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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: PDB cross-references in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Name:        pdbtosp.txt
Release:     2021_03 of 02-Jun-2021


The PDB database is available at the following URL:

 - Number of PDB entries referenced in Swiss-Prot: 129371
 - Number of Swiss-Prot entries with one or more pointers to PDB: 30515

code  Method    Resolution  Swiss-Prot entry name(s)
____  ________  __________  __________________________________________
101M  X-ray     2.07 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
102L  X-ray     1.74 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
102M  X-ray     1.84 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
103L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
103M  X-ray     2.07 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
104L  X-ray     2.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
104M  X-ray     1.71 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
105M  X-ray     2.02 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
106M  X-ray     1.99 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
107L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
107M  X-ray     2.09 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
108L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
108M  X-ray     2.67 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
109L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
109M  X-ray     1.83 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
10GS  X-ray     2.20 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
10MH  X-ray     2.55 A      MTH1_HAEPH  (P05102)    
110L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
110M  X-ray     1.77 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
111L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
111M  X-ray     1.88 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
112L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
112M  X-ray     2.34 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
113L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
114L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
115L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
117E  X-ray     2.15 A      IPYR_YEAST  (P00817)    
118L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
119L  X-ray     1.65 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
11AS  X-ray     2.50 A      ASNA_ECOLI  (P00963)    
11BA  X-ray     2.06 A      RNS_BOVIN   (P00669)    
11BG  X-ray     1.90 A      RNS_BOVIN   (P00669)    
11GS  X-ray     2.30 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
120L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
121P  X-ray     1.54 A      RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
122L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
123L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
125L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
126L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
127L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
128L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
129L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
12AS  X-ray     2.20 A      ASNA_ECOLI  (P00963)    
12CA  X-ray     2.40 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
12GS  X-ray     2.10 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
130L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
131L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
132L  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
133L  X-ray     1.77 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
134L  X-ray     1.77 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
135L  X-ray     1.30 A      LYSC_MELGA  (P00703)    
137L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
138L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
139L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
13GS  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
13PK  X-ray     2.50 A      PGKC_TRYBB  (P07378)    
140L  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
141L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
142L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
143L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
144L  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
145L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
146L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
147L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
148L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
149L  X-ray     2.60 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
14GS  X-ray     2.80 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
150L  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
151L  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
152L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
153L  X-ray     1.60 A      LYG_ANSAN   (P00718)    
154L  X-ray     1.60 A      LYG_ANSAN   (P00718)    
155C  X-ray     2.50 A      CY550_PARDE (P00096)    
155L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
156L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
157L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
158L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
159L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
15C8  X-ray     2.50 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
160L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
161L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
162L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
163D  Model     -           REV_HV1B8   (P05864)    
163L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
164L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
165L  X-ray     1.75 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
166L  X-ray     1.75 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
167L  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
168L  X-ray     2.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
169L  X-ray     3.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
16GS  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
16PK  X-ray     1.60 A      PGKC_TRYBB  (P07378)    
16VP  X-ray     2.10 A      VP16_HHV11  (P06492)    
170L  X-ray     2.60 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
171L  X-ray     2.50 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
172L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
173L  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
174L  X-ray     2.30 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
175L  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
176L  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
177L  X-ray     2.50 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
178L  X-ray     2.71 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
17GS  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
180L  X-ray     1.75 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
181L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
182L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
183L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
184L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
185L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
186L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
187L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
188L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
189L  X-ray     2.50 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
18GS  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
190L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1914  X-ray     2.53 A      SRP09_MOUSE (P49962)    , SRP14_MOUSE (P16254)    
191L  X-ray     1.95 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
192L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
193L  X-ray     1.33 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
194L  X-ray     1.40 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
195L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
196L  X-ray     2.30 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
197L  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
198L  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
199L  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
19GS  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
19HC  X-ray     1.80 A      CYC9_DESDA  (Q9RN68)    
1A00  X-ray     2.00 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A01  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A02  X-ray     2.70 A      FOS_HUMAN   (P01100)    , JUN_HUMAN   (P05412)    ,
                            NFAC2_HUMAN (Q13469)    
1A03  NMR       -           S10A6_RABIT (P30801)    
1A04  X-ray     2.20 A      NARL_ECOLI  (P0AF28)    
1A05  X-ray     2.00 A      LEU3_ACIFR  (Q56268)    
1A06  X-ray     2.50 A      KCC1A_RAT   (Q63450)    
1A07  X-ray     2.20 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A08  X-ray     2.20 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A09  X-ray     2.00 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A0A  X-ray     2.80 A      PHO4_YEAST  (P07270)    
1A0B  X-ray     2.06 A      ARCB_ECOLI  (P0AEC3)    
1A0C  X-ray     2.50 A      XYLA_THETU  (P19148)    
1A0D  X-ray     3.00 A      XYLA_GEOSE  (P54273)    
1A0E  X-ray     2.70 A      XYLA_THENE  (P45687)    
1A0F  X-ray     2.10 A      GSTA_ECOLI  (P0A9D2)    
1A0G  X-ray     2.00 A      DAAA_BACYM  (P19938)    
1A0H  X-ray     3.20 A      THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    
1A0I  X-ray     2.60 A      DNLI_BPT7   (P00969)    
1A0J  X-ray     1.70 A      TRY3_SALSA  (P35033)    
1A0K  X-ray     2.20 A      PRF1_ARATH  (Q42449)    
1A0L  X-ray     3.00 A      TRYB2_HUMAN (P20231)    
1A0M  X-ray     1.10 A      CA1A_CONEP  (P56638)    
1A0N  NMR       -           FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , P85A_HUMAN  (P27986)    
1A0O  X-ray     2.95 A      CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1A0P  X-ray     2.50 A      XERD_ECOLI  (P0A8P8)    
1A0Q  X-ray     2.30 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1A0R  X-ray     2.80 A      GBB1_BOVIN  (P62871)    , GBG1_BOVIN  (P02698)    ,
                            PHOS_BOVIN  (P19632)    
1A0S  X-ray     2.40 A      SCRY_SALTM  (P22340)    
1A0T  X-ray     2.40 A      SCRY_SALTM  (P22340)    
1A0U  X-ray     2.14 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A0Z  X-ray     2.00 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A11  NMR       -           ACHD_RAT    (P25110)    
1A12  X-ray     1.70 A      RCC1_HUMAN  (P18754)    
1A13  NMR       -           MAST_VESXA  (P01515)    
1A14  X-ray     2.50 A      HVM05_MOUSE (P01749)    , KV5AC_MOUSE (P01645)    ,
                            NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1A15  X-ray     2.20 A      SDF1_HUMAN  (P48061)    
1A16  X-ray     2.30 A      AMPP_ECOLI  (P15034)    
1A17  X-ray     2.45 A      PPP5_HUMAN  (P53041)    
1A18  X-ray     2.40 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1A19  X-ray     2.76 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    
1A1A  X-ray     2.00 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A1B  X-ray     2.20 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A1C  X-ray     2.40 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A1D  NMR       -           RPAB3_YEAST (P20436)    
1A1E  X-ray     2.20 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1A1F  X-ray     2.10 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1G  X-ray     1.90 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1H  X-ray     1.60 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1I  X-ray     1.60 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1J  X-ray     2.00 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1K  X-ray     1.90 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1L  X-ray     2.30 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1A1M  X-ray     2.30 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1A1N  X-ray     2.00 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1A1O  X-ray     2.30 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1A1Q  X-ray     2.40 A      POLG_HCVBK  (P26663)    
1A1R  X-ray     2.50 A      POLG_HCV77  (P27958)    
1A1S  X-ray     2.70 A      OTCA_PYRFU  (Q51742)    
1A1U  NMR       -           P53_HUMAN   (P04637)    
1A1V  X-ray     2.20 A      POLG_HCV77  (P27958)    
1A1W  NMR       -           FADD_HUMAN  (Q13158)    
1A1X  X-ray     2.00 A      MTCP1_HUMAN (P56278)    
1A1Z  NMR       -           FADD_HUMAN  (Q13158)    
1A20  Model     -           VPL1_PLEER  (Q9UR19)    
1A21  X-ray     2.35 A      TF_RABIT    (P24055)    
1A22  X-ray     2.60 A      GHR_HUMAN   (P10912)    , SOMA_HUMAN  (P01241)    
1A23  NMR       -           DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1A24  NMR       -           DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1A25  X-ray     2.70 A      KPCB_RAT    (P68403)    
1A26  X-ray     2.25 A      PARP1_CHICK (P26446)    
1A27  X-ray     1.90 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1A28  X-ray     1.80 A      PRGR_HUMAN  (P06401)    
1A29  X-ray     2.74 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1A2A  X-ray     2.80 A      PA2N_GLOHA  (P14421)    
1A2B  X-ray     2.40 A      RHOA_HUMAN  (P61586)    
1A2C  X-ray     2.10 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A2D  X-ray     2.40 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1A2F  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1A2G  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1A2I  NMR       -           CYC3_DESVH  (P00131)    
1A2J  X-ray     2.00 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1A2K  X-ray     2.50 A      NTF2_RAT    (P61972)    , RAN_CANLF   (P62825)    
1A2L  X-ray     2.70 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1A2M  X-ray     2.70 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1A2N  X-ray     2.80 A      MURA_ECOLI  (P0A749)    
1A2O  X-ray     2.40 A      CHEB_SALTY  (P04042)    
1A2P  X-ray     1.50 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1A2Q  X-ray     1.80 A      SUBT_BACAM  (P00782)    
1A2S  NMR       -           CYC6_CHLBR  (Q09099)    
1A2T  X-ray     1.96 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1A2U  X-ray     2.00 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1A2V  X-ray     2.40 A      AMO_PICAN   (P12807)    
1A2W  X-ray     2.10 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1A2X  X-ray     2.30 A      TNNC2_RABIT (P02586)    , TNNI2_RABIT (P02643)    
1A2Y  X-ray     1.50 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    ,
                            LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1A2Z  X-ray     1.73 A      PCP_THELN   (O07883)    
1A30  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1A31  X-ray     2.10 A      TOP1_HUMAN  (P11387)    
1A32  X-ray     2.10 A      RS15_GEOSE  (P05766)    
1A33  X-ray     2.15 A      CYP1_BRUMA  (Q27450)    
1A34  X-ray     1.81 A      COAT_STMV   (P17574)    
1A35  X-ray     2.50 A      TOP1_HUMAN  (P11387)    
1A36  X-ray     2.80 A      TOP1_HUMAN  (P11387)    
1A37  X-ray     3.60 A      1433Z_BOVIN (P63103)    
1A38  X-ray     3.35 A      1433Z_BOVIN (P63103)    
1A39  X-ray     2.20 A      GUN1_HUMIN  (P56680)    
1A3A  X-ray     1.80 A      PTM3C_ECOLI (P00550)    
1A3B  X-ray     1.80 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A3C  X-ray     1.60 A      PYRR_BACSU  (P39765)    
1A3D  X-ray     1.80 A      PA2A2_NAJNA (P15445)    
1A3E  X-ray     1.85 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A3F  X-ray     2.65 A      PA2A2_NAJNA (P15445)    
1A3G  X-ray     2.50 A      ILVE_ECOLI  (P0AB80)    
1A3H  X-ray     1.57 A      GUN5_SALAG  (O85465)    
1A3K  X-ray     2.10 A      LEG3_HUMAN  (P17931)    
1A3L  X-ray     1.95 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1A3N  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A3O  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1A3P  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1A3Q  X-ray     2.10 A      NFKB2_HUMAN (Q00653)    
1A3R  X-ray     2.10 A      POLG_HRV2   (P04936)    
1A3S  X-ray     2.80 A      UBC9_HUMAN  (P63279)    
1A3T  X-ray     2.10 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1A3U  X-ray     2.05 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1A3V  X-ray     2.20 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1A3W  X-ray     3.00 A      KPYK1_YEAST (P00549)    
1A3X  X-ray     3.00 A      KPYK1_YEAST (P00549)    
1A3Y  X-ray     2.25 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1A3Z  X-ray     1.90 A      RUS2_ACIFR  (P0C918)    
1A40  X-ray     1.70 A      PSTS_ECOLI  (P0AG82)    
1A41  X-ray     2.30 A      TOP1_VACCW  (P68698)    
1A42  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1A43  X-ray     2.60 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1A44  X-ray     1.84 A      PEBP1_BOVIN (P13696)    
1A45  X-ray     2.30 A      CRGF_BOVIN  (P23005)    
1A46  X-ray     2.12 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A47  X-ray     2.56 A      CDGT_THETU  (P26827)    
1A48  X-ray     1.90 A      PUR7_YEAST  (P27616)    
1A49  X-ray     2.10 A      KPYM_RABIT  (P11974)    
1A4A  X-ray     1.89 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1A4B  X-ray     1.91 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1A4C  X-ray     2.45 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1A4E  X-ray     2.40 A      CATA_YEAST  (P15202)    
1A4F  X-ray     2.00 A      HBA_ANSIN   (P01990)    , HBB_ANSIN   (P02118)    
1A4G  X-ray     2.20 A      NRAM_INBBE  (P27907)    
1A4H  X-ray     2.50 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1A4I  X-ray     1.50 A      C1TC_HUMAN  (P11586)    
1A4J  X-ray     2.10 A      IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1A4K  X-ray     2.40 A      IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1A4L  X-ray     2.60 A      ADA_MOUSE   (P03958)    
1A4M  X-ray     1.95 A      ADA_MOUSE   (P03958)    
1A4O  X-ray     2.80 A      1433Z_BOVIN (P63103)    
1A4P  X-ray     2.25 A      S10AA_HUMAN (P60903)    
1A4Q  X-ray     1.90 A      NRAM_INBBE  (P27907)    
1A4R  X-ray     2.50 A      CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    
1A4S  X-ray     2.10 A      AL9A1_GADMC (P56533)    
1A4T  NMR       -           REGN_BPP22  (P04891)    
1A4U  X-ray     1.92 A      ADH_DROLE   (P10807)    
1A4V  X-ray     1.80 A      LALBA_HUMAN (P00709)    
1A4W  X-ray     1.80 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A4X  X-ray     2.30 A      PYRR_BACSU  (P39765)    
1A4Y  X-ray     2.00 A      ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    , RINI_HUMAN  (P13489)    
1A4Z  X-ray     2.75 A      ALDH2_BOVIN (P20000)    
1A50  X-ray     2.30 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1A52  X-ray     2.80 A      ESR1_HUMAN  (P03372)    
1A53  X-ray     2.00 A      TRPC_SACS2  (Q06121)    
1A54  X-ray     1.60 A      PSTS_ECOLI  (P0AG82)    
1A55  X-ray     2.40 A      PSTS_ECOLI  (P0AG82)    
1A56  NMR       -           CY552_NITEU (P95339)    
1A57  NMR       -           FABPI_RAT   (P02693)    
1A58  X-ray     1.95 A      CYP1_BRUMA  (Q27450)    
1A59  X-ray     2.09 A      PRPC_ABDS2  (O34002)    
1A5A  X-ray     1.90 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1A5B  X-ray     2.00 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1A5C  X-ray     3.00 A      ALF_PLAFA   (P14223)    
1A5D  X-ray     2.30 A      CRGE_RAT    (P02528)    
1A5E  NMR       -           CDN2A_HUMAN (P42771)    
1A5G  X-ray     2.06 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A5H  X-ray     2.90 A      TPA_HUMAN   (P00750)    
1A5I  X-ray     2.90 A      URT1_DESRO  (P98119)    
1A5J  NMR       -           MYBB_CHICK  (Q03237)    
1A5K  X-ray     2.20 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1A5L  X-ray     2.20 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1A5M  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1A5N  X-ray     2.40 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1A5O  X-ray     2.50 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1A5P  X-ray     1.60 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1A5Q  X-ray     2.30 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1A5R  NMR       -           SUMO1_HUMAN (P63165)    
1A5S  X-ray     2.30 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1A5T  X-ray     2.20 A      HOLB_ECOLI  (P28631)    
1A5U  X-ray     2.35 A      KPYM_RABIT  (P11974)    
1A5V  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1A5W  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1A5X  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1A5Y  X-ray     2.50 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1A5Z  X-ray     2.10 A      LDH_THEMA   (P16115)    
1A61  X-ray     2.20 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1A62  X-ray     1.55 A      RHO_ECOLI   (P0AG30)    
1A63  NMR       -           RHO_ECOLI   (P0AG30)    
1A64  X-ray     2.00 A      CD2_RAT     (P08921)    
1A66  NMR       -           NFAC1_HUMAN (O95644)    
1A67  NMR       -           CYT_CHICK   (P01038)    
1A69  X-ray     2.10 A      DEOD_ECOLI  (P0ABP8)    
1A6A  X-ray     2.75 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            HG2A_HUMAN  (P04233)    
1A6B  NMR       -           GAG_MLVMS   (P03332)    
1A6C  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_TRSV  (Q88894)    
1A6D  X-ray     2.60 A      THSA_THEAC  (P48424)    , THSB_THEAC  (P48425)    
1A6E  X-ray     3.20 A      THSA_THEAC  (P48424)    , THSB_THEAC  (P48425)    
1A6F  X-ray     2.60 A      RNPA_BACSU  (P25814)    
1A6G  X-ray     1.15 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1A6I  X-ray     2.40 A      TETR4_ECOLX (P0ACT4)    
1A6J  X-ray     2.35 A      PTSN_ECOLI  (P69829)    
1A6K  X-ray     1.10 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1A6L  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1A6M  X-ray     1.00 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1A6N  X-ray     1.15 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1A6P  X-ray     2.08 A      CD2_RAT     (P08921)    
1A6Q  X-ray     2.00 A      PPM1A_HUMAN (P35813)    
1A6R  X-ray     2.05 A      BLH1_YEAST  (Q01532)    
1A6S  NMR       -           GAG_RSVP    (P03322)    
1A6U  X-ray     2.10 A      LV1B_MOUSE  (P01724)    
1A6V  X-ray     1.80 A      LV1B_MOUSE  (P01724)    
1A6W  X-ray     2.00 A      LV1B_MOUSE  (P01724)    
1A6X  NMR       -           BCCP_ECOLI  (P0ABD8)    
1A6Y  X-ray     2.30 A      NR1D1_HUMAN (P20393)    
1A6Z  X-ray     2.60 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HFE_HUMAN   (Q30201)    
1A70  X-ray     1.70 A      FER1_SPIOL  (P00221)    
1A71  X-ray     2.00 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1A72  X-ray     2.60 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1A73  X-ray     1.80 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1A74  X-ray     2.20 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1A75  X-ray     1.90 A      PRVB_MERMR  (P02621)    
1A76  X-ray     2.00 A      FEN_METJA   (Q58839)    
1A77  X-ray     2.00 A      FEN_METJA   (Q58839)    
1A78  X-ray     2.00 A      LEG1_RHIAE  (P56217)    
1A79  X-ray     2.28 A      ENDA_METJA  (Q58819)    
1A7A  X-ray     2.80 A      SAHH_HUMAN  (P23526)    
1A7B  X-ray     3.10 A      CD2_RAT     (P08921)    
1A7C  X-ray     1.95 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1A7D  X-ray     1.80 A      HEMTM_THEHE (P02247)    
1A7E  X-ray     1.80 A      HEMTM_THEHE (P02247)    
1A7F  NMR       -           INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1A7G  X-ray     2.40 A      VE2_HPV31   (P17383)    
1A7H  X-ray     2.56 A      CRYGS_BOVIN (P06504)    
1A7I  NMR       -           CSRP2_COTJA (Q05158)    
1A7J  X-ray     2.50 A      KPPR1_RHOSH (P12033)    
1A7K  X-ray     2.80 A      G3PG_LEIME  (Q27890)    
1A7L  X-ray     2.90 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1A7M  NMR       -           LIF_MOUSE   (P09056)    
1A7N  X-ray     2.01 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    
1A7O  X-ray     2.00 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    
1A7P  X-ray     2.01 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    
1A7Q  X-ray     2.00 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    
1A7R  X-ray     2.01 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    
1A7S  X-ray     1.12 A      CAP7_HUMAN  (P20160)    
1A7T  X-ray     1.85 A      BLAB_BACFG  (P25910)    
1A7U  X-ray     1.75 A      PRXC_KITAU  (O31168)    
1A7V  X-ray     2.30 A      CYCP_RHOPA  (P00149)    
1A7W  X-ray     1.55 A      HMFB_METFE  (P19267)    
1A7X  X-ray     2.00 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1A80  X-ray     2.10 A      DKGA_CORSC  (P06632)    
1A81  X-ray     3.00 A      CD3E_HUMAN  (P07766)    , KSYK_HUMAN  (P43405)    
1A82  X-ray     1.80 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1A85  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP8_HUMAN  (P22894)    
1A86  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP8_HUMAN  (P22894)    
1A87  X-ray     3.10 A      CEAN_ECOLX  (P08083)    
1A88  X-ray     1.90 A      PRXC_STRLI  (P49323)    
1A89  Model     -           CO5A1_HUMAN (P20908)    
1A8A  X-ray     1.90 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1A8B  X-ray     1.90 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1A8C  NMR       -           CY552_NITEU (P95339)    
1A8D  X-ray     1.57 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1A8E  X-ray     1.60 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1A8F  X-ray     1.80 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1A8G  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1A8H  X-ray     2.00 A      SYM_THET8   (P23395)    
1A8I  X-ray     1.78 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1A8J  X-ray     2.70 A      LV208_HUMAN (P01709)    
1A8K  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1A8M  X-ray     2.30 A      TNFA_HUMAN  (P01375)    
1A8O  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1A8P  X-ray     2.00 A      FENR_AZOVI  (Q44532)    
1A8Q  X-ray     1.75 A      CPOA1_KITAU (P33912)    
1A8R  X-ray     2.10 A      GCH1_ECOLI  (P0A6T5)    
1A8S  X-ray     1.80 A      PRXC_PSEFL  (O31158)    
1A8T  X-ray     2.55 A      BLAB_BACFG  (P25910)    
1A8U  X-ray     1.60 A      PRXC_KITAU  (O31168)    
1A8V  X-ray     2.00 A      RHO_ECOLI   (P0AG30)    
1A8X  Model     -           ITAM_HUMAN  (P11215)    
1A8Y  X-ray     2.40 A      CASQ1_RABIT (P07221)    
1A8Z  X-ray     2.10 A      RUS2_ACIFR  (P0C918)    
1A90  NMR       -           CYT_CHICK   (P01038)    
1A91  NMR       -           ATPL_ECOLI  (P68699)    
1A92  X-ray     1.80 A      SHDAG_HDVAM (P25989)    
1A93  NMR       -           MAX_MOUSE   (P28574)    , MYC_HUMAN   (P01106)    
1A94  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1A95  X-ray     2.00 A      XGPT_ECOLI  (P0A9M5)    
1A96  X-ray     2.00 A      XGPT_ECOLI  (P0A9M5)    
1A97  X-ray     2.60 A      XGPT_ECOLI  (P0A9M5)    
1A98  X-ray     2.25 A      XGPT_ECOLI  (P0A9M5)    
1A99  X-ray     2.20 A      POTF_ECOLI  (P31133)    
1A9A  Model     -           CO5A1_HUMAN (P20908)    , CO5A2_HUMAN (P05997)    
1A9B  X-ray     3.20 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1A9C  X-ray     2.90 A      GCH1_ECOLI  (P0A6T5)    
1A9E  X-ray     2.50 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1A9M  X-ray     2.30 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1A9N  X-ray     2.38 A      RU2A_HUMAN  (P09661)    , RU2B_HUMAN  (P08579)    
1A9O  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9P  X-ray     2.40 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9Q  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9R  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9S  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9T  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1A9U  X-ray     2.50 A      MK14_HUMAN  (Q16539)    
1A9V  NMR       -           ALL2_DERPT  (P49278)    
1A9W  X-ray     2.90 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBE_HUMAN   (P02100)    
1A9X  X-ray     1.80 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1A9Y  X-ray     1.80 A      GALE_ECOLI  (P09147)    
1A9Z  X-ray     1.90 A      GALE_ECOLI  (P09147)    
1AA0  X-ray     2.20 A      WAC_BPT4    (P10104)    
1AA1  X-ray     2.20 A      RBL_SPIOL   (P00875)    , RBS2_SPIOL  (Q43832)    
1AA2  X-ray     2.00 A      SPTB2_HUMAN (Q01082)    
1AA3  NMR       -           RECA_ECOLI  (P0A7G6)    
1AA4  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AA6  X-ray     2.30 A      FDHF_ECOLI  (P07658)    
1AA7  X-ray     2.08 A      M1_I34A1    (P03485)    
1AA9  NMR       -           RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1AAB  NMR       -           HMGB1_RAT   (P63159)    
1AAC  X-ray     1.31 A      AMCY_PARDE  (P22364)    
1AAF  NMR       -           GAG_HV1MN   (P05888)    , POL_HV1MN   (P05961)    
1AAJ  X-ray     1.80 A      AMCY_PARDE  (P22364)    
1AAL  X-ray     1.60 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1AAM  X-ray     2.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AAN  X-ray     2.00 A      AMCY_PARDE  (P22364)    
1AAO  Model     -           TRYB2_HUMAN (P20231)    
1AAP  X-ray     1.50 A      A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1AAQ  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1AAR  X-ray     2.30 A      UBC_BOVIN   (P0CH28)    
1AAT  X-ray     2.80 A      AATC_CHICK  (P00504)    
1AAW  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AAX  X-ray     1.90 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1AAY  X-ray     1.60 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1AAZ  X-ray     2.00 A      GLRX_BPT4   (P00276)    
1AB0  X-ray     1.90 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1AB1  X-ray     0.89 A      CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1AB2  NMR       -           ABL1_HUMAN  (P00519)    
1AB3  NMR       -           RS15_THETH  (P80378)    
1AB4  X-ray     2.80 A      GYRA_ECOLI  (P0AES4)    
1AB5  X-ray     2.40 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1AB6  X-ray     2.20 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1AB7  NMR       -           BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    
1AB8  X-ray     2.20 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    
1AB9  X-ray     1.60 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1ABA  X-ray     1.45 A      GLRX_BPT4   (P00276)    
1ABB  X-ray     2.80 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1ABE  X-ray     1.70 A      ARAF_ECOLI  (P02924)    
1ABF  X-ray     1.90 A      ARAF_ECOLI  (P02924)    
1ABI  X-ray     2.30 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1ABJ  X-ray     2.40 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1ABL  Model     -           ABL1_HUMAN  (P00519)    
1ABN  X-ray     2.40 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1ABO  X-ray     2.00 A      3BP1_MOUSE  (P55194)    , ABL1_MOUSE  (P00520)    
1ABQ  X-ray     2.80 A      ABL1_MOUSE  (P00520)    
1ABR  X-ray     2.14 A      ABRA_ABRPR  (P11140)    
1ABS  X-ray     1.50 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1ABT  NMR       -           3L21A_BUNMU (P60615)    , ACHA_TETCF  (P02710)    
1ABV  NMR       -           ATPD_ECOLI  (P0ABA4)    
1ABW  X-ray     2.00 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1ABY  X-ray     2.60 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1AC0  NMR       -           AMYG_ASPNG  (P69328)    
1AC1  X-ray     2.00 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1AC4  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AC5  X-ray     2.40 A      KEX1_YEAST  (P09620)    
1AC6  X-ray     2.30 A      TVA3_MOUSE  (P06323)    
1AC8  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1ACA  NMR       -           ACBP_BOVIN  (P07107)    
1ACB  X-ray     2.00 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    , ICIC_HIRME  (P01051)    
1ACC  X-ray     2.10 A      PAG_BACAN   (P13423)    
1ACD  X-ray     2.70 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1ACF  X-ray     2.00 A      PRO1B_ACACA (Q95VF7)    
1ACI  NMR       -           RL11_GEOSE  (P56210)    
1ACJ  X-ray     2.80 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1ACL  X-ray     2.80 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1ACM  X-ray     2.80 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    , PYRI_ECOLI  (P0A7F3)    
1ACO  X-ray     2.05 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1ACP  NMR       -           ACP_ECOLI   (P0A6A8)    
1ACV  X-ray     1.90 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1ACW  NMR       -           KAX81_ANDMA (P56215)    
1ACX  X-ray     2.00 A      ATXA_STRGL  (P01551)    
1ACY  X-ray     3.00 A      ENV_HV1MN   (P05877)    , IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    ,
                            KV3AB_MOUSE (P01663)    
1ACZ  NMR       -           AMYG_ASPNG  (P69328)    
1AD1  X-ray     2.20 A      DHPS_STAAU  (O05701)    
1AD2  X-ray     1.90 A      RL1_THETH   (P27150)    
1AD3  X-ray     2.60 A      AL3A1_RAT   (P11883)    
1AD4  X-ray     2.40 A      DHPS_STAAU  (O05701)    
1AD5  X-ray     2.60 A      HCK_HUMAN   (P08631)    
1AD6  X-ray     2.30 A      RB_HUMAN    (P06400)    
1AD7  NMR       -           CKG_CONGE   (P07231)    
1AD8  X-ray     2.00 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1ADB  X-ray     2.40 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1ADC  X-ray     2.70 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1ADD  X-ray     2.40 A      ADA_MOUSE   (P03958)    
1ADE  X-ray     2.00 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1ADF  X-ray     2.90 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1ADG  X-ray     2.70 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1ADI  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1ADJ  X-ray     2.70 A      SYH_THET8   (P56194)    
1ADL  X-ray     1.60 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1ADN  NMR       -           ADA_ECOLI   (P06134)    
1ADO  X-ray     1.90 A      ALDOA_RABIT (P00883)    
1ADQ  X-ray     3.15 A      IGHG4_HUMAN (P01861)    
1ADR  NMR       -           RPC2_BPP22  (P69202)    
1ADS  X-ray     1.65 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1ADU  X-ray     3.00 A      DNB2_ADE05  (P03265)    
1ADV  X-ray     3.20 A      DNB2_ADE05  (P03265)    
1ADW  X-ray     2.50 A      AZUP_PARPN  (P80401)    
1ADX  NMR       -           TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1ADY  X-ray     2.80 A      SYH_THET8   (P56194)    
1ADZ  NMR       -           TFPI1_HUMAN (P10646)    
1AE1  X-ray     2.40 A      TRN1_DATST  (P50162)    
1AE2  X-ray     2.00 A      G5P_BPF1    (P69543)    
1AE3  X-ray     2.00 A      G5P_BPF1    (P69543)    
1AE4  X-ray     2.40 A      AK1A1_PIG   (P50578)    
1AE5  X-ray     2.30 A      CAP7_HUMAN  (P20160)    
1AE6  X-ray     3.00 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    
1AE7  X-ray     2.00 A      PA2B_NOTSC  (P00608)    
1AE8  X-ray     2.00 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AE9  X-ray     1.90 A      VINT_LAMBD  (P03700)    
1AEB  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEC  X-ray     1.86 A      ACTN_ACTCC  (P00785)    
1AED  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEE  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEF  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEG  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEH  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEI  X-ray     2.80 A      ANX12_HYDVU (P26256)    
1AEJ  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEK  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEL  NMR       -           FABPI_RAT   (P02693)    
1AEM  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEN  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEO  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEP  X-ray     2.70 A      APL3_LOCMI  (P10762)    
1AEQ  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AER  X-ray     2.30 A      TOXA_PSEAE  (P11439)    
1AES  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AET  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEU  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEV  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1AEW  X-ray     1.95 A      FRIL_HORSE  (P02791)    
1AEX  X-ray     2.10 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1AEY  NMR       -           SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1AF0  X-ray     1.80 A      PRZN_SERMA  (P23694)    
1AF2  X-ray     2.30 A      CDD_ECOLI   (P0ABF6)    
1AF3  X-ray     2.50 A      B2CL1_RAT   (P53563)    
1AF4  X-ray     2.60 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1AF5  X-ray     3.00 A      DNE1_CHLRE  (P05725)    
1AF6  X-ray     2.40 A      LAMB_ECOLI  (P02943)    
1AF7  X-ray     2.00 A      CHER_SALTY  (P07801)    
1AF8  NMR       -           ACPX_STRCO  (Q02054)    
1AF9  X-ray     2.70 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1AFA  X-ray     2.00 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1AFB  X-ray     1.90 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1AFC  X-ray     2.70 A      FGF1_BOVIN  (P03968)    
1AFD  X-ray     2.00 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1AFE  X-ray     2.00 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AFH  NMR       -           NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1AFI  NMR       -           MERP_SHIFL  (P04129)    
1AFJ  NMR       -           MERP_SHIFL  (P04129)    
1AFK  X-ray     1.70 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1AFL  X-ray     1.70 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1AFO  NMR       -           GLPA_HUMAN  (P02724)    
1AFP  NMR       -           AFP_ASPGI   (P17737)    
1AFQ  X-ray     1.80 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1AFR  X-ray     2.40 A      STAD_RICCO  (P22337)    
1AFS  X-ray     2.50 A      DIDH_RAT    (P23457)    
1AFT  NMR       -           RIR2_MOUSE  (P11157)    
1AFU  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1AFV  X-ray     3.70 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1AFW  X-ray     1.80 A      THIK_YEAST  (P27796)    
1AFY  Model     -           THIK_YEAST  (P27796)    
1AG0  X-ray     2.40 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1AG1  X-ray     2.36 A      TPIS_TRYBB  (P04789)    
1AG2  NMR       -           PRIO_MOUSE  (P04925)    
1AG4  NMR       -           SR3A_PHYPO  (P09353)    
1AG6  X-ray     1.60 A      PLAS_SPIOL  (P00289)    
1AG7  NMR       -           U6GS_CONGE  (P15472)    
1AG8  X-ray     2.65 A      ALDH2_BOVIN (P20000)    
1AG9  X-ray     1.80 A      FLAV_ECOLI  (P61949)    
1AGB  X-ray     2.20 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1AGC  X-ray     2.10 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1AGD  X-ray     2.05 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1AGE  X-ray     2.30 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1AGF  X-ray     2.20 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1AGG  NMR       -           TX23B_AGEAP (P37045)    
1AGI  X-ray     1.50 A      ANG1_BOVIN  (P10152)    
1AGJ  X-ray     1.70 A      ETA_STAAU   (P09331)    
1AGM  X-ray     2.30 A      AMYG_ASPAW  (P69327)    
1AGN  X-ray     3.00 A      ADH7_HUMAN  (P40394)    
1AGP  X-ray     2.30 A      RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1AGQ  X-ray     1.90 A      GDNF_RAT    (Q07731)    
1AGR  X-ray     2.80 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    , RGS4_RAT    (P49799)    
1AGS  X-ray     2.50 A      GSTA2_HUMAN (P09210)    
1AGT  NMR       -           KAX32_LEIHE (P46111)    
1AGW  X-ray     2.40 A      FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1AGX  X-ray     2.90 A      ASPQ_ACIGL  (P10172)    
1AGY  X-ray     1.15 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1AH0  X-ray     2.30 A      ALDR_PIG    (P80276)    
1AH1  NMR       -           CTLA4_HUMAN (P16410)    
1AH2  NMR       -           ELYA_ALKAL  (P27693)    
1AH3  X-ray     2.30 A      ALDR_PIG    (P80276)    
1AH4  X-ray     2.00 A      ALDR_PIG    (P80276)    
1AH5  X-ray     2.40 A      HEM3_ECOLI  (P06983)    
1AH6  X-ray     1.80 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1AH7  X-ray     1.50 A      PHLC_BACCE  (P09598)    
1AH8  X-ray     2.10 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1AH9  NMR       -           IF1_ECOLI   (P69222)    
1AHA  X-ray     2.20 A      RIP1_MOMCH  (P16094)    
1AHB  X-ray     2.20 A      RIP1_MOMCH  (P16094)    
1AHC  X-ray     2.00 A      RIP1_MOMCH  (P16094)    
1AHD  NMR       -           ANTP_DROME  (P02833)    
1AHE  X-ray     2.30 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AHF  X-ray     2.30 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AHG  X-ray     2.50 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AHH  X-ray     2.30 A      HDHA_ECOLI  (P0AET8)    
1AHI  X-ray     2.30 A      HDHA_ECOLI  (P0AET8)    
1AHJ  X-ray     2.65 A      NHAA_RHOER  (P13448)    , NHAB_RHOER  (P13449)    
1AHK  NMR       -           ALL2_DERFA  (Q00855)    
1AHL  NMR       -           NA1A_ANTXA  (P01530)    
1AHM  NMR       -           ALL2_DERFA  (Q00855)    
1AHN  X-ray     2.60 A      FLAV_ECOLI  (P61949)    
1AHO  X-ray     0.96 A      SCX2_ANDAU  (P01484)    
1AHP  X-ray     3.00 A      PHSM_ECOLI  (P00490)    
1AHQ  X-ray     2.30 A      ACTP_ACACA  (P37167)    
1AHR  X-ray     1.80 A      CALM_CHICK  (P62149)    
1AHS  X-ray     2.30 A      VP7_AHSV4   (P36325)    
1AHT  X-ray     1.60 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AHU  X-ray     2.70 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1AHV  X-ray     3.10 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1AHW  X-ray     3.00 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            TF_HUMAN    (P13726)    
1AHX  X-ray     2.00 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AHY  X-ray     2.30 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AHZ  X-ray     3.30 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1AI0  NMR       -           INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1AI1  X-ray     2.80 A      ENV_HV1MN   (P05877)    , IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    ,
                            IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1AI2  X-ray     1.90 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1AI3  X-ray     1.90 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1AI4  X-ray     2.35 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AI5  X-ray     2.36 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AI6  X-ray     2.55 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AI7  X-ray     2.50 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AI8  X-ray     1.85 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AI9  X-ray     1.85 A      DYR_CANAX   (P22906)    
1AIA  X-ray     2.20 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AIB  X-ray     2.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AIC  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AID  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1AIE  X-ray     1.50 A      P53_HUMAN   (P04637)    
1AIF  X-ray     2.90 A      IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1AIG  X-ray     2.60 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1AIH  X-ray     2.50 A      VINT_BPHC1  (P21442)    
1AII  X-ray     1.95 A      ANXA3_HUMAN (P12429)    
1AIJ  X-ray     2.20 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1AIK  X-ray     2.00 A      ENV_HV1H2   (P04578)    
1AIL  X-ray     1.90 A      NS1_I72A2   (P03495)    
1AIM  X-ray     2.00 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1AIN  X-ray     2.50 A      ANXA1_HUMAN (P04083)    
1AIP  X-ray     3.00 A      EFTS_THET8  (P43895)    , EFTU1_THETH (P60338)    
1AIQ  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1AIR  X-ray     2.20 A      PLYC_DICCH  (P11073)    
1AIS  X-ray     2.10 A      TBP_PYRWO   (P62001)    , TF2B_PYRWO  (P61999)    
1AIU  X-ray     2.00 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1AIV  X-ray     3.00 A      TRFE_CHICK  (P02789)    
1AIW  NMR       -           GUNZ_DICD3  (P07103)    
1AIX  X-ray     2.10 A      HIR3B_HIRME (P28510)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AIY  NMR       -           INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1AIZ  X-ray     1.80 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1AJ0  X-ray     2.00 A      DHPS_ECOLI  (P0AC13)    
1AJ1  NMR       -           LANA_ACTGA  (P56650)    
1AJ2  X-ray     2.00 A      DHPS_ECOLI  (P0AC13)    
1AJ3  NMR       -           SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1AJ4  NMR       -           TNNC1_CHICK (P09860)    
1AJ5  X-ray     2.30 A      CPNS1_RAT   (Q64537)    
1AJ6  X-ray     2.30 A      GYRB_ECOLI  (P0AES6)    
1AJ7  X-ray     2.10 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1AJ8  X-ray     1.90 A      CISY_PYRFU  (Q53554)    
1AJ9  X-ray     2.20 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1AJA  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1AJB  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1AJC  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1AJD  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1AJE  NMR       -           CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    
1AJG  X-ray     1.69 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1AJH  X-ray     1.69 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1AJI  Model     -           CALM1_HUMAN (P0DP23)    , MYO1A_CHICK (P47807)    
1AJJ  X-ray     1.70 A      LDLR_HUMAN  (P01130)    
1AJK  X-ray     1.80 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    
1AJM  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1AJN  X-ray     2.36 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AJO  X-ray     2.07 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    
1AJP  X-ray     2.31 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AJQ  X-ray     2.05 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1AJR  X-ray     1.74 A      AATC_PIG    (P00503)    
1AJS  X-ray     1.60 A      AATC_PIG    (P00503)    
1AJV  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1AJW  NMR       -           GDIR1_BOVIN (P19803)    
1AJX  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1AJY  NMR       -           PUT3_YEAST  (P25502)    
1AJZ  X-ray     2.00 A      DHPS_ECOLI  (P0AC13)    
1AK0  X-ray     1.80 A      NUP1_PENCI  (P24289)    
1AK1  X-ray     1.90 A      CPFC_BACSU  (P32396)    
1AK2  X-ray     1.92 A      KAD2_BOVIN  (P08166)    
1AK4  X-ray     2.36 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    , PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AK5  X-ray     2.30 A      IMDH_TRIFO  (P50097)    
1AK6  NMR       -           DEST_PIG    (P60982)    
1AK7  NMR       -           DEST_PIG    (P60982)    
1AK8  NMR       -           CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1AK9  X-ray     1.80 A      SUBT_BACAM  (P00782)    
1AKA  X-ray     2.10 A      AATM_CHICK  (P00508)    
1AKB  X-ray     2.30 A      AATM_CHICK  (P00508)    
1AKC  X-ray     2.30 A      AATM_CHICK  (P00508)    
1AKD  X-ray     1.80 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1AKE  X-ray     2.00 A      KAD_ECOLI   (P69441)    
1AKF  Model     -           ESR1_HUMAN  (P03372)    
1AKG  X-ray     1.10 A      CA1B_CONPE  (P50985)    
1AKH  X-ray     2.50 A      MATA1_YEASX (P0CY10)    , MTAL2_YEAST (P0CY08)    
1AKI  X-ray     1.50 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1AKJ  X-ray     2.65 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , CD8A_HUMAN  (P01732)    ,
                            HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1AKK  NMR       -           CYC_HORSE   (P00004)    
1AKL  X-ray     2.00 A      APRA_PSEAE  (Q03023)    
1AKM  X-ray     2.80 A      OTC1_ECOLI  (P04391)    
1AKN  X-ray     2.80 A      CEL_BOVIN   (P30122)    
1AKO  X-ray     1.70 A      EX3_ECOLI   (P09030)    
1AKP  NMR       -           KEDA_ACTSL  (P41249)    
1AKQ  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKR  X-ray     1.58 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKS  X-ray     1.80 A      TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1AKT  X-ray     1.80 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKU  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKV  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKW  X-ray     1.75 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AKY  X-ray     1.63 A      KAD2_YEAST  (P07170)    
1AKZ  X-ray     1.57 A      UNG_HUMAN   (P13051)    
1AL0  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_BPPHS (P03641)    , G_BPPHS     (P03643)    ,
                            SCAFB_BPPHS (P03633)    , SCAFD_BPPHS (P69486)    
1AL2  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1AL3  X-ray     1.80 A      CYSB_KLEPN  (P45600)    
1AL6  X-ray     1.85 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1AL7  X-ray     2.60 A      GOX_SPIOL   (P05414)    
1AL8  X-ray     2.20 A      GOX_SPIOL   (P05414)    
1ALA  X-ray     2.25 A      ANXA5_CHICK (P17153)    
1ALB  X-ray     2.50 A      FABP4_MOUSE (P04117)    
1ALC  X-ray     1.70 A      LALBA_PAPCY (P12065)    
1ALD  X-ray     2.00 A      ALDOA_HUMAN (P04075)    
1ALE  NMR       -           APOC1_HUMAN (P02654)    
1ALF  NMR       -           APOC1_HUMAN (P02654)    
1ALG  NMR       -           GSHR_HUMAN  (P00390)    
1ALH  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ALI  X-ray     2.20 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ALJ  X-ray     2.60 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ALK  X-ray     2.00 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ALL  X-ray     2.30 A      APCB_ARTPT  (P72505)    , PHAA_ARTPT  (P72504)    
1ALM  Model     -           ACTS_RABIT  (P68135)    , MLE1_CHICK  (P02604)    ,
                            MLRS_CHICK  (P02609)    , MYSS_CHICK  (P13538)    
1ALN  X-ray     2.30 A      CDD_ECOLI   (P0ABF6)    
1ALQ  X-ray     1.80 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1ALS  Model     -           FCERA_HUMAN (P12319)    
1ALT  Model     -           FCERA_HUMAN (P12319)    
1ALU  X-ray     1.90 A      IL6_HUMAN   (P05231)    
1ALV  X-ray     1.90 A      CPNS1_PIG   (P04574)    
1ALW  X-ray     2.03 A      CPNS1_PIG   (P04574)    
1ALY  X-ray     2.00 A      CD40L_HUMAN (P29965)    
1AM1  X-ray     2.00 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1AM2  X-ray     2.20 A      GYRA_MYCXE  (P72065)    
1AM4  X-ray     2.70 A      CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    , RHG01_HUMAN (Q07960)    
1AM5  X-ray     2.16 A      PEP2B_GADMO (P56272)    
1AM6  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1AM7  X-ray     2.30 A      ENLYS_LAMBD (P03706)    
1AM9  X-ray     2.30 A      SRBP1_HUMAN (P36956)    
1AMA  X-ray     2.30 A      AATM_CHICK  (P00508)    
1AMB  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1AMC  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1AME  X-ray     1.65 A      ANP12_ZOAAM (P19614)    
1AMF  X-ray     1.75 A      MODA_ECOLI  (P37329)    
1AMH  X-ray     2.50 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1AMI  X-ray     2.00 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1AMJ  X-ray     2.00 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1AMK  X-ray     1.83 A      TPIS_LEIME  (P48499)    
1AML  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1AMM  X-ray     1.20 A      CRGB_BOVIN  (P02526)    
1AMN  X-ray     2.80 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1AMO  X-ray     2.60 A      NCPR_RAT    (P00388)    
1AMP  X-ray     1.80 A      AMPX_VIBPR  (Q01693)    
1AMQ  X-ray     2.20 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AMR  X-ray     2.10 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AMS  X-ray     2.70 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1AMU  X-ray     1.90 A      GRSA_ANEMI  (P0C061)    
1AMW  X-ray     1.85 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1AMX  X-ray     2.00 A      CNA_STAAU   (Q53654)    
1AMY  X-ray     2.80 A      AMY2_HORVU  (P04063)    
1AMZ  X-ray     1.80 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1AN0  X-ray     2.80 A      CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    
1AN1  X-ray     2.03 A      LDTI_HIRME  (P80424)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1AN2  X-ray     2.90 A      MAX_HUMAN   (P61244)    
1AN3  Model     -           PRLR_RABIT  (P14787)    , PRL_RABIT   (Q28632)    
1AN4  X-ray     2.90 A      USF1_HUMAN  (P22415)    
1AN5  X-ray     2.60 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1AN7  X-ray     2.90 A      RS8_THETH   (P24319)    
1AN8  X-ray     2.40 A      SPEC_STRP8  (Q8NKX2)    
1AN9  X-ray     2.50 A      OXDA_PIG    (P00371)    
