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        UniProt - Swiss-Prot Protein Knowledgebase
        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Mycoplasma genitalium strain G-37: entries and gene names
Name:        mycge.txt
Release:     2019_10 of 13-Nov-2019


The complete genome (580'070 base pairs) of Mycoplasma genitalium strain G-37
has been determined by the Institute of Genomic Research (TIGR). See:

  [Pubmed: 7569993]
  Fraser C.M., Gocayne J.D., White O., Adams M.D., Clayton R.A., et al.
  Science 270:397-403(1995).

Important note:

All of M.genitalium predicted proteins are in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and are
fully annotated. Our results differs from those from TIGR both from the
point of view of the predicted function of some of these proteins as well
as to their estimated size (we sometimes use a different initiation site).

________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________

MG001                    DPO3B_MYCGE P47247      380     dnaN
MG002                    DNAJL_MYCGE P47248      310     
MG003                    GYRB_MYCGE  P47249      650     gyrB
MG004                    GYRA_MYCGE  P47250      836     gyrA
MG005                    SYS_MYCGE   P47251      417     serS
MG006                    KTHY_MYCGE  P47252      210     tmk
MG007                    Y007_MYCGE  P47253      254     
MG008                    MNME_MYCGE  P47254      442     mnmE; thdF; trmE
MG009                    Y009_MYCGE  P47255      262     
MG010                    Y010_MYCGE  P47256      218     
MG011                    Y011_MYCGE  P47257      287     
MG012                    Y012_MYCGE  P47258      287     
MG013                    FOLD_MYCGE  P47259      273     folD
MG014                    Y014_MYCGE  P47260      623     
MG015                    Y015_MYCGE  P47261      589     
MG018                    Y018_MYCGE  P47264      1031    
MG019                    DNAJ_MYCGE  P47265      389     dnaJ
MG020                    PIP_MYCGE   P47266      308     pip
MG021                    SYM_MYCGE   P47267      512     metG; metS
MG022                    RPOE_MYCGE  P47268      145     rpoE
MG023                    ALF_MYCGE   P47269      288     fba; tsr
MG024                    YCHF_MYCGE  P47270      367     ychF
MG025                    Y025_MYCGE  P47271      298     
MG026                    EFP_MYCGE   P47272      190     efp
MG027                    Y027_MYCGE  P47273      151     
MG028                    Y028_MYCGE  P47274      201     
MG029                    Y029_MYCGE  P47275      186     
MG030                    UPP_MYCGE   P47276      206     upp
MG031                    DPO3_MYCGE  P47277      1451    polC
MG032                    Y032_MYCGE  P47278      666     
MG033                    GLPF_MYCGE  P47279      258     glpF
MG034                    KITH_MYCGE  P47280      213     tdk
MG035                    SYH_MYCGE   P47281      414     hisS
MG036                    SYD_MYCGE   P47282      550     aspS
MG037                    Y037_MYCGE  P47283      450     
MG038                    GLPK_MYCGE  P47284      508     glpK
MG039                    Y039_MYCGE  P47285      384     
MG040                    Y040_MYCGE  P47286      591     
MG041                    PTHP_MYCGE  P47287      88      ptsH
MG042                    POTA_MYCGE  P47288      559     potA
MG043                    POTB_MYCGE  P47289      285     potB
MG044                    POTC_MYCGE  P47290      284     potC
MG045                    Y045_MYCGE  P47291      483     
MG046                    TSAD_MYCGE  P47292      315     tsaD; gcp
MG047                    METK_MYCGE  P47293      383     metK; metX
MG048                    SRP54_MYCGE P47294      446     ffh
MG049                    DEOD_MYCGE  P47295      238     deoD
