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Description: Human chromosome 12: entries, gene names and
             cross-references to MIM
Name:        humchr12.txt
Release:     2021_04 of 29-Sep-2021


This documents lists all the human protein sequence entries whose genes
are known to be encoded on chromosome 12 in this release of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

Number of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries encoded on chromosome 12: 1032

Reference for the chromosome sequence:
Nature 440:346-351(2006).
[Pubmed: 16541075] [Article from publisher]

For more information on chromosome 12 see:

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______________ _______________ ______________________ ______ ______________________
Gene           Chromosomal     Swiss-Prot             MIM    Description
name           position        AC        Entry name   code
______________ _______________ ______________________ ______ ______________________
A2M           12p12.3-p13.3   P01023     A2MG_HUMAN  103950 Alpha-2-macroglobulin precursor (Alpha-2-M) (C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 5) [CPAMD5] [FWP007]
A2ML1         12p13.31        A8K2U0     A2ML1_HUMAN 610627 Alpha-2-macroglobulin-like protein 1 precursor (C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 9) [CPAMD9]
AAAS          12q13           Q9NRG9     AAAS_HUMAN  605378 Aladin (Adracalin) [ADRACALA] [GL003]
AACS          12q24.31        Q86V21     AACS_HUMAN  614364 Acetoacetyl-CoA synthetase (EC (Acyl-CoA synthetase family member 1) (Protein sur-5 homolog) [ACSF1]
ABCB9         12q24           Q9NP78     ABCB9_HUMAN 605453 ABC-type oligopeptide transporter ABCB9 (EC (ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 9) (ATP-binding cassette transporter 9) (ABC transporter 9 protein) (hABCB9) (TAP-like protein) (TAPL) [KIAA1520]
ABCC9         12p12.1         O60706     ABCC9_HUMAN 601439 ATP-binding cassette sub-family C member 9 (Sulfonylurea receptor 2) [SUR2]
ABCD2         12q11-q12       Q9UBJ2     ABCD2_HUMAN 601081 ATP-binding cassette sub-family D member 2 (EC 3.1.2.-) (EC 7.6.2.-) (Adrenoleukodystrophy-like 1) (Adrenoleukodystrophy-related protein) (hALDR) [ALD1] [ALDL1] [ALDR] [ALDRP]
ACACB         12q24.1         O00763     ACACB_HUMAN 601557 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 precursor (EC (ACC-beta) [ACC2] [ACCB]
ACAD10        12q24.12        Q6JQN1     ACD10_HUMAN 611181 Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase family member 10 (EC 1.3.99.-) (ACAD-10)
ACADS         12q24.2         P16219     ACADS_HUMAN 606885 Short-chain specific acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (SCAD) (Butyryl-CoA dehydrogenase)
ACRBP         12p13.31        Q8NEB7     ACRBP_HUMAN 608352 Acrosin-binding protein precursor (Acrosin-binding protein, 60 kDa form) (Cancer/testis antigen 23) (CT23) (Cancer/testis antigen OY-TES-1) (Proacrosin-binding protein sp32) [Contains: Acrosin-binding protein, mature form (Acrosin-binding protein, 32 kDa form, mature form)]
ACSM4         12p13.31        P0C7M7     ACSM4_HUMAN 614360 Acyl-coenzyme A synthetase ACSM4, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Acyl-CoA synthetase medium-chain family member 4)
ACSS3         12q21.31        Q9H6R3     ACSS3_HUMAN 614356 Acyl-CoA synthetase short-chain family member 3, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Acetate--CoA ligase 3) (Acyl-CoA synthetase short-chain family member 3) (Propionate--CoA ligase) (EC
ACTR6         12q23.3         Q9GZN1     ARP6_HUMAN         Actin-related protein 6 (hArp6) (hARPX) [CDA12]
ACVR1B        12q13           P36896     ACV1B_HUMAN 601300 Activin receptor type-1B precursor (EC (Activin receptor type IB) (ACTR-IB) (Activin receptor-like kinase 4) (ALK-4) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase receptor R2) (SKR2) [ACVRLK4] [ALK4]
ACVRL1        12q11-q14       P37023     ACVL1_HUMAN 601284 Serine/threonine-protein kinase receptor R3 precursor (EC (SKR3) (Activin receptor-like kinase 1) (ALK-1) (TGF-B superfamily receptor type I) (TSR-I) [ACVRLK1] [ALK1]
ADAMTS20      12q12           P59510     ATS20_HUMAN 611681 A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 20 precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (ADAM-TS 20) (ADAM-TS20) (ADAMTS-20)
ADCY6         12q12-q13       O43306     ADCY6_HUMAN 600294 Adenylate cyclase type 6 (EC (ATP pyrophosphate-lyase 6) (Adenylate cyclase type VI) (Adenylyl cyclase 6) (Ca(2+)-inhibitable adenylyl cyclase) [KIAA0422]
ADGRD1        12q24.33        Q6QNK2     AGRD1_HUMAN 613639 Adhesion G-protein coupled receptor D1 precursor (G-protein coupled receptor 133) (G-protein coupled receptor PGR25) [GPR133] [PGR25]
ADIPOR2       12p13.31        Q86V24     PAQR2_HUMAN 607946 Adiponectin receptor protein 2 (Progestin and adipoQ receptor family member 2) (Progestin and adipoQ receptor family member II) [PAQR2]
AEBP2         12p12.3         Q6ZN18     AEBP2_HUMAN 617934 Zinc finger protein AEBP2 (Adipocyte enhancer-binding protein 2) (AE-binding protein 2)
AGAP2         12q13.11-q14.3  Q99490     AGAP2_HUMAN 605476 Arf-GAP with GTPase, ANK repeat and PH domain-containing protein 2 (AGAP-2) (Centaurin-gamma-1) (Cnt-g1) (GTP-binding and GTPase-activating protein 2) (GGAP2) (Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase enhancer) (PIKE) [CENTG1] [KIAA0167]
AICDA         12p13           Q9GZX7     AICDA_HUMAN 605257 Single-stranded DNA cytosine deaminase (EC (Activation-induced cytidine deaminase) (AID) (Cytidine aminohydrolase) [AID]
AKAP3         12p13.3         O75969     AKAP3_HUMAN 604689 A-kinase anchor protein 3 (AKAP-3) (A-kinase anchor protein 110 kDa) (AKAP 110) (Cancer/testis antigen 82) (CT82) (Fibrous sheath protein of 95 kDa) (FSP95) (Fibrousheathin I) (Fibrousheathin-1) (Protein kinase A-anchoring protein 3) (PRKA3) (Sperm oocyte-binding protein) [AKAP110] [SOB1]
ALDH1L2       12q23.3         Q3SY69     AL1L2_HUMAN 613584 Mitochondrial 10-formyltetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (EC (Mitochondrial 10-FTHFDH) (mtFDH) (Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 member L2)
ALDH2         12q24.2         P05091     ALDH2_HUMAN 100650 Aldehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (ALDH class 2) (ALDH-E2) (ALDHI) [ALDM]
ALG10         12p11.21        Q5BKT4     AG10A_HUMAN 618355 Dol-P-Glc:Glc(2)Man(9)GlcNAc(2)-PP-Dol alpha-1,2-glucosyltransferase (EC (Alpha-1,2-glucosyltransferase ALG10-A) (Alpha-2-glucosyltransferase ALG10-A) (Asparagine-linked glycosylation protein 10 homolog A) [ALG10A]
ALG10B        12q12           Q5I7T1     AG10B_HUMAN 603313 Putative Dol-P-Glc:Glc(2)Man(9)GlcNAc(2)-PP-Dol alpha-1,2-glucosyltransferase (EC (Alpha-1,2-glucosyltransferase ALG10-A) (Alpha-2-glucosyltransferase ALG10-B) (Asparagine-linked glycosylation protein 10 homolog B) (Potassium channel regulator 1) [KCR1]
ALKBH2        12q24.11        Q6NS38     ALKB2_HUMAN 610602 DNA oxidative demethylase ALKBH2 (EC (Alkylated DNA repair protein alkB homolog 2) (Alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase alkB homolog 2) (Oxy DC1) [ABH2]
ALX1          12q21.3-q22     Q15699     ALX1_HUMAN  601527 ALX homeobox protein 1 (Cartilage homeoprotein 1) (CART-1) [CART1]
AMDHD1        12q23.1         Q96NU7     HUTI_HUMAN         Probable imidazolonepropionase (EC (Amidohydrolase domain-containing protein 1) [HMFT1272]
AMHR2         12q13           Q16671     AMHR2_HUMAN 600956 Anti-Muellerian hormone type-2 receptor precursor (EC (Anti-Muellerian hormone type II receptor) (AMH type II receptor) (MIS type II receptor) (MISRII) (MRII) [AMHR] [MISR2]
AMIGO2        12q13.11        Q86SJ2     AMGO2_HUMAN 615690 Amphoterin-induced protein 2 precursor (AMIGO-2) (Alivin-1) (Differentially expressed in gastric adenocarcinomas) (DEGA) [ALI1]
AMN1          12p11.21        Q8IY45     AMN1_HUMAN         Protein AMN1 homolog
ANAPC5        12q24.31        Q9UJX4     APC5_HUMAN  606948 Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 5 (APC5) (Cyclosome subunit 5) [APC5]
ANAPC7        12q24.11        Q9UJX3     APC7_HUMAN  606949 Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 7 (APC7) (Cyclosome subunit 7) [APC7]
ANHX          12q24.33        E9PGG2     ANHX_HUMAN         Anomalous homeobox protein
ANKLE2        12q24.33        Q86XL3     ANKL2_HUMAN 616062 Ankyrin repeat and LEM domain-containing protein 2 (LEM domain-containing protein 4) [KIAA0692] [LEM4]
ANKRD13A      12q24.12        Q8IZ07     AN13A_HUMAN 615123 Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 13A (Protein KE03) [ANKRD13]
ANKRD33       12q13.13        Q7Z3H0     PANKY_HUMAN        Photoreceptor ankyrin repeat protein (Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 33) [C12orf7] [PANKY]
ANKRD52       12q13.3         Q8NB46     ANR52_HUMAN        Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 6 regulatory ankyrin repeat subunit C (PP6-ARS-C) (Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 6 regulatory subunit ARS-C) (Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 52)
ANKS1B        12q23.1         Q7Z6G8     ANS1B_HUMAN 607815 Ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain-containing protein 1B (Amyloid-beta protein intracellular domain-associated protein 1) (AIDA-1) (E2A-PBX1-associated protein) (EB-1)
ANO2          12p13.3         Q9NQ90     ANO2_HUMAN  610109 Anoctamin-2 (Transmembrane protein 16B) [C12orf3] [TMEM16B]
ANO4          12q23.3         Q32M45     ANO4_HUMAN  610111 Anoctamin-4 (Transmembrane protein 16D) [TMEM16D]
ANO6          12q12-q13.11    Q4KMQ2     ANO6_HUMAN  608663 Anoctamin-6 (Small-conductance calcium-activated nonselective cation channel) (SCAN channel) (Transmembrane protein 16F) [TMEM16F]
ANP32D        12q13.11        O95626     AN32D_HUMAN 606878 Acidic leucine-rich nuclear phosphoprotein 32 family member D (Phosphoprotein 32-related protein 2) (Tumorigenic protein pp32r2) [PP32R2]
APAF1         12q23           O14727     APAF_HUMAN  602233 Apoptotic protease-activating factor 1 (APAF-1) [KIAA0413]
APOBEC1       12p13.1         P41238     ABEC1_HUMAN 600130 C->U-editing enzyme APOBEC-1 (EC (Apolipoprotein B mRNA-editing enzyme 1) (HEPR) (mRNA(cytosine(6666)) deaminase 1)
APOF          12q12           Q13790     APOF_HUMAN  107760 Apolipoprotein F precursor (Apo-F) (Lipid transfer inhibitor protein) (LTIP)
APOLD1        12p13.2         Q96LR9     APLD1_HUMAN 612456 Apolipoprotein L domain-containing protein 1 (Vascular early response gene protein) [VERGE]
APPL2         12q24.1         Q8NEU8     DP13B_HUMAN 606231 DCC-interacting protein 13-beta (Dip13-beta) (Adapter protein containing PH domain, PTB domain and leucine zipper motif 2) [DIP13B]
AQP2          12q13           P41181     AQP2_HUMAN  107777 Aquaporin-2 (AQP-2) (ADH water channel) (Aquaporin-CD) (AQP-CD) (Collecting duct water channel protein) (WCH-CD) (Water channel protein for renal collecting duct)
AQP5          12q13           P55064     AQP5_HUMAN  600442 Aquaporin-5 (AQP-5)
AQP6          12q13           Q13520     AQP6_HUMAN  601383 Aquaporin-6 (AQP-6) (Aquaporin-2-like) (Kidney-specific aquaporin) (hKID) [AQP2L]
ARF3          12q13           P61204     ARF3_HUMAN  103190 ADP-ribosylation factor 3
ARHGAP9       12q14           Q9BRR9     RHG09_HUMAN 610576 Rho GTPase-activating protein 9 (Rho-type GTPase-activating protein 9)
ARHGDIB       12p12.3         P52566     GDIR2_HUMAN 602843 Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor 2 (Rho GDI 2) (Ly-GDI) (Rho-GDI beta) [GDIA2] [GDID4] [RAP1GN1]
ARHGEF25      12q13.3         Q86VW2     ARHGP_HUMAN 610215 Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 25 (Guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEFT) (Rac/Cdc42/Rho exchange factor GEFT) (RhoA/Rac/Cdc42 guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEFT) (p63RhoGEF) [GEFT]
ARID2         12q12           Q68CP9     ARID2_HUMAN 609539 AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 2 (ARID domain-containing protein 2) (BRG1-associated factor 200) (BAF200) (Zinc finger protein with activation potential) (Zipzap/p200) [BAF200] [KIAA1557]
ARL1          12q23.1         P40616     ARL1_HUMAN  603425 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 1
ARL6IP4       12q24.31        Q66PJ3     AR6P4_HUMAN 607668 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 6-interacting protein 4 (ARL-6-interacting protein 4) (Aip-4) (HSP-975) (HSVI-binding protein) (SR-15) (SRp25) (SR-25) (Splicing factor SRrp37)
ARNTL2        12p12.2-p11.2   Q8WYA1     BMAL2_HUMAN 614517 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator-like protein 2 (Basic-helix-loop-helix-PAS protein MOP9) (Brain and muscle ARNT-like 2) (CYCLE-like factor) (CLIF) (Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 6) (bHLHe6) (Member of PAS protein 9) (PAS domain-containing protein 9) [BHLHE6] [BMAL2] [CLIF] [MOP9] [PASD9]
ARPC3         12q24           O15145     ARPC3_HUMAN 604225 Actin-related protein 2/3 complex subunit 3 (Arp2/3 complex 21 kDa subunit) (p21-ARC) [ARC21]
ART4          12q13.2-q13.3   Q93070     NAR4_HUMAN  110600 Ecto-ADP-ribosyltransferase 4 precursor (EC (ADP-ribosyltransferase C2 and C3 toxin-like 4) (ARTC4) (Dombrock blood group carrier molecule) (Mono(ADP-ribosyl)transferase 4) (NAD(P)(+)--arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase 4) (CD297 antigen) [DO] [DOK1]
ASB8          12q13.12        Q9H765     ASB8_HUMAN  615053 Ankyrin repeat and SOCS box protein 8 (ASB-8) [PP14212]
ASCL1         12q22-q23       P50553     ASCL1_HUMAN 100790 Achaete-scute homolog 1 (ASH-1) (hASH1) (Class A basic helix-loop-helix protein 46) (bHLHa46) [ASH1] [BHLHA46] [HASH1]
ASCL4         12q24.11        Q6XD76     ASCL4_HUMAN 609155 Achaete-scute homolog 4 (ASH-4) (hASH4) (Achaete-scute-like protein 4) (Class A basic helix-loop-helix protein 44) (bHLHa44) [BHLHA44] [HASH4]
ASIC1         12q12           P78348     ASIC1_HUMAN 602866 Acid-sensing ion channel 1 (ASIC1) (Amiloride-sensitive cation channel 2, neuronal) (Brain sodium channel 2) (BNaC2) [ACCN2] [BNAC2]
ATF1          12q13           P18846     ATF1_HUMAN  123803 Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-1 (cAMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-1) (Activating transcription factor 1) (Protein TREB36)
ATF7          12q13           P17544     ATF7_HUMAN  606371 Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-7 (cAMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-7) (Activating transcription factor 7) (Transcription factor ATF-A) [ATFA]
ATF7IP        12p13.1         Q6VMQ6     MCAF1_HUMAN 613644 Activating transcription factor 7-interacting protein 1 (ATF-interacting protein) (ATF-IP) (ATF7-interacting protein) (ATFa-associated modulator) (hAM) (MBD1-containing chromatin-associated factor 1) (P621) [MCAF] [MCAF1]
ATG101        12q13.13        Q9BSB4     ATGA1_HUMAN 615089 Autophagy-related protein 101 [C12orf44] [PP894]
ATN1          12p13.31        P54259     ATN1_HUMAN  607462 Atrophin-1 (Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy protein) [D12S755E] [DRPLA]
ATP23         12q14.1         Q9Y6H3     ATP23_HUMAN        Mitochondrial inner membrane protease ATP23 homolog (EC 3.4.24.-) (Ku70-binding protein 3) (XRCC6-binding protein 1) [KUB3] [XRCC6BP1]
ATP2A2        12q23-q24.1     P16615     AT2A2_HUMAN 108740 Sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase 2 (EC (SERCA2) (SR Ca(2+)-ATPase 2) (Calcium pump 2) (Calcium-transporting ATPase sarcoplasmic reticulum type, slow twitch skeletal muscle isoform) (Endoplasmic reticulum class 1/2 Ca(2+) ATPase) [ATP2B]
ATP2B1        12q21.3         P20020     AT2B1_HUMAN 108731 Plasma membrane calcium-transporting ATPase 1 (EC (Plasma membrane calcium ATPase isoform 1) (PMCA1) (Plasma membrane calcium pump isoform 1) [PMCA1]
ATP5F1B       12p13-qter      P06576     ATPB_HUMAN  102910 ATP synthase subunit beta, mitochondrial precursor (EC (ATP synthase F1 subunit beta) [ATP5B] [ATPMB] [ATPSB]
ATP5MC2       12q12           Q06055     AT5G2_HUMAN 603193 ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C2, mitochondrial precursor (ATP synthase lipid-binding protein) (ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 2) (ATP synthase proteolipid P2) (ATP synthase proton-transporting mitochondrial F(0) complex subunit C2) (ATPase protein 9) (ATPase subunit c) [ATP5G2] [PSEC0033]
ATP6V0A2      12q24.31        Q9Y487     VPP2_HUMAN  611716 V-type proton ATPase 116 kDa subunit a2 (V-ATPase 116 kDa subunit a2) (Lysosomal H(+)-transporting ATPase V0 subunit a2) (TJ6) (Vacuolar proton translocating ATPase 116 kDa subunit a isoform 2)
ATXN2         12q24.1         Q99700     ATX2_HUMAN  601517 Ataxin-2 (Spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 protein) (Trinucleotide repeat-containing gene 13 protein) [ATX2] [SCA2] [TNRC13]
ATXN7L3B      12q21.1         Q96GX2     A7L3B_HUMAN 615579 Ataxin-7-like protein 3B
AVIL          12q13.11-q14.3  O75366     AVIL_HUMAN  613397 Advillin (p92)
AVPR1A        12q14-q15       P37288     V1AR_HUMAN  600821 Vasopressin V1a receptor (V1aR) (AVPR V1a) (Antidiuretic hormone receptor 1a) (Vascular/hepatic-type arginine vasopressin receptor) [AVPR1]
B3GNT4        12q24           Q9C0J1     B3GN4_HUMAN 605864 N-acetyllactosaminide beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 4 (EC (UDP-GlcNAc:betaGal beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 4) (BGnT-4) (Beta-1,3-Gn-T4) (Beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 4) (Beta3Gn-T4) [UNQ1898/PRO4344]
B4GALNT1      12q13.3         Q00973     B4GN1_HUMAN 601873 Beta-1,4 N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 (EC ((N-acetylneuraminyl)-galactosylglucosylceramide) (GM2/GD2 synthase) (GalNAc-T) [GALGT] [SIAT2]
B4GALNT3      12p13.33        Q6L9W6     B4GN3_HUMAN 612220 Beta-1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 3 (EC (B4GalNAcT3) (Beta4GalNAc-T3) (Beta4GalNAcT3) (Beta-1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase III) (N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminyl-glycoprotein 4-beta-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 2) (NGalNAc-T2)
BAZ2A         12q23-q24       Q9UIF9     BAZ2A_HUMAN 605682 Bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain protein 2A (Transcription termination factor I-interacting protein 5) (TTF-I-interacting protein 5) (Tip5) (hWALp3) [KIAA0314] [TIP5]
BBS10         12q21.2         Q8TAM1     BBS10_HUMAN 610148 Bardet-Biedl syndrome 10 protein [C12orf58]
BCAT1         12pter-q12      P54687     BCAT1_HUMAN 113520 Branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase, cytosolic (EC (BCAT(c)) (Protein ECA39) [BCT1] [ECA39]
BCDIN3D       12q13.13        Q7Z5W3     BN3D2_HUMAN        RNA 5'-monophosphate methyltransferase (EC 2.1.1.-) (BCDIN3 domain-containing protein)
BCL2L14       12p12-p13       Q9BZR8     B2L14_HUMAN 606126 Apoptosis facilitator Bcl-2-like protein 14 (Bcl2-L-14) (Apoptosis regulator Bcl-G) [BCLG]
BCL7A         12q24.13        Q4VC05     BCL7A_HUMAN 601406 B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7 protein family member A
BEST3         12q14.2-q15     Q8N1M1     BEST3_HUMAN 607337 Bestrophin-3 (Vitelliform macular dystrophy 2-like protein 3) [VMD2L3]
BHLHE41       12p11.23-p12.1  Q9C0J9     BHE41_HUMAN 606200 Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 41 (bHLHe41) (Class B basic helix-loop-helix protein 3) (bHLHb3) (Differentially expressed in chondrocytes protein 2) (hDEC2) (Enhancer-of-split and hairy-related protein 1) (SHARP-1) [BHLHB3] [DEC2] [SHARP1]
BICD1         12p11.1-p11.2   Q96G01     BICD1_HUMAN 602204 Protein bicaudal D homolog 1 (Bic-D 1)
BICDL1        12q24.23        Q6ZP65     BICL1_HUMAN 617002 BICD family-like cargo adapter 1 (Bicaudal D-related protein 1) (BICD-related protein 1) (BICDR-1) (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 64A) (CCDC64A) [BICDR1] [CCDC64]
BIN2          12q13.13        Q9UBW5     BIN2_HUMAN  605936 Bridging integrator 2 (Breast cancer-associated protein 1) [BRAP1]
BLOC1S1       12q13-q14       P78537     BL1S1_HUMAN 601444 Biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex 1 subunit 1 (BLOC-1 subunit 1) (GCN5-like protein 1) (Protein RT14) [BLOS1] [GCN5L1] [RT14]
BORCS5        12p12           Q969J3     BORC5_HUMAN 616598 BLOC-1-related complex subunit 5 (Loss of heterozygosity 12 chromosomal region 1) (Myristoylated lysosomal protein) (Myrlysin) [LOH12CR1]
BRAP          12q24           Q7Z569     BRAP_HUMAN  604986 BRCA1-associated protein (EC (BRAP2) (Impedes mitogenic signal propagation) (IMP) (RING finger protein 52) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase BRAP2) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-63) [RNF52]
BRAWNIN       12q23.3         Q69YU5     BWNIN_HUMAN        Protein BRAWNIN [BR] [C12orf73]
BRI3BP        12q24.31        Q8WY22     BRI3B_HUMAN 615627 BRI3-binding protein (I3-binding protein) (Cervical cancer 1 proto-oncogene-binding protein KG19) (HCCRBP-1) [KG19]
BTBD11        12q23.3         A6QL63     BTBDB_HUMAN        Ankyrin repeat and BTB/POZ domain-containing protein BTBD11 (BTB/POZ domain-containing protein 11)
BTG1          12q22           P62324     BTG1_HUMAN  109580 Protein BTG1 (B-cell translocation gene 1 protein)
C12orf29      12q21.32        Q8N999     CL029_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf29
C12orf4       12p13.32        Q9NQ89     CL004_HUMAN 616082 Protein C12orf4
C12orf40      12q12           Q86WS4     CL040_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf40
C12orf42      12q23.2         Q96LP6     CL042_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf42
C12orf50      12q21.32        Q8NA57     CL050_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf50
C12orf54      12q13.11        Q6X4T0     CL054_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf54 [HSD-29] [HSD-30] [HSD29] [HSD30]
C12orf56      12q14.2         Q8IXR9     CL056_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf56
C12orf57      12p13           Q99622     C10_HUMAN   615140 Protein C10 [C10]
C12orf60      12p12.3         Q5U649     CL060_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf60
C12orf71      12p11.23        A8MTZ7     CL071_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf71
C12orf76      12q24.11        Q8N812     CL076_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein C12orf76
C1QL4         12q13.12        Q86Z23     C1QL4_HUMAN 615229 Complement C1q-like protein 4 precursor (C1q and tumor necrosis factor-related protein 11) (C1q/TNF-related protein 11) [CTRP11]
C1R           12p13           P00736     C1R_HUMAN   613785 Complement C1r subcomponent precursor (EC (Complement component 1 subcomponent r) [Contains: Complement C1r subcomponent heavy chain; Complement C1r subcomponent light chain]
C1RL          12p13.31        Q9NZP8     C1RL_HUMAN  608974 Complement C1r subcomponent-like protein precursor (EC 3.4.21.-) (C1r-LP) (C1r-like protein) (C1r-like serine protease analog protein) (CLSPa) [C1RL1] [C1RLP] [CLSPA]
C1S           12p13           P09871     C1S_HUMAN   120580 Complement C1s subcomponent precursor (EC (C1 esterase) (Complement component 1 subcomponent s) [Contains: Complement C1s subcomponent heavy chain; Complement C1s subcomponent light chain]
C2CD5         12p12.1         Q86YS7     C2CD5_HUMAN 618044 C2 domain-containing protein 5 (C2 domain-containing phosphoprotein of 138 kDa) [CDP138] [KIAA0528]
C3AR1         12p13.32        Q16581     C3AR_HUMAN  605246 C3a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor (C3AR) (C3a-R) [AZ3B] [C3R1] [HNFAG09]
CABP1         12q24.23        Q9NZU7     CABP1_HUMAN 605563 Calcium-binding protein 1 (CaBP1) (Calbrain) (Caldendrin)
CACNA1C       12p13.3         Q13936     CAC1C_HUMAN 114205 Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1C (Calcium channel, L type, alpha-1 polypeptide, isoform 1, cardiac muscle) (Voltage-gated calcium channel subunit alpha Cav1.2) [CACH2] [CACN2] [CACNL1A1] [CCHL1A1]
CACNA2D4      12p13.33        Q7Z3S7     CA2D4_HUMAN 608171 Voltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-4 precursor (Voltage-gated calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-4) [Contains: Voltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2-4; Voltage-dependent calcium channel subunit delta-4]
