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        UniProt - Swiss-Prot Protein Knowledgebase
        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Drosophila: entries, gene names and cross-references to FlyBase
Name:        fly.txt
Release:     2021_04 of 29-Sep-2021


More information on Drosophila, its  genome, proteome, biology and genetics,
is available from the following WWW servers:


For each Drosophila entry in Swiss-Prot we provide the following information:

1) Primary gene name

   We indicate as the primary gene name, the gene symbol currently in use in

2) Drosophila FlyBase species 'code'

   If a sequence does not originate from Drosophila melanogaster, then the
   species of origin is indicated using the FlyBase four letter code for that
   species.  Example, Dvir stands for Drosophila virilis. All these codes refer
   to Drosophila species with the exception of the following:

   Camo for Chymomyza amoena
   Salb for Scaptomyza albovittata
   Ztub for Zaprionus tuberculatus

3) Swiss-Prot entry name

4) Swiss-Prot primary accession number

5) FlyBase gene accession number

   If more than one Swiss-Prot entries are linked to the same FlyBase entry than
   only the FlyBase gene accession number is only indicated once. This occurs
   when multiple entries are created due to alternative splicing or when a
   transposable element encodes for a number of putative proteins.

Gene name           Fly    Swiss-Prot               FlyBase
                    spec   Entry name   AC          gene AC
___________________ ____   _______________________  ___________
128up                      128UP_DROME  P32234      FBgn0010339
14-3-3epsilon              1433E_DROME  P92177      FBgn0020238
14-3-3zeta                 1433Z_DROME  P29310      FBgn0004907
140up                      140U_DROME   P81928      FBgn0010340
17.6\env                   ENV17_DROME  P04283      FBgn0027624
17.6\gag                   GAG17_DROME  P04282      FBgn0044339
17.6\pol                   POL3_DROME   P04323      FBgn0014453
297\env                    ENV2_DROME   P20829      FBgn0027623
297\gag                    GAG2_DROME   P20828      FBgn0044338
297\pol                    POL2_DROME   P20825      FBgn0027622
412\ORF3                   POL4_DROME   P10394      FBgn0043847
4E-T                       4ET_DROME    Q8IH18      FBgn0052016
5-HT1A                     5HT2A_DROME  P28285      FBgn0004168
5-HT1B                     5HT2B_DROME  P28286      FBgn0263116
5-HT7                      5HT1R_DROME  P20905      FBgn0004573
a5                         OBA5_DROME   P54185      FBgn0011294
a6                         A6_DROME     O46341      FBgn0023130
a10                        OB10_DROME   Q27377      FBgn0011293
AANAT1                     DNAT_DROME   Q94521      FBgn0019643
AANATL2                    DNAT2_DROME  Q9VMG0      FBgn0031791
Aasdh                      ACSF4_DROME  Q9VLL0      FBgn0027780
Aatf                       AATF_DROME   Q9VM95      FBgn0031851
aay                        SERB_DROME   Q9VSY6      FBgn0023129
ab                         ABRU_DROME   Q24174      FBgn0264442
ABCD                       ABCD_DROME   Q7JUN3      FBgn0039890
abd-A                      ABDA_DROME   P29555      FBgn0000014
Abd-B                      ABDB_DROME   P09087      FBgn0000015
Abl                        ABL_DROME    P00522      FBgn0000017
Abp1                       DBNL_DROME   Q9VU84      FBgn0036372
abs                        DDX41_DROME  Q9V3C0      FBgn0015331
ac                         AST5_DROME   P10083      FBgn0000022
Ac76E                      ADCY2_DROME  Q9VW60      FBgn0004852
Ac78C                      AC78C_DROME  Q9VP76      FBgn0024150
Acam                       CALL_DROME   P49258      FBgn0011273
Acbp2                      ACBP_DROME   P42281      FBgn0010387
AcCoAS                     ACSA_DROME   Q9VP61      FBgn0012034
Ace                        ACES_DROME   P07140      FBgn0000024
Acer                       ACER_DROME   Q9VLJ6      FBgn0016122
acj6                       IPOU_DROME   P24350      FBgn0000028
Ack                        ACK_DROME    Q9VZI2      FBgn0028484
Ack-like                   ACKL_DROME   Q9I7F7      FBgn0263998
Acp1                       CUA1_DROME   Q26416      FBgn0014454
Acp26Aa                    MS2A_DROME   P10333      FBgn0002855
                    Dmau   MS2A_DROMA   P33735      FBgn0012494
Acp26Ab                    MS2B_DROME   P10334      FBgn0002856
                    Dmau   MS2B_DROMA   P33738      FBgn0012495
Acp29AB                    A29AB_DROME  O46197      FBgn0015583
Acp32CD                    A32CD_DROME  O46203      FBgn0023415
Acp33A                     A33A_DROME   O46227      FBgn0267327
Acp36DE                    A36DE_DROME  Q9V3R1      FBgn0011559
Acp53Ea                    A53E_DROME   O46199      FBgn0015584
Acp62F                     A62F_DROME   O46202      FBgn0020509
Acp63F                     A63F_DROME   O46200      FBgn0015585
Acp70A              Dmau   A70A_DROMA   P67806      FBgn0021369
Acp76A                     A76A_DROME   Q9VVW1      FBgn0015586
Acp95EF                    A95EF_DROME  P16548      FBgn0002863
Acp98AB                    A98AB_DROME  O46201      FBgn0263597
Act5C                      ACT1_DROME   P10987      FBgn0000042
Act42A                     ACT2_DROME   P02572      FBgn0000043
Act57B                     ACT3_DROME   P53501      FBgn0000044
Act79B                     ACT4_DROME   P02574      FBgn0000045
Act87E                     ACT5_DROME   P10981      FBgn0000046
Act88F                     ACT6_DROME   P83967      FBgn0000047
Actbeta                    INHB_DROME   O61643      FBgn0024913
Actn                       ACTN_DROME   P18091      FBgn0000667
ACXE                       ACXE_DROME   Q9VK50      FBgn0040506
Acyp                       ACYP1_DROME  P56544      FBgn0025115
Acyp2                      ACYP2_DROME  Q9VF36      FBgn0038363
Ada                        ADAL_DROME   Q9VHH7      FBgn0037661
Ada2a                      TAD2A_DROME  Q7KSD8      FBgn0263738
Ada2b                      TAD2B_DROME  Q8I8V0      FBgn0037555
Adar                       ADAR_DROME   Q9NII1      FBgn0026086
Adat1                      ADAT1_DROME  Q9V3R6      FBgn0028658
Adck1                      ADCK_DROME   Q9W133      FBgn0035039
Adf1                       ADF1_DROME   P05552      FBgn0284249
Adh                        ADH_DROME    P00334      FBgn0000055
                    Dadi   ADH_DROAD    Q00669      FBgn0012068
                    Daff   ADH_DROAF    P21518      FBgn0012073
                    Damb   ADH_DROAM    P25139      FBgn0012099
                    Dbor   ADH_DROBO    P48584      FBgn0012225
                    Dcra   ADH_SCACA    Q00670      FBgn0012243
                    Ddif   ADH_DRODI    P22245      FBgn0012249
                    Dequ   ADH_DROEQ    Q9NG42      FBgn0016178
                    Dfla   ADH_DROFL    P48585      FBgn0013805
                    Dgua   ADH_DROGU    Q09009      FBgn0012324
                    Dhaw   ADH_DROHA    P51549      FBgn0012345
                    Dhet   ADH_DROHE    P21898      FBgn0012347
                    Dimm   ADH_DROIM    Q07588      FBgn0012411
                    Dins   ADH_DROIN    Q9NG40      FBgn0016214
                    Dleb   ADH_DROLE    P10807      FBgn0012438
                    Dmad   ADH_DROMD    Q09010      FBgn0012466
                    Dmau   ADH_DROMA    P07162      FBgn0012496
                    Dmay   ADH_DROMY    P25721      FBgn0012519
                    Dmic   ADH_DROMM    Q00671      FBgn0012535
                    Dnig   ADH_DRONI    Q00672      FBgn0012598
                    Dore   ADH_DROOR    P07159      FBgn0012616
                    Dpau   ADH_DROPU    Q9U8S9      FBgn0016290
                    Dpic   ADH_DROPI    P23361      FBgn0012651
                    Dpla   ADH_DROPL    P23277      FBgn0012666
                    Dpsb   ADH_DROPB    P84328      FBgn0012678
                    Dsil   ADH_DROSL    P23278      FBgn0012805
                    Dsub   ADH_DROSU    Q03384      FBgn0012930
                    Dtei   ADH_DROTE    P28484      FBgn0013012
                    Dtsa   ADH_DROTS    P51550      FBgn0013060
                    Salb   ADH_SCAAL    P25988      FBgn0013333
                    Ztub   ADH_ZAPTU    P51552      FBgn0013372
Adh1                Dhyd   ADH1_DROHY   P23236      FBgn0012358
                    Dlac   ADH_DROLA    Q27404      FBgn0013821
                    Dmet   ADH1_DROMT   P22246      FBgn0012533
                    Dmon   ADH1_DROMN   P48586      FBgn0013852
                    Dmul   ADH1_DROMU   P07161      FBgn0012581
                    Dnav   ADH1_DRONA   P12854      FBgn0012589
Adh2                Dari   ADH2_DROAR   P27581      FBgn0012151
                    Dbuz   ADH2_DROBU   P25720      FBgn0012231
                    Dhyd   ADH2_DROHY   P23237      FBgn0012359
                    Dlac   ADH_DROLA    Q27404      FBgn0013822
                    Dmon   ADH2_DROMN   P48587      FBgn0013853
                    Dmul   ADH2_DROMU   P07160      FBgn0012582
                    Dwhe   ADH2_DROWH   P24267      FBgn0013151
Adhr                       ADHR_DROME   P91615      FBgn0000056
                    Damb   ADHR_DROAM   P25143      FBgn0012100
                    Dgua   ADHR_DROGU   Q09007      FBgn0012325
                    Dimm   ADHR_DROIM   Q07586      FBgn0012412
                    Dleb   ADHR_DROLE   Q07587      FBgn0012439
                    Dmad   ADHR_DROMD   Q09008      FBgn0012467
                    Dmau   ADHR_DROMA   P26620      FBgn0012497
                    Dsub   ADHR_DROSU   Q24640      FBgn0012931
                    Dtei   ADHR_DROTE   P28486      FBgn0013014
Adi1                       MTND_DROME   Q6AWN0      FBgn0052068
AdipoR                     ADRL_DROME   Q9VCY8      FBgn0038984
Adk2                       KAD2_DROME   Q9U915      FBgn0283494
ADPS                       ADAS_DROME   Q9V778      FBgn0033983
AdSS                       PURA_DROME   Q9Y0Y2      FBgn0027493
Aef1                       AEF1_DROME   P39413      FBgn0005694
aft                        CMTR2_DROME  Q9UAS6      FBgn0026309
ago                        FBXW7_DROME  Q9VZF4      FBgn0041171
AGO2                       AGO2_DROME   Q9VUQ5      FBgn0087035
AGO3                       AGO3_DROME   Q7PLK0      FBgn0250816
Agxt                       AGT_DROME    Q9W3Z3      FBgn0014031
Ahcy                       SAHH_DROME   Q27580      FBgn0014455
AhcyL1                     SAHH2_DROME  Q9VZX9      FBgn0035371
AhcyL2                     SAHH3_DROME  P50245      FBgn0015011
AIF                        AIFM1_DROME  Q9VQ79      FBgn0031392
AIMP2                      AIMP2_DROME  Q9VUR3      FBgn0036515
Ak6                        KAD6_DROME   Q7JYV7      FBgn0033754
Akap200                    AK200_DROME  Q9VLL3      FBgn0027932
Akh                        AKH_DROME    P61855      FBgn0004552
akirin                     AKIRN_DROME  Q9VS59      FBgn0082598
Akt1                       AKT1_DROME   Q8INB9      FBgn0010379
al                         AL_DROME     Q06453      FBgn0000061
Aladin                     AAAS_DROME   Q9W351      FBgn0030122
AlaRS                      SYAC_DROME   Q9VLM8      FBgn0027094
AlaRS-m                    SYAM_DROME   Q9VRJ1      FBgn0028962
Ald1                       ALF_DROME    P07764      FBgn0000064
Alg10                      ALG10_DROME  Q8T8L8      FBgn0052076
Alg12                      ALG12_DROME  Q9VH78      FBgn0037743
alien                      CSN2_DROME   Q94899      FBgn0013746
Alms1a                     ALMS1_DROME  Q5BI31      FBgn0025388
Alp4                       APH4_DROME   Q24238      FBgn0016123
alpha-Cat                  CTNA_DROME   P35220      FBgn0010215
alpha-Man-Ia               MA1A1_DROME  P53624      FBgn0259170
alpha-Man-IIa              MAN2_DROME   Q24451      FBgn0011740
alpha-PheRS                SYFA_DROME   Q9W3J5      FBgn0030007
alpha-Spec                 SPTCA_DROME  P13395      FBgn0250789
alphaSnap                  SNAP_DROME   Q23983      FBgn0250791
alphaTry                   TRYA_DROME   P04814      FBgn0003863
alphaTub67C                TBA4_DROME   P06606      FBgn0087040
alphaTub84B                TBA1_DROME   P06603      FBgn0003884
alphaTub84D                TBA3_DROME   P06605      FBgn0003885
alphaTub85E                TBA2_DROME   P06604      FBgn0003886
Als2                       ALS2_DROME   Q9VNZ8      FBgn0037116
Ama                        AMAL_DROME   P15364      FBgn0000071
amd                        DHAPP_DROME  P18486      FBgn0000075
                    Dleb   DHAPP_DROLE  O96569      FBgn0025670
amn                        AMN_DROME    Q24049      FBgn0086782
Amnionless                 AMNLS_DROME  Q9VPN2      FBgn0025686
amos                       AMOS_DROME   Q9Y0A7      FBgn0003270
amx                        AMX_DROME    Q9U4H5      FBgn0000077
Amy-d                      AMYB_DROME   P81641      FBgn0000078
                    Dmau   AMYA_DROMA   P54215      FBgn0012498
Amy-p                      AMYA_DROME   P08144      FBgn0000079
                    Dmau   AMYA_DROMA   P54215      FBgn0012499
Amyrel                     AMYR_DROME   O18408      FBgn0020506
                    Datr   AMYR_DROAP   O77011      FBgn0021694
                    Daur   AMYR_DROAV   O77020      FBgn0021682
                    Dbak   AMYR_DROBA   O77019      FBgn0021666
                    Dbip   AMYR_DROBP   Q9NJN8      FBgn0029467
                    Dboc   AMYR_DROBC   O76284      FBgn0046208
                    Ddos   AMYR_DRODO   O77021      FBgn0021566
                    Dele   AMYR_DROEL   Q9NJP0      FBgn0029435
                    Derc   AMYR_DROEC   O77012      FBgn0021555
                    Djam   AMYR_DROJA   Q9GQV3      FBgn0043697
                    Dkik   AMYR_DROKI   O77013      FBgn0021451
                    Dlii   AMYR_DROLN   O76262      FBgn0025085
                    Dmau   AMYR_DROMA   O77014      FBgn0021368
                    Dore   AMYR_DROOR   O77015      FBgn0021266
                    Dpun   AMYR_DROPN   O77022      FBgn0021218
                    Dser   AMYR_DROSR   O76459      FBgn0025044
                    Dsub   AMYR_DROSU   O18420      FBgn0020466
                    Dtak   AMYR_DROTK   O77018      FBgn0021059
                    Dtei   AMYR_DROTE   O76260      FBgn0025018
                    Dvar   AMYR_DROVA   Q9NJN7      FBgn0029206
ana                        ANA_DROME    Q26307      FBgn0011746
Ance                       ACE_DROME    Q10714      FBgn0012037
angel                      ANGEL_DROME  Q24239      FBgn0016762
Ankle2                     ANKL2_DROME  Q8MQX9      FBgn0028343
Anp                        ANDP_DROME   P21663      FBgn0000094
                    Dmau   ANDP_DROMA   O16825      FBgn0023321
                    Dore   ANDP_DROOR   Q8WSV0      FBgn0046938
                    Dtei   ANDP_DROTE   Q8WSV1      FBgn0046904
Antp                       ANTP_DROME   P02833      FBgn0260642
                    Dsub   ANTP_DROSU   Q24645      FBgn0012932
AnxB9                      ANXB9_DROME  P22464      FBgn0000083
AnxB10                     ANX10_DROME  P22465      FBgn0000084
AnxB11                     ANX11_DROME  Q9VXG4      FBgn0030749
aop                        POK_DROME    Q01842      FBgn0000097
aos                        GIL_DROME    Q00805      FBgn0004569
ap                         APTE_DROME   P29673      FBgn0267978
AP-2alpha                  AP2A_DROME   P91926      FBgn0264855
APC10                      APC10_DROME  Q9V831      FBgn0034231
ApepP                      XPP_DROME    Q9VJG0      FBgn0026150
aph-1                      APH1_DROME   Q9VQG2      FBgn0031458
aPKC                       APKC_DROME   A1Z9X0      FBgn0261854
Aplip1                     JIP1_DROME   Q9W0K0      FBgn0040281
apn                        APN_DROME    Q9VFX3      FBgn0038132
apolpp                     APLP_DROME   Q9V496      FBgn0087002
app                        APP_DROME    A2VEY9      FBgn0260941
APP-BP1                    ULA1_DROME   Q9VTE9      FBgn0261112
Appl                       A4_DROME     P14599      FBgn0000108
Aprt                       APT_DROME    P12426      FBgn0000109
ara                        ARA_DROME    Q24248      FBgn0015904
aralar1                    CMC_DROME    Q9VA73      FBgn0028646
Arc1                       ARC1_DROME   Q7K1U0      FBgn0033926
Arc2                       ARC2_DROME   Q7JV70      FBgn0033928
Archease                   ARCH_DROME   Q9VD92      FBgn0038893
Arf51F                     ARF6_DROME   P40946      FBgn0013750
Arf79F                     ARF1_DROME   P61209      FBgn0010348
Arf102F                    ARF2_DROME   P40945      FBgn0013749
Argk                       KARG_DROME   P48610      FBgn0000116
ArgRS                      SYRC_DROME   Q9VXN4      FBgn0027093
ari-1                      ARI1_DROME   Q94981      FBgn0017418
ari-2                      ARI2_DROME   O76924      FBgn0025186
Arl1                       ARL1_DROME   P25160      FBgn0000115
Arl2                       ARL2_DROME   Q06849      FBgn0004908
Arl6IP1                    AR6P1_DROME  Q9VES1      FBgn0038453
Arl8                       ARL8_DROME   Q9VHV5      FBgn0037551
arm                        ARM_DROME    P18824      FBgn0000117
armi                       ARMI_DROME   Q6J5K9      FBgn0041164
Arp1                       ACTZ_DROME   P45889      FBgn0011745
Arp2                       ARP2_DROME   P45888      FBgn0011742
Arp3                       ARP3_DROME   P32392      FBgn0262716
Arp5                       ARP5_DROME   Q9VEC3      FBgn0038576
Arp6                       ARP6_DROME   P45890      FBgn0011741
Arp8                       ARP8_DROME   Q9VX09      FBgn0030877
Arp53D                     ACTY_DROME   P45891      FBgn0011743
Arpc2                      ARPC2_DROME  Q9VIM5      FBgn0032859
Arr1                       ARRA_DROME   P15372      FBgn0000120
Arr2                       ARRB_DROME   P19107      FBgn0000121
                    Dmir   ARRB_DROMI   P19108      FBgn0012552
Ars2                       SRRT_DROME   Q9V9K7      FBgn0033062
Art4                       CARM1_DROME  Q9VH48      FBgn0037770
Art7                       ANM7_DROME   Q9W1V1      FBgn0034817
arx                        ASTRX_DROME  Q8SWX0      FBgn0036826
Asap                       ASAP_DROME   A1Z7A6      FBgn0050372
Asator                     ASATR_DROME  Q8IMC6      FBgn0039908
ase                        AST8_DROME   P09775      FBgn0000137
asf1                       ASF1_DROME   Q9V464      FBgn0029094
ash1                       ASH1_DROME   Q9VW15      FBgn0005386
ash2                       ASH2_DROME   Q94545      FBgn0000139
asp                        ASP_DROME    Q9VC45      FBgn0000140
asrij                      OCAD1_DROME  Q9W1X9      FBgn0034793
Ass                        ASSY_DROME   O97069      FBgn0026565
ast                        ASTE_DROME   Q9VPW1      FBgn0015905
AstA                       ALLS_DROME   Q9VC44      FBgn0015591
asun                       INT13_DROME  Q9VEX5      FBgn0020407
Asx                        ASX_DROME    Q9V727      FBgn0261823
ATbp                       ATBP_DROME   Q86P48      FBgn0039946
Ate1                       ATE1_DROME   O96539      FBgn0025720
Atf3                       ATF3_DROME   Q9XZS8      FBgn0028550
Atg5                       ATG5_DROME   Q9W3R7      FBgn0029943
Atg6                       BECN1_DROME  Q9VCE1      FBgn0264325
Atg12                      APG12_DROME  Q9VTU1      FBgn0036255
Atg13                      ATG13_DROME  Q9VHR6      FBgn0261108
atk                        ATK_DROME    Q9VPF0      FBgn0036995
atl                        ATLAS_DROME  Q9VC57      FBgn0039213
ato                        ATO_DROME    P48987      FBgn0010433
ATP6AP2                    RENR_DROME   Q9VHG4      FBgn0037671
Atpalpha                   ATNA_DROME   P13607      FBgn0002921
ATPsynB                    AT5F1_DROME  Q94516      FBgn0019644
ATPsynbeta                 ATPB_DROME   Q05825      FBgn0010217
ATPsynCF6                  ATP5J_DROME  Q24407      FBgn0016119
ATPsynD                    ATP5H_DROME  Q24251      FBgn0016120
ATPsynF                    ATPK_DROME   Q9W141      FBgn0035032
ATPsyngamma                ATPG_DROME   O01666      FBgn0020235
ATPsynO                    ATPO_DROME   Q24439      FBgn0016691
AttA                       ATTA_DROME   P45884      FBgn0012042
AttB                       ATTB_DROME   Q9V751      FBgn0041581
AttC                       ATTC_DROME   Q95NH6      FBgn0041579
Atu                        ATU_DROME    Q94546      FBgn0019637
Atx2                       ATX2_DROME   Q8SWR8      FBgn0041188
aub                        AUB_DROME    O76922      FBgn0000146
aurB                       AURKB_DROME  Q9VKN7      FBgn0024227
ave                        AVE_DROME    Q8ML92      FBgn0050476
awd                        NDKA_DROME   P08879      FBgn0000150
Awh                        AWH_DROME    Q8IRC7      FBgn0013751
Axn                        AXN_DROME    Q9V407      FBgn0026597
B9d1                       B9D1_DROME   Q9VF59      FBgn0038342
B9d2                       B9D2_DROME   M9MRD5      FBgn0261683
B52                        SRR55_DROME  P26686      FBgn0004587
B-H1                       BARH1_DROME  Q24255      FBgn0011758
B-H2                       BARH2_DROME  Q24256      FBgn0004854
bab1                       BAB1_DROME   Q9W0K7      FBgn0004870
bab2                       BAB2_DROME   Q9W0K4      FBgn0025525
Bacc                       BACC_DROME   Q9VQF7      FBgn0031453
baf                        BAF_DROME    Q9VLU0      FBgn0031977
bai                        TMEDA_DROME  Q8SXY6      FBgn0045866
Balat                      BALAT_DROME  Q961J5      FBgn0033778
Baldspot                   ELOV6_DROME  Q9VV87      FBgn0260960
ball                       NHK1_DROME   Q7KRY6      FBgn0027889
bam                        BAM_DROME    P22745      FBgn0000158
bap                        BAGP_DROME   P22809      FBgn0004862
Bap60                      BAP60_DROME  Q9VYG2      FBgn0025463
bark                       BARK_DROME   M9NDE3      FBgn0031571
BBS4                       BBS4_DROME   A1Z8E9      FBgn0033578
bcd                        BCD_DROME    P09081      FBgn0000166
                    Dsub   BCD_DROSU    P55924      FBgn0015175
bcn92                      BCN92_DROME  O46098      FBgn0013432
                    Dsub   BCN92_DROSU  P82116      FBgn0012951
bdg                        BDGED_DROME  Q0E961      FBgn0034049
bdl                        BDL_DROME    Q9U4G1      FBgn0028482
beg                        FABD_DROME   Q8T3L6      FBgn0036691
bel                        DDX3_DROME   Q9VHP0      FBgn0263231
ben                        UBE2N_DROME  P35128      FBgn0000173
beta'COP                   COPB2_DROME  O62621      FBgn0025724
beta-PheRS                 SYFB_DROME   Q9VCA5      FBgn0039175
beta-Spec                  SPTCB_DROME  Q00963      FBgn0250788
betaCOP                    COPB_DROME   P45437      FBgn0008635
betaTry                    TRYB_DROME   P35004      FBgn0010357
betaTub56D                 TBB1_DROME   Q24560      FBgn0284243
betaTub60D                 TBB3_DROME   P08841      FBgn0003888
betaTub85D                 TBB2_DROME   P61857      FBgn0003889
                    Dhyd   TBB2_DROHY   P61858      FBgn0012356
Bgb                        BGB_DROME    Q24040      FBgn0013753
bgcn                       BGCN_DROME   Q9W1I2      FBgn0004581
bgm                        BGM_DROME    Q9V3S9      FBgn0027348
bi                         OMB_DROME    Q24432      FBgn0000179
BI-1                       BI1_DROME    Q9VSH3      FBgn0035871
bib                        BIB_DROME    P23645      FBgn0000180
BicC                       BICC_DROME   Q24009      FBgn0000182
BicD                       BICD_DROME   P16568      FBgn0000183
bin                        FOXF_DROME   Q9VS05      FBgn0045759
Bin1                       SAP18_DROME  Q9VEX9      FBgn0024491
bin3                       MEPCE_DROME  Q7K480      FBgn0263144
Blm                        BLM_DROME    Q9VGI8      FBgn0002906
Blos1                      BL1S1_DROME  A1Z9S1      FBgn0050077
Blos2                      BL1S2_DROME  Q9VTE0      FBgn0036118
Blos3                      BL1S3_DROME  A8JNV4      FBgn0085284
Blos4                      BL1S4_DROME  Q9VTC2      FBgn0036105
blp                        TIM16_DROME  Q9VF08      FBgn0038387
blw                        ATPA_DROME   P35381      FBgn0011211
Bmcp                       BMCP_DROME   Q7K566      FBgn0036199
bnb                        BNB_DROME    P29746      FBgn0001090
bnk                        BNK_DROME    P40794      FBgn0004389
boca                       MESD_DROME   Q8T9B6      FBgn0004132
bocks                      BOCKS_DROME  Q709R6      FBgn0037719
bol                        BOULE_DROME  Q24207      FBgn0011206
Bom065                     BM065_DROME  A1ZB63      FBgn0040734
Bom068                     BM068_DROME  A1ZB64      FBgn0040733
Bom836                     BM836_DROME  A1ZB62      FBgn0040735
BomBc1                     BM23_DROME   Q9V8F5      FBgn0034328
BomS1                      BM01_DROME   P82706      FBgn0034329
BomS2                      BM02_DROME   O77150      FBgn0025583
BomS3                      BM03_DROME   Q9V8G0      FBgn0040736
bonsai                     RT15_DROME   Q8WTC1      FBgn0026261
bor                        ATD3A_DROME  Q9VEX6      FBgn0287225
bora                       BORA_DROME   Q9VVR2      FBgn0259791
borr                       BOREA_DROME  Q9VLD6      FBgn0032105
boss                       BOSS_DROME   P22815      FBgn0000206
botv                       EXT3_DROME   Q9XZ08      FBgn0027535
bowl                       BOWEL_DROME  Q9VQU9      FBgn0004893
BoYb                       BOYB_DROME   Q9VNP5      FBgn0037205
br                         BRC1_DROME   Q01295      FBgn0283451
                           BRC4_DROME   Q24206                 
brat                       BRAT_DROME   Q8MQJ9      FBgn0010300
Brca2                      BRCA2_DROME  Q9W157      FBgn0050169
Bre1                       BRE1_DROME   Q9VRP9      FBgn0086694
brm                        BRM_DROME    P25439      FBgn0000212
brn                        BRN_DROME    Q24157      FBgn0000221
Bro                        BRO_DROME    Q24039      FBgn0013755
brun                       BRUN_DROME   Q9VIL0      FBgn0261787
bs                         SRF_DROME    Q24535      FBgn0004101
Bsg25A                     ELBA1_DROME  Q9VR17      FBgn0000227
Bsg25D                     BSG2_DROME   P11929      FBgn0000228
bsh                        BSH_DROME    Q04787      FBgn0000529
bsk                        JNK_DROME    P92208      FBgn0000229
BS\RTase                   RTBS_DROME   Q95SX7      FBgn0044506
BTBD9                      BTBD9_DROME  Q9W2S3      FBgn0030228
btd                        BTD_DROME    Q24266      FBgn0000233
BthD                       BTHD_DROME   Q9VYB0      FBgn0030501
Btk29A                     BTKL_DROME   P08630      FBgn0003502
btl                        FGFR2_DROME  Q09147      FBgn0285896
Bug22                      CFA20_DROME  Q9VKV8      FBgn0032248
bun                        BUN1_DROME   Q24522      FBgn0259176
                           BUN2_DROME   Q24523                 
Burs                       BURS_DROME   Q9VD83      FBgn0038901
bw                         BROWN_DROME  P12428      FBgn0000241
bwa                        ACASE_DROME  Q9VIP7      FBgn0045064
Bx42                       BX42_DROME   P39736      FBgn0004856
byn                        BYN_DROME    P55965      FBgn0011723
bys                        BYS_DROME    P51406      FBgn0010292
C1GalTA                    C1GLT_DROME  Q7K237      FBgn0032078
C3G                        C3G_DROME    O77086      FBgn0259228
c12.1                      CWC15_DROME  Q9V3B6      FBgn0040235
Ca-alpha1D                 CAC1D_DROME  Q24270      FBgn0001991
CaBP1                      PDIA6_DROME  Q9V438      FBgn0025678
cac                        CAC1A_DROME  P91645      FBgn0263111
cact                       CACT_DROME   Q03017      FBgn0000250
cactin                     CATIN_DROME  Q9VR99      FBgn0031114
cad                        CAD_DROME    P09085      FBgn0000251
Cad86C                     CAD86_DROME  Q9VGW1      FBgn0261053
Cad87A                     CAD87_DROME  Q9VGG5      FBgn0037963
Cad89D                     CAD89_DROME  Q9VEU1      FBgn0038439
Cad96Ca                    CAD96_DROME  Q9VBW3      FBgn0022800
Cad99C                     CAD99_DROME  Q9VAF5      FBgn0039709
CadN                       CADN_DROME   O15943      FBgn0015609
CadN2                      CADN2_DROME  Q9VJB6      FBgn0262018
Cadps                      CAPS_DROME   Q9NHE5      FBgn0053653
Caf1-55                    CAF1_DROME   Q24572      FBgn0263979
CalpA                      CANA_DROME   Q11002      FBgn0012051
CalpB                      CANB_DROME   Q9VT65      FBgn0025866
CalpC                      CANC_DROME   Q9VXH6      FBgn0260450
Calr                       CALR_DROME   P29413      FBgn0005585
Cals                       CSTN1_DROME  Q9V498      FBgn0039928
calypso                    CALYP_DROME  Q7K5N4      FBgn0262166
Cam                        CALM_DROME   P62152      FBgn0000253
CaMKII                     KCC2A_DROME  Q00168      FBgn0264607
CanA1                      PP2B1_DROME  P48456      FBgn0010015
CanA-14F                   PP2B3_DROME  Q9VXF1      FBgn0267912
CanB                       CANB1_DROME  P48451      FBgn0010014
CanB2                      CANB2_DROME  Q24214      FBgn0015614
Cand1                      CAND1_DROME  Q9VKY2      FBgn0027568
Capa                       CP2B_DROME   Q9NIP6      FBgn0039722
CapaR                      CAPAR_DROME  Q8ITC7      FBgn0037100
Capr                       CAPR1_DROME  Q9I7D3      FBgn0042134
capu                       CAPU_DROME   Q24120      FBgn0000256
car                        VP33A_DROME  Q9Y1I2      FBgn0000257
CarT                       CART_DROME   Q9VIK2      FBgn0032879
cas                        CAS_DROME    Q7M3M8      FBgn0004878
CASK                       CSKP_DROME   Q24210      FBgn0013759
cass                       API5_DROME   Q9V431      FBgn0286781
Cat                        CATA_DROME   P17336      FBgn0000261
Catsup                     CSUP_DROME   Q9V3A4      FBgn0002022
caup                       CAUP_DROME   P54269      FBgn0015919
cav                        CAV_DROME    Q95RV2      FBgn0026257
caz                        CAZ_DROME    Q27294      FBgn0285954
cbc                        CLP1_DROME   Q7K284      FBgn0033842
Cbp20                      NCBP2_DROME  Q9V3L6      FBgn0022943
Cbp53E                     CAB32_DROME  P41044      FBgn0004580
Cbp80                      NCBP1_DROME  Q7K4N3      FBgn0022942
Cc2d2a                     C2D2A_DROME  A1ZAV1      FBgn0263113
CCAP                       CCAP_DROME   Q9VCW0      FBgn0039007
CCAP-R                     CCAPR_DROME  Q868T3      FBgn0039396
CCDC53                     WASC3_DROME  Q9VLT8      FBgn0031979
Ccdc56                     COA3_DROME   P0DKM0      FBgn0261353
CCHa1                      CCHA1_DROME  Q4V4I9      FBgn0038199
CCHa1-R                    CCH1R_DROME  A1ZAX0      FBgn0050106
CCHa2                      CCHA2_DROME  Q8SXL2      FBgn0038147
CCHa2-R                    CCH2R_DROME  Q4V622      FBgn0033058
CCT1                       TCPA_DROME   P12613      FBgn0003676
CCT3                       TCPG_DROME   P48605      FBgn0015019
CDase                      NCASE_DROME  Q9VA70      FBgn0039774
Cdc37                      CDC37_DROME  Q24276      FBgn0011573
Cdc42                      CDC42_DROME  P40793      FBgn0010341
CdGAPr                     CDGAP_DROME  Q9VIS1      FBgn0032821
Cdk1                       CDK1_DROME   P23572      FBgn0004106
Cdk2                       CDK2_DROME   P23573      FBgn0004107
Cdk5                       CDK5_DROME   P48609      FBgn0013762
Cdk8                       CDK8_DROME   Q9VT57      FBgn0015618
Cdk12                      CDK12_DROME  Q9VP22      FBgn0037093
Cdlc2                      DYL2_DROME   O96860      FBgn0026141
Cds                        CDS_DROME    P56079      FBgn0010350
CecA1                      CECA1_DROME  C0HKQ7      FBgn0000276
                    Dmau   CECA1_DROMA  P81685      FBgn0023320
CecA2                      CECA2_DROME  C0HKQ8      FBgn0000277
                    Dyak   CECA2_DROYA  O61281      FBgn0025013
CecB                       CECB_DROME   P14956      FBgn0000278
                    Dmau   CECB_DROMA   P81686      FBgn0023318
CecC                       CECC_DROME   O16829      FBgn0000279
                    Dmau   CECC_DROMA   P84019      FBgn0023317
                    Dore   CECC_DROOR   P84223      FBgn0046937
