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        UniProt - Swiss-Prot Protein Knowledgebase
        SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics; Geneva, Switzerland
        European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI); Hinxton, United Kingdom
        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Schizaphis graminum (strain Sg): entries and gene names
Name:        bucap.txt
Release:     2019_10 of 13-Nov-2019


The complete genome (641'454 base pairs + two plasmids of 7'967 and 4'753
base pairs) of Buchnera aphidicola subsp. Schizaphis graminum (strain Sg)
has been determined by the Department of Molecular Evolution of the
University of Uppsala, Sweden. See:

  [Pubmed: 12089438] [Article from publisher]
  Tamas I., Klasson L., Canbaeck B., Naeslund A.K., Eriksson A.-S.,
  Wernegreen J.J., Sandstroem J.P., Moran N.A., Andersson S.G.E.
  Science 296:2376-2379(2002).

All of B.aphidicola predicted proteins are in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and are
fully annotated. Our results differ from those from the original
publication both from the point of view of the predicted function of some
of these proteins as well as to their estimated size (we sometimes use a
different initiation site).

_______________________  ___________  __________ ______  _____________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot   AC         Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
_______________________  ___________  __________ ______  _____________________________
BUsg_001                 MNMG_BUCAP   O51879        631  mnmG; gidA
BUsg_002                 ATP6_BUCAP   O51878        272  atpB
BUsg_003                 ATPL_BUCAP   O51877         79  atpE
BUsg_004                 ATPF_BUCAP   O51876        163  atpF
BUsg_005                 ATPD_BUCAP   O51875        177  atpH
BUsg_006                 ATPA_BUCAP   O51874        510  atpA
BUsg_007                 ATPG_BUCAP   O51873        291  atpG
BUsg_008                 ATPB_BUCAP   Q07232        466  atpD; uncD
BUsg_009                 ATPE_BUCAP   O51871        138  atpC
BUsg_010                 GYRB_BUCAP   P29435        803  gyrB
BUsg_011                 DPO3B_BUCAP  P29439        366  dnaN
BUsg_012                 DNAA_BUCAP   P29434        454  dnaA
BUsg_013                 RL34_BUCAP   P29437         47  rpmH
BUsg_014                 RNPA_BUCAP   P29433        114  rnpA
BUsg_015                 YIDD_BUCAP   P29432         85  
BUsg_016                 YIDC_BUCAP   P29431        536  yidC
BUsg_017                 MNME_BUCAP   Q44633        456  mnmE; thdF; trmE
BUsg_018                 CH10_BUCAP   Q59176         96  groS; groES; mopB
BUsg_019                 CH60_BUCAP   Q59177        548  groL; groEL; mopA; symL
BUsg_020                 EPMB_BUCAP   Q44634        337  epmB
BUsg_021                 EFP_BUCAP    Q8KA80        187  efp
BUsg_022                 DNAC_BUCAP   Q8KA79        246  dnaC
BUsg_023                 DNAT_BUCAP   Q8KA78        166  dnaT
BUsg_025                 FTSY_BUCAP   Q8KA77        351  ftsY
BUsg_026                 RPOH_BUCAP   Q8KA76        285  rpoH
BUsg_027                 GLMS_BUCAP   Q8KA75        608  glmS
BUsg_028                 GLMU_BUCAP   Q8KA74        461  glmU
BUsg_029                 Y029_BUCAP   Q8KA73        274  
BUsg_030                 METR_BUCAP   Q8KA72        312  metR
BUsg_031                 METE_BUCAP   Q8KA71        757  metE