MG050                    DEOC_MYCGE  P47296      223     deoC
MG051                    TYPH_MYCGE  P47297      421     deoA
MG052                    CDD_MYCGE   P47298      130     cdd
MG053                    MANB_MYCGE  P47299      550     manB; cpsG
MG054                    NUSG_MYCGE  P47300      316     nusG
MG055.1                  RL332_MYCGE Q9ZB82      48      rpmG2
MG055.2                  Y055B_MYCGE Q9ZB81      127     
MG055                    Y055_MYCGE  P47301      123     
MG056                    RSMI_MYCGE  P47302      277     rsmI
MG057                    RNM5_MYCGE  P47303      178     rnmV
MG058                    KPRS_MYCGE  P47304      332     prs; prsA
MG059                    SSRP_MYCGE  P47305      145     smpB
MG060                    Y060_MYCGE  P47306      297     
MG061                    Y061_MYCGE  P47307      567     
MG062                    PTF3A_MYCGE P47308      680     fruA
MG063                    FRUK_MYCGE  Q49396      303     fruK
MG064                    Y064_MYCGE  P47310      1331    
MG065                    Y065_MYCGE  P47311      466     
MG066                    TKT_MYCGE   P47312      648     tkt; tktA
MG067                    Y067_MYCGE  P47313      516     
MG068                    Y068_MYCGE  P47314      474     
MG069                    PTG3C_MYCGE P47315      908     ptsG
MG070                    RS2_MYCGE   P47316      284     rpsB; rps2
MG071                    ATCL_MYCGE  P47317      874     pacL
MG072                    SECA_MYCGE  P47318      806     secA
MG073                    UVRB_MYCGE  P47319      656     uvrB
MG074                    Y074_MYCGE  P47320      137     
MG075                    Y075_MYCGE  P47321      1024    
MG076                    Y076_MYCGE  P47322      138     
MG077                    OPPB_MYCGE  P47323      407     oppB
MG078                    OPPC_MYCGE  P47324      376     oppC
MG079                    OPPD_MYCGE  P47325      402     oppD
MG080                    OPPF_MYCGE  P47326      848     oppF
MG081                    RL11_MYCGE  P47327      137     rplK; rpl11
MG082                    RL1_MYCGE   P47328      226     rplA; rpl1
MG083                    PTH_MYCGE   P47329      189     pth
MG084                    TILS_MYCGE  P47330      290     tilS
MG085                    HPRK_MYCGE  P47331      311     hprK
MG086                    LGT_MYCGE   P47332      382     lgt
MG087                    RS12_MYCGE  P47333      139     rpsL; rps12
MG088                    RS7_MYCGE   P47334      155     rpsG; rps7
MG089                    EFG_MYCGE   P47335      688     fusA; fus
MG090                    RS6_MYCGE   P47336      208     rpsF; rps6
MG091                    SSB_MYCGE   P47337      160     ssb
MG092                    RS18_MYCGE  P47338      105     rpsR; rps18
MG093                    RL9_MYCGE   P47339      150     rplI; rpl9
MG094                    DNAB_MYCGE  P47340      468     dnaB
MG095                    Y095_MYCGE  P47341      398     
MG096                    Y096_MYCGE  P47342      650     
MG097                    UNG_MYCGE   P47343      245     ung
MG098                    Y098_MYCGE  P47344      477     
MG099                    GATA_MYCGE  P47345      477     gatA
MG100                    GATB_MYCGE  P47346      477     gatB
MG101                    Y101_MYCGE  P47347      222     
MG102                    TRXB_MYCGE  P47348      315     trxB
MG103.1                  SECG_MYCGE  P58061      77      secG
MG103                    WHIA_MYCGE  P47349      280     whiA
MG104                    RNR_MYCGE   P47350      725     rnr; vacB
MG105                    DACB_MYCGE  P47351      200     dacB
MG106                    DEF_MYCGE   P47352      193     def
MG107                    KGUA_MYCGE  P47353      240     gmk
MG108                    PPH_MYCGE   P47354      260     