                    Dtak   CECC_DROTK   P84224      FBgn0046906
                    Dtei   CECC_DROTE   P84225      FBgn0046903
                    Dyak   CECC_DROYA   P84226      FBgn0046893
ced-6                      CED6_DROME   Q7JUY7      FBgn0029092
CenG1A                     CEG1A_DROME  Q9NGC3      FBgn0028509
Cep89                      CEP89_DROME  Q7JVA5      FBgn0266708
cep290                     CE290_DROME  Q9W0M1      FBgn0035168
Cf2                        CF2_DROME    P20385      FBgn0000286
Cfp1                       CXXC1_DROME  Q9W352      FBgn0030121
ChAT                       CLAT_DROME   P07668      FBgn0000303
chb                        CLASP_DROME  Q9NBD7      FBgn0021760
Chc                        CLH_DROME    P29742      FBgn0000319
Chd1                       CHD1_DROME   Q7KU24      FBgn0250786
Chd3                       CHD3_DROME   O16102      FBgn0023395
cher                       FLNA_DROME   Q9VEN1      FBgn0014141
chic                       PROF_DROME   P25843      FBgn0000308
chico                      IRS1_DROME   Q9XTN2      FBgn0024248
chif                       CHIF_DROME   Q9NK54      FBgn0000307
chinmo                     CHNMO_DROME  Q9VQ30      FBgn0086758
chn                        CHN_DROME    Q7YU81      FBgn0015371
chp                        CHAO_DROME   P12024      FBgn0267435
Chrac-14                   DPOE3_DROME  Q9V444      FBgn0043002
Chrac-16                   CHRC_DROME   Q9V452      FBgn0043001
chrb                       CHRB_DROME   Q9VTI8      FBgn0036165
ChT                        SC5A7_DROME  Q9VE46      FBgn0038641
Cht2                       CHIT2_DROME  Q9W092      FBgn0022702
Cht10                      CHI10_DROME  Q9W5U2      FBgn0250907
ci                         CI_DROME     P19538      FBgn0004859
CIA30                      CIA30_DROME  Q9VAI1      FBgn0039689
Ciao1                      CIAO1_DROME  Q7K1Y4      FBgn0033972
CIAPIN1                    DRE2_DROME   Q9V3Y2      FBgn0001977
cic                        CIC_DROME    Q9U1H0      FBgn0262582
cid                        CID_DROME    Q9V6Q2      FBgn0040477
cin                        CIN_DROME    P39205      FBgn0000316
Cirl                       LPHN_DROME   A1Z7G7      FBgn0033313
Cisd2                      CISD2_DROME  Q9VAM6      FBgn0062442
ck                         MYO7A_DROME  Q9V3Z6      FBgn0000317
CkIalpha                   KC1A_DROME   P54367      FBgn0015024
CkIIalpha                  CSK2A_DROME  P08181      FBgn0264492
CkIIbeta                   CSK2B_DROME  P08182      FBgn0000259
CkIIbeta2                  CSK2C_DROME  O96863      FBgn0026136
Cks30A                     CKS1_DROME   Q24152      FBgn0010314
Claspin                    CLSPN_DROME  Q8IRB5      FBgn0052251
Clbn                       NEMF_DROME   Q9VBX1      FBgn0259152
Clc                        CLC_DROME    Q9VWA1      FBgn0024814
ClC-a                      CLCN2_DROME  Q9VGH7      FBgn0051116
CLIP-190                   CL190_DROME  Q9VJE5      FBgn0020503
Clk                        CLOCK_DROME  O61735      FBgn0023076
Clp                        CPSF4_DROME  Q9VPT8      FBgn0015621
CLS                        CRLS1_DROME  Q8MZC4      FBgn0039360
clu                        CLU_DROME    A1ZAB5      FBgn0034087
Cmtr1                      CMTR1_DROME  Q9W4N2      FBgn0029693
cn                         KMO_DROME    A1Z746      FBgn0000337
cN-IIIB                    5NT3B_DROME  Q9W197      FBgn0034988
CNBP                       CNBP_DROME   Q8T8R1      FBgn0034802
cnc                        CNC_DROME    P20482      FBgn0262975
CngA                       CNGA_DROME   Q24278      FBgn0261612
cni                        CNI_DROME    P49858      FBgn0000339
cnn                        CNN_DROME    P54623      FBgn0013765
Coa7                       COA7_DROME   Q9W5N0      FBgn0039965
Cog1                       COG1_DROME   Q9VGC3      FBgn0037998
Cog2                       COG2_DROME   Q9VF78      FBgn0026634
Cog3                       COG3_DROME   Q961G1      FBgn0031536
Cog4                       COG4_DROME   Q95TN4      FBgn0032258
Cog6                       COG6_DROME   Q9V564      FBgn0033401
Cog7                       COG7_DROME   Q9VAD6      FBgn0051040
Cog8                       COG8_DROME   Q9VKH0      FBgn0032361
coil                       COIL_DROME   A1Z7A8      FBgn0033265
Col4a1                     CO4A1_DROME  P08120      FBgn0000299
colt                       COLT_DROME   Q9VQG4      FBgn0019830
comm                       COMM_DROME   Q24139      FBgn0010105
comm2                      COMM2_DROME  Q9VUT8      FBgn0041160
comt                       NSF1_DROME   P46461      FBgn0000346
Con                        CONN_DROME   Q01819      FBgn0005775
Cont                       CONT_DROME   Q9VN14      FBgn0037240
conu                       CONU_DROME   Q8T0G4      FBgn0039994
copia\GIP                  COPIA_DROME  P04146      FBgn0013437
Coprox                     HEM6_DROME   Q9V3D2      FBgn0021944
Coq2                       COQ2_DROME   Q9VHS7      FBgn0037574
Coq4                       COQ4_DROME   Q9VVG6      FBgn0052174
Coq5                       COQ5_DROME   Q9VYF8      FBgn0030460
Coq6                       COQ6_DROME   Q9VMQ5      FBgn0031713
Coq9                       COQ9_DROME   Q8MKN0      FBgn0050493
cora                       EPB41_DROME  Q9V8R9      FBgn0010434
CoRest                     RCOR_DROME   Q59E36      FBgn0261573
cort                       CORT_DROME   Q960N3      FBgn0000351
corto                      CORTO_DROME  P41046      FBgn0010313
cos                        COS_DROME    O16844      FBgn0000352
Cow                        COW_DROME    Q9VCR3      FBgn0039054
COX5A                      COX5A_DROME  Q94514      FBgn0019624
COX7A                      COX7A_DROME  Q9VHS2      FBgn0040529
Cp1                        CATL_DROME   Q95029      FBgn0013770
Cp15                       CH15_DROME   P07185      FBgn0000355
                    Dgri   CH15_DROGR   P13425      FBgn0012317
                    Dsub   CH15_DROSU   P13426      FBgn0012933
Cp16                       CH16_DROME   P22977      FBgn0000356
                    Dsub   CH16_DROSU   P24511      FBgn0012934
Cp18                       CH18_DROME   P07184      FBgn0000357
                    Dsub   CH18_DROSU   P24514      FBgn0012935
Cp19                       CH19_DROME   P07186      FBgn0000358
                    Dsub   CH19_DROSU   P13428      FBgn0012936
Cp36                       CH36_DROME   P07182      FBgn0000359
Cp38                       CH38_DROME   P07183      FBgn0000360
Cp190                      CP190_DROME  Q24478      FBgn0000283
cpa                        CAPZA_DROME  Q9W2N0      FBgn0034577
cpb                        CAPZB_DROME  P48603      FBgn0011570
Cpes                       CPESY_DROME  O77475      FBgn0025335
Cpn                        CPN_DROME    Q02910      FBgn0261714
cpo                        CPO_DROME    Q01617      FBgn0263995
Cpr                        NCPR_DROME   Q27597      FBgn0015623
Cpr47Eg                    LCP2A_DROME  Q7JZV0      FBgn0086519
Cpsf6                      CPSF6_DROME  Q9VSH4      FBgn0035872
Cpsf73                     CPSF3_DROME  Q9VE51      FBgn0261065
Cpsf100                    CPSF2_DROME  Q9V3D6      FBgn0027873
Cpsf160                    CPSF1_DROME  Q9V726      FBgn0024698
cpx                        CPLX_DROME   Q8IPM8      FBgn0041605
Crag                       CRAG_DROME   Q9W3D3      FBgn0025864
crb                        CRB_DROME    P10040      FBgn0259685
CrebA                      CREBA_DROME  P29747      FBgn0004396
CrebB                      CREBB_DROME  Q9VWW0      FBgn0265784
Crk                        CRK_DROME    Q9XYM0      FBgn0024811
crm                        CRM_DROME    O76906      FBgn0000376
crn                        CRN_DROME    P17886      FBgn0000377
croc                       CROC_DROME   P32027      FBgn0014143
crq                        CRQ_DROME    Q27367      FBgn0015924
cry                        CRY1_DROME   O77059      FBgn0025680
Crz                        CORZ_DROME   Q26377      FBgn0013767
Cse1                       XPO2_DROME   Q9XZU1      FBgn0022213
CSN1b                      CSN1_DROME   Q9VVU5      FBgn0027057
CSN3                       CSN3_DROME   Q8SYG2      FBgn0027055
CSN4                       CSN4_DROME   Q9V345      FBgn0027054
CSN5                       CSN5_DROME   Q9XZ58      FBgn0027053
CSN6                       CSN6_DROME   Q9VCY3      FBgn0028837
CSN7                       CSN7_DROME   Q9V4S8      FBgn0028836
CSN8                       CSN8_DROME   Q7KTH8      FBgn0261437
Csp                        DNJC5_DROME  Q03751      FBgn0004179
csul                       ANM5_DROME   Q9U6Y9      FBgn0015925
csw                        CSW_DROME    P29349      FBgn0000382
ct                         CUT_DROME    P10180      FBgn0004198
cta                        GNAL_DROME   P25157      FBgn0000384
CtBP                       CTBP_DROME   O46036      FBgn0020496
Ctl1                       CTL1L_DROME  Q9VZE7      FBgn0035523
Ctl2                       CTL12_DROME  Q9VAP3      FBgn0039637
ctp                        DYL1_DROME   Q24117      FBgn0011760
CTPsyn                     PYRG_DROME   Q9VUL1      FBgn0266452
cu                         NOCT_DROME   A8JQX3      FBgn0261808
Cubn                       CUBN_DROME   Q9W332      FBgn0052702
cue                        CUE_DROME    Q95RU0      FBgn0011204
cuff                       CUFF_DROME   Q9V629      FBgn0260932
Cul1                       CUL1_DROME   Q24311      FBgn0015509
cup                        CUP_DROME    Q9VMA3      FBgn0000392
cwo                        CWO_DROME    Q9VGZ5      FBgn0259938
cyc                        CYCL_DROME   O61734      FBgn0023094
CycA                       CCNA_DROME   P14785      FBgn0000404
CycB                       CCNB_DROME   P20439      FBgn0000405
CycB3                      CCNB3_DROME  Q9I7I0      FBgn0015625
CycC                       CCNC_DROME   P25008      FBgn0004597
CycE                       CCNE_DROME   P54733      FBgn0010382
CycG                       CYCG_DROME   Q95TJ9      FBgn0039858
CycT                       CCNT_DROME   O96433      FBgn0025455
Cyp1                       PPIA_DROME   P25007      FBgn0004432
Cyp4aa1                    C4AA1_DROME  Q9V7G5      FBgn0034053
Cyp4ac1                    C4AC1_DROME  Q9VMS9      FBgn0031693
Cyp4ac2                    C4AC2_DROME  Q9VMS8      FBgn0031694
Cyp4ac3                    C4AC3_DROME  Q9VMS7      FBgn0031695
Cyp4ad1                    C4AD1_DROME  Q9V4T3      FBgn0033292
Cyp4ae1                    C4AE1_DROME  O46054      FBgn0015036
Cyp4c3                     CP4C3_DROME  Q9VA27      FBgn0015032
Cyp4d1                     CP4D1_DROME  P33269      FBgn0005670
Cyp4d2                     CP4D2_DROME  Q27589      FBgn0011576
Cyp4d8                     CP4D8_DROME  Q9VS79      FBgn0015033
Cyp4d10             Dmet   C4D10_DROMT  O18596      FBgn0021345
Cyp4d14                    C4D14_DROME  O46051      FBgn0023541
Cyp4d20                    C4D20_DROME  Q9W011      FBgn0035344
Cyp4d21                    C4D21_DROME  Q9VLZ7      FBgn0031925
Cyp4e1                     CP4E1_DROME  Q9V4T5      FBgn0015034
Cyp4e2                     CP4E2_DROME  Q27606      FBgn0014469
Cyp4e3                     CP4E3_DROME  Q9VL92      FBgn0015035
Cyp4e5              Dmet   CP4E5_DROMT  O44221      FBgn0023312
Cyp4g1                     CP4G1_DROME  Q9V3S0      FBgn0010019
Cyp4g15                    C4G15_DROME  Q9VYY4      FBgn0030304
Cyp4p1                     CP4P1_DROME  Q9V558      FBgn0015037
Cyp4p2                     CP4P2_DROME  Q9V557      FBgn0033395
Cyp4p3                     CP4P3_DROME  Q9V559      FBgn0033397
Cyp4s3                     CP4S3_DROME  Q9VXY0      FBgn0030615
Cyp6a2                     CP6A2_DROME  P33270      FBgn0000473
Cyp6a8                     CP6A8_DROME  Q27593      FBgn0013772
Cyp6a9                     CP6A9_DROME  Q27594      FBgn0013771
Cyp6a13                    C6A13_DROME  Q9V4U9      FBgn0033304
Cyp6a14                    C6A14_DROME  Q9V4U7      FBgn0033302
Cyp6a17                    C6A17_DROME  Q9V770      FBgn0015714
Cyp6a18                    C6A18_DROME  Q9VB31      FBgn0039519
Cyp6a19                    C6A19_DROME  P82711      FBgn0033979
Cyp6a20                    C6A20_DROME  Q9V773      FBgn0033980
Cyp6a21                    C6A21_DROME  Q9V774      FBgn0033981
Cyp6a22                    C6A22_DROME  Q9V769      FBgn0013773
Cyp6a23                    C6A23_DROME  Q9V771      FBgn0033978
Cyp6d2                     CP6D2_DROME  Q9W223      FBgn0034756
Cyp6d4                     CP6D4_DROME  Q9VCW1      FBgn0039006
Cyp6d5                     CP6D5_DROME  Q9VFP1      FBgn0038194
Cyp6g1                     CP6G1_DROME  Q9V674      FBgn0025454
Cyp6g2                     CP6G2_DROME  Q9V675      FBgn0033696
Cyp6t1                     CP6T1_DROME  Q9VRI9      FBgn0031182
Cyp6t3                     CP6T3_DROME  Q9V676      FBgn0033697
Cyp6u1                     CP6U1_DROME  Q9V979      FBgn0033121
Cyp6v1                     CP6V1_DROME  Q9VRB3      FBgn0031126
Cyp6w1                     CP6W1_DROME  Q9V9L1      FBgn0033065
Cyp9b1                     CP9B1_DROME  Q9V4I0      FBgn0015038
Cyp9b2                     CP9B2_DROME  Q9V4I1      FBgn0015039
Cyp9c1                     CP9C1_DROME  Q9W130      FBgn0015040
Cyp9f2                     CP9F2_DROME  Q9VG82      FBgn0038037
Cyp9h1                     CP9H1_DROME  Q9V6H1      FBgn0033775
Cyp12a4                    C12A4_DROME  Q9VE00      FBgn0038681
Cyp12a5                    C12A5_DROME  Q9VE01      FBgn0038680
Cyp12b1             Daca   C12B1_DROAC  O44220      FBgn0022933
Cyp12b2                    C12B2_DROME  Q9V8M2      FBgn0034387
Cyp12c1                    C12C1_DROME  Q9VVR9      FBgn0036806
Cyp12d1-d                  CCD1D_DROME  Q7KR10      FBgn0053503
Cyp12d1-p                  CCD1P_DROME  P82712      FBgn0050489
Cyp12e1                    C12E1_DROME  Q9VGZ0      FBgn0037817
Cyp18a1                    CP18A_DROME  Q95078      FBgn0010383
Cyp28a5                    C28A5_DROME  Q9V419      FBgn0028940
Cyp28c1                    C28C1_DROME  Q9VYT8      FBgn0030339
Cyp28d1                    C28D1_DROME  Q9VMT5      FBgn0031689
Cyp28d2                    C28D2_DROME  Q9VMT6      FBgn0031688
cyp33                      PPIE_DROME   Q9V3G3      FBgn0028382
Cyp49a1                    C49A1_DROME  Q9V5L3      FBgn0033524
Cyp301a1                   CP301_DROME  Q9V6D6      FBgn0033753
Cyp303a1                   CP303_DROME  Q9V399      FBgn0001992
Cyp304a1                   CP304_DROME  Q9VG17      FBgn0038095
Cyp305a1                   CP305_DROME  Q9VW43      FBgn0036910
Cyp308a1                   CP308_DROME  Q9VWR2      FBgn0030949
Cyp309a1                   CP391_DROME  Q9VQD2      FBgn0031432
Cyp309a2                   CP392_DROME  P82713      FBgn0041337
Cyp310a1                   CP310_DROME  Q9VJ71      FBgn0032693
Cyp311a1                   CP311_DROME  Q9VYQ7      FBgn0030367
Cyp312a1                   CP312_DROME  Q9VVN6      FBgn0036778
Cyp313a1                   CA131_DROME  Q9VFJ0      FBgn0038236
Cyp313a2                   CP132_DROME  Q9VGB4      FBgn0038006
Cyp313a3                   CP133_DROME  Q9VGB3      FBgn0038007
Cyp313a4                   CP134_DROME  Q9VG40      FBgn0038076
Cyp313a5                   CP135_DROME  Q9VGB5      FBgn0038005
Cyp313b1                   CP313_DROME  Q9VHP4      FBgn0037601
Cyp316a1                   CP316_DROME  Q9VS78      FBgn0035790
Cyp317a1                   CP317_DROME  Q9V776      FBgn0033982
Cyp318a1                   CP318_DROME  Q9VYQ5      FBgn0030369
Cys                        CYTL_DROME   P23779      FBgn0004629
CysRS                      SYCC_DROME   Q7KN90      FBgn0027091
Cyt-b5                     CYB5_DROME   Q9V4N3      FBgn0264294
Cyt-b5-r                   CYB5R_DROME  P19967      FBgn0000406
Cyt-c-d                    CYC1_DROME   P04657      FBgn0086907
Cyt-c-p                    CYC2_DROME   P84029      FBgn0284248
D                          DICH_DROME   Q24533      FBgn0000411
D1                         CPD1_DROME   P22058      FBgn0000412
da                         DA_DROME     P11420      FBgn0267821
Dab                        DAB_DROME    P98081      FBgn0000414
Dad1                       DAD1_DROME   Q9VLM5      FBgn0263852
dally                      DALY_DROME   Q24114      FBgn0263930
dan                        DAN_DROME    Q9VBW6      FBgn0039286
danr                       DANR_DROME   Q9VBW9      FBgn0039283
dar1                       DAR1_DROME   Q9VZN4      FBgn0263239
dare                       ADRO_DROME   Q9V3T9      FBgn0015582
DAT                        DAT_DROME    Q7K4Y6      FBgn0034136
Daxx                       DAXX_DROME   Q9VMD0      FBgn0031820
dbe                        KRR1_DROME   Q9VPU8      FBgn0020305
dbo                        KLHDB_DROME  Q9VUU5      FBgn0040230
Dbp45A                     DDX49_DROME  Q07886      FBgn0010220
Dbp73D                     DDX51_DROME  P26802      FBgn0004556
Dbp80                      DDX19_DROME  O61305      FBgn0024804
DCAF12                     DCA12_DROME  Q9VGE3      FBgn0037980
dco                        DCO_DROME    O76324      FBgn0002413
Dcp-1                      CASP1_DROME  O02002      FBgn0010501
Dcr-1                      DCR1_DROME   Q9VCU9      FBgn0039016
DCTN1-p150                 DCTN1_DROME  P13496      FBgn0001108
DCTN2-p50                  DCTN2_DROME  Q7K2D2      FBgn0021825
DCX-EMAP                   EMAL_DROME   Q9VUI3      FBgn0259099
Dd                         CNEP1_DROME  Q9VRG7      FBgn0029067
Ddc                        DDC_DROME    P05031      FBgn0000422
                    Dleb   DDC_DROLE    O96571      FBgn0025671
Ddx1                       DDX1_DROME   Q9VNV3      FBgn0015075
Deaf1                      DEAF1_DROME  Q24180      FBgn0013799
dec-1                      DEC11_DROME  P18169      FBgn0000427
                           DEC12_DROME  P18170                 
                           DEC13_DROME  P18171                 
Def                        DEFI_DROME   P36192      FBgn0010385
DEF8                       DEFI8_DROME  Q9VTT9      FBgn0046296
defl                       INT7_DROME   Q9VT41      FBgn0036038
del                        DEL_DROME    Q9VIF5      FBgn0086251
deltaTry                   TRYDT_DROME  C0HKA2      FBgn0010358
DENR                       DENR_DROME   Q9VX98      FBgn0030802
Der-1                      DERL1_DROME  Q9VQ57      FBgn0267972
Dfd                        DFD_DROME    P07548      FBgn0000439
Dgk                        DGK1_DROME   Q01583      FBgn0085390
dgt2                       DGT2_DROME   Q9VKD6      FBgn0032390
dgt3                       DGT3_DROME   Q9W2P0      FBgn0034569
dgt4                       DGT4_DROME   Q9W4M8      FBgn0026085
dgt5                       DGT5_DROME   Q7K4B4      FBgn0033740
dgt6                       DGT6_DROME   Q9VAP2      FBgn0039638
Dh31                       DIUX_DROME   Q9VLK4      FBgn0032048
Dhc64C                     DYHC_DROME   P37276      FBgn0261797
dhd                        THIO1_DROME  P47938      FBgn0011761
Dhfr                       DYR_DROME    P17719      FBgn0004087
Dhod                       PYRD_DROME   P32748      FBgn0000447
DhpD                       GUAD_DROME   Q9VMY9      FBgn0261436
dia                        DIA_DROME    P48608      FBgn0011202
Diap1                      DIAP1_DROME  Q24306      FBgn0260635
Diap2                      DIAP2_DROME  Q24307      FBgn0015247
dib                        CP302_DROME  Q9NGX9      FBgn0000449
Diedel                     DIE_DROME    Q9VAK8      FBgn0039666
Dif                        DIF_DROME    P98149      FBgn0011274
dila                       CP131_DROME  A1Z7Z9      FBgn0033447
dimm                       DIMM_DROME   B6VQA1      FBgn0023091
DIP2                       DIP2_DROME   Q9W0S9      FBgn0024806
disco                      DISC_DROME   P23792      FBgn0000459
disp                       DISP_DROME   Q9VNJ5      FBgn0029088
dj                         DJ_DROME     O01352      FBgn0019828
DJ-1alpha                  DJ1A_DROME   A1Z9J4      FBgn0033885
dj-1beta                   DJ1B_DROME   Q9VA37      FBgn0039802
Dl                         DL_DROME     P10041      FBgn0000463
dl                         DORS_DROME   P15330      FBgn0260632
Dlc90F                     DYLT_DROME   Q94524      FBgn0024432
dlg1                       DLG1_DROME   P31007      FBgn0001624
Dlish                      DLISH_DROME  A1ZAY1      FBgn0034264
Dll                        DLL_DROME    P20009      FBgn0000157
dlt                        DLT_DROME    Q8T626      FBgn0024510
DMAP1                      DMAP1_DROME  Q7K3D8      FBgn0034537
dmt                        DALMA_DROME  Q9VH89      FBgn0278604
DnaJ-1                     DNAJ1_DROME  Q24133      FBgn0263106
DnaJ-60                    DNJ60_DROME  P92029      FBgn0260775
Dnali1                     IDLC_DROME   Q9VGG6      FBgn0037962
DNAlig1                    DNLI1_DROME  Q9W1H4      FBgn0262619
DNApol-delta               DPOD1_DROME  P54358      FBgn0263600
DNApol-epsilon58           DPOE2_DROME  Q9VRQ7      FBgn0035644
DNApol-epsilon255          DPOE1_DROME  Q9VCN1      FBgn0264326
DNApol-eta                 POLH_DROME   Q9VNX1      FBgn0037141
DNApol-gamma35             DPOG2_DROME  Q9VJV8      FBgn0004407
DNApol-iota                POLI_DROME   Q9VHV1      FBgn0037554
DNApol-theta               DPOLQ_DROME  O18475      FBgn0002905
DNApol-zeta                DPOZ_DROME   Q9GSR1      FBgn0002891
dnc                        PDE4A_DROME  Q9W4T4      FBgn0000479
                           PDE4B_DROME  P12252                 
                           PDE4C_DROME  Q9W4S9                 
                           PDE4E_DROME  Q8IRU4                 
dnk                        DNK_DROME    Q9XZT6      FBgn0022338
dnt                        RYK2_DROME   Q9V422      FBgn0024245
Doa                        DOA_DROME    P49762      FBgn0265998
dod                        DOD_DROME    P54353      FBgn0015379
dom                        DOM_DROME    Q9NDJ2      FBgn0020306
dome                       DOME_DROME   Q9VWE0      FBgn0043903
Dop1R1                     DOPR1_DROME  P41596      FBgn0011582
Dop1R2                     DOPR2_DROME  Q24563      FBgn0266137
Dop2R                      DRD2L_DROME  Q8IS44      FBgn0053517
dor                        VPS18_DROME  Q24314      FBgn0000482
dos                        DOS_DROME    Q9VZZ9      FBgn0016794
Dp                         TFDP_DROME   Q24318      FBgn0011763
dpa                        MCM4_DROME   Q26454      FBgn0015929
Dpit47                     TTC4_DROME   A1Z6M6      FBgn0266518
Dpm1                       DPM1_DROME   Q9VIU7      FBgn0032799
dpn                        DPN_DROME    Q26263      FBgn0010109
dpp                        DECA_DROME   P07713      FBgn0000490
DppIII                     DPP3_DROME   Q9VHR8      FBgn0037580
DptA                       DIPA_DROME   P24492      FBgn0004240
Dpy-30L1                   DPY30_DROME  Q9VKQ9      FBgn0032293
Dr                         HMSH_DROME   Q03372      FBgn0000492
Drak                       DAPKR_DROME  Q0KHT7      FBgn0052666
dre4                       SPT16_DROME  Q8IRG6      FBgn0002183
Dredd                      CASP8_DROME  Q8IRY7      FBgn0020381
Drice                      DRICE_DROME  O01382      FBgn0019972
Drip                       AQP_DROME    Q9V5Z7      FBgn0015872
drk                        GRAP_DROME   Q08012      FBgn0004638
drl                        RYK1_DROME   Q27324      FBgn0015380
drm                        DRM_DROME    Q9VQS6      FBgn0024244
Dro                        DROS_DROME   P36193      FBgn0010388
Dronc                      DRONC_DROME  Q9XYF4      FBgn0026404
drpr                       DRPR_DROME   Q9W0A0      FBgn0027594
Drs                        DMYC_DROME   P41964      FBgn0283461
ds                         DS_DROME     Q24292      FBgn0284247
Dscam2                     DSCL_DROME   Q9VS29      FBgn0265296
dsf                        DSF_DROME    Q9VML1      FBgn0015381
dsh                        DSH_DROME    P51140      FBgn0000499
Dsk                        DSK_DROME    P09040      FBgn0000500
Dso1                       DSO1_DROME   P82705      FBgn0040653
Dso2                       DSO2_DROME   P83869      FBgn0067905
Dsor1                      DSOR1_DROME  Q24324      FBgn0010269
Dsp1                       HMG2_DROME   Q24537      FBgn0278608
dsx                        DSX_DROME    P23023      FBgn0000504
Dtd                        DTD_DROME    Q9VGP0      FBgn0037898
dtr                        DAAF1_DROME  Q8INT5      FBgn0023090
Duox                       DUOX_DROME   Q9VQH2      FBgn0283531
Dup99B                     DEJP_DROME   P81160      FBgn0250832
dx                         DTX_DROME    Q23985      FBgn0000524
Dyrk2                      DYRK2_DROME  Q9V3D5      FBgn0016930
Dyrk3                      DYRK3_DROME  P83102      FBgn0027101
Dys                        DMDA_DROME   Q9VDW6      FBgn0260003
                           DMDB_DROME   Q9VDW3                 
                           DMDD_DROME   Q0KI50                 
                           DMDE_DROME   Q7YU29                 
Dysb                       DTBP1_DROME  Q9VVT5      FBgn0036819
dyw                        CCCP_DROME   O76879      FBgn0000092
DZIP1                      DZIP1_DROME  Q9VC70      FBgn0039201
E2f1                       E2F1_DROME   Q27368      FBgn0011766
E2f2                       E2F2_DROME   O77051      FBgn0024371
E(bx)                      NU301_DROME  Q9W0T1      FBgn0000541
e(r)                       ER_DROME     Q24337      FBgn0011586
E(spl)              Dhyd   ESM8_DROHY   Q07291      FBgn0012364
E(spl)m2-BFM               ESM2_DROME   O97177      FBgn0002592
E(spl)m3-HLH               ESM3_DROME   Q01068      FBgn0002609
E(spl)m4-BFM               ESM4_DROME   P13095      FBgn0002629
E(spl)m5-HLH               ESM5_DROME   P13096      FBgn0002631
E(spl)m6-BFM               ESM6_DROME   O97179      FBgn0002632
E(spl)m7-HLH               ESM7_DROME   P13097      FBgn0002633
E(spl)m8-HLH               ESM8_DROME   P13098      FBgn0000591
E(spl)malpha-BFM           ESMA_DROME   O97178      FBgn0002732
E(spl)mbeta-HLH            ESMB_DROME   Q01069      FBgn0002733
E(spl)mdelta-HLH           ESMD_DROME   Q01071      FBgn0002734
E(spl)mgamma-HLH           ESMC_DROME   Q01070      FBgn0002735
e(y)1                      TAF9_DROME   Q27272      FBgn0000617
e(y)2                      ENY2_DROME   Q9VYX1      FBgn0000618
e(y)2b                     ENY2B_DROME  Q9VI60      FBgn0040670
e(y)3                      SAYP_DROME   Q9VWF2      FBgn0087008
E(z)                       EZ_DROME     P42124      FBgn0000629
ea                         EAST_DROME   P13582      FBgn0000533
Eaf                        EAF_DROME    Q7JRJ1      FBgn0033166
eag                        KCNAE_DROME  Q02280      FBgn0000535
eas                        EAS_DROME    P54352      FBgn0000536
ebi                        EBI_DROME    Q95RJ9      FBgn0263933
Ebp                        PEB1_DROME   Q9U6L5      FBgn0004181
EbpII                      PEB2_DROME   Q23982      FBgn0011694
EbpIII                     PEB3_DROME   Q9W1C9      FBgn0011695
eca                        TMEDE_DROME  Q9I7K5      FBgn0069242
ecd                        ECD_DROME    Q9W032      FBgn0000543
eco                        ECO_DROME    Q9VS50      FBgn0035766
EcR                        ECR_DROME    P34021      FBgn0000546
ECSIT                      ECSIT_DROME  Q9U6M0      FBgn0028436
Edc3                       EDC3_DROME   Q9VVI2      FBgn0036735
Edg78E                     CUP7_DROME   P27779      FBgn0000551
Edg84A                     CUP8_DROME   P27780      FBgn0000552
Edg91                      CUP9_DROME   P27781      FBgn0004554
eEF1alpha1                 EF1A1_DROME  P08736      FBgn0284245
eEF1alpha2                 EF1A2_DROME  P05303      FBgn0000557
eEF1beta                   EF1B_DROME   O96827      FBgn0028737
eEF1delta                  EF1D_DROME   Q9VL18      FBgn0032198
eEF1gamma                  EF1G_DROME   Q9NJH0      FBgn0029176
eEF2                       EF2_DROME    P13060      FBgn0000559
eEF5                       IF5A_DROME   Q9GU68      FBgn0285952
Efa6                       PSD_DROME    E1JIT7      FBgn0051158
eff                        UBCD1_DROME  P25867      FBgn0011217
Efr                        S35B4_DROME  Q9W429      FBgn0029849
eg                         EGON_DROME   P15370      FBgn0000560
Egfr                       EGFR_DROME   P04412      FBgn0003731
egg                        SETB1_DROME  Q32KD2      FBgn0086908
egh                        EGH_DROME    O01346      FBgn0001404
egr                        EIGER_DROME  Q8MUJ1      FBgn0033483
Eh                         ECLH_DROME   Q07892      FBgn0000564
eIF1                       ETIF1_DROME  Q9VZS3      FBgn0035423
eIF2alpha                  IF2A_DROME   P41374      FBgn0261609
eIF2beta                   IF2B_DROME   P41375      FBgn0004926
eIF2gamma                  IF2G_DROME   Q24208      FBgn0263740
eIF3a                      EIF3A_DROME  Q9VN25      FBgn0037249
eIF3b                      EIF3B_DROME  Q0E940      FBgn0034237
eIF3c                      EIF3C_DROME  A1ZAX1      FBgn0034258
eIF3d1                     EI3D1_DROME  Q9VCK0      FBgn0040227
eIF3d2                     EI3D2_DROME  Q9VGC7      FBgn0037994
eIF3e                      EIF3E_DROME  O77410      FBgn0025582
eIF3f1                     EI3F1_DROME  Q9VN50      FBgn0037270
eIF3f2                     EI3F2_DROME  A1Z6K7      FBgn0033069
eIF3g1                     EI3G1_DROME  Q9W4X7      FBgn0029629
eIF3g2                     EI3G2_DROME  Q9VDM6      FBgn0038796
eIF3h                      EIF3H_DROME  Q9U9Q4      FBgn0022023
eIF3i                      EIF3I_DROME  O02195      FBgn0015834
eIF3j                      EIF3J_DROME  Q7K550      FBgn0027619
eIF3k                      EIF3K_DROME  Q9W2D9      FBgn0034654
eIF3l                      EIF3L_DROME  Q9VTU4      FBgn0036258
eIF3m                      EIF3M_DROME  Q7JVI3      FBgn0033902
eIF4A                      IF4A_DROME   Q02748      FBgn0001942
eIF4E1                     IF4E_DROME   P48598      FBgn0015218
eIF5                       IF5_DROME    Q9VXK6      FBgn0030719
eIF6                       IF6_DROME    P56538      FBgn0034915
Eip63F-1                   E631_DROME   P48593      FBgn0004910
Eip74EF                    E74EA_DROME  P20105      FBgn0000567
                           E74EB_DROME  P11536                 
Eip75B                     E75BA_DROME  P17672      FBgn0000568
                           E75BB_DROME  P13055                 
                           E75BC_DROME  P17671                 
Eip78C                     E78C_DROME   P45447      FBgn0004865
elav                       ELAV_DROME   P16914      FBgn0260400
elB                        ELBOW_DROME  Q9VJS8      FBgn0004858
Elba2                      ELBA2_DROME  Q9VQD6      FBgn0031435
Elba3                      ELBA3_DROME  Q9VR19      FBgn0031621
EloA                       ELOA1_DROME  Q9VCP0      FBgn0039066
eloF                       ELOF_DROME   Q9VH58      FBgn0037762
ELOVL                      ELOVL_DROME  Q9VHX7      FBgn0037534
Elp1                       ELP1_DROME   Q9VGK7      FBgn0037926
Elp2                       ELP2_DROME   Q7K4B3      FBgn0033540
Elp3                       ELP3_DROME   Q9VQZ6      FBgn0031604
Elys                       ELYS_DROME   Q9VWE6      FBgn0031052
ema                        CL16A_DROME  Q9VEV4      FBgn0038427
emb                        XPO1_DROME   Q9TVM2      FBgn0020497
emc                        EMC_DROME    P18491      FBgn0000575
EMC8-9                     EMC89_DROME  Q9W1Y1      FBgn0034791
EMRE                       EMRE_DROME   Q7JX57      FBgn0062440
ems                        EMS_DROME    P18488      FBgn0000576
en                         HMEN_DROME   P02836      FBgn0000577
ena                        ENA_DROME    Q8T4F7      FBgn0000578
enc                        ENC_DROME    Q8MSX1      FBgn0004875
EndoA                      SH3G3_DROME  Q8T390      FBgn0038659
Eno                        ENO_DROME    P15007      FBgn0000579
Eogt                       EOGT_DROME   Q9VQB7      FBgn0264672
Epg5                       EPG5_DROME   Q9VE34      FBgn0038651
epsilonTry                 TRYE_DROME   P35005      FBgn0010425
eRF1                       ERF1_DROME   Q9VPH7      FBgn0036974
Erk7                       ERK7_DROME   Q9W354      FBgn0052703
erm                        ERM_DROME    Q9VQ56      FBgn0031375
Ero1L                      ERO1L_DROME  Q9V3A6      FBgn0261274
Es2                        ESS2_DROME   O44424      FBgn0023506