1ANB  X-ray     2.80 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1ANC  X-ray     2.20 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1AND  X-ray     2.30 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1ANE  X-ray     2.20 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1ANF  X-ray     1.67 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1ANG  X-ray     2.40 A      ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    
1ANI  X-ray     2.50 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ANJ  X-ray     2.30 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ANK  X-ray     2.00 A      KAD_ECOLI   (P69441)    
1ANN  X-ray     2.30 A      ANXA4_BOVIN (P13214)    
1ANP  NMR       -           ANF_HUMAN   (P01160)    
1ANS  NMR       -           STX3_ANESU  (P01535)    
1ANT  X-ray     3.00 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1ANU  X-ray     2.15 A      CIPA_HUNT2  (Q06851)    
1ANV  X-ray     2.70 A      DNB2_ADE05  (P03265)    
1ANW  X-ray     2.40 A      ANXA5_HUMAN (P08758)    
1ANX  X-ray     1.90 A      ANXA5_HUMAN (P08758)    
1AO0  X-ray     2.80 A      PUR1_BACSU  (P00497)    
1AO3  X-ray     2.20 A      VWF_HUMAN   (P04275)    
1AO5  X-ray     2.60 A      EGFB2_MOUSE (P36368)    
1AO6  X-ray     2.50 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1AO7  X-ray     2.60 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    ,
                            TAX_HTL1C   (P14079)    , TRAC_HUMAN  (P01848)    ,
                            TRBC1_HUMAN (P01850)    , TRBC2_HUMAN (A0A5B9)    ,
                            TVAL2_HUMAN (A0A075B6T6), TVB65_HUMAN (A0A0K0K1A5)
1AO8  NMR       -           DYR_LACCA   (P00381)    
1AOA  X-ray     2.40 A      PLST_HUMAN  (P13797)    
1AOB  X-ray     2.10 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1AOC  X-ray     2.00 A      COAG_TACTR  (P02681)    
1AOD  X-ray     2.60 A      PLC_LISMO   (P34024)    
1AOE  X-ray     1.60 A      DYR_CANAX   (P22906)    
1AOF  X-ray     2.00 A      NIRS_PARPN  (P72181)    
1AOG  X-ray     2.30 A      TYTR_TRYCR  (P28593)    
1AOH  X-ray     1.70 A      CIPA_HUNT2  (Q06851)    
1AOI  X-ray     2.80 A      H2A1_XENLA  (P06897)    , H2B11_XENLA (P02281)    ,
                            H3C_XENLA   (P02302)    , H4_XENLA    (P62799)    
1AOJ  X-ray     2.50 A      EPS8_MOUSE  (Q08509)    
1AOK  X-ray     2.00 A      PA2B_VIPAE  (P14420)    , PA2HA_VIPAE (P04084)    
1AOL  X-ray     2.00 A      ENV_MLVF5   (P03390)    
1AOM  X-ray     1.80 A      NIRS_PARPN  (P72181)    
1AON  X-ray     3.00 A      CH10_ECOLI  (P0A6F9)    , CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5)    
1AOO  NMR       -           MTCU1_YEAST (P0CX80)    
1AOP  X-ray     1.60 A      CYSI_ECOLI  (P17846)    
1AOQ  X-ray     1.80 A      NIRS_PARPN  (P72181)    
1AOR  X-ray     2.30 A      AOR_PYRFU   (Q51739)    
1AOS  X-ray     4.20 A      ARLY_HUMAN  (P04424)    
1AOT  NMR       -           FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , MT_POVHA    (P03079)    
1AOU  NMR       -           FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , MT_POVHA    (P03079)    
1AOV  X-ray     4.00 A      TRFE_ANAPL  (P56410)    
1AOW  X-ray     3.00 A      ANXA4_BOVIN (P13214)    
1AOX  X-ray     2.10 A      ITA2_HUMAN  (P17301)    
1AOY  NMR       -           ARGR_ECOLI  (P0A6D0)    
1AOZ  X-ray     1.90 A      ASO_CUCPM   (P37064)    
1AP0  NMR       -           CBX1_MOUSE  (P83917)    
1AP4  NMR       -           TNNC1_HUMAN (P63316)    
1AP5  X-ray     2.20 A      SODM_HUMAN  (P04179)    
1AP6  X-ray     1.90 A      SODM_HUMAN  (P04179)    
1AP7  NMR       -           CDN2D_MOUSE (Q60773)    
1AP8  NMR       -           IF4E_YEAST  (P07260)    
1AP9  X-ray     2.35 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1APA  X-ray     2.30 A      RIPA_PHYAM  (Q03464)    
1APB  X-ray     1.76 A      ARAF_ECOLI  (P02924)    
1APC  NMR       -           C562_ECOLX  (P0ABE7)    
1APF  NMR       -           NA1B_ANTXA  (P01531)    
1APH  X-ray     2.00 A      INS_BOVIN   (P01317)    
1APJ  NMR       -           FBN1_HUMAN  (P35555)    
1APK  Model     -           KAP0_BOVIN  (P00514)    
1APL  X-ray     2.70 A      MTAL2_YEAST (P0CY08)    
1APM  X-ray     2.00 A      IPKA_MOUSE  (P63248)    , KAPCA_MOUSE (P05132)    
1APN  X-ray     2.50 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1APO  NMR       -           FA10_BOVIN  (P00743)    
1APQ  NMR       -           C1R_HUMAN   (P00736)    
1APS  NMR       -           ACYP2_HORSE (P00818)    
1APT  X-ray     1.80 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1APU  X-ray     1.80 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1APV  X-ray     1.80 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1APW  X-ray     1.80 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1APX  X-ray     2.20 A      APX1_PEA    (P48534)    
1APY  X-ray     2.00 A      ASPG_HUMAN  (P20933)    
1APZ  X-ray     2.30 A      ASPG_HUMAN  (P20933)    
1AQ0  X-ray     2.00 A      GUB2_HORVU  (P12257)    
1AQ1  X-ray     2.00 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1AQ2  X-ray     1.90 A      PCKA_ECOLI  (P22259)    
1AQ3  X-ray     2.80 A      CAPSD_BPMS2 (P03612)    
1AQ4  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_BPMS2 (P03612)    
1AQ5  NMR       -           MATN1_CHICK (P05099)    
1AQ6  X-ray     1.95 A      HAD_XANAU   (Q60099)    
1AQ7  X-ray     2.20 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1AQ8  X-ray     2.00 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1AQA  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1AQB  X-ray     1.65 A      RET4_PIG    (P27485)    
1AQC  X-ray     2.30 A      APBA1_HUMAN (Q02410)    
1AQD  X-ray     2.45 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1AQE  X-ray     2.20 A      CYC32_DESNO (P38554)    
1AQF  X-ray     2.70 A      KPYM_RABIT  (P11974)    
1AQG  NMR       -           GNAT1_BOVIN (P04695)    
1AQH  X-ray     2.00 A      AMY_PSEHA   (P29957)    
1AQI  X-ray     2.60 A      MTTA_THEAQ  (P14385)    
1AQJ  X-ray     2.60 A      MTTA_THEAQ  (P14385)    
1AQK  X-ray     1.84 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , IGLC3_HUMAN (P0DOY3)    
1AQL  X-ray     2.80 A      CEL_BOVIN   (P30122)    
1AQM  X-ray     1.85 A      AMY_PSEHA   (P29957)    
1AQN  X-ray     1.80 A      SUBT_BACAM  (P00782)    
1AQP  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1AQQ  NMR       -           MTCU1_YEAST (P0CX80)    
1AQR  NMR       -           MTCU1_YEAST (P0CX80)    
1AQS  NMR       -           MTCU1_YEAST (P0CX80)    
1AQT  X-ray     2.30 A      ATPE_ECOLI  (P0A6E6)    
1AQU  X-ray     1.60 A      ST1E1_MOUSE (P49891)    
1AQV  X-ray     1.94 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
1AQW  X-ray     1.80 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
1AQX  X-ray     2.00 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
1AQY  X-ray     1.75 A      ST1E1_MOUSE (P49891)    
1AQZ  X-ray     1.70 A      RNMG_ASPRE  (P67876)    
1AR0  X-ray     2.30 A      NTF2_RAT    (P61972)    
1AR1  X-ray     2.70 A      COX1B_PARDE (P98002)    , COX2_PARDE  (P08306)    ,
                            HVM54_MOUSE (P18525)    , KV5A4_MOUSE (P01636)    
1AR2  X-ray     2.80 A      KVD33_HUMAN (P01593)    
1AR4  X-ray     1.90 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1AR5  X-ray     1.60 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1AR6  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1AR7  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1AR8  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1AR9  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1ARB  X-ray     1.20 A      API_ACHLY   (P15636)    
1ARC  X-ray     2.00 A      API_ACHLY   (P15636)    
1ARD  NMR       -           ADR1_YEAST  (P07248)    
1ARE  NMR       -           ADR1_YEAST  (P07248)    
1ARF  NMR       -           ADR1_YEAST  (P07248)    
1ARG  X-ray     2.20 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ARH  X-ray     2.30 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ARI  X-ray     2.30 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ARK  NMR       -           NEBU_HUMAN  (P20929)    
1ARL  X-ray     1.88 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1ARM  X-ray     1.76 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1ARO  X-ray     2.80 A      ENLYS_BPT7  (P00806)    , RPOL_BPT7   (P00573)    
1ARP  X-ray     1.90 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARQ  NMR       -           RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1ARR  NMR       -           RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1ARS  X-ray     1.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ART  X-ray     1.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ARU  X-ray     1.60 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARV  X-ray     1.60 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARW  X-ray     1.60 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARX  X-ray     1.90 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARY  X-ray     1.90 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1ARZ  X-ray     2.60 A      DAPB_ECOLI  (P04036)    
1AS0  X-ray     2.00 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1AS1  Model     -           FABH_ASCSU  (P55776)    
1AS2  X-ray     2.80 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1AS3  X-ray     2.40 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1AS4  X-ray     2.10 A      AACT_HUMAN  (P01011)    
1AS5  NMR       -           CM3E_CONPU  (P56529)    
1AS6  X-ray     1.80 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1AS7  X-ray     2.00 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1AS8  X-ray     1.85 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1ASA  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASB  X-ray     2.60 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASC  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASD  X-ray     2.20 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASE  X-ray     2.50 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASF  X-ray     2.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASG  X-ray     2.80 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASH  X-ray     2.15 A      GLB_ASCSU   (P28316)    
1ASJ  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1ASK  X-ray     2.30 A      NTF2_RAT    (P61972)    
1ASL  X-ray     2.60 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASM  X-ray     2.35 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASN  X-ray     2.50 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1ASO  X-ray     2.20 A      ASO_CUCPM   (P37064)    
1ASP  X-ray     2.59 A      ASO_CUCPM   (P37064)    
1ASQ  X-ray     2.32 A      ASO_CUCPM   (P37064)    
1ASS  X-ray     2.30 A      THSA_THEAC  (P48424)    
1AST  X-ray     1.80 A      ASTA_ASTAS  (P07584)    
1ASU  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1ASV  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1ASW  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1ASX  X-ray     2.80 A      THSA_THEAC  (P48424)    
1ASY  X-ray     2.90 A      SYDC_YEAST  (P04802)    
1ASZ  X-ray     3.00 A      SYDC_YEAST  (P04802)    
1AT0  X-ray     1.90 A      HH_DROME    (Q02936)    
1AT1  X-ray     2.80 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    , PYRI_ECOLI  (P0A7F3)    
1AT5  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1AT6  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1AT9  X-ray     3.00 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1ATA  NMR       -           ITR1_ASCSU  (P19398)    
1ATB  NMR       -           ITR1_ASCSU  (P19398)    
1ATD  NMR       -           ITR1_ASCSU  (P19398)    
1ATE  NMR       -           ITR1_ASCSU  (P19398)    
1ATF  Model     -           ANPA_PSEAM  (P04002)    
1ATH  X-ray     3.20 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1ATI  X-ray     2.75 A      SYG_THET8   (P56206)    
1ATJ  X-ray     2.15 A      PER1A_ARMRU (P00433)    
1ATK  X-ray     2.20 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1ATL  X-ray     1.80 A      VM1AD_CROAT (P15167)    
1ATN  X-ray     2.80 A      ACTS_RABIT  (P68135)    , DNAS1_BOVIN (P00639)    
1ATP  X-ray     2.20 A      IPKA_MOUSE  (P63248)    , KAPCA_MOUSE (P05132)    
1ATR  X-ray     2.34 A      HSP7C_BOVIN (P19120)    
1ATS  X-ray     2.43 A      HSP7C_BOVIN (P19120)    
1ATT  X-ray     3.20 A      ANT3_BOVIN  (P41361)    
1ATU  X-ray     2.70 A      A1AT_HUMAN  (P01009)    
1ATX  NMR       -           NA11_ANESU  (P01533)    
1ATY  NMR       -           ATPL_ECOLI  (P68699)    
1ATZ  X-ray     1.80 A      VWF_HUMAN   (P04275)    
1AU0  X-ray     2.60 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AU1  X-ray     2.20 A      IFNB_HUMAN  (P01574)    
1AU2  X-ray     2.60 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AU3  X-ray     2.50 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AU4  X-ray     2.30 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AU7  X-ray     2.30 A      PIT1_RAT    (P10037)    
1AU8  X-ray     1.90 A      CATG_HUMAN  (P08311)    
1AU9  X-ray     1.80 A      SUBT_BACAM  (P00782)    
1AUA  X-ray     2.50 A      SEC14_YEAST (P24280)    
1AUC  X-ray     2.10 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1AUD  NMR       -           SNRPA_HUMAN (P09012)    
1AUE  X-ray     2.33 A      MTOR_HUMAN  (P42345)    
1AUG  X-ray     2.00 A      PCP_BACAM   (P46107)    
1AUH  Model     -           REV_HV1W2   (P05866)    
1AUI  X-ray     2.10 A      CANB1_HUMAN (P63098)    , PP2BA_HUMAN (Q08209)    
1AUJ  X-ray     2.10 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1AUK  X-ray     2.10 A      ARSA_HUMAN  (P15289)    
1AUM  X-ray     3.00 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1AUN  X-ray     1.80 A      OLPA_TOBAC  (P25871)    
1AUO  X-ray     1.80 A      EST2_PSEFL  (Q53547)    
1AUP  X-ray     2.50 A      DHE2_CLOSY  (P24295)    
1AUQ  X-ray     2.30 A      VWF_HUMAN   (P04275)    
1AUR  X-ray     2.50 A      EST2_PSEFL  (Q53547)    
1AUS  X-ray     2.20 A      RBL_SPIOL   (P00875)    , RBS2_SPIOL  (Q43832)    
1AUT  X-ray     2.80 A      PROC_HUMAN  (P04070)    
1AUU  NMR       -           SACY_BACSU  (P15401)    
1AUV  X-ray     2.15 A      SYN1_BOVIN  (P17599)    
1AUW  X-ray     2.50 A      ARLY2_ANAPL (P24058)    
1AUX  X-ray     2.30 A      SYN1_BOVIN  (P17599)    
1AUY  X-ray     3.00 A      COAT_TYMV   (P03608)    
1AUZ  NMR       -           SP2AA_BACSU (P10727)    
1AV1  X-ray     4.00 A      APOA1_HUMAN (P02647)    
1AV3  NMR       -           O17A_CONPU  (P56633)    
1AV4  X-ray     2.20 A      PAOX_ARTGO  (P46881)    
1AV5  X-ray     2.00 A      HINT1_HUMAN (P49773)    
1AV6  X-ray     2.80 A      MCE_VACCW   (P07617)    
1AV7  X-ray     2.60 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1AV8  X-ray     2.80 A      RIR2_ECOLI  (P69924)    
1AVA  X-ray     1.90 A      AMY2_HORVU  (P04063)    , IAAS_HORVU  (P07596)    
1AVB  X-ray     1.90 A      ARC1_PHAVU  (P19329)    
1AVC  X-ray     2.90 A      ANXA6_BOVIN (P79134)    
1AVD  X-ray     2.70 A      AVID_CHICK  (P02701)    
1AVE  X-ray     2.80 A      AVID_CHICK  (P02701)    
1AVF  X-ray     2.36 A      PEPC_HUMAN  (P20142)    
1AVG  X-ray     2.60 A      THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    , TRIA_MECPA  (Q27049)    
1AVH  X-ray     2.30 A      ANXA5_HUMAN (P08758)    
1AVJ  Model     -           CML24_ARATH (P25070)    
1AVK  X-ray     2.20 A      PAOX_ARTGO  (P46881)    
1AVL  X-ray     2.80 A      PAOX_ARTGO  (P46881)    
1AVM  X-ray     1.55 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1AVN  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1AVO  X-ray     2.80 A      PSME1_HUMAN (Q06323)    
1AVP  X-ray     2.60 A      CAP6_ADE02  (P03274)    , PRO_ADE02   (P03252)    
1AVQ  X-ray     2.40 A      EXO_LAMBD   (P03697)    
1AVR  X-ray     2.30 A      ANXA5_HUMAN (P08758)    
1AVS  X-ray     1.75 A      TNNC2_CHICK (P02588)    
1AVT  X-ray     2.00 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1AVU  X-ray     2.30 A      ITRA_SOYBN  (P01070)    
1AVV  X-ray     3.00 A      NEF_HV1BR   (P03406)    
1AVW  X-ray     1.75 A      ITRA_SOYBN  (P01070)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1AVX  X-ray     1.90 A      ITRA_SOYBN  (P01070)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1AVY  X-ray     1.85 A      WAC_BPT4    (P10104)    
1AVZ  X-ray     3.00 A      FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , NEF_HV1BR   (P03406)    
1AW0  NMR       -           ATP7A_HUMAN (Q04656)    
1AW1  X-ray     2.70 A      TPIS_MORMI  (P50921)    
1AW2  X-ray     2.65 A      TPIS_MORMI  (P50921)    
1AW3  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1AW5  X-ray     2.30 A      HEM2_YEAST  (P05373)    
1AW6  NMR       -           GAL4_YEAST  (P04386)    
1AW7  X-ray     1.95 A      TSST_STAAU  (P06886)    
1AW8  X-ray     2.20 A      PAND_ECOLI  (P0A790)    
1AWB  X-ray     2.50 A      IMPA1_HUMAN (P29218)    
1AWC  X-ray     2.15 A      GABP1_MOUSE (Q00420)    , GABPA_MOUSE (Q00422)    
1AWD  X-ray     1.40 A      FER_SCEFU   (P56408)    
1AWE  NMR       -           SOS1_HUMAN  (Q07889)    
1AWF  X-ray     2.20 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AWH  X-ray     3.00 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AWI  X-ray     2.20 A      PROF1_HUMAN (P07737)    
1AWJ  NMR       -           ITK_MOUSE   (Q03526)    
1AWK  Model     -           ADCY1_BOVIN (P19754)    
1AWL  Model     -           GUC2D_HUMAN (Q02846)    
1AWM  Model     -           CYAG_DICDI  (Q03101)    
1AWN  Model     -           GCYA1_BOVIN (P19687)    , GCYB1_BOVIN (P16068)    
1AWO  NMR       -           ABL1_HUMAN  (P00519)    
1AWP  X-ray     2.00 A      CYB5B_RAT   (P04166)    
1AWQ  X-ray     1.58 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWR  X-ray     1.58 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWS  X-ray     2.55 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWT  X-ray     2.55 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWU  X-ray     2.34 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWV  X-ray     2.34 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1AWW  NMR       -           BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187)    
1AWX  NMR       -           BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187)    
1AWY  NMR       -           CKG_CONGE   (P07231)    
1AWZ  NMR       -           ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    
1AX0  X-ray     1.90 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1AX1  X-ray     1.95 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1AX2  X-ray     1.95 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1AX3  NMR       -           PTG3C_BACSU (P20166)    
1AX4  X-ray     2.10 A      TNAA_PROVU  (P28796)    
1AX8  X-ray     2.40 A      LEP_HUMAN   (P41159)    
1AX9  X-ray     2.80 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1AXA  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1AXB  X-ray     2.00 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1AXC  X-ray     2.60 A      CDN1A_HUMAN (P38936)    , PCNA_HUMAN  (P12004)    
1AXD  X-ray     2.50 A      GSTF1_MAIZE (P12653)    
1AXE  X-ray     2.00 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1AXG  X-ray     2.50 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1AXH  NMR       -           TO1A_HADVE  (P56207)    
1AXI  X-ray     2.10 A      GHR_HUMAN   (P10912)    , SOMA_HUMAN  (P01241)    
1AXJ  NMR       -           FMNB_DESVM  (Q46604)    
1AXK  X-ray     2.10 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    , XYNA_BACSU  (P18429)    
1AXM  X-ray     3.00 A      FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    
1AXN  X-ray     1.78 A      ANXA3_HUMAN (P12429)    
1AXQ  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1AXR  X-ray     2.30 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1AXS  X-ray     2.60 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1AXT  X-ray     2.15 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    
1AXW  X-ray     1.70 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1AXX  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1AXY  X-ray     1.95 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1AXZ  X-ray     1.95 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1AY0  X-ray     2.60 A      TKT1_YEAST  (P23254)    
1AY2  X-ray     2.60 A      FMM1_NEIGO  (P02974)    
1AY4  X-ray     2.33 A      TYRB_PARDE  (P95468)    
1AY5  X-ray     2.50 A      TYRB_PARDE  (P95468)    
1AY6  X-ray     1.80 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1AY7  X-ray     1.70 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNSA_KITAU  (P05798)    
1AY8  X-ray     2.30 A      TYRB_PARDE  (P95468)    
1AY9  X-ray     3.00 A      UMUD_ECOLI  (P0AG11)    
1AYA  X-ray     2.05 A      PGFRB_MOUSE (P05622)    , PTN11_MOUSE (P35235)    
1AYB  X-ray     3.00 A      IRS1_MOUSE  (P35569)    , PTN11_MOUSE (P35235)    
1AYC  X-ray     2.30 A      PGFRB_MOUSE (P05622)    , PTN11_MOUSE (P35235)    
1AYD  X-ray     2.20 A      PTN11_MOUSE (P35235)    
1AYE  X-ray     1.80 A      CBPA2_HUMAN (P48052)    
1AYF  X-ray     1.85 A      ADX_BOVIN   (P00257)    
1AYG  NMR       -           CY552_HYDTT (P15452)    
1AYI  X-ray     2.00 A      IMM7_ECOLX  (Q03708)    
1AYJ  NMR       -           DEF1_RAPSA  (P69241)    
1AYK  NMR       -           MMP1_HUMAN  (P03956)    
1AYL  X-ray     1.80 A      PCKA_ECOLI  (P22259)    
1AYM  X-ray     2.15 A      POLG_HRV16  (Q82122)    , POLG_HRV1A  (P23008)    
1AYN  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_HRV16  (Q82122)    , POLG_HRV1A  (P23008)    
1AYO  X-ray     1.90 A      A2MG_BOVIN  (Q7SIH1)    
1AYP  X-ray     2.57 A      PA2GA_HUMAN (P14555)    
1AYR  X-ray     3.30 A      ARRS_BOVIN  (P08168)    
1AYU  X-ray     2.20 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AYV  X-ray     2.30 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AYW  X-ray     2.40 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1AYX  X-ray     1.70 A      AMYG_SACFI  (P08017)    
1AYY  X-ray     2.32 A      ASPG_ELIMR  (Q47898)    
1AYZ  X-ray     2.60 A      UBC2_YEAST  (P06104)    
1AZ0  X-ray     2.00 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1AZ1  X-ray     1.80 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1AZ2  X-ray     2.90 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1AZ3  X-ray     2.40 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1AZ4  X-ray     2.40 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1AZ5  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_SIVM1   (P05896)    
1AZ6  NMR       -           GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1AZ7  Model     -           CSF3R_HUMAN (Q99062)    
1AZ8  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1AZB  X-ray     2.20 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1AZC  X-ray     1.80 A      AZUR_ACHDE  (P00280)    
1AZD  X-ray     3.00 A      CONA_CANBR  (P55915)    
1AZE  NMR       -           GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    , SOS_DROME   (P26675)    
1AZF  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1AZG  NMR       -           FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , P85A_HUMAN  (P27986)    
1AZH  NMR       -           GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1AZI  X-ray     2.00 A      MYG_HORSE   (P68082)    
1AZJ  NMR       -           GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1AZK  NMR       -           GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1AZL  X-ray     1.80 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1AZM  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH1_HUMAN  (P00915)    
1AZN  X-ray     2.60 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1AZO  X-ray     1.70 A      MUTH_ECOLI  (P06722)    
1AZP  X-ray     1.60 A      DN7D_SULAC  (P13123)    
1AZQ  X-ray     1.94 A      DN7D_SULAC  (P13123)    
1AZR  X-ray     2.40 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1AZS  X-ray     2.30 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1AZT  X-ray     2.30 A      GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1AZU  X-ray     2.70 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1AZV  X-ray     1.90 A      SODC_HUMAN  (P00441)    
1AZW  X-ray     2.70 A      PIP_XANCI   (P52279)    
1AZX  X-ray     2.90 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1AZY  X-ray     3.00 A      TYPH_ECOLI  (P07650)    
1AZZ  X-ray     2.30 A      COGS_LEPPG  (P00771)    , ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    
1B00  X-ray     1.88 A      PHOB_ECOLI  (P0AFJ5)    
1B01  X-ray     2.56 A      COPG_STRAG  (P13920)    
1B02  X-ray     2.50 A      TYSY1_BACSU (P0CI79)    
1B04  X-ray     2.80 A      DNLJ_GEOSE  (O87703)    
1B05  X-ray     2.00 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B06  X-ray     2.20 A      SODF_SULAC  (Q08713)    
1B07  X-ray     2.50 A      CRK_MOUSE   (Q64010)    , SOS1_MOUSE  (Q62245)    
1B08  X-ray     2.30 A      SFTPD_HUMAN (P35247)    
1B09  X-ray     2.50 A      CRP_HUMAN   (P02741)    
1B0A  X-ray     2.56 A      FOLD_ECOLI  (P24186)    
1B0B  X-ray     1.43 A      GLB1_PHAPT  (P41260)    
1B0C  X-ray     2.80 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1B0D  X-ray     1.84 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1B0E  X-ray     1.80 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1B0F  X-ray     3.00 A      ELNE_HUMAN  (P08246)    
1B0G  X-ray     2.50 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , EMC7_HUMAN  (Q9NPA0)    ,
                            HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1B0H  X-ray     1.90 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B0I  X-ray     2.40 A      AMY_PSEHA   (P29957)    
1B0J  X-ray     2.50 A      ACON_PIG    (P16276)    
1B0K  X-ray     2.50 A      ACON_PIG    (P16276)    
1B0L  X-ray     2.20 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1B0M  X-ray     2.50 A      ACON_PIG    (P16276)    
1B0N  X-ray     1.90 A      SINI_BACSU  (P23308)    , SINR_BACSU  (P06533)    
1B0O  X-ray     2.50 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1B0P  X-ray     2.31 A      PFOR_DESAF  (P94692)    
1B0R  X-ray     2.90 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1B0T  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1B0U  X-ray     1.50 A      HISP_SALTY  (P02915)    
1B0V  X-ray     2.80 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1B0W  X-ray     1.80 A      KV133_HUMAN (P01594)    
1B0X  X-ray     2.00 A      EPHA4_MOUSE (Q03137)    
1B0Y  X-ray     0.93 A      HIP_ALLVD   (P00260)    
1B0Z  X-ray     2.30 A      G6PIB_GEOSE (P13376)    
1B10  NMR       -           PRIO_MESAU  (P04273)    
1B11  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1B12  X-ray     1.95 A      LEP_ECOLI   (P00803)    
1B13  X-ray     1.50 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1B14  X-ray     2.40 A      ADH_DROLE   (P10807)    
1B15  X-ray     2.20 A      ADH_DROLE   (P10807)    
1B16  X-ray     1.40 A      ADH_DROLE   (P10807)    
1B17  X-ray     1.70 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B18  X-ray     1.80 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B19  X-ray     1.80 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B1A  NMR       -           GMSS_CLOCO  (P80078)    
1B1B  X-ray     2.60 A      IDER_MYCTU  (P9WMH1)    
1B1C  X-ray     1.93 A      NCPR_HUMAN  (P16435)    
1B1E  X-ray     2.00 A      ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    
1B1F  Model     -           DPOL_BPR69  (Q38087)    
1B1G  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1B1H  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B1I  X-ray     1.80 A      ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    
1B1J  X-ray     2.00 A      ANGI_HUMAN  (P03950)    
1B1U  X-ray     2.20 A      IAAT_ELECO  (P01087)    
1B1V  NMR       -           PSP1_CHRIL  (O61704)    
1B1X  X-ray     2.62 A      TRFL_HORSE  (O77811)    
1B1Y  X-ray     2.50 A      AMYB_HORVU  (P16098)    
1B1Z  X-ray     2.57 A      SPEA_STRPY  (P0DJY7)    
1B20  X-ray     1.70 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B21  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B22  NMR       -           RAD51_HUMAN (Q06609)    
1B23  X-ray     2.60 A      EFTU_THEAQ  (Q01698)    
1B24  X-ray     2.20 A      DMO1_DESMO  (P21505)    
1B26  X-ray     3.00 A      DHE3_THEMA  (P96110)    
1B27  X-ray     2.10 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B28  NMR       -           RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1B29  Model     -           HEM11_HORVU (Q42843)    
1B2A  X-ray     1.70 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2B  X-ray     1.80 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2C  X-ray     1.80 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2D  X-ray     1.70 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2E  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2F  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2G  X-ray     1.80 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1B2H  X-ray     1.90 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B2I  NMR       -           PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    
1B2J  X-ray     1.60 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1B2K  X-ray     1.60 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1B2L  X-ray     1.60 A      ADH_DROLE   (P10807)    
1B2M  X-ray     2.00 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1B2O  X-ray     1.90 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1B2R  X-ray     1.80 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1B2S  X-ray     1.82 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B2T  NMR       -           X3CL1_HUMAN (P78423)    
1B2U  X-ray     2.10 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B2V  X-ray     1.90 A      HASA_SERMA  (Q54450)    
1B2X  X-ray     1.80 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B2Y  X-ray     3.20 A      AMYP_HUMAN  (P04746)    
1B2Z  X-ray     2.03 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B30  X-ray     2.25 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B31  X-ray     1.75 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B32  X-ray     1.75 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B33  X-ray     2.30 A      APCB_MASLA  (P00318)    , PHAA_MASLA  (P00315)    ,
                            PYC1_MASLA  (P20116)    
1B34  X-ray     2.50 A      SMD1_HUMAN  (P62314)    , SMD2_HUMAN  (P62316)    
1B35  X-ray     2.40 A      POLS_CRPVC  (P13418)    
1B37  X-ray     1.90 A      PAO1_MAIZE  (O64411)    
1B38  X-ray     2.00 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1B39  X-ray     2.10 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1B3A  X-ray     1.60 A      CCL5_HUMAN  (P13501)    
1B3B  X-ray     3.10 A      DHE3_THEMA  (P96110)    
1B3C  NMR       -           SCXI_CENSC  (P01491)    
1B3D  X-ray     2.30 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1B3E  X-ray     2.50 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1B3F  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B3G  X-ray     2.00 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B3H  X-ray     2.00 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B3I  NMR       -           PLAS_PROHO  (P50057)    
1B3J  X-ray     3.00 A      MICA_HUMAN  (Q29983)    
1B3K  X-ray     2.99 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1B3L  X-ray     2.00 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B3N  X-ray     2.65 A      FABF_ECOLI  (P0AAI5)    
1B3O  X-ray     2.90 A      IMDH2_HUMAN (P12268)    
1B3Q  X-ray     2.60 A      CHEA_THEMA  (Q56310)    
1B3R  X-ray     2.80 A      SAHH_RAT    (P10760)    
1B3S  X-ray     2.39 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1B3T  X-ray     2.20 A      EBNA1_EBVB9 (P03211)    
1B3U  X-ray     2.30 A      2AAA_HUMAN  (P30153)    
1B3V  X-ray     2.40 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B3W  X-ray     2.60 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B3X  X-ray     2.20 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B3Y  X-ray     2.45 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B3Z  X-ray     2.30 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1B40  X-ray     2.20 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B41  X-ray     2.76 A      3SE2_DENAN  (P0C1Z0)    , ACES_HUMAN  (P22303)    
1B42  X-ray     2.20 A      MCE_VACCW   (P07617)    
1B43  X-ray     2.00 A      FEN_PYRFU   (O93634)    
1B44  X-ray     3.30 A      ELBH_ECOLX  (P0CK94)    
1B45  NMR       -           CA1A_CONCN  (P56973)    
1B46  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B47  X-ray     2.20 A      CBL_HUMAN   (P22681)    
1B48  X-ray     2.60 A      GSTA4_MOUSE (P24472)    
1B49  X-ray     2.30 A      DCHM_BPT4   (P08773)    
1B4A  X-ray     2.50 A      ARGR_GEOSE  (O31408)    
1B4B  X-ray     2.20 A      ARGR_GEOSE  (O31408)    
1B4C  NMR       -           S100B_RAT   (P04631)    
1B4D  X-ray     2.00 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1B4E  X-ray     2.00 A      HEM2_ECOLI  (P0ACB2)    
1B4F  X-ray     1.95 A      EPHB2_HUMAN (P29323)    
1B4G  NMR       -           KCNC4_HUMAN (Q03721)    
1B4H  X-ray     1.90 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B4I  NMR       -           KCNC4_HUMAN (Q03721)    
1B4K  X-ray     1.67 A      HEM2_PSEAE  (Q59643)    
1B4L  X-ray     1.80 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1B4M  NMR       -           RET2_RAT    (P06768)    
1B4O  NMR       -           DN7A_SACS2  (P61991)    
1B4P  X-ray     1.70 A      GSTM2_RAT   (P08010)    
1B4Q  NMR       -           GLRX1_HUMAN (P35754)    
1B4R  NMR       -           PKD1_HUMAN  (P98161)    
1B4S  X-ray     2.50 A      NDKC_DICDI  (P22887)    
1B4T  X-ray     1.80 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1B4U  X-ray     2.20 A      PCYA_SPHSK  (P22635)    , PCYB_SPHSK  (P22636)    
1B4V  X-ray     1.50 A      CHOD_STRS0  (P12676)    
1B4W  X-ray     2.60 A      PA2BB_GLOHA (O42187)    
1B4X  X-ray     2.45 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1B4Z  X-ray     1.75 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B50  NMR       -           CCL3_HUMAN  (P10147)    
1B51  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B52  X-ray     2.30 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B53  NMR       -           CCL3_HUMAN  (P10147)    
1B54  X-ray     2.10 A      PLPHP_YEAST (P38197)    
1B55  X-ray     2.40 A      BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187)    
1B56  X-ray     2.05 A      FABP5_HUMAN (Q01469)    
1B57  X-ray     2.00 A      ALF_ECOLI   (P0AB71)    
1B58  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B59  X-ray     1.80 A      MAP2_HUMAN  (P50579)    
1B5A  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1B5B  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1B5D  X-ray     2.20 A      DCHM_BPT4   (P08773)    
1B5E  X-ray     1.60 A      DCHM_BPT4   (P08773)    
1B5F  X-ray     1.72 A      CARDA_CYNCA (Q9XFX3)    
1B5G  X-ray     2.07 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1B5H  X-ray     1.90 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B5I  X-ray     1.90 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B5J  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B5L  X-ray     2.10 A      IFNT1_SHEEP (P56828)    
1B5M  X-ray     2.70 A      CYB5B_RAT   (P04166)    
1B5N  NMR       -           PSP1_CHRIL  (O61704)    
1B5O  X-ray     2.20 A      AAPAT_THET8 (Q56232)    
1B5P  X-ray     1.80 A      AAPAT_THET8 (Q56232)    
1B5Q  X-ray     1.90 A      PAO1_MAIZE  (O64411)    
1B5S  X-ray     4.40 A      ODP2_GEOSE  (P11961)    
1B5T  X-ray     2.50 A      METF_ECOLI  (P0AEZ1)    
1B5U  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B5V  X-ray     2.17 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B5W  X-ray     2.17 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B5X  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B5Y  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B5Z  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B61  Model     -           HEM11_HORVU (Q42843)    
1B62  X-ray     2.10 A      MUTL_ECOLI  (P23367)    
1B63  X-ray     1.90 A      MUTL_ECOLI  (P23367)    
1B64  NMR       -           EF1B_HUMAN  (P24534)    
1B66  X-ray     1.90 A      PTPS_RAT    (P27213)    
1B67  X-ray     1.48 A      HMFA_METFE  (P48781)    
1B68  X-ray     2.00 A      APOE_HUMAN  (P02649)    
1B69  NMR       -           TNR6_ENTFL  (P22886)    
1B6A  X-ray     1.60 A      MAP2_HUMAN  (P50579)    
1B6B  X-ray     2.50 A      SNAT_SHEEP  (Q29495)    
1B6C  X-ray     2.60 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    , TGFR1_HUMAN (P36897)    
1B6E  X-ray     2.60 A      KLRD1_HUMAN (Q13241)    
1B6F  NMR       -           BEV1A_BETPN (P15494)    
1B6G  X-ray     1.15 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1B6H  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B6I  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1B6J  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1B6K  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1B6L  X-ray     1.75 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1B6M  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1B6P  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1B6Q  X-ray     1.80 A      ROP_ECOLX   (P03051)    
1B6R  X-ray     2.10 A      PURK_ECOLI  (P09029)    
1B6S  X-ray     2.50 A      PURK_ECOLI  (P09029)    
1B6T  X-ray     1.80 A      COAD_ECOLI  (P0A6I6)    
1B6U  X-ray     3.00 A      KI2L3_HUMAN (P43628)    
1B6V  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1B6W  X-ray     2.05 A      HMFB_METFE  (P19267)    
1B6Z  X-ray     2.00 A      PTPS_RAT    (P27213)    
1B70  X-ray     2.70 A      SYFA_THETH  (P27001)    , SYFB_THETH  (P27002)    
1B71  X-ray     1.90 A      RUBY_DESVH  (P24931)    
1B72  X-ray     2.35 A      HXB1_HUMAN  (P14653)    , PBX1_HUMAN  (P40424)    
1B73  X-ray     2.30 A      MURI_AQUPY  (P56868)    
1B74  X-ray     2.30 A      MURI_AQUPY  (P56868)    
1B75  NMR       -           RL25_ECOLI  (P68919)    
1B76  X-ray     3.40 A      SYG_THET8   (P56206)    
1B77  X-ray     2.10 A      DPA5_BPR69  (O80164)    
1B78  X-ray     2.20 A      IXTPA_METJA (Q57679)    
1B79  X-ray     2.30 A      DNAB_ECOLI  (P0ACB0)    
1B7A  X-ray     2.25 A      PEBP1_BOVIN (P13696)    
1B7B  X-ray     2.80 A      ARCC1_ENTFC (P0A2X8)    
1B7D  X-ray     1.73 A      SCX1_TITSE  (P15226)    
1B7E  X-ray     2.90 A      TN5P_ECOLX  (Q46731)    
1B7F  X-ray     2.60 A      SXL_DROME   (P19339)    
1B7G  X-ray     2.05 A      G3P_SACS2   (P39460)    
1B7H  X-ray     2.00 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B7I  X-ray     1.65 A      ANP12_ZOAAM (P19614)    
1B7J  X-ray     1.65 A      ANP12_ZOAAM (P19614)    
1B7K  X-ray     2.50 A      ANP12_ZOAAM (P19614)    
1B7L  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7M  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7N  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7O  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7P  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7Q  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7R  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7S  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1B7T  X-ray     2.50 A      MLE_ARGIR   (P07291)    , MLR_ARGIR   (P13543)    ,
                            MYS_ARGIR   (P24733)    
1B7U  X-ray     3.80 A      TRFL_HORSE  (O77811)    
1B7V  X-ray     1.70 A      CY553_SPOPA (P82599)    
1B7X  X-ray     2.10 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1B7Y  X-ray     2.50 A      SYFA_THETH  (P27001)    , SYFB_THETH  (P27002)    
1B7Z  X-ray     2.70 A      TRFL_HORSE  (O77811)    
1B80  X-ray     1.73 A      LIG8_PHACH  (P06181)    
1B82  X-ray     1.80 A      LIG8_PHACH  (P06181)    
1B85  X-ray     1.85 A      LIG8_PHACH  (P06181)    
1B86  X-ray     2.50 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1B89  X-ray     2.60 A      CLH1_BOVIN  (P49951)    
1B8A  X-ray     1.90 A      SYD_THEKO   (Q52428)    
1B8C  X-ray     2.00 A      PRVB_CYPCA  (P02618)    
1B8D  X-ray     1.90 A      PHEA_GRIMO  (O36005)    , PHEB_GRIMO  (O36004)    
1B8E  X-ray     1.95 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1B8F  X-ray     2.10 A      HUTH_PSEPU  (P21310)    
1B8G  X-ray     2.37 A      1A1C_MALDO  (P37821)    
1B8H  X-ray     3.00 A      DPA5_BPR69  (O80164)    , DPOL_BPR69  (Q38087)    
1B8I  X-ray     2.40 A      EXD_DROME   (P40427)    , UBX_DROME   (P83949)    
1B8J  X-ray     1.90 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1B8K  X-ray     2.15 A      NTF3_HUMAN  (P20783)    
1B8L  X-ray     1.70 A      PRVB_CYPCA  (P02618)    
1B8M  X-ray     2.75 A      BDNF_HUMAN  (P23560)    , NTF4_HUMAN  (P34130)    
1B8N  X-ray     2.00 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1B8O  X-ray     1.50 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1B8P  X-ray     1.90 A      MDH_AQUAR   (Q9ZF99)    
1B8Q  NMR       -           NOS1_RAT    (P29476)    
1B8R  X-ray     1.90 A      PRVB_CYPCA  (P02618)    
1B8S  X-ray     1.65 A      CHOD_STRS0  (P12676)    
1B8T  NMR       -           CSRP1_CHICK (P67966)    
1B8U  X-ray     2.50 A      MDH_AQUAR   (Q9ZF99)    
1B8V  X-ray     2.10 A      MDH_AQUAR   (Q9ZF99)    
1B8W  NMR       -           DLP1_ORNAN  (P82172)    
1B8X  X-ray     2.70 A      GST26_SCHJA (P08515)    
1B8Y  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1B8Z  X-ray     1.60 A      DBH_THEMA   (P36206)    
1B90  X-ray     2.50 A      AMYB_BACCE  (P36924)    
1B92  X-ray     2.02 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1B93  X-ray     1.90 A      MGSA_ECOLI  (P0A731)    
1B94  X-ray     1.90 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1B95  X-ray     2.05 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1B96  X-ray     2.30 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1B97  X-ray     1.90 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1B98  X-ray     2.75 A      NTF4_HUMAN  (P34130)    
1B99  X-ray     2.70 A      NDKC_DICDI  (P22887)    
1B9A  X-ray     2.00 A      PRVB_CYPCA  (P02618)    
1B9B  X-ray     2.85 A      PGKT_THEMA  (P36204)    
1B9C  X-ray     2.40 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1B9D  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1B9E  X-ray     2.50 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1B9F  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1B9G  NMR       -           IGF1_HUMAN  (P05019)    
1B9H  X-ray     2.00 A      RIFK_AMYMS  (O52552)    
1B9I  X-ray     2.00 A      RIFK_AMYMS  (O52552)    
1B9J  X-ray     1.80 A      OPPA_SALTY  (P06202)    
1B9K  X-ray     1.90 A      AP2A2_MOUSE (P17427)    
1B9L  X-ray     2.90 A      FOLX_ECOLI  (P0AC19)    
1B9M  X-ray     1.75 A      MODE_ECOLI  (P0A9G8)    
1B9N  X-ray     2.09 A      MODE_ECOLI  (P0A9G8)    
1B9O  X-ray     1.15 A      LALBA_HUMAN (P00709)    
1B9P  NMR       -           COEA1_CHICK (P32018)    
1B9Q  NMR       -           COEA1_CHICK (P32018)    
1B9R  NMR       -           TERPB_PSESP (P33007)    
1B9S  X-ray     2.50 A      NRAM_INBLE  (P03474)    
1B9T  X-ray     2.40 A      NRAM_INBLE  (P03474)    
1B9U  NMR       -           ATPF_ECOLI  (P0ABA0)    
1B9V  X-ray     2.35 A      NRAM_INBLE  (P03474)    
1B9X  X-ray     3.00 A      GBB1_BOVIN  (P62871)    , GBG1_BOVIN  (P02698)    ,
                            PHOS_RAT    (P20942)    
1B9Y  X-ray     3.00 A      GBB1_BOVIN  (P62871)    , GBG1_BOVIN  (P02698)    ,
                            PHOS_RAT    (P20942)    
1B9Z  X-ray     2.10 A      AMYB_BACCE  (P36924)    
1BA0  X-ray     1.90 A      HSP7C_BOVIN (P19120)    
1BA1  X-ray     1.70 A      HSP7C_BOVIN (P19120)    
1BA2  X-ray     2.10 A      RBSB_ECOLI  (P02925)    
1BA3  X-ray     2.20 A      LUCI_PHOPY  (P08659)    
1BA4  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1BA5  NMR       -           TERF1_HUMAN (P54274)    
1BA6  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1BA7  X-ray     2.50 A      ITRA_SOYBN  (P01070)    
1BA8  X-ray     1.80 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BA9  NMR       -           SODC_HUMAN  (P00441)    
1BAB  X-ray     1.50 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BAC  Model     -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BAD  Model     -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BAG  X-ray     2.50 A      AMY_BACSU   (P00691)    
1BAH  NMR       -           KAX11_LEIHE (P13487)    
1BAI  X-ray     2.40 A      POL_RSVP    (P03354)    , GAG_RSVP    (P03322)    
1BAJ  X-ray     2.60 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BAK  NMR       -           ARBK1_HUMAN (P25098)    
1BAL  NMR       -           ODO2_ECOLI  (P0AFG6)    
1BAM  X-ray     1.95 A      T2BA_BACAM  (P23940)    
1BAN  X-ray     2.20 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BAO  X-ray     2.20 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BAP  X-ray     1.75 A      ARAF_ECOLI  (P02924)    
1BAR  X-ray     2.70 A      FGF1_BOVIN  (P03968)    
1BAS  X-ray     1.90 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BAV  X-ray     1.60 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1BAW  X-ray     2.80 A      PLAS_PHOLA  (Q51883)    
1BAX  NMR       -           GAG_MPMV    (P07567)    
1BAY  X-ray     2.00 A      GSTP1_MOUSE (P19157)    
1BAZ  X-ray     1.90 A      RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1BB0  X-ray     2.10 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BB3  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1BB4  X-ray     2.23 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1BB5  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1BB6  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC2_ONCMY (P11941)    
1BB7  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC2_ONCMY (P11941)    
1BB8  NMR       -           TNR6_ENTFL  (P22886)    
1BB9  X-ray     2.20 A      BIN1_RAT    (O08839)    
1BBA  NMR       -           PAHO_BOVIN  (P01302)    
1BBB  X-ray     1.70 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BBC  X-ray     2.20 A      PA2GA_HUMAN (P14555)    
1BBG  NMR       -           MPAT5_AMBTR (P10414)    
1BBH  X-ray     1.80 A      CYCP_ALLVD  (P00154)    
1BBI  NMR       -           IBB1_SOYBN  (P01055)    
1BBJ  X-ray     3.10 A      IGHG4_HUMAN (P01861)    
1BBL  NMR       -           ODO2_ECOLI  (P0AFG6)    
1BBN  NMR       -           IL4_HUMAN   (P05112)    
1BBO  NMR       -           ZEP1_HUMAN  (P15822)    
1BBP  X-ray     2.00 A      BBP_PIEBR   (P09464)    
1BBR  X-ray     2.30 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    
1BBS  X-ray     2.80 A      RENI_HUMAN  (P00797)    
1BBU  X-ray     2.70 A      SYK1_ECOLI  (P0A8N3)    
1BBW  X-ray     2.70 A      SYK1_ECOLI  (P0A8N3)    
1BBX  NMR       -           DN7D_SACS2  (P39476)    
1BBY  NMR       -           T2FB_HUMAN  (P13984)    
1BBZ  X-ray     1.65 A      ABL1_HUMAN  (P00519)    
1BC0  X-ray     2.00 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BC1  X-ray     2.05 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BC2  X-ray     1.90 A      BLA2_BACCE  (P04190)    
1BC3  X-ray     1.95 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BC4  NMR       -           RNASO_LITCT (P11916)    
1BC5  X-ray     2.20 A      CHER_SALTY  (P07801)    
1BC6  NMR       -           FER_HYDSH   (Q45560)    
1BC7  X-ray     2.01 A      ELK4_HUMAN  (P28324)    
1BC8  X-ray     1.93 A      ELK4_HUMAN  (P28324)    
1BC9  NMR       -           CYH1_HUMAN  (Q15438)    
1BCC  X-ray     3.16 A      CY1_BOVIN   (P00125)    , CYB_CHICK   (P18946)    ,
                            QCR1_BOVIN  (P31800)    , QCR2_BOVIN  (P23004)    ,
                            QCR6_BOVIN  (P00126)    , QCR7_BOVIN  (P00129)    ,
                            QCR8_BOVIN  (P13271)    , QCR9_BOVIN  (P00130)    ,
                            UCRI_BOVIN  (P13272)    , UCRI_CHICK  (Q5ZLR5)    
1BCD  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BCF  X-ray     2.90 A      BFR_ECOLI   (P0ABD3)    
1BCG  X-ray     2.10 A      SIXE_HOTJU  (P56637)    
1BCH  X-ray     2.00 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1BCI  NMR       -           PA24A_HUMAN (P47712)    
1BCJ  X-ray     2.10 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1BCK  X-ray     1.80 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1BCM  X-ray     2.80 A      TNPA_BPMU   (P07636)    
1BCN  NMR       -           IL4_HUMAN   (P05112)    
1BCO  X-ray     2.40 A      TNPA_BPMU   (P07636)    
1BCP  X-ray     2.70 A      TOX1_BORPE  (P04977)    , TOX2_BORPE  (P04978)    ,
                            TOX3_BORPE  (P04979)    , TOX4_BORPE  (P0A3R5)    ,
                            TOX5_BORPE  (P04981)    
1BCR  X-ray     2.50 A      CBP2_WHEAT  (P08819)    
1BCS  X-ray     2.08 A      CBP2_WHEAT  (P08819)    
1BCT  NMR       -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BCU  X-ray     2.00 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BCV  NMR       -           POLG_FMDVA  (P03308)    
1BCW  X-ray     2.10 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BCX  X-ray     1.81 A      XYNA_BACCI  (P09850)    
1BCY  X-ray     1.95 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BCZ  X-ray     2.20 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1BD0  X-ray     1.60 A      ALR_GEOSE   (P10724)    
1BD2  X-ray     2.50 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    ,
                            TAX_HTL1C   (P14079)    , TAX_HTL1F   (P0C213)    ,
                            TRAC_HUMAN  (P01848)    , TRBC2_HUMAN (A0A5B9)    ,
                            TVA29_HUMAN (P04437)    , TVB65_HUMAN (A0A0K0K1A5)
1BD3  X-ray     1.93 A      UPP_TOXGO   (Q26998)    
1BD4  X-ray     2.20 A      UPP_TOXGO   (Q26998)    
1BD6  NMR       -           FER_HYDSH   (Q45560)    
1BD7  X-ray     2.78 A      CRBB2_RAT   (P62697)    
1BD8  X-ray     1.80 A      CDN2D_HUMAN (P55273)    
1BD9  X-ray     2.05 A      PEBP1_HUMAN (P30086)    
1BDA  X-ray     3.35 A      TPA_HUMAN   (P00750)    
1BDB  X-ray     2.00 A      BPHB_PARXL  (P47227)    
1BDC  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1BDD  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1BDE  NMR       -           VPR_HV1N5   (P12520)    
1BDF  X-ray     2.50 A      RPOA_ECOLI  (P0A7Z4)    
1BDG  X-ray     2.60 A      HXK_SCHMA   (Q26609)    
1BDH  X-ray     2.70 A      PURR_ECOLI  (P0ACP7)    
1BDI  X-ray     3.00 A      PURR_ECOLI  (P0ACP7)    
1BDJ  X-ray     2.68 A      ARCB_ECOLI  (P0AEC3)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1BDL  X-ray     2.80 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1BDM  X-ray     1.80 A      MDH_THETH   (P10584)    
1BDO  X-ray     1.80 A      BCCP_ECOLI  (P0ABD8)    
1BDQ  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1BDR  X-ray     2.80 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1BDS  NMR       -           BDS1_ANESU  (P11494)    
1BDT  X-ray     2.50 A      RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1BDU  X-ray     2.10 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1BDV  X-ray     2.80 A      RARC_BPP22  (P03050)    
1BDX  X-ray     6.00 A      RUVA_ECOLI  (P0A809)    
1BDY  X-ray     2.20 A      KPCD_RAT    (P09215)    
1BE0  X-ray     1.96 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1BE1  NMR       -           GMSS_CLOTT  (Q05488)    
1BE2  NMR       -           NLTP1_HORVU (P07597)    
1BE3  X-ray     3.00 A      CY1_BOVIN   (P00125)    , CYB_BOVIN   (P00157)    ,
                            QCR10_BOVIN (P07552)    , QCR1_BOVIN  (P31800)    ,
                            QCR2_BOVIN  (P23004)    , QCR6_BOVIN  (P00126)    ,
                            QCR7_BOVIN  (P00129)    , QCR8_BOVIN  (P13271)    ,
                            QCR9_BOVIN  (P00130)    , UCRI_BOVIN  (P13272)    
1BE4  X-ray     2.40 A      NDKA2_BOVIN (P52175)    
1BE6  X-ray     2.15 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1BE7  X-ray     1.65 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1BE8  X-ray     2.20 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1BE9  X-ray     1.82 A      DLG4_RAT    (P31016)    
1BEA  X-ray     1.95 A      ITRF_MAIZE  (P01088)    
1BEB  X-ray     1.80 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1BED  X-ray     2.00 A      DSBA_VIBCH  (P32557)    
1BEE  X-ray     2.60 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1BEG  NMR       -           ELIB_PHYCR  (P15570)    
1BEH  X-ray     1.75 A      PEBP1_HUMAN (P30086)    
1BEI  NMR       -           K1A_STIHL   (P29187)    
1BEJ  X-ray     2.40 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BEK  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BEL  X-ray     1.60 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1BEM  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BEN  X-ray     1.40 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1BEO  X-ray     2.20 A      ELIB_PHYCR  (P15570)    
1BEP  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BEQ  X-ray     2.16 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BES  X-ray     2.00 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BET  X-ray     2.30 A      NGF_MOUSE   (P01139)    
1BEU  X-ray     1.90 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1BEV  X-ray     3.00 A      POLG_BOVEV  (P12915)    
1BEX  X-ray     2.30 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1BEY  X-ray     3.25 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1BEZ  X-ray     2.10 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1BF0  NMR       -           VKTHC_DENAN (P81658)    