BUsg_032                 PUR9_BUCAP   Q8KA70        526  purH
BUsg_033                 DBH_BUCAP    Q8KA69         90  hup; hupA
BUsg_034                 RPOC_BUCAP   P41185       1413  rpoC
BUsg_035                 RPOB_BUCAP   P41184       1342  rpoB
BUsg_036                 RL7_BUCAP    P41188        122  rplL
BUsg_037                 RL10_BUCAP   Q8KA68        165  rplJ
BUsg_038                 RL1_BUCAP    Q8KA67        231  rplA
BUsg_039                 RL11_BUCAP   Q8KA66        142  rplK
BUsg_040                 NUSG_BUCAP   Q8KA65        181  nusG
BUsg_041                 SECE_BUCAP   Q8KA64        127  secE
BUsg_042                 MURB_BUCAP   Q8KA63        344  murB
BUsg_043                 METF_BUCAP   Q8KA62        292  metF
BUsg_044                 ARGE_BUCAP   P59085        381  argE
BUsg_045                 ARGC_BUCAP   Q8KA61        334  argC
BUsg_046                 ARGB_BUCAP   P59098        258  argB
BUsg_047                 ASSY_BUCAP   Q8KA60        401  argG
BUsg_048                 ARLY_BUCAP   Q8KA59        459  argH
BUsg_049                 Y049_BUCAP   Q8KA58        147  
BUsg_050                 SECB_BUCAP   P32002        154  secB
BUsg_051                 CYSE_BUCAP   P32003        261  cysE
BUsg_052                 RPOD_BUCAP   P32001        617  rpoD
BUsg_053                 DNAG_BUCAP   P32000        579  dnaG
BUsg_054                 RS21_BUCAP   Q8KA57         71  rpsU
BUsg_055                 TSAD_BUCAP   Q8KA56        337  tsaD; gcp
BUsg_056                 RIBB_BUCAP   Q8KA55        213  ribB
BUsg_057                 Y057_BUCAP   Q8KA54        314  
BUsg_058                 CCA_BUCAP    Q8KA53        412  cca
BUsg_059                 UPPP_BUCAP   Q8KA52        264  uppP; bacA; upk
BUsg_060                 PTGA_BUCAP   Q8KA51        167  crr
BUsg_061                 PT1_BUCAP    Q8KA50        570  ptsI
BUsg_062                 PTHP_BUCAP   Q8KA49         85  ptsH
BUsg_063                 CYSK_BUCAP   Q8KA48        322  cysK
BUsg_065                 SYE_BUCAP    Q8KA47        474  gltX
BUsg_066                 FLIE_BUCAP   Q8KA46        101  fliE
BUsg_067                 FLIF_BUCAP   Q8KA45        556  fliF
BUsg_068                 FLIG_BUCAP   Q8KA44        331  fliG
BUsg_069                 FLIH_BUCAP   Q8KA43        221  fliH
BUsg_070                 FLII_BUCAP   Q8KA42        466  fliI
BUsg_071                 FLIJ_BUCAP   Q8KA41        152  fliJ
BUsg_072                 FLIK_BUCAP   Q8KA40        381  fliK
BUsg_073                 FLIM_BUCAP   Q8KA39        311  fliM
BUsg_074                 FLIN_BUCAP   Q8KA38        133  fliN
BUsg_075                 FLIP_BUCAP   Q8KA37        379  fliP
BUsg_076                 FLIQ_BUCAP   Q8KA36         90  fliQ
BUsg_077                 FLIR_BUCAP   Q8KA35        258  fliR
BUsg_078                 RL33_BUCAP   Q8KA34         55  rpmG
BUsg_079                 RL28_BUCAP   Q8KA33         78  rpmB
BUsg_080                 Y080_BUCAP   Q8KA32        968  
BUsg_081                 IPYR_BUCAP   Q8KA31        180  ppa
BUsg_082                 PMBA_BUCAP   Q8KA30        447  pmbA
BUsg_083                 RSMI_BUCAP   Q8KA29        285  rsmI
BUsg_084                 FABB_BUCAP   Q8KA28        407  fabB
BUsg_085                 TAL_BUCAP    Q8KA27        316  tal
BUsg_086                 TKT_BUCAP    Q8KA26        665  tkt
BUsg_087                 DAPE_BUCAP   Q8KA25        375  dapE
