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        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: MGD cross-references in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Name:        mgdtosp.txt
Release:     2022_02 of 25-May-2022


 - Number of MGD entries referenced in Swiss-Prot: 16938
 - Number of Swiss-Prot entries with one or more pointers to MGD: 16989

The Mouse Genome Database (MGD) is produced by the Mouse Genome Informatics
(MGI) group at:

MGD                 Swiss-Prot                MGD
Gene symbol         AC          Entry name    AC number (MGI)
________________    _______________________   _______________
0610010F05Rik       Q68FF0      SANBR_MOUSE   MGI:1918925
0610010K14Rik       Q9DCT6      BAP18_MOUSE   MGI:1915609
0610030E20Rik       Q149G0      CB068_MOUSE   MGI:1915614
0610040J01Rik       Q99K99      CD019_MOUSE   MGI:1923511
1110002E22Rik       E0CYV9      CD054_MOUSE   MGI:1915066
1110004F10Rik       Q9R0P4      SMAP_MOUSE    MGI:1929274
1110017D15Rik       Q2MH31      SMRP1_MOUSE   MGI:1920971
1110032A03Rik       Q9D131      CK001_MOUSE   MGI:1915971
1110032F04Rik       E9Q0B3      CC080_MOUSE   MGI:1915975
1110038F14Rik       Q3U6N9      CH033_MOUSE   MGI:2152337
1110051M20Rik       Q8BHR8      CSTP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915079
1110059E24Rik       Q9CQ90      CI085_MOUSE   MGI:1913456
1110059G10Rik       Q8K039      K1143_MOUSE   MGI:1913452
1110065P20Rik       B1ARW8      CA122_MOUSE   MGI:1916170
1190005I06Rik       Q8K1L6      CP074_MOUSE   MGI:1916168
1190007I07Rik       Q8BTC1      BWNIN_MOUSE   MGI:3698433
1300017J02Rik       Q9DBD0      ICA_MOUSE     MGI:1919025
1500009L16Rik       P0C913      OCC1_MOUSE    MGI:1917034
1600012H06Rik       Q9DAY5      CF120_MOUSE   MGI:1915162
1600014C10Rik       Q8WUR0      CS012_MOUSE   MGI:1919494
1700001L19Rik       Q9DAR0      CE049_MOUSE   MGI:1916565
1700001P01Rik       Q9DAQ5      CQ098_MOUSE   MGI:1919465
1700003E16Rik       Q9DAQ4      CB081_MOUSE   MGI:1919087
1700007K09Rik       Q9DAL9      FA24L_MOUSE   MGI:1916568
1700007K13Rik       Q5BN45      PIRC1_MOUSE   MGI:1916577
1700008O03Rik       D3Z070      CS081_MOUSE   MGI:1916599
1700011L22Rik       Q9DAF8      CD051_MOUSE   MGI:1914937
1700012B09Rik       Q9DAE7      CK097_MOUSE   MGI:1916575
1700012P22Rik       Q4KKZ1      CF107_MOUSE   MGI:1916614
1700013F07Rik       Q9DAD0      CF276_MOUSE   MGI:1922754
1700015G11Rik       J3QM76      CC179_MOUSE   MGI:1922779
1700016C15Rik       Q9DAA7      CA100_MOUSE   MGI:1916678
1700016H13Rik       Q9DAA3      CD036_MOUSE   MGI:1921468
1700016K19Rik       Q810M6      LIAT1_MOUSE   MGI:1921480
1700017B05Rik       Q3TEI4      CO039_MOUSE   MGI:1921461
1700019D03Rik       Q9CPS8      SMAKA_MOUSE   MGI:1914330
1700019N19Rik       Q9CQT6      CJ082_MOUSE   MGI:1914757
1700020L24Rik       Q8C1R3      CQ050_MOUSE   MGI:1913580
1700021F07Rik       Q9DA42      CT085_MOUSE   MGI:1919471
1700022I11Rik       Q3V0E1      CI131_MOUSE   MGI:1914567
1700024G13Rik       Q3KNL4      CJ053_MOUSE   MGI:1914335
1700025G04Rik       Q8K207      CA021_MOUSE   MGI:1916649
1700028K03Rik       Q3KQP7      SPO16_MOUSE   MGI:1923671
1700028P14Rik       Q9CQC3      CFA95_MOUSE   MGI:1914733
1700029I15Rik       Q8CF31      CK094_MOUSE   MGI:1916742
1700029J07Rik       Q3U1D9      CD047_MOUSE   MGI:1916729
1700030J22Rik       Q8BHB7      CP046_MOUSE   MGI:1916778
1700030K09Rik       Q922C1      CS044_MOUSE   MGI:1919504
1700034J05Rik       Q80W69      CL071_MOUSE   MGI:1920594
1700037C18Rik       Q8BT88      CP090_MOUSE   MGI:1920511
1700037H04Rik       Q9D1K7      CT027_MOUSE   MGI:1914576
1700047I17Rik1      Q8BR63      F177A_MOUSE   MGI:1920635
1700066B19Rik       Q3TS39      SIM33_MOUSE   MGI:1920699
1700066M21Rik       Q9D9H8      CB069_MOUSE   MGI:1920717
1700067K01Rik       Q8CF25      CS067_MOUSE   MGI:1920703
1700086L19Rik       P0C1Z5      U730_MOUSE    MGI:1921534
1700088E04Rik       Q9D9S1      EVG1_MOUSE    MGI:1920774
1700092M07Rik       G3UW99      TEX54_MOUSE   MGI:1921557
1700093K21Rik       Q810S2      CB074_MOUSE   MGI:1914608
1700094D03Rik       Q9D9D9      CP141_MOUSE   MGI:1920795
1700102P08Rik       Q9D9C7      CC062_MOUSE   MGI:2148248
1700123O20Rik       Q9JJ93      CN119_MOUSE   MGI:1920893
1700125H20Rik       Q9D979      CQ064_MOUSE   MGI:1920884
1810009A15Rik       Q9D937      CK098_MOUSE   MGI:1913526
1810010H24Rik       Q08AU9      CQ058_MOUSE   MGI:1916316
1810013L24Rik       Q14AM7      TAPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1916303
1810030O07Rik       Q8C5K5      CX038_MOUSE   MGI:1916405
1810037I17Rik       Q99M08      CD003_MOUSE   MGI:1914954
1810046K07Rik       Q9D8Q6      CK053_MOUSE   MGI:1917059
1810055G02Rik       Q9D8N1      CK024_MOUSE   MGI:1919306
1810058I24Rik       P0DP99      STMP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914955
2010003K11Rik       Q8VC23      CK086_MOUSE   MGI:1917111
2210016L21Rik       Q3UY34      CSTOS_MOUSE   MGI:1919607
2210408I21Rik       Q3UPC7      K0825_MOUSE   MGI:1919621
2300002M23Rik       Q8BM15      CF015_MOUSE   MGI:1916792
2300009A05Rik       Q0VG49      CO061_MOUSE   MGI:1916728
2310011J03Rik       Q9D7E4      CS025_MOUSE   MGI:1913624
2310022A10Rik       Q8R3Y5      CS047_MOUSE   MGI:1913617
2310022B05Rik       Q8C3W1      CA198_MOUSE   MGI:1916801
2310030G06Rik       Q9D8L0      CK052_MOUSE   MGI:1914202
2310033P09Rik       Q99LX5      MMTA2_MOUSE   MGI:1915112
2310039H08Rik       Q9D727      CF226_MOUSE   MGI:1914351
2310057J18Rik       Q8C6C9      LEG1H_MOUSE   MGI:1914969
2310057M21Rik       Q9D2Q3      PAAT_MOUSE    MGI:1915527
2410004B18Rik       Q9CWU4      CA052_MOUSE   MGI:1913671
2510002D24Rik       Q3U595      CV039_MOUSE   MGI:1919557
2510009E07Rik       Q6GQU0      CC070_MOUSE   MGI:1919440
2510039O18Rik       Q91X21      K2013_MOUSE   MGI:1924284
2610002M06Rik       Q9CQD4      CH1B2_MOUSE   MGI:1914278
2610301B20Rik       Q3UJP5      CF418_MOUSE   MGI:1914407
2610507B11Rik       Q5SYL3      K0100_MOUSE   MGI:1919753
2610528A11Rik       A0A0B4J1N3  GP15L_MOUSE   MGI:1917295
2610528J11Rik       Q9CQM1      CA210_MOUSE   MGI:1913701
2700049A03Rik       E9PV87      TALD3_MOUSE   MGI:1924217
2700062C07Rik       Q5XFZ0      CR021_MOUSE   MGI:1915296
2810004N23Rik       Q8CIL4      CA131_MOUSE   MGI:1913773
2810459M11Rik       Q9CYS6      CB072_MOUSE   MGI:1920042
2900026A02Rik       Q8BRV5      K1671_MOUSE   MGI:1920194
3110009E18Rik       Q9CRW3      CB076_MOUSE   MGI:1920353
3110040N11Rik       Q9CRC3      CO040_MOUSE   MGI:1914540
3110082I17Rik       Q9CXL3      CG050_MOUSE   MGI:1920462
3425401B19Rik       D3Z1D3      CEFIP_MOUSE   MGI:3588196
3830406C13Rik       Q8BGD0      CC014_MOUSE   MGI:1917937
4833420G17Rik       Q3UJC8      CE034_MOUSE   MGI:1914642
4833439L19Rik       Q9DBN4      P33MX_MOUSE   MGI:1921162
4921507P07Rik       Q9D5Y0      CG031_MOUSE   MGI:1918071
4921509C19Rik       Q8C0X8      SMKX_MOUSE    MGI:2685851
4921524J17Rik       Q9CR55      CP087_MOUSE   MGI:1913964
4921536K21Rik       Q9CR34      CE052_MOUSE   MGI:1914680
4921539E11Rik       Q9D5Q8      CA141_MOUSE   MGI:1918191
4930404N11Rik       A6H6Q4      CS071_MOUSE   MGI:1921072
4930415L06Rik       Q3V0Y1      P4R3C_MOUSE   MGI:3588286
4930430F08Rik       Q8BHN7      CL029_MOUSE   MGI:1921197
4930447C04Rik       Q9CTN5      S6OS1_MOUSE   MGI:1923051
4930451I11Rik       E9Q9R3      FIMP_MOUSE    MGI:1925368
4930453N24Rik       Q3TTL0      CC038_MOUSE   MGI:1914859
4930486L24Rik       Q80UB0      TEST2_MOUSE   MGI:1922258
4930503L19Rik       Q8CB14      LAS2_MOUSE    MGI:1922045
4930505A04Rik       Q5SPV6      CB073_MOUSE   MGI:1922337
4930522H14Rik       Q9CPZ3      CA185_MOUSE   MGI:1914896
4930524B15Rik       Q24JP4      CE047_MOUSE   MGI:1914842
4930550C14Rik       Q9D4W2      MFI_MOUSE     MGI:1922561
4930558C23Rik       A0A1B0GQX3  CTXD2_MOUSE   MGI:1914904
4930562C15Rik       E9QMW4      CP096_MOUSE   MGI:1926059
4930563E22Rik       Q8BGJ3      CQ100_MOUSE   MGI:1922554
4930568D16Rik       A2AUQ7      GTA1L_MOUSE   MGI:1923109
4930578I06Rik       Q80ZQ3      CH074_MOUSE   MGI:1915000
4930579G24Rik       Q3UUX7      CD046_MOUSE   MGI:1923189
4930590J08Rik       Q8CDN1      CC020_MOUSE   MGI:2685917
4931406C07Rik       Q91V76      CK054_MOUSE   MGI:1918234
4931414P19Rik       Q8K2W9      CN093_MOUSE   MGI:1921609
4931428F04Rik       Q810A5      K895L_MOUSE   MGI:1921606
4931440F15Rik       Q8C0T1      FM1AB_MOUSE   MGI:2441689
4932438A13Rik       A2AAE1      K1109_MOUSE   MGI:2444631
4932438H23Rik       Q9D4G1      CU062_MOUSE   MGI:1921637
4933405L10Rik       Q9D4A5      CP086_MOUSE   MGI:1918296
4933405O20Rik       Q8BPC6      IDHG2_MOUSE   MGI:2142174
4933411K16Rik       Q80Y39      CJ062_MOUSE   MGI:1914015
4933412E24Rik       Q9D454      CX049_MOUSE   MGI:1918338
4933417A18Rik       Q497N7      CF201_MOUSE   MGI:1914011
4933427D14Rik       Q6A000      MOONR_MOUSE   MGI:1921727
4933434E20Rik       Q8R092      CA043_MOUSE   MGI:1914027
5031439G07Rik       Q3UE31      K0930_MOUSE   MGI:2444899
5730409E04Rik       Q8BP99      CA216_MOUSE   MGI:3609248
5730455P16Rik       Q9CYI0      NJMU_MOUSE    MGI:1917841
6030458C11Rik       Q8BGC1      CE022_MOUSE   MGI:1925127
6030468B19Rik       Q9CX63      IL40_MOUSE    MGI:1924977
6430548M08Rik       Q8R0A7      K0513_MOUSE   MGI:2443793
6430571L13Rik       Q8BGK9      CC018_MOUSE   MGI:2445137
6430628N08Rik       A0A0U1RQ45  TM275_MOUSE   MGI:1923487
8030411F24Rik       Q8VII3      CST14_MOUSE   MGI:1925859
8030462N17Rik       Q8BH50      CR025_MOUSE   MGI:2444951
9130401M01Rik       Q9D2X8      CH076_MOUSE   MGI:1923008
9430038I01Rik       Q9CX25      CJ143_MOUSE   MGI:1924502
9530068E07Rik       Q8K201      KCT2_MOUSE    MGI:2654705
9530077C05Rik       Q7TQE7      K0895_MOUSE   MGI:1915533
9930012K11Rik       Q66JV7      CH058_MOUSE   MGI:2145726
9930104L06Rik       Q499E6      CA109_MOUSE   MGI:3041172
a                   Q03288      ASIP_MOUSE    MGI:87853
A130010J15Rik       Q9DAE8      CA074_MOUSE   MGI:2441776
A1bg                Q19LI2      A1BG_MOUSE    MGI:2152878
A1cf                Q5YD48      A1CF_MOUSE    MGI:1917115
A2m                 Q6GQT1      A2MG_MOUSE    MGI:2449119
A3galt2             Q3V1N9      A3LT2_MOUSE   MGI:2685279
A430005L14Rik       Q80WR5      CA174_MOUSE   MGI:2140680
A430033K04Rik       E9Q8G5      ZFOI1_MOUSE   MGI:3583896
A4galt              Q67BJ4      A4GAT_MOUSE   MGI:3512453
A4gnt               Q14BT6      A4GCT_MOUSE   MGI:2143261
A530016L24Rik       Q8BNX7      NRAC_MOUSE    MGI:2443020
A730046J19Rik       A0A1B0GSN8  SRTM2_MOUSE   MGI:2442684
A830010M20Rik       Q80TK0      K1107_MOUSE   MGI:2445097
A830018L16Rik       Q8BZJ8      CH034_MOUSE   MGI:2444149
A930018P22Rik       Q9D1Z2      CK091_MOUSE   MGI:1915493
AA467197            Q810Q5      NMES1_MOUSE   MGI:3034182
AA986860            Q8BI29      SARG_MOUSE    MGI:2138143
Aaas                P58742      AAAS_MOUSE    MGI:2443767
Aacs                Q9D2R0      AACS_MOUSE    MGI:1926144
Aadac               Q99PG0      AAAD_MOUSE    MGI:1915008
Aadacl3             A2A7Z8      ADCL3_MOUSE   MGI:2685281
Aadacl4fm1          Q8BM81      AD4F1_MOUSE   MGI:2685880
Aadat               Q9WVM8      AADAT_MOUSE   MGI:1345167
Aagab               Q8R2R3      AAGAB_MOUSE   MGI:1914189
Aak1                Q3UHJ0      AAK1_MOUSE    MGI:1098687
Aamdc               Q8R0P4      AAMDC_MOUSE   MGI:1913523
Aanat               O88816      SNAT_MOUSE    MGI:1328365
Aar2                Q9D2V5      AAR2_MOUSE    MGI:1915545
Aard                Q811W1      AARD_MOUSE    MGI:2181621
Aars                Q8BGQ7      SYAC_MOUSE    MGI:2384560
Aars2               Q14CH7      SYAM_MOUSE    MGI:2681839
Aarsd1              Q3THG9      AASD1_MOUSE   MGI:1916934
Aasdh               Q80WC9      ACSF4_MOUSE   MGI:2442517
Aasdhppt            Q9CQF6      ADPPT_MOUSE   MGI:1914868
Aass                Q99K67      AASS_MOUSE    MGI:1353573
Aatf                Q9JKX4      AATF_MOUSE    MGI:1929608
Aatk                Q80YE4      LMTK1_MOUSE   MGI:1197518
AB124611            Q75VT8      HIDE1_MOUSE   MGI:3043001
Abat                P61922      GABT_MOUSE    MGI:2443582
Abca1               P41233      ABCA1_MOUSE   MGI:99607
Abca12              E9Q876      ABCAC_MOUSE   MGI:2676312
Abca13              Q5SSE9      ABCAD_MOUSE   MGI:2388707
Abca17              E9PX95      ABCAH_MOUSE   MGI:3625331
Abca2               P41234      ABCA2_MOUSE   MGI:99606
Abca3               Q8R420      ABCA3_MOUSE   MGI:1351617
Abca4               O35600      ABCA4_MOUSE   MGI:109424
Abca5               Q8K448      ABCA5_MOUSE   MGI:2386607
Abca6               Q8K441      ABCA6_MOUSE   MGI:1923434
Abca7               Q91V24      ABCA7_MOUSE   MGI:1351646
Abca8a              Q8K442      ABC8A_MOUSE   MGI:2386846
Abca8b              Q8K440      ABC8B_MOUSE   MGI:1351668
Abca9               Q8K449      ABCA9_MOUSE   MGI:2386796
Abcb10              Q9JI39      ABCBA_MOUSE   MGI:1860508
Abcb11              Q9QY30      ABCBB_MOUSE   MGI:1351619
Abcb1a              P21447      MDR1A_MOUSE   MGI:97570
Abcb1b              P06795      MDR1B_MOUSE   MGI:97568
Abcb4               P21440      MDR3_MOUSE    MGI:97569
Abcb5               B5X0E4      ABCB5_MOUSE   MGI:1924956
Abcb6               Q9DC29      ABCB6_MOUSE   MGI:1921354
Abcb7               Q61102      ABCB7_MOUSE   MGI:109533
Abcb8               Q9CXJ4      MITOS_MOUSE   MGI:1351667
Abcb9               Q9JJ59      ABCB9_MOUSE   MGI:1861729
Abcc1               O35379      MRP1_MOUSE    MGI:102676
Abcc10              Q8R4P9      MRP7_MOUSE    MGI:2386976
Abcc12              Q80WJ6      MRP9_MOUSE    MGI:2441679
Abcc2               Q8VI47      MRP2_MOUSE    MGI:1352447
Abcc3               B2RX12      MRP3_MOUSE    MGI:1923658
Abcc4               E9Q236      MRP4_MOUSE    MGI:2443111
Abcc5               Q9R1X5      MRP5_MOUSE    MGI:1351644
Abcc6               Q9R1S7      MRP6_MOUSE    MGI:1351634
Abcc9               P70170      ABCC9_MOUSE   MGI:1352630
Abcd1               P48410      ABCD1_MOUSE   MGI:1349215
Abcd2               Q61285      ABCD2_MOUSE   MGI:1349467
Abcd3               P55096      ABCD3_MOUSE   MGI:1349216
Abcd4               O89016      ABCD4_MOUSE   MGI:1349217
Abce1               P61222      ABCE1_MOUSE   MGI:1195458
Abcf1               Q6P542      ABCF1_MOUSE   MGI:1351658
Abcf2               Q99LE6      ABCF2_MOUSE   MGI:1351657
Abcf3               Q8K268      ABCF3_MOUSE   MGI:1351656
Abcg1               Q64343      ABCG1_MOUSE   MGI:107704
Abcg2               Q7TMS5      ABCG2_MOUSE   MGI:1347061
Abcg3               Q99P81      ABCG3_MOUSE   MGI:1351624
Abcg4               Q91WA9      ABCG4_MOUSE   MGI:1890594
Abcg5               Q99PE8      ABCG5_MOUSE   MGI:1351659
Abcg8               Q9DBM0      ABCG8_MOUSE   MGI:1914720
Abhd1               Q9QZC8      ABHD1_MOUSE   MGI:1931013
Abhd10              Q6PE15      ABHDA_MOUSE   MGI:2442422
Abhd11              Q8K4F5      ABHDB_MOUSE   MGI:1916008
Abhd12              Q99LR1      ABD12_MOUSE   MGI:1923442
Abhd13              Q80UX8      ABHDD_MOUSE   MGI:1916154
Abhd14a             Q922Q6      ABHEA_MOUSE   MGI:1915894
Abhd14b             Q8VCR7      ABHEB_MOUSE   MGI:1923741
Abhd15              Q5F2F2      ABH15_MOUSE   MGI:1914727
Abhd16a             Q9Z1Q2      ABHGA_MOUSE   MGI:99476
Abhd16b             Q80YU0      ABHGB_MOUSE   MGI:3607711
Abhd17a             Q99JW1      AB17A_MOUSE   MGI:106388
Abhd17b             Q7M759      AB17B_MOUSE   MGI:1917816
Abhd17c             Q8VCV1      AB17C_MOUSE   MGI:1917428
Abhd18              Q8C1A9      ABD18_MOUSE   MGI:1915468
Abhd2               Q9QXM0      ABHD2_MOUSE   MGI:1914344
Abhd3               Q91ZH7      ABHD3_MOUSE   MGI:2147183
Abhd4               Q8VD66      ABHD4_MOUSE   MGI:1915938
Abhd5               Q9DBL9      ABHD5_MOUSE   MGI:1914719
Abhd6               Q8R2Y0      ABHD6_MOUSE   MGI:1913332
Abhd8               Q8R0P8      ABHD8_MOUSE   MGI:1918946
Abi1                Q8CBW3      ABI1_MOUSE    MGI:104913
Abi2                P62484      ABI2_MOUSE    MGI:106913
Abi3                Q8BYZ1      ABI3_MOUSE    MGI:1913860
Abitram             Q80ZQ9      ABITM_MOUSE   MGI:2677850
Abl1                P00520      ABL1_MOUSE    MGI:87859
Abl2                Q4JIM5      ABL2_MOUSE    MGI:87860
Ablim1              Q8K4G5      ABLM1_MOUSE   MGI:1194500
Ablim2              Q8BL65      ABLM2_MOUSE   MGI:2385758
Ablim3              Q69ZX8      ABLM3_MOUSE   MGI:2442582
Abo                 P38649      BGAT_MOUSE    MGI:2135738
Abr                 Q5SSL4      ABR_MOUSE     MGI:107771
Abra                Q8BUZ1      ABRA_MOUSE    MGI:2444891
Abracl              Q4KML4      ABRAL_MOUSE   MGI:1920362
Abraxas1            Q8BPZ8      ABRX1_MOUSE   MGI:1917931
Abraxas2            Q3TCJ1      ABRX2_MOUSE   MGI:1926116
Abt1                Q9QYL7      ABT1_MOUSE    MGI:1353636
Abtb1               Q99LJ2      ABTB1_MOUSE   MGI:1933148
Abtb2               Q7TQI7      ABTB2_MOUSE   MGI:2139365
Acaa1a              Q921H8      THIKA_MOUSE   MGI:2148491
Acaa1b              Q8VCH0      THIKB_MOUSE   MGI:3605455
Acaa2               Q8BWT1      THIM_MOUSE    MGI:1098623
Acaca               Q5SWU9      ACACA_MOUSE   MGI:108451
Acacb               E9Q4Z2      ACACB_MOUSE   MGI:2140940
Acad10              Q8K370      ACD10_MOUSE   MGI:1919235
Acad11              Q80XL6      ACD11_MOUSE   MGI:2143169
Acad8               Q9D7B6      ACAD8_MOUSE   MGI:1914198
Acad9               Q8JZN5      ACAD9_MOUSE   MGI:1914272
Acadl               P51174      ACADL_MOUSE   MGI:87866
Acadm               P45952      ACADM_MOUSE   MGI:87867
Acads               Q07417      ACADS_MOUSE   MGI:87868
Acadsb              Q9DBL1      ACDSB_MOUSE   MGI:1914135
Acadvl              P50544      ACADV_MOUSE   MGI:895149
Acan                Q61282      PGCA_MOUSE    MGI:99602
Acap1               Q8K2H4      ACAP1_MOUSE   MGI:2388270
Acap2               Q6ZQK5      ACAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1925868
Acat1               Q8QZT1      THIL_MOUSE    MGI:87870
Acat2               Q8CAY6      THIC_MOUSE    MGI:87871
Acbd3               Q8BMP6      GCP60_MOUSE   MGI:2181074
Acbd5               Q5XG73      ACBD5_MOUSE   MGI:1921409
Acbd6               Q9D061      ACBD6_MOUSE   MGI:1919732
Acbd7               Q9D258      ACBD7_MOUSE   MGI:1925495
Accs                A2AIG8      1A1L1_MOUSE   MGI:1919717
Accsl               Q3UX83      1A1L2_MOUSE   MGI:3584519
Acd                 Q5EE38      ACD_MOUSE     MGI:87873
Ace                 P09470      ACE_MOUSE     MGI:87874
Ace2                Q8R0I0      ACE2_MOUSE    MGI:1917258
Ace3                D0G895      ACE3_MOUSE    MGI:3644400
Acer1               Q8R4X1      ACER1_MOUSE   MGI:2181962
Acer2               Q8VD53      ACER2_MOUSE   MGI:1920932
Acer3               Q9D099      ACER3_MOUSE   MGI:1913440
Ache                P21836      ACES_MOUSE    MGI:87876
Acin1               Q9JIX8      ACINU_MOUSE   MGI:1891824
Ackr1               Q9QUI6      ACKR1_MOUSE   MGI:1097689
Ackr2               O08707      ACKR2_MOUSE   MGI:1891697
Ackr3               P56485      ACKR3_MOUSE   MGI:109562
Ackr4               Q924I3      ACKR4_MOUSE   MGI:2181676
Acly                Q91V92      ACLY_MOUSE    MGI:103251
Acmsd               Q8R519      ACMSD_MOUSE   MGI:2386323
Acnat1              A2AKK5      ACNT1_MOUSE   MGI:2140197
Acnat2              Q8BGG9      ACNT2_MOUSE   MGI:2444345
Aco1                P28271      ACOHC_MOUSE   MGI:87879
Aco2                Q99KI0      ACON_MOUSE    MGI:87880
Acod1               P54987      IRG1_MOUSE    MGI:103206
Acot1               O55137      ACOT1_MOUSE   MGI:1349396
Acot10              Q32MW3      ACO10_MOUSE   MGI:1928940
Acot11              Q8VHQ9      ACO11_MOUSE   MGI:1913736
Acot12              Q9DBK0      ACO12_MOUSE   MGI:1921406
Acot13              Q9CQR4      ACO13_MOUSE   MGI:1914084
Acot2               Q9QYR9      ACOT2_MOUSE   MGI:2159605
Acot3               Q9QYR7      ACOT3_MOUSE   MGI:2159619
Acot4               Q8BWN8      ACOT4_MOUSE   MGI:2159621
Acot5               Q6Q2Z6      ACOT5_MOUSE   MGI:2384969
Acot6               Q32Q92      ACOT6_MOUSE   MGI:1921287
Acot7               Q91V12      BACH_MOUSE    MGI:1917275
Acot8               P58137      ACOT8_MOUSE   MGI:2158201
Acot9               Q9R0X4      ACOT9_MOUSE   MGI:1928939
Acox1               Q9R0H0      ACOX1_MOUSE   MGI:1330812
Acox2               Q9QXD1      ACOX2_MOUSE   MGI:1934852
Acox3               Q9EPL9      ACOX3_MOUSE   MGI:1933156
Acoxl               Q9DBS4      ACOXL_MOUSE   MGI:1921371
Acp1                Q9D358      PPAC_MOUSE    MGI:87881
Acp2                P24638      PPAL_MOUSE    MGI:87882
Acp4                D3YTS9      PPAT_MOUSE    MGI:3644563
Acp5                Q05117      PPA5_MOUSE    MGI:87883
Acp6                Q8BP40      PPA6_MOUSE    MGI:1931010
Acp7                Q8BX37      ACP7_MOUSE    MGI:2142121
Acpp                Q8CE08      PPAP_MOUSE    MGI:1928480
Acr                 P23578      ACRO_MOUSE    MGI:87884
Acrbp               Q3V140      ACRBP_MOUSE   MGI:1859515
Acrv1               P50289      ASPX_MOUSE    MGI:104590
Acsbg1              Q99PU5      ACBG1_MOUSE   MGI:2385656
Acsbg2              Q2XU92      ACBG2_MOUSE   MGI:3587728
Acsf2               Q8VCW8      ACSF2_MOUSE   MGI:2388287
Acsf3               Q3URE1      ACSF3_MOUSE   MGI:2182591
Acsl1               P41216      ACSL1_MOUSE   MGI:102797
Acsl3               Q9CZW4      ACSL3_MOUSE   MGI:1921455
Acsl4               Q9QUJ7      ACSL4_MOUSE   MGI:1354713
Acsl5               Q8JZR0      ACSL5_MOUSE   MGI:1919129
Acsl6               Q91WC3      ACSL6_MOUSE   MGI:894291
Acsm1               Q91VA0      ACSM1_MOUSE   MGI:2152200
Acsm2               Q8K0L3      ACSM2_MOUSE   MGI:2385289
Acsm3               Q3UNX5      ACSM3_MOUSE   MGI:99538
Acsm4               Q80W40      ACSM4_MOUSE   MGI:2681844
Acsm5               Q8BGA8      ACSM5_MOUSE   MGI:2444086
Acss1               Q99NB1      ACS2L_MOUSE   MGI:1915988
Acss2               Q9QXG4      ACSA_MOUSE    MGI:1890410
Acss3               Q14DH7      ACSS3_MOUSE   MGI:2685720
Acta1               P68134      ACTS_MOUSE    MGI:87902
Acta2               P62737      ACTA_MOUSE    MGI:87909
Actb                P60710      ACTB_MOUSE    MGI:87904
Actbl2              Q8BFZ3      ACTBL_MOUSE   MGI:2444552
Actc1               P68033      ACTC_MOUSE    MGI:87905
Actg1               P63260      ACTG_MOUSE    MGI:87906
Actg2               P63268      ACTH_MOUSE    MGI:104589
Actl10              A2AKE7      ACL10_MOUSE   MGI:1917612
Actl6a              Q9Z2N8      ACL6A_MOUSE   MGI:1861453
Actl6b              Q99MR0      ACL6B_MOUSE   MGI:1933548
Actl7a              Q9QY84      ACL7A_MOUSE   MGI:1343051
Actl7b              Q9QY83      ACL7B_MOUSE   MGI:1343053
Actl9               Q8CG27      ACTL9_MOUSE   MGI:1916731
Actn1               Q7TPR4      ACTN1_MOUSE   MGI:2137706
Actn2               Q9JI91      ACTN2_MOUSE   MGI:109192
Actn3               O88990      ACTN3_MOUSE   MGI:99678
Actn4               P57780      ACTN4_MOUSE   MGI:1890773
Actr10              Q9QZB7      ARP10_MOUSE   MGI:1891654
Actr1a              P61164      ACTZ_MOUSE    MGI:1858964
Actr1b              Q8R5C5      ACTY_MOUSE    MGI:1917446
Actr2               P61161      ARP2_MOUSE    MGI:1913963
Actr3               Q99JY9      ARP3_MOUSE    MGI:1921367
Actr3b              Q641P0      ARP3B_MOUSE   MGI:2661120
Actr5               Q80US4      ARP5_MOUSE    MGI:1924748
Actr6               Q9D864      ARP6_MOUSE    MGI:1914269
Actr8               Q8R2S9      ARP8_MOUSE    MGI:1860775
Actrt1              Q9D9J3      ACTT1_MOUSE   MGI:1920610
Actrt2              Q9D9L5      ACTT2_MOUSE   MGI:1920603
Actrt3              Q8BXF8      ACTT3_MOUSE   MGI:1923902
Acvr1               P37172      ACVR1_MOUSE   MGI:87911
Acvr1b              Q61271      ACV1B_MOUSE   MGI:1338944
Acvr1c              Q8K348      ACV1C_MOUSE   MGI:2661081
Acvr2a              P27038      AVR2A_MOUSE   MGI:102806
Acvr2b              P27040      AVR2B_MOUSE   MGI:87912
Acvrl1              Q61288      ACVL1_MOUSE   MGI:1338946
Acy1                Q99JW2      ACY1_MOUSE    MGI:87913
Acy3                Q91XE4      ACY3_MOUSE    MGI:1918920
Acyp1               P56376      ACYP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913454
Acyp2               P56375      ACYP2_MOUSE   MGI:1922822
Ada                 P03958      ADA_MOUSE     MGI:87916
Adad1               Q5SUE7      ADAD1_MOUSE   MGI:103258
Adad2               Q9D5P4      ADAD2_MOUSE   MGI:1923023
Adal                Q80SY6      ADAL_MOUSE    MGI:1923144
Adam10              O35598      ADA10_MOUSE   MGI:109548
Adam11              Q9R1V4      ADA11_MOUSE   MGI:1098667
Adam12              Q61824      ADA12_MOUSE   MGI:105378
Adam15              O88839      ADA15_MOUSE   MGI:1333882
Adam17              Q9Z0F8      ADA17_MOUSE   MGI:1096335
Adam18              Q9R157      ADA18_MOUSE   MGI:105986
Adam19              O35674      ADA19_MOUSE   MGI:105377
Adam1a              Q60813      ADM1A_MOUSE   MGI:2429504
Adam1b              Q8R534      ADM1B_MOUSE   MGI:2429506
Adam2               Q60718      ADAM2_MOUSE   MGI:1340894
Adam21              Q9JI76      ADA21_MOUSE   MGI:1861229
Adam22              Q9R1V6      ADA22_MOUSE   MGI:1340046
Adam23              Q9R1V7      ADA23_MOUSE   MGI:1345162
Adam24              Q9R160      ADA24_MOUSE   MGI:105984
Adam25              Q9R159      ADA25_MOUSE   MGI:1345157
Adam26a             Q9R158      AD26A_MOUSE   MGI:105985
Adam28              Q9JLN6      ADA28_MOUSE   MGI:105988
Adam29              Q811Q4      ADA29_MOUSE   MGI:2676326
Adam3               F8VQ03      ADAM3_MOUSE   MGI:102518
Adam32              Q8K410      ADA32_MOUSE   MGI:2653822
Adam33              Q923W9      ADA33_MOUSE   MGI:1341813
Adam5               Q3TTE0      ADAM5_MOUSE   MGI:104730
Adam7               O35227      ADAM7_MOUSE   MGI:107247
Adam8               Q05910      ADAM8_MOUSE   MGI:107825
Adam9               Q61072      ADAM9_MOUSE   MGI:105376
Adamdec1            Q9R0X2      ADEC1_MOUSE   MGI:1917650
Adamts1             P97857      ATS1_MOUSE    MGI:109249
Adamts10            P58459      ATS10_MOUSE   MGI:2449112
Adamts12            Q811B3      ATS12_MOUSE   MGI:2146046
Adamts13            Q769J6      ATS13_MOUSE   MGI:2685556
Adamts15            P59384      ATS15_MOUSE   MGI:2449569
Adamts16            Q69Z28      ATS16_MOUSE   MGI:2429637
Adamts18            Q4VC17      ATS18_MOUSE   MGI:2442600
Adamts19            P59509      ATS19_MOUSE   MGI:2442875
Adamts2             Q8C9W3      ATS2_MOUSE    MGI:1347356
Adamts20            P59511      ATS20_MOUSE   MGI:2660628
Adamts4             Q8BNJ2      ATS4_MOUSE    MGI:1339949
Adamts5             Q9R001      ATS5_MOUSE    MGI:1346321
Adamts7             Q68SA9      ATS7_MOUSE    MGI:1347346
Adamts8             P57110      ATS8_MOUSE    MGI:1353468
Adamtsl1            Q8BLI0      ATL1_MOUSE    MGI:1924989
Adamtsl2            Q7TSK7      ATL2_MOUSE    MGI:1925044
Adamtsl4            Q80T21      ATL4_MOUSE    MGI:2389008
Adap2               Q8R2V5      ADAP2_MOUSE   MGI:2663075
Adar                Q99MU3      DSRAD_MOUSE   MGI:1889575
Adarb1              Q91ZS8      RED1_MOUSE    MGI:891999
Adarb2              Q9JI20      RED2_MOUSE    MGI:2151118
Adat1               Q9JHI2      ADAT1_MOUSE   MGI:1353631
Adat2               Q6P6J0      ADAT2_MOUSE   MGI:1914007
Adat3               Q6PAT0      ADAT3_MOUSE   MGI:1924344
Adck1               Q9D0L4      ADCK1_MOUSE   MGI:1919363
Adck2               Q6NSR3      ADCK2_MOUSE   MGI:1889336
Adck5               Q80V03      ADCK5_MOUSE   MGI:2679274
Adcy1               O88444      ADCY1_MOUSE   MGI:99677
Adcy10              Q8C0T9      ADCYA_MOUSE   MGI:2660854
Adcy2               Q80TL1      ADCY2_MOUSE   MGI:99676
Adcy3               Q8VHH7      ADCY3_MOUSE   MGI:99675
Adcy4               Q91WF3      ADCY4_MOUSE   MGI:99674
Adcy5               P84309      ADCY5_MOUSE   MGI:99673
Adcy6               Q01341      ADCY6_MOUSE   MGI:87917
Adcy7               P51829      ADCY7_MOUSE   MGI:102891
Adcy8               P97490      ADCY8_MOUSE   MGI:1341110
Adcy9               P51830      ADCY9_MOUSE   MGI:108450
Adcyap1             O70176      PACA_MOUSE    MGI:105094
Adcyap1r1           P70205      PACR_MOUSE    MGI:108449
Add1                Q9QYC0      ADDA_MOUSE    MGI:87918
Add2                Q9QYB8      ADDB_MOUSE    MGI:87919
Add3                Q9QYB5      ADDG_MOUSE    MGI:1351615
Adgb                G3UZ78      ADGB_MOUSE    MGI:3605549
Adgra1              Q8C4G9      AGRA1_MOUSE   MGI:1277167
Adgra2              Q91ZV8      AGRA2_MOUSE   MGI:1925810
Adgra3              Q7TT36      AGRA3_MOUSE   MGI:1917943
Adgrb1              Q3UHD1      AGRB1_MOUSE   MGI:1933736
Adgrb2              Q8CGM1      AGRB2_MOUSE   MGI:2451244
Adgrb3              Q80ZF8      AGRB3_MOUSE   MGI:2441837
Adgrd1              Q80T32      AGRD1_MOUSE   MGI:3041203
Adgre1              Q61549      AGRE1_MOUSE   MGI:106912
Adgre4              Q91ZE5      AGRE4_MOUSE   MGI:1196464
Adgre5              Q9Z0M6      AGRE5_MOUSE   MGI:1347095
Adgrf1              Q8VEC3      AGRF1_MOUSE   MGI:1924846
Adgrf2              E9Q4J9      AGRF2_MOUSE   MGI:2182728
Adgrf3              Q58Y75      AGRF3_MOUSE   MGI:2685887
Adgrf4              Q9D2L6      AGRF4_MOUSE   MGI:1925499
Adgrf5              G5E8Q8      AGRF5_MOUSE   MGI:2182928
Adgrg1              Q8K209      AGRG1_MOUSE   MGI:1340051
Adgrg2              Q8CJ12      AGRG2_MOUSE   MGI:2446854
Adgrg3              Q8R0T6      AGRG3_MOUSE   MGI:1859670
Adgrg4              B7ZCC9      AGRG4_MOUSE   MGI:2685213
Adgrg5              Q3V3Z3      AGRG5_MOUSE   MGI:2685955
Adgrg6              Q6F3F9      AGRG6_MOUSE   MGI:1916151
Adgrg7              Q8BM96      AGRG7_MOUSE   MGI:2441732
Adgrl1              Q80TR1      AGRL1_MOUSE   MGI:1929461
Adgrl2              Q8JZZ7      AGRL2_MOUSE   MGI:2139714
Adgrl3              Q80TS3      AGRL3_MOUSE   MGI:2441950
Adgrl4              Q923X1      AGRL4_MOUSE   MGI:2655562
Adgrv1              Q8VHN7      AGRV1_MOUSE   MGI:1274784
Adh1                P00329      ADH1_MOUSE    MGI:87921
Adh4                Q9QYY9      ADH4_MOUSE    MGI:1349472
Adh5                P28474      ADHX_MOUSE    MGI:87929
Adh7                Q64437      ADH7_MOUSE    MGI:87926
Adhfe1              Q8R0N6      HOT_MOUSE     MGI:1923437
Adi1                Q99JT9      MTND_MOUSE    MGI:2144929
Adig                Q8R400      ADIG_MOUSE    MGI:2675492
Adipoq              Q60994      ADIPO_MOUSE   MGI:106675
Adipor1             Q91VH1      PAQR1_MOUSE   MGI:1919924
Adipor2             Q8BQS5      PAQR2_MOUSE   MGI:93830
Adk                 P55264      ADK_MOUSE     MGI:87930
Adm                 P97297      ADML_MOUSE    MGI:108058
Adm2                Q7TNK8      ADM2_MOUSE    MGI:2675256
Adnp                Q9Z103      ADNP_MOUSE    MGI:1338758
Adnp2               Q8CHC8      ADNP2_MOUSE   MGI:2448562
Ado                 Q6PDY2      AEDO_MOUSE    MGI:2685083
Adora1              Q60612      AA1R_MOUSE    MGI:99401
Adora2a             Q60613      AA2AR_MOUSE   MGI:99402
Adora2b             Q60614      AA2BR_MOUSE   MGI:99403
Adora3              Q61618      AA3R_MOUSE    MGI:104847
Adpgk               Q8VDL4      ADPGK_MOUSE   MGI:1919391
Adprh               P54923      ADPRH_MOUSE   MGI:1098234
Adprhl1             Q8BGK2      ARHL1_MOUSE   MGI:2442168
Adprm               Q99KS6      ADPRM_MOUSE   MGI:1913608
Adprs               Q8CG72      ADPRS_MOUSE   MGI:2140364
Adra1a              P97718      ADA1A_MOUSE   MGI:104773
Adra1b              P97717      ADA1B_MOUSE   MGI:104774
Adra1d              P97714      ADA1D_MOUSE   MGI:106673
Adra2a              Q01338      ADA2A_MOUSE   MGI:87934
Adra2b              P30545      ADA2B_MOUSE   MGI:87935
Adra2c              Q01337      ADA2C_MOUSE   MGI:87936
Adrb1               P34971      ADRB1_MOUSE   MGI:87937
Adrb2               P18762      ADRB2_MOUSE   MGI:87938
Adrb3               P25962      ADRB3_MOUSE   MGI:87939
Adrbk2              Q3UYH7      ARBK2_MOUSE   MGI:87941
Adrm1               Q9JKV1      ADRM1_MOUSE   MGI:1929289
Adsl                P54822      PUR8_MOUSE    MGI:103202
Adss                P46664      PURA2_MOUSE   MGI:87948
Adssl1              P28650      PURA1_MOUSE   MGI:87947
Adtrp               Q8C138      ADTRP_MOUSE   MGI:1924596
Aebp1               Q640N1      AEBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1197012
Aebp2               Q9Z248      AEBP2_MOUSE   MGI:1338038
Aen                 Q9CZI9      AEN_MOUSE     MGI:1915298
Afap1               Q80YS6      AFAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917542
Afap1l1             Q8BZI0      AF1L1_MOUSE   MGI:2147199
Afap1l2             Q5DTU0      AF1L2_MOUSE   MGI:2147658
Afdn                Q9QZQ1      AFAD_MOUSE    MGI:1314653
Aff1                O88573      AFF1_MOUSE    MGI:1100819
Aff2                O55112      AFF2_MOUSE    MGI:1202294
Aff3                P51827      AFF3_MOUSE    MGI:106927
Aff4                Q9ESC8      AFF4_MOUSE    MGI:2136171
Afg1l               Q3V384      AFG1L_MOUSE   MGI:2148801
Afg3l1              Q920A7      AFG31_MOUSE   MGI:1928277
Afg3l2              Q8JZQ2      AFG32_MOUSE   MGI:1916847
Afm                 O89020      AFAM_MOUSE    MGI:2429409
Afmid               Q8K4H1      KFA_MOUSE     MGI:2448704
Afp                 P02772      FETA_MOUSE    MGI:87951
Aftph               Q80WT5      AFTIN_MOUSE   MGI:1923012
Aga                 Q64191      ASPG_MOUSE    MGI:104873
Agap1               Q8BXK8      AGAP1_MOUSE   MGI:2653690
Agap2               Q3UHD9      AGAP2_MOUSE   MGI:3580016
Agap3               Q8VHH5      AGAP3_MOUSE   MGI:2183446
Agbl1               Q09M05      CBPC4_MOUSE   MGI:3646469
Agbl2               Q8CDK2      CBPC2_MOUSE   MGI:2443254
Agbl3               Q8CDP0      CBPC3_MOUSE   MGI:1923473
Agbl4               Q09LZ8      CBPC6_MOUSE   MGI:1918244
Agbl5               Q09M02      CBPC5_MOUSE   MGI:2441745
Ager                Q62151      RAGE_MOUSE    MGI:893592
Agfg1               Q8K2K6      AGFG1_MOUSE   MGI:1333754
Agfg2               Q80WC7      AGFG2_MOUSE   MGI:2443267
Aggf1               Q7TN31      AGGF1_MOUSE   MGI:1913799
Agk                 Q9ESW4      AGK_MOUSE     MGI:1917173
Agmat               A2AS89      SPEB_MOUSE    MGI:1923236
Agmo                Q8BS35      ALKMO_MOUSE   MGI:2442495
Ago1                Q8CJG1      AGO1_MOUSE    MGI:2446630
Ago2                Q8CJG0      AGO2_MOUSE    MGI:2446632
Ago3                Q8CJF9      AGO3_MOUSE    MGI:2446634
Ago4                Q8CJF8      AGO4_MOUSE    MGI:1924100
Agpat1              O35083      PLCA_MOUSE    MGI:1932075
Agpat2              Q8K3K7      PLCB_MOUSE    MGI:1914762
Agpat3              Q9D517      PLCC_MOUSE    MGI:1336186
Agpat4              Q8K4X7      PLCD_MOUSE    MGI:1915512
Agpat5              Q9D1E8      PLCE_MOUSE    MGI:1196345
Agps                Q8C0I1      ADAS_MOUSE    MGI:2443065
Agr2                O88312      AGR2_MOUSE    MGI:1344405
Agr3                Q8R3W7      AGR3_MOUSE    MGI:2685734
Agrn                A2ASQ1      AGRIN_MOUSE   MGI:87961
Agrp                P56473      AGRP_MOUSE    MGI:892013
Agt                 P11859      ANGT_MOUSE    MGI:87963
Agtpbp1             Q641K1      CBPC1_MOUSE   MGI:2159437
Agtr1a              P29754      AGTRA_MOUSE   MGI:87964
Agtr1b              P29755      AGTRB_MOUSE   MGI:87965
Agtr2               P35374      AGTR2_MOUSE   MGI:87966
Agtrap              Q9WVK0      ATRAP_MOUSE   MGI:1339977
Agxt                O35423      SPYA_MOUSE    MGI:1329033
Agxt2               Q3UEG6      AGT2_MOUSE    MGI:2146052
Ahctf1              Q8CJF7      ELYS_MOUSE    MGI:1915033
Ahcy                P50247      SAHH_MOUSE    MGI:87968
Ahcyl1              Q80SW1      SAHH2_MOUSE   MGI:2385184
Ahcyl2              Q68FL4      SAHH3_MOUSE   MGI:1921590
Ahdc1               Q6PAL7      AHDC1_MOUSE   MGI:2444218
Ahi1                Q8K3E5      AHI1_MOUSE    MGI:87971
Ahr                 P30561      AHR_MOUSE     MGI:105043
                    Q8R4S2      AHR_MUSSP  
                    Q8R4S4      AHR_MUSSI  
                    Q8R4S5      AHR_MUSMM  
                    Q8R4S6      AHR_MUSMC  
                    Q8R4S7      AHR_MUSCR  
Ahrr                Q3U1U7      AHRR_MOUSE    MGI:1333776
Ahsa1               Q8BK64      AHSA1_MOUSE   MGI:2387603
Ahsa2               Q8N9S3      AHSA2_MOUSE   MGI:1916133
Ahsg                P29699      FETUA_MOUSE   MGI:107189
Ahsp                Q9CY02      AHSP_MOUSE    MGI:2158492
AI413582            Q8R043      SIM29_MOUSE   MGI:2146839
AI429214            Q3TTJ4      CH048_MOUSE   MGI:2142538
AI467606            Q8C708      CP054_MOUSE   MGI:2141979
AI593442            Q32M26      CK087_MOUSE   MGI:2143099
AI597479            Q922M7      ASHWN_MOUSE   MGI:2138299
AI661453            Q91Z58      CF132_MOUSE   MGI:2146908
AI837181            Q8VD62      CK068_MOUSE   MGI:2147598
Aicda               Q9WVE0      AICDA_MOUSE   MGI:1342279
Aida                Q8C4Q6      AIDA_MOUSE    MGI:1919737
Aif1                O70200      AIF1_MOUSE    MGI:1343098
Aif1l               Q9EQX4      AIF1L_MOUSE   MGI:1919598
Aifm1               Q9Z0X1      AIFM1_MOUSE   MGI:1349419
Aifm2               Q8BUE4      FSP1_MOUSE    MGI:1918611
Aifm3               Q3TY86      AIFM3_MOUSE   MGI:1919418
Aig1                Q9D8B1      AIG1_MOUSE    MGI:1913503
Aim2                Q91VJ1      AIM2_MOUSE    MGI:2686159
Aimp1               P31230      AIMP1_MOUSE   MGI:102774
Aimp2               Q8R010      AIMP2_MOUSE   MGI:2385237
Aip                 O08915      AIP_MOUSE     MGI:109622
Aipl1               Q924K1      AIPL1_MOUSE   MGI:2148800
Aire                Q9Z0E3      AIRE_MOUSE    MGI:1338803
Ajap1               A2ALI5      AJAP1_MOUSE   MGI:2685419
Ajm1                A2AJA9      AJM1_MOUSE    MGI:2685842
Ajuba               Q91XC0      AJUBA_MOUSE   MGI:1341886
Ak1                 Q9R0Y5      KAD1_MOUSE    MGI:87977
Ak2                 Q9WTP6      KAD2_MOUSE    MGI:87978
Ak3                 Q9WTP7      KAD3_MOUSE    MGI:1860835
Ak4                 Q9WUR9      KAD4_MOUSE    MGI:87979
Ak5                 Q920P5      KAD5_MOUSE    MGI:2677491
Ak6                 Q8VCP8      KAD6_MOUSE    MGI:5510732
Ak7                 Q9D2H2      KAD7_MOUSE    MGI:1926051
Ak8                 Q32M07      KAD8_MOUSE    MGI:1916120
Akain1              G3UWD5      AKAI1_MOUSE   MGI:2444600
Akap1               O08715      AKAP1_MOUSE   MGI:104729
Akap10              O88845      AKA10_MOUSE   MGI:1890218
Akap12              Q9WTQ5      AKA12_MOUSE   MGI:1932576
Akap13              E9Q394      AKP13_MOUSE   MGI:2676556
Akap17b             A2A3V1      AK17B_MOUSE   MGI:2443758
Akap2               O54931      AKAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1306795
Akap3               O88987      AKAP3_MOUSE   MGI:1341149
Akap4               Q60662      AKAP4_MOUSE   MGI:102794
Akap5               D3YVF0      AKAP5_MOUSE   MGI:2685104
Akap7               O55074      AKA7A_MOUSE   MGI:1859150
                    Q7TN79      AKA7G_MOUSE
Akap8               Q9DBR0      AKAP8_MOUSE   MGI:1928488
Akap8l              Q9R0L7      AKP8L_MOUSE   MGI:1860606
Akap9               Q70FJ1      AKAP9_MOUSE   MGI:2178217
Akip1               Q9JJR5      AKIP1_MOUSE   MGI:3041226
Akirin1             Q99LF1      AKIR1_MOUSE   MGI:1915300
Akirin2             B1AXD8      AKIR2_MOUSE   MGI:1889364
Akna                Q80VW7      AKNA_MOUSE    MGI:2140340
Akp3                P24822      PPBI_MOUSE    MGI:87984
Akr1a1              Q9JII6      AK1A1_MOUSE   MGI:1929955
Akr1b3              P45376      ALDR_MOUSE    MGI:1353494
Akr1b7              P21300      ALD1_MOUSE    MGI:101918
Akr1b8              P45377      ALD2_MOUSE    MGI:107673
Akr1c13             Q8VC28      AK1CD_MOUSE   MGI:1351662
Akr1c18             Q8K023      AKC1H_MOUSE   MGI:2145420
Akr1c21             Q91WR5      AK1CL_MOUSE   MGI:1924587
Akr1c6              P70694      DHB5_MOUSE    MGI:1933427
Akr1d1              Q8VCX1      AK1D1_MOUSE   MGI:2384785
Akr1e1              Q9DCT1      AKCL2_MOUSE   MGI:1914758
Akr7a5              Q8CG76      ARK72_MOUSE   MGI:107796
Akt1                P31750      AKT1_MOUSE    MGI:87986
Akt1s1              Q9D1F4      AKTS1_MOUSE   MGI:1914855
Akt2                Q60823      AKT2_MOUSE    MGI:104874
Akt3                Q9WUA6      AKT3_MOUSE    MGI:1345147
Aktip               Q64362      AKTIP_MOUSE   MGI:3693832
Alad                P10518      HEM2_MOUSE    MGI:96853
Alas1               Q8VC19      HEM1_MOUSE    MGI:87989
Alas2               P08680      HEM0_MOUSE    MGI:87990
Alb                 P07724      ALBU_MOUSE    MGI:87991
Alcam               Q61490      CD166_MOUSE   MGI:1313266
Aldh16a1            Q571I9      A16A1_MOUSE   MGI:1916998
Aldh18a1            Q9Z110      P5CS_MOUSE    MGI:1888908
Aldh1a1             P24549      AL1A1_MOUSE   MGI:1353450
Aldh1a2             Q62148      AL1A2_MOUSE   MGI:107928
Aldh1a3             Q9JHW9      AL1A3_MOUSE   MGI:1861722
Aldh1a7             O35945      AL1A7_MOUSE   MGI:1347050
Aldh1b1             Q9CZS1      AL1B1_MOUSE   MGI:1919785
Aldh1l1             Q8R0Y6      AL1L1_MOUSE   MGI:1340024
Aldh1l2             Q8K009      AL1L2_MOUSE   MGI:2444680
Aldh2               P47738      ALDH2_MOUSE   MGI:99600
Aldh3a1             P47739      AL3A1_MOUSE   MGI:1353451
Aldh3a2             P47740      AL3A2_MOUSE   MGI:1353452
Aldh3b1             Q80VQ0      AL3B1_MOUSE   MGI:1914939
Aldh3b2             E9Q3E1      AL3B2_MOUSE   MGI:2147613
Aldh3b3             J3QMK6      AL3B3_MOUSE   MGI:1920708
Aldh4a1             Q8CHT0      AL4A1_MOUSE   MGI:2443883
Aldh5a1             Q8BWF0      SSDH_MOUSE    MGI:2441982
Aldh6a1             Q9EQ20      MMSA_MOUSE    MGI:1915077
Aldh7a1             Q9DBF1      AL7A1_MOUSE   MGI:108186
Aldh8a1             Q8BH00      AL8A1_MOUSE   MGI:2653900
Aldh9a1             Q9JLJ2      AL9A1_MOUSE   MGI:1861622
Aldoa               P05064      ALDOA_MOUSE   MGI:87994
Aldob               Q91Y97      ALDOB_MOUSE   MGI:87995
Aldoc               P05063      ALDOC_MOUSE   MGI:101863
Alg1                Q921Q3      ALG1_MOUSE    MGI:2384774
Alg10b              Q3UGP8      AG10B_MOUSE   MGI:2146159
Alg11               Q3TZM9      ALG11_MOUSE   MGI:2142632
Alg12               Q8VDB2      ALG12_MOUSE   MGI:2385025
Alg13               Q9D8C3      ALG13_MOUSE   MGI:1914824
Alg14               Q9D081      ALG14_MOUSE   MGI:1914039
Alg2                Q9DBE8      ALG2_MOUSE    MGI:1914731
Alg3                Q8K2A8      ALG3_MOUSE    MGI:1098592
Alg5                Q9DB25      ALG5_MOUSE    MGI:1913498
Alg6                Q3TAE8      ALG6_MOUSE    MGI:2444031
Alg8                Q6P8H8      ALG8_MOUSE    MGI:2141959
Alg9                Q8VDI9      ALG9_MOUSE    MGI:1924753
Alk                 P97793      ALK_MOUSE     MGI:103305
Alkal1              J3QPP8      ALKL1_MOUSE   MGI:3645495
Alkal2              Q80UG6      ALKL2_MOUSE   MGI:3697448
Alkbh1              P0CB42      ALKB1_MOUSE   MGI:2384034
Alkbh2              Q6P6J4      ALKB2_MOUSE   MGI:2141032
Alkbh3              Q8K1E6      ALKB3_MOUSE   MGI:1916363
Alkbh4              Q9D8F1      ALKB4_MOUSE   MGI:1919291
Alkbh5              Q3TSG4      ALKB5_MOUSE   MGI:2144489
Alkbh6              Q8K2U2      ALKB6_MOUSE   MGI:2142037
Alkbh7              Q9D6Z0      ALKB7_MOUSE   MGI:1913650
Alkbh8              Q80Y20      ALKB8_MOUSE   MGI:1914917
Allc                Q9JHX6      ALLC_MOUSE    MGI:2136971
Alms1               Q8K4E0      ALMS1_MOUSE   MGI:1934606
Alox12              P39655      LOX12_MOUSE   MGI:87998
Alox12b             O70582      LX12B_MOUSE   MGI:1274782
Alox12e             P55249      LX12E_MOUSE   MGI:1274790
Alox15              P39654      LOX15_MOUSE   MGI:87997
Alox5               P48999      LOX5_MOUSE    MGI:87999
Alox5ap             P30355      AL5AP_MOUSE   MGI:107505
Alox8               O35936      ALOX8_MOUSE   MGI:1098228
Aloxe3              Q9WV07      LOXE3_MOUSE   MGI:1345140
Alpk1               Q9CXB8      ALPK1_MOUSE   MGI:1918731
Alpk2               Q91ZB0      ALPK2_MOUSE   MGI:2449492
Alpk3               Q924C5      ALPK3_MOUSE   MGI:2151224
Alpl                P09242      PPBT_MOUSE    MGI:87983
Alppl2              P24823      PPBN_MOUSE    MGI:108009
Als2                Q920R0      ALS2_MOUSE    MGI:1921268
Als2cl              Q60I26      AL2CL_MOUSE   MGI:2447532
Alx1                Q8C8B0      ALX1_MOUSE    MGI:104621
Alx3                O70137      ALX3_MOUSE    MGI:1277097
Alx4                O35137      ALX4_MOUSE    MGI:108359
Alyref              O08583      THOC4_MOUSE   MGI:1341044
Alyref2             Q9JJW6      ALRF2_MOUSE   MGI:1913144
Amacr               O09174      AMACR_MOUSE   MGI:1098273
Ambn                O55189      AMBN_MOUSE    MGI:104655
Ambp                Q07456      AMBP_MOUSE    MGI:88002
Ambra1              A2AH22      AMRA1_MOUSE   MGI:2443564
Amd1                P0DMN7      DCAM1_MOUSE   MGI:88004
Amd2                D3Z6H8      DCAM2_MOUSE   MGI:1333111
                    P82185      DCAM2_MUSSP
Amdhd1              Q9DBA8      HUTI_MOUSE    MGI:1919011
Amdhd2              Q8JZV7      NAGA_MOUSE    MGI:2443978
Amelx               P63277      AMELX_MOUSE   MGI:88005
Amer1               Q7TS75      AMER1_MOUSE   MGI:1919595
Amer2               Q8CCJ4      AMER2_MOUSE   MGI:1919375
Amer3               Q6NS69      AMER3_MOUSE   MGI:3026939
Amfr                Q9R049      AMFR_MOUSE    MGI:1345634
Amh                 P27106      MIS_MOUSE     MGI:88006
Amhr2               Q8K592      AMHR2_MOUSE   MGI:105062
Amigo1              Q80ZD8      AMGO1_MOUSE   MGI:2653612
Amigo2              Q80ZD9      AMGO2_MOUSE   MGI:2145995
Amigo3              Q8C2S7      AMGO3_MOUSE   MGI:2444854
Ammecr1             Q9JHT5      AMMR1_MOUSE   MGI:1860206
Ammecr1l            Q8JZZ6      AMERL_MOUSE   MGI:2442711
Amn                 Q99JB7      AMNLS_MOUSE   MGI:1934943
Amn1                B8JKV0      AMN1_MOUSE    MGI:2442933
Amot                Q8VHG2      AMOT_MOUSE    MGI:108440
Amotl1              Q9D4H4      AMOL1_MOUSE   MGI:1922973
Amotl2              Q8K371      AMOL2_MOUSE   MGI:1929286
Ampd1               Q3V1D3      AMPD1_MOUSE   MGI:88015
Ampd2               Q9DBT5      AMPD2_MOUSE   MGI:88016
Ampd3               O08739      AMPD3_MOUSE   MGI:1096344
Amph                Q7TQF7      AMPH_MOUSE    MGI:103574
Amt                 Q8CFA2      GCST_MOUSE    MGI:3646700
Amtn                Q9D3J8      AMTN_MOUSE    MGI:1918671
Amy1                P00687      AMY1_MOUSE    MGI:88019
Amy2                P00688      AMYP_MOUSE    MGI:88020
Amz1                Q8BVF9      AMZ1_MOUSE    MGI:2442258
Amz2                Q400C8      AMZ2_MOUSE    MGI:104837
Anapc1              P53995      APC1_MOUSE    MGI:103097
Anapc10             Q8K2H6      APC10_MOUSE   MGI:1916249
Anapc11             Q9CPX9      APC11_MOUSE   MGI:1913406
Anapc13             Q8R034      APC13_MOUSE   MGI:1916260
Anapc15             P60007      APC15_MOUSE   MGI:1922680
Anapc16             Q9CPV2      APC16_MOUSE   MGI:1289325
Anapc2              Q8BZQ7      ANC2_MOUSE    MGI:2139135
Anapc4              Q91W96      APC4_MOUSE    MGI:1098673
Anapc5              Q8BTZ4      APC5_MOUSE    MGI:1929722
Anapc7              Q9WVM3      APC7_MOUSE    MGI:1929711
Ang                 P21570      ANGI_MOUSE    MGI:88022
Ang2                Q64438      ANG2_MOUSE    MGI:104984
Ang3                P97802      ANG3_MOUSE    MGI:1201793
Ang4                Q3TMQ6      ANG4_MOUSE    MGI:2656551
Angel1              Q8VCU0      ANGE1_MOUSE   MGI:1915987
Angel2              Q8K1C0      ANGE2_MOUSE   MGI:1196310
Angpt1              O08538      ANGP1_MOUSE   MGI:108448
Angpt2              O35608      ANGP2_MOUSE   MGI:1202890
Angpt4              Q9WVH6      ANGP4_MOUSE   MGI:1336887
Angptl1             Q640P2      ANGL1_MOUSE   MGI:1919963
Angptl2             Q9R045      ANGL2_MOUSE   MGI:1347002
Angptl3             Q9R182      ANGL3_MOUSE   MGI:1353627
Angptl4             Q9Z1P8      ANGL4_MOUSE   MGI:1888999
Angptl6             Q8R0Z6      ANGL6_MOUSE   MGI:1917976
Angptl7             Q8R1Q3      ANGL7_MOUSE   MGI:3605801
Angptl8             Q8R1L8      ANGL8_MOUSE   MGI:3643534
Ank                 Q9JHZ2      ANKH_MOUSE    MGI:3045421
Ank1                Q02357      ANK1_MOUSE    MGI:88024
Ank2                Q8C8R3      ANK2_MOUSE    MGI:88025
Ank3                G5E8K5      ANK3_MOUSE    MGI:88026
Ankar               A2RT91      ANKAR_MOUSE   MGI:2442559
Ankdd1b             Q14DN9      AKD1B_MOUSE   MGI:2444730
Ankef1              Q9D2J7      ANKE1_MOUSE   MGI:2441685
Ankfy1              Q810B6      ANFY1_MOUSE   MGI:1337008
Ankib1              Q6ZPS6      AKIB1_MOUSE   MGI:1918047
Ankk1               Q8BZ25      ANKK1_MOUSE   MGI:3045301
Ankle1              A8VU90      ANKL1_MOUSE   MGI:1918775
Ankle2              Q6P1H6      ANKL2_MOUSE   MGI:1261856
Ankmy1              Q8C0W1      ANMY1_MOUSE   MGI:3045261
Ankmy2              Q3TPE9      ANKY2_MOUSE   MGI:2144755
Ankra2              Q99PE2      ANRA2_MOUSE   MGI:1915808
Ankrd1              Q9CR42      ANKR1_MOUSE   MGI:1097717
Ankrd10             Q99LW0      ANR10_MOUSE   MGI:1921840
Ankrd11             E9Q4F7      ANR11_MOUSE   MGI:1924337
Ankrd13a            Q80UP5      AN13A_MOUSE   MGI:1915670
Ankrd13b            Q5F259      AN13B_MOUSE   MGI:2144501
Ankrd13c            Q3UX43      AN13C_MOUSE   MGI:2139746
Ankrd13d            Q6PD24      AN13D_MOUSE   MGI:1915673
