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        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Dictyostelium discoideum: entries, gene names and cross-references to dictyBase
Name:        dicty.txt
Release:     2021_04 of 29-Sep-2021


More information on Dictyostelium discoideum, its genome, biology and
genetics, is available from the following WWW pages:

Genome project at BCM:

_________  ______________  ____________  __________ ___________ ___________
Gene name  Gene name       dictyBase     Swiss-     Swiss-Prot    Size in
           synonym(s)      number        Prot       entry name    amino
                                         AC                       acids
_________  ______________  ____________  __________ ___________ ___________
29C        sctB            DDB_G0291255  Q23911      SCTB_DICDI     184  
4cl1                       DDB_G0284831  Q54P77      4CL1_DICDI     551  
4cl2                       DDB_G0284745  Q54P78      4CL2_DICDI     551  
4cl3                       DDB_G0284743  Q54P79      4CL3_DICDI     551  
7tmk1                      DDB_G0285463  Q54N73      7TMK1_DICDI    691  
7tmk2                      DDB_G0281331  Q54U65      7TMK2_DICDI    704  
AAC1                       DDB_G0291860  P14195      AAC1_DICDI     797  
AAC11                      DDB_G0284871  P14196      AAC2_DICDI     464  
AAC3                       DDB_G0276031  P14197      AAC3_DICDI     478  
AAC4                       DDB_G0267458  P14198      AAC4_DICDI     678  
aarA       aar; sab6       DDB_G0288877  Q54I71      AARA_DICDI     757  
aatA                       DDB_G0268664  Q55F21      AATM_DICDI     426  
aatB                       DDB_G0282493  Q54SF7      AATC_DICDI     438  
abcA1      abcA            DDB_G0291994  Q8T5Z7      ABCA1_DICDI    877  
abcA10                     DDB_G0283387  Q54R52      ABCAA_DICDI    887  
abcA11                     DDB_G0275453  Q552P3      ABCAB_DICDI    834  
abcA2                      DDB_G0267438  Q8T6J5      ABCA2_DICDI   1621  
abcA3                      DDB_G0293436  Q54BT5      ABCA3_DICDI   1702  
abcA4                      DDB_G0274121  Q555Z5      ABCA4_DICDI   1615  
abcA5                      DDB_G0274119  Q8T6J2      ABCA5_DICDI   1662  
abcA6                      DDB_G0291245  Q8T6J1      ABCA6_DICDI   1631  
abcA7                      DDB_G0271140  Q8T6J0      ABCA7_DICDI    839  
abcA8                      DDB_G0271138  Q55BC0      ABCA8_DICDI    837  
abcA9      abcA12          DDB_G0291980  Q54DT1      ABCA9_DICDI    845  
abcB1      mrpA            DDB_G0293416  Q54BU4      ABCB1_DICDI    909  
abcB2                      DDB_G0293438  Q54BT3      ABCB2_DICDI   1397  
abcB3                      DDB_G0291714  Q8T9W4      ABCB3_DICDI   1432  
abcB4                      DDB_G0279915  Q54W24      ABCB4_DICDI    767  
abcB5                      DDB_G0292554  Q8T9W2      ABCB5_DICDI    697  
abcB6                      DDB_G0282931  Q54RU1      ABCB6_DICDI    678  
abcB7                      DDB_G0269720  Q55DA7      ABCB7_DICDI    824  
abcC1                      DDB_G0280541  Q8T6H8      ABCC1_DICDI   1359  
abcC10                     DDB_G0280977  Q8ST87      ABCCA_DICDI   1334  
abcC12                     DDB_G0280973  Q54U44      ABCCC_DICDI   1323  
abcC13                     DDB_G0280539  Q54V86      ABCCD_DICDI   1350  
abcC14                     DDB_G0287589  Q54K24      ABCCE_DICDI   1317  
abcC15                     DDB_G0280459  Q54VC1      ABCCF_DICDI   1436  
abcC2                      DDB_G0280055  Q54VJ0      ABCC2_DICDI   1384  
abcC3                      DDB_G0287691  Q54JR2      ABCC3_DICDI   1412  
abcC5                      DDB_G0286559  Q54LE6      ABCC5_DICDI   1460  
abcC6                      DDB_G0287593  Q8T6H3      ABCC6_DICDI   1351  
abcC7                      DDB_G0291243  Q54EK2      ABCC7_DICDI   1328  
abcC8                      DDB_G0284867  Q54P13      ABCC8_DICDI   1593  
abcC9                      DDB_G0285165  Q54NL1      ABCC9_DICDI   1345  
abcD1                      DDB_G0279917  Q54W19      ABCD1_DICDI    734  
abcD2                      DDB_G0293194  Q8T8P3      ABCD2_DICDI    741  
abcD3                      DDB_G0279919  Q54W20      ABCD3_DICDI    750  
abcF2                      DDB_G0284047  Q8T6B7      ABCF2_DICDI    593  
abcF4                      DDB_G0267436  Q8T6B4      ABCF4_DICDI   1142  
abcG1                      DDB_G0269214  Q55DW4      ABCG1_DICDI    793  
abcG10                     DDB_G0292986  Q54CG0      ABCGA_DICDI   1466  
abcG11                     DDB_G0269212  Q55DQ2      ABCGB_DICDI   1442  
abcG12                     DDB_G0274115  Q8T685      ABCGC_DICDI    638  
abcG14                     DDB_G0269210  Q55DR1      ABCGE_DICDI   1439  
abcG15                     DDB_G0267432  Q55GB1      ABCGF_DICDI   1475  
abcG16                     DDB_G0289331  Q54HM0      ABCGG_DICDI   1528  
abcG17-1                   DDB_G0273073  Q556W2      ABCGH_DICDI   1476  
abcG17-2                   DDB_G0273781  Q556W2      ABCGH_DICDI   1476  
abcG18     mdra2           DDB_G0275687  Q8ST66      ABCGI_DICDI   1476  
abcG19                     DDB_G0269208  Q8T675      ABCGJ_DICDI   1449  
abcG2      mdra1           DDB_G0275689  Q9NGP5      ABCG2_DICDI   1328  
abcG20                     DDB_G0267430  Q8T674      ABCGK_DICDI    730  
abcG21     abcG13          DDB_G0269206  Q8T673      ABCGL_DICDI   1449  
abcG22                     DDB_G0270826  Q55DA0      ABCGM_DICDI    615  
abcG23                     DDB_G0269026  Q55EH8      ABCGN_DICDI    701  
abcG24                     DDB_G0282103  Q54T02      ABCGO_DICDI   1159  
abcG3                      DDB_G0287461  Q8T690      ABCG3_DICDI   1393  
abcG4                      DDB_G0289657  Q8T689      ABCG4_DICDI    798  
abcG5                      DDB_G0281391  Q54TV2      ABCG5_DICDI   1509  
abcG6                      DDB_G0281389  Q54TV1      ABCG6_DICDI   1534  
abcG7                      DDB_G0289655  Q8T686      ABCG7_DICDI    815  
abcG8                      DDB_G0274117  Q86HQ2      ABCG8_DICDI    626  
abcG9                      DDB_G0293450  Q8T683      ABCG9_DICDI   1448  
abcH2                      DDB_G0267428  Q8T664      ABCH2_DICDI    513  
abcH4                      DDB_G0283479  Q54QY9      ABCH4_DICDI    882  
abhd                       DDB_G0289723  Q54H38      ABHD_DICDI     395  
abiA                       DDB_G0267956  Q55FT9      ABIA_DICDI     332  
abitram                    DDB_G0281837  Q54TD9      ABITM_DICDI    175  
abkA       adckA           DDB_G0288749  Q54IH6      ABKA_DICDI     565  
abkB       adckB1          DDB_G0281799  Q54TR5      ABKB_DICDI     668  
abkC       adckC           DDB_G0267774  Q55G83      ABKC_DICDI     689  
abkD       adckB2          DDB_G0284897  Q54P00      ABKD_DICDI     695  
abnA                       DDB_G0270884  Q55DU3      ACTOA_DICDI     92  
abnB                       DDB_G0269518  Q55DU1      ACTOB_DICDI     90  
abnC                       DDB_G0269520  Q55DU1      ACTOB_DICDI     90  
abpA       actnA           DDB_G0268632  P05095      ACTNA_DICDI    861  
abpB                       DDB_G0279081  P24005      ACTB_DICDI     295  
abpC                       DDB_G0269100  P13466      GELA_DICDI     857  
abpD       actnB           DDB_G0287291  O76329      ACTNB_DICDI   1738  
abpE-1     abp1-1          DDB_G0273447  Q557J6      DBNL_DICDI     481  
abpE-2     abp1-2          DDB_G0273517  Q557J6      DBNL_DICDI     481  
abpF       kenN            DDB_G0291229  Q54ET6      ABPF_DICDI    2364  
acaA       aca             DDB_G0281545  Q03100      CYAA_DICDI    1407  
acad8                      DDB_G0288647  Q54IM8      ACAD8_DICDI    416  
acadsb                     DDB_G0282967  Q54RR5      ACDSB_DICDI    413  
acbA                       DDB_G0270658  Q5FXM5      ACBP_DICDI      84  
acbd6                      DDB_G0290237  Q54GC8      ACBD6_DICDI    288  
accA                       DDB_G0288387  Q54J08      ACAC_DICDI    2282  
acgA       acg             DDB_G0274569  Q03101      CYAG_DICDI     858  
ach1                       DDB_G0287519  Q54K91      ACH1_DICDI     532  
acly                       DDB_G0278345  Q54YA0      ACLY_DICDI     622  
acmsd                      DDB_G0286525  Q54LN9      ACMSD_DICDI    359  
acn9                       DDB_G0275645  Q86H49      SDHF3_DICDI    135  
aco                        DDB_G0277497  Q76NT9      ACCO1_DICDI    368  
aco1       acnA            DDB_G0279159  Q54X73      ACOHC_DICDI    894  
aco2       acnB            DDB_G0278779  Q54XS2      ACON_DICDI     771  
acox1                      DDB_G0289993  Q54GQ6      ACOX1_DICDI    700  
acp1                       DDB_G0267484  Q55GW2      PPAC_DICDI     179  
acpA       abpE            DDB_G0267374  P13021      CAPZB_DICDI    272  
acpB       abpD            DDB_G0272104  P13022      CAPZA_DICDI    281  
acrA       acb             DDB_G0267376  Q55F68      CYAD_DICDI    2123  
acsA                       DDB_G0277815  Q54Z60      ACSA_DICDI     674  
act1       act1a           DDB_G0289553  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act10                      DDB_G0289811  Q54GX7      ACT10_DICDI    376  
act11                      DDB_G0274133  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act12                      DDB_G0274285  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act13                      DDB_G0274561  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act14      actB1           DDB_G0289005  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act15      actA1           DDB_G0289663  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act16      actM6           DDB_G0274135  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act17      act2-2          DDB_G0274131  Q554S6      ACT17_DICDI    374  
act18      act3-2          DDB_G0289489  P07828      ACT18_DICDI    380  
act19                      DDB_G0280545  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act2       act2-1          DDB_G0288879  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act20                      DDB_G0269234  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act21                      DDB_G0274601  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act22                      DDB_G0275023  Q553U6      ACT22_DICDI    376  
act23                      DDB_G0268744  Q55EU6      ACT23_DICDI    358  
act24                      DDB_G0289505  Q54HF1      ACT24_DICDI    377  
act25                      DDB_G0289507  Q54HF0      ACT25_DICDI    385  
act26                      DDB_G0269902  Q55CU2      ACT26_DICDI    375  
act27                      DDB_G0289533  Q54HE9      ACT27_DICDI    372  
act28                      DDB_G0289511  Q54HE7      ACT28_DICDI    353  
act29                      DDB_G0286893  Q54L54      ACT29_DICDI    387  
act3       act3-1          DDB_G0289487  P07829      ACT3_DICDI     376  
act4                       DDB_G0274129  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act5                       DDB_G0274599  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act6                       DDB_G0274137  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act7                       DDB_G0272520  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act8       actA8           DDB_G0272248  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
act9                       DDB_G0274727  P07830      ACT1_DICDI     376  
acy1                       DDB_G0270562  Q55DP8      ACY1_DICDI     408  
ada        add             DDB_G0287371  Q54KF3      ADA_DICDI      772  
ADA2                       DDB_G0275179  Q553U5      ADA2_DICDI     543  
adat1                      DDB_G0278943  Q54XP3      ADAT1_DICDI    545  
adcA                       DDB_G0292924  Q54CH1      ADCA_DICDI     580  
adcB                       DDB_G0274395  Q86KB1      ADCB_DICDI     617  
adcC                       DDB_G0271022  Q55CH0      ADCC_DICDI     654  
adcD                       DDB_G0286693  Q54LD5      ADCD_DICDI     785  
adcE                       DDB_G0267584  Q55GN8      ADCE_DICDI     564  
adcF                       DDB_G0289229  Q54HT7      ADCF_DICDI    1030  
adh5                       DDB_G0281865  Q54TC2      ADHX_DICDI     379  
adhfe1                     DDB_G0290111  Q54GJ7      HOT_DICDI      547  
adi1                       DDB_G0291376  Q54ER6      MTND_DICDI     147  
adk                        DDB_G0286057  Q54MB5      ADK_DICDI      340  
adkA                       DDB_G0283805  Q54QJ9      KAD2_DICDI     276  
adkB                       DDB_G0292730  Q54CT8      KADB_DICDI     232  
ado-1                      DDB_G0273031  Q556I2      AEDO_DICDI     218  
ado-2                      DDB_G0274043  Q556I2      AEDO_DICDI     218  
adprh                      DDB_G0289675  Q54H71      ADRPH_DICDI    392  
adrm1-1                    DDB_G0272624  Q556N5      ADRM1_DICDI    287  
adrm1-2                    DDB_G0274093  Q556N5      ADRM1_DICDI    287  
agtA       GT78            DDB_G0283005  Q54RP0      AGTA_DICDI     648  
agxt                       DDB_G0289923  Q54GT6      SPYA_DICDI     407  
ahsa       aha1            DDB_G0269712  Q55DB6      AHSA_DICDI     383  
ai2a                       DDB_G0294421  O21043      AI2A_DICDI     309  
ai2b                       DDB_G0294423  O21044      AI2B_DICDI     262  
aI3                        DDB_G0294425  O21045      AI3_DICDI      232  
ai4                        DDB_G0294080  Q9TGM4      AI4_DICDI      159  
aif                        DDB_G0288247  Q9GRX6      AIFM1_DICDI    532  
aifA                       DDB_G0285003  Q54NS9      AIFA_DICDI     408  
aifB                       DDB_G0285005  Q54NS8      AIFB_DICDI     387  
aip1       wdpA            DDB_G0278733  P54686      AIP1_DICDI     597  
ak1                        DDB_G0292150  Q54DK4      AK1_DICDI     1352  
alad       hemB            DDB_G0269444  Q55E06      HEM2_DICDI     333  
alaS                       DDB_G0277823  Q54Y20      SYAC_DICDI     946  
alfA                       DDB_G0274391  P10901      FUCO_DICDI     461  
alg1       mntA            DDB_G0286011  P90522      ALG1_DICDI     493  
alg11                      DDB_G0292118  Q54DM9      ALG11_DICDI    505  
alg2                       DDB_G0272730  Q7KWM5      ALG2_DICDI     420  
alg3                       DDB_G0268238  Q55F69      ALG3_DICDI     446  
alg5       dgtA            DDB_G0288321  Q54J42      ALG5_DICDI     327  
alg6                       DDB_G0283841  Q54QG6      ALG6_DICDI     518  
alg7                       DDB_G0290751  P0CD61      GPT_DICDI      408  
alg8                       DDB_G0275261  Q554E2      ALG8_DICDI     625  
alkB                       DDB_G0285575  Q54N08      ALKB_DICDI     393  
allB1                      DDB_G0282199  Q54SV3      ALN1_DICDI     649  
allB2                      DDB_G0270162  Q55C91      ALN2_DICDI     510  
allC                       DDB_G0280267  Q54VL5      ALLC_DICDI     369  
alrA                       DDB_G0293850  Q6IMN8      ALRA_DICDI     297  
alrB                       DDB_G0285053  Q54NZ7      ALRB_DICDI     311  
alrC                       DDB_G0268058  Q55FL3      ALRC_DICDI     321  
alxA       alx             DDB_G0275451  Q8T7K0      ALIX_DICDI     794  
alyA                       DDB_G0275123  Q8T1G4      LYSA_DICDI     181  
alyB                       DDB_G0275119  Q8T1G6      LYSB_DICDI     181  
alyC                       DDB_G0275121  Q8T1G5      LYSC_DICDI     181  
alyD-1                     DDB_G0273197  Q556Y7      LYSD_DICDI     260  
alyD-2                     DDB_G0273731  Q556Y7      LYSD_DICDI     260  
alyL                       DDB_G0286229  Q54M35      LYSL_DICDI     572  
amd1                       DDB_G0275567  Q8T1E3      DCAM_DICDI     379  
amdA                       DDB_G0292266  Q54DD0      AMPD_DICDI     790  
amdhd1                     DDB_G0269854  Q55CY3      HUTI_DICDI     426  
amiB       med13           DDB_G0282375  Q54S20      MED13_DICDI   2678  
ampA       D11             DDB_G0275695  P05817      D11_DICDI      284  
amtA                       DDB_G0277503  Q9BLG4      AMT1_DICDI     463  
amtB                       DDB_G0277889  Q9BLG3      AMT2_DICDI     431  
amtC                       DDB_G0267424  Q8MXY0      AMT3_DICDI     431  
anapc1     apc1            DDB_G0285349  Q54NC6      APC1_DICDI    2269  
anapc10    apc10           DDB_G0268992  Q55ER5      APC10_DICDI    188  
anapc11    apc11           DDB_G0286909  Q54L48      APC11_DICDI     87  
anapc2     apc2            DDB_G0276377  Q551S9      APC2_DICDI     907  
anapc3     apc3; cdc27     DDB_G0288223  Q54J83      APC3_DICDI     970  
anapc4     apc4            DDB_G0285223  Q54NI1      APC4_DICDI     837  
anapc5     apc5            DDB_G0280113  Q54VV5      APC5_DICDI    1017  
anapc6     apc6; cdc16     DDB_G0286233  Q1ZXE6      CDC16_DICDI    865  
anapc7     apc7            DDB_G0292470  Q54D58      APC7_DICDI     580  
anapc8     apc8; cdc23     DDB_G0272775  Q86B11      CDC23_DICDI    592  
ancA                       DDB_G0267454  O97470      ADT_DICDI      309  
ankrd39                    DDB_G0287345  Q54KH3      ANR39_DICDI    174  
ap1b1                      DDB_G0279141  Q54X82      AP1B_DICDI     942  
ap1g1      aptC            DDB_G0281957  Q8I8U2      AP1G_DICDI     895  
ap1s1                      DDB_G0279359  Q54WW3      AP1S1_DICDI    156  
ap1s2                      DDB_G0295711  B0G185      AP1S2_DICDI    154  
ap2a1-1                    DDB_G0273439  Q86KI1      AP2A2_DICDI    989  
ap2a1-2                    DDB_G0273501  Q86KI1      AP2A2_DICDI    989  
ap2s1                      DDB_G0289721  Q54H39      AP2S_DICDI     142  
ap3b-1                     DDB_G0272578  Q556J8      AP3B_DICDI    1108  
ap3b-2                     DDB_G0274003  Q556J8      AP3B_DICDI    1108  
ap3d1                      DDB_G0279537  Q54WN0      AP3D_DICDI    1143  
ap3s1                      DDB_G0275405  Q553S2      AP3S_DICDI     171  
ap4b1                      DDB_G0283319  Q54R84      AP4B_DICDI     838  
ap4e1                      DDB_G0280427  Q54VE0      AP4E_DICDI    1080  
ap4s1                      DDB_G0284905  Q54NZ4      AP4S_DICDI     139  
apeA                       DDB_G0277701  P51173      APEA_DICDI     361  
aph1                       DDB_G0267976  Q55FS3      APH1_DICDI     328  
api5                       DDB_G0292876  Q54CL0      API5_DICDI     606  
apm1                       DDB_G0289247  Q54HS9      AP1M_DICDI     428  
apm2       apm1; apmA      DDB_G0277139  P54672      AP2M_DICDI     439  
apm3                       DDB_G0277901  Q9GPF1      AP3M_DICDI     421  
apm4                       DDB_G0276945  Q9GPF0      AP4M_DICDI     530  
apnA                       DDB_G0279923  Q966U0      END4_DICDI     542  
aprA                       DDB_G0281663  Q5XM24      APRA_DICDI     494  
aprt                       DDB_G0270174  Q55C82      APT_DICDI      199  
aqpA                       DDB_G0267378  Q9U8P7      AQPA_DICDI     279  
aqpB                       DDB_G0279443  Q54WT8      AQPB_DICDI     294  
arcA       Arc40; arpD     DDB_G0277825  O96622      ARPC1_DICDI    369  
arcB       Arc35; arpE     DDB_G0282813  O96623      ARPC2_DICDI    293  
arcC       Arc18; arpF     DDB_G0292804  O96624      ARPC3_DICDI    174  
arcD       Arc19; arpG     DDB_G0269102  O96625      ARPC4_DICDI    169  
arcE       Arc15; arpH     DDB_G0288319  O96626      ARPC5_DICDI    138  
arfA       arf1            DDB_G0289173  O00909      ARF1_DICDI     182  
argC                       DDB_G0286257  Q54M18      ARG56_DICDI    847  
argD       arg8            DDB_G0269526  Q55DT8      ARGD_DICDI     453  
argE       aodD            DDB_G0267380  P54638      ARGE_DICDI     447  
argJ       arg7            DDB_G0291916  Q54DY1      ARGJ_DICDI     442  
argS1      argS            DDB_G0272867  Q558Z0      SYRC_DICDI     589  
arkA       arck-1          DDB_G0289555  Q54HC6      ARKA_DICDI    1460  
arl2       arlB            DDB_G0281307  Q54UF1      ARL2_DICDI     184  
arl5       arlC            DDB_G0271942  Q55AD9      ARL5_DICDI     183  
arl8       arlE            DDB_G0283525  Q54R04      ARL8_DICDI     185  
arpA       Arp1            DDB_G0288937  Q54I79      ACTY_DICDI     383  
arpB       arp2            DDB_G0272106  O96621      ARP2_DICDI     392  
arpC       aclA; act       DDB_G0283755  P42528      ARP3_DICDI     418  
arpE       actr5           DDB_G0291728  Q54E71      ARP5_DICDI     684  
arpF       actr6           DDB_G0287007  Q54KZ7      ARP6_DICDI     490  
arpG       actr8           DDB_G0287779  Q54JV5      ARP8_DICDI     873  
arpH       actr10; actr11  DDB_G0287739  Q54JY2      ARP10_DICDI    475  
arpin                      DDB_G0291009  Q54F87      ARPIN_DICDI    224  
arrD                       DDB_G0289069  Q54I24      ARFD_DICDI     216  
arrF                       DDB_G0289435  Q54HK2      ARFF_DICDI     190  
arrH                       DDB_G0288015  Q54JJ3      ARFH_DICDI     189  
arrJ                       DDB_G0280621  Q54V47      ARFJ_DICDI     188  
arrK                       DDB_G0280633  Q54V41      ARFK_DICDI     188  
arrL                       DDB_G0278057  Q54YV7      ARFL_DICDI     195  
arsA                       DDB_G0293528  Q8T662      ASNA_DICDI     329  
arsB                       DDB_G0289879  Q54GU0      ARSB_DICDI     563  
arv1                       DDB_G0290221  Q54GD9      ARV1_DICDI     246  
ascc2                      DDB_G0280455  Q54VC4      ASCC2_DICDI    941  
ascc3                      DDB_G0290389  Q54G57      ASCC3_DICDI   2195  
ascc3l                     DDB_G0270042  Q55CI8      HELCL_DICDI   2237  
asf1                       DDB_G0285513  Q54N45      ASF1_DICDI     154  
aslB                       DDB_G0274939  Q554Z5      ACSB_DICDI     688  
asns       asnA            DDB_G0286059  Q54MB4      ASNS_DICDI     557  
asnS1                      DDB_G0275263  Q554D9      SYNC_DICDI     653  
asnS2                      DDB_G0268100  Q55FI3      SYNM_DICDI     460  
aspS1                      DDB_G0272236  Q75JQ1      SYDC1_DICDI    576  
aspS2                      DDB_G0272304  Q559M9      SYDC2_DICDI    569  
ate1                       DDB_G0269024  Q55EI0      ATE1_DICDI     629  
atg1       apg1            DDB_G0292390  Q86CS2      ATG1_DICDI     668  
atg10      apg10           DDB_G0268840  Q55EL2      ATG10_DICDI    230  
atg12      apg12           DDB_G0282929  Q86CR6      ATG12_DICDI    124  
atg17                      DDB_G0295673  B0G140      ATG17_DICDI    488  
atg18      wipi2           DDB_G0285375  Q54NA2      ATG18_DICDI    372  
atg3       apg3            DDB_G0277319  Q550A8      ATG3_DICDI     338  
atg4-1     apg4-1          DDB_G0273443  Q557H7      ATG4_DICDI     745  
atg4-2     apg4-2          DDB_G0273553  Q557H7      ATG4_DICDI     745  
atg5       apg5            DDB_G0289881  Q54GT9      ATG5_DICDI     398  
atg6A      apg6; apg6A     DDB_G0269244  Q55CC5      BECNA_DICDI   1368  
atg6B      apg6B           DDB_G0288021  Q54JI9      BECNB_DICDI    855  
atg7       apg7            DDB_G0271096  Q86CR9      ATG7_DICDI     707  
atg8       apg8            DDB_G0286191  Q86CR8      ATG8_DICDI     122  
atg9       apg9            DDB_G0285323  Q54NA3      ATG9_DICDI     699  
atox1                      DDB_G0284221  Q54PZ2      ATOX1_DICDI     67  
atp1                       DDB_G0294012  Q9XPJ9      ATPA_DICDI     519  
atp5f1b    atp5b           DDB_G0269916  Q55CS9      ATPB_DICDI     651  
atp5f1c    atp5C1          DDB_G0292306  Q54DF1      ATPG_DICDI     306  
atp5f1d    atp16; atp5D    DDB_G0269038  Q55F42      ATPD_DICDI     170  
atp5f1e    atp15; atp5e    DDB_G0276241  Q75JK6      ATP5E_DICDI     74  
atp5po     atp5O           DDB_G0283283  Q54RA8      ATPO_DICDI     296  
atp6                       DDB_G0294014  Q27559      ATP6_DICDI     244  
atp6v1d                    DDB_G0274331  Q86A77      VATD_DICDI     257  
atp6v1g    vatg            DDB_G0277971  Q54Z13      VATG_DICDI     107  
atp9                       DDB_G0294016  Q37315      ATP9_DICDI      88  
atr1                       DDB_G0291380  Q54ER4      ATR1_DICDI    3157  
atxn10                     DDB_G0268880  Q55EI6      ATX10_DICDI    609  
atxn2                      DDB_G0269682  Q55DE7      ATX2_DICDI    1103  
auh                        DDB_G0289471  Q54HG7      AUHM_DICDI     303  
aurK       AurB; Aurora    DDB_G0279343  Q54WX4      AURK_DICDI     384  
bcaA                       DDB_G0285509  Q54N47      BCAT_DICDI     378  
bcs1la                     DDB_G0289135  Q54HY8      BCS1A_DICDI    421  
bcsl1b                     DDB_G0291910  Q54DY9      BCS1B_DICDI    458  
bip1-1                     DDB_G0273093  Q556U6      BIP1_DICDI     926  
bip1-2                     DDB_G0273813  Q556U6      BIP1_DICDI     926  
bip2                       DDB_G0276445  Q8T869      BIP2_DICDI     658  
bkdA                       DDB_G0286335  Q54M22      ODBA_DICDI     441  
bkdB                       DDB_G0268020  Q55FN7      ODBB_DICDI     370  
bloc1s1                    DDB_G0280077  Q54VX7      BL1S1_DICDI    135  
bloc1s2                    DDB_G0278387  Q54Y67      BL1S2_DICDI    234  
bloc1s5    muted           DDB_G0281859  Q54TC6      BL1S5_DICDI    158  
bpnt1                      DDB_G0275663  Q869K3      BPNT1_DICDI    311  
bre1                       DDB_G0274241  Q86KL1      BRE1_DICDI    1080  
brk1       hspc300         DDB_G0279175  Q54X65      BRK1_DICDI      68  
btg                        DDB_G0285069  Q54NU5      BTG_DICDI      423  
bub1                       DDB_G0292676  Q54CV5      BUB1_DICDI    1306  
bub2                       DDB_G0268794  Q55EP9      BUB2_DICDI     366  
bub3                       DDB_G0292134  Q54DM1      BUB3_DICDI     331  
bud32                      DDB_G0279977  Q54W07      BUD32_DICDI    252  
bxdc1                      DDB_G0292216  Q54DJ0      RPF2_DICDI     307  
bxdc2                      DDB_G0287937  Q54JN0      BRX1_DICDI     326  
bysl                       DDB_G0288565  Q54IS0      BYST_DICDI     475  
bzpC                       DDB_G0279439  Q54WU0      BZPC_DICDI     804  
bzpD                       DDB_G0278379  Q54Y73      BZPD_DICDI     834  
bzpE                       DDB_G0269338  Q55E93      BZPE_DICDI     418  
bzpF                       DDB_G0279529  Q54WN7      BZPF_DICDI     631  
bzpG                       DDB_G0282749  Q54RZ9      BZPG_DICDI     372  
bzpH                       DDB_G0277681  Q86AF3      BZPH_DICDI     509  
bzpI                       DDB_G0290173  Q54GG8      BZPI_DICDI     741  
bzpJ                       DDB_G0274993  Q554P0      BZPJ_DICDI     787  
bzpK                       DDB_G0282049  Q54T16      BZPK_DICDI     650  
bzpL                       DDB_G0284023  Q54Q90      BZPL_DICDI     530  
bzpM                       DDB_G0282047  Q54T17      BZPM_DICDI     588  
bzpN                       DDB_G0286411  Q54LU5      BZPN_DICDI     999  
bzpO                       DDB_G0290169  Q54GH0      BZPO_DICDI     716  
bzpP                       DDB_G0290303  Q54G94      BZPP_DICDI     831  
bzpQ                       DDB_G0288705  Q54IJ9      BZPQ_DICDI     976  
bzpR                       DDB_G0290165  Q54GH2      BZPR_DICDI     897  
bzpS                       DDB_G0290171  Q54GG9      BZPS_DICDI     843  
cad2                       DDB_G0275439  O97113      CAD2_DICDI     201  
cad3                       DDB_G0285817  Q54MP0      CAD3_DICDI     213  
cadA       cad1            DDB_G0285793  P54657      CAD1_DICDI     213  
caf17                      DDB_G0285011  Q54NS1      CAF17_DICDI    408  
cafA       caf-1           DDB_G0277827  P54670      CAF1_DICDI     169  
cak1-1                     DDB_G0273059  Q556Y4      KC1_DICDI      426  
cak1-2                     DDB_G0273737  Q556Y4      KC1_DICDI      426  
calA       camA            DDB_G0279407  P02599      CALM_DICDI     152  
calB                       DDB_G0269104  O00897      CALML_DICDI    149  
canA                       DDB_G0276883  Q7YSW8      PP2BA_DICDI    623  
cand1                      DDB_G0274167  Q86KD1      CAND1_DICDI   1238  
cap                        DDB_G0288769  P54654      CAP_DICDI      464  
capA-1     cabP1           DDB_G0272560  P19198      CAP1_DICDI     333  
capA-2     cabP1           DDB_G0274023  P19198      CAP1_DICDI     333  
capB                       DDB_G0277501  P34122      CAP2_DICDI     287  
captA                      DDB_G0271794  Q55AQ3      CAPTA_DICDI    381  
captB                      DDB_G0278947  Q54XM0      CAPTB_DICDI    409  
captC      DG1056; lipB    DDB_G0276763  Q550W1      CAPTC_DICDI    399  
captD                      DDB_G0275235  Q8T2Q6      CAPTD_DICDI    379  
carA-1     car1            DDB_G0273397  P13773      CAR1_DICDI     392  
carA-2     car1            DDB_G0273533  P13773      CAR1_DICDI     392  
carB       car2            DDB_G0288179  P34907      CAR2_DICDI     375  
carC       car3            DDB_G0277829  P35352      CAR3_DICDI     490  
carD       car4            DDB_G0277831  Q9TX43      CAR4_DICDI     443  
carmil                     DDB_G0292386  Q95VZ3      CARML_DICDI   1050  
cas1                       DDB_G0269226  Q55D85      CAS1_DICDI     703  
casK                       DDB_G0276885  Q02720      CSK2A_DICDI    337  
catA       cat             DDB_G0274595  O77229      CATA_DICDI     496  
catB                       DDB_G0269108  Q55DH8      CATB_DICDI     692  
cbfA       cbf; cmbF       DDB_G0279409  O97101      CBFA_DICDI    1000  
cblA-1                     DDB_G0273141  Q557E7      CBLA_DICDI     665  
cblA-2                     DDB_G0273609  Q557E7      CBLA_DICDI     665  
cbp12                      DDB_G0283645  Q54QU0      CBPFL_DICDI    171  
cbp2       cbpC            DDB_G0267456  P54653      CBP2_DICDI     168  
cbpA       cbp1; cbpB      DDB_G0276759  P42529      CBPA_DICDI     156  
cbpB                       DDB_G0283533  Q54QX0      CBPB_DICDI     140  
cbpC       cbp3            DDB_G0283613  Q54QT7      CBPC_DICDI     166  
cbpD1                      DDB_G0283153  Q54RF4      CBP4A_DICDI    162  
cbpD2                      DDB_G0283083  Q9GYD9      CBP4B_DICDI    162  
cbpE       cbp5            DDB_G0274099  Q869S9      CBPE_DICDI     180  
cbpF       cbp6            DDB_G0283611  Q54QT9      CBPF_DICDI     174  
cbpG       cpb7            DDB_G0283609  Q54QT8      CBPG_DICDI     169  
cbpH       cbp8            DDB_G0288623  Q966Q9      CBPH_DICDI     165  
cbpI       cbp9            DDB_G0272827  Q966R0      CBPI_DICDI     163  
cbpJ                       DDB_G0270210  Q55C62      CBPJ_DICDI     194  
cbpK                       DDB_G0274359  Q86IV7      CBPK_DICDI     192  
cbpL                       DDB_G0288785  Q6DN52      CBPL_DICDI     191  
cbpM                       DDB_G0286371  Q54LX0      CBPM_DICDI     183  
cbpP       cbpA            DDB_G0277909  P35085      CBPP_DICDI     467  
ccbl       kat             DDB_G0287269  Q54KM6      KAT_DICDI      435  
ccdc25                     DDB_G0269786  Q55D55      CCD25_DICDI    206  
cchl                       DDB_G0275895  Q552W5      CCHL_DICDI     211  
ccs        ccsA            DDB_G0291031  Q54F73      CCS_DICDI      316  
cct2                       DDB_G0291358  Q54ES9      TCPB_DICDI     532  
cct3                       DDB_G0281741  Q54TH8      TCPG_DICDI     530  
cct4                       DDB_G0292872  Q54CL2      TCPD_DICDI     533  
cct5                       DDB_G0281849  Q54TD3      TCPE_DICDI     538  
cct6                       DDB_G0277493  Q76NU3      TCPZ_DICDI     539  
cct7                       DDB_G0291225  Q54ER7      TCPH_DICDI     555  
cct8                       DDB_G0276233  Q552J0      TCPQ_DICDI     537  
cda                        DDB_G0288933  Q54I82      CDD_DICDI      147  
cdc123                     DDB_G0276129  Q75JF9      CD123_DICDI    384  
cdc20                      DDB_G0285601  Q54MZ3      CDC20_DICDI    499  
cdc25                      DDB_G0283617  Q54QM6      MPIP_DICDI    1053  
cdc26                      DDB_G0293230  Q54C30      CDC26_DICDI     69  
cdc45                      DDB_G0267748  Q55GA4      CDC45_DICDI    644  
cdc5l                      DDB_G0279311  Q54WZ0      CDC5L_DICDI    800  
cdc7                       DDB_G0292152  Q54DK3      CDC7_DICDI    1061  
cdh1                       DDB_G0287259  Q54KM3      CDH1_DICDI     754  
cdk1       cdcB            DDB_G0272813  P34112      CDK1_DICDI     296  
cdk10                      DDB_G0268480  Q55GS4      CDK10_DICDI    366  
cdk11                      DDB_G0283279  Q54RB2      CDK11_DICDI    358  
cdk5       crp; crpA       DDB_G0288677  P34117      CDK5_DICDI     292  
cdk5rap1                   DDB_G0287079  Q54KV4      CK5P1_DICDI    607  
cdk7       cdcC; cdcD      DDB_G0285417  P54685      CDK7_DICDI     360  
cdk8                       DDB_G0267442  Q95YH0      CDK8_DICDI     380  
cdsA                       DDB_G0269742  Q55D90      CDSA_DICDI     479  
celA                       DDB_G0271134  P22699      GUN6_DICDI     705  
celB       gerE            DDB_G0269112  P22698      SPG7_DICDI     532  
cenA                       DDB_G0288427  Q54IY3      CETNA_DICDI    151  
cenB                       DDB_G0279151  Q54X77      CETNB_DICDI    150  
cf45-1     ctnC            DDB_G0269248  Q86HE5      CF451_DICDI    297  
cf50-1                     DDB_G0273175  Q556R7      CF50_DICDI     303  
cf50-2                     DDB_G0273875  Q556R7      CF50_DICDI     303  
cf60                       DDB_G0284363  Q54PR9      CF60_DICDI     416  
cfaA                       DDB_G0277809  Q54Z64      CFAA_DICDI     233  
cfaB                       DDB_G0277811  Q1ZXJ7      CFAB_DICDI     172  
cfaC                       DDB_G0276475  Q86HB8      CFAC_DICDI     219  
cfaD                       DDB_G0281605  Q54TR1      CFAD_DICDI     531  
chcA                       DDB_G0277221  P25870      CLH_DICDI     1694  
chid1                      DDB_G0290417  Q54G42      CHID1_DICDI    385  
ChlA       DDB0189108      DDB_G0290825  Q54FI4      CHLA_DICDI     603  
ChLim                      DDB_G0267490  Q55GV9      LIMCH_DICDI    686  
chmp1      DG1118; vps46   DDB_G0267394  O96552      CHMP1_DICDI    192  
chmp2a1    vps2A           DDB_G0290087  Q54GK9      CM2A1_DICDI    206  
chmp2a2    vps2B           DDB_G0292400  Q54DB1      CM2A2_DICDI    198  
chmp3      vps24           DDB_G0284769  Q54P63      CHMP3_DICDI    207  
chmp4      snf7; vps32     DDB_G0275573  Q86H98      CHMP4_DICDI    215  
chmp5      vps60           DDB_G0287993  Q54JK4      CHMP5_DICDI    215  
chmp6      vps20           DDB_G0287021  Q54KZ4      CHMP6_DICDI    218  
chmp7                      DDB_G0277133  Q86K93      CHMP7_DICDI    477  
ciao1                      DDB_G0269728  Q55DA2      CIAO1_DICDI    333  
ciao2B     fam96B          DDB_G0283801  Q54QK1      CIA2B_DICDI    163  
cigA                       DDB_G0288245  P14606      CIGA_DICDI     814  
cigB                       DDB_G0290067  Q94481      CIGB_DICDI     744  
cinB       H5              DDB_G0291121  P14326      VSH5_DICDI     337  
cinD-1     H7              DDB_G0273061  P14327      VSH7_DICDI     104  
cinD-2     H7              DDB_G0273775  P14327      VSH7_DICDI     104  
cks1                       DDB_G0271642  B0G102      CKS1_DICDI      82  
clc        clcA            DDB_G0277403  Q8MN58      CLC_DICDI      194  
clcA                       DDB_G0294096  Q54AX6      CLCA_DICDI     863  
clcB                       DDB_G0276865  Q86AZ6      CLCB_DICDI     815  
clcC                       DDB_G0276229  Q75JF3      CLCC_DICDI     757  
clcD                       DDB_G0278639  Q1ZXJ0      CLCD_DICDI    1000  
clcE                       DDB_G0286491  Q54LQ4      CLCE_DICDI     994  
clcF                       DDB_G0293130  Q54C67      CLCF_DICDI     809  
clkA                       DDB_G0281179  Q54UA9      CLKA_DICDI     932  
cln3                       DDB_G0291157  Q54F25      CLN3_DICDI     421  
cln5                       DDB_G0275299  Q553W9      CLN5_DICDI     322  
cln5la                     DDB_G0271546  Q86JG6      CLN5A_DICDI    378  
cln5lb                     DDB_G0279757  Q54WC3      CLN5B_DICDI    325  
cln5lc                     DDB_G0293236  Q54C37      CLN5C_DICDI    439  
clp1                       DDB_G0285507  Q54N48      CLP1_DICDI     459  
clua                       DDB_G0292806  O15818      CLU_DICDI     1320  
cmbB                       DDB_G0288131  Q54JC0      CMBB_DICDI     413  
cmbl                       DDB_G0285591  Q54MZ9      CMBL_DICDI     255  
cmfA                       DDB_G0275007  P34090      CMF_DICDI      699  
cmfB       cmfr1           DDB_G0289157  Q9U641      CMFB_DICDI     510  
cnbA                       DDB_G0267446  Q55G87      CANB1_DICDI    180  
cnbB                       DDB_G0285999  Q54MF3      CANB2_DICDI    183  
cnot11                     DDB_G0279005  Q1ZXI2      CNO11_DICDI    642  
cnrB                       DDB_G0283115  Q54RJ1      CNRB_DICDI     619  
cnrN                       DDB_G0287969  Q54JL7      CNRN_DICDI     639  
coaA       p17             DDB_G0293898  P34121      COAA_DICDI     146  
cofA       cof1; dcof1     DDB_G0277833  P0DJ26      COFA_DICDI     137  
cofB       cof2; dcof2     DDB_G0291970  P0DJ27      COFB_DICDI     137  
cofC-1     dcof3           DDB_G0272568  Q966T6      COF2_DICDI     143  
cofC-2     dcof3           DDB_G0274059  Q966T6      COF2_DICDI     143  
cofD-1                     DDB_G0272646  Q556H5      COF3_DICDI     138  
cofD-2                     DDB_G0274057  Q556H5      COF3_DICDI     138  
cofE                       DDB_G0283367  Q54R65      COF4_DICDI     135  
cofF                       DDB_G0274589  Q86IX3      COF5_DICDI     122  
cog1                       DDB_G0277691  Q54ZB3      COG1_DICDI    1449  
cog2                       DDB_G0281163  Q54UC2      COG2_DICDI     904  
cog3                       DDB_G0281511  Q54TT4      COG3_DICDI     925  
cog4                       DDB_G0267960  Q55FT5      COG4_DICDI     911  
cog5                       DDB_G0289535  Q54HE0      COG5_DICDI     898  
cog6                       DDB_G0292784  Q54CT0      COG6_DICDI     673  
cog7                       DDB_G0286705  Q54LC8      COG7_DICDI     996  
cog8                       DDB_G0271388  Q55BB8      COG8_DICDI     779  
colA                       DDB_G0292696  Q54CU4      COLA_DICDI   11103  
colB                       DDB_G0274221  Q8T2A1      COLB_DICDI    3763  
colC                       DDB_G0281507  Q54TT6      COLC_DICDI     981  
colD                       DDB_G0284983  Q54NU3      COLD_DICDI     925  
comA       capA; capC      DDB_G0289599  Q03380      COMI_DICDI     185  
comC                       DDB_G0271692  Q55AP8      COMC_DICDI    1501  
comF-1                     DDB_G0273257  Q557B8      COMF_DICDI    1106  
comF-2                     DDB_G0273669  Q557B8      COMF_DICDI    1106  
comG                       DDB_G0292270  Q54DG1      ALDH3_DICDI    470  
comH       gtaB            DDB_G0280547  Q54V32      GTAB_DICDI     131  
commd1                     DDB_G0292074  Q54DR0      COMD1_DICDI    187  
commd10                    DDB_G0275249  Q554G3      COMDA_DICDI    211  
commd2                     DDB_G0284879  Q54P14      COMD2_DICDI    200  
commd3                     DDB_G0283795  Q54QK4      COMD3_DICDI    195  
commd4                     DDB_G0277089  Q550I8      COMD4_DICDI    177  
commd5                     DDB_G0274791  Q86IW8      COMD5_DICDI    205  
commd6                     DDB_G0286077  Q54MA5      COMD6_DICDI     76  
commd7                     DDB_G0275055  Q86I14      COMD7_DICDI    209  
commd8                     DDB_G0292688  Q54CU8      COMD8_DICDI    205  
copa                       DDB_G0267982  Q55FR9      COPA_DICDI    1221  
copb       rcdC; veg125    DDB_G0284735  Q23924      COPB_DICDI     912  
copb2                      DDB_G0278285  Q54YD8      COPB2_DICDI   1005  
copd                       DDB_G0268702  Q55EZ6      COPD_DICDI     540  
cope                       DDB_G0267950  Q55FU2      COPE_DICDI     300  
copG                       DDB_G0289371  Q54HL0      COPG_DICDI     898  
copZa      copz1           DDB_G0289523  Q54HD4      COPZA_DICDI    175  
copZb                      DDB_G0293086  Q54CA7      COPZB_DICDI    178  
coq1                       DDB_G0280293  Q54VJ9      DPS1_DICDI     456  
coq10-1                    DDB_G0273089  Q556V1      COQ10_DICDI    205  
coq10-2                    DDB_G0273803  Q556V1      COQ10_DICDI    205  
coq2                       DDB_G0281241  Q54U71      COQ2_DICDI     463  
coq3                       DDB_G0279037  Q54XD0      COQ3_DICDI     321  
coq4                       DDB_G0292620  Q54CZ2      COQ4_DICDI     286  
coq5                       DDB_G0280237  Q54VN2      COQ5_DICDI     314  
coq6                       DDB_G0291440  Q54EN1      COQ6_DICDI     495  
coq7                       DDB_G0280475  Q54VB3      COQ7_DICDI     217  
coq9                       DDB_G0274457  Q86HS0      COQ9_DICDI     307  
corA                       DDB_G0267382  P27133      COROA_DICDI    445  
corB       cor7            DDB_G0269388  Q55E54      COROB_DICDI    962  
cosA                       DDB_G0272861  Q558Y7      COSA_DICDI      82  
cotA                       DDB_G0276941  P14328      SP96_DICDI     600  
cotB                       DDB_G0276761  P15269      SP70_DICDI     537  
cotC       SP60            DDB_G0277141  P15270      SP60_DICDI     424  
cotD       Dp87            DDB_G0283149  Q04503      DP87_DICDI     555  