BUsg_088                 DAPA_BUCAP   Q8KA24        294  dapA
BUsg_089                 BCP_BUCAP    Q9ZHF0        158  bcp
BUsg_090                 AROC_BUCAP   Q9ZHE9        353  aroC
BUsg_091                 Y091_BUCAP   Q9ZHE8        176  
BUsg_092                 HIS1_BUCAP   Q9ZHE7        299  hisG
BUsg_093                 HISX_BUCAP   Q9ZHE6        435  hisD
BUsg_094                 HIS8_BUCAP   Q9ZHE5        355  hisC
BUsg_095                 HIS7_BUCAP   Q9ZHE4        355  hisB
BUsg_096                 HIS5_BUCAP   Q9ZHE3        197  hisH
BUsg_097                 HIS4_BUCAP   Q9ZHE2        244  hisA
BUsg_098                 HIS6_BUCAP   Q9ZHE1        258  hisF
BUsg_099                 HIS2_BUCAP   Q9ZHE0        207  hisI; hisIE
BUsg_100                 6PGD_BUCAP   Q9ZHD9        473  gnd
BUsg_101                 DCD_BUCAP    Q9ZHD8        193  dcd
BUsg_102                 SYM_BUCAP    Q9ZHD7        545  metG
BUsg_103                 TILS_BUCAP   Q8KA23        445  tilS; mesJ
BUsg_104                 RISA_BUCAP   Q8KA22        208  ribE
BUsg_105                 RNFA_BUCAP   Q8KA21        193  rnfA
BUsg_106                 RNFB_BUCAP   Q8KA20        168  rnfB
BUsg_108                 RNFD_BUCAP   Q8KA19        349  rnfD
BUsg_109                 RNFG_BUCAP   Q8KA18        202  rnfG
BUsg_110                 RNFE_BUCAP   Q8KA17        223  rnfE
BUsg_111                 END3_BUCAP   Q8KA16        209  nth
BUsg_112                 PRIA_BUCAP   Q8KA15        720  priA
BUsg_113                 SYY_BUCAP    Q8KA14        422  tyrS
BUsg_114                 Y114_BUCAP   Q8KA13        129  
BUsg_115                 Y115_BUCAP   Q8KA12        364  
BUsg_116                 AROH_BUCAP   P46245        348  aroH
BUsg_117                 SYT_BUCAP    P46244        642  thrS
BUsg_118                 IF3_BUCAP    P46243        179  infC
BUsg_119                 RL35_BUCAP   P49240         65  rpmI
BUsg_120                 RL20_BUCAP   P46246        118  rplT
BUsg_121                 SYFA_BUCAP   P59056        329  pheS
BUsg_122                 SYFB_BUCAP   P59057        798  pheT
BUsg_123                 IHFA_BUCAP   Q8KA11        100  ihfA; himA
BUsg_124                 QUEA_BUCAP   Q8KA10        357  queA
BUsg_125                 TGT_BUCAP    Q8KA09        368  tgt
BUsg_126                 YAJC_BUCAP   Q8KA08        110  yajC
BUsg_127                 SYGB_BUCAP   Q8KA07        691  glyS
BUsg_128                 SYGA_BUCAP   Q8KA06        292  glyQ
BUsg_129                 GCH1_BUCAP   Q8KA05        218  folE
BUsg_130                 END4_BUCAP   P59058        279  nfo
BUsg_131                 RL25_BUCAP   Q8KA03         96  rplY
BUsg_132                 Y132_BUCAP   Q8KA02        252  
BUsg_133                 SURA_BUCAP   Q8KA01        432  surA
BUsg_134                 RSMA_BUCAP   Q8KA00        274  rsmA; ksgA
BUsg_135                 APAH_BUCAP   Q8K9Z9        273  apaH
BUsg_136                 DYR_BUCAP    Q8K9Z8        161  folA
BUsg_137                 CARB_BUCAP   Q8K9Z7       1077  carB
BUsg_138                 CARA_BUCAP   Q8K9Z6        385  carA
BUsg_139                 DAPB_BUCAP   Q8K9Z5        273  dapB
BUsg_140                 ISPH_BUCAP   Q8K9Z4        313  ispH; lytB
BUsg_141                 LSPA_BUCAP   Q8K9Z3        156  lspA
BUsg_142                 SYI_BUCAP    Q8K9Z2        938  ileS
BUsg_143                 RIBF_BUCAP   Q8K9Z1        312  ribF
BUsg_144                 RS20_BUCAP   Q8K9Z0         89  rpsT
