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        UniProt - Swiss-Prot Protein Knowledgebase
        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Caenorhabditis elegans: entries, gene names and cross-references to WormBase
Name:        celegans.txt
Release:     2021_04 of 29-Sep-2021


More information on Caenorhabditis elegans, its genome, proteome, biology
and genetics, is available from the following WWW pages:



_________  _____________  __________  ________  __________  ___________ ___________
Gene name  Gene name      Genome      WormBase  Swiss-      Swiss-Prot   Size in
           synonym(s)     sequencing  number    Prot        entry name   amino
                          ORF name              AC                       acids
_________  _____________  __________  ________  __________  ___________ ___________
aak-1                     PAR2.3a     CE39167   P45894      AAPK1_CAEEL    589  
                          PAR2.3b     CE39168                                   
aak-2                     T01C8.1a    CE31222   Q95ZQ4      AAPK2_CAEEL    626  
                          T01C8.1b    CE31223                                   
                          T01C8.1c    CE07458                                   
aars-1     alas; ars-1    W02B12.6a   CE28096   Q23122      SYAM_CAEEL     793  
aars-2     ars-2          F28H1.3     CE09768   O01541      SYAC_CAEEL     968  
aat-6                     T11F9.4a    CE31995   Q22397      AAT6_CAEEL     523  
                          T11F9.4b    CE42501                                   
abf-1                     C50F2.9     CE27879   G5EGC4      ABF1_CAEEL      85  
abf-2                     C50F2.10    CE27876   G5EC68      ABF2_CAEEL      85  
abhd-3.2                  C44C1.5a    CE04215   Q18610      ABDH3_CAEEL    375  
abhd-5.1                  C37H5.2     CE30737   P91143      ABH51_CAEEL    355  
abhd-5.2   cgi-58         C37H5.3a    CE08627   H2KZ86      ABH52_CAEEL    444  
                          C37H5.3b    CE32824                                   
abl-1                     M79.1a      CE31570   P03949      ABL1_CAEEL    1224  
                          M79.1b      CE31571                                   
                          M79.1c      CE31572                                   
acbp-1                    C44E4.6     CE08720   O01805      ACBP1_CAEEL     86  
acbp-3                    F47B10.7    CE32423   Q20507      ACBP3_CAEEL    116  
acc-1                     F58G6.4a    CE28039   Q21005      ACC1_CAEEL     466  
acc-2                     C53D6.3     CE05488   Q18812      ACC2_CAEEL     445  
acc-3                     F55D10.5    CE38372   G5EDN0      ACC3_CAEEL     517  
acc-4                     T27E9.9     CE24020   Q9U358      ACC4_CAEEL     408  
acdh-6                    C02D5.1     CE24778   P34275      IVD_CAEEL      408  
acdh-10                   T08G2.3     CE07473   Q22347      ACADM_CAEEL    417  
acdh-11                   Y45F3A.3a   CE19166   Q9XWZ2      ACD11_CAEEL    617  
                          Y45F3A.3b   CE39116                                   
ace-1                     W09B12.1    CE07569   P38433      ACE1_CAEEL     620  
acl-1                     F59F4.4     CE11552   Q93841      PLC1_CAEEL     262  
acl-2                     T06E8.1a    CE06378   Q22267      PLC2_CAEEL     282  
acl-6                     F08F3.2a    CE09258   Q22949      PLSB_CAEEL     718  
acl-12                    C01C10.3    CE02449   Q11087      PLC12_CAEEL    391  
acly-1                    D1005.1     CE06997   P53585      ACLY_CAEEL    1106  
acn-1                     C42D8.5a    CE30627   Q18581      ACN1_CAEEL     906  
                          C42D8.5b    CE37212                                   
aco-1      gei-22         ZK455.1     CE03812   Q23500      ACOHC_CAEEL    887  
aco-2                     F54H12.1a   CE25005   P34455      ACON_CAEEL     777  
                          F54H12.1c   CE32436                                   
acox-1.1   acox-1         F08A8.1a    CE17633   O62140      ACX11_CAEEL    674  
                          F08A8.1b    CE36125                                   
                          F08A8.1c    CE39570                                   
acox-1.2   acox-2         F08A8.2     CE43421   O62137      ACX12_CAEEL    661  
acox-1.3   acox-3         F08A8.3     CE17635   O62138      ACX13_CAEEL    660  
acox-1.4   acox-4         F08A8.4     CE17636   O62139      ACX14_CAEEL    662  
acox-1.5   acox-5         C48B4.1     CE00491   P34355      ACX15_CAEEL    659  
acox-3     acox-6         F58F9.7     CE07304   Q20992      ACX3_CAEEL     667  
acp-1                     ZK563.6     CE28192   Q23534      ACP1_CAEEL     426  
acr-2                     K11G12.2    CE07380   P48182      ACR2_CAEEL     575  
acr-3                     K11G12.7    CE28345   Q93149      ACR3_CAEEL     487  
acr-5                     K03F8.2     CE54125   P54246      ACR5_CAEEL     598  
acr-7                     T09A5.3     CE28078   P45963      ACR7_CAEEL     538  
acr-16     ce21           F25G6.3     CE09639   P48180      ACH1_CAEEL     498  
acr-23     5e130          F59B1.9a    CE36939   G5EG88      ACH23_CAEEL    545  
acs-7                     C01G6.7     CE00869   Q17577      ACS7_CAEEL     540  
acsd-1     acmsd          Y71D11A.3b  CE32030   Q8T8B9      ACMSD_CAEEL    401  
act-1                     T04C12.6    CE13148   P0DM41      ACT1_CAEEL     376  
act-2                     T04C12.5    CE13150   P10984      ACT2_CAEEL     376  
act-3                     T04C12.4    CE13148   P0DM42      ACT3_CAEEL     376  
act-4                     M03F4.2a    CE12358   P10986      ACT4_CAEEL     376  
actl-1                    C15B12.6a   CE47363   Q18008      ACTL1_CAEEL    360  
                          C15B12.6b   CE50614                                   
adal-1                    C44B7.12    CE39336   Q8IG39      ADAL_CAEEL     388  
adbp-1     2l737          VW02B12L.4  CE26728   G5EDW1      ADBP1_CAEEL    217  
add-1                     F39C12.2a   CE28308   Q9U9K0      ADD1_CAEEL     732  
                          F39C12.2b   CE28309                                   
                          F39C12.2c   CE29794                                   
                          F39C12.2d   CE30979                                   
add-2                     F57F5.4a    CE06002   Q20952      ADD2_CAEEL     611  
adm-4                     ZK154.7     CE15265   Q94316      ADA17_CAEEL    686  
adr-1                     H15N14.1c   CE32459   Q9U3D6      ADR1_CAEEL     964  
                          H15N14.1d   CE33125                                   
                          H15N14.1e   CE33126                                   
                          H15N14.1f   CE33127                                   
                          H15N14.1g   CE33128                                   
adr-2                     T20H4.4     CE25120   Q22618      DSRAD_CAEEL    495  
ads-1                     Y50D7A.7    CE26144   O45218      ADAS_CAEEL     597  
adsl-1                    R06C7.5a    CE06248   Q21774      PUR8_CAEEL     478  
                          R06C7.5b    CE32476                                   
adss-1                    C37H5.6a    CE08630   P91134      PURA_CAEEL     457  
                          C37H5.6b    CE29709                                   
adt-1                     C02B4.1     CE31872   G5ECS8      ADT1_CAEEL    1461  
adt-2      sma-21         F08C6.1a    CE48012   Q19204      ADT2_CAEEL    1020  
aex-1                     D2030.10a   CE30740   G5EEU3      AEX1_CAEEL    1009  
aex-2                     T14B1.2     CE31607   G5ECD9      AEX2_CAEEL     321  
aex-3                     C02H7.3a    CE16806   O02626      MADD_CAEEL    1409  
                          C02H7.3b    CE30850                                   
aex-4      tag-81         T14G12.2    CE35769   G5EEN8      AEX4_CAEEL     234  
aex-5      kpc-3          F32A7.6     CE28554   P91863      AEX5_CAEEL     537  
aff-1                     C44B7.3     CE41369   G5EGL9      AFF1_CAEEL     589  
age-1                     B0334.8a    CE43431   Q94125      AGE1_CAEEL    1182  
                          B0334.8b    CE02940                                   
agmo-1                    BE10.2      CE30592   O17554      ALKMO_CAEEL    505  
aha-1                     C25A1.11a   CE08377   O02219      AHA1_CAEEL     453  
                          C25A1.11b   CE44231                                   
ahcy-1     ahh; dpy-14    K02F2.2     CE17154   P27604      SAHH_CAEEL     437  
aho-3                     K04G2.2     CE37533   Q21221      AHO3_CAEEL     332  
ahr-1                     C41G7.5a    CE20561   O44712      AHR_CAEEL      602  
                          C41G7.5b    CE38293                                   
air-2      stu-7          B0207.4     CE24761   O01427      AIR2_CAEEL     305  
ajm-1      cele_c25a11.4  C25A11.4a   CE27083   A0A1C3NSL9  AJM1_CAEEL    1644  
                          C25A11.4d   CE51720                                   
                          C25A11.4e   CE51736                                   
                          C25A11.4f   CE51707                                   
                          C25A11.4g   CE51727                                   
                          C25A11.4h   CE30251                                   
                          C25A11.4i   CE51744                                   
                          C25A11.4j   CE51702                                   
                          C25A11.4k   CE51717                                   
                          C25A11.4l   CE51733                                   
                          C25A11.4m   CE51748                                   
akap-1                    C56G2.1a    CE24866   Q09285      AKAP1_CAEEL    867  
                          C56G2.1b    CE30637                                   
akir-1                    E01A2.6     CE24873   Q966L3      AKIRH_CAEEL    218  
akt-1                     C12D8.10a   CE15612   Q17941      AKT1_CAEEL     541  
                          C12D8.10b   CE05274                                   
                          C12D8.10c   CE31304                                   
akt-2                     F28H6.1a    CE18646   Q9XTG7      AKT2_CAEEL     528  
                          F28H6.1b    CE29298                                   
aldo-1                    T05D4.1     CE16341   P54216      ALF1_CAEEL     366  
aldo-2                    F01F1.12    CE01225   P46563      ALF2_CAEEL     366  
algn-6                    C08B11.8    CE01478   Q09226      ALG6_CAEEL     503  
algn-8                    C08H9.3a    CE47030   P52887      ALG8_CAEEL     766  
                          C08H9.3b    CE37608                                   
algn-9                    C14A4.3     CE32796   P54002      ALG9_CAEEL     603  
algn-11                   B0361.8     CE26792   P53993      ALG11_CAEEL    470  
algn-12                   ZC513.5     CE29152   Q23361      ALG12_CAEEL    492  
alh-8                     F13D12.4a   CE02183   P52713      MMSA_CAEEL     523  
alh-9                     F01F1.6     CE39486   P46562      AL7A1_CAEEL    531  
alh-13                    T22H6.2a    CE47944   P54889      ALH13_CAEEL    802  
                          T22H6.2b    CE47964                                   
allo-1                    R102.5a     CE35601   Q9U389      ALLO1_CAEEL    402  
                          R102.5b     CE35602                                   
alx-1      pqn-58         R10E12.1a   CE25075   P34552      ALXA_CAEEL     882  
                          R10E12.1b   CE00310                                   
                          R10E12.1c   CE31853                                   
                          R10E12.1d   CE34084                                   
ama-1      rpb-1          F36A4.7     CE46402   P16356      RPB1_CAEEL    1856  
amt-1                     C05E11.4    CE06770   P54145      AMT1_CAEEL     534  
amt-2                     F49E11.3    CE45919   Q20605      AMT2_CAEEL     515  
amt-3                     M195.3      CE32912   Q21565      AMT3_CAEEL     687  
amx-1                     R13G10.2    CE41445   Q21988      AMX1_CAEEL     824  
anc-1                     ZK973.6     CE33588   Q9N4M4      ANC1_CAEEL    8545  
ani-1                     Y49E10.19   CE33878   Q9XTT4      ANI1_CAEEL    1159  
ani-2                     K10B2.5     CE02012   Q09994      ANI2_CAEEL    1009  
ani-3                     Y43F8C.14   CE21912   Q9XWN6      ANI3_CAEEL     709  
anmt-1                    B0303.2     CE00536   P34254      NNMT1_CAEEL    273  
aos-1                     C08B6.9     CE52896   Q17820      SAE1_CAEEL     343  
apc-2                     K06H7.6     CE41679   P34514      ANC2_CAEEL     731  
apc-10                    F15H10.3a   CE40942   H2L2B8      APC10_CAEEL    212  
                          F15H10.3b   CE46558                                   
                          F15H10.3c   CE46558                                   
                          F15H10.3d   CE46558                                   
apc-11                    F35G12.9    CE00978   Q20052      APC11_CAEEL    135  
ape-1                     F46F3.4a    CE19874   Q9XVN3      IASPP_CAEEL    769  
                          F46F3.4b    CE45256                                   
                          F46F3.4c    CE45269                                   
                          F46F3.4d    CE45244                                   
aph-1      pen-1          VF36H2L.1   CE16526   O45876      APH1_CAEEL     308  
aph-2                     ZC434.6b    CE34446   Q23316      NICA_CAEEL     723  
apl-1                     C42D8.8a    CE04209   Q10651      A4_CAEEL       686  
                          C42D8.8b    CE27845                                   
apn-1                     T05H10.2    CE28953   Q10002      APN1_CAEEL     396  
app-1                     W03G9.4     CE14560   O44750      XPP_CAEEL      616  
apr-1                     K04G2.8a    CE06102   Q21227      APR1_CAEEL    1188  
                          K04G2.8b    CE18016                                   
aptf-1                    K06A1.1     CE35990   Q09585      APTF1_CAEEL    365  
aptf-2                    Y62E10A.17a CE25526   G2HK15      APTF2_CAEEL    367  
                          Y62E10A.17b CE46244                                   
aptf-4                    F28C6.1     CE03272   Q19863      APTF4_CAEEL    486  
apx-1                     K08D9.3a    CE30819   P41990      APX1_CAEEL     515  
apy-1                     F08C6.6     CE27925   Q19202      APY1_CAEEL     355  
aqp-10                    ZK1321.3    CE01710   Q09369      AQP10_CAEEL    280  
arc-1      arl-4          ZK1320.6    CE37598   Q09654      TRI23_CAEEL    539  
arch-1                    C43H8.1     CE19377   Q9TZN1      ARCH_CAEEL     155  
arf-1.1    arl-6          F45E4.1     CE10492   Q94231      ARF11_CAEEL    179  
arf-1.2    arf-1          B0336.2     CE00696   Q10943      ARF12_CAEEL    181  
ari-1.1                   C27A12.8    CE29680   O01965      ARI11_CAEEL    494  
ari-2                     T12E12.1    CE31725   Q22431      ARI2_CAEEL     482  
ark-1                     C01C7.1a    CE26967   G5EBZ8      ARK1_CAEEL    1043  
                          C01C7.1b    CE43742                                   
arl-1                     F54C9.10    CE02250   Q20758      ARL1_CAEEL     180  
arl-3                     F19H8.3     CE15872   O45379      ARL3_CAEEL     184  
arl-5                     ZK632.8     CE00425   P34212      ARL5_CAEEL     178  
arl-6                     C38D4.8     CE00921   Q18510      ARL6_CAEEL     190  
arl-13                    Y37E3.5a    CE39044   H2L0N8      ARL13_CAEEL    370  
                          Y37E3.5b    CE39045                                   
arp-6                     C08B11.6    CE30856   Q09443      ARP6_CAEEL     418  
arr-1                     F53H8.2     CE28831   P51485      ARRB_CAEEL     435  
arrd-15                   ZK643.1a    CE44158   P30647      ARD15_CAEEL    374  
                          ZK643.1b    CE44174                                   
arrd-17    cnp-1          T12D8.4     CE33831   O45782      ARD17_CAEEL    426  
art-1                     C15F1.6     CE20509   Q9N5Y2      TECR_CAEEL     308  
arx-1                     Y71F9AL.16  CE25554   Q9N4I0      ARP3_CAEEL     425  
arx-2      actc           K07C5.1     CE06111   P53489      ARP2_CAEEL     395  
arx-4                     Y6D11A.2    CE30060   Q8WTM6      ARPC2_CAEEL    301  
arx-5                     Y37D8A.1    CE20206   Q9XWV3      ARPC3_CAEEL    183  
arx-6                     C35D10.16   CE28899   P58798      ARPC4_CAEEL    169  
asah-1                    K11D2.2     CE12120   O45686      ASAH1_CAEEL    393  
asah-2                    F27E5.1     CE01562   Q09551      ASAH2_CAEEL    401  
asd-2      let-529        T21G5.5a    CE32731   G5EFF1      ASD2_CAEEL     445  
                          T21G5.5b    CE13896                                   
                          T21G5.5c    CE37411                                   
asfl-1                    C03D6.5     CE36095   Q17603      ASF1L_CAEEL    245  
asg-1                     K07A12.3    CE11868   P90921      ATPL1_CAEEL    131  
asg-2                     C53B7.4     CE06974   Q18803      ATPL2_CAEEL    131  
ash-2                     Y17G7B.2a   CE19035   G5EFZ3      ASH2_CAEEL     570  
asic-1                    ZK770.1     CE45595   O01635      ASIC1_CAEEL    823  
asic-2                    T28F4.2     CE06524   Q22851      ASIC2_CAEEL    545  
asm-1                     B0252.2     CE30230   Q10916      ASM1_CAEEL     564  
asm-2                     ZK455.4     CE31674   Q23498      ASM2_CAEEL     618  
asm-3                     W03G1.7a    CE31626   Q9UAY4      ASM3_CAEEL     589  
asna-1     tag-205        ZK637.5     CE00436   P30632      ASNA_CAEEL     342  
asp-1                     Y39B6A.20   CE21681   G5EEI4      ASP1_CAEEL     396  
asp-3                     H22K11.1    CE47856   P55956      ASP3_CAEEL     398  
asp-4                     R12H7.2     CE03567   Q21966      ASP4_CAEEL     444  
asp-6                     F21F8.7     CE09542   O01530      ASP6_CAEEL     389  
asp-17                    Y39B6A.24   CE29865   Q8MYN5      ASP17_CAEEL    391  
atad-3                    F54B3.3     CE35878   Q20748      ATAD3_CAEEL    595  
atat-2                    W06B11.1    CE28508   Q23192      ATAT2_CAEEL    263  
atf-7                     C07G2.2a    CE33597   Q86MD3      ATF7_CAEEL     509  
                          C07G2.2b    CE19688                                   
                          C07G2.2c    CE33598                                   
                          C07G2.2d    CE42659                                   
atfs-1                    ZC376.7a    CE15205   Q23272      ATFS1_CAEEL    488  
                          ZC376.7b    CE32033                                   
                          ZC376.7c    CE38576                                   
                          ZC376.7d    CE45623                                   
atg-2                     M03A8.2     CE47193   Q21480      ATG2_CAEEL    2290  
atg-4.1                   Y87G2A.3a   CE42796   K8ESC5      ATG41_CAEEL    481  
                          Y87G2A.3b   CE47833                                   
atg-4.2                   ZK792.8     CE24740   Q9U1N6      ATG42_CAEEL    521  
atg-5      atgr-5         Y71G12B.12a CE43967   Q3V5I7      ATG5_CAEEL     275  
                          Y71G12B.12b CE39066                                   
                          Y71G12B.12c CE39065                                   
atg-13     epg-1          D2007.5     CE00130   P34379      ATG13_CAEEL    443  
atg-16.1                  F02E8.5     CE53669   Q19124      A16L1_CAEEL    527  
atg-16.2                  K06A1.5     CE39948   Q09406      A16L2_CAEEL    534  
atg-18     atgr-18        F41E6.13a   CE10268   O16466      ATG18_CAEEL    412  
                          F41E6.13b   CE30784                                   
atgl-1                    C05D11.7a   CE29663   Q11186      PLPL2_CAEEL    621  
atl-1                     T06E4.3a    CE25103   Q22258      ATR_CAEEL     2531  
                          T06E4.3b    CE28250                                   
atm-1                     Y48G1BL.2a  CE49304   Q9N3Q4      ATM_CAEEL     2378  
                          Y48G1BL.2b  CE49311                                   
atp-1                     H28O16.1a   CE18826   Q9XXK1      ATPA_CAEEL     538  
                          H28O16.1d   CE36263                                   
atp-2                     C34E10.6    CE29950   P46561      ATPB_CAEEL     538  
atp-6                     MTCE.12     CE35346   P24888      ATP6_CAEEL     199  
attf-4                    C05D10.1a   CE24783   Q11178      ATTF4_CAEEL    529  
                          C05D10.1b   CE30420                                   
                          C05D10.1c   CE37698                                   
atx-2                     D2045.1a    CE37889   G5ED29      ATX2_CAEEL     959  
                          D2045.1b    CE37967                                   
                          D2045.1c    CE42488                                   
atx-3                     F28F8.6     CE09760   O17850      ATX3_CAEEL     317  
atz-1                     F28D1.2     CE05742   Q19872      ATZ1_CAEEL     268  
axl-1                     K02B12.4a   CE40260   Q3LRZ3      AXLP1_CAEEL    400  
                          K02B12.4b   CE40261                                   
b0403.1                                         Q11075      YWV1_CAEEL     198  
baf-1                     B0464.7     CE26704   Q03565      BAF1_CAEEL      89  
bag-1                     F57B10.11   CE11318   O44739      BAG1_CAEEL     210  
bam-2                     Y71F9AR.1   CE33243   G5ECL4      BRAM2_CAEEL   1007  
bar-1      pvl-1; spy-1   C54D1.6     CE08973   Q18825      BAR1_CAEEL     811  
bath-15                   C08C3.2a    CE39087   P34324      BAT15_CAEEL    273 (
bath-34                   W02A11.5    CE18992   Q9XUM6      BAT34_CAEEL    384  
bath-36                   Y75B12B.4   CE20373   Q9XWB9      BAT36_CAEEL    320  
bath-38                   F52H3.3     CE03399   Q20681      BAT38_CAEEL    387  
bath-39                   F25H9.4     CE47750   P90846      BAT39_CAEEL    334  
bath-40                   Y105E8B.4   CE24096   Q9NF14      BAT40_CAEEL    402  
bath-41                   F37A4.9     CE00790   P41886      BAT41_CAEEL    418  
bath-42                   C50C3.8     CE00124   P34371      BAT42_CAEEL    410  
bath-43                   T16H12.5a   CE29054   P34568      BAT43_CAEEL    451  
                          T16H12.5b   CE00510                                   
bath-45                   F29C12.5    CE19823   Q9XV51      BAT45_CAEEL    468  
bath-47                   T07H3.1     CE44962   O76612      BAT47_CAEEL    706  
baz-2      flt-1          ZK783.4     CE47168   Q23590      BAZ2_CAEEL    1390  
bbs-1                     Y105E8A.5   CE25181   Q9NEZ7      BBS1_CAEEL     576  
bbs-2                     F20D12.3    CE49510   Q19640      BBS2_CAEEL     714  
bbs-4                     F58A4.14a   CE46408   Q5CZ52      BBS4_CAEEL     462  
                          F58A4.14b   CE46292                                   
bbs-5                     R01H10.6    CE01042   Q21626      BBS5_CAEEL     361  
bbs-8                     T25F10.5    CE31071   Q23049      TTC8_CAEEL     506  
bbs-9                     C48B6.8     CE46977   O01514      PTHB1_CAEEL    744  
bca-1                     T13C5.5     CE04946   Q22460      BCA1_CAEEL     270  
bcat-1     eca-39; eca39  K02A4.1     CE03457   P54688      BCAT_CAEEL     415  
bckd-1a                   Y39E4A.3a   CE33866   O45924      ODBA_CAEEL     431  
bcl-7                     C28H8.1     CE01820   Q09242      BCL7_CAEEL     146  
bec-1      atg-6          T19E7.3a    CE27592   Q22592      BECN_CAEEL     375  
                          T19E7.3b    CE49136                                   
bed-3                     F25H8.6     CE05731   Q19787      BED3_CAEEL     599  
best-1                    B0564.3     CE05177   Q17528      BEST1_CAEEL    450  
best-2                    B0564.4     CE43147   Q17529      BEST2_CAEEL    421  
best-5                    C07A9.8     CE33596   P34319      BEST5_CAEEL    453  
best-6                    C09B9.3     CE44268   Q17851      BEST6_CAEEL    382  
best-9                    C43G2.4     CE34750   Q94175      BEST9_CAEEL    399  
best-12                   F14H3.2     CE15827   O45363      BST12_CAEEL    434  
best-13                   F32B6.9     CE09864   O45435      BST13_CAEEL    413  
best-14                   F32G8.4     CE37903   Q19978      BST14_CAEEL    405  
best-15                   R13.3       CE32919   Q21973      BST15_CAEEL    525  
best-17                   T19C3.1     CE53916   Q22566      BST17_CAEEL    481  
best-18                   T20G5.4a    CE28844   P34577      BST18_CAEEL    456  
best-22                   ZC518.1a    CE06601   Q23369      BST22_CAEEL    499  
best-24                   ZK688.2     CE00460   P34672      BST24_CAEEL    632  
best-25                   ZK849.4     CE25696   O18303      BST25_CAEEL    602  
best-26                   ZK849.5     CE16750   O18304      BST26_CAEEL    411  
bet-1                     Y119C1B.8a  CE44037   Q95Y80      BET1_CAEEL     853  
                          Y119C1B.8b  CE33207                                   
bicd-1                    C43G2.2a    CE49379   V6CJ04      BICD_CAEEL     737  
                          C43G2.2b    CE49263                                   
bir-1                     T27F2.3     CE06521   G5EFA2      BIR1_CAEEL     155  
bir-2                     C50B8.2     CE08882   G5ECJ5      BIR2_CAEEL     308  
bli-1                     C09G5.6     CE35827   Q09457      BLI1_CAEEL     948  
bli-3                     F56C11.1    CE28463   O61213      DUOX1_CAEEL   1497  
bli-4      kpc-4          K04F10.4a   CE11728   P51559      BLI4_CAEEL     942  
                          K04F10.4b   CE11730                                   
                          K04F10.4c   CE11732                                   
                          K04F10.4d   CE11734                                   
                          K04F10.4e   CE51144                                   
                          K04F10.4f   CE33136                                   
                          K04F10.4g   CE51093                                   
                          K04F10.4h   CE51059                                   
                          K04F10.4i   CE51132                                   
                          K04F10.4j   CE51107                                   
bli-5                     F45G2.5     CE16048   O62247      BLI5_CAEEL     202  
blmp-1                    F25D7.3a    CE09631   Q93560      BLMP1_CAEEL    817  
                          F25D7.3b    CE43409                                   
blos-1                    T20G5.10    CE51581   Q22616      BL1S1_CAEEL    129  
blos-2                    Y73B6BL.30a CE29005   Q95XD3      BL1S2_CAEEL    132  
blos-4                    T24H7.4     CE02886   Q22756      BL1S4_CAEEL    106  
blos-9                    K11B4.2     CE23868   O45685      BORC8_CAEEL    151  
brap-2                    EEED8.16    CE28903   Q95QN6      BRAP2_CAEEL    590  
brc-1                     C36A4.8a    CE43190   B6VQ60      BRCA1_CAEEL    612  
                          C36A4.8b    CE43228                                   
brc-2                     T07E3.5     CE32718   G5EG86      BRC2_CAEEL     394  
brd-1                     K04C2.4     CE44987   Q21209      BARD1_CAEEL    702  
bre-1      gmd-1          C53B4.7a    CE27116   Q18801      GMD1_CAEEL     399  
                          C53B4.7b    CE27117                                   
                          C53B4.7c    CE23608                                   
                          C53B4.7d    CE40447                                   
                          C53B4.7e    CE40448                                   
bre-2                     Y39E4B.9a   CE36339   Q6QMT2      BRE2_CAEEL     359  
                          Y39E4B.9b   CE21720                                   
bre-3                     B0464.4a    CE33592   Q03562      BRE3_CAEEL     455  
bre-4                     Y73E7A.7a   CE26412   Q9GUM2      BRE4_CAEEL     383  
                          Y73E7A.7b   CE49566                                   
bre-5                     T12G3.8a    CE30354   Q95US5      BRE5_CAEEL     322  
bro-1                     F56A3.5     CE28461   Q95ZL9      PEBB_CAEEL     152  
btb-14                    Y57A10B.3   CE20324   Q9XWH8      BTB14_CAEEL    316  
bub-1                     R06C7.8     CE06251   Q21776      BUB1_CAEEL     987  
bub-3                     Y54G9A.6    CE19233   Q9XWH0      BUB3_CAEEL     343  
bud-31                    C07A9.2     CE00499   P34313      BUD31_CAEEL    147  
bus-18                    F55A11.5    CE39507   Q20800      LPIAT_CAEEL    391  
byn-1                     F57B9.5     CE25013   Q20932      BYN1_CAEEL     449  
c02c2.6                   ZK688.9     CE40006   P34274      TIPRL_CAEEL    281  
c13b9.1                                         Q09234      YQ41_CAEEL     143  
c29e4.9                                         Q8IG42      YK69_CAEEL      74  
c29e4.11                                        P34347      YK6B_CAEEL     208  
cab-1                     C23H4.1     CE17435   Q93249      CAB1_CAEEL     425  
cacn-1                    W03H9.4a    CE46363   G5EG14      CATIN_CAEEL    657  
                          W03H9.4b    CE46257                                   
                          W03H9.4c    CE45519                                   
cah-1                     F54D8.4a    CE51243   Q20781      CAH1_CAEEL     365  
cah-2                     D1022.8     CE31777   Q18932      CAH2_CAEEL     337  
cah-3                     K05G3.3     CE04755   Q27504      CAH3_CAEEL     246  
cah-5                     R173.1      CE36560   Q10462      CAH5_CAEEL     310  
cal-1      cmd-1          C13C12.1a   CE42931   P04630      CALL_CAEEL     161  
cam-1      kin-8          C01G6.8a    CE32563   G5EGK5      CAM1_CAEEL     928  
                          C01G6.8b    CE24774                                   
                          C01G6.8c    CE39126                                   
cand-1                    Y102A5A.1   CE20378   G5ED41      CAND1_CAEEL   1274  
cap-1                     D2024.6     CE04295   P34685      CAPZA_CAEEL    282  
cap-2                     M106.5      CE01608   P34686      CAPZB_CAEEL    270  
capg-1                    F29D11.2    CE09790   G5EFJ4      CAPG1_CAEEL   1153  
cat-2                     B0432.5c    CE45548   P90986      TY3H_CAEEL     519  
cat-4                     F32G8.6     CE05795   Q19980      GCH1_CAEEL     223  
catp-5                    K07E3.7a    CE37253   Q21286      CATP5_CAEEL   1203  
                          K07E3.7b    CE37254                                   
catp-8                    C10C6.6     CE30858   P90747      AT131_CAEEL   1178  
cav-1                     T13F2.8a    CE13633   Q94051      CAV1_CAEEL     235  
cav-2                     C56A3.7a    CE15738   Q18879      CAV2_CAEEL     351  
                          C56A3.7b    CE45292                                   
                          C56A3.7c    CE45320                                   
                          C56A3.7d    CE46485                                   
cbd-1                     H02I12.1    CE37527   O45599      CBD1_CAEEL    1319  
cblc-1                    ZK546.17    CE34461   Q7Z144      MMAC_CAEEL     272  
cbp-1                     R10E11.1a   CE47039   P34545      CBP1_CAEEL    2017  
                          R10E11.1b   CE46860                                   
                          R10E11.1c   CE46909                                   
ccdc-55                   C16C10.6    CE01497   Q09252      NSRP1_CAEEL    392  
ccdc-149                  F29G6.2     CE09792   Q93635      CC149_CAEEL    369  
ccf-1                     Y56A3A.20   CE22588   Q17345      CNOT7_CAEEL    310  
cchl-1                    T06D8.6     CE02327   P53703      CCHL_CAEEL     280  
ccm-3                     C14A4.11    CE30598   Q17958      PDC10_CAEEL    215  
ccpp-1                    F56H1.5     CE41324   O76373      CBPC1_CAEEL   1015  
ccpp-6     nnac2          EEED8.6     CE40199   Q09296      CBPC6_CAEEL    459  
cct-1      tcp-1          T05C12.7    CE02319   P41988      TCPA_CAEEL     549  
cct-2      cctb           T21B10.7    CE16437   P47207      TCPB_CAEEL     529  
cct-3                     F54A3.3     CE31540   Q9N4J8      TCPG_CAEEL     543  
cct-4                     K01C8.10    CE02262   P47208      TCPD_CAEEL     540  
cct-5                     C07G2.3     CE02985   P47209      TCPE_CAEEL     542  
cct-6                     F01F1.8a    CE01234   P46550      TCPZ_CAEEL     539  
cct-8                     Y55F3AR.3a  CE44228   Q9N358      TCPQ_CAEEL     548  
cdc-14                    C17G10.4a   CE30868   P81299      CDC14_CAEEL    709  
                          C17G10.4c   CE08288                                   
                          C17G10.4d   CE06845                                   
                          C17G10.4e   CE36916                                   
                          C17G10.4g   CE50122                                   
                          C17G10.4h   CE01789                                   
cdc-25.1                  K06A5.7     CE11778   O44552      MPIP1_CAEEL    604  
cdc-25.2                  F16B4.8a    CE19796   O44628      MPIP2_CAEEL    480  
cdc-25.3                  ZK637.11    CE00429   P30634      MPIP3_CAEEL    316  
cdc-26     mat-4; tag-265 B0511.9a    CE44875   G4RT11      CDC26_CAEEL    194  
                          B0511.9b    CE41861                                   
                          B0511.9c    CE26854                                   
                          B0511.9d    CE46530                                   
cdc-37                    W08F4.8a    CE14726   O02108      CDC37_CAEEL    370  
cdc-42                    R07G3.1     CE02020   Q05062      CDC42_CAEEL    191  
cdc-48.1                  C06A1.1     CE02114   P54811      TERA1_CAEEL    809  
cdc-48.2                  C41C4.8     CE05402   P54812      TERA2_CAEEL    810  
cdc-48.3                  K04G2.3     CE06097   Q21222      AFG2H_CAEEL    724  
cdc-73                    F35F11.1    CE48035   Q9N5U5      CDC73_CAEEL    517  
cdf-1                     C15B12.7a   CE27065   Q95QW4      CDF1_CAEEL     561  
                          C15B12.7b   CE29581                                   
cdgs-1                    C33H5.18a   CE04161   P53439      CDSA_CAEEL     465  
                          C33H5.18b   CE26907                                   
cdh-3                     ZK112.7     CE50490   P34616      CADH3_CAEEL   3343  
cdh-4                     F25F2.2     CE51760   Q19319      CADH4_CAEEL   4328  
cdk-1      ncc-1          T05G5.3     CE00315   P34556      CDK1_CAEEL     332  
cdk-2                     K03E5.3     CE36652   O61847      CDK2_CAEEL     368  
cdk-4                     F18H3.5a    CE18608   Q9XTR1      CDK4_CAEEL     406  
                          F18H3.5b    CE28918                                   
cdk-5                     T27E9.3     CE21213   G5ECH7      CDK5_CAEEL     292  
cdk-7                     Y39G10AL.3  CE30320   G5EFV5      CDK7_CAEEL     330  
cdk-8                     F39H11.3    CE32409   P90866      CDK8_CAEEL     588  
cdk-9                     H25P06.2a   CE37838   Q9TVL3      CDK9_CAEEL     478  
                          H25P06.2b   CE37839                                   
cdk-11.1                  B0495.2a    CE01761   Q09437      CD111_CAEEL    719  
                          B0495.2b    CE52485                                   
cdk-11.2                  ZC504.3     CE40176   Q23357      CD112_CAEEL    668  
cdk-12     cdtl-7         B0285.1a    CE31401   P46551      CDK12_CAEEL    730  
                          B0285.1b    CE44061                                   
                          B0285.1c    CE44020                                   
cdka-1                    T23F11.3a   CE33707   Q22695      CD5R1_CAEEL    356  
                          T23F11.3b   CE01096                                   
cdkl-1                    Y42A5A.4a   CE20258   Q9U2H1      CDKL1_CAEEL    353  
cdkr-3                    Y113G7B.16  CE23296   Q9U2Y2      CK5P3_CAEEL    489  
cdl-1                     R06F6.1     CE51537   Q09599      SLBP_CAEEL     367  
cdo-1                     F56F10.3    CE28465   Q20893      CDO1_CAEEL     190  
cebp-2                    C48E7.11    CE32167   Q8IG69      CEBP2_CAEEL    100  
cec-1                     ZK1236.2    CE00380   P34618      CEC1_CAEEL     304  
cec-3      eap-1          T09A5.8     CE01089   P45968      CEC3_CAEEL     339  
cec-4                     F32E10.2    CE04475   Q19972      CEC4_CAEEL     270  
ced-1                     Y47H9C.4a   CE20264   Q9XWD6      CED1_CAEEL    1111  
                          Y47H9C.4b   CE30361                                   
                          Y47H9C.4c   CE30362                                   
                          Y47H9C.4d   CE40433                                   
ced-2                     Y41D4B.13a  CE28360   Q9NHC3      CED2_CAEEL     279  
ced-3                     C48D1.2a    CE29088   P42573      CED3_CAEEL     503  
ced-4                     C35D10.9a   CE01203   P30429      CED4_CAEEL     571  
                          C35D10.9b   CE38154                                   
ced-6                     F56D2.7     CE33657   O76337      CED6_CAEEL     492  
ced-7                     C48B4.4a    CE24856   P34358      CED7_CAEEL    1704  
                          C48B4.4b    CE24857                                   
                          C48B4.4c    CE27867                                   
ced-8                     F08F1.5     CE34294   O17386      CED8_CAEEL     458  
ced-9                     T07C4.8     CE25104   P41958      CED9_CAEEL     280  
ced-10     rac-1          C09G12.8a   CE16832   Q03206      RAC1_CAEEL     191  
                          C09G12.8b   CE16833                                   
ced-11                    ZK512.3     CE00409   P34641      CED11_CAEEL   1418  
ced-12                    Y106G6E.5a  CE27228   Q8STE5      CED12_CAEEL    731  
ceeh-1                    K02F3.6     CE28941   G5EBI4      CEEH1_CAEEL    404  
ceeh-2                    K07C5.5     CE06115   G5EDL5      CEEH2_CAEEL    355  
ceh-1                     F16H11.4    CE50450   P53547      HM01_CAEEL     132 (
ceh-2                     C27A12.5    CE20530   G5ECT8      HM02_CAEEL     209  
ceh-5                     C16C2.1     CE40300   P20269      HM05_CAEEL     134  
ceh-6                     K02B12.1    CE28045   P20268      HM06_CAEEL     380  
ceh-7                     C34C6.8     CE08568   P20270      HM07_CAEEL      84  
ceh-8                     ZK265.4a    CE38130   Q94398      HM08_CAEEL     276  
ceh-9                     Y65B4BR.9   CE36343   P56407      HM09_CAEEL     147  
ceh-10                    W03A3.1     CE07563   P41935      HM10_CAEEL     344  
ceh-12                    F33D11.4a   CE09894   P17487      HM12_CAEEL     180  
ceh-13                    R13A5.5     CE28767   P17488      HM13_CAEEL     202  
ceh-14                    F46C8.5     CE28335   P20271      HM14_CAEEL     351  
ceh-16                    C13G5.1     CE37477   P34326      HM16_CAEEL     187  
ceh-17                    D1007.1     CE09036   G5EC89      CEH17_CAEEL    237  
ceh-18                    ZC64.3a     CE25674   P41934      HM18_CAEEL     542  
ceh-19     ceh16          F20D12.6a   CE31687   P26797      HM19_CAEEL     199  
                          F20D12.6b   CE04436                                   
ceh-20                    F31E3.1     CE01241   P41779      HM20_CAEEL     338  
ceh-21                    T26C11.6    CE29823   Q22811      HM21_CAEEL     495  
ceh-22                    F29F11.5a   CE05771   P41936      HM22_CAEEL     346  
                          F29F11.5b   CE40611                                   
                          F29F11.5c   CE40612                                   
ceh-23                    ZK652.5     CE00451   P34663      HM23_CAEEL     305  
ceh-24                    F55B12.1    CE25006   Q9NLC2      HM24_CAEEL     299  
ceh-28                    K03A11.3    CE42603   G5EE18      CEH28_CAEEL    201  
ceh-30                    C33D12.7    CE42074   Q22909      HM30_CAEEL     237  
ceh-31                    C33D12.1    CE42831   Q22910      HM31_CAEEL     260  
ceh-32                    W05E10.3    CE29364   Q23175      HM32_CAEEL     439  
ceh-33                    C10G8.7     CE08078   Q94166      HM33_CAEEL     261  
ceh-34                    C10G8.6     CE20496   Q94165      HM34_CAEEL     256  
ceh-36                    C37E2.4     CE08623   Q93352      HM36_CAEEL     257  
ceh-37                    C37E2.5a    CE08624   Q93356      HM37_CAEEL     278  
ceh-38                    F22D3.1a    CE27137   Q19720      HM38_CAEEL     641  
                          F22D3.1b    CE29772                                   
ceh-39                    T26C11.7    CE05026   Q22812      HM39_CAEEL     399  
ceh-40                    F17A2.5     CE03215   Q19503      HM40_CAEEL     329  
ceh-43                    C28A5.4a    CE05325   Q18273      HM43_CAEEL     273  
ceh-44                    Y54F10AM.4a CE27288   Q9BL02      CUT_CAEEL     1273  
                          Y54F10AM.4b CE32987   Q8IA98      CASP_CAEEL     621  
                          Y54F10AM.4c CE32988                                   
ceh-51                    Y80D3A.3    CE24675   Q9U1R1      CEH51_CAEEL    234  
ceh-60                    F22A3.5     CE47258   Q45EK2      CEH60_CAEEL    360  
ceh-62                    R06F6.6     CE51240   Q09602      CEH62_CAEEL    416  
ceh-63                    C02F12.10a  CE40680   A3FPJ2      CEH63_CAEEL    152  
                          C02F12.10b  CE50485                                   
cel-1                     C03D6.3a    CE32300   Q17607      MCE1_CAEEL     623  
cep-1                     F52B5.5a    CE29805   Q20646      CEP1_CAEEL     644  
                          F52B5.5b    CE38369                                   
cerk-1                    T10B11.2    CE18241   Q9TZI1      CERK_CAEEL     549  
ces-2                     ZK909.4     CE15479   Q94126      CES2_CAEEL     211  
cex-1                     F56D1.6     CE01974   Q10131      CEX1_CAEEL     204  
cex-2                     T09A5.1a    CE41840   P45961      CEX2_CAEEL     189  
                          T09A5.1b    CE41841                                   
cfap-36    ccdc-104       Y108G3AL.3a CE29094   Q95Y36      CFA36_CAEEL    685  
                          Y108G3AL.3b CE50736                                   
cfi-1                     T23D8.8     CE31068   O02326      CFI1_CAEEL     467  
cfp-1                     F52B11.1a   CE33791   Q9XUE7      CFP1_CAEEL     508  
                          F52B11.1b   CE33792                                   
                          F52B11.1c   CE44575                                   
                          F52B11.1d   CE45513                                   
                          F52B11.1e   CE45491                                   
                          F52B11.1f   CE45418                                   
                          F52B11.1g   CE45430                                   
cfz-2                     F27E11.3    CE39149   G5ECQ2      FRIZ2_CAEEL    578  
cgh-1                     C07H6.5     CE00839   Q95YF3      CGH1_CAEEL     430  
cgp-1                     Y38C9A.2a   CE21577   Q18905      CGP1_CAEEL     613  
cgt-1      tag-217        T06C12.10   CE31986   O18037      CGT1_CAEEL     466  
cgt-2                     F20B4.6     CE30960   G5EC84      CGT2_CAEEL     443  
cgt-3                     F59G1.1a    CE29810   Q21054      CGT3_CAEEL     459  
                          F59G1.1b    CE29811                                   
                          F59G1.1d    CE33409                                   
cha-1                     ZC416.8b    CE17308   P32756      CLAT_CAEEL     627  
chat-1                    R08C7.2a    CE07425   H2L0H3      CHAT1_CAEEL    348  
                          R08C7.2b    CE33681                                   
                          R08C7.2c    CE39610                                   
                          R08C7.2d    CE48798                                   
chc-1                     T20G5.1     CE00480   P34574      CLH_CAEEL     1681  
chch-3                    M176.3      CE12464   Q21551      CHCH3_CAEEL    169  
chd-3                     T14G8.1     CE03657   Q22516      CHD3_CAEEL    1787  
che-1                     C55B7.12a   CE34280   Q966L8      CHE1_CAEEL     279  
che-3                     F18C12.1    CE32386   Q19542      DYHC2_CAEEL   4171  
che-10     dyf-14         F35D11.11a  CE40410   Q09EF7      CROCC_CAEEL   1955  
                          F35D11.11b  CE40411                                   
                          F35D11.11c  CE40412                                   
                          F35D11.11d  CE43383                                   
che-12                    B0024.8a    CE42903   Q17423      CREC_CAEEL    1282  
                          B0024.8b    CE45799                                   
                          B0024.8c    CE45743                                   
                          B0024.8d    CE48310                                   
che-13                    F59C6.7a    CE31704   Q93833      CHE13_CAEEL    412  
                          F59C6.7b    CE11472                                   
chk-1                     Y39H10A.7a  CE26076   Q9N3Z3      CHK1_CAEEL     503  
                          Y39H10A.7b  CE33867                                   
chk-2      cds-1          Y60A3A.12   CE27297   Q9U1Y5      CHK2_CAEEL     476  
chl-1                     M03C11.2    CE44273   Q21489      CHL1_CAEEL     830  
cho-1                     C48D1.3     CE27109   O02228      SC5A7_CAEEL    576  
chp-1      chp            Y110A7A.13  CE23244   G5EEI8      CHRD1_CAEEL    321  
chs-1                     T25G3.2     CE39183   G5ECD6      CHS1_CAEEL    1322  
chs-2                     F48A11.1a   CE39155   G5EBQ8      CHS2_CAEEL    1668  
                          F48A11.1b   CE50690                                   
chst-1                    C41C4.1     CE01516   Q09272      CHST_CAEEL     329  
cht-1                     C04F6.3     CE03923   Q11174      CHIT_CAEEL     617  
cht-3                     C25A8.4     CE32592   Q18143      CHITL_CAEEL   1067  
chtl-1                    F35C8.7a    CE04499   Q20026      CTL1L_CAEEL    771  
                          F35C8.7b    CE30970                                   
                          F35C8.7c    CE42729                                   
chup-1     cup-1; tag-130 ZK721.1     CE26397   Q9GYF0      CHUP1_CAEEL    756  
cic-1                     H14E04.5    CE34571   Q9TYP2      CCNC_CAEEL     302  
cids-1                    C02F5.4     CE38771   P34281      CIDS1_CAEEL    315  
cif-1      csn-7; eif-3.m K08F11.3    CE11954   Q94261      EIF3M_CAEEL    390  
cil-1                     C50C3.7     CE00123   P34370      I5P2_CAEEL     398  
cin-4                     ZK1127.7    CE42594   G5ECQ8      CIN4_CAEEL     842  
cit-1.1                   F44B9.4a    CE00173   P34425      CCNT1_CAEEL    468  
                          F44B9.4b    CE32418                                   
                          F44B9.4c    CE32419                                   
cit-1.2                   F44B9.3a    CE29042   P34424      CCNT2_CAEEL    555  
                          F44B9.3b    CE32417                                   
cka-2                     C52B9.1a    CE27113   Q22942      CKA2_CAEEL     429  
                          C52B9.1b    CE38493                                   
ckb-1                     B0285.8     CE33590   P46558      CKB1_CAEEL     371  
ckb-2                     B0285.9     CE33591   P46559      CKB2_CAEEL     369  
ckb-3                     B0285.10    CE40595   P46560      CKB3_CAEEL     368  
cki-1                     T05A6.1     CE03628   Q22197      CKI1_CAEEL     184  
ckk-1                     C05H8.1a    CE33594   Q3Y416      KKCC_CAEEL     541  
                          C05H8.1b    CE37082                                   
cks-1      dom-6          C09G4.3     CE03980   Q17868      CKS1_CAEEL      94  
cla-1      tag-80         F45E4.3a    CE51009   W6RTA4      CLA1_CAEEL    8922  
                          F45E4.3b    CE51026                                   
                          F45E4.3c    CE49484                                   
                          F45E4.3d    CE49489                                   
                          F45E4.3e    CE24980                                   
                          F45E4.3f    CE24981                                   
clc-2      clc-4          C01C10.1a   CE28881   Q11085      CLC2_CAEEL     252  
clc-5                     C01C10.4    CE28882   Q9NGJ7      CLC5_CAEEL     281  
clec-87    cpg-5          C25A1.8     CE08374   Q9XVS3      CLC87_CAEEL    233  
clec-88    cpg-6          K10B2.3a    CE33419   Q86NG3      CLC88_CAEEL    228  
clec-91                   ZK858.3     CE15425   Q94417      CLC91_CAEEL    225  
clec-141                  EEED8.11    CE01884   Q09300      CL141_CAEEL    304  
clec-158                  R13F6.8     CE00795   Q21984      CL158_CAEEL    211  
clec-160                  F09G8.8     CE33579   P34393      CL160_CAEEL    639  
clec-161                  F58A4.5     CE43487   P34472      CL161_CAEEL    862  
clec-162                  C07A9.1     CE37745   P34312      CL162_CAEEL    313  
clec-180                  F32E10.3a   CE37227   Q19970      CL180_CAEEL    896  
                          F32E10.3b   CE29306                                   
                          F32E10.3c   CE49552                                   
                          F32E10.3d   CE49559                                   
clh-3      clc-3          E04F6.11a   CE27906   Q9BMK9      CLH3_CAEEL    1001  
clhm-1                    C44B7.4     CE34753   Q18593      CLHM1_CAEEL    329  
clip-1                    M01A8.2a    CE33535   P34531      CLP1H_CAEEL    937  
                          M01A8.2b    CE37262                                   
clk-1                     ZC395.2     CE01438   P48376      COQ7_CAEEL     187  
clk-2      rad-5          C07H6.6     CE30240   Q95YE9      CLK2_CAEEL     877  
clp-1                     C06G4.2a    CE37743   P34308      CAN_CAEEL      780  
                          C06G4.2b    CE37744                                   
                          C06G4.2c    CE00517                                   
                          C06G4.2d    CE30486                                   
clpf-1                    F59A2.4a    CE17941   P52874      CLP1_CAEEL     428  
clpp-1                    ZK970.2a    CE02402   Q27539      CLPP1_CAEEL    221  
                          ZK970.2b    CE43229                                   
                          ZK970.2d    CE47044                                   
clr-1                     F56D1.4a    CE32051   H2KZM6      PTPR_CAEEL    1409  
                          F56D1.4b    CE32052                                   
                          F56D1.4c    CE32053                                   
                          F56D1.4d    CE26369                                   
cls-1                     C07H6.3     CE29074   Q95YF0      CLAP1_CAEEL   1378  
cls-2                     R107.6a     CE37546   P32744      CLAS2_CAEEL   1020  
cls-3                     ZC84.3      CE43505   Q03609      CLAP3_CAEEL    983  
clu-1                     F55H2.6     CE00213   P34466      CLU_CAEEL     1247  
cmd-1                     T21H3.3a    CE13902   O16305      CALM_CAEEL     149  
cmk-1                     K07A9.2     CE25046   Q9TXJ0      CMK1_CAEEL     348  
cmt-1                     C41D11.5    CE27841   O01975      CMT1_CAEEL     238  
cnb-1                     F55C10.1a   CE32679   G5EDN6      CANB_CAEEL     171  
cnd-1                     C34E10.7    CE01187   P46581      NDF1_CAEEL     192  
cnep-1     scpl-2         F45E12.1a   CE02737   Q20432      CNEP1_CAEEL    246  
                          F45E12.1b   CE46930                                   
cni-1      cnih-2         T09E8.3     CE23961   Q22361      CNI1_CAEEL     145  
cnk-1                     R01H10.8    CE38855   G5EEW9      CNKR_CAEEL     801  
cnnm-1                    C52D10.12   CE28434   A3QM97      CNNM1_CAEEL    811  
cnnm-2                    R04E5.2     CE28746   Q9GYL2      CNNM2_CAEEL    762  
cnnm-3                    C33D12.2a   CE51453   A0A131MCZ8  CNNM3_CAEEL    797  
                          C33D12.2b   CE04764                                   
                          C33D12.2c   CE51420                                   
                          C33D12.2d   CE51314                                   
cnnm-4                    C01H6.6     CE50057   Q17586      CNNM4_CAEEL    467  
cnnm-5                    R13G10.4    CE03570   G5ED05      CNNM5_CAEEL    722  
cnp-2                     Y46G5A.10   CE37941   Q9U2D6      CNP2_CAEEL     732  
cnp-3                     T23C6.3     CE07528   O02039      CNP3_CAEEL     533  
cnt-1      cps-2          Y17G7B.15a  CE28110   Q9XXH8      CNT1_CAEEL     826  
                          Y17G7B.15b  CE25223                                   
cnt-2                     Y39A1A.15a  CE28116   Q9XX14      CNT2_CAEEL    1107  
                          Y39A1A.15b  CE19135                                   
                          Y39A1A.15c  CE20232                                   
cnx-1                     ZK632.6a    CE00423   P34652      CALX_CAEEL     619  
coa-7                     ZK20.4a     CE06607   Q23450      COA7_CAEEL     249  
cogc-2     cgo-2; cog-2   C06G3.10    CE28817   Q21444      COG2_CAEEL     681  
cogc-4                    Y51H7C.6a   CE26151   Q95XZ0      COG4_CAEEL     801  
                          Y51H7C.6b   CE26152                                   
                          Y51H7C.6c   CE39055                                   
cogc-6                    K07C11.9    CE07351   Q21270      COG6_CAEEL     642  
cogc-8                    R02D3.2     CE18096   O44502      COG8_CAEEL     743  
col-2                     W01B6.7     CE03759   P17656      COL2_CAEEL     301  
col-7                     C15A11.5    CE08173   P18832      COL7_CAEEL     316  
col-8                     F11H8.3     CE51260   P18833      COL8_CAEEL     282  
col-10                    B0222.8     CE06699   Q17460      COL10_CAEEL    294  
col-12                    F15H10.1    CE05638   P20630      COL12_CAEEL    316  
col-13                    F15H10.2    CE05639   P20631      COL13_CAEEL    316  
col-14                    C46A5.3a    CE29723   P18834      COL14_CAEEL    345  
col-19                    ZK1193.1    CE05126   P18835      COL19_CAEEL    289  
col-34     ram-4          F36A4.10    CE07185   P34687      COL34_CAEEL    299  
col-36                    C27H5.5     CE06893   P34803      COL36_CAEEL    307  
col-39                    C09G5.4     CE01484   Q09455      COL39_CAEEL    323  
col-40                    T13B5.4     CE45752   P34804      COL40_CAEEL    302  
col-75                    K03H9.2     CE01996   Q09578      COL75_CAEEL    285  
col-79                    C09G5.3     CE01483   Q09233      COL79_CAEEL    283  
col-80                    C09G5.5     CE01485   Q09456      COL80_CAEEL    317  
col-90                    C29E4.1     CE00083   P34340      COL90_CAEEL    305  
col-91                    F09G8.6     CE00141   P34391      COL91_CAEEL    278  
col-99                    F29C4.8a    CE46547   O76368      COL99_CAEEL    716  
                          F29C4.8b    CE46192                                   
col-145                   B0222.7     CE48016   Q17459      CO145_CAEEL    294  
col-155                   F55C10.3    CE05953   Q21184      CO155_CAEEL    299  
copb-2                    F38E11.5    CE18673   Q20168      COPB2_CAEEL   1000  
copd-1                    C13B9.3     CE01778   Q09236      COPD_CAEEL     515  
cope-1                    F45G2.4     CE16047   O62246      COPE_CAEEL     292  
copg-1                    T14G10.5a   CE06451   Q22498      COPG_CAEEL     870  
copz-1                    F59E10.3    CE11494   O17901      COPZ_CAEEL     184  
coq-2                     F57B9.4a    CE50155   Q8I7J4      COQ2_CAEEL     356  
                          F57B9.4e    CE32446                                   
coq-4                     T03F1.2     CE40117   P91428      COQ4_CAEEL     231  
coq-5                     ZK652.9     CE29014   P34666      COQ5_CAEEL     285  
coq-6                     K07B1.2     CE30815   O01884      COQ6_CAEEL     451  
coq-8                     C35D10.4    CE32159   Q18486      COQ8_CAEEL     755  
cor-1                     R01H10.3a   CE00590   Q21624      CORO_CAEEL     607  
                          R01H10.3b   CE30350                                   
                          R01H10.3c   CE30351                                   
                          R01H10.3d   CE30352                                   
cox-5a     cco-2          Y37D8A.14   CE20218   P55954      COX5A_CAEEL    174  
cox-6a     tag-174        F54D8.2     CE01308   Q20779      COX6A_CAEEL    128  
cox-16                    C24G6.13a   CE51852   A0A1N7SYS3  COX16_CAEEL    115  
cpar-1                    F54C8.2     CE00188   P34440      HCP3L_CAEEL    261  
cpb-1                     C40H1.1     CE43522   Q03571      CPB1_CAEEL     560  
cpb-2                     C30B5.3     CE44953   Q18317      CPB2_CAEEL     570  
cpb-3                     B0414.5     CE41548   O01835      CPB3_CAEEL     745  
cpg-1      cej-1          C07G2.1a    CE00665   Q17802      CPG1_CAEEL     584  
                          C07G2.1b    CE33971                                   
cpg-2                     B0280.5     CE31868   P41996      CPG2_CAEEL     524  
cpg-3                     R06C7.4     CE06247   Q21771      CPG3_CAEEL     292  
cpg-4                     C10F3.1     CE08066   O16883      CPG4_CAEEL     782  
cpg-7                     K09E4.6     CE34928   Q7YWX9      CPG7_CAEEL     116  
cpg-8                     K03B4.7a    CE28581   Q21175      CPG8_CAEEL     115  
                          K03B4.7b    CE33133                                   
cpg-9                     Y67D8C.8    CE27506   Q95XP7      CPG9_CAEEL      69  
cpi-1                     K08B4.6     CE18035   G5EDZ9      CPI1_CAEEL     139  
cpi-2                     R01B10.1a   CE25962   G5ECM9      CPI2_CAEEL     143  
cpl-1                     T03E6.7a    CE16333   O45734      CPL1_CAEEL     337  
                          T03E6.7b    CE47424                                   
cpna-1                    F31D5.3a    CE19827   H2KYS8      CPNA1_CAEEL   1107  
                          F31D5.3b    CE19828                                   
                          F31D5.3c    CE31797                                   
cpna-2                    B0228.4a    CE31282   Q09221      CPNA2_CAEEL   7705  
                          B0228.4c    CE44996                                   
                          B0228.4d    CE37471                                   
                          B0228.4e    CE39660                                   
cpna-5     tag-178        B0495.10a   CE42047   Q09219      CPNA5_CAEEL    717  
                          B0495.10b   CE33022                                   
                          B0495.10c   CE42048                                   
cpr-1      gcp-1          C52E4.1     CE31896   P25807      CPR1_CAEEL     329  
cpr-3                     T10H4.12    CE27590   P43507      CPR3_CAEEL     370  
cpr-4                     F44C4.3     CE07251   P43508      CPR4_CAEEL     335  
cpr-5                     W07B8.5     CE14682   P43509      CPR5_CAEEL     344  
cpr-6                     C25B8.3     CE04078   P43510      CPR6_CAEEL     379  
cps-6                     C41D11.8    CE29488   Q95NM6      NUCG_CAEEL     308  
cpsf-1                    Y76B12C.7a  CE29932   Q9N4C2      CPSF1_CAEEL   1454  
cpsf-2                    F09G2.4     CE09299   O17403      CPSF2_CAEEL    843  
cpx-1                     Y73E7A.4    CE26415   Q9GUM7      CPLX1_CAEEL    143  
cpz-1                     F32B5.8a    CE36646   G5EGP8      CATZ1_CAEEL    306  
                          F32B5.8b    CE50019                                   
cra-1                     R13F6.10    CE31579   Q21986      NAA25_CAEEL    958  