Ankrd16             A2AS55      ANR16_MOUSE   MGI:2444796
Ankrd17             Q99NH0      ANR17_MOUSE   MGI:1932101
Ankrd2              Q9WV06      ANKR2_MOUSE   MGI:1861447
Ankrd22             Q9D3J5      ANR22_MOUSE   MGI:1277101
Ankrd23             Q812A3      ANR23_MOUSE   MGI:1925571
Ankrd24             Q80VM7      ANR24_MOUSE   MGI:1890394
Ankrd26             Q811D2      ANR26_MOUSE   MGI:1917887
Ankrd27             Q3UMR0      ANR27_MOUSE   MGI:2444103
Ankrd28             Q505D1      ANR28_MOUSE   MGI:2145661
Ankrd31             A0A140LI88  ANR31_MOUSE   MGI:5006716
Ankrd33             Q8BXP5      PANKY_MOUSE   MGI:2443398
Ankrd33b            Q3U0L2      AN33B_MOUSE   MGI:1917904
Ankrd34b            Q3UUF8      AN34B_MOUSE   MGI:2443245
Ankrd34c            Q8BLB8      AN34C_MOUSE   MGI:2685617
Ankrd37             Q569N2      ANR37_MOUSE   MGI:3603344
Ankrd39             Q9D2X0      ANR39_MOUSE   MGI:1914816
Ankrd40             Q5SUE8      ANR40_MOUSE   MGI:1918702
Ankrd42             Q3V096      ANR42_MOUSE   MGI:1921095
Ankrd44             B2RXR6      ANR44_MOUSE   MGI:3045243
Ankrd45             Q810N6      ANR45_MOUSE   MGI:1921094
Ankrd46             Q8BTZ5      ANR46_MOUSE   MGI:1916089
Ankrd49             Q8VE42      ANR49_MOUSE   MGI:1930842
Ankrd52             Q8BTI7      ANR52_MOUSE   MGI:2444029
Ankrd53             Q3V0J4      ANR53_MOUSE   MGI:1922555
Ankrd54             Q91WK7      ANR54_MOUSE   MGI:2444209
Ankrd55             Q8BLD6      ANR55_MOUSE   MGI:1924568
Ankrd6              Q69ZU8      ANKR6_MOUSE   MGI:2154278
Ankrd61             Q9CQM6      ANR61_MOUSE   MGI:1913979
Ankrd63             A2ARS0      ANR63_MOUSE   MGI:2686183
Ankrd7              Q9D504      ANKR7_MOUSE   MGI:1922446
Ankrd9              Q8BH83      ANKR9_MOUSE   MGI:1921501
Anks1               P59672      ANS1A_MOUSE   MGI:2446180
Anks1b              Q8BIZ1      ANS1B_MOUSE   MGI:1924781
Anks3               Q9CZK6      ANKS3_MOUSE   MGI:1919865
Anks4b              Q8K3X6      ANS4B_MOUSE   MGI:1919324
Anks6               Q6GQX6      ANKS6_MOUSE   MGI:1922941
Ankub1              Q3UUE9      ANKUB_MOUSE   MGI:2685256
Ankzf1              Q80UU1      ANKZ1_MOUSE   MGI:1098746
Anln                Q8K298      ANLN_MOUSE    MGI:1920174
Ano1                Q8BHY3      ANO1_MOUSE    MGI:2142149
Ano10               Q8BH79      ANO10_MOUSE   MGI:2143103
Ano2                Q8CFW1      ANO2_MOUSE    MGI:2387214
Ano3                A2AHL1      ANO3_MOUSE    MGI:3613666
Ano4                Q8C5H1      ANO4_MOUSE    MGI:2443344
Ano5                Q75UR0      ANO5_MOUSE    MGI:3576659
Ano6                Q6P9J9      ANO6_MOUSE    MGI:2145890
Ano7                Q14AT5      ANO7_MOUSE    MGI:3052714
Ano8                Q6PB70      ANO8_MOUSE    MGI:2687327
Ano9                P86044      ANO9_MOUSE    MGI:1918595
Anp32-ps            Q64G17      AN32C_MOUSE   MGI:3525200
Anp32a              O35381      AN32A_MOUSE   MGI:108447
Anp32b              Q9EST5      AN32B_MOUSE   MGI:1914878
Anp32e              P97822      AN32E_MOUSE   MGI:1913721
Anpep               P97449      AMPN_MOUSE    MGI:5000466
Antkmt              Q501J2      ANKMT_MOUSE   MGI:2384888
Antxr1              Q9CZ52      ANTR1_MOUSE   MGI:1916788
Antxr2              Q6DFX2      ANTR2_MOUSE   MGI:1919164
Antxrl              Q8BVM2      ANTRL_MOUSE   MGI:1925726
Anxa1               P10107      ANXA1_MOUSE   MGI:96819
Anxa10              Q9QZ10      ANX10_MOUSE   MGI:1347090
Anxa11              P97384      ANX11_MOUSE   MGI:108481
Anxa13              Q99JG3      ANX13_MOUSE   MGI:1917037
Anxa2               P07356      ANXA2_MOUSE   MGI:88246
Anxa3               O35639      ANXA3_MOUSE   MGI:1201378
Anxa4               P97429      ANXA4_MOUSE   MGI:88030
Anxa5               P48036      ANXA5_MOUSE   MGI:106008
Anxa6               P14824      ANXA6_MOUSE   MGI:88255
Anxa7               Q07076      ANXA7_MOUSE   MGI:88031
Anxa8               O35640      ANXA8_MOUSE   MGI:1201374
Anxa9               Q9JHQ0      ANXA9_MOUSE   MGI:1923711
Aoah                O35298      AOAH_MOUSE    MGI:1350928
Aoc1                Q8JZQ5      AOC1_MOUSE    MGI:1923757
Aoc2                Q812C9      AOC2_MOUSE    MGI:2668431
Aoc3                O70423      AOC3_MOUSE    MGI:1306797
Aopep               Q8BXQ6      AMPO_MOUSE    MGI:1919311
Aox1                O54754      AOXA_MOUSE    MGI:88035
Aox2                Q5SGK3      AOXB_MOUSE    MGI:3529596
Aox3                G3X982      AOXC_MOUSE    MGI:1918974
Aox4                Q3TYQ9      AOXD_MOUSE    MGI:1919122
Ap1b1               O35643      AP1B1_MOUSE   MGI:1096368
Ap1g1               P22892      AP1G1_MOUSE   MGI:101919
Ap1g2               O88512      AP1G2_MOUSE   MGI:1328307
Ap1m1               P35585      AP1M1_MOUSE   MGI:102776
Ap1m2               Q9WVP1      AP1M2_MOUSE   MGI:1336974
Ap1s1               P61967      AP1S1_MOUSE   MGI:1098244
Ap1s2               Q9DB50      AP1S2_MOUSE   MGI:1889383
Ap1s3               Q7TN05      AP1S3_MOUSE   MGI:1891304
Ap2a1               P17426      AP2A1_MOUSE   MGI:101921
Ap2a2               P17427      AP2A2_MOUSE   MGI:101920
Ap2b1               Q9DBG3      AP2B1_MOUSE   MGI:1919020
Ap2m1               P84091      AP2M1_MOUSE   MGI:1298405
Ap2s1               P62743      AP2S1_MOUSE   MGI:2141861
Ap3b1               Q9Z1T1      AP3B1_MOUSE   MGI:1333879
Ap3b2               Q9JME5      AP3B2_MOUSE   MGI:1100869
Ap3d1               O54774      AP3D1_MOUSE   MGI:107734
Ap3m1               Q9JKC8      AP3M1_MOUSE   MGI:1929212
Ap3m2               Q8R2R9      AP3M2_MOUSE   MGI:1929214
Ap3s1               Q9DCR2      AP3S1_MOUSE   MGI:1337062
Ap3s2               Q8BSZ2      AP3S2_MOUSE   MGI:1337060
Ap4b1               Q9WV76      AP4B1_MOUSE   MGI:1337130
Ap4e1               Q80V94      AP4E1_MOUSE   MGI:1336993
Ap4m1               Q9JKC7      AP4M1_MOUSE   MGI:1337063
Ap4s1               Q9WVL1      AP4S1_MOUSE   MGI:1337065
Ap5b1               Q3TAP4      AP5B1_MOUSE   MGI:2685808
Ap5m1               Q8BJ63      AP5M1_MOUSE   MGI:1921635
Ap5s1               Q9D742      AP5S1_MOUSE   MGI:1916846
Ap5z1               Q3U829      AP5Z1_MOUSE   MGI:1924908
Apaf1               O88879      APAF_MOUSE    MGI:1306796
Apba1               B2RUJ5      APBA1_MOUSE   MGI:1860297
Apba2               P98084      APBA2_MOUSE   MGI:1261791
Apba3               O88888      APBA3_MOUSE   MGI:1888527
Apbb1               Q9QXJ1      APBB1_MOUSE   MGI:107765
Apbb1ip             Q8R5A3      AB1IP_MOUSE   MGI:1861354
Apbb2               Q9DBR4      APBB2_MOUSE   MGI:108405
Apbb3               Q8R1C9      APBB3_MOUSE   MGI:108404
Apc                 Q61315      APC_MOUSE     MGI:88039
Apc2                Q9Z1K7      APCL_MOUSE    MGI:1346052
Apcdd1              Q3U128      APCD1_MOUSE   MGI:3513977
Apcs                P12246      SAMP_MOUSE    MGI:98229
Apeh                Q8R146      APEH_MOUSE    MGI:88041
Apela               P0DMC4      ELA_MOUSE     MGI:3642370
Apex1               P28352      APEX1_MOUSE   MGI:88042
Apex2               Q68G58      APEX2_MOUSE   MGI:1924872
Aph1a               Q8BVF7      APH1A_MOUSE   MGI:2385110
Aph1b               Q8C7N7      APH1B_MOUSE   MGI:3522097
Aph1c               Q9DCZ9      APH1C_MOUSE   MGI:1915568
Api5                O35841      API5_MOUSE    MGI:1888993
Apip                Q9WVQ5      MTNB_MOUSE    MGI:1926788
Aplf                Q9D842      APLF_MOUSE    MGI:1919353
Apln                Q9R0R4      APEL_MOUSE    MGI:1353624
Aplnr               Q9WV08      APJ_MOUSE     MGI:1346086
Aplp1               Q03157      APLP1_MOUSE   MGI:88046
Aplp2               Q06335      APLP2_MOUSE   MGI:88047
Apmap               Q9D7N9      APMAP_MOUSE   MGI:1919131
Apoa1               Q00623      APOA1_MOUSE   MGI:88049
Apoa2               P09813      APOA2_MOUSE   MGI:88050
Apoa4               P06728      APOA4_MOUSE   MGI:88051
Apoa5               Q8C7G5      APOA5_MOUSE   MGI:1913363
Apob                E9Q414      APOB_MOUSE    MGI:88052
Apobec1             P51908      ABEC1_MOUSE   MGI:103298
Apobec2             Q9WV35      ABEC2_MOUSE   MGI:1343178
Apobec3             Q99J72      ABEC3_MOUSE   MGI:1933111
Apobec4             Q497M3      ABEC4_MOUSE   MGI:1918531
Apobr               Q8VBT6      APOBR_MOUSE   MGI:2176230
Apoc1               P34928      APOC1_MOUSE   MGI:88053
Apoc2               Q05020      APOC2_MOUSE   MGI:88054
Apoc3               P33622      APOC3_MOUSE   MGI:88055
Apoc4               Q61268      APOC4_MOUSE   MGI:87878
Apod                P51910      APOD_MOUSE    MGI:88056
Apoe                P08226      APOE_MOUSE    MGI:88057
Apof                Q91V80      APOF_MOUSE    MGI:104539
Apoh                Q01339      APOH_MOUSE    MGI:88058
Apom                Q9Z1R3      APOM_MOUSE    MGI:1930124
Apoo                Q9DCZ4      MIC26_MOUSE   MGI:1915566
Apool               Q78IK4      MIC27_MOUSE   MGI:1915367
App                 P12023      A4_MOUSE      MGI:88059
Appbp2              Q9DAX9      APBP2_MOUSE   MGI:1914134
Appl1               Q8K3H0      DP13A_MOUSE   MGI:1920243
Appl2               Q8K3G9      DP13B_MOUSE   MGI:2384914
Aprt                P08030      APT_MOUSE     MGI:88061
Aptx                Q7TQC5      APTX_MOUSE    MGI:1913658
Aqp1                Q02013      AQP1_MOUSE    MGI:103201
Aqp11               Q8BHH1      AQP11_MOUSE   MGI:1913583
Aqp12               Q8CHJ2      AQP12_MOUSE   MGI:2664636
Aqp2                P56402      AQP2_MOUSE    MGI:1096865
Aqp3                Q8R2N1      AQP3_MOUSE    MGI:1333777
Aqp4                P55088      AQP4_MOUSE    MGI:107387
Aqp5                Q9WTY4      AQP5_MOUSE    MGI:106215
Aqp6                Q8C4A0      AQP6_MOUSE    MGI:1341204
Aqp7                O54794      AQP7_MOUSE    MGI:1314647
Aqp8                P56404      AQP8_MOUSE    MGI:1195271
Aqp9                Q9JJJ3      AQP9_MOUSE    MGI:1891066
Aqr                 Q8CFQ3      AQR_MOUSE     MGI:1276102
Ar                  P19091      ANDR_MOUSE    MGI:88064
Araf                P04627      ARAF_MOUSE    MGI:88065
Arap1               Q4LDD4      ARAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1916960
Arap2               Q8BZ05      ARAP2_MOUSE   MGI:2684416
Arap3               Q8R5G7      ARAP3_MOUSE   MGI:2147274
Arc                 Q9WV31      ARC_MOUSE     MGI:88067
Arcn1               Q5XJY5      COPD_MOUSE    MGI:2387591
Areg                P31955      AREG_MOUSE    MGI:88068
Arel1               Q8CHG5      AREL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915747
Arf1                P84078      ARF1_MOUSE    MGI:99431
Arf2                Q8BSL7      ARF2_MOUSE    MGI:99595
Arf3                P61205      ARF3_MOUSE    MGI:99432
Arf4                P61750      ARF4_MOUSE    MGI:99433
Arf5                P84084      ARF5_MOUSE    MGI:99434
Arf6                P62331      ARF6_MOUSE    MGI:99435
Arfgap1             Q9EPJ9      ARFG1_MOUSE   MGI:2183559
Arfgap2             Q99K28      ARFG2_MOUSE   MGI:1924288
Arfgap3             Q9D8S3      ARFG3_MOUSE   MGI:1913501
Arfgef1             G3X9K3      BIG1_MOUSE    MGI:2442988
Arfgef2             A2A5R2      BIG2_MOUSE    MGI:2139354
Arfgef3             Q3UGY8      BIG3_MOUSE    MGI:106387
Arfip1              G5E8V9      ARFP1_MOUSE   MGI:1277120
Arfip2              Q8K221      ARFP2_MOUSE   MGI:1924182
Arfrp1              Q8BXL7      ARFRP_MOUSE   MGI:1923938
Arg1                Q61176      ARGI1_MOUSE   MGI:88070
Arg2                O08691      ARGI2_MOUSE   MGI:1330806
Arglu1              Q3UL36      ARGL1_MOUSE   MGI:2442985
Arhgap1             Q5FWK3      RHG01_MOUSE   MGI:2445003
Arhgap10            Q6Y5D8      RHG10_MOUSE   MGI:1925764
Arhgap11a           Q80Y19      RHGBA_MOUSE   MGI:2444300
Arhgap12            Q8C0D4      RHG12_MOUSE   MGI:1922665
Arhgap15            Q811M1      RHG15_MOUSE   MGI:1923367
Arhgap17            Q3UIA2      RHG17_MOUSE   MGI:1917747
Arhgap18            Q8K0Q5      RHG18_MOUSE   MGI:1921160
Arhgap19            Q8BRH3      RHG19_MOUSE   MGI:1918335
Arhgap20            Q6IFT4      RHG20_MOUSE   MGI:2445175
Arhgap21            Q6DFV3      RHG21_MOUSE   MGI:1918685
Arhgap22            Q8BL80      RHG22_MOUSE   MGI:2443418
Arhgap23            Q69ZH9      RHG23_MOUSE   MGI:3697726
Arhgap24            Q8C4V1      RHG24_MOUSE   MGI:1922647
Arhgap25            Q8BYW1      RHG25_MOUSE   MGI:2443687
Arhgap26            Q6ZQ82      RHG26_MOUSE   MGI:1918552
Arhgap27            A2AB59      RHG27_MOUSE   MGI:1916903
Arhgap28            Q8BN58      RHG28_MOUSE   MGI:2147003
Arhgap29            Q8CGF1      RHG29_MOUSE   MGI:2443818
Arhgap30            Q640N3      RHG30_MOUSE   MGI:2684948
Arhgap31            A6X8Z5      RHG31_MOUSE   MGI:1333857
Arhgap32            Q811P8      RHG32_MOUSE   MGI:2450166
Arhgap33            Q80YF9      RHG33_MOUSE   MGI:2673998
Arhgap35            Q91YM2      RHG35_MOUSE   MGI:1929494
Arhgap36            B1AUC7      RHG36_MOUSE   MGI:1922654
Arhgap39            P59281      RHG39_MOUSE   MGI:107858
Arhgap40            E9Q6X9      RHG40_MOUSE   MGI:3649852
Arhgap42            B2RQE8      RHG42_MOUSE   MGI:1918794
Arhgap44            Q5SSM3      RHG44_MOUSE   MGI:2144423
Arhgap45            Q3TBD2      HMHA1_MOUSE   MGI:1917969
Arhgap5             P97393      RHG05_MOUSE   MGI:1332637
Arhgap6             O54834      RHG06_MOUSE   MGI:1196332
Arhgap8             Q9CXP4      RHG08_MOUSE   MGI:1920417
Arhgdia             Q99PT1      GDIR1_MOUSE   MGI:2178103
Arhgdib             Q61599      GDIR2_MOUSE   MGI:101940
Arhgdig             Q62160      GDIR3_MOUSE   MGI:108430
Arhgef1             Q61210      ARHG1_MOUSE   MGI:1353510
Arhgef10            Q8C033      ARHGA_MOUSE   MGI:2444453
Arhgef10l           A2AWP8      ARGAL_MOUSE   MGI:1920004
Arhgef12            Q8R4H2      ARHGC_MOUSE   MGI:1916882
Arhgef15            Q5FWH6      ARHGF_MOUSE   MGI:3045246
Arhgef16            Q3U5C8      ARHGG_MOUSE   MGI:2446219
Arhgef17            Q80U35      ARHGH_MOUSE   MGI:2673002
Arhgef18            Q6P9R4      ARHGI_MOUSE   MGI:2142567
Arhgef19            Q8BWA8      ARHGJ_MOUSE   MGI:1925912
Arhgef2             Q60875      ARHG2_MOUSE   MGI:103264
Arhgef25            Q9CWR0      ARHGP_MOUSE   MGI:1277173
Arhgef28            P97433      ARG28_MOUSE   MGI:1346016
Arhgef3             Q91X46      ARHG3_MOUSE   MGI:1918954
Arhgef33            Q8BW86      ARG33_MOUSE   MGI:2685787
Arhgef37            A1IGU4      ARH37_MOUSE   MGI:3045339
Arhgef38            Q80VK6      ARH38_MOUSE   MGI:1924919
Arhgef39            Q66JY6      ARG39_MOUSE   MGI:3036286
Arhgef4             Q7TNR9      ARHG4_MOUSE   MGI:2442507
Arhgef40            Q3UPH7      ARH40_MOUSE   MGI:2685515
Arhgef5             E9Q7D5      ARHG5_MOUSE   MGI:1858952
Arhgef6             Q8K4I3      ARHG6_MOUSE   MGI:1920591
Arhgef7             Q9ES28      ARHG7_MOUSE   MGI:1860493
Arhgef9             Q3UTH8      ARHG9_MOUSE   MGI:2442233
Arid1a              A2BH40      ARI1A_MOUSE   MGI:1935147
Arid1b              E9Q4N7      ARI1B_MOUSE   MGI:1926129
Arid2               E9Q7E2      ARID2_MOUSE   MGI:1924294
Arid3a              Q62431      ARI3A_MOUSE   MGI:1328360
Arid3b              Q9Z1N7      ARI3B_MOUSE   MGI:1930768
Arid3c              A6PWV5      ARI3C_MOUSE   MGI:3650624
Arid4a              F8VPQ2      ARI4A_MOUSE   MGI:2444354
Arid4b              A2CG63      ARI4B_MOUSE   MGI:2137512
Arid5a              Q3U108      ARI5A_MOUSE   MGI:2443039
Arid5b              Q8BM75      ARI5B_MOUSE   MGI:2175912
Arih1               Q9Z1K5      ARI1_MOUSE    MGI:1344363
Arih2               Q9Z1K6      ARI2_MOUSE    MGI:1344361
Arl1                P61211      ARL1_MOUSE    MGI:99436
Arl10               Q9QXJ4      ARL10_MOUSE   MGI:1930788
Arl11               Q6P3A9      ARL11_MOUSE   MGI:2444054
Arl13a              Q9D416      AR13A_MOUSE   MGI:1921698
Arl13b              Q640N2      AR13B_MOUSE   MGI:1915396
Arl14               Q3SXC5      ARL14_MOUSE   MGI:1918869
Arl14ep             Q8BIX3      AL14E_MOUSE   MGI:1926020
Arl14epl            Q3UKZ7      A14EL_MOUSE   MGI:2685795
Arl15               Q8BGR6      ARL15_MOUSE   MGI:2442308
Arl2                Q9D0J4      ARL2_MOUSE    MGI:1928393
Arl2bp              Q9D385      AR2BP_MOUSE   MGI:1349429
Arl3                Q9WUL7      ARL3_MOUSE    MGI:1929699
Arl4a               P61213      ARL4A_MOUSE   MGI:99437
Arl4c               P61208      ARL4C_MOUSE   MGI:2445172
Arl4d               Q99PE9      ARL4D_MOUSE   MGI:1933155
Arl5a               Q80ZU0      ARL5A_MOUSE   MGI:1922673
Arl5b               Q9D4P0      ARL5B_MOUSE   MGI:1923119
Arl5c               Q6P068      ARL5C_MOUSE   MGI:3028577
Arl6                O88848      ARL6_MOUSE    MGI:1927136
Arl6ip1             Q9JKW0      AR6P1_MOUSE   MGI:1858943
Arl6ip4             Q9JM93      AR6P4_MOUSE   MGI:1929500
Arl6ip5             Q8R5J9      PRAF3_MOUSE   MGI:1929501
Arl6ip6             Q8BH07      AR6P6_MOUSE   MGI:1929507
Arl8a               Q8VEH3      ARL8A_MOUSE   MGI:1915974
Arl8b               Q9CQW2      ARL8B_MOUSE   MGI:1914416
Armc1               Q9D7A8      ARMC1_MOUSE   MGI:1921502
Armc10              Q9D0L7      ARM10_MOUSE   MGI:1914461
Armc12              Q80X86      ARM12_MOUSE   MGI:1914895
Armc2               Q3URY6      ARMC2_MOUSE   MGI:1916449
Armc3               A2AU72      ARMC3_MOUSE   MGI:1918132
Armc5               Q5EBP3      ARMC5_MOUSE   MGI:2384586
Armc6               Q8BNU0      ARMC6_MOUSE   MGI:1924063
Armc7               Q3UJZ3      ARMC7_MOUSE   MGI:2679719
Armc8               Q9DBR3      ARMC8_MOUSE   MGI:1921375
Armc9               Q9D2I5      ARMC9_MOUSE   MGI:1926045
Armcx1              Q9CX83      ARMX1_MOUSE   MGI:1925498
Armcx2              Q6A058      ARMX2_MOUSE   MGI:1914666
Armcx3              Q8BHS6      ARMX3_MOUSE   MGI:1918953
Armcx5              Q3UZB0      ARMX5_MOUSE   MGI:2148026
Armcx6              Q8K3A6      ARMX6_MOUSE   MGI:2147993
Armh3               Q6PD19      ARMD3_MOUSE   MGI:1918867
Armh4               Q8BT18      ARMD4_MOUSE   MGI:1914669
Armt1               A6H630      ARMT1_MOUSE   MGI:1920669
Arnt                P53762      ARNT_MOUSE    MGI:88071
Arnt2               Q61324      ARNT2_MOUSE   MGI:107188
Arntl               Q9WTL8      BMAL1_MOUSE   MGI:1096381
Arntl2              Q2VPD4      BMAL2_MOUSE   MGI:2684845
Arpc1a              Q9R0Q6      ARC1A_MOUSE   MGI:1928896
Arpc1b              Q9WV32      ARC1B_MOUSE   MGI:1343142
Arpc2               Q9CVB6      ARPC2_MOUSE   MGI:1923959
Arpc3               Q9JM76      ARPC3_MOUSE   MGI:1928375
Arpc4               P59999      ARPC4_MOUSE   MGI:1915339
Arpc5               Q9CPW4      ARPC5_MOUSE   MGI:1915021
Arpc5l              Q9D898      ARP5L_MOUSE   MGI:1921442
Arpin               Q9D0A3      ARPIN_MOUSE   MGI:1917670
Arpp19              P56212      ARP19_MOUSE   MGI:1891691
Arpp21              Q9DCB4      ARP21_MOUSE   MGI:107562
Arr3                Q9EQP6      ARRC_MOUSE    MGI:2159617
Arrb1               Q8BWG8      ARRB1_MOUSE   MGI:99473
Arrb2               Q91YI4      ARRB2_MOUSE   MGI:99474
Arrdc1              Q99KN1      ARRD1_MOUSE   MGI:2446136
Arrdc2              Q9D668      ARRD2_MOUSE   MGI:1918057
Arrdc3              Q7TPQ9      ARRD3_MOUSE   MGI:2145242
Arrdc4              A0A0B4J1F4  ARRD4_MOUSE   MGI:1913662
Arrdc5              Q497K5      ARRD5_MOUSE   MGI:1924170
Arsa                P50428      ARSA_MOUSE    MGI:88077
Arsb                P50429      ARSB_MOUSE    MGI:88075
Arsg                Q3TYD4      ARSG_MOUSE    MGI:1921258
Arsi                Q32KI9      ARSI_MOUSE    MGI:2670959
Arsj                Q8BM89      ARSJ_MOUSE    MGI:2443513
Arsk                Q9D2L1      ARSK_MOUSE    MGI:1924291
Art1                Q60935      NAR1_MOUSE    MGI:107511
Art2a               P17981      NAR2A_MOUSE   MGI:107546
Art2b               O35975      NAR2B_MOUSE   MGI:107545
Art3                Q8R2G4      NAR3_MOUSE    MGI:1202729
Art4                Q9CRA0      NAR4_MOUSE    MGI:1202710
Art5                P70352      NAR5_MOUSE    MGI:107948
Artn                Q9Z0L2      ARTN_MOUSE    MGI:1333791
Arv1                Q9D0U9      ARV1_MOUSE    MGI:1916115
Arvcf               P98203      ARVC_MOUSE    MGI:109620
Arx                 O35085      ARX_MOUSE     MGI:1097716
Arxes1              C0HK79      ARXS1_MOUSE   MGI:1923469
Arxes2              C0HK80      ARXS2_MOUSE   MGI:1924226
As3mt               Q91WU5      AS3MT_MOUSE   MGI:1929882
Asah1               Q9WV54      ASAH1_MOUSE   MGI:1277124
Asah2               Q9JHE3      ASAH2_MOUSE   MGI:1859310
Asap1               Q9QWY8      ASAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1342335
Asap2               Q7SIG6      ASAP2_MOUSE   MGI:2685438
Asap3               Q5U464      ASAP3_MOUSE   MGI:2684986
Asb1                Q9WV74      ASB1_MOUSE    MGI:1929735
Asb10               Q91ZT7      ASB10_MOUSE   MGI:2152836
Asb11               Q9CQ31      ASB11_MOUSE   MGI:1916104
Asb12               Q9D738      ASB12_MOUSE   MGI:1917642
Asb13               Q8VBX0      ASB13_MOUSE   MGI:2145525
Asb14               Q8C6Y6      ASB14_MOUSE   MGI:2655107
Asb15               Q8VHS6      ASB15_MOUSE   MGI:1926160
Asb16               Q8VHS5      ASB16_MOUSE   MGI:2654437
Asb17               Q8VHP9      ASB17_MOUSE   MGI:1914022
Asb18               Q8VHA6      ASB18_MOUSE   MGI:2655109
Asb2                Q8K0L0      ASB2_MOUSE    MGI:1929743
Asb3                Q9WV72      ASB3_MOUSE    MGI:1929749
Asb4                Q9WV71      ASB4_MOUSE    MGI:1929751
Asb5                Q9D1A4      ASB5_MOUSE    MGI:1923544
Asb6                Q91ZU1      ASB6_MOUSE    MGI:1919573
Asb7                Q91ZU0      ASB7_MOUSE    MGI:2152835
Asb8                Q91ZT9      ASB8_MOUSE    MGI:1925791
Asb9                Q91ZT8      ASB9_MOUSE    MGI:1916549
Ascc1               Q9D8Z1      ASCC1_MOUSE   MGI:1916340
Ascc2               Q91WR3      ASCC2_MOUSE   MGI:1922702
Ascc3               E9PZJ8      ASCC3_MOUSE   MGI:1925237
Ascl1               Q02067      ASCL1_MOUSE   MGI:96919
Ascl2               O35885      ASCL2_MOUSE   MGI:96920
Ascl3               Q9JJR7      ASCL3_MOUSE   MGI:1928820
Asf1a               Q9CQE6      ASF1A_MOUSE   MGI:1913653
Asf1b               Q9DAP7      ASF1B_MOUSE   MGI:1914179
Asgr1               P34927      ASGR1_MOUSE   MGI:88081
Asgr2               P24721      ASGR2_MOUSE   MGI:88082
Ash1l               Q99MY8      ASH1L_MOUSE   MGI:2183158
Ash2l               Q91X20      ASH2L_MOUSE   MGI:1344416
Asic1               Q6NXK8      ASIC1_MOUSE   MGI:1194915
Asic2               Q925H0      ASIC2_MOUSE   MGI:1100867
Asic3               Q6X1Y6      ASIC3_MOUSE   MGI:2159339
Asic4               Q7TNS7      ASIC4_MOUSE   MGI:2652846
Asic5               Q9R0Y1      ASIC5_MOUSE   MGI:1929259
Asl                 Q91YI0      ARLY_MOUSE    MGI:88084
Asmt                D3KU66      ASMT_MOUSE    MGI:96090
                    D3KU67      ASMT_MUSMM 
Asns                Q61024      ASNS_MOUSE    MGI:1350929
Asnsd1              Q8BFS9      ASND1_MOUSE   MGI:1917646
Aspa                Q8R3P0      ACY2_MOUSE    MGI:87914
Aspdh               Q9DCQ2      ASPDH_MOUSE   MGI:1915602
Aspg                A0JNU3      LPP60_MOUSE   MGI:2144822
Asph                Q8BSY0      ASPH_MOUSE    MGI:1914186
Asphd1              Q2TA57      ASPH1_MOUSE   MGI:2685014
Asphd2              Q80VP9      ASPH2_MOUSE   MGI:1920148
Aspm                Q8CJ27      ASPM_MOUSE    MGI:1334448
Aspn                Q99MQ4      ASPN_MOUSE    MGI:1913945
Asprv1              Q09PK2      APRV1_MOUSE   MGI:1915105
Aspscr1             Q8VBT9      ASPC1_MOUSE   MGI:1916188
Asrgl1              Q8C0M9      ASGL1_MOUSE   MGI:1913764
Ass1                P16460      ASSY_MOUSE    MGI:88090
Aste1               Q8BIR2      ASTE1_MOUSE   MGI:1913845
Astl                Q6HA09      ASTL_MOUSE    MGI:3046414
Astn1               Q61137      ASTN1_MOUSE   MGI:1098567
Astn2               Q80Z10      ASTN2_MOUSE   MGI:1889277
Asxl1               P59598      ASXL1_MOUSE   MGI:2684063
Asxl2               Q8BZ32      ASXL2_MOUSE   MGI:1922552
Asxl3               Q8C4A5      ASXL3_MOUSE   MGI:2685175
Asz1                Q8VD46      ASZ1_MOUSE    MGI:1921318
Atad1               Q9D5T0      ATAD1_MOUSE   MGI:1915229
Atad2               Q8CDM1      ATAD2_MOUSE   MGI:1917722
Atad3a              Q925I1      ATAD3_MOUSE   MGI:1919214
Atad5               Q4QY64      ATAD5_MOUSE   MGI:2442925
Atat1               Q8K341      ATAT_MOUSE    MGI:1913869
Atcay               Q8BHE3      ATCAY_MOUSE   MGI:2448730
Ate1                Q9Z2A5      ATE1_MOUSE    MGI:1333870
Atf1                P81269      ATF1_MOUSE    MGI:1298366
Atf2                P16951      ATF2_MOUSE    MGI:109349
Atf3                Q60765      ATF3_MOUSE    MGI:109384
Atf4                Q06507      ATF4_MOUSE    MGI:88096
Atf5                O70191      ATF5_MOUSE    MGI:2141857
Atf6                F6VAN0      ATF6A_MOUSE   MGI:1926157
Atf6b               O35451      ATF6B_MOUSE   MGI:105121
Atf7                Q8R0S1      ATF7_MOUSE    MGI:2443472
Atf7ip              Q7TT18      MCAF1_MOUSE   MGI:1858965
Atf7ip2             Q3UL97      MCAF2_MOUSE   MGI:1922579
Atg10               Q8R1P4      ATG10_MOUSE   MGI:1914045
Atg101              Q9D8Z6      ATGA1_MOUSE   MGI:1915368
Atg12               Q9CQY1      ATG12_MOUSE   MGI:1914776
Atg13               Q91YI1      ATG13_MOUSE   MGI:1196429
Atg14               Q8CDJ3      BAKOR_MOUSE   MGI:1261775
Atg16l1             Q8C0J2      A16L1_MOUSE   MGI:1924290
Atg16l2             Q6KAU8      A16L2_MOUSE   MGI:1920933
Atg2a               Q6P4T0      ATG2A_MOUSE   MGI:1916291
Atg2b               Q80XK6      ATG2B_MOUSE   MGI:1923809
Atg3                Q9CPX6      ATG3_MOUSE    MGI:1915091
Atg4a               Q8C9S8      ATG4A_MOUSE   MGI:2147903
Atg4b               Q8BGE6      ATG4B_MOUSE   MGI:1913865
Atg4c               Q811C2      ATG4C_MOUSE   MGI:2651854
Atg4d               Q8BGV9      ATG4D_MOUSE   MGI:2444308
Atg5                Q99J83      ATG5_MOUSE    MGI:1277186
Atg7                Q9D906      ATG7_MOUSE    MGI:1921494
Atg9a               Q68FE2      ATG9A_MOUSE   MGI:2138446
Atg9b               Q6EBV9      ATG9B_MOUSE   MGI:2685420
Atic                Q9CWJ9      PUR9_MOUSE    MGI:1351352
Atl1                Q8BH66      ATLA1_MOUSE   MGI:1921241
Atl2                Q6PA06      ATLA2_MOUSE   MGI:1929492
Atl3                Q91YH5      ATLA3_MOUSE   MGI:1924270
Atm                 Q62388      ATM_MOUSE     MGI:107202
Atmin               Q6P9S1      ATMIN_MOUSE   MGI:2682328
Atn1                O35126      ATN1_MOUSE    MGI:104725
Atoh1               P48985      ATOH1_MOUSE   MGI:104654
Atoh7               Q9Z2E5      ATOH7_MOUSE   MGI:1355553
Atoh8               Q99NA2      ATOH8_MOUSE   MGI:1918343
Atox1               O08997      ATOX1_MOUSE   MGI:1333855
Atp10a              O54827      AT10A_MOUSE   MGI:1330809
Atp10b              B1AWN4      AT10B_MOUSE   MGI:2442688
Atp10d              Q8K2X1      AT10D_MOUSE   MGI:2450125
Atp11a              P98197      AT11A_MOUSE   MGI:1354735
Atp11b              Q6DFW5      AT11B_MOUSE   MGI:1923545
Atp11c              Q9QZW0      AT11C_MOUSE   MGI:1859661
Atp12a              Q9Z1W8      AT12A_MOUSE   MGI:1926943
Atp13a1             Q9EPE9      AT131_MOUSE   MGI:2180801
Atp13a2             Q9CTG6      AT132_MOUSE   MGI:1922022
Atp13a3             Q5XF89      AT133_MOUSE   MGI:2685387
Atp13a4             Q5XF90      AT134_MOUSE   MGI:1924456
Atp13a5             Q3TYU2      AT135_MOUSE   MGI:2444068
Atp1a1              Q8VDN2      AT1A1_MOUSE   MGI:88105
Atp1a2              Q6PIE5      AT1A2_MOUSE   MGI:88106
Atp1a3              Q6PIC6      AT1A3_MOUSE   MGI:88107
Atp1a4              Q9WV27      AT1A4_MOUSE   MGI:1351335
Atp1b1              P14094      AT1B1_MOUSE   MGI:88108
Atp1b2              P14231      AT1B2_MOUSE   MGI:88109
Atp1b3              P97370      AT1B3_MOUSE   MGI:107788
Atp1b4              Q99ME6      AT1B4_MOUSE   MGI:1915071
Atp23               Q9CWQ3      ATP23_MOUSE   MGI:1916984
Atp2a1              Q8R429      AT2A1_MOUSE   MGI:105058
Atp2a2              O55143      AT2A2_MOUSE   MGI:88110
Atp2a3              Q64518      AT2A3_MOUSE   MGI:1194503
Atp2b1              G5E829      AT2B1_MOUSE   MGI:104653
Atp2b2              Q9R0K7      AT2B2_MOUSE   MGI:105368
Atp2b4              Q6Q477      AT2B4_MOUSE   MGI:88111
Atp2c1              Q80XR2      AT2C1_MOUSE   MGI:1889008
Atp2c2              A7L9Z8      AT2C2_MOUSE   MGI:1916297
Atp4a               Q64436      ATP4A_MOUSE   MGI:88113
Atp4b               P50992      ATP4B_MOUSE   MGI:88114
Atp5a1              Q03265      ATPA_MOUSE    MGI:88115
Atp5b               P56480      ATPB_MOUSE    MGI:107801
Atp5c1              Q91VR2      ATPG_MOUSE    MGI:1261437
Atp5d               Q9D3D9      ATPD_MOUSE    MGI:1913293
Atp5e               P56382      ATP5E_MOUSE   MGI:1855697
Atp5g1              Q9CR84      AT5G1_MOUSE   MGI:107653
Atp5g2              P56383      AT5G2_MOUSE   MGI:1915192
Atp5g3              P56384      AT5G3_MOUSE   MGI:2442035
Atp5h               Q9DCX2      ATP5H_MOUSE   MGI:1918929
Atp5j               P97450      ATP5J_MOUSE   MGI:107777
Atp5j2              P56135      ATPK_MOUSE    MGI:1927558
Atp5k               Q06185      ATP5I_MOUSE   MGI:106636
Atp5l               Q9CPQ8      ATP5L_MOUSE   MGI:1351597
Atp5md              Q78IK2      ATPMK_MOUSE   MGI:1891435
Atp5mpl             P56379      ATP68_MOUSE   MGI:1917507
Atp5o               Q9DB20      ATPO_MOUSE    MGI:106341
Atp5pb              Q9CQQ7      AT5F1_MOUSE   MGI:1100495
Atp6ap1             Q9R1Q9      VAS1_MOUSE    MGI:109629
Atp6ap2             Q9CYN9      RENR_MOUSE    MGI:1917745
Atp6v0a1            Q9Z1G4      VPP1_MOUSE    MGI:103286
Atp6v0a2            P15920      VPP2_MOUSE    MGI:104855
Atp6v0a4            Q920R6      VPP4_MOUSE    MGI:2153480
Atp6v0b             Q91V37      VATO_MOUSE    MGI:1890510
Atp6v0c             P63082      VATL_MOUSE    MGI:88116
Atp6v0d1            P51863      VA0D1_MOUSE   MGI:1201778
Atp6v0d2            Q80SY3      VA0D2_MOUSE   MGI:1924415
Atp6v0e             Q9CQD8      VA0E1_MOUSE   MGI:1328318
Atp6v0e2            Q91XE7      VA0E2_MOUSE   MGI:1923502
Atp6v1a             P50516      VATA_MOUSE    MGI:1201780
Atp6v1b1            Q91YH6      VATB1_MOUSE   MGI:103285
Atp6v1b2            P62814      VATB2_MOUSE   MGI:109618
Atp6v1c1            Q9Z1G3      VATC1_MOUSE   MGI:1913585
Atp6v1c2            Q99L60      VATC2_MOUSE   MGI:1916025
Atp6v1d             P57746      VATD_MOUSE    MGI:1921084
Atp6v1e1            P50518      VATE1_MOUSE   MGI:894326
Atp6v1e2            Q9D593      VATE2_MOUSE   MGI:1922165
Atp6v1f             Q9D1K2      VATF_MOUSE    MGI:1913394
Atp6v1fnb           B9EJX3      VAFNB_MOUSE   MGI:3644212
Atp6v1g1            Q9CR51      VATG1_MOUSE   MGI:1913540
Atp6v1g2            Q9WTT4      VATG2_MOUSE   MGI:1913487
Atp6v1g3            Q8BMC1      VATG3_MOUSE   MGI:2450548
Atp6v1h             Q8BVE3      VATH_MOUSE    MGI:1914864
Atp7a               Q64430      ATP7A_MOUSE   MGI:99400
Atp7b               Q64446      ATP7B_MOUSE   MGI:103297
Atp8a1              P70704      AT8A1_MOUSE   MGI:1330848
Atp8a2              P98200      AT8A2_MOUSE   MGI:1354710
Atp8b1              Q148W0      AT8B1_MOUSE   MGI:1859665
Atp8b2              P98199      AT8B2_MOUSE   MGI:1859660
Atp8b3              Q6UQ17      AT8B3_MOUSE   MGI:1914581
Atp8b5              A3FIN4      AT8B5_MOUSE   MGI:2444287
Atp9a               O70228      ATP9A_MOUSE   MGI:1330826
Atp9b               P98195      ATP9B_MOUSE   MGI:1354757
Atpaf1              Q811I0      ATPF1_MOUSE   MGI:2180560
Atpaf2              Q91YY4      ATPF2_MOUSE   MGI:2180561
Atpif1              O35143      ATIF1_MOUSE   MGI:1196457
Atpsckmt            Q9D1Z3      ACKMT_MOUSE   MGI:1915323
Atr                 Q9JKK8      ATR_MOUSE     MGI:108028
Atraid              Q6PGD0      ARAID_MOUSE   MGI:1918918
Atrip               Q8BMG1      ATRIP_MOUSE   MGI:1925349
Atrn                Q9WU60      ATRN_MOUSE    MGI:1341628
Atrnl1              Q6A051      ATRN1_MOUSE   MGI:2147749
Atrx                Q61687      ATRX_MOUSE    MGI:103067
Atxn1               P54254      ATX1_MOUSE    MGI:104783
Atxn10              P28658      ATX10_MOUSE   MGI:1859293
Atxn1l              P0C7T6      ATX1L_MOUSE   MGI:3694797
Atxn2               O70305      ATX2_MOUSE    MGI:1277223
Atxn2l              Q7TQH0      ATX2L_MOUSE   MGI:2446242
Atxn3               Q9CVD2      ATX3_MOUSE    MGI:1099442
Atxn7               Q8R4I1      ATX7_MOUSE    MGI:2179277
Atxn7l1             Q9CZ05      AT7L1_MOUSE   MGI:3584458
Atxn7l3             A2AWT3      AT7L3_MOUSE   MGI:3036270
Atxn7l3b            Q3UD01      A7L3B_MOUSE   MGI:1914971
AU021092            Q3UST5      CP089_MOUSE   MGI:2146559
AU022252            Q5EBG8      CA050_MOUSE   MGI:2140466
AU040320            Q8K135      K319L_MOUSE   MGI:2140475
Auh                 Q9JLZ3      AUHM_MOUSE    MGI:1338011
Aunip               E9Q6Z5      AUNIP_MOUSE   MGI:1917135
Aup1                P70295      AUP1_MOUSE    MGI:107789
Aurka               P97477      AURKA_MOUSE   MGI:894678
Aurkaip1            Q9DCJ7      AKIP_MOUSE    MGI:1913327
Aurkb               O70126      AURKB_MOUSE   MGI:107168
Aurkc               O88445      AURKC_MOUSE   MGI:1321119
Auts2               A0A087WPF7  AUTS2_MOUSE   MGI:1919847
Aven                Q9D9K3      AVEN_MOUSE    MGI:1921518
Avil                O88398      AVIL_MOUSE    MGI:1333798
Avl9                Q80U56      AVL9_MOUSE    MGI:1926187
Avp                 P35455      NEU2_MOUSE    MGI:88121
Avpi1               Q9D7H4      AVPI1_MOUSE   MGI:1916784
Avpr1a              Q62463      V1AR_MOUSE    MGI:1859216
Avpr1b              Q9WU02      V1BR_MOUSE    MGI:1347010
Avpr2               O88721      V2R_MOUSE     MGI:88123
AW209491            Q91WD4      CG025_MOUSE   MGI:2145422
AW549877            Q8BR90      RIMC1_MOUSE   MGI:2146232
AW554918            Q6NZK5      K1328_MOUSE   MGI:2147376
Awat1               A2ADU9      AWAT1_MOUSE   MGI:3588200
Awat2               Q6E1M8      AWAT2_MOUSE   MGI:3045345
Axdnd1              Q3UZ57      AXDN1_MOUSE   MGI:1924602
Axin1               O35625      AXIN1_MOUSE   MGI:1096327
Axin2               O88566      AXIN2_MOUSE   MGI:1270862
Axl                 Q00993      UFO_MOUSE     MGI:1347244
Azgp1               Q64726      ZA2G_MOUSE    MGI:103163
Azi2                Q9QYP6      AZI2_MOUSE    MGI:1351332
Azin1               O35484      AZIN1_MOUSE   MGI:1859169
Azin2               Q8BVM4      AZIN2_MOUSE   MGI:2442093
B230219D22Rik       Q80X32      CE024_MOUSE   MGI:1925771
B2m                 P01887      B2MG_MOUSE    MGI:88127
B3galnt1            Q920V1      B3GL1_MOUSE   MGI:1349405
B3galnt2            Q8BG28      B3GL2_MOUSE   MGI:2145517
B3galt1             O54904      B3GT1_MOUSE   MGI:1349403
B3galt2             O54905      B3GT2_MOUSE   MGI:1349461
B3galt4             Q9Z0F0      B3GT4_MOUSE   MGI:1859517
B3galt5             Q9JI67      B3GT5_MOUSE   MGI:2136878
B3galt6             Q91Z92      B3GT6_MOUSE   MGI:2152819
B3gat1              Q9CW73      B3GA1_MOUSE   MGI:1924148
B3gat2              P59270      B3GA2_MOUSE   MGI:2389490
B3gat3              P58158      B3GA3_MOUSE   MGI:1919977
B3glct              Q8BHT6      B3GLT_MOUSE   MGI:2685903
B3gnt2              Q9Z222      B3GN2_MOUSE   MGI:1889505
B3gnt3              Q5JCS9      B3GN3_MOUSE   MGI:2152535
B3gnt4              Q1RLK6      B3GN4_MOUSE   MGI:2680208
B3gnt5              Q8BGY6      B3GN5_MOUSE   MGI:2137302
B3gnt6              Q3USF0      B3GN6_MOUSE   MGI:3039603
B3gnt7              Q8K0J2      B3GN7_MOUSE   MGI:2384394
B3gnt8              Q8R3I9      B3GN8_MOUSE   MGI:2385269
B3gnt9              Q8VI16      B3GN9_MOUSE   MGI:2142841
B3gntl1             Q3U129      B3GNL_MOUSE   MGI:2441705
B4galnt1            Q09200      B4GN1_MOUSE   MGI:1342057
B4galnt2            Q09199      B4GN2_MOUSE   MGI:1342058
B4galnt3            Q6L8S8      B4GN3_MOUSE   MGI:3041155
B4galnt4            Q766D5      B4GN4_MOUSE   MGI:2652891
B4galt1             P15535      B4GT1_MOUSE   MGI:95705
B4galt2             Q9Z2Y2      B4GT2_MOUSE   MGI:1858493
B4galt3             Q91YY2      B4GT3_MOUSE   MGI:1928767
B4galt4             Q9JJ04      B4GT4_MOUSE   MGI:1928387
B4galt5             Q9JMK0      B4GT5_MOUSE   MGI:1927169
B4galt6             Q9WVK5      B4GT6_MOUSE   MGI:1928380
B4galt7             Q8R087      B4GT7_MOUSE   MGI:2384987
B4gat1              Q8BWP8      B4GA1_MOUSE   MGI:1919680
B9d1                Q9R1S0      B9D1_MOUSE    MGI:1351471
B9d2                Q3UK10      B9D2_MOUSE    MGI:2387643
Baalc               Q8VHV1      BAALC_MOUSE   MGI:1928704
Baat                Q91X34      BAAT_MOUSE    MGI:106642
Babam1              Q3UI43      BABA1_MOUSE   MGI:1915501
Babam2              Q8K3W0      BABA2_MOUSE   MGI:1333875
Bace1               P56818      BACE1_MOUSE   MGI:1346542
Bace2               Q9JL18      BACE2_MOUSE   MGI:1860440
Bach1               P97302      BACH1_MOUSE   MGI:894680
Bach2               P97303      BACH2_MOUSE   MGI:894679
Bad                 Q61337      BAD_MOUSE     MGI:1096330
Bag1                Q60739      BAG1_MOUSE    MGI:108047
Bag2                Q91YN9      BAG2_MOUSE    MGI:1891254
Bag3                Q9JLV1      BAG3_MOUSE    MGI:1352493
Bag4                Q8CI61      BAG4_MOUSE    MGI:1914634
Bag5                Q8CI32      BAG5_MOUSE    MGI:1917619
Bag6                Q9Z1R2      BAG6_MOUSE    MGI:1919439
Bahcc1              Q3UHR0      BAHC1_MOUSE   MGI:2679272
Bahd1               Q497V6      BAHD1_MOUSE   MGI:2139371
Baiap2              Q8BKX1      BAIP2_MOUSE   MGI:2137336
Baiap2l1            Q9DBJ3      BI2L1_MOUSE   MGI:1914148
Baiap2l2            Q80Y61      BI2L2_MOUSE   MGI:2652819
Baiap3              Q80TT2      BAIP3_MOUSE   MGI:2685783
Bak1                O08734      BAK_MOUSE     MGI:1097161
Bambi               Q9D0L6      BAMBI_MOUSE   MGI:1915260
Banf1               O54962      BAF_MOUSE     MGI:1346330
Banf2               Q8BVR0      BAFL_MOUSE    MGI:2684961
Bank1               Q80VH0      BANK1_MOUSE   MGI:2442120
Banp                Q8VBU8      BANP_MOUSE    MGI:1889023
Bap1                Q99PU7      BAP1_MOUSE    MGI:1206586
Bard1               O70445      BARD1_MOUSE   MGI:1328361
Barhl1              P63157      BARH1_MOUSE   MGI:1859288
Barhl2              Q8VIB5      BARH2_MOUSE   MGI:1859314
Barx1               Q9ER42      BARX1_MOUSE   MGI:103124
Barx2               O08686      BARX2_MOUSE   MGI:109617
Basp1               Q91XV3      BASP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917600
Batf                O35284      BATF_MOUSE    MGI:1859147
Batf2               Q8R1H8      BATF2_MOUSE   MGI:1921731
Batf3               Q9D275      BATF3_MOUSE   MGI:1925491
Bax                 Q07813      BAX_MOUSE     MGI:99702
Baz1a               O88379      BAZ1A_MOUSE   MGI:1309478
Baz1b               Q9Z277      BAZ1B_MOUSE   MGI:1353499
Baz2a               Q91YE5      BAZ2A_MOUSE   MGI:2151152
Baz2b               A2AUY4      BAZ2B_MOUSE   MGI:2442782
Bbc3                Q99ML1      BBC3_MOUSE    MGI:2181667
Bbln                P58686      BBLN_MOUSE    MGI:1920987
Bbof1               Q3V079      BBOF1_MOUSE   MGI:1920123
Bbox1               Q924Y0      BODG_MOUSE    MGI:1891372
Bbs1                Q3V3N7      BBS1_MOUSE    MGI:1277215
Bbs10               Q9DBI2      BBS10_MOUSE   MGI:1919019
Bbs12               Q5SUD9      BBS12_MOUSE   MGI:2686651
Bbs2                Q9CWF6      BBS2_MOUSE    MGI:2135267
Bbs4                Q8C1Z7      BBS4_MOUSE    MGI:2143311
Bbs5                Q9CZQ9      BBS5_MOUSE    MGI:1919819
Bbs7                Q8K2G4      BBS7_MOUSE    MGI:1918742
Bbs9                Q811G0      PTHB1_MOUSE   MGI:2442833
Bbx                 Q8VBW5      BBX_MOUSE     MGI:1917758
BC003965            Q6RUT7      CSMT1_MOUSE   MGI:2670966
BC004004            Q99KU6      CF089_MOUSE   MGI:2136782
BC005537            Q99LU8      CF062_MOUSE   MGI:2441726
BC005624            Q3TQI7      TLS1_MOUSE    MGI:2385132
BC016579            Q8C5C9      TTMP_MOUSE    MGI:2384848
BC028528            Q8R2K8      CA054_MOUSE   MGI:2385885
BC031181            Q91WE4      CR032_MOUSE   MGI:3039614
BC048403            Q6P1I3      KICS2_MOUSE   MGI:2670984
BC048546            Q3UU35      OVOS_MOUSE    MGI:3039594
BC048671            Q8C5S3      CC022_MOUSE   MGI:2679261
BC049352            E9Q2Z6      SIM35_MOUSE   MGI:3040681
BC049715            Q810N5      CL060_MOUSE   MGI:3605234
BC051019            Q9JJR6      CK016_MOUSE   MGI:1928824
BC055324            Q3TQQ9      CA112_MOUSE   MGI:3590554
BC094916            Q504N7      IFIXL_MOUSE   MGI:3584522
Bcam                Q9R069      BCAM_MOUSE    MGI:1929940
Bcan                Q61361      PGCB_MOUSE    MGI:1096385
Bcap29              Q61334      BAP29_MOUSE   MGI:101917
Bcap31              Q61335      BAP31_MOUSE   MGI:1350933
Bcar1               Q61140      BCAR1_MOUSE   MGI:108091
Bcar3               Q9QZK2      BCAR3_MOUSE   MGI:1352501
Bcas1               Q80YN3      BCAS1_MOUSE   MGI:1924210
Bcas2               Q9D287      SPF27_MOUSE   MGI:1915433
Bcas3               Q8CCN5      BCAS3_MOUSE   MGI:2385848
Bcat1               P24288      BCAT1_MOUSE   MGI:104861
Bcat2               O35855      BCAT2_MOUSE   MGI:1276534
Bccip               Q9CWI3      BCCIP_MOUSE   MGI:1913415
Bcdin3d             Q91YP1      BN3D2_MOUSE   MGI:1922534
Bche                Q03311      CHLE_MOUSE    MGI:894278
Bckdha              P50136      ODBA_MOUSE    MGI:107701
Bckdhb              Q6P3A8      ODBB_MOUSE    MGI:88137
Bckdk               O55028      BCKD_MOUSE    MGI:1276121
Bcl10               Q9Z0H7      BCL10_MOUSE   MGI:1337994
Bcl11a              Q9QYE3      BC11A_MOUSE   MGI:106190
Bcl11b              Q99PV8      BC11B_MOUSE   MGI:1929913
Bcl2                P10417      BCL2_MOUSE    MGI:88138
Bcl2a1a             Q07440      B2LA1_MOUSE   MGI:102687
Bcl2l1              Q64373      B2CL1_MOUSE   MGI:88139
Bcl2l10             Q9Z0F3      B2L10_MOUSE   MGI:1330841
Bcl2l11             O54918      B2L11_MOUSE   MGI:1197519
Bcl2l13             P59017      B2L13_MOUSE   MGI:2136959
Bcl2l14             Q9CPT0      B2L14_MOUSE   MGI:1914063
Bcl2l15             Q08ED0      B2L15_MOUSE   MGI:2685412
Bcl2l2              P70345      B2CL2_MOUSE   MGI:108052
Bcl3                Q9Z2F6      BCL3_MOUSE    MGI:88140
Bcl6                P41183      BCL6_MOUSE    MGI:107187
Bcl6b               O88282      BCL6B_MOUSE   MGI:1278332
Bcl7a               Q9CXE2      BCL7A_MOUSE   MGI:1924295
Bcl7b               Q921K9      BCL7B_MOUSE   MGI:1332238
Bcl7c               O08664      BCL7C_MOUSE   MGI:1332237
Bcl9                Q9D219      BCL9_MOUSE    MGI:1924828
Bcl9l               Q67FY2      BCL9L_MOUSE   MGI:1933114
Bclaf1              Q8K019      BCLF1_MOUSE   MGI:1917580
Bclaf3              A2AG58      BCLA3_MOUSE   MGI:2685992
Bco1                Q9JJS6      BCDO1_MOUSE   MGI:1926923
Bco2                Q99NF1      BCDO2_MOUSE   MGI:2177469
Bcor                Q8CGN4      BCOR_MOUSE    MGI:1918708
Bcorl1              A2AQH4      BCORL_MOUSE   MGI:2443910
Bcr                 Q6PAJ1      BCR_MOUSE     MGI:88141
Bcs1l               Q9CZP5      BCS1_MOUSE    MGI:1914071
Bdh1                Q80XN0      BDH_MOUSE     MGI:1919161
Bdh2                Q8JZV9      BDH2_MOUSE    MGI:1917022
Bdkrb1              Q61125      BKRB1_MOUSE   MGI:88144
Bdkrb2              P32299      BKRB2_MOUSE   MGI:102845
Bdnf                P21237      BDNF_MOUSE    MGI:88145
Bdp1                Q571C7      BDP1_MOUSE    MGI:1347077
Bean1               Q9EQG5      BEAN1_MOUSE   MGI:1929597
Becn1               O88597      BECN1_MOUSE   MGI:1891828
Becn2               P0DM65      BECN2_MOUSE   MGI:2684950
Begain              Q68EF6      BEGIN_MOUSE   MGI:3044626
Bend3               Q6PAL0      BEND3_MOUSE   MGI:2677212
Bend4               P86174      BEND4_MOUSE   MGI:3648414
Bend5               Q8C6D4      BEND5_MOUSE   MGI:1914871
Bend6               Q6PFX2      BEND6_MOUSE   MGI:2444572
Bend7               Q8BSV3      BEND7_MOUSE   MGI:2443100
Best1               O88870      BEST1_MOUSE   MGI:1346332
Best2               Q8BGM5      BEST2_MOUSE   MGI:2387588
Best3               Q6H1V1      BEST3_MOUSE   MGI:3580298
Bet1                O35623      BET1_MOUSE    MGI:1343104
Bet1l               O35153      BET1L_MOUSE   MGI:1913128
Bex1                Q9R224      BEX1_MOUSE    MGI:1328321
Bex2                Q9WTZ8      BEX2_MOUSE    MGI:1338017
Bex3                Q9WTZ9      BEX3_MOUSE    MGI:1338016
Bex4                Q9CWT2      BEX4_MOUSE    MGI:3606746
Bex6                Q3TZW7      BEX6_MOUSE    MGI:3588247
Bfar                Q8R079      BFAR_MOUSE    MGI:1914368
Bfsp1               A2AMT1      BFSP1_MOUSE   MGI:101770
Bfsp2               Q6NVD9      BFSP2_MOUSE   MGI:1333828
Bglap               P86546      OSTCN_MOUSE   MGI:88156
Bglap2              P86547      OSTC2_MOUSE   MGI:88157
Bglap3              P54615      OSTR_MOUSE    MGI:88155
Bgn                 P28653      PGS1_MOUSE    MGI:88158
Bhlha15             Q9QYC3      BHA15_MOUSE   MGI:891976
Bhlha9              Q5RJB0      BHA09_MOUSE   MGI:2444198
Bhlhb9              Q6PB60      BHLH9_MOUSE   MGI:1917487
Bhlhe22             Q8C6A8      BHE22_MOUSE   MGI:1930001
Bhlhe23             Q8BGW3      BHE23_MOUSE   MGI:2153710
Bhlhe40             O35185      BHE40_MOUSE   MGI:1097714
Bhlhe41             Q99PV5      BHE41_MOUSE   MGI:1930704
Bhmt                O35490      BHMT1_MOUSE   MGI:1339972
Bhmt2               Q91WS4      BHMT2_MOUSE   MGI:1891379
Bicc1               Q99MQ1      BICC1_MOUSE   MGI:1933388
Bicd1               Q8BR07      BICD1_MOUSE   MGI:1101760
Bicd2               Q921C5      BICD2_MOUSE   MGI:1924145
Bicdl1              A0JNT9      BICL1_MOUSE   MGI:1922915
Bicdl2              Q8CHW5      BICL2_MOUSE   MGI:2388267
Bicra               F8VPZ9      BICRA_MOUSE   MGI:2154263
Bicral              Q8CHH5      BICRL_MOUSE   MGI:2673855
Bid                 P70444      BID_MOUSE     MGI:108093
Bik                 O70337      BIK_MOUSE     MGI:1206591
Bin1                O08539      BIN1_MOUSE    MGI:108092
Bin2                D3Z6Q9      BIN2_MOUSE    MGI:3611448
Bin3                Q9JI08      BIN3_MOUSE    MGI:1929883
Birc2               Q62210      BIRC2_MOUSE   MGI:1197009
Birc3               O08863      BIRC3_MOUSE   MGI:1197007
Birc5               O70201      BIRC5_MOUSE   MGI:1203517
Birc6               O88738      BIRC6_MOUSE   MGI:1276108
Birc7               A2AWP0      BIRC7_MOUSE   MGI:2676458
Bivm                Q8CBX9      BIVM_MOUSE    MGI:2179809
Blcap               P62951      BLCAP_MOUSE   MGI:1858907
Blk                 P16277      BLK_MOUSE     MGI:88169
Blm                 O88700      BLM_MOUSE     MGI:1328362
Blmh                Q8R016      BLMH_MOUSE    MGI:1345186
Blnk                Q9QUN3      BLNK_MOUSE    MGI:96878
Bloc1s1             O55102      BL1S1_MOUSE   MGI:1195276
Bloc1s2             Q9CWG9      BL1S2_MOUSE   MGI:1920939
Bloc1s3             Q5U5M8      BL1S3_MOUSE   MGI:2678952
Bloc1s4             Q8VED2      BL1S4_MOUSE   MGI:1929230
Bloc1s5             Q8R015      BL1S5_MOUSE   MGI:2178598
Bloc1s6             Q9R0C0      BL1S6_MOUSE   MGI:1927580
Blvra               Q9CY64      BIEA_MOUSE    MGI:88170
Blvrb               Q923D2      BLVRB_MOUSE   MGI:2385271
Blzf1               Q8R2X8      GO45_MOUSE    MGI:1201607
Bmerb1              Q8R1Y2      MERB1_MOUSE   MGI:1914504
Bmf                 Q91ZE9      BMF_MOUSE     MGI:2176433
Bmi1                P25916      BMI1_MOUSE    MGI:88174
Bmp1                P98063      BMP1_MOUSE    MGI:88176
Bmp10               Q9R229      BMP10_MOUSE   MGI:1338820
Bmp15               Q9Z0L4      BMP15_MOUSE   MGI:1316745
Bmp2                P21274      BMP2_MOUSE    MGI:88177
Bmp2k               Q91Z96      BMP2K_MOUSE   MGI:2155456
Bmp3                Q8BHE5      BMP3_MOUSE    MGI:88179
Bmp4                P21275      BMP4_MOUSE    MGI:88180
Bmp5                P49003      BMP5_MOUSE    MGI:88181
Bmp6                P20722      BMP6_MOUSE    MGI:88182
Bmp7                P23359      BMP7_MOUSE    MGI:103302
Bmp8a               P34821      BMP8A_MOUSE   MGI:104515
Bmp8b               P55105      BMP8B_MOUSE   MGI:107335
Bmper               Q8CJ69      BMPER_MOUSE   MGI:1920480
Bmpr1a              P36895      BMR1A_MOUSE   MGI:1338938
Bmpr1b              P36898      BMR1B_MOUSE   MGI:107191
Bmpr2               O35607      BMPR2_MOUSE   MGI:1095407
Bmt2                Q8BXK4      SAMTR_MOUSE   MGI:2141466
Bmx                 P97504      BMX_MOUSE     MGI:1101778
Bmyc                Q6P8Z1      MYCB_MOUSE    MGI:88184
Bnc1                O35914      BNC1_MOUSE    MGI:1097164
Bnc2                Q8BMQ3      BNC2_MOUSE    MGI:2443805
Bnip1               Q6QD59      SEC20_MOUSE   MGI:109328
Bnip2               O54940      BNIP2_MOUSE   MGI:109327
Bnip3               O55003      BNIP3_MOUSE   MGI:109326
Bnip3l              Q9Z2F7      BNI3L_MOUSE   MGI:1332659
Bnip5               Q8CC96      BNIP5_MOUSE   MGI:1925441
Bnipl               Q99JU7      BNIPL_MOUSE   MGI:2384749
Boc                 Q6AZB0      BOC_MOUSE     MGI:2151153
Bod1                Q5SQY2      BOD1_MOUSE    MGI:1916806
Bod1l               E9Q6J5      BD1L1_MOUSE   MGI:2444804
Bok                 O35425      BOK_MOUSE     MGI:1858494
Bola1               Q9D8S9      BOLA1_MOUSE   MGI:1916418
Bola2               Q8BGS2      BOLA2_MOUSE   MGI:1913412