esc                        ESC_DROME    Q24338      FBgn0000588
esg                        ESCA_DROME   P25932      FBgn0287768
esn                        ESN_DROME    Q9U1I1      FBgn0263934
Est-5A              Dmir   EST5A_DROMI  O16168      FBgn0021338
Est-5B              Dmir   EST5B_DROMI  O16170      FBgn0021337
Est-5C              Dmir   EST5C_DROMI  O16169      FBgn0021336
Est-6                      EST6_DROME   P08171      FBgn0000592
                    Dmau   EST6_DROMA   P47982      FBgn0012501
Est-P                      ESTP_DROME   P18167      FBgn0000594
etaTry                     TRYU_DROME   P42279      FBgn0011554
Etl1                       SMRCD_DROME  Q9VL72      FBgn0032157
Ets21C                     ETS6_DROME   P29776      FBgn0005660
Ets65A                     ETS3_DROME   P29774      FBgn0005658
Ets96B                     ET96B_DROME  Q8MRW5      FBgn0039225
Ets97D                     ELG_DROME    Q04688      FBgn0004510
Ets98B                     ETS4_DROME   P29775      FBgn0005659
eve                        EVE_DROME    P06602      FBgn0000606
Evi5                       EVI5_DROME   Q9VYY9      FBgn0262740
ewg                        EWG_DROME    Q24312      FBgn0005427
ex                         EXPA_DROME   Q07436      FBgn0004583
exd                        EXD_DROME    P40427      FBgn0000611
Exd2                       EXD2_DROME   Q9VGN7      FBgn0037901
Exo70                      EXOC7_DROME  Q9VSJ8      FBgn0266667
exu                        EXU_DROME    P28750      FBgn0000615
ey                         PAX6_DROME   O18381      FBgn0005558
eya                        EYA_DROME    Q05201      FBgn0000320
eys                        EYS_DROME    A0A1F4      FBgn0031414
fab1                       FYV1_DROME   O96838      FBgn0028741
Fadd                       FADD_DROME   Q9V3B4      FBgn0038928
faf                        FAF_DROME    P55824      FBgn0005632
Fam92                      FAM92_DROME  Q9VK91      FBgn0032428
fand                       SYF1_DROME   A1Z9G2      FBgn0033859
Fas1                       FAS1_DROME   P10674      FBgn0285925
Fas2                       FAS2_DROME   P34082      FBgn0000635
Fas3                       FAS3_DROME   P15278      FBgn0000636
fau                        FAU_DROME    C0HK95      FBgn0266451
fax                        FAXC_DROME   Q95RI5      FBgn0014163
Fbp1                       FBP1_DROME   Q04691      FBgn0000639
Fbp2                       FBP2_DROME   P54398      FBgn0000640
Fcp3C                      FCP3C_DROME  P11450      FBgn0000644
fd59A                      FD3_DROME    Q02361      FBgn0004896
fd64A                      FD2_DROME    Q02360      FBgn0004895
fd96Ca                     FD4_DROME    P32028      FBgn0004897
fd96Cb                     FD5_DROME    P32029      FBgn0004898
Fdh                        ADHX_DROME   P46415      FBgn0011768
fdl                        FDL_DROME    Q8WSF3      FBgn0045063
Fdx1                       ADXH1_DROME  P37193      FBgn0011769
Fdx2                       ADXH2_DROME  Q8SZA8      FBgn0035529
FeCH                       HEMH_DROME   Q9V9S8      FBgn0266268
Fem-1                      FEM1B_DROME  A1ZBY1      FBgn0034542
Fen1                       FEN1_DROME   Q7K7A9      FBgn0025832
fend                       FEND_DROME   Q9GNL3      FBgn0030090
FER                        FER_DROME    P18106      FBgn0000723
Fer3                       FER3_DROME   Q9VGJ5      FBgn0037937
Fgop2                      FGOP2_DROME  Q9VM65      FBgn0031871
fh                         FRDA_DROME   Q9W385      FBgn0030092
Fib                        FBRL_DROME   Q9W1V3      FBgn0003062
Fic                        FICD_DROME   Q8SWV6      FBgn0263278
fig                        PTC71_DROME  Q9VAH4      FBgn0039694
Fis1                       FIS1_DROME   B7YZT2      FBgn0039969
Fit1                       UN112_DROME  Q9VZI3      FBgn0035498
Fitm                       FITM2_DROME  Q9VRJ2      FBgn0035586
fj                         FOJO_DROME   P54360      FBgn0000658
FK506-bp1                  FKB39_DROME  P54397      FBgn0013269
Fkbp12                     FKB12_DROME  P48375      FBgn0013954
Fkbp59                     FKB59_DROME  Q9VL78      FBgn0029174
fkh                        FKH_DROME    P14734      FBgn0000659
fl(2)d                     FL2D_DROME   Q9Y091      FBgn0000662
Flacc                      FLACC_DROME  Q9VWN4      FBgn0030974
flfl                       PP4R3_DROME  Q9VFS5      FBgn0024555
fliI                       FLII_DROME   Q24020      FBgn0000709
fln                        FTN_DROME    P35554      FBgn0005633
Flo1                       FLOT1_DROME  O61491      FBgn0024754
Flo2                       FLOT2_DROME  O61492      FBgn0264078
flr                        WDR1_DROME   Q9VU68      FBgn0260049
flw                        PP1B_DROME   P48462      FBgn0000711
flz                        LINT_DROME   B7YZU2      FBgn0286782
Fmr1                       FMR1_DROME   Q9NFU0      FBgn0028734
FMRFa                      FMRF_DROME   P10552      FBgn0000715
FMRFaR                     FMAR_DROME   Q9VZW5      FBgn0035385
fng                        FNG_DROME    Q24342      FBgn0011591
fog                        FOG_DROME    P40795      FBgn0000719
foi                        FOI_DROME    Q9VSL7      FBgn0024236
for                        KGP24_DROME  Q03043      FBgn0000721
                           KGP25_DROME  P32023                 
foxo                       FOXO_DROME   Q95V55      FBgn0038197
frc                        US74C_DROME  Q95YI5      FBgn0042641
FRG1                       FRG1_DROME   Q9VWA8      FBgn0036964
frj                        MBOA7_DROME  Q9VMD5      FBgn0031815
Frl                        FRL_DROME    Q9VUC6      FBgn0267795
Frq1                       FREQ_DROME   P37236      FBgn0030897
frtz                       FRITZ_DROME  Q9VQ36      FBgn0086698
fru                        FRU_DROME    Q8IN81      FBgn0004652
fry                        FRY_DROME    Q9VT28      FBgn0016081
fs(1)h                     FSH_DROME    P13709      FBgn0004656
fs(1)K10                   K10_DROME    P13468      FBgn0000810
fs(1)Ya                    FSYA_DROME   P25028      FBgn0000927
Fs(2)Ket                   IMB_DROME    O18388      FBgn0262743
Fsn                        FBSP1_DROME  Q9V6L9      FBgn0043010
ft                         FAT_DROME    P33450      FBgn0001075
ftz                        FTZ_DROME    P02835      FBgn0001077
                    Dhyd   FTZ_DROHY    P48590      FBgn0012391
ftz-f1                     FTZF1_DROME  P33244      FBgn0001078
fu                         FUSED_DROME  P23647      FBgn0001079
Fuca                       FUCO_DROME   Q9VTJ4      FBgn0285958
FucT6                      FUT8_DROME   Q9VYV5      FBgn0030327
FucTA                      FUCTA_DROME  Q9VUL9      FBgn0036485
FucTB                      FUCTB_DROME  Q9VLC1      FBgn0032117
FucTC                      FUCTC_DROME  P83088      FBgn0044872
Fur1                       FUR11_DROME  P26016      FBgn0004509
                           FUR1C_DROME  P30430                 
Fur2                       FUR2_DROME   P30432      FBgn0004598
fus                        FUSIL_DROME  Q9BJZ5      FBgn0023441
futsch                     FUTSC_DROME  Q9W596      FBgn0259108
fwe                        FLOWR_DROME  Q95T12      FBgn0261722
fws                        COG5_DROME   Q9VJD3      FBgn0024689
fy                         FUZZY_DROME  O16868      FBgn0001084
fz                         FRIZ_DROME   P18537      FBgn0001085
fz2                        FRIZ2_DROME  Q9VVX3      FBgn0016797
fz3                        FRIZ3_DROME  O77438      FBgn0027343
fz4                        FRIZ4_DROME  Q9NBW1      FBgn0027342
fzo                        FZO_DROME    O18412      FBgn0011596
g                          AP3D_DROME   P54362      FBgn0001087
Gad1                       DCE_DROME    P20228      FBgn0004516
Gale                       GALE_DROME   Q9W0P5      FBgn0035147
galla-1                    GALL1_DROME  Q9V968      FBgn0034543
galla-2                    GALL2_DROME  Q9VTC4      FBgn0036107
Galphaf                    GNAF_DROME   Q05337      FBgn0010223
Galphai                    GNAI_DROME   P20353      FBgn0001104
Galphao                    GNAO_DROME   P16378      FBgn0001122
Galphaq                    GNAQ_DROME   P23625      FBgn0004435
Galphas                    GNAS_DROME   P20354      FBgn0001123
Galt                       GALT_DROME   Q9VMA2      FBgn0263200
gammaCOP                   COPG_DROME   Q8I0G5      FBgn0028968
gammaTry                   TRYGT_DROME  C0HKA3      FBgn0010359
gammaTub23C                TBG1_DROME   P23257      FBgn0260639
gammaTub37C                TBG2_DROME   P42271      FBgn0010097
Gapdh1                     G3P1_DROME   P07486      FBgn0001091
                    Dhyd   G3P_DROHY    Q01597      FBgn0012366
Gapdh2                     G3P2_DROME   P07487      FBgn0001092
                    Dsub   G3P2_DROSU   O44105      FBgn0012937
Gart                       PUR2_DROME   P00967      FBgn0000053
Gas8                       DRC4_DROME   Q8MT08      FBgn0029667
gatA                       GATA_DROME   Q9VE09      FBgn0260779
GatB                       GATB_DROME   Q9VCD0      FBgn0039153
GatC                       GATC_DROME   Q86BL4      FBgn0064115
gbb                        60A_DROME    P27091      FBgn0024234
Gbeta13F                   GBB1_DROME   P26308      FBgn0001105
Gbeta76C                   GBB2_DROME   P29829      FBgn0004623
Gbs-76A                    GBS76_DROME  Q9VVY3      FBgn0036862
gcl                        GCL_DROME    Q01820      FBgn0005695
Gclc                       GSH1_DROME   Q9W3K5      FBgn0040319
gcm                        GCM_DROME    Q27403      FBgn0014179
gcm2                       GCM2_DROME   Q9VLA2      FBgn0019809
gd                         GD_DROME     O62589      FBgn0000808
Gdap2                      GDAP2_DROME  Q7JUR6      FBgn0042135
Gdh                        DHE3_DROME   P54385      FBgn0001098
gdl                        GDL_DROME    P22468      FBgn0001099
gdl-ORF39                  GDLO_DROME   Q9U5V6      FBgn0028377
Ge-1                       EDC4_DROME   Q9VKK1      FBgn0283682
gek                        GEK_DROME    Q9W1B0      FBgn0023081
Gel                        GELS_DROME   Q07171      FBgn0010225
Gem2                       GEMI2_DROME  Q9VVX0      FBgn0036850
Gen                        GEN_DROME    Q9VRJ0      FBgn0263831
Ggamma1                    GBG1_DROME   P38040      FBgn0004921
Ggamma30A                  GBGE_DROME   Q9NFZ3      FBgn0267252
GILT1                      GILT1_DROME  Q95RA9      FBgn0038149
GILT2                      GILT2_DROME  Q9VCK1      FBgn0039099
GILT3                      GILT3_DROME  Q9VCK2      FBgn0039098
Gip                        HYI_DROME    P36951      FBgn0011770
Git                        GIT_DROME    Q95RG8      FBgn0033539
gkt                        TYDP1_DROME  Q9VQM4      FBgn0260817
gl                         GLAS_DROME   P13360      FBgn0004618
GlcAT-I                    B3GI_DROME   O97422      FBgn0066114
GlcAT-P                    B3G2P_DROME  Q9VTG7      FBgn0036144
GlcAT-S                    B3G2S_DROME  Q9VLA1      FBgn0032135
Gld                        DHGL_DROME   P18173      FBgn0001112
Gld2                       GLD2A_DROME  Q9VD44      FBgn0038934
Gle1                       GLE1_DROME   Q9V4W1      FBgn0033316
glec                       GLEC_DROME   Q9VD73      FBgn0015229
GlnRS                      SYQ_DROME    Q9Y105      FBgn0027090
Glt                        GLT_DROME    P33438      FBgn0001114
GluClalpha                 GLUCL_DROME  Q94900      FBgn0024963
GluProRS                   SYEP_DROME   P28668      FBgn0005674
GluRIA                     GLR1_DROME   Q03445      FBgn0004619
Glut1                      GTR1_DROME   Q8IRI6      FBgn0264574
Glut3                      GTR3_DROME   P53403      FBgn0015230
GlyP                       PYG_DROME    Q9XTL9      FBgn0004507
GlyRS                      GARS_DROME   Q9VUK8      FBgn0027088
GlyS                       GYS_DROME    Q9VFC8      FBgn0266064
Gmd                        GMDS_DROME   Q9VMW9      FBgn0031661
Gmer                       FCL_DROME    Q9W1X8      FBgn0267823
GNBP1                      GNBP1_DROME  Q9NHB0      FBgn0040323
GNBP2                      BGBP2_DROME  Q9VVR4      FBgn0040322
GNBP3                      BGBP3_DROME  Q9NHA8      FBgn0040321
Gnf1                       RFC1_DROME   P35600      FBgn0004913
Gnpnat                     GNA1_DROME   Q9VAI0      FBgn0039690
gny                        ALG6_DROME   Q9VKX7      FBgn0032234
goe                        GOE_DROME    Q9XZ14      FBgn0027528
gol                        GOLI_DROME   Q06003      FBgn0004919
Golgin84                   GOGA5_DROME  Q8SZ63      FBgn0039188
Gorab                      GORAB_DROME  Q8IQQ4      FBgn0053052
Gos28                      GOSR1_DROME  Q9VE50      FBgn0044871
Gp210                      PO210_DROME  A1Z6H7      FBgn0266580
Gpdh                Dame   GPDA_DROAE   Q27556      FBgn0015636
Gpdh1                      GPDA_DROME   P13706      FBgn0001128
                    Dezo   GPDA_DROEZ   Q27567      FBgn0015644
                    Dkan   GPDA_DROKA   O97463      FBgn0044992
Gpdh2               Dkan   GPDA_DROKA   O97463      FBgn0044991
gpp                        DOT1L_DROME  Q8INR6      FBgn0264495
Gprk1                      GPRK1_DROME  P32865      FBgn0260798
Gprk2                      GPRK2_DROME  P32866      FBgn0261988
gprs                       GPRS_DROME   O61366      FBgn0024232
Gr2a                       GR02A_DROME  Q9W594      FBgn0265139
Gr5a                       GR05A_DROME  Q9W497      FBgn0003747
Gr8a                       GR08A_DROME  Q9W367      FBgn0030108
Gr9a                       GR09A_DROME  Q8IRL8      FBgn0052693
Gr10a                      GR10A_DROME  P58950      FBgn0045502
Gr10b                      GR10B_DROME  Q9VYZ2      FBgn0030297
Gr21a                      GR21A_DROME  Q9VPT1      FBgn0041250
Gr22a                      GR22A_DROME  P58951      FBgn0045501
Gr22b                      GR22B_DROME  P84180      FBgn0045500
Gr22c                      GR22C_DROME  P58952      FBgn0265138
Gr22d                      GR22D_DROME  P84181      FBgn0045498
Gr22e                      GR22E_DROME  P58953      FBgn0045497
Gr22f                      GR22F_DROME  P58954      FBgn0041249
Gr23a                      G23A_DROME   P83292      FBgn0041248
Gr28a                      GR28A_DROME  Q9VM09      FBgn0041247
Gr28b                      GR28B_DROME  Q9VM08      FBgn0045495
Gr32a                      GR32A_DROME  Q9VKJ7      FBgn0041246
Gr33a                      GR33A_DROME  Q9VKA5      FBgn0032416
Gr36a                      GR36A_DROME  P58955      FBgn0045487
Gr36b                      GR36B_DROME  Q9VJF2      FBgn0045486
Gr36c                      GR36C_DROME  Q8INZ2      FBgn0045485
Gr39a                      G39AA_DROME  P58956      FBgn0264556
                           G39AB_DROME  P58957                 
                           G39AC_DROME  P58958                 
                           G39AD_DROME  P58959                 
Gr39b                      GR39B_DROME  P58960      FBgn0041245
Gr43a                      GR43A_DROME  Q9V4K2      FBgn0041243
Gr47b                      GR47B_DROME  P58961      FBgn0041241
Gr57a                      GR57A_DROME  Q9V969      FBgn0041240
Gr58a                      GR58A_DROME  P58962      FBgn0041239
Gr58b                      GR58B_DROME  Q9W2B1      FBgn0041238
Gr58c                      GR58C_DROME  Q9W2B2      FBgn0041237
Gr59c                      GR59C_DROME  Q9W1U5      FBgn0041235
Gr59d                      GR59D_DROME  P58985      FBgn0041236
Gr59e                      GR59E_DROME  Q9W1N6      FBgn0041233
Gr59f                      GR59F_DROME  Q9W1N5      FBgn0041234
Gr61a                      GR61A_DROME  Q9W0M2      FBgn0035167
Gr63a                      GR63A_DROME  Q9VZL7      FBgn0035468
Gr64a                      GR64A_DROME  P83293      FBgn0045479
Gr64b                      GR64B_DROME  P83294      FBgn0045478
Gr64c                      GR64C_DROME  P83295      FBgn0045477
Gr64d                      GR64D_DROME  Q9VZJ6      FBgn0035486
Gr64e                      GR64E_DROME  P83296      FBgn0045476
Gr64f                      GR64F_DROME  P83297      FBgn0052255
Gr66a                      GR66A_DROME  Q9VSH2      FBgn0035870
Gr68a                      GR68A_DROME  Q9VTN0      FBgn0041231
Gr77a                      GR77A_DROME  Q8IPU5      FBgn0045474
Gr85a                      GR85A_DROME  Q8INM9      FBgn0045473
Gr89a                      GR89A_DROME  Q9VEU0      FBgn0038440
Gr92a                      GR92A_DROME  Q8IN58      FBgn0045471
Gr93a                      GR93A_DROME  Q9VD76      FBgn0041229
Gr93b                      GR93B_DROME  Q8IN23      FBgn0045470
Gr93c                      GR93C_DROME  Q9VD74      FBgn0045469
Gr94a                      GR94A_DROME  Q8IMZ5      FBgn0041225
Gr97a                      GR97A_DROME  Q8IMQ6      FBgn0041224
Gr98a                      GR98A_DROME  Q9VB30      FBgn0039520
Gr98b                      GR98B_DROME  Q9VB26      FBgn0046887
Gr98c                      GR98C_DROME  Q8IMN6      FBgn0046886
Gr98d                      GR98D_DROME  Q8IMN5      FBgn0046885
Graf                       RHGF_DROME   X2JDY8      FBgn0030685
grass                      GRASS_DROME  Q9VB68      FBgn0039494
grau                       GRAU_DROME   Q9U405      FBgn0001133
Grd                        GBRAL_DROME  Q24352      FBgn0001134
grh                        ELF1_DROME   P13002      FBgn0259211
grim                       GRIM_DROME   Q24570      FBgn0015946
Grip75                     GCP4_DROME   Q9VKU7      FBgn0026431
Grip84                     GCP2_DROME   Q9XYP7      FBgn0026430
Grip91                     GCP3_DROME   Q9XYP8      FBgn0001612
grk                        GRK_DROME    P42287      FBgn0001137
grn                        GATAC_DROME  P91623      FBgn0001138
grnd                       GRND_DROME   Q9VJ83      FBgn0032682
gro                        GROU_DROME   P16371      FBgn0001139
grp                        CHK1_DROME   O61661      FBgn0261278
Gs1                        GLNA1_DROME  P20477      FBgn0001142
Gs1l                       GS1_DROME    Q94529      FBgn0019982
Gs2                        GLNA2_DROME  P20478      FBgn0001145
gsb                        GSB_DROME    P09082      FBgn0001148
gsb-n                      GSBN_DROME   P09083      FBgn0001147
Gsc                        GSC_DROME    P54366      FBgn0010323
gskt                       GSK3H_DROME  P83101      FBgn0046332
GstD1                      GSTD1_DROME  P20432      FBgn0001149
                    Dmau   GSTT1_DROMA  P67804      FBgn0012503
                    Dtei   GSTT1_DROTE  P30107      FBgn0013016
GstD2                      GSTD2_DROME  Q9VG98      FBgn0010038
GstD3                      GSTD3_DROME  Q9VG97      FBgn0010039
GstD4                      GSTD4_DROME  Q9VG96      FBgn0010040
GstD5                      GSTD5_DROME  Q9VG95      FBgn0010041
GstD6                      GSTD6_DROME  Q9VG94      FBgn0010042
GstD7                      GSTD7_DROME  Q9VG93      FBgn0010043
GstE14                     GSTEE_DROME  Q7JYX0      FBgn0033817
GstS1                      GSTS1_DROME  P41043      FBgn0010226
GstZ1                      MAAI1_DROME  Q9VHD3      FBgn0037696
GstZ2                      MAAI2_DROME  Q9VHD2      FBgn0037697
gt                         GIANT_DROME  P39572      FBgn0001150
gudu                       GUDU_DROME   Q9VM21      FBgn0031905
gus                        GUS_DROME    A1Z6E0      FBgn0026238
gw                         GAWKY_DROME  Q8SY33      FBgn0051992
Gyc32E                     GCY3E_DROME  Q07553      FBgn0010197
Gyc76C                     GC76C_DROME  Q7JQ32      FBgn0266136
Gyc88E                     GCY8E_DROME  Q8INF0      FBgn0038295
Gyc89Da                    GCYDA_DROME  Q9VEU6      FBgn0038435
Gyc89Db                    GCYDB_DROME  Q9VEU5      FBgn0038436
Gycalpha99B                GCYH_DROME   Q07093      FBgn0013972
Gyf                        GGYF1_DROME  Q7KQM6      FBgn0039936
gypsy\env                  ENV1_DROME   P10403      FBgn0014964
gypsy\gag                  GAGY_DROME   P10405      FBgn0014965
gypsy\pol                  POLY_DROME   P10401      FBgn0014966
H                          HLES_DROME   Q02308      FBgn0001169
h                          HAIR_DROME   P14003      FBgn0001168
H2.0                       HMH2_DROME   P10035      FBgn0001170
H15                        H15_DROME    Q94890      FBgn0016660
Hakai                      HAKAI_DROME  M9PBE2      FBgn0032812
ham                        HAM_DROME    Q8I7Z8      FBgn0045852
hang                       HANG_DROME   Q9VXG1      FBgn0026575
Haspin                     HASP_DROME   P83103      FBgn0046706
hay                        ERCC3_DROME  Q02870      FBgn0001179
Hayan                      HAYAN_DROME  A8JUP7      FBgn0030925
hb                         HUNB_DROME   P05084      FBgn0001180
                    Dadi   HUNB_DROAD   O46232      FBgn0024138
                    Dadu   HUNB_DROAA   O46234      FBgn0024132
                    Dcra   HUNB_SCACA   O46236      FBgn0024083
                    Dcyr   HUNB_DROCY   O46238      FBgn0024077
                    Ddas   HUNB_DRODA   O46262      FBgn0024069
                    Ddis   HUNB_DRODS   O46240      FBgn0024059
                    Diki   HUNB_DROIK   O46242      FBgn0023829
                    Dlin   HUNB_DROLI   O46244      FBgn0023784
                    Dmic   HUNB_DROMM   O46248      FBgn0023764
                    Dmul   HUNB_DROMU   O46250      FBgn0023760
                    Dore   HUNB_DROOR   O62537      FBgn0024421
                    Dpet   HUNB_DROPO   O46252      FBgn0023706
                    Dsil   HUNB_DROSL   O46256      FBgn0023622
                    Dsoo   HUNB_DROSO   O46258      FBgn0023615
                    Dtan   HUNB_DROTA   O46260      FBgn0023606
                    Salb   HUNB_SCAAL   O46254      FBgn0023487
HBS1                       HBS1_DROME   Q9W074      FBgn0042712
Hcf                        HCF_DROME    Q9V4C8      FBgn0039904
hd                         DONS_DROME   Q9VNA8      FBgn0086695
HDAC1                      HDAC1_DROME  Q94517      FBgn0015805
Hdc                        DCHS_DROME   Q05733      FBgn0005619
hdc                        HDC_DROME    Q9N2M8      FBgn0010113
hdm                        HDM_DROME    Q9W3M9      FBgn0029977
HEATR2                     DAAF5_DROME  Q8INF7      FBgn0051320
heix                       UBIA1_DROME  Q9V3R8      FBgn0028375
Hel25E                     DX39B_DROME  Q27268      FBgn0014189
Hem                        HEM_DROME    P55162      FBgn0011771
hemo                       HEMOT_DROME  A0A0B4K753  FBgn0262823
Hen1                       HENMT_DROME  Q7K175      FBgn0033686
hep                        HEP_DROME    Q23977      FBgn0010303
HERC2                      HERC2_DROME  Q9VR91      FBgn0031107
Hex-t1                     HXK1_DROME   Q9NFT9      FBgn0042711
Hex-t2                     HXK2_DROME   Q9NFT7      FBgn0042710
Hey                        HEY_DROME    Q7KM13      FBgn0027788
Hez                        HEZ_DROME    Q9VT67      FBgn0036057
hfp                        PUF68_DROME  Q8T6B9      FBgn0028577
hfw                        HFW1_DROME   Q9W568      FBgn0001189
hgo                        HGD_DROME    Q9VKJ0      FBgn0040211
hh                         HH_DROME     Q02936      FBgn0004644
                    Dhyd   HH_DROHY     P56674      FBgn0015646
hid                        HID_DROME    Q24106      FBgn0003997
hig                        HIG_DROME    Q09101      FBgn0010114
Hil                        HIL_DROME    Q0E908      FBgn0050147
HIP                        F10A1_DROME  C4NYP8      FBgn0260484
Hip14                      HIP14_DROME  Q9VUW9      FBgn0259824
HIP-R                      F10A2_DROME  Q86DS1      FBgn0029676
Hira                       HIRA_DROME   O17468      FBgn0022786
His1                       H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0001195
                    Dhyd   H1_DROHY     P17268      FBgn0012374
His1:CG31617               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0051617
His1:CG33804               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053804
His1:CG33810               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053810
His1:CG33813               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053813
His1:CG33816               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053816
His1:CG33819               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053819
His1:CG33822               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053822
His1:CG33825               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053825
His1:CG33828               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053828
His1:CG33831               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053831
His1:CG33837               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053837
His1:CG33840               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053840
His1:CG33843               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053843
His1:CG33846               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053846
His1:CG33849               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053849
His1:CG33852               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053852
His1:CG33864               H1_DROME     P02255      FBgn0053864
His2A                      H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0001196
                    Dere   H2A_DROER    P84052      FBgn0064619
                    Dhyd   H2A_DROHY    P84053      FBgn0012375
                    Dyak   H2A_DROYA    P84055      FBgn0028752
His2A:CG31618              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0051618
His2A:CG33808              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053808
His2A:CG33814              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053814
His2A:CG33817              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053817
His2A:CG33820              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053820
His2A:CG33823              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053823
His2A:CG33826              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053826
His2A:CG33829              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053829
His2A:CG33832              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053832
His2A:CG33835              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053835
His2A:CG33838              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053838
His2A:CG33841              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053841
His2A:CG33844              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053844
His2A:CG33847              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053847
His2A:CG33850              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053850
His2A:CG33862              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053862
His2A:CG33865              H2A_DROME    P84051      FBgn0053865
His2Av                     H2AV_DROME   P08985      FBgn0001197
His2B                      H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0001198
                    Dere   H2B_DROER    P59781      FBgn0064618
                    Dhyd   H2B_DROHY    P17271      FBgn0012376
                    Dmau   H2B_DROMA    Q76FE5      FBgn0028807
                    Dore   H2B_DROOR    Q76FE9      FBgn0068782
                    Dsec   H2B_DROSE    Q76FD7      FBgn0068723
                    Dtei   H2B_DROTE    Q76FF3      FBgn0068564
                    Dyak   H2B_DROYA    Q8I1N0      FBgn0028751
His2B:CG17949              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0061209
His2B:CG33868              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053868
His2B:CG33870              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053870
His2B:CG33872              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053872
His2B:CG33874              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053874
His2B:CG33876              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053876
His2B:CG33878              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053878
His2B:CG33880              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053880
His2B:CG33882              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053882
His2B:CG33884              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053884
His2B:CG33886              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053886
His2B:CG33888              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053888
His2B:CG33890              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053890
His2B:CG33892              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053892
His2B:CG33894              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053894
His2B:CG33896              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053896
His2B:CG33898              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053898
His2B:CG33900              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053900
His2B:CG33902              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053902
His2B:CG33904              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053904
His2B:CG33906              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053906
His2B:CG33908              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053908
His2B:CG33910              H2B_DROME    P02283      FBgn0053910
His3                       H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0001199
                    Dhyd   H3_DROHY     P84236      FBgn0012377
His3.3A                    H33A_DROME   C0HL66      FBgn0014857
                    Dhyd   H33_DROHY    P84250      FBgn0014721
His3.3B                    H33B_DROME   C0HL67      FBgn0004828
                    Dhyd   H33_DROHY    P84250      FBgn0014722
His3:CG31613               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0051613
His3:CG33803               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053803
His3:CG33806               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053806
His3:CG33809               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053809
His3:CG33812               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053812
His3:CG33815               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053815
His3:CG33818               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053818
His3:CG33821               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053821
His3:CG33824               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053824
His3:CG33827               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053827
His3:CG33830               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053830
His3:CG33833               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053833
His3:CG33836               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053836
His3:CG33839               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053839
His3:CG33842               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053842
His3:CG33845               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053845
His3:CG33848               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053848
His3:CG33851               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053851
His3:CG33854               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053854
His3:CG33857               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053857
His3:CG33860               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053860
His3:CG33863               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053863
His3:CG33866               H3_DROME     P02299      FBgn0053866
His4                       H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0001200
                    Dere   H4_DROER     P84041      FBgn0064617
                    Dhyd   H4_DROHY     P84042      FBgn0012378
                    Dmau   H4_DROMA     Q76FE7      FBgn0068828
                    Dore   H4_DROOR     Q76FF1      FBgn0068781
                    Dsec   H4_DROSE     Q76FD9      FBgn0068722