BUsg_145                 DNAJ_BUCAP   Q8K9Y9        378  dnaJ
BUsg_146                 DNAK_BUCAP   Q8K9Y8        638  dnaK
BUsg_147                 NUOA_BUCAP   Q8K9Y7        126  nuoA
BUsg_148                 NUOB_BUCAP   Q8K9Y6        223  nuoB
BUsg_149                 NUOCD_BUCAP  Q8K9Y5        597  nuoC; nuoCD; nuoD
BUsg_150                 NUOE_BUCAP   Q8K9Y4        168  nuoE
BUsg_151                 NUOF_BUCAP   Q8K9Y3        447  nuoF
BUsg_152                 NUOG_BUCAP   Q8K9Y2        910  nuoG
BUsg_153                 NUOH_BUCAP   Q8K9Y1        322  nuoH
BUsg_154                 NUOI_BUCAP   Q8K9Y0        180  nuoI
BUsg_155                 NUOJ_BUCAP   Q8K9X9        163  nuoJ
BUsg_156                 NUOK_BUCAP   Q8K9X8        100  nuoK
BUsg_157                 NUOL_BUCAP   Q8K9X7        615  nuoL
BUsg_158                 NUOM_BUCAP   Q8K9X6        501  nuoM
BUsg_159                 NUON_BUCAP   Q8K9X5        486  nuoN
BUsg_160                 Y160_BUCAP   Q8K9X4        310  
BUsg_161                 FOLC_BUCAP   Q8K9X3        418  folC
BUsg_163                 KPRS_BUCAP   Q8K9X2        315  prs; prsA
BUsg_164                 ISPE_BUCAP   Q8K9X1        292  ispE; ipk
BUsg_165                 RF1_BUCAP    Q8K9X0        361  prfA
BUsg_166                 PRMC_BUCAP   Q8K9W9        275  prmC; hemK
BUsg_167                 Y167_BUCAP   Q8K9W8        269  
BUsg_168                 NADE_BUCAP   Q8K9W7        268  nadE
BUsg_169                 ACKA_BUCAP   Q8K9W6        403  ackA
BUsg_170                 PTA_BUCAP    Q8K9W5        709  pta
BUsg_172                 RIR2_BUCAP   Q8K9W4        376  nrdB
BUsg_173                 RIR1_BUCAP   Q8K9W3        763  nrdA
BUsg_174                 GYRA_BUCAP   Q8K9W2        825  gyrA
BUsg_175                 Y175_BUCAP   Q8K9W1        234  
BUsg_176                 AHPC_BUCAP   Q8K9W0        198  
BUsg_178                 GRPE2_BUCAP  Q8K9V9        188  grpE2
BUsg_179                 NADK_BUCAP   Q8K9V8        292  nadK
BUsg_180                 BAME_BUCAP   Q8K9V7        104  bamE; smpA
BUsg_181                 GLRX4_BUCAP  Q8K9V6        107  grxD
BUsg_182                 RNT_BUCAP    Q8K9V5        219  rnt
BUsg_183                 SODM_BUCAP   Q8K9V4        203  sodA
BUsg_184                 PTH_BUCAP    Q8K9V3        177  pth
BUsg_185                 YCHF_BUCAP   Q8K9V2        362  ychF; engD
BUsg_186                 THRC_BUCAP   Q8K9V1        429  thrC
BUsg_187                 KHSE_BUCAP   Q8K9V0        309  thrB
BUsg_188                 AKH_BUCAP    Q8K9U9        814  thrA
BUsg_189                 HPRT_BUCAP   Q8K9U8        177  hpt
BUsg_190                 PANC_BUCAP   Q8K9U7        285  panC
BUsg_191                 PANB_BUCAP   Q8K9U6        263  panB
BUsg_192                 DKSA_BUCAP   Q8K9U5        151  dksA
BUsg_193                 TRUA_BUCAP   Q8K9U4        263  truA
BUsg_195                 SECA_BUCAP   Q8K9U3        874  secA
BUsg_196                 MUTT_BUCAP   Q8K9U2        130  mutT
BUsg_197                 COAE_BUCAP   Q8K9U1        210  coaE
BUsg_198                 GUAC_BUCAP   Q8K9U0        349  guaC
BUsg_199                 ODP1_BUCAP   Q8K9T9        888  aceE
BUsg_200                 ODP2_BUCAP   Q8K9T8        402  aceF
BUsg_201                 DLDH_BUCAP   Q8K9T7        476  lpdA
BUsg_202                 SPED_BUCAP   Q8K9T6        268  speD
BUsg_203                 SPEE_BUCAP   Q8K9T5        286  speE