Bola3               Q8CEI1      BOLA3_MOUSE   MGI:1925903
Boll                Q924M5      BOLL_MOUSE    MGI:1922638
Bop1                P97452      BOP1_MOUSE    MGI:1334460
Bora                Q8BS90      BORA_MOUSE    MGI:1924994
Borcs5              Q9D920      BORC5_MOUSE   MGI:1915024
Borcs6              Q9D6W8      BORC6_MOUSE   MGI:1919173
Borcs7              Q9CRC6      BORC7_MOUSE   MGI:1913689
Borcs8              Q9D6Y4      BORC8_MOUSE   MGI:1919618
Bpgm                P15327      PMGE_MOUSE    MGI:1098242
Bphl                Q8R164      BPHL_MOUSE    MGI:1915271
Bpi                 Q67E05      BPI_MOUSE     MGI:3045315
Bpifa1              P97361      BPIA1_MOUSE   MGI:1338036
Bpifa2              P07743      BPIA2_MOUSE   MGI:97787
Bpifa3              Q9D9J8      BPIA3_MOUSE   MGI:1920638
Bpifa5              Q9CQX3      BPIA5_MOUSE   MGI:1914385
Bpifb1              Q61114      BPIB1_MOUSE   MGI:2137431
Bpifb2              Q8C1E1      BPIB2_MOUSE   MGI:1913807
Bpifb3              Q80ZU7      BPIB3_MOUSE   MGI:2675077
Bpifb4              A2BGH0      BPIB4_MOUSE   MGI:2685852
Bpifb6              Q8BU51      BPIB6_MOUSE   MGI:2684965
Bpifb9a             Q80XI7      VOME_MOUSE    MGI:3767993
Bpifc               Q8C186      BPIFC_MOUSE   MGI:3026884
Bpnt1               Q9Z0S1      BPNT1_MOUSE   MGI:1338800
Bpnt2               Q80V26      IMPA3_MOUSE   MGI:1915720
Braf                P28028      BRAF_MOUSE    MGI:88190
Brap                Q99MP8      BRAP_MOUSE    MGI:1919649
Brat1               Q8C3R1      BRAT1_MOUSE   MGI:1891679
Brca1               P48754      BRCA1_MOUSE   MGI:104537
Brca2               P97929      BRCA2_MOUSE   MGI:109337
Brcc3               P46737      BRCC3_MOUSE   MGI:2389572
Brd1                G5E8P1      BRD1_MOUSE    MGI:1924161
Brd2                Q7JJ13      BRD2_MOUSE    MGI:99495
Brd3                Q8K2F0      BRD3_MOUSE    MGI:1914632
Brd4                Q9ESU6      BRD4_MOUSE    MGI:1888520
Brd7                O88665      BRD7_MOUSE    MGI:1349766
Brd8                Q8R3B7      BRD8_MOUSE    MGI:1925906
Brd9                Q3UQU0      BRD9_MOUSE    MGI:2145317
Brdt                Q91Y44      BRDT_MOUSE    MGI:1891374
Brf1                Q8CFK2      TF3B_MOUSE    MGI:1919558
Brf2                Q3UAW9      BRF2_MOUSE    MGI:1913903
Bri3                P28662      BRI3_MOUSE    MGI:1933174
Bri3bp              Q8BXV2      BRI3B_MOUSE   MGI:1924059
Brinp1              Q920P3      BRNP1_MOUSE   MGI:1928478
Brinp2              Q6DFY8      BRNP2_MOUSE   MGI:2443333
Brinp3              Q499E0      BRNP3_MOUSE   MGI:2443035
Brip1               Q5SXJ3      FANCJ_MOUSE   MGI:2442836
Brix1               Q9DCA5      BRX1_MOUSE    MGI:1915082
Brk1                Q91VR8      BRK1_MOUSE    MGI:1915406
Brme1               Q6DIA7      BRME1_MOUSE   MGI:1921916
Brms1               Q99N20      BRMS1_MOUSE   MGI:2388804
Brms1l              Q3U1T3      BRM1L_MOUSE   MGI:1196337
Brox                Q8K2Q7      BROX_MOUSE    MGI:1918928
Brpf1               B2RRD7      BRPF1_MOUSE   MGI:1926033
Brpf3               B2KF05      BRPF3_MOUSE   MGI:2146836
Brs3                O54798      BRS3_MOUSE    MGI:1100501
Brsk1               Q5RJI5      BRSK1_MOUSE   MGI:2685946
Brsk2               Q69Z98      BRSK2_MOUSE   MGI:1923020
Brwd1               Q921C3      BRWD1_MOUSE   MGI:1890651
Brwd3               A2AHJ4      BRWD3_MOUSE   MGI:3029414
Bscl2               Q9Z2E9      BSCL2_MOUSE   MGI:1298392
Bsdc1               Q80Y55      BSDC1_MOUSE   MGI:1913466
Bsg                 P18572      BASI_MOUSE    MGI:88208
Bsn                 O88737      BSN_MOUSE     MGI:1277955
Bsnd                Q8VIM4      BSND_MOUSE    MGI:2153465
Bsph1               Q3UW26      BSPH1_MOUSE   MGI:2685613
Bsph2               Q0Q236      BSPH2_MOUSE   MGI:1924934
Bspry               Q80YW5      BSPRY_MOUSE   MGI:2177191
Bst1                Q64277      BST1_MOUSE    MGI:105370
Bst2                Q8R2Q8      BST2_MOUSE    MGI:1916800
Bsx                 Q810B3      BSH_MOUSE     MGI:2669849
Btbd1               P58544      BTBD1_MOUSE   MGI:1933765
Btbd10              Q80X66      BTBDA_MOUSE   MGI:1916065
Btbd11              Q6GQW0      BTBDB_MOUSE   MGI:1921257
Btbd16              E9Q173      BTBDG_MOUSE   MGI:3045247
Btbd17              Q9DB72      BTBDH_MOUSE   MGI:1919264
Btbd18              A0A0A6YY25  BTBDI_MOUSE   MGI:3650217
Btbd3               P58545      BTBD3_MOUSE   MGI:2385155
Btbd35f1            Q99N64      GMCL2_MOUSE   MGI:1919097
Btbd6               Q8K2J9      BTBD6_MOUSE   MGI:3026623
Btbd7               Q8CFE5      BTBD7_MOUSE   MGI:1917858
Btbd8               D3YUB6      BTBD8_MOUSE   MGI:3646208
Btbd9               Q8C726      BTBD9_MOUSE   MGI:1916625
Btc                 Q05928      BTC_MOUSE     MGI:99439
Btd                 Q8CIF4      BTD_MOUSE     MGI:1347001
Btf3                Q64152      BTF3_MOUSE    MGI:1202875
Btf3l4              Q9CQH7      BT3L4_MOUSE   MGI:1915312
Btg1                P62325      BTG1_MOUSE    MGI:88215
Btg2                Q04211      BTG2_MOUSE    MGI:108384
Btg3                P50615      BTG3_MOUSE    MGI:109532
Btg4                O70552      BTG4_MOUSE    MGI:1860140
Btk                 P35991      BTK_MOUSE     MGI:88216
Btla                Q7TSA3      BTLA_MOUSE    MGI:2658978
Btn1a1              Q62556      BT1A1_MOUSE   MGI:103118
Btn2a2              A4QPC6      BT2A2_MOUSE   MGI:3606486
Btnl1               Q7TST0      BTNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1932027
Btnl10              Q9JK39      BTNLA_MOUSE   MGI:2182073
Btnl2               O70355      BTNL2_MOUSE   MGI:1859549
Btnl9               Q8BJE2      BTNL9_MOUSE   MGI:2442439
Btrc                Q3ULA2      FBW1A_MOUSE   MGI:1338871
Bub1                O08901      BUB1_MOUSE    MGI:1100510
Bub1b               Q9Z1S0      BUB1B_MOUSE   MGI:1333889
Bub3                Q9WVA3      BUB3_MOUSE    MGI:1343463
Bud13               Q8R149      BUD13_MOUSE   MGI:2443443
Bud23               Q9CY21      BUD23_MOUSE   MGI:1913388
Bud31               Q6PGH1      BUD31_MOUSE   MGI:2141291
Bves                Q9ES83      POPD1_MOUSE   MGI:1346013
Bysl                O54825      BYST_MOUSE    MGI:1858419
Bzw1                Q9CQC6      5MP2_MOUSE    MGI:1914132
Bzw2                Q2L4X1      5MP1_MUSMM    MGI:1914162
                    Q91VK1      5MP1_MOUSE 
C030006K11Rik       Q8VE95      CH082_MOUSE   MGI:1925941
C130074G19Rik       Q8BGN9      CA115_MOUSE   MGI:2444831
C1d                 O35473      C1D_MOUSE     MGI:1927354
C1galt1             Q9JJ06      C1GLT_MOUSE   MGI:2151071
C1galt1c1           Q9JMG2      C1GLC_MOUSE   MGI:1913493
C1qa                P98086      C1QA_MOUSE    MGI:88223
C1qb                P14106      C1QB_MOUSE    MGI:88224
C1qbp               O35658      C1QBP_MOUSE   MGI:1194505
C1qc                Q02105      C1QC_MOUSE    MGI:88225
C1ql1               O88992      C1QRF_MOUSE   MGI:1344400
C1ql2               Q8CFR0      C1QL2_MOUSE   MGI:3032521
C1ql3               Q9ESN4      C1QL3_MOUSE   MGI:2387350
C1ql4               Q4ZJM9      C1QL4_MOUSE   MGI:3579909
C1qtnf1             Q9QXP7      C1QT1_MOUSE   MGI:1919254
C1qtnf12            Q8R2Z0      ADIPL_MOUSE   MGI:1914639
C1qtnf2             Q9D8U4      C1QT2_MOUSE   MGI:1916433
C1qtnf3             Q9ES30      C1QT3_MOUSE   MGI:1932136
C1qtnf4             Q8R066      C1QT4_MOUSE   MGI:1914695
C1qtnf5             Q8K479      C1QT5_MOUSE   MGI:2385958
C1qtnf6             Q6IR41      C1QT6_MOUSE   MGI:1919959
C1qtnf7             Q8BVD7      C1QT7_MOUSE   MGI:1925911
C1qtnf9             Q4ZJN1      C1QT9_MOUSE   MGI:3045252
C1ra                Q8CG16      C1RA_MOUSE    MGI:1355313
C1rb                Q8CFG9      C1RB_MOUSE    MGI:3779804
C1rl                Q3UZ09      C1RL_MOUSE    MGI:2660692
C1s1                Q8CG14      CS1A_MOUSE    MGI:1355312
C1s2                Q8CFG8      CS1B_MOUSE    MGI:3644269
C2                  P21180      CO2_MOUSE     MGI:88226
C2cd2               E9Q3C1      C2CD2_MOUSE   MGI:1891883
C2cd2l              Q80X80      C2C2L_MOUSE   MGI:1919014
C2cd3               Q52KB6      C2CD3_MOUSE   MGI:2142166
C2cd4c              Q5HZI2      C2C4C_MOUSE   MGI:2685084
C2cd4d              P0CG09      C2C4D_MOUSE   MGI:2685505
C2cd5               Q7TPS5      C2CD5_MOUSE   MGI:1921991
C3                  P01027      CO3_MOUSE     MGI:88227
C330018D20Rik       Q9CWB7      YD286_MOUSE   MGI:1924672
C3ar1               O09047      C3AR_MOUSE    MGI:1097680
C4b                 P01029      CO4B_MOUSE    MGI:88228
C4bp                P08607      C4BPA_MOUSE   MGI:88229
C5ar1               P30993      C5AR1_MOUSE   MGI:88232
C5ar2               Q8BW93      C5AR2_MOUSE   MGI:2442013
C77080              A2A7S8      K1522_MOUSE   MGI:2140651
C87436              Q8R3C1      CB042_MOUSE   MGI:2141787
C8a                 Q8K182      CO8A_MOUSE    MGI:2668347
C8b                 Q8BH35      CO8B_MOUSE    MGI:88236
C8g                 Q8VCG4      CO8G_MOUSE    MGI:88237
C9                  P06683      CO9_MOUSE     MGI:1098282
C9orf72             Q6DFW0      CI072_MOUSE   MGI:1920455
Caap1               Q8VDY9      CAAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915020
Cab39               Q06138      CAB39_MOUSE   MGI:107438
Cab39l              Q9DB16      CB39L_MOUSE   MGI:1914081
Cabcoco1            Q8CDT7      CBCO1_MOUSE   MGI:1920537
Cables1             Q9ESJ1      CABL1_MOUSE   MGI:1927065
Cables2             Q8K3M5      CABL2_MOUSE   MGI:2182335
Cabp1               Q9JLK7      CABP1_MOUSE   MGI:1352750
Cabp2               Q9JLK4      CABP2_MOUSE   MGI:1352749
Cabp4               Q8VHC5      CABP4_MOUSE   MGI:1920910
Cabp5               Q9JLK3      CABP5_MOUSE   MGI:1352746
Cabp7               Q91ZM8      CABP7_MOUSE   MGI:2183437
Cabs1               Q8C633      CABS1_MOUSE   MGI:1918227
Cabyr               Q9D424      CABYR_MOUSE   MGI:1918382
Cacfd1              Q8BG21      FLOWR_MOUSE   MGI:1924317
Cachd1              Q6PDJ1      CAHD1_MOUSE   MGI:2444177
Cacna1a             P97445      CAC1A_MOUSE   MGI:109482
Cacna1b             O55017      CAC1B_MOUSE   MGI:88296
Cacna1c             Q01815      CAC1C_MOUSE   MGI:103013
Cacna1d             Q99246      CAC1D_MOUSE   MGI:88293
Cacna1e             Q61290      CAC1E_MOUSE   MGI:106217
Cacna1f             Q9JIS7      CAC1F_MOUSE   MGI:1859639
Cacna1h             O88427      CAC1H_MOUSE   MGI:1928842
Cacna1s             Q02789      CAC1S_MOUSE   MGI:88294
Cacna2d1            O08532      CA2D1_MOUSE   MGI:88295
Cacna2d2            Q6PHS9      CA2D2_MOUSE   MGI:1929813
Cacna2d3            Q9Z1L5      CA2D3_MOUSE   MGI:1338890
Cacna2d4            Q5RJF7      CA2D4_MOUSE   MGI:2442632
Cacnb1              Q8R3Z5      CACB1_MOUSE   MGI:102522
Cacnb2              Q8CC27      CACB2_MOUSE   MGI:894644
Cacnb3              P54285      CACB3_MOUSE   MGI:103307
Cacnb4              Q8R0S4      CACB4_MOUSE   MGI:103301
Cacng1              O70578      CCG1_MOUSE    MGI:1206582
Cacng2              O88602      CCG2_MOUSE    MGI:1316660
Cacng3              Q9JJV5      CCG3_MOUSE    MGI:1859165
Cacng4              Q9JJV4      CCG4_MOUSE    MGI:1859167
Cacng5              Q8VHW4      CCG5_MOUSE    MGI:2157946
Cacng6              Q8VHW3      CCG6_MOUSE    MGI:1859168
Cacng7              P62956      CCG7_MOUSE    MGI:1932374
Cacng8              Q8VHW2      CCG8_MOUSE    MGI:1932376
Cactin              Q9CS00      CATIN_MOUSE   MGI:1917562
Cacul1              Q8R0X2      CACL1_MOUSE   MGI:1926082
Cacybp              Q9CXW3      CYBP_MOUSE    MGI:1270839
Cad                 B2RQC6      PYR1_MOUSE    MGI:1916969
Cadm1               Q8R5M8      CADM1_MOUSE   MGI:1889272
Cadm2               Q8BLQ9      CADM2_MOUSE   MGI:2442722
Cadm3               Q99N28      CADM3_MOUSE   MGI:2137858
Cadm4               Q8R464      CADM4_MOUSE   MGI:2449088
Cadps               Q80TJ1      CAPS1_MOUSE   MGI:1350922
Cadps2              Q8BYR5      CAPS2_MOUSE   MGI:2443963
Cage1               Q5IR70      CAGE1_MOUSE   MGI:1918463
Calb1               P12658      CALB1_MOUSE   MGI:88248
Calb2               Q08331      CALB2_MOUSE   MGI:101914
Calca               P70160      CALC_MOUSE    MGI:2151253
                    Q99JA0      CALCA_MOUSE
Calcb               Q99MP3      CALCB_MOUSE   MGI:2151254
Calcoco1            Q8CGU1      CACO1_MOUSE   MGI:1914738
Calcoco2            A2A6M5      CACO2_MOUSE   MGI:1343177
Calcr               Q60755      CALCR_MOUSE   MGI:101950
Calcrl              Q9R1W5      CALRL_MOUSE   MGI:1926944
Calhm1              D3Z291      CAHM1_MOUSE   MGI:3643383
Calhm2              Q8VEC4      CAHM2_MOUSE   MGI:1919941
Calhm3              J3QMI4      CAHM3_MOUSE   MGI:3645665
Calhm4              Q8CE93      CAHM4_MOUSE   MGI:2685489
Calhm5              Q8R100      CAHM5_MOUSE   MGI:2143897
Calhm6              Q8C9E8      CAHM6_MOUSE   MGI:2443082
Calm1               P0DP26      CALM1_MOUSE   MGI:88251
Calm2               P0DP27      CALM2_MOUSE   MGI:103250
Calm3               P0DP28      CALM3_MOUSE   MGI:103249
Calm4               Q9JM83      CALM4_MOUSE   MGI:1931464
Calml3              Q9D6P8      CALL3_MOUSE   MGI:1917655
Calml4              Q91WQ9      CALL4_MOUSE   MGI:1922850
Caln1               Q9JJG7      CABP8_MOUSE   MGI:2155987
Calr                P14211      CALR_MOUSE    MGI:88252
Calr3               Q9D9Q6      CALR3_MOUSE   MGI:1920566
Calu                O35887      CALU_MOUSE    MGI:1097158
Caly                Q9DCA7      CALY_MOUSE    MGI:1915816
Camk1               Q91YS8      KCC1A_MOUSE   MGI:1098535
Camk1d              Q8BW96      KCC1D_MOUSE   MGI:2442190
Camk1g              Q91VB2      KCC1G_MOUSE   MGI:2388073
Camk2a              P11798      KCC2A_MOUSE   MGI:88256
Camk2b              P28652      KCC2B_MOUSE   MGI:88257
Camk2d              Q6PHZ2      KCC2D_MOUSE   MGI:1341265
Camk2g              Q923T9      KCC2G_MOUSE   MGI:88259
Camk2n1             Q6QWF9      CK2N1_MOUSE   MGI:1913509
Camk2n2             Q78WH7      CK2N2_MOUSE   MGI:1920297
Camk4               P08414      KCC4_MOUSE    MGI:88258
Camkk1              Q8VBY2      KKCC1_MOUSE   MGI:1891766
Camkk2              Q8C078      KKCC2_MOUSE   MGI:2444812
Camkmt              Q3U2J5      CMKMT_MOUSE   MGI:1920832
Camkv               Q3UHL1      CAMKV_MOUSE   MGI:2384296
Caml                P49070      CAMLG_MOUSE   MGI:104728
Camp                P51437      CAMP_MOUSE    MGI:108443
Camsap1             A2AHC3      CAMP1_MOUSE   MGI:3036242
Camsap2             Q8C1B1      CAMP2_MOUSE   MGI:1922434
Camsap3             Q80VC9      CAMP3_MOUSE   MGI:1916947
Camta1              A2A891      CMTA1_MOUSE   MGI:2140230
Camta2              Q80Y50      CMTA2_MOUSE   MGI:2135957
Cand1               Q6ZQ38      CAND1_MOUSE   MGI:1261820
Cand2               Q6ZQ73      CAND2_MOUSE   MGI:1914338
Cant1               Q8VCF1      CANT1_MOUSE   MGI:1923275
Canx                P35564      CALX_MOUSE    MGI:88261
Cap1                P40124      CAP1_MOUSE    MGI:88262
Cap2                Q9CYT6      CAP2_MOUSE    MGI:1914502
Capg                P24452      CAPG_MOUSE    MGI:1098259
Capn1               O35350      CAN1_MOUSE    MGI:88263
Capn10              Q9ESK3      CAN10_MOUSE   MGI:1344392
Capn11              Q6J756      CAN11_MOUSE   MGI:1352490
Capn12              Q9ER56      CAN12_MOUSE   MGI:1891369
Capn13              Q3UW68      CAN13_MOUSE   MGI:2685789
Capn15              Q9JLG8      CAN15_MOUSE   MGI:1355075
Capn2               O08529      CAN2_MOUSE    MGI:88264
Capn3               Q64691      CAN3_MOUSE    MGI:107437
Capn5               O08688      CAN5_MOUSE    MGI:1100859
Capn6               O35646      CAN6_MOUSE    MGI:1100850
Capn7               Q9R1S8      CAN7_MOUSE    MGI:1338030
Capn8               Q91VA3      CAN8_MOUSE    MGI:2181366
Capn9               Q9D805      CAN9_MOUSE    MGI:1920897
Capns1              O88456      CPNS1_MOUSE   MGI:88266
Capns2              Q9D7J7      CPNS2_MOUSE   MGI:1916793
Caprin1             Q60865      CAPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1858234
Caprin2             Q05A80      CAPR2_MOUSE   MGI:2448541
Caps2               Q8BUG5      CAYP2_MOUSE   MGI:2441980
Capsl               Q6P8Y1      CAPSL_MOUSE   MGI:1922818
Capza1              P47753      CAZA1_MOUSE   MGI:106227
Capza2              P47754      CAZA2_MOUSE   MGI:106222
Capza3              P70190      CAZA3_MOUSE   MGI:106221
Capzb               P47757      CAPZB_MOUSE   MGI:104652
Car1                P13634      CAH1_MOUSE    MGI:88268
Car10               P61215      CAH10_MOUSE   MGI:1919855
Car11               O70354      CAH11_MOUSE   MGI:1336193
Car12               Q8CI85      CAH12_MOUSE   MGI:1923709
Car13               Q9D6N1      CAH13_MOUSE   MGI:1931322
Car14               Q9WVT6      CAH14_MOUSE   MGI:1344341
Car15               Q99N23      CAH15_MOUSE   MGI:1931324
Car2                P00920      CAH2_MOUSE    MGI:88269
Car3                P16015      CAH3_MOUSE    MGI:88270
Car4                Q64444      CAH4_MOUSE    MGI:1096574
Car5a               P23589      CAH5A_MOUSE   MGI:101946
Car5b               Q9QZA0      CAH5B_MOUSE   MGI:1926249
Car6                P18761      CAH6_MOUSE    MGI:1333786
Car7                Q9ERQ8      CAH7_MOUSE    MGI:103100
Car8                P28651      CAH8_MOUSE    MGI:88253
Car9                Q8VHB5      CAH9_MOUSE    MGI:2447188
Card10              P58660      CAR10_MOUSE   MGI:2146012
Card11              Q8CIS0      CAR11_MOUSE   MGI:1916978
Card14              Q99KF0      CAR14_MOUSE   MGI:2386258
Card19              Q9D1I2      CAR19_MOUSE   MGI:1915730
Card9               A2AIV8      CARD9_MOUSE   MGI:2685628
Carf                Q8VHI4      CARTF_MOUSE   MGI:2182269
Carhsp1             Q9CR86      CHSP1_MOUSE   MGI:1196368
Carm1               Q9WVG6      CARM1_MOUSE   MGI:1913208
Carmil1             Q6EDY6      CARL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915982
Carmil2             Q3V3V9      CARL2_MOUSE   MGI:2685431
Carmil3             Q3UFQ8      CARL3_MOUSE   MGI:2448573
Carnmt1             Q80UY1      CARME_MOUSE   MGI:1914633
Carns1              Q6ZPS2      CRNS1_MOUSE   MGI:2147595
Cars                Q9ER72      SYCC_MOUSE    MGI:1351477
Cars2               Q8BYM8      SYCM_MOUSE    MGI:1919191
Cartpt              P56388      CART_MOUSE    MGI:1351330
Casc1               Q6TDU8      DNAI7_MOUSE   MGI:2444480
Casc3               Q8K3W3      CASC3_MOUSE   MGI:2179723
Casd1               Q7TN73      CASD1_MOUSE   MGI:2384865
Cask                O70589      CSKP_MOUSE    MGI:1309489
Caskin1             Q6P9K8      CSKI1_MOUSE   MGI:2442952
Caskin2             Q8VHK1      CSKI2_MOUSE   MGI:2157062
Casp1               P29452      CASP1_MOUSE   MGI:96544
Casp12              O08736      CASPC_MOUSE   MGI:1312922
Casp14              O89094      CASPE_MOUSE   MGI:1335092
Casp2               P29594      CASP2_MOUSE   MGI:97295
Casp3               P70677      CASP3_MOUSE   MGI:107739
Casp4               P70343      CASP4_MOUSE   MGI:107700
Casp6               O08738      CASP6_MOUSE   MGI:1312921
Casp7               P97864      CASP7_MOUSE   MGI:109383
Casp8               O89110      CASP8_MOUSE   MGI:1261423
Casp8ap2            Q9WUF3      C8AP2_MOUSE   MGI:1349399
Casp9               Q8C3Q9      CASP9_MOUSE   MGI:1277950
Casq1               O09165      CASQ1_MOUSE   MGI:1309468
Casq2               O09161      CASQ2_MOUSE   MGI:1309469
Casr                Q9QY96      CASR_MOUSE    MGI:1351351
Cass4               Q08EC4      CASS4_MOUSE   MGI:2444482
Cast                P51125      ICAL_MOUSE    MGI:1098236
Castor1             Q9CWQ8      CAST1_MOUSE   MGI:1919212
Castor2             Q8CAB8      CAST2_MOUSE   MGI:1933384
Casz1               Q9CWL2      CASZ1_MOUSE   MGI:1196251
Cat                 P24270      CATA_MOUSE    MGI:88271
Catip               B9EKE5      CATIP_MOUSE   MGI:2685062
Catsper1            Q91ZR5      CTSR1_MOUSE   MGI:2179947
Catsper2            A2ARP9      CTSR2_MOUSE   MGI:2387404
Catsper3            Q80W99      CTSR3_MOUSE   MGI:1924106
Catsper4            Q8BVN3      CTSR4_MOUSE   MGI:3043288
Catsperb            A2RTF1      CTSRB_MOUSE   MGI:2443988
Catsperd            E9Q9F6      CTSRD_MOUSE   MGI:2147030
Catspere1           P0DP43      CTSRE_MOUSE   MGI:3647531
Catspere2           A0A0A6YXX9  CTSEL_MOUSE   MGI:5589632
Catsperg1           E9Q355      CTSG1_MOUSE   MGI:2443617
Catsperg2           C6KI89      CTSG2_MOUSE   MGI:1923968
Catsperz            Q9CQP8      CTSRZ_MOUSE   MGI:1914327
Cav1                P49817      CAV1_MOUSE    MGI:102709
Cav2                Q9WVC3      CAV2_MOUSE    MGI:107571
Cav3                P51637      CAV3_MOUSE    MGI:107570
Cavin1              O54724      CAVN1_MOUSE   MGI:1277968
Cavin2              Q63918      CAVN2_MOUSE   MGI:99513
Cavin3              Q91VJ2      CAVN3_MOUSE   MGI:1923422
Cavin4              A2AMM0      CAVN4_MOUSE   MGI:1915266
Cbarp               Q66L44      CBARP_MOUSE   MGI:1354170
Cbfa2t2             O70374      MTG8R_MOUSE   MGI:1333833
Cbfa2t3             O54972      MTG16_MOUSE   MGI:1338013
Cbfb                Q08024      PEBB_MOUSE    MGI:99851
Cbl                 P22682      CBL_MOUSE     MGI:88279
Cblb                Q3TTA7      CBLB_MOUSE    MGI:2146430
Cblc                Q80XL1      CBLC_MOUSE    MGI:1931457
Cblif               P52787      IF_MOUSE      MGI:1202394
Cbll1               Q9JIY2      HAKAI_MOUSE   MGI:2144842
Cbln1               Q9R171      CBLN1_MOUSE   MGI:88281
Cbln2               Q8BGU2      CBLN2_MOUSE   MGI:88282
Cbln3               Q9JHG0      CBLN3_MOUSE   MGI:1889286
Cbln4               Q8BME9      CBLN4_MOUSE   MGI:2154433
Cbr1                P48758      CBR1_MOUSE    MGI:88284
Cbr2                P08074      CBR2_MOUSE    MGI:107200
Cbr3                Q8K354      CBR3_MOUSE    MGI:1309992
Cbr4                Q91VT4      CBR4_MOUSE    MGI:2384567
Cbs                 Q91WT9      CBS_MOUSE     MGI:88285
Cbwd1               Q8VEH6      CBWD1_MOUSE   MGI:2385089
Cbx1                P83917      CBX1_MOUSE    MGI:105369
Cbx2                P30658      CBX2_MOUSE    MGI:88289
Cbx3                P23198      CBX3_MOUSE    MGI:108515
Cbx4                O55187      CBX4_MOUSE    MGI:1195985
Cbx5                Q61686      CBX5_MOUSE    MGI:109372
Cbx6                Q9DBY5      CBX6_MOUSE    MGI:3512628
Cbx7                Q8VDS3      CBX7_MOUSE    MGI:1196439
Cbx8                Q9QXV1      CBX8_MOUSE    MGI:1353589
Cby1                Q9D1C2      CBY1_MOUSE    MGI:1920989
Cby2                Q32MG2      CBY2_MOUSE    MGI:1915176
Cby3                Q9CVN6      CBY3_MOUSE    MGI:1923903
Cc2d1a              Q8K1A6      C2D1A_MOUSE   MGI:2384831
Cc2d1b              Q8BRN9      C2D1B_MOUSE   MGI:2443076
Cc2d2a              Q8CFW7      C2D2A_MOUSE   MGI:1924487
Ccar1               Q8CH18      CCAR1_MOUSE   MGI:1914750
Ccar2               Q8VDP4      CCAR2_MOUSE   MGI:2444228
Ccbe1               Q3MI99      CCBE1_MOUSE   MGI:2445053
Ccdc102a            Q3TMW1      C102A_MOUSE   MGI:2686927
Ccdc103             Q9D9P2      CC103_MOUSE   MGI:1920543
Ccdc105             Q9D4K7      CC105_MOUSE   MGI:1918226
Ccdc106             Q3ULM0      CC106_MOUSE   MGI:2385900
Ccdc107             Q9DCC3      CC107_MOUSE   MGI:1913423
Ccdc110             Q3V125      CC110_MOUSE   MGI:2685018
Ccdc112             A0AUP1      CC112_MOUSE   MGI:1918800
Ccdc113             Q8C5T8      CC113_MOUSE   MGI:3606076
Ccdc115             Q8VE99      CC115_MOUSE   MGI:1916918
Ccdc116             Q80X53      CC116_MOUSE   MGI:1924122
Ccdc117             Q6PB51      CC117_MOUSE   MGI:2144383
Ccdc12              Q8R344      CCD12_MOUSE   MGI:1919904
Ccdc120             A2AEV7      CC120_MOUSE   MGI:1859619
Ccdc122             Q8BVN0      CC122_MOUSE   MGI:1918358
Ccdc124             Q9D8X2      CC124_MOUSE   MGI:1916403
Ccdc125             Q5U465      CC125_MOUSE   MGI:1923291
Ccdc126             Q8BIS8      CC126_MOUSE   MGI:1889376
Ccdc127             Q3TC33      CC127_MOUSE   MGI:1914683
Ccdc13              D3YV10      CCD13_MOUSE   MGI:1920144
Ccdc130             Q9D516      YJU2B_MOUSE   MGI:1914986
Ccdc134             Q8C7V8      CC134_MOUSE   MGI:1923707
Ccdc136             Q3TVA9      CC136_MOUSE   MGI:1918128
Ccdc137             Q8R0K4      CC137_MOUSE   MGI:1914541
Ccdc138             Q0VF22      CC138_MOUSE   MGI:1923388
Ccdc14              Q8K2J4      CCD14_MOUSE   MGI:2443448
Ccdc142             Q8CAI1      CC142_MOUSE   MGI:3045292
Ccdc148             Q6P5U8      CC148_MOUSE   MGI:3039583
Ccdc15              Q8C9M2      CCD15_MOUSE   MGI:2444488
Ccdc150             Q8CDI7      CC150_MOUSE   MGI:1925266
Ccdc153             P0C7Q1      CC153_MOUSE   MGI:2448587
Ccdc154             Q6RUT8      CC154_MOUSE   MGI:2685163
Ccdc157             Q5SPX1      CC157_MOUSE   MGI:3041210
Ccdc158             Q8CDI6      CD158_MOUSE   MGI:2444555
Ccdc159             Q8C963      CC159_MOUSE   MGI:1914369
Ccdc160             Q3UYG1      CC160_MOUSE   MGI:3588225
Ccdc162             Q0VG85      CC162_MOUSE   MGI:1923223
Ccdc167             Q9D162      CC167_MOUSE   MGI:1915847
Ccdc169             Q8BXX9      CC169_MOUSE   MGI:2444356
Ccdc17              Q8CE13      CCD17_MOUSE   MGI:1915667
Ccdc171             E9Q1U1      CC171_MOUSE   MGI:1922152
Ccdc172             Q810N9      CC172_MOUSE   MGI:1922895
Ccdc173             A0JLY1      CF210_MOUSE   MGI:1923100
Ccdc174             Q3U155      CC174_MOUSE   MGI:2444652
Ccdc175             E9PVB3      CC175_MOUSE   MGI:1921186
Ccdc177             Q3UHB8      CC177_MOUSE   MGI:2686414
Ccdc178             Q8CDV0      CC178_MOUSE   MGI:1918200
Ccdc18              Q640L5      CCD18_MOUSE   MGI:1922974
Ccdc181             Q80ZU5      CC181_MOUSE   MGI:1922145
Ccdc182             Q9D9C6      CC182_MOUSE   MGI:1921547
Ccdc183             A2AJB1      CC183_MOUSE   MGI:1924308
Ccdc184             Q8BMK5      CC184_MOUSE   MGI:2146066
Ccdc186             Q8C9S4      CC186_MOUSE   MGI:2445022
Ccdc187             Q8C5V8      CC187_MOUSE   MGI:3045295
Ccdc189             Q6NZQ0      CF119_MOUSE   MGI:2685012
Ccdc190             Q3URK1      CC190_MOUSE   MGI:1925715
Ccdc194             A0A140LIT1  CC194_MOUSE   MGI:3588239
ccdc198             Q9CPZ1      CC198_MOUSE   MGI:1914332
Ccdc22              Q9JIG7      CCD22_MOUSE   MGI:1859608
Ccdc25              Q78PG9      CCD25_MOUSE   MGI:1914429
Ccdc27              Q3V036      CCD27_MOUSE   MGI:2685881
Ccdc28b             Q8CEG5      CC28B_MOUSE   MGI:1913514
Ccdc3               Q9D6Y1      CCDC3_MOUSE   MGI:1921436
Ccdc30              Q8BVF4      CCD30_MOUSE   MGI:1920582
Ccdc32              Q8BS39      CCD32_MOUSE   MGI:2685477
Ccdc33              Q3ULW6      CCD33_MOUSE   MGI:1922464
Ccdc34              Q3UI66      CCD34_MOUSE   MGI:1915451
Ccdc38              Q8CDN8      CCD38_MOUSE   MGI:2444738
Ccdc39              Q9D5Y1      CCD39_MOUSE   MGI:1289263
Ccdc40              Q8BI79      CCD40_MOUSE   MGI:2443893
Ccdc42              Q5SV66      CCD42_MOUSE   MGI:3045254
Ccdc43              Q9CR29      CCD43_MOUSE   MGI:1289318
Ccdc47              Q9D024      CCD47_MOUSE   MGI:1914413
Ccdc50              Q810U5      CCD50_MOUSE   MGI:1914751
Ccdc51              Q3URS9      MITOK_MOUSE   MGI:1913908
Ccdc54              Q9DAL3      CCD54_MOUSE   MGI:1916589
Ccdc57              Q6PHN1      CCD57_MOUSE   MGI:1918526
Ccdc58              Q8R3Q6      MIX23_MOUSE   MGI:2146423
Ccdc59              Q8R2N0      TAP26_MOUSE   MGI:1289302
Ccdc6               D3YZP9      CCDC6_MOUSE   MGI:1923801
Ccdc60              Q8C4J0      CCD60_MOUSE   MGI:2141043
Ccdc61              Q3UJV1      CCD61_MOUSE   MGI:2685005
Ccdc62              E9PVD1      CCD62_MOUSE   MGI:2684996
Ccdc63              Q8CDV6      CCD63_MOUSE   MGI:3607777
Ccdc65              Q8VHI7      DRC2_MOUSE    MGI:2146001
Ccdc66              Q6NS45      CCD66_MOUSE   MGI:2443639
Ccdc68              Q8BVC4      CCD68_MOUSE   MGI:3612676
Ccdc69              Q3TCJ8      CCD69_MOUSE   MGI:1196234
Ccdc7               Q9D541      CCDC7_MOUSE   MGI:1921953
Ccdc70              Q9D9B0      CCD70_MOUSE   MGI:1915179
Ccdc71              Q8VEG0      CCD71_MOUSE   MGI:1919704
Ccdc73              Q8CDM4      CCD73_MOUSE   MGI:3606488
Ccdc77              Q9CZH8      CCD77_MOUSE   MGI:1914450
Ccdc78              D3Z5T1      CCD78_MOUSE   MGI:2685784
Ccdc8               D3YZV8      CCDC8_MOUSE   MGI:3612184
Ccdc80              Q8R2G6      CCD80_MOUSE   MGI:1915146
Ccdc81              Q9D5W4      CCD81_MOUSE   MGI:1918134
Ccdc82              Q6PG04      CCD82_MOUSE   MGI:1913646
Ccdc83              Q9D4V3      CCD83_MOUSE   MGI:1918255
Ccdc84              Q4VA36      CATAC_MOUSE   MGI:2685960
Ccdc85a             Q5SP85      CC85A_MOUSE   MGI:2445069
Ccdc85b             Q6PDY0      CC85B_MOUSE   MGI:2147607
Ccdc85c             E9Q6B2      CC85C_MOUSE   MGI:3644008
Ccdc86              Q9JJ89      CCD86_MOUSE   MGI:1277220
Ccdc87              Q8CDL9      CCD87_MOUSE   MGI:3026882
Ccdc88a             Q5SNZ0      GRDN_MOUSE    MGI:1925177
Ccdc88b             Q4QRL3      CC88B_MOUSE   MGI:1925567
Ccdc88c             Q6VGS5      DAPLE_MOUSE   MGI:1915589
Ccdc89              Q9DA73      CCD89_MOUSE   MGI:1917304
Ccdc9               Q8VC31      CCDC9_MOUSE   MGI:1921443
Ccdc90b             Q8C3X2      CC90B_MOUSE   MGI:1913615
Ccdc91              Q9D8L5      CCD91_MOUSE   MGI:1914265
Ccdc92              Q8VDN4      CCD92_MOUSE   MGI:106485
Ccdc93              Q7TQK5      CCD93_MOUSE   MGI:1918079
Ccdc96              Q9CR92      CCD96_MOUSE   MGI:1913967
Ccdc97              Q9DBT3      CCD97_MOUSE   MGI:1196455
Ccdc9b              A3KGF9      CCD9B_MOUSE   MGI:2685199
Ccer1               Q9CQL2      CCER1_MOUSE   MGI:1913966
Cchcr1              Q8K2I2      CCHCR_MOUSE   MGI:2385321
Ccin                Q8CDE2      CALI_MOUSE    MGI:3045316
Cck                 P09240      CCKN_MOUSE    MGI:88297
Cckar               O08786      CCKAR_MOUSE   MGI:99478
Cckbr               P56481      GASR_MOUSE    MGI:99479
Ccl1                P10146      CCL1_MOUSE    MGI:98258
Ccl11               P48298      CCL11_MOUSE   MGI:103576
Ccl12               Q62401      CCL12_MOUSE   MGI:108224
Ccl19               O70460      CCL19_MOUSE   MGI:1346316
Ccl2                P10148      CCL2_MOUSE    MGI:98259
Ccl20               O89093      CCL20_MOUSE   MGI:1329031
Ccl21a              P84444      CC21A_MOUSE   MGI:1349183
Ccl21b              P86792      CC21B_MOUSE   MGI:1349182
Ccl21c              P86793      CC21C_MOUSE   MGI:1891386
Ccl22               O88430      CCL22_MOUSE   MGI:1306779
Ccl24               Q9JKC0      CCL24_MOUSE   MGI:1928953
Ccl25               O35903      CCL25_MOUSE   MGI:1099448
Ccl27               Q9Z1X0      CCL27_MOUSE   MGI:1343459
Ccl28               Q9JIL2      CCL28_MOUSE   MGI:1861731
Ccl3                P10855      CCL3_MOUSE    MGI:98260
Ccl4                P14097      CCL4_MOUSE    MGI:98261
Ccl5                P30882      CCL5_MOUSE    MGI:98262
Ccl6                P27784      CCL6_MOUSE    MGI:98263
Ccl7                Q03366      CCL7_MOUSE    MGI:99512
Ccl8                Q9Z121      CCL8_MOUSE    MGI:101878
Ccl9                P51670      CCL9_MOUSE    MGI:104533
Ccm2                Q8K2Y9      CCM2_MOUSE    MGI:2384924
Ccm2l               Q8VCC6      CCM2L_MOUSE   MGI:2385159
Ccn1                P18406      CCN1_MOUSE    MGI:88613
Ccn2                P29268      CCN2_MOUSE    MGI:95537
Ccn3                Q64299      CCN3_MOUSE    MGI:109185
Ccn4                O54775      CCN4_MOUSE    MGI:1197008
Ccn5                Q9Z0G4      CCN5_MOUSE    MGI:1328326
Ccn6                D3Z5L9      CCN6_MOUSE    MGI:2685581
Ccna1               Q61456      CCNA1_MOUSE   MGI:108042
Ccna2               P51943      CCNA2_MOUSE   MGI:108069
Ccnb1               P24860      CCNB1_MOUSE   MGI:88302
Ccnb1ip1            D3Z3K2      CIP1_MOUSE    MGI:2685134
Ccnb2               P30276      CCNB2_MOUSE   MGI:88311
Ccnb3               Q810T2      CCNB3_MOUSE   MGI:2183443
Ccnc                Q62447      CCNC_MOUSE    MGI:1858199
Ccnd1               P25322      CCND1_MOUSE   MGI:88313
Ccnd2               P30280      CCND2_MOUSE   MGI:88314
Ccnd3               P30282      CCND3_MOUSE   MGI:88315
Ccndbp1             Q3TVC7      CCDB1_MOUSE   MGI:109595
Ccne1               Q61457      CCNE1_MOUSE   MGI:88316
Ccne2               Q9Z238      CCNE2_MOUSE   MGI:1329034
Ccnf                P51944      CCNF_MOUSE    MGI:102551
Ccng1               P51945      CCNG1_MOUSE   MGI:102890
Ccng2               O08918      CCNG2_MOUSE   MGI:1095734
Ccnh                Q61458      CCNH_MOUSE    MGI:1913921
Ccni                Q9Z2V9      CCNI_MOUSE    MGI:1341077
Ccnj                Q3TZI6      CCNJ_MOUSE    MGI:2443297
Ccnjl               Q5SRT8      CCNJL_MOUSE   MGI:2685723
Ccnk                O88874      CCNK_MOUSE    MGI:1276106
Ccnl1               Q52KE7      CCNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1922664
Ccnl2               Q9JJA7      CCNL2_MOUSE   MGI:1927119
Ccno                P0C242      CCNO_MOUSE    MGI:2145534
Ccnq                Q8QZR8      CCNQ_MOUSE    MGI:1916359
Ccnt1               Q9QWV9      CCNT1_MOUSE   MGI:1328363
Ccnt2               Q7TQK0      CCNT2_MOUSE   MGI:1920199
Ccny                Q8BGU5      CCNY_MOUSE    MGI:1915224
Ccp110              Q7TSH4      CP110_MOUSE   MGI:2141942
Ccpg1               Q640L3      CCPG1_MOUSE   MGI:1196419
Ccpg1os             V9GXK1      PIRC2_MOUSE   MGI:3648770
Ccr1                P51675      CCR1_MOUSE    MGI:104618
Ccr10               Q9JL21      CCR10_MOUSE   MGI:1096320
Ccr1l1              P51676      CC1L1_MOUSE   MGI:104617
Ccr2                P51683      CCR2_MOUSE    MGI:106185
Ccr3                P51678      CCR3_MOUSE    MGI:104616
Ccr4                P51680      CCR4_MOUSE    MGI:107824
Ccr5                P51682      CCR5_MOUSE    MGI:107182
Ccr6                O54689      CCR6_MOUSE    MGI:1333797
Ccr7                P47774      CCR7_MOUSE    MGI:103011
Ccr8                P56484      CCR8_MOUSE    MGI:1201402
Ccr9                Q9WUT7      CCR9_MOUSE    MGI:1341902
Ccrl2               O35457      CCRL2_MOUSE   MGI:1920904
Ccs                 Q9WU84      CCS_MOUSE     MGI:1333783
Ccsap               Q8QZT2      CCSAP_MOUSE   MGI:1920670
Ccser1              Q8C0C4      CCSE1_MOUSE   MGI:3045354
Ccser2              Q3UHI0      CCSE2_MOUSE   MGI:101859
Cct2                P80314      TCPB_MOUSE    MGI:107186
Cct3                P80318      TCPG_MOUSE    MGI:104708
Cct4                P80315      TCPD_MOUSE    MGI:104689
Cct5                P80316      TCPE_MOUSE    MGI:107185
Cct6a               P80317      TCPZ_MOUSE    MGI:107943
Cct6b               Q61390      TCPW_MOUSE    MGI:1329013
Cct7                P80313      TCPH_MOUSE    MGI:107184
Cct8                P42932      TCPQ_MOUSE    MGI:107183
Ccz1                Q8C1Y8      CCZ1_MOUSE    MGI:2141070
Cd101               A8E0Y8      IGSF2_MOUSE   MGI:2685862
Cd109               Q8R422      CD109_MOUSE   MGI:2445221
Cd14                P10810      CD14_MOUSE    MGI:88318
Cd151               O35566      CD151_MOUSE   MGI:1096360
Cd160               O88875      BY55_MOUSE    MGI:1860383
Cd163               Q2VLH6      C163A_MOUSE   MGI:2135946
Cd164               Q9R0L9      MUC24_MOUSE   MGI:1859568
Cd164l2             Q9D6W7      C16L2_MOUSE   MGI:1916905
Cd177               Q8R2S8      CD177_MOUSE   MGI:1916141
Cd180               Q62192      CD180_MOUSE   MGI:1194924
Cd19                P25918      CD19_MOUSE    MGI:88319
Cd1d1               P11609      CD1D1_MOUSE   MGI:107674
Cd1d2               P11610      CD1D2_MOUSE   MGI:107675
Cd2                 P08920      CD2_MOUSE     MGI:88320
Cd200               O54901      OX2G_MOUSE    MGI:1196990
Cd200r1             Q9ES57      MO2R1_MOUSE   MGI:1889024
Cd200r2             Q6XJV6      MO2R2_MOUSE   MGI:3042847
Cd200r3             Q5UKY4      MO2R3_MOUSE   MGI:1921853
Cd200r4             Q6XJV4      MO2R4_MOUSE   MGI:3036289
Cd207               Q8VBX4      CLC4K_MOUSE   MGI:2180021
Cd209a              Q91ZX1      C209A_MOUSE   MGI:2157942
Cd209b              Q8CJ91      C209B_MOUSE   MGI:1916415
Cd209c              Q91ZW9      C209C_MOUSE   MGI:2157945
Cd209d              Q91ZW8      C209D_MOUSE   MGI:2157947
Cd209e              Q91ZW7      C209E_MOUSE   MGI:2157948
Cd22                P35329      CD22_MOUSE    MGI:88322
Cd226               Q8K4F0      CD226_MOUSE   MGI:3039602
Cd244               Q07763      CD244_MOUSE   MGI:109294
Cd247               P24161      CD3Z_MOUSE    MGI:88334
Cd248               Q91V98      CD248_MOUSE   MGI:1917695
Cd24a               P24807      CD24_MOUSE    MGI:88323
Cd27                P41272      CD27_MOUSE    MGI:88326
Cd274               Q9EP73      PD1L1_MOUSE   MGI:1926446
Cd276               Q8VE98      CD276_MOUSE   MGI:2183926
Cd28                P31041      CD28_MOUSE    MGI:88327
Cd2ap               Q9JLQ0      CD2AP_MOUSE   MGI:1330281
Cd2bp2              Q9CWK3      CD2B2_MOUSE   MGI:1917483
Cd300a              Q6SJQ0      CLM8_MOUSE    MGI:2443411
Cd300c              A2A7V7      CLM6_MOUSE    MGI:3032626
Cd300c2             Q7TSN2      CLM4_MOUSE    MGI:2153249
Cd300e              Q8K249      CLM2_MOUSE    MGI:2387602
Cd300lb             Q3U497      CLM7_MOUSE    MGI:2685099
Cd300ld             Q8VCH2      CLM5_MOUSE    MGI:2442358
Cd300ld3            Q6SJQ5      CLM3_MOUSE    MGI:2687214
Cd300lf             Q6SJQ7      CLM1_MOUSE    MGI:2442359
Cd300lg             Q1ERP8      CLM9_MOUSE    MGI:1289168
Cd302               Q9DCG2      CD302_MOUSE   MGI:1913455
Cd320               Q9Z1P5      CD320_MOUSE   MGI:1860083
Cd33                Q63994      CD33_MOUSE    MGI:99440
Cd34                Q64314      CD34_MOUSE    MGI:88329
Cd36                Q08857      CD36_MOUSE    MGI:107899
Cd37                Q61470      CD37_MOUSE    MGI:88330
Cd38                P56528      CD38_MOUSE    MGI:107474
Cd3d                P04235      CD3D_MOUSE    MGI:88331
Cd3e                P22646      CD3E_MOUSE    MGI:88332
Cd3eap              Q76KJ5      RPA34_MOUSE   MGI:1917583
Cd3g                P11942      CD3G_MOUSE    MGI:88333
Cd4                 P06332      CD4_MOUSE     MGI:88335
Cd40                P27512      TNR5_MOUSE    MGI:88336
Cd40lg              P27548      CD40L_MOUSE   MGI:88337
Cd44                P15379      CD44_MOUSE    MGI:88338
Cd46                O88174      MCP_MOUSE     MGI:1203290
Cd47                Q61735      CD47_MOUSE    MGI:96617
Cd48                P18181      CD48_MOUSE    MGI:88339
Cd5                 P13379      CD5_MOUSE     MGI:88340
Cd52                Q64389      CD52_MOUSE    MGI:1346088
Cd53                Q61451      CD53_MOUSE    MGI:88341
Cd55                Q61475      DAF1_MOUSE    MGI:104850
Cd55b               Q61476      DAF2_MOUSE    MGI:104849
Cd59a               O55186      CD59A_MOUSE   MGI:109177
Cd59b               P58019      CD59B_MOUSE   MGI:1888996
Cd5l                Q9QWK4      CD5L_MOUSE    MGI:1334419
Cd6                 Q61003      CD6_MOUSE     MGI:103566
Cd63                P41731      CD63_MOUSE    MGI:99529
Cd68                P31996      CD68_MOUSE    MGI:88342
Cd69                P37217      CD69_MOUSE    MGI:88343
Cd7                 P50283      CD7_MOUSE     MGI:88344
Cd70                O55237      CD70_MOUSE    MGI:1195273
Cd72                P21855      CD72_MOUSE    MGI:88345
Cd74                P04441      HG2A_MOUSE    MGI:96534
Cd79a               P11911      CD79A_MOUSE   MGI:101774
Cd79b               P15530      CD79B_MOUSE   MGI:96431
Cd80                Q00609      CD80_MOUSE    MGI:101775
Cd81                P35762      CD81_MOUSE    MGI:1096398
Cd82                P40237      CD82_MOUSE    MGI:104651
Cd83                O88324      CD83_MOUSE    MGI:1328316
Cd84                Q18PI6      SLAF5_MOUSE   MGI:1336885
Cd86                P42082      CD86_MOUSE    MGI:101773
Cd8a                P01731      CD8A_MOUSE    MGI:88346
Cd8b1               P10300      CD8B_MOUSE    MGI:88347
Cd9                 P40240      CD9_MOUSE     MGI:88348
Cd93                O89103      C1QR1_MOUSE   MGI:106664
Cd96                Q3U0X8      TACT_MOUSE    MGI:1934368
Cd99                Q8VCN6      CD99_MOUSE    MGI:1913728
Cd99l2              Q8BIF0      C99L2_MOUSE   MGI:2177151
Cda                 P56389      CDD_MOUSE     MGI:1919519
Cdadc1              Q8BMD5      CDAC1_MOUSE   MGI:1919141
Cdan1               Q8CC12      CDAN1_MOUSE   MGI:1916218
Cdc123              Q8CII2      CD123_MOUSE   MGI:2138811
Cdc14a              Q6GQT0      CC14A_MOUSE   MGI:2442676
Cdc14b              Q6PFY9      CC14B_MOUSE   MGI:2441808
Cdc16               Q8R349      CDC16_MOUSE   MGI:1917207
Cdc20               Q9JJ66      CDC20_MOUSE   MGI:1859866
Cdc23               Q8BGZ4      CDC23_MOUSE   MGI:1098815
Cdc25a              P48964      MPIP1_MOUSE   MGI:103198
Cdc25b              P30306      MPIP2_MOUSE   MGI:99701
Cdc25c              P48967      MPIP3_MOUSE   MGI:88350
Cdc26               Q99JP4      CDC26_MOUSE   MGI:1913690
Cdc27               A2A6Q5      CDC27_MOUSE   MGI:102685
Cdc34               Q8CFI2      UB2R1_MOUSE   MGI:102657
Cdc37               Q61081      CDC37_MOUSE   MGI:109531
Cdc37l1             Q9CZP7      CD37L_MOUSE   MGI:1914322
Cdc40               Q9DC48      PRP17_MOUSE   MGI:1918963
Cdc42               P60766      CDC42_MOUSE   MGI:106211
Cdc42bpa            Q3UU96      MRCKA_MOUSE   MGI:2441841
Cdc42bpb            Q7TT50      MRCKB_MOUSE   MGI:2136459
Cdc42bpg            Q80UW5      MRCKG_MOUSE   MGI:2652845
Cdc42ep1            Q91W92      BORG5_MOUSE   MGI:1929763
Cdc42ep2            Q8JZX9      BORG1_MOUSE   MGI:1929744
Cdc42ep3            Q9CQC5      BORG2_MOUSE   MGI:2384718
Cdc42ep4            Q9JM96      BORG4_MOUSE   MGI:1929760
Cdc42ep5            Q9Z0X0      BORG3_MOUSE   MGI:1929745
Cdc42se1            Q8BHL7      C42S1_MOUSE   MGI:1889510
Cdc42se2            Q8BGH7      C42S2_MOUSE   MGI:1919979
Cdc45               Q9Z1X9      CDC45_MOUSE   MGI:1338073
Cdc5l               Q6A068      CDC5L_MOUSE   MGI:1918952
Cdc6                O89033      CDC6_MOUSE    MGI:1345150
Cdc7                Q9Z0H0      CDC7_MOUSE    MGI:1309511
Cdc73               Q8JZM7      CDC73_MOUSE   MGI:2384876
Cdca2               Q14B71      CDCA2_MOUSE   MGI:1919787
Cdca3               Q99M54      CDCA3_MOUSE   MGI:1315198
Cdca4               Q9CWM2      CDCA4_MOUSE   MGI:1919213
Cdca5               Q9CPY3      CDCA5_MOUSE   MGI:1915099
Cdca7               Q9D0M2      CDCA7_MOUSE   MGI:1914203
Cdca7l              Q922M5      CDA7L_MOUSE   MGI:2384982
Cdca8               Q8BHX3      BOREA_MOUSE   MGI:1196274
Cdcp1               Q5U462      CDCP1_MOUSE   MGI:2442010
Cdcp2               Q8BQH6      CDCP2_MOUSE   MGI:3045328
Cdcp3               Q8BZE1      DMBTL_MOUSE   MGI:1918645
Cdh1                P09803      CADH1_MOUSE   MGI:88354
Cdh10               P70408      CAD10_MOUSE   MGI:107436
Cdh11               P55288      CAD11_MOUSE   MGI:99217
Cdh12               Q5RJH3      CAD12_MOUSE   MGI:109503
Cdh13               Q9WTR5      CAD13_MOUSE   MGI:99551
Cdh15               P33146      CAD15_MOUSE   MGI:106672
Cdh16               O88338      CAD16_MOUSE   MGI:106671
Cdh17               Q9R100      CAD17_MOUSE   MGI:1095414
Cdh2                P15116      CADH2_MOUSE   MGI:88355
Cdh20               Q9Z0M3      CAD20_MOUSE   MGI:1346069
Cdh22               Q9WTP5      CAD22_MOUSE   MGI:1341843
Cdh23               Q99PF4      CAD23_MOUSE   MGI:1890219
Cdh24               Q6PFX6      CAD24_MOUSE   MGI:1928330
Cdh26               P59862      CAD26_MOUSE   MGI:2685856
Cdh3                P10287      CADH3_MOUSE   MGI:88356
Cdh4                P39038      CADH4_MOUSE   MGI:99218
Cdh5                P55284      CADH5_MOUSE   MGI:105057
Cdh6                P97326      CADH6_MOUSE   MGI:107435
Cdh7                Q8BM92      CADH7_MOUSE   MGI:2442792
Cdh8                P97291      CADH8_MOUSE   MGI:107434
Cdh9                P70407      CADH9_MOUSE   MGI:107433
Cdhr1               Q8VHP6      CDHR1_MOUSE   MGI:2157782
Cdhr2               E9Q7P9      CDHR2_MOUSE   MGI:2687323
Cdhr3               Q8BL00      CDHR3_MOUSE   MGI:1916014
Cdhr5               Q8VHF2      CDHR5_MOUSE   MGI:1919290
Cdin1               Q3U4G0      CDIN1_MOUSE   MGI:3026886
Cdip1               Q9DB75      CDIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913876
Cdipt               Q8VDP6      CDIPT_MOUSE   MGI:105491
Cdk1                P11440      CDK1_MOUSE    MGI:88351
Cdk10               Q3UMM4      CDK10_MOUSE   MGI:2448549
Cdk11b              P24788      CD11B_MOUSE   MGI:88353
Cdk12               Q14AX6      CDK12_MOUSE   MGI:1098802
Cdk13               Q69ZA1      CDK13_MOUSE   MGI:1916812
Cdk14               O35495      CDK14_MOUSE   MGI:894318
Cdk15               Q3V3A1      CDK15_MOUSE   MGI:3583944
Cdk16               Q04735      CDK16_MOUSE   MGI:97516
Cdk17               Q8K0D0      CDK17_MOUSE   MGI:97517
Cdk18               Q04899      CDK18_MOUSE   MGI:97518
Cdk19               Q8BWD8      CDK19_MOUSE   MGI:1925584
Cdk2                P97377      CDK2_MOUSE    MGI:104772
Cdk20               Q9JHU3      CDK20_MOUSE   MGI:2145349
Cdk2ap1             O35207      CDKA1_MOUSE   MGI:1202069
Cdk2ap2             Q9CPY4      CDKA2_MOUSE   MGI:1098779
Cdk3                Q80YP0      CDK3_MOUSE    MGI:1916931
Cdk4                P30285      CDK4_MOUSE    MGI:88357
Cdk5                P49615      CDK5_MOUSE    MGI:101765
Cdk5r1              P61809      CD5R1_MOUSE   MGI:101764
Cdk5r2              O35926      CD5R2_MOUSE   MGI:1330828
Cdk5rap1            Q8BTW8      CK5P1_MOUSE   MGI:1914221
Cdk5rap2            Q8K389      CK5P2_MOUSE   MGI:2384875
Cdk5rap3            Q99LM2      CK5P3_MOUSE   MGI:1933126
Cdk6                Q64261      CDK6_MOUSE    MGI:1277162
Cdk7                Q03147      CDK7_MOUSE    MGI:102956
Cdk8                Q8R3L8      CDK8_MOUSE    MGI:1196224
Cdk9                Q99J95      CDK9_MOUSE    MGI:1328368
Cdkal1              Q91WE6      CDKAL_MOUSE   MGI:1921765
Cdkl1               Q8CEQ0      CDKL1_MOUSE   MGI:1918341
Cdkl2               Q9QUK0      CDKL2_MOUSE   MGI:1858227
Cdkl3               Q8BLF2      CDKL3_MOUSE   MGI:2388268
Cdkl4               Q3TZA2      CDKL4_MOUSE   MGI:3587025
Cdkl5               Q3UTQ8      CDKL5_MOUSE   MGI:1278336
Cdkn1a              P39689      CDN1A_MOUSE   MGI:104556
Cdkn1b              P46414      CDN1B_MOUSE   MGI:104565
Cdkn1c              P49919      CDN1C_MOUSE   MGI:104564
Cdkn2a              P51480      CDN2A_MOUSE   MGI:104738
                    Q64364      ARF_MOUSE  
Cdkn2aip            Q8BI72      CARF_MOUSE    MGI:1918175
Cdkn2aipnl          Q9D211      C2AIL_MOUSE   MGI:1261797
Cdkn2b              P55271      CDN2B_MOUSE   MGI:104737
Cdkn2c              Q60772      CDN2C_MOUSE   MGI:105388
Cdkn2d              Q60773      CDN2D_MOUSE   MGI:105387
Cdkn3               Q810P3      CDKN3_MOUSE   MGI:1919641
Cdnf                Q8CC36      CDNF_MOUSE    MGI:3606576
Cdo1                P60334      CDO1_MOUSE    MGI:105925
Cdon                Q32MD9      CDON_MOUSE    MGI:1926387
Cdpf1               Q8R3A2      CDPF1_MOUSE   MGI:1919605
Cdr2                P97817      CDR2_MOUSE    MGI:1100885
Cdr2l               A2A6T1      CDR2L_MOUSE   MGI:2684867
Cdrt4               Q9DA64      CDRT4_MOUSE   MGI:1913588
Cds1                P98191      CDS1_MOUSE    MGI:1921846
Cds2                Q99L43      CDS2_MOUSE    MGI:1332236
Cdsn                Q7TPC1      CDSN_MOUSE    MGI:3505689
Cdt1                Q8R4E9      CDT1_MOUSE    MGI:1914427
Cdv3                Q4VAA2      CDV3_MOUSE    MGI:2448759
Cdx1                P18111      CDX1_MOUSE    MGI:88360
Cdx2                P43241      CDX2_MOUSE    MGI:88361
Cdx4                Q07424      CDX4_MOUSE    MGI:88362
Cdyl                Q9WTK2      CDYL_MOUSE    MGI:1339956
Cdyl2               Q9D5D8      CDYL2_MOUSE   MGI:1923046
Ceacam1             P31809      CEAM1_MOUSE   MGI:1347245
Ceacam10            Q61400      CEAMA_MOUSE   MGI:1347248
Ceacam15            A0A0B4J1L0  CEA15_MOUSE   MGI:2141810
Ceacam16            E9QA28      CEA16_MOUSE   MGI:2685615
Ceacam18            Q9D871      CEA18_MOUSE   MGI:1919681
Ceacam2             Q925P2      CEAM2_MOUSE   MGI:1347246
Ceacam20            Q9D2Z1      CEA20_MOUSE   MGI:1918851
Ceacam5             Q3UKK2      CEAM5_MOUSE   MGI:1920500
Cebpa               P53566      CEBPA_MOUSE   MGI:99480
Cebpb               P28033      CEBPB_MOUSE   MGI:88373
Cebpd               Q00322      CEBPD_MOUSE   MGI:103573
Cebpe               Q6PZD9      CEBPE_MOUSE   MGI:103572
Cebpg               P53568      CEBPG_MOUSE   MGI:104982
Cebpz               P53569      CEBPZ_MOUSE   MGI:109386
Cebpzos             Q8BTE5      CEBOS_MOUSE   MGI:1915804
Cecr2               E9Q2Z1      CECR2_MOUSE   MGI:1923799
Cel                 Q64285      CEL_MOUSE     MGI:88374
Cela1               Q91X79      CELA1_MOUSE   MGI:95314
Cela2a              P05208      CEL2A_MOUSE   MGI:95316
Cela3b              Q9CQ52      CEL3B_MOUSE   MGI:1915118
Celf1               P28659      CELF1_MOUSE   MGI:1342295
Celf2               Q9Z0H4      CELF2_MOUSE   MGI:1338822
Celf3               Q8CIN6      CELF3_MOUSE   MGI:1926034
Celf4               Q7TSY6      CELF4_MOUSE   MGI:1932407
Celf6               Q7TN33      CELF6_MOUSE   MGI:1923433
Celsr1              O35161      CELR1_MOUSE   MGI:1100883
Celsr2              Q9R0M0      CELR2_MOUSE   MGI:1858235
Celsr3              Q91ZI0      CELR3_MOUSE   MGI:1858236
