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        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Rickettsia conorii strain Malish 7: entries and gene names
Name:        riccn.txt
Release:     2019_09 of 16-Oct-2019


The complete genome (1'268'755  base pairs) of Rickettsia conorii strain Malish 7
has been determined by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

  [Pubmed: 11557893] [Article from publisher]
  Ogata H., Audic S., Renesto-Audiffren P., Fournier P.-E., Barbe V. et al.
  Science 293:2093-2098(2001).

Various types of information about this genome can be found on the following
WWW servers:


Warning: not all R.conorii strain Malish 7 genome predicted proteins are yet
incorporated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot

________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
RC0001                   PDRP_RICCN  Q92JR6      273     
RC0002                   THIO_RICCN  Q92JR5      105     trxA
RC0007                   Y007_RICCN  Q92JR0      93      
RC0008                   LPXA_RICCN  Q92JQ9      264     lpxA
RC0009                   FABZ_RICCN  Q92JQ8      145     fabZ
RC0010                   LPXD_RICCN  Q92JQ7      346     lpxD
RC0011                   DUS_RICCN   Q92JQ6      331     dus
RC0012                   Y012_RICCN  Q92JQ5      307     
RC0013                   TSAE_RICCN  Q92JQ4      175     tsaE
RC0016                   Y016_RICCN  Q92JQ1      74      
RC0019                   SCA1_RICCN  Q92JP8      1902    sca1
RC0022                   Y022_RICCN  Q92JP5      60      
RC0023                   Y023_RICCN  Q92JP4      67      
RC0024                   ATPF_RICCN  Q92JP3      164     atpF
RC0026                   ATPL_RICCN  Q92JP1      74      atpE
RC0027                   ATP6_RICCN  Q92JP0      242     atpB
RC0029                   DSB_RICCN   Q92JN8      277     
RC0032                   RECF_RICCN  Q92JN5      360     recF
RC0039                   Y039_RICCN  Q92JM8      222     
RC0040                   Y040_RICCN  Q92JM7      105     
RC0041                   Y041_RICCN  Q92JM6      89      
RC0042                   SCO21_RICCN Q92JM5      199     
RC0043                   Y043_RICCN  Q92JM4      189     
RC0045                   Y045_RICCN  Q92JM2      108     
RC0047                   Y047_RICCN  Q92JM0      59      
RC0048                   Y048_RICCN  Q92JL9      440     
RC0049                   Y049_RICCN  Q92JL8      174     
RC0050                   Y050_RICCN  Q92JL7      133     
RC0051                   Y051_RICCN  Q92JL6      117     
RC0052                   Y052_RICCN  Q92JL5      65      
RC0053                   Y053_RICCN  Q92JL4      72      
RC0057                   Y057_RICCN  Q92JL0      91      
RC0058                   Y058_RICCN  Q92JK9      131     
RC0059                   CLPB_RICCN  Q92JK8      857     clpB
RC0060                   Y060_RICCN  Q92JK7      163     
RC0061                   TSAD_RICCN  Q92JK6      344     tsaD; gcp
RC0064                   RS6_RICCN   Q92JK3      121     rpsF
RC0065                   RS18_RICCN  Q92JK2      95      rpsR
RC0066                   RL9_RICCN   Q92JK1      171     rplI
RC0067                   TILS_RICCN  Q92JK0      478     tilS
RC0068                   FTSH_RICCN  Q92JJ9      637     ftsH
RC0069                   SDHB_RICCN  Q92JJ8      261     sdhB
RC0070                   Y070_RICCN  Q92JJ7      51      
RC0072                   LGT_RICCN   Q92JJ5      259     lgt
RC0074                   YIDC_RICCN  Q92JJ3      560     yidC
RC0075                   PGSA_RICCN  Q92JJ2      181     pgsA
RC0076                   Y076_RICCN  Q92JJ1      186     
RC0077                   Y077_RICCN  Q92JJ0      127     
RC0079                   Y079_RICCN  Q92JI8      282     
RC0080                   DEF2_RICCN  Q92JI7      202     def2
RC0081                   TLCA_RICCN  Q92JI6      498     tlcA; tlc1