1BF2  X-ray     2.00 A      ISOA_PSEAY  (P10342)    
1BF3  X-ray     2.20 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1BF4  X-ray     1.60 A      DN7D_SULAC  (P13123)    
1BF5  X-ray     2.90 A      STAT1_HUMAN (P42224)    
1BF6  X-ray     1.70 A      PHP_ECOLI   (P45548)    
1BF8  NMR       -           FIMC_ECOLI  (P31697)    
1BF9  NMR       -           FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1BFA  X-ray     2.20 A      ITRF_MAIZE  (P01088)    
1BFB  X-ray     1.90 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BFC  X-ray     2.20 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BFD  X-ray     1.60 A      MDLC_PSEPU  (P20906)    
1BFE  X-ray     2.30 A      DLG4_RAT    (P31016)    
1BFF  X-ray     2.00 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BFG  X-ray     1.60 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BFI  NMR       -           P85A_BOVIN  (P23727)    
1BFJ  NMR       -           P85A_BOVIN  (P23727)    
1BFK  X-ray     2.30 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1BFM  NMR       -           HMFB_METFE  (P19267)    
1BFN  X-ray     2.07 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BFO  X-ray     2.60 A      IGG2B_RAT   (P20761)    , KACB_RAT    (P01835)    
1BFP  X-ray     2.10 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1BFR  X-ray     2.94 A      BFR_ECOLI   (P0ABD3)    
1BFS  X-ray     2.20 A      NFKB1_MOUSE (P25799)    
1BFT  X-ray     2.00 A      TF65_MOUSE  (Q04207)    
1BFU  X-ray     2.20 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1BFV  X-ray     2.10 A      HVM58_MOUSE (P18529)    , KV2A7_MOUSE (P01631)    
1BFX  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1BFY  NMR       -           RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1BG0  X-ray     1.86 A      KARG_LIMPO  (P51541)    
1BG1  X-ray     2.25 A      STAT3_MOUSE (P42227)    
1BG2  X-ray     1.80 A      KINH_HUMAN  (P33176)    
1BG3  X-ray     2.80 A      HXK1_RAT    (P05708)    
1BG4  X-ray     1.75 A      XYNA_PENSI  (P56588)    
1BG5  X-ray     2.60 A      GST26_SCHJA (P08515)    
1BG6  X-ray     1.80 A      ODH_ARTSC   (Q44297)    
1BG7  X-ray     1.85 A      FRI1_LITCT  (P07229)    
1BG8  X-ray     2.20 A      HDEA_ECOLI  (P0AES9)    
1BG9  X-ray     2.80 A      AMY2_HORVU  (P04063)    
1BGA  X-ray     2.40 A      BGLA_PAEPO  (P22073)    
1BGB  X-ray     2.00 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1BGC  X-ray     1.70 A      CSF3_BOVIN  (P35833)    
1BGD  X-ray     2.30 A      CSF3_CANLF  (P35834)    
1BGE  X-ray     2.20 A      CSF3_CANLF  (P35834)    
1BGF  X-ray     1.45 A      STAT4_MOUSE (P42228)    
1BGG  X-ray     2.30 A      BGLA_PAEPO  (P22073)    
1BGI  X-ray     1.70 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BGJ  X-ray     3.00 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1BGK  NMR       -           K1B_BUNGR   (P29186)    
1BGN  X-ray     2.00 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1BGO  X-ray     2.30 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1BGQ  X-ray     2.50 A      HSP82_YEAST (P02829)    
1BGS  X-ray     2.60 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BGT  X-ray     2.20 A      GSTB_BPT4   (P04547)    
1BGU  X-ray     2.20 A      GSTB_BPT4   (P04547)    
1BGV  X-ray     1.90 A      DHE2_CLOSY  (P24295)    
1BGW  X-ray     2.70 A      TOP2_YEAST  (P06786)    
1BGX  X-ray     2.30 A      DPO1_THEAQ  (P19821)    
1BGY  X-ray     3.00 A      CY1_BOVIN   (P00125)    , CYB_BOVIN   (P00157)    ,
                            QCR10_BOVIN (P07552)    , QCR1_BOVIN  (P31800)    ,
                            QCR2_BOVIN  (P23004)    , QCR6_BOVIN  (P00126)    ,
                            QCR7_BOVIN  (P00129)    , QCR8_BOVIN  (P13271)    ,
                            QCR9_BOVIN  (P00130)    , UCRI_BOVIN  (P13272)    
1BH0  X-ray     3.00 A      GLUC_HUMAN  (P01275)    
1BH1  NMR       -           MEL_APIME   (P01501)    
1BH2  X-ray     2.10 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1BH3  X-ray     2.19 A      PORI_RHOBL  (P39767)    
1BH4  NMR       -           CIRA_CHAPA  (P56871)    
1BH5  X-ray     2.20 A      LGUL_HUMAN  (Q04760)    
1BH6  X-ray     1.75 A      SUBD_BACLI  (P00781)    
1BH7  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BH8  X-ray     3.00 A      TAF11_HUMAN (Q15544)    , TAF13_HUMAN (Q15543)    
1BH9  X-ray     2.60 A      TAF11_HUMAN (Q15544)    , TAF13_HUMAN (Q15543)    
1BHA  NMR       -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BHB  NMR       -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BHC  X-ray     2.70 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1BHD  X-ray     2.00 A      UTRN_HUMAN  (P46939)    
1BHE  X-ray     1.90 A      PGLR2_PECPM (P26509)    
1BHF  X-ray     1.80 A      LCK_HUMAN   (P06239)    
1BHG  X-ray     2.53 A      BGLR_HUMAN  (P08236)    
1BHH  X-ray     1.90 A      LCK_HUMAN   (P06239)    
1BHI  NMR       -           ATF2_HUMAN  (P15336)    
1BHJ  X-ray     2.50 A      GNMT_RAT    (P13255)    
1BHL  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BHM  X-ray     2.20 A      T2BA_BACAM  (P23940)    
1BHN  X-ray     2.40 A      NDKA1_BOVIN (P52174)    
1BHO  X-ray     2.70 A      ITAM_HUMAN  (P11215)    
1BHP  X-ray     1.70 A      THNB_WHEAT  (P01543)    
1BHQ  X-ray     2.70 A      ITAM_HUMAN  (P11215)    
1BHS  X-ray     2.20 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1BHT  X-ray     2.00 A      HGF_HUMAN   (P14210)    
1BHU  NMR       -           IMEP_STRNI  (P01077)    
1BHW  X-ray     4.10 A      XYLA_ACTM4  (P12851)    
1BHX  X-ray     2.30 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BHZ  X-ray     3.90 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BI0  X-ray     2.30 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1BI1  X-ray     2.20 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1BI2  X-ray     2.30 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1BI3  X-ray     2.40 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1BI4  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BI5  X-ray     1.56 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1BI6  NMR       -           IBRO_ANACO  (P01068)    
1BI7  X-ray     3.40 A      CDK6_HUMAN  (Q00534)    , CDN2A_HUMAN (P42771)    
1BI8  X-ray     2.80 A      CDK6_HUMAN  (Q00534)    , CDN2D_HUMAN (P55273)    
1BI9  X-ray     2.70 A      AL1A2_RAT   (Q63639)    
1BIA  X-ray     2.30 A      BIRA_ECOLI  (P06709)    
1BIB  X-ray     2.80 A      BIRA_ECOLI  (P06709)    
1BIC  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BID  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1BIF  X-ray     2.00 A      F264_RAT    (P25114)    
1BIG  NMR       -           KAX15_MESMA (Q9NII6)    
1BIH  X-ray     3.10 A      HEMO_HYACE  (P25033)    
1BII  X-ray     2.40 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA12_MOUSE  (P01900)    
1BIJ  X-ray     2.30 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BIK  X-ray     2.50 A      AMBP_HUMAN  (P02760)    
1BIL  X-ray     2.40 A      RENI_HUMAN  (P00797)    
1BIM  X-ray     2.80 A      RENI_HUMAN  (P00797)    
1BIN  X-ray     2.20 A      LGBA_SOYBN  (P02238)    
1BIO  X-ray     1.50 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1BIP  NMR       -           IAAT_ELECO  (P01087)    
1BIQ  X-ray     2.05 A      RIR2_ECOLI  (P69924)    
1BIR  X-ray     1.80 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1BIS  X-ray     1.95 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BIT  X-ray     1.83 A      TRY1_SALSA  (P35031)    
1BIU  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BIV  NMR       -           TAT_BIV29   (P19564)    
1BIW  X-ray     2.50 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1BIX  X-ray     2.20 A      APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    
1BIY  X-ray     3.37 A      TRFL_BUBBU  (O77698)    
1BIZ  X-ray     1.95 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BJ1  X-ray     2.40 A      VEGFA_HUMAN (P15692)    
1BJ3  X-ray     2.60 A      SL9B_PROFL  (P23807)    , SLA_PROFL   (Q7LZ71)    
1BJ4  X-ray     2.65 A      GLYC_HUMAN  (P34896)    
1BJ5  X-ray     2.50 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1BJ7  X-ray     1.80 A      ALL2_BOVIN  (Q28133)    
1BJ8  NMR       -           IL6RB_HUMAN (P40189)    
1BJ9  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BJA  X-ray     2.19 A      MOTA_BPT4   (P22915)    
1BJB  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1BJC  NMR       -           A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    
1BJE  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_HORSE   (P68082)    
1BJF  X-ray     2.40 A      NCALD_BOVIN (P61602)    
1BJG  X-ray     2.30 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1BJI  X-ray     2.00 A      NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1BJJ  X-ray     2.80 A      PA2N_GLOHA  (P14421)    
1BJK  X-ray     2.30 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1BJN  X-ray     2.30 A      SERC_ECOLI  (P23721)    
1BJO  X-ray     2.80 A      SERC_ECOLI  (P23721)    
1BJP  X-ray     2.40 A      4OT1_PSEPU  (Q01468)    
1BJQ  X-ray     2.65 A      LEC1_VIGUC  (P05045)    
1BJR  X-ray     2.44 A      PRTK_PARAQ  (P06873)    
1BJT  X-ray     2.50 A      TOP2_YEAST  (P06786)    
1BJU  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BJV  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BJW  X-ray     1.80 A      AAPAT_THET8 (Q56232)    
1BJX  NMR       -           PDIA1_HUMAN (P07237)    
1BJZ  X-ray     2.20 A      TETR4_ECOLX (P0ACT4)    
1BK0  X-ray     1.30 A      IPNS_EMENI  (P05326)    
1BK1  X-ray     2.00 A      XYN3_ASPKW  (P33557)    
1BK2  X-ray     2.01 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1BK4  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_RABIT (P00637)    
1BK5  X-ray     2.20 A      IMA1_YEAST  (Q02821)    
1BK6  X-ray     2.80 A      IMA1_YEAST  (Q02821)    
1BK7  X-ray     1.75 A      RNMC_MOMCH  (P23540)    
1BK8  NMR       -           DEF1_AESHI  (Q7M1F3)    
1BK9  X-ray     2.00 A      PA2A_GLOHA  (P14418)    
1BKA  X-ray     2.40 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1BKB  X-ray     1.75 A      IF5A_PYRAE  (P56635)    
1BKC  X-ray     2.00 A      ADA17_HUMAN (P78536)    
1BKD  X-ray     2.80 A      RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    , SOS1_HUMAN  (Q07889)    
1BKE  X-ray     3.15 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1BKF  X-ray     1.60 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1BKG  X-ray     2.60 A      AAPAT_THET8 (Q56232)    
1BKJ  X-ray     1.80 A      FRP_VIBHA   (Q56691)    
1BKL  X-ray     2.10 A      SRC_RSVSA   (P00524)    
1BKM  X-ray     2.00 A      SRC_RSVSA   (P00524)    
1BKN  X-ray     2.90 A      MUTL_ECOLI  (P23367)    
1BKO  X-ray     2.75 A      TYSY1_BACSU (P0CI79)    
1BKP  X-ray     1.70 A      TYSY1_BACSU (P0CI79)    
1BKR  X-ray     1.10 A      SPTB2_HUMAN (Q01082)    
1BKS  X-ray     2.20 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1BKT  NMR       -           KAX36_MESMA (Q9NII7)    
1BKU  NMR       -           CALC_ANGJA  (P01262)    
1BKW  X-ray     2.20 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1BKX  X-ray     2.60 A      KAPCA_MOUSE (P05132)    
1BKY  X-ray     2.00 A      MCE_VACCW   (P07617)    
1BKZ  X-ray     1.90 A      LEG7_HUMAN  (P47929)    
1BL0  X-ray     2.30 A      MARA_ECOLI  (P0ACH5)    
1BL1  NMR       -           PTH1R_HUMAN (Q03431)    
1BL3  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1N5   (P12497)    
1BL4  X-ray     1.90 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1BL5  X-ray     2.50 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1BL6  X-ray     2.50 A      MK14_HUMAN  (Q16539)    
1BL7  X-ray     2.50 A      MK14_HUMAN  (Q16539)    
1BL8  X-ray     3.20 A      KCSA_STRLI  (P0A334)    
1BL9  X-ray     2.90 A      NIRS_PSEAE  (P24474)    
1BLA  NMR       -           FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BLB  X-ray     3.30 A      CRBB2_BOVIN (P02522)    
1BLC  X-ray     2.20 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1BLD  NMR       -           FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1BLE  X-ray     2.90 A      PTFB_BACSU  (P26380)    
1BLF  X-ray     2.80 A      TRFL_BOVIN  (P24627)    
1BLH  X-ray     2.30 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1BLI  X-ray     1.90 A      AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1BLJ  NMR       -           BLK_MOUSE   (P16277)    
1BLK  NMR       -           BLK_MOUSE   (P16277)    
1BLL  X-ray     2.40 A      AMPL_BOVIN  (P00727)    
1BLP  X-ray     2.30 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1BLQ  NMR       -           TNNC2_CHICK (P02588)    
1BLR  NMR       -           RABP2_HUMAN (P29373)    
1BLS  X-ray     2.30 A      AMPC_ENTCL  (P05364)    
1BLU  X-ray     2.10 A      FER_ALLVD   (P00208)    
1BLV  NMR       -           CYB5_RAT    (P00173)    
1BLX  X-ray     1.90 A      CDK6_HUMAN  (Q00534)    , CDN2D_MOUSE (Q60773)    
1BLZ  X-ray     1.45 A      IPNS_EMENI  (P05326)    
1BM0  X-ray     2.50 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1BM1  X-ray     3.50 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BM2  X-ray     2.10 A      GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    
1BM3  X-ray     2.00 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1BM4  NMR       -           GAG_MLVMS   (P03332)    
1BM5  NMR       -           RABP2_HUMAN (P29373)    
1BM6  NMR       -           MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1BM7  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1BM8  X-ray     1.71 A      MBP1_YEAST  (P39678)    
1BM9  X-ray     2.00 A      RTP_BACSU   (P0CI76)    
1BMA  X-ray     1.80 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1BMB  X-ray     1.80 A      GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    
1BMC  X-ray     2.50 A      BLA2_BACCE  (P04190)    
1BMD  X-ray     1.90 A      MDH_THETH   (P10584)    
1BMF  X-ray     2.85 A      ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    , ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1BMG  X-ray     2.50 A      B2MG_BOVIN  (P01888)    
1BMK  X-ray     2.40 A      MK14_HUMAN  (Q16539)    
1BML  X-ray     2.90 A      PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    , STRP_STREQ  (P00779)    
1BMM  X-ray     2.60 A      HIR3A_HIRME (P28507)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BMN  X-ray     2.80 A      HIR3A_HIRME (P28507)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BMO  X-ray     3.10 A      SPRC_HUMAN  (P09486)    
1BMP  X-ray     2.80 A      BMP7_HUMAN  (P18075)    
1BMQ  X-ray     2.50 A      CASP1_HUMAN (P29466)    
1BMR  NMR       -           SCL3_LEIHE  (P56678)    
1BMS  X-ray     2.70 A      CAPSD_BPMS2 (P03612)    
1BMT  X-ray     3.00 A      METH_ECOLI  (P13009)    
1BMU  Model     -           CATL_BRUPA  (O17473)    
1BMV  X-ray     3.00 A      POL2_BPMV   (P23009)    
1BMW  NMR       -           MPAP2_PHLPR (P43214)    
1BMZ  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1BN1  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BN3  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BN4  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BN5  X-ray     1.80 A      MAP2_HUMAN  (P50579)    
1BN6  X-ray     1.50 A      DHAA_RHOSD  (P59336)    
1BN7  X-ray     1.50 A      DHAA_RHOSD  (P59336)    
1BN8  X-ray     1.80 A      PLY_BACSU   (P39116)    
1BNB  NMR       -           DFB12_BOVIN (P46170)    
1BNC  X-ray     2.40 A      ACCC_ECOLI  (P24182)    
1BND  X-ray     2.30 A      BDNF_HUMAN  (P23560)    , NTF3_HUMAN  (P20783)    
1BNE  X-ray     2.10 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNF  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNG  X-ray     2.10 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNI  X-ray     2.10 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNJ  X-ray     2.10 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNK  X-ray     2.70 A      3MG_HUMAN   (P29372)    
1BNL  X-ray     2.90 A      COIA1_HUMAN (P39060)    
1BNM  X-ray     2.60 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNN  X-ray     2.30 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNO  NMR       -           DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1BNP  NMR       -           DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1BNQ  X-ray     2.40 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNR  NMR       -           RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNS  X-ray     2.05 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BNT  X-ray     2.15 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNU  X-ray     2.15 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNV  X-ray     2.40 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNW  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BNX  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BNY  Model     -           RBPMS_HUMAN (Q93062)    
1BNZ  X-ray     2.00 A      DN7D_SACS2  (P39476)    
1BO0  NMR       -           CCL7_HUMAN  (P80098)    
1BO1  X-ray     3.00 A      PI42B_HUMAN (P78356)    
1BO5  X-ray     3.20 A      GLPK_ECOLI  (P0A6F3)    
1BO6  X-ray     2.10 A      ST1E1_MOUSE (P49891)    
1BO7  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_LACCA  (P00469)    
1BO8  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_LACCA  (P00469)    
1BO9  NMR       -           ANXA1_HUMAN (P04083)    
1BOA  X-ray     1.80 A      MAP2_HUMAN  (P50579)    
1BOB  X-ray     2.30 A      HAT1_YEAST  (Q12341)    
1BOC  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1BOD  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1BOE  NMR       -           IBP5_HUMAN  (P24593)    
1BOF  X-ray     2.20 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1BOG  X-ray     2.60 A      GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864)    
1BOH  X-ray     2.30 A      THTR_BOVIN  (P00586)    
1BOI  X-ray     2.20 A      THTR_BOVIN  (P00586)    
1BOJ  Model     -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1BOK  Model     -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1BOL  X-ray     2.00 A      RNRH_RHINI  (P08056)    
1BOM  NMR       -           BXA2_BOMMO  (P15411)    , BXA6_BOMMO  (P26729)    
1BON  NMR       -           BXA2_BOMMO  (P15411)    , BXA6_BOMMO  (P26729)    
1BOO  X-ray     2.80 A      MTP2_PROHU  (P11409)    
1BOQ  X-ray     2.10 A      PRLA_LYSEN  (P00778)    
1BOR  NMR       -           PML_HUMAN   (P29590)    
1BOS  X-ray     2.80 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1BOT  X-ray     3.05 A      GLPK_ECOLI  (P0A6F3)    
1BOU  X-ray     2.20 A      PCYA_SPHSK  (P22635)    , PCYB_SPHSK  (P22636)    
1BOW  X-ray     2.70 A      BMRR_BACSU  (P39075)    
1BOX  X-ray     1.60 A      RNSA_KITAU  (P05798)    
1BOY  X-ray     2.20 A      TF_HUMAN    (P13726)    
1BOZ  X-ray     2.10 A      DYR_HUMAN   (P00374)    
1BP0  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_LACCA  (P00469)    
1BP1  X-ray     2.40 A      BPI_HUMAN   (P17213)    
1BP2  X-ray     1.70 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1BP3  X-ray     2.90 A      PRLR_HUMAN  (P16471)    , SOMA_HUMAN  (P01241)    
1BP4  X-ray     2.20 A      PAPA1_CARPA (P00784)    
1BP5  X-ray     2.20 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1BP6  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_LACCA  (P00469)    
1BP7  X-ray     3.00 A      DNE1_CHLRE  (P05725)    
1BPB  X-ray     2.30 A      DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1BPD  X-ray     3.60 A      DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1BPE  X-ray     2.90 A      DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1BPH  X-ray     2.00 A      INS_BOVIN   (P01317)    
1BPI  X-ray     1.09 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1BPJ  X-ray     2.40 A      TYSY_LACCA  (P00469)    
1BPK  Model     -           KAP0_BOVIN  (P00514)    
1BPL  X-ray     2.20 A      AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1BPM  X-ray     2.90 A      AMPL_BOVIN  (P00727)    
1BPN  X-ray     2.90 A      AMPL_BOVIN  (P00727)    
1BPO  X-ray     2.60 A      CLH1_RAT    (P11442)    
1BPQ  X-ray     1.80 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1BPR  NMR       -           DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    
1BPT  X-ray     2.00 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1BPV  NMR       -           TITIN_HUMAN (Q8WZ42)    
1BPW  X-ray     2.80 A      AL9A1_GADMC (P56533)    
1BPX  X-ray     2.40 A      DPOLB_HUMAN (P06746)    
1BPY  X-ray     2.20 A      DPOLB_HUMAN (P06746)    
1BPZ  X-ray     2.60 A      DPOLB_HUMAN (P06746)    
1BQ0  NMR       -           DNAJ_ECOLI  (P08622)    
1BQ1  X-ray     2.50 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1BQ2  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1BQ3  X-ray     2.70 A      PMG1_YEAST  (P00950)    
1BQ4  X-ray     2.50 A      PMG1_YEAST  (P00950)    
1BQ6  X-ray     1.56 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1BQ7  X-ray     2.80 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1BQ8  X-ray     1.10 A      RUBR_PYRFU  (P24297)    
1BQ9  X-ray     1.20 A      RUBR_PYRFU  (P24297)    
1BQA  X-ray     2.10 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1BQB  X-ray     1.72 A      AURE_STAAU  (P81177)    
1BQD  X-ray     2.10 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1BQE  X-ray     2.45 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1BQF  NMR       -           GBP_MYTSE   (Q27913)    
1BQG  X-ray     2.30 A      GUDD_PSEPU  (P42206)    
1BQH  X-ray     2.80 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , CD8A_MOUSE  (P01731)    ,
                            HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    
1BQI  X-ray     2.50 A      PAPA1_CARPA (P00784)    
1BQK  X-ray     1.35 A      AZUP_ACHCY  (P19567)    
1BQL  X-ray     2.60 A      LYSC_COLVI  (P00700)    
1BQM  X-ray     3.10 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1BQN  X-ray     3.30 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1BQO  X-ray     2.30 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1BQP  X-ray     2.10 A      LEC_PEA     (P02867)    
1BQQ  X-ray     2.75 A      MMP14_HUMAN (P50281)    , TIMP2_BOVIN (P16368)    
1BQR  X-ray     1.60 A      AZUP_ACHCY  (P19567)    
1BQS  X-ray     2.20 A      MADCA_HUMAN (Q13477)    
1BQT  NMR       -           IGF1_HUMAN  (P05019)    
1BQU  X-ray     2.00 A      IL6RB_HUMAN (P40189)    
1BQW  Model     -           VPS1_PLEER  (Q9UVP6)    
1BQX  NMR       -           FER_HYDSH   (Q45560)    
1BQY  X-ray     2.50 A      VSPPA_TRIST (Q91516)    
1BQZ  NMR       -           DNAJ_ECOLI  (P08622)    
1BR0  NMR       -           STX1A_RAT   (P32851)    
1BR1  X-ray     3.50 A      MYH11_CHICK (P10587)    , MYL6_CHICK  (P02607)    
1BR2  X-ray     2.90 A      MYH11_CHICK (P10587)    
1BR4  X-ray     3.62 A      MYH11_CHICK (P10587)    , MYL6_CHICK  (P02607)    
1BR5  X-ray     2.50 A      RICI_RICCO  (P02879)    
1BR6  X-ray     2.30 A      RICI_RICCO  (P02879)    
1BR8  X-ray     2.90 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1BR9  X-ray     2.10 A      TIMP2_HUMAN (P16035)    
1BRA  X-ray     2.20 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1BRB  X-ray     2.10 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1BRC  X-ray     2.50 A      A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1BRD  EM        -           BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BRF  X-ray     0.95 A      RUBR_PYRFU  (P24297)    
1BRG  X-ray     2.20 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRH  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRI  X-ray     1.90 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRJ  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRK  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRL  X-ray     2.40 A      LUXA_VIBHA  (P07740)    , LUXB_VIBHA  (P07739)    
1BRM  X-ray     2.50 A      DHAS_ECOLI  (P0A9Q9)    
1BRN  X-ray     1.76 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRO  X-ray     2.05 A      BPOA2_KITAU (P29715)    
1BRP  X-ray     2.50 A      RET4_HUMAN  (P02753)    
1BRQ  X-ray     2.50 A      RET4_HUMAN  (P02753)    
1BRR  X-ray     2.90 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BRS  X-ray     2.00 A      BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    , RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BRT  X-ray     1.50 A      BPOA2_KITAU (P29715)    
1BRU  X-ray     2.30 A      CEL2A_PIG   (P08419)    
1BRV  NMR       -           GLYC_BRSVC  (P22261)    
1BRW  X-ray     2.10 A      PDP_GEOSE   (P77836)    
1BRX  X-ray     2.30 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1BRY  X-ray     2.10 A      RIP1_BRYDI  (P33185)    
1BRZ  NMR       -           DEF_PENBA   (P56552)    
1BS0  X-ray     1.65 A      BIOF_ECOLI  (P12998)    
1BS1  X-ray     1.80 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1BS2  X-ray     2.75 A      SYRC_YEAST  (Q05506)    
1BS3  X-ray     1.55 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1BS4  X-ray     1.90 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BS5  X-ray     2.50 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BS6  X-ray     2.10 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BS7  X-ray     2.50 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BS8  X-ray     2.20 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BS9  X-ray     1.10 A      AXE2_TALPU  (O59893)    
1BSA  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BSB  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BSC  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BSD  X-ray     2.30 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BSE  X-ray     2.00 A      RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1BSF  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY1_BACSU (P0CI79)    
1BSG  X-ray     1.85 A      BLAC_STRAL  (P14559)    
1BSH  NMR       -           ATPE_ECOLI  (P0A6E6)    
1BSI  X-ray     2.00 A      AMYP_HUMAN  (P04746)    
1BSJ  X-ray     3.00 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BSK  X-ray     3.00 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BSL  X-ray     1.95 A      LUXB_VIBHA  (P07739)    
1BSM  X-ray     1.35 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1BSN  NMR       -           ATPE_ECOLI  (P0A6E6)    
1BSO  X-ray     2.23 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1BSP  X-ray     2.50 A      TYSY1_BACSU (P0CI79)    
1BSQ  X-ray     2.22 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1BSR  X-ray     1.90 A      RNS_BOVIN   (P00669)    
1BSS  X-ray     2.15 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1BST  Model     -           SOMA_BOVIN  (P01246)    
1BSU  X-ray     2.00 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1BSV  X-ray     2.20 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1BSW  X-ray     1.95 A      VM1AA_DEIAC (Q9PW35)    
1BSX  X-ray     3.70 A      THB_HUMAN   (P10828)    
1BSY  X-ray     2.24 A      LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1BSZ  X-ray     1.90 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1BT0  X-ray     1.70 A      RUB1_ARATH  (Q9SHE7)    
1BT1  X-ray     2.70 A      PPO1_IPOBA  (Q9ZP19)    
1BT2  X-ray     2.70 A      PPO1_IPOBA  (Q9ZP19)    
1BT3  X-ray     2.50 A      PPO1_IPOBA  (Q9ZP19)    
1BT4  X-ray     2.30 A      SERC_BACCI  (Q59196)    
1BT5  X-ray     1.80 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1BT6  X-ray     2.40 A      ANXA2_CHICK (P17785)    , S10AA_HUMAN (P60903)    
1BT7  NMR       -           POLG_HCVBK  (P26663)    
1BT8  X-ray     1.85 A      SODM_PROFR  (P80293)    
1BT9  X-ray     3.00 A      OMPF_ECOLI  (P02931)    
1BTA  NMR       -           BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    
1BTB  NMR       -           BARS_BACAM  (P11540)    
1BTC  X-ray     2.00 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BTE  X-ray     1.50 A      AVR2A_MOUSE (P27038)    
1BTG  X-ray     2.50 A      NGF_MOUSE   (P01139)    
1BTH  X-ray     2.30 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1BTI  X-ray     2.20 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1BTJ  X-ray     3.20 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1BTK  X-ray     1.60 A      BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187)    
1BTL  X-ray     1.80 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1BTM  X-ray     2.80 A      TPIS_GEOSE  (P00943)    
1BTN  X-ray     2.00 A      SPTB2_MOUSE (Q62261)    
1BTO  X-ray     2.00 A      ADH1E_HORSE (P00327)    
1BTP  X-ray     2.20 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BTQ  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BTR  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BTS  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BTT  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BTU  X-ray     1.60 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1BTV  NMR       -           BEV1A_BETPN (P15494)    
1BTW  X-ray     1.70 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BTX  X-ray     1.70 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BTY  X-ray     1.50 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BTZ  X-ray     2.00 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1BU1  X-ray     2.60 A      HCK_HUMAN   (P08631)    
1BU2  X-ray     3.00 A      CGH2_SHV21  (Q01043)    
1BU3  X-ray     1.65 A      PRVB_MERBI  (P56503)    
1BU4  X-ray     1.90 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1BU5  X-ray     1.83 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1BU6  X-ray     2.37 A      GLPK_ECOLI  (P0A6F3)    
1BU7  X-ray     1.65 A      CPXB_BACMB  (P14779)    
1BU8  X-ray     1.80 A      LIPR2_RAT   (P54318)    
1BU9  NMR       -           CDN2C_HUMAN (P42773)    
1BUA  X-ray     2.15 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1BUC  X-ray     2.50 A      ACDS_MEGEL  (Q06319)    
1BUD  X-ray     1.90 A      VM1AA_DEIAC (Q9PW35)    
1BUE  X-ray     1.64 A      BLAN_ENTCL  (P52663)    
1BUG  X-ray     2.70 A      PPO1_IPOBA  (Q9ZP19)    
1BUH  X-ray     2.60 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    , CKS1_HUMAN  (P61024)    
1BUI  X-ray     2.65 A      PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    , SAK_BPP42   (P15240)    
1BUJ  NMR       -           RN_BACIN    (P00649)    
1BUL  X-ray     1.89 A      BLAN_ENTCL  (P52663)    
1BUN  X-ray     2.45 A      PA2B1_BUNMU (P00617)    , VKTH2_BUNMU (P00989)    
1BUO  X-ray     1.90 A      ZBT16_HUMAN (Q05516)    
1BUP  X-ray     1.70 A      HSP7C_BOVIN (P19120)    
1BUQ  NMR       -           SDIS_COMTE  (P00947)    
1BUS  NMR       -           ISK6_BOVIN  (P01001)    
1BUU  X-ray     1.90 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1BUV  X-ray     2.75 A      MMP14_HUMAN (P50281)    , TIMP2_BOVIN (P16368)    
1BUW  X-ray     1.90 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BUX  X-ray     2.80 A      NDKC_DICDI  (P22887)    
1BUY  NMR       -           EPO_HUMAN   (P01588)    
1BUZ  NMR       -           SP2AA_BACSU (P10727)    
1BV1  X-ray     2.00 A      BEV1A_BETPN (P15494)    
1BV2  NMR       -           NLTP1_ORYSJ (Q0IQK9)    
1BV3  X-ray     1.85 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1BV4  X-ray     1.85 A      MBL2_RAT    (P08661)    
1BV7  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BV8  NMR       -           A2MG_HUMAN  (P01023)    
1BV9  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BVA  X-ray     1.89 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1BVB  X-ray     2.60 A      C554_NITEU  (Q57142)    
1BVC  X-ray     1.50 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1BVD  X-ray     1.40 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1BVE  NMR       -           POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BVG  NMR       -           POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BVH  NMR       -           PPAC_BOVIN  (P11064)    
1BVI  X-ray     1.90 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1BVK  X-ray     2.70 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BVM  NMR       -           PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1BVN  X-ray     2.50 A      AMYP_PIG    (P00690)    , IAA_STRTE   (P01092)    
1BVP  X-ray     2.60 A      VP7_BTV10   (P69361)    
1BVQ  X-ray     2.00 A      4HBT_PSEUC  (P56653)    
1BVR  X-ray     2.80 A      INHA_MYCTU  (P9WGR1)    
1BVS  X-ray     3.00 A      RUVA_MYCLE  (P40832)    
1BVT  X-ray     1.85 A      BLA2_BACCE  (P04190)    
1BVU  X-ray     2.50 A      DHE3_THELN  (Q56304)    
1BVV  X-ray     1.80 A      XYNA_BACCI  (P09850)    
1BVW  X-ray     1.92 A      GUX6_HUMIN  (Q9C1S9)    
1BVX  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BVY  X-ray     2.03 A      CPXB_BACMB  (P14779)    
1BVZ  X-ray     2.60 A      NEPU2_THEVU (Q08751)    
1BW0  X-ray     2.50 A      ATTY_TRYCR  (P33447)    
1BW3  NMR       -           BARW_HORVU  (P28814)    
1BW4  NMR       -           BARW_HORVU  (P28814)    
1BW5  NMR       -           ISL2_RAT    (P50480)    
1BW6  NMR       -           CENPB_HUMAN (P07199)    
1BW8  X-ray     2.65 A      AP2M1_RAT   (P84092)    
1BW9  X-ray     1.50 A      DHPH_RHOSO  (Q59771)    
1BWA  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BWB  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1BWC  X-ray     2.10 A      GSHR_HUMAN  (P00390)    
1BWD  X-ray     3.10 A      STRB1_STRGR (P08078)    
1BWE  NMR       -           FER_HYDSH   (Q45560)    
1BWF  X-ray     3.00 A      GLPK_ECOLI  (P0A6F3)    
1BWH  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BWI  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BWJ  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1BWK  X-ray     2.30 A      OYE1_SACPS  (Q02899)    
1BWL  X-ray     2.70 A      OYE1_SACPS  (Q02899)    
1BWN  X-ray     2.10 A      BTK_HUMAN   (Q06187)    
1BWO  X-ray     2.10 A      NLTP1_WHEAT (P24296)    
1BWP  X-ray     2.10 A      PA1B3_BOVIN (Q29460)    
1BWQ  X-ray     2.30 A      PA1B3_BOVIN (Q29460)    
1BWR  X-ray     2.40 A      PA1B3_BOVIN (Q29460)    
1BWS  X-ray     2.20 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1BWW  X-ray     1.70 A      KVD33_HUMAN (P01593)    
1BWX  NMR       -           PTHY_HUMAN  (P01270)    
1BWY  NMR       -           FABPH_BOVIN (P10790)    
1BWZ  X-ray     2.72 A      DAPF_HAEIN  (P44859)    
1BX0  X-ray     1.90 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1BX1  X-ray     1.90 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1BX2  X-ray     2.60 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            MBP_HUMAN   (P02686)    
1BX3  X-ray     2.30 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1BX4  X-ray     1.50 A      ADK_HUMAN   (P55263)    
1BX6  X-ray     2.10 A      KAPCA_MOUSE (P05132)    
1BX7  X-ray     1.20 A      ANTA_HIRME  (P80302)    
1BX8  X-ray     1.40 A      ANTA_HIRME  (P80302)    
1BX9  X-ray     2.60 A      GSTF2_ARATH (P46422)    
1BXA  X-ray     1.30 A      AMCY_PARDE  (P22364)    
1BXB  X-ray     2.20 A      XYLA_THET8  (P26997)    
1BXC  X-ray     2.30 A      XYLA_THECA  (P56681)    
1BXD  NMR       -           ENVZ_ECOLI  (P0AEJ4)    
1BXE  X-ray     1.90 A      RL22_THETH  (P48286)    
1BXF  Model     -           CATS_HUMAN  (P25774)    
1BXG  X-ray     2.30 A      DHPH_RHOSO  (Q59771)    
1BXH  X-ray     2.75 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1BXI  X-ray     2.05 A      CEA9_ECOLX  (P09883)    , IMM9_ECOLX  (P13479)    
1BXK  X-ray     1.90 A      RMLB2_ECOLI (P27830)    
1BXL  NMR       -           B2CL1_HUMAN (Q07817)    , BAK_HUMAN   (Q16611)    
1BXM  X-ray     2.15 A      ELIB_PHYCR  (P15570)    
1BXN  X-ray     2.70 A      RBL1C_CUPNE (P0C2C2)    , RBSC_CUPNE  (P09658)    
1BXO  X-ray     0.95 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1BXP  NMR       -           3L21A_BUNMU (P60615)    
1BXQ  X-ray     1.41 A      PEPA1_PENJA (P00798)    
1BXR  X-ray     2.10 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1BXS  X-ray     2.35 A      AL1A1_SHEEP (P51977)    
1BXU  X-ray     1.90 A      PLAS_SYNE7  (P55020)    
1BXV  X-ray     1.80 A      PLAS_SYNE7  (P55020)    
1BXW  X-ray     2.50 A      OMPA_ECOLI  (P0A910)    
1BXX  X-ray     2.70 A      AP2M1_RAT   (P84092)    
1BXY  X-ray     1.90 A      RL30_THETH  (P74909)    
1BXZ  X-ray     2.99 A      ADH_THEBR   (P14941)    
1BY0  NMR       -           SHDAG_HDVAM (P25989)    
1BY1  NMR       -           ARHG7_HUMAN (Q14155)    
1BY2  X-ray     2.00 A      LG3BP_HUMAN (Q08380)    
1BY3  X-ray     2.74 A      FHUA_ECOLI  (P06971)    
1BY4  X-ray     2.10 A      RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1BY5  X-ray     2.60 A      FHUA_ECOLI  (P06971)    
1BY6  NMR       -           APOC2_HUMAN (P02655)    
1BY7  X-ray     2.00 A      PAI2_HUMAN  (P05120)    
1BY8  X-ray     2.60 A      CATK_HUMAN  (P43235)    
1BY9  X-ray     2.20 A      VE2_HPV16   (P03120)    
1BYA  X-ray     2.20 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BYB  X-ray     1.90 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BYC  X-ray     2.20 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BYD  X-ray     2.20 A      AMYB_SOYBN  (P10538)    
1BYE  X-ray     2.80 A      GSTF1_MAIZE (P12653)    
1BYF  X-ray     2.00 A      LECC_POLMI  (P16108)    
1BYG  X-ray     2.40 A      CSK_HUMAN   (P41240)    
1BYH  X-ray     2.80 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    
1BYI  X-ray     0.97 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1BYL  X-ray     2.30 A      BLE_STRHI   (P17493)    
1BYM  NMR       -           DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1BYN  NMR       -           SYT1_RAT    (P21707)    
1BYO  X-ray     2.00 A      PLAS_SILLB  (P07030)    
1BYP  X-ray     1.75 A      PLAS_SILLB  (P07030)    
1BYQ  X-ray     1.50 A      HS90A_HUMAN (P07900)    
1BYU  X-ray     2.15 A      RAN_CANLF   (P62825)    
1BYV  NMR       -           CALC_ANGJA  (P01262)    
1BYW  X-ray     2.60 A      KCNH2_HUMAN (Q12809)    
1BYY  NMR       -           SCN2A_RAT   (P04775)    
1BZ0  X-ray     1.50 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BZ1  X-ray     1.59 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1BZ4  X-ray     1.85 A      APOE_HUMAN  (P02649)    
1BZ5  X-ray     2.58 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1BZ6  X-ray     1.20 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1BZ8  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1BZ9  X-ray     2.80 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    
1BZA  X-ray     1.80 A      BLT1_ECOLX  (Q47066)    
1BZB  NMR       -           CALC_ANGJA  (P01262)    
1BZC  X-ray     2.35 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1BZD  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1BZE  X-ray     1.80 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1BZF  NMR       -           DYR_LACCA   (P00381)    
1BZG  NMR       -           PTHR_HUMAN  (P12272)    
1BZH  X-ray     2.10 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1BZI  Model     -           TNFL6_HUMAN (P48023)    , TNR6_HUMAN  (P25445)    
1BZJ  X-ray     2.25 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1BZK  NMR       -           B3AT_HUMAN  (P02730)    
1BZL  X-ray     2.40 A      TYTR_TRYCR  (P28593)    
1BZM  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH1_HUMAN  (P00915)    
1BZN  Model     -           CATH_HUMAN  (P09668)    
1BZO  X-ray     2.10 A      SODC_PHOLE  (P00446)    
1BZP  X-ray     1.15 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1BZQ  X-ray     2.80 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1BZR  X-ray     1.15 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1BZS  X-ray     1.70 A      MMP8_HUMAN  (P22894)    
1BZV  NMR       -           INS_BALPH   (P67973)    , INS_PANTR   (P30410)    
1BZW  X-ray     2.70 A      LECG_ARAHY  (P02872)    
1BZX  X-ray     2.10 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY1_SALSA  (P35031)    
1BZY  X-ray     2.00 A      HPRT_HUMAN  (P00492)    
1BZZ  X-ray     1.59 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1C01  NMR       -           AMP1_MACIN  (P80915)    
1C02  X-ray     1.80 A      YPD1_YEAST  (Q07688)    
1C03  X-ray     2.30 A      YPD1_YEAST  (Q07688)    
1C04  X-ray     5.00 A      RL11_HALMA  (P14122)    , RL14_HALMA  (P22450)    ,
                            RL2_HALMA   (P20276)    , RL6_HALMA   (P14135)    
1C05  NMR       -           RS4_GEOSE   (P81288)    
1C06  NMR       -           RS4_GEOSE   (P81288)    
1C07  NMR       -           EPS15_HUMAN (P42566)    
1C08  X-ray     2.30 A      HVM47_MOUSE (P01823)    , KV5A9_MOUSE (P01642)    ,
                            LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1C09  X-ray     1.60 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1C0A  X-ray     2.40 A      SYD_ECOLI   (P21889)    
1C0B  X-ray     1.90 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1C0C  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1C0E  X-ray     2.20 A      PPAC_BOVIN  (P11064)    
1C0F  X-ray     2.40 A      ACT1_DICDI  (P07830)    , GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1C0G  X-ray     2.00 A      ACT1_DICDI  (P07830)    , GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1C0I  X-ray     1.90 A      OXDA_RHOTO  (P80324)    
1C0K  X-ray     1.46 A      OXDA_RHOTO  (P80324)    
1C0L  X-ray     1.73 A      OXDA_RHOTO  (P80324)    
1C0M  X-ray     2.53 A      POL_RSVP    (P03354)    
1C0N  X-ray     2.80 A      SUFS_ECOLI  (P77444)    
1C0P  X-ray     1.20 A      OXDA_RHOTO  (P80324)    
1C0T  X-ray     2.70 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1C0U  X-ray     2.52 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1C0V  NMR       -           ATPL_ECOLI  (P68699)    
1C0W  X-ray     3.20 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1C10  X-ray     2.03 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1C12  X-ray     2.60 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1C14  X-ray     2.00 A      FABI_ECOLI  (P0AEK4)    
1C15  NMR       -           APAF_HUMAN  (O14727)    
1C16  X-ray     3.10 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    
1C17  NMR       -           ATP6_ECOLI  (P0AB98)    , ATPL_ECOLI  (P68699)    
1C1A  X-ray     3.10 A      POL_RSVP    (P03354)    
1C1B  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1C1C  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1C1D  X-ray     1.25 A      DHPH_RHOSO  (Q59771)    
1C1F  X-ray     1.60 A      LEG1_CONMY  (P26788)    
1C1G  X-ray     7.00 A      TPM1_PIG    (P42639)    
1C1H  X-ray     1.90 A      CPFC_BACSU  (P32396)    
1C1J  X-ray     2.80 A      PA2BB_GLOHA (O42187)    
1C1K  X-ray     1.45 A      HLOAD_BPT4  (P13342)    
1C1L  X-ray     1.50 A      LEG1_CONMY  (P26788)    
1C1M  X-ray     2.20 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1C1N  X-ray     1.40 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1O  X-ray     1.40 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1P  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1Q  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1R  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1S  X-ray     1.63 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1T  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C1U  X-ray     1.75 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C1V  X-ray     1.98 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C1W  X-ray     1.90 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C1X  X-ray     1.40 A      DHPH_RHOSO  (Q59771)    
1C1Y  X-ray     1.90 A      RAF1_HUMAN  (P04049)    , RAP1A_HUMAN (P62834)    
1C1Z  X-ray     2.87 A      APOH_HUMAN  (P02749)    
1C20  NMR       -           DRI_DROME   (Q24573)    
1C21  X-ray     1.80 A      MAP1_ECOLI  (P0AE18)    
1C22  X-ray     1.75 A      MAP1_ECOLI  (P0AE18)    
1C23  X-ray     2.00 A      MAP1_ECOLI  (P0AE18)    
1C24  X-ray     1.70 A      MAP1_ECOLI  (P0AE18)    
1C25  X-ray     2.30 A      MPIP1_HUMAN (P30304)    
1C26  X-ray     1.70 A      P53_HUMAN   (P04637)    
1C27  X-ray     1.95 A      MAP1_ECOLI  (P0AE18)    
1C28  X-ray     2.10 A      ADIPO_MOUSE (Q60994)    
1C29  X-ray     2.30 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1C2A  X-ray     1.90 A      IBB_HORVU   (P12940)    
1C2B  X-ray     4.50 A      ACES_MOUSE  (P21836)    
1C2D  X-ray     1.65 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2E  X-ray     1.65 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2F  X-ray     1.70 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2G  X-ray     1.65 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2H  X-ray     1.40 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2I  X-ray     1.47 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2J  X-ray     1.40 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2K  X-ray     1.65 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2L  X-ray     1.50 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2M  X-ray     1.40 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C2N  NMR       -           CYC2_RHOCB  (P00094)    
1C2O  X-ray     4.20 A      ACES_MOUSE  (P21836)    
1C2P  X-ray     1.90 A      POLG_HCVBK  (P26663)    
1C2R  X-ray     2.50 A      CYC2_RHOCB  (P00094)    
1C2T  X-ray     2.10 A      PUR3_ECOLI  (P08179)    
1C2U  NMR       -           K1A_STIHL   (P29187)    
1C2Y  X-ray     3.30 A      RISB_SPIOL  (Q9XH32)    
1C2Z  Model     -           WHW1_WHEAT  (O64392)    
1C30  X-ray     2.00 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1C39  X-ray     1.85 A      MPRD_BOVIN  (P11456)    
1C3A  X-ray     2.50 A      SLAA_PROFL  (Q8AV97)    , SLAB_PROFL  (Q8AV98)    
1C3B  X-ray     2.25 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1C3C  X-ray     1.80 A      PUR8_THEMA  (Q9X0I0)    
1C3D  X-ray     1.80 A      CO3_HUMAN   (P01024)    
1C3E  X-ray     2.10 A      PUR3_ECOLI  (P08179)    
1C3F  X-ray     2.10 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C3G  X-ray     2.70 A      SIS1_YEAST  (P25294)    
1C3H  X-ray     2.10 A      ADIPO_MOUSE (Q60994)    
1C3I  X-ray     1.83 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1C3J  X-ray     1.88 A      GSTB_BPT4   (P04547)    
1C3L  X-ray     2.16 A      SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1C3O  X-ray     2.10 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1C3Q  X-ray     2.00 A      THIM_BACSU  (P39593)    
1C3T  NMR       -           UBC_HUMAN   (P0CG48)    
1C3U  X-ray     2.30 A      PUR8_THEMA  (Q9X0I0)    
1C3V  X-ray     2.39 A      DAPB_MYCTU  (P9WP23)    
1C3W  X-ray     1.55 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1C3X  X-ray     2.40 A      PUNA_CELSP  (P81989)    
1C40  X-ray     2.30 A      HBA_ANSIN   (P01990)    , HBB_ANSIN   (P02118)    
1C41  X-ray     3.10 A      RIB4_MAGO7  (Q9UVT8)    
1C42  Model     -           HFE_HUMAN   (Q30201)    
1C43  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1C44  X-ray     1.80 A      SCP2_RABIT  (O62742)    
1C45  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1C46  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1C47  X-ray     2.70 A      PGM1_RABIT  (P00949)    
1C48  X-ray     1.60 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1C49  NMR       -           KAX72_PANIM (P55928)    
1C4A  X-ray     2.40 A      PHF1_CLOPA  (P29166)    
1C4C  X-ray     2.40 A      PHF1_CLOPA  (P29166)    
1C4E  NMR       -           GUR_GYMSY   (P25810)    
1C4F  X-ray     2.25 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1C4G  X-ray     2.70 A      PGM1_RABIT  (P00949)    
1C4K  X-ray     2.70 A      DCOR_LACS3  (P43099)    
1C4O  X-ray     1.50 A      UVRB_THET8  (Q56243)    
1C4Q  X-ray     1.52 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1C4R  X-ray     2.60 A      NRX1B_RAT   (Q63373)    
1C4T  X-ray     3.00 A      ODO2_ECOLI  (P0AFG6)    
1C4U  X-ray     2.10 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C4V  X-ray     2.10 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C4W  X-ray     1.84 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1C4Y  X-ray     2.70 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C4Z  X-ray     2.60 A      UB2L3_HUMAN (P68036)    , UBE3A_HUMAN (Q05086)    
1C50  X-ray     2.30 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1C51  X-ray     4.0 A       PSAA_THEEB  (P0A405)    , PSAB_THEEB  (P0A407)    ,
                            PSAC_THEEB  (P0A415)    , PSAD_THEEB  (P0A420)    ,
                            PSAE_THEEB  (P0A423)    , PSAF_THEEB  (P0A401)    ,
                            PSAK_THEEB  (P0A425)    
1C52  X-ray     1.28 A      CY552_THETH (P04164)    
1C53  X-ray     1.80 A      CY553_DESVM (P00120)    
1C54  NMR       -           RNSA_KITAU  (P05798)    
1C55  NMR       -           KA121_TITSE (P59936)    
1C56  NMR       -           KA121_TITSE (P59936)    
1C57  Neutron   2.40 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1C5A  NMR       -           CO5_PIG     (P01032)    
1C5D  X-ray     2.40 A      IGG2B_RAT   (P20761)    , KACB_RAT    (P01835)    
1C5E  X-ray     1.10 A      DECO_LAMBD  (P03712)    
1C5F  X-ray     2.47 A      CYP1_BRUMA  (Q27450)    
1C5G  X-ray     2.60 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1C5H  X-ray     1.55 A      XYNA_BACCI  (P09850)    
1C5I  X-ray     1.80 A      XYNA_BACCI  (P09850)    
1C5K  X-ray     2.00 A      TOLB_ECOLI  (P0A855)    
1C5L  X-ray     1.47 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C5M  X-ray     1.95 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1C5N  X-ray     1.50 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C5O  X-ray     1.90 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1C5P  X-ray     1.43 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5Q  X-ray     1.43 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5R  X-ray     1.47 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5S  X-ray     1.36 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5T  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5U  X-ray     1.37 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5V  X-ray     1.48 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C5W  X-ray     1.94 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1C5X  X-ray     1.75 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1C5Y  X-ray     1.65 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1C5Z  X-ray     1.85 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1C60  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C61  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C62  X-ray     2.30 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C63  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C64  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C65  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C66  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C67  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C68  X-ray     2.50 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C69  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6A  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6B  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6C  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6D  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6E  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6F  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6G  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6H  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6I  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6J  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6K  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6L  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6M  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6N  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6O  X-ray     2.00 A      CYC6_TETOB  (P57736)    
1C6P  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6Q  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6R  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC6_TETOB  (P57736)    
1C6S  NMR       -           CYC6_SYNEL  (P0A3Y0)    
1C6T  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1C6V  X-ray     3.00 A      POL_SIVM1   (P05896)    , POL_SIVMK   (P05897)    
1C6W  NMR       -           CAMAU_SCOPA (P60254)    
1C72  X-ray     2.80 A      GSTM2_CHICK (P20136)    
1C74  X-ray     1.90 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1C75  X-ray     0.97 A      CY553_SPOPA (P82599)    
1C76  X-ray     2.25 A      SAK_STAAU   (P68802)    
1C77  X-ray     2.30 A      SAK_STAAU   (P68802)    
1C78  X-ray     2.30 A      SAK_STAAU   (P68802)    
1C79  X-ray     2.30 A      SAK_STAAU   (P68802)    
1C7B  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1C7C  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1C7D  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1C7E  X-ray     2.25 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1C7F  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1C7G  X-ray     2.10 A      TPL_ENTAG   (P31011)    
1C7H  X-ray     2.50 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1C7I  X-ray     2.00 A      PNBA_BACSU  (P37967)    
1C7J  X-ray     1.60 A      PNBA_BACSU  (P37967)    
1C7K  X-ray     1.00 A      SNPA_STRCS  (P56406)    