crh-2                     C27D6.4a    CE32146   Q4JFH9      CRH2_CAEEL     351  
                          C27D6.4b    CE32147                                   
                          C27D6.4c    CE48424                                   
                          C27D6.4d    CE48416                                   
cri-3                     F59A2.3     CE17940   Q21018      CRI3_CAEEL     236  
crld-1                    F09E8.2a    CE05579   Q19267      CREL1_CAEEL    356  
                          F09E8.2b    CE41378                                   
crls-1                    F23H11.9a   CE09617   O01916      CRLS1_CAEEL    246  
                          F23H11.9b   CE37763                                   
crn-1                     Y47G6A.8    CE22109   Q9N3T2      FEN1_CAEEL     382  
crn-4                     AH9.2       CE03858   Q10905      CRN4_CAEEL     298  
crn-6                     K04H4.6a    CE25043   P34508      CRN6_CAEEL     378  
                          K04H4.6b    CE31813                                   
crn-7      tag-198        F09G8.2     CE20662   P34387      TG198_CAEEL    367  
crt-1                     Y38A10A.5   CE21562   P27798      CALR_CAEEL     395  
crtc-1                    Y20F4.2     CE47164   Q95XA8      CRTC1_CAEEL    486  
csc-1                     Y48E1B.12   CE14874   O45952      CSC1_CAEEL     249  
csk-1                     Y48G1C.2a   CE34405   G5ECJ6      CSK1_CAEEL     539  
                          Y48G1C.2b   CE49183                                   
csn-1                     Y59A8A.1    CE26200   Q9GS00      CSN1_CAEEL     601  
csn-2                     B0025.2     CE27562   O01422      CSN2_CAEEL     495  
csn-3                     Y38C1AA.2   CE33861   Q9N425      CSN3_CAEEL     501  
csn-4                     Y55F3AM.15  CE25482   Q9N359      CSN4_CAEEL     412  
csn-5                     B0547.1     CE06722   P91001      CSN5_CAEEL     368  
csn-6                     Y67H2A.6a   CE28377   Q95PZ0      CSN6_CAEEL     426  
csnk-1                    Y106G6E.6   CE29604   Q8WQ99      KC1G_CAEEL     407  
csp-1                     Y48E1B.13a  CE29378   G5EBM1      CSP1_CAEEL     536  
                          Y48E1B.13b  CE30016                                   
                          Y48E1B.13c  CE30017                                   
csp-2                     Y73B6BL.7a  CE28270   Q9TZP5      CSP2_CAEEL     263  
                          Y73B6BL.7b  CE51898                                   
                          Y73B6BL.7c  CE51881                                   
csp-3                     Y47H9C.6a   CE27635   G5ECW5      CSP3_CAEEL     139  
cst-1                     F14H12.4a   CE39916   Q9NB31      CST1_CAEEL     497  
                          F14H12.4b   CE39917                                   
ctb-1      cob; cytb      MTCE.21     CE35348   P24890      CYB_CAEEL      370  
ctbp-1                    F49E10.5a   CE29966   Q20595      CTBP1_CAEEL    727  
                          F49E10.5b   CE47412                                   
ctc-1      coi; cox-1     MTCE.26     CE35350   P24893      COX1_CAEEL     525  
ctc-2      coii; cox-2    MTCE.31     CE35351   P24894      COX2_CAEEL     231  
ctc-3      coiii; cox-3   MTCE.23     CE34069   P24891      COX3_CAEEL     255  
ctg-1                     H06O01.3a   CE17969   O17907      CTG1_CAEEL     383  
                          H06O01.3b   CE48027                                   
                          H06O01.3c   CE47872                                   
cth-2                     ZK1127.10   CE07648   P55216      CGL2_CAEEL     392  
ctl-1      cat-2          Y54G11A.6   CE30713   O61235      CATA2_CAEEL    497  
ctl-2      cat; cat-1     Y54G11A.5   CE22476   Q27487      CATA1_CAEEL    500  
ctns-1                    C41C4.7a    CE28541   Q09500      CTNS_CAEEL     404  
                          C41C4.7b    CE32325                                   
ctr-9      tpr-3          B0464.2a    CE20456   Q03560      CTR9_CAEEL    1150  
                          B0464.2d    CE43518                                   
cts-1                     T20G5.2     CE00513   P34575      CISY_CAEEL     468  
ctsa-1.1                  F41C3.5     CE02733   P52717      CTS11_CAEEL    469  
ctsa-1.2                  F13D12.6    CE02185   P52715      CTS12_CAEEL    454  
ctsa-3.1                  F32A5.3     CE01273   P52716      CTS31_CAEEL    574  
ctsa-3.2                  C08H9.1     CE54048   P52714      CTS32_CAEEL    517  
ctsa-4.1   ctsa-1; drd-7  K10B2.2a    CE02009   Q09991      CTS41_CAEEL    470  
                          K10B2.2b    CE33418                                   
cubn-1                    ZC116.3     CE42882   Q20911      CUBN_CAEEL    4047  
cul-1      lin-19         D2045.6     CE29089   Q17389      CUL1_CAEEL     780  
cul-2      ccd-3; div-3   ZK520.4b    CE32775   Q17390      CUL2_CAEEL     791  
                          ZK520.4c    CE32776                                   
                          ZK520.4d    CE36259                                   
cul-3                     Y108G3AL.1a CE27593   Q17391      CUL3_CAEEL     777  
cul-4                     F45E12.3    CE36545   Q17392      CUL4_CAEEL     840  
cul-5                     ZK856.1     CE41096   Q23639      CUL5_CAEEL     765  
cul-6                     K08E7.7a    CE11928   Q21346      CUL6_CAEEL     729  
cup-2      der-1          F25D7.1     CE09629   Q93561      DERL1_CAEEL    245  
cup-4                     C02C2.3     CE30416   P34271      CUP4_CAEEL     433  
cup-15                    F42A8.3     CE35875   Q09322      CUP15_CAEEL    322  
cut-1                     C47G2.1     CE02165   Q03755      CUT1_CAEEL     424  
cut-2                     F53F1.5     CE10940   P34682      CUT2_CAEEL     231  
cut-3                     F22B5.3     CE02198   Q19707      CUT3_CAEEL     389  
cut-4                     E04D5.3     CE37892   Q19053      CUT4_CAEEL     507  
cut-5                     R07E3.3a    CE42566   Q21808      CUT5_CAEEL     395  
                          R07E3.3b    CE40396                                   
cut-6                     M142.2      CE35746   Q21540      CUT6_CAEEL     572  
cutc-1                    ZK353.7     CE00391   P34630      CUTC_CAEEL     250  
cuti-1                    ZC328.1     CE27347   O02051      CUTI_CAEEL     202  
cutl-19    syx-16         ZC155.5a    CE33007   H2KZ72      CUT19_CAEEL    237  
                          ZC155.5b    CE33008                                   
cwc-15                    T10C6.5     CE16380   O45766      CWC15_CAEEL    230  
cwn-1      wnt-1          K10B4.6a    CE12072   P34888      WNT1_CAEEL     372  
cwn-2      wnt-2          W01B6.1     CE03753   P34889      WNT2_CAEEL     360  
cya-1                     ZK507.6     CE03820   P34638      CCNA1_CAEEL    485  
cyb-1                     ZC168.4     CE06570   Q10653      CCNB1_CAEEL    361  
cyb-3      cyb-2          T06E6.2a    CE45171   Q10654      CCNB3_CAEEL    385  
                          T06E6.2b    CE45189                                   
cyc-2.1                   E04A4.7     CE16968   P19974      CYC21_CAEEL    111  
cyc-2.2                   ZC116.2     CE06565   Q23240      CYC22_CAEEL    123  
cyd-1                     Y38F1A.5    CE21610   Q9U2M5      CCND_CAEEL     405  
cye-1                     C37A2.4a    CE24832   O01501      CCNE_CAEEL     524  
                          C37A2.4b    CE33761                                   
cyk-3      uch-1          ZK328.1a    CE30061   Q8WT44      UBPH_CAEEL    1178  
                          ZK328.1b    CE30062                                   
cyk-7                     C08C3.4a    CE41610   P34325      CYK7_CAEEL     267  
                          C08C3.4b    CE39671                                   
cyl-1                     C52E4.6a    CE17597   G5EBX3      CYL1_CAEEL     480  
cyn-1      cyp-1          Y49A3A.5    CE22213   P52009      CYP1_CAEEL     192  
cyn-2      cyp-2          ZK520.5     CE16730   P52010      CYP2_CAEEL     172  
cyn-3      cyp-3          Y75B12B.5   CE20374   P52011      CYP3_CAEEL     173  
cyn-4      cyp-4; mog-6   F59E10.2    CE01596   P52012      PPIL2_CAEEL    523  
cyn-5      cyp-5          F31C3.1     CE17730   P52013      CYP5_CAEEL     204  
cyn-6      cyp-6          F42G9.2     CE01301   P52014      CYP6_CAEEL     201  
cyn-7      cyp-7          Y75B12B.2   CE20371   P52015      CYP7_CAEEL     171  
cyn-8      cyp-8          D1009.2     CE27892   P52016      CYP8_CAEEL     447  
cyn-9      cyp-9          T27D1.1     CE03745   Q09637      CYP9_CAEEL     309  
cyn-10     cyp-10         B0252.4a    CE02420   P52017      CYP10_CAEEL    161  
                          B0252.4b    CE27567                                   
cyn-11     cyp-11         T01B7.4     CE03588   P52018      CYP11_CAEEL    183  
cyp-13a1   cyp13a1        T10B9.8     CE01660   Q27520      C13A1_CAEEL    519  
cyp-13a2   cyp13a2        T10B9.7     CE01659   Q27518      C13A2_CAEEL    515  
cyp-13a3   cyp13a3        T10B9.5     CE01658   Q27517      C13A3_CAEEL    520  
cyp-13a4   cyp13a4        T10B9.1     CE01654   Q27513      C13A4_CAEEL    520  
cyp-13a5   cyp13a5        T10B9.2     CE01656   Q27514      C13A5_CAEEL    520  
cyp-13a6   cyp13a6        T10B9.3     CE01657   Q27515      C13A6_CAEEL    518  
cyp-13a7   cyp13a7        T10B9.10    CE01655   Q27519      C13A7_CAEEL    518  
cyp-13a8   cyp13a8        T10B9.4     CE13541   Q27516      C13A8_CAEEL    509  
cyp-13a10  cyp13a10       ZK1320.4    CE37736   Q09653      C13AA_CAEEL    519  
cyp-13b1                  F02C12.5    CE23627   O17624      C13B1_CAEEL    510  
cyp-36a1   cyp36a1        C34B7.3     CE08567   P90771      C36A1_CAEEL    493  
cyp-44a1   ccp-44; cyp44  ZK177.5     CE25682   Q09660      CC44_CAEEL     489  
cysl-1                    C17G1.7     CE39223   Q93244      CYSK1_CAEEL    341  
cysl-2                    K10H10.2    CE16252   O45679      CYSK2_CAEEL    337  
cysl-3                    R08E5.2     CE12574   O01592      CYSK3_CAEEL    337  
cyy-1                     ZK353.1a    CE34452   P34624      CCNY_CAEEL     357  
                          ZK353.1b    CE34453                                   
czw-1                     F20D12.4    CE04434   Q19642      ZW10_CAEEL     778  
daao-1                    Y69A2AR.5   CE36371   Q95XG9      OXDA_CAEEL     322  
dac-1                     B0412.1a    CE26848   H2KY91      DAC1_CAEEL     420  
                          B0412.1b    CE33550                                   
dad-1                     F57B10.10   CE11316   P52872      DAD1_CAEEL     113  
daf-1                     F29C4.1a    CE17719   P20792      DAF1_CAEEL     669  
                          F29C4.1b    CE31492                                   
daf-2                     Y55D5A.5a   CE46852   Q968Y9      INSR_CAEEL    1846  
daf-3                     F25E2.5a    CE28002   Q95QI7      DAF3_CAEEL     892  
                          F25E2.5b    CE30963                                   
                          F25E2.5c    CE26364                                   
                          F25E2.5d    CE50706                                   
                          F25E2.5e    CE50732                                   
                          F25E2.5f    CE28003                                   
                          F25E2.5g    CE50852                                   
                          F25E2.5h    CE50691                                   
                          F25E2.5i    CE50737                                   
daf-4                     C05D2.1a    CE16827   P50488      DAF4_CAEEL     744  
daf-5                     W01G7.1     CE18985   G5EDM7      DAF5_CAEEL     627  
daf-7                     B0412.2     CE01758   P92172      DAF7_CAEEL     350  
daf-8                     R05D11.1    CE06236   Q21733      DAF8_CAEEL     546  
daf-9                     T13C5.1a    CE27206   H2KYS3      DAF9_CAEEL     572  
                          T13C5.1b    CE30451                                   
daf-10                    F23B2.4     CE40504   G5EFW7      IF122_CAEEL   1192  
daf-11                    B0240.3a    CE42996   Q8I4N4      DAF11_CAEEL   1077  
daf-12     daf-20; mig-7  F11A1.3a    CE27584   G5EFF5      DAF12_CAEEL    753  
                          F11A1.3b    CE27585                                   
                          F11A1.3c    CE27586                                   
                          F11A1.3d    CE39240                                   
daf-14                    F01G10.8a   CE29090   F5GUE5      DAF14_CAEEL    331  
                          F01G10.8b   CE45907                                   
daf-16                    R13H8.1a    CE28771   O16850      FOXO_CAEEL     541  
                          R13H8.1b    CE28772                                   
                          R13H8.1c    CE28773                                   
                          R13H8.1d    CE38722                                   
                          R13H8.1e    CE33160                                   
                          R13H8.1f    CE44821                                   
                          R13H8.1g    CE44935                                   
                          R13H8.1h    CE45185                                   
daf-18                    T07A9.6     CE26385   G5EE01      PTEN_CAEEL     962  
daf-19                    F33H1.1a    CE17763   Q09555      DAF19_CAEEL    805  
                          F33H1.1b    CE28019                                   
daf-21                    C47E8.5     CE05441   Q18688      HSP90_CAEEL    702  
daf-22                    Y57A10C.6   CE18418   G5EDP2      NLTP2_CAEEL    412  
daf-25                    Y48G1A.3    CE26999   Q9N3Q8      DAF25_CAEEL    388  
daf-31                    K07H8.3     CE18023   O61219      DAF31_CAEEL    182  
daf-36                    C12D8.5     CE34156   Q17938      DAF36_CAEEL    428  
daf-37                    C30B5.5     CE51245   Q18321      DAF37_CAEEL    482  
daf-38                    Y105C5A.23  CE24056   Q9U320      DAF38_CAEEL    415  
daf-41     p23            ZC395.10    CE01436   Q23280      DAF41_CAEEL    175  
damt-1                    C18A3.1     CE01793   Q09956      DAMT1_CAEEL    365  
dao-5                     C25A1.10a   CE08376   Q9XVS4      NOLC1_CAEEL    971  
                          C25A1.10b   CE38279                                   
dapk-1     mor-3; tag-119 K12C11.4    CE40262   O44997      DAPK_CAEEL    1425  
dars-1     drs-1          B0464.1     CE00015   Q03577      SYDC_CAEEL     531  
dat-1                     T23G5.5     CE25124   Q03614      NTDO_CAEEL     615  
daz-1                     F56D1.7     CE27175   Q20870      DAZ1_CAEEL     499  
dbl-1      cet-1          T25F10.2    CE26386   G5EEL5      DBL1_CAEEL     365  
dbr-1                     C55B7.8     CE30437   Q966M6      DBR1_CAEEL     500  
dbt-1                     ZK669.4     CE01115   Q23571      ODB2_CAEEL     448  
dcaf-1                    ZK1251.9a   CE33014   Q21106      DCAF1_CAEEL   1701  
dcap-1                    Y55F3AM.12  CE22543   Q9N363      DCP1_CAEEL     332  
dcap-2     dcp-2; ndx-5   F52G2.1a    CE42539   O62255      DCP2_CAEEL     786  
                          F52G2.1b    CE39374                                   
                          F52G2.1c    CE49837                                   
                          F52G2.1d    CE49931                                   
dcn-1                     H38K22.2a   CE33527   Q9U3C8      DCN1_CAEEL     295  
                          H38K22.2b   CE33528                                   
dcp-66                    C26C6.5a    CE47783   G5ED89      DCP66_CAEEL    724  
                          C26C6.5b    CE47789                                   
dcr-1      eri-4; let-740 K12H4.8     CE47418   P34529      DCR1_CAEEL    1910  
dcs-1      hsl-1          Y113G7A.9a  CE23280   G5EFS4      DCPS_CAEEL     311  
dct-1                     C14F5.1a    CE47388   Q09969      BNIP3_CAEEL    221  
                          C14F5.1b    CE47263                                   
dct-5                     F07F6.5     CE41556   Q09304      DCT5_CAEEL     207  
dct-6                     F25B5.1a    CE39493   Q09313      DCT6_CAEEL     923  
                          F25B5.1b    CE39494                                   
ddb-1                     M18.5       CE23880   Q21554      DDB1_CAEEL    1134  
ddi-1                     C01G5.6     CE23513   Q17569      DDI1_CAEEL     389  
ddl-1                     F59E12.10   CE11536   O01901      WASC3_CAEEL    189  
ddl-2                     Y48E1B.1    CE14854   O18195      WASH1_CAEEL    497  
ddo-1                     C47A10.5a   CE36691   O45307      OXDD1_CAEEL    334  
ddo-2                     F18E3.7a    CE07083   Q19564      OXDD2_CAEEL    334  
ddo-3                     F20H11.5    CE09514   O01739      OXDD3_CAEEL    383  
ddp-1      tim-8          Y39A3CR.4   CE21655   Q9N408      TIM8_CAEEL      83  
ddr-1                     C25F6.4     CE45027   Q18163      DDRA_CAEEL     766  
ddr-2      svh-4          F11D5.3a    CE27950   Q95ZV7      DDRB_CAEEL     797  
                          F11D5.3b    CE27951                                   
ddx-15                    F56D2.6a    CE01334   Q20875      DHX15_CAEEL    739  
ddx-35                    Y67D2.6     CE27311   Q9BKQ8      DHX35_CAEEL    732  
deb-1                     ZC477.9a    CE31396   P19826      VINC_CAEEL    1090  
                          ZC477.9b    CE31397                                   
                          ZC477.9c    CE31398                                   
                          ZC477.9d    CE49192                                   
                          ZC477.9e    CE49210                                   
                          ZC477.9f    CE49354                                   
                          ZC477.9g    CE49463                                   
                          ZC477.9h    CE49419                                   
decr-1.2                  W01C9.4     CE02370   Q23116      DEC12_CAEEL    309  
decr-1.3                  T05C12.3    CE02315   Q22230      DECR_CAEEL     309  
deg-1                     C47C12.6    CE24854   P24585      DEG1_CAEEL     778  
deg-3                     K03B8.9     CE06083   P54244      ACH3_CAEEL     564  
del-1                     E02H4.1a    CE52816   Q19038      DEL1_CAEEL     664  
del-10                    T28D9.7     CE41940   Q10025      DEL10_CAEEL   1069  
dep-1                     F44G4.8a    CE03335   G5EGJ9      DEP1_CAEEL    1367  
                          F44G4.8b    CE43204                                   
deps-1                    Y65B4BL.2a  CE25536   Q9N303      DEPS1_CAEEL    619  
                          Y65B4BL.2b  CE49430                                   
des-2      acr-4          T26H10.1a   CE21208   O76554      ACH4_CAEEL     548  
dex-1                     D1044.2a    CE44889   P41950      DEX1_CAEEL    1137  
                          D1044.2b    CE44959                                   
                          D1044.2c    CE45008                                   
dgk-3                     F54G8.2     CE46230   Q03603      DGK3_CAEEL     795  
dgk-5                     K06A1.6a    CE28048   Q10024      DGK5_CAEEL     937  
dhc-1                     T21E12.4a   CE23997   Q19020      DYHC_CAEEL    4568  
dhfr-1                    C36B1.7     CE05374   Q93341      DYR_CAEEL      189  
dhhc-4                    ZK757.4a    CE32089   Q8I0G4      ZDHC4_CAEEL    403  
dhp-1                     R06C7.3     CE30293   Q21773      DHP1_CAEEL     489  
dhp-2                     C47E12.8    CE05452   Q18677      DHP2_CAEEL     520  
dhps-1                    Y17G7B.4    CE19037   Q9XXJ0      DHYS_CAEEL     371  
dhrs-4                    F54F3.4     CE19894   G5EGA6      DHRS4_CAEEL    260  
dhs-3                     T02E1.5a    CE41004   A5JYX5      DHS3_CAEEL     309  
                          T02E1.5b    CE41005                                   
                          T02E1.5c    CE41006                                   
dhs-5                     F56D1.5     CE28036   Q10130      DHS5_CAEEL     378  
dhs-16                    C10F3.2     CE08067   O16881      DHS16_CAEEL    388  
dhs-21                    R11D1.11    CE39954   Q21929      DCXR_CAEEL     251  
dhs-27                    C04F6.5     CE45036   Q11177      DHS27_CAEEL    816  
dif-1                     F49E8.5     CE28408   Q27257      DIF1_CAEEL     312  
dig-1                     K07E12.1a   CE32905   Q09165      DIG1_CAEEL   13100  
dim-1                     C18A11.7a   CE27706   Q18066      DIM_CAEEL      640  
                          C18A11.7b   CE04038                                   
din-1                     F07A11.6a   CE37499   G5EGK6      DIN1_CAEEL    2407  
                          F07A11.6b   CE32618                                   
                          F07A11.6c   CE32619                                   
                          F07A11.6d   CE03148                                   
                          F07A11.6e   CE37500                                   
                          F07A11.6f   CE45315                                   
                          F07A11.6g   CE45296                                   
dis-3                     C04G2.6     CE42607   Q17632      RRP44_CAEEL    961  
disl-2                    F48E8.6     CE45000   Q09568      DI3L2_CAEEL    848  
div-1                     R01H10.1    CE28840   Q21625      DPOA2_CAEEL    581  
djr-1.1                   B0432.2     CE07740   P90994      DJ11_CAEEL     187  
djr-1.2                   C49G7.11    CE08869   O16228      DJ12_CAEEL     186  
dkf-1                     W09C5.5     CE20167   Q9XUJ7      DKF1_CAEEL     722  
dkf-2                     T25E12.4a   CE42484   O45818      DKF2_CAEEL    1070  
                          T25E12.4b   CE52401                                   
                          T25E12.4c   CE42507                                   
                          T25E12.4d   CE46242                                   
                          T25E12.4e   CE47100                                   
                          T25E12.4f   CE47405                                   
dlat-1                    F23B12.5    CE09597   Q19749      ODP2_CAEEL     507  
dlc-1                     T26A5.9     CE00788   Q22799      DYL1_CAEEL      89  
dlc-2                     M18.2       CE36658   Q21557      DYL2_CAEEL      90  
dld-1                     LLC1.3a     CE31971   O17953      DLDH_CAEEL     495  
                          LLC1.3b     CE44593                                   
dlg-1      cele_c25f6.2   C25F6.2a    CE36524   G5ECY0      DLG1_CAEEL     967  
                          C25F6.2b    CE34261                                   
dlk-1                     F33E2.2a    CE36153   O01700      DLK1_CAEEL     928  
                          F33E2.2b    CE36154                                   
                          F33E2.2c    CE36155                                   
                          F33E2.2d    CE23702                                   
dmd-3                     Y43F8C.10a  CE39835   Q9XWN9      DMD3_CAEEL     250  
                          Y43F8C.10b  CE44151                                   
dmd-4                     C27C12.6    CE23560   Q18248      DMD4_CAEEL     260  
dmd-10                    C34D1.1     CE54228   G5EEJ1      DMD10_CAEEL    348  
dmsr-1                    F57B7.1a    CE05989   Q20929      DMSR1_CAEEL    510  
                          F57B7.1b    CE31009                                   
dnc-2                     C28H8.12    CE01823   Q09248      DCTN2_CAEEL    331  
dnc-6                     Y54E10A.5   CE34408   Q9N3F1      DCTN6_CAEEL    180  
dnj-1                     B0035.14a   CE05169   Q17438      DNJ1_CAEEL     401  
                          B0035.14b   CE47882                                   
dnj-2                     B0035.2     CE05160   Q17433      DNJ2_CAEEL     337  
dnj-5                     C04A2.7a    CE29657   Q09446      DNJ5_CAEEL     915  
                          C04A2.7b    CE29658                                   
                          C04A2.7c    CE29659                                   
dnj-10                    F22B7.5a    CE24911   Q8TA83      DNJ10_CAEEL    456  
                          F22B7.5b    CE27991                                   
dnj-20                    T15H9.7a    CE01664   Q8MPX3      DNJ20_CAEEL    355  
                          T15H9.7b    CE30689                                   
dnj-21     tim-14         T19B4.4     CE13742   P91454      TIM14_CAEEL    112  
dnpp-1                    F01F1.9b    CE01235   Q19087      DNPEP_CAEEL    470  
dohh-1     tag-242        C14A4.1     CE02138   Q17949      DOHH_CAEEL     298  
dom-3                     F54C1.2     CE11044   Q10660      DXO_CAEEL      393  
dop-2      dop-2l         K09G1.4a    CE35993   E7EM37      DOPR2_CAEEL    849  
                          K09G1.4c    CE45633                                   
                          K09G1.4d    CE46806                                   
                          K09G1.4e    CE53007                                   
                          K09G1.4f    CE53034                                   
                          K09G1.4g    CE52992                                   
dop-3                     T14E8.3a    CE39178   Q6RYS9      DOPR3_CAEEL    607  
                          T14E8.3b    CE39179                                   
                          T14E8.3c    CE39180                                   
                          T14E8.3d    CE39181                                   
dop-4                     C52B11.3    CE39139   Q18775      DOPR4_CAEEL    517  
dos-1                     ZK507.4     CE38765   P34636      DOS1_CAEEL     206  
dot-1.1                   Y39G10AR.18 CE36735                                   
                          Y39G10AR.18 CE38003   Q6AW06      DOT11_CAEEL    946  
                          Y39G10AR.18 CE49789                                   
doxa-1                    C06E1.3     CE30481   P34298      DOXA1_CAEEL    397  
dpf-1                     T23F1.7a    CE21195   Q7JKY3      DPF1_CAEEL     799  
                          T23F1.7b    CE21196                                   
dpf-2                     C27C12.7    CE05324   Q18253      DPF2_CAEEL     829  
dpf-6                     F44B9.1a    CE30989   P34422      DPF6_CAEEL     740  
                          F44B9.1b    CE30990                                   
                          F44B9.1c    CE30991                                   
dpff-1                    C28H8.9a    CE06896   Q09477      DPFF1_CAEEL    372  
                          C28H8.9b    CE32813                                   
                          C28H8.9c    CE41615                                   
dph-1                     C14B1.5     CE17401   P49958      DPH1_CAEEL     396  
dph-2                     C09G5.2a    CE15608   Q09454      DPH2_CAEEL     476  
                          C09G5.2b    CE45960                                   
dpl-1                     T23G7.1     CE21197   Q22703      TFDP1_CAEEL    598  
dpm-3                     F28D1.11    CE20732   Q9XVV5      DPM3_CAEEL      95  
dpy-2                     T14B4.6     CE04953   P35799      DPY2_CAEEL     360  
dpy-5                     F27C1.8     CE09720   P91285      DPY5_CAEEL     284  
dpy-7                     F46C8.6     CE04580   P34688      DPY7_CAEEL     318  
dpy-10                    T14B4.7     CE51880   P35800      DPY10_CAEEL    372  
dpy-13     dpy-16         F30B5.1     CE04462   P17657      DPY13_CAEEL    302  
dpy-18     phy-1          Y47D3B.10   CE20261   Q10576      P4HA1_CAEEL    559  
dpy-19                    F22B7.10    CE26462   P34413      DPY19_CAEEL    683  
dpy-20                    T22B3.1     CE40520   P34807      DPY20_CAEEL    440  
dpy-21                    Y59A8B.1a   CE26205   Q9GRZ3      DPY21_CAEEL   1641  
dpy-22     mdt-12; psa-6  F47A4.2     CE16058   Q20497      MED12_CAEEL   3498  
dpy-23     ap50           R160.1a     CE33813   P35603      AP2M_CAEEL     441  
                          R160.1b     CE33814                                   
dpy-26                    C25G4.5     CE08398   G5EGE9      DPY26_CAEEL   1263  
dpy-27                    R13G10.1    CE01052   P48996      DPY27_CAEEL   1469  
dpy-28                    Y39A1B.3    CE31734   Q9U2M1      CND1_CAEEL    1499  
dpy-30                    ZK863.6     CE15445   Q10661      DPY30_CAEEL    123  
dpy-31     nas-35; toh-2  R151.5a     CE27200   P98060      NAS35_CAEEL    592  
dpyd-1                    C25F6.3     CE38489   Q18164      DPYD_CAEEL    1059  
drag-1                    Y71G12B.16  CE45612   G5EDE5      RGMB_CAEEL     408  
dre-1                     K04A8.6a    CE27388   Q94251      DRE1_CAEEL     936  
drl-1      mekk-3         F18F11.5    CE48587   Q86ME2      DRL1_CAEEL     589  
drn-1                     C54A12.4    CE51761   Q09930      DIRA_CAEEL     219 (
drsh-1                    F26E4.10a   CE29039   O01326      RNC_CAEEL     1086  
                          F26E4.10b   CE46611                                   
dsbn-1                    Y106G6A.5a  CE19298   Q9XWQ1      DTBP1_CAEEL    210  
dsc-1                     C18B12.3    CE08308   Q93246      DFSC1_CAEEL    310  
dsc-4                     K02D7.4     CE33667   G5ECG7      MTP_CAEEL      892  
dsl-1                     W09G12.4    CE18343   O45201      DSL1_CAEEL     252  
dss-1                     Y119D3B.15  CE34396   Q95Y72      DSS1_CAEEL      82  
dtmk-1                    R53.2       CE03571   Q22018      KTHY_CAEEL     218  
dvc-1                     T19B10.6    CE06460   Q22557      SPRTN_CAEEL    368  
dve-1                     ZK1193.5a   CE33746   Q86MI0      DVE1_CAEEL     468  
                          ZK1193.5c   CE52008                                   
                          ZK1193.5d   CE51993                                   
                          ZK1193.5e   CE51969                                   
dyb-1                     F47G6.1     CE26812   Q9Y048      DTN1_CAEEL     590  
dyc-1                     C33G3.1a    CE24825   Q8STF6      DYC1_CAEEL     887  
                          C33G3.1b    CE30500                                   
dyf-1                     F54C1.5a    CE33108   Q8I7G4      TTC30_CAEEL    656  
                          F54C1.5b    CE33109                                   
dyf-2                     ZK520.3a    CE40489   G5ECZ4      DYF2_CAEEL    1383  
                          ZK520.3b    CE40490                                   
dyf-3                     C04C3.5a    CE16811   Q6I6D4      CLUA1_CAEEL    404  
                          C04C3.5b    CE38264                                   
                          C04C3.5c    CE38265                                   
dyf-4                     C13C12.2    CE41198   Q17944      DYF4_CAEEL     383  
dyf-5                     M04C9.5a    CE40815   B3WFY8      DYF5_CAEEL     489  
                          M04C9.5b    CE46107                                   
dyf-6                     F46F6.4a    CE40388   Q0G838      IFT46_CAEEL    471  
                          F46F6.4b    CE02236                                   
                          F46F6.4c    CE40389                                   
                          F46F6.4d    CE40390                                   
dyf-7                     C43C3.3     CE23591   Q09276      DYF7_CAEEL     446  
dyf-13                    C27H5.7a    CE06894   Q95QT8      IFT56_CAEEL    574  
                          C27H5.7b    CE31320                                   
dyn-1                     C02C6.1a    CE07833   P39055      DYN1_CAEEL     830  
                          C02C6.1b    CE07832                                   
dys-1                     F15D3.1a    CE27129   Q9TW65      DMD_CAEEL     3674  
                          F15D3.1b    CE24904                                   
eak-4                     F53B2.3     CE05917   G5EBR8      EAK4_CAEEL     247  
eak-6                     F10G8.4a    CE41631   G5EGU2      EAK6_CAEEL     405  
                          F10G8.4b    CE41632                                   
eas-1                     F41C3.4     CE39501   Q20263      GOT1_CAEEL     141  
eat-2                     Y48B6A.4    CE22119   Q9U298      ACH8_CAEEL     474  
eat-4                     ZK512.6a    CE01109   P34644      EAT4_CAEEL     576  
eat-5                     F13G3.8     CE05620   Q27295      EAT5_CAEEL     423  
eat-17     tbc-4          T24D11.1a   CE48459   S6F527      EAT17_CAEEL    888  
                          T24D11.1b   CE48495                                   
                          T24D11.1c   CE07015                                   
                          T24D11.1d   CE48465                                   
                          T24D11.1e   CE48484                                   
                          T24D11.1f   CE48533                                   
eat-20                    H30A04.1a   CE18828   Q9NL29      EAT20_CAEEL    810  
                          H30A04.1b   CE27767                                   
ech-6                     T05G5.6     CE00318   P34559      ECHM_CAEEL     288  
edg-1                     B0035.6     CE20443   Q17436      EDG1_CAEEL     727  
eef-1g                    F17C11.9a   CE05656   P54412      EF1G_CAEEL     398  
                          F17C11.9b   CE32385                                   
                          F17C11.9c   CE39492                                   
eef-2                     F25H5.4a    CE15900   P29691      EF2_CAEEL      852  
                          F25H5.4b    CE46149                                   
eef-1b.1                  F54H12.6    CE00548   P34460      EF1B1_CAEEL    213  
eef-1b.2                  Y41E3.10a   CE37568   Q9U2H9      EF1B2_CAEEL    263  
                          Y41E3.10b   CE40788                                   
efa-6                     Y55D9A.1a   CE19234   G5EET6      EFA6_CAEEL     818  
                          Y55D9A.1b   CE29066                                   
                          Y55D9A.1c   CE40826                                   
                          Y55D9A.1d   CE44770                                   
efk-1                     F42A10.4a   CE32415   O01991      EF2K_CAEEL     768  
                          F42A10.4b   CE32416                                   
efl-2                     Y48C3A.17b  CE41054   A5HWA8      EFL2_CAEEL     358  
                          Y48C3A.17d  CE41056                                   
efl-3                     F49E12.6    CE37018   Q20619      EFL3_CAEEL     600  
efn-4      mab-26         F56A11.3    CE29503   O44516      EFN4_CAEEL     348  
efr-3                     C32D5.3     CE01843   Q09263      EFR3_CAEEL     859  
eft-3                     F31E3.5     CE01270   P53013      EF1A_CAEEL     463  
eft-4                     R03G5.1a    CE01270   P53013      EF1A_CAEEL     463  
egal-1                    C10G6.1a    CE27677   Q17902      EGAL1_CAEEL    574  
                          C10G6.1b    CE37193                                   
egg-1                     B0244.8     CE32094   Q09967      EGG1_CAEEL     551  
egg-2                     R01H2.3     CE00802   Q21629      EGG2_CAEEL     548  
egg-3                     F44F4.2     CE00998   Q20402      EGG3_CAEEL     555  
egg-4                     T21E3.1     CE13874   O01767      EGG4_CAEEL     753  
egg-5                     R12E2.10    CE18142   O61789      EGG5_CAEEL     753  
egg-6                     K07A12.2    CE11866   P90920      EGG6_CAEEL     961  
egl-1                     F23B12.9    CE35714   O61667      EGL1_CAEEL     106  
egl-3      kpc-2          C51E3.7a    CE08940   G5ECN9      NEC2_CAEEL     652  
                          C51E3.7b    CE08941                                   
                          C51E3.7c    CE45708                                   
egl-4      cgk-1; odr-9   F55A8.2a    CE19897   O76360      EGL4_CAEEL     780  
                          F55A8.2b    CE19898                                   
                          F55A8.2c    CE31541                                   
                          F55A8.2d    CE37718                                   
                          F55A8.2e    CE37241                                   
                          F55A8.2f    CE37242                                   
egl-5      ceh-11         C08C3.1a    CE29076   P17486      EGL5_CAEEL     223  
                          C08C3.1b    CE32792                                   
                          C08C3.1c    CE34523                                   
egl-8                     B0348.4a    CE30588   G5EBH0      PLCB_CAEEL    1431  
                          B0348.4b    CE30589                                   
                          B0348.4c    CE36909                                   
egl-9                     F22E12.4a   CE27755   G5EBV0      EGL9_CAEEL     723  
                          F22E12.4b   CE31342                                   
                          F22E12.4c   CE38327                                   
                          F22E12.4d   CE38328                                   
                          F22E12.4e   CE40254                                   
egl-10                    F28C1.2a    CE24928   P49809      EGL10_CAEEL    555  
egl-13     cog-2          T22B7.1a    CE28487   Q23045      EGL13_CAEEL    470  
                          T22B7.1b    CE33702                                   
                          T22B7.1c    CE38552                                   
                          T22B7.1d    CE05030                                   
egl-15                    F58A3.2a    CE28238   Q10656      EGL15_CAEEL   1040  
                          F58A3.2b    CE35726                                   
                          F58A3.2c    CE50149                                   
                          F58A3.2d    CE50303                                   
                          F58A3.2e    CE50247                                   
egl-21                    F01D4.4     CE09156   O17754      CBPE_CAEEL     472  
egl-26     cog-4; egl-48  C23H3.1a    CE08320   P91082      EGL26_CAEEL    317  
                          C23H3.1b    CE50533                                   
egl-27                    C04A2.3a    CE31287   Q09228      EGL27_CAEEL   1129  
                          C04A2.3b    CE47754                                   
                          C04A2.3c    CE33268                                   
                          C04A2.3d    CE47784                                   
egl-36                    R07A4.1     CE18123   G5EFC3      KCNAG_CAEEL    558  
egl-43                    R53.3a      CE03572   Q22024      EGL43_CAEEL    543  
                          R53.3b      CE03573                                   
egl-44                    F28B12.2a   CE44866   Q19849      EGL44_CAEEL    486  
                          F28B12.2b   CE45037                                   
                          F28B12.2c   CE44843                                   
                          F28B12.2d   CE45004                                   
                          F28B12.2f   CE44907                                   
egl-45     eif-3.a        C27D11.1    CE00543   P34339      EIF3A_CAEEL   1076  
egrh-1                    C27C12.2    CE40601   Q18250      EGRH1_CAEEL    461  
ehn-3                     ZK616.10a   CE37599   Q65XX7      EHN3_CAEEL     262  
                          ZK616.10b   CE26343                                   
                          ZK616.10c   CE37600                                   
eif-2bgamm ppp-1          C15F1.4     CE23548   P80361      EI2BG_CAEEL    404  
eif-2a                    E04D5.1a    CE37820   Q19052      EIF2A_CAEEL    570  
                          E04D5.1b    CE37821                                   
eif-2beta  iftb-1         K04G2.1     CE16227   Q21230      IF2B_CAEEL     250  
eif-3.e                   B0511.10    CE17349   O61820      EIF3E_CAEEL    432  
eif-3.l                   C17G10.9a   CE27702   Q95QW0      EIF3L_CAEEL    537  
                          C17G10.9b   CE30870                                   
eif-3.h                   C41D11.2    CE29220   O01974      EIF3H_CAEEL    365  
eif-3.f                   D2013.7     CE00932   Q18967      EIF3F_CAEEL    294  
eif-3.g                   F22B5.2a    CE47869   Q19706      EIF3G_CAEEL    262  
                          F22B5.2b    CE02197                                   
eif-3.d                   R08D7.3     CE00291   P30642      EIF3D_CAEEL    570  
eif-3.k    pgn-69         T16G1.11    CE20081   Q9XUP3      EIF3K_CAEEL    240  
eif-3.c                   T23D8.4     CE18958   O02328      EIF3C_CAEEL    898  
eif-3.b                   Y54E2A.11a  CE47851   Q9XWI6      EIF3B_CAEEL    725  
                          Y54E2A.11b  CE47908                                   
eif-3.i                   Y74C10AR.1a CE30325   Q965S8      EIF3I_CAEEL    327  
eif-6                     C47B2.5     CE17565   O62106      IF6_CAEEL      246  
eipr-1                    Y87G2A.11   CE24682   Q9U1Q0      EIPR1_CAEEL    362  
elli-1                    F20C5.3a    CE35500   D3YT16      ELLI1_CAEEL    277  
                          F20C5.3b    CE03240                                   
                          F20C5.3c    CE45422                                   
                          F20C5.3d    CE44699                                   
elo-1                     F56H11.4a   CE05979   G5EEE5      ELO1_CAEEL     288  
                          F56H11.4b   CE47981                                   
elo-2                     F11E6.5     CE19785   Q9XVQ9      ELO2_CAEEL     274  
elo-3                     D2024.3     CE34783   P49191      ELO3_CAEEL     320  
elo-4                     C40H1.4     CE00112   Q03574      ELO4_CAEEL     291  
elo-5                     F41H10.7    CE49372   Q20300      ELO5_CAEEL     274  
elo-6                     F41H10.8    CE10286   Q20303      ELO6_CAEEL     274  
elp-1                     F38A6.2a    CE15999   O45487      EMAL_CAEEL     891  
elpc-3                    ZK863.3     CE40344   Q23651      ELP3_CAEEL     547  
elpc-4                    C26B2.6     CE04092   Q18195      ELP4_CAEEL     334  
elt-1                     W09C2.1b    CE03799   P28515      ELT1_CAEEL     416  
elt-2                     C33D3.1     CE31430   Q10655      ELT2_CAEEL     433  
elt-7                     C18G1.2a    CE17418   O61924      ELT7_CAEEL     198  
                          C18G1.2b    CE41205                                   
emb-1      apc-16         K10D2.4     CE02016   Q09410      EMB1_CAEEL      81  
emb-5                     T04A8.14    CE13120   P34703      SPT6H_CAEEL   1521  
emb-9      clb-2          K04H4.1a    CE48054   P17139      CO4A1_CAEEL   1759  
                          K04H4.1b    CE36390                                   
emb-27     apc-6; pod-6   F10B5.6     CE01548   G5EG38      CDC16_CAEEL    655  
emb-30                    F54C8.3     CE32676   P34441      EMB30_CAEEL   1027  
emr-1                     M01D7.6     CE12270   O01971      EMR1_CAEEL     166  
emre-1     tag-299        F20D1.10    CE23677   Q9U3I4      EMRE_CAEEL      90  
endu-1                    K02A11.3    CE06057   Q21109      ENDOU_CAEEL    307  
enol-1                    T21B10.2a   CE03684   Q27527      ENO_CAEEL      434  
                          T21B10.2c   CE36954                                   
enpl-1                    T05E11.3a   CE06362   Q22235      ENPL1_CAEEL    760  
                          T05E11.3b   CE45764                                   
epac-1                    T20G5.5     CE43630   P34578      RPGF1_CAEEL   1038  
epg-2                     Y39G10AR.10 CE26989   Q95XR4      EPG2_CAEEL     690  
epg-3                     Y37D8A.22   CE31831   Q9XWU8      VMP1_CAEEL     458  
epg-4      eip-24         F37C12.2    CE00741   Q20123      EI24_CAEEL     315  
epg-5                     C56C10.12   CE02566   Q18892      EPG5_CAEEL    1599  
epg-6                     Y39A1A.1a   CE33215   Q86MP3      EPG6_CAEEL     388  
                          Y39A1A.1b   CE33216                                   
                          Y39A1A.1c   CE37799                                   
                          Y39A1A.1d   CE45443                                   
epi-1                     K08C7.3b    CE06136   Q21313      EPI1_CAEEL    3672  
eppl-1                    T01B11.2a   CE12894   P91408      AGT2L_CAEEL    467  
erd-2.1    erd-2          F09B9.3     CE23635   P48583      ERD21_CAEEL    213  
erd-2.2                   C28H8.4     CE01826   Q09473      ERD22_CAEEL    213  
erfa-1     etf-1          T05H4.6a    CE52351   O16520      ERF1_CAEEL     593  
                          T05H4.6b    CE13279                                   
erg-28                    C14C10.6    CE28204   G5EEQ9      ERG28_CAEEL    162  
ergo-1                    R09A1.1a    CE30106   O61931      ERGO1_CAEEL   1121  
erh-1                     T21C9.4     CE06473   Q22640      ERH_CAEEL      103  
erh-2                     F35G12.11   CE36485   Q20057      ERH2_CAEEL     113  
eri-1                     T07A9.5a    CE17214   O44406      ERI1_CAEEL     582  
                          T07A9.5b    CE30163                                   
                          T07A9.5c    CE49054                                   
                          T07A9.5d    CE48636                                   
erl-1                     C42C1.15    CE26912   A3QMC6      ERLN_CAEEL     312  
ero-1                     Y105E8B.8a  CE33847   Q7YTU4      ERO1_CAEEL     478  
                          Y105E8B.8b  CE42762                                   
erp-44.2                  C06A6.5     CE27661   Q17688      ER442_CAEEL    413  
ess-2                     F42H10.7a   CE00169   P34420      ESS2_CAEEL     531  
                          F42H10.7b   CE37109                                   
etc-1                     D2085.4     CE15744   O17736      ETC1_CAEEL    1001  
ets-4                     F22A3.1a    CE34001   A8WFJ9      ETS4_CAEEL     437  
                          F22A3.1b    CE41797                                   
ets-5                     C42D8.4a    CE04205   Q18579      ETS5_CAEEL     208  
eva-1                     F32A7.3a    CE36144   Q9XU98      EVA1_CAEEL     461  
                          F32A7.3b    CE36145                                   
evl-20     arl-2          F22B5.1     CE27425   Q19705      ARL2_CAEEL     184  
exc-4                     Y105E8A.22  CE36222   Q8WQA4      EXC4_CAEEL     290  
exc-6      inft-1         F58B6.2     CE46968   Q9TYU9      EXC6_CAEEL     843  
exl-1                     F26H11.5    CE24922   O45405      EXL1_CAEEL     238  
exos-4.1                  B0564.1a    CE20469   Q17533      EXOS4_CAEEL    240  
exp-1                     H35N03.1    CE37026   G5ECJ0      GBR1_CAEEL     539  
eya-1                     C49A1.4a    CE36113   O17670      EYA1_CAEEL     503  
                          C49A1.4b    CE15722                                   
f52c9.6                                         Q10126      YSM6_CAEEL     279  
f54h12.3                                        P34457      YMD3_CAEEL     286  
f55a11.4                                        Q20799      CMC2_CAEEL     588  
faah-1                    B0218.1     CE06684   Q17449      FAAH1_CAEEL    572  
faah-4                    Y56A3A.12a  CE24467   Q9U217      FAAH4_CAEEL    647  
                          Y56A3A.12b  CE24468                                   
fah-1      phi-43         K10C2.4     CE04750   Q94272      FAAA_CAEEL     418  
fahd-1                    ZK688.3     CE00461   P34673      FAHD1_CAEEL    214  
famh-161   fam-161        Y38H6C.14   CE19108   Q9XX47      F161_CAEEL     814  
famk-1                    H03A11.1    CE18799   Q9XTW2      FA20C_CAEEL    512  
fan-1                     C01G5.8a    CE07800   P90740      FAN1_CAEEL     865  
far-1                     F02A9.2     CE00133   P34382      FAR1_CAEEL     182  
far-2                     F02A9.3     CE00134   P34383      FAR2_CAEEL     182  
fars-3     frs-2          F22B5.9     CE20708   Q19713      SYFB_CAEEL     591  
fat-1                     Y67H2A.8    CE22790   Q9NEQ0      FAT1_CAEEL     402  
fat-2                     W02A2.1a    CE21231   G5EGA5      FAT2_CAEEL     376  
fat-3                     W08D2.4a    CE25153   Q23221      FAT3_CAEEL     443  
                          W08D2.4b    CE45719                                   
                          W08D2.4c    CE45812                                   
fat-4      des-5          T13F2.1a    CE25113   G5EG11      FAT4_CAEEL     447  
                          T13F2.1b    CE44752                                   
                          T13F2.1c    CE45810                                   
fat-5                     W06D12.3    CE16551   G5ED44      FAT5_CAEEL     333  
fat-6                     VZK822L.1a  CE18302   G5EGN2      FAT6_CAEEL     339  
                          VZK822L.1b  CE44710                                   
                          VZK822L.1c  CE44565                                   
fat-7                     F10D2.9     CE09320   G5EGH6      FAT7_CAEEL     338  
fax-1                     F56E3.4a    CE28464   G5EDJ0      FAX1_CAEEL     419  
                          F56E3.4b    CE04670                                   
fbf-1                     H12I13.4    CE20960   Q9N5M6      FBF1_CAEEL     614  
fbf-2                     F21H12.5    CE01916   Q09312      FBF2_CAEEL     632  
fbl-1      fbln1          F56H11.1a   CE26701   O77469      FBLN1_CAEEL    728  
                          F56H11.1b   CE26702                                   
                          F56H11.1c   CE38374                                   
fbxa-155                  C05B5.6     CE33966   P34294      FB155_CAEEL    408  
fbxa-224                  ZK1290.9    CE44940   Q09336      FB224_CAEEL    384  
fbxl-1     cfl-1          C02F5.7a    CE24780   P34284      FBXL_CAEEL     466  
                          C02F5.7b    CE30418                                   
fce-1                     C04F12.10   CE19683   Q9XVE5      FACE1_CAEEL    442  
fce-2                     F48F5.5     CE34031   G5EEP3      FACE2_CAEEL    266  
fcp-1                     F36F2.6     CE39366   Q95QG8      FCP1_CAEEL     659  
feh-1                     Y54F10AM.2a CE50322   Q9BKZ9      FEH1_CAEEL     665  
                          Y54F10AM.2b CE32985                                   
                          Y54F10AM.2c CE38648                                   
fem-1      isx-1          F35D6.1a    CE07175   P17221      FEM1_CAEEL     656  
                          F35D6.1b    CE28299                                   
fem-2                     T19C3.8     CE02878   P49594      FEM2_CAEEL     449  
fem-3                     C01F6.4a    CE02953   P34691      FEM3_CAEEL     388  
fer-1                     F43G9.6a    CE10364   Q17388      FER1_CAEEL    2034  
fgt-1                     H17B01.1a   CE27184   O44827      FGT1_CAEEL     510  
                          H17B01.1b   CE27185                                   
fib-1                     T01C3.7     CE12920   Q22053      FBRL_CAEEL     352  
fic-1                     ZK593.8     CE28722   Q23544      FICD_CAEEL     508  
figl-1                    F32D1.1a    CE09865   O16299      FIGL1_CAEEL    594  
fip-1                     F22B7.4     CE00157   P34407      FIP1_CAEEL      63  
fip-3                     C06E1.5     CE00060   P34300      FIP3_CAEEL      50  
fipr-15                   F13E9.3     CE40038   Q19408      FIR15_CAEEL     50  
fipr-16                   C06E1.6     CE00061   P34301      FIR16_CAEEL     49  
fitm-2     fit2; fitm2    ZK265.9     CE38132   Q5CZ37      FITM2_CAEEL    283  
fkh-5                     F26A1.2     CE47949   Q19802      FKH5_CAEEL     461  
flad-1                    R53.1a      CE02303   Q22017      FAD1_CAEEL     519  
                          R53.1b      CE38215                                   
fld-1                     Y63D3A.8    CE39301   G5EF48      FLD1_CAEEL     350  
flh-1                     Y11D7A.12a  CE35915   Q9XWR1      FLH1_CAEEL     507  
                          Y11D7A.12b  CE41463                                   
                          Y11D7A.12c  CE20195                                   
flh-2                     C26E6.2     CE32143   Q18225      FLH2_CAEEL     470  
flh-3                     Y11D7A.13   CE35649   Q9XWQ6      FLH3_CAEEL     420  
fli-1                     B0523.5     CE36522   P34268      FLII_CAEEL    1257  
flp-1                     F23B2.5a    CE09585   P41855      FLP01_CAEEL    175  
                          F23B2.5b    CE32045                                   
                          F23B2.5c    CE32046                                   
flp-3                     W07E11.2    CE02373   Q23212      FLP03_CAEEL    184  
flp-5                     C03G5.7     CE48316   O61466      FLP05_CAEEL     92  
flp-6                     F07D3.2     CE29252   Q19165      FLP06_CAEEL    170  
flp-7                     F49E10.3    CE07264   G5EEC2      FLP7_CAEEL     177  
flp-9                     C36H8.3     CE39568   Q18502      FLP09_CAEEL    102  
flp-11                    K02G10.4a   CE04704   Q21156      FLP11_CAEEL    110  
                          K02G10.4b   CE31030                                   
                          K02G10.4c   CE34328                                   
flp-13                    F33D4.3     CE17033   O44185      FLP13_CAEEL    160  
flp-14                    Y37D8A.15   CE39649   Q9XWV7      FLP14_CAEEL    143  
flp-16                    F15D4.8     CE34815   Q7YX32      FLP16_CAEEL     92  
flp-18                    Y48D7A.2    CE33736   Q9N4V0      FLP18_CAEEL    208  
flp-19                    M79.4       CE18890   Q9XVX1      FLP19_CAEEL     89  
flp-22                    F39H2.1     CE30530   Q93702      FLP22_CAEEL     93  
flp-23                    F22B7.2a    CE47863   P34405      FLP23_CAEEL     83  
flp-24                    C24A1.1     CE38488   O17058      FLP24_CAEEL     69  
flp-26                    R173.4      CE31059   Q8MPY9      FLP26_CAEEL     84  
flp-27                    C25H3.5     CE29185   Q18184      FLP27_CAEEL     89  
flr-4                     F09B12.6    CE26710   Q9NLA1      FLR4_CAEEL     570  
flu-2                     C15H9.7     CE06835   Q18026      KYNU_CAEEL     478  
fmi-1                     F15B9.7a    CE42459   G5EDK5      CELR_CAEEL    2596  
                          F15B9.7b    CE50507                                   
                          F15B9.7c    CE50392                                   
fndc-1                    T06D8.7     CE02328   Q22252      FNDC1_CAEEL    138  
folt-1     tag-330        C06H2.4     CE47283   Q17766      FOLT1_CAEEL    453  
folt-2                    F37B4.7     CE17796   O45166      FOLT2_CAEEL    424  
folt-3                    C50E3.16    CE45273   Q22931      FOLT3_CAEEL    424  
fos-1      evl-5          F29G9.4a    CE27375   G5ECG2      FOS1_CAEEL     467  
                          F29G9.4b    CE39151                                   
fox-1                     T07D1.4a    CE51693   Q10572      FOX1_CAEEL     429  
                          T07D1.4b    CE51620                                   
                          T07D1.4d    CE51563                                   
fozi-1                    K01B6.1     CE00238   P34489      FOZI1_CAEEL    732  
frg-1                     ZK1010.3    CE37862   O18282      FRG1_CAEEL     274  
frh-1                     F59G1.7     CE19476   Q9TY03      FRDA_CAEEL     136  
frk-1                     T04B2.2a    CE03609   Q22146      FRK1_CAEEL     390  
frpr-1                    C02B8.5     CE47103   Q11095      FRPR1_CAEEL    378  
fsn-1                     C26E6.5     CE01163   Q18223      FBSP1_CAEEL    332  
ftt-2                     F52D10.3a   CE03389   Q20655      14332_CAEEL    248  
fum-1                     H14A12.2a   CE11580   O17214      FUMH_CAEEL     501  
fut-1      ceft-1         K08F8.3     CE32907   G5EDR5      FUTA_CAEEL     433  
fut-2      ce2ft-1        EGAP9.2     CE09151   P91200      FUTB1_CAEEL    355  
fut-3      ceft-4         F59E12.13   CE29413   G5EFP5      FUTC_CAEEL     400  
fut-5      ceft-2         T05A7.10    CE37986   G5EE06      FUTD_CAEEL     378  
fut-6      ceft-3         T05A7.5     CE32206   G5EEE1      FUTE_CAEEL     392  
fut-8                     C10F3.6     CE32580   G5EFE7      FUT8_CAEEL     559  
fzo-1                     ZK1248.14   CE02898   Q23424      FZO1_CAEEL     774  
fzy-1                     ZK177.6     CE26338   Q09373      FZY1_CAEEL     507  
gab-1                     ZC482.1     CE33742   O18276      GBRB_CAEEL     550  
gad-1                     T05H4.14    CE13295   O16519      GAD1_CAEEL     620  
gad-3                     B0222.9     CE48200   Q960A1      GAD3_CAEEL    1257  
gadr-3                    F47D12.5    CE43720   Q09562      GADR3_CAEEL    710  
gale-1                    C47B2.6a    CE17566   Q564Q1      GALE_CAEEL     349  
                          C47B2.6b    CE38295                                   
galt-1                    M03F8.4     CE40769   O16374      GALT1_CAEEL    425  
gap-1                     T24C12.2    CE05002   Q22720      GAP1_CAEEL     629  
gap-2                     ZK899.8a    CE23470   Q8MLZ5      GAP2_CAEEL    1207  
                          ZK899.8b    CE23471                                   
                          ZK899.8c    CE23472                                   
                          ZK899.8d    CE23473                                   
                          ZK899.8e    CE23474                                   
                          ZK899.8f    CE23475                                   
                          ZK899.8g    CE28277                                   
                          ZK899.8h    CE31677                                   
                          ZK899.8i    CE39119                                   
                          ZK899.8j    CE23476                                   
                          ZK899.8k    CE48260                                   
                          ZK899.8l    CE48295                                   
gar-1                     C15B12.5a   CE29666   Q18007      ACM1_CAEEL     713  
                          C15B12.5b   CE29667                                   
                          C15B12.5c   CE29668                                   
gar-2                     F47D12.1a   CE30134   Q09388      ACM2_CAEEL     627  
                          F47D12.1b   CE30135                                   
gar-3                     Y40H4A.1a   CE27783   Q9U7D5      ACM3_CAEEL     611  
                          Y40H4A.1b   CE35800                                   
gars-1     grs-1          T10F2.1a    CE29472   Q10039      GARS_CAEEL     742  
gas-1                     K09A9.5     CE11980   Q93873      NDUS2_CAEEL    482  
gba-1                     C33C12.3a   CE29208   O16580      GLCM1_CAEEL    523  
                          C33C12.3b   CE39682                                   
gba-2                     C33C12.8    CE41877   O16581      GLCM2_CAEEL    516  
gba-3                     F11E6.1a    CE20669   G5ECR8      GLCM3_CAEEL    522  
                          F11E6.1b    CE26698                                   
                          F11E6.1d    CE46394                                   
gba-4                     Y4C6B.6     CE28522   Q9UB00      GLCM4_CAEEL    519  
gbas-1                    F59H5.1     CE31963   Q9TZI4      GBAS1_CAEEL    758  
gbb-1                     Y41G9A.4a   CE50190   H2L0Q3      GABR1_CAEEL    899  
                          Y41G9A.4b   CE50147                                   
                          Y41G9A.4c   CE50293                                   
                          Y41G9A.4e   CE50186                                   
gbb-2                     ZK180.1     CE43384   G5ECB2      GABR2_CAEEL    842  
gbf-1      phi-34         C24H11.7a   CE44078   G5EGS5      GBF1_CAEEL    1975  
                          C24H11.7b   CE47290                                   
gbh-1                     D2089.5     CE00940   Q19000      BODG_CAEEL     421  
gcc-2                     T05G5.9a    CE34088   P34562      GCC2_CAEEL     660  
                          T05G5.9b    CE34089                                   
gck-1                     T19A5.2a    CE07510   H2L099      GCK1_CAEEL     653  
                          T19A5.2b    CE48939                                   
                          T19A5.2c    CE49076                                   