Cemip               Q8BI06      CEMIP_MOUSE   MGI:2443629
Cemip2              Q5FWI3      CEIP2_MOUSE   MGI:1890373
Cend1               Q9JKC6      CEND_MOUSE    MGI:1929898
Cenpa               O35216      CENPA_MOUSE   MGI:88375
Cenpb               P27790      CENPB_MOUSE   MGI:88376
Cenpc1              P49452      CENPC_MOUSE   MGI:99700
Cenpe               Q6RT24      CENPE_MOUSE   MGI:1098230
Cenph               Q9QYM8      CENPH_MOUSE   MGI:1349448
Cenpi               Q8K1K4      CENPI_MOUSE   MGI:2147897
Cenpj               Q569L8      CENPJ_MOUSE   MGI:2684927
Cenpk               Q9ESN5      CENPK_MOUSE   MGI:1926210
Cenpl               Q3U3S3      CENPL_MOUSE   MGI:1917704
Cenpm               Q9CQA0      CENPM_MOUSE   MGI:1913820
Cenpn               Q9CZW2      CENPN_MOUSE   MGI:1919405
Cenpo               Q8K015      CENPO_MOUSE   MGI:1923800
Cenpp               Q9CZ92      CENPP_MOUSE   MGI:1913586
Cenpq               Q9CPQ5      CENPQ_MOUSE   MGI:1933744
Cenps               Q9D084      CENPS_MOUSE   MGI:1917178
Cenpt               Q3TJM4      CENPT_MOUSE   MGI:2443939
Cenpu               Q8C4M7      CENPU_MOUSE   MGI:1919126
Cenpv               Q9CXS4      CENPV_MOUSE   MGI:1920389
Cenpw               Q3URR0      CENPW_MOUSE   MGI:1913561
Cenpx               Q8C4X1      CENPX_MOUSE   MGI:894324
Cep104              Q80V31      CE104_MOUSE   MGI:2687282
Cep112              Q5PR68      CE112_MOUSE   MGI:1923673
Cep120              Q7TSG1      CE120_MOUSE   MGI:2147298
Cep126              Q0VBV7      CE126_MOUSE   MGI:2680221
Cep128              Q8BI22      CE128_MOUSE   MGI:1922466
Cep131              Q62036      CP131_MOUSE   MGI:107440
Cep135              Q6P5D4      CP135_MOUSE   MGI:2681869
Cep152              A2AUM9      CE152_MOUSE   MGI:2139083
Cep162              Q6ZQ06      CE162_MOUSE   MGI:1925343
Cep164              Q5DU05      CE164_MOUSE   MGI:2384878
Cep170              Q6A065      CE170_MOUSE   MGI:1918348
Cep170b             Q80U49      C170B_MOUSE   MGI:2145043
Cep19               Q9CQA8      CEP19_MOUSE   MGI:1914244
Cep20               Q9CZS3      CEP20_MOUSE   MGI:1913336
Cep250              Q60952      CP250_MOUSE   MGI:108084
Cep290              Q6A078      CE290_MOUSE   MGI:2384917
Cep295              Q8BQ48      CE295_MOUSE   MGI:2442521
Cep295nl            Q497N6      C295L_MOUSE   MGI:1929713
Cep350              E9Q309      CE350_MOUSE   MGI:1921331
Cep41               Q99NF3      CEP41_MOUSE   MGI:1891414
Cep43               Q66JX5      CEP43_MOUSE   MGI:1922546
Cep44               Q5HZK1      CEP44_MOUSE   MGI:3525111
Cep55               Q8BT07      CEP55_MOUSE   MGI:1921357
Cep57               Q8CEE0      CEP57_MOUSE   MGI:1915551
Cep57l1             Q8VDS7      CE57L_MOUSE   MGI:1915511
Cep63               Q3UPP8      CEP63_MOUSE   MGI:2158560
Cep68               Q8C0D9      CEP68_MOUSE   MGI:2667663
Cep70               Q6IQY5      CEP70_MOUSE   MGI:1915371
Cep72               Q9D3R3      CEP72_MOUSE   MGI:1921720
Cep76               Q0VEJ0      CEP76_MOUSE   MGI:1923401
Cep78               Q6IRU7      CEP78_MOUSE   MGI:1924386
Cep83               Q9D5R3      CEP83_MOUSE   MGI:1924298
Cep85               Q8BMK0      CEP85_MOUSE   MGI:1917262
Cep85l              A0A1W2P884  CE85L_MOUSE   MGI:3642684
Cep89               Q9CZX2      CEP89_MOUSE   MGI:1919390
Cep95               Q8BVV7      CEP95_MOUSE   MGI:2443502
Cep97               Q9CZ62      CEP97_MOUSE   MGI:1921451
Cept1               Q8BGS7      CEPT1_MOUSE   MGI:2139793
Cer1                O55233      CER1_MOUSE    MGI:1201414
Cercam              A3KGW5      GT253_MOUSE   MGI:2139134
Cerk                Q8K4Q7      CERK1_MOUSE   MGI:2386052
Cers1               P27545      CERS1_MOUSE   MGI:2136690
Cers2               Q924Z4      CERS2_MOUSE   MGI:1924143
Cers3               Q1A3B0      CERS3_MOUSE   MGI:2681008
Cers4               Q9D6J1      CERS4_MOUSE   MGI:1914510
Cers5               Q9D6K9      CERS5_MOUSE   MGI:1919199
Cers6               Q8C172      CERS6_MOUSE   MGI:2442564
Cert1               Q9EQG9      CERT_MOUSE    MGI:1915268
Ces1c               P23953      EST1C_MOUSE   MGI:95420
Ces1d               Q8VCT4      EST1D_MOUSE   MGI:2148202
Ces1e               Q64176      EST1E_MOUSE   MGI:95432
Ces1f               Q91WU0      EST1F_MOUSE   MGI:2142687
Ces1g               Q8VCC2      EST1_MOUSE    MGI:88378
Ces2a               Q8QZR3      EST2A_MOUSE   MGI:2142491
Ces2c               Q91WG0      EST2C_MOUSE   MGI:2385905
Ces2e               Q8BK48      EST2E_MOUSE   MGI:2443170
Ces3a               Q63880      EST3A_MOUSE   MGI:102773
Ces3b               Q8VCU1      EST3B_MOUSE   MGI:3644960
Ces4a               Q8R0W5      EST4A_MOUSE   MGI:2384581
Ces5a               Q6AW46      EST5A_MOUSE   MGI:1915185
Cetn1               P41209      CETN1_MOUSE   MGI:1347086
Cetn2               Q9R1K9      CETN2_MOUSE   MGI:1347085
Cetn3               O35648      CETN3_MOUSE   MGI:1097706
Cetn4               Q8K4K1      CETN4_MOUSE   MGI:2677454
Cfap100             Q80VN0      CP100_MOUSE   MGI:2141635
Cfap126             Q6P8X9      FLTOP_MOUSE   MGI:1922722
Cfap157             Q0VFX2      CF157_MOUSE   MGI:2447809
Cfap161             Q6P8Y0      CF161_MOUSE   MGI:1922806
Cfap20              Q8BTU1      CFA20_MOUSE   MGI:107428
Cfap206             Q6PE87      CF206_MOUSE   MGI:1916579
Cfap20dc            Q6P2K3      CF20D_MOUSE   MGI:1926154
Cfap221             A9Q751      PCDP1_MOUSE   MGI:2684947
Cfap298             Q8BL95      CF298_MOUSE   MGI:1915251
Cfap299             Q810M1      CF299_MOUSE   MGI:1916571
Cfap300             Q8CC70      CF300_MOUSE   MGI:3045346
Cfap36              Q8C6E0      CFA36_MOUSE   MGI:1913994
Cfap410             Q8C6G1      CF410_MOUSE   MGI:1915134
Cfap43              E9Q7R9      CFA43_MOUSE   MGI:1289258
Cfap44              E9Q5M6      CFA44_MOUSE   MGI:1277238
Cfap45              Q9D9U9      CFA45_MOUSE   MGI:1919120
Cfap47              A0A0G2JEB6  CFA47_MOUSE   MGI:3781475
Cfap52              Q5F201      CFA52_MOUSE   MGI:1919110
Cfap53              Q9D439      CFA53_MOUSE   MGI:1921703
Cfap54              Q8C6S9      CFA54_MOUSE   MGI:1922208
Cfap57              Q9D180      CFA57_MOUSE   MGI:2686209
Cfap58              B2RW38      CFA58_MOUSE   MGI:2685815
Cfap61              Q8CEL2      CFA61_MOUSE   MGI:1926024
Cfap65              Q3V0B4      CFA65_MOUSE   MGI:2444274
Cfap69              Q8BH53      CFA69_MOUSE   MGI:2443778
Cfap70              D3YVL2      CFA70_MOUSE   MGI:1923920
Cfap73              J3QPZ5      CFA73_MOUSE   MGI:3779542
Cfap74              Q3UY96      CFA74_MOUSE   MGI:1917130
Cfap91              Q8BRC6      CFA91_MOUSE   MGI:2443598
Cfap97              Q6ZPR1      CFA97_MOUSE   MGI:1914006
Cfap97d1            Q9DAN9      CF97D_MOUSE   MGI:1922687
Cfap97d2            G3UW36      C97D2_MOUSE   MGI:2685952
Cfb                 P04186      CFAB_MOUSE    MGI:105975
Cfc1                P97766      CFC1_MOUSE    MGI:109448
Cfd                 P03953      CFAD_MOUSE    MGI:87931
Cfdp1               O88271      CFDP1_MOUSE   MGI:1344403
Cfh                 P06909      CFAH_MOUSE    MGI:88385
Cfi                 Q61129      CFAI_MOUSE    MGI:105937
Cfl1                P18760      COF1_MOUSE    MGI:101757
Cfl2                P45591      COF2_MOUSE    MGI:101763
Cflar               O35732      CFLAR_MOUSE   MGI:1336166
Cfp                 P11680      PROP_MOUSE    MGI:97545
Cftr                P26361      CFTR_MOUSE    MGI:88388
Cga                 P01216      GLHA_MOUSE    MGI:88390
Cgas                Q8C6L5      CGAS_MOUSE    MGI:2442261
Cggbp1              Q8BHG9      CGBP1_MOUSE   MGI:2146370
Cgn                 P59242      CING_MOUSE    MGI:1927237
Cgnl1               Q6AW69      CGNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915428
Cgref1              Q8R1U2      CGRE1_MOUSE   MGI:1915817
Cgrrf1              Q8BMJ7      CGRF1_MOUSE   MGI:1916368
Ch25h               Q9Z0F5      CH25H_MOUSE   MGI:1333869
Chac1               Q8R3J5      CHAC1_MOUSE   MGI:1916315
Chac2               Q9CQG1      CHAC2_MOUSE   MGI:1915294
Chad                O55226      CHAD_MOUSE    MGI:1096866
Chadl               E9Q7T7      CHADL_MOUSE   MGI:3036284
Chaf1a              Q9QWF0      CAF1A_MOUSE   MGI:1351331
Chaf1b              Q9D0N7      CAF1B_MOUSE   MGI:1314881
Champ1              Q8K327      CHAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1196398
Chat                Q03059      CLAT_MOUSE    MGI:88392
Chchd1              Q9CQA6      CHCH1_MOUSE   MGI:1913371
Chchd2              Q9D1L0      CHCH2_MOUSE   MGI:1261428
Chchd3              Q9CRB9      MIC19_MOUSE   MGI:1913325
Chchd4              Q8VEA4      MIA40_MOUSE   MGI:1919420
Chchd5              Q9CQP3      CHCH5_MOUSE   MGI:1913420
Chchd6              Q91VN4      MIC25_MOUSE   MGI:1913348
Chchd7              Q8K2Q5      CHCH7_MOUSE   MGI:1913683
Chd1                P40201      CHD1_MOUSE    MGI:88393
Chd1l               Q9CXF7      CHD1L_MOUSE   MGI:1915308
Chd2                E9PZM4      CHD2_MOUSE    MGI:2448567
Chd4                Q6PDQ2      CHD4_MOUSE    MGI:1344380
Chd5                A2A8L1      CHD5_MOUSE    MGI:3036258
Chd6                A3KFM7      CHD6_MOUSE    MGI:1918639
Chd7                A2AJK6      CHD7_MOUSE    MGI:2444748
Chd8                Q09XV5      CHD8_MOUSE    MGI:1915022
Chd9                Q8BYH8      CHD9_MOUSE    MGI:1924001
Chdh                Q8BJ64      CHDH_MOUSE    MGI:1860776
Chek1               O35280      CHK1_MOUSE    MGI:1202065
Chek2               Q9Z265      CHK2_MOUSE    MGI:1355321
Cherp               Q8CGZ0      CHERP_MOUSE   MGI:106417
Chfr                Q810L3      CHFR_MOUSE    MGI:2444898
Chga                P26339      CMGA_MOUSE    MGI:88394
Chgb                P16014      SCG1_MOUSE    MGI:88395
Chia1               Q91XA9      CHIA_MOUSE    MGI:1932052
Chic1               Q8CBW7      CHIC1_MOUSE   MGI:1344694
Chic2               Q9D9G3      CHIC2_MOUSE   MGI:1921527
Chid1               Q922Q9      CHID1_MOUSE   MGI:1915288
Chil1               Q61362      CH3L1_MOUSE   MGI:1340899
Chil3               O35744      CHIL3_MOUSE   MGI:1330860
Chil4               Q91Z98      CHIL4_MOUSE   MGI:1341098
Chit1               Q9D7Q1      CHIT1_MOUSE   MGI:1919134
Chka                O54804      CHKA_MOUSE    MGI:107760
Chkb                O55229      CHKB_MOUSE    MGI:1328313
Chl1                P70232      NCHL1_MOUSE   MGI:1098266
Chm                 Q9QXG2      RAE1_MOUSE    MGI:892979
Chml                Q9QZD5      RAE2_MOUSE    MGI:101913
Chmp1a              Q921W0      CHM1A_MOUSE   MGI:1920159
Chmp1b              Q99LU0      CH1B1_MOUSE   MGI:1914314
Chmp2a              Q9DB34      CHM2A_MOUSE   MGI:1916203
Chmp2b              Q8BJF9      CHM2B_MOUSE   MGI:1916192
Chmp3               Q9CQ10      CHMP3_MOUSE   MGI:1913950
Chmp4b              Q9D8B3      CHM4B_MOUSE   MGI:1922858
Chmp4c              Q9D7F7      CHM4C_MOUSE   MGI:1913621
Chmp5               Q9D7S9      CHMP5_MOUSE   MGI:1924209
Chmp6               P0C0A3      CHMP6_MOUSE   MGI:3583942
Chmp7               Q8R1T1      CHMP7_MOUSE   MGI:1913922
Chn1                Q91V57      CHIN_MOUSE    MGI:1915674
Chn2                Q80XD1      CHIO_MOUSE    MGI:1917243
Chodl               Q9CXM0      CHODL_MOUSE   MGI:2179069
Chordc1             Q9D1P4      CHRD1_MOUSE   MGI:1914167
Chp1                P61022      CHP1_MOUSE    MGI:1927185
Chp2                Q9D869      CHP2_MOUSE    MGI:1917511
Chpf                Q6IQX7      CHSS2_MOUSE   MGI:106576
Chpt1               Q8C025      CHPT1_MOUSE   MGI:2384841
Chrac1              Q9JKP8      CHRC1_MOUSE   MGI:2135796
Chrd                Q9Z0E2      CHRD_MOUSE    MGI:1313268
Chrdl1              Q920C1      CRDL1_MOUSE   MGI:1933172
Chrdl2              Q8VEA6      CRDL2_MOUSE   MGI:1916371
Chrm1               P12657      ACM1_MOUSE    MGI:88396
Chrm2               Q9ERZ4      ACM2_MOUSE    MGI:88397
Chrm3               Q9ERZ3      ACM3_MOUSE    MGI:88398
Chrm4               P32211      ACM4_MOUSE    MGI:88399
Chrm5               Q920H4      ACM5_MOUSE    MGI:109248
Chrna1              P04756      ACHA_MOUSE    MGI:87885
Chrna2              Q91X60      ACHA2_MOUSE   MGI:87886
Chrna3              Q8R4G9      ACHA3_MOUSE   MGI:87887
Chrna4              O70174      ACHA4_MOUSE   MGI:87888
Chrna5              Q2MKA5      ACHA5_MOUSE   MGI:87889
Chrna6              Q9R0W9      ACHA6_MOUSE   MGI:106213
Chrna7              P49582      ACHA7_MOUSE   MGI:99779
Chrnb1              P09690      ACHB_MOUSE    MGI:87890
Chrnb2              Q9ERK7      ACHB2_MOUSE   MGI:87891
Chrnb3              Q8BMN3      ACHB3_MOUSE   MGI:106212
Chrnb4              Q8R493      ACHB4_MOUSE   MGI:87892
Chrnd               P02716      ACHD_MOUSE    MGI:87893
Chrne               P20782      ACHE_MOUSE    MGI:87894
Chrng               P04760      ACHG_MOUSE    MGI:87895
Chst1               Q9EQC0      CHST1_MOUSE   MGI:1924219
Chst10              Q6PGK7      CHSTA_MOUSE   MGI:2138283
Chst11              Q9JME2      CHSTB_MOUSE   MGI:1927166
Chst12              Q99LL3      CHSTC_MOUSE   MGI:1929064
Chst14              Q80V53      CHSTE_MOUSE   MGI:1919386
Chst15              Q91XQ5      CHSTF_MOUSE   MGI:1924840
Chst2               Q80WV3      CHST2_MOUSE   MGI:1891160
Chst3               O88199      CHST3_MOUSE   MGI:1858224
Chst4               Q9R1I1      CHST4_MOUSE   MGI:1349479
Chst5               Q9QUP4      CHST5_MOUSE   MGI:1931825
Chst7               Q9EP78      CHST7_MOUSE   MGI:1891767
Chst8               Q8BQ86      CHST8_MOUSE   MGI:1916197
Chst9               Q76EC5      CHST9_MOUSE   MGI:1918617
Chsy1               Q6ZQ11      CHSS1_MOUSE   MGI:2681120
Chsy3               Q5DTK1      CHSS3_MOUSE   MGI:1926173
Chtf18              Q8BIW9      CTF18_MOUSE   MGI:2384887
Chtf8               P0CG15      CTF8_MOUSE    MGI:2443370
Chtop               Q9CY57      CHTOP_MOUSE   MGI:1913761
Chuk                Q60680      IKKA_MOUSE    MGI:99484
Churc1              Q6DG52      CHUR_MOUSE    MGI:1923684
Ciao1               Q99KN2      CIAO1_MOUSE   MGI:1346998
Ciao2a              Q9DCL2      CIA2A_MOUSE   MGI:1915500
Ciao2b              Q9D187      CIA2B_MOUSE   MGI:1915773
Ciao3               Q7TMW6      CIAO3_MOUSE   MGI:1914813
Ciapin1             Q8WTY4      CPIN1_MOUSE   MGI:1922083
Ciart               Q3TQ03      CIART_MOUSE   MGI:2684975
Cib1                Q9Z0F4      CIB1_MOUSE    MGI:1344418
Cib2                Q9Z309      CIB2_MOUSE    MGI:1929293
Cib3                Q0P523      CIB3_MOUSE    MGI:2685953
Cib4                Q9D9N5      CIB4_MOUSE    MGI:1920509
Cibar1              Q8BP22      CBAR1_MOUSE   MGI:1915349
Cibar2              Q3V2J0      CBAR2_MOUSE   MGI:3588213
Cic                 Q924A2      CIC_MOUSE     MGI:1918972
Cidea               O70302      CIDEA_MOUSE   MGI:1270845
Cideb               O70303      CIDEB_MOUSE   MGI:1270844
Cidec               P56198      CIDEC_MOUSE   MGI:95585
Ciita               P79621      C2TA_MOUSE    MGI:108445
Cilk1               Q9JKV2      CILK1_MOUSE   MGI:1934157
Cilp                Q66K08      CILP1_MOUSE   MGI:2444507
Cilp2               D3Z7H8      CILP2_MOUSE   MGI:1915959
Cinp                Q9D0V8      CINP_MOUSE    MGI:1914486
Cip2a               Q8BWY9      CIP2A_MOUSE   MGI:2146335
Cipc                Q8R0W1      CIPC_MOUSE    MGI:1919185
Cir1                Q9DA19      CIR1_MOUSE    MGI:1914185
Cirbp               P60824      CIRBP_MOUSE   MGI:893588
Cisd1               Q91WS0      CISD1_MOUSE   MGI:1261855
Cisd2               Q9CQB5      CISD2_MOUSE   MGI:1914256
Cisd3               B1AR13      CISD3_MOUSE   MGI:101788
Cish                Q62225      CISH_MOUSE    MGI:103159
Cit                 P49025      CTRO_MOUSE    MGI:105313
Cited1              P97769      CITE1_MOUSE   MGI:108023
Cited2              O35740      CITE2_MOUSE   MGI:1306784
Cited4              Q9WUL8      CITE4_MOUSE   MGI:1861694
Ckap2               Q3V1H1      CKAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1931797
Ckap2l              Q7TS74      CKP2L_MOUSE   MGI:1917716
Ckap4               Q8BMK4      CKAP4_MOUSE   MGI:2444926
Ckap5               A2AGT5      CKAP5_MOUSE   MGI:1923036
Ckb                 Q04447      KCRB_MOUSE    MGI:88407
Cklf                Q9DAS1      CKLF_MOUSE    MGI:1922708
Ckm                 P07310      KCRM_MOUSE    MGI:88413
Ckmt1               P30275      KCRU_MOUSE    MGI:99441
Ckmt2               Q6P8J7      KCRS_MOUSE    MGI:1923972
Cks1b               P61025      CKS1_MOUSE    MGI:1889208
Cks2                P56390      CKS2_MOUSE    MGI:1913447
Clasp1              Q80TV8      CLAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1923957
Clasp2              Q8BRT1      CLAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1923749
Clasrp              Q8CFC7      CLASR_MOUSE   MGI:1855695
Clba1               Q8BHN9      CLBA1_MOUSE   MGI:2443738
Clc                 P97400      LEG10_MOUSE   MGI:891997
Clca1               Q9D7Z6      CLCA1_MOUSE   MGI:1346342
Clca2               Q8BG22      CLCA2_MOUSE   MGI:2139758
Clca3a1             Q9QX15      CA3A1_MOUSE   MGI:1316732
Clca4a              Q6Q473      CLA4A_MOUSE   MGI:2139744
Clcc1               Q99LI2      CLCC1_MOUSE   MGI:2385186
Clcf1               Q9QZM3      CLCF1_MOUSE   MGI:1930088
Clcn1               Q64347      CLCN1_MOUSE   MGI:88417
Clcn2               Q9R0A1      CLCN2_MOUSE   MGI:105061
Clcn3               P51791      CLCN3_MOUSE   MGI:103555
Clcn4               Q61418      CLCN4_MOUSE   MGI:104571
Clcn5               Q9WVD4      CLCN5_MOUSE   MGI:99486
Clcn6               O35454      CLCN6_MOUSE   MGI:1347049
Clcn7               O70496      CLCN7_MOUSE   MGI:1347048
Clcnka              Q9WUB7      CLCKA_MOUSE   MGI:1329026
Clcnkb              Q9WUB6      CLCKB_MOUSE   MGI:1930643
Cldn1               O88551      CLD1_MOUSE    MGI:1276109
Cldn10              Q9Z0S6      CLD10_MOUSE   MGI:1913101
Cldn11              Q60771      CLD11_MOUSE   MGI:106925
Cldn12              Q9ET43      CLD12_MOUSE   MGI:1929288
Cldn13              Q9Z0S4      CLD13_MOUSE   MGI:1913102
Cldn14              Q9Z0S3      CLD14_MOUSE   MGI:1860425
Cldn15              Q9Z0S5      CLD15_MOUSE   MGI:1913103
Cldn16              Q925N4      CLD16_MOUSE   MGI:2148742
Cldn17              Q8BXA6      CLD17_MOUSE   MGI:2652030
Cldn18              P56857      CLD18_MOUSE   MGI:1929209
Cldn19              Q9ET38      CLD19_MOUSE   MGI:3033992
Cldn2               O88552      CLD2_MOUSE    MGI:1276110
Cldn22              Q9D7U6      CLD22_MOUSE   MGI:1922927
Cldn23              Q9D7D7      CLD23_MOUSE   MGI:1919158
Cldn3               Q9Z0G9      CLD3_MOUSE    MGI:1329044
Cldn4               O35054      CLD4_MOUSE    MGI:1313314
Cldn5               O54942      CLD5_MOUSE    MGI:1276112
Cldn6               Q9Z262      CLD6_MOUSE    MGI:1859284
Cldn7               Q9Z261      CLD7_MOUSE    MGI:1859285
Cldn8               Q9Z260      CLD8_MOUSE    MGI:1859286
Cldn9               Q9Z0S7      CLD9_MOUSE    MGI:1913100
Cldnd1              Q9CQX5      CLDN1_MOUSE   MGI:2447860
Cldnd2              Q9D9H2      CLDN2_MOUSE   MGI:1921526
Clec10a             P49300      CLC10_MOUSE   MGI:96975
Clec11a             O88200      CLC11_MOUSE   MGI:1298219
Clec12a             Q504P2      CL12A_MOUSE   MGI:3040968
Clec12b             Q149M0      CL12B_MOUSE   MGI:1918433
Clec14a             Q8VCP9      CLC14_MOUSE   MGI:1914114
Clec16a             Q80U30      CL16A_MOUSE   MGI:1921624
Clec18a             Q7TSQ1      CL18A_MOUSE   MGI:2672935
Clec1a              Q8BWY2      CLC1A_MOUSE   MGI:2444151
Clec1b              Q9JL99      CLC1B_MOUSE   MGI:1913287
Clec2d              Q91V08      CLC2D_MOUSE   MGI:2135589
Clec2e              Q80XD9      CLC2E_MOUSE   MGI:3028921
Clec2f              Q8VI21      CLC2F_MOUSE   MGI:3522133
Clec2g              Q9D676      CLC2G_MOUSE   MGI:1918059
Clec2h              Q8C1T8      CLC2H_MOUSE   MGI:2136934
Clec2i              Q9WVF9      CLC2I_MOUSE   MGI:2136650
Clec2l              P0C7M9      CLC2L_MOUSE   MGI:2141402
Clec3a              Q9EPW4      CLC3A_MOUSE   MGI:2685642
Clec3b              P43025      TETN_MOUSE    MGI:104540
Clec4a2             Q9QZ15      CLC4A_MOUSE   MGI:1349412
Clec4d              Q9Z2H6      CLC4D_MOUSE   MGI:1298389
Clec4e              Q9R0Q8      CLC4E_MOUSE   MGI:1861232
Clec4f              P70194      CLC4F_MOUSE   MGI:1859834
Clec4g              Q8BNX1      CLC4G_MOUSE   MGI:1923113
Clec4n              Q9JKF4      CLC6A_MOUSE   MGI:1861231
Clec5a              Q9R007      CLC5A_MOUSE   MGI:1345151
Clec7a              Q6QLQ4      CLC7A_MOUSE   MGI:1861431
Clec9a              Q8BRU4      CLC9A_MOUSE   MGI:2444608
Clgn                P52194      CLGN_MOUSE    MGI:107472
Clhc1               Q5M6W3      CLHC1_MOUSE   MGI:1920574
Clic1               Q9Z1Q5      CLIC1_MOUSE   MGI:2148924
Clic3               Q9D7P7      CLIC3_MOUSE   MGI:1916704
Clic4               Q9QYB1      CLIC4_MOUSE   MGI:1352754
Clic5               Q8BXK9      CLIC5_MOUSE   MGI:1917912
Clic6               Q8BHB9      CLIC6_MOUSE   MGI:2146607
Clint1              Q99KN9      EPN4_MOUSE    MGI:2144243
Clip1               Q922J3      CLIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1928401
Clip2               Q9Z0H8      CLIP2_MOUSE   MGI:1313136
Clip3               B9EHT4      CLIP3_MOUSE   MGI:1923936
Clip4               Q8CI96      CLIP4_MOUSE   MGI:1919100
Clk1                P22518      CLK1_MOUSE    MGI:107403
Clk2                O35491      CLK2_MOUSE    MGI:1098669
Clk3                O35492      CLK3_MOUSE    MGI:1098670
Clk4                O35493      CLK4_MOUSE    MGI:1098551
Clmn                Q8C5W0      CLMN_MOUSE    MGI:2136957
Clmp                Q8R373      CLMP_MOUSE    MGI:1918816
Cln3                Q61124      CLN3_MOUSE    MGI:107537
Cln5                Q3UMW8      CLN5_MOUSE    MGI:2442253
Cln8                Q9QUK3      CLN8_MOUSE    MGI:1349447
Clnk                Q9QZE2      CLNK_MOUSE    MGI:1351468
Clns1a              Q61189      ICLN_MOUSE    MGI:109638
Clock               O08785      CLOCK_MOUSE   MGI:99698
Clp1                Q99LI9      CLP1_MOUSE    MGI:2138968
Clpb                Q60649      CLPB_MOUSE    MGI:1100517
Clpp                O88696      CLPP_MOUSE    MGI:1858213
Clps                Q9CQC2      COL_MOUSE     MGI:88421
Clpsl2              Q3UW21      COLL2_MOUSE   MGI:2685595
Clptm1              Q8VBZ3      CLPT1_MOUSE   MGI:1927155
Clptm1l             Q8BXA5      CLP1L_MOUSE   MGI:2442892
Clpx                Q9JHS4      CLPX_MOUSE    MGI:1346017
Clrn1               Q8K445      CLRN1_MOUSE   MGI:2388124
Clrn2               B2RVW2      CLRN2_MOUSE   MGI:3646230
Clrn3               Q8BHH8      CLRN3_MOUSE   MGI:2142022
Clspn               Q80YR7      CLSPN_MOUSE   MGI:2445153
Clstn1              Q9EPL2      CSTN1_MOUSE   MGI:1929895
Clstn2              Q9ER65      CSTN2_MOUSE   MGI:1929897
Clstn3              Q99JH7      CSTN3_MOUSE   MGI:2178323
Clta                O08585      CLCA_MOUSE    MGI:894297
Cltb                Q6IRU5      CLCB_MOUSE    MGI:1921575
Cltc                Q68FD5      CLH1_MOUSE    MGI:2388633
Cltrn               Q9ESG4      CLTRN_MOUSE   MGI:1926234
Clu                 Q06890      CLUS_MOUSE    MGI:88423
Cluap1              Q8R3P7      CLUA1_MOUSE   MGI:1924029
Cluh                Q5SW19      CLU_MOUSE     MGI:1921398
Clvs1               Q9D4C9      CLVS1_MOUSE   MGI:1921688
Clvs2               Q8BG92      CLVS2_MOUSE   MGI:2443223
Clybl               Q8R4N0      CLYBL_MOUSE   MGI:1916884
Cma1                P21844      CMA1_MOUSE    MGI:96941
Cmah                Q61419      CMAH_MOUSE    MGI:103227
Cmas                Q99KK2      NEUA_MOUSE    MGI:1337124
Cmbl                Q8R1G2      CMBL_MOUSE    MGI:1916824
Cmc1                Q9CPZ8      COXM1_MOUSE   MGI:1915149
Cmc2                Q8K199      COXM2_MOUSE   MGI:1913781
Cmc4                Q61908      CMC4_MOUSE    MGI:5637812
Cmip                Q9D486      CMIP_MOUSE    MGI:1921690
Cmklr1              P97468      CML1_MOUSE    MGI:109603
Cml1                Q9JIZ0      CMLO1_MOUSE   MGI:1913366
Cml5                Q9QXS8      CMLO5_MOUSE   MGI:1916299
Cmpk1               Q9DBP5      KCY_MOUSE     MGI:1913838
Cmpk2               Q3U5Q7      CMPK2_MOUSE   MGI:99830
Cmss1               Q9CZT6      CMS1_MOUSE    MGI:1913747
Cmtm2a              Q9DAR1      CLF2A_MOUSE   MGI:2447160
Cmtm2b              Q9DAC0      CLF2B_MOUSE   MGI:2447311
Cmtm3               Q99LJ5      CKLF3_MOUSE   MGI:2447162
Cmtm4               Q8CJ61      CKLF4_MOUSE   MGI:2142888
Cmtm5               Q9D6G9      CKLF5_MOUSE   MGI:2447164
Cmtm6               Q9CZ69      CKLF6_MOUSE   MGI:2447165
Cmtm7               Q9ESD6      CKLF7_MOUSE   MGI:2447166
Cmtm8               Q9CZR4      CKLF8_MOUSE   MGI:2447167
Cmtr1               Q9DBC3      CMTR1_MOUSE   MGI:1921407
Cmtr2               Q8BWQ4      CMTR2_MOUSE   MGI:2384580
Cmya5               Q70KF4      CMYA5_MOUSE   MGI:1923719
Cnbd2               Q9D5U8      CNBD2_MOUSE   MGI:1918123
Cnbp                P53996      CNBP_MOUSE    MGI:88431
Cndp1               Q8BUG2      CNDP1_MOUSE   MGI:2451097
Cndp2               Q9D1A2      CNDP2_MOUSE   MGI:1913304
Cnep1r1             Q3UJ81      NEPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1921981
Cnfn                Q6PCW6      CNFN_MOUSE    MGI:1919633
Cnga1               P29974      CNGA1_MOUSE   MGI:88436
Cnga2               Q62398      CNGA2_MOUSE   MGI:108040
Cnga3               Q9JJZ8      CNGA3_MOUSE   MGI:1341818
Cnga4               Q3UW12      CNGA4_MOUSE   MGI:2664099
Cngb3               Q9JJZ9      CNGB3_MOUSE   MGI:1353562
Cnih1               O35372      CNIH1_MOUSE   MGI:1277202
Cnih2               O35089      CNIH2_MOUSE   MGI:1277225
Cnih3               Q6ZWS4      CNIH3_MOUSE   MGI:1920228
Cnih4               Q9CX13      CNIH4_MOUSE   MGI:1925828
Cnksr2              Q80YA9      CNKR2_MOUSE   MGI:2661175
Cnksr3              Q8BMA3      CNKR3_MOUSE   MGI:2674130
Cnmd                Q9Z1F6      CNMD_MOUSE    MGI:1341171
Cnn1                Q08091      CNN1_MOUSE    MGI:104979
Cnn2                Q08093      CNN2_MOUSE    MGI:105093
Cnn3                Q9DAW9      CNN3_MOUSE    MGI:1919244
Cnnm1               Q0GA42      CNNM1_MOUSE   MGI:1891366
Cnnm2               Q3TWN3      CNNM2_MOUSE   MGI:2151054
Cnnm3               Q32NY4      CNNM3_MOUSE   MGI:2151055
Cnnm4               Q69ZF7      CNNM4_MOUSE   MGI:2151060
Cnot1               Q6ZQ08      CNOT1_MOUSE   MGI:2442402
Cnot10              Q8BH15      CNO10_MOUSE   MGI:1926143
Cnot11              Q9CWN7      CNO11_MOUSE   MGI:106580
Cnot2               Q8C5L3      CNOT2_MOUSE   MGI:1919318
Cnot3               Q8K0V4      CNOT3_MOUSE   MGI:2385261
Cnot4               Q8BT14      CNOT4_MOUSE   MGI:1859026
Cnot6               Q8K3P5      CNOT6_MOUSE   MGI:2144529
Cnot6l              Q8VEG6      CNO6L_MOUSE   MGI:2443154
Cnot7               Q60809      CNOT7_MOUSE   MGI:1298230
Cnot8               Q9D8X5      CNOT8_MOUSE   MGI:1916375
Cnot9               Q9JKY0      CNOT9_MOUSE   MGI:1928902
Cnp                 P16330      CN37_MOUSE    MGI:88437
Cnppd1              Q8K158      CNPD1_MOUSE   MGI:1916421
Cnpy1               Q4VAB4      CNPY1_MOUSE   MGI:2442451
Cnpy2               Q9QXT0      CNPY2_MOUSE   MGI:1928477
Cnpy3               Q9DAU1      CNPY3_MOUSE   MGI:1919279
Cnpy4               Q8BQ47      CNPY4_MOUSE   MGI:1913705
Cnr1                P47746      CNR1_MOUSE    MGI:104615
Cnr2                P47936      CNR2_MOUSE    MGI:104650
Cnrip1              Q5M8N0      CNRP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917505
Cnst                Q8CBC4      CNST_MOUSE    MGI:2445141
Cntd1               Q9D995      CNTD1_MOUSE   MGI:1923965
Cntf                P51642      CNTF_MOUSE    MGI:88439
Cntfr               O88507      CNTFR_MOUSE   MGI:99605
Cntln               A2AM05      CNTLN_MOUSE   MGI:2443104
Cntn1               P12960      CNTN1_MOUSE   MGI:105980
Cntn2               Q61330      CNTN2_MOUSE   MGI:104518
Cntn3               Q07409      CNTN3_MOUSE   MGI:99534
Cntn4               Q69Z26      CNTN4_MOUSE   MGI:1095737
Cntn5               P68500      CNTN5_MOUSE   MGI:3042287
Cntn6               Q9JMB8      CNTN6_MOUSE   MGI:1858223
Cntnap1             O54991      CNTP1_MOUSE   MGI:1858201
Cntnap2             Q9CPW0      CNTP2_MOUSE   MGI:1914047
Cntnap4             Q99P47      CNTP4_MOUSE   MGI:2183572
Cntnap5a            Q0V8T9      CTP5A_MOUSE   MGI:3643623
Cntnap5b            Q0V8T8      CTP5B_MOUSE   MGI:3664583
Cntnap5c            Q0V8T7      CTP5C_MOUSE   MGI:3646013
Cntrl               A2AL36      CNTRL_MOUSE   MGI:1889576
Cntrob              Q8CB62      CNTRB_MOUSE   MGI:2443290
Coa3                Q9D2R6      COA3_MOUSE    MGI:1098757
Coa4                Q8BT51      COA4_MOUSE    MGI:1915435
Coa5                Q99M07      COA5_MOUSE    MGI:1923428
Coa6                Q8BGD8      COA6_MOUSE    MGI:1915142
Coa7                Q921H9      COA7_MOUSE    MGI:1917143
Coa8                Q9CQW7      COA8_MOUSE    MGI:1915270
Coasy               Q9DBL7      COASY_MOUSE   MGI:1918993
Cobl                Q5NBX1      COBL_MOUSE    MGI:105056
Cobll1              Q3UMF0      COBL1_MOUSE   MGI:2442894
Coch                Q62507      COCH_MOUSE    MGI:1278313
Cog1                Q9Z160      COG1_MOUSE    MGI:1333873
Cog2                Q921L5      COG2_MOUSE    MGI:1923582
Cog3                Q8CI04      COG3_MOUSE    MGI:2450151
Cog4                Q8R1U1      COG4_MOUSE    MGI:2142808
Cog5                Q8C0L8      COG5_MOUSE    MGI:2145130
Cog6                Q8R3I3      COG6_MOUSE    MGI:1914792
Cog7                Q3UM29      COG7_MOUSE    MGI:2685013
Cog8                Q9JJA2      COG8_MOUSE    MGI:2142885
Coil                Q5SU73      COIL_MOUSE    MGI:104842
Col10a1             Q05306      COAA1_MOUSE   MGI:88445
Col11a1             Q61245      COBA1_MOUSE   MGI:88446
Col11a2             Q64739      COBA2_MOUSE   MGI:88447
Col12a1             Q60847      COCA1_MOUSE   MGI:88448
Col13a1             Q9R1N9      CODA1_MOUSE   MGI:1277201
Col14a1             Q80X19      COEA1_MOUSE   MGI:1341272
Col15a1             O35206      COFA1_MOUSE   MGI:88449
Col16a1             Q8BLX7      COGA1_MOUSE   MGI:1095396
Col17a1             Q07563      COHA1_MOUSE   MGI:88450
Col18a1             P39061      COIA1_MOUSE   MGI:88451
Col19a1             Q0VF58      COJA1_MOUSE   MGI:1095415
Col1a1              P11087      CO1A1_MOUSE   MGI:88467
Col1a2              Q01149      CO1A2_MOUSE   MGI:88468
Col20a1             Q923P0      COKA1_MOUSE   MGI:1920618
Col23a1             Q8K4G2      CONA1_MOUSE   MGI:2653243
Col24a1             Q30D77      COOA1_MOUSE   MGI:1918605
Col25a1             Q99MQ5      COPA1_MOUSE   MGI:1924268
Col26a1             Q91VF6      COQA1_MOUSE   MGI:2155345
Col27a1             Q5QNQ9      CORA1_MOUSE   MGI:2672118
Col28a1             Q2UY11      COSA1_MOUSE   MGI:2685312
Col2a1              P28481      CO2A1_MOUSE   MGI:88452
Col3a1              P08121      CO3A1_MOUSE   MGI:88453
Col4a1              P02463      CO4A1_MOUSE   MGI:88454
Col4a2              P08122      CO4A2_MOUSE   MGI:88455
Col4a3              Q9QZS0      CO4A3_MOUSE   MGI:104688
Col4a4              Q9QZR9      CO4A4_MOUSE   MGI:104687
Col5a1              O88207      CO5A1_MOUSE   MGI:88457
Col5a2              Q3U962      CO5A2_MOUSE   MGI:88458
Col6a1              Q04857      CO6A1_MOUSE   MGI:88459
Col6a2              Q02788      CO6A2_MOUSE   MGI:88460
Col6a4              A2AX52      CO6A4_MOUSE   MGI:1915803
Col6a5              A6H584      CO6A5_MOUSE   MGI:3648134
Col6a6              Q8C6K9      CO6A6_MOUSE   MGI:2444259
Col7a1              Q63870      CO7A1_MOUSE   MGI:88462
Col8a1              Q00780      CO8A1_MOUSE   MGI:88463
Col8a2              P25318      CO8A2_MOUSE   MGI:88464
Col9a1              Q05722      CO9A1_MOUSE   MGI:88465
Col9a2              Q07643      CO9A2_MOUSE   MGI:88466
Colec10             Q8CF98      COL10_MOUSE   MGI:3606482
Colec11             Q3SXB8      COL11_MOUSE   MGI:1918943
Colec12             Q8K4Q8      COL12_MOUSE   MGI:2152907
Colgalt1            Q8K297      GT251_MOUSE   MGI:1924348
Colgalt2            Q6NVG7      GT252_MOUSE   MGI:2138232
Colq                O35348      COLQ_MOUSE    MGI:1338761
Commd1              Q8K4M5      COMD1_MOUSE   MGI:109474
Commd10             Q8JZY2      COMDA_MOUSE   MGI:1916706
Commd2              Q8BXC6      COMD2_MOUSE   MGI:1098806
Commd3              Q63829      COMD3_MOUSE   MGI:88218
Commd4              Q9CQ02      COMD4_MOUSE   MGI:1913449
Commd5              Q8R395      COMD5_MOUSE   MGI:1913648
Commd6              Q3V4B5      COMD6_MOUSE   MGI:1913450
Commd7              Q8BG94      COMD7_MOUSE   MGI:1914197
Commd8              Q9CZG3      COMD8_MOUSE   MGI:1343485
Commd9              Q8K2Q0      COMD9_MOUSE   MGI:1923751
Comp                Q9R0G6      COMP_MOUSE    MGI:88469
Comt                O88587      COMT_MOUSE    MGI:88470
Comtd1              Q8BIG7      CMTD1_MOUSE   MGI:1916406
Cop1                Q9R1A8      COP1_MOUSE    MGI:1347046
Copa                Q8CIE6      COPA_MOUSE    MGI:1334462
Copb1               Q9JIF7      COPB_MOUSE    MGI:1917599
Copb2               O55029      COPB2_MOUSE   MGI:1354962
Cope                O89079      COPE_MOUSE    MGI:1891702
Copg1               Q9QZE5      COPG1_MOUSE   MGI:1858696
Copg2               Q9QXK3      COPG2_MOUSE   MGI:1858683
Coprs               Q9CQ13      COPRS_MOUSE   MGI:1913673
Cops2               P61202      CSN2_MOUSE    MGI:1330276
Cops3               O88543      CSN3_MOUSE    MGI:1349409
Cops4               O88544      CSN4_MOUSE    MGI:1349414
Cops5               O35864      CSN5_MOUSE    MGI:1349415
Cops6               O88545      CSN6_MOUSE    MGI:1349439
Cops7a              Q9CZ04      CSN7A_MOUSE   MGI:1349400
Cops7b              Q8BV13      CSN7B_MOUSE   MGI:1349388
Cops8               Q8VBV7      CSN8_MOUSE    MGI:1915363
Cops9               Q3U898      CSN9_MOUSE    MGI:1914165
Copz1               P61924      COPZ1_MOUSE   MGI:1929063
Copz2               Q9JHH9      COPZ2_MOUSE   MGI:1929008
Coq10b              Q3THF9      CQ10B_MOUSE   MGI:1915126
Coq2                Q66JT7      COQ2_MOUSE    MGI:1919133
Coq3                Q8BMS4      COQ3_MOUSE    MGI:101813
Coq4                Q8BGB8      COQ4_MOUSE    MGI:1098826
Coq5                Q9CXI0      COQ5_MOUSE    MGI:1098643
Coq6                Q8R1S0      COQ6_MOUSE    MGI:1924408
Coq7                P97478      COQ7_MOUSE    MGI:107207
Coq8a               Q60936      COQ8A_MOUSE   MGI:1914676
Coq8b               Q566J8      COQ8B_MOUSE   MGI:1924139
Coq9                Q8K1Z0      COQ9_MOUSE    MGI:1915164
Corin               Q9Z319      CORIN_MOUSE   MGI:1349451
Coro1a              O89053      COR1A_MOUSE   MGI:1345961
Coro1b              Q9WUM3      COR1B_MOUSE   MGI:1345963
Coro1c              Q9WUM4      COR1C_MOUSE   MGI:1345964
Coro2a              Q8C0P5      COR2A_MOUSE   MGI:1345966
Coro2b              Q8BH44      COR2B_MOUSE   MGI:2444283
Coro6               Q920M5      CORO6_MOUSE   MGI:2183448
Coro7               Q9D2V7      CORO7_MOUSE   MGI:1926135
Cort                P56469      CORT_MOUSE    MGI:109538
Cotl1               Q9CQI6      COTL1_MOUSE   MGI:1919292
Cox10               Q8CFY5      COX10_MOUSE   MGI:1917633
Cox11               Q6P8I6      COX11_MOUSE   MGI:1917052
Cox14               Q8BH51      COX14_MOUSE   MGI:1913629
Cox15               Q8BJ03      COX15_MOUSE   MGI:1920112
Cox16               Q9CR63      COX16_MOUSE   MGI:1913522
Cox17               P56394      COX17_MOUSE   MGI:1333806
Cox18               Q8VC74      COX18_MOUSE   MGI:2448532
Cox19               Q8K0C8      COX19_MOUSE   MGI:1915283
Cox20               Q9D7J4      COX20_MOUSE   MGI:1913609
Cox4i1              P19783      COX41_MOUSE   MGI:88473
Cox4i2              Q91W29      COX42_MOUSE   MGI:2135755
Cox5a               P12787      COX5A_MOUSE   MGI:88474
Cox5b               P19536      COX5B_MOUSE   MGI:88475
Cox6a1              P43024      CX6A1_MOUSE   MGI:103099
Cox6a2              P43023      CX6A2_MOUSE   MGI:104649
Cox6b1              P56391      CX6B1_MOUSE   MGI:107460
Cox6b2              Q80ZN9      CX6B2_MOUSE   MGI:3044182
Cox6c               Q9CPQ1      COX6C_MOUSE   MGI:104614
Cox7a1              P56392      CX7A1_MOUSE   MGI:1316714
Cox7a2              P48771      CX7A2_MOUSE   MGI:1316715
Cox7a2l             Q61387      COX7R_MOUSE   MGI:106015
Cox7b               P56393      COX7B_MOUSE   MGI:1913392
Cox7c               P17665      COX7C_MOUSE   MGI:103226
Cox8a               Q64445      COX8A_MOUSE   MGI:105959
Cox8b               P48772      COX8B_MOUSE   MGI:105958
Cox8c               A6H666      COX8C_MOUSE   MGI:1922733
Cp                  Q61147      CERU_MOUSE    MGI:88476
Cpa1                Q7TPZ8      CBPA1_MOUSE   MGI:88478
Cpa2                Q504N0      CBPA2_MOUSE   MGI:3617840
Cpa3                P15089      CBPA3_MOUSE   MGI:88479
Cpa4                Q6P8K8      CBPA4_MOUSE   MGI:1919041
Cpa5                Q8R4H4      CBPA5_MOUSE   MGI:1921899
Cpa6                Q5U901      CBPA6_MOUSE   MGI:3045348
Cpb2                Q9JHH6      CBPB2_MOUSE   MGI:1891837
Cpd                 O89001      CBPD_MOUSE    MGI:107265
Cpe                 Q00493      CBPE_MOUSE    MGI:101932
Cpeb1               P70166      CPEB1_MOUSE   MGI:108442
Cpeb2               Q812E0      CPEB2_MOUSE   MGI:2442640
Cpeb3               Q7TN99      CPEB3_MOUSE   MGI:2443075
Cpeb4               Q7TN98      CPEB4_MOUSE   MGI:1914829
Cplane1             Q8CE72      CPLN1_MOUSE   MGI:1920942
Cplane2             A2A825      CPLN2_MOUSE   MGI:1923416
Cplx1               P63040      CPLX1_MOUSE   MGI:104727
Cplx2               P84086      CPLX2_MOUSE   MGI:104726
Cplx3               Q8R1B5      CPLX3_MOUSE   MGI:2384571
Cplx4               Q80WM3      CPLX4_MOUSE   MGI:2685803
Cpm                 Q80V42      CBPM_MOUSE    MGI:1917824
Cpn1                Q9JJN5      CBPN_MOUSE    MGI:2135874
Cpn2                Q9DBB9      CPN2_MOUSE    MGI:1919006
Cpne1               Q8C166      CPNE1_MOUSE   MGI:2386621
Cpne2               P59108      CPNE2_MOUSE   MGI:2387578
Cpne3               Q8BT60      CPNE3_MOUSE   MGI:1917818
Cpne4               Q8BLR2      CPNE4_MOUSE   MGI:1921270
Cpne5               Q8JZW4      CPNE5_MOUSE   MGI:2385908
Cpne6               Q9Z140      CPNE6_MOUSE   MGI:1334445
Cpne7               Q0VE82      CPNE7_MOUSE   MGI:2142747
Cpne8               Q9DC53      CPNE8_MOUSE   MGI:1914121
Cpne9               Q1RLL3      CPNE9_MOUSE   MGI:2443052
Cpox                P36552      HEM6_MOUSE    MGI:104841
Cpped1              Q8BFS6      CPPED_MOUSE   MGI:2443300
Cpq                 Q9WVJ3      CBPQ_MOUSE    MGI:1889205
Cps1                Q8C196      CPSM_MOUSE    MGI:891996
Cpsf1               Q9EPU4      CPSF1_MOUSE   MGI:2679722
Cpsf2               O35218      CPSF2_MOUSE   MGI:1861601
Cpsf3               Q9QXK7      CPSF3_MOUSE   MGI:1859328
Cpsf4               Q8BQZ5      CPSF4_MOUSE   MGI:1861602
Cpsf6               Q6NVF9      CPSF6_MOUSE   MGI:1913948
Cpsf7               Q8BTV2      CPSF7_MOUSE   MGI:1917826
Cpt1a               P97742      CPT1A_MOUSE   MGI:1098296
Cpt1b               Q924X2      CPT1B_MOUSE   MGI:1098297
Cpt1c               Q8BGD5      CPT1C_MOUSE   MGI:2446526
Cpt2                P52825      CPT2_MOUSE    MGI:109176
Cptp                Q8BS40      CPTP_MOUSE    MGI:1933107
Cpvl                Q9D3S9      CPVL_MOUSE    MGI:1918537
Cpxcr1              Q3V0P1      CPXCR_MOUSE   MGI:2685989
Cpxm1               Q9Z100      CPXM1_MOUSE   MGI:1934569
Cpxm2               Q9D2L5      CPXM2_MOUSE   MGI:1926006
Cpz                 Q8R4V4      CBPZ_MOUSE    MGI:88487
Cr1l                Q64735      CR1L_MOUSE    MGI:88513
Cr2                 P19070      CR2_MOUSE     MGI:88489
Crabp1              P62965      RABP1_MOUSE   MGI:88490
Crabp2              P22935      RABP2_MOUSE   MGI:88491
Cracd               Q5PR69      CRACD_MOUSE   MGI:2444817
Cracr2a             Q3UP38      EFC4B_MOUSE   MGI:2685919
Cracr2b             Q80ZJ8      EFC4A_MOUSE   MGI:2446129
Cradd               O88843      CRADD_MOUSE   MGI:1336168
Cramp1              Q6PG95      CRML_MOUSE    MGI:1930190
Crat                P47934      CACP_MOUSE    MGI:109501
Crb1                Q8VHS2      CRUM1_MOUSE   MGI:2136343
Crb2                Q80YA8      CRUM2_MOUSE   MGI:2679260
Crb3                Q8QZT4      CRUM3_MOUSE   MGI:2670904
Crbn                Q8C7D2      CRBN_MOUSE    MGI:1913277
Crcp                O35427      RPC9_MOUSE    MGI:1100818
Creb1               Q01147      CREB1_MOUSE   MGI:88494
Creb3               Q61817      CREB3_MOUSE   MGI:99946
Creb3l1             Q9Z125      CR3L1_MOUSE   MGI:1347062
Creb3l2             Q8BH52      CR3L2_MOUSE   MGI:2442695
Creb3l3             Q91XE9      CR3L3_MOUSE   MGI:2384786
Creb3l4             Q9D2A5      CR3L4_MOUSE   MGI:1916603
Creb5               Q8K1L0      CREB5_MOUSE   MGI:2443973
Crebbp              P45481      CBP_MOUSE     MGI:1098280
Crebl2              Q32M00      CRBL2_MOUSE   MGI:1889385
Crebrf              Q8CDG5      CRERF_MOUSE   MGI:1924378
Crebzf              Q91ZR3      ZHANG_MOUSE   MGI:2675296
Creg1               O88668      CREG1_MOUSE   MGI:1344382
Creg2               Q8BGC9      CREG2_MOUSE   MGI:1928333
Creld1              Q91XD7      CREL1_MOUSE   MGI:2152539
Creld2              Q9CYA0      CREL2_MOUSE   MGI:1923987
Crem                P27699      CREM_MOUSE    MGI:88495
Crh                 Q8CIT0      CRF_MOUSE     MGI:88496
Crhbp               Q60571      CRHBP_MOUSE   MGI:88497
Crhr1               P35347      CRFR1_MOUSE   MGI:88498
Crhr2               Q60748      CRFR2_MOUSE   MGI:894312
Crim1               Q9JLL0      CRIM1_MOUSE   MGI:1354756
Crip1               P63254      CRIP1_MOUSE   MGI:88501
Crip2               Q9DCT8      CRIP2_MOUSE   MGI:1915587
Crip3               Q6Q6R3      CRIP3_MOUSE   MGI:2152434
Cript               O70333      CRIPT_MOUSE   MGI:1929655
Crisp1              Q03401      CRIS1_MOUSE   MGI:102553
Crisp2              P16563      CRIS2_MOUSE   MGI:98815
Crisp3              Q03402      CRIS3_MOUSE   MGI:102552
Crispld1            Q8CGD2      CRLD1_MOUSE   MGI:1934666
Crispld2            Q8BZQ2      CRLD2_MOUSE   MGI:1926142
Crk                 Q64010      CRK_MOUSE     MGI:88508
Crkl                P47941      CRKL_MOUSE    MGI:104686
Crlf1               Q9JM58      CRLF1_MOUSE   MGI:1340030
Crlf2               Q8CII9      CRLF2_MOUSE   MGI:1889506
Crlf3               Q9Z2L7      CRLF3_MOUSE   MGI:1860086
Crls1               Q80ZM8      CRLS1_MOUSE   MGI:1913836
Crmp1               P97427      DPYL1_MOUSE   MGI:107793
Crnkl1              P63154      CRNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1914127
Crocc               Q8CJ40      CROCC_MOUSE   MGI:3529431
Crocc2              F6XLV1      CRCC2_MOUSE   MGI:3045962
Crot                Q9DC50      OCTC_MOUSE    MGI:1921364
Crp                 P14847      CRP_MOUSE     MGI:88512
Crppa               Q5RJG7      ISPD_MOUSE    MGI:1923097
Crtac1              Q8R555      CRAC1_MOUSE   MGI:1920082
Crtam               Q149L7      CRTAM_MOUSE   MGI:1859822
Crtap               Q9CYD3      CRTAP_MOUSE   MGI:1891221
Crtc1               Q68ED7      CRTC1_MOUSE   MGI:2142523
Crtc2               Q3U182      CRTC2_MOUSE   MGI:1921593
Crtc3               Q91X84      CRTC3_MOUSE   MGI:1917711
Crx                 O54751      CRX_MOUSE     MGI:1194883
Cry1                P97784      CRY1_MOUSE    MGI:1270841
Cry2                Q9R194      CRY2_MOUSE    MGI:1270859
Cryaa               P24622      CRYAA_MOUSE   MGI:88515
Cryab               P23927      CRYAB_MOUSE   MGI:88516
Cryba1              P02525      CRBA1_MOUSE   MGI:88518
Cryba2              Q9JJV1      CRBA2_MOUSE   MGI:104336
Cryba4              Q9JJV0      CRBA4_MOUSE   MGI:102716
Crybb1              Q9WVJ5      CRBB1_MOUSE   MGI:104992
Crybb2              P62696      CRBB2_MOUSE   MGI:88519
Crybb3              Q9JJU9      CRBB3_MOUSE   MGI:102717
Crybg3              Q80W49      CRBG3_MOUSE   MGI:2676311
Cryga               P04345      CRGA_MOUSE    MGI:88521
Crygb               P04344      CRGB_MOUSE    MGI:88522
Crygc               Q61597      CRGC_MOUSE    MGI:88523
Crygd               P04342      CRGD_MOUSE    MGI:88524
Cryge               Q03740      CRGE_MOUSE    MGI:88525
Crygf               Q9CXV3      CRGF_MOUSE    MGI:88526
Crygn               Q8VHL5      CRGN_MOUSE    MGI:2449167
Crygs               O35486      CRYGS_MOUSE   MGI:1298216
Cryl1               Q99KP3      CRYL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915881
Crym                O54983      CRYM_MOUSE    MGI:102675
Cryz                P47199      QOR_MOUSE     MGI:88527
Cryzl1              Q921W4      QORL1_MOUSE   MGI:1913859
Cryzl2              Q3UNZ8      QORL2_MOUSE   MGI:2448516
Cs                  Q9CZU6      CISY_MOUSE    MGI:88529
Csad                Q9DBE0      CSAD_MOUSE    MGI:2180098
Csdc2               Q91YQ3      CSDC2_MOUSE   MGI:2146027
Csde1               Q91W50      CSDE1_MOUSE   MGI:92356
Cse1l               Q9ERK4      XPO2_MOUSE    MGI:1339951
Csf1                P07141      CSF1_MOUSE    MGI:1339753
Csf1r               P09581      CSF1R_MOUSE   MGI:1339758
Csf2                P01587      CSF2_MOUSE    MGI:1339752
Csf2ra              Q00941      CSF2R_MOUSE   MGI:1339754
Csf2rb              P26955      IL3RB_MOUSE   MGI:1339759
Csf2rb2             P26954      IL3B2_MOUSE   MGI:1339760
Csf3                P09920      CSF3_MOUSE    MGI:1339751
Csf3r               P40223      CSF3R_MOUSE   MGI:1339755
Csgalnact1          Q8BJQ9      CGAT1_MOUSE   MGI:2442354
Csgalnact2          Q8C1F4      CGAT2_MOUSE   MGI:1926002
Csk                 P41241      CSK_MOUSE     MGI:88537
Csmd1               Q923L3      CSMD1_MOUSE   MGI:2137383
Csmd3               Q80T79      CSMD3_MOUSE   MGI:2386403
Csn1s1              P19228      CASA1_MOUSE   MGI:88540
Csn1s2a             Q02862      CS2LA_MOUSE   MGI:88542
Csn1s2b             P02664      CS2LB_MOUSE   MGI:105312
Csn2                P10598      CASB_MOUSE    MGI:88541
Csn3                P06796      CASK_MOUSE    MGI:107461
Csnk1a1             Q8BK63      KC1A_MOUSE    MGI:1934950
Csnk1d              Q9DC28      KC1D_MOUSE    MGI:1355272
Csnk1e              Q9JMK2      KC1E_MOUSE    MGI:1351660
Csnk1g1             Q8BTH8      KC1G1_MOUSE   MGI:2660884
Csnk1g2             Q8BVP5      KC1G2_MOUSE   MGI:1920014
Csnk1g3             Q8C4X2      KC1G3_MOUSE   MGI:1917675
Csnk2a1             Q60737      CSK21_MOUSE   MGI:88543
Csnk2a2             O54833      CSK22_MOUSE   MGI:88547
Csnk2b              P67871      CSK2B_MOUSE   MGI:88548
Csnka2ip            Q8CH19      CS2IP_MOUSE   MGI:2676295
Cspg4               Q8VHY0      CSPG4_MOUSE   MGI:2153093
Cspg5               Q71M36      CSPG5_MOUSE   MGI:1352747
Cspp1               B2RX88      CSPP1_MOUSE   MGI:2681832
Csprs               Q99388      CSPRS_MOUSE   MGI:1891441
Csrnp1              P59054      CSRN1_MOUSE   MGI:2387989
Csrnp2              Q8BGQ2      CSRN2_MOUSE   MGI:2386852
Csrnp3              P59055      CSRN3_MOUSE   MGI:1925021
Csrp1               P97315      CSRP1_MOUSE   MGI:88549
Csrp2               P97314      CSRP2_MOUSE   MGI:1202907
Csrp3               P50462      CSRP3_MOUSE   MGI:1330824
Cst10               Q9JM84      CST10_MOUSE   MGI:1930004
Cst11               Q9D269      CST11_MOUSE   MGI:1925490
Cst12               Q9DAN8      CST12_MOUSE   MGI:1916612
Cst13               Q80ZN5      CST13_MOUSE   MGI:1916544
Cst3                P21460      CYTC_MOUSE    MGI:102519
Cst7                O89098      CYTF_MOUSE    MGI:1298217
Cst8                P32766      CST8_MOUSE    MGI:107161
Cst9                Q9Z0H6      CST9_MOUSE    MGI:1340053
Csta1               P56567      CYTA_MOUSE    MGI:3524930
Cstb                Q62426      CYTB_MOUSE    MGI:109514
Cstf1               Q99LC2      CSTF1_MOUSE   MGI:1914587
Cstf2               Q8BIQ5      CSTF2_MOUSE   MGI:1343054
Cstf2t              Q8C7E9      CSTFT_MOUSE   MGI:1932622
Cstf3               Q99LI7      CSTF3_MOUSE   MGI:1351825
Cstl1               Q80Y72      CSTL1_MOUSE   MGI:2652834
Ctbp1               O88712      CTBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1201685
Ctbp2               P56546      CTBP2_MOUSE   MGI:1201686
Ctbs                Q8R242      DIAC_MOUSE    MGI:1921495
Ctc1                Q5SUQ9      CTC1_MOUSE    MGI:1916214
Ctcf                Q61164      CTCF_MOUSE    MGI:109447
Ctcfl               A2APF3      CTCFL_MOUSE   MGI:3652571
Ctdnep1             Q3TP92      CNEP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914431
Ctdp1               Q7TSG2      CTDP1_MOUSE   MGI:1926953
Ctdsp1              P58466      CTDS1_MOUSE   MGI:2654470
Ctdsp2              Q8BX07      CTDS2_MOUSE   MGI:1098748
Ctdspl              P58465      CTDSL_MOUSE   MGI:1916524
Ctdspl2             Q8BG15      CTSL2_MOUSE   MGI:1196405
Ctf1                Q60753      CTF1_MOUSE    MGI:105115
Ctf2                P83714      CTF2_MOUSE    MGI:2684607
Cth                 Q8VCN5      CGL_MOUSE     MGI:1339968
Cthrc1              Q9D1D6      CTHR1_MOUSE   MGI:1915838
Ctif                Q6PEE2      CTIF_MOUSE    MGI:2685518
Ctla2a              P12399      CTL2A_MOUSE   MGI:88554
Ctla2b              P12400      CTL2B_MOUSE   MGI:88555
Ctla4               P09793      CTLA4_MOUSE   MGI:88556
Ctnna1              P26231      CTNA1_MOUSE   MGI:88274