RC0083                   NDK_RICCN   Q92JI4      140     ndk
RC0084                   MNMG_RICCN  Q92JI3      622     mnmG; gidA
RC0085                   RSMG_RICCN  Q92JI2      192     rsmG
RC0087                   PARB_RICCN  Q92JI0      286     parB
RC0089                   Y089_RICCN  Q92JH8      105     
RC0090                   KDSA_RICCN  Q92JH7      274     kdsA
RC0091                   Y091_RICCN  Q92JH6      179     
RC0094                   DGTL1_RICCN Q92JH3      384     
RC0095                   SYR_RICCN   Q92JH2      576     argS
RC0096                   Y096_RICCN  Q92JH1      224     
RC0097                   PARC_RICCN  Q92JH0      738     parC
RC0098                   Y098_RICCN  Q92JG9      438     
RC0099                   DCD_RICCN   Q92JG8      188     dcd
RC0100                   SECB_RICCN  Q92JG7      152     secB
RC0102                   QUEF_RICCN  Q92JG5      273     queF
RC0105                   Y105_RICCN  Q92JG2      244     
RC0106                   SAM_RICCN   Q92JG1      294     sam
RC0108                   Y108_RICCN  Q92JF9      61      
RC0109                   SECG_RICCN  Q92JF8      100     secG
RC0110                   SCA2_RICCN  Q92JF7      1795    sca2
RC0111                   SYC_RICCN   Q92JF6      459     cysS
RC0112                   RS2_RICCN   Q92JF5      295     rpsB
RC0113                   EFTS_RICCN  Q92JF4      309     tsf
RC0115                   Y115_RICCN  Q92JF2      62      
RC0116                   Y116_RICCN  Q92JF1      63      
RC0118                   KDTA_RICCN  Q92JE9      464     waaA; kdtA
RC0120                   AAPAT_RICCN Q92JE7      401     aatA; aspC
RC0123                   Y123_RICCN  Q92JE4      251     
RC0128                   ALR_RICCN   Q92JD9      355     alr
RC0129                   Y129_RICCN  Q92JD8      259     
RC0131                   Y131_RICCN  Q92JD6      82      
RC0132                   Y132_RICCN  Q92JD5      75      
RC0133                   Y133_RICCN  Q92JD4      98      
RC0134                   Y134_RICCN  Q92JD3      165     
RC0135                   Y135_RICCN  Q92JD2      127     
RC0136                   RL28_RICCN  Q92JD1      97      rpmB
RC0137                   RL31_RICCN  Q92JD0      78      rpmE
RC0138                   ENGB_RICCN  Q92JC9      212     engB
RC0142                   Y142_RICCN  Q92JC5      993     
RC0143                   Y143_RICCN  Q92JC4      661     
RC0144                   Y144_RICCN  Q92JC3      966     
RC0145                   Y145_RICCN  Q92JC2      891     
RC0146                   Y146_RICCN  Q92JC1      1153    
RC0151                   TRMD_RICCN  Q92JB6      234     trmD
RC0152                   RL19_RICCN  Q92JB5      138     rplS
RC0153                   Y153_RICCN  Q92JB4      78      
RC0154                   SECF_RICCN  Q92JB3      308     secF
RC0155                   NUOF_RICCN  Q92JB2      421     nuoF
RC0156                   LEP_RICCN   Q92JB1      266     lepB
RC0157                   RNC_RICCN   Q92JB0      227     rnc
RC0158                   ERA_RICCN   Q92JA9      339     era
RC0159                   RUVC_RICCN  Q92JA8      157     ruvC
RC0163                   APBC_RICCN  Q92JA4      319     mrp
RC0166                   DEGPL_RICCN Q92JA1      508     htrA
RC0167                   Y167_RICCN  Q92JA0      247     
RC0168                   DHSC_RICCN  Q92J99      124     sdhC
RC0169                   DHSD_RICCN  Q92J98      126     sdhD
RC0170                   SDHA_RICCN  Q92J97      596     sdhA
RC0171                   GLNP_RICCN  Q92J96      218     glnP
RC0172                   RS12_RICCN  Q92J95      129     rpsL
RC0173                   RS7_RICCN   Q92J94      160     rpsG
RC0174                   EFG_RICCN   Q92J93      699     fusA
RC0175                   SECE_RICCN  Q92J92      66      secE
RC0176                   NUSG_RICCN  Q92J91      192     nusG
RC0177                   RL11_RICCN  Q92J90      145     rplK