                          T19A5.2d    CE37048                                   
gck-3                     Y59A8B.23a  CE38123   G5EEN4      GCK3_CAEEL     596  
                          Y59A8B.23b  CE43021                                   
                          Y59A8B.23c  CE46529                                   
gcn-2                     Y81G3A.3a   CE47938   D0Z5N4      E2AKB_CAEEL   1699  
                          Y81G3A.3b   CE47891                                   
gcp-2.1                   R57.1a      CE30114   P91406      GCP2_CAEEL     770  
                          R57.1b      CE37270                                   
gcs-1                     F37B12.2    CE32886   Q20117      GSH1_CAEEL     654  
gcy-1                     AH6.1       CE01450   Q09435      GCY1_CAEEL    1137  
gcy-2                     R134.2      CE25080   Q10029      GCY2_CAEEL    1118  
gcy-3                     R134.1a     CE01636   Q10028      GCY3_CAEEL    1140  
gcy-4                     ZK970.5     CE43236   Q23681      GCY4_CAEEL    1136  
gcy-5                     ZK970.6     CE02406   Q23682      GCY5_CAEEL    1122  
gcy-6                     B0024.6a    CE47853   N1NVB7      GCY6_CAEEL    1086  
                          B0024.6b    CE46160                                   
gcy-7                     F52E1.4a    CE35321   H2L002      GCY7_CAEEL    1111  
                          F52E1.4b    CE35322                                   
gcy-8                     C49H3.1     CE42080   Q9GYQ4      GCY8_CAEEL    1152  
gcy-9                     ZK455.2     CE50244   E7EAU8      GCY9_CAEEL    1081  
gcy-11                    C30G4.3     CE53392   Q18331      GCY11_CAEEL   1168  
gcy-12                    F08B1.2a    CE01900   Q19187      GCY12_CAEEL   1679  
gcy-13                    F23H12.6    CE45651   Q19768      GCY13_CAEEL   1028  
gcy-14                    ZC412.2     CE48405   Q23310      GCY14_CAEEL   1111  
gcy-15                    ZC239.7     CE42950   P91550      GCY15_CAEEL   1115  
gcy-17                    W03F11.2a   CE49683   X5M8U1      GCY17_CAEEL   1088  
                          W03F11.2b   CE49714                                   
gcy-18                    ZK896.8     CE42602   G5EFQ0      GCY18_CAEEL   1113  
gcy-19                    C17F4.6     CE45028   O16544      GCY19_CAEEL   1182  
gcy-20     gcy-16         F21H7.9     CE28919   O62179      GCY20_CAEEL   1108  
gcy-21                    F22E5.3     CE09555   O16715      GCY21_CAEEL   1119  
gcy-22                    T03D8.5a    CE43349   Q9XTY1      GCY22_CAEEL   1058  
                          T03D8.5b    CE47774                                   
                          T03D8.5c    CE47796                                   
gcy-23                    T26C12.4    CE41702   G5EEE9      GCY23_CAEEL   1073  
gcy-25                    Y105C5B.2a  CE50061   A0A078BQP2  GCY25_CAEEL   1034  
                          Y105C5B.2b  CE50104                                   
gcy-27                    C06A12.4a   CE50575   Q9XU42      GCY27_CAEEL    735  
                          C06A12.4b   CE50588                                   
gcy-28                    T01A4.1a    CE33582   Q86GV3      GCY28_CAEEL   1276  
                          T01A4.1b    CE25977                                   
                          T01A4.1c    CE33583                                   
                          T01A4.1d    CE43478                                   
gcy-29                    C04H5.3     CE32791   O62026      GCY29_CAEEL   1034  
gcy-31                    T07D1.1a    CE36318   Q86C56      GCY31_CAEEL    702  
                          T07D1.1b    CE36319                                   
                          T07D1.1c    CE36320                                   
gcy-32                    C06B3.8     CE44168   Q6DNF7      GCY32_CAEEL    684  
gcy-33                    F57F5.2a    CE34891   P90895      GCY33_CAEEL    945  
gcy-34                    M04G12.3    CE12426   P92006      GCY34_CAEEL    686  
gcy-35                    T04D3.4a    CE34497   O02298      GCY35_CAEEL    688  
gcy-36                    C46E1.2     CE39007   Q6DNF4      GCY36_CAEEL    675  
gcy-37                    C54E4.3     CE37494   Q6DNF3      GCY37_CAEEL    708  
gei-8      pqn-12         C14B9.6a    CE42991   P34333      NCOR1_CAEEL   1778  
                          C14B9.6c    CE48463                                   
gei-13                    F58A4.11    CE40812   P34478      GEI13_CAEEL    691  
gei-17                    W10D5.3a    CE46915   Q94361      GEI17_CAEEL    780  
                          W10D5.3c    CE46906                                   
                          W10D5.3d    CE46859                                   
                          W10D5.3e    CE47019                                   
                          W10D5.3f    CE46965                                   
                          W10D5.3g    CE46934                                   
ger-1                     R01H2.5     CE00804   G5EER4      FCL_CAEEL      315  
ges-1                     R12A1.4     CE28763   Q04457      EST1_CAEEL     562  
gex-2                     F56A11.1    CE31351   O44518      CYFIP_CAEEL   1262  
gex-3                     F28D1.10    CE05750   P55163      GEX3_CAEEL    1141  
gfi-3                     M163.4      CE12452   Q93903      GFI3_CAEEL     800  
gfm-1                     F29C12.4    CE19822   Q9XV52      EFGM_CAEEL     750  
ggr-1      gbr-4          C09G5.1     CE36915   Q09453      GLRB4_CAEEL    473  
ggtb-1                    B0280.1a    CE24762   P41992      GGTB2_CAEEL    335  
                          B0280.1b    CE00735                                   
gip-2                     C45G3.5     CE37812   G5EF84      GIP2_CAEEL     642  
gkow-1     mos-2          R11A8.2     CE06300   Q21924      GPKOW_CAEEL    462  
glb-1      cbg-1; glo     ZK637.13    CE36418   P30627      GLBH_CAEEL     159  
glb-6                     C18C4.9     CE29586   Q18086      GLOB6_CAEEL    389  
glb-9                     C28F5.2a    CE40743   Q09240      GLOB9_CAEEL    249  
glb-26                    T22C1.2     CE06490   Q22663      GLB26_CAEEL    183  
glc-1                     F11A5.10    CE24896   G5EBR3      GLUCL_CAEEL    461  
glc-2                     F25F8.2     CE09636   Q17328      GLUCB_CAEEL    434  
gld-1                     T23G11.3    CE14096   Q17339      GLD1_CAEEL     463  
gld-2                     ZC308.1a    CE32766   O17087      GLD2_CAEEL    1113  
                          ZC308.1b    CE15159                                   
                          ZC308.1c    CE33255                                   
                          ZC308.1d    CE33256                                   
gld-3                     T07F8.3a    CE42163   Q95ZK7      GLD3_CAEEL     969  
                          T07F8.3b    CE28652                                   
gld-4                     ZK858.1     CE42850   G5EFL0      GLD4_CAEEL     845  
glh-1                     T21G5.3     CE25121   P34689      GLH1_CAEEL     763  
glh-2                     C55B7.1     CE09012   Q966L9      GLH2_CAEEL     974  
glh-3                     B0414.6     CE07736   O01836      GLH3_CAEEL     720  
glh-4                     T12F5.3     CE29052   O76743      GLH4_CAEEL    1156  
glit-1                    F55D10.3    CE04659   Q20826      GLIT1_CAEEL    730  
gln-2                     K03H1.1     CE00507   P34497      GLNA_CAEEL     367  
glna-2                    DH11.1a     CE28902   Q19013      GLS2_CAEEL     605  
glna-3                    F30F8.2     CE28553   Q93650      GLS3_CAEEL     583  
glo-2                     F57C9.3b    CE46926   O01822      BL1S6_CAEEL    106  
glo-3                     F59F5.2b    CE26715   Q21045      GLO3_CAEEL     179  
glo-4                     F07C3.4     CE47730   Q5DX34      RPGRH_CAEEL   1386  
glod-4     tag-73         C16C10.10   CE01490   Q09253      GLOD4_CAEEL    281  
glp-1      emb-33         F02A9.6     CE00237   P13508      GLP1_CAEEL    1295  
glp-4      vars-2; vrs-2  Y87G2A.5    CE24685   Q9U1Q4      SYV_CAEEL     1050  
glr-1                     C06E1.4     CE31407   P34299      GLR1_CAEEL     962  
glr-2                     B0280.12a   CE31400   Q10914      GLR2_CAEEL     977  
                          B0280.12b   CE33547                                   
glr-3                     K10D3.1     CE36553   Q21415      GLR3_CAEEL     836  
gls-1                     C36B1.8a    CE34472   Q8I4M5      GLS1_CAEEL    1052  
                          C36B1.8b    CE34473                                   
                          C36B1.8c    CE43936                                   
glt-1                     C12D12.2a   CE29083   Q10901      EAA1_CAEEL     503  
                          C12D12.2b   CE29084                                   
glt-3                     K08F4.4     CE06152   Q21353      EAA3_CAEEL     532  
glt-4                     T22E5.2     CE38553   Q22682      EAA4_CAEEL     499  
glt-6                     R05G6.6     CE41538   Q21751      EAA6_CAEEL     542  
gly-2                     C55B7.2     CE27887   Q9NDH7      GLY2_CAEEL     669  
gly-3                     ZK688.8     CE29649   P34678      GALT3_CAEEL    612  
gly-4                     Y116F11B.12 CE26046   Q8I136      GALT4_CAEEL    589  
                          Y116F11B.12 CE32074                                   
gly-5                     Y39E4B.12a  CE24240   Q95ZJ1      GALT5_CAEEL    626  
                          Y39E4B.12b  CE28119                                   
                          Y39E4B.12c  CE28120                                   
gly-6                     H38K22.5a   CE18833   O61394      GALT6_CAEEL    618  
                          H38K22.5b   CE28040                                   
                          H38K22.5c   CE28041                                   
gly-7                     Y46H3A.6a   CE24309   O61397      GALT7_CAEEL    601  
gly-8                     Y66A7A.6    CE15691   O45293      GALT8_CAEEL    421  
gly-9                     Y47D3A.23a  CE24334   Q9U2C4      GALT9_CAEEL    579  
                          Y47D3A.23b  CE37859                                   
gly-10                    Y45F10D.3a  CE49749   O45947      GLT10_CAEEL    684  
                          Y45F10D.3b  CE39841                                   
gly-11                    Y75B8A.9a   CE23021   Q7K755      GLT11_CAEEL    605  
                          Y75B8A.9b   CE35810                                   
gly-13                    B0416.6     CE26434   Q11068      MGAT1_CAEEL    449  
gmd-2                     F56H6.5     CE16133   O45583      GMD2_CAEEL     382  
gmps-1                    M106.4a     CE47006   Q09580      GUAA_CAEEL     745  
                          M106.4b     CE47051                                   
                          M106.4c     CE40394                                   
gna-1                     B0024.12    CE05156   Q17427      GNA1_CAEEL     165  
goa-1                     C26C6.2     CE05311   P51875      GNAO_CAEEL     354  
gob-1                     H13N06.3    CE40416   Q9XTQ5      GOB1_CAEEL     439  
gon-1                     F25H8.3a    CE42668   Q19791      GON1_CAEEL    2150  
gon-2                     T01H8.5a    CE30390   Q93971      TRPG_CAEEL    2032  
gop-1                     C34E10.3    CE01183   P46578      GOP1_CAEEL     892  
gop-2                     C34E10.2    CE01182   P46577      GPN1_CAEEL     355  
gop-3                     C34E10.1    CE26880   P46576      SAM50_CAEEL    434  
gos-28     gosr-1; gs28   F08F8.8     CE27935   Q95ZW1      GOSR1_CAEEL    234  
got-1.2    got-1          T01C8.5     CE07462   Q22067      AATC_CAEEL     408  
gpa-1                     T19C4.6a    CE06470   P28051      GPA1_CAEEL     357  
gpa-2                     F38E1.5     CE04523   P22454      GPA2_CAEEL     356  
gpa-3                     E02C12.5a   CE51492   P28052      GPA3_CAEEL     353  
gpa-4                     T07A9.7     CE31599   Q9BIG5      GPA4_CAEEL     359  
gpa-5                     F53B1.7     CE04647   Q20701      GPA5_CAEEL     385  
gpa-6                     F48C11.1    CE20829   Q93743      GPA6_CAEEL     364  
gpa-7                     R10H10.5    CE06296   Q21917      GPA7_CAEEL     352  
gpa-8                     F56H9.3     CE05973   Q20907      GPA8_CAEEL     364  
gpa-9                     F56H9.4a    CE46507   Q20910      GPA9_CAEEL     374  
                          F56H9.4b    CE46135                                   
gpa-10                    C55H1.2     CE27889   Q9BIG4      GPA10_CAEEL    356  
gpa-11                    C16A11.1a   CE20515   O76584      GPA11_CAEEL    363  
                          C16A11.1b   CE45827                                   
gpa-12                    F18G5.3     CE20692   Q19572      GPA12_CAEEL    355  
gpa-13                    F18E2.5a    CE30659   Q9XTB2      GPA13_CAEEL    348  
gpa-14                    B0207.3a    CE27564   Q9BIG2      GPA14_CAEEL    408  
                          B0207.3b    CE38990                                   
gpa-15                    M04C7.1     CE28623   P91907      GPA15_CAEEL    356  
gpa-16     spn-1          Y95B8A.5a   CE24692   Q9N2V6      GPA16_CAEEL    357  
gpb-1                     F13D12.7a   CE02186   P17343      GBB1_CAEEL     340  
gpb-2      eat-11; gbp-2  F52A8.2a    CE50400   Q20636      GBB2_CAEEL     369  
gpc-1                     K02A4.2     CE03458   P54406      GBG_CAEEL       62  
gpcp-1                    K10B3.6a    CE46326   Q21407      GPCP1_CAEEL    690  
                          K10B3.6b    CE46407                                   
                          K10B3.6c    CE46481                                   
                          K10B3.6d    CE46163                                   
gpcp-2                    T05H10.7a   CE03637   Q10003      GPCP2_CAEEL    796  
                          T05H10.7b   CE01644                                   
gpd-1                     T09F3.3     CE02343   P04970      G3P1_CAEEL     341  
gpd-2                     K10B3.8     CE07371   P17329      G3P2_CAEEL     341  
gpd-3                     K10B3.7     CE07370   P17330      G3P3_CAEEL     341  
gpd-4                     F33H1.2     CE01568   P17331      G3P4_CAEEL     341  
gpdh-2                    K11H3.1b    CE31851   P34517      GPDH2_CAEEL    392  
gpdh-3                    T25G3.4     CE14180   P90795      GPDM_CAEEL     722  
gpr-1                     F22B7.13    CE24910   Q95QJ7      GPR1_CAEEL     525  
gpr-2                     C38C10.4    CE00107   Q03569      GPR2_CAEEL     525  
gpx-1                     F26E4.12    CE09696   O02621      GPX1_CAEEL     163  
gpx-2                     R05H10.5a   CE18107   O62327      GPX2_CAEEL     163  
gpx-3                     C11E4.2     CE08102   Q95003      GPX3_CAEEL     224  
grdn-1                    Y51A2D.15a  CE46096   F3Y5P4      GRDN_CAEEL    1319  
                          Y51A2D.15b  CE32531                                   
                          Y51A2D.15c  CE46015                                   
grh-1                     Y48G8AR.1a  CE34614   G5EDF0      GRH1_CAEEL     563  
grk-1                     F19C6.1     CE01554   Q09537      GRK1_CAEEL     642  
grk-2                     W02B3.2     CE32946   Q09639      GRK2_CAEEL     707  
grp-1                     K06H7.4     CE26942   P34512      GRP1_CAEEL     393  
gsk-3      sgg-1          Y18D10A.5   CE21401   Q9U2Q9      GSK3_CAEEL     362  
gsnl-1                    K06A4.3     CE06107   Q21253      GELS1_CAEEL    475  
gsp-1                     F29F11.6    CE20735   Q27497      GLC7A_CAEEL    329  
gsp-2      ce-glc-7beta   F56C9.1     CE01319   P48727      GLC7B_CAEEL    333  
gsp-3                     W09C3.6     CE14754   O02658      GLC7C_CAEEL    305  
gsp-4                     T03F1.5     CE13104   P91420      GLC7D_CAEEL    305  
gspd-1                    B0035.5     CE05163   Q27464      G6PD_CAEEL     522  
gsr-1                     C46F11.2a   CE17558   Q93379      GSHR_CAEEL     473  
                          C46F11.2b   CE08773                                   
gst-1                     R107.7      CE00302   P10299      GSTP1_CAEEL    208  
gst-2                     K08F4.6     CE25051   O16115      GST2_CAEEL     188  
gst-3                     K08F4.11    CE25050   O16116      GST3_CAEEL     207  
gst-4                     K08F4.7     CE06155   Q21355      GST4_CAEEL     207  
gst-5                     R03D7.6a    CE01613   Q09596      GST5_CAEEL     207  
gst-6                     F11G11.3    CE32622   P91252      GST6_CAEEL     206  
gst-7                     F11G11.2    CE07055   P91253      GST7_CAEEL     206  
gst-8                     F11G11.1    CE07054   P91254      GST8_CAEEL     206  
gst-9                     R05F9.5     CE04807   Q21743      GST9_CAEEL     206  
gst-10                    Y45G12C.2   CE21937   Q9N4X8      GSTPA_CAEEL    210  
gst-36                    R07B1.4     CE30562   Q09607      GST36_CAEEL    210  
gst-42                    D1053.1     CE03099   Q18938      MAAI_CAEEL     214  
gstk-1                    ZK1320.1    CE01698   Q09652      GSTK1_CAEEL    226  
gstk-2                    D2024.7     CE04296   Q18973      GSTK2_CAEEL    225  
gsto-1                    C29E4.7     CE00089   P34345      GSTO1_CAEEL    250  
gsto-2                    C02D5.3     CE39555   P34277      GSTO2_CAEEL    254  
gsy-1                     Y46G5A.31   CE24302   Q9U2D9      GYS_CAEEL      672  
gta-1                     K04D7.3a    CE06092   Q21217      GABT_CAEEL     483  
gtf-2a2                   Y111B2A.13  CE26630   Q9NEX2      T2AG_CAEEL     113  
gtf-2h2c                  T16H12.4    CE29053   P34567      TF2H2_CAEEL    376  
gur-3                     ZC504.5     CE30223   O18280      GUR3_CAEEL     447  
gyf-1                     C18H9.3a    CE47928   Q09237      GYF1_CAEEL    1106  
                          C18H9.3b    CE52358                                   
                          C18H9.3c    CE52279                                   
                          C18H9.3d    CE52212                                   
                          C18H9.3e    CE43752                                   
gyg-1                     F56B6.4a    CE04664   H2KYQ5      GYG1_CAEEL     429  
                          F56B6.4b    CE29405                                   
                          F56B6.4c    CE31185                                   
haao-1                    K06A4.5     CE06109   Q19341      3HAO_CAEEL     281  
hal-3                     T15H9.2     CE01665   Q10006      HAL3_CAEEL     252  
haly-1                    F47B10.2    CE03352   Q20502      HUTH1_CAEEL    677  
ham-2                     C07A12.1a   CE39669   H2KYH4      HAM2_CAEEL     392  
                          C07A12.1b   CE07992                                   
                          C07A12.1c   CE39670                                   
ham-3      swsn-2.1       ZK1128.5    CE01687   Q09646      SWIC1_CAEEL    446  
hap-1                     ZC395.7     CE25662   Q9GYG4      ITPA_CAEEL     184  
har-1                     C16C10.11   CE01491   Q09254      HAR1_CAEEL     154  
hars-1     hrs-1; syh-1   T11G6.1a    CE47289   P34183      SYH_CAEEL      521  
                          T11G6.1b    CE33829                                   
hbl-1      lin-57         F13D11.2a   CE27956   Q9XYD3      HBL1_CAEEL     982  
hch-1      nas-34         F40E10.1    CE24964   Q21059      NAS34_CAEEL    605  
hcp-3                     F58A4.3     CE00219   P34470      HCP3_CAEEL     288  
hda-1                     C53A5.3     CE08952   O17695      HDA1_CAEEL     461  
hda-2                     C08B11.2    CE01472   Q09440      HDA2_CAEEL     507  
hda-4      hda-7          C10E2.3a    CE42060   O17323      HDA4_CAEEL     869  
                          C10E2.3b    CE37192                                   
hda-6                     F41H10.6a   CE20772   Q20296      HDA6_CAEEL     955  
                          F41H10.6b   CE25887                                   
hdl-1      aad-1          ZK829.2     CE40593   P34751      DDC_CAEEL      905  
hecd-1                    C34D4.14a   CE49267   V6CLA2      HECD1_CAEEL   2648  
hecw-1                    F45H7.6a    CE44269   Q09291      HECW1_CAEEL   1247  
                          F45H7.6b    CE51746                                   
                          F45H7.6c    CE01532                                   
heh-1                     R148.6      CE31057   O17271      HEH1_CAEEL     154  
hel-1                     C26D10.2a   CE03025   Q18212      DX39B_CAEEL    425  
henn-1                    C02F5.6b    CE51509   P34283      HENMT_CAEEL    442  
her-1                     ZK287.8a    CE06617   P34704      HER1_CAEEL     175  
hex-1                     T14F9.3     CE07499   Q22492      HEXA_CAEEL     555  
hgo-1                     W06D4.1     CE29602   Q9Y041      HGD_CAEEL      437  
hif-1                     F38A6.3a    CE38182   G5EGD2      HIF1_CAEEL     719  
                          F38A6.3b    CE42263                                   
                          F38A6.3c    CE32019                                   
                          F38A6.3d    CE38181                                   
                          F38A6.3e    CE46300                                   
hil-1                     C30G7.1     CE08476   Q18336      H1X_CAEEL      232  
hil-2                     Y73B6BL.9a  CE47059   P15796      H12_CAEEL      191  
                          Y73B6BL.9b  CE46839                                   
hil-3                     F22F1.1     CE04443   Q19743      H13_CAEEL      208  
hil-4                     C18G1.5     CE17421   O17536      H14_CAEEL      253  
hil-5                     B0414.3     CE07733   O01833      H15_CAEEL      225  
hil-6                     F59A7.4     CE11442   O16277      H16_CAEEL      190  
him-1      smc-1          F28B3.7a    CE42002   O01789      SMC1_CAEEL    1262  
                          F28B3.7b    CE39925                                   
him-6                     T04A11.6    CE31724   O18017      BLM_CAEEL      988  
him-10                    R12B2.4     CE01367   Q21952      NUF2_CAEEL     490  
him-14     msh-4          ZK1127.11   CE24714   Q23405      HIM14_CAEEL    842  
hint-1                    F21C3.3     CE05678   P53795      HINT_CAEEL     130  
hipr-1                    ZK370.3a    CE00540   Q02328      SLAP2_CAEEL    927  
                          ZK370.3b    CE29640                                   
hira-1                    K10D2.1a    CE43736   Q09589      HIRA_CAEEL     935  
his-1                     T10C6.14    CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-2                     T10C6.13    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-3                     T10C6.12    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-4                     T10C6.11    CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-5                     F45F2.3     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-6                     F45F2.13    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-7                     F45F2.4     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-8                     F45F2.12    CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-9                     ZK131.3     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-10                    ZK131.4     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-11                    ZK131.5     CE07075   P04255      H2B1_CAEEL     122  
his-12                    ZK131.6     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-13                    ZK131.7     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-14                    ZK131.8     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-15                    ZK131.9     CE07075   P04255      H2B1_CAEEL     122  
his-16                    ZK131.10    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-17                    K06C4.5     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-18                    K06C4.10    CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-19                    K06C4.11    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-20                    K06C4.4     CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-21                    K06C4.3     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-22                    K06C4.12    CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-24     h1.1; hh1      M163.3      CE12450   P10771      H24_CAEEL      208  
his-25                    ZK131.2     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-26                    ZK131.1     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-27                    K06C4.13    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-28                    K06C4.2     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-29                    F35H10.11   CE07075   P04255      H2B1_CAEEL     122  
his-30                    F35H10.1    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-31                    F17E9.12    CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-32                    F17E9.10    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-33                    F17E9.13    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-34                    F17E9.9     CE07075   P04255      H2B1_CAEEL     122  
his-37                    C50F4.7     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-38                    K03A1.6     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-41                    C50F4.5     CE05470   Q27484      H2B3_CAEEL     123  
his-42                    F08G2.3     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-43                    F08G2.2     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-44                    F08G2.1     CE07075   P04255      H2B1_CAEEL     122  
his-45                    B0035.10    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-46                    B0035.9     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-47                    B0035.7     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-48                    B0035.8     CE05165   Q27876      H2B4_CAEEL     123  
his-49                    F07B7.5     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-50                    F07B7.9     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-51                    F07B7.10    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-52                    F07B7.4     CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-53                    F07B7.3     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-54                    F07B7.11    CE10538   Q27894      H2B2_CAEEL     123  
his-55                    F54E12.1    CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-56                    F54E12.3    CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-57                    F54E12.5    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-58                    F54E12.4    CE05165   Q27876      H2B4_CAEEL     123  
his-59                    F55G1.2     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-60                    F55G1.11    CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-61                    F55G1.10    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-62                    F55G1.3     CE05165   Q27876      H2B4_CAEEL     123  
his-63                    F22B3.2     CE03253   P08898      H3_CAEEL       136  
his-64                    F22B3.1     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-65                    H02I12.7    CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-66                    H02I12.6    CE05165   Q27876      H2B4_CAEEL     123  
his-67                    T23D8.5     CE03252   P62784      H4_CAEEL       103  
his-68                    T23D8.6     CE04501   P09588      H2A_CAEEL      127  
his-69                    E03A3.3     CE00942   Q27489      H33L3_CAEEL    127  
his-70                    E03A3.4     CE44880   Q27490      H33L1_CAEEL    134  
his-71                    F45E1.6     CE01943   Q10453      H331_CAEEL     136  
his-72                    Y49E10.6a   CE22223   Q9U281      H332_CAEEL     136  
his-74                    W05B10.1    CE06544   Q27532      H33L2_CAEEL    136  
hizr-1     nhr-33         ZK455.6     CE43818   G5ED47      HIZR1_CAEEL    413  
hlb-1                     T21H8.1a    CE37412   Q94071      LIPB_CAEEL    1004  
                          T21H8.1b    CE41339                                   
                          T21H8.1c    CE51474                                   
                          T21H8.1d    CE51489                                   
                          T21H8.1e    CE51430                                   
                          T21H8.1f    CE51357                                   
                          T21H8.1g    CE51523                                   
                          T21H8.1h    CE51532                                   
                          T21H8.1i    CE51461                                   
                          T21H8.1j    CE51332                                   
                          T21H8.1k    CE51249                                   
                          T21H8.1l    CE51262                                   
                          T21H8.1m    CE51507                                   
                          T21H8.1n    CE51376                                   
                          T21H8.1o    CE51301                                   
                          T21H8.1p    CE18956                                   
                          T21H8.1q    CE51549                                   
                          T21H8.1r    CE51423                                   
                          T21H8.1s    CE51350                                   
hlh-1                     B0304.1a    CE31766   P22980      MYOD1_CAEEL    324  
                          B0304.1b    CE02423                                   
                          B0304.1c    CE30067                                   
hlh-2                     M05B5.5a    CE06191   G5EEG9      HLH2_CAEEL     399  
hlh-3                     T24B8.6     CE42887   Q22717      HLH3_CAEEL     170  
hlh-4                     T05G5.2     CE00314   P34555      HLH4_CAEEL     205  
hlh-6                     T15H9.3     CE01666   Q10007      HLH6_CAEEL     268  
hlh-8                     C02B8.4     CE24777   Q11094      TWIST_CAEEL    178  
hlh-10     ceabf-1        ZK682.4     CE47615   Q23579      HLH10_CAEEL    202  
hlh-11                    F58A4.7a    CE32193   P34474      HLH11_CAEEL    431  
                          F58A4.7b    CE32194                                   
                          F58A4.7d    CE34038                                   
hlh-12     mig-24         C28C12.8    CE04115   Q18277      HLH12_CAEEL    150  
hlh-13     cnato3         F48D6.3     CE07260   Q20561      HLH13_CAEEL    147  
hlh-14                    C18A3.8     CE50415   Q09961      HLH14_CAEEL    148  
hlh-15                    C43H6.8     CE06959   Q18590      HLH15_CAEEL     89  
hlh-17                    F38C2.2     CE42757   O45489      HLH17_CAEEL    101  
hlh-26                    C17C3.8     CE04028   Q18053      HLH26_CAEEL    210  
hlh-30                    W02C12.3a   CE14416   H2KZZ2      HLH30_CAEEL    524  
                          W02C12.3b   CE28499                                   
                          W02C12.3c   CE33712                                   
                          W02C12.3d   CE33713                                   
                          W02C12.3e   CE33714                                   
                          W02C12.3f   CE33715                                   
                          W02C12.3g   CE33716                                   
                          W02C12.3h   CE37725                                   
                          W02C12.3i   CE52661                                   
                          W02C12.3j   CE52676                                   
hlh-34                    T01D3.2     CE30446   P90953      HLH34_CAEEL    322  
hmbx-1                    F54A5.1     CE20859   Q9TYT0      HMBX1_CAEEL    424  
hmg-1.2                   F47D12.4a   CE26923   Q09390      HMG12_CAEEL    235  
                          F47D12.4b   CE28233                                   
                          F47D12.4c   CE28234                                   
hmg-3                     C32F10.5    CE08542   O01683      SSP1B_CAEEL    689  
hmg-4                     T20B12.8    CE01414   P41848      SSP1A_CAEEL    697  
hmg-5                     F45E4.9     CE10508   Q94234      HMG5_CAEEL     204  
hmgs-1                    F25B4.6     CE09624   P54871      HMCS_CAEEL     462  
hmit-1.1                  Y51A2D.4    CE19201   Q9XXR3      HMT11_CAEEL    606  
hmit-1.2                  Y51A2D.5    CE19202   Q9XXQ9      HMT12_CAEEL    613  
hmit-1.3                  M01F1.5     CE33672   Q21455      HMT13_CAEEL    604  
hmp-1                     R13H4.4a    CE25089   P90947      HMP1_CAEEL     927  
hmp-2                     K05C4.6a    CE19974   O44326      HMP2_CAEEL     678  
hmr-1                     W02B9.1a    CE46853   Q967F4      HMR1_CAEEL    2920  
                          W02B9.1b    CE30357                                   
                          W02B9.1c    CE42574                                   
                          W02B9.1d    CE46949                                   
                          W02B9.1e    CE47071                                   
hmt-1                     W09D6.6     CE31731   G5EFD4      HMT1_CAEEL     801  
hnd-1                     C44C10.8    CE05415   Q18612      HND1_CAEEL     226  
hoe-1                     E04A4.4a    CE29748   O44476      RNZ_CAEEL      833  
                          E04A4.4b    CE36588                                   
homt-1                    Y74C9A.3    CE28146   Q9N4D9      NTM1_CAEEL     234  
hop-1                     C18E3.8     CE08317   O02100      HOP1_CAEEL     358  
hpd-1                     T21C12.2    CE02347   Q22633      HPPD_CAEEL     393  
hphd-1                    Y38F1A.6    CE24222   Q9U2M4      HOT_CAEEL      465  
hpk-1                     F20B6.8a    CE04430   Q8MQ70      HIPK_CAEEL     846  
                          F20B6.8b    CE30961                                   
                          F20B6.8c    CE30962                                   
hpo-8                     T15B7.2     CE33319   O17040      HACD_CAEEL     218  
hpo-40                    ZK856.12    CE41097   Q23647      HPO40_CAEEL    782  
hpr-9                     Y39A1A.23a  CE51732   Q95Q27      HPR9_CAEEL     521  
hpx-2                     F09F3.5     CE20661   P90820      HPX2_CAEEL     718  
hrde-2                    T01C3.9     CE12924   Q22058      HRDE2_CAEEL    305  
hrde-4                    T10B11.7a   CE43751   H2KZ49      HRDE4_CAEEL    545  
                          T10B11.7b   CE43803                                   
hrdl-1                    F26E4.11    CE51378   P90859      HRDL1_CAEEL    564  
hrg-1                     R02E12.6    CE30099   Q21642      HRG1_CAEEL     194  
hrg-4                     F36H1.5b    CE42667   Q20106      HRG4_CAEEL     184  
                          F36H1.5c    CE49968                                   
hrg-5                     F36H1.9     CE34853   Q7YTM8      HRG5_CAEEL     160  
hrg-6                     F36H1.10a   CE34850   Q7YTM7      HRG6_CAEEL     161  
hrg-7      asp-10         C15C8.3a    CE05287   Q18020      HRG7_CAEEL     428  
                          C15C8.3b    CE45278                                   
hrp-1      rbp-1          F42A6.7a    CE17059   Q22037      ROA1_CAEEL     346  
                          F42A6.7b    CE31510                                   
                          F42A6.7c    CE29317                                   
                          F42A6.7d    CE39251                                   
hrpk-1                    F26B1.2a    CE09674   P91277      HRPK1_CAEEL    397  
                          F26B1.2b    CE33057                                   
                          F26B1.2c    CE33058                                   
                          F26B1.2d    CE33059                                   
                          F26B1.2e    CE33060                                   
hsd-1                     Y6B3B.11    CE20185   Q9XWF0      HSD3B_CAEEL    462  
hse-5                     B0285.5     CE36681   P46555      GLCE_CAEEL     616  
hsf-1                     Y53C10A.12  CE22380   G5EFT5      HSF1_CAEEL     671  
hsp-1      hsp70a         F26D10.3    CE09682   P09446      HSP1_CAEEL     640  
hsp-3      hsp70c         C15H9.6a    CE08177   P27420      HSP7C_CAEEL    661  
hsp-4      hsp70d         F43E2.8a    CE07244   P20163      BIBH_CAEEL     657  
hsp-6      hsp70f; mot-2  C37H5.8     CE08631   P11141      HSP6_CAEEL     657  
hsp-12.2   hsp12-2        C14B9.1     CE00072   P34328      HSP10_CAEEL    110  
hsp-16.1   hsp16-1b       T27E4.8     CE14249   P34696      HSP11_CAEEL    145  
hsp-16.2   hsp-16         Y46H3A.3a   CE22002   P06582      HSP12_CAEEL    145  
hsp-16.11  hsp16-1a       T27E4.2     CE14249   P34696      HSP11_CAEEL    145  
hsp-16.41  hsp16-41       Y46H3A.2    CE22003   P06581      HSP16_CAEEL    143  
hsp-16.48  hsp16-48       T27E4.3     CE14251   P02513      HSP17_CAEEL    143  
hsp-16.49  hsp16-48b      T27E4.9     CE14251   P02513      HSP17_CAEEL    143  
hsp-60     hsp60          Y22D7AL.5a  CE27244   P50140      CH60_CAEEL     568  
hsp-110                   C30C11.4    CE00103   Q05036      HS110_CAEEL    776  
hsr-9                     T05F1.6     CE36405   Q7JKP6      HSR9_CAEEL    1165  
hst-1                     F08B4.6     CE46914   Q966W3      NDST_CAEEL     852  
hst-2                     C34F6.4     CE34159   O17645      HST2_CAEEL     324  
htz-1                     R08C7.3     CE07426   Q27511      H2AV_CAEEL     140  
hum-6                     T10H10.1    CE13575   P91443      HUM6_CAEEL    2098  
hyl-1                     C09G4.1a    CE27675   G5ED45      HYL1_CAEEL     368  
hyl-2                     K02G10.6    CE34329   Q7Z139      HYL2_CAEEL     329  
hyls-1                    C05C8.9a    CE28884   Q95X94      HYLS1_CAEEL    274  
iars-1     irs-1          R11A8.6     CE06304   Q21926      SYIC_CAEEL    1141  
icd-1                     C56C10.8    CE02573   Q18885      BTF3_CAEEL     161  
icd-2                     Y65B4BR.5   CE22740   Q86S66      NACA_CAEEL     195  
icl-1      gei-7          C05E4.9a    CE23521   Q10663      GCP_CAEEL      968  
                          C05E4.9b    CE32565                                   
ida-1      ia2            B0244.2     CE31867   G5EGJ5      IDA1_CAEEL     767  
idha-1                    F43G9.1     CE34018   Q93714      IDH3A_CAEEL    358  
idhb-1                    C37E2.1     CE08620   Q93353      IDH3B_CAEEL    379  
ifa-1                     F38B2.1a    CE31506   P90901      IFA1_CAEEL     575  
                          F38B2.1b    CE31507                                   
                          F38B2.1c    CE05824                                   
                          F38B2.1d    CE24961                                   
ifa-3                     F52E10.5    CE34875   Q21065      IFA3_CAEEL     581  
ifa-4                     K05B2.3     CE47884   P90900      IFA4_CAEEL     575  
ifb-1                     F10C1.2a    CE02618   Q19289      IFB1_CAEEL     589  
                          F10C1.2b    CE02619                                   
ifb-2                     F10C1.7a    CE02622   Q19286      IFB2_CAEEL     543  
                          F10C1.7c    CE27941                                   
ifc-1                     F37B4.2     CE27378   O45168      IFC1_CAEEL     500  
ifc-2                     M6.1a       CE31204   Q21067      IFC2_CAEEL     622  
                          M6.1b       CE31205                                   
ifd-1                     R04E5.10a   CE30100   Q86DC6      IFD1_CAEEL     575  
                          R04E5.10b   CE33933                                   
ifd-2                     F25E2.4     CE07133   Q19782      IFD2_CAEEL     443  
ife-1                     F53A2.6b    CE31809   O45551      IF4E1_CAEEL    212  
ife-2                     R04A9.4     CE04791   Q21693      IF4E2_CAEEL    228  
ife-3                     B0348.6a    CE17331   O61955      IF4E3_CAEEL    251  
                          B0348.6b    CE27570                                   
                          B0348.6c    CE30590                                   
ife-4                     C05D9.5     CE07931   Q22888      IF4E4_CAEEL    212  
ife-5                     Y57A10A.30  CE22608   P56570      IF4E5_CAEEL    201  
ifet-1     spn-2          F56F3.1     CE17911   Q20898      IFET1_CAEEL    761  
iff-1                     T05G5.10a   CE37787   P34563      IF5A1_CAEEL    161  
iff-2                     F54C9.1     CE02249   Q20751      IF5A2_CAEEL    161  
ifp-1                     C43C3.1     CE01523   Q09501      IFP1_CAEEL     776  
ift-20                    Y110A7A.20  CE23246   Q8TA52      IFT20_CAEEL    129  
ift-43                    C25H3.12    CE27092   Q9BIA4      IFT43_CAEEL    200  
ift-139                   ZK328.7a    CE44936   Q20255      TTC21_CAEEL   1324  
                          ZK328.7b    CE34449                                   
ifta-2                    T28F3.6     CE20116   Q9XUC2      IFT22_CAEEL    252  
ify-1                     C27A2.3     CE04103   Q18235      IFY1_CAEEL     244  
igdb-1                    T04A11.3    CE42641   O18016      IGDB1_CAEEL   1029  
igdb-2                    C25G4.10a   CE15638   O18023      IGDB2_CAEEL   1526  
                          C25G4.10b   CE28207                                   
iglr-2                    ZC262.3a    CE27345   P34595      IGLR2_CAEEL    773  
                          ZC262.3b    CE29616                                   
ikke-1                    R107.4a     CE31817   P32742      IKKE1_CAEEL    820  
                          R107.4b     CE31818                                   
                          R107.4c     CE31819                                   
                          R107.4d     CE37846                                   
ilc-17.1                  T22H6.1     CE42221   Q22687      IL171_CAEEL    221  
ilcr-1                    Y64G10A.6   CE22716   Q9NA64      ILCR1_CAEEL    846  
ilcr-2                    F56D1.2     CE01970   Q10128      ILCR2_CAEEL    718  
ilys-2                    C45G7.2     CE17549   O76358      ILYS2_CAEEL    139  
ilys-3                    C45G7.3     CE24850   O76357      ILYS3_CAEEL    139  
ilys-6                    W03D2.7     CE44604   O02119      ILYS6_CAEEL    138  
ima-1                     T19B10.7    CE06461   Q22560      IMA1_CAEEL     524  
ima-2                     F26B1.3     CE09675   P91276      IMA2_CAEEL     531  
ima-3                     F32E10.4    CE20745   Q19969      IMA3_CAEEL     514  
immt-1                    T14G11.3    CE33696   Q22505      IMMT1_CAEEL    679  
immt-2                    W06H3.1     CE36215   Q9XXN2      IMMT2_CAEEL    654  
imp-2                     T05E11.5    CE06364   P49049      IMP2_CAEEL     468  
impt-1                    Y52B11A.2a  CE20291   Q9XWF4      IMPCT_CAEEL    257  
                          Y52B11A.2b  CE36243                                   
ina-1                     F54G8.3     CE00205   Q03600      INA1_CAEEL    1139  
inf-1                     F57B9.6a    CE01341   P27639      IF4A_CAEEL     402  
                          F57B9.6b    CE38524                                   
ins-2                     ZK75.2      CE02101   Q09627      ILB2_CAEEL     106  
ins-3                     ZK75.3      CE02102   Q09628      ILB3_CAEEL     107  
ins-4                     ZK75.1      CE02100   Q09626      ILB1_CAEEL     106  
ins-5                     ZK84.3      CE44931   P56173      ILB6_CAEEL     100  
ins-6                     ZK84.6      CE15253   P56174      ILB5_CAEEL     112  
ins-7                     ZK1251.2a   CE03849   Q23430      ILB4_CAEEL     105  
ins-11                    C17C3.4     CE04024   Q18060      ILG1_CAEEL      91  
ins-17     ins-2          F56F3.6     CE00681   G5EFH1      INS17_CAEEL    108  
ins-21                    M04D8.1     CE35999   Q21507      ILA1_CAEEL      76  
ins-22                    M04D8.2     CE00577   Q21508      ILA2_CAEEL      83  
ins-23                    M04D8.3     CE00578   Q21506      ILA3_CAEEL      76  
inx-2      opu-2          F08G12.10   CE26709   Q9U3K5      INX2_CAEEL     419  
inx-3      opu-3          F22F4.2     CE33055   Q19746      INX3_CAEEL     420  
inx-5      opu-5          R09F10.4    CE33811   Q23027      INX5_CAEEL     447  
inx-6      opu-6          C36H8.2     CE24831   Q9U3N4      INX6_CAEEL     389  
inx-7      opu-7          K02B2.4a    CE04690   Q21123      INX7_CAEEL     556  
inx-8      opu-8          ZK792.2     CE27419   Q23593      INX8_CAEEL     382  
inx-10     opu-10         T18H9.5a    CE04973   Q22549      INX10_CAEEL    559  
inx-11     opu-11         W04D2.3a    CE06538   Q23157      INX11_CAEEL    465  
inx-12     opu-12         ZK770.3     CE15413   O01634      INX12_CAEEL    408  
inx-14     opu-14         F07A5.1a    CE05554   O62136      INX14_CAEEL    434  
                          F07A5.1b    CE17632                                   
inx-16     opu-16         R12E2.5     CE28765   O61787      INX16_CAEEL    372  
inx-17     opu-17         R12E2.4a    CE18136   O61788      INX17_CAEEL    362  
                          R12E2.4b    CE38537                                   
inx-19     nsy-5; opu-19  T16H5.1a    CE30834   O61715      INX19_CAEEL    454  
                          T16H5.1b    CE33183                                   
ipgm-1                    F57B10.3a   CE11302   G5EFZ1      GPMI_CAEEL     539  
                          F57B10.3b   CE33113                                   
ipla-1                    M03A1.6a    CE07393   G5EEM9      PLA1_CAEEL     840  
                          M03A1.6b    CE29816                                   
                          M03A1.6c    CE40099                                   
                          M03A1.6d    CE40100                                   
                          M03A1.6e    CE41917                                   
                          M03A1.6f    CE50406                                   
ipla-2                    F47A4.5     CE02248   Q20500      PLA2_CAEEL    1071  
ipp-5                     C09B8.1a    CE30857   Q17848      I5P1_CAEEL     409  
ire-1                     C41C4.4a    CE35836   Q09499      IRE1_CAEEL     967  
irg-7      drd-2; upr-1   F40F4.6a    CE47861   A0A131MBU3  IRG7_CAEEL    2217  
                          F40F4.6b    CE51544                                   
irk-1      irk-4          R03E9.4     CE47227   P52192      IRK1_CAEEL     544  
irld-34                   F54G8.1     CE00203   Q03599      IRL34_CAEEL    397  
irx-1                     C36F7.1     CE42075   Q93348      IRX_CAEEL      377  
isw-1                     F37A4.8     CE29792   P41877      ISW1_CAEEL    1009  
isy-1                     F53B7.3     CE05922   Q20716      ISY1_CAEEL     267  
itr-1      dec-4; lfe-1   F33D4.2a    CE37905   Q9Y0A1      ITPR_CAEEL    2892  
                          F33D4.2d    CE37906                                   
                          F33D4.2e    CE28017                                   
                          F33D4.2f    CE28018                                   
                          F33D4.2g    CE31690                                   
                          F33D4.2h    CE44684                                   
jac-1                     Y105C5B.21a CE32231   Q9U308      JAC1_CAEEL    1254  
                          Y105C5B.21b CE39806                                   
jbts-14    tmem-237       F53A9.4     CE30141   Q20687      TM237_CAEEL    399  
jhdm-1                    T26A5.5a    CE50209   Q95Q98      JHD1_CAEEL    1076  
                          T26A5.5b    CE50262                                   
jkk-1                     F35C8.3     CE24941   G5EDT6      JKK1_CAEEL     435  
jmjc-1                    T28F2.4a    CE28497   O01658      NO66_CAEEL     748  
                          T28F2.4b    CE37050                                   
jmjd-1.2                  F29B9.2a    CE09781   Q9GYI0      KDM7_CAEEL     910  
                          F29B9.2b    CE27145                                   
jmjd-2                    Y48B6A.11   CE41181   Q9U297      KDM4_CAEEL     922  
jmjd-3.1                  F18E9.5b    CE30958   Q95QK3      JMJ31_CAEEL   1061  
jnk-1                     B0478.1a    CE27574   Q8WQG9      JNK1_CAEEL     463  
                          B0478.1b    CE30123                                   
jun-1                     T24H10.7a   CE37850   G5ECU7      JUN_CAEEL      319  
                          T24H10.7b   CE37851                                   
                          T24H10.7c   CE16461                                   
                          T24H10.7d   CE41026                                   
                          T24H10.7e   CE43044                                   
k02a2.6                                         Q09575      YRD6_CAEEL    1268  
k08h10.8                  C27H6.8     CE18880   O17606      YK4P_CAEEL     340  
kars-1     krs-1          T02G5.9a    CE04861   Q22099      SYK_CAEEL      572  
kat-1                     T02G5.8     CE29990   Q22100      THILH_CAEEL    407  
kbp-3                     F26H11.1    CE26712   O45406      KBP3_CAEEL     134  
kbrl-1                    F52A8.6a    CE20840   Q19143      KBRAS_CAEEL    199  
                          F52A8.6c    CE28028                                   
kcc-3                     K02A2.3a    CE52024   Q09573      KCC3_CAEEL    1070  
kcnl-3                    C03F11.1    CE47663   Q11122      KCNL3_CAEEL    692  
kel-8                     W02G9.2a    CE39523   G5ED84      KLHL8_CAEEL    690  
kel-10                    T16H12.6    CE54163   P34569      KEL10_CAEEL    578  
kgb-1                     T07A9.3     CE29466   O44408      KGB1_CAEEL     390  
kin-1                     ZK909.2a    CE15473   P21137      KAPC1_CAEEL    404  
                          ZK909.2b    CE15475                                   
                          ZK909.2c    CE31755                                   
                          ZK909.2d    CE31756                                   
                          ZK909.2e    CE31757                                   
                          ZK909.2f    CE31758                                   
                          ZK909.2g    CE31759                                   
                          ZK909.2h    CE31760                                   
                          ZK909.2i    CE31761                                   
                          ZK909.2j    CE31762                                   
                          ZK909.2k    CE31763                                   
                          ZK909.2l    CE31764                                   
                          ZK909.2m    CE31765                                   
kin-2      kin-a          R07E4.6a    CE39609   P30625      KAPR_CAEEL     366  
                          R07E4.6b    CE28749                                   
                          R07E4.6c    CE04821                                   
kin-3                     B0205.7     CE17321   P18334      CSK2A_CAEEL    360  
kin-10     kin-5          T01G9.6a    CE18168   P28548      CSK2B_CAEEL    234  
                          T01G9.6b    CE06343                                   
kin-15                    M176.6a     CE46897   P34891      KIN15_CAEEL    488  
kin-16                    M176.7      CE12472   P34892      KIN16_CAEEL    495  
kin-18     sulu           T17E9.1a    CE01405   P46549      SULU_CAEEL     982  
                          T17E9.1b    CE32936                                   
kin-19                    C03C10.1    CE00872   P42168      KC1A_CAEEL     341  
kin-20                    F46F2.2a    CE38356   Q20471      KIN20_CAEEL    497  
                          F46F2.2b    CE47149                                   
                          F46F2.2c    CE38358                                   
                          F46F2.2d    CE38359                                   
                          F46F2.2e    CE38357                                   
                          F46F2.2f    CE32422                                   
                          F46F2.2g    CE53444                                   
kin-29     sma-11         F58H12.1    CE28479   Q21017      KIN29_CAEEL    822  
kin-32                    C30F8.4a    CE25798   Q95YD4      KIN32_CAEEL    867  
                          C30F8.4b    CE30493                                   
klc-2                     C18C4.10a   CE27362   P46822      KLC_CAEEL      540  
                          C18C4.10b   CE32802                                   
                          C18C4.10c   CE32803                                   
kle-2                     C29E4.2     CE30620   P34341      KLE2_CAEEL     821  
klf-1                     F56F11.3    CE11280   Q9TZ64      KLF1_CAEEL     497  
klf-2                     F53F8.1     CE44073   O62259      KLF2_CAEEL     299  
klf-3                     F54H5.4a    CE01967   Q65ZG6      KLF3_CAEEL     315  
                          F54H5.4b    CE37379                                   
klp-3                     T09A5.2a    CE01083   P45962      KLP3_CAEEL     598  
                          T09A5.2b    CE36407                                   
                          T09A5.2c    CE36408                                   
klp-20                    Y50D7A.6    CE26143   Q965T6      KLP20_CAEEL    646  
kmo-1                     R07B7.5     CE06267   Q21795      KMO_CAEEL      461  
knl-1                     C02F5.1     CE02450   P34278      KNL1_CAEEL    1010  
knl-2                     K06A5.4     CE26645   O44548      KNL2_CAEEL     877  
kpc-1                     F11A6.1a    CE17653   O17798      FKPC1_CAEEL    692  
kreg-1                    F53A9.2     CE02762   Q20689      KREG1_CAEEL     83  
ksr-1                     F13B9.5     CE25854   G5EFD2      KSRA_CAEEL     771  
ksr-2                     F58D5.4a    CE31017   G5EDA5      KSRB_CAEEL     550  
                          F58D5.4b    CE31018                                   
                          F58D5.4c    CE42786                                   
kup-1                     F10C2.2     CE09306   P34705      KUP1_CAEEL     385  
kvs-4                     Y48A6B.6a   CE36457   Q9XXD1      KVS4_CAEEL     503  
                          Y48A6B.6b   CE36458                                   
laat-1                    Y43H11AL.2a CE32969   Q95XZ6      LAAT1_CAEEL    311  
lab-1                     C03D6.6     CE15580   Q17604      LAB1_CAEEL     161  
lact-2                    ZK945.1     CE01731   Q09621      LACT2_CAEEL    473  
laf-1                     Y71H2AM.19a CE38657   D0PV95      DDX3_CAEEL     708  
                          Y71H2AM.19b CE47305                                   
lag-1                     K08B4.1a    CE28839   V6CLJ5      LAG1_CAEEL     790  
                          K08B4.1b    CE25048                                   
                          K08B4.1c    CE49374                                   
                          K08B4.1d    CE49360                                   
lag-2      let-461        Y73C8B.4    CE22970   P45442      LAG2_CAEEL     402  
lagr-1                    Y6B3B.10    CE20184   Q9XWE9      LAGR1_CAEEL    360  
lam-2                     C54D1.5     CE45033   Q18823      LAM2_CAEEL    1633  
lap-1                     ZK353.6     CE00390   P34629      AMPL_CAEEL     491  
lap-2                     W07G4.4     CE03794   Q27245      YH24_CAEEL     522  
larp-1                    R144.7a     CE44790   D5MCN2      LARP1_CAEEL   1150  
                          R144.7b     CE48058                                   
lars-1     lrs-1          R74.1       CE16317   Q09996      SYLC_CAEEL    1186  
lat-1                     B0457.1a    CE02945   G5EDW2      LPLT1_CAEEL   1014  
                          B0457.1b    CE32789                                   
                          B0457.1c    CE36086                                   
lat-2                     B0286.2a    CE36968   G5ECX0      LPLT2_CAEEL   1338  
                          B0286.2b    CE39661                                   
lbp-1                     F40F4.3     CE04533   Q20223      FABP1_CAEEL    159  
lbp-2                     F40F4.2     CE04532   Q20224      FABP2_CAEEL    161  
lbp-3                     F40F4.4a    CE30130   Q20222      FABP3_CAEEL    165  
lbp-4                     ZK742.5     CE07641   Q23092      FABP4_CAEEL    145  
lbp-5                     W02D3.7     CE14430   O01814      FABP5_CAEEL    136  
lbp-6                     W02D3.5     CE14426   O01812      FABP6_CAEEL    135  
lbp-7                     T22G5.2     CE13984   O02323      FABP7_CAEEL    137  
lbp-8                     T22G5.6     CE41159   O02324      FABP8_CAEEL    137  
lbp-9                     Y40B10A.1a  CE26077   Q965W1      FABP9_CAEEL    152  
lcmt-1                    B0285.4     CE00643   P46554      LCMT1_CAEEL    333  
ldb-1                     F58A3.1a    CE11350   G5EEL0      LIDB1_CAEEL    592  
                          F58A3.1b    CE11352                                   
ldh-1                     F13D12.2a   CE02181   Q27888      LDH_CAEEL      333  
ldp-1                     F22F7.1a    CE17691   Q9GZE9      LDP1_CAEEL     426  
                          F22F7.1b    CE51032                                   
lec-1                     W09H1.6a    CE16576   P36573      LEC1_CAEEL     279  
lec-3                     ZK892.1a    CE24743   Q09581      LEC3_CAEEL     297  
lec-7                     R07B1.2     CE26722   Q09605      LEC7_CAEEL     179  
lec-8                     R07B1.10    CE26721   Q09610      LEC8_CAEEL     180  
lect-2                    K05F1.5     CE51789   Q21241      LECT2_CAEEL    335  
lem-2                     W01G7.5     CE20129   Q9XTB5      LEM2_CAEEL     500  
lem-3      rad-1          F42H11.2    CE47022   G5EGA3      ANKL1_CAEEL    704  
lem-4      lem-4l         Y55F3BR.8a  CE31657   H2KZB2      ANKL2_CAEEL    603  
                          Y55F3BR.8b  CE37730                                   
leo-1                     B0035.11    CE05166   Q17431      LEO1_CAEEL     430  
lep-2                     Y55F3AM.6a  CE25488   Q9N373      MKRN_CAEEL     413  
                          Y55F3AM.6b  CE33891                                   
let-2      clb-1          F01G12.5a   CE04334   P17140      CO4A2_CAEEL   1758  
                          F01G12.5b   CE04335                                   
let-4      sym-5          C44H4.2     CE43213   Q93373      LET4_CAEEL     773  
let-19     mdt-13; psa-7  K08F8.6     CE37536   Q93442      MED13_CAEEL   2862  
let-23     kin-7          ZK1067.1a   CE03840   P24348      LET23_CAEEL   1323  
let-49     mdt-7; med-7   Y54E5B.3a   CE19227   Q95Q17      MED7_CAEEL     251  
                          Y54E5B.3b   CE28136                                   
let-60     lin-34         ZK792.6     CE03827   P22981      LET60_CAEEL    184  
let-70     ubc-2          M7.1        CE03482   P35129      UBC2_CAEEL     147  
let-92                    F38H4.9     CE10074   G5EGK8      PP2A_CAEEL     318  
let-99                    K08E7.3     CE06147   Q21341      LET99_CAEEL    698  
let-268                   F52H3.1     CE03397   Q20679      PLOD_CAEEL     730  
let-363    cetor          B0261.2a    CE32559   Q95Q95      TOR_CAEEL     2697  
                          B0261.2b    CE32560                                   
let-381                   F26B1.7     CE28006   P91278      FOXF_CAEEL     362  
let-413                   F26D11.11a  CE29778   O61967      LAP1_CAEEL     699  
                          F26D11.11b  CE37008                                   
let-418    evl-11         F26F12.7    CE17716   G5EBZ4      LE418_CAEEL   1829  
let-502                   C10H11.9    CE08098   P92199      ROCK_CAEEL    1173  
let-607                   F57B10.1    CE37244   O44743      LE607_CAEEL    690  
let-653                   C29E6.1a    CE40548   Q27394      LE653_CAEEL    812  
                          C29E6.1b    CE37323                                   
                          C29E6.1c    CE05332                                   
let-711    ntl-1; spn-3   F57B9.2a    CE47929   Q20937      CNOT1_CAEEL   2641  
                          F57B9.2b    CE51783                                   