MG109                    PKNS_MYCGE  P47355      387     
MG110                    RSGA_MYCGE  P47356      278     rsgA; engC
MG111                    G6PI_MYCGE  P47357      431     pgi
MG112                    RPE_MYCGE   P47358      209     rpe
MG113                    SYN_MYCGE   P47359      456     asnS
MG114                    PGSA_MYCGE  P47360      236     pgsA
MG115                    Y115_MYCGE  P47361      157     
MG116                    Y116_MYCGE  P47362      251     
MG117                    Y117_MYCGE  P47363      214     
MG118                    GALE_MYCGE  P47364      340     galE
MG119                    Y119_MYCGE  P47365      564     
MG120                    Y120_MYCGE  P47366      520     
MG121                    Y121_MYCGE  P47367      306     
MG122                    TOP1_MYCGE  P47368      709     topA
MG123                    Y123_MYCGE  P47369      471     
MG124                    THIO_MYCGE  P47370      102     trxA; trx
MG125                    Y125_MYCGE  P47371      285     
MG126                    SYW_MYCGE   P47372      347     trpS
MG127                    Y127_MYCGE  P47373      145     
MG128                    NADK_MYCGE  P47374      259     nadK
MG129                    Y129_MYCGE  Q49397      117     
MG130                    RNY_MYCGE   P47376      484     rny
MG131                    Y131_MYCGE  P47377      74      
MG132                    YHIT_MYCGE  P47378      141     
MG133                    Y133_MYCGE  P47379      264     
MG134                    Y134_MYCGE  P47380      100     
MG135                    Y135_MYCGE  P47381      280     
MG136                    SYK_MYCGE   P47382      490     lysS
MG137                    GLF_MYCGE   Q49398      404     glf
MG138                    LEPA_MYCGE  P47384      598     lepA
MG139                    RNJ_MYCGE   P47385      569     rnj
MG140                    Y140_MYCGE  P47386      1113    
MG141.1                  Y141A_MYCGE Q2MHT0      90      
MG141                    NUSA_MYCGE  P47387      531     nusA
MG142                    IF2_MYCGE   P47388      619     infB
MG143                    RBFA_MYCGE  P47389      112     rbfA
MG144                    Y144_MYCGE  P47390      279     
MG145                    RIBF_MYCGE  P47391      269     ribF
MG146                    Y146_MYCGE  Q49399      424     
MG147                    Y147_MYCGE  P47393      375     
MG148                    Y148_MYCGE  P47394      409     
MG149                    Y149_MYCGE  P47395      281     
MG150                    RS10_MYCGE  P47396      106     rpsJ; rps10
MG151                    RL3_MYCGE   P47397      257     rplC; rpl3
MG152                    RL4_MYCGE   P47398      211     rplD; rpl4
MG153                    RL23_MYCGE  P47399      106     rplW; rpl23
MG154                    RL2_MYCGE   P47400      285     rplB; rpl2
MG155                    RS19_MYCGE  P47401      87      rpsS; rps19
MG156                    RL22_MYCGE  P47402      144     rplV; rpl22
MG157                    RS3_MYCGE   P47403      268     rpsC; rps3
MG158                    RL16_MYCGE  P47404      138     rplP; rpl16
MG159                    RL29_MYCGE  P47405      200     rpmC; rpl29
MG160                    RS17_MYCGE  P47406      85      rpsQ; rps17
MG161                    RL14_MYCGE  P47407      122     rplN; rpl14
MG162                    RL24_MYCGE  P47408      108     rplX; rpl24
MG163                    RL5_MYCGE   P47409      180     rplE; rpl5
MG164                    RS14Z_MYCGE P47410      61      rpsZ; rps14; rpsN
MG165                    RS8_MYCGE   P47411      141     rpsH; rps8
MG166                    RL6_MYCGE   P47412      184     rplF; rpl6
MG167                    RL18_MYCGE  P47413      115     rplR; rpl18
MG168                    RS5_MYCGE   P47414      211     rpsE; rps5