cotE       SP65            DDB_G0277903  Q9NAX4      SP65_DICDI     464  
cox1/2     cox1; coxI      DDB_G0294088  O21042      COX1_DICDI     764  
cox10                      DDB_G0288169  Q54JB3      COX10_DICDI    449  
cox11                      DDB_G0289353  Q54HM6      COX11_DICDI    312  
cox17                      DDB_G0288831  Q54ID0      COX17_DICDI     60  
cox19                      DDB_G0288903  Q54IA0      COX19_DICDI    106  
cox3                       DDB_G0294092  O21049      COX3_DICDI     435  
cpiA                       DDB_G0291834  Q65YR8      CYTA1_DICDI     94  
cpiB                       DDB_G0280439  Q65YR7      CYTA2_DICDI     95  
cpiC                       DDB_G0277001  Q5R1U3      CYTA3_DICDI     94  
cplA       cpl             DDB_G0269200  Q8MUF9      CPLA_DICDI     649  
cpnA                       DDB_G0293008  Q7YXU4      CPNA_DICDI     600  
cpnB-1                     DDB_G0272875  Q86K21      CPNB_DICDI     530  
cpnB-2                     DDB_G0274051  Q86K21      CPNB_DICDI     530  
cpnC                       DDB_G0284791  Q54P51      CPNC_DICDI     539  
cpnD                       DDB_G0267688  Q55GG1      CPND_DICDI     530  
cpnE                       DDB_G0290529  Q54FY7      CPNE_DICDI     579  
cpnF                       DDB_G0291498  Q1ZXB3      CPNF_DICDI     550  
cpox       hemF            DDB_G0288893  Q54IA7      HEM6_DICDI     332  
cprA       CP1             DDB_G0290957  P04988      CYSP1_DICDI    343  
cpras1                     DDB_G0277381  Q75J93      CPAS1_DICDI    842  
cpras2                     DDB_G0293376  Q54BW4      CPAS2_DICDI   3933  
cprB       CP2             DDB_G0279799  P04989      CYSP2_DICDI    376  
cprC       CP3             DDB_G0283867  Q23894      CYSP3_DICDI    337  
cprD       CP4             DDB_G0278721  P54639      CYSP4_DICDI    442  
cprE       CP5             DDB_G0272815  P54640      CYSP5_DICDI    344  
cprF       CP6             DDB_G0279185  Q94503      CYSP6_DICDI    434  
cprG       CP7             DDB_G0279187  Q94504      CYSP7_DICDI    460  
cpsf2                      DDB_G0270392  Q55BS1      CPSF2_DICDI    784  
cpsf3                      DDB_G0274799  Q86A79      CPSF3_DICDI    774  
cpvl                       DDB_G0274511  Q869Q8      CPVL_DICDI     500  
crlA                       DDB_G0280983  Q54U75      CRLA_DICDI     369  
crlB                       DDB_G0289395  Q6UUW5      CRLB_DICDI     442  
crlC                       DDB_G0283619  Q6UUW6      CRLC_DICDI     361  
crlD                       DDB_G0283579  Q54QV5      CRLD_DICDI     470  
crlE                       DDB_G0286301  Q54LY7      CRLE_DICDI     330  
crlF                       DDB_G0290185  Q54GG1      CRLF_DICDI     318  
crlG                       DDB_G0279599  Q54WN6      CRLG_DICDI     515  
crnkl1     crn             DDB_G0278819  Q54XP4      CRNL1_DICDI    705  
crop                       DDB_G0278799  Q54XQ8      LUC7L_DICDI    360  
crtA                       DDB_G0283539  Q23858      CALR_DICDI     424  
CRTF                       DDB_G0278077  Q54YU6      CRTF_DICDI     876  
crtp1      ssa662          DDB_G0276943  Q9GSB0      CRTP1_DICDI    473  
crtp2                      DDB_G0277321  Q550A6      CRTP2_DICDI    484  
crtp3                      DDB_G0270204  Q55C66      CRTP3_DICDI    478  
cryS                       DDB_G0285419  P21837      CRYS_DICDI     550  
cs                         DDB_G0275311  Q553V1      CISYM_DICDI    460  
csaA                       DDB_G0289073  P08796      CSA_DICDI      514  
csbA                       DDB_G0272833  P16642      CSBA_DICDI     102  
csbB                       DDB_G0272562  P16643      CSBB_DICDI     103  
csbC                       DDB_G0272756  Q558X5      CSBC_DICDI     101  
cshA                       DDB_G0267426  Q8MQU6      CISYP_DICDI    492  
csn1                       DDB_G0283587  Q54QX3      CSN1_DICDI     458  
csn2                       DDB_G0289361  Q54HL6      CSN2_DICDI     449  
csn3                       DDB_G0291848  Q54E53      CSN3_DICDI     418  
csn4                       DDB_G0293844  Q54B82      CSN4_DICDI     393  
csn5                       DDB_G0284597  Q54PF3      CSN5_DICDI     332  
csn6                       DDB_G0293180  Q54C92      CSN6_DICDI     309  
csn7                       DDB_G0271282  Q55BD5      CSN7_DICDI     259  
csn8                       DDB_G0275471  Q75K24      CSN8_DICDI     196  
csnk2b                     DDB_G0284601  Q54PF1      CK2B_DICDI     268  
ctbs1                      DDB_G0276795  Q7KWW8      DIAC1_DICDI    373  
ctbs2                      DDB_G0274233  Q8T293      DIAC2_DICDI    385  
ctdspl2                    DDB_G0290365  Q54GB2      CTSL2_DICDI    567  
ctnA                       DDB_G0274597  Q86IV5      CTNA_DICDI     258  
ctnB                       DDB_G0279797  Q8WSR7      CTNB_DICDI     254  
ctnC                       DDB_G0276479  Q86HV8      CTNC_DICDI     222  
ctnnA      vcl; vinA       DDB_G0285939  Q54MH2      VINC_DICDI     842  
ctns                       DDB_G0279445  Q54WT7      CTNS_DICDI     284  
ctps                       DDB_G0280567  Q54V77      PYRG_DICDI     569  
ctsB                       DDB_G0283921  Q54QD9      CTSB_DICDI     311  
ctsD       CatD            DDB_G0279411  O76856      CATD_DICDI     383  
ctu1       atpbd3; rcdM    DDB_G0282921  Q94480      CTU1_DICDI     360  
ctu2                       DDB_G0268714  Q55EX7      CTU2_DICDI     523  
ctxA                       DDB_G0289483  Q54HG2      CTXA_DICDI     444  
ctxB                       DDB_G0276893  Q550R2      CTXB_DICDI     441  
cudA                       DDB_G0284465  O00841      CUDA_DICDI     802  
culA       cul1            DDB_G0291972  O60999      CUL1_DICDI     770  
culB       cul2            DDB_G0267384  Q9XZJ3      CUL2_DICDI     771  
culC       cul3            DDB_G0284903  Q54NZ5      CUL3_DICDI     769  
culD       cul4            DDB_G0292794  Q54CS2      CUL4_DICDI     802  
culE       cul5            DDB_G0278991  Q54XF7      CUL5_DICDI     750  
cupA                       DDB_G0267466  Q55FW5      CUPA_DICDI     423  
cupB                       DDB_G0289815  Q7Z203      CUPB_DICDI     769  
cupC                       DDB_G0289283  Q7Z202      CUPC_DICDI     769  
cupD                       DDB_G0293536  Q54BF5      CUPD_DICDI     634  
cupE                                     Q7Z200      CUPE_DICDI     758  
cupF                       DDB_G0289813  Q7Z1I0      CUPF_DICDI     769  
cupG                       DDB_G0289883  Q7Z1Z9      CUPG_DICDI     768  
cupH                       DDB_G0290563  Q54FW5      CUPH_DICDI     768  
cupI                       DDB_G0272242  Q75JP7      CUPI_DICDI     691  
cupJ                       DDB_G0277959  Q54Z20      CUPJ_DICDI     655  
cutc                       DDB_G0287539  Q54K76      CUTC_DICDI     280  
cwc2                       DDB_G0284563  Q54PH5      CWC2_DICDI     528  
cxdA       cox4            DDB_G0281393  P30815      COX4_DICDI     148  
cxeA       cox5            DDB_G0269118  P29505      COX5_DICDI     120  
cxfA       cox6            DDB_G0282097  P26310      COX6_DICDI      93  
cxgE       cox7e           DDB_G0277837  P20609      COXE_DICDI      53  
cxgS       cox7s           DDB_G0277839  P20610      COXS_DICDI      55  
cyb5r1                     DDB_G0285399  Q54NC1      NCB5R_DICDI    286  
cybA                       DDB_G0267460  Q867X6      CY24A_DICDI    118  
cyc1                       DDB_G0292594  Q54D07      CY1_DICDI      275  
cycB       clb1            DDB_G0275493  P42524      CCNB_DICDI     436  
cycC                       DDB_G0274139  Q86KE7      CCNC_DICDI     255  
cycH                       DDB_G0268668  Q55F19      CCNH_DICDI     286  
cyp508A1-1                 DDB_G0273045  Q556M5      C5081_DICDI    484  
cyp508A1-2                 DDB_G0273943  Q556M5      C5081_DICDI    484  
cyp508A2-1                 DDB_G0272604  Q556M4      C5082_DICDI    493  
cyp508A2-2                 DDB_G0273945  Q556M4      C5082_DICDI    493  
cyp508A3-1                 DDB_G0273047  Q1ZXL7      C5083_DICDI    479  
cyp508A3-2                 DDB_G0273941  Q1ZXL7      C5083_DICDI    479  
cyp508A4                   DDB_G0284535  Q1ZXF5      C5084_DICDI    501  
cyp508B1                   DDB_G0282419  Q54SK0      C508B_DICDI    484  
cyp508C1                   DDB_G0292792  Q54CS3      C508C_DICDI    495  
cyp508D1                   DDB_G0292790  Q1ZXA4      C508D_DICDI    482  
cyp51                      DDB_G0279403  Q1ZXH9      CP51_DICDI     466  
cyp513A1                   DDB_G0282183  Q1ZXG6      C5131_DICDI    509  
cyp513A3                   DDB_G0270354  Q55BU9      C5133_DICDI    492  
cyp513B1                   DDB_G0287087  Q54KV0      C513B_DICDI    487  
cyp513C1                   DDB_G0291105  Q54F47      C513C_DICDI    495  
cyp513D1                   DDB_G0279763  Q54WB9      C513D_DICDI    519  
cyp513E1                   DDB_G0282353  Q54SN0      C513E_DICDI    504  
cyp513F1                   DDB_G0278679  Q1ZXI7      C513F_DICDI    504  
cyp514A1                   DDB_G0290743  Q54FM9      C5141_DICDI    575  
cyp514A2                   DDB_G0294561  Q1ZXC4      C5142_DICDI    500  
cyp514A4                   DDB_G0290707  Q54FP9      C5144_DICDI    502  
cyp515A1                   DDB_G0272704  Q86A22      C515A_DICDI    494  
cyp515B1   ostB            DDB_G0282283  Q54SV9      C515B_DICDI    493  
cyp516A1                   DDB_G0292168  Q54DT2      C516A_DICDI    487  
cyp516B1                   DDB_G0271778  Q55AJ4      C516B_DICDI    492  
cyp517A1   ostA            DDB_G0283929  Q54QD2      C5171_DICDI    483  
cyp517A2                   DDB_G0284647  Q1ZXF3      C5172_DICDI    510  
cyp517A4                   DDB_G0283933  Q54QD0      C5174_DICDI    483  
cyp518A1                   DDB_G0277545  Q54ZM4      C518A_DICDI    494  
cyp518B1                   DDB_G0275197  Q1ZXL2      C518B_DICDI    490  
cyp519A1                   DDB_G0274623  Q554S4      C519A_DICDI    530  
cyp519B1                   DDB_G0284089  Q54Q53      C519B_DICDI    509  
cyp519C1                   DDB_G0272556  Q1ZXN4      C519C_DICDI    524  
cyp519D1                   DDB_G0291448  Q54EM5      C519D_DICDI    566  
cyp519E1                   DDB_G0286419  Q54LT7      C519E_DICDI    506  
cyp520A1                   DDB_G0292496  Q54D38      C520A_DICDI    536  
cyp520B1                   DDB_G0291702  Q54E98      C520B_DICDI    481  
cyp521A1                   DDB_G0293738  Q1ZXA1      C521A_DICDI    491  
cyp522A1                   DDB_G0282769  Q1ZXG3      C522A_DICDI    489  
cyp524A1                   DDB_G0269016  Q55EK2      C524A_DICDI    532  
cyp525A1                   DDB_G0272652  Q7KWN2      C525A_DICDI    601  
cyp554A1                   DDB_G0284923  Q54NY3      C554A_DICDI    502  
cyp555A1                   DDB_G0286743  Q54LA8      C555A_DICDI    484  
cyp556A1                   DDB_G0284345  Q54PT3      C556A_DICDI    657  
cypB       cyp2            DDB_G0269120  Q9TW32      PPIB_DICDI     197  
cypD       cyp3            DDB_G0280401  Q9UA41      PPID_DICDI     174  
cypE                       DDB_G0269216  Q9NI62      CYPE_DICDI     156  
cyri       fam49           DDB_G0272190  Q8T2H0      CYRI_DICDI     315  
cysA                       DDB_G0269122  Q55DV9      CGL_DICDI      387  
cysB                       DDB_G0267386  P46794      CBS_DICDI      498  
cysK                       DDB_G0292840  Q54CN7      CYSK_DICDI     378  
cysS                       DDB_G0287159  Q54KR1      SYCC_DICDI     660  
cytB       cob; mtcyb      DDB_G0294078  Q37311      CYB_DICDI      389  
cytC                       DDB_G0275537  Q869N1      CYC_DICDI      113  
D2                         DDB_G0283085  P18142      D2_DICDI       535  
D7                         DDB_G0284613  P54682      D7_DICDI       850  
dagA                       DDB_G0285161  P35401      CRAC_DICDI     698  
dak                        DDB_G0278191  Q54YL2      DAK_DICDI      245  
darA                       DDB_G0288771  O76187      DARA_DICDI     766  
dcd1A                      DDB_G0270296  Q55BZ5      DCD1A_DICDI    441  
dcd1B                      DDB_G0292768  Q54CS6      DCD1B_DICDI    500  
dcd2A      dcd; rsc25      DDB_G0293538  Q54BK2      NCSEA_DICDI    714  
dcd2B                      DDB_G0268374  Q55G11      NCSEB_DICDI    718  
dcd3A                      DDB_G0288359  Q6TMJ1      DCD3A_DICDI    288  
dcd3B                      DDB_G0269574  Q55DQ0      DCD3B_DICDI    285  
dclre1                     DDB_G0277755  Q86KS1      DCR1_DICDI     920  
dcsA                       DDB_G0269124  Q9U720      DCSA_DICDI    1059  
dcx        DDB_G0277115    DDB_G0277115  Q550F6      DCX_DICDI      308  
DD3-3                      DDB_G0283095  Q58A42      DD3_DICDI      616  
DDB0186972                 DDB_G0286429  Q54LT0      MCU_DICDI      275  
DDB_G02773                 DDB_G0277307  Q550C8      LONM2_DICDI    836  
ddi1                       DDB_G0288187  Q54JB0      DDI1_DICDI     450  
ddiA       ddi             DDB_G0281293  Q7M438      RNDI_DICDI     223  
ddo-1                      DDB_G0273291  Q556W1      OXDD_DICDI     346  
ddo-2                      DDB_G0273783  Q556W1      OXDD_DICDI     346  
ddost      ost48           DDB_G0291780  Q54E62      OST48_DICDI    426  
ddpE       D5                            P10382      D5_DICDI       193  
dduB                       DDB_G0271234  Q55B97      DDUB_DICDI    1201  
ddx1                       DDB_G0269966  Q55CP6      DDX1_DICDI     765  
ddx10                      DDB_G0284017  Q54Q94      DDX10_DICDI    878  
ddx17                      DDB_G0293168  Q54CE0      DDX17_DICDI    785  
ddx18                      DDB_G0282741  Q54S03      DDX18_DICDI    602  
ddx20                      DDB_G0277527  Q54ZI9      DDX20_DICDI    849  
ddx24                      DDB_G0281841  Q54TD7      DDX24_DICDI    940  
ddx27                      DDB_G0281711  Q54TJ4      DDX27_DICDI    783  
ddx3                       DDB_G0283661  Q54QS3      DDX3_DICDI     712  
ddx31                      DDB_G0271708  Q869P0      DDX31_DICDI    908  
ddx41                      DDB_G0287361  Q54KG1      DDX41_DICDI    671  
ddx42                      DDB_G0288501  Q54IV3      DDX42_DICDI    986  
ddx47                      DDB_G0280147  Q54VT4      DDX47_DICDI    546  
ddx49                      DDB_G0270396  Q55BR9      DDX49_DICDI    508  
ddx5                       DDB_G0293036  Q54CD6      DDX5_DICDI     697  
ddx51                      DDB_G0293740  Q54BD6      DDX51_DICDI    563  
ddx52                      DDB_G0274325  Q86IZ9      DDX52_DICDI    668  
ddx55                      DDB_G0291588  Q54EC2      DDX55_DICDI    663  
ddx56                      DDB_G0280407  Q54VF1      DDX56_DICDI    685  
ddx6                       DDB_G0291804  Q54E49      DDX6_DICDI     423  
dennd10    fam45           DDB_G0268448  Q55FE3      DEN10_DICDI    366  
denr                       DDB_G0279677  Q54WG0      DENR_DICDI     224  
derl1                      DDB_G0288833  Q54IC9      DERL1_DICDI    242  
derl2                      DDB_G0285131  Q54NN1      DERL2_DICDI    254  
DG1039                     DDB_G0284037  Q54Q40      D1039_DICDI    715  
DG1060                     DDB_G0281953  Q1ZXG8      D1060_DICDI    166  
DG1062                     DDB_G0286351  Q54LR0      D1062_DICDI    607  
dgat1                      DDB_G0271342  Q55BH9      DGAT1_DICDI    617  
dgat2                      DDB_G0290279  Q54GC1      DGAT2_DICDI    330  
dgk                        DDB_G0280843  Q54UT2      DGK_DICDI      285  
dgkA       mhcK            DDB_G0277223  P34125      DGKA_DICDI     887  
dhak       dak             DDB_G0269274  Q55EE0      DHAK_DICDI     648  
dhcA                       DDB_G0276355  P34036      DYHC_DICDI    4730  
dhkA                       DDB_G0280961  Q54U87      DHKA_DICDI    2150  
dhkB                       DDB_G0277845  Q54YH4      DHKB_DICDI    1969  
dhkC                       DDB_G0274191  Q95PI2      DHKC_DICDI    1225  
dhkD                       DDB_G0282289  Q54SP4      DHKD_DICDI    1546  
dhkE                       DDB_G0269204  Q55E44      DHKE_DICDI    1699  
dhkF                       DDB_G0276143  Q551X9      DHKF_DICDI    1109  
dhkG                       DDB_G0284045  Q54Q69      DHKG_DICDI    3432  
dhkH                       DDB_G0279913  Q54W36      DHKH_DICDI    1378  
dhkI-1                     DDB_G0273475  Q86AT9      DHKI_DICDI    1736  
dhkI-2                                   Q86AT9      DHKI_DICDI    1736  
dhkJ                       DDB_G0277883  Q54YZ9      DHKJ_DICDI    2062  
dhkK       smbA            DDB_G0277887  Q86CZ2      DHKK_DICDI    1213  
dhkL                       DDB_G0282927  Q54RP6      DHKL_DICDI    1709  
dhkM                       DDB_G0282377  Q54SK5      DHKM_DICDI    2388  
dhps                       DDB_G0285725  Q54MQ7      DHYS_DICDI     376  
dhx15      prp43           DDB_G0285213  Q54NJ4      DHX15_DICDI    727  
dhx16                      DDB_G0285937  Q54MH3      DHX16_DICDI   1106  
dhx8       prp22           DDB_G0291183  Q54F05      DHX8_DICDI    1160  
dia1                       DDB_G0285431  Q54N81      DIA1_DICDI     455  
dia2                       DDB_G0291253  O96042      DIA2_DICDI     151  
dicA                       DDB_G0280849  P54703      DYIN_DICDI     654  
dicB                       DDB_G0267470  Q55GS3      DICB_DICDI     607  
DidioMp05                  DDB_G0294090  O21050      MP05_DICDI     447  
DidioMp21                  DDB_G0294076  Q23885      MP21_DICDI     189  
DidioMp30                  DDB_G0294064  O21034      MP30_DICDI     188  
DidioMp35                  DDB_G0294056  O21039      MP35_DICDI     127  
DidioMp36                  DDB_G0294054  Q9TGM3      MP36_DICDI     796  
dimA       bzpA            DDB_G0278971  Q54XG7      DIMA_DICDI    1230  
dimB                       DDB_G0291372  Q54ER9      DIMB_DICDI     602  
dimt1      dimt1l          DDB_G0283789  Q54QK7      DIM1_DICDI     314  
dlcA       tctel1          DDB_G0284589  Q54PG1      DYLT_DICDI     111  
dlcB                       DDB_G0274815  Q86A88      DYL_DICDI       91  
dlpA       slb233          DDB_G0268592  Q55F94      DLPA_DICDI     880  
dlpB                       DDB_G0285931  Q54MH8      DLPB_DICDI     808  
dlpC                       DDB_G0271628  Q55AX0      DLPC_DICDI     904  
dmtA       omt8            DDB_G0289329  Q8T638      DMTA_DICDI     363  
dnaaf10    wdr92           DDB_G0291822  Q54E33      DAA10_DICDI    357  
dnaja1                     DDB_G0291568  Q54ED3      DNJA1_DICDI    459  
dnajc11                    DDB_G0284263  Q54PV9      DJC11_DICDI    575  
dnajc19    tim14; timm14   DDB_G0283735  Q54QN1      TIM14_DICDI    113  
dnajc3                     DDB_G0286251  Q54M21      DNJC3_DICDI    502  
dnajc7                     DDB_G0288639  Q54IP0      DNJC7_DICDI    539  
dnapkcs                    DDB_G0281167  Q54UC0      PRKDC_DICDI   4299  
dng1                       DDB_G0284411  Q54PN9      ING1_DICDI     324  
dnmA                       DDB_G0288047  Q54JH6      CMT1_DICDI     379  
dnpep                      DDB_G0286149  Q54M70      DNPEP_DICDI    484  
dohh-1                     DDB_G0272634  Q556G4      DOHH_DICDI     315  
dohh-2                     DDB_G0274079  Q556G4      DOHH_DICDI     315  
dokA                       DDB_G0274101  Q869S5      DOKA_DICDI    1671  
dolpp1                     DDB_G0274591  Q86IX2      DOPP1_DICDI    229  
dotA       dot1; KMT4      DDB_G0271626  Q55AX2      DOT1L_DICDI   1845  
dph1                       DDB_G0284257  Q54PW5      DPH1_DICDI     472  
dph2                       DDB_G0295687  B0G132      DPH2_DICDI     588  
dph4       dnajc24         DDB_G0292980  Q54CI5      DPH4_DICDI     170  
dph5                       DDB_G0276115  Q75JG8      DPH5_DICDI     273  
dpiA                       DDB_G0274315  Q86IZ4      IPP2_DICDI     261  
dpm1       dgtB            DDB_G0286519  Q54LP3      DPM1_DICDI     254  
dpm2-1                     DDB_G0272588  Q556K9      DPM2_DICDI      79  
dpm2-2                     DDB_G0273981  Q556K9      DPM2_DICDI      79  
dpm3                       DDB_G0277435  Q76NT6      DPM3_DICDI      92  
dpp3-1                     DDB_G0273471  Q557H1      DPP3_DICDI     691  
dpp3-2                     DDB_G0273563  Q557H1      DPP3_DICDI     691  
dr1                        DDB_G0269638  Q55DJ5      NC2B_DICDI     178  
drap1                      DDB_G0292510  Q54DA1      NC2A_DICDI     550  
drg1                       DDB_G0289317  Q54HP3      DRG1_DICDI     370  
drg2                       DDB_G0279451  Q54WT4      DRG2_DICDI     364  
drkA       rk1; vsk1       DDB_G0289791  Q54H46      DRKA_DICDI     642  
drkB       rk2             DDB_G0289709  Q54H45      DRKB_DICDI     690  
drkC       rk3             DDB_G0281899  Q54TA1      DRKC_DICDI     749  
drkD       rsc21           DDB_G0281557  Q54TM7      DRKD_DICDI    1288  
drpp30     rpp1; rpp30     DDB_G0269980  Q3ZE13      RPP30_DICDI    366  
dscA-1                     DDB_G0273063  P02886      DIS1A_DICDI    253  
dscA-2                     DDB_G0273919  P02886      DIS1A_DICDI    253  
dscC-1     dscB-1          DDB_G0273065  P02887      DIS1B_DICDI    253  
dscC-2     dscB-2          DDB_G0273885  P02887      DIS1B_DICDI    253  
dscD-1                     DDB_G0273067  P02888      DIS1D_DICDI    253  
dscD-2                     DDB_G0273887  P02888      DIS1D_DICDI    253  
dscE                       DDB_G0292552  P42530      DIS2_DICDI     257  
dst1       dstA            DDB_G0274593  Q86IX1      DST1_DICDI     737  
dst2       dstB            DDB_G0267730  Q55GC2      DST2_DICDI    1142  
dst3       dstC            DDB_G0291267  Q54EY4      DST3_DICDI     562  
dst4       dstD            DDB_G0288071  Q54JG7      DST4_DICDI     485  
dstA       stat5; statA    DDB_G0281381  O00910      STATA_DICDI    707  
dstB       statB           DDB_G0268638  Q70GP4      STATB_DICDI   1148  
dstC       statC           DDB_G0293532  Q54BD4      STATC_DICDI    931  
dtd                        DDB_G0291273  Q54EY1      DTD_DICDI      151  
dtfA                       DDB_G0289389  O96668      DTFA_DICDI    1402  
dtmlA                      DDB_G0288219  Q54J86      DTML1_DICDI    592  
dtmlB                      DDB_G0292822  Q54CQ0      DTML2_DICDI    599  
dtmlC                      DDB_G0292824  Q54CP9      DTML3_DICDI    597  
dtmlD                      DDB_G0292826  Q54CP8      DTML4_DICDI    594  
dtmlE                      DDB_G0292828  Q54CP7      DTML5_DICDI    623  
dtymk      tmkA            DDB_G0290033  Q54GN2      KTHY_DICDI     222  
dus3l                      DDB_G0292686  Q54CU9      DUS3L_DICDI    671  
dut                        DDB_G0293374  Q54BW5      DUT_DICDI      179  
dwwA                       DDB_G0281827  Q54T86      DWWA_DICDI     568  
dym                        DDB_G0292524  B0G194      DYM_DICDI      931  
dymA                       DDB_G0277849  Q94464      DYNA_DICDI     853  
dymB                       DDB_G0277851  Q9U1M9      DYNB_DICDI     920  
dynB       dctn2           DDB_G0285503  Q54N50      DCTN2_DICDI    430  
dync1li1                   DDB_G0292904  Q54CI8      DC1L1_DICDI    504  
dynE       dctn5           DDB_G0278579  Q54XU5      DCTN5_DICDI    198  
dynF       dctn6           DDB_G0290757  Q54FM4      DCTN6_DICDI    189  
dyrk1                      DDB_G0277485  Q76NV1      DYRK1_DICDI    836  
dyrk2                      DDB_G0293750  Q54BC9      DYRK2_DICDI    915  
eapA                       DDB_G0286183  O96759      ADAS_DICDI     611  
eb1                        DDB_G0283607  Q8WQ86      EB1_DICDI      506  
ebp                        DDB_G0269414  Q55E32      EBP_DICDI      219  
ecd        sgt1            DDB_G0287829  Q54JR9      ECD_DICDI      819  
ech1                       DDB_G0282261  Q54SS0      ECH1_DICDI     293  
echs1                      DDB_G0285071  Q1ZXF1      ECHM_DICDI     277  
ecmA       Dd63            DDB_G0277853  Q54YG2      ECMA_DICDI    1710  
ecmB                       DDB_G0269132  P11976      PSTA_DICDI    1053  
eef1a1     efaa1; efaAI    DDB_G0269134  P0CT31      EF1A1_DICDI    453  
eef1a2     efaa2; efaAII   DDB_G0269136  P0CT32      EF1A2_DICDI    453  
efa1B      eEF1beta        DDB_G0284035  Q9GRF8      EF1B_DICDI     216  
efbA                       DDB_G0288373  P15112      EF2_DICDI      839  
eif1a                      DDB_G0278205  Q54YJ6      IF1A_DICDI     141  
eif2a                      DDB_G0284267  Q54PV7      EIF2A_DICDI    608  
eif2b1                     DDB_G0288961  Q54I81      EI2BA_DICDI    321  
eif2b2                     DDB_G0291271  Q54EY2      EI2BB_DICDI    388  
eif2b3                     DDB_G0290693  Q54FQ8      EI2BG_DICDI    440  
eif2b4                     DDB_G0290759  Q54FM3      EI2BD_DICDI    619  
eif2b5                     DDB_G0283163  Q54RF3      EI2BE_DICDI    707  
eif2s1     eif2a           DDB_G0271862  Q869N9      IF2A_DICDI     341  
eif2s2     eif2b           DDB_G0282035  Q54T27      IF2B_DICDI     317  
eif2s3     eif2G           DDB_G0278967  Q54XD8      IF2G_DICDI     460  
eif3A      eif3s10         DDB_G0272078  Q86B20      EIF3A_DICDI   1030  
eif3B      eif3s9          DDB_G0283597  Q54QW1      EIF3B_DICDI    670  
eif3C      eif3s8          DDB_G0279109  Q54X97      EIF3C_DICDI    936  
eif3d      moe1            DDB_G0274627  Q554U9      EIF3D_DICDI    527  
eif3E      eif3s6          DDB_G0293052  Q54CC5      EIF3E_DICDI    525  
eif3f      eif3s5          DDB_G0293254  Q54C49      EIF3F_DICDI    284  
eif3G      eif3s4          DDB_G0279549  Q54WM4      EIF3G_DICDI    233  
eif3H      eif3s3          DDB_G0281153  Q54UD0      EIF3H_DICDI    319  
eif3I      eif3s2          DDB_G0285683  Q54MT0      EIF3I_DICDI    331  
eif3J      eif3s1          DDB_G0287333  Q54KI0      EIF3J_DICDI    219  
eif3K      eif3s12         DDB_G0291404  Q54EQ1      EIF3K_DICDI    246  
eif3L      eif3eip         DDB_G0272076  Q86LA2      EIF3L_DICDI    611  
eif3m                      DDB_G0287005  Q54KZ8      EIF3M_DICDI    401  
eif4e                      DDB_G0268574  Q55FE0      IF4E_DICDI     250  
eif4g                      DDB_G0275395  Q553R3      IF4G_DICDI    1377  
eif5                       DDB_G0286753  Q54LA1      IF5_DICDI      393  
eif5a      eifE            DDB_G0284861  P13651      IF5A_DICDI     159  
eif5b                      DDB_G0278815  Q54XP6      IF2P_DICDI    1045  
eif6                       DDB_G0276493  Q551M2      IF6_DICDI      244  
eipr1      tssc1           DDB_G0274279  Q86A97      EIPR1_DICDI    400  
elmoA                      DDB_G0278051  Q54YW1      ELMOA_DICDI    977  
elmoB                      DDB_G0280179  Q54VR8      ELMOB_DICDI    284  
elmoC                      DDB_G0282949  Q54RS7      ELMOC_DICDI    618  
elmoD                      DDB_G0280943  Q54UP9      ELMOD_DICDI   1267  
elmoE                      DDB_G0279657  Q54WH5      ELMOE_DICDI   1677  
elmoF                      DDB_G0267548  Q55GR7      ELMOF_DICDI   1185  
eloA                       DDB_G0292896  Q54CJ4      ELOA_DICDI     271  
elof1                      DDB_G0287203  Q54KR5      ELOF1_DICDI     80  
elp2                       DDB_G0275651  Q86H45      ELP2_DICDI     901  
elp3                       DDB_G0290103  Q1ZXC6      ELP3_DICDI     559  
elp4                       DDB_G0278783  Q54XS0      ELP4_DICDI     439  
elp6                       DDB_G0268624  Q9GPT6      ELP6_DICDI     338  
emc2       ttc35           DDB_G0277149  Q86K48      EMC2_DICDI     322  
emc3       tmem111         DDB_G0278153  Q54YN3      EMC3_DICDI     314  
emc6       tmem93          DDB_G0280399  Q1ZXH4      EMC6_DICDI     123  
empA                       DDB_G0288053  Q769F9      TMEDA_DICDI    205  
empB                       DDB_G0293540  Q54BN0      TMEDB_DICDI    209  
enoA                       DDB_G0283137  Q54RK5      ENOA_DICDI     434  
enoB                       DDB_G0268214  Q55F83      ENOB_DICDI     443  
enoph1                     DDB_G0268036  Q55FM6      ENOPH_DICDI    267  
eny2                       DDB_G0289573  Q54HB4      ENY2_DICDI     123  
epnA                       DDB_G0291512  Q54EH1      EPN_DICDI      686  
eps15                      DDB_G0287325  Q54KI4      EPS15_DICDI   1196  
ercc1                      DDB_G0267682  Q55GG6      ERCC1_DICDI    514  
ercc4                      DDB_G0284419  Q54PN5      XPF_DICDI      964  
erf1                       DDB_G0288613  Q9BMX0      ERF1_DICDI     441  
erf3                       DDB_G0277919  Q7YZN9      ERF3_DICDI     557  
erg2                       DDB_G0270356  Q55BU8      ERG2_DICDI     233  
erg24                      DDB_G0284407  Q54PP1      ERG24_DICDI    462  
ergic3                     DDB_G0292002  Q54DW2      ERGI3_DICDI    383  
erh                        DDB_G0274565  Q86A92      ERH_DICDI      100  
erkA       erk1            DDB_G0286353  P42525      ERK1_DICDI     529  
erkB       dagC; erk2      DDB_G0283903  Q54QB1      ERK2_DICDI     369  
esf2                       DDB_G0293576  Q54BL2      EFS2_DICDI     296  
etfa                       DDB_G0290927  Q54FD7      ETFA_DICDI     355  
etfb                       DDB_G0277991  Q54YZ4      ETFB_DICDI     250  
etfdh                      DDB_G0278849  Q54XM6      ETFD_DICDI     606  
etfrf1     lyrm5           DDB_G0284341  Q54PT6      ETFR1_DICDI    157  
etnkA                      DDB_G0274955  Q869T9      EKIA_DICDI     349  
etnkB                      DDB_G0275265  Q554D8      EKIB_DICDI     447  
exo1                       DDB_G0291570  Q54ED2      EXO1_DICDI    1046  
exoc1      sec3            DDB_G0285067  Q54NV1      EXOC1_DICDI    879  
exoc2      sec5            DDB_G0280081  Q54VX5      EXOC2_DICDI   1095  
exoc3      sec6            DDB_G0293520  Q54BP6      EXOC3_DICDI    783  
exoc4      sec8            DDB_G0284833  Q54P76      EXOC4_DICDI   1182  
exoc5      sec10           DDB_G0287881  B0G163      EXOC5_DICDI    978  
exoc6      sec15           DDB_G0293936  Q54B27      EXOC6_DICDI   1025  
exoc7      exo70           DDB_G0272991  Q558Z9      EXOC7_DICDI    840  
exoc8      exo84           DDB_G0279991  Q54VZ8      EXOC8_DICDI    815  
exosc3     rrp40           DDB_G0276783  Q7KWX9      EXOS3_DICDI    237  
exosc7     rrp42           DDB_G0280251  Q54VM4      EXOS7_DICDI    324  
expl1                      DDB_G0267846  Q55G31      EXPL1_DICDI    286  
expl2                      DDB_G0284677  Q54PA4      EXPL2_DICDI    407  
expl3                      DDB_G0276287  Q7KWS2      EXPL3_DICDI    335  
expl5                      DDB_G0276937  Q86AV4      EXPL5_DICDI    238  
expl6                      DDB_G0267844  Q55G32      EXPL6_DICDI    292  
expl7                      DDB_G0288331  Q54J35      EXPL7_DICDI    553  
expl8                      DDB_G0293182  Q54C80      EXPL8_DICDI    485  
expl9                      DDB_G0293148  Q54C78      EXPL9_DICDI    535  
fadA       des5-1          DDB_G0285211  Q9Y1W0      FAD5A_DICDI    464  
fadB       des5-2          DDB_G0282147  O96099      FAD5B_DICDI    467  
fah                        DDB_G0271094  Q1ZXQ1      FAAA_DICDI     427  
fahd1                      DDB_G0275071  Q86I22      FAHD1_DICDI    218  
fahd2                      DDB_G0293650  Q54BF3      FAHD2_DICDI    305  
fam40                      DDB_G0288685  Q54IL2      STRP_DICDI     913  
fam50                      DDB_G0282593  Q54S94      FAM50_DICDI    362  
fam91                      DDB_G0274247  Q8T158      FAM91_DICDI    930  
fam96A                     DDB_G0292558  Q9GPR0      FA96A_DICDI    150  
far1       grlL            DDB_G0281211  Q54U89      GRLL_DICDI     708  
fba                        DDB_G0274375  Q86A67      ALF_DICDI      357  
fbl                        DDB_G0269878  Q55CW0      FBRL_DICDI     334  
fbp                        DDB_G0270836  Q6RYT0      F16P_DICDI     346  
fbxA       chtA            DDB_G0276887  Q9Y0T2      FBXA_DICDI    1247  
fcf1                       DDB_G0267606  Q55GM5      FCF1_DICDI     194  
fcpA       ctdsp; DG1148   DDB_G0294376  Q9XYL0      CTDS_DICDI     306  
fcsA                       DDB_G0269242  Q55DR6      FCSA_DICDI     667  
fcsB                       DDB_G0269474  Q1ZXQ4      FCSB_DICDI     673  
fdfT                       DDB_G0292072  Q54DR1      FDFT_DICDI     416  
fdxr                       DDB_G0287353  Q54KG7      ADRO_DICDI     515  
febA                       DDB_G0291990  Q54DU8      4EBP_DICDI     103  
fhbA                       DDB_G0292378  Q9UAG7      FHBA_DICDI     397  
fhbB                       DDB_G0292380  Q54D73      FHBB_DICDI     423  
fhit                       DDB_G0274257  Q86KK2      FHIT_DICDI     149  
fhkA       fhakA           DDB_G0293656  Q54BF0      FHKA_DICDI     593  
fhkB       fhakB           DDB_G0280599  Q1ZXH2      FHKB_DICDI    1142  
fhkC       fhakC; pk1      DDB_G0281567  P34101      FHKC_DICDI     595  
fhkD       fhakd           DDB_G0285963  Q54MH0      FHKD_DICDI     749  
fhkE       fhake           DDB_G0280321  Q54VI1      FHKE_DICDI     712  
fimA                       DDB_G0277855  P54680      FIMB_DICDI     610  
fkbp1                      DDB_G0275227  Q554J3      FKBP1_DICDI    107  
fkbp2                      DDB_G0282267  Q54SR7      FKBP2_DICDI    133  
fkbp3      impA            DDB_G0285455  Q54N80      FKBP3_DICDI    194  
fkbp4                      DDB_G0285357  Q54NB6      FKBP4_DICDI    364  
fkbp5                      DDB_G0290433  Q54G21      FKBP5_DICDI   1622  
fkbp6                      DDB_G0278455  Q54Y27      FKBP6_DICDI    366  
fnkA       FNIPK-A         DDB_G0275561  Q869L4      FNKA_DICDI     793  
fnkB       FNIPK-B         DDB_G0267934  Q55FV4      FNKB_DICDI     530  
fnkC       FNIPK-C         DDB_G0276349  Q8T126      FNKC_DICDI    1304  
fnkD-1     FNIPK-D         DDB_G0273129  Q557D1      FNKD_DICDI     723  
fnkD-2     FNIPK-D         DDB_G0273641  Q557D1      FNKD_DICDI     723  
fnkE       FNIPK-E         DDB_G0275879  Q552Z2      FNKE_DICDI    1321  
fntA                       DDB_G0283053  Q54RT9      FNTA_DICDI     322  
fntB                       DDB_G0270948  Q55D51      FNTB_DICDI     500  
fol1                       DDB_G0278283  Q54YD9      FOL1_DICDI     657  
folC                       DDB_G0292632  Q54CY5      FOLC_DICDI     626  
forA                       DDB_G0279607  Q54WH2      FORA_DICDI    1218  
forB                       DDB_G0282297  Q54SP2      FORB_DICDI    1126  
forC                       DDB_G0287295  Q54KF1      FORC_DICDI    1158  
forD       drf4            DDB_G0282245  Q5TJ55      FORD_DICDI    1214  
forE       dia3; drf3      DDB_G0269626  Q5TJ57      FORE_DICDI    1561  
forF       drf1            DDB_G0289763  Q5TJ56      FORF_DICDI    1220  
forG                       DDB_G0277175  Q1ZXK2      FORG_DICDI    1074  
forH       dia2; drf2      DDB_G0285589  Q54N00      FORH_DICDI    1087  
forI                       DDB_G0284519  Q54PI9      FORI_DICDI     935  
forJ                       DDB_G0291378  Q54ER5      FORJ_DICDI    2546  
fpaA       fp21A; fpa1     DDB_G0269230  P52285      SKP1A_DICDI    162  
fpaB-1     fp21B; fpa1B    DDB_G0273251  Q557E4      SKP1B_DICDI    162  
fpaB-2     fp21B; fpa1B    DDB_G0273615  Q557E4      SKP1B_DICDI    162  
fps                        DDB_G0278735  Q9NH03      FPS_DICDI      382  
fray1                      DDB_G0278863  Q54XL6      FRAY1_DICDI    574  
fray2                      DDB_G0276577  Q551H4      FRAY2_DICDI   1028  
frmA                       DDB_G0291303  Q54EW0      FRMA_DICDI    1154  
frmB       DDB_G0269362    DDB_G0269362  Q55E74      FRMB_DICDI     478  
frmC                       DDB_G0289313  P0CD60      FRMC_DICDI    1489  
fscA                       DDB_G0289725  Q54H37      FSCA_DICDI     549  
fscB                       DDB_G0282989  Q54RQ3      FSCB_DICDI     436  
fscC                       DDB_G0292204  Q1ZXA7      FSCC_DICDI     511  
fscD                       DDB_G0272240  Q75JP9      FSCD_DICDI     440  
fscE                       DDB_G0272306  Q559M5      FSCE_DICDI     443  
fscF                       DDB_G0292064  Q1ZXB0      FSCF_DICDI     456  
fscG                       DDB_G0292156  Q54DR6      FSCG_DICDI     453  
fscH                       DDB_G0292100  Q54DP3      FSCH_DICDI     533  
fscJ                       DDB_G0292102  Q54DP2      FSCJ_DICDI     407  
fsjA       ftsj1           DDB_G0280483  Q54VA8      TRM7_DICDI     270  
fsjB                       DDB_G0271998  Q86AH1      MRM2_DICDI     640  
fsjC       ftsj3           DDB_G0284945  Q54NX0      SPB1_DICDI     833  
fslA                       DDB_G0284761  Q54P68      FSLA_DICDI     594  
fslB                       DDB_G0270730  Q55CD6      FSLB_DICDI     642  
fslC                       DDB_G0274287  Q86J18      FSLC_DICDI     635  
fslD                       DDB_G0269528  Q55DT7      FSLD_DICDI     634  
fslE                       DDB_G0288269  Q54J78      FSLE_DICDI     609  
fslF                       DDB_G0288253  Q54J77      FSLF_DICDI     591  
fslG                       DDB_G0288261  Q54J71      FSLG_DICDI     574  
fslH                       DDB_G0274773  Q556C6      FSLH_DICDI     621  
fslJ-1     cnrA            DDB_G0272885  Q556J4      FSLJ_DICDI     607  
fslJ-2                     DDB_G0274011  Q556J4      FSLJ_DICDI     607  
fslK                       DDB_G0284729  Q54PA5      FSLK_DICDI     580  
fslL                       DDB_G0284585  Q54PF8      FSLL_DICDI     619  
fslM-1                     DDB_G0273035  Q556N7      FSLM_DICDI     623  
fslM-2                     DDB_G0274033  Q556N7      FSLM_DICDI     623  
fslN                       DDB_G0270672  Q55CY2      FSLN_DICDI     611  
fslO                       DDB_G0278289  Q1ZXI9      FSLO_DICDI     695  
fslP                       DDB_G0286607  Q54LJ7      FSLP_DICDI     587  
fslQ                       DDB_G0286609  Q1ZXE4      FSLQ_DICDI     578  
fszA       ftsZA           DDB_G0277721  Q54Z54      FTSZA_DICDI    517  
fszB       ftsZB           DDB_G0269224  Q9GPZ7      FTSZB_DICDI    366  
ftcd                       DDB_G0287977  Q54JL3      FTCD_DICDI     537  
fttB                       DDB_G0269138  P54632      1433_DICDI     252  
fumH                       DDB_G0280495  Q54VA2      FUMH_DICDI     485  
fxn                        DDB_G0293246  Q54C45      FRDA_DICDI     193  
g6pd-1     zwf             DDB_G0273131  Q557D2      G6PD_DICDI     497  
g6pd-2     zwf             DDB_G0273639  Q557D2      G6PD_DICDI     497  
gabT                       DDB_G0268104  Q55FI1      GABT_DICDI     495  
gacA                       DDB_G0278381  Q54Y72      GACA_DICDI     338  
gacB                       DDB_G0278549  Q54XW7      GACB_DICDI     273  
gacC                       DDB_G0284571  Q54PG5      GACC_DICDI     399  
gacD                       DDB_G0291021  Q54F80      GACD_DICDI     514  
gacE                       DDB_G0293654  Q54BF1      GACE_DICDI    1132  
gacEE                      DDB_G0291840  Q54E35      GACEE_DICDI    570  
gacF                       DDB_G0274243  Q8SSN9      GACF_DICDI    1140  
gacFF                      DDB_G0275085  Q86I31      GACFF_DICDI    885  
gacG                       DDB_G0283955  Q54QB9      GACG_DICDI    1312  
gacGG                      DDB_G0280093  Q54VW7      GACGG_DICDI   1203  
gacH                       DDB_G0272694  Q86IG9      GACH_DICDI     566  
gacHH                      DDB_G0272080  Q86L99      GACHH_DICDI   1523  
gacI                       DDB_G0275185  Q553X3      GACI_DICDI     799  
gacII                      DDB_G0278069  Q54YV1      GACII_DICDI    817  
gacJ                       DDB_G0285641  Q54MV3      GACJ_DICDI     906  
gacJJ                      DDB_G0290873  Q54FG5      GACJJ_DICDI    873  
gacK                       DDB_G0285915  Q54MI9      GACK_DICDI     970  
gacL                       DDB_G0290891  Q54FF4      GACL_DICDI     734  
gacM                       DDB_G0287895  Q1ZXE1      GACM_DICDI     896  
gacN                       DDB_G0279315  Q54WY8      GACN_DICDI     611  
gacO                       DDB_G0267568  Q55GP8      GACO_DICDI     684  
gacP                       DDB_G0279009  Q54XE8      GACP_DICDI     576  
gacQ                       DDB_G0282395  Q54SL6      GACQ_DICDI     531  
gacR                       DDB_G0278755  Q54XT6      GACR_DICDI     783  
gacT       DG1094          DDB_G0285163  Q54NL0      GACT_DICDI    1009  
gacU                       DDB_G0272925  Q559A0      GACU_DICDI    1164  
gacV                       DDB_G0293510  Q54BP9      GACV_DICDI     520  
gacW                       DDB_G0290439  Q54G18      GACW_DICDI    1115  
gacX                       DDB_G0288205  Q54J98      GACX_DICDI     563  
gacY                       DDB_G0281739  Q54TH9      GACY_DICDI     721  
gacZ                       DDB_G0269496  Q55DW9      GACZ_DICDI    1043  
gadA                       DDB_G0280199  Q54VQ5      GADA_DICDI     462  
gadB                       DDB_G0288715  Q54IJ3      GADB_DICDI     463  
gafA                       DDB_G0271136  Q8MTJ7      GAFA_DICDI     158  
galE                       DDB_G0275295  Q553X7      GALE_DICDI     344  
galK                       DDB_G0292112  Q54DN6      GALK_DICDI     501  
gapA                       DDB_G0269140  O00899      GAPA_DICDI     860  
gar1       nola1           DDB_G0279013  Q54XE6      GAR1_DICDI     230  
gatA                       DDB_G0286875  Q54L63      GATA_DICDI     550  
gatc                       DDB_G0284291  Q54PU2      GATC_DICDI      99  