                          F57B9.2c    CE51773                                   
                          F57B9.2d    CE51776                                   
                          F57B9.2e    CE51767                                   
let-721                   C05D11.12   CE29662   Q11190      ETFD_CAEEL     597  
let-754                   C29E4.8     CE29198   P34346      KAD2_CAEEL     251  
let-756                   C05D11.4    CE24786   Q11184      LE756_CAEEL    425  
let-765    let-745; nsh-1 F20H11.2    CE45139   O01737      SBNO_CAEEL    1866  
let-767    dhs-10         C56G2.6a    CE30639   Q09517      LE767_CAEEL    316  
                          C56G2.6b    CE01875                                   
                          C56G2.6c    CE48447                                   
let-858                   F33A8.1     CE17753   Q17336      CWC22_CAEEL    897  
lev-1                     F09E8.7a    CE24888   Q27218      ACH7_CAEEL     507  
lev-9                     T07H6.5a    CE47917   Q22328      LEV9_CAEEL     622  
lev-11     tmy-1          Y105E8B.1a  CE28782   Q22866      TPM1_CAEEL     284  
                          Y105E8B.1b  CE36223                                   
                          Y105E8B.1c  CE29059   Q27249      TPM3_CAEEL     256  
                          Y105E8B.1d  CE29060                                   
                          Y105E8B.1e  CE31733                                   
                          Y105E8B.1f  CE36224                                   
lex-1                     F11A10.1a   CE40608   P54816      TBP7_CAEEL    1291  
                          F11A10.1b   CE41384                                   
lfe-2                     C46H11.4a   CE27862   Q95Q62      IP3KH_CAEEL    494  
                          C46H11.4b   CE27863                                   
                          C46H11.4c   CE27864                                   
                          C46H11.4d   CE43466                                   
                          C46H11.4e   CE43449                                   
                          C46H11.4f   CE52138                                   
lgc-4                     F18G5.4     CE45725   P54245      LGC4_CAEEL     635  
lgc-46                    Y71D11A.5   CE29908   Q95Y52      LGC46_CAEEL    508  
lgc-50                    T20B12.9    CE46014   P41849      LGC50_CAEEL    491  
lge-1                     K09C8.4     CE44089   Q21389      LGE1_CAEEL     631  
lgg-1      atg-8.1        C32D5.9     CE01849   Q09490      LGG1_CAEEL     123  
lgg-2                     ZK593.6a    CE50405   Q23536      LGG2_CAEEL     130  
lgg-3      atg-12         B0336.8     CE00776   Q10931      ATG12_CAEEL    118  
lid-1                     C25A1.12a   CE41871   O02218      LID1_CAEEL     360  
lido-16                   T28D9.9     CE50178   Q10026      LID16_CAEEL    267  
lig-1                     C29A12.3a   CE37480   Q27474      DNLI1_CAEEL    773  
                          C29A12.3b   CE37481                                   
lim-4                     ZC64.4a     CE25675   G5EEA1      LIM4_CAEEL     355  
                          ZC64.4b     CE51976                                   
                          ZC64.4c     CE52031                                   
lim-7                     C04F1.3     CE17366   G5EC36      LIM7_CAEEL     452  
lin-2                     F17E5.1a    CE27131   P54936      LIN2_CAEEL     961  
                          F17E5.1b    CE27132                                   
lin-3      let-94         F36H1.4a    CE28021   Q03345      LIN3_CAEEL     438  
                          F36H1.4b    CE18670                                   
                          F36H1.4c    CE30348                                   
                          F36H1.4d    CE40413                                   
                          F36H1.4e    CE41535                                   
                          F36H1.4f    CE42534                                   
lin-5                     T09A5.10    CE18951   P45970      LIN5_CAEEL     821  
lin-8                     B0454.1     CE20455   G5EDW7      LIN8_CAEEL     386  
lin-9                     ZK637.7a    CE28194   P30630      LIN9_CAEEL     644  
                          ZK637.7b    CE28195                                   
lin-10                    C09H6.2a    CE15610   O17583      LIN10_CAEEL    982  
                          C09H6.2b    CE27060                                   
lin-11                    ZC247.3     CE15150   P20154      LIN11_CAEEL    405  
lin-12                    R107.8      CE00274   P14585      LIN12_CAEEL   1429  
lin-13                    C03B8.4     CE30419   Q11107      LIN13_CAEEL   2248  
lin-14                    T25C12.1a   CE43285   Q21446      LIN14_CAEEL    539  
                          T25C12.1b   CE03734                                   
lin-15b                   ZK662.4     CE15381   Q27395      LI15B_CAEEL   1440  
lin-15a                   ZK678.1     CE15383   Q27365      LI15A_CAEEL    719  
lin-18     ryk            C16B8.1     CE44782   G5EGT9      RYK_CAEEL      583  
lin-22     him-5; hlh-9   Y54G2A.1    CE26703   G5EF76      LIN22_CAEEL    173  
lin-23                    K10B2.1a    CE28600   Q09990      LIN23_CAEEL    665  
lin-25                    F56H9.5     CE05975   Q10573      LIN25_CAEEL   1139  
lin-26                    F18A1.2a    CE27972   Q27355      LIN26_CAEEL    490  
                          F18A1.2b    CE48778                                   
                          F18A1.2c    CE04402                                   
                          F18A1.2d    CE52355                                   
lin-28                    F02E9.2a    CE24879   P92186      LIN28_CAEEL    227  
                          F02E9.2b    CE24880                                   
lin-29     lin-29b        W03C9.4a    CE28257   G5EGB2      LIN29_CAEEL    459  
                          W03C9.4b    CE41270                                   
                          W03C9.4c    CE45652                                   
lin-31                    K10G6.1     CE12098   P34683      LIN31_CAEEL    237  
lin-32     hlh-7          T14F9.5     CE33318   Q10574      LIN32_CAEEL    142  
lin-35                    C32F10.2    CE24823   G5EDT1      LIN35_CAEEL    961  
lin-36                    F44B9.6     CE30992   P34427      LIN36_CAEEL    962  
lin-39     ceh-15         C07H6.7     CE03975   P34684      LIN39_CAEEL    253  
lin-41                    C12C8.3a    CE27062   Q9U489      LIN41_CAEEL   1147  
                          C12C8.3b    CE27063                                   
lin-42                    F47F6.1a    CE29325   Q65ZG8      PER_CAEEL      597  
                          F47F6.1b    CE37237                                   
                          F47F6.1c    CE10706                                   
lin-44                    E01A2.3     CE24870   Q27886      LIN44_CAEEL    348  
lin-45     raf-1          Y73B6A.5a   CE25585   Q07292      KRAF1_CAEEL    813  
                          Y73B6A.5b   CE49395                                   
lin-49                    F42A9.2     CE07224   Q20318      LIN49_CAEEL   1042  
lin-52                    ZK632.13a   CE01711   Q10120      LIN52_CAEEL    161  
                          ZK632.13b   CE46358                                   
lin-53     rba-2          K07A1.12    CE16234   P90916      LIN53_CAEEL    417  
lin-54                    JC8.6a      CE17989   Q95QD7      LIN54_CAEEL    435  
                          JC8.6b      CE17990                                   
lin-56                    ZK673.3     CE16743   Q09377      LIN56_CAEEL    322  
lin-59                    T12F5.4     CE13601   O44757      LIN59_CAEEL   1312  
lin-61                    R06C7.7a    CE37542   B2D6M2      LIN61_CAEEL    612  
                          R06C7.7b    CE31573                                   
lip-1                     C05B10.1a   CE31151   V6CIV8      DUSL_CAEEL     381  
                          C05B10.1b   CE49310                                   
lipl-1                    F54F3.3     CE18732   Q93789      LIPL1_CAEEL    405  
lipl-3                    R11G11.14   CE28762   O16956      LIPL3_CAEEL    404  
lipl-4                    K04A8.5a    CE11708   Q94252      LIPL4_CAEEL    411  
                          K04A8.5b    CE50646                                   
lipl-5                    ZK6.7a      CE18444   O61866      LIPL5_CAEEL    403  
                          ZK6.7c      CE50798                                   
                          ZK6.7d      CE50743                                   
lir-3      moag-2         F37H8.1     CE15994   O17862      LIR3_CAEEL     284  
lis-1      pnm-1          T03F6.5     CE29339   Q9NDC9      LIS1_CAEEL     404  
lit-1      nlk            W06F12.1a   CE29476   Q9U9Y8      NLK_CAEEL      634  
                          W06F12.1b   CE29477                                   
                          W06F12.1c   CE29478                                   
                          W06F12.1d   CE37160                                   
                          W06F12.1e   CE37161                                   
lite-1     gur-2          C14F11.3    CE29579   Q17990      LITE1_CAEEL    439  
lmn-1      lam-1          DY3.2       CE15746   Q21443      LMN1_CAEEL     566  
lmp-1                     C03B1.12    CE03912   Q11117      LMP1_CAEEL     237  
lmtr-2                    Y97E10AR.7  CE25642   Q9N2U6      LTOR2_CAEEL    124  
lnkn-1     tag-256        ZK637.3     CE00434   P30639      LNKN1_CAEEL    599  
lnp-1                     C05E11.1a   CE29561   Q17667      LNP1_CAEEL     342  
lon-1                     F48E8.1a    CE01953   Q09566      LON1_CAEEL     312  
lon-3                     ZK836.1     CE15415   Q23628      LON3_CAEEL     324  
lon-8                     Y59A8B.20   CE41522   G5EGH7      LON8_CAEEL     162  
lonp-1                    C34B2.6     CE16894   O44952      LONM_CAEEL     971  
lonp-2                    Y75B8A.4    CE23016   Q9XW87      LONP2_CAEEL    773  
lov-1      pkd-1          ZK945.9     CE45696   Q09624      PKD1_CAEEL    3284  
lpd-7                     R13A5.12    CE21123   Q95Y89      PESC_CAEEL     531  
lrk-1                     T27C10.6    CE41939   Q9TZM3      LRK1_CAEEL    2393  
lrp-1                     F29D11.1    CE05765   Q04833      LRP_CAEEL     4753  
lsm-4                     F32A5.7     CE01277   Q19952      LSM4_CAEEL     123  
lst-2                     R160.7      CE33815   Q9TZD0      LST2_CAEEL     661  
lst-4                     Y37A1B.2a   CE19071   Q8I4E2      LST4_CAEEL     566  
                          Y37A1B.2b   CE32245                                   
                          Y37A1B.2c   CE32246                                   
                          Y37A1B.2d   CE32247                                   
                          Y37A1B.2e   CE44602                                   
                          Y37A1B.2f   CE47745                                   
ltah-1.1                  C42C1.11a   CE24840   G5EFT4      AMP1_CAEEL     609  
                          C42C1.11b   CE33564                                   
                          C42C1.11c   CE33565                                   
ltd-1                     K02C4.4a    CE32687   G5EF51      KY_CAEEL       723  
                          K02C4.4b    CE51496                                   
lury-1                    Y75B8A.11a  CE47414   Q9XW71      LURY1_CAEEL     89  
lys-1                     Y22F5A.4    CE16605   O62415      LYS1_CAEEL     298  
lys-2                     Y22F5A.5    CE16606   O62416      LYS2_CAEEL     279  
lys-3      kreg-2         Y22F5A.6    CE20201   Q9XXS1      LYS3_CAEEL     301  
lys-5                     F58B3.2     CE06004   Q20967      LYS5_CAEEL     215  
lys-7                     C02A12.4    CE07828   O16202      LYS7_CAEEL     283  
mab-3                     Y53C12B.5a  CE14902   O18214      MAB3_CAEEL     290  
                          Y53C12B.5b  CE51560                                   
mab-5                     C08C3.3     CE25765   P10038      MAB5_CAEEL     200  
mab-7                     ZC13.4      CE41485   Q95Q39      MAB7_CAEEL     287  
mab-9      tbx-12         T27A1.6     CE24016   P90971      TBX12_CAEEL    346  
mab-10                    R166.1a     CE43283   Q22002      MAB10_CAEEL    582  
mab-20                    Y71G12B.20a CE22926   Q95XP4      SEM2A_CAEEL    658  
                          Y71G12B.20c CE49604                                   
                          Y71G12B.20d CE49534                                   
mab-21                    F35G12.6    CE32651   Q20054      MAB21_CAEEL    364  
mac-1                     Y48C3A.7    CE28132   Q9NAG4      MAC1_CAEEL     813  
maco-1                    D2092.5     CE45670   P91193      MACO1_CAEEL    897  
madd-3     tag-172        E02H4.3a    CE31462   G5EDB2      MADD3_CAEEL    887  
                          E02H4.3b    CE52798                                   
madd-4                    F53B6.2a    CE36859   P90884      MADD4_CAEEL   1045  
                          F53B6.2b    CE32429                                   
                          F53B6.2c    CE32428                                   
mag-1                     R09B3.5     CE16310   P49029      MGN_CAEEL      152  
mai-1                     K10B3.9     CE07372   P37209      ATIF1_CAEEL     88  
mai-2                     B0546.1     CE16792   O44441      ATIF2_CAEEL    109  
mak-1                     K08F8.1a    CE03467   Q21360      MAK1_CAEEL     521  
                          K08F8.1b    CE32906                                   
                          K08F8.1c    CE35895                                   
                          K08F8.1d    CE52142                                   
                          K08F8.1e    CE37258                                   
mak-2                     C44C8.6     CE33566   Q965G5      MAK2_CAEEL     366  
manf-1                    Y54G2A.23   CE30049   Q9N3B0      MANF_CAEEL     168  
map-2                     Y116A8A.9a  CE24146   H1UBK1      MAP2_CAEEL     468  
                          Y116A8A.9b  CE47033                                   
                          Y116A8A.9c  CE46993                                   
maph-1.1                  F32A7.5a    CE09846   P91859      MAP11_CAEEL    878  
                          F32A7.5b    CE34178                                   
                          F32A7.5c    CE34179                                   
                          F32A7.5d    CE47031                                   
maph-9                    C34D4.1     CE27742   Q18452      MAP9_CAEEL     512  
mapk-15    swip-13        C05D10.2a   CE29020   Q11179      MK15_CAEEL     470  
                          C05D10.2b   CE30421                                   
                          C05D10.2c   CE30422                                   
mars-1     mrs-1          F58B3.5a    CE06007   Q20970      SYMC_CAEEL     917  
mask-1                    R11A8.7a    CE43470   Q21920      ANKHM_CAEEL   2620  
                          R11A8.7b    CE43456                                   
                          R11A8.7c    CE40772                                   
                          R11A8.7d    CE40773                                   
                          R11A8.7e    CE44619                                   
                          R11A8.7f    CE48093                                   
                          R11A8.7g    CE48142                                   
                          R11A8.7h    CE48120                                   
mat-1      apc-3; cdc-27  Y110A7A.17a CE23241   Q9N593      CDC27_CAEEL    788  
                          Y110A7A.17b CE37056                                   
mat-2      apc-1; evl-22  W10C6.1     CE43328   O18191      APC1_CAEEL    1505  
mat-3      apc-8; cdc-23  F10C5.1     CE26888   Q19294      CDC23_CAEEL    673  
math-33    usp-7          H19N07.2c   CE36180   Q7JKC3      UBP7_CAEEL    1135  
mau-2                     C09H6.3     CE15611   O17581      SCC4_CAEEL     593  
max-2                     Y38F1A.10a  CE40478   G5EGQ3      MAX2_CAEEL     646  
                          Y38F1A.10b  CE35656                                   
                          Y38F1A.10c  CE42477                                   
                          Y38F1A.10d  CE46596                                   
mbk-1                     T04C10.1    CE33442   Q8WQL7      MBK1_CAEEL     882  
mbk-2                     F49E11.1a   CE05897   Q9XTF3      MBK2_CAEEL     817  
                          F49E11.1b   CE19878                                   
                          F49E11.1c   CE23751                                   
                          F49E11.1d   CE39735                                   
                          F49E11.1e   CE39938                                   
                          F49E11.1f   CE47098                                   
                          F49E11.1g   CE47427                                   
                          F49E11.1h   CE47790                                   
mbl-1                     K02H8.1a    CE39946   Q94250      MBL_CAEEL      324  
                          K02H8.1b    CE42747                                   
                          K02H8.1c    CE42814                                   
mboa-6                    R155.1a     CE32713   O01925      MBOA5_CAEEL    473  
                          R155.1b     CE33935                                   
mboa-7     lpiat; tag-289 F14F3.3     CE40384   Q19468      MBOA7_CAEEL    453  
mbr-1                     T01C1.2     CE39173   G5EGQ5      MBR1_CAEEL     433  
mbtr-1                    Y48G1A.6a   CE41949   A0SQM0      MBTR1_CAEEL    564  
                          Y48G1A.6b   CE41950                                   
mcd-1                     Y51H1A.6a   CE43312   B7FAS0      MCD1_CAEEL     901  
                          Y51H1A.6b   CE43386                                   
mcm-4      let-358; lin-6 Y39G10AR.14 CE21767   Q95XQ8      MCM4_CAEEL     823  
mcm-5                     R10E4.4     CE03558   Q21902      MCM5_CAEEL     759  
mcm-6                     ZK632.1a    CE00415   P34647      MCM6_CAEEL     810  
                          ZK632.1b    CE38018                                   
mcp-1                     C10F3.4a    CE30723   Q5ZR76      GDPP1_CAEEL    482  
                          C10F3.4b    CE37609                                   
mcu-1                     K02B2.3     CE27192   Q21121      MCU_CAEEL      333  
mdh-2                     F20H11.3    CE09512   O02640      MDHM_CAEEL     341  
mdl-1                     R03E9.1     CE04784   G5EG44      MDL1_CAEEL     281  
mdmh-35                   T09A5.7     CE01088   P45967      MIS35_CAEEL    103  
mdt-1.2                   T23C6.1     CE07526   O02042      MED1L_CAEEL    522  
mdt-4                     ZK546.13    CE34460   Q23523      MED4_CAEEL     334  
mdt-6      med-6          Y57E12AL.5  CE25510   Q9N337      MED6_CAEEL     250  
mdt-8                     Y62F5A.1a   CE24544   Q9U1W2      MED8_CAEEL     297  
                          Y62F5A.1b   CE24545                                   
mdt-10                    T09A5.6     CE51730   P45966      MED10_CAEEL    173  
mdt-11                    R144.9      CE25092   Q9BI74      MED11_CAEEL    188  
mdt-15                    R12B2.5a    CE30108   Q21955      MED15_CAEEL    780  
                          R12B2.5b    CE25078                                   
mdt-17                    Y113G7B.18a CE46431   Q9NAL4      MED17_CAEEL    667  
                          Y113G7B.18b CE46521                                   
mdt-18                    C55B7.9a    CE09020   Q966M5      MED18_CAEEL    232  
mdt-19                    Y71H2B.6    CE22945   Q9N4F2      MED19_CAEEL    199  
mdt-20                    Y104H12D.1a CE28102   Q9N5A1      MED20_CAEEL    198  
mdt-21                    C24H11.9    CE36687   Q6BER6      MED21_CAEEL    130  
mdt-22                    ZK970.3     CE02403   Q23679      MED22_CAEEL    157  
mdt-28                    F28F8.5a    CE09759   H9G301      MDT28_CAEEL    202  
                          F28F8.5b    CE47319                                   
mdt-29                    K08E3.8     CE18874   Q9XUS2      MED29_CAEEL    441  
mdt-30     pqn-38         F44B9.7     CE29043   P34428      MDT30_CAEEL    466  
mdt-31     soh-1          F32H2.2a    CE47616   P91869      MED31_CAEEL    178  
                          F32H2.2b    CE47508                                   
mec-2                     F14D12.4a   CE04393   Q27433      MEC2_CAEEL     481  
mec-3                     F01D4.6a    CE27422   P09088      MEC3_CAEEL     321  
                          F01D4.6c    CE42646                                   
mec-4      mec-13         T01C8.7     CE39109   P24612      MEC4_CAEEL     768  
mec-6                     W02D3.3     CE31080   O01811      MEC6_CAEEL     377  
mec-7                     ZK154.3     CE15257   P12456      TBB1_CAEEL     441  
mec-10                    F16F9.5     CE09444   P34886      MEC10_CAEEL    724  
mec-12     tba-3          C44B11.3    CE24843   P91910      TBA3_CAEEL     450  
mec-15                    T01E8.4     CE02308   Q22071      MEC15_CAEEL    406  
mec-17                    F57H12.7a   CE17128   O45100      ATAT1_CAEEL    262  
mef-2      cemef-2        W10D5.1     CE25156   Q9U325      MEF2_CAEEL     340  
mei-1                     T01G9.5a    CE06342   P34808      KTNA1_CAEEL    472  
                          T01G9.5b    CE32479                                   
mei-2                     F57B10.12   CE11320   O44740      MEI2_CAEEL     280  
mek-1                     K08A8.1a    CE30816   Q21307      MEK1_CAEEL     347  
                          K08A8.1b    CE34335                                   
mek-2                     Y54E10BL.6  CE25437   Q10664      MEK2_CAEEL     387  
mel-26                    ZK858.4a    CE30580   Q94420      MEL26_CAEEL    395  
mel-28                    C38D4.3     CE36378   Q18508      MEL28_CAEEL   1784  
mel-32     gly-1          C05D11.11a  CE01130   P50432      GLYC_CAEEL     507  
                          C05D11.11b  CE29661                                   
memb-1     gosr-2.1       B0272.2     CE00851   P41941      GOSR2_CAEEL    213  
memo-1     tag-253        C37C3.8a    CE06933   Q22915      MEMO1_CAEEL    350  
                          C37C3.8b    CE30736                                   
mep-1                     M04B2.1     CE31852   Q21502      MEP1_CAEEL     870  
mes-1                     F54F7.5     CE28237   G5EBL2      MES1_CAEEL     966  
mes-2                     R06A4.7     CE28067   O17514      MES2_CAEEL     773  
mes-3                     F54C1.3a    CE11046   Q10665      MES3_CAEEL     754  
mes-4                     Y2H9A.1     CE27781   Q9NH52      MES4_CAEEL     898  
mes-6                     C09G4.5     CE24796   Q9GYS1      MES6_CAEEL     459  
met-2                     R05D3.11    CE47959   P34544      MET2_CAEEL    1304  
metl-1                    W02B12.10   CE03770   Q23126      TRMB_CAEEL     256  
metl-5                    C38D4.9     CE00922   Q18511      METL5_CAEEL    214  
metr-1                    R03D7.1     CE01609   Q09582      METH_CAEEL    1249  
mett-10                   ZK1128.2a   CE31860   Q09357      MET16_CAEEL    479  
                          ZK1128.2b   CE31861                                   
mev-1      cyt-1          T07C4.7a    CE00598   P41956      C560_CAEEL     182  
mex-5                     W02A2.7     CE21237   Q9XUB2      MEX5_CAEEL     468  
mex-6                     AH6.5       CE26846   Q09436      MEX6_CAEEL     467  
mfap-1                    F43G9.10    CE10372   Q93712      MFAP1_CAEEL    466  
mfn-1                     W02B12.9    CE03769   Q23125      MFRN_CAEEL     312  
mgl-1                     ZC506.4a    CE50434   Q09630      GRM1_CAEEL     999  
mics-1                    T21C9.1a    CE23996   Q22638      MICS1_CAEEL    269  
micu-1                    Y67H2A.4c   CE47026   Q95PZ2      MICU1_CAEEL    534  
                          Y67H2A.4d   CE47067                                   
mif-2                     C52E4.2a    CE08944   Q18785      MIF2_CAEEL     120  
mif-3                     F13G3.9     CE09371   P90835      MIF3_CAEEL     146  
mig-5                     T05C12.6a   CE02318   Q22227      MIG5_CAEEL     672  
                          T05C12.6b   CE25100                                   
                          T05C12.6c   CE28076                                   
mig-6      ppn-1          C37C3.6a    CE17535   O76840      PPN1_CAEEL    2167  
                          C37C3.6b    CE17536                                   
                          C37C3.6c    CE30735                                   
mig-10                    F10E9.6a    CE29261   P34400      MIG10_CAEEL    779  
                          F10E9.6b    CE00150                                   
                          F10E9.6c    CE36129                                   
mig-13                    F43C9.4a    CE28324   G5EF33      MIG13_CAEEL    362  
                          F43C9.4b    CE34562                                   
mig-14     let-553; mom-3 R06B9.6     CE34955   Q7YWX7      WLS_CAEEL      549  
mig-15                    ZC504.4a    CE25672   Q23356      MIG15_CAEEL   1096  
                          ZC504.4b    CE25673                                   
                          ZC504.4c    CE28273                                   
                          ZC504.4d    CE32767                                   
mig-17                    F57B7.4     CE31010   Q20930      MIG17_CAEEL    509  
mig-18                    F11F1.6     CE33613   O45348      MIG18_CAEEL    228  
mig-21                    F01F1.13a   CE48870   G1FC92      MIG21_CAEEL    306  
                          F01F1.13b   CE47419                                   
mig-22     pfc-1          PAR2.4a     CE00848   P45895      CHSSB_CAEEL    804  
                          PAR2.4b     CE32699                                   
mig-23                    R07E4.4     CE28748   Q21815      MIG23_CAEEL    552  
mig-38                    F40F11.2    CE28557   A6ZJ71      MIG38_CAEEL   1607  
mig-39                    F42H10.5a   CE44927   P34418      MIG39_CAEEL    943  
mina-1                    C41G7.3     CE42810   Q93367      MINA1_CAEEL    393  
miro-1                    K08F11.5    CE11958   Q94263      MIRO1_CAEEL    625  
misc-1                    B0432.4     CE32102   P90992      M2OM_CAEEL     306  
mix-1      let-29; smc-2  M106.1      CE18083   Q09591      MIX1_CAEEL    1244  
mkk-4                     F42G10.2    CE10328   Q20347      MKK4_CAEEL     363  
mks-5      ftm; nphp-8    C09G5.8a    CE46403   Q09459      FTM_CAEEL     1322  
                          C09G5.8b    CE43165                                   
mlc-1                     C36E6.3     CE34269   P19625      MLR1_CAEEL     170  
mlc-2                     C36E6.5     CE20542   P19626      MLR2_CAEEL     170  
mlc-3                     F09F7.2a    CE01236   P53014      MLE_CAEEL      153  
mlc-4                     C56G7.1     CE01531   Q09510      MLRH_CAEEL     172  
mlc-5                     T12D8.6     CE16403   Q9XVI9      MLC5_CAEEL     142  
mlk-1                     K11D12.10a  CE30383   A0A0K3AV08  MLK1_CAEEL    1059  
                          K11D12.10b  CE30384                                   
                          K11D12.10c  CE50686                                   
                          K11D12.10d  CE50749                                   
mls-1                     H14A12.4    CE11584   O17212      TBX1_CAEEL     252  
mls-2                     C39E6.4     CE30891   Q18533      HMX_CAEEL      341  
mlt-7                     ZK430.8     CE05084   Q23490      MLT7_CAEEL     724  
mmaa-1                    T02G5.13a   CE31822   Q22111      MMAA1_CAEEL    399  
                          T02G5.13b   CE04865                                   
mmcm-1                    ZK1058.1    CE30404   Q23381      MUTA_CAEEL     744  
mml-1      mio            T20B12.6a   CE30186   P41846      WBS14_CAEEL   1009  
mnk-1                     R166.5a     CE40867   Q8I113      MNK_CAEEL      707  
                          R166.5b     CE40868                                   
mnm-2                     C10A4.8     CE35391   Q17895      MNM2_CAEEL     249  
mnp-1                     B0285.7     CE00646   P46557      MNP1_CAEEL     781  
moa-2                     B0495.6     CE01764   Q09215      MOA2_CAEEL      87  
moag-4                    Y37E3.4     CE26771   Q9BKU8      MOAG4_CAEEL     82  
mob-4                     C30A5.3     CE32154   P34349      PHOCN_CAEEL    223  
moc-3      uba-4          F42G8.6     CE28320   O44510      MOCS3_CAEEL    402  
moc-5                     F49E2.1a    CE27759   Q20624      MOCS1_CAEEL    600  
                          F49E2.1b    CE27760                                   
                          F49E2.1c    CE52186                                   
                          F49E2.1d    CE52073                                   
mocs-1                    R03A10.3    CE30560   Q21657      MOCOS_CAEEL    709  
moe-3                     F32A11.6    CE18657   Q9XV46      MOE3_CAEEL     367  
mog-1                     K03H1.2     CE01027   P34498      MOG1_CAEEL    1131  
mog-2      sap-1          H20J04.8    CE20974   Q9BLB6      RU2A_CAEEL     253  
mog-4                     C04H5.6a    CE15592   O45244      DHX16_CAEEL   1008  
mog-5                     EEED8.5     CE01889   Q09530      MOG5_CAEEL    1200  
mogs-1     agl-1          F13H10.4a   CE40354   Q19426      MOGS1_CAEEL    796  
                          F13H10.4b   CE40355                                   
                          F13H10.4c   CE40940                                   
mom-1                     T07H6.2     CE25982   Q22329      PORCN_CAEEL    442  
mom-2                     F38E1.7     CE17806   Q10459      MOM2_CAEEL     362  
mom-4                     F52F12.3    CE24994   Q9XTC6      MOM4_CAEEL     536  
mom-5                     T23D8.1a    CE14048   A0A0K3AWM6  MOM5_CAEEL     570  
                          T23D8.1b    CE50472                                   
moma-1                    K02F3.10    CE01346   Q21154      MOMA1_CAEEL    201  
mon-2                     F11A10.4a   CE17656   Q19338      MON2_CAEEL    1646  
                          F11A10.4b   CE46488                                   
mop-25.2                  Y53C12A.4   CE14890   O18211      MO25M_CAEEL    338  
mop-25.3                  T27C10.3    CE51737   Q9TZM2      MO25L_CAEEL    339  
morc-1                    ZC155.3     CE23442   Q23243      MORC1_CAEEL    845  
mpc-1                     R07E5.13    CE47062   Q21828      MPC1_CAEEL     137  
mpc-2                     F53F10.3    CE28447   O01578      MPC2_CAEEL     133  
mpdu-1                    F38E1.9     CE47834   Q20157      MPU1_CAEEL     242  
mpk-1      sur-1          F43C1.2a    CE01583   P39745      MPK1_CAEEL     444  
                          F43C1.2b    CE24971                                   
mppa-1                    Y71G12B.24a CE48095   Q95XN2      MPPA_CAEEL     514  
                          Y71G12B.24b CE49612                                   
mppb-1                    ZC410.2     CE35701   Q23295      MPPB_CAEEL     458  
mppe-1                    B0511.13a   CE50716   Q95X35      MPPE1_CAEEL    365  
                          B0511.13b   CE46132                                   
mps-4                     F09G8.9     CE00144   P34394      MPS4_CAEEL      91  
mpst-1                    D2023.5     CE09075   O17730      THT2_CAEEL     328  
mpst-4                    F11G11.9    CE51449   P91247      THT1_CAEEL     277  
mrck-1                    K08B12.5    CE30818   O01583      MRCK_CAEEL    1592  
mre-11                    ZC302.1     CE37459   Q23255      MRE11_CAEEL    728  
mrg-1                     Y37D8A.9a   CE20213   A7DTF0      MRG1_CAEEL     337  
                          Y37D8A.9b   CE41465                                   
mrp-5                     F14F4.3     CE23650   G5EE72      MRP5_CAEEL    1427  
mrp-7                     Y43F8C.12   CE43255   Q9U2G5      MRP7_CAEEL    1525  
mrpl-11                   B0303.15    CE00004   P34264      RM11_CAEEL     195  
mrpl-18                   D2007.4     CE00129   P34378      RM18_CAEEL     170  
mrpl-19                   Y119C1B.4   CE27233   Q95Y83      RM19_CAEEL     288  
mrpl-23                   T08B2.8     CE13433   Q9GYS9      RM23_CAEEL     159  
mrpl-24                   F59A3.3     CE11420   P91353      RM24_CAEEL     278  
mrpl-32                   C30C11.1    CE48620   Q04907      RM32_CAEEL     183  
mrpl-35                   M01F1.6     CE37982   Q21454      RM35_CAEEL     158  
mrpl-41                   B0432.3     CE07741   P90993      RM41_CAEEL     180  
mrpl-44                   F02A9.4     CE33612   P34384      RM44_CAEEL     394  
mrpl-45                   Y119D3B.16  CE39288   Q95Y71      RM45_CAEEL     357  
mrpl-49                   R11D1.9     CE40109   Q21939      RM49_CAEEL     187  
mrpl-51                   T12G3.5     CE06441   Q22438      RM51_CAEEL     199  
mrps-5                    E02A10.1    CE47787   Q93425      RT05_CAEEL     436  
mrps-7                    Y57G11C.34  CE39867   Q95Q11      RT07_CAEEL     222  
mrps-9                    F09G8.3     CE24890   P34388      RT09_CAEEL     392  
mrps-10                   Y37D8A.18   CE20222   Q9XWV5      RT10_CAEEL     156  
mrps-14                   T01E8.6     CE32923   P49391      RT14_CAEEL     199  
mrps-15                   K07A12.7    CE25935   Q9NAP9      RT15_CAEEL     330  
mrps-16                   F56D1.3     CE29407   Q10129      RT16_CAEEL     147  
mrps-17                   C05D11.10   CE01129   Q11189      RT17_CAEEL     160  
mrps-18c                  C26E6.6     CE39477   P49404      RM03_CAEEL     403  
mrps-23                   ZK1098.7    CE00566   P34748      RT23_CAEEL     133  
mrps-24                   F33D4.8     CE37229   Q688C0      RT24_CAEEL     164  
mrps-25                   Y55F3AM.1   CE22547   Q9N361      RT25_CAEEL     170  
mrps-31                   C32A3.2     CE44083   Q09261      RT31_CAEEL     383  
mrrf-1                    T20F5.3     CE40717   P91478      RRFM_CAEEL     238  
mrt-2      hpr-1          Y41C4A.14   CE29376   G5EC44      MRT2_CAEEL     267  
msh-5                     F09E8.3a    CE26678   Q19272      MSH5_CAEEL    1369  
                          F09E8.3b    CE49987                                   
msp-3                     F26G1.7     CE02699   Q19832      MSP3_CAEEL     127  
msp-10                    K07F5.2     CE03853   P05634      MSP10_CAEEL    127  
msp-19                    F36H12.7    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-31                    R05F9.13    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-32                    R05F9.3     CE52855   P53018      MSP32_CAEEL    190  
msp-33                    R05F9.8     CE04811   P53019      MSP33_CAEEL    127  
msp-36                    C04G2.4     CE03853   P05634      MSP10_CAEEL    127  
msp-38                    K08F4.8     CE06156   P53020      MSP38_CAEEL    127  
msp-40                    C33F10.9    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-45                    F58A6.8     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-49                    C34F11.6    CE04166   Q18461      MSP49_CAEEL    127  
msp-50                    C34F11.4    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-51                    ZK354.5     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-53                    R13H9.4     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-55                    C09B9.6     CE06798   Q17856      MSP55_CAEEL    127  
msp-56                    K07F5.3     CE03853   P05634      MSP10_CAEEL    127  
msp-57                    R13H9.2     CE06798   Q17856      MSP55_CAEEL    127  
msp-59                    ZK354.11    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-63                    K05F1.7     CE02811   Q21244      MSP63_CAEEL    127  
msp-64                    ZK1248.6    CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-65                    ZK354.1     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-76                    ZK1251.6    CE03853   P05634      MSP10_CAEEL    127  
msp-77                    F32B6.6     CE09861   Q9TVW5      MSP77_CAEEL    127  
msp-78                    T13F2.11    CE13638   Q94053      MSP78_CAEEL    127  
msp-79                    T13F2.10    CE09861   Q9TVW5      MSP77_CAEEL    127  
msp-81                    K07F5.1     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-113                   ZK354.4     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-142                   K05F1.2     CE02806   P53017      MSP19_CAEEL    127  
msp-152                   ZK546.6     CE02920   Q23519      MS152_CAEEL    127  
mspn-1                    K04D7.2a    CE28240   P54815      MSP1_CAEEL     342  
                          K04D7.2b    CE28241                                   
msrp-7                    R06F6.7     CE01623   Q09416      MSRP7_CAEEL    120  
mtcu-2                    F52H3.2     CE03398   Q20680      MTO1_CAEEL     638  
mtd-1                     ZK337.5     CE24721   G5ECI1      MTD1_CAEEL     278  
mthf-1                    C06A8.1a    CE30593   Q17693      MTHR_CAEEL     663  
                          C06A8.1b    CE31291                                   
mtl-1      met-1          K11G9.6     CE07379   P17511      MT1_CAEEL       75  
mtl-2      met-2          T08G5.10    CE25109   P17512      MT2_CAEEL       63  
mtm-1                     Y110A7A.5   CE30707   Q9N589      MTMR1_CAEEL    588  
mtm-3                     T24A11.1a   CE28087   Q22712      MTMR3_CAEEL   1006  
                          T24A11.1b   CE42568                                   
mtm-5                     H28G03.6    CE35733   Q9TXP3      MTMR5_CAEEL   1744  
mtm-6      cup-6          F53A2.8a    CE16100   G5ED68      MTMR6_CAEEL    676  
                          F53A2.8c    CE37116                                   
mtm-9      cup-10         Y39H10A.3a  CE26073   Q965W9      MTMR9_CAEEL    569  
                          Y39H10A.3b  CE36959                                   
mtp-18                    T13C5.8     CE42549   Q8T3C8      MTFP1_CAEEL    166  
mtr-4                     W08D2.7     CE06562   Q23223      MTR4_CAEEL    1026  
mtrr-1     tag-165        C01G6.6a    CE00868   Q17574      MTRR_CAEEL     682  
mtss-1                    PAR2.1      CE00768   P34496      MTSS1_CAEEL    170  
mttu-1                    B0035.16    CE26926   Q17440      MTU1_CAEEL     375  
mtx-1                     F39B2.11    CE16016   O45503      MTX1_CAEEL     312  
mtx-2                     ZC97.1a     CE00360   P34599      MTX2_CAEEL     230  
                          ZC97.1b     CE45721                                   
mua-3                     K08E5.3a    CE28049   P34576      MUA3_CAEEL    3767  
                          K08E5.3b    CE37256                                   
mua-6      ifa-2          W10G6.3     CE18354   O02365      IFA2_CAEEL     581  
mup-2                     T22E5.5     CE04994   Q27371      TNNT_CAEEL     405  
mup-4                     K07D8.1     CE29511   Q21281      MUP4_CAEEL    2104  
mut-7                     ZK1098.8    CE00370   P34607      MUT7_CAEEL     910  
mutd-1                    C34D4.13    CE34735   Q18446      BL1S5_CAEEL    131  
mxl-1                     T19B10.11   CE16417   G5EEH5      MXL1_CAEEL     124  
mxl-2                     F40G9.11    CE19858   Q9TZ70      MXL2_CAEEL     205  
mxl-3      hlh-23         F46G10.6    CE05882   Q18711      MXL3_CAEEL     235  
mxt-1      mxt            Y18D10A.8   CE21404   Q9XW13      MXT_CAEEL      507  
myo-1                     R06C7.10    CE06253   P02567      MYO1_CAEEL    1938  
myo-2                     T18D3.4     CE31619   P12845      MYO2_CAEEL    1947  
myo-3      mhca           K12F2.1     CE34936   P12844      MYO3_CAEEL    1969  
myrf-1     pqn-47         F59B10.1    CE36940   G5EFI7      MYRF1_CAEEL    931  
myrf-2                    F21A10.2a   CE23678   D9PTN5      MYRF2_CAEEL   1009  
                          F21A10.2b   CE31488                                   
                          F21A10.2c   CE31489                                   
                          F21A10.2d   CE18624                                   
                          F21A10.2e   CE45261                                   
mys-1                     VC5.4       CE21225   Q9TYU5      TIP60_CAEEL    458  
nac-1      indy-1; nad-1  F31F6.6     CE34007   Q93655      NAD1_CAEEL     582  
nac-2      indy-3; nat-1  R107.1a     CE33536   P32739      NAD2_CAEEL     551  
nac-3      indy-2; nad-2  K08E5.2a    CE33531   Q21339      NAD3_CAEEL     566  
                          K08E5.2b    CE33532                                   
nape-1                    Y37E11AR.4  CE21545   Q965X7      NAPE1_CAEEL    356  
nape-2                    Y37E11AR.3a CE27604   Q965X9      NAPE2_CAEEL    355  
                          Y37E11AR.3b CE28519                                   
                          Y37E11AR.3c CE31637                                   
nars-1     nrs-1          F22D6.3a    CE05684   Q19722      SYNC_CAEEL     545  
nas-1                     F45G2.1     CE33784   O62243      NAS1_CAEEL     270  
nas-2                     F56A4.1     CE51070   Q9N5R0      NAS2_CAEEL     293  
nas-3                     K06A4.1     CE35894   Q21252      NAS3_CAEEL     292  
nas-4                     C05D11.6a   CE37080   P55112      NAS4_CAEEL     315  
nas-5                     T23H4.3     CE25126   P91828      NAS5_CAEEL     360  
nas-6                     4R79.1a     CE35820   Q9U3S9      NAS6_CAEEL     344  
nas-7                     C07D10.4    CE34663   P55113      NAS7_CAEEL     382  
nas-8                     C34D4.9     CE31327   Q18439      NAS8_CAEEL     403  
nas-9                     C37H5.9a    CE08632   P91137      NAS9_CAEEL     546  
                          C37H5.9b    CE29710                                   
                          C37H5.9c    CE32825                                   
nas-10                    K09C8.3     CE43056   Q21388      NAS10_CAEEL    540  
nas-11                    K11G12.1a   CE36313   Q21432      NAS11_CAEEL    579  
                          K11G12.1b   CE37260                                   
nas-12                    C24F3.3     CE35408   Q9XTD6      NAS12_CAEEL    384  
nas-13                    F39D8.4     CE43112   Q20191      NAS13_CAEEL    450  
nas-14                    F09E8.6     CE35854   Q19269      NAS14_CAEEL    503  
nas-15                    T04G9.2     CE38541   P55115      NAS15_CAEEL    571  
nas-16                    K03B8.1     CE51407   Q21180      NAS16_CAEEL    451  
nas-17                    K03B8.2     CE06076   Q21178      NAS17_CAEEL    429  
nas-18                    K03B8.3     CE51528   Q21179      NAS18_CAEEL    410  
nas-19                    K03B8.5     CE47588   Q21181      NAS19_CAEEL    396  
nas-20                    T11F9.3     CE35907   Q22396      NAS20_CAEEL    379  
nas-21                    T11F9.5     CE41929   Q22401      NAS21_CAEEL    380  
nas-22                    T11F9.6     CE44156   Q22398      NAS22_CAEEL    367  
nas-23                    R10H1.5     CE38212   Q7Z0M7      NAS23_CAEEL    537  
nas-24                    F20G2.4     CE35860   Q93542      NAS24_CAEEL    396  
nas-25                    F46C5.3     CE28935   Q20459      NAS25_CAEEL    399  
nas-27                    T23F4.4     CE36020   O17264      NAS27_CAEEL    428  
nas-28                    F42A10.8    CE38958   P98061      NAS28_CAEEL    497  
nas-29                    F58A6.4     CE42691   Q20958      NAS29_CAEEL    532  
nas-30                    Y95B8A.1a   CE54010   Q9N2V2      NAS30_CAEEL    741  
                          Y95B8A.1b   CE24691                                   
nas-31                    F58B4.1a    CE35881   Q7JLI1      NAS31_CAEEL    611  
                          F58B4.1b    CE35882                                   
nas-32                    T02B11.7    CE50805   O16977      NAS32_CAEEL    651  
nas-33                    K04E7.3     CE40705   P55114      NAS33_CAEEL    644  
nas-36                    C26C6.3     CE38281   Q18206      NAS36_CAEEL    617  
nas-37                    C17G1.6a    CE31417   Q93243      NAS37_CAEEL    765  
                          C17G1.6b    CE38034                                   
nas-38                    F57C12.1    CE31188   Q20942      NAS38_CAEEL    745  
nas-39                    F38E9.2     CE30977   Q20176      NAS39_CAEEL    951  
nasp-1                    C09H10.6    CE03007   Q17886      NASP1_CAEEL    382  
nath-10                   F55A12.8    CE11131   O01757      NAT10_CAEEL   1043  
ncbp-1     cbp-80         F37E3.1     CE29793   O01763      NCBP1_CAEEL    798  
ncbp-2     cbp-20         F26A3.2a    CE46329   Q93594      NCBP2_CAEEL    158  
                          F26A3.2b    CE46444                                   
                          F26A3.2c    CE46506                                   
ncl-1                     ZK112.2g    CE00373   P34611      NCL1_CAEEL     851  
ncr-1      npc-1          F02E8.6     CE29251   Q19127      NPC1A_CAEEL   1383  
ncr-2      npc-2          F09G8.4     CE24891   P34389      NPC1B_CAEEL   1274  
ncs-1                     C44C1.3     CE24845   P36608      NCS1_CAEEL     191  
ncs-2                     F10G8.5     CE09340   P36609      NCS2_CAEEL     190  
ncx-6                     C07A9.4     CE33595   P34315      NCX6_CAEEL     590  
ncx-7                     C07A9.11    CE39219   P34322      NCX7_CAEEL     672  
ncx-9                     C13D9.8     CE52885   O16242      NCX9_CAEEL     651  
ndc-80                    W01B6.9     CE06537   Q17635      NDC80_CAEEL    590  
ndfl-4     nd4l           MTCE.4      CE35354   P24886      NU4LM_CAEEL     77  
nduf-6                    F22D6.4     CE05685   Q19724      NDUS6_CAEEL    140  
nduf-7                    W10D5.2     CE14780   Q94360      NDUS7_CAEEL    199  
nduo-1     nd1            MTCE.11     CE34065   P24887      NU1M_CAEEL     291  
nduo-2     nd2            MTCE.16     CE35347   P24889      NU2M_CAEEL     282  
nduo-3     nd3            MTCE.34     CE35352   P24895      NU3M_CAEEL     111  
nduo-4     nd4            MTCE.25     CE35349   P24892      NU4M_CAEEL     409  
nduo-5     nd5            MTCE.35     CE35353   P24896      NU5M_CAEEL     527  
nduo-6     nd6            MTCE.3      CE34072   P24885      NU6M_CAEEL     144  
ndx-1                     T26E3.2     CE14186   O45830      NDX1_CAEEL     365  
ndx-2                     W02G9.1     CE18314   O61902      NDX2_CAEEL     223  
ndx-3                     Y38A8.1     CE45628   Q23236      NDX3_CAEEL     240  
ndx-4                     Y37H9A.6    CE20230   Q9U2M7      AP4A_CAEEL     138  
ndx-6                     EEED8.8     CE27911   Q09297      NDX6_CAEEL     260  
ndx-7                     C43E11.7    CE30504   P91148      NDX7_CAEEL     295  
ndx-8                     Y87G2A.14   CE23122   Q9NA25      NDX8_CAEEL     234  
ndx-9                     F13H10.2a   CE35474   Q19427      NPY1_CAEEL     374  
ned-8                     F45H11.2    CE10552   Q93725      NEDD8_CAEEL     77  
nekl-2                    ZC581.1     CE15235   O01775      NEKL2_CAEEL    357  
nekl-3     mlt-1          F19H6.1     CE31484   G5EFM9      NEKL3_CAEEL    302  
nekl-4                    D1044.8     CE39141   P84199      NEKL4_CAEEL    981  
nep-1                     ZK20.6      CE39118   Q18673      NEPL1_CAEEL    754  
nep-2                     T05A8.4     CE30162   O44857      NEPL2_CAEEL    736  
nep-11                    F18A12.8a   CE23669   O16796      NPL11_CAEEL    848  
                          F18A12.8b   CE32629                                   
nep-21                    T16A9.4a    CE18259   Q22523      NPL21_CAEEL    769  
nepr-1                    T19A6.3a    CE28962   Q9XXN3      NEPR1_CAEEL    140  
nfi-1                     ZK1290.4a   CE37597   Q5H9N3      NFI1_CAEEL     823  
                          ZK1290.4b   CE38016                                   
                          ZK1290.4c   CE38017                                   
nfki-1     nbid-1         C33A11.1    CE24824   G5EDE9      NFKI1_CAEEL    611  
nft-1                     Y56A3A.13   CE22580   O76463      NFT1_CAEEL     440  
nfx-1      tag-182        C16A3.7     CE04007   Q18034      NFX1_CAEEL    1119  
nfya-1                    T08D10.1    CE03642   G5EEG1      NFYA1_CAEEL    482  
nfya-2                    Y53H1A.5a   CE41285   Q5ZEP9      NFYA2_CAEEL    281  
                          Y53H1A.5b   CE37572                                   
                          Y53H1A.5c   CE46100                                   
nfyb-1                    W10D9.4a    CE14792   O17286      NFYB1_CAEEL    403  
                          W10D9.4b    CE51090                                   
nfyc-1                    F23F1.1a    CE27996   O17072      NFYC1_CAEEL    232  
                          F23F1.1b    CE50568                                   
ngn-1                     Y69A2AR.29  CE26560   Q95XG7      NGN1_CAEEL     184  
nhl-1                     F54G8.4a    CE05942   Q03601      NHL1_CAEEL     974  
nhr-1                     R09G11.2a   CE34353   Q21878      NHR1_CAEEL     445  
                          R09G11.2c   CE33812                                   
nhr-2                     C32F10.6    CE39002   Q10902      NHR2_CAEEL     472  
nhr-3                     H01A20.1    CE18798   Q9XTJ4      NHR3_CAEEL     463  
nhr-4                     F32B6.1     CE24934   O45436      NHR4_CAEEL     492  
nhr-5                     Y73F8A.21a  CE46694   Q9NA51      NHR5_CAEEL     672  
nhr-6      cnr-8; nr4a5   C48D5.1a    CE24859   P41829      NHR6_CAEEL     619  
                          C48D5.1b    CE42591                                   
nhr-7                     F54D1.4a    CE20866   Q20765      NHR7_CAEEL     536  
nhr-8                     F33D4.1a    CE33927   Q9XYB7      NHR8_CAEEL     560  
                          F33D4.1b    CE33928                                   
nhr-9                     ZK418.1     CE00731   Q23489      NHR9_CAEEL     332  
nhr-10                    B0280.8     CE00815   P41999      NHR10_CAEEL    395  
nhr-11                    ZC410.1a    CE26841   Q23294      NHR11_CAEEL    459  
                          ZC410.1b    CE47367                                   
nhr-12                    R04B5.4a    CE06214   Q21701      NHR12_CAEEL    453  
nhr-13                    Y5H2B.2a    CE26221   Q9N4Q7      NHR13_CAEEL    425  
                          Y5H2B.2b    CE36963                                   
nhr-14                    T01B10.4a   CE33818   O02151      NHR14_CAEEL    435  
                          T01B10.4b   CE33819                                   
nhr-16                    T12C9.6     CE28079   Q27521      NHR16_CAEEL    388  
nhr-18                    F44C8.3     CE30796   O16360      NHR18_CAEEL    394  
nhr-19                    E02H1.7     CE30271   Q09528      NHR19_CAEEL    477  
nhr-20                    F43C1.4     CE28025   Q09565      NHR20_CAEEL    457  
nhr-22                    K06A1.4     CE18017   Q09587      NHR22_CAEEL    579  
nhr-23     chr-3          C01H6.5a    CE24775   P41828      NHR23_CAEEL    588  
                          C01H6.5b    CE30478                                   
                          C01H6.5c    CE37806                                   
                          C01H6.5d    CE39084                                   
                          C01H6.5e    CE39085                                   
                          C01H6.5f    CE39086                                   
nhr-25                    F11C1.6a    CE03191   Q19345      NHR25_CAEEL    572  
                          F11C1.6b    CE35856                                   
nhr-28                    C11G6.4a    CE27061   Q17905      NHR28_CAEEL    437  
                          C11G6.4b    CE37954                                   
nhr-31                    C26B2.3a    CE17474   Q18192      NHR31_CAEEL    583  
                          C26B2.3c    CE37709                                   
nhr-34                    F58G6.5a    CE27764   Q21006      NHR34_CAEEL    631  
                          F58G6.5b    CE35564                                   
                          F58G6.5c    CE35565                                   
                          F58G6.5d    CE42612                                   
nhr-35                    C07A12.3a   CE30855   Q17771      NHR35_CAEEL    542  
                          C07A12.3b   CE38483                                   
nhr-40                    T03G6.2b    CE31228   Q22127      NHR40_CAEEL    450  
                          T03G6.2c    CE53506                                   
nhr-41     y104h12a.1/y77                       Q9N4B8      NHR41_CAEEL    615  
nhr-42                    C33G8.6     CE17496   O76828      NHR42_CAEEL    356  
nhr-44                    T19A5.4     CE13732   Q22555      NHR44_CAEEL    428  
nhr-47     csr-1          C24G6.4     CE27727   Q17370      NHR47_CAEEL    579  
nhr-48                    ZK662.3a    CE18456   Q94407      NHR48_CAEEL    817  
                          ZK662.3b    CE31141                                   
nhr-49                    K10C3.6a    CE12084   O45666      NHR49_CAEEL    501  
                          K10C3.6b    CE28943                                   
                          K10C3.6c    CE32693                                   
                          K10C3.6d    CE32694                                   
nhr-51                    K06B4.1     CE35582   O17927      NHR51_CAEEL    371  
nhr-52                    K06B4.2     CE11784   O17928      NHR52_CAEEL    338  
nhr-53                    K06B4.11    CE27770   O17933      NHR53_CAEEL    364  
nhr-54                    F36D3.2     CE15966   O45460      NHR54_CAEEL    422  
nhr-55                    T01G6.7     CE37786   O16962      NHR55_CAEEL    424  
nhr-57                    T05B4.2     CE13195   O16425      NHR57_CAEEL    374  
nhr-59                    T27B7.1a    CE30194   Q9TXJ1      NHR59_CAEEL    416  
nhr-60                    F57A10.5    CE16151   O17898      NHR60_CAEEL    443  
nhr-61                    W01D2.2a    CE20124   O62389      NHR61_CAEEL    412  
                          W01D2.2b    CE20125                                   
nhr-62                    Y67A6A.2a   CE27305   O02279      NHR62_CAEEL    515  
                          Y67A6A.2b   CE42745                                   
nhr-64                    C45E1.1a    CE39696   O44960      NHR64_CAEEL    369  
                          C45E1.1b    CE39697                                   
nhr-65                    Y17D7A.3a   CE16588   O45907      NHR65_CAEEL    401  
                          Y17D7A.3b   CE35061                                   
nhr-67                    C08F8.8     CE18491   Q9XVV3      NHR67_CAEEL    416  
nhr-68                    H12C20.3a   CE18808   Q9XXM8      NHR68_CAEEL    385  
nhr-69                    T23H4.2     CE32501   P91829      NHR69_CAEEL    373  
nhr-71                    K11E4.5a    CE28244   Q9GTD4      NHR71_CAEEL    579  
                          K11E4.5b    CE37391                                   
nhr-77                    T15D6.6     CE32209   O02316      NHR77_CAEEL    362  
nhr-79                    T26H2.9a    CE31072   O18141      NHR79_CAEEL    463  
nhr-85                    W05B5.3a    CE26023   Q9XUK7      NHR85_CAEEL    514  
                          W05B5.3b    CE20150                                   
nhr-86                    Y40B10A.8a  CE31110   Q965W2      NHR86_CAEEL    407  
nhr-89                    E03H4.13    CE09139   O02235      NHR89_CAEEL    310  
nhr-90                    ZK488.2     CE28191   O17025      NHR90_CAEEL    393  
nhr-91                    Y15E3A.1a   CE27779   Q9U2R6      NHR91_CAEEL    474  
                          Y15E3A.1b   CE38001                                   
nhr-96                    F44C8.11    CE35309   Q95X91      NHR96_CAEEL    402  
nhr-97                    H27C11.1a   CE31027   Q9BJK5      NHR97_CAEEL    439  
                          H27C11.1b   CE39262                                   
nhr-98                    M02H5.6     CE35342   Q966I0      NHR98_CAEEL    433  
nhr-100                   C28D4.1     CE28893   O17611      NH100_CAEEL    437  
nhr-103                   F44C8.4     CE27384   O16359      NH103_CAEEL    394  
nhr-106                   T01G6.4     CE27433   O16966      NH106_CAEEL    382  
nhr-108                   F35E8.12    CE15962   O45449      NH108_CAEEL    338  
nhr-111                   F44G3.9     CE35538   O45521      NH111_CAEEL    311  
nhr-114                   Y45G5AM.1a  CE33735   G5EEM0      NH114_CAEEL    418  
                          Y45G5AM.1d  CE51628                                   
nhr-115                   T27B7.4a    CE35785   O16662      NH115_CAEEL    391  
nhr-121                   E02H9.8a    CE30644   Q9TZ99      NH121_CAEEL    461  
nhr-124                   C17E7.8a    CE30728   O16391      NH124_CAEEL    376  
nhr-125                   R02D1.1a    CE30823   O17082      NH125_CAEEL    399  
nhr-127                   T13F3.3     CE35617   O18087      NH127_CAEEL    355  
nhr-130                   T01G6.8     CE18167   O16963      NH130_CAEEL    440  
nhr-133                   F44C8.8a    CE10392   O16354      NH133_CAEEL    406  
nhr-134                   F44C8.2     CE17823   O16361      NH134_CAEEL    407  
nhr-136                   C13C4.3a    CE39470   O01930      NH136_CAEEL    435  
nhr-150                   C06B8.1     CE07969   O17573      NH150_CAEEL    342  
nhr-153                   C13C4.1     CE52953   O01929      NH153_CAEEL    415  
nhr-154                   C13C4.2     CE40299   O01931      NH154_CAEEL    469  
nhr-164                   C41G6.5     CE51345   O17657      NH164_CAEEL    389  
nhr-167                   C49F5.4     CE08855   O17683      NH167_CAEEL    343  
nhr-169                   C54C8.1     CE36114   O17706      NH169_CAEEL    356  
nhr-174                   E03H4.6     CE42474   O17748      NH174_CAEEL    319  
nhr-197                   K06B4.7     CE25931   O17931      NH197_CAEEL    340  
nhr-199                   K06B4.10    CE11800   O17934      NH199_CAEEL    405  
nhr-213                   T06C12.13a  CE16363   O18048      NH213_CAEEL    414  
nhr-217                   T09E11.2    CE42165   O02305      NH217_CAEEL    383  
nhr-218                   T13F3.2a    CE41022   O18086      NH218_CAEEL    391  
nhr-268                   K06B4.6     CE42553   O17930      NH268_CAEEL    340  
nhx-2                     B0495.4     CE48832   Q8T5S1      NHX2_CAEEL     644  
nhx-3                     C54F6.13a   CE32044   O16452      NHX3_CAEEL     670  
                          C54F6.13b   CE08985                                   
nhx-9                     ZK822.3a    CE27559   P35449      NHX9_CAEEL     667  
                          ZK822.3b    CE27560                                   
                          ZK822.3c    CE28196                                   
nipi-3                    K09A9.1     CE42581   G5EED4      NIPI3_CAEEL    655  
nipi-4                    F40A3.5     CE44387   O16262      NIPI4_CAEEL    396  
nkb-1                     C17E4.9a    CE08258   Q93235      AT1B1_CAEEL    320  
nkb-3                     F55F3.3a    CE18746   Q9XUY5      AT1B3_CAEEL    317  
nlg-1                     C40C9.5a    CE18546   Q9XTG1      NLGN1_CAEEL    798  
                          C40C9.5b    CE32604                                   
nlp-1                     C01C4.1     CE29554   Q11088      NLP1_CAEEL     176  
nlp-7                     F18E9.2a    CE02659   Q19569      NLP7_CAEEL     121  
                          F18E9.2b    CE47167                                   
nlp-11                    ZK1320.10   CE01699   Q09367      NLP11_CAEEL    134  
nlp-28                    B0213.3     CE16774   O44665      NLP28_CAEEL     65  
nlp-29                    B0213.4     CE16775   O44664      NLP29_CAEEL     73  
nlp-30                    B0213.5     CE16776   O44663      NLP30_CAEEL     69  
nlp-31                    B0213.6     CE16777   O44662      NLP31_CAEEL     75  
nlp-32                    F30H5.2     CE01926   Q09982      NLP32_CAEEL    105  
nlp-33                    T19C4.7     CE27777   Q95ZN4      NLP33_CAEEL     74  
nlp-36                    B0464.3     CE00017   Q03561      NLP36_CAEEL     82  
nlp-38                    C01A2.7a    CE30236   G3MU46      NLP38_CAEEL    120  