1C7M  NMR       -           CY552_PARDE (P54820)    
1C7P  X-ray     2.40 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1C7Q  X-ray     2.30 A      G6PIB_GEOSE (P13376)    
1C7R  X-ray     2.50 A      G6PIB_GEOSE (P13376)    
1C7S  X-ray     1.80 A      CHB_SERMA   (Q54468)    
1C7T  X-ray     1.90 A      CHB_SERMA   (Q54468)    
1C7U  NMR       -           MEF2A_HUMAN (Q02078)    
1C7V  NMR       -           CAVP_BRALA  (P04573)    
1C7W  NMR       -           CAVP_BRALA  (P04573)    
1C7X  Model     -           PAPA3_CARPA (P10056)    
1C7Y  X-ray     3.10 A      RUVA_ECOLI  (P0A809)    
1C7Z  X-ray     2.60 A      F261_RAT    (P07953)    
1C80  X-ray     2.20 A      F261_RAT    (P07953)    
1C81  X-ray     2.50 A      F261_RAT    (P07953)    
1C82  X-ray     1.70 A      HYSA_STRPN  (Q54873)    
1C83  X-ray     1.80 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C84  X-ray     2.35 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C85  X-ray     2.72 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C86  X-ray     2.30 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C87  X-ray     2.10 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C88  X-ray     1.80 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1C89  NMR       -           ANP3_LYCDA  (P35753)    
1C8A  NMR       -           ANP3_LYCDA  (P35753)    
1C8B  X-ray     3.00 A      GPR_BACMQ   (P22321)    
1C8C  X-ray     1.45 A      DN7D_SACS2  (P39476)    
1C8D  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_PAVCD (P17455)    
1C8E  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_FPV19 (P24840)    
1C8F  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_FPV19 (P24840)    
1C8G  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_FPV19 (P24840)    
1C8H  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_PAVCD (P17455)    
1C8I  X-ray     2.00 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1C8J  X-ray     2.10 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1C8K  X-ray     1.76 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1C8L  X-ray     2.30 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1C8M  X-ray     2.80 A      POLG_HRV16  (Q82122)    
1C8O  X-ray     2.90 A      SPI2_CWPXB  (P07385)    
1C8P  NMR       -           IL3RB_HUMAN (P32927)    
1C8Q  X-ray     2.30 A      AMY1A_HUMAN (P0DUB6)    
1C8R  X-ray     1.80 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1C8S  X-ray     2.00 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1C8T  X-ray     2.60 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1C8U  X-ray     1.90 A      TESB_ECOLI  (P0AGG2)    
1C8V  X-ray     2.20 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1C8W  X-ray     1.80 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1C8X  X-ray     2.00 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C8Y  X-ray     2.00 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C8Z  X-ray     1.90 A      TUB_MOUSE   (P50586)    
1C90  X-ray     2.10 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C91  X-ray     2.10 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C92  X-ray     2.10 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C93  X-ray     2.10 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1C96  X-ray     1.81 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1C97  X-ray     1.98 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1C98  NMR       -           NMB_HUMAN   (P08949)    
1C99  NMR       -           ATPL_ECOLI  (P68699)    
1C9A  NMR       -           NMB_HUMAN   (P08949)    
1C9B  X-ray     2.65 A      TBP_HUMAN   (P20226)    , TF2B_HUMAN  (Q00403)    
1C9C  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1C9D  X-ray     2.30 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1C9E  X-ray     2.30 A      CPFC_BACSU  (P32396)    
1C9F  NMR       -           DFFB_MOUSE  (O54788)    
1C9G  Model     -           VM3JA_BOTJA (P30431)    
1C9H  X-ray     2.00 A      FKB1B_HUMAN (P68106)    
1C9I  X-ray     2.90 A      CLH1_RAT    (P11442)    
1C9J  X-ray     1.80 A      SUBS_LEDLE  (P29600)    
1C9K  X-ray     2.20 A      COBU_SALTY  (Q05599)    
1C9L  X-ray     2.90 A      CLH1_RAT    (P11442)    
1C9M  X-ray     1.67 A      SUBS_LEDLE  (P29600)    
1C9N  X-ray     1.50 A      SUBS_LEDLE  (P29600)    
1C9O  X-ray     1.17 A      CSPB_BACCL  (P41016)    
1C9P  X-ray     2.80 A      BDEL_HIRME  (P82107)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1C9Q  NMR       -           XIAP_HUMAN  (P98170)    
1C9S  X-ray     1.90 A      MTRB_GEOSE  (Q9X6J6)    
1C9T  X-ray     3.30 A      BDEL_HIRME  (P82107)    , TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1C9U  X-ray     2.20 A      DHGB_ACICA  (P13650)    
1C9V  X-ray     1.70 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1C9W  X-ray     2.40 A      ALD2_CRIGR  (O08782)    
1C9X  X-ray     1.80 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1C9Y  X-ray     1.90 A      OTC_HUMAN   (P00480)    
1CA0  X-ray     2.10 A      A4_HUMAN    (P05067)    , CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1CA1  X-ray     1.90 A      PHLC1_CLOPE (P0C216)    
1CA2  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CA3  X-ray     2.30 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CA4  X-ray     2.20 A      TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1CA5  X-ray     2.20 A      DN7D_SULAC  (P13123)    
1CA6  X-ray     2.20 A      DN7D_SULAC  (P13123)    
1CA7  X-ray     2.50 A      MIF_HUMAN   (P14174)    
1CA8  X-ray     2.10 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1CA9  X-ray     2.30 A      TNR1B_HUMAN (P20333)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1CAA  X-ray     1.80 A      RUBR_PYRFU  (P24297)    
1CAD  X-ray     1.80 A      RUBR_PYRFU  (P24297)    
1CAH  X-ray     1.88 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAI  X-ray     1.80 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAJ  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAK  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAL  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAM  X-ray     1.70 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAN  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAO  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAQ  X-ray     1.80 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1CAU  X-ray     2.30 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1CAV  X-ray     2.60 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1CAW  X-ray     2.60 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1CAX  X-ray     2.60 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1CAY  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CAZ  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CB0  X-ray     1.70 A      MTAP_HUMAN  (Q13126)    
1CB1  NMR       -           S100G_PIG   (P02632)    
1CB2  X-ray     2.00 A      GUX2_HYPJE  (P07987)    
1CB3  NMR       -           LALBA_HUMAN (P00709)    
1CB4  X-ray     2.30 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1CB5  X-ray     2.59 A      BLMH_HUMAN  (Q13867)    
1CB6  X-ray     2.00 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1CB7  X-ray     2.00 A      GLME_CLOCO  (P80077)    , GMSS_CLOCO  (P80078)    
1CB8  X-ray     1.90 A      CSLA_PEDHD  (Q59288)    
1CB9  NMR       -           3SA2_NAJOX  (P01441)    
1CBF  X-ray     2.40 A      CBIF_BACME  (O87696)    
1CBG  X-ray     2.15 A      BGLT_TRIRP  (P26205)    
1CBH  NMR       -           GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1CBI  X-ray     2.70 A      RABP1_MOUSE (P62965)    
1CBJ  X-ray     1.65 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1CBK  X-ray     2.02 A      HPPK_HAEIN  (P43777)    
1CBL  X-ray     1.80 A      HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1CBM  X-ray     1.74 A      HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1CBN  X-ray     0.83 A      CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CBO  X-ray     1.80 A      CHOD_STRS0  (P12676)    
1CBQ  X-ray     2.20 A      RABP2_HUMAN (P29373)    
1CBR  X-ray     2.90 A      RABP1_MOUSE (P62965)    
1CBS  X-ray     1.80 A      RABP2_HUMAN (P29373)    
1CBU  X-ray     2.30 A      COBU_SALTY  (Q05599)    
1CBV  X-ray     2.66 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    
1CBW  X-ray     2.60 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    ,
                            CTRB_BOVIN  (P00767)    
1CBX  X-ray     2.00 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1CBY  X-ray     2.60 A      CT2AA_BACTY (Q04470)    
1CC0  X-ray     5.00 A      GDIR1_HUMAN (P52565)    , RHOA_HUMAN  (P61586)    
1CC1  X-ray     2.15 A      PHSL_DESBA  (P13065)    , PHSS_DESBA  (P13063)    
1CC2  X-ray     2.20 A      CHOD_STRS0  (P12676)    
1CC3  X-ray     1.65 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1CC4  X-ray     2.00 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1CC5  X-ray     2.50 A      CYC5_AZOVI  (P11732)    
1CC6  X-ray     2.20 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1CC7  X-ray     1.20 A      ATX1_YEAST  (P38636)    
1CC8  X-ray     1.02 A      ATX1_YEAST  (P38636)    
1CC9  Model     -           MURC_ECOLI  (P17952)    
1CCA  X-ray     1.80 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCB  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCC  X-ray     2.00 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCD  X-ray     3.00 A      UTER_RAT    (P17559)    
1CCE  X-ray     2.30 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCF  NMR       -           FA10_BOVIN  (P00743)    
1CCG  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCH  NMR       -           CY551_PSEST (P00101)    
1CCI  X-ray     2.40 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCJ  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCK  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCL  X-ray     2.00 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCM  NMR       -           CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CCN  NMR       -           CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CCP  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CCQ  NMR       -           3SA2_NAJOX  (P01441)    
1CCR  X-ray     1.50 A      CYC_ORYSJ   (Q0DI31)    
1CCS  X-ray     2.35 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CCT  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CCU  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CCV  NMR       -           AMCI_APIME  (P56682)    
1CCW  X-ray     1.60 A      GLME_CLOCO  (P80077)    , GMSS_CLOCO  (P80078)    
1CCZ  X-ray     1.80 A      CD2_RAT     (P08921)    , LFA3_HUMAN  (P19256)    
1CD0  X-ray     1.90 A      LV657_HUMAN (P01721)    
1CD1  X-ray     2.67 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , CD1D1_MOUSE (P11609)    
1CD2  X-ray     2.20 A      DYR_PNECA   (P16184)    
1CD3  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_BPPHS (P03641)    , G_BPPHS     (P03643)    ,
                            SCAFB_BPPHS (P03633)    , SCAFD_BPPHS (P69486)    
1CD5  X-ray     2.30 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1CD8  X-ray     2.60 A      CD8A_HUMAN  (P01732)    
1CD9  X-ray     2.80 A      CSF3R_MOUSE (P40223)    , CSF3_HUMAN  (P09919)    
1CDA  Model     -           CD40L_MOUSE (P27548)    
1CDB  NMR       -           CD2_HUMAN   (P06729)    
1CDC  X-ray     2.00 A      CD2_RAT     (P08921)    
1CDD  X-ray     2.80 A      PUR3_ECOLI  (P08179)    
1CDE  X-ray     2.50 A      PUR3_ECOLI  (P08179)    
1CDF  Model     -           TNR5_HUMAN  (P25942)    
1CDG  X-ray     2.00 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CDH  X-ray     2.30 A      CD4_HUMAN   (P01730)    
1CDI  X-ray     2.90 A      CD4_HUMAN   (P01730)    
1CDJ  X-ray     2.50 A      CD4_HUMAN   (P01730)    
1CDK  X-ray     2.00 A      IPKA_RABIT  (P61926)    , KAPCA_PIG   (P36887)    
1CDL  X-ray     2.00 A      CALM1_HUMAN (P0DP23)    , MYLK_CHICK  (P11799)    
1CDM  X-ray     2.00 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    , KCC2A_RAT   (P11275)    
1CDN  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1CDO  X-ray     2.05 A      ADH1_GADMC  (P26325)    
1CDP  X-ray     1.60 A      PRVB_CYPCA  (P02618)    
1CDQ  NMR       -           CD59_HUMAN  (P13987)    
1CDR  NMR       -           CD59_HUMAN  (P13987)    
1CDS  NMR       -           CD59_HUMAN  (P13987)    
1CDT  X-ray     2.50 A      3SA4_NAJMO  (P01452)    
1CDU  X-ray     2.70 A      CD4_HUMAN   (P01730)    
1CDW  X-ray     1.90 A      TBP_HUMAN   (P20226)    
1CDY  X-ray     2.00 A      CD4_HUMAN   (P01730)    
1CDZ  X-ray     3.20 A      XRCC1_HUMAN (P18887)    
1CE2  X-ray     2.50 A      TRFL_BUBBU  (O77698)    
1CE4  NMR       -           ENV_HV1JR   (P20871)    
1CE5  X-ray     1.90 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1CE6  X-ray     2.90 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    ,
                            NCAP_SENDZ  (P04858)    
1CE7  X-ray     2.70 A      ML4_VISAL   (Q6ITZ3)    
1CE8  X-ray     2.10 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1CE9  X-ray     1.80 A      GCN4_YEAST  (P03069)    
1CEA  X-ray     2.06 A      PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    
1CEB  X-ray     2.07 A      PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    
1CEC  X-ray     2.15 A      GUNC_HUNTH  (P0C2S3)    
1CED  NMR       -           CYC6_CHLBR  (Q09099)    
1CEE  NMR       -           CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    , WASP_HUMAN  (P42768)    
1CEF  X-ray     2.04 A      DAC_STRSR   (P15555)    
1CEG  X-ray     1.80 A      DAC_STRSR   (P15555)    
1CEH  X-ray     1.90 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1CEI  X-ray     1.80 A      IMM7_ECOLX  (Q03708)    
1CEJ  NMR       -           MSP1_PLAFW  (P04933)    
1CEK  NMR       -           ACHD_RAT    (P25110)    
1CEL  X-ray     1.80 A      GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1CEM  X-ray     1.65 A      GUNA_HUNT2  (A3DC29)    
1CEN  X-ray     2.30 A      GUNC_HUNTH  (P0C2S3)    
1CEO  X-ray     1.90 A      GUNC_HUNTH  (P0C2S3)    
1CEQ  X-ray     2.00 A      LDH_PLAFD   (Q27743)    
1CER  X-ray     2.50 A      G3P_THEAQ   (P00361)    
1CES  X-ray     2.70 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1CET  X-ray     2.05 A      LDH_PLAFD   (Q27743)    
1CEU  NMR       -           VPR_HV1B9   (Q73369)    
1CEV  X-ray     2.40 A      ARGI_BACCD  (P53608)    
1CEW  X-ray     2.00 A      CYT_CHICK   (P01038)    
1CEX  X-ray     1.00 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CEY  NMR       -           CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1CEZ  X-ray     2.40 A      RPOL_BPT7   (P00573)    
1CF0  X-ray     2.20 A      PROF1_HUMAN (P07737)    
1CF1  X-ray     2.80 A      ARRS_BOVIN  (P08168)    
1CF2  X-ray     2.10 A      G3P_METFE   (P10618)    
1CF3  X-ray     1.90 A      GOX_ASPNG   (P13006)    
1CF4  NMR       -           ACK1_HUMAN  (Q07912)    , CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    
1CF5  X-ray     2.55 A      RIP3_MOMCH  (P24817)    
1CF7  X-ray     2.60 A      E2F4_HUMAN  (Q16254)    , TFDP2_HUMAN (Q14188)    
1CF8  X-ray     2.70 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CF9  X-ray     1.80 A      CATE_ECOLI  (P21179)    
1CFA  NMR       -           CO5_HUMAN   (P01031)    
1CFB  X-ray     2.00 A      NRG_DROME   (P20241)    
1CFC  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1CFD  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1CFE  NMR       -           PR06_SOLLC  (P04284)    
1CFF  NMR       -           AT2B4_HUMAN (P23634)    , CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1CFG  NMR       -           FA8_HUMAN   (P00451)    
1CFH  NMR       -           FA9_HUMAN   (P00740)    
1CFI  NMR       -           FA9_HUMAN   (P00740)    
1CFJ  X-ray     2.60 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1CFK  Model     -           CMGA_BOVIN  (P05059)    
1CFM  X-ray     2.00 A      CYF_CHLRE   (P23577)    
1CFN  X-ray     2.65 A      GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CFP  NMR       -           S100B_BOVIN (P02638)    
1CFQ  X-ray     2.80 A      GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CFR  X-ray     2.15 A      T2CX_CITFR  (P56200)    
1CFS  X-ray     2.75 A      GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CFT  X-ray     2.80 A      GCAB_MOUSE  (P01864)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CFV  X-ray     2.10 A      HVM53_MOUSE (P18524)    , KV2A7_MOUSE (P01631)    
1CFW  X-ray     1.90 A      DESR_DESGI  (P00273)    
1CFY  X-ray     2.30 A      COFI_YEAST  (Q03048)    
1CFZ  X-ray     2.20 A      HYBD_ECOLI  (P37182)    
1CG0  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CG1  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CG2  X-ray     2.50 A      CBPG_PSES6  (P06621)    
1CG3  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CG4  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CG5  X-ray     1.60 A      HBA_HEMAK   (P56691)    , HBB_HEMAK   (P56692)    
1CG6  X-ray     1.70 A      MTAP_HUMAN  (Q13126)    
1CG7  NMR       -           NHP6A_YEAST (P11632)    
1CG8  X-ray     1.90 A      HBA_HEMAK   (P56691)    , HBB_HEMAK   (P56692)    
1CG9  X-ray     2.70 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , EBNA6_EBVB9 (P03204)    ,
                            HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    
1CGE  X-ray     1.90 A      MMP1_HUMAN  (P03956)    
1CGF  X-ray     2.10 A      MMP1_HUMAN  (P03956)    
1CGH  X-ray     1.80 A      CATG_HUMAN  (P08311)    
1CGI  X-ray     2.30 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    , ISK1_HUMAN  (P00995)    
1CGJ  X-ray     2.30 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    , ISK1_HUMAN  (P00995)    
1CGK  X-ray     1.84 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1CGL  X-ray     2.40 A      MMP1_HUMAN  (P03956)    
1CGM  Fiber     3.40 A      CAPSD_CGMVW (P69475)    
1CGN  X-ray     2.15 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1CGO  X-ray     1.80 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1CGP  X-ray     3.00 A      CRP_ECOLI   (P0ACJ8)    
1CGQ  X-ray     2.00 A      MIF_HUMAN   (P14174)    
1CGT  X-ray     2.00 A      CDGT1_BACCI (P30920)    
1CGU  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT1_BACCI (P30920)    
1CGV  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CGW  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CGX  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CGY  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CGZ  X-ray     1.70 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1CH0  X-ray     2.30 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1CH1  X-ray     1.90 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CH2  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CH3  X-ray     2.00 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CH4  X-ray     2.50 A      HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1CH5  X-ray     2.10 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CH7  X-ray     1.90 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CH8  X-ray     2.50 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CH9  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CHC  NMR       -           ICP0_EHV1B  (P28990)    
1CHD  X-ray     1.75 A      CHEB_SALTY  (P04042)    
1CHG  X-ray     2.50 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1CHH  X-ray     1.97 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CHI  X-ray     2.00 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CHJ  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CHK  X-ray     2.40 A      CHIS_STRSN  (P33665)    
1CHL  NMR       -           CTXL_LEIQU  (P45639)    
1CHM  X-ray     1.90 A      CREA_PSEPU  (P38488)    
1CHN  X-ray     1.76 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1CHO  X-ray     1.80 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    , IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    
1CHP  X-ray     2.00 A      CHTB_VIBCH  (P01556)    
1CHQ  X-ray     2.10 A      CHTB_VIBCH  (P01556)    
1CHU  X-ray     2.20 A      NADB_ECOLI  (P10902)    
1CHV  NMR       -           3SAT_NAJAT  (P07525)    
1CHW  X-ray     1.90 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1CHZ  X-ray     1.76 A      SCM2_MESMA  (P58488)    
1CI0  X-ray     2.70 A      PDX3_YEAST  (P38075)    
1CI1  X-ray     2.00 A      TPIS_TRYCR  (P52270)    
1CI3  X-ray     1.90 A      CYF_PHOLA   (P95522)    
1CI4  X-ray     1.90 A      BAF_HUMAN   (O75531)    
1CI5  NMR       -           LFA3_HUMAN  (P19256)    
1CI6  X-ray     2.60 A      ATF4_HUMAN  (P18848)    , CEBPB_MOUSE (P28033)    
1CI7  X-ray     2.60 A      TYSY_PNECA  (P13100)    
1CI8  X-ray     2.00 A      ESTB_BURGA  (Q9KX40)    
1CI9  X-ray     1.80 A      ESTB_BURGA  (Q9KX40)    
1CIA  X-ray     2.50 A      CAT3_ECOLX  (P00484)    
1CIB  X-ray     2.30 A      PURA_ECOLI  (P0A7D4)    
1CIC  X-ray     2.50 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    , IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    ,
                            IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CID  X-ray     2.80 A      CD4_RAT     (P05540)    
1CIE  X-ray     1.80 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CIF  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CIG  X-ray     1.80 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CIH  X-ray     1.80 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CII  X-ray     3.00 A      CEIA_ECOLX  (P06716)    
1CIJ  X-ray     2.30 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1CIK  X-ray     1.70 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CIL  X-ray     1.60 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CIM  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CIN  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CIO  X-ray     1.60 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CIP  X-ray     1.50 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    
1CIQ  X-ray     2.20 A      ICI2_HORVU  (P01053)    
1CIR  NMR       -           ICI2_HORVU  (P01053)    
1CIS  NMR       -           ICI2_HORVU  (P01053)    
1CIT  X-ray     2.70 A      NR4A1_RAT   (P22829)    
1CIU  X-ray     2.30 A      CDGT_THETU  (P26827)    
1CIV  X-ray     2.80 A      MDHP_FLABI  (P46489)    
1CIW  X-ray     2.70 A      LECG_ARAHY  (P02872)    
1CIX  NMR       -           TACA2_TACTR (Q9U8X3)    
1CIY  X-ray     2.25 A      CR1AA_BACTK (P0A366)    
1CIZ  X-ray     1.64 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1CJ0  X-ray     2.80 A      GLYC_RABIT  (P07511)    
1CJ1  X-ray     3.00 A      GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    
1CJ2  X-ray     2.80 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1CJ3  X-ray     2.50 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1CJ4  X-ray     2.40 A      PHHY_PSEFL  (P00438)    
1CJ5  NMR       -           LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1CJ6  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CJ7  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CJ8  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CJ9  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CJA  X-ray     2.90 A      AFK_PHYPO   (P80197)    
1CJB  X-ray     2.00 A      HGXR_PLAFG  (P20035)    
1CJC  X-ray     1.70 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    
1CJD  X-ray     1.85 A      CAPSD_BPPRD (P22535)    
1CJE  X-ray     2.50 A      ADX_BOVIN   (P00257)    
1CJF  X-ray     2.30 A      PROF1_HUMAN (P07737)    
1CJG  NMR       -           LACI_ECOLI  (P03023)    
1CJH  Model     -           WAP_PIG     (O46655)    
1CJK  X-ray     3.00 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CJL  X-ray     2.20 A      CATL1_HUMAN (P07711)    
1CJM  X-ray     2.40 A      ST1A3_HUMAN (P0DMM9)    
1CJP  X-ray     2.78 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1CJQ  X-ray     3.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1CJR  X-ray     2.30 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1CJS  X-ray     2.30 A      RL1_METJA   (P54050)    
1CJT  X-ray     2.80 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CJU  X-ray     2.80 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CJV  X-ray     3.00 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CJW  X-ray     1.80 A      SNAT_SHEEP  (Q29495)    
1CJX  X-ray     2.40 A      HPPD_PSEUJ  (P80064)    
1CJY  X-ray     2.50 A      PA24A_HUMAN (P47712)    
1CK0  X-ray     2.50 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CK2  NMR       -           RL30_YEAST  (P14120)    
1CK3  X-ray     2.28 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1CK4  X-ray     2.20 A      ITA1_RAT    (P18614)    
1CK6  X-ray     1.90 A      PER_ARTRA   (P28313)    
1CK7  X-ray     2.80 A      MMP2_HUMAN  (P08253)    
1CKA  X-ray     1.50 A      CRK_MOUSE   (Q64010)    
1CKB  X-ray     1.90 A      CRK_MOUSE   (Q64010)    
1CKC  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CKD  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CKE  X-ray     1.75 A      KCY_ECOLI   (P0A6I0)    
1CKF  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CKG  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CKH  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1CKI  X-ray     2.30 A      KC1D_RAT    (Q06486)    
1CKJ  X-ray     2.46 A      KC1D_RAT    (Q06486)    
1CKK  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    , KKCC1_RAT   (P97756)    
1CKL  X-ray     3.10 A      MCP_HUMAN   (P15529)    
1CKM  X-ray     2.50 A      MCE_PBCV1   (Q84424)    
1CKN  X-ray     2.50 A      MCE_PBCV1   (Q84424)    
1CKO  X-ray     3.10 A      MCE_PBCV1   (Q84424)    
1CKP  X-ray     2.05 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1CKQ  X-ray     1.85 A      T2E1_ECOLX  (P00642)    
1CKR  NMR       -           HSP7C_RAT   (P63018)    
1CKS  X-ray     2.10 A      CKS2_HUMAN  (P33552)    
1CKT  X-ray     2.50 A      HMGB1_RAT   (P63159)    
1CKU  X-ray     1.20 A      HIP_ALLVD   (P00260)    
1CKV  NMR       -           MMOB_METCA  (P18797)    
1CKW  NMR       -           CFTR_SHEEP  (Q00555)    
1CKX  NMR       -           CFTR_SHEEP  (Q00555)    
1CKY  NMR       -           CFTR_SHEEP  (Q00555)    
1CKZ  NMR       -           CFTR_SHEEP  (Q00555)    
1CL0  X-ray     2.50 A      TRXB_ECOLI  (P0A9P4)    
1CL1  X-ray     1.83 A      METC_ECOLI  (P06721)    
1CL2  X-ray     2.20 A      METC_ECOLI  (P06721)    
1CL3  NMR       -           PEBB_HUMAN  (Q13951)    
1CL4  NMR       -           GAG_MPMV    (P07567)    
1CL5  X-ray     2.45 A      PA2B8_DABRR (P59071)    
1CL6  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1CL7  X-ray     3.00 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    
1CL8  X-ray     1.80 A      T2E1_ECOLX  (P00642)    
1CLA  X-ray     2.34 A      CAT3_ECOLX  (P00484)    
1CLB  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1CLC  X-ray     1.90 A      GUND_HUNTH  (P0C2S4)    
1CLD  NMR       -           LAC9_KLULA  (P08657)    
1CLE  X-ray     2.00 A      LIP3_DIURU  (P32947)    
1CLF  NMR       -           FER_CLOPA   (P00195)    
1CLH  NMR       -           PPIA_ECOLI  (P0AFL3)    
1CLI  X-ray     2.50 A      PUR5_ECOLI  (P08178)    
1CLK  X-ray     1.90 A      XYLA_STRDI  (P50910)    
1CLL  X-ray     1.70 A      CALM1_HUMAN (P0DP23)    
1CLM  X-ray     1.80 A      CALM_PARTE  (P07463)    
1CLO  X-ray     2.10 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1CLP  X-ray     2.80 A      PA2H2_BOTAS (P24605)    
1CLQ  X-ray     2.70 A      DPOL_BPR69  (Q38087)    
1CLS  X-ray     1.90 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1CLT  Model     -           RCEL_RHOCA  (P19057)    , RCEM_RHOCA  (P11847)    
1CLU  X-ray     1.70 A      RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1CLV  X-ray     2.00 A      AMY_TENMO   (P56634)    , IAAI_AMAHP  (P80403)    
1CLW  X-ray     2.00 A      FIBER_BPP22 (P12528)    
1CLX  X-ray     1.80 A      XYNA_CELJU  (P14768)    
1CLY  X-ray     2.50 A      IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1CLZ  X-ray     2.80 A      IGHG3_MOUSE (P03987)    
1CM0  X-ray     2.30 A      KAT2B_HUMAN (Q92831)    
1CM1  X-ray     2.00 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    , KCC2A_RAT   (P11275)    
1CM2  X-ray     1.80 A      PTHP_ECOLI  (P0AA04)    
1CM3  X-ray     1.60 A      PTHP_ECOLI  (P0AA04)    
1CM4  X-ray     2.00 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    , KCC2A_RAT   (P11275)    
1CM5  X-ray     2.30 A      PFLB_ECOLI  (P09373)    
1CM7  X-ray     2.06 A      LEU3_ECOLI  (P30125)    
1CM8  X-ray     2.40 A      MK12_HUMAN  (P53778)    
1CM9  X-ray     2.10 A      VMI2_HHV8P  (Q98157)    
1CMA  X-ray     2.80 A      METJ_ECOLI  (P0A8U6)    
1CMB  X-ray     1.80 A      METJ_ECOLI  (P0A8U6)    
1CMC  X-ray     1.80 A      METJ_ECOLI  (P0A8U6)    
1CME  Model     -           MDH_ECOLI   (P61889)    
1CMF  NMR       -           CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1CMG  NMR       -           CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1CMI  X-ray     2.50 A      DYL1_HUMAN  (P63167)    , NOS1_RAT    (P29476)    
1CMJ  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1CMK  X-ray     2.90 A      IPKA_HUMAN  (P61925)    , KAPCA_PIG   (P36887)    
1CML  X-ray     1.69 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1CMN  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1CMO  NMR       -           RUNX1_HUMAN (Q01196)    
1CMP  X-ray     1.90 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CMQ  X-ray     2.30 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CMR  NMR       -           KAX11_LEIHE (P13487)    
1CMS  X-ray     2.30 A      CHYM_BOVIN  (P00794)    
1CMT  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CMU  X-ray     2.10 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CMV  X-ray     2.27 A      SCAF_HCMVA  (P16753)    
1CMX  X-ray     2.25 A      UBC_HUMAN   (P0CG48)    , UBL1_YEAST  (P35127)    
1CMY  X-ray     3.00 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1CMZ  NMR       -           RGS19_HUMAN (P49795)    
1CN1  X-ray     3.20 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1CN2  NMR       -           SCX2_CENNO  (P01495)    
1CN3  X-ray     2.20 A      VP1_POVMP   (P49302)    , VP2_POVMC   (P12908)    
1CN4  X-ray     2.80 A      EPOR_HUMAN  (P19235)    , EPO_HUMAN   (P01588)    
1CN7  NMR       -           RL30_YEAST  (P14120)    
1CNB  X-ray     2.35 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNC  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNE  X-ray     3.00 A      NIA1_MAIZE  (P17571)    
1CNF  X-ray     2.70 A      NIA1_MAIZE  (P17571)    
1CNG  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNH  X-ray     2.05 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNI  X-ray     1.80 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNJ  X-ray     1.80 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNK  X-ray     2.15 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNL  NMR       -           CA1_CONIM   (P50983)    
1CNM  X-ray     2.20 A      PRTK_PARAQ  (P06873)    
1CNN  NMR       -           O17C_CONMA  (P37300)    
1CNO  X-ray     2.20 A      CY552_MARHY (P82903)    
1CNP  NMR       -           S10A6_RABIT (P30801)    
1CNQ  X-ray     2.27 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1CNR  X-ray     1.05 A      CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CNS  X-ray     1.91 A      CHI2_HORVU  (P23951)    
1CNT  X-ray     2.40 A      CNTF_HUMAN  (P26441)    
1CNU  X-ray     2.25 A      ACTP_ACACA  (P37167)    
1CNV  X-ray     1.65 A      CONB_CANEN  (P49347)    
1CNW  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNX  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNY  X-ray     2.30 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CNZ  X-ray     1.76 A      LEU3_SALTY  (P37412)    
1CO0  NMR       -           TRPR_ECOLI  (P0A881)    
1CO1  NMR       -           RUNX1_HUMAN (Q01196)    
1CO4  NMR       -           AMT1_CANGA  (P41772)    
1CO6  X-ray     1.60 A      CYC2_BLAVI  (P00083)    
1CO7  X-ray     1.90 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1CO8  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CO9  X-ray     1.60 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1COA  X-ray     2.20 A      ICI2_HORVU  (P01053)    
1COB  X-ray     2.00 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1COD  NMR       -           3S1CB_NAJNA (Q9PTT0)    
1COE  NMR       -           3S1CB_NAJAT (P60770)    
1COF  X-ray     2.30 A      COFI_YEAST  (Q03048)    
1COH  X-ray     2.90 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1COJ  X-ray     1.90 A      SODF_AQUPY  (Q9X6W9)    
1COK  NMR       -           P73_HUMAN   (O15350)    
1COL  X-ray     2.40 A      CEA_ECOLX   (Q47108)    
1COM  X-ray     2.20 A      AROH_BACSU  (P19080)    
1CON  X-ray     2.00 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1COO  NMR       -           RPOA_ECOLI  (P0A7Z4)    
1COP  NMR       -           RCRO_LAMBD  (P03040)    
1COR  NMR       -           CY551_PSEST (P00101)    
1COT  X-ray     1.70 A      CY550_PARDE (P00096)    
1COV  X-ray     3.50 A      POLG_CXB3W  (Q66282)    
1COW  X-ray     3.10 A      ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    , ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1COY  X-ray     1.80 A      CHOD_BREST  (P22637)    
1COZ  X-ray     2.00 A      TAGD_BACSU  (P27623)    
1CP0  X-ray     2.00 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CP2  X-ray     1.93 A      NIFH1_CLOPA (P00456)    
1CP3  X-ray     2.30 A      CASP3_HUMAN (P42574)    
1CP4  X-ray     1.90 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1CP5  X-ray     2.10 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CP6  X-ray     1.90 A      AMPX_VIBPR  (Q01693)    
1CP7  X-ray     1.58 A      APX_STRGG   (P80561)    
1CPB  X-ray     2.80 A      CBPB1_BOVIN (P00732)    
1CPC  X-ray     1.66 A      PHCA1_MICDP (P07122)    , PHCB1_MICDP (P07119)    
1CPD  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CPE  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CPF  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CPG  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CPH  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_BOVIN   (P01317)    
1CPI  X-ray     2.05 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1CPJ  X-ray     2.20 A      CATB_RAT    (P00787)    
1CPM  X-ray     2.00 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    
1CPN  X-ray     1.80 A      GUB_PAEMA   (P23904)    
1CPO  X-ray     1.90 A      PRXC_LEPFU  (P04963)    
1CPQ  X-ray     1.72 A      CYCP_RHOCA  (P00147)    
1CPR  X-ray     2.10 A      CYCP_RHOCA  (P00147)    
1CPS  X-ray     2.25 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1CPT  X-ray     2.30 A      CPXL_PSESP  (P33006)    
1CPU  X-ray     2.00 A      AMYP_HUMAN  (P04746)    
1CPW  X-ray     2.20 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CPX  X-ray     2.00 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1CPY  X-ray     2.60 A      CBPY_YEAST  (P00729)    
1CPZ  NMR       -           COPZ_ENTHA  (Q47840)    
1CQ0  NMR       -           OREX_HUMAN  (O43612)    
1CQ1  X-ray     1.90 A      DHGB_ACICA  (P13650)    
1CQ2  Neutron   2.00 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1CQ4  X-ray     1.80 A      ICI2_HORVU  (P01053)    
1CQ6  X-ray     2.70 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1CQ7  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1CQ8  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1CQ9  X-ray     3.50 A      LECG_ARAHY  (P02872)    
1CQA  X-ray     2.40 A      PROF1_BETPN (P25816)    
1CQD  X-ray     2.10 A      CPGP2_ZINOF (P82474)    
1CQE  X-ray     3.10 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1CQF  X-ray     2.20 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1CQG  NMR       -           APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    , THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1CQH  NMR       -           APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    , THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1CQI  X-ray     3.30 A      SUCC_ECOLI  (P0A836)    , SUCD_ECOLI  (P0AGE9)    
1CQJ  X-ray     2.90 A      SUCC_ECOLI  (P0A836)    , SUCD_ECOLI  (P0AGE9)    
1CQM  X-ray     1.65 A      RS6_THETH   (P23370)    
1CQN  X-ray     2.10 A      RS6_THETH   (P23370)    
1CQP  X-ray     2.60 A      ITAL_HUMAN  (P20701)    
1CQQ  X-ray     1.85 A      POLG_HRV2   (P04936)    
1CQR  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1CQS  X-ray     1.90 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1CQT  X-ray     3.20 A      OBF1_HUMAN  (Q16633)    , PO2F1_HUMAN (P14859)    
1CQU  NMR       -           RL9_GEOSE   (P02417)    
1CQV  X-ray     2.06 A      ENTC2_STAAU (P34071)    
1CQW  X-ray     1.50 A      DHAA_RHOSD  (P59336)    
1CQX  X-ray     1.75 A      HMP_CUPNH   (P39662)    
1CQY  X-ray     1.95 A      AMYB_BACCE  (P36924)    
1CQZ  X-ray     2.80 A      HYES_MOUSE  (P34914)    
1CR0  X-ray     2.30 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1CR1  X-ray     2.30 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1CR2  X-ray     2.30 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1CR4  X-ray     2.50 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1CR5  X-ray     2.30 A      SEC18_YEAST (P18759)    
1CR6  X-ray     2.80 A      HYES_MOUSE  (P34914)    
1CR7  X-ray     2.60 A      LECG_ARAHY  (P02872)    
1CR8  NMR       -           LRP1_HUMAN  (Q07954)    
1CRA  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CRB  X-ray     2.10 A      RET1_RAT    (P02696)    
1CRC  X-ray     2.08 A      CYC_HORSE   (P00004)    
1CRE  NMR       -           3SA2_NAJAT  (P01442)    
1CRF  NMR       -           3SA2_NAJAT  (P01442)    
1CRG  X-ray     2.00 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CRH  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CRI  X-ray     2.00 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CRJ  X-ray     2.05 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CRK  X-ray     3.00 A      KCRS_CHICK  (P11009)    
1CRL  X-ray     2.06 A      LIP1_DIURU  (P20261)    
1CRM  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH1_HUMAN  (P00915)    
1CRN  X-ray     1.50 A      CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CRP  NMR       -           RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1CRQ  NMR       -           RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1CRR  NMR       -           RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1CRU  X-ray     1.50 A      DHGB_ACICA  (P13650)    
1CRV  Model     -           CRP_HUMAN   (P02741)    
1CRW  X-ray     2.00 A      G3P_PANVR   (P56649)    
1CRX  X-ray     2.40 A      RECR_BPP1   (P06956)    
1CRY  X-ray     3.00 A      CYC2_BLAVI  (P00083)    
1CRZ  X-ray     1.95 A      TOLB_ECOLI  (P0A855)    
1CS0  X-ray     2.00 A      CARA_ECOLI  (P0A6F1)    , CARB_ECOLI  (P00968)    
1CS1  X-ray     1.50 A      METB_ECOLI  (P00935)    
1CS3  X-ray     2.00 A      ZBT16_HUMAN (Q05516)    
1CS4  X-ray     2.50 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CS6  X-ray     1.80 A      CNTN2_CHICK (P28685)    
1CS8  X-ray     1.80 A      CATL1_HUMAN (P07711)    
1CS9  NMR       -           H31_HUMAN   (P68431)    
1CSB  X-ray     2.00 A      CATB_HUMAN  (P07858)    
1CSC  X-ray     1.70 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1CSE  X-ray     1.20 A      ICIC_HIRME  (P01051)    , SUBC_BACLI  (P00780)    
1CSG  X-ray     2.70 A      CSF2_HUMAN  (P04141)    
1CSH  X-ray     1.65 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1CSI  X-ray     1.70 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1CSJ  X-ray     2.80 A      POLG_HCVBK  (P26663)    
1CSK  X-ray     2.50 A      CSK_HUMAN   (P41240)    
1CSM  X-ray     2.20 A      CHMU_YEAST  (P32178)    
1CSN  X-ray     2.00 A      CKI1_SCHPO  (P40233)    
1CSO  X-ray     1.90 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    , PRTB_STRGR  (P00777)    
1CSP  X-ray     2.45 A      CSPB_BACSU  (P32081)    
1CSQ  X-ray     2.70 A      CSPB_BACSU  (P32081)    
1CSR  X-ray     1.70 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1CSS  X-ray     1.70 A      CISY_CHICK  (P23007)    
1CSU  X-ray     1.81 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CSV  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CSW  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CSX  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CSY  NMR       -           KSYK_HUMAN  (P43405)    
1CSZ  NMR       -           KSYK_HUMAN  (P43405)    
1CT0  X-ray     1.80 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    , PRTB_STRGR  (P00777)    
1CT1  X-ray     2.30 A      CHTB_VIBCH  (P01556)    
1CT2  X-ray     1.65 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    , PRTB_STRGR  (P00777)    
1CT4  X-ray     1.60 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    , PRTB_STRGR  (P00777)    
1CT5  X-ray     2.00 A      PLPHP_YEAST (P38197)    
1CT6  NMR       -           H31_HUMAN   (P68431)    
1CT8  X-ray     2.20 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1CT9  X-ray     2.00 A      ASNB_ECOLI  (P22106)    
1CTA  NMR       -           TNNC2_CHICK (P02588)    
1CTD  NMR       -           TNNC2_CHICK (P02588)    
1CTE  X-ray     2.10 A      CATB_RAT    (P00787)    
1CTF  X-ray     1.70 A      RL7_ECOLI   (P0A7K2)    
1CTI  NMR       -           ITR1_CUCMA  (P01074)    
1CTJ  X-ray     1.10 A      CYC6_CHLBR  (Q09099)    
1CTL  NMR       -           CSRP1_CHICK (P67966)    
1CTM  X-ray     2.30 A      CYF_BRARR   (P36438)    
1CTN  X-ray     2.30 A      CHIA_SERMA  (P07254)    
1CTO  NMR       -           CSF3R_MOUSE (P40223)    
1CTP  X-ray     2.90 A      IPKA_RABIT  (P61926)    , KAPCA_PIG   (P36887)    
1CTQ  X-ray     1.26 A      RASH_HUMAN  (P01112)    
1CTR  X-ray     2.45 A      CALM1_HUMAN (P0DP23)    
1CTS  X-ray     2.70 A      CISY_PIG    (P00889)    
1CTT  X-ray     2.20 A      CDD_ECOLI   (P0ABF6)    
1CTU  X-ray     2.30 A      CDD_ECOLI   (P0ABF6)    
1CTW  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CTX  X-ray     2.80 A      3L21_NAJKA  (P01391)    
1CTY  X-ray     2.20 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CTZ  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1CU0  X-ray     2.20 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CU1  X-ray     2.50 A      POLG_HCVBK  (P26663)    
1CU2  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CU3  X-ray     2.12 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CU5  X-ray     2.05 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CU6  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CU7  Model     -           TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1CU8  Model     -           TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1CU9  Model     -           TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1CUA  X-ray     1.80 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUB  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUC  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUD  X-ray     2.70 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUE  X-ray     2.10 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUF  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUG  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUH  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUI  X-ray     2.50 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUJ  X-ray     1.60 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUK  X-ray     1.90 A      RUVA_ECOLI  (P0A809)    
1CUL  X-ray     2.40 A      ADCY2_RAT   (P26769)    , ADCY5_CANLF (P30803)    ,
                            GNAS2_BOVIN (P04896)    
1CUN  X-ray     2.00 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1CUO  X-ray     1.60 A      AZUR2_METJ  (P12335)    
1CUP  X-ray     1.89 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CUQ  X-ray     2.05 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CUR  NMR       -           RUS2_ACIFR  (P0C918)    
1CUS  X-ray     1.25 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUU  X-ray     1.69 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUV  X-ray     2.01 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUW  X-ray     2.70 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUX  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUY  X-ray     1.69 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CUZ  X-ray     2.10 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1CV0  X-ray     2.12 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV1  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV2  X-ray     1.58 A      LINB_SPHJU  (D4Z2G1)    
1CV3  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV4  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV5  X-ray     1.87 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV6  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CV7  X-ray     2.50 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1CV8  X-ray     1.75 A      SSPP_STAAU  (P81297)    
1CV9  NMR       -           CD79A_HUMAN (P11912)    
1CVA  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVB  X-ray     2.40 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVC  X-ray     2.30 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVD  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVE  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVF  X-ray     2.25 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVH  X-ray     2.30 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1CVI  X-ray     3.20 A      PPAP_HUMAN  (P15309)    
1CVJ  X-ray     2.60 A      PABP1_HUMAN (P11940)    
1CVK  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CVL  X-ray     1.60 A      LIP_PSEPS   (P0DUB9)    
1CVM  X-ray     2.40 A      PHYT_BACSD  (O66037)    
1CVN  X-ray     2.30 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1CVO  NMR       -           3SOF5_NAJAT (P62375)    
1CVR  X-ray     2.00 A      CPG2_PORGI  (P95493)    
1CVS  X-ray     2.80 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    , FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1CVU  X-ray     2.40 A      PGH2_MOUSE  (Q05769)    
1CVW  X-ray     2.28 A      FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1CVZ  X-ray     1.70 A      PAPA1_CARPA (P00784)    
1CW0  X-ray     2.30 A      VSR_ECOLI   (P09184)    
1CW1  X-ray     2.10 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1CW2  X-ray     2.00 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1CW3  X-ray     2.58 A      ALDH2_HUMAN (P05091)    
1CW4  X-ray     2.10 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1CW5  NMR       -           CBB2_CARML  (P38580)    
1CW6  NMR       -           LCCA_LEUGE  (P34034)    
1CW7  X-ray     2.60 A      IDH_ECOLI   (P08200)    
1CWA  X-ray     2.10 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWB  X-ray     2.20 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWC  X-ray     1.86 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWD  X-ray     2.25 A      LCK_HUMAN   (P06239)    
1CWE  X-ray     2.30 A      LCK_HUMAN   (P06239)    
1CWF  X-ray     1.86 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWH  X-ray     1.86 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWI  X-ray     1.90 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWJ  X-ray     1.80 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWK  X-ray     1.80 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWL  X-ray     1.80 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWM  X-ray     2.00 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWN  X-ray     2.00 A      AK1A1_PIG   (P50578)    
1CWO  X-ray     1.86 A      PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1CWP  X-ray     3.20 A      CAPSD_CCMV  (P03601)    
1CWQ  X-ray     2.25 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1CWR  X-ray     2.10 A      MPIP2_HUMAN (P30305)    
1CWS  X-ray     2.00 A      MPIP2_HUMAN (P30305)    
1CWT  X-ray     2.30 A      MPIP2_HUMAN (P30305)    
1CWU  X-ray     2.50 A      FABI_BRANA  (P80030)    
1CWV  X-ray     2.30 A      INVA_YERPS  (P11922)    
1CWW  NMR       -           APAF_HUMAN  (O14727)    
1CWX  NMR       -           POLG_HCV77  (P27958)    
1CWY  X-ray     2.00 A      MALQ_THETH  (O87172)    
1CX1  NMR       -           GUNC_CELFA  (P14090)    
1CX2  X-ray     3.00 A      PGH2_MOUSE  (Q05769)    
1CX4  X-ray     2.45 A      KAP3_RAT    (P12369)    
1CX6  X-ray     2.01 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CX7  X-ray     1.94 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1CX8  X-ray     3.20 A      TFR1_HUMAN  (P02786)    
1CX9  X-ray     2.30 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1CXA  X-ray     2.20 A      CYC2_RHOSH  (P0C0X8)    
1CXC  X-ray     1.60 A      CYC2_RHOSH  (P0C0X8)    
1CXE  X-ray     2.10 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXF  X-ray     2.10 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXH  X-ray     2.41 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXI  X-ray     2.20 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXJ  Model     -           VSP1_BOTJA  (P81824)    
1CXK  X-ray     2.09 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXL  X-ray     1.81 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1CXM  Model     -           VSPA_BOTJA  (P81661)    
1CXN  NMR       -           3SA1_NAJPA  (P01468)    
1CXO  NMR       -           3SA1_NAJPA  (P01468)    
1CXP  X-ray     1.80 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1CXQ  X-ray     1.02 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1CXR  NMR       -           CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1CXU  X-ray     1.42 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1CXV  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP13_MOUSE (P33435)    
1CXW  NMR       -           MMP2_HUMAN  (P08253)    
1CXX  NMR       -           CSRP2_COTJA (Q05158)    
1CXY  X-ray     1.65 A      CYB5_ECTSH  (P82291)    
1CXZ  X-ray     2.20 A      PKN1_HUMAN  (Q16512)    , RHOA_HUMAN  (P61586)    
1CY0  X-ray     2.45 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY1  X-ray     2.30 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY2  X-ray     2.30 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY4  X-ray     2.55 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY5  X-ray     1.30 A      APAF_HUMAN  (O14727)    
1CY6  X-ray     2.50 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY7  X-ray     2.40 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY8  X-ray     2.45 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CY9  X-ray     1.80 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CYC  X-ray     2.30 A      CYC_KATPE   (P00025)    
1CYD  X-ray     1.80 A      CBR2_MOUSE  (P08074)    
1CYE  NMR       -           CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1CYF  X-ray     2.35 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1CYG  X-ray     2.50 A      CDGT_GEOSE  (P31797)    
1CYI  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC6_CHLRE  (P08197)    
1CYJ  X-ray     1.90 A      CYC6_CHLRE  (P08197)    
1CYL  NMR       -           IL4_HUMAN   (P05112)    
1CYN  X-ray     1.85 A      PPIB_HUMAN  (P23284)    
1CYO  X-ray     1.50 A      CYB5_BOVIN  (P00171)    
1CYQ  X-ray     1.93 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1CYU  NMR       -           CYTA_HUMAN  (P01040)    
1CYV  NMR       -           CYTA_HUMAN  (P01040)    
1CYW  X-ray     2.50 A      CYOA_ECOLI  (P0ABJ1)    
1CYX  X-ray     2.30 A      CYOA_ECOLI  (P0ABJ1)    
1CYY  X-ray     2.15 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1CZ0  X-ray     2.10 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1CZ1  X-ray     1.85 A      EXG1_CANAL  (P29717)    
1CZ2  NMR       -           NLTP1_WHEAT (P24296)    
1CZ3  X-ray     2.10 A      DYR_THEMA   (Q60034)    
1CZ4  NMR       -           VAT_THEAC   (O05209)    
1CZ5  NMR       -           VAT_THEAC   (O05209)    
1CZ6  NMR       -           ANDT_ANDAU  (P56684)    
1CZ7  X-ray     2.90 A      NCD_DROME   (P20480)    
1CZ8  X-ray     2.40 A      VEGFA_HUMAN (P15692)    
1CZ9  X-ray     1.20 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1CZA  X-ray     1.90 A      HXK1_HUMAN  (P19367)    
1CZB  X-ray     1.06 A      POL_RSVSB   (O92956)    
1CZC  X-ray     2.50 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1CZD  X-ray     2.45 A      DPA5_BPT4   (P04525)    
1CZE  X-ray     2.40 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1CZF  X-ray     1.68 A      PGLR2_ASPNA (P26214)    
1CZG  X-ray     2.50 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1CZH  X-ray     1.86 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZI  X-ray     2.30 A      CHYM_BOVIN  (P00794)    
1CZJ  X-ray     2.16 A      CYC32_DESNO (P38554)    
1CZK  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZL  X-ray     1.80 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZM  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH1_HUMAN  (P00915)    
1CZN  X-ray     1.70 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZO  X-ray     1.85 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZP  X-ray     1.17 A      FER1_NOSSO  (P0A3C8)    
1CZR  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZS  X-ray     1.90 A      FA5_HUMAN   (P12259)    