BUsg_204                 MTNN_BUCAP   O51931        235  mtnN; mtn
BUsg_205                 ERPA_BUCAP   O51930        114  erpA
BUsg_206                 FTSZ_BUCAP   O51929        384  ftsZ
BUsg_207                 FTSA_BUCAP   O51928        418  ftsA
BUsg_208                 DDL_BUCAP    O51927        306  ddl; ddlB
BUsg_209                 MURC_BUCAP   O51926        483  murC
BUsg_210                 MURG_BUCAP   Q8K9T4        354  murG
BUsg_211                 FTSW_BUCAP   Q8K9T3        353  ftsW
BUsg_212                 MURD_BUCAP   Q8K9T2        440  murD
BUsg_215                 MURE_BUCAP   O85298        497  murE
BUsg_216                 FTSI_BUCAP   O85297        568  ftsI
BUsg_217                 FTSL_BUCAP   O85296         81  ftsL
BUsg_218                 RSMH_BUCAP   O85295        312  rsmH; mraW
BUsg_219                 ILVH_BUCAP   O85294        158  ilvH
BUsg_220                 ILVI_BUCAP   O85293        571  ilvI
BUsg_221                 APBE_BUCAP   O85292        340  apbE
BUsg_222                 DEGPL_BUCAP  O85291        478  htrA
BUsg_223                 DAPD_BUCAP   O85290        273  dapD
BUsg_224                 MAP1_BUCAP   Q8K9T1        261  map
BUsg_225                 RS2_BUCAP    Q8K9T0        244  rpsB
BUsg_226                 EFTS_BUCAP   Q8K9S9        267  tsf
BUsg_227                 PYRH_BUCAP   P59002        240  pyrH
BUsg_228                 RRF_BUCAP    Q8K9S8        185  frr
BUsg_229                 DXR_BUCAP    Q8K9S7        398  dxr
BUsg_230                 UPPS_BUCAP   Q8K9S6        249  uppS
BUsg_231                 BAMA_BUCAP   Q8K9S5        799  bamA
BUsg_232                 FABZ_BUCAP   Q8K9S4        152  fabZ
BUsg_233                 DPO3A_BUCAP  Q8K9S3       1161  dnaE
BUsg_234                 SYP_BUCAP    Q8K9S2        571  proS
BUsg_235                 FLHB_BUCAP   Q8K9S1        381  flhB
BUsg_236                 FLHA_BUCAP   Q8K9S0        695  flhA
BUsg_237                 SYR_BUCAP    Q08888        580  argS
BUsg_238                 GLO2_BUCAP   Q08889        250  gloB
BUsg_239                 RNH_BUCAP    Q08885        161  rnhA; rnh
BUsg_240                 DPO3E_BUCAP  Q08880        233  dnaQ; mutD
BUsg_241                 GMHA_BUCAP   Q8K9R9        194  gmhA; lpcA
BUsg_242                 XGPT_BUCAP   Q8K9R8        154  gpt
BUsg_243                 GRPE1_BUCAP  Q8K9R7        202  grpE1
BUsg_244                 Y244_BUCAP   Q8K9R6         95  
BUsg_245                 SSRP_BUCAP   Q8K9R5        163  smpB
BUsg_246                 TADA_BUCAP   Q8K9R4        151  tadA
BUsg_247                 ACPS_BUCAP   Q8K9R3        126  acpS
BUsg_248                 ERA_BUCAP    Q8K9R2        278  era
BUsg_249                 RNC_BUCAP    Q8K9R1        226  rnc
BUsg_250                 LEP_BUCAP    Q8K9R0        312  lepB
BUsg_251                 LEPA_BUCAP   Q8K9Q9        601  lepA
BUsg_252                 MNMA_BUCAP   Q8K9Q8        367  mnmA; trmU
BUsg_253                 PUR8_BUCAP   Q8K9Q7        456  purB
BUsg_255                 FABI_BUCAP   Q8K9Q6        260  fabI
BUsg_256                 RNB_BUCAP    Q8K9Q5        646  rnb
BUsg_257                 Y257_BUCAP   Q8K9Q4        211  
BUsg_258                 LIPB_BUCAP   Q8K9Q3        218  lipB
BUsg_259                 LIPA_BUCAP   Q8K9Q2        319  lipA
BUsg_260                 PYRF_BUCAP   Q8K9Q1        236  pyrF
BUsg_261                 RIBA_BUCAP   Q8K9Q0        196  ribA