                          C01A2.7b    CE46120                                   
nlp-40                    Y74C9A.2a   CE24660   Q9N4D8      NLP40_CAEEL    123  
                          Y74C9A.2b   CE49228                                   
nlp-68                    T21C12.3    CE26725   Q22634      NLP68_CAEEL    145  
nlr-1                     F20B10.1    CE40647   Q19617      NLR1_CAEEL    1180  
nlt-1                     ZK892.2     CE01725   Q23655      NLTP1_CAEEL    118  
nmad-1                    F09F7.7a    CE30655   Q8MNT9      NMAD1_CAEEL    291  
                          F09F7.7b    CE30656                                   
nmat-2                    F26H9.4     CE09709   P91851      NMNA2_CAEEL    223  
nmt-1                     T17E9.2a    CE01406   P46548      NMT_CAEEL      450  
nob-1                     Y75B8A.2a   CE51986   G5EFY5      NOB1_CAEEL     243  
                          Y75B8A.2b   CE52032                                   
noca-1                    T09E8.1a    CE31987   G5EEK3      NOCA1_CAEEL    922  
                          T09E8.1b    CE31988                                   
                          T09E8.1c    CE41451                                   
                          T09E8.1d    CE31990                                   
                          T09E8.1e    CE47381                                   
                          T09E8.1f    CE39958                                   
                          T09E8.1g    CE48378                                   
                          T09E8.1h    CE51088                                   
                          T09E8.1i    CE11698                                   
nog-1                     T07A9.9     CE17218   O44411      NOG1_CAEEL     681  
nol-9                     K09B11.2a   CE19989   Q9U3B6      NOL9_CAEEL     549  
                          K09B11.2b   CE44574                                   
nol-16                    ZK265.6     CE15299   Q94402      NOP16_CAEEL    189  
nol-56                    K07C5.4     CE06114   Q21276      NOP56_CAEEL    486  
nola-3                    C25A1.6     CE27803   Q9XVR8      NOP10_CAEEL     64  
nop-1                     F25B5.2a    CE01919   Q09314      NOP1_CAEEL     759  
                          F25B5.2b    CE49498                                   
nphp-1                    M28.7       CE16278   O17972      NPHP1_CAEEL    682  
npl-4.1                   F59E12.4a   CE28572   H2KYU6      NPL41_CAEEL    529  
                          F59E12.4b   CE28573                                   
npl-4.2                   F59E12.5a   CE11526   Q95QZ9      NPL42_CAEEL    529  
                          F59E12.5b   CE28574                                   
npp-5                     F07A11.3    CE03145   Q19131      NPP5_CAEEL     813  
npp-10                    ZK328.5a    CE44281   G5EEH9      NUP98_CAEEL   1678  
                          ZK328.5b    CE44292                                   
                          ZK328.5c    CE44327                                   
npp-14                    C03D6.4     CE05198   Q17602      NU214_CAEEL   1390  
npp-15     nup133         C29E4.4     CE46384   P34343      NU133_CAEEL   1129  
npp-18                    Y43F4B.4    CE16629   O45933      SEH1_CAEEL     363  
npp-19                    R06F6.5a    CE01621   Q09601      NUP35_CAEEL    381  
                          R06F6.5b    CE18121                                   
npp-20     cesec13r       Y77E11A.13a CE25614   Q9N4A7      SEC13_CAEEL    313  
                          Y77E11A.13b CE25615                                   
npp-22     ndc-1          B0240.4     CE31866   Q8I4N3      NDC1_CAEEL     588  
npp-24                    ZK177.4     CE29069   Q09372      NPP24_CAEEL    655  
npp-25                    Y37D8A.17a  CE20221   Q9XWV0      TMM33_CAEEL    271  
npr-8                     C56G3.1a    CE04283   Q18904      NPR8_CAEEL     490  
npr-9                     ZK455.3     CE53640   Q23497      NPR9_CAEEL     431  
npr-11                    C25G6.5     CE47199   Q18179      NPR11_CAEEL    402  
npr-15                    T27D1.3     CE43181   Q09638      NPR15_CAEEL    345  
npr-18                    C43C3.2a    CE01524   Q09502      NPR18_CAEEL    498  
npr-22                    Y59H11AL.1a CE31260   Q59E83      NPR22_CAEEL    434  
                          Y59H11AL.1b CE38456                                   
npr-29                    ZC84.4      CE24711   Q03613      NPR29_CAEEL    395  
nprl-3                    F35H10.7a   CE04507   Q20069      NPRL3_CAEEL    511  
nprt-1                    Y54G2A.17a  CE46116   Q95XX1      PNCB_CAEEL     562  
                          Y54G2A.17b  CE46281                                   
                          Y54G2A.17c  CE33887                                   
nra-1                     T28F3.1a    CE19806   Q9XUB9      NRA1_CAEEL     634  
                          T28F3.1b    CE09683                                   
nra-2                     T05F1.1a    CE13267   A5JYX8      NCLN_CAEEL     563  
                          T05F1.1b    CE41012                                   
nra-4                     C02E11.1a   CE28528   H2KYE0      NRA4_CAEEL    1123  
                          C02E11.1b   CE32040                                   
nrde-2                    T01E8.5     CE18165   G5EG51      NRDE2_CAEEL   1270  
nrde-3                    R04A9.2     CE04789   Q21691      NRDE3_CAEEL   1057  
nrf-5                     F55B12.5    CE32438   Q93796      NRF5_CAEEL     551  
nrf-6                     C08B11.4    CE27798   Q09225      NRF6_CAEEL     822  
nrfl-1     mpz-2; tag-60  C01F6.6a    CE30847   G5EDM4      NHRF1_CAEEL    467  
                          C01F6.6b    CE30848                                   
                          C01F6.6c    CE39888                                   
                          C01F6.6d    CE39889                                   
                          C01F6.6e    CE39890                                   
                          C01F6.6f    CE47486                                   
                          C01F6.6g    CE47559                                   
                          C01F6.6h    CE49694                                   
                          C01F6.6i    CE49735                                   
                          C01F6.6j    CE49636                                   
nsf-1                     H15N14.2a   CE19925   Q94392      NSF_CAEEL      824  
nst-1                     K01C8.9     CE02270   Q21086      GNL3_CAEEL     556  
nstp-10                   C50F4.14a   CE30910   Q968A5      FUC10_CAEEL    363  
nsun-1     nol-1; nol-2   W07E6.1a    CE28259   Q9TYV5      NSUN1_CAEEL    664  
                          W07E6.1b    CE51106                                   
nsun-4                    Y39G10AR.21 CE28981   Q95XR2      NSUN4_CAEEL    465  
                          Y39G10AR.21 CE49666                                   
                          Y39G10AR.21 CE49707                                   
nsun-5                    Y53F4B.4a   CE39655   Q9NAA7      NSUN5_CAEEL    439  
                          Y53F4B.4b   CE35679                                   
                          Y53F4B.4c   CE49086                                   
nsy-1                     F59A6.1a    CE44901   Q21029      NSY1_CAEEL    1498  
nsy-7                     C18F3.4a    CE42065   H2KYW5      NSY7_CAEEL     294  
                          C18F3.4b    CE49558                                   
ntc-1                     F39C12.4    CE38818   Q4R128      NTC1_CAEEL     103  
nth-1                     R10E4.5a    CE44645   P54137      NTH_CAEEL      298  
                          R10E4.5b    CE44659                                   
                          R10E4.5c    CE44689                                   
                          R10E4.5d    CE44095                                   
ntp-1                     C33H5.14a   CE49527   Q18411      NTP1_CAEEL     543  
                          C33H5.14b   CE49492                                   
ntr-1                     T07D10.2    CE13377   O02300      NTR1_CAEEL     379  
ntr-2                     F14F4.1     CE17670   O62169      NTR2_CAEEL     398  
nuaf-1                    C50B8.3     CE08883   Q18726      CIA30_CAEEL    340  
nubp-1                    F10G8.6     CE30749   Q93459      NUBP1_CAEEL    313  
nuc-1                     C07B5.5     CE00895   Q17778      NUC1_CAEEL     375  
nud-2                     R11A5.2     CE12724   O45717      NUD2_CAEEL     293  
num-1      cka-1          T03D8.1a    CE18918   Q9XTY6      NUMB1_CAEEL    593  
                          T03D8.1b    CE18919                                   
                          T03D8.1c    CE30563                                   
nurf-1                    F26H11.2a   CE46896   Q6BER5      NU301_CAEEL   2194  
                          F26H11.2b   CE46841                                   
                          F26H11.2c   CE47064                                   
                          F26H11.2d   CE42388                                   
                          F26H11.2e   CE15909                                   
                          F26H11.2f   CE15910                                   
                          F26H11.2g   CE37638                                   
                          F26H11.2h   CE42387                                   
nxf-1                     C15H11.3a   CE08180   Q9XVS7      NXF1_CAEEL     628  
nxf-2      nfx-2          C15H11.6    CE36102   Q9XVS8      NXF2_CAEEL     405  
nxt-1      nxt1           Y71F9AM.5a  CE26780   Q9U757      NXT1_CAEEL     137  
oatr-1                    C16A3.10    CE04010   Q18040      OAT_CAEEL      422  
oaz-1                     ZK484.1a    CE41745   Q9NHZ6      OAZ_CAEEL      159  
                          ZK484.1b    CE41746                                   
oct-1                     F52F12.1a   CE41244   Q9U539      OCT1_CAEEL     585  
                          F52F12.1b   CE29329                                   
odc-1                     K11C4.4     CE12114   P41931      DCOR_CAEEL     422  
odd-1                     B0280.4     CE34633   P41995      ODD1_CAEEL     242  
odd-2                     C34H3.2     CE23571   Q9N5X6      ODD2_CAEEL     254  
odr-1      gcy-10         R01E6.1a    CE27430   B1Q257      GCY10_CAEEL   1067  
                          R01E6.1b    CE44132                                   
odr-3                     C34D1.3     CE08571   Q18434      GPA17_CAEEL    356  
odr-4                     Y102E9.1a   CE28101   Q8I7F8      ODR4_CAEEL     475  
                          Y102E9.1b   CE32953                                   
                          Y102E9.1c   CE32954                                   
odr-7                     T18D3.2     CE03663   P41933      ODR7_CAEEL     457  
odr-8      ufsp-2         F38A5.1a    CE10028   Q94218      UFSP_CAEEL     589  
                          F38A5.1b    CE33641                                   
odr-10                    C53B7.5     CE26361   Q18807      ODR10_CAEEL    339  
ogdh-1                    T22B11.5a   CE28486   O61199      ODO1_CAEEL    1029  
ogdh-2                    ZK836.2a    CE35706   Q23629      DHTK1_CAEEL    911  
ogt-1                     K04G7.3a    CE25042   O18158      OGT1_CAEEL    1151  
oig-1                     C09E7.3     CE23536   Q9N5Z2      OIG1_CAEEL     137  
oig-4                     R07G3.9     CE37545   Q5WRU0      OIG4_CAEEL     155  
ola-1      tag-210        W08E3.3a    CE14708   P91917      OLA1_CAEEL     395  
old-1      tkr-1          C08H9.5     CE45789   Q17833      OLD1_CAEEL     502  
oma-1      moe-1          C09G9.6     CE03005   G5EC86      MOE1_CAEEL     407  
oma-2      moe-2          ZC513.6     CE07613   Q23359      MOE2_CAEEL     393  
ooc-5                     C18E9.11a   CE28283   Q95NU5      TORS_CAEEL     356  
                          C18E9.11b   CE28284                                   
orai-1                    C09F5.2b    CE01774   Q09232      ORAI_CAEEL     293  
orc-2                     F59E10.1    CE11492   Q21037      ORC2_CAEEL     430  
osg-1                     R02F2.2     CE39517   Q21653      OSG1_CAEEL    1182  
osgl-1                    C01G10.10a  CE20480   Q93170      OSGP2_CAEEL    421  
osm-1                     T27B1.1     CE41845   Q22830      OSM1_CAEEL    1737  
osm-3                     M02B7.3a    CE31567   P46873      OSM3_CAEEL     699  
                          M02B7.3b    CE31568                                   
osm-8                     R07G3.6     CE50739   Q09423      OSM8_CAEEL     331  
osm-11                    F11C7.5     CE17657   O45346      OSM11_CAEEL    189  
osm-12     bbs-7          Y75B8A.12   CE23024   Q9XW70      BBS7_CAEEL     721  
ost-1      sparc          C44B12.2a   CE08703   P34714      SPRC_CAEEL     264  
osta-1                    C01B12.4    CE34642   O17204      OSTA1_CAEEL    384  
osta-2                    C18A3.4a    CE01796   Q18071      OSTA2_CAEEL    342  
osta-3                    W01D2.5a    CE20128   Q9XU63      OSTA3_CAEEL    348  
ostb-1                    T09A5.11    CE01081   P45971      OST48_CAEEL    445  
ostd-1                    M01A10.3    CE12232   P91390      RPN2_CAEEL     280  
otub-1                    C25D7.8     CE08394   Q9XVR6      OTUBL_CAEEL    284  
oxy-4                     Y54H5A.4    CE29883   Q9N392      NARF_CAEEL     457  
paa-1                     F48E8.5     CE30997   Q09543      2AAA_CAEEL     590  
pac-1      gap            C04D8.1a    CE43148   P34288      PAC1_CAEEL    1605  
                          C04D8.1b    CE42977                                   
pacs-1                    B0286.3     CE03863   Q10457      PUR6_CAEEL     423  
pad-1                     Y18D10A.13  CE27468   Q9XW10      PAD1_CAEEL    2417  
pad-2                     K10G9.3a    CE31715   Q8WR51      OFUT2_CAEEL    424  
paf-2                     C52B9.7a    CE30264   Q22943      PAFA_CAEEL     388  
                          C52B9.7b    CE30265                                   
pafo-1                    C55A6.9     CE20614   P90783      PAF1_CAEEL     425  
pah-1      bas-2          K08F8.4a    CE21050   P90925      PH4H_CAEEL     457  
                          K08F8.4b    CE47563                                   
pak-1                     C09B8.7a    CE27670   Q17850      PK1_CAEEL      572  
                          C09B8.7b    CE06792                                   
                          C09B8.7c    CE33559                                   
                          C09B8.7e    CE33561                                   
pak-2                     C45B11.1a   CE40445   G5EFU0      PK2_CAEEL      522  
                          C45B11.1b   CE40446                                   
pal-1      ceh-3          C38D4.6a    CE27837   P34766      PAL1_CAEEL     270  
                          C38D4.6b    CE05383                                   
                          C38D4.6c    CE44166                                   
pam-1                     F49E8.3a    CE10790   Q4TT88      PSA_CAEEL      948  
                          F49E8.3b    CE37649                                   
pamn-1                    T19B4.1     CE39282   P83388      AMDL_CAEEL     663  
pan-1                     M88.6a      CE47659   Q9U3A0      PAN1_CAEEL     594  
                          M88.6b      CE23886                                   
                          M88.6c      CE48435                                   
panl-3     pan3           ZK632.7     CE37601   P34653      PAN3_CAEEL     632  
paqr-1                    C43G2.1a    CE27848   Q94177      ADRL_CAEEL     434  
par-1                     H39E23.1a   CE23838   Q9TW45      PAR1_CAEEL    1192  
                          H39E23.1b   CE27768                                   
                          H39E23.1c   CE40085                                   
                          H39E23.1d   CE44808                                   
                          H39E23.1e   CE44733                                   
                          H39E23.1f   CE45159                                   
                          H39E23.1g   CE45263                                   
                          H39E23.1h   CE45267                                   
                          H39E23.1i   CE45299                                   
                          H39E23.1j   CE46555                                   
                          H39E23.1k   CE46628                                   
                          H39E23.1l   CE48381                                   
par-3                     F54E7.3a    CE28449   Q17353      PAR3_CAEEL    1379  
                          F54E7.3b    CE28450                                   
                          F54E7.3c    CE39941                                   
par-4                     Y59A8B.14a  CE27410   Q9GN62      PAR4_CAEEL     617  
                          Y59A8B.14b  CE46046                                   
                          Y59A8B.14c  CE46081                                   
par-5      ftt-1          M117.2a     CE06200   P41932      14331_CAEEL    248  
par-6                     T26E3.3a    CE28089   Q9NAN2      PAR6_CAEEL     309  
                          T26E3.3b    CE40130                                   
parg-1     pme-3          F20C5.1a    CE33775   Q867X0      PARG1_CAEEL    781  
                          F20C5.1b    CE32867                                   
parg-2     pme-4          H23L24.5    CE32685   Q9N5L4      PARG2_CAEEL    485  
parn-1                    K10C8.1     CE39514   Q21412      PARN1_CAEEL    566  
parp-1     pme-1          Y71F9AL.18  CE25556   Q9N4H4      PARP1_CAEEL    945  
parp-2     pme-2          E02H1.4     CE01539   Q09525      PARP2_CAEEL    538  
pas-1                     C15H11.7    CE08184   O17586      PSA6_CAEEL     246  
pas-2                     D1054.2     CE05521   Q27488      PSA2_CAEEL     231  
pas-3                     Y110A7A.14  CE30307   Q9N599      PSA4_CAEEL     250  
pas-4                     C36B1.4     CE05371   Q95005      PSA7_CAEEL     253  
pas-5                     F25H2.9     CE09654   Q95008      PSA5_CAEEL     248  
pas-6                     CD4.6       CE16954   O44156      PSA1_CAEEL     260  
pas-7                     ZK945.2     CE36420   Q09583      PSA3_CAEEL     250  
pat-2                     F54F2.1     CE00194   P34446      PAT2_CAEEL    1226  
pat-3                     ZK1058.2    CE01102   Q27874      PAT3_CAEEL     809  
pat-4                     C29F9.7     CE19706   Q9TZC4      ILKH_CAEEL     466  
pat-6                     T21D12.4    CE18268   O16785      PARV_CAEEL     375  
pat-12                    T17H7.4a    CE28670   Q95QA6      PAT12_CAEEL    663  
                          T17H7.4b    CE28671                                   
                          T17H7.4c    CE28672                                   
                          T17H7.4d    CE35016                                   
                          T17H7.4e    CE31612                                   
                          T17H7.4f    CE31613                                   
                          T17H7.4g    CE31614                                   
                          T17H7.4h    CE31615                                   
                          T17H7.4i    CE31616                                   
                          T17H7.4j    CE31617                                   
                          T17H7.4k    CE31618                                   
                          T17H7.4l    CE33939                                   
patr-1                    F43G6.9     CE18675   Q20374      PATR1_CAEEL    833  
pax-3                     F27E5.2     CE35862   G5ED66      PAX3_CAEEL     308  
paxt-1                    R05D11.6    CE32473   Q21738      PAXT1_CAEEL    335  
pbo-4      nhx-7          K09C8.1     CE31034   G5EBK1      PBO4_CAEEL     783  
pbo-5      lgc-2          Y44A6E.1a   CE32021   G5ECT0      PBO5_CAEEL     509  
                          Y44A6E.1b   CE37284                                   
pbo-6      lgc-3          F11C7.1     CE42343   Q19351      PBO6_CAEEL     422  
pbs-3                     Y38A8.2     CE07571   Q23237      PSB3_CAEEL     204  
pbs-4                     T20F5.2     CE13818   P91477      PSB2_CAEEL     199  
pbs-5                     K05C4.1     CE19969   Q9XUV0      PBS5_CAEEL     284  
pbs-6                     C02F5.9     CE26745   P34286      PSB1_CAEEL     258  
pcbd-1                    T10B11.1    CE39768   Q9TZH6      PHS_CAEEL      142  
pcca-1                    F27D9.5     CE04451   Q19842      PCCA_CAEEL     724  
pcf-11                    R144.2a     CE02032   Q09345      PCF11_CAEEL    823  
pch-2                     F10B5.5     CE01547   Q09535      PCH2_CAEEL     424  
pcm-1                     C10F3.5a    CE08070   Q27873      PIMT_CAEEL     225  
pcn-1                     W03D2.4     CE14512   O02115      PCNA_CAEEL     263  
pcp-1                     ZK112.1     CE25679   P34610      PCP1_CAEEL     565  
pcp-5      tag-282        ZK688.6a    CE00464   P34676      PCP5_CAEEL     507  
                          ZK688.6b    CE29648                                   
pcs-1                     F54D5.1a    CE40964   A5JYS0      PCS1_CAEEL     426  
                          F54D5.1b    CE40965                                   
pct-1                     C07G1.3a    CE06779   Q8I7M8      CDK17_CAEEL    667  
                          C07G1.3c    CE32571                                   
pdcd-2                    R07E5.10b   CE03534   A5JYQ9      VMA21_CAEEL    102  
pde-1                     T04D3.3a    CE16340   O18696      PDE1_CAEEL     664  
pde-2                     R08D7.6a    CE44867   P30645      PDE2_CAEEL     831  
                          R08D7.6b    CE44922                                   
pde-3                     E01F3.1a    CE32847   Q8I0P7      PDE3_CAEEL     678  
                          E01F3.1b    CE43375                                   
                          E01F3.1c    CE43353                                   
                          E01F3.1d    CE43321                                   
                          E01F3.1e    CE44810                                   
pde-4                     R153.1a     CE02038   Q22000      PDE4_CAEEL     674  
                          R153.1b     CE28641                                   
                          R153.1c     CE32060                                   
                          R153.1d     CE33438                                   
                          R153.1e     CE33439                                   
                          R153.1f     CE33440                                   
pde-5                     C32E12.2    CE45692   P91119      PDE5_CAEEL     728  
pde-6                     Y95B8A.10a  CE23151   Q9N2V9      PDE6_CAEEL     760  
pdfr-1     seb-1          C13B9.4a    CE30860   Q09460      PDFR1_CAEEL    546  
                          C13B9.4b    CE37087                                   
                          C13B9.4c    CE37088                                   
pdhb-1                    C04C3.3     CE27647   O44451      ODPB_CAEEL     352  
pdhk-2                    ZK370.5     CE00397   Q02332      PDHK2_CAEEL    401  
pdi-1                     C14B1.1     CE00897   Q17967      PDI1_CAEEL     485  
pdi-2                     C07A12.4    CE03972   Q17770      PDI2_CAEEL     493  
pdi-6      tag-320        B0403.4     CE03880   Q11067      PDIA6_CAEEL    440  
pdk-1                     H42K12.1a   CE28739   Q9Y1J3      PDPK1_CAEEL    636  
                          H42K12.1b   CE28740                                   
pdl-1                     C27H5.1     CE01175   Q18268      PDL1_CAEEL     159  
pdxk-1                    F57C9.1a    CE46957   O01824      PDXK_CAEEL     321  
pef-1                     F23H11.8a   CE27999   G5EBX9      PPE_CAEEL      707  
                          F23H11.8b   CE30662                                   
                          F23H11.8c   CE43732                                   
pek-1                     F46C3.1     CE18695   Q19192      E2AKA_CAEEL   1077  
pelo-1                    R74.6       CE01059   P50444      PELO_CAEEL     381  
pen-2                     T28D6.9     CE24023   Q9U357      PEN2_CAEEL     101  
pept-1     cptb; opt-2    K04E7.2     CE25039   Q21219      PEPT1_CAEEL    835  
pept-2     cpta; opt-1    C06G8.2     CE28887   Q17758      PEPT2_CAEEL    785  
pept-3     opt-3          F56F4.5     CE11268   O01840      PEPT3_CAEEL    701  
pes-10                    Y46G5A.27   CE21976   P41991      PES10_CAEEL    407  
pezo-1                    C10C5.1a    CE49845   A0A061ACU2  PIEZ1_CAEEL   2442  
                          C10C5.1b    CE49903                                   
                          C10C5.1c    CE49745                                   
                          C10C5.1d    CE49867                                   
                          C10C5.1e    CE49888                                   
                          C10C5.1f    CE49932                                   
                          C10C5.1g    CE49794                                   
                          C10C5.1h    CE49859                                   
                          C10C5.1i    CE48356                                   
                          C10C5.1j    CE48376                                   
                          C10C5.1k    CE49828                                   
                          C10C5.1l    CE23991                                   
pfas-1                    F10F2.2     CE44312   Q19311      PUR4_CAEEL    1324  
pfd-1                     C08F8.1a    CE05248   Q17827      PFD1_CAEEL     117  
                          C08F8.1b    CE45776                                   
pfd-2      tag-355        H20J04.5    CE23815   Q9N5M2      PFD2_CAEEL     141  
pfd-3      vbp-1          T06G6.9     CE13349   O18054      PFD3_CAEEL     185  
pfd-4      tag-317        B0035.4     CE05162   Q17435      PFD4_CAEEL     126  
pfd-5                     R151.9      CE00827   Q21993      PFD5_CAEEL     152  
pfd-6                     F21C3.5     CE05680   P52554      PFD6_CAEEL     126  
pfk-1.1                   Y71H10A.1a  CE28266   Q9TZL8      PFKA1_CAEEL    814  
pfk-1.2                   C50F4.2     CE05467   Q27483      PFKA2_CAEEL    756  
pfkb-1.2                  K02B2.1     CE30082   Q21122      F2612_CAEEL    457  
pfn-1                     Y18D10A.20  CE21418   Q9XW16      PROF1_CAEEL    132  
pfn-2                     F35C8.6     CE39098   Q20025      PROF2_CAEEL    131  
pfn-3                     K03E6.6     CE07332   Q21193      PROF3_CAEEL    126  
pfs-2                     R06A4.9a    CE21113   U4PCM1      WDR33_CAEEL    809  
                          R06A4.9b    CE48640                                   
                          R06A4.9c    CE53932                                   
pgal-1                    F21F3.1     CE32870   P91268      PGAL_CAEEL     350  
pgam-5                    R07G3.5     CE31979   Q09422      PGAM5_CAEEL    284  
pgap-2     tag-189        T04A8.12    CE43481   Q22141      PGAP2_CAEEL    263  
pghm-1                    Y71G12B.4   CE26253   Q95XM2      PHM_CAEEL      324  
pgk-1                     T03F1.3     CE13100   P91427      PGK_CAEEL      417  
pgl-1                     ZK381.4a    CE25689   Q9TZQ3      PGL1_CAEEL     730  
pgl-2                     B0523.3     CE20462   P34266      PGL2_CAEEL     532  
pgl-3                     C18G1.4a    CE17420   G5EBV6      PGL3_CAEEL     693  
                          C18G1.4b    CE27717                                   
pgp-1                     K08E7.9     CE11932   P34712      PGP1_CAEEL    1321  
pgp-3                     ZK455.7     CE03818   P34713      PGP3_CAEEL    1268  
pha-4      fkh-1          F38A6.1a    CE15998   Q17381      PHA4_CAEEL     506  
                          F38A6.1b    CE40228                                   
                          F38A6.1c    CE40229                                   
phb-1                     Y37E3.9     CE26775   Q9BKU4      PHB1_CAEEL     275  
phb-2                     T24H7.1     CE40718   P50093      PHB2_CAEEL     294  
phg-1      phas-1         F27E5.4     CE30964   Q09553      GAS1_CAEEL     228  
phlp-2                    F43C1.1     CE51952   Q09564      PHLPP_CAEEL   1126  
phm-2                     F32B4.4a    CE46007   O62203      PHM2_CAEEL    1073  
                          F32B4.4b    CE34301                                   
                          F32B4.4c    CE46087                                   
pho-1                     EGAP2.3     CE04325   Q19076      PHO1_CAEEL     449  
pho-5                     B0361.7     CE32100   Q10944      PHO5_CAEEL     422  
pho-10                    C05C10.1    CE42840   Q09448      PHO10_CAEEL    411  
pho-11                    C05C10.4    CE17370   Q09451      PHO11_CAEEL    413  
php-3                     Y75B8A.1    CE28148   Q9XW88      PHP3_CAEEL     275  
phy-2                     F35G2.4     CE05811   Q20065      P4HA2_CAEEL    539  
picc-1                    F29G9.2a    CE27374   H2KYP0      PICC1_CAEEL    535  
                          F29G9.2b    CE09796                                   
pid-1                     F18A1.8     CE04408   Q19541      PID1_CAEEL     169  
pid-2      zsp-1          Y48G1C.1    CE30019   Q9N3P1      PID2_CAEEL     454  
pid-3      pics-1         Y23H5A.3    CE18359   O76616      PID3_CAEEL     307  
pid-4                     W03G9.2     CE14556   O44749      PID4_CAEEL     515  
pid-5                     Y45G5AM.2a  CE31111   Q9GUI6      PID5_CAEEL    1061  
                          Y45G5AM.2c  CE51642                                   
                          Y45G5AM.2d  CE51609                                   
pie-1      pic-1          Y49E10.14a  CE28134   Q94131      PIE1_CAEEL     335  
                          Y49E10.14b  CE45773                                   
pig-1                     W03G1.6a    CE40473   U4PR86      MELK_CAEEL     706  
                          W03G1.6b    CE40474                                   
                          W03G1.6c    CE48676                                   
                          W03G1.6d    CE49097                                   
                          W03G1.6e    CE48957                                   
                          W03G1.6f    CE48801                                   
                          W03G1.6g    CE48617                                   
                          W03G1.6h    CE49061                                   
pigk-1     hpo-4          T05E11.6    CE40776   P49048      GPI8_CAEEL     319  
pigv-1                    T09B4.1     CE13457   O02164      PIGV1_CAEEL    672  
pik-1                     K09B11.1a   CE31033   G5ECP4      PIK1_CAEEL     485  
                          K09B11.1b   CE45959                                   
piki-1                    F39B1.1     CE05832   G5EDY0      PIKI1_CAEEL   1607  
pin-2                     F07C6.1a    CE47311   Q19157      PIN2_CAEEL     330  
                          F07C6.1b    CE47192                                   
pink-1                    EEED8.9     CE28904   Q09298      PINK1_CAEEL    641  
pir-1                     T23G7.5a    CE48135   Q22707      DUS11_CAEEL    233  
pkc-1      kin-13; pkc-1b F57F5.5a    CE29092   P34885      KPC1B_CAEEL    707  
                          F57F5.5b    CE46445                                   
pkc-2      kin-11         E01H11.1a   CE30927   P90980      KPC2_CAEEL     682  
                          E01H11.1b   CE30928                                   
                          E01H11.1c   CE30929                                   
pkc-3      apkc           F09E5.1     CE02604   Q19266      KPC3_CAEEL     597  
pkd-2      pdk-2          Y73F8A.1    CE38663   Q9U1S7      PKD2_CAEEL     716  
plc-1                     F31B12.1a   CE28227   G5EFI8      PLCE1_CAEEL   1898  
                          F31B12.1b   CE31494                                   
                          F31B12.1c   CE31495                                   
                          F31B12.1d   CE42555                                   
                          F31B12.1e   CE42678                                   
plc-3                     T01E8.3     CE42905   Q22070      PLCG_CAEEL    1350  
plin-1     mdt-28         W01A8.1a    CE18303   A8WHP8      PLIN1_CAEEL    418  
                          W01A8.1b    CE06531                                   
                          W01A8.1c    CE41705                                   
plk-1      plc1           C14B9.4a    CE26649   P34331      PLK1_CAEEL     649  
                          C14B9.4b    CE30602                                   
plk-2                     Y71F9B.7    CE22877   Q9N2L7      PLK2_CAEEL     632  
plk-3      plc2           F55G1.8     CE07285   Q20845      PLK3_CAEEL     615  
plp-1                     F45E4.2     CE10494   Q94230      PLP1_CAEEL     226  
plpp-1.2                  T28D9.3a    CE02068   Q10022      PLP12_CAEEL    341  
plr-1                     Y47D3B.11   CE33946   Q9U2B7      PLR1_CAEEL     487  
plx-2                     K04B12.1    CE41510   O45657      PLX2_CAEEL    1766  
pmk-1                     B0218.3     CE06686   Q17446      PMK1_CAEEL     377  
pmk-2                     F42G8.3a    CE49565   Q8MXI4      PMK2_CAEEL     419  
                          F42G8.3b    CE34862                                   
pmk-3                     F42G8.4a    CE29318   O44514      PMK3_CAEEL     474  
pmt-1                     ZK622.3a    CE33504   Q23552      PMT1_CAEEL     475  
                          ZK622.3b    CE29162                                   
                          ZK622.3d    CE33505                                   
pmt-2                     F54D11.1    CE11068   Q22993      PMT2_CAEEL     437  
png-1                     F56G4.5     CE23786   Q9TW67      NGLY1_CAEEL    606  
pno-1                     Y53C12B.2   CE14896   O18216      PNO1_CAEEL     277  
pole-2                    F08B4.5     CE49630   Q19196      DPOE2_CAEEL    534  
polk-1                    F22B7.6a    CE41638   P34409      POLK_CAEEL     596  
                          F22B7.6b    CE41639                                   
polq-1                    W03A3.2     CE38982   A0FLQ6      DPOLQ_CAEEL   1661  
pop-1                     W10C8.2     CE46967   Q10666      POP1_CAEEL     438  
pot-1      ceob2          B0280.10a   CE52581   P42001      POT1_CAEEL     400  
                          B0280.10b   CE52643                                   
                          B0280.10c   CE52474                                   
pot-2      ceob1          F57C2.3     CE16154   O45595      POT2_CAEEL     251  
ppfr-1                    F16A11.3a   CE37103   G5ECH5      PP4R1_CAEEL   1562  
                          F16A11.3b   CE37104                                   
                          F16A11.3d   CE44414                                   
ppfr-4                    Y71H2B.3    CE24630   Q9N4E9      PP4RS_CAEEL    327  
pph-4.1                   Y75B8A.30   CE23041   Q9XW79      PP4C1_CAEEL    333  
pph-4.2                   Y49E10.3a   CE22221   Q9XTT8      PP4C2_CAEEL    321  
pph-5                     Y39B6A.2a   CE36619   Q9NES8      PPP5_CAEEL     496  
pph-6                     C34C12.3    CE31433   Q09496      PPP6_CAEEL     331  
ppm-1.a                   F25D1.1a    CE05722   Q19775      PPM1A_CAEEL    468  
                          F25D1.1b    CE36134                                   
                          F25D1.1c    CE41642                                   
ppm-1.g                   F42G9.1a    CE07231   P49595      PPM1G_CAEEL    491  
                          F42G9.1b    CE30788                                   
ppm-2                     T23F11.1    CE24009   P49596      PP2C2_CAEEL    356  
ppt-1                     F44C4.5     CE47017   Q20390      PPT1_CAEEL     298  
pptr-1                    W08G11.4    CE32003   O18178      2A51_CAEEL     542  
pqe-1                     F52C9.8a    CE30802   Q10124      PQE1_CAEEL    1647  
                          F52C9.8b    CE30998                                   
                          F52C9.8c    CE30672                                   
                          F52C9.8f    CE30675                                   
                          F52C9.8g    CE39256                                   
pqm-1                     F40F8.7     CE05846   G5EFY7      PQM1_CAEEL     295  
pqn-8                     C05B5.3     CE51442   P34291      PQN8_CAEEL     401  
pqn-25                    D1044.3     CE29743   P41951      PQN25_CAEEL    672  
pqn-41                    F53A3.4a    CE44019   C7IVR4      PQN41_CAEEL   2049  
                          F53A3.4b    CE44055                                   
                          F53A3.4c    CE44091                                   
                          F53A3.4d    CE48496                                   
pqn-96                    ZK1236.6    CE00383   P34622      PQN96_CAEEL    206  
prde-1                    F21A3.5     CE44026   O17828      PRDE1_CAEEL    526  
prdh-1     prodh          B0513.5a    CE37309   O45228      PROD_CAEEL     616  
                          B0513.5b    CE49937                                   
prdx-2     prx2; tag-56   F09E5.15a   CE32361   A0A0K3AUJ9  PRDX_CAEEL     201  
                          F09E5.15b   CE41559                                   
                          F09E5.15c   CE50863                                   
prdx-3                    R07E5.2     CE00657   Q21824      TDX1_CAEEL     226  
pri-1                     F58A4.4a    CE00220   P34471      PRI1_CAEEL     410  
pri-2                     W02D9.1a    CE24028   O02334      PRI2_CAEEL     503  
prk-2                     F45H7.4     CE31517   Q20443      PRK2_CAEEL     441  
prmt-1     epg-11         Y113G7B.17  CE23297   Q9U2X0      ANM1_CAEEL     348  
prmt-5     tag-251        C34E10.5    CE29033   P46580      ANM5_CAEEL     734  
prmt-7     pmrt-2         W06D4.4     CE45537   Q9XW42      ANM7_CAEEL     647  
pro-1                     R166.4      CE03583   Q22006      PRO1_CAEEL     529  
pro-2                     C07E3.2     CE47947   O17580      NOC2L_CAEEL    715  
pro-3                     Y39B6A.14   CE40630   Q9NEU2      SDA1_CAEEL     801  
pros-1     ceh-26         K12H4.1     CE45017   P34522      PROS1_CAEEL    594  
prp-8                     C50C3.6     CE00122   P34369      PRP8_CAEEL    2329  
prp-19                    T10F2.4     CE38104   Q10051      PRP19_CAEEL    492  
prx-10                    C34E10.4a   CE44834   C0HKD7      PEX10_CAEEL    314  
prx-12                    F08B12.2    CE51466   Q19189      PEX12_CAEEL    359  
prx-13                    F32A5.6     CE28290   Q19951      PEX13_CAEEL    330  
prx-19                    F54F2.8     CE00201   P34453      PEX19_CAEEL    282  
pry-1                     C37A5.9     CE30125   O62090      PRY1_CAEEL     586  
psd-1                     B0361.5a    CE37696   Q10949      PISD_CAEEL     377  
                          B0361.5b    CE37076                                   
psf-1                     R53.6       CE35902   Q22019      PSF1_CAEEL     201  
psf-2                     F31C3.5     CE17734   O62193      PSF2_CAEEL     180  
psmd-9                    C44B7.1     CE25810   Q10920      PSMD9_CAEEL    197  
psr-1                     F29B9.4a    CE27146   Q9GYI4      JMJD6_CAEEL    400  
pst-1                     M03F8.2a    CE38399   Q8MXJ9      S35B2_CAEEL    425  
                          M03F8.2b    CE38400                                   
                          M03F8.2c    CE38401                                   
pst-2                     F54E7.1a    CE01312   Q20787      S35B3_CAEEL    364  
                          F54E7.1b    CE40069                                   
ptc-1                     ZK675.1a    CE42497   Q09614      PTC1_CAEEL    1408  
ptc-3                     Y110A2AL.8a CE37163   H2L0G5      PTC3_CAEEL    1367  
                          Y110A2AL.8b CE37164                                   
                          Y110A2AL.8c CE42182                                   
ptp-1                     C48D5.2a    CE17578   P28191      PTP1_CAEEL    1026  
                          C48D5.2b    CE23603                                   
                          C48D5.2c    CE31450                                   
ptp-2                     F59G1.5     CE02705   G5EC24      PTP2_CAEEL     668  
ptp-3                     C09D8.1a    CE30244   Q9BMN8      LAR_CAEEL     2200  
                          C09D8.1b    CE30245                                   
ptp-4                     K04D7.4a    CE40655   P28192      PTP4_CAEEL    1159  
                          K04D7.4b    CE44709                                   
ptps-1                    B0041.6a    CE34237   O02058      PTPS_CAEEL     140  
                          B0041.6b    CE39541                                   
ptr-9                     F54G8.5     CE37974   Q03602      PTR9_CAEEL     844  
ptrn-1                    F35B3.5a    CE48430   U4PAZ9      PTRN1_CAEEL   1112  
                          F35B3.5c    CE48765                                   
                          F35B3.5d    CE48517                                   
                          F35B3.5e    CE49594                                   
puf-5                     F54C9.8     CE02258   Q20757      PUF5_CAEEL     553  
puf-6                     F18A11.1    CE09451   O01322      PUF6_CAEEL     485  
puf-7                     B0273.2     CE16788   O44169      PUF7_CAEEL     485  
puf-12                    ZK945.3     CE01734   Q09622      PUF12_CAEEL    766  
pxf-1      ra-gef         T14G10.2a   CE28080   G5EDB9      RPGF_CAEEL    1470  
                          T14G10.2b   CE28081                                   
                          T14G10.2d   CE46125                                   
pxl-1      tag-327        C28H8.6a    CE41530   Q09476      PXL1_CAEEL     413  
                          C28H8.6b    CE37096                                   
                          C28H8.6c    CE41531                                   
pxn-1                     ZK994.3     CE40298   Q1ENI8      PXDN1_CAEEL   1285  
pxn-2                     K09C8.5     CE18882   G5EG78      PXDN2_CAEEL   1328  
pyc-1                     D2023.2a    CE09072   O17732      PYC1_CAEEL    1175  
pyp-1                     C47E12.4a   CE33767   Q18680      IPYR_CAEEL     427  
                          C47E12.4c   CE48296                                   
                          C47E12.4d   CE05448                                   
pyr-1                     D2085.1     CE41886   Q18990      PYR1_CAEEL    2198  
qars-1     ers-1; qrs-5   Y41E3.4a    CE18372   O62431      SYQ_CAEEL      786  
qua-1                     T05C12.10   CE34989   G5EC21      QUA1_CAEEL    1169  
qui-1                     Y45F10B.10a CE36361   O62471      QUI1_CAEEL    1592  
                          Y45F10B.10b CE47522                                   
                          Y45F10B.10c CE48377                                   
rab-3                     C18A3.6b    CE20518   Q94986      RAB3_CAEEL     219  
rab-6.1                   F59B2.7     CE00234   P34213      RAB6A_CAEEL    205  
rab-6.2                   T25G12.4    CE07541   Q22782      RAB6B_CAEEL    205  
rab-10                    T23H2.5     CE14114   Q94148      RAB10_CAEEL    201  
rab-11.1                  F53G12.1    CE11006   O01803      RB11A_CAEEL    211  
rab-18                    Y92C3B.3a   CE34438   Q8MXS1      RAB18_CAEEL    203  
                          Y92C3B.3b   CE27340                                   
rab-28                    Y11D7A.4    CE19030   Q9XWR6      RAB28_CAEEL    248  
rab-33                    F43D9.2     CE00992   Q20365      RAB33_CAEEL    307  
rac-2                     K03D3.10    CE25698   Q94124      RAC2_CAEEL     195  
rack-1                    K04D7.1     CE06090   Q21215      GBLP_CAEEL     325  
rad-8                     F56H1.6     CE45632   Q4W4Z2      RT4I1_CAEEL    366  
rad-50                    T04H1.4a    CE21149   O44199      RAD50_CAEEL   1298  
rae-1      npp-17         F10G8.3     CE09338   Q93454      RAE1_CAEEL     373  
ran-1                     K01G5.4     CE16194   O17915      RAN_CAEEL      215  
ran-2                     C29E4.3a    CE37483   P34342      RGP2_CAEEL     960  
                          C29E4.3b    CE30621                                   
ran-3                     C26D10.1    CE03024   Q18211      RCC1_CAEEL     569  
ran-4                     R05D11.3    CE06238   Q21735      NTF2_CAEEL     133  
rap-1                     C27B7.8     CE03037   Q18246      RAP1_CAEEL     188  
rars-1     rrt-1          F26F4.10a   CE29495   Q19825      SYRC_CAEEL     713  
rba-1                     K07A1.11    CE11860   P90917      RBA1_CAEEL     412  
rbbp-5     lsy-15         F21H12.1    CE32634   Q09309      RBBP5_CAEEL    454  
rbf-1                     F37A4.7a    CE29961   P41885      RBF1_CAEEL    1106  
                          F37A4.7b    CE29962                                   
                          F37A4.7c    CE29963                                   
                          F37A4.7d    CE30975                                   
rbg-1                     F20D1.6     CE09499   Q93538      RB3GP_CAEEL    915  
rbg-2                     T22C1.10a   CE06498   Q22670      RBGPR_CAEEL   1307  
                          T22C1.10b   CE36203                                   
rbr-2                     ZK593.4a    CE35704   Q23541      KDM5_CAEEL    1477  
rbx-1                     ZK287.5     CE06614   Q23457      RBX1_CAEEL     110  
rcan-1     dscr1l; rcn-1  F54E7.7     CE31002   P53806      RCANL_CAEEL    207  
rde-10                    Y47G6A.4    CE24371   Q9N3S2      RDE10_CAEEL    627  
rde-11                    B0564.11    CE36970   Q6BET5      RDE11_CAEEL    316  
rde-12                    F58G11.2a   CE44827   P90897      RDE12_CAEEL    959  
                          F58G11.2b   CE46130                                   
                          F58G11.2c   CE46471                                   
rec-8                     W02A2.6a    CE21236   Q9XUB3      REC8_CAEEL     781  
                          W02A2.6b    CE45697                                   
                          W02A2.6c    CE45566                                   
rege-1                    C30F12.1    CE40689   Q95YE2      REGE1_CAEEL    634  
rei-1                     C03C10.4    CE00875   P42171      REI1_CAEEL     244  
rei-2                     K03E6.7     CE31197   Q21194      REI2_CAEEL     431  
rer-1                     F46C5.8     CE03349   P52879      RER1_CAEEL     191  
retr-1                    F44E2.2c    CE41402   P34431      RETR1_CAEEL    517  
rfc-4                     F31E3.3     CE01268   P53016      RFC4_CAEEL     334  
rfl-1      uba-3          F11H8.1     CE34538   Q19360      UBA3_CAEEL     430  
rfp-1      bre-1          R05D3.4a    CE00283   P34537      BRE1_CAEEL     837  
                          R05D3.4b    CE37396                                   
rfs-1                     C30A5.2     CE00094   P34348      RFS1_CAEEL     245  
rft-1                     Y47D7A.16a  CE47043   Q3LFN0      S52AA_CAEEL    427  
rft-2                     Y47D7A.14a  CE39189   G4SDH4      S52AB_CAEEL    476  
                          Y47D7A.14b  CE45087                                   
                          Y47D7A.14c  CE51669                                   
rfth-1                    ZK180.3a    CE07621   Q23444      RFT1_CAEEL     522  
                          ZK180.3b    CE48802                                   
                          ZK180.3c    CE48641                                   
rgr-1      mdt-14         C38C10.5a   CE44376   Q03570      MED14_CAEEL   1516  
                          C38C10.5b   CE44435                                   
rgs-1                     C05B5.7a    CE27794   P34295      RGS1_CAEEL     201  
rgs-2                     F16H9.1a    CE03211   P49808      RGS2_CAEEL     169  
rgs-3                     C29H12.3a   CE29201   Q18312      RGS3_CAEEL     363  
rgs-5                     B0336.4a    CE32098   Q10955      RGS5_CAEEL     492  
rgs-6                     C41G11.3a   CE50026   Q18563      RGS6_CAEEL     734  
                          C41G11.3b   CE49999                                   
rgs-7                     F56B6.2a    CE29403   Q8WQC0      RGS7_CAEEL     819  
                          F56B6.2b    CE30151                                   
                          F56B6.2c    CE29404                                   
rgs-9                     ZC53.7      CE07589   Q23376      RGS9_CAEEL     235  
rgs-10                    F45B8.2     CE10430   O45523      RGS10_CAEEL    270  
rgs-11                    F45B8.1     CE10428   O45524      RGS11_CAEEL    274  
rha-1                     T07D4.3a    CE39177   Q22307      DHX9_CAEEL    1301  
rha-2                     C06E1.10    CE29563   P34305      RHA2_CAEEL    1148  
rheb-1                    F54C8.5     CE00191   P34443      RHEB1_CAEEL    207  
rhi-1                     F46H6.1     CE04595   Q20496      GDIR_CAEEL     191  
rho-1      rhoa           Y51H4A.3a   CE25369   Q22038      RHO1_CAEEL     192  
rhy-1                     W07A12.7    CE20163   Q9XVW1      RHY1_CAEEL     502  
rib-1                     F12F6.3a    CE24898   O01704      EXT1_CAEEL     382  
rib-2                     K01G5.6     CE16196   O01705      EXT2_CAEEL     814  
ribo-1                    T22D1.4     CE33704   Q9GZH4      RPN1_CAEEL     586  
ric-3      des-5          T14A8.1     CE27448   Q22472      RIC3_CAEEL     378  
ric-8                     Y69A2AR.2a  CE27516   Q9GSX9      RIC8_CAEEL     566  
                          Y69A2AR.2b  CE33952                                   
ric-19                    C32E8.7     CE39089   P91124      RIC19_CAEEL    430  
rig-3                     C53B7.1     CE06971   Q18806      RIG3_CAEEL     487  
rig-4                     Y42H9B.2    CE33870   Q9N3X8      SDK_CAEEL     2325  
rig-6                     C33F10.5c   CE31679   H2KZ60      RIG6_CAEEL    1196  
                          C33F10.5d   CE37327                                   
riok-1                    M01B12.5a   CE30555   O44959      RIOK1_CAEEL    506  
riok-2                    Y105E8B.3   CE33542   Q95Q34      RIOK2_CAEEL    529  
riok-3                    ZK632.3     CE00420   P34649      RIOK3_CAEEL    510  
rla-0      rpa-0          F25H2.10    CE09655   Q93572      RLA0_CAEEL     312  
rla-1      rpa-1          Y37E3.7     CE26658   P91913      RLA1_CAEEL     111  
rle-1                     M142.6a     CE45978   O45962      RLE1_CAEEL     952  
                          M142.6b     CE46027                                   
                          M142.6c     CE46406                                   
rmd-1                     T05G5.7a    CE46837   P34560      RMD1_CAEEL     226  
                          T05G5.7b    CE46893                                   
rme-6                     F49E7.1a    CE38712   Q9GYH7      RME6_CAEEL    1093  
                          F49E7.1b    CE26468                                   
rnf-5                     C16C10.7a   CE01498   Q09463      RNF5_CAEEL     235  
rnf-113                   K01G5.1     CE26718   O17917      RN113_CAEEL    384  
rnf-121                   C16C10.5    CE49432   Q09251      RN121_CAEEL    409  
rnh-2      rnh2           T13H5.7     CE28960   Q9U6P6      RNH2A_CAEEL    297  
rnp-1                     ZK863.7a    CE15447   Q10667      RNP1_CAEEL     305  
rnp-4      rbm8; y14      R07E5.14    CE01044   Q21832      RBM8A_CAEEL    142  
rnp-6                     Y47G6A.20a  CE24365   Q9N3S4      PUF60_CAEEL    749  
                          Y47G6A.20b  CE24366                                   
                          Y47G6A.20c  CE31375                                   
rnr-1                     T23G5.1     CE00331   Q03604      RIR1_CAEEL     788  
rnr-2                     C03C10.3    CE00874   P42170      RIR2_CAEEL     381  
rnst-2                    K10C9.3     CE28601   O61887      RNST2_CAEEL    279  
rnt-1      mab-2; run-1   B0414.2     CE24772   G5EFQ5      RUNX1_CAEEL    301  
rod-1                     F55G1.4     CE07281   Q20849      KNTC1_CAEEL   2049  
rol-3                     C16D9.2     CE44893   Q8I7I5      ROL3_CAEEL    2481  
rol-6                     T01B7.7     CE03591   P20784      ROL6_CAEEL     348  
rol-8      col-6          ZK1290.3a   CE29156   P18831      COL6_CAEEL     329  
                          ZK1290.3b   CE32085                                   
rom-1                     F26F4.3     CE32392   Q19821      RHOM1_CAEEL    356  
rom-2                     C48B4.2     CE37757   P34356      RHOM2_CAEEL    435  
rop-1                     C12D8.11    CE15613   Q27274      RO60_CAEEL     643  
rpa-1                     F18A1.5     CE04405   Q19537      RFA1_CAEEL     655  
rpac-19                   F58A4.9     CE00225   P34476      RPAC2_CAEEL    144  
rpap-2                    R08D7.2     CE00290   P30641      RPAP2_CAEEL    455  
rpb-2                     C26E6.4     CE52920   Q10578      RPB2_CAEEL    1193  
rpb-5                     H27M09.2    CE23831   Q9N5K2      RPAB1_CAEEL    211  
rpb-6                     C06A1.5     CE02117   Q17684      RPAB2_CAEEL    137  
rpb-8                     F26F4.11    CE04448   Q19826      RPAB3_CAEEL    148  
rpb-9                     Y97E10AR.5  CE26319   Q965S0      RPB9_CAEEL     167  
rpb-10                    Y37E3.3     CE26662   Q9GR61      RPAB5_CAEEL     67  
rpb-11                    W01G7.3     CE18986   Q9XVH6      RPB11_CAEEL    122  
rpi-1                     W07G1.5a    CE35636   Q69Z08      RPI1_CAEEL     450  
                          W07G1.5b    CE37053                                   
rpia-1                    B0280.3     CE00733   P41994      RPIA_CAEEL     251  
rpl-1      rpl-10a        Y71F9AL.13a CE25552   Q9N4I4      RL10A_CAEEL    216  
rpl-2      rpl-8          B0250.1     CE18478   Q9XVF7      RL8_CAEEL      260  
rpl-3                     F13B10.2a   CE05598   P50880      RL3_CAEEL      401  
rpl-4                     B0041.4     CE07669   O02056      RL4_CAEEL      345  
rpl-5                     F54C9.5     CE02255   P49405      RL5_CAEEL      293  
rpl-6                     R151.3      CE00744   P47991      RL6_CAEEL      217  
rpl-7                     F53G12.10   CE11024   O01802      RL7_CAEEL      244  
rpl-7a                    Y24D9A.4a   CE27398   Q966C6      RL7A_CAEEL     265  
                          Y24D9A.4c   CE30401                                   
rpl-9                     R13A5.8     CE01380   Q95Y90      RL9_CAEEL      189  
rpl-10                    F10B5.1     CE01543   Q09533      RL10_CAEEL     214  
rpl-11.1                  T22F3.4a    CE13968   Q94300      RL111_CAEEL    196  
rpl-11.2                  F07D10.1    CE07033   Q19162      RL112_CAEEL    196  
rpl-12                    JC8.3a      CE17986   P61866      RL12_CAEEL     165  
                          JC8.3c      CE39743                                   
rpl-13                    C32E8.2a    CE08526   P91128      RL13_CAEEL     207  
rpl-15                    K11H12.2    CE12148   P91374      RL15_CAEEL     204  
rpl-16                    M01F1.2     CE01030   Q27389      RL13A_CAEEL    202  
rpl-17                    Y48G8AL.8   CE22195   Q9BL19      RL17_CAEEL     187  
rpl-18                    Y45F10D.12  CE16650   O45946      RL18_CAEEL     188  
rpl-19                    C09D4.5     CE08034   O02639      RL19_CAEEL     198  
rpl-20                    E04A4.8     CE21392   O44480      RL18A_CAEEL    180  
rpl-21                    C14B9.7     CE00078   P34334      RL21_CAEEL     161  
rpl-22                    C27A2.2a    CE04102   P52819      RL22_CAEEL     130  
rpl-23                    B0336.10    CE00778   P48158      RL23_CAEEL     140  
rpl-24.1                  D1007.12    CE09047   O01868      RL24_CAEEL     159  
rpl-24.2                  C03D6.8     CE05202   Q17606      RLP24_CAEEL    162  
rpl-25.1                  F55D10.2    CE02777   P48162      R23A1_CAEEL    147  
rpl-25.2                  F52B5.6     CE05721   Q20647      R23A2_CAEEL    146  
rpl-26                    F28C6.7a    CE03278   Q19869      RL26_CAEEL     142  
                          F28C6.7b    CE20731                                   
                          F28C6.7c    CE32883                                   
rpl-27                    C53H9.1     CE19381   P91914      RL27_CAEEL     136  
rpl-28                    R11D1.8     CE06313   Q21930      RL28_CAEEL     126  
rpl-31                    W09C5.6a    CE20168   Q9U332      RL31_CAEEL     122  
                          W09C5.6b    CE20169                                   
rpl-33                    F10E7.7     CE04362   P49180      RL35A_CAEEL    124  
rpl-35                    ZK652.4     CE00450   P34662      RL35_CAEEL     123  
rpl-36.a   rpl-41         C09H10.2    CE02131   P48166      RL36A_CAEEL    105  
rpl-36                    F37C12.4    CE30781   P49181      RL36_CAEEL     104  
rpl-37                    C54C6.1     CE05493   P49622      RL37_CAEEL      91  
rpl-38                    C06B8.8     CE20485   O17570      RL38_CAEEL      70  
rpl-39                    C26F1.9     CE06883   P52814      RL39_CAEEL      51  
rpl-43     rpl-37a        Y48B6A.2    CE22117   Q9U2A8      RL37A_CAEEL     91  
rpm-1      syd-3          C01B7.6     CE06730   Q17551      RPM1_CAEEL    3766  
rpn-2                     C23G10.4a   CE40437   Q18115      PSMD1_CAEEL    965  
                          C23G10.4b   CE31311                                   
rpn-3                     C30C11.2    CE00101   Q04908      PSMD3_CAEEL    504  
rpn-6.1                   F57B9.10a   CE25011   Q20938      PS11A_CAEEL    438  
                          F57B9.10b   CE38077                                   
rpn-6.2                   F59B2.5a    CE43506   P34481      PS11B_CAEEL    416  
                          F59B2.5b    CE43486                                   
rpn-7                     F49C12.8    CE03368   Q20585      PSMD6_CAEEL    410  
rpn-10                    B0205.3     CE26355   O61742      PSMD4_CAEEL    346  
rpn-11                    K07D4.3     CE19527   O76577      PSDE_CAEEL     312  
rpn-12                    ZK20.5      CE06608   Q23449      PSMD8_CAEEL    250  
rpn-13                    C56G2.7a    CE30640   Q09289      ADRM1_CAEEL    374  
rps-0                     B0393.1     CE00854   P46769      RSSA_CAEEL     276  
rps-1                     F56F3.5     CE00664   P48154      RS3A_CAEEL     257  
rps-2                     C49H3.11    CE04237   P51403      RS2_CAEEL      272  
rps-3                     C23G10.3    CE01810   P48152      RS3_CAEEL      247  
rps-4                     Y43B11AR.4  CE24278   Q9N3X2      RS4_CAEEL      259  
rps-5                     T05E11.1    CE06360   P49041      RS5_CAEEL      210  
rps-6                     Y71A12B.1a  CE24592   Q9NEN6      RS6_CAEEL      246  
rps-7                     ZC434.2     CE06577   Q23312      RS7_CAEEL      194  
rps-8                     F42C5.8a    CE04561   P48156      RS8_CAEEL      208  
rps-9                     F40F8.10    CE05849   Q20228      RS9_CAEEL      189  
rps-12                    F54E7.2     CE26896   P49196      RS12_CAEEL     140  
rps-13                    C16A3.9     CE04009   P51404      RS13_CAEEL     151  
rps-14                    F37C12.9    CE00821   P48150      RS14_CAEEL     152  
rps-15                    F36A2.6     CE09945   Q9XVP0      RS15_CAEEL     151  
rps-16                    T01C3.6     CE12918   Q22054      RS16_CAEEL     144  
rps-17                    T08B2.10    CE26948   O01692      RS17_CAEEL     130  
rps-19                    T05F1.3     CE13265   O18650      RS19_CAEEL     146  
rps-21                    F37C12.11   CE30779   P49197      RS21_CAEEL      88  
rps-23                    F28D1.7a    CE05747   Q19877      RS23_CAEEL     143  
rps-25                    K02B2.5     CE04691   P52821      RS25_CAEEL     117  
rps-26                    F39B2.6     CE16012   O45499      RS26_CAEEL     117  
rps-27                    F56E10.4    CE19904   Q9TXP0      RS27_CAEEL      83  
rps-28                    Y41D4B.5    CE21842   Q95Y04      RS28_CAEEL      65  
rpt-1                     C52E4.4     CE08946   Q18787      PRS7_CAEEL     435  
rpt-2                     F29G9.5     CE09799   O16368      PRS4_CAEEL     443  
rpt-3                     F23F12.6    CE01253   P46502      PRS6B_CAEEL    414  
rpt-4                     F23F1.8a    CE29280   O17071      PRS10_CAEEL    406  