RC0178                   RL1_RICCN   Q92J89      239     rplA
RC0179                   RL10_RICCN  Q92J88      169     rplJ
RC0180                   RL7_RICCN   Q92J87      125     rplL
RC0181                   RPOB_RICCN  Q9RH41      1373    rpoB
RC0182                   RPOC_RICCN  Q9RH40      1372    rpoC
RC0184                   AMPA_RICCN  Q92J85      500     pepA
RC0187                   SYDND_RICCN Q92J82      602     aspS
RC0188                   Y188_RICCN  Q92J81      704     
RC0190                   DAPB_RICCN  Q92J79      239     dapB
RC0193                   GATB_RICCN  Q92J76      483     gatB
RC0194                   GATA_RICCN  Q92J75      493     gatA
RC0195                   GATC_RICCN  Q92J74      100     gatC
RC0197                   RRF_RICCN   Q92J72      186     frr; rrf
RC0198                   PYRH_RICCN  Q92J71      242     pyrH
RC0203                   Y203_RICCN  Q92J66      358     
RC0204                   NUSB_RICCN  Q92J65      156     nusB
RC0205                   RLME_RICCN  Q92J64      227     rlmE; ftsJ; rrmJ
RC0209                   Y209_RICCN  Q92J60      93      
RC0210                   RSME_RICCN  Q92J59      244     rsmE
RC0212                   DBH_RICCN   Q92J57      99      hup; hupA
RC0214                   SRP54_RICCN Q92J55      449     ffh
RC0225                   QUED_RICCN  Q92J44      138     queD
RC0226                   ODO2_RICCN  Q92J43      395     sucB
RC0227                   ODO1_RICCN  Q92J42      928     sucA
RC0229                   RECN_RICCN  Q92J40      545     recN
RC0232                   DNAJ_RICCN  Q92J37      373     dnaJ
RC0233                   DNAK_RICCN  Q92J36      627     dnaK
RC0240                   COX3_RICCN  Q92J29      283     ctaE; coxC
RC0243                   DAPD_RICCN  Q92J26      274     dapD
RC0261                   FER2_RICCN  Q92J08      112     fdxB
RC0262                   HSCA_RICCN  Q92J07      595     hscA
RC0263                   HSCB_RICCN  Q92J06      166     hscB
RC0264                   RNH2_RICCN  Q92J05      193     rnhB
RC0266                   UVRB_RICCN  Q92J03      661     uvrB
RC0267                   GLRX1_RICCN Q92J02      102     grxC1; grx
RC0273                   GYRA_RICCN  Q92IZ6      905     gyrA
RC0278                   DEF1_RICCN  Q92IZ1      175     def1
RC0279                   FMT_RICCN   O33519      303     fmt
RC0283                   QUEA_RICCN  Q92IY7      365     queA
RC0292                   Y292_RICCN  Q92IX8      282     
RC0293                   Y293_RICCN  Q92IX7      412     
RC0294                   PUR7_RICCN  Q92IX6      236     purC
RC0296                   SYT_RICCN   Q92IX4      635     thrS
RC0309                   PARE_RICCN  Q92IW1      662     parE
RC0314                   Y314_RICCN  Q92IV6      414     
RC0315                   RL13_RICCN  Q92IV5      155     rplM
RC0316                   RS9_RICCN   Q92IV4      159     rpsI
RC0320                   RPPH_RICCN  Q92IV0      161     rppH; invA; nudH
RC0322                   EFP_RICCN   Q92IU8      188     efp
RC0324                   Y324_RICCN  Q92IU6      107     
RC0325                   PSD_RICCN   Q92IU5      231     psd
RC0331                   MURC_RICCN  Q92IT9      485     murC
RC0332                   MURB_RICCN  Q92IT8      295     murB
RC0333                   DDL_RICCN   Q92IT7      321     ddl; ddlB
RC0334                   FTSQ_RICCN  Q92IT6      267     ftsQ
RC0337                   CYCM_RICCN  Q92IT3      175     cycM
RC0339                   LPXC_RICCN  Q92IT1      288     lpxC
RC0343                   CTAA_RICCN  Q92IS7      337     ctaA; coxW
RC0344                   RLUC_RICCN  Q92IS6      303     rluC
RC0347                   ODPA_RICCN  Q92IS3      326     pdhA
RC0348                   ODPB_RICCN  Q92IS2      326     pdhB
RC0353                   IDH_RICCN   Q92IR7      483     icd
RC0354                   Y354_RICCN  Q92IR6      106     