MG169                    RL15_MYCGE  P47415      150     rplO; rpl15
MG170                    SECY_MYCGE  P47416      475     secY
MG171                    KAD_MYCGE   P47417      214     adk
MG172                    MAP1_MYCGE  P47418      248     map
MG173                    IF1_MYCGE   P47419      70      infA
MG174                    RL36_MYCGE  P47420      37      rpmJ; rpl36
MG175                    RS13_MYCGE  P47421      124     rpsM; rps13
MG176                    RS11_MYCGE  P47422      121     rpsK; rps11
MG177                    RPOA_MYCGE  P47423      328     rpoA
MG178                    RL17_MYCGE  P47424      123     rplQ; rpl17
MG179                    ECFA1_MYCGE P47425      274     ecfA1; cbiO1
MG180                    ECFA2_MYCGE P47426      304     ecfA2; cbiO2
MG181                    Y181_MYCGE  P47427      420     
MG182                    TRUA_MYCGE  P47428      244     truA; hisT
MG183                    PEPF_MYCGE  P47429      607     pepF
MG184                    Y184_MYCGE  Q49400      317     
MG185                    Y185_MYCGE  P47431      701     
MG186                    Y186_MYCGE  P47432      250     
MG187                    Y187_MYCGE  P47433      585     
MG188                    Y188_MYCGE  P47434      329     
MG189                    Y189_MYCGE  P47435      318     
MG190                    NRNA_MYCGE  P22746      318     nrnA
MG191                    ADP1_MYCGE  P20796      1444    mgpA
MG192                    MGP3_MYCGE  P22747      1053    
MG194                    SYFA_MYCGE  P47436      341     pheS
MG195                    SYFB_MYCGE  P47437      806     pheT
MG196                    IF3_MYCGE   P47438      184     infC
MG197                    RL35_MYCGE  P47439      59      rpmI; rpl35
MG198                    RL20_MYCGE  P47440      124     rplT; rpl20
MG199                    RNH3_MYCGE  P47441      235     rnhC
MG200                    DNAJM_MYCGE P47442      601     
MG201                    GRPE_MYCGE  P47443      217     grpE
MG202                    Y202_MYCGE  P47444      122     
MG203                    PARE_MYCGE  P47445      633     parE
MG204                    PARC_MYCGE  P47446      781     parC
MG205                    HRCA_MYCGE  P47447      343     hrcA
MG206                    UVRC_MYCGE  P47448      597     uvrC
MG207                    Y207_MYCGE  P47449      163     
MG208                    Y208_MYCGE  P47450      196     
MG209                    Y209_MYCGE  P47451      308     
MG210.1                  Y210A_MYCGE P56723      219     
MG210.2                  RS21_MYCGE  P57085      62      rpsU
MG210                    LSPA_MYCGE  Q49401      181     lspA; lsp
MG211.1                  ACPS_MYCGE  Q9ZB79      114     acpS
MG211                    Y211_MYCGE  P47453      147     
MG212                    PLSC_MYCGE  Q49402      268     plsC
MG213                    SCPA_MYCGE  P47455      471     scpA
MG214                    SCPB_MYCGE  P47456      207     scpB
MG215                    PFKA_MYCGE  P47457      323     pfkA; pfk
MG216                    KPYK_MYCGE  P47458      508     pyk
MG217                    P65H_MYCGE  P47459      372     
MG218.1                  Y218A_MYCGE Q9ZB78      346     
MG218                    HMW2_MYCGE  P47460      1805    hmw2
MG219                    Y219_MYCGE  P47461      148     
MG220                    Y220_MYCGE  Q49403      93      
MG221                    MRAZ_MYCGE  P47463      141     mraZ
MG222                    RSMH_MYCGE  P47464      309     rsmH; mraW
MG223                    Y223_MYCGE  P47465      411     
MG224                    FTSZ_MYCGE  P47466      369     ftsZ
MG225                    Y225_MYCGE  P47467      489     
MG226                    Y226_MYCGE  P47468      492     
MG227                    TYSY_MYCGE  P47469      287     thyA
