC_Os09g32810]
Os09g0506800 Q76CY8     PAIR2_ORYSJ Meiosis-specific protein PAIR2 (OsASY1) (Protein HOMOLOGOUS PAIRING ABERRATION IN RICE MEIOSIS 2) [PAIR2] [ASY1] [LOC_Os09g32930] [OSNPB_090506800]
Os09g0507100 Q0J0K1     SPL18_ORYSJ Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 18 [SPL18] [LOC_Os09g32944]
Os09g0507200 Q9SAR1     MADS8_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 8 (MADS-box protein 24) (OsMADS24) (OsMADS8) [MADS8] [MADS24] [LOC_Os09g32948] [OsJ_29947]
Os09g0507800 P0DKK7     RL7A2_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L7a-2 [RPL7A-2] [LOC_Os09g32976] [OsJ_29953]
Os09g0508500 B7E321     DRB5_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 5 (dsRNA-binding protein 2) (OsDRB2) (dsRNA-binding protein 5) [DRB5] [DRB2] [LOC_Os09g33460]
Os09g0509200 Q0J0H4     ODPB2_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-2, mitochondrial precursor (EC (PDHE1-B) [LOC_Os09g33500] [OsJ_29962]
Os09g0511000 D7UPN3     RLK10_ORYSJ LysM domain receptor-like kinase 10 precursor (EC (OsLysM-RLK10) (LysM-containing receptor-like kinase 10) (Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase 276) (OsRLCK276) [RLK10] [RLCK276] [LOC_Os09g33630] [OsJ_29979]
Os09g0511600 B7F7K7     BGL31_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 31 precursor (EC (Os9bglu31) [BGLU31] [LOC_Os09g33680] [OsJ_29984]
Os09g0511700 Q0J0G2     BGL32_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 32 precursor (EC (Os9bglu32) [BGLU32] [LOC_Os09g33690]
Os09g0511900 Q0J0G1     BGL33_ORYSJ Probable inactive beta-glucosidase 33 precursor (Os9bglu33) [BGLU33] [LOC_Os09g33710]
Os09g0514200 Q69IM9     CDPKM_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 22 (EC (OsCDPK22) (OsCPK22) [CPK22] [LOC_Os09g33910] [P0450E05.16]
Os09g0516200 Q69IL4     RF2A_ORYSJ  Transcription factor RF2a [RF2a] [LOC_Os09g34060] [OSJNBb0034B12.8] [P0450E05.33]
Os09g0517600 Q69MT2     FH15_ORYSJ  Formin-like protein 15 precursor (OsFH15) [FH15] [LOC_Os09g34180] [OSJNBb0034B12.29]
Os09g0518700 Q0J0B2     ITPK6_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 6 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 6) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 6) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 6) (OsITP5/6K-6) (OsITPK6) [ITPK6] [LOC_Os09g34300] [OSJNOa211K08.2] [P0498F03.7]
Os09g0520200 Q0J0A4     LPAAT_ORYSJ Probable 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase (EC (Lipid droplet-binding protein CGI-58 homolog) [LOC_Os09g34860] [P0669G04.7]
Os09g0520600 Q650U0     BASS5_ORYSJ Probable sodium/metabolite cotransporter BASS5, chloroplastic precursor (Bile acid-sodium symporter family protein 5) [BASS5] [LOC_Os09g34900] [OsJ_30046] [P0669G04.12]
Os09g0520700 Q650T9     RH7_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 7 (EC [LOC_Os09g34910] [P0669G04.13]
Os09g0521800 B9FMX4     SPXM4_ORYSJ SPX domain-containing membrane protein Os09g0521800 [LOC_Os09g34990] [OsJ_17427/OsJ_17429] [OSJNOa273B05.6]
Os09g0521900 Q64MA3     GENL1_ORYSJ Flap endonuclease GEN-like 1 (EC 3.1.-.-) (OsGEN-L) (Protein OsGEN-like) (OsRAD) [RAD] [GEN1] [LOC_Os09g35000] [OsJ_016655] [OsJ_17430] [OSJNOa273B05.7]
Os09g0522000 Q3T5N4     DRE1B_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1B (Protein DREB1B) [DREB1B] [ERF31] [LOC_Os09g35010]
Os09g0522100 Q0J090     DRE1H_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1H (Protein DREB1H) [DREB1H] [ERF133] [LOC_Os09g35020] [OSJNOa273B05.9]
Os09g0522200 Q64MA1     DRE1A_ORYSJ Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1A (Protein DREB1A) (Protein C-repeat-binding factor 3) (rCBF3) [DREB1A] [CBF3] [ERF24] [LOC_Os09g35030] [OSJNOa273B05.11]
Os09g0525500 O23810     YY1_ORYSJ   Protein YY1 precursor [LOC_Os09g35700] [OJ1439_F07.3] [OSJNBa0047P18.31]
Os09g0525700 B9G4M9     HAP2B_ORYSJ Protein HAPLESS 2-B precursor [HAP2B] [LOC_Os09g35720] [OJ1439_F07.5] [OsJ_30063] [OSJNBa0047P18.33]
Os09g0526300 Q7Y0V7     ROC6_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC6 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 6) (HD-ZIP protein ROC6) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC6) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 6) [ROC6] [GL2-6] [LOC_Os09g35760]
Os09g0526600 Q652B0     HFB2C_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor B-2c (Heat stress transcription factor 24) (OsHsf-24) [HSFB2C] [HSF24] [LOC_Os09g35790] [OJ1439_F07.16-1] [OJ1439_F07.16-2]
Os09g0526700 Q652A8     UGE3_ORYSJ  UDP-glucose 4-epimerase 3 (EC (OsUGE-3) (UDP-galactose 4-epimerase 3) [UGE-3] [LOC_Os09g35800] [OJ1439_F07.18] [OsJ_30076]
Os09g0527700 Q652A1     IAA26_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA26 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 26) [IAA26] [LOC_Os09g35870] [OJ1439_F07.27] [OsJ_30083]
Os09g0528000 Q651Z7     KN7J_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7J [KIN7J] [LOC_Os09g35890] [OJ1439_F07.32] [OsJ_30085]
Os09g0528100 P47909     RT31_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S31, mitochondrial precursor [LOC_Os09g35900] [OJ1439_F07.33] [OsJ_30086]
Os09g0528200 Q651Z5     HOX6_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX6 (HD-ZIP protein HOX6) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX6) (OsHox6) [HOX6] [LOC_Os09g35910] [OJ1439_F07.36]
Os09g0529100 Q69NG5     6PGL4_ORYSJ Probable 6-phosphogluconolactonase 4, chloroplastic precursor (EC (6PGL 4) [LOC_Os09g35970] [OJ1531_B07.11] [OsJ_028924]
Os09g0529300 Q0J059     TAC1_ORYSJ  Protein TILLER ANGLE CONTROL 1 [TAC1] [LOC_Os09g35980] [OsJ_30092]
Os09g0530200 Q69NF5     GUN23_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 23 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 23) (OsGLU12) [GLU12] [LOC_Os09g36060] [OJ1531_B07.26]
Os09g0531200 Q652K6     OML6_ORYSJ  Protein MEI2-like 6 (OML6) (MEI2-like protein 6) [ML6] [LOC_Os09g36140] [OJ1254_E07.9]
Os09g0531600 Q652K4     SHI1_ORYSJ  Protein SHORT INTERNODES 1 (OsSHI1) [SHI1] [LOC_Os09g36160] [OJ1254_E07.16] [OsJ_30107] [P0515E01.1]
Os09g0532000 Q652K1     SGR_ORYSJ   Protein STAY-GREEN, chloroplastic precursor (Protein STAYGREEN) [SGR] [LOC_Os09g36200] [OJ1254_E07.23] [P0515E01.8]
Os09g0532400 Q689G6     PRR95_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator-like PRR95 (Pseudo-response regulator 95) (OsPRR95) [PRR95] [LOC_Os09g36220] [OJ1254_E07.28] [OsJ_30112] [P0515E01.13]
Os09g0533100 Q0J035     PANK2_ORYSJ Pantothenate kinase 2 (Pantothenic acid kinase 2) [Includes: Pantothenate kinase (EC; 4'-phosphopantetheine phosphatase (EC 3.1.3.-)] [LOC_Os09g36270] [OJ1112_E07.4] [P0515E01.23]
Os09g0533400 Q0J032     LONP2_ORYSJ Lon protease homolog 2, peroxisomal (EC [LOC_Os09g36300] [OJ1112_E07.9] [OsJ_30122] [P0515E01.28]
Os09g0533900 Q69SG5     GUN24_ORYSJ Endoglucanase 24 precursor (EC (Endo-1,4-beta glucanase 24) [LOC_Os09g36350] [OJ1112_E07.17-1]
Os09g0534800 Q8W0W3     TF2B_ORYSJ  Transcription initiation factor IIB (General transcription factor TFIIB) [TFIIB] [LOC_Os09g36440] [OJ1112_E07.31] [P0569E11.1]
Os09g0535300 Q69JZ7     XCT_ORYSJ   Protein XAP5 CIRCADIAN TIMEKEEPER [XCT] [LOC_Os09g36480] [J023088M16] [OsJ_30139] [P0569E11.5]
Os09g0538200 Q0J006     PSA7B_ORYSJ Proteasome subunit alpha type-7-B (20S proteasome alpha subunit D-2) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-4-B) [PAD1] [LOC_Os09g36710] [OsJ_028982] [P0229B10.22] [P0569E11.44]
Os09g0539200 Q0IZZ8     BGA12_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 12 precursor (EC (Lactase 12) [LOC_Os09g36810] [OsJ_028990]
Os09g0539500 Q651E8     SKP20_ORYSJ SKP1-like protein 20 (SKP1-like 20) [SKP20] [OSK20] [LOC_Os09g36830] [B1274F11.9] [OsJ_30167]
Os09g0541000 Q651D5     PIP27_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin PIP2-7 (OsPIP2;7) (Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 2-7) [PIP2-7] [LOC_Os09g36930] [B1274F11.29-1] [B1274F11.29-2] [P0478E02.3]
Os09g0543900 Q7XXN5     PHT3_ORYSJ  Putrescine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 3 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsPHT3) [PHT3] [LOC_Os09g37180] [P0705E11.3]
Os09g0544000 Q7XXN4     PUHT_ORYSJ  Putrescine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase (EC 2.3.1.-) [LOC_Os09g37200] [OsJ_30201] [P0705E11.4]
Os09g0545300 B7F8P5     SAU39_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein SAUR36 (Protein SMALL AUXIN UP RNA 36) [SAUR39] [LOC_Os09g37330]
Os09g0547500 B7E7M8     LOGL9_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL9 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 9) [LOGL9] [LOC_Os09g37540] [OSJNBa0038K02.28]
Os09g0553600 Q0IZS0     NADC_ORYSJ  Nicotinate-nucleotide pyrophosphorylase [carboxylating], chloroplastic precursor (EC (Quinolinate phosphoribosyltransferase [decarboxylating]) [LOC_Os09g38060] [OsJ_30273]
Os09g0555500 B6UV92     PSY3_ORYSJ  Phytoene synthase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPSY3) [PSY3] [LOC_Os09g38320]
Os09g0556400 Q0IZQ3     PHT45_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 5, chloroplastic precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;5) [PHT4;5] [LOC_Os09g38410]
Os09g0556500 Q0IZQ2     CPS11_ORYSJ Cysteine--tRNA ligase CPS1 homolog, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC (Cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase) [LOC_Os09g38420] [OsJ_30298]
Os09g0558000 Q653S3     P2C70_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 70 (EC (OsPP2C70) [LOC_Os09g38550] [OJ1065_E04.2-1] [OJ1065_E04.2-2] [OsJ_029126]
Os09g0558100 Q9LRI7     OSR8_ORYSJ  Hydrophobic protein OSR8 [OSR8] [LOC_Os09g38560] [OJ1065_E04.3]
Os09g0558900 Q653S9     NCPR3_ORYSJ NADPH--cytochrome P450 reductase 3 (EC (CPR) (P450R) [CPR3] [LOC_Os09g38620] [OJ1065_E04.12]
Os09g0563200 Q653B6     HAK18_ORYSJ Potassium transporter 18 (OsHAK18) [HAK18] [LOC_Os09g38960] [OsJ_30348] [P0635G10.34]
Os09g0567300 Q652L6     MDAR3_ORYSJ Monodehydroascorbate reductase 3, cytosolic (EC (OsMDAR3) (OsMDHAR3) [MDAR3] [MDHAR3] [LOC_Os09g39380] [OJ1155_H10.27]
Os09g0567400 Q6VAK4     OHP2_ORYSJ  Histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 2 (OsAHP2) (OsHP1) (OsHpt3) [AHP2] [HP1] [OHP2] [LOC_Os09g39400] [OJ1155_H10.30]
Os09g0567700 Q652L2     HIRA_ORYSJ  Protein HIRA (Histone regulator protein) [LOC_Os09g39420] [OJ1003_C09.2] [OJ1155_H10.34] [OsJ_029198]
Os09g0567900 Q652Q8     URH2_ORYSJ  Probable uridine nucleosidase 2 (EC (Uridine ribohydrolase 2) [URH2] [LOC_Os09g39440] [OJ1003_C09.5] [OsJ_30393]
Os09g0568400 P0CH35     RL40B_ORYSJ Ubiquitin-60S ribosomal protein L40-2 precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin; 60S ribosomal protein L40-2 (CEP52)] [Ub-CEP52-2] [UBQ2] [LOC_Os09g39500] [OJ1003_C09.10-1]
Os09g0568500 Q652Q1     GL91_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 9-1 precursor [LOC_Os09g39510] [OJ1003_C09.11] [OsJ_029207]
Os09g0568600 Q652Q0     GL92_ORYSJ  Putative germin-like protein 9-2 precursor [LOC_Os09g39520] [OJ1003_C09.12] [OsJ_029208]
Os09g0568700 Q652P9     GL93_ORYSJ  Germin-like protein 9-3 precursor [LOC_Os09g39530] [OJ1003_C09.14] [OsJ_029209]
Os09g0569400 Q652P4     CPSF2_ORYSJ Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 2 (Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 100 kDa subunit) (CPSF 100 kDa subunit) [LOC_Os09g39590] [OJ1003_C09.22]
Os09g0570400 Q652N5     PHT44_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 4, chloroplastic precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;4) [PHT4;4] [LOC_Os09g39680] [OJ1003_C09.34] [OsJ_30419]
Os09g0570800 Q651B6     SLC2_ORYSJ  Probable 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase SLC2 (EC 1.14.11.-) (Protein SLENDER AND CRINKLY LEAF 2) [SLC2] [LOC_Os09g39720] [B1331F11.1] [OsJ_30422]
Os09g0572200 Q651A1     LPA1H_ORYSJ P-loop NTPase domain-containing protein LPA1 homolog (Protein LOW PHYTIC ACID 1 homolog) [LOC_Os09g39870] [B1331F11.20] [OsJ_30434]
Os10g0100300 Q10A77     TIC62_ORYSJ Protein TIC 62, chloroplastic precursor (Translocon at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts 62) (OsTIC62) [TIC62] [LOC_Os10g01044] [OSNPB_100100300]
Os10g0100700 Q8W3D0     PDX12_ORYSJ Probable pyridoxal 5'-phosphate synthase subunit PDX1.2 (EC (PLP synthase subunit PDX1.2) [PDX12] [LOC_Os10g01080] [OJ1136E01.11] [OSJNBa0046L02.5]
Os10g0103700 Q7G737     HOX15_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX15 (HD-ZIP protein HOX15) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX15) (OsHox15) [HOX15] [LOC_Os10g01470] [OsJ_029257] [OSJNBa0071K19.5] [OSJNBa0096E22.15]
Os10g0103800 Q33BI9     ITPK1_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 1 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 1) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 1) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 1) (OsITP5/6K-1) (OsITPK1) (OsITL2) [ITPK1] [LOC_Os10g01480] [OsJ_30457] [OSJNBa0071K19.6]
Os10g0104900 C0SQ89     CMT3_ORYSJ  DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase CMT3 (EC (Chromomethylase 3) (OsCMT3a) [CMT3] [LOC_Os10g01570] [OsJ_30466] [OSJNBa0071K19.14]
Os10g0105700 Q8RV06     SDC2_ORYSJ  Serine decarboxylase 2 (EC 4.1.1.-) [LOC_Os10g01640] [OsJ_30471] [OSJNBa0065H03.2] [OSJNBa0071K19.20]
Os10g0108700 Q7XHC4     AT15_ORYSJ  Acyl transferase 15 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT15) [AT15] [LOC_Os10g01920] [OsJ_30490] [OSJNBa0015O22.8]
Os10g0113000 Q7G764     NADO1_ORYSJ Probable NAD(P)H-dependent oxidoreductase 1 (EC 1.1.1.-) [LOC_Os10g02380] [OJ1014H12.13] [OSJNBb0012A20.18]
Os10g0113100 Q7G765     NADO2_ORYSJ Probable NAD(P)H-dependent oxidoreductase 2 (EC 1.-.-.-) [LOC_Os10g02380] [LOC_Os10g02390] [OJ1014H12.12] [OSJNBb0012A20.19]
Os10g0114400 Q7G768     BRL2_ORYSJ  Brassinosteroid LRR receptor kinase BRL2 precursor (EC (BRI1-like receptor kinase 2) [BRL2] [LOC_Os10g02500] [OJ1014H12.3] [OsJ_34509] [OSJNBa0092N12.12]
Os10g0114500 P0DH88     BBRA_ORYSJ  Barley B recombinant-like protein A (BBR-like protein A) (GAGA-binding transcriptional activator BBR-A) [LOC_Os10g02509] [OJ1014H12.2] [OsJ_30525] [OSJNBa0092N12.11]
Os10g0115200 P0DH89     BBRB_ORYSJ  Barley B recombinant-like protein B (BBR-like protein B) (GAGA-binding transcriptional activator BBR-B) [LOC_Os10g02584] [OSJNBa0092N12.5]
Os10g0115500 Q7XH85     BBRC_ORYSJ  Barley B recombinant-like protein C (BBR-like protein C) (GAGA-binding transcriptional activator BBR-C) [LOC_Os10g02620] [OsJ_30527] [OSJNBa0092N12.3]
Os10g0118000 Q8VWG4     ASMT3_ORYSJ Acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase 3 (EC (OsASMT3) [ASMT3] [LOC_Os10g02840] [OSJNBa0023I19.18] [OSJNBa0079B05.1]
Os10g0118200 Q8VWJ6     ASMT2_ORYSJ Acetylserotonin O-methyltransferase 2 (EC (OsASMT2) [ASMT2] [LOC_Os10g02880] [OsJ_30548] [OSJNBa0023I19.21] [OSJNBa0079B05.4]
Os10g0119300 Q7G6K7     FH3_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 3 (OsFH3) [FH3] [LOC_Os10g02980] [OSJNAa0079B05.2] [OSJNBa0079B05.10]
Os10g0138100 Q7XH05     ALDO1_ORYSJ Probable aldehyde oxidase 1 (EC (AO-1) [LOC_Os10g04860] [OsJ_30665] [OSJNAa0087H07.7]
Os10g0147400 Q7XGU4     LAX13_ORYSJ Auxin transporter-like protein 3 [LOC_Os10g05690] [OsJ_30723] [OSJNBb0016M10.2]