1CZT  X-ray     1.87 A      FA5_HUMAN   (P12259)    
1CZU  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1CZV  X-ray     2.40 A      FA5_HUMAN   (P12259)    
1CZW  X-ray     2.50 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1CZY  X-ray     2.00 A      LMP1_EBVB9  (P03230)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1CZZ  X-ray     2.70 A      TNR5_HUMAN  (P25942)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1D00  X-ray     2.00 A      TNR5_HUMAN  (P25942)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1D01  X-ray     2.00 A      TNR8_HUMAN  (P28908)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1D02  X-ray     1.70 A      T2MU_MYCSP  (P43642)    
1D03  X-ray     1.85 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1D04  X-ray     1.85 A      FLAV_SYNE7  (P10340)    
1D06  X-ray     1.40 A      FIXL_RHIME  (P10955)    
1D07  X-ray     2.00 A      LINB_SPHJU  (D4Z2G1)    
1D09  X-ray     2.10 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    , PYRI_ECOLI  (P0A7F3)    
1D0A  X-ray     2.00 A      TNR4_HUMAN  (P43489)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1D0B  X-ray     1.86 A      INLB_LISMG  (P0DQD3)    
1D0C  X-ray     1.65 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D0D  X-ray     1.62 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TAP_ORNMO   (P17726)    
1D0E  X-ray     3.00 A      POL_MLVMS   (P03355)    
1D0G  X-ray     2.40 A      TNF10_HUMAN (P50591)    , TR10B_HUMAN (O14763)    
1D0H  X-ray     2.10 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1D0I  X-ray     1.80 A      AROQ_STRCO  (P15474)    
1D0J  X-ray     2.50 A      TNR9_MOUSE  (P20334)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1D0K  X-ray     2.02 A      MLTB_ECOLI  (P41052)    
1D0L  X-ray     1.97 A      MLTB_ECOLI  (P41052)    
1D0M  X-ray     2.47 A      MLTB_ECOLI  (P41052)    
1D0N  X-ray     2.50 A      GELS_HORSE  (Q28372)    
1D0O  X-ray     1.95 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D0Q  X-ray     1.71 A      DNAG_GEOSE  (Q9X4D0)    
1D0R  NMR       -           GLUC_HUMAN  (P01275)    
1D0S  X-ray     1.90 A      COBT_SALTY  (Q05603)    
1D0V  X-ray     1.90 A      COBT_SALTY  (Q05603)    
1D0X  X-ray     2.00 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D0Y  X-ray     2.00 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D0Z  X-ray     2.00 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D1A  X-ray     2.00 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D1B  X-ray     2.00 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D1C  X-ray     2.30 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1D1D  NMR       -           GAG_RSVSB   (O92954)    
1D1G  X-ray     2.10 A      DYR_THEMA   (Q60034)    
1D1H  NMR       -           TXHN1_GRARO (P56852)    
1D1I  X-ray     1.70 A      STXB_BPH19  (P69179)    
1D1J  X-ray     2.20 A      PROF2_HUMAN (P35080)    
1D1K  X-ray     2.00 A      STXB_BPH30  (P69178)    
1D1L  X-ray     2.10 A      RCRO_LAMBD  (P03040)    
1D1M  X-ray     2.05 A      RCRO_LAMBD  (P03040)    
1D1N  NMR       -           IF2_GEOSE   (P04766)    
1D1O  NMR       -           S100G_BOVIN (P02633)    
1D1P  X-ray     2.20 A      PPAL_YEAST  (P40347)    
1D1Q  X-ray     1.70 A      PPAL_YEAST  (P40347)    
1D1R  NMR       -           YCIH_ECOLI  (P08245)    
1D1S  X-ray     2.50 A      ADH7_HUMAN  (P40394)    
1D1T  X-ray     2.40 A      ADH7_HUMAN  (P40394)    
1D1U  X-ray     2.30 A      POL_MLVMS   (P03355)    
1D1V  X-ray     1.93 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D1W  X-ray     2.00 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D1X  X-ray     2.00 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D1Y  X-ray     2.20 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1D1Z  X-ray     1.40 A      SH21A_HUMAN (O60880)    
1D2A  X-ray     1.90 A      PPAL_YEAST  (P40347)    
1D2B  NMR       -           TIMP1_HUMAN (P01033)    
1D2C  X-ray     2.50 A      GNMT_RAT    (P13255)    
1D2D  NMR       -           SYEP_CRIGR  (Q7SIA2)    
1D2E  X-ray     1.94 A      EFTU_BOVIN  (P49410)    
1D2F  X-ray     2.50 A      MALY_ECOLI  (P23256)    
1D2G  X-ray     2.50 A      GNMT_RAT    (P13255)    
1D2H  X-ray     3.00 A      GNMT_RAT    (P13255)    
1D2I  X-ray     1.70 A      T2B2_BACIU  (Q45488)    
1D2J  NMR       -           LDLR_HUMAN  (P01130)    
1D2K  X-ray     2.20 A      CHI1_COCPS  (P0CB51)    
1D2L  NMR       -           LRP1_HUMAN  (Q07954)    
1D2M  X-ray     1.90 A      UVRB_THET8  (Q56243)    
1D2N  X-ray     1.75 A      NSF_CRIGR   (P18708)    
1D2O  X-ray     2.00 A      CNA_STAAU   (Q53654)    
1D2P  X-ray     2.50 A      CNA_STAAU   (Q53654)    
1D2Q  X-ray     2.80 A      TNF10_HUMAN (P50591)    
1D2R  X-ray     2.90 A      SYW_GEOSE   (P00953)    
1D2S  X-ray     1.55 A      SHBG_HUMAN  (P04278)    
1D2U  X-ray     1.15 A      NP4_RHOPR   (Q94734)    
1D2V  X-ray     1.75 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1D2W  X-ray     1.89 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D2Y  X-ray     2.06 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D2Z  X-ray     2.00 A      KPEL_DROME  (Q05652)    , TUBE_DROME  (P22812)    
1D3A  X-ray     2.94 A      MDH_HALMA   (Q07841)    
1D3B  X-ray     2.00 A      RSMB_HUMAN  (P14678)    , SMD3_HUMAN  (P62318)    
1D3C  X-ray     1.78 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1D3D  X-ray     2.04 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D3E  EM        28.00 A     ICAM1_HUMAN (P05362)    , POLG_HRV16  (Q82122)    
1D3F  X-ray     2.05 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D3G  X-ray     1.60 A      PYRD_HUMAN  (Q02127)    
1D3H  X-ray     1.80 A      PYRD_HUMAN  (Q02127)    
1D3I  EM        26.00 A     ICAM1_HUMAN (P05362)    , POLG_HRV14  (P03303)    
1D3J  X-ray     1.97 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D3K  X-ray     1.80 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1D3L  X-ray     3.25 A      ICAM1_HUMAN (P05362)    
1D3M  X-ray     2.12 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D3N  X-ray     2.00 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D3O  Model     -           TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1D3P  X-ray     2.10 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D3Q  X-ray     2.90 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D3S  X-ray     1.40 A      NP4_RHOPR   (Q94734)    
1D3T  X-ray     3.00 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D3U  X-ray     2.40 A      TBP_PYRWO   (P62001)    , TF2B_PYRWO  (P61999)    
1D3V  X-ray     1.70 A      ARGI1_RAT   (P07824)    
1D3W  X-ray     1.70 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1D3Y  X-ray     2.00 A      TOP6A_METJA (Q57815)    
1D3Z  NMR       -           UBC_HUMAN   (P0CG48)    
1D4A  X-ray     1.70 A      NQO1_HUMAN  (P15559)    
1D4B  NMR       -           CIDEB_HUMAN (Q9UHD4)    
1D4C  X-ray     2.90 A      FRDA_SHEON  (P83223)    
1D4D  X-ray     2.50 A      FRDA_SHEON  (P83223)    
1D4E  X-ray     2.80 A      FRDA_SHEON  (P83223)    
1D4F  X-ray     2.80 A      SAHH_RAT    (P10760)    
1D4H  X-ray     1.81 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1D4I  X-ray     1.81 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1D4J  X-ray     1.81 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1D4K  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1D4L  X-ray     1.75 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1D4M  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_CXA9   (P21404)    
1D4N  X-ray     2.00 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1D4O  X-ray     1.21 A      NNTM_BOVIN  (P11024)    
1D4P  X-ray     2.07 A      HIRV1_HIRME (P01050)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D4S  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1D4T  X-ray     1.10 A      SH21A_HUMAN (O60880)    , SLAF1_HUMAN (Q13291)    
1D4U  NMR       -           XPA_HUMAN   (P23025)    
1D4V  X-ray     2.20 A      TNF10_HUMAN (P50591)    , TR10B_HUMAN (O14763)    
1D4W  X-ray     1.80 A      SH21A_HUMAN (O60880)    , SLAF1_HUMAN (Q13291)    
1D4X  X-ray     1.75 A      ACT1_CAEEL  (P0DM41)    , GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1D4Y  X-ray     1.97 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1D4Z  X-ray     1.90 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1D5A  X-ray     2.40 A      DPOL_DESST  (Q7SIG7)    
1D5B  X-ray     2.80 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1D5D  X-ray     2.25 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1D5E  X-ray     2.25 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1D5F  X-ray     2.80 A      UBE3A_HUMAN (Q05086)    
1D5G  NMR       -           PTN13_HUMAN (Q12923)    
1D5H  X-ray     2.25 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1D5I  X-ray     2.00 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1D5J  X-ray     2.60 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1D5L  X-ray     1.90 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1D5M  X-ray     2.00 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            ETXB_STAAU  (P01552)    
1D5N  X-ray     1.55 A      SODM_ECOLI  (P00448)    
1D5R  X-ray     2.10 A      PTEN_HUMAN  (P60484)    
1D5S  X-ray     3.00 A      A1AT_HUMAN  (P01009)    
1D5T  X-ray     1.04 A      GDIA_BOVIN  (P21856)    
1D5U  Model     -           CATF_HUMAN  (Q9UBX1)    
1D5V  NMR       -           FOXC2_HUMAN (Q99958)    
1D5W  X-ray     2.30 A      FIXJ_RHIME  (P10958)    
1D5X  X-ray     2.45 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            ETXB_STAAU  (P01552)    
1D5Y  X-ray     2.70 A      ROB_ECOLI   (P0ACI0)    
1D5Z  X-ray     2.00 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            ETXB_STAAU  (P01552)    
1D66  X-ray     2.70 A      GAL4_YEAST  (P04386)    
1D6A  X-ray     2.10 A      RIP1_PHYAM  (P10297)    
1D6B  NMR       -           DLP2_ORNAN  (P82140)    
1D6E  X-ray     2.45 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            ETXB_STAAU  (P01552)    
1D6F  X-ray     1.69 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1D6G  NMR       -           CCKAR_HUMAN (P32238)    
1D6H  X-ray     2.15 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1D6I  X-ray     2.00 A      CHS2_MEDSA  (P30074)    
1D6J  X-ray     2.00 A      KAPS_PENCH  (Q12657)    
1D6K  NMR       -           RL25_ECOLI  (P68919)    
1D6M  X-ray     3.00 A      TOP3_ECOLI  (P14294)    
1D6N  X-ray     2.70 A      HPRT_HUMAN  (P00492)    
1D6O  X-ray     1.85 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1D6P  X-ray     2.23 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1D6Q  X-ray     1.96 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1D6R  X-ray     2.30 A      IBB1_SOYBN  (P01055)    , TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1D6S  X-ray     2.30 A      CYSK_SALTY  (P0A1E3)    
1D6T  NMR       -           RNPA_STAAU  (P0A0H5)    
1D6U  X-ray     2.40 A      AMO_ECOLI   (P46883)    
1D6V  X-ray     2.00 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1D6W  X-ray     2.00 A      HIR3C_HIRME (P28511)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D6Y  X-ray     2.40 A      AMO_ECOLI   (P46883)    
1D6Z  X-ray     2.10 A      AMO_ECOLI   (P46883)    
1D7A  X-ray     2.50 A      PURE_ECOLI  (P0AG18)    
1D7B  X-ray     1.90 A      CDH_PHACH   (Q01738)    
1D7C  X-ray     1.90 A      CDH_PHACH   (Q01738)    
1D7D  X-ray     1.90 A      CDH_PHACH   (Q01738)    
1D7E  X-ray     1.39 A      PYP_HALHA   (P16113)    
1D7F  X-ray     1.90 A      CDGT_BACS0  (P05618)    
1D7G  Model     -           ARNT_HUMAN  (P27540)    , HIF1A_HUMAN (Q16665)    
1D7H  X-ray     1.90 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1D7I  X-ray     1.90 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1D7J  X-ray     1.85 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1D7K  X-ray     2.10 A      DCOR_HUMAN  (P11926)    
1D7L  X-ray     2.20 A      PHHY_PSEAE  (P20586)    
1D7M  X-ray     2.70 A      CTXA_DICDI  (Q54HG2)    
1D7N  NMR       -           MAST_VESLE  (P01514)    
1D7O  X-ray     1.90 A      FABI_BRANA  (P80030)    
1D7P  X-ray     1.50 A      FA8_HUMAN   (P00451)    
1D7Q  NMR       -           IF1AX_HUMAN (P47813)    
1D7R  X-ray     2.00 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1D7S  X-ray     2.05 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1D7U  X-ray     1.95 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1D7V  X-ray     2.80 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1D7W  X-ray     1.90 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1D7X  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1D8A  X-ray     2.20 A      FABI_ECOLI  (P0AEK4)    
1D8B  NMR       -           SGS1_YEAST  (P35187)    
1D8C  X-ray     2.00 A      MASZ_ECOLI  (P37330)    
1D8D  X-ray     2.00 A      FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    ,
                            RASK_HUMAN  (P01116)    
1D8E  X-ray     3.00 A      FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    ,
                            RASK_HUMAN  (P01116)    
1D8F  X-ray     2.40 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1D8H  X-ray     2.00 A      CET1_YEAST  (O13297)    
1D8I  X-ray     2.05 A      CET1_YEAST  (O13297)    
1D8J  NMR       -           T2EB_HUMAN  (P29084)    
1D8K  NMR       -           T2EB_HUMAN  (P29084)    
1D8L  X-ray     2.50 A      RUVA_ECOLI  (P0A809)    
1D8M  X-ray     2.44 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1D8S  X-ray     4.40 A      ATPA_ECOLI  (P0ABB0)    , ATPB_ECOLI  (P0ABB4)    ,
                            ATPG_ECOLI  (P0ABA6)    
1D8T  X-ray     2.35 A      EFTU1_ECOLI (P0CE47)    , THCL_PLARO  (Q7M0J8)    
1D8U  X-ray     2.35 A      HBL1_ORYSJ  (O04986)    
1D8V  NMR       -           RIP3_MOMCH  (P24817)    
1D8W  X-ray     1.60 A      RHAA_ECOLI  (P32170)    
1D8Y  X-ray     2.08 A      DPO1_ECOLI  (P00582)    
1D8Z  NMR       -           ELAV3_MOUSE (Q60900)    
1D9A  NMR       -           ELAV3_MOUSE (Q60900)    
1D9C  X-ray     2.00 A      IFNG_BOVIN  (P07353)    
1D9D  X-ray     2.18 A      DPO1_ECOLI  (P00582)    
1D9E  X-ray     2.40 A      KDSA_ECOLI  (P0A715)    
1D9F  X-ray     3.00 A      DPO1_ECOLI  (P00582)    
1D9G  X-ray     2.90 A      IFNG_BOVIN  (P07353)    
1D9I  X-ray     2.30 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1D9J  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1D9K  X-ray     3.20 A      HA2K_MOUSE  (P01910)    , HB2K_MOUSE  (P06343)    ,
                            TRFE_CHICK  (P02789)    , TVA2_MOUSE  (P01739)    ,
                            TVB5_MOUSE  (P04213)    
1D9L  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1D9M  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1D9N  NMR       -           MBD1_HUMAN  (Q9UIS9)    
1D9O  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1D9P  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1D9Q  X-ray     2.40 A      F16P1_PEA   (P46275)    
1D9S  NMR       -           CDN2B_MOUSE (P55271)    
1D9U  X-ray     2.60 A      ENLYS_LAMBD (P03706)    
1D9V  X-ray     1.75 A      FBPA_HAEIN  (P35755)    
1D9W  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1D9X  X-ray     2.60 A      UVRB_BACCA  (P56981)    
1D9Z  X-ray     3.15 A      UVRB_BACCA  (P56981)    
1DAA  X-ray     1.94 A      DAAA_BACYM  (P19938)    
1DAB  X-ray     2.50 A      PERT_BORPE  (P14283)    
1DAD  X-ray     1.60 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAE  X-ray     1.70 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAF  X-ray     1.70 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAG  X-ray     1.64 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAH  X-ray     1.64 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAI  X-ray     1.64 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAJ  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_PNECA   (P16184)    
1DAK  X-ray     1.60 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAM  X-ray     1.80 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DAN  X-ray     2.00 A      FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    , TF_HUMAN    (P13726)    
1DAO  X-ray     3.20 A      OXDA_PIG    (P00371)    
1DAP  X-ray     2.20 A      DAPDH_CORGL (P04964)    
1DAQ  NMR       -           GUNS_HUNTH  (P0C2S5)    
1DAR  X-ray     2.40 A      EFG_THET8   (Q5SHN5)    
1DAT  X-ray     2.05 A      FRIL_HORSE  (P02791)    
1DAV  NMR       -           GUNS_HUNTH  (P0C2S5)    
1DAW  X-ray     2.20 A      CSK2A_MAIZE (P28523)    
1DAX  NMR       -           FER1_DESAF  (P00210)    
1DAY  X-ray     2.20 A      CSK2A_MAIZE (P28523)    
1DAZ  X-ray     1.55 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1DB1  X-ray     1.80 A      VDR_HUMAN   (P11473)    
1DB2  X-ray     2.70 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1DB3  X-ray     2.30 A      GM4D_ECOLI  (P0AC88)    
1DB4  X-ray     2.20 A      PA2GA_HUMAN (P14555)    
1DB5  X-ray     2.80 A      PA2GA_HUMAN (P14555)    
1DBA  X-ray     2.80 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1DBB  X-ray     2.70 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1DBD  NMR       -           VE2_BPV1    (P03122)    
1DBF  X-ray     1.30 A      AROH_BACSU  (P19080)    
1DBG  X-ray     1.70 A      CSLB_PEDHD  (Q46079)    
1DBH  X-ray     2.30 A      SOS1_HUMAN  (Q07889)    
1DBI  X-ray     1.80 A      THES_BACSJ  (Q45670)    
1DBJ  X-ray     2.70 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1DBK  X-ray     3.00 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1DBM  X-ray     2.70 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    
1DBN  X-ray     2.75 A      MALS_MAAAM  (P0DKL3)    
1DBO  X-ray     1.70 A      CSLB_PEDHD  (Q46079)    
1DBP  X-ray     2.20 A      RBSB_ECOLI  (P02925)    
1DBQ  X-ray     2.20 A      PURR_ECOLI  (P0ACP7)    
1DBR  X-ray     2.40 A      HGXR_TOXGO  (Q26997)    
1DBS  X-ray     1.80 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DBT  X-ray     2.40 A      PYRF_BACSU  (P25971)    
1DBU  X-ray     1.80 A      YBAK_HAEIN  (P45202)    
1DBV  X-ray     2.50 A      G3P_GEOSE   (P00362)    
1DBW  X-ray     1.60 A      FIXJ_RHIME  (P10958)    
1DBX  X-ray     1.80 A      YBAK_HAEIN  (P45202)    
1DBY  NMR       -           TRXM_CHLRE  (P23400)    
1DBZ  X-ray     2.65 A      F16P1_PEA   (P46275)    
1DC1  X-ray     1.70 A      T2B1_GEOSE  (P70985)    
1DC2  NMR       -           CDN2A_HUMAN (P42771)    
1DC3  X-ray     2.50 A      G3P1_ECOLI  (P0A9B2)    
1DC4  X-ray     2.50 A      G3P1_ECOLI  (P0A9B2)    
1DC5  X-ray     2.00 A      G3P1_ECOLI  (P0A9B2)    
1DC6  X-ray     2.00 A      G3P1_ECOLI  (P0A9B2)    
1DC7  NMR       -           NTRC_SALTY  (P41789)    
1DC8  NMR       -           NTRC_SALTY  (P41789)    
1DC9  X-ray     2.10 A      FABPI_RAT   (P02693)    
1DCA  X-ray     2.20 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1DCB  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1DCC  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DCD  X-ray     2.00 A      DESR_DESGI  (P00273)    
1DCE  X-ray     2.00 A      PGTA_RAT    (Q08602)    , PGTB2_RAT   (Q08603)    
1DCF  X-ray     2.50 A      ETR1_ARATH  (P49333)    
1DCH  X-ray     3.00 A      PHS_RAT     (P61459)    
1DCI  X-ray     1.50 A      ECH1_RAT    (Q62651)    
1DCJ  NMR       -           TUSA_ECOLI  (P0A890)    
1DCK  X-ray     2.00 A      FIXJ_RHIME  (P10958)    
1DCL  X-ray     2.30 A      LV208_HUMAN (P01709)    
1DCM  X-ray     3.00 A      FIXJ_RHIME  (P10958)    
1DCN  X-ray     2.30 A      ARLY2_ANAPL (P24058)    
1DCO  X-ray     2.30 A      PHS_RAT     (P61459)    
1DCP  X-ray     2.30 A      PHS_RAT     (P61459)    
1DCQ  X-ray     2.10 A      ASAP2_MOUSE (Q7SIG6)    
1DCS  X-ray     1.30 A      CEFE_STRCL  (P18548)    
1DCT  X-ray     2.80 A      MTH3_HAEAE  (P20589)    
1DCU  X-ray     2.20 A      F16P1_PEA   (P46275)    
1DCX  Model     -           PGH2_MOUSE  (Q05769)    
1DCY  X-ray     2.70 A      PA2GA_HUMAN (P14555)    
1DCZ  NMR       -           BCCP_PROFR  (P02904)    
1DD0  Model     -           PGH2_MOUSE  (Q05769)    
1DD1  X-ray     2.62 A      SMAD4_HUMAN (Q13485)    
1DD2  NMR       -           BCCP_PROFR  (P02904)    
1DD3  X-ray     2.00 A      RL7_THEMA   (P29396)    
1DD4  X-ray     2.40 A      RL7_THEMA   (P29396)    
1DD5  X-ray     2.55 A      RRF_THEMA   (Q9X1B9)    
1DD6  X-ray     2.00 A      BLAB_SERMA  (P52699)    
1DD7  X-ray     2.25 A      NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477)    
1DD8  X-ray     2.30 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1DD9  X-ray     1.60 A      DNAG_ECOLI  (P0ABS5)    
1DDA  Model     -           ADH1G_HUMAN (P00326)    
1DDB  NMR       -           BID_MOUSE   (P70444)    
1DDD  Model     -           P2RY1_CHICK (P34996)    
1DDE  X-ray     1.70 A      DNAG_ECOLI  (P0ABS5)    
1DDF  NMR       -           TNR6_HUMAN  (P25445)    
1DDG  X-ray     2.01 A      CYSJ_ECOLI  (P38038)    
1DDH  X-ray     3.10 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , ENV_HV1B8   (P04582)    ,
                            HA12_MOUSE  (P01900)    
1DDI  X-ray     2.51 A      CYSJ_ECOLI  (P38038)    
1DDJ  X-ray     2.00 A      PLMN_HUMAN  (P00747)    
1DDM  NMR       -           NUMB_DROME  (P16554)    
1DDN  X-ray     3.00 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1DDO  X-ray     3.10 A      OXDA_PIG    (P00371)    
1DDR  X-ray     2.45 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DDS  X-ray     2.20 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DDT  X-ray     2.00 A      DTX_CORBE   (P00588)    
1DDU  X-ray     2.10 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1DDV  X-ray     1.90 A      GRM5_RAT    (P31424)    , HOME1_RAT   (Q9Z214)    
1DDW  X-ray     1.70 A      HOME1_RAT   (Q9Z214)    
1DDX  X-ray     3.00 A      PGH2_MOUSE  (Q05769)    
1DE0  X-ray     2.40 A      NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    
1DE1  NMR       -           GLRX_BPT4   (P00276)    
1DE2  NMR       -           GLRX_BPT4   (P00276)    
1DE3  NMR       -           RNAS_ASPGI  (P00655)    
1DE4  X-ray     2.80 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HFE_HUMAN   (Q30201)    ,
                            TFR1_HUMAN  (P02786)    
1DE5  X-ray     2.20 A      RHAA_ECOLI  (P32170)    
1DE6  X-ray     2.10 A      RHAA_ECOLI  (P32170)    
1DE7  X-ray     2.00 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DE8  X-ray     2.95 A      APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    
1DE9  X-ray     3.00 A      APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    
1DEA  X-ray     2.10 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1DEB  X-ray     2.40 A      APC_HUMAN   (P25054)    
1DEC  NMR       -           DECO_MACDE  (P17350)    
1DED  X-ray     2.00 A      CDGT_BACS0  (P05618)    
1DEE  X-ray     2.70 A      SPA_STAA8   (P02976)    
1DEF  NMR       -           DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1DEG  X-ray     2.90 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1DEH  X-ray     2.20 A      ADH1B_HUMAN (P00325)    
1DEI  X-ray     1.60 A      INS_PIG     (P01315)    
1DEJ  X-ray     2.40 A      ACT1_DICDI  (P07830)    , ACT1_TETTH  (P10992)    ,
                            GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1DEK  X-ray     2.00 A      DNMK_BPT4   (P04531)    
1DEL  X-ray     2.20 A      DNMK_BPT4   (P04531)    
1DEM  NMR       -           VKTH1_DENPO (P00979)    
1DEN  NMR       -           VKTH1_DENPO (P00979)    
1DEO  X-ray     1.55 A      RHA1_ASPAC  (Q00017)    
1DEP  NMR       -           ADRB1_MELGA (P07700)    
1DEQ  X-ray     3.50 A      FIBA_BOVIN  (P02672)    , FIBB_BOVIN  (P02676)    ,
                            FIBG_BOVIN  (P12799)    
1DET  X-ray     1.80 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1DEU  X-ray     1.70 A      CATZ_HUMAN  (Q9UBR2)    
1DEV  X-ray     2.20 A      SMAD2_HUMAN (Q15796)    , ZFYV9_HUMAN (O95405)    
1DEW  X-ray     2.65 A      APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    
1DEX  X-ray     1.90 A      RHA1_ASPAC  (Q00017)    
1DF0  X-ray     2.60 A      CAN2_RAT    (Q07009)    , CPNS1_RAT   (Q64537)    
1DF1  X-ray     2.35 A      NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477)    
1DF2  Model     -           TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1DF3  NMR       -           MUP2_MOUSE  (P11589)    
1DF4  X-ray     1.45 A      ENV_HV1H2   (P04578)    
1DF5  X-ray     2.70 A      ENV_HV1H2   (P04578)    
1DF6  NMR       -           CYO1_VIOOD  (P82230)    
1DF7  X-ray     1.70 A      DYR_MYCTU   (P9WNX1)    
1DF8  X-ray     1.51 A      SAV_STRAV   (P22629)    
1DFA  X-ray     2.00 A      VATA_YEAST  (P17255)    
1DFB  X-ray     2.70 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , IGKC_HUMAN  (P01834)    
1DFC  X-ray     2.90 A      FSCN1_HUMAN (Q16658)    
1DFD  NMR       -           FER1_DESAF  (P00210)    
1DFE  NMR       -           RL36_THETH  (P80256)    
1DFF  X-ray     2.88 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1DFG  X-ray     2.50 A      FABI_ECOLI  (P0AEK4)    
1DFH  X-ray     2.20 A      FABI_ECOLI  (P0AEK4)    
1DFI  X-ray     2.09 A      FABI_ECOLI  (P0AEK4)    
1DFJ  X-ray     2.50 A      RINI_PIG    (P10775)    , RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1DFK  X-ray     4.20 A      MLE_ARGIR   (P07291)    , MLR_ARGIR   (P13543)    ,
                            MYS_ARGIR   (P24733)    
1DFL  X-ray     4.20 A      MLE_ARGIR   (P07291)    , MLR_ARGIR   (P13543)    ,
                            MYS_ARGIR   (P24733)    
1DFM  X-ray     1.50 A      T2B2_BACIU  (Q45488)    
1DFN  X-ray     1.90 A      DEF3_HUMAN  (P59666)    
1DFO  X-ray     2.40 A      GLYA_ECOLI  (P0A825)    
1DFP  X-ray     2.40 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1DFQ  X-ray     2.60 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1DFS  NMR       -           MT1_MOUSE   (P02802)    
1DFT  NMR       -           MT1_MOUSE   (P02802)    
1DFU  X-ray     1.80 A      RL25_ECOLI  (P68919)    
1DFV  X-ray     2.60 A      NGAL_HUMAN  (P80188)    
1DFW  IR        -           PSPB_HUMAN  (P07988)    
1DFX  X-ray     1.90 A      DFX_DESDA   (P22076)    
1DFY  NMR       -           COW_CONSE   (P58787)    
1DFZ  NMR       -           COW_CONSE   (P58787)    
1DG0  NMR       -           COW_CONRA   (P58786)    
1DG1  X-ray     2.50 A      EFTU2_ECOLI (P0CE48)    
1DG2  NMR       -           CA1B_CONAL  (P56640)    
1DG3  X-ray     1.80 A      GBP1_HUMAN  (P32455)    
1DG4  NMR       -           DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    
1DG5  X-ray     2.00 A      DYR_MYCTU   (P9WNX1)    
1DG6  X-ray     1.30 A      TNF10_HUMAN (P50591)    
1DG7  X-ray     1.80 A      DYR_MYCTU   (P9WNX1)    
1DG8  X-ray     2.00 A      DYR_MYCTU   (P9WNX1)    
1DG9  X-ray     1.90 A      PPAC_BOVIN  (P11064)    
1DGB  X-ray     2.20 A      CATA_HUMAN  (P04040)    
1DGC  X-ray     3.00 A      GCN4_YEAST  (P03069)    
1DGD  X-ray     2.80 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1DGE  X-ray     2.80 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1DGF  X-ray     1.50 A      CATA_HUMAN  (P04040)    
1DGG  X-ray     1.80 A      CATA_HUMAN  (P04040)    
1DGH  X-ray     2.00 A      CATA_HUMAN  (P04040)    
1DGI  EM        22.00 A     POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    , PVR_HUMAN   (P15151)    
1DGK  X-ray     2.80 A      HXK1_HUMAN  (P19367)    
1DGL  X-ray     2.40 A      LECA_DIOGR  (P08902)    
1DGM  X-ray     1.80 A      ADK_TOXGO   (Q9TVW2)    
1DGN  NMR       -           CAR18_HUMAN (P57730)    
1DGP  X-ray     2.80 A      PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1DGQ  NMR       -           ITAL_HUMAN  (P20701)    
1DGR  X-ray     2.60 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1DGS  X-ray     2.90 A      DNLJ_THEFI  (Q9ZHI0)    
1DGU  NMR       -           CIB1_HUMAN  (Q99828)    
1DGV  NMR       -           CIB1_HUMAN  (Q99828)    
1DGW  X-ray     1.70 A      CANA_CANEN  (P50477)    
1DGX  Model     -           KV139_HUMAN (P01597)    
1DGZ  NMR       -           RL36_THETH  (P80256)    
1DH3  X-ray     3.00 A      CREB1_MOUSE (Q01147)    
1DH4  Model     -           KVD28_HUMAN (P01615)    
1DH5  Model     -           KV320_HUMAN (P01619)    
1DH6  Model     -           KV401_HUMAN (P06312)    
1DHF  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_HUMAN   (P00374)    
1DHG  X-ray     2.50 A      DESR_DESGI  (P00273)    
1DHI  X-ray     1.90 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DHJ  X-ray     1.80 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DHK  X-ray     1.85 A      AMYP_PIG    (P00690)    , LEA1_PHAVU  (P02873)    
1DHL  Model     -           HLD_STAAU   (P0C1V1)    
1DHM  NMR       -           VE2_HPV31   (P17383)    
1DHN  X-ray     1.65 A      FOLB_STAAU  (P56740)    
1DHP  X-ray     2.30 A      DAPA_ECOLI  (P0A6L2)    
1DHR  X-ray     2.30 A      DHPR_RAT    (P11348)    
1DHS  X-ray     2.20 A      DHYS_HUMAN  (P49366)    
1DHT  X-ray     2.24 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1DHY  X-ray     2.30 A      BPHC_PSES1  (P17297)    
1DI0  X-ray     2.70 A      RISB2_BRUA2 (Q2YKV1)    
1DI1  X-ray     2.50 A      PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1DI2  X-ray     1.90 A      PRKAB_XENLA (Q91836)    
1DI3  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1DI4  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1DI5  X-ray     2.20 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1DI6  X-ray     1.45 A      MOG_ECOLI   (P0AF03)    
1DI7  X-ray     1.60 A      MOG_ECOLI   (P0AF03)    
1DI8  X-ray     2.20 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1DI9  X-ray     2.60 A      MK14_HUMAN  (Q16539)    
1DIA  X-ray     2.20 A      C1TC_HUMAN  (P11586)    
1DIB  X-ray     2.70 A      C1TC_HUMAN  (P11586)    
1DIC  X-ray     1.80 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1DID  X-ray     2.50 A      XYLA_ARTS7  (P12070)    
1DIE  X-ray     2.50 A      XYLA_ARTS7  (P12070)    
1DIF  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1DIG  X-ray     2.20 A      C1TC_HUMAN  (P11586)    
1DIH  X-ray     2.20 A      DAPB_ECOLI  (P04036)    
1DII  X-ray     2.50 A      CY4C_PSEPU  (P09787)    , DH4C_PSEPU  (P09788)    
1DIK  X-ray     2.30 A      PPDK_CLOSY  (P22983)    
1DIL  X-ray     1.90 A      NANH_SALTY  (P29768)    
1DIM  X-ray     1.60 A      NANH_SALTY  (P29768)    
1DIN  X-ray     1.80 A      CLCD_PSEKB  (P0A115)    
1DIP  NMR       -           T22D3_PIG   (P80220)    
1DIQ  X-ray     2.75 A      CY4C_PSEPU  (P09787)    , DH4C_PSEPU  (P09788)    
1DIR  X-ray     2.60 A      DHPR_RAT    (P11348)    
1DIS  NMR       -           DYR_LACCA   (P00381)    
1DIT  X-ray     2.30 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DIU  NMR       -           DYR_LACCA   (P00381)    
1DIV  X-ray     2.60 A      RL9_GEOSE   (P02417)    
1DIW  X-ray     2.00 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1DIX  X-ray     1.65 A      RNLE_SOLLC  (P80022)    
1DIY  X-ray     3.00 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1DIZ  X-ray     2.50 A      3MG2_ECOLI  (P04395)    
1DJ0  X-ray     1.50 A      TRUA_ECOLI  (P07649)    
1DJ1  X-ray     1.93 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DJ2  X-ray     2.90 A      PURA_ARATH  (Q96529)    
1DJ3  X-ray     3.00 A      PURA_WHEAT  (O24396)    
1DJ5  X-ray     1.93 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DJ7  X-ray     1.60 A      FTRC_SYNY3  (Q55389)    , FTRV_SYNY3  (Q55781)    
1DJ8  X-ray     2.00 A      HDEA_ECOLI  (P0AES9)    
1DJ9  X-ray     2.00 A      BIOF_ECOLI  (P12998)    
1DJA  X-ray     1.90 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1DJB  X-ray     2.10 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1DJC  X-ray     2.00 A      BLAC_STAAU  (P00807)    
1DJE  X-ray     1.71 A      BIOF_ECOLI  (P12998)    
1DJG  X-ray     2.60 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJH  X-ray     2.50 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJI  X-ray     2.50 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJJ  Model     -           PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1DJL  X-ray     2.00 A      NNTM_HUMAN  (Q13423)    
1DJM  NMR       -           CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1DJN  X-ray     2.20 A      DHTM_METME  (P16099)    
1DJO  X-ray     2.00 A      ASPQ_PSES7  (P10182)    
1DJP  X-ray     1.90 A      ASPQ_PSES7  (P10182)    
1DJQ  X-ray     2.20 A      DHTM_METME  (P16099)    
1DJR  X-ray     1.30 A      ELBP_ECOLX  (P32890)    
1DJS  X-ray     2.40 A      FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    , FGFR2_HUMAN (P21802)    
1DJT  X-ray     1.20 A      SCM1_MESMA  (P45697)    
1DJW  X-ray     2.45 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJX  X-ray     2.30 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJY  X-ray     2.80 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DJZ  X-ray     2.95 A      PLCD1_RAT   (P10688)    
1DK0  X-ray     1.77 A      HASA_SERMA  (Q54450)    
1DK1  X-ray     2.80 A      RS15_THETH  (P80378)    
1DK2  NMR       -           DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1DK3  NMR       -           DPOLB_RAT   (P06766)    
1DK4  X-ray     2.60 A      BSUHB_METJA (Q57573)    
1DK7  X-ray     2.02 A      CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5)    
1DK8  X-ray     1.57 A      AXIN1_HUMAN (O15169)    
1DKA  X-ray     2.60 A      DGDA_BURCE  (P16932)    
1DKC  NMR       -           PAFP_PHYAM  (P81418)    
1DKD  X-ray     2.10 A      CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5)    
1DKE  X-ray     2.10 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1DKF  X-ray     2.50 A      RARA_HUMAN  (P10276)    , RXRA_MOUSE  (P28700)    
1DKG  X-ray     2.80 A      DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    , GRPE_ECOLI  (P09372)    
1DKH  X-ray     3.20 A      HASA_SERMA  (Q54450)    
1DKI  X-ray     1.60 A      SPEB_STRPY  (P0C0J0)    
1DKJ  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_COLVI  (P00700)    
1DKK  X-ray     1.90 A      LYSC_COLVI  (P00700)    
1DKL  X-ray     2.30 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKM  X-ray     2.25 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKN  X-ray     2.40 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKO  X-ray     2.38 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKP  X-ray     2.28 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKQ  X-ray     2.05 A      PPA_ECOLI   (P07102)    
1DKR  X-ray     2.30 A      KPRS_BACSU  (P14193)    
1DKS  X-ray     3.20 A      CKS1_HUMAN  (P61024)    
1DKT  X-ray     2.90 A      CKS1_HUMAN  (P61024)    
1DKU  X-ray     2.20 A      KPRS_BACSU  (P14193)    
1DKW  X-ray     2.65 A      TPIS_TRYBB  (P04789)    
1DKX  X-ray     2.00 A      DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    
1DKY  X-ray     2.80 A      DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    
1DKZ  X-ray     2.00 A      DNAK_ECOLI  (P0A6Y8)    
1DL0  NMR       -           TK1C_HADVE  (P82228)    
1DL2  X-ray     1.54 A      MNS1_YEAST  (P32906)    
1DL3  X-ray     2.70 A      TRPF_THEMA  (Q56320)    
1DL5  X-ray     1.80 A      PIMT_THEMA  (Q56308)    
1DL6  NMR       -           TF2B_HUMAN  (Q00403)    
1DL7  X-ray     2.35 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , LV1B_MOUSE  (P01724)    
1DL9  Model     -           NEP_HUMAN   (P08473)    
1DLA  X-ray     3.00 A      ALDR_PIG    (P80276)    
1DLB  X-ray     2.00 A      ENV_HV1H2   (P04578)    
1DLC  X-ray     2.50 A      CR3AA_BACTT (P0A379)    
1DLD  Model     -           LDHD_LACDA  (P26297)    
1DLE  X-ray     2.10 A      CFAB_HUMAN  (P00751)    
1DLF  X-ray     1.45 A      KV2A7_MOUSE (P01631)    
1DLG  X-ray     1.90 A      MURA_ENTCC  (P33038)    
1DLH  X-ray     2.80 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            HEMA_I69A0  (P04664)    
1DLI  X-ray     2.31 A      UDG_STRPY   (P0C0F4)    
1DLJ  X-ray     1.80 A      UDG_STRPY   (P0C0F4)    
1DLK  X-ray     2.14 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1DLL  X-ray     1.80 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1DLM  X-ray     2.00 A      CATA_ACIAD  (P07773)    
1DLO  X-ray     2.70 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1DLQ  X-ray     2.30 A      CATA_ACIAD  (P07773)    
1DLR  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_HUMAN   (P00374)    
1DLS  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_HUMAN   (P00374)    
1DLT  X-ray     1.90 A      CATA_ACIAD  (P07773)    
1DLU  X-ray     2.25 A      THIL_ZOORA  (P07097)    
1DLV  X-ray     2.29 A      THIL_ZOORA  (P07097)    
1DLW  X-ray     1.54 A      TRHBN_PARCA (P15160)    
1DLY  X-ray     1.80 A      TRHN1_CHLMO (Q08753)    
1DM0  X-ray     2.50 A      STXA_SHIDY  (Q9FBI2)    , STXB_SHIDY  (Q7BQ98)    
1DM1  X-ray     1.99 A      GLB_APLLI   (P02210)    
1DM2  X-ray     2.10 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1DM3  X-ray     2.00 A      THIL_ZOORA  (P07097)    
1DM4  X-ray     2.50 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DM5  X-ray     1.93 A      ANX12_HYDVU (P26256)    
1DM6  X-ray     1.95 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DM7  X-ray     2.10 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DM8  X-ray     2.25 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DM9  X-ray     2.00 A      HSLR_ECOLI  (P0ACG8)    
1DMA  X-ray     2.50 A      TOXA_PSEAE  (P11439)    
1DMB  X-ray     1.80 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1DMC  NMR       -           MT1_CALSI   (P55949)    
1DMD  NMR       -           MT1_CALSI   (P55949)    
1DME  NMR       -           MT1_CALSI   (P55949)    
1DMF  NMR       -           MT1_CALSI   (P55949)    
1DMG  X-ray     1.70 A      RL4_THEMA   (P38516)    
1DMH  X-ray     1.70 A      CATA_ACIAD  (P07773)    
1DMI  X-ray     2.00 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DMJ  X-ray     2.35 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DMK  X-ray     1.90 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1DML  X-ray     2.70 A      DPOL_HHV1A  (P07917)    , PAP_HHV11   (P10226)    
1DMM  X-ray     1.90 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1DMN  X-ray     2.05 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1DMO  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1DMP  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1DMQ  X-ray     2.15 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1DMR  X-ray     1.82 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1DMS  X-ray     1.88 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1DMT  X-ray     2.10 A      NEP_HUMAN   (P08473)    
1DMU  X-ray     2.20 A      T2B1_BACIU  (O68557)    
1DMW  X-ray     2.00 A      PH4H_HUMAN  (P00439)    
1DMX  X-ray     2.45 A      CAH5A_MOUSE (P23589)    
1DMY  X-ray     2.45 A      CAH5A_MOUSE (P23589)    
1DMZ  NMR       -           RAD53_YEAST (P22216)    
1DN2  X-ray     2.70 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1DN3  NMR       -           PLF4_HUMAN  (P02776)    
1DNA  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1DNC  X-ray     1.70 A      GSHR_HUMAN  (P00390)    
1DNK  X-ray     2.30 A      DNAS1_BOVIN (P00639)    
1DNL  X-ray     1.80 A      PDXH_ECOLI  (P0AFI7)    
1DNP  X-ray     2.30 A      PHR_ECOLI   (P00914)    
1DNQ  Model     -           EGFR_HUMAN  (P00533)    
1DNR  Model     -           EGFR_HUMAN  (P00533)    
1DNU  X-ray     1.85 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1DNV  X-ray     3.60 A      CAPSD_GMDNV (Q90125)    
1DNW  X-ray     1.90 A      PERM_HUMAN  (P05164)    
1DNY  NMR       -           TYCC_BREPA  (O30409)    
1DO0  X-ray     3.00 A      HSLU_ECOLI  (P0A6H5)    
1DO1  X-ray     1.50 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DO2  X-ray     4.00 A      HSLU_ECOLI  (P0A6H5)    
1DO3  X-ray     1.55 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DO4  X-ray     1.70 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DO5  X-ray     2.75 A      CCS_HUMAN   (O14618)    
1DO6  X-ray     2.00 A      SOR_PYRFU   (P82385)    
1DO7  X-ray     1.85 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DO8  X-ray     2.20 A      MAOM_HUMAN  (P23368)    
1DO9  NMR       -           CYB5_RABIT  (P00169)    
1DOA  X-ray     2.60 A      CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    , GDIR1_BOVIN (P19803)    
1DOB  X-ray     2.00 A      PHHY_PSEAE  (P20586)    
1DOC  X-ray     2.00 A      PHHY_PSEAE  (P20586)    
1DOD  X-ray     2.10 A      PHHY_PSEAE  (P20586)    
1DOE  X-ray     2.30 A      PHHY_PSEAE  (P20586)    
1DOG  X-ray     2.30 A      AMYG_ASPAW  (P69327)    
1DOH  X-ray     2.10 A      T4HR_MAGO7  (Q12634)    
1DOI  X-ray     1.90 A      FER1_HALMA  (P00217)    
1DOJ  X-ray     1.70 A      HIRV2_HIRME (P09945)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DOK  X-ray     1.85 A      CCL2_HUMAN  (P13500)    
1DOL  X-ray     2.40 A      CCL2_HUMAN  (P13500)    
1DOM  NMR       -           CCL2_HUMAN  (P13500)    
1DON  NMR       -           CCL2_HUMAN  (P13500)    
1DOP  Model     -           PSBA_SPIOL  (P69560)    , PSBD_SPIOL  (P06005)    
1DOQ  NMR       -           RPOA_THETH  (Q9Z9H6)    
1DOR  X-ray     2.00 A      PYRDA_LACLM (A2RJT9)    
1DOS  X-ray     1.67 A      ALF_ECOLI   (P0AB71)    
1DOT  X-ray     2.35 A      TRFE_ANAPL  (P56410)    
1DOV  X-ray     3.00 A      CTNA1_MOUSE (P26231)    
1DOW  X-ray     1.80 A      CTNA1_MOUSE (P26231)    , CTNB1_MOUSE (Q02248)    
1DOX  NMR       -           FER_SYNY3   (P27320)    
1DOY  NMR       -           FER_SYNY3   (P27320)    
1DOZ  X-ray     1.80 A      CPFC_BACSU  (P32396)    
1DP0  X-ray     1.70 A      BGAL_ECOLI  (P00722)    
1DP2  X-ray     2.01 A      THTR_BOVIN  (P00586)    
1DP3  NMR       -           TRAM2_ECOLX (P07294)    
1DP4  X-ray     2.00 A      ANPRA_RAT   (P18910)    
1DP5  X-ray     2.20 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    , IPA3_YEAST  (P01094)    
1DP6  X-ray     2.30 A      FIXL_BRADU  (P23222)    
1DP7  X-ray     1.50 A      RFX1_HUMAN  (P22670)    
1DP8  X-ray     2.50 A      FIXL_BRADU  (P23222)    
1DP9  X-ray     2.60 A      FIXL_BRADU  (P23222)    
1DPB  X-ray     2.50 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1DPC  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1DPD  X-ray     2.70 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1DPE  X-ray     2.00 A      DPPA_ECOLI  (P23847)    
1DPF  X-ray     2.00 A      RHOA_HUMAN  (P61586)    
1DPG  X-ray     2.00 A      G6PD_LEUME  (P11411)    
1DPH  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_BOVIN   (P01317)    
1DPI  X-ray     2.80 A      DPO1_ECOLI  (P00582)    
1DPJ  X-ray     1.80 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    , IPA3_YEAST  (P01094)    
1DPK  NMR       -           ITA2B_HUMAN (P08514)    
1DPM  X-ray     2.10 A      OPD_BREDI   (P0A434)    
1DPO  X-ray     1.59 A      TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1DPP  X-ray     3.20 A      DPPA_ECOLI  (P23847)    
1DPQ  NMR       -           ITA2B_HUMAN (P08514)    
1DPR  X-ray     3.00 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1DPS  X-ray     1.60 A      DPS_ECOLI   (P0ABT2)    
1DPT  X-ray     1.54 A      DOPD_HUMAN  (P30046)    
1DPU  NMR       -           RFA2_HUMAN  (P15927)    , UNG_HUMAN   (P13051)    
1DPW  X-ray     1.64 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1DPX  X-ray     1.65 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1DPY  X-ray     2.45 A      PA2B_BUNCE  (Q9DF52)    
1DPZ  X-ray     2.80 A      LEU3_THET8  (Q5SIY4)    
1DQ0  X-ray     1.70 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ1  X-ray     2.15 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ2  X-ray     2.05 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ3  X-ray     2.10 A      NDRZ_PYRFU  (E7FHX6)    
1DQ4  X-ray     2.90 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ5  X-ray     2.00 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ6  X-ray     1.90 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1DQ7  X-ray     2.20 A      SCX1_HOTTA  (P60277)    
1DQ8  X-ray     2.10 A      HMDH_HUMAN  (P04035)    
1DQ9  X-ray     2.80 A      HMDH_HUMAN  (P04035)    
1DQA  X-ray     2.00 A      HMDH_HUMAN  (P04035)    
1DQB  NMR       -           TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1DQE  X-ray     1.80 A      PBP_BOMMO   (P34174)    
1DQG  X-ray     1.70 A      MRC1_MOUSE  (Q61830)    
1DQI  X-ray     1.70 A      SOR_PYRFU   (P82385)    
1DQJ  X-ray     2.00 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1DQK  X-ray     2.00 A      SOR_PYRFU   (P82385)    
1DQM  X-ray     2.10 A      GCAA_MOUSE  (P01863)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1DQO  X-ray     2.20 A      MRC1_MOUSE  (Q61830)    
1DQQ  X-ray     1.80 A      GCAA_MOUSE  (P01863)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1DQR  X-ray     2.50 A      G6PI_RABIT  (Q9N1E2)    
1DQS  X-ray     1.80 A      ARO1_EMENI  (P07547)    
1DQT  X-ray     2.00 A      CTLA4_MOUSE (P09793)    
1DQU  X-ray     2.80 A      ACEA_EMENI  (P28298)    
1DQV  X-ray     3.20 A      SYT3_RAT    (P40748)    
1DQW  X-ray     2.10 A      PYRF_YEAST  (P03962)    
1DQX  X-ray     2.40 A      PYRF_YEAST  (P03962)    
1DQY  X-ray     1.83 A      A85C_MYCTU  (P9WQN9)    
1DQZ  X-ray     1.50 A      A85C_MYCTU  (P9WQN9)    
1DR0  X-ray     2.20 A      LEU3_THET8  (Q5SIY4)    
1DR1  X-ray     2.20 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR2  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR3  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR4  X-ray     2.40 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR5  X-ray     2.40 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR6  X-ray     2.40 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR7  X-ray     2.40 A      DYR_CHICK   (P00378)    
1DR8  X-ray     2.70 A      LEU3_THET8  (Q5SIY4)    
1DR9  X-ray     3.00 A      CD80_HUMAN  (P33681)    
1DRA  X-ray     1.90 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DRB  X-ray     1.96 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DRE  X-ray     2.60 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DRF  X-ray     2.00 A      DYR_HUMAN   (P00374)    
1DRG  X-ray     2.55 A      RECR_BPP1   (P06956)    
1DRH  X-ray     2.30 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DRJ  X-ray     2.50 A      RBSB_ECOLI  (P02925)    
1DRK  X-ray     2.00 A      RBSB_ECOLI  (P02925)    
1DRM  X-ray     2.40 A      FIXL_BRADU  (P23222)    
1DRO  NMR       -           SPTCB_DROME (Q00963)    
1DRS  NMR       -           3SPM_DENJA  (P28375)    
1DRT  X-ray     2.10 A      CAS1_STRCL  (Q05581)    
1DRU  X-ray     2.20 A      DAPB_ECOLI  (P04036)    
1DRV  X-ray     2.20 A      DAPB_ECOLI  (P04036)    
1DRW  X-ray     2.20 A      DAPB_ECOLI  (P04036)    
1DRY  X-ray     1.40 A      CAS1_STRCL  (Q05581)    
1DRZ  X-ray     2.30 A      SNRPA_HUMAN (P09012)    
1DS0  X-ray     1.63 A      CAS1_STRCL  (Q05581)    
1DS1  X-ray     1.08 A      CAS1_STRCL  (Q05581)    
1DS2  X-ray     1.70 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    , PRTB_STRGR  (P00777)    
1DS3  X-ray     1.65 A      IOVO_MELGA  (P68390)    
1DS4  X-ray     2.02 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DS5  X-ray     3.16 A      CSK2A_MAIZE (P28523)    , CSK2B_HUMAN (P67870)    
1DS6  X-ray     2.35 A      GDIR2_HUMAN (P52566)    , RAC2_HUMAN  (P15153)    
1DS7  X-ray     2.06 A      NFSB_ECOLI  (P38489)    
1DS8  X-ray     2.50 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1DS9  NMR       -           DNAL1_CHLRE (Q9XHH2)    
1DSB  X-ray     2.00 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1DSE  X-ray     2.00 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DSG  X-ray     2.56 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DSJ  NMR       -           VPR_HV1N5   (P12520)    
1DSK  NMR       -           VPR_HV1N5   (P12520)    
1DSL  X-ray     1.55 A      CRGB_BOVIN  (P02526)    
1DSN  X-ray     2.05 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1DSO  X-ray     2.03 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DSP  X-ray     2.03 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1DSQ  NMR       -           GAG_MMTVC   (P11284)    
1DSS  X-ray     1.88 A      G3P_PANVR   (P56649)    
1DST  X-ray     2.00 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1DSU  X-ray     2.00 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1DSV  NMR       -           GAG_MMTVC   (P11284)    
1DSW  NMR       -           SODC_HUMAN  (P00441)    
1DSX  X-ray     1.60 A      KCNA2_RAT   (P63142)    
1DSY  X-ray     2.60 A      KPCA_RAT    (P05696)    
1DSZ  X-ray     1.70 A      RARA_HUMAN  (P10276)    , RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1DT0  X-ray     2.10 A      SODF_PSEPU  (P09223)    
1DT1  X-ray     1.80 A      CY552_THET8 (Q5SME3)    
1DT2  X-ray     2.80 A      ETB_STAAU   (P09332)    
1DT3  X-ray     2.60 A      LIP_THELA   (O59952)    
1DT4  X-ray     2.60 A      NOVA1_HUMAN (P51513)    
1DT5  X-ray     2.40 A      LIP_THELA   (O59952)    
1DT6  X-ray     3.00 A      CP2C5_RABIT (P00179)    
1DT7  NMR       -           P53_HUMAN   (P04637)    , S100B_RAT   (P04631)    
1DT9  X-ray     2.70 A      ERF1_HUMAN  (P62495)    
1DTC  NMR       -           HLD_STAAU   (P0C1V1)    
1DTD  X-ray     1.65 A      CBPA2_HUMAN (P48052)    , MCPI_HIRME  (P81511)    
1DTE  X-ray     2.35 A      LIP_THELA   (O59952)    
1DTF  Model     -           DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1DTG  X-ray     2.40 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1DTH  X-ray     2.00 A      VM1AD_CROAT (P15167)    
1DTI  X-ray     1.70 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DTJ  X-ray     2.00 A      NOVA2_HUMAN (Q9UNW9)    
1DTK  NMR       -           VKTHK_DENPO (P00981)    
1DTL  X-ray     2.15 A      TNNC1_CHICK (P09860)    
1DTM  X-ray     2.13 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DTN  X-ray     2.10 A      MANR_PSEPU  (P11444)    
1DTO  X-ray     1.90 A      VE2_HPV16   (P03120)    
1DTP  X-ray     2.50 A      DTX_CORBE   (P00588)    
1DTQ  X-ray     2.80 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1DTS  X-ray     1.65 A      BIOD1_ECOLI (P13000)    
1DTT  X-ray     3.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1DTU  X-ray     2.40 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1DTV  NMR       -           MCPI_HIRME  (P81511)    
1DTW  X-ray     2.70 A      ODBA_HUMAN  (P12694)    , ODBB_HUMAN  (P21953)    
1DTX  X-ray     2.20 A      VKTHA_DENAN (P00980)    
1DTY  X-ray     2.14 A      BIOA_ECOLI  (P12995)    
1DTZ  X-ray     2.65 A      TRFL_CAMDR  (Q9TUM0)    
1DU0  X-ray     2.00 A      HMEN_DROME  (P02836)    
1DU1  NMR       -           CAC1S_RABIT (P07293)    
1DU2  NMR       -           HOLE_ECOLI  (P0ABS8)    
1DU3  X-ray     2.20 A      TNF10_HUMAN (P50591)    , TR10B_HUMAN (O14763)    
1DU4  X-ray     2.50 A      LIP_THELA   (O59952)    
1DU5  X-ray     2.50 A      ZEAM_MAIZE  (P33679)    
1DU6  NMR       -           PBX1_MOUSE  (P41778)    
1DU9  NMR       -           KAX91_MESMA (Q9NJP7)    
1DUA  X-ray     2.00 A      ETA_STAAU   (P09331)    
1DUB  X-ray     2.50 A      ECHM_RAT    (P14604)    
1DUC  X-ray     2.05 A      POL_EIAV9   (P11204)    
1DUD  X-ray     2.30 A      DUT_ECOLI   (P06968)    
1DUE  X-ray     2.00 A      ETA_STAAU   (P09331)    
1DUG  X-ray     1.80 A      FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    , GST26_SCHJA (P08515)    
1DUI  X-ray     2.00 A      SUBT_BACAM  (P00782)    
1DUJ  NMR       -           MD2L1_HUMAN (Q13257)    
1DUK  X-ray     2.13 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DUL  X-ray     1.80 A      SRP54_ECOLI (P0AGD7)    
1DUM  NMR       -           MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1DUN  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_EIAV9   (P11204)    
1DUO  X-ray     2.00 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DUP  X-ray     1.90 A      DUT_ECOLI   (P06968)    
1DUR  X-ray     2.00 A      FER_PEPAS   (P00193)    
1DUS  X-ray     1.80 A      Y882_METJA  (Q58292)    
1DUT  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1DUV  X-ray     1.70 A      OTC1_ECOLI  (P04391)    
1DUX  X-ray     2.10 A      ELK1_HUMAN  (P19419)    
1DUY  X-ray     2.15 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1DUZ  X-ray     1.80 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1DV0  NMR       -           RD23A_HUMAN (P54725)    
1DV1  X-ray     1.90 A      ACCC_ECOLI  (P24182)    
1DV2  X-ray     2.50 A      ACCC_ECOLI  (P24182)    
1DV3  X-ray     2.50 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1DV4  X-ray     4.50 A      RS5_GEOSE   (P02357)    , RS7_THET8   (P17291)    
1DV5  NMR       -           DLTC_LACRH  (P55153)    
1DV6  X-ray     2.50 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1DV7  X-ray     1.80 A      PYRF_METTH  (O26232)    
1DV8  X-ray     2.30 A      ASGR1_HUMAN (P07306)    
1DV9  NMR       -           LACB_BOVIN  (P02754)    
1DVA  X-ray     3.00 A      FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1DVB  X-ray     1.90 A      RUBY_DESVH  (P24931)    
1DVC  NMR       -           CYTA_HUMAN  (P01040)    
1DVD  NMR       -           CYTA_HUMAN  (P01040)    
1DVE  X-ray     2.40 A      HMOX1_RAT   (P06762)    
1DVF  X-ray     1.90 A      HVM44_MOUSE (P01820)    , KV5A3_MOUSE (P01635)    ,
                            KV5AD_MOUSE (P01646)    