CACNB3        12q13           P54284     CACB3_HUMAN 601958 Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit beta-3 (CAB3) (Calcium channel voltage-dependent subunit beta 3) [CACNLB3]
CALCOCO1      12q13.13        Q9P1Z2     CACO1_HUMAN        Calcium-binding and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1 (Calphoglin) (Coiled-coil coactivator protein) (Sarcoma antigen NY-SAR-3) [KIAA1536] [PP13275] [UNQ2436/PRO4996]
CAMKK2        12q24.2         Q96RR4     KKCC2_HUMAN 615002 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 2 (EC (CaM-KK 2) (CaM-kinase kinase 2) (CaMKK 2) (Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase beta) (CaM-KK beta) (CaM-kinase kinase beta) (CaMKK beta) [CAMKKB] [KIAA0787]
CAND1         12q14.3         Q86VP6     CAND1_HUMAN 607727 Cullin-associated NEDD8-dissociated protein 1 (Cullin-associated and neddylation-dissociated protein 1) (TBP-interacting protein of 120 kDa A) (TBP-interacting protein 120A) (p120 CAND1) [KIAA0829] [TIP120] [TIP120A]
CAPRIN2       12p11           Q6IMN6     CAPR2_HUMAN 610375 Caprin-2 (C1q domain-containing protein 1) (Cytoplasmic activation/proliferation-associated protein 2) (Gastric cancer multidrug resistance-associated protein) (Protein EEG-1) (RNA granule protein 140) [C1QDC1] [EEG1] [KIAA1873] [RNG140]
CAPS2         12q21.1         Q9BXY5     CAYP2_HUMAN 607724 Calcyphosin-2 (Calcyphosine-2) [UG0636c06]
CAPZA3        12p13.31        Q96KX2     CAZA3_HUMAN 608722 F-actin-capping protein subunit alpha-3 (CapZ alpha-3) (CP-alpha-3) (Germ cell-specific protein 3) [CAPAA3] [GSG3]
CBX5          12q12           P45973     CBX5_HUMAN  604478 Chromobox protein homolog 5 (Antigen p25) (Heterochromatin protein 1 homolog alpha) (HP1 alpha) [HP1A]
CCDC184       12q13.12        Q52MB2     CC184_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 184 [C12orf68]
CCDC38        12q23.1         Q502W7     CCD38_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 38
CCDC59        12q21.31        Q9P031     TAP26_HUMAN 619280 Thyroid transcription factor 1-associated protein 26 (TTF-1-associated protein 26) (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 59) (TTF-1-associated protein BR2) [BR22] [TAP26] [HSPC128]
CCDC60        12q24.23        Q8IWA6     CCD60_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 60
CCDC62        12q24.31        Q6P9F0     CCD62_HUMAN 613481 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 62 (Protein TSP-NY) (Protein aaa)
CCDC63        12q24.11        Q8NA47     CCD63_HUMAN 617969 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 63
CCDC65        12q13.12        Q8IXS2     DRC2_HUMAN  611088 Dynein regulatory complex subunit 2 (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 65) (Testis development protein NYD-SP28) [DRC2]
CCDC77        12p13.33        Q9BR77     CCD77_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 77
CCDC91        12p11.22        Q7Z6B0     CCD91_HUMAN 617366 Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 91 (GGA-binding partner) (p56 accessory protein) [GGABP] [HSD8]
CCDC92        12q24.31        Q53HC0     CCD92_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 92 (Limkain beta-2)
CCER1         12q21.33        Q8TC90     CCER1_HUMAN        Coiled-coil domain-containing glutamate-rich protein 1 [C12orf12]
CCND2         12p13           P30279     CCND2_HUMAN 123833 G1/S-specific cyclin-D2
CCNT1         12              O60563     CCNT1_HUMAN 143055 Cyclin-T1 (CycT1) (Cyclin-T)
CCT2          12q13.2         P78371     TCPB_HUMAN  605139 T-complex protein 1 subunit beta (TCP-1-beta) (CCT-beta) [99D8.1] [CCTB]
CD163         12p13.3         Q86VB7     C163A_HUMAN 605545 Scavenger receptor cysteine-rich type 1 protein M130 precursor (Hemoglobin scavenger receptor) (CD163 antigen) [Contains: Soluble CD163 (sCD163)] [M130]
CD163L1       12p13.3         Q9NR16     C163B_HUMAN 606079 Scavenger receptor cysteine-rich type 1 protein M160 precursor (CD163 antigen-like 1) (CD163b antigen) [CD163B] [M160] [UNQ6434/PRO23202]
CD27          12p13           P26842     CD27_HUMAN  186711 CD27 antigen precursor (CD27L receptor) (T-cell activation antigen CD27) (T14) (Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 7) [TNFRSF7]
CD4           12p13           P01730     CD4_HUMAN   186940 T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4 precursor (T-cell surface antigen T4/Leu-3) (CD4 antigen)
CD63          12q12-q13       P08962     CD63_HUMAN  155740 CD63 antigen (Granulophysin) (Lysosomal-associated membrane protein 3) (LAMP-3) (Lysosome integral membrane protein 1) (Limp1) (Melanoma-associated antigen ME491) (OMA81H) (Ocular melanoma-associated antigen) (Tetraspanin-30) (Tspan-30) [MLA1] [TSPAN30]
CD69          12p12-p13       Q07108     CD69_HUMAN  107273 Early activation antigen CD69 (Activation inducer molecule) (AIM) (BL-AC/P26) (C-type lectin domain family 2 member C) (EA1) (Early T-cell activation antigen p60) (GP32/28) (Leukocyte surface antigen Leu-23) (MLR-3) (CD69 antigen) [CLEC2C]
CD9           12p13           P21926     CD9_HUMAN   143030 CD9 antigen (5H9 antigen) (Cell growth-inhibiting gene 2 protein) (Leukocyte antigen MIC3) (Motility-related protein) (MRP-1) (Tetraspanin-29) (Tspan-29) (p24) (CD9 antigen) [MIC3] [TSPAN29] [GIG2]
CDCA3         12p13           Q99618     CDCA3_HUMAN 607749 Cell division cycle-associated protein 3 (Gene-rich cluster protein C8) (Trigger of mitotic entry protein 1) (TOME-1) [C8] [GRCC8] [TOME1]
CDK17         12q23.1         Q00537     CDK17_HUMAN 603440 Cyclin-dependent kinase 17 (EC (Cell division protein kinase 17) (PCTAIRE-motif protein kinase 2) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase PCTAIRE-2) [PCTAIRE2] [PCTK2]
CDK2          12q13           P24941     CDK2_HUMAN  116953 Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (EC (Cell division protein kinase 2) (p33 protein kinase) [CDKN2]
CDK2AP1       12q24.31        O14519     CDKA1_HUMAN 602198 Cyclin-dependent kinase 2-associated protein 1 (CDK2-associated protein 1) (Deleted in oral cancer 1) (DOC-1) (Putative oral cancer suppressor) [CDKAP1] [DOC1]
CDK4          12q14           P11802     CDK4_HUMAN  123829 Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (EC (Cell division protein kinase 4) (PSK-J3)
CDKN1B        12p12-p13.1     P46527     CDN1B_HUMAN 600778 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27) (p27Kip1) [KIP1]
CELA1         12q13           Q9UNI1     CELA1_HUMAN 130120 Chymotrypsin-like elastase family member 1 precursor (EC (Elastase-1) (Pancreatic elastase 1) [ELA1]
CEP290        12q21.23        O15078     CE290_HUMAN 610142 Centrosomal protein of 290 kDa (Cep290) (Bardet-Biedl syndrome 14 protein) (Cancer/testis antigen 87) (CT87) (Nephrocystin-6) (Tumor antigen se2-2) [BBS14] [KIAA0373] [NPHP6]
CEP83         12q22           Q9Y592     CEP83_HUMAN 615847 Centrosomal protein of 83 kDa (Cep83) (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 41) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-58) [CCDC41]
CERS5         12q13.12        Q8N5B7     CERS5_HUMAN 615335 Ceramide synthase 5 (CerS5) (LAG1 longevity assurance homolog 5) (Sphingoid base N-palmitoyltransferase CERS5) (EC (Sphingosine N-acyltransferase CERS5) (EC [LASS5]
CFAP251       12q24.31        Q8TBY9     CF251_HUMAN 618146 Cilia- and flagella-associated protein 251 (WD repeat-containing protein 66) [WDR66]
CFAP54        12q23.1         Q96N23     CFA54_HUMAN        Cilia- and flagella-associated protein 54 [C12orf55] [C12orf63]
CFAP73        12q24.13        A6NFT4     CFA73_HUMAN        Cilia- and flagella-associated protein 73 (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 42B) [CCDC42B]
CHD4          12p13           Q14839     CHD4_HUMAN  603277 Chromodomain-helicase-DNA-binding protein 4 (EC (CHD-4) (ATP-dependent helicase CHD4) (Mi-2 autoantigen 218 kDa protein) (Mi2-beta)
CHFR          12q24.33        Q96EP1     CHFR_HUMAN  605209 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase CHFR (EC (Checkpoint with forkhead and RING finger domains protein) (RING finger protein 196) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase CHFR) [RNF196]
CHPT1         12q             Q8WUD6     CHPT1_HUMAN 616747 Cholinephosphotransferase 1 (EC (hCPT1) (AAPT1-like protein) (Diacylglycerol cholinephosphotransferase 1) [CPT1] [MSTP022]
CHST11        12q23           Q9NPF2     CHSTB_HUMAN 610128 Carbohydrate sulfotransferase 11 (EC (Chondroitin 4-O-sulfotransferase 1) (Chondroitin 4-sulfotransferase 1) (C4S-1) (C4ST-1) (C4ST1)
CIT           12q             O14578     CTRO_HUMAN  605629 Citron Rho-interacting kinase (EC (CRIK) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase 21) [CRIK] [KIAA0949] [STK21]
CKAP4         12q23.3         Q07065     CKAP4_HUMAN 618595 Cytoskeleton-associated protein 4 (63-kDa cytoskeleton-linking membrane protein) (Climp-63) (p63)
CLEC12A       12p13.2         Q5QGZ9     CL12A_HUMAN 612088 C-type lectin domain family 12 member A (C-type lectin-like molecule 1) (CLL-1) (Dendritic cell-associated lectin 2) (DCAL-2) (Myeloid inhibitory C-type lectin-like receptor) (MICL) (CD371 antigen) [CLL1] [DCAL2] [MICL]
CLEC12B       12p13.2         Q2HXU8     CL12B_HUMAN 617573 C-type lectin domain family 12 member B (Macrophage antigen H) [UNQ5782/PRO16089]
CLEC1A        12p13.31        Q8NC01     CLC1A_HUMAN 606782 C-type lectin domain family 1 member A (C-type lectin-like receptor 1) (CLEC-1) [CLEC1] [UNQ569/PRO1131]
CLEC1B        12p13.31        Q9P126     CLC1B_HUMAN 606783 C-type lectin domain family 1 member B (C-type lectin-like receptor 2) (CLEC-2) [CLEC2] [UNQ721/PRO1384]
CLEC2A        12p13.31        Q6UVW9     CLC2A_HUMAN 612087 C-type lectin domain family 2 member A (Keratinocyte-associated C-type lectin) (KACL) (Proliferation-induced lymphocyte-associated receptor) (PILAR) [KACL] [UNQ5792/PRO19597]
CLEC2B        12p12-p13       Q92478     CLC2B_HUMAN 603242 C-type lectin domain family 2 member B (Activation-induced C-type lectin) (C-type lectin superfamily member 2) (IFN-alpha-2b-inducing-related protein 1) [AICL] [CLECSF2] [IFNRG1]
CLEC2D        12p13.31        Q9UHP7     CLC2D_HUMAN 605659 C-type lectin domain family 2 member D (Lectin-like NK cell receptor) (Lectin-like transcript 1) (LLT-1) (Osteoclast inhibitory lectin) [CLAX] [LLT1] [OCIL]
CLEC4A        12p13           Q9UMR7     CLC4A_HUMAN 605306 C-type lectin domain family 4 member A (C-type lectin DDB27) (C-type lectin superfamily member 6) (Dendritic cell immunoreceptor) (Lectin-like immunoreceptor) (CD367 antigen) [CLECSF6] [DCIR] [LLIR] [HDCGC13P]
CLEC4C        12p13           Q8WTT0     CLC4C_HUMAN 606677 C-type lectin domain family 4 member C (Blood dendritic cell antigen 2) (BDCA-2) (C-type lectin superfamily member 7) (Dendritic lectin) (CD303 antigen) [BDCA2] [CLECSF11] [CLECSF7] [DLEC] [HECL] [UNQ9361/PRO34150]
CLEC4D        12p13.31        Q8WXI8     CLC4D_HUMAN 609964 C-type lectin domain family 4 member D (C-type lectin superfamily member 8) (C-type lectin-like receptor 6) (CLEC-6) (Dendritic cell-associated C-type lectin 3) (DC-associated C-type lectin 3) (Dectin-3) (CD368 antigen) [CLECSF8] [MCL]
CLEC4E        12p13.31        Q9ULY5     CLC4E_HUMAN 609962 C-type lectin domain family 4 member E (C-type lectin superfamily member 9) (Macrophage-inducible C-type lectin) (MINCLE) [CLECSF9] [MINCLE] [UNQ218/PRO244]
CLEC6A        12p13           Q6EIG7     CLC6A_HUMAN 613579 C-type lectin domain family 6 member A (C-type lectin superfamily member 10) (Dendritic cell-associated C-type lectin 2) (DC-associated C-type lectin 2) (Dectin-2) [CLECSF10] [DECTIN2]
CLEC7A        12p13.2         Q9BXN2     CLC7A_HUMAN 606264 C-type lectin domain family 7 member A (Beta-glucan receptor) (C-type lectin superfamily member 12) (Dendritic cell-associated C-type lectin 1) (DC-associated C-type lectin 1) (Dectin-1) (CD369 antigen) [BGR] [CLECSF12] [DECTIN1] [UNQ539/PRO1082]
CLEC9A        12p13.31        Q6UXN8     CLC9A_HUMAN 612252 C-type lectin domain family 9 member A (CD370 antigen) [UNQ9341/PRO34046]
CLECL1        12p13.31        Q8IZS7     CLCL1_HUMAN 607467 C-type lectin-like domain family 1 (Dendritic cell-associated lectin 1) (DC-associated lectin-1) (DCAL-1) [DCAL1]
CLIP1         12q24.3         P30622     CLIP1_HUMAN 179838 CAP-Gly domain-containing linker protein 1 (Cytoplasmic linker protein 1) (Cytoplasmic linker protein 170 alpha-2) (CLIP-170) (Reed-Sternberg intermediate filament-associated protein) (Restin) [CYLN1] [RSN]
CLLU1         12q22           Q5K131     CLLU1_HUMAN 616988 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia up-regulated protein 1
CLLU1-AS1     12q22           Q5K130     CLU1O_HUMAN 616989 Putative uncharacterized protein CLLU1-AS1 (CLLU1 antisense RNA 1) (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia up-regulated protein 1 opposite strand transcript protein) [CLLU1OS]
CLSTN3        12p13.31        Q9BQT9     CSTN3_HUMAN 611324 Calsyntenin-3 precursor (Alcadein-beta) (Alc-beta) [CS3] [KIAA0726]
CMAS          12p12.1         Q8NFW8     NEUA_HUMAN  603316 N-acylneuraminate cytidylyltransferase (EC (CMP-N-acetylneuraminic acid synthase) (CMP-NeuNAc synthase)
CMKLR1        12q24.1         Q99788     CML1_HUMAN  602351 Chemerin-like receptor 1 (Chemokine-like receptor 1) (G-protein coupled receptor ChemR23) (G-protein coupled receptor DEZ) [CHEMR23] [DEZ]
CNOT2         12q15           Q9NZN8     CNOT2_HUMAN 604909 CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 2 (CCR4-associated factor 2) [CDC36] [NOT2] [HSPC131] [MSTP046]
CNPY2         12q15           Q9Y2B0     CNPY2_HUMAN 605861 Protein canopy homolog 2 precursor (MIR-interacting saposin-like protein) (Putative secreted protein Zsig9) (Transmembrane protein 4) [MSAP] [TMEM4] [ZSIG9] [UNQ1943/PRO4426]
CNTN1         12q11-q12       Q12860     CNTN1_HUMAN 600016 Contactin-1 precursor (Glycoprotein gp135) (Neural cell surface protein F3)
COL2A1        12q13.11-q13.2  P02458     CO2A1_HUMAN 120140 Collagen alpha-1(II) chain precursor (Alpha-1 type II collagen) [Contains: Collagen alpha-1(II) chain; Chondrocalcin]
COPS7A        12p13.31        Q9UBW8     CSN7A_HUMAN 616009 COP9 signalosome complex subunit 7a (SGN7a) (Signalosome subunit 7a) (Dermal papilla-derived protein 10) (JAB1-containing signalosome subunit 7a) [CSN7A] [DERP10]
COPZ1         12q13.2-q13.3   P61923     COPZ1_HUMAN 615472 Coatomer subunit zeta-1 (Zeta-1-coat protein) (Zeta-1 COP) [COPZ] [CGI-120] [HSPC181]
COQ10A        12q13.3         Q96MF6     CQ10A_HUMAN        Coenzyme Q-binding protein COQ10 homolog A, mitochondrial precursor [UNQ6192/PRO20219]
COQ5          12q24.31        Q5HYK3     COQ5_HUMAN  616359 2-methoxy-6-polyprenyl-1,4-benzoquinol methylase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Ubiquinone biosynthesis methyltransferase COQ5)
CORO1C        12q24.1         Q9ULV4     COR1C_HUMAN 605269 Coronin-1C (Coronin-3) (hCRNN4) [CRN2] [CRNN4]
COX14         12q13.13        Q96I36     COX14_HUMAN 614478 Cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein COX14 [C12orf62]
COX6A1        12q24.2         P12074     CX6A1_HUMAN 602072 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 6A1, mitochondrial precursor (Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide VIa-liver) (Cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIA-liver) (COX VIa-L) [COX6AL]
CPM           12q14.3         P14384     CBPM_HUMAN  114860 Carboxypeptidase M precursor (EC (CPM)
CPNE8         12q12           Q86YQ8     CPNE8_HUMAN        Copine-8 (Copine VIII)
CPSF6         12q15           Q16630     CPSF6_HUMAN 604979 Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 6 (Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 68 kDa subunit) (CPSF 68 kDa subunit) (Cleavage factor Im complex 68 kDa subunit) (CFIm68) (Pre-mRNA cleavage factor Im 68 kDa subunit) (Protein HPBRII-4/7) [CFIM68]
CRACR2A       12p13.32        Q9BSW2     EFC4B_HUMAN 614178 EF-hand calcium-binding domain-containing protein 4B (Calcium release-activated calcium channel regulator 2A) (CRAC channel regulator 2A) (Calcium release-activated channel regulator 2A) (Ras-related protein Rab-46) [EFCAB4B] [RAB46]
CRADD         12q21.33-q23.1  P78560     CRADD_HUMAN 603454 Death domain-containing protein CRADD (Caspase and RIP adapter with death domain) (RIP-associated protein with a death domain) [RAIDD]
CREBL2        12p13           O60519     CRBL2_HUMAN 603476 cAMP-responsive element-binding protein-like 2
CRY1          12q23-q24.1     Q16526     CRY1_HUMAN  601933 Cryptochrome-1 [PHLL1]
CS            12p11-qter      O75390     CISY_HUMAN  118950 Citrate synthase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Citrate (Si)-synthase)
CSAD          12q13.3-q14.11  Q9Y600     CSAD_HUMAN  616569 Cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase (EC (Aspartate 1-decarboxylase) (EC (Cysteine-sulfinate decarboxylase) (Sulfinoalanine decarboxylase) [CSD]
CSRNP2        12q13.11-q13.12 Q9H175     CSRN2_HUMAN        Cysteine/serine-rich nuclear protein 2 (CSRNP-2) (Protein FAM130A1) (TGF-beta-induced apoptosis protein 12) (TAIP-12) [C12orf22] [FAM130A1] [TAIP12]
CSRP2         12q21.1         Q16527     CSRP2_HUMAN 601871 Cysteine and glycine-rich protein 2 (Cysteine-rich protein 2) (CRP2) (LIM domain only protein 5) (LMO-5) (Smooth muscle cell LIM protein) (SmLIM) [LMO5] [SMLIM]
CTDSP2        12q13-q15       O14595     CTDS2_HUMAN 608711 Carboxy-terminal domain RNA polymerase II polypeptide A small phosphatase 2 (EC (Nuclear LIM interactor-interacting factor 2) (NLI-interacting factor 2) (Protein OS-4) (Small C-terminal domain phosphatase 2) (Small CTD phosphatase 2) (SCP2) [NIF2] [OS4] [SCP2]
CUSTOS        12q24.31        Q96C57     CSTOS_HUMAN        Protein CUSTOS [C12orf43]
CUX2          12q24.12        O14529     CUX2_HUMAN  610648 Homeobox protein cut-like 2 (Homeobox protein cux-2) [CUTL2] [KIAA0293]
CYP27B1       12q13.3-q14     O15528     CP27B_HUMAN 609506 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1 alpha hydroxylase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (25-OHD-1 alpha-hydroxylase) (25-hydroxyvitamin D(3) 1-alpha-hydroxylase) (VD3 1A hydroxylase) (Calcidiol 1-monooxygenase) (Cytochrome P450 subfamily XXVIIB polypeptide 1) (Cytochrome P450C1 alpha) (Cytochrome P450VD1-alpha) (Cytochrome p450 27B1) [CYP1ALPHA] [CYP27B]
DAO           12q24           P14920     OXDA_HUMAN  124050 D-amino-acid oxidase (EC (DAAO) (DAMOX) (DAO) [DAMOX]
DAZAP2        12q12           Q15038     DAZP2_HUMAN 607431 DAZ-associated protein 2 (Deleted in azoospermia-associated protein 2) [KIAA0058]
DBX2          12q12           Q6ZNG2     DBX2_HUMAN         Homeobox protein DBX2 (Developing brain homeobox protein 2)
DCD           12q13           P81605     DCD_HUMAN   606634 Dermcidin precursor (EC 3.4.-.-) (Preproteolysin) [Contains: Survival-promoting peptide; DCD-1] [AIDD] [DSEP]
DCN           12q13.2         P07585     PGS2_HUMAN  125255 Decorin precursor (Bone proteoglycan II) (PG-S2) (PG40) [SLRR1B]
DCP1B         12p13.33        Q8IZD4     DCP1B_HUMAN 609843 mRNA-decapping enzyme 1B (EC
DCTN2         12q13.2-q13.3   Q13561     DCTN2_HUMAN 607376 Dynactin subunit 2 (50 kDa dynein-associated polypeptide) (Dynactin complex 50 kDa subunit) (DCTN-50) (p50 dynamitin) [DCTN50]
DDIT3         12q13.1-q13.2   P0DPQ6     DT3UO_HUMAN        DDIT3 upstream open reading frame protein (Alternative DDIT3 protein) (AltDDIT3)
DDIT3         12q13.1-q13.2   P35638     DDIT3_HUMAN 126337 DNA damage-inducible transcript 3 protein (DDIT-3) (C/EBP zeta) (C/EBP-homologous protein) (CHOP) (C/EBP-homologous protein 10) (CHOP-10) (CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein homologous protein) (Growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible protein GADD153) [CHOP] [CHOP10] [GADD153]
DDN           12q13.11        O94850     DEND_HUMAN  610588 Dendrin [KIAA0749]
DDX11         12p11           Q96FC9     DDX11_HUMAN 601150 ATP-dependent DNA helicase DDX11 (EC (CHL1-related protein 1) (hCHLR1) (DEAD/H-box protein 11) (Keratinocyte growth factor-regulated gene 2 protein) (KRG-2) [CHL1] [CHLR1] [KRG2]
DDX11L8       12p13.31        A8MPP1     D11L8_HUMAN        Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX11-like protein 8 (EC (DEAD/H box protein 11-like 8)
DDX12P        12p13.31        Q92771     DDX12_HUMAN 601151 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX12 (EC (CHL1-related protein 2) (hCHLR2) (DEAD/H box protein 12) [CHLR2] [DDX12]
DDX23         12q13.11        Q9BUQ8     DDX23_HUMAN 612172 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX23 (EC (100 kDa U5 snRNP-specific protein) (DEAD box protein 23) (PRP28 homolog) (U5-100kD)
DDX47         12p13.2         Q9H0S4     DDX47_HUMAN 615428 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX47 (EC (DEAD box protein 47)
DDX51         12q24.33        Q8N8A6     DDX51_HUMAN        ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX51 (EC (DEAD box protein 51)
DDX54         12q24.21        Q8TDD1     DDX54_HUMAN 611665 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX54 (EC (ATP-dependent RNA helicase DP97) (DEAD box RNA helicase 97 kDa) (DEAD box protein 54)
DDX55         12q24.31        Q8NHQ9     DDX55_HUMAN        ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX55 (EC (DEAD box protein 55) [KIAA1595]
DENND5B       12p11.21        Q6ZUT9     DEN5B_HUMAN 617279 DENN domain-containing protein 5B (Rab6IP1-like protein)
DENR          12              O43583     DENR_HUMAN  604550 Density-regulated protein (DRP) (Protein DRP1) (Smooth muscle cell-associated protein 3) (SMAP-3) [DRP1] [H14]
DEPDC4        12q23.1         Q8N2C3     DEPD4_HUMAN        DEP domain-containing protein 4
DERA          12p12.3         Q9Y315     DEOC_HUMAN         Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase (EC (DERA) (2-deoxy-D-ribose 5-phosphate aldolase) (Phosphodeoxyriboaldolase) (Deoxyriboaldolase) [CGI-26]
DGKA          12q13.3         P23743     DGKA_HUMAN  125855 Diacylglycerol kinase alpha (EC (DAG kinase alpha) (80 kDa diacylglycerol kinase) (Diglyceride kinase alpha) (DGK-alpha) [DAGK] [DAGK1]
DHH           12q13.1         O43323     DHH_HUMAN   605423 Desert hedgehog protein precursor (DHH) (HHG-3) [Contains: Desert hedgehog protein N-product; Desert hedgehog protein C-product]
DHX37         12q24.31        Q8IY37     DHX37_HUMAN 617362 Probable ATP-dependent RNA helicase DHX37 (EC (DEAH box protein 37) [DDX37] [KIAA1517]
DIABLO        12q24.31        Q9NR28     DBLOH_HUMAN 605219 Diablo homolog, mitochondrial precursor (Direct IAP-binding protein with low pI) (Second mitochondria-derived activator of caspase) (Smac) [SMAC]
DIP2B         12q13.12        Q9P265     DIP2B_HUMAN 611379 Disco-interacting protein 2 homolog B (DIP2 homolog B) [KIAA1463]
DNAH10        12q24.31        Q8IVF4     DYH10_HUMAN 605884 Dynein axonemal heavy chain 10 (Axonemal beta dynein heavy chain 10) (Ciliary dynein heavy chain 10) [KIAA2017]
DNAH10OS      12q24.31        P0CZ25     D10OS_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein DNAH10OS
DNAI7         12p12.1         Q6TDU7     DNAI7_HUMAN 616906 Dynein axonemal intermediate chain 7 (Cancer susceptibility candidate gene 1 protein) (Protein CASC1) (Cilia and flagella associated protein 94) (Lung adenoma susceptibility 1-like protein) (Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 54) [CASC1] [CFAP94] [LAS1] [PPP1R54]
DNAJC14       12q13.2         Q6Y2X3     DJC14_HUMAN 606092 DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 14 (DnaJ protein homolog 3) (Dopamine receptor-interacting protein of 78 kDa) (DRIP78) (Human DnaJ protein 3) (hDj-3) [DRIP78] [HDJ3]
DNAJC22       12q13.12        Q8N4W6     DJC22_HUMAN        DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 22
DNM1L         12p11.21        O00429     DNM1L_HUMAN 603850 Dynamin-1-like protein (EC (Dnm1p/Vps1p-like protein) (DVLP) (Dynamin family member proline-rich carboxyl-terminal domain less) (Dymple) (Dynamin-like protein) (Dynamin-like protein 4) (Dynamin-like protein IV) (HdynIV) (Dynamin-related protein 1) [DLP1] [DRP1]