Os10g0158625 Q7XGM6     Y1086_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os10g0158600 [LOC_Os10g07060] [OsJ_30781] [OSJNAa0036D19.3] [OSJNBa0036D19.9]
Os10g0163340 Q10A30     ALFC2_ORYSJ Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 2, cytoplasmic (EC (Cytoplasmic aldolase-alpha) (AldC-alpha) [FBA2] [LOC_Os10g08022] [OsJ_30817]
Os10g0167300 Q42971     ENO_ORYSJ   Enolase (EC (2-phospho-D-glycerate hydro-lyase) (2-phosphoglycerate dehydratase) (OSE1) [ENO1] [AD709] [LOC_Os10g08550] [OSJNAb0015J03.9]
Os10g0167600 Q6F6A2     PHR_ORYSJ   Deoxyribodipyrimidine photo-lyase (EC (DNA photolyase) (OsCPDII) (Photoreactivating enzyme) [PHR] [LOC_Os10g08580] [OSJNAb0015J03.12]
Os10g0180000 Q33AH8     GT101_ORYSJ Probable glucuronosyltransferase GUT1 (EC 2.4.-.-) (Glucuronoxylan glucuronosyltransferase 1) (OsGUT1) [GUT1] [LOC_Os10g10080] [OSJNBa0047G15.26] [OSJNBa0095J15.1]
Os10g0189600 Q7G4P2     LCB1C_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 1c (EC [LOC_Os10g11200] [OsJ_30932] [OSJNBa0079H13]
Os10g0194200 Q8H859     CADH1_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 1 (EC (OsCAD1) [CAD1] [LOC_Os10g11810] [OsJ_30963] [OSJNBb0005F01.4]
Os10g0195600 Q7G4G7     AT1_ORYSJ   Acyl transferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsAT1) (Protein SPOTTED LEAF 18) [AT1] [SPL18] [LOC_Os10g11980] [OSJNBa0034E15.15]
Os10g0205200 Q8S625     UFC1_ORYSJ  Ubiquitin-fold modifier-conjugating enzyme 1 (Ufm1-conjugating enzyme 1) [LOC_Os10g13800] [OSJNBb0048O22.2]
Os10g0205300 Q8S626     GT102_ORYSJ Probable glucuronosyltransferase Os10g0205300 (EC 2.4.-.-) [LOC_Os10g13810] [OsJ_31015] [OSJNBb0048O22.10]
Os10g0205500 Q8S628     AB51G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 51 (OsABCG51) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 13) (OsPDR13) [ABCG51] [PDR13] [LOC_Os10g13830] [OSJNBb0048O22.8]
Os10g0207500 Q8S6P9     TDL1B_ORYSJ TPD1 protein homolog 1B precursor (TPD1-like protein 1B) (OsTDL1B) [TDL1B] [LOC_Os10g14020] [OJ1004_F02.2] [OsJ_31024]
Os10g0317900 Q8LM92     C75B4_ORYSJ Flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase CYP75B4 (EC (Chrysoeriol 5'-hydroxylase) (Cytochrome P450 75B4) (Flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase CYP75B4) [CYP75B4] [LOC_Os10g16974] [OSJNBb0079E01.10]
Os10g0320100 Q7G602     C75B3_ORYSJ Flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase CYP75B3 (EC (Cytochrome P450 75B3) (Flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase) (OsF3'H) [CYP75B3] [F3'H] [LOC_Os10g17260] [OsJ_31048] [OSJNAa0053D03.2] [OSJNBa0053D03.12]
Os10g0323000 Q7XFU9     Y1030_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os10g0323000 [LOC_Os10g17630] [OsJ_31059] [OSJNBa0065C16.16]
Os10g0323500 Q339X2     BGL34_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 34 precursor (EC (Os10bglu34) [BGLU34] [LOC_Os10g17650] [OsJ_31060] [OSJNBa0065C16.15]
Os10g0323600 Q9FUD1     PROFA_ORYSJ Profilin-A [LOC_Os10g17660] [OSJNBa0065C16.11]
Os10g0323900 Q9FUD1     PROFA_ORYSJ Profilin-A [LOC_Os10g17680] [OSJNBa0065C16.14]
Os10g0324900 Q339W7     LHP1_ORYSJ  Probable chromo domain-containing protein LHP1 (Protein LIKE HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN 1) [LHP1] [LOC_Os10g17770] [OSJNBa0065C16.1] [OSJNBa0093I09.2]
Os10g0330600 Q7G3T8     BGA13_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 13 precursor (EC (Lactase 13) [LOC_Os10g18400] [OsJ_029894] [OSJNAb0008A05.15] [OSJNBb0008A05.25]
Os10g0340600 Q7XFK2     BGA14_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 14 precursor (EC (Lactase 14) [LOC_Os10g19960] [OsJ_029934] [OSJNBa0050M22.9]
Os10g0341700 Q339N5     CSLH1_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein H1 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslH1) [CSLH1] [LOC_Os10g20090] [OSJNBa0035F15.9]
Os10g0343200 Q339M6     CSPLT_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 5A2 (OsCASPL5A2) [LOC_Os10g20250] [OsJ_31148]
Os10g0343400 Q94GM9     CSLF7_ORYSJ Probable mixed-linked glucan synthase 7 (EC 2.4.1.-) (1,3;1,4-beta-D-glucan synthase 7) (Cellulose synthase-like protein F7) (OsCslF7) [CSLF7] [LOC_Os10g20260] [OSJNBb0052C09.2]
Os10g0346300 Q339K6     LAC15_ORYSJ Laccase-15 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 15) (Diphenol oxidase 15) (Urishiol oxidase 15) [LAC15] [LOC_Os10g20610] [OSJNBa0045C13.15]
Os10g0347800 Q8H8K7     FH4_ORYSJ   Formin-like protein 4 precursor (OsFH4) [FH4] [LOC_Os10g20710] [OSJNBb0078C13.8]
Os10g0359200 Q7XFE1     U496E_ORYSJ Putative UPF0496 protein 5 [LOC_Os10g21540] [OsJ_030007] [OSJNBb0076H04.9]
Os10g0362300 A1A697     OHK5_ORYSJ  Probable histidine kinase 5 (EC (OsHK5) (OsCRL3) [HK5] [OHK3] [LOC_Os10g21810] [OsJ_31230] [OSJNBa0073L01.1]
Os10g0363300 Q8S6N5     ACC1_ORYSJ  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase 1 (EC [Includes: Biotin carboxylase (EC] [ACC1] [LOC_Os10g21910] [OsJ_31236] [OSJNBa0073L01.2]
Os10g0369500 Q8S5M8     YIPL_ORYSJ  Putative yippee-like protein Os10g0369500 [LOC_Os10g22410] [OJ1003C07.11]
Os10g0369900 Q8S5N2     RINO2_ORYSJ Inositol-3-phosphate synthase 1 (EC (MIP synthase 1) (Myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase) (IPS) (MI-1-P synthase) (OsINO1-2) [RINO2] [INO1-2] [LOC_Os10g22450] [OJ1003C07.7] [OsJ_31267]
Os10g0370000 Q339D2     P2C71_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 71 (EC (OsPP2C71) [LOC_Os10g22460] [OJ1003C07.6] [OsJ_030057] [OsJ_31268]
Os10g0377300 Q338Z7     HOX8_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX8 (HD-ZIP protein HOX8) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX8) (OsHox8) [HOX8] [LOC_Os10g23090] [OSJNBa0095C06.14]
Os10g0378300 Q109R6     CUTA1_ORYSJ Protein CutA 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsCutA1) [CUTA1] [LOC_Os10g23204] [OsJ_31315]
Os10g0379100 Q338X7     THT1_ORYSJ  Tryptamine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsTHT1) [THT1] [LOC_Os10g23310]
Os10g0380100 Q8LMI4     THT2_ORYSJ  Tryptamine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsTHT2) [THT2] [LOC_Os10g23820] [OSJNBa0032N04.1]
Os10g0389000 Q338P8     CML8_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-binding protein CML8 (Calmodulin-like protein 8) [CML8] [LOC_Os10g25010]
Os10g0389200 Q338P6     RCCR1_ORYSJ Red chlorophyll catabolite reductase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsRCCR1) (RCC reductase) [RCCR1] [LOC_Os10g25030] [OSJNBa0094J09.24] [OSJNBb0061I18.22]
Os10g0391300 Q338N2     C3H62_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 62 (OsC3H62) [LOC_Os10g25220] [OsJ_030157] [OsJ_31392] [OSJNBb0061I18.1]
Os10g0391400 Q7XEZ6     TI11E_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11e (OsTIFY11e) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 13) (OsJAZ13) [TIFY11E] [JAZ13] [LOC_Os10g25230]
Os10g0391801 Q7XEZ4     TI11F_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11f (OsTIFY11f) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 14) (OsJAZ14) [TIFY11F] [JAZ14] [LOC_Os10g25250]
Os10g0392400 Q7XEZ1     TI11D_ORYSJ Protein TIFY 11d (OsTIFY11d) (Jasmonate ZIM domain-containing protein 12) (OsJAZ12) (OsJAZ1) [TIFY11D] [JAZ12] [LOC_Os10g25290] [OsJ_31396]
Os10g0392600 Q7XEY9     SPX3_ORYSJ  SPX domain-containing protein 3 (Protein SPX DOMAIN GENE 3) (OsSPX3) [SPX3] [LOC_Os10g25310] [OsJ_31398]
Os10g0393100 Q7G7C7     SIPL1_ORYSJ Signal peptide peptidase-like 1 (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPPL1) [SPPL1] [LOC_Os10g25360] [OsJ_31401] [OSJNBa0011L09.25]
Os10g0397600 A3C4H3     BIG1L_ORYSJ Protein BIG GRAIN 1-like [LOC_Os10g25810] [OsJ_31430] [OSJNBb0058B20.14]
Os10g0400200 P07730     GLUA2_ORYSJ Glutelin type-A 2 precursor (Glutelin type II) [Contains: Glutelin type-A 2 acidic chain; Glutelin type-A 2 basic chain] [GLUA2] [GLUA-2] [GT1] [LOC_Os10g26060] [OSJNBa0050N08.16]
Os10g0402200 Q0IY07     ORC3_ORYSJ  Origin of replication complex subunit 3 (OsORC3) [ORC3] [LOC_Os10g26280] [OsJ_31450] [OSJNBa0044A10.12]
Os10g0403000 Q7Y1V5     C78AB_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 78A11 (EC 1.14.-.-) (Protein PLASTOCHRON1) [CYP78A11] [PLA1] [LOC_Os10g26340] [OSJNBa0044A10.17]
Os10g0404300 Q338G6     ILI7_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI7 (OsILI7) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 173) (OsbHLH173) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 7) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH173) [ILI7] [BHLH173] [LOC_Os10g26460]
Os10g0404500 Q948L0     SUT3_ORYSJ  Sucrose transport protein SUT3 (Sucrose permease 3) (Sucrose transporter 3) (OsSUT3) (Sucrose-proton symporter 3) [SUT3] [LOC_Os10g26470] [OSJNBb0044I14.9]
Os10g0404900 Q94GL5     HOX23_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX23 (HD-ZIP protein HOX23) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX23) (OsHox23) [HOX23] [LOC_Os10g26500] [OSJNBb0044I14.6]
Os10g0405500 B9G5N1     PAIR3_ORYSJ Meiosis-specific protein PAIR3 (Protein HOMOLOGOUS PAIRING ABERRATION IN RICE MEIOSIS 3) [PAIR3] [LOC_Os10g26560] [OsJ_31462] [OSJNBa0060A14.5]
Os10g0406400 Q7PC67     CSLA2_ORYSJ Probable glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 2 (EC (Cellulose synthase-like protein A2) (OsCslA2) (Glucomannan synthase) (Mannan synthase 2) [CSLA2] [LOC_Os10g26630] [OSJNBa0060A14.12]
Os10g0409400 Q7XES5     BURPG_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 16 precursor (OsBURP16) (Protein WGP1) (OsWGP1) [BURP16] [WGP1] [LOC_Os10g26940] [OsJ_31485]
Os10g0410600 A3C4N5     PP2A4_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP2A-4 catalytic subunit (EC [PP2A4] [LOC_Os10g27050] [OsJ_030257] [OsJ_31490]
Os10g0415600 Q0IXP9     AARE1_ORYSJ Acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme 1 (EC (AARE1) [LOC_Os10g28020] [OsJ_31520]
Os10g0415800 Q338C0     AARE2_ORYSJ Acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme 2 (EC (AARE2) [LOC_Os10g28030]
Os10g0415900 Q338B9     GCN5_ORYSJ  Histone acetyltransferase GCN5 (EC [GCN5] [LOC_Os10g28040]
Os10g0416200 Q7XEM4     KCS20_ORYSJ Probable 3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase 20 (EC (OsKCS20) (Protein SCREW FLAG LEAF 1) [KCS20] [SFL1] [LOC_Os10g28060]
Os10g0417600 A3C4S4     GME1_ORYSJ  GDP-mannose 3,5-epimerase 1 (EC (GDP-Man 3,5-epimerase 1) (OsGME-1) [GME-1] [LOC_Os10g28200] [OsJ_030296] [OSJNBa0061K21.15]
Os10g0418000 Q8S857     H2AV2_ORYSJ Probable histone H2A variant 2 [LOC_Os10g28230] [OsJ_31536] [OSJNBa0061K21.20]
Os10g0418100 Q7XEK4     ACA7_ORYSJ  Calcium-transporting ATPase 7, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA7) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 7) [ACA7] [LOC_Os10g28240] [OsJ_31537] [OSJNBa0061K21.21]
Os10g0419200 B1B534     EHD2_ORYSJ  Protein EARLY HEADING DATE 2 (Ehd2) (Protein RICE INDETERMINATE 1) (OsID) (OsID1) [EHD2] [GHD10] [ID] [ID1] [RID1] [LOC_Os10g28330] [OSNPB_100419200]
Os10g0419300 Q338B0     HFA2C_ORYSJ Heat stress transcription factor A-2c (Heat stress transcription factor 25) (OsHsf-25) (Heat stress transcription factor 6) (OsHSF6) (rHsf6) [HSFA2C] [HSF25] [HSF6] [LOC_Os10g28340] [OsJ_030304]
Os10g0419400 A1L4T4     MTND1_ORYSJ Acireductone dioxygenase 1 (Acireductone dioxygenase (Fe(2+)-requiring) 1) (EC (ARD' 1) (Fe-ARD 1) (Acireductone dioxygenase (Ni(2+)-requiring) 1) (EC (ARD 1) (Ni-ARD 1) (OsIDI1) (Submergence-induced protein 2) [ARD1] [SIP2] [LOC_Os10g28350] [OSJNBa0006I13.11]
Os10g0419500 Q7XEJ5     MTND4_ORYSJ Acireductone dioxygenase 4 (Acireductone dioxygenase (Fe(2+)-requiring) 4) (EC (ARD' 4) (Fe-ARD 4) (Acireductone dioxygenase (Ni(2+)-requiring) 4) (EC (ARD 4) (Ni-ARD 4) [ARD4] [LOC_Os10g28360] [OsJ_31545]
Os10g0430200 Q337Y2     CADH3_ORYSJ Probable cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 3 (EC (OsCAD3) [CAD3] [LOC_Os10g29470] [OsJ_31603]
Os10g0437400 Q7XE50     LAC16_ORYSJ Putative laccase-16 (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 16) (Diphenol oxidase 16) (Urishiol oxidase 16) [LAC16] [LOC_Os10g30140]
Os10g0437600 Q7XE48     SSY21_ORYSJ Soluble starch synthase 2-1, chloroplastic/amyloplastic precursor (EC (Soluble starch synthase II-1) [SSII-1] [LOC_Os10g30156] [OSJNBb0016G17.2]
Os10g0439100 Q7XE35     EXP27_ORYSJ Putative expansin-A27 precursor (Alpha-expansin-27) (OsEXP27) (OsEXPA27) (OsaEXPa1.4) [EXPA27] [EXP27] [LOC_Os10g30330]
Os10g0439200 Q4PR40     EXP28_ORYSJ Expansin-A28 precursor (Alpha-expansin-28) (OsEXP28) (OsEXPA28) (OsaEXPa1.7) [EXPA28] [EXP28] [LOC_Os10g30340]
Os10g0442900 B9G5Y5     AB25G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 25 precursor (OsABCG25) (Putative white-brown complex homolog protein 26) (OsWBC26) [ABCG25] [WBC26] [LOC_Os10g30610] [Os10g0442950] [OsJ_31680]
Os10g0444600 Q7XDZ7     PHT13_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-3 (OsPT3) (OsPht1;3) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) (OsPT1) [PHT1-3] [PT1] [PT3] [LOC_Os10g30770] [OsJ_030442]
Os10g0444700 Q8H6G8     PHT18_ORYSJ Probable inorganic phosphate transporter 1-8 (OsPT8) (OsPht1;8) (H(+)/Pi cotransporter) [PHT1-8] [PT8] [LOC_Os10g30790] [OsJ_030443]
Os10g0445600 Q7XDY9     RAF1_ORYSJ  Rubisco accumulation factor 1, chloroplastic precursor [RAF1] [LOC_Os10g30870] [OsJ_31693]
Os10g0450900 A3C5A7     GRP2_ORYSJ  Glycine-rich cell wall structural protein 2 precursor (Glycine-rich protein 1) (GRP-1) [GRP0.9] [GRP1] [LOC_Os10g31330] [OsJ_030479]
Os10g0456200 Q7XDQ7     PIRL8_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 8 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 8) (OsIRL8) [IRL8] [LOC_Os10g31790]
Os10g0457500 Q7XDP2     ITPA_ORYSJ  Inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase (EC (ITPase) (Inosine triphosphatase) (Non-canonical purine NTP pyrophosphatase) (Non-standard purine NTP pyrophosphatase) (Nucleoside-triphosphate diphosphatase) (Nucleoside-triphosphate pyrophosphatase) (NTPase) [LOC_Os10g31940] [OsJ_31777]
Os10g0463400 Q7Y0W5     EHD1_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR30 (Protein EARLY HEADING DATE 1) (Two-component response regulator EHD1) [EHD1] [RR30] [LOC_Os10g32600] [OsJ_31808] [OSJNBa0071K18.25]
Os10g0465700 Q9AV88     BAMY1_ORYSJ Beta-amylase 1, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsBamy1) (4-alpha-D-glucan maltohydrolase) [BAMY1] [LOC_Os10g32810] [OSJNBa0006L06.1]
Os10g0466300 Q9AV81     PRP19_ORYSJ Pre-mRNA-processing factor 19 (EC (Plant U-box protein 72) (OsPUB72) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase PRP19) (U-box domain-containing protein 72) [PRP19] [PUB72] [LOC_Os10g32880] [OsJ_31829] [OSJNBa0006L06.5]
Os10g0467600 P48600     IF4E2_ORYSJ Eukaryotic translation initiation factor isoform 4E-2 (eIF(iso)-4E-2) (eIF(iso)4E-2) (eIF-(iso)4F 25 kDa subunit) (eIF-(iso)4F p28 subunit) (mRNA cap-binding protein) [LOC_Os10g32970] [OsJ_31838] [OSJNBa0006L06.9]
Os10g0467800 Q9AV71     CESA7_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 7 [UDP-forming] (EC (OsCesA7) [CESA7] [LOC_Os10g32980] [OSJNBa0006L06.10]
Os10g0471100 Q7XDI3     GLO15_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-5 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-5) (Protein WAX-DEFICIENT ANTHER 1) [GL1-5] [WDA1] [LOC_Os10g33250] [OsJ_31858] [OSJNBa0079L16.17] [OSNPB_100471100]