1DVG  X-ray     2.20 A      HMOX1_RAT   (P06762)    
1DVH  NMR       -           CY553_DESVH (P04032)    
1DVI  X-ray     2.30 A      CPNS1_RAT   (Q64537)    
1DVJ  X-ray     1.50 A      PYRF_METTH  (O26232)    
1DVK  X-ray     2.15 A      PRP18_YEAST (P33411)    
1DVM  X-ray     2.40 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1DVN  X-ray     2.10 A      PAI1_HUMAN  (P05121)    
1DVO  X-ray     2.00 A      FINO3_ECOLX (P29367)    
1DVP  X-ray     2.00 A      HRS_DROME   (Q960X8)    
1DVQ  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVR  X-ray     2.36 A      KAD2_YEAST  (P07170)    
1DVS  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVT  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVU  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVV  NMR       -           CY551_PSEAE (P00099)    
1DVW  NMR       -           MERP_SHIFL  (P04129)    
1DVX  X-ray     2.00 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVY  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DVZ  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1DW0  X-ray     1.82 A      SHP_RHOS4   (P81238)    
1DW1  X-ray     1.90 A      SHP_RHOS4   (P81238)    
1DW2  X-ray     2.20 A      SHP_RHOS4   (P81238)    
1DW3  X-ray     2.10 A      SHP_RHOS4   (P81238)    
1DW4  NMR       -           O17A_CONMA  (P05484)    
1DW5  NMR       -           O17A_CONMA  (P05484)    
1DW6  X-ray     1.88 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1DW9  X-ray     1.65 A      CYNS_ECOLI  (P00816)    
1DWA  X-ray     2.00 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWB  X-ray     3.16 A      HIR3P_HIRME (P28508)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DWC  X-ray     3.00 A      HIR3P_HIRME (P28508)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DWD  X-ray     3.00 A      HIR3P_HIRME (P28508)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DWE  X-ray     3.00 A      HIR3P_HIRME (P28508)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1DWF  X-ray     2.00 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWG  X-ray     2.00 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWH  X-ray     2.00 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWI  X-ray     2.00 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWJ  X-ray     2.40 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1DWK  X-ray     1.65 A      CYNS_ECOLI  (P00816)    
1DWL  NMR       -           CY553_DESVH (P04032)    , FER1_DESNO  (P07485)    
1DWM  NMR       -           ICI_LINUS   (P82381)    
1DWO  X-ray     2.20 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1DWP  X-ray     2.20 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1DWQ  X-ray     2.20 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1DWR  X-ray     1.45 A      MYG_HORSE   (P68082)    
1DWS  X-ray     1.45 A      MYG_HORSE   (P68082)    
1DWT  X-ray     1.40 A      MYG_HORSE   (P68082)    
1DWU  X-ray     2.80 A      RL1_METTL   (O52704)    
1DWV  X-ray     2.35 A      NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477)    
1DWW  X-ray     2.35 A      NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477)    
1DWX  X-ray     2.60 A      NOS2_MOUSE  (P29477)    
1DWY  NMR       -           PRIO_BOVIN  (P10279)    
1DWZ  NMR       -           PRIO_BOVIN  (P10279)    
1DX0  NMR       -           PRIO_BOVIN  (P10279)    
1DX1  NMR       -           PRIO_BOVIN  (P10279)    
1DX2  Model     -           KV2A5_MOUSE (P03976)    
1DX4  X-ray     2.70 A      ACES_DROME  (P07140)    
1DX5  X-ray     2.30 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    , TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1DX6  X-ray     2.30 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1DX7  NMR       -           LHB1_RHOSH  (P0C0Y1)    
1DX9  X-ray     2.05 A      FLAV_NOSSO  (P0A3E0)    
1DXC  X-ray     1.40 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DXD  X-ray     1.40 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1DXE  X-ray     1.80 A      GARL_ECOLI  (P23522)    
1DXF  X-ray     2.60 A      GARL_ECOLI  (P23522)    
1DXG  X-ray     1.80 A      DESR_DESGI  (P00273)    
1DXH  X-ray     2.50 A      OTCC_PSEAE  (P08308)    
1DXI  X-ray     2.60 A      XYLA_STRMR  (P37031)    
1DXK  X-ray     1.85 A      BLA2_BACCE  (P04190)    
1DXL  X-ray     3.15 A      DLDH_PEA    (P31023)    
1DXM  X-ray     2.60 A      GCSH_PEA    (P16048)    
1DXO  X-ray     2.50 A      NQO1_HUMAN  (P15559)    
1DXP  X-ray     2.40 A      POLG_HCVJA  (P26662)    
1DXQ  X-ray     2.80 A      NQO1_MOUSE  (Q64669)    
1DXR  X-ray     2.00 A      CYCR_BLAVI  (P07173)    , RCEH_BLAVI  (P06008)    ,
                            RCEL_BLAVI  (P06009)    , RCEM_BLAVI  (P06010)    
1DXS  X-ray     2.54 A      P73_HUMAN   (O15350)    
1DXT  X-ray     1.70 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1DXU  X-ray     1.70 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1DXV  X-ray     1.70 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1DXX  X-ray     2.60 A      DMD_HUMAN   (P11532)    
1DXY  X-ray     1.86 A      DHD2_LACPA  (P17584)    
1DXZ  NMR       -           ACHA_TETCF  (P02710)    
1DY0  X-ray     2.20 A      COIA1_MOUSE (P39061)    
1DY1  X-ray     2.20 A      COIA1_MOUSE (P39061)    
1DY2  X-ray     2.00 A      COFA1_MOUSE (O35206)    
1DY3  X-ray     2.00 A      HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1DY4  X-ray     1.90 A      GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1DY5  X-ray     0.87 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1DY7  X-ray     1.60 A      NIRS_PARPN  (P72181)    
1DY8  X-ray     2.40 A      POLG_HCVJA  (P26662)    
1DY9  X-ray     2.10 A      POLG_HCVJA  (P26662)    
1DYA  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYB  X-ray     1.75 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYC  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYD  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYE  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYF  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYG  X-ray     2.10 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1DYH  X-ray     1.90 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DYI  X-ray     1.90 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DYJ  X-ray     1.85 A      DYR_ECOLI   (P0ABQ4)    
1DYK  X-ray     2.00 A      LAMA2_MOUSE (Q60675)    
1DYL  EM        9.00 A      POLS_SFV    (P03315)    
1DYM  X-ray     1.75 A      GUN1_HUMIN  (P56680)    
1DYN  X-ray     2.20 A      DYN1_HUMAN  (Q05193)    
1DYO  X-ray     2.10 A      XYNY_HUNTH  (P51584)    
1DYP  X-ray     1.54 A      CGKA_PSEVC  (P43478)    
1DYQ  X-ray     1.50 A      ETXA_STAAU  (P0A0L2)    
1DYR  X-ray     1.86 A      DYR_PNECA   (P16184)    
1DYS  X-ray     1.60 A      GUN6_HUMIN  (Q7SIG5)    
1DYT  X-ray     1.75 A      ECP_HUMAN   (P12724)    
1DYU  X-ray     2.04 A      AMO_ECOLI   (P46883)    
1DYW  X-ray     1.80 A      CYP3_CAEEL  (P52011)    
1DYZ  X-ray     1.75 A      AZUR2_ALCXX (P56275)    
1DZ0  X-ray     1.75 A      AZUR2_ALCXX (P56275)    
1DZ1  NMR       -           CBX1_MOUSE  (P83917)    
1DZ3  X-ray     1.65 A      SP0A_GEOSE  (P52934)    
1DZ4  X-ray     1.60 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1DZ5  NMR       -           SNRPA_HUMAN (P09012)    
1DZ6  X-ray     1.90 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1DZ7  NMR       -           GLHA_HUMAN  (P01215)    
1DZ8  X-ray     1.90 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1DZ9  X-ray     1.90 A      CPXA_PSEPU  (P00183)    
1DZA  X-ray     1.65 A      RNAS1_HUMAN (P07998)    
1DZB  X-ray     2.00 A      LYSC_MELGA  (P00703)    
1DZC  NMR       -           FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    
1DZD  NMR       -           FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    
1DZE  X-ray     2.50 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1DZF  X-ray     1.90 A      RPAB1_YEAST (P20434)    
1DZG  X-ray     2.80 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1DZH  X-ray     2.85 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1DZI  X-ray     2.10 A      ITA2_HUMAN  (P17301)    
1DZJ  X-ray     2.00 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1DZK  X-ray     1.48 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1DZL  X-ray     3.50 A      VL1_HPV16   (P03101)    
1DZM  X-ray     1.93 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1DZN  X-ray     2.80 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1DZO  X-ray     1.63 A      FMPA_PSEAI  (P02973)    
1DZP  X-ray     1.83 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1DZR  X-ray     2.17 A      RMLC_SALTY  (P26394)    
1DZT  X-ray     2.20 A      RMLC_SALTY  (P26394)    
1DZU  X-ray     2.09 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1DZV  X-ray     1.86 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1DZW  X-ray     2.17 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1DZX  X-ray     2.18 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1DZY  X-ray     2.44 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1DZZ  X-ray     1.92 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E00  X-ray     1.83 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1E02  X-ray     2.15 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1E03  X-ray     2.90 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1E04  X-ray     2.60 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1E05  X-ray     2.62 A      ANT3_HUMAN  (P01008)    
1E06  X-ray     2.12 A      OBP_PIG     (P81245)    
1E07  X-ray     -           CEAM5_HUMAN (P06731)    
1E08  NMR       -           CY553_DESVH (P04032)    , PHFL_DESVH  (P07598)    ,
                            PHFS_DESVH  (P07603)    
1E09  NMR       -           PRU1_PRUAV  (O24248)    
1E0A  NMR       -           CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    , PAK1_RAT    (P35465)    
1E0B  X-ray     1.90 A      SWI6_SCHPO  (P40381)    
1E0C  X-ray     1.80 A      THTR_AZOVI  (P52197)    
1E0D  X-ray     2.40 A      MURD_ECOLI  (P14900)    
1E0E  NMR       -           POL_HV2RO   (P04584)    
1E0F  X-ray     3.10 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1E0G  NMR       -           MLTD_ECOLI  (P0AEZ7)    
1E0H  NMR       -           IMM9_ECOLX  (P13479)    
1E0J  X-ray     3.00 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1E0K  X-ray     3.30 A      HELIC_BPT7  (P03692)    
1E0L  NMR       -           TCRG1_MOUSE (Q8CGF7)    
1E0N  NMR       -           SET2_YEAST  (P46995)    
1E0O  X-ray     2.80 A      FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    , FGFR2_HUMAN (P21802)    
1E0P  X-ray     2.10 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1E0Q  NMR       -           UBC_BOVIN   (P0CH28)    
1E0R  X-ray     2.80 A      THSB_THEAC  (P48425)    
1E0S  X-ray     2.28 A      ARF6_HUMAN  (P62330)    
1E0T  X-ray     1.80 A      KPYK1_ECOLI (P0AD61)    
1E0U  X-ray     2.80 A      KPYK1_ECOLI (P0AD61)    
1E0V  X-ray     1.70 A      XYNA_STRLI  (P26514)    
1E0W  X-ray     1.20 A      XYNA_STRLI  (P26514)    
1E0X  X-ray     1.65 A      XYNA_STRLI  (P26514)    
1E0Y  X-ray     2.75 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1E0Z  NMR       -           FER_HALSA   (P00216)    
1E10  NMR       -           FER_HALSA   (P00216)    
1E11  Model     -           ETFA_METME  (P53571)    , ETFB_METME  (P53570)    
1E12  X-ray     1.80 A      BACH_HALS3  (B0R2U4)    
1E14  X-ray     2.70 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1E17  NMR       -           FOXO4_HUMAN (P98177)    
1E18  X-ray     2.00 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1E19  X-ray     1.50 A      CPKA_PYRFU  (P95474)    
1E1A  X-ray     1.80 A      DFPA_LOLVU  (Q7SIG4)    
1E1C  X-ray     2.62 A      MUTA_PROFR  (P11652)    , MUTB_PROFR  (P11653)    
1E1D  X-ray     1.72 A      HCP_DESVH   (P31101)    
1E1E  X-ray     2.50 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E1F  X-ray     2.60 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E1G  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1H  X-ray     1.80 A      BXA2_CLOBJ  (Q45894)    
1E1J  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1K  X-ray     1.95 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    
1E1L  X-ray     2.30 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    
1E1M  X-ray     1.85 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    
1E1N  X-ray     2.40 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    
1E1O  X-ray     2.12 A      SYK2_ECOLI  (P0A8N5)    
1E1P  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1Q  X-ray     2.61 A      ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    , ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1E1R  X-ray     2.50 A      ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    , ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1E1S  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1T  X-ray     2.40 A      SYK2_ECOLI  (P0A8N5)    
1E1U  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1V  X-ray     1.95 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1E1W  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1E1X  X-ray     1.85 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1E1Y  X-ray     2.23 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1E1Z  X-ray     2.40 A      ARSA_HUMAN  (P15289)    
1E20  X-ray     2.02 A      HAL3A_ARATH (Q9SWE5)    
1E21  X-ray     1.90 A      RNAS1_HUMAN (P07998)    
1E22  X-ray     2.43 A      SYK2_ECOLI  (P0A8N5)    
1E24  X-ray     2.35 A      SYK2_ECOLI  (P0A8N5)    
1E25  X-ray     1.90 A      BLE1_PSEAI  (P37321)    
1E26  X-ray     2.00 A      DYR_PNECA   (P16184)    
1E27  X-ray     2.20 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    ,
                            POL_HV1U4   (P24740)    
1E28  X-ray     3.00 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAB_HUMAN  (P01889)    ,
                            POL_HV1Z2   (P12499)    
1E29  X-ray     1.21 A      CY550_SYNY3 (Q55013)    
1E2A  X-ray     2.30 A      PTLA_LACLL  (P23532)    
1E2B  NMR       -           PTQB_ECOLI  (P69795)    
1E2D  X-ray     1.65 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E2E  X-ray     2.00 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E2F  X-ray     1.60 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E2G  X-ray     1.70 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E2H  X-ray     1.90 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2I  X-ray     1.90 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2J  X-ray     2.50 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2K  X-ray     1.70 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2L  X-ray     2.40 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2M  X-ray     2.20 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2N  X-ray     2.20 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2O  X-ray     3.00 A      ODO2_ECOLI  (P0AFG6)    
1E2P  X-ray     2.50 A      KITH_HHV11  (P0DTH5)    
1E2Q  X-ray     1.70 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E2R  X-ray     1.59 A      NIRS_PARPN  (P72181)    
1E2S  X-ray     2.35 A      ARSA_HUMAN  (P15289)    
1E2T  X-ray     2.80 A      NHOA_SALTY  (Q00267)    
1E2U  X-ray     1.60 A      HCP_DESVH   (P31101)    
1E2V  X-ray     1.85 A      CYF_CHLRE   (P23577)    
1E2W  X-ray     1.60 A      CYF_CHLRE   (P23577)    
1E2X  X-ray     2.00 A      FADR_ECOLI  (P0A8V6)    
1E2Z  X-ray     2.50 A      CYF_CHLRE   (P23577)    
1E30  X-ray     1.50 A      RUS2_ACIFR  (P0C918)    
1E31  X-ray     2.71 A      BIRC5_HUMAN (O15392)    
1E32  X-ray     2.90 A      TERA_MOUSE  (Q01853)    
1E33  X-ray     2.50 A      ARSA_HUMAN  (P15289)    
1E34  X-ray     1.80 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1E35  X-ray     1.90 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1E36  X-ray     1.70 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1E37  X-ray     1.75 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1E38  X-ray     1.70 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1E39  X-ray     1.80 A      FRDA_SHEFR  (P0C278)    
1E3A  X-ray     1.80 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1E3B  X-ray     1.85 A      CYP3_CAEEL  (P52011)    
1E3C  X-ray     2.65 A      ARSA_HUMAN  (P15289)    
1E3E  X-ray     2.12 A      ADH4_MOUSE  (Q9QYY9)    
1E3F  X-ray     1.90 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1E3G  X-ray     2.40 A      ANDR_HUMAN  (P10275)    
1E3H  X-ray     2.60 A      PNP_STRAT   (Q53597)    
1E3I  X-ray     2.08 A      ADH4_MOUSE  (Q9QYY9)    
1E3K  X-ray     2.80 A      PRGR_HUMAN  (P06401)    
1E3L  X-ray     2.50 A      ADH4_MOUSE  (Q9QYY9)    
1E3M  X-ray     2.20 A      MUTS_ECOLI  (P23909)    
1E3O  X-ray     1.90 A      PO2F1_HUMAN (P14859)    
1E3P  X-ray     2.50 A      PNP_STRAT   (Q53597)    
1E3Q  X-ray     2.85 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1E3R  X-ray     2.50 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1E3S  X-ray     2.00 A      HCD2_RAT    (O70351)    
1E3T  NMR       -           PNTB_RHORT  (Q2RSB4)    
1E3U  X-ray     1.66 A      BLO10_PSEAI (P14489)    
1E3V  X-ray     2.00 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1E3W  X-ray     2.00 A      HCD2_RAT    (O70351)    
1E3X  X-ray     1.90 A      AMY_BACAM   (P00692)    , AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1E3Y  NMR       -           FADD_HUMAN  (Q13158)    
1E3Z  X-ray     1.93 A      AMY_BACAM   (P00692)    , AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1E40  X-ray     2.20 A      AMY_BACAM   (P00692)    , AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1E41  NMR       -           FADD_HUMAN  (Q13158)    
1E42  X-ray     1.70 A      AP2B1_HUMAN (P63010)    
1E43  X-ray     1.70 A      AMY_BACAM   (P00692)    , AMY_BACLI   (P06278)    
1E44  X-ray     2.40 A      CEA3_ECOLX  (P00646)    , IMM3_ECOLX  (P02984)    
1E46  X-ray     2.55 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E47  X-ray     2.15 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E48  X-ray     1.97 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E49  X-ray     2.53 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E4A  X-ray     2.15 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E4B  X-ray     1.84 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E4C  X-ray     1.66 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1E4D  X-ray     1.80 A      BLO10_PSEAI (P14489)    
1E4E  X-ray     2.50 A      VANA_ENTFC  (P25051)    
1E4H  X-ray     1.80 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1E4I  X-ray     2.00 A      BGLA_PAEPO  (P22073)    
1E4J  X-ray     2.50 A      FCG3B_HUMAN (O75015)    
1E4K  X-ray     3.20 A      FCG3B_HUMAN (O75015)    , IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1E4L  X-ray     2.20 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E4M  X-ray     1.20 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E4N  X-ray     2.10 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E4O  X-ray     2.90 A      PHSM_ECOLI  (P00490)    
1E4Q  NMR       -           DFB4A_HUMAN (O15263)    
1E4R  NMR       -           DEFB8_MOUSE (Q91V82)    
1E4S  NMR       -           DEFB1_HUMAN (P60022)    
1E4T  NMR       -           DEFB7_MOUSE (Q91V70)    
1E4U  NMR       -           CNOT4_HUMAN (O95628)    
1E4V  X-ray     1.85 A      KAD_ECOLI   (P69441)    
1E4W  X-ray     1.95 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1E4X  X-ray     1.90 A      IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1E4Y  X-ray     1.85 A      KAD_ECOLI   (P69441)    
1E4Z  Model     -           VNUN_BPHK0  (P18683)    
1E50  X-ray     2.60 A      PEBB_HUMAN  (Q13951)    , RUNX1_HUMAN (Q01196)    
1E51  X-ray     2.83 A      HEM2_HUMAN  (P13716)    
1E52  NMR       -           UVRB_ECOLI  (P0A8F8)    
1E54  X-ray     2.10 A      OMP32_DELAC (P24305)    
1E55  X-ray     2.00 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E56  X-ray     2.10 A      HGGL1_MAIZE (P49235)    
1E57  X-ray     3.20 A      COAT_PHMV   (P36351)    
1E58  X-ray     1.25 A      GPMA_ECOLI  (P62707)    
1E59  X-ray     1.30 A      GPMA_ECOLI  (P62707)    
1E5A  X-ray     1.80 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1E5B  NMR       -           XYND_CELFI  (P54865)    
1E5C  NMR       -           XYND_CELFI  (P54865)    
1E5D  X-ray     2.50 A      ROO_DESGG   (Q9F0J6)    
1E5G  NMR       -           VCP_VACCC   (P68639)    
1E5H  X-ray     1.96 A      CEFE_STRCL  (P18548)    
1E5I  X-ray     2.10 A      CEFE_STRCL  (P18548)    
1E5J  X-ray     1.85 A      GUN5_SALAG  (O85465)    
1E5K  X-ray     1.35 A      MOBA_ECOLI  (P32173)    
1E5L  X-ray     2.40 A      LYS9_MAGO7  (Q9P4R4)    
1E5M  X-ray     1.54 A      FABF_SYNY3  (P73283)    
1E5N  X-ray     3.20 A      XYNA_CELJU  (P14768)    
1E5O  X-ray     2.05 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1E5P  X-ray     1.63 A      APHR_CRICR  (P09465)    
1E5Q  X-ray     2.10 A      LYS9_MAGO7  (Q9P4R4)    
1E5R  X-ray     2.30 A      P3H2_STRSQ  (O09345)    
1E5S  X-ray     2.40 A      P3H2_STRSQ  (O09345)    
1E5T  X-ray     1.70 A      PPCE_PIG    (P23687)    
1E5U  NMR       -           EAE_ECO27   (P19809)    
1E5V  X-ray     2.40 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1E5W  X-ray     2.70 A      MOES_HUMAN  (P26038)    
1E5X  X-ray     2.25 A      THRC1_ARATH (Q9S7B5)    
1E5Y  X-ray     2.00 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1E5Z  X-ray     2.00 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1E60  X-ray     2.00 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1E61  X-ray     1.90 A      DSTOR_RHOCA (Q52675)    
1E62  X-ray     2.30 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1E63  X-ray     2.30 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1E64  X-ray     2.30 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    
1E65  X-ray     1.85 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1E66  X-ray     2.10 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1E67  X-ray     2.14 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1E6A  X-ray     1.90 A      IPYR_YEAST  (P00817)    
1E6B  X-ray     1.65 A      GSTZ1_ARATH (Q9ZVQ3)    
1E6C  X-ray     1.80 A      AROL_DICCH  (P10880)    
1E6D  X-ray     2.30 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1E6E  X-ray     2.30 A      ADRO_BOVIN  (P08165)    , ADX_BOVIN   (P00257)    
1E6F  X-ray     1.75 A      MPRI_HUMAN  (P11717)    
1E6G  X-ray     2.30 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1E6H  X-ray     2.01 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1E6I  X-ray     1.87 A      GCN5_YEAST  (Q03330)    , H4_YEAST    (P02309)    
1E6J  X-ray     3.00 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1E6K  X-ray     2.00 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1E6L  X-ray     1.90 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1E6M  X-ray     1.70 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1E6N  X-ray     2.25 A      CHIB_SERMA  (P11797)    
1E6Q  X-ray     1.35 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E6S  X-ray     1.35 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E6U  X-ray     1.45 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1E6V  X-ray     2.70 A      MCRA_METKA  (Q49605)    
1E6W  X-ray     1.70 A      HCD2_RAT    (O70351)    
1E6X  X-ray     1.60 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E6Y  X-ray     1.60 A      MCRA_METBF  (P07962)    , MCRB_METBF  (P07955)    ,
                            MCRG_METBF  (P07964)    
1E70  X-ray     1.65 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E71  X-ray     1.50 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E72  X-ray     1.60 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E73  X-ray     1.50 A      MYRA_SINAL  (P29736)    
1E74  NMR       -           CA1_CONIM   (P50983)    
1E75  NMR       -           CA1_CONIM   (P50983)    
1E76  NMR       -           CA1_CONIM   (P50983)    
1E77  X-ray     2.69 A      G6PD_LEUME  (P11411)    
1E78  X-ray     2.60 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E79  X-ray     2.40 A      ATP5E_BOVIN (P05632)    , ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    ,
                            ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    , ATPD_BOVIN  (P05630)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1E7A  X-ray     2.20 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7B  X-ray     2.38 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7C  X-ray     2.40 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7D  X-ray     2.80 A      END7_BPT4   (P13340)    
1E7E  X-ray     2.50 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7F  X-ray     2.43 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7G  X-ray     2.50 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7H  X-ray     2.43 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7I  X-ray     2.70 A      ALBU_HUMAN  (P02768)    
1E7J  NMR       -           HMGD_DROME  (Q05783)    
1E7K  X-ray     2.90 A      NH2L1_HUMAN (P55769)    
1E7L  X-ray     1.32 A      END7_BPT4   (P13340)    
1E7M  X-ray     2.54 A      G6PD_LEUME  (P11411)    
1E7N  X-ray     2.35 A      CRBB2_MOUSE (P62696)    
1E7O  X-ray     3.20 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1E7P  X-ray     3.10 A      FRDA_WOLSU  (P17412)    , FRDB_WOLSU  (P17596)    ,
                            FRDC_WOLSU  (P17413)    
1E7Q  X-ray     1.60 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1E7R  X-ray     1.60 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1E7S  X-ray     1.50 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1E7U  X-ray     2.00 A      PK3CG_PIG   (O02697)    
1E7V  X-ray     2.40 A      PK3CG_PIG   (O02697)    
1E7W  X-ray     1.75 A      PTR1_LEIMA  (Q01782)    
1E7Y  X-ray     2.48 A      G6PD_LEUME  (P11411)    
1E7Z  X-ray     2.05 A      AIMP1_HUMAN (Q12904)    
1E80  X-ray     2.05 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1E81  X-ray     2.05 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1E82  X-ray     2.05 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1E83  X-ray     2.05 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1E84  X-ray     1.90 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1E85  X-ray     1.35 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1E86  X-ray     1.95 A      CYCP_ALCXX  (P00138)    
1E87  X-ray     1.50 A      CD69_HUMAN  (Q07108)    
1E88  NMR       -           FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1E89  X-ray     2.10 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1E8A  X-ray     1.95 A      S10AC_HUMAN (P80511)    
1E8B  NMR       -           FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1E8C  X-ray     2.00 A      MURE_ECOLI  (P22188)    
1E8D  X-ray     2.20 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1E8E  NMR       -           CYCA_METME  (Q9RQB9)    
1E8F  X-ray     2.90 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1E8G  X-ray     2.10 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1E8H  X-ray     2.60 A      VAOX_PENSI  (P56216)    
1E8I  X-ray     1.95 A      CD69_HUMAN  (Q07108)    
1E8J  NMR       -           RUBR_DESGI  (P00270)    
1E8K  X-ray     1.90 A      CYP3_CAEEL  (P52011)    
1E8L  NMR       -           LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1E8M  X-ray     1.50 A      PPCE_PIG    (P23687)    
1E8N  X-ray     1.50 A      PPCE_PIG    (P23687)    
1E8O  X-ray     3.20 A      SRP09_HUMAN (P49458)    , SRP14_HUMAN (P37108)    
1E8R  NMR       -           XYNA_CELJU  (P14768)    
1E8S  X-ray     4.00 A      SRP09_HUMAN (P49458)    , SRP14_HUMAN (P37108)    
1E8T  X-ray     2.50 A      HN_NDVK     (Q9Q2W5)    
1E8U  X-ray     2.00 A      HN_NDVK     (Q9Q2W5)    
1E8V  X-ray     2.00 A      HN_NDVK     (Q9Q2W5)    
1E8W  X-ray     2.50 A      PK3CG_PIG   (O02697)    
1E8X  X-ray     2.20 A      PK3CG_PIG   (O02697)    
1E8Y  X-ray     2.00 A      PK3CG_HUMAN (P48736)    
1E8Z  X-ray     2.40 A      PK3CG_HUMAN (P48736)    
1E90  X-ray     2.70 A      PK3CG_PIG   (O02697)    
1E91  NMR       -           MAD1_HUMAN  (Q05195)    , SIN3B_MOUSE (Q62141)    
1E92  X-ray     2.20 A      PTR1_LEIMA  (Q01782)    
1E93  X-ray     2.00 A      CATA_PROMI  (P42321)    
1E94  X-ray     2.80 A      HSLU_ECOLI  (P0A6H5)    , HSLV_ECOLI  (P0A7B8)    
1E96  X-ray     2.40 A      NCF2_HUMAN  (P19878)    , RAC1_HUMAN  (P63000)    
1E97  X-ray     2.00 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1E98  X-ray     1.90 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E99  X-ray     1.80 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9A  X-ray     1.60 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9B  X-ray     1.70 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9C  X-ray     1.60 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9D  X-ray     1.70 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9E  X-ray     1.60 A      KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9F  X-ray     1.90 A      KTHY_ECOLI  (P0A720)    , KTHY_HUMAN  (P23919)    
1E9G  X-ray     1.15 A      IPYR_YEAST  (P00817)    
1E9H  X-ray     2.50 A      CCNA2_HUMAN (P20248)    , CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1E9I  X-ray     2.48 A      ENO_ECOLI   (P0A6P9)    
1E9J  NMR       -           GLHA_HUMAN  (P01215)    
1E9K  NMR       -           PDE4D_HUMAN (Q08499)    
1E9L  X-ray     2.50 A      CHIL3_MOUSE (O35744)    
1E9M  X-ray     2.07 A      FER6_RHOCA  (P80306)    
1E9N  X-ray     2.20 A      APEX1_HUMAN (P27695)    
1E9O  X-ray     1.85 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1E9P  X-ray     1.70 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1E9Q  X-ray     1.75 A      SODC_BOVIN  (P00442)    
1E9T  NMR       -           TFF3_HUMAN  (Q07654)    
1E9V  X-ray     1.72 A      HCP_DESVH   (P31101)    
1E9W  X-ray     1.02 A      THCL_STRAJ  (P0C8P8)    
1E9X  X-ray     2.10 A      CP51_MYCTU  (P9WPP9)    
1E9Y  X-ray     3.00 A      URE1_HELPY  (P69996)    , URE23_HELPY (P14916)    
1E9Z  X-ray     3.00 A      URE1_HELPY  (P69996)    , URE23_HELPY (P14916)    
1EA0  X-ray     3.00 A      GLTB_AZOBR  (Q05755)    
1EA1  X-ray     2.21 A      CP51_MYCTU  (P9WPP9)    
1EA2  X-ray     1.80 A      SDIS_PSEPU  (P07445)    
1EA3  X-ray     2.30 A      M1_I34A1    (P03485)    
1EA4  X-ray     2.95 A      COPG_STRAG  (P13920)    
1EA5  X-ray     1.80 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1EA6  X-ray     2.70 A      PMS2_HUMAN  (P54278)    
1EA8  X-ray     1.95 A      APOE_HUMAN  (P02649)    
1EAA  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAB  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAC  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAD  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAE  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAF  X-ray     2.60 A      ODP2_AZOVI  (P10802)    
1EAG  X-ray     2.10 A      CARP2_CANAX (P0CS83)    
1EAH  X-ray     2.90 A      POLG_POL2L  (P06210)    
1EAI  X-ray     2.40 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    , ICE1_ASCSU  (P07851)    
1EAJ  X-ray     1.35 A      CXAR_HUMAN  (P78310)    
1EAK  X-ray     2.66 A      MMP2_HUMAN  (P08253)    
1EAL  NMR       -           FABP6_PIG   (P10289)    
1EAM  X-ray     2.00 A      MCE_VACCW   (P07617)    
1EAN  X-ray     1.70 A      RUNX1_MOUSE (Q03347)    
1EAO  X-ray     1.40 A      RUNX1_MOUSE (Q03347)    
1EAQ  X-ray     1.25 A      RUNX1_MOUSE (Q03347)    
1EAR  X-ray     1.70 A      UREE_SPOPA  (P50049)    
1EAS  X-ray     1.80 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1EAT  X-ray     2.00 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1EAU  X-ray     2.00 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1EAV  X-ray     2.60 A      CNX1_ARATH  (Q39054)    
1EAW  X-ray     2.93 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , ST14_HUMAN  (Q9Y5Y6)    
1EAX  X-ray     1.30 A      ST14_HUMAN  (Q9Y5Y6)    
1EAY  X-ray     2.00 A      CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1EAZ  X-ray     1.40 A      PKHA1_HUMAN (Q9HB21)    
1EB0  X-ray     1.85 A      UREE_SPOPA  (P50049)    
1EB1  X-ray     1.80 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1EB2  X-ray     2.00 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1EB3  X-ray     1.75 A      HEM2_YEAST  (P05373)    
1EB4  X-ray     2.00 A      HUTH_PSEPU  (P21310)    
1EB6  X-ray     1.00 A      NPII_ASPOR  (P46076)    
1EB7  X-ray     2.40 A      CCPR_PSEAE  (P14532)    
1EB8  X-ray     2.10 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1EB9  X-ray     2.10 A      HNL_MANES   (P52705)    
1EBA  X-ray     2.70 A      EPOR_HUMAN  (P19235)    
1EBC  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1EBD  X-ray     2.60 A      DLDH1_GEOSE (P11959)    , ODP2_GEOSE  (P11961)    
1EBE  X-ray     2.20 A      CCPR_YEAST  (P00431)    
1EBF  X-ray     2.30 A      DHOM_YEAST  (P31116)    
1EBG  X-ray     2.10 A      ENO1_YEAST  (P00924)    
1EBH  X-ray     1.90 A      ENO1_YEAST  (P00924)    
1EBK  X-ray     2.06 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EBL  X-ray     1.80 A      FABH_ECOLI  (P0A6R0)    
1EBM  X-ray     2.10 A      OGG1_HUMAN  (O15527)    
1EBO  X-ray     3.00 A      VGP_EBOG4   (O11457)    
1EBP  X-ray     2.80 A      EPOR_HUMAN  (P19235)    
1EBT  X-ray     1.90 A      GLB1_PHAPT  (P41260)    
1EBU  X-ray     2.60 A      DHOM_YEAST  (P31116)    
1EBV  X-ray     3.20 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1EBW  X-ray     1.81 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EBY  X-ray     2.29 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EBZ  X-ray     2.01 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EC0  X-ray     1.79 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EC1  X-ray     2.10 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EC2  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EC3  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EC6  X-ray     2.40 A      NOVA2_HUMAN (Q9UNW9)    
1EC7  X-ray     1.90 A      GUDD_ECOLI  (P0AES2)    
1EC8  X-ray     1.90 A      GUDD_ECOLI  (P0AES2)    
1EC9  X-ray     2.00 A      GUDD_ECOLI  (P0AES2)    
1ECA  X-ray     1.40 A      GLB3_CHITH  (P02229)    
1ECB  X-ray     2.70 A      PUR1_ECOLI  (P0AG16)    
1ECC  X-ray     2.40 A      PUR1_ECOLI  (P0AG16)    
1ECD  X-ray     1.40 A      GLB3_CHITH  (P02229)    
1ECE  X-ray     2.40 A      GUN1_ACIC1  (P54583)    
1ECF  X-ray     2.00 A      PUR1_ECOLI  (P0AG16)    
1ECG  X-ray     2.30 A      PUR1_ECOLI  (P0AG16)    
1ECI  NMR       -           TX1AA_ECTTU (P49343)    , TX1AB_ECTTU (P49344)    
1ECJ  X-ray     2.50 A      PUR1_ECOLI  (P0AG16)    
1ECL  X-ray     1.90 A      TOP1_ECOLI  (P06612)    
1ECM  X-ray     2.20 A      CMPDT_ECOLI (P0A9J8)    
1ECN  X-ray     1.40 A      GLB3_CHITH  (P02229)    
1ECO  X-ray     1.40 A      GLB3_CHITH  (P02229)    
1ECP  X-ray     2.00 A      DEOD_ECOLI  (P0ABP8)    
1ECQ  X-ray     2.00 A      GUDD_ECOLI  (P0AES2)    
1ECR  X-ray     2.70 A      TUS_ECOLI   (P16525)    
1ECS  X-ray     1.70 A      BLE_KLEPN   (P13081)    
1ECV  X-ray     1.95 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1ECW  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_SIVMK   (P05897)    
1ECY  X-ray     2.19 A      ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    
1ECZ  X-ray     2.68 A      ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    
1ED0  NMR       -           THN3_VISAL  (P01538)    
1ED1  X-ray     2.10 A      POL_SIVMK   (P05897)    
1ED3  X-ray     2.55 A      ATP6_RAT    (P05504)    , B2MG_RAT    (P07151)    ,
                            HA12_RAT    (P16391)    
1ED4  X-ray     1.86 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1ED5  X-ray     1.80 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1ED6  X-ray     2.05 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1ED7  NMR       -           CHIA1_BACCI (P20533)    
1ED8  X-ray     1.75 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ED9  X-ray     1.75 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1EDB  X-ray     2.01 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1EDD  X-ray     2.19 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1EDE  X-ray     1.90 A      DHLA_XANAU  (P22643)    
1EDG  X-ray     1.60 A      GUNA_RUMCH  (P17901)    
1EDH  X-ray     2.00 A      CADH1_MOUSE (P09803)    
1EDI  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1EDJ  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1EDK  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1EDL  NMR       -           SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1EDM  X-ray     1.50 A      FA9_HUMAN   (P00740)    
1EDN  X-ray     2.18 A      EDN1_HUMAN  (P05305)    
1EDO  X-ray     2.30 A      FABG1_BRANA (Q93X62)    
1EDP  NMR       -           EDN1_HUMAN  (P05305)    
1EDS  NMR       -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1EDT  X-ray     1.90 A      EBAG_STRPL  (P04067)    
1EDU  X-ray     1.80 A      EPN1_RAT    (O88339)    
1EDV  NMR       -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1EDW  NMR       -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1EDX  NMR       -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1EDY  X-ray     2.30 A      A1M_RAT     (Q63041)    
1EDZ  X-ray     2.80 A      MTD1_YEAST  (Q02046)    
1EE0  X-ray     2.05 A      2PS_GERHY   (P48391)    
1EE1  X-ray     2.06 A      NADE_BACSU  (P08164)    
1EE2  X-ray     1.54 A      ADH1S_HORSE (P00328)    
1EE3  X-ray     1.70 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1EE4  X-ray     2.10 A      IMA1_YEAST  (Q02821)    , MYC_HUMAN   (P01106)    
1EE5  X-ray     2.40 A      IMA1_YEAST  (Q02821)    , NUPL_XENLA  (P05221)    
1EE8  X-ray     1.90 A      FPG_THET8   (O50606)    
1EE9  X-ray     3.00 A      MTD1_YEAST  (Q02046)    
1EEA  X-ray     4.50 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1EED  X-ray     2.00 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EEF  X-ray     1.80 A      ELBP_ECOLX  (P32890)    
1EEH  X-ray     1.90 A      MURD_ECOLI  (P14900)    
1EEJ  X-ray     1.90 A      DSBC_ECOLI  (P0AEG6)    
1EEM  X-ray     2.00 A      GSTO1_HUMAN (P78417)    
1EEN  X-ray     1.90 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1EEO  X-ray     1.80 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1EEP  X-ray     2.40 A      IMDH_BORBU  (P49058)    
1EEQ  X-ray     1.50 A      KV401_HUMAN (P06312)    
1EER  X-ray     1.90 A      EPOR_HUMAN  (P19235)    , EPO_HUMAN   (P01588)    
1EES  NMR       -           CDC42_HUMAN (P60953)    , PAK3_MOUSE  (Q61036)    
1EET  X-ray     2.73 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1EEU  X-ray     1.60 A      KV401_HUMAN (P06312)    
1EEY  X-ray     2.25 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1EEZ  X-ray     2.30 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAA_HUMAN  (P04439)    
1EF0  X-ray     2.10 A      VATA_YEAST  (P17255)    
1EF1  X-ray     1.90 A      MOES_HUMAN  (P26038)    
1EF2  X-ray     2.50 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EF3  X-ray     2.80 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1EF4  NMR       -           RPON_METTH  (O26147)    
1EF5  NMR       -           RGL1_MOUSE  (Q60695)    
1EF6  Model     -           NR1D1_HUMAN (P20393)    
1EF7  X-ray     2.67 A      CATZ_HUMAN  (Q9UBR2)    
1EF8  X-ray     1.85 A      SCPB_ECOLI  (P52045)    
1EF9  X-ray     2.70 A      SCPB_ECOLI  (P52045)    
1EFA  X-ray     2.60 A      LACI_ECOLI  (P03023)    
1EFB  Model     -           FIB_STAAE   (A6QG59)    
1EFC  X-ray     2.05 A      EFTU1_ECOLI (P0CE47)    
1EFD  X-ray     1.90 A      FHUD_ECOLI  (P07822)    
1EFE  NMR       -           INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1EFF  Model     -           PAPA1_CARPA (P00784)    
1EFG  X-ray     2.70 A      EFG_THET8   (Q5SHN5)    
1EFH  X-ray     2.40 A      ST2A1_HUMAN (Q06520)    
1EFI  X-ray     1.60 A      ELBP_ECOLX  (P32890)    
1EFJ  Model     -           NR1D2_MOUSE (Q60674)    
1EFK  X-ray     2.60 A      MAOM_HUMAN  (P23368)    
1EFL  X-ray     2.60 A      MAOM_HUMAN  (P23368)    
1EFM  X-ray     2.70 A      EFTU2_ECOLI (P0CE48)    
1EFN  X-ray     2.50 A      FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    , NEF_HV1BR   (P03406)    
1EFP  X-ray     2.60 A      ETFA_PARDE  (P38974)    , ETFB_PARDE  (P38975)    
1EFQ  X-ray     1.60 A      KV401_HUMAN (P06312)    
1EFR  X-ray     3.10 A      ATPA_BOVIN  (P19483)    , ATPB_BOVIN  (P00829)    ,
                            ATPG_BOVIN  (P05631)    
1EFT  X-ray     2.50 A      EFTU_THEAQ  (Q01698)    
1EFU  X-ray     2.50 A      EFTS_ECOLI  (P0A6P1)    , EFTU2_ECOLI (P0CE48)    
1EFV  X-ray     2.10 A      ETFA_HUMAN  (P13804)    , ETFB_HUMAN  (P38117)    
1EFW  X-ray     3.00 A      SYD_THETH   (P36419)    
1EFX  X-ray     3.00 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , HLAC_HUMAN  (P10321)    ,
                            IMA1_HUMAN  (P52292)    , KI2L2_HUMAN (P43627)    
1EFY  X-ray     2.20 A      PARP1_CHICK (P26446)    
1EFZ  X-ray     2.00 A      TGT_ZYMMO   (P28720)    
1EG0  EM        11.50 A     RL11_ECOLI  (P0A7J7)    , RL1_ECOLI   (P0A7L0)    ,
                            RL6_ECOLI   (P0AG55)    , RS15_ECOLI  (P0ADZ4)    ,
                            RS17_ECOLI  (P0AG63)    , RS4_ECOLI   (P0A7V8)    ,
                            RS5_ECOLI   (P0A7W1)    , RS6_ECOLI   (P02358)    ,
                            RS7_ECOLI   (P02359)    , RS8_ECOLI   (P0A7W7)    
1EG1  X-ray     3.60 A      GUN1_HYPJE  (P07981)    
1EG2  X-ray     1.75 A      MTR1_RHOSH  (P14751)    
1EG3  X-ray     2.00 A      DMD_HUMAN   (P11532)    
1EG4  X-ray     2.00 A      DAG1_HUMAN  (Q14118)    , DMD_HUMAN   (P11532)    
1EG7  X-ray     2.50 A      FTHS_MOOTH  (P21164)    
1EG9  X-ray     1.60 A      NDOB_PSEPU  (P0A110)    , NDOC_PSEPU  (P0A112)    
1EGA  X-ray     2.40 A      ERA_ECOLI   (P06616)    
1EGC  X-ray     2.60 A      ACADM_HUMAN (P11310)    
1EGD  X-ray     2.40 A      ACADM_HUMAN (P11310)    
1EGE  X-ray     2.75 A      ACADM_HUMAN (P11310)    
1EGF  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1EGG  X-ray     2.30 A      MRC1_HUMAN  (P22897)    
1EGH  X-ray     2.00 A      MGSA_ECOLI  (P0A731)    
1EGI  X-ray     2.30 A      MRC1_HUMAN  (P22897)    
1EGJ  X-ray     2.80 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    , IL3RB_HUMAN (P32927)    ,
                            KV3A9_MOUSE (P01661)    
1EGL  NMR       -           ICIC_HIRME  (P01051)    
1EGN  X-ray     1.60 A      GUX1_HYPJE  (P62694)    
1EGO  NMR       -           GLRX1_ECOLI (P68688)    
1EGP  X-ray     2.00 A      ICIC_HIRME  (P01051)    
1EGQ  X-ray     1.55 A      PRTK_PARAQ  (P06873)    
1EGR  NMR       -           GLRX1_ECOLI (P68688)    
1EGS  NMR       -           CH10_ECOLI  (P0A6F9)    
1EGT  NMR       -           TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1EGU  X-ray     1.56 A      HYSA_STRPN  (Q54873)    
1EGW  X-ray     1.50 A      MEF2A_HUMAN (Q02078)    
1EGX  NMR       -           VASP_HUMAN  (P50552)    
1EGY  X-ray     2.35 A      CPXJ_SACEN  (Q00441)    
1EGZ  X-ray     2.30 A      GUNZ_DICD3  (P07103)    
1EH1  X-ray     2.60 A      RRF_THET8   (Q9WX76)    
1EH2  NMR       -           EPS15_HUMAN (P42566)    
1EH3  X-ray     2.00 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1EH4  X-ray     2.80 A      CKI1_SCHPO  (P40233)    
1EH5  X-ray     2.50 A      PPT1_BOVIN  (P45478)    
1EH6  X-ray     2.00 A      MGMT_HUMAN  (P16455)    
1EH7  X-ray     2.00 A      MGMT_HUMAN  (P16455)    
1EH8  X-ray     2.50 A      MGMT_HUMAN  (P16455)    
1EH9  X-ray     3.00 A      TREZ_SACSO  (Q55088)    
1EHA  X-ray     3.00 A      TREZ_SACSO  (Q55088)    
1EHB  X-ray     1.90 A      CYB5_BOVIN  (P00171)    
1EHC  X-ray     2.26 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1EHE  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1EHF  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1EHG  X-ray     1.70 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1EHI  X-ray     2.38 A      DDL_LEUMM   (Q03ZI1)    
1EHJ  NMR       -           CYC3_DESAC  (P00137)    
1EHK  X-ray     2.40 A      COX1_THET8  (Q5SJ79)    , COX2_THET8  (Q5SJ80)    ,
                            COXA_THET8  (P82543)    
1EHL  X-ray     2.40 A      GCAA_MOUSE  (P01863)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1EHN  X-ray     1.90 A      CHIA_SERMA  (P07254)    
1EHO  Model     -           CHLE_HUMAN  (P06276)    
1EHQ  Model     -           CHLE_HUMAN  (P06276)    
1EHR  Model     -           BMP15_SHEEP (Q9MZE2)    
1EHS  NMR       -           HSTI_ECOLX  (P22542)    
1EHU  Model     -           BMP15_SHEEP (Q9MZE2)    
1EHW  X-ray     2.40 A      NDKM_HUMAN  (O00746)    
1EI0  NMR       -           CMC4_HUMAN  (P56277)    
1EI1  X-ray     2.30 A      GYRB_ECOLI  (P0AES6)    
1EI3  X-ray     5.50 A      FIBA_CHICK  (P14448)    , FIBB_CHICK  (Q02020)    
1EI5  X-ray     1.90 A      DAP_OCHAN   (Q9ZBA9)    
1EI6  X-ray     2.10 A      PHNHY_PSEFL (Q51782)    
1EI7  X-ray     2.45 A      CAPSD_TMV   (P69687)    
1EI9  X-ray     2.25 A      PPT1_BOVIN  (P45478)    
1EIA  X-ray     2.70 A      GAG_EIAVY   (P69732)    
1EIB  X-ray     1.80 A      CHIA_SERMA  (P07254)    
1EIC  X-ray     1.40 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1EID  X-ray     1.40 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1EIE  X-ray     1.40 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1EIF  X-ray     1.90 A      IF5A_METJA  (Q58625)    
1EIG  NMR       -           CCL24_HUMAN (O00175)    
1EIH  NMR       -           CCL24_HUMAN (O00175)    
1EII  NMR       -           RET2_RAT    (P06768)    
1EIJ  NMR       -           DNBP_METTH  (O27652)    
1EIK  NMR       -           RPOH_METTH  (O27122)    
1EIL  X-ray     2.00 A      BPHC_PSES1  (P17297)    
1EIN  X-ray     3.00 A      LIP_THELA   (O59952)    
1EIO  NMR       -           FABP6_PIG   (P10289)    
1EIQ  X-ray     2.00 A      BPHC_PSES1  (P17297)    
1EIR  X-ray     2.00 A      BPHC_PSES1  (P17297)    
1EIT  NMR       -           T5G1A_AGEAP (P11057)    
1EIU  Model     -           T4G1D_AGEAP (P11060)    
1EIV  Model     -           T4G1D_AGEAP (P11060)    
1EIW  NMR       -           P538_METTH  (O26638)    
1EIX  X-ray     2.50 A      PYRF_ECOLI  (P08244)    
1EIY  X-ray     3.30 A      SYFA_THET8  (Q5SGX2)    , SYFB_THET8  (Q5SGX1)    
1EIZ  X-ray     1.70 A      RLME_ECOLI  (P0C0R7)    
1EJ0  X-ray     1.50 A      RLME_ECOLI  (P0C0R7)    
1EJ1  X-ray     2.20 A      IF4E_MOUSE  (P63073)    
1EJ2  X-ray     1.90 A      NADM_METTH  (O26253)    
1EJ3  X-ray     2.30 A      AEQ2_AEQVI  (P02592)    
1EJ4  X-ray     2.25 A      4EBP1_HUMAN (Q13541)    , IF4E_MOUSE  (P63073)    
1EJ5  NMR       -           WASP_HUMAN  (P42768)    
1EJ6  X-ray     3.60 A      LMBD1_REOVD (P15024)    , LMBD2_REOVD (P11079)    ,
                            SIGM2_REOVL (P11314)    
1EJ7  X-ray     2.45 A      RBL_TOBAC   (P00876)    , RBS_TOBAC   (P69249)    
1EJ8  X-ray     1.55 A      CCS1_YEAST  (P40202)    
1EJ9  X-ray     2.60 A      TOP1_HUMAN  (P11387)    
1EJA  X-ray     2.70 A      BDEL_HIRME  (P82107)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1EJB  X-ray     1.85 A      RIB4_YEAST  (P50861)    
1EJC  X-ray     1.80 A      MURA_ENTCC  (P33038)    
1EJD  X-ray     1.55 A      MURA_ENTCC  (P33038)    
1EJE  X-ray     2.20 A      P152_METTH  (O26255)    
1EJF  X-ray     2.49 A      TEBP_HUMAN  (Q15185)    
1EJG  X-ray     0.54 A      CRAM_CRAAB  (P01542)    
1EJH  X-ray     2.20 A      4EBP1_HUMAN (Q13541)    , IF4E_MOUSE  (P63073)    
1EJI  X-ray     2.90 A      GLYC_MOUSE  (P50431)    
1EJJ  X-ray     1.90 A      GPMI_GEOSE  (Q9X519)    
1EJL  X-ray     2.80 A      IMA1_MOUSE  (P52293)    , LT_SV40     (P03070)    
1EJM  X-ray     1.85 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1EJN  X-ray     1.80 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1EJO  X-ray     2.30 A      KV3A8_MOUSE (P01660)    , POLG_FMDVT  (P15072)    
1EJP  NMR       -           SDC4_HUMAN  (P31431)    
1EJQ  NMR       -           SDC4_HUMAN  (P31431)    
1EJR  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJS  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJT  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJU  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJV  X-ray     2.40 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJW  X-ray     1.90 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJX  X-ray     1.60 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1EJY  X-ray     2.90 A      IMA1_MOUSE  (P52293)    , NUPL_XENLA  (P05221)    
1EK0  X-ray     1.48 A      VPS21_YEAST (P36017)    
1EK1  X-ray     3.10 A      HYES_MOUSE  (P34914)    
1EK2  X-ray     3.00 A      HYES_MOUSE  (P34914)    
1EK3  X-ray     1.90 A      KV401_HUMAN (P06312)    
1EK4  X-ray     1.85 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1EK5  X-ray     1.80 A      GALE_HUMAN  (Q14376)    
1EK6  X-ray     1.50 A      GALE_HUMAN  (Q14376)    
1EK8  X-ray     2.30 A      RRF_ECOLI   (P0A805)    
1EK9  X-ray     2.10 A      TOLC_ECOLI  (P02930)    
1EKB  X-ray     2.30 A      ENTK_BOVIN  (P98072)    
1EKE  X-ray     2.00 A      RNH2_METJA  (Q57599)    
1EKF  X-ray     1.95 A      BCAT2_HUMAN (O15382)    
1EKG  X-ray     1.80 A      FRDA_HUMAN  (Q16595)    
1EKJ  X-ray     1.93 A      CAHC_PEA    (P17067)    
1EKK  X-ray     2.00 A      THIM_BACSU  (P39593)    
1EKL  X-ray     1.65 A      ANP12_ZOAAM (P19614)    
1EKM  X-ray     2.50 A      AMO_PICAN   (P12807)    
1EKO  X-ray     2.20 A      ALDR_PIG    (P80276)    
1EKP  X-ray     2.50 A      BCAT2_HUMAN (O15382)    
1EKQ  X-ray     1.50 A      THIM_BACSU  (P39593)    
1EKR  X-ray     2.00 A      MOAC_ECOLI  (P0A738)    
1EKS  X-ray     2.50 A      MOAC_ECOLI  (P0A738)    
1EKU  X-ray     2.90 A      IFNG_HUMAN  (P01579)    
1EKV  X-ray     2.25 A      BCAT2_HUMAN (O15382)    
1EKX  X-ray     1.95 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    
1EKY  NMR       -           CYCP_RHOCA  (P00147)    
1EKZ  NMR       -           STAU_DROME  (P25159)    
1EL0  NMR       -           CCL1_HUMAN  (P22362)    
1EL1  X-ray     1.90 A      LYSC1_CANLF (P81708)    
1EL3  X-ray     1.70 A      ALDR_HUMAN  (P15121)    
1EL4  X-ray     1.73 A      OBL_OBELO   (Q27709)    
1EL5  X-ray     1.80 A      MSOX_BACB0  (P40859)    
1EL6  X-ray     2.00 A      BP11_BPT4   (P10929)    
1EL7  X-ray     1.90 A      MSOX_BACB0  (P40859)    
1EL8  X-ray     1.90 A      MSOX_BACB0  (P40859)    
1EL9  X-ray     2.00 A      MSOX_BACB0  (P40859)    
1ELA  X-ray     2.00 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELB  X-ray     2.10 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELC  X-ray     1.75 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELD  X-ray     2.00 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELE  X-ray     2.00 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELF  X-ray     1.70 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELG  X-ray     1.65 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ELI  X-ray     2.00 A      MSOX_BACB0  (P40859)    
1ELJ  X-ray     1.85 A      MALE_PYRFU  (P58300)    
1ELK  X-ray     1.50 A      TOM1_HUMAN  (O60784)    
1ELL  X-ray     1.76 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1ELM  X-ray     2.00 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1ELO  X-ray     2.80 A      EFG_THET8   (Q5SHN5)    
1ELP  X-ray     1.95 A      CRGD_BOVIN  (P08209)    
1ELR  X-ray     1.90 A      STIP1_HUMAN (P31948)    
1ELS  X-ray     2.40 A      ENO1_YEAST  (P00924)    
1ELT  X-ray     1.61 A      ELA1_SALSA  (Q7SIG3)    
1ELV  X-ray     1.70 A      C1S_HUMAN   (P09871)    
1ELW  X-ray     1.60 A      STIP1_HUMAN (P31948)    
1ELX  X-ray     2.60 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ELY  X-ray     2.80 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1ELZ  X-ray     2.80 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1EM1  X-ray     2.13 A      SODM_HUMAN  (P04179)    
1EM2  X-ray     2.20 A      STAR3_HUMAN (Q14849)    
1EM4  Model     -           HVM53_MOUSE (P18524)    
1EM6  X-ray     2.20 A      PYGL_HUMAN  (P06737)    
1EM7  X-ray     2.00 A      SPG1_STRSG  (P06654)    
1EM8  X-ray     2.10 A      HOLC_ECOLI  (P28905)    , HOLD_ECOLI  (P28632)    
1EM9  X-ray     2.05 A      GAG_RSVP    (P03322)    
1EMA  X-ray     1.90 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMB  X-ray     2.13 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMC  X-ray     2.30 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMD  X-ray     1.90 A      MDH_ECOLI   (P61889)    
1EME  X-ray     2.50 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMF  X-ray     2.40 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMG  X-ray     2.00 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMH  X-ray     1.80 A      UNG_HUMAN   (P13051)    
1EMI  X-ray     7.50 A      RS8_THET8   (P0DOY9)    
1EMJ  X-ray     2.00 A      UNG_HUMAN   (P13051)    
1EMK  X-ray     2.10 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EML  X-ray     2.30 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMM  X-ray     2.30 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1EMN  NMR       -           FBN1_HUMAN  (P35555)    
1EMO  NMR       -           FBN1_HUMAN  (P35555)    
1EMR  X-ray     3.50 A      LIF_HUMAN   (P15018)    
1EMS  X-ray     2.80 A      NFT1_CAEEL  (O76463)    