BUsg_262                 CLSA_BUCAP   Q8K9P9        486  clsA; cls
BUsg_263                 Y263_BUCAP   P42398        135  
BUsg_264                 YCIB_BUCAP   P42397        177  
BUsg_265                 Y265_BUCAP   P42396        247  
BUsg_266                 TRPA_BUCAP   P42389        271  trpA
BUsg_267                 TRPB_BUCAP   P42391        399  trpB
BUsg_268                 TRPC_BUCAP   P42393        451  trpC; trpC/F
BUsg_269                 TRPD_BUCAP   P42392        335  trpD
BUsg_270                 Y270_BUCAP   P42394        300  
BUsg_271                 RLUB_BUCAP   P42395        257  rluB
BUsg_272                 SOHB_BUCAP   Q8K9P8        342  sohB
BUsg_273                 TOP1_BUCAP   Q8K9P7        853  topA
BUsg_274                 SUHB_BUCAP   Q8K9P6        269  suhB
BUsg_275                 RLMN_BUCAP   Q8K9P5        363  rlmN
BUsg_276                 ISPG_BUCAP   Q8K9P4        367  ispG; gcpE
BUsg_277                 SYH_BUCAP    Q8K9P3        428  hisS
BUsg_278                 GLYA_BUCAP   Q8K9P2        417  glyA
BUsg_280                 BIOB_BUCAP   Q8K9P1        342  bioB
BUsg_281                 BIOA_BUCAP   Q8K9P0        432  bioA
BUsg_282                 6PGL_BUCAP   Q8K9N9        333  pgl
BUsg_284                 LOLC_BUCAP   Q8K9N8        399  lolC
BUsg_285                 LOLD_BUCAP   Q44613        229  lolD
BUsg_286                 Y286_BUCAP   Q8K9N7        413  
BUsg_287                 G3P_BUCAP    Q07234        332  gapA
BUsg_288                 QUEF_BUCAP   Q8K9N6        262  queF
BUsg_289                 FLAV_BUCAP   Q8K9N5        154  fldA
BUsg_291                 GCH1L_BUCAP  Q8K9N4        247  
BUsg_292                 ODO1_BUCAP   Q8K9N3        923  sucA
BUsg_293                 ODO2_BUCAP   Q8K9N2        393  sucB
BUsg_294                 GPMA_BUCAP   Q8K9N1        230  gpmA
BUsg_295                 PFKA_BUCAP   Q8K9N0        320  pfkA
BUsg_296                 GLPF_BUCAP   Q8K9M9        262  glpF
BUsg_297                 TPIS_BUCAP   Q59179        254  tpiA; tpi
BUsg_298                 IHFB_BUCAP   Q44654         93  ihfB; himD
BUsg_299                 RS1_BUCAP    Q44653        559  rpsA
BUsg_301                 AROA_BUCAP   Q59178        428  aroA
BUsg_302                 SERC_BUCAP   P81435        361  serC
BUsg_303                 SYS_BUCAP    P81434        427  serS
BUsg_304                 TRXB_BUCAP   P81433        319  trxB
BUsg_305                 IF1_BUCAP    Q8K9M8         72  infA
BUsg_306                 SYD_BUCAP    P81432        584  aspS
BUsg_307                 ZNUB_BUCAP   Q8K9M7        261  znuB
BUsg_308                 ZNUC_BUCAP   Q8K9M6        238  znuC
BUsg_309                 ZNUA_BUCAP   Q8K9M5        317  znuA
BUsg_310                 Y310_BUCAP   Q8K9M4        415  
BUsg_311                 KPYK_BUCAP   Q8K9M3        481  pykA
BUsg_312                 G6PD_BUCAP   Q8K9M2        490  zwf
BUsg_313                 HTPX_BUCAP   Q8K9M1        292  htpX
BUsg_314                 Y314_BUCAP   Q8K9M0        515  
BUsg_315                 TSAB_BUCAP   Q8K9L9        210  tsaB
BUsg_316                 MINE_BUCAP   Q8K9L8         83  minE
BUsg_317                 MIND_BUCAP   Q8K9L7        270  minD
BUsg_318                 MINC_BUCAP   Q8K9L6        242  minC
BUsg_319                 RSMC_BUCAP   Q8K9L5        336  rsmC
BUsg_320                 OMPA_BUCAP   Q8K9L4        347  ompA
BUsg_321                 MURJ_BUCAP   Q8K9L3        514  murJ; mviN