RC0356                   Y356_RICCN  Q92IR4      215     
RC0358                   UCRI_RICCN  Q92IR2      177     petA
RC0359                   CYB_RICCN   Q92IR1      398     petB; cytB
RC0363                   HSPC1_RICCN Q92IQ7      167     hspC1
RC0368                   RF2_RICCN   Q92IQ2      368     prfB
RC0369                   LEPA_RICCN  Q92IQ1      600     lepA
RC0396                   Y396_RICCN  Q92IM4      94      
RC0397                   Y397_RICCN  Q92IM3      72      
RC0398                   Y398_RICCN  Q92IM2      295     
RC0401                   MUTS_RICCN  Q92IL9      890     mutS
RC0402                   Y402_RICCN  Q92IL8      144     
RC0405                   THYX_RICCN  Q92IL5      294     thyX; thyA
RC0406                   TOLB_RICCN  Q92IL4      444     tolB
RC0408                   COXZ_RICCN  Q92IL2      188     ctaG; cox11
RC0410                   MNMA_RICCN  Q92IL0      370     mnmA; trmU
RC0412                   SYH_RICCN   Q92IK8      414     hisS
RC0430                   DHAS_RICCN  Q92IJ0      338     asd
RC0433                   HSLV_RICCN  Q92II7      182     hslV
RC0434                   HSLU_RICCN  Q92II6      450     hslU
RC0440                   LPXB_RICCN  Q92II0      446     lpxB
RC0443                   CYAY_RICCN  Q92IH7      103     cyaY
RC0448                   SYE1_RICCN  Q92IH2      447     gltX1
RC0449                   TOP1_RICCN  Q92IH1      776     topA
RC0455                   YQGF_RICCN  Q92IG5      154     
RC0457                   CAPD_RICCN  Q92IG3      341     capD
RC0461                   Y461_RICCN  Q92IF9      604     
RC0468                   RS4_RICCN   Q92IF2      205     rpsD
RC0469                   COXX_RICCN  Q92IF1      305     ctaB
RC0473                   RIMM_RICCN  Q92IE7      165     rimM
RC0475                   EX7S_RICCN  Q92IE5      80      xseB
RC0480                   3MGH_RICCN  Q92IE0      183     
RC0481                   NUOE_RICCN  Q92ID9      167     nuoE
RC0482                   NUOD_RICCN  Q92ID8      391     nuoD
RC0483                   NUOC_RICCN  Q92ID7      242     nuoC
RC0484                   NUOB_RICCN  Q92ID6      174     nuoB
RC0485                   NUOA_RICCN  Q92ID5      123     nuoA
RC0486                   Y486_RICCN  Q92ID4      411     
RC0491                   XERD_RICCN  Q92IC9      306     xerD
RC0494                   FABI_RICCN  Q92IC6      260     fabI
RC0495                   LNT_RICCN   Q92IC5      499     lnt
RC0497                   Y497_RICCN  Q92IC3      267     
RC0502                   Y502_RICCN  Q92IB8      70      
RC0505                   SYK_RICCN   Q92IB5      522     lysS
RC0520                   MDH_RICCN   Q92IA0      314     mdh
RC0522                   TLCB_RICCN  Q92I98      507     tlcB; tlc2
RC0523                   PYRG_RICCN  Q92I97      537     pyrG
RC0524                   KDSB_RICCN  Q92I96      246     kdsB
RC0527                   GCH1_RICCN  Q92I93      189     folE
RC0528                   SYP_RICCN   Q92I92      426     proS
RC0531                   RUVA_RICCN  Q92I89      203     ruvA
RC0533                   RUVB_RICCN  Q92I87      342     ruvB
RC0535                   AMPG4_RICCN Q92I85      414     ampG4
RC0537                   RLPA_RICCN  Q92I83      320     rlpA
RC0539                   YCIB_RICCN  Q92I81      180     
RC0542                   Y542_RICCN  Q92I78      331     
RC0543                   Y543_RICCN  Q92I77      208     
RC0546                   DUT_RICCN   Q92I74      148     dut
RC0549                   Y549_RICCN  Q92I71      315     
RC0550                   Y550_RICCN  Q92I70      838     
RC0553                   COX1_RICCN  Q92I67      532     ctaD; coxA
RC0555                   COX2_RICCN  Q92I65      315     ctaC; coxB
RC0558                   LSPA_RICCN  Q92I62      201     lspA
RC0560                   MURD_RICCN  Q92I60      500     murD
RC0562                   MURG_RICCN  Q92I58      376     murG