DPPA3         12p13.31        Q6W0C5     DPPA3_HUMAN 608408 Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 3 (Stella-related protein) [STELLAR]
DPY19L2       12q14.2         Q6NUT2     D19L2_HUMAN 613893 Probable C-mannosyltransferase DPY19L2 (EC 2.4.1.-) (Dpy-19-like protein 2) (Protein dpy-19 homolog 2) [UNQ3127/PRO10284]
DRAM1         12q23.2         Q8N682     DRAM1_HUMAN 610776 DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator protein 1 (Damage-regulated autophagy modulator) [DRAM]
DTX1          12q24.21        Q86Y01     DTX1_HUMAN  602582 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX1 (EC (Protein deltex-1) (Deltex1) (hDTX1) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase DTX1)
DTX3          12q13.3         Q8N9I9     DTX3_HUMAN  613142 Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase DTX3 (EC (Protein deltex-3) (Deltex3) (RING finger protein 154) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase DTX3) [RNF154]
DUSP16        12p12           Q9BY84     DUS16_HUMAN 607175 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 16 (EC (EC (Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 7) (MAP kinase phosphatase 7) (MKP-7) [KIAA1700] [MKP7]
DUSP6         12q22-q23       Q16828     DUS6_HUMAN  602748 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 6 (EC (EC (Dual specificity protein phosphatase PYST1) (Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 3) (MAP kinase phosphatase 3) (MKP-3) [MKP3] [PYST1]
DYNLL1        12q24.23        P63167     DYL1_HUMAN  601562 Dynein light chain 1, cytoplasmic (8 kDa dynein light chain) (DLC8) (Dynein light chain LC8-type 1) (Protein inhibitor of neuronal nitric oxide synthase) (PIN) [DLC1] [DNCL1] [DNCLC1] [HDLC1]
DYRK2         12q13.13        Q92630     DYRK2_HUMAN 603496 Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 2 (EC
DYRK4         12p13.33        Q9NR20     DYRK4_HUMAN 609181 Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 4 (EC
E2F7          12q21.2         Q96AV8     E2F7_HUMAN  612046 Transcription factor E2F7 (E2F-7)
EEA1          12q22           Q15075     EEA1_HUMAN  605070 Early endosome antigen 1 (Endosome-associated protein p162) (Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 2) [ZFYVE2]
EEF1AKMT3     12q14.1         Q96AZ1     EFMT3_HUMAN 615258 EEF1A lysine methyltransferase 3 (EC 2.1.1.-) (Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 557a) (Methyltransferase-like protein 21B) (Protein-lysine methyltransferase METTL21B) (eEF1A-KMT3) [FAM119B] [HCA557A] [METTL21B]
EID3          12q23-q24.1     Q8N140     EID3_HUMAN  612986 EP300-interacting inhibitor of differentiation 3 (EID-3) (E1A-like inhibitor of differentiation 3) (EID-1-like inhibitor of differentiation 3) (Non-structural maintenance of chromosomes element 4 homolog B) (NS4EB) (Non-SMC element 4 homolog B)
EIF2B1        12q24.31        Q14232     EI2BA_HUMAN 606686 Translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit alpha (eIF-2B GDP-GTP exchange factor subunit alpha) [EIF2BA]
EIF2S3B       12p13.2         Q2VIR3     IF2GL_HUMAN        Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit 3B (EC (Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit gamma A) (eIF-2-gamma A) (eIF-2gA)
EIF4B         12q13.11-q14.3  P23588     IF4B_HUMAN  603928 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4B (eIF-4B)
ELK3          12q23           P41970     ELK3_HUMAN  600247 ETS domain-containing protein Elk-3 (ETS-related protein ERP) (ETS-related protein NET) (Serum response factor accessory protein 2) (SAP-2) (SRF accessory protein 2) [NET] [SAP2]
EMG1          12p13           Q92979     NEP1_HUMAN  611531 Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase NEP1 (EC 2.1.1.-) (18S rRNA (pseudouridine(1248)-N1)-methyltransferase) (18S rRNA Psi1248 methyltransferase) (Nucleolar protein EMG1 homolog) (Protein C2f) (Ribosome biogenesis protein NEP1) [C2F]
EMP1          12p12.3         P54849     EMP1_HUMAN  602333 Epithelial membrane protein 1 (EMP-1) (CL-20) (Protein B4B) (Tumor-associated membrane protein) [B4B] [TMP]
ENDOU         12q13.1         P21128     ENDOU_HUMAN 606720 Uridylate-specific endoribonuclease precursor (EC 4.6.1.-) (Placental protein 11) (PP11) (Protein endoU)
ENO2          12p13           P09104     ENOG_HUMAN  131360 Gamma-enolase (EC (2-phospho-D-glycerate hydro-lyase) (Enolase 2) (Neural enolase) (Neuron-specific enolase) (NSE)
EP400         12q24.33        Q96L91     EP400_HUMAN 606265 E1A-binding protein p400 (EC 3.6.4.-) (CAG repeat protein 32) (Domino homolog) (hDomino) (Trinucleotide repeat-containing gene 12 protein) (p400 kDa SWI2/SNF2-related protein) [CAGH32] [KIAA1498] [KIAA1818] [TNRC12]
EP400P1       12q24.33        Q6ZTU2     E400N_HUMAN        Putative EP400-like protein (EP400 pseudogene 1) [EP400NL]
EPS8          12q23-q24       Q12929     EPS8_HUMAN  600206 Epidermal growth factor receptor kinase substrate 8
EPYC          12q21           Q99645     EPYC_HUMAN  601657 Epiphycan precursor (Dermatan sulfate proteoglycan 3) (Proteoglycan-Lb) (PG-Lb) (Small chondroitin/dermatan sulfate proteoglycan) [DSPG3] [PGLB] [SLRR3B]
ERBB3         12q13           P21860     ERBB3_HUMAN 190151 Receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-3 precursor (EC (Proto-oncogene-like protein c-ErbB-3) (Tyrosine kinase-type cell surface receptor HER3) [HER3]
ERC1          12p13.3         Q8IUD2     RB6I2_HUMAN 607127 ELKS/Rab6-interacting/CAST family member 1 (ERC-1) (Rab6-interacting protein 2) [ELKS] [KIAA1081] [RAB6IP2]
ERGIC2        12p11.22        Q96RQ1     ERGI2_HUMAN 612236 Endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment protein 2 [ERV41] [PTX1] [CDA14]
ERP27         12p12.3         Q96DN0     ERP27_HUMAN 610642 Endoplasmic reticulum resident protein 27 precursor (ER protein 27) (ERp27) (Inactive protein disulfide-isomerase 27) [C12orf46] [UNQ781/PRO1575]
ERP29         12q24.12        P30040     ERP29_HUMAN 602287 Endoplasmic reticulum resident protein 29 precursor (ERp29) (Endoplasmic reticulum resident protein 28) (ERp28) (Endoplasmic reticulum resident protein 31) (ERp31) [C12orf8] [ERP28]
ERVK-21       12q14.1         P61565     ENK21_HUMAN        Endogenous retrovirus group K member 21 Env polyprotein precursor (EnvK1 protein) (Envelope polyprotein) (HERV-K_12q14.1 provirus ancestral Env polyprotein) [Contains: Surface protein (SU); Transmembrane protein (TM)]
ERVK-21       12q14.1         P61571     REC21_HUMAN        Endogenous retrovirus group K member 21 Rec protein (HERV-K_12q14.1 provirus Rec protein)
ERVK-21       12q14.1         P62683     GAK21_HUMAN        Endogenous retrovirus group K member 21 Gag polyprotein (HERV-K_12q14.1 provirus ancestral Gag polyprotein) (Gag polyprotein)
ERVK-21       12q14.1         P63119     VPK21_HUMAN        Endogenous retrovirus group K member 21 Pro protein (HERV-K_12q14.1 provirus ancestral Pro protein) (EC (Protease) (Proteinase) (PR)
ESPL1         12q13           Q14674     ESPL1_HUMAN 604143 Separin (EC (Caspase-like protein ESPL1) (Extra spindle poles-like 1 protein) (Separase) [ESP1] [KIAA0165]
ESYT1         12q13.2         Q9BSJ8     ESYT1_HUMAN        Extended synaptotagmin-1 (E-Syt1) (Membrane-bound C2 domain-containing protein) [FAM62A] [KIAA0747] [MBC2]
ETFBKMT       12p11.21        Q8IXQ9     ETKMT_HUMAN 615256 Electron transfer flavoprotein beta subunit lysine methyltransferase precursor (EC 2.1.1.-) (ETFB lysine methyltransferase) (ETFB-KMT) (Protein N-lysine methyltransferase METTL20) [C12orf72] [METTL20]
ETFRF1        12p12.1         Q6IPR1     ETFR1_HUMAN        Electron transfer flavoprotein regulatory factor 1 (LYR motif-containing protein 5) [LYRM5]
ETNK1         12p12.1-p12.3   Q9HBU6     EKI1_HUMAN  609858 Ethanolamine kinase 1 (EC (EKI 1) [EKI1]
ETV6          12p13           P41212     ETV6_HUMAN  600618 Transcription factor ETV6 (ETS translocation variant 6) (ETS-related protein Tel1) (Tel) [TEL] [TEL1]
FAIM2         12q13           Q9BWQ8     LFG2_HUMAN  604306 Protein lifeguard 2 (Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 2) (Neural membrane protein 35) (Transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif-containing protein 2) [KIAA0950] [LFG] [LFG2] [NMP35] [TMBIM2]
FAM186A       12q13.13        A6NE01     F186A_HUMAN        Protein FAM186A
FAM186B       12q13.12        Q8IYM0     F186B_HUMAN        Protein FAM186B [C12orf25]
FAM216A       12q24.11        Q8WUB2     F216A_HUMAN        Protein FAM216A [C12orf24]
FAM222A       12q24.11        Q5U5X8     F222A_HUMAN        Protein FAM222A [C12orf34]
FAM234B       12p13.1         A2RU67     F234B_HUMAN 617837 Protein FAM234B [KIAA1467]
FAM71C        12q23.1         Q8NEG0     FA71C_HUMAN        Protein FAM71C
FAM90A1       12p13.31        Q86YD7     F90A1_HUMAN 613041 Protein FAM90A1
FAR2          12p11.22        Q96K12     FACR2_HUMAN 616156 Fatty acyl-CoA reductase 2 (EC (Male sterility domain-containing protein 1) [MLSTD1]
FBRSL1        12q24.33        Q9HCM7     FBSL_HUMAN         Fibrosin-1-like protein (AUTS2-like protein) (HBV X-transactivated gene 9 protein) (HBV XAg-transactivated protein 9) [AUTS2L] [KIAA1545] [XTP9]
FBXL14        12p13.33        Q8N1E6     FXL14_HUMAN 609081 F-box/LRR-repeat protein 14 (F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 14) [FBL14]
FBXO21        12q24.22        O94952     FBX21_HUMAN 609095 F-box only protein 21 [FBX21] [KIAA0875]
FBXW8         12q24.23        Q8N3Y1     FBXW8_HUMAN 609073 F-box/WD repeat-containing protein 8 (F-box and WD-40 domain-containing protein 8) (F-box only protein 29) [FBW6] [FBW8] [FBX29] [FBXO29] [FBXW6]
FGD4          12p11.21        Q96M96     FGD4_HUMAN  611104 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain-containing protein 4 (Actin filament-binding protein frabin) (FGD1-related F-actin-binding protein) (Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 6) [FRABP] [ZFYVE6]
FGD6          12q22           Q6ZV73     FGD6_HUMAN  613520 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain-containing protein 6 (Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 24) [KIAA1362] [ZFYVE24]
FGF23         12p13.3         Q9GZV9     FGF23_HUMAN 605380 Fibroblast growth factor 23 precursor (FGF-23) (Phosphatonin) (Tumor-derived hypophosphatemia-inducing factor) [Contains: Fibroblast growth factor 23 N-terminal peptide; Fibroblast growth factor 23 C-terminal peptide] [HYPF] [UNQ3027/PRO9828]
FGF6          12p13.3         P10767     FGF6_HUMAN  134921 Fibroblast growth factor 6 precursor (FGF-6) (Heparin secretory-transforming protein 2) (HST-2) (HSTF-2) (Heparin-binding growth factor 6) (HBGF-6) [HST2] [HSTF2]
FGFR1OP2      12p11.23        Q9NVK5     FGOP2_HUMAN 608858 FGFR1 oncogene partner 2 [HSPC123]
FICD          12q24.1         Q9BVA6     FICD_HUMAN         Protein adenylyltransferase FICD (EC 2.7.7.n1) (AMPylator FICD) (De-AMPylase FICD) (EC 3.1.4.-) (FIC domain-containing protein) (Huntingtin yeast partner E) (Huntingtin-interacting protein 13) (HIP-13) (Huntingtin-interacting protein E) [HIP13] [HYPE] [UNQ3041/PRO9857]
FIGNL2        12q13.13        A6NMB9     FIGL2_HUMAN        Fidgetin-like protein 2
FKBP11        12q13.11        Q9NYL4     FKB11_HUMAN 610571 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP11 precursor (EC (PPIase FKBP11) (19 kDa FK506-binding protein) (19 kDa FKBP) (FKBP-19) (FK506-binding protein 11) (FKBP-11) (Rotamase) [FKBP19] [UNQ336/PRO535]
FKBP4         12p13.33        Q02790     FKBP4_HUMAN 600611 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP4 (EC (PPIase FKBP4) (51 kDa FK506-binding protein) (FKBP51) (52 kDa FK506-binding protein) (52 kDa FKBP) (FKBP-52) (59 kDa immunophilin) (p59) (FK506-binding protein 4) (FKBP-4) (FKBP59) (HSP-binding immunophilin) (HBI) (Immunophilin FKBP52) (Rotamase) [Contains: Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP4, N-terminally processed] [FKBP52]
FMNL3         12q13.12        Q8IVF7     FMNL3_HUMAN 616288 Formin-like protein 3 (Formin homology 2 domain-containing protein 3) (WW domain-binding protein 3) (WBP-3) [FHOD3] [FRL2] [KIAA2014] [WBP3]
FOXJ2         12p13.1-p13.3   Q9P0K8     FOXJ2_HUMAN 619162 Forkhead box protein J2 (Fork head homologous X) [FHX]
FOXM1         12p13.3         Q08050     FOXM1_HUMAN 602341 Forkhead box protein M1 (Forkhead-related protein FKHL16) (Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 forkhead homolog 11) (HFH-11) (HNF-3/fork-head homolog 11) (M-phase phosphoprotein 2) (MPM-2 reactive phosphoprotein 2) (Transcription factor Trident) (Winged-helix factor from INS-1 cells) [FKHL16] [HFH11] [MPP2] [WIN]
FOXN4         12q24.11        Q96NZ1     FOXN4_HUMAN 609429 Forkhead box protein N4
FRS2          12q15           Q8WU20     FRS2_HUMAN  607743 Fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate 2 (FGFR substrate 2) (FGFR-signaling adaptor SNT) (Suc1-associated neurotrophic factor target 1) (SNT-1)
FZD10         12q24.33        Q9ULW2     FZD10_HUMAN 606147 Frizzled-10 precursor (Fz-10) (hFz10) (FzE7) (CD350 antigen)
GABARAPL1     12p13.2         Q9H0R8     GBRL1_HUMAN 607420 Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor-associated protein-like 1 precursor (Early estrogen-regulated protein) (GABA(A) receptor-associated protein-like 1) (Glandular epithelial cell protein 1) (GEC-1) [GEC1]
GALNT4        12q21.3-q22     Q8N4A0     GALT4_HUMAN 603565 Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 4 (EC (Polypeptide GalNAc transferase 4) (GalNAc-T4) (pp-GaNTase 4) (Protein-UDP acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 4) (UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 4)
GALNT6        12q13           Q8NCL4     GALT6_HUMAN 605148 Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 6 (EC (Polypeptide GalNAc transferase 6) (GalNAc-T6) (pp-GaNTase 6) (Protein-UDP acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 6) (UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 6)
GALNT8        12p13.3         Q9NY28     GALT8_HUMAN 606250 Probable polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 8 (EC (Polypeptide GalNAc transferase 8) (GalNAc-T8) (pp-GaNTase 8) (Protein-UDP acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 8) (UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 8)
GALNT9        12q24.33        Q9HCQ5     GALT9_HUMAN 606251 Polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 9 (EC (Polypeptide GalNAc transferase 9) (GalNAc-T9) (pp-GaNTase 9) (Protein-UDP acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 9) (UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 9)
GAPDH         12p13           P04406     G3P_HUMAN   138400 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (EC (GAPDH) (Peptidyl-cysteine S-nitrosylase GAPDH) (EC 2.6.99.-) [GAPD] [CDABP0047] [OK/SW-cl.12]
GAS2L3        12q23           Q86XJ1     GA2L3_HUMAN        GAS2-like protein 3 (Growth arrest-specific protein 2-like 3)
GATC          12q24.31        O43716     GATC_HUMAN         Glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase subunit C, mitochondrial (EC 6.3.5.-) (Glu-AdT subunit C) (Protein 15E1.2) [15E1.2]
GCN1          12q24.2         Q92616     GCN1_HUMAN  605614 eIF-2-alpha kinase activator GCN1 (GCN1 eIF-2-alpha kinase activator homolog) (GCN1-like protein 1) (General control of amino-acid synthesis 1-like protein 1) (Translational activator GCN1) (HsGCN1) [GCN1L1] [KIAA0219]
GDF11         12q12           O95390     GDF11_HUMAN 603936 Growth/differentiation factor 11 precursor (GDF-11) (Bone morphogenetic protein 11) (BMP-11) [BMP11]
GDF3          12p13.3         Q9NR23     GDF3_HUMAN  606522 Growth/differentiation factor 3 precursor (GDF-3) [UNQ222/PRO248]
GIT2          12q24.1         Q14161     GIT2_HUMAN  608564 ARF GTPase-activating protein GIT2 (ARF GAP GIT2) (Cool-interacting tyrosine-phosphorylated protein 2) (CAT-2) (CAT2) (G protein-coupled receptor kinase-interactor 2) (GRK-interacting protein 2) [KIAA0148]
GLI1          12q13.3-q14.1   P08151     GLI1_HUMAN  165220 Zinc finger protein GLI1 (Glioma-associated oncogene) (Oncogene GLI) [GLI]
GLIPR1        12q14.1         P48060     GLIP1_HUMAN 602692 Glioma pathogenesis-related protein 1 precursor (GliPR 1) (Protein RTVP-1) [GLIPR] [RTVP1]
GLIPR1L1      12q21.1         Q6UWM5     GPRL1_HUMAN 610395 GLIPR1-like protein 1 precursor [UNQ2972/PRO7434]
GLIPR1L2      12q21.1         Q4G1C9     GRPL2_HUMAN 610394 GLIPR1-like protein 2
GLS2          12q13           Q9UI32     GLSL_HUMAN  606365 Glutaminase liver isoform, mitochondrial precursor (EC (GLS) (L-glutaminase) (L-glutamine amidohydrolase) [GA]
GLT1D1        12q24.32        Q96MS3     GL1D1_HUMAN        Glycosyltransferase 1 domain-containing protein 1 precursor (EC 2.4.-.-)
GLT8D2        12q             Q9H1C3     GL8D2_HUMAN        Glycosyltransferase 8 domain-containing protein 2 (EC 2.4.1.-) [GALA4A] [UNQ1901/PRO4347]
GLTP          12q24.11        Q9NZD2     GLTP_HUMAN  608949 Glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP)
GLYCAM1       12q13.2         Q8IVK1     GLCM1_HUMAN        Putative glycosylation-dependent cell adhesion molecule 1 precursor (GlyCAM-1)
GNB3          12p13           P16520     GBB3_HUMAN  139130 Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(I)/G(S)/G(T) subunit beta-3 (Transducin beta chain 3)
GNPTAB        12q23.3         Q3T906     GNPTA_HUMAN 607840 N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase subunits alpha/beta precursor (EC (GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase subunits alpha/beta) (Stealth protein GNPTAB) (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase subunits alpha/beta) [Contains: N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase subunit alpha; N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase subunit beta] [GNPTA] [KIAA1208]
GNS           12q14           P15586     GNS_HUMAN   607664 N-acetylglucosamine-6-sulfatase precursor (EC (Glucosamine-6-sulfatase) (G6S)
GOLGA2P5      12q23.1         Q9HBQ8     GGA2B_HUMAN        Putative golgin subfamily A member 2B (Golgin subfamily A member 2-like protein 1) [GOLGA2B] [GOLGA2L1] [PP1757]
GOLGA3        12q24.33        Q08378     GOGA3_HUMAN 602581 Golgin subfamily A member 3 (Golgi complex-associated protein of 170 kDa) (GCP170) (Golgin-160)
GOLT1B        12p13.1         Q9Y3E0     GOT1B_HUMAN 615078 Vesicle transport protein GOT1B (Germ cell tumor 2) (Golgi transport 1 homolog B) (Putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 470) (hGOT1a) [GCT2] [GOT1A] [CGI-141] [HDCMA39P] [UNQ432/PRO793]
GPD1          12q12-q13       P21695     GPDA_HUMAN  138420 Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)], cytoplasmic (EC (GPD-C) (GPDH-C)
GPN3          12q24.11        Q9UHW5     GPN3_HUMAN         GPN-loop GTPase 3 (ATP-binding domain 1 family member C) [ATPBD1C] [AD-009] [UNQ1876/PRO4319]
GPR162        12p13           Q16538     GP162_HUMAN        Probable G-protein coupled receptor 162 (Gene-rich cluster gene A protein) [GRCA]
GPR182        12q12           O15218     GP182_HUMAN 605307 G-protein coupled receptor 182 [ADMR]
GPR19         12p12.3         Q15760     GPR19_HUMAN 602927 Probable G-protein coupled receptor 19 (GPR-NGA)
GPR84         12q13.13        Q9NQS5     GPR84_HUMAN 606383 G-protein coupled receptor 84 (Inflammation-related G-protein coupled receptor EX33) [EX33]
GPRC5A        12p12.3-p13     Q8NFJ5     RAI3_HUMAN  604138 Retinoic acid-induced protein 3 (G-protein coupled receptor family C group 5 member A) (Phorbol ester induced gene 1) (PEIG-1) (Retinoic acid-induced gene 1 protein) (RAIG-1) [GPCR5A] [RAI3] [RAIG1]
GPRC5D        12p13.3         Q9NZD1     GPC5D_HUMAN 607437 G-protein coupled receptor family C group 5 member D
GRIN2B        12p12           Q13224     NMDE2_HUMAN 138252 Glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 2B precursor (GluN2B) (Glutamate [NMDA] receptor subunit epsilon-2) (N-methyl D-aspartate receptor subtype 2B) (NMDAR2B) (NR2B) (N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunit 3) (NR3) (hNR3) [NMDAR2B]
GRIP1         12q14.2         Q9Y3R0     GRIP1_HUMAN 604597 Glutamate receptor-interacting protein 1 (GRIP-1)
GSG1          12p13.1         Q2KHT4     GSG1_HUMAN         Germ cell-specific gene 1 protein [UNQ709/PRO1360]
GTF2H3        12q24.31        Q13889     TF2H3_HUMAN 601750 General transcription factor IIH subunit 3 (Basic transcription factor 2 34 kDa subunit) (BTF2 p34) (General transcription factor IIH polypeptide 3) (TFIIH basal transcription factor complex p34 subunit)
GTSF1         12q13.2         Q8WW33     GTSF1_HUMAN 617484 Gametocyte-specific factor 1 (Protein FAM112B) [FAM112B]
GUCY2C        12p12           P25092     GUC2C_HUMAN 601330 Heat-stable enterotoxin receptor precursor (EC (STA receptor) (hSTAR) (Guanylyl cyclase C) (GC-C) (Intestinal guanylate cyclase) [GUC2C] [STAR]
GXYLT1        12q12           Q4G148     GXLT1_HUMAN 613321 Glucoside xylosyltransferase 1 (EC (Glycosyltransferase 8 domain-containing protein 3) [GLT8D3]
GYS2          12p12.2         P54840     GYS2_HUMAN  138571 Glycogen [starch] synthase, liver (EC
H1-7          12q13.11        Q75WM6     H1FNT_HUMAN 618565 Testis-specific H1 histone (Haploid germ cell-specific nuclear protein 1) (Histone H1.7) (Histone H1t2) [H1FNT] [HANP1]
H2AJ          12p12           Q9BTM1     H2AJ_HUMAN         Histone H2A.J (H2a/j) [H2AFJ]
H3-5          12p11.21        Q6NXT2     H3C_HUMAN   616134 Histone H3.3C (Histone H3.5) [H3F3C]
H4-16         12p12.3         P62805     H4_HUMAN           Histone H4 [HIST4H4]
HAL           12q22-q24.1     P42357     HUTH_HUMAN  609457 Histidine ammonia-lyase (EC (Histidase) [HIS]
HCAR1         12q24.31        Q9BXC0     HCAR1_HUMAN 606923 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1 (G-protein coupled receptor 104) (G-protein coupled receptor 81) [GPR104] [GPR81] [HCA1] [FKSG80]
HCAR2         12q24.31        Q8TDS4     HCAR2_HUMAN 609163 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 (G-protein coupled receptor 109A) (G-protein coupled receptor HM74A) (Niacin receptor 1) (Nicotinic acid receptor) [GPR109A] [HCA2] [HM74A] [NIACR1]
HCAR3         12q24.31        P49019     HCAR3_HUMAN 606039 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 3 (G-protein coupled receptor 109B) (G-protein coupled receptor HM74) (G-protein coupled receptor HM74B) (Niacin receptor 2) (Nicotinic acid receptor 2) [GPR109B] [HCA3] [HM74B] [NIACR2]
HCFC2         12q23.3         Q9Y5Z7     HCFC2_HUMAN 607926 Host cell factor 2 (HCF-2) (C2 factor)
HDAC7         12q13.1         Q8WUI4     HDAC7_HUMAN 606542 Histone deacetylase 7 (EC (HD7) (Histone deacetylase 7A) (HD7a) [HDAC7A]
HEBP1         12p13.2         Q9NRV9     HEBP1_HUMAN 605826 Heme-binding protein 1 (p22HBP) [HBP]
HECTD4        12q24.13        Q9Y4D8     HECD4_HUMAN        Probable E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase HECTD4 (EC (HECT domain-containing protein 4) (HECT-type E3 ubiquitin transferase HECTD4) [C12orf51] [KIAA0614]
HELB          12q14.3         Q8NG08     HELB_HUMAN  614539 DNA helicase B (EC (hDHB)
HIGD1C        12q13.12        A8MV81     HIG1C_HUMAN        HIG1 domain family member 1C [UBIE] [UBIE2]
HIP1R         12q24           O75146     HIP1R_HUMAN 605613 Huntingtin-interacting protein 1-related protein (HIP1-related protein) (Huntingtin-interacting protein 12) (HIP-12) [HIP12] [KIAA0655]
HMGA2         12q15           P52926     HMGA2_HUMAN 600698 High mobility group protein HMGI-C (High mobility group AT-hook protein 2) [HMGIC]
HNF1A         12q24.3         P20823     HNF1A_HUMAN 142410 Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-alpha (HNF-1-alpha) (HNF-1A) (Liver-specific transcription factor LF-B1) (LFB1) (Transcription factor 1) (TCF-1) [TCF1]
HNRNPA1       12q13.1         P09651     ROA1_HUMAN  164017 Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 (hnRNP A1) (Helix-destabilizing protein) (Single-strand RNA-binding protein) (hnRNP core protein A1) [Contains: Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1, N-terminally processed] [HNRPA1]
HOXC10        12q13.3         Q9NYD6     HXC10_HUMAN 605560 Homeobox protein Hox-C10 (Homeobox protein Hox-3I) [HOX3I]