gbfA                       DDB_G0288755  P36417      GBF_DICDI      708  
gbpC       gefT; rasGEFT   DDB_G0291079  Q8MVR1      GBPC_DICDI    2631  
gbpD       gefU; rapgef    DDB_G0282373  Q54S40      GBPD_DICDI    1312  
gca                        DDB_G0275009  Q553Y7      GCA_DICDI     1483  
gcdh                       DDB_G0283411  Q54R47      GCDH_DICDI     420  
gchA       folE; gtoC      DDB_G0288481  Q94465      GCH1_DICDI     232  
gcn1       gcn1l1          DDB_G0279487  Q54WR2      GCN1_DICDI    2667  
gcsA       gshA            DDB_G0284651  Q54PC2      GSH1_DICDI     626  
gcvH1      gcvH            DDB_G0287773  Q54JV8      GCSH1_DICDI    146  
gcvH2      gcvH            DDB_G0290845  Q54FI0      GCSH2_DICDI    150  
gcvH3      gcvH            DDB_G0287791  Q54JU3      GCSH3_DICDI    149  
gcvH4      gcvH            DDB_G0287795  Q54JU1      GCSH4_DICDI    209  
gcvH5      gcvH            DDB_G0287861  Q54JU0      GCSH5_DICDI    163  
gcvP                       DDB_G0287255  Q54KM7      GCSP_DICDI     994  
gcvT                       DDB_G0292326  Q54DD3      GCST_DICDI     403  
gdap2                      DDB_G0284349  Q54PT1      GDAP2_DICDI    568  
gdt1                       DDB_G0278723  Q54XS3      GDT1_DICDI    1661  
gdt2                       DDB_G0270666  Q55CZ1      GDT2_DICDI    1637  
gdt4                       DDB_G0270550  Q55DU7      GDT4_DICDI    1620  
gdt5                       DDB_G0285895  Q54MK0      GDT5_DICDI    1176  
gdt6                       DDB_G0270544  Q55DV2      GDT6_DICDI    1452  
gdt7                       DDB_G0292314  Q54DE3      GDT7_DICDI     801  
gdt8                       DDB_G0270668  Q55CY9      GDT8_DICDI    1326  
gdt9                       DDB_G0278879  Q5VJL3      GDT9_DICDI    1577  
gefA       aleA; rasGEFA   DDB_G0284329  Q54PQ4      GEFA_DICDI     605  
gefB       rasGEFB         DDB_G0269222  Q8IS21      GEFB_DICDI    1529  
gefC       racGEF; rasGEF  DDB_G0282381  Q8IS20      GEFC_DICDI    1457  
gefD       RasGEFD         DDB_G0289667  Q8IS19      GEFD_DICDI     668  
gefE       rasGEFE         DDB_G0269252  Q8IS18      GEFE_DICDI    1037  
gefF       rasGEFF         DDB_G0293006  Q54C94      GEFF_DICDI    1127  
gefG       rasGEFG         DDB_G0272032  Q8ST25      GEFG_DICDI    1556  
gefH       rasGEFH         DDB_G0276963  Q8IS16      GEFH_DICDI     604  
gefI       rasGEFI         DDB_G0277915  Q8IS15      GEFI_DICDI     824  
gefJ       rasGEFJ         DDB_G0277913  Q8IS14      GEFJ_DICDI     812  
gefK       rasGEFK         DDB_G0290901  Q54FF3      GEFK_DICDI    1557  
gefL       rasGEFL         DDB_G0276371  B0M0P8      GEFL_DICDI    2356  
gefM       rasGEFM         DDB_G0274607  Q8SSQ3      GEFM_DICDI     929  
gefN       rasGEFN         DDB_G0275703  Q8IS12      GEFN_DICDI    1138  
gefO       rasGEFO         DDB_G0290267  Q8IS11      GEFO_DICDI     944  
gefP       rasGEFP         DDB_G0281573  Q54TK8      GEFP_DICDI    1502  
gefQ       rasGEFQ         DDB_G0289665  Q86G47      GEFQ_DICDI    1298  
gefR       rasGEFR         DDB_G0274605  Q8SSQ0      GEFR_DICDI    1721  
gefS       rasGEFS         DDB_G0271868  Q8SSW7      GEFS_DICDI    1043  
gefV       rasGEFV         DDB_G0268578  Q55FD8      GEFV_DICDI    1982  
gefW       rasGEFW         DDB_G0267666  Q55GH9      GEFW_DICDI    1172  
gefX                       DDB_G0269298  Q55EC7      GEFX_DICDI     960  
gefY       rasGEFY         DDB_G0276019  Q552M5      GEFY_DICDI    1508  
gemA                       DDB_G0267830  Q55G45      GEMA_DICDI     658  
gemin1                     DDB_G0276357  Q86AD2      SMN1_DICDI     370  
gemin2                     DDB_G0287253  Q54KN2      GEMI2_DICDI    331  
gemin5                     DDB_G0288425  Q54IY5      GEMI5_DICDI   1276  
ger                        DDB_G0270184  Q55C77      FCL_DICDI      320  
gerA                       DDB_G0287293  P15519      SPG1_DICDI     127  
gerB                       DDB_G0287687  P15520      SPG2_DICDI     127  
gerC                       DDB_G0287583  P15521      SPG3_DICDI     127  
gflB       RacGAP          DDB_G0286773  Q54L90      GFLB_DICDI    1601  
gfm1                       DDB_G0270482  Q55E94      EFGM_DICDI     734  
gghA                       DDB_G0286535  Q54LN4      GGHA_DICDI     317  
gghB                       DDB_G0289365  Q54HL4      GGHB_DICDI     347  
ggps1                      DDB_G0293588  Q54BK1      GGPPS_DICDI    303  
ggtA       DG1109          DDB_G0274103  Q8T191      UGGG_DICDI    1681  
gins1                      DDB_G0289271  Q54HR6      PSF1_DICDI     191  
gins2                      DDB_G0293564  Q54BL9      PSF2_DICDI     223  
gins3                      DDB_G0291506  Q54EH6      PSF3_DICDI     265  
gins4                      DDB_G0269324  Q55EA2      SLD5_DICDI     211  
gk                         DDB_G0280371  Q54VT8      GLPK_DICDI     539  
glb1                       DDB_G0290217  Q54GE1      BGAL1_DICDI    671  
glb2                       DDB_G0285637  Q54MV6      BGAL2_DICDI    761  
glcS                       DDB_G0267674  Q55GH4      GYS_DICDI      878  
gle1                       DDB_G0267918  Q55FW7      GLE1_DICDI     837  
glgB                       DDB_G0274105  Q555Q9      GLGB_DICDI     678  
glkA                       DDB_G0270218  Q55C57      GLKA_DICDI     473  
glnA1      glnA            DDB_G0276835  Q86B00      GLNA1_DICDI    499  
glnA2                      DDB_G0295755  P0C7B6      GLNA2_DICDI    521  
glnA3      glnB            DDB_G0279591  Q54WR9      GLNA3_DICDI    735  
glnS       cinA; H4        DDB_G0289481  P14325      SYQ_DICDI      779  
gloB2                      DDB_G0291482  Q54EJ5      GLOB2_DICDI    292  
glod5                      DDB_G0286857  Q54L71      GLOD5_DICDI    129  
glpD                       DDB_G0291123  P34114      PHS2_DICDI     993  
glpV                       DDB_G0281383  Q00766      PHS1_DICDI     853  
glrx3                      DDB_G0275555  Q86H62      GLRX3_DICDI    240  
gltA                       DDB_G0276965  Q86AV6      CISYC_DICDI    512  
gluA                       DDB_G0292810  Q23892      GLUA_DICDI     821  
gluD                       DDB_G0287469  Q54KB7      DHE3_DICDI     502  
glud2                      DDB_G0280319  Q54VI3      GLUD2_DICDI   1042  
gluS       gluRS           DDB_G0287467  Q54KB8      SYEC_DICDI     764  
gmd                        DDB_G0284553  Q1ZXF7      GMDS_DICDI     356  
gmppA      mpgB            DDB_G0271858  Q86HG0      GMPPA_DICDI    412  
gmppB      mpgA            DDB_G0287619  Q54K39      GMPPB_DICDI    359  
gmsA                       DDB_G0286015  Q54ME1      GMSA_DICDI     448  
gna1                       DDB_G0279475  Q54WR8      GNA1_DICDI     157  
gnb1l                      DDB_G0289181  Q54HW5      GNB1L_DICDI    359  
gnd        PGD             DDB_G0277885  Q8TA03      6PGD_DICDI     493  
gnl3                       DDB_G0287147  Q54KS4      GNL3_DICDI     615  
gnpda1     gniA; nagB2     DDB_G0278873  Q54XK9      GNPI_DICDI     267  
gnrA                       DDB_G0291125  O96923      GNRA_DICDI    1087  
gnt1       gnt51; gntA     DDB_G0275699  Q8T1C6      GNT1_DICDI     423  
gnt12                      DDB_G0268160  Q55FD5      GNT12_DICDI    550  
gnt13                      DDB_G0282469  Q54SH2      GNT13_DICDI    635  
gnt14                      DDB_G0284567  Q54PG8      GNT14_DICDI    640  
gnt15                      DDB_G0274741  Q555X4      GNT15_DICDI    516  
gol                        DDB_G0287271  O60950      GOL_DICDI      579  
golt1                      DDB_G0292868  Q54CL4      GOT1_DICDI     138  
GP138A     fusA            DDB_G0290257  P34115      G13A_DICDI     730  
GP138B     fusB            DDB_G0290259  P34116      G13B_DICDI     734  
gpaA                       DDB_G0283349  P16894      GPA1_DICDI     356  
gpaB                       DDB_G0276267  P16051      GPA2_DICDI     357  
gpaC       Ga3             DDB_G0287031  Q54KV6      GPA3_DICDI     570  
gpaD                       DDB_G0285425  P34042      GPA4_DICDI     345  
gpaE                       DDB_G0286185  P34043      GPA5_DICDI     347  
gpaF                       DDB_G0283151  P34044      GPA6_DICDI     347  
gpaG                       DDB_G0276455  P34045      GPA7_DICDI     390  
gpaH                       DDB_G0284469  P34046      GPA8_DICDI     403  
gpaI       gpa9            DDB_G0283419  Q54R41      GPA9_DICDI     342  
gpaJ       gpa10           DDB_G0268802  Q55EP5      GPA10_DICDI    349  
gpaK       gpa11           DDB_G0276343  Q8T130      GPA11_DICDI    359  
gpaL       gpa12           DDB_G0280351  Q54VG1      GPA12_DICDI    354  
gpbA                       DDB_G0277143  P36408      GBB_DICDI      347  
gpbB                       DDB_G0275045  P46800      GBLP_DICDI     329  
gpdA                       DDB_G0275153  Q94469      G3P_DICDI      335  
gpgA       gg              DDB_G0274125  Q95ZG8      GBG_DICDI       69  
gphn       gph             DDB_G0287261  Q54KM0      GEPH_DICDI     718  
gpi        g6pi; pgi       DDB_G0283673  Q5V9E9      G6PI_DICDI     561  
gpmA       pgam            DDB_G0285311  Q54NE6      PGAM_DICDI     249  
gpn1       xab1            DDB_G0293220  Q54C25      GPN1_DICDI     396  
gpn2       atpbd1b         DDB_G0281787  Q54TE7      GPN2_DICDI     315  
gpn3       atpbd1c         DDB_G0285197  Q54NK8      GPN3_DICDI     285  
gppA                       DDB_G0267398  Q06885      GP10_DICDI     544  
gpr89      gphr            DDB_G0283855  Q54QM5      GPHR_DICDI     547  
gpsn2                      DDB_G0270270  Q55C17      TECR_DICDI     300  
gpt                        DDB_G0285899  Q54MJ7      ALAM_DICDI     534  
grlA                       DDB_G0271684  Q55AP1      GRLA_DICDI     798  
grlB                       DDB_G0271686  Q86HH3      GRLB_DICDI     755  
grlC                       DDB_G0282461  Q54SH7      GRLC_DICDI     800  
grlD                       DDB_G0286895  Q54L53      GRLD_DICDI     791  
grlE       GluPR           DDB_G0291356  Q54ET0      GRLE_DICDI     816  
grlF                       DDB_G0282175  Q54SW3      GRLF_DICDI     770  
grlG                       DDB_G0272244  Q75JP4      GRLG_DICDI     772  
grlH                       DDB_G0282459  Q54SH8      GRLH_DICDI     764  
grlJ                       DDB_G0272150  Q75JT4      GRLJ_DICDI     783  
grlK                       DDB_G0269386  Q1ZXQ7      GRLK_DICDI     704  
grlM                       DDB_G0286643  Q54LG8      GRLM_DICDI     749  
grlN                       DDB_G0283839  Q54QG7      GRLN_DICDI     891  
grlO                       DDB_G0271688  Q55AP3      GRLO_DICDI     819  
grlP                       DDB_G0291095  Q54F54      GRLP_DICDI    1407  
grlQ                       DDB_G0287905  Q54K09      GRLQ_DICDI    1187  
grlR                       DDB_G0287681  Q54K11      GRLR_DICDI    1604  
grn                        DDB_G0283671  Q54QR7      GRN_DICDI      130  
grp94                      DDB_G0280057  Q9NKX1      ENPL_DICDI     768  
grpE                       DDB_G0283763  Q54QF9      GRPE_DICDI     213  
grwd1                      DDB_G0291566  Q54ED4      GRWD1_DICDI    482  
grx5                       DDB_G0274657  Q555C8      GLRX5_DICDI    143  
grxA       grx1            DDB_G0290015  Q54GP8      GLRX_DICDI     100  
grxB                       DDB_G0291281  Q54EX7      GLRXL_DICDI    123  
gshB                       DDB_G0291756  Q54E83      GSHB_DICDI     476  
gskA       gsk3            DDB_G0272110  P51136      GSK3_DICDI     467  
gsr                        DDB_G0272754  Q8T137      GSHR_DICDI     465  
gsta1                      DDB_G0268138  Q55FF3      GSTA1_DICDI    202  
gsta2-1                    DDB_G0272632  Q556G3      GSTA2_DICDI    198  
gsta2-2                    DDB_G0274081  Q556G3      GSTA2_DICDI    198  
gsta3                      DDB_G0280317  Q54VI4      GSTA3_DICDI    204  
gsta4                      DDB_G0274263  Q86AU1      GSTA4_DICDI    225  
gsta5                      DDB_G0283575  Q54QV7      GSTA5_DICDI    198  
gtaC                       DDB_G0277589  Q75JZ1      GTAC_DICDI     587  
gtaD                       DDB_G0286855  Q54L72      GTAD_DICDI     530  
gtaE                       DDB_G0267640  Q55GK0      GTAE_DICDI     952  
gtaF                       DDB_G0268792  Q55EQ0      GTAF_DICDI     623  
gtaG                       DDB_G0270756  Q55C49      GTAG_DICDI    1006  
gtaH                       DDB_G0277591  Q75JZ0      GTAH_DICDI     519  
gtaI                       DDB_G0281661  Q54TM6      GTAI_DICDI     536  
gtaJ                       DDB_G0281829  Q54TE3      GTAJ_DICDI     714  
gtaK       amvA            DDB_G0282811  Q5KSV0      GTAK_DICDI     650  
gtaL                       DDB_G0285139  Q54NM5      GTAL_DICDI     640  
gtaM                       DDB_G0286837  Q54L83      GTAM_DICDI     508  
gtaN                       DDB_G0287057  Q54KX0      GTAN_DICDI     953  
gtaO                       DDB_G0289651  Q54HA4      GTAO_DICDI     511 (
gtaP                       DDB_G0295707  B0G188      GTAP_DICDI     695  
gtaQ                       DDB_G0286843  Q54L80      GTAQ_DICDI     356  
gtaR                       DDB_G0279331  Q54WY0      GTAR_DICDI     237  
gtaS                       DDB_G0280627  Q54V44      GTAS_DICDI     314  
gtaT                       DDB_G0280639  Q54V37      GTAT_DICDI     312  
gtaU                       DDB_G0280853  Q54US7      GTAU_DICDI     326  
gtaV                       DDB_G0281087  Q54UG8      GTAV_DICDI     181  
gtaW                       DDB_G0286839  Q54L82      GTAW_DICDI     295  
gtaX                       DDB_G0290665  Q54FV1      GTAX_DICDI     349  
gtaY                       DDB_G0279239  Q54X31      GTAY_DICDI     298  
gtf2a1     tfiial          DDB_G0290327  Q54G80      TF2AA_DICDI    310  
gtf2a2     tfiias          DDB_G0285343  Q54ND1      T2AG_DICDI     115  
gtf2b      tfiib           DDB_G0290929  Q54FD6      TF2B_DICDI     325  
gtf2e1-1                   DDB_G0273525  Q557M8      T2EA_DICDI     456  
gtf2e1-2                   DDB_G0273583  Q557M8      T2EA_DICDI     456  
gtf2e2                     DDB_G0287307  Q54KJ8      T2EB_DICDI     276  
gtf2f1                     DDB_G0279377  Q54WV4      T2FA_DICDI     556  
gtf2f2     tfiif2          DDB_G0287131  Q54KT7      T2FB_DICDI     241  
gtf2h1     tfiih1          DDB_G0268014  Q55FP1      TF2H1_DICDI    697  
gtf2h2     tfiih2          DDB_G0272362  Q86KZ2      TF2H2_DICDI    461  
gtf2h3     tfiih3          DDB_G0275517  Q86IB5      TF2H3_DICDI    372  
gtf2h4     tfiih4          DDB_G0293228  Q54C29      TF2H4_DICDI    483  
gtf2h5     tfiih5          DDB_G0269906  Q55CT8      TF2H5_DICDI     72  
gtf3c5     tfiiic5         DDB_G0289935  Q54GS8      TF3C5_DICDI    865  
gtpA                       DDB_G0275441  Q552Z6      GTPA_DICDI     449  
gtpbp3                     DDB_G0270228  Q55C52      GTPB3_DICDI    512  
guaA       gua2            DDB_G0281551  P32073      GUAA_DICDI     718  
guaD                       DDB_G0277743  Q86AW9      GUAD_DICDI     450  
guf1                       DDB_G0291708  B0G189      GUF1_DICDI     685  
guk1       gmkA            DDB_G0279001  Q54XF2      KGUA_DICDI     202  
gxcB       Trix            DDB_G0269424  Q55E26      GXCB_DICDI    1198  
gxcDD                      DDB_G0279733  Q1ZXH8      GXCDD_DICDI   1632  
gxcH       DDB_0233496     DDB_G0288377  Q54J14      GXCH_DICDI     928  
gxcI                       DDB_G0288383  Q54J11      GXCI_DICDI    1082  
gxcJ                       DDB_G0293978  Q54B37      GXCJ_DICDI    1155  
gxcJJ                      DDB_G0275679  Q553D3      GXCJJ_DICDI   1173  
H1         hstA            DDB_G0285319  P54671      H1_DICDI       180  
H2Av1                      DDB_G0289187  Q54HW2      H2AV1_DICDI    260  
H2Av2                      DDB_G0289193  Q54HV9      H2AV2_DICDI    286  
H2Av3                      DDB_G0289197  Q54HV7      H2AV3_DICDI    125  
H2AX                       DDB_G0279667  Q54WG6      H2AX_DICDI     154  
H2AZ                       DDB_G0286747  Q54LA5      H2AZ_DICDI     143  
H2Bv1                      DDB_G0293758  Q54BC2      H2BV1_DICDI    226  
H2Bv2                      DDB_G0276273  Q7KWR7      H2BV2_DICDI    474  
H2Bv3                      DDB_G0286509  Q54LP8      H2BV3_DICDI    154  
H3a        DdH3            DDB_G0267402  O15819      H33A_DICDI     139  
H3b                        DDB_G0270838  Q55BN9      H33B_DICDI     136  
H3c                        DDB_G0271092  Q55BP0      H33C_DICDI     136  
H3v1                       DDB_G0291185  Q54F38      H3V1_DICDI     619  
H3v2                       DDB_G0277979  Q54Z07      H3V2_DICDI      89  
H4a                        DDB_G0277183  Q76NW2      H4_DICDI       108  
H4b                        DDB_G0276863  Q76NW2      H4_DICDI       108  
haao                       DDB_G0282743  Q54S02      3HAO_DICDI     182  
hacl1                      DDB_G0292402  Q54DA9      HACL1_DICDI    580  
hagh       gloB1           DDB_G0285717  Q54MR1      GLO2_DICDI     268  
hal                        DDB_G0288025  Q54JI7      HUTH_DICDI     539  
haox                       DDB_G0291814  Q54E41      HAOX_DICDI     388  
hatA       abpH            DDB_G0282141  P13231      HATA_DICDI     118  
hatB                       DDB_G0282143  P42526      HATB_DICDI     118  
hatC                       DDB_G0292136  Q54DM0      HATC_DICDI     119  
hbx10                      DDB_G0284293  Q54PU1      HBX10_DICDI    638  
hbx12                      DDB_G0286733  Q54LB3      HBX12_DICDI    846  
hbx13                      DDB_G0288975  Q54I65      HBX13_DICDI   1363  
hbx14                      DDB_G0289677  Q54H69      HBX14_DICDI    455  
hbx2                       DDB_G0275173  Q869W0      HBX2_DICDI     942  
hbx3                       DDB_G0291197  Q54F11      HBX3_DICDI     667  
hbx4                       DDB_G0272967  Q86IH1      HBX4_DICDI     740  
hbx5-1                     DDB_G0273127  Q557C9      HBX5_DICDI    1723  
hbx5-2                     DDB_G0273645  Q557C9      HBX5_DICDI    1723  
hbx6                       DDB_G0277505  Q54ZP8      HBX6_DICDI     516  
hbx7                       DDB_G0278225  Q54YI1      HBX7_DICDI      80  
hbx8                       DDB_G0279257  Q54X22      HBX8_DICDI     327  
hbx9                       DDB_G0280473  Q54VB4      HBX9_DICDI     639  
hdaA                       DDB_G0268024  Q55FN5      HDA11_DICDI    495  
hdaB                       DDB_G0270338  Q55BW2      HDA12_DICDI    422  
hdaC                       DDB_G0280195  Q54VQ7      HDA22_DICDI   1704  
hdaD                       DDB_G0279267  Q54X15      HDA21_DICDI   1489  
hddc2                      DDB_G0290795  Q54FK1      HDDC2_DICDI    190  
heatr1                     DDB_G0285875  Q54ML4      HEAT1_DICDI   2237  
helA       ddx54           DDB_G0292992  Q54CD8      DDX54_DICDI   1091  
helB1      ddx46; hel2A    DDB_G0275443  Q553B1      DDX46_DICDI   1151  
helB2      ddx23; hel2B    DDB_G0277857  Q54Y81      DDX23_DICDI    834  
helC       ddx19           DDB_G0281553  Q54TF8      DDX19_DICDI    465  
hemC                       DDB_G0284697  Q54P93      HEM3_DICDI     325  
hemE       urod            DDB_G0292294  Q54DF9      DCUP_DICDI     364  
hemH                       DDB_G0288891  Q54IA8      HEMH_DICDI     423  
hexa1      nagA            DDB_G0287033  P13723      HEXA1_DICDI    532  
hexa2                      DDB_G0282539  Q54SC9      HEXA2_DICDI    541  
hexb1                      DDB_G0287597  Q54K55      HEXB1_DICDI    560  
hexb2                      DDB_G0287659  Q54K56      HEXB2_DICDI    564  
hgd        hgo             DDB_G0283765  Q54QI4      HGD_DICDI      432  
hgsA                       DDB_G0288461  P54872      HMCSA_DICDI    482  
hgsB                       DDB_G0274871  Q86HL5      HMCSB_DICDI    468  
hibA                       DDB_G0292566  Q54CX6      3HIDH_DICDI    321  
hibch                      DDB_G0267536  Q55GS6      HIBCH_DICDI    381  
hid1                       DDB_G0288009  Q54JJ6      HID1_DICDI     905  
hira                       DDB_G0276423  Q86HX1      HIRA_DICDI    1114  
hisS                       DDB_G0274159  Q86AS6      SYHC_DICDI     481  
hmgA                       DDB_G0269142  P34135      HMDH1_DICDI    552  
hmgB                       DDB_G0276615  P34136      HMDH2_DICDI    526  
hook       hk3             DDB_G0288691  Q54IK9      HOOK_DICDI     734  
hop2                       DDB_G0280989  Q54UM1      HOP2_DICDI     243  
hpd                        DDB_G0277511  Q76NV5      HPPD_DICDI     367  
hpdl-1                     DDB_G0273429  Q557J8      HPDL_DICDI     494  
hpdl-2                     DDB_G0273513  Q557J8      HPDL_DICDI     494  
hprT                       DDB_G0285193  Q54NJ8      HPRT_DICDI     180  
hspA                       DDB_G0288181  Q54J97      CH60_DICDI     556  
hspB       hsc70           DDB_G0269144  P36415      HS7C1_DICDI    640  
hspC       hsp32           DDB_G0272819  P54658      HS32_DICDI     281  
hspD       hsc90; hsp90    DDB_G0267400  P54651      HSC90_DICDI    700  
hspE-1                     DDB_G0273249  Q557E0      HS7C2_DICDI    632  
hspE-2                     DDB_G0273623  Q557E0      HS7C2_DICDI    632  
hspe1                      DDB_G0288265  Q54J68      CH10_DICDI     102  
hspF-1                     DDB_G0273409  Q1ZXL6      HSPF_DICDI     233  
hspF-2                     DDB_G0273561  Q1ZXL6      HSPF_DICDI     233  
hspG1                      DDB_G0275079  Q86I25      HSPG1_DICDI    182  
hspG10                     DDB_G0277123  Q550E5      HSPGA_DICDI     74  
hspG11                     DDB_G0277125  Q550E3      HSPGB_DICDI    110  
hspG12                     DDB_G0277491  Q76NU5      HSPGC_DICDI    205  
hspG2                      DDB_G0276003  Q552K9      HSPG2_DICDI    200  
hspG3                      DDB_G0276607  Q551F8      HSPG3_DICDI    227  
hspG4                      DDB_G0276587  Q551G1      HSPG4_DICDI    199  
hspG5                      DDB_G0276875  Q8MPA7      HSPG5_DICDI    202  
hspG6                      DDB_G0276949  Q8MMN1      HSPG6_DICDI    210  
hspG7                      DDB_G0276951  Q8MPA5      HSPG7_DICDI    207  
hspG8                      DDB_G0277119  Q550E9      HSPG8_DICDI    211  
hspG9                      DDB_G0276953  Q86KF5      HSPG9_DICDI    201  
hspH                       DDB_G0290187  Q6TMK3      HSP88_DICDI    772  
hspI                       DDB_G0288921  Q54I91      HSPI_DICDI     223  
hspJ                       DDB_G0279447  Q54WT6      HSPJ_DICDI     161  
hspK                       DDB_G0275525  Q86H60      HSPK_DICDI     179  
hspL                       DDB_G0267668  Q55GH8      HSPL_DICDI     132  
hspM                       DDB_G0280013  Q54W43      HSPM_DICDI     159  
hssA                       DDB_G0293360  Q54BX4      HSSA_DICDI      93  
hssB                       DDB_G0293358  Q54BX5      HSSB_DICDI      93  
hssl1                      DDB_G0268398  Q55FV3      HSL1_DICDI      81  
hssl10                     DDB_G0271712  Q86HG3      HSL10_DICDI     89  
hssl11                     DDB_G0271714  Q75JC7      HSL11_DICDI     88  
hssl12                     DDB_G0271818  Q75JC6      HSL12_DICDI     88  
hssl13                     DDB_G0271822  Q55AL8      HSL13_DICDI     88  
hssl14                     DDB_G0271824  Q55AL7      HSL14_DICDI     89  
hssl15                     DDB_G0271716  Q75JC2      HSL15_DICDI     89  
hssl16                     DDB_G0271718  Q75JC1      HSL16_DICDI     89  
hssl17                     DDB_G0272654  Q7KWN3      HSL17_DICDI     88  
hssl18                     DDB_G0273021  Q7KWN4      HSL18_DICDI     87  
hssl19                     DDB_G0273023  Q7KWN5      HSL19_DICDI     88  
hssl2                      DDB_G0268400  Q55FV2      HSL2_DICDI      80  
hssl20                     DDB_G0272656  Q7KWN6      HSL20_DICDI     89  
hssl21                     DDB_G0272658  Q7KWN7      HSL21_DICDI     89  
hssl22                     DDB_G0272927  Q7KWN8      HSL22_DICDI     89  
hssl23                     DDB_G0275579  Q86H94      HSL23_DICDI     93  
hssl24                     DDB_G0275817  Q86H93      HSL24_DICDI     91  
hssl25                     DDB_G0275819  Q553K1      HSL25_DICDI     96  
hssl26                     DDB_G0275807  Q86H91      HSL26_DICDI     93  
hssl27     7E              DDB_G0275437  P15649      HSL27_DICDI     97  
hssl28                     DDB_G0277233  Q86K56      HSL28_DICDI     87  
hssl29                     DDB_G0277739  Q86KU0      HSL29_DICDI     78  
hssl3                      DDB_G0267936  Q55FV1      HSL3_DICDI      81  
hssl30                     DDB_G0277741  Q86KT9      HSL30_DICDI     78  
hssl31                     DDB_G0278951  Q54XL1      HSL31_DICDI     87  
hssl32                     DDB_G0280871  Q54UR6      HSL32_DICDI     97  
hssl33     2C              DDB_G0280847  P15648      HSL33_DICDI     98  
hssl34                     DDB_G0280873  Q54UR4      HSL34_DICDI     98  
hssl35                     DDB_G0280925  Q54UN4      HSL35_DICDI     97  
hssl36                     DDB_G0280927  Q54UN3      HSL36_DICDI     98  
hssl37                     DDB_G0280929  Q54UN2      HSL37_DICDI    100  
hssl38                     DDB_G0280931  Q54UN1      HSL38_DICDI     97  
hssl39                     DDB_G0280933  Q54UN0      HSL39_DICDI     98  
hssl4                      DDB_G0268170  Q55FC7      HSL4_DICDI      90  
hssl40                     DDB_G0280949  Q54UM8      HSL40_DICDI    101  
hssl41                     DDB_G0280951  Q54UM7      HSL41_DICDI     99  
hssl42                     DDB_G0280953  Q54UM6      HSL42_DICDI     99  
hssl43                     DDB_G0280999  Q54UL6      HSL43_DICDI     83  
hssl44                     DDB_G0281001  Q54UL5      HSL44_DICDI     97  
hssl45                     DDB_G0281003  Q54UL4      HSL45_DICDI     95  
hssl46                     DDB_G0281005  Q54UL3      HSL46_DICDI     92  
hssl47                     DDB_G0281007  Q54UL2      HSL47_DICDI     97  
hssl48                     DDB_G0281011  Q54UL0      HSL48_DICDI     97  
hssl49                     DDB_G0281013  Q54UK9      HSL49_DICDI     94  
hssl5                      DDB_G0268454  Q55FC6      HSL5_DICDI      81  
hssl50                     DDB_G0281015  Q54UK8      HSL50_DICDI     98  
hssl51                     DDB_G0281017  Q54UK7      HSL51_DICDI     94  
hssl52                     DDB_G0281019  Q54UK6      HSL52_DICDI     91  
hssl53                     DDB_G0281295  Q54UI4      HSL53_DICDI     94  
hssl54                     DDB_G0282315  Q54SP9      HSL54_DICDI     87  
hssl55                     DDB_G0282317  Q54SP8      HSL55_DICDI     87  
hssl56                     DDB_G0282319  Q54SP7      HSL56_DICDI     87  
hssl57                     DDB_G0282321  Q54SP6      HSL57_DICDI     87  
hssl58                     DDB_G0282323  Q54SP5      HSL58_DICDI     87  
hssl59                     DDB_G0283711  Q54QP5      HSL59_DICDI     85  
hssl6                      DDB_G0268456  Q55FC5      HSL6_DICDI      88  
hssl60                     DDB_G0283713  Q54QP4      HSL60_DICDI     86  
hssl61                     DDB_G0286667  Q54LF2      HSL61_DICDI     88  
hssl62                     DDB_G0293356  Q54BX6      HSL62_DICDI     85  
hssl63     srcp1           DDB_G0293362  Q54BX3      HSL63_DICDI     88  
hssl64                     DDB_G0293676  Q54BD9      HSL64_DICDI     88  
hssl7                      DDB_G0268172  Q55FC4      HSL7_DICDI      87  
hssl8                      DDB_G0268174  Q55FC3      HSL8_DICDI      87  
hssl9                      DDB_G0268458  Q55FC2      HSL9_DICDI      88  
htt        hd              DDB_G0272344  Q76P24      HD_DICDI      3095  
hus1                       DDB_G0285353  Q54NC0      HUS1_DICDI     271  
icmt-1     icmA            DDB_G0272799  Q558K8      ICMT_DICDI     237  
icmt-2     icmA            DDB_G0273995  Q558K8      ICMT_DICDI     237  
icpA       Incenp          DDB_G0267690  Q55GF9      ICPA_DICDI    1320  
idhA                       DDB_G0271344  Q55BI2      IDHA_DICDI     354  
idhB                       DDB_G0293872  Q54B68      IDHB_DICDI     360  
idhC                       DDB_G0272208  Q75JR3      IDHC_DICDI     412  
idhM                       DDB_G0272210  Q75JR2      IDHP_DICDI     428  
ifkA                       DDB_G0272837  Q558U1      IFKA_DICDI    2258  
ifkB                       DDB_G0276829  Q550L8      IFKB_DICDI    1358  
ifkC                       DDB_G0276043  Q75JN1      IFKC_DICDI    1700  
iksA                       DDB_G0283109  Q54RJ4      IKSA_DICDI     979  
ileS                       DDB_G0278293  Q54YD4      SYIC_DICDI    1067  
impa1                      DDB_G0281239  Q54U72      IMPA1_DICDI    272  
impact                     DDB_G0287757  Q54JW9      IMPCT_DICDI    345  
impdh      guaB            DDB_G0283701  Q54QQ0      IMDH_DICDI     515  
ino1                       DDB_G0285505  Q54N49      INO1_DICDI     511  
ints1                      DDB_G0285393  Q54NC8      INT1_DICDI    2497  
ints11                     DDB_G0278189  Q54YL3      INT11_DICDI    744  
ints2                      DDB_G0271040  Q55CB6      INT2_DICDI    1362  
ints3                      DDB_G0268706  Q55EZ4      INT3_DICDI    1520  
ints4                      DDB_G0286633  Q54LH5      INT4_DICDI    1233  
ints6                      DDB_G0277953  Q54Z23      INT6_DICDI    1107  
ints7                      DDB_G0284483  Q54PL2      INT7_DICDI    1024  
ints9                      DDB_G0282473  Q54SH0      INT9_DICDI     712  
ipi        Dipi; idi       DDB_G0290011  Q9NH02      IDI_DICDI      239  
iplA                       DDB_G0292564  Q9NA13      IPLA_DICDI    3177  
ipo13A                     DDB_G0293110  Q54C85      IP13A_DICDI   1064  
ipo13B                     DDB_G0279441  Q54WT9      IP13B_DICDI   1119  
iptA                       DDB_G0277215  Q86K86      IPT_DICDI      283  
ireA                       DDB_G0267650  Q55GJ2      IREA_DICDI     984  
irlA                       DDB_G0272987  Q559A2      IRLA_DICDI    1431  
irlB-1                     DDB_G0273333  Q557G1      IRLB_DICDI    1448  
irlB-2                     DDB_G0273857  Q557G1      IRLB_DICDI    1448  
irlC                       DDB_G0270894  Q55DJ8      IRLC_DICDI    1444  
irlD                       DDB_G0269632  Q55DJ9      IRLD_DICDI    1505  
irlE                       DDB_G0288803  Q54IE8      IRLE_DICDI    1350  
irlF-1                     DDB_G0273171  Q556Q3      IRLF_DICDI    1400  
irlF-2                     DDB_G0273903  Q556Q3      IRLF_DICDI    1400  
isca1                      DDB_G0280173  Q54VS1      ISCA1_DICDI    139  
isca2                      DDB_G0284809  Q54P40      ISCA2_DICDI    209  
isy1                       DDB_G0285521  Q54N41      ISY1_DICDI     299  
itpa                       DDB_G0286495  Q54LQ6      ITPA_DICDI     194  
iunH                       DDB_G0272738  Q7KWM9      RIH_DICDI      340  
jcdA                       DDB_G0290765  Q54FM1      JMJCA_DICDI    252  
jcdB                       DDB_G0268178  Q55FB9      JMJCB_DICDI    286  
jcdC                       DDB_G0286391  Q54LV7      JMJCC_DICDI    415  
jcdD                       DDB_G0270906  Q55DF5      JMJCD_DICDI    448  
jcdE                       DDB_G0292770  Q54CS7      JMJCE_DICDI    353  
jcdF                       DDB_G0290869  Q54FG7      JMJCF_DICDI    474  
jcdg                       DDB_G0287513  Q54K96      NO66_DICDI     514  
kdelr      erd2            DDB_G0272124  Q86JE5      ERD2_DICDI     218  
kif1       kif1A; unc104   DDB_G0290963  Q9NGQ2      KIF1_DICDI    2205  
kif10                      DDB_G0293198  Q6S002      KIF10_DICDI   1238  
kif11                      DDB_G0291039  Q6S001      KIF11_DICDI    685  
kif12                      DDB_G0268258  Q6S000      KIF12_DICDI   1499  
kif13                      DDB_G0288361  Q6RZZ9      KIF13_DICDI   1265  
kif2       GPK2; K2; ksnB  DDB_G0267396  Q9BPU3      KIF2_DICDI     792  
kif3       K3; ksnC        DDB_G0280967  Q54UC9      KIF3_DICDI    1193  
kif4       K4; ksnD        DDB_G0285101  Q54NP8      KIF4_DICDI    1922  
kif5       kin5            DDB_G0276369  Q8T135      KIF5_DICDI     990  
kif6       K6; ksnF        DDB_G0267404  Q6S004      KIF6_DICDI    1030  
kif7       K7; ksnG        DDB_G0281555  Q54TL0      KIF7_DICDI    1255  
kif8       K8; ksnH        DDB_G0284471  Q6S003      KIF8_DICDI    1873  
kif9       kin2            DDB_G0274603  Q555I8      KIF9_DICDI    1222  
kifbp      kbp             DDB_G0282223  Q54SU1      KBP_DICDI      620  
kil1                       DDB_G0267630  Q55GK8      KIL1_DICDI     471  
kinX                       DDB_G0283391  Q23915      KINX_DICDI    1094  
kinY                       DDB_G0289661  Q54H05      KINY_DICDI     579  
kmo                        DDB_G0283173  Q54RE8      KMO_DICDI      460  
krr1                       DDB_G0280805  Q54UU6      KRR1_DICDI     374  
krsA       krs1            DDB_G0284181  O61125      STK4_DICDI     461  
krsB       krs2            DDB_G0267978  Q55FS2      STK4L_DICDI   1105  
ksrA-1                     DDB_G0272883  Q556J2      KDSR_DICDI     334  
ksrA-2                     DDB_G0274015  Q556J2      KDSR_DICDI     334  
ku70                       DDB_G0286069  Q54MA9      KU70_DICDI     909  
ku80                       DDB_G0286303  Q54LY5      XRCC5_DICDI    796  
kxcA       RacGEF          DDB_G0289859  Q54GY6      KXCA_DICDI    1311  
kxcB       RacGEF          DDB_G0293124  Q54C71      KXCB_DICDI    1125  
kynu                       DDB_G0284203  Q54Q04      KYNU_DICDI     451  
l2hgdh                     DDB_G0267656  Q55GI5      L2HDH_DICDI    446  
lap                        DDB_G0279793  Q5V9F0      AMPL_DICDI     520  
ldhA                       DDB_G0281101  Q54UF7      LDHD_DICDI     340  
leg1                       DDB_G0287367  Q54KF5      LEG1H_DICDI    326  
leo1                       DDB_G0286051  Q54MB8      LEO1_DICDI     487  
leuS                       DDB_G0285451  Q54N83      SYLC_DICDI    1058  
lig1                       DDB_G0274493  Q869E1      DNLI1_DICDI   1192  
lig3                       DDB_G0283857  Q54QM4      DNLI3_DICDI   1175  
lig4                       DDB_G0292760  Q54CR9      DNLI4_DICDI   1088  
limA                       DDB_G0283599  Q54QR1      LIMA_DICDI    1183  
limB       lim2; paxA      DDB_G0284863  Q54NW4      LIMB_DICDI     553  
limC                       DDB_G0277881  Q9BIW5      LIMC_DICDI     182  
limD       limD1           DDB_G0287507  Q9BIW4      LIMD_DICDI     198  
limE       crp             DDB_G0279415  O60952      LIME_DICDI     199  
limF                       DDB_G0275157  Q86I44      LIMF_DICDI     197  
limG                       DDB_G0269548  Q55DS4      LIMG_DICDI     281  
lis1                       DDB_G0288375  Q8I0F4      LIS1_DICDI     419  
litaf                      DDB_G0289149  Q54HX8      CDIP1_DICDI    181  
lkb1                       DDB_G0279629  Q54WJ0      STK11_DICDI    586  
lkhA                       DDB_G0269148  P52922      LKHA4_DICDI    606  
lmbrd1                     DDB_G0287405  Q54KD1      LMBD1_DICDI    510  
lmcB       lmcA; V4        DDB_G0280533  P14330      VSV4_DICDI     160  
lmnB                       DDB_G0289429  Q54HI5      LMNB1_DICDI    716  
lmpA                       DDB_G0267406  Q9XYS8      LMPA_DICDI     779  
lmpB                       DDB_G0287035  Q9BKJ9      LMPB_DICDI     755  
lmpC                       DDB_G0267440  Q55FQ9      LMPC_DICDI     782  
lpd        bkdD; dld       DDB_G0291648  Q54EW8      DLDH_DICDI     488  
lrlA                       DDB_G0286037  Q54MC6      LRLA_DICDI     306  
lrrA                       DDB_G0294094  Q54AX5      LRRA_DICDI     510  
lsm1                       DDB_G0279837  Q54W83      LSM1_DICDI     129  
lsm2                       DDB_G0281779  Q54TF6      LSM2_DICDI     117  
lsm3                       DDB_G0277107  Q1ZXK3      LSM3_DICDI      97  
lsm4                       DDB_G0287053  Q54KX4      LSM4_DICDI     177  
lsm5                       DDB_G0268716  Q55EX5      LSM5_DICDI      97  
lsm6                       DDB_G0275719  Q552U1      LSM6_DICDI      88  
lsm7                       DDB_G0289499  Q54HF6      LSM7_DICDI      97  
lsm8                       DDB_G0288479  Q1ZXD5      LSM8_DICDI      94  
lst8                       DDB_G0292592  Q54D08      LST8_DICDI     304  
ltv1                       DDB_G0275601  Q8T1D4      LTV1_DICDI     496  
lvsA                       DDB_G0269150  Q55DM1      LVSA_DICDI    3619  
lvsB                       DDB_G0271504  Q86JF2      LVSB_DICDI    4118  
lvsC                       DDB_G0280971  Q54U63      LVSC_DICDI    2491  
lvsD                       DDB_G0271502  Q55AV3      LVSD_DICDI    2967  
lvsE                       DDB_G0282925  Q54RQ8      LVSE_DICDI    2192  
lvsF                       DDB_G0284333  Q54PP7      LVSF_DICDI    1154  
lvsG                       DDB_G0268088  Q55FJ0      LVSG_DICDI    2179  
lyC2                       DDB_G0291137  Q54F36      Y1137_DICDI    185  
lyrm1                      DDB_G0281987  Q54T58      LYRM1_DICDI    117  
lyrm4      isd11           DDB_G0290725  Q54FN9      LYRM4_DICDI     81  
lyrm7      MZM1L           DDB_G0269218  Q9GPS1      LYRM7_DICDI    140  
lzic                       DDB_G0288823  Q54ID4      LZIC_DICDI     192  
mad2l1-1   mad2a-1         DDB_G0273201  Q556Y9      MD2L1_DICDI    203  
mad2l1-2   mad2a-2         DDB_G0273727  Q556Y9      MD2L1_DICDI    203  
mad2l2     mad2b           DDB_G0282747  Q54S00      MD2L2_DICDI    332  
maf1                       DDB_G0278673  Q54Y76      MAF1_DICDI     278  
magoh                      DDB_G0270866  Q55E21      MGN_DICDI      197  
mai                        DDB_G0278155  Q54YN2      MAAI_DICDI     219  
mak16l     mak16           DDB_G0269642  Q55DJ3      MAK16_DICDI    309  
malA       sigA            DDB_G0272524  Q6TU48      MAOX_DICDI     544  
malaS                      DDB_G0275655  Q86H43      SYAM_DICDI     932  
manA                       DDB_G0292206  P34098      MANA_DICDI    1010  
manB                       DDB_G0278259  Q54YF7      MANB_DICDI    1035  
manC                       DDB_G0268994  Q55ER0      MANC_DICDI    1079  
manD                       DDB_G0278653  Q54YC4      MAND_DICDI    1222  
manE                       DDB_G0278651  Q1ZXI8      MANE_DICDI    1123  
manF                       DDB_G0287231  Q54KN4      MANF_DICDI     994  
manG                       DDB_G0287577  Q54K67      MANG_DICDI    1087  
maoA                       DDB_G0288541  Q54IT3      AOFA_DICDI     456  
maoB-1                     DDB_G0272582  Q556K3      AOFB_DICDI     471  
maoB-2                     DDB_G0273993  Q556K3      AOFB_DICDI     471  
maoC-1                     DDB_G0272584  Q556K4      AOFC_DICDI     467  
maoC-2                     DDB_G0273991  Q556K4      AOFC_DICDI     467  
masA                       DDB_G0275887  Q8T2K9      MASY_DICDI     543  
maspS                      DDB_G0270152  Q55C99      SYDM_DICDI     692  
mccA       mccc1           DDB_G0287377  Q54KE6      MCCA_DICDI     699  
mccb       mccc2           DDB_G0271960  Q8T2J9      MCCB_DICDI     588  
mcee                       DDB_G0275181  Q553V2      MCEE_DICDI     166  
mcfA                       DDB_G0291312  Q54EV4      MCFA_DICDI     327  
mcfB                       DDB_G0285599  Q54MZ4      MCFB_DICDI     434  
mcfC       CBP11           DDB_G0287009  B0G159      MCFC_DICDI     472  
mcfD                       DDB_G0269352  Q55E85      MCFD_DICDI     344  
mcfE                       DDB_G0269394  Q55E45      MCFE_DICDI     303  
mcfF                       DDB_G0269470  Q55DY8      MFRN_DICDI     308  
mcfG       slc25a20A       DDB_G0293556  Q54BM3      MCFG_DICDI     300  
mcfH       slc25a40        DDB_G0275985  Q552L9      S2540_DICDI    366  
mcfI       mftA            DDB_G0271922  Q86I81      MCFI_DICDI     338  
mcfJ                       DDB_G0280083  Q54VX4      MCFJ_DICDI     345  
mcfK       slc25a19        DDB_G0280161  Q54VS7      TPC_DICDI      323  
mcfL                       DDB_G0280021  Q54W11      MCFL_DICDI     285  
mcfM       slc25a32        DDB_G0283751  Q54QN2      MCFM_DICDI     306  
mcfN       slc25a3         DDB_G0293646  Q54BF6      MCFN_DICDI     298  
mcfO                       DDB_G0283329  Q54RB9      CMC_DICDI      772  
mcfP       slc25a16A       DDB_G0292034  Q54DU1      MCFP_DICDI     297  
mcfQ       slc25a17        DDB_G0272346  Q76P23      PM34_DICDI     329  
mcfR       slc25a16B       DDB_G0283811  Q54QI8      MCFR_DICDI     326  
mcfS       slc25a20B       DDB_G0290913  Q54FE6      MCFS_DICDI     285  
mcfT       slc25a21        DDB_G0267704  Q55GE2      ODC_DICDI      300  
mcfU                       DDB_G0282727  Q54S10      MCFU_DICDI     390  
mcfV                       DDB_G0276261  Q551X6      MCFV_DICDI     527  
mcfW                       DDB_G0290669  Q54FU9      MCFW_DICDI     329  
mcfX                       DDB_G0276933  Q86AV5      MCFX_DICDI     301  
mcfY                       DDB_G0274501  Q86HN8      MCFY_DICDI     436  
mcfZ       mitA            DDB_G0293874  Q54B67      MCFZ_DICDI     301  
mcm5                       DDB_G0292958  Q54CP4      MCM5_DICDI     757  
mcm6                       DDB_G0272760  Q86B14      MCM6_DICDI     867  
mcmbp                      DDB_G0270664  Q55CZ6      MCMBP_DICDI    719  
mcts1                      DDB_G0271910  Q86KL4      MCTS1_DICDI    182  
mcysS                      DDB_G0277295  Q54ZY3      SYCM_DICDI     583  
mdhA                       DDB_G0290207  Q54GE6      MDHA_DICDI     391  