MG228                    DYR_MYCGE   P47470      160     folA; dhfR
MG229                    RIR2_MYCGE  P47471      340     nrdF
MG230                    NRDI_MYCGE  P47472      153     nrdI
MG231                    RIR1_MYCGE  P47473      721     nrdE
MG232                    RL21_MYCGE  P47474      100     rplU; rpl21
MG233                    Y233_MYCGE  P47475      99      
MG234                    RL27_MYCGE  P47476      104     rpmA; rpl27
MG235                    END4_MYCGE  P47477      291     nfo
MG236                    Y236_MYCGE  P47478      140     
MG237                    Y237_MYCGE  P47479      294     
MG238                    TIG_MYCGE   P47480      444     tig
MG239                    LON_MYCGE   P47481      795     lon
MG240                    Y240_MYCGE  P47482      350     
MG241                    Y241_MYCGE  P47483      620     
MG242                    Y242_MYCGE  P47484      630     
MG243                    Y243_MYCGE  P47485      226     
MG244                    UVRD_MYCGE  P47486      703     uvrD
MG245                    MTHFS_MYCGE P47487      165     
MG246                    Y246_MYCGE  P47488      281     
MG247                    PLSY_MYCGE  P47489      239     plsY
MG248                    Y248_MYCGE  P47490      218     
MG249                    SIGA_MYCGE  P47491      497     sigA; rpoD
MG250                    DNAG_MYCGE  P47492      607     dnaG; dnaE
MG251                    SYG_MYCGE   P47493      446     glyQS; glyS
MG252                    Y252_MYCGE  P47494      242     
MG253                    SYC_MYCGE   P47495      428     cysS
MG254                    DNLJ_MYCGE  P47496      659     ligA; lig
MG255                    Y255_MYCGE  P47497      365     
MG256                    Y256_MYCGE  P47498      256     
MG257                    RL31_MYCGE  P47499      97      rpmE; rpl31
MG258                    RF1_MYCGE   P47500      359     prfA
MG259                    Y259_MYCGE  Q49404      456     
MG260                    Y260_MYCGE  P47502      765     
MG261                    DPO3A_MYCGE Q49405      874     dnaE
MG262.1                  FPG_MYCGE   P55825      284     mutM; fpg
MG262                    EX53_MYCGE  Q49406      291     polA
MG263                    Y263_MYCGE  P47505      291     
MG264                    COAE_MYCGE  P47506      198     coaE
MG265                    Y265_MYCGE  P47507      278     
MG266                    SYL_MYCGE   P47508      792     leuS
MG267                    Y267_MYCGE  P47509      115     
MG268                    Y268_MYCGE  P47510      228     
MG269.1                  Y269A_MYCGE Q49329      128     
MG269                    Y269_MYCGE  Q49407      340     
MG270                    LPLA_MYCGE  P47512      336     lplA
MG271                    DLDH_MYCGE  P47513      457     pdhD
MG272                    ODP2_MYCGE  P47514      384     pdhC
MG273                    ODPB_MYCGE  P47515      326     pdhB
MG274                    ODPA_MYCGE  P47516      358     pdhA
MG275                    NAOX_MYCGE  Q49408      478     nox
MG276                    APT_MYCGE   P47518      180     apt
MG277                    Y277_MYCGE  Q49409      970     
MG278                    SPOT_MYCGE  P47520      720     spoT
MG279                    Y279_MYCGE  P47521      218     
MG280                    Y280_MYCGE  P47522      265     
MG281                    Y281_MYCGE  P47523      556     
MG282                    GREA_MYCGE  P47524      161     greA
MG283                    SYP_MYCGE   P47525      483     proS
MG284                    Y284_MYCGE  P47526      132     
MG285                    Y285_MYCGE  P47527      347     
MG286                    Y286_MYCGE  P47528      196     
MG287                    ACPH_MYCGE  P47529      84      
MG288                    Y288_MYCGE  P47530      414     