HOXC11        12q13.3         O43248     HXC11_HUMAN 605559 Homeobox protein Hox-C11 (Homeobox protein Hox-3H) [HOX3H]
HOXC12        12q12-q13       P31275     HXC12_HUMAN 142975 Homeobox protein Hox-C12 (Homeobox protein Hox-3F) [HOC3F] [HOX3F]
HOXC13        12q13.3         P31276     HXC13_HUMAN 142976 Homeobox protein Hox-C13 (Homeobox protein Hox-3G) [HOX3G]
HOXC4         12q13.3         P09017     HXC4_HUMAN  142974 Homeobox protein Hox-C4 (Homeobox protein CP19) (Homeobox protein Hox-3E) [HOX3E]
HOXC5         12q13.3         Q00444     HXC5_HUMAN  142973 Homeobox protein Hox-C5 (Homeobox protein CP11) (Homeobox protein Hox-3D) [HOX3D]
HOXC6         12q13.3         P09630     HXC6_HUMAN  142972 Homeobox protein Hox-C6 (Homeobox protein CP25) (Homeobox protein HHO.C8) (Homeobox protein Hox-3C) [HOX3C]
HOXC8         12q13.3         P31273     HXC8_HUMAN  142970 Homeobox protein Hox-C8 (Homeobox protein Hox-3A) [HOX3A]
HOXC9         12q13.3         P31274     HXC9_HUMAN  142971 Homeobox protein Hox-C9 (Homeobox protein Hox-3B) [HOX3B]
HPD           12q14-qter      P32754     HPPD_HUMAN  609695 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (EC (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid oxidase) (4HPPD) (HPD) (HPPDase) [PPD]
HRK           12q24.21        O00198     HRK_HUMAN   603447 Activator of apoptosis harakiri (BH3-interacting domain-containing protein 3) (Neuronal death protein DP5) [BID3]
HSD17B6       12q13.3         O14756     H17B6_HUMAN 606623 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 6 precursor (EC (EC (EC (EC (EC (17-beta-HSD 6) (17-beta-HSD6) (3-alpha->beta-hydroxysteroid epimerase) (3-alpha->beta-HSE) (Oxidative 3-alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase) (Short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 9C member 6) [RODH] [SDR9C6]
HSP90B1       12q24.2-q24.3   P14625     ENPL_HUMAN  191175 Endoplasmin precursor (94 kDa glucose-regulated protein) (GRP-94) (Heat shock protein 90 kDa beta member 1) (Tumor rejection antigen 1) (gp96 homolog) [GRP94] [TRA1]
HSPB8         12q24.23        Q9UJY1     HSPB8_HUMAN 608014 Heat shock protein beta-8 (HspB8) (Alpha-crystallin C chain) (E2-induced gene 1 protein) (Protein kinase H11) (Small stress protein-like protein HSP22) [CRYAC] [E2IG1] [HSP22] [PP1629]
HVCN1         12q24.11        Q96D96     HVCN1_HUMAN 611227 Voltage-gated hydrogen channel 1 (Hydrogen voltage-gated channel 1) (HV1) (Voltage sensor domain-only protein) [VSOP] [UNQ578/PRO1140]
IAPP          12p12.1-p12.3   P10997     IAPP_HUMAN  147940 Islet amyloid polypeptide precursor (Amylin) (Diabetes-associated peptide) (DAP) (Insulinoma amyloid peptide)
IFFO1         12p13.31        Q0D2I5     IFFO1_HUMAN 610495 Non-homologous end joining factor IFFO1 (NHEJ factor IFFO1) (Intermediate filament family orphan 1) (Tumor antigen HOM-TES-103) [IFFO]
IFNG          12q14           P01579     IFNG_HUMAN  147570 Interferon gamma precursor (IFN-gamma) (Immune interferon)
IFT81         12q24.13        Q8WYA0     IFT81_HUMAN 605489 Intraflagellar transport protein 81 homolog (Carnitine deficiency-associated protein expressed in ventricle 1) (CDV-1) [CDV1]
IGF1          12q22-q23       P05019     IGF1_HUMAN  147440 Insulin-like growth factor I precursor (IGF-I) (Mechano growth factor) (MGF) (Somatomedin-C) [IBP1]
IGFBP6        12q13           P24592     IBP6_HUMAN  146735 Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 6 precursor (IBP-6) (IGF-binding protein 6) (IGFBP-6) [IBP6]
IKBIP         12q23.1         Q70UQ0     IKIP_HUMAN  609861 Inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa-B kinase-interacting protein (I kappa-B kinase-interacting protein) (IKBKB-interacting protein) (IKK-interacting protein) [IKIP]
IKZF4         12q13           Q9H2S9     IKZF4_HUMAN 606239 Zinc finger protein Eos (Ikaros family zinc finger protein 4) [KIAA1782] [ZNFN1A4]
IL22          12q15           Q9GZX6     IL22_HUMAN  605330 Interleukin-22 precursor (IL-22) (Cytokine Zcyto18) (IL-10-related T-cell-derived-inducible factor) (IL-TIF) [ILTIF] [ZCYTO18] [UNQ3099/PRO10096]
IL23A         12q13.3         Q9NPF7     IL23A_HUMAN 605580 Interleukin-23 subunit alpha precursor (IL-23 subunit alpha) (IL-23-A) (Interleukin-23 subunit p19) (IL-23p19) [SGRF] [UNQ2498/PRO5798]
IL26          12q15           Q9NPH9     IL26_HUMAN  605679 Interleukin-26 precursor (IL-26) (Protein AK155) [AK155]
IL31          12q24.31        Q6EBC2     IL31_HUMAN  609509 Interleukin-31 precursor (IL-31)
ING4          12p13.31        Q9UNL4     ING4_HUMAN  608524 Inhibitor of growth protein 4 (p29ING4) [My036]
INHBC         12q13.1         P55103     INHBC_HUMAN 601233 Inhibin beta C chain precursor (Activin beta-C chain)
INHBE         12q13.11        P58166     INHBE_HUMAN 612031 Inhibin beta E chain precursor (Activin beta-E chain)
INTS13        12p11.23        Q9NVM9     INT13_HUMAN 615079 Integrator complex subunit 13 (Cell cycle regulator Mat89Bb homolog) (Germ cell tumor 1) (Protein asunder homolog) (Sarcoma antigen NY-SAR-95) [ASUN] [C12orf11] [GCT1]
IPO8          12p11.22        O15397     IPO8_HUMAN  605600 Importin-8 (Imp8) (Ran-binding protein 8) (RanBP8) [RANBP8]
IQCD          12q24.13        Q96DY2     DRC10_HUMAN        Dynein regulatory complex protein 10 (IQ domain-containing protein D) [DRC10]
IQSEC3        12p13.33        Q9UPP2     IQEC3_HUMAN 612118 IQ motif and SEC7 domain-containing protein 3 [KIAA1110]
IRAG2         12p12.1         Q12912     IRAG2_HUMAN 602003 Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor associated 2 (Lymphoid-restricted membrane protein) (Protein Jaw1) [Contains: Processed inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor associated 2] [JAW1] [LRMP]
IRAK3         12q14.3         Q9Y616     IRAK3_HUMAN 604459 Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 3 (IRAK-3) (IL-1 receptor-associated kinase M) (IRAK-M) (Inactive IL-1 receptor-associated kinase 3)
IRAK4         12q12           Q9NWZ3     IRAK4_HUMAN 606883 Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (EC (IRAK-4) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-64)
ISCU          12q23.3         Q9H1K1     ISCU_HUMAN  611911 Iron-sulfur cluster assembly enzyme ISCU, mitochondrial precursor (NifU-like N-terminal domain-containing protein) (NifU-like protein) [NIFUN]
ITFG2         12p13.33        Q969R8     ITFG2_HUMAN 617421 KICSTOR complex protein ITFG2 (Integrin-alpha FG-GAP repeat-containing protein 2)
ITGA5         12q11-q13       P08648     ITA5_HUMAN  135620 Integrin alpha-5 precursor (CD49 antigen-like family member E) (Fibronectin receptor subunit alpha) (Integrin alpha-F) (VLA-5) (CD49e antigen) [Contains: Integrin alpha-5 heavy chain; Integrin alpha-5 light chain] [FNRA]
ITGA7         12q13           Q13683     ITA7_HUMAN  600536 Integrin alpha-7 precursor [Contains: Integrin alpha-7 heavy chain; Integrin alpha-7 light chain; Integrin alpha-7 70 kDa form] [UNQ406/PRO768]
ITGB7         12q13.13        P26010     ITB7_HUMAN  147559 Integrin beta-7 precursor (Gut homing receptor beta subunit)
ITPR2         12p11           Q14571     ITPR2_HUMAN 600144 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 2 (IP3 receptor isoform 2) (IP3R 2) (InsP3R2) (Type 2 inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor) (Type 2 InsP3 receptor)
KANSL2        12q13.11        Q9H9L4     KANL2_HUMAN 615488 KAT8 regulatory NSL complex subunit 2 (NSL complex protein NSL2) (Non-specific lethal 2 homolog) [C12orf41] [NSL2]
KCNA1         12p13           Q09470     KCNA1_HUMAN 176260 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 1 (Voltage-gated K(+) channel HuKI) (Voltage-gated potassium channel HBK1) (Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv1.1)
KCNA5         12p13           P22460     KCNA5_HUMAN 176267 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 5 (HPCN1) (Voltage-gated potassium channel HK2) (Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv1.5)
KCNA6         12p13           P17658     KCNA6_HUMAN 176257 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 6 (Voltage-gated potassium channel HBK2) (Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv1.6)
KCNC2         12q21.1         Q96PR1     KCNC2_HUMAN 176256 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily C member 2 (Shaw-like potassium channel) (Voltage-gated potassium channel Kv3.2)
KCNH3         12q13           Q9ULD8     KCNH3_HUMAN 604527 Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 3 (Brain-specific eag-like channel 1) (BEC1) (Ether-a-go-go-like potassium channel 2) (ELK channel 2) (ELK2) (Voltage-gated potassium channel subunit Kv12.2) [KIAA1282]
KCNJ8         12p11.23        Q15842     KCNJ8_HUMAN 600935 ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel 8 (Inward rectifier K(+) channel Kir6.1) (Potassium channel, inwardly rectifying subfamily J member 8) (uKATP-1)
KCNMB4        12q15           Q86W47     KCMB4_HUMAN 605223 Calcium-activated potassium channel subunit beta-4 (BK channel subunit beta-4) (BKbeta4) (Hbeta4) (Calcium-activated potassium channel, subfamily M subunit beta-4) (Charybdotoxin receptor subunit beta-4) (K(VCA)beta-4) (Maxi K channel subunit beta-4) (Slo-beta-4)
KCTD10        12q24.11        Q9H3F6     BACD3_HUMAN 613421 BTB/POZ domain-containing adapter for CUL3-mediated RhoA degradation protein 3 (hBACURD3) (BTB/POZ domain-containing protein KCTD10) (Potassium channel tetramerization domain-containing protein 10) [ULR061] [MSTP028]
KDM2B         12q24.31        Q8NHM5     KDM2B_HUMAN 609078 Lysine-specific demethylase 2B (EC (CXXC-type zinc finger protein 2) (F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 10) (F-box protein FBL10) (F-box/LRR-repeat protein 10) (JmjC domain-containing histone demethylation protein 1B) (Jumonji domain-containing EMSY-interactor methyltransferase motif protein) (Protein JEMMA) (Protein-containing CXXC domain 2) ([Histone-H3]-lysine-36 demethylase 1B) [CXXC2] [FBL10] [FBXL10] [JHDM1B] [NDY1] [PCCX2]
KDM5A         12p11           P29375     KDM5A_HUMAN 180202 Lysine-specific demethylase 5A (EC (Histone demethylase JARID1A) (Jumonji/ARID domain-containing protein 1A) (Retinoblastoma-binding protein 2) (RBBP-2) ([histone H3]-trimethyl-L-lysine(4) demethylase 5A) [JARID1A] [RBBP2] [RBP2]
KERA          12q22           O60938     KERA_HUMAN  603288 Keratocan precursor (KTN) (Keratan sulfate proteoglycan keratocan) [SLRR2B]
KICS2         12q14.2         Q96MD2     KICS2_HUMAN 617420 KICSTOR subunit 2 (KICSTOR complex protein C12orf66) [C12orf66]
KIF21A        12q12           Q7Z4S6     KI21A_HUMAN 608283 Kinesin-like protein KIF21A (Kinesin-like protein KIF2) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-62) [KIAA1708] [KIF2]
KIF5A         12q13           Q12840     KIF5A_HUMAN 602821 Kinesin heavy chain isoform 5A (Kinesin heavy chain neuron-specific 1) (Neuronal kinesin heavy chain) (NKHC) [NKHC1]
KITLG         12q22           P21583     SCF_HUMAN   184745 Kit ligand precursor (Mast cell growth factor) (MGF) (Stem cell factor) (SCF) (c-Kit ligand) [Contains: Soluble KIT ligand (sKITLG)] [MGF] [SCF]
KLHL42        12p11.22        Q9P2K6     KLH42_HUMAN 618919 Kelch-like protein 42 (Cullin-3-binding protein 9) (Ctb9) (Kelch domain-containing protein 5) [KIAA1340] [KLHDC5]
KLRB1         12p12-p13       Q12918     KLRB1_HUMAN 602890 Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily B member 1 (C-type lectin domain family 5 member B) (HNKR-P1a) (NKR-P1A) (Natural killer cell surface protein P1A) (CD161 antigen) [CLEC5B] [NKRP1A]
KLRC1         12p13           P26715     NKG2A_HUMAN 161555 NKG2-A/NKG2-B type II integral membrane protein (CD159 antigen-like family member A) (NK cell receptor A) (NKG2-A/B-activating NK receptor) (CD159a antigen) [NKG2A]
KLRC2         12p13           P26717     NKG2C_HUMAN 602891 NKG2-C type II integral membrane protein (CD159 antigen-like family member C) (NK cell receptor C) (NKG2-C-activating NK receptor) (CD159c antigen) [NKG2C]
KLRC3         12p13           Q07444     NKG2E_HUMAN 602892 NKG2-E type II integral membrane protein (NK cell receptor E) (NKG2-E-activating NK receptor) [NKG2E]
KLRC4         12p12.2-p13.3   O43908     NKG2F_HUMAN 602893 NKG2-F type II integral membrane protein (NK cell receptor F) (NKG2-F-activating NK receptor) [NKG2F]
KLRD1         12p13           Q13241     KLRD1_HUMAN 602894 Natural killer cells antigen CD94 (KP43) (Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily D member 1) (NK cell receptor) (CD94 antigen) [CD94]
KLRF1         12p12.3-p13.2   Q9NZS2     KLRF1_HUMAN 605029 Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily F member 1 (Lectin-like receptor F1) (Activating coreceptor NKp80) (C-type lectin domain family 5 member C) [CLEC5C] [ML]
KLRF2         12p13.31        D3W0D1     KLRF2_HUMAN 618814 Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily F member 2 (Lectin-like receptor F2) (Activating coreceptor NKp65)
KLRG1         12p12-p13       Q96E93     KLRG1_HUMAN 604874 Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily G member 1 (C-type lectin domain family 15 member A) (ITIM-containing receptor MAFA-L) (MAFA-like receptor) (Mast cell function-associated antigen) [CLEC15A] [MAFA] [MAFAL]
KLRK1         12p12.2-p13.3   P26718     NKG2D_HUMAN 611817 NKG2-D type II integral membrane protein (Killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily K member 1) (NK cell receptor D) (NKG2-D-activating NK receptor) (CD314 antigen) [D12S2489E] [NKG2D]
KMT2D         12q12-q13       O14686     KMT2D_HUMAN 602113 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase 2D (EC (Lysine N-methyltransferase 2D) (ALL1-related protein) (Myeloid/lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia protein 2) [ALR] [MLL2] [MLL4]
KMT5A         12q24.31        Q9NQR1     KMT5A_HUMAN 607240 N-lysine methyltransferase KMT5A (EC 2.1.1.-) (H4-K20-HMTase KMT5A) (Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase KMT5A) (EC (Lysine N-methyltransferase 5A) (Lysine-specific methylase 5A) (PR/SET domain-containing protein 07) (PR-Set7) (PR/SET07) (SET domain-containing protein 8) [PRSET7] [SET07] [SET8] [SETD8]
KNTC1         12q24.31        P50748     KNTC1_HUMAN 607363 Kinetochore-associated protein 1 (Rough deal homolog) (HsROD) (Rod) (hRod) [KIAA0166]
KRAS          12p12.1         P01116     RASK_HUMAN  190070 GTPase KRas precursor (EC (K-Ras 2) (Ki-Ras) (c-K-ras) (c-Ki-ras) [Contains: GTPase KRas, N-terminally processed] [KRAS2] [RASK2]
KRR1          12q21.1         Q13601     KRR1_HUMAN  612817 KRR1 small subunit processome component homolog (HIV-1 Rev-binding protein 2) (KRR-R motif-containing protein 1) (Rev-interacting protein 1) (Rip-1) [HRB2]
KRT1          12q12-q13       P04264     K2C1_HUMAN  139350 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 1 (67 kDa cytokeratin) (Cytokeratin-1) (CK-1) (Hair alpha protein) (Keratin-1) (K1) (Type-II keratin Kb1) [KRTA]
KRT18         12q13           P05783     K1C18_HUMAN 148070 Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 18 (Cell proliferation-inducing gene 46 protein) (Cytokeratin-18) (CK-18) (Keratin-18) (K18) [CYK18] [PIG46]
KRT2          12q11-q13       P35908     K22E_HUMAN  600194 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 2 epidermal (Cytokeratin-2e) (CK-2e) (Epithelial keratin-2e) (Keratin-2 epidermis) (Keratin-2e) (K2e) (Type-II keratin Kb2) [KRT2A] [KRT2E]
KRT3          12q12-q13       P12035     K2C3_HUMAN  148043 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 3 (65 kDa cytokeratin) (Cytokeratin-3) (CK-3) (Keratin-3) (K3) (Type-II keratin Kb3)
KRT4          12q13           P19013     K2C4_HUMAN  123940 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 4 (Cytokeratin-4) (CK-4) (Keratin-4) (K4) (Type-II keratin Kb4) [CYK4]
KRT5          12q12-q13       P13647     K2C5_HUMAN  148040 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 5 (58 kDa cytokeratin) (Cytokeratin-5) (CK-5) (Keratin-5) (K5) (Type-II keratin Kb5)
KRT6A         12q12-q13       P02538     K2C6A_HUMAN 148041 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 6A (Cytokeratin-6A) (CK-6A) (Cytokeratin-6D) (CK-6D) (Keratin-6A) (K6A) (Type-II keratin Kb6) (Allergen Hom s 5) [K6A] [KRT6D]
KRT6B         12q12-q13       P04259     K2C6B_HUMAN 148042 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 6B (Cytokeratin-6B) (CK-6B) (Keratin-6B) (K6B) (Type-II keratin Kb10) [K6B] [KRTL1]
KRT6C         12q13.13        P48668     K2C6C_HUMAN 612315 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 6C (Cytokeratin-6C) (CK-6C) (Cytokeratin-6E) (CK-6E) (Keratin K6h) (Keratin-6C) (K6C) (Type-II keratin Kb12) [KRT6E]
KRT7          12q12-q13       P08729     K2C7_HUMAN  148059 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 7 (Cytokeratin-7) (CK-7) (Keratin-7) (K7) (Sarcolectin) (Type-II keratin Kb7) [SCL]
KRT71         12q13.13        Q3SY84     K2C71_HUMAN 608245 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 71 (Cytokeratin-71) (CK-71) (Keratin-71) (K71) (Type II inner root sheath-specific keratin-K6irs1) (Keratin 6 irs) (hK6irs) (hK6irs1) (Type-II keratin Kb34) [K6IRS1] [KB34] [KRT6IRS1]
KRT72         12q13.13        Q14CN4     K2C72_HUMAN 608246 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 72 (Cytokeratin-72) (CK-72) (Keratin-72) (K72) (Type II inner root sheath-specific keratin-K6irs2) (Type-II keratin Kb35) [K6IRS2] [KB35] [KRT6] [KRT6IRS2]
KRT73         12q13.3         Q86Y46     K2C73_HUMAN 608247 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 73 (Cytokeratin-73) (CK-73) (Keratin-73) (K73) (Type II inner root sheath-specific keratin-K6irs3) (Type-II keratin Kb36) [K6IRS3] [KB36] [KRT6IRS3]
KRT74         12q13.13        Q7RTS7     K2C74_HUMAN 608248 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 74 (Cytokeratin-74) (CK-74) (Keratin-5c) (K5C) (Keratin-74) (K74) (Type II inner root sheath-specific keratin-K6irs4) (Type-II keratin Kb37) [K6IRS4] [KB37] [KRT5C] [KRT6IRS4]
KRT75         12q13           O95678     K2C75_HUMAN 609025 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 75 (Cytokeratin-75) (CK-75) (Keratin-6 hair follicle) (hK6hf) (Keratin-75) (K75) (Type II keratin-K6hf) (Type-II keratin Kb18) [K6HF] [KB18]
KRT76         12q13.13        Q01546     K22O_HUMAN  616671 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 2 oral (Cytokeratin-2P) (CK-2P) (K2P) (Keratin-76) (K76) (Type-II keratin Kb9) [KRT2B] [KRT2P]
KRT77         12q13.13        Q7Z794     K2C1B_HUMAN 611158 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 1b (Cytokeratin-1B) (CK-1B) (Keratin-77) (K77) (Type-II keratin Kb39) [KRT1B]
KRT78         12q13.13        Q8N1N4     K2C78_HUMAN 611159 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 78 (Cytokeratin-78) (CK-78) (Keratin-5b) (Keratin-78) (K78) (Type-II keratin Kb40) [K5B] [KB40]
KRT79         12q13.13        Q5XKE5     K2C79_HUMAN 611160 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 79 (Cytokeratin-79) (CK-79) (Keratin-6-like) (Keratin-6L) (Keratin-79) (K79) (Type-II keratin Kb38) [K6L] [KB38] [KRT6L]
KRT8          12q13           P05787     K2C8_HUMAN  148060 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 8 (Cytokeratin-8) (CK-8) (Keratin-8) (K8) (Type-II keratin Kb8) [CYK8]
KRT80         12q13.13        Q6KB66     K2C80_HUMAN 611161 Keratin, type II cytoskeletal 80 (Cytokeratin-80) (CK-80) (Keratin-80) (K80) (Type-II keratin Kb20) [KB20]
KRT81         12q13           Q14533     KRT81_HUMAN 602153 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb1 (Hair keratin K2.9) (Keratin, hair, basic, 1) (Keratin-81) (K81) (Metastatic lymph node 137 gene protein) (MLN 137) (Type II hair keratin Hb1) (Type-II keratin Kb21) (ghHKb1) (ghHb1) [KRTHB1] [MLN137]
KRT82         12q13           Q9NSB4     KRT82_HUMAN 601078 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb2 (Keratin-82) (K82) (Type II hair keratin Hb2) (Type-II keratin Kb22) [KRTHB2]
KRT83         12q13           P78385     KRT83_HUMAN 602765 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb3 (Hair keratin K2.10) (Keratin-83) (K83) (Type II hair keratin Hb3) (Type-II keratin Kb23) [KRTHB3]
KRT84         12q13           Q9NSB2     KRT84_HUMAN 602766 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb4 (Keratin-84) (K84) (Type II hair keratin Hb4) (Type-II keratin Kb24) [KRTHB4]
KRT85         12q13           P78386     KRT85_HUMAN 602767 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb5 (Hair keratin K2.12) (Keratin-85) (K85) (Type II hair keratin Hb5) (Type-II keratin Kb25) [KRTHB5]
KRT86         12q13           O43790     KRT86_HUMAN 601928 Keratin, type II cuticular Hb6 (Hair keratin K2.11) (Keratin-86) (K86) (Type II hair keratin Hb6) (Type-II keratin Kb26) [KRTHB6]
KRT87P        12q13           A6NCN2     KR87P_HUMAN        Putative keratin-87 protein (Keratin, hair, basic pseudogene 4) (Keratin-121 pseudogene) [KRT121P] [KRTHBP4]
KSR2          12q24.23        Q6VAB6     KSR2_HUMAN  610737 Kinase suppressor of Ras 2 (EC (hKSR2)
LACRT         12q13           Q9GZZ8     LACRT_HUMAN 607360 Extracellular glycoprotein lacritin precursor
LAG3          12p13.32        P18627     LAG3_HUMAN  153337 Lymphocyte activation gene 3 protein precursor (LAG-3) (CD223 antigen) [Contains: Secreted lymphocyte activation gene 3 protein (sLAG-3)] [FDC]
LALBA         12q13           P00709     LALBA_HUMAN 149750 Alpha-lactalbumin precursor (Lactose synthase B protein) (Lysozyme-like protein 7) [LYZL7]
LARP4         12q13.12        Q71RC2     LARP4_HUMAN 618657 La-related protein 4 (La ribonucleoprotein domain family member 4) [PP13296]
LDHB          12p12.1-p12.2   P07195     LDHB_HUMAN  150100 L-lactate dehydrogenase B chain (EC (LDH-B) (LDH heart subunit) (LDH-H) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-46)
LEMD3         12q14           Q9Y2U8     MAN1_HUMAN  607844 Inner nuclear membrane protein Man1 (LEM domain-containing protein 3) [MAN1]
LETMD1        12q13.13        Q6P1Q0     LTMD1_HUMAN 619070 LETM1 domain-containing protein 1 (Cervical cancer 1 proto-oncogene protein p40) (Cervical cancer proto-oncogene 2 protein) (HCCR-1) (HCRR-2)
LGR5          12q22-q23       O75473     LGR5_HUMAN  606667 Leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein coupled receptor 5 precursor (G-protein coupled receptor 49) (G-protein coupled receptor 67) (G-protein coupled receptor HG38) [GPR49] [GPR67]
LHX5          12q24           Q9H2C1     LHX5_HUMAN  605992 LIM/homeobox protein Lhx5 (LIM homeobox protein 5)
LIMA1         12q13           Q9UHB6     LIMA1_HUMAN 608364 LIM domain and actin-binding protein 1 (Epithelial protein lost in neoplasm) [EPLIN] [SREBP3] [PP624]
LIN7A         12q21           O14910     LIN7A_HUMAN 603380 Protein lin-7 homolog A (Lin-7A) (hLin-7) (Mammalian lin-seven protein 1) (MALS-1) (Tax interaction protein 33) (TIP-33) (Vertebrate lin-7 homolog 1) (Veli-1) [MALS1] [VELI1]
LINC00173     12q24.22        Q6ZV60     YL023_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC00173 [NCRNA00173]
LINC00477     12p12.1         Q96M19     CL067_HUMAN        Putative transmembrane protein encoded by LINC00477 [C12orf67]
LINC00612     12p13.31        Q8N6U2     CL033_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC00612 [C12orf33]
LINC00615     12q21.33        Q96LM1     CL037_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC00615 [C12orf37]
LINC01465     12q14.1         Q8N7H1     CL061_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC01465 [C12orf61]
LINC01559     12p13.1         Q495D7     CL036_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC01559 [C12orf36]
LINC01619     12q21.33        G3V211     CL079_HUMAN        Uncharacterized protein encoded by LINC01619 [C12orf79]
LLPH          12q14.3         Q9BRT6     LLPH_HUMAN  616998 Protein LLP homolog (Protein LAPS18-like) [C12orf31] [cPERP-G]
LMBR1L        12q13.12        Q6UX01     LMBRL_HUMAN 610007 Protein LMBR1L (Limb region 1 protein homolog-like) (Lipocalin-1-interacting membrane receptor) (LIMR) [KIAA1174] [LIMR] [UNQ458/PRO783]
LMNTD1        12p12.1         Q8N9Z9     LMTD1_HUMAN        Lamin tail domain-containing protein 1 (Intermediate filament tail domain-containing protein 1) [IFLTD1]