mdhB                       DDB_G0292600  Q54D04      MDHB_DICDI     348  
mdhC                       DDB_G0280255  Q54VM2      MDHC_DICDI     333  
mdn1                       DDB_G0295765  Q869L3      MDN1_DICDI    5900  
mecr                       DDB_G0278095  Q54YT4      MECR_DICDI     350  
med1                       DDB_G0282453  Q54SI1      MED1_DICDI     724  
med10                      DDB_G0290209  Q54GE5      MED10_DICDI    219  
med11                      DDB_G0280109  Q54VV8      MED11_DICDI    143  
med12                      DDB_G0281277  Q54U49      MED12_DICDI   2731  
med14                      DDB_G0291297  P0CB66      MED14_DICDI   1420  
med15                      DDB_G0293914  Q54B46      MED15_DICDI    851  
med16                      DDB_G0279157  Q54X75      MED16_DICDI   1284  
med17                      DDB_G0279723  Q54WH4      MED17_DICDI    856  
med18                      DDB_G0285713  Q54MR3      MED18_DICDI    251  
med19                      DDB_G0271246  Q55BA4      MED19_DICDI    299  
med20                      DDB_G0290781  Q54FL3      MED20_DICDI    195  
med21                      DDB_G0289339  Q54HN4      MED21_DICDI    197  
med22                      DDB_G0279087  Q54XB0      MED22_DICDI    149  
med23                      DDB_G0270434  Q55BN0      MED23_DICDI   1662  
med24      med5            DDB_G0289971  Q54GV0      MED24_DICDI   2036  
med26                      DDB_G0275733  Q552X2      MED26_DICDI   2073  
med27      med3            DDB_G0271072  Q55BX7      MED27_DICDI    450  
med28                      DDB_G0292324  Q54DD4      MED28_DICDI    179  
med29      med2            DDB_G0284719  Q54PD9      MED29_DICDI    554  
med30                      DDB_G0274443  Q86HS8      MED30_DICDI    255  
med31                      DDB_G0285221  Q54NI7      MED31_DICDI    176  
med4                       DDB_G0292608  Q54D00      MED4_DICDI     343  
med6                       DDB_G0284421  Q54PN3      MED6_DICDI     267  
med7                       DDB_G0269568  Q55DQ5      MED7_DICDI     345  
med8                       DDB_G0293824  Q54B97      MED8_DICDI     524  
med9                       DDB_G0287019  Q54KY8      MED9_DICDI     197  
mef2A      sfrC            DDB_G0268920  Q55F37      SRFC_DICDI    1048  
mekA       MEK1            DDB_G0269152  Q55CL6      MP2K1_DICDI    660  
melA                       DDB_G0271490  Q55B10      AGAL_DICDI     385  
memo1                      DDB_G0284869  Q54NZ1      MEMO1_DICDI    290  
metap1                     DDB_G0279433  Q54WU3      MAP11_DICDI    367  
metap1d    map1d           DDB_G0280127  Q54VU7      MAP12_DICDI    404  
metap2                     DDB_G0270264  Q55C21      MAP2_DICDI     436  
metE                       DDB_G0279211  Q54X49      METE_DICDI     825  
metK                       DDB_G0291179  Q54F07      METK_DICDI     384  
metS                       DDB_G0279113  Q54X95      SYMC_DICDI     736  
mettl1                     DDB_G0276491  Q551M3      TRMB_DICDI     278  
mfap1                      DDB_G0282219  Q54SU3      MFAP1_DICDI    460  
mfeA       mfe1            DDB_G0291247  Q9NKW1      MFEA_DICDI     441  
mfeB       mfe2            DDB_G0277911  Q54XZ0      MFEB_DICDI     294  
mgm101                     DDB_G0277451  Q8MYF0      MG101_DICDI    377  
mgp1       gacBB           DDB_G0290233  Q54GD0      MGP1_DICDI     920  
mgp2       gacCC           DDB_G0270024  Q55CK2      MGP2_DICDI     877  
mgp3       gacAA           DDB_G0269624  Q55DK5      MGP3_DICDI    1337  
mgp4       gacDD           DDB_G0283899  Q54QF4      MGP4_DICDI     909  
mgst                       DDB_G0290291  Q54GA9      MGST_DICDI     149  
mhcA                       DDB_G0286355  P08799      MYS2_DICDI    2116  
mhisS                      DDB_G0269822  Q55D12      SYHM_DICDI     501  
mhkA       mhckA           DDB_G0291231  P42527      MHCKA_DICDI   1146  
mhkB       mhckB           DDB_G0289115  P90648      MHCKB_DICDI    732  
mhkC       mhckC           DDB_G0290687  Q8MY12      MHCKC_DICDI    780  
mhkD       mhckD           DDB_G0282489  Q54SF9      MHCKD_DICDI    941  
mhsp70     hsp70           DDB_G0293298  Q8I0H7      HSP7M_DICDI    658  
midA                       DDB_G0282615  Q54S83      NDUF7_DICDI    484  
mileS                      DDB_G0293030  Q54CE4      SYIM_DICDI    1034  
mios                       DDB_G0276673  Q551B5      MIO_DICDI     1119  
miox                       DDB_G0290161  Q54GH4      MIOX_DICDI     292  
mipp1                      DDB_G0285339  Q54ND5      MINP1_DICDI    635  
mkcA       DG1023          DDB_G0285427  Q54MY9      MKCA_DICDI     860  
mkcB       DG1101          DDB_G0290723  Q9NGW9      MKCB_DICDI     714  
mkcC                       DDB_G0287853  Q54JQ1      MKCC_DICDI     891  
mkcD                       DDB_G0277413  Q8SSV3      MKCD_DICDI     652  
mkcE                       DDB_G0281649  Q54TN4      MKCE_DICDI     715  
mkcF                       DDB_G0270102  Q55CE0      MKCF_DICDI     677  
mkkA                       DDB_G0283265  Q54R82      MKKA_DICDI     942  
mlcB                       DDB_G0290077  Q54GL7      MLCB_DICDI      73  
mlcD                       DDB_G0277917  Q7Z2B8      MLCD_DICDI     147  
mlcE       mlcB            DDB_G0277859  P09402      MLE_DICDI      150  
mlcR       mlcA            DDB_G0276077  P13833      MLR_DICDI      161  
mleuS                      DDB_G0291346  Q54ET5      SYLM_DICDI     940  
mlh1                       DDB_G0287393  Q54KD8      MLH1_DICDI     884  
mlkA                       DDB_G0279925  P25323      MYLKA_DICDI    295  
mmetS                      DDB_G0285759  Q54MZ8      SYMM_DICDI     575  
mmgt       emc5            DDB_G0274571  Q86J02      EMC5_DICDI     105  
mms19                      DDB_G0288217  Q54J88      MMS19_DICDI   1115  
mmsdh      aldh6           DDB_G0289085  Q54I10      MMSA_DICDI     528  
mnd1                       DDB_G0291750  Q54E86      MND1_DICDI     221  
mob2                       DDB_G0283625  Q54QV0      MOB2_DICDI     217  
mobA                       DDB_G0278907  Q54XJ0      MOB1A_DICDI    213  
mobB                       DDB_G0292758  Q54CR8      MOB1B_DICDI    216  
mobC                       DDB_G0293706  Q54BM4      MOB1C_DICDI    216  
mocos                      DDB_G0272935  Q559G8      MOCOS_DICDI   1007  
mocs1                      DDB_G0285137  Q54NM6      MOCS1_DICDI    630  
mocs2l     moco1l          DDB_G0271864  Q86HF4      MOC2B_DICDI    158  
mocs2s     moco1s          DDB_G0285133  Q54NM8      MOC2A_DICDI     86  
mocs3      uba4            DDB_G0267980  Q55FS0      UBA4_DICDI     425  
modA       ganab           DDB_G0269154  Q94502      GANAB_DICDI    943  
mog1                       DDB_G0285871  Q54ML6      MOG1_DICDI     195  
morg1                      DDB_G0289711  Q54H44      WDR83_DICDI    325  
mpheS                      DDB_G0274371  Q86A68      SYFM_DICDI     454  
mpi                        DDB_G0284685  Q54PA0      MPI_DICDI      452  
mpl1                       DDB_G0269918  Q55CS7      MPL1_DICDI     834  
mpl2                       DDB_G0270688  Q55CS8      MPL2_DICDI     695  
mpl3                       DDB_G0278445  Q54Y32      MPL3_DICDI     856  
mppA1      mppA            DDB_G0274809  Q86A84      MPPA1_DICDI    654  
mppA2      pmpca           DDB_G0290997  Q54F93      MPPA2_DICDI    445  
mppB                       DDB_G0288777  Q4W6B5      MPPB_DICDI     469  
mps1       ttkA            DDB_G0280995  Q54UL8      MPS1_DICDI     983  
mrd1       rbm19           DDB_G0284663  Q54PB2      MRD1_DICDI     895  
mrfA       rcdK            DDB_G0284183  Q54PT9      MRFA_DICDI     932  
mrkA                       DDB_G0292304  Q54DF2      MRKA_DICDI    1060  
mrkB                       DDB_G0285643  Q54MV2      MRKB_DICDI     715  
mrkC                       DDB_G0281895  Q54TA3      MRKC_DICDI     773  
mrm1                       DDB_G0277479  Q76NT0      MRM1_DICDI     531  
mroh1      heatr7a         DDB_G0291161  Q54F23      MROH1_DICDI   1647  
mrpl11     rpl11           DDB_G0294040  Q23884      RM11_DICDI     172  
mrpl14     rpl14           DDB_G0294066  O21033      RM14_DICDI     129  
mrpl16     rpl16           DDB_G0294042  O21032      RM16_DICDI     144  
mrpl17                     DDB_G0281435  Q54TY5      RM17_DICDI     182  
mrpl2      rpl2            DDB_G0294036  Q23888      RM02_DICDI     266  
mrpl21                     DDB_G0288799  Q54IF0      RM21_DICDI     172  
mrpl22                     DDB_G0279519  Q54WP3      RM22_DICDI     237  
mrpl27                     DDB_G0278889  Q54XK0      RM27_DICDI     142  
mrpl33                     DDB_G0278023  Q54YX7      RM33_DICDI      63  
mrpl34                     DDB_G0295825  P0C7W4      RM34_DICDI     169  
mrpl53                     DDB_G0292420  Q54D99      RM53_DICDI     129  
mrpl6      rpl6            DDB_G0294038  O21037      RM06_DICDI     170  
mrps10                     DDB_G0279855  Q54WA4      RT10_DICDI     131  
mrps12     rps12           DDB_G0294074  Q23886      RT12_DICDI     140  
mrps13     rps13           DDB_G0294058  O21038      RT13_DICDI     169  
mrps14     rps14           DDB_G0294062  O21035      RT14_DICDI     101  
mrps17                     DDB_G0277195  Q86K64      RT17_DICDI     127  
mrps19     rps19           DDB_G0294044  Q23889      RT19_DICDI      87  
mrps2      rps2            DDB_G0294050  Q9XPI7      RT02_DICDI     244  
mrps4      dia3; rps4      DDB_G0294046  Q9XPI8      RT04_DICDI     300  
mrps7      rps7            DDB_G0294072  Q23887      RT07_DICDI     162  
mrps8      rps8            DDB_G0294060  O21036      RT08_DICDI     152  
mrt4                       DDB_G0276411  Q86HD3      MRT4_DICDI     223  
msh2                       DDB_G0275809  Q553L4      MSH2_DICDI     937  
msh3                       DDB_G0281683  Q1ZXH0      MSH3_DICDI    1428  
msh6                       DDB_G0268614  Q55GU9      MSH6_DICDI    1260  
msp                        DDB_G0277015  Q86KP5      MSP_DICDI      243  
msrA                       DDB_G0276579  Q551H3      MSRA_DICDI     147  
mtaA                       DDB_G0268616  Q1ZXQ8      MTAA_DICDI    2013  
mtmr15                     DDB_G0267916  Q55FW8      FAN1_DICDI    1087  
mtpn                       DDB_G0268038  Q55FM5      MTPN_DICDI     120  
mtr                        DDB_G0284699  Q54P92      METH_DICDI    1260  
mtyrS                      DDB_G0279715  Q54WD9      SYYM_DICDI     482  
mus81                      DDB_G0276519  Q551H0      MUS81_DICDI    920  
mvd                        DDB_G0278607  Q54YQ9      MVD1_DICDI     391  
mvk                        DDB_G0272018  Q86AG7      KIME_DICDI     390  
mvpA                       DDB_G0269156  P34118      MVPA_DICDI     843  
mvpB                       DDB_G0291127  P54659      MVPB_DICDI     846  
mybA                       DDB_G0293900  P34127      MYBA_DICDI    1230  
mybAA                      DDB_G0268368  B0G0Y5      MYBAA_DICDI    971  
mybB                       DDB_G0275445  O15816      MYBB_DICDI     711  
mybC                       DDB_G0281563  Q54TN2      MYBC_DICDI     580  
mybD                       DDB_G0287637  Q54K19      MYBD_DICDI     595  
mybF                       DDB_G0278317  Q54YB7      MYBF_DICDI     564  
mybG                       DDB_G0288783  Q54IF9      MYBG_DICDI     423  
mybH                       DDB_G0277927  Q54Z40      MYBH_DICDI    1217  
mybI                       DDB_G0289151  Q54HX6      MYBI_DICDI     977  
mybJ                       DDB_G0274463  Q869R9      MYBJ_DICDI     734  
mybK                       DDB_G0276877  Q86HX9      MYBK_DICDI     894  
mybL                       DDB_G0285373  Q54NA6      MYBL_DICDI     855  
mybM                       DDB_G0267636  Q55GK3      MYBM_DICDI     669  
mybN                       DDB_G0292782  Q54CT1      MYBN_DICDI     577  
mybO                       DDB_G0290787  Q54FL0      MYBO_DICDI    1327  
mybP                       DDB_G0270560  Q55DP9      MYBP_DICDI    1448  
mybQ                       DDB_G0289319  Q54HP1      MYBQ_DICDI     909  
mybR                       DDB_G0292182  Q54DP7      MYBR_DICDI     394  
mybT                       DDB_G0292180  Q54DQ3      MYBT_DICDI     189  
mybU                       DDB_G0283953  Q54QC0      MYBU_DICDI    2381  
mybV                       DDB_G0279281  Q54X08      MYBV_DICDI     803  
mybW                       DDB_G0270346  Q55BV7      MYBW_DICDI     668  
mybX                       DDB_G0288285  Q54J55      MYBX_DICDI    1620  
mybY                       DDB_G0284399  Q54PP6      MYBY_DICDI     572  
mybZ                       DDB_G0284103  Q54Q45      MYBZ_DICDI     726  
mycbp                      DDB_G0288991  Q54I57      MYCBP_DICDI     90  
myoA       abmA; dmiA      DDB_G0280039  P22467      MYOA_DICDI     994  
myoB       dmiB; myoA      DDB_G0289117  P34092      MYOB_DICDI    1111  
myoC       dmiC            DDB_G0276617  P42522      MYOC_DICDI    1182  
myoD       dmiD            DDB_G0275447  P34109      MYOD_DICDI    1109  
myoE       dmiE            DDB_G0288679  Q03479      MYOE_DICDI    1005  
myoF                       DDB_G0289177  P54695      MYOF_DICDI    1071  
myoG                       DDB_G0276363  Q86AC8      MYOG_DICDI    3446  
myoH       myo5A           DDB_G0289447  P54696      MYOH_DICDI    1771  
myoI                       DDB_G0274455  Q9U1M8      MYOI_DICDI    2357  
myoJ       myo5B           DDB_G0272112  P54697      MYOJ_DICDI    2245  
myoK       myoIG           DDB_G0274575  Q9XXV8      MYOK_DICDI     858  
myoM       racGEF          DDB_G0292262  Q9TW28      MYOM_DICDI    1737  
nacA                       DDB_G0281403  Q54U07      NACA_DICDI     160  
nacB       btf3            DDB_G0281795  Q54TR8      NACB_DICDI     142  
nad1                       DDB_G0294018  Q37313      NU1M_DICDI     317  
nad11      ndufs1          DDB_G0294052  Q34312      NDUS1_DICDI    688  
nad2                       DDB_G0294020  O21048      NU2M_DICDI     488  
nad3                       DDB_G0294022  Q37312      NU3M_DICDI     120  
nad4                       DDB_G0294048  O21047      NU4M_DICDI     540  
nad4L                      DDB_G0294024  Q9XK79      NU4LM_DICDI     98  
nad5                       DDB_G0294026  Q34313      NU5M_DICDI     670  
nad6                       DDB_G0294028  Q37314      NU6M_DICDI     226  
nad7       ndufs2          DDB_G0294030  Q23883      NDUS2_DICDI    406  
nad9       ndufs3; noxA    DDB_G0294032  P22237      NDUS3_DICDI    209  
nadsyn1                    DDB_G0285877  Q54ML1      NADE_DICDI     713  
nae1       appbp1          DDB_G0287965  Q54JM3      ULA1_DICDI     520  
nagk                       DDB_G0284433  Q54PM7      NAGK_DICDI     319  
nap1                       DDB_G0269290  Q55ED1      NAP1_DICDI     321  
napA       nap1            DDB_G0274519  Q869Q3      NAPA_DICDI    1160  
naprt                      DDB_G0268472  Q55G10      PNCB_DICDI     589  
narfl                      DDB_G0291149  Q54F30      NARF_DICDI     522  
nat10                      DDB_G0268868  Q55EJ3      NAT10_DICDI   1057  
nat5                       DDB_G0276345  Q8SSN5      NAA20_DICDI    173  
nat9                       DDB_G0272710  Q86II5      NAT9_DICDI     212  
natA       ard1            DDB_G0275449  P36416      ARD1_DICDI     203  
nca2                       DDB_G0267648  Q55GJ3      NCA2_DICDI     923  
ncbp1      cbp80           DDB_G0269814  Q55D17      NCBP1_DICDI    772  
ncbp2      cbp20           DDB_G0287197  Q54KR9      NCBP2_DICDI    234  
ncfA                       DDB_G0288773  Q867T7      NCFA_DICDI     604  
ncsA                       DDB_G0275931  Q75K28      NCSA_DICDI     186  
ncstn                      DDB_G0287801  Q54JT7      NICA_DICDI     659  
ndkC-1     gip17; ndkB     DDB_G0273069  P22887      NDKC_DICDI     155  
ndkC-2     gip17; ndkB     DDB_G0273805  P22887      NDKC_DICDI     155  
ndkM       guk; ndkA       DDB_G0279911  P34093      NDKM_DICDI     220  
ndrA                       DDB_G0278457  Q54Y26      NDRA_DICDI     530  
ndrB                       DDB_G0288753  Q54IH8      NDRB_DICDI     542  
ndrC                       DDB_G0284839  Q54P47      NDRC_DICDI    1335  
ndrD                       DDB_G0289543  Q54HD2      NDRD_DICDI    2112  
ndufa12                    DDB_G0285783  Q54MV7      NDUAC_DICDI    138  
ndufa13                    DDB_G0274311  Q86IZ2      NDUAD_DICDI    113  
ndufa5                     DDB_G0272394  Q559Z4      NDUA5_DICDI    117  
ndufa6                     DDB_G0291129  Q54F42      NDUA6_DICDI    124  
ndufa8                     DDB_G0284799  Q54P46      NDUA8_DICDI    104  
ndufa9                     DDB_G0272266  Q559Z0      NDUA9_DICDI    356  
ndufab1                    DDB_G0291866  Q54E22      ACPM_DICDI     120  
ndufaf5                    DDB_G0287769  Q54JW0      NDUF5_DICDI    436  
ndufb7                     DDB_G0280595  Q54V61      NDUB7_DICDI    112  
ndufb9                     DDB_G0285021  Q54NR3      NDUB9_DICDI    106  
ndufs4                     DDB_G0295657  Q8T1V6      NDUS4_DICDI    190  
ndufs7                     DDB_G0285239  Q54NI6      NDUS7_DICDI    178  
ndufv1     qinA; rcdG      DDB_G0288875  Q54I90      NDUV1_DICDI    479  
ndufv2                     DDB_G0291173  Q54F10      NDUV2_DICDI    247  
nedd8                      DDB_G0278711  Q54XV3      NEDD8_DICDI     77  
nedd8l1                    DDB_G0281703  Q54TK0      NED81_DICDI     96  
nedd8l2                    DDB_G0286927  Q54L35      NED82_DICDI     80  
nek1                       DDB_G0283927  Q54QD5      NEK1_DICDI     485  
nek2                       DDB_G0270814  Q55BN8      NEK2_DICDI     418  
nek3                       DDB_G0275241  Q86I06      NEK3_DICDI    1123  
nfaA                       DDB_G0271750  Q55AR6      NFAA_DICDI     920  
nfs1                       DDB_G0279287  Q54X04      NFS1_DICDI     450  
nfx1                       DDB_G0293590  Q54BK0      NFX1_DICDI    1506  
nfyA                       DDB_G0282697  Q54S29      NFYA_DICDI     517  
nfyB                       DDB_G0279419  Q54WV0      NFYB_DICDI     490  
nfyc-1                     DDB_G0273479  Q557I1      NFYC_DICDI     684  
nfyc-2                     DDB_G0273545  Q557I1      NFYC_DICDI     684  
ngap                       DDB_G0278483  Q54Y08      NGAP_DICDI     877  
nhe1                       DDB_G0275711  Q552S0      NHE1_DICDI     674  
nhp6                       DDB_G0270260  Q55C24      NHP6_DICDI     141  
nif3       nif3l1          DDB_G0270854  Q55E83      NIF3L_DICDI    354  
nip7                       DDB_G0295477  B0G104      NIP7_DICDI     179  
nipsnap                    DDB_G0288989  Q54I58      NIPSN_DICDI    223  
nit1-1                     DDB_G0273457  Q557J5      NIT1_DICDI     291  
nit1-2                     DDB_G0273519  Q557J5      NIT1_DICDI     291  
nit2                       DDB_G0287939  Q54JM9      NIT2_DICDI     328  
nmd3                       DDB_G0271306  Q55BF2      NMD3_DICDI     530  
nmt                        DDB_G0275863  Q553B6      NMT_DICDI      413  
nog1                       DDB_G0285465  Q54N72      NOG1_DICDI     674  
nol9                       DDB_G0277945  Q54Z27      NOL9_DICDI     683  
nola4      dkc1            DDB_G0281933  Q54T81      DKC1_DICDI     540  
nop10      nola3           DDB_G0288347  Q54J26      NOP10_DICDI     64  
nop56      nol5a           DDB_G0285679  Q54MT2      NOP56_DICDI    540  
nop58      nol5; nop5      DDB_G0268098  Q55FI4      NOP58_DICDI    638  
nosip                      DDB_G0270882  Q55DU4      NOSIP_DICDI    333  
noxA                       DDB_G0289653  Q9XYS3      NOXA_DICDI     517  
noxB                       DDB_G0287101  Q86GL4      NOXB_DICDI     698  
noxC                       DDB_G0291117  Q54F44      NOXC_DICDI    1142  
nploc4     npl4            DDB_G0290227  Q54GD3      NPL4_DICDI     576  
nramp1     nramp; slc11a1  DDB_G0276973  Q869V1      NRAM1_DICDI    533  
nramp2     mntH            DDB_G0275815  Q553K4      NRAM2_DICDI    629  
nrde2                      DDB_G0283719  Q54QP0      NRDE2_DICDI   1320  
nsa2                       DDB_G0290031  Q54GN8      NSA2_DICDI     260  
nsdhl                      DDB_G0286833  Q54L85      NSDHL_DICDI    328  
nsfA                       DDB_G0276153  Q75JI3      NSF_DICDI      738  
nsfl1c                     DDB_G0293498  Q54BQ5      NSF1C_DICDI    415  
nt5c2                      DDB_G0279053  Q54XC1      5NTC_DICDI     592  
nubp1      nbp1            DDB_G0277437  Q8T2F3      NUBP1_DICDI    315  
nubp2      nbp2            DDB_G0277157  Q76NZ7      NUBP2_DICDI    265  
nubpl                      DDB_G0291193  Q54F15      NUBPL_DICDI    323  
nudc                       DDB_G0286159  Q54M64      NUDC_DICDI     171  
nudt21     cpsf5           DDB_G0269370  Q55E68      CPSF5_DICDI    200  
numA       cmbA; numB      DDB_G0269114  Q9U7C9      NUCMR_DICDI    756  
nup43                      DDB_G0277955  Q54Z22      NUP43_DICDI    417  
nup54                      DDB_G0270320  Q55BX5      NUP54_DICDI    440  
nup85                      DDB_G0285415  Q54NA0      NUP85_DICDI    890  
nup98                      DDB_G0291390  Q54EQ8      NUP98_DICDI   2053  
nutf2                      DDB_G0276425  Q86HW7      NTF2_DICDI     127  
nvl                        DDB_G0282181  Q54SY2      NVL_DICDI      867  
nxnA       ann7            DDB_G0269160  P24639      ANXA7_DICDI    462  
oatA                       DDB_G0287913  Q54JP5      OAT_DICDI      416  
odc                        DDB_G0281109  Q54UF3      DCOR_DICDI     461  
odhA                       DDB_G0280353  Q54VG0      DHTK1_DICDI    900  
odhB       dlst            DDB_G0275029  Q869Y7      ODO2_DICDI     439  
ogdh                       DDB_G0288127  Q54JE4      ODO1_DICDI    1013  
omt1                       DDB_G0271590  Q55AS5      CAMT3_DICDI    251  
omt10                      DDB_G0290719  Q54FP4      OMT10_DICDI    437  
omt11                      DDB_G0293886  Q54B60      OMT11_DICDI    331  
omt12                      DDB_G0293888  Q54B59      OMT12_DICDI    369  
omt2                       DDB_G0274941  Q86HS9      OMT2_DICDI     336  
omt3                       DDB_G0274197  Q8T199      OMT3_DICDI     437  
omt4                       DDB_G0275013  Q86I40      OMT4_DICDI     338  
omt5                       DDB_G0275499  Q86IC9      CAMT1_DICDI    230  
omt6                       DDB_G0275501  Q86IC8      CAMT2_DICDI    231  
omt7                       DDB_G0282591  Q54S95      OMT7_DICDI     339  
omt9                       DDB_G0289823  Q54GZ0      OMT9_DICDI     357  
oplah                      DDB_G0284953  Q54NW6      OPLA_DICDI    1265  
orcA       orc1            DDB_G0283073  Q54RM2      ORC1_DICDI     631  
orcB       orc2            DDB_G0269894  Q55CU7      ORC2_DICDI     391  
orcC       orc3            DDB_G0271078  Q55BR6      ORC3_DICDI    1080  
orcD       orc4            DDB_G0271562  Q86AD6      ORC4_DICDI     440  
orcE       orc5            DDB_G0293214  Q54C22      ORC5_DICDI     571  
orcF       orc6            DDB_G0284771  Q54P62      ORC6_DICDI     469  
osbA                       DDB_G0280053  Q8MPQ7      OSB1_DICDI     389  
osbB                       DDB_G0269938  Q55CR3      OSB2_DICDI     391  
osbC                       DDB_G0269940  Q55CR2      OSB3_DICDI     372  
osbD                       DDB_G0272498  Q86KG4      OSB4_DICDI     466  
osbE                       DDB_G0274517  Q86HL8      OSB5_DICDI     362  
osbF                       DDB_G0276427  Q86HV4      OSB6_DICDI     439  
osbG                       DDB_G0283035  Q54RM1      OSB7_DICDI     422  
osbH                       DDB_G0283709  Q54QP6      OSB8_DICDI     402  
osbI                       DDB_G0284353  Q54PS9      OSB9_DICDI     428  
osbJ                       DDB_G0285141  Q54NM4      OSB10_DICDI    390  
osbK                       DDB_G0288817  Q54ID7      OSB11_DICDI    571  
osbL                       DDB_G0291562  Q54EF5      OSB12_DICDI    402  
osgep                      DDB_G0267512  Q55GU1      OSGEP_DICDI    336  
ost1       rpn1            DDB_G0293224  Q54C27      OST1_DICDI     460  
ost2                       DDB_G0291049  Q54FB6      DAD1_DICDI     120  
ost3                       DDB_G0285537  Q54N33      OST3_DICDI     351  
ost4                       DDB_G0280609  Q54V54      OST4_DICDI      40  
oxct1                      DDB_G0288105  Q54JD9      SCOT_DICDI     509  
p17        sctA            DDB_G0278725  O77257      SCTA_DICDI     174  
p2xA                       DDB_G0272004  Q86JM7      P2XA_DICDI     378  
p2xB                       DDB_G0275293  Q553Y1      P2XB_DICDI     369  
p2xC                       DDB_G0275191  Q553Y0      P2XC_DICDI     368  
p2xD                       DDB_G0288335  Q54J33      P2XD_DICDI     407  
p2xE                       DDB_G0288061  Q54JH4      P2XE_DICDI     388  
p80                        DDB_G0287297  Q7YXD4      P80_DICDI      530  
paaf1                      DDB_G0277471  Q8MYE8      PAAF1_DICDI    425  
pabpc1A                    DDB_G0293558  Q54BM2      PAP1A_DICDI    565  
pabpc1B                    DDB_G0290745  Q1ZXC2      PAP1B_DICDI    814  
pabpn1     pab2            DDB_G0277371  Q54ZS8      PABP2_DICDI    222  
padA                       DDB_G0286385  Q54LW0      PADA_DICDI     301  
pah                        DDB_G0278781  Q54XS1      PH4H_DICDI     441  
pakA                       DDB_G0269166  Q55D99      PAKA_DICDI    1197  
pakB       Ddpak; mihck    DDB_G0276459  Q869N2      PAKB_DICDI     852  
pakC                       DDB_G0267450  Q55GV3      PAKC_DICDI     477  
pakD                       DDB_G0269696  Q55DD4      PAKD_DICDI    1678  
pakE                       DDB_G0293932  Q54B33      PAKE_DICDI     926  
pakF                       DDB_G0274409  Q869T7      PAKF_DICDI    1176  
pakG                       DDB_G0282891  Q54RV3      PAKG_DICDI    1179  
pakH-1                     DDB_G0273121  Q556S2      PAKH_DICDI     513  
pakH-2                     DDB_G0273865  Q556S2      PAKH_DICDI     513  
pan3                       DDB_G0279129  P0CD65      PAN3_DICDI     746  
panC                       DDB_G0288935  Q54I80      PANC_DICDI     300  
papA                       DDB_G0288259  Q54J73      PAP_DICDI      809  
patA                       DDB_G0277861  P54678      ATC1_DICDI    1115  
patB                       DDB_G0282817  P54679      PMA1_DICDI    1058  
pats1                      DDB_G0269250  Q55E58      PATS1_DICDI   3184  
paxB                       DDB_G0274109  Q8MML5      PAXB_DICDI     569  
pcbd                       DDB_G0282831  Q54RY8      PHS_DICDI       99  
pcid2                      DDB_G0284241  Q54PX7      PCID2_DICDI    430  
pck2                       DDB_G0271904  Q869Z4      PCKGM_DICDI    653  
pckA                       DDB_G0271678  Q75JD5      PCKA_DICDI     562  
pcmA                       DDB_G0280979  Q9GPS6      PIMT_DICDI     316  
pcna                       DDB_G0287607  Q54K47      PCNA_DICDI     258  
pcp                        DDB_G0293196  Q9GPM2      PCP_DICDI      406  
pctA                       DDB_G0270298  Q55BZ4      PCY2_DICDI     360  
pde3                       DDB_G0268634  B0G0Y8      PDE3_DICDI     466  
Pde4                       DDB_G0289121  Q86H13      PDE4_DICDI    1039  
pde7                       DDB_G0289145  Q54HY0      PDE7_DICDI     425  
pdeD       gbpA; pde5      DDB_G0274383  Q8MLZ3      PDE5_DICDI     867  
pdeE       gbpB; pde6      DDB_G0276027  Q8MM62      PDE6_DICDI    1096  
pdhA                       DDB_G0292994  Q54C70      ODPA_DICDI     377  
pdhB                       DDB_G0276417  Q86HX0      ODPB_DICDI     356  
pdhC       dlaA            DDB_G0277847  P36413      ODP2_DICDI     635  
pdhX                       DDB_G0271564  Q86AD5      Y1564_DICDI    413  
pdi1                       DDB_G0276141  Q86IA3      PDI1_DICDI     363  
pdi2                       DDB_G0291434  Q54EN4      PDI2_DICDI     513  
pdiA       pdi             DDB_G0277863  P22549      IPDE_DICDI     237  
pdkA                       DDB_G0281471  Q54TW2      PDPKA_DICDI    686  
pdkB                       DDB_G0284489  Q54PK9      PDPKB_DICDI    908  
pds5                       DDB_G0275929  Q552Q7      PDS5_DICDI    1450  
pdsA       pde1; pdeA      DDB_G0285995  P12019      PDE1_DICDI     452  
pdx1                       DDB_G0288299  Q54J47      PDX1_DICDI     305  
pdx2                       DDB_G0288305  Q54J48      PDX2_DICDI     248  
pefA       alg2A           DDB_G0291081  Q95YL5      PEFA_DICDI     197  
pefB       alg2B           DDB_G0293530  Q95YL4      PEFB_DICDI     205  
pemtA                      DDB_G0282527  Q54SD5      PEMT1_DICDI    213  
pemtB                      DDB_G0289645  Q54H80      PEMT2_DICDI    200  
pepd       prd             DDB_G0269382  Q55E60      PEPD_DICDI     501  
pex1                       DDB_G0289867  Q54GX5      PEX1_DICDI    1227  
pex10                      DDB_G0282693  Q54S31      PEX10_DICDI    374  
pex11                      DDB_G0289623  Q54H86      PEX11_DICDI    254  
pex12                      DDB_G0285523  Q54N40      PEX12_DICDI    459  
pex13                      DDB_G0292870  Q54CL3      PEX13_DICDI    570  
pex14                      DDB_G0293264  Q54C55      PEX14_DICDI    748  
pex16                      DDB_G0277113  Q550G0      PEX16_DICDI    400  
pex19                      DDB_G0274873  Q555I0      PEX19_DICDI    335  
pex2                       DDB_G0272234  Q75JQ3      PEX2_DICDI     423  
pex3                       DDB_G0281213  Q54U86      PEX3_DICDI     405  
pex4                       DDB_G0274313  Q86IZ3      UBCX_DICDI     149  
pex5                       DDB_G0286033  Q54MD1      PEX5_DICDI     641  
pex6                       DDB_G0292788  Q54CS8      PEX6_DICDI    1201  
pex7                       DDB_G0279801  Q54WA3      PEX7_DICDI     316  
pfdn1                      DDB_G0287827  Q54JS0      PFD1_DICDI     115  
pfdn2                      DDB_G0267594  Q55GN3      PFD2_DICDI     116  
pfdn3                      DDB_G0286473  Q54LS2      PFD3_DICDI     195  
pfdn4                      DDB_G0281873  Q54TB7      PFD4_DICDI     132  
pfdn5                      DDB_G0280607  Q54V55      PFD5_DICDI     160  
pfdn6                      DDB_G0286147  Q54M71      PFD6_DICDI     140  
pfkA       pfk             DDB_G0274111  P90521      PFKA_DICDI     834  
pgghg      athl1           DDB_G0287109  Q54KX5      PGGHG_DICDI    713  
pggt1b                     DDB_G0269726  Q55DA3      PGTB1_DICDI    352  
pgkA                       DDB_G0287595  Q9GPM4      PGK_DICDI      420  
pgl        pgls            DDB_G0292898  Q54CJ3      6PGL_DICDI     236  
pgmA                       DDB_G0288483  Q23919      PGM1_DICDI     572  
pgmB                       DDB_G0280897  Q54UQ2      PGM2_DICDI     603  
pgs1                       DDB_G0277037  Q7KWX2      PGPS1_DICDI    581  
pgtA       fucB            DDB_G0283761  Q54QG0      PGFB_DICDI     769  
phbA                       DDB_G0290123  Q54GI9      PHB1_DICDI     271  
phbB                       DDB_G0284117  Q54Q31      PHB2_DICDI     293  
phesA      pheS            DDB_G0287141  Q54KS8      SYFA_DICDI     487  
phesB      pheS            DDB_G0277303  Q550D2      SYFB_DICDI     617  
phg1a      phg1            DDB_G0267444  Q55FP0      PHG1A_DICDI    641  
phg1b      sigC            DDB_G0277273  Q54ZW0      PHG1B_DICDI    587  
phg1c                      DDB_G0290159  Q7YTA6      PHG1C_DICDI    655  
phg2                       DDB_G0283699  Q54QQ1      PHG2_DICDI    1387  
phgA                       DDB_G0269130  O96904      TBC12_DICDI    438  
phlp1                      DDB_G0292850  Q71A39      PHLP1_DICDI    316  
phlp2                      DDB_G0285433  Q71A38      PHLP2_DICDI    239  
phlp3                      DDB_G0293848  Q71A37      PHLP3_DICDI    184  
pho2a      PP2A; PP2Ac     DDB_G0290263  Q9XZE5      PP2AA_DICDI    306  
pho2B                      DDB_G0283187  Q54RD6      PP2AB_DICDI    312  
phr                        DDB_G0270932  Q1ZXQ0      PHR_DICDI     1019  
phr2aB     pppD            DDB_G0283905  Q54Q99      PH2AB_DICDI    483  
phyA       p4h1            DDB_G0277759  Q86KR9      P4HA_DICDI     284  
phyhd1                     DDB_G0278961  Q54XH6      PHYD1_DICDI    281  
piaA       amiA; DG1117    DDB_G0277399  O77203      PIAA_DICDI    1148  
pigC                       DDB_G0286221  Q54M40      PIGC_DICDI     345  
pigl                       DDB_G0293136  Q54C64      PIGL_DICDI     258  
pigm                       DDB_G0288899  Q54IA4      PIGM_DICDI     442  
pigw                       DDB_G0286111  Q54MC0      PIGW_DICDI     492  
pikA       pik1            DDB_G0278727  P54673      PI3K1_DICDI   1571  
pikB       pik2            DDB_G0283081  P54674      PI3K2_DICDI   1857  
pikC       pik3            DDB_G0275011  P54675      PI3K3_DICDI   1697  
pikD       pik4            DDB_G0288485  P54677      PI4K_DICDI    1180  
pikE       pik5            DDB_G0289601  P54676      PI3K4_DICDI    816  
pip5k3                     DDB_G0279149  B0G126      FYV1_DICDI    2656  
pirA       pir121          DDB_G0287855  Q6UK63      PIRA_DICDI    1336  
pitA                       DDB_G0290069  Q9NCL8      PITP1_DICDI    264  
pitB                       DDB_G0274579  Q9NCL7      PITP2_DICDI    259  
pitC       rsc5            DDB_G0269182  Q55CU8      PITC_DICDI     364  
pitD                       DDB_G0292426  Q54D93      PITP4_DICDI    331  
pitE                       DDB_G0280449  Q54VC7      PITE_DICDI     287  
pkaC       PK2; PK3        DDB_G0283907  P34099      KAPC_DICDI     648  
pkaD       PK1             DDB_G0277145  P34100      PKD1_DICDI     714  
pkaR       rdeC            DDB_G0279413  P05987      KAPR_DICDI     327  
pkbA       akt; dagA       DDB_G0268620  P54644      KRAC_DICDI     444  
pkgA                       DDB_G0276157  Q552E9      PKGA_DICDI    1367  
pkgB       pfkA; pkbr1     DDB_G0290157  P28178      PK2_DICDI      479  
pkgC                       DDB_G0286125  P34102      PK3_DICDI      910  
pkgD                       DDB_G0284029  P34103      PK4_DICDI      992 (
pkiA                       DDB_G0289391  Q23921      PKIA_DICDI     127  
pks10                      DDB_G0271662  B0G103      PKS10_DICDI   2485  
pks13                      DDB_G0272981  Q559A9      PKS13_DICDI   2551  
pks14                      DDB_G0272859  Q558Y6      PKS14_DICDI   2998  
pks15                      DDB_G0273007  Q558W4      PKS15_DICDI   3174  
pks16                      DDB_G0275069  Q869W9      PKS16_DICDI   2603  
pks17                      DDB_G0275077  Q869X2      PKS17_DICDI   2604  
pks18                      DDB_G0281475  Q54TW0      PKS18_DICDI   2999  
pks19                      DDB_G0282027  Q54T36      PKS19_DICDI   2778  
pks2                       DDB_G0270572  Q55DM7      PKS2_DICDI    3010  
pks21                      DDB_G0282029  B0G138      PKS21_DICDI   2779  
pks22                      DDB_G0284001  Q54QD3      PKS22_DICDI   2499  
pks23                      DDB_G0283931  Q54QD1      PKS23_DICDI   2499  
pks24                      DDB_G0287119  Q54KU5      PKS24_DICDI   2471  
pks25                      DDB_G0287095  Q54KU3      PKS25_DICDI   2380  
pks26                      DDB_G0288457  Q54IX3      PKS26_DICDI   2531  
pks27                      DDB_G0290467  Q54G30      PKS27_DICDI   2684  
pks28                      DDB_G0290469  B0G170      PKS28_DICDI   2690  
pks29                      DDB_G0290699  Q54FQ3      PKS29_DICDI   3106  
pks3                       DDB_G0271000  Q55CN6      PKS3_DICDI    2837  
pks30                      DDB_G0290701  Q54FQ2      PKS30_DICDI   3075  
pks31                      DDB_G0290703  Q54FQ1      PKS31_DICDI   2623  
pks32                      DDB_G0290709  Q54FP8      PKS32_DICDI   3101  
pks33                      DDB_G0290729  Q54FN7      PKS33_DICDI   3127  
pks34                      DDB_G0290737  Q54FN2      PKS34_DICDI   3078  
pks35                      DDB_G0271618  B0G101      PKS8_DICDI    2514  
pks36                      DDB_G0271530  Q86AE3      PKS9_DICDI    2931  
pks38                      DDB_G0290937  Q54FD2      PKS38_DICDI   3133  
pks39                      DDB_G0290943  Q54FC8      PKS39_DICDI   3108  
pks40                      DDB_G0291614  Q54ED7      PKS40_DICDI   2552  
pks41                      DDB_G0291684  Q54ED6      PKS41_DICDI   2542  
pks42                      DDB_G0292544  Q54D44      PKS42_DICDI   2655  
pks44                      DDB_G0293902  Q54B51      PKS44_DICDI   3078  
pks45                      DDB_G0293912  Q54B49      PKS45_DICDI   3092  
pks5                       DDB_G0271520  Q86JI5      PKS5_DICDI    2512  
pks6                       DDB_G0271524  B0G0Z9      PKS6_DICDI    2924  
pks7                       DDB_G0271614  B0G100      PKS7_DICDI    2513  
pks8                       DDB_G0295667  B0G101      PKS8_DICDI    2514  
pks9                       DDB_G0295659  Q86AE3      PKS9_DICDI    2931  
plbA                       DDB_G0276767  Q550U9      PLBLA_DICDI    574  
plbB                       DDB_G0271126  Q55BJ6      PLBLB_DICDI    572  
plbC                       DDB_G0286095  Q54M94      PLBLC_DICDI    565  
plbD                       DDB_G0284449  Q54PS7      PLBLD_DICDI    569  
plbE                       DDB_G0277455  Q54ZI6      PLBLE_DICDI    554  
plbF                       DDB_G0275125  Q554H5      PLBLF_DICDI    563  
plbG       DG1067          DDB_G0267392  Q55FN1      PLBLG_DICDI    598  
plc        pipA            DDB_G0292736  Q02158      PLC_DICDI      801  
pldA       pld1            DDB_G0281031  Q54UK0      PLDA_DICDI    1269  
pldB       pld1            DDB_G0279483  Q54WR4      PLDB_DICDI    1216  
pldC       pld1            DDB_G0277949  Q54Z25      PLDC_DICDI    1640  
pldG                       DDB_G0276919  Q86AV9      PLDG_DICDI     948  
pldY       pld3            DDB_G0287649  Q54K50      PLDY_DICDI     438  
pldZ       pld3            DDB_G0282579  Q54SA1      PLDZ_DICDI     422  
plip       DDB0185057      DDB_G0272835  Q86IG3      PLIP_DICDI     232  
PLK                        DDB_G0274503  Q86HN7      PLK_DICDI      978  
pmmA                       DDB_G0279289  Q54X03      PMM1_DICDI     249  
pmmB                       DDB_G0272781  Q86B09      PMM2_DICDI     249  
pmpA       P8A7            DDB_G0269170  P11022      P8A7_DICDI     138  
pms1                       DDB_G0283981  Q54QA0      PMS1_DICDI    1022  
pno1                       DDB_G0287557  Q54K66      PNO1_DICDI     239  
pnpo                       DDB_G0278107  Q54YS6      PNPO_DICDI     227  
pola1                      DDB_G0282191  Q54SV8      DPOLA_DICDI   1509  
polA2                      DDB_G0282731  Q54S08      DPOA2_DICDI    623  
pold1                      DDB_G0285381  Q54N97      DPOD1_DICDI   1104  
pole       pol2            DDB_G0283189  Q54RD4      DPOE1_DICDI   2380  
pole2                      DDB_G0278367  Q54Y85      DPOE2_DICDI    676  
pole3      ybl1            DDB_G0272222  Q75JQ9      DPOE3_DICDI    138  
polr1a     rpa1            DDB_G0275759  Q86H36      RPA1_DICDI    1615  
polr1b     rpa2            DDB_G0293560  Q54BM1      RPA2_DICDI    1130  
polr1c     rpa5            DDB_G0282339  Q54SN4      RPAC1_DICDI    345  
polr1e     rpa49           DDB_G0290909  Q54FE8      RPA49_DICDI    375  
polr2a     rpb1; rpoA      DDB_G0279193  P35084      RPB1_DICDI    1727  
polr2b     rpb2            DDB_G0288257  Q54J75      RPB2_DICDI    1170  
polr2c     rpb3            DDB_G0292244  Q54DH7      RPB3_DICDI     302  
polr2d     rpb4            DDB_G0282739  Q54S04      RPB4_DICDI     155  
polr2e     rpb5            DDB_G0291636  Q54EH2      RPAB1_DICDI    197  
polr2f     rpb6            DDB_G0291037  Q54FA8      RPAB2_DICDI    133  
polr2g     rpb7            DDB_G0284891  Q54P04      RPB7_DICDI     172  
polr2h     rpb8            DDB_G0278039  Q54YW8      RPAB3_DICDI    142  
polr2j     rpb11           DDB_G0277677  Q86JJ5      RPB11_DICDI    120  
polr2k     rpb12           DDB_G0283365  Q54R66      RPAB4_DICDI     46  
polr2l     rpb10           DDB_G0272036  Q55AB6      RPAB5_DICDI     70  
polr3a     rpc1            DDB_G0277199  Q86AQ5      RPC1_DICDI    1450  
polr3b     rpc2            DDB_G0288449  Q54IZ9      RPC2_DICDI    1608  
polr3c     rpc3            DDB_G0268080  Q55FJ5      RPC3_DICDI     666  
polr3d     rpc4            DDB_G0277671  Q8T1V7      RPC4_DICDI     430  
polr3f     rpc34; rpc6     DDB_G0272022  Q86JM3      RPC6_DICDI     293  
polr3h-1   rpc25; rpc8     DDB_G0273425  Q557J3      RPC8_DICDI     252  
polr3h-2   rpc25; rpc8     DDB_G0273523  Q557J3      RPC8_DICDI     252  
pomp                       DDB_G0267866  Q55G18      POMP_DICDI     128  
ponA                       DDB_G0293522  P54660      PONA_DICDI     143  
ponB                       DDB_G0286247  Q54M25      PONB_DICDI     145  
ponC1                      DDB_G0286717  Q54LC2      PONC1_DICDI    147  
ponC2                      DDB_G0286715  Q54LC3      PONC2_DICDI    147  
ponC3                      DDB_G0286721  Q54LC0      PONC3_DICDI    147  
ponC4                      DDB_G0286719  Q54LC1      PONC4_DICDI    147  
ponC5                      DDB_G0286723  Q54LB9      PONC5_DICDI    147  
ponD                       DDB_G0282423  Q54SJ8      POND_DICDI     148  
ponE                       DDB_G0293634  Q54BG3      PONE_DICDI     171  
ponF                       DDB_G0286631  Q54LH6      PONF_DICDI     171  
ponH                       DDB_G0286573  Q54LM2      PONH_DICDI     203  
ponJ                       DDB_G0289919  Q54GU3      PONJ_DICDI     234  