                          F23F1.8b    CE09608                                   
rpt-5                     F56H1.4     CE17915   O76371      PRS6A_CAEEL    430  
rpt-6                     Y49E10.1    CE22219   Q9XTT9      PRS8_CAEEL     416  
rpy-1                     C18H9.7     CE51338   Q09485      RAPSN_CAEEL    596  
rrbs-1                    C15H11.9    CE08186   Q9XVT0      RRS1_CAEEL     333  
rrc-1                     F47A4.3a    CE34188   Q20498      RRC1_CAEEL     759  
                          F47A4.3b    CE37375                                   
rrp-1                     C47E12.7    CE20571   Q18674      RRP1_CAEEL     397  
rsa-1                     C25A1.9a    CE18532   O02217      P2R31_CAEEL    404  
                          C25A1.9b    CE08375                                   
rsa-2                     Y48A6B.11a  CE24379   G5EFV3      RSA2_CAEEL     949  
                          Y48A6B.11b  CE34514                                   
rsef-1     tag-312        C33D12.6    CE53320   Q22908      RASEF_CAEEL    634  
rsf-1      rasf-1         T24F1.3a    CE02363   Q22744      RASF1_CAEEL    615  
                          T24F1.3b    CE38227                                   
rskn-1                    T01H8.1a    CE34493   Q21734      KS6A1_CAEEL    784  
                          T01H8.1b    CE34494                                   
                          T01H8.1c    CE34495                                   
                          T01H8.1d    CE38217                                   
rskn-2                    C54G4.1a    CE32338   Q18846      KS6A2_CAEEL    772  
                          C54G4.1b    CE40030                                   
rsks-1                    Y47D3A.16   CE46969   Q9NAH6      KS6B_CAEEL     550  
rsp-1      srp-5          W02B12.3a   CE03763   Q23121      RSP1_CAEEL     312  
                          W02B12.3b   CE32944                                   
                          W02B12.3c   CE51629                                   
rsp-2      srp-4          W02B12.2    CE03762   Q23120      RSP2_CAEEL     281  
rsp-3                     Y111B2A.18  CE31089   Q9NEW6      RSP3_CAEEL     258  
rsp-4      srp-2          EEED8.7a    CE01891   Q09511      RSP4_CAEEL     196  
                          EEED8.7b    CE27910                                   
rsp-5      srp-3          T28D9.2a    CE36572   Q10021      RSP5_CAEEL     208  
                          T28D9.2b    CE36573                                   
rsp-6      srp-1          C33H5.12a   CE04155   Q18409      RSP6_CAEEL     179  
rsp-7                     D2089.1a    CE03111   O01159      RSP7_CAEEL     452  
                          D2089.1b    CE30507                                   
rtcb-1                    F16A11.2a   CE23663   P90838      RTCB_CAEEL     505  
rtel-1     bch-1          F25H2.13    CE15894   Q93575      RTEL1_CAEEL    994  
rtfo-1                    F25B3.6     CE09619   G5EBY0      RTF1_CAEEL     613  
ruvb-1                    C27H6.2     CE43279   O17607      RUVB1_CAEEL    476  
ruvb-2                    T22D1.10    CE17254   Q9GZH2      RUVB2_CAEEL    448  
sad-1                     F15A2.6a    CE28218   Q19469      SAD1_CAEEL     914  
                          F15A2.6b    CE40646                                   
saeg-1                    F53H10.2a   CE32433   Q20733      SAEG1_CAEEL    900  
saeg-2                    T23G5.6     CE37794   Q03615      SAEG2_CAEEL    305  
sam-10                    Y48C3A.8a   CE43420   B7FAS6      SAM10_CAEEL    455  
                          Y48C3A.8b   CE43413                                   
samp-1                    T24F1.2     CE02362   Q22747      TM201_CAEEL    588  
sams-1                    C49F5.1     CE08852   O17680      METK1_CAEEL    403  
sams-3                    C06E7.1a    CE03957   P50305      METK3_CAEEL    404  
sams-4                    C06E7.3a    CE03959   P50306      METK4_CAEEL    404  
sams-5     tag-32         T13A10.11a  CE30175   Q27522      METK5_CAEEL    404  
sao-1                     R10D12.14a  CE40107   C6KRN1      SAO1_CAEEL     245  
                          R10D12.14b  CE40108                                   
                          R10D12.14c  CE12698                                   
                          R10D12.14d  CE43865                                   
sap-49                    C08B11.5    CE36374   Q09442      SF3B4_CAEEL    388  
saps-1                    C47G2.5a    CE38162   B2D6K9      PPH6R_CAEEL    778  
                          C47G2.5b    CE41110                                   
                          C47G2.5c    CE42481                                   
sar-1                     ZK180.4     CE07622   Q23445      SAR1_CAEEL     193  
sars-1     srs-2          C47E12.1    CE05445   Q18678      SYSC_CAEEL     487  
sart-3                    B0035.12    CE05167   Q17430      SART3_CAEEL    836  
sas-4                     F10E9.8     CE29756   P34402      SAS4_CAEEL     808  
sas-5                     F35B12.5a   CE27758   Q20010      SAS5_CAEEL     404  
                          F35B12.5c   CE05804                                   
sas-6                     Y45F10D.9   CE16647   O62479      SAS6_CAEEL     492  
sax-1                     R11G1.4a    CE39615   Q2L6W9      SAX1_CAEEL     476  
                          R11G1.4b    CE39616                                   
sax-3                     ZK377.2a    CE25688   G5EBF1      SAX3_CAEEL    1273  
                          ZK377.2b    CE31267                                   
sbds-1                    W06E11.4    CE30118   Q23202      SBDS_CAEEL     253  
scc-1      coh-2          F10G7.4     CE02628   Q19325      SCC1_CAEEL     645  
scc-2      pqn-85         Y43H11AL.3a CE53800   Q95XZ5      NIPBL_CAEEL   2176  
                          Y43H11AL.3b CE50846                                   
scc-3                     F18E2.3     CE05664   Q19555      SCC3_CAEEL    1096  
scd-2                     T10H9.2     CE45495   O76411      SCD2_CAEEL    1421  
scpl-1                    B0379.4a    CE34243   Q8T3G2      SCPL1_CAEEL    491  
                          B0379.4b    CE34244                                   
                          B0379.4c    CE41191                                   
scpl-3                    Y47D9A.2a   CE22072   Q9N4V4      SCPL3_CAEEL    287  
scpl-4     tim-50         T21C9.12a   CE06481   Q22647      TIM50_CAEEL    452  
sdc-1      egl-16         F52E10.1a   CE41321   P24349      SDC1_CAEEL    1201  
sdc-2                     C35C5.1     CE18542   G5EBL3      SDC2_CAEEL    2962  
sdc-3                     C25D7.3     CE08389   P34706      SDC3_CAEEL    2150  
sdf-9      eak-5          Y44A6D.4    CE35663   G5EGA9      EAK5_CAEEL     345  
sdha-1                    C03G5.1     CE03917   Q09508      SDHA_CAEEL     646  
sdhb-1     tag-55         F42A8.2     CE01579   Q09545      SDHB_CAEEL     298  
sdhd-1                    F33A8.5     CE17757   O62215      DHSD_CAEEL     145  
sdn-1                     F57C7.3a    CE05996   P50605      SDC_CAEEL      288  
sds-22                    T09A5.9     CE01090   P45969      SDS22_CAEEL    326  
sdz-1                     B0303.8     CE00001   P34259      SDZ1_CAEEL     239  
sdz-12                    F12E12.5    CE20674   Q9BLC4      SDZ12_CAEEL    330  
sdz-15                    F23F12.4    CE01251   P46500      SDZ15_CAEEL    345  
sea-1      tbx-18         F19B10.9    CE09476   O02073      TBX18_CAEEL    376  
sea-2                     K10G6.3a    CE48445   A0A0K3AUE4  SEA2_CAEEL    1968  
                          K10G6.3b    CE48490                                   
                          K10G6.3c    CE48485                                   
                          K10G6.3d    CE48423                                   
                          K10G6.3e    CE48457                                   
                          K10G6.3f    CE50430                                   
                          K10G6.3g    CE50510                                   
                          K10G6.3h    CE50366                                   
                          K10G6.3i    CE50351                                   
                          K10G6.3j    CE50480                                   
                          K10G6.3k    CE50440                                   
                          K10G6.3l    CE50418                                   
                          K10G6.3m    CE50371                                   
                          K10G6.3n    CE50513                                   
                          K10G6.3o    CE50457                                   
                          K10G6.3p    CE50344                                   
                          K10G6.3q    CE50395                                   
                          K10G6.3r    CE50350                                   
                          K10G6.3s    CE50483                                   
seb-2                     ZK643.3a    CE33750   P30650      SEB2_CAEEL     480  
sec-3                     F52E4.7     CE10836   Q20678      EXOC1_CAEEL    848  
sec-5                     T23G7.4     CE03705   Q22706      EXOC2_CAEEL    884  
sec-6                     F09E5.5     CE29752   Q19262      EXOC3_CAEEL    796  
sec-8                     Y106G6H.7   CE32512   Q9XWS2      EXOC4_CAEEL    893  
sec-10                    C33H5.9     CE50274   Q18406      EXOC5_CAEEL    659  
sec-15                    C28G1.3     CE37614   Q18286      EXOC6_CAEEL    817  
sec-61.g   emo-1; oar-1   F32D8.6     CE05785   Q19967      EMO1_CAEEL      68  
sec-16a.1  sec-16         ZK512.5a    CE00411   P34643      SC161_CAEEL   1232  
                          ZK512.5b    CE48211                                   
secs-1                    D1054.13a   CE05531   Q18953      SPCS_CAEEL     481  
                          D1054.13b   CE43036                                   
sedl-1                    W05H7.3     CE14652   O02173      TPPC2_CAEEL    141  
sek-1                     R03G5.2     CE31210   G5EDF7      SEK1_CAEEL     336  
sel-2                     F10F2.1a    CE32621   Q19317      NBEA_CAEEL    2507  
sel-5                     F35G12.3a   CE00971   G5ECQ3      SEL5_CAEEL    1077  
                          F35G12.3b   CE00972                                   
sel-8      lag-3          C32A3.1a    CE27810   Q09260      LAG3_CAEEL     490  
                          C32A3.1b    CE01505                                   
sel-9                     W02D7.7     CE14448   O17528      TMED2_CAEEL    203  
sel-10     egl-41         F55B12.3a   CE25007   Q93794      SEL10_CAEEL    587  
                          F55B12.3b   CE27762                                   
sel-11     hrd-1          F55A11.3    CE05945   Q20798      HRD1_CAEEL     610  
sel-12                    F35H12.3    CE24946   P52166      PSN_CAEEL      444  
seld-1                    Y45F10A.4   CE28704   O62461      SELD_CAEEL     378  
selt-1.1                  C35C5.3a    CE43224   Q9U3N5      SELT1_CAEEL    247  
                          C35C5.3b    CE43266                                   
selt-1.2                  F28H7.4     CE36142   Q19892      SELT2_CAEEL    216  
sem-2                     C32E12.5    CE30497   Q8T3B9      SEM2_CAEEL     404  
sem-5                     C14F5.5     CE01784   P29355      SEM5_CAEEL     228  
sep-1                     Y47G6A.12   CE22098   G5ED39      SEP1_CAEEL    1262  
sepa-1                    M01E5.6     CE12286   G5EC37      SEPA1_CAEEL    702  
ser-2                     C02D4.2a    CE36088   O02213      SER2_CAEEL     455  
                          C02D4.2b    CE36089                                   
                          C02D4.2c    CE36423                                   
                          C02D4.2d    CE36424                                   
                          C02D4.2e    CE36092                                   
sesn-1                    Y74C9A.5    CE40291   Q9N4D6      SESN1_CAEEL    474  
set-1                     T26A5.7a    CE19602   Q22795      SET1_CAEEL     242  
set-2                     C26E6.9a    CE27735   Q18221      SET2_CAEEL    1507  
                          C26E6.9b    CE01158                                   
                          C26E6.9c    CE27736                                   
set-3                     C07A9.7a    CE00498   P34318      SET3_CAEEL     465  
                          C07A9.7b    CE31769                                   
set-4      tag-337        C32D5.5     CE01845   Q09265      SUV42_CAEEL    288  
set-6                     C49F5.2     CE31454   O17679      SET6_CAEEL     708  
set-9                     F15E6.1     CE48653   O44498      SET9_CAEEL    1623  
set-14                    R06F6.4     CE16303   Q09415      SET14_CAEEL    429  
set-17                    T21B10.5a   CE51660   A0A163UT06  SET17_CAEEL    277  
                          T21B10.5b   CE51577                                   
set-23                    Y41D4B.12a  CE27623   Q95Y12      SET23_CAEEL    244  
                          Y41D4B.12b  CE31647                                   
set-25                    Y43F4B.3    CE41469   G5EEU2      SET25_CAEEL    714  
set-26                    Y51H4A.12   CE25361   Q9U263      SET26_CAEEL   1645  
seu-1                     Y73B6BL.5a  CE29147   A9D2P7      SEU1_CAEEL     672  
                          Y73B6BL.5b  CE29148                                   
                          Y73B6BL.5c  CE31129                                   
                          Y73B6BL.5d  CE41963                                   
                          Y73B6BL.5e  CE49209                                   
sex-1      cnr-14; nhr-24 F44A6.2     CE03323   P41830      CNR14_CAEEL    534  
sft-1                     H06I04.2a   CE23794   Q9N5N8      SURF1_CAEEL    323  
sft-4      surf-4         C54H2.5     CE06987   Q18864      SURF4_CAEEL    277  
sfxn-1.1                  AH6.2       CE01456   Q09201      SFXN1_CAEEL    329  
sfxn-5                    C41C4.10a   CE37882   Q5FC79      SFXN5_CAEEL    331  
sgk-1                     W10G6.2a    CE39527   Q2PJ68      SGK1_CAEEL     463  
                          W10G6.2b    CE39528                                   
sgo-1                     C33H5.15a   CE34732   Q18412      SGO1_CAEEL     309  
                          C33H5.15b   CE49542                                   
shc-1                     F54A5.3a    CE30804   Q9TYT3      SHCH1_CAEEL    316  
                          F54A5.3b    CE20862                                   
                          F54A5.3d    CE29391                                   
shk-1                     ZK1321.2a   CE32769   Q8I4B0      KCNSK_CAEEL    536  
                          ZK1321.2b   CE32770                                   
                          ZK1321.2c   CE32771                                   
                          ZK1321.2d   CE32772                                   
                          ZK1321.2e   CE36966                                   
                          ZK1321.2f   CE40295                                   
shn-1                     C33B4.3a    CE01508   B7WN72      SHANK_CAEEL   1140  
                          C33B4.3b    CE36107                                   
                          C33B4.3c    CE43434                                   
siah-1                    Y37E11AR.2  CE21549   Q965X6      SIAH1_CAEEL    419  
sid-1      rde-7; rsd-8   C04F5.1     CE30331   Q9GZC8      SID1_CAEEL     776  
sid-2                     ZK520.2     CE33908   G5EEV9      SID2_CAEEL     311  
sid-3                     B0302.1a    CE33506   Q10925      SID3_CAEEL    1237  
                          B0302.1b    CE33548                                   
sid-5                     F14B8.2     CE02645   Q19443      SID5_CAEEL      67  
sig-7                     F39H2.2a    CE32410   G5EEW6      SIG7_CAEEL     427  
                          F39H2.2b    CE32411                                   
simr-1                    C06A5.6     CE07953   O01477      SIMR1_CAEEL    691  
sin-3      pqn-28         F02E9.4a    CE33046   A5JYW9      SIN3_CAEEL    1507  
                          F02E9.4b    CE40934                                   
sinh-1                    Y57A10A.20  CE43373   Q9NA80      SIN1_CAEEL     642  
sip-1                     F43D9.4     CE00994   Q20363      SIP1_CAEEL     159  
sir-2.1                   R11A8.4a    CE06302   Q21921      SIR2_CAEEL     607  
sir-2.2                   F46G10.7a   CE02243   Q20480      SIR41_CAEEL    287  
                          F46G10.7b   CE35540                                   
                          F46G10.7c   CE44321                                   
sir-2.3                   F46G10.3    CE02239   Q20481      SIR42_CAEEL    287  
sir-2.4                   C06A5.11a   CE45549   Q95Q89      SIR24_CAEEL    292  
ska-1                     Y106G6H.15  CE20424   Q9XWS0      SKA1_CAEEL     243  
skat-1                    F59B2.2     CE20899   P34479      SKAT1_CAEEL    460  
skn-1                     T19E7.2a    CE27591   P34707      SKN1_CAEEL     623  
                          T19E7.2b    CE31238                                   
                          T19E7.2c    CE31239                                   
skpo-1                    F49E12.1    CE03378   Q20616      SKPO1_CAEEL    655  
skr-1                     F46A9.5     CE10580   G5ECU1      SKR1_CAEEL     176  
slc-17.3                  C02C2.4     CE41976   P34272      SL173_CAEEL    535  
slo-1                     Y51A2D.19a  CE30364   Q95V25      SLO1_CAEEL    1140  
                          Y51A2D.19b  CE30365                                   
                          Y51A2D.19c  CE30366                                   
slt-1                     F40E10.4    CE32412   G5EFX6      SLIT1_CAEEL   1410  
slx-1      giyd-1         F56A3.2     CE11216   P91351      SLX1_CAEEL     443  
sma-2      cem-1          ZK370.2     CE33015   Q02330      SMA2_CAEEL     418  
sma-3      cem-2          R13F6.9     CE25974   P45896      SMA3_CAEEL     393  
sma-4      cem-3          R12B2.1a    CE25077   P45897      SMA4_CAEEL     570  
sma-5                     W06B3.2a    CE31629   G5EBT1      SMA5_CAEEL     509  
                          W06B3.2b    CE31630                                   
                          W06B3.2c    CE39526                                   
                          W06B3.2d    CE38984                                   
sma-6                     C32D5.2     CE01842   Q09488      SMA6_CAEEL     636  
sma-9                     T05A10.1a   CE36395   Q7JM44      SMA9_CAEEL    2242  
                          T05A10.1b   CE36396                                   
                          T05A10.1c   CE36397                                   
                          T05A10.1d   CE53674                                   
                          T05A10.1e   CE53502                                   
                          T05A10.1f   CE53550                                   
                          T05A10.1g   CE53588                                   
                          T05A10.1h   CE36402                                   
                          T05A10.1i   CE36403                                   
                          T05A10.1j   CE36404                                   
                          T05A10.1m   CE53497                                   
sma-10                    T21D12.9a   CE28415   Q965M2      SMA10_CAEEL    881  
                          T21D12.9c   CE28417                                   
smc-3                     Y47D3A.26a  CE41472   B2FDA8      SMC3_CAEEL    1261  
                          Y47D3A.26b  CE37287                                   
                          Y47D3A.26c  CE47674                                   
smc-4                     F35G12.8    CE03287   Q20060      SMC4_CAEEL    1549  
smc-5                     C27A2.1     CE27096   Q18237      SMC5_CAEEL    1076  
smc-6                     F54D5.14    CE46466   G5EG17      SMC6_CAEEL    1149  
smcl-1                    C44C10.4    CE31442   Q18616      SMCL1_CAEEL    537  
smcr-8                    R144.5      CE31581   Q09346      SMCR8_CAEEL    511  
smd-1      samdc          F47G4.7     CE18705   O02655      DCAM_CAEEL     368  
smf-1                     K11G12.4a   CE41828   Q21434      NRAMA_CAEEL    562  
smf-2                     K11G12.3    CE47234   Q21433      NRAMB_CAEEL    546  
smf-3                     Y69A2AR.4   CE46127   Q95XG8      NRAMC_CAEEL    560  
smg-1                     C48B6.6a    CE30258   O01510      SMG1_CAEEL    2322  
                          C48B6.6b    CE36919                                   
smg-2                     Y48G8AL.6   CE28367   O76512      RENT1_CAEEL   1069  
smg-8                     K04B12.3a   CE41824   O62301      SMG8_CAEEL     873  
smg-9                     Y54E2A.2    CE20301   Q9XWJ1      SMG9_CAEEL     385  
smo-1      smt3; sumo     K12C11.2    CE18056   P55853      SUMO_CAEEL      91  
smp-1      sema-1a        Y54E5B.1a   CE19225   Q17330      SEM1A_CAEEL    712  
smrc-1                    C16A3.1a    CE27688   Q8MNV7      SMAL1_CAEEL    690  
                          C16A3.1b    CE30605                                   
                          C16A3.1c    CE30606                                   
sms-1                     H21P03.3a   CE44486   Q9U3D4      SMS1_CAEEL     469  
                          H21P03.3b   CE44496                                   
                          H21P03.3c   CE44516                                   
                          H21P03.3d   CE46610                                   
sms-2                     F53H8.4     CE04657   Q20735      SMS2_CAEEL     335  
sms-3                     Y22D7AL.8a  CE26501   Q965Q4      SMS3_CAEEL     340  
sms-5                     W07E6.3b    CE49035   Q9TYV2      SMSR2_CAEEL    327  
                          W07E6.3c    CE48509                                   
smu-1                     CC4.3       CE15742   G5EEG7      SMU1_CAEEL     510  
smu-2                     Y49F6B.4    CE25338   Q9N4U5      SMU2_CAEEL     547  
snap-29    phi-28         K02D10.5    CE17152   P83351      SNA29_CAEEL    277  
snb-1                     T10H9.4     CE18252   O02495      SYB1_CAEEL     109  
snb-5                     C30A5.5     CE00096   P34351      SNB5_CAEEL     102  
snet-1                    C02F12.3    CE30849   Q11099      SNET1_CAEEL    101  
snf-3      bgt-1          T13B5.1     CE30176   G5EBN9      SNF3_CAEEL     600  
snf-5                     Y46G5A.30   CE29609   G5EBM5      SNF5_CAEEL     728  
snf-6                     M01G5.5     CE39951   O76689      SNF6_CAEEL     714  
sng-1                     T08A9.3     CE21167   O76735      SNG1_CAEEL     247  
snpc-4     gei-11         F32H2.1a    CE09876   P91868      SNPC4_CAEEL    944  
                          F32H2.1b    CE17749                                   
snpn-1                    C02B10.2    CE24776   O44445      SNAPN_CAEEL    122  
snr-1                     Y116A8C.42  CE23346   Q17348      SMD3_CAEEL     136  
snr-2                     W08E3.1     CE14704   P91918      RSMB_CAEEL     160  
snr-3                     T28D9.10a   CE02065   Q10013      SMD1_CAEEL     126  
snr-4                     C52E4.3     CE08945   Q18786      SMD2_CAEEL     118  
snr-5                     ZK652.1     CE00446   P34659      RUXF_CAEEL      85  
snr-6                     Y49E10.15   CE22230   Q9XTU6      RUXE_CAEEL      90  
snr-7                     Y71F9B.4    CE22871   Q9N4G9      RUXG_CAEEL      77  
snrp-200                  Y46G5A.4    CE21971   Q9U2G0      U520_CAEEL    2145  
snt-1                     F31E8.2a    CE02711   P34693      SYT1_CAEEL     441  
snt-2                     F42G9.7     CE37915   K8FE10      SYT2_CAEEL     369  
snu-23                    ZK686.4     CE40676   P34670      SNU23_CAEEL    217  
snx-17                    F17H10.3a   CE31483   Q19532      SNX17_CAEEL    540  
soc-1                     F41F3.2     CE30786   G5EDJ4      SOC1_CAEEL     430  
soc-2      sur-8          AC7.2a      CE25736   Q22875      SHOC2_CAEEL    559  
                          AC7.2b      CE31275                                   
sod-1                     C15F1.7a    CE23550   P34697      SODC_CAEEL     180  
                          C15F1.7b    CE20508                                   
sod-2      sdm-1          F10D11.1    CE09323   P31161      SODM1_CAEEL    221  
sod-3                     C08A9.1     CE08002   P41977      SODM2_CAEEL    218  
sod-4                     F55H2.1a    CE25009   P34461      SODE_CAEEL     221  
sodh-1                    K12G11.3    CE12212   Q17334      ADH1_CAEEL     349  
sodh-2                    K12G11.4    CE12214   O45687      ADH2_CAEEL     351  
soem-1                    Y87G2A.17   CE35142   Q7YWN4      SOEM_CAEEL     190  
sol-1                     C15A11.3    CE36685   Q93212      SOL1_CAEEL     594  
somi-1                    M04G12.4a   CE36495   A0A486WWJ9  SOMI1_CAEEL    582  
                          M04G12.4b   CE36496                                   
                          M04G12.4c   CE53045                                   
                          M04G12.4d   CE53125                                   
sop-2                     C50E10.4a   CE32334   Q965H3      SOP2_CAEEL     735  
sop-3      mdt-1.1        Y71F9B.10a  CE28808   Q9N4G4      MED1_CAEEL    1475  
                          Y71F9B.10b  CE29912                                   
sor-1                     ZK1236.3a   CE00532   P34619      SOR1_CAEEL    1000  
                          ZK1236.3b   CE40223                                   
sor-3                     C04E7.2     CE40683   Q11193      SOR3_CAEEL     531  
sorb-1                    Y45F10D.13a CE44448   G5EC32      SRBS1_CAEEL   1005  
                          Y45F10D.13c CE39436                                   
sorf-1                    ZK563.5     CE35817   Q23533      SORF1_CAEEL    239  
sorf-2                    F52C9.1     CE54107   Q10122      SORF2_CAEEL   1382  
sos-1      let-341        T28F12.3a   CE36328   Q9N5D3      SOS_CAEEL     1493  
sox-2                     K08A8.2a    CE28595   Q21305      SOX2_CAEEL     283  
sox-3                     F40E10.2    CE05838   Q20201      SOX3_CAEEL     212  
spas-1                    C24B5.2a    CE30731   Q8MNV0      SPAST_CAEEL    512  
                          C24B5.2c    CE20522                                   
spcs-1                    C34B2.10    CE16898   O44953      SPCS1_CAEEL    105  
spcs-2     hpo-21         Y37D8A.10   CE20214   Q9XWW1      SPCS2_CAEEL    180  
spcs-3                    K12H4.4     CE00269   P34525      SPCS3_CAEEL    180  
spd-2                     F32H2.3     CE09878   P91870      SPD2_CAEEL     824  
spd-3                     H34C03.1    CE19499   Q9TYY7      SPD3_CAEEL     478  
spd-5                     F56A3.4     CE28834   P91349      SPD5_CAEEL    1198  
spdl-1                    C06A8.5     CE02456   Q17695      SPDL1_CAEEL    479  
spe-4                     ZK524.1     CE06618   Q01608      SPE4_CAEEL     465  
spe-6                     Y66D12A.20  CE28799   Q95PZ9      SPE6_CAEEL     379  
spe-8                     F53G12.6    CE29331   O01798      SPE8_CAEEL     512  
spe-9                     C17D12.6a   CE27074   Q9TVY6      SPE9_CAEEL     661  
                          C17D12.6b   CE42755                                   
spe-10                    AC3.10      CE37870   Q5FC64      ZDHCS_CAEEL    351  
spe-11                    F48C1.7     CE10744   P54217      SPE11_CAEEL    299  
spe-17                    ZK617.3     CE28723   P34890      SPE17_CAEEL    142  
spe-26                    R10H10.2    CE06293   Q10579      SPE26_CAEEL    570  
spe-27                    C06E7.6     CE03962   P54218      SPE27_CAEEL    131  
spe-39     vipar          ZC404.3a    CE07594   Q23288      SPE39_CAEEL    522  
spe-44                    C25G4.4     CE05305   Q18171      SPE44_CAEEL    424  
spg-7                     Y47G6A.10   CE34400   Q9N3T5      AFG3_CAEEL     782  
sphk-1     tag-274        C34C6.5a    CE03053   Q18425      SPHK1_CAEEL    473  
                          C34C6.5b    CE35833                                   
                          C34C6.5c    CE44377                                   
                          C34C6.5d    CE47276                                   
spi-1      isl-1          R10H1.4     CE31821   Q8MPZ7      SPI1_CAEEL     100  
spk-1      rsk-1; srk-1   B0464.5a    CE36580   Q03563      SPK1_CAEEL    1003  
                          B0464.5b    CE20457                                   
                          B0464.5c    CE36373                                   
spl-1                     Y66H1B.4    CE20348   Q9Y194      SGPL_CAEEL     552  
spo-11                    T05E11.4a   CE06363   Q22236      SPO11_CAEEL    425  
spp-11                    T25D10.3a   CE52758   Q10018      SPP11_CAEEL    394  
spr-1      slr-10         D1014.8     CE27749   Q18919      RCOR_CAEEL     558  
spr-2                     C27B7.1a    CE27804   Q18240      SPR2_CAEEL     312  
spr-3                     C07A12.5a   CE36266   Q17768      SPR3_CAEEL     684  
                          C07A12.5b   CE36267                                   
spr-4                     C09H6.1a    CE30487   O17582      SPR4_CAEEL    1311  
                          C09H6.1b    CE15609                                   
spr-5                     Y40B1B.6    CE20240   Q9XWP6      LSD1_CAEEL     770  
sprr-2     mipr-1         F42D1.3     CE31511   Q93704      SPRR2_CAEEL    451  
spt-4                     F54C4.2     CE19891   Q9TZ93      SPT4H_CAEEL    120  
spt-5                     K08E4.1     CE06145   Q21338      SPT5H_CAEEL   1208  
spt-16                    F55A3.3     CE17113   Q9N5R9      SPT16_CAEEL   1030  
sptf-1                    F45H11.1a   CE16055   Q93727      SPTF1_CAEEL    298  
                          F45H11.1b   CE38353                                   
sptl-1                    C23H3.4a    CE08323   P91079      SPTC1_CAEEL    458  
                          C23H3.4b    CE37749                                   
sptl-2                    F43H9.2a    CE07246   Q20375      SPTC2_CAEEL    558  
                          F43H9.2b    CE27380                                   
sptl-3                    T22G5.5a    CE31996   Q9XVI6      SPTC3_CAEEL    512  
                          T22G5.5b    CE47328                                   
sqt-1      rol-5          B0491.2     CE02104   P12114      SQT1_CAEEL     324  
sqt-3      col-1; dpy-15  F23H12.4a   CE05707   P08124      COL1_CAEEL     301  
sqv-2                     Y110A2AL.14 CE25190   Q9N491      SQV2_CAEEL     330  
sqv-3                     R10E11.4    CE00306   P34548      SQV3_CAEEL     289  
sqv-4                     F29F11.1    CE05767   Q19905      UGDH_CAEEL     481  
sqv-5                     T24D1.1a    CE50401   Q7Z1Z1      CHSSA_CAEEL    736  
                          T24D1.1b    CE39182                                   
sqv-6                     Y50D4C.4a   CE35919   Q965Q8      XYLT_CAEEL     806  
sqv-7                     C52E12.3    CE04263   Q18779      SQV7_CAEEL     329  
sqv-8                     ZK1307.5    CE01694   Q09363      SQV8_CAEEL     356  
sra-1                     AH6.4       CE01458   Q09203      SRA1_CAEEL     331  
sra-2                     AH6.6       CE01460   Q09204      SRA2_CAEEL     329  
sra-3                     AH6.7       CE01461   Q09205      SRA3_CAEEL     329  
sra-4                     AH6.8       CE01462   Q09206      SRA4_CAEEL     329  
sra-6                     AH6.10      CE01451   Q09208      SRA6_CAEEL     329  
sra-7                     AH6.11      CE01452   Q09209      SRA7_CAEEL     329  
sra-8                     AH6.12      CE01453   Q09210      SRA8_CAEEL     329  
sra-9                     AH6.14      CE01455   Q09212      SRA9_CAEEL     331  
sra-10                    F44F4.5a    CE01001   Q20405      SRA10_CAEEL    336  
                          F44F4.5b    CE35537                                   
sra-11                    F44F4.13    CE33395   Q20411      SRA11_CAEEL    334  
sra-12                    F44F4.7     CE30668   Q20410      SRA12_CAEEL    327  
sra-13                    F49E12.5a   CE35552   Q20618      SRA13_CAEEL    335  
                          F49E12.5b   CE35877                                   
sra-17                    F28C12.1    CE33385   O17842      SRA17_CAEEL    337  
sra-18                    F28C12.2    CE09749   O18689      SRA18_CAEEL    340  
sra-20                    F28C12.4    CE09751   O17844      SRA20_CAEEL    339  
sra-21                    F28C12.5    CE09752   O18690      SRA21_CAEEL    339  
sra-22                    F28C12.7    CE33386   O17846      SRA22_CAEEL    339  
sra-23                    T06G6.1     CE13333   O62367      SRA23_CAEEL    340  
sra-24                    T06G6.2     CE33445   O62368      SRA24_CAEEL    339  
sra-25                    T26E3.9     CE33461   O17847      SRA25_CAEEL    335  
sra-27                    F18C5.1     CE33523   Q19549      SRA27_CAEEL    344  
sra-28                    F18C5.6     CE02655   Q19550      SRA28_CAEEL    341  
sra-29                    F18C5.8     CE02657   Q19552      SRA29_CAEEL    348  
sra-31                    C56C10.5    CE33522   Q18881      SRA31_CAEEL    338  
sra-32                    B0304.5     CE33508   Q10934      SRA32_CAEEL    338  
sra-33                    B0304.6     CE34634   Q10935      SRA33_CAEEL    327  
sra-34                    B0304.7     CE38020   Q10936      SRA34_CAEEL    355  
sra-39                    T21H8.4     CE16438   O62420      SRA39_CAEEL    375  
srab-14                   R10H1.2     CE53785   Q09344      SRABE_CAEEL    389  
srb-1                     C27D6.10    CE06890   Q95ZY0      SRB1_CAEEL     341  
srb-2                     C27D6.9     CE38151   Q95ZY1      SRB2_CAEEL     347  
srb-3                     C27D6.8     CE06888   Q95ZY2      SRB3_CAEEL     341  
srb-5                     C27D6.6     CE06886   Q95ZY4      SRB5_CAEEL     345  
srb-6                     R05H5.6     CE02293   P54141      SRB6_CAEEL     337  
srb-7                     F37C12.17   CE38180   P54142      SRB7_CAEEL     348  
srb-8                     F37C12.15   CE26426   P83260      SRB8_CAEEL     351  
srb-9      f37c12.16                            P83260      SRB8_CAEEL     351  
srb-11                    F23F12.10   CE38175   P46506      SRB11_CAEEL    346  
srb-12                    F58A6.10a   CE07296   A0A3B1DZW5  SRB12_CAEEL    350  
                          F58A6.10b   CE52747                                   
srb-13                    F58A6.11    CE07297   Q20963      SRB13_CAEEL    345  
srb-15                    C48B6.5     CE38163   O01509      SRB15_CAEEL    336  
srb-16                    F58A6.6     CE04679   Q20961      SRB16_CAEEL    342  
srb-17                    F01D4.7     CE44452   O02241      SRB17_CAEEL    363  
srb-18                    C54F6.7     CE45277   O16444      SRB18_CAEEL    363  
src-1                     Y92H12A.1a  CE39993   G5EE56      SRC1_CAEEL     533  
                          Y92H12A.1b  CE49528                                   
                          Y92H12A.1c  CE49606                                   
                          Y92H12A.1d  CE49574                                   
src-2      kin-22         F49B2.5     CE24991   O45539      SRC2_CAEEL     507  
srd-1                     F33H1.5     CE02207   Q19992      SRD1_CAEEL     371  
srd-2                     R05H5.1     CE43249   Q21767      SRD2_CAEEL     362  
srd-3                     K10B4.5     CE21069   O17240      SRD3_CAEEL     344  
srd-7                     C06G8.4     CE05232   Q17760      SRD7_CAEEL     318  
srd-18                    F53F1.10    CE10950   P92001      SRD18_CAEEL    337  
srd-19                    F53F1.11    CE10952   P92002      SRD19_CAEEL    339  
srd-25                    F07C4.4     CE09203   P91210      SRD25_CAEEL    318  
srd-26                    T02B5.4     CE16321   P92015      SRD26_CAEEL    317  
srd-28                    M01B2.2     CE16264   O17956      SRD28_CAEEL    320  
srd-30                    F07C4.5     CE09204   P91209      SRD30_CAEEL    324  
srd-31                    F07C4.8     CE09207   P91211      SRD31_CAEEL    315  
srd-32                    T19H12.5    CE25116   O01608      SRD32_CAEEL    339  
srd-33                    T19H12.4    CE13758   O01609      SRD33_CAEEL    342  
srd-34                    F32G8.1     CE45567   Q19975      SRD34_CAEEL    298  
srd-40                    F17A2.12    CE03221   Q19509      SRD40_CAEEL    320  
srd-41                    F17A2.6     CE15860   O17821      SRD41_CAEEL    324  
srd-44                    F17A2.8     CE15861   O17823      SRD44_CAEEL    317  
srd-45                    F17A2.7     CE03217   Q19505      SRD45_CAEEL    316  
srd-46                    F17A2.10    CE15863   Q19508      SRD46_CAEEL    317  
srd-47                    F17A2.11    CE15864   Q19507      SRD47_CAEEL    317  
srd-48                    F17A2.9     CE15862   O17822      SRD48_CAEEL    316  
srd-50                    F15A2.4     CE51300   Q19474      SRD50_CAEEL    337  
srd-51                    F15A2.3     CE15836   Q19473      SRD51_CAEEL    336  
srd-55                    K02A2.2     CE21013   Q09572      SRD55_CAEEL    334  
srd-59                    E04F6.1     CE20648   Q19061      SRD59_CAEEL    325  
srd-63                    F13A7.2     CE34539   O17800      SRD63_CAEEL    321  
sre-1                     B0495.1     CE01759   Q09213      SRE1_CAEEL     355  
sre-2                     C41C4.2     CE44368   Q09273      SRE2_CAEEL     369  
sre-6                     F28H7.9     CE37901   Q19897      SRE6_CAEEL     366  
sre-8                     F40G12.1    CE10176   Q20249      SRE8_CAEEL     341  
sre-12                    T07H8.7     CE18228   O61898      SRE12_CAEEL    341  
sre-13                    C38C6.4     CE38042   O45300      SRE13_CAEEL    359  
sre-21                    C47A10.4    CE38053   O45306      SRE21_CAEEL    365  
sre-26                    Y57A10C.4   CE18416   O62489      SRE26_CAEEL    359  
sre-27                    Y57A10C.3   CE18415   O62488      SRE27_CAEEL    364  
sre-29                    F57G9.4     CE17920   O62269      SRE29_CAEEL    356  
sre-30                    F57G9.2     CE17918   O62267      SRE30_CAEEL    357  
sre-31                    F57G9.1     CE17917   O62266      SRE31_CAEEL    357  
sre-32                    W05H5.7     CE35634   P90837      SRE32_CAEEL    361  
sre-33                    W05H5.6     CE38113   O18175      SRE33_CAEEL    359  
sre-37                    F15A4.3     CE37894   O17818      SRE37_CAEEL    362  
sre-38                    F15A4.1     CE23654   O17816      SRE38_CAEEL    365  
sre-45                    F54F11.3    CE32897   O02275      SRE45_CAEEL    369  
srf-3                     M02B1.1a    CE43555   Q93890      SRF3_CAEEL     368  
srg-1                     C18F10.4    CE33270   P46570      SRG1_CAEEL     288  
srg-2                     C18F10.5    CE33032   P46571      SRG2_CAEEL     327  
srg-3                     C18F10.6    CE02491   P46572      SRG3_CAEEL     332  
srg-4                     T12A2.12    CE33181   P54126      SRG4_CAEEL     316  
srg-5                     T12A2.11    CE07480   P54127      SRG5_CAEEL     323  
srg-6                     T12A2.13    CE07482   P54128      SRG6_CAEEL     311  
srg-7                     C18F10.8    CE06858   P54129      SRG7_CAEEL     339  
srg-8                     T12A2.9     CE01402   P46565      SRG8_CAEEL     316  
srg-9                     T12A2.10    CE07479   P46566      SRG9_CAEEL     336  
srg-10                    T04A8.1     CE01064   P46568      SRG10_CAEEL    324  
srg-11                    T04A8.2     CE33165   P46569      SRG11_CAEEL    335  
srg-13                    T23F11.5    CE02356   P46567      SRG13_CAEEL    336  
srg-14                    F26B1.6     CE09678   P91275      SRG14_CAEEL    326  
srg-15                    C34C6.1     CE33033   Q18428      SRG15_CAEEL    320  
srg-16                    F15A4.4     CE33050   O17819      SRG16_CAEEL    325  
srg-17                    F15A4.7     CE33051   O17820      SRG17_CAEEL    320  
srg-20                    ZC204.4a    CE36350   P91535      SRG20_CAEEL    346  
                          ZC204.4b    CE33252                                   
srg-30                    W02F12.7    CE38112   O45150      SRG30_CAEEL    299  
srg-31                    T07H8.5     CE18226   O61892      SRG31_CAEEL    312  
srg-33                    F21F8.1     CE09537   O01538      SRG33_CAEEL    321  
srg-46                    F32H5.5     CE33066   P91994      SRG46_CAEEL    283  
srg-47                    C53A5.8     CE33042   O17699      SRG47_CAEEL    309  
srg-53                    T02B11.1    CE13032   O16974      SRG53_CAEEL    295  
srg-69                    F09E5.4     CE33282   Q19258      SRG69_CAEEL    342  
srh-72                    ZC204.5     CE15092   P91536      SRH72_CAEEL    344  
srj-38                    T02B11.5    CE26471   O16975      SRJ38_CAEEL    330  
srpa-68                   F55C5.8     CE20875   Q20822      SRP68_CAEEL    622  
srpa-72                   F08D12.1    CE41557   P91240      SRP72_CAEEL    635  
srt-55                    T16H12.8    CE00329   P34571      SRT55_CAEEL    363  
sru-26                    T04A11.12a  CE43566   P83502      SRU26_CAEEL    290  
srv-1      srg-12         R13F6.3     CE33437   P46564      SRV1_CAEEL     308  
srx-43                    T10C6.3     CE36322   O45767      SRX43_CAEEL    319  
srx-45                    K01B6.2     CE37779   P34490      SRX45_CAEEL    361  
srxa-10                   R10E11.7    CE47925   P34551      SRX10_CAEEL    335  
ssl-1                     Y111B2A.22a CE40241   Q9NEL2      SSL1_CAEEL    2395  
                          Y111B2A.22b CE45331                                   
                          Y111B2A.22c CE45313                                   
                          Y111B2A.22d CE45363                                   
ssp-9                     E03H12.10   CE09149   Q23058      SSP9_CAEEL     109  
ssp-10                    K07F5.9     CE06124   Q21289      SSP10_CAEEL    109  
ssp-11                    T28H11.6    CE09149   Q23058      SSP9_CAEEL     109  
ssp-16                    T27A3.3     CE14221   P91499      SSP16_CAEEL    109  
ssp-19                    C55C2.2     CE09025   O01829      SSP19_CAEEL    109  
ssp-31                    ZK1225.6    CE19345   Q9XXL3      SSP31_CAEEL    107  
ssp-32                    F32B6.7     CE09862   O45433      SSP32_CAEEL    107  
ssp-34                    ZC168.6     CE06572   Q23246      SSP34_CAEEL    107  
ssu-1      st1            Y113G7A.11  CE23282   Q9U2Z2      SSU1_CAEEL     412  
ssup-72                   T13C2.4     CE39774   Q22453      SSU72_CAEEL    197  
sta-1                     Y51H4A.17a  CE35668   Q9NAD6      STAT1_CAEEL    706  
                          Y51H4A.17b  CE41061                                   
                          Y51H4A.17c  CE22342                                   
sta-2      stat-b         F58E6.1     CE42515   Q20977      STATB_CAEEL    567  
stam-1     pqn-19         C34G6.7a    CE29700   O01498      STAM1_CAEEL    457  
                          C34G6.7b    CE32816                                   
stdh-1                    C06B3.4     CE07961   Q17703      STDH1_CAEEL    314  
stdh-2                    F11A5.12    CE15790   O17795      STDH2_CAEEL    315  
stdh-3                    C06B3.5     CE43017   Q17704      STDH3_CAEEL    315  
stdh-4     tag-57         F25G6.5a    CE47137   O16925      STDH4_CAEEL    263  
sti-1                     R09E12.3    CE12646   O16259      STIP1_CAEEL    320  
stim-1                    Y55B1BM.1a  CE29124   G5EF60      STIM1_CAEEL    530  
                          Y55B1BM.1b  CE30055                                   
                          Y55B1BM.1c  CE34130                                   
stip-1     stip           C07E3.1a    CE41502   Q17784      TFP11_CAEEL    830  
stn-1                     F30A10.8    CE09809   Q93646      SNT1_CAEEL     440  
sto-1                     F08C6.4a    CE27924   Q19200      STO1_CAEEL     330  
sto-2                     F32A6.5a    CE43778   Q19958      STO2_CAEEL     375  
                          F32A6.5b    CE44788                                   
                          F32A6.5c    CE44738                                   
                          F32A6.5d    CE44767                                   
sto-3                     F52D10.5    CE03391   Q20657      STO3_CAEEL     267  
sto-4                     Y71H9A.3    CE22957   Q22165      STO4_CAEEL     281  
str-217                   Y102A5C.28  CE25158   Q9XX85      ST217_CAEEL    344  
strd-1                    Y52D3.1a    CE19223   G5ECN5      STRD1_CAEEL    388  
strl-1                    F52F12.7a   CE42711   O17883      STAL1_CAEEL    259  
strm-1                    H14E04.1    CE29973   Q9TYP1      STRM1_CAEEL    334  
stt-3                     T12A2.2     CE01395   P46975      STT3_CAEEL     757  
suca-1                    F47B10.1    CE03351   P53588      SUCB1_CAEEL    435  
sucg-1                    C50F7.4     CE04242   P53589      SUCB2_CAEEL    415  
such-1     som-2          Y66D12A.17  CE41524   Q95Q00      SUCH1_CAEEL    798  
sucl-1                    C05G5.4     CE05227   P53596      SUCA_CAEEL     322  
suex-1                    F12A10.7    CE39352   P50438      SUEX1_CAEEL    113  
sul-1                     K09C4.8     CE04736   Q21376      SULF1_CAEEL    709  
sulp-3                    F41D9.5     CE38957   Q94225      SULP3_CAEEL    782  
sumv-1                    C34E10.8    CE32158   P46582      SUMV1_CAEEL   1024  
sumv-2                    F54D11.2    CE30805   Q22992      SUMV2_CAEEL   1145  
sun-1      mtf-1          F57B1.2     CE11288   Q20924      SUN1_CAEEL     473  
sup-1                     Y41C4A.13   CE20253   Q9XWU2      SUP1_CAEEL     103  
sup-9                     F34D6.3     CE28297   O17185      SUP9_CAEEL     329  
sup-10                    R09G11.1    CE12656   Q17374      SUP10_CAEEL    332  
sup-17                    DY3.7       CE15751   G5EFD9      ADA10_CAEEL    922  
sup-18                    C02C2.5     CE49662   P34273      IYD1H_CAEEL    325  
sur-2      mdt-23         F39B2.4a    CE28023   Q10669      MED23_CAEEL   1587  
                          F39B2.4b    CE28024                                   
sur-5                     K03A1.5     CE04713   Q21166      SUR5_CAEEL     700  
sur-6                     F26E4.1     CE09685   G5EDR3      2AB1_CAEEL     495  
suro-1                    R11A5.7     CE32478   Q9XU75      SURO1_CAEEL    664  
sut-2                     Y61A9LA.8a  CE31123   Q95XU6      ZC3HE_CAEEL    740  
svh-1                     C07G1.1     CE47478   Q17800      SVH1_CAEEL     951  
svh-2                     T14E8.1a    CE28667   H2KZU7      SVH2_CAEEL    1086  
                          T14E8.1b    CE29341                                   
                          T14E8.1c    CE37148                                   
svh-11                    Y5H2B.1a    CE26220   Q966A0      SVH11_CAEEL    364  
                          Y5H2B.1b    CE51117                                   
svop-1                    ZK637.1     CE32291   P30638      SVOP_CAEEL     520  
swm-1                     C25E10.9    CE06871   Q18158      SWM1_CAEEL     135  
swp-1      swap           B0336.9a    CE31143   Q10580      SWAP_CAEEL     749  
                          B0336.9b    CE30068                                   
swsn-2.2                  C18E3.2     CE30249   O02101      SWIC2_CAEEL    449  
swt-1                     K02D7.5     CE17998   O45102      SWET1_CAEEL    299  
syd-1                     F35D2.5a    CE33391   Q86NH1      SYD1_CAEEL     987  
                          F35D2.5b    CE33069                                   
                          F35D2.5c    CE33392                                   
syd-2                     F59F5.6     CE03447   Q21049      LIPA_CAEEL    1139  
syd-9      tag-239        ZK867.1b    CE28198   A0A5E4M3Q4  SYD9_CAEEL     554  
                          ZK867.1c    CE35819                                   
                          ZK867.1d    CE29653                                   
                          ZK867.1e    CE28199                                   
                          ZK867.1f    CE53637                                   
sydn-1                    Y39G10AR.17 CE47864   Q95XQ1      SYDN_CAEEL     578  
syf-2                     K04G7.11    CE39587   Q09385      SYF2_CAEEL     234  
syg-1                     K02E10.8a   CE37121   B1Q236      SYG1_CAEEL     730  
                          K02E10.8b   CE42267                                   
syg-2                     C26G2.1a    CE51296   Q9U3P2      SYG2_CAEEL    1270  
sym-2                     ZK1067.6a   CE35148   Q22708      SYM2_CAEEL     618  
syp-4                     H27M09.3    CE23830   Q9N5K3      SYP4_CAEEL     605  
syx-2      syn-2          F48F7.2     CE37520   Q20574      STX2_CAEEL     299  
syx-3      syn-1          F35C8.4     CE29788   Q20024      STX3_CAEEL     306  
syx-4      syn-4          T01B11.3    CE43759   P91409      STX4_CAEEL     287  
syx-5      syn-3          F55A11.2    CE05944   Q20797      STX5_CAEEL     413  
syx-6                     C15C7.1     CE30865   P83528      STX6_CAEEL     122  
szy-20     pqn-14         C18E9.3e    CE42669   G5EGU9      SZY20_CAEEL    558  
                          C18E9.3f    CE38277                                   
tac-1      2p40           Y54E2A.3    CE20302   G5ECG0      TACC1_CAEEL    260  
taf-1                     W04A8.7     CE42634   G5EGM3      TAF1_CAEEL    1744  
taf-2                     Y37E11B.4   CE52319   Q9TYN3      TAF2_CAEEL    1086  
tag-51                    K02F3.1     CE31028   P46064      TAG51_CAEEL    514  
tag-52                    C02F12.4    CE03899   Q11100      TAG52_CAEEL    665  
tag-53                    F33C8.1a    CE41898   Q19981      TAG53_CAEEL   1329  
                          F33C8.1b    CE41899                                   
tag-72                    C25A1.3     CE36918   Q9XVS1      MCES_CAEEL     380  
tag-76                    ZK757.3a    CE01117   P34681      TAG76_CAEEL   1040  
                          ZK757.3b    CE24737                                   
                          ZK757.3c    CE24738                                   
tag-124                   E02H1.3     CE01538   Q09524      TG124_CAEEL    402  
tag-131                   H38K22.3    CE18831   Q9XXA7      NEUFC_CAEEL    326  
tag-151                   F10G7.1     CE02624   Q19329      TSR1_CAEEL     785  
tag-175                   D2013.10    CE17622   O62126      TM41_CAEEL     246  
tag-209                   R06F6.11    CE01617   Q09418      TG209_CAEEL     99  
tag-225                   K07C11.5    CE07348   Q21265      TIMPL_CAEEL    158  
tag-250                   C29E4.5a    CE43801   P34344      TG250_CAEEL    610  
                          C29E4.5b    CE43781                                   
tag-278                   C02F12.7    CE46044   Q11102      TG278_CAEEL   1130  
tag-325                   C38D4.5a    CE51454   P46941      TG325_CAEEL    837  
tag-335                   C42C1.5     CE40443   A3QMC8      GMPPB_CAEEL    365  
tank-1     pme-5          ZK1005.1a   CE24712   Q9TXQ1      TNKS1_CAEEL   2276  
                          ZK1005.1b   CE33259                                   
tap-1                     C44H4.5     CE08726   G5EEM6      TAB1_CAEEL     386  
tars-1     trs-1          C47D12.6a   CE05434   P52709      SYTC_CAEEL     725  
tat-1                     Y49E10.11a  CE28133   Q9U280      TAT1_CAEEL    1139  
                          Y49E10.11b  CE36241                                   
                          Y49E10.11c  CE44010                                   
tat-5                     F36H2.1a    CE34183   G5EBH1      TAT5_CAEEL    1074  
                          F36H2.1b    CE53504                                   
                          F36H2.1c    CE39367                                   
tatn-1                    F42D1.2     CE10298   Q93703      ATTY_CAEEL     464  
tax-4                     ZC84.2      CE27352   Q03611      CNG_CAEEL      733  
tax-6      cna-1          C02F4.2a    CE07853   Q0G819      PP2B_CAEEL     542  
                          C02F4.2b    CE52450                                   
                          C02F4.2c    CE46586                                   
tba-2                     C47B2.3     CE17563   P34690      TBA2_CAEEL     448  
tba-8                     ZK899.4     CE37468   P52274      TBA8_CAEEL     452  
tbb-2                     C36E8.5     CE00913   P52275      TBB2_CAEEL     450  
tbb-4                     B0272.1     CE00850   P41937      TBB4_CAEEL     444  
tbc-6                     C04A2.1     CE36523   Q09445      GRTP6_CAEEL    330  
tbc-11                    F35H12.2a   CE30971   H2KZZ6      TBC11_CAEEL    934  
                          F35H12.2b   CE30972                                   
                          F35H12.2c   CE37909                                   
                          F35H12.2d   CE53416                                   
tbcb-1                    F53F4.3     CE10958   Q20728      TBCB_CAEEL     229  
tbcd-1                    F16D3.4     CE53738   Q19493      TBCD_CAEEL    1163  
tbg-1                     F58A4.8     CE00224   P34475      TBG_CAEEL      444  
tbh-1                     H13N06.6a   CE31553   Q9XTQ6      TBH1_CAEEL     657  
                          H13N06.6b   CE43881                                   
tbp-1      tbp            T20B12.2    CE01408   P32085      TBP_CAEEL      340  
tbx-2                     F21H11.3    CE01245   Q19691      TBX2_CAEEL     423  
tbx-7                     ZK328.8a    CE50285   Q95PX3      TBX7_CAEEL     335  
                          ZK328.8b    CE50302                                   
tbx-8                     T07C4.2     CE36891   Q22292      TBX8_CAEEL     315  
tbx-9                     T07C4.6     CE36892   Q22289      TBX9_CAEEL     292  
tbx-11                    F40H6.4     CE01281   Q20257      TBX11_CAEEL    322  
tbx-30                    Y59E9AR.3   CE25515   Q9N2K7      TBX30_CAEEL    308  
tbx-31                    C36C9.2     CE19721   Q9TZL0      TBX31_CAEEL    747  
tbx-32                    ZK380.1     CE41092   O61764      TBX32_CAEEL    441  
tbx-33                    Y66A7A.8    CE43263   O45291      TBX33_CAEEL    420  
tbx-34                    Y47D3A.10   CE22040   Q9NAH2      TBX34_CAEEL    302  
tbx-35                    ZK177.10    CE40000   Q09376      TBX35_CAEEL    325  
tbx-36                    ZK829.5     CE06653   Q23622      TBX36_CAEEL    331  
tbx-37                    Y47D3A.12   CE44340   Q9U2C9      TBX37_CAEEL    313  
tbx-38                    C24H11.3    CE18526   Q9XVD5      TBX38_CAEEL    303  
tbx-39                    Y73F8A.16   CE22985   Q9NA56      TBX39_CAEEL    396  
tbx-40                    Y73F8A.17   CE22986   Q9NA55      TBX40_CAEEL    380  
tbx-41                    T26C11.1a   CE51597   Q22813      TBX41_CAEEL    233  
tbx-42                    Y59E9AR.5   CE25515   Q9N2K7      TBX30_CAEEL    308  
tc1a       tca; t07d3.8                         P03934      TC1A_CAEEL     273  
tc3a       b0303.5                              P34257      TC3A_CAEEL     329  
tceb-3                    R03D7.4     CE01611   Q09413      ELOA1_CAEEL    434  
tcl-2                     Y38C1AA.4a  CE31644   Q9N428      TCL2_CAEEL     435  
tct-1                     F25H2.11    CE09656   Q93573      TCTP_CAEEL     181  
tdc-1                     K01C8.3a    CE21011   Q95ZS2      TDC1_CAEEL     705  
                          K01C8.3b    CE28344                                   
tdo-2                     C28H8.11a   CE01822   Q09474      T23O_CAEEL     403  
                          C28H8.11c   CE39680                                   
tdp-1                     F44G4.4a    CE02231   D0VWM8      TADBP_CAEEL    414  
                          F44G4.4b    CE36440                                   
                          F44G4.4c    CE44236                                   
ten-1                     R13F6.4a    CE46838   G5EGQ6      TEN1_CAEEL    2684  
                          R13F6.4d    CE42908                                   
tfbm-1                    T03F1.7     CE30685   P91424      TFB1M_CAEEL    367  
tfg-1                     Y63D3A.5    CE20336   Q9U1W1      TFG_CAEEL      486  
tgt-1                     ZK829.6     CE52839   Q23623      TGT_CAEEL      400  
tgt-2                     Y39B6A.35   CE21692   Q9NEU3      QTRT2_CAEEL    373  
tim-1      csg-5          Y75B8A.22   CE23033   G5EDN3      TIM_CAEEL     1353  
timm-17b.1 tim-17         E04A4.5     CE16966   O44477      T17B1_CAEEL    181  
tin-9.1    tim9a; tin-9   C06G3.11    CE33518   Q17754      TIM9_CAEEL      90  
tin-9.2    tim-9b         B0564.1b    CE37950   Q9Y0V2      T10B_CAEEL     111  
tin-10     tim-10         Y66D12A.22  CE28800   Q9Y0V6      TIM10_CAEEL     86  
tin-13     tim-13         DY3.1       CE15745   O45319      TIM13_CAEEL    108  
tin-44                    T09B4.9     CE13473   O02161      TIM44_CAEEL    425  
tipn-1                    F23C8.9     CE20718   Q9TXI0      TIPIN_CAEEL    233  
tir-1      nsy-2          F13B10.1a   CE20681   Q86DA5      SARM1_CAEEL    981  
                          F13B10.1b   CE15818                                   
                          F13B10.1c   CE50801                                   
                          F13B10.1d   CE35712                                   
                          F13B10.1e   CE35713                                   
tkr-1                     C38C10.1    CE44282   Q03566      TKR1_CAEEL     406  
tlf-1                     F39H11.2a   CE27159   B2D6P4      TBPL1_CAEEL    508  
                          F39H11.2b   CE42480                                   
tlk-1                     C07A9.3a    CE36353   P34314      TLK1_CAEEL     965  
                          C07A9.3b    CE36354                                   
tlp-1                     T23G4.1     CE16453   G5EGF8      TLP1_CAEEL     354  
tmbi-4                    B0563.4     CE30843   Q11080      TMBI4_CAEEL    276  
tmc-1                     T13G4.3     CE37147   D3KZG3      TMC1_CAEEL    1285  
tmc-2                     B0416.1a    CE51844   Q11069      TMC2_CAEEL    1203  
tmem-135                  K02G10.3    CE31029   Q95QD1      TM135_CAEEL    445  
tmem-258                  Y57E12AM.1  CE26193   Q965T1      TM258_CAEEL     79  
tnc-2                     ZK673.7     CE01719   Q09665      TNNC2_CAEEL    160  
tni-1                     F42E11.4    CE03311   Q20334      TNNI1_CAEEL    250  
tni-3                     T20B3.2     CE20087   Q9XUN9      TNNI3_CAEEL    260  
tni-4                     W03F8.1     CE29829   O44572      TNNI4_CAEEL    194  
tns-1      svh-6; tag-163 M01E11.7a   CE51166   H2L045      TENSH_CAEEL   1354  
                          M01E11.7b   CE12302                                   
                          M01E11.7c   CE28613                                   
                          M01E11.7d   CE30558                                   
                          M01E11.7e   CE51160                                   
                          M01E11.7f   CE51213                                   
                          M01E11.7g   CE51205                                   
                          M01E11.7h   CE51229                                   
toca-1                    F09E10.8a   CE27939   Q19253      TOCA1_CAEEL    592  
                          F09E10.8b   CE30940                                   
toca-2                    K08E3.3a    CE37123   Q9XUS7      TOCA2_CAEEL    610  
                          K08E3.3b    CE37124                                   
toe-1                     ZK430.1     CE05078   Q23495      HEAT1_CAEEL   1650  
tofu-1                    C27H6.3     CE41983   O17608      TOFU1_CAEEL    373  
tofu-2                    F20A1.9     CE35281   Q19614      TOFU2_CAEEL    433  
tofu-6     mel-47         EEED8.1     CE26746   Q09293      TOFU6_CAEEL    367  
toh-1      nas-26         T24A11.3    CE35909   Q22710      NAS26_CAEEL    414  
tomm-7                    ZK652.2     CE00448   P34660      TOM7_CAEEL      58  
tomm-20                   F23H12.2    CE05705   Q19766      TOM20_CAEEL    188  
tomm-22                   W10D9.5a    CE14794   O17287      TOM22_CAEEL    109  
                          W10D9.5b    CE51123                                   
tomm-40                   C18E9.6     CE05298   Q18090      TOM40_CAEEL    301  
tomm-70                   ZK370.8     CE45970   Q02335      TOM70_CAEEL    569  
top-1                     M01E5.5a    CE12282   O17966      TOP1_CAEEL     806  