LMO3          12p13.1         Q8TAP4     LMO3_HUMAN  180386 LIM domain only protein 3 (LMO-3) (Neuronal-specific transcription factor DAT1) (Rhombotin-3) [RBTN3] [RBTNL2] [RHOM3]
LPAR5         12p13.31        Q9H1C0     LPAR5_HUMAN 606926 Lysophosphatidic acid receptor 5 (LPA receptor 5) (LPA-5) (G-protein coupled receptor 92) (G-protein coupled receptor 93) [GPR92] [GPR93]
LPCAT3        12p13           Q6P1A2     MBOA5_HUMAN 611950 Lysophospholipid acyltransferase 5 (EC 2.3.1.-) (LPLAT 5) (1-acylglycerophosphocholine O-acyltransferase) (EC (1-acylglycerophosphoethanolamine O-acyltransferase) (EC 2.3.1.n7) (1-acylglycerophosphoserine O-acyltransferase) (EC 2.3.1.n6) (Lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase) (LPCAT) (Lyso-PC acyltransferase) (Lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 3) (Lyso-PC acyltransferase 3) (Lysophosphatidylserine acyltransferase) (LPSAT) (Lyso-PS acyltransferase) (Membrane-bound O-acyltransferase domain-containing protein 5) (O-acyltransferase domain-containing protein 5) [MBOAT5] [OACT5]
LRCOL1        12q24.33        A6NCL2     LRCL1_HUMAN        Leucine-rich colipase-like protein 1 precursor
LRIG3         12q13.2         Q6UXM1     LRIG3_HUMAN 608870 Leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains protein 3 precursor (LIG-3) [LIG3] [UNQ287/PRO326/PRO335]
LRP1          12q13           Q07954     LRP1_HUMAN  107770 Prolow-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 precursor (LRP-1) (Alpha-2-macroglobulin receptor) (A2MR) (Apolipoprotein E receptor) (APOER) (CD91 antigen) [Contains: Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 85 kDa subunit (LRP-85); Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 515 kDa subunit (LRP-515); Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 intracellular domain (LRPICD)] [A2MR] [APR]
LRP6          12p11.2-p13.3   O75581     LRP6_HUMAN  603507 Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 precursor (LRP-6)
LRRC10        12q15           Q5BKY1     LRC10_HUMAN 610846 Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 10
LRRC23        12p13.31        Q53EV4     LRC23_HUMAN        Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 23 (Leucine-rich protein B7) [LRPB7]
LRRC43        12q24.31        Q8N309     LRC43_HUMAN        Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 43
LRRIQ1        12q21.31        Q96JM4     LRIQ1_HUMAN        Leucine-rich repeat and IQ domain-containing protein 1 [KIAA1801]
LRRK2         12q12           Q5S007     LRRK2_HUMAN 609007 Leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 (EC (EC 3.6.5.-) (Dardarin) [PARK8]
LRTM2         12p13.33        Q8N967     LRTM2_HUMAN        Leucine-rich repeat and transmembrane domain-containing protein 2 precursor
LTA4H         12q22           P09960     LKHA4_HUMAN 151570 Leukotriene A-4 hydrolase (EC (LTA-4 hydrolase) (Leukotriene A(4) hydrolase) (Tripeptide aminopeptidase LTA4H) (EC [LTA4]
LTBR          12p13           P36941     TNR3_HUMAN  600979 Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 3 precursor (Lymphotoxin-beta receptor) (Tumor necrosis factor C receptor) (Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2-related protein) (Tumor necrosis factor receptor type III) (TNF-RIII) (TNFR-III) [D12S370] [TNFCR] [TNFR3] [TNFRSF3]
LUM           12q21.3-q22     P51884     LUM_HUMAN   600616 Lumican precursor (Keratan sulfate proteoglycan lumican) (KSPG lumican) [LDC] [SLRR2D]
LYZ           12q13.2         P61626     LYSC_HUMAN  153450 Lysozyme C precursor (EC (1,4-beta-N-acetylmuramidase C) [LZM]
M6PR          12p13           P20645     MPRD_HUMAN  154540 Cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor precursor (CD Man-6-P receptor) (CD-MPR) (46 kDa mannose 6-phosphate receptor) (MPR 46) [MPR46] [MPRD]
MAGOHB        12p13           Q96A72     MGN2_HUMAN         Protein mago nashi homolog 2 [MAGOH2]
MANSC1        12p13.2         Q9H8J5     MANS1_HUMAN        MANSC domain-containing protein 1 precursor (Loss of heterozygosity 12 chromosomal region 3 protein) [LOH12CR3] [UNQ316/PRO361]
MANSC4        12p11.22        A6NHS7     MANS4_HUMAN        MANSC domain-containing protein 4 precursor
MAP1LC3B2     12q24.22        A6NCE7     MP3B2_HUMAN        Microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain 3 beta 2 precursor (Microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain 3B-like)
MAP3K12       12q13           Q12852     M3K12_HUMAN 600447 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 12 (EC (Dual leucine zipper bearing kinase) (DLK) (Leucine-zipper protein kinase) (ZPK) (MAPK-upstream kinase) (MUK) (Mixed lineage kinase) [ZPK]
MAPKAPK5      12q24.13        Q8IW41     MAPK5_HUMAN 606723 MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 5 (EC (MAPK-activated protein kinase 5) (MAPKAP kinase 5) (MAPKAP-K5) (MAPKAPK-5) (MK-5) (MK5) (p38-regulated/activated protein kinase) (PRAK) [PRAK]
MAPKAPK5-AS1  12q24.12        Q8N8E1     MAAS1_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein encoded by MAPKAPK5-AS1 (MAPKAPK5 antisense RNA 1) (MAPKAPK5 antisense gene protein 1) [C12orf47]
MARCHF9       12q14.1         Q86YJ5     MARH9_HUMAN 613336 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase MARCHF9 (EC (Membrane-associated RING finger protein 9) (Membrane-associated RING-CH protein IX) (MARCH-IX) (RING finger protein 179) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase MARCHF9) [MARCH9] [RNF179]
MARS1         12q13.2         P56192     SYMC_HUMAN  156560 Methionine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic (EC (Methionyl-tRNA synthetase) (MetRS) [MARS]
MBD6          12q13.2         Q96DN6     MBD6_HUMAN         Methyl-CpG-binding domain protein 6 (Methyl-CpG-binding protein MBD6) [KIAA1887]
MCRS1         12q13.12        Q96EZ8     MCRS1_HUMAN 609504 Microspherule protein 1 (58 kDa microspherule protein) (Cell cycle-regulated factor p78) (INO80 complex subunit J) (MCRS2) [INO80Q] [MSP58]
MDM1          12q15           Q8TC05     MDM1_HUMAN  613813 Nuclear protein MDM1
MDM2          12q14.3-q15     Q00987     MDM2_HUMAN  164785 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Mdm2 (EC (Double minute 2 protein) (Hdm2) (Oncoprotein Mdm2) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase Mdm2) (p53-binding protein Mdm2)
MED13L        12q24.22        Q71F56     MD13L_HUMAN 608771 Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 13-like (Mediator complex subunit 13-like) (Thyroid hormone receptor-associated protein 2) (Thyroid hormone receptor-associated protein complex 240 kDa component-like) [KIAA1025] [PROSIT240] [THRAP2] [TRAP240L]
MED21         12p12.3         Q13503     MED21_HUMAN 603800 Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 21 (Mediator complex subunit 21) (RNA polymerase II holoenzyme component SRB7) (RNAPII complex component SRB7) (hSrb7) [SRB7] [SURB7]
METAP2        12q21.33        P50579     MAP2_HUMAN  601870 Methionine aminopeptidase 2 (EC (MAP 2) (MetAP 2) (Initiation factor 2-associated 67 kDa glycoprotein) (p67) (p67eIF2) (Peptidase M) [MNPEP] [P67EIF2]
METTL1        12q13           Q9UBP6     TRMB_HUMAN  604466 tRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase (EC (Methyltransferase-like protein 1) (mRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase) (EC 2.1.1.-) (miRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase) (EC 2.1.1.-) (tRNA (guanine(46)-N(7))-methyltransferase) (tRNA(m7G46)-methyltransferase) [C12orf1]
METTL25       12q21.31        Q8N6Q8     MET25_HUMAN        Probable methyltransferase-like protein 25 (EC 2.1.1.-) [C12orf26]
METTL7A       12q13.12        Q9H8H3     MET7A_HUMAN 618338 Methyltransferase-like protein 7A precursor (EC 2.1.1.-) (Protein AAM-B) [PRO0066] [UNQ1902/PRO4348]
METTL7B       12q13.2         Q6UX53     MET7B_HUMAN        Thiol S-methyltransferase METTL7B precursor (Methyltransferase-like protein 7B) (EC [UNQ594/PRO1180]
MFAP5         12p12.3-p13.1   Q13361     MFAP5_HUMAN 601103 Microfibrillar-associated protein 5 precursor (MFAP-5) (MP25) (Microfibril-associated glycoprotein 2) (MAGP-2) [MAGP2]
MFSD5         12q13.13        Q6N075     MFSD5_HUMAN        Molybdate-anion transporter (Major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein 5) (Molybdate transporter 2 homolog) (hsMOT2) [UNQ832/PRO1759]
MGAT4C        12q21           Q9UBM8     MGT4C_HUMAN 607385 Alpha-1,3-mannosyl-glycoprotein 4-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase C (EC (N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase IV homolog) (hGnT-IV-H) (N-glycosyl-oligosaccharide-glycoprotein N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase IVc) (GlcNAc-T IVc) (GnT-IVc) (N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase IVc) (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: alpha-1,3-D-mannoside beta-1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase IVc)
MGP           12p12.3-p13.1   P08493     MGP_HUMAN   154870 Matrix Gla protein precursor (MGP) (Cell growth-inhibiting gene 36 protein) [MGLAP] [GIG36]
MGST1         12p12.1-p12.3   P10620     MGST1_HUMAN 138330 Microsomal glutathione S-transferase 1 (EC (Microsomal GST-1) (Microsomal GST-I) [GST12] [MGST]
MIP           12q13           P30301     MIP_HUMAN   154050 Lens fiber major intrinsic protein (Aquaporin-0) (MIP26) (MP26) [AQP0]
MKRN9P        12q21.32        Q6NVV0     MKRN5_HUMAN        Putative makorin-5 (Makorin ring finger protein pseudogene 6) (Makorin ring finger protein pseudogene 9) (Putative RING finger protein 65) [MKRN5] [MKRN9] [MKRNP6] [RNF65] [ZNF127L3]
MLEC          12q24.31        Q14165     MLEC_HUMAN  613802 Malectin precursor [KIAA0152]
MLF2          12p13           Q15773     MLF2_HUMAN  601401 Myeloid leukemia factor 2 (Myelodysplasia-myeloid leukemia factor 2)
MLXIP         12q24.31        Q9HAP2     MLXIP_HUMAN 608090 MLX-interacting protein (Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 36) (bHLHe36) (Transcriptional activator MondoA) [BHLHE36] [KIAA0867] [MIR] [MONDOA]
MMAB          12q24           Q96EY8     MMAB_HUMAN  607568 Corrinoid adenosyltransferase precursor (EC (Cob(II)alamin adenosyltransferase) (Cob(II)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase) (Cobinamide/cobalamin adenosyltransferase) (Methylmalonic aciduria type B protein)
MMP17         12q24.33        Q9ULZ9     MMP17_HUMAN 602285 Matrix metalloproteinase-17 precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (MMP-17) (Membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase 4) (MT-MMP 4) (MTMMP4) (Membrane-type-4 matrix metalloproteinase) (MT4-MMP) (MT4MMP) [MT4MMP]
MMP19         12q14           Q99542     MMP19_HUMAN 601807 Matrix metalloproteinase-19 precursor (EC 3.4.24.-) (MMP-19) (Matrix metalloproteinase RASI) (Matrix metalloproteinase-18) (MMP-18) [MMP18] [RASI]
MON2          12q14.1         Q7Z3U7     MON2_HUMAN         Protein MON2 homolog (Protein SF21) [KIAA1040] [SF21]
MORN3         12q24.31        Q6PF18     MORN3_HUMAN        MORN repeat-containing protein 3
MPHOSPH9      12q24.31        Q99550     MPP9_HUMAN  605501 M-phase phosphoprotein 9 [MPP9]
MRPL42        12q22           Q9Y6G3     RM42_HUMAN  611847 39S ribosomal protein L42, mitochondrial precursor (L42mt) (MRP-L42) (39S ribosomal protein L31, mitochondrial) (L31mt) (MRP-L31) (Mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit protein mL42) [MRPL31] [MRPS32] [RPML31] [HSPC204] [PTD007]
MRPL51        12p13.1-p13.3   Q4U2R6     RM51_HUMAN  611855 39S ribosomal protein L51, mitochondrial precursor (L51mt) (MRP-L51) (Mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit protein mL51) (bMRP-64) (bMRP64) [MRP64] [CDA09] [HSPC241]
MRPS35        12p11           P82673     RT35_HUMAN  611995 28S ribosomal protein S35, mitochondrial precursor (MRP-S35) (S35mt) (28S ribosomal protein S28, mitochondrial) (MRP-S28) (S28mt) (Mitochondrial small ribosomal subunit protein mS35) [MRPS28] [HDCMD11P] [MDS023] [PSEC0213]
MSI1          12q24.31        O43347     MSI1H_HUMAN 603328 RNA-binding protein Musashi homolog 1 (Musashi-1)
MSRB3         12q14.3         Q8IXL7     MSRB3_HUMAN 613719 Methionine-R-sulfoxide reductase B3 precursor (EC (EC (MsrB3) [UNQ1965/PRO4487]
MTERF2        12q23.3         Q49AM1     MTEF2_HUMAN 616929 Transcription termination factor 2, mitochondrial precursor (Mitochondrial transcription termination factor 2) (mTERF2) (Mitochondrial transcription termination factor-like protein) (mTERF-like) (mTERFL) (mTERF domain-containing protein 3, mitochondrial) [MTERFD3]
MTRFR         12q24.31        Q9H3J6     MTRFR_HUMAN 613541 Mitochondrial translation release factor in rescue precursor [C12orf65] [My030]
MUC19         12q12           Q7Z5P9     MUC19_HUMAN 612170 Mucin-19 precursor (MUC-19)
MUCL1         12q             Q96DR8     MUCL1_HUMAN 610857 Mucin-like protein 1 precursor (Protein BS106) (Small breast epithelial mucin) [SBEM] [UNQ590/PRO1160]
MVK           12q24           Q03426     KIME_HUMAN  251170 Mevalonate kinase (EC (MK)
MYBPC1        12q22           Q00872     MYPC1_HUMAN 160794 Myosin-binding protein C, slow-type (Slow MyBP-C) (C-protein, skeletal muscle slow isoform) [MYBPCS]
MYF5          12q21           P13349     MYF5_HUMAN  159990 Myogenic factor 5 (Myf-5) (Class C basic helix-loop-helix protein 2) (bHLHc2) [BHLHC2]
MYF6          12q21           P23409     MYF6_HUMAN  159991 Myogenic factor 6 (Myf-6) (Class C basic helix-loop-helix protein 4) (bHLHc4) (Muscle-specific regulatory factor 4) [BHLHC4] [MRF4]
MYG1          12q13           Q9HB07     MYG1_HUMAN  611366 MYG1 exonuclease precursor (EC 3.1.-.-) [C12orf10]
MYL2          12q23-q24.3     P10916     MLRV_HUMAN  160781 Myosin regulatory light chain 2, ventricular/cardiac muscle isoform (MLC-2) (MLC-2v) (Cardiac myosin light chain 2) (Myosin light chain 2, slow skeletal/ventricular muscle isoform) (MLC-2s/v) (Ventricular myosin light chain 2) [MLC2]
MYL6          12q12           P60660     MYL6_HUMAN  609931 Myosin light polypeptide 6 (17 kDa myosin light chain) (LC17) (Myosin light chain 3) (MLC-3) (Myosin light chain alkali 3) (Myosin light chain A3) (Smooth muscle and nonmuscle myosin light chain alkali 6)
MYL6B         12q13.13        P14649     MYL6B_HUMAN 609930 Myosin light chain 6B (Myosin light chain 1 slow-twitch muscle A isoform) (MLC1sa) (Smooth muscle and nonmuscle myosin light chain alkali 6B) [MLC1SA]
MYO1A         12q13-q15       Q9UBC5     MYO1A_HUMAN 601478 Unconventional myosin-Ia (Brush border myosin I) (BBM-I) (BBMI) (Myosin I heavy chain) (MIHC) [MYHL]
MYO1H         12q24.11        Q8N1T3     MYO1H_HUMAN 614636 Unconventional myosin-Ih (Myosin-1H)
MYRFL         12q15           Q96LU7     MRFL_HUMAN         Myelin regulatory factor-like protein [C12orf15] [C12orf28]
NAA25         12q24.13        Q14CX7     NAA25_HUMAN 612755 N-alpha-acetyltransferase 25, NatB auxiliary subunit (Mitochondrial distribution and morphology protein 20) (N-terminal acetyltransferase B complex subunit MDM20) (NatB complex subunit MDM20) (N-terminal acetyltransferase B complex subunit NAA25) (p120) [C12orf30] [MDM20] [NAP1]
NAB2          12q13.3-q14.1   Q15742     NAB2_HUMAN  602381 NGFI-A-binding protein 2 (EGR-1-binding protein 2) (Melanoma-associated delayed early response protein) (Protein MADER) [MADER]
NABP2         12q13.2         Q9BQ15     SOSB1_HUMAN 612104 SOSS complex subunit B1 (Nucleic acid-binding protein 2) (Oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding fold-containing protein 2B) (Sensor of single-strand DNA complex subunit B1) (Sensor of ssDNA subunit B1) (SOSS-B1) (Single-stranded DNA-binding protein 1) (hSSB1) [OBFC2B] [SSB1] [LP3587]
NACA          12q13.3         E9PAV3     NACAM_HUMAN        Nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunit alpha, muscle-specific form (Alpha-NAC, muscle-specific form) (skNAC)
NACA          12q13.3         Q13765     NACA_HUMAN  601234 Nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunit alpha (NAC-alpha) (Alpha-NAC) (Allergen Hom s 2) [HSD48]
NANOG         12p13.31        Q9H9S0     NANOG_HUMAN 607937 Homeobox protein NANOG (Homeobox transcription factor Nanog) (hNanog)
NANOGNB       12p13.31        Q7Z5D8     NANGN_HUMAN        NANOG neighbor homeobox (Homeobox protein C14)
NANOGP1       12p13.31        Q8N7R0     NANG2_HUMAN        Putative homeobox protein NANOG2 [NANOG2]
NAP1L1        12q14.1         P55209     NP1L1_HUMAN 164060 Nucleosome assembly protein 1-like 1 precursor (NAP-1-related protein) (hNRP) [NRP]
NAV3          12q14.3         Q8IVL0     NAV3_HUMAN  611629 Neuron navigator 3 (Pore membrane and/or filament-interacting-like protein 1) (Steerin-3) (Unc-53 homolog 3) (unc53H3) [KIAA0938] [POMFIL1] [STEERIN3]
NCAPD2        12p13.3         Q15021     CND1_HUMAN  615638 Condensin complex subunit 1 (Chromosome condensation-related SMC-associated protein 1) (Chromosome-associated protein D2) (hCAP-D2) (Non-SMC condensin I complex subunit D2) (XCAP-D2 homolog) [CAPD2] [CNAP1] [KIAA0159]
NCKAP1L       12q13.1         P55160     NCKPL_HUMAN 141180 Nck-associated protein 1-like (Hematopoietic protein 1) (Membrane-associated protein HEM-1) [HEM1]
NCKAP5L       12q13.13        Q9HCH0     NCK5L_HUMAN 615104 Nck-associated protein 5-like (NCKAP5-like) (Centrosomal protein of 169 kDa) (Cep169) [CEP169] [KIAA1602] [FP1193]
NCOR2         12q24           Q9Y618     NCOR2_HUMAN 600848 Nuclear receptor corepressor 2 (N-CoR2) (CTG repeat protein 26) (SMAP270) (Silencing mediator of retinoic acid and thyroid hormone receptor) (SMRT) (T3 receptor-associating factor) (TRAC) (Thyroid-, retinoic-acid-receptor-associated corepressor) [CTG26]
NDUFA12       12q21.33        Q9UI09     NDUAC_HUMAN 614530 NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] 1 alpha subcomplex subunit 12 (13 kDa differentiation-associated protein) (Complex I-B17.2) (CI-B17.2) (CIB17.2) (NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit B17.2) [DAP13]
NDUFA4L2      12              Q9NRX3     NUA4L_HUMAN        NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] 1 alpha subcomplex subunit 4-like 2 (NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase MLRQ subunit homolog) (NUOMS)
NDUFA9        12p13.3         Q16795     NDUA9_HUMAN 603834 NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] 1 alpha subcomplex subunit 9, mitochondrial precursor (Complex I-39kD) (CI-39kD) (NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase 39 kDa subunit) [NDUFS2L]
NECAP1        12p13.31        Q8NC96     NECP1_HUMAN 611623 Adaptin ear-binding coat-associated protein 1 (NECAP endocytosis-associated protein 1) (NECAP-1)
NEDD1         12q23.1         Q8NHV4     NEDD1_HUMAN 600372 Protein NEDD1 (Neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-regulated protein 1) (NEDD-1)
NELL2         12q13.11-q13.12 Q99435     NELL2_HUMAN 602320 Protein kinase C-binding protein NELL2 precursor (NEL-like protein 2) (Nel-related protein 2) [NRP2]
NEMP1         12q12           O14524     NEMP1_HUMAN 616496 Nuclear envelope integral membrane protein 1 precursor [KIAA0286] [TMEM194] [TMEM194A]
NEUROD4       12q12           Q9HD90     NDF4_HUMAN  611635 Neurogenic differentiation factor 4 (NeuroD4) (Class A basic helix-loop-helix protein 4) (bHLHa4) (Protein atonal homolog 3) (ATH-3) (Atoh3) [ATH3] [ATOH3] [BHLHA4]
NFE2          12q13           Q16621     NFE2_HUMAN  601490 Transcription factor NF-E2 45 kDa subunit (Leucine zipper protein NF-E2) (Nuclear factor, erythroid-derived 2 45 kDa subunit) (p45 NF-E2)
NFYB          12q22-q23       P25208     NFYB_HUMAN  189904 Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit beta (CAAT box DNA-binding protein subunit B) (Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit B) (NF-YB) [HAP3]
NINJ2         12p13           Q9NZG7     NINJ2_HUMAN 607297 Ninjurin-2 (Nerve injury-induced protein 2)
NME2P1        12q             O60361     NDK8_HUMAN         Putative nucleoside diphosphate kinase (EC (NDK) (NDP kinase)
NOC4L         12q24.33        Q9BVI4     NOC4L_HUMAN 612819 Nucleolar complex protein 4 homolog (NOC4 protein homolog) (NOC4-like protein) (Nucleolar complex-associated protein 4-like protein)
NOP2          12p13           P46087     NOP2_HUMAN  164031 Probable 28S rRNA (cytosine(4447)-C(5))-methyltransferase (EC 2.1.1.-) (Nucleolar protein 1) (Nucleolar protein 2 homolog) (Proliferating-cell nucleolar antigen p120) (Proliferation-associated nucleolar protein p120) [NOL1] [NSUN1]
NOPCHAP1      12q21.33        Q8N5I9     NOPC1_HUMAN        NOP protein chaperone 1 [C12orf45]
NOS1          12q24.2-q24.31  P29475     NOS1_HUMAN  163731 Nitric oxide synthase, brain (EC (Constitutive NOS) (NC-NOS) (NOS type I) (Neuronal NOS) (N-NOS) (nNOS) (Peptidyl-cysteine S-nitrosylase NOS1) (bNOS)
NPFF          12q12           O15130     NPFF_HUMAN  604643 Pro-FMRFamide-related neuropeptide FF precursor (FMRFamide-related peptides) [Contains: Neuropeptide SF (NPSF); Neuropeptide FF (NPFF); Neuropeptide AF (NPAF)]
NR1H4         12q23.1         Q96RI1     NR1H4_HUMAN 603826 Bile acid receptor (Farnesoid X-activated receptor) (Farnesol receptor HRR-1) (Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group H member 4) (Retinoid X receptor-interacting protein 14) (RXR-interacting protein 14) [BAR] [FXR] [HRR1] [RIP14]
NR2C1         12q22           P13056     NR2C1_HUMAN 601529 Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group C member 1 (Orphan nuclear receptor TR2) (Testicular receptor 2) [TR2]
NR4A1         12q13           P22736     NR4A1_HUMAN 139139 Nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 1 (Early response protein NAK1) (Nuclear hormone receptor NUR/77) (Nur77) (Orphan nuclear receptor HMR) (Orphan nuclear receptor TR3) (ST-59) (Testicular receptor 3) [GFRP1] [HMR] [NAK1]
NRIP2         12p13.33        Q9BQI9     NRIP2_HUMAN        Nuclear receptor-interacting protein 2
NT5DC3        12q22-q23.1     Q86UY8     NT5D3_HUMAN 611076 5'-nucleotidase domain-containing protein 3 (EC 3.1.3.-) (GRP94-neighboring nucleotidase) [GNN] [TU12B1-TY]
NTF3          12p13           P20783     NTF3_HUMAN  162660 Neurotrophin-3 precursor (NT-3) (HDNF) (Nerve growth factor 2) (NGF-2) (Neurotrophic factor)
NTN4          12q22-q23       Q9HB63     NET4_HUMAN  610401 Netrin-4 precursor (Beta-netrin) (Hepar-derived netrin-like protein)
NTS           12q21           P30990     NEUT_HUMAN  162650 Neurotensin/neuromedin N precursor [Contains: Large neuromedin N (NmN-125); Neuromedin N (NN) (NmN); Neurotensin (NT); Tail peptide]
NUAK1         12q23.3         O60285     NUAK1_HUMAN 608130 NUAK family SNF1-like kinase 1 (EC (AMPK-related protein kinase 5) (ARK5) (Omphalocele kinase 1) [ARK5] [KIAA0537] [OMPHK1]
NUDT4         12q21           Q9NZJ9     NUDT4_HUMAN 609229 Diphosphoinositol polyphosphate phosphohydrolase 2 (EC (DIPP-2) (Diadenosine 5',5'''-P1,P6-hexaphosphate hydrolase 2) (Nucleoside diphosphate-linked moiety X motif 4) (Nudix motif 4) [DIPP2] [KIAA0487] [HDCMB47P]
NUP107        12q14.3         P57740     NU107_HUMAN 607617 Nuclear pore complex protein Nup107 (107 kDa nucleoporin) (Nucleoporin Nup107)
NUP37         12q23.3         Q8NFH4     NUP37_HUMAN 609264 Nucleoporin Nup37 (p37) (Nup107-160 subcomplex subunit Nup37)
NXPH4         12q13.2         O95158     NXPH4_HUMAN 604637 Neurexophilin-4 precursor [NPH4] [UNQ1928/PRO4403]
OAS1          12q24.1         P00973     OAS1_HUMAN  164350 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 1 (EC ((2-5')oligo(A) synthase 1) (2-5A synthase 1) (E18/E16) (p46/p42 OAS) [OIAS]
OAS2          12q24.1         P29728     OAS2_HUMAN  603350 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 2 (EC ((2-5')oligo(A) synthase 2) (2-5A synthase 2) (p69 OAS / p71 OAS) (p69OAS / p71OAS)
OAS3          12q24.1         Q9Y6K5     OAS3_HUMAN  603351 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase 3 (EC ((2-5')oligo(A) synthase 3) (2-5A synthase 3) (p100 OAS) (p100OAS) [P/OKcl.4]
OASL          12q24.2         Q15646     OASL_HUMAN  603281 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase-like protein (2'-5'-OAS-related protein) (2'-5'-OAS-RP) (59 kDa 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthase-like protein) (Thyroid receptor-interacting protein 14) (TR-interacting protein 14) (TRIP-14) (p59 OASL) (p59OASL) [TRIP14]