ponK                       DDB_G0268460  Q1ZXQ9      PONK_DICDI     187  
ponL                       DDB_G0288649  Q54IM7      PONL_DICDI     144  
ponM                       DDB_G0281989  Q54T57      PONM_DICDI     131  
pop5                       DDB_G0291662  Q54EP3      POP5_DICDI     171  
porA       porN            DDB_G0271848  Q01501      VDAC_DICDI     275  
poxA                       DDB_G0277275  Q6TMK4      POXA_DICDI     531  
ppa1                       DDB_G0284265  Q54PV8      IPYR_DICDI     279  
ppan                       DDB_G0285515  Q54N44      PPAN_DICDI     426  
ppcdc                      DDB_G0278413  Q54Y51      COAC_DICDI     197  
ppiA       cyp1            DDB_G0282359  Q54SM3      PPIA_DICDI     179  
ppil3                      DDB_G0291734  Q54E95      PPIL3_DICDI    161  
ppkA                       DDB_G0293524  Q54BM7      PPK1_DICDI    1053  
ppme1                      DDB_G0281651  Q54TN3      PPME1_DICDI    321  
ppox       hemG            DDB_G0292040  Q54DT8      PPOX_DICDI     532  
ppp2r4A    ppp2r4          DDB_G0270036  Q55CJ3      PTPA1_DICDI    325  
ppp2r4B                    DDB_G0279655  Q54WH6      PTPA2_DICDI    468  
ppp4c      pppC            DDB_G0272116  Q9Y0B7      PP4C_DICDI     305  
ppp4r2     ppr2            DDB_G0272668  Q86IL5      PP4R2_DICDI    283  
ppp6c      pppD            DDB_G0272118  Q9U9A3      PPP6_DICDI     305  
pppA       rcdB; veg124    DDB_G0283601  Q54QR9      2AAA_DICDI     584  
pppB                       DDB_G0275619  O15757      PP1_DICDI      321  
pprA                       DDB_G0284039  Q54Q39      PP1R7_DICDI    336  
ppt3                       DDB_G0292862  Q54CM0      PPT3_DICDI     289  
prafA                      DDB_G0278887  Q54XK1      PRAFA_DICDI    235  
prafB                      DDB_G0285007  Q54NS7      PRAFB_DICDI    158  
prdx4                      DDB_G0274859  Q555L5      PRDX4_DICDI    259  
prep       dpoA            DDB_G0274387  Q86AS5      PPCE_DICDI     760  
prim2      polA3           DDB_G0270442  Q55BM5      PRI2_DICDI     470  
prkag                      DDB_G0272542  Q8T277      PRKAG_DICDI    577  
prlA                       DDB_G0282361  Q1ZXG4      PRLA_DICDI     385  
prmt1                      DDB_G0291556  Q54EF2      ANM1_DICDI     341  
prmt2                      DDB_G0289445  Q54HI0      ANM2_DICDI     512  
prmt5                      DDB_G0287327  Q54KI3      ANM5_DICDI     642  
proA                       DDB_G0287125  P26199      PROF1_DICDI    126  
proB                       DDB_G0286187  P26200      PROF2_DICDI    124  
proC                       DDB_G0271142  Q8T8M2      PROF3_DICDI    126  
prodh                      DDB_G0275669  Q86H28      PROD_DICDI     572  
prosc                      DDB_G0278713  Q1ZXI6      PLPHP_DICDI    255  
prp19                      DDB_G0276803  Q7KWK5      PRP19_DICDI    514  
prpD                       DDB_G0288681  Q54IJ0      PRPD_DICDI     492  
prpf4B                     DDB_G0279703  Q54WE5      PRP4B_DICDI    811  
prpf8      prp8            DDB_G0274229  Q8T295      PRP8_DICDI    2327  
prsA                       DDB_G0284669  Q54PA9      PRPSA_DICDI    317  
prsB                       DDB_G0272246  Q75JN8      PRPSB_DICDI    329  
prsC                       DDB_G0283627  Q54QU9      PRPSC_DICDI    321  
prtA       M3L             DDB_G0271696  P18154      M3L_DICDI      511  
prtB       M3R             DDB_G0271666  P11872      M3R_DICDI      513  
pscA                       DDB_G0271902  Q86I79      PSCA_DICDI     522  
psenA                      DDB_G0291352  Q54ET2      PSNA_DICDI     622  
psenB                      DDB_G0292310  Q54DE8      PSNB_DICDI     473  
psenen                     DDB_G0293484  Q54BR1      PEN2_DICDI      97  
psiA                       DDB_G0291982  Q968Z6      PSIA_DICDI     557  
psiB                       DDB_G0268000  Q55FQ4      PSIB_DICDI     552  
psiC                       DDB_G0290245  Q1ZXC5      PSIC_DICDI     516  
psiD                       DDB_G0290925  Q54FD8      PSID_DICDI     504  
psiE                       DDB_G0268556  Q55FQ6      PSIE_DICDI     500  
psiF       dicA; dicA1     DDB_G0278581  Q7YSJ4      PSIF_DICDI     708  
psiG-1                     DDB_G0273389  Q557E9      PSIG_DICDI     706  
psiG-2                     DDB_G0273605  Q557E9      PSIG_DICDI     706  
psiH       rcdGG           DDB_G0289393  Q94494      PSIH_DICDI     715  
psiI                       DDB_G0288919  Q54I92      PSII_DICDI     719  
psiJ                       DDB_G0290317  Q54G85      PSIJ_DICDI     719  
psiK                       DDB_G0292014  Q54DV5      PSIK_DICDI     728  
psiL                       DDB_G0274441  Q86HT1      PSIL_DICDI     730  
psiM                       DDB_G0284759  Q54P69      PSIM_DICDI     733  
psiN                       DDB_G0292912  Q54CH8      PSIN_DICDI     746  
psiO                       DDB_G0280167  Q54VS4      PSIO_DICDI     750  
psiP                       DDB_G0280171  Q54VS2      PSIP_DICDI     756  
psiQ                       DDB_G0293288  Q54C32      PSIQ_DICDI     985  
psiR                       DDB_G0293286  Q54C31      PSIR_DICDI     996  
psiS                       DDB_G0267998  Q55FQ5      PSIS_DICDI     267  
pslA                       DDB_G0267410  Q55FB8      PSLA_DICDI    1272  
psmA1      prtC            DDB_G0282363  Q27562      PSA1_DICDI     248  
psmA2                      DDB_G0292122  Q54DM7      PSA2_DICDI     232  
psmA3      prtD            DDB_G0267408  Q27563      PSA3_DICDI     248  
psmA4      prdD            DDB_G0280969  P34119      PSA4_DICDI     250  
psmA5                      DDB_G0268538  Q55G04      PSA5_DICDI     241  
psmA6                      DDB_G0278847  Q54XM7      PSA6_DICDI     250  
psmA7      prdE            DDB_G0272831  P34120      PSA7_DICDI     250  
psmB1                      DDB_G0272969  Q86A21      PSB1_DICDI     236  
psmB2                      DDB_G0269472  Q55DY7      PSB2_DICDI     198  
psmB3                      DDB_G0269772  Q55D66      PSB3_DICDI     205  
psmB4-1                    DDB_G0273163  Q556Q0      PSB4_DICDI     259  
psmB4-2                    DDB_G0273909  Q556Q0      PSB4_DICDI     259  
psmB5                      DDB_G0293784  Q54BC8      PSB5_DICDI     272  
psmB6      dapA            DDB_G0267390  Q55GJ6      PSB6_DICDI     214  
psmB7                      DDB_G0283679  Q54QR2      PSB7_DICDI     266  
psmC1                      DDB_G0270784  Q55BV5      PRS4_DICDI     439  
psmC2                      DDB_G0276917  Q86JA1      PRS7_DICDI     428  
psmC3                      DDB_G0284415  Q54PN7      PRS6A_DICDI    421  
psmC4      tbp2; tbpB      DDB_G0289003  P34123      PRS6B_DICDI    403  
psmC5      tbp10; tbpC     DDB_G0292382  P34124      PRS8_DICDI     403  
psmC6                      DDB_G0284517  Q54PJ1      PRS10_DICDI    393  
psmD1                      DDB_G0287953  Q54JM5      PSMD1_DICDI    975  
psmD10                     DDB_G0289189  Q54HW1      PSD10_DICDI    232  
psmD11                     DDB_G0281315  Q54UB5      PSD11_DICDI    413  
psmD12                     DDB_G0281051  Q54UJ0      PSD12_DICDI    447  
psmD13                     DDB_G0285105  Q54NQ0      PSD13_DICDI    385  
psmD14     sks1            DDB_G0272566  Q86IJ1      PSDE_DICDI     306  
psmD2                      DDB_G0293752  Q54BC6      PSMD2_DICDI    893  
psmD3                      DDB_G0288621  Q1ZXD3      PSMD3_DICDI    504  
psmD4                      DDB_G0275775  Q553E0      PSMD4_DICDI    349  
psmD6                      DDB_G0270188  Q55C75      PSMD6_DICDI    382  
psmD7                      DDB_G0279633  Q54WI8      PSMD7_DICDI    325  
psmD8-1    M4              DDB_G0272564  P02889      PSMD8_DICDI    263  
psmD8-2    M4              DDB_G0273979  P02889      PSMD8_DICDI    263  
psmD9                      DDB_G0275753  Q552Y8      PSMD9_DICDI    262  
psmE3      dpr1            DDB_G0285099  Q967U1      PSME_DICDI     225  
psmG1                      DDB_G0279769  Q54WB6      PSMG1_DICDI    272  
psmG2                      DDB_G0274447  Q869S8      PSMG2_DICDI    269  
psmG3                      DDB_G0268522  Q55G88      PSMG3_DICDI    145  
psmG4                      DDB_G0304543  P0C8Z5      PSMG4_DICDI    133  
pspA       D19; ponG       DDB_G0267412  P12729      PSA_DICDI      168  
pspB       PsB; SP85       DDB_G0276939  P54704      SP85_DICDI     532  
pspD                       DDB_G0277379  P54643      SP87_DICDI     677  
pspE                       DDB_G0286905  Q9GP84      PSPE_DICDI     155  
pspG       3F              DDB_G0286499  P13475      3F_DICDI       246  
psrA       B56; DB56       DDB_G0280469  Q54VB6      PSRA_DICDI     628  
psvA       EB4             DDB_G0276869  P08798      PSV_DICDI      514  
pteN       ptenA           DDB_G0286557  Q8T9S7      PTEN_DICDI     533  
pter                       DDB_G0293394  Q54BV6      PTER_DICDI     370  
pth2                       DDB_G0277631  Q54ZD0      PTH2_DICDI     210  
ptpA1-1    ptp1            DDB_G0273097  P34137      PTP1_DICDI     522  
ptpA1-2    ptp1            DDB_G0273817  P34137      PTP1_DICDI     522  
ptpB       ptp2            DDB_G0277865  P34138      PTP2_DICDI     377  
ptpC       ptp3            DDB_G0282145  P54637      PTP3_DICDI     990  
ptsA                       DDB_G0279095  Q1ZXI0      PTPS_DICDI     135  
purA                       DDB_G0285429  P21900      PURA_DICDI     427  
purB                       DDB_G0288333  Q54J34      PUR8_DICDI     466  
purC/E     purC; purE      DDB_G0283987  Q54QE4      PURCE_DICDI    997  
purD                       DDB_G0290121  Q54GJ2      PUR2_DICDI     815  
purF                       DDB_G0274321  Q86A85      PUR1_DICDI     521  
purH                       DDB_G0277087  Q86L14      PUR9_DICDI     542  
purL                       DDB_G0288145  Q54JC8      PUR4_DICDI    1355  
purN                       DDB_G0288985  Q54I60      PUR3_DICDI     206  
pwp2       utp1            DDB_G0284621  Q54PE0      PWP2_DICDI     922  
pXi                        DDB_G0289119  Q1ZXC8      PXI_DICDI      691  
pycr1                      DDB_G0288671  Q54IL7      P5CR1_DICDI    551  
pycr2                      DDB_G0269410  Q55E34      P5CR2_DICDI    299  
pyd1                       DDB_G0267966  Q55FT1      DPYD_DICDI    1009  
pyd2                       DDB_G0269246  Q55DL0      DPYS_DICDI     503  
pyd3       bup1; upb1      DDB_G0274123  Q964D8      BUP1_DICDI     391  
pyk                        DDB_G0283247  Q54RF5      KPYK_DICDI     507  
pyk3       DpyK3; pkyA     DDB_G0289001  Q54I36      PYK3_DICDI    1338  
pykA                       DDB_G0268628  Q55EK9      PDXK_DICDI     302  
pyr1-3                     DDB_G0276335  P20054      PYR1_DICDI    2225  
pyr4                       DDB_G0276331  P07670      PYRD_DICDI     370  
pyr56      pyr5-6          DDB_G0280041  P09556      UMPS_DICDI     478  
pyrK       ctpS            DDB_G0287495  P20425      KCY_DICDI      195  
pyroxd1                    DDB_G0289727  Q54H36      PYRD1_DICDI    546  
qdpr                       DDB_G0272684  Q86A17      DHPR_DICDI     231  
qkgA-1     roco2-1         DDB_G0273259  Q8SSS9      QKGA_DICDI    1553  
qkgA-2     roco2-2         DDB_G0273635  Q8SSS9      QKGA_DICDI    1553  
qpct                       DDB_G0293986  Q54B14      QPCT_DICDI     360  
qprt                       DDB_G0272462  Q75JX0      NADC_DICDI     300  
rab11A     rab11           DDB_G0269238  P36412      RB11A_DICDI    214  
rab11B                     DDB_G0287211  Q54KM9      RB11B_DICDI    220  
rab11C                     DDB_G0277101  Q550H6      RB11C_DICDI    224  
rab14      rab4; rabD      DDB_G0281337  P36410      RAB14_DICDI    206  
rab18                      DDB_G0289827  Q54GY8      RAB18_DICDI    202  
rab1A      rabA            DDB_G0283757  P34139      RAB1A_DICDI    202  
rab1B                      DDB_G0277867  P34140      RAB1B_DICDI    206  
Rab1C                      DDB_G0269174  O76173      RAB1C_DICDI    201  
rab1D                      DDB_G0284985  Q54NU2      RAB1D_DICDI    204  
rab21      rabB            DDB_G0286553  P34142      RAB21_DICDI    212  
rab24                      DDB_G0268402  Q55FU9      RAB24_DICDI    202  
rab2A      rab2            DDB_G0292268  P36409      RAB2A_DICDI    207  
rab2B                      DDB_G0272138  Q559X6      RAB2B_DICDI    202  
rab32A     rabE            DDB_G0283603  Q54QR3      RB32A_DICDI    219  
rab32B                     DDB_G0269416  Q55E31      RB32B_DICDI    260  
rab32C                     DDB_G0275675  Q8MXQ2      RB32C_DICDI    224  
rab32D                     DDB_G0285051  Q54P07      RB32D_DICDI    228  
rab4                       DDB_G0292406  Q54DA7      RAB4_DICDI     205  
rab5A                      DDB_G0271984  Q86JP3      RAB5A_DICDI    201  
rab5B                      DDB_G0282847  Q54RX9      RAB5B_DICDI    214  
rab6                       DDB_G0268068  Q55FK2      RAB6_DICDI     208  
rab7A      rab7            DDB_G0269236  P36411      RAB7A_DICDI    203  
rab7B                      DDB_G0287553  Q54K69      RAB7B_DICDI    197  
rab8A      sas1; sasA      DDB_G0280043  P20790      RAB8A_DICDI    208  
rab8B      sas2; sasB      DDB_G0276399  P20791      RAB8B_DICDI    203  
rabA                       DDB_G0291233  P34141      RABA_DICDI     201  
rabC                       DDB_G0271736  P34143      RABC_DICDI     196  
rabF1-1                    DDB_G0272905  Q558I0      RABF1_DICDI    190  
rabF1-2                    DDB_G0273935  Q558I0      RABF1_DICDI    190  
rabG1                      DDB_G0291738  Q54E92      RABG1_DICDI    196  
rabG2                      DDB_G0290783  Q54FL2      RABG2_DICDI    197  
rabggta                    DDB_G0269570  Q55DQ4      PGTA_DICDI     311  
rabggtb                    DDB_G0290671  B0G172      PGTB2_DICDI    339  
rabH                       DDB_G0275955  Q86JC8      RABH_DICDI     198  
rabJ                       DDB_G0277441  Q8MYF2      RABJ_DICDI     256  
rabK1                      DDB_G0290833  Q54FK4      RABK1_DICDI    213  
rabK2                      DDB_G0290791  Q1ZXB7      RABK2_DICDI    147  
rabK3                      DDB_G0290831  Q1ZXB9      RABK3_DICDI    148  
rabL                       DDB_G0290779  Q54FK7      RABL_DICDI     204  
rabM                       DDB_G0290829  Q54FK8      RABM_DICDI     202  
rabN1                      DDB_G0290789  Q54FK5      RABN1_DICDI    216  
rabN2                      DDB_G0290793  Q54FK2      RABN2_DICDI    184  
rabO                       DDB_G0290407  Q54G48      RABO_DICDI     218  
rabP                       DDB_G0290875  Q54FG4      RABP_DICDI     232  
rabQ                       DDB_G0268760  Q55ET3      RABQ_DICDI     204  
rabR                       DDB_G0271980  Q86JP5      RABR_DICDI     307  
rabS                       DDB_G0282537  Q54SD0      RABS_DICDI     221  
rabT1                      DDB_G0268910  Q55EG6      RABT1_DICDI    222  
rabT2                      DDB_G0269262  Q55EF0      RABT2_DICDI    218  
rabU                       DDB_G0291293  Q54EW9      RABU_DICDI     194  
rabV                       DDB_G0282899  Q54RY4      RABV_DICDI     233  
rabX                       DDB_G0275327  Q553R6      RABX_DICDI     444  
rabY                       DDB_G0282203  Q54SV1      RABY_DICDI     236  
rabZ                       DDB_G0286169  Q1ZXE7      RABZ_DICDI     229  
rac1A                      DDB_G0277869  P34144      RAC1A_DICDI    194  
rac1B                      DDB_G0268622  P34145      RAC1B_DICDI    194  
rac1C                      DDB_G0282365  P34146      RAC1C_DICDI    193  
racA                       DDB_G0286555  P34147      RACA_DICDI     598  
racB                       DDB_G0279605  P34148      RACB_DICDI     195  
racC                       DDB_G0293526  P34149      RACC_DICDI     192  
racD                       DDB_G0291976  P34150      RACD_DICDI     254  
racE                       DDB_G0280975  Q23862      RACE_DICDI     223  
racF1                      DDB_G0269176  O96390      RACF1_DICDI    193  
racF2                      DDB_G0276967  Q9GPS3      RACF2_DICDI    193  
racG                       DDB_G0269178  Q9GPS0      RACG_DICDI     201  
racH                       DDB_G0269240  Q9GPR7      RACH_DICDI     200  
racI                       DDB_G0277897  Q9GPR2      RACI_DICDI     205  
racJ                       DDB_G0292560  Q9GPQ9      RACJ_DICDI     205  
racL                       DDB_G0292816  Q9GPQ8      RACL_DICDI     196  
racM                       DDB_G0289103  Q54HZ7      RACM_DICDI     189  
racN                       DDB_G0278009  Q54YY4      RACN_DICDI     219  
racO                       DDB_G0277791  Q54Z85      RACO_DICDI     276  
rad50                      DDB_G0292786  Q54CS9      RAD50_DICDI   1351  
rad51c                     DDB_G0284507  Q54PJ7      RA51C_DICDI    381  
rad51d                     DDB_G0285287  Q1ZXF0      RA51D_DICDI    354  
ragA                       DDB_G0288701  Q54IK1      RRAGA_DICDI    301  
ranA                       DDB_G0291235  P33519      RAN_DICDI      212  
ranbp1                     DDB_G0287391  Q54KD9      RANG_DICDI     194  
rapA       rap1            DDB_G0291237  P18613      RAPA_DICDI     186  
rapB                       DDB_G0272857  Q86L51      RAPB_DICDI     205  
rapC                       DDB_G0270340  Q55BW0      RAPC_DICDI     278  
rapgap1                    DDB_G0271734  Q75J96      RGAP1_DICDI   1055  
rapgapB                    DDB_G0282247  Q54SS8      RGAPB_DICDI    418  
raptor                     DDB_G0270398  Q55BR7      RPTOR_DICDI   1509  
rasB                       DDB_G0292998  P32252      RASB_DICDI     197  
rasC                       DDB_G0281385  P32253      RASC_DICDI     189  
rasD       ras; rasA       DDB_G0292996  P03967      RASD_DICDI     187  
rasG                       DDB_G0293434  P15064      RASG_DICDI     189  
rasS                       DDB_G0283537  P32254      RASS_DICDI     194  
rasU                       DDB_G0270138  Q55CB0      RASU_DICDI     213  
rasV                       DDB_G0270736  Q55CB9      RASV_DICDI     229  
rasW                       DDB_G0270122  Q55CC0      RASW_DICDI     216  
rasX                       DDB_G0270124  Q55CB8      RASX_DICDI     213  
rasY                       DDB_G0270126  Q55CB7      RASY_DICDI     216  
rasZ                       DDB_G0270140  Q55CA9      RASZ_DICDI     214  
rbbD                       DDB_G0282529  Q54SD4      RBBD_DICDI     423  
rbbE       DDB0191415      DDB_G0285847  Q54MH6      RBBE_DICDI     525  
rblA       Rb; DDB0188949  DDB_G0290551  Q54FX2      RBLA_DICDI    1312  
rbrA                       DDB_G0286961  Q6T486      RBRA_DICDI     520  
rbsk                       DDB_G0280893  Q54UQ4      RBSK_DICDI     318  
rbx1                       DDB_G0287629  Q54K33      RBX1_DICDI     104  
rcbA       rad23           DDB_G0286357  Q54LV1      RAD23_DICDI    342  
rcdII      veg158          DDB_G0284041  Q54Q72      RDCII_DICDI    464  
rckA       rck1            DDB_G0278737  Q54XQ2      RCKA_DICDI    1125  
rcl1                       DDB_G0282803  Q54S38      RCL1_DICDI     371  
rdeA                       DDB_G0282923  Q54RR8      RDEA_DICDI     254  
rdiA       RhoGDI1         DDB_G0291077  Q95UQ1      GDIR1_DICDI    197  
rdiB       RhoGDI2         DDB_G0280049  Q95UP9      GDIR2_DICDI    152  
recA                       DDB_G0276073  Q75JL2      RECAM_DICDI    452  
redA                       DDB_G0293904  Q54B10      REDA_DICDI     631  
redB                       DDB_G0269912  Q55CT1      NCPR_DICDI     667  
redC       ndor1           DDB_G0287983  Q54JL0      NDOR1_DICDI    633  
regA       pde2            DDB_G0284331  Q23917      PDE2_DICDI     793  
repB       ercc3           DDB_G0278729  O00835      ERCC3_DICDI    800  
repD       ercc2           DDB_G0267414  Q55G81      ERCC2_DICDI    776  
repE       ddb1            DDB_G0286013  B0M0P5      DDB1_DICDI    1181  
repG                       DDB_G0284987  Q54NU0      FEN1_DICDI     384  
rer1                       DDB_G0292588  Q54D10      RER1_DICDI     188  
rexo2-1                    DDB_G0273355  Q556Y2      ORN_DICDI      190  
rexo2-2                    DDB_G0273741  Q556Y2      ORN_DICDI      190  
rexo4                      DDB_G0281327  Q54U94      REXO4_DICDI    298  
rfc1                       DDB_G0285961  Q54MH9      RFC1_DICDI    1401  
rfc2                       DDB_G0291868  Q54E21      RFC2_DICDI     338  
rfc3                       DDB_G0293702  Q54BN3      RFC3_DICDI     347  
rfc4                       DDB_G0286027  Q54MD4      RFC4_DICDI     347  
rfc5                       DDB_G0282235  Q54ST4      RFC5_DICDI     347  
rft1                       DDB_G0288491  Q54IV7      RFT1_DICDI     540  
rgaA       DG1029          DDB_G0287585  Q54K32      RGAA_DICDI     822  
rheb                       DDB_G0277041  Q550Q4      RHEB_DICDI     185  
rhgA                       DDB_G0283389  Q9NIV0      RHGA_DICDI     527  
rhgB                       DDB_G0280059  Q8I0L6      RHGB_DICDI     600  
rio1                       DDB_G0280431  Q54VD8      RIO1_DICDI     574  
rio2                       DDB_G0282099  Q54T05      RIO2_DICDI     522  
ripA       rip3                          Q9Y0C9      RIP3_DICDI     838  
rliB                       DDB_G0278243  Q54YG8      RLIB_DICDI    1117  
rlp24                      DDB_G0272789  Q86B05      RLP24_DICDI    164  
rmp                        DDB_G0289477  Q54HG4      RMP_DICDI      489  
rnaseh2A                   DDB_G0292584  Q54D13      RNH2A_DICDI    289  
rnf113                     DDB_G0267870  Q55G16      RN113_DICDI    355  
rnf160                     DDB_G0274875  Q555H8      LTN1_DICDI    1864  
rngB                       DDB_G0268860  Q7M3S9      RNGB_DICDI     943  
rnrA                       DDB_G0284071  Q54Q71      RIR1_DICDI     870  
rnrB-1     nrdB            DDB_G0272616  P42521      RIR2_DICDI     338  
rnrB-2     nrdB            DDB_G0274021  P42521      RIR2_DICDI     338  
roco10                     DDB_G0291710  Q6XHA6      ROC10_DICDI   2646  
roco11                     DDB_G0268636  Q6XHA5      ROC11_DICDI   1487  
roco4                      DDB_G0288251  Q6XHB2      ROCO4_DICDI   1726  
roco5                      DDB_G0294533  Q1ZXD6      ROCO5_DICDI   2800  
roco6                      DDB_G0279417  Q54WS5      ROCO6_DICDI   2147  
roco7                      DDB_G0267472  Q55GE6      ROCO7_DICDI   2615  
roco8                      DDB_G0286127  Q54M77      ROCO8_DICDI   1867  
roco9                      DDB_G0288183  Q6XHA7      ROCO9_DICDI   3365  
romo1                      DDB_G0286181  Q54M86      ROMO1_DICDI    128  
rpa43                      DDB_G0268198  Q55FA4      RPA43_DICDI    356  
rpc19                      DDB_G0291362  Q54ES6      RPC19_DICDI    116  
rpc9                       DDB_G0286521  Q54LP2      RPC9_DICDI     130  
rpiA                       DDB_G0276711  Q551C2      RPIA_DICDI     232  
rpl10      rpl10e          DDB_G0288273  Q54J69      RL10_DICDI     217  
rpl10a                     DDB_G0276871  Q86L05      RL10A_DICDI    217  
rpl11      rpgC; V18       DDB_G0279189  P16168      RL11_DICDI     202  
rpl12                      DDB_G0288295  Q54J50      RL12_DICDI     166  
rpl13                      DDB_G0291870  Q54E20      RL13_DICDI     209  
rpl13a                     DDB_G0275881  Q553M7      RL13A_DICDI    187  
rpl14                      DDB_G0277975  Q54Z09      RL14_DICDI     157  
rpl15-1                    DDB_G0272893  Q86K01      RL15_DICDI     205  
rpl15-2                    DDB_G0273983  Q86K01      RL15_DICDI     205  
rpl17                      DDB_G0285277  Q54NG2      RL17_DICDI     180  
rpl18                      DDB_G0279997  Q54VZ4      RL18_DICDI     181  
rpl18a                     DDB_G0285881  Q54MK8      RL18A_DICDI    171  
rpl19      rpgB            DDB_G0281565  P14329      RL19_DICDI     186  
rpl21                      DDB_G0279387  Q54X53      RL21_DICDI     160  
rpl22                      DDB_G0288101  Q54JE3      RL221_DICDI    116  
rpl22a                     DDB_G0290091  Q54GK6      RL222_DICDI    116  
rpl23                      DDB_G0290315  Q54G86      RL23_DICDI     136  
rpl23a                     DDB_G0293502  Q54BQ3      RL23A_DICDI    169  
rpl24                      DDB_G0280229  Q54VN6      RL24_DICDI     127  
rpl26                      DDB_G0283741  Q54QM8      RL26_DICDI     139  
rpl27                      DDB_G0271298  Q55BE6      RL27_DICDI     144  
rpl27a                     DDB_G0292388  P48160      RL27A_DICDI    148  
rpl28                      DDB_G0282379  Q9GS21      RL28_DICDI     132  
rpl29                      DDB_G0281469  Q54TW3      RL29_DICDI      93  
rpl3                       DDB_G0291862  P34113      RL3_DICDI      398  
rpl30                      DDB_G0270380  Q55BS9      RL30_DICDI     112  
rpl31                      DDB_G0279061  Q54XB5      RL31_DICDI     111  
rpl32                      DDB_G0271976  Q55AB5      RL32_DICDI     133  
rpl34                      DDB_G0286389  Q54LV8      RL34_DICDI     122  
rpl35                      DDB_G0288349  Q54J23      RL35_DICDI     126  
rpl35a                     DDB_G0270424  Q55BN7      RL35A_DICDI    105  
rpl36                      DDB_G0271668  Q55AQ9      RL36_DICDI     105  
rpl36a                     DDB_G0270984  Q55CW5      RL36A_DICDI    103  
rpl37                      DDB_G0285971  Q54MG6      RL37_DICDI      91  
rpl37A                     DDB_G0281093  Q54UG4      RL37A_DICDI     91  
rpl38                      DDB_G0268302  Q55GJ7      RL38_DICDI      75  
rpl4                       DDB_G0277803  Q54Z69      RL4_DICDI      369  
rpl5                       DDB_G0278539  Q54XX3      RL5_DICDI      292  
rpl6                       DDB_G0292460  Q54D63      RL6_DICDI      236  
rpl7                       DDB_G0276441  P11874      RL7_DICDI      246  
rpl7a                      DDB_G0277629  Q54ZD1      RL7A_DICDI     285  
rpl8       rpgA; rpl2; V1  DDB_G0274113  P13023      RL8_DICDI      255  
rpl9                       DDB_G0278959  Q54XI5      RL9_DICDI      188  
rplp0                      DDB_G0286501  P22685      RLA0_DICDI     305  
rplp1                      DDB_G0277907  P22684      RLA1_DICDI     113  
rplp2                      DDB_G0283393  P22683      RLA2_DICDI     106  
rps10                      DDB_G0286117  O77082      RS10_DICDI     154  
rps11                      DDB_G0282601  Q54S90      RS11_DICDI     155  
rps12                      DDB_G0284237  Q54PX9      RS12_DICDI     136  
rps13                      DDB_G0284533  Q54PH8      RS13_DICDI     151  
rps14                      DDB_G0291526  Q54EG3      RS14_DICDI     152  
rps15                      DDB_G0285561  Q54N17      RS15_DICDI     144  
rps15a     rps24           DDB_G0276457  P46793      RS15A_DICDI    130  
rps16                      DDB_G0284093  Q54Q51      RS16_DICDI     147  
rps17      rpgE; rpgM      DDB_G0290141  P42520      RS17_DICDI     135  
rps18                      DDB_G0276415  Q869U7      RS18_DICDI     154  
rps19                      DDB_G0279207  Q54X51      RS19_DICDI     148  
rps2       rp29            DDB_G0293742  P27685      RS2_DICDI      265  
rps20                      DDB_G0278429  Q54Y41      RS20_DICDI     124  
rps21                      DDB_G0293700  Q54BN4      RS21_DICDI      78  
rps23                      DDB_G0272250  Q55A19      RS23_DICDI     143  
rps24                      DDB_G0275473  Q75K27      RS24_DICDI     126  
rps25      rpgF            DDB_G0271148  Q03409      RS25_DICDI     110  
rps26                      DDB_G0281677  Q54TL8      RS26_DICDI     112  
rps27                      DDB_G0277635  Q8T1V4      RS27_DICDI      85  
rps28                      DDB_G0285597  Q54MZ5      RS28_DICDI      72  
rps29                      DDB_G0272308  Q76P36      RS29_DICDI      55  
rps3       rpgG            DDB_G0293000  P90526      RS3_DICDI      218  
rps30-1                    DDB_G0273191  Q556Y1      RS30_DICDI      66  
rps30-2                    DDB_G0273743  Q556Y1      RS30_DICDI      66  
rps3a                      DDB_G0277345  Q54ZW5      RS3A_DICDI     273  
rps4                       DDB_G0272825  P51405      RS4_DICDI      267  
rps5                       DDB_G0286075  Q54MA6      RS5_DICDI      190  
rps6                       DDB_G0280823  Q54UU3      RS6_DICDI      236  
rps7       rpgE            DDB_G0289025  Q54I41      RS7_DICDI      193  
rps8                       DDB_G0291864  Q54E24      RS8_DICDI      211  
rps9       rp1024; V12     DDB_G0289877  P14132      RS9_DICDI      185  
rpsA                       DDB_G0270316  Q55BY1      RSSA_DICDI     245  
rrp1                       DDB_G0279321  Q54WY5      RRP1_DICDI     495  
rrp8                       DDB_G0292960  Q54CP1      RRP8_DICDI     390  
rrs1                       DDB_G0274521  Q869Q2      RRS1_DICDI     317  
rsad1                      DDB_G0280411  Q54VE8      RSAD1_DICDI    446  
rsc43                      DDB_G0285251  O15692      DRE2_DICDI     256  
rtca       R2037; rtc1     DDB_G0276159  O15746      RTCA_DICDI     433  
rtf2       rtfdc1          DDB_G0288549  Q54IS6      RTF2_DICDI     273  
rtn4ip1                    DDB_G0288729  Q54II4      RT4I1_DICDI    352  
rtoA                       DDB_G0271916  P54681      RTOA_DICDI     367  
rtpR                       DDB_G0292654  Q54CW7      RTPR_DICDI     758  
rusf1                      DDB_G0277179  Q86K80      RUSF1_DICDI    527  
rvb2                       DDB_G0280775  Q54UW5      RUVB2_DICDI    469  
sac1                       DDB_G0271630  Q55AW9      SAC1_DICDI     581  
sadA                       DDB_G0288511  Q8I7T3      SADA_DICDI     952  
sae1       uble1a          DDB_G0279641  Q54WI4      SAE1_DICDI     330  
sahA                       DDB_G0267418  P10819      SAHH_DICDI     431  
samkA      SAMK-A; smkA    DDB_G0269876  Q55CW3      SAMKA_DICDI    640  
samkB      SAMK-B; smkB    DDB_G0284859  Q54P26      SAMKB_DICDI    593  
samkC      SAMK-C; smkC    DDB_G0270678  Q55CW2      SAMKC_DICDI    875  
samkD      SAMK-D; smkD    DDB_G0270680  Q55CW1      SAMKD_DICDI    553  
sarA                       DDB_G0272296  Q559R0      SAR1A_DICDI    188  
saraf      tmem66          DDB_G0284777  Q54P59      SARAF_DICDI    320  
sarB                       DDB_G0278477  Q54Y14      SAR1B_DICDI    194  
sbds                       DDB_G0272324  Q86KZ5      SBDS_DICDI     274  
scaA       D1105; sca1     DDB_G0277843  Q54XY4      SCAA_DICDI    1582  
scai                       DDB_G0278015  Q54YY1      SCAI_DICDI     773  
scfd1                      DDB_G0288719  Q54IJ1      SCFD1_DICDI    673  
scrA                       DDB_G0285253  Q54NF8      SCAR_DICDI     443  
scsA                       DDB_G0289325  P36967      SUCA_DICDI     315  
scsB       suclg2          DDB_G0274449  Q869S7      SUCB2_DICDI    420  
scsC       sucla2          DDB_G0271842  Q55AI5      SUCB1_DICDI    445  
sctC                       DDB_G0287399  Q54KD5      SCTC_DICDI     486  
sctD       DDB0185889      DDB_G0284199  Q54Q06      SCTD_DICDI     222  
scy1       ntkl            DDB_G0267540  Q55GS2      SCY1_DICDI     813  
scy2                       DDB_G0270808  Q55BQ3      SCY2_DICDI    1125  
sdad1                      DDB_G0269688  Q55DE2      SDA1_DICDI     756  
sdh                        DDB_G0285267  Q54NG9      SCPDH_DICDI    480  
sdhA                       DDB_G0280535  Q9U3X4      SDHA_DICDI     626  
sdhaf1A                    DDB_G0289475  Q54HG5      SDHFA_DICDI     91  
sdhaf1B                    DDB_G0270818  Q55BM0      SDHFB_DICDI    111  
sdhB                       DDB_G0270120  Q55CC2      SDHB_DICDI     287  
sdhC                       DDB_G0275115  Q8T2T5      C560_DICDI     192  
sds                        DDB_G0272787  Q86B06      SDHL_DICDI     350  
sec1       sec1A           DDB_G0283937  Q54QC8      SEC1_DICDI     598  
sec11                      DDB_G0276359  Q86JD4      SEC11_DICDI    179  
sec13                      DDB_G0292052  Q54DS8      SEC13_DICDI    301  
sec23                      DDB_G0281985  Q54T59      SEC23_DICDI    750  
sec24                      DDB_G0281255  Q54U61      SEC24_DICDI   1013  
sec31                      DDB_G0270992  Q55CT5      SEC31_DICDI   1355  
sec61a                     DDB_G0278885  Q54XK2      SC61A_DICDI    475  
sec61b                     DDB_G0278117  Q54YR4      SC61B_DICDI     61  
sec61g                     DDB_G0287777  Q54JV6      SC61G_DICDI     69  
secG                       DDB_G0287459  Q54KA7      SECG_DICDI     986  
selD                       DDB_G0282367  Q94497      SELD_DICDI     364  
selk                       DDB_G0268720  Q55EX3      SELK_DICDI     115  
senp8                      DDB_G0278795  Q54XR2      SENP8_DICDI    243  
sepA                       DDB_G0276465  Q8T2I8      SEPA_DICDI    1167  
sepsecs                    DDB_G0280197  Q54VQ6      SPCS_DICDI     479  
serA                       DDB_G0281071  Q54UH8      SERA_DICDI     407  
serC                       DDB_G0269950  Q55CQ6      SERC_DICDI     374  
serinc                     DDB_G0281099  Q54UF8      SERIC_DICDI    417  
serp                       DDB_G0275381  Q553P6      SERP_DICDI      59  
serS                       DDB_G0272660  Q7KWQ2      SYSC_DICDI     451  
set                        DDB_G0277369  Q54ZT0      SET_DICDI      237  
set1       H3K4            DDB_G0289257  Q54HS3      SET1_DICDI    1486  
sevA                       DDB_G0289327  P10733      SEVE_DICDI     362  
sf1                        DDB_G0293554  Q54BM5      BBP_DICDI      501  
sf3a1                      DDB_G0272676  Q86A14      SF3A1_DICDI    760  
sf3a2                      DDB_G0293876  Q54B65      SF3A2_DICDI    215  
sf3b3                      DDB_G0282569  Q54SA7      SF3B3_DICDI   1256  
sf3b4                      DDB_G0267714  Q55GD6      SF3B4_DICDI    359  
sf3b5                      DDB_G0271312  Q55BF5      SF3B5_DICDI     94  
sfxn                       DDB_G0285029  Q54NQ9      SFXN_DICDI     329  
sgkA       SK; SPHK        DDB_G0272522  Q86KF9      SPHKA_DICDI    624  
sgkB       SK; SPHK        DDB_G0284545  Q6B516      SPHKB_DICDI    760  
sglA                       DDB_G0282819  Q54RV9      SGPL_DICDI     528  
sgmA                       DDB_G0270834  Q55C09      SGMA_DICDI     583  
sgmB                       DDB_G0293210  Q54C16      SGMB_DICDI     637  
sgmC                       DDB_G0282265  Q54SR8      SGMC_DICDI     446  
sgmD                       DDB_G0268330  Q55GC7      SGMD_DICDI     438  
sgt        sgtA            DDB_G0280345  Q54VG4      SGT_DICDI      334  
shkA       shk1            DDB_G0283267  Q54RB7      SHKA_DICDI     527  
shkB                       DDB_G0288617  Q54IP4      SHKB_DICDI     653  
shkC                       DDB_G0278409  Q54Y55      SHKC_DICDI     506  
shkD                       DDB_G0281343  Q54U31      SHKD_DICDI     744  
shkE                       DDB_G0290451  Q54G43      SHKE_DICDI     710  
shmt1                      DDB_G0277947  Q54Z26      GLYC1_DICDI    457  
shmt2                      DDB_G0291652  Q54EW1      GLYC2_DICDI    481  
sibA                       DDB_G0287363  Q54KF7      SIBA_DICDI    1927  
sibB                       DDB_G0288103  Q54JE1      SIBB_DICDI    1941  
sibC                       DDB_G0288195  Q54JA5      SIBC_DICDI    1954  
sibD                       DDB_G0288197  Q54JA4      SIBD_DICDI    1957  
sibE                       DDB_G0288239  Q54JA3      SIBE_DICDI    1946  
sigD                       DDB_G0267474  Q6TU45      SIGD_DICDI     445  
sigF                       DDB_G0289885  Q6TMK2      SIGF_DICDI     231  
sigG                       DDB_G0290071  Q54GL3      SIGG_DICDI     425  
sigJ                       DDB_G0269254  Q6TMJ3      SIGJ_DICDI     357  
sigK                       DDB_G0267476  Q6TMJ6      SIGK_DICDI     426  
sigN122                    DDB_G0271920  Q86I91      U519B_DICDI     70  
sigN137                    DDB_G0274343  Q86IY6      U519A_DICDI     68  
sir2A                      DDB_G0283917  Q54QE6      SIR2A_DICDI    512  
sir2B                      DDB_G0286671  Q54LF0      SIR2B_DICDI    778  
sir2C                      DDB_G0284795  Q54P49      SIR2C_DICDI    456  
sir2D                      DDB_G0289967  Q54GV7      SIR2D_DICDI    542  
sir2E                      DDB_G0270928  Q55DB0      SIR2E_DICDI    343  
sky1                       DDB_G0275627  Q86A12      SKY1_DICDI     656  
slc35b1                    DDB_G0288929  Q54I86      S35B1_DICDI    392  
slc35b2    papst1          DDB_G0269602  Q55DM5      S35B2_DICDI    359  
slc35b4                    DDB_G0275061  Q869W7      S35B4_DICDI    351  
slc35c1    fuct1           DDB_G0277007  Q550W6      FUCT1_DICDI    368  
slc44a2    ctl2            DDB_G0289013  Q54I48      CTL2_DICDI     628  
slc50a1                    DDB_G0287763  Q54JW5      SWET1_DICDI    220  
slmo                       DDB_G0290499  Q54G07      SLMO_DICDI     228  
slob1                      DDB_G0281863  Q54TC3      SLOB1_DICDI    585  
slob2                      DDB_G0279303  Q54WZ5      SLOB2_DICDI    574  
slrA                       DDB_G0282069  Q54T74      SLRA_DICDI    1378  
slu7                       DDB_G0281901  Q54TA0      SLU7_DICDI     558  
smc2                       DDB_G0284499  Q54PK4      SMC2_DICDI    1184  
smc3                       DDB_G0276101  Q552D9      SMC3_DICDI    1437  
smc4                       DDB_G0286403  Q54LV0      SMC4_DICDI    1415  
smc6                       DDB_G0288993  Q54I56      SMC6_DICDI    1185  
smg1                       DDB_G0275845  Q553E9      SMG1_DICDI    2344  
smkA                       DDB_G0289067  Q54I18      SMEK_DICDI    1046  
smlA                       DDB_G0287587  P54661      SMLA_DICDI     283  
smt1                       DDB_G0288907  Q54I98      SMT1_DICDI     354  
smu1                       DDB_G0278353  Q54Y96      SMU1_DICDI     530  
snf12-1                    DDB_G0273203  Q556Z0      SNF12_DICDI    456  
snf12-2                    DDB_G0273725  Q556Z0      SNF12_DICDI    456  
snf8       vps22           DDB_G0283203  Q54RC4      SNF8_DICDI     246  
snfA       ampka; prkaa    DDB_G0277905  Q54YF2      AMPKA_DICDI    727  
snpA                       DDB_G0285111  Q54NP6      SNAA_DICDI     291  
snpC                       DDB_G0269186  Q9U9R7      SNAG_DICDI     324  
snrnp40    wdr57           DDB_G0271788  Q55AR8      SNR40_DICDI    355  
snrnp70    snrp70          DDB_G0268004  Q55FQ0      RU17_DICDI     459  
snrpb                      DDB_G0272320  Q55A45      RSMB_DICDI     274  
snrpb2                     DDB_G0288391  Q54J05      RU2B_DICDI     241  
snrpC                      DDB_G0278335  Q54YA5      RU1C_DICDI     174  
snrpd2                     DDB_G0285395  Q54NC5      SMD2_DICDI     112  
snrpf                      DDB_G0278821  Q54XP2      RUXF_DICDI      91  
snrpG                      DDB_G0282863  Q54RX0      RUXG_DICDI      85  
snwA                       DDB_G0269188  P54705      SNWA_DICDI     685  
sod2                       DDB_G0271106  Q55BJ9      SODM_DICDI     226  
sodA                       DDB_G0267420  Q55GQ5      SODC1_DICDI    153  
sodB                       DDB_G0283021  Q54RN1      SODC2_DICDI    427  
sodC                       DDB_G0282993  Q54RQ1      SODC3_DICDI    407  
sodD                       DDB_G0281493  Q54TU5      SODC4_DICDI    151  
sodE                       DDB_G0290343  Q54G70      SODC5_DICDI    152  
sodF                       DDB_G0281461  Q54TW8      SODC6_DICDI    151  
spc97                      DDB_G0285849  Q95ZG3      SPC97_DICDI   1335  
spc98                      DDB_G0283909  Q95ZG4      SPC98_DICDI    813  
spcs1      spc1            DDB_G0278371  Q54Y83      SPCS1_DICDI     80  
spcs2      spc2            DDB_G0270510  Q55E35      SPCS2_DICDI    183  
spcs3      spc3            DDB_G0290851  B0G180      SPCS3_DICDI    170  
spf27      bcas2           DDB_G0282763  Q54SG7      SPF27_DICDI    226  
spiA                       DDB_G0289075  Q02465      DD31_DICDI     269  
spkA-1                     DDB_G0273445  Q86AT8      SPKA_DICDI     638  
spkA-2                     DDB_G0273531  Q86AT8      SPKA_DICDI     638  
splA       DpyK1; pyK1     DDB_G0283385  P18160      SPLA_DICDI    2410  
splB       DpyK2; pyk2     DDB_G0285321  P18161      SPLB_DICDI    1155  
spnA       spn             DDB_G0276155  O15743      SPNA_DICDI     975  
sppA                       DDB_G0272260  Q55A00      SSPA_DICDI     406  
sprA                       DDB_G0290009  Q54GP3      SPRE_DICDI     267  
spsA                       DDB_G0268630  Q9XY92      SPEE_DICDI     284  
spt16                      DDB_G0282677  Q54S43      SPT16_DICDI   1072  
sptA                       DDB_G0268056  Q55FL5      SPTC1_DICDI    479  
sptB                       DDB_G0291283  Q54EX5      SPTC2_DICDI    490  
sqor       sqrdl           DDB_G0292250  Q54DK1      SQOR_DICDI     452  
sre1                       DDB_G0281821  Q54TC9      SRE1_DICDI     268  
srfA                       DDB_G0281387  Q54TY7      SRFA_DICDI     418  
srfB                       DDB_G0282835  Q54RY6      SRFB_DICDI     467  
srfD                       DDB_G0283483  Q54QY7      SRFD_DICDI     446  
srp14-1                    DDB_G0272590  Q556L1      SRP14_DICDI    123  
srp14-2                    DDB_G0273977  Q556L1      SRP14_DICDI    123  
srp19                      DDB_G0275211  Q554G7      SRP19_DICDI    178  
srp54                      DDB_G0275455  Q75K18      SRP54_DICDI    542  