Ctnna2              Q61301      CTNA2_MOUSE   MGI:88275
Ctnna3              Q65CL1      CTNA3_MOUSE   MGI:2661445
Ctnnal1             O88327      CTNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1859649
Ctnnb1              Q02248      CTNB1_MOUSE   MGI:88276
Ctnnbip1            Q9JJN6      CNBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915756
Ctnnbl1             Q9CWL8      CTBL1_MOUSE   MGI:1913892
Ctnnd1              P30999      CTND1_MOUSE   MGI:105100
Ctnnd2              O35927      CTND2_MOUSE   MGI:1195966
Ctns                P57757      CTNS_MOUSE    MGI:1932872
Ctps                P70698      PYRG1_MOUSE   MGI:1858304
Ctps2               P70303      PYRG2_MOUSE   MGI:1933185
Ctr9                Q62018      CTR9_MOUSE    MGI:109345
Ctrb1               Q9CR35      CTRB1_MOUSE   MGI:88559
Ctrc                Q3SYP2      CTRC_MOUSE    MGI:1923951
Cts7                Q91ZF2      CAT7_MOUSE    MGI:1860262
Cts8                Q9JI81      CAT8_MOUSE    MGI:1860275
Ctsa                P16675      PPGB_MOUSE    MGI:97748
Ctsb                P10605      CATB_MOUSE    MGI:88561
Ctsc                P97821      CATC_MOUSE    MGI:109553
Ctsd                P18242      CATD_MOUSE    MGI:88562
Ctse                P70269      CATE_MOUSE    MGI:107361
Ctsf                Q9R013      CATF_MOUSE    MGI:1861434
Ctsg                P28293      CATG_MOUSE    MGI:88563
Ctsh                P49935      CATH_MOUSE    MGI:107285
Ctsj                Q9R014      CATJ_MOUSE    MGI:1349426
Ctsk                P55097      CATK_MOUSE    MGI:107823
Ctsl                P06797      CATL1_MOUSE   MGI:88564
Ctsm                Q9JL96      CATM_MOUSE    MGI:1927229
Ctso                Q8BM88      CATO_MOUSE    MGI:2139628
Ctsr                Q9JIA9      CATR_MOUSE    MGI:1861723
Ctss                O70370      CATS_MOUSE    MGI:107341
Ctsw                P56203      CATW_MOUSE    MGI:1338045
Ctsz                Q9WUU7      CATZ_MOUSE    MGI:1891190
Cttn                Q60598      SRC8_MOUSE    MGI:99695
Cttnbp2             B9EJA2      CTTB2_MOUSE   MGI:1353467
Cttnbp2nl           Q99LJ0      CT2NL_MOUSE   MGI:1933137
Ctu1                Q99J10      CTU1_MOUSE    MGI:2385277
Ctu2                Q3U308      CTU2_MOUSE    MGI:1914215
Ctxn1               Q8K129      CTXN1_MOUSE   MGI:88566
Ctxn2               Q3URE8      CTXN2_MOUSE   MGI:2139444
Ctxn3               Q8BXZ0      CTXN3_MOUSE   MGI:3642816
Cubn                Q9JLB4      CUBN_MOUSE    MGI:1931256
Cuedc1              Q8R3V6      CUED1_MOUSE   MGI:2144281
Cuedc2              Q9CXX9      CUED2_MOUSE   MGI:1914366
Cul1                Q9WTX6      CUL1_MOUSE    MGI:1349658
Cul2                Q9D4H8      CUL2_MOUSE    MGI:1918995
Cul3                Q9JLV5      CUL3_MOUSE    MGI:1347360
Cul4a               Q3TCH7      CUL4A_MOUSE   MGI:1914487
Cul4b               A2A432      CUL4B_MOUSE   MGI:1919834
Cul5                Q9D5V5      CUL5_MOUSE    MGI:1922967
Cul7                Q8VE73      CUL7_MOUSE    MGI:1913765
Cul9                Q80TT8      CUL9_MOUSE    MGI:1925559
Cuta                Q9CQ89      CUTA_MOUSE    MGI:1914925
Cutc                Q9D8X1      CUTC_MOUSE    MGI:1913638
Cux1                P53564      CUX1_MOUSE    MGI:88568
                    P70403      CASP_MOUSE 
Cux2                P70298      CUX2_MOUSE    MGI:107321
Cuzd1               P70412      CUZD1_MOUSE   MGI:1202881
Cwc15               Q9JHS9      CWC15_MOUSE   MGI:1913320
Cwc22               Q8C5N3      CWC22_MOUSE   MGI:2136773
Cwc25               Q9DBF7      CWC25_MOUSE   MGI:1914730
Cwc27               Q3TKY6      CWC27_MOUSE   MGI:1914535
Cwf19l1             Q8CI33      C19L1_MOUSE   MGI:1919752
Cwf19l2             Q8BG79      C19L2_MOUSE   MGI:1918023
Cwh43               Q91YL7      PG2IP_MOUSE   MGI:2444131
Cx3cl1              O35188      X3CL1_MOUSE   MGI:1097153
Cx3cr1              Q9Z0D9      CX3C1_MOUSE   MGI:1333815
Cxadr               P97792      CXAR_MOUSE    MGI:1201679
Cxcl1               P12850      GROA_MOUSE    MGI:108068
Cxcl10              P17515      CXL10_MOUSE   MGI:1352450
Cxcl11              Q9JHH5      CXL11_MOUSE   MGI:1860203
Cxcl12              P40224      SDF1_MOUSE    MGI:103556
Cxcl13              O55038      CXL13_MOUSE   MGI:1888499
Cxcl14              Q9WUQ5      CXL14_MOUSE   MGI:1888514
Cxcl15              Q9WVL7      CXL15_MOUSE   MGI:1339941
Cxcl16              Q8BSU2      CXL16_MOUSE   MGI:1932682
Cxcl17              Q5UW37      CXL17_MOUSE   MGI:2387642
Cxcl2               P10889      CXCL2_MOUSE   MGI:1340094
Cxcl3               Q6W5C0      CXCL3_MOUSE   MGI:3037818
Cxcl5               P50228      CXCL5_MOUSE   MGI:1096868
Cxcl9               P18340      CXCL9_MOUSE   MGI:1352449
Cxcr1               Q810W6      CXCR1_MOUSE   MGI:2448715
Cxcr2               P35343      CXCR2_MOUSE   MGI:105303
Cxcr3               O88410      CXCR3_MOUSE   MGI:1277207
Cxcr4               P70658      CXCR4_MOUSE   MGI:109563
Cxcr5               Q04683      CXCR5_MOUSE   MGI:103567
Cxcr6               Q9EQ16      CXCR6_MOUSE   MGI:1934582
Cxxc1               Q9CWW7      CXXC1_MOUSE   MGI:1921572
Cxxc4               Q6NXI8      CXXC4_MOUSE   MGI:2442112
Cxxc5               Q91WA4      CXXC5_MOUSE   MGI:1914643
Cyb561              Q60720      CY561_MOUSE   MGI:103253
Cyb561a3            Q6P1H1      CYAC3_MOUSE   MGI:2686925
Cyb561d1            A2AE42      C56D1_MOUSE   MGI:1919273
Cyb561d2            Q9WUE3      C56D2_MOUSE   MGI:1929280
Cyb5a               P56395      CYB5_MOUSE    MGI:1926952
Cyb5b               Q9CQX2      CYB5B_MOUSE   MGI:1913677
Cyb5d1              Q5NCY3      CB5D1_MOUSE   MGI:2685586
Cyb5d2              Q5SSH8      NEUFC_MOUSE   MGI:2684848
Cyb5r1              Q9DB73      NB5R1_MOUSE   MGI:1919267
Cyb5r2              Q3KNK3      NB5R2_MOUSE   MGI:2444415
Cyb5r3              Q9DCN2      NB5R3_MOUSE   MGI:94893
Cyb5r4              Q3TDX8      NB5R4_MOUSE   MGI:2386848
Cyb5rl              B1AS42      NB5R5_MOUSE   MGI:1919657
Cyba                Q61462      CY24A_MOUSE   MGI:1316658
Cybb                Q61093      CY24B_MOUSE   MGI:88574
Cybc1               Q3TYS2      CYBC1_MOUSE   MGI:2384959
Cybrd1              Q925G2      CYBR1_MOUSE   MGI:2654575
Cyc1                Q9D0M3      CY1_MOUSE     MGI:1913695
Cycs                P62897      CYC_MOUSE     MGI:88578
Cyct                P00015      CYC2_MOUSE    MGI:88579
Cyfip1              Q7TMB8      CYFP1_MOUSE   MGI:1338801
Cyfip2              Q5SQX6      CYFP2_MOUSE   MGI:1924134
Cygb                Q9CX80      CYGB_MOUSE    MGI:2149481
Cyhr1               Q9QXA1      CYHR1_MOUSE   MGI:1859320
Cyld                Q80TQ2      CYLD_MOUSE    MGI:1921506
Cyp11a1             Q9QZ82      CP11A_MOUSE   MGI:88582
Cyp11b2             P15539      C11B2_MOUSE   MGI:88584
Cyp17a1             P27786      CP17A_MOUSE   MGI:88586
Cyp19a1             P28649      CP19A_MOUSE   MGI:88587
Cyp1a1              P00184      CP1A1_MOUSE   MGI:88588
Cyp1a2              P00186      CP1A2_MOUSE   MGI:88589
Cyp1b1              Q64429      CP1B1_MOUSE   MGI:88590
Cyp20a1             Q8BKE6      CP20A_MOUSE   MGI:1925201
Cyp21a1             P03940      CP21A_MOUSE   MGI:88591
Cyp24a1             Q64441      CP24A_MOUSE   MGI:88593
Cyp26a1             O55127      CP26A_MOUSE   MGI:1096359
Cyp26b1             Q811W2      CP26B_MOUSE   MGI:2176159
Cyp27a1             Q9DBG1      CP27A_MOUSE   MGI:88594
Cyp27b1             O35084      CP27B_MOUSE   MGI:1098274
Cyp2a12             P56593      CP2AC_MOUSE   MGI:105055
Cyp2a4              P15392      CP2A4_MOUSE   MGI:88596
Cyp2a5              P20852      CP2A5_MOUSE   MGI:88597
Cyp2b10             P12791      CP2BA_MOUSE   MGI:88598
Cyp2b19             O55071      CP2BJ_MOUSE   MGI:107303
Cyp2b9              P12790      CP2B9_MOUSE   MGI:88600
Cyp2c23             E9Q5K4      CP2CN_MOUSE   MGI:1888897
Cyp2c29             Q64458      CP2CT_MOUSE   MGI:103238
Cyp2c37             P56654      CP237_MOUSE   MGI:1306806
Cyp2c38             P56655      CP238_MOUSE   MGI:1306819
Cyp2c39             P56656      CP239_MOUSE   MGI:1306818
Cyp2c40             P56657      CP240_MOUSE   MGI:1306815
Cyp2c50             Q91X77      CY250_MOUSE   MGI:2147497
Cyp2c54             Q6XVG2      CP254_MOUSE   MGI:3642960
Cyp2c55             Q9D816      CP255_MOUSE   MGI:1919332
Cyp2c70             Q91W64      CP270_MOUSE   MGI:2385878
Cyp2d10             P24456      CP2DA_MOUSE   MGI:88602
Cyp2d11             P24457      CP2DB_MOUSE   MGI:88603
Cyp2d26             Q8CIM7      CP2DQ_MOUSE   MGI:1923529
Cyp2d9              P11714      CP2D9_MOUSE   MGI:88606
Cyp2e1              Q05421      CP2E1_MOUSE   MGI:88607
Cyp2f2              P33267      CP2F2_MOUSE   MGI:88608
Cyp2j5              O54749      CP2J5_MOUSE   MGI:1270149
Cyp2j6              O54750      CP2J6_MOUSE   MGI:1270148
Cyp2r1              Q6VVW9      CP2R1_MOUSE   MGI:2449771
Cyp2s1              Q9DBX6      CP2S1_MOUSE   MGI:1921384
Cyp2u1              Q9CX98      CP2U1_MOUSE   MGI:1918769
Cyp2w1              E9Q816      CP2W1_MOUSE   MGI:3616076
Cyp39a1             Q9JKJ9      CP39A_MOUSE   MGI:1927096
Cyp3a11             Q64459      CP3AB_MOUSE   MGI:88609
Cyp3a13             Q64464      CP3AD_MOUSE   MGI:88610
Cyp3a16             Q64481      CP3AG_MOUSE   MGI:106099
Cyp3a25             O09158      CP3AP_MOUSE   MGI:1930638
Cyp3a41a            Q9JMA7      CP341_MOUSE   MGI:1858451
Cyp3a41b            Q9JMA7      CP341_MOUSE   MGI:3714859
Cyp46a1             Q9WVK8      CP46A_MOUSE   MGI:1341877
Cyp4a10             O88833      CP4AA_MOUSE   MGI:88611
Cyp4a12a            Q91WL5      CP4CA_MOUSE   MGI:88612
Cyp4a12b            A2A974      CP4CB_MOUSE   MGI:3611747
Cyp4a14             O35728      CP4AE_MOUSE   MGI:1096550
Cyp4b1              Q64462      CP4B1_MOUSE   MGI:103225
Cyp4f14             Q9EP75      CP4FE_MOUSE   MGI:1927669
Cyp4f18             Q99N16      CP4F3_MOUSE   MGI:1919304
Cyp4v3              Q9DBW0      CP4V2_MOUSE   MGI:2142763
Cyp4x1              Q6A152      CP4X1_MOUSE   MGI:1932403
Cyp51               Q8K0C4      CP51A_MOUSE   MGI:106040
Cyp7a1              Q64505      CP7A1_MOUSE   MGI:106091
Cyp7b1              Q60991      CP7B1_MOUSE   MGI:104978
Cyp8b1              O88962      CP8B1_MOUSE   MGI:1338044
Cypt1               Q8CH20      CYPT1_MOUSE   MGI:3616441
Cyren               Q8BHZ5      CYREN_MOUSE   MGI:1925662
Cyria               Q8BHZ0      CYRIA_MOUSE   MGI:1261783
Cyrib               Q921M7      CYRIB_MOUSE   MGI:1923520
Cys1                Q8R4T1      CYS1_MOUSE    MGI:2177632
Cysltr1             Q99JA4      CLTR1_MOUSE   MGI:1926218
Cysltr2             Q920A1      CLTR2_MOUSE   MGI:1917336
Cysrt1              Q9D1E4      CRTP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915109
Cystm1              Q8K353      CYTM1_MOUSE   MGI:1913310
Cyth1               Q9QX11      CYH1_MOUSE    MGI:1334257
Cyth2               P63034      CYH2_MOUSE    MGI:1334255
Cyth3               O08967      CYH3_MOUSE    MGI:1335107
Cyth4               Q80YW0      CYH4_MOUSE    MGI:2441702
Cytip               Q91VY6      CYTIP_MOUSE   MGI:2183535
Cyyr1               Q8VIH7      CYYR1_MOUSE   MGI:2152187
Czib                Q8BHG2      CZIB_MOUSE    MGI:1921348
D030056L22Rik       Q8VCE4      CI040_MOUSE   MGI:3583960
D11Wsu47e           Q6PIX9      CQ080_MOUSE   MGI:106356
D130043K22Rik       Q5SZV5      K0319_MOUSE   MGI:3036268
D16Ertd472e         Q9D7G4      EURL_MOUSE    MGI:1196400
D17H6S53E           Q9Z1R4      CF047_MOUSE   MGI:90673
D1Ertd622e          Q8VEB3      MACIR_MOUSE   MGI:1277184
D1Pas1              P16381      DDX3L_MOUSE   MGI:91842
D2hgdh              Q8CIM3      D2HDH_MOUSE   MGI:2138209
D3Ertd751e          Q8BGN2      CD033_MOUSE   MGI:1289213
D5Ertd579e          Q80U59      K0232_MOUSE   MGI:1261849
D630003M21Rik       Q8BWG4      K1755_MOUSE   MGI:3606579
D630023F18Rik       Q8C3M9      CB080_MOUSE   MGI:2138198
D630045J12Rik       Q68FD9      K1549_MOUSE   MGI:2669829
D6Wsu163e           Q91YN0      CL004_MOUSE   MGI:107893
D7Ertd443e          D2J0Y4      CJ090_MOUSE   MGI:1196431
D8Ertd738e          Q8R1F0      L10K_MOUSE    MGI:1289231
D930020B18Rik       Q8CCC3      CL056_MOUSE   MGI:2442001
Daam1               Q8BPM0      DAAM1_MOUSE   MGI:1914596
Daam2               Q80U19      DAAM2_MOUSE   MGI:1923691
Dab1                P97318      DAB1_MOUSE    MGI:108554
Dab2                P98078      DAB2_MOUSE    MGI:109175
Dab2ip              Q3UHC7      DAB2P_MOUSE   MGI:1916851
Dach1               Q9QYB2      DACH1_MOUSE   MGI:1277991
Dach2               Q925Q8      DACH2_MOUSE   MGI:1890446
Dact1               Q8R4A3      DACT1_MOUSE   MGI:1891740
Dact2               Q7TN08      DACT2_MOUSE   MGI:1920347
Dact3               Q0PHV7      DACT3_MOUSE   MGI:3654828
Dad1                P61804      DAD1_MOUSE    MGI:101912
Dag1                Q62165      DAG1_MOUSE    MGI:101864
Dagla               Q6WQJ1      DGLA_MOUSE    MGI:2677061
Daglb               Q91WC9      DGLB_MOUSE    MGI:2442032
Dalrd3              Q6PJN8      DALD3_MOUSE   MGI:1915039
Dand5               Q76LW6      DAND5_MOUSE   MGI:1344365
Dao                 P18894      OXDA_MOUSE    MGI:94859
Dap                 Q91XC8      DAP1_MOUSE    MGI:1918190
Dap3                Q9ER88      RT29_MOUSE    MGI:1929538
Dapk1               Q80YE7      DAPK1_MOUSE   MGI:1916885
Dapk2               Q8VDF3      DAPK2_MOUSE   MGI:1341297
Dapk3               O54784      DAPK3_MOUSE   MGI:1203520
Dapl1               Q9D757      DAPL1_MOUSE   MGI:1923997
Dapp1               Q9QXT1      DAPP1_MOUSE   MGI:1347063
Dars                Q922B2      SYDC_MOUSE    MGI:2442544
Dars2               Q8BIP0      SYDM_MOUSE    MGI:2442510
Daxx                O35613      DAXX_MOUSE    MGI:1197015
Dazap1              Q9JII5      DAZP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917498
Dazap2              Q9DCP9      DAZP2_MOUSE   MGI:1344344
Dazl                Q64368      DAZL_MOUSE    MGI:1342328
Dbf4                Q9QZ41      DBF4A_MOUSE   MGI:1351328
Dbh                 Q64237      DOPO_MOUSE    MGI:94864
Dbi                 P31786      ACBP_MOUSE    MGI:94865
Dbil5               O09035      DBIL5_MOUSE   MGI:108039
Dbn1                Q9QXS6      DREB_MOUSE    MGI:1931838
Dbndd1              Q9CZ00      DBND1_MOUSE   MGI:1919435
Dbndd2              Q9CRD4      DBND2_MOUSE   MGI:106562
Dbnl                Q62418      DBNL_MOUSE    MGI:700006
Dbp                 Q60925      DBP_MOUSE     MGI:94866
Dbr1                Q923B1      DBR1_MOUSE    MGI:1931520
Dbt                 P53395      ODB2_MOUSE    MGI:105386
Dbx1                P52950      DBX1_MOUSE    MGI:94867
Dcaf1               Q80TR8      DCAF1_MOUSE   MGI:2445220
Dcaf10              A2AKB9      DCA10_MOUSE   MGI:2140179
Dcaf11              Q91VU6      DCA11_MOUSE   MGI:90168
Dcaf12              Q8BGZ3      DCA12_MOUSE   MGI:1916220
Dcaf12l1            Q8CBW4      DC121_MOUSE   MGI:2444462
Dcaf12l2            Q8BGW4      DC122_MOUSE   MGI:2445178
Dcaf13              Q6PAC3      DCA13_MOUSE   MGI:2684929
Dcaf15              Q6PFH3      DCA15_MOUSE   MGI:2684420
Dcaf17              Q3TUL7      DCA17_MOUSE   MGI:1923013
Dcaf5               Q80T85      DCAF5_MOUSE   MGI:2444785
Dcaf6               Q9DC22      DCAF6_MOUSE   MGI:1921356
Dcaf7               P61963      DCAF7_MOUSE   MGI:1919083
Dcaf8               Q8N7N5      DCAF8_MOUSE   MGI:91860
Dcakd               Q8BHC4      DCAKD_MOUSE   MGI:1915337
Dcbld1              Q9D4J3      DCBD1_MOUSE   MGI:1913936
Dcbld2              Q91ZV3      DCBD2_MOUSE   MGI:1920629
Dcc                 P70211      DCC_MOUSE     MGI:94869
Dcdc2a              Q5DU00      DCDC2_MOUSE   MGI:2652818
Dcdc2c              Q9D1B8      DCD2C_MOUSE   MGI:1915761
Dchs1               E9PVD3      PCD16_MOUSE   MGI:2685011
Dck                 P43346      DCK_MOUSE     MGI:102726
Dclk1               Q9JLM8      DCLK1_MOUSE   MGI:1330861
Dclk2               Q6PGN3      DCLK2_MOUSE   MGI:1918012
Dclk3               Q8BWQ5      DCLK3_MOUSE   MGI:3039580
Dclre1a             Q9JIC3      DCR1A_MOUSE   MGI:1930042
Dclre1b             Q8C7W7      DCR1B_MOUSE   MGI:2156057
Dclre1c             Q8K4J0      DCR1C_MOUSE   MGI:2441769
Dcn                 P28654      PGS2_MOUSE    MGI:94872
Dcp1a               Q91YD3      DCP1A_MOUSE   MGI:1923151
Dcp1b               Q3U564      DCP1B_MOUSE   MGI:2442404
Dcp2                Q9CYC6      DCP2_MOUSE    MGI:1917890
Dcps                Q9DAR7      DCPS_MOUSE    MGI:1916555
Dcst1               Q059Y8      DCST1_MOUSE   MGI:1925022
Dcstamp             Q7TNJ0      DCSTP_MOUSE   MGI:1923016
Dct                 P29812      TYRP2_MOUSE   MGI:102563
Dctd                Q8K2D6      DCTD_MOUSE    MGI:2444529
Dctn1               O08788      DCTN1_MOUSE   MGI:107745
Dctn2               Q99KJ8      DCTN2_MOUSE   MGI:107733
Dctn3               Q9Z0Y1      DCTN3_MOUSE   MGI:1859251
Dctn4               Q8CBY8      DCTN4_MOUSE   MGI:1914915
Dctn5               Q9QZB9      DCTN5_MOUSE   MGI:1891689
Dctn6               Q9WUB4      DCTN6_MOUSE   MGI:1343154
Dctpp1              Q9QY93      DCTP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913672
Dcun1d1             Q9QZ73      DCNL1_MOUSE   MGI:2150386
Dcun1d2             Q8BZJ7      DCNL2_MOUSE   MGI:2142792
Dcun1d3             Q8K0V2      DCNL3_MOUSE   MGI:2679003
Dcun1d4             Q8CCA0      DCNL4_MOUSE   MGI:2140972
Dcun1d5             Q9CXV9      DCNL5_MOUSE   MGI:1924113
Dcx                 O88809      DCX_MOUSE     MGI:1277171
Dcxr                Q91X52      DCXR_MOUSE    MGI:1915130
Dda1                Q9D9Z5      DDA1_MOUSE    MGI:1913748
Ddah1               Q9CWS0      DDAH1_MOUSE   MGI:1916469
Ddah2               Q99LD8      DDAH2_MOUSE   MGI:1859016
Ddb1                Q3U1J4      DDB1_MOUSE    MGI:1202384
Ddb2                Q99J79      DDB2_MOUSE    MGI:1355314
Ddc                 O88533      DDC_MOUSE     MGI:94876
Ddhd1               Q80YA3      DDHD1_MOUSE   MGI:2150302
Ddhd2               Q80Y98      DDHD2_MOUSE   MGI:1919358
Ddi1                Q9DAF3      DDI1_MOUSE    MGI:1919079
Ddi2                A2ADY9      DDI2_MOUSE    MGI:1917244
Ddias               Q6NZG4      DDIAS_MOUSE   MGI:1921291
Ddit3               A0A2R8VHR8  DT3UO_MOUSE   MGI:109247
                    P35639      DDIT3_MOUSE
Ddit4               Q9D3F7      DDIT4_MOUSE   MGI:1921997
Ddit4l              Q8VHZ5      DDT4L_MOUSE   MGI:1920534
Ddn                 Q80TS7      DEND_MOUSE    MGI:108101
Ddo                 Q922Z0      OXDD_MOUSE    MGI:1925528
Ddost               O54734      OST48_MOUSE   MGI:1194508
Ddr1                Q03146      DDR1_MOUSE    MGI:99216
Ddr2                Q62371      DDR2_MOUSE    MGI:1345277
Ddrgk1              Q80WW9      DDRGK_MOUSE   MGI:1924256
Ddt                 O35215      DOPD_MOUSE    MGI:1298381
Ddx1                Q91VR5      DDX1_MOUSE    MGI:2144727
Ddx10               Q80Y44      DDX10_MOUSE   MGI:1924841
Ddx11               Q6AXC6      DDX11_MOUSE   MGI:2443590
Ddx17               Q501J6      DDX17_MOUSE   MGI:1914290
Ddx18               Q8K363      DDX18_MOUSE   MGI:1914192
Ddx19a              Q61655      DD19A_MOUSE   MGI:99526
Ddx20               Q9JJY4      DDX20_MOUSE   MGI:1858415
Ddx21               Q9JIK5      DDX21_MOUSE   MGI:1860494
Ddx24               Q9ESV0      DDX24_MOUSE   MGI:1351337
Ddx25               Q9QY15      DDX25_MOUSE   MGI:1353582
Ddx27               Q921N6      DDX27_MOUSE   MGI:2385884
Ddx28               Q9CWT6      DDX28_MOUSE   MGI:1919236
Ddx31               Q6NZQ2      DDX31_MOUSE   MGI:2682639
Ddx39a              Q8VDW0      DX39A_MOUSE   MGI:1915528
Ddx39b              Q9Z1N5      DX39B_MOUSE   MGI:99240
Ddx3x               Q62167      DDX3X_MOUSE   MGI:103064
Ddx3y               Q62095      DDX3Y_MOUSE   MGI:1349406
Ddx4                Q61496      DDX4_MOUSE    MGI:102670
Ddx41               Q91VN6      DDX41_MOUSE   MGI:1920185
Ddx42               Q810A7      DDX42_MOUSE   MGI:1919297
Ddx46               Q569Z5      DDX46_MOUSE   MGI:1920895
Ddx47               Q9CWX9      DDX47_MOUSE   MGI:1915005
Ddx49               Q4FZF3      DDX49_MOUSE   MGI:2136689
Ddx5                Q61656      DDX5_MOUSE    MGI:105037
Ddx50               Q99MJ9      DDX50_MOUSE   MGI:2182303
Ddx51               Q6P9R1      DDX51_MOUSE   MGI:1916913
Ddx52               Q8K301      DDX52_MOUSE   MGI:1925644
Ddx54               Q8K4L0      DDX54_MOUSE   MGI:1919240
Ddx55               Q6ZPL9      DDX55_MOUSE   MGI:1915098
Ddx56               Q9D0R4      DDX56_MOUSE   MGI:1277172
Ddx58               Q6Q899      DDX58_MOUSE   MGI:2442858
Ddx59               Q9DBN9      DDX59_MOUSE   MGI:1915247
Ddx6                P54823      DDX6_MOUSE    MGI:104976
Deaf1               Q9Z1T5      DEAF1_MOUSE   MGI:1858496
Decr1               Q9CQ62      DECR_MOUSE    MGI:1914710
Decr2               Q9WV68      DECR2_MOUSE   MGI:1347059
Dedd                Q9Z1L3      DEDD_MOUSE    MGI:1333874
Dedd2               Q8QZV0      DEDD2_MOUSE   MGI:1914629
Def6                Q8C2K1      DEFI6_MOUSE   MGI:1346328
Def8                Q99J78      DEFI8_MOUSE   MGI:1346331
Defa-rs10           Q64263      DAR10_MOUSE   MGI:102516
Defa-rs12           P50716      DAR12_MOUSE   MGI:102514
Defa-rs2            P17534      DFAR2_MOUSE   MGI:99592
Defa1               P11477      DEFA1_MOUSE   MGI:94880
Defa10              P50708      DFA10_MOUSE   MGI:99591
Defa11              P50709      DFA11_MOUSE   MGI:99590
Defa12              P50704      DEFA6_MOUSE   MGI:99589
Defa13              P50711      DFA13_MOUSE   MGI:99588
Defa14              P50712      DFA14_MOUSE   MGI:99587
Defa15              P50713      DFA15_MOUSE   MGI:99586
Defa16              P50714      DFA16_MOUSE   MGI:99585
Defa17              Q64016      DFA17_MOUSE   MGI:1345152
Defa2               P28309      DEFA2_MOUSE   MGI:94882
Defa20              Q45VN2      DFA20_MOUSE   MGI:1915259
Defa21              Q8C1P2      DFA21_MOUSE   MGI:1913548
Defa22              Q8C1N8      DFA22_MOUSE   MGI:3639039
Defa23              Q5G866      DFA23_MOUSE   MGI:3630381
Defa24              Q5G865      DFA24_MOUSE   MGI:3630383
Defa25              Q5G864      DFA25_MOUSE   MGI:3630385
Defa26              Q3L180      DFA26_MOUSE   MGI:3630390
Defa29              P17533      DFA29_MOUSE   MGI:94881
Defa3               P28310      DEFA3_MOUSE   MGI:94883
Defa31              P50715      DFA31_MOUSE   MGI:102509
Defa4               P28311      DEFA4_MOUSE   MGI:99584
Defa5               P28312      DEFA5_MOUSE   MGI:99583
Defa6               P50704      DEFA6_MOUSE   MGI:99582
Defa7               P50705      DEFA7_MOUSE   MGI:99581
Defa8               P50706      DEFA8_MOUSE   MGI:99580
Defa9               P50707      DEFA9_MOUSE   MGI:99579
Defb1               P56386      DEFB1_MOUSE   MGI:1096878
Defb10              Q8R2I8      DFB10_MOUSE   MGI:2179205
Defb11              Q8R2I7      DFB11_MOUSE   MGI:2179197
Defb12              Q8K4N3      DFB12_MOUSE   MGI:1924924
Defb13              Q8R2I4      DFB13_MOUSE   MGI:2179203
Defb14              Q7TNV9      DFB14_MOUSE   MGI:2675345
Defb15              Q8R2I5      DFB15_MOUSE   MGI:2179202
Defb18              Q30KP5      DFB18_MOUSE   MGI:3648148
Defb19              Q8K3I8      DFB19_MOUSE   MGI:2385955
Defb2               P82020      DEFB2_MOUSE   MGI:1338754
Defb20              Q30KP3      DFB20_MOUSE   MGI:2442320
Defb22              Q8BVC1      DFB22_MOUSE   MGI:3045368
Defb25              Q30KN8      DFB25_MOUSE   MGI:3651158
Defb29              Q8BGW9      DFB29_MOUSE   MGI:1922650
Defb3               Q9WTL0      DEFB3_MOUSE   MGI:1351612
Defb30              Q30KN4      DFB30_MOUSE   MGI:1920920
Defb33              Q30KN3      DFB33_MOUSE   MGI:3647176
Defb34              Q7TNV8      DFB34_MOUSE   MGI:2672979
Defb35              Q8R2I3      DFB35_MOUSE   MGI:2179204
Defb36              Q8K3U4      DFB36_MOUSE   MGI:2385956
Defb37              Q7TMD2      DFB37_MOUSE   MGI:2672966
Defb38              Q7TNV7      DFB38_MOUSE   MGI:2672972
Defb39              Q70KL3      DFB39_MOUSE   MGI:2672974
Defb4               P82019      DEFB4_MOUSE   MGI:1927667
Defb40              Q70KL2      DFB40_MOUSE   MGI:2672976
Defb41              Q30KP6      DFB41_MOUSE   MGI:1924923
Defb42              Q8BVB5      DFB42_MOUSE   MGI:3033850
Defb43              Q30KM9      DFB43_MOUSE   MGI:3647180
Defb5               Q9EPV9      DEFB5_MOUSE   MGI:1933153
Defb50              Q6TU36      DFB50_MOUSE   MGI:3055870
Defb6               Q91VD6      DEFB6_MOUSE   MGI:2151044
Defb7               Q91V70      DEFB7_MOUSE   MGI:2179200
Defb8               Q91V82      DEFB8_MOUSE   MGI:2654206
Defb9               Q8R2I6      DEFB9_MOUSE   MGI:2179198
Degs1               O09005      DEGS1_MOUSE   MGI:1097711
Degs2               Q8R2F2      DEGS2_MOUSE   MGI:1917309
Dek                 Q7TNV0      DEK_MOUSE     MGI:1926209
Dele1               Q9DCV6      DELE1_MOUSE   MGI:1914089
Denn2b              Q924W7      DEN2B_MOUSE   MGI:108517
Dennd10             Q9D8N2      DEN10_MOUSE   MGI:1915144
Dennd11             Q3UHG7      DEN11_MOUSE   MGI:2444256
Dennd1a             Q8K382      DEN1A_MOUSE   MGI:2442794
Dennd1b             Q3U1T9      DEN1B_MOUSE   MGI:2447812
Dennd1c             Q8CFK6      DEN1C_MOUSE   MGI:1918035
Dennd2a             Q8C4S8      DEN2A_MOUSE   MGI:2444961
Dennd2c             Q6P9P8      DEN2C_MOUSE   MGI:3036254
Dennd2d             Q91VV4      DEN2D_MOUSE   MGI:2181193
Dennd3              A2RT67      DEND3_MOUSE   MGI:2146009
Dennd4b             Q3U1Y4      DEN4B_MOUSE   MGI:2446201
Dennd4c             A6H8H2      DEN4C_MOUSE   MGI:1914769
Dennd5a             Q6PAL8      DEN5A_MOUSE   MGI:1201681
Dennd5b             A2RSQ0      DEN5B_MOUSE   MGI:2444273
Dennd6a             Q8BH65      DEN6A_MOUSE   MGI:2442980
Dennd6b             Q9D9V7      DEN6B_MOUSE   MGI:1916690
Denr                Q9CQJ6      DENR_MOUSE    MGI:1915434
Depdc1a             Q8CIG0      DEP1A_MOUSE   MGI:1923381
Depdc1b             Q8BH88      DEP1B_MOUSE   MGI:2145425
Depdc5              P61460      DEPD5_MOUSE   MGI:2141101
Depdc7              Q91WS7      DEPD7_MOUSE   MGI:2139258
Depp1               Q8K2F3      DEPP1_MOUSE   MGI:1918730
Deptor              Q570Y9      DPTOR_MOUSE   MGI:2146322
Dera                Q91YP3      DEOC_MOUSE    MGI:1913762
Derl1               Q99J56      DERL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915069
Derl2               Q8BNI4      DERL2_MOUSE   MGI:2151483
Derl3               Q9D8K3      DERL3_MOUSE   MGI:1917627
Des                 P31001      DESM_MOUSE    MGI:94885
Desi1               Q9CQT7      DESI1_MOUSE   MGI:106313
Desi2               Q9D291      DESI2_MOUSE   MGI:1926075
Det1                Q9D0A0      DET1_MOUSE    MGI:1923625
Deup1               Q7M6Y5      DEUP1_MOUSE   MGI:2443026
Dexi                Q9WUQ7      DEXI_MOUSE    MGI:1926236
Dffa                O54786      DFFA_MOUSE    MGI:1196227
Dffb                O54788      DFFB_MOUSE    MGI:1196287
Dgat1               Q9Z2A7      DGAT1_MOUSE   MGI:1333825
Dgat2               Q9DCV3      DGAT2_MOUSE   MGI:1915050
Dgat2l6             A2ADU8      DG2L6_MOUSE   MGI:3045268
Dgcr2               P98154      IDD_MOUSE     MGI:892866
Dgcr6               O35347      DGCR6_MOUSE   MGI:1202877
Dgcr8               Q9EQM6      DGCR8_MOUSE   MGI:2151114
Dgka                O88673      DGKA_MOUSE    MGI:102952
Dgkb                Q6NS52      DGKB_MOUSE    MGI:2442474
Dgkd                E9PUQ8      DGKD_MOUSE    MGI:2138334
Dgke                Q9R1C6      DGKE_MOUSE    MGI:1889276
Dgkg                Q91WG7      DGKG_MOUSE    MGI:105060
Dgkh                D3YXJ0      DGKH_MOUSE    MGI:2444188
Dgki                D3YWQ0      DGKI_MOUSE    MGI:2443430
Dgkq                Q6P5E8      DGKQ_MOUSE    MGI:102918
Dgkz                Q80UP3      DGKZ_MOUSE    MGI:1278339
Dglucy              Q8BH86      GLUCM_MOUSE   MGI:2444813
Dguok               Q9QX60      DGUOK_MOUSE   MGI:1351602
Dhcr24              Q8VCH6      DHC24_MOUSE   MGI:1922004
Dhcr7               O88455      DHCR7_MOUSE   MGI:1298378
Dhdds               Q99KU1      DHDDS_MOUSE   MGI:1914672
Dhdh                Q9DBB8      DHDH_MOUSE    MGI:1919005
Dhfr                P00375      DYR_MOUSE     MGI:94890
Dhh                 Q61488      DHH_MOUSE     MGI:94891
Dhodh               O35435      PYRD_MOUSE    MGI:1928378
Dhps                Q3TXU5      DHYS_MOUSE    MGI:2683592
Dhrs1               Q99L04      DHRS1_MOUSE   MGI:1196314
Dhrs11              Q3U0B3      DHR11_MOUSE   MGI:2652816
Dhrs13              Q5SS80      DHR13_MOUSE   MGI:1917701
Dhrs3               O88876      DHRS3_MOUSE   MGI:1315215
Dhrs4               Q99LB2      DHRS4_MOUSE   MGI:90169
Dhrs7               Q9CXR1      DHRS7_MOUSE   MGI:1913625
Dhrs7b              Q99J47      DRS7B_MOUSE   MGI:2384931
Dhrs7c              Q8CHS7      DRS7C_MOUSE   MGI:1915710
Dhrs9               Q58NB6      DHRS9_MOUSE   MGI:2442798
Dhrsx               Q8VBZ0      DHRSX_MOUSE   MGI:2181510
Dhtkd1              A2ATU0      DHTK1_MOUSE   MGI:2445096
Dhx15               O35286      DHX15_MOUSE   MGI:1099786
Dhx29               Q6PGC1      DHX29_MOUSE   MGI:2145374
Dhx30               Q99PU8      DHX30_MOUSE   MGI:1920081
Dhx32               Q8BZS9      DHX32_MOUSE   MGI:2141813
Dhx33               Q80VY9      DHX33_MOUSE   MGI:2445102
Dhx34               Q9DBV3      DHX34_MOUSE   MGI:1918973
Dhx36               Q8VHK9      DHX36_MOUSE   MGI:1919412
Dhx40               Q6PE54      DHX40_MOUSE   MGI:1914737
Dhx57               Q6P5D3      DHX57_MOUSE   MGI:2147067
Dhx58               Q99J87      DHX58_MOUSE   MGI:1931560
Dhx8                A2A4P0      DHX8_MOUSE    MGI:1306823
Dhx9                O70133      DHX9_MOUSE    MGI:108177
Diablo              Q9JIQ3      DBLOH_MOUSE   MGI:1913843
Diaph1              O08808      DIAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1194490
Diaph2              O70566      DIAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1858500
Diaph3              Q9Z207      DIAP3_MOUSE   MGI:1927222
Dicer1              Q8R418      DICER_MOUSE   MGI:2177178
Dido1               Q8C9B9      DIDO1_MOUSE   MGI:1344352
Dimt1               Q9D0D4      DIM1_MOUSE    MGI:1913504
Dio1                Q61153      IOD1_MOUSE    MGI:94896
Dio2                Q9Z1Y9      IOD2_MOUSE    MGI:1338833
Dio3                Q91ZI8      IOD3_MOUSE    MGI:1306782
Dip2a               Q8BWT5      DIP2A_MOUSE   MGI:2385920
Dip2b               Q3UH60      DIP2B_MOUSE   MGI:2145977
Dipk1a              Q9D6I7      DIK1A_MOUSE   MGI:1914516
Dipk1b              Q99ML4      DIK1B_MOUSE   MGI:1927576
Dipk1c              Q8BQT2      DIK1C_MOUSE   MGI:3041188
Dipk2a              Q3USZ8      DIK2A_MOUSE   MGI:1916111
Dipk2b              Q8C3I9      DIK2B_MOUSE   MGI:1923155
Diras1              Q91Z61      DIRA1_MOUSE   MGI:2183442
Diras2              Q5PR73      DIRA2_MOUSE   MGI:1915453
Dis3                Q9CSH3      RRP44_MOUSE   MGI:1919912
Dis3l               Q8C0S1      DI3L1_MOUSE   MGI:2143272
Dis3l2              Q8CI75      DI3L2_MOUSE   MGI:2442555
Disc1               Q811T9      DISC1_MOUSE   MGI:2447658
Disp1               Q3TDN0      DISP1_MOUSE   MGI:1916147
Disp2               Q8CIP5      DISP2_MOUSE   MGI:2388733
Disp3               A3KFU9      DISP3_MOUSE   MGI:2444403
Dixdc1              Q80Y83      DIXC1_MOUSE   MGI:2679721
Dkc1                Q9ESX5      DKC1_MOUSE    MGI:1861727
Dkk1                O54908      DKK1_MOUSE    MGI:1329040
Dkk2                Q9QYZ8      DKK2_MOUSE    MGI:1890663
Dkk3                Q9QUN9      DKK3_MOUSE    MGI:1354952
Dkk4                Q8VEJ3      DKK4_MOUSE    MGI:2385299
Dkkl1               Q9QZL9      DKKL1_MOUSE   MGI:1354963
Dlat                Q8BMF4      ODP2_MOUSE    MGI:2385311
Dlc1                Q9R0Z9      RHG07_MOUSE   MGI:1354949
Dld                 O08749      DLDH_MOUSE    MGI:107450
Dlec1               Q8BLA1      DLEC1_MOUSE   MGI:2443671
Dleu7               Q8CHZ8      LEU7_MOUSE    MGI:2447771
Dlg1                Q811D0      DLG1_MOUSE    MGI:107231
Dlg2                Q91XM9      DLG2_MOUSE    MGI:1344351
Dlg3                P70175      DLG3_MOUSE    MGI:1888986
Dlg4                Q62108      DLG4_MOUSE    MGI:1277959
Dlg5                E9Q9R9      DLG5_MOUSE    MGI:1918478
Dlgap1              Q9D415      DLGP1_MOUSE   MGI:1346065
Dlgap2              Q8BJ42      DLGP2_MOUSE   MGI:2443181
Dlgap3              Q6PFD5      DLGP3_MOUSE   MGI:3039563
Dlgap4              B1AZP2      DLGP4_MOUSE   MGI:2138865
Dlgap5              Q8K4R9      DLGP5_MOUSE   MGI:2183453
Dlk1                Q09163      DLK1_MOUSE    MGI:94900
Dlk2                Q8K1E3      DLK2_MOUSE    MGI:2146838
Dll1                Q61483      DLL1_MOUSE    MGI:104659
Dll3                O88516      DLL3_MOUSE    MGI:1096877
Dll4                Q9JI71      DLL4_MOUSE    MGI:1859388
Dlst                Q9D2G2      ODO2_MOUSE    MGI:1926170
Dlx1                Q64317      DLX1_MOUSE    MGI:94901
Dlx2                P40764      DLX2_MOUSE    MGI:94902
Dlx3                Q64205      DLX3_MOUSE    MGI:94903
Dlx4                P70436      DLX4_MOUSE    MGI:94904
Dlx5                P70396      DLX5_MOUSE    MGI:101926
Dlx6                P70397      DLX6_MOUSE    MGI:101927
Dmac1               Q9CQ00      DMAC1_MOUSE   MGI:1914178
Dmac2               Q9D7K5      DMAC2_MOUSE   MGI:1913599
Dmac2l              Q9CRA7      ATP5S_MOUSE   MGI:1915305
Dmap1               Q9JI44      DMAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913483
Dmbt1               Q60997      DMBT1_MOUSE   MGI:106210
Dmbx1               Q91ZK4      DMBX1_MOUSE   MGI:2153518
Dmc1                Q61880      DMC1_MOUSE    MGI:105393
Dmd                 P11531      DMD_MOUSE     MGI:94909
Dmgdh               Q9DBT9      M2GD_MOUSE    MGI:1921379
Dmkn                Q6P253      DMKN_MOUSE    MGI:1920962
Dmp1                O55188      DMP1_MOUSE    MGI:94910
Dmpk                P54265      DMPK_MOUSE    MGI:94906
Dmrt1               Q9QZ59      DMRT1_MOUSE   MGI:1354733
Dmrt2               Q8BG36      DMRT2_MOUSE   MGI:1330307
Dmrt3               Q80WT2      DMRT3_MOUSE   MGI:2449470
Dmrta1              Q8CFG4      DMRTA_MOUSE   MGI:2653627
Dmrta2              A2A9A2      DMTA2_MOUSE   MGI:2653629
Dmrtb1              A2A9I7      DMRTB_MOUSE   MGI:1927125
Dmrtc1a             Q9D9R7      DMRTC_MOUSE   MGI:1918137
Dmrtc2              Q8CGW9      DMRTD_MOUSE   MGI:1918491
Dmtf1               Q8CE22      DMTF1_MOUSE   MGI:1344415
Dmtn                Q9WV69      DEMA_MOUSE    MGI:99670
Dmwd                Q08274      DMWD_MOUSE    MGI:94907
Dmxl1               Q6PNC0      DMXL1_MOUSE   MGI:2443926
Dmxl2               Q8BPN8      DMXL2_MOUSE   MGI:2444630
Dna2                Q6ZQJ5      DNA2_MOUSE    MGI:2443732
Dnaaf1              Q9D2H9      DAAF1_MOUSE   MGI:1915520
Dnaaf2              Q8BPI1      KTU_MOUSE     MGI:1923566
Dnaaf3              Q3UYV8      DAAF3_MOUSE   MGI:3588207
Dnaaf4              Q8R368      DAAF4_MOUSE   MGI:1914935
Dnaaf5              B9EJR8      DAAF5_MOUSE   MGI:3616079
Dnaaf6              Q3KNI6      DAAF6_MOUSE   MGI:1921958
Dnaaf9              Q7TT23      DAAF9_MOUSE   MGI:1923029
Dnah1               E9Q8T7      DYH1_MOUSE    MGI:107721
Dnah12              Q3V0Q1      DYH12_MOUSE   MGI:107720
Dnah17              Q69Z23      DYH17_MOUSE   MGI:1917176
Dnah2               P0C6F1      DYH2_MOUSE    MGI:107731
Dnah3               Q8BW94      DYH3_MOUSE    MGI:2683040
Dnah5               Q8VHE6      DYH5_MOUSE    MGI:107718
Dnah8               Q91XQ0      DYH8_MOUSE    MGI:107714
Dnai1               Q8C0M8      DNAI1_MOUSE   MGI:1916172
Dnai2               A2AC93      DNAI2_MOUSE   MGI:2685574
Dnai3               B2RY71      DNAI3_MOUSE   MGI:3045269
Dnai4               E9PYY5      DNAI4_MOUSE   MGI:2385328
Dnaja1              P63037      DNJA1_MOUSE   MGI:1270129
Dnaja2              Q9QYJ0      DNJA2_MOUSE   MGI:1931882
Dnaja3              Q99M87      DNJA3_MOUSE   MGI:1933786
Dnaja4              Q9JMC3      DNJA4_MOUSE   MGI:1927638
Dnajb1              Q9QYJ3      DNJB1_MOUSE   MGI:1931874
Dnajb11             Q99KV1      DJB11_MOUSE   MGI:1915088
Dnajb12             Q9QYI4      DJB12_MOUSE   MGI:1931881
Dnajb13             Q80Y75      DJB13_MOUSE   MGI:1916637
Dnajb14             Q149L6      DJB14_MOUSE   MGI:1917854
Dnajb2              Q9QYI5      DNJB2_MOUSE   MGI:1928739
Dnajb3              O35723      DNJB3_MOUSE   MGI:1306822
Dnajb4              Q9D832      DNJB4_MOUSE   MGI:1914285
Dnajb5              O89114      DNJB5_MOUSE   MGI:1930018
Dnajb6              O54946      DNJB6_MOUSE   MGI:1344381
Dnajb7              Q9QYI8      DNJB7_MOUSE   MGI:1914012
Dnajb8              Q9QYI7      DNJB8_MOUSE   MGI:1922801
Dnajb9              Q9QYI6      DNJB9_MOUSE   MGI:1351618
Dnajc1              Q61712      DNJC1_MOUSE   MGI:103268
Dnajc10             Q9DC23      DJC10_MOUSE   MGI:1914111
Dnajc11             Q5U458      DJC11_MOUSE   MGI:2443386
Dnajc12             Q9R022      DJC12_MOUSE   MGI:1353428
Dnajc14             Q921R4      DJC14_MOUSE   MGI:1921580
Dnajc15             Q78YY6      DJC15_MOUSE   MGI:1913398
Dnajc16             Q80TN4      DJC16_MOUSE   MGI:2442146
Dnajc17             Q91WT4      DJC17_MOUSE   MGI:1916658
Dnajc18             Q9CZJ9      DJC18_MOUSE   MGI:1923844
Dnajc19             Q9CQV7      TIM14_MOUSE   MGI:1914963
Dnajc2              P54103      DNJC2_MOUSE   MGI:99470
Dnajc21             E9Q8D0      DJC21_MOUSE   MGI:1925371
Dnajc22             Q8CHS2      DJC22_MOUSE   MGI:1920028
Dnajc24             Q91ZF0      DJC24_MOUSE   MGI:1919522
Dnajc25             A2ALW5      DJC25_MOUSE   MGI:1919679
Dnajc27             Q8CFP6      DJC27_MOUSE   MGI:2443036
Dnajc28             Q8VCE1      DJC28_MOUSE   MGI:2181053
Dnajc3              Q91YW3      DNJC3_MOUSE   MGI:107373
Dnajc30             P59041      DJC30_MOUSE   MGI:1913364
Dnajc4              Q9D844      DNJC4_MOUSE   MGI:1927346
Dnajc5              P60904      DNJC5_MOUSE   MGI:892995
Dnajc5b             Q9CQ94      DNJ5B_MOUSE   MGI:1913576
Dnajc6              Q80TZ3      AUXI_MOUSE    MGI:1919935
Dnajc7              Q9QYI3      DNJC7_MOUSE   MGI:1928373
Dnajc8              Q6NZB0      DNJC8_MOUSE   MGI:1915848
Dnajc9              Q91WN1      DNJC9_MOUSE   MGI:1915326
Dnal1               Q05A62      DNAL1_MOUSE   MGI:1921462
Dnal4               Q9DCM4      DNAL4_MOUSE   MGI:1859217
Dnali1              Q8BVN8      IDLC_MOUSE    MGI:1922813
Dnase1              P49183      DNAS1_MOUSE   MGI:103157
Dnase1l1            Q9D7J6      DNSL1_MOUSE   MGI:109628
Dnase1l2            Q9D1G0      DNSL2_MOUSE   MGI:1913955
Dnase1l3            O55070      DNSL3_MOUSE   MGI:1314633
Dnase2a             P56542      DNS2A_MOUSE   MGI:1329019
Dnase2b             Q9QY48      DNS2B_MOUSE   MGI:1913283
Dnd1                Q6VY05      DND1_MOUSE    MGI:2447763
Dner                Q8JZM4      DNER_MOUSE    MGI:2152889
Dnlz                Q9D113      DNLZ_MOUSE    MGI:106559
Dnm1                P39053      DYN1_MOUSE    MGI:107384
Dnm1l               Q8K1M6      DNM1L_MOUSE   MGI:1921256
Dnm2                P39054      DYN2_MOUSE    MGI:109547
Dnm3                Q8BZ98      DYN3_MOUSE    MGI:1341299
Dnmbp               Q6TXD4      DNMBP_MOUSE   MGI:1917352
Dnmt1               P13864      DNMT1_MOUSE   MGI:94912
Dnmt3a              O88508      DNM3A_MOUSE   MGI:1261827
Dnmt3b              O88509      DNM3B_MOUSE   MGI:1261819
Dnmt3c              P0DOY1      DNM3C_MOUSE   MGI:3649996
Dnmt3l              Q9CWR8      DNM3L_MOUSE   MGI:1859287
Dnpep               Q9Z2W0      DNPEP_MOUSE   MGI:1278328
Dnph1               Q80VJ3      DNPH1_MOUSE   MGI:3039376
Dntt                P09838      TDT_MOUSE     MGI:98659
Dnttip1             Q99LB0      TDIF1_MOUSE   MGI:1923483
Dnttip2             Q8R2M2      TDIF2_MOUSE   MGI:1923173
Doc2a               Q7TNF0      DOC2A_MOUSE   MGI:109446
Doc2b               P70169      DOC2B_MOUSE   MGI:1100497
Doc2g               Q9ESN1      DOC2G_MOUSE   MGI:1926250
Dock1               Q8BUR4      DOCK1_MOUSE   MGI:2429765
Dock10              Q8BZN6      DOC10_MOUSE   MGI:2146320
Dock11              A2AF47      DOC11_MOUSE   MGI:1923224
Dock2               Q8C3J5      DOCK2_MOUSE   MGI:2149010
Dock3               Q8CIQ7      DOCK3_MOUSE   MGI:2429763
Dock4               P59764      DOCK4_MOUSE   MGI:1918006
Dock5               B2RY04      DOCK5_MOUSE   MGI:2652871
Dock6               Q8VDR9      DOCK6_MOUSE   MGI:1914789
Dock7               Q8R1A4      DOCK7_MOUSE   MGI:1914549
Dock8               Q8C147      DOCK8_MOUSE   MGI:1921396
Dock9               Q8BIK4      DOCK9_MOUSE   MGI:106321
Dohh                Q99LN9      DOHH_MOUSE    MGI:1915964
Dok1                P97465      DOK1_MOUSE    MGI:893587
Dok2                O70469      DOK2_MOUSE    MGI:1332623
Dok3                Q9QZK7      DOK3_MOUSE    MGI:1351490
Dok4                Q99KE3      DOK4_MOUSE    MGI:2148865
Dok5                Q91ZM9      DOK5_MOUSE    MGI:1924079
Dok6                Q2MHE5      DOK6_MOUSE    MGI:3639495
Dok7                Q18PE0      DOK7_MOUSE    MGI:3584043
Dolk                Q8R2Y3      DOLK_MOUSE    MGI:2677836
Dolpp1              Q9JMF7      DOPP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914093
Donson              Q9QXP4      DONS_MOUSE    MGI:1890621
Dop1a               Q8BL99      DOP1_MOUSE    MGI:1289294
Dop1b               Q3UHQ6      DOP2_MOUSE    MGI:1917278
Dpagt1              P42867      GPT_MOUSE     MGI:1196396
Dpcd                Q8BPA8      DPCD_MOUSE    MGI:1924407
Dpep1               P31428      DPEP1_MOUSE   MGI:94917
Dpep2               Q8C255      DPEP2_MOUSE   MGI:2442042
Dpep3               Q9DA79      DPEP3_MOUSE   MGI:1919104
Dpf1                Q9QX66      DPF1_MOUSE    MGI:1352748
Dpf2                Q61103      REQU_MOUSE    MGI:109529
Dpf3                P58269      DPF3_MOUSE    MGI:1917377
Dph1                Q5NCQ5      DPH1_MOUSE    MGI:2151233
Dph2                Q9CR25      DPH2_MOUSE    MGI:1914978
Dph3                Q8K0W9      DPH3_MOUSE    MGI:1922658
Dph5                Q9CWQ0      DPH5_MOUSE    MGI:1916990
Dph6                Q9CQ28      DPH6_MOUSE    MGI:1913882
Dph7                Q9CYU6      DPH7_MOUSE    MGI:1914478
Dpm1                O70152      DPM1_MOUSE    MGI:1330239
Dpm2                Q9Z324      DPM2_MOUSE    MGI:1330238
Dpm3                Q9D1Q4      DPM3_MOUSE    MGI:1915813
Dpp10               Q6NXK7      DPP10_MOUSE   MGI:2442409
Dpp3                Q99KK7      DPP3_MOUSE    MGI:1922471
Dpp4                P28843      DPP4_MOUSE    MGI:94919
Dpp6                Q9Z218      DPP6_MOUSE    MGI:94921
Dpp7                Q9ET22      DPP2_MOUSE    MGI:1933213
Dpp8                Q80YA7      DPP8_MOUSE    MGI:1921638
Dpp9                Q8BVG4      DPP9_MOUSE    MGI:2443967
Dppa2               Q9CWH0      DPPA2_MOUSE   MGI:2157523
Dppa3               Q8QZY3      DPPA3_MOUSE   MGI:1920958
Dppa4               Q8CCG4      DPPA4_MOUSE   MGI:2157525
Dppa5a              Q9CQS7      DPA5A_MOUSE   MGI:101800
Dppa5b              P85965      DPA5B_MOUSE   MGI:3765340
Dppa5c              P85965      DPA5B_MOUSE   MGI:3765342
Dpt                 Q9QZZ6      DERM_MOUSE    MGI:1928392
Dpy19l1             A6X919      D19L1_MOUSE   MGI:1915685
Dpy19l2             P0CW70      D19L2_MOUSE   MGI:2444662
Dpy19l3             Q71B07      D19L3_MOUSE   MGI:2443952
Dpy19l4             A2AJQ3      D19L4_MOUSE   MGI:2685869
Dpy30               Q99LT0      DPY30_MOUSE   MGI:1913560
Dpyd                Q8CHR6      DPYD_MOUSE    MGI:2139667
Dpys                Q9EQF5      DPYS_MOUSE    MGI:1928679
Dpysl2              O08553      DPYL2_MOUSE   MGI:1349763
Dpysl3              Q62188      DPYL3_MOUSE   MGI:1349762
Dpysl4              O35098      DPYL4_MOUSE   MGI:1349764
Dpysl5              Q9EQF6      DPYL5_MOUSE   MGI:1929772
Dqx1                Q924H9      DQX1_MOUSE    MGI:2136388
Dr1                 Q91WV0      NC2B_MOUSE    MGI:1100515
Dram1               Q9DC58      DRAM1_MOUSE   MGI:1918962
Dram2               Q9CR48      DRAM2_MOUSE   MGI:1914421
Drap1               Q9D6N5      NC2A_MOUSE    MGI:1913806
Draxin              Q6PAL1      DRAXI_MOUSE   MGI:1917683
Drc1                Q3USS3      DRC1_MOUSE    MGI:2685906
Drc3                Q9D5E4      DRC3_MOUSE    MGI:1921915
Drc7                Q6V3W6      DRC7_MOUSE    MGI:2685616
Drd1                Q61616      DRD1_MOUSE    MGI:99578
Drd2                P61168      DRD2_MOUSE    MGI:94924
Drd3                P30728      DRD3_MOUSE    MGI:94925
Drd4                P51436      DRD4_MOUSE    MGI:94926
Drd5                Q8BLD9      DRD5_MOUSE    MGI:94927
Drg1                P32233      DRG1_MOUSE    MGI:1343297
Drg2                Q9QXB9      DRG2_MOUSE    MGI:1342307
Drosha              Q5HZJ0      RNC_MOUSE     MGI:1261425
Drp2                Q05AA6      DRP2_MOUSE    MGI:107432
Dsc1                P55849      DSC1_MOUSE    MGI:109173
Dsc2                P55292      DSC2_MOUSE    MGI:103221
Dsc3                P55850      DSC3_MOUSE    MGI:1194993
Dscam               Q9ERC8      DSCAM_MOUSE   MGI:1196281
Dscaml1             Q4VA61      DSCL1_MOUSE   MGI:2150309
Dscc1               Q14AI0      DCC1_MOUSE    MGI:1919357
Dse                 Q8BLI4      DSE_MOUSE     MGI:2443455
Dsel                Q0VBN2      DSEL_MOUSE    MGI:2442948
Dsg1a               Q61495      DSG1A_MOUSE   MGI:94930
Dsg1b               Q7TSF1      DSG1B_MOUSE   MGI:2664357
Dsg1c               Q7TSF0      DSG1C_MOUSE   MGI:2664358
Dsg2                O55111      DSG2_MOUSE    MGI:1196466
Dsg3                O35902      DSG3_MOUSE    MGI:99499
Dsg4                Q7TMD7      DSG4_MOUSE    MGI:2661061
Dsn1                Q9CYC5      DSN1_MOUSE    MGI:1914184
Dsp                 E9Q557      DESP_MOUSE    MGI:109611
Dspp                P97399      DSPP_MOUSE    MGI:109172
Dst                 Q91ZU6      DYST_MOUSE    MGI:104627
Dstn                Q9R0P5      DEST_MOUSE    MGI:1929270
Dstyk               Q6XUX1      DUSTY_MOUSE   MGI:1925064
Dtd1                Q9DD18      DTD1_MOUSE    MGI:1913294
Dtd2                Q8BHA3      DTD2_MOUSE    MGI:1923485
Dtl                 Q3TLR7      DTL_MOUSE     MGI:1924093
Dtna                Q9D2N4      DTNA_MOUSE    MGI:106039
Dtnb                O70585      DTNB_MOUSE    MGI:1203728
Dtnbp1              Q91WZ8      DTBP1_MOUSE   MGI:2137586
Dtwd1               Q9D8U7      DTWD1_MOUSE   MGI:1916435
Dtwd2               Q9D0U1      DTWD2_MOUSE   MGI:1916107
Dtx1                Q61010      DTX1_MOUSE    MGI:1352744
Dtx2                Q8R3P2      DTX2_MOUSE    MGI:1921448
Dtx3                Q80V91      DTX3_MOUSE    MGI:2135752
Dtx3l               Q3UIR3      DTX3L_MOUSE   MGI:2656973
Dtx4                Q6PDK8      DTX4_MOUSE    MGI:2672905
Dtymk               P97930      KTHY_MOUSE    MGI:108396
Duoxa1              Q8VE49      DOXA1_MOUSE   MGI:2384861
Duoxa2              Q9D311      DOXA2_MOUSE   MGI:1914061
Dupd1               Q8BK84      DUS29_MOUSE   MGI:3647127
Dus1l               Q8C2P3      DUS1L_MOUSE   MGI:1915980
Dus2                Q9D7B1      DUS2L_MOUSE   MGI:1913619
Dus3l               Q91XI1      DUS3L_MOUSE   MGI:2147092
Dus4l               Q32M08      DUS4L_MOUSE   MGI:1919166
Dusp1               P28563      DUS1_MOUSE    MGI:105120
Dusp10              Q9ESS0      DUS10_MOUSE   MGI:1927070
Dusp11              Q6NXK5      DUS11_MOUSE   MGI:1919352
Dusp12              Q9D0T2      DUS12_MOUSE   MGI:1890614
Dusp13              Q6B8I0      DS13A_MOUSE   MGI:1351599
                    Q9QYJ7      DS13B_MOUSE
Dusp14              Q9JLY7      DUS14_MOUSE   MGI:1927168
Dusp15              Q8R4V2      DUS15_MOUSE   MGI:1934928
Dusp18              Q8VE01      DUS18_MOUSE   MGI:1922469
Dusp19              Q8K4T5      DUS19_MOUSE   MGI:1915332
Dusp2               Q05922      DUS2_MOUSE    MGI:101911
Dusp21              Q9D9D8      DUS21_MOUSE   MGI:1920797
Dusp22              Q99N11      DUS22_MOUSE   MGI:1915926
Dusp23              Q6NT99      DUS23_MOUSE   MGI:1915690
Dusp26              Q9D700      DUS26_MOUSE   MGI:1914209
Dusp27              Q148W8      STYL2_MOUSE   MGI:2685055
Dusp28              Q8BTR5      DUS28_MOUSE   MGI:1914696
Dusp3               Q9D7X3      DUS3_MOUSE    MGI:1919599
Dusp4               Q8BFV3      DUS4_MOUSE    MGI:2442191
Dusp6               Q9DBB1      DUS6_MOUSE    MGI:1914853
Dusp7               Q91Z46      DUS7_MOUSE    MGI:2387100
Dusp8               O09112      DUS8_MOUSE    MGI:106626
Dut                 Q9CQ43      DUT_MOUSE     MGI:1346051
Dvl1                P51141      DVL1_MOUSE    MGI:94941
Dvl2                Q60838      DVL2_MOUSE    MGI:106613
Dvl3                Q61062      DVL3_MOUSE    MGI:108100
Dxo                 O70348      DXO_MOUSE     MGI:1890444
Dydc1               Q9D9T0      DYDC1_MOUSE   MGI:1916746
Dym                 Q8CHY3      DYM_MOUSE     MGI:1918480
Dync1h1             Q9JHU4      DYHC1_MOUSE   MGI:103147
Dync1i1             O88485      DC1I1_MOUSE   MGI:107743
Dync1i2             O88487      DC1I2_MOUSE   MGI:107750
Dync1li1            Q8R1Q8      DC1L1_MOUSE   MGI:2135610
Dync1li2            Q6PDL0      DC1L2_MOUSE   MGI:107738
Dync2h1             Q45VK7      DYHC2_MOUSE   MGI:107736
Dync2i1             Q8C761      DC2I1_MOUSE   MGI:2445085
Dync2i2             Q5U4F6      DC2I2_MOUSE   MGI:1919070
Dync2li1            Q8K0T2      DC2L1_MOUSE   MGI:1913996
Dynll1              P63168      DYL1_MOUSE    MGI:1861457
Dynll2              Q9D0M5      DYL2_MOUSE    MGI:1915347