                    Dtei   H4_DROTE     Q76FF5      FBgn0068563
                    Dyak   H4_DROYA     P84044      FBgn0064256
His4:CG31611               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0051611
His4:CG33869               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053869
His4:CG33871               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053871
His4:CG33873               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053873
His4:CG33875               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053875
His4:CG33877               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053877
His4:CG33879               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053879
His4:CG33881               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053881
His4:CG33883               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053883
His4:CG33885               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053885
His4:CG33887               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053887
His4:CG33889               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053889
His4:CG33891               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053891
His4:CG33893               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053893
His4:CG33895               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053895
His4:CG33897               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053897
His4:CG33899               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053899
His4:CG33901               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053901
His4:CG33903               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053903
His4:CG33905               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053905
His4:CG33907               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053907
His4:CG33909               H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0053909
His4r                      H4_DROME     P84040      FBgn0013981
                    Dhyd   H4_DROHY     P84042      FBgn0016205
hiw                        HIW_DROME    Q9NB71      FBgn0030600
hll                        HMLL_DROME   Q9V3U0      FBgn0286723
Hmgcr                      HMDH_DROME   P14773      FBgn0263782
HmgD                       HMGD_DROME   Q05783      FBgn0004362
HmgZ                       HMGZ_DROME   Q06943      FBgn0010228
HMS-Beagle\gag             GAGHB_DROME  Q967S7      FBgn0044442
Hmt4-20                    SUV42_DROME  Q9W5E0      FBgn0025639
hmw                        HMW_DROME    Q9VE87      FBgn0038607
Hmx                        HMX_DROME    Q9VEI9      FBgn0264005
Hn                         PH4H_DROME   P17276      FBgn0001208
Hnf4                       HNF4_DROME   P49866      FBgn0004914
hobo\T                     HOBOT_DROME  P12258      FBgn0014191
hoip                       NH2L1_DROME  Q9U3Z7      FBgn0286786
holn1                      CD2B2_DROME  Q9VKV5      FBgn0032250
hook                       HOOK_DROME   Q24185      FBgn0001202
hop                        JAK_DROME    Q24592      FBgn0004864
how                        HOW_DROME    O01367      FBgn0264491
hpo                        HIPPO_DROME  Q8T0S6      FBgn0261456
Hr3                        HR3_DROME    P31396      FBgn0000448
Hr4                        HR4_DROME    Q9W539      FBgn0264562
Hr38                       HR38_DROME   P49869      FBgn0014859
Hr39                       FTF1B_DROME  Q05192      FBgn0261239
Hr78                       HR78_DROME   Q24142      FBgn0015239
Hr96                       HR96_DROME   Q24143      FBgn0015240
Hrb27C                     RB27C_DROME  P48809      FBgn0004838
Hrb87F                     RB87F_DROME  P48810      FBgn0004237
Hrb98DE                    ROA1_DROME   P07909      FBgn0001215
Hrs                        HRS_DROME    Q960X8      FBgn0031450
Hs2st                      HS2ST_DROME  P25722      FBgn0024230
Hsc70-1                    HSP7A_DROME  P29843      FBgn0001216
Hsc70-2                    HSP7B_DROME  P11146      FBgn0001217
Hsc70-3                    BIP_DROME    P29844      FBgn0001218
Hsc70-4                    HSP7D_DROME  P11147      FBgn0266599
Hsc70-5                    HSP7E_DROME  P29845      FBgn0001220
Hsf                        HSF_DROME    P22813      FBgn0001222
Hsp22                      HSP22_DROME  P02515      FBgn0001223
Hsp23                      HSP23_DROME  P02516      FBgn0001224
Hsp26                      HSP26_DROME  P02517      FBgn0001225
Hsp27                      HSP27_DROME  P02518      FBgn0001226
Hsp60A                     CH60A_DROME  O02649      FBgn0015245
Hsp60B                     CH60B_DROME  Q9VPS5      FBgn0011244
Hsp60C                     CH60C_DROME  Q9VMN5      FBgn0031728
Hsp67Ba                    HSP6A_DROME  P05812      FBgn0001227
Hsp67Bc                    HSP6C_DROME  P22979      FBgn0001229
Hsp68                      HSP68_DROME  O97125      FBgn0001230
Hsp70Aa                    HSP70_DROME  P82910      FBgn0013275
Hsp70Ab                    HSP71_DROME  P02825      FBgn0013276
Hsp70Ba                    HSP72_DROME  Q8INI8      FBgn0013277
Hsp70Bb                    HSP73_DROME  Q9BIS2      FBgn0013278
Hsp70Bbb                   HSP74_DROME  Q9VG58      FBgn0051354
Hsp70Bc                    HSP75_DROME  Q9BIR7      FBgn0013279
Hsp83                      HSP83_DROME  P02828      FBgn0001233
                    Daur   HSP83_DROAV  O02192      FBgn0020208
                    Dmir   HSP83_DROMI  O16087      FBgn0018795
                    Dpsb   HSP83_DROPB  O16068      FBgn0021235
hth                        HTH_DROME    O46339      FBgn0001235
htl                        FGFR1_DROME  Q07407      FBgn0010389
HtrA2                      HTRA2_DROME  Q9VFJ3      FBgn0038233
hts                        HTS_DROME    Q02645      FBgn0263391
Hug                        HUGIN_DROME  Q9VG55      FBgn0028374
hyd                        HYD_DROME    P51592      FBgn0002431
Hydr2                      ABHD2_DROME  Q24093      FBgn0014906
hzg                        HZG_DROME    M9PFN0      FBgn0036556
Ice1                       ICE1_DROME   Q9W1R4      FBgn0034853
Ice2                       ICE2_DROME   Q8SZZ8      FBgn0038860
ich                        ICH_DROME    Q9VHJ6      FBgn0286204
icln                       ICLN_DROME   A1ZAW5      FBgn0029079
Ide                        IDE_DROME    P22817      FBgn0001247
Idgf1                      IDGF1_DROME  Q8MM24      FBgn0020416
Idgf2                      IDGF2_DROME  Q9V3D4      FBgn0020415
Idgf3                      IDGF3_DROME  Q8MLZ7      FBgn0020414
Idgf4                      IDGF4_DROME  Q9W303      FBgn0026415
Idgf5                      IDGF5_DROME  Q8T0R7      FBgn0064237
Idgf6                      C5210_DROME  Q23997      FBgn0013763
Idh3a                      IDH3A_DROME  Q9VWH4      FBgn0027291
if                         ITA2_DROME   P12080      FBgn0001250
ifc                        DEGS1_DROME  Q94515      FBgn0001941
IFT57                      IFT57_DROME  Q9VQS5      FBgn0031550
ihog                       IHOG_DROME   Q9VM64      FBgn0031872
IKKbeta                    IKKB_DROME   Q9VEZ5      FBgn0024222
Ilp1                       INSL1_DROME  Q9VT50      FBgn0044051
Ilp2                       INSL2_DROME  Q9VT51      FBgn0036046
Ilp3                       INSL3_DROME  Q9VT52      FBgn0044050
Ilp4                       INSL4_DROME  Q9VT53      FBgn0044049
Ilp5                       INSL5_DROME  Q7KUD5      FBgn0044048
Ilp6                       INSL6_DROME  Q9W4Z4      FBgn0044047
Ilp7                       INSL7_DROME  Q9W4Q9      FBgn0044046
IM18                       IM18_DROME   P82701      FBgn0067903
imd                        IMD_DROME    Q7K4Z4      FBgn0013983
Iml1                       IML1_DROME   Q9W0E3      FBgn0035227
ImpE2                      IMPE2_DROME  P29681      FBgn0001254
ImpL2                      IMPL2_DROME  Q09024      FBgn0001257
IMPPP                      IMPP_DROME   Q8ML70      FBgn0283462
in                         INTU_DROME   Q9VPH0      FBgn0001259
inaC                       KPC2_DROME   P13677      FBgn0004784
inaD                       INAD_DROME   Q24008      FBgn0001263
Indy                       INDY1_DROME  Q9VVT2      FBgn0036816
Indy-2                     INDY2_DROME  Q9VDQ0      FBgn0260466
ine                        INE_DROME    Q9VR07      FBgn0011603
Ino80                      INO80_DROME  Q9VDY1      FBgn0086613
Inos                       INO1_DROME   O97477      FBgn0025885
INPP5E                     INP5E_DROME  Q9VTW2      FBgn0036273
InR                        INSR_DROME   P09208      FBgn0283499
insv                       INSV_DROME   Q8SYK5      FBgn0031434
IntS1                      INT1_DROME   Q9W1C5      FBgn0034964
IntS2                      INT2_DROME   Q9VX31      FBgn0030858
IntS3                      INT3_DROME   Q7PLS8      FBgn0262117
IntS4                      INT4_DROME   Q9W3E1      FBgn0026679
IntS6                      INT6_DROME   Q9W485      FBgn0261383
IntS8                      INT8_DROME   A1ZAK1      FBgn0025830
IntS9                      INT9_DROME   Q95TS5      FBgn0036570
IntS10                     INT10_DROME  Q9VZM7      FBgn0035462
IntS11                     INT11_DROME  Q9VAH9      FBgn0039691
IntS12                     INT12_DROME  Q9VBB3      FBgn0039459
IntS14                     INT14_DROME  Q9VPY0      FBgn0031314
inv                        HMIN_DROME   P05527      FBgn0001269
Invadolysin                LMLN_DROME   Q9VH19      FBgn0086359
Inx2                       INX2_DROME   Q9V427      FBgn0027108
Inx3                       INX3_DROME   Q9VAS7      FBgn0265274
Inx5                       INX5_DROME   Q9VWL5      FBgn0030989
Inx6                       INX6_DROME   Q9VR82      FBgn0027107
Inx7                       INX7_DROME   Q9V3W6      FBgn0027106
iotaTry                    TRYI_DROME   P52905      FBgn0015001
Ipk1                       IPPK_DROME   Q9W2Q7      FBgn0050295
Ir21a                      IR21A_DROME  Q9VPI2      FBgn0031209
Ir25a                      IR25A_DROME  E9NA96      FBgn0031634
Ir40a                      IR40A_DROME  Q9V9N1      FBgn0259683
Ir75a                      IR75A_DROME  Q9VVL1      FBgn0036757
Ir93a                      IR93A_DROME  Q9VDH6      FBgn0259215
Irbp                       KU70_DROME   Q23976      FBgn0011774
Iru                        IRU_DROME    Q9VHI7      FBgn0037653
Iswi                       ISWI_DROME   Q24368      FBgn0011604
ItgaPS4                    ITA4_DROME   Q9V7A4      FBgn0034005
ItgaPS5                    ITA5_DROME   Q9W1M8      FBgn0034880
Itgbn                      ITBN_DROME   Q27591      FBgn0010395
Itpr                       ITPR_DROME   P29993      FBgn0010051
ix                         MED29_DROME  Q7KBL8      FBgn0001276
Jafrac1                    PRDX1_DROME  Q9V3P0      FBgn0040309
jagn                       JAGN_DROME   Q7K1V5      FBgn0037374
janA                       JANA_DROME   P20348      FBgn0001280
                    Dmau   JANA_DROMA   Q9BM98      FBgn0043691
                    Dore   JANA_DROOR   Q9BM96      FBgn0043667
                    Dtei   JANA_DROTE   P83752      FBgn0043616
janB                       JANB_DROME   P20349      FBgn0001281
                    Dmau   JANB_DROMA   Q9BM93      FBgn0043690
                    Dore   JANB_DROOR   Q9BM89      FBgn0043666
                    Dtei   JANB_DROTE   Q9BM91      FBgn0043615
jar                        MYS9_DROME   Q01989      FBgn0011225
jdp                        JDP_DROME    Q9TVP3      FBgn0027654
jhamt                      JHAMT_DROME  Q9VJK8      FBgn0028841
JIL-1                      JIL1_DROME   Q9V3I5      FBgn0020412
jing                       JING_DROME   Q7KHG2      FBgn0086655
jockey\gag                 GAGJ_DROME   P21330      FBgn0020297
                    Dfun   GAGJ_DROFU   P21331      FBgn0019259
jockey\pol                 RTJK_DROME   P21328      FBgn0015952
                    Dfun   RTJK_DROFU   P21329      FBgn0019258
Jon99Ci                    SER3_DROME   P17207      FBgn0003358
Jon99Cii                   SER1_DROME   C0HKF7      FBgn0003356
Jon99Ciii                  SER2_DROME   C0HKF8      FBgn0003357
Jra                        JRA_DROME    P18289      FBgn0001291
jub                        AJUBA_DROME  Q9VY77      FBgn0030530
Jupiter                    JUPIT_DROME  Q9I7K0      FBgn0051363
jv                         JV_DROME     M9NE38      FBgn0263973
kappaB-Ras                 KBRAS_DROME  Q9V4L4      FBgn0040513
kay                        FOSLA_DROME  P21525      FBgn0001297
                           FOSLD_DROME  A8MPH9                 
Kaz-m1                     ESM1_DROME   O97176      FBgn0002578
Kcmf1                      KCMF1_DROME  Q95RX5      FBgn0037655
KdelR                      ERD2_DROME   O76767      FBgn0267330
Kdm2                       JHD1_DROME   Q9VHH9      FBgn0037659
Kdm4A                      KDM4A_DROME  Q9V333      FBgn0033233
Kdm4B                      KDM4B_DROME  Q9V6L0      FBgn0053182
kdn                        CISY_DROME   Q9W401      FBgn0261955
Kebab                      KEBAB_DROME  F0JAI6      FBgn0028952
kel                        KELC_DROME   Q04652      FBgn0001301
ken                        KEN_DROME    O77459      FBgn0011236
key                        NEMO_DROME   Q9GYV5      FBgn0041205
KFase                      KFA_DROME    Q9VMC9      FBgn0287695
Khc                        KINH_DROME   P17210      FBgn0001308
kibra                      KIBRA_DROME  Q9VFG8      FBgn0262127
Klc                        KLC_DROME    P46824      FBgn0010235
Klp10A                     KI10A_DROME  Q960Z0      FBgn0030268
Klp59C                     KI59C_DROME  Q9W1U4      FBgn0034824
Klp61F                     KL61_DROME   P46863      FBgn0004378
Klp68D                     KLP68_DROME  P46867      FBgn0004381
Klp98A                     KL98A_DROME  Q9VB25      FBgn0004387
kn                         COLL_DROME   P56721      FBgn0001319
kni                        KNIR_DROME   P10734      FBgn0001320
knrl                       KNRL_DROME   P13054      FBgn0001323
Kr                         KRUP_DROME   P07247      FBgn0001325
Kr-h1                      KRH1_DROME   P08155      FBgn0266450
Kr-h2                      KRH2_DROME   Q9V447      FBgn0266449
kra                        PKRA_DROME   Q9VNE2      FBgn0250753
kraken                     KRAK_DROME   O18391      FBgn0020545
ksh                        KISH_DROME   Q9VWH8      FBgn0040890
kto                        MED12_DROME  Q9VW47      FBgn0001324
ktub                       TULP_DROME   Q86PC9      FBgn0015721
kug                        FAT2_DROME   Q9VW71      FBgn0261574
kz                         KZ_DROME     O46072      FBgn0001330
l(1)G0004                  PNO1_DROME   Q9VR89      FBgn0027334
l(1)G0020                  NAT10_DROME  Q9W3C1      FBgn0027330
l(1)G0196                  VIP1_DROME   Q9VR59      FBgn0027279
l(1)sc                     AST3_DROME   P09774      FBgn0002561
l(2)34Fc                   DFP_DROME    Q9V3Y3      FBgn0261534
l(2)37Cc                   L2CC_DROME   P24156      FBgn0002031
l(2)37Cg                   RPAC2_DROME  Q9VIZ0      FBgn0086447
l(2)03659                  L259_DROME   P91660      FBgn0010549
l(2)dtl                    L2DTL_DROME  Q24371      FBgn0013548
l(2)efl                    L2EFL_DROME  P82147      FBgn0011296
l(2)gd1                    C2D1_DROME   Q9VKJ9      FBgn0261983
l(2)gl                     L2GL_DROME   P08111      FBgn0002121
l(2)k09022                 HEAT1_DROME  Q9VM75      FBgn0086451
l(2)k10201                 L2K1_DROME   Q9V574      FBgn0016970
l(2)not                    NT53_DROME   P82149      FBgn0011297
                           NT56_DROME   Q27333                 
l(2)tid                    TID_DROME    Q27237      FBgn0002174
l(3)72Ab                   U520_DROME   Q9VUV9      FBgn0263599
l(3)07882                  NOP14_DROME  Q9VEJ2      FBgn0010926
l(3)mbn                    MBN_DROME    P52302      FBgn0002440
La                         LA_DROME     P40796      FBgn0011638
lab                        LAB_DROME    P10105      FBgn0002522
Lac                        LACH_DROME   Q24372      FBgn0010238
Lam                        LAM0_DROME   P08928      FBgn0002525
lama                       PLBL_DROME   Q9VRK8      FBgn0016031
LamC                       LAMC_DROME   Q03427      FBgn0010397
LanA                       LAMA_DROME   Q00174      FBgn0002526
LanB1                      LAMB1_DROME  P11046      FBgn0261800
LanB2                      LAMC1_DROME  P15215      FBgn0267348
lap                        PICAL_DROME  Q9VI75      FBgn0086372
Lap1                       LAP1_DROME   Q9V780      FBgn0033984
Lar                        LAR_DROME    P16621      FBgn0000464
lark                       LARK_DROME   Q94901      FBgn0011640
larp                       LARP_DROME   Q9VAW5      FBgn0261618
Larp4B                     LAR4_DROME   Q9I7T7      FBgn0035424
Las                        LIAS_DROME   Q7JQW6      FBgn0029158
Lasp                       LASP1_DROME  Q8I7C3      FBgn0063485
lbm                        LBM_DROME    Q24188      FBgn0016032
LBR                        LBR_DROME    Q8MLV1      FBgn0034657
Lcch3                      GBRB3_DROME  Q08832      FBgn0010240
Lcp1                       LCP1_DROME   P02839      FBgn0002531
                    Dmir   LCP1_DROMI   P91627      FBgn0013843
Lcp2                       LCP2_DROME   P07187      FBgn0002533
                    Dmir   LCP2_DROMI   P91629      FBgn0012554
Lcp3                       LCP3_DROME   P07188      FBgn0002534
                    Dmir   LCP34_DROMI  Q01774      FBgn0013847
Lcp4                       LCP4_DROME   P07189      FBgn0002535
                    Dmir   LCP34_DROMI  Q01774      FBgn0012555
Lcp9                       LCP9_DROME   P82384      FBgn0025578
Lcp65Ab1                   LCP51_DROME  C0HL62      FBgn0020644
Lcp65Ab2                   LCP52_DROME  C0HL63      FBgn0020643
Lcp65Ag1                   LCP81_DROME  C0HL64      FBgn0020638
Lcp65Ag2                   LCP82_DROME  C0HL65      FBgn0020637
ldbr                       DBR1_DROME   Q9VSD7      FBgn0035838
Ldh                        LDH_DROME    Q95028      FBgn0001258
lds                        TTF2_DROME   P34739      FBgn0002542
lectin-37Da                LEDL2_DROME  Q59DY6      FBgn0053532
lectin-37Db                LEDL3_DROME  Q59DY5      FBgn0053533
Letm1                      LETM1_DROME  P91927      FBgn0284252
lft                        LIX1_DROME   Q9VKY1      FBgn0032230
lgs                        BCL9_DROME   Q961D9      FBgn0039907
lid                        KDM5_DROME   Q9VMJ7      FBgn0031759
lig                        LIG_DROME    Q86S05      FBgn0020279
lili                       LILI_DROME   Q9VC35      FBgn0027539
lilli                      AFFL_DROME   Q9VQI9      FBgn0041111
LIMK1                      LIMK1_DROME  Q8IR79      FBgn0283712
lin                        LINES_DROME  Q9V4Z9      FBgn0002552
lin-28                     LIN28_DROME  Q9VRN5      FBgn0035626
Lip1                       LIP1_DROME   O46107      FBgn0023496
Lip3                       LIP3_DROME   O46108      FBgn0023495
Lis-1                      LIS1_DROME   Q7KNS3      FBgn0015754
Lk                         LCK_DROME    P81829      FBgn0028418
lobo                       DRC7_DROME   Q4V516      FBgn0083946
loco                       RGS_DROME    Q9VCX1      FBgn0020278
lok                        LOK_DROME    O61267      FBgn0019686
lola                       LOLA1_DROME  P42283      FBgn0283521
                           LOLA2_DROME  P42284                 
                           LOLA3_DROME  Q7KQZ4                 
                           LOLA4_DROME  Q867Z4                 
                           LOLA5_DROME  Q9V5M6                 
                           LOLA6_DROME  Q9V5M3                 
lolal                      LOLAL_DROME  Q7KRI2      FBgn0022238
Lon                        LONM_DROME   Q7KUT2      FBgn0036892
lov                        LOV_DROME    P14083      FBgn0266129
LPCAT                      PCAT_DROME   Q0KHU5      FBgn0052699
Lrch                       LRCH_DROME   Q960C5      FBgn0032633
Lsd-1                      LSD1_DROME   Q9VCI3      FBgn0039114
Lsd-2                      LSD2_DROME   Q9VXY7      FBgn0030608
Lsm12a                     LSM12_DROME  Q9VYR0      FBgn0030364
Lsp1alpha                  LSP1A_DROME  P11995      FBgn0002562
Lsp1beta                   LSP1B_DROME  P11996      FBgn0002563
Lsp1gamma                  LSP1G_DROME  P11997      FBgn0002564
Lsp2                       LSP2_DROME   Q24388      FBgn0002565
Lst8                       LST8_DROME   Q9W328      FBgn0264691
Ltn1                       LTN1_DROME   Q9VW09      FBgn0262517
LTV1                       LTV1_DROME   Q7KN79      FBgn0027525
LUBEL                      LUBEL_DROME  Q8IPJ3      FBgn0031857
luna                       KLFL_DROME   Q8MR37      FBgn0040765
lush                       OB76A_DROME  O02372      FBgn0020277
lva                        LVA_DROME    Q8MSS1      FBgn0029688
LysB                       LYSB_DROME   Q08694      FBgn0004425
LysD                       LYSD_DROME   P83972      FBgn0004427
LysE                       LYSE_DROME   P37159      FBgn0004428
LysP                       LYSP_DROME   P29615      FBgn0004429
LysS                       LYSS_DROME   P37160      FBgn0004430
LysX                       LYSX_DROME   P37161      FBgn0004431
lz                         LOZEN_DROME  Q9W349      FBgn0002576
Lztr1                      LZTR1_DROME  Q9V410      FBgn0040344
mab-21                     MAB21_DROME  Q9U3W6      FBgn0029003
Mabi                       MABI_DROME   Q9VK13      FBgn0032493
mAChR-A                    ACM1_DROME   P16395      FBgn0000037
Mad                        MAD_DROME    P42003      FBgn0011648
Madm                       NRBP_DROME   Q9Y0Y6      FBgn0027497
mael                       MAEL_DROME   Q9VNS0      FBgn0016034
mago                       MGN_DROME    P49028      FBgn0002736
MagR                       ISCA1_DROME  Q8T3X9      FBgn0026666
mahj                       DCAF1_DROME  Q9W2F2      FBgn0034641
mal                        MOCOS_DROME  Q9VRA2      FBgn0002641
Mal-A1                     MAL1_DROME   P07190      FBgn0002570
Mal-A2                     MAL2_DROME   P07191      FBgn0002569
Mal-A3                     MAL3_DROME   P07192      FBgn0002571
mam                        MAM_DROME    P21519      FBgn0002643
MAN1                       MAN1_DROME   Q7JRE4      FBgn0034962
Manf                       ARMET_DROME  Q9XZ63      FBgn0027095
Map205                     MA205_DROME  P23226      FBgn0002645
MAPk-Ak2                   MAPK2_DROME  P49071      FBgn0013987
Mapmodulin                 AN32A_DROME  Q9V895      FBgn0034282
Marcal1                    SMAL1_DROME  Q9VMX6      FBgn0031655
Marf                       MARF_DROME   Q7YU24      FBgn0029870
mariner\T           Dmau   MOS1T_DROMA  Q7JQ07      FBgn0013835
mars                       MARS_DROME   Q7K3L1      FBgn0033845
mas                        MAS_DROME    Q9VZH2      FBgn0011653
mask                       ANKHM_DROME  Q9VCA8      FBgn0043884
Mat89Ba                    NOL6_DROME   Q8IH00      FBgn0261286
mats                       MOB1_DROME   Q95RA8      FBgn0038965
Mau2                       SCC4_DROME   Q9VFC0      FBgn0038300
Max                        MAX_DROME    P91664      FBgn0017578
mbl                        MBL_DROME    O16011      FBgn0265487
mbm                        MBM_DROME    Q9VPM5      FBgn0086912
mbo                        NUP88_DROME  Q9GYU8      FBgn0026207
mbt                        PAKM_DROME   Q9VXE5      FBgn0025743
Mccc2                      MCCB_DROME   Q9V9A7      FBgn0042083
Mcm2                       MCM2_DROME   P49735      FBgn0014861
Mcm3                       MCM3_DROME   Q9XYU1      FBgn0284442
Mcm5                       MCM5_DROME   Q9VGW6      FBgn0017577
Mcm6                       MCM6_DROME   Q9V461      FBgn0025815
Mcm7                       MCM7_DROME   Q9XYU0      FBgn0020633
Mcm10                      MCM10_DROME  Q9VIE6      FBgn0032929
Mctp                       MCTP_DROME   A1ZBD6      FBgn0034389
MCTS1                      MCTS1_DROME  Q9W445      FBgn0029833
MCU                        MCU_DROME    Q8IQ70      FBgn0042185
Mdr49                      MDR49_DROME  Q00449      FBgn0004512
Mdr65                      MDR65_DROME  Q00748      FBgn0004513
me31B                      DDX6_DROME   P23128      FBgn0004419
MED1                       MED1_DROME   Q9VP05      FBgn0037109
MED4                       MED4_DROME   Q9VS38      FBgn0035754
MED6                       MED6_DROME   Q8MSX2      FBgn0024330
MED7                       MED7_DROME   Q9GYV9      FBgn0051390
MED8                       MED8_DROME   A1ZBT5      FBgn0034503
MED9                       MED9_DROME   A1ZB42      FBgn0260401
MED10                      MED10_DROME  Q9GYU7      FBgn0036581
MED11                      MED11_DROME  Q9VVS4      FBgn0036811
MED14                      MED14_DROME  Q9W0P8      FBgn0035145
MED15                      MED15_DROME  Q9Y149      FBgn0027592
MED16                      MED16_DROME  Q9W278      FBgn0034707
MED17                      MED17_DROME  Q9VEC1      FBgn0038578
MED18                      MED18_DROME  Q9XZT1      FBgn0026873
MED19                      MED19_DROME  Q9VVL6      FBgn0036761
MED20                      MED20_DROME  P91641      FBgn0013531
MED21                      MED21_DROME  Q9W5P1      FBgn0040020
MED22                      MED22_DROME  Q9V439      FBgn0040339
MED23                      MED23_DROME  Q9W1X7      FBgn0034795
MED24                      MED24_DROME  Q9VSF2      FBgn0035851
MED25                      MED25_DROME  Q9VDR1      FBgn0038760
MED26                      MED26_DROME  Q9V4F9      FBgn0039923
MED27                      MED27_DROME  Q9VNG0      FBgn0037359
MED28                      MED28_DROME  Q9VBQ9      FBgn0039337
MED30                      MED30_DROME  Q9W0P3      FBgn0035149
MED31                      MED31_DROME  Q8IH24      FBgn0037262
Mef2                       MEF2_DROME   P40791      FBgn0011656
mEFG1                      EFGM_DROME   Q9VM33      FBgn0263133
mEFTs                      EFTS_DROME   Q9VJC7      FBgn0032646
mei-9                      XPF_DROME    Q24087      FBgn0002707
mei-41                     ATR_DROME    Q9VXG8      FBgn0004367
mei-P22                    TO6BL_DROME  Q9VS36      FBgn0016036
mei-S332                   SGO1_DROME   Q24141      FBgn0002715
mei-W68                    SPO11_DROME  Q7KPA5      FBgn0002716
meigo                      S35B1_DROME  Q9VDD7      FBgn0250820
melt                       MELT_DROME   Q9VS24      FBgn0023001
Membrin                    GOSR2_DROME  Q9VRL2      FBgn0260856
meng                       SBKH_DROME   Q9VM90      FBgn0031855
Mer                        MERH_DROME   Q24564      FBgn0086384
Mes4                       DPOE4_DROME  Q9W256      FBgn0034726
Mes-4                      MES4_DROME   Q8MT36      FBgn0039559
mesh                       MESH_DROME   Q0KHY3      FBgn0051004
Mesh1                      MESH1_DROME  Q9VAM9      FBgn0039650
metl                       METL_DROME   Q86BS6      FBgn0035247
MetRS-m                    SYMM_DROME   Q9VFL5      FBgn0027083
Mettl3                     MTA70_DROME  Q9VCE6      FBgn0039139
Mettl5                     METL5_DROME  Q8MSW4      FBgn0036856
Mettl14                    MET14_DROME  Q9VLP7      FBgn0032016
mew                        ITA1_DROME   Q24247      FBgn0004456
mex1                       MEX1_DROME   P23487      FBgn0004228
Mfap1                      MFAP1_DROME  Q9W062      FBgn0035294
Mfe2                       DHB4_DROME   Q9VXJ0      FBgn0030731
mfrn                       MFRN_DROME   Q9VAY3      FBgn0039561
mGluR                      GRM_DROME    P91685      FBgn0019985
mgr                        PFD3_DROME   Q9VGP6      FBgn0264694
Mhc                        MYSA_DROME   P05661      FBgn0264695
Mi-2                       CHDM_DROME   O97159      FBgn0262519
mib1                       MIB_DROME    Q9VUX2      FBgn0263601
Mical                      MICAL_DROME  Q86BA1      FBgn0053208
MICU1                      MICU1_DROME  A2VEI2      FBgn0031893
Miga                       MIGA_DROME   Q9W3F7      FBgn0030037
milt                       MILT_DROME   Q960V3      FBgn0262872
mio                        MIO_DROME    Q9VQ89      FBgn0031399
Mip                        MIP_DROME    Q9VVF7      FBgn0036713
mip120                     LIN54_DROME  A1Z9E2      FBgn0033846
Mipp1                      MINP1_DROME  Q9VV72      FBgn0026061
Miro                       MIRO_DROME   Q8IMX7      FBgn0039140
mitch               Deug   SPC25_DROEU  Q64EW0      FBgn0082560
                    Dlut   SPC25_DROLT  Q64EV9      FBgn0082543
                    Dmau   SPC25_DROMA  Q64EW6      FBgn0082531
                    Dore   SPC25_DROOR  Q64EW2      FBgn0082498
                    Dtei   SPC25_DROTE  Q64EW3      FBgn0082396
Mitofilin                  MIC60_DROME  P91928      FBgn0019960
Mkp3                       DUSK3_DROME  Q9VVW5      FBgn0036844
MKP-4                      DUSK4_DROME  Q9VWF4      FBgn0031044
Mks1                       MKS1_DROME   Q9VYM3      FBgn0030395
Mlc1                       MLC1_DROME   P06742      FBgn0002772
                    Dmau   MLC1_DROMA   Q24399      FBgn0015105
                    Dsub   MLC1_DROSU   O44107      FBgn0023243
                    Dtei   MLC1_DROTE   Q24695      FBgn0015190
Mlc2                       MLR_DROME    P18432      FBgn0002773
Mlc-c                      MLC2_DROME   P54357      FBgn0004687
mle                        MLE_DROME    P24785      FBgn0002774
Mlf                        MLF_DROME    Q9NKV0      FBgn0034051
Mlp60A                     MLP1_DROME   P53777      FBgn0259209
Mlp84B                     MLP2_DROME   Q24400      FBgn0014863
MME1                       MME1_DROME   Q9VM51      FBgn0031881
Mmp2                       D2MP_DROME   Q8MPP3      FBgn0033438
Mms19                      MMS19_DROME  Q95U54      FBgn0037301
mnb                        MNB_DROME    P49657      FBgn0259168
Mo25                       MO25_DROME   P91891      FBgn0017572
Mob2                       MOB2_DROME   Q8IQG1      FBgn0259481
Mob3                       MOB3_DROME   Q9VL13      FBgn0259482
Mob4                       MOB4_DROME   Q7K0E3      FBgn0259483
Mocs1                      MOCS1_DROME  Q8IQF1      FBgn0263241
Mocs2A                     MOC2A_DROME  P0C919      FBgn0260229
Mocs2B                     MOC2B_DROME  Q9VBX2      FBgn0039280
mod                        MODU_DROME   P13469      FBgn0002780
mod(mdg4)                  MMD4_DROME   Q86B87      FBgn0002781
modSP                      MODSP_DROME  Q9VER6      FBgn0051217
Moe                        MOEH_DROME   P46150      FBgn0011661
mof                        MOF_DROME    O02193      FBgn0014340
mon2                       MON2_DROME   Q9VLT1      FBgn0031985
moody                      MOODY_DROME  Q9W534      FBgn0025631
moon                       MSHN_DROME   Q9VYQ0      FBgn0030373
mora                       CHRD1_DROME  Q9VCC0      FBgn0029503
MP1                        MP1_DROME    A0A126GUP6  FBgn0027930
Mp20                       MP20_DROME   P14318      FBgn0002789
Mpc1                       MPC1_DROME   Q7KSC4      FBgn0038662
MRG15                      EAF3_DROME   Q9Y0I1      FBgn0027378
mRpL9                      RM09_DROME   Q9VF89      FBgn0038319
mRpL10                     RM10_DROME   Q9VPL3      FBgn0031231
mRpL11                     RM11_DROME   Q9VFJ2      FBgn0038234
mRpL13                     RM13_DROME   Q9VJ38      FBgn0032720
mRpL19                     RM19_DROME   Q9VHN6      FBgn0037608
mRpL22                     RM22_DROME   Q9VXB5      FBgn0030786
mRpL23                     RM23_DROME   Q9W021      FBgn0035335
mRpL24                     RM24_DROME   Q9VMY1      FBgn0031651
mRpL28                     RM28_DROME   Q9VMX0      FBgn0031660
mRpL32                     RM32_DROME   Q9V9Z1      FBgn0039835
mRpL33                     RM33_DROME   Q9W4L1      FBgn0040907
mRpL34                     RM34_DROME   Q0E959      FBgn0083983
mRpL35                     RM35_DROME   Q8MS27      FBgn0038923
mRpL39                     RM39_DROME   Q9VUJ0      FBgn0036462
mRpL41                     RM41_DROME   Q7JZM8      FBgn0034001
mRpL45                     RM45_DROME   Q9VCX3      FBgn0263863
mRpL49                     RM49_DROME   Q9VYI3      FBgn0030433
mRpL51                     RM51_DROME   Q9VLJ9      FBgn0032053
mRpL52                     RM52_DROME   Q7JWG9      FBgn0033208