RC0563                   Y563_RICCN  Q92I57      216     
RC0579                   DAPF_RICCN  Q92I41      270     dapF
RC0581                   SYFA_RICCN  Q92I39      349     pheS
RC0582                   SYFB_RICCN  Q92I38      818     pheT
RC0583                   DPO3B_RICCN Q92I37      379     dnaN
RC0585                   SYL_RICCN   Q92I35      835     leuS
RC0589                   CDSA_RICCN  Q92I31      230     cdsA
RC0590                   ISPT_RICCN  Q92I30      235     uppS
RC0594                   ILVE_RICCN  Q92I26      290     ilvE
RC0595                   DAPA_RICCN  Q92I25      294     dapA
RC0596                   SSRP_RICCN  Q92I24      152     smpB
RC0598                   SUCD_RICCN  Q92I22      292     sucD
RC0599                   SUCC_RICCN  Q92I21      386     sucC
RC0606                   RBFA_RICCN  Q92I14      120     rbfA
RC0609                   RECR_RICCN  Q92I11      201     recR
RC0612                   NADK_RICCN  Q92I08      255     nadK
RC0615                   GPDA_RICCN  Q92I05      325     gpsA
RC0618                   TRXB_RICCN  Q92I02      310     trxB
RC0624                   UVRD_RICCN  Q92HZ6      653     uvrD
RC0629                   LON_RICCN   Q92HZ1      778     lon
RC0636                   FOLD_RICCN  Q92HY4      288     folD
RC0637                   FENR_RICCN  Q92HY3      340     
RC0656                   MIAA_RICCN  Q92HW4      363     miaA
RC0660                   Y660_RICCN  Q92HW0      198     
RC0663                   PNP_RICCN   Q92HV7      749     pnp
RC0664                   RS15_RICCN  Q92HV6      91      rpsO
RC0665                   TRUB_RICCN  Q92HV5      345     truB
RC0666                   TLCD_RICCN  Q92HV4      511     tlcD; tlc4
RC0667                   SCA4_RICCN  Q52658      1022    sca4
RC0668                   Y668_RICCN  Q92HV3      125     
RC0672                   POLOX_RICCN Q92HU9      240     
RC0674                   DEFL_RICCN  Q92HU7      183     
RC0681                   Y681_RICCN  Q92HU0      253     
RC0682                   RL36_RICCN  Q92HT9      41      rpmJ
RC0701                   Y701_RICCN  Q92HS0      54      
RC0706                   HEM3_RICCN  Q92HR5      351     hemC
RC0710                   SYW_RICCN   Q92HR1      330     trpS
RC0718                   AMPG1_RICCN Q92HQ3      417     ampG1
RC0722                   TLCC_RICCN  Q92HP9      501     tlcC; tlc3
RC0731                   ISCS_RICCN  Q92HP1      410     iscS; spl1
RC0744                   IDI2_RICCN  Q92HM7      342     fni
RC0746                   CLPP_RICCN  Q92HM5      201     clpP
RC0747                   RS1_RICCN   Q92HM4      568     rpsA
RC0748                   KCY_RICCN   Q92HM3      219     cmk
RC0754                   Y754_RICCN  Q92HL7      248     
RC0757                   DBHL_RICCN  Q92HL4      80      
RC0759                   RHO_RICCN   Q92HL2      458     rho
RC0762                   RF1_RICCN   Q92HK9      355     prfA
RC0764                   ODP2_RICCN  Q92HK7      412     pdhC
RC0765                   IF3_RICCN   Q92HK6      186     infC
RC0778                   SODF_RICCN  Q92HJ3      209     sodB
RC0783                   PPDK_RICCN  Q92HI8      878     ppdK
RC0786                   Y786_RICCN  Q92HI5      83      
RC0796                   NUON_RICCN  Q92HH5      458     nuoN
RC0800                   PRIA_RICCN  Q92HH1      648     priA
RC0803                   DNAB_RICCN  Q92HG8      494     dnaB
RC0807                   Y807_RICCN  Q92HG4      230     
RC0810                   RADA_RICCN  Q92HG1      444     radA
RC0812                   RECO_RICCN  Q92HF9      237     recO
RC0816                   IF2_RICCN   Q92HF5      831     infB
RC0817                   NUSA_RICCN  Q92HF4      503     nusA
RC0818                   RIMP_RICCN  Q92HF3      161     rimP
RC0823                   SYY_RICCN   Q92HE8      411     tyrS
RC0826                   Y826_RICCN  Q92HE5      97      