MG289                    P37_MYCGE   Q49410      368     p37
MG290                    P29_MYCGE   P47532      245     p29
MG291.1                  YQGF_MYCGE  Q9ZB76      138     
MG291                    P69_MYCGE   P47533      543     p69
MG292                    SYA_MYCGE   P47534      900     alaS
MG293                    Y293_MYCGE  P47535      244     
MG294                    Y294_MYCGE  Q49411      474     
MG295                    MNMA_MYCGE  P47537      367     mnmA; trmU
MG296                    Y296_MYCGE  P47538      129     
MG297                    FTSY_MYCGE  P47539      346     ftsY
MG298                    SMC_MYCGE   P47540      982     smc
MG299                    PTAS_MYCGE  P47541      320     pta
MG300                    PGK_MYCGE   P47542      411     pgk
MG301                    G3P_MYCGE   P47543      337     gapA; gap
MG302                    Y302_MYCGE  P47544      317     
MG303                    Y303_MYCGE  P47545      357     
MG304                    Y304_MYCGE  P47546      270     
MG305                    DNAK_MYCGE  P47547      595     dnaK; hsp70
MG306                    Y306_MYCGE  P47548      393     
MG307                    Y307_MYCGE  P47549      1177    
MG308                    Y308_MYCGE  P52271      410     
MG309                    Y309_MYCGE  P47551      1225    
MG310                    ESL1_MYCGE  Q49412      268     
MG311                    RS4_MYCGE   P47553      205     rpsD; rps4
MG312                    HMW1_MYCGE  Q49413      1139    hmw1
MG313                    Y313_MYCGE  Q49414      287     
MG314                    Y314_MYCGE  Q49415      443     
MG315                    Y315_MYCGE  Q49416      297     
MG316                    Y316_MYCGE  P47558      369     
MG317                    HMW3_MYCGE  Q57081      599     hmw3
MG318                    P32_MYCGE   Q49417      280     
MG319                    Y319_MYCGE  P47561      178     
MG320                    Y320_MYCGE  P47562      286     
MG321                    Y321_MYCGE  P47563      934     
MG322                    Y322_MYCGE  P47564      558     
MG323.1                  Y323A_MYCGE Q9ZB74      269     
MG323                    Y323_MYCGE  P47565      227     
MG324                    AMPP_MYCGE  P47566      354     pepP
MG325                    RL331_MYCGE P47567      53      rpmG1; rpl33; rpmG
MG326                    Y326_MYCGE  P47568      295     
MG327                    ESL2_MYCGE  Q49418      268     
MG328                    Y328_MYCGE  Q49419      756     
MG329                    DER_MYCGE   P47571      448     der; engA
MG330                    KCY_MYCGE   P47572      217     cmk
MG331                    Y331_MYCGE  P47573      212     
MG332                    Y332_MYCGE  P47574      239     
MG333                    AZOR_MYCGE  P47575      197     azoR
MG334                    SYV_MYCGE   P47576      837     valS
MG335.1                  Y335A_MYCGE Q49310      73      
MG335.2                  PBDGT_MYCGE Q9ZB73      341     
MG335                    ENGB_MYCGE  P47577      191     engB
MG336                    CSD_MYCGE   Q49420      408     csd
MG337                    Y337_MYCGE  P47579      138     
MG338                    Y338_MYCGE  P47580      1270    
MG339                    RECA_MYCGE  P47581      340     recA
MG340                    RPOC_MYCGE  P47582      1292    rpoC
MG341                    RPOB_MYCGE  P47583      1390    rpoB
MG342                    Y342_MYCGE  P47584      168     
MG343                    Y343_MYCGE  P47585      346     
MG344                    ESL3_MYCGE  Q49421      273     
MG345                    SYI_MYCGE   P47587      895     ileS
MG346                    TRML_MYCGE  P47588      166     
MG347                    TRMB_MYCGE  P47589      210     trmB
MG348                    Y348_MYCGE  P47590      322     