                          M01E5.5b    CE12284                                   
top-2                     K12D12.1    CE06184   Q23670      TOP2_CAEEL    1520  
top-3                     Y56A3A.27   CE28138   O61660      TOP3_CAEEL     759  
tost-1                    C35D10.13   CE01194   Q18490      TOST1_CAEEL    142  
tpa-1                     B0545.1a    CE17353   P34722      KPC1_CAEEL     704  
                          B0545.1b    CE17354                                   
tpi-1                     Y17G7B.7    CE19040   Q10657      TPIS_CAEEL     247  
tpk-1                     ZK637.9a    CE37946   P30636      TPK1_CAEEL     243  
                          ZK637.9b    CE37947                                   
tpp-2                     F21H12.6    CE01917   Q09541      TPP2_CAEEL    1374  
tppp-1                    C32E8.3     CE08527   P91127      TPPP_CAEEL     180  
tpra-1                    D1046.5a    CE32845   Q18936      TPRA1_CAEEL    458  
                          D1046.5b    CE44691                                   
tps-1      tps1           ZK54.2a     CE07617   Q7YZT6      TPS1_CAEEL    1331  
                          ZK54.2b     CE30330                                   
tps-2      tps2           F19H8.1a    CE37507   O45380      TPS2_CAEEL    1229  
tpst-1                    Y111B2A.15  CE26632   O77081      TPSTA_CAEEL    380  
tpst-2                    F42G9.8     CE24966   Q20351      TPSTB_CAEEL    259  
tra-1      her-2          Y47D3A.6a   CE52672   P34708      TRA1_CAEEL    1110  
                          Y47D3A.6b   CE52664                                   
tra-2                     C15F1.3a    CE23546   P34709      TRA2_CAEEL    1475  
                          C15F1.3b    CE23547                                   
tra-3      clp-5          LLC1.1      CE16260   Q22036      CAN5_CAEEL     648  
tra-4                     F53B3.1     CE28444   Q20709      TRA4_CAEEL     543  
trap-2                    T04G9.5     CE04886   Q22169      SSRB_CAEEL     188  
trd-1                     T20B12.1    CE41454   P41842      TTC27_CAEEL    771  
tric-1b.1                 Y57A10A.10  CE44590   Q9NA75      T38B1_CAEEL    295  
tric-1b.2                 Y57A10A.28  CE35686   Q9NA73      T38B2_CAEEL    313  
trm-1      trm1           ZC376.5     CE15201   Q23270      TRM1_CAEEL     526  
trp-1      strpc1         ZC21.2a     CE33009   P34586      TRPL_CAEEL    1027  
trpa-1                    C29E6.2a    CE42588   Q18297      TRPA1_CAEEL   1211  
trpp-3                    ZK1098.5    CE00368   P34605      TPPC3_CAEEL    181  
trr-1                     C47D12.1a   CE36692   G5EEV2      TRR1_CAEEL    4064  
                          C47D12.1b   CE36693                                   
                          C47D12.1c   CE38054                                   
trul-1                    B0432.13    CE40596   P90990      TRUL_CAEEL     451  
trx-1                     B0228.5a    CE01745   Q09433      THIO1_CAEEL    115  
                          B0228.5b    CE34629                                   
trx-2                     B0024.9a    CE42941   Q17424      THIO2_CAEEL    145  
trxr-1                    C06G3.7a    CE34250   Q17745      TRXR1_CAEEL    667  
trxr-2                    ZK637.10    CE15373   P30635      TRXR2_CAEEL    503  
try-5                     K07B1.1     CE45442   O01887      TRYL5_CAEEL    327  
tsfm-1                    F55C5.5     CE11158   Q20819      EFTS_CAEEL     316  
tsp-1                     C02F5.8     CE00044   P34285      TSP1_CAEEL     244  
tsp-12                    T14G10.6    CE06452   Q22495      TSP12_CAEEL    308  
tsp-14                    F39C12.3a   CE10096   H2L006      TSP14_CAEEL    451  
                          F39C12.3b   CE29315                                   
tsp-15                    F53B6.1     CE26464   Q9XVM9      TSN15_CAEEL    258  
tsp-17                    C02F12.1a   CE50471   Q11098      TSP17_CAEEL    312  
                          C02F12.1b   CE45957                                   
                          C02F12.1c   CE50481                                   
                          C02F12.1d   CE50466                                   
                          C02F12.1e   CE50399                                   
tsp-21                    C17G1.8     CE42559   Q5WRN1      TSP21_CAEEL    301  
ttb-1                     W03F9.5     CE27396   O16991      TF2B_CAEEL     306  
ttbk-6                    C45G9.1     CE24851   Q09503      TTBK6_CAEEL    290  
ttc-36                    F52H3.5     CE03401   Q20683      TTC36_CAEEL    179  
tth-1                     F08F1.8     CE27929   O17389      TYB_CAEEL      151  
ttll-4                    ZK1128.6a   CE29940   Q09647      TTLL4_CAEEL    601  
                          ZK1128.6b   CE38015                                   
ttll-5                    C55A6.2a    CE29733   E9P886      TTLL5_CAEEL    730  
                          C55A6.2b    CE45770                                   
ttll-9                    F25C8.5     CE38330   Q564U4      TTLL9_CAEEL    417  
ttll-11                   H23L24.3a   CE31706   H2KZM9      TTL11_CAEEL    707  
                          H23L24.3b   CE34905                                   
ttll-12                   D2013.9     CE01535   Q09512      TTL12_CAEEL    662  
ttll-15                   K07C5.7     CE41580   Q21279      TTL15_CAEEL    513  
ttm-1                     Y39E4A.2a   CE16616   O45923      TTM1_CAEEL     410  
                          Y39E4A.2b   CE16617                                   
                          Y39E4A.2c   CE50587                                   
ttm-2                     F26G1.4     CE02696   Q19829      TTM2_CAEEL     358  
ttm-5                     Y54E5A.1    CE28791   G5EC63      DEGS2_CAEEL    362  
ttn-1                     W06H8.8a    CE52437   G4SLH0      TTN1_CAEEL   18562  
                          W06H8.8b    CE52423                                   
                          W06H8.8c    CE36723                                   
                          W06H8.8d    CE52449                                   
                          W06H8.8e    CE52441                                   
                          W06H8.8f    CE52428                                   
                          W06H8.8g    CE52417                                   
ttr-1                     K03H1.6     CE00476   P34502      TTR1_CAEEL     156  
ttr-2                     K03H1.4     CE00475   P34500      TTR2_CAEEL     148  
ttr-3                     K03H1.3     CE00506   P34499      TTR3_CAEEL     148  
ttr-5                     C40H1.5     CE00113   Q03575      TTR5_CAEEL     139  
ttr-15                    T07C4.5     CE03639   Q22288      TTR15_CAEEL    130  
ttr-16                    Y5F2A.1     CE19022   P55955      TTR16_CAEEL    132  
ttr-33                    C37C3.13    CE32820   Q8I7H9      TTR33_CAEEL    143  
ttr-46                    T07C12.7    CE06389   Q22285      TTR46_CAEEL    179  
ttr-52                    F11F1.7     CE47922   G5ED35      TTR52_CAEEL    135  
ttx-3                     C40H5.5a    CE27107   G5EE86      TTX3_CAEEL     409  
                          C40H5.5b    CE43132                                   
ttx-7                     F13G3.5a    CE47972   Q19420      IMPA1_CAEEL    285  
                          F13G3.5b    CE48079                                   
ttyh-1                    F42E11.2a   CE03309   Q20332      TTYH1_CAEEL    519  
                          F42E11.2b   CE23715                                   
                          F42E11.2c   CE31512                                   
tub-1                     F10B5.4     CE29091   Q09306      TUB1_CAEEL     426  
tut-1      ctu-1          F29C4.6     CE17723   O76365      CTU1_CAEEL     373  
tut-2                     F29F11.3    CE23690   Q19906      CTU2_CAEEL     349  
twk-7      twk-8          F22B7.7     CE37508   P34410      TWK7_CAEEL     557  
twk-9                     ZK1251.8a   CE40540   Q23435      TWK9_CAEEL     568  
twk-12                    F29F11.4    CE48353   Q19907      TWK12_CAEEL    713  
twk-18                    C24A3.6     CE24811   Q18120      TWK18_CAEEL    461  
txbp-3                    C45G9.7     CE01858   Q09506      TX1B3_CAEEL    124  
txdc-9     tag-170        C05D11.3    CE01133   Q11183      TXND9_CAEEL    208  
tyr-1                     C02C2.1     CE06754   P34269      TYR1_CAEEL     601  
tyr-3                     F21C3.2     CE42097   Q19673      TYR3_CAEEL     693  
tyra-2                    F01E11.5a   CE38313   Q19084      OAR2_CAEEL     468  
                          F01E11.5b   CE35711                                   
                          F01E11.5c   CE30931                                   
uaf-1                     Y92C3B.2a   CE27339   P90978      U2AF2_CAEEL    496  
                          Y92C3B.2b   CE25626                                   
                          Y92C3B.2c   CE29149                                   
uba-2                     W02A11.4    CE40719   Q9NAN1      SAE2_CAEEL     582  
uba-5                     T03F1.1     CE13096   P91430      UBA5_CAEEL     419  
ubc-1                     C35B1.1     CE27822   P52478      UBC1_CAEEL     192  
ubc-7                     F58A4.10    CE00216   P34477      UBC7_CAEEL     164  
ubc-9                     F29B9.6     CE09784   Q95017      UBC9_CAEEL     166  
ubc-12                    R09B3.4     CE16309   Q9XVK5      UBC12_CAEEL    180  
ubc-13                    Y54G2A.31   CE31652   Q95XX0      UBC13_CAEEL    151  
ubc-16                    Y54E5B.4    CE19228   Q9XWF6      UBE2W_CAEEL    152  
ubc-17                    B0403.2     CE47666   Q11076      UBC17_CAEEL    728  
ubc-18                    R01H2.6     CE25067   Q21633      UBC18_CAEEL    153  
ubc-21                    C06E2.3     CE46306   P52484      UBC21_CAEEL    214  
ubc-25                    F25H2.8     CE34543   Q93571      UBC25_CAEEL    387  
ubh-4                     C08B11.7    CE36913   Q09444      UBH4_CAEEL     321  
ubl-1                     H06I04.4a   CE20938   P37165      RS27A_CAEEL    163  
                          H06I04.4b   CE31022                                   
ubl-5                     F46F11.4    CE10602   P91302      UBL5_CAEEL      73  
ubq-1      ubia           F25B5.4     CE01921   P0CG71      UBIQ1_CAEEL    838  
ubq-2      ubib           ZK1010.1    CE15495   P49632      RL40_CAEEL     128  
ubql-1                    F15C11.2a   CE09413   G5EFF7      UBQL_CAEEL     502  
                          F15C11.2b   CE31479                                   
                          F15C11.2c   CE31480                                   
ubr-1                     C32E8.11    CE40441   P91133      UBR1_CAEEL    2058  
ubxn-1                    F23C8.4     CE20713   Q9TXH9      UBXN1_CAEEL    299  
ubxn-2                    Y94H6A.9a   CE27555   Q9N2W5      UBXN2_CAEEL    301  
                          Y94H6A.9b   CE33955                                   
ubxn-3                    F48A11.5a   CE46198   H2L056      UBXN3_CAEEL    613  
                          F48A11.5b   CE46277                                   
                          F48A11.5c   CE50808                                   
                          F48A11.5d   CE50868                                   
                          F48A11.5e   CE50740                                   
ubxn-4                    ZK353.8     CE00392   P34631      UBXN4_CAEEL    469  
ubxn-5                    T01E8.9     CE34978   Q7YWU9      UBXN5_CAEEL    174  
ubxn-6                    H06H21.6    CE33662   Q8WTJ4      UBXN6_CAEEL    437  
ucr-1                     F56D2.1a    CE11226   P98080      UCR1_CAEEL     471  
uda-1                     K08H10.4    CE18877   Q9XU84      UDA1_CAEEL     479  
uev-1                     F39B2.2     CE16008   O45495      UB2V1_CAEEL    139  
uev-3                     F26H9.7     CE42102   P91853      UB2V3_CAEEL    368  
ufbp-1                    ZK1236.7a   CE29628   P34623      DDRGK_CAEEL    302  
                          ZK1236.7b   CE46881                                   
ufc-1                     C40H1.6     CE00114   Q03598      UFC1_CAEEL     162  
ufd-1                     F19B6.2a    CE05667   Q19584      UFD1_CAEEL     342  
ufd-2                     T05H10.5a   CE01642   Q09349      UBE4_CAEEL     984  
                          T05H10.5b   CE28868                                   
                          T05H10.5c   CE36948                                   
ufd-3                     C05C10.6a   CE02113   G5EES6      UFD3_CAEEL     860  
                          C05C10.6b   CE27796                                   
ufl-1                     C06G3.9     CE07985   Q17750      UFL1_CAEEL     735  
ufm-1      tag-277        ZK652.3     CE00449   P34661      UFM1_CAEEL      94  
ugt-46     ugt14          B0310.5a    CE03878   Q10941      UGT46_CAEEL    531  
ugt-47                    R04B5.9     CE37984   Q21706      UGT47_CAEEL    536  
ugt-48     ugt15          C18C4.3     CE38487   Q18081      UGT48_CAEEL    526  
ugt-50     ugt16          T07C5.1b    CE18217   Q22295      UGT50_CAEEL    523  
                          T07C5.1c    CE31603                                   
ugt-55     ugt11          T04H1.7     CE31984   Q22180      UGT55_CAEEL    512  
ugt-56     ugt12          T04H1.8     CE31985   Q22181      UGT56_CAEEL    524  
ugt-58     ugt5           F35H8.6     CE00984   Q20086      UGT58_CAEEL    533  
ugt-60                    C07A9.6     CE33970   P34317      UGT60_CAEEL    507  
ugtp-1                    ZK370.7     CE29642   Q02334      UGTP1_CAEEL    355  
ula-1                     C26E6.8a    CE29678   Q18217      ULA1_CAEEL     541  
ule-4                     C08F11.11   CE17388   O62053      ULE4_CAEEL     111  
ulp-1                     T10F2.3     CE33694   Q09353      SENP_CAEEL     697  
ulp-2                     Y38A8.3a    CE29374   Q23238      ULP2_CAEEL     893  
ulp-4                     C41C4.6     CE43329   Q09275      ULP4_CAEEL     382  
umps-1     rad-6          T07C4.1     CE00638   G5EDZ2      UMPS_CAEEL     497  
unc-1                     K03E6.5a    CE28585   Q21190      UNC1_CAEEL     285  
unc-3                     Y16B4A.1    CE29366   Q93705      UNC3_CAEEL     491  
unc-4      ceh-4          F26C11.2    CE01560   P29506      UNC4_CAEEL     252  
unc-5                     B0273.4a    CE16790   Q26261      UNC5_CAEEL     947  
                          B0273.4b    CE37693                                   
                          B0273.4c    CE16791                                   
                          B0273.4d    CE49241                                   
                          B0273.4e    CE49455                                   
                          B0273.4f    CE49300                                   
unc-6      unc-106        F41C6.1     CE04538   P34710      UNC6_CAEEL     612  
unc-7      unc-12         R07D5.1a    CE06279   Q03412      UNC7_CAEEL     522  
unc-8                     R13A1.4a    CE26381   Q21974      UNC8_CAEEL     777  
unc-9                     R12H7.1a    CE28246   O01393      UNC9_CAEEL     386  
unc-10                    T10A3.1a    CE30169   Q22366      RIM_CAEEL     1563  
                          T10A3.1b    CE31234                                   
unc-11                    C32E8.10a   CE23562   Q9XZI6      PICAL_CAEEL    586  
                          C32E8.10b   CE27812                                   
                          C32E8.10c   CE24822                                   
                          C32E8.10d   CE23564                                   
                          C32E8.10e   CE23565                                   
                          C32E8.10f   CE23566                                   
                          C32E8.10h   CE27813                                   
unc-13                    ZK524.2a    CE15371   P27715      UNC13_CAEEL   2155  
                          ZK524.2c    CE34624                                   
                          ZK524.2d    CE34625                                   
                          ZK524.2e    CE34626                                   
unc-15                    F07A5.7a    CE09197   P10567      MYSP_CAEEL     872  
                          F07A5.7b    CE42754                                   
unc-16     egl-39         ZK1098.10a  CE00363   P34609      JIP_CAEEL     1190  
                          ZK1098.10b  CE31846                                   
                          ZK1098.10c  CE41490                                   
                          ZK1098.10d  CE41491                                   
                          ZK1098.10e  CE43483                                   
                          ZK1098.10f  CE44092                                   
                          ZK1098.10g  CE48500                                   
                          ZK1098.10h  CE48468                                   
                          ZK1098.10i  CE48413                                   
                          ZK1098.10j  CE48699                                   
                          ZK1098.10k  CE48497                                   
                          ZK1098.10l  CE48433                                   
                          ZK1098.10m  CE48429                                   
                          ZK1098.10n  CE48454                                   
                          ZK1098.10o  CE48464                                   
                          ZK1098.10p  CE48473                                   
unc-17                    ZC416.8a    CE17307   P34711      UNC17_CAEEL    532  
unc-18     lan-2          F27D9.1a    CE24927   P34815      UNC18_CAEEL    673  
unc-22                    ZK617.1a    CE33017   Q23551      UNC22_CAEEL   7158  
                          ZK617.1b    CE33018                                   
                          ZK617.1c    CE47057                                   
                          ZK617.1d    CE49926                                   
                          ZK617.1e    CE44668                                   
unc-26                    JC8.10a     CE28239   G5ECL2      SYNJ_CAEEL    1119  
                          JC8.10b     CE29050                                   
                          JC8.10c     CE40972                                   
                          JC8.10d     CE42707                                   
unc-27     tni-2          ZK721.2     CE40008   Q9GYF1      TNNI2_CAEEL    242  
unc-29                    T08G11.5    CE13451   P48181      ACH2_CAEEL     493  
unc-30                    B0564.10a   CE05183   P52906      UNC30_CAEEL    323  
                          B0564.10b   CE36087                                   
unc-31                    ZK897.1a    CE44675   Q23658      CAPS_CAEEL    1378  
                          ZK897.1b    CE44637                                   
                          ZK897.1c    CE44563                                   
                          ZK897.1d    CE44694                                   
                          ZK897.1e    CE44651                                   
                          ZK897.1f    CE44601                                   
unc-32                    ZK637.8a    CE30573   P30628      VPP1_CAEEL     905  
                          ZK637.8b    CE30574                                   
                          ZK637.8c    CE30575                                   
                          ZK637.8d    CE30576                                   
                          ZK637.8e    CE30577                                   
                          ZK637.8f    CE30578                                   
unc-33                    Y37E11C.1a  CE21557   Q01630      UNC33_CAEEL    854  
                          Y37E11C.1b  CE31638                                   
unc-36     unc-72         C50C3.9a    CE32168   P34374      UNC36_CAEEL   1249  
                          C50C3.9b    CE39702                                   
unc-37     esg            W02D3.9     CE14434   O02482      UNC37_CAEEL    612  
unc-38                    F21F3.5     CE24908   Q23022      ACH5_CAEEL     511  
unc-39     ceh-35; mig-3  F56A12.1    CE37921   O17894      HM35_CAEEL     335  
unc-40                    T19B4.7     CE25115   G5EF96      UNC40_CAEEL   1415  
unc-41     apt-10         C27H6.1a    CE45344   P90761      STNB_CAEEL    1693  
                          C27H6.1b    CE45373                                   
                          C27H6.1c    CE45298                                   
unc-42                    F58E6.10a   CE39164   L8E946      UNC42_CAEEL    279  
                          F58E6.10b   CE48141                                   
                          F58E6.10c   CE48371                                   
                          F58E6.10d   CE48350                                   
                          F58E6.10e   CE48409                                   
unc-43                    K11E8.1a    CE42693   O62305      KCC2D_CAEEL    720  
                          K11E8.1b    CE28052                                   
                          K11E8.1d    CE28054                                   
                          K11E8.1e    CE28055                                   
                          K11E8.1f    CE28056                                   
                          K11E8.1g    CE28057                                   
                          K11E8.1h    CE28058                                   
                          K11E8.1i    CE28059                                   
                          K11E8.1k    CE28060                                   
                          K11E8.1l    CE28061                                   
                          K11E8.1m    CE35590                                   
                          K11E8.1n    CE40979                                   
                          K11E8.1o    CE41430                                   
                          K11E8.1p    CE42670                                   
unc-47                    T20G5.6     CE25119   P34579      UNC47_CAEEL    486  
unc-50                    T07A5.2     CE36501   Q10045      UNC50_CAEEL    301  
unc-51                    Y60A3A.1    CE24516   Q23023      UNC51_CAEEL    856  
unc-52                    ZC101.2a    CE15028   Q06561      UNC52_CAEEL   3375  
                          ZC101.2b    CE15030                                   
                          ZC101.2c    CE15034                                   
                          ZC101.2e    CE18424                                   
                          ZC101.2f    CE37074                                   
unc-53                    F45E10.1a   CE31346   Q7YSI9      UNC53_CAEEL   1654  
                          F45E10.1b   CE31347                                   
                          F45E10.1c   CE33783                                   
                          F45E10.1d   CE34019                                   
                          F45E10.1e   CE34020                                   
unc-54     myo-4          F11C3.3     CE09349   P02566      MYO4_CAEEL    1963  
unc-55                    F55D12.4a   CE43454   G5ECR9      UNC55_CAEEL    370  
                          F55D12.4b   CE43459                                   
unc-57                    T04D1.3a    CE37042   B1V8A0      SH3GH_CAEEL    381  
                          T04D1.3b    CE39765                                   
                          T04D1.3c    CE41009                                   
                          T04D1.3d    CE42509                                   
unc-58                    T06H11.1a   CE31594   Q22271      UNC58_CAEEL    591  
                          T06H11.1b   CE31595                                   
unc-60                    C38C3.5a    CE20547   Q07750      ADF1_CAEEL     212  
                          C38C3.5c    CE20549   Q07749      ADF2_CAEEL     152  
unc-62                    T28F12.2a   CE21219   Q9N5D6      UNC62_CAEEL    564  
                          T28F12.2b   CE21220                                   
                          T28F12.2c   CE31073                                   
                          T28F12.2d   CE31074                                   
                          T28F12.2e   CE33584                                   
                          T28F12.2f   CE33585                                   
                          T28F12.2g   CE37795                                   
unc-63     lev-7          Y110A7A.3   CE30706   Q9N587      ACH6_CAEEL     502  
unc-64                    F56A8.7a    CE16127   O16000      STX1A_CAEEL    291  
                          F56A8.7b    CE28035                                   
unc-71     adm-1          Y37D8A.13   CE20217   G5EFD5      UNC71_CAEEL   1042  
unc-78                    C04F6.4a    CE03924   Q11176      WDR1_CAEEL     611  
unc-79                    C03C10.6    CE30720   P42173      UNC79_CAEEL    870  
unc-80                    F25C8.3a    CE41563   Q9XV66      UNC80_CAEEL   3263  
                          F25C8.3b    CE47117                                   
                          F25C8.3c    CE47217                                   
                          F25C8.3d    CE43592                                   
                          F25C8.3e    CE47428                                   
unc-83                    W01A11.3a   CE31077   Q23064      UNC83_CAEEL   1041  
                          W01A11.3b   CE40370                                   
                          W01A11.3c   CE40371                                   
unc-84                    F54B11.3a   CE28236   Q20745      UNC84_CAEEL   1111  
                          F54B11.3b   CE27761                                   
unc-85     asf-1          F10G7.3     CE39722   Q19326      ASF1_CAEEL     275  
unc-86                    C30A5.7a    CE51471   P13528      UNC86_CAEEL    467  
                          C30A5.7b    CE45067                                   
unc-87                    F08B6.4a    CE20658   P37806      UNC87_CAEEL    565  
                          F08B6.4b    CE27922                                   
unc-89                    C09D1.1a    CE30426   O01761      UNC89_CAEEL   8081  
                          C09D1.1b    CE34251                                   
                          C09D1.1c    CE34252                                   
                          C09D1.1d    CE37701                                   
                          C09D1.1e    CE37702                                   
                          C09D1.1f    CE37703                                   
                          C09D1.1g    CE52389                                   
unc-93                    C46F11.1a   CE30906   Q93380      UNC93_CAEEL    705  
                          C46F11.1b   CE37957                                   
unc-94     tmd-1          C06A5.7a    CE29023   O01479      TMOD_CAEEL     392  
                          C06A5.7b    CE29024                                   
unc-95                    Y105E8A.6   CE31857   Q9NEZ5      UNC95_CAEEL    350  
unc-97                    F14D12.2    CE04392   P50464      UNC97_CAEEL    348  
unc-98                    F08C6.7     CE31900   Q19203      UNC98_CAEEL    310  
unc-101                   K11D2.3a    CE28050   P35602      AP1M_CAEEL     422  
                          K11D2.3b    CE40095                                   
unc-103                   C30D11.1a   CE41297   G5EFJ9      UN103_CAEEL    829  
                          C30D11.1b   CE41298                                   
                          C30D11.1c   CE41299                                   
                          C30D11.1d   CE41300                                   
                          C30D11.1e   CE41301                                   
                          C30D11.1f   CE27805                                   
                          C30D11.1g   CE41302                                   
                          C30D11.1h   CE41303                                   
                          C30D11.1i   CE48274                                   
                          C30D11.1j   CE48244                                   
unc-104                   C52E12.2a   CE48050   P23678      UN104_CAEEL   1584  
                          C52E12.2b   CE47855                                   
unc-105                   C41C4.5a    CE23585   Q09274      UN105_CAEEL    887  
                          C41C4.5b    CE40690                                   
unc-112                   C47E8.7     CE05443   Q18685      UN112_CAEEL    720  
unc-116    khc-1          R05D3.7     CE26945   P34540      KINH_CAEEL     815  
unc-119                   M142.1a     CE06203   Q10658      UN119_CAEEL    219  
unc-120                   D1081.2     CE05534   Q18955      SRF_CAEEL      327  
unc-129                   C53D6.2     CE24863   G5EBY8      UN129_CAEEL    407  
unc-130                   C47G2.2     CE02166   Q18694      UN130_CAEEL    333  
ung-1                     Y56A3A.29a  CE22594   Q9U221      UNG_CAEEL      282  
                          Y56A3A.29b  CE28139                                   
                          Y56A3A.29c  CE47304                                   
                          Y56A3A.29d  CE47197                                   
upp-1                     ZK783.2     CE34466   Q23588      UTPP_CAEEL     295  
urm-1                     F43D9.6     CE43538   B3CKG1      URM1_CAEEL     100  
usip-1                    ZK863.4     CE23469   Q23652      USIP1_CAEEL    662  
usp-14     tgt-1          C13B4.2     CE15615   Q17361      UBP14_CAEEL    489  
usp-46                    R10E11.3a   CE41150   P34547      UBP46_CAEEL    426  
                          R10E11.3b   CE41151                                   
usp-48                    F30A10.10a  CE53705   G5ECC7      UBP48_CAEEL   1264  
                          F30A10.10b  CE53715                                   
uvs-1                     ZK742.2     CE51871   Q23088      UVSSA_CAEEL    594  
vab-1                     M03A1.1a    CE25060   O61460      VAB1_CAEEL    1122  
                          M03A1.1b    CE28617                                   
vab-3      mab-18; pax-6  F14F3.1a    CE24899   G5EDS1      VAB3_CAEEL     455  
                          F14F3.1b    CE28216                                   
                          F14F3.1c    CE28217                                   
vab-7                     M142.4      CE12432   Q93899      VAB7_CAEEL     247  
vab-8                     K12F2.2a    CE31041   Q21441      KI26L_CAEEL   1066  
                          K12F2.2b    CE23870                                   
vab-15                    R07B1.1     CE01626   Q09604      VAB15_CAEEL    225  
vav-1                     C35B8.2a    CE38040   Q45FX5      VAV_CAEEL     1007  
                          C35B8.2b    CE39333                                   
vdac-1                    R05G6.7     CE29443   Q21752      VDAC_CAEEL     283  
vem-1                     K07E3.8     CE34578   Q7YZW5      VEM1_CAEEL     183  
ver-1                     T17A3.1     CE31854   G5ED65      VER1_CAEEL    1083  
ver-3                     F59F3.1     CE03437   Q21038      VER3_CAEEL    1227  
ver-4                     F59F3.5     CE43265   Q21041      VER4_CAEEL    1216  
vglu-3                    T07A5.3     CE01648   Q10046      VGLU3_CAEEL    544  
vha-1                     R10E11.8    CE06291   Q21898      VATL1_CAEEL    169  
vha-2                     R10E11.2    CE06290   C0HLB3      VATL2_CAEEL    161  
vha-3                     Y38F2AL.4   CE06290   C0HLB4      VATL3_CAEEL    161  
vha-9                     ZK970.4     CE02404   Q23680      VATF_CAEEL     121  
vha-10                    F46F11.5    CE10604   P91303      VATG_CAEEL     126  
vha-11                    Y38F2AL.3a  CE29997   Q9XXU9      VATC_CAEEL     384  
                          Y38F2AL.3b  CE38743                                   
vha-12                    F20B6.2     CE04424   Q19626      VATB_CAEEL     491  
vha-13                    Y49A3A.2    CE22210   Q9XW92      VATA_CAEEL     606  
vha-14                    F55H2.2     CE00209   P34462      VATD_CAEEL     257  
vha-15                    T14F9.1     CE07497   Q22494      VATH2_CAEEL    470  
vha-17                    F49C12.13   CE37521   Q20591      VA0E_CAEEL      86  
vha-18                    F52E1.10    CE04638   Q20666      VATH1_CAEEL    451  
vhl-1                     F08G12.4    CE03169   Q19213      VHL_CAEEL      174  
vhp-1                     F08B1.1a    CE27918   Q10038      VHP1_CAEEL     657  
                          F08B1.1b    CE27919                                   
vit-1                     K09F5.2     CE04746   P55155      VIT1_CAEEL    1616  
vit-2                     C42D8.2     CE06950   P05690      VIT2_CAEEL    1613  
vit-3                     F59D8.1     CE20900   Q9N4J2      VIT3_CAEEL    1603  
vit-4                     F59D8.2     CE26817   P18947      VIT4_CAEEL    1603  
vit-5                     C04F6.1     CE03921   P06125      VIT5_CAEEL    1603  
vit-6                     K07H8.6a    CE28594   P18948      VIT6_CAEEL    1651  
                          K07H8.6b    CE34921                                   
                          K07H8.6c    CE18026                                   
vms-1                     K06H7.3     CE26941   P34511      VMS1_CAEEL     618  
vps-11                    R06F6.2     CE43323   Q09600      VPS11_CAEEL    980  
vps-16                    C05D11.2    CE24785   Q11182      VPS16_CAEEL    852  
vps-18                    W06B4.3     CE43757   Q23194      VPS18_CAEEL   1026  
vps-26                    T20D3.7a    CE28684   O01258      VPS26_CAEEL    356  
vps-28                    Y87G2A.10a  CE23139   Q9NA26      VPS28_CAEEL    210  
vps-33.1   slp-1          B0303.9     CE00539   P34260      VP33A_CAEEL    603  
vps-33.2                  C56C10.1    CE30636   Q18891      VP33B_CAEEL    617  
vps-34     let-512        B0025.1a    CE24759   Q9TXI7      PK3C3_CAEEL    901  
                          B0025.1b    CE24760                                   
                          B0025.1c    CE37691                                   
vps-39                    T08G5.5a    CE18946   Q1ZXS5      VPS39_CAEEL    926  
                          T08G5.5b    CE40122                                   
                          T08G5.5c    CE41694                                   
vps-41                    F32A6.3a    CE37009   Q19954      VPS41_CAEEL    901  
                          F32A6.3b    CE40762                                   
                          F32A6.3c    CE40763                                   
vps-51                    B0414.8a    CE30413   O01839      VPS51_CAEEL    700  
vps-52     tag-197        F08C6.3     CE47824   G5EFV8      VPS52_CAEEL    702  
vps-53                    T05G5.8a    CE47826   P34561      VPS53_CAEEL    798  
                          T05G5.8b    CE47898                                   
vps-54                    T21C9.2a    CE31365   Q22639      VPS54_CAEEL   1058  
vrk-1                     F28B12.3    CE02704   Q19848      VRK1_CAEEL     610  
wago-1                    R06C7.1     CE06244   Q21770      WAGO1_CAEEL    945  
wago-4                    F58G1.1     CE17921   O62275      WAGO4_CAEEL    965  
wapl-1                    R08C7.10b   CE28750   H2L0H5      WAPL_CAEEL     748  
wars-2     wrs-2          C34E10.4b   CE37710   C0HKD6      SYWM_CAEEL     360  
wdfy-2                    D2013.2     CE00928   Q18964      WDFY2_CAEEL    415  
wdr-4                     Y102E9.2a   CE07574   Q23232      WDR4_CAEEL     388  
wdr-5.1    swd-3.1        C14B1.4     CE00901   Q17963      WDR51_CAEEL    376  
wdr-5.2    swd-3.2        K04G11.4    CE11748   Q93847      WDR52_CAEEL    395  
wdr-5.3    swd-3.3        ZC302.2a    CE06574   Q23256      WDR53_CAEEL    501  
wdr-12     tag-345        F55F8.5     CE11196   P91343      WDR12_CAEEL    439  
wdr-20                    C08B6.7a    CE51874   D9N129      WDR20_CAEEL    768  
                          C08B6.7b    CE45162                                   
wdr-23                    D2030.9a    CE09086   P90794      DCA11_CAEEL    571  
                          D2030.9b    CE23620                                   
wdr-48                    F35G12.4a   CE31501   Q20059      WDR48_CAEEL    683  
                          F35G12.4b   CE31502                                   
                          F35G12.4c   CE42674                                   
wee-1.1                   F35H8.7     CE09940   Q20085      PMY11_CAEEL    468  
wee-1.3    let-37; myt-1  Y53C12A.1   CE14884   O18209      PMY13_CAEEL    677  
wht-1                     C05D10.3a   CE52537   Q11180      WHT1_CAEEL     671  
                          C05D10.3b   CE52612                                   
wht-3                     C16C10.12a  CE51368   Q09466      WHT3_CAEEL     610  
wnk-1                     C46C2.1a    CE37331   X5M5N0      WNK_CAEEL     1850  
                          C46C2.1b    CE37332                                   
                          C46C2.1c    CE46706                                   
                          C46C2.1d    CE46603                                   
                          C46C2.1e    CE46553                                   
                          C46C2.1f    CE46627                                   
                          C46C2.1g    CE46722                                   
                          C46C2.1h    CE46797                                   
                          C46C2.1i    CE46749                                   
                          C46C2.1j    CE46831                                   
                          C46C2.1k    CE46763                                   
                          C46C2.1l    CE46557                                   
                          C46C2.1m    CE46636                                   
                          C46C2.1n    CE49690                                   
                          C46C2.1o    CE49733                                   
                          C46C2.1p    CE49626                                   
                          C46C2.1q    CE49684                                   
                          C46C2.1r    CE49717                                   
                          C46C2.1s    CE49622                                   
                          C46C2.1t    CE49653                                   
                          C46C2.1u    CE49693                                   
                          C46C2.1v    CE49732                                   
wrm-1                     B0336.1a    CE26743   Q10953      WRM1_CAEEL     796  
wrn-1                     F18C5.2     CE31791   Q19546      WRN_CAEEL     1056  
wrt-1                     ZK1290.12   CE15545   Q94128      WRT1_CAEEL     485  
wrt-3                     F38E11.7a   CE34013   Q20170      WRT3_CAEEL     179  
wrt-4                     ZK678.5     CE24735   Q94129      WRT4_CAEEL     557  
wrt-5                     W03D2.5a    CE14514   Q9U7D3      WRT5_CAEEL     176  
                          W03D2.5b    CE33717                                   
wrt-6                     ZK377.1     CE37175   P91573      WRT6_CAEEL     593  
wrt-8                     C29F3.2     CE29200   Q94130      WRT8_CAEEL     550  
wts-1                     T20F10.1    CE13844   O45797      WARTS_CAEEL    908  
wwp-1                     Y65B4BR.4a  CE31384   Q9N2Z7      WWP1_CAEEL     794  
                          Y65B4BR.4b  CE31385                                   
                          Y65B4BR.4c  CE49230                                   
                          Y65B4BR.4d  CE49306                                   
xnp-1                     B0041.7     CE17314   Q9U7E0      ATRX_CAEEL    1359  
xol-1                     C18A11.5b   CE35709   Q23229      XOL1_CAEEL     417  
                          C18A11.5c   CE24807                                   
xrn-2                     Y48B6A.3    CE42702   Q9U299      XRN2_CAEEL     975  
y62e10a.11                                      Q9U1X4      MSS4_CAEEL      98  
yap-1                     F13E6.4     CE37348   Q19404      YAP1_CAEEL     442  
ymel-1                    M03C11.5    CE43540   P54813      YME1_CAEEL     723  
zag-1                     F28F9.1     CE34546   G5EBU4      ZAG1_CAEEL     596  
zer-1                     T24C4.6a    CE39414   Q2WF59      ZER1_CAEEL     895  
                          T24C4.6b    CE39415                                   
zfp-1                     F54F2.2a    CE25003   P34447      ZFP1_CAEEL     867  
                          F54F2.2b    CE26933                                   
                          F54F2.2c    CE33653                                   
zfp-2                     F35H8.3     CE00981   Q20082      ZNF2_CAEEL     422  
zhp-1                     F55A12.10   CE28451   Q95R14      ZHP1_CAEEL     220  
zhp-2                     D1081.9     CE23619   Q9U3L0      ZHP2_CAEEL     240  
zhp-3                     K02B12.8a   CE34201   C6KRL6      ZHP3_CAEEL     389  
                          K02B12.8b   CE43850                                   
zhp-4                     Y39B6A.16   CE29858   Q8MYP1      ZHP4_CAEEL     283  
zif-1      tag-6          F59B2.6     CE34193   P34482      ZIF1_CAEEL     489  
zig-1                     K10C3.3     CE30349   G5EGI7      ZIG1_CAEEL     265  
zig-2                     F42F12.2    CE03313   G5EDQ9      ZIG2_CAEEL     238  
zig-3                     C14F5.2     CE01781   G5EEY6      ZIG3_CAEEL     251  
zig-4                     C09C7.1     CE02468   G5ECB1      ZIG4_CAEEL     253  
zig-5                     Y48A6A.1    CE31735   Q9XXD7      ZIG5_CAEEL     260  
zig-6                     T03G11.8    CE40660   Q22125      ZIG6_CAEEL     243  
zig-7                     F54D7.4     CE33929   O44730      ZIG7_CAEEL     239  
zig-8                     Y39E4B.8    CE24241   G5ED00      ZIG8_CAEEL     268  
zip-2                     K02F3.4     CE23848   Q21148      ZIP2_CAEEL     308  
zip-3                     W07G1.3     CE37052   Q9XUK2      ZIP3_CAEEL     307  
zip-4                     Y44E3B.1a   CE18390   H2L0N3      ZIP4_CAEEL     318  
                          Y44E3B.1b   CE28364                                   
                          Y44E3B.1c   CE39837                                   
zip-8                     F23F12.9a   CE01256   P46505      BZIP8_CAEEL    176  
                          F23F12.9b   CE32389                                   
zip-10                    T27F2.4     CE06522   Q22835      ZIP10_CAEEL    165  
zipt-7.1   hke-4.1        T28F3.3     CE36329   Q9XUC4      ZPT71_CAEEL    393  
zipt-7.2   hke-4.2        H13N06.5    CE38718   Q9XTQ7      ZPT72_CAEEL    462  
zmp-1                     EGAP1.3     CE30930   G5EGM1      MMPA_CAEEL     521  
zmp-2                     H19M22.3a   CE26937   O44836      MMPB_CAEEL     519  
                          H19M22.3b   CE29414                                   
                          H19M22.3c   CE34904                                   
zmp-3                     C31B8.8     CE26674   G5EBU3      MMPC_CAEEL     579  
znfx-1                    ZK1067.2a   CE43256   E9P860      ZNFX1_CAEEL   2443  
                          ZK1067.2b   CE45745                                   
ztf-1                     F54F2.5a    CE25004   P34450      ZTF1_CAEEL     582  
                          F54F2.5b    CE32435                                   
ztf-6      dopy-1         W06H12.1    CE25145   G5EC77      ZTF6_CAEEL     480  
ztf-11     ekl-2          F52F12.6a   CE24995   O02274      ZTF11_CAEEL    539  
                          F52F12.6b   CE46793                                   
ztf-16                    R08E3.4a    CE37662   H2L008      ZTF16_CAEEL    480  
                          R08E3.4b    CE37663                                   
ztf-17                    T09A5.12    CE44970   P45972      ZTF17_CAEEL    705  
ztf-30                    C06E1.8     CE00063   P34303      ZTF30_CAEEL    397  
zwl-1                     Y39G10AR.2a CE26992   Q95XP9      ZWILC_CAEEL    630  
                          Y39G10AR.2b CE46826                                   
                          Y39G10AR.2c CE49916                                   
                          Y39G10AR.2d CE49848                                   
zyg-1                     F59E12.2    CE28571   Q9GT24      ZYG1_CAEEL     706  
zyg-8                     Y79H2A.11   CE31133   Q95QC4      DCLK_CAEEL     802  
zyg-9                     F22B5.7     CE20707   G5EEM5      ZYG9_CAEEL    1415  
zyg-11                    C08B11.1    CE01471   P21541      ZYG11_CAEEL    799  
zyg-12     ber-1          ZK546.1a    CE32088   Q23529      HOOK_CAEEL     777  
                          ZK546.1b    CE28524                                   
                          ZK546.1c    CE36518                                   
                          ZK546.1d    CE39461                                   
zyx-1                     F42G4.3a    CE23716   Q9U3F4      ZYX_CAEEL      603  
                          F42G4.3b    CE46653                                   
                          F42G4.3c    CE46595                                   
                          F42G4.3d    CE10324                                   
                          F42G4.3e    CE46698                                   

n.a.                      AC3.5a      CE36372   Q17405      YQ02_CAEEL    1090  
n.a.                      AH6.3       CE01457   Q09202      YP23_CAEEL     230  
n.a.                      AH9.1       CE40671   Q10904      YWO1_CAEEL     411  
n.a.                      AH9.3       CE39538   Q10906      YWO3_CAEEL     165  
n.a.                      AH9.4       CE30841   Q10907      YWO4_CAEEL     364  
n.a.                      B0001.4a    CE37307   Q17413      UCK_CAEEL      248  
n.a.                      B0024.11    CE05155   Q17426      YQ4B_CAEEL     577  
n.a.                      B0024.13    CE35376   Q17428      PORED_CAEEL    309  
n.a.                      B0034.4     CE02412   Q10912      YSP4_CAEEL     216  
n.a.                      B0035.15    CE05170   Q17439      YQVW_CAEEL     283  
n.a.                      B0228.1     CE41748   Q09220      YP71_CAEEL     224  
n.a.                      B0228.6     CE47904   Q09223      YP76_CAEEL     293  
n.a.                      B0228.7     CE34630   Q09438      MTAP_CAEEL     288  
n.a.                      B0228.8     CE39885   Q09224      YP78_CAEEL     454  
n.a.                      B0228.9     CE39886   Q09439      YP79_CAEEL     443  
n.a.                      B0244.4a    CE39466   Q09964      YS94_CAEEL     309  
n.a.                      B0244.5     CE43682   Q10909      YS95_CAEEL     362  
n.a.                      B0244.6     CE46269   Q09965      YS96_CAEEL     374  
n.a.                      B0244.7     CE52007   Q09966      YS97_CAEEL     319  
n.a.                      B0244.10a   CE51994   Q960A0      YS9A_CAEEL     582  
n.a.                      B0250.5     CE18481   Q9XTI0      3HIDH_CAEEL    299  
n.a.                      B0252.3a    CE32095   Q10917      YT13_CAEEL     484  
                          B0252.3b    CE34631                                   
n.a.                      B0252.5     CE53889   Q10918      YT15_CAEEL     209  
n.a.                      B0272.3     CE00852   P41938      HCDH2_CAEEL    309  
n.a.                      B0272.4     CE00853   P41942      YKB4_CAEEL     255  
n.a.                      B0280.2     CE37473   P41993      YKC2_CAEEL     627  
n.a.                      B0280.7     CE29535   P41998      YKC7_CAEEL     344  
n.a.                      B0280.9     CE00816   P42000      UTP18_CAEEL    429  
n.a.                      B0280.11    CE39312   P42083      YKCA_CAEEL     441  
n.a.                      B0285.3     CE00667   P46553      YKG3_CAEEL     166  
n.a.                      B0285.6     CE54152   P46556      YKG6_CAEEL     574  
n.a.                      B0286.1     CE30066   Q10921      YWQ1_CAEEL     230  
n.a.                      B0302.2     CE39887   Q10926      YWR2_CAEEL      33  
n.a.                      B0302.4     CE35210   Q10927      YWR4_CAEEL      31  
n.a.                      B0302.5     CE39551   Q10928      YWR5_CAEEL     165  
n.a.                      B0303.3     CE00561   P34255      ECHH_CAEEL     448  
n.a.                      B0303.4     CE29540   P34256      YKA4_CAEEL     616  
n.a.                      B0303.7a    CE36521   P34258      YKA7_CAEEL     493  
n.a.                      B0303.11a   CE50287   P34261      YKAA_CAEEL     927  
                          B0303.11b   CE50231                                   
n.a.                      B0303.14    CE00003   P34263      YKAD_CAEEL     407  
n.a.                      B0304.2     CE02424   Q10932      YT22_CAEEL     218  
n.a.                      B0304.4     CE03872   Q10933      YT24_CAEEL     128  
n.a.                      B0310.1a    CE41749   Q10937      YWS1_CAEEL     292  
                          B0310.1b    CE41750                                   
n.a.                      B0310.2a    CE03875   Q10938      YWS2_CAEEL     413  
n.a.                      B0310.3     CE46910   Q10939      YWS3_CAEEL     417  
n.a.                      B0310.6     CE03879   Q10942      YWS6_CAEEL      95  
n.a.                      B0336.13    CE26429   Q9BIB4      YMYD_CAEEL     139  
n.a.                      B0353.1a    CE52037   Q10958      YT31_CAEEL     182  
n.a.                      B0361.2a    CE33549   Q10946      C19L2_CAEEL    460  
n.a.                      B0361.3     CE34242   Q7JPQ6      YMP3_CAEEL     627  
n.a.                      B0361.4     CE43739   Q10948      YMP4_CAEEL     325  
n.a.                      B0361.6     CE00835   Q10950      YMP6_CAEEL     378  
n.a.                      B0361.9     CE00838   Q10952      YMP9_CAEEL     194  
n.a.                      B0361.11    CE43666   Q7Z118      YMPB_CAEEL     578  
n.a.                      B0403.3     CE38993   Q11077      YWV3_CAEEL     270  
n.a.                      B0416.2     CE02432   Q11070      YT42_CAEEL     167  
n.a.                      B0416.3     CE53286   Q11071      YT43_CAEEL     220  
n.a.                      B0416.4     CE02434   Q11072      YT44_CAEEL     218  
n.a.                      B0416.5     CE02435   Q11073      YT45_CAEEL     507  
n.a.                      B0416.7a    CE02437   Q11074      YT47_CAEEL     132  
n.a.                      B0464.6     CE33965   Q03564      YKD6_CAEEL     643  
n.a.                      B0464.9     CE26705   Q9BIB3      PPME1_CAEEL    364  
n.a.                      B0495.5     CE29948   Q09214      YP65_CAEEL     729  
n.a.                      B0495.7     CE29550   Q09216      ERP1A_CAEEL    895  
n.a.                      B0495.8a    CE01766   Q09217      YP68_CAEEL     313  
n.a.                      B0495.9     CE01767   Q09218      YP69_CAEEL     267  
n.a.                      B0507.2     CE32561   Q22885      BROX_CAEEL     427  
n.a.                      B0546.4a    CE16795   O44440      YPL2_CAEEL     161  
                          B0546.4b    CE33354                                   
n.a.                      B0563.1     CE02439   Q11078      YT61_CAEEL     187  
n.a.                      B0563.5     CE39666   Q11081      YT65_CAEEL     114  
n.a.                      B0563.6a    CE29551   Q11082      YT66_CAEEL     434  
n.a.                      B0563.7     CE02445   Q11083      YT67_CAEEL     229  
n.a.                      B0563.8     CE39467   Q11084      YT68_CAEEL      85  
n.a.                      C01C4.2     CE53364   Q11089      YWY2_CAEEL     453  
n.a.                      C01C4.3a    CE03889   Q11090      YWY3_CAEEL     407  
                          C01C4.3b    CE30846                                   
n.a.                      C01C10.2a   CE02448   Q11086      YT72_CAEEL     204  
n.a.                      C01G6.5     CE00867   P46012      YKI5_CAEEL     952  
n.a.                      C01G10.9    CE07818   Q93169      MTNA_CAEEL     366  
n.a.                      C02B8.1     CE33514   Q11091      YWZ1_CAEEL     112  
n.a.                      C02B8.3     CE03892   Q11093      YWZ3_CAEEL     133  
n.a.                      C02B8.6     CE29656   Q11096      YWZ6_CAEEL     347  
n.a.                      C02B8.7     CE03896   Q11097      YWZ7_CAEEL      52  
n.a.                      C02B10.3    CE29018   O44443      YC2BA_CAEEL    247  
n.a.                      C02D5.2a    CE00034   P34276      YKJ2_CAEEL     323  
                          C02D5.2b    CE39554                                   
n.a.                      C02F5.2     CE44142   P34279      YKK2_CAEEL     128  
n.a.                      C02F5.3     CE36094   P34280      YKK3_CAEEL     366  
n.a.                      C02F5.5     CE00041   P34282      YKK5_CAEEL     173  
n.a.                      C02F5.10    CE43958   P34287      YKK0_CAEEL     145  
n.a.                      C02F5.12    CE39127   Q95QY7      YKKA_CAEEL     380  
n.a.                      C02F5.13    CE36093   P61228      TM2D1_CAEEL    210  
n.a.                      C02F12.5    CE40681   Q11101      YL15_CAEEL     176  
n.a.                      C02F12.8    CE03902   Q11103      YL18_CAEEL     687  
n.a.                      C03A3.2     CE31404   Q17598      TM104_CAEEL    492  
n.a.                      C03B1.1     CE47931   Q11108      YX01_CAEEL     260  
n.a.                      C03B1.2     CE53370   Q11109      YX02_CAEEL     226  
n.a.                      C03B1.3     CE03905   Q11110      YX03_CAEEL     115  
n.a.                      C03B1.4     CE03906   Q11111      YX04_CAEEL     253  
n.a.                      C03B1.5     CE37605   Q11112      YX05_CAEEL     328  
n.a.                      C03B1.6     CE53361   Q11113      YX06_CAEEL     222  
n.a.                      C03B1.7a    CE45793   Q11114      YX07_CAEEL     847  
                          C03B1.7b    CE45734                                   
n.a.                      C03B1.9     CE41349   Q11115      YX09_CAEEL     205  
n.a.                      C03B1.10    CE48183   Q11116      YX0A_CAEEL      41  
n.a.                      C03B8.2     CE00764   Q11105      YPB2_CAEEL      59  
n.a.                      C03B8.3     CE45119   Q11106      YPB3_CAEEL     247  
n.a.                      C03C10.2    CE44177   P42169      YKL2_CAEEL     341  
n.a.                      C03C10.5    CE52045   P42172      YKL5_CAEEL      68  
n.a.                      C03F11.2    CE35379   Q11123      YX12_CAEEL     362  
n.a.                      C03F11.3    CE37606   Q11124      YX13_CAEEL     563  
n.a.                      C03F11.4    CE39128   Q11125      YX14_CAEEL     389  
n.a.                      C03G6.5     CE45476   O01454      U376A_CAEEL    203  
n.a.                      C04E7.1     CE03918   Q11192      YX21_CAEEL     113  
n.a.                      C04E7.3     CE52462   Q11194      YX23_CAEEL     518  
n.a.                      C04G6.5     CE06766   Q17638      YAM5_CAEEL      59  
n.a.                      C04H5.1     CE15587   O45241      TR112_CAEEL    125  
n.a.                      C05B5.1     CE00047   P34289      YKO1_CAEEL     145  
n.a.                      C05B5.2     CE47036   P34290      YKO2_CAEEL     185  
n.a.                      C05B5.4     CE00880   P34292      YKO4_CAEEL     315  
n.a.                      C05B5.5a    CE40686   P34293      YKO5_CAEEL     337  
n.a.                      C05B5.8     CE33967   Q86DA7      YKO8_CAEEL     177  
n.a.                      C05C10.2a   CE53934   Q09449      YQ12_CAEEL    1523  
n.a.                      C05C10.3    CE01467   Q09450      SCOT_CAEEL     521  
n.a.                      C05C10.5a   CE01469   Q09230      YQ15_CAEEL     212  
n.a.                      C05D9.3a    CE35381   Q9GYK2      ITBL_CAEEL     423  
n.a.                      C05D10.4a   CE30423   Q11181      YPC4_CAEEL     597  
                          C05D10.4b   CE30424                                   
                          C05D10.4c   CE30425                                   
n.a.                      C05D11.1    CE03926   P48053      YPD1_CAEEL     995  
n.a.                      C05D11.5    CE01135   Q11185      HYI_CAEEL      262  
n.a.                      C05D11.8    CE54171   Q11187      U518_CAEEL     896  
n.a.                      C05D11.9    CE24787   Q11188      YPD9_CAEEL     752  
n.a.                      C05D11.13a  CE03930   Q11191      YPDD_CAEEL     270  
n.a.                      C05G5.5a    CE44185   Q17678      TIKI1_CAEEL    420  
                          C05G5.5b    CE47145                                   
                          C05G5.5c    CE47387                                   
n.a.                      C06A1.3     CE02116   P48458      YT91_CAEEL     364  
n.a.                      C06E1.1     CE00054   P34296      YKQ1_CAEEL     161  
n.a.                      C06E1.7     CE30483   P34302      YKQ7_CAEEL     365  
n.a.                      C06E1.9     CE24790   P34304      YKQ9_CAEEL     643  
n.a.                      C06E1.11    CE54089   P34306      YKQA_CAEEL     234  
n.a.                      C06G4.1     CE28203   P34307      YKR1_CAEEL     886  
n.a.                      C06G4.4     CE00549   P34310      YKR4_CAEEL     129  
n.a.                      C06G4.5     CE38997   P34311      YKR5_CAEEL     436  
n.a.                      C07A9.5     CE02981   P34316      YKT5_CAEEL     358  
n.a.                      C07A9.9     CE41353   P34320      YKT9_CAEEL     184  
n.a.                      C07A9.10    CE54068   P34321      YKT0_CAEEL     138  
n.a.                      C07A9.12    CE37746   Q5CZ51      YKT2_CAEEL     235  
n.a.                      C08B6.8a    CE05245   Q17819      ORN_CAEEL      193  
n.a.                      C08B11.3    CE01473   Q09441      SWSN7_CAEEL   1244  
n.a.                      C08B11.9    CE01479   Q09227      YP89_CAEEL     186  
n.a.                      C08F8.2b    CE05249   Q17828      SUV3_CAEEL     719  
                          C08F8.2c    CE45714                                   
n.a.                      C08F11.12   CE17389   Q9U3R0      U375B_CAEEL    117  
n.a.                      C09D4.1a    CE27671   O01735      YC91_CAEEL     586  
                          C09D4.1b    CE37705                                   
n.a.                      C09E9.1a    CE08036   Q93196      YI31_CAEEL     123  
n.a.                      C09F5.1a    CE44860   Q09231      YQ21_CAEEL     570  
n.a.                      C09F5.3     CE54181   Q09452      YQ23_CAEEL     378  
n.a.                      C09G1.4     CE43135   Q17865      YTE4_CAEEL     545  
n.a.                      C09G5.7     CE01487   Q09458      YQ37_CAEEL     395  
n.a.                      C13B9.2     CE41197   Q09235      YQ42_CAEEL     458  
n.a.                      C13G5.2     CE29086   P34327      YKX2_CAEEL     351  
n.a.                      C14B9.2     CE30601   P34329      PDIA4_CAEEL    618  
n.a.                      C14B9.3     CE26868   P34330      YKZ3_CAEEL     348  
n.a.                      C14B9.8a    CE38273   P34335      KPBA_CAEEL    1226  
n.a.                      C15B12.1    CE29665   Q18006      SOX_CAEEL      384  
n.a.                      C15C7.7     CE36786   Q18014      OFUT1_CAEEL    389  
n.a.                      C15H7.3     CE00081   P34337      YK13_CAEEL     398  
n.a.                      C15H7.4     CE00082   P34338      YK14_CAEEL     327  
n.a.                      C16C10.1    CE33519   Q09461      YQ51_CAEEL     360  
n.a.                      C16C10.2    CE01493   Q09462      UTP11_CAEEL    262  
n.a.                      C16C10.3    CE01494   Q09249      YQ53_CAEEL    1032  
n.a.                      C16C10.4    CE01495   Q09250      SAP18_CAEEL    166  
n.a.                      C16C10.8    CE01499   Q09464      YQ58_CAEEL     253  
n.a.                      C16C10.9    CE01500   Q09465      YQ59_CAEEL     274  
n.a.                      C18A3.3     CE28890   Q09958      EBP2_CAEEL     340  
n.a.                      C18B2.1     CE04040   Q18079      YXT1_CAEEL     321  
n.a.                      C18B2.2     CE29179   Q18078      YXT2_CAEEL     356  
n.a.                      C18H9.6     CE44820   Q09238      YQ86_CAEEL     174  
n.a.                      C23G10.1a   CE54137   P48459      YSD1_CAEEL     454  
                          C23G10.1b   CE54185                                   
n.a.                      C23G10.2a   CE37747   Q10121      YSD2_CAEEL     171  
                          C23G10.2b   CE30613                                   