Os10g0471300 Q9FWK4     CYNS_ORYSJ  Cyanate hydratase (EC (Cyanase) (Cyanate hydrolase) (Cyanate lyase) [CYN] [LOC_Os10g33270] [OsJ_31860] [OSJNBa0079L16.19]
Os10g0471700 Q7XDH8     KRP4_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 4 (KIP-related protein 4) [KRP4] [LOC_Os10g33310] [OsJ_030605] [OSJNBb0094K03.16]
Os10g0478000 Q7XDD0     G1L5_ORYSJ  Protein G1-like5 [G1L5] [LOC_Os10g33780] [OsJ_31895] [OSJNBa0055P24.1]
Os10g0478200 Q7XDC8     MDHC_ORYSJ  Malate dehydrogenase, cytoplasmic (EC (PP37) [LOC_Os10g33800] [OSJNBa0055P24.3]
Os10g0479500 Q7XDB8     LOGLA_ORYSJ Probable cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOGL10 (EC 3.2.2.n1) (Protein LONELY GUY-like 10) [LOGL10] [LOC_Os10g33900] [OsJ_31908] [OSJNBa0055P24.10]
Os10g0479900 Q9AV47     ARFV_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 22 [ARF22] [LOC_Os10g33940] [OSJNBa0093B11.2]
Os10g0480200 Q9AV49     HOX9_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX9 (HD-ZIP protein HOX9) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX9) (OsHB2) (OsHox9) [HOX9] [HB2] [LOC_Os10g33960] [OSJNBa0093B11.11]
Os10g0480500 Q9AV50     DRB6_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 6 (dsRNA-binding protein 5) (OsDRB5) (dsRNA-binding protein 6) [DRB6] [DRB5] [LOC_Os10g33970] [OsJ_31914] [OSJNBa0093B11.1]
Os10g0481500 Q9AV57     FLOT1_ORYSJ Flotillin-like protein 1 (Nodulin-like protein 1) [FLOT1] [LOC_Os10g34040] [OsJ_31920] [OSJNBa0012L23.36] [OSJNBa0093B11.7]
Os10g0482700 Q8LNW4     FLOT2_ORYSJ Flotillin-like protein 2 (Nodulin-like protein 2) [FLOT2] [LOC_Os10g34150] [OsJ_31925] [OSJNBa0012L23.46]
Os10g0483500 Q8LNV6     CKX3_ORYSJ  Cytokinin dehydrogenase 3 precursor (EC (Cytokinin oxidase 3) (OsCKX3) [CKX3] [LOC_Os10g34230] [OsJ_31929] [OsJ_35246] [OSJNBa0012L23.33]
Os10g0485300 Q7XD99     EXEC1_ORYSJ Protein EXECUTER 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsEX1) [EX1] [LOC_Os10g34400] [OSJNBa0029C15.6]
Os10g0485600 Q7XD96     DCL3B_ORYSJ Endoribonuclease Dicer homolog 3b (Dicer-like protein 3b) (EC 3.1.26.-) (OsDCL3b) [DCL3B] [LOC_Os10g34430] [OSJNBa0029C15.23]
Os10g0487300 Q7XD82     NBS1_ORYSJ  Nijmegen breakage syndrome 1 protein (OsNbs1) [NBS1] [LOC_Os10g34580] [OsJ_31956] [OSJNBa0029C15.11]
Os10g0489100 Q75G68     ANM62_ORYSJ Probable protein arginine N-methyltransferase 6.2 (EC 2.1.1.-) [PRMT6.2] [LOC_Os10g34740] [B1288B10.2] [OsJ_030708]
Os10g0489301 Q7XD66     RIP6_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 6 precursor [Os10g0489300] [LOC_Os10g34760] [B1288B10.4] [OSJNBb0049A16.9]
Os10g0489400 Q7XD65     RIP7_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 7 precursor [LOC_Os10g34770] [B1288B10.5] [OSJNBb0049A16.7]
Os10g0490100 Q9FWT5     RIP3_ORYSJ  Ripening-related protein 3 precursor [LOC_Os10g34840] [B1288B10.12] [OsJ_31982] [OSJNBa0051D19.24]
Os10g0490500 Q8LN49     RIP5_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 5 precursor [LOC_Os10g34890] [P0031G09.2]
Os10g0490666 Q9FWU1     RIP4_ORYSJ  Putative ripening-related protein 4 precursor [Os10g0490600] [LOC_Os10g34902] [OsJ_31984] [OSJNBa0051D19.14]
Os10g0492600 Q9FWV6     TIP31_ORYSJ Probable aquaporin TIP3-1 (Tonoplast intrinsic protein 3-1) (OsTIP3;1) [TIP3-1] [TIP3] [LOC_Os10g35050] [OsJ_030736] [OSJNBa0051D19.19]
Os10g0493600 Q9FXT4     AGAL_ORYSJ  Alpha-galactosidase precursor (EC (Alpha-D-galactoside galactohydrolase) (Melibiase) [LOC_Os10g35110] [OSJNBa0041P03]
Os10g0495500 Q8LNU5     NOC2L_ORYSJ Nucleolar complex protein 2 homolog (Protein NOC2 homolog) [LOC_Os10g35280] [OsJ_32023] [OSJNBa0041P03.9]
Os10g0496900 Q8W3D9     PORB_ORYSJ  Protochlorophyllide reductase B, chloroplastic precursor (EC (PCR B) (NADPH-protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase B) (POR B) [PORB] [LOC_Os10g35370] [OSJNBa0017E08.8]
Os10g0497700 Q8W3E8     COBL4_ORYSJ COBRA-like protein 4 precursor (Protein BRITTLE CULM1-like 9) [BC1L9] [LOC_Os10g35460] [OsJ_32037] [OSJNBa0017E08.5]
Os10g0499600 Q0IWM5     NDX1_ORYSJ  Protein NEOXANTHIN-DEFICIENT 1 [NDX1] [OSJNBa0078O01.15]
Os10g0500700 Q0IWL9     GRS11_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S11 [GRXS11] [LOC_Os10g35720] [OsJ_32056] [OSJNBa0078O01.9]
Os10g0502400 P0C587     HEM1_ORYSJ  Glutamyl-tRNA reductase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (GluTR) [LOC_Os10g35840] [OSJNBa0078O01.14] [OSJNBb0073N24.1]
Os10g0502500 Q9FVZ9     MSBP2_ORYSJ Membrane steroid-binding protein 2 (OsMSBP2) (OsMSBP1) [MSBP2] [LOC_Os10g35850] [OsJ_32070] [OSJNBb0073N24.2]
Os10g0502600 Q9FVZ7     MSBP1_ORYSJ Membrane steroid-binding protein 1 (OsMSBP1) (OsMSBP2) [MSBP1] [LOC_Os10g35870] [OSJNBb0073N24.4]
Os10g0503700 Q109G2     RH12_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 12 (EC [LOC_Os10g35990] [OsJ_32082] [OSJNBb0073N24.12]
Os10g0508300 Q8L556     YAB3_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 3 (OsYAB4) (OsYABBY3) [YAB3] [LOC_Os10g36420] [OSJNBb0015K05.5] [OSJNBb0091N21.48]
Os10g0510000 A3C6D7     ACT2_ORYSJ  Actin-2 [ACT2] [AC2] [RAC2] [LOC_Os10g36650] [OsJ_030859] [OSJNBa0005K07.1]
Os10g0512800 Q9FW70     KN7K_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7K, chloroplastic precursor [KIN7K] [LOC_Os10g36880] [OsJ_32142] [OSJNBa0026L12.18]
Os10g0513200 Q0IWF3     NIP31_ORYSJ Aquaporin NIP3-1 (NOD26-like intrinsic protein 3-1) (OsNIP3;1) [NIP3-1] [LOC_Os10g36924] [OsJ_030877] [OSJNBa0026L12.23] [OSJNBa0026L12.32]
Os10g0513300 Q337C0     U496D_ORYSJ UPF0496 protein 4 [LOC_Os10g36950] [OsJ_030878] [OSJNBa0026L12.27]
Os10g0516100 A3C6G9     GCSH_ORYSJ  Glycine cleavage system H protein, mitochondrial precursor [GDCSH] [LOC_Os10g37180] [OsJ_030891] [OSJNBa0026L12.1] [OSJNBa0076F20.1]
Os10g0516300 Q337B8     ETFQO_ORYSJ Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (ETF-QO) (ETF-ubiquinone oxidoreductase) [LOC_Os10g37210] [OSJNBa0076F20.3]
Os10g0521000 Q9FWC1     TRE_ORYSJ   Probable trehalase (EC (Alpha,alpha-trehalase) (Alpha,alpha-trehalose glucohydrolase) [LOC_Os10g37660] [OSJNBb0018B10.19]
Os10g0521100 Q337A5     ADF10_ORYSJ Actin-depolymerizing factor 10 (ADF-10) (OsADF10) [ADF10] [LOC_Os10g37670] [OsJ_32187] [OSJNBb0018B10.29] [OSJNBb0028C01.47]
Os10g0521600 Q337A0     XB33_ORYSJ  Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBOS33 (EC (Ankyrin repeat domain and RING finger-containing protein XBOS33) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase XBOS33) (XB3 protein homolog 3) [XBOS33] [LOC_Os10g37730] [OSJNBb0018B10.26] [OSJNBb0028C01.29]
Os10g0530900 Q06398     GSTU6_ORYSJ Probable glutathione S-transferase GSTU6 (EC (28 kDa cold-induced protein) [GSTU6] [LOC_Os10g38740] [OSJNBb0038A07.2]
Os10g0533600 Q336X9     MPK6_ORYSJ  Mitogen-activated protein kinase 6 (EC (MAP kinase 6) [MPK6] [LOC_Os10g38950] [OSJNBa0053C23.4]
Os10g0535900 Q8W2X8     EXP30_ORYSJ Putative expansin-A30 precursor (Alpha-expansin-30) (OsEXP30) (OsEXPA30) (OsaEXPa1.32) [EXPA30] [EXP30] [LOC_Os10g39110] [OsJ_32280] [OSJNBb0060I05.13]
Os10g0536100 P0C5B2     MAD56_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 56 (FDRMADS8) (OsMADS56) (RMADS214) [MADS56] [LOC_Os10g39130] [OsJ_32282] [OSJNBb0060I05.3]
Os10g0536400 Q8W2X5     FL3H2_ORYSJ Flavanone 3-dioxygenase 2 (EC (Flavanone 3-beta-hydroxylase 2) (Flavanone 3-hydroxylase 2) (OsF3H-2) [F3H-2] [LOC_Os10g39140] [OSJNBa0040D23.1] [OSJNBb0060I05.4]
Os10g0537100 Q8LNN8     Y1071_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os10g0537100 [LOC_Os10g39190] [OSJNBa0040D23.9]
Os10g0539600 P53682     CDPKN_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 23 (EC (OsCDPK23) (OsCPK23) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase isoform 1) (CDPK1) (Seed-specific protein kinase) [CPK23] [SPK] [LOC_Os10g39420] [OSJNBb0064P21.2]
Os10g0542100 Q109B0     MT21A_ORYSJ Class II metallothionein-like protein 1A (OsMT-II-1a) (OsMT4) [MT21A] [LOC_Os10g39610] [OSJNBb0015I11.8]
Os10g0542400 Q7XCL0     EXLA2_ORYSJ Expansin-like A2 precursor (OsEXLA2) (OsEXPL2) (OsaEXPb2.2) [EXLA2] [EXPL2] [LOC_Os10g39640] [OSJNBb0015I11.10]
Os10g0542800 Q336V9     BSK12_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase BSK1-2 (EC (Brassinosteroid-signaling kinase 1-2) (OsBSK1-2) [BSK1-2] [LOC_Os10g39670] [OsJ_32329] [OSJNBb0015I11.13]
Os10g0542900 Q7XCK6     CHI8_ORYSJ  Chitinase 8 precursor (EC (Class II chitinase a) (OsChia2a) (Pathogenesis related (PR)-3 chitinase 8) [Cht8] [Cht2] [LOC_Os10g39680] [OsJ_32330] [OSJNBb0015I11.14]
Os10g0544200 Q336V8     BH004_ORYSJ Basic helix-loop-helix protein 004 (AtbHLH004) (bHLH 004) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH004) [BHLH004] [LOC_Os10g39750] [OsJ_32337] [OSNPB_100544200]
Os10g0544900 Q7XCJ7     P2C72_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 72 (EC (OsPP2C72) [LOC_Os10g39780] [OsJ_026955] [OsJ_28079] [OSJNBa0001O14.1]
Os10g0545000 A3BV82     MRS2G_ORYSJ Putative magnesium transporter MRS2-G [MRS2-G] [LOC_Os10g39790] [OsJ_28078] [OSJNBa0001O14.11]
Os10g0545200 Q9AV39     GLO1A_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-10 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-10) [GL1-10] [LOC_Os10g39810] [OSJNBa0001O14.3] [OSNPB_100545200]
Os10g0545700 Q336V5     ACR21_ORYSJ Arsenate reductase 2.1 (EC (OsACR2.1) (Dual specificity phosphatase CDC25.1) (Sulfurtransferase 20) (OsStr20) [ACR2.1] [CDC25.1] [STR20] [LOC_Os10g39860] [OsJ_32347] [OSJNBa0001O14.6]
Os10g0546400 Q9AV28     SMR1_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitor SMR1 (Protein SIAMESE-RELATED 1) [SMR1] [LOC_Os10g39920] [OSJNBa0001O14.8]
Os10g0547500 Q9AV23     LSI3_ORYSJ  Silicon efflux transporter LSI3 (Low silicon protein 3) [LSI3] [LOC_Os10g39980] [OSJNBa0001O14.19]
Os10g0548600 Q7XCG7     EXPB9_ORYSJ Expansin-B9 precursor (Beta-expansin-9) (OsEXPB9) (OsaEXPb1.6) [EXPB9] [LOC_Os10g40090] [OsJ_32365] [OSJNBa0082M15.4]
Os10g0548900 Q94LU9     MURE_ORYSJ  UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanyl-D-glutamate--2,6-diaminopimelate ligase MurE homolog, chloroplastic precursor [MURE] [LOC_Os10g40130] [OSJNBa0082M15.18]
Os10g0553300 Q9FWQ2     TPP2_ORYSJ  Probable trehalose-phosphate phosphatase 2 (EC (OsTPP2) (Trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase) [TPP2] [LOC_Os10g40550] [OSJNBa0015J15.3]
Os10g0555600 Q7XCA7     EXPB6_ORYSJ Expansin-B6 precursor (Beta-expansin-6) (OsEXPB6) (OsaEXPb1.8) [EXPB6] [LOC_Os10g40700] [OSJNBb0014I11.3]
Os10g0555700 O24230     EXPB2_ORYSJ Expansin-B2 precursor (Beta-expansin-2) (OsEXPB2) (OsaEXPb1.9) [EXPB2] [LOC_Os10g40710] [OsJ_32419] [OSJNBb0014I11.2]
Os10g0555900 Q336T5     EXPB3_ORYSJ Expansin-B3 precursor (Beta-expansin-3) (OsEXPB3) (OsaEXPb1.10) [EXPB3] [LOC_Os10g40720] [OSJNBa0010C11.1] [OSJNBb0014I11.1]
Os10g0556100 Q94LR4     EXPB4_ORYSJ Expansin-B4 precursor (Beta-expansin-4) (OsEXPB4) (OsaEXPb1.7) [EXPB4] [LOC_Os10g40730] [OsJ_32421] [OSJNBa0010C11.2]
Os10g0558700 Q94LP4     ODD11_ORYSJ 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase 11 (EC 1.14.11.-) (Melatonin 2-hydroxylase) [2ODD11] [LOC_Os10g40934] [OsJ_32437] [OSJNBa0010C11.19] [OSJNBa0042H09.28]
Os10g0561400 Q7XC57     MYBS3_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYBS3 (Myb-related protein S3) (OsMYBS3) [MYBS3] [LOC_Os10g41200] [OsJ_32461] [OSJNBb0089A17.8]
Os10g0561800 Q7XC54     HOX1_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX1 (HD-ZIP protein HOX1) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX1) (OsHox1) [HOX1] [LOC_Os10g41230] [OsJ_031189] [OSJNBb0089A17.12]
Os10g0562100 Q7XC51     MYBS2_ORYSJ Transcription factor MYBS2 (Myb-related protein S2) (OsMYBS2) [MYBS2] [LOC_Os10g41260] [OsJ_32468] [OSJNBb0089A17.5] [OSNPB_100562100]
Os10g0562700 Q9AQW1     REL2_ORYSJ  Protein ROLLING AND ERECT LEAF 2 [REL2] [LOC_Os10g41310] [OsJ_32472] [OSJNBb0089A17.4]
Os10g0563600 Q336R9     MSRA4_ORYSJ Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase A4, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsMSRA4) (Peptide-methionine (S)-S-oxide reductase) (Peptide Met(O) reductase) (Protein-methionine-S-oxide reductase) [MSRA4] [LOC_Os10g41400]
Os10g0563900 Q7XC35     CCP41_ORYSJ Cyclin-P4-1 (CycP4;1) [CYCP4-1] [LOC_Os10g41430] [OsJ_031206] [OSJNBa0027P10.16]
Os10g0564500 P0C5D6     SAPK3_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK3 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 3) (Protein kinase REK) (stress-activated protein kinase 3) (OsSAPK3) [SAPK3] [REK] [LOC_Os10g41490] [OsJ_32488] [OSJNBa0027P10.6]
Os10g0564800 Q7XC27     CNBL1_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 1 [CBL1] [LOC_Os10g41510] [OsJ_32489]
Os10g0565600 Q336R3     BRE1B_ORYSJ E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase BRE1-like 2 (EC (Flowering-related RING protein 1) (Protein HISTONE MONOUBIQUITINATION 2) (OsHUB2) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase BRE1-like 2) [HUB2] [BRE1B] [FRRP1] [LOC_Os10g41590] [OsJ_031219] [OsJ_32496] [OSJNBa0057L21]
Os10g0567400 Q8S7E1     CAO_ORYSJ   Chlorophyllide a oxygenase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Chlorophyll a oxygenase) (Chlorophyll b synthase) [CAO] [LLS1] [LOC_Os10g41780] [OsJ_32509] [OSJNBa0057L21.2]
Os10g0572300 Q8S7M7     PIRL5_ORYSJ Plant intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 5 (Intracellular Ras-group-related LRR protein 5) (OsIRL5) [IRL5] [LOC_Os10g42190] [OsJ_32547] [OSJNBa0095C07.8]
Os10g0573400 Q7XBY6     PYL10_ORYSJ Abscisic acid receptor PYL10 (PYR1-like protein 1) (OsPYL1) (PYR1-like protein 10) (OsPYL10) (Regulatory components of ABA receptor 10) [PYL10] [PYL1] [RCAR10] [LOC_Os10g42280] [OsJ_32555] [OSJNBa0003O19.2]
Os10g0575000 Q336P5     MYC2_ORYSJ  Transcription factor MYC2 (OsMYC2) (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 9) (OsbHLH009) (bHLH 9) [MYC2] [BHLH9] [LOC_Os10g42430] [OSJNBa0003O19.20]
Os10g0575600 Q336P2     ROC3_ORYSJ  Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ROC3 (GLABRA 2-like homeobox protein 3) (HD-ZIP protein ROC3) (Homeodomain transcription factor ROC3) (Protein RICE OUTERMOST CELL-SPECIFIC 3) [ROC3] [GL2-3] [LOC_Os10g42490] [OsJ_031281] [OSJNBa0027L23.2]
Os10g0575700 Q7XBW5     PAP3_ORYSJ  Probable plastid-lipid-associated protein 3, chloroplastic precursor [PAP3] [LOC_Os10g42500] [OSJNBa0027L23.3]
Os10g0576100 Q7XBW0     ITPK5_ORYSJ Inositol-tetrakisphosphate 1-kinase 5 (EC (Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 5) (EC (Inositol-triphosphate 5/6-kinase 5) (Ins(1,3,4)P(3) 5/6-kinase 5) (OsITP5/6K-5) (OsITPK5) (OsITL3) [ITPK5] [LOC_Os10g42550] [OSJNBa0027L23.5]
Os10g0577600 Q336N8     JM706_ORYSJ Lysine-specific demethylase JMJ706 (EC (Jumonji domain-containing protein 706) (Lysine-specific histone demethylase JMJ706) (Protein JUMONJI 706) ([histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine(9) demethylase JMJ706) [JMJ706] [LOC_Os10g42690] [OSJNBa0035H01.2]
Os10g0578200 Q8W3F9     CSLD1_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein D1 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslD1) [CSLD1] [LOC_Os10g42750] [OsJ_031301] [OSJNBa0035H01.10]
Os10g0578950 Q336M7     4CLL2_ORYSJ 4-coumarate--CoA ligase-like 2 (EC 6.2.1.-) [4CLL2] [LOC_Os10g42800] [OsJ_031306] [OSJNBa0056G17.30]