mRpL55                     RM55_DROME   Q9VE04      FBgn0038678
mRpS6                      RT06_DROME   Q9VZD5      FBgn0035534
mRpS7                      RT07_DROME   Q9VKX4      FBgn0032236
mRpS10                     RT10_DROME   Q9VFB2      FBgn0038307
mRpS16                     RT16_DROME   Q9V6Y3      FBgn0033907
mRpS24                     RT24_DROME   Q9VCC3      FBgn0039159
mRpS25                     RT25_DROME   Q9VY28      FBgn0030572
mRpS26                     RT26_DROME   Q9VVN2      FBgn0036774
mRRF2                      RRF2M_DROME  Q9VCX4      FBgn0051159
Ms                         NEMS_DROME   P61849      FBgn0011581
msd1                       MSD1_DROME   Q9W0G7      FBgn0035209
msd5                       MSD5_DROME   Q9W0G6      FBgn0035210
Msh6                       MSH6_DROME   Q9VUM0      FBgn0036486
msl-1                      MSL1_DROME   P50535      FBgn0005617
msl-2                      MSL2_DROME   P50534      FBgn0005616
msl-3                      MSL3_DROME   P50536      FBgn0002775
msopa                      OPAP_DROME   P23488      FBgn0004414
msps                       MSPS_DROME   Q9VEZ3      FBgn0027948
MsrA                       MSRA_DROME   P08761      FBgn0000565
mst                        MST_DROME    O01939      FBgn0020272
Mst40                      MST40_DROME  Q24437      FBgn0011667
Mst57Da                    MS57A_DROME  Q9VBL6      FBgn0011668
Mst57Db                    MS57B_DROME  Q9VBL7      FBgn0011669
Mst57Dc                    MS57C_DROME  Q9V3J3      FBgn0011670
Mst77F                     18C_DROME    P16909      FBgn0086915
Mst84Da                    MS84A_DROME  Q01642      FBgn0004172
Mst84Db                    MS84B_DROME  Q01643      FBgn0004173
Mst84Dc                    MS84C_DROME  Q01644      FBgn0004174
Mst84Dd                    MS84D_DROME  Q01645      FBgn0004175
Mst87F                     MS87F_DROME  P08175      FBgn0002862
mst101(1)           Dhyd   MST1_DROHY   Q08695      FBgn0011816
mst101(2)           Dhyd   MST2_DROHY   Q08696      FBgn0020733
mst101(3)           Dhyd   MST3_DROHY   O01395      FBgn0020732
mt:ATPase6                 ATP6_DROME   P00850      FBgn0013672
                    Dmau   ATP6_DROMA   Q7IV55      FBgn0022886
                    Dsec   ATP6_DROSE   Q7IV45      FBgn0041969
                    Dyak   ATP6_DROYA   P00851      FBgn0013177
mt:ATPase8                 ATP8_DROME   P84345      FBgn0013673
                    Dmau   ATP8_DROMA   P84344      FBgn0042029
                    Dsec   ATP8_DROSE   Q9MGM1      FBgn0041968
                    Dyak   ATP8_DROYA   P03933      FBgn0013178
mt:CoI                     COX1_DROME   P00399      FBgn0013674
                    Dmau   COX1_DROMA   Q34345      FBgn0012510
                    Dsec   COX1_DROSE   Q34391      FBgn0012794
                    Dyak   COX1_DROYA   P00400      FBgn0013179
mt:CoII                    COX2_DROME   P00408      FBgn0013675
                    Dafs   COX2_DROAI   Q85TA0      FBgn0012080
                    Dalg   COX2_DROAL   P84201      FBgn0012092
                    Damb   COX2_DROAM   P29856      FBgn0012105
                    Dath   COX2_DROAT   P84202      FBgn0012155
                    Dazt   COX2_DROAZ   P84287      FBgn0012178
                    Dbif   COX2_DROBF   P29859      FBgn0012208
                    Dlow   COX2_DROLO   P29860      FBgn0012445
                    Dmir   COX2_DROMI   P67797      FBgn0012558
                    Dnar   COX2_DRONR   P67795      FBgn0012586
                    Dper   COX2_DROPE   P67798      FBgn0012641
                    Dsub   COX2_DROSU   P29865      FBgn0012953
                    Dtol   COX2_DROTO   P67796      FBgn0013033
                    Dyak   COX2_DROYA   P00409      FBgn0013180
mt:CoIII                   COX3_DROME   P00417      FBgn0013676
                    Dyak   COX3_DROYA   P00418      FBgn0013181
mt:Cyt-b                   CYB_DROME    P18935      FBgn0013678
                    Dmau   CYB_DROMA    Q9MGM4      FBgn0022885
                    Dsec   CYB_DROSE    Q9MGL5      FBgn0041965
                    Dsub   CYB_DROSU    P51941      FBgn0012955
                    Dyak   CYB_DROYA    P07704      FBgn0013182
mt:ND1                     NU1M_DROME   P18929      FBgn0013679
                    Dafs   NU1M_DROAI   P51926      FBgn0012082
                    Dalg   NU1M_DROAL   P84301      FBgn0012094
                    Damb   NU1M_DROAM   P84303      FBgn0012107
                    Dazt   NU1M_DROAZ   P84300      FBgn0012180
                    Dbif   NU1M_DROBF   P51930      FBgn0012210
                    Dgua   NU1M_DROGU   P51931      FBgn0012336
                    Dmad   NU1M_DROMD   P51932      FBgn0012479
                    Dmir   NU1M_DROMI   P84305      FBgn0012560
                    Dobs   NU1M_DROOB   P84304      FBgn0012607
                    Dper   NU1M_DROPE   P84294      FBgn0012643
                    Dpsb   NU1M_DROPB   P84295      FBgn0012682
                    Dsub   NU1M_DROSU   P51937      FBgn0012956
                    Dsus   NU1M_DROSS   P51938      FBgn0012973
                    Dtri   NU1M_DROTR   P84302      FBgn0013053
                    Dyak   NU1M_DROYA   P07710      FBgn0013183
mt:ND2                     NU2M_DROME   P03896      FBgn0013680
                    Dmau   NU2M_DROMA   P29867      FBgn0012512
                    Dsec   NU2M_DROSE   P29868      FBgn0012795
                    Dyak   NU2M_DROYA   P03895      FBgn0013184
mt:ND3                     NU3M_DROME   P18930      FBgn0013681
                    Dsub   NU3M_DROSU   P51940      FBgn0012957
                    Dyak   NU3M_DROYA   P07705      FBgn0013204
mt:ND4                     NU4M_DROME   P18931      FBgn0262952
                    Dyak   NU4M_DROYA   P07707      FBgn0013185
mt:ND4L                    NU4LM_DROME  P18934      FBgn0013683
                    Dnaf   NU4LM_DRONF  Q9T4R3      FBgn0028801
                    Dyak   NU4LM_DROYA  P07708      FBgn0013186
mt:ND5                     NU5M_DROME   P18932      FBgn0013684
                    Dyak   NU5M_DROYA   P07706      FBgn0013205
mt:ND6                     NU6M_DROME   P18933      FBgn0013685
                    Dyak   NU6M_DROYA   P07709      FBgn0013187
Mtap                       MTAP_DROME   Q9V813      FBgn0034215
mtDNA-helicase             PEO1_DROME   Q9VL76      FBgn0032154
mTerf3                     MTEF3_DROME  Q9VPD5      FBgn0037008
mTerf5                     MTEF5_DROME  Q9VEB4      FBgn0038584
mth                        MTH_DROME    O97148      FBgn0023000
mthl1                      MTH1_DROME   Q9VXD9      FBgn0030766
mthl2                      MTH2_DROME   Q9VRN2      FBgn0035623
mthl3                      MTH3_DROME   Q9V818      FBgn0028956
mthl4                      MTH4_DROME   Q9V817      FBgn0034219
mthl5                      MTH5_DROME   Q9VGG8      FBgn0037960
mthl6                      MTH6_DROME   Q9VS77      FBgn0035789
mthl7                      MTH7_DROME   Q9VSE7      FBgn0035847
mthl8                      MTH8_DROME   Q9W0V7      FBgn0052475
mthl9                      MTH9_DROME   Q9W0R6      FBgn0035131
mthl10                     MTH10_DROME  Q9W0R5      FBgn0035132
mthl11                     MTH11_DROME  P83118      FBgn0045443
mthl12                     MTH12_DROME  P83119      FBgn0045442
mthl14                     MTH14_DROME  Q8SYV9      FBgn0052476
Mtk                        MTK_DROME    Q24395      FBgn0014865
MtnA                       MT1_DROME    P04357      FBgn0002868
MtnB                       MT2_DROME    P11956      FBgn0002869
MtnC                       MT3_DROME    Q9VDN2      FBgn0038790
MtnD                       MT4_DROME    Q8I9B4      FBgn0053192
Mtor                       TPR_DROME    A1Z8P9      FBgn0013756
Mtp                        MTP_DROME    Q9VIH3      FBgn0266369
MTPAP                      PAPD1_DROME  O46102      FBgn0024360
mtrm                       MTRM_DROME   Q23973      FBgn0010431
mts                        PP2A_DROME   P23696      FBgn0004177
mtsh                       MTSH_DROME   Q9VLP4      FBgn0262598
mtSSB                      SSBP_DROME   P54622      FBgn0010438
mTTF                       MTTF_DROME   Q9V3F3      FBgn0028530
mtTFB1                     TFB1M_DROME  Q9VTM5      FBgn0261381
mtTFB2                     TFB2M_DROME  Q9VH38      FBgn0037778
Mul1                       MUL1_DROME   Q9VZJ9      FBgn0035483
mus304                     ATRIP_DROME  Q9VVN4      FBgn0002901
mus312                     SLX4_DROME   Q9VS48      FBgn0002909
Muted                      BL1S5_DROME  Q0KI28      FBgn0083967
mv                         LYST_DROME   Q9W060      FBgn0265988
Mvl                        MVL_DROME    P49283      FBgn0011672
mxt                        MXT_DROME    Q9VR35      FBgn0031637
Myb                        MYB_DROME    P04197      FBgn0002914
Mybbp1A                    MBB1A_DROME  Q9W5E4      FBgn0001341
Myc                        MYC_DROME    Q9W4S7      FBgn0262656
Myo31DF                    MY31D_DROME  Q23978      FBgn0086347
Myo61F                     MY61F_DROME  Q23979      FBgn0010246
mys                        ITBX_DROME   P11584      FBgn0004657
Mys45A                     SDA1_DROME   Q7KKH3      FBgn0033379
Myt1                       PMYT1_DROME  Q9NI63      FBgn0040298
N                          NOTCH_DROME  P07207      FBgn0004647
Naa30A                     NA30A_DROME  Q95RC0      FBgn0024362
Naa35                      NAA35_DROME  Q9W1A2      FBgn0034982
Naa60                      NAA60_DROME  Q95SX8      FBgn0036039
Naa80                      NAA80_DROME  Q59DX8      FBgn0037747
NAAT1                      NAAT1_DROME  Q9W4C5      FBgn0029762
nab                        NAB_DROME    Q59E55      FBgn0259986
nac                        FUCT1_DROME  Q9VHT4      FBgn0265351
Nacalpha                   NACA_DROME   Q94518      FBgn0086904
Nach                       NACH_DROME   O61365      FBgn0024319
nAChRalpha1                ACH1_DROME   P09478      FBgn0000036
nAChRalpha2                ACH2_DROME   P17644      FBgn0000039
nAChRbeta1                 ACH3_DROME   P04755      FBgn0000038
nAChRbeta2                 ACH4_DROME   P25162      FBgn0004118
NaCP60E                    SCN60_DROME  Q9W0Y8      FBgn0085434
Nadsyn                     NADE_DROME   Q9VYA0      FBgn0030512
NANS                       SIAS_DROME   Q9VG74      FBgn0038045
Naprt                      PNCB_DROME   Q9VQX4      FBgn0031589
narya                      NARYA_DROME  Q9VWI4      FBgn0031018
nau                        MYOD_DROME   P22816      FBgn0002922
Naus                       CT2NL_DROME  Q8SX68      FBgn0034308
Naxd                       NNRD_DROME   Q9VVW8      FBgn0036848
Naxe                       NNRE_DROME   Q9W2Y3      FBgn0030178
Nbr                        MUT7_DROME   Q9VIF1      FBgn0032924
NC2beta                    NC2B_DROME   Q9VJQ5      FBgn0028926
Nca                        NCAH_DROME   P42325      FBgn0013303
ncd                        NCD_DROME    P20480      FBgn0002924
Nckx30C                    NCKX_DROME   Q9U6A0      FBgn0028704
nclb                       PWP1_DROME   A1Z8D0      FBgn0263510
ncm                        CWC22_DROME  Q9VJ87      FBgn0086707
Nct                        NICA_DROME   Q9VC27      FBgn0039234
ND-18                      NDUS4_DROME  Q9VWI0      FBgn0031021
ND-23                      NDUS8_DROME  Q9VF27      FBgn0017567
ND-30                      NDUS3_DROME  Q9VZU4      FBgn0266582
ND-42                      NDUAA_DROME  P91929      FBgn0019957
ND-75                      NDUS1_DROME  Q94511      FBgn0017566
ND-ACP                     ACPM_DROME   Q94519      FBgn0011361
Ndc1                       NDC1_DROME   Q9VCG4      FBgn0039125
Ndf                        GLYR1_DROME  Q8T079      FBgn0043456
Ndg                        NDG_DROME    A1Z877      FBgn0026403
ndl                        NUDEL_DROME  P98159      FBgn0002926
Nedd4                      NEDD4_DROME  Q9VVI3      FBgn0259174
Nedd8                      NEDD8_DROME  Q9VJ33      FBgn0032725
Nelf-A                     NELFA_DROME  Q86NP2      FBgn0038872
NELF-B                     NELFB_DROME  Q9Y113      FBgn0027553
Nelf-E                     NELFE_DROME  P92204      FBgn0017430
nenya                      NENYA_DROME  Q8IMM9      FBgn0051053
Nep1                       NEP_DROME    Q9W436      FBgn0029843
Nep2                       NEP2_DROME   A0A0B4K692  FBgn0027570
Nep3                       NEP3_DROME   Q9W5Y0      FBgn0031081
Nep4                       NEP4_DROME   Q8T062      FBgn0038818
nero                       DOHH_DROME   Q9V9U4      FBgn0261479
nes                        MBOA5_DROME  Q9VVX5      FBgn0026630
nesd                       NESD_DROME   Q9VIP0      FBgn0032848
NetA                       NETA_DROME   Q24567      FBgn0015773
NetB                       NETB_DROME   Q24568      FBgn0015774
neur                       NEUR_DROME   P29503      FBgn0002932
Neurochondrin              NCDN_DROME   Q9VI25      FBgn0037447
Nfs1                       NFS1_DROME   Q9VKD3      FBgn0032393
ng1                        NG1_DROME    P23938      FBgn0002933
ng2                        NG2_DROME    P40139      FBgn0010294
ng3                        NG3_DROME    P40140      FBgn0010295
ng4                        NG4_DROME    P40141      FBgn0010296
NHP2                       NHP2_DROME   Q9V3U2      FBgn0029148
NijA                       NIJA_DROME   Q8MPP0      FBgn0036101
NijB                       NIJB_DROME   Q9VVT9      FBgn0036822
ninaA                      CYPR_DROME   P15425      FBgn0002936
ninaB                      NINAB_DROME  Q9VFS2      FBgn0002937
ninaC                      NINAC_DROME  P10676      FBgn0002938
ninaE                      OPS1_DROME   P06002      FBgn0002940
ninaG                      NINAG_DROME  Q9VGP2      FBgn0037896
Nipped-A                   TRA1_DROME   Q8I8U7      FBgn0053554
Nipped-B                   NIPB_DROME   Q7PLI2      FBgn0026401
Nipsnap                    NIPSN_DROME  Q9VXK0      FBgn0030724
NitFhit                    NFT1_DROME   O76464      FBgn0024945
nito                       NITO_DROME   Q7KMJ6      FBgn0027548
NKAIN                      NKAIN_DROME  A6MHQ4      FBgn0085442
nkd                        NKD_DROME    Q9VVV9      FBgn0002945
Nle                        NLE_DROME    Q9VPR4      FBgn0021874
Nlp                        NLP_DROME    Q27415      FBgn0016685
Nmdar1                     NMDA1_DROME  Q24418      FBgn0010399
Nmdmc                      MTDC_DROME   Q04448      FBgn0010222
Nmt                        NMT_DROME    O61613      FBgn0020392
Nna1                       NNAD_DROME   Q9VY99      FBgn0265726
Nnp-1                      RRP1L_DROME  Q9VJZ7      FBgn0022069
NO66                       NO66_DROME   Q7K4H4      FBgn0266570
Noa36                      ZN330_DROME  Q9VAU9      FBgn0026400
noc                        NOC_DROME    Q24423      FBgn0005771
nod                        NOD_DROME    P18105      FBgn0002948
NOF\ORF                    NOF_DROME    P16320      FBgn0044029
noi                        NOI_DROME    O46106      FBgn0014366
Non1                       NOG1_DROME   Q9V411      FBgn0028473
Non3                       RPF2_DROME   Q9VEB3      FBgn0038585
nonA                       NONA_DROME   Q04047      FBgn0004227
                    Dlit   NONA_DROLR   Q9GRX4      FBgn0043410
nonC                       SMG1_DROME   Q70PP2      FBgn0263968
Nop17l                     KTU_DROME    Q0E9G3      FBgn0033224
Nop60B                     DKC1_DROME   O44081      FBgn0259937
norpA                      PIPA_DROME   P13217      FBgn0262738
Nos                        NOS_DROME    Q27571      FBgn0011676
nos                        NANOS_DROME  P25724      FBgn0002962
not                        NOT_DROME    Q9VVR1      FBgn0013717
Not10                      CNO10_DROME  Q9V3G6      FBgn0260444
Notum                      NOTUM_DROME  Q9VUX3      FBgn0044028
Npc1b                      NPC1B_DROME  Q9VRC9      FBgn0261675
Npc2a                      NPC2_DROME   Q9VQ62      FBgn0031381
NPF                        NPF_DROME    Q9VET0      FBgn0027109
NPFR                       NPFR_DROME   Q9VNM1      FBgn0037408
Npl4                       NPL4_DROME   Q9VBP9      FBgn0039348
Nplp1                      NPLP1_DROME  Q9W0W6      FBgn0035092
Nplp2                      NPLP2_DROME  Q9VU58      FBgn0287423
Nplp3                      NPLP3_DROME  Q9VV28      FBgn0042201
Nplp4                      NPLP4_DROME  Q9VQ66      FBgn0040717
Nprl2                      NPRL2_DROME  Q9VXA0      FBgn0030800
Nprl3                      NPRL3_DROME  Q9VUB4      FBgn0036397
Nrg                        NRG_DROME    P20241      FBgn0264975
Nrk                        ROR2_DROME   Q9V6K3      FBgn0020391
Nrt                        NRT_DROME    P23654      FBgn0004108
nrv1                       ATPB1_DROME  Q24046      FBgn0015776
nrv2                       ATPB2_DROME  Q24048      FBgn0015777
Nrx-IV                     NRX4_DROME   Q94887      FBgn0013997
Ns1                        GNL3_DROME   Q8MT06      FBgn0038473
Ns3                        LSG1_DROME   Q9W590      FBgn0266284
Nse1                       NSE1_DROME   Q9VMA0      FBgn0031848
Nsf2                       NSF2_DROME   P54351      FBgn0266464
nSMase                     NSMA_DROME   Q9VZS6      FBgn0035421
Nsun2                      NSUN2_DROME  Q9W4M9      FBgn0026079
Nsun5                      NSUN5_DROME  Q9VDZ4      FBgn0259704
NT1                        SPZ2_DROME   B7TB45      FBgn0261526
ntc                        NUTC_DROME   Q8SX86      FBgn0035461
Ntmt                       NTM1_DROME   Q6NN40      FBgn0033457
nub                        PDM1_DROME   P31368      FBgn0085424
nudE                       NDE1_DROME   Q9VT70      FBgn0036059
nullo                      NULLO_DROME  P32845      FBgn0004143
numb                       NUMB_DROME   P16554      FBgn0002973
Nup35                      NUP35_DROME  Q9VWS2      FBgn0030943
Nup37                      NUP37_DROME  Q9VBU8      FBgn0039301
Nup44A                     SEH1_DROME   Q7K2X8      FBgn0033247
Nup50                      NUP50_DROME  Q7K0D8      FBgn0033264
Nup54                      NUP54_DROME  Q9V6B9      FBgn0033737
Nup58                      NUP58_DROME  Q9VDV3      FBgn0038722
Nup62                      NUP62_DROME  Q7JXF5      FBgn0034118
Nup75                      NUP75_DROME  A1YK02      FBgn0034310
Nup93-1                    NU931_DROME  Q9XZ06      FBgn0027537
Nup98-96                   NUP98_DROME  Q9VCH5      FBgn0039120
Nup107                     NU107_DROME  Q9V466      FBgn0027868
Nup133                     NU133_DROME  Q9VCW3      FBgn0039004
Nup153                     NU153_DROME  Q9VXE6      FBgn0061200
Nup154                     NU154_DROME  Q9V463      FBgn0021761
Nup160                     NU160_DROME  Q9VKJ3      FBgn0262647
Nup188                     NU188_DROME  A0A0B4K859  FBgn0033766
Nup205                     NU205_DROME  Q8IQV9      FBgn0031078
Nup214                     NU214_DROME  Q9W1X4      FBgn0010660
Nup358                     RBP2_DROME   A0A0B4K7J2  FBgn0039302
nur                        NEMU_DROME   Q8IP68      FBgn0051813
Nurf-38                    IPYR_DROME   O77460      FBgn0016687
nvd                        NVD_DROME    Q1JUZ1      FBgn0287185
nwk                        NWK_DROME    X2JAU8      FBgn0263456
nxf2                       NXF2_DROME   Q9VV73      FBgn0036640
Nxt1                       NXT1_DROME   Q9V3H8      FBgn0028411
O-fut1                     OFUT1_DROME  Q9V6X7      FBgn0033901
O-fut2                     OFUT2_DROME  Q9W589      FBgn0027791
oaf                        OAF_DROME    Q9NLA6      FBgn0011818
Oamb                       OAMB_DROME   Q7JQF1      FBgn0024944
Oat                        OAT_DROME    Q9VW26      FBgn0022774
Oatp74D                    SO74D_DROME  Q9VVH9      FBgn0036732
Oaz                        ZN423_DROME  A1Z9R4      FBgn0284250
Obp19a                     OB19A_DROME  Q9VR94      FBgn0031109
Obp19d                     OB19D_DROME  P54192      FBgn0011280
Obp28a                     OB28A_DROME  P54195      FBgn0011283
Obp56a                     OB56A_DROME  Q9V8Y2      FBgn0034468
Obp56d                     OB56D_DROME  Q8SY61      FBgn0034470
Obp56h                     OB56H_DROME  Q9V8Y9      FBgn0034475
Obp57a                     OB57A_DROME  Q8MKK0      FBgn0043535
Obp57b                     OB57B_DROME  Q8MKJ4      FBgn0043534
Obp57c                     OB57C_DROME  Q9V931      FBgn0034509
Obp57d                     OB57D_DROME  Q8MMF9      FBgn0043536
Obp57e                     OB57E_DROME  Q9V938      FBgn0050145
Obp59a                     OB59A_DROME  Q86BF9      FBgn0034766
Obp69a                     OB69A_DROME  P54191      FBgn0011279
Obp83a                     OB83A_DROME  P54193      FBgn0011281
Obp83b                     PBP6_DROME   Q23970      FBgn0010403
Obp84a                     OB84A_DROME  P54194      FBgn0011282
Obp99a                     OB99A_DROME  Q9VAJ4      FBgn0039678
Obp99b                     OB99B_DROME  Q9VAI6      FBgn0039685
obst-E                     OBSTE_DROME  Q9VMM6      FBgn0031737
oc                         HMOC_DROME   P22810      FBgn0004102
Oct-TyrR                   OAR_DROME    P22270      FBgn0004514
Octbeta1R                  OCTB1_DROME  Q9VCZ3      FBgn0038980
Octbeta2R                  OCTB2_DROME  Q4LBB9      FBgn0038063
Octbeta3R                  OCTB3_DROME  Q4LBB6      FBgn0250910
Oda                        OAZ_DROME    P54361      FBgn0014184
Odc1                       DCOR1_DROME  P40807      FBgn0013307
Odc2                       DCOR2_DROME  P40808      FBgn0013308
odd                        ODD_DROME    P23803      FBgn0002985
Ogg1                       OGG1_DROME   Q9V3I8      FBgn0027864
ogre                       INX1_DROME   P27716      FBgn0004646
ohgt                       CRBN_DROME   Q9VH36      FBgn0037780
okr                        RAD54_DROME  O76460      FBgn0002989
olf413                     MOX12_DROME  Q6NP60      FBgn0037153
omd                        INT5_DROME   Q9VFS6      FBgn0038168
onecut                     ONEC_DROME   Q9NJB5      FBgn0028996
opa                        OPA_DROME    P39768      FBgn0003002
Optix                      OPTIX_DROME  Q95RW8      FBgn0025360
opus\gag                   GAGO_DROME   Q8I7Q0      FBgn0025876
opus\pol                   POL5_DROME   Q8I7P9      FBgn0025875
Or1a                       OR1A_DROME   Q9W5G6      FBgn0029521
Or2a                       OR2A_DROME   O46077      FBgn0023523
Or7a                       OR7A_DROME   Q9W3I5      FBgn0030016
Or9a                       OR9A_DROME   Q9W2U9      FBgn0030204
Or10a                      OR10A_DROME  Q9VYZ1      FBgn0030298
Or13a                      OR13A_DROME  Q9VXL0      FBgn0030715
Or19a                      OR19A_DROME  Q9I816      FBgn0041626
Or19b                      OR19B_DROME  Q8IRZ5      FBgn0062565
Or22a                      OR22A_DROME  P81909      FBgn0026398
Or22b                      OR22B_DROME  P81910      FBgn0026397
Or22c                      OR22C_DROME  P81911      FBgn0026396
Or23a                      OR23A_DROME  P81912      FBgn0026395
Or24a                      OR24A_DROME  P81913      FBgn0026394
Or30a                      OR30A_DROME  Q9VLE5      FBgn0032096
Or33a                      OR33A_DROME  P81914      FBgn0026392
Or33b                      OR33B_DROME  P81915      FBgn0026391
Or33c                      OR33C_DROME  P81916      FBgn0026390
Or35a                      OR35A_DROME  Q9V3Q2      FBgn0028946
Or42a                      OR42A_DROME  Q9V9I2      FBgn0033041
Or42b                      OR42B_DROME  Q9V9I4      FBgn0033043
Or43a                      OR43A_DROME  P81917      FBgn0026389
Or43b                      OR43B_DROME  P81918      FBgn0026393
Or45a                      OR45A_DROME  Q9V568      FBgn0033404
Or45b                      OR45B_DROME  Q9V589      FBgn0033422
Or46a                      OR46A_DROME  P81919      FBgn0026388
                           OR46B_DROME  Q9V3N2                 
Or47a                      OR47A_DROME  P81921      FBgn0026386
Or47b                      OR47B_DROME  P81922      FBgn0026385
Or49a                      OR49A_DROME  Q9V6A9      FBgn0033727
Or49b                      OR49B_DROME  Q9V6H2      FBgn0028963
Or56a                      OR56A_DROME  Q9V8Y7      FBgn0034473
Or59a                      OR59A_DROME  P81923      FBgn0026384
Or59b                      OR59B_DROME  Q9W1P8      FBgn0034865
Or59c                      OR59C_DROME  Q9W1P7      FBgn0034866
Or63a                      OR63A_DROME  Q9VZW8      FBgn0035382
Or65a                      OR65A_DROME  P82982      FBgn0041625
Or65b                      OR65B_DROME  P82983      FBgn0041624
Or65c                      OR65C_DROME  P82984      FBgn0041623
Or67a                      OR67A_DROME  Q9VT08      FBgn0036009
Or67b                      OR67B_DROME  Q9VT20      FBgn0036019
Or67c                      OR67C_DROME  Q9VT90      FBgn0036078
Or67d                      OR67D_DROME  Q9VT92      FBgn0036080
Or69a                      OR69A_DROME  Q9VU27      FBgn0041622
                           OR69B_DROME  P82985                 
Or71a                      OR71A_DROME  Q9VUK5      FBgn0036474
Or74a                      OR74A_DROME  Q9VVF3      FBgn0036709
Or82a                      OR82A_DROME  P82986      FBgn0041621
Or83a                      OR83A_DROME  Q9VNB3      FBgn0037322
Or83c                      OR83C_DROME  Q9VNK9      FBgn0037399
Or85a                      OR85A_DROME  Q9VHS4      FBgn0037576
Or85b                      OR85B_DROME  Q9VHQ7      FBgn0037590
Or85c                      OR85C_DROME  Q9VHQ6      FBgn0037591
Or85d                      OR85D_DROME  Q9VHQ2      FBgn0037594
Or85e                      OR85E_DROME  P81924      FBgn0026399
Or85f                      OR85F_DROME  Q9VHE6      FBgn0037685
Or88a                      OR88A_DROME  Q9VFN2      FBgn0038203
Or92a                      OR92A_DROME  Q9VDM1      FBgn0038798
Or94a                      OR94A_DROME  Q9VCS9      FBgn0039033
Or94b                      OR94B_DROME  Q9VCS8      FBgn0039034
Or98a                      OR98A_DROME  Q9VAZ3      FBgn0039551
Or98b                      OR98B_DROME  Q9VAW0      FBgn0039582
Orai                       CRCM1_DROME  Q9U6B8      FBgn0041585
orb2                       ORB2_DROME   Q9VSR3      FBgn0264307
Orc1                       ORC1_DROME   O16810      FBgn0286788
Orc2                       ORC2_DROME   Q24168      FBgn0015270
Orc5                       ORC5_DROME   Q24169      FBgn0015271
Orc6                       ORC6_DROME   Q9Y1B2      FBgn0023180
Orco                       ORCO_DROME   Q9VNB5      FBgn0037324
Orct                       ORCT_DROME   Q9VCA2      FBgn0019952
Orct2                      OCTL_DROME   Q95R48      FBgn0086365
ord                        ORD_DROME    Q24434      FBgn0003009
Ork1                       ORK1_DROME   Q94526      FBgn0017561
ORMDL                      ORMDL_DROME  Q9VP04      FBgn0037110
Os-C                       OSC_DROME    Q23971      FBgn0010401
osa                        OSA_DROME    Q8IN94      FBgn0261885
Oscillin                   GNPI_DROME   Q9VMP9      FBgn0031717
Oseg2                      OSM1_DROME   Q9W040      FBgn0035317
osk                        OSKA_DROME   P25158      FBgn0003015
osp                        OSP_DROME    Q27421      FBgn0003016
Ost48                      OST48_DROME  Q24319      FBgn0014868
Ote                        OTE_DROME    P20240      FBgn0266420
otk                        PTK7_DROME   Q6AWJ9      FBgn0004839
OtopLc                     OTOP_DROME   B7Z0W9      FBgn0259150
otp                        OTP_DROME    P56672      FBgn0015524
otu                        OTU_DROME    P10383      FBgn0003023
ouib                       OUIB_DROME   Q9VHM6      FBgn0037618
ovo                        OVO_DROME    P51521      FBgn0003028
ox                         QCR9_DROME   Q9XY35      FBgn0011227
oxt                        XYLT_DROME   Q7KVA1      FBgn0015360
oys                        MBOA6_DROME  Q6NN55      FBgn0033476
p                          HPS5_DROME   Q9VHN9      FBgn0086679
p38a                       MK38A_DROME  O62618      FBgn0015765
p38b                       MK38B_DROME  O61443      FBgn0024846
p38c                       MK14C_DROME  P83100      FBgn0267339
p115                       USO1_DROME   Q9W3N6      FBgn0040087
pAbp                       PABP_DROME   P21187      FBgn0265297
Pabp2                      PABP2_DROME  Q7KNF2      FBgn0005648
Paf-AHalpha                PA1B2_DROME  Q9VXP4      FBgn0025809
Paics                      PUR6_DROME   Q9I7S8      FBgn0020513
pain                       PAIN_DROME   Q9W0Y6      FBgn0060296
Pak                        PAK_DROME    Q9VI13      FBgn0267698
Pal1                       PAL1_DROME   Q9V5E1      FBgn0283510
Pal2                       PAL2_DROME   Q9W1L5      FBgn0262728
pan                        PANG1_DROME  P91943      FBgn0085432
                           PANG2_DROME  Q8IMA8                 
PAN2                       PAN2_DROME   A1Z7K9      FBgn0033352
PAN3                       PAN3_DROME   Q95RR8      FBgn0035397
Panx                       PANX_DROME   Q9W2H9      FBgn0034617
PapC                Dfun   PPS1_DROFU   P01372      FBgn0004112
PapD                Dfun   IMAP_DROFU   P11424      FBgn0004113
papi                       TDRKH_DROME  Q9VQ91      FBgn0031401
Papst2                     S35B3_DROME  Q9VVD9      FBgn0036695
para                       SCNA_DROME   P35500      FBgn0285944
Parg                       PARG_DROME   O46043      FBgn0023216
park                       PRKN_DROME   Q7KTX7      FBgn0041100
Parp                       PARP_DROME   P35875      FBgn0010247
Parp16                     PAR16_DROME  A1ZAG4      FBgn0034129
path                       PATH_DROME   Q9VT04      FBgn0036007
Patj                       PATJ_DROME   Q9NB04      FBgn0067864
Patronin                   PTRO_DROME   A1ZAU8      FBgn0263197
pb                         HMPB_DROME   P31264      FBgn0051481
Pburs                      PBURS_DROME  Q9VJS7      FBgn0264810
Pc                         PC_DROME     P26017      FBgn0003042
Pcd                        PHS_DROME    O76454      FBgn0024841
PCID2                      PCID2_DROME  Q9VTL1      FBgn0036184
Pcl                        PCL_DROME    Q24459      FBgn0003044
Pcmt                       PIMT_DROME   Q27869      FBgn0086768
PCNA                       PCNA_DROME   P17917      FBgn0005655
PCNA2                      PCNA2_DROME  Q9VIT0      FBgn0032813
Pcp                        CUPP_DROME   P14484      FBgn0003046
pcs                        3BP5H_DROME  Q9V785      FBgn0033988
pcx                        PCX_DROME    P18490      FBgn0003048
Pde1c                      PDE1_DROME   B7YZV4      FBgn0264815
Pde6                       PDE6_DROME   Q9VFI9      FBgn0038237
Pde8                       PDE8_DROME   Q6NNF2      FBgn0266377
Pde9                       PDE9A_DROME  Q9I7S6      FBgn0259171
Pde11                      PDE11_DROME  Q9VJ79      FBgn0085370
Pdf                        PDF_DROME    O96690      FBgn0023178
Pdfr                       PDFR_DROME   Q9W4Y2      FBgn0260753
Pdi                        PDI_DROME    P54399      FBgn0286818
Pdk                        PDK_DROME    P91622      FBgn0017558
Pdk1                       PDPK1_DROME  Q9W0V1      FBgn0020386
pdm2                       PDM2A_DROME  P31369      FBgn0004394
                           PDM2B_DROME  Q9VK71                 
pea                        DHX8_DROME   A1Z9L3      FBgn0086895
PEK                        E2AK3_DROME  Q9NIV1      FBgn0037327
pelo                       PELO_DROME   P48612      FBgn0011207
Pen                        IMA_DROME    P52295      FBgn0287720
pen-2                      PEN2_DROME   Q86BE9      FBgn0053198
peng                       PENG_DROME   O61345      FBgn0015527
Pep                        PEP_DROME    P41073      FBgn0004401
Pepck                      PCKG_DROME   P20007      FBgn0003067
per                        PER_DROME    P07663      FBgn0003068
                    Dcap   PER_DROCP    P91607      FBgn0019352
                    Dequ   PER_DROEQ    P92203      FBgn0019334
                    Dimm   PER_DROIM    Q03294      FBgn0012422
                    Dins   PER_DROIN    P91613      FBgn0018970
                    Dmau   PER_DROMA    Q03353      FBgn0012516
                    Dmes   PER_DROMS    Q04535      FBgn0012531
                    Dneb   PER_DRONE    P91686      FBgn0018750
                    Dore   PER_DROOR    Q26289      FBgn0012623
                    Dpau   PER_DROPU    P91697      FBgn0018702
                    Dpav   PER_DROPV    P91698      FBgn0018696