srp68                      DDB_G0285821  Q1ZXE8      SRP68_DICDI    614  
srp72                      DDB_G0291412  Q54EP7      SRP72_DICDI    672  
srp9                       DDB_G0267622  Q55GL2      SRP09_DICDI     75  
srpra                      DDB_G0277377  Q54ZR7      SRPRA_DICDI    615  
srprb                      DDB_G0278543  Q54XX1      SRPRB_DICDI    290  
srr                        DDB_G0289463  Q54HH2      SRR_DICDI      324  
srsA                       DDB_G0289521  B0G168      SRSA_DICDI     106  
sslA1                      DDB_G0284335  P0DJ29      SSLA1_DICDI    578  
sslA2                      DDB_G0278309  P0DJ28      SSLA2_DICDI    578  
ssr1                       DDB_G0283497  Q54R45      SSRA_DICDI     236  
ssr2                       DDB_G0280313  Q54VI6      SSRB_DICDI     184  
ssr3                       DDB_G0267524  Q55GT5      SSRG_DICDI     170  
ssrp1      ssrp            DDB_G0290331  Q54G78      SSRP1_DICDI    527  
ssu72                      DDB_G0272871  Q558Z3      SSU72_DICDI    214  
staA                       DDB_G0294473  P08797      STAA_DICDI     157  
staB                       DDB_G0294499  Q54VL1      STAB_DICDI     157  
sti1       stip1           DDB_G0292404  Q54DA8      STIP1_DICDI    564  
stip-1     stip            DDB_G0272608  A1XDC0      TFP11_DICDI    894  
stip-2     stip            DDB_G0274035  A1XDC0      TFP11_DICDI    894  
STK19      G11             DDB_G0279761  Q54WC0      STK19_DICDI    391  
stkA       gatA            DDB_G0277147  Q550D5      GTAA_DICDI     872  
stlA       pks1            DDB_G0269364  Q55E72      PKS1_DICDI    3147  
StlB       pks37           DDB_G0290853  Q54FI3      STLB_DICDI    2968  
strap                      DDB_G0286457  Q54LT8      STRAP_DICDI    293  
strn                       DDB_G0288327  Q54J37      STRN_DICDI     827  
stt3                       DDB_G0285159  Q54NM9      STT3_DICDI     714  
sugt1                      DDB_G0269292  Q55ED0      SGT1_DICDI     387  
sun1                       DDB_G0272869  Q558Z2      SUN1_DICDI     905  
sun2                       DDB_G0285925  Q54MI3      SUN2_DICDI    1278  
surf1-1                    DDB_G0272889  Q556J9      SURF1_DICDI    270  
surf1-2                    DDB_G0274001  Q556J9      SURF1_DICDI    270  
surf6                      DDB_G0290425  Q54G38      SURF6_DICDI    396  
svkA                       DDB_G0286359  O61122      SVKA_DICDI     478  
swp1       rpn2            DDB_G0289479  Q54HG9      RPN2_DICDI     685  
sybA                       DDB_G0280061  Q6TMJ9      SYBA_DICDI      95  
sybB                       DDB_G0290363  Q54GB3      SYBB_DICDI     101  
syn7A      syn7            DDB_G0287733  Q54JY7      STX7A_DICDI    356  
syn7B                      DDB_G0279133  Q54X86      STX7B_DICDI    286  
syn8A      syn8            DDB_G0275429  Q553P5      STX8A_DICDI    152  
syn8B                      DDB_G0288439  Q54IX6      STX8B_DICDI    250  
sys1                       DDB_G0269368  Q55E69      SYS1_DICDI     232  
taf1       TFIID1          DDB_G0292242  Q54DH8      TAF1_DICDI    2310  
taf11                      DDB_G0278843  Q54XM9      TAF11_DICDI    450  
TAF12                      DDB_G0274697  Q555L9      TAF12_DICDI    627  
taf13                      DDB_G0292838  Q54CN8      TAF13_DICDI    106  
tagA                       DDB_G0293002  Q9GTN7      TAGA_DICDI    1752  
tagB                       DDB_G0286119  P54683      TAGB_DICDI    1906  
tagC                       DDB_G0286121  Q23868      TAGC_DICDI    1741  
tagD                       DDB_G0286123  Q8T9W1      TAGD_DICDI    1825  
tal                        DDB_G0280909  Q54UP4      TALDO_DICDI    321  
talA                                     P0CE95      TALA1_DICDI   2492  
talA                       DDB_G0290481  P0CE94      TALA_DICDI    1279  
talB                       DDB_G0287505  Q54K81      TALB_DICDI    2614  
tat                        DDB_G0287515  Q54K95      ATTY_DICDI     417  
taz                        DDB_G0291922  Q54DX7      TAZ_DICDI      285  
tbc1d5A                    DDB_G0280253  Q54VM3      TBC5A_DICDI   1173  
tbc1d5B                    DDB_G0281891  Q54TA5      TBC5B_DICDI   1016  
tbca                       DDB_G0271706  Q75JC8      TBCA_DICDI     113  
tbcb                       DDB_G0277983  Q54Z01      TBCB_DICDI     270  
tbcc                       DDB_G0284313  Q54PY1      TBCC_DICDI     420  
tbcd                       DDB_G0268516  Q55G93      TBCD_DICDI    1480  
tbce                       DDB_G0269990  Q55CN0      TBCE_DICDI     525  
tbck                       DDB_G0267760  Q55G97      TBCK_DICDI    1033  
tbpA       tfdA            DDB_G0275617  P26355      TBP_DICDI      205  
tcea1      tf2s            DDB_G0278241  Q54YG9      TCEA1_DICDI    319  
tceb1                      DDB_G0284201  Q54Q05      ELOC_DICDI     109  
tcf25                      DDB_G0274217  Q8T2A4      TCF25_DICDI    740  
tcp1                       DDB_G0269190  Q55BM4      TCPA_DICDI     548  
tdo                        DDB_G0269714  Q55DB4      T23O_DICDI     400  
tgds                       DDB_G0279465  Q54WS6      TGDS_DICDI     434  
tgrB1      lagB; lagB1     DDB_G0280689  Q54V07      TGRB1_DICDI    902  
tgrC1      gp150; lagC     DDB_G0280531  P42523      TGRC1_DICDI    889  
tgrD1      lagC2; lagD     DDB_G0286825  Q9U8Q1      TGRD1_DICDI    895  
tgrE1      lagE1           DDB_G0286851  Q54L75      TGRE1_DICDI    912  
tgrI3                      DDB_G0283249  Q54RE1      TGRI3_DICDI    852  
tgrO1                      DDB_G0268490  Q55GI8      TGRO1_DICDI    887  
thfA                       DDB_G0277725  Q86KU6      MTD1_DICDI     313  
thg1                       DDB_G0291830  Q54E29      THG1_DICDI     256  
thoc7                      DDB_G0275979  Q552L5      THOC7_DICDI    215  
thrS1                      DDB_G0288267  Q54J66      SYTC1_DICDI    710  
thrS2                      DDB_G0274545  Q8MP20      SYTC2_DICDI    698  
thyA       thy1            DDB_G0280045  P15808      THY1_DICDI     303  
thyB                       DDB_G0289179  Q27564      KITH_DICDI     227  
tifA                       DDB_G0269192  Q55D61      IF4A_DICDI     405  
timm10     tim10           DDB_G0284911  Q54NZ0      TIM10_DICDI     88  
timm16     pam16; tim16    DDB_G0282195  Q54SV6      TIM16_DICDI    113  
timm17     tim17           DDB_G0287627  Q54K35      TIM17_DICDI    183  
timm22     tim22           DDB_G0283865  Q54QM0      TIM22_DICDI    179  
timm50                     DDB_G0270196  Q55C70      TIM50_DICDI    374  
timm9      tim9            DDB_G0272931  Q559H1      TIM9_DICDI      84  
tipC       DG1038; vps13   DDB_G0267422  Q55FG3      VP13C_DICDI   3848  
tipD                       DDB_G0275323  O15736      TIPD_DICDI     612  
tiprl                      DDB_G0285919  Q54MI6      TIPRL_DICDI    274  
tirA                       DDB_G0289237  Q54HT1      TIRA_DICDI    1336  
tirC                       DDB_G0291083  Q54F65      TIRC_DICDI     201  
tkrA                       DDB_G0292104  Q54DP1      TKRA_DICDI     334  
tkt-1                      DDB_G0272618  Q556J0      TKT_DICDI      661  
tkt-2                      DDB_G0274019  Q556J0      TKT_DICDI      661  
tlcd4a     tmem56a         DDB_G0277027  Q550T0      TLC4A_DICDI    258  
tlcd4b     tmem56b         DDB_G0277029  Q550S9      TLC4B_DICDI    257  
tlcd4c     tmem56c         DDB_G0270414  Q55BP8      TLC4C_DICDI    272  
tmcB       GEG04           DDB_G0289207  Q5FBC3      TMCB_DICDI    1416  
tmcC       GEG10           DDB_G0289253  Q5FBC4      TMCC_DICDI    1400  
tmco1                      DDB_G0281489  Q54TU8      TMCO1_DICDI    186  
tmem104                    DDB_G0282723  Q54S12      TM104_DICDI    499  
tmem120                    DDB_G0288699  Q54IK2      TM120_DICDI    368  
tmem144A                   DDB_G0267928  Q55FV8      T144A_DICDI    369  
tmem144B                   DDB_G0280505  Q54V96      T144B_DICDI    358  
tmem164                    DDB_G0287401  Q54KD4      TM164_DICDI    275  
tmem167                    DDB_G0289451  Q54HH9      KISH_DICDI      72  
tmem170                    DDB_G0290053  Q54GN6      TM170_DICDI    128  
tmem184A                   DDB_G0284525  Q54PI4      T1841_DICDI    493  
tmem184B                   DDB_G0276041  Q75JN3      T1842_DICDI    507  
tmem184C                   DDB_G0279555  Q54WM0      T1843_DICDI    351  
tmem208                    DDB_G0281177  Q54UB0      TM208_DICDI    173  
tmem33                     DDB_G0286009  Q54ME7      TMM33_DICDI    290  
tmem50                     DDB_G0281983  Q54T60      TMM50_DICDI    156  
tmem86                     DDB_G0275665  Q86H31      TMM86_DICDI    303  
tnpo                       DDB_G0269948  Q55CQ7      TNPO_DICDI     931  
tom1                       DDB_G0290163  Q54GH3      TOM1_DICDI     663  
top1                       DDB_G0283205  Q54RC3      TOP1_DICDI     893  
top2       topB            DDB_G0270418  Q55BP5      TOP2_DICDI    1521  
top2mt     topA            DDB_G0279737  P90520      TOP2M_DICDI   1284  
top3                       DDB_G0275257  Q8T2T7      TOP3_DICDI     828  
tor                        DDB_G0281569  Q86C65      TOR_DICDI     2380  
torA                       DDB_G0276353  Q8T133      TORA_DICDI     808  
tpiA                       DDB_G0274471  Q869R8      TPIS_DICDI     257  
tpp1                       DDB_G0269914  Q55CT0      TPP1_DICDI     600  
tps8       DDB0192081      DDB_G0293666  Q54BE5      TPS8_DICDI     312  
tpsA                       DDB_G0287657  Q54K57      TPSA_DICDI     733  
tpsB                       DDB_G0284975  Q54NU9      TPSB_DICDI     790  
tra1                       DDB_G0281947  Q54T85      TRA1_DICDI    4582  
tra2                       DDB_G0278349  Q54Y98      TRA2_DICDI     326  
trap1                      DDB_G0276947  Q86L04      TRAP1_DICDI    711  
trapcc10-1 tmem1-1         DDB_G0273209  Q556Z3      TPC10_DICDI   1442  
trapcc10-2 tmem1-2         DDB_G0273719  Q556Z3      TPC10_DICDI   1442  
trappc1-1                  DDB_G0273467  Q557G3      TPPC1_DICDI    142  
trappc1-2                  DDB_G0273579  Q557G3      TPPC1_DICDI    142  
trappc2                    DDB_G0282887  Q54RV6      TPPC2_DICDI    133  
trappc2l                   DDB_G0292690  Q54CU7      TPC2L_DICDI    140  
trappc3                    DDB_G0277135  Q86K94      TPPC3_DICDI    186  
trappc4                    DDB_G0280827  Q54UU1      TPPC4_DICDI    135  
trappc5                    DDB_G0278643  Q54YG5      TPPC5_DICDI    186  
treh                       DDB_G0283473  Q54QZ5      TREA_DICDI     594  
trfA                       DDB_G0269194  O77033      CYC8_DICDI    1390  
triA                       DDB_G0292436  Q54D84      TRIA_DICDI     697  
trm13                      DDB_G0293682  Q54BD5      TRM13_DICDI    525  
trmt11                     DDB_G0283969  Q54QA6      TRM11_DICDI    507  
trmt5                      DDB_G0279739  Q54WD6      TRM5_DICDI     460  
trmt6                      DDB_G0281175  Q54UB1      TRM6_DICDI     521  
trmt61a    trm61           DDB_G0271512  Q86JJ0      TRM61_DICDI    312  
trmu                       DDB_G0288979  Q54I63      MTU1_DICDI     451  
trpS                       DDB_G0269454  Q55DZ8      SYWC_DICDI     400  
trrA                       DDB_G0280815  Q54UU8      TRXB_DICDI     319  
trxA       trx1                          P29445      THIO1_DICDI    105  
trxB       trx2                          P29446      THIO2_DICDI     88 (
trxC       trx3            DDB_G0294489  P29447      THIO3_DICDI    104  
trxD       trx4            DDB_G0287849  Q1ZXE0      THIO4_DICDI    104  
trxE                       DDB_G0287227  Q54KN7      THIO5_DICDI    105  
tsfm                       DDB_G0286399  Q54LV3      EFTS_DICDI     355  
tsg101                     DDB_G0286797  Q54LJ3      TS101_DICDI    478  
tspA       cdp9            DDB_G0269110  Q55CV5      TSPA_DICDI     235  
tspB                       DDB_G0269872  Q55CW7      TSPB_DICDI     235  
tspC                       DDB_G0270986  Q55CV7      TSPC_DICDI     238  
tspD                       DDB_G0270682  Q55CV4      TSPD_DICDI     230  
tspE                       DDB_G0291177  Q54F08      TSPE_DICDI     231  
tsr1                       DDB_G0278331  Q54YA7      TSR1_DICDI     826  
tstA       DDB0186293      DDB_G0284977  Q54NU8      TSTA_DICDI    1408  
tstB       DDB0204260      DDB_G0281871  Q54TB8      TSTB_DICDI     877  
tstC       DDB0191600      DDB_G0291768  Q54E64      TSTC_DICDI     563  
tstD                       DDB_G0350235  C0HLF1      TSTD_DICDI     154  
tstE       DDB0218088      DDB_G0278661  Q54YB3      TSTE_DICDI    1340  
tstF       DDB0219262      DDB_G0287679  Q54K14      TSTF_DICDI    1122  
tsuA                       DDB_G0267962  Q55FT4      TSUA_DICDI    2247  
ttc27                      DDB_G0293372  Q54BW6      TTC27_DICDI    853  
ttc4                       DDB_G0286253  Q54M20      TTC4_DICDI     397  
tubA                       DDB_G0287689  P32255      TBA_DICDI      457  
tubB                       DDB_G0269196  P32256      TBB_DICDI      455  
tubC                       DDB_G0271738  Q55AR3      TBG_DICDI      462  
tufm                       DDB_G0289593  Q54HB2      EFTU_DICDI     424  
tupA       tup1            DDB_G0282189  O76734      TUP1_DICDI     579  
twfA                       DDB_G0274437  Q869T1      TWF_DICDI      335  
txnl4a                     DDB_G0275407  Q553S5      TXN4A_DICDI    160  
uap1                       DDB_G0290055  Q54GN5      UAP1_DICDI     487  
uba1       uae1            DDB_G0270272  Q55C16      UBA1_DICDI    1017  
uba2       sae2            DDB_G0286919  Q54L40      SAE2_DICDI     661  
uba3       ube1c           DDB_G0283891  Q54QG9      UBA3_DICDI     442  
uba5                       DDB_G0293306  Q54C02      UBA5_DICDI     381  
ubc2                       DDB_G0275787  Q553F3      UBC2_DICDI     151  
ubc9                       DDB_G0287693  Q9NGP4      UBC9_DICDI     159  
ubcB                       DDB_G0284865  Q94490      UBCB_DICDI     148  
ube2c      ubch10          DDB_G0278775  Q54XS6      UBE2C_DICDI    153  
ube2j2                     DDB_G0286511  Q54LP7      UB2J2_DICDI    241  
ube2m                      DDB_G0281725  Q54TI6      UBC12_DICDI    230  
ube2n                      DDB_G0277267  Q86K32      UBE2N_DICDI    154  
ube2s                      DDB_G0289021  Q54I43      UBE2S_DICDI    215  
ube2v                      DDB_G0292596  Q54D06      UBE2V_DICDI    138  
ube2w                      DDB_G0268938  Q55EY8      UBE2W_DICDI    149  
ubiad1                     DDB_G0287509  Q54K99      UBIA1_DICDI    330  
ubl5       hub1            DDB_G0284205  Q54Q03      UBL5_DICDI      67  
ubpA       usp5            DDB_G0291239  P54201      UBPA_DICDI     837  
ubpB                       DDB_G0275021  O96612      UBPB_DICDI     451  
ubqA                       DDB_G0282295  P0CG76      UBIQA_DICDI    381  
ubqB                       DDB_G0280755  P14794      RL40_DICDI     128  
ubqC                       DDB_G0276765  P14797      RS27A_DICDI    154  
ubqD       ubqE            DDB_G0286907  P0CG77      UBIQD_DICDI    229  
ubqF                       DDB_G0289449  P0CG78      UBIQF_DICDI    533  
ubqG       veg116          DDB_G0282369  P0CG79      UBIQG_DICDI    381  
ubqH                       DDB_G0279721  P0CG81      UBIQH_DICDI    381  
ubqI                       DDB_G0291928  P0CG80      UBIQI_DICDI    305  
ubqJ                       DDB_G0269458  P0CG88      UBIQJ_DICDI    305  
ubqln      sonA            DDB_G0267452  Q9NIF3      UBQL_DICDI     523  
ubr7                       DDB_G0292022  Q54DV0      UBR7_DICDI     465  
ubxd7                      DDB_G0270358  Q55BU7      UBXN7_DICDI    503  
uch1       uchl            DDB_G0282007  Q54T48      UCHL_DICDI     255  
uch2       uchl5           DDB_G0285527  Q54N38      UCHL5_DICDI    343  
ucpA       slc25a35        DDB_G0271310  Q55BF4      UCPA_DICDI     306  
ucpB       slc25a30        DDB_G0283333  B0G143      UCPB_DICDI     294  
ucpC       slc25a11        DDB_G0284225  Q54PY7      M2OM_DICDI     318  
udkA       ukuprt          DDB_G0269034  Q55EL3      UCKA_DICDI     499  
udkB                       DDB_G0274559  Q8T154      UCKB_DICDI     243  
udkC                       DDB_G0283371  Q54R62      UCKC_DICDI     449  
udkD                       DDB_G0271146  Q9GNF0      UCKD_DICDI     492  
ufc1                       DDB_G0289037  Q1ZXC9      UFC1_DICDI     164  
ufd1                       DDB_G0271122  Q55BK0      UFD1_DICDI     330  
ufm1                       DDB_G0295709  B0G186      UFM1_DICDI      85  
uglA                       DDB_G0277877  P53766      UNG_DICDI      346  
ugpB                       DDB_G0277879  Q54YZ0      UGPA2_DICDI    502  
ugt52                      DDB_G0288655  Q54IL5      UGT52_DICDI   1697  
uox                        DDB_G0286427  Q54LT2      URIC_DICDI     287  
upf1                       DDB_G0288923  Q54I89      RENT1_DICDI   1331  
uppA                       DDB_G0289875  P08800      UGPA1_DICDI    511  
uprt                       DDB_G0267560  Q55GQ6      UPP_DICDI      216  
uqcrh                      DDB_G0271774  Q1ZXP3      QCR6_DICDI      69  
urm1                       DDB_G0283737  Q54QN0      URM1_DICDI      96  
uroc1                      DDB_G0277727  Q86AX3      HUTU_DICDI     672  
utp11                      DDB_G0270230  Q55C50      UTP11_DICDI    250  
utp6                       DDB_G0279601  Q54WN5      UTP6_DICDI     609  
vacA       vacA1           DDB_G0289485  O15706      VACA_DICDI     598  
vacB                       DDB_G0279191  Q54WZ2      VACB_DICDI     592  
vacC                       DDB_G0279307  Q54WZ3      VACC_DICDI     586  
valS1                      DDB_G0277733  Q86KU2      SYVC_DICDI    1072  
valS2                      DDB_G0288939  Q54I78      SYVM_DICDI    1051  
vamp7A     vamp7           DDB_G0284951  Q54NW7      VAM7A_DICDI    216  
vamp7B                     DDB_G0277173  Q86AQ7      VAM7B_DICDI    260  
vasp                       DDB_G0289541  Q5TJ65      VASP_DICDI     380  
vatA                       DDB_G0287127  P54647      VATA_DICDI     618  
vatB       dvacB           DDB_G0277401  Q76NU1      VATB_DICDI     493  
vatC                       DDB_G0284473  P54648      VATC_DICDI     368  
vatD-1                     DDB_G0273071  P54641      VA0D_DICDI     356  
vatD-2                     DDB_G0273657  P54641      VA0D_DICDI     356  
vatE                       DDB_G0275701  O00780      VATE_DICDI     233  
vatF                       DDB_G0271882  Q55AH5      VATF_DICDI     120  
vatH                       DDB_G0274553  Q8MML6      VATH_DICDI     445  
vatM                       DDB_G0291858  Q54E04      VATM_DICDI     815  
vatP                       DDB_G0274381  P54642      VATL_DICDI     196  
vilA                       DDB_G0288557  Q8WQ85      VILD_DICDI    1704  
vilB                       DDB_G0276453  P36418      VILB_DICDI     959  
vmp1       tmem49          DDB_G0285175  Q54NL4      VMP1_DICDI     403  
vps11      pep5            DDB_G0278141  Q54YP4      VPS11_DICDI    952  
vps13A                     DDB_G0286725  Q54LB8      VP13A_DICDI   3373  
vps13B                     DDB_G0274917  Q555C6      VP13B_DICDI   6061  
vps13D                     DDB_G0286545  Q54LN2      VP13D_DICDI   4592  
vps13E                     DDB_G0268886  Q55EI3      VP13E_DICDI   4241  
vps13F                     DDB_G0287055  Q54KX3      VP13F_DICDI   4246  
vps13l                     DDB_G0277219  Q86K84      VP13L_DICDI    653  
vps15      pik3r4          DDB_G0282627  Q54S77      VPS15_DICDI   1966  
vps16                      DDB_G0270754  Q55C58      VPS16_DICDI    832  
vps25                      DDB_G0267708  Q55GD9      VPS25_DICDI    194  
vps26      pepA; rcdQ      DDB_G0269168  Q55CA0      VPS26_DICDI    349  
vps26c                     DDB_G0292212  Q54DI8      VP26C_DICDI    304  
vps28                      DDB_G0285295  Q54NF1      VPS28_DICDI    288  
vps29                      DDB_G0288787  Q54IF7      VPS29_DICDI    183  
vps35                      DDB_G0293218  Q54C24      VPS35_DICDI    781  
vps36                      DDB_G0282045  Q54T18      VPS36_DICDI    611  
vps37                      DDB_G0269510  Q55DV8      VPS37_DICDI    333  
vps4                       DDB_G0284347  Q54PT2      VPS4_DICDI     444  
vps45                      DDB_G0290213  Q54GE3      VPS45_DICDI    563  
vps51      ffr             DDB_G0287445  Q54KG3      VPS51_DICDI    917  
vps55                      DDB_G0280219  Q54VP1      VPS55_DICDI    125  
vta1                       DDB_G0271488  Q55B11      VTA1_DICDI     550  
vti1A      vti1            DDB_G0292974  Q54CK6      VTI1A_DICDI    217  
vwkA                       DDB_G0268144  Q6B9X6      VWKA_DICDI     625  
wacA                       DDB_G0280537  Q54V53      AQPC_DICDI     274  
warA       hbx1; wri       DDB_G0291075  Q54F46      WARA_DICDI     803  
wars2      mtrpS           DDB_G0274567  Q86A90      SYWM_DICDI     377  
washc2     fam21           DDB_G0276221  Q552E2      WASC2_DICDI   1479  
washc3                     DDB_G0267948  Q55FU3      WASC3_DICDI    354  
washc4                     DDB_G0283355  Q54R74      WASC4_DICDI   1135  
washc5                     DDB_G0288569  Q54IR8      WASC5_DICDI   1164  
wdr12                      DDB_G0279903  Q54W52      WDR12_DICDI    463  
wdr24                      DDB_G0287817  Q54JS5      WDR24_DICDI   1023  
wdr3                       DDB_G0282623  Q54S79      WDR3_DICDI     942  
wdr4                       DDB_G0281061  Q54UI3      WDR4_DICDI     467  
wdr5                       DDB_G0287273  Q54KL5      WDR5_DICDI     335  
wdr53                      DDB_G0293608  Q54BI5      WDR53_DICDI    368  
wdr55                      DDB_G0282573  Q54SA5      WDR55_DICDI    408  
wdr61                      DDB_G0282793  Q54S59      WDR61_DICDI    299  
wdr68                      DDB_G0275925  Q552R1      DCAF7_DICDI    325  
wdr85                      DDB_G0270178  Q55C80      DPH7_DICDI     367  
wdr89                      DDB_G0283635  Q54QU5      WDR89_DICDI    359  
wdr91                      DDB_G0268084  Q55FJ2      WDR91_DICDI    766  
wdsof1                     DDB_G0276815  Q7KWL3      DCA13_DICDI    445  
wrky1                      DDB_G0275267  Q554C5      WRKY1_DICDI   1271  
wrnip1                     DDB_G0272158  Q75JU2      WRIP1_DICDI    876  
xab2       syf1            DDB_G0277977  Q54Z08      SYF1_DICDI     850  
xdh                        DDB_G0291047  Q54FB7      XDH_DICDI     1358  
xpnpep1    xpnpepl         DDB_G0290501  Q54G06      XPP1_DICDI     627  
xpnpep3                    DDB_G0282075  Q54T46      XPP3_DICDI     518  
xpo1       crm1            DDB_G0291306  Q54EV7      XPO1_DICDI    1057  
xpo2                       DDB_G0291838  Q54E36      XPO2_DICDI     951  
xpo4                       DDB_G0280907  Q54UP5      XPO4_DICDI    1133  
xpo5                       DDB_G0284379  Q54PQ8      XPO5_DICDI    1135  
xpo6                       DDB_G0293076  Q54CB2      XPO6_DICDI    1047  
xpo7       Ranbp7          DDB_G0291986  Q54DN3      XPO7_DICDI    1007  
xpot                       DDB_G0283119  Q54RI9      XPOT_DICDI    1088  
xpr1                       DDB_G0285957  Q54MJ9      SPXS3_DICDI    919  
xrcc4                      DDB_G0278203  Q54YJ7      XRCC4_DICDI    454  
yakA       dagB            DDB_G0283605  Q54QV3      YAKA_DICDI    1458  
yelA       DG1014          DDB_G0280047  Q23925      YELA_DICDI     909  
yipf1                      DDB_G0281587  Q54TS4      YIPF1_DICDI    347  
yipf5                      DDB_G0283541  Q54QY3      YIPF5_DICDI    212  
yipf6                      DDB_G0282825  Q54RZ2      YIPF6_DICDI    182  
yju2       ccdc94          DDB_G0279481  Q54WR5      YJU2_DICDI     324  
ykt6                       DDB_G0291656  Q54ES8      YKT6_DICDI     202  
yme2                       DDB_G0287621  Q54K38      YME2_DICDI     878  
yod1                       DDB_G0271346  Q55BI3      OTU1_DICDI     325  
yos1                       DDB_G0279479  Q54WR6      YOS1_DICDI      66  
zak2       DpyK4; pyk4     DDB_G0276187  Q552C6      ZAK2_DICDI     635  
zakA       zak1            DDB_G0276025  Q75JK0      ZAK1_DICDI     781  
zfaA       DG17            DDB_G0290961  P11467      DG17_DICDI     460  
zfand                      DDB_G0270362  Q55BU1      ZFAND_DICDI    165  
zfpl1                      DDB_G0276489  Q551M4      ZFPL1_DICDI    354  
zmpste24                   DDB_G0290849  Q54FH7      FACE1_DICDI    426  
znhit1                     DDB_G0284961  Q54NW0      ZNHI1_DICDI    177  
zntA                       DDB_G0268426  Q55FL1      ZNTA_DICDI     507  
zntB                       DDB_G0286345  Q54LY6      ZNTB_DICDI     372  
zntC                       DDB_G0286049  Q54MB9      ZNTC_DICDI     401  
zntD                       DDB_G0269326  Q55EA1      ZNTD_DICDI     683  
zpr1       znf259          DDB_G0269438  Q55E13      ZPR1_DICDI     477  
zswim7                     DDB_G0268092  Q55FI7      ZSWM7_DICDI    156  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272014  Q86AG8      AATR1_DICDI    481  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287711  Q54K00      AATR2_DICDI    440  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283293  Q54RA2      AL4A1_DICDI    558  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276821  P83401      AL7A1_DICDI    509  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282005  Q54T49      APT11_DICDI    226  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268064  Q55FK4      APT12_DICDI    222  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293404  Q54BU9      ARCH_DICDI     151  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292332  Q1ZXA5      ARLX_DICDI     186  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288503  Q54IU9      ARY1_DICDI     325  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288507  Q54IU8      ARY2_DICDI     299  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288509  Q54IU7      ARY3_DICDI     306  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279357  Q54WW4      ASGX_DICDI     346  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275849  Q86H65      ASTER_DICDI     98  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290491  Q54G11      ATG8L_DICDI    126  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270738  Q55CA5      ATP23_DICDI    242  
n.a.                                     Q54UE3      BELYL_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287617  Q54K40      BI1_DICDI      254  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276787  Q7KWX1      BLML1_DICDI    628  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280307  Q54VJ1      BLML2_DICDI    548  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282555  Q54SB6      BLML3_DICDI    552  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282557  Q54SB5      BLML4_DICDI    569  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281839  Q54TD8      BOP1_DICDI     833  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288149  Q54JC6      BORC8_DICDI    240  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269722  Q55DA6      BUD23_DICDI    287  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282239  Q54ST2      CARME_DICDI    463  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274357  Q86IV8      CBPKL_DICDI    185  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270582  Q55DL1      CBPS1_DICDI    485  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267984  Q55FR8      CBPS2_DICDI    519  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289893  Q54GW3      CC124_DICDI    247  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281599  Q54TR4      CC130_DICDI    325  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285813  Q54MP2      CCD22_DICDI    637  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267510  Q55GU2      CCD43_DICDI    222  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292680  Q54CV3      CCD93_DICDI    639  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288589  Q54IQ5      CCZ1_DICDI     445  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289943  Q54GS1      CL16A_DICDI   1550  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284693  Q54P95      COX6B_DICDI     78  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271866  Q869N6      CRTL_DICDI     299  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271326  Q55BG7      CSBL1_DICDI    106  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271320  Q55BG3      CSBL2_DICDI    106  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271196  Q55B72      CSBL3_DICDI    106  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271178  Q55B51      CSBL4_DICDI    106  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272596  Q556L8      CSBL5_DICDI    100  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273963  Q556L8      CSBL5_DICDI    100  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291672  Q54EJ7      CSBL6_DICDI     84  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288717  Q54IJ2      CTLHA_DICDI    548  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274487  Q869R1      CTLHB_DICDI    555  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269978  Q55CN8      CTLHC_DICDI    506  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274609  Q554K2      CTNL_DICDI     355  
n.a.                                     P0DPA1      D9043_DICDI    588  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271400  Q55BA5      DCC1_DICDI     376  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290025  Q54GP1      DCN1L_DICDI    249  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272016  Q86JM4      DCN1M_DICDI    267  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269994  Q55CM7      DDRGK_DICDI    335  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274201  Q8T197      DHRS7_DICDI    316  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285969  Q54MG7      DJ1_DICDI      205  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268652  Q55F34      DPNP_DICDI     332  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269404  Q55E39      DUSP1_DICDI    212  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283417  Q54R42      DUSP2_DICDI    230  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271350  Q55BI8      DUSP3_DICDI    275  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281963  Q54T76      DUSP4_DICDI    394  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273199  Q556Y8      DUSPR_DICDI    476  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273729  Q556Y8      DUSPR_DICDI    476  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283075  Q54RM0      EAF3_DICDI     379  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272708  Q86A24      EFM5_DICDI     211  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284253  Q54PW9      EI24_DICDI     307  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268048  Q55FM0      EMC89_DICDI    192  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293186  Q54C76      EXPLY_DICDI    421  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280481  Q54VA9      F116_DICDI     715  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273237  Q557B6      F172A_DICDI    385  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273673  Q557B6      F172A_DICDI    385  
n.a.                       DDB_G0294553  Q1ZXQ5      FAD5C_DICDI    459  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285445  Q54N86      FBXAL_DICDI   1178  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268776  Q55ER8      GATB_DICDI     538  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278001  Q54YY8      GERL1_DICDI    130  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290879  Q54FG2      GERL2_DICDI    176  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291103  Q54F49      GERL3_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281815  Q54TH4      GET4_DICDI     309  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279265  Q54X16      GID8_DICDI     228  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284557  Q54PI5      GNTK_DICDI     200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283951  Q54QC1      GPDM_DICDI     638  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273081  Q556V9      HALL_DICDI     529  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273787  Q556V9      HALL_DICDI     529  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273095  Q556U5      HAP28_DICDI    208  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273815  Q556U5      HAP28_DICDI    208  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274269  Q86J12      HAT11_DICDI    486  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275159  Q869X7      HAT12_DICDI    466  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276861  Q76NW7      HGH1_DICDI     355  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293674  Q54BE0      HS7C3_DICDI    630  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293678  Q54BD8      HS7C4_DICDI    569  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285709  Q54MR6      HS7C5_DICDI    517  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287851  Q54JQ2      IDE_DICDI      962  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292914  Q54CH6      IF4AX_DICDI    248  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273149  Q557F4      IMA1A_DICDI    550  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273595  Q557F4      IMA1A_DICDI    550  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272318  Q76P29      IMAB_DICDI     516  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288447  Q54J07      IN80D_DICDI    675  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275707  Q552Q3      INT10_DICDI    991  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279251  Q54X25      INT5_DICDI    1563  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280285  Q54VK3      INT8_DICDI     198  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291650  Q54EW3      IPO5_DICDI    1067  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269860  Q55CX9      IPO7_DICDI    1065  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285041  Q54NZ6      ISC1A_DICDI    206  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284901  Q54NZ8      ISC1B_DICDI    206  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283169  Q54RF0      ISC2A_DICDI    200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283199  Q54RC7      ISC2B_DICDI    214  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289029  Q54I39      IST1L_DICDI    369  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278493  Q54Y03      KAD6_DICDI     175  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269816  Q55D16      KIN17_DICDI    445  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286759  Q54L98      KTAP2_DICDI    127  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286581  Q54LL8      LDAH_DICDI     304  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287001  Q54L00      LIMKA_DICDI    650  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286997  P0CD62      LIMKB_DICDI    966  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284019  Q54Q92      LMD2A_DICDI    733  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281669  Q54TM2      LMD2B_DICDI    790  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278063  Q54YV4      LONM1_DICDI    956  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290503  Q54G05      LRRX1_DICDI   1492  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272178  Q75JW3      LTO1_DICDI     139  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274833  Q86J23      LTOR3_DICDI    132  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291948  Q54DY3      LTOR4_DICDI     87  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283567  Q54QW5      LTOR5_DICDI     89  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274181  Q86KC1      LYSG2_DICDI    212  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276439  Q8T2I5      LYSG3_DICDI    480  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293492  Q54BQ8      LYSG4_DICDI    213  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293566  Q54BL8      LYSG5_DICDI    216  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274831  Q556F2      LYST1_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274291  Q86AA1      LYST2_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275203  Q554C9      MET16_DICDI    568  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270580  Q55DL2      MET18_DICDI    309  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287111  Q54KW9      MET23_DICDI    254  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267508  Q55GU4      MPC1_DICDI      97  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268478  Q55GU3      MPC2_DICDI     133  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270946  Q55D52      MSMOA_DICDI    267  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269788  Q55D54      MSMOB_DICDI    270  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290005  Q54GQ1      MTMR_DICDI    1324  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284915  Q54NY7      MTNB_DICDI     231  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279593  Q54WR1      MTR1_DICDI     757  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279047  Q54XC4      MYDGF_DICDI    150  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271550  Q86AD7      MYLKB_DICDI    392  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282429  Q54SJ5      MYLKC_DICDI    312  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292624  Q54CY9      MYLKD_DICDI    313  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284661  Q54PB4      MYLKE_DICDI    481  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279831  Q54W86      MYLKF_DICDI    928  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275057  Q869W6      MYLKG_DICDI    349  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285803  Q54MP9      NAA30_DICDI    185  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270104  Q55CD9      NDH_DICDI      451  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270324  Q55BX3      NDRG_DICDI     326  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291852  Q54E48      NDUF6_DICDI    356  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282243  Q54ST0      NH2L1_DICDI    129  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269284  Q55ED4      NKAP_DICDI     510  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286605  Q54LJ8      NMRL1_DICDI    302  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290799  Q54FJ9      NNRD_DICDI     306  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269890  Q55CV0      NNRE_DICDI     235  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270454  Q55BL4      NPC21_DICDI    151  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282109  Q54SZ8      NPC22_DICDI    142  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287185  Q54KP7      NPC23_DICDI    151  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275467  Q75K12      NT5D_DICDI     591  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269658  Q55DH6      NTM1_DICDI     270  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281937  Q54TC5      NTPPB_DICDI    197  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267852  Q55G28      NTPP_DICDI     216  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274915  Q555D2      NUPL_DICDI    1839  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292894  Q54CJ8      OCDL_DICDI     368  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283829  Q54QH3      ODR4_DICDI     456  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284959  Q54NW1      OPA3_DICDI     199  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281747  Q54TH5      OPI10_DICDI    217  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288325  Q54J38      OST5_DICDI      76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0349042  P0DPA0      PAHX_DICDI     349  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289415  Q54HJ2      PESC_DICDI     678  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277951  Q54Z24      PITH1_DICDI    202  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282517  Q54SE2      PRDXL_DICDI    241  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277335  Q54ZX5      PX24A_DICDI    202  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278529  Q54XX9      PX24B_DICDI    193  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290223  Q54GD8      PX24C_DICDI    184  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290631  Q54FR4      PX24D_DICDI    185  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286171  Q54M82      QCR7_DICDI     109  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280569  Q54V76      QCR8_DICDI      73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283669  Q54QR8      QCR9_DICDI      66  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288723  Q54II8      QSPP_DICDI     321  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279253  Q54X24      RCCDA_DICDI    512  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295713  P0C7G9      RCCDB_DICDI    704  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284033  Q54Q89      RCCDC_DICDI    487  