Os10g0580300 Q336M2     CDKE1_ORYSJ Cyclin-dependent kinase E-1 (EC (EC (CDKE;1) [CDKE-1] [LOC_Os10g42950] [OsJ_32608] [OSJNBa0056G17.11]
Os10g0580400 Q7XBS0     DUR3_ORYSJ  Urea-proton symporter DUR3 (OsDUR3) (High-affinity urea active transporter DUR3) [DUR3] [LOC_Os10g42960] [OsJ_32609] [OSJNBa0056G17.4]
Os11g0100100 Q2RBS4     ATG8D_ORYSJ Autophagy-related protein 8D (Autophagy-related ubiquitin-like modifier ATG8D) [ATG8D] [APG8D] [LOC_Os11g01010] [OSJNBa0029D01]
Os11g0102100 Q33DK1     WOX3_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 3 (OsNS) (OsWOX3) [WOX3] [LOC_Os11g01130]
Os11g0102200 Q2RBR1     PHT1B_ORYSJ Phototropin-1B (EC [PHOT1B] [LOC_Os11g01140]
Os11g0104300 Q2RBP2     D53_ORYSJ   Protein DWARF 53 [D53] [LOC_Os11g01330] [OsJ_32651]
Os11g0104800 A0A0P0XXR9 XOAT4_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 4 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 10) (OsTBL10) [XOAT4] [TBL10] [LOC_Os11g01370]
Os11g0104900 Q2RBN7     CLH1_ORYSJ  Clathrin heavy chain 1 [LOC_Os11g01380]
Os11g0105000 Q2QYW1     CML25_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML25/26 (Calmodulin-like protein 25/26) [CML25] [LOC_Os11g01390] [OsJ_033568]
Os11g0107000 Q2RBL8     XOATC_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 12 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 2) (OsTBL2) [XOAT12] [TBL2] [LOC_Os11g01570] [OsJ_32659]
Os11g0108700 Q2RBK2     LAC17_ORYSJ Putative laccase-17 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 17) (Diphenol oxidase 17) (Urishiol oxidase 17) [LAC17] [LOC_Os11g01730] [OsJ_031367]
Os11g0109000 Q2RBJ6     P2C73_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 73 (EC (OsPP2C73) [LOC_Os11g01790]
Os11g0109200 Q2RBJ4     DRM1A_ORYSJ DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM1A (EC (Protein DOMAINS REARRANGED METHYLASE 1A) (OsDRM1A) [DRM1A] [LOC_Os11g01810]
Os11g0109500 Q2RBJ2     CAN2_ORYSJ  Probable staphylococcal-like nuclease CAN2 (EC 3.1.31.-) (Calcium-dependent nuclease 2) (Ca(2+)-dependent nuclease 2) [LOC_Os11g01830] [OsJ_32671] [OSJNBa0010K05]
Os11g0109900 Q0IV63     DRB7_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 7 (dsRNA-binding protein 7) [DRB7] [LOC_Os11g01869]
Os11g0109933 C7J8E5     RTOR1_ORYSJ Regulatory-associated protein of TOR 1 (Protein RAPTOR 1) (OsRAPTOR1) [RAPTOR1] [LOC_Os11g01872]
Os11g0113700 Q2RBF0     CIPKF_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 15 (EC (OsCIPK15) [CIPK15] [LOC_Os11g02240]
Os11g0114600 Q2RBE3     WNK7_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK7 (EC (OsWNK7) (Protein kinase with no lysine 7) [WNK7] [LOC_Os11g02300] [OsJ_031409]
Os11g0115100 Q2QYL3     NLTP3_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 3 precursor (LTP 3) [LTP110-A] [LOC_Os11g02350] [OsJ_031413]
Os11g0115350 Q7XJ39     NLT2A_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 2A precursor (LTP 2A) [LTP2-A] [LOC_Os11g02369]
Os11g0118200 Q2RBB1     MAN7_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 7 (EC (Beta-mannanase 7) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 7) (OsMAN7) [MAN7] [LOC_Os11g02600]
Os11g0119311 B9G934     C14C3_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714C3 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP714C3] [OsJ_32746]
Os11g0124300 Q2RB59     SCR1_ORYSJ  Protein SCARECROW 1 (OsSCR1) [SCR1] [LOC_Os11g03110] [OsJ_031458]
Os11g0127600 Q2RB33     NAC45_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 45 (ONAC045) [NAC45] [LOC_Os11g03370] [OsJ_32787]
Os11g0127900 Q0IQF7     RS16_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S16 [RPS16A] [LOC_Os11g03400] [OsJ_031480]
Os11g0128300 Q2RB28     MIF1_ORYSJ  Mini zinc finger protein 1 (OsMIF1) [MIF1] [LOC_Os11g03420] [OsJ_32792]
Os11g0134300 Q2RAX3     CIPKX_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 33 (EC (OsCIPK33) [CIPK33] [LOC_Os11g03970]
Os11g0134400 Q0IUU4     CML2_ORYSJ  Putative calmodulin-like protein 2 precursor [CML2] [LOC_Os11g03980] [OsJ_031538]
Os11g0136600 Q2RAV0     CDPKP_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 25 (EC (OsCDPK25) (OsCPK25) [CPK25] [CK1] [LOC_Os11g04170]
Os11g0137000 P0C0X5     PIN1B_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 1b (OsPIN1b) (OsPIN1c) [PIN1B] [LOC_Os11g04190] [OsJ_32878]
Os11g0140400 Q2RAS0     ACA8_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-transporting ATPase 8, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA8) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 8) [ACA8] [LOC_Os11g04460]
Os11g0140800 Q2RAR6     CCDA1_ORYSJ Cytochrome c-type biogenesis ccda-like chloroplastic protein 1 precursor (Cytochrome b6f biogenesis protein CCDA1) [CCDA1] [LOC_Os11g04500] [OsJ_32910]
Os11g0141900 Q2RAQ5     NH51_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NH5.1 [NH5.1] [NH5] [LOC_Os11g04600]
Os11g0143200 Q2RAP4     C90A3_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 90A3 (EC 1.14.99.-) (OsCYP90A3) (Protein CONSTITUTIVE PHOTOMORPHOGENESIS AND DWARFISM 1) (OsCPD1) (Steroid 23-alpha-hydroxylase) [CYP90A3] [CPD1] [LOC_Os11g04710] [OsJ_32928]
Os11g0143300 Q2RAP3     ORR9_ORYSJ  Two-component response regulator ORR9 (OsRR9) (OsRRA1) [RR9] [LOC_Os11g04720] [OsJ_32929]
Os11g0143500 Q2RAP0     GLDH1_ORYSJ L-galactono-1,4-lactone dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrial precursor (EC [GLDH1] [LOC_Os11g04740] [OsJ_32931]
Os11g0146800 Q7GBF7     DMC1B_ORYSJ Meiotic recombination protein DMC1 homolog B (OsDMC1B) (RiLIM15B) [DMC1B] [DMC1] [LOC_Os11g04954]
Os11g0148500 Q2RAK2     KPYC1_ORYSJ Pyruvate kinase 1, cytosolic (EC (OsPK1) [LOC_Os11g05110] [OsJ_32969]
Os11g0149400 Q0IUL4     PSK2_ORYSJ  Phytosulfokines 2 precursor [Contains: Phytosulfokine-alpha (PSK-alpha) (Phytosulfokine-a); Phytosulfokine-beta (PSK-beta) (Phytosulfokine-b)] [PSK2] [LOC_Os11g05190] [OsJ_031658]
Os11g0152700 Q53Q70     TGAL4_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL4 (bZIP transcription factor 79) (OsbZIP79) [TGAL4] [LOC_Os11g05480]
Os11g0155900 Q2RAD9     H32_ORYSJ   Histone H3.2 [H3R-21] [LOC_Os11g05730] [OSJNBb0030I09]
Os11g0156000 Q53QI0     Y1160_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os11g0156000 [LOC_Os11g05740]
Os11g0157100 Q2RAC5     CCT13_ORYSJ Cyclin-T1-3 (CycT1;3) [CYCT1-3] [LOC_Os11g05850]
Os11g0160300 Q2RA93     WNK6_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK6 (EC (OsWNK6) (Protein kinase with no lysine 6) [WNK6] [LOC_Os11g06140] [OsJ_031733]
Os11g0161900 Q53PN2     VITH4_ORYSJ Vacuolar iron transporter homolog 4 (Protein NODULIN-LIKE 4) [LOC_Os11g06310]
Os11g0163600 Q53PP5     TLP13_ORYSJ Tubby-like F-box protein 13 (OsTLP13) (Tubby-like F-box protein 6) (OsTLP6) [TULP13] [TULP6] [LOC_Os11g06420] [OsJ_33072]
Os11g0167800 Q53JF7     ASR5_ORYSJ  Abscisic stress-ripening protein 5 (OsASR5) [ASR5] [LOC_Os11g06720] [OsJ_33099]
Os11g0169200 Q53JG7     LAX14_ORYSJ Putative auxin transporter-like protein 4 [LOC_Os11g06820]
Os11g0169900 Q0IUB5     VATL_ORYSJ  V-type proton ATPase 16 kDa proteolipid subunit (V-ATPase 16 kDa proteolipid subunit) (Vacuolar proton pump 16 kDa proteolipid subunit) [VATP-P1] [LOC_Os11g06890] [OsJ_031784]
Os11g0170900 B9G9L9     BURPH_ORYSJ BURP domain-containing protein 17 precursor (OsBURP17) [BURP17] [RDB1] [LOC_Os11g06980] [OsJ_33118]
Os11g0171300 Q40677     ALFP_ORYSJ  Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Chloroplastic aldolase) (AldP) [ALDP] [LOC_Os11g07020] [OsJ_33121]
Os11g0171500 Q53P85     CDPKO_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 24 (EC (OsCDPK24) (OsCPK24) (Calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCDPK14) [CPK24] [LOC_Os11g07040] [OsJ_33123]
Os11g0174000 Q53PC7     COPB1_ORYSJ Coatomer subunit beta-1 (Beta-coat protein 1) (Beta-COP 1) [LOC_Os11g07280] [OsJ_031814] [OsJ_33144] [OSJNBa0055G24] [OSJNBb0063D09]
Os11g0175700 Q53PH2     PCF3_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF3 [PCF3] [LOC_Os11g07460]
Os11g0183700 Q53KK6     SWI3C_ORYSJ SWI/SNF complex subunit SWI3C homolog (OsSWI3C) (OsSWI3C1) (Transcription regulatory protein SWI3C homolog) [SWI3C] [CHB705] [SWI3C1] [LOC_Os11g08080] [OsJ_33208]
Os11g0184300 Q53NF0     BGL35_ORYSJ Putative beta-glucosidase 35 precursor (EC (Os11bglu35) [BGLU35] [Os11g0184200] [LOC_Os11g08120]
Os11g0184800 Q0IU52     ASP1_ORYSJ  Aspartic proteinase Asp1 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (OSAP1) (OsAsp1) (Nucellin-like protein) [ASP1] [LOC_Os11g08200] [OsJ_031884]
Os11g0184900 Q53NF7     NAC71_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 71 (ONAC071) (OsNAC5) [NAC071] [NAC5] [LOC_Os11g08210]
Os11g0186400 Q9LRE6     DPOD1_ORYSJ DNA polymerase delta catalytic subunit (EC [POLD1] [LOC_Os11g08330]
Os11g0186500 Q53P49     GH312_ORYSJ Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.12 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 12) (OsGH3-12) (OsJAR3) [GH3.12] [LOC_Os11g08340]
Os11g0186800 Q53P54     PHT46_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 6 precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;6) [PHT4;6] [LOC_Os11g08370] [OsJ_33231]
Os11g0189600 H2KWF1     PAKSY_ORYSJ Parkeol synthase (EC [LOC_Os11g08569] [OsJ_33246]
Os11g0191400 Q53NI2     NADK2_ORYSJ Probable NAD kinase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os11g08670]
Os11g0197600 Q2R9D2     Y1176_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os11g0197600 [LOC_Os11g09160]
Os11g0199200 Q53LQ0     PDI11_ORYSJ Protein disulfide isomerase-like 1-1 precursor (EC (OsPDIL1-1) (Endosperm storage protein 2) (Protein ESP2) [PDIL1-1] [LOC_Os11g09280] [OsJ_33281]
Os11g0210300 Q2R8Z5     ADH1_ORYSJ  Alcohol dehydrogenase 1 (EC [ADH1] [DUPR11.3] [LOC_Os11g10480] [OsJ_032001]
Os11g0210500 Q0ITW7     ADH2_ORYSJ  Alcohol dehydrogenase 2 (EC [ADH2] [DUPR11.1] [LOC_Os11g10510]
Os11g0216900 Q0ITU1     MTNA_ORYSJ  Methylthioribose-1-phosphate isomerase (EC (M1Pi) (MTR-1-P isomerase) (Protein IRON DEFICIENCY INDUCIBLE 2) (OsIDI2) (S-methyl-5-thioribose-1-phosphate isomerase) (Translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit alpha/beta/delta-like protein) [IDI2] [LOC_Os11g11050] [OsJ_33377]
Os11g0220800 Q0ITS8     RL101_ORYSJ 60S ribosomal protein L10-1 (Protein QM) (Putative tumor suppressor SC34) [SC34] [LOC_Os11g11390] [OsJ_032053]
Os11g0221000 P0C129     IAA27_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA27 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 27) [IAA27] [LOC_Os11g11410]
Os11g0221200 P0C130     IAA28_ORYSJ Putative auxin-responsive protein IAA28 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 28) [IAA28] [LOC_Os11g11420]
Os11g0221300 P0C131     IAA29_ORYSJ Putative auxin-responsive protein IAA29 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 29) [IAA29] [LOC_Os11g11430] [OsJ_33398]
Os11g0222200 Q2R8P2     SPZ9_ORYSJ  Probable non-inhibitory serpin-Z9 (OrysaZ9) [LOC_Os11g11500]
Os11g0224800 Q53P09     SPZ8_ORYSJ  Putative serpin-Z8 (OrysaZ8) [LOC_Os11g11760]
Os11g0225100 F7J0M6     RGA4S_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein RGA4 (Os11gRGA4) [RGA4] [LOC_Os11g11790]
Os11g0225300 Q2R8L1     RGA5S_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein RGA5 (Os11gRGA5) [RGA5] [LOC_Os11g11810] [OsJ_33425]
Os11g0230400 Q53Q31     SPZ6A_ORYSJ Putative serpin-Z6A (OrysaZ6a) [LOC_Os11g12410]
Os11g0230700 Q53Q32     SPZ6B_ORYSJ Serpin-Z6B (OrysaZ6b) [LOC_Os11g12420]
Os11g0231200 Q53MD1     SPZ6C_ORYSJ Putative serpin-Z6C (OrysaZ6c) [LOC_Os11g12460]
Os11g0232000 Q53MD3     SPZ5_ORYSJ  Putative serpin-Z5 (OrysaZ5) [LOC_Os11g12520]
Os11g0236100 Q53JI9     SPSA5_ORYSJ Probable sucrose-phosphate synthase 5 (EC (Sucrose phosphate synthase 5F) (OsSPS5F) (UDP-glucose-fructose-phosphate glucosyltransferase) [SPS5] [SPS11] [LOC_Os11g12810]
Os11g0239000 Q53KS8     SPZ2A_ORYSJ Serpin-Z2A (OrysaZ2a) [LOC_Os11g13530]
Os11g0239200 Q53KS9     SPZ2B_ORYSJ Serpin-Z2B (OrysaZ2b) [LOC_Os11g13540] [OsJ_032137]
Os11g0242200 Q53Q11     P2C74_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 74 (EC (OsPP2C74) [LOC_Os11g13820] [OsJ_33495]
Os11g0242900 Q53N90     Y1129_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os11g0242900 [LOC_Os11g13900]
Os11g0243300 Q53N87     ZHD4_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 4 (OsZHD4) [ZHD4] [LOC_Os11g13930]
Os11g0244200 Q53M11     HS219_ORYSJ 21.9 kDa heat shock protein precursor (OsHsp21.9) [HSP21.9] [LOC_Os11g13980]
Os11g0244800 Q2R837     ALFL8_ORYSJ PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 8 [LOC_Os11g14010] [OsJ_33509] [OSJNBa0004P24] [OSJNBa0024M06]
Os11g0247300 Q53M52     TBA2_ORYSJ  Tubulin alpha-2 chain [TUBA] [LOC_Os11g14220]
Os11g0264000 Q53LU4     LAC18_ORYSJ Laccase-18 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 18) (Diphenol oxidase 18) (Urishiol oxidase 18) [LAC18] [LOC_Os11g16260] [OsJ_032226]
Os11g0267400 Q53LY0     CLPC3_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpC3, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpC homolog 3) (Casein lytic proteinase C3) [CLPC3] [LOC_Os11g16590]
Os11g0269000 Q53N47     CLPC4_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpC4, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpC homolog 4) (Casein lytic proteinase C4) [CPLC4] [LOC_Os11g16770]
Os11g0271100 Q53N72     MPK15_ORYSJ Mitogen-activated protein kinase 15 (EC (MAP kinase 15) [MPK15] [LOC_Os11g17080]
Os11g0285000 Q2R712     ACBSY_ORYSJ Achilleol B synthase (EC [LOC_Os11g18194]
Os11g0303600 Q53QK0     Y1103_ORYSJ Flavonoid O-methyltransferase-like protein Os11g0303600 (EC 2.1.1.-) [LOC_Os11g19840]
Os11g0312220 Q08480     KAD4_ORYSJ  Adenylate kinase 4 (EC (ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 4) (ATP:AMP phosphotransferase) (Adenylate kinase B) (AK B) (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 4)
Os11g0312400 Q08480     KAD4_ORYSJ  Adenylate kinase 4 (EC (ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 4) (ATP:AMP phosphotransferase) (Adenylate kinase B) (AK B) (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 4) [ADK-B] [LOC_Os11g20790]
Os11g0312782 B9GAG9     KTI12_ORYSJ Protein KTI12 homolog (OsKTI12) (Protein DEFORMED ROOTS AND LEAVES 1) (OsDRL1) [KTI12] [DRL1] [OsJ_33743]
Os11g0384789 Q10J20     D14L_ORYSJ  Probable esterase D14L (Protein DWARF-14-like) (Protein D14-like) (Protein HEBIBA D14L)
Os11g0417400 Q2R637     P2C75_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 75 (EC (OsPP2C75) [LOC_Os11g22404]
Os11g0425300 Q53K52     PRDA1_ORYSJ Protein PEP-RELATED DEVELOPMENT ARRESTED 1 homolog, chloroplastic precursor (OsPRDA1) [LOC_Os11g23790] [OsJ_12008]
Os11g0433200 Q53P98     SIPL2_ORYSJ Signal peptide peptidase-like 2 precursor (EC 3.4.23.-) (OsSPPL2) [SPPL2] [LOC_Os11g24540] [OsJ_33780]
Os11g0446000 K4PW38     RSS3_ORYSJ  Protein RICE SALT SENSITIVE 3 [RSS3] [LOC_Os11g25920]
Os11g0453900 Q2R4Z8     DH16D_ORYSJ Dehydrin Rab16D [RAB16D] [LOC_Os11g26750] [OsJ_032468]
Os11g0454000 Q2R4Z7     DH16C_ORYSJ Dehydrin Rab16C [RAB16C] [LOC_Os11g26760] [OsJ_032469]
Os11g0454200 Q2R4Z5     DH16B_ORYSJ Dehydrin Rab16B [RAB16B] [LOC_Os11g26780] [OsJ_032471]