1EMT  X-ray     2.25 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1EMU  X-ray     1.90 A      APC_HUMAN   (P25054)    , AXIN1_HUMAN (O15169)    
1EMV  X-ray     1.70 A      CEA9_ECOLX  (P09883)    , IMM9_ECOLX  (P13479)    
1EMW  NMR       -           RS16_THETH  (P80379)    
1EMX  NMR       -           TXHP2_HETVE (P58426)    
1EMY  X-ray     1.78 A      MYG_ELEMA   (P02186)    
1EN2  X-ray     1.40 A      AGI_URTDI   (P11218)    
1EN4  X-ray     2.00 A      SODM_ECOLI  (P00448)    
1EN5  X-ray     2.30 A      SODM_ECOLI  (P00448)    
1EN6  X-ray     2.00 A      SODM_ECOLI  (P00448)    
1EN7  X-ray     2.40 A      END7_BPT4   (P13340)    
1ENA  X-ray     2.15 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1ENC  X-ray     1.95 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1ENF  X-ray     1.69 A      ETXH_STAAU  (P0A0M0)    
1ENH  X-ray     2.10 A      HMEN_DROME  (P02836)    
1ENI  X-ray     2.20 A      END5_BPT4   (P04418)    
1ENJ  X-ray     1.80 A      END5_BPT4   (P04418)    
1ENK  X-ray     2.00 A      END5_BPT4   (P04418)    
1ENM  X-ray     1.90 A      AGI_URTDI   (P11218)    
1ENO  X-ray     1.90 A      FABI_BRANA  (P80030)    
1ENP  X-ray     2.60 A      FABI_BRANA  (P80030)    
1ENQ  X-ray     2.50 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1ENR  X-ray     1.83 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1ENS  X-ray     2.80 A      CONA_CANEN  (P02866)    
1ENT  X-ray     1.90 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1ENU  X-ray     1.95 A      TGT_ZYMMO   (P28720)    
1ENV  X-ray     2.60 A      ENV_HV1BR   (P03377)    , GCN4_YEAST  (P03069)    
1ENW  NMR       -           TFS2_YEAST  (P07273)    
1ENX  X-ray     1.50 A      XYN2_HYPJR  (P36217)    
1ENY  X-ray     2.20 A      INHA_MYCTU  (P9WGR1)    
1ENZ  X-ray     2.70 A      INHA_MYCTU  (P9WGR1)    
1EO0  NMR       -           TFS2_YEAST  (P07273)    
1EO2  X-ray     2.25 A      PCXA_ACIAD  (P20371)    , PCXB_ACIAD  (P20372)    
1EO3  X-ray     2.00 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1EO4  X-ray     1.90 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1EO5  X-ray     2.00 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1EO6  X-ray     1.80 A      GBRL2_BOVIN (P60519)    
1EO7  X-ray     2.48 A      CDGT2_BACCI (P43379)    
1EO8  X-ray     2.80 A      HEMA_I68A0  (P03437)    
1EO9  X-ray     2.00 A      PCXA_ACIAD  (P20371)    , PCXB_ACIAD  (P20372)    
1EOA  X-ray     2.15 A      PCXA_ACIAD  (P20371)    , PCXB_ACIAD  (P20372)    
1EOB  X-ray     2.20 A      PCXA_ACIAD  (P20371)    , PCXB_ACIAD  (P20372)    
1EOC  X-ray     2.25 A      PCXA_ACIAD  (P20371)    , PCXB_ACIAD  (P20372)    
1EOG  X-ray     2.10 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
1EOH  X-ray     2.50 A      GSTP1_HUMAN (P09211)    
1EOJ  X-ray     2.10 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1EOK  X-ray     1.80 A      EBA3_ELIME  (P36913)    
1EOL  X-ray     2.10 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1EOM  X-ray     2.10 A      EBA3_ELIME  (P36913)    
1EON  X-ray     1.60 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1EOO  X-ray     2.16 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1EOP  X-ray     2.60 A      T2E5_ECOLX  (P04390)    
1EOQ  NMR       -           GAG_RSVP    (P03322)    
1EOS  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1EOT  NMR       -           CCL11_HUMAN (P51671)    
1EOU  X-ray     2.10 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1EOV  X-ray     2.30 A      SYDC_YEAST  (P04802)    
1EOW  X-ray     2.00 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1EOX  Model     -           S17P_CHLRE  (P46284)    
1EOY  Model     -           S17P_CHLRE  (P46284)    
1EP0  X-ray     1.50 A      RMLC_METTH  (O27818)    
1EP1  X-ray     2.20 A      PYRDB_LACLM (P54322)    , PYRK_LACLM  (P56968)    
1EP2  X-ray     2.40 A      PYRDB_LACLM (P54322)    , PYRK_LACLM  (P56968)    
1EP3  X-ray     2.10 A      PYRDB_LACLM (P54322)    , PYRK_LACLM  (P56968)    
1EP4  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1EP5  X-ray     2.30 A      POLS_EEVV8  (P05674)    
1EP6  X-ray     2.45 A      POLS_EEVV8  (P05674)    
1EP7  X-ray     2.10 A      TRXH_CHLRE  (P80028)    
1EP8  X-ray     2.20 A      TRXH_CHLRE  (P80028)    
1EP9  X-ray     2.40 A      OTC_HUMAN   (P00480)    
1EPA  X-ray     2.10 A      LCN5_RAT    (P06911)    
1EPB  X-ray     2.20 A      LCN5_RAT    (P06911)    
1EPF  X-ray     1.85 A      NCAM1_RAT   (P13596)    
1EPG  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1EPH  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1EPI  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1EPJ  NMR       -           EGF_MOUSE   (P01132)    
1EPL  X-ray     2.00 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPM  X-ray     1.60 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPN  X-ray     1.60 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPO  X-ray     2.00 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPP  X-ray     1.90 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPQ  X-ray     1.90 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPR  X-ray     2.30 A      CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1EPS  X-ray     3.00 A      AROA_ECOLI  (P0A6D3)    
1EPT  X-ray     1.80 A      TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1EPV  X-ray     2.20 A      ALR_GEOSE   (P10724)    
1EPW  X-ray     1.90 A      BXB_CLOBO   (P10844)    
1EPY  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1EPZ  X-ray     1.75 A      RMLC_METTH  (O27818)    
1EQ0  NMR       -           HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1EQ1  NMR       -           APL3_MANSE  (P13276)    
1EQ2  X-ray     2.00 A      HLDD_ECOLI  (P67910)    
1EQ3  NMR       -           PIN4_HUMAN  (Q9Y237)    
1EQ4  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1EQ5  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1EQ6  X-ray     1.90 A      MOG1_YEAST  (P47123)    
1EQ7  X-ray     1.90 A      LPP_ECOLI   (P69776)    
1EQ8  NMR       -           ACHD_TETCF  (P02718)    
1EQ9  X-ray     1.70 A      CTR1_SOLIN  (Q7SIG2)    
1EQA  X-ray     2.20 A      MCE_VACCW   (P07617)    
1EQB  X-ray     2.70 A      GLYA_ECOLI  (P0A825)    
1EQC  X-ray     1.85 A      EXG1_CANAL  (P29717)    
1EQD  X-ray     1.60 A      NP4_RHOPR   (Q94734)    
1EQE  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_HUMAN  (P61626)    
1EQF  X-ray     2.10 A      TAF1_HUMAN  (P21675)    
1EQG  X-ray     2.61 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1EQH  X-ray     2.70 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1EQI  Model     -           POL_EIAVC   (P32542)    , POL_HV1ND   (P18802)    
1EQJ  X-ray     1.70 A      GPMI_GEOSE  (Q9X519)    
1EQK  NMR       -           CYT1_ORYSJ  (P09229)    
1EQM  X-ray     1.50 A      HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1EQN  X-ray     2.90 A      DNAG_ECOLI  (P0ABS5)    
1EQP  X-ray     1.90 A      EXG1_CANAL  (P29717)    
1EQQ  X-ray     3.20 A      SSB_ECOLI   (P0AGE0)    
1EQR  X-ray     2.70 A      SYD_ECOLI   (P21889)    
1EQT  X-ray     1.60 A      CCL5_HUMAN  (P13501)    
1EQU  X-ray     3.00 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1EQV  X-ray     1.94 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EQW  X-ray     2.30 A      SODC1_SALTY (P0CW86)    
1EQX  NMR       -           UBE3A_HUMAN (Q05086)    
1EQY  X-ray     2.30 A      ACTS_RABIT  (P68135)    , GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1EQZ  X-ray     2.50 A      H2A4_CHICK  (P02263)    , H2B7_CHICK  (P0C1H5)    ,
                            H32_CHICK   (P84229)    , H4_CHICK    (P62801)    
1ER8  X-ray     2.00 A      ANGT_HORSE  (P01016)    , CARP_CRYPA  (P11838)    
1ERA  NMR       -           3S1EB_LATSE (Q90VW1)    
1ERB  X-ray     1.90 A      RET4_BOVIN  (P18902)    
1ERC  NMR       -           MER1_EUPRA  (P10774)    
1ERD  NMR       -           MER2_EUPRA  (P26886)    
1ERE  X-ray     3.10 A      ESR1_HUMAN  (P03372)    
1ERF  IR        -           ENV_HV1BR   (P03377)    
1ERG  NMR       -           CD59_HUMAN  (P13987)    
1ERH  NMR       -           CD59_HUMAN  (P13987)    
1ERI  X-ray     2.50 A      T2E1_ECOLX  (P00642)    
1ERJ  X-ray     2.30 A      TUP1_YEAST  (P16649)    
1ERK  X-ray     2.30 A      MK01_RAT    (P63086)    
1ERM  X-ray     1.70 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1ERN  X-ray     2.40 A      EPOR_HUMAN  (P19235)    
1ERO  X-ray     2.10 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1ERP  NMR       -           MER10_EUPRA (P12350)    
1ERQ  X-ray     1.90 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1ERR  X-ray     2.60 A      ESR1_HUMAN  (P03372)    
1ERT  X-ray     1.70 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1ERU  X-ray     2.10 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1ERV  X-ray     1.65 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1ERW  X-ray     1.80 A      THIO_HUMAN  (P10599)    
1ERX  X-ray     1.40 A      NP4_RHOPR   (Q94734)    
1ERY  NMR       -           MER11_EUPRA (P26887)    
1ERZ  X-ray     1.70 A      DCAS_AGRSK  (P60327)    
1ES0  X-ray     2.60 A      DCE2_HUMAN  (Q05329)    , HA2D_MOUSE  (P04228)    
1ES1  X-ray     2.10 A      CYB5_BOVIN  (P00171)    
1ES2  X-ray     1.55 A      DACX_STRSK  (P39042)    
1ES3  X-ray     2.20 A      DACX_STRSK  (P39042)    
1ES4  X-ray     1.90 A      DACX_STRSK  (P39042)    
1ES5  X-ray     1.40 A      DACX_STRSK  (P39042)    
1ES6  X-ray     2.00 A      VP40_EBOZ5  (Q77DJ6)    
1ES7  X-ray     2.90 A      BMP2_HUMAN  (P12643)    , BMR1A_HUMAN (P36894)    
1ES8  X-ray     2.30 A      T2B2_BACIU  (Q45488)    
1ES9  X-ray     1.30 A      PA1B3_BOVIN (Q29460)    
1ESA  X-ray     1.65 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ESB  X-ray     2.30 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ESC  X-ray     2.10 A      ESTA_STRSC  (P22266)    
1ESD  X-ray     2.30 A      ESTA_STRSC  (P22266)    
1ESE  X-ray     2.40 A      ESTA_STRSC  (P22266)    
1ESF  X-ray     1.90 A      ETXA_STAAU  (P0A0L2)    
1ESG  X-ray     1.90 A      T2BA_BACAM  (P23940)    
1ESI  X-ray     1.80 A      DACX_STRSK  (P39042)    
1ESJ  X-ray     1.80 A      THIM_BACSU  (P39593)    
1ESK  NMR       -           POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1ESL  X-ray     2.00 A      LYAM2_HUMAN (P16581)    
1ESM  X-ray     2.50 A      COAA_ECOLI  (P0A6I3)    
1ESN  X-ray     2.60 A      COAA_ECOLI  (P0A6I3)    
1ESO  X-ray     2.00 A      SODC_ECOLI  (P0AGD1)    
1ESP  X-ray     2.80 A      NPRE_BACCE  (P05806)    
1ESQ  X-ray     2.50 A      THIM_BACSU  (P39593)    
1ESR  X-ray     2.00 A      CCL8_HUMAN  (P80075)    
1EST  X-ray     2.50 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1ESU  X-ray     2.00 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1ESV  X-ray     2.00 A      ACTS_RABIT  (P68135)    , GELS_HUMAN  (P06396)    
1ESW  X-ray     1.90 A      MALQ_THETH  (O87172)    
1ESX  NMR       -           VPR_HV1B9   (Q73369)    
1ESZ  X-ray     2.00 A      FHUD_ECOLI  (P07822)    
1ET0  X-ray     2.20 A      PABC_ECOLI  (P28305)    
1ET1  X-ray     0.90 A      PTHY_HUMAN  (P01270)    
1ET2  Model     -           PTH1R_HUMAN (Q03431)    , PTHY_HUMAN  (P01270)    
1ET3  Model     -           PTH1R_HUMAN (Q03431)    , PTHR_HUMAN  (P12272)    
1ET5  X-ray     1.90 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1ET7  X-ray     1.70 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1ET8  X-ray     1.80 A      NIR_ALCFA   (P38501)    
1ET9  X-ray     1.90 A      SPEH_STRPY  (P0C0I6)    
1ETA  X-ray     1.70 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1ETB  X-ray     1.70 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1ETE  X-ray     2.20 A      FLT3L_HUMAN (P49771)    
1ETF  NMR       -           REV_HV1W2   (P05866)    
1ETG  NMR       -           REV_HV1W2   (P05866)    
1ETH  X-ray     2.80 A      COL_PIG     (P02703)    , LIPP_PIG    (P00591)    
1ETJ  X-ray     2.30 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1ETK  X-ray     2.10 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETL  X-ray     0.89 A      HST1_ECOLX  (P01559)    
1ETM  X-ray     0.89 A      HST1_ECOLX  (P01559)    
1ETN  X-ray     0.89 A      HST1_ECOLX  (P01559)    
1ETO  X-ray     1.90 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETP  X-ray     2.20 A      CYC4_PSEST  (Q52369)    
1ETQ  X-ray     2.80 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETR  X-ray     2.20 A      THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    
1ETS  X-ray     2.30 A      THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    
1ETT  X-ray     2.50 A      THRB_BOVIN  (P00735)    
1ETU  X-ray     2.90 A      EFTU1_ECOLI (P0CE47)    
1ETV  X-ray     2.00 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETW  X-ray     2.00 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETX  X-ray     1.90 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETY  X-ray     2.00 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1ETZ  X-ray     2.60 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    
1EU0  Model     -           INVO_HUMAN  (P07476)    
1EU1  X-ray     1.30 A      DSTOR_RHOSH (Q57366)    
1EU4  X-ray     2.50 A      SPEH_STRPY  (P0C0I6)    
1EU5  X-ray     1.45 A      DUT_ECOLI   (P06968)    
1EU8  X-ray     1.90 A      MALE_THELN  (Q7LYW7)    
1EUA  X-ray     1.95 A      ALKH_ECOLI  (P0A955)    
1EUB  NMR       -           MMP13_HUMAN (P45452)    
1EUC  X-ray     2.10 A      SUCA_PIG    (O19069)    , SUCB2_PIG   (P53590)    
1EUD  X-ray     2.10 A      SUCA_PIG    (O19069)    , SUCB2_PIG   (P53590)    
1EUE  X-ray     1.80 A      CYB5B_RAT   (P04166)    
1EUF  X-ray     2.40 A      DDN1_BOVIN  (P80219)    
1EUG  X-ray     1.60 A      UNG_ECOLI   (P12295)    
1EUH  X-ray     1.82 A      GAPN_STRMU  (Q59931)    
1EUI  X-ray     3.20 A      UNGI_BPPB2  (P14739)    , UNG_ECOLI   (P12295)    
1EUJ  X-ray     1.80 A      AIMP1_HUMAN (Q12904)    
1EUM  X-ray     2.05 A      FTNA_ECOLI  (P0A998)    
1EUN  X-ray     2.00 A      ALKH_ECOLI  (P0A955)    
1EUO  X-ray     2.00 A      NP2_RHOPR   (Q26241)    
1EUP  X-ray     2.10 A      CPXJ_SACEN  (Q00441)    
1EUQ  X-ray     3.10 A      SYQ_ECOLI   (P00962)    
1EUR  X-ray     1.82 A      NANH_MICVI  (Q02834)    
1EUS  X-ray     2.00 A      NANH_MICVI  (Q02834)    
1EUT  X-ray     2.50 A      NANH_MICVI  (Q02834)    
1EUU  X-ray     2.50 A      NANH_MICVI  (Q02834)    
1EUV  X-ray     1.60 A      SMT3_YEAST  (Q12306)    , ULP1_YEAST  (Q02724)    
1EUW  X-ray     1.05 A      DUT_ECOLI   (P06968)    
1EUX  Model     -           PAPA3_CARPA (P10056)    
1EUY  X-ray     2.60 A      SYQ_ECOLI   (P00962)    
1EUZ  X-ray     2.25 A      DHE3_THEPR  (O74024)    
1EV0  NMR       -           MINE_ECOLI  (P0A734)    
1EV1  X-ray     3.55 A      POLG_EC01F  (O91734)    
1EV2  X-ray     2.20 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    , FGFR2_HUMAN (P21802)    
1EV3  X-ray     1.78 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1EV4  X-ray     2.20 A      GSTA1_RAT   (P00502)    
1EV5  X-ray     1.70 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1EV6  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1EV7  X-ray     2.38 A      T2N1_LENAE  (P50187)    
1EV8  X-ray     2.60 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1EV9  X-ray     2.20 A      GSTA1_RAT   (P00502)    
1EVE  X-ray     2.50 A      ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1EVF  X-ray     1.70 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1EVG  X-ray     2.00 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1EVH  X-ray     1.80 A      ENAH_MOUSE  (Q03173)    
1EVI  X-ray     2.50 A      OXDA_PIG    (P00371)    
1EVJ  X-ray     2.70 A      GFO_ZYMMO   (Q07982)    
1EVK  X-ray     2.00 A      SYT_ECOLI   (P0A8M3)    
1EVL  X-ray     1.55 A      SYT_ECOLI   (P0A8M3)    
1EVR  X-ray     1.90 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1EVS  X-ray     2.20 A      ONCM_HUMAN  (P13725)    
1EVT  X-ray     2.80 A      FGF1_HUMAN  (P05230)    , FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1EVU  X-ray     2.01 A      F13A_HUMAN  (P00488)    
1EVW  X-ray     3.10 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1EVX  X-ray     2.00 A      PPO1_PHYPO  (Q94702)    
1EVY  X-ray     1.75 A      GPDA_LEIME  (P90551)    
1EVZ  X-ray     2.80 A      GPDA_LEIME  (P90551)    
1EW0  X-ray     1.40 A      FIXL_RHIME  (P10955)    
1EW2  X-ray     1.82 A      PPB1_HUMAN  (P05187)    
1EW3  X-ray     2.30 A      ALL1_HORSE  (Q95182)    
1EW4  X-ray     1.40 A      CYAY_ECOLI  (P27838)    
1EW7  Model     -           TNNC2_CHICK (P02588)    , TNNI2_RABIT (P02643)    
1EW8  X-ray     2.20 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1EW9  X-ray     2.00 A      PPB_ECOLI   (P00634)    
1EWC  X-ray     1.95 A      ETXH_STAAU  (P0A0M0)    
1EWD  X-ray     2.46 A      ALDOA_RABIT (P00883)    
1EWE  X-ray     2.60 A      ALDOA_RABIT (P00883)    
1EWF  X-ray     1.70 A      BPI_HUMAN   (P17213)    
1EWH  X-ray     2.35 A      CYF_CHLRE   (P23577)    
1EWI  NMR       -           RFA1_HUMAN  (P27694)    
1EWJ  X-ray     2.50 A      BLE_KLEPN   (P13081)    
1EWK  X-ray     2.20 A      GRM1_RAT    (P23385)    
1EWL  X-ray     2.00 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1EWM  X-ray     2.00 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1EWN  X-ray     2.10 A      3MG_HUMAN   (P29372)    
1EWO  X-ray     2.10 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1EWP  X-ray     1.75 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1EWQ  X-ray     2.20 A      MUTS_THEAQ  (Q56215)    
1EWR  X-ray     3.19 A      MUTS_THEAQ  (Q56215)    
1EWS  NMR       -           RK1_RABIT   (P81655)    
1EWT  X-ray     3.70 A      GRM1_RAT    (P23385)    
1EWU  Model     -           ITR1_MOMCH  (P10294)    , TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1EWV  X-ray     4.00 A      GRM1_RAT    (P23385)    
1EWY  X-ray     2.38 A      FENR_NOSSO  (P21890)    , FER1_NOSSO  (P0A3C8)    
1EWZ  X-ray     2.40 A      BLO10_PSEAI (P14489)    
1EX0  X-ray     2.00 A      F13A_HUMAN  (P00488)    
1EX2  X-ray     1.85 A      NTPPA_BACSU (Q02169)    
1EX3  X-ray     3.00 A      CTRA_BOVIN  (P00766)    
1EX4  X-ray     2.80 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1EX5  X-ray     2.20 A      ALDOA_RABIT (P00883)    
1EX6  X-ray     2.30 A      KGUA_YEAST  (P15454)    
1EX7  X-ray     1.90 A      KGUA_YEAST  (P15454)    
1EX8  X-ray     1.85 A      HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1EX9  X-ray     2.54 A      LIP_PSEAE   (P26876)    
1EXA  X-ray     1.59 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1EXB  X-ray     2.10 A      KCAB2_RAT   (P62483)    , KCNA1_RAT   (P10499)    
1EXC  X-ray     2.70 A      NTPPA_BACSU (Q02169)    
1EXD  X-ray     2.70 A      SYQ_ECOLI   (P00962)    
1EXE  NMR       -           TF1_BPSP1   (P04445)    
1EXF  X-ray     2.10 A      ETA_STAAU   (P09331)    
1EXG  NMR       -           GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1EXH  NMR       -           GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1EXI  X-ray     3.12 A      BMRR_BACSU  (P39075)    
1EXJ  X-ray     3.00 A      BMRR_BACSU  (P39075)    
1EXK  NMR       -           DNAJ_ECOLI  (P08622)    
1EXM  X-ray     1.70 A      EFTU1_THETH (P60338)    
1EXN  X-ray     2.50 A      FEN_BPT5    (P06229)    
1EXP  X-ray     1.80 A      GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1EXQ  X-ray     1.60 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1EXR  X-ray     1.00 A      CALM_PARTE  (P07463)    
1EXS  X-ray     2.39 A      LACB_PIG    (P04119)    
1EXT  X-ray     1.85 A      TNR1A_HUMAN (P19438)    
1EXU  X-ray     2.70 A      B2MG_HUMAN  (P61769)    , FCGRN_HUMAN (P55899)    
1EXV  X-ray     2.40 A      PYGL_HUMAN  (P06737)    
1EXW  X-ray     2.40 A      PPT1_BOVIN  (P45478)    
1EXX  X-ray     1.67 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1EXY  NMR       -           REX_HTL1C   (P0C206)    
1EXZ  X-ray     2.30 A      SCF_HUMAN   (P21583)    
1EY0  X-ray     1.60 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY1  NMR       -           NUSB_ECOLI  (P0A780)    
1EY2  X-ray     2.30 A      HGD_HUMAN   (Q93099)    
1EY3  X-ray     2.30 A      ECHM_RAT    (P14604)    
1EY4  X-ray     1.60 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY5  X-ray     1.70 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY6  X-ray     1.75 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY7  X-ray     1.88 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY8  X-ray     1.75 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EY9  X-ray     1.72 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EYA  X-ray     2.00 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EYB  X-ray     1.90 A      HGD_HUMAN   (Q93099)    
1EYC  X-ray     1.85 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EYD  X-ray     1.70 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EYE  X-ray     1.70 A      DHPS1_MYCTU (P9WND1)    
1EYF  NMR       -           ADA_ECOLI   (P06134)    
1EYG  X-ray     2.80 A      SSB_ECOLI   (P0AGE0)    
1EYH  X-ray     1.56 A      EPN1_RAT    (O88339)    
1EYI  X-ray     2.32 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1EYJ  X-ray     2.28 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1EYK  X-ray     2.23 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1EYL  X-ray     1.90 A      ICW3_PSOTE  (P10822)    
1EYM  X-ray     2.00 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1EYN  X-ray     1.70 A      MURA_ENTCC  (P33038)    
1EYO  NMR       -           U7A_CONTU   (P58923)    
1EYP  X-ray     2.50 A      CFI1_MEDSA  (P28012)    
1EYQ  X-ray     1.85 A      CFI1_MEDSA  (P28012)    
1EYR  X-ray     2.20 A      NEUA_NEIME  (P0A0Z8)    
1EYT  X-ray     1.50 A      HIP_THETI   (P80176)    
1EYU  X-ray     1.78 A      T2P2_PROHU  (P23657)    
1EYV  X-ray     1.60 A      NUSB_MYCTU  (P9WIV1)    
1EYW  X-ray     1.90 A      OPD_BREDI   (P0A434)    
1EYX  X-ray     2.25 A      PHEA_AGACH  (Q7SIG0)    , PHEB_AGACH  (Q7SIF9)    
1EYY  X-ray     2.50 A      ALDH_VIBHA  (Q56694)    
1EYZ  X-ray     1.75 A      PURT_ECOLI  (P33221)    
1EZ0  X-ray     2.10 A      ALDH_VIBHA  (Q56694)    
1EZ1  X-ray     1.75 A      PURT_ECOLI  (P33221)    
1EZ2  X-ray     1.90 A      OPD_BREDI   (P0A434)    
1EZ3  X-ray     1.90 A      STX1A_RAT   (P32851)    
1EZ4  X-ray     2.30 A      LDH_LACPE   (P56511)    
1EZ6  X-ray     1.90 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EZ8  X-ray     1.85 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1EZ9  X-ray     1.90 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1EZA  NMR       -           PT1_ECOLI   (P08839)    
1EZB  NMR       -           PT1_ECOLI   (P08839)    
1EZC  NMR       -           PT1_ECOLI   (P08839)    
1EZD  NMR       -           PT1_ECOLI   (P08839)    
1EZE  NMR       -           APO1B_PAPHA (P34929)    
1EZF  X-ray     2.15 A      FDFT_HUMAN  (P37268)    
1EZG  X-ray     1.40 A      ANPY1_TENMO (O16119)    
1EZI  X-ray     2.00 A      NEUA_NEIME  (P0A0Z8)    
1EZJ  X-ray     1.90 A      PHOSP_SENDH (P04859)    
1EZL  X-ray     2.00 A      AZUR_PSEAE  (P00282)    
1EZM  X-ray     1.50 A      ELAS_PSEAE  (P14756)    
1EZO  NMR       -           MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1EZP  NMR       -           MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1EZQ  X-ray     2.20 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1EZR  X-ray     2.50 A      IUNH_LEIMA  (P83851)    
1EZS  X-ray     2.30 A      ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1EZT  NMR       -           RGS4_RAT    (P49799)    
1EZU  X-ray     2.40 A      ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1EZV  X-ray     2.30 A      CY1_YEAST   (P07143)    , CYB_YEAST   (P00163)    ,
                            HVM60_MOUSE (P18531)    , KV5AE_MOUSE (P01647)    ,
                            QCR1_YEAST  (P07256)    , QCR2_YEAST  (P07257)    ,
                            QCR6_YEAST  (P00127)    , QCR7_YEAST  (P00128)    ,
                            QCR8_YEAST  (P08525)    , QCR9_YEAST  (P22289)    ,
                            UCRI_YEAST  (P08067)    
1EZW  X-ray     1.65 A      MER_METKA   (Q8TXY4)    
1EZX  X-ray     2.60 A      A1AT_HUMAN  (P01009)    , TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1EZY  NMR       -           RGS4_RAT    (P49799)    
1EZZ  X-ray     2.70 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    , PYRI_ECOLI  (P0A7F3)    
1F00  X-ray     1.90 A      EAE_ECO27   (P19809)    
1F02  X-ray     2.90 A      EAE_ECO27   (P19809)    
1F03  NMR       -           CYB5_BOVIN  (P00171)    
1F04  NMR       -           CYB5_BOVIN  (P00171)    
1F05  X-ray     2.45 A      TALDO_HUMAN (P37837)    
1F06  X-ray     2.10 A      DAPDH_CORGL (P04964)    
1F07  X-ray     2.00 A      MER_METTM   (Q50744)    
1F08  X-ray     1.90 A      VE1_BPV1    (P03116)    
1F09  X-ray     2.14 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1F0B  X-ray     2.10 A      GFP_AEQVI   (P42212)    
1F0C  X-ray     2.26 A      SPI2_CWPXB  (P07385)    
1F0D  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1F0E  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1F0F  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1F0G  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1F0H  NMR       -           CECA_HYACE  (P01507)    , MAGA_XENLA  (P11006)    
1F0J  X-ray     1.77 A      PDE4B_HUMAN (Q07343)    
1F0K  X-ray     1.90 A      MURG_ECOLI  (P17443)    
1F0L  X-ray     1.55 A      DTX_CORBE   (P00588)    
1F0M  X-ray     2.20 A      EPHB2_HUMAN (P29323)    
1F0N  X-ray     1.80 A      A85B_MYCTU  (P9WQP1)    
1F0O  X-ray     2.50 A      T2P2_PROHU  (P23657)    
1F0P  X-ray     1.90 A      A85B_MYCTU  (P9WQP1)    
1F0Q  X-ray     2.63 A      CSK2A_MAIZE (P28523)    
1F0R  X-ray     2.10 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1F0S  X-ray     2.10 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1F0T  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1F0U  X-ray     1.90 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1F0V  X-ray     1.70 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1F0W  X-ray     1.90 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1F0X  X-ray     1.90 A      DLD_ECOLI   (P06149)    
1F0Y  X-ray     1.80 A      HCDH_HUMAN  (Q16836)    
1F0Z  NMR       -           THIS_ECOLI  (O32583)    
1F10  X-ray     1.70 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1F11  X-ray     3.00 A      IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    
1F12  X-ray     2.40 A      HCDH_HUMAN  (Q16836)    
1F13  X-ray     2.10 A      F13A_HUMAN  (P00488)    
1F14  X-ray     2.30 A      HCDH_HUMAN  (Q16836)    
1F15  X-ray     3.20 A      CAPSD_CMVFN (P69466)    
1F16  NMR       -           BAX_HUMAN   (Q07812)    
1F17  X-ray     2.30 A      HCDH_HUMAN  (Q16836)    
1F18  X-ray     1.70 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1F1A  X-ray     1.80 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1F1B  X-ray     2.30 A      PYRB_ECOLI  (P0A786)    , PYRI_ECOLI  (P0A7F3)    
1F1C  X-ray     2.30 A      CY550_LIMMA (P82603)    
1F1D  X-ray     2.10 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1F1F  X-ray     2.70 A      CYC6_LIMMA  (P00118)    
1F1G  X-ray     1.35 A      SODC_YEAST  (P00445)    
1F1H  X-ray     2.67 A      GLN1B_SALTY (P0A1P6)    
1F1I  Model     -           PAPA3_CARPA (P10056)    
1F1J  X-ray     2.35 A      CASP7_HUMAN (P55210)    
1F1K  Model     -           PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1F1L  Model     -           PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1F1N  Model     -           PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1F1O  X-ray     3.25 A      PUR8_BACSU  (P12047)    
1F1P  Model     -           PRX2_PENRO  (Q03471)    
1F1S  X-ray     2.10 A      HYSA_STRA3  (Q53591)    
1F1W  X-ray     2.10 A      SRC_CHICK   (P00523)    
1F1Z  X-ray     2.40 A      TNSA_ECOLX  (P13988)    
1F20  X-ray     1.90 A      NOS1_RAT    (P29476)    
1F21  X-ray     1.40 A      RNH_ECOLI   (P0A7Y4)    
1F22  NMR       -           CYC3_DESAC  (P00137)    
1F24  X-ray     1.40 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1F25  X-ray     1.40 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1F26  X-ray     1.40 A      NOR_FUSOX   (P23295)    
1F28  X-ray     1.90 A      TYSY_PNECA  (P13100)    
1F29  X-ray     2.15 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1F2A  X-ray     1.60 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1F2B  X-ray     1.80 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1F2C  X-ray     2.00 A      CYSP_TRYCR  (P25779)    
1F2D  X-ray     2.00 A      1A1D_CYBSA  (Q7M523)    
1F2F  X-ray     1.70 A      SRC_CHICK   (P00523)    
1F2G  NMR       -           FER_DESGI   (P00209)    
1F2H  NMR       -           TRADD_HUMAN (Q15628)    
1F2I  X-ray     2.35 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1F2J  X-ray     1.90 A      ALF_TRYBB   (P07752)    
1F2K  X-ray     2.30 A      PROF2_ACACA (P19984)    
1F2L  X-ray     2.00 A      X3CL1_HUMAN (P78423)    
1F2M  X-ray     2.00 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1F2O  X-ray     1.70 A      APX_STRGG   (P80561)    
1F2P  X-ray     1.80 A      APX_STRGG   (P80561)    
1F2Q  X-ray     2.40 A      FCERA_HUMAN (P12319)    
1F2R  NMR       -           DFFA_MOUSE  (O54786)    , DFFB_MOUSE  (O54788)    
1F2S  X-ray     1.79 A      ITR2_MOMCH  (P10295)    , TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1F2T  X-ray     1.60 A      RAD50_PYRFU (P58301)    
1F2U  X-ray     1.60 A      RAD50_PYRFU (P58301)    
1F2V  X-ray     2.10 A      COBH_SINSX  (P21638)    
1F2W  X-ray     1.90 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1F2Y  X-ray     2.00 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1F2Z  X-ray     1.80 A      NUC_STAAU   (P00644)    
1F30  X-ray     2.85 A      DPS_ECOLI   (P0ABT2)    
1F31  X-ray     2.60 A      BXB_CLOBO   (P10844)    
1F32  X-ray     1.75 A      API3_ASCSU  (P19400)    
1F33  X-ray     2.60 A      DPS_ECOLI   (P0ABT2)    
1F34  X-ray     2.45 A      API3_ASCSU  (P19400)    , PEPA_PIG    (P00791)    
1F35  X-ray     2.30 A      OMP_MOUSE   (Q64288)    
1F36  X-ray     2.65 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1F37  X-ray     2.30 A      FER2_AQUAE  (O66511)    
1F38  X-ray     2.40 A      CBIT_METTH  (O26249)    
1F39  X-ray     1.90 A      RPC1_LAMBD  (P03034)    
1F3A  X-ray     1.90 A      GSTA1_MOUSE (P13745)    
1F3B  X-ray     2.00 A      GSTA1_MOUSE (P13745)    
1F3C  NMR       -           DYL1_RAT    (P63170)    
1F3E  X-ray     1.85 A      TGT_ZYMMO   (P28720)    
1F3F  X-ray     1.85 A      NDKC_DICDI  (P22887)    
1F3G  X-ray     2.10 A      PTGA_ECOLI  (P69783)    
1F3H  X-ray     2.58 A      BIRC5_HUMAN (O15392)    
1F3J  X-ray     3.10 A      HA2D_MOUSE  (P04228)    , LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1F3K  NMR       -           O17_CONTE   (P56714)    
1F3L  X-ray     2.03 A      ANM3_RAT    (O70467)    
1F3M  X-ray     2.30 A      PAK1_HUMAN  (Q13153)    
1F3O  X-ray     2.70 A      Y796_METJA  (Q58206)    
1F3Q  Model     -           ACTN_ACTCC  (P00785)    
1F3T  X-ray     2.00 A      DCOR_TRYBB  (P07805)    
1F3U  X-ray     1.70 A      T2FA_HUMAN  (P35269)    , T2FB_HUMAN  (P13984)    
1F3V  X-ray     2.00 A      TRADD_HUMAN (Q15628)    , TRAF2_HUMAN (Q12933)    
1F3W  X-ray     3.00 A      KPYM_RABIT  (P11974)    
1F3X  X-ray     2.80 A      KPYM_RABIT  (P11974)    
1F3Z  X-ray     1.98 A      PTGA_ECOLI  (P69783)    
1F40  NMR       -           FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1F41  X-ray     1.30 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1F42  X-ray     2.50 A      IL12B_HUMAN (P29460)    
1F43  NMR       -           MATA1_YEASX (P0CY10)    
1F44  X-ray     2.05 A      RECR_BPP1   (P06956)    
1F45  X-ray     2.80 A      IL12A_HUMAN (P29459)    , IL12B_HUMAN (P29460)    
1F46  X-ray     1.50 A      ZIPA_ECOLI  (P77173)    
1F47  X-ray     1.95 A      FTSZ_ECOLI  (P0A9A6)    , ZIPA_ECOLI  (P77173)    
1F48  X-ray     2.30 A      ARSA1_ECOLX (P08690)    
1F4A  X-ray     2.80 A      BGAL_ECOLI  (P00722)    
1F4B  X-ray     1.75 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4C  X-ray     2.00 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4D  X-ray     2.15 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4E  X-ray     1.90 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4F  X-ray     2.00 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4G  X-ray     1.75 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1F4H  X-ray     2.80 A      BGAL_ECOLI  (P00722)    
1F4I  NMR       -           RD23A_HUMAN (P54725)    
1F4J  X-ray     2.40 A      CATA_HUMAN  (P04040)    
1F4K  X-ray     2.50 A      RTP_BACSU   (P0CI76)    
1F4L  X-ray     1.85 A      SYM_ECOLI   (P00959)    
1F4M  X-ray     2.25 A      ROP_ECOLX   (P03051)    
1F4N  X-ray     1.90 A      ROP_ECOLX   (P03051)    
1F4O  X-ray     2.50 A      GRAN_HUMAN  (P28676)    
1F4P  X-ray     1.30 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1F4Q  X-ray     1.90 A      GRAN_HUMAN  (P28676)    
1F4R  X-ray     2.40 A      3MG_HUMAN   (P29372)    
1F4S  NMR       -           ALCR_EMENI  (P21228)    
1F4T  X-ray     1.93 A      CP119_SULAC (Q55080)    
1F4U  X-ray     2.69 A      CP119_SULAC (Q55080)    
1F4V  X-ray     2.22 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    , FLIM_ECOLI  (P06974)    
1F4Z  X-ray     1.80 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1F50  X-ray     1.70 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1F51  X-ray     3.00 A      SP0B_BACSU  (P06535)    , SP0F_BACSU  (P06628)    
1F52  X-ray     2.49 A      GLN1B_SALTY (P0A1P6)    
1F54  NMR       -           CALM_YEAST  (P06787)    
1F55  NMR       -           CALM_YEAST  (P06787)    
1F57  X-ray     1.75 A      CBPA1_BOVIN (P00730)    
1F58  X-ray     2.00 A      ENV_HV1MN   (P05877)    , IGH1M_MOUSE (P01869)    ,
                            KV3AE_MOUSE (P01666)    
1F59  X-ray     2.80 A      IMB1_HUMAN  (Q14974)    
1F5A  X-ray     2.50 A      PAPOA_BOVIN (P25500)    
1F5B  X-ray     1.62 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1F5C  X-ray     1.75 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1F5E  NMR       -           ALCR_EMENI  (P21228)    
1F5F  X-ray     1.70 A      SHBG_HUMAN  (P04278)    
1F5K  X-ray     1.80 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1F5L  X-ray     2.10 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1F5M  X-ray     1.90 A      FRMSR_YEAST (P36088)    
1F5N  X-ray     1.70 A      GBP1_HUMAN  (P32455)    
1F5O  X-ray     2.90 A      GLB5_PETMA  (P02208)    
1F5P  X-ray     2.90 A      GLB5_PETMA  (P02208)    
1F5Q  X-ray     2.50 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1F5R  X-ray     1.65 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1F5S  X-ray     1.80 A      SERB_METJA  (Q58989)    
1F5T  X-ray     3.00 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1F5V  X-ray     1.70 A      NFSA_ECOLI  (P17117)    
1F5W  X-ray     1.70 A      CXAR_HUMAN  (P78310)    
1F5X  NMR       -           VAV_MOUSE   (P27870)    
1F5Y  NMR       -           LDLR_HUMAN  (P01130)    
1F5Z  X-ray     1.88 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F60  X-ray     1.67 A      EF1A_YEAST  (P02994)    , EF1B_YEAST  (P32471)    
1F61  X-ray     2.00 A      ACEA_MYCTU  (P9WKK7)    
1F62  NMR       -           BAZ1B_HUMAN (Q9UIG0)    
1F63  X-ray     1.80 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1F64  Model     -           TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1F65  X-ray     1.70 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1F66  X-ray     2.60 A      H2AZ_HUMAN  (P0C0S5)    , H2B11_XENLA (P02281)    ,
                            H32_XENLA   (P84233)    , H4_MOUSE    (P62806)    
1F67  Model     -           HCD2_HUMAN  (Q99714)    
1F68  NMR       -           KAT2A_HUMAN (Q92830)    
1F6A  X-ray     3.50 A      FCERA_HUMAN (P12319)    , IGHE_HUMAN  (P01854)    
1F6B  X-ray     1.70 A      SAR1B_CRIGR (Q9QVY3)    
1F6D  X-ray     2.50 A      WECB_ECOLI  (P27828)    
1F6F  X-ray     2.30 A      CSH_SHEEP   (P16038)    , PRLR_RAT    (P05710)    
1F6G  NMR       -           KCSA_STRLI  (P0A334)    
1F6H  X-ray     3.31 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1F6K  X-ray     1.60 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F6L  X-ray     2.80 A      KV139_HUMAN (P01597)    
1F6M  X-ray     2.95 A      THIO_ECOLI  (P0AA25)    , TRXB_ECOLI  (P0A9P4)    
1F6N  X-ray     2.80 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1F6O  X-ray     2.40 A      3MG_HUMAN   (P29372)    
1F6P  X-ray     2.25 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F6R  X-ray     2.20 A      LALBA_BOVIN (P00711)    
1F6S  X-ray     2.20 A      LALBA_BOVIN (P00711)    
1F6T  X-ray     1.92 A      NDKC_DICDI  (P22887)    
1F6U  NMR       -           GAG_HV1Y2   (P35962)    , POL_HV1Y2   (P35963)    
1F6V  NMR       -           TARGB_BPMU  (P03763)    
1F6W  X-ray     2.30 A      CEL_HUMAN   (P19835)    
1F6Y  X-ray     2.20 A      ACSE_MOOTH  (Q46389)    
1F70  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1F71  NMR       -           CALM1_XENLA (P0DP33)    
1F73  X-ray     1.95 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F74  X-ray     1.60 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F75  X-ray     2.20 A      UPPS_MICLU  (O82827)    
1F76  X-ray     2.50 A      PYRD_ECOLI  (P0A7E1)    
1F77  X-ray     2.40 A      ETXH_STAAU  (P0A0M0)    
1F7A  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_HV1A2   (P03369)    
1F7B  X-ray     1.80 A      NANA_HAEIN  (P44539)    
1F7C  X-ray     2.40 A      RHG26_CHICK (Q5ZMW5)    
1F7D  X-ray     1.40 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7E  NMR       -           FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1F7K  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7L  X-ray     1.50 A      ACPS_BACSU  (P96618)    
1F7M  NMR       -           FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1F7N  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7O  X-ray     2.20 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7P  X-ray     2.30 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7Q  X-ray     2.26 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7R  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1F7S  X-ray     2.00 A      ADF1_ARATH  (Q39250)    
1F7T  X-ray     1.80 A      ACPS_BACSU  (P96618)    
1F7U  X-ray     2.20 A      SYRC_YEAST  (Q05506)    
1F7V  X-ray     2.90 A      SYRC_YEAST  (Q05506)    
1F7W  NMR       -           ZIPA_ECOLI  (P77173)    
1F7X  NMR       -           ZIPA_ECOLI  (P77173)    
1F7Y  X-ray     2.80 A      RS15_THETH  (P80378)    
1F7Z  X-ray     1.55 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1F80  X-ray     2.30 A      ACPS_BACSU  (P96618)    , ACP_BACSU   (P80643)    
1F81  NMR       -           CBP_MOUSE   (P45481)    
1F82  X-ray     2.20 A      BXB_CLOBO   (P10844)    
1F86  X-ray     1.10 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1F87  Model     -           PP13_HUMAN  (Q9UHV8)    
1F88  X-ray     2.80 A      OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1F89  X-ray     2.40 A      NIT3_YEAST  (P49954)    
1F8A  X-ray     1.84 A      PIN1_HUMAN  (Q13526)    
1F8B  X-ray     1.80 A      NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1F8C  X-ray     1.70 A      NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1F8D  X-ray     1.40 A      NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1F8E  X-ray     1.40 A      NRAM_I75A5  (P03472)    
1F8G  X-ray     2.00 A      PNTAA_RHORT (Q2RSB2)    
1F8H  NMR       -           EPS15_HUMAN (P42566)    
1F8I  X-ray     2.25 A      ACEA_MYCTU  (P9WKK7)    
1F8M  X-ray     1.80 A      ACEA_MYCTU  (P9WKK7)    
1F8N  X-ray     1.40 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1F8P  NMR       -           NPY_PIG     (P01304)    
1F8Q  X-ray     2.20 A      RIP1_MOMCH  (P16094)    
1F8R  X-ray     2.00 A      OXLA_CALRH  (P81382)    
1F8S  X-ray     2.00 A      OXLA_CALRH  (P81382)    
1F8U  X-ray     2.90 A      3SE2_DENAN  (P0C1Z0)    , ACES_HUMAN  (P22303)    
1F8V  X-ray     3.00 A      CAPSD_PAV   (Q9J7Z0)    
1F8W  X-ray     2.45 A      NAPE_ENTFA  (P37062)    
1F8X  X-ray     2.50 A      NTD_LACLE   (Q9R5V5)    
1F8Y  X-ray     2.40 A      NTD_LACLE   (Q9R5V5)    
1F8Z  NMR       -           LDLR_HUMAN  (P01130)    
1F91  X-ray     2.40 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1F92  X-ray     2.60 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1F93  X-ray     2.60 A      HNF1A_MOUSE (P22361)    , PHS_RAT     (P61459)    
1F94  X-ray     0.97 A      3NOJ_BUNCA  (P81782)    
1F95  NMR       -           B2L11_HUMAN (O43521)    , DYL1_RAT    (P63170)    
1F96  NMR       -           DYL1_RAT    (P63170)    
1F97  X-ray     2.50 A      JAM1_MOUSE  (O88792)    
1F98  X-ray     1.15 A      PYP_HALHA   (P16113)    
1F99  X-ray     2.40 A      PHCA_POLUR  (P59858)    , PHCB_POLUR  (P59859)    
1F9A  X-ray     2.00 A      NADM_METJA  (Q57961)    
1F9B  X-ray     2.70 A      TRFL_HORSE  (O77811)    
1F9D  X-ray     2.30 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1F9E  X-ray     2.90 A      CASP8_HUMAN (Q14790)    
1F9F  X-ray     1.90 A      VE2_HPV18   (P06790)    
1F9G  X-ray     2.00 A      HYSA_STRPN  (Q54873)    
1F9H  X-ray     1.50 A      HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1F9I  X-ray     1.10 A      PYP_HALHA   (P16113)    
1F9J  X-ray     2.70 A      UBC_HUMAN   (P0CG48)    
1F9M  X-ray     1.86 A      TRXF_SPIOL  (P09856)    
1F9N  X-ray     2.70 A      ARGR_BACSU  (P17893)    
1F9O  X-ray     2.50 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1F9P  X-ray     1.93 A      CXCL7_HUMAN (P02775)    
1F9Q  X-ray     2.00 A      PLF4_HUMAN  (P02776)    
1F9R  X-ray     2.00 A      PLF4_HUMAN  (P02776)    
1F9S  X-ray     2.38 A      PLF4_HUMAN  (P02776)    
1F9T  X-ray     1.50 A      KAR3_YEAST  (P17119)    
1F9U  X-ray     1.70 A      KAR3_YEAST  (P17119)    
1F9V  X-ray     1.30 A      KAR3_YEAST  (P17119)    
1F9W  X-ray     2.50 A      KAR3_YEAST  (P17119)    
1F9X  NMR       -           XIAP_HUMAN  (P98170)    
1F9Z  X-ray     1.50 A      LGUL_ECOLI  (P0AC81)    
1FA0  X-ray     2.60 A      PAP_YEAST   (P29468)    
1FA2  X-ray     2.30 A      AMYB_IPOBA  (P10537)    
1FA3  NMR       -           MONA_DIOCU  (P02881)    , MONB_DIOCU  (P02882)    
1FA4  NMR       -           PLAS_TRIV2  (Q3M9H8)    
1FA5  X-ray     1.80 A      LGUL_ECOLI  (P0AC81)    
1FA6  X-ray     1.90 A      LGUL_ECOLI  (P0AC81)    
1FA7  X-ray     1.90 A      LGUL_ECOLI  (P0AC81)    
1FA8  X-ray     1.70 A      LGUL_ECOLI  (P0AC81)    
1FA9  X-ray     2.40 A      PYGL_HUMAN  (P06737)    
1FAA  X-ray     1.85 A      TRXF_SPIOL  (P09856)    
1FAC  NMR       -           FA8_HUMAN   (P00451)    
1FAD  NMR       -           FADD_MOUSE  (Q61160)    
1FAE  X-ray     2.00 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1FAF  NMR       -           LT_POVM3    (P0DOJ5)    
1FAG  X-ray     2.70 A      CPXB_BACMB  (P14779)    
1FAH  X-ray     2.30 A      CPXB_BACMB  (P14779)    
1FAI  X-ray     2.70 A      IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1FAJ  X-ray     2.15 A      IPYR_ECOLI  (P0A7A9)    
1FAK  X-ray     2.10 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    ,
                            TF_HUMAN    (P13726)    
1FAN  X-ray     2.00 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    
1FAO  X-ray     1.80 A      DAPP1_HUMAN (Q9UN19)    
1FAP  X-ray     2.70 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    , MTOR_HUMAN  (P42345)    
1FAQ  NMR       -           RAF1_HUMAN  (P04049)    
1FAR  NMR       -           RAF1_HUMAN  (P04049)    
1FAS  X-ray     1.80 A      3SE1_DENAN  (P0C1Y9)    
1FAT  X-ray     2.80 A      PHAL_PHAVU  (P05087)    
1FAU  Model     -           TGM2_HUMAN  (P21980)    
1FAV  X-ray     3.00 A      ENV_HV1BR   (P03377)    , ENV_HV1H2   (P04578)    ,
                            GCN4_YEAST  (P03069)    
1FAW  X-ray     3.09 A      HBA_ANSAN   (P01989)    , HBB_ANSAN   (P02117)    
1FAX  X-ray     3.00 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1FB0  X-ray     2.26 A      TRXM_SPIOL  (P07591)    
1FB1  X-ray     3.10 A      GCH1_HUMAN  (P30793)    
1FB2  X-ray     1.95 A      PA2B8_DABRR (P59071)    
1FB5  X-ray     3.50 A      OTC_SHEEP   (P84010)    
1FB6  X-ray     2.10 A      TRXM_SPIOL  (P07591)    
1FB7  X-ray     2.60 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1FB8  X-ray     2.40 A      DAPP1_HUMAN (Q9UN19)    
1FBA  X-ray     1.90 A      ALF_DROME   (P07764)    
1FBB  X-ray     3.20 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1FBC  X-ray     2.60 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBD  X-ray     2.90 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBE  X-ray     3.00 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBF  X-ray     2.70 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBG  X-ray     3.00 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBH  X-ray     2.50 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBI  X-ray     3.00 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            LYSC_NUMME  (P00704)    
1FBK  X-ray     3.20 A      BACR_HALSA  (P02945)    
1FBL  X-ray     2.50 A      MMP1_PIG    (P21692)    
1FBM  X-ray     2.70 A      COMP_RAT    (P35444)    
1FBN  X-ray     1.60 A      FLPA_METJA  (Q58108)    
1FBO  X-ray     2.30 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1FBP  X-ray     2.50 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FBQ  X-ray     2.00 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FBR  NMR       -           FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1FBS  X-ray     2.00 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FBT  X-ray     2.00 A      F261_RAT    (P07953)    
1FBU  X-ray     2.00 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FBV  X-ray     2.90 A      CBL_HUMAN   (P22681)    , UB2L3_HUMAN (P68036)    ,
                            ZAP70_HUMAN (P43403)    
1FBW  X-ray     2.00 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1FBX  X-ray     2.80 A      GCH1_ECOLI  (P0A6T5)    
1FBY  X-ray     2.25 A      RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1FBZ  X-ray     2.40 A      LCK_HUMAN   (P06239)    
1FC0  X-ray     2.40 A      PYGL_HUMAN  (P06737)    
1FC1  X-ray     2.90 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    
1FC2  X-ray     2.80 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , SPA_STAAU   (P38507)    
1FC3  X-ray     2.00 A      SP0A_GEOSE  (P52934)    
1FC4  X-ray     2.00 A      KBL_ECOLI   (P0AB77)    
1FC5  X-ray     2.20 A      MOEA_ECOLI  (P12281)    
1FC6  X-ray     1.80 A      CTPA_TETOB  (O04073)    
1FC7  X-ray     2.00 A      CTPA_TETOB  (O04073)    
1FC9  X-ray     1.90 A      CTPA_TETOB  (O04073)    
1FCA  X-ray     1.80 A      FER_GOTA9   (P00198)    
1FCB  X-ray     2.40 A      CYB2_YEAST  (P00175)    
1FCC  X-ray     3.20 A      IGHG1_HUMAN (P01857)    , SPG2_STRSG  (P19909)    
1FCD  X-ray     2.53 A      CYSD_ALLVD  (Q06529)    , DHSU_ALLVD  (Q06530)    
1FCE  X-ray     2.00 A      GUNF_RUMCH  (P37698)    
1FCF  X-ray     2.10 A      CTPA_TETOB  (O04073)    
1FCG  X-ray     2.00 A      FCG2A_HUMAN (P12318)    
1FCH  X-ray     2.20 A      PEX5_HUMAN  (P50542)    
1FCJ  X-ray     2.00 A      CYSK_SALTY  (P0A1E3)    
1FCK  X-ray     2.20 A      TRFL_HUMAN  (P02788)    
1FCL  NMR       -           SPG2_STRSG  (P19909)    
1FCM  X-ray     2.46 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1FCN  X-ray     2.35 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1FCO  X-ray     2.20 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1FCP  X-ray     2.70 A      FHUA_ECOLI  (P06971)    
1FCQ  X-ray     1.60 A      HUGA_APIME  (Q08169)    
1FCS  X-ray     1.60 A      MYG_PHYMC   (P02185)    
1FCT  NMR       -           FER_CHLRE   (P07839)    
1FCU  X-ray     2.10 A      HUGA_APIME  (Q08169)    
1FCV  X-ray     2.65 A      HUGA_APIME  (Q08169)    
1FCX  X-ray     1.47 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1FCY  X-ray     1.30 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1FCZ  X-ray     1.38 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1FD0  X-ray     1.38 A      RARG_HUMAN  (P13631)    
1FD2  X-ray     1.90 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FD3  X-ray     1.35 A      DFB4A_HUMAN (O15263)    
1FD4  X-ray     1.70 A      DFB4A_HUMAN (O15263)    
1FD6  NMR       -           SPG2_STRSG  (P19909)    
1FD7  X-ray     1.80 A      ELBP_ECOLX  (P32890)    
1FD8  NMR       -           ATX1_YEAST  (P38636)    
1FD9  X-ray     2.41 A      MIP_LEGPH   (Q5ZXE0)    
1FDA  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FDB  X-ray     2.20 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FDD  X-ray     1.90 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FDF  NMR       -           OPSD_BOVIN  (P02699)    
1FDH  X-ray     2.50 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBG2_HUMAN  (P69892)    
1FDI  X-ray     2.90 A      FDHF_ECOLI  (P07658)    
1FDJ  X-ray     2.10 A      ALDOB_RABIT (P79226)    
1FDK  X-ray     1.91 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1FDL  X-ray     2.50 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FDM  NMR       -           CAPSD_BPFD  (P69539)    
1FDN  X-ray     1.84 A      FER_GOTA9   (P00198)    
1FDO  X-ray     2.80 A      FDHF_ECOLI  (P07658)    
1FDP  X-ray     2.10 A      CFAD_HUMAN  (P00746)    
1FDQ  X-ray     2.10 A      FABP7_HUMAN (O15540)    
1FDR  X-ray     1.70 A      FENR_ECOLI  (P28861)    
1FDS  X-ray     1.70 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1FDT  X-ray     2.20 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1FDU  X-ray     2.70 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1FDV  X-ray     3.10 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1FDW  X-ray     2.70 A      DHB1_HUMAN  (P14061)    
1FDY  X-ray     2.45 A      NANA_ECOLI  (P0A6L4)    
1FDZ  X-ray     2.60 A      NANA_ECOLI  (P0A6L4)    
1FE0  X-ray     1.75 A      ATOX1_HUMAN (O00244)    
1FE2  X-ray     3.00 A      PGH1_SHEEP  (P05979)    
1FE3  X-ray     2.80 A      FABP7_HUMAN (O15540)    
1FE4  X-ray     1.75 A      ATOX1_HUMAN (O00244)    
1FE5  X-ray     2.45 A      PA2B_BUNCE  (Q9DF52)    
1FE8  X-ray     2.03 A      GCAA_MOUSE  (P01863)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            VWF_HUMAN   (P04275)    
1FEA  X-ray     2.20 A      TYTR_CRIFA  (P39040)    
1FEB  X-ray     2.00 A      TYTR_CRIFA  (P39040)    
1FEC  X-ray     1.70 A      TYTR_CRIFA  (P39040)    
1FEE  X-ray     1.80 A      ATOX1_HUMAN (O00244)    
1FEH  X-ray     1.80 A      PHF1_CLOPA  (P29166)    
1FEJ  X-ray     1.78 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FEL  X-ray     1.80 A      RET4_BOVIN  (P18902)    
1FEM  X-ray     1.90 A      RET4_BOVIN  (P18902)    
1FEN  X-ray     1.90 A      RET4_BOVIN  (P18902)    
1FEO  NMR       -           O17A_CONMA  (P05484)    
1FEP  X-ray     2.40 A      FEPA_ECOLI  (P05825)    
1FER  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FES  NMR       -           ATX1_YEAST  (P38636)    
1FEU  X-ray     2.30 A      RL25_THETH  (P56930)    
1FEV  X-ray     2.25 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1FEW  X-ray     2.20 A      DBLOH_HUMAN (Q9NR28)    
1FEX  NMR       -           TE2IP_HUMAN (Q9NYB0)    
1FEZ  X-ray     3.00 A      PHNX_BACCE  (O31156)    
1FF0  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FF1  NMR       -           EPS15_HUMAN (P42566)    
1FF2  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FF3  X-ray     1.90 A      MSRA_ECOLI  (P0A744)    
1FF4  X-ray     1.50 A      3SIM2_DENAN (P18328)    
1FF5  X-ray     2.93 A      CADH1_MOUSE (P09803)    
1FF7  NMR       -           FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1FF9  X-ray     2.00 A      LYS9_MAGO7  (Q9P4R4)    
1FFA  X-ray     1.69 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1FFB  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1FFC  X-ray     1.75 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1FFD  X-ray     1.69 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1FFE  X-ray     1.69 A      CUTI1_FUSVN (P00590)    
1FFF  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FFG  X-ray     2.10 A      CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1FFH  X-ray     2.05 A      SRP54_THEAQ (O07347)    
1FFI  X-ray     1.70 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FFJ  NMR       -           3SA2_NAJOX  (P01441)    
1FFK  X-ray     2.40 A      RL10E_HALMA (P60617)    , RL13_HALMA  (P29198)    ,
                            RL14_HALMA  (P22450)    , RL15E_HALMA (P60618)    ,
                            RL15_HALMA  (P12737)    , RL18E_HALMA (P12733)    ,
                            RL18_HALMA  (P14123)    , RL19E_HALMA (P14119)    ,
                            RL21_HALMA  (P12734)    , RL22_HALMA  (P10970)    ,
                            RL23_HALMA  (P12732)    , RL24E_HALMA (P14116)    ,
                            RL24_HALMA  (P10972)    , RL29_HALMA  (P10971)    ,
                            RL2_HALMA   (P20276)    , RL30_HALMA  (P14121)    ,
                            RL31_HALMA  (P18138)    , RL32_HALMA  (P12736)    ,
                            RL37A_HALMA (P60619)    , RL37_HALMA  (P32410)    ,