                    Dpic   PER_DROPI    Q25206      FBgn0015136
                    Dpiv   PER_HIRPI    Q25109      FBgn0020712
                    Drob   PER_DRORO    Q03296      FBgn0012755
                    Dsal   PER_DROSA    Q04536      FBgn0012776
                    Dser   PER_DROSR    Q04537      FBgn0012804
                    Dsuc   PER_DROSC    P91705      FBgn0017934
                    Dtei   PER_DROTE    Q26287      FBgn0013030
                    Dtro   PER_DROTP    P91716      FBgn0017841
                    Ztub   PER_ZAPTU    Q27135      FBgn0020610
pes                        PESTE_DROME  B7Z031      FBgn0031969
Pex12                      PEX12_DROME  Q9VPT5      FBgn0031282
Pex23                      TECPR_DROME  Q9VWB0      FBgn0052226
Pfas                       PUR4_DROME   P35421      FBgn0000052
Pfdn2                      PFD2_DROME   Q9VTE5      FBgn0010741
Pfdn4                      PFD4_DROME   Q9VRL3      FBgn0035603
Pfdn5                      PFD5_DROME   Q9VCZ8      FBgn0038976
Pfdn6                      PFD6_DROME   Q9VW56      FBgn0036918
Pfk                        PFKA_DROME   P52034      FBgn0003071
Pgam5                      PGAM5_DROME  O46084      FBgn0023517
Pgant1                     GALT1_DROME  Q6WV20      FBgn0034025
Pgant2                     GALT2_DROME  Q6WV19      FBgn0031530
Pgant3                     GALT3_DROME  Q9Y117      FBgn0027558
Pgant4                     GALT4_DROME  Q8IA42      FBgn0051956
Pgant5                     GALT5_DROME  Q6WV17      FBgn0031681
Pgant6                     GALT6_DROME  Q6WV16      FBgn0035375
Pgant7                     GALT7_DROME  Q8MV48      FBgn0030930
Pgant8                     GALT8_DROME  Q9VUT6      FBgn0036529
Pgant9                     GALT9_DROME  Q8MRC9      FBgn0050463
Pgant35A                   GLT35_DROME  Q8MVS5      FBgn0001970
PGAP1                      PGAP1_DROME  Q9W495      FBgn0029789
PGAP2                      PGAP2_DROME  Q9VPT7      FBgn0031284
PGAP3                      PGAP3_DROME  Q7K0P4      FBgn0033088
PGAP5                      MPPE1_DROME  Q9VLR9      FBgn0031997
Pgd                        6PGD_DROME   P41572      FBgn0004654
Pgi                        G6PI_DROME   P52029      FBgn0003074
Pgk                        PGK_DROME    Q01604      FBgn0250906
Pgm1                       PGM_DROME    Q9VUY9      FBgn0003076
PGRP-LA                    PGPLA_DROME  Q95T64      FBgn0035975
PGRP-LB                    PGPLB_DROME  Q8INK6      FBgn0037906
PGRP-LC                    PGPLC_DROME  Q9GNK5      FBgn0035976
PGRP-LD                    PGPLD_DROME  Q9GN97      FBgn0260458
PGRP-LE                    PGPLE_DROME  Q9VXN9      FBgn0030695
PGRP-LF                    PGPLF_DROME  Q8SXQ7      FBgn0035977
PGRP-SA                    PGPSA_DROME  Q9VYX7      FBgn0030310
PGRP-SB1                   PGSB1_DROME  Q70PY2      FBgn0043578
PGRP-SB2                   PGSB2_DROME  Q9VV96      FBgn0043577
PGRP-SC1a                  SC1A_DROME   C0HK98      FBgn0043576
PGRP-SC1b                  SC1B_DROME   C0HK99      FBgn0033327
PGRP-SC2                   PGSC2_DROME  Q9V4X2      FBgn0043575
PGRP-SD                    PGPSD_DROME  Q9VS97      FBgn0035806
ph-p                       PHP_DROME    P39769      FBgn0004861
pHCl-2                     PHCL2_DROME  Q9V9Y4      FBgn0039840
PheRS-m                    SYFM_DROME   O16129      FBgn0275436
Phf5a                      PHF5A_DROME  Q9VMC8      FBgn0031822
Phlpp                      PHLPP_DROME  Q9VJ07      FBgn0032749
Phm                        PHM_DROME    O01404      FBgn0283509
phm                        CP306_DROME  Q9VWR5      FBgn0004959
pho                        PHO_DROME    Q8ST83      FBgn0002521
phtf                       PHTF_DROME   Q9V9A8      FBgn0028579
phyl                       PHYL_DROME   Q27934      FBgn0013725
PI31                       PSMF1_DROME  Q9V637      FBgn0033669
pic                        DDB1_DROME   Q9XYZ5      FBgn0260962
Picot                      PICO_DROME   Q9V7S5      FBgn0024315
Piezo                      PIEZO_DROME  M9MSG8      FBgn0264953
Pig1                       PIG1_DROME   P26023      FBgn0003086
PIG-B                      PIGB_DROME   Q9VZM5      FBgn0035464
PIG-K                      GPI8_DROME   Q8T4E1      FBgn0023545
PIG-V                      PIGV_DROME   Q9V7W1      FBgn0265174
PIG-Z                      PIGZ_DROME   Q8MT80      FBgn0266438
pigeon                     PIGE_DROME   Q24118      FBgn0010309
pigs                       GA2PE_DROME  Q9W3Y4      FBgn0029881
Pink1                      PINK1_DROME  Q0KHV6      FBgn0029891
Pino                       PINO_DROME   Q9VPW8      FBgn0016926
pinta                      PINTA_DROME  Q9VD09      FBgn0038966
pip                        PIPE_DROME   Q86BJ3      FBgn0003089
PIP82                      PIP82_DROME  Q9W3E2      FBgn0024943
Pis                        CDIPT_DROME  Q8SX37      FBgn0030670
pit                        DDX18_DROME  Q9VD51      FBgn0266581
Pitslre                    KP58_DROME   Q9VPC0      FBgn0016696
piwi                       PIWI_DROME   Q9VKM1      FBgn0004872
pix                        ABCE1_DROME  Q9VSS1      FBgn0086706
pk                         PRIC1_DROME  A1Z6W3      FBgn0003090
PK1-R                      PK1R_DROME   Q8ITC9      FBgn0038201
Pka-C1                     KAPC1_DROME  P12370      FBgn0000273
Pka-C2                     KAPC2_DROME  P16911      FBgn0000274
Pka-C3                     KAPC3_DROME  P16912      FBgn0000489
Pka-R1                     KAPR1_DROME  P16905      FBgn0259243
Pka-R2                     KAPR2_DROME  P81900      FBgn0022382
Pkc53E                     KPC1_DROME   P05130      FBgn0003091
Pkc98E                     KPC3_DROME   P13678      FBgn0003093
Pkcdelta                   KPC4_DROME   P83099      FBgn0259680
Pkg21D                     KGP1_DROME   Q03042      FBgn0000442
Pkn                        PKN_DROME    A1Z7T0      FBgn0020621
Plc21C                     PIP1_DROME   P25455      FBgn0004611
Pldn                       BL1S6_DROME  Q9VTM0      FBgn0036192
ple                        TY3H_DROME   P18459      FBgn0005626
PlexB                      PLXB_DROME   Q9V4A7      FBgn0025740
Pli                        PELI_DROME   O77237      FBgn0025574
pll                        KPEL_DROME   Q05652      FBgn0010441
Plod                       PLOD_DROME   Q9VTH0      FBgn0036147
plu                        PLU_DROME    P42570      FBgn0003114
Pmi                        TMM11_DROME  Q8IQ56      FBgn0044419
Pmm2                       PMM_DROME    Q9VTZ6      FBgn0036300
Pngl                       NGLY1_DROME  Q7KRR5      FBgn0033050
pnr                        PNR_DROME    P52168      FBgn0003117
pnt                        PNT_DROME    P51023      FBgn0003118
pnut                       PNUT_DROME   P40797      FBgn0013726
Poc1                       POC1_DROME   Q9VU65      FBgn0036354
poe                        POE_DROME    Q9VLT5      FBgn0011230
Pof                        POF_DROME    Q9W123      FBgn0035047
Pol31                      DPOD2_DROME  Q9W088      FBgn0027903
Pol32                      DPOD3_DROME  Q9Y118      FBgn0283467
PolA1                      DPOLA_DROME  P26019      FBgn0259113
PolA2                      DPOA2_DROME  Q9VB62      FBgn0005696
polo                       POLO_DROME   P52304      FBgn0003124
polyph                     POLYP_DROME  Q4V5R4      FBgn0033572
pont                       RUVB1_DROME  Q9VH07      FBgn0040078
por                        PORCN_DROME  Q9VWV9      FBgn0004957
porin                      VDAC_DROME   Q94920      FBgn0004363
Poxm                       POXM_DROME   P23757      FBgn0003129
Poxn                       POXN_DROME   P23758      FBgn0003130
Pp1-13C                    PP13_DROME   Q05547      FBgn0003132
Pp1-87B                    PP12_DROME   P12982      FBgn0004103
Pp1alpha-96A               PP11_DROME   P48461      FBgn0003134
Pp2A-29B                   2AAA_DROME   P36179      FBgn0260439
Pp2B-14D                   PP2B2_DROME  Q27889      FBgn0011826
Pp4-19C                    PP4C_DROME   O76932      FBgn0023177
ppan                       PPAN_DROME   Q9VDE5      FBgn0010770
ppk11                      PPK11_DROME  Q9VL84      FBgn0065109
ppk19                      PPK19_DROME  Q9VAJ3      FBgn0039679
ppk28                      PPK28_DROME  Q86LG1      FBgn0030795
ppl                        GCSH_DROME   Q9U616      FBgn0027945
Ppn                        PPN_DROME    Q868Z9      FBgn0003137
PPO2                       PPO2_DROME   Q9V521      FBgn0033367
PPO3                       PPO3_DROME   Q9W1V6      FBgn0261363
PPP4R2r                    PP4R2_DROME  Q9W2U4      FBgn0030208
Ppt1                       PPT1_DROME   Q9W3C7      FBgn0030057
Ppt2                       PPT2_DROME   Q9VKH6      FBgn0032358
PpV                        PPP6_DROME   Q27884      FBgn0003139
PpY-55A                    PPY_DROME    P11612      FBgn0003140
pr                         PTPS_DROME   P48611      FBgn0003141
PR-Set7                    KMT5A_DROME  Q9VFK6      FBgn0011474
Prat                       PUR1_DROME   Q27601      FBgn0004901
PrBP                       PDE6D_DROME  Q9VLJ0      FBgn0032059
prd                        PRD_DROME    P06601      FBgn0003145
prel                       PREL_DROME   Q9V579      FBgn0033413
Prim1                      PRI1_DROME   Q24317      FBgn0011762
Prim2                      PRI2_DROME   Q9VPH2      FBgn0259676
primo-1                    PPAC1_DROME  P82890      FBgn0040077
primo-2                    PPAC2_DROME  P82891      FBgn0040076
PRL-1                      PRL1_DROME   O61722      FBgn0024734
Prm                        MYSP1_DROME  P35415      FBgn0003149
                           MYSP2_DROME  P35416                 
prominin-like              PROML_DROME  P82295      FBgn0026189
pros                       PROS_DROME   P29617      FBgn0004595
Prosalpha1                 PSA6_DROME   Q9XZJ4      FBgn0263121
Prosalpha2                 PSA2_DROME   P40301      FBgn0086134
Prosalpha3                 PSA4_DROME   P18053      FBgn0261394
Prosalpha3T                PSA4L_DROME  Q9VA12      FBgn0261395
Prosalpha4                 PSA71_DROME  P22769      FBgn0004066
Prosalpha4T1               PSA72_DROME  Q24178      FBgn0265606
Prosalpha4T2               PSA73_DROME  Q27575      FBgn0017556
Prosalpha5                 PSA5_DROME   Q95083      FBgn0016697
Prosalpha6                 PSA1_DROME   P12881      FBgn0250843
Prosalpha7                 PSA3_DROME   Q9V5C6      FBgn0023175
Prosbeta3                  PSB3_DROME   Q9XYN7      FBgn0026380
Prosbeta4R2                PSB2_DROME   Q9VQE5      FBgn0031443
Prosbeta6                  PSB1_DROME   P40304      FBgn0002284
Prosbeta7                  PSB4_DROME   Q9VNA5      FBgn0250746
Prp38                      PRP38_DROME  Q7JVL3      FBgn0050342
Prtl99C                    PR99C_DROME  Q9VAF7      FBgn0039707
prtp                       TXND5_DROME  Q9VYV3      FBgn0030329
ps                         NOVA_DROME   A0A0B4KGY6  FBgn0261552
Psc                        PSC_DROME    P35820      FBgn0005624
Psf2                       PSF2_DROME   Q9VQY9      FBgn0261976
psh                        PSH_DROME    Q9VWU1      FBgn0030926
psidin                     NAA25_DROME  Q9VDQ7      FBgn0243511
Psn                        PSN_DROME    O02194      FBgn0284421
PSR                        JMJD6_DROME  Q9VD28      FBgn0038948
Pss                        PTSS_DROME   Q9VPD3      FBgn0287585
ptc                        PTC_DROME    P18502      FBgn0003892
Ptp10D                     PTP10_DROME  P35992      FBgn0004370
Ptp61F                     PTP61_DROME  Q9W0G1      FBgn0267487
Ptp69D                     PTP69_DROME  P16620      FBgn0014007
Ptp99A                     PTP99_DROME  P35832      FBgn0004369
PTPMT1                     PTPM1_DROME  Q86BN8      FBgn0039111
Ptx1                       PITX_DROME   O18400      FBgn0020912
Pu                         GCH1_DROME   P48596      FBgn0003162
puf                        PUF_DROME    Q9VC56      FBgn0039214
pug                        C1TC_DROME   O96553      FBgn0020385
pum                        PUM_DROME    P25822      FBgn0003165
Pxd                        PERO_DROME   Q01603      FBgn0004577
Pxn                        PXDN_DROME   Q9VZZ4      FBgn0011828
Pxt                        PERC_DROME   Q9VEG6      FBgn0261987
pygo                       PYGO_DROME   Q9V9W8      FBgn0043900
PyK                        KPYK_DROME   O62619      FBgn0267385
Pym                        PYM_DROME    P82804      FBgn0034918
Pyroxd1                    PYRD1_DROME  Q9VIP2      FBgn0032846
pyx                        PYX_DROME    Q9W0T5      FBgn0035113
P\T                        PELET_DROME  Q7M3K2      FBgn0013311
QIL1                       MIC13_DROME  Q9VVH3      FBgn0036726
qtc                        QTC_DROME    Q9VMU5      FBgn0028572
qua                        QUAI_DROME   Q23989      FBgn0003187
qvr                        QVR_DROME    B5A5T4      FBgn0260499
r                          PYR1_DROME   P05990      FBgn0003189
R2-element\ORF             POLR_DROME   P16423      FBgn0016699
r-l                        UMPS_DROME   Q01637      FBgn0003257
R1A1-element\ORF1          Y1R1_DROME   P16424      FBgn0044825
R1A1-element\ORF2          Y2R2_DROME   P16425      FBgn0044824
Rab3                       RAB3_DROME   P25228      FBgn0005586
Rab3-GAP                   RBGPR_DROME  Q9VKB9      FBgn0027505
Rab3-GEF                   MADD_DROME   Q9VXY2      FBgn0030613
Rab6                       RAB6_DROME   O18334      FBgn0015797
Rab26                      RAB26_DROME  Q9VP48      FBgn0086913
Rac1                       RAC1_DROME   P40792      FBgn0010333
Rac2                       RAC2_DROME   P48554      FBgn0014011
RacGAP84C                  RG84C_DROME  P40809      FBgn0045843
Rack1                      GBLP_DROME   O18640      FBgn0020618
rad50                      RAD50_DROME  Q9W252      FBgn0034728
Rae1                       RAE1_DROME   Q9W2E7      FBgn0034646
Raf                        KRAF1_DROME  P11346      FBgn0003079
Rala                       RALA_DROME   P48555      FBgn0015286
Ran                        RAN_DROME    Q9VZ23      FBgn0020255
Ran-like                   RANL_DROME   Q9VUN3      FBgn0036497
Ranbp16                    RBP16_DROME  Q9GQN0      FBgn0053180
RanBPM                     RBP9X_DROME  Q4Z8K6      FBgn0262114
RanGAP                     RAGP1_DROME  Q9VIW3      FBgn0003346
Rap1                       RAP1_DROME   P08645      FBgn0004636
ras                        IMDH_DROME   Q07152      FBgn0003204
Ras64B                     RAS2_DROME   P04388      FBgn0003206
Ras85D                     RAS1_DROME   P08646      FBgn0003205
                    Dmau   RAS1_DROMA   P83832      FBgn0029365
RasGAP1                    GAP1_DROME   P48423      FBgn0004390
raskol                     GAP2_DROME   Q8T498      FBgn0261570
rasp                       HHAT_DROME   Q9VZU2      FBgn0024194
Rat1                       XRN2_DROME   Q9VM71      FBgn0031868
Rb97D                      RB97D_DROME  Q02926      FBgn0004903
Rbbp5                      RBBP5_DROME  Q9VPH8      FBgn0036973
Rbf                        RBF_DROME    Q24472      FBgn0015799
Rbp1                       RBP1_DROME   Q02427      FBgn0260944
Rbp6                       MSIR6_DROME  Q9VVE5      FBgn0260943
Rcc1                       RCC1_DROME   P25171      FBgn0002638
rdgA                       DGK2_DROME   Q09103      FBgn0261549
rdgB                       RDGB_DROME   P43125      FBgn0003218
rdgBbeta                   PITC1_DROME  Q9U9P7      FBgn0027872
rdgC                       RDGC_DROME   P40421      FBgn0265959
Rdl                        GBRB_DROME   P25123      FBgn0004244
rdx                        RDX_DROME    Q9VFP2      FBgn0264493
rec                        MCMR_DROME   Q9VF30      FBgn0003227
ref(2)P                    REF2P_DROME  P14199      FBgn0003231
Reg-2                      REG2_DROME   Q94915      FBgn0016715
Reg-5                      REG5_DROME   Q94913      FBgn0015801
Rel                        NFKB1_DROME  Q94527      FBgn0014018
Rep                        RABEP_DROME  Q9V8W3      FBgn0026378
rept                       RUVB2_DROME  Q9V3K3      FBgn0040075
REPTOR                     CRERF_DROME  Q9VC61      FBgn0039209
REPTOR-BP                  RTBP_DROME   Q9VL14      FBgn0032202
resilin                    RESIL_DROME  Q9V7U0      FBgn0034157
retinin                    RETIN_DROME  Q9VV36      FBgn0040074
retm                       RETM_DROME   Q9VMD6      FBgn0031814
retn                       DRI_DROME    Q24573      FBgn0004795
Rev1                       REV1_DROME   Q9W0P2      FBgn0035150
Rev7                       REV7_DROME   Q9VNE1      FBgn0037345
RfC4                       RFC2_DROME   P53034      FBgn0260985
rg                         NBEA_DROME   Q9W4E2      FBgn0266098
Rga                        RGA_DROME    Q94547      FBgn0017550
Rh2                        OPS2_DROME   P08099      FBgn0003248
Rh3                        OPS3_DROME   P04950      FBgn0003249
Rh4                        OPS4_DROME   P08255      FBgn0003250
Rh5                        OPS5_DROME   P91657      FBgn0014019
Rh6                        OPS6_DROME   O01668      FBgn0019940
Rheb                       RHEB_DROME   Q9VND8      FBgn0041191
rho                        RHOM_DROME   P20350      FBgn0004635
Rho1                       RHO1_DROME   P48148      FBgn0014020
rho-5                      RHDF1_DROME  Q76NQ1      FBgn0041723
rho-7                      PARL_DROME   A1Z8R8      FBgn0033672
RhoGAP68F                  RG68F_DROME  Q9VTU3      FBgn0036257
RhoGAP92B                  RG92B_DROME  Q9VDS5      FBgn0038747
RhoGAP100F                 SYDE_DROME   Q9V9S7      FBgn0039883
RhoGAPp190                 RG190_DROME  Q9VX32      FBgn0026375
RhoL                       RHOL_DROME   Q24192      FBgn0014380
ric8a                      RIC8_DROME   Q9W358      FBgn0028292
Rich                       RIC1_DROME   Q9V3C5      FBgn0028500
Rif1                       RIF1_DROME   Q9XZ34      FBgn0050085
rig                        RIG_DROME    Q86BY9      FBgn0250850
Rilpl                      RIPL_DROME   O76878      FBgn0024985
Rim2                       RIM2_DROME   Q9VQ37      FBgn0031359
ringer                     TPPP_DROME   Q9VV43      FBgn0266417
Rint1                      RINT1_DROME  Q9VS46      FBgn0035762
Ripalpha                   RIP_DROME    Q9VL31      FBgn0032189
rl                         ERKA_DROME   P40417      FBgn0003256
Rlip                       RLIP_DROME   Q9VDG2      FBgn0026056
Rm62                       DDX17_DROME  P19109      FBgn0003261
rn                         RN_DROME     Q9VI93      FBgn0267337
RNASEK                     RNK_DROME    Q8MSF5      FBgn0262116
RNaseZ                     RNZ_DROME    Q8MKW7      FBgn0028426
Rnmt                       MCES_DROME   Q9VJQ4      FBgn0286027
rno                        RNO_DROME    Q7YZH1      FBgn0035106
Rnp4F                      RNP4F_DROME  Q9W4D2      FBgn0014024
RnrL                       RIR1_DROME   P48591      FBgn0011703
RnrS                       RIR2_DROME   P48592      FBgn0011704
ro                         ROUGH_DROME  P10181      FBgn0003267
Roc1a                      RBX1A_DROME  Q9W5E1      FBgn0025638
Roc1b                      RBX1B_DROME  Q9NHX0      FBgn0040291
Roe1                       GRPE_DROME   P48604      FBgn0014877
rogdi                      ROGDI_DROME  Q9VVE2      FBgn0036697
Rop                        ROP_DROME    Q07327      FBgn0004574
Ror                        ROR1_DROME   Q24488      FBgn0010407
rost                       ROST_DROME   O44252      FBgn0011705
RpA-70                     RFA1_DROME   Q24492      FBgn0010173
Rpb4                       RPB4_DROME   Q9VEA5      FBgn0263757
Rpb10                      RPAB5_DROME  Q9VC49      FBgn0039218
Rpb11                      RPB11_DROME  Q9VJE4      FBgn0032634
RpI1                       RPA1_DROME   P91875      FBgn0019938
RpI135                     RPA2_DROME   P20028      FBgn0003278
RpII15                     RPB9_DROME   P36958      FBgn0004855
RpII18                     RPAB2_DROME  Q24320      FBgn0003275
RpII140                    RPB2_DROME   P08266      FBgn0262955
RpII215                    RPB1_DROME   P04052      FBgn0003277
RpIII128                   RPC2_DROME   P25167      FBgn0004463
RpL3                       RL3_DROME    O16797      FBgn0020910
RpL4                       RL4_DROME    P09180      FBgn0003279
RpL5                       RL5_DROME    Q9W5R8      FBgn0064225
RpL7                       RL7_DROME    P32100      FBgn0005593
RpL7A                      RL7A_DROME   P46223      FBgn0014026
RpL8                       RL8_DROME    Q9V3G1      FBgn0261602
RpL9                       RL9_DROME    P50882      FBgn0015756
RpL10                      RL10_DROME   O61231      FBgn0024733
RpL10Ab                    R10AB_DROME  Q9VTP4      FBgn0036213
RpL11                      RL11_DROME   P46222      FBgn0013325
RpL13                      RL13_DROME   P41126      FBgn0011272
RpL13A                     RL13A_DROME  Q9VNE9      FBgn0037351
RpL14                      RL14_DROME   P55841      FBgn0017579
RpL15                      RL15_DROME   O17445      FBgn0028697
RpL17                      RL17_DROME   Q9W3W8      FBgn0029897
RpL18                      RL18_DROME   Q9VS34      FBgn0035753
RpL18A                     RL18A_DROME  P41093      FBgn0010409
RpL19                      RL19_DROME   P36241      FBgn0285950
RpL22                      RL22_DROME   P50887      FBgn0015288
RpL23                      RL23_DROME   P48159      FBgn0010078
RpL24                      RL24_DROME   Q9VJY6      FBgn0032518
RpL24-like                 RLP24_DROME  Q9VGN9      FBgn0037899
RpL27A                     RL27A_DROME  P41092      FBgn0285948
RpL28                      RL28_DROME   Q9VZS5      FBgn0035422
RpL29                      RL29_DROME   Q24154      FBgn0016726
RpL31                      RL31_DROME   Q9V597      FBgn0285949
RpL32                      RL32_DROME   P04359      FBgn0002626
                    Daca   RL32_DROAC   Q94460      FBgn0020219
                    Dafs   RL32_DROAI   P84324      FBgn0024475
                    Dazt   RL32_DROAZ   P84325      FBgn0024469
                    Dbif   RL32_DROBF   P84312      FBgn0024468
                    Dgua   RL32_DROGU   P84314      FBgn0019210
                    Dmad   RL32_DROMD   P84313      FBgn0018869
                    Dmir   RL32_DROMI   P84326      FBgn0018784
                    Dsub   RL32_DROSU   P84311      FBgn0012945
RpL36                      RL36_DROME   P49630      FBgn0002579
RpL37A                     RL37A_DROME  Q9VMU4      FBgn0261608
RpL37a                     RL371_DROME  Q9VXX8      FBgn0030616
RpL37b                     RL372_DROME  Q9W1U6      FBgn0034822
RpL38                      RL38_DROME   Q9W5N2      FBgn0040007
RpL39                      RL39_DROME   O16130      FBgn0023170
RpL40                      RL40_DROME   P18101      FBgn0003941
RpLP0                      RLA0_DROME   P19889      FBgn0000100
RpLP1                      RLA1_DROME   P08570      FBgn0002593
RpLP2                      RLA2_DROME   P05389      FBgn0003274
Rpn2                       PSMD1_DROME  Q9V3P6      FBgn0028692
Rpn3                       PSMD3_DROME  P25161      FBgn0261396
Rpn6                       PSD11_DROME  Q7KLV9      FBgn0028689
Rpn7                       PSMD6_DROME  Q9V3G7      FBgn0028688
Rpn8                       PSMD7_DROME  P26270      FBgn0002787
Rpn10                      PSMD4_DROME  P55035      FBgn0015283
Rpn11                      PSDE_DROME   Q9V3H2      FBgn0028694
Rpn13                      ADRM1_DROME  Q7K2G1      FBgn0033886
Rpp20                      POP7_DROME   Q2MGL3      FBgn0066304
rpr                        RPR_DROME    Q24475      FBgn0011706
RpS2                       RS2_DROME    P31009      FBgn0004867
RpS3                       RS3_DROME    Q06559      FBgn0002622
RpS3A                      RS3A_DROME   P55830      FBgn0017545
RpS4                       RS4_DROME    P41042      FBgn0011284
RpS5a                      RS5A_DROME   Q24186      FBgn0002590
RpS5b                      RS5B_DROME   Q9VFE4      FBgn0038277
RpS6                       RS6_DROME    P29327      FBgn0261592
RpS7                       RS7_DROME    Q9VA91      FBgn0039757
RpS8                       RS8_DROME    Q8MLY8      FBgn0039713
RpS9                       RS9_DROME    P55935      FBgn0010408
RpS10a                     RS10A_DROME  Q9VB14      FBgn0027494
RpS10b                     RS10B_DROME  Q9VWG3      FBgn0285947
RpS11                      RS11_DROME   Q0E9B6      FBgn0033699
RpS12                      RS12_DROME   P80455      FBgn0286213
RpS13                      RS13_DROME   Q03334      FBgn0010265
RpS14a                     RS14A_DROME  C0HKA0      FBgn0004403
RpS14b                     RS14B_DROME  C0HKA1      FBgn0004404
RpS15Aa                    RS15A_DROME  P48149      FBgn0010198
RpS15Ab                    RS15B_DROME  Q7KR04      FBgn0033555
RpS16                      RS16_DROME   Q9W237      FBgn0034743
RpS17                      RS17_DROME   P17704      FBgn0005533
RpS18                      RS18_DROME   P41094      FBgn0010411
RpS19a                     RS19A_DROME  P39018      FBgn0010412
RpS19b                     RS19B_DROME  Q7KS38      FBgn0039129
RpS20                      RS20_DROME   P55828      FBgn0019936
RpS21                      RS21_DROME   O76927      FBgn0015521
RpS23                      RS23_DROME   Q8T3U2      FBgn0033912
RpS25                      RS25_DROME   P48588      FBgn0086472
RpS26                      RS26_DROME   P13008      FBgn0261597
RpS27A                     RS27A_DROME  P15357      FBgn0003942
RpS28b                     RS28_DROME   Q9W334      FBgn0030136
RpS29                      RS29_DROME   Q9VH69      FBgn0261599
Rpt2                       PRS4_DROME   P48601      FBgn0015282
Rpt6                       PRS8_DROME   O18413      FBgn0020369
Rrp1                       RRP1_DROME   P27864      FBgn0004584
Rrp40                      EXOS3_DROME  Q8IPX7      FBgn0260648
Rsf1                       RX21_DROME   Q24491      FBgn0011305
rst                        ICCR_DROME   Q08180      FBgn0003285
rt                         POMT1_DROME  Q9VTK2      FBgn0003292
Rtc1                       RCL1_DROME   P56175      FBgn0020909
RtcB                       RTCB_DROME   Q9VIW7      FBgn0032781
Rtf1                       RTF1_DROME   Q9W261      FBgn0034722
rtp                        MORN4_DROME  Q9VN91      FBgn0087005
rudhira                    BCAS3_DROME  Q8SY41      FBgn0266019
rumi                       RUMI_DROME   Q8T045      FBgn0086253
run                        RUNT_DROME   P22814      FBgn0003300
rush                       PKHF1_DROME  O76902      FBgn0025381
rut                        CYA1_DROME   P32870      FBgn0003301
rux                        RUX_DROME    P50445      FBgn0003302
Rx                         RX_DROME     Q9W2Q1      FBgn0020617
ry                         XDH_DROME    P10351      FBgn0003308
RYa                        RYA_DROME    G5CKU5      FBgn0085512
RYa-R                      RYAR_DROME   P25931      FBgn0004842
RyR                        RYR_DROME    Q24498      FBgn0011286
S                          STAR_DROME   P42519      FBgn0003310
S6KL                       S6KL_DROME   Q9VWQ2      FBgn0283473
Sac1                       SAC1_DROME   Q9W0I6      FBgn0283500
sad                        CP315_DROME  Q9VGH1      FBgn0003312
SAK                        PLK4_DROME   O97143      FBgn0026371
sala                       SALA_DROME   P21750      FBgn0003313
                    Dore   SALA_DROOR   P21748      FBgn0012624
salm                       SALM_DROME   P39770      FBgn0261648
Sam-S                      METK_DROME   P40320      FBgn0005278
SamDC                      DCAM_DROME   P91931      FBgn0019932
Samtor                     SAMTR_DROME  Q9W138      FBgn0035035
san                        SAN_DROME    Q9NHD5      FBgn0024188
Sap30                      SAP30_DROME  Q9VXB3      FBgn0030788
Sap47                      SAP47_DROME  Q960T2      FBgn0013334
Sarm                       SARM1_DROME  Q6IDD9      FBgn0262579
sas                        SAS_DROME    Q04164      FBgn0002306
Sas10                      SAS10_DROME  Q9I7W5      FBgn0029755
Sas-6                      SAS6_DROME   Q9VAC8      FBgn0039731
sau                        GOLP3_DROME  Q9VQ93      FBgn0267378
sav                        SAV_DROME    Q9VCR6      FBgn0053193
Sb                         STUB_DROME   Q05319      FBgn0003319
sbr                        NXF1_DROME   Q9U1H9      FBgn0003321
sc                         AST4_DROME   P10084      FBgn0004170
sca                        SCA_DROME    P21520      FBgn0003326
scaf                       SCARF_DROME  Q7K5M0      FBgn0033033
scat                       VPS54_DROME  Q9VLC0      FBgn0011232
scb                        ITA3_DROME   O44386      FBgn0286785
Sce                        RING1_DROME  Q9VB08      FBgn0003330
Schip1                     SCHI1_DROME  A8DYY6      FBgn0032221
SclA                       SLCA_DROME   C0HJH4      FBgn0266491
SclB                       SLCB_DROME   C0HJH3      FBgn0266492
Scm                        SCM_DROME    Q9VHA0      FBgn0003334
scny                       UBP36_DROME  Q9VRP5      FBgn0260936
SCOT                       SCOT_DROME   Q9W058      FBgn0035298
Scr                        SCR_DROME    P09077      FBgn0003339
scra                       ANLN_DROME   Q9V4P1      FBgn0261385
scrib                      SCRIB_DROME  Q7KRY7      FBgn0263289
Scsalpha1                  SUCA_DROME   Q94522      FBgn0004888
scu                        HCD2_DROME   O18404      FBgn0021765
scw                        SCW_DROME    P54631      FBgn0005590
scyl                       SCLLA_DROME  Q9VTH4      FBgn0041094
sd                         SCAL_DROME   P30052      FBgn0003345
Sdc                        SDC_DROME    P49415      FBgn0010415
SdhA                       SDHA_DROME   Q94523      FBgn0261439
Sdhaf3                     SDHF3_DROME  Q8SZ16      FBgn0038437
SdhB                       SDHB_DROME   P21914      FBgn0014028
SdhD                       DHSD_DROME   Q9VCI5      FBgn0039112
sdk                        SDK_DROME    O97394      FBgn0021764
se                         SEPIA_DROME  Q9VSL3      FBgn0086348
Sec3                       EXOC1_DROME  Q9VVG4      FBgn0266669
Sec5                       EXOC2_DROME  Q9VQQ9      FBgn0266670
Sec6                       EXOC3_DROME  Q9V8K2      FBgn0266671
Sec8                       EXOC4_DROME  Q9VNH6      FBgn0266672
Sec10                      EXOC5_DROME  Q9XTM1      FBgn0266673
Sec13                      SEC13_DROME  Q9V3J4      FBgn0024509
Sec15                      EXOC6_DROME  Q9VDE6      FBgn0266674
Sec61gamma                 S61G2_DROME  Q9VWE9      FBgn0031049
Seipin                     BSCL2_DROME  Q9V3X4      FBgn0040336
sel                        SEELE_DROME  Q7JXF7      FBgn0263260
SelD                       SPS1_DROME   O18373      FBgn0261270
SelG                       SELG_DROME   Q7Z2C4      FBgn0030350
SelR                       MSRB_DROME   Q8INK9      FBgn0267376
SelT                       SELT_DROME   Q9VMV6      FBgn0031670
Sem1                       SEM1_DROME   Q9VM46      FBgn0266666
Sema1a                     SEM1A_DROME  Q24322      FBgn0011259
Sema2a                     SEM2A_DROME  Q24323      FBgn0011260
Semp1                      SEMP1_DROME  Q9VJN9      FBgn0028944
Sems                       SEMS_DROME   Q9VP95      FBgn0037036
senju                      SENJU_DROME  Q9VMU8      FBgn0031676
sens                       GFI1_DROME   Q9N658      FBgn0002573
Sep1                       SEPT1_DROME  P42207      FBgn0011710
Sep2                       SEPT2_DROME  P54359      FBgn0014029
Ser                        SERR_DROME   P18168      FBgn0004197
SERCA                      ATC1_DROME   P22700      FBgn0263006
SerT                       SC6A4_DROME  P51905      FBgn0010414
sesB                       ADT_DROME    Q26365      FBgn0003360
Sesn                       SESN_DROME   Q9W1K5      FBgn0034897
Set                        SET_DROME    P53997      FBgn0014879
Set1                       SET1_DROME   Q5LJZ2      FBgn0040022
Set2                       C1716_DROME  Q9VYD1      FBgn0030486
Setd3                      SETD3_DROME  Q9W3U1      FBgn0052732
sev                        7LESS_DROME  P13368      FBgn0003366
Sf3b3                      SF3B3_DROME  Q9W0M7      FBgn0035162
Sf3b5                      SF3B5_DROME  Q9VHI4      FBgn0040534
Sf3b6                      SF3B6_DROME  Q9VRV7      FBgn0035692
sfl                        NDST_DROME   Q9V3L1      FBgn0020251