Os11g0454300 Q2R4Z4     DHR21_ORYSJ Water stress-inducible protein Rab21 [RAB21] [LOC_Os11g26790] [OsJ_032472]
Os11g0456300 Q6PL11     SKP1_ORYSJ  SKP1-like protein 1 (SKP1-like 1) [SKP1] [OSK1] [LOC_Os11g26910] [OsJ_33809]
Os11g0472000 Q2R4J4     C3H63_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 63 (OsC3H63) [LOC_Os11g28270]
Os11g0472500 Q2R4J1     GDT13_ORYSJ GDT1-like protein 3 precursor [LOC_Os11g28300] [OsJ_33855]
Os11g0473200 Q2R4I5     FLA_ORYSJ   Inactive ubiquitin-specific protease 5 (OsUBP5) (Protein FLOWER AND LEAF COLOR ABERRANT) [UBP5] [FLA] [LOC_Os11g28360] [OSNPB_110473200]
Os11g0474800 Q6BDZ9     KSL8_ORYSJ  Stemar-13-ene synthase (EC (Diterpene cyclase 2) (OsDTC2) (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 8) (OsKSL8) (Stemarene synthase) [KSL8] [DTC2] [LOC_Os11g28530]
Os11g0484000 Q2R483     MTBC_ORYSJ  Probable bifunctional methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase/enolase-phosphatase E1 [Includes: Methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase (EC (MTRu-1-P dehydratase); Enolase-phosphatase E1 (EC (2,3-diketo-5-methylthio-1-phosphopentane phosphatase)] [LOC_Os11g29370] [OsJ_33906]
Os11g0484300 Q2R482     MCM2_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM2 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 2) (OsMCM2) [MCM2] [LOC_Os11g29380] [OsJ_33907]
Os11g0484500 Q2R480     6PGD2_ORYSJ 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsG6PGH2) [G6PGH2] [LOC_Os11g29400]
Os11g0490600 Q2R435     LAZY1_ORYSJ Protein LAZY 1 [LA1] [LA] [LOC_Os11g29840]
Os11g0496600 Q2R3Y1     SPL19_ORYSJ Putative squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 19 [SPL19] [Os11g0496700] [LOC_Os11g30370] [LOC_Os11g30380] [OsJ_032640]
Os11g0508600 Q2R3P9     SWT14_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET14 (OsSWEET14) [SWEET14] [Os11N3] [LOC_Os11g31190] [OsJ_34008]
Os11g0515500 Q2R3K5     TIRC_ORYSJ  Transport inhibitor response 1-like protein Os11g0515500 (TIR1-like protein) [LOC_Os11g31620]
Os11g0516000 Q2R3K3     LCB2A_ORYSJ Long chain base biosynthesis protein 2a (EC [LOC_Os11g31640] [OsJ_34042]
Os11g0523800 Q2R3F5     ARFW_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 23 (OsARF1) [ARF23] [ARF1] [LOC_Os11g32110]
Os11g0528700 Q2R3B4     GH313_ORYSJ Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.13 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Auxin-responsive GH3-like protein 13) (OsGH3-13) (OsGH3-14) [GH3.13] [LOC_Os11g32520]
Os11g0530600 Q2R3A1     CHS1_ORYSJ  Chalcone synthase 1 (EC (OsCHS1) (Naregenin-chalcone synthase) [CHS1] [CHS] [LOC_Os11g32650] [OsJ_032788]
Os11g0533500 Q2R374     RBR2_ORYSJ  Retinoblastoma-related protein 2 (OsRBR2) [RBR2] [LOC_Os11g32900] [OsJ_34123]
Os11g0537350 Q2R352     GL111_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 11-1 precursor [LOC_Os11g33110] [OsJ_032823]
Os11g0544500 Q2R2Z4     GDT12_ORYSJ GDT1-like protein 2, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os11g34180] [OsJ_34180]
Os11g0544800 Q2R2Z0     GATB_ORYSJ  Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit B, chloroplastic/mitochondrial (EC 6.3.5.-) (Glu-AdT subunit B) [GATB] [LOC_Os11g34210] [OsJ_34183]
Os11g0546500 Q2R2W8     GT6_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 6 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT6) [GT6] [LOC_Os11g34390]
Os11g0546900 Q2R2W2     14334_ORYSJ 14-3-3-like protein GF14-D (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog D) [GF14D] [LOC_Os11g34450] [OsJ_34200]
Os11g0547000 Q2R2W1     ADO3_ORYSJ  Adagio-like protein 3 [LOC_Os11g34460]
Os11g0549625 Q2R2T4     CSPLJ_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4D1 (OsCASPL4D1) [LOC_Os11g34730] [OsJ_34213]
Os11g0551900 Q6AWY1     GRF8_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 8 (OsGRF8) (Transcription activator GRF8) [GRF8] [LOC_Os11g35030]
Os11g0552600 Q2R2P7     KN7L_ORYSJ  Kinesin-like protein KIN-7L [KIN7L] [LOC_Os11g35090] [OsJ_34241]
Os11g0569733 Q2R2D5     XA21_ORYSJ  Receptor kinase-like protein Xa21 precursor (EC [Contains: Receptor kinase-like protein Xa21, processed] [XA21] [LOC_Os11g36180] [OsJ_34314] [OSNPB_110569733]
Os11g0572100 Q2R2B4     RFC1_ORYSJ  Replication factor C subunit 1 (OsRFC1) (Activator 1 large subunit) (Activator 1 subunit 1) [RFC1] [LOC_Os11g36390]
Os11g0572400 Q2R2B1     STLP5_ORYSJ Sialyltransferase-like protein 5 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsSTLP5) [STLP5] [LOC_Os11g36420] [OsJ_34319]
Os11g0580800 Q2R237     TATB_ORYSJ  Sec-independent protein translocase protein TATB, chloroplastic precursor (Protein HIGH CHLOROPHYLL FLUORESCENCE 106) (Protein TWIN-ARGININE TRANSLOCATION B) [TATB] [HCF106] [LOC_Os11g37130] [OsJ_34377]
Os11g0582300 Q2R224     RHD32_ORYSJ Protein ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE 3 homolog 2 (EC 3.6.5.-) (Protein SEY1 homolog 3) [LOC_Os11g37260] [OsJ_34384]
Os11g0582500 Q2R222     C6_ORYSJ    Non-specific lipid-transfer protein C6 precursor (OsC6) [C6] [LOC_Os11g37280] [OsJ_34386]
Os11g0586001 A3CCP9     P2C76_ORYSJ Putative protein phosphatase 2C 76 precursor (EC (OsPP2C76) [LOC_Os11g37540]
Os11g0586200 Q2R1Z5     CML6_ORYSJ  Putative calmodulin-like protein 6 [CML6] [LOC_Os11g37550] [OsJ_033072]
Os11g0587000 C7AU21     D27_ORYSJ   Beta-carotene isomerase D27, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Protein DWARF-27) [D27] [LOC_Os11g37650]
Os11g0587600 Q8GU84     AB48G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 48 (OsABCG48) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 3) (OsPDR3) [ABCG48] [PDR3] [LOC_Os11g37700] [P0704G09]
Os11g0591100 Q2R1V8     GME2_ORYSJ  GDP-mannose 3,5-epimerase 2 (EC (GDP-Man 3,5-epimerase 2) [GME-2] [LOC_Os11g37890] [OsJ_34492]
Os11g0592400 Q2R1U8     CFM3_ORYSJ  CRM-domain containing factor CFM3, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (Protein CRM FAMILY MEMBER 3) (OsCFM3) [CFM3] [LOC_Os11g37990] [OSNPB_110592400]
Os11g0592800 Q2R1U4     CK5P1_ORYSJ CDK5RAP1-like protein [LOC_Os11g38030] [OsJ_34478] [OSJNBa0074L11]
Os11g0595400 A0MH06     FON2_ORYSJ  Protein FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER2 precursor (OsFON2) (CLAVATA3-like protein) (Protein FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER4) [FON2] [FON4] [LOC_Os11g38270]
Os11g0599500 Q2R1M8     RH52C_ORYSJ DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 52C (EC [LOC_Os11g38670]
Os11g0603000 Q2R1J3     ILI2_ORYSJ  Transcription factor ILI2 (OsILI2) (Protein INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION 2) [ILI2] [LOC_Os11g39000]
Os11g0609600 Q2R1D5     14338_ORYSJ Putative 14-3-3-like protein GF14-H (G-box factor 14-3-3 homolog H) [GF14H] [LOC_Os11g39540]
Os11g0614800 Q2R185     KRP3_ORYSJ  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 3 (KIP-related protein 3) [KRP3] [LOC_Os11g40030]
Os11g0615700 Q9LSU1     PSA5_ORYSJ  Proteasome subunit alpha type-5 (20S proteasome alpha subunit E) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-5) [PAE1] [LOC_Os11g40140] [OsJ_34630]
Os11g0622800 Q2R114     CADH4_ORYSJ Putative cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase 4 (EC (OsCAD4) [CAD4] [LOC_Os11g40690]
Os11g0625400 Q2R0Z3     Y1154_ORYSJ Putative B3 domain-containing protein Os11g0625400 [LOC_Os11g40900]
Os11g0629400 Q2R0W8     SP1L2_ORYSJ Protein SPIRAL1-like 2 [LOC_Os11g41150] [OsJ_34517]
Os11g0636900 Q2R0Q1     U2A2A_ORYSJ Splicing factor U2af large subunit A (U2 auxiliary factor 65 kDa subunit A) (U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor large subunit A) (U2 snRNP auxiliary factor large subunit A) [U2AF65A] [LOC_Os11g41820] [OsJ_34542]
Os11g0641500 Q2R0L2     LAC19_ORYSJ Laccase-19 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 19) (Diphenol oxidase 19) (Urishiol oxidase 19) [LAC19] [LOC_Os11g42200] [OsJ_033252]
Os11g0641800 Q2R0L0     LAC20_ORYSJ Laccase-20 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 20) (Diphenol oxidase 20) (Urishiol oxidase 20) [LAC20] [LOC_Os11g42220] [OsJ_033255]
Os11g0642400 Q2R0K3     TBT1_ORYSJ  Tryptamine benzoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsTBT1) [TBT1] [LOC_Os11g42290]
Os11g0643100 Q2R0J4     TBT2_ORYSJ  Tryptamine benzoyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) (OsTBT2) [TBT2] [LOC_Os11g42370]
Os11g0648100 B9G2X9     KN14O_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14O [KIN14O] [LOC_Os11g42800] [OsJ_28899]
Os11g0649400 Q2R0D4     CSPLI_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1U1 (OsCASPL1U1) [LOC_Os11g42940] [OsJ_01636]
Os11g0649600 Q2R0D2     CSPLF_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1U3 (OsCASPL1U3) [LOC_Os11g42960] [OsJ_01638]
Os11g0649700 Q2R0D1     CSPLK_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1U2 (OsCASPL1U2) [LOC_Os11g42970] [OsJ_01639]
Os11g0655900 Q2R076     GRC10_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C10 [GRXC10] [LOC_Os11g43520] [OsJ_34697]
Os11g0656000 Q2R075     GRC11_ORYSJ Putative glutaredoxin-C11 [GRXC11] [LOC_Os11g43530]
Os11g0656400 Q2R073     GRC12_ORYSJ Putative glutaredoxin-C12 [GRXC12] [LOC_Os11g43550] [OsJ_34698]
Os11g0656700 Q0IRB0     GRC13_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C13 [GRXC13] [LOC_Os11g43580]
Os11g0660000 Q2R041     MHX1_ORYSJ  Magnesium/proton exchanger 1 (Mg(2+)/H(+) exchanger 1) (Zinc/proton exchanger 1) (Zn(2+)/H(+) exchanger 1) [MHX1] [LOC_Os11g43860] [OsJ_34726]
Os11g0660500 P35681     TCTP_ORYSJ  Translationally-controlled tumor protein homolog (TCTP) [TCTP] [LOC_Os11g43900]
Os11g0672400 B9G8P1     KN14P_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14P [KIN14P] [LOC_Os11g44880] [OsJ_34709]
Os11g0682300 Q2QZL4     U2A2B_ORYSJ Splicing factor U2af large subunit B (U2 auxiliary factor 65 kDa subunit B) (U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein auxiliary factor large subunit B) (U2 snRNP auxiliary factor large subunit B) [U2AF65B] [LOC_Os11g45590]
Os11g0683500 Q8L6H7     SFR2_ORYSJ  Beta-glucosidase-like SFR2, chloroplastic (EC (Beta-glucosidase 36) (Os11bglu36) (Protein SENSITIVE TO FREEZING 2) (OsSFR2) [SFR2] [BGLU36] [LOC_Os11g45710] [OsJ_34793]
Os11g0684000 Q2QZJ8     JAMYB_ORYSJ Transcription factor JAMYB (OsJAMyb) [JAMYB] [LOC_Os11g45740]
Os11g0688832 Q2QZF2     PIK5_ORYSJ  Disease resistance protein PIK5-NP [PIK5-NP] [PIKM1] [LOC_Os11g46200]
Os11g0689100 Q2QZF1     PIK6_ORYSJ  Disease resistance protein PIK6-NP [PIK6-NP] [LOC_Os11g46210] [OsJ_26447]
Os11g0693800 Q53JY8     ACLA1_ORYSJ ATP-citrate synthase subunit alpha chain protein 1 (EC (ATP-citrate synthase A-1) (ATP-citrate lyase A-1) (Citrate cleavage enzyme A-1) [ACLA-1] [LOC_Os11g47120] [OsJ_34825]
Os11g0696200 Q2QZ86     ACLA2_ORYSJ ATP-citrate synthase alpha chain protein 2 (EC (ATP-citrate synthase A-2) (ATP-citrate lyase A-2) (Citrate cleavage enzyme A-2) [ACLA-2] [LOC_Os11g47330]
Os11g0696900 Q2QZ80     LAC21_ORYSJ Laccase-21 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 21) (Diphenol oxidase 21) (Urishiol oxidase 21) [LAC21] [LOC_Os11g47390]
Os11g0700500 Q53NK6     MYBA1_ORYSJ Myb-related protein MYBAS1 [MYBAS1] [LOC_Os11g47460] [OsJ_34832]
Os11g0701100 Q53NL5     XIP2_ORYSJ  Xylanase inhibitor protein 2 precursor (Class III chitinase homolog h) [Chib3H-h] [LOC_Os11g47520]
Os11g0701800 Q7GCM7     XIP1_ORYSJ  Xylanase inhibitor protein 1 precursor (XIP-I) (Class III chitinase homolog a) (RIXI protein) [RIXI] [Chib3H-a] [LOC_Os11g47580] [OsJ_34838]
Os11g0704300 Q2QZ37     OBGM_ORYSJ  Probable GTP-binding protein OBGM, mitochondrial precursor [OBGM] [LOC_Os11g47800]
Os11g0704500 P0C5B3     MT1A_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 1A (Class I metallothionein-like protein 1A) (OsMT-I-1a) (OsMT1a) [MT1A] [ERR26] [MT-1] [RGMT-1] [LOC_Os11g47809] [OsJ_34866]
Os11g0706600 Q53MB8     TLPH_ORYSJ  Thaumatin-like protein precursor [LOC_Os11g47944] [OsJ_033536]
Os11g0706801 Q53MB7     CCD71_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-D7-1 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D7-1) (CycD7;1) [CYCD7-1] [LOC_Os11g47950] [OsJ_033537]
Os11g0707000 P93431     RCA_ORYSJ   Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activase, chloroplastic precursor (RA) (RuBisCO activase) [RCA] [RCAA1] [RCAA2] [LOC_Os11g47970] [OsJ_033539]
Os11g0707600 Q2QZ14     GLO1B_ORYSJ Very-long-chain aldehyde decarbonylase GL1-11 (EC (Protein GLOSSY 1-11) [GL1-11] [LOC_Os11g48020] [OsJ_34885] [OSNPB_110707600]
Os11g0708100 Q0IQU1     LAC22_ORYSJ Laccase-22 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 22) (Diphenol oxidase 22) (Urishiol oxidase 22) [LAC22] [LOC_Os11g48060] [OsJ_033548]
Os12g0101600 Q33DK1     WOX3_ORYSJ  WUSCHEL-related homeobox 3 (OsNS) (OsWOX3) [LOC_Os12g01120] [OsJ_031341]
Os12g0101800 Q2QYY8     PHT1A_ORYSJ Phototropin-1A (EC (Non-phototropic hypocotyl protein 1A) (OsNPH1a) [PHOT1A] [LOC_Os12g01140]
Os12g0104300 Q2QYW5     D53L_ORYSJ  Protein DWARF 53-LIKE [D53-L] [LOC_Os12g01360] [OsJ_34905]
Os12g0104700 Q2QYW3     XOAT3_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 3 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 9) (OsTBL9) [XOAT3] [TBL9] [LOC_Os12g01380] [OsJ_34909]
Os12g0104800 Q2QYW2     CLH2_ORYSJ  Clathrin heavy chain 2 [LOC_Os12g01390]
Os12g0104900 Q2QYW1     CML25_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML25/26 (Calmodulin-like protein 25/26) [CML26] [LOC_Os12g01400] [OsJ_033577]
Os12g0106300 Q2QYU2     XOATD_ORYSJ Xylan O-acetyltransferase 13 (EC 2.3.1.-) (Protein trichome birefringence-like 1) (OsTBL1) [XOAT13] [TBL1] [LOC_Os12g01560] [OsJ_34935]
Os12g0108000 Q2QYS3     LAC23_ORYSJ Laccase-23 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 23) (Diphenol oxidase 23) (Urishiol oxidase 23) [LAC23] [LOC_Os12g01730]
Os12g0108900 Q2QYR5     DRM1B_ORYSJ Probable inactive DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM1B (Protein DOMAINS REARRANGED METHYLASE 1B) [DRM1B] [LOC_Os12g01800]
Os12g0109200 Q2QYR1     CAN3_ORYSJ  Probable staphylococcal-like nuclease CAN3 (EC 3.1.31.-) (Calcium-dependent nuclease 3) (Ca(2+)-dependent nuclease 3) [LOC_Os12g01830] [OSJNBa0024J08]
Os12g0109900 Q0IQN6     DRB8_ORYSJ  Double-stranded RNA-binding protein 8 (dsRNA-binding protein 1) (OsDRB1) (dsRNA-binding protein 8) [DRB8] [DRB1] [LOC_Os12g01916]
Os12g0110000 Q0IQN5     RTOR2_ORYSJ Regulatory-associated protein of TOR 2 (Protein RAPTOR 2) (OsRAPTOR2) [RAPTOR2] [LOC_Os12g01922]
Os12g0113500 Q2QYM3     CIPKE_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 14 (EC (OsCIPK14) [CIPK14] [LOC_Os12g02200] [OsJ_031406]
Os12g0114100 Q2QYL8     WNK8_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK8 (EC (OsWNK8) (Protein kinase with no lysine 8) [WNK8] [LOC_Os12g02250] [OsJ_033639]
Os12g0114500 O65091     NLTP4_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 4 precursor (LTP 4) [LOC_Os12g02290]
Os12g0114800 Q2QYL3     NLTP3_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 3 precursor (LTP 3) [LTP110-B] [LOC_Os12g02300]
Os12g0115000 Q2QYL2     NLT2B_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 2B precursor (LTP 2B) (LTP B1) [LTP2-B] [LTPB-1] [LOC_Os12g02310] [OsJ_033643]