                            RL39_HALMA  (P22452)    , RL3_HALMA   (P20279)    ,
                            RL44E_HALMA (P32411)    , RL4_HALMA   (P12735)    ,
                            RL5_HALMA   (P14124)    , RL6_HALMA   (P14135)    ,
                            RL7A_HALMA  (P12743)    
1FFL  X-ray     2.94 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1FFM  NMR       -           FA7_HUMAN   (P08709)    
1FFN  X-ray     2.70 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    
1FFO  X-ray     2.65 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    
1FFP  X-ray     2.60 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    
1FFQ  X-ray     1.90 A      CHIA_SERMA  (P07254)    
1FFR  X-ray     1.80 A      CHIA_SERMA  (P07254)    
1FFS  X-ray     2.40 A      CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1FFT  X-ray     3.50 A      CYOA_ECOLI  (P0ABJ1)    , CYOB_ECOLI  (P0ABI8)    ,
                            CYOC_ECOLI  (P0ABJ3)    , CYOD_ECOLI  (P0ABJ6)    
1FFU  X-ray     2.35 A      DCML_HYDPS  (P19913)    , DCMM_HYDPS  (P19914)    ,
                            DCMS_HYDPS  (P19915)    
1FFV  X-ray     2.25 A      DCML_HYDPS  (P19913)    , DCMM_HYDPS  (P19914)    ,
                            DCMS_HYDPS  (P19915)    
1FFW  X-ray     2.70 A      CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    , CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1FFX  X-ray     3.95 A      TBA1A_PIG   (P02550)    , TBB_PIG     (P02554)    
1FFY  X-ray     2.20 A      SYI1_STAAU  (P41972)    
1FG2  X-ray     2.75 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA11_MOUSE  (P01899)    
1FG3  X-ray     2.20 A      HIS8_ECOLI  (P06986)    
1FG5  X-ray     2.80 A      GGTA1_BOVIN (P14769)    
1FG6  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FG7  X-ray     1.50 A      HIS8_ECOLI  (P06986)    
1FG8  X-ray     1.85 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FG9  X-ray     2.90 A      IFNG_HUMAN  (P01579)    , INGR1_HUMAN (P15260)    
1FGA  X-ray     2.20 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    
1FGB  X-ray     2.40 A      CHTB_VIBCH  (P01556)    
1FGC  X-ray     1.90 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1FGD  NMR       -           TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1FGE  NMR       -           TRBM_HUMAN  (P07204)    
1FGG  X-ray     2.30 A      B3GA3_HUMAN (O94766)    
1FGH  X-ray     2.05 A      ACON_BOVIN  (P20004)    
1FGI  X-ray     2.50 A      FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1FGJ  X-ray     2.80 A      HAO_NITEU   (Q50925)    
1FGK  X-ray     2.00 A      FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1FGL  X-ray     1.80 A      GAG_HV1W2   (P05889)    , PPIA_HUMAN  (P62937)    
1FGM  X-ray     1.90 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1FGN  X-ray     2.50 A      IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1FGO  X-ray     1.62 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1FGP  NMR       -           G3P_BPFD    (P03661)    
1FGQ  X-ray     1.85 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1FGR  X-ray     1.60 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1FGS  X-ray     2.40 A      FPGS_LACCA  (P15925)    
1FGT  X-ray     1.62 A      LOX1_SOYBN  (P08170)    
1FGU  X-ray     2.50 A      RFA1_HUMAN  (P27694)    
1FGX  X-ray     2.40 A      B4GT1_BOVIN (P08037)    
1FGY  X-ray     1.50 A      CYH3_MOUSE  (O08967)    
1FGZ  X-ray     2.05 A      CYH3_MOUSE  (O08967)    
1FH0  X-ray     1.60 A      CATL2_HUMAN (O60911)    
1FH1  NMR       -           NODF_RHILV  (P04685)    
1FH2  X-ray     1.80 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1FH3  NMR       -           SCL3_LEIHE  (P56678)    
1FH4  Model     -           IF5A1_HUMAN (P63241)    
1FH7  X-ray     1.82 A      GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1FH8  X-ray     1.95 A      GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1FH9  X-ray     1.72 A      GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1FHA  X-ray     2.40 A      FRIH_HUMAN  (P02794)    
1FHB  NMR       -           CYC1_YEAST  (P00044)    
1FHC  Model     -           CFAH_HUMAN  (P08603)    
1FHD  X-ray     1.90 A      GUX_CELFI   (P07986)    
1FHE  X-ray     3.00 A      GST27_FASHE (P31670)    
1FHG  X-ray     2.00 A      MYLK_MELGA  (P56276)    
1FHH  X-ray     1.50 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1FHI  X-ray     3.10 A      FHIT_HUMAN  (P49789)    
1FHJ  X-ray     1.80 A      HBA_CHRBR   (P60523)    , HBB_CHRBR   (P60526)    
1FHL  X-ray     2.30 A      GANA_ASPAC  (P48842)    
1FHM  X-ray     1.50 A      RUBR_CLOPA  (P00268)    
1FHN  X-ray     1.75 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1FHO  NMR       -           UNC89_CAEEL (O01761)    
1FHQ  NMR       -           RAD53_YEAST (P22216)    
1FHR  NMR       -           RAD53_YEAST (P22216)    , RAD9_YEAST  (P14737)    
1FHS  NMR       -           GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    
1FHT  NMR       -           SNRPA_HUMAN (P09012)    
1FHU  X-ray     1.65 A      MENC_ECOLI  (P29208)    
1FHV  X-ray     1.77 A      MENC_ECOLI  (P29208)    
1FHW  X-ray     1.90 A      CYH3_MOUSE  (O08967)    
1FHX  X-ray     2.50 A      CYH3_MOUSE  (O08967)    
1FI0  NMR       -           VPR_HV1RH   (P05954)    
1FI1  X-ray     2.90 A      FHUA_ECOLI  (P06971)    
1FI2  X-ray     1.60 A      OXO1_HORVU  (P45850)    
1FI3  NMR       -           CY551_PSEST (P00101)    
1FI4  X-ray     2.27 A      MVD1_YEAST  (P32377)    
1FI5  NMR       -           TNNC1_CHICK (P09860)    
1FI6  NMR       -           REPS1_MOUSE (O54916)    
1FI7  NMR       -           CYC_HORSE   (P00004)    
1FI8  X-ray     2.20 A      ECOT_ECOLI  (P23827)    , GRAB_RAT    (P18291)    
1FI9  NMR       -           CYC_HORSE   (P00004)    
1FIA  X-ray     2.00 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1FIB  X-ray     2.10 A      FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FIC  X-ray     2.50 A      FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FID  X-ray     2.10 A      FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FIE  X-ray     2.50 A      F13A_HUMAN  (P00488)    
1FIF  X-ray     1.95 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1FIH  X-ray     1.95 A      MBL1_RAT    (P19999)    
1FIK  X-ray     2.30 A      PROF1_HUMAN (P07737)    
1FIL  X-ray     2.00 A      PROF1_HUMAN (P07737)    
1FIM  X-ray     2.20 A      MIF_RAT     (P30904)    
1FIN  X-ray     2.30 A      CCNA2_HUMAN (P20248)    , CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1FIO  X-ray     2.10 A      SSO1_YEAST  (P32867)    
1FIP  X-ray     1.90 A      FIS_ECOLI   (P0A6R3)    
1FIQ  X-ray     2.50 A      XDH_BOVIN   (P80457)    
1FIT  X-ray     1.85 A      FHIT_HUMAN  (P49789)    
1FIU  X-ray     1.60 A      T2M4_NEIGO  (P31032)    
1FIV  X-ray     2.00 A      POL_FIVPE   (P16088)    
1FIW  X-ray     2.10 A      ACRO_SHEEP  (Q9GL10)    
1FIY  X-ray     2.80 A      CAPP_ECOLI  (P00864)    
1FIZ  X-ray     2.90 A      ACRO_PIG    (P08001)    
1FJ0  X-ray     1.70 A      CYC22_RHOPA (P00091)    
1FJ1  X-ray     2.68 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            OSPA_BORBU  (P0CL66)    
1FJ2  X-ray     1.50 A      LYPA1_HUMAN (O75608)    
1FJ3  X-ray     2.00 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJ4  X-ray     2.35 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1FJ6  X-ray     2.50 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FJ7  NMR       -           NUCL_MESAU  (P08199)    
1FJ8  X-ray     2.27 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1FJ9  X-ray     2.50 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FJC  NMR       -           NUCL_MESAU  (P08199)    
1FJD  NMR       -           PIN4_HUMAN  (Q9Y237)    
1FJE  NMR       -           NUCL_MESAU  (P08199)    
1FJG  X-ray     3.00 A      RS10_THET8  (Q5SHN7)    , RS11_THET8  (P80376)    ,
                            RS12_THET8  (Q5SHN3)    , RS13_THET8  (P80377)    ,
                            RS14Z_THET8 (P0DOY6)    , RS15_THET8  (Q5SJ76)    ,
                            RS16_THET8  (Q5SJH3)    , RS17_THET8  (P0DOY7)    ,
                            RS18_THET8  (Q5SLQ0)    , RS19_THET8  (Q5SHP2)    ,
                            RS20_THET8  (P80380)    , RS2_THET8   (P80371)    ,
                            RS3_THET8   (P80372)    , RS4_THET8   (P80373)    ,
                            RS5_THET8   (Q5SHQ5)    , RS6_THET8   (Q5SLP8)    ,
                            RS7_THET8   (P17291)    , RS8_THET8   (P0DOY9)    ,
                            RS9_THET8   (P80374)    , RSHX_THET8  (Q5SIH3)    
1FJH  X-ray     1.68 A      DIDH_COMTE  (P80702)    
1FJI  Model     -           CPFC_BACSU  (P32396)    
1FJJ  X-ray     1.66 A      YBHB_ECOLI  (P12994)    
1FJK  NMR       -           PPLA_PIG    (P61013)    
1FJL  X-ray     2.00 A      PRD_DROME   (P06601)    
1FJM  X-ray     2.10 A      PP1A_RABIT  (P62139)    
1FJN  NMR       -           DEFI_MYTGA  (P80571)    
1FJO  X-ray     2.00 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJP  NMR       -           PPLA_PIG    (P61013)    
1FJQ  X-ray     1.70 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJR  X-ray     2.30 A      MTH_DROME   (O97148)    
1FJS  X-ray     1.92 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1FJT  X-ray     2.20 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJU  X-ray     2.00 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJV  X-ray     2.00 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJW  X-ray     1.90 A      THER_BACTH  (P00800)    
1FJX  X-ray     2.26 A      MTH1_HAEPH  (P05102)    
1FK0  X-ray     1.80 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK1  X-ray     1.80 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK2  X-ray     1.80 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK3  X-ray     1.80 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK4  X-ray     1.80 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK5  X-ray     1.30 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK6  X-ray     1.90 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK7  X-ray     1.90 A      NLTP_MAIZE  (P19656)    
1FK8  X-ray     1.95 A      DIDH_COMTE  (P80702)    
1FK9  X-ray     2.50 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1FKA  X-ray     3.30 A      RS15_THET8  (Q5SJ76)    , RS18_THET8  (Q5SLQ0)    ,
                            RS19_THET8  (Q5SHP2)    , RS4_THET8   (P80373)    ,
                            RS5_THET8   (Q5SHQ5)    , RS6_THET8   (Q5SLP8)    ,
                            RS7_THET8   (P17291)    , RS8_THET8   (P0DOY9)    
1FKB  X-ray     1.70 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKC  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1FKD  X-ray     1.72 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKF  X-ray     1.70 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKG  X-ray     2.00 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKH  X-ray     1.95 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKI  X-ray     2.20 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKJ  X-ray     1.70 A      FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKK  X-ray     2.20 A      FKB1A_BOVIN (P18203)    
1FKL  X-ray     1.70 A      FKB1A_BOVIN (P18203)    
1FKM  X-ray     1.90 A      GYP1_YEAST  (Q08484)    
1FKN  X-ray     1.90 A      BACE1_HUMAN (P56817)    
1FKO  X-ray     2.90 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1FKP  X-ray     2.90 A      POL_HV1H2   (P04585)    
1FKQ  X-ray     1.80 A      LALBA_CAPHI (P00712)    
1FKR  NMR       -           FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKS  NMR       -           FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKT  NMR       -           FKB1A_HUMAN (P62942)    
1FKV  X-ray     2.00 A      LALBA_CAPHI (P00712)    
1FKW  X-ray     2.40 A      ADA_MOUSE   (P03958)    
1FKX  X-ray     2.40 A      ADA_MOUSE   (P03958)    
1FL0  X-ray     1.50 A      AIMP1_HUMAN (Q12904)    
1FL2  X-ray     1.90 A      AHPF_ECOLI  (P35340)    
1FL3  X-ray     2.45 A      IGG2B_MOUSE (P01867)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1FL4  Model     -           PDE5A_BOVIN (Q28156)    
1FL7  X-ray     3.00 A      FSHB_HUMAN  (P01225)    , GLHA_HUMAN  (P01215)    
1FL9  X-ray     2.50 A      TSAE_HAEIN  (P44492)    
1FLA  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_CLOBE  (P00322)    
1FLC  X-ray     3.20 A      HEMA_INCJH  (P07975)    
1FLD  X-ray     1.80 A      FLAV_CLOBE  (P00322)    
1FLE  X-ray     1.90 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    , ELAF_HUMAN  (P19957)    
1FLF  Model     -           DPNPH_ARATH (Q38945)    
1FLG  X-ray     2.60 A      QEDH_PSEAE  (Q9Z4J7)    
1FLH  X-ray     2.45 A      PEPA4_HUMAN (P0DJD7)    
1FLI  NMR       -           FLI1_HUMAN  (Q01543)    
1FLJ  X-ray     1.80 A      CAH3_RAT    (P14141)    
1FLK  X-ray     2.80 A      TRAF3_HUMAN (Q13114)    
1FLL  X-ray     3.50 A      TNR5_HUMAN  (P25942)    , TRAF3_HUMAN (Q13114)    
1FLM  X-ray     1.30 A      FMNB_DESVM  (Q46604)    
1FLN  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_CLOBE  (P00322)    
1FLO  X-ray     2.65 A      FLP_YEAST   (P03870)    
1FLP  X-ray     1.50 A      GLB1_PHAPT  (P41260)    
1FLQ  X-ray     1.80 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FLR  X-ray     1.85 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    
1FLS  NMR       -           MMP13_HUMAN (P45452)    
1FLT  X-ray     1.70 A      VEGFA_HUMAN (P15692)    , VGFR1_HUMAN (P17948)    
1FLU  X-ray     1.78 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FLV  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_NOSS1  (P0A3D9)    
1FLW  X-ray     1.81 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FLY  X-ray     1.83 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FLZ  X-ray     2.30 A      UNG_ECOLI   (P12295)    
1FM0  X-ray     1.45 A      MOAD_ECOLI  (P30748)    , MOAE_ECOLI  (P30749)    
1FM1  NMR       -           MMP13_HUMAN (P45452)    
1FM2  X-ray     2.00 A      G7AC_BREDI  (Q9L5D6)    
1FM4  X-ray     1.97 A      BEV1L_BETPN (P43185)    
1FM5  X-ray     2.27 A      CD69_HUMAN  (Q07108)    
1FM6  X-ray     2.10 A      NCOA1_HUMAN (Q15788)    , PPARG_HUMAN (P37231)    ,
                            RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1FM7  X-ray     2.30 A      CFI1_MEDSA  (P28012)    
1FM8  X-ray     2.30 A      CFI1_MEDSA  (P28012)    
1FM9  X-ray     2.10 A      NCOA1_HUMAN (Q15788)    , PPARG_HUMAN (P37231)    ,
                            RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1FMA  X-ray     1.58 A      MOAD_ECOLI  (P30748)    , MOAE_ECOLI  (P30749)    
1FMB  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_EIAVC   (P32542)    
1FMC  X-ray     1.80 A      HDHA_ECOLI  (P0AET8)    
1FMD  X-ray     3.50 A      POLG_FMDVT  (P15072)    , POLG_FMDVZ  (P49303)    
1FMF  NMR       -           GMSS_CLOTT  (Q05488)    
1FMG  X-ray     1.90 A      TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1FMH  NMR       -           GCN4_YEAST  (P03069)    
1FMI  X-ray     1.90 A      MA1B1_HUMAN (Q9UKM7)    
1FMK  X-ray     1.50 A      SRC_HUMAN   (P12931)    
1FMM  NMR       -           FGF1_NOTVI  (Q7SIF8)    
1FMO  X-ray     2.20 A      IPKA_RABIT  (P61926)    , KAPCA_MOUSE (P05132)    
1FMT  X-ray     2.00 A      FMT_ECOLI   (P23882)    
1FMU  X-ray     2.70 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FMV  X-ray     2.10 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1FMW  X-ray     2.15 A      MYS2_DICDI  (P08799)    
1FMX  X-ray     2.61 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FMY  NMR       -           MTCU1_YEAST (P0CX80)    
1FMZ  X-ray     2.05 A      ICW3_PSOTE  (P10822)    
1FN0  X-ray     2.00 A      ICW3_PSOTE  (P10822)    
1FN3  X-ray     2.48 A      HBA_HUMAN   (P69905)    , HBB_HUMAN   (P68871)    
1FN4  X-ray     2.80 A      IGG2A_RAT   (P20760)    , KACB_RAT    (P01835)    
1FN5  X-ray     1.78 A      LYSC_CHICK  (P00698)    
1FN6  X-ray     1.80 A      TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1FN7  X-ray     2.60 A      OGG1_HUMAN  (O15527)    
1FN8  X-ray     0.81 A      TRYP_FUSOX  (P35049)    
1FN9  X-ray     1.80 A      SIGM3_REOVD (P03527)    
1FNA  X-ray     1.80 A      FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1FNB  X-ray     1.70 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1FNC  X-ray     2.00 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1FND  X-ray     1.70 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1FNE  X-ray     1.90 A      HA22_MOUSE  (P04224)    , HBB2_MOUSE  (P02089)    
1FNF  X-ray     2.00 A      FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1FNG  X-ray     1.90 A      HA22_MOUSE  (P04224)    , HBB2_MOUSE  (P02089)    
1FNH  X-ray     2.80 A      FINC_HUMAN  (P02751)    
1FNI  X-ray     1.60 A      TRYP_PIG    (P00761)    
1FNJ  X-ray     1.90 A      AROH_BACSU  (P19080)    
1FNK  X-ray     2.00 A      AROH_BACSU  (P19080)    
1FNL  X-ray     1.80 A      FCG3B_HUMAN (O75015)    
1FNM  X-ray     2.80 A      EFG_THETH   (P13551)    
1FNO  X-ray     2.40 A      PEPT_SALTY  (P26311)    
1FNP  X-ray     2.60 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1FNQ  X-ray     2.60 A      RCEH_RHOSH  (P0C0Y7)    , RCEL_RHOSH  (P0C0Y8)    ,
                            RCEM_RHOSH  (P0C0Y9)    
1FNS  X-ray     2.00 A      IGHG1_MOUSE (P01868)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    ,
                            VWF_HUMAN   (P04275)    
1FNT  X-ray     3.20 A      PSA1_YEAST  (P21243)    , PSA2_YEAST  (P23639)    ,
                            PSA3_YEAST  (P23638)    , PSA4_YEAST  (P40303)    ,
                            PSA5_YEAST  (P32379)    , PSA6_YEAST  (P40302)    ,
                            PSA7_YEAST  (P21242)    , PSB1_YEAST  (P38624)    ,
                            PSB2_YEAST  (P25043)    , PSB3_YEAST  (P25451)    ,
                            PSB4_YEAST  (P22141)    , PSB5_YEAST  (P30656)    ,
                            PSB6_YEAST  (P23724)    , PSB7_YEAST  (P30657)    
1FNU  X-ray     1.94 A      SPEA_STRPY  (P0DJY7)    
1FNV  X-ray     3.60 A      SPEA_STRPY  (P0DJY7)    
1FNW  X-ray     3.90 A      SPEA_STRPY  (P0DJY7)    
1FNX  NMR       -           ELAV3_MOUSE (Q60900)    
1FNY  X-ray     1.81 A      LCB1_ROBPS  (Q41159)    
1FNZ  X-ray     2.05 A      LCB1_ROBPS  (Q41159)    
1FO0  X-ray     2.50 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    ,
                            KCD20_MOUSE (Q8CDD8)    , TVB6_MOUSE  (P04214)    
1FO1  X-ray     2.90 A      NXF1_HUMAN  (Q9UBU9)    
1FO2  X-ray     2.38 A      MA1B1_HUMAN (Q9UKM7)    
1FO3  X-ray     1.75 A      MA1B1_HUMAN (Q9UKM7)    
1FO4  X-ray     2.10 A      XDH_BOVIN   (P80457)    
1FO5  NMR       -           THIO_METJA  (Q57755)    
1FO6  X-ray     1.95 A      DCAS_RHIRD  (Q44185)    
1FO7  NMR       -           PRIO_HUMAN  (P04156)    
1FO8  X-ray     1.40 A      MGAT1_RABIT (P27115)    
1FO9  X-ray     1.50 A      MGAT1_RABIT (P27115)    
1FOA  X-ray     1.80 A      MGAT1_RABIT (P27115)    
1FOB  X-ray     1.80 A      GANA_ASPAC  (P48842)    
1FOC  X-ray     3.00 A      CY552_THET8 (Q5SME3)    
1FOE  X-ray     2.80 A      RAC1_HUMAN  (P63000)    , TIAM1_MOUSE (Q60610)    
1FOF  X-ray     2.00 A      BLO10_PSEAI (P14489)    
1FOG  Model     -           ACTN_ACTCC  (P00785)    
1FOH  X-ray     2.40 A      PHHY_CUTCT  (P15245)    
1FOI  X-ray     1.93 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1FOJ  X-ray     2.10 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1FOK  X-ray     2.80 A      T2F1_PLAOK  (P14870)    
1FOL  X-ray     2.20 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1FON  X-ray     1.70 A      CAC3_BOVIN  (P05805)    
1FOO  X-ray     2.00 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1FOP  X-ray     2.30 A      NOS3_BOVIN  (P29473)    
1FOS  X-ray     3.05 A      FOS_HUMAN   (P01100)    , JUN_HUMAN   (P05412)    
1FOT  X-ray     2.80 A      KAPA_YEAST  (P06244)    
1FOU  X-ray     3.20 A      PORTL_BPPH2 (P04332)    
1FOV  NMR       -           GLRX3_ECOLI (P0AC62)    
1FOW  NMR       -           RL11_GEOSE  (P56210)    
1FOX  NMR       -           RL11_GEOSE  (P56210)    
1FOY  NMR       -           RL11_GEOSE  (P56210)    
1FP0  NMR       -           TIF1B_HUMAN (Q13263)    
1FP1  X-ray     1.82 A      CHOMT_MEDSA (P93324)    
1FP2  X-ray     1.40 A      7OMT8_MEDSA (O24529)    
1FP3  X-ray     2.00 A      RENBP_PIG   (P17560)    
1FP4  X-ray     2.50 A      NIFD_AZOVI  (P07328)    , NIFK_AZOVI  (P07329)    
1FP5  X-ray     2.30 A      IGHE_HUMAN  (P01854)    
1FP6  X-ray     2.15 A      NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    
1FP7  X-ray     3.20 A      FTHS_MOOTH  (P21164)    
1FP8  X-ray     2.30 A      MALQ_THETH  (O87172)    
1FP9  X-ray     3.10 A      MALQ_THETH  (O87172)    
1FPB  X-ray     2.60 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPC  X-ray     2.30 A      HIR2_HIRME  (P28504)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1FPD  X-ray     2.10 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPE  X-ray     2.20 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPF  X-ray     2.10 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPG  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPH  X-ray     2.50 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , HIR2B_HIRME (P28506)    ,
                            THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1FPI  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPJ  X-ray     2.20 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPK  X-ray     3.00 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPL  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FPM  X-ray     3.00 A      FTHS_MOOTH  (P21164)    
1FPN  X-ray     2.60 A      POLG_HRV2   (P04936)    
1FPO  X-ray     1.80 A      HSCB_ECOLI  (P0A6L9)    
1FPP  X-ray     2.75 A      FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    
1FPQ  X-ray     2.00 A      CHOMT_MEDSA (P93324)    
1FPR  X-ray     2.50 A      PTN6_HUMAN  (P29350)    
1FPS  X-ray     2.60 A      FPPS_CHICK  (P08836)    
1FPT  X-ray     3.00 A      GCAM_MOUSE  (P01865)    , POLG_POL1M  (P03300)    
1FPU  X-ray     2.40 A      ABL1_MOUSE  (P00520)    
1FPV  X-ray     3.30 A      CAPSD_FPV19 (P24840)    
1FPW  NMR       -           NCS1_YEAST  (Q06389)    
1FPY  X-ray     2.89 A      GLN1B_SALTY (P0A1P6)    
1FPZ  X-ray     2.00 A      CDKN3_HUMAN (Q16667)    
1FQ0  X-ray     2.10 A      ALKH_ECOLI  (P0A955)    
1FQ1  X-ray     3.00 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    , CDKN3_HUMAN (Q16667)    
1FQ3  X-ray     3.10 A      GRAB_HUMAN  (P10144)    
1FQ4  X-ray     2.70 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FQ5  X-ray     2.40 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FQ6  X-ray     2.70 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FQ7  X-ray     2.80 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FQ8  X-ray     2.80 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    
1FQ9  X-ray     3.00 A      FGF2_HUMAN  (P09038)    , FGFR1_HUMAN (P11362)    
1FQA  X-ray     1.90 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1FQB  X-ray     1.90 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1FQC  X-ray     2.30 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1FQD  X-ray     2.30 A      MALE_ECOLI  (P0AEX9)    
1FQE  X-ray     1.80 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1FQF  X-ray     2.10 A      TRFE_HUMAN  (P02787)    
1FQG  X-ray     1.70 A      BLAT_ECOLX  (P62593)    
1FQI  X-ray     1.94 A      RGS9_BOVIN  (O46469)    
1FQJ  X-ray     2.02 A      CNRG_BOVIN  (P04972)    , GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    ,
                            GNAT1_BOVIN (P04695)    , RGS9_BOVIN  (O46469)    
1FQK  X-ray     2.30 A      GNAI1_RAT   (P10824)    , GNAT1_BOVIN (P04695)    ,
                            RGS9_BOVIN  (O46469)    
1FQL  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FQM  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FQN  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FQO  X-ray     2.20 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1FQQ  NMR       -           DFB4A_HUMAN (O15263)    
1FQR  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FQT  X-ray     1.60 A      BPHF_PARXL  (P37332)    
1FQU  Model     -           AT2A1_RABIT (P04191)    
1FQV  X-ray     2.80 A      SKP1_HUMAN  (P63208)    , SKP2_HUMAN  (Q13309)    
1FQW  X-ray     2.37 A      CHEY_ECOLI  (P0AE67)    
1FQX  X-ray     3.10 A      POL_HV1BR   (P03367)    
1FQY  X-ray     3.80 A      AQP1_HUMAN  (P29972)    
1FR0  NMR       -           ARCB_ECOLI  (P0AEC3)    
1FR2  X-ray     1.60 A      CEA9_ECOLX  (P09883)    , IMM9_ECOLX  (P13479)    
1FR4  X-ray     1.60 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FR5  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_BPFR  (P03614)    
1FR7  X-ray     1.50 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FR8  X-ray     2.40 A      B4GT1_BOVIN (P08037)    
1FR9  X-ray     1.65 A      MOBA_ECOLI  (P32173)    
1FRA  NMR       -           3S1EB_LATSE (Q90VW1)    
1FRB  X-ray     1.70 A      ALD2_MOUSE  (P45377)    
1FRD  X-ray     1.70 A      FERH_NOSS1  (P11053)    
1FRE  NMR       -           NF7B_XENLA  (Q92021)    
1FRF  X-ray     2.70 A      PHNL_DESFR  (P18188)    , PHNS_DESFR  (P18187)    
1FRG  X-ray     2.80 A      HEMA_I000X  (P03438)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1FRH  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRI  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRJ  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRK  X-ray     2.10 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRL  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRM  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRN  X-ray     2.00 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1FRO  X-ray     2.20 A      LGUL_HUMAN  (Q04760)    
1FRP  X-ray     2.00 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FRQ  X-ray     1.95 A      FENR_SPIOL  (P00455)    
1FRR  X-ray     1.80 A      FER1_EQUAR  (P00235)    
1FRS  X-ray     3.50 A      CAPSD_BPFR  (P03614)    
1FRT  X-ray     4.50 A      B2MG_RAT    (P07151)    , FCGRN_RAT   (P13599)    
1FRV  X-ray     2.85 A      PHNL_DESGI  (P12944)    , PHNS_DESGI  (P12943)    
1FRW  X-ray     1.75 A      MOBA_ECOLI  (P32173)    
1FRX  X-ray     2.50 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FRY  NMR       -           SC51_SHEEP  (P49928)    
1FRZ  X-ray     2.20 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1FS0  X-ray     2.10 A      ATPE_ECOLI  (P0A6E6)    , ATPG_ECOLI  (P0ABA6)    
1FS1  X-ray     1.80 A      SKP1_HUMAN  (P63208)    , SKP2_HUMAN  (Q13309)    
1FS2  X-ray     2.90 A      SKP1_HUMAN  (P63208)    , SKP2_HUMAN  (Q13309)    
1FS3  X-ray     1.40 A      RNAS1_BOVIN (P61823)    
1FS4  X-ray     2.38 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FS5  X-ray     1.73 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1FS6  X-ray     2.20 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1FS7  X-ray     1.60 A      NRFA_WOLSU  (Q9S1E5)    
1FS8  X-ray     1.60 A      NRFA_WOLSU  (Q9S1E5)    
1FS9  X-ray     2.00 A      NRFA_WOLSU  (Q9S1E5)    
1FSA  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_PIG   (P00636)    
1FSB  NMR       -           LYAM3_HUMAN (P16109)    
1FSC  X-ray     2.00 A      3SE2_DENAN  (P0C1Z0)    
1FSE  X-ray     2.05 A      GERE_BACSU  (P11470)    
1FSF  X-ray     1.90 A      NAGB_ECOLI  (P0A759)    
1FSG  X-ray     1.05 A      HGXR_TOXGO  (Q26997)    
1FSH  NMR       -           DVL1_MOUSE  (P51141)    
1FSI  X-ray     2.50 A      CPD_ARATH   (O04147)    
1FSJ  X-ray     1.80 A      CEA9_ECOLX  (P09883)    
1FSK  X-ray     2.90 A      BEV1A_BETPN (P15494)    , IGKC_MOUSE  (P01837)    
1FSL  X-ray     2.30 A      LGBA_SOYBN  (P02238)    
1FSN  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FSO  X-ray     2.00 A      GDIR1_HUMAN (P52565)    
1FSP  NMR       -           SP0F_BACSU  (P06628)    
1FSQ  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FSR  X-ray     2.00 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1FSS  X-ray     3.00 A      3SE2_DENAN  (P0C1Z0)    , ACES_TETCF  (P04058)    
1FST  X-ray     2.70 A      GDIR1_HUMAN (P52565)    
1FSU  X-ray     2.50 A      ARSB_HUMAN  (P15848)    
1FSW  X-ray     1.90 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1FSX  X-ray     2.10 A      HBA_BOVIN   (P01966)    , HBB_BOVIN   (P02070)    
1FSY  X-ray     1.75 A      AMPC_ECOLI  (P00811)    
1FSZ  X-ray     2.80 A      FTSZ1_METJA (Q57816)    
1FT0  X-ray     2.60 A      GDIR1_HUMAN (P52565)    
1FT1  X-ray     2.25 A      FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    
1FT2  X-ray     3.40 A      FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    
1FT3  X-ray     2.80 A      GDIR1_HUMAN (P52565)    
1FT4  X-ray     2.90 A      TNR1A_HUMAN (P19438)    
1FT5  X-ray     1.60 A      C554_NITEU  (Q57142)    
1FT6  X-ray     1.80 A      C554_NITEU  (Q57142)    
1FT7  X-ray     2.20 A      AMPX_VIBPR  (Q01693)    
1FT8  X-ray     3.15 A      NXF1_HUMAN  (Q9UBU9)    
1FTA  X-ray     2.30 A      F16P1_HUMAN (P09467)    
1FTC  X-ray     2.35 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1FTE  X-ray     2.40 A      ACPS_STRPN  (P0A2W6)    
1FTF  X-ray     2.05 A      ACPS_STRPN  (P0A2W6)    
1FTG  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_NOSSO  (P0A3E0)    
1FTH  X-ray     1.90 A      ACPS_STRPN  (P0A2W6)    
1FTI  Model     -           FNTA_RAT    (Q04631)    , FNTB_RAT    (Q02293)    
1FTJ  X-ray     1.90 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FTK  X-ray     1.60 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FTL  X-ray     1.80 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FTM  X-ray     1.70 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FTN  X-ray     2.10 A      RHOA_HUMAN  (P61586)    
1FTO  X-ray     2.00 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FTP  X-ray     2.20 A      FABPM_SCHGR (P41496)    
1FTQ  X-ray     2.35 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FTR  X-ray     1.70 A      FTR_METKA   (Q49610)    
1FTS  X-ray     2.20 A      FTSY_ECOLI  (P10121)    
1FTT  NMR       -           NKX21_RAT   (P23441)    
1FTV  Model     -           ACTN_ACTCC  (P00785)    
1FTW  X-ray     2.36 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FTX  X-ray     2.20 A      ALR_GEOSE   (P10724)    
1FTY  X-ray     2.38 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FTZ  NMR       -           FTZ_DROME   (P02835)    
1FU0  X-ray     1.90 A      PTHP_ENTFA  (P07515)    
1FU1  X-ray     2.70 A      XRCC4_HUMAN (Q13426)    
1FU2  X-ray     3.24 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1FU3  NMR       -           O16A_CONTE  (P18511)    
1FU4  X-ray     2.36 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FU5  NMR       -           MT_POVBG    (P0DOJ7)    , P85A_RAT    (Q63787)    
1FU6  NMR       -           P85A_RAT    (Q63787)    
1FU7  X-ray     2.36 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FU8  X-ray     2.35 A      PYGM_RABIT  (P00489)    
1FU9  NMR       -           USH_DROME   (Q9VPQ6)    
1FUA  X-ray     1.92 A      FUCA_ECOLI  (P0AB87)    
1FUB  X-ray     3.09 A      INS_HUMAN   (P01308)    
1FUE  X-ray     2.40 A      FLAV_HELPJ  (Q9ZK53)    
1FUG  X-ray     3.20 A      METK_ECOLI  (P0A817)    
1FUI  X-ray     2.50 A      FUCI_ECOLI  (P69922)    
1FUJ  X-ray     2.20 A      PRTN3_HUMAN (P24158)    
1FUK  X-ray     1.75 A      IF4A_YEAST  (P10081)    
1FUN  X-ray     2.85 A      SODC_HUMAN  (P00441)    
1FUO  X-ray     1.98 A      FUMC_ECOLI  (P05042)    
1FUP  X-ray     2.30 A      FUMC_ECOLI  (P05042)    
1FUQ  X-ray     2.00 A      FUMC_ECOLI  (P05042)    
1FUR  X-ray     1.95 A      FUMC_ECOLI  (P05042)    
1FUS  X-ray     1.30 A      RNF1_GIBFU  (P10282)    
1FUT  X-ray     2.00 A      RNF1_GIBFU  (P10282)    
1FUU  X-ray     2.50 A      IF4A_YEAST  (P10081)    
1FUW  NMR       -           MONA_DIOCU  (P02881)    , MONB_DIOCU  (P02882)    
1FUX  X-ray     1.81 A      YBCL_ECOLI  (P77368)    
1FUY  X-ray     2.25 A      TRPA_SALTY  (P00929)    , TRPB_SALTY  (P0A2K1)    
1FV0  X-ray     1.70 A      PA2B8_DABRR (P59071)    
1FV1  X-ray     1.90 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB5_HUMAN  (Q30154)    ,
                            MBP_HUMAN   (P02686)    
1FV2  X-ray     2.50 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1FV3  X-ray     2.30 A      TETX_CLOTE  (P04958)    
1FV4  Model     -           FA5_HUMAN   (P12259)    
1FV5  NMR       -           USH_DROME   (Q9VPQ6)    
1FV9  X-ray     3.00 A      UROK_HUMAN  (P00749)    
1FVA  X-ray     1.70 A      MSRA_BOVIN  (P54149)    
1FVG  X-ray     1.60 A      MSRA_BOVIN  (P54149)    
1FVJ  X-ray     2.06 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1FVK  X-ray     1.70 A      DSBA_ECOLI  (P0AEG4)    
1FVL  NMR       -           VM2FL_PROFL (P18619)    
1FVN  NMR       -           NPY_PIG     (P01304)    
1FVO  X-ray     2.60 A      OTC_HUMAN   (P00480)    
1FVP  X-ray     2.70 A      LUXF_PHOPO  (P12745)    
1FVQ  NMR       -           ATU2_YEAST  (P38995)    
1FVR  X-ray     2.20 A      TIE2_HUMAN  (Q02763)    
1FVS  NMR       -           ATU2_YEAST  (P38995)    
1FVT  X-ray     2.20 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1FVU  X-ray     1.80 A      SLEA_BOTJA  (P22029)    , SLEB_BOTJA  (P22030)    
1FVV  X-ray     2.80 A      CCNA2_HUMAN (P20248)    , CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1FVX  X-ray     1.90 A      FLAV_CLOBE  (P00322)    
1FVY  NMR       -           PTHY_HUMAN  (P01270)    
1FW0  X-ray     1.90 A      GRIA2_RAT   (P19491)    
1FW1  X-ray     1.90 A      MAAI_HUMAN  (O43708)    
1FW2  X-ray     2.60 A      PA1_ECOLI   (P0A921)    
1FW3  X-ray     2.80 A      PA1_ECOLI   (P0A921)    
1FW4  X-ray     1.70 A      CALM_BOVIN  (P62157)    
1FW5  NMR       -           POLN_SFV    (P08411)    
1FW6  X-ray     2.70 A      MUTS_THEAQ  (Q56215)    
1FW7  NMR       -           RNBR_BACAM  (P00648)    
1FW8  X-ray     2.30 A      PGK_YEAST   (P00560)    
1FW9  X-ray     1.40 A      UBIC_ECOLI  (P26602)    
1FWA  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWB  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWC  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWD  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWE  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWF  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWG  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWH  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWI  X-ray     2.00 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWJ  X-ray     2.20 A      URE1_KLEAE  (P18314)    , URE2_KLEAE  (P18315)    ,
                            URE3_KLEAE  (P18316)    
1FWK  X-ray     2.10 A      KHSE_METJA  (Q58504)    
1FWL  X-ray     2.25 A      KHSE_METJA  (Q58504)    
1FWM  X-ray     2.20 A      TYSY_ECOLI  (P0A884)    
1FWN  X-ray     1.94 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FWO  NMR       -           ORYB_ORYSJ  (P25777)    
1FWP  NMR       -           CHEA_ECOLI  (P07363)    
1FWQ  NMR       -           MSS4_HUMAN  (P47224)    
1FWR  X-ray     2.70 A      ALKH_ECOLI  (P0A955)    
1FWS  X-ray     1.90 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FWT  X-ray     1.90 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FWU  X-ray     1.90 A      MRC1_MOUSE  (Q61830)    
1FWV  X-ray     2.20 A      MRC1_MOUSE  (Q61830)    
1FWW  X-ray     1.85 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FWX  X-ray     1.60 A      NOSZ_PARDE  (Q51705)    
1FWY  X-ray     2.30 A      GLMU_ECOLI  (P0ACC7)    
1FWZ  X-ray     2.30 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1FX0  X-ray     3.20 A      ATPA_SPIOL  (P06450)    , ATPB_SPIOL  (P00825)    
1FX1  X-ray     2.00 A      FLAV_DESVH  (P00323)    
1FX2  X-ray     1.46 A      CY41_TRYBB  (Q99279)    
1FX3  X-ray     2.50 A      SECB_HAEIN  (P44853)    
1FX4  X-ray     1.90 A      CY43_TRYBB  (Q99280)    
1FX5  X-ray     2.20 A      LEC1_ULEEU  (P22972)    
1FX6  X-ray     2.06 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FX7  X-ray     2.00 A      IDER_MYCTU  (P9WMH1)    
1FX8  X-ray     2.20 A      GLPF_ECOLI  (P0AER0)    
1FX9  X-ray     2.00 A      PA21B_PIG   (P00592)    
1FXA  X-ray     2.50 A      FER1_NOSS1  (P0A3C7)    
1FXD  X-ray     1.70 A      FER_DESGI   (P00209)    
1FXF  X-ray     1.85 A      PA21B_PIG   (P00592)    
1FXH  X-ray     1.97 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1FXI  X-ray     2.20 A      FER_APHSA   (P00250)    
1FXJ  X-ray     2.25 A      GLMU_ECOLI  (P0ACC7)    
1FXK  X-ray     2.30 A      PFDA_METTH  (O27646)    , PFDB_METTH  (O26774)    
1FXL  X-ray     1.80 A      ELAV4_HUMAN (P26378)    
1FXP  X-ray     1.80 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FXQ  X-ray     1.80 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FXR  X-ray     2.30 A      FER1_DESAF  (P00210)    
1FXS  X-ray     2.30 A      FCL_ECOLI   (P32055)    
1FXT  NMR       -           UBC1_YEAST  (P21734)    , UBC_HUMAN   (P0CG48)    
1FXU  X-ray     2.20 A      PNPH_BOVIN  (P55859)    
1FXV  X-ray     2.25 A      PAC_ECOLX   (P06875)    
1FXW  X-ray     2.10 A      PA1B2_BOVIN (P68401)    , PA1B3_BOVIN (Q29460)    
1FXX  X-ray     2.40 A      EX1_ECOLI   (P04995)    
1FXY  X-ray     2.15 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    , TRY1_HUMAN  (P07477)    
1FXZ  X-ray     2.80 A      GLYG1_SOYBN (P04776)    
1FY1  X-ray     2.50 A      CAP7_HUMAN  (P20160)    
1FY2  X-ray     1.20 A      PEPE_SALTY  (P36936)    
1FY3  X-ray     1.89 A      CAP7_HUMAN  (P20160)    
1FY4  X-ray     0.81 A      TRYP_FUSOX  (P35049)    
1FY5  X-ray     0.81 A      TRYP_FUSOX  (P35049)    
1FY6  X-ray     1.89 A      KDSA_AQUAE  (O66496)    
1FY7  X-ray     2.00 A      ESA1_YEAST  (Q08649)    
1FY8  X-ray     1.70 A      BPT1_BOVIN  (P00974)    , TRY2_RAT    (P00763)    
1FY9  X-ray     2.20 A      CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5)    
1FYA  X-ray     2.20 A      CH60_ECOLI  (P0A6F5)    
1FYC  NMR       -           ODP2_HUMAN  (P10515)    
1FYD  X-ray     2.25 A      NADE_BACSU  (P08164)    
1FYE  X-ray     1.20 A      PEPE_SALTY  (P36936)    
1FYF  X-ray     1.65 A      SYT_ECOLI   (P0A8M3)    
1FYG  NMR       -           O16O3_CONST (Q9XZK2)    
1FYH  X-ray     2.04 A      IFNG_HUMAN  (P01579)    , INGR1_HUMAN (P15260)    
1FYJ  NMR       -           SYEP_HUMAN  (P07814)    
1FYK  X-ray     2.50 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FYL  X-ray     2.10 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FYM  X-ray     2.20 A      HSF_KLULA   (P22121)    
1FYN  X-ray     2.30 A      FYN_HUMAN   (P06241)    
1FYR  X-ray     2.40 A      GRB2_HUMAN  (P62993)    , MET_HUMAN   (P08581)    
1FYS  X-ray     2.00 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1FYT  X-ray     2.60 A      DRA_HUMAN   (P01903)    , DRB1_HUMAN  (P01911)    ,
                            HEMA_I68A0  (P03437)    , TRAC_HUMAN  (P01848)    ,
                            TRBC1_HUMAN (P01850)    
1FYU  X-ray     2.60 A      LEC_ERYCO   (P16404)    
1FYV  X-ray     2.90 A      TLR1_HUMAN  (Q15399)    
1FYW  X-ray     3.00 A      TLR2_HUMAN  (O60603)    
1FYX  X-ray     2.80 A      TLR2_HUMAN  (O60603)    
1FYZ  X-ray     2.15 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ0  X-ray     2.07 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ1  X-ray     1.96 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ2  X-ray     2.15 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ3  X-ray     2.03 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ4  X-ray     2.38 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ5  X-ray     2.40 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ6  X-ray     2.05 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ7  X-ray     1.96 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ8  X-ray     2.10 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZ9  X-ray     2.30 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZA  X-ray     2.90 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZB  X-ray     2.90 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZC  X-ray     2.30 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZD  X-ray     2.10 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    
1FZE  X-ray     3.00 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZF  X-ray     2.70 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZG  X-ray     2.50 A      FIBA_HUMAN  (P02671)    , FIBB_HUMAN  (P02675)    ,
                            FIBG_HUMAN  (P02679)    
1FZH  X-ray     2.60 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZI  X-ray     3.30 A      MEMA_METCA  (P22869)    , MEMB_METCA  (P18798)    ,
                            MEMG_METCA  (P11987)    
1FZJ  X-ray     1.90 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    ,
                            NCAP_VSIVA  (P03521)    
1FZK  X-ray     1.70 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    ,
                            NCAP_SENDE  (P04857)    
1FZM  X-ray     1.80 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    ,
                            NCAP_VSIVA  (P03521)    
1FZO  X-ray     1.80 A      B2MG_MOUSE  (P01887)    , HA1B_MOUSE  (P01901)    ,
                            NCAP_SENDE  (P04857)    
1FZP  X-ray     2.95 A      SARA_STAAU  (P0C1U6)    
1FZQ  X-ray     1.70 A      ARL3_MOUSE  (Q9WUL7)    
1FZR  X-ray     2.10 A      ENDO_BPT7   (P00641)    
1FZT  NMR       -           PMGY_SCHPO  (P36623)    
1FZU  X-ray     1.80 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1FZV  X-ray     2.00 A      PLGF_HUMAN  (P49763)    
1FZY  X-ray     1.90 A      UBC1_YEAST  (P21734)    
1FZZ  X-ray     1.86 A      CELA1_PIG   (P00772)    
1G01  X-ray     1.90 A      GUN_BACS6   (P19424)    
1G02  X-ray     1.86 A      RNT1_ASPOR  (P00651)    
1G03  NMR       -           GAG_HTL1M   (P14077)    
1G04  NMR       -           PRIO_SHEEP  (P23907)    
1G05  X-ray     2.45 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1G06  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G07  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G08  X-ray     1.90 A      HBA_BOVIN   (P01966)    , HBB_BOVIN   (P02070)    
1G09  X-ray     2.04 A      HBA_BOVIN   (P01966)    , HBB_BOVIN   (P02070)    
1G0A  X-ray     2.04 A      HBA_BOVIN   (P01966)    , HBB_BOVIN   (P02070)    
1G0B  X-ray     1.90 A      HBA_HORSE   (P01958)    , HBB_HORSE   (P02062)    
1G0C  X-ray     1.90 A      GUN_BACS6   (P19424)    
1G0D  X-ray     2.50 A      TGM2_PAGMA  (P52181)    
1G0E  X-ray     1.60 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G0F  X-ray     1.60 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G0G  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0H  X-ray     2.30 A      BSUHB_METJA (Q57573)    
1G0I  X-ray     2.40 A      BSUHB_METJA (Q57573)    
1G0J  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0K  X-ray     1.85 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0L  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0M  X-ray     1.70 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0N  X-ray     2.00 A      T4HR_MAGO7  (Q12634)    
1G0O  X-ray     1.70 A      T4HR_MAGO7  (Q12634)    
1G0P  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0Q  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G0S  X-ray     1.90 A      ADPP_ECOLI  (Q93K97)    
1G0T  X-ray     2.60 A      DSBC_ECOLI  (P0AEG6)    
1G0U  X-ray     2.40 A      PSA1_YEAST  (P21243)    , PSA2_YEAST  (P23639)    ,
                            PSA3_YEAST  (P23638)    , PSA4_YEAST  (P40303)    ,
                            PSA5_YEAST  (P32379)    , PSA6_YEAST  (P40302)    ,
                            PSA7_YEAST  (P21242)    , PSB1_YEAST  (P38624)    ,
                            PSB2_YEAST  (P25043)    , PSB3_YEAST  (P25451)    ,
                            PSB4_YEAST  (P22141)    , PSB5_YEAST  (P30656)    ,
                            PSB6_YEAST  (P23724)    , PSB7_YEAST  (P30657)    
1G0V  X-ray     2.00 A      CARP_YEAST  (P07267)    , IPA3_YEAST  (P01094)    
1G0W  X-ray     2.30 A      KCRM_BOVIN  (Q9XSC6)    
1G0X  X-ray     2.10 A      LIRB1_HUMAN (Q8NHL6)    
1G0Y  X-ray     3.00 A      IL1R1_HUMAN (P14778)    
1G0Z  X-ray     2.18 A      PA2B5_BUNCE (Q6SLM1)    
1G10  NMR       -           TMOD_PSEME  (Q00459)    
1G11  NMR       -           TMOD_PSEME  (Q00459)    
1G12  X-ray     1.60 A      PLMP_GRIFR  (P81054)    
1G13  X-ray     2.00 A      SAP3_HUMAN  (P17900)    
1G15  X-ray     1.90 A      RNH_ECOLI   (P0A7Y4)    
1G16  X-ray     1.80 A      SEC4_YEAST  (P07560)    
1G17  X-ray     2.00 A      SEC4_YEAST  (P07560)    
1G18  X-ray     3.80 A      RECA_MYCTU  (P9WHJ3)    
1G19  X-ray     3.00 A      RECA_MYCTU  (P9WHJ3)    
1G1A  X-ray     2.47 A      RMLB_SALTY  (P26391)    
1G1B  X-ray     1.99 A      UBIC_ECOLI  (P26602)    
1G1C  X-ray     2.10 A      TITIN_HUMAN (Q8WZ42)    
1G1D  X-ray     2.04 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G1E  NMR       -           MAD1_HUMAN  (Q05195)    , SIN3A_MOUSE (Q60520)    
1G1F  X-ray     2.00 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1G1G  X-ray     2.20 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1G1H  X-ray     2.40 A      PTN1_HUMAN  (P18031)    
1G1I  X-ray     2.00 A      NSP4_ROTS1  (P04512)    
1G1J  X-ray     1.86 A      NSP4_ROTS1  (P04512)    
1G1M  X-ray     2.25 A      NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    
1G1O  X-ray     2.30 A      TTHY_HUMAN  (P02766)    
1G1P  NMR       -           U6A_CONER   (P60513)    
1G1Q  X-ray     2.40 A      LYAM3_HUMAN (P16109)    
1G1R  X-ray     3.40 A      LYAM3_HUMAN (P16109)    
1G1S  X-ray     1.90 A      LYAM3_HUMAN (P16109)    , SELPL_HUMAN (Q14242)    
1G1T  X-ray     1.50 A      LYAM2_HUMAN (P16581)    
1G1U  X-ray     2.50 A      RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1G1V  X-ray     1.90 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G1W  X-ray     1.80 A      ENLYS_BPT4  (P00720)    
1G1X  X-ray     2.60 A      RS15_THET8  (Q5SJ76)    , RS18_THET8  (Q5SLQ0)    ,
                            RS6_THET8   (Q5SLP8)    
1G1Y  X-ray     3.00 A      NEPU2_THEVU (Q08751)    
1G1Z  NMR       -           U6A_CONER   (P60513)    
1G20  X-ray     2.20 A      NIFD_AZOVI  (P07328)    , NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    ,
                            NIFK_AZOVI  (P07329)    
1G21  X-ray     3.00 A      NIFD_AZOVI  (P07328)    , NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    ,
                            NIFK_AZOVI  (P07329)    
1G24  X-ray     1.70 A      ARC3_CBDP   (P15879)    
1G25  NMR       -           MAT1_HUMAN  (P51948)    
1G26  NMR       -           GRN_HUMAN   (P28799)    
1G27  X-ray     2.10 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1G29  X-ray     1.90 A      MALK_THELN  (Q9YGA6)    
1G2A  X-ray     1.75 A      DEF_ECOLI   (P0A6K3)    
1G2B  X-ray     1.12 A      SPTN1_CHICK (P07751)    
1G2C  X-ray     2.30 A      FUS_HRSVR   (P11209)    
1G2D  X-ray     2.20 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1G2E  X-ray     2.30 A      ELAV4_HUMAN (P26378)    
1G2F  X-ray     2.00 A      EGR1_MOUSE  (P08046)    
1G2G  NMR       -           CA1_CONIM   (P50983)    
1G2H  NMR       -           TYRR_HAEIN  (P44694)    
1G2I  X-ray     2.00 A      DEGLY_PYRHO (O59413)    
1G2K  X-ray     1.95 A      POL_HV1B5   (P04587)    
1G2L  X-ray     1.90 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1G2M  X-ray     3.02 A      FA10_HUMAN  (P00742)    
1G2O  X-ray     1.75 A      PUNA_MYCTU  (P9WP01)    
1G2P  X-ray     1.75 A      APT1_YEAST  (P49435)    
1G2Q  X-ray     1.50 A      APT1_YEAST  (P49435)    
1G2S  NMR       -           CCL26_HUMAN (Q9Y258)    
1G2T  NMR       -           CCL26_HUMAN (Q9Y258)    
1G2U  X-ray     2.10 A      LEU3_THET8  (Q5SIY4)    
1G2W  X-ray     2.00 A      DAAA_BACYM  (P19938)    
1G2X  X-ray     2.50 A      PA2B3_BUNCE (Q6SLM0)    
1G2Y  X-ray     1.00 A      HNF1A_MOUSE (P22361)    
1G2Z  X-ray     1.15 A      HNF1A_MOUSE (P22361)    
1G30  X-ray     2.00 A      HIR2B_HIRME (P28506)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1G31  X-ray     2.30 A      VG31_BPT4   (P17313)    
1G32  X-ray     1.90 A      HIR2B_HIRME (P28506)    , THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1G33  X-ray     1.44 A      PRVA_RAT    (P02625)    
1G35  X-ray     1.80 A      POL_HV1B1   (P03366)    
1G36  X-ray     1.90 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1G37  X-ray     2.00 A      THRB_HUMAN  (P00734)    
1G38  X-ray     2.00 A      MTTA_THEAQ  (P14385)    
1G39  X-ray     1.22 A      HNF1A_MOUSE (P22361)    
1G3B  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1G3C  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1G3D  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1G3E  X-ray     1.80 A      TRY1_BOVIN  (P00760)    
1G3F  NMR       -           DBLOH_HUMAN (Q9NR28)    , XIAP_HUMAN  (P98170)    
1G3G  NMR       -           RAD53_YEAST (P22216)    
1G3I  X-ray     3.41 A      HSLU_HAEIN  (P43773)    , HSLV_HAEIN  (P43772)    
1G3J  X-ray     2.10 A      CTNB1_HUMAN (P35222)    , T7L1A_XENLA (P70062)    
1G3K  X-ray     1.90 A      HSLV_HAEIN  (P43772)    
1G3M  X-ray     1.70 A      ST1E1_HUMAN (P49888)    
1G3N  X-ray     2.90 A      CDK6_HUMAN  (Q00534)    , CDN2C_HUMAN (P42773)    
1G3O  X-ray     1.65 A      FER1_AZOVI  (P00214)    
1G3P  X-ray     1.46 A      G3P_BPM13   (P69168)    
1G3S  X-ray     2.40 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1G3T  X-ray     2.35 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1G3U  X-ray     1.95 A      KTHY_MYCTU  (P9WKE1)    
1G3W  X-ray     2.40 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1G3Y  X-ray     2.80 A      DTXR_CORDI  (P0DJL7)    
1G3Z  X-ray     1.86 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G41  X-ray     2.30 A      HSLU_HAEIN  (P43773)    
1G42  X-ray     1.80 A      LINB_SPHJU  (D4Z2G1)    
1G45  X-ray     1.83 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G46  X-ray     1.84 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G47  NMR       -           LIMS1_HUMAN (P48059)    
1G48  X-ray     1.86 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G49  X-ray     1.90 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1G4A  X-ray     3.00 A      HSLU_ECOLI  (P0A6H5)    , HSLV_ECOLI  (P0A7B8)    
1G4B  X-ray     7.00 A      HSLU_ECOLI  (P0A6H5)    , HSLV_ECOLI  (P0A7B8)    
1G4C  X-ray     1.65 A      HPPK_ECOLI  (P26281)    
1G4D  NMR       -           REPC_BPMU   (P06019)    
1G4E  X-ray     1.60 A      THIE_BACSU  (P39594)    
1G4F  NMR       -           APOH_HUMAN  (P02749)    
1G4G  NMR       -           APOH_HUMAN  (P02749)    
1G4H  X-ray     1.80 A      LINB_SPHJU  (D4Z2G1)    
1G4I  X-ray     0.97 A      PA21B_BOVIN (P00593)    
1G4J  X-ray     1.84 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G4K  X-ray     2.00 A      MMP3_HUMAN  (P08254)    
1G4M  X-ray     1.90 A      ARRB1_BOVIN (P17870)    
1G4O  X-ray     1.96 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G4P  X-ray     2.50 A      THIE_BACSU  (P39594)    
1G4R  X-ray     2.20 A      ARRB1_BOVIN (P17870)    
1G4S  X-ray     1.70 A      THIE_BACSU  (P39594)    
1G4T  X-ray     1.55 A      THIE_BACSU  (P39594)    
1G4U  X-ray     2.30 A      RAC1_HUMAN  (P63000)    , SPTP_SALTY  (P74873)    
1G4V  X-ray     2.00 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1G4W  X-ray     2.20 A      SPTP_SALTY  (P74873)    
1G4X  X-ray     2.20 A      AAT_ECOLI   (P00509)    
1G4Y  X-ray     1.60 A      CALM1_RAT   (P0DP29)    , KCNN2_RAT   (P70604)    
1G50  X-ray     2.90 A      ESR1_HUMAN  (P03372)    
1G51  X-ray     2.40 A      SYD_THETH   (P36419)    
1G52  X-ray     1.80 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G53  X-ray     1.94 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G54  X-ray     1.86 A      CAH2_HUMAN  (P00918)    
1G55  X-ray     1.80 A      TRDMT_HUMAN (O14717)    
1G57  X-ray     1.40 A      RIBB_ECOLI  (P0A7J0)    
1G58  X-ray     1.55 A      RIBB_ECOLI  (P0A7J0)    
1G59  X-ray     2.40 A      SYE_THET8   (P27000)    
1G5A  X-ray     1.40 A      AMYS_NEIPO  (Q9ZEU2)    
1G5B  X-ray     2.15 A      PP_LAMBD    (P03772)    
1G5F  X-ray     1.80 A      LINB_SPHJU  (D4Z2G1)    
1G5G  X-ray     3.30 A      FUS_NDVD    (P35936)    
1G5H  X-ray     1.95 A      DPOG2_MOUSE (Q9QZM2)    
1G5I  X-ray     2.30 A      DPOG2_MOUSE (Q9QZM2)    
1G5J  NMR       -           B2CL1_HUMAN (Q07817)    , BAD_HUMAN   (Q92934)    
1G5M  NMR       -           BCL2_HUMAN  (P10415)    
1G5N  X-ray     1.90 A      ANXA5_RAT   (P14668)    
1G5P  X-ray     2.20 A      NIFH1_AZOVI (P00459)    
1G5Q  X-ray     2.57 A      EPID_STAEP  (P30197)    , LANE_STAEP  (P08136)    
1G5R  X-ray     2.10 A      BTUR_SALTY  (P31570)    
1G5S  X-ray     2.61 A      CDK2_HUMAN  (P24941)    
1G5T  X-ray     1.80 A      BTUR_SALTY  (P31570)    
1G5U  X-ray     3.10 A      PROF6_HEVBR (Q9LEI8)    
1G5V  NMR       -           SMN_HUMAN   (Q16637)    
1G5W  NMR       -           FABPH_HUMAN (P05413)    
1G5X  X-ray     2.45 A      FABB_ECOLI  (P0A953)    
1G5Y  X-ray     2.00 A      RXRA_HUMAN  (P19793)    
1G60  X-ray     1.74 A      MTM2_MORBO  (P23192)    
1G61  X-ray     1.30 A      IF6_METJA   (Q60357)    
1G62  X-ray     2.50 A      IF6_YEAST   (Q12522)    
1G63  X-ray     2.50 A      EPID_STAEP  (P30197)