RC0835                   A2MG_RICCN  Q92HD6      1892    
RC0836                   Y836_RICCN  Q92HD5      112     
RC0837                   Y837_RICCN  Q92HD4      53      
RC0838                   Y838_RICCN  Q92HD3      98      
RC0839                   Y839_RICCN  Q92HD2      70      
RC0840                   Y840_RICCN  Q92HD1      52      
RC0841                   Y841_RICCN  Q92HD0      161     
RC0842                   Y842_RICCN  Q92HC9      154     
RC0849                   NTRXL_RICCN Q92HC2      474     
RC0857                   RSMH_RICCN  Q92HB4      307     rsmH; mraW
RC0858                   MRAZ_RICCN  Q92HB3      149     mraZ
RC0860                   Y860_RICCN  Q92HB1      79      
RC0864                   UVRC_RICCN  Q92HA7      639     uvrC
RC0877                   Y877_RICCN  Q92H94      80      
RC0879                   SECA_RICCN  Q92H92      906     secA
RC0880                   PLP_RICCN   Q92H91      282     plp
RC0881                   ACPS_RICCN  Q92H90      131     acpS
RC0882                   RPOZ_RICCN  Q92H89      127     rpoZ
RC0883                   MURA_RICCN  Q92H88      419     murA
RC0884                   GYRB_RICCN  Q92H87      807     gyrB
RC0893                   YAJC_RICCN  Q92H78      141     yajC
RC0894                   SECD_RICCN  Q92H77      518     secD
RC0895                   SCO22_RICCN Q92H76      205     
RC0896                   CCME_RICCN  Q92H75      128     ccmE; cycJ
RC0897                   IPYR_RICCN  Q92H74      173     ppa
RC0909                   RICKA_RICCN Q92H62      517     rickA
RC0910                   MRAY_RICCN  Q92H61      361     mraY; mraY1
RC0911                   MURF_RICCN  Q92H60      449     murF
RC0912                   MURE_RICCN  Q92H59      479     murE
RC0913                   MFD_RICCN   Q92H58      1122    mfd
RC0915                   Y915_RICCN  P0A3K2      123     
RC0916                   DNAA_RICCN  Q92H56      463     dnaA
RC0923                   Y923_RICCN  Q92H49      122     
RC0924                   Y924_RICCN  Q92H48      106     
RC0931                   PTH_RICCN   Q92H41      185     pth
RC0932                   RL25_RICCN  Q92H40      203     rplY; ctc
RC0934                   RL35_RICCN  Q92H38      68      rpmI
RC0935                   RL20_RICCN  Q92H37      117     rplT
RC0936                   RL34_RICCN  Q92H36      44      rpmH
RC0937                   RNPA_RICCN  Q92H35      118     rnpA
RC0948                   NTRYL_RICCN Q92H24      599     
RC0949                   RS21_RICCN  Q92H23      66      rpsU
RC0953                   SYI_RICCN   Q92H19      1092    ileS
RC0956                   Y956_RICCN  Q92H16      77      
RC0965                   UBIG_RICCN  Q92H07      289     ubiG
RC0966                   SYE2_RICCN  Q92H06      513     gltX2
RC0968                   CH60_RICCN  Q92H04      548     groL; groEL; mopA
RC0969                   CH10_RICCN  Q92H03      95      groS; groES; mopB
RC0975                   RNPH_RICCN  Q92GZ7      239     rph
RC0977                   GRPE_RICCN  Q92GZ5      178     grpE
RC0980                   RS20_RICCN  Q92GZ2      92      rpsT
RC0981                   RL17_RICCN  Q92GZ1      136     rplQ
RC0982                   RPOA_RICCN  Q92GZ0      340     rpoA
RC0983                   RS11_RICCN  Q92GY9      127     rpsK
RC0984                   RS13_RICCN  Q92GY8      125     rpsM
RC0985                   KAD_RICCN   Q92GY7      212     adk
RC0986                   SECY_RICCN  Q92GY6      433     secY
RC0987                   RL15_RICCN  Q92GY5      153     rplO
RC0988                   RL30_RICCN  Q92GY4      63      rpmD
RC0989                   RS5_RICCN   Q92GY3      176     rpsE
RC0990                   RL18_RICCN  Q92GY2      118     rplR
RC0991                   RL6_RICCN   Q92GY1      177     rplF
RC0992                   RS8_RICCN   Q92GY0      132     rpsH