OCC1          12q24.1         Q8TAD7     OCC1_HUMAN         Overexpressed in colon carcinoma 1 protein (OCC-1) (AGD3) [C12orf75]
OGFOD2        12q24.31        Q6N063     OGFD2_HUMAN        2-oxoglutarate and iron-dependent oxygenase domain-containing protein 2 (EC 1.14.11.-)
OLR1          12p13-p12       P78380     OLR1_HUMAN  602601 Oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1 (Ox-LDL receptor 1) (C-type lectin domain family 8 member A) (Lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor 1) (LOX-1) (Lectin-like oxLDL receptor 1) (hLOX-1) (Lectin-type oxidized LDL receptor 1) [Contains: Oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1, soluble form] [CLEC8A] [LOX1]
OR10A7        12q14.1         Q8NGE5     O10A7_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 10A7 (Olfactory receptor OR12-6)
OR10AD1       12q13.11        Q8NGE0     O10AD_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 10AD1 (Olfactory receptor OR12-1) [OR10AD1P]
OR10P1        12q13.13        Q8NGE3     O10P1_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 10P1 (Olfactory receptor 10P2) (Olfactory receptor 10P3) (Olfactory receptor OR12-7) [OR10P1P] [OR10P2P] [OR10P3P]
OR2AP1        12              Q8NGE2     O2AP1_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 2AP1 (Olfactory receptor OR12-9) [OR2AP1P]
OR6C1         12q13.2         Q96RD1     OR6C1_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C1 (OST267)
OR6C2         12              Q9NZP2     OR6C2_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C2 (HSA3)
OR6C3         12              Q9NZP0     OR6C3_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C3 (HSA8)
OR6C4         12q14.2         Q8NGE1     OR6C4_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C4 (Olfactory receptor OR12-10)
OR6C6         12q13.13        A6NF89     OR6C6_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C6
OR6C65        12              A6NJZ3     O6C65_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C65
OR6C68        12q13.2         A6NDL8     O6C68_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C68
OR6C70        12q13.2         A6NIJ9     O6C70_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C70
OR6C74        12q13.2         A6NCV1     O6C74_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C74
OR6C75        12q13.2         A6NL08     O6C75_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C75
OR6C76        12              A6NM76     O6C76_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 6C76
OR8S1         12q13.2         Q8NH09     OR8S1_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 8S1
OR9K2         12q13.2         Q8NGE7     OR9K2_HUMAN        Olfactory receptor 9K2 (Olfactory receptor OR12-2)
ORAI1         12q24.31        Q96D31     CRCM1_HUMAN 610277 Calcium release-activated calcium channel protein 1 (Protein orai-1) (Transmembrane protein 142A) [CRACM1] [TMEM142A]
ORMDL2        12q13.2         Q53FV1     ORML2_HUMAN 610074 ORM1-like protein 2 (Adoplin-2) [HSPC160] [MSTP095]
OS9           12q13.3         Q13438     OS9_HUMAN   609677 Protein OS-9 precursor (Amplified in osteosarcoma 9)
OSBPL8        12q14           Q9BZF1     OSBL8_HUMAN 606736 Oxysterol-binding protein-related protein 8 (ORP-8) (OSBP-related protein 8) [KIAA1451] [ORP8] [OSBP10]
OTOGL         12q21.31        Q3ZCN5     OTOGL_HUMAN 614925 Otogelin-like protein precursor [C12orf64]
OVCH1         12p11.23        Q7RTY7     OVCH1_HUMAN        Ovochymase-1 precursor (EC 3.4.21.-)
OVOS1         12p12           Q6IE37     OVOS1_HUMAN        Ovostatin homolog 1 precursor
OVOS2         12p11.21        Q6IE36     OVOS2_HUMAN        Ovostatin homolog 2 precursor
P2RX2         12q24.33        Q9UBL9     P2RX2_HUMAN 600844 P2X purinoceptor 2 (P2X2) (ATP receptor) (Purinergic receptor) [P2X2]
P2RX4         12q24.2         Q99571     P2RX4_HUMAN 600846 P2X purinoceptor 4 (P2X4) (ATP receptor) (Purinergic receptor)
P2RX7         12q24           Q99572     P2RX7_HUMAN 602566 P2X purinoceptor 7 (P2X7) (ATP receptor) (P2Z receptor) (Purinergic receptor)
P3H3          12q13           Q8IVL6     P3H3_HUMAN  610342 Prolyl 3-hydroxylase 3 precursor (EC (Leprecan-like protein 2) (Protein B) [LEPREL2]
PA2G4         12q13           Q9UQ80     PA2G4_HUMAN 602145 Proliferation-associated protein 2G4 (Cell cycle protein p38-2G4 homolog) (hG4-1) (ErbB3-binding protein 1) [EBP1]
PAH           12q22-q24.2     P00439     PH4H_HUMAN  612349 Phenylalanine-4-hydroxylase (EC (PAH) (Phe-4-monooxygenase)
PAN2          12q13.2         Q504Q3     PAN2_HUMAN  617447 PAN2-PAN3 deadenylation complex catalytic subunit PAN2 (EC (Inactive ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 52) (PAB1P-dependent poly(A)-specific ribonuclease) (Poly(A)-nuclease deadenylation complex subunit 2) (PAN deadenylation complex subunit 2) [KIAA0710] [USP52]
PARP11        12p13.3         Q9NR21     PAR11_HUMAN 616706 Protein mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase PARP11 (EC 2.4.2.-) (ADP-ribosyltransferase diphtheria toxin-like 11) (ARTD11) (Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 11) (PARP-11) [C12orf6]
PARPBP        12q23.2         Q9NWS1     PARI_HUMAN  613687 PCNA-interacting partner (PARI) (PARP-1 binding protein) (PARP1-binding protein) (PARPBP) [C12orf48] [PARI]
PAWR          12q21           Q96IZ0     PAWR_HUMAN  601936 PRKC apoptosis WT1 regulator protein (Prostate apoptosis response 4 protein) (Par-4) [PAR4]
PCBP2         12q13.12-q13.13 Q15366     PCBP2_HUMAN 601210 Poly(rC)-binding protein 2 (Alpha-CP2) (Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein E2) (hnRNP E2)
PCED1B        12q13.11        Q96HM7     PED1B_HUMAN        PC-esterase domain-containing protein 1B (Protein FAM113B) [FAM113B]
PDE1B         12q13           Q01064     PDE1B_HUMAN 171891 Calcium/calmodulin-dependent 3',5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1B (EC (Cam-PDE 1B) (63 kDa Cam-PDE) [PDE1B1] [PDES1B]
PDE3A         12p12           Q14432     PDE3A_HUMAN 123805 cGMP-inhibited 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase A (EC (Cyclic GMP-inhibited phosphodiesterase A) (CGI-PDE A)
PDE6H         12p13           Q13956     CNCG_HUMAN  601190 Retinal cone rhodopsin-sensitive cGMP 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase subunit gamma (EC (GMP-PDE gamma)
PDZRN4        12q12           Q6ZMN7     PZRN4_HUMAN 609730 PDZ domain-containing RING finger protein 4 (Ligand of Numb protein X 4) (SEMACAP3-like protein) [LNX4] [SEMCAP3L]
PEBP1         12q24.22        P30086     PEBP1_HUMAN 604591 Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein 1 (PEBP-1) (HCNPpp) (Neuropolypeptide h3) (Prostatic-binding protein) (Raf kinase inhibitor protein) (RKIP) [Contains: Hippocampal cholinergic neurostimulating peptide (HCNP)] [PBP] [PEBP]
PEX5          12p13.3         P50542     PEX5_HUMAN  600414 Peroxisomal targeting signal 1 receptor (PTS1 receptor) (PTS1R) (PTS1-BP) (Peroxin-5) (Peroxisomal C-terminal targeting signal import receptor) (Peroxisome receptor 1) [PXR1]
PFDN5         12q12           Q99471     PFD5_HUMAN  604899 Prefoldin subunit 5 (Myc modulator 1) (c-Myc-binding protein Mm-1) [MM1] [PFD5]
PFKM          12q13.3         P08237     PFKAM_HUMAN 610681 ATP-dependent 6-phosphofructokinase, muscle type (EC (ATP-PFK) (PFK-M) (6-phosphofructokinase type A) (Phosphofructo-1-kinase isozyme A) (PFK-A) (Phosphohexokinase) [PFKX]
PGAM5         12q24.33        Q96HS1     PGAM5_HUMAN 614939 Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PGAM5, mitochondrial (EC (Bcl-XL-binding protein v68) (Phosphoglycerate mutase family member 5)
PHB2          12p13           Q99623     PHB2_HUMAN  610704 Prohibitin-2 (B-cell receptor-associated protein BAP37) (D-prohibitin) (Repressor of estrogen receptor activity) [BAP] [REA]
PHC1          12p13           P78364     PHC1_HUMAN  602978 Polyhomeotic-like protein 1 (hPH1) (Early development regulatory protein 1) [EDR1] [PH1]
PHETA1        12q24.12        Q8N4B1     SESQ1_HUMAN        Sesquipedalian-1 (Ses1) (27 kDa inositol polyphosphate phosphatase-interacting protein A) (IPIP27A) (PH domain-containing endocytic trafficking adaptor 1) [FAM109A]
PHLDA1        12q21.2         Q8WV24     PHLA1_HUMAN 605335 Pleckstrin homology-like domain family A member 1 (Apoptosis-associated nuclear protein) (Proline- and glutamine-rich protein) (PQ-rich protein) (PQR protein) (Proline- and histidine-rich protein) (T-cell death-associated gene 51 protein) [PHRIP] [TDAG51]
PIANP         12p13.31        Q8IYJ0     PIANP_HUMAN 616065 PILR alpha-associated neural protein precursor (PILR-associating neural protein) (Paired immunoglobin-like type 2 receptor-associating neural protein) [C12orf53] [PANP] [UNQ828/PRO1755]
PIK3C2G       12p12           O75747     P3C2G_HUMAN 609001 Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 3-kinase C2 domain-containing subunit gamma (EC (PI3K-C2-gamma) (PtdIns-3-kinase C2 subunit gamma) (Phosphoinositide 3-kinase-C2-gamma)
PIP4K2C       12q13.3         Q8TBX8     PI42C_HUMAN        Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase type-2 gamma (EC (Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase type II gamma) (PI(5)P 4-kinase type II gamma) (PIP4KII-gamma) [PIP5K2C]
PITPNM2       12q24.31        Q9BZ72     PITM2_HUMAN 608920 Membrane-associated phosphatidylinositol transfer protein 2 (Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein, membrane-associated 2) (PITPnm 2) (Pyk2 N-terminal domain-interacting receptor 3) (NIR-3) [KIAA1457] [NIR3]
PIWIL1        12q24.33        Q96J94     PIWL1_HUMAN 605571 Piwi-like protein 1 (EC 3.1.26.-) [HIWI]
PKP2          12p11           Q99959     PKP2_HUMAN  602861 Plakophilin-2
PLA2G1B       12q23-q24.1     P04054     PA21B_HUMAN 172410 Phospholipase A2 precursor (EC (Group IB phospholipase A2) (Phosphatidylcholine 2-acylhydrolase 1B) [PLA2] [PLA2A] [PPLA2]
PLBD1         12p13.1         Q6P4A8     PLBL1_HUMAN 618486 Phospholipase B-like 1 precursor (EC 3.1.1.-) (LAMA-like protein 1) (Lamina ancestor homolog 1) (Phospholipase B domain-containing protein 1) [Contains: Phospholipase B-like 1 chain A; Phospholipase B-like 1 chain B; Phospholipase B-like 1 chain C]
PLBD2         12q24.13        Q8NHP8     PLBL2_HUMAN        Putative phospholipase B-like 2 precursor (EC 3.1.1.-) (76 kDa protein) (p76) (LAMA-like protein 2) (Lamina ancestor homolog 2) (Phospholipase B domain-containing protein 2) [Contains: Putative phospholipase B-like 2 32 kDa form; Putative phospholipase B-like 2 45 kDa form]
PLCZ1         12p12.3         Q86YW0     PLCZ1_HUMAN 608075 1-phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate phosphodiesterase zeta-1 (EC (Phosphoinositide phospholipase C-zeta-1) (Phospholipase C-zeta-1) (PLC-zeta-1) (Testis-development protein NYD-SP27)
PLEKHA5       12p12.3         Q9HAU0     PKHA5_HUMAN 607770 Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family A member 5 (PH domain-containing family A member 5) (Phosphoinositol 3-phosphate-binding protein 2) (PEPP-2) [KIAA1686] [PEPP2]
PLEKHA8P1     12q             O95397     PKHA9_HUMAN        Putative protein PLEKHA9 (Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family A member 8 pseudogene 1) [PLEKHA9] [HAW1053]
PLEKHG6       12p13.31        Q3KR16     PKHG6_HUMAN 611743 Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family G member 6 (PH domain-containing family G member 6) (Myosin-interacting guanine nucleotide exchange factor) (MyoGEF)
PLEKHG7       12q22           Q6ZR37     PKHG7_HUMAN        Pleckstrin homology domain-containing family G member 7 (PH domain-containing family G member 7) [C12orf74]
PLXNC1        12q22           O60486     PLXC1_HUMAN 604259 Plexin-C1 precursor (Virus-encoded semaphorin protein receptor) (CD232 antigen) [VESPR]
PMCH          12q23-q24       P20382     MCH_HUMAN   176795 Pro-MCH precursor [Contains: Neuropeptide-glycine-glutamic acid (NGE) (Neuropeptide G-E); Neuropeptide-glutamic acid-isoleucine (NEI) (Neuropeptide E-I); Melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH)] [MCH]
PMEL          12q13-q14       P40967     PMEL_HUMAN  155550 Melanocyte protein PMEL precursor (ME20-M) (ME20M) (Melanocyte protein Pmel 17) (Melanocytes lineage-specific antigen GP100) (Melanoma-associated ME20 antigen) (P1) (P100) (Premelanosome protein) (Silver locus protein homolog) [Contains: M-alpha (95 kDa melanocyte-specific secreted glycoprotein) (P26) (Secreted melanoma-associated ME20 antigen) (ME20-S) (ME20S); M-beta] [D12S53E] [PMEL17] [SILV]
POC1B         12q21.33        Q8TC44     POC1B_HUMAN 614784 POC1 centriolar protein homolog B (Pix1) (Proteome of centriole protein 1B) (WD repeat-containing protein 51B) [WDR51B]
POLE          12q24.3         Q07864     DPOE1_HUMAN 174762 DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit A (EC (3'-5' exodeoxyribonuclease) (EC 3.1.11.-) (DNA polymerase II subunit A) [POLE1]
POLR3B        12q23.3         Q9NW08     RPC2_HUMAN  614366 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit RPC2 (EC (RNA polymerase III subunit C2) (C128) (DNA-directed RNA polymerase III 127.6 kDa polypeptide) (DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit B)
POP5          12q24.31        Q969H6     POP5_HUMAN  609992 Ribonuclease P/MRP protein subunit POP5 (EC (hPop5) [AD-008] [HSPC004] [x0003]
POU6F1        12              Q14863     PO6F1_HUMAN 618043 POU domain, class 6, transcription factor 1 (Brain-specific homeobox/POU domain protein 5) (Brain-5) (Brn-5) (mPOU homeobox protein) [BRN5] [MPOU] [TCFB1]
PPFIA2        12q21.31        O75334     LIPA2_HUMAN 603143 Liprin-alpha-2 (Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type f polypeptide-interacting protein alpha-2) (PTPRF-interacting protein alpha-2)
PPFIBP1       12p12.1         Q86W92     LIPB1_HUMAN 603141 Liprin-beta-1 (Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type f polypeptide-interacting protein-binding protein 1) (PTPRF-interacting protein-binding protein 1) (hSGT2) [KIAA1230]
PPHLN1        12q12           Q8NEY8     PPHLN_HUMAN 608150 Periphilin-1 (CDC7 expression repressor) (CR) (Gastric cancer antigen Ga50) [HSPC206] [HSPC232]
PPM1H         12q14.1-q14.2   Q9ULR3     PPM1H_HUMAN 616016 Protein phosphatase 1H (EC [ARHCL1] [KIAA1157] [URCC2]
PPP1CC        12q24.1-q24.2   P36873     PP1G_HUMAN  176914 Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase PP1-gamma catalytic subunit (EC (PP-1G) (Protein phosphatase 1C catalytic subunit)
PPP1R12A      12q21.2         O14974     MYPT1_HUMAN 602021 Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 12A (Myosin phosphatase-targeting subunit 1) (Myosin phosphatase target subunit 1) (Protein phosphatase myosin-binding subunit) [MBS] [MYPT1]
PPP1R1A       12q12           Q13522     PPR1A_HUMAN 613246 Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 1A (Protein phosphatase inhibitor 1) (I-1) (IPP-1) [IPP1]
PPTC7         12q24.11        Q8NI37     PPTC7_HUMAN 609668 Protein phosphatase PTC7 homolog precursor (EC (T-cell activation protein phosphatase 2C) (TA-PP2C) (T-cell activation protein phosphatase 2C-like) [TAPP2C]
PRB1          12p13.2         P04280     PRP1_HUMAN  180989 Basic salivary proline-rich protein 1 precursor (Salivary proline-rich protein) [Contains: Proline-rich peptide II-2; Basic peptide IB-6; Peptide P-H]
PRB2          12p13.2         P02812     PRB2_HUMAN  168810 Basic salivary proline-rich protein 2 precursor (Salivary proline-rich protein) (Con1 glycoprotein) [Contains: Basic proline-rich peptide IB-1; Basic proline-rich peptide P-E (IB-9); Basic proline-rich peptide IB-7; Basic proline-rich peptide IB-8c (Basic peptide P-F); Basic proline-rich peptide IB-4]
PRB3          12p13.2         Q04118     PRB3_HUMAN  168840 Basic salivary proline-rich protein 3 precursor (Parotid salivary glycoprotein G1) (Proline-rich protein G1)
PRB4          12p13.2         P10163     PRB4_HUMAN  180990 Basic salivary proline-rich protein 4 precursor (Salivary proline-rich protein Po) (Parotid o protein) (Salivary proline-rich protein II-1) [Contains: Protein N1; Glycosylated protein A; Peptide P-D (Proline-rich peptide IB-5)]
PRDM4         12q23-q24.1     Q9UKN5     PRDM4_HUMAN 605780 PR domain zinc finger protein 4 (EC 2.1.1.-) (PR domain-containing protein 4) [PFM1]
PRH1          12p13.2         P02810     PRPC_HUMAN  168790 Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 1/2 precursor (Db-s) (PRP-1/PRP-2) (Parotid acidic protein) (Pa) (Parotid double-band protein) (Parotid isoelectric focusing variant protein) (PIF-S) (Parotid proline-rich protein 1/2) (Pr1/Pr2) (Protein C) [Contains: Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 1/2; Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 3/4 (Db-F) (PIF-F) (PRP-3/PRP-4) (Protein A); Peptide P-C]
PRH2          12p13.2         P02810     PRPC_HUMAN  168730 Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 1/2 precursor (Db-s) (PRP-1/PRP-2) (Parotid acidic protein) (Pa) (Parotid double-band protein) (Parotid isoelectric focusing variant protein) (PIF-S) (Parotid proline-rich protein 1/2) (Pr1/Pr2) (Protein C) [Contains: Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 1/2; Salivary acidic proline-rich phosphoprotein 3/4 (Db-F) (PIF-F) (PRP-3/PRP-4) (Protein A); Peptide P-C]
PRICKLE1      12q12           Q96MT3     PRIC1_HUMAN 608500 Prickle-like protein 1 precursor (REST/NRSF-interacting LIM domain protein 1) [RILP]
PRIM1         12q13           P49642     PRI1_HUMAN  176635 DNA primase small subunit (EC (DNA primase 49 kDa subunit) (p49)
PRKAB1        12q24.2         Q9Y478     AAKB1_HUMAN 602740 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit beta-1 (AMPK subunit beta-1) (AMPKb) [AMPK]
PRKAG1        12q12-q14       P54619     AAKG1_HUMAN 602742 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase subunit gamma-1 (AMPK gamma1) (AMPK subunit gamma-1) (AMPKg)
PRMT8         12p13.3         Q9NR22     ANM8_HUMAN  610086 Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 8 (EC (Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein methyltransferase-like protein 4) [HRMT1L3] [HRMT1L4]
PRPF40B       12q13.12        Q6NWY9     PR40B_HUMAN        Pre-mRNA-processing factor 40 homolog B (Huntingtin yeast partner C) (Huntingtin-interacting protein C) [HYPC]
PRPH          12q12-q13       P41219     PERI_HUMAN  170710 Peripherin (Neurofilament 4) [NEF4] [PRPH1]
PRR13         12q13.13        Q9NZ81     PRR13_HUMAN 610459 Proline-rich protein 13 (Taxane-resistance protein) [TXR1] [BM-041]
PRR4          12p13           Q16378     PROL4_HUMAN 605359 Proline-rich protein 4 precursor (Lacrimal proline-rich protein) (Nasopharyngeal carcinoma-associated proline-rich protein 4) [LPRP] [PROL4]
PSMD9         12q24.31-q24.32 O00233     PSMD9_HUMAN 603146 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 9 (26S proteasome regulatory subunit p27)
PTGES3        12q13.3         Q15185     TEBP_HUMAN  607061 Prostaglandin E synthase 3 (EC (Cytosolic prostaglandin E2 synthase) (cPGES) (Hsp90 co-chaperone) (Progesterone receptor complex p23) (Telomerase-binding protein p23) [P23] [TEBP]
PTHLH         12p11.2-p12.1   P12272     PTHR_HUMAN  168470 Parathyroid hormone-related protein precursor (PTH-rP) (PTHrP) (Parathyroid hormone-like protein) (PLP) [Contains: PTHrP[1-36]; PTHrP[38-94]; Osteostatin (PTHrP[107-139])] [PTHRP]
PTMS          12p13           P20962     PTMS_HUMAN  168440 Parathymosin
PTPN11        12q24.1         Q06124     PTN11_HUMAN 176876 Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 11 (EC (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1D) (PTP-1D) (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 2C) (PTP-2C) (SH-PTP2) (SHP-2) (Shp2) (SH-PTP3) [PTP2C] [SHPTP2]
PTPN6         12p13           P29350     PTN6_HUMAN  176883 Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 6 (EC (Hematopoietic cell protein-tyrosine phosphatase) (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1C) (PTP-1C) (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1) (SH-PTP1) [HCP] [PTP1C]
PTPRB         12q15-q21       P23467     PTPRB_HUMAN 176882 Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase beta precursor (EC (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase beta) (R-PTP-beta) (Vascular endothelial protein tyrosine phosphatase) (VE-PTP) [PTPB]
PTPRO         12p13.2-p13.3   Q16827     PTPRO_HUMAN 600579 Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase O precursor (EC (R-PTP-O) (Glomerular epithelial protein 1) (Protein tyrosine phosphatase U2) (PTP-U2) (PTPase U2) [GLEPP1] [PTPU2]
PTPRQ         12q21.2         Q9UMZ3     PTPRQ_HUMAN 603317 Phosphatidylinositol phosphatase PTPRQ precursor (EC 3.1.3.-) (Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase Q) (EC (PTP-RQ) (R-PTP-Q)
PTPRR         12q14.3         Q15256     PTPRR_HUMAN 602853 Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase R precursor (EC (R-PTP-R) (Ch-1PTPase) (NC-PTPCOM1) (Protein-tyrosine phosphatase PCPTP1) [ECPTP] [PTPRQ]
PUS1          12q24.33        Q9Y606     TRUA_HUMAN  608109 tRNA pseudouridine synthase A precursor (EC (tRNA pseudouridine(38-40) synthase) (tRNA pseudouridylate synthase I) (tRNA-uridine isomerase I) [PP8985]
PUS7L         12q12           Q9H0K6     PUS7L_HUMAN        Pseudouridylate synthase 7 homolog-like protein (EC 5.4.99.-)
PWP1          12q23.3         Q13610     PWP1_HUMAN         Periodic tryptophan protein 1 homolog (Keratinocyte protein IEF SSP 9502)
PXMP2         12q24.33        Q9NR77     PXMP2_HUMAN 617399 Peroxisomal membrane protein 2 (22 kDa peroxisomal membrane protein) [PMP22]
PXN           12q24.31        P49023     PAXI_HUMAN  602505 Paxillin
PYM1          12q13.2         Q9BRP8     PYM1_HUMAN         Partner of Y14 and mago (PYM homolog 1 exon junction complex-associated factor) (Protein wibg homolog) [PYM] [WIBG]
PYROXD1       12p12.1         Q8WU10     PYRD1_HUMAN 617220 Pyridine nucleotide-disulfide oxidoreductase domain-containing protein 1 (EC 1.8.1.-)
PZP           12p12.2-p13     P20742     PZP_HUMAN   176420 Pregnancy zone protein precursor (C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 6) [CPAMD6]
R3HDM2        12q13.3         Q9Y2K5     R3HD2_HUMAN        R3H domain-containing protein 2 [KIAA1002]
RAB21         12q13.3         Q9UL25     RAB21_HUMAN 612398 Ras-related protein Rab-21 precursor [KIAA0118]
RAB35         12q24.31        Q15286     RAB35_HUMAN 604199 Ras-related protein Rab-35 (GTP-binding protein RAY) (Ras-related protein Rab-1C) [RAB1C] [RAY]
RAB3IP        12q14.3         Q96QF0     RAB3I_HUMAN 608686 Rab-3A-interacting protein (Rab3A-interacting protein) (Rabin-3) (SSX2-interacting protein) [RABIN8]
RAB5B         12q13           P61020     RAB5B_HUMAN 179514 Ras-related protein Rab-5B (EC
RACGAP1       12q13.12        Q9H0H5     RGAP1_HUMAN 604980 Rac GTPase-activating protein 1 (Male germ cell RacGap) (MgcRacGAP) (Protein CYK4 homolog) (CYK4) (HsCYK-4) [KIAA1478] [MGCRACGAP]
RAD51AP1      12p13.1-p13.2   Q96B01     R51A1_HUMAN 603070 RAD51-associated protein 1 (HsRAD51AP1) (RAD51-interacting protein) [PIR51]
RAD52         12p12.2-p13     P43351     RAD52_HUMAN 600392 DNA repair protein RAD52 homolog
RAD9B         12q24.11        Q6WBX8     RAD9B_HUMAN 608368 Cell cycle checkpoint control protein RAD9B (DNA repair exonuclease rad9 homolog B) (hRAD9B)
RAN           12q24.3         P62826     RAN_HUMAN   601179 GTP-binding nuclear protein Ran (Androgen receptor-associated protein 24) (GTPase Ran) (Ras-like protein TC4) (Ras-related nuclear protein) [ARA24] [OK/SW-cl.81]
RAP1B         12q14           P61224     RAP1B_HUMAN 179530 Ras-related protein Rap-1b precursor (EC (GTP-binding protein smg p21B) [OK/SW-cl.11]
RAPGEF3       12q13           O95398     RPGF3_HUMAN 606057 Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factor 3 (Exchange factor directly activated by cAMP 1) (Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1) (EPAC 1) (Rap1 guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor directly activated by cAMP) (cAMP-regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factor I) (cAMP-GEFI) [CGEF1] [EPAC] [EPAC1]