Dynlrb1             P62627      DLRB1_MOUSE   MGI:1914318
Dynlrb2             Q9DAJ5      DLRB2_MOUSE   MGI:1922715
Dynlt1              P51807      DYLT1_MOUSE   MGI:98643
Dynlt2b             Q9CQ66      DYT2B_MOUSE   MGI:1913311
Dynlt3              P56387      DYLT3_MOUSE   MGI:1914367
Dynlt4              Q8CDY7      DYLT4_MOUSE   MGI:3045358
Dynlt5              Q9D5I4      DYLT5_MOUSE   MGI:1914594
Dyrk1a              Q61214      DYR1A_MOUSE   MGI:1330299
Dyrk1b              Q9Z188      DYR1B_MOUSE   MGI:1330302
Dyrk2               Q5U4C9      DYRK2_MOUSE   MGI:1330301
Dyrk3               Q922Y0      DYRK3_MOUSE   MGI:1330300
Dyrk4               Q8BI55      DYRK4_MOUSE   MGI:1330292
Dysf                Q9ESD7      DYSF_MOUSE    MGI:1349385
Dytn                A2CI98      DYTN_MOUSE    MGI:2685061
Dzank1              Q8C008      DZAN1_MOUSE   MGI:2139080
Dzip1               Q8BMD2      DZIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914311
Dzip1l              Q499E4      DZI1L_MOUSE   MGI:1919757
Dzip3               Q7TPV2      DZIP3_MOUSE   MGI:1917433
E130308A19Rik       Q8C4P0      K1958_MOUSE   MGI:2442164
E130309D02Rik       Q8BGA7      INT15_MOUSE   MGI:2442621
E130311K13Rik       Q8BN57      CC033_MOUSE   MGI:3607716
E2f1                Q61501      E2F1_MOUSE    MGI:101941
E2f2                P56931      E2F2_MOUSE    MGI:1096341
E2f3                O35261      E2F3_MOUSE    MGI:1096340
E2f4                Q8R0K9      E2F4_MOUSE    MGI:103012
E2f5                Q61502      E2F5_MOUSE    MGI:105091
E2f6                O54917      E2F6_MOUSE    MGI:1354159
E2f7                Q6S7F2      E2F7_MOUSE    MGI:1289147
E2f8                Q58FA4      E2F8_MOUSE    MGI:1922038
E4f1                Q8CCE9      E4F1_MOUSE    MGI:109530
Eaf1                Q9D4C5      EAF1_MOUSE    MGI:1921677
Eaf2                Q91ZD6      EAF2_MOUSE    MGI:2146616
Eapp                Q5BU09      EAPP_MOUSE    MGI:1913516
Ear1                P97426      ECP1_MOUSE    MGI:108021
Ear2                P97425      ECP2_MOUSE    MGI:108020
Ear3                O35290      ECP3_MOUSE    MGI:1858237
Ear4                O35291      RNAS2_MOUSE   MGI:1858238
Ears2               Q9CXJ1      SYEM_MOUSE    MGI:1914667
Ebag9               Q9D0V7      RCAS1_MOUSE   MGI:1859920
Ebf1                Q07802      COE1_MOUSE    MGI:95275
Ebf2                O08792      COE2_MOUSE    MGI:894332
Ebf3                O08791      COE3_MOUSE    MGI:894289
Ebf4                Q8K4J2      COE4_MOUSE    MGI:2385972
Ebi3                O35228      IL27B_MOUSE   MGI:1354171
Ebna1bp2            Q9D903      EBP2_MOUSE    MGI:1916322
Ebp                 P70245      EBP_MOUSE     MGI:107822
Ebpl                Q9D0P0      EBPL_MOUSE    MGI:1915427
Ecd                 Q9CS74      ECD_MOUSE     MGI:1917851
Ece1                Q4PZA2      ECE1_MOUSE    MGI:1101357
Ece2                B2RQR8      ECE2_MOUSE    MGI:1101356
Ecel1               Q9JMI0      ECEL1_MOUSE   MGI:1343461
Ech1                O35459      ECH1_MOUSE    MGI:1858208
Echdc1              Q9D9V3      ECHD1_MOUSE   MGI:1277169
Echdc2              Q3TLP5      ECHD2_MOUSE   MGI:1289238
Echdc3              Q9D7J9      ECHD3_MOUSE   MGI:1915106
Echs1               Q8BH95      ECHM_MOUSE    MGI:2136460
Eci1                P42125      ECI1_MOUSE    MGI:94871
Eci2                Q9WUR2      ECI2_MOUSE    MGI:1346064
Eci3                Q78JN3      ECI3_MOUSE    MGI:1916373
Ecm1                Q61508      ECM1_MOUSE    MGI:103060
Ecm2                Q5FW85      ECM2_MOUSE    MGI:3039578
Ecpas               Q6PDI5      ECM29_MOUSE   MGI:2140220
Ecrg4               Q99LS0      AUGN_MOUSE    MGI:1926146
Ecscr               Q3TZW0      ECSCR_MOUSE   MGI:1915795
Ecsit               Q9QZH6      ECSIT_MOUSE   MGI:1349469
Ect2                Q07139      ECT2_MOUSE    MGI:95281
Eda                 O54693      EDA_MOUSE     MGI:1195272
Eda2r               Q8BX35      TNR27_MOUSE   MGI:2442860
Edar                Q9R187      EDAR_MOUSE    MGI:1343498
Edaradd             Q8VHX2      EDAD_MOUSE    MGI:1931001
Edc3                Q8K2D3      EDC3_MOUSE    MGI:2142951
Edc4                Q3UJB9      EDC4_MOUSE    MGI:2446249
Edem1               Q925U4      EDEM1_MOUSE   MGI:2180139
Edem2               Q8BJT9      EDEM2_MOUSE   MGI:1915540
Edem3               Q2HXL6      EDEM3_MOUSE   MGI:1914217
Edf1                Q9JMG1      EDF1_MOUSE    MGI:1891227
Edil3               O35474      EDIL3_MOUSE   MGI:1329025
Edn1                P22387      EDN1_MOUSE    MGI:95283
Edn2                P22389      EDN2_MOUSE    MGI:95284
Edn3                P48299      EDN3_MOUSE    MGI:95285
Ednra               Q61614      EDNRA_MOUSE   MGI:105923
Ednrb               P48302      EDNRB_MOUSE   MGI:102720
Edrf1               Q6GQV7      EDRF1_MOUSE   MGI:1919831
Eea1                Q8BL66      EEA1_MOUSE    MGI:2442192
Eed                 Q921E6      EED_MOUSE     MGI:95286
Eef1a1              P10126      EF1A1_MOUSE   MGI:1096881
Eef1a2              P62631      EF1A2_MOUSE   MGI:1096317
Eef1akmt1           Q9CY45      EFMT1_MOUSE   MGI:1915293
Eef1akmt2           Q9D853      EFMT2_MOUSE   MGI:1919346
Eef1akmt3           D3YWP0      EFMT3_MOUSE   MGI:3645330
Eef1akmt4           P0DPE0      EFMT4_MOUSE   MGI:5903914
Eef1akmt4-Ece2      P0DPD9      EFCE2_MOUSE   MGI:1101356
Eef1aknmt           Q91YR5      EFNMT_MOUSE   MGI:1918699
Eef1b2              O70251      EF1B_MOUSE    MGI:1929520
Eef1d               P57776      EF1D_MOUSE    MGI:1913906
Eef1e1              Q9D1M4      MCA3_MOUSE    MGI:1913393
Eef1g               Q9D8N0      EF1G_MOUSE    MGI:1914410
Eef2                P58252      EF2_MOUSE     MGI:95288
Eef2k               O08796      EF2K_MOUSE    MGI:1195261
Eef2kmt             Q3UZW7      EF2KT_MOUSE   MGI:1917761
Eefsec              Q9JHW4      SELB_MOUSE    MGI:2137092
Eepd1               Q3TGW2      EEPD1_MOUSE   MGI:1914734
Efcab1              Q9D3N2      CLXN_MOUSE    MGI:1914043
Efcab10             Q9D581      EFC10_MOUSE   MGI:1922290
Efcab11             Q9D0E5      EFC11_MOUSE   MGI:1926017
Efcab14             Q8BGQ6      EFC14_MOUSE   MGI:2442397
Efcab2              Q9CQ46      DRC8_MOUSE    MGI:1915476
Efcab3              Q80X60      EFCB3_MOUSE   MGI:1918144
Efcab5              A0JP43      EFCB5_MOUSE   MGI:2442440
Efcab6              Q6P1E8      EFCB6_MOUSE   MGI:1924877
Efcab7              Q8VDY4      EFCB7_MOUSE   MGI:2385199
Efcab8              Q8C9R9      EFCB8_MOUSE   MGI:3644206
Efcab9              Q9DAM2      EFCB9_MOUSE   MGI:1916556
Efcc1               Q9JJF6      EFCC1_MOUSE   MGI:3611451
Efemp1              Q8BPB5      FBLN3_MOUSE   MGI:1339998
Efemp2              Q9WVJ9      FBLN4_MOUSE   MGI:1891209
Efhb                Q8CDU5      EFHB_MOUSE    MGI:3045296
Efhc1               Q9D9T8      EFHC1_MOUSE   MGI:1919127
Efhc2               Q9D485      EFHC2_MOUSE   MGI:1921655
Efhd1               Q9D4J1      EFHD1_MOUSE   MGI:1921607
Efhd2               Q9D8Y0      EFHD2_MOUSE   MGI:106504
Efl1                Q8C0D5      EFL1_MOUSE    MGI:2141969
Efna1               P52793      EFNA1_MOUSE   MGI:103236
Efna2               P52801      EFNA2_MOUSE   MGI:102707
Efna3               O08545      EFNA3_MOUSE   MGI:106644
Efna4               O08542      EFNA4_MOUSE   MGI:106643
Efna5               O08543      EFNA5_MOUSE   MGI:107444
Efnb1               P52795      EFNB1_MOUSE   MGI:102708
Efnb2               P52800      EFNB2_MOUSE   MGI:105097
Efnb3               O35393      EFNB3_MOUSE   MGI:109196
Efr3a               Q8BG67      EFR3A_MOUSE   MGI:1923990
Efr3b               Q6ZQ18      EFR3B_MOUSE   MGI:2444851
Efs                 Q64355      EFS_MOUSE     MGI:105311
Eftud2              O08810      U5S1_MOUSE    MGI:1336880
EG381776            P01626      KV2A1_MOUSE   MGI:3644894
                    P01628      KV2A3_MOUSE
EG668389            P01821      HVM45_MOUSE   MGI:3643263
Egf                 P01132      EGF_MOUSE     MGI:95290
Egfbp2              P36368      EGFB2_MOUSE   MGI:95292
Egfem1              Q8C088      EGFEM_MOUSE   MGI:1922990
Egfl6               Q9JJZ5      EGFL6_MOUSE   MGI:1858599
Egfl7               Q9QXT5      EGFL7_MOUSE   MGI:2449923
Egfl8               Q6GUQ1      EGFL8_MOUSE   MGI:1932094
Egflam              Q4VBE4      EGFLA_MOUSE   MGI:2146149
Egfr                Q01279      EGFR_MOUSE    MGI:95294
Egln1               Q91YE3      EGLN1_MOUSE   MGI:1932286
Egln2               Q91YE2      EGLN2_MOUSE   MGI:1932287
Egln3               Q91UZ4      EGLN3_MOUSE   MGI:1932288
Egr1                P08046      EGR1_MOUSE    MGI:95295
Egr2                P08152      EGR2_MOUSE    MGI:95296
Egr3                P43300      EGR3_MOUSE    MGI:1306780
Egr4                Q9WUF2      EGR4_MOUSE    MGI:99252
Ehbp1               Q69ZW3      EHBP1_MOUSE   MGI:2667252
Ehbp1l1             Q99MS7      EH1L1_MOUSE   MGI:3612340
Ehd1                Q9WVK4      EHD1_MOUSE    MGI:1341878
Ehd2                Q8BH64      EHD2_MOUSE    MGI:2154274
Ehd3                Q9QXY6      EHD3_MOUSE    MGI:1928900
Ehd4                Q9EQP2      EHD4_MOUSE    MGI:1919619
Ehf                 O70273      EHF_MOUSE     MGI:1270840
Ehhadh              Q9DBM2      ECHP_MOUSE    MGI:1277964
Ehmt1               Q5DW34      EHMT1_MOUSE   MGI:1924933
Ehmt2               Q9Z148      EHMT2_MOUSE   MGI:2148922
Ei24                Q61070      EI24_MOUSE    MGI:108090
Eid1                Q9DCR4      EID1_MOUSE    MGI:1889651
Eid2                Q6X7S9      EID2_MOUSE    MGI:2681174
Eid3                Q3V124      EID3_MOUSE    MGI:1913591
Eif1                P48024      EIF1_MOUSE    MGI:105125
Eif1a               Q60872      IF1A_MOUSE    MGI:95298
Eif1ad              Q3THJ3      EIF1A_MOUSE   MGI:1917110
Eif1ax              Q8BMJ3      IF1AX_MOUSE   MGI:1913485
Eif1b               Q9CXU9      EIF1B_MOUSE   MGI:1916219
Eif2a               Q8BJW6      EIF2A_MOUSE   MGI:1098684
Eif2ak1             Q9Z2R9      E2AK1_MOUSE   MGI:1353448
Eif2ak2             Q03963      E2AK2_MOUSE   MGI:1353449
Eif2ak3             Q9Z2B5      E2AK3_MOUSE   MGI:1341830
Eif2ak4             Q9QZ05      E2AK4_MOUSE   MGI:1353427
Eif2b1              Q99LC8      EI2BA_MOUSE   MGI:2384802
Eif2b2              Q99LD9      EI2BB_MOUSE   MGI:2145118
Eif2b4              Q61749      EI2BD_MOUSE   MGI:95300
Eif2b5              Q8CHW4      EI2BE_MOUSE   MGI:2446176
Eif2d               Q61211      EIF2D_MOUSE   MGI:109342
Eif2s1              Q6ZWX6      IF2A_MOUSE    MGI:95299
Eif2s2              Q99L45      IF2B_MOUSE    MGI:1914454
Eif2s3x             Q9Z0N1      IF2G_MOUSE    MGI:1349431
Eif2s3y             Q9Z0N2      IF2H_MOUSE    MGI:1349430
Eif3a               P23116      EIF3A_MOUSE   MGI:95301
Eif3b               Q8JZQ9      EIF3B_MOUSE   MGI:106478
Eif3c               Q8R1B4      EIF3C_MOUSE   MGI:1926966
Eif3d               O70194      EIF3D_MOUSE   MGI:1933181
Eif3e               P60229      EIF3E_MOUSE   MGI:99257
Eif3f               Q9DCH4      EIF3F_MOUSE   MGI:1913335
Eif3g               Q9Z1D1      EIF3G_MOUSE   MGI:1858258
Eif3h               Q91WK2      EIF3H_MOUSE   MGI:1915385
Eif3i               Q9QZD9      EIF3I_MOUSE   MGI:1860763
Eif3j1              Q3UGC7      EI3JA_MOUSE   MGI:1925905
Eif3j2              Q66JS6      EI3JB_MOUSE   MGI:3704486
Eif3k               Q9DBZ5      EIF3K_MOUSE   MGI:1921080
Eif3l               Q8QZY1      EIF3L_MOUSE   MGI:2386251
Eif3m               Q99JX4      EIF3M_MOUSE   MGI:1351744
Eif4a1              P60843      IF4A1_MOUSE   MGI:95303
Eif4a2              P10630      IF4A2_MOUSE   MGI:106906
Eif4a3              Q91VC3      IF4A3_MOUSE   MGI:1923731
Eif4b               Q8BGD9      IF4B_MOUSE    MGI:95304
Eif4e               P63073      IF4E_MOUSE    MGI:95305
Eif4e1b             Q3UTA9      I4E1B_MOUSE   MGI:2685119
Eif4e2              Q8BMB3      IF4E2_MOUSE   MGI:1914440
Eif4e3              Q9DBB5      IF4E3_MOUSE   MGI:1914142
Eif4ebp1            Q60876      4EBP1_MOUSE   MGI:103267
Eif4ebp2            P70445      4EBP2_MOUSE   MGI:109198
Eif4ebp3            Q80VV3      4EBP3_MOUSE   MGI:1270847
Eif4enif1           Q9EST3      4ET_MOUSE     MGI:1921453
Eif4g1              Q6NZJ6      IF4G1_MOUSE   MGI:2384784
Eif4g2              Q62448      IF4G2_MOUSE   MGI:109207
Eif4g3              Q80XI3      IF4G3_MOUSE   MGI:1923935
Eif4h               Q9WUK2      IF4H_MOUSE    MGI:1341822
Eif5                P59325      IF5_MOUSE     MGI:95309
Eif5a               P63242      IF5A1_MOUSE   MGI:106248
Eif5a2              Q8BGY2      IF5A2_MOUSE   MGI:1933735
Eif5b               Q05D44      IF2P_MOUSE    MGI:2441772
Eif6                O55135      IF6_MOUSE     MGI:1196288
Eipr1               Q8K0G5      EIPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1289332
Elac1               Q8VEB6      RNZ1_MOUSE    MGI:1890495
Elac2               Q80Y81      RNZ2_MOUSE    MGI:1890496
Elane               Q3UP87      ELNE_MOUSE    MGI:2679229
Elapor1             A2AFS3      ELAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1923930
Elapor2             Q3UZV7      ELAP2_MOUSE   MGI:2443264
Elavl1              P70372      ELAV1_MOUSE   MGI:1100851
Elavl2              Q60899      ELAV2_MOUSE   MGI:1100887
Elavl3              Q60900      ELAV3_MOUSE   MGI:109157
Elavl4              Q61701      ELAV4_MOUSE   MGI:107427
Elf1                Q60775      ELF1_MOUSE    MGI:107180
Elf2                Q9JHC9      ELF2_MOUSE    MGI:1916507
Elf3                Q3UPW2      ELF3_MOUSE    MGI:1101781
Elf4                Q9Z2U4      ELF4_MOUSE    MGI:1928377
Elf5                Q8VDK3      ELF5_MOUSE    MGI:1335079
Elfn1               Q8C8T7      ELFN1_MOUSE   MGI:2442479
Elfn2               Q68FM6      PPR29_MOUSE   MGI:3608416
Elk1                P41969      ELK1_MOUSE    MGI:101833
Elk3                P41971      ELK3_MOUSE    MGI:101762
Elk4                P41158      ELK4_MOUSE    MGI:102853
Ell                 O08856      ELL_MOUSE     MGI:109377
Ell2                Q3UKU1      ELL2_MOUSE    MGI:2183438
Ell3                Q80VR2      ELL3_MOUSE    MGI:2673679
Elmo1               Q8BPU7      ELMO1_MOUSE   MGI:2153044
Elmo2               Q8BHL5      ELMO2_MOUSE   MGI:2153045
Elmo3               Q8BYZ7      ELMO3_MOUSE   MGI:2679007
Elmod1              Q3V1U8      ELMD1_MOUSE   MGI:3583900
Elmod2              Q8BGF6      ELMD2_MOUSE   MGI:2445165
Elmod3              Q91YP6      ELMD3_MOUSE   MGI:2445168
Eln                 P54320      ELN_MOUSE     MGI:95317
Eloa                Q8CB77      ELOA1_MOUSE   MGI:1351315
Elob                P62869      ELOB_MOUSE    MGI:1914923
Eloc                P83940      ELOC_MOUSE    MGI:1915173
Elof1               P60003      ELOF1_MOUSE   MGI:1913376
Elovl1              Q9JLJ5      ELOV1_MOUSE   MGI:1858959
Elovl2              Q9JLJ4      ELOV2_MOUSE   MGI:1858960
Elovl3              O35949      ELOV3_MOUSE   MGI:1195976
Elovl4              Q9EQC4      ELOV4_MOUSE   MGI:1933331
Elovl5              Q8BHI7      ELOV5_MOUSE   MGI:1916051
Elovl6              Q920L5      ELOV6_MOUSE   MGI:2156528
Elovl7              Q9D2Y9      ELOV7_MOUSE   MGI:1921809
Elp1                Q7TT37      ELP1_MOUSE    MGI:1914544
Elp2                Q91WG4      ELP2_MOUSE    MGI:1889642
Elp3                Q9CZX0      ELP3_MOUSE    MGI:1921445
Elp4                Q9ER73      ELP4_MOUSE    MGI:1925016
Elp5                Q99L85      ELP5_MOUSE    MGI:1859017
Elp6                Q8BK75      ELP6_MOUSE    MGI:1919349
Emb                 P21995      EMB_MOUSE     MGI:95321
Emc1                Q8C7X2      EMC1_MOUSE    MGI:2443696
Emc10               Q3TAS6      EMC10_MOUSE   MGI:1916933
Emc2                Q9CRD2      EMC2_MOUSE    MGI:1913986
Emc3                Q99KI3      EMC3_MOUSE    MGI:1913337
Emc4                Q9CZX9      EMC4_MOUSE    MGI:1915282
Emc6                Q9CQW0      EMC6_MOUSE    MGI:1913298
Emc7                Q9EP72      EMC7_MOUSE    MGI:1920274
Emc8                O70378      EMC8_MOUSE    MGI:1343095
Emc9                Q9DB76      EMC9_MOUSE    MGI:1934682
Emcn                Q9R0H2      MUCEN_MOUSE   MGI:1891716
Emd                 O08579      EMD_MOUSE     MGI:108117
Eme1                Q8BJW7      EME1_MOUSE    MGI:3576783
Eme2                Q56A04      EME2_MOUSE    MGI:1919889
Emg1                O35130      NEP1_MOUSE    MGI:1315195
Emid1               Q91VF5      EMID1_MOUSE   MGI:2155091
Emilin1             Q99K41      EMIL1_MOUSE   MGI:1926189
Emilin2             Q8K482      EMIL2_MOUSE   MGI:2389136
Emilin3             P59900      EMIL3_MOUSE   MGI:2389142
Eml1                Q05BC3      EMAL1_MOUSE   MGI:1915769
Eml2                Q7TNG5      EMAL2_MOUSE   MGI:1919455
Eml3                Q8VC03      EMAL3_MOUSE   MGI:2387612
Eml4                Q3UMY5      EMAL4_MOUSE   MGI:1926048
Eml5                Q8BQM8      EMAL5_MOUSE   MGI:2442513
Eml6                Q5SQM0      EMAL6_MOUSE   MGI:2442895
Emp1                P47801      EMP1_MOUSE    MGI:107941
Emp2                O88662      EMP2_MOUSE    MGI:1098726
Emp3                O35912      EMP3_MOUSE    MGI:1098729
Emsy                Q8BMB0      EMSY_MOUSE    MGI:1924203
Emx1                Q04742      EMX1_MOUSE    MGI:95387
Emx2                Q04744      EMX2_MOUSE    MGI:95388
En1                 P09065      HME1_MOUSE    MGI:95389
En2                 P09066      HME2_MOUSE    MGI:95390
Enah                Q03173      ENAH_MOUSE    MGI:108360
Enam                O55196      ENAM_MOUSE    MGI:1333772
Enc1                O35709      ENC1_MOUSE    MGI:109610
Endod1              Q8C522      ENDD1_MOUSE   MGI:1919196
Endog               O08600      NUCG_MOUSE    MGI:1261433
Endou               Q3V188      ENDOU_MOUSE   MGI:97746
Endov               Q8C9A2      ENDOV_MOUSE   MGI:2444688
Eng                 Q63961      EGLN_MOUSE    MGI:95392
Engase              Q8BX80      ENASE_MOUSE   MGI:2443788
Enho                Q8K1D8      ENHO_MOUSE    MGI:1916888
Enkd1               Q7TSV9      ENKD1_MOUSE   MGI:2142593
Enkur               Q6SP97      ENKUR_MOUSE   MGI:1918483
Eno1                P17182      ENOA_MOUSE    MGI:95393
Eno2                P17183      ENOG_MOUSE    MGI:95394
Eno3                P21550      ENOB_MOUSE    MGI:95395
Eno4                Q8C042      ENO4_MOUSE    MGI:2441717
Enoph1              Q8BGB7      ENOPH_MOUSE   MGI:1915120
Enox1               Q8BHR2      ENOX1_MOUSE   MGI:2444896
Enox2               Q8R0Z2      ENOX2_MOUSE   MGI:2384799
Enpep               P16406      AMPE_MOUSE    MGI:106645
Enpp1               P06802      ENPP1_MOUSE   MGI:97370
Enpp2               Q9R1E6      ENPP2_MOUSE   MGI:1321390
Enpp3               Q6DYE8      ENPP3_MOUSE   MGI:2143702
Enpp4               Q8BTJ4      ENPP4_MOUSE   MGI:2682634
Enpp5               Q9EQG7      ENPP5_MOUSE   MGI:1933830
Enpp6               Q8BGN3      ENPP6_MOUSE   MGI:2445171
Enpp7               Q3TIW9      ENPP7_MOUSE   MGI:3027917
Ensa                P60840      ENSA_MOUSE    MGI:1891189
ENSMUSG00000050218  P01651      KV5AI_MOUSE   MGI:3642338
Entpd1              P55772      ENTP1_MOUSE   MGI:102805
Entpd2              O55026      ENTP2_MOUSE   MGI:1096863
Entpd3              Q8BFW6      ENTP3_MOUSE   MGI:1321386
Entpd4              Q9DBT4      ENTP4_MOUSE   MGI:1914714
Entpd5              Q9WUZ9      ENTP5_MOUSE   MGI:1321385
Entpd6              Q3U0P5      ENTP6_MOUSE   MGI:1202295
Entpd7              Q3TCT4      ENTP7_MOUSE   MGI:2135885
Entpd8              Q8K0L2      ENTP8_MOUSE   MGI:1919340
Entr1               A2AIW0      ENTR1_MOUSE   MGI:1915362
Eny2                Q9JIX0      ENY2_MOUSE    MGI:1919286
Eogt                Q8BYW9      EOGT_MOUSE    MGI:2141669
Eola1               Q9D1F3      EOLA1_MOUSE   MGI:1915868
Eomes               O54839      EOMES_MOUSE   MGI:1201683
Ep300               B2RWS6      EP300_MOUSE   MGI:1276116
Ep400               Q8CHI8      EP400_MOUSE   MGI:1276124
Epas1               P97481      EPAS1_MOUSE   MGI:109169
Epb41               P48193      EPB41_MOUSE   MGI:95401
Epb41l1             Q9Z2H5      E41L1_MOUSE   MGI:103010
Epb41l2             O70318      E41L2_MOUSE   MGI:103009
Epb41l3             Q9WV92      E41L3_MOUSE   MGI:103008
Epb41l4a            P52963      E41LA_MOUSE   MGI:103007
Epb41l4b            Q9JMC8      E41LB_MOUSE   MGI:1859149
Epb41l5             Q8BGS1      E41L5_MOUSE   MGI:103006
Epb42               P49222      EPB42_MOUSE   MGI:95402
Epc1                Q8C9X6      EPC1_MOUSE    MGI:1278322
Epc2                Q8C0I4      EPC2_MOUSE    MGI:1278321
Epcam               Q99JW5      EPCAM_MOUSE   MGI:106653
Epdr1               Q99M71      EPDR1_MOUSE   MGI:2145369
Epg5                Q80TA9      EPG5_MOUSE    MGI:1918673
Epgn                Q924X1      EPGN_MOUSE    MGI:1919170
Epha1               Q60750      EPHA1_MOUSE   MGI:107381
Epha10              Q8BYG9      EPHAA_MOUSE   MGI:3586824
Epha2               Q03145      EPHA2_MOUSE   MGI:95278
Epha3               P29319      EPHA3_MOUSE   MGI:99612
Epha4               Q03137      EPHA4_MOUSE   MGI:98277
Epha5               Q60629      EPHA5_MOUSE   MGI:99654
Epha6               Q62413      EPHA6_MOUSE   MGI:108034
Epha7               Q61772      EPHA7_MOUSE   MGI:95276
Epha8               O09127      EPHA8_MOUSE   MGI:109378
Ephb1               Q8CBF3      EPHB1_MOUSE   MGI:1096337
Ephb2               P54763      EPHB2_MOUSE   MGI:99611
Ephb3               P54754      EPHB3_MOUSE   MGI:104770
Ephb4               P54761      EPHB4_MOUSE   MGI:104757
Ephb6               O08644      EPHB6_MOUSE   MGI:1096338
Ephx1               Q9D379      HYEP_MOUSE    MGI:95405
Ephx2               P34914      HYES_MOUSE    MGI:99500
Ephx3               Q3V1F8      EPHX3_MOUSE   MGI:1919182
Ephx4               Q6IE26      EPHX4_MOUSE   MGI:2686228
Epm2a               Q9WUA5      EPM2A_MOUSE   MGI:1341085
Epm2aip1            Q8VEH5      EPMIP_MOUSE   MGI:1925031
Epn1                Q80VP1      EPN1_MOUSE    MGI:1333763
Epn2                Q8CHU3      EPN2_MOUSE    MGI:1333766
Epn3                Q91W69      EPN3_MOUSE    MGI:1919139
Epo                 P07321      EPO_MOUSE     MGI:95407
Epop                Q7TNS8      EPOP_MOUSE    MGI:2143991
Epor                P14753      EPOR_MOUSE    MGI:95408
Epp13               E9Q7F5      EDD13_MOUSE   MGI:3643580
Eppin               Q9DA01      EPPI_MOUSE    MGI:1922776
Eppk1               Q8R0W0      EPIPL_MOUSE   MGI:2386306
Eprs                Q8CGC7      SYEP_MOUSE    MGI:97838
Eps15               P42567      EPS15_MOUSE   MGI:104583
Eps15l1             Q60902      EP15R_MOUSE   MGI:104582
Eps8                Q08509      EPS8_MOUSE    MGI:104684
Eps8l1              Q8R5F8      ES8L1_MOUSE   MGI:1914675
Eps8l2              Q99K30      ES8L2_MOUSE   MGI:2138828
Eps8l3              Q91WL0      ES8L3_MOUSE   MGI:2139743
Epsti1              Q8VDI1      ESIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915168
Epx                 P49290      PERE_MOUSE    MGI:107569
Epyc                P70186      EPYC_MOUSE    MGI:107942
Eqtn                Q9D9V2      EQTN_MOUSE    MGI:1915003
Eral1               Q9CZU4      ERAL1_MOUSE   MGI:1889295
Erap1               Q9EQH2      ERAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1933403
Eras                Q7TN89      RASE_MOUSE    MGI:2665023
Erbb2               P70424      ERBB2_MOUSE   MGI:95410
Erbb3               Q61526      ERBB3_MOUSE   MGI:95411
Erbb4               Q61527      ERBB4_MOUSE   MGI:104771
Erbin               Q80TH2      ERBIN_MOUSE   MGI:1890169
Erc1                Q99MI1      RB6I2_MOUSE   MGI:2151013
Erc2                Q6PH08      ERC2_MOUSE    MGI:1098749
Ercc1               P07903      ERCC1_MOUSE   MGI:95412
Ercc2               O08811      ERCC2_MOUSE   MGI:95413
Ercc3               P49135      ERCC3_MOUSE   MGI:95414
Ercc4               Q9QZD4      XPF_MOUSE     MGI:1354163
Ercc5               P35689      ERCC5_MOUSE   MGI:103582
Ercc6               F8VPZ5      ERCC6_MOUSE   MGI:1100494
Ercc6l              Q8BHK9      ERC6L_MOUSE   MGI:2654144
Ercc6l2             Q9JIM3      ER6L2_MOUSE   MGI:1923501
Ercc8               Q8CFD5      ERCC8_MOUSE   MGI:1919241
Ereg                Q61521      EREG_MOUSE    MGI:107508
Erf                 P70459      ERF_MOUSE     MGI:109637
Erfe                Q6PGN1      ERFE_MOUSE    MGI:3606476
Erg                 P81270      ERG_MOUSE     MGI:95415
Erg28               Q9ERY9      ERG28_MOUSE   MGI:1915571
Ergic1              Q9DC16      ERGI1_MOUSE   MGI:1914708
Ergic2              Q9CR89      ERGI2_MOUSE   MGI:1914706
Ergic3              Q9CQE7      ERGI3_MOUSE   MGI:1913616
Erh                 P84089      ERH_MOUSE     MGI:108089
Eri1                Q7TMF2      ERI1_MOUSE    MGI:1914526
Eri2                Q5BKS4      ERI2_MOUSE    MGI:1918401
Eri3                Q8C460      ERI3_MOUSE    MGI:2153887
Erich4              Q3UNU4      ERIC4_MOUSE   MGI:3646269
Erich5              Q8K0S2      ERIC5_MOUSE   MGI:2447772
Erich6              D3Z6S9      ERIP6_MOUSE   MGI:3588212
Erlec1              Q8VEH8      ERLEC_MOUSE   MGI:1914003
Erlin1              Q91X78      ERLN1_MOUSE   MGI:2387613
Erlin2              Q8BFZ9      ERLN2_MOUSE   MGI:2387215
Ermap               Q9JLN5      ERMAP_MOUSE   MGI:1349816
Ermn                Q5EBJ4      ERMIN_MOUSE   MGI:1925017
Ermp1               Q3UVK0      ERMP1_MOUSE   MGI:106250
Ern1                Q9EQY0      ERN1_MOUSE    MGI:1930134
Ern2                Q9Z2E3      ERN2_MOUSE    MGI:1349436
Ero1a               Q8R180      ERO1A_MOUSE   MGI:1354385
Ero1b               Q8R2E9      ERO1B_MOUSE   MGI:1914725
Erp27               Q9D8U3      ERP27_MOUSE   MGI:1916437
Erp29               P57759      ERP29_MOUSE   MGI:1914647
Erp44               Q9D1Q6      ERP44_MOUSE   MGI:1923549
Errfi1              Q99JZ7      ERRFI_MOUSE   MGI:1921405
Esam                Q925F2      ESAM_MOUSE    MGI:1916774
Esco1               Q69Z69      ESCO1_MOUSE   MGI:1925055
Esco2               Q8CIB9      ESCO2_MOUSE   MGI:1919238
Esd                 Q9R0P3      ESTD_MOUSE    MGI:95421
Esf1                Q3V1V3      ESF1_MOUSE    MGI:1913830
Esm1                Q9QYY7      ESM1_MOUSE    MGI:1918940
Esp1                Q3LHH8      ESP1_MOUSE    MGI:3645915
Esp22               A8R0V4      ESP22_MOUSE   MGI:5510833
Espl1               P60330      ESPL1_MOUSE   MGI:2146156
Espn                Q9ET47      ESPN_MOUSE    MGI:1861630
Espnl               Q3UYR4      ESPNL_MOUSE   MGI:2685402
Esr1                P19785      ESR1_MOUSE    MGI:1352467
Esr2                O08537      ESR2_MOUSE    MGI:109392
Esrp1               Q3US41      ESRP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917326
Esrp2               Q8K0G8      ESRP2_MOUSE   MGI:1924661
Esrra               O08580      ERR1_MOUSE    MGI:1346831
Esrrb               Q61539      ERR2_MOUSE    MGI:1346832
Esrrg               P62509      ERR3_MOUSE    MGI:1347056
Ess2                O70279      ESS2_MOUSE    MGI:107854
Esyt1               Q3U7R1      ESYT1_MOUSE   MGI:1344426
Esyt2               Q3TZZ7      ESYT2_MOUSE   MGI:1261845
Esyt3               Q5DTI8      ESYT3_MOUSE   MGI:1098699
Etaa1               Q5SVT3      ETAA1_MOUSE   MGI:1915395
Etd                 Q80SW5      ETD_MOUSE     MGI:1916751
Etf1                Q8BWY3      ERF1_MOUSE    MGI:2385071
Etfa                Q99LC5      ETFA_MOUSE    MGI:106092
Etfb                Q9DCW4      ETFB_MOUSE    MGI:106098
Etfdh               Q921G7      ETFD_MOUSE    MGI:106100
Etfrf1              Q91V16      ETFR1_MOUSE   MGI:1914886
Ethe1               Q9DCM0      ETHE1_MOUSE   MGI:1913321
Etl4                A2AQ25      SKT_MOUSE     MGI:95454
Etnk1               Q9D4V0      EKI1_MOUSE    MGI:1922570
Etnk2               A7MCT6      EKI2_MOUSE    MGI:2443760
Etnppl              Q8BWU8      AT2L1_MOUSE   MGI:1919010
Ets1                P27577      ETS1_MOUSE    MGI:95455
Ets2                P15037      ETS2_MOUSE    MGI:95456
Etv1                P41164      ETV1_MOUSE    MGI:99254
Etv2                P41163      ETV2_MOUSE    MGI:99253
Etv3                Q8R4Z4      ETV3_MOUSE    MGI:1350926
Etv4                P28322      ETV4_MOUSE    MGI:99423
Etv5                Q9CXC9      ETV5_MOUSE    MGI:1096867
Etv6                P97360      ETV6_MOUSE    MGI:109336
Eva1a               Q91WM6      EVA1A_MOUSE   MGI:2385247
Eva1b               Q8K2Y3      EVA1B_MOUSE   MGI:1922063
Eva1c               P58659      EVA1C_MOUSE   MGI:1918217
Evc                 P57680      EVC_MOUSE     MGI:1890596
Evc2                Q8K1G2      LBN_MOUSE     MGI:1915775
Evi2a               P20934      EVI2A_MOUSE   MGI:95458
Evi2b               Q8VD58      EVI2B_MOUSE   MGI:1890682
Evi5                P97366      EVI5_MOUSE    MGI:104736
Evl                 P70429      EVL_MOUSE     MGI:1194884
Evpl                Q9D952      EVPL_MOUSE    MGI:107507
Evx1                P23683      EVX1_MOUSE    MGI:95461
Evx2                P49749      EVX2_MOUSE    MGI:95462
Ewsr1               Q61545      EWS_MOUSE     MGI:99960
Exd1                Q8CDF7      EXD1_MOUSE    MGI:3045306
Exd2                Q8VEG4      EXD2_MOUSE    MGI:1922485
Exo1                Q9QZ11      EXO1_MOUSE    MGI:1349427
Exo5                Q9CXP9      EXO5_MOUSE    MGI:1920422
Exoc1               Q8R3S6      EXOC1_MOUSE   MGI:2445020
Exoc2               Q9D4H1      EXOC2_MOUSE   MGI:1913732
Exoc3               Q6KAR6      EXOC3_MOUSE   MGI:2443972
Exoc3l              Q8BI71      EX3L1_MOUSE   MGI:3041195
Exoc3l4             Q6DIA2      EX3L4_MOUSE   MGI:1921363
Exoc4               O35382      EXOC4_MOUSE   MGI:1096376
Exoc5               Q3TPX4      EXOC5_MOUSE   MGI:2145645
Exoc6               Q8R313      EXOC6_MOUSE   MGI:1351611
Exoc6b              A6H5Z3      EXC6B_MOUSE   MGI:1923164
Exoc7               O35250      EXOC7_MOUSE   MGI:1859270
Exoc8               Q6PGF7      EXOC8_MOUSE   MGI:2142527
Exog                Q8C163      EXOG_MOUSE    MGI:2143333
Exosc1              Q9DAA6      EXOS1_MOUSE   MGI:1913833
Exosc10             P56960      EXOSX_MOUSE   MGI:1355322
Exosc2              Q8VBV3      EXOS2_MOUSE   MGI:2385133
Exosc3              Q7TQK4      EXOS3_MOUSE   MGI:1913612
Exosc4              Q921I9      EXOS4_MOUSE   MGI:1923576
Exosc5              Q9CRA8      EXOS5_MOUSE   MGI:107889
Exosc6              Q8BTW3      EXOS6_MOUSE   MGI:1919794
Exosc7              Q9D0M0      EXOS7_MOUSE   MGI:1913696
Exosc8              Q9D753      EXOS8_MOUSE   MGI:1916889
Exosc9              Q9JHI7      EXOS9_MOUSE   MGI:1355319
Exph5               Q0VAV2      EXPH5_MOUSE   MGI:2443248
Ext1                P97464      EXT1_MOUSE    MGI:894663
Ext2                P70428      EXT2_MOUSE    MGI:108050
Extl1               Q9JKV7      EXTL1_MOUSE   MGI:1888742
Extl2               Q9ES89      EXTL2_MOUSE   MGI:1889574
Extl3               Q9WVL6      EXTL3_MOUSE   MGI:1860765
Eya1                P97767      EYA1_MOUSE    MGI:109344
Eya2                O08575      EYA2_MOUSE    MGI:109341
Eya3                P97480      EYA3_MOUSE    MGI:109339
Eya4                Q9Z191      EYA4_MOUSE    MGI:1337104
Ezh1                P70351      EZH1_MOUSE    MGI:1097695
Ezh2                Q61188      EZH2_MOUSE    MGI:107940
Ezhip               B1B0V2      EZHIP_MOUSE   MGI:2147968
Ezr                 P26040      EZRI_MOUSE    MGI:98931
F10                 O88947      FA10_MOUSE    MGI:103107
F11                 Q91Y47      FA11_MOUSE    MGI:99481
F11r                O88792      JAM1_MOUSE    MGI:1321398
F12                 Q80YC5      FA12_MOUSE    MGI:1891012
F13a1               Q8BH61      F13A_MOUSE    MGI:1921395
F13b                Q07968      F13B_MOUSE    MGI:88379
F2                  P19221      THRB_MOUSE    MGI:88380
F2r                 P30558      PAR1_MOUSE    MGI:101802
F2rl1               P55086      PAR2_MOUSE    MGI:101910
F2rl2               O08675      PAR3_MOUSE    MGI:1298208
F2rl3               O88634      PAR4_MOUSE    MGI:1298207
F3                  P20352      TF_MOUSE      MGI:88381
F5                  O88783      FA5_MOUSE     MGI:88382
F630003A18Rik       Q8BTP3      MO2R5_MOUSE   MGI:2442797
F7                  P70375      FA7_MOUSE     MGI:109325
F8                  Q06194      FA8_MOUSE     MGI:88383
F8a                 Q00558      HAP40_MOUSE   MGI:95474
F9                  P16294      FA9_MOUSE     MGI:88384
Fa2h                Q5MPP0      FA2H_MOUSE    MGI:2443327
Faah                O08914      FAAH1_MOUSE   MGI:109609
Faap100             A2ACJ2      FP100_MOUSE   MGI:1919135
Faap20              Q3UN58      FAP20_MOUSE   MGI:1914763
Faap24              Q8BHL6      FAP24_MOUSE   MGI:2142208
Fabp1               P12710      FABPL_MOUSE   MGI:95479
Fabp12              Q9DAK4      FBP12_MOUSE   MGI:1922747
Fabp2               P55050      FABPI_MOUSE   MGI:95478
Fabp3               P11404      FABPH_MOUSE   MGI:95476
Fabp4               P04117      FABP4_MOUSE   MGI:88038
Fabp5               Q05816      FABP5_MOUSE   MGI:101790
Fabp6               P51162      FABP6_MOUSE   MGI:96565
Fabp7               P51880      FABP7_MOUSE   MGI:101916
Fabp9               O08716      FABP9_MOUSE   MGI:1194881
Fadd                Q61160      FADD_MOUSE    MGI:109324
Fads1               Q920L1      FADS1_MOUSE   MGI:1923517
Fads2               Q9Z0R9      FADS2_MOUSE   MGI:1930079
Fads2b              Q0VAX3      FS2P1_MOUSE   MGI:2687041
Fads3               Q9JJE7      FADS3_MOUSE   MGI:1928740
Fads6               Q80UG1      FADS6_MOUSE   MGI:3039592
Faf1                P54731      FAF1_MOUSE    MGI:109419
Faf2                Q3TDN2      FAF2_MOUSE    MGI:1923827
Fah                 P35505      FAAA_MOUSE    MGI:95482
Fahd1               Q8R0F8      FAHD1_MOUSE   MGI:1915886
Fahd2a              Q3TC72      FAHD2_MOUSE   MGI:1915376
Faim                Q9WUD8      FAIM1_MOUSE   MGI:1344387
Faim2               Q8K097      LFG2_MOUSE    MGI:1919643
Fam102a             Q78T81      F102A_MOUSE   MGI:2138935
Fam102b             Q8BQS4      F102B_MOUSE   MGI:3036259
Fam107a             Q78TU8      F107A_MOUSE   MGI:3041256
Fam107b             Q3TGF2      F107B_MOUSE   MGI:1913790
Fam110a             Q8R184      F110A_MOUSE   MGI:1921097
Fam110b             Q8C739      F110B_MOUSE   MGI:1916593
Fam110c             Q8VE94      F110C_MOUSE   MGI:1918813
Fam110d             Q80X91      F110D_MOUSE   MGI:1919940
Fam111a             Q9D2L9      F111A_MOUSE   MGI:1915508
Fam114a1            Q9D281      NXP20_MOUSE   MGI:1915553
Fam114a2            Q8VE88      F1142_MOUSE   MGI:1917629
Fam117a             Q7TNF9      F117A_MOUSE   MGI:2144564
Fam117b             Q3U3E2      F117B_MOUSE   MGI:1920000
Fam118a             Q91YN1      F118A_MOUSE   MGI:1920475
Fam118b             Q8C569      F118B_MOUSE   MGI:1924483
Fam120a             Q6A0A9      F120A_MOUSE   MGI:2446163
Fam120b             Q6RI63      F120B_MOUSE   MGI:1914794
Fam120c             Q8C3F2      F120C_MOUSE   MGI:2387687
Fam122a             Q9DB52      PBIR1_MOUSE   MGI:1915284
Fam122b             Q6NZE7      PBIR2_MOUSE   MGI:1926005
Fam124b             Q8BLQ0      F124B_MOUSE   MGI:3026880
Fam126a             Q6P9N1      HYCCI_MOUSE   MGI:2149839
Fam126b             Q8C729      F126B_MOUSE   MGI:1098784
Fam131a             Q8BWU3      F131A_MOUSE   MGI:1925658
Fam131b             Q3TY60      F131B_MOUSE   MGI:1923406
Fam133b             Q9CVI2      F133B_MOUSE   MGI:1915402
Fam135a             Q6NS59      F135A_MOUSE   MGI:1915437
Fam135b             Q9DAI6      F135B_MOUSE   MGI:1917613
Fam136a             Q9CR98      F136A_MOUSE   MGI:1913738
Fam13a              Q8BGI4      FA13A_MOUSE   MGI:1889842
Fam13b              Q8K2H3      FA13B_MOUSE   MGI:2447834
Fam13c              Q9DBR2      FA13C_MOUSE   MGI:1918971
Fam149a             Q8CFV2      F149A_MOUSE   MGI:2387177
Fam149b             Q6NSV7      F149B_MOUSE   MGI:2145567
Fam151a             Q8QZW3      F151A_MOUSE   MGI:2657115
Fam160a1            Q505K2      FHI1A_MOUSE   MGI:2444746
Fam160a2            Q3U2I3      FHI1B_MOUSE   MGI:1921599
Fam160b1            Q8CDM8      FHI2A_MOUSE   MGI:2147545
Fam160b2            Q80YR2      FHI2B_MOUSE   MGI:3036290
Fam161a             Q8QZV6      F161A_MOUSE   MGI:1921123
Fam161b             Q8CB59      F161B_MOUSE   MGI:2443027
Fam162a             Q9D6U8      F162A_MOUSE   MGI:1917436
Fam162b             Q9CX19      F162B_MOUSE   MGI:1924546
Fam163a             Q8CAA5      F163A_MOUSE   MGI:3618859
Fam163b             Q8BUM6      F163B_MOUSE   MGI:1926106
Fam166a             Q9D4K5      F166A_MOUSE   MGI:3605773
Fam166b             A2AIP0      F166B_MOUSE   MGI:2445194
Fam166c             Q9DAS2      F166C_MOUSE   MGI:1922684
Fam167a             Q6P1G6      F167A_MOUSE   MGI:3606565
Fam167b             P17257      F167B_MOUSE   MGI:2668032
Fam168a             Q8BGZ2      F168A_MOUSE   MGI:2442372
Fam168b             Q80XQ8      F168B_MOUSE   MGI:2448487
Fam169a             Q5XG69      F169A_MOUSE   MGI:2444268
Fam169b             Q8CHT6      F169B_MOUSE   MGI:3644026
Fam170a             Q66LM6      F170A_MOUSE   MGI:2684939
Fam170b             E9PXT9      F170B_MOUSE   MGI:2145650
Fam171a2            A2A699      F1712_MOUSE   MGI:2448496
Fam171b             Q14CH0      F171B_MOUSE   MGI:2444579
Fam172a             Q3TNH5      F172A_MOUSE   MGI:1915925
Fam174a             Q9D3L0      F174A_MOUSE   MGI:1914948
Fam174b             Q8K064      F174B_MOUSE   MGI:3698178
Fam174c             Q9DAZ5      F174C_MOUSE   MGI:1917020
Fam178b             Q24JP3      F178B_MOUSE   MGI:3026913
Fam180a             Q8BR21      F180A_MOUSE   MGI:3039626
Fam181b             Q80VF6      F181B_MOUSE   MGI:1930951
Fam183b             Q5NC57      F183B_MOUSE   MGI:1922679
Fam184b             Q0KK56      F184B_MOUSE   MGI:2442958
Fam185a             Q7TPD2      F185A_MOUSE   MGI:2140983
Fam186a             Q9D9R9      F186A_MOUSE   MGI:2685766
Fam187a             Q9D3R5      F187A_MOUSE   MGI:1914034
Fam187b             Q0VAY3      F187B_MOUSE   MGI:1923665
Fam189a1            Q6A044      F1891_MOUSE   MGI:1917888
Fam189a2            Q4FZH1      F1892_MOUSE   MGI:2685813
Fam189b             Q5HZJ5      F189B_MOUSE   MGI:1915771
Fam193a             Q8CGI1      F193A_MOUSE   MGI:2447768
Fam193b             Q3U2K0      F193B_MOUSE   MGI:2385851
Fam198b             Q3UPI1      GAK1B_MOUSE   MGI:1915909
Fam199x             Q8K2D0      F199X_MOUSE   MGI:2384304
Fam204a             Q8C6C7      F204A_MOUSE   MGI:1289174
Fam205a2            C0HKD1      F25A2_MOUSE   MGI:3701946
Fam205a3            C0HKD2      F25A3_MOUSE   MGI:5434953
Fam205a4            C0HKD3      F25A4_MOUSE   MGI:5434294
Fam205c             Q80YD3      F205C_MOUSE   MGI:2679716
Fam207a             P58468      SLX9_MOUSE    MGI:1916334
Fam209              A2APA5      FA209_MOUSE   MGI:1923676
Fam20a              Q8CID3      FA20A_MOUSE   MGI:2388266
Fam20b              Q8VCS3      XYLK_MOUSE    MGI:2443990
Fam20c              Q5MJS3      FA20C_MOUSE   MGI:2136853
Fam210a             Q8BGY7      F210A_MOUSE   MGI:1914000
Fam210b             Q9D8B6      F210B_MOUSE   MGI:1914267
Fam214a             Q69ZK7      F214A_MOUSE   MGI:2387648
Fam214b             Q8BR27      F214B_MOUSE   MGI:2441854
Fam216a             Q9DB54      F216A_MOUSE   MGI:1916198
Fam216b             Q8CC14      F216B_MOUSE   MGI:2145738
Fam217a             Q9D9W6      F217A_MOUSE   MGI:1919114
Fam219a             Q9D772      F219A_MOUSE   MGI:1919151
Fam219b             Q14DQ1      F219B_MOUSE   MGI:1925573
Fam220a             Q3ZN08      F220A_MOUSE   MGI:1914488
Fam221a             Q8C790      F221A_MOUSE   MGI:2442161
Fam221b             Q8C627      F221B_MOUSE   MGI:2441678
Fam222a             Q6PGH4      F222A_MOUSE   MGI:3605543
Fam222b             Q6P539      F222B_MOUSE   MGI:2384939
Fam227b             Q9D518      F227B_MOUSE   MGI:1923073
Fam228a             Q8CDW1      F228A_MOUSE   MGI:1922105
Fam228b             Q497Q6      F228B_MOUSE   MGI:2442121
Fam229a             B2KGE5      F229A_MOUSE   MGI:1915483
Fam229b             Q8CF36      F229B_MOUSE   MGI:1913587
Fam234a             Q8C0Z1      F234A_MOUSE   MGI:2146854
Fam234b             Q8BYI8      F234B_MOUSE   MGI:1921775
Fam241a             Q9CZL2      F241A_MOUSE   MGI:1917867
Fam241b             Q9D882      F241B_MOUSE   MGI:1917144
Fam243              Q8CDS7      FA243_MOUSE   MGI:1922578
Fam24a              Q8CF27      FA24A_MOUSE   MGI:1915473
Fam25c              Q8CF02      FM25C_MOUSE   MGI:1916384
Fam32a              Q9CR80      FA32A_MOUSE   MGI:1915172
Fam3a               Q9D8T0      FAM3A_MOUSE   MGI:1913544
Fam3b               Q9D309      FAM3B_MOUSE   MGI:1270150
Fam3c               Q91VU0      FAM3C_MOUSE   MGI:107892
Fam3d               P97805      FAM3D_MOUSE   MGI:1201784
Fam43a              Q8BUP8      FA43A_MOUSE   MGI:2676309
Fam50a              Q9WV03      FA50A_MOUSE   MGI:1351626
Fam50b              Q9WTJ8      FA50B_MOUSE   MGI:1351640
Fam53a              E9PV82      FA53A_MOUSE   MGI:1919225
Fam53b              Q8BGR5      FA53B_MOUSE   MGI:1925188
Fam53c              Q8BXQ8      FA53C_MOUSE   MGI:1913556
Fam71b              Q5STT6      GAR3_MOUSE    MGI:3650836
Fam71d              D3YV92      GAR2_MOUSE    MGI:1918147
Fam71e1             A1L3C1      GAR5A_MOUSE   MGI:1922788
Fam71f1             Q3UZD7      GAR1B_MOUSE   MGI:3032524
Fam71f2             B2RXB0      GAR1A_MOUSE   MGI:2141439
Fam72a              Q8BFZ8      FA72A_MOUSE   MGI:1919669
Fam76a              Q922G2      FA76A_MOUSE   MGI:2385211
Fam76b              Q80XP8      FA76B_MOUSE   MGI:1920076
Fam78a              Q8C552      FA78A_MOUSE   MGI:2443569
Fam78b              Q8BQN5      FA78B_MOUSE   MGI:2443050
Fam81a              Q3UXZ6      FA81A_MOUSE   MGI:1924136
Fam83a              Q8K2P2      FA83A_MOUSE   MGI:2447773
Fam83b              Q0VBM2      FA83B_MOUSE   MGI:2685362
Fam83c              A2ARK0      FA83C_MOUSE   MGI:1918655
Fam83d              Q9D7I8      FA83D_MOUSE   MGI:1919128
Fam83e              Q80XS7      FA83E_MOUSE   MGI:1921063
Fam83f              Q3UKU4      FA83F_MOUSE   MGI:2146227
Fam83g              Q5SWY7      FA83G_MOUSE   MGI:1916890
Fam83h              Q148V8      FA83H_MOUSE   MGI:2145900
Fam89a              Q14BJ1      FA89A_MOUSE   MGI:1916877
Fam89b              Q9QUI1      LRA25_MOUSE   MGI:106595
Fam91a1             Q3UVG3      F91A1_MOUSE   MGI:1277178
Fam98a              Q3TJZ6      FA98A_MOUSE   MGI:1919972
Fam98b              Q80VD1      FA98B_MOUSE   MGI:1915465
Fan1                Q69ZT1      FAN1_MOUSE    MGI:3045266
Fanca               Q9JL70      FANCA_MOUSE   MGI:1341823
Fancb               Q5XJY6      FANCB_MOUSE   MGI:2448558
Fancc               P50652      FANCC_MOUSE   MGI:95480
Fancd2              Q80V62      FACD2_MOUSE   MGI:2448480
Fancd2os            Q9D4K4      FACOS_MOUSE   MGI:1918229
Fancf               E9Q5Z5      FANCF_MOUSE   MGI:3689889
Fancg               Q9EQR6      FANCG_MOUSE   MGI:1926471
Fanci               Q8K368      FANCI_MOUSE   MGI:2384790
Fancl               Q9CR14      FANCL_MOUSE   MGI:1914280
Fancm               Q8BGE5      FANCM_MOUSE   MGI:2442306
Fank1               Q9DAM9      FANK1_MOUSE   MGI:1914180
Fap                 P97321      SEPR_MOUSE    MGI:109608
Far1                Q922J9      FACR1_MOUSE   MGI:1914670
Far2                Q7TNT2      FACR2_MOUSE   MGI:2687035
Farp1               F8VPU2      FARP1_MOUSE   MGI:2446173
Farp2               Q91VS8      FARP2_MOUSE   MGI:2385126
Fars2               Q99M01      SYFM_MOUSE    MGI:1917205
Farsa               Q8C0C7      SYFA_MOUSE    MGI:1913840
Farsb               Q9WUA2      SYFB_MOUSE    MGI:1346035
Fas                 P25446      TNR6_MOUSE    MGI:95484
Fasl                P41047      TNFL6_MOUSE   MGI:99255
Fasn                P19096      FAS_MOUSE     MGI:95485
Fastk               Q9JIX9      FASTK_MOUSE   MGI:1913837
Fastkd1             Q6DI86      FAKD1_MOUSE   MGI:2444596
Fastkd2             Q922E6      FAKD2_MOUSE   MGI:1922869
Fastkd3             Q8BSN9      FAKD3_MOUSE   MGI:1916827
Fastkd5             Q7TMV3      FAKD5_MOUSE   MGI:2139469
Fat2                Q5F226      FAT2_MOUSE    MGI:2685369
Fat3                Q8BNA6      FAT3_MOUSE    MGI:2444314
Fat4                Q2PZL6      FAT4_MOUSE    MGI:3045256
Fate1               Q8CEK7      FATE1_MOUSE   MGI:1925155
Fau                 P35545      UBIM_MOUSE    MGI:102547
                    P62862      RS30_MOUSE 
Faxc                Q3UMF9      FAXC_MOUSE    MGI:1923382
Fbf1                A2A870      FBF1_MOUSE    MGI:1922033
Fbh1                Q8K2I9      FBH1_MOUSE    MGI:1354699
Fbl                 P35550      FBRL_MOUSE    MGI:95486
Fblim1              Q71FD7      FBLI1_MOUSE   MGI:1921452
Fbll1               Q80WS3      FBLL1_MOUSE   MGI:3034689
Fbln1               Q08879      FBLN1_MOUSE   MGI:95487
Fbln2               P37889      FBLN2_MOUSE   MGI:95488
Fbln5               Q9WVH9      FBLN5_MOUSE   MGI:1346091
Fbln7               Q501P1      FBLN7_MOUSE   MGI:1917620
Fbn1                Q61554      FBN1_MOUSE    MGI:95489
Fbn2                Q61555      FBN2_MOUSE    MGI:95490
Fbp1                Q9QXD6      F16P1_MOUSE   MGI:95492
Fbp2                P70695      F16P2_MOUSE   MGI:95491
Fbrs                Q8R089      FBRS_MOUSE    MGI:104648
Fbxl12              Q9EPX5      FXL12_MOUSE   MGI:1354738
Fbxl13              Q8CDU4      DRC6_MOUSE    MGI:2443416
Fbxl14              Q8BID8      FXL14_MOUSE   MGI:2141676
Fbxl15              Q91W61      FXL15_MOUSE   MGI:1915681
Fbxl16              A2RT62      FXL16_MOUSE   MGI:2448488
Fbxl17              Q9QZN1      FXL17_MOUSE   MGI:1354704
Fbxl19              Q6PB97      FXL19_MOUSE   MGI:3039600
Fbxl2               Q8BH16      FBXL2_MOUSE   MGI:1919429
Fbxl20              Q9CZV8      FXL20_MOUSE   MGI:1919444
Fbxl21              Q8BFZ4      FXL21_MOUSE   MGI:2442921
Fbxl22              Q8C7B6      FXL22_MOUSE   MGI:1921415
Fbxl3               Q8C4V4      FBXL3_MOUSE   MGI:1354702
Fbxl4               Q8BH70      FBXL4_MOUSE   MGI:2140367
Fbxl5               Q8C2S5      FBXL5_MOUSE   MGI:2152883
Fbxl6               Q9QXW0      FBXL6_MOUSE   MGI:1354705
Fbxl7               Q5BJ29      FBXL7_MOUSE   MGI:3052506
Fbxl8               Q8CIG9      FBXL8_MOUSE   MGI:1354697
Fbxo10              Q7TQF2      FBX10_MOUSE   MGI:2686937
Fbxo11              Q7TPD1      FBX11_MOUSE   MGI:2147134
Fbxo15              Q9QZN0      FBX15_MOUSE   MGI:1354755
Fbxo16              Q9QZM9      FBX16_MOUSE   MGI:1354706
Fbxo17              Q9QZM8      FBX17_MOUSE   MGI:1354707
Fbxo2               Q80UW2      FBX2_MOUSE    MGI:2446216
Fbxo21              Q8VDH1      FBX21_MOUSE   MGI:1924223
Fbxo22              Q78JE5      FBX22_MOUSE   MGI:1926014
Fbxo24              Q9D417      FBX24_MOUSE   MGI:1918426
Fbxo25              Q9D2Y6      FBX25_MOUSE   MGI:1914072
Fbxo27              Q6DIA9      FBX27_MOUSE   MGI:2685007
Fbxo28              Q8BIG4      FBX28_MOUSE   MGI:1261890
Fbxo3               Q9DC63      FBX3_MOUSE    MGI:1929084
Fbxo30              Q8BJL1      FBX30_MOUSE   MGI:1919115
Fbxo31              Q3TQF0      FBX31_MOUSE   MGI:1354708
Fbxo32              Q9CPU7      FBX32_MOUSE   MGI:1914981
Fbxo33              Q8VE08      FBX33_MOUSE   MGI:1917861
Fbxo34              Q80XI1      FBX34_MOUSE   MGI:1926188
Fbxo36              Q9CQ24      FBX36_MOUSE   MGI:1289192
Fbxo38              Q8BMI0      FBX38_MOUSE   MGI:2444639
Fbxo39              Q5NBU5      FBX39_MOUSE   MGI:3505735
Fbxo4               Q8CHQ0      FBX4_MOUSE    MGI:2146220
Fbxo40              P62932      FBX40_MOUSE   MGI:2443753
Fbxo41              Q6NS60      FBX41_MOUSE   MGI:1261912
Fbxo42              Q6PDJ6      FBX42_MOUSE   MGI:1924992
Fbxo43              Q8CDI2      FBX43_MOUSE   MGI:1926053
Fbxo44              Q8BK26      FBX44_MOUSE   MGI:1354744
Fbxo45              Q8K3B1      FBSP1_MOUSE   MGI:2447775
Fbxo46              Q8BG80      FBX46_MOUSE   MGI:2444918
Fbxo47              A2A6H3      FBX47_MOUSE   MGI:1920223
Fbxo48              Q8CAT8      FBX48_MOUSE   MGI:2442569
Fbxo5               Q7TSG3      FBX5_MOUSE    MGI:1914391
Fbxo6               Q9QZN4      FBX6_MOUSE    MGI:1354743
Fbxo7               Q3U7U3      FBX7_MOUSE    MGI:1917004
Fbxo8               Q9QZN3      FBX8_MOUSE    MGI:1354696
Fbxo9               Q8BK06      FBX9_MOUSE    MGI:1918788
Fbxw10              Q5SUS0      FBW10_MOUSE   MGI:3052463
Fbxw11              Q5SRY7      FBW1B_MOUSE   MGI:2144023
Fbxw15              L7N1X6      FBW15_MOUSE   MGI:3505701
Fbxw2               Q60584      FBXW2_MOUSE   MGI:1353435
Fbxw4               Q9JMJ2      FBXW4_MOUSE   MGI:1354698
Fbxw5               Q9QXW2      FBXW5_MOUSE   MGI:1354731
Fbxw7               Q8VBV4      FBXW7_MOUSE   MGI:1354695
Fbxw7as1            Q2QKR2      DEAR_MOUSE    MGI:3614654
Fbxw8               Q8BIA4      FBXW8_MOUSE   MGI:1923041
Fcamr               Q2TB54      FCAMR_MOUSE   MGI:1927803
Fcer1a              P20489      FCERA_MOUSE   MGI:95494
Fcer1g              P20491      FCERG_MOUSE   MGI:95496
Fcer2a              P20693      FCER2_MOUSE   MGI:95497
Fcf1                Q9CTH6      FCF1_MOUSE    MGI:1920986
Fcgr1               P26151      FCGR1_MOUSE   MGI:95498
Fcgr2b              P08101      FCGR2_MOUSE   MGI:95499
Fcgr3               P08508      FCGR3_MOUSE   MGI:95500
Fcgr4               A0A0B4J1G0  FCG3A_MOUSE   MGI:2179523
Fcgrt               Q61559      FCGRN_MOUSE   MGI:103017
Fcho1               Q8K285      FCHO1_MOUSE   MGI:1921265
Fcho2               Q3UQN2      FCHO2_MOUSE   MGI:3505790
Fchsd1              Q6PFY1      FCSD1_MOUSE   MGI:2441771
Fchsd2              Q3USJ8      FCSD2_MOUSE   MGI:2448475