BUsg_322                 PYRC_BUCAP   Q8K9L2        349  pyrC
BUsg_323                 FLGN_BUCAP   Q8K9L1        138  flgN
BUsg_324                 FLGA_BUCAP   Q8K9L0        222  flgA
BUsg_325                 FLGB_BUCAP   Q8K9K9        133  flgB
BUsg_326                 FLGC_BUCAP   Q8K9K8        136  flgC
BUsg_327                 FLGD_BUCAP   Q8K9K7        226  flgD
BUsg_328                 FLGE_BUCAP   Q8K9K6        409  flgE
BUsg_329                 FLGF_BUCAP   Q8K9K5        249  flgF
BUsg_330                 FLGG_BUCAP   Q8K9K4        260  flgG
BUsg_331                 FLGH_BUCAP   Q8K9K3        238  flgH
BUsg_332                 FLGI_BUCAP   Q8K9K2        369  flgI
BUsg_333                 FLGJ_BUCAP   Q8K9K1        106  flgJ
BUsg_334                 FLGK_BUCAP   Q8K9K0        544  flgK
BUsg_335                 RNE_BUCAP    Q8K9J9        968  rne
BUsg_336                 RLUC_BUCAP   Q8K9J8        314  rluC
BUsg_337                 RL32_BUCAP   Q8K9J7         54  rpmF
BUsg_338                 FABD_BUCAP   Q8K9J6        310  fabD
BUsg_339                 FABG_BUCAP   Q8K9J5        244  fabG
BUsg_340                 ACP_BUCAP    Q8K9J4         79  acpP
BUsg_341                 KTHY_BUCAP   Q8K9J3        212  tmk
BUsg_342                 HOLB_BUCAP   Q8K9J2        328  holB
BUsg_343                 Y343_BUCAP   Q8K9J1        264  
BUsg_344                 PTGCB_BUCAP  Q8K9J0        477  ptsG
BUsg_345                 YHIT_BUCAP   Q8K9I9        115  
BUsg_347                 PORL_BUCAP   Q8K9I8        369  
BUsg_348                 SYN_BUCAP    Q8K9I7        466  asnS
BUsg_349                 PNCB_BUCAP   Q8K9I6        398  pncB
BUsg_350                 PYRD_BUCAP   Q8K9I5        336  pyrD
BUsg_351                 RLMKL_BUCAP  Q8K9I4        697  rlmL
BUsg_352                 UUP_BUCAP    Q8K9I3        592  uup
BUsg_353                 Y353_BUCAP   Q8K9I2        312  
BUsg_354                 SYV_BUCAP    Q8K9I1        960  valS
BUsg_355                 AMPA_BUCAP   Q8K9I0        502  pepA
BUsg_356                 OTC_BUCAP    P59100        338  argI
BUsg_357                 PYRB_BUCAP   Q8K9H9        311  pyrB
BUsg_358                 PYRI_BUCAP   Q8K9H8        151  pyrI
BUsg_359                 Y359_BUCAP   Q8K9H7        128  
BUsg_360                 DEAD_BUCAP   Q8K9H6        601  deaD
BUsg_361                 PNP_BUCAP    Q8K9H5        707  pnp
BUsg_362                 RS15_BUCAP   Q8K9H4         89  rpsO
BUsg_363                 TRUB_BUCAP   Q8K9H3        312  truB
BUsg_364                 RBFA_BUCAP   Q8K9H2        124  rbfA
BUsg_365                 IF2_BUCAP    Q8K9H1        867  infB
BUsg_366                 NUSA_BUCAP   Q8K9H0        495  nusA
BUsg_367                 SECG_BUCAP   Q8K9G9        108  secG
BUsg_369                 FTSH_BUCAP   Q8K9G8        613  ftsH; hflB
BUsg_370                 RLME_BUCAP   Q8K9G7        206  rlmE; ftsJ; rrmJ
BUsg_371                 GREA_BUCAP   Q8K9G6        159  greA
BUsg_372                 Y372_BUCAP   Q8K9G5         80  
BUsg_373                 MURA_BUCAP   Q8K9G4        417  murA
BUsg_374                 RL21_BUCAP   Q8K9G3        107  rplU
BUsg_375                 RL27_BUCAP   Q8K9G2         84  rpmA
BUsg_376                 OBG_BUCAP    Q8K9G1        333  obg
BUsg_377                 RS9_BUCAP    Q8K9G0        130  rpsI
BUsg_378                 RL13_BUCAP   Q8K9F9        142  rplM
BUsg_379                 CMPDT_BUCAP  Q8K9F8        385  pheA