Os12g0115100 Q0IQK9     NLTP1_ORYSJ Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 1 precursor (LTP 1) (PAPI) [LTP] [LOC_Os12g02320] [OsJ_033644]
Os12g0117300 Q0IQJ7     MAN8_ORYSJ  Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidase 8 (EC (Beta-mannanase 8) (Endo-beta-1,4-mannanase 8) (OsMAN8) [MAN8] [LOC_Os12g02520]
Os12g0118900 B9GBJ9     C14C1_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714C1 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP714C1] [LOC_Os12g02630] [OsJ_35024]
Os12g0119000 Q2QYH7     C14C2_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 714C2 (EC 1.14.-.-) [CYP714C2] [LOC_Os12g02640] [OsJ_35025]
Os12g0122000 Q2QYF3     SCR2_ORYSJ  Protein SCARECROW 2 (OsSCR2) [SCR2] [LOC_Os12g02870] [OsJ_033689]
Os12g0123500 Q2QYE1     APY3_ORYSJ  Probable apyrase 3 precursor (EC (OsAPY3) (ATP-diphosphatase) (ATP-diphosphohydrolase) (Adenosine diphosphatase) (ADPase) [APY3] [LOC_Os12g02980] [OsJ_35056]
Os12g0123800 Q5CD17     NAC77_ORYSJ NAC domain-containing protein 77 (ONAC077) (NAC domain-containing protein 300) (ONAC300) [NAC077] [NAC300] [LOC_Os12g03050] [OsJ_35059]
Os12g0124200 Q0IQF7     RS16_ORYSJ  40S ribosomal protein S16 [RPS16B] [LOC_Os12g03090]
Os12g0124500 B9GBM3     MIF2_ORYSJ  Mini zinc finger protein 2 (OsMIF2) [MIF2] [LOC_Os12g03110] [OsJ_35065]
Os12g0129550 A3CEM4     C3H64_ORYSJ Putative zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 64 (OsC3H64) [LOC_Os12g03554] [OsJ_033746]
Os12g0132200 Q2QY53     CIPKW_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 32 (EC (OsCIPK32) [CIPK32] [LOC_Os12g03810]
Os12g0132300 Q0IQB6     CML3_ORYSJ  Calmodulin-like protein 3 precursor [CML3] [LOC_Os12g03816]
Os12g0133500 Q2QY37     CDPKQ_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 26 (EC (OsCDPK26) (OsCPK26) [CPK26] [LOC_Os12g03970] [OsJ_32884]
Os12g0133800 Q0IQA5     PIN1D_ORYSJ Probable auxin efflux carrier component 1d (OsPIN1d) [PIN1D] [LOC_Os12g04000]
Os12g0136900 Q2QY12     ACA9_ORYSJ  Probable calcium-transporting ATPase 9, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA9) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 9) [ACA9] [LOC_Os12g04220] [OsJ_35157]
Os12g0137100 Q2QY10     CBP_ORYSJ   Calcium-binding protein CBP (OsCBP) [CBP] [LOC_Os12g04240] [OsJ_35159] [OSNPB_120137100]
Os12g0137300 Q2QY07     CCDA2_ORYSJ Cytochrome c-type biogenesis ccda-like chloroplastic protein 2 precursor (Cytochrome b6f biogenesis protein CCDA2) [CCDA2] [LOC_Os12g04270]
Os12g0137500 Q2QY04     TAP46_ORYSJ PP2A regulatory subunit TAP46 [TAP46] [LOC_Os12g04290] [OsJ_35163]
Os12g0138500 Q2QXZ2     NH52_ORYSJ  BTB/POZ domain and ankyrin repeat-containing protein NH5.2 [NH5.2] [NH5] [LOC_Os12g04410]
Os12g0139300 Q5CCK1     C90A4_ORYSJ Cytochrome P450 90A4 (EC 1.14.99.-) (OsCYP90A4) (Protein CONSTITUTIVE PHOTOMORPHOGENESIS AND DWARFISM 2) (OsCPD2) (Steroid 23-alpha-hydroxylase) [CYP90A4] [CPD2] [LOC_Os12g04480]
Os12g0139400 Q2QXY3     ORR10_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR10 (OsRR10) (OsRRA2) [RR10] [LOC_Os12g04500] [OsJ_35177]
Os12g0139600 Q2QXY1     GLDH2_ORYSJ L-galactono-1,4-lactone dehydrogenase 2, mitochondrial precursor (EC [GLDH2] [LOC_Os12g04520] [OsJ_35179]
Os12g0143800 Q7GBF8     DMC1A_ORYSJ Meiotic recombination protein DMC1 homolog A (OsDMC1A) (OsDMC1) (RiLIM15A) [DMC1A] [DMC1] [LOC_Os12g04980]
Os12g0145700 Q2QXR8     KPYC2_ORYSJ Pyruvate kinase 2, cytosolic (EC (OsPK2) [LOC_Os12g05110] [OsJ_35209]
Os12g0147800 O81277     PSK5_ORYSJ  Phytosulfokines 5 precursor (Secretory protein SH27A) [Contains: Phytosulfokine-alpha (PSK-alpha) (Phytosulfokine-a); Phytosulfokine-beta (PSK-beta) (Phytosulfokine-b)] [PSK5] [LOC_Os12g05260] [OsJ_35219]
Os12g0149300 Q2QXP0     GT3_ORYSJ   Probable glycosyltransferase 3 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsGT3) [GT3] [LOC_Os12g05380] [OsJ_35230]
Os12g0149800 P35682     BD31C_ORYSJ Protein BUD31 homolog 3 (Protein G10 homolog 3) [LOC_Os12g05410]
Os12g0151500 Q2QXM3     STLP2_ORYSJ Sialyltransferase-like protein 2 (EC 2.4.-.-) (OsSTLP2) [STLP2] [STV1] [LOC_Os12g05550]
Os12g0152900 Q2QXL0     TGL11_ORYSJ Transcription factor TGAL11 (bZIP transcription factor 83) (OsbZIP83) [TGAL11] [LOC_Os12g05680] [OsJ_35251]
Os12g0154700 Q2QXJ4     GL121_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 12-1 precursor [LOC_Os12g05840] [OsJ_033897]
Os12g0154800 Q2QXJ2     GL122_ORYSJ Germin-like protein 12-2 precursor [LOC_Os12g05860] [OsJ_033898]
Os12g0154900 Q2QXJ1     GL123_ORYSJ Putative germin-like protein 12-3 precursor [LOC_Os12g05870] [OsJ_033899] [OsJ_35265]
Os12g0155000 Q2QXJ0     GL124_ORYSJ Putative germin-like protein 12-4 precursor [LOC_Os12g05880] [OsJ_033900]
Os12g0162100 Q2QXC6     WNK9_ORYSJ  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK9 (EC (OsWNK9) (Protein kinase with no lysine 9) [WNK9] [LOC_Os12g06490]
Os12g0162400 Q3HRP1     CNBL6_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 6 [CBL6] [LOC_Os12g06510]
Os12g0163300 Q2QXB3     DOHH1_ORYSJ Deoxyhypusine hydroxylase-A (EC (DOHH-A) (Deoxyhypusine dioxygenase-A) (Deoxyhypusine monooxygenase-A) [LOC_Os12g06620] [OsJ_35322]
Os12g0163400 Q2QXB2     TLP14_ORYSJ Tubby-like F-box protein 14 (OsTLP14) (Tubby-like F-box protein 4) (OsTLP4) [TULP14] [TULP4] [LOC_Os12g06630] [OsJ_033954]
Os12g0167900 P35684     RL3_ORYSJ   60S ribosomal protein L3 [RPL3] [LOC_Os12g07010]
Os12g0169800 Q2QX45     CDPKS_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 28 (EC (OsCDPK28) (OsCPK28) [CPK28] [LOC_Os12g07230]
Os12g0170400 Q2QX40     ART1_ORYSJ  Zinc finger protein STAR3 (Protein ALUMINUM RESISTANCE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1) (Protein ART1) (Protein SENSITIVE TO ALUMINUM RHIZOTOXICITY 3) [STAR3] [LOC_Os12g07280]
Os12g0175500 Q2QX01     GRS12_ORYSJ Monothiol glutaredoxin-S12, chloroplastic precursor [GRXS12] [LOC_Os12g07650] [OsJ_35400]
Os12g0176200 Q84LK7     NIFU1_ORYSJ NifU-like protein 1, chloroplastic precursor (OsNifu1) [NIFU1] [LOC_Os12g07700]
Os12g0176500 Q9FXM3     RFC2_ORYSJ  Replication factor C subunit 2 (OsRFC2) (Activator 1 subunit 2) [RFC2] [LOC_Os12g07720] [OsJ_35406]
Os12g0178100 P0C0L1     APX6_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 6, chloroplastic/mitochondrial precursor (EC (OsAPx6) [APX6] [LOC_Os12g07820]
Os12g0178200 P0C0L0     APX5_ORYSJ  Probable L-ascorbate peroxidase 5, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsAPx5) [APX5] [LOC_Os12g07830]
Os12g0178500 Q2QWX8     SWT7C_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET7c (OsSWEET7c) [SWEET7C] [LOC_Os12g07860] [OsJ_35418]
Os12g0180100 Q2QWW7     PHT47_ORYSJ Probable anion transporter 7 precursor (Phosphate transporter 4;7) [PHT4;7] [LOC_Os12g07970]
Os12g0182700 Q2QWU2     HDA10_ORYSJ Histone deacetylase 10, chloroplastic precursor (EC 3.5.1.-) (OsHDAC10) (N-acetylserotonin deacetylase) [HDAC10] [ASDAC] [HDA714] [LOC_Os12g08220]
Os12g0183300 Q2QWT4     DPNP_ORYSJ  3'(2'),5'-bisphosphate nucleotidase (EC (3'(2'),5-bisphosphonucleoside 3'(2')-phosphohydrolase) (DPNPase) [LOC_Os12g08280]
Os12g0188700 Q9ZP20     TRXM5_ORYSJ Thioredoxin M5, chloroplastic precursor (OsTrxm5) [TRXM] [LOC_Os12g08730]
Os12g0192500 Q2QWK9     TPS1_ORYSJ  Probable thiamine biosynthetic bifunctional enzyme, chloroplastic precursor [Includes: Thiamine-phosphate synthase (EC (TP synthase) (TPS) (Thiamine-phosphate pyrophosphorylase) (TMP pyrophosphorylase) (TMP-PPase); Hydroxymethylpyrimidine kinase (EC (HMP kinase)] [LOC_Os12g09000] [OsJ_35490]
Os12g0193000 Q2QWK1     BRXL5_ORYSJ Putative protein Brevis radix-like 5 (OsBRXL5) [BRXL5] [LOC_Os12g09080] [OsJ_35495]
Os12g0197500 Q2QWE9     SGS3_ORYSJ  Protein SUPPRESSOR OF GENE SILENCING 3 homolog (OsSGS3) [SGS3] [LOC_Os12g09580] [OsJ_034141]
Os12g0198200 Q2QWE3     P2C77_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 77 (EC (OsPP2C77) [LOC_Os12g09640] [OsJ_034145]
Os12g0206800 Q2QW55     MAD33_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 33 (OsMADS33) [MADS33] [LOC_Os12g10520]
Os12g0207000 Q2QW53     MAD13_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 13 (OsMADS13) (RMADS206) [MADS13] [MAF1] [LOC_Os12g10540] [OsJ_35557]
Os12g0208900 Q2QW44     ZHD3_ORYSJ  Zinc-finger homeodomain protein 3 (OsZHD3) [ZHD3] [LOC_Os12g10630]
Os12g0228800 Q2QVI1     CML28_ORYSJ Probable calcium-binding protein CML28 (Calmodulin-like protein 28) [CML28] [LOC_Os12g12730]
Os12g0230100 Q2QVG9     CLPC2_ORYSJ Chaperone protein ClpC2, chloroplastic precursor (ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpC homolog 2) (Casein lytic proteinase C2) [CLPC2] [LOC_Os12g12850]
Os12g0230200 Q2QVG8     CDPKT_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 29 (EC (OsCDPK29) (OsCPK29) [CPK29] [LOC_Os12g12860]
Os12g0234800 B9GCH9     UREA_ORYSJ  Urease (EC (Urea amidohydrolase) [LOC_Os12g13270] [OsJ_35660]
Os12g0236400 Q08479     KAD3_ORYSJ  Adenylate kinase 3 (EC (ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 3) (ATP:AMP phosphotransferase) (Adenylate kinase A) (AK A) (Adenylate monophosphate kinase 3) [ADK-A] [LOC_Os12g13380]
Os12g0238100 Q2QV94     EXOC5_ORYSJ Exocyst complex component 5 (Exocyst complex component Sec10) [SEC10] [LOC_Os12g13590] [OSJNBb0001P17]
Os12g0239900 Q2QV81     AB49G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 49 (OsABCG49) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 22) (OsPDR22) [ABCG49] [PDR22] [Os12g0239900/Os12g0239950] [LOC_Os12g13720] [OsJ_35688]
Os12g0239950 Q2QV81     AB49G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 49 (OsABCG49) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 22) (OsPDR22) [ABCG49] [PDR22] [Os12g0239900/Os12g0239950] [LOC_Os12g13720] [OsJ_35688]
Os12g0240900 Q0IP69     NOMT_ORYSJ  Naringenin 7-O-methyltransferase (EC (NOMT) (OsNOMT) [LOC_Os12g13810]
Os12g0241300 A3CG83     GRP1_ORYSJ  Putative glycine-rich cell wall structural protein 1 precursor [GRP-1] [LOC_Os12g13840] [OsJ_034305]
Os12g0255200 Q2QUS0     CAN4_ORYSJ  Probable staphylococcal-like nuclease CAN4 (EC 3.1.31.-) (Calcium-dependent nuclease 4) (Ca(2+)-dependent nuclease 4) [LOC_Os12g15314] [OSJNBa0036A15]
Os12g0257000 P37890     CBP1_ORYSJ  Serine carboxypeptidase 1 precursor (EC (Carboxypeptidase C) (Serine carboxypeptidase I) [Contains: Serine carboxypeptidase 1 chain A (Serine carboxypeptidase I chain A); Serine carboxypeptidase 1 chain B (Serine carboxypeptidase I chain B)] [CBP1] [LOC_Os12g15470]
Os12g0258200 Q2QUP1     DJC79_ORYSJ DnaJ protein ERDJ7 precursor (Chaperone protein dnaJ C79) (OsDjC79) (Endoplasmic reticulum dnaJ domain-containing protein 7) (OsERdj7) [ERDJ7] [DJC79] [LOC_Os12g15590]
Os12g0258700 Q2QUN2     LAC24_ORYSJ Laccase-24 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 24) (Diphenol oxidase 24) (Urishiol oxidase 24) [LAC24] [LOC_Os12g15680] [OsJ_016843] [OsJ_17624]
Os12g0259800 Q0IP28     LAC25_ORYSJ Laccase-25 precursor (EC (Benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase 25) (Diphenol oxidase 25) (Urishiol oxidase 25) [LAC25] [LOC_Os12g15920]
Os12g0268000 Q2QUC5     C71P1_ORYSJ Tryptamine 5-hydroxylase (EC 1.14.-.-) (Cytochrome P450 71P1) (Protein SEKIGUCHI LESION) [CYP71P1] [SL] [T5H] [LOC_Os12g16720]
Os12g0269200 P20698     PRO28_ORYSJ Prolamin PPROL 17D precursor [LOC_Os12g16890]
Os12g0270200 B8YEK4     OGR1_ORYSJ  Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein OGR1, mitochondrial precursor (Protein OPAQUE AND GROWTH RETARDATION 1) [OGR1] [LOC_Os12g17080]
Os12g0271700 Q0INZ4     SPS3_ORYSJ  Probable solanesyl-diphosphate synthase 3, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsSPS3) (Probable all-trans-nonaprenyl-diphosphate synthase 3 (geranyl-diphosphate specific)) [SPS3] [LOC_Os12g17320] [OsJ_1767i3]
Os12g0274700 Q0INY7     RBS1_ORYSJ  Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit, chloroplastic 1 precursor (RuBisCO small subunit 1) (Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small chain C) (RuBisCO small subunit C) [RBCS] [RBCS-C] [LOC_Os12g17600] [OsJ_016909] [OsJ_17688]
Os12g0278800 Q2QTY2     C3H65_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 65 (OsC3H65) [LOC_Os12g18120]
Os12g0285500 Q0INW1     UFSP_ORYSJ  Probable Ufm1-specific protease (EC 3.4.22.-) (UfSP) [LOC_Os12g18760]
Os12g0287200 P49030     MGN2_ORYSJ  Protein mago nashi homolog 2 (OsMAGO2) (Mago nashi-like protein 2) [MAGO2] [LOC_Os12g18880] [OsJ_35789]
Os12g0290150 Q2QTL0     NADA_ORYSJ  Quinolinate synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os12g19304]
Os12g0291100 P18566     RBS2_ORYSJ  Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small subunit, chloroplastic 2 precursor (RuBisCO small subunit 2) (Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small chain A, chloroplastic) (RuBisCO small subunit A) [RBCS1] [RBCS-A] [LOC_Os12g19381] [LOC_Os12g19394]
Os12g0293100 Q8LKW0     TERT_ORYSJ  Telomerase reverse transcriptase (EC (OsTERT) [TERT] [LOC_Os12g19549]
Os12g0297500 Q2QTC2     PWD_ORYSJ   Phosphoglucan, water dikinase, chloroplastic precursor (EC [GWD3] [PWD] [LOC_Os12g20150]
Os12g0405100 Q2QT65     C3H66_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 66 (OsC3H66) [LOC_Os12g21700] [OsJ_35844]
Os12g0420100 Q2QSR8     BGL38_ORYSJ Beta-glucosidase 38 precursor (EC (Os12bglu38) [BGLU38] [LOC_Os12g23170] [OsJ_35886]
Os12g0424700 Q2QSL4     CDKF2_ORYSJ Putative cyclin-dependent kinase F-2 (EC (EC (CDKF;2) [CDKF-2] [LOC_Os12g23700]
Os12g0429200 Q0INM3     BGA15_ORYSJ Beta-galactosidase 15 precursor (EC (Lactase 15) [LOC_Os12g24170]
Os12g0434400 Q2QSB9     AMPL1_ORYSJ Putative leucine aminopeptidase 1 (EC (Leucyl aminopeptidase 1) (LAP 1) (Proline aminopeptidase 1) (EC (Prolyl aminopeptidase 1) [LOC_Os12g24650]
Os12g0435200 Q5MBR6     NCED2_ORYSJ 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNCED2) [NCED2] [LOC_Os12g24800] [OsJ_35952]
Os12g0438000 Q2QS71     H2A7_ORYSJ  Probable histone H2A.7 [LOC_Os12g25120]
Os12g0443500 Q2QS14     UGDH4_ORYSJ UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase 4 (EC (UDP-Glc dehydrogenase 4) (UDP-GlcDH 4) (UDPGDH 4) (Os-UGD4) [UGD4] [LOC_Os12g25690] [OsJ_35985]
Os12g0443600 Q2QS13     UGDH5_ORYSJ UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase 5 (EC (UDP-Glc dehydrogenase 5) (UDP-GlcDH 5) (UDPGDH 5) (Os-UGD5) [UGD5] [LOC_Os12g25700] [OsJ_35986]
Os12g0446900 Q2QRX6     DRTS_ORYSJ  Putative bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase (DHFR-TS) [Includes: Dihydrofolate reductase (EC; Thymidylate synthase (EC] [LOC_Os12g26060]
Os12g0448900 Q2QRV3     PIOX_ORYSJ  Alpha-dioxygenase PIOX (EC (Pathogen-induced oxygenase) [PIOX] [LOC_Os12g26290]
Os12g0454800 Q2QRN7     CHARK_ORYSJ Probable kinase CHARK (EC 2.7.11.-) (CHASE domain receptor-like serine/threonine kinase) (OsCRL4) (OsHKL1) [CHARK] [LOC_Os12g26940] [OsJ_36000]
Os12g0458100 Q0ING3     SHT2_ORYSJ  Spermidine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 2 (EC 2.3.1.-) [LOC_Os12g27254]
Os12g0472500 Q2QR54     TDL1A_ORYSJ TPD1 protein homolog 1A precursor (Protein MICROSPORELESS 2) (TPD1-like protein 1A) (OsTDL1A) [TDL1A] [MIL2] [LOC_Os12g28750]
Os12g0476200 Q2QR07     SWT13_ORYSJ Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET13 (OsSWEET13) [SWEET13] [LOC_Os12g29220] [OsJ_36063]