RARG          12q13           P13631     RARG_HUMAN  180190 Retinoic acid receptor gamma (RAR-gamma) (Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group B member 3) [NR1B3]
RASAL1        12q23-q24       O95294     RASL1_HUMAN 604118 RasGAP-activating-like protein 1 (RAS protein activator like 1) (Ras GTPase-activating-like protein) [RASAL]
RASSF3        12q14.2         Q86WH2     RASF3_HUMAN 607019 Ras association domain-containing protein 3
RASSF8        12p12.3         Q8NHQ8     RASF8_HUMAN 608231 Ras association domain-containing protein 8 (Carcinoma-associated protein HOJ-1) [C12orf2]
RASSF9        12q21.31        O75901     RASF9_HUMAN 610383 Ras association domain-containing protein 9 (PAM COOH-terminal interactor protein 1) (P-CIP1) (Peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase COOH-terminal interactor) [PAMCI] [PCIP1]
RBM19         12q24.13        Q9Y4C8     RBM19_HUMAN 616444 Probable RNA-binding protein 19 (RNA-binding motif protein 19) [KIAA0682]
RBMS2         12q13.3         Q15434     RBMS2_HUMAN 602387 RNA-binding motif, single-stranded-interacting protein 2 (Suppressor of CDC2 with RNA-binding motif 3) [SCR3]
RBP5          12p13.2         P82980     RET5_HUMAN  611866 Retinol-binding protein 5 (Cellular retinol-binding protein III) (CRBP-III) (HRBPiso)
RDH16         12q13.3         O75452     RDH16_HUMAN        Retinol dehydrogenase 16 (EC (EC (EC (EC (Human epidermal retinol dehydrogenase) (hRDH-E) (Microsomal NAD(+)-dependent retinol dehydrogenase 4) (RoDH-4) (Short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 9C member 8) (Sterol/retinol dehydrogenase) [RODH4] [SDR9C8]
RDH5          12q13-q14       Q92781     RDH5_HUMAN  601617 Retinol dehydrogenase 5 (EC (EC (EC (11-cis retinol dehydrogenase) (11-cis RDH) (11-cis RoDH) (9-cis retinol dehydrogenase) (9cRDH) (Short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 9C member 5) [HSD17B9] [RDH1] [SDR9C5]
RECQL         12p12           P46063     RECQ1_HUMAN 600537 ATP-dependent DNA helicase Q1 (EC (DNA helicase, RecQ-like type 1) (RecQ1) (DNA-dependent ATPase Q1) (RecQ protein-like 1) [RECQ1] [RECQL1]
REP15         12p11.22        Q6BDI9     REP15_HUMAN 610848 Rab15 effector protein
RERG          12p12.3         Q96A58     RERG_HUMAN  612664 Ras-related and estrogen-regulated growth inhibitor (EC
RERGL         12p12.3         Q9H628     RERGL_HUMAN        Ras-related and estrogen-regulated growth inhibitor-like protein (EC (RERG/Ras-like protein)
RESF1         12p11.21        Q9HCM1     RESF1_HUMAN        Retroelement silencing factor 1 [C12orf35] [KIAA1551]
RFC5          12q24.2-q24.3   P40937     RFC5_HUMAN  600407 Replication factor C subunit 5 (Activator 1 36 kDa subunit) (A1 36 kDa subunit) (Activator 1 subunit 5) (Replication factor C 36 kDa subunit) (RF-C 36 kDa subunit) (RFC36)
RFLNA         12q24.31        Q6ZTI6     RFLA_HUMAN  615927 Refilin-A (Regulator of filamin protein A) (RefilinA) [FAM101A]
RFX4          12q24           Q33E94     RFX4_HUMAN  603958 Transcription factor RFX4 (Regulatory factor X 4) (Testis development protein NYD-SP10)
RHEBL1        12q13.12        Q8TAI7     REBL1_HUMAN 618956 GTPase RhebL1 precursor (Ras homolog enriched in brain like-1 c) (RhebL1c) (Ras homolog enriched in brain-like protein 1) (Rheb-like protein 1) (Rheb2)
RHNO1         12p13.33        Q9BSD3     RHNO1_HUMAN 614085 RAD9, HUS1, RAD1-interacting nuclear orphan protein 1 (RAD9, RAD1, HUS1-interacting nuclear orphan protein) [C12orf32] [RHINO] [HKMT1188]
RHOF          12q24.31        Q9HBH0     RHOF_HUMAN  618867 Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoF precursor (Rho family GTPase Rif) (Rho in filopodia) [ARHF] [RIF]
RIC8B         12q23.3         Q9NVN3     RIC8B_HUMAN 609147 Synembryn-B (Brain synembryn) (hSyn) (Protein Ric-8B)
RILPL1        12q24.31        Q5EBL4     RIPL1_HUMAN 614092 RILP-like protein 1 (Rab-interacting lysosomal-like protein 1) [RLP1]
RILPL2        12q24.31        Q969X0     RIPL2_HUMAN 614093 RILP-like protein 2 (Rab-interacting lysosomal protein-like 2) (p40phox-binding protein) [RLP2]
RIMBP2        12q24.33        O15034     RIMB2_HUMAN 611602 RIMS-binding protein 2 (RIM-BP2) [KIAA0318] [RBP2]
RIMKLB        12p13.31        Q9ULI2     RIMKB_HUMAN 614054 Beta-citrylglutamate synthase B (EC (N-acetyl-aspartylglutamate synthetase B) (EC (NAAG synthetase B) (NAAGS) (Ribosomal protein S6 modification-like protein B) [FAM80B] [KIAA1238]
RITA1         12q24.13        Q96K30     RITA1_HUMAN        RBPJ-interacting and tubulin-associated protein 1 (RBPJ-interacting and tubulin-associated protein) [C12orf52] [RITA] [PSEC0043]
RND1          12q12-q13       Q92730     RND1_HUMAN  609038 Rho-related GTP-binding protein Rho6 precursor (Rho family GTPase 1) (Rnd1) [RHO6]
RNF10         12q24.31        Q8N5U6     RNF10_HUMAN 615998 RING finger protein 10 [KIAA0262] [RIE2]
RNF34         12q24.31        Q969K3     RNF34_HUMAN 608299 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF34 (EC (Caspase regulator CARP1) (Caspases-8 and -10-associated RING finger protein 1) (CARP-1) (FYVE-RING finger protein Momo) (Human RING finger homologous to inhibitor of apoptosis protein) (hRFI) (RING finger protein 34) (RING finger protein RIFF) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase RNF34)
RNF41         12q13.2-q13.3   Q9H4P4     RNF41_HUMAN        E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase NRDP1 (EC (RING finger protein 41) (RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase NRDP1) [FLRF] [NRDP1] [SBBI03]
RNFT2         12q24.22        Q96EX2     RNFT2_HUMAN        RING finger and transmembrane domain-containing protein 2 (Transmembrane protein 118) [TMEM118]
RPAP3         12q13.11        Q9H6T3     RPAP3_HUMAN 611477 RNA polymerase II-associated protein 3
RPH3A         12q24.21        Q9Y2J0     RP3A_HUMAN  612159 Rabphilin-3A (Exophilin-1) [KIAA0985]
RPL41         12q13.2         P62945     RL41_HUMAN  613315 60S ribosomal protein L41 (HG12) (Large ribosomal subunit protein eL41)
RPL6          12q24.1         Q02878     RL6_HUMAN   603703 60S ribosomal protein L6 (Large ribosomal subunit protein eL6) (Neoplasm-related protein C140) (Tax-responsive enhancer element-binding protein 107) (TaxREB107) [TXREB1]
RPLP0         12q24.2         P05388     RLA0_HUMAN  180510 60S acidic ribosomal protein P0 (60S ribosomal protein L10E) (Large ribosomal subunit protein uL10)
RPS26         12q13           P62854     RS26_HUMAN  603701 40S ribosomal protein S26 (Small ribosomal subunit protein eS26)
RSRC2         12q24.31        Q7L4I2     RSRC2_HUMAN        Arginine/serine-rich coiled-coil protein 2
RXYLT1        12q14.2         Q9Y2B1     RXLT1_HUMAN 605862 Ribitol-5-phosphate xylosyltransferase 1 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Transmembrane protein 5) (UDP-D-xylose:ribitol-5-phosphate beta1,4-xylosyltransferase) [TMEM5]
SARNP         12q12           P82979     SARNP_HUMAN 610049 SAP domain-containing ribonucleoprotein (Cytokine-induced protein of 29 kDa) (Nuclear protein Hcc-1) (Proliferation-associated cytokine-inducible protein CIP29) [HCC1] [HSPC316]
SART3         12q24.1         Q15020     SART3_HUMAN 611684 Squamous cell carcinoma antigen recognized by T-cells 3 (SART-3) (Tat-interacting protein of 110 kDa) (Tip110) (p110 nuclear RNA-binding protein) [KIAA0156] [TIP110]
SBNO1         12q24.31        A3KN83     SBNO1_HUMAN        Protein strawberry notch homolog 1 (Monocyte protein 3) (MOP-3) [MOP3]
SCAF11        12q13.11        Q99590     SCAFB_HUMAN 603668 Protein SCAF11 (CTD-associated SR protein 11) (Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-40) (SC35-interacting protein 1) (SR-related and CTD-associated factor 11) (SRSF2-interacting protein) (Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 2-interacting protein) (Splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 2-interacting protein) (Splicing regulatory protein 129) (SRrp129) [CASP11] [SFRS2IP] [SIP1] [SRSF2IP]
SCARB1        12q24.31        Q8WTV0     SCRB1_HUMAN 601040 Scavenger receptor class B member 1 (SRB1) (CD36 and LIMPII analogous 1) (CLA-1) (CD36 antigen-like 1) (Collagen type I receptor, thrombospondin receptor-like 1) (SR-BI) [CD36L1] [CLA1]
SCN8A         12q13.1         Q9UQD0     SCN8A_HUMAN 600702 Sodium channel protein type 8 subunit alpha (Sodium channel protein type VIII subunit alpha) (Voltage-gated sodium channel subunit alpha Nav1.6) [MED]
SCNN1A        12p13           P37088     SCNNA_HUMAN 600228 Amiloride-sensitive sodium channel subunit alpha (Alpha-NaCH) (Epithelial Na(+) channel subunit alpha) (Alpha-ENaC) (ENaCA) (Nonvoltage-gated sodium channel 1 subunit alpha) (SCNEA) [SCNN1]
SCYL2         12q23.1         Q6P3W7     SCYL2_HUMAN 616365 SCY1-like protein 2 (Coated vesicle-associated kinase of 104 kDa) [CVAK104] [KIAA1360]
SDR9C7        12q13.3         Q8NEX9     DR9C7_HUMAN 609769 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 9C member 7 (EC 1.1.1.-) (Orphan short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase) (SDR-O) (RDH-S) [RDHS] [SDRO]
SDS           12q24.12        P20132     SDHL_HUMAN  182128 L-serine dehydratase/L-threonine deaminase (EC (SDH) (L-serine deaminase) (L-threonine dehydratase) (EC (TDH) [SDH]
SDSL          12q24.21        Q96GA7     SDSL_HUMAN         Serine dehydratase-like (L-serine deaminase) (L-serine dehydratase/L-threonine deaminase) (L-threonine dehydratase) (EC (TDH) (Serine dehydratase 2) (EC (SDH 2)
SELPLG        12q24           Q14242     SELPL_HUMAN 600738 P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 precursor (PSGL-1) (Selectin P ligand) (CD162 antigen)
SENP1         12q13.1         Q9P0U3     SENP1_HUMAN 612157 Sentrin-specific protease 1 (EC 3.4.22.-) (Sentrin/SUMO-specific protease SENP1)
SETD1B        12q24.31        Q9UPS6     SET1B_HUMAN 611055 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SETD1B (EC (Lysine N-methyltransferase 2G) (SET domain-containing protein 1B) (hSET1B) [KIAA1076] [KMT2G] [SET1B]
SFSWAP        12q24.33        Q12872     SFSWA_HUMAN 601945 Splicing factor, suppressor of white-apricot homolog (Splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 8) (Suppressor of white apricot protein homolog) [SFRS8] [SWAP]
SH2B3         12q24           Q9UQQ2     SH2B3_HUMAN 605093 SH2B adapter protein 3 (Lymphocyte adapter protein) (Lymphocyte-specific adapter protein Lnk) (Signal transduction protein Lnk) [LNK]
SHMT2         12q12-q14       P34897     GLYM_HUMAN  138450 Serine hydroxymethyltransferase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (SHMT) (Glycine hydroxymethyltransferase) (Serine methylase)
SINHCAF       12p11.21        Q9NP50     SHCAF_HUMAN 615027 SIN3-HDAC complex-associated factor (Protein FAM60A) (Tera protein homolog) [C12orf14] [FAM60A] [L4]
SIRT4         12q             Q9Y6E7     SIR4_HUMAN  604482 NAD-dependent protein lipoamidase sirtuin-4, mitochondrial precursor (EC 2.3.1.-) (NAD-dependent ADP-ribosyltransferase sirtuin-4) (EC 2.4.2.-) (NAD-dependent protein deacetylase sirtuin-4) (EC (Regulatory protein SIR2 homolog 4) (SIR2-like protein 4) [SIR2L4]
SLC11A2       12q13           P49281     NRAM2_HUMAN 600523 Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 2 (NRAMP 2) (Divalent cation transporter 1) (Divalent metal transporter 1) (DMT-1) (Solute carrier family 11 member 2) [DCT1] [DMT1] [NRAMP2] [OK/SW-cl.20]
SLC15A4       12q24.32        Q8N697     S15A4_HUMAN 615806 Solute carrier family 15 member 4 (Peptide transporter 4) (Peptide/histidine transporter 1) (hPHT1) [PHT1] [PTR4] [FP12591]
SLC15A5       12p12.3         A6NIM6     S15A5_HUMAN        Solute carrier family 15 member 5
SLC16A7       12q13           O60669     MOT2_HUMAN  603654 Monocarboxylate transporter 2 (MCT 2) (Solute carrier family 16 member 7) [MCT2]
SLC17A8       12q23.1         Q8NDX2     VGLU3_HUMAN 607557 Vesicular glutamate transporter 3 (VGluT3) (Solute carrier family 17 member 8) [VGLUT3]
SLC25A3       12q23           Q00325     MPCP_HUMAN  600370 Phosphate carrier protein, mitochondrial precursor (Phosphate transport protein) (PTP) (Solute carrier family 25 member 3) [PHC] [OK/SW-cl.48]
SLC26A10      12q13           Q8NG04     S2610_HUMAN        Solute carrier family 26 member 10
SLC2A13       12p11.23        Q96QE2     MYCT_HUMAN  611036 Proton myo-inositol cotransporter (H(+)-myo-inositol cotransporter) (Hmit) (H(+)-myo-inositol symporter) (Solute carrier family 2 member 13)
SLC2A14       12p13.31        Q8TDB8     GTR14_HUMAN 611039 Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 14 (Glucose transporter type 14) (GLUT-14) [GLUT14]
SLC2A3        12p13.3         P11169     GTR3_HUMAN  138170 Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 3 (Glucose transporter type 3, brain) (GLUT-3) [GLUT3]
SLC35E3       12q15           Q7Z769     S35E3_HUMAN        Solute carrier family 35 member E3 (Bladder cancer-overexpressed gene 1 protein) [BLOV1] [UNQ3043/PRO9859]
SLC38A1       12q12-q13.11    Q9H2H9     S38A1_HUMAN 608490 Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 1 (Amino acid transporter A1) (N-system amino acid transporter 2) (Solute carrier family 38 member 1) (System A amino acid transporter 1) (System N amino acid transporter 1) [ATA1] [NAT2] [SAT1] [SNAT1]
SLC38A2       12q             Q96QD8     S38A2_HUMAN 605180 Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 2 (Amino acid transporter A2) (Protein 40-9-1) (Solute carrier family 38 member 2) (System A amino acid transporter 2) (System A transporter 1) (System N amino acid transporter 2) [ATA2] [KIAA1382] [SAT2] [SNAT2]
SLC38A4       12q13.11        Q969I6     S38A4_HUMAN 608065 Sodium-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 4 (Amino acid transporter A3) (Na(+)-coupled neutral amino acid transporter 4) (Solute carrier family 38 member 4) (System A amino acid transporter 3) (System N amino acid transporter 3) [ATA3] [NAT3] [SNAT4]
SLC39A5       12q13.3         Q6ZMH5     S39A5_HUMAN 608730 Zinc transporter ZIP5 precursor (Solute carrier family 39 member 5) (Zrt- and Irt-like protein 5) (ZIP-5) [ZIP5]
SLC41A2       12q24.11        Q96JW4     S41A2_HUMAN 610802 Solute carrier family 41 member 2
SLC48A1       12q13.11        Q6P1K1     HRG1_HUMAN  612187 Heme transporter HRG1 (Heme-responsive gene 1 protein homolog) (HRG-1) (hHRG-1) (Solute carrier family 48 member 1) [HRG1]
SLC4A8        12q13           Q2Y0W8     S4A8_HUMAN  605024 Electroneutral sodium bicarbonate exchanger 1 (Electroneutral Na(+)-driven Cl-HCO3 exchanger) (Solute carrier family 4 member 8) (k-NBC3) [KIAA0739] [NBC] [NBC3] [NDCBE1]
SLC5A8        12q23.1         Q8N695     SC5A8_HUMAN 608044 Sodium-coupled monocarboxylate transporter 1 (Apical iodide transporter) (Electrogenic sodium monocarboxylate cotransporter) (Sodium iodide-related cotransporter) (Solute carrier family 5 member 8) [AIT] [SMCT] [SMCT1]
SLC6A12       12p13           P48065     S6A12_HUMAN 603080 Sodium- and chloride-dependent betaine transporter (BGT-1) (Na(+)/Cl(-) betaine/GABA transporter) (Solute carrier family 6 member 12)
SLC6A13       12p13.3         Q9NSD5     S6A13_HUMAN 615097 Sodium- and chloride-dependent GABA transporter 2 (GAT-2) (Solute carrier family 6 member 13) [GAT2]
SLC6A15       12q21.3         Q9H2J7     S6A15_HUMAN 607971 Sodium-dependent neutral amino acid transporter B(0)AT2 (Sodium- and chloride-dependent neurotransmitter transporter NTT73) (Sodium-coupled branched-chain amino-acid transporter 1) (Solute carrier family 6 member 15) (Transporter v7-3) [B0AT2] [NTT73] [SBAT1]
SLC8B1        12q24.13        Q6J4K2     NCLX_HUMAN  609841 Mitochondrial sodium/calcium exchanger protein precursor (Na(+)/K(+)/Ca(2+)-exchange protein 6) (Sodium/calcium exchanger protein, mitochondrial) (Sodium/potassium/calcium exchanger 6) (Solute carrier family 24 member 6) (Solute carrier family 8 member B1) [NCKX6] [NCLX] [SLC24A6]
SLCO1A2       12p12           P46721     SO1A2_HUMAN 602883 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1A2 (OATP-A) (Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 1) (OATP-1) (Sodium-independent organic anion transporter) (Solute carrier family 21 member 3) [OATP] [OATP1] [OATP1A2] [SLC21A3]
SLCO1B1       12p12.1         Q9Y6L6     SO1B1_HUMAN 604843 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B1 (Liver-specific organic anion transporter 1) (LST-1) (OATP-C) (Sodium-independent organic anion-transporting polypeptide 2) (OATP-2) (Solute carrier family 21 member 6) [LST1] [OATP1B1] [OATP2] [OATPC] [SLC21A6]
SLCO1B3       12p12.2         Q9NPD5     SO1B3_HUMAN 605495 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B3 (Liver-specific organic anion transporter 2) (LST-2) (Organic anion transporter 8) (Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 8) (OATP-8) (Solute carrier family 21 member 8) [LST2] [OATP1B3] [OATP8] [SLC21A8]
SLCO1B7       12p12.2         G3V0H7     SO1B7_HUMAN        Putative solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B7 (Liver-specific organic anion transporter 3) (LST-3) [LST3] [LST3TM12]
SLCO1C1       12p12.3         Q9NYB5     SO1C1_HUMAN 613389 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1C1 (Organic anion transporter F) (OATP-F) (Organic anion transporter polypeptide-related protein 5) (OAT-RP-5) (OATPRP5) (Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 14) (OATP-14) (Solute carrier family 21 member 14) (Thyroxine transporter) [OATP14] [OATP1C1] [OATPF] [SLC21A14]
SMAGP         12q13.13        Q0VAQ4     SMAGP_HUMAN        Small cell adhesion glycoprotein (Small transmembrane and glycosylated protein)
SMARCC2       12q13.2         Q8TAQ2     SMRC2_HUMAN 601734 SWI/SNF complex subunit SMARCC2 (BRG1-associated factor 170) (BAF170) (SWI/SNF complex 170 kDa subunit) (SWI/SNF-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily C member 2) [BAF170]
SMARCD1       12q13-q14       Q96GM5     SMRD1_HUMAN 601735 SWI/SNF-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily D member 1 (60 kDa BRG-1/Brm-associated factor subunit A) (BRG1-associated factor 60A) (BAF60A) (SWI/SNF complex 60 kDa subunit) [BAF60A]
SMCO2         12p11.23        A6NFE2     SMCO2_HUMAN        Single-pass membrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 2 [C12orf70]
SMCO3         12p12.3         A2RU48     SMCO3_HUMAN        Single-pass membrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 3 [C12orf69]
SMIM10L1      12p13.2         P0DMW3     SIML1_HUMAN        Small integral membrane protein 10-like protein 1
SMIM41        12q13.13        A0A2R8YCJ5 SIM41_HUMAN        Small integral membrane protein 41
SMUG1         12q13.3-q13.11  Q53HV7     SMUG1_HUMAN 607753 Single-strand selective monofunctional uracil DNA glycosylase (EC 3.2.2.-)
SNRNP35       12q24.31        Q16560     U1SBP_HUMAN        U11/U12 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 35 kDa protein (U11/U12 snRNP 35 kDa protein) (U11/U12-35K) (Protein HM-1) (U1 snRNP-binding protein homolog) [HM1] [U1SNRNPBP]
SNRPF         12q21.33        P62306     RUXF_HUMAN  603541 Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein F (snRNP-F) (Sm protein F) (Sm-F) (SmF) [PBSCF]
SOAT2         12q12           O75908     SOAT2_HUMAN 601311 Sterol O-acyltransferase 2 (EC (Acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase 2) (ACAT-2) (Cholesterol acyltransferase 2) [ACACT2] [ACAT2]
SOCS2         12q             O14508     SOCS2_HUMAN 605117 Suppressor of cytokine signaling 2 (SOCS-2) (Cytokine-inducible SH2 protein 2) (CIS-2) (STAT-induced STAT inhibitor 2) (SSI-2) [CIS2] [SSI2] [STATI2]
SOX5          12p12.1         P35711     SOX5_HUMAN  604975 Transcription factor SOX-5
SP1           12q13.1         P08047     SP1_HUMAN   189906 Transcription factor Sp1 [TSFP1]
SP7           12q13.13        Q8TDD2     SP7_HUMAN   606633 Transcription factor Sp7 (Zinc finger protein osterix) [OSX]
SPATS2        12q13.12        Q86XZ4     SPAS2_HUMAN 611667 Spermatogenesis-associated serine-rich protein 2 (Serine-rich spermatocytes and round spermatid 59 kDa protein) (p59scr) [SCR59] [SPATA10] [Nbla00526]
SPIC          12q23           Q8N5J4     SPIC_HUMAN  612568 Transcription factor Spi-C
SPPL3         12q24.31        Q8TCT6     SPPL3_HUMAN 608240 Signal peptide peptidase-like 3 (EC 3.4.23.-) (SPP-like 3) (Intramembrane protease 2) (IMP-2) (Presenilin homologous protein 1) (PSH1) (Presenilin-like protein 4) [IMP2] [PSL4]
SPRING1       12q24.22        Q9H741     SPRNG_HUMAN        SREBP regulating gene protein (SREBF pathway regulator in Golgi 1) [C12orf49] [SPRING]
SPRYD3        12q13.13        Q8NCJ5     SPRY3_HUMAN        SPRY domain-containing protein 3
SPRYD4        12q13.2         Q8WW59     SPRY4_HUMAN        SPRY domain-containing protein 4
SPSB2         12p13.31        Q99619     SPSB2_HUMAN 611658 SPRY domain-containing SOCS box protein 2 (SSB-2) (Gene-rich cluster protein C9) [GRCC9] [SSB2]
SPX           12p12.1         Q9BT56     SPXN_HUMAN  619246 Spexin precursor (NPQ) (Neuropeptide Q) (Spexin hormone) [Contains: Spexin-1; Spexin-2 (NPQ 53-70)] [C12orf39]
SRGAP1        12q13.13        Q7Z6B7     SRGP1_HUMAN 606523 SLIT-ROBO Rho GTPase-activating protein 1 (srGAP1) (Rho GTPase-activating protein 13) [ARHGAP13] [KIAA1304]
SRRM4         12q24.23        A7MD48     SRRM4_HUMAN 613103 Serine/arginine repetitive matrix protein 4 (Medulloblastoma antigen MU-MB-2.76) (Neural-specific serine/arginine repetitive splicing factor of 100 kDa) (Neural-specific SR-related protein of 100 kDa) (nSR100) [KIAA1853]
SRSF9         12q24.2         Q13242     SRSF9_HUMAN 601943 Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 9 (Pre-mRNA-splicing factor SRp30C) (Splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 9) [SFRS9] [SRP30C]
SSH1          12q24.11        Q8WYL5     SSH1_HUMAN  606778 Protein phosphatase Slingshot homolog 1 (EC (EC (SSH-like protein 1) (SSH-1L) (hSSH-1L) [KIAA1298] [SSH1L]
SSPN          12p11.2         Q14714     SSPN_HUMAN  601599 Sarcospan (K-ras oncogene-associated protein) (Kirsten-ras-associated protein) [KRAG]
ST8SIA1       12p11.2-p12.1   Q92185     SIA8A_HUMAN 601123 Alpha-N-acetylneuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase (EC (Alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 8A) (Ganglioside GD3 synthase) (Ganglioside GT3 synthase) (Sialyltransferase 8A) (SIAT8-A) (Sialyltransferase St8Sia I) (ST8SiaI) [SIAT8] [SIAT8A]
STAB2         12q23.3         Q8WWQ8     STAB2_HUMAN 608561 Stabilin-2 precursor (FAS1 EGF-like and X-link domain-containing adhesion molecule 2) (Fasciclin, EGF-like, laminin-type EGF-like and link domain-containing scavenger receptor 2) (FEEL-2) (Hyaluronan receptor for endocytosis) [Contains: 190 kDa form stabilin-2 (190 kDa hyaluronan receptor for endocytosis)] [FEEL2] [FELL] [FEX2] [HARE]
STAC3         12q13.3         Q96MF2     STAC3_HUMAN 615521 SH3 and cysteine-rich domain-containing protein 3
STAT2         12q12           P52630     STAT2_HUMAN 600556 Signal transducer and activator of transcription 2 (p113)
STAT6         12q13           P42226     STAT6_HUMAN 601512 Signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 (IL-4 Stat)
STK38L        12p12.3         Q9Y2H1     ST38L_HUMAN 615836 Serine/threonine-protein kinase 38-like (EC (NDR2 protein kinase) (Nuclear Dbf2-related kinase 2) [KIAA0965] [NDR2]
STRAP         12q11-q12       Q9Y3F4     STRAP_HUMAN 605986 Serine-threonine kinase receptor-associated protein (MAP activator with WD repeats) (UNR-interacting protein) (WD-40 repeat protein PT-WD) [MAWD] [UNRIP]
STX2          12q24.33        P32856     STX2_HUMAN  132350 Syntaxin-2 (Epimorphin) [EPIM] [STX2A] [STX2B] [STX2C]
STYK1         12p13.2         Q6J9G0     STYK1_HUMAN 611433 Tyrosine-protein kinase STYK1 (EC (Novel oncogene with kinase domain) (Protein PK-unique) (Serine/threonine/tyrosine kinase 1) [NOK]
SUDS3         12q24.2         Q9H7L9     SDS3_HUMAN  608250 Sin3 histone deacetylase corepressor complex component SDS3 (45 kDa Sin3-associated polypeptide) (Suppressor of defective silencing 3 protein homolog) [SAP45] [SDS3]
SUOX          12q12           P51687     SUOX_HUMAN  606887 Sulfite oxidase, mitochondrial precursor (EC
SVOP          12q24.11        Q8N4V2     SVOP_HUMAN  611699 Synaptic vesicle 2-related protein (SV2-related protein)