RC0993                   RS14_RICCN  Q92GX9      101     rpsN
RC0994                   RL5_RICCN   Q92GX8      179     rplE
RC0995                   RL24_RICCN  Q92GX7      109     rplX
RC0996                   RL14_RICCN  Q92GX6      122     rplN
RC0997                   RS17_RICCN  Q92GX5      77      rpsQ
RC0998                   RL29_RICCN  Q92GX4      71      rpmC
RC0999                   RL16_RICCN  Q92GX3      136     rplP
RC1000                   RS3_RICCN   Q92GX2      217     rpsC
RC1001                   RL22_RICCN  Q92GX1      119     rplV
RC1002                   RS19_RICCN  Q92GX0      92      rpsS
RC1003                   RL2_RICCN   Q92GW9      273     rplB
RC1004                   RL23_RICCN  Q92GW8      98      rplW
RC1005                   RL4_RICCN   Q92GW7      207     rplD
RC1006                   RL3_RICCN   Q92GW6      215     rplC
RC1007                   RS10_RICCN  Q92GW5      105     rpsJ
RC1008                   EFTU_RICCN  Q92GW4      394     tuf
RC1012                   FUMC_RICCN  Q92GW0      463     fumC
RC1015                   FTSZ_RICCN  Q92GV7      452     ftsZ
RC1017                   ECOTL_RICCN Q92GV5      68      
RC1019                   AMPG2_RICCN Q92GV3      408     ampG2
RC1021                   CSPA_RICCN  Q92GV1      70      cspA
RC1022                   RSMA_RICCN  Q92GV0      301     rsmA; ksgA
RC1023                   Y1023_RICCN Q92GU9      295     
RC1026                   EX7L_RICCN  Q92GU6      444     xseA
RC1030                   DER_RICCN   Q92GU2      447     der; engA
RC1037                   UBIE_RICCN  Q92GT5      248     ubiE
RC1038                   FPG_RICCN   Q92GT4      273     mutM; fpg
RC1046                   SYM_RICCN   Q92GS6      508     metG; metS
RC1047                   KTHY_RICCN  Q92GS5      203     tmk
RC1053                   SYV_RICCN   Q92GR9      812     valS
RC1057                   RMUC_RICCN  Q92GR5      428     rmuC
RC1068                   CLPX_RICCN  Q92GQ4      425     clpX
RC1070                   QUEC_RICCN  Q92GQ2      228     queC
RC1073                   Y1073_RICCN Q92GP9      576     
RC1077                   LOLD_RICCN  Q92GP5      221     lolD
RC1085                   OMPB_RICCN  Q9KKA3      1655    ompB
RC1088                   HLP_RICCN   Q92GN5      95      
RC1092                   LPXK_RICCN  Q92GN1      321     lpxK
RC1096                   DNLJ_RICCN  Q92GM7      689     ligA; lig
RC1097                   TGT_RICCN   Q92GM6      361     tgt
RC1108                   RNH_RICCN   Q92GL5      152     rnhA
RC1111                   COAE_RICCN  Q92GL2      191     coaE
RC1112                   DPO3E_RICCN Q92GL1      230     dnaQ
RC1113                   SURF1_RICCN Q92GL0      240     
RC1138                   TLCE_RICCN  Q92GI5      499     tlcE; tlc5
RC1141                   HLYC_RICCN  Q92GI2      299     tlyC
RC1142                   YBEY_RICCN  Q92GI1      167     ybeY
RC1145                   LIPA_RICCN  Q92GH8      296     lipA
RC1146                   GLYA_RICCN  Q92GH7      420     glyA
RC1147                   Y1147_RICCN Q92GH6      216     
RC1148                   GLRX2_RICCN Q92GH5      107     grxC2; grlA
RC1149                   END3_RICCN  Q92GH4      210     nth
RC1160                   TATA_RICCN  Q92GG3      53      tatA
RC1162                   RL21_RICCN  Q92GG1      105     rplU
RC1163                   RL27_RICCN  Q92GG0      86      rpmA
RC1164                   AK_RICCN    Q92GF9      401     lysC
RC1175                   MNME_RICCN  Q92GE8      445     mnmE; thdF; trmE
RC1182                   RECA_RICCN  Q92GE1      343     recA
RC1183                   FABG_RICCN  Q92GE0      241     fabG
RC1185                   ACP_RICCN   Q92GD8      86      acpP
RC1194                   KGUA_RICCN  Q92GC9      229     gmk
RC1195                   Y1195_RICCN Q92GC8      109     
RC1202                   FABH_RICCN  Q92GC1      318     fabH