Os12g0479400 Q2QQX6     ARFX_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 24 [ARF24] [LOC_Os12g29520]
Os12g0481100 Q0INC5     RH28_ORYSJ  DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 28 (EC [LOC_Os12g29660] [OsJ_36091]
Os12g0484900 Q6AWY2     GRF7_ORYSJ  Growth-regulating factor 7 (OsGRF7) (Transcription activator GRF7) [GRF7] [LOC_Os12g29980] [OsJ_36104]
Os12g0485400 Q2QQS5     CCT14_ORYSJ Cyclin-T1-4 (CycT1;4) [CYCT1-1] [LOC_Os12g30020]
Os12g0486600 Q2QQR2     CDPKR_ORYSJ Calcium-dependent protein kinase 27 (EC (OsCDPK27) (OsCPK27) [CPK27] [LOC_Os12g30150] [OsJ_36113]
Os12g0491800 Q2QQJ5     KSL10_ORYSJ Ent-sandaracopimara-8(14),15-diene synthase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (Ent-kaurene synthase-like 10) (OsKSL10) (Ent-sandaracopimaradiene synthase) (Labdatriene synthase) (EC [KSL10] [KS10] [LOC_Os12g30824]
Os12g0501700 Q2QQA3     MAD20_ORYSJ MADS-box transcription factor 20 (OsMADS20) [MADS20] [LOC_Os12g31748]
Os12g0502000 Q2QQ99     SP1L3_ORYSJ Protein SPIRAL1-like 3 [LOC_Os12g31780] [OsJ_36193]
Os12g0502300 Q2QQ96     CCA21_ORYSJ Cyclin-A2-1 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A2-1) (CycA2;1) [CYCA2-1] [LOC_Os12g31810]
Os12g0508500 Q2QQ32     BH133_ORYSJ Transcription factor BHLH133 (Basic helix-loop-helix protein 133) (OsbHLH133) (bHLH transcription factor bHLH133) [BHLH133] [LOC_Os12g32400] [OsJ_36241]
Os12g0512700 B9GDE5     AB50G_ORYSJ ABC transporter G family member 50 (OsABCG50) (Pleiotropic drug resistance protein 23) (OsPDR23) [ABCG50] [PDR23] [LOC_Os12g32820] [OsJ_36269]
Os12g0514300 Q0IN16     CSPLE_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 2B1 (OsCASPL2B1) [LOC_Os12g32970]
Os12g0515500 Q2QPW2     C3H67_ORYSJ Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 67 (OsC3H67) [LOC_Os12g33090]
Os12g0515600 Q2QPW1     GMK1_ORYSJ  Guanylate kinase 1 (EC (OsGK1) (GMP kinase 1) [GK1] [LOC_Os12g33100]
Os12g0530000 Q2QPG9     H2AXB_ORYSJ Probable histone H2AXb [LOC_Os12g34510]
Os12g0538600 Q0IMV4     GRC14_ORYSJ Putative glutaredoxin-C14 [GRXC14] [LOC_Os12g35330] [OsJ_36375]
Os12g0538700 Q2QP86     GRC15_ORYSJ Glutaredoxin-C15 [GRXC15] [LOC_Os12g35340] [OsJ_36376]
Os12g0541500 Q2QP54     PETS_ORYSJ  Polyprotein of EF-Ts, chloroplastic precursor [Contains: Plastid-specific ribosomal protein-7, chloroplastic; Elongation factor Ts, chloroplastic (EF-Ts)] [PETs] [EFTS] [PSRP-7] [LOC_Os12g35630] [OsJ_36392] [OSNPB_120541500]
Os12g0541600 Q2QP53     APRL6_ORYSJ 5'-adenylylsulfate reductase-like 6 precursor (Adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate reductase-like 6) (APR-like 6) (OsAPRL6) [APRL6] [LOC_Os12g35640]
Os12g0546800 Q2QP13     EXP26_ORYSJ Expansin-A26 precursor (Alpha-expansin-26) (OsEXP26) (OsEXPA26) (OsaEXPa1.29) [EXPA26] [EXP26] [LOC_Os12g36040]
Os12g0547500 Q0IMS9     KN14Q_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14Q (Kinesin O12) (OsKCH1) [KIN14Q] [KCH1] [O12] [LOC_Os12g36100] [OsJ_36410]
Os12g0554400 Q2QNU0     TR130_ORYSJ Trafficking protein particle complex II-specific subunit 130 homolog (TRAPP II-specific subunit 130 homolog) [TRS130] [LOC_Os12g36760]
Os12g0555600 Q2QNS6     CSLD4_ORYSJ Cellulose synthase-like protein D4 (EC 2.4.1.-) (OsCslD4) [CSLD4] [LOC_Os12g36890] [OsJ_035046]
Os12g0560500 Q2QNM3     PUS1_ORYSJ  RNA pseudouridine synthase 1 (EC 5.4.99.-) (RNA pseudouridylate synthase 1) (RNA-uridine isomerase 1) [LOC_Os12g37380]
Os12g0560700 Q2QNM1     MCM7_ORYSJ  DNA replication licensing factor MCM7 (EC (Minichromosome maintenance protein 7) (OsMCM7) [MCM7] [LOC_Os12g37400] [OsJ_36507]
Os12g0561000 Q9SXX7     COX5C_ORYSJ Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5C (Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide Vc) [COX5C] [LOC_Os12g37419] [OsJ_36508]
Os12g0562100 Q2QNK7     S40A2_ORYSJ Solute carrier family 40 member 2, chloroplastic precursor [LOC_Os12g37530]
Os12g0566300 Q2QNG7     ACLA3_ORYSJ ATP-citrate synthase alpha chain protein 3 (EC (ATP-citrate synthase A-3) (ATP-citrate lyase A-3) (Citrate cleavage enzyme A-3) [ACLA-3] [LOC_Os12g37870]
Os12g0567200 Q2QNF7     DAPF_ORYSJ  Diaminopimelate epimerase, chloroplastic precursor (EC (DAP epimerase) [DAPF] [LOC_Os12g37960] [OsJ_035115]
Os12g0567300 Q4JL76     MYBA2_ORYSJ Myb-related protein MYBAS2 [MYBAS2] [MYB17] [LOC_Os12g37970]
Os12g0568200 Q2QNE8     MT4B_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 4B (Class I metallothionein-like protein 4B) (OsMT-I-4b) [MT4B] [LOC_Os12g38051] [LOC_Os12g38064]
Os12g0568700 Q2QNE3     CSPLP_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 4C1 (OsCASPL4C1) [LOC_Os12g38100]
Os12g0570000 Q0IMG9     SL11_ORYSJ  E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase SPL11 (EC (Cell death-related protein SPL11) (Protein spotted leaf 11) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase SPL11) [SPL11] [LOC_Os12g38210]
Os12g0570700 Q0IMG5     MT4A_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 4A (Class I metallothionein-like protein 4A) (OsMT-I-4a) (OsMT1b) [MT4A] [LOC_Os12g38270]
Os12g0571100 Q2QNC3     MT4C_ORYSJ  Metallothionein-like protein 4C (Class I metallothionein-like protein 4C) (MT-1-4b) (OsMT-I-4c) (OsMT1c) [MT4C] [LOC_Os12g38300] [OsJ_36585]
Os12g0571200 Q9XGX7     TIM9_ORYSJ  Mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim9 [TIM9] [LOC_Os12g38310] [OsJ_36586]
Os12g0572000 Q94IB1     RS2_ORYSJ   Protein rough sheath 2 homolog (OsPHAN) (OsRS2) (Protein PHANTASTICA homolog) [RS2] [LOC_Os12g38400]
Os12g0580900 Q2QN36     P2C78_ORYSJ Probable protein phosphatase 2C 78 (EC (OsPP2C78) [LOC_Os12g39120]
Os12g0581600 Q2QN30     NRAM6_ORYSJ Metal transporter Nramp6 [NRAMP6] [LOC_Os12g39180] [OsJ_36661]
Os12g0581800 Q2QN26     CCA32_ORYSJ Cyclin-A3-2 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A3-2) (CycA3;2) [CYCA3-2] [LOC_Os12g39210] [OsJ_035222]
Os12g0586100 Q75V57     SAPK9_ORYSJ Serine/threonine-protein kinase SAPK9 (EC (Osmotic stress/abscisic acid-activated protein kinase 9) (stress-activated protein kinase 9) (OsSAPK9) [SAPK9] [LOC_Os12g39630] [OOSJNBa0017N12.8]
Os12g0586600 Q2QMX9     ACA10_ORYSJ Calcium-transporting ATPase 10, plasma membrane-type (EC (OsACA10) (Ca(2+)-ATPase isoform 10) (Plastid envelope ATPase 1) [ACA10] [LOC_Os12g39660] [OsJ_36685]
Os12g0588800 Q2QMW1     CCD52_ORYSJ Cyclin-D5-2 (G1/S-specific cyclin-D5-2) (CycD5;2) [CYCD5-2] [LOC_Os12g39830]
Os12g0588900 Q2QMW0     CTU2_ORYSJ  Cytoplasmic tRNA 2-thiolation protein 2 [CTU2] [NCS2] [LOC_Os12g39840] [OsJ_035256]
Os12g0590500 B9GE13     KN12F_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-12F [KIN12F] [LOC_Os12g39980] [OsJ_36705]
Os12g0591300 Q2QMT7     Y1214_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os12g0591400 [LOC_Os12g40070]
Os12g0591400 Q2QMT6     Y1208_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein LOC_Os12g40080 [LOC_Os12g40080]
Os12g0591500 Q2QMT5     Y1209_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein LOC_Os12g40090 [LOC_Os12g40090] [OsJ_36712]
Os12g0592300 Q2QMT2     Y1223_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein Os12g0592300 [LOC_Os12g40120] [OsJ_36713]
Os12g0597000 Q3HRP5     CNBL2_ORYSJ Calcineurin B-like protein 2 [CBL2] [LOC_Os12g40510] [OsJ_36745]
Os12g0597500 Q2QMN7     UAH_ORYSJ   Ureidoglycolate hydrolase precursor (EC (OsUAH) [UAH] [LOC_Os12g40550] [OsJ_36749]
Os12g0601300 P0C132     IAA30_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA30 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 30) [IAA30] [LOC_Os12g40890]
Os12g0601400 P0C133     IAA31_ORYSJ Auxin-responsive protein IAA31 (Indoleacetic acid-induced protein 31) [IAA31] [LOC_Os12g40900] [OsJ_36766]
Os12g0603700 Q2QMI0     CIPK4_ORYSJ CBL-interacting protein kinase 4 (EC (OsCIPK04) [CIPK4] [LOC_Os12g41090]
Os12g0603800 Q948R0     CML5_ORYSJ  Calmodulin-like protein 5 (Calmodulin-2) (OsCAM-2) [CML5] [LOC_Os12g41110] [OsJ_035343]
Os12g0604600 Q2QMH2     RHD31_ORYSJ Protein ROOT HAIR DEFECTIVE 3 homolog 1 (EC 3.6.5.-) (Protein SEY1 homolog 2) [LOC_Os12g41170]
Os12g0604700 Q2QMH1     NEK2_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein kinase Nek2 (EC (NimA-related protein kinase 2) (OsNek2) [NEK2] [LOC_Os12g41180] [OsJ_035350]
Os12g0605800 Q2QMG2     MCCA_ORYSJ  Methylcrotonoyl-CoA carboxylase subunit alpha, mitochondrial precursor (EC (MCCase subunit alpha) (3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase 1) (3-methylcrotonyl-CoA:carbon dioxide ligase subunit alpha) [MCCA] [LOC_Os12g41250] [OsJ_36794]
Os12g0610800 Q0ILZ7     CSPL6_ORYSJ CASP-like protein 1B1 (OsCASPL1B1) [LOC_Os12g41690] [OsJ_035393] [OsJ_36834]
Os12g0611000 Q2QMB3     LOL2_ORYSJ  Protein LOL2 (Protein LSD ONE LIKE 2) (OsLOL2) (Putative zinc finger LOL2) [LOL2] [LOC_Os12g41700] [OsJ_36836]
Os12g0611200 Q0ILZ4     RH9_ORYSJ   DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 9 (EC [LOC_Os12g41715]
Os12g0612700 Q2QM96     HOX33_ORYSJ Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX33 (HD-ZIP protein HOX33) (Homeodomain transcription factor HOX33) (OsHox33) [HOX33] [LOC_Os12g41860] [OsJ_36852]
Os12g0613700 Q2QM84     ARFY_ORYSJ  Auxin response factor 25 (OsARF6b) [ARF25] [ARF6B] [LOC_Os12g41950] [OsJ_035418]
Os12g0614600 Q2QM77     PID_ORYSJ   Protein kinase PINOID (EC (OsPID) [PID] [LOC_Os12g42020]
Os12g0615400 Q2QM69     BQMT2_ORYSJ 2-methyl-6-phytyl-1,4-hydroquinone methyltransferase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (37 kDa inner envelope membrane protein) (E37) (MPBQ/MSBQ methyltransferase) (Protein VTE3 homolog) [LOC_Os12g42090] [OsJ_36874]
Os12g0616000 Q2QM62     KN14R_ORYSJ Kinesin-like protein KIN-14R [KIN14R] [LOC_Os12g42160] [OsJ_36881]
Os12g0616400 Q2QM59     PCF8_ORYSJ  Transcription factor PCF8 [PCF8] [LOC_Os12g42190]
Os12g0616900 Q2QM55     ODPB3_ORYSJ Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit beta-3, chloroplastic precursor (EC [LOC_Os12g42230]
Os12g0617400 Q5MBR3     NCED5_ORYSJ 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase NCED5, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsNCED5) [NCED5] [LOC_Os12g42280]
Os12g0617900 Q2QM47     BSL2_ORYSJ  Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase BSL2 homolog (EC (BSU1-like protein 2 homolog) [BSL2] [LOC_Os12g42310]
Os12g0621100 Q2QM17     YAB6_ORYSJ  Protein YABBY 6 (OsYAB5) (OsYABBY6) [YAB6] [LOC_Os12g42610]
Os12g0622500 Q2QM00     SPO14_ORYSJ Meiotic recombination protein SPO11-4 (OsSPO11-4) (OsSPO11D) [SPO11-4] [LOC_Os12g42760] [OsJ_36918]
Os12g0623900 Q2QLY5     METE1_ORYSJ 5-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferase 1 (EC (Cobalamin-independent methionine synthase 1) [LOC_Os12g42876] [OsJ_36926]
Os12g0624000 Q2QLY4     METE2_ORYSJ 5-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferase 2 (EC (Cobalamin-independent methionine synthase 2) [LOC_Os12g42884] [OsJ_36927]
Os12g0625000 Q9XEA6     CYSK1_ORYSJ Cysteine synthase (EC (CSase) (O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase) (OAS-TL) (O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase) [RCS1] [LOC_Os12g42980]
Os12g0626100 Q2QLW3     DOHH2_ORYSJ Deoxyhypusine hydroxylase-B (EC (DOHH-B) (Deoxyhypusine dioxygenase-B) (Deoxyhypusine monooxygenase-B) [LOC_Os12g43100]
Os12g0626400 Q2QLV9     PSY2_ORYSJ  Phytoene synthase 2, chloroplastic precursor (EC (OsPSY2) [PSY2] [LOC_Os12g43130]
Os12g0628100 Q2QLT8     ADF11_ORYSJ Actin-depolymerizing factor 11 (ADF-11) (OsADF11) [ADF11] [LOC_Os12g43340] [OsJ_36950]
Os12g0628600 P31110     TLP_ORYSJ   Thaumatin-like protein precursor [LOC_Os12g43380]
Os12g0631100 Q0ILQ6     RAB5A_ORYSJ Ras-related protein Rab5A (OsRab5A) (Protein GLUTELIN PRECURSOR 4) (Protein GLUTELIN PRECURSOR ACCUMULATION 1) [RAB5A] [GLUP4] [GPA1] [LOC_Os12g43550]
Os12g0632700 Q42972     MDHG_ORYSJ  Malate dehydrogenase, glyoxysomal precursor (EC [LOC_Os12g43630] [OsJ_36976]
Os12g0640900 Q2QLI6     MP701_ORYSJ Microtubule-associated protein 70-1 (AtMAP70-1) (70 kDa microtubule-associated protein 1) [MAP70.1] [LOC_Os12g44340] [OsJ_37030]
Os12g0641400 Q0ILJ3     SUT2_ORYSJ  Sucrose transport protein SUT2 (SUC4-like protein) (Sucrose permease 2) (Sucrose transporter 2) (OsSUT2) (Sucrose-proton symporter 2) [SUT2] [SUT2M] [LOC_Os12g44380]
-            P0C2Y4     ACCD_ORYSJ  Putative acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit beta-like protein [accD] [ycf11] [Nip067]
-            P0C519     ATP9_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit 9, mitochondrial (Lipid-binding protein) [ATP9]
-            P0C522     ATPAM_ORYSJ ATP synthase subunit alpha, mitochondrial [ATPA]
-            P0C2Z6     ATPA_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit alpha, chloroplastic (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit alpha) (F-ATPase subunit alpha) [atpA] [LOC_Osp1g00310] [Nip046]
-            P12085     ATPB_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit beta, chloroplastic (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit beta) (F-ATPase subunit beta) [atpB] [LOC_Osp1g00410]
-            P0C2Z3     ATPE_ORYSJ  ATP synthase epsilon chain, chloroplastic (ATP synthase F1 sector epsilon subunit) (F-ATPase epsilon subunit) [atpE] [Nip060]
-            P0C2Z0     ATPF_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit b, chloroplastic (ATP synthase F(0) sector subunit b) (ATPase subunit I) [atpF] [Nip045]
-            P0C301     ATPH_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit c, chloroplastic (ATP synthase F(0) sector subunit c) (ATPase subunit III) (F-type ATPase subunit c) (F-ATPase subunit c) (Lipid-binding protein) [atpH] [Nip042]
-            P0C2Y7     ATPI_ORYSJ  ATP synthase subunit a, chloroplastic (ATP synthase F0 sector subunit a) (F-ATPase subunit IV) [atpI] [LOC_Osp1g00280] [Nip041]
-            Q0INT0     CCA13_ORYSJ Cyclin-A1-3 (G2/mitotic-specific cyclin-A1-3) (CycA1;3) [CYCA1-3] [LOC_Os12g20324]
-            P0C377     CCSA_ORYSJ  Cytochrome c biogenesis protein CcsA [ccsA] [LOC_Osp1g00900] [Nip168]
-            P12212     CEMA_ORYSJ  Chloroplast envelope membrane protein [cemA] [ycf10] [LOC_Osp1g00470]
-            P0C314     CLPP_ORYSJ  ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic subunit (EC (Endopeptidase Clp) [clpP] [LOC_Osp1g00590] [Nip089]
-            P14578     COX1_ORYSJ  Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (EC (Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide I) [COX1] [COXI]
-            P04373     COX2_ORYSJ  Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 2 (EC (Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide II) [COX2] [COII]
-            Q7X7C4     CSTR4_ORYSJ CMP-sialic acid transporter 4 (CMP-SA-Tr 4) (CMP-Sia-Tr 4) (CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein 4) [CSTLP4] [LOC_Os04g41320] [OSJNBa0076N16.10] [OSJNBa0084K20.12]
-            P12123     CYB6_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b6 [petB]
-            P0C524     CYB_ORYSJ   Cytochrome b (Complex III subunit 3) (Complex III subunit III) (Cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 3) (Ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex cytochrome b subunit) [MT-CYB] [COB] [CYTB] [MTCYB]