Fcmr                A1KXC4      FAIM3_MOUSE   MGI:1916419
Fcna                O70165      FCN1_MOUSE    MGI:1340905
Fcnb                O70497      FCN2_MOUSE    MGI:1341158
Fcor                P0DJI6      FCOR_MOUSE    MGI:1915484
Fcrl1               Q8R4Y0      FCRL1_MOUSE   MGI:2442862
Fcrl5               Q68SN8      FCRL5_MOUSE   MGI:3053558
Fcrl6               A1YIY0      FCRL6_MOUSE   MGI:3618339
Fcrla               Q920A9      FCRLA_MOUSE   MGI:2138647
Fcrlb               Q5DRQ8      FCRLB_MOUSE   MGI:3576487
Fcsk                Q7TMC8      FCSK_MOUSE    MGI:1916071
Fdft1               P53798      FDFT_MOUSE    MGI:102706
Fdps                Q920E5      FPPS_MOUSE    MGI:104888
Fdx1                P46656      ADX_MOUSE     MGI:103224
Fdx2                Q9CPW2      FDX2_MOUSE    MGI:1915415
Fdxacb1             Q3UY23      FDXA1_MOUSE   MGI:3584513
Fdxr                Q61578      ADRO_MOUSE    MGI:104724
Fech                P22315      HEMH_MOUSE    MGI:95513
Fem1a               Q9Z2G1      FM1AA_MOUSE   MGI:1335089
Fem1b               Q9Z2G0      FEM1B_MOUSE   MGI:1335087
Fem1c               Q8CEF1      FEM1C_MOUSE   MGI:2444737
Fen1                P39749      FEN1_MOUSE    MGI:102779
Fer                 P70451      FER_MOUSE     MGI:105917
Fer1l4              A3KGK3      FR1L4_MOUSE   MGI:1921812
Fer1l5              P0DM40      FR1L5_MOUSE   MGI:3616091
Ferd3l              Q923Z4      FER3L_MOUSE   MGI:2150010
Fermt1              P59113      FERM1_MOUSE   MGI:2443583
Fermt2              Q8CIB5      FERM2_MOUSE   MGI:2385001
Fermt3              Q8K1B8      URP2_MOUSE    MGI:2147790
Fes                 P16879      FES_MOUSE     MGI:95514
Fetub               Q9QXC1      FETUB_MOUSE   MGI:1890221
Fev                 Q8QZW2      FEV_MOUSE     MGI:2449712
Fez1                Q8K0X8      FEZ1_MOUSE    MGI:2670976
Fez2                Q6TYB5      FEZ2_MOUSE    MGI:2675856
Fezf1               Q0VDQ9      FEZF1_MOUSE   MGI:1920441
Fezf2               Q9ESP5      FEZF2_MOUSE   MGI:1859823
Ffar1               Q76JU9      FFAR1_MOUSE   MGI:2684079
Ffar2               Q8VCK6      FFAR2_MOUSE   MGI:2441731
Ffar3               Q3UFD7      FFAR3_MOUSE   MGI:2685324
Ffar4               Q7TMA4      FFAR4_MOUSE   MGI:2147577
Fga                 E9PV24      FIBA_MOUSE    MGI:1316726
Fgb                 Q8K0E8      FIBB_MOUSE    MGI:99501
Fgd1                P52734      FGD1_MOUSE    MGI:104566
Fgd2                Q8BY35      FGD2_MOUSE    MGI:1347084
Fgd3                O88842      FGD3_MOUSE    MGI:1353657
Fgd4                Q91ZT5      FGD4_MOUSE    MGI:2183747
Fgd5                Q80UZ0      FGD5_MOUSE    MGI:2443369
Fgd6                Q69ZL1      FGD6_MOUSE    MGI:1261419
Fgf1                P61148      FGF1_MOUSE    MGI:95515
Fgf10               O35565      FGF10_MOUSE   MGI:1099809
Fgf11               P70378      FGF11_MOUSE   MGI:109167
Fgf12               P61329      FGF12_MOUSE   MGI:109183
Fgf13               P70377      FGF13_MOUSE   MGI:109178
Fgf14               P70379      FGF14_MOUSE   MGI:109189
Fgf15               O35622      FGF15_MOUSE   MGI:1096383
Fgf16               Q9ESL8      FGF16_MOUSE   MGI:1931627
Fgf17               P63075      FGF17_MOUSE   MGI:1202401
Fgf18               O89101      FGF18_MOUSE   MGI:1277980
Fgf2                P15655      FGF2_MOUSE    MGI:95516
Fgf20               Q9ESL9      FGF20_MOUSE   MGI:1891346
Fgf21               Q9JJN1      FGF21_MOUSE   MGI:1861377
Fgf22               Q9ESS2      FGF22_MOUSE   MGI:1914362
Fgf23               Q9EPC2      FGF23_MOUSE   MGI:1891427
Fgf3                P05524      FGF3_MOUSE    MGI:95517
Fgf4                P11403      FGF4_MOUSE    MGI:95518
Fgf5                P15656      FGF5_MOUSE    MGI:95519
Fgf6                P21658      FGF6_MOUSE    MGI:95520
Fgf7                P36363      FGF7_MOUSE    MGI:95521
Fgf8                P37237      FGF8_MOUSE    MGI:99604
Fgf9                P54130      FGF9_MOUSE    MGI:104723
Fgfbp1              O70514      FGFP1_MOUSE   MGI:1096350
Fgfbp3              Q1HCM0      FGFP3_MOUSE   MGI:1919764
Fgfr1               P16092      FGFR1_MOUSE   MGI:95522
Fgfr1op2            Q9CRA9      FGOP2_MOUSE   MGI:1914779
Fgfr2               P21803      FGFR2_MOUSE   MGI:95523
Fgfr3               Q61851      FGFR3_MOUSE   MGI:95524
Fgfr4               Q03142      FGFR4_MOUSE   MGI:95525
Fgfrl1              Q91V87      FGRL1_MOUSE   MGI:2150920
Fgg                 Q8VCM7      FIBG_MOUSE    MGI:95526
Fggy                A2AJL3      FGGY_MOUSE    MGI:1922828
Fgl1                Q71KU9      FGL1_MOUSE    MGI:102795
Fgl2                P12804      FGL2_MOUSE    MGI:103266
Fgr                 P14234      FGR_MOUSE     MGI:95527
Fh1                 P97807      FUMH_MOUSE    MGI:95530
Fhad1               A6PWD2      FHAD1_MOUSE   MGI:1920323
Fhdc1               Q3ULZ2      FHDC1_MOUSE   MGI:2684972
Fhit                O89106      FHIT_MOUSE    MGI:1277947
Fhl1                P97447      FHL1_MOUSE    MGI:1298387
Fhl2                O70433      FHL2_MOUSE    MGI:1338762
Fhl3                Q9R059      FHL3_MOUSE    MGI:1341092
Fhl5                Q9WTX7      FHL5_MOUSE    MGI:1913192
Fhod1               Q6P9Q4      FHOD1_MOUSE   MGI:2679008
Fhod3               Q76LL6      FHOD3_MOUSE   MGI:1925847
Fibcd1              A2AV25      FBCD1_MOUSE   MGI:2138953
Fibin               Q9CQS3      FIBIN_MOUSE   MGI:1914856
Fibp                Q9JI19      FIBP_MOUSE    MGI:1926233
Ficd                Q8BIX9      FICD_MOUSE    MGI:1098550
Fig4                Q91WF7      FIG4_MOUSE    MGI:2143585
Figla               O55208      FIGLA_MOUSE   MGI:1349421
Fign                Q9ERZ6      FIGN_MOUSE    MGI:1890647
Fignl1              Q8BPY9      FIGL1_MOUSE   MGI:1890648
Filip1              Q9CS72      FLIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917848
Filip1l             Q6P6L0      FIL1L_MOUSE   MGI:1925999
Fip1l1              Q9D824      FIP1_MOUSE    MGI:1914149
Fis1                Q9CQ92      FIS1_MOUSE    MGI:1913687
Fitm1               Q91V79      FITM1_MOUSE   MGI:1915930
Fitm2               P59266      FITM2_MOUSE   MGI:2444508
Fiz1                Q9WTJ4      FIZ1_MOUSE    MGI:1344336
Fjx1                Q8BQB4      FJX1_MOUSE    MGI:1341907
Fkbp10              Q61576      FKB10_MOUSE   MGI:104769
Fkbp11              Q9D1M7      FKB11_MOUSE   MGI:1913370
Fkbp14              P59024      FKB14_MOUSE   MGI:2387639
Fkbp15              Q6P9Q6      FKB15_MOUSE   MGI:2444782
Fkbp1a              P26883      FKB1A_MOUSE   MGI:95541
Fkbp1b              Q9Z2I2      FKB1B_MOUSE   MGI:1336205
Fkbp2               P45878      FKBP2_MOUSE   MGI:95542
Fkbp3               Q62446      FKBP3_MOUSE   MGI:1353460
Fkbp4               P30416      FKBP4_MOUSE   MGI:95543
Fkbp5               Q64378      FKBP5_MOUSE   MGI:104670
Fkbp6               Q91XW8      FKBP6_MOUSE   MGI:2137612
Fkbp7               O54998      FKBP7_MOUSE   MGI:1336879
Fkbp8               O35465      FKBP8_MOUSE   MGI:1341070
Fkbp9               Q9Z247      FKBP9_MOUSE   MGI:1350921
Fkbpl               O35450      FKBPL_MOUSE   MGI:1932127
Fkrp                Q8CG64      FKRP_MOUSE    MGI:2447586
Fktn                Q8R507      FKTN_MOUSE    MGI:2179507
Flacc1              Q8BVM7      FACC1_MOUSE   MGI:1918359
Flad1               Q8R123      FAD1_MOUSE    MGI:2443030
Flcn                Q8QZS3      FLCN_MOUSE    MGI:2442184
Flg                 P11088      FILA_MOUSE    MGI:95553
Flg2                Q2VIS4      FILA2_MOUSE   MGI:3645678
Fli1                P26323      FLI1_MOUSE    MGI:95554
Flii                Q9JJ28      FLII_MOUSE    MGI:1342286
Flna                Q8BTM8      FLNA_MOUSE    MGI:95556
Flnb                Q80X90      FLNB_MOUSE    MGI:2446089
Flnc                Q8VHX6      FLNC_MOUSE    MGI:95557
Flot1               O08917      FLOT1_MOUSE   MGI:1100500
Flot2               Q60634      FLOT2_MOUSE   MGI:103309
Flrt1               Q6RKD8      FLRT1_MOUSE   MGI:3026647
Flrt2               Q8BLU0      FLRT2_MOUSE   MGI:3603594
Flrt3               Q8BGT1      FLRT3_MOUSE   MGI:1918686
Flt1                P35969      VGFR1_MOUSE   MGI:95558
Flt3                Q00342      FLT3_MOUSE    MGI:95559
Flt3l               P49772      FLT3L_MOUSE   MGI:95560
Flt4                P35917      VGFR3_MOUSE   MGI:95561
Flvcr1              B2RXV4      FLVC1_MOUSE   MGI:2444881
Flvcr2              Q91X85      FLVC2_MOUSE   MGI:2384974
Flywch1             Q8CI03      FWCH1_MOUSE   MGI:2442638
Flywch2             Q9CQE9      FWCH2_MOUSE   MGI:1924167
Fmc1                Q9CR13      FMC1_MOUSE    MGI:1913367
Fmn1                Q05860      FMN1_MOUSE    MGI:101815
Fmn2                Q9JL04      FMN2_MOUSE    MGI:1859252
Fmnl1               Q9JL26      FMNL1_MOUSE   MGI:1888994
Fmnl2               A2APV2      FMNL2_MOUSE   MGI:1918659
Fmnl3               Q6ZPF4      FMNL3_MOUSE   MGI:109569
Fmo1                P50285      FMO1_MOUSE    MGI:1310002
Fmo2                Q8K2I3      FMO2_MOUSE    MGI:1916776
Fmo3                P97501      FMO3_MOUSE    MGI:1100496
Fmo4                Q8VHG0      FMO4_MOUSE    MGI:2429497
Fmo5                P97872      FMO5_MOUSE    MGI:1310004
Fmod                P50608      FMOD_MOUSE    MGI:1328364
Fmr1                P35922      FMR1_MOUSE    MGI:95564
Fmr1nb              Q80ZA7      FMR1N_MOUSE   MGI:2672032
Fn1                 P11276      FINC_MOUSE    MGI:95566
Fn3k                Q9ER35      FN3K_MOUSE    MGI:1926834
Fn3krp              Q8K274      KT3K_MOUSE    MGI:2679256
Fnbp1               Q80TY0      FNBP1_MOUSE   MGI:109606
Fnbp1l              Q8K012      FBP1L_MOUSE   MGI:1925642
Fnbp4               Q6ZQ03      FNBP4_MOUSE   MGI:1860513
Fndc10              A2A9Q0      FND10_MOUSE   MGI:2444790
Fndc11              Q80WB0      FND11_MOUSE   MGI:3051572
Fndc3a              Q8BX90      FND3A_MOUSE   MGI:1196463
Fndc3b              Q6NWW9      FND3B_MOUSE   MGI:1919257
Fndc3c1             Q6DFV6      FN3C1_MOUSE   MGI:2685630
Fndc4               Q3TR08      FNDC4_MOUSE   MGI:1917195
Fndc5               Q8K4Z2      FNDC5_MOUSE   MGI:1917614
Fndc7               A2AED3      FNDC7_MOUSE   MGI:2443535
Fndc8               Q9D2H8      FNDC8_MOUSE   MGI:1926169
Fndc9               Q8BJN4      FNDC9_MOUSE   MGI:2443410
Fnip1               Q68FD7      FNIP1_MOUSE   MGI:2444668
Fnip2               Q80TD3      FNIP2_MOUSE   MGI:2683054
Fnta                Q61239      FNTA_MOUSE    MGI:104683
Fntb                Q8K2I1      FNTB_MOUSE    MGI:1861305
Focad               A2AKG8      FOCAD_MOUSE   MGI:2676921
Folh1               O35409      FOLH1_MOUSE   MGI:1858193
Folr1               P35846      FOLR1_MOUSE   MGI:95568
Folr2               Q05685      FOLR2_MOUSE   MGI:95569
Fos                 P01101      FOS_MOUSE     MGI:95574
Fosb                P13346      FOSB_MOUSE    MGI:95575
Fosl1               P48755      FOSL1_MOUSE   MGI:107179
Fosl2               P47930      FOSL2_MOUSE   MGI:102858
Foxa1               P35582      FOXA1_MOUSE   MGI:1347472
Foxa2               P35583      FOXA2_MOUSE   MGI:1347476
Foxa3               P35584      FOXA3_MOUSE   MGI:1347477
Foxb1               Q64732      FOXB1_MOUSE   MGI:1927549
Foxb2               Q64733      FOXB2_MOUSE   MGI:1347468
Foxc1               Q61572      FOXC1_MOUSE   MGI:1347466
Foxc2               Q61850      FOXC2_MOUSE   MGI:1347481
Foxd1               Q61345      FOXD1_MOUSE   MGI:1347463
Foxd2               O35392      FOXD2_MOUSE   MGI:1347471
Foxd3               Q61060      FOXD3_MOUSE   MGI:1347473
Foxd4               Q60688      FOXD4_MOUSE   MGI:1347467
Foxe1               Q8R2I0      FOXE1_MOUSE   MGI:1353500
Foxe3               Q9QY14      FOXE3_MOUSE   MGI:1353569
Foxf1               Q61080      FOXF1_MOUSE   MGI:1347470
Foxf2               O54743      FOXF2_MOUSE   MGI:1347479
Foxg1               Q60987      FOXG1_MOUSE   MGI:1347464
Foxh1               O88621      FOXH1_MOUSE   MGI:1347465
Foxi1               Q922I5      FOXI1_MOUSE   MGI:1096329
Foxi2               Q3I5G5      FOXI2_MOUSE   MGI:3028075
Foxj1               Q61660      FOXJ1_MOUSE   MGI:1347474
Foxj2               Q9ES18      FOXJ2_MOUSE   MGI:1926805
Foxj3               Q8BUR3      FOXJ3_MOUSE   MGI:2443432
Foxk1               P42128      FOXK1_MOUSE   MGI:1347488
Foxk2               Q3UCQ1      FOXK2_MOUSE   MGI:1916087
Foxl1               Q64731      FOXL1_MOUSE   MGI:1347469
Foxl2               O88470      FOXL2_MOUSE   MGI:1349428
Foxm1               O08696      FOXM1_MOUSE   MGI:1347487
Foxn1               Q61575      FOXN1_MOUSE   MGI:102949
Foxn3               Q499D0      FOXN3_MOUSE   MGI:1918625
Foxn4               Q8K3Q3      FOXN4_MOUSE   MGI:2151057
Foxo1               Q9R1E0      FOXO1_MOUSE   MGI:1890077
Foxo3               Q9WVH4      FOXO3_MOUSE   MGI:1890081
Foxo4               Q9WVH3      FOXO4_MOUSE   MGI:1891915
Foxo6               Q70KY4      FOXO6_MOUSE   MGI:2676586
Foxp1               P58462      FOXP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914004
Foxp2               P58463      FOXP2_MOUSE   MGI:2148705
Foxp3               Q99JB6      FOXP3_MOUSE   MGI:1891436
Foxp4               Q9DBY0      FOXP4_MOUSE   MGI:1921373
Foxq1               O70220      FOXQ1_MOUSE   MGI:1298228
Foxr1               Q3UTB7      FOXR1_MOUSE   MGI:2685961
Foxr2               Q3UM89      FOXR2_MOUSE   MGI:3511682
Foxred1             Q3TQB2      FXRD1_MOUSE   MGI:2446262
Foxred2             Q3USW5      FXRD2_MOUSE   MGI:106315
Foxs1               Q61574      FOXS1_MOUSE   MGI:95546
Fpgs                P48760      FOLC_MOUSE    MGI:95576
Fpgt                G5E8F4      FPGT_MOUSE    MGI:1922790
Fpr-rs3             O88537      FPRS3_MOUSE   MGI:1278318
Fpr-rs4             A4FUQ5      FPRS4_MOUSE   MGI:1278317
Fpr-rs6             Q3SXG2      FPRS6_MOUSE   MGI:2448176
Fpr-rs7             Q71MR7      FPRS7_MOUSE   MGI:2448177
Fpr1                P33766      FPR1_MOUSE    MGI:107443
Fpr2                O88536      FPR2_MOUSE    MGI:1278319
Fpr3                O08790      FPRS1_MOUSE   MGI:1194495
Fra10ac1            Q8BP78      F10C1_MOUSE   MGI:1917817
Fras1               Q80T14      FRAS1_MOUSE   MGI:2385368
Frat1               P70339      FRAT1_MOUSE   MGI:109450
Frat2               Q8K025      FRAT2_MOUSE   MGI:2673967
Frem1               Q684R7      FREM1_MOUSE   MGI:2670972
Frem2               Q6NVD0      FREM2_MOUSE   MGI:2444465
Frem3               Q5H8B9      FREM3_MOUSE   MGI:2685641
Frg1                P97376      FRG1_MOUSE    MGI:893597
Frk                 Q922K9      FRK_MOUSE     MGI:103265
Frmd3               Q8BHD4      FRMD3_MOUSE   MGI:2442466
Frmd4a              Q8BIE6      FRM4A_MOUSE   MGI:1919850
Frmd4b              Q920B0      FRM4B_MOUSE   MGI:2141794
Frmd5               Q6P5H6      FRMD5_MOUSE   MGI:2442557
Frmd6               Q8C0V9      FRMD6_MOUSE   MGI:2442579
Frmd7               A2AD83      FRMD7_MOUSE   MGI:2686379
Frmd8               Q3UFK8      FRMD8_MOUSE   MGI:1914707
Frmpd1              A2AKB4      FRPD1_MOUSE   MGI:2446274
Frmpd4              A2AFR3      FRPD4_MOUSE   MGI:3042378
Frrs1               Q8K385      FRRS1_MOUSE   MGI:108076
Frrs1l              B1AXV0      FRS1L_MOUSE   MGI:2442704
Frs2                Q8C180      FRS2_MOUSE    MGI:1100860
Frs3                Q91WJ0      FRS3_MOUSE    MGI:2135965
Fry                 E9Q8I9      FRY_MOUSE     MGI:2443895
Frzb                P97401      SFRP3_MOUSE   MGI:892032
Fsbp                Q8BKE5      FSBP_MOUSE    MGI:5301008
Fscb                A1EGX6      FSCB_MOUSE    MGI:3646964
Fscn1               Q61553      FSCN1_MOUSE   MGI:1352745
Fscn2               Q32M02      FSCN2_MOUSE   MGI:2443337
Fscn3               Q9QXW4      FSCN3_MOUSE   MGI:1890386
Fsd1                Q7TPM6      FSD1_MOUSE    MGI:1934858
Fsd1l               Q8BYN5      FSD1L_MOUSE   MGI:2442443
Fsd2                Q8BZ52      FSD2_MOUSE    MGI:2444310
Fshb                Q60687      FSHB_MOUSE    MGI:95582
Fshr                P35378      FSHR_MOUSE    MGI:95583
Fsip1               Q9D3V5      FSIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1918563
Fsip2               A2ARZ3      FSIP2_MOUSE   MGI:2664111
Fst                 P47931      FST_MOUSE     MGI:95586
Fstl1               Q62356      FSTL1_MOUSE   MGI:102793
Fstl3               Q9EQC7      FSTL3_MOUSE   MGI:1890391
Fstl4               Q5STE3      FSTL4_MOUSE   MGI:2443199
Fstl5               Q8BFR2      FSTL5_MOUSE   MGI:2442179
Ftcd                Q91XD4      FTCD_MOUSE    MGI:1339962
Fth1                P09528      FRIH_MOUSE    MGI:95588
Fthl17              Q99MX2      FHL17_MOUSE   MGI:1933180
Ftl1                P29391      FRIL1_MOUSE   MGI:95589
Ftl2                P49945      FRIL2_MOUSE   MGI:95590
Ftmt                Q9D5H4      FTMT_MOUSE    MGI:1914884
Fto                 Q8BGW1      FTO_MOUSE     MGI:1347093
Ftsj3               Q9DBE9      SPB1_MOUSE    MGI:1860295
Fubp1               Q91WJ8      FUBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1196294
Fuca1               Q99LJ1      FUCO_MOUSE    MGI:95593
Fuca2               Q99KR8      FUCO2_MOUSE   MGI:1914098
Fundc1              Q9DB70      FUND1_MOUSE   MGI:1919268
Fundc2              Q9D6K8      FUND2_MOUSE   MGI:1914641
Fuom                Q8R2K1      FUCM_MOUSE    MGI:1916314
Furin               P23188      FURIN_MOUSE   MGI:97513
Fus                 P56959      FUS_MOUSE     MGI:1353633
Fut1                O09160      FUT1_MOUSE    MGI:109375
Fut10               Q5F2L2      FUT10_MOUSE   MGI:2384748
Fut11               Q8BHC9      FUT11_MOUSE   MGI:1920318
Fut2                Q9JL27      FUT2_MOUSE    MGI:109374
Fut4                Q11127      FUT4_MOUSE    MGI:95594
Fut7                Q11131      FUT7_MOUSE    MGI:107692
Fut8                Q9WTS2      FUT8_MOUSE    MGI:1858901
Fut9                O88819      FUT9_MOUSE    MGI:1330859
Fuz                 Q3UYI6      FUZZY_MOUSE   MGI:1917550
Fv1                 P70213      FV1_MOUSE     MGI:95595
Fv4                 P11370      ENV2_MOUSE    MGI:95598
Fxn                 O35943      FRDA_MOUSE    MGI:1096879
Fxr1                Q61584      FXR1_MOUSE    MGI:104860
Fxr2                Q9WVR4      FXR2_MOUSE    MGI:1346074
Fxyd1               Q9Z239      PLM_MOUSE     MGI:1889273
Fxyd2               Q04646      ATNG_MOUSE    MGI:1195260
Fxyd3               Q61835      FXYD3_MOUSE   MGI:107497
Fxyd4               Q9D2W0      FXYD4_MOUSE   MGI:1889005
Fxyd5               P97808      FXYD5_MOUSE   MGI:1201785
Fxyd6               Q9D164      FXYD6_MOUSE   MGI:1890226
Fxyd7               P59648      FXYD7_MOUSE   MGI:1889006
Fyb                 O35601      FYB1_MOUSE    MGI:1346327
Fyb2                A2A995      FYB2_MOUSE    MGI:2685466
Fyco1               Q8VDC1      FYCO1_MOUSE   MGI:107277
Fyn                 P39688      FYN_MOUSE     MGI:95602
Fyttd1              Q91Z49      UIF_MOUSE     MGI:1917955
Fzd1                O70421      FZD1_MOUSE    MGI:1196625
Fzd10               Q8BKG4      FZD10_MOUSE   MGI:2136761
Fzd2                Q9JIP6      FZD2_MOUSE    MGI:1888513
Fzd3                Q61086      FZD3_MOUSE    MGI:108476
Fzd4                Q61088      FZD4_MOUSE    MGI:108520
Fzd5                Q9EQD0      FZD5_MOUSE    MGI:108571
Fzd6                Q61089      FZD6_MOUSE    MGI:108474
Fzd7                Q61090      FZD7_MOUSE    MGI:108570
Fzd8                Q61091      FZD8_MOUSE    MGI:108460
Fzd9                Q9R216      FZD9_MOUSE    MGI:1313278
Fzr1                Q9R1K5      FZR1_MOUSE    MGI:1926790
G0s2                Q61585      G0S2_MOUSE    MGI:1316737
G2e3                Q5RJY2      G2E3_MOUSE    MGI:2444298
G3bp1               P97855      G3BP1_MOUSE   MGI:1351465
G3bp2               P97379      G3BP2_MOUSE   MGI:2442040
G6pc                P35576      G6PC1_MOUSE   MGI:95607
G6pc2               Q9Z186      G6PC2_MOUSE   MGI:1277193
G6pc3               Q6NSQ9      G6PC3_MOUSE   MGI:1915651
G6pd2               P97324      G6PD2_MOUSE   MGI:105977
G6pdx               Q00612      G6PD1_MOUSE   MGI:105979
Gaa                 P70699      LYAG_MOUSE    MGI:95609
Gab1                Q9QYY0      GAB1_MOUSE    MGI:108088
Gab2                Q9Z1S8      GAB2_MOUSE    MGI:1333854
Gab3                Q8BSM5      GAB3_MOUSE    MGI:2387324
Gabarap             Q9DCD6      GBRAP_MOUSE   MGI:1861742
Gabarapl1           Q8R3R8      GBRL1_MOUSE   MGI:1914980
Gabarapl2           P60521      GBRL2_MOUSE   MGI:1890602
Gabbr1              Q9WV18      GABR1_MOUSE   MGI:1860139
Gabbr2              Q80T41      GABR2_MOUSE   MGI:2386030
Gabpa               Q00422      GABPA_MOUSE   MGI:95610
Gabpb1              Q00420      GABP1_MOUSE   MGI:95611
Gabpb2              P81069      GABP2_MOUSE   MGI:95612
Gabra1              P62812      GBRA1_MOUSE   MGI:95613
Gabra2              P26048      GBRA2_MOUSE   MGI:95614
Gabra3              P26049      GBRA3_MOUSE   MGI:95615
Gabra4              Q9D6F4      GBRA4_MOUSE   MGI:95616
Gabra5              Q8BHJ7      GBRA5_MOUSE   MGI:95617
Gabra6              P16305      GBRA6_MOUSE   MGI:95618
Gabrb1              P50571      GBRB1_MOUSE   MGI:95619
Gabrb2              P63137      GBRB2_MOUSE   MGI:95620
Gabrb3              P63080      GBRB3_MOUSE   MGI:95621
Gabrd               P22933      GBRD_MOUSE    MGI:95622
Gabrg1              Q9R0Y8      GBRG1_MOUSE   MGI:103156
Gabrg2              P22723      GBRG2_MOUSE   MGI:95623
Gabrg3              P27681      GBRG3_MOUSE   MGI:95624
Gabrp               Q8QZW7      GBRP_MOUSE    MGI:2387597
Gabrq               Q9JLF1      GBRT_MOUSE    MGI:1888498
Gabrr1              P56475      GBRR1_MOUSE   MGI:95625
Gabrr2              P56476      GBRR2_MOUSE   MGI:95626
Gad1                P48318      DCE1_MOUSE    MGI:95632
Gad2                P48320      DCE2_MOUSE    MGI:95634
Gadd45a             P48316      GA45A_MOUSE   MGI:107799
Gadd45b             P22339      GA45B_MOUSE   MGI:107776
Gadd45g             Q9Z111      GA45G_MOUSE   MGI:1346325
Gadd45gip1          Q9CR59      G45IP_MOUSE   MGI:1914947
Gadl1               Q80WP8      GADL1_MOUSE   MGI:1920998
Gak                 Q99KY4      GAK_MOUSE     MGI:2442153
Gal                 P47212      GALA_MOUSE    MGI:95637
Gal3st1             Q9JHE4      G3ST1_MOUSE   MGI:1858277
Gal3st2             Q6XQH0      G3ST2_MOUSE   MGI:2685834
Gal3st3             P61315      G3ST3_MOUSE   MGI:3617843
Galc                P54818      GALC_MOUSE    MGI:95636
Gale                Q8R059      GALE_MOUSE    MGI:1921496
Galk1               Q9R0N0      GALK1_MOUSE   MGI:95730
Galk2               Q68FH4      GALK2_MOUSE   MGI:1917226
Galm                Q8K157      GALM_MOUSE    MGI:2442420
Galns               Q571E4      GALNS_MOUSE   MGI:1355303
Galnt1              O08912      GALT1_MOUSE   MGI:894693
Galnt10             Q6P9S7      GLT10_MOUSE   MGI:1890480
Galnt11             Q921L8      GLT11_MOUSE   MGI:2444392
Galnt12             Q8BGT9      GLT12_MOUSE   MGI:2444664
Galnt13             Q8CF93      GLT13_MOUSE   MGI:2139447
Galnt14             Q8BVG5      GLT14_MOUSE   MGI:1918935
Galnt15             Q9D2N8      GLT15_MOUSE   MGI:1926004
Galnt16             Q9JJ61      GLT16_MOUSE   MGI:1917754
Galnt17             Q7TT15      GLT17_MOUSE   MGI:2137594
Galnt18             Q8K1B9      GLT18_MOUSE   MGI:2446239
Galnt2              Q6PB93      GALT2_MOUSE   MGI:894694
Galnt3              P70419      GALT3_MOUSE   MGI:894695
Galnt4              O08832      GALT4_MOUSE   MGI:894692
Galnt5              Q8C102      GALT5_MOUSE   MGI:2179403
Galnt6              Q8C7U7      GALT6_MOUSE   MGI:1891640
Galnt7              Q80VA0      GALT7_MOUSE   MGI:1349449
Galntl5             Q9D4M9      GLTL5_MOUSE   MGI:1915159
Galp                Q810H5      GALP_MOUSE    MGI:2663979
Galr1               P56479      GALR1_MOUSE   MGI:1096364
Galr2               O88854      GALR2_MOUSE   MGI:1337018
Galr3               O88853      GALR3_MOUSE   MGI:1329003
Galt                Q03249      GALT_MOUSE    MGI:95638
Gamt                O35969      GAMT_MOUSE    MGI:1098221
Gan                 Q8CA72      GAN_MOUSE     MGI:1890619
Ganab               Q8BHN3      GANAB_MOUSE   MGI:1097667
Ganc                Q8BVW0      GANC_MOUSE    MGI:1923301
Gap43               P06837      NEUM_MOUSE    MGI:95639
Gapdh               P16858      G3P_MOUSE     MGI:95640
Gapdhs              Q64467      G3PT_MOUSE    MGI:95653
Gapt                Q8CB93      GAPT_MOUSE    MGI:3608341
Gapvd1              Q6PAR5      GAPD1_MOUSE   MGI:1913941
Gar1                Q9CY66      GAR1_MOUSE    MGI:1930948
Garem1              Q3UFT3      GARE1_MOUSE   MGI:2685790
Garem2              Q6PAJ3      GARE2_MOUSE   MGI:2685290
Garnl3              Q3V0G7      GARL3_MOUSE   MGI:2139309
Gars                Q9CZD3      GARS_MOUSE    MGI:2449057
Gart                Q64737      PUR2_MOUSE    MGI:95654
Gas1                Q01721      GAS1_MOUSE    MGI:95655
Gas2                P11862      GAS2_MOUSE    MGI:95657
Gas2l1              Q8JZP9      GA2L1_MOUSE   MGI:1926176
Gas2l2              Q5SSG4      GA2L2_MOUSE   MGI:3652048
Gas2l3              Q3UWW6      GA2L3_MOUSE   MGI:1918780
Gas6                Q61592      GAS6_MOUSE    MGI:95660
Gas7                Q60780      GAS7_MOUSE    MGI:1202388
Gas8                Q60779      DRC4_MOUSE    MGI:1202386
Gask1a              Q3UY90      GAK1A_MOUSE   MGI:3041196
Gast                P48757      GAST_MOUSE    MGI:104768
Gata1               P17679      GATA1_MOUSE   MGI:95661
Gata2               O09100      GATA2_MOUSE   MGI:95662
Gata3               P23772      GATA3_MOUSE   MGI:95663
Gata4               Q08369      GATA4_MOUSE   MGI:95664
Gata5               P97489      GATA5_MOUSE   MGI:109497
Gata6               Q61169      GATA6_MOUSE   MGI:107516
Gatad1              Q920S3      GATD1_MOUSE   MGI:1914460
Gatad2a             Q8CHY6      P66A_MOUSE    MGI:2384585
Gatad2b             Q8VHR5      P66B_MOUSE    MGI:2443225
Gatb                Q99JT1      GATB_MOUSE    MGI:2442496
Gatc                Q8CBY0      GATC_MOUSE    MGI:1923776
Gatd1               Q8BFQ8      GALD1_MOUSE   MGI:2387178
Gatd3a              Q9D172      GAL3A_MOUSE   MGI:1351861
Gatm                Q9D964      GATM_MOUSE    MGI:1914342
Gba                 P17439      GLCM_MOUSE    MGI:95665
Gba2                Q69ZF3      GBA2_MOUSE    MGI:2654325
Gbe1                Q9D6Y9      GLGB_MOUSE    MGI:1921435
Gbgt1               Q8VI38      GBGT1_MOUSE   MGI:2449143
Gbp1                Q01514      GBP1_MOUSE    MGI:95666
Gbp2                Q9Z0E6      GBP2_MOUSE    MGI:102772
Gbp3                Q61107      GBP4_MOUSE    MGI:1926263
Gbp5                Q8CFB4      GBP5_MOUSE    MGI:2429943
Gbp6                A0A0G2JDV3  GBP6_MOUSE    MGI:2140937
Gbp7                Q91Z40      GBP7_MOUSE    MGI:2444421
Gbx1                P82976      GBX1_MOUSE    MGI:95667
Gbx2                P48031      GBX2_MOUSE    MGI:95668
Gc                  P21614      VTDB_MOUSE    MGI:95669
Gca                 Q8VC88      GRAN_MOUSE    MGI:1918521
Gcat                O88986      KBL_MOUSE     MGI:1349389
Gcc1                Q9D4H2      GCC1_MOUSE    MGI:1921625
Gcc2                Q8CHG3      GCC2_MOUSE    MGI:1917547
Gcdh                Q60759      GCDH_MOUSE    MGI:104541
Gcfc2               Q8BKT3      GCFC2_MOUSE   MGI:2141656
Gcg                 P55095      GLUC_MOUSE    MGI:95674
Gcgr                Q61606      GLR_MOUSE     MGI:99572
Gch1                Q05915      GCH1_MOUSE    MGI:95675
Gchfr               P99025      GFRP_MOUSE    MGI:2443977
Gck                 P52792      HXK4_MOUSE    MGI:1270854
Gckr                Q91X44      GCKR_MOUSE    MGI:1096345
Gclc                P97494      GSH1_MOUSE    MGI:104990
Gclm                O09172      GSH0_MOUSE    MGI:104995
Gcm1                P70348      GCM1_MOUSE    MGI:108045
Gcm2                O09102      GCM2_MOUSE    MGI:1861438
Gcn1                E9PVA8      GCN1_MOUSE    MGI:2444248
Gcna                A0A1D9BZF0  GCNA_MOUSE    MGI:105113
Gcnt1               Q09324      GCNT1_MOUSE   MGI:95676
Gcnt2               P97402      GCNT2_MOUSE   MGI:1100870
Gcnt3               Q5JCT0      GCNT3_MOUSE   MGI:1919327
Gcnt4               E9Q649      GCNT4_MOUSE   MGI:2684919
Gcnt7               Q3V3K7      GCNT7_MOUSE   MGI:3606143
Gcsam               Q6RFH4      GCSAM_MOUSE   MGI:102969
Gcsh                Q91WK5      GCSH_MOUSE    MGI:1915383
Gda                 Q9R111      GUAD_MOUSE    MGI:95678
Gdap1               O88741      GDAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1338002
Gdap1l1             Q8VE33      GD1L1_MOUSE   MGI:2385163
Gdap2               Q9DBL2      GDAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1338001
Gde1                Q9JL56      GDE1_MOUSE    MGI:1891827
Gdf1                P20863      GDF1_MOUSE    MGI:95683
Gdf10               P97737      GDF10_MOUSE   MGI:95684
Gdf11               Q9Z1W4      GDF11_MOUSE   MGI:1338027
Gdf15               Q9Z0J7      GDF15_MOUSE   MGI:1346047
Gdf2                Q9WV56      GDF2_MOUSE    MGI:1321394
Gdf3                Q07104      GDF3_MOUSE    MGI:95686
Gdf5                P43027      GDF5_MOUSE    MGI:95688
Gdf6                P43028      GDF6_MOUSE    MGI:95689
Gdf7                P43029      GDF7_MOUSE    MGI:95690
Gdf9                Q07105      GDF9_MOUSE    MGI:95692
Gdi1                P50396      GDIA_MOUSE    MGI:99846
Gdi2                Q61598      GDIB_MOUSE    MGI:99845
Gdnf                P48540      GDNF_MOUSE    MGI:107430
Gdpd1               Q9CRY7      GDPD1_MOUSE   MGI:1913819
Gdpd2               Q9ESM6      GDPD2_MOUSE   MGI:1918834
Gdpd3               Q99LY2      GDPD3_MOUSE   MGI:1915866
Gdpd4               Q3TT99      GDPD4_MOUSE   MGI:3606573
Gdpd5               Q640M6      GDPD5_MOUSE   MGI:2686926
Gdpgp1              Q3TLS3      GDPP1_MOUSE   MGI:2443429
Gem                 P55041      GEM_MOUSE     MGI:99844
Gemin2              Q9CQQ4      GEMI2_MOUSE   MGI:1913853
Gemin5              Q8BX17      GEMI5_MOUSE   MGI:2449311
Gemin6              Q9CX53      GEMI6_MOUSE   MGI:1914492
Gemin7              Q9CWY4      GEMI7_MOUSE   MGI:1916981
Gemin8              Q8BHE1      GEMI8_MOUSE   MGI:2384300
Gen1                Q8BMI4      GEN_MOUSE     MGI:2443149
Get1                Q8K0D7      GET1_MOUSE    MGI:2136882
Get3                O54984      GET3_MOUSE    MGI:1928379
Get4                Q9D1H7      GET4_MOUSE    MGI:1914854
Gfap                P03995      GFAP_MOUSE    MGI:95697
Gfer                P56213      ALR_MOUSE     MGI:107757
Gfi1                P70338      GFI1_MOUSE    MGI:103170
Gfi1b               O70237      GFI1B_MOUSE   MGI:1276578
Gfm1                Q8K0D5      EFGM_MOUSE    MGI:107339
Gfm2                Q8R2Q4      RRF2M_MOUSE   MGI:2444783
Gfod1               Q3UHD2      GFOD1_MOUSE   MGI:2145304
Gfod2               Q9CYH5      GFOD2_MOUSE   MGI:1917825
Gfpt1               P47856      GFPT1_MOUSE   MGI:95698
Gfpt2               Q9Z2Z9      GFPT2_MOUSE   MGI:1338883
Gfra1               P97785      GFRA1_MOUSE   MGI:1100842
Gfra2               O08842      GFRA2_MOUSE   MGI:1195462
Gfra3               O35118      GFRA3_MOUSE   MGI:1201403
Gfra4               Q9JJT2      GFRA4_MOUSE   MGI:1341873
Gfral               Q6SJE0      GFRAL_MOUSE   MGI:3607786
Gfus                P23591      FCL_MOUSE     MGI:98857
Gfy                 J3KML8      GFY_MOUSE     MGI:2685427
Gga1                Q8R0H9      GGA1_MOUSE    MGI:2146207
Gga2                Q6P5E6      GGA2_MOUSE    MGI:1921355
Gga3                Q8BMI3      GGA3_MOUSE    MGI:2384159
Ggact               Q923B0      GGACT_MOUSE   MGI:2385008
Ggct                Q9D7X8      GGCT_MOUSE    MGI:95700
Ggcx                Q9QYC7      VKGC_MOUSE    MGI:1927655
Ggh                 Q9Z0L8      GGH_MOUSE     MGI:1329035
Ggn                 Q80WJ1      GGN_MOUSE     MGI:2181461
Ggnbp1              Q6K1E7      GGNB1_MOUSE   MGI:3055306
Ggnbp2              Q5SV77      GGNB2_MOUSE   MGI:2387356
Ggps1               Q9WTN0      GGPPS_MOUSE   MGI:1341724
Ggt1                Q60928      GGT1_MOUSE    MGI:95706
Ggt5                Q9Z2A9      GGT5_MOUSE    MGI:1346063
Ggt6                Q6PDE7      GGT6_MOUSE    MGI:1918772
Ggt7                Q99JP7      GGT7_MOUSE    MGI:1913385
Ggta1               P23336      GGTA1_MOUSE   MGI:95704
Gh                  P06880      SOMA_MOUSE    MGI:95707
Ghdc                Q99J23      GHDC_MOUSE    MGI:1931556
Ghitm               Q91VC9      GHITM_MOUSE   MGI:1913342
Ghr                 P16882      GHR_MOUSE     MGI:95708
Ghrh                P16043      SLIB_MOUSE    MGI:95709
Ghrhr               P32082      GHRHR_MOUSE   MGI:95710
Ghrl                Q9EQX0      GHRL_MOUSE    MGI:1930008
Ghsr                Q99P50      GHSR_MOUSE    MGI:2441906
Gid4                Q9CPY6      GID4_MOUSE    MGI:1914021
Gid8                Q9D7M1      GID8_MOUSE    MGI:1923675
Gigyf1              Q99MR1      GGYF1_MOUSE   MGI:1888677
Gigyf2              Q6Y7W8      GGYF2_MOUSE   MGI:2138584
Gimap1              P70224      GIMA1_MOUSE   MGI:109368
Gimap3              Q99MI6      GIMA3_MOUSE   MGI:1932723
Gimap4              Q99JY3      GIMA4_MOUSE   MGI:1349656
Gimap5              Q8BWF2      GIMA5_MOUSE   MGI:2442232
Gimap6              Q8K349      GIMA6_MOUSE   MGI:1918876
Gimap8              Q75N62      GIMA8_MOUSE   MGI:2685303
Gimap9              G3X987      GIMA9_MOUSE   MGI:3511744
Gimd1               E9PW74      GIMD1_MOUSE   MGI:3647547
Gin1                Q8K259      GIN1_MOUSE    MGI:2182036
Ginm1               Q91WR6      GINM1_MOUSE   MGI:2384905
Gins1               Q9CZ15      PSF1_MOUSE    MGI:1916520
Gins2               Q9D600      PSF2_MOUSE    MGI:1921019
Gins3               Q9CY94      PSF3_MOUSE    MGI:1926083
Gins4               Q99LZ3      SLD5_MOUSE    MGI:1923847
Gip                 P48756      GIP_MOUSE     MGI:107504
Gipc1               Q9Z0G0      GIPC1_MOUSE   MGI:1926252
Gipc2               Q9Z2H7      GIPC2_MOUSE   MGI:1889209
Gipc3               Q8R5M0      GIPC3_MOUSE   MGI:2387006
Gipr                Q0P543      GIPR_MOUSE    MGI:1352753
Git1                Q68FF6      GIT1_MOUSE    MGI:1927140
Git2                Q9JLQ2      GIT2_MOUSE    MGI:1347053
Gja1                P23242      CXA1_MOUSE    MGI:95713
Gja10               Q9WUS4      CXA10_MOUSE   MGI:1339969
Gja3                Q64448      CXA3_MOUSE    MGI:95714
Gja4                P28235      CXA4_MOUSE    MGI:95715
Gja5                Q01231      CXA5_MOUSE    MGI:95716
Gja6                Q6S5G4      CXA6_MOUSE    MGI:95717
Gja8                P28236      CXA8_MOUSE    MGI:99953
Gjb1                P28230      CXB1_MOUSE    MGI:95719
Gjb2                Q00977      CXB2_MOUSE    MGI:95720
Gjb3                P28231      CXB3_MOUSE    MGI:95721
Gjb4                Q02738      CXB4_MOUSE    MGI:95722
Gjb5                Q02739      CXB5_MOUSE    MGI:95723
Gjb6                P70689      CXB6_MOUSE    MGI:107588
Gjc1                P28229      CXG1_MOUSE    MGI:95718
Gjc2                Q8BQU6      CXG2_MOUSE    MGI:2153060
Gjc3                Q921C1      CXG3_MOUSE    MGI:2153041
Gjd2                O54851      CXD2_MOUSE    MGI:1334209
Gjd3                Q91YD1      CXD3_MOUSE    MGI:2384150
Gjd4                Q8BSD4      CXD4_MOUSE    MGI:2444990
Gje1                Q9CX92      CXE1_MOUSE    MGI:1923993
Gk                  Q64516      GLPK_MOUSE    MGI:106594
Gk2                 Q9WU65      GLPK2_MOUSE   MGI:1329027
Gk5                 Q8BX05      GLPK5_MOUSE   MGI:2443336
Gkap1               Q9JMB0      GKAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1891694
Gkn1                Q9CR36      GKN1_MOUSE    MGI:1913533
Gkn2                Q9CQS6      GKN2_MOUSE    MGI:1913534
Gkn3                Q9D0T7      GKN3_MOUSE    MGI:1916138
Gla                 P51569      AGAL_MOUSE    MGI:1347344
Glb1                P23780      BGAL_MOUSE    MGI:88151
Glb1l               Q8VC60      GLB1L_MOUSE   MGI:1921827
Glb1l2              Q3UPY5      GLBL2_MOUSE   MGI:2388283
Glb1l3              A2RSQ1      GLBL3_MOUSE   MGI:1918143
Glcci1              Q8K3I9      GLCI1_MOUSE   MGI:2179717
Glce                Q9EPS3      GLCE_MOUSE    MGI:2136405
Gldc                Q91W43      GCSP_MOUSE    MGI:1341155
Gldn                Q8BMF8      GLDN_MOUSE    MGI:2388361
Gle1                Q8R322      GLE1_MOUSE    MGI:1921662
Glg1                Q61543      GSLG1_MOUSE   MGI:104967
Gli1                P47806      GLI1_MOUSE    MGI:95727
Gli2                Q0VGT2      GLI2_MOUSE    MGI:95728
Gli3                Q61602      GLI3_MOUSE    MGI:95729
Glipr1              Q9CWG1      GLIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1920940
Glipr1l1            Q9DAG6      GPRL1_MOUSE   MGI:1916536
Glipr1l2            Q9CQ35      GRPL2_MOUSE   MGI:1914787
Glipr2              Q9CYL5      GAPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1917770
Glis1               Q8K1M4      GLIS1_MOUSE   MGI:2386723
Glis2               Q8VDL9      GLIS2_MOUSE   MGI:1932535
Glis3               Q6XP49      GLIS3_MOUSE   MGI:2444289
Glmn                Q8BZM1      GLMN_MOUSE    MGI:2141180
Glmp                Q9JHJ3      GLMP_MOUSE    MGI:1913318
Glo1                Q9CPU0      LGUL_MOUSE    MGI:95742
Glod4               Q9CPV4      GLOD4_MOUSE   MGI:1914451
Glod5               Q9D8I3      GLOD5_MOUSE   MGI:1917074
Glp1r               O35659      GLP1R_MOUSE   MGI:99571
Glp2r               Q5IXF8      GLP2R_MOUSE   MGI:2136733
Glra1               Q64018      GLRA1_MOUSE   MGI:95747
Glra2               Q7TNC8      GLRA2_MOUSE   MGI:95748
Glra3               Q91XP5      GLRA3_MOUSE   MGI:95749
Glra4               Q61603      GLRA4_MOUSE   MGI:95750
Glrb                P48168      GLRB_MOUSE    MGI:95751
Glrx                Q9QUH0      GLRX1_MOUSE   MGI:2135625
Glrx2               Q923X4      GLRX2_MOUSE   MGI:1916617
Glrx3               Q9CQM9      GLRX3_MOUSE   MGI:1353653
Glrx5               Q80Y14      GLRX5_MOUSE   MGI:1920296
Gls                 D3Z7P3      GLSK_MOUSE    MGI:95752
Gls2                Q571F8      GLSL_MOUSE    MGI:2143539
Glt1d1              A4FUP9      GL1D1_MOUSE   MGI:2442755
Glt6d1              Q2NKH9      GL6D1_MOUSE   MGI:1918353
Glt8d1              Q6NSU3      GL8D1_MOUSE   MGI:1923735
Glt8d2              Q640P4      GL8D2_MOUSE   MGI:1922032
Gltp                Q9JL62      GLTP_MOUSE    MGI:1929253
Gltpd2              Q8K0R6      GLTD2_MOUSE   MGI:2444527
Glud1               P26443      DHE3_MOUSE    MGI:95753
Glul                P15105      GLNA_MOUSE    MGI:95739
Glyat               Q91XE0      GLYAT_MOUSE   MGI:2147502
Glyatl3             E9Q5L8      GLYL3_MOUSE   MGI:3647683
Glycam1             Q02596      GLCM1_MOUSE   MGI:95759
Glyctk              Q8QZY2      GLCTK_MOUSE   MGI:2444085
Glyr1               Q922P9      GLYR1_MOUSE   MGI:1921272
Gm10332             D3Z423      R212B_MOUSE   MGI:3642276
Gm10881             P01642      KV5A9_MOUSE   MGI:3642817
Gm1113              A0A140LHF2  VSXL2_MOUSE   MGI:2685959
Gm11437             Q5QR91      CQ078_MOUSE   MGI:3650287
Gm11992             Q5SS90      CG057_MOUSE   MGI:3651127
Gm12695             A2AGB2      CA087_MOUSE   MGI:3650206
Gm128               Q569E4      MENT_MOUSE    MGI:2684974
Gm136               Q3V037      CF163_MOUSE   MGI:2684982
Gm13889             Q3UPL5      CK096_MOUSE   MGI:3652053
Gm14137             Q8CE97      CO062_MOUSE   MGI:3651144
Gm14569             E9Q0C6      K1210_MOUSE   MGI:3705243
Gm1524              P04945      KV6AB_MOUSE   MGI:2686370
Gm1673              Q3UR78      CD048_MOUSE   MGI:2686519
Gm2115              A0A1B0GST9  CTXD1_MOUSE   MGI:3780284
Gm29797             A0A140LIA7  CT204_MOUSE   MGI:5588956
Gm2a                Q60648      SAP3_MOUSE    MGI:95762
Gm3376              Q60990      RBY1B_MOUSE   MGI:3781554
Gm3414              Q3TNU4      YD021_MOUSE   MGI:3781592
Gm45716             A0A1B0GRQ0  SIM36_MOUSE   MGI:5804831
Gm4922              Q8C0N0      SMKZ_MOUSE    MGI:3644318
Gm4952              Q5FW57      GLYAL_MOUSE   MGI:3643569
Gm5065              Q7TPX9      LEGLB_MOUSE   MGI:3643170
Gm5136              Q7M757      BRC3L_MOUSE   MGI:3647286
Gm525               Q3V3I5      CQ067_MOUSE   MGI:2685371
Gm527               Q4KL13      CN028_MOUSE   MGI:2685373
Gm5434              Q3UWQ3      UB2FB_MOUSE   MGI:3646221
Gm5592              Q3V0A6      CB078_MOUSE   MGI:3648691
Gm5617              Q91VN2      CK071_MOUSE   MGI:3643566
Gm5629              P06327      HVM52_MOUSE   MGI:3644235
Gm614               Q3V2K1      CX065_MOUSE   MGI:2685460
Gm7168              A0AUV4      SMKY_MOUSE    MGI:3643198
Gm7271              B9EK06      EXC1L_MOUSE   MGI:3647743
Gm900               P06336      IGHE_MOUSE    MGI:2685746
Gm9125              P0DMR6      TDP1L_MOUSE   MGI:3702970
Gm94                Q3V2D2      CE046_MOUSE   MGI:2684940
Gm960               J3QMY9      TO6BL_MOUSE   MGI:2685806
Gm9745              Q8BFZ6      IDI2_MOUSE    MGI:3704398
Gmcl1               Q920G9      GMCL1_MOUSE   MGI:1345156
Gmds                Q8K0C9      GMDS_MOUSE    MGI:1891112
Gmeb1               Q9JL60      GMEB1_MOUSE   MGI:2135604
Gmeb2               P58929      GMEB2_MOUSE   MGI:2652836
Gmfb                Q9CQI3      GMFB_MOUSE    MGI:1927133
Gmfg                Q9ERL7      GMFG_MOUSE    MGI:1927135
Gmip                Q6PGG2      GMIP_MOUSE    MGI:1926066
Gmnc                Q3URY2      GEMC1_MOUSE   MGI:2685452
Gmnn                O88513      GEMI_MOUSE    MGI:1927344
Gmppa               Q922H4      GMPPA_MOUSE   MGI:1916330
Gmppb               Q8BTZ7      GMPPB_MOUSE   MGI:2660880
Gmpr                Q9DCZ1      GMPR1_MOUSE   MGI:1913605
Gmpr2               Q99L27      GMPR2_MOUSE   MGI:1917903
Gmps                Q3THK7      GUAA_MOUSE    MGI:2448526
Gna11               P21278      GNA11_MOUSE   MGI:95766
Gna12               P27600      GNA12_MOUSE   MGI:95767
Gna13               P27601      GNA13_MOUSE   MGI:95768
Gna14               P30677      GNA14_MOUSE   MGI:95769
Gna15               P30678      GNA15_MOUSE   MGI:95770
Gnai1               B2RSH2      GNAI1_MOUSE   MGI:95771
Gnai2               P08752      GNAI2_MOUSE   MGI:95772
Gnai3               Q9DC51      GNAI3_MOUSE   MGI:95773
Gnal                Q8CGK7      GNAL_MOUSE    MGI:95774
Gnao1               P18872      GNAO_MOUSE    MGI:95775
Gnaq                P21279      GNAQ_MOUSE    MGI:95776
Gnas                P63094      GNAS2_MOUSE   MGI:95777
                    Q6R0H6      ALEX_MOUSE 
                    Q6R0H7      GNAS1_MOUSE
                    Q9Z0F1      GNAS3_MOUSE
Gnat1               P20612      GNAT1_MOUSE   MGI:95778
Gnat2               P50149      GNAT2_MOUSE   MGI:95779
Gnat3               Q3V3I2      GNAT3_MOUSE   MGI:3588268
Gnaz                O70443      GNAZ_MOUSE    MGI:95780
Gnb1                P62874      GBB1_MOUSE    MGI:95781
Gnb1l               Q9EQ15      GNB1L_MOUSE   MGI:1338057
Gnb2                P62880      GBB2_MOUSE    MGI:95784
Gnb3                Q61011      GBB3_MOUSE    MGI:95785
Gnb4                P29387      GBB4_MOUSE    MGI:104581
Gnb5                P62881      GNB5_MOUSE    MGI:101848
Gne                 Q91WG8      GLCNE_MOUSE   MGI:1354951
Gng10               Q9CXP8      GBG10_MOUSE   MGI:1336169
Gng11               P61953      GBG11_MOUSE   MGI:1913316
Gng12               Q9DAS9      GBG12_MOUSE   MGI:1336171
Gng13               Q9JMF3      GBG13_MOUSE   MGI:1925616
Gng2                P63213      GBG2_MOUSE    MGI:102705
Gng3                P63216      GBG3_MOUSE    MGI:102704
Gng4                P50153      GBG4_MOUSE    MGI:102703
Gng5                Q80SZ7      GBG5_MOUSE    MGI:109164
Gng7                Q61016      GBG7_MOUSE    MGI:95787
Gng8                P63078      GBG8_MOUSE    MGI:109163
Gngt1               Q61012      GBG1_MOUSE    MGI:109165
Gngt2               Q61017      GBGT2_MOUSE   MGI:893584
Gnl1                P36916      GNL1_MOUSE    MGI:95764
Gnl2                Q99LH1      NOG2_MOUSE    MGI:2385207
Gnl3                Q8CI11      GNL3_MOUSE    MGI:1353651
Gnl3l               Q6PGG6      GNL3L_MOUSE   MGI:2448557
Gnmt                Q9QXF8      GNMT_MOUSE    MGI:1202304
Gnpat               P98192      GNPAT_MOUSE   MGI:1343460
Gnpda1              O88958      GNPI1_MOUSE   MGI:1347054
Gnpda2              Q9CRC9      GNPI2_MOUSE   MGI:1915230
Gnpnat1             Q9JK38      GNA1_MOUSE    MGI:1858963
Gnptab              Q69ZN6      GNPTA_MOUSE   MGI:3643902
Gnptg               Q6S5C2      GNPTG_MOUSE   MGI:2147006
Gnrh1               P13562      GON1_MOUSE    MGI:95789
Gnrhr               Q01776      GNRHR_MOUSE   MGI:95790
Gns                 Q8BFR4      GNS_MOUSE     MGI:1922862
Golga1              Q9CW79      GOGA1_MOUSE   MGI:1924149
Golga2              Q921M4      GOGA2_MOUSE   MGI:2139395
Golga3              P55937      GOGA3_MOUSE   MGI:96958
Golga4              Q91VW5      GOGA4_MOUSE   MGI:1859646
Golga5              Q9QYE6      GOGA5_MOUSE   MGI:1351475
Golga7              Q91W53      GOGA7_MOUSE   MGI:1931029
Golga7b             Q9D428      GOG7B_MOUSE   MGI:1918396
Golim4              Q8BXA1      GOLI4_MOUSE   MGI:1920374
Golm1               Q91XA2      GOLM1_MOUSE   MGI:1917329
Golm2               Q6P2L7      GOLM2_MOUSE   MGI:2443129
Golph3              Q9CRA5      GOLP3_MOUSE   MGI:1913879
Golph3l             Q8R088      GLP3L_MOUSE   MGI:1917129
Golt1a              Q9DCQ3      GOT1A_MOUSE   MGI:1915588
Golt1b              Q9CR60      GOT1B_MOUSE   MGI:1914214
Gon4l               Q9DB00      GON4L_MOUSE   MGI:1917579
Gon7                P0C8B4      GON7_MOUSE    MGI:4845848
Gopc                Q8BH60      GOPC_MOUSE    MGI:2149946
Gorab               Q8BRM2      GORAB_MOUSE   MGI:2138271
Gorasp1             Q91X51      GORS1_MOUSE   MGI:1921748
Gorasp2             Q99JX3      GORS2_MOUSE   MGI:2135962
Gosr1               O88630      GOSR1_MOUSE   MGI:1858260
Gosr2               O35166      GOSR2_MOUSE   MGI:1927204
Got1                P05201      AATC_MOUSE    MGI:95791
Got1l1              Q7TSV6      AATC2_MOUSE   MGI:1923865
Got2                P05202      AATM_MOUSE    MGI:95792
Gp1ba               O35930      GP1BA_MOUSE   MGI:1333744
Gp1bb               P56400      GP1BB_MOUSE   MGI:107852
Gp2                 Q9D733      GP2_MOUSE     MGI:1914383
Gp5                 O08742      GPV_MOUSE     MGI:1096363
Gp6                 P0C191      GPVI_MOUSE    MGI:1889810
Gp9                 O88186      GPIX_MOUSE    MGI:1860137
Gpa33               Q9JKA5      GPA33_MOUSE   MGI:1891703
Gpaa1               Q9WTK3      GPAA1_MOUSE   MGI:1202392
Gpalpp1             Q69ZC8      GPAM1_MOUSE   MGI:1914717
Gpam                Q61586      GPAT1_MOUSE   MGI:109162
Gpank1              Q61858      GPAN1_MOUSE   MGI:2148975
Gpat2               Q14DK4      GPAT2_MOUSE   MGI:2684962
Gpat3               Q8C0N2      GPAT3_MOUSE   MGI:3603816
Gpat4               Q8K2C8      GPAT4_MOUSE   MGI:2142716
Gpatch1             Q9DBM1      GPTC1_MOUSE   MGI:1914721
Gpatch11            Q3UFS4      GPT11_MOUSE   MGI:1858435
Gpatch2             Q7TQC7      GPTC2_MOUSE   MGI:1915019
Gpatch2l            Q6PE65      GPT2L_MOUSE   MGI:1917623
Gpatch3             Q8BIY1      GPTC3_MOUSE   MGI:2442492
Gpatch4             Q3TFK5      GPTC4_MOUSE   MGI:1913864
Gpatch8             A2A6A1      GPTC8_MOUSE   MGI:1918667
Gpbar1              Q80SS6      GPBAR_MOUSE   MGI:2653863
Gpbp1               Q6NXH3      GPBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1920524
Gpbp1l1             Q6NZP2      GPBL1_MOUSE   MGI:1924360
Gpc1                Q9QZF2      GPC1_MOUSE    MGI:1194891
Gpc2                Q8BKV1      GPC2_MOUSE    MGI:1919201
Gpc3                Q8CFZ4      GPC3_MOUSE    MGI:104903
Gpc4                P51655      GPC4_MOUSE    MGI:104902
Gpc5                Q8CAL5      GPC5_MOUSE    MGI:1194894
Gpc6                Q9R087      GPC6_MOUSE    MGI:1346322
Gpcpd1              Q8C0L9      GPCP1_MOUSE   MGI:104898
Gpd1                P13707      GPDA_MOUSE    MGI:95679
Gpd1l               Q3ULJ0      GPD1L_MOUSE   MGI:1289257
Gpd2                Q64521      GPDM_MOUSE    MGI:99778
Gper1               Q8BMP4      GPER1_MOUSE   MGI:1924104
Gpha2               Q925Q5      GPHA2_MOUSE   MGI:2156541
Gphb5               Q812B2      GPHB5_MOUSE   MGI:2156540
Gphn                Q8BUV3      GEPH_MOUSE    MGI:109602
Gpi1                P06745      G6PI_MOUSE    MGI:95797
Gpihbp1             Q9D1N2      HDBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915703
Gpkow               Q56A08      GPKOW_MOUSE   MGI:1859610
Gpld1               O70362      PHLD_MOUSE    MGI:106604
Gpm6a               P35802      GPM6A_MOUSE   MGI:107671
Gpm6b               P35803      GPM6B_MOUSE   MGI:107672
Gpn1                Q8VCE2      GPN1_MOUSE    MGI:1921504
Gpn2                Q8VEJ1      GPN2_MOUSE    MGI:2140368
Gpn3                Q9D3W4      GPN3_MOUSE    MGI:1289326
Gpnmb               Q99P91      GPNMB_MOUSE   MGI:1934765
Gpr1                Q8K087      CML2_MOUSE    MGI:2385324
Gpr101              Q80T62      GP101_MOUSE   MGI:2685211
Gpr107              Q8BUV8      GP107_MOUSE   MGI:2139054
Gpr108              Q91WD0      GP108_MOUSE   MGI:1925558
Gpr119              Q7TQP3      GP119_MOUSE   MGI:2668412
Gpr12               P35412      GPR12_MOUSE   MGI:101909
Gpr132              Q9Z282      GP132_MOUSE   MGI:1890220
Gpr135              Q7TQP2      GP135_MOUSE   MGI:2676315
Gpr137              Q80ZU9      G137A_MOUSE   MGI:2147529
Gpr137b             Q8BNQ3      G137B_MOUSE   MGI:1891463
Gpr137c             E9Q343      G137C_MOUSE   MGI:1917963
Gpr139              Q80UC8      GP139_MOUSE   MGI:2685341