Sfmbt                      SMBT_DROME   Q9VK33      FBgn0032475
Sfxn1-3                    SFXN1_DROME  Q9VN13      FBgn0037239
Sfxn2                      SFXN2_DROME  Q9VVW3      FBgn0036843
Sgf11                      SGF11_DROME  Q9VVR6      FBgn0036804
sgg                        SGG_DROME    P18431      FBgn0003371
sgl                        UGDH_DROME   O02373      FBgn0261445
Sgs3                       SGS3_DROME   P02840      FBgn0003373
Sgs4                       SGS4_DROME   Q00725      FBgn0003374
Sgs5                       SGS5_DROME   P07701      FBgn0003375
Sgs7                       SGS7_DROME   P02841      FBgn0003377
Sgs8                       SGS8_DROME   P02842      FBgn0003378
Sh                         KCNAS_DROME  P08510      FBgn0003380
Sh3beta                    SH3BG_DROME  Q9NFP5      FBgn0035772
Shab                       KCNAB_DROME  P17970      FBgn0262593
shakB                      SHAKB_DROME  P33085      FBgn0085387
Shal                       KCNAL_DROME  P17971      FBgn0005564
Shark                      SHARK_DROME  Q24145      FBgn0015295
Shaw                       KCNAW_DROME  P17972      FBgn0003386
shd                        CP314_DROME  Q9VUF8      FBgn0003388
shep                       SHEP_DROME   Q8MSV2      FBgn0052423
shf                        WIF1_DROME   Q9W3W5      FBgn0003390
shg                        CADE_DROME   Q24298      FBgn0003391
shi                        DYN_DROME    P27619      FBgn0003392
shop                       SUOX_DROME   Q9VWP4      FBgn0030966
Shrm                       SHRM_DROME   A1Z9P3      FBgn0085408
shu                        FKBP6_DROME  Q9W1I9      FBgn0003401
shv                        DJSHV_DROME  Q9VPQ2      FBgn0031256
sicily                     NDUF6_DROME  Q9VYS5      FBgn0030352
sick                       SICK_DROME   Q9VIQ9      FBgn0263873
SIDL                       TPC10_DROME  Q9VFB7      FBgn0038303
sif                        SIF1_DROME   P91621      FBgn0085447
                           SIF2_DROME   P91620                 
SIFa                       SIFA_DROME   Q6IGX9      FBgn0053527
SIFaR                      SIFAR_DROME  Q8IN35      FBgn0038880
Sil1                       SIL1_DROME   Q9VBV5      FBgn0039296
sim                        SIM_DROME    P05709      FBgn0004666
sima                       SIMA_DROME   Q24167      FBgn0266411
Sin1                       SIN1_DROME   Q9V719      FBgn0033935
sina                       SINA_DROME   P21461      FBgn0003410
sinah                      SINAL_DROME  Q8T3Y0      FBgn0259794
sing                       SINGL_DROME  Q9VXD1      FBgn0261245
sip1                       TFP11_DROME  Q9Y103      FBgn0024191
sip3                       HRD1_DROME   Q95SP2      FBgn0039875
Sirt1                      SIRT1_DROME  Q9VK34      FBgn0024291
Sirt2                      SIRT2_DROME  Q9I7I7      FBgn0038788
Sirt4                      SIR4_DROME   Q8IRR5      FBgn0029783
Sirt6                      SIR6_DROME   Q9VH08      FBgn0037802
Sirt7                      SIR7_DROME   Q9VAQ1      FBgn0039631
Sirup                      SDHF4_DROME  Q9VLU6      FBgn0031971
sisA                       SISA_DROME   Q9VZ09      FBgn0003411
SK                         KCNN_DROME   Q7KVW5      FBgn0029761
skd                        MED13_DROME  Q7KTX8      FBgn0003415
Skeletor                   SKEL1_DROME  Q9VGY6      FBgn0262717
                           SKEL2_DROME  Q9GPJ1                 
sky                        SKY_DROME    Q9VIH7      FBgn0032901
slbo                       CEBP_DROME   Q02637      FBgn0005638
Slbp                       SLBP_DROME   Q9VAN6      FBgn0041186
sle                        SLE_DROME    Q8INM3      FBgn0037810
slgA                       PROD_DROME   Q04499      FBgn0003423
Slh                        SLY1_DROME   Q24179      FBgn0264978
sli                        SLIT_DROME   P24014      FBgn0264089
slim                       KLD10_DROME  A1ZB86      FBgn0261477
Slimp                      SLIMP_DROME  Q95T19      FBgn0051133
Slip1                      SLIP1_DROME  Q8MR31      FBgn0024728
sll                        S35B2_DROME  Q9VEI3      FBgn0038524
slmo                       SLMO_DROME   Q9V3U9      FBgn0029161
slo                        SLO_DROME    Q03720      FBgn0003429
Slob                       SLOB_DROME   Q8IPH9      FBgn0264087
slou                       SLOU_DROME   P22807      FBgn0002941
slp1                       SLP1_DROME   P32030      FBgn0003430
slp2                       SLP2_DROME   P32031      FBgn0004567
slpr                       M3KSL_DROME  Q95UN8      FBgn0030018
sls                        TITIN_DROME  Q9I7U4      FBgn0086906
Slu7                       SLU7_DROME   Q9VAQ7      FBgn0039626
slv                        SWET1_DROME  Q7JVE7      FBgn0025469
slx1                       SLX1_DROME   Q9VN41      FBgn0037263
SmB                        RSMB_DROME   Q05856      FBgn0262601
SmD1                       SMD1_DROME   Q9VU02      FBgn0261933
SmD2                       SMD2_DROME   Q9VI10      FBgn0261789
SmD3                       SMD3_DROME   O44437      FBgn0023167
SmE                        RUXE_DROME   Q9VLV5      FBgn0261790
SmF                        RUXF_DROME   Q24297      FBgn0000426
smg                        SMG_DROME    Q23972      FBgn0016070
Smn                        SMN_DROME    Q9VV74      FBgn0036641
smo                        SMO_DROME    P91682      FBgn0003444
SMSr                       SMSR1_DROME  Q9VS60      FBgn0052380
Smurf                      SMUF1_DROME  Q9V853      FBgn0029006
SmydA-8                    MSTAA_DROME  O46040      FBgn0053548
                           MSTAB_DROME  P83501                 
sn                         SING_DROME   Q24524      FBgn0003447
sna                        SNAI_DROME   P08044      FBgn0003448
Snap25                     SNP25_DROME  P36975      FBgn0011288
Snapin                     SNAPN_DROME  Q9VQF9      FBgn0031455
snf                        SNRPA_DROME  P43332      FBgn0003449
snk                        SNAK_DROME   P05049      FBgn0003450
snky                       SNKY_DROME   Q9VU52      FBgn0086916
Snmp1                      SNMP1_DROME  Q9VDD3      FBgn0260004
Snmp2                      SNMP2_DROME  E1JI63      FBgn0035815
sno                        SBNO_DROME   A8JUV0      FBgn0265630
sNPF                       SNPF_DROME   Q9VIQ0      FBgn0032840
snRNP-U1-70K               RU17_DROME   P17133      FBgn0016978
snRNP-U1-C                 RU1C_DROME   Q9VE17      FBgn0261792
SNRPG                      RUXG_DROME   Q9VXE0      FBgn0261791
Snup                       SPN1_DROME   B7Z0I7      FBgn0259199
so                         SO_DROME     Q27350      FBgn0003460
sob                        SOB_DROME    Q9VQS7      FBgn0004892
Sod                 Camo   SODC_CHYAM   Q07182      FBgn0012052
                    Dbus   SODC_DROBS   P54407      FBgn0015074
                    Dmad   SODC_DROMD   Q95081      FBgn0016233
                    Dmau   SODC_DROMA   P61853      FBgn0029364
                    Dmir   SODC_DROMI   Q95079      FBgn0016264
                    Dobs   SODC_DROOB   Q95085      FBgn0016284
                    Dore   SODC_DROOR   Q9U4X5      FBgn0029310
                    Dpsb   SODC_DROPB   Q95087      FBgn0016307
                    Dtei   SODC_DROTE   Q9U4X2      FBgn0026098
                    Dtol   SODC_DROTO   Q95095      FBgn0016390
Sod1                       SODC_DROME   P61851      FBgn0003462
Sod2                       SODM_DROME   Q00637      FBgn0010213
Sod3                       SODE_DROME   Q7JR71      FBgn0033631
sog                        SOG_DROME    Q24025      FBgn0003463
sol                        CAND_DROME   P27398      FBgn0003464
solo                       VASA2_DROME  B6JUP5      FBgn0283440
Son                        SON_DROME    Q9VHB0      FBgn0037716
Sos                        SOS_DROME    P26675      FBgn0001965
soti                       SOTI_DROME   Q9VFK3      FBgn0038225
sotv                       EXT2_DROME   Q9Y169      FBgn0029175
Sox14                      SOX14_DROME  P40656      FBgn0005612
Sox15                      SOX15_DROME  P40657      FBgn0005613
SoYb                       SOYB_DROME   Q9VL52      FBgn0051755
SP                         A70A_DROME   P05623      FBgn0003034
Sp7                        SER7_DROME   Q9V3Z2      FBgn0037515
spartin                    SPART_DROME  Q9VN45      FBgn0037265
spas                       SPAST_DROME  Q8I0P1      FBgn0039141
Spase12                    SPCS1_DROME  Q9VAL0      FBgn0040623
Spase22-23                 SPCS3_DROME  Q9VCA9      FBgn0039172
Spase25                    SPCS2_DROME  Q9VYY2      FBgn0030306
Spc25                      SPC25_DROME  Q9V3V7      FBgn0087021
SPE                        SPE_DROME    Q9VCJ8      FBgn0039102
Spec2                      C42ES_DROME  Q9VNE7      FBgn0044823
spel1                      MSH2_DROME   P43248      FBgn0015546
spen                       SPEN_DROME   Q8SX83      FBgn0016977
spi                        SPITZ_DROME  Q01083      FBgn0005672
spin                       SPIN_DROME   Q9GQQ0      FBgn0086676
spir                       SPIR_DROME   Q9U1K1      FBgn0003475
Sply                       SGPL_DROME   Q9V7Y2      FBgn0010591
Spn27A                     SP27A_DROME  Q9V3N1      FBgn0028990
Spn28Dc                    SP28D_DROME  Q9VLU4      FBgn0031973
Spn42Dd                    SP42D_DROME  Q7YTY6      FBgn0028988
Spn77Ba                    SP77B_DROME  Q0E8C8      FBgn0262057
Spn88Ea                    SP88E_DROME  Q9VFC2      FBgn0028984
spn-A                      RAD51_DROME  Q27297      FBgn0003479
spn-E                      SPNE_DROME   Q9VF26      FBgn0003483
spn-F                      SPNF_DROME   Q9V9Y9      FBgn0086362
spo                        CP307_DROME  Q9VRM7      FBgn0003486
SPR                        SPR_DROME    Q8SWR3      FBgn0029768
spri                       SPRI_DROME   Q8MQW8      FBgn0085443
Sps2                       SPS2_DROME   Q9VKY8      FBgn0032224
spt4                       SPT4H_DROME  Q9TVQ5      FBgn0028683
Spt5                       SPT5H_DROME  Q9V460      FBgn0040273
Spt6                       SPT6H_DROME  Q9W420      FBgn0028982
spz                        SPZ_DROME    P48607      FBgn0003495
spz3                       SPZ3_DROME   Q9VLV7      FBgn0031959
spz4                       SPZ4_DROME   Q9VKG9      FBgn0032362
spz5                       SPZ5_DROME   Q9VZX1      FBgn0035379
sqd                        SQD_DROME    Q08473      FBgn0263396
sqh                        SQH_DROME    P40423      FBgn0003514
sqz                        SQZ_DROME    Q9VDZ3      FBgn0010768
sra                        SRA_DROME    Q9XZL8      FBgn0086370
Sra-1                      CYFIP_DROME  Q9VF87      FBgn0038320
Sras                       FACE2_DROME  Q9U1H8      FBgn0029121
Src42A                     SRC42_DROME  Q9V9J3      FBgn0264959
Src64B                     SRC64_DROME  P00528      FBgn0262733
srp                        SRP_DROME    P52172      FBgn0003507
Srp9                       SRP09_DROME  Q9VSC1      FBgn0035827
Srp19                      SRP19_DROME  P49963      FBgn0015298
Srp68                      SRP68_DROME  Q9VSS2      FBgn0035947
SrpRalpha                  SRPRA_DROME  Q9U5L1      FBgn0010391
Sry-alpha                  SRYA_DROME   P07666      FBgn0003510
                    Dsub   SRYA_DROSU   Q07965      FBgn0012949
Sry-beta                   SRYB_DROME   P07665      FBgn0003511
Sry-delta                  SRYD_DROME   P07664      FBgn0003512
Ssb-c31a                   TCP4_DROME   Q9VLR5      FBgn0015299
ssh                        SSH_DROME    Q6NN85      FBgn0029157
Ssk                        SSK_DROME    Q9VW87      FBgn0036945
Ssl                        SSL_DROME    Q24536      FBgn0015300
Ssrp                       SSRP1_DROME  Q05344      FBgn0010278
st                         SCRT_DROME   P45843      FBgn0003515
sta                        RSSA_DROME   P38979      FBgn0003517
                    Dtei   RSSA_DROTE   Q0H6L0      FBgn0085856
stac                       UN13B_DROME  Q9VBY8      FBgn0266719
stan                       STAN_DROME   Q9V5N8      FBgn0024836
Start1                     STRT1_DROME  Q9W145      FBgn0035028
stas                       TM41_DROME   Q9VX39      FBgn0030850
Stat92E                    STAT_DROME   Q24151      FBgn0016917
stau                       STAU_DROME   P25159      FBgn0003520
stc                        STC_DROME    P40798      FBgn0001978
Ste12DOR                   STEL8_DROME  Q9NIV2      FBgn0044817
Ste:CG33236                STEL1_DROME  Q7KV12      FBgn0053236
Ste:CG33237                STEL2_DROME  Q7KV13      FBgn0053237
Ste:CG33238                STEL3_DROME  Q7KV14      FBgn0053238
Ste:CG33239                STEL4_DROME  Q7KV15      FBgn0053239
Ste:CG33240                STEL1_DROME  Q7KV12      FBgn0053240
Ste:CG33241                STEL4_DROME  Q7KV15      FBgn0053241
Ste:CG33243                STEL5_DROME  Q7KV19      FBgn0053243
Ste:CG33244                STEL1_DROME  Q7KV12      FBgn0053244
Ste:CG33245                STEL1_DROME  Q7KV12      FBgn0053245
Ste:CG33246                STEL6_DROME  Q7KV22      FBgn0053246
Ste:CG33247                STEL7_DROME  Q7KV23      FBgn0053247
stg                        MPIP_DROME   P20483      FBgn0003525
stil                       STIL_DROME   P92189      FBgn0003527
Stim                       STIM_DROME   P83094      FBgn0045073
Stlk                       STLK_DROME   P83098      FBgn0046692
stmA                       EFR3_DROME   Q8IGJ0      FBgn0086784
stnA                       STNA_DROME   Q24211      FBgn0016976
stnB                       STNB_DROME   Q24212      FBgn0016975
strat                      MSS4_DROME   Q9VLP3      FBgn0032020
Strump                     WASC5_DROME  Q9VUY8      FBgn0036571
stum                       STUM_DROME   Q9W2E1      FBgn0050263
sturkopf                   LDAH_DROME   Q9W0H3      FBgn0035206
stx                        MIDN_DROME   Q8SXD4      FBgn0052676
sty                        SPY_DROME    O44783      FBgn0014388
Su(dx)                     SUDX_DROME   Q9Y0H4      FBgn0003557
su(f)                      SUF_DROME    P25991      FBgn0003559
Su(H)                      SUH_DROME    P28159      FBgn0004837
su(Hw)                     SUHW_DROME   P08970      FBgn0003567
su(sable)                  SUS_DROME    P22293      FBgn0003575
Su(Tpl)                    ELL_DROME    Q9VW51      FBgn0014037
Su(var)3-3                 LSDA_DROME   Q9VW97      FBgn0260397
Su(var)3-7                 SUV37_DROME  P20193      FBgn0003598
Su(var)3-9                 SUV39_DROME  P45975      FBgn0263755
Su(var)205                 HP1_DROME    P05205      FBgn0003607
su(w[a])                   SUWA_DROME   P12297      FBgn0003638
Su(z)2                     SUZ2_DROME   P25172      FBgn0265623
Su(z)12                    SUZ12_DROME  Q9NJG9      FBgn0020887
sub                        SUB_DROME    Q9V877      FBgn0003545
sud1                       OGFD1_DROME  Q9I7H9      FBgn0265189
sug                        GLIS2_DROME  Q7K0S9      FBgn0033782
Sulf1                      SULF1_DROME  Q9VEX0      FBgn0040271
sun                        SUN_DROME    Q9VXN2      FBgn0014391
Sur                        SUR_DROME    Q9VL32      FBgn0028675
Sur-8                      SUR8_DROME   Q9VEK6      FBgn0038504
Surf1                      SURF1_DROME  Q9U4F3      FBgn0029117
Surf4                      SURF4_DROME  O18405      FBgn0019925
Surf6                      SURF6_DROME  Q9VDS6      FBgn0038746
SuUR                       SUUR_DROME   Q9VTE2      FBgn0025355
Suv3                       SUV3_DROME   Q9VN03      FBgn0037232
svp                        7UP1_DROME   P16375      FBgn0003651
                           7UP2_DROME   P16376                 
svr                        CBPD_DROME   P42787      FBgn0004648
sw                         DYIN_DROME   Q24246      FBgn0003654
swa                        SWA_DROME    P40688      FBgn0003655
swi2                       HFW2_DROME   Q8SXT3      FBgn0034262
SWIP                       WASC4_DROME  Q9VXH9      FBgn0030739
Swip-1                     EFHD2_DROME  Q9VJ26      FBgn0032731
swm                        SWM_DROME    Q9VIV2      FBgn0002044
sws                        SWS_DROME    Q9U969      FBgn0003656
Sxl                        SXL_DROME    P19339      FBgn0264270
                    Dsub   SXL_DROSU    Q24668      FBgn0016371
Syb                        SYB_DROME    P18489      FBgn0003660
syd                        JIP3_DROME   Q9GQF1      FBgn0024187
Sym                        SYMPK_DROME  Q8MSU4      FBgn0037371
Syn                        SYN_DROME    Q24546      FBgn0004575
Syngr                      SNG_DROME    Q7JYV2      FBgn0033876
Syt1                       SY65_DROME   P21521      FBgn0004242
Syx1A                      STX1A_DROME  Q24547      FBgn0013343
Syx4                       STX4_DROME   Q7KVY7      FBgn0024980
Syx5                       STX5_DROME   Q24509      FBgn0011708
T3dh                       HOT_DROME    Q9W265      FBgn0017482
Tace                       ADA17_DROME  Q9VAC5      FBgn0039734
Taf1                       TAF1_DROME   P51123      FBgn0010355
TAF1B                      TAF1B_DROME  Q9VH20      FBgn0037792
Taf2                       TAF2_DROME   Q24325      FBgn0011836
Taf4                       TAF4_DROME   P47825      FBgn0010280
Taf5                       TAF5_DROME   P49846      FBgn0010356
Taf6                       TAF6_DROME   P49847      FBgn0010417
Taf7                       TAF7_DROME   Q9VHY5      FBgn0024909
Taf8                       TAF8_DROME   Q9VWY6      FBgn0022724
Taf10                      TAF10_DROME  Q9U5W9      FBgn0028398
Taf10b                     TAFAB_DROME  Q9XZT7      FBgn0026324
Taf11                      TAF11_DROME  P49906      FBgn0011291
Taf12                      TAF12_DROME  P49905      FBgn0011290
Tailor                     TUTT_DROME   Q9VI58      FBgn0037470
Tak1                       M3K7_DROME   Q9V3Q6      FBgn0026323
Takl1                      M3K7L_DROME  P83104      FBgn0046689
tal-1A                     TAL1A_DROME  C0HJX4      FBgn0259730
tal-2A                     TAL2A_DROME  C0HJX5      FBgn0259731
tal-3A                     TAL3A_DROME  A3RLR0      FBgn0259732
tal-AA                     TALAA_DROME  A3RLR1      FBgn0259733
Taldo                      TALDO_DROME  Q9W1G0      FBgn0023477
tam                        DPOG1_DROME  Q27607      FBgn0004406
tamo                       TAMO_DROME   Q9W1A4      FBgn0041582
Tango1                     TGO1_DROME   Q9VMA7      FBgn0286898
Tango2                     TNG2_DROME   Q9VYA8      FBgn0030503
Tango6                     TNG6_DROME   Q9VJ29      FBgn0032728
Tango11                    TNG11_DROME  Q961C9      FBgn0050404
tant                       TANT_DROME   Q8T0D4      FBgn0028980
Tao                        TAO_DROME    Q0KHQ5      FBgn0031030
tap                        TAP_DROME    O16867      FBgn0015550
Taz                        TAZ_DROME    Q9V6G5      FBgn0026619
Tbce                       TBCE_DROME   A1Z6J5      FBgn0033055
Tbh                        TBH1_DROME   Q86B61      FBgn0010329
Tbp                        TBP_DROME    P20227      FBgn0003687
Tcs3                       OSGEP_DROME  Q9VV41      FBgn0283681
tctn                       TECT_DROME   Q9VMH0      FBgn0261697
Tctp                       TCTP_DROME   Q9VGS2      FBgn0037874
tea                        TEA_DROME    E1JH25      FBgn0285892
tef                        TEF_DROME    Q7K4M4      FBgn0086350
tefu                       ATM_DROME    Q5EAK6      FBgn0045035
Ten-a                      TENA_DROME   Q9VYN8      FBgn0267001
Ten-m                      TENM_DROME   O61307      FBgn0004449
TER94                      TERA_DROME   Q7KN62      FBgn0286784
term                       TERM_DROME   P11455      FBgn0003683
Tet                        DMAD_DROME   M9NEY8      FBgn0263392
tey                        TEY_DROME    Q9VW27      FBgn0036899
Tfb1                       TF2H1_DROME  Q960E8      FBgn0033929
TfIIA-L                    TF2AA_DROME  P52654      FBgn0011289
TfIIA-S                    T2AG_DROME   P52656      FBgn0013347
TfIIA-S-2                  T2AH_DROME   Q9W5B9      FBgn0040338
TfIIB                      TF2B_DROME   P29052      FBgn0004915
TfIIFalpha                 T2FA_DROME   Q05913      FBgn0010282
TfIIFbeta                  T2FB_DROME   P41900      FBgn0010421
TfIIS                      TFS2_DROME   P20232      FBgn0010422
tgo                        ARNT_DROME   O15945      FBgn0264075
Tgt                        TGT_DROME    Q9VPY8      FBgn0031321
TH1                        NELFD_DROME  Q24134      FBgn0010416
THADA                      THADA_DROME  Q9VWB9      FBgn0031077
thetaTry                   TRYT_DROME   P42278      FBgn0011555
THG                        THG1_DROME   Q9V3N8      FBgn0283659
thoc5                      THOC5_DROME  Q9W1F4      FBgn0034939
thoc6                      THOC6_DROME  Q9VTV1      FBgn0036263
thoc7                      THOC7_DROME  Q8IRJ8      FBgn0035110
Thor                       4EBP_DROME   Q9XZ56      FBgn0261560
thr                        THR_DROME    P42286      FBgn0003701
Tig                        TIG_DROME    Q9VMD9      FBgn0011722
tilB                       TILB_DROME   Q9VR52      FBgn0014395
tim                        TIM_DROME    P49021      FBgn0014396
                    Dhyd   TIM_DROHY    O44431      FBgn0023352
Tim8                       TIM8_DROME   Q9Y1A3      FBgn0027359
Tim9a                      TIM9_DROME   Q9VYD7      FBgn0030480
Tim9b                      T10B_DROME   Q9Y0V3      FBgn0027358
Tim10                      TIM10_DROME  Q9W2D6      FBgn0027360
Tim13                      TIM13_DROME  Q9VTN3      FBgn0036204
Tim17a1                    TI17C_DROME  Q9VGA2      FBgn0038018
Tim17a2                    TI17D_DROME  Q9VN97      FBgn0037307
Tim17b1                    TI17A_DROME  Q9VNA0      FBgn0037310
Timp                       TIMP_DROME   Q9VH14      FBgn0025879
tin                        TIN_DROME    P22711      FBgn0004110
Tina-1                     TINA1_DROME  Q9W0Y1      FBgn0035083
tinc                       TINC_DROME   Q86B91      FBgn0261649
tio                        TIPT_DROME   Q9U3V5      FBgn0028979
Tip60                      TIP60_DROME  Q960X4      FBgn0026080
tipE                       TIPE_DROME   P48613      FBgn0003710
Tis11                      TIS11_DROME  P47980      FBgn0011837
Tk                         TACHY_DROME  Q9VGE8      FBgn0037976
tko                        RT12_DROME   P10735      FBgn0003714
TkR86C                     TLR1_DROME   P30974      FBgn0004841
TkR99D                     TLR2_DROME   P30975      FBgn0004622
Tl                         TOLL_DROME   P08953      FBgn0262473
tld                        TLD_DROME    P25723      FBgn0003719
tll                        TLL_DROME    P18102      FBgn0003720
Tm1                        TPM1_DROME   P06754      FBgn0003721
                           TPM4_DROME   P49455                 
Tm2                        TPM2_DROME   P09491      FBgn0004117
Tmc                        TMC_DROME    A0A0U1QT59  FBgn0267796
Tmtc3                      TMTC3_DROME  Q7K4B6      FBgn0020312
Tnks                       TNKS_DROME   Q9VBP3      FBgn0027508
to                         TAKT_DROME   Q9VBV3      FBgn0039298
Toll-6                     TOLL6_DROME  Q9VUN0      FBgn0036494
Toll-7                     TOLL7_DROME  Q7KIN0      FBgn0034476
Tollo                      TOLL8_DROME  Q9V477      FBgn0029114
Tom40                      TO401_DROME  Q9U4L6      FBgn0016041
tomboy40                   TO402_DROME  A1Z6L1      FBgn0033074
Top1                       TOP1_DROME   P30189      FBgn0004924
Top2                       TOP2_DROME   P15348      FBgn0284220
Top3alpha                  TOP3A_DROME  Q9NG98      FBgn0040268
Top3beta                   TOP3B_DROME  O96651      FBgn0026015
topi                       TOPI_DROME   Q9VH70      FBgn0037751
Topors                     TOPRS_DROME  Q9V8P9      FBgn0267351
Tor                        TOR_DROME    Q9VK45      FBgn0021796
tor                        TORSO_DROME  P18475      FBgn0003733
Torsin                     TORS_DROME   O77277      FBgn0025615
tos                        EXO1_DROME   Q24558      FBgn0015553
TotA                       TOTA_DROME   Q8IN44      FBgn0028396
TotB                       TOTB_DROME   Q9VDH4      FBgn0038838
TotC                       TOTC_DROME   Q8IN43      FBgn0044812
TotF                       TOTF_DROME   Q9VIR2      FBgn0044811
TotM                       TOTM_DROME   Q9VMR8      FBgn0031701
TotX                       TOTX_DROME   Q8IN41      FBgn0044810
TotZ                       TOTZ_DROME   Q8IN42      FBgn0044809
Tpi                        TPIS_DROME   P29613      FBgn0086355
TpnC41C                    TNNC1_DROME  P47947      FBgn0013348
TpnC47D                    TNNC2_DROME  P47948      FBgn0010423
TpnC73F                    TNNC3_DROME  P47949      FBgn0010424
TppII                      TPP2_DROME   Q9V6K1      FBgn0020370
Tpst                       TPST_DROME   Q9VYB7      FBgn0086674
tra                        TRSF_DROME   P11596      FBgn0003741
                    Dhyd   TRSF_DROHY   Q23949      FBgn0012404
tra2                       TRA2_DROME   P19018      FBgn0003742
trbd                       TRBID_DROME  Q9VH90      FBgn0037734
trbl                       TRIB_DROME   Q9V3Z1      FBgn0028978
trc                        TRC_DROME    Q9NBK5      FBgn0003744
Trc8                       TRC8_DROME   Q7KRW1      FBgn0039668
Tre1                       GUTR1_DROME  Q9NDM2      FBgn0046687
Treh                       TREA_DROME   Q9W2M2      FBgn0003748
Tret1-1                    TRE11_DROME  A1Z8N1      FBgn0050035
Tret1-2                    TRE12_DROME  Q8MKK4      FBgn0033644
Trf                        TRF_DROME    Q27896      FBgn0010287
Trf4-1                     TRF41_DROME  Q7KVS9      FBgn0030049
Trf4-2                     TRF42_DROME  Q9VC07      FBgn0039251
trh                        TRH_DROME    Q24119      FBgn0262139
Trim9                      TRIM9_DROME  M9MRI4      FBgn0051721
Trissin                    TRISS_DROME  Q4V645      FBgn0038343
TrissinR                   TRISR_DROME  Q9VML9      FBgn0085410
trk                        TRUNK_DROME  Q24155      FBgn0003751
Trl                        GAGA_DROME   Q08605      FBgn0013263
trp                        TRP_DROME    P19334      FBgn0003861
TrpA1                      TRPA1_DROME  Q7Z020      FBgn0035934
Trpgamma                   TRPG_DROME   Q9VJJ7      FBgn0032593
trpl                       TRPL_DROME   P48994      FBgn0005614
Trpm                       TRPCG_DROME  A8DYE2      FBgn0265194
trr                        TRR_DROME    Q8IRW8      FBgn0023518
Trs20                      TPPC2_DROME  Q9VUZ1      FBgn0266724
trx                        TRX_DROME    P20659      FBgn0003862
Trx-2                      THIO2_DROME  Q9V429      FBgn0040070
Trxr-1                     TRXR1_DROME  P91938      FBgn0020653
Trxr-2                     TRXR2_DROME  Q9VNT5      FBgn0037170
TrxT                       THIOT_DROME  Q8IFW4      FBgn0029752
Ts                         TYSY_DROME   O76511      FBgn0024920
tsg                        TSG_DROME    P54356      FBgn0003865
tsh                        TSH_DROME    P22265      FBgn0003866
tsl                        TSL_DROME    P40689      FBgn0003867
Tsp2A                      TSN2A_DROME  O46101      FBgn0024361
tsr                        CADF_DROME   P45594      FBgn0011726
Tsr1                       TSR1_DROME   Q9VP47      FBgn0037073
tsu                        RBM8A_DROME  Q9V535      FBgn0033378
Ttc19                      TTC19_DROME  Q8SYD0      FBgn0032744
Ttc30                      TTC30_DROME  Q9VK41      FBgn0032470
Ttd14                      TTD14_DROME  Q7K556      FBgn0284257
ttk                        TTKA_DROME   P42282      FBgn0003870
                           TTKB_DROME   P17789                 
TTLL3A                     TTL3A_DROME  Q9VM91      FBgn0031854
TTLL3B                     TTL3B_DROME  Q9VM92      FBgn0031853
ttm2                       TI50B_DROME  Q9W0S3      FBgn0035124
ttm3                       TI50A_DROME  Q9V9P3      FBgn0032971
ttm50                      TI50C_DROME  Q9W4V8      FBgn0250874
ttv                        EXT1_DROME   Q9V730      FBgn0265974
tty                        TTY1_DROME   Q9U6L4      FBgn0015558
tub                        TUBE_DROME   P22812      FBgn0003882
tud                        TUD_DROME    P25823      FBgn0003891
Tudor-SN                   SND1_DROME   Q9W0S7      FBgn0035121
tun                        NTAQ1_DROME  Q7K2Y9      FBgn0034046
tutl                       TUTL_DROME   Q967D7      FBgn0010473
tw                         POMT2_DROME  Q9W5D4      FBgn0086368
twe                        TWINE_DROME  Q03019      FBgn0002673
twf                        TWF_DROME    Q9VFM9      FBgn0038206
twi                        TWIST_DROME  P10627      FBgn0003900
tws                        2ABA_DROME   P36872      FBgn0004889
tx                         DEI_DROME    P41894      FBgn0263118
TyrRS-m                    SYYM_DROME   Q9W107      FBgn0035064
U2A                        RU2A_DROME   Q9V4Q8      FBgn0033210
U2af38                     U2AF1_DROME  Q94535      FBgn0017457
U2af50                     U2AF2_DROME  Q24562      FBgn0005411
Uba3                       UBA3_DROME   Q9V6U8      FBgn0263697
Uba4                       MOCS3_DROME  Q9VLJ8      FBgn0032054
Uba5                       UBA5_DROME   Q9VYY3      FBgn0030305
Ubc2                       UBCD2_DROME  P52485      FBgn0015320
Ubc4                       UBCD4_DROME  P52486      FBgn0015321
Ubc6                       UBCD6_DROME  P25153      FBgn0004436
Ubc10                      UBC10_DROME  Q7K738      FBgn0026316
Ubc84D                     UBC84_DROME  P52487      FBgn0017456
UbcE2M                     UBC2M_DROME  Q9VSF3      FBgn0035853
Ubi-p63E                   UBIQP_DROME  P0CG69      FBgn0003943
ubl                        UBL5_DROME   Q9V998      FBgn0022224
Ubr1                       UBR1_DROME   Q9VX91      FBgn0030809
Ubr3                       UBR3_DROME   Q9W3M3      FBgn0260970
Ubx                        UBX_DROME    P83949      FBgn0003944
                    Dfun   UBX_DROFU    P05048      FBgn0012305
                    Dhyd   UBX_DROHY    Q23946      FBgn0012384
Uch                        UCHL_DROME   P35122      FBgn0010288
Uck                        UCK_DROME    Q9VC99      FBgn0263398
Ucp4C                      UCP4C_DROME  Q9VMK1      FBgn0031757
uex                        UEX_DROME    A0A0B7P9G0  FBgn0262124
Ufc1                       UFC1_DROME   Q7K1Z5      FBgn0034061
Ufd1-like                  UFD1_DROME   Q9VTF9      FBgn0036136
Ufd4                       UFD4_DROME   Q9VL06      FBgn0032208
Ufl1                       UFL1_DROME   Q9VI55      FBgn0037467
Ufm1                       UFM1_DROME   A8DYH2      FBgn0085220
Uggt                       UGGG_DROME   Q09332      FBgn0014075
UK114                      UK114_DROME  Q9V3W0      FBgn0086691
unc80                      UNC80_DROME  Q9VB11      FBgn0039536
unc-4                      UNC4_DROME   O77215      FBgn0024184
unc-5                      UNC5_DROME   Q95TU8      FBgn0034013
Unc-89                     OBSCN_DROME  A8DYP0      FBgn0053519
unc-104                    KIF1A_DROME  A1ZAJ2      FBgn0267002
unc-119                    UN119_DROME  Q9XYQ2      FBgn0025549
unk                        UNK_DROME    Q86B79      FBgn0004395
unpg                       UNPG_DROME   Q4V5A3      FBgn0015561
up                         TNNT_DROME   P19351      FBgn0004169
Upf1                       RENT1_DROME  Q9VYS3      FBgn0030354
uri                        URI_DROME    Q9W148      FBgn0035025
Urm1                       URM1_DROME   Q7KU86      FBgn0053276
Uro                        URIC_DROME   P16163      FBgn0003961
                    Dsub   URIC_DROSU   O44111      FBgn0021077
Urod                       DCUP_DROME   Q9V595      FBgn0033428
Use1                       USE1_DROME   Q9VSU7      FBgn0035965
ush                        USH_DROME    Q9VPQ6      FBgn0003963
usp                        USP_DROME    P20153      FBgn0003964
Usp2                       UBP2_DROME   Q8IQ27      FBgn0031187
Usp7                       UBP7_DROME   Q9VYQ8      FBgn0030366
Usp30                      UBP30_DROME  Q9W462      FBgn0029819
Usp32                      UBP32_DROME  M9PD06      FBgn0036913
Usp47                      UBPE_DROME   Q24574      FBgn0016756
Uvrag                      UVRAG_DROME  Q9VK07      FBgn0032499
uzip                       UZIP_DROME   P10379      FBgn0004055
v                          T23O_DROME   P20351      FBgn0003965