SYCP3         12q23           Q8IZU3     SYCP3_HUMAN 604759 Synaptonemal complex protein 3 (SCP-3) [SCP3]
SYT1          12cen-q21       P21579     SYT1_HUMAN  185605 Synaptotagmin-1 (Synaptotagmin I) (SytI) (p65) [SVP65] [SYT]
SYT10         12p11           Q6XYQ8     SYT10_HUMAN        Synaptotagmin-10 (Synaptotagmin X) (SytX)
TAC3          12q15           Q9UHF0     TKNK_HUMAN  162330 Tachykinin-3 precursor (ZNEUROK1) [Contains: Neurokinin-B (NKB) (Neuromedin-K)] [NKNB] [UNQ585/PRO1155]
TAFA2         12q14.1         Q8N3H0     TAFA2_HUMAN 617496 Chemokine-like protein TAFA-2 precursor [FAM19A2]
TAMALIN       12q13.13        Q7Z6J2     GRASP_HUMAN 612027 Protein TAMALIN (General receptor for phosphoinositides 1-associated scaffold protein) (GRP1-associated scaffold protein) [GRASP]
TAOK3         12q             Q9H2K8     TAOK3_HUMAN 616711 Serine/threonine-protein kinase TAO3 (EC (Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma-associated antigen HD-CL-09) (CTCL-associated antigen HD-CL-09) (Dendritic cell-derived protein kinase) (JNK/SAPK-inhibitory kinase) (Jun kinase-inhibitory kinase) (Kinase from chicken homolog A) (hKFC-A) (Thousand and one amino acid protein 3) [DPK] [JIK] [KDS] [MAP3K18]
TAPBPL        12p13.31        Q9BX59     TPSNR_HUMAN 607081 Tapasin-related protein precursor (TAPASIN-R) (TAP-binding protein-like) (TAP-binding protein-related protein) (TAPBP-R) (Tapasin-like)
TARBP2        12p12.1-q13.1   Q15633     TRBP2_HUMAN 605053 RISC-loading complex subunit TARBP2 (TAR RNA-binding protein 2) (Trans-activation-responsive RNA-binding protein) [TRBP]
TAS2R10       12p13           Q9NYW0     T2R10_HUMAN 604791 Taste receptor type 2 member 10 (T2R10) (Taste receptor family B member 2) (TRB2)
TAS2R13       12p13           Q9NYV9     T2R13_HUMAN 604792 Taste receptor type 2 member 13 (T2R13) (Taste receptor family B member 3) (TRB3)
TAS2R14       12p13           Q9NYV8     T2R14_HUMAN 604790 Taste receptor type 2 member 14 (T2R14) (Taste receptor family B member 1) (TRB1)
TAS2R19       12p13.2         P59542     T2R19_HUMAN 613961 Taste receptor type 2 member 19 (Taste receptor type 2 member 23) (Taste receptor type 2 member 48) (T2R48) [TAS2R23] [TAS2R48]
TAS2R20       12p13.2         P59543     T2R20_HUMAN 613962 Taste receptor type 2 member 20 (Taste receptor type 2 member 49) (T2R49) (Taste receptor type 2 member 56) (T2R56) [TAS2R49]
TAS2R30       12p13.2         P59541     T2R30_HUMAN 613963 Taste receptor type 2 member 30 (T2R30) (Taste receptor type 2 member 47) (T2R47) [TAS2R47]
TAS2R31       12p13           P59538     T2R31_HUMAN 612669 Taste receptor type 2 member 31 (T2R31) (Taste receptor type 2 member 44) (T2R44) (Taste receptor type 2 member 53) (T2R53) [TAS2R44]
TAS2R42       12p13           Q7RTR8     T2R42_HUMAN 613966 Taste receptor type 2 member 42 (T2R42) (Taste receptor type 2 member 55) (T2R55) [TAS2R55]
TAS2R43       12p13           P59537     T2R43_HUMAN 612668 Taste receptor type 2 member 43 (T2R43) (Taste receptor type 2 member 52) (T2R52)
TAS2R45       12p13           P59539     T2R45_HUMAN 613967 Taste receptor type 2 member 45 (T2R45) (G-protein coupled receptor 59) [GPR59]
TAS2R46       12p13           P59540     T2R46_HUMAN 612774 Taste receptor type 2 member 46 (T2R46) (Taste receptor type 2 member 54) (T2R54)
TAS2R50       12p13           P59544     T2R50_HUMAN 609627 Taste receptor type 2 member 50 (T2R50) (Taste receptor type 2 member 51) (T2R51)
TAS2R7        12p13           Q9NYW3     TA2R7_HUMAN 604793 Taste receptor type 2 member 7 (T2R7) (Taste receptor family B member 4) (TRB4)
TAS2R8        12p13           Q9NYW2     TA2R8_HUMAN 604794 Taste receptor type 2 member 8 (T2R8) (Taste receptor family B member 5) (TRB5)
TAS2R9        12p13           Q9NYW1     TA2R9_HUMAN 604795 Taste receptor type 2 member 9 (T2R9) (Taste receptor family B member 6) (TRB6)
TBC1D15       12q15           Q8TC07     TBC15_HUMAN 612662 TBC1 domain family member 15 (GTPase-activating protein RAB7) (GAP for RAB7) (Rab7-GAP)
TBC1D30       12q14.3         Q9Y2I9     TBC30_HUMAN 615077 TBC1 domain family member 30 [KIAA0984]
TBK1          12q14.1         Q9UHD2     TBK1_HUMAN  604834 Serine/threonine-protein kinase TBK1 (EC (NF-kappa-B-activating kinase) (T2K) (TANK-binding kinase 1) [NAK]
TBX3          12q24.1         O15119     TBX3_HUMAN  601621 T-box transcription factor TBX3 (T-box protein 3)
TBX5          12q24.1         Q99593     TBX5_HUMAN  601620 T-box transcription factor TBX5 (T-box protein 5)
TCHP          12q24           Q9BT92     TCHP_HUMAN  612654 Trichoplein keratin filament-binding protein (Protein TCHP) (Mitochondrial protein with oncostatic activity) (Mitostatin) (Tumor suppressor protein)
TCP11L2       12q23.3         Q8N4U5     T11L2_HUMAN        T-complex protein 11-like protein 2
TCTN1         12q24.11        Q2MV58     TECT1_HUMAN 609863 Tectonic-1 precursor [TECT1] [UNQ9369/PRO34160]
TCTN2         12q24.31        Q96GX1     TECT2_HUMAN 613846 Tectonic-2 precursor [C12orf38] [TECT2]
TDG           12q24.1         Q13569     TDG_HUMAN   601423 G/T mismatch-specific thymine DNA glycosylase (EC (Thymine-DNA glycosylase) (hTDG)
TEAD4         12p13.2-p13.3   Q15561     TEAD4_HUMAN 601714 Transcriptional enhancer factor TEF-3 (TEA domain family member 4) (TEAD-4) (Transcription factor 13-like 1) (Transcription factor RTEF-1) [RTEF1] [TCF13L1] [TEF3]
TESC          12q24.22        Q96BS2     CHP3_HUMAN  611585 Calcineurin B homologous protein 3 (Tescalcin) (TSC) [CHP3]
TESPA1        12q13.2         A2RU30     TESP1_HUMAN 615664 Protein TESPA1 (Thymocyte-expressed positive selection-associated protein 1) [KIAA0748] [HSPC257]
TEX49         12q13.12        A0A1B0GTD5 TEX49_HUMAN        Testis-expressed protein 49
TEX52         12p13.33        A6NCN8     TEX52_HUMAN        Testis-expressed protein 52
TFCP2         12q13           Q12800     TFCP2_HUMAN 189889 Alpha-globin transcription factor CP2 (SAA3 enhancer factor) (Transcription factor LSF) [LSF] [SEF]
THAP2         12q21.1         Q9H0W7     THAP2_HUMAN 612531 THAP domain-containing protein 2
TIGAR         12p13.3         Q9NQ88     TIGAR_HUMAN 610775 Fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase TIGAR (EC (TP53-induced glycolysis and apoptosis regulator) (TP53-induced glycolysis regulatory phosphatase) [C12orf5]
TIMELESS      12q12-q13       Q9UNS1     TIM_HUMAN   603887 Protein timeless homolog (hTIM) [TIM] [TIM1] [TIMELESS1]
TM7SF3        12q11.2-q12     Q9NS93     TM7S3_HUMAN 605181 Transmembrane 7 superfamily member 3 precursor (Seven span transmembrane protein)
TMBIM4        12q14.1-q15     Q9HC24     LFG4_HUMAN         Protein lifeguard 4 (Golgi anti-apoptotic protein) (Protein S1R) (Transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif-containing protein 4) (Z-protein) [GAAP] [LFG4] [CGI-119]
TMBIM6        12q12-q13       P55061     BI1_HUMAN   600748 Bax inhibitor 1 (BI-1) (Testis-enhanced gene transcript protein) (Transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif-containing protein 6) [BI1] [TEGT]
TMCC3         12q21.32        Q9ULS5     TMCC3_HUMAN 617459 Transmembrane and coiled-coil domain protein 3 [KIAA1145]
TMDD1         12q13.13        P0DPE3     TMDD1_HUMAN        Transmembrane and death domain protein 1 precursor [C12orf81]
TMED2         12q24.31        Q15363     TMED2_HUMAN        Transmembrane emp24 domain-containing protein 2 precursor (Membrane protein p24A) (p24) (p24 family protein beta-1) (p24beta1) [RNP24]
TMEM106C      12q13.1         Q9BVX2     T106C_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 106C (Endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein overexpressed in cancer) [EMOC]
TMEM116       12q24.13        Q8NCL8     TM116_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 116
TMEM117       12q12           Q9H0C3     TM117_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 117
TMEM119       12q24.11        Q4V9L6     TM119_HUMAN 618989 Transmembrane protein 119 precursor (Osteoblast induction factor) (OBIF) [PSEC0199] [UNQ731/PRO1415]
TMEM120B      12q24.31        A0PK00     T120B_HUMAN 616551 Transmembrane protein 120B
TMEM132B      12q24.31-q24.32 Q14DG7     T132B_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 132B [KIAA1786] [KIAA1906]
TMEM132C      12q24.32        Q8N3T6     T132C_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 132C precursor
TMEM132D      12q24.32-q24.33 Q14C87     T132D_HUMAN 611257 Transmembrane protein 132D precursor (Mature oligodendrocytes transmembrane protein) (Mature OL transmembrane protein) [HBE120] [KIAA1944] [MOLT]
TMEM19        12q15           Q96HH6     TMM19_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 19
TMEM233       12q24.23        B4DJY2     TM233_HUMAN 618296 Transmembrane protein 233 (Dispanin subfamily B member 2) (DSPB2) (Interferon-induced transmembrane domain-containing protein D2) [IFITMD2]
TMEM263       12q23.3         Q8WUH6     TM263_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 263 [C12orf23]
TMEM52B       12p13.2         Q4KMG9     TM52B_HUMAN        Transmembrane protein 52B precursor [C12orf59] [UNQ5927/PRO19821]
TMPO          12q22           P42166     LAP2A_HUMAN 188380 Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoform alpha (Thymopoietin isoform alpha) (TP alpha) (Thymopoietin-related peptide isoform alpha) (TPRP isoform alpha) [Contains: Thymopoietin (TP) (Splenin); Thymopentin (TP5)] [LAP2]
TMPO          12q22           P42167     LAP2B_HUMAN 188380 Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoforms beta/gamma (Thymopoietin, isoforms beta/gamma) (TP beta/gamma) (Thymopoietin-related peptide isoforms beta/gamma) (TPRP isoforms beta/gamma) [Contains: Thymopoietin (TP) (Splenin); Thymopentin (TP5)] [LAP2]
TMPRSS12      12q13.12        Q86WS5     TMPSC_HUMAN        Transmembrane protease serine 12 precursor (EC 3.4.21.-)
TMTC1         12p11.22        Q8IUR5     TMTC1_HUMAN 615855 Protein O-mannosyl-transferase TMTC1 (EC (Transmembrane and TPR repeat-containing protein 1) [ARG99]
TMTC2         12q21.31        Q8N394     TMTC2_HUMAN 615856 Protein O-mannosyl-transferase TMTC2 (EC (Transmembrane and TPR repeat-containing protein 2)
TMTC3         12q21.32        Q6ZXV5     TMTC3_HUMAN 617218 Protein O-mannosyl-transferase TMTC3 (EC (Protein SMILE) (Transmembrane and TPR repeat-containing protein 3)
TNFRSF1A      12p13.2         P19438     TNR1A_HUMAN 191190 Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 1A precursor (Tumor necrosis factor receptor 1) (TNF-R1) (Tumor necrosis factor receptor type I) (TNF-RI) (TNFR-I) (p55) (p60) (CD120a antigen) [Contains: Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 1A, membrane form; Tumor necrosis factor-binding protein 1 (TBPI)] [TNFAR] [TNFR1]
TNS2          12q13.13        Q63HR2     TNS2_HUMAN  607717 Tensin-2 (EC (C1 domain-containing phosphatase and tensin homolog) (C1-TEN) (Tensin-like C1 domain-containing phosphatase) [KIAA1075] [TENC1]
TPCN1         12q24.21        Q9ULQ1     TPC1_HUMAN  609666 Two pore channel protein 1 (Two pore calcium channel protein 1) (Voltage-dependent calcium channel protein TPC1) [KIAA1169] [TPC1]
TPH2          12q21.1         Q8IWU9     TPH2_HUMAN  607478 Tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 2 (EC (Neuronal tryptophan hydroxylase) (Tryptophan 5-monooxygenase 2) [NTPH]
TPI1          12p13           P60174     TPIS_HUMAN  190450 Triosephosphate isomerase (EC (TIM) (Methylglyoxal synthase) (EC (Triose-phosphate isomerase) [TPI]
TRAFD1        12q             O14545     TRAD1_HUMAN 613197 TRAF-type zinc finger domain-containing protein 1 (Protein FLN29) [FLN29]
TRHDE         12q15-q21       Q9UKU6     TRHDE_HUMAN 606950 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading ectoenzyme (EC (TRH-DE) (TRH-degrading ectoenzyme) (Pyroglutamyl-peptidase II) (PAP-II) (TRH-specific aminopeptidase) (Thyroliberinase) [UNQ2507/PRO5995]
TRIAP1        12q23-q24.1     O43715     TRIA1_HUMAN 614943 TP53-regulated inhibitor of apoptosis 1 (Protein 15E1.1) (WF-1) (p53-inducible cell-survival factor) (p53CSV) [15E1.1] [HSPC132]
TROAP         12p11.1         Q12815     TROAP_HUMAN 603872 Tastin (Trophinin-assisting protein) (Trophinin-associated protein)
TRPV4         12q24.1         Q9HBA0     TRPV4_HUMAN 605427 Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 4 (TrpV4) (Osm-9-like TRP channel 4) (OTRPC4) (Transient receptor potential protein 12) (TRP12) (Vanilloid receptor-like channel 2) (Vanilloid receptor-like protein 2) (VRL-2) (Vanilloid receptor-related osmotically-activated channel) (VR-OAC) [VRL2] [VROAC]
TSFM          12q13-q14       P43897     EFTS_HUMAN  604723 Elongation factor Ts, mitochondrial precursor (EF-Ts) (EF-TsMt)
TSPAN11       12p11.21        A1L157     TSN11_HUMAN        Tetraspanin-11 (Tspan-11)
TSPAN19       12q21.31        P0C672     TSN19_HUMAN        Tetraspanin-19 (Tspan-19)
TSPAN31       12q13.3         Q12999     TSN31_HUMAN 181035 Tetraspanin-31 (Tspan-31) (Sarcoma-amplified sequence) [SAS]
TSPAN8        12q14.1-q21.1   P19075     TSN8_HUMAN  600769 Tetraspanin-8 (Tspan-8) (Transmembrane 4 superfamily member 3) (Tumor-associated antigen CO-029) [TM4SF3]
TSPAN9        12p13.32-p13.33 O75954     TSN9_HUMAN  613137 Tetraspanin-9 (Tspan-9) (Tetraspan NET-5) [NET5]
TTC41P        12q23.3         Q6P2S7     TTC41_HUMAN        Putative tetratricopeptide repeat protein 41 (TPR repeat protein 41) (Grp94-neighboring nucleotidase) [GNN]
TUBA1A        12q12-q14.3     Q71U36     TBA1A_HUMAN 602529 Tubulin alpha-1A chain (Alpha-tubulin 3) (Tubulin B-alpha-1) (Tubulin alpha-3 chain) [Contains: Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1A chain] [TUBA3]
TUBA1B        12q13.3         P68363     TBA1B_HUMAN 602530 Tubulin alpha-1B chain (Alpha-tubulin ubiquitous) (Tubulin K-alpha-1) (Tubulin alpha-ubiquitous chain) [Contains: Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1B chain]
TUBA1C        12q12-q14       Q9BQE3     TBA1C_HUMAN        Tubulin alpha-1C chain (Alpha-tubulin 6) (Tubulin alpha-6 chain) [Contains: Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1C chain] [TUBA6]
TULP3         12p13           O75386     TULP3_HUMAN 604730 Tubby-related protein 3 (Tubby-like protein 3) [TUBL3]
TWF1          12q12           Q12792     TWF1_HUMAN  610932 Twinfilin-1 (Protein A6) (Protein tyrosine kinase 9) [PTK9]
TXNRD1        12q23-q24.1     Q16881     TRXR1_HUMAN 601112 Thioredoxin reductase 1, cytoplasmic (EC (TR) (Gene associated with retinoic and interferon-induced mortality 12 protein) (GRIM-12) (Gene associated with retinoic and IFN-induced mortality 12 protein) (KM-102-derived reductase-like factor) (Thioredoxin reductase TR1) [GRIM12] [KDRF]
UBC           12q24.3         P0CG48     UBC_HUMAN   191340 Polyubiquitin-C precursor [Contains: Ubiquitin]
UBE2N         12q21.33        P61088     UBE2N_HUMAN 603679 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 N (EC (Bendless-like ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme) (E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme N) (Ubc13) (UbcH13) (Ubiquitin carrier protein N) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase N) [BLU]
UBE3B         12q24.11        Q7Z3V4     UBE3B_HUMAN 608047 Ubiquitin-protein ligase E3B (EC (HECT-type ubiquitin transferase E3B)
UHRF1BP1L     12q23.1         A0JNW5     UH1BL_HUMAN        UHRF1-binding protein 1-like (Syntaxin-6 Habc-interacting protein of 164 kDa) [KIAA0701] [SHIP164]
ULK1          12q24.3         O75385     ULK1_HUMAN  603168 Serine/threonine-protein kinase ULK1 (EC (Autophagy-related protein 1 homolog) (ATG1) (hATG1) (Unc-51-like kinase 1) [KIAA0722]
UNC119B       12q24.31        A6NIH7     U119B_HUMAN        Protein unc-119 homolog B
UNG           12q23-q24.1     P13051     UNG_HUMAN   191525 Uracil-DNA glycosylase (EC (UDG) [DGU] [UNG1] [UNG15]
USP15         12q14           Q9Y4E8     UBP15_HUMAN 604731 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 15 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 15) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 15) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 15) (Unph-2) (Unph4) [KIAA0529]
USP30         12q23.3         Q70CQ3     UBP30_HUMAN 612492 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 30 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 30) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 30) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 30) (Ub-specific protease 30)
USP44         12q22           Q9H0E7     UBP44_HUMAN 610993 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 44 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 44) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 44) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 44)
USP5          12p13           P45974     UBP5_HUMAN  601447 Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 5 (EC (Deubiquitinating enzyme 5) (Isopeptidase T) (Ubiquitin thioesterase 5) (Ubiquitin-specific-processing protease 5) [ISOT]
UTP20         12q23.2         O75691     UTP20_HUMAN 612822 Small subunit processome component 20 homolog (Down-regulated in metastasis protein) (Novel nucleolar protein 73) (NNP73) (Protein Key-1A6) [DRIM]
VAMP1         12p             P23763     VAMP1_HUMAN 185880 Vesicle-associated membrane protein 1 (VAMP-1) (Synaptobrevin-1) [SYB1]
VDR           12q12-q14       P11473     VDR_HUMAN   601769 Vitamin D3 receptor (VDR) (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor) (Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 1) [NR1I1]
VEZT          12q21.33        Q9HBM0     VEZA_HUMAN         Vezatin
VPS29         12q24           Q9UBQ0     VPS29_HUMAN 606932 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 29 (hVPS29) (PEP11 homolog) (Vesicle protein sorting 29) [DC15] [DC7] [MDS007]
VPS33A        12q24.31        Q96AX1     VP33A_HUMAN 610034 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 33A (hVPS33A)
VPS37B        12q24.31        Q9H9H4     VP37B_HUMAN 610037 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 37B (hVps37B) (ESCRT-I complex subunit VPS37B)
VSIG10        12q24.23        Q8N0Z9     VSI10_HUMAN        V-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing protein 10 precursor
VWF           12p13.2-p13.3   P04275     VWF_HUMAN   613160 von Willebrand factor precursor (vWF) [Contains: von Willebrand antigen 2 (von Willebrand antigen II)] [F8VWF]
WASHC3        12q23.1         Q9Y3C0     WASC3_HUMAN        WASH complex subunit 3 (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 53) [AD-016] [CCDC53] [CGI-116] [x0009]
WASHC4        12q23.3         Q2M389     WASC4_HUMAN 615748 WASH complex subunit 4 (Strumpellin and WASH-interacting protein) (SWIP) (WASH complex subunit SWIP) [KIAA1033]
WBP11         12p12.3         Q9Y2W2     WBP11_HUMAN 618083 WW domain-binding protein 11 (WBP-11) (Npw38-binding protein) (NpwBP) (SH3 domain-binding protein SNP70) (Splicing factor that interacts with PQBP-1 and PP1) [NPWBP] [SIPP1] [SNP70]
WIF1          12q13.13        Q9Y5W5     WIF1_HUMAN  605186 Wnt inhibitory factor 1 precursor (WIF-1) [UNQ191/PRO217]
WNK1          12p13.3         Q9H4A3     WNK1_HUMAN  605232 Serine/threonine-protein kinase WNK1 (EC (Erythrocyte 65 kDa protein) (p65) (Kinase deficient protein) (Protein kinase lysine-deficient 1) (Protein kinase with no lysine 1) (hWNK1) [HSN2] [KDP] [KIAA0344] [PRKWNK1]
WNT1          12q13           P04628     WNT1_HUMAN  164820 Proto-oncogene Wnt-1 precursor (Proto-oncogene Int-1 homolog) [INT1]
WNT10B        12q13           O00744     WN10B_HUMAN 601906 Protein Wnt-10b precursor (Protein Wnt-12) [WNT12]
WNT5B         12p13.3         Q9H1J7     WNT5B_HUMAN 606361 Protein Wnt-5b precursor
WSB2          12q24.23        Q9NYS7     WSB2_HUMAN         WD repeat and SOCS box-containing protein 2 (WSB-2) (CS box-containing WD protein)
WSCD2         12q23.3         Q2TBF2     WSCD2_HUMAN 619253 WSC domain-containing protein 2 [KIAA0789]
XPOT          12              O43592     XPOT_HUMAN  603180 Exportin-T (Exportin(tRNA)) (tRNA exportin)
YAF2          12q12           Q8IY57     YAF2_HUMAN  607534 YY1-associated factor 2
YARS2         12p11.21        Q9Y2Z4     SYYM_HUMAN  610957 Tyrosine--tRNA ligase, mitochondrial precursor (EC (Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase) (TyrRS) [CGI-04]
YBX3          12p13.1         P16989     YBOX3_HUMAN 603437 Y-box-binding protein 3 (Cold shock domain-containing protein A) (DNA-binding protein A) (Single-strand DNA-binding protein NF-GMB) [CSDA] [DBPA]
YEATS4        12q15           O95619     YETS4_HUMAN 602116 YEATS domain-containing protein 4 (Glioma-amplified sequence 41) (Gas41) (NuMA-binding protein 1) (NuBI-1) (NuBI1) [GAS41]
ZBTB39        12q12           O15060     ZBT39_HUMAN        Zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 39 [KIAA0352]
ZC3H10        12q13.2         Q96K80     ZC3HA_HUMAN        Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 10 [ZC3HDC10]
ZCCHC8        12q24.31        Q6NZY4     ZCHC8_HUMAN 616381 Zinc finger CCHC domain-containing protein 8 (TRAMP-like complex RNA-binding factor ZCCHC8)
ZCRB1         12q12           Q8TBF4     ZCRB1_HUMAN 610750 Zinc finger CCHC-type and RNA-binding motif-containing protein 1 (U11/U12 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 31 kDa protein) (U11/U12 snRNP 31 kDa protein) (U11/U12-31K)
ZDHHC17       12q21.2         Q8IUH5     ZDH17_HUMAN 607799 Palmitoyltransferase ZDHHC17 (EC (Acyltransferase ZDHHC17) (EC 2.3.1.-) (DHHC domain-containing cysteine-rich protein 17) (DHHC17) (Huntingtin yeast partner H) (Huntingtin-interacting protein 14) (HIP-14) (Huntingtin-interacting protein 3) (HIP-3) (Huntingtin-interacting protein H) (Putative MAPK-activating protein PM11) (Putative NF-kappa-B-activating protein 205) (Zinc finger DHHC domain-containing protein 17) [HIP14] [HIP3] [HYPH] [KIAA0946] [HSPC294]
ZFC3H1        12q21.1         O60293     ZC3H1_HUMAN        Zinc finger C3H1 domain-containing protein (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 131) (Proline/serine-rich coiled-coil protein 2) [CCDC131] [KIAA0546] [PSRC2]
ZNF10         12q24.33        P21506     ZNF10_HUMAN 194538 Zinc finger protein 10 (Zinc finger protein KOX1) [KOX1]
ZNF140        12q24.32-q24.33 P52738     ZN140_HUMAN 604082 Zinc finger protein 140
ZNF26         12q24.33        P17031     ZNF26_HUMAN 194537 Zinc finger protein 26 (Zinc finger protein KOX20) [KOX20]
ZNF268        12q24.33        Q14587     ZN268_HUMAN 604753 Zinc finger protein 268 (Zinc finger protein HZF3)
ZNF384        12p12           Q8TF68     ZN384_HUMAN 609951 Zinc finger protein 384 (CAG repeat protein 1) (CAS-interacting zinc finger protein) (Nuclear matrix transcription factor 4) (Nuclear matrix protein 4) (Trinucleotide repeat-containing gene 1 protein) [CAGH1] [CIZ] [NMP4] [TNRC1]
ZNF385A       12q13.13        Q96PM9     Z385A_HUMAN 609124 Zinc finger protein 385A (Hematopoietic zinc finger protein) (Retinal zinc finger protein) [HZF] [RZF] [ZNF385]
ZNF605        12q24.33        Q86T29     ZN605_HUMAN        Zinc finger protein 605
ZNF641        12q13.11        Q96N77     ZN641_HUMAN 613906 Zinc finger protein 641
ZNF664        12q24.31        Q8N3J9     ZN664_HUMAN 617890 Zinc finger protein 664 (Zinc finger protein 176) (Zinc finger protein from organ of Corti) [ZFOC1] [ZNF176]
ZNF705A       12p13.31        Q6ZN79     Z705A_HUMAN        Zinc finger protein 705A
ZNF740        12q13.13        Q8NDX6     ZN740_HUMAN        Zinc finger protein 740 (OriLyt TD-element-binding protein 7) [TB7]
ZNF84         12q24.33        P51523     ZNF84_HUMAN 618554 Zinc finger protein 84 (Zinc finger protein HPF2)
ZNF891        12q24.33        A8MT65     ZN891_HUMAN        Zinc finger protein 891
-             12p11.21        C9JQL5     DSA2D_HUMAN        Putative dispanin subfamily A member 2d (DSPA2d)
-             12p13.32        Q6ZUT4     YL014_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein FLJ43343
-             12q24.32        Q0VFX4     YL016_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein LOC100128554
-             12q24.33        Q6ZRX8     YL004_HUMAN        Putative uncharacterized protein FLJ45999

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