Gpr141              Q7TQP0      GP141_MOUSE   MGI:2672983
Gpr142              Q7TQN9      GP142_MOUSE   MGI:2668437
Gpr143              P70259      GP143_MOUSE   MGI:107193
Gpr146              Q99LE2      GP146_MOUSE   MGI:1933113
Gpr149              Q3UVY1      GP149_MOUSE   MGI:2443628
Gpr15               Q0VDU3      GPR15_MOUSE   MGI:1918473
Gpr150              Q8BL07      GP150_MOUSE   MGI:2441872
Gpr151              Q7TSN6      GP151_MOUSE   MGI:2441887
Gpr152              Q8BXS7      GP152_MOUSE   MGI:2685519
Gpr153              Q8K0Z9      GP153_MOUSE   MGI:1916157
Gpr156              Q6PCP7      GP156_MOUSE   MGI:2653880
Gpr157              Q8C206      GP157_MOUSE   MGI:2442046
Gpr158              Q8C419      GP158_MOUSE   MGI:2441697
Gpr160              Q3U3F9      GP160_MOUSE   MGI:1919112
Gpr161              B2RPY5      GP161_MOUSE   MGI:2685054
Gpr162              Q3UN16      GP162_MOUSE   MGI:1315214
Gpr17               Q6NS65      GPR17_MOUSE   MGI:3584514
Gpr171              Q8BG55      GP171_MOUSE   MGI:2442043
Gpr173              Q6PI62      GP173_MOUSE   MGI:1918021
Gpr174              Q3U507      GP174_MOUSE   MGI:2685222
Gpr176              Q80WT4      GP176_MOUSE   MGI:2685858
Gpr18               Q8K1Z6      GPR18_MOUSE   MGI:107859
Gpr180              Q8BPS4      GP180_MOUSE   MGI:1930949
Gpr182              P43142      GP182_MOUSE   MGI:109545
Gpr183              Q3U6B2      GP183_MOUSE   MGI:2442034
Gpr19               Q61121      GPR19_MOUSE   MGI:892973
Gpr20               Q8BYC4      GPR20_MOUSE   MGI:2441803
Gpr21               Q8BX79      GPR21_MOUSE   MGI:2441890
Gpr22               Q8BZL4      GPR22_MOUSE   MGI:1920260
Gpr25               P0C5I1      GPR25_MOUSE   MGI:2686146
Gpr26               Q8BZA7      GPR26_MOUSE   MGI:2441758
Gpr27               O54897      GPR27_MOUSE   MGI:1202299
Gpr3                P35413      GPR3_MOUSE    MGI:101908
Gpr31b              F8VQN3      GPR31_MOUSE   MGI:1354372
Gpr33               O88416      GPR33_MOUSE   MGI:1277106
Gpr34               Q9R1K6      GPR34_MOUSE   MGI:1346334
Gpr35               Q9ES90      GPR35_MOUSE   MGI:1929509
Gpr37               Q9QY42      GPR37_MOUSE   MGI:1313297
Gpr37l1             Q99JG2      G37L1_MOUSE   MGI:1928503
Gpr39               Q5U431      GPR39_MOUSE   MGI:1918361
Gpr4                Q8BUD0      GPR4_MOUSE    MGI:2441992
Gpr45               Q9EQQ4      GPR45_MOUSE   MGI:2135882
Gpr50               O88495      MTR1L_MOUSE   MGI:1333877
Gpr52               P0C5J4      GPR52_MOUSE   MGI:3643278
Gpr55               Q3UJF0      GPR55_MOUSE   MGI:2685064
Gpr6                Q6YNI2      GPR6_MOUSE    MGI:2155249
Gpr61               Q8C010      GPR61_MOUSE   MGI:2441719
Gpr62               Q80UC6      GPR62_MOUSE   MGI:3525078
Gpr63               Q9EQQ3      GPR63_MOUSE   MGI:2135884
Gpr65               Q61038      PSYR_MOUSE    MGI:108031
Gpr68               Q8BFQ3      OGR1_MOUSE    MGI:2441763
Gpr75               Q6X632      GPR75_MOUSE   MGI:2441843
Gpr82               Q8BZR0      GPR82_MOUSE   MGI:2441734
Gpr83               P30731      GPR83_MOUSE   MGI:95712
Gpr84               Q8CIM5      GPR84_MOUSE   MGI:1934129
Gpr85               P60894      GPR85_MOUSE   MGI:1927851
Gpr87               Q99MT7      GPR87_MOUSE   MGI:1934133
Gpr88               Q9EPB7      GPR88_MOUSE   MGI:1927653
Gpr89               Q8BS95      GPHR_MOUSE    MGI:1914799
Gprasp1             Q5U4C1      GASP1_MOUSE   MGI:1917418
Gprasp2             Q8BUY8      GASP2_MOUSE   MGI:2442071
Gprc5a              Q8BHL4      RAI3_MOUSE    MGI:1891250
Gprc5b              Q923Z0      GPC5B_MOUSE   MGI:1927596
Gprc5c              Q8K3J9      GPC5C_MOUSE   MGI:1917605
Gprc5d              Q9JIL6      GPC5D_MOUSE   MGI:1935037
Gprc6a              Q8K4Z6      GPC6A_MOUSE   MGI:2429498
Gprin1              Q3UNH4      GRIN1_MOUSE   MGI:1349455
Gprin3              Q8BWS5      GRIN3_MOUSE   MGI:1924785
Gps1                Q99LD4      CSN1_MOUSE    MGI:2384801
Gps2                Q921N8      GPS2_MOUSE    MGI:1891751
Gpsm1               Q6IR34      GPSM1_MOUSE   MGI:1915089
Gpsm2               Q8VDU0      GPSM2_MOUSE   MGI:1923373
Gpsm3               Q3U1Z5      GPSM3_MOUSE   MGI:2146785
Gpt                 Q8QZR5      ALAT1_MOUSE   MGI:95802
Gpt2                Q8BGT5      ALAT2_MOUSE   MGI:1915391
Gpx1                P11352      GPX1_MOUSE    MGI:104887
Gpx2                Q9JHC0      GPX2_MOUSE    MGI:106609
Gpx3                P46412      GPX3_MOUSE    MGI:105102
Gpx4                O70325      GPX4_MOUSE    MGI:104767
Gpx5                P21765      GPX5_MOUSE    MGI:104886
Gpx6                Q91WR8      GPX6_MOUSE    MGI:1922762
Gpx7                Q99LJ6      GPX7_MOUSE    MGI:1914555
Gpx8                Q9D7B7      GPX8_MOUSE    MGI:1916840
Gramd1a             Q8VEF1      ASTRA_MOUSE   MGI:105490
Gramd1b             Q80TI0      ASTRB_MOUSE   MGI:1925037
Gramd1c             Q8CI52      ASTRC_MOUSE   MGI:2443024
Gramd2              Q3V3G7      GRM2A_MOUSE   MGI:3528937
Gramd3              Q6PEM6      GRM2B_MOUSE   MGI:1914815
Gramd4              Q8CB44      GRAM4_MOUSE   MGI:2676308
Grap                Q9CX99      GRAP_MOUSE    MGI:1918770
Grap2               O89100      GRAP2_MOUSE   MGI:1333842
Grb10               Q60760      GRB10_MOUSE   MGI:103232
Grb14               Q9JLM9      GRB14_MOUSE   MGI:1355324
Grb2                Q60631      GRB2_MOUSE    MGI:95805
Grb7                Q03160      GRB7_MOUSE    MGI:102683
Grcc10              O35127      C10_MOUSE     MGI:1315201
Greb1               Q3UHK3      GREB1_MOUSE   MGI:2149712
Greb1l              B9EJV3      GRB1L_MOUSE   MGI:3576497
Grem1               O70326      GREM1_MOUSE   MGI:1344337
Grem2               O88273      GREM2_MOUSE   MGI:1344367
Grhl1               Q921D9      GRHL1_MOUSE   MGI:2182540
Grhl2               Q8K5C0      GRHL2_MOUSE   MGI:2182543
Grhl3               Q5FWH3      GRHL3_MOUSE   MGI:2655333
Grhpr               Q91Z53      GRHPR_MOUSE   MGI:1923488
Gria1               P23818      GRIA1_MOUSE   MGI:95808
Gria2               P23819      GRIA2_MOUSE   MGI:95809
Gria3               Q9Z2W9      GRIA3_MOUSE   MGI:95810
Gria4               Q9Z2W8      GRIA4_MOUSE   MGI:95811
Grid1               Q61627      GRID1_MOUSE   MGI:95812
Grid2               Q61625      GRID2_MOUSE   MGI:95813
Grid2ip             Q0QWG9      GRD2I_MOUSE   MGI:2176213
Grifin              Q9D1U0      GRIFN_MOUSE   MGI:1925248
Grik1               Q60934      GRIK1_MOUSE   MGI:95814
Grik2               P39087      GRIK2_MOUSE   MGI:95815
Grik3               B1AS29      GRIK3_MOUSE   MGI:95816
Grik4               Q8BMF5      GRIK4_MOUSE   MGI:95817
Grik5               Q61626      GRIK5_MOUSE   MGI:95818
Grin1               P35438      NMDZ1_MOUSE   MGI:95819
Grin2a              P35436      NMDE1_MOUSE   MGI:95820
Grin2b              Q01097      NMDE2_MOUSE   MGI:95821
Grin2c              Q01098      NMDE3_MOUSE   MGI:95822
Grin2d              Q03391      NMDE4_MOUSE   MGI:95823
Grin3a              A2AIR5      NMD3A_MOUSE   MGI:1933206
Grin3b              Q91ZU9      NMD3B_MOUSE   MGI:2150393
Grina               Q9ESF4      LFG1_MOUSE    MGI:1913418
Grip1               Q925T6      GRIP1_MOUSE   MGI:1921303
Gripap1             Q8VD04      GRAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1859616
Grk1                Q9WVL4      GRK1_MOUSE    MGI:1345146
Grk2                Q99MK8      ARBK1_MOUSE   MGI:87940
Grk4                O70291      GRK4_MOUSE    MGI:95801
Grk5                Q8VEB1      GRK5_MOUSE    MGI:109161
Grk6                O70293      GRK6_MOUSE    MGI:1347078
Grm1                P97772      GRM1_MOUSE    MGI:1351338
Grm2                Q14BI2      GRM2_MOUSE    MGI:1351339
Grm3                Q9QYS2      GRM3_MOUSE    MGI:1351340
Grm4                Q68EF4      GRM4_MOUSE    MGI:1351341
Grm5                Q3UVX5      GRM5_MOUSE    MGI:1351342
Grm6                Q5NCH9      GRM6_MOUSE    MGI:1351343
Grm7                Q68ED2      GRM7_MOUSE    MGI:1351344
Grm8                P47743      GRM8_MOUSE    MGI:1351345
Grn                 P28798      GRN_MOUSE     MGI:95832
Grp                 Q8R1I2      GRP_MOUSE     MGI:95833
Grpel1              Q99LP6      GRPE1_MOUSE   MGI:1334417
Grpel2              O88396      GRPE2_MOUSE   MGI:1334416
Grpr                P21729      GRPR_MOUSE    MGI:95836
Grsf1               Q8C5Q4      GRSF1_MOUSE   MGI:106479
Grtp1               Q9D3N8      GRTP1_MOUSE   MGI:1914040
Grwd1               Q810D6      GRWD1_MOUSE   MGI:2141989
Grxcr1              Q50H32      GRCR1_MOUSE   MGI:3577767
Grxcr2              Q3TYR5      GRCR2_MOUSE   MGI:2685697
Gsap                Q3TCV3      GSAP_MOUSE    MGI:2442259
Gsc                 Q02591      GSC_MOUSE     MGI:95841
Gsc2                P56916      GSC2_MOUSE    MGI:892006
Gsdma               Q9EST1      GSDMA_MOUSE   MGI:1889509
Gsdma2              Q32M21      GSDA2_MOUSE   MGI:1921490
Gsdma3              Q5Y4Y6      GSDA3_MOUSE   MGI:3044668
Gsdmc               Q99NB5      GSDMC_MOUSE   MGI:1933176
Gsdmc2              Q2KHK6      GSDC2_MOUSE   MGI:2146102
Gsdmc3              Q8CB12      GSDC3_MOUSE   MGI:3580656
Gsdmc4              Q3TR54      GSDC4_MOUSE   MGI:1921798
Gsdmd               Q9D8T2      GSDMD_MOUSE   MGI:1916396
Gsdme               Q9Z2D3      GSDME_MOUSE   MGI:1889850
Gse1                Q3U3C9      GSE1_MOUSE    MGI:1098275
Gsg1                Q8R1W2      GSG1_MOUSE    MGI:1194499
Gsg1l               D3Z7H4      GSG1L_MOUSE   MGI:2685483
Gsk3a               Q2NL51      GSK3A_MOUSE   MGI:2152453
Gsk3b               Q9WV60      GSK3B_MOUSE   MGI:1861437
Gskip               Q8BGR8      GSKIP_MOUSE   MGI:1914037
Gsn                 P13020      GELS_MOUSE    MGI:95851
Gspt1               Q8R050      ERF3A_MOUSE   MGI:1316728
Gspt2               Q149F3      ERF3B_MOUSE   MGI:1316727
Gsr                 P47791      GSHR_MOUSE    MGI:95804
Gss                 P51855      GSHB_MOUSE    MGI:95852
Gsta1               P13745      GSTA1_MOUSE   MGI:1095417
Gsta2               P10648      GSTA2_MOUSE   MGI:95863
Gsta3               P30115      GSTA3_MOUSE   MGI:95856
Gsta4               P24472      GSTA4_MOUSE   MGI:1309515
Gstcd               Q5RL51      GSTCD_MOUSE   MGI:1914803
Gstk1               Q9DCM2      GSTK1_MOUSE   MGI:1923513
Gstm1               P10649      GSTM1_MOUSE   MGI:95860
Gstm2               P15626      GSTM2_MOUSE   MGI:95861
Gstm3               P19639      GSTM3_MOUSE   MGI:106026
Gstm4               Q8R5I6      GSTM4_MOUSE   MGI:95862
Gstm5               P48774      GSTM5_MOUSE   MGI:1309466
Gstm6               O35660      GSTM6_MOUSE   MGI:1309467
Gstm7               Q80W21      GSTM7_MOUSE   MGI:1915562
Gsto1               O09131      GSTO1_MOUSE   MGI:1342273
Gsto2               Q8K2Q2      GSTO2_MOUSE   MGI:1915464
Gstp1               P19157      GSTP1_MOUSE   MGI:95865
Gstp2               P46425      GSTP2_MOUSE   MGI:95864
Gstt1               Q64471      GSTT1_MOUSE   MGI:107379
Gstt2               Q61133      GSTT2_MOUSE   MGI:106188
Gstt3               Q99L20      GSTT3_MOUSE   MGI:2143526
Gstt4               Q9D4P7      GSTT4_MOUSE   MGI:1923136
Gstz1               Q9WVL0      MAAI_MOUSE    MGI:1341859
Gsx1                P31315      GSX1_MOUSE    MGI:95842
Gsx2                P31316      GSX2_MOUSE    MGI:95843
Gtdc1               Q8BW56      GTDC1_MOUSE   MGI:2444269
Gtf2a1              Q99PM3      TF2AA_MOUSE   MGI:1933277
Gtf2a1l             Q8R4I4      TF2AY_MOUSE   MGI:1919078
Gtf2a2              Q80ZM7      T2AG_MOUSE    MGI:1933289
Gtf2b               P62915      TF2B_MOUSE    MGI:2385191
Gtf2e1              Q9D0D5      T2EA_MOUSE    MGI:1921447
Gtf2e2              Q9D902      T2EB_MOUSE    MGI:1915403
Gtf2f1              Q3THK3      T2FA_MOUSE    MGI:1923848
Gtf2f2              Q8R0A0      T2FB_MOUSE    MGI:1915955
Gtf2h1              Q9DBA9      TF2H1_MOUSE   MGI:1277216
Gtf2h2              Q9JIB4      TF2H2_MOUSE   MGI:1345669
Gtf2h3              Q8VD76      TF2H3_MOUSE   MGI:1277143
Gtf2h4              O70422      TF2H4_MOUSE   MGI:1338799
Gtf2h5              Q8K2X8      TF2H5_MOUSE   MGI:107227
Gtf2i               Q9ESZ8      GTF2I_MOUSE   MGI:1202722
Gtf2ird1            Q9JI57      GT2D1_MOUSE   MGI:1861942
Gtf2ird2            Q99NI3      GT2D2_MOUSE   MGI:2149780
Gtf3a               Q8VHT7      TF3A_MOUSE    MGI:1913846
Gtf3c1              Q8K284      TF3C1_MOUSE   MGI:107887
Gtf3c2              Q8BL74      TF3C2_MOUSE   MGI:1919002
Gtf3c4              Q8BMQ2      TF3C4_MOUSE   MGI:2138937
Gtf3c5              Q8R2T8      TF3C5_MOUSE   MGI:1917489
Gtf3c6              Q9D8P7      TF3C6_MOUSE   MGI:1914621
Gtpbp1              O08582      GTPB1_MOUSE   MGI:109443
Gtpbp10             Q8K013      GTPBA_MOUSE   MGI:2385599
Gtpbp2              Q3UJK4      GTPB2_MOUSE   MGI:1860138
Gtpbp3              Q923K4      GTPB3_MOUSE   MGI:1917609
Gtpbp4              Q99ME9      GTPB4_MOUSE   MGI:1916487
Gtpbp6              Q3U6U5      GTPB6_MOUSE   MGI:1306825
Gtpbp8              Q9CY28      GTPB8_MOUSE   MGI:1913317
Gtse1               Q8R080      GTSE1_MOUSE   MGI:1352755
Gtsf1               Q9DAN6      GTSF1_MOUSE   MGI:1921424
Gtsf1l              Q9CWD0      GTSFL_MOUSE   MGI:1915486
Guca1a              P43081      GUC1A_MOUSE   MGI:102770
Guca1b              Q8VBV8      GUC1B_MOUSE   MGI:1194489
Guca2a              P33680      GUC2A_MOUSE   MGI:102738
Guca2b              O09051      GUC2B_MOUSE   MGI:1270851
Gucd1               Q8BZI6      GUCD1_MOUSE   MGI:1916028
Gucy1a1             Q9ERL9      GCYA1_MOUSE   MGI:1926562
Gucy1b1             O54865      GCYB1_MOUSE   MGI:1860604
Gucy2c              Q3UWA6      GUC2C_MOUSE   MGI:106903
Gucy2d              A0A0U1RPR8  GUC2D_MOUSE   MGI:106030
Gucy2e              P52785      GUC2E_MOUSE   MGI:105123
Gucy2f              Q5SDA5      GUC2F_MOUSE   MGI:105119
Gucy2g              Q6TL19      GUC2G_MOUSE   MGI:106025
Guf1                Q8C3X4      GUF1_MOUSE    MGI:2140726
Guk1                Q64520      KGUA_MOUSE    MGI:95871
Gulo                P58710      GGLO_MOUSE    MGI:1353434
Gulp1               Q8K2A1      GULP1_MOUSE   MGI:1920407
Gusb                P12265      BGLR_MOUSE    MGI:95872
Gvin1               Q80SU7      GVIN1_MOUSE   MGI:1921808
Gxylt1              Q3UHH8      GXLT1_MOUSE   MGI:2684933
Gxylt2              Q810K9      GXLT2_MOUSE   MGI:2682940
Gyg                 Q9R062      GLYG_MOUSE    MGI:1351614
Gypa                P14220      GLPA_MOUSE    MGI:95880
Gypc                Q78HU7      GLPC_MOUSE    MGI:1098566
Gys1                Q9Z1E4      GYS1_MOUSE    MGI:101805
Gys2                Q8VCB3      GYS2_MOUSE    MGI:2385254
Gzf1                Q4VBD9      GZF1_MOUSE    MGI:1921783
Gzma                P11032      GRAA_MOUSE    MGI:109266
Gzmb                P04187      GRAB_MOUSE    MGI:109267
Gzmc                P08882      GRAC_MOUSE    MGI:109256
Gzmd                P11033      GRAD_MOUSE    MGI:109255
Gzme                P08884      GRAE_MOUSE    MGI:109265
Gzmf                P08883      GRAF_MOUSE    MGI:109254
Gzmg                P13366      GRAG_MOUSE    MGI:109253
Gzmk                O35205      GRAK_MOUSE    MGI:1298232
H13                 Q9D8V0      HM13_MOUSE    MGI:95886
H1f0                P10922      H10_MOUSE     MGI:95893
H1f1                P43275      H11_MOUSE     MGI:1931523
H1f2                P15864      H12_MOUSE     MGI:1931526
H1f3                P43277      H13_MOUSE     MGI:107502
H1f4                P43274      H14_MOUSE     MGI:1931527
H1f5                P43276      H15_MOUSE     MGI:1861461
H1f6                Q07133      H1T_MOUSE     MGI:1888530
H1f7                Q8CJI4      H1FNT_MOUSE   MGI:1917319
H1f8                Q8VIK3      H18_MOUSE     MGI:2176207
H2-Aa               P01910      HA2K_MOUSE    MGI:95895
                    P04227      HA2Q_MOUSE 
                    P04228      HA2D_MOUSE 
                    P14434      HA2B_MOUSE 
                    P14435      HA2F_MOUSE 
                    P14436      HA2R_MOUSE 
                    P14437      HA2S_MOUSE 
                    P14438      HA2U_MOUSE 
                    P23150      HA2J_MOUSE 
H2-Ab1              P01921      HB2D_MOUSE    MGI:103070
                    P06342      HB2Q_MOUSE 
                    P06343      HB2K_MOUSE 
                    P06345      HB2S_MOUSE 
                    P06346      HB2F_MOUSE 
                    P14483      HB2A_MOUSE 
H2-D1               P01895      HA1Y_MOUSE    MGI:95896
                    P01899      HA11_MOUSE 
                    P01900      HA12_MOUSE 
                    P14426      HA13_MOUSE 
                    P14427      HA14_MOUSE 
H2-DMa              P28078      DMA_MOUSE     MGI:95921
H2-DMb1             P35737      DMB_MOUSE     MGI:95922
H2-Ea               P01904      HA21_MOUSE    MGI:95900
                    P14439      HA23_MOUSE 
H2-Eb1              P04230      HB21_MOUSE    MGI:95901
                    P04231      HB23_MOUSE 
                    P18468      HB2I_MOUSE 
                    P18469      HB2J_MOUSE 
H2-K1               P01901      HA1B_MOUSE    MGI:95904
                    P01902      HA1D_MOUSE 
                    P03991      HA1W_MOUSE 
                    P04223      HA1K_MOUSE 
                    P14428      HA1Q_MOUSE 
H2-Ke6              P50171      DHB8_MOUSE    MGI:95911
H2-L                P01897      HA1L_MOUSE    MGI:95912
H2-Q10              P01898      HA10_MOUSE    MGI:95929
H2-Q7               P14429      HA17_MOUSE    MGI:95936
H2-Q8               P14430      HA18_MOUSE    MGI:95937
H2-Q9               P14431      HA19_MOUSE    MGI:95938
H2-T23              P06339      HA15_MOUSE    MGI:95957
H2-T3               P14432      HA1T_MOUSE    MGI:95959
H2ac11              C0HKE5      H2A1G_MOUSE   MGI:2448293
H2ac12              Q8CGP6      H2A1H_MOUSE   MGI:2448295
H2ac13              C0HKE6      H2A1I_MOUSE   MGI:2448457
H2ac15              Q8CGP7      H2A1K_MOUSE   MGI:2448297
H2ac20              Q64523      H2A2C_MOUSE   MGI:2448316
H2ac21              Q64522      H2A2B_MOUSE   MGI:2448314
H2ac4               C0HKE1      H2A1B_MOUSE   MGI:2448306
H2ac6               C0HKE2      H2A1C_MOUSE   MGI:2448287
H2ac7               C0HKE3      H2A1D_MOUSE   MGI:2448289
H2ac8               C0HKE4      H2A1E_MOUSE   MGI:2448290
H2aj                Q8R1M2      H2AJ_MOUSE    MGI:3606192
H2al1a              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3714114
H2al1c              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3711280
H2al1d              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3710419
H2al1f              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3649874
H2al1g              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3710577
H2al1h              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3711282
H2al1i              Q5M8Q2      H2AL1_MOUSE   MGI:3710416
H2al2a              Q9CQ70      H2AB1_MOUSE   MGI:1915481
H2ap                Q9CR04      HYPM_MOUSE    MGI:1914584
H2aw                Q8BFU2      H2A3_MOUSE    MGI:2448458
H2ax                P27661      H2AX_MOUSE    MGI:102688
H2az1               P0C0S6      H2AZ_MOUSE    MGI:1888388
H2az2               Q3THW5      H2AV_MOUSE    MGI:1924855
H2bc1               P70696      H2B1A_MOUSE   MGI:2448375
H2bc11              P10853      H2B1F_MOUSE   MGI:2448388
H2bc12              Q8CGP1      H2B1K_MOUSE   MGI:2448399
H2bc13              P10853      H2B1F_MOUSE   MGI:2448403
H2bc14              P10854      H2B1M_MOUSE   MGI:2448404
H2bc15              P10853      H2B1F_MOUSE   MGI:2448407
H2bc21              Q64524      H2B2E_MOUSE   MGI:2448415
H2bc3               Q64475      H2B1B_MOUSE   MGI:2448377
H2bc4               Q6ZWY9      H2B1C_MOUSE   MGI:1915274
H2bc6               Q6ZWY9      H2B1C_MOUSE   MGI:2448380
H2bc7               P10853      H2B1F_MOUSE   MGI:2448383
H2bc8               Q6ZWY9      H2B1C_MOUSE   MGI:2448386
H2bc9               Q64478      H2B1H_MOUSE   MGI:2448387
H2bl1               Q9D9Z7      H2BL1_MOUSE   MGI:1916632
H2bu1-ps            Q8CGP0      H2B3B_MOUSE   MGI:1922442
H2bu2               Q9D2U9      H2B3A_MOUSE   MGI:1925553
H3c1                P68433      H31_MOUSE     MGI:2668828
H3c10               P68433      H31_MOUSE     MGI:2448349
H3c11               P68433      H31_MOUSE     MGI:2448350
H3c13               P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448351
H3c14               P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448355
H3c15               P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448357
H3c2                P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448319
H3c3                P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448320
H3c4                P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448322
H3c6                P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448326
H3c7                P84228      H32_MOUSE     MGI:2448329
H3c8                P68433      H31_MOUSE     MGI:2145541
H3f3a               P84244      H33_MOUSE     MGI:1097686
H3f3b               P84244      H33_MOUSE     MGI:1101768
H3f3c               P02301      H3C_MOUSE     MGI:3650546
H4c1                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448419
H4c11               P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448436
H4c12               P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448439
H4c14               P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2140113
H4c2                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448420
H4c3                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448421
H4c4                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448423
H4c6                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448425
H4c8                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448427
H4c9                P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448432
H4f16               P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448443
H60b                B1B212      H60B_MOUSE    MGI:3649078
H60c                B1B213      H60C_MOUSE    MGI:3774845
H6pd                Q8CFX1      G6PE_MOUSE    MGI:2140356
Haao                Q78JT3      3HAO_MOUSE    MGI:1349444
Habp2               Q8K0D2      HABP2_MOUSE   MGI:1196378
Habp4               Q9JKS5      HABP4_MOUSE   MGI:1891713
Hacd1               Q9QY80      HACD1_MOUSE   MGI:1353592
Hacd2               Q9D3B1      HACD2_MOUSE   MGI:1918007
Hacd3               Q8K2C9      HACD3_MOUSE   MGI:1889341
Hacd4               A2AKM2      HACD4_MOUSE   MGI:1914025
Hace1               Q3U0D9      HACE1_MOUSE   MGI:2446110
Hacl1               Q9QXE0      HACL1_MOUSE   MGI:1929657
Hadh                Q61425      HCDH_MOUSE    MGI:96009
Hadha               Q8BMS1      ECHA_MOUSE    MGI:2135593
Hadhb               Q99JY0      ECHB_MOUSE    MGI:2136381
Hagh                Q99KB8      GLO2_MOUSE    MGI:95745
Haghl               Q9DB32      HAGHL_MOUSE   MGI:1919877
Hal                 P35492      HUTH_MOUSE    MGI:96010
Hamp                Q9EQ21      HEPC_MOUSE    MGI:1933533
Hamp2               Q80T19      HEPC2_MOUSE   MGI:2153530
Hand1               Q64279      HAND1_MOUSE   MGI:103577
Hand2               Q61039      HAND2_MOUSE   MGI:103580
Hao1                Q9WU19      HAOX1_MOUSE   MGI:96011
Hao2                Q9NYQ2      HAOX2_MOUSE   MGI:96012
Hap1                O35668      HAP1_MOUSE    MGI:1261831
Hapln1              Q9QUP5      HPLN1_MOUSE   MGI:1337006
Hapln2              Q9ESM3      HPLN2_MOUSE   MGI:2137300
Hapln3              Q80WM5      HPLN3_MOUSE   MGI:1914916
Hapln4              Q80WM4      HPLN4_MOUSE   MGI:2679531
Harbi1              Q8BR93      HARB1_MOUSE   MGI:2443194
Hars                Q61035      HARS1_MOUSE   MGI:108087
Hars2               Q99KK9      SYHM_MOUSE    MGI:1918041
Has1                Q61647      HYAS1_MOUSE   MGI:106590
Has2                P70312      HYAS2_MOUSE   MGI:107821
Has3                O08650      HYAS3_MOUSE   MGI:109599
Haspin              Q9Z0R0      HASP_MOUSE    MGI:1194498
Hat1                Q8BY71      HAT1_MOUSE    MGI:96013
Haus1               Q8BHX1      HAUS1_MOUSE   MGI:2385076
Haus2               Q9CQS9      HAUS2_MOUSE   MGI:1913546
Haus3               Q8QZX2      HAUS3_MOUSE   MGI:2387633
Haus4               Q8BFT2      HAUS4_MOUSE   MGI:1261794
Haus5               Q9D786      HAUS5_MOUSE   MGI:1919159
Haus7               Q8BKT8      HAUS7_MOUSE   MGI:1920988
Haus8               Q99L00      HAUS8_MOUSE   MGI:1923728
Havcr1              Q5QNS5      HAVR1_MOUSE   MGI:2159680
Havcr2              Q8VIM0      HAVR2_MOUSE   MGI:2159682
Hax1                O35387      HAX1_MOUSE    MGI:1346319
Hba-a1              P01942      HBA_MOUSE     MGI:96015
Hba-x               P06467      HBAZ_MOUSE    MGI:96019
Hbb-b1              P02088      HBB1_MOUSE    MGI:96021
Hbb-b2              P02089      HBB2_MOUSE    MGI:96022
Hbb-bh0             P04443      HBB0_MOUSE    MGI:96023
Hbb-bh1             P04444      HBBZ_MOUSE    MGI:96024
Hbb-y               P02104      HBE_MOUSE     MGI:96027
Hbegf               Q06186      HBEGF_MOUSE   MGI:96070
Hbp1                Q8R316      HBP1_MOUSE    MGI:894659
Hbs1l               Q69ZS7      HBS1L_MOUSE   MGI:1891704
Hc                  P06684      CO5_MOUSE     MGI:96031
Hcar1               Q8C131      HCAR1_MOUSE   MGI:2441671
Hcar2               Q9EP66      HCAR2_MOUSE   MGI:1933383
Hccs                P53702      CCHL_MOUSE    MGI:106911
Hcfc1               Q61191      HCFC1_MOUSE   MGI:105942
Hcfc1r1             Q9CYQ5      HPIP_MOUSE    MGI:2663619
Hcfc2               Q9D968      HCFC2_MOUSE   MGI:1915183
Hck                 P08103      HCK_MOUSE     MGI:96052
Hcls1               P49710      HCLS1_MOUSE   MGI:104568
Hcn1                O88704      HCN1_MOUSE    MGI:1096392
Hcn2                O88703      HCN2_MOUSE    MGI:1298210
Hcn3                O88705      HCN3_MOUSE    MGI:1298211
Hcn4                O70507      HCN4_MOUSE    MGI:1298209
Hcrt                O55241      OREX_MOUSE    MGI:1202306
Hcrtr1              P58307      OX1R_MOUSE    MGI:2385650
Hcrtr2              P58308      OX2R_MOUSE    MGI:2680765
Hcst                Q9QUJ0      HCST_MOUSE    MGI:1344360
Hdac1               O09106      HDAC1_MOUSE   MGI:108086
Hdac10              Q6P3E7      HDA10_MOUSE   MGI:2158340
Hdac11              Q91WA3      HDA11_MOUSE   MGI:2385252
Hdac2               P70288      HDAC2_MOUSE   MGI:1097691
Hdac3               O88895      HDAC3_MOUSE   MGI:1343091
Hdac4               Q6NZM9      HDAC4_MOUSE   MGI:3036234
Hdac5               Q9Z2V6      HDAC5_MOUSE   MGI:1333784
Hdac6               Q9Z2V5      HDAC6_MOUSE   MGI:1333752
Hdac7               Q8C2B3      HDAC7_MOUSE   MGI:1891835
Hdac8               Q8VH37      HDAC8_MOUSE   MGI:1917565
Hdac9               Q99N13      HDAC9_MOUSE   MGI:1931221
Hdc                 P23738      DCHS_MOUSE    MGI:96062
Hddc2               Q3SXD3      HDDC2_MOUSE   MGI:1916942
Hddc3               Q9D114      MESH1_MOUSE   MGI:1915945
Hdgf                P51859      HDGF_MOUSE    MGI:1194494
Hdgfl2              Q3UMU9      HDGR2_MOUSE   MGI:1194492
Hdgfl3              Q9JMG7      HDGR3_MOUSE   MGI:1352760
Hdhd2               Q3UGR5      HDHD2_MOUSE   MGI:1924237
Hdhd3               Q9CYW4      HDHD3_MOUSE   MGI:1919998
Hdhd5               Q91WM2      HDHD5_MOUSE   MGI:2136976
Hdlbp               Q8VDJ3      VIGLN_MOUSE   MGI:99256
Hdx                 Q14B70      HDX_MOUSE     MGI:2685226
Heatr3              Q8BQM4      HEAT3_MOUSE   MGI:2444491
Heatr5a             Q5PRF0      HTR5A_MOUSE   MGI:2444133
Heatr5b             Q8C547      HTR5B_MOUSE   MGI:2444098
Heatr6              Q6P1G0      HEAT6_MOUSE   MGI:1919790
Heatr9              Q5QNV8      HEAT9_MOUSE   MGI:3650286
Hebp1               Q9R257      HEBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1333880
Hebp2               Q9WU63      HEBP2_MOUSE   MGI:1860084
Hectd1              Q69ZR2      HECD1_MOUSE   MGI:2384768
Hectd2              Q8CDU6      HECD2_MOUSE   MGI:2442663
Hectd3              Q3U487      HECD3_MOUSE   MGI:1923858
Hecw1               Q8K4P8      HECW1_MOUSE   MGI:2444115
Hecw2               Q6I6G8      HECW2_MOUSE   MGI:2685817
Heg1                E9Q7X6      HEG1_MOUSE    MGI:1924696
Helb                Q6NVF4      HELB_MOUSE    MGI:2152895
Hells               Q60848      HELLS_MOUSE   MGI:106209
Helq                Q2VPA6      HELQ_MOUSE    MGI:2176740
Helt                Q7TS99      HELT_MOUSE    MGI:3040955
Helz                Q6DFV5      HELZ_MOUSE    MGI:1925705
Helz2               E9QAM5      HELZ2_MOUSE   MGI:2385169
Hemgn               Q9ERZ0      HEMGN_MOUSE   MGI:2136910
Hemk1               Q921L7      HEMK1_MOUSE   MGI:1916786
Henmt1              Q8CAE2      HENMT_MOUSE   MGI:1913965
Hepacam             Q640R3      HECAM_MOUSE   MGI:1920177
Hepacam2            Q4VAH7      HECA2_MOUSE   MGI:2141520
Heph                Q9Z0Z4      HEPH_MOUSE    MGI:1332240
Hephl1              Q3V1H3      HPHL1_MOUSE   MGI:2685355
Herc2               Q4U2R1      HERC2_MOUSE   MGI:103234
Herc4               Q6PAV2      HERC4_MOUSE   MGI:1914595
Herc6               F2Z461      HERC6_MOUSE   MGI:1914388
Herpud1             Q9JJK5      HERP1_MOUSE   MGI:1927406
Herpud2             Q9JJC9      HERP2_MOUSE   MGI:1915393
Hes1                P35428      HES1_MOUSE    MGI:104853
Hes2                O54792      HES2_MOUSE    MGI:1098624
Hes3                Q61657      HES3_MOUSE    MGI:104877
Hes5                P70120      HES5_MOUSE    MGI:104876
Hes6                Q9JHE6      HES6_MOUSE    MGI:1859852
Hes7                Q8BKT2      HES7_MOUSE    MGI:2135679
Hesx1               Q61658      HESX1_MOUSE   MGI:96071
Hexa                P29416      HEXA_MOUSE    MGI:96073
Hexb                P20060      HEXB_MOUSE    MGI:96074
Hexdc               Q3U4H6      HEXD_MOUSE    MGI:3605542
Hexim1              Q8R409      HEXI1_MOUSE   MGI:2385923
Hexim2              Q3TVI4      HEXI2_MOUSE   MGI:1918309
Hey1                Q9WV93      HEY1_MOUSE    MGI:1341800
Hey2                Q9QUS4      HEY2_MOUSE    MGI:1341884
Heyl                Q9DBX7      HEYL_MOUSE    MGI:1860511
Hfe                 P70387      HFE_MOUSE     MGI:109191
Hfm1                D3Z4R1      HFM1_MOUSE    MGI:3036246
Hgd                 O09173      HGD_MOUSE     MGI:96078
Hgf                 Q08048      HGF_MOUSE     MGI:96079
Hgfac               Q9R098      HGFA_MOUSE    MGI:1859281
Hgh1                Q8C3I8      HGH1_MOUSE    MGI:1930628
Hgs                 Q99LI8      HGS_MOUSE     MGI:104681
Hgsnat              Q3UDW8      HGNAT_MOUSE   MGI:1196297
Hhat                Q8BMT9      HHAT_MOUSE    MGI:2444681
Hhatl               Q9D1G3      HHATL_MOUSE   MGI:1922020
Hhex                P43120      HHEX_MOUSE    MGI:96086
Hhip                Q7TN16      HHIP_MOUSE    MGI:1341847
Hhipl1              Q14DK5      HIPL1_MOUSE   MGI:1919265
Hhipl2              Q9D2G9      HIPL2_MOUSE   MGI:1926022
Hhla1               Q3TYV2      HHLA1_MOUSE   MGI:3615329
Hibadh              Q99L13      3HIDH_MOUSE   MGI:1889802
Hibch               Q8QZS1      HIBCH_MOUSE   MGI:1923792
Hic1                Q9R1Y5      HIC1_MOUSE    MGI:1338010
Hic2                Q9JLZ6      HIC2_MOUSE    MGI:1929869
Hid1                Q8R1F6      HID1_MOUSE    MGI:2445087
Hif1a               Q61221      HIF1A_MOUSE   MGI:106918
Hif1an              Q8BLR9      HIF1N_MOUSE   MGI:2442345
Hif3a               Q0VBL6      HIF3A_MOUSE   MGI:1859778
Higd1a              Q9JLR9      HIG1A_MOUSE   MGI:1930666
Higd1b              Q99JY6      HIG1B_MOUSE   MGI:1922939
Higd1c              Q76I25      HIG1C_MOUSE   MGI:2685767
Higd2a              Q9CQJ1      HIG2A_MOUSE   MGI:1914294
Hikeshi             Q9DD02      HIKES_MOUSE   MGI:96738
Hilpda              Q9JLS0      HLPDA_MOUSE   MGI:1916823
Hils1               Q9QYL0      HILS1_MOUSE   MGI:2136691
Hinfp               Q8K1K9      HINFP_MOUSE   MGI:2429620
Hint1               P70349      HINT1_MOUSE   MGI:1321133
Hint2               Q9D0S9      HINT2_MOUSE   MGI:1916167
Hint3               Q9CPS6      HINT3_MOUSE   MGI:1914097
Hip1                Q8VD75      HIP1_MOUSE    MGI:1099804
Hip1r               Q9JKY5      HIP1R_MOUSE   MGI:1352504
Hipk1               O88904      HIPK1_MOUSE   MGI:1314873
Hipk2               Q9QZR5      HIPK2_MOUSE   MGI:1314872
Hipk3               Q9ERH7      HIPK3_MOUSE   MGI:1314882
Hipk4               Q3V016      HIPK4_MOUSE   MGI:2685008
Hira                Q61666      HIRA_MOUSE    MGI:99430
Hirip3              Q8BLH7      HIRP3_MOUSE   MGI:2142364
Hist1h2af           Q8CGP5      H2A1F_MOUSE   MGI:2448309
Hist1h2an           C0HKE7      H2A1N_MOUSE   MGI:2448300
Hist1h2ao           C0HKE8      H2A1O_MOUSE   MGI:2448302
Hist1h2ap           C0HKE9      H2A1P_MOUSE   MGI:3710573
Hist1h2bp           Q8CGP2      H2B1P_MOUSE   MGI:2448409
Hist1h4m            P62806      H4_MOUSE      MGI:2448441
Hist2h2aa1          Q6GSS7      H2A2A_MOUSE   MGI:96097
Hist2h2aa2          Q6GSS7      H2A2A_MOUSE   MGI:2448283
Hist2h2bb           Q64525      H2B2B_MOUSE   MGI:2448413
Hivep1              Q03172      ZEP1_MOUSE    MGI:96100
Hivep2              Q3UHF7      ZEP2_MOUSE    MGI:1338076
Hivep3              A2A884      ZEP3_MOUSE    MGI:106589
Hjurp               Q6PG16      HJURP_MOUSE   MGI:2685821
Hjv                 Q7TQ32      RGMC_MOUSE    MGI:1916835
Hk1                 P17710      HXK1_MOUSE    MGI:96103
Hk2                 O08528      HXK2_MOUSE    MGI:1315197
Hk3                 Q3TRM8      HXK3_MOUSE    MGI:2670962
Hkdc1               Q91W97      HKDC1_MOUSE   MGI:2384910
Hlcs                Q920N2      BPL1_MOUSE    MGI:894646
Hlf                 Q8BW74      HLF_MOUSE     MGI:96108
Hltf                Q6PCN7      HLTF_MOUSE    MGI:1196437
Hlx                 Q61670      HLX_MOUSE     MGI:96109
Hmbox1              Q8BJA3      HMBX1_MOUSE   MGI:2445066
Hmbs                P22907      HEM3_MOUSE    MGI:96112
Hmces               Q8R1M0      HMCES_MOUSE   MGI:1914053
Hmcn1               D3YXG0      HMCN1_MOUSE   MGI:2685047
Hmcn2               A2AJ76      HMCN2_MOUSE   MGI:2677838
Hmg20a              Q9DC33      HM20A_MOUSE   MGI:1914117
Hmg20b              Q9Z104      HM20B_MOUSE   MGI:1341190
Hmga1               P17095      HMGA1_MOUSE   MGI:96160
Hmga2               P52927      HMGA2_MOUSE   MGI:101761
Hmgb1               P63158      HMGB1_MOUSE   MGI:96113
Hmgb2               P30681      HMGB2_MOUSE   MGI:96157
Hmgb3               O54879      HMGB3_MOUSE   MGI:1098219
Hmgb4               Q6P8W9      HMGB4_MOUSE   MGI:1916567
Hmgcl               P38060      HMGCL_MOUSE   MGI:96158
Hmgcll1             Q8JZS7      HMGC2_MOUSE   MGI:2446108
Hmgcr               Q01237      HMDH_MOUSE    MGI:96159
Hmgcs1              Q8JZK9      HMCS1_MOUSE   MGI:107592
Hmgcs2              P54869      HMCS2_MOUSE   MGI:101939
Hmgn1               P18608      HMGN1_MOUSE   MGI:96120
Hmgn2               P09602      HMGN2_MOUSE   MGI:96136
Hmgn3               Q9DCB1      HMGN3_MOUSE   MGI:2138069
Hmgn5               Q9JL35      HMGN5_MOUSE   MGI:1355295
Hmmr                Q00547      HMMR_MOUSE    MGI:104667
Hmox1               P14901      HMOX1_MOUSE   MGI:96163
Hmox2               O70252      HMOX2_MOUSE   MGI:109373
Hmx1                O70218      HMX1_MOUSE    MGI:107178
Hmx2                P43687      HMX2_MOUSE    MGI:107159
Hmx3                P42581      HMX3_MOUSE    MGI:107160
Hnf1a               P22361      HNF1A_MOUSE   MGI:98504
Hnf1b               P27889      HNF1B_MOUSE   MGI:98505
Hnf4a               P49698      HNF4A_MOUSE   MGI:109128
Hnf4g               Q9WUU6      HNF4G_MOUSE   MGI:1353604
Hnmt                Q91VF2      HNMT_MOUSE    MGI:2153181
Hnrnpa0             Q9CX86      ROA0_MOUSE    MGI:1924384
Hnrnpa1             P49312      ROA1_MOUSE    MGI:104820
Hnrnpa2b1           O88569      ROA2_MOUSE    MGI:104819
Hnrnpa3             Q8BG05      ROA3_MOUSE    MGI:1917171
Hnrnpab             Q99020      ROAA_MOUSE    MGI:1330294
Hnrnpc              Q9Z204      HNRPC_MOUSE   MGI:107795
Hnrnpd              Q60668      HNRPD_MOUSE   MGI:101947
Hnrnpdl             Q9Z130      HNRDL_MOUSE   MGI:1355299
Hnrnpf              Q9Z2X1      HNRPF_MOUSE   MGI:2138741
Hnrnph1             O35737      HNRH1_MOUSE   MGI:1891925
Hnrnph2             P70333      HNRH2_MOUSE   MGI:1201779
Hnrnpk              P61979      HNRPK_MOUSE   MGI:99894
Hnrnpl              Q8R081      HNRPL_MOUSE   MGI:104816
Hnrnpll             Q921F4      HNRLL_MOUSE   MGI:1919942
Hnrnpm              Q9D0E1      HNRPM_MOUSE   MGI:1926465
Hnrnpu              Q8VEK3      HNRPU_MOUSE   MGI:1858195
Hnrnpul1            Q8VDM6      HNRL1_MOUSE   MGI:2443517
Hnrnpul2            Q00PI9      HNRL2_MOUSE   MGI:1915943
Hoatz               Q80Y73      HOATZ_MOUSE   MGI:1921013
Hoga1               Q9DCU9      HOGA1_MOUSE   MGI:1914682
Homer1              Q9Z2Y3      HOME1_MOUSE   MGI:1347345
Homer2              Q9QWW1      HOME2_MOUSE   MGI:1347354
Homer3              Q99JP6      HOME3_MOUSE   MGI:1347359
Homez               Q80W88      HOMEZ_MOUSE   MGI:2678023
Hook1               Q8BIL5      HOOK1_MOUSE   MGI:1925213
Hook2               Q7TMK6      HOOK2_MOUSE   MGI:2181664
Hook3               Q8BUK6      HOOK3_MOUSE   MGI:2443554
Hopx                Q8R1H0      HOP_MOUSE     MGI:1916782
Hormad1             Q9D5T7      HORM1_MOUSE   MGI:1915231
Hormad2             Q5SQP1      HORM2_MOUSE   MGI:1923078
Hoxa1               P09022      HXA1_MOUSE    MGI:96170
Hoxa10              P31310      HXA10_MOUSE   MGI:96171
Hoxa11              P31311      HXA11_MOUSE   MGI:96172
Hoxa13              Q62424      HXA13_MOUSE   MGI:96173
Hoxa2               P31245      HXA2_MOUSE    MGI:96174
Hoxa3               P02831      HXA3_MOUSE    MGI:96175
Hoxa4               P06798      HXA4_MOUSE    MGI:96176
Hoxa5               P09021      HXA5_MOUSE    MGI:96177
Hoxa6               P09092      HXA6_MOUSE    MGI:96178
Hoxa7               P02830      HXA7_MOUSE    MGI:96179
Hoxa9               P09631      HXA9_MOUSE    MGI:96180
Hoxb1               P17919      HXB1_MOUSE    MGI:96182
Hoxb13              P70321      HXB13_MOUSE   MGI:107730
Hoxb2               P0C1T1      HXB2_MOUSE    MGI:96183
Hoxb3               P09026      HXB3_MOUSE    MGI:96184
Hoxb4               P10284      HXB4_MOUSE    MGI:96185
Hoxb5               P09079      HXB5_MOUSE    MGI:96186
Hoxb6               P09023      HXB6_MOUSE    MGI:96187
Hoxb7               P09024      HXB7_MOUSE    MGI:96188
Hoxb8               P09632      HXB8_MOUSE    MGI:96189
Hoxb9               P20615      HXB9_MOUSE    MGI:96190
Hoxc10              P31257      HXC10_MOUSE   MGI:96192
Hoxc11              P31313      HXC11_MOUSE   MGI:96193
Hoxc12              Q8K5B8      HXC12_MOUSE   MGI:96194
Hoxc13              P50207      HXC13_MOUSE   MGI:99560
Hoxc4               Q08624      HXC4_MOUSE    MGI:96195
Hoxc5               P32043      HXC5_MOUSE    MGI:96196
Hoxc6               P10629      HXC6_MOUSE    MGI:96197
Hoxc8               P09025      HXC8_MOUSE    MGI:96198
Hoxc9               P09633      HXC9_MOUSE    MGI:96199
Hoxd1               Q01822      HXD1_MOUSE    MGI:96201
Hoxd10              P28359      HXD10_MOUSE   MGI:96202
Hoxd11              P23813      HXD11_MOUSE   MGI:96203
Hoxd12              P23812      HXD12_MOUSE   MGI:96204
Hoxd13              P70217      HXD13_MOUSE   MGI:96205
Hoxd3               P09027      HXD3_MOUSE    MGI:96207
Hoxd4               P10628      HXD4_MOUSE    MGI:96208
Hoxd8               P23463      HXD8_MOUSE    MGI:96209
Hoxd9               P28357      HXD9_MOUSE    MGI:96210
Hp                  Q61646      HPT_MOUSE     MGI:96211
Hp1bp3              Q3TEA8      HP1B3_MOUSE   MGI:109369
Hpca                P84075      HPCA_MOUSE    MGI:1336200
Hpcal1              P62748      HPCL1_MOUSE   MGI:1855689
Hpcal4              Q8BGZ1      HPCL4_MOUSE   MGI:2157521
Hpd                 P49429      HPPD_MOUSE    MGI:96213
Hpdl                Q8K248      HPDL_MOUSE    MGI:2444646
Hpf1                Q8CFE2      HPF1_MOUSE    MGI:1919862
Hpgd                Q8VCC1      PGDH_MOUSE    MGI:108085
Hpgds               Q9JHF7      HPGDS_MOUSE   MGI:1859384
Hpn                 O35453      HEPS_MOUSE    MGI:1196620
Hprt                P00493      HPRT_MOUSE    MGI:96217
Hprt1               Q64531      HPRT_MUSSP    MGI:96217
Hps1                O08983      HPS1_MOUSE    MGI:2177763
Hps3                Q91VB4      HPS3_MOUSE    MGI:2153839
Hps4                Q99KG7      HPS4_MOUSE    MGI:2177742
Hps5                P59438      HPS5_MOUSE    MGI:2180307
Hps6                Q8BLY7      HPS6_MOUSE    MGI:2181763
Hpse                Q6YGZ1      HPSE_MOUSE    MGI:1343124
Hpse2               B2RY83      HPSE2_MOUSE   MGI:2685814
Hpx                 Q91X72      HEMO_MOUSE    MGI:105112
Hr                  Q61645      HAIR_MOUSE    MGI:96223
Hras                Q61411      RASH_MOUSE    MGI:96224
Hrct1               Q9D6B9      HRCT1_MOUSE   MGI:1917945
Hrg                 Q9ESB3      HRG_MOUSE     MGI:2146636
Hrh1                P70174      HRH1_MOUSE    MGI:107619
Hrh2                P97292      HRH2_MOUSE    MGI:108482
Hrh3                P58406      HRH3_MOUSE    MGI:2139279
Hrh4                Q91ZY2      HRH4_MOUSE    MGI:2429635
Hrk                 P62816      HRK_MOUSE     MGI:1201608
Hrnr                Q8VHD8      HORN_MOUSE    MGI:3046938
Hrob                Q32P12      HROB_MOUSE    MGI:2387601
Hs1bp3              Q3TC93      H1BP3_MOUSE   MGI:1913224
Hs2st1              Q8R3H7      HS2ST_MOUSE   MGI:1346049
Hs3st1              O35310      HS3S1_MOUSE   MGI:1201606
Hs3st2              Q673U1      HS3S2_MOUSE   MGI:1333802
Hs3st3a1            Q8BKN6      HS3SA_MOUSE   MGI:1333861
Hs3st3b1            Q9QZS6      HS3SB_MOUSE   MGI:1333853
Hs3st5              Q8BSL4      HS3S5_MOUSE   MGI:2441996
Hs3st6              Q5GFD5      HS3S6_MOUSE   MGI:3580487
Hs6st1              Q9QYK5      H6ST1_MOUSE   MGI:1354958
Hs6st2              Q80UW0      H6ST2_MOUSE   MGI:1354959
Hs6st3              Q9QYK4      H6ST3_MOUSE   MGI:1354960
Hsbp1               Q9CQZ1      HSBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1915446
Hsbp1l1             B2RXB2      HSBPL_MOUSE   MGI:1913505
Hscb                Q8K3A0      HSC20_MOUSE   MGI:2141135
Hsd11b1             P50172      DHI1_MOUSE    MGI:103562
Hsd11b2             P51661      DHI2_MOUSE    MGI:104720
Hsd17b1             P51656      DHB1_MOUSE    MGI:105077
Hsd17b10            O08756      HCD2_MOUSE    MGI:1333871
Hsd17b11            Q9EQ06      DHB11_MOUSE   MGI:2149821
Hsd17b12            O70503      DHB12_MOUSE   MGI:1926967
Hsd17b13            Q8VCR2      DHB13_MOUSE   MGI:2140804
Hsd17b2             P51658      DHB2_MOUSE    MGI:1096386
Hsd17b3             P70385      DHB3_MOUSE    MGI:107177
Hsd17b4             P51660      DHB4_MOUSE    MGI:105089
Hsd17b6             Q9R092      H17B6_MOUSE   MGI:1351670
Hsd17b7             O88736      DHB7_MOUSE    MGI:1330808
Hsd3b1              P24815      3BHS1_MOUSE   MGI:96233
Hsd3b2              P26149      3BHS2_MOUSE   MGI:96234
Hsd3b3              P26150      3BHS3_MOUSE   MGI:96235
Hsd3b4              Q61767      3BHS4_MOUSE   MGI:96236
Hsd3b5              Q61694      3BHS5_MOUSE   MGI:104645
Hsd3b6              O35469      3BHS6_MOUSE   MGI:109598
Hsd3b7              Q9EQC1      3BHS7_MOUSE   MGI:2141879
Hsdl1               Q8BTX9      HSDL1_MOUSE   MGI:1919802
Hsdl2               Q2TPA8      HSDL2_MOUSE   MGI:1919729
Hsf1                P38532      HSF1_MOUSE    MGI:96238
Hsf2                P38533      HSF2_MOUSE    MGI:96239
Hsf2bp              Q9D4G2      HSF2B_MOUSE   MGI:1921627
Hsf3                D0VYS2      HSF3_MOUSE    MGI:3045337
Hsf4                Q9R0L1      HSF4_MOUSE    MGI:1347058
Hsf5                Q5ND04      HSF5_MOUSE    MGI:2685585
Hsh2d               Q6VYH9      HSH2D_MOUSE   MGI:2676364
Hsp90aa1            P07901      HS90A_MOUSE   MGI:96250
Hsp90ab1            P11499      HS90B_MOUSE   MGI:96247
Hsp90b1             P08113      ENPL_MOUSE    MGI:98817
Hspa12a             Q8K0U4      HS12A_MOUSE   MGI:1920692
Hspa12b             Q9CZJ2      HS12B_MOUSE   MGI:1919880
Hspa13              Q8BM72      HSP13_MOUSE   MGI:1309463
Hspa14              Q99M31      HSP7E_MOUSE   MGI:1354164
Hspa1a              Q61696      HS71A_MOUSE   MGI:96244
Hspa1b              P17879      HS71B_MOUSE   MGI:99517
Hspa1l              P16627      HS71L_MOUSE   MGI:96231
Hspa2               P17156      HSP72_MOUSE   MGI:96243
Hspa4               Q61316      HSP74_MOUSE   MGI:1342292
Hspa4l              P48722      HS74L_MOUSE   MGI:107422
Hspa5               P20029      BIP_MOUSE     MGI:95835
Hspa8               P63017      HSP7C_MOUSE   MGI:105384
Hspa9               P38647      GRP75_MOUSE   MGI:96245
Hspb1               P14602      HSPB1_MOUSE   MGI:96240
Hspb11              Q9D6H2      IFT25_MOUSE   MGI:1920188
Hspb2               Q99PR8      HSPB2_MOUSE   MGI:1916503
Hspb3               Q9QZ57      HSPB3_MOUSE   MGI:1928479
Hspb6               Q5EBG6      HSPB6_MOUSE   MGI:2685325
Hspb7               P35385      HSPB7_MOUSE   MGI:1352494
Hspb8               Q9JK92      HSPB8_MOUSE   MGI:2135756
Hspb9               Q9DAM3      HSPB9_MOUSE   MGI:1922732
Hspbap1             Q8BK58      HBAP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913917
Hspbp1              Q99P31      HPBP1_MOUSE   MGI:1913495
Hspd1               P63038      CH60_MOUSE    MGI:96242
Hspe1               Q64433      CH10_MOUSE    MGI:104680
Hspg2               Q05793      PGBM_MOUSE    MGI:96257
Hsph1               Q61699      HS105_MOUSE   MGI:105053
Htatip2             Q9Z2G9      HTAI2_MOUSE   MGI:1859271
Htatsf1             Q8BGC0      HTSF1_MOUSE   MGI:1919709
Htr1a               Q64264      5HT1A_MOUSE   MGI:96273
Htr1b               P28334      5HT1B_MOUSE   MGI:96274
Htr1d               Q61224      5HT1D_MOUSE   MGI:96276
Htr1f               Q02284      5HT1F_MOUSE   MGI:99842
Htr2a               P35363      5HT2A_MOUSE   MGI:109521
Htr2b               Q02152      5HT2B_MOUSE   MGI:109323
Htr2c               P34968      5HT2C_MOUSE   MGI:96281
Htr3a               P23979      5HT3A_MOUSE   MGI:96282
Htr3b               Q9JHJ5      5HT3B_MOUSE   MGI:1861899
Htr4                P97288      5HT4R_MOUSE   MGI:109246
Htr5a               P30966      5HT5A_MOUSE   MGI:96283
Htr5b               P31387      5HT5B_MOUSE   MGI:96284
Htr6                Q9R1C8      5HT6R_MOUSE   MGI:1196627
Htr7                P32304      5HT7R_MOUSE   MGI:99841
Htra1               Q9R118      HTRA1_MOUSE   MGI:1929076
Htra2               Q9JIY5      HTRA2_MOUSE   MGI:1928676
Htra3               Q9D236      HTRA3_MOUSE   MGI:1925808
Htra4               A2RT60      HTRA4_MOUSE   MGI:3036260
Htt                 P42859      HD_MOUSE      MGI:96067
Hunk                O88866      HUNK_MOUSE    MGI:1347352
Hus1                Q8BQY8      HUS1_MOUSE    MGI:1277962
Hus1b               Q8K572      HUS1B_MOUSE   MGI:2671003
Huwe1               Q7TMY8      HUWE1_MOUSE   MGI:1926884
Hvcn1               Q3U2S8      HVCN1_MOUSE   MGI:1921346
Hyal1               Q91ZJ9      HYAL1_MOUSE   MGI:96298
Hyal2               O35632      HYAL2_MOUSE   MGI:1196334
Hyal3               Q8VEI3      HYAL3_MOUSE   MGI:1330288
Hyal4               Q05A56      HYAL4_MOUSE   MGI:1924292
Hyal5               Q812F3      HYAL5_MOUSE   MGI:1921718
Hydin               Q80W93      HYDIN_MOUSE   MGI:2389007
Hyi                 Q8R1F5      HYI_MOUSE     MGI:1915430
Hykk                Q5U5V2      HYKK_MOUSE    MGI:2443139
Hyls1               Q9CXX0      HYLS1_MOUSE   MGI:1924082
Hyou1               Q9JKR6      HYOU1_MOUSE   MGI:108030
Hypk                Q9CR41      HYPK_MOUSE    MGI:1914943
I830077J02Rik       Q3U7U4      CA162_MOUSE   MGI:3588284
Iah1                Q9DB29      IAH1_MOUSE    MGI:1914982
Iap                 P03975      IGEB_MOUSE    MGI:96306
Iapp                P12968      IAPP_MOUSE    MGI:96382
Iars                Q8BU30      SYIC_MOUSE    MGI:2145219
Iars2               Q8BIJ6      SYIM_MOUSE    MGI:1919586
Iba57               Q8CAK1      CAF17_MOUSE   MGI:3041174
Ibsp                Q61711      SIAL_MOUSE    MGI:96389
Ibtk                Q6ZPR6      IBTK_MOUSE    MGI:1918677
Ica1                P97411      ICA69_MOUSE   MGI:96391
Ica1l               Q3TY65      ICA1L_MOUSE   MGI:1917625
Icam1               P13597      ICAM1_MOUSE   MGI:96392
Icam2               P35330      ICAM2_MOUSE   MGI:96394
Icam4               Q9ERM2      ICAM4_MOUSE   MGI:1925619
Icam5               Q60625      ICAM5_MOUSE   MGI:109430
Ice1                E9Q286      ICE1_MOUSE    MGI:2385865
Ice2                Q3UZ18      ICE2_MOUSE    MGI:2135947
Icmt                Q9EQK7      ICMT_MOUSE    MGI:1888594
Icos                Q9WVS0      ICOS_MOUSE    MGI:1858745
Icosl               Q9JHJ8      ICOSL_MOUSE   MGI:1354701
Id1                 P20067      ID1_MOUSE     MGI:96396
Id2                 P41136      ID2_MOUSE     MGI:96397
Id3                 P41133      ID3_MOUSE     MGI:96398
Id4                 P41139      ID4_MOUSE     MGI:99414
Ide                 Q9JHR7      IDE_MOUSE     MGI:96412
Idh1                O88844      IDHC_MOUSE    MGI:96413
Idh2                P54071      IDHP_MOUSE    MGI:96414
Idh3a               Q9D6R2      IDH3A_MOUSE   MGI:1915084
Idh3g               P70404      IDHG1_MOUSE   MGI:1099463
Idi1                P58044      IDI1_MOUSE