MG349                    Y349_MYCGE  P47591      404     
MG350.1                  Y350A_MYCGE Q9ZB72      224     
MG350                    Y350_MYCGE  P47592      311     
MG351                    IPYR_MYCGE  P47593      184     ppa
MG352                    RECU_MYCGE  Q49422      166     recU
MG353                    Y353_MYCGE  P47595      109     
MG354                    Y354_MYCGE  P47596      137     
MG355                    CLPB_MYCGE  P47597      714     clpB
MG356                    Y356_MYCGE  Q49423      280     
MG357                    ACKA_MYCGE  P47599      393     ackA
MG358                    RUVA_MYCGE  Q49424      205     ruvA
MG359                    RUVB_MYCGE  Q49425      307     ruvB
MG360                    Y360_MYCGE  Q49426      411     
MG361                    RL10_MYCGE  P36263      162     rplJ; rpl10
MG362                    RL7_MYCGE   P36255      122     rplL; rpl7
MG363.1                  RS20_MYCGE  P55750      88      rpsT
MG363                    RL32_MYCGE  P47603      57      rpmF; rpl32
MG364                    Y364_MYCGE  P47604      224     
MG365                    FMT_MYCGE   P47605      311     fmt
MG366                    Y366_MYCGE  P47606      667     
MG367                    RNC_MYCGE   P47607      262     rnc
MG368                    PLSX_MYCGE  Q49427      328     plsX
MG369                    Y369_MYCGE  P47609      557     
MG370                    Y370_MYCGE  P47610      323     
MG371                    Y371_MYCGE  Q49428      324     
MG372                    THII_MYCGE  P47612      385     thiI
MG373                    Y373_MYCGE  P47613      281     
MG374                    Y374_MYCGE  P47614      274     
MG375                    SYT_MYCGE   P47615      564     thrS
MG376                    Y376_MYCGE  P47616      104     
MG377                    Y377_MYCGE  P47617      193     
MG378                    SYR_MYCGE   P47618      537     argS
MG379                    MNMG_MYCGE  P47619      612     mnmG; gidA
MG380                    RSMG_MYCGE  P47620      192     rsmG
MG381                    Y381_MYCGE  P47621      218     
MG382                    URK_MYCGE   P47622      213     udk
MG383                    NADE_MYCGE  P47623      248     nadE
MG384.1                  Y384A_MYCGE Q9ZB71      149     
MG384                    OBG_MYCGE   P47624      433     obg
MG385                    Y385_MYCGE  P47625      236     
MG386                    P200_MYCGE  Q49429      1616    
MG387                    ERA_MYCGE   P47627      290     era; spg
MG388                    YBEY_MYCGE  P47628      154     ybeY
MG389                    Y389_MYCGE  P47629      127     
MG390                    Y390_MYCGE  Q49430      660     
MG391                    AMPA_MYCGE  P47631      447     pepA
MG392                    CH60_MYCGE  P47632      543     groL; groEL; mopA
MG393                    CH10_MYCGE  P47633      110     groS; groES; mopB
MG394                    GLYA_MYCGE  P47634      406     glyA
MG395                    Y395_MYCGE  P47635      524     
MG396                    RPIB_MYCGE  P47636      152     rpiB
MG397                    Y397_MYCGE  P47637      566     
MG398                    ATPE_MYCGE  P47638      133     atpC
MG399                    ATPB_MYCGE  P47639      476     atpD
MG400                    ATPG_MYCGE  P47640      279     atpG
MG401                    ATPA_MYCGE  P47641      518     atpA
MG402                    ATPD_MYCGE  P47642      176     atpH
MG403                    ATPF_MYCGE  P47643      208     atpF
MG404                    ATPL_MYCGE  P47644      102     atpE
MG405                    ATP6_MYCGE  P47645      292     atpB
MG406                    Y406_MYCGE  Q49431      158     
MG407                    ENO_MYCGE   P47647      458     eno
MG408                    MSRA_MYCGE  P47648      157     msrA; pmsR