RC1203                   RL32_RICCN  Q92GC0      66      rpmF
RC1205                   FTSY_RICCN  Q92GB8      303     ftsY
RC1206                   DPO1_RICCN  Q92GB7      875     polA
RC1211                   DPO3A_RICCN Q92GB2      1181    dnaE
RC1212                   UDG_RICCN   Q92GB1      432     udg
RC1214                   AMPG3_RICCN Q92GA9      432     ampG3
RC1216                   SYS_RICCN   Q92GA7      425     serS
RC1219                   Y1219_RICCN Q92GA4      301     
RC1224                   NUOJ_RICCN  Q92G99      205     nuoJ
RC1225                   NUOK_RICCN  Q92G98      110     nuoK
RC1226                   NUOL_RICCN  Q92G97      657     nuoL
RC1227                   NUOM_RICCN  Q92G96      493     nuoM
RC1228                   CCMA_RICCN  Q92G95      191     ccmA
RC1229                   NUOI_RICCN  Q92G94      159     nuoI
RC1230                   NUOH_RICCN  Q92G93      339     nuoH
RC1231                   NUOG_RICCN  Q92G92      671     nuoG
RC1233                   ACNA_RICCN  Q92G90      878     acnA
RC1234                   ATPE_RICCN  Q92G89      112     atpC
RC1235                   ATPB_RICCN  Q92G88      473     atpD
RC1236                   ATPG_RICCN  Q92G87      323     atpG
RC1237                   ATPA_RICCN  Q92G86      510     atpA
RC1238                   ATPD_RICCN  Q92G85      184     atpH
RC1245                   PBPA_RICCN  Q92G78      790     mrcA; ponA
RC1246                   MIAB_RICCN  Q92G77      445     miaB
RC1265                   IF1_RICCN   Q92G58      71      infA
RC1266                   NTPP_RICCN  Q92G57      215     
RC1268                   XERC_RICCN  Q92G55      305     xerC
RC1270                   PLD_RICCN   Q92G53      200     pld
RC1273                   OMPA_RICCN  Q52657      2021    ompA
RC1274                   FTSK_RICCN  Q92G50      744     ftsK
RC1281                   Y1281_RICCN Q92G43      249     
RC1282                   Y1282_RICCN Q92G42      227     
RC1283                   FER_RICCN   Q92G41      116     fdxA
RC1285                   TADA_RICCN  Q92G39      153     tadA
RC1287                   17KD_RICCN  P0A3N4      159     omp
RC1289                   ZNUC_RICCN  Q92G36      233     znuC
RC1294                   UVRA_RICCN  Q92G31      955     uvrA
RC1295                   SSB_RICCN   Q92G30      152     ssb
RC1301                   Y1301_RICCN Q92G24      105     
RC1302                   HTPG_RICCN  P58478      621     htpG
RC1303                   HEM1_RICCN  Q92G23      414     hemA
RC1306                   TIG_RICCN   Q92G20      445     tig
RC1307                   OBG_RICCN   Q92G19      330     obg
RC1308                   CISY_RICCN  P51042      435     gltA
RC1314                   RFTRM_RICCN Q92G13      524     prmC/trmB; hemK
RC1316                   SYGB_RICCN  Q92G11      664     glyS
RC1317                   SYGA_RICCN  Q92G10      288     glyQ
RC1327                   SYA_RICCN   Q92G00      878     alaS
RC1328                   TRUA_RICCN  Q92FZ9      245     truA
RC1329                   RPOD_RICCN  Q92FZ8      634     rpoD
RC1330                   DNAG_RICCN  Q92FZ7      595     dnaG
RC1332                   GREA_RICCN  Q92FZ5      162     greA
RC1337                   Y1337_RICCN Q92FZ0      107     
RC1347                   DAPE_RICCN  Q92FY0      381     dapE
RC1355                   NHAA_RICCN  Q92FX2      146     nhaA
RC1356                   Y1356_RICCN Q92FX1      171     
RC1357                   LIPB_RICCN  Q92FX0      209     lipB
RC1359                   RS16_RICCN  Q92FW8      111     rpsP
RC1360                   RL33_RICCN  Q92FW7      56      rpmG
RC1361                   MUTL_RICCN  Q92FW6      610     mutL
RC1369                   HEM6_RICCN  Q92FV8      279     hemF
RC1373                   HEMH_RICCN  Q92FV4      342     hemH
RC1374                   DCUP_RICCN  Q92FV3      346     hemE

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