VAChT                      VACHT_DROME  O17444      FBgn0270928
vanin-like                 VNNL1_DROME  Q9NFP1      FBgn0040069
vas                        VASA1_DROME  P09052      FBgn0283442
Vav                        VAV_DROME    Q9NHV9      FBgn0040068
VepD                       VEPD_DROME   Q9N2P6      FBgn0053200
vg                         VG_DROME     Q26366      FBgn0003975
Vha13                      VATG_DROME   Q9XZH6      FBgn0283536
Vha14-1                    VATF1_DROME  Q24583      FBgn0262512
Vha14-2                    VATF2_DROME  Q9VNL3      FBgn0037402
Vha16-1                    VATL_DROME   P23380      FBgn0262736
Vha26                      VATE_DROME   P54611      FBgn0283535
Vha36-1                    VATD1_DROME  Q9V7D2      FBgn0022097
Vha36-3                    VATD2_DROME  Q9NEF6      FBgn0040377
Vha44                      VATC_DROME   Q9V7N5      FBgn0287825
Vha55                      VATB_DROME   P31409      FBgn0005671
Vha68-1                    VATA1_DROME  P48602      FBgn0265262
Vha68-2                    VATA2_DROME  Q27331      FBgn0263598
VhaAC39-1                  VA0D1_DROME  Q9W4P5      FBgn0285910
VhaAC39-2                  VA0D2_DROME  Q9VCQ3      FBgn0039058
VhaAC45                    VAS1_DROME   Q7JR49      FBgn0262515
VhaSFD                     VATH_DROME   Q9V3J1      FBgn0027779
Vhl                        VHL_DROME    Q9V3C1      FBgn0041174
viaf                       VIAF1_DROME  Q8MR62      FBgn0036237
Victoria                   TOTE_DROME   Q8INV7      FBgn0053117
vih                        UBE2C_DROME  Q9VTY6      FBgn0264848
vilya                      VILYA_DROME  O76908      FBgn0283545
Vinc                       VINC_DROME   O46037      FBgn0004397
vir                        VIR_DROME    Q9W1R5      FBgn0003977
vls                        VLS_DROME    Q9VIP8      FBgn0003978
Vm26Aa                     VTU1_DROME   P11449      FBgn0003979
Vm26Ab                     VTU2_DROME   P13238      FBgn0003980
Vm32E                      VTU4_DROME   Q9VKI3      FBgn0014076
                    Dmau   VTU4_DROMA   A4UM12      FBgn0261779
                    Dsan   VTU4_DROSN   A4UM16      FBgn0261778
                    Dtei   VTU4_DROTE   A4UM19      FBgn0261777
Vm34Ca                     VTU3_DROME   Q06521      FBgn0003983
vn                         VEIN_DROME   Q94918      FBgn0003984
vnd                        VND_DROME    P22808      FBgn0261930
Vps8                       VPS8_DROME   Q9VRX2      FBgn0035704
Vps13                      VPS13_DROME  A1Z713      FBgn0033194
Vps13D                     VP13D_DROME  Q9VU08      FBgn0052113
Vps16B                     VP16B_DROME  Q9VAG4      FBgn0039702
Vps25                      VPS25_DROME  Q7JXV9      FBgn0022027
Vps26                      VPS26_DROME  Q9W552      FBgn0014411
Vps28                      VPS28_DROME  Q9V359      FBgn0021814
Vps36                      VPS36_DROME  Q9VU87      FBgn0086785
Vps51                      VPS51_DROME  Q8MSY4      FBgn0034380
Vps60                      CHMP5_DROME  Q9VVI9      FBgn0036740
vret                       VRET_DROME   Q9VCU7      FBgn0263143
vvl                        CF1A_DROME   P16241      FBgn0086680
w                          WHITE_DROME  P10090      FBgn0003996
wac                        WAGC_DROME   Q9W0S8      FBgn0035120
wapl                       WAPL_DROME   Q9W517      FBgn0004655
wash                       WASH1_DROME  Q7JW27      FBgn0033692
wat                        WAT_DROME    Q8MS59      FBgn0039620
waw                        GUF1_DROME   Q9VRH6      FBgn0024182
wbl                        WBL_DROME    O44342      FBgn0004003
wcd                        UTP18_DROME  Q9V7P1      FBgn0262560
wcy                        WAC_DROME    Q9VX88      FBgn0030812
wdn                        SRYC_DROME   P15619      FBgn0005642
wdp                        WDP_DROME    Q9W266      FBgn0034718
Wdr24                      WDR24_DROME  Q9XZ25      FBgn0027518
Wdr59                      WDR59_DROME  Q9VKK2      FBgn0032339
WDR79                      TCAB1_DROME  Q6NL34      FBgn0031782
Wdr82                      WDR82_DROME  Q9VLN1      FBgn0032030
wds                        WDS_DROME    Q9V3J8      FBgn0040066
WDY                        WDY_DROME    B4F7L9      FBgn0267449
wech                       WECH_DROME   Q9V4M2      FBgn0259745
Wee1                       WEE1_DROME   P54350      FBgn0011737
wek                        WEK_DROME    Q9VJN5      FBgn0001990
wfs1                       WFS1_DROME   Q8IMZ9      FBgn0039003
wg                         WNTG_DROME   P09615      FBgn0284084
wge                        WGE_DROME    Q3LHL9      FBgn0051151
wgn                        WGN_DROME    Q9VWS4      FBgn0030941
wisp                       GLD2B_DROME  Q9VYS4      FBgn0260780
wkd                        TBWKD_DROME  Q9VGL8      FBgn0037917
wls                        WLS_DROME    Q95ST2      FBgn0036141
Wnt2                       WNT2_DROME   P28465      FBgn0004360
Wnt4                       WNT4_DROME   P40589      FBgn0010453
Wnt5                       WNT5_DROME   P28466      FBgn0010194
wntD                       WNT8_DROME   Q9VFX1      FBgn0038134
wol                        ALG5_DROME   Q9VLQ1      FBgn0261020
WRNexo                     WRNXO_DROME  Q9VE86      FBgn0038608
Wsck                       WSCK_DROME   P83097      FBgn0046685
wts                        WARTS_DROME  Q9VA38      FBgn0011739
wuho                       WUHO_DROME   Q9W415      FBgn0029857
wun                        WUN_DROME    Q9V576      FBgn0016078
wupA                       TNNI_DROME   P36188      FBgn0283471
Wwox                       WWOX_DROME   Q9VLU5      FBgn0031972
X-element\ORF1             GAGXE_DROME  Q9NBX5      FBgn0041613
X-element\ORF2             RTXE_DROME   Q9NBX4      FBgn0041612
Xdh                 Dsub   XDH_DROSU    P91711      FBgn0013892
xit                        ALG8_DROME   Q9W3V8      FBgn0029906
xmas-1                     XMAS1_DROME  Q9U3V8      FBgn0016080
xmas-2                     XMAS2_DROME  Q9U3V9      FBgn0028974
XNP                        ATRX_DROME   Q9GQN5      FBgn0039338
Xpac                       XPA_DROME    P28518      FBgn0004832
Xpc                        XPC_DROME    Q24595      FBgn0004698
y                          YELL_DROME   P09957      FBgn0004034
                    Dgua   YELL_DROGU   Q9GP81      FBgn0043413
                    Dmad   YELL_DROMD   Q9GP71      FBgn0043409
                    Dmau   YELL_DROMA   P62408      FBgn0014776
                    Dsub   YELL_DROSU   O02437      FBgn0015179
yellow-f                   YELF_DROME   Q9VG09      FBgn0041710
yellow-f2                  YELF2_DROME  Q9VG08      FBgn0038105
yem                        YEMA_DROME   P25992      FBgn0005596
yin                        PEPT1_DROME  P91679      FBgn0265575
Yippee                     YIPP_DROME   Q9XZF0      FBgn0026749
yki                        YAP1_DROME   Q45VV3      FBgn0034970
yl                         YL_DROME     P98163      FBgn0004649
YL-1                       VPS72_DROME  Q9VKM6      FBgn0032321
YME1L                      YMEL1_DROME  F3YDF1      FBgn0034792
Yp1                        VIT1_DROME   P02843      FBgn0004045
Yp2                        VIT2_DROME   P02844      FBgn0005391
Yp3                        VIT3_DROME   P06607      FBgn0004047
Ypel                       YPL1_DROME   Q9W2X7      FBgn0030183
Ythdc1                     YTDC1_DROME  Q9VZQ1      FBgn0027616
Ythdf                      YTHDF_DROME  Q9VBZ5      FBgn0039261
z                          ZEST_DROME   P09956      FBgn0004050
                    Dmau   ZEST_DROMA   P67854      FBgn0012518
Z600                       Z600_DROME   P22469      FBgn0004052
Zasp52                     ZASP_DROME   A1ZA47      FBgn0265991
ZC3H3                      ZC3H3_DROME  Q9VSK8      FBgn0035900
Zdhhc8                     ZDHC8_DROME  Q9W345      FBgn0085478
zen                        ZEN1_DROME   P09089      FBgn0004053
                    Dsub   ZEN_DROSU    Q24648      FBgn0015180
zen2                       ZEN2_DROME   P09090      FBgn0004054
zetaTry                    TRYZ_DROME   P42280      FBgn0011556
zfh1                       ZFH1_DROME   P28166      FBgn0004606
zfh2                       ZFH2_DROME   P28167      FBgn0004607
zip                        MYSN_DROME   Q99323      FBgn0287873
Zip99C                     S39AD_DROME  Q9VAF0      FBgn0039714
Zmynd10                    ZMY10_DROME  Q9VU41      FBgn0266709
zpg                        INX4_DROME   Q9VRX6      FBgn0024177
zuc                        ZUC_DROME    Q9VKD7      FBgn0261266
Zw                         G6PD_DROME   P12646      FBgn0004057
Zw10                       ZW10_DROME   Q9W4X9      FBgn0004643
Zwilch                     ZWILC_DROME  Q9VA00      FBgn0061476

CG1090                     NCKXH_DROME  Q9VN12      FBgn0037238
CG1129                     GMPPB_DROME  Q7JZB4      FBgn0037279
CG1139                     C1139_DROME  Q9W056      FBgn0035300
CG1161                     Y1161_DROME  Q9VNA4      FBgn0037313
CG1218                     HPF1_DROME   Q9VNI3      FBgn0037377
CG1234                     NOC3L_DROME  Q9VI82      FBgn0037489
CG1239                     BN3D2_DROME  Q9VNH1      FBgn0037368
CG1307                     PTH2_DROME   O97067      FBgn0026566
CG1339                     Y1339_DROME  Q9V4Q0      FBgn0033202
CG1354                     OLA1_DROME   Q8SWU7      FBgn0030151
CG1523                     DCA10_DROME  Q9VAT2      FBgn0039601
CG1542                     EBP2_DROME   Q9V9Z9      FBgn0039828
CG1544                     DHTK1_DROME  Q9VA02      FBgn0039827
CG1552                     Y1552_DROME  Q9VZ40      FBgn0030258
CG1598                     ASNA_DROME   Q7JWD3      FBgn0033191
CG1646                     PRP39_DROME  Q7KRW8      FBgn0039600
CG1657                     RME6_DROME   Q9VZ08      FBgn0030286
CG1785                     NOP53_DROME  Q9W3C2      FBgn0030061
CG1789                     UTP11_DROME  Q9W3C0      FBgn0030063
CG1827                     ASPG1_DROME  Q8MR45      FBgn0033431
CG2061                     LANC3_DROME  Q9Y0Y7      FBgn0027498
CG2145                     ENDOU_DROME  Q9VZ49      FBgn0030251
CG2182                     GGNB2_DROME  Q9VNG1      FBgn0037360
CG2199                     Y2199_DROME  Q8IRH5      FBgn0035213
CG2200                     PEPE_DROME   Q9VYH3      FBgn0030447
CG2614                     EFNMT_DROME  Q9VIK9      FBgn0032873
CG2678                     Y678_DROME   Q8T053      FBgn0014931
CG2691                     RRP12_DROME  Q9VYA7      FBgn0030504
CG2811                     YS11_DROME   Q9W0Y2      FBgn0035082
CG2846                     RIFK_DROME   O76206      FBgn0014930
CG3021                     MTU1_DROME   Q9W5B6      FBgn0040337
CG3062                     FLTOP_DROME  Q9W4I5      FBgn0025612
CG3107                     PREP_DROME   Q9V9E3      FBgn0033005
CG3149                     RFT1_DROME   Q9Y123      FBgn0027564
CG3224                     ZN593_DROME  Q9W3Y0      FBgn0029885
CG3326                     FIGL1_DROME  Q9VQN8      FBgn0031519
CG3430                     MCMBP_DROME  Q9VM60      FBgn0031875
CG3434                     QTRT2_DROME  Q9VSZ6      FBgn0036000
CG3527                     NEP1_DROME   Q9W4J5      FBgn0029714
CG3556                     Y3556_DROME  Q9W4K2      FBgn0029708
CG3558                     U518_DROME   Q9VQK0      FBgn0025681
CG3631                     XYLK_DROME   Q95T10      FBgn0038268
CG3634                     ST7_DROME    Q9VPB1      FBgn0037026
CG3638                     TTY2_DROME   Q9W5A5      FBgn0261444
CG3709                     PUS10_DROME  Q9VPK7      FBgn0031227
CG3760                     CDV3_DROME   Q8MMC4      FBgn0022343
CG3781                     JOSL_DROME   Q9W422      FBgn0029853
CG3792                     MPU1_DROME   Q9VMW8      FBgn0031662
CG3817                     RRP15_DROME  Q9VFE6      FBgn0038275
CG3857                     SMG9_DROME   O46080      FBgn0023520
CG3967                     ATAT1_DROME  Q9VSY4      FBgn0035989
CG4038                     GAR1_DROME   Q7KVQ0      FBgn0011824
CG4045                     TRMB_DROME   O77263      FBgn0025629
CG4061                     RTCA_DROME   O77264      FBgn0025630
CG4078                     RTEL1_DROME  Q9W484      FBgn0029798
CG4091                     TFP8L_DROME  Q7KVH9      FBgn0034894
CG4101                     U239_DROME   O77286      FBgn0025558
CG4278                     NIF3L_DROME  Q9NK57      FBgn0014092
CG4341                     TMTC2_DROME  Q9V3X5      FBgn0028481
CG4364                     PESC_DROME   Q9VL96      FBgn0032138
CG4372                     ASPG2_DROME  Q9W2C3      FBgn0034665
CG4449                     Y4449_DROME  Q9VCP1      FBgn0039065
CG4456                     CG445_DROME  P22978      FBgn0001228
CG4502                     U2QL1_DROME  Q9VM35      FBgn0031896
CG4603                     OTU1_DROME   Q9VRJ9      FBgn0035593
CG4622                     ZCHC8_DROME  Q2PE14      FBgn0035021
CG4646                     U587_DROME   A1Z9A2      FBgn0033810
CG4666                     THEM6_DROME  Q9W440      FBgn0029838
CG4679                     PTCD3_DROME  A1Z9A8      FBgn0033816
CG4709                     ZGPAT_DROME  Q9VL59      FBgn0032169
CG4743                     SAMC_DROME   Q9VBN7      FBgn0039357
CG4751                     MPND_DROME   Q9VKJ1      FBgn0032348
CG4766                     MB21L_DROME  Q9Y106      FBgn0027546
CG4858                     NUBP2_DROME  Q9VPD2      FBgn0037011
CG4928                     UN93L_DROME  Q9Y115      FBgn0027556
CG4951                     Y4951_DROME  A1A708      FBgn0039563
CG4953                     TPC13_DROME  Q95TN1      FBgn0032204
CG4968                     OTUBL_DROME  Q9VL00      FBgn0032214
CG5009                     ACOX1_DROME  Q7KML2      FBgn0027572
CG5021                     TVP23_DROME  Q8IQC1      FBgn0035944
CG5033                     BOP1_DROME   Q7K0Y1      FBgn0028744
CG5038                     TMTC4_DROME  Q9VF81      FBgn0038324
CG5065                     FACR1_DROME  A1ZAI5      FBgn0034145
CG5098                     Y5098_DROME  Q6AWG9      FBgn0034300
CG5110                     LTOR3_DROME  Q9VJD2      FBgn0032642
CG5181                     SOSSB_DROME  Q9VM17      FBgn0031909
CG5189                     LTOR2_DROME  Q9V8I2      FBgn0034350
CG5190                     MRRP1_DROME  Q7JUX9      FBgn0034351
CG5220                     TRM71_DROME  Q9VEP1      FBgn0038471
CG5235                     MOX11_DROME  Q9VUY0      FBgn0036565
CG5262                     TM104_DROME  Q9VPF8      FBgn0036988
CG5270                     ZFY26_DROME  Q9VGP1      FBgn0037897
CG5280                     EVG1_DROME   Q9VSS7      FBgn0035952
CG5316                     APTX_DROME   Q8MSG8      FBgn0038704
CG5380                     RPC6_DROME   Q9VD25      FBgn0038951
CG5382                     ZFPL1_DROME  Q9VD26      FBgn0038950
CG5412                     LOVG_DROME   Q9VDL1      FBgn0038806
CG5521                     Y5521_DROME  Q9VB98      FBgn0039466
CG5532                     TM14_DROME   Q9W1K0      FBgn0034902
CG5543                     GAD1_DROME   Q9W1J3      FBgn0034908
CG5641                     ILF2_DROME   Q9VG73      FBgn0038046
CG5645                     KRI1_DROME   Q9VTU0      FBgn0036254
CG5721                     ARMC6_DROME  Q7K486      FBgn0034315
CG5815                     SPT2_DROME   Q8IMP6      FBgn0027574
CG5862                     DDRGK_DROME  Q9VDD1      FBgn0038868
CG5902                     Y5902_DROME  Q9VCF0      FBgn0039136
CG5969                     VMA21_DROME  Q9VPE4      FBgn0036998
CG6051                     LST2_DROME   Q9VB70      FBgn0039492
CG6066                     NKAP_DROME   Q9VB74      FBgn0039488
CG6073                     HGH1_DROME   Q9VBG6      FBgn0039417
CG6136                     CUTC_DROME   Q9VF71      FBgn0038332
CG6153                     PITH1_DROME  Q9VK68      FBgn0032445
CG6171                     APLF_DROME   A8JR14      FBgn0026737
CG6179                     NOSIP_DROME  Q9VWV8      FBgn0030915
CG6345                     CK5P1_DROME  Q9VGZ1      FBgn0037816
CG6388                     TRM1_DROME   Q9VK89      FBgn0032430
CG6550                     CDKAL_DROME  Q7K4W1      FBgn0034214
CG6621                     TTC14_DROME  Q9VGU5      FBgn0037855
CG6659                     DPY19_DROME  Q9VWR8      FBgn0030946
CG6693                     Y6693_DROME  Q9VGR7      FBgn0037878
CG6712                     RPF1_DROME   Q9VKB4      FBgn0032408
CG6724                     WDR12_DROME  Q9VKQ3      FBgn0032298
CG6729                     SMG8_DROME   Q9VKQ6      FBgn0032296
CG6762                     SRX_DROME    Q9VX10      FBgn0030876
CG6836                     OSTA_DROME   Q9VVV2      FBgn0036834
CG6907                     ELP4_DROME   Q9VMQ7      FBgn0031711
CG6951                     DCTD_DROME   Q9VWA2      FBgn0036959
CG6966                     FEM1A_DROME  Q9VFD5      FBgn0038286
CG7009                     TRM72_DROME  Q9VDD9      FBgn0038861
CG7065                     Y7065_DROME  Q7YZA2      FBgn0030091
CG7083                     PHAF1_DROME  Q9VSH9      FBgn0035877
CG7137                     RRP8_DROME   Q7K2B0      FBgn0034422
CG7200                     JMJD4_DROME  Q9VJ97      FBgn0032671
CG7218                     TAPT1_DROME  Q9VED0      FBgn0038569
CG7304                     GLT12_DROME  Q8IA44      FBgn0036527
CG7332                     MINY3_DROME  Q9VWN5      FBgn0030973
CG7394                     TIM14_DROME  Q9VTJ8      FBgn0036173
CG7414                     EIF2A_DROME  Q9VNX8      FBgn0037135
CG7427                     DCN1L_DROME  Q9VUQ8      FBgn0036510
CG7457                     TONSL_DROME  Q9VSA4      FBgn0035812
CG7483                     IF4A3_DROME  Q9VHS8      FBgn0037573
CG7506                     TMM70_DROME  Q95SS8      FBgn0035805
CG7544                     MET16_DROME  Q7K3B9      FBgn0033994
CG7579                     GLT11_DROME  Q8IA41      FBgn0036528
CG7601                     DHRS7_DROME  Q9Y140      FBgn0027583
CG7611                     WDR26_DROME  Q7K0L4      FBgn0037094
CG7637                     NOP10_DROME  Q9V5P6      FBgn0033548
CG7639                     SAM50_DROME  Q9V784      FBgn0033989
CG7650                     PHLP_DROME   Q9VUR7      FBgn0036519
CG7655                     NRM_DROME    Q9VEG9      FBgn0038536
CG7694                     RN181_DROME  Q9VE61      FBgn0038627
CG7741                     C19L1_DROME  A1Z8J0      FBgn0033615
CG7766                     KPBA_DROME   Q9W391      FBgn0030087
CG7840                     PORED_DROME  Q9VLP9      FBgn0032014
CG7860                     ASGL1_DROME  Q9VXT7      FBgn0030653
CG7872                     DJC25_DROME  Q9VXT2      FBgn0030658
CG7886                     CEP78_DROME  Q9VFH6      FBgn0038248
CG7988                     SRR1L_DROME  Q9VEB5      FBgn0038582
CG7990                     PGP2L_DROME  Q9VWK6      FBgn0030997
CG8005                     DHYS_DROME   Q9VSF4      FBgn0035854
CG8009                     NEPR1_DROME  Q8T0B1      FBgn0036090
CG8078                     CTU1_DROME   Q7JWW5      FBgn0033375
CG8111                     TMM43_DROME  Q9VSB9      FBgn0035825
CG8135                     LMBD2_DROME  Q8MRQ4      FBgn0037689
CG8152                     GPAN1_DROME  Q9V7A7      FBgn0034008
CG8188                     UBE2S_DROME  Q9VX25      FBgn0030863
CG8202                     VP35L_DROME  Q9VHM2      FBgn0037622
CG8223                     NASP_DROME   Q9I7K6      FBgn0037624
CG8230                     DYM_DROME    Q7KNA0      FBgn0027607
CG8303                     FACR2_DROME  A1ZAI3      FBgn0034143
CG8306                     FACR3_DROME  Q960W6      FBgn0034142
CG8370                     TM131_DROME  Q9V7H4      FBgn0034060
CG8399                     FRRS1_DROME  Q8MSU3      FBgn0034067
CG8414                     NOL9_DROME   A1ZA92      FBgn0034073
CG8475                     KPBB_DROME   Q9VLS1      FBgn0031995
CG8611                     Y8611_DROME  Q86B47      FBgn0027602
CG8635                     ZC3HF_DROME  Q7JWR9      FBgn0033317
CG8745                     AGT2L_DROME  Q9VU95      FBgn0036381
CG8833                     GPTC1_DROME  Q9VUA0      FBgn0036386
CG8858                     ECM29_DROME  Q9V677      FBgn0033698
CG8860                     S61G1_DROME  Q9V668      FBgn0033691
CG8891                     ITPA_DROME   Q9VMW7      FBgn0031663
CG9004                     NOM1_DROME   Q9W020      FBgn0035336
CG9062                     WDR48_DROME  Q1LZ08      FBgn0033607
CG9125                     DXO_DROME    Q9VXA8      FBgn0030793
CG9132                     NECAP_DROME  Q9VXB0      FBgn0030791
CG9154                     EFM5_DROME   Q9VMH7      FBgn0031777
CG9164                     WCSD_DROME   Q9VXV9      FBgn0030634
CG9213                     C19L2_DROME  Q9VXT5      FBgn0030655
CG9231                     U389_DROME   Q9VW12      FBgn0036887
CG9246                     NOC2L_DROME  Q9VIF0      FBgn0032925
CG9286                     BCCIP_DROME  Q9VFR0      FBgn0038183
CG9288                     ABITM_DROME  Q9VFR1      FBgn0260464
CG9386                     TRM44_DROME  Q9VHB9      FBgn0037708
CG9393                     MTX1_DROME   Q9VHB6      FBgn0037710
CG9410                     COQ10_DROME  Q8MLL3      FBgn0033086
CG9588                     PSMD9_DROME  Q9VFS8      FBgn0038166
CG9630                     DDX55_DROME  Q9VHU1      FBgn0037561
CG9662                     OSTC_DROME   Q9VQP9      FBgn0031529
CG9669                     TM258_DROME  Q9VVA8      FBgn0036667
CG9705                     Y9705_DROME  Q9VVA0      FBgn0036661
CG9773                     UNC50_DROME  Q9VHN5      FBgn0037609
CG9776                     Y9776_DROME  Q9V468      FBgn0027866
CG9801                     Y9801_DROME  Q0KIA2      FBgn0037623
CG9804                     LIPT2_DROME  Q9VN27      FBgn0037251
CG9849                     PADC1_DROME  Q9W1W9      FBgn0034803
CG9853                     GET4_DROME   Q9VN19      FBgn0086605
CG9886                     GLCTK_DROME  Q9VQC4      FBgn0031428
CG9951                     CCD22_DROME  Q9VVB4      FBgn0036671
CG10000                    GLT13_DROME  Q8MYY6      FBgn0039596
CG10038                    F172A_DROME  Q95RN0      FBgn0038013
CG10055                    SHQ1_DROME   Q9VI74      FBgn0037482
CG10189                    CTU2_DROME   Q9VIV3      FBgn0032793
CG10214                    ORN_DROME    Q9VCI0      FBgn0039115
CG10268                    PMVK_DROME   Q9VIT2      FBgn0032811
CG10336                    TIPIN_DROME  Q8INX3      FBgn0032698
CG10341                    NAF1_DROME   Q9VJ62      FBgn0032701
CG10417                    Y0417_DROME  Q7K4Q5      FBgn0033021
CG10428                    GSTCD_DROME  Q9VJ34      FBgn0032724
CG10561                    A37C_DROME   P18487      FBgn0002036
                    Dleb   A37C_DROLE   O96570      FBgn0025668
CG10616                    ODR4_DROME   Q9VTX8      FBgn0036286
CG10628                    GTPBA_DROME  Q9I7M2      FBgn0032818
CG10674                    ASTER_DROME  Q9VRJ8      FBgn0035592
CG10681                    KXDL1_DROME  Q9VTY4      FBgn0036291
CG10795                    TM2D1_DROME  Q9W2H1      FBgn0034626
CG10958                    DRC1_DROME   Q9W3J8      FBgn0030004
CG11007                    TMX2_DROME   Q7JW12      FBgn0034455
CG11077                    MPV17_DROME  Q9V492      FBgn0039930
CG11103                    TM2D2_DROME  Q9VY86      FBgn0030522
CG11134                    MTNB_DROME   Q9VY93      FBgn0030518
CG11141                    Y1411_DROME  Q6NLL1      FBgn0033177
CG11263                    EXD1_DROME   Q9VU31      FBgn0036330
CG11334                    MTNA_DROME   Q9V9X4      FBgn0039849
CG11342                    BN3D3_DROME  Q9VZD2      FBgn0035537
CG11447                    MRM2_DROME   Q9VDT6      FBgn0038737
CG11539                    NAT9_DROME   Q9V9V9      FBgn0039859
CG11583                    BRX1_DROME   Q9VZE6      FBgn0035524
CG11596                    CARME_DROME  Q9I7X6      FBgn0023522
CG11722                    NDUF4_DROME  Q9VH39      FBgn0037777
CG11755                    CDPF1_DROME  Q9VHN3      FBgn0037611
CG11837                    DIM1_DROME   Q9VAQ5      FBgn0039627
CG11899                    SERC_DROME   Q9VAN0      FBgn0014427
CG12056                    NEUFC_DROME  Q9W376      FBgn0030099
CG12084                    ZER1_DROME   Q9W0E8      FBgn0043458
CG12096                    PSMD5_DROME  Q9VYG1      FBgn0030457
CG12163                    CPR1_DROME   Q9VN93      FBgn0260462
CG12173                    ENOPH_DROME  Q9VN95      FBgn0037305
CG12206                    GRCR2_DROME  Q9W4S1      FBgn0029662
CG12259                    FAM50_DROME  Q9VAY7      FBgn0039557
CG12262                    ACADM_DROME  Q9VSA3      FBgn0035811
CG12343                    SYF2_DROME   Q9V5Q4      FBgn0033556
CG12375                    LACB2_DROME  Q9VLS9      FBgn0031987
CG12592                    SLEL_DROME   Q9VGZ8      FBgn0037811
CG12744                    Y2744_DROME  Q7JUR5      FBgn0033459
CG12895                    SDF2B_DROME  A1Z897      FBgn0033523
CG12975                    TR112_DROME  Q9VP65      FBgn0037061
CG13096                    Y3096_DROME  Q9VLK2      FBgn0032050
CG13364                    TMA7_DROME   Q9XZS3      FBgn0026879
CG13380                    Y3380_DROME  Q9VVR0      FBgn0036799
CG13601                    OPA32_DROME  Q9VCG3      FBgn0039126
CG13604                    UBS3A_DROME  Q9VCE9      FBgn0039137
CG13609                    PTOV1_DROME  Q9VCB1      FBgn0039170
CG13690                    RNH2A_DROME  Q9VPP5      FBgn0031252
CG13926                    OPI10_DROME  Q9W0C7      FBgn0035243
CG14043                    KBP_DROME    Q9VMX1      FBgn0031659
CG14100                    MRM3_DROME   Q9VW14      FBgn0036889
CG14105                    TTC36_DROME  Q9VU70      FBgn0036359
CG14230                    Y4230_DROME  Q9VWD4      FBgn0031062
CG14231                    OSGP2_DROME  Q9VWD6      FBgn0031060
CG14286                    U488_DROME   Q9VE11      FBgn0038673
CG14443                    Y4443_DROME  Q9W3Y5      FBgn0029880
CG14505                    GSKIP_DROME  Q9V8F3      FBgn0034327
CG14535                    KI26L_DROME  Q9VLW2      FBgn0031955
CG14618                    TM10A_DROME  Q9VR56      FBgn0031189
CG14621                    S35E1_DROME  Q9VR50      FBgn0031183
CG14683                    MET15_DROME  Q9VGY5      FBgn0037822
CG14701                    DPH3_DROME   Q9VGQ9      FBgn0037883
CG14722                    WDR55_DROME  Q8T088      FBgn0037943
CG14757                    SDF2A_DROME  Q4V5I9      FBgn0033274
CG14803                    MMS22_DROME  O46089      FBgn0023513
CG14806                    COA8_DROME   Q9W549      FBgn0029594
CG14818                    U184_DROME   O97420      FBgn0026088
CG14977                    LTOR4_DROME  Q9VZL6      FBgn0035469
CG15014                    THUM1_DROME  Q9VZD8      FBgn0035532
CG15027                    TMA16_DROME  Q9VXY4      FBgn0030611
CG15084                    CC130_DROME  Q7K0F0      FBgn0034402
CG15093                    3HIDH_DROME  Q9V8M5      FBgn0034390
CG15099                    DOP1_DROME   A1ZBE8      FBgn0034400
CG15332                    DM7B_DROME   Q9W3M2      FBgn0029986
CG15333                    DM7A_DROME   Q9W3L5      FBgn0029989
CG15458                    RL33_DROME   Q9VR93      FBgn0040651
CG15743                    IMPA3_DROME  Q9VYF2      FBgn0030465
CG15914                    GTDC1_DROME  Q9VXN0      FBgn0030700
CG16742                    WASC2_DROME  A1ZBW7      FBgn0034529
CG16790                    USB1_DROME   Q9VHB3      FBgn0037713
CG16817                    YC17_DROME   Q9VH95      FBgn0037728
CG16865                    STEEP_DROME  Q9V412      FBgn0028919
CG16868                    CAHD1_DROME  Q5BI42      FBgn0034498
CG16894                    AKTP2_DROME  A1ZBR5      FBgn0034483
CG16935                    MECR_DROME   Q9V6U9      FBgn0033883
CG16979                    UFSP2_DROME  Q9VUR0      FBgn0036512
CG17003                    ATAT2_DROME  Q9W5X9      FBgn0031082
CG17059                    CSN9_DROME   Q7JVR7      FBgn0040754
CG17065                    NAGA_DROME   Q9VR81      FBgn0031099
CG17119                    CTNS_DROME   Q9VCR7      FBgn0039045
CG17141                    MTG1_DROME   Q9VCU5      FBgn0039020
CG17202                    MYCBP_DROME  Q9VG76      FBgn0038043
CG17333                    6PGL_DROME   Q9VZ64      FBgn0030239
CG17486                    ASND1_DROME  Q5LJP9      FBgn0032997
CG17528                    DCLK_DROME   Q7PLI7      FBgn0261387
CG17633                    CBPA1_DROME  Q9VL86      FBgn0032144
CG17669                    DAAF3_DROME  A1ZB91      FBgn0034352
CG17683                    NARF_DROME   Q8SYS7      FBgn0262115
CG17726                    NDUF7_DROME  Q9VGR2      FBgn0037880
CG17896                    MMSA_DROME   Q7KW39      FBgn0023537
CG17904                    NUBP1_DROME  Q9VJI9      FBgn0032597
CG17931                    SERFL_DROME  Q9VEW2      FBgn0038421
CG18335                    U605_DROME   Q7JRP4      FBgn0033610
CG18473                    PTER_DROME   Q9VHF2      FBgn0037683
CG18508                    U729_DROME   O97172      FBgn0028746
CG18661                    U585_DROME   Q9VLF6      FBgn0040964
CG18675                    CF298_DROME  Q9VZH1      FBgn0040696
CG30010                    U598_DROME   Q8MKL1      FBgn0050010
CG30031                    Y0031_DROME  C0HKA4      FBgn0050031
CG30157                    UFSP1_DROME  Q4V6M7      FBgn0050157
CG30291                    CK5P3_DROME  Q95SK3      FBgn0050291
CG31115                    PNPH_DROME   Q8IMU4      FBgn0051115
CG31145                    FA20C_DROME  A4VCL2      FBgn0051145
CG31229                    TIM22_DROME  Q8IN78      FBgn0051229
CG31460                    KTAP2_DROME  Q8INQ7      FBgn0051460
CG31559                    GRCR1_DROME  Q9VNL4      FBgn0051559
CG31690                    TMTC1_DROME  Q9VQE9      FBgn0051690
CG31712                    U430_DROME   Q9VL63      FBgn0051712
CG31750                    Y1750_DROME  Q8INZ1      FBgn0046888
CG31760                    Y1760_DROME  Q9VKA4      FBgn0051760
CG31776                    GLT10_DROME  Q8IA43      FBgn0051776
CG31915                    GLT25_DROME  Q8IPK4      FBgn0051915
CG31935                    RB3GP_DROME  Q9VQ26      FBgn0051935
CG31957                    EIF1A_DROME  Q8IQ13      FBgn0051957
CG32137                    BICRD_DROME  Q8SWR2      FBgn0052137
CG32281                    TRM5_DROME   Q8IRE4      FBgn0052281
CG32395                    Y2395_DROME  Q8IQ72      FBgn0041232
CG32396                    TBBP_DROME   Q9VRX3      FBgn0052396
CG32486                    CYHR1_DROME  Q9VZV5      FBgn0266918
CG32500                    NFU1_DROME   Q8SY96      FBgn0285970
CG32590                    BORC8_DROME  Q8IR45      FBgn0052590
CG32669                    SC5A6_DROME  P83740      FBgn0052669
CG32736                    SMIM4_DROME  Q9W3T5      FBgn0052736
CG32750                    VNNL3_DROME  P83548      FBgn0052750
CG32751                    VNNL2_DROME  Q8IRR1      FBgn0052751
CG32795                    TM120_DROME  Q9U1M2      FBgn0040384
CG32809                    CCDCX_DROME  Q7KW14      FBgn0023531
CG32857                    NFU1_DROME   Q8SY96      FBgn0052857
CG33090                    C3390_DROME  Q7KT91      FBgn0028916
CG33108                    U692_DROME   Q9VCE8      FBgn0053108
CG33169                    SMCO4_DROME  Q8SY72      FBgn0053169
CG33331                    TAM41_DROME  Q8INF2      FBgn0067628
CG33470                    IMPP_DROME   Q8ML70      FBgn0053470
CG33502                    NFU1_DROME   Q8SY96      FBgn0053502
CG33774                    OST4_DROME   A1Z7U3      FBgn0053774
CG34183                    RPAP2_DROME  A8DYY5      FBgn0085212
CG34384                    DGKH_DROME   A8JQ65      FBgn0085413
CG34401                    ZSWM8_DROME  Q9VWN9      FBgn0085430
CG40228                    ELOF1_DROME  Q8MQI6      FBgn0063670
CG42266                    Y818_DROME   P83474      FBgn0259151
CG42342                    COLL1_DROME  B7Z0K8      FBgn0259244
CG42374                    SOSSC_DROME  B7Z073      FBgn0259720
CG42540                    BND7A_DROME  Q9VZA4      FBgn0260657
CG42673                    CAPON_DROME  Q8SXX4      FBgn0261555
CG43427                    Y3427_DROME  Q0KIC3      FBgn0263346
CG43867                    Y34F_DROME   Q9W5D0      FBgn0264449
CG43998                    OPA31_DROME  Q9VCG2      FBgn0264740
CG45076                    Y5076_DROME  C0HK92      FBgn0266446
CG45078                    Y5078_DROME  C0HK94      FBgn0266448
CG46338                    AKTP1_DROME  Q7K4V4      FBgn0285962

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