MG409                    Y409_MYCGE  P47649      225     
MG410                    PSTB_MYCGE  P47650      329     pstB
MG411                    PSTA_MYCGE  P47651      654     pstA
MG412                    Y412_MYCGE  P47652      377     
MG414                    Y414_MYCGE  P47653      1036    
MG415                    Y415_MYCGE  P47655      664     
MG417                    RS9_MYCGE   P47656      132     rpsI; rps9
MG418                    RL13_MYCGE  P47657      146     rplM; rpl13
MG419                    DPO3X_MYCGE P47658      597     dnaX; dnaH; dnaZ
MG421                    UVRA_MYCGE  P47660      952     uvrA
MG422                    Y422_MYCGE  P47661      835     
MG423                    Y423_MYCGE  P47662      561     
MG424                    RS15_MYCGE  P47663      86      rpsO; rps15
MG425                    Y425_MYCGE  P47664      449     
MG426                    RL28_MYCGE  P47665      64      rpmB; rpl28
MG427                    HPRR_MYCGE  P47666      141     
MG428                    Y428_MYCGE  P47667      171     
MG429                    PT1_MYCGE   P47668      572     ptsI
MG430                    GPMI_MYCGE  P47669      507     gpmI; pgm
MG431                    TPIS_MYCGE  P47670      244     tpiA; tim; tpi
MG432                    Y432_MYCGE  Q49432      398     
MG433                    EFTS_MYCGE  P47246      298     tsf
MG434                    PYRH_MYCGE  P47672      243     pyrH; smbA
MG435                    RRF_MYCGE   P47673      183     frr
MG437                    CDSA_MYCGE  Q49433      397     cdsA
MG438                    T1SX_MYCGE  Q49434      383     
MG439                    Y439_MYCGE  P47677      272     
MG440                    Y440_MYCGE  P47678      258     
MG441                    Y441_MYCGE  P47679      136     
MG442                    RBGA_MYCGE  Q49435      270     rbgA
MG443                    Y443_MYCGE  P47681      395     
MG444                    RL19_MYCGE  P47682      119     rplS; rpl19
MG445                    TRMD_MYCGE  P47683      231     trmD
MG446                    RS16_MYCGE  P47684      95      rpsP; rps16
MG447                    Y447_MYCGE  P47685      547     
MG448                    MSRB_MYCGE  P47686      150     msrB
MG449                    Y449_MYCGE  P47687      228     
MG450                    Y450_MYCGE  P47688      290     
MG451                    EFTU_MYCGE  P13927      394     tuf
MG452                    Y452_MYCGE  P47690      261     
MG453                    GALU_MYCGE  P47691      292     galU; gtaB
MG454                    OHRL_MYCGE  P47692      140     
MG455                    SYY_MYCGE   P47693      396     tyrS
MG456                    Y456_MYCGE  P47694      334     
MG457                    FTSH_MYCGE  P47695      702     ftsH
MG458                    HPRT_MYCGE  P47696      175     hpt
MG459                    Y459_MYCGE  Q49436      169     
MG460                    LDH_MYCGE   P47698      312     ldh
MG461                    Y461_MYCGE  P47699      425     
MG462                    SYE_MYCGE   P47700      484     gltX
MG463                    RSMA_MYCGE  P47701      259     rsmA; ksgA
MG464                    YIDC_MYCGE  P47702      385     yidC
MG465                    RNPA_MYCGE  P47703      128     rnpA
MG466                    RL34_MYCGE  P47704      48      rpmH; rpl34
MG467                    Y467_MYCGE  P47705      311     
MG468.1                  Y468A_MYCGE Q9ZB70      284     
MG468                    Y468_MYCGE  Q49460      1783    
MG469                    DNAA_MYCGE  P35888      437     dnaA
MG470                    PARA_MYCGE  P47706      269     
MG478                    Y149A_MYCGE Q9ZB80      154     
MG_494                   Y255A_MYCGE Q9ZB77      150     

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