-            P0C389     CYF_ORYSJ   Cytochrome f precursor [petA] [LOC_Osp1g00480] [Nip074]
-            Q4PR43     EXP23_ORYSJ Expansin-A23 precursor (Alpha-expansin-23) (OsEXP23) (OsEXPA23) (OsaEXPa1.12) [EXPA23.2] [EXP23.2]
-            Q8LNW6     FLOT3_ORYSJ Flotillin-like protein 3 (Nodulin-like protein 3) [FLOT3] [LOC_Os10g34130] [OsJ_31923] [OSJNBa0012L23.44]
-            B6F107     HD6_ORYSJ   Casein kinase II subunit alpha-2 (EC (OsCKA2) (Protein HEADING DATE 6) [HD6] [CKA2]
-            P0C380     IF1C_ORYSJ  Translation initiation factor IF-1, chloroplastic [infA] [LOC_Osp1g00690] [Nip104]
-            P0C383     MATK_ORYSJ  Maturase K (Intron maturase) [matK] [ycf14]
-            P0C337     NDHH_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit H, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit H) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase 49 kDa subunit) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit H) [ndhH] [LOC_Osp1g00970] [Nip164] [Nip176]
-            P0C386     NDHI_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit I, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit I) (NDH subunit I) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit I) [ndhI] [frxB] [LOC_Osp1g00950] [Nip173]
-            P0C340     NDHJ_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit J, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit J) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit J) [ndhJ] [LOC_Osp1g00370] [Nip057]
-            P0C343     NDHK_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit K, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit K) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit K) [ndhK] [psbG] [Nip058]
-            Q35322     NDUS3_ORYSJ NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur protein 3 (EC (NADH dehydrogenase subunit 9) [NAD9]
-            P12124     NU1C_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 1, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit 1) (NDH subunit 1) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 1) [ndhA] [Nip174]
-            P0CD22     NU2C1_ORYSJ NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 A, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase, subunit 2 A) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 A) [ndhB1] [Nip208]
-            P0CD23     NU2C2_ORYSJ NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 B, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase, subunit 2 B) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 2 B) [ndhB2]
-            P0C322     NU3C_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 3, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit 3) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 3) [ndhC] [Nip059]
-            P0C325     NU4C_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase chain 4, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase, chain 4) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase chain 4) [ndhD] [Nip169]
-            P0C334     NU4LC_ORYSJ NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 4L, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit 4L) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4L) [ndhE] [Nip171]
-            P0C328     NU5C_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 5, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit 5) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 5) [ndhF] [LOC_Osp1g00880] [Nip165]
-            P0C331     NU6C_ORYSJ  NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 6, chloroplastic (EC 7.1.1.-) (NAD(P)H dehydrogenase subunit 6) (NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase subunit 6) [ndhG] [Nip172]
-            B9FSC8     OPR11_ORYSJ Putative 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 11 (EC 1.3.1.-) (OPDA-reductase 11) (OsOPR11) [OPR11] [OPR3] [OsJ_20711]
-            B9G193     ORR31_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR31 [RR31] [LOC_Os08g35650] [OsJ_27566] [P0493A04.18] [P0493A04.19]
-            Q6ZCY2     ORR32_ORYSJ Two-component response regulator ORR32 [RR32] [LOC_Os08g17760] [P0026A08.18] [P0026A08.19]
-            P0C319     PETD_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 4 (17 kDa polypeptide) [petD] [LOC_Osp1g00650] [Nip099]
-            P0C392     PETG_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 5 (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit PetG) (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit V) [petG] [petE] [LOC_Osp1g00540] [Nip082]
-            P12180     PETL_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 6 (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit PetL) (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit VI) [petL] [LOC_Osp1g00530]
-            P61042     PETN_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit 8 (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit PetN) (Cytochrome b6-f complex subunit VIII) [petN] [ycf6] [LOC_Osp1g00230]
-            F2VYU4     PIK1_ORYSJ  Disease resistance protein Pik-1 (Pik-1 blast resistance protein) [PIK-1] [PIK1-KA]
-            P0DO07     PIK2_ORYSJ  Disease resistance protein Pik-2 (Pik-2 blast resistance protein) [PIK-2] [PIK2-KA]
-            B5UBC1     PIKM1_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein Pikm1-TS [PIKM1-TS] [PI-KM1]
-            P0DO08     PIKM2_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein Pikm2-TS [PIKM2-TS] [PI-KM2] [PIKM2-LTH]
-            P0DO09     PIKS1_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein Piks-1 (NBS-LRR class disease resistance protein Piks-1) [PIKS-1]
-            P0DO10     PIKS2_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein Piks-2 (NBS-LRR class disease resistance protein Piks-2) [PIKS-2]
-            Q69LA1     PROT2_ORYSJ Probable proline transporter 2 [LOC_Os07g01090] [B1026C12.12]
-            P0C355     PSAA_ORYSJ  Photosystem I P700 chlorophyll a apoprotein A1 (EC (PSI-A) (PsaA) [psaA] [LOC_Osp1g00340] [Nip050]
-            P0C358     PSAB_ORYSJ  Photosystem I P700 chlorophyll a apoprotein A2 (EC (PSI-B) (PsaB) [psaB] [LOC_Osp1g00330] [Nip049]
-            P0C361     PSAC_ORYSJ  Photosystem I iron-sulfur center (EC (9 kDa polypeptide) (PSI-C) (Photosystem I subunit VII) (PsaC) [psaC] [Nip170]
-            P12186     PSAI_ORYSJ  Photosystem I reaction center subunit VIII (PSI-I) [psaI] [LOC_Osp1g00450]
-            P12192     PSAJ_ORYSJ  Photosystem I reaction center subunit IX (PSI-J) [psaJ] [LOC_Osp1g00550]
-            P0C434     PSBA_ORYSJ  Photosystem II protein D1 precursor (EC (PSII D1 protein) (Photosystem II Q(B) protein) [psbA] [Nip001]
-            P0C364     PSBB_ORYSJ  Photosystem II CP47 reaction center protein (PSII 47 kDa protein) (Protein CP-47) [psbB] [LOC_Osp1g00600] [Nip090]
-            P0C367     PSBC_ORYSJ  Photosystem II CP43 reaction center protein precursor (PSII 43 kDa protein) (Protein CP-43) [psbC] [LOC_Osp1g00180] [Nip019]
-            P0C437     PSBD_ORYSJ  Photosystem II D2 protein (EC (PSII D2 protein) (Photosystem Q(A) protein) [psbD] [LOC_Osp1g00170] [Nip018]
-            P0C370     PSBE_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b559 subunit alpha (PSII reaction center subunit V) [psbE] [LOC_Osp1g00520] [Nip079]
-            P0C401     PSBF_ORYSJ  Cytochrome b559 subunit beta (PSII reaction center subunit VI) [psbF] [LOC_Osp1g00510] [Nip078]
-            P0C422     PSBH_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein H (PSII-H) (Photosystem II 10 kDa phosphoprotein) [psbH] [LOC_Osp1g00620] [Nip093]
-            P0C407     PSBI_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein I (PSII-I) (PSII 4.8 kDa protein) [psbI] [Nip012]
-            P12189     PSBJ_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein J (PSII-J) [psbJ] [LOC_Osp1g00490]
-            P0C410     PSBK_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein K precursor (PSII-K) [psbK] [LOC_Osp1g00140] [Nip011]
-            P60137     PSBL_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein L (PSII-L) [psbL] [LOC_Osp1g00500]
-            P0C413     PSBM_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein M (PSII-M) [psbM] [Nip029]
-            P68853     PSBN_ORYSJ  Protein PsbN [psbN] [LOC_Osp1g00630]
-            P69674     PSBT_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein T (PSII-T) [psbT] [ycf8] [LOC_Osp1g00610]
-            P12194     PSBZ_ORYSJ  Photosystem II reaction center protein Z (PSII-Z) [psbZ] [ycf9] [LOC_Osp1g00190]
-            P0C512     RBL_ORYSJ   Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large chain precursor (EC (RuBisCO large subunit) [rbcL] [LOC_Osp1g00420] [Nip064]
-            F1SZ42     RF2F_ORYSJ  Protein FERTILITY RESTORER RF2, mitochondrial precursor [RF2]
-            F7J0M4     RGA4R_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein RGA4 (Os11gRGA4) (SasRGA4) [RGA4] [PIA]
-            F7J0N2     RGA5R_ORYSJ Disease resistance protein RGA5 (Os11gRGA5) (SasRGA5) [RGA5]
-            P0C440     RK14_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L14, chloroplastic [rpl14] [LOC_Osp1g00710]
-            P0C443     RK16_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L16, chloroplastic [rpl16] [LOC_Osp1g00720] [Nip111]
-            P12139     RK20_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L20, chloroplastic [rpl20] [LOC_Osp1g00580]
-            P0C446     RK22_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L22, chloroplastic [rpl22] [Nip117]
-            P0C451     RK23_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L23, chloroplastic [rpl23-A] [Nip215a]
-            P0C451     RK23_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L23, chloroplastic [rpl23-B] [Nip215b]
-            P0C497     RK2_ORYSJ   50S ribosomal protein L2, chloroplastic [rpl2-A] [LOC_Osp1g01100] [Nip216a]
-            P0C497     RK2_ORYSJ   50S ribosomal protein L2, chloroplastic [rpl2-B]
-            P0C454     RK32_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L32, chloroplastic [rpl32] [LOC_Osp1g00890] [Nip166]
-            P0C457     RK33_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L33, chloroplastic [rpl33] [Nip086]
-            P62727     RK36_ORYSJ  50S ribosomal protein L36, chloroplastic [rpl36] [LOC_Osp1g00680]
-            P92812     RM02_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L2, mitochondrial [RPL2]
-            P46801     RM16_ORYSJ  60S ribosomal protein L16, mitochondrial [RPL16]
-            P0C500     RPOA_ORYSJ  DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha (EC (PEP) (Plastid-encoded RNA polymerase subunit alpha) (RNA polymerase subunit alpha) [rpoA] [Nip100]
-            P0C503     RPOB_ORYSJ  DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta (EC (PEP) (Plastid-encoded RNA polymerase subunit beta) (RNA polymerase subunit beta) [rpoB] [LOC_Osp1g00240] [Nip036]
-            P0C506     RPOC1_ORYSJ DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta' (EC (PEP) (Plastid-encoded RNA polymerase subunit beta') (RNA polymerase subunit beta') [rpoC1] [LOC_Osp1g00250] [Nip037]
-            P0C509     RPOC2_ORYSJ DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta'' (EC (PEP) (Plastid-encoded RNA polymerase subunit beta'') (RNA polymerase subunit beta'') [rpoC2]
-            P0C464     RR11_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S11, chloroplastic [rps11] [LOC_Osp1g00670] [Nip102]
-            P12149     RR12_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S12, chloroplastic [rps12-A]
-            P12149     RR12_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S12, chloroplastic [rps12-B]
-            P0C467     RR14_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S14, chloroplastic [rps14] [Nip048]
-            P0C470     RR15_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S15, chloroplastic [rps15-A] [LOC_Osp1g00870] [Nip162]
-            P0C470     RR15_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S15, chloroplastic [rps15-B] [Nip178]
-            P12151     RR16_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S16, chloroplastic [rps16]
-            P0C477     RR18_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S18, chloroplastic [rps18] [LOC_Osp1g00570] [Nip088]
-            P12153     RR19_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S19, chloroplastic [rps19-A] [Nip222]
-            P12153     RR19_ORYSJ  30S ribosomal protein S19, chloroplastic [rps19-B]
-            P0C482     RR2_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S2, chloroplastic [rps2] [LOC_Osp1g00270] [Nip040]
-            P0C485     RR3_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S3, chloroplastic [rps3] [Nip111]
-            P0C488     RR4_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S4, chloroplastic [rps4] [Nip054]
-            P0C491     RR7_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S7, chloroplastic [rps7-A] [LOC_Osp1g00820] [Nip129]
-            P0C491     RR7_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S7, chloroplastic [rps7-B] [Nip206]
-            P0C494     RR8_ORYSJ   30S ribosomal protein S8, chloroplastic [rps8]
-            P46773     RT03_ORYSJ  Ribosomal protein S3, mitochondrial [RPS3]
-            P28520     RT12_ORYSJ  Ribosomal protein S12, mitochondrial [RPS12]
-            P0DO27     RTFL1_ORYSJ Small polypeptide ROTUNDIFOLIA LIKE 1 (OsRTFL1) (Small polypeptide ROT-FOUR-LIKE 1) [RTFL1] [OSJNBb0015I11.21]
-            Q7X8D4     SDC3_ORYSJ  Serine decarboxylase 3 (EC 4.1.1.-) [LOC_Os04g04640] [OSJNBa0059H15.18] [OSJNBa0070D17.5]
-            Q2QRK9     SHT1_ORYSJ  Spermidine hydroxycinnamoyltransferase 1 (EC 2.3.1.-) [LOC_Os12g27220]
-            A3A463     Y2042_ORYSJ B3 domain-containing protein LOC_Os02g10420 [LOC_Os02g10420] [OJ1524_D08.32] [OsJ_05761] [P0026H03.7]
-            P12203     YCF3_ORYSJ  Photosystem I assembly protein Ycf3 [ycf3] [LOC_Osp1g00350]
-            P0C515     YCF4_ORYSJ  Photosystem I assembly protein Ycf4 [ycf4] [LOC_Osp1g00460] [Nip069]
-            P12173     YCF68_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf68 (ORF133) [ycf68-1] [LOC_Osp1g01010]
-            P12173     YCF68_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf68 (ORF133) [ycf68-2]
-            Q32759     YCF70_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf70 (ORF89) [ycf70] [LOC_Osp1g00200]
-            Q36996     YCF72_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf72 (ORF137) [ycf72-1] [LOC_Osp1g00760]
-            Q36996     YCF72_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf72 (ORF137) [ycf72-2]
-            Q37066     YCF73_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf73 (ORF249) [ycf73-A] [LOC_Osp1g01070]
-            Q37066     YCF73_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf73 (ORF249) [ycf73-B]
-            Q32766     YCF76_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf76 (ORF85) [ycf76-A] [LOC_Osp1g00830]
-            Q32766     YCF76_ORYSJ Uncharacterized protein ycf76 (ORF85) [ycf76-B]

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