                          C23G10.2c   CE37748                                   
n.a.                      C23G10.7a   CE38937   Q45EK7      TRM44_CAEEL    563  
                          C23G10.7b   CE38938                                   
                          C23G10.7c   CE38939                                   
n.a.                      C24G6.8     CE17464   O76387      PTH2_CAEEL     316  
n.a.                      C25E10.12   CE06874   Q18161      YBPT_CAEEL     281  
n.a.                      C25G4.2     CE05303   Q18169      LOVG_CAEEL     221  
n.a.                      C26F1.3     CE06877   Q18232      YBRI_CAEEL     186  
n.a.                      C27A7.1a    CE08403   P90754      ENPP1_CAEEL    829  
                          C27A7.1b    CE39478                                   
n.a.                      C27A7.3a    CE39479   P90755      ENPP2_CAEEL    743  
                          C27A7.3b    CE40021                                   
n.a.                      C27B7.6     CE43510   P48460      YY06_CAEEL     454  
n.a.                      C27B7.7a    CE42680   Q18245      YC27B_CAEEL   1456  
n.a.                      C27D6.1     CE52759   Q10030      YQ91_CAEEL     782  
n.a.                      C27D6.3     CE01813   Q10032      YQ93_CAEEL     118  
n.a.                      C27F2.7     CE38942   Q18262      YPI7_CAEEL     408  
n.a.                      C27F2.10    CE29189   Q95QU0      PCID2_CAEEL    413  
n.a.                      C28C12.3    CE04110   P50437      YY23_CAEEL     195  
n.a.                      C28F5.1     CE45843   Q09239      YQA1_CAEEL     174  
n.a.                      C28F5.4     CE40024   Q10040      YQA4_CAEEL     856  
n.a.                      C28H8.2     CE32812   Q09243      YP92_CAEEL     162  
n.a.                      C28H8.3     CE29195   Q09475      YP93_CAEEL    1714  
n.a.                      C28H8.5a    CE01827   Q09244      YP95_CAEEL     302  
n.a.                      C28H8.7     CE01829   Q09245      YP97_CAEEL     283  
n.a.                      C28H8.8     CE38944   Q09246      YP98_CAEEL     297  
n.a.                      C29E4.10    CE47094   Q95QT2      GALC_CAEEL     645  
n.a.                      C29E4.12    CE30619   Q8MNU8      FMC1_CAEEL     108  
n.a.                      C29F7.3     CE08444   O17622      KCY1_CAEEL     191  
n.a.                      C29G2.6     CE08467   O16887      YCTG2_CAEEL    202  
n.a.                      C30A5.4     CE00095   P34350      YK84_CAEEL     378  
n.a.                      C30A5.10a   CE46462   P34352      YK86_CAEEL     988  
                          C30A5.10b   CE46155                                   
n.a.                      C30B5.2a    CE31889   Q18319      VPS55_CAEEL    132  
                          C30B5.2b    CE31890                                   
n.a.                      C30G12.1a   CE51550   Q09255      YQB1_CAEEL     453  
                          C30G12.1b   CE51308                                   
n.a.                      C30G12.4    CE52092   Q09257      YQB4_CAEEL     258  
n.a.                      C30G12.6a   CE29205   Q09259      YQB6_CAEEL    1100  
                          C30G12.6b   CE29206                                   
n.a.                      C31H2.4     CE04132   Q18347      YBWL_CAEEL     364  
n.a.                      C32D5.1     CE34726   Q09262      YQD1_CAEEL     260  
n.a.                      C32D5.4     CE01844   Q09264      YQD4_CAEEL     369  
n.a.                      C32D5.6     CE01846   Q09266      YQD6_CAEEL     578  
n.a.                      C32D5.7     CE01847   Q09267      YQD7_CAEEL     435  
n.a.                      C32D5.10    CE29688   Q09268      YQDA_CAEEL     610  
n.a.                      C33A12.1    CE05347   Q18359      NDUA5_CAEEL    150  
n.a.                      C33G3.4     CE08560   Q93324      MANBA_CAEEL    900  
n.a.                      C33H5.2     CE04146   Q18416      YY42_CAEEL     507  
n.a.                      C34C12.4    CE31434   Q09269      YQF4_CAEEL     101  
n.a.                      C34C12.6    CE40606   Q09270      YQF6_CAEEL     400  
n.a.                      C34C12.7    CE43649   Q09271      YQF7_CAEEL     284  
n.a.                      C34C12.8    CE03057   Q18421      GRPE_CAEEL     237  
n.a.                      C34D4.4     CE39683   Q18449      YC2L_CAEEL     205  
n.a.                      C34E10.9    CE46863   P46583      YLB9_CAEEL     145  
n.a.                      C35A5.5     CE37810   Q18473      YE15_CAEEL     520  
n.a.                      C35A5.6a    CE42984   Q18474      YE16_CAEEL     239  
                          C35A5.6b    CE40026                                   
n.a.                      C35A5.10    CE37809   Q5FC62      YE1A_CAEEL     286  
n.a.                      C35D10.1    CE29951   Q8WQG1      YLC1_CAEEL     222  
n.a.                      C35D10.10   CE01191   Q18484      TMX2_CAEEL     265  
n.a.                      C35D10.17   CE30625   Q8MNU7      COXM2_CAEEL    102  
n.a.                      C36A4.4     CE27831   Q18493      UAP1_CAEEL     484  
n.a.                      C36C5.12    CE51178   O16406      U376D_CAEEL    219  
n.a.                      C36E8.1     CE00909   P48322      YPJ1_CAEEL     654  
n.a.                      C37A2.6     CE40194   O01503      ETKMT_CAEEL    244  
n.a.                      C37A2.7     CE30433   O01504      RLA2_CAEEL     107  
n.a.                      C37C3.2a    CE27367   Q22918      IF5_CAEEL      436  
                          C37C3.2b    CE51823                                   
n.a.                      C37H5.5     CE29708   P91136      NOC3L_CAEEL    778  
n.a.                      C38C10.2    CE08647   Q03567      SL172_CAEEL    493  
n.a.                      C38C10.3    CE00106   Q03568      YLD3_CAEEL     301  
n.a.                      C38H2.2     CE32602   Q18515      C1GLT_CAEEL    389  
n.a.                      C40H1.2     CE00110   Q03572      YLF2_CAEEL     208  
n.a.                      C40H1.3     CE00111   Q03573      YLF3_CAEEL     504  
n.a.                      C41D11.9    CE29489   Q95QZ5      TM2D2_CAEEL    195  
n.a.                      C41G7.7     CE53736   Q93364      YE3O_CAEEL      96  
n.a.                      C42C1.13a   CE39692   A7IQW5      MT21_CAEEL     206  
                          C42C1.13b   CE41367                                   
n.a.                      C44B7.5     CE02543   Q18594      YC4B5_CAEEL    236  
n.a.                      C44B7.11    CE41617   Q18600      ERP1B_CAEEL    895  
n.a.                      C45G9.2     CE29722   Q09504      YQI2_CAEEL     284  
n.a.                      C45G9.4     CE01855   Q09505      YQI4_CAEEL     292  
n.a.                      C45G9.5     CE01856   Q09278      YQI5_CAEEL     316  
n.a.                      C45G9.6a    CE30633   Q09279      YQI6_CAEEL     542  
                          C45G9.6b    CE30634                                   
n.a.                      C45G9.8     CE41619   Q09280      YQI8_CAEEL     465  
n.a.                      C45G9.9     CE01860   Q09507      YQI9_CAEEL     294  
n.a.                      C45G9.10a   CE01851   Q09281      YQIA_CAEEL     971  
                          C45G9.10b   CE37887                                   
n.a.                      C45G9.11    CE27856   Q09282      YQIB_CAEEL     354  
n.a.                      C45G9.12    CE01853   Q09283      YQIC_CAEEL      93  
n.a.                      C46H11.3    CE08785   P91167      ARPC5_CAEEL    146  
n.a.                      C47E8.4a    CE44805   Q18691      FAM50_CAEEL    326  
                          C47E8.4b    CE44798                                   
                          C47E8.4c    CE44813                                   
n.a.                      C47G2.3     CE25820   Q9NAQ9      TIM22_CAEEL    213  
n.a.                      C47G2.4     CE02167   Q18695      LMBD2_CAEEL    644  
n.a.                      C48B4.3     CE00490   P34357      YLH3_CAEEL     216  
n.a.                      C48B4.6     CE00482   P34360      YLH6_CAEEL     176  
n.a.                      C48B4.7     CE00483   P34361      YLH7_CAEEL     159  
n.a.                      C48B4.8a    CE00484   P34362      YLH8_CAEEL     196  
n.a.                      C48B4.9     CE00485   P34363      YLH9_CAEEL     182  
n.a.                      C48B4.10    CE33604   P34364      YLH0_CAEEL     182  
n.a.                      C48B4.11    CE00487   P34365      YLHA_CAEEL     307  
n.a.                      C48B6.2     CE08804   O01513      YS4L_CAEEL     183  
n.a.                      C50C3.1     CE42567   P34366      YLJ1_CAEEL     322  
n.a.                      C50C3.2     CE47978   P34367      YLJ2_CAEEL    2236  
n.a.                      C50C3.5     CE46493   P34368      YLJ5_CAEEL     189  
n.a.                      C50D2.5     CE38492   Q8ITY4      SF3B6_CAEEL    138  
n.a.                      C50D2.7     CE33040   Q86S40      ADPGK_CAEEL    502  
n.a.                      C52A11.3    CE40833   Q09284      YQJ3_CAEEL     131  
n.a.                      C52E4.5a    CE08947   Q18788      MAN12_CAEEL    590  
                          C52E4.5b    CE45297                                   
n.a.                      C53A5.17    CE41622   A8WHT1      TRM5_CAEEL     474  
n.a.                      C53C9.2     CE27882   Q09936      YSE2_CAEEL     397  
n.a.                      C54C6.6     CE33367   Q86D25      CFA20_CAEEL    203  
n.a.                      C56C10.7a   CE29739   Q95QQ2      TPC13_CAEEL    401  
                          C56C10.7b   CE02572                                   
                          C56C10.7c   CE42577                                   
n.a.                      C56G2.3     CE52771   Q09287      YQK3_CAEEL     318  
n.a.                      C56G2.4     CE30638   Q09288      YQK4_CAEEL     538  
n.a.                      C56G7.3a    CE17608   Q09292      ELMD3_CAEEL    322  
n.a.                      D1044.1     CE54136   P41949      YLK1_CAEEL     376  
n.a.                      D1044.4     CE01207   P41952      YLK4_CAEEL     103  
n.a.                      D1044.5     CE01208   P41953      YLK5_CAEEL      68  
n.a.                      D1044.6     CE41625   P41954      YLK6_CAEEL    1006  
n.a.                      D2005.3     CE32341   Q93408      YRGK_CAEEL     130  
n.a.                      D2007.1     CE00126   P34375      YLM1_CAEEL     111  
n.a.                      D2007.2a    CE00127   P34376      YLM2_CAEEL     195  
n.a.                      D2023.4     CE09074   O17731      SAT_CAEEL      160  
n.a.                      D2030.4     CE09081   P90789      NDUB7_CAEEL    123  
n.a.                      D2096.6     CE04304   Q19005      YYT6_CAEEL     171  
n.a.                      E01A2.2a    CE20643   Q966L5      SRRT_CAEEL     712  
                          E01A2.2b    CE33369                                   
n.a.                      E02H1.1     CE30642   Q09522      DIM1_CAEEL     308  
n.a.                      E02H1.2     CE01537   Q09523      YQN2_CAEEL     394  
n.a.                      E02H1.5     CE01540   Q09526      YQN5_CAEEL     253  
n.a.                      E02H1.6     CE28286   Q09527      KAD6_CAEEL     182  
n.a.                      E02H4.4     CE44096   Q19040      YE2H4_CAEEL    518  
n.a.                      EEED8.2     CE01886   Q09529      YQO2_CAEEL     299  
n.a.                      EEED8.3     CE01887   Q09294      YQO3_CAEEL     194  
n.a.                      EEED8.4     CE39716   Q09295      YQO4_CAEEL     191  
n.a.                      EEED8.10a   CE39344   Q09299      YQOA_CAEEL     738  
n.a.                      EEED8.12    CE01885   Q09301      YQOC_CAEEL     197  
n.a.                      EGAP4.1     CE07012   Q19077      YEGP4_CAEEL    113  
n.a.                      F01G4.6a    CE09162   P40614      MPCP_CAEEL     340  
n.a.                      F02A9.1     CE00131   P34380      YLPA_CAEEL     200  
n.a.                      F02A9.10    CE00136   P34385      MCCB_CAEEL     608  
n.a.                      F07F6.1     CE01894   Q09302      YQP1_CAEEL     428  
n.a.                      F07F6.2     CE52367   Q09303      YQP2_CAEEL     261  
n.a.                      F07F6.4     CE29955   Q09531      YQP4_CAEEL     529  
n.a.                      F08A8.5a    CE17637   A5Z2X3      FUTB2_CAEEL    402  
                          F08A8.5b    CE41218                                   
n.a.                      F08B4.7     CE09232   P90815      RU1C_CAEEL     142  
n.a.                      F08B12.4b   CE26708   Q19191      YZ10_CAEEL     102  
n.a.                      F08C6.2a    CE30937   P49583      PCY1_CAEEL     362  
n.a.                      F08G2.4     CE19776   Q9XVA4      YS0I_CAEEL     171  
n.a.                      F09A5.2a    CE53176   Q19238      YS3J_CAEEL     867  
                          F09A5.2b    CE53228                                   
n.a.                      F09B12.3    CE31469   O62146      PLBL2_CAEEL    582  
n.a.                      F09E5.3     CE02610   Q19264      DEOC_CAEEL     303  
n.a.                      F09E5.8     CE02615   P52057      PLPHP_CAEEL    244  
n.a.                      F09G2.8a    CE09303   O17405      PLDL_CAEEL     554  
                          F09G2.8b    CE41221                                   
n.a.                      F09G8.5     CE43735   P34390      YLS5_CAEEL     461  
n.a.                      F09G8.7     CE00142   P34392      YLS7_CAEEL     100  
n.a.                      F10B5.2     CE01544   Q09305      AAR2_CAEEL     357  
n.a.                      F10C2.4     CE09308   P90829      DPOD1_CAEEL   1081  
n.a.                      F10D7.3     CE29754   Q19297      YZ73_CAEEL     146  
n.a.                      F10E9.1     CE00145   P34395      YLU1_CAEEL     197  
n.a.                      F10E9.2     CE24893   P34396      YLU2_CAEEL     286  
n.a.                      F10E9.3     CE29959   P34397      YLU3_CAEEL     362  
n.a.                      F10E9.4     CE00148   P34398      YLU4_CAEEL     262  
n.a.                      F10E9.5     CE41995   P34399      YLU5_CAEEL     199  
n.a.                      F10E9.7     CE29494   P34401      YLU7_CAEEL     131  
n.a.                      F10G2.1     CE27945   Q22957      U376C_CAEEL    201  
n.a.                      F11A10.5    CE03185   Q19337      ST7_CAEEL      536  
n.a.                      F12A10.6    CE01909   Q09947      YSH6_CAEEL     125  
n.a.                      F12A10.8    CE31784   Q09949      YSH8_CAEEL     437  
n.a.                      F12F6.7     CE05595   Q19366      DPOD2_CAEEL    451  
n.a.                      F13B12.1    CE05599   Q19375      IWS1_CAEEL     511  
n.a.                      F13B12.4a   CE05602   Q19374      YSL1_CAEEL     435  
n.a.                      F13C5.5     CE19387   O76565      YFE5_CAEEL     219  
n.a.                      F13E6.1     CE31474   P55326      YZG1_CAEEL     195  
n.a.                      F13E9.13    CE40036   Q1NZ26      YSMU_CAEEL     277  
n.a.                      F13G3.3a    CE27124   Q19417      YSNK_CAEEL     501  
n.a.                      F13H6.3     CE09375   Q07085      EST2_CAEEL     554  
n.a.                      F13H10.3a   CE27959   Q19425      S38A9_CAEEL    615  
n.a.                      F14E5.2a    CE03205   Q19459      GSLG1_CAEEL   1149  
                          F14E5.2b    CE36926                                   
n.a.                      F14F9.5     CE35275   Q9GUC9      YFEF9_CAEEL    314  
n.a.                      F15A4.10    CE15847   O17811      YSZI_CAEEL      79  
n.a.                      F15G9.1a    CE01549   Q10033      YSI1_CAEEL     279  
                          F15G9.1b    CE23660                                   
n.a.                      F15G9.2     CE51850   Q10034      YSI2_CAEEL     139  
n.a.                      F15G9.5     CE23661   Q10037      YSI5_CAEEL     272  
n.a.                      F17A9.2     CE19798   O16216      C19L1_CAEEL    533  
n.a.                      F17E5.2     CE37355   Q19529      CMC3_CAEEL     531  
n.a.                      F18A11.3    CE09453   O01323      U729_CAEEL      84  
n.a.                      F19C6.2     CE03231   Q09307      YQR2_CAEEL     495  
n.a.                      F19C6.5     CE01558   Q09308      YQR5_CAEEL     251  
n.a.                      F20H11.1    CE29769   O01738      DEFI8_CAEEL    486  
n.a.                      F21D5.5     CE27135   Q19683      YZR5_CAEEL     407  
n.a.                      F21H12.3    CE52208   Q09311      YQS3_CAEEL      62  
n.a.                      F22B5.10    CE02196   Q19714      TMCO1_CAEEL    186  
n.a.                      F22B7.1     CE54082   P34404      YLW1_CAEEL     353  
n.a.                      F22B7.3     CE00156   P34406      YLW3_CAEEL      99  
n.a.                      F22B7.9     CE29771   P34412      YLW9_CAEEL     243  
n.a.                      F22D3.4     CE39354   Q10919      YUK4_CAEEL     439  
n.a.                      F23B12.7    CE09599   Q19753      YU0O_CAEEL     953  
n.a.                      F23F12.3    CE45155   P46499      YLX3_CAEEL     507  
n.a.                      F23F12.8    CE38952   P46504      YLX8_CAEEL     980  
n.a.                      F23H11.2    CE34542   O01914      TAF1B_CAEEL    865  
n.a.                      F25B5.3a    CE26890   Q09315      5NT3_CAEEL     376  
                          F25B5.3b    CE28001                                   
                          F25B5.3c    CE29776                                   
n.a.                      F25B5.5     CE01922   Q09316      CK5P1_CAEEL    547  
n.a.                      F25B5.6a    CE01923   Q09509      FOLC_CAEEL     510  
                          F25B5.6b    CE29283                                   
                          F25B5.6c    CE37764                                   
n.a.                      F25G6.8     CE09644   O16927      SRP14_CAEEL    116  
n.a.                      F26A3.7     CE09672   Q93591      YUBO_CAEEL     297  
n.a.                      F26C11.1    CE01559   Q09549      PPAX_CAEEL     435  
n.a.                      F26C11.3a   CE46401   Q09550      YQU3_CAEEL    1312  
                          F26C11.3b   CE46248                                   
                          F26C11.3c   CE46189                                   
                          F26C11.3d   CE46533                                   
                          F26C11.3f   CE46310                                   
n.a.                      F26E4.3     CE42101   P90850      YCF2E_CAEEL    452  
n.a.                      F26F2.7a    CE19819   Q9U3H8      TAPT1_CAEEL    712  
n.a.                      F26H9.5     CE09710   P91856      SERC_CAEEL     370  
n.a.                      F27D4.1     CE24926   Q93615      ETFA_CAEEL     332  
n.a.                      F27D4.4a    CE41229   Q93618      ZC3HF_CAEEL    374  
n.a.                      F27E5.5     CE38178   Q09554      YQV5_CAEEL     377  
n.a.                      F27E5.8     CE45560   Q5FC78      YQV8_CAEEL     377  
n.a.                      F28C1.3a    CE31919   Q19857      PPR37_CAEEL    944  
                          F28C1.3b    CE31920                                   
n.a.                      F28H7.8     CE37900   Q19895      YUQP_CAEEL     410  
n.a.                      F29A7.6     CE09777   O16207      YF26_CAEEL     189  
n.a.                      F30B5.4a    CE28552   Q19910      YKYL_CAEEL     455  
n.a.                      F31D4.5a    CE43424   O45420      PLHD1_CAEEL    570  
                          F31D4.5b    CE43425                                   
n.a.                      F31E3.2a    CE30773   Q8MYQ1      Y31E_CAEEL     441  
                          F31E3.2b    CE30774                                   
                          F31E3.2c    CE29301                                   
n.a.                      F31E3.4     CE01269   P53015      YPO4_CAEEL    1131  
n.a.                      F32A5.4a    CE01274   Q19948      YPP4_CAEEL     243  
                          F32A5.4b    CE32640                                   
n.a.                      F32D1.5a    CE09869   O16294      GMPR_CAEEL     358  
n.a.                      F33D4.4     CE17034   O44186      DEGS1_CAEEL    360  
n.a.                      F33H1.3     CE01569   Q09556      YQW3_CAEEL     359  
n.a.                      F33H2.3     CE17766   O62220      AN321_CAEEL    229  
n.a.                      F34H10.1    CE53376   Q09557      YQX1_CAEEL      63  
n.a.                      F34H10.4a   CE53482   Q09317      YQX4_CAEEL     357  
                          F34H10.4b   CE53368                                   
n.a.                      F35C8.5     CE04497   Q20027      C25HL_CAEEL    300  
n.a.                      F35D11.3    CE31803   Q20035      TMCO4_CAEEL    617  
n.a.                      F35H12.5    CE29791   Q8WT51      YL4M_CAEEL     357  
n.a.                      F36D4.5a    CE28391   H2KZK4      DESI1_CAEEL    334  
                          F36D4.5b    CE30778                                   
n.a.                      F36G3.1     CE15979   Q09560      YQY1_CAEEL     964  
n.a.                      F36G3.2     CE01577   Q09318      YQY2_CAEEL     313  
n.a.                      F37A4.1     CE00711   P41879      YPT1_CAEEL     482  
n.a.                      F37A4.2     CE00710   P41880      YPT2_CAEEL     189  
n.a.                      F37A4.3     CE47709   P41881      YPT3_CAEEL     272  
n.a.                      F37A4.4     CE24953   P41882      YPT4_CAEEL    1163  
n.a.                      F37A4.5     CE00707   P41883      YPT5_CAEEL     319  
n.a.                      F37A4.6     CE00706   P41884      YPT6_CAEEL     389  
n.a.                      F37A8.5     CE23704   Q9U3G6      YPL1_CAEEL     137  
n.a.                      F37C4.5a    CE17048   O44400      F37C4_CAEEL    556  
                          F37C4.5b    CE33640                                   
n.a.                      F37F2.2     CE47742   O61749      SRP19_CAEEL    142  
n.a.                      F37H8.5     CE15997   O17861      YVRI_CAEEL     277  
n.a.                      F38B2.4a    CE02218   Q20140      KAD1_CAEEL     210  
n.a.                      F38B6.6     CE30976   Q20144      TMTC1_CAEEL    690  
n.a.                      F40A3.3a    CE10146   O16264      PEBPH_CAEEL    221  
                          F40A3.3b    CE38516                                   
n.a.                      F40B5.2a    CE40055   Q09320      YQZ2_CAEEL     482  
                          F40B5.2b    CE40056                                   
n.a.                      F40F8.1a    CE05842   Q20230      KCY2_CAEEL     191  
n.a.                      F40H6.2     CE47021   Q20256      YPX2_CAEEL    1124  
n.a.                      F40H6.5     CE54168   Q09277      YPX5_CAEEL    1229  
n.a.                      F42A8.1     CE01578   Q09321      YR51_CAEEL     370  
n.a.                      F42H10.2    CE00164   P34415      YLZ2_CAEEL     115  
n.a.                      F42H10.3a   CE37108   P34416      LASP1_CAEEL    335  
n.a.                      F42H10.6    CE24969   P34419      YLZ6_CAEEL     169  
n.a.                      F43C1.5     CE28026   Q09394      YR75_CAEEL     221  
n.a.                      F44B9.2     CE00171   P34423      YL32_CAEEL     503  
n.a.                      F44B9.5     CE24973   P34426      AUP1_CAEEL     390  
n.a.                      F44B9.8     CE37518   P34429      RFC5_CAEEL     368  
n.a.                      F44B9.9     CE54148   P34430      YL39_CAEEL     254  
n.a.                      F44E2.3     CE00181   P34433      YL53_CAEEL     244  
n.a.                      F44E2.4     CE28232   P34434      YL54_CAEEL    1283  
n.a.                      F44E2.6a    CE00184   P34436      MSRB_CAEEL     152  
n.a.                      F44E2.7a    CE29802   P34437      YL57_CAEEL     471  
                          F44E2.7b    CE30994                                   
                          F44E2.7c    CE30995                                   
                          F44E2.7d    CE24975                                   
n.a.                      F44E2.8     CE00186   P34438      YL58_CAEEL     242  
n.a.                      F44E2.9     CE26895   Q9GQ63      YL59_CAEEL     122  
n.a.                      F44G4.1     CE28332   P54073      YUY1_CAEEL     384  
n.a.                      F44G4.2     CE02229   Q20412      NDUB2_CAEEL    160  
n.a.                      F45G2.8     CE16051   O62250      TIM16_CAEEL    136  
n.a.                      F45G2.9     CE16052   O62251      MRM2_CAEEL     214  
n.a.                      F45G2.10    CE16053   O62252      U195_CAEEL     160  
n.a.                      F46B6.12    CE44145   Q9BI88      U587_CAEEL     167  
n.a.                      F46C5.1     CE03343   P52880      YAF1_CAEEL     121  
n.a.                      F46C5.2     CE41242   P52881      YAF2_CAEEL     202  
n.a.                      F46C5.4     CE44350   P52882      YAF4_CAEEL     187  
n.a.                      F46C5.7     CE03348   P52883      YAF7_CAEEL     199  
n.a.                      F46F11.1a   CE41904   P91309      VIP1_CAEEL    1323  
                          F46F11.1b   CE30534                                   
n.a.                      F46H5.3a    CE37112   Q10454      KARG1_CAEEL    396  
                          F46H5.3b    CE33098                                   
n.a.                      F47B7.1     CE02743   Q20516      YV31_CAEEL      59  
n.a.                      F47D12.3    CE01947   Q09389      YR43_CAEEL     140  
n.a.                      F47D12.6    CE01950   Q09391      YR46_CAEEL     100  
n.a.                      F47D12.7    CE01951   Q09563      YR47_CAEEL     579  
n.a.                      F47D12.9a   CE01952   Q09392      YR49_CAEEL     545  
n.a.                      F47F2.1a    CE27166   Q7JP68      KAPC2_CAEEL    398  
                          F47F2.1b    CE37114                                   
                          F47F2.1c    CE31171                                   
n.a.                      F47G9.4     CE43062   Q20548      RN207_CAEEL    822  
n.a.                      F49C12.5    CE05896   Q20593      YE25_CAEEL     507  
n.a.                      F49C12.11   CE03371   Q20588      TMA7_CAEEL      64  
n.a.                      F52B11.2a   CE44567   Q9XUE6      PMM_CAEEL      254  
                          F52B11.2b   CE36163                                   
n.a.                      F52C9.3     CE29806   Q10123      YSM3_CAEEL     439  
n.a.                      F52C9.5     CE54167   Q10125      YSM5_CAEEL     645  
n.a.                      F52C12.1a   CE19434   Q9TXV7      TYDP1_CAEEL    451  
n.a.                      F52H2.6     CE10874   O17397      DIML_CAEEL     525  
n.a.                      F53A9.9     CE02769   P50439      YV59_CAEEL     147  
n.a.                      F53B1.2     CE04642   Q20696      SMSR1_CAEEL    483  
n.a.                      F53C11.3    CE10908   Q93761      YXEK_CAEEL     313  
n.a.                      F53E10.6    CE10930   P91318      RRP15_CAEEL    191  
n.a.                      F53F4.10    CE10972   Q20719      NDUV2_CAEEL    239  
n.a.                      F54A3.5     CE25901   Q9N4K0      MIC10_CAEEL    105  
n.a.                      F54C8.1     CE00187   P34439      HCDH1_CAEEL    298  
n.a.                      F54C8.4a    CE00190   P34442      PTP5_CAEEL     359  
n.a.                      F54C8.6a    CE44342   P34444      YL86_CAEEL     325  
                          F54C8.6b    CE44359                                   
                          F54C8.6c    CE28832                                   
                          F54C8.6d    CE45327                                   
n.a.                      F54C8.7a    CE28833   P34445      YL87_CAEEL     307  
                          F54C8.7b    CE33524                                   
n.a.                      F54D1.6     CE37523   Q20762      YAO6_CAEEL    1423  
n.a.                      F54D5.7     CE03411   Q20772      GCDH_CAEEL     409  
n.a.                      F54F2.6     CE00199   P34451      YMA6_CAEEL      71  
n.a.                      F54F2.7     CE29395   P34452      YMA7_CAEEL     157  
n.a.                      F54F2.9     CE39158   P34454      YMA9_CAEEL     414  
n.a.                      F54H12.2    CE00515   P34456      YMD2_CAEEL     419  
n.a.                      F54H12.4    CE54146   P34458      YMD4_CAEEL     381  
n.a.                      F54H12.5    CE40700   P34459      YMD5_CAEEL     337  
n.a.                      F55C10.4    CE11184   Q20806      YXWL_CAEEL     517  
n.a.                      F55F8.3     CE30542   P91341      PWP2_CAEEL     910  
n.a.                      F55G1.9     CE07286   Q20848      P5CR_CAEEL     299  
n.a.                      F55H2.5     CE00212   P34465      CY561_CAEEL    266  
n.a.                      F55H2.7     CE34033   P34467      YMF7_CAEEL     379  
n.a.                      F56D1.1     CE52832   Q10127      YSO1_CAEEL     468  
n.a.                      F56F10.1    CE34034   P90893      YM9I_CAEEL     540  
n.a.                      F57B9.1     CE44186   Q20939      PDXH_CAEEL     226  
n.a.                      F58A4.1     CE20889   P34468      YMH1_CAEEL     254  
n.a.                      F58A4.2     CE01017   P34469      YMH2_CAEEL     159  
n.a.                      F58A4.6     CE43534   P34473      YMH6_CAEEL     201  
n.a.                      F58F12.1    CE01976   Q09544      ATPD_CAEEL     163  
n.a.                      F58F12.2    CE07305   Q09399      YRB2_CAEEL     125  
n.a.                      F58F12.3    CE01978   Q09400      YRB3_CAEEL     463  
n.a.                      F58H1.3a    CE43080   Q21012      ENOPH_CAEEL    248  
n.a.                      F59B2.3     CE00231   P34480      NAGA_CAEEL     418  
n.a.                      F59B2.8     CE00235   P34483      YMJ8_CAEEL     435  
n.a.                      F59B2.9     CE33287   P34484      YMJ9_CAEEL     425  
n.a.                      F59B2.12    CE01024   P34487      YMJB_CAEEL     918  
n.a.                      F59B2.13a   CE41671   P34488      YMJC_CAEEL     428  
n.a.                      F59B10.2    CE44434   Q09950      YSR2_CAEEL     532  
n.a.                      F59B10.3    CE35884   Q09951      YSR3_CAEEL     169  
n.a.                      F59B10.4a   CE35885   Q09952      YSR4_CAEEL     264  
                          F59B10.4b   CE36941                                   
n.a.                      F59B10.5    CE01594   Q09953      YSR5_CAEEL      96  
n.a.                      F59B10.6    CE01595   Q09954      YSR6_CAEEL     105  
n.a.                      F59C6.8     CE45930   Q93834      YYVP_CAEEL     515  
n.a.                      F59C6.12    CE38380   Q564X7      U598_CAEEL     173  
n.a.                      H14A12.3    CE28734   O17213      ROGDI_CAEEL    292  
n.a.                      H24K24.3a   CE23822   Q17335      ADHX_CAEEL     384  
                          H24K24.3b   CE29978                                   
n.a.                      K01A12.2    CE46106   Q10041      YRC2_CAEEL      76  
n.a.                      K01A12.3    CE40086   Q10042      YRC3_CAEEL     496  
n.a.                      K01B6.3     CE27190   P34491      YMM3_CAEEL     410  
n.a.                      K01G5.5     CE16195   O17919      DKC1_CAEEL     445  
n.a.                      K01H12.1a   CE03453   Q21102      DPH3_CAEEL      80  
n.a.                      K02A2.1     CE21012   Q09571      YRD1_CAEEL     158  
n.a.                      K02A2.5     CE32056   Q09401      YRD5_CAEEL      91  
n.a.                      K02C4.3a    CE51326   Q09931      UBPY_CAEEL    1276  
n.a.                      K02D10.1a   CE17151   P34492      YMQ1_CAEEL     526  
                          K02D10.1b   CE29423                                   
n.a.                      K02D10.2    CE00242   P34493      YMQ2_CAEEL     124  
n.a.                      K02D10.3    CE00243   P34494      YMQ3_CAEEL     105  
n.a.                      K02D10.4    CE50521   P34495      YMQ4_CAEEL     227  
n.a.                      K02F3.2a    CE48021   Q21153      CMC1_CAEEL     716  
                          K02F3.2b    CE48184                                   
n.a.                      K02F3.12a   CE33668   Q9TXJ8      RECQ1_CAEEL    631  
                          K02F3.12b   CE38084                                   
n.a.                      K03H1.5     CE03459   P34501      YMS5_CAEEL    1385  
n.a.                      K04F10.2    CE53694   O44770      KATIP_CAEEL    568  
n.a.                      K04H4.2a    CE32463   P34504      YMV2_CAEEL    1463  
                          K04H4.2b    CE36653                                   
                          K04H4.2c    CE47897                                   
n.a.                      K04H4.5     CE00250   P34507      YMV5_CAEEL     251  
n.a.                      K05C4.2     CE19970   Q9XUU9      JAGN_CAEEL     189  
n.a.                      K06H7.1     CE26940   P34509      YMX1_CAEEL     316  
n.a.                      K06H7.2     CE00253   P34510      YMX2_CAEEL     406  
n.a.                      K06H7.7     CE42010   P34515      YMX7_CAEEL     384  
n.a.                      K06H7.8     CE25045   P34516      YMX8_CAEEL     346  
n.a.                      K07C5.6     CE06116   Q21278      SLU7_CAEEL     647  
n.a.                      K07C11.7a   CE28592   Q21268      YMSO_CAEEL     290  
n.a.                      K07E1.1     CE39745   Q09407      MTND2_CAEEL    158  
n.a.                      K07E8.7a    CE11898   O16686      YK27_CAEEL     432  
n.a.                      K10B2.4     CE02011   Q09993      ASTER_CAEEL    113  
n.a.                      K10B4.3     CE35995   O17237      MELT_CAEEL     871  
n.a.                      K10D2.5     CE02017   Q09411      YRJ5_CAEEL     118  
n.a.                      K10D2.7     CE02019   Q09412      MOC2A_CAEEL     84  
n.a.                      K11H3.2     CE54138   P34518      YM42_CAEEL     240  
n.a.                      K11H3.3     CE00474   P34519      TXTP_CAEEL     312  
n.a.                      K11H3.4     CE43485   P34520      YM44_CAEEL     364  
n.a.                      K11H3.5a    CE37781   P34521      YM45_CAEEL     107  
n.a.                      K11H12.1    CE12146   P91375      YN1I_CAEEL     108  
n.a.                      K12H4.2     CE38528   P34523      YM62_CAEEL     190  
n.a.                      K12H4.3     CE00268   P34524      BRX1_CAEEL     352  
n.a.                      K12H4.5     CE00270   P34526      YM65_CAEEL      97  
n.a.                      K12H4.6     CE44945   P34527      YM66_CAEEL      81  
n.a.                      K12H4.7a    CE32696   P34528      YM67_CAEEL     510  
                          K12H4.7b    CE32697                                   
n.a.                      M28.5       CE02283   Q21568      NH2L1_CAEEL    128  
n.a.                      M110.7      CE43244   Q21534      PLPL6_CAEEL   1095  
n.a.                      M142.8a     CE37540   Q5WRN3      EFM5_CAEEL     218  
n.a.                      M01A8.1a    CE46034   P34530      YM91_CAEEL     248  
                          M01A8.1b    CE00275                                   
                          M01A8.1c    CE45908                                   
n.a.                      M01F1.3     CE01031   Q21452      LIAS_CAEEL     354  
n.a.                      M03C11.8    CE34059   G5EDG2      SMRCD_CAEEL    989  
n.a.                      R53.4       CE03574   Q22021      ATPK_CAEEL     153  
n.a.                      R74.7       CE23932   Q22031      TRM7_CAEEL     337  
n.a.                      R102.4a     CE41252   Q21890      YF64_CAEEL     413  
                          R102.4b     CE41253                                   
                          R102.4c     CE41254                                   
n.a.                      R107.2      CE23917   P32740      NNRD_CAEEL     307  
n.a.                      R107.5a     CE00300   P32743      YNH5_CAEEL     274  
                          R107.5b     CE23918                                   
n.a.                      R144.6      CE37549   Q10000      TM144_CAEEL    345  
n.a.                      R144.12     CE37548   Q629J5      YRRC_CAEEL     333  
n.a.                      R151.6      CE39620   Q21997      DERL2_CAEEL    237  
n.a.                      R166.3      CE03582   Q22004      AMERL_CAEEL    200  
n.a.                      R03D7.5a    CE35899   Q09595      YRL5_CAEEL     363  
n.a.                      R04B3.2     CE28745   Q21697      ASPG_CAEEL     363  
n.a.                      R05A10.4    CE16290   O45700      U375C_CAEEL    112  
n.a.                      R05D3.2     CE00281   P34535      YNC2_CAEEL     737  
n.a.                      R05D3.3     CE00282   P34536      YNC3_CAEEL     421  
n.a.                      R05D3.5     CE45806   P34538      YNC5_CAEEL     178  
n.a.                      R05D3.6     CE00285   P34539      ATP5E_CAEEL     54  
n.a.                      R05D3.8     CE42017   P34541      YNC8_CAEEL     311  
n.a.                      R05D3.9     CE31049   P34542      YNC9_CAEEL     646  
n.a.                      R05D3.12a   CE45903   P34534      TOP2M_CAEEL   1170  
                          R05D3.12b   CE31048                                   
                          R05D3.12c   CE42620                                   
n.a.                      R05G6.4     CE07417   Q21755      NOSIP_CAEEL    310  
n.a.                      R06C7.6     CE06249   Q21775      NTAQ1_CAEEL    184  
n.a.                      R06F6.8a    CE36946   Q09417      RIC1_CAEEL    1470  
                          R06F6.8b    CE36947                                   
n.a.                      R06F6.12    CE36945   Q6BEV5      YRMC_CAEEL     417  
n.a.                      R07B1.3     CE47857   Q09606      YRN3_CAEEL     536  
n.a.                      R07B1.5     CE01631   Q09419      YRN5_CAEEL     160  
n.a.                      R07B1.6a    CE01632   Q09420      YRN6_CAEEL     136  
n.a.                      R07B1.7     CE52883   Q09421      YRN7_CAEEL     142  
n.a.                      R07B1.8     CE38626   Q09608      YRN8_CAEEL     425  
n.a.                      R07B1.9     CE01635   Q09609      YRN9_CAEEL     770  
n.a.                      R07B7.12a   CE06274   Q21802      YEYC_CAEEL     550  
n.a.                      R07E5.1     CE00658   Q21827      GPTC1_CAEEL    812  
n.a.                      R07G3.7a    CE36004   Q09424      YRO7_CAEEL     366  
                          R07G3.7b    CE36005                                   
n.a.                      R08C7.12a   CE28752   Q9GQ60      YNPI_CAEEL     335  
                          R08C7.12b   CE43745                                   
n.a.                      R08D7.1     CE00289   P30640      BUD13_CAEEL    458  
n.a.                      R08D7.4a    CE41439   P30643      YNE4_CAEEL     371  
n.a.                      R08D7.5     CE51740   P30644      YNE5_CAEEL     148  
n.a.                      R08D7.7     CE44306   P30646      YNE7_CAEEL     522  
n.a.                      R09B5.11    CE30296   O44616      FGTH1_CAEEL    516  
n.a.                      R09E10.5    CE48460   Q21874      YF1M_CAEEL    1437  
n.a.                      R09H10.3a   CE34083   Q21882      HIUH1_CAEEL    135  
                          R09H10.3b   CE12662                                   
n.a.                      R10E11.5a   CE39268   P34549      YNJ5_CAEEL     444  
n.a.                      R10E11.6a   CE39757   P34550      YNJ6_CAEEL     371  
                          R10E11.6b   CE39758                                   
n.a.                      R10E12.2    CE00311   P34553      YNK2_CAEEL     395  
n.a.                      R10H1.1     CE31820   Q10043      YRP1_CAEEL     161  
n.a.                      R11F4.1     CE04828   Q21944      GLPK_CAEEL     502  
n.a.                      R11G10.2    CE51824   Q21950      SBP_CAEEL      542  
n.a.                      R12B2.6     CE52153   P45898      YNL6_CAEEL     106  
n.a.                      R12E2.11    CE18143   O61790      PYRE_CAEEL     227  
n.a.                      T01D1.4a    CE12948   P91416      MTND1_CAEEL    159  
n.a.                      T01G9.2a    CE27202   P34692      PHAF1_CAEEL    422  
                          T01G9.2b    CE23937                                   
n.a.                      T02C1.1     CE00312   Q03605      YNN1_CAEEL     160  
n.a.                      T02E1.7     CE13058   O45731      YFC7_CAEEL     269  
n.a.                      T03F6.3     CE16337   Q9XVJ2      GNPI_CAEEL     267  
n.a.                      T03G11.3    CE42832   Q22122      ZC21A_CAEEL    322  
n.a.                      T05G5.1a    CE33540   P34554      YNP1_CAEEL     411  
n.a.                      T05G5.4     CE43884   P34557      YNP4_CAEEL     146  
n.a.                      T05G5.5a    CE23950   P34558      YNP5_CAEEL     237  
n.a.                      T05H10.3    CE01640   Q09347      YRS3_CAEEL     158  
n.a.                      T05H10.4a   CE01641   Q09348      YRS4_CAEEL     436  
n.a.                      T05H10.6a   CE01643   P52899      ODPA_CAEEL     397  
n.a.                      T05H10.8    CE34993   Q10004      YRS8_CAEEL     377  
n.a.                      T07A5.1     CE41335   Q10044      YRT1_CAEEL     379  
n.a.                      T07A5.7     CE43782   A6ZJ55      YRT7_CAEEL     420  
n.a.                      T07A9.8     CE17217   O44410      RRP8_CAEEL     343  
n.a.                      T07D4.2a    CE40620   Q22306      YW12_CAEEL     396  
                          T07D4.2b    CE40621                                   
                          T07D4.2c    CE40622                                   
n.a.                      T09A5.4     CE01085   P45964      YNZ4_CAEEL     297  
n.a.                      T09A5.5     CE01086   P45965      YNZ5_CAEEL     163  
n.a.                      T09B9.3     CE34091   Q10049      YRU3_CAEEL     340  
n.a.                      T09B9.4     CE01652   Q09350      YRU4_CAEEL     528  
n.a.                      T09B9.5     CE01653   Q09351      YRU5_CAEEL     363  
n.a.                      T10B9.9     CE31992   Q09352      YRV9_CAEEL     124  
n.a.                      T13F2.2     CE13621   Q94045      TCP4_CAEEL     124  
n.a.                      T15H9.4     CE01667   Q09354      YRY4_CAEEL     431  
n.a.                      T15H9.5     CE01668   Q09355      YRY5_CAEEL     173  
n.a.                      T16G12.1    CE36716   Q22531      AMP2_CAEEL    1890  
n.a.                      T16H12.1a   CE44071   P34564      YNV1_CAEEL     349  
n.a.                      T16H12.2    CE00323   P34565      YNV2_CAEEL     181  
n.a.                      T16H12.3a   CE50317   P34566      YNV3_CAEEL     385  
                          T16H12.3b   CE54154                                   
                          T16H12.3c   CE50218                                   
n.a.                      T16H12.9    CE41453   P34572      YNV9_CAEEL     303  
n.a.                      T18D3.7c    CE43264   Q22544      YAE7_CAEEL     131  
n.a.                      T18D3.9     CE35017   Q7YWV6      MPV17_CAEEL    181  
n.a.                      T19B4.3     CE13740   P91455      APT_CAEEL      185  
n.a.                      T19C3.2     CE53863   Q10008      YSV2_CAEEL     218  
n.a.                      T19C3.3     CE30183   Q10009      YSV3_CAEEL      92  
n.a.                      T19C3.4     CE02055   Q10010      YSV4_CAEEL     229  
n.a.                      T19C3.5     CE54124   Q10011      YSV5_CAEEL     490  
n.a.                      T19C3.6     CE32726   Q10012      YSV6_CAEEL     201  
n.a.                      T19H5.4     CE43368   Q09356      YRZ4_CAEEL     178  
n.a.                      T19H12.2    CE52930   O01615      AN322_CAEEL    225  
n.a.                      T20B12.3    CE01409   P41843      YO93_CAEEL     504  
n.a.                      T20B12.4    CE40212   P41844      YO94_CAEEL     386  
n.a.                      T20B12.5    CE01411   P41845      YO95_CAEEL     131  
n.a.                      T20B12.7    CE01413   P41847      DRE2_CAEEL     238  
n.a.                      T20H4.5     CE00832   Q22619      NDUS8_CAEEL    212  
n.a.                      T22D1.3a    CE30188   Q9GZH3      IMDH_CAEEL     534  
n.a.                      T23D8.3     CE14052   O02327      LTV1_CAEEL     410  
n.a.                      T23F2.3     CE04998   Q22700      YCU3_CAEEL      57  
n.a.                      T23F2.4     CE39781   Q22701      YCU4_CAEEL      57  
n.a.                      T23F2.5     CE05000   Q22702      YCU5_CAEEL      57  
n.a.                      T23G5.2a    CE39782   Q03606      YN02_CAEEL     719  
                          T23G5.2b    CE39783                                   
n.a.                      T23G5.3     CE37793   Q03607      YN03_CAEEL     262  
n.a.                      T24B1.1     CE27210   P90970      GOGA5_CAEEL    530  
n.a.                      T24H10.1    CE03726   P52652      TFS2_CAEEL     308  
n.a.                      T25B9.9     CE06508   Q17761      6PGD_CAEEL     484  
n.a.                      T25D10.1    CE32213   Q10017      YSW1_CAEEL     327  
n.a.                      T25D10.4    CE02061   Q10019      YSW4_CAEEL     246  
n.a.                      T25E4.1     CE28493   Q10014      YR01_CAEEL     231  
n.a.                      T25E4.2     CE53826   Q10015      YR02_CAEEL     455  
n.a.                      T26C12.1    CE26009   O61856      HACL2_CAEEL    640  
n.a.                      T26G10.1    CE00337   P34580      DDX47_CAEEL    489  
n.a.                      T26G10.3    CE54147   P34582      YN23_CAEEL      91  
n.a.                      T26G10.4    CE00340   P34583      YN24_CAEEL     347  
n.a.                      T26G10.5    CE00341   P34584      YN25_CAEEL     125  
n.a.                      T27A8.3     CE03743   P50581      YD43_CAEEL     182  
n.a.                      T27F2.1     CE06519   Q22836      YGH1_CAEEL     535  
n.a.                      T27F6.6     CE34214   O45870      NSMA_CAEEL     434  
n.a.                      T28D9.1     CE28092   Q10020      YSX1_CAEEL     129  
n.a.                      T28D9.4a    CE51743   Q10023      YSX4_CAEEL     468  
n.a.                      T28D9.11    CE41703   Q10027      YSXB_CAEEL      61  
n.a.                      W02B3.3     CE02075   Q09340      YR23_CAEEL     111  
n.a.                      W02B3.4     CE34600   Q09341      YR24_CAEEL     387  
n.a.                      W02B3.7     CE47811   Q09343      YR27_CAEEL     325  
n.a.                      W02F12.2    CE33333   O45145      ACASE_CAEEL    272  
n.a.                      W03F8.3a    CE17273   O44568      RF1M_CAEEL     389  
n.a.                      W03F9.1a    CE21254   O16999      ZPR1_CAEEL     455  
n.a.                      W03G11.3    CE37417   P49713      FUCO_CAEEL     482  
n.a.                      W08D2.5a    CE32950   Q27533      YH2M_CAEEL    1256  
n.a.                      W09C3.4     CE14750   P91529      RPC6_CAEEL     296  
n.a.                      W09H1.5     CE16575   O45903      MECR1_CAEEL    344  
n.a.                      Y105C5B.9   CE24085   Q9NAM7      PHYD1_CAEEL    288  
n.a.                      Y106G6E.4   CE20408   Q9XWE6      MTHFS_CAEEL    206  
n.a.                      Y110A7A.11  CE34394   Q9N598      USE1_CAEEL     254  
n.a.                      Y116A8C.11  CE23322   Q9U2T3      Y8CB_CAEEL     281  
n.a.                      Y17G7B.18a  CE19052   Q9U2R0      BIN3D_CAEEL    378  
                          Y17G7B.18b  CE19053                                   
n.a.                      Y18D10A.3   CE53972   Q9XW15      NNRE_CAEEL     235  
n.a.                      Y18D10A.9   CE34506   Q9XW12      CIAO1_CAEEL    337  
n.a.                      Y37D8A.2    CE20207   Q9XWV2      PLBL1_CAEEL    571  
n.a.                      Y37H9A.3    CE53023   Q9U2M8      C2D1_CAEEL     781  
n.a.                      Y39A1A.14   CE19133   Q9XX15      NEP1_CAEEL     231  
n.a.                      Y39A1A.21a  CE50211   Q9XX11      ACKMT_CAEEL    190  
n.a.                      Y39B6A.33   CE21690   Q9NEU5      NOP53_CAEEL    438  
n.a.                      Y39B6A.34a  CE29872   Q8MYM9      COA8_CAEEL     142  
n.a.                      Y43F4A.1a   CE16622   O62446      LMLN_CAEEL     663  
n.a.                      Y45F10C.2   CE16636   O45941      U375E_CAEEL    117  
n.a.                      Y45F10C.4   CE16638   O45944      U375F_CAEEL    124  
n.a.                      Y45G12B.2a  CE21934   Q9N4Y9      ZFPL1_CAEEL    309  
                          Y45G12B.2b  CE51119                                   
n.a.                      Y45G12B.3a  CE28366   Q9N4Z0      L2HDH_CAEEL    433  
n.a.                      Y47D3A.21   CE22051   Q9NAH4      DENR_CAEEL     192  
n.a.                      Y48A5A.1    CE37290   Q9TYM6      SHQ1_CAEEL     431  
n.a.                      Y48A6B.3    CE19186   Q9XXD4      NHP2_CAEEL     163  
n.a.                      Y48A6B.9a   CE19192   Q9XXC8      MECR2_CAEEL    346  
n.a.                      Y48B6A.1    CE22116   Q9U2A9      BOP1_CAEEL     674  
n.a.                      Y51H4A.7    CE35671   Q9NAE2      HUTU_CAEEL     670  
n.a.                      Y52B11A.8   CE20296   Q9U256      PA2L_CAEEL     174  
n.a.                      Y53F4B.13a  CE47372   Q9NAA5      MTR1_CAEEL     918  
                          Y53F4B.13b  CE47245                                   
                          Y53F4B.13c  CE47183                                   
                          Y53F4B.13d  CE47272                                   
n.a.                      Y53F4B.39a  CE24418   Q95Q18      LACB2_CAEEL    295  
                          Y53F4B.39b  CE41183                                   
n.a.                      Y54E10A.10  CE24439   Q9N3F0      RPF2_CAEEL     297  
n.a.                      Y54E10A.11  CE37436   Q65XX2      LTN1_CAEEL    1446  
n.a.                      Y54F10AM.8  CE27290   Q9BL07      PLBL3_CAEEL    581  
n.a.                      Y54G11A.11  CE22483   Q9XVZ8      ELOF1_CAEEL     84  
n.a.                      Y55D5A.3    CE27498   Q9GUI1      NAAA_CAEEL     355  
n.a.                      Y56A3A.18   CE22586   Q9U239      ZN593_CAEEL    128  
n.a.                      Y57A10A.29  CE22606   Q9NA72      SDHF2_CAEEL    119  
n.a.                      Y57G11C.3a  CE24473   O18229      6PGL_CAEEL     269  
                          Y57G11C.3b  CE14930                                   
n.a.                      Y63D3A.4    CE20335   Q9XWG3      TYDP2_CAEEL    362  
n.a.                      Y66D12A.7   CE26457   Q9BI40      GATC_CAEEL     175  
n.a.                      Y66D12A.21  CE47069   Q95PJ8      TM2D3_CAEEL    179  
n.a.                      Y66H1A.4    CE36757   Q9TYK1      GAR1_CAEEL     244  
n.a.                      Y67D2.5     CE39061   Q9BKR0      NAT9_CAEEL     202  
n.a.                      Y71F9B.2a   CE28809   Q9N4G7      TAM41_CAEEL    321  
n.a.                      Y73F4A.1    CE20367   Q9XWC2      DMON2_CAEEL    182  
n.a.                      Y73F4A.2    CE20368   Q9XWC3      DMON1_CAEEL    168  
n.a.                      Y75B8A.31   CE23042   Q9XW78      F172A_CAEEL    313  
n.a.                      Y82E9BR.3   CE27044   Q9BKS0      AT5G_CAEEL     116  
n.a.                      Y92H12BL.1a CE36347   Q8MXQ7      CDKAL_CAEEL    425  
n.a.                      Y92H12BR.3a CE29936   Q9BPN8      Y92H3_CAEEL    637  
                          Y92H12BR.3b CE39075                                   
n.a.                      Y94H6A.8    CE39995   Q9N2W7      NDUAC_CAEEL    146  
n.a.                      ZC21.3a     CE34442   P34587      YN53_CAEEL     321  
n.a.                      ZC21.6a     CE54098   P34590      YN56_CAEEL     421  
                          ZC21.6b     CE54055                                   
n.a.                      ZC21.8      CE38667   P34592      YN58_CAEEL     145  
n.a.                      ZC84.1      CE43479   Q03610      YN81_CAEEL    1561  
n.a.                      ZC168.2     CE06568   Q23247      YH82_CAEEL     108  
n.a.                      ZC262.1     CE00349   P34593      YOD1_CAEEL     131  
n.a.                      ZC262.2a    CE00350   P34594      YOD2_CAEEL     233  
                          ZC262.2b    CE33010                                   
n.a.                      ZC262.4     CE34443   P34596      YOD4_CAEEL     149  
n.a.                      ZC262.5     CE00285   P34539      ATP5E_CAEEL     54  
n.a.                      ZC373.5     CE37460   Q23261      MTNB_CAEEL     263  
n.a.                      ZC412.3a    CE15215   Q23307      YHB8_CAEEL     250  
n.a.                      ZC434.4     CE38014   Q23314      RRP7_CAEEL     270  
n.a.                      ZC434.8     CE06583   Q27535      KARG2_CAEEL    360  
n.a.                      ZK112.4     CE00375   P34613      YOG4_CAEEL     100  
n.a.                      ZK112.5     CE00376   P34614      YOG5_CAEEL     159  
n.a.                      ZK112.6     CE39456   P34615      YOG6_CAEEL     149  
n.a.                      ZK177.1     CE46679   Q09370      YS41_CAEEL     331  
n.a.                      ZK177.2     CE02091   Q09371      YS42_CAEEL     296  
n.a.                      ZK177.8a    CE07618   Q09374      YS48_CAEEL     587  
                          ZK177.8b    CE02097                                   
n.a.                      ZK177.9     CE02098   Q09375      YS49_CAEEL     121  
n.a.                      ZK262.3     CE19323   Q9XTR8      LIP1_CAEEL     353  
n.a.                      ZK328.6     CE39536   Q8TA81      YSYF_CAEEL     394  
n.a.                      ZK353.2     CE00386   P34625      YOJ2_CAEEL      99  
n.a.                      ZK353.3     CE00387   P34626      YOJ3_CAEEL     164  
n.a.                      ZK353.4     CE46055   P34627      YOJ4_CAEEL     290  
n.a.                      ZK353.9     CE25685   Q95ZI6      PITH1_CAEEL    208  
n.a.                      ZK370.4a    CE34454   Q02331      PLPL7_CAEEL   1353  
                          ZK370.4b    CE34455                                   
n.a.                      ZK370.6b    CE45884   Q02333      YOL6_CAEEL     164  
n.a.                      ZK381.2     CE07626   Q23469      YPTJ_CAEEL     503  
n.a.                      ZK507.1     CE48033   P34633      YOO1_CAEEL     331  
n.a.                      ZK507.3     CE34146   P34635      YOO3_CAEEL     374  
n.a.                      ZK512.1     CE41494   P34639      YOQ1_CAEEL     240  
n.a.                      ZK512.2a    CE03821   P34640      DDX55_CAEEL    578  
n.a.                      ZK512.4     CE00410   P34642      SRP09_CAEEL     76  
n.a.                      ZK512.7     CE00413   P34645      YOQ7_CAEEL     141  
n.a.                      ZK512.8     CE00414   P34646      YOQ8_CAEEL     171  
n.a.                      ZK546.14a   CE02914   Q23525      YWIE_CAEEL     472  
n.a.                      ZK550.6     CE20432   O62515      PAHX_CAEEL     312  
n.a.                      ZK632.2     CE00419   P34648      YOT2_CAEEL     710  
n.a.                      ZK632.4     CE36417   P34650      MPI_CAEEL      416  
n.a.                      ZK632.5     CE00422   P34651      YOT5_CAEEL     824  
n.a.                      ZK632.9     CE28193   P34654      YOT9_CAEEL      62  
n.a.                      ZK632.10    CE02385   P34655      YOT0_CAEEL      80  
n.a.                      ZK632.11    CE00417   P34656      YOTA_CAEEL     453  
n.a.                      ZK632.12    CE01110   P34657      YOTB_CAEEL     266  
n.a.                      ZK637.2     CE32292   P30629      YOU2_CAEEL     143  
n.a.                      ZK637.4     CE00435   P30637      YOU4_CAEEL      95  
n.a.                      ZK637.12    CE39882   P34658      YOUB_CAEEL     246  
n.a.                      ZK637.14    CE00432   P30631      YOUD_CAEEL     161  
n.a.                      ZK643.2     CE00441   P30648      DCTD_CAEEL     197  
n.a.                      ZK643.5     CE24732   P30651      YOW5_CAEEL     487  
n.a.                      ZK643.6     CE43086   P30652      YOW6_CAEEL     244  
n.a.                      ZK643.7     CE00445   P30653      YOW7_CAEEL     109  
n.a.                      ZK652.6a    CE50501   P34664      YOY6_CAEEL     575  
n.a.                      ZK652.8     CE29164   P34665      YOY8_CAEEL     171  
n.a.                      ZK669.3     CE01114   Q23570      YO30_CAEEL     218  
n.a.                      ZK673.1a    CE16742   Q09662      YS51_CAEEL     154  
n.a.                      ZK673.2     CE01714   Q09629      KADY_CAEEL     222  
n.a.                      ZK673.4     CE42237   Q09663      YS54_CAEEL     461  
n.a.                      ZK673.5     CE02394   Q09664      YS55_CAEEL     146  
n.a.                      ZK673.6     CE01718   Q09378      YS56_CAEEL     284  
n.a.                      ZK675.4     CE01723   Q09380      YS64_CAEEL     196  
n.a.                      ZK686.1     CE34463   P34667      YO11_CAEEL      44  
n.a.                      ZK686.2     CE34464   P34668      YO12_CAEEL     593  
n.a.                      ZK686.3     CE00457   P34669      OST3_CAEEL     340  
n.a.                      ZK686.5     CE50316   Q7Z142      YO15_CAEEL     202  
n.a.                      ZK688.1     CE29165   P34671      YO21_CAEEL     192  
n.a.                      ZK688.4     CE00462   P34674      YO24_CAEEL      67  
n.a.                      ZK688.5a    CE29166   P34675      YO25_CAEEL    1620  
                          ZK688.5b    CE33264                                   
n.a.                      ZK688.7     CE40005   P34677      YO27_CAEEL     147  
n.a.                      ZK688.12    CE42042   Q27GV2      YO2C_CAEEL     173  
n.a.                      ZK697.8     CE40007   O44578      HIUH2_CAEEL    136  
n.a.                      ZK757.1a    CE50282   P34679      YO41_CAEEL     320  
                          ZK757.1b    CE46028                                   
n.a.                      ZK757.2     CE34151   P34680      YO42_CAEEL     294  
n.a.                      ZK795.3     CE18464   O62518      YHPK_CAEEL     292  
n.a.                      ZK856.11    CE06668   Q23646      EIF1A_CAEEL    175  
n.a.                      ZK858.5     CE34235   Q94421      TM2D4_CAEEL    409  
n.a.                      ZK892.4     CE32784   Q09618      YS74_CAEEL     340  
n.a.                      ZK892.6     CE01728   Q09619      YS76_CAEEL     237  
n.a.                      ZK945.4     CE42428   Q09623      YS84_CAEEL     499  
n.a.                      ZK945.6a    CE01737   Q09382      YS86_CAEEL     216  
n.a.                      ZK945.7     CE01738   Q09383      YS87_CAEEL     249  
n.a.                      ZK945.8     CE01739   Q09384      YS88_CAEEL     109  
n.a.                      ZK1058.3    CE01103   Q27536      GALT_CAEEL     352  
n.a.                      ZK1067.4    CE31139   Q23387      TM151_CAEEL    541  
n.a.                      ZK1073.1    CE03845   O02485      YDJ1_CAEEL     325  
n.a.                      ZK1098.1a   CE03847   P34600      YO61_CAEEL     724  
                          ZK1098.1b   CE46142                                   
n.a.                      ZK1098.2    CE41492   P34601      YO62_CAEEL     650  
n.a.                      ZK1098.3    CE01108   P34603      YO63_CAEEL     784  
n.a.                      ZK1098.4    CE00367   P34604      EI2BA_CAEEL    305  
n.a.                      ZK1098.6    CE44285   P34606      YO66_CAEEL     269  
n.a.                      ZK1098.9    CE44126   P34608      YO69_CAEEL      87  
n.a.                      ZK1127.4    CE07643   Q23402      BCCIP_CAEEL    349  
n.a.                      ZK1127.5    CE32083   Q23400      RCL1_CAEEL     379  
n.a.                      ZK1128.1    CE41493   Q09644      NDUF7_CAEEL    426  
n.a.                      ZK1128.3    CE01685   Q09358      YS03_CAEEL     360  
n.a.                      ZK1236.1    CE01446   P34617      GUF1_CAEEL     645  
n.a.                      ZK1236.5    CE38925   P34621      YO85_CAEEL     148  
n.a.                      ZK1290.5    CE36068   Q09632      YOF5_CAEEL     321  
n.a.                      ZK1290.10   CE36067   Q09337      YOFA_CAEEL     412  
n.a.                      ZK1290.11   CE40180   Q09338      YOFB_CAEEL     192  
n.a.                      ZK1307.1    CE01690   Q09359      YS11_CAEEL     279  
n.a.                      ZK1307.2    CE01691   Q09360      YS12_CAEEL     127  
n.a.                      ZK1307.3    CE01692   Q09361      YS13_CAEEL     115  
n.a.                      ZK1307.4    CE25681   Q09362      YS14_CAEEL     115  
n.a.                      ZK1307.9    CE01697   Q09651      CC130_CAEEL    369  
n.a.                      ZK1320.2    CE01700   Q09364      YS22_CAEEL     208  
n.a.                      ZK1320.3    CE01701   Q09365      YS23_CAEEL     208  
n.a.                      ZK1320.5    CE01703   Q09366      YS25_CAEEL     414  
n.a.                      ZK1320.7    CE30717   Q09655      GPAN1_CAEEL    371  
n.a.                      ZK1321.1    CE45473   Q09368      YS31_CAEEL     162  

n.a.                                            P03935      Y122_CAEEL     112  

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