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286707  Q54LC7      RMC1_DICDI     978  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278751  Q54XT8      RRP36_DICDI    298  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278481  Q54Y09      RTCB_DICDI     508  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275847  Q553E8      RTRAF_DICDI    271  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272484  B0G107      SAMH1_DICDI    514  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291912  Q54DY7      SCPL1_DICDI    416  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280105  Q54VW1      SCPL2_DICDI    563  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292440  Q54D80      SCRKL_DICDI    355  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284847  Q54P23      SDF2_DICDI     212  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293946  Q54B20      SDHF2_DICDI    141  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278459  Q54Y25      SDHF4_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287633  Q54K21      SEM1_DICDI      76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279427  Q54WU6      SESN_DICDI     601  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279823  Q54W90      SEY1_DICDI     894  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271934  Q55AF0      SI132_DICDI     76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288185  Q54JB1      SI139_DICDI     91  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284163  Q54Q37      SI172_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286781  Q54LD8      SI173_DICDI     64  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283395  Q54R59      SI176_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282497  Q54SF5      SLX9_DICDI     215  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289453  Q54HH8      SMDL_DICDI     257  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279223  Q54X41      SOSSB_DICDI    183  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283555  Q54QX2      SP51_DICDI     465  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287165  Q54KQ7      SPAST_DICDI    655  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287549  Q54K71      SPGX_DICDI     128  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276527  Q8SSY6      SPKUL_DICDI   1887  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280065  Q54VY3      SPT20_DICDI   1402  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271664  Q55B06      SPXS1_DICDI    923  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274481  Q86HQ3      SPXS2_DICDI   1053  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289423  Q54HI2      SPXS4_DICDI   1081  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290647  Q54G02      SPXS5_DICDI    927  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276293  Q7KWT1      T185L_DICDI    490  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277049  Q550P4      TAM41_DICDI    427  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277313  Q550C1      TAPT1_DICDI    828  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282853  Q54RX6      TCTP1_DICDI    174  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282861  Q54RX1      TCTP2_DICDI    194  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271544  Q86AD9      THIL1_DICDI    414  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284941  Q54NX2      THIOD_DICDI    126  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292362  Q54DD2      THOPL_DICDI    673  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271790  Q75JB5      TM14_DICDI     112  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277575  Q54ZG7      TM234_DICDI    128  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275853  Q8MXQ3      TM260_DICDI    819  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277895  Q9GPR3      TM2D1_DICDI    153  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278163  Q54YM7      TM2D2_DICDI    161  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287015  Q54KZ0      TM2D3_DICDI    137  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275543  Q8MXN7      TM41_DICDI     334  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282655  Q54S60      TMA16_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292024  Q54DU9      TP4AA_DICDI    166  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272662  Q86IL4      TP4AB_DICDI    163  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269062  Q55EX6      TPC13_DICDI    511  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285489  Q54N57      TR112_DICDI    128  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276319  Q86I95      TV23A_DICDI    198  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286703  Q54LC9      TV23B_DICDI    261  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291374  Q54ER8      TX261_DICDI    207  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267768  Q55G91      U160_DICDI     329  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280783  Q54UW1      U235_DICDI     124  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272744  Q7KWP9      U512A_DICDI     91  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272228  Q75JQ6      U512B_DICDI     87  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290903  Q54FF1      U512C_DICDI     75  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290905  Q54FF0      U512D_DICDI     75  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269818  Q55D15      U512E_DICDI     91  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269820  Q55D13      U512F_DICDI     91  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270376  Q55BT1      U512G_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293314  Q54BZ8      U512H_DICDI     95  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293316  Q54BZ7      U512I_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293318  Q54BZ6      U512J_DICDI     80  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293320  Q54BZ5      U512K_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293322  Q54BZ4      U512L_DICDI     90  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293326  Q54BZ0      U512M_DICDI     91  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270798  Q55BT2      U512N_DICDI     80  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280467  Q54VB7      U512O_DICDI     84  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279293  Q54X01      U512P_DICDI     82  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279295  Q54WZ9      U512Q_DICDI     80  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279297  Q54WZ8      U512R_DICDI     85  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268602  Q55F78      U512S_DICDI     94  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290945  Q54FF2      U512U_DICDI     85  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292518  Q54DB0      U512V_DICDI     86  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293336  Q54BZ3      U512W_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270364  Q55BU0      U512X_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292598  Q54D05      U519C_DICDI     67  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271756  Q55AQ2      U519D_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285477  Q54N65      U521A_DICDI     93  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285583  Q54N03      U521B_DICDI     93  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288095  Q54JE8      U522A_DICDI    506  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288097  Q54JE7      U522B_DICDI    517  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271242  Q55BA2      U522C_DICDI    503  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287089  Q54KU9      U523A_DICDI    162  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287091  Q54KU8      U523B_DICDI    163  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287093  Q54KU7      U523C_DICDI    156  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283523  Q54R16      U538_DICDI     124  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271742  Q86JL6      U548_DICDI     216  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270194  Q55C72      U587_DICDI     156  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293552  Q54BM8      U652_DICDI     677  
n.a.                       DDB_G0294380  Q54AK6      UB2JL_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283667  Q54QS0      UFL1_DICDI     799  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292320  Q54DD7      UNC50_DICDI    261  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279967  Q54W16      USB1_DICDI     275  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285389  Q54ND3      UXT_DICDI      161  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274813  Q555V7      VID27_DICDI    938  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273473  Q557H3      VP35L_DICDI    987  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273559  Q557H3      VP35L_DICDI    987  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288371  Q54J20      VP74L_DICDI    262  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271002  B0G0Z3      W1002_DICDI    667  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292878  Q54CK9      WASH1_DICDI    472  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277533  Q54ZP5      WDR48_DICDI   1172  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283421  Q54M59      Y0003_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277539  Q54ZN3      Y0004_DICDI    998  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279405  Q54WW7      Y0010_DICDI    695  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278521  Q54XY6      Y0019_DICDI    908  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280131  Q54VU5      Y0038_DICDI   1192  
n.a.                       DDB_G0294382  Q54AK5      Y0067_DICDI     35  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280111  Q54VV7      Y0111_DICDI   1126  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278909  Q54XI9      Y0124_DICDI   1936  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278665  Q54Y90      Y0133_DICDI   1090  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278509  Q54XZ5      Y0138_DICDI   1248  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270146  Q55CA6      Y0146_DICDI    635  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270170  Q55C84      Y0170_DICDI   1578  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290199  Q54GF2      Y0199_DICDI    216  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268338  Q55GB8      Y0213_DICDI    237  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280215  Q54VP4      Y0215_DICDI    416  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268364  Q55G20      Y0216_DICDI    712  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290685  Q54G14      Y0266_DICDI   1081  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270306  Q55BY9      Y0306_DICDI    482  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290387  Q54G58      Y0387_DICDI    308  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290621  Q54FR9      Y0436_DICDI    967  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270444  Q55BM1      Y0444_DICDI   1360  
n.a.                       DDB_G0270496  Q55E65      Y0496_DICDI    523  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282021  Q54T40      Y0509_DICDI    211  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290555  Q54FW9      Y0555_DICDI    508  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280559  Q54V82      Y0559_DICDI    213  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279687  Q54WF3      Y0598_DICDI     89  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280709  Q54UZ5      Y0614_DICDI    142  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290617  Q54FS2      Y0617_DICDI    721  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279811  Q54W96      Y0630_DICDI    103  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290639  Q54FS1      Y0639_DICDI    616  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280279  Q54VK6      Y0648_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283065  Q54RP7      Y0652_DICDI    637  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288795  Q54IF2      Y0670_DICDI    641  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286841  Q54L81      Y0700_DICDI    462  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272282  Q559T8      Y0701_DICDI   2102  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290753  Q54FM6      Y0753_DICDI    195  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280777  Q54UW4      Y0777_DICDI   1823  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280785  Q54UW0      Y0785_DICDI    972  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280787  Q54UV9      Y0787_DICDI    936  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280809  Q54UV8      Y0809_DICDI    983  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280811  Q54UV7      Y0811_DICDI    890  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280825  Q54UU2      Y0825_DICDI    191  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280881  Q54UR0      Y0881_DICDI    260  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290883  Q54FG0      Y0883_DICDI    460  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290931  Q54FD5      Y0931_DICDI    511  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290965  Q54FC5      Y0965_DICDI    575  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290971  Q54FB9      Y0971_DICDI    445  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291015  Q54F84      Y1015_DICDI    137  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281095  Q54UG3      Y1095_DICDI   1097  
n.a.                                     Q55BK3      Y1118_DICDI    234  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291133  Q54F40      Y1133_DICDI    778  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291141  Q54F34      Y1141_DICDI    770  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282585  Q54S98      Y1194_DICDI     66  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288147  Q54JC7      Y1197_DICDI   1347  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282895  Q54RZ7      Y1199_DICDI   1634  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271238  Q55B99      Y1238_DICDI   1193  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281301  Q54UG2      Y1301_DICDI    953  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269228  Q55DH0      Y1320_DICDI    574  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271372  Q55BF8      Y1372_DICDI    999  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291392  Q54EQ7      Y1392_DICDI    468  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273153  Q556P3      Y1436_DICDI    200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273923  Q556P3      Y1436_DICDI    200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291510  Q54EH3      Y1510_DICDI   1031  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291516  Q54EG9      Y1516_DICDI    965  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278845  Q1ZXI5      Y1558_DICDI   1350  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291608  Q54EQ9      Y1586_DICDI    919  
n.a.                                     Q54DY5      Y1609_DICDI    100  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281251  Q54U64      Y1610_DICDI   1529  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292160  Q1ZXA8      Y1625_DICDI    174  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292256  Q54DI5      Y1628_DICDI     50  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290859  Q54FH3      Y1638_DICDI    419  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280717  Q54UZ1      Y1639_DICDI    411  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291664  Q54EM1      Y1664_DICDI    959  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271676  Q75JD4      Y1676_DICDI    533  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293016  Q54CF6      Y1715_DICDI     89  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293028  Q54CE6      Y1725_DICDI    170  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293048  Q54CC7      Y1746_DICDI     96  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283843  Q54QG4      Y1747_DICDI    176  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271806  Q55AN8      Y1806_DICDI   1167  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281809  Q54TK4      Y1809_DICDI   1619  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281321  Q54UA5      Y1829_DICDI    173  
n.a.                                     Q54RU3      Y1842_DICDI    137  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293256  Q54C51      Y1854_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293304  Q54C03      Y1865_DICDI    261  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293310  Q54C00      Y1868_DICDI     59  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291918  Q54DY0      Y1918_DICDI    669  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287489  Q54KB9      Y1923_DICDI     87  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293418  Q54BU6      Y1925_DICDI     64  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281931  Q54T82      Y1931_DICDI   1211  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293430  Q54BT9      Y1934_DICDI     52  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291952  Q1ZXB2      Y1952_DICDI    159  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271996  Q86AH2      Y1996_DICDI    937  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272012  Q86JM5      Y2012_DICDI    296  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292016  Q54DV3      Y2016_DICDI    918  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292028  Q54DU5      Y2028_DICDI    932  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293616  Q54BH8      Y2047_DICDI     73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292056  Q54DS4      Y2056_DICDI   1823  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292058  Q54DS3      Y2058_DICDI    553  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277449  Q8MYF1      Y2070_DICDI    456  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293648  Q54BF4      Y2071_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293652  Q54BF2      Y2073_DICDI    655  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268274  Q55GR5      Y2076_DICDI     49  
n.a.                                     Q55GR4      Y2077_DICDI     43  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284671  Q54PA8      Y2080_DICDI    305  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272238  Q75JQ0      Y2085_DICDI     69  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268290  Q55GM9      Y2087_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272098  Q55A66      Y2098_DICDI   1084  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268300  Q55GK1      Y2099_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282105  Q54T01      Y2105_DICDI    958  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282107  Q54SZ9      Y2107_DICDI    147  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293776  Q54BB3      Y2116_DICDI     77  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268318  Q55GE7      Y2120_DICDI    274  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293796  Q54BA6      Y2122_DICDI     47  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272130  Q86JE1      Y2130_DICDI    205  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293808  Q54B95      Y2135_DICDI     90  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292140  Q54DL6      Y2140_DICDI    521  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293860  Q54B75      Y2163_DICDI    270  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268370  Q55G14      Y2167_DICDI     46  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293878  Q54B64      Y2175_DICDI   1441  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268382  Q55FY6      Y2176_DICDI    130  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282179  Q54SW1      Y2179_DICDI    145  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292188  Q54DL7      Y2188_DICDI    750  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287673  Q54K27      Y2192_DICDI    107  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282237  Q54ST3      Y2237_DICDI    885  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292248  Q54DH5      Y2248_DICDI    314  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282325  Q54SP1      Y2325_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272340  Q86AY4      Y2340_DICDI    449  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272348  Q86KX6      Y2348_DICDI    595  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292350  Q54DC8      Y2350_DICDI   1224  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292354  Q54DF7      Y2354_DICDI    495  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292412  Q54DA4      Y2412_DICDI    648  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282417  Q54SK3      Y2417_DICDI    528  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272420  Q559W3      Y2420_DICDI    360  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292454  Q54D67      Y2454_DICDI    343  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272456  Q559R1      Y2456_DICDI   1521  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272472  Q75JP5      Y2471_DICDI   1508  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272512  Q7KWT9      Y2512_DICDI    308  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272530  Q559I8      Y2530_DICDI    301  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272544  Q559K0      Y2544_DICDI    566  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292550  Q54D75      Y2550_DICDI   1397  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292556  Q54CY2      Y2556_DICDI   1527  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272682  Q86IG2      Y2682_DICDI   1107  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272716  Q86IJ0      Y2716_DICDI    351  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292740  Q54CQ8      Y2740_DICDI    910  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282777  Q54SC4      Y2777_DICDI    639  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282801  Q54S52      Y2801_DICDI   3080  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272829  Q86L54      Y2829_DICDI    530  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272839  Q558W0      Y2839_DICDI    390  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282957  Q54RS2      Y2856_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288155  Q54JC2      Y2881_DICDI    246  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292928  Q54CG9      Y2928_DICDI    160  
n.a.                       DDB_G0294619  B0G134      Y2946_DICDI    465  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293184  Q54C77      Y3184_DICDI   1186  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293202  Q54C11      Y3202_DICDI    437  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276477  Q86HB7      Y3225_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285189  Q54NK1      Y3248_DICDI    153  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283291  Q54RA4      Y3291_DICDI    363  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283301  Q54R98      Y3301_DICDI    663  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283337  Q54R95      Y3337_DICDI   1128  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273361  Q556Z9      Y3361_DICDI    311  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273707  Q556Z9      Y3361_DICDI    311  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293380  Q54BW1      Y3380_DICDI    561  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273435  Q557K2      Y3435_DICDI    409  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273505  Q557K2      Y3435_DICDI    409  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283443  Q54R14      Y3443_DICDI    393  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273449  Q557G4      Y3449_DICDI    332  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273577  Q557G4      Y3449_DICDI    332  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273453  Q8T1P1      Y3453_DICDI    839  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273565  Q8T1P1      Y3453_DICDI    839  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277209  Q86K91      Y3455_DICDI    124  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283465  Q54QZ9      Y3465_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283493  Q54R60      Y3493_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283501  Q54R37      Y3501_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283503  Q54R36      Y3503_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283507  Q54R34      Y3507_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273433  Q557K0      Y3509_DICDI    450  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273509  Q557K0      Y3509_DICDI    450  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293534  Q54BN8      Y3534_DICDI    999  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273253  Q557F7      Y3589_DICDI    386  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273393  Q557F6      Y3591_DICDI    413  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293610  Q54BI3      Y3610_DICDI    507  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283629  Q54QU8      Y3629_DICDI    543  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273221  Q557A2      Y3701_DICDI    225  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273701  Q557A2      Y3701_DICDI    225  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283707  Q54QP7      Y3707_DICDI    507  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280323  Q54VI0      Y3711_DICDI     48  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293730  Q54BH5      Y3730_DICDI    734  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293746  Q54BD1      Y3746_DICDI    395  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293800  Q54BA2      Y3800_DICDI    806  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285615  Q54MX8      Y3815_DICDI    255  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291326  Q54EU7      Y3822_DICDI     76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291364  Q54ES5      Y3845_DICDI    172  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291388  Q54ER0      Y3860_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273177  Q556R9      Y3871_DICDI    125  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273871  Q556R9      Y3871_DICDI    125  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291420  Q54EP1      Y3882_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291422  Q54EP0      Y3883_DICDI    107  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283893  Q54QG5      Y3893_DICDI   5875  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283913  Q54QE8      Y3913_DICDI    667  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291480  Q54EJ6      Y3923_DICDI    501  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293934  Q54B29      Y3934_DICDI   1713  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291508  Q54EH4      Y3943_DICDI     49  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291522  Q54EG5      Y3950_DICDI    175  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293958  Q54B48      Y3958_DICDI   1592  
n.a.                                     Q54UK4      Y3959_DICDI     45  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281025  Q54UK3      Y3961_DICDI    880  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281039  Q54UJ6      Y3968_DICDI    375  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281041  Q54UJ5      Y3969_DICDI     53  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291564  Q54ED5      Y3985_DICDI     48  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281067  Q54UI0      Y3989_DICDI    300  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291600  Q54EB4      Y4006_DICDI    357  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272797  Q556J6      Y4007_DICDI    680  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274007  Q556J6      Y4007_DICDI    680  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281105  Q54UF5      Y4017_DICDI    239  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281145  Q54UD4      Y4040_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281147  Q54UD3      Y4041_DICDI    119  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284059  Q54Q80      Y4059_DICDI   1280  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272642  Q556H2      Y4063_DICDI    520  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274063  Q556H2      Y4063_DICDI    520  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291812  Q54E43      Y4080_DICDI   1187  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292526  B0G195      Y4105_DICDI     58  
n.a.                                     Q54U55      Y4120_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291898  Q54DZ6      Y4124_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281339  Q54U35      Y4142_DICDI    224  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281365  Q54U16      Y4160_DICDI     48  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282307  Q54SQ3      Y4169_DICDI     96  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274171  Q86KC7      Y4171_DICDI    451  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292078  Q54DQ8      Y4208_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274223  Q8SSU2      Y4223_DICDI    260  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292106  Q54DP0      Y4227_DICDI    310  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284251  Q54PX0      Y4251_DICDI    496  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281869  Q54TB9      Y4259_DICDI     43  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281879  Q54TB4      Y4264_DICDI     58  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281883  Q54TB2      Y4266_DICDI    234  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274267  Q86J11      Y4267_DICDI    667  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281887  Q54TA7      Y4270_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281897  Q54TA2      Y4276_DICDI    201  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292228  Q54DJ6      Y4279_DICDI     39  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274299  Q86J25      Y4299_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292292  Q54DG3      Y4305_DICDI    662  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292330  Q54DC9      Y4337_DICDI    182  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284367  Q54PR7      Y4367_DICDI    271  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292438  Q54D81      Y4395_DICDI    271  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274399  Q86AS0      Y4399_DICDI    967  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292498  Q54D37      Y4436_DICDI     50  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292500  Q54D36      Y4437_DICDI    246  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274439  Q86HT3      Y4439_DICDI     52  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292614  Q54CZ6      Y4476_DICDI     93  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292636  Q54CY3      Y4489_DICDI    160  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284491  Q54PK8      Y4491_DICDI   1212  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292662  Q54CW2      Y4510_DICDI    383  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274527  Q869Q0      Y4527_DICDI    475  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281597  Q54TR6      Y4551_DICDI     39  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292776  Q54CT4      Y4563_DICDI    208  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286065  Q54MB1      Y4579_DICDI    517  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274613  Q554L2      Y4613_DICDI    831  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274617  Q554M9      Y4617_DICDI    525  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281701  Q54TK1      Y4619_DICDI     80  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281733  Q54TI3      Y4636_DICDI    831  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281771  Q54TG1      Y4660_DICDI    156  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274669  Q555E8      Y4669_DICDI    251  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274695  Q555L8      Y4695_DICDI    389  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284701  P0CC06      Y4701_DICDI    437  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274705  Q555N6      Y4705_DICDI    259  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280771  Q54UW8      Y4721_DICDI     97  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284753  Q54P72      Y4753_DICDI    464  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284755  Q54P71      Y4755_DICDI    473  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284757  Q54P70      Y4757_DICDI    766  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274775  Q86IV4      Y4775_DICDI    458  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274781  Q86A72      Y4781_DICDI    225  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282483  Q54SG3      Y4788_DICDI    375  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282499  Q54SF4      Y4797_DICDI    935  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282523  Q54SD7      Y4813_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274821  Q555U5      Y4821_DICDI    854  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282865  Q54RW9      Y5000_DICDI    229  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275003  Q554L3      Y5003_DICDI    626  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275025  Q869Z0      Y5025_DICDI    409  
n.a.                                     Q54AX0      Y5069_DICDI     12  
n.a.                                     Q54AV4      Y5085_DICDI     21  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282013  Q54T44      Y5087_DICDI     99  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282015  Q54T43      Y5088_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0294196  Q54AU8      Y5091_DICDI    439  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285095  Q54NS3      Y5095_DICDI    263  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282061  Q54T09      Y5126_DICDI    301  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282065  Q54T07      Y5128_DICDI    109  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282129  Q54SY5      Y5150_DICDI    765  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275161  Q86I43      Y5161_DICDI    187  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295473  B0G125      Y5168_DICDI     52  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285345  Q54ND0      Y5202_DICDI     75  
n.a.                                     Q54UQ1      Y5240_DICDI     67  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280905  Q54UP6      Y5247_DICDI    161  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280915  Q54UP0      Y5254_DICDI    169  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280919  Q54UN8      Y5256_DICDI     77  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279979  Q54W06      Y5261_DICDI    723  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282937  Q54RT6      Y5270_DICDI    103  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282951  Q54RS6      Y5280_DICDI    133  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282229  Q54ST6      Y5281_DICDI    216  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278987  Q54XG0      Y5282_DICDI    328  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282269  Q54SR6      Y5306_DICDI    269  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282281  Q54SR0      Y5312_DICDI    161  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283145  Q54RJ6      Y5363_DICDI    143  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284161  Q54Q38      Y5379_DICDI    103  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275825  Q553J1      Y5395_DICDI     65  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275411  Q553T1      Y5411_DICDI    344  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291626  Q54EL1      Y5447_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291628  Q54EK4      Y5448_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291640  Q54EF7      Y5454_DICDI    100  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283353  Q54R75      Y5463_DICDI     30  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283357  Q54R73      Y5465_DICDI   1247  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292342  Q54DE9      Y5492_DICDI    338  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275507  Q86A05      Y5507_DICDI    196  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283431  Q54R21      Y5516_DICDI    113  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292642  Q54CX4      Y5521_DICDI    903  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283449  Q54R11      Y5526_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292940  Q54CM6      Y5530_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283461  Q54R03      Y5534_DICDI     64  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283463  Q54R00      Y5536_DICDI     46  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283467  Q54QZ8      Y5538_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283469  Q54QZ7      Y5539_DICDI    147  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275547  Q8MXL9      Y5547_DICDI    335  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293278  Q54C19      Y5562_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283559  Q54QW9      Y5566_DICDI     65  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283573  Q54QV8      Y5576_DICDI     76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283639  Q54QU3      Y5592_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281465  Q54TW5      Y5602_DICDI    451  
n.a.                                     Q54LS8      Y5609_DICDI     80  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286493  Q54LQ9      Y5617_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283675  Q54QR5      Y5621_DICDI    392  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281497  Q54TU3      Y5626_DICDI    554  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283689  Q54QQ6      Y5630_DICDI    180  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286783  Q54LA2      Y5632_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283697  Q54QQ2      Y5634_DICDI    853  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283705  Q54QP8      Y5639_DICDI     58  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283731  Q54QN4      Y5654_DICDI    206  
n.a.                                     Q54QL5      Y5670_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295685  Q86HG4      Y5685_DICDI     89  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283807  Q54QJ7      Y5687_DICDI    147  
n.a.                                     Q54Q02      Y5727_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295729  P0CD63      Y5729_DICDI   1346  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287177  Q54KQ1      Y5766_DICDI    112  
n.a.                                     Q54KP9      Y5768_DICDI    174  
n.a.                                     Q54PB8      Y5781_DICDI    103  
n.a.                                     Q54P45      Y5792_DICDI     61  
n.a.                                     Q54P25      Y5793_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275795  Q1ZXL0      Y5795_DICDI    808  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285229  Q54NH7      Y5821_DICDI    227  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285837  Q54MP8      Y5837_DICDI   2200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284097  Q54Q48      Y5844_DICDI    633  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285945  Q54ML2      Y5855_DICDI     41  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285863  Q54MM1      Y5863_DICDI     69  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285867  Q54ML9      Y5867_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284213  Q54PZ6      Y5897_DICDI    702  
n.a.                                     Q54KD2      Y5901_DICDI     53  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275913  Q552S7      Y5913_DICDI    190  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279989  Q54VZ9      Y5916_DICDI    154  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279993  Q54VZ6      Y5921_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275933  Q552P9      Y5933_DICDI    121  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287865  Q54JQ0      Y5934_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287963  Q54JM1      Y5938_DICDI     47  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284283  Q54PU6      Y5947_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290003  Q54GQ9      Y5951_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279653  Q54WH7      Y5961_DICDI    759  
n.a.                                     Q54J24      Y5966_DICDI     53  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285975  Q54MG4      Y5975_DICDI    917  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285981  Q54MG1      Y5981_DICDI    831  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279685  Q54WF4      Y5986_DICDI    347  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284397  Q54PP8      Y5991_DICDI    126  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284425  Q54PN1      Y6008_DICDI     79  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279765  Q54WB8      Y6021_DICDI    815  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280555  Q54V85      Y6038_DICDI   1469  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280563  Q54V79      Y6044_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288997  Q54I54      Y6048_DICDI    202  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280579  Q54V71      Y6053_DICDI    267  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280597  Q54V60      Y6065_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280641  Q54V36      Y6090_DICDI     46  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284619  Q54PE1      Y6100_DICDI    253  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280675  Q54V15      Y6116_DICDI    145  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284665  Q54PB1      Y6129_DICDI     56  
n.a.                                     Q54GV3      Y6140_DICDI     67  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289963  Q54GR1      Y6146_DICDI    527  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284695  Q54P94      Y6147_DICDI    450  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276165  Q86IA1      Y6165_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284781  Q54P56      Y6190_DICDI    120  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284801  Q54P44      Y6202_DICDI    199  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284813  Q54P38      Y6208_DICDI     85  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286239  Q54M29      Y6239_DICDI    359  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284909  Q54NZ2      Y6251_DICDI    337  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284929  Q54NX9      Y6263_DICDI     82  
n.a.                                     Q54NT8      Y6304_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284993  Q54NT4      Y6308_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286311  Q54LY1      Y6311_DICDI   1473  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285031  Q54NQ8      Y6335_DICDI    795  
n.a.                                     Q54W62      Y6341_DICDI     82  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285119  Q54NP0      Y6352_DICDI    521  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280071  Q54VY0      Y6358_DICDI    818  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285135  Q54NM7      Y6364_DICDI    219  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291350  Q54ET3      Y6373_DICDI    369  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285185  Q54NK3      Y6386_DICDI    330  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285187  Q54NK2      Y6387_DICDI     46  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291842  Q54E34      Y6398_DICDI    352  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285291  Q54NF3      Y6434_DICDI    412  
n.a.                                     Q54VQ0      Y6442_DICDI    835  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280211  Q54VP7      Y6445_DICDI    249  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286447  Q54LR3      Y6447_DICDI    521  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280217  Q54VP3      Y6449_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285347  Q54NC9      Y6453_DICDI    196  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267218  Q55H65      Y6457_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276461  Q86HW6      Y6461_DICDI    798  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280241  Q54VN0      Y6463_DICDI    210  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284767  Q54P65      Y6475_DICDI    757  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276999  Q550T1      Y6476_DICDI    258  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286481  Q54LR6      Y6481_DICDI    605  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285383  Q54N95      Y6488_DICDI     45  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285385  Q54N94      Y6489_DICDI    303  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285441  Q54IC5      Y6494_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288841  Q54IC5      Y6494_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285443  Q54N87      Y6496_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280305  Q54VJ3      Y6501_DICDI     50  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289917  Q54GU5      Y6504_DICDI    968  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289975  Q54GU4      Y6505_DICDI   1032  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280315  Q54VI5      Y6510_DICDI    324  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285469  Q54N70      Y6515_DICDI     73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280331  Q54VH6      Y6520_DICDI     48  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280341  Q54VG6      Y6530_DICDI    135  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285495  Q54N54      Y6531_DICDI    495  
n.a.                                     Q54VF9      Y6537_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268542  Q55FX9      Y6564_DICDI     71  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285557  Q54N19      Y6568_DICDI    279  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285569  Q54N12      Y6576_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268590  Q55F95      Y6593_DICDI    584  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268604  Q55F67      Y6600_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285607  Q54MY4      Y6606_DICDI    361  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286627  Q54LH8      Y6627_DICDI    671  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295823  P0C7T1      Y6642_DICDI     36  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281707  P0C7W5      Y6649_DICDI    206  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285671  Q54MT6      Y6650_DICDI    184  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285721  Q54MQ9      Y6677_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287441  Q54KH2      Y6680_DICDI    322  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276689  Q551A3      Y6689_DICDI   2772  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285869  Q54ML8      Y6719_DICDI    432  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275639  Q86IA8      Y6720_DICDI     58  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285917  Q54MI7      Y6747_DICDI    205  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271356  Q55BI0      Y6787_DICDI    186  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286087  Q54MA0      Y6810_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286141  Q54M75      Y6832_DICDI     96  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271606  Q86AF2      Y6864_DICDI   1212  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286225  Q54M38      Y6867_DICDI    130  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268748  Q55EU4      Y6874_DICDI    436  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286897  Q54L52      Y6897_DICDI   1404  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286285  Q54LZ8      Y6905_DICDI     76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271804  Q75JD8      Y6909_DICDI     92  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286299  Q54LY8      Y6915_DICDI    451  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286379  Q54LW3      Y6939_DICDI    374  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286393  Q54LV6      Y6946_DICDI    280  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286405  Q54LU9      Y6953_DICDI    321  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286421  Q54LT5      Y6967_DICDI     76  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286423  Q54LT4      Y6968_DICDI    506  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286969  C7G046      Y6969_DICDI   2079  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286439  Q54LS3      Y6982_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287209  P0CD64      Y6997_DICDI   1650  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286591  Q54LK8      Y7027_DICDI    789  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276421  Q86HX2      Y7052_DICDI     45  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286635  Q54LH4      Y7062_DICDI     65  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276433  Q86HW0      Y7068_DICDI     48  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277071  Q550K8      Y7071_DICDI   2454  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286675  Q54LE8      Y7088_DICDI     73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276467  Q86HV3      Y7090_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286729  Q54LB5      Y7118_DICDI    261  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286751  Q54LA3      Y7130_DICDI    179  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286769  Q54L92      Y7140_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286829  Q54L87      Y7145_DICDI    193  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286831  Q54L86      Y7146_DICDI    107  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275629  Q86IE6      Y7147_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271516  Q86AF0      Y7151_DICDI    366  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275485  Q86ID5      Y7162_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286865  Q54L68      Y7164_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277165  Q76P07      Y7165_DICDI    833  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287169  Q54KQ5      Y7169_DICDI    230  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286915  Q54L43      Y7187_DICDI     78  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286937  Q54L28      Y7200_DICDI     41  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286943  Q54L25      Y7203_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286949  Q54L22      Y7206_DICDI     94  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275531  Q86H59      Y7209_DICDI     68  
n.a.                                     Q86H39      Y7239_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277243  Q86K46      Y7243_DICDI    423  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275685  Q86HC2      Y7269_DICDI     49  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287281  Q54KL0      Y7281_DICDI    417  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275565  Q86HA0      Y7291_DICDI     65  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287145  Q54KS5      Y7300_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275587  Q86H87      Y7311_DICDI     53  
n.a.                                     Q86H86      Y7312_DICDI     45  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287317  Q54KJ1      Y7317_DICDI    612  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275597  Q86H78      Y7323_DICDI    105  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277331  Q54ZX8      Y7331_DICDI    549  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287365  Q54KF6      Y7365_DICDI   1099  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287283  Q54KK8      Y7397_DICDI     50  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287407  Q54KD0      Y7407_DICDI   1663  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274169  Q86KD0      Y7416_DICDI    114  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287329  Q54KI2      Y7423_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287341  Q54KH5      Y7431_DICDI    245  
n.a.                                     Q54KH0      Y7435_DICDI    780  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287355  Q54KG6      Y7439_DICDI     41  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287457  Q54KF2      Y7452_DICDI    777  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287413  Q54KC7      Y7475_DICDI    221  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287499  Q54KA1      Y7495_DICDI    374  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287517  Q54K93      Y7503_DICDI    116  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275137  Q8T2Q8      Y7509_DICDI     59  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275255  Q8T2U0      Y7525_DICDI    289  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274163  Q86KD3      Y7536_DICDI     43  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287599  Q54K54      Y7538_DICDI    117  
n.a.                                     Q86HS5      Y7556_DICDI    237  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287625  Q54K36      Y7557_DICDI    981  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267566  Q1ZXR2      Y7566_DICDI    844  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267588  Q55GN6      Y7588_DICDI    719  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274405  Q86KA2      Y7609_DICDI    377  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275275  Q86I32      Y7617_DICDI    542  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274435  Q869T2      Y7634_DICDI    507  
n.a.                                     Q54JU6      Y7638_DICDI     93  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275317  Q86I75      Y7642_DICDI    369  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287837  Q54JR4      Y7668_DICDI    245  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274469  Q86HQ8      Y7677_DICDI    104  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274485  Q86HP9      Y7697_DICDI    185  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287975  Q54JL4      Y7715_DICDI    166  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274507  Q86HN0      Y7720_DICDI     74  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287991  Q54JK5      Y7724_DICDI    276  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287999  Q54JK1      Y7728_DICDI   1204  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277323  Q1ZXK1      Y7732_DICDI    364  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267744  Q55GA8      Y7744_DICDI    429  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288035  Q54JI2      Y7748_DICDI     67  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288037  Q54JI1      Y7749_DICDI    148  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274535  Q86HL1      Y7751_DICDI    455  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288043  Q54JH8      Y7752_DICDI    346  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267754  Q55GA0      Y7754_DICDI    462  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276231  Q75JF4      Y7757_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267758  Q55G98      Y7758_DICDI    878  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276327  Q86JD9      Y7784_DICDI    125  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267786  Q55G75      Y7786_DICDI    528  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274557  Q8MP30      Y7791_DICDI    233  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288141  Q54JD0      Y7797_DICDI     86  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278133  Q54YP8      Y7813_DICDI    477  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288213  Q54J90      Y7835_DICDI     95  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274271  Q86J13      Y7843_DICDI    115  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288281  Q54J58      Y7870_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287875  Q1ZXE2      Y7875_DICDI   1211  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288303  Q54J44      Y7883_DICDI    208  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277057  Q7KWP3      Y7886_DICDI     79  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278881  Q1ZXI3      Y7888_DICDI    372  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274333  Q86IY1      Y7891_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278975  Q54XG9      Y7897_DICDI   1415  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288353  Q54J19      Y7905_DICDI    168  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274347  Q86IW5      Y7911_DICDI    704  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274353  Q86IW1      Y7918_DICDI    393  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274369  Q86IV0      Y7931_DICDI    352  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279527  Q54WN8      Y7952_DICDI   1233  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288489  Q54IV8      Y7955_DICDI    280  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287957  Q54JM2      Y7957_DICDI    540  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267958  Q55FT8      Y7958_DICDI    729  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288537  Q54IT1      Y7983_DICDI    846  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277989  Q54YZ5      Y7989_DICDI   1433  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288575  Q54IR4      Y8000_DICDI    122  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288577  Q54IR1      Y8002_DICDI     52  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277665  Q86KL7      Y8005_DICDI    150  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280133  Q54VU4      Y8013_DICDI   1505  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288017  Q1ZXD9      Y8017_DICDI    458  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288627  Q54IN7      Y8027_DICDI    403  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288629  Q54IN6      Y8028_DICDI    263  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278031  Q54YX3      Y8031_DICDI    256  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288657  Q54IM4      Y8038_DICDI     82  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288661  Q54IM2      Y8040_DICDI    307  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278045  Q54YW4      Y8045_DICDI    337  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268078  Q55FJ6      Y8078_DICDI    507  
n.a.                                     Q54E17      Y8105_DICDI     39  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278111  Q54YS0      Y8111_DICDI    117  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288805  Q54IE7      Y8118_DICDI    878  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288133  Q54JD4      Y8133_DICDI    265  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288135  P0C8Z6      Y8135_DICDI    514  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288137  Q54JD2      Y8137_DICDI    321  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288143  Q54JC9      Y8143_DICDI    187  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288887  Q54IB0      Y8155_DICDI     44  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268158  Q55FD6      Y8158_DICDI    688  
n.a.                                     Q54WA5      Y8190_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282067  Q54T06      Y8206_DICDI    573  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289009  Q54I51      Y8207_DICDI    235  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280023  Q54W04      Y8213_DICDI     84  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280391  Q54VI8      Y8232_DICDI    141  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280363  Q54VF4      Y8236_DICDI   1304  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267930  Q55FV7      Y8238_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289089  Q54I08      Y8252_DICDI     73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268260  Q55GW8      Y8260_DICDI    391  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280941  Q54UR9      Y8268_DICDI    107  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289137  Q54HY7      Y8275_DICDI     90  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281311  Q54UC4      Y8285_DICDI    169  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289159  Q54HX2      Y8288_DICDI    110  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272718  Q86IJ5      Y8290_DICDI     89  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272720  Q86IJ6      Y8291_DICDI     84  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276777  Q7KWY4      Y8293_DICDI     82  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278295  Q54YD2      Y8295_DICDI    141  
n.a.                                     Q54TP6      Y8322_DICDI    804  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277003  Q86JB0      Y8324_DICDI    359  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268328  Q55GD2      Y8328_DICDI   3779  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282077  Q54T37      Y8348_DICDI    189  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282133  Q54SZ6      Y8359_DICDI   2869  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282757  Q54SJ4      Y8379_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289357  Q54HM2      Y8381_DICDI    556  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289359  Q54HM1      Y8382_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271526  Q86AE7      Y8383_DICDI    172  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283871  Q54QJ8      Y8387_DICDI    257  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271554  Q86JG2      Y8418_DICDI     60  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284971  Q54NV2      Y8420_DICDI    342  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284127  Q54Q24      Y8421_DICDI    462  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271558  Q86JF8      Y8423_DICDI    110  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283069  Q54RM7      Y8433_DICDI     78  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283135  Q54RK6      Y8439_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289491  Q54HG1      Y8443_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268444  Q1ZXR0      Y8444_DICDI    502  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271698  Q75JB3      Y8452_DICDI    378  
n.a.                                     Q54RG7      Y8453_DICDI    168  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278469  Q54Y18      Y8469_DICDI    715  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288475  Q54IW5      Y8475_DICDI   1119  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283377  Q54R69      Y8483_DICDI    441  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271670  Q75JC9      Y8484_DICDI    374  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278487  Q54Y06      Y8487_DICDI    636  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288495  Q54IV4      Y8495_DICDI    532  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283513  Q54R31      Y8498_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280433  Q54VD7      Y8502_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283527  Q54R01      Y8505_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285149  Q54NN4      Y8514_DICDI    427  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271850  Q8T806      Y8534_DICDI    733  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268550  Q55FV5      Y8550_DICDI    536  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271918  Q86I92      Y8558_DICDI     64  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284005  Q54QA8      Y8559_DICDI     94  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271888  Q86I89      Y8561_DICDI     74  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285639  Q54MV4      Y8563_DICDI    153  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271896  Q86I85      Y8566_DICDI     87  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289765  Q54H11      Y8570_DICDI     98  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289767  Q54H10      Y8571_DICDI     63  
n.a.                                     Q54Q42      Y8578_DICDI     86  
n.a.                                     Q86JP8      Y8587_DICDI     69  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284311  Q54PY9      Y8589_DICDI    299  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284229  Q54PY5      Y8590_DICDI     73  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289825  Q54GY9      Y8591_DICDI    149  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271982  Q86AH4      Y8592_DICDI    629  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286021  Q54ME0      Y8602_DICDI    218  
n.a.                       DDB_G0284459  Q54PM6      Y8605_DICDI   1224  
n.a.                                     Q54PE6      Y8624_DICDI    109  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289901  Q54GV8      Y8625_DICDI   1143  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278631  Q54YK1      Y8631_DICDI    382  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268642  Q55F45      Y8642_DICDI   1078  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286465  Q54LU8      Y8646_DICDI   1221  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285049  Q54P08      Y8649_DICDI    370  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268656  Q55F27      Y8656_DICDI    317  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289955  Q54GR3      Y8668_DICDI    197  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289957  Q54GR2      Y8669_DICDI     74  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289989  Q54GQ8      Y8672_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290013  Q54GP9      Y8681_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272126  Q86JE4      Y8687_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290041  Q54GM5      Y8705_DICDI     77  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272194  Q86IM3      Y8707_DICDI    293  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268712  Q55EY1      Y8712_DICDI    225  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272188  Q75JW9      Y8734_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0295689  B0G162      Y8738_DICDI    134  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285779  Q54MW0      Y8739_DICDI     57  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268742  Q55EU7      Y8742_DICDI    393  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285787  Q54MV1      Y8744_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287527  Q54K87      Y8750_DICDI    118  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290167  Q54GH1      Y8754_DICDI     52  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287623  Q54K37      Y8755_DICDI    558  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286001  Q54MF2      Y8776_DICDI    121  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290203  Q54GE8      Y8777_DICDI    266  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286105  Q54MC9      Y8784_DICDI    211  
n.a.                                     Q54MC8      Y8785_DICDI    204  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286175  Q54M74      Y8793_DICDI    391  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290235  Q54GC9      Y8796_DICDI     40  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286333  Q54M23      Y8800_DICDI    621  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286343  Q54LZ2      Y8805_DICDI     42  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286463  Q54LW6      Y8810_DICDI    105  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268812  Q55EN5      Y8812_DICDI    409  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286477  Q54LS0      Y8817_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278823  Q54XP1      Y8823_DICDI    356  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290301  Q54G96      Y8826_DICDI   1238  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278827  Q54XN7      Y8827_DICDI   1816  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289163  Q54HX0      Y8829_DICDI     98  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272516  Q86KH4      Y8830_DICDI    465  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272506  Q7KWU5      Y8853_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272514  Q7KWT8      Y8862_DICDI     53  
n.a.                       DDB_G0286901  Q54L50      Y8866_DICDI    726  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272724  Q86IK1      Y8872_DICDI    104  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290419  Q54G41      Y8881_DICDI    104  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288861  Q54IG2      Y8886_DICDI    722  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287113  Q54KW6      Y8887_DICDI    766  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287191  Q54KT2      Y8896_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278901  Q54XJ4      Y8901_DICDI   1495  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287205  Q54KR4      Y8903_DICDI     55  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290437  Q54G19      Y8904_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272821  Q86IG7      Y8915_DICDI    193  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278921  Q54XH9      Y8921_DICDI    921  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290641  Q54FZ8      Y8923_DICDI   5801  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290521  Q54FZ4      Y8927_DICDI    430  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268928  Q55F11      Y8928_DICDI    551  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268948  Q55EX9      Y8948_DICDI    263  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289609  Q54H97      Y8960_DICDI    145  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289697  Q54H55      Y8969_DICDI    452  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290587  Q54FU3      Y8975_DICDI    732  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290589  Q54FU2      Y8976_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276837  Q86L28      Y8993_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289041  Q54I30      Y9041_DICDI    777  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279043  B0G124      Y9043_DICDI    200  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269086  Q55EQ3      Y9086_DICDI    937  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290803  Q54FJ7      Y9094_DICDI    367  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269096  Q55EF8      Y9096_DICDI    285  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279099  Q54XA2      Y9099_DICDI   2242  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290819  Q54FI7      Y9105_DICDI     41  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291301  Q54EW2      Y9130_DICDI   1080  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277255  Q86K40      Y9144_DICDI   1123  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290907  Q54FE9      Y9145_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290911  Q54FE7      Y9147_DICDI     49  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289171  Q54HW8      Y9171_DICDI    352  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277161  Q76P00      Y9172_DICDI    293  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277407  Q8T2H7      Y9182_DICDI    125  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290989  Q54F99      Y9197_DICDI   1153  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290991  Q54F97      Y9198_DICDI    455  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291005  Q54F89      Y9207_DICDI    297  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287263  Q54KL9      Y9209_DICDI     70  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287265  Q54KL8      Y9210_DICDI    489  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277499  Q76NV7      Y9216_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292186  Q1ZXA9      Y9218_DICDI   1133  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291089  Q54F60      Y9232_DICDI     82  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287573  Q54K78      Y9240_DICDI    465  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277445  Q8MN60      Y9248_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277453  Q8MN55      Y9256_DICDI     81  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291143  Q54F33      Y9259_DICDI    269  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277461  Q8MN49      Y9262_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277463  Q8MN48      Y9263_DICDI     69  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277465  Q8MN46      Y9264_DICDI    184  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287871  Q54JZ1      Y9266_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287893  Q54JR5      Y9278_DICDI    177  
n.a.                                     Q54JN2      Y9294_DICDI     68  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280557  Q54V83      Y9296_DICDI    460  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267482  Q55GW4      Y9317_DICDI     79  
n.a.                       DDB_G0277605  Q86KR1      Y9327_DICDI    154  
n.a.                                     Q8T1V8      Y9329_DICDI     56  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269332  Q55E98      Y9332_DICDI    614  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280855  Q54US6      Y9333_DICDI    392  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288467  Q54IW9      Y9343_DICDI    176  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267530  Q55GT2      Y9347_DICDI    210  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267542  Q55GS1      Y9358_DICDI     75  
n.a.                                     Q54IK8      Y9372_DICDI    465  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288767  Q54IG9      Y9380_DICDI    202  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289381  Q54HL8      Y9381_DICDI    846  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288959  Q54I83      Y9392_DICDI    418  
n.a.                       DDB_G0288973  Q54I66      Y9399_DICDI    461  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289245  Q54HT5      Y9414_DICDI     54  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289263  Q54HS1      Y9416_DICDI    932  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276289  Q7KWS1      Y9423_DICDI    163  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289437  Q54HJ9      Y9435_DICDI    139  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289443  Q54HI1      Y9443_DICDI     79  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293276  Q54C18      Y9452_DICDI    516  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276061  Q75JM4      Y9458_DICDI    136  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279461  Q54WS9      Y9461_DICDI   1006  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267716  Q55GD5      Y9487_DICDI    509  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289969  Q54GV2      Y9499_DICDI     71  
n.a.                                     Q54GT3      Y9505_DICDI     72  
n.a.                       DDB_G0289517  Q54HD9      Y9517_DICDI    712  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267764  Q55G94      Y9527_DICDI    408  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276139  Q75JF2      Y9532_DICDI    131  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276161  Q75JF1      Y9533_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267772  Q55G84      Y9536_DICDI     78  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267802  Q55G59      Y9560_DICDI     51  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290655  Q54FX8      Y9575_DICDI     41  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290657  Q54FX7      Y9576_DICDI     74  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267840  Q55G34      Y9585_DICDI   1432  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267860  Q55G23      Y9596_DICDI    213  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267862  Q55G22      Y9597_DICDI    289  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279609  Q54WK1      Y9609_DICDI    419  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292252  Q54DK0      Y9625_DICDI   1256  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269628  Q55DK2      Y9628_DICDI    737  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267946  Q55FU5      Y9667_DICDI     64  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267970  Q55FS8      Y9684_DICDI     53  
n.a.                       DDB_G0291786  Q54E63      Y9694_DICDI    183  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269702  Q55DC6      Y9702_DICDI     83  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279719  Q54WD7      Y9719_DICDI    942  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292360  Q54DD5      Y9734_DICDI     63  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268046  Q55FM1      Y9737_DICDI     45  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279745  Q54WD3      Y9745_DICDI    410  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292534  Q54D79      Y9752_DICDI     59  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268082  Q55FJ3      Y9765_DICDI     97  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268086  Q55FJ1      Y9767_DICDI     61  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293150  Q54C62      Y9774_DICDI     66  
n.a.                                     Q54B23      Y9792_DICDI     43  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280643  Q54V35      Y9841_DICDI    442  
n.a.                       DDB_G0282963  Q54RR9      Y9844_DICDI   1761  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267686  Q55GG4      Y9847_DICDI   2230  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272092  Q55A55      Y9848_DICDI    986  
n.a.                       DDB_G0278535  Q54XX5      Y9849_DICDI    848  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275165  Q869X3      Y9851_DICDI    921  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271538  Q86AE1      Y9853_DICDI    527  
n.a.                       DDB_G0281745  Q54TH6      Y9863_DICDI    597  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280461  Q54VC0      Y9865_DICDI    418  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271402  Q55BA0      Y9866_DICDI    765  
n.a.                       DDB_G0271682  Q86HG9      Y9871_DICDI   1024  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283821  Q54QI2      Y9877_DICDI    941  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268226  Q55F75      Y9878_DICDI     62  
n.a.                       DDB_G0269880  Q55CV9      Y9880_DICDI    471  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268234  Q55F71      Y9882_DICDI    279  
n.a.                       DDB_G0279899  Q54W64      Y9899_DICDI    393  
n.a.                       DDB_G0267514  Q55GU0      Y9955_DICDI    916  
n.a.                       DDB_G0268876  Q55EI8      Y9956_DICDI   1385  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276181  Q552C1      Y9957_DICDI   1555  
n.a.                       DDB_G0272254  Q55A09      Y9963_DICDI   1331  
n.a.                       DDB_G0293292  Q54C38      Y9988_DICDI   1371  
n.a.                       DDB_G0285471  Q54N68      YD286_DICDI    108  
n.a.                       DDB_G0287543  Q54K74      YETL_DICDI     206  
n.a.                       DDB_G0290471  Q54G28      YTYK1_DICDI    352  
n.a.                       DDB_G0283397  Q54R58      YTYK2_DICDI    918  
n.a.                       DDB_G0292410  Q54DA5      ZC3HF_DICDI    373  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276997  Q550R7      ZDHC1_DICDI    434  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274739  Q86A83      ZDHC2_DICDI    446  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273477  Q557H5      ZDHC3_DICDI    502  
n.a.                       DDB_G0273557  Q557H5      ZDHC3_DICDI    502  
n.a.                       DDB_G0274251  Q555N7      ZDHC4_DICDI    358  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275097  Q554E7      ZDHC5_DICDI    751  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275149  Q8T2Q0      ZDHC6_DICDI    698  
n.a.                       DDB_G0276017  Q552M6      ZDHC7_DICDI    438  
n.a.                       DDB_G0280329  Q54VH7      ZDHC8_DICDI    375  
n.a.                       DDB_G0275351  Q553S1      ZN593_DICDI    141  

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