BUsg_380                 SRP54_BUCAP  Q8K9F7        450  ffh
BUsg_381                 RS16_BUCAP   Q8K9F6         85  rpsP
BUsg_382                 RIMM_BUCAP   Q8K9F5        175  rimM
BUsg_383                 TRMD_BUCAP   Q8K9F4        262  trmD
BUsg_384                 RL19_BUCAP   Q8K9F3        115  rplS
BUsg_385                 TLDD_BUCAP   Q8K9F2        483  tldD
BUsg_386                 AROQ_BUCAP   Q8K9F1        149  aroQ; aroD
BUsg_387                 FIS_BUCAP    Q8K9F0         99  fis
BUsg_388                 RLUD_BUCAP   Q8K9E9        315  rluD
BUsg_389                 BAMD_BUCAP   Q8K9E8        243  bamD
BUsg_390                 SYA_BUCAP    Q8K9E7        883  alaS
BUsg_391                 CSRA_BUCAP   Q8K9E6         60  csrA
BUsg_392                 GSH1_BUCAP   P58994        518  gshA
BUsg_393                 METK_BUCAP   Q8K9E5        379  metK
BUsg_395                 RSME_BUCAP   Q8K9E4        246  rsmE
BUsg_396                 Y396_BUCAP   Q8K9E3        199  
BUsg_397                 RPIA_BUCAP   Q8K9E2        219  rpiA
BUsg_398                 SYQ_BUCAP    Q8K9E1        562  glnS
BUsg_399                 PYRG_BUCAP   P59039        553  pyrG
BUsg_400                 ENO_BUCAP    Q8K9E0        434  eno
BUsg_401                 QUEE_BUCAP   Q8K9D9        219  queE
BUsg_402                 QUED_BUCAP   Q8K9D8        120  queD
BUsg_404                 ISPF_BUCAP   Q8K9D7        167  ispF
BUsg_405                 ISPD_BUCAP   Q8K9D6        236  ispD
BUsg_406                 FTSB_BUCAP   Q8K9D5         66  ftsB
BUsg_407                 CYSC_BUCAP   Q8K9D4        211  cysC
BUsg_412                 CYSI_BUCAP   P0C0B2        566  cysI
BUsg_413                 CYSJ_BUCAP   Q8K9D3        602  cysJ
BUsg_414                 MUTS_BUCAP   Q8K9D2        805  mutS
BUsg_415                 DSBA_BUCAP   Q8K9D1        209  dsbA
BUsg_416                 EX53_BUCAP   Q8K9D0        287  pol
BUsg_417                 ENGB_BUCAP   Q8K9C9        201  engB
BUsg_418                 TYPA_BUCAP   Q8K9C8        609  typA
BUsg_419                 KGUA_BUCAP   Q8K9C7        207  gmk
BUsg_420                 YGFZ_BUCAP   Q8K9C6        319  
BUsg_421                 RF2_BUCAP    P59102        364  prfB
BUsg_422                 SYK_BUCAP    Q8K9C5        503  lysS
BUsg_423.1               LGT_BUCAP    P60968        277  lgt
BUsg_423                 DCDA_BUCAP   Q8K9C4        415  lysA
BUsg_425                 TYSY_BUCAP   Q8K9C3        264  thyA
BUsg_426                 MIAB_BUCAP   Q8K9C2        439  miaB
BUsg_427                 YBEY_BUCAP   Q8K9C1        158  ybeY
BUsg_428                 CORC_BUCAP   Q8K9C0        291  corC
BUsg_429                 SYL_BUCAP    Q8K9B9        861  leuS
BUsg_430                 HOLA_BUCAP   Q8K9B8        338  holA
BUsg_431                 NADD_BUCAP   Q8K9B7        216  nadD
BUsg_432                 TUSA_BUCAP   Q8K9B6         76  tusA
BUsg_433                 DHAS_BUCAP   Q8K9B5        371  asd
BUsg_434                 Y434_BUCAP   Q8K9B4        196  
BUsg_435                 PGK_BUCAP    Q8K9B3        388  pgk
BUsg_436                 ALF_BUCAP    Q8K9B2        359  fbaA; fba
BUsg_437                 Y437_BUCAP   Q8K9B1        283  
BUsg_438                 RECC_BUCAP   Q8K9B0       1061  recC
BUsg_439                 RECB_BUCAP   Q8K9A9       1179  recB
BUsg_440                 RECD_BUCAP   Q8K9A8        602  recD
BUsg_441                 ARGA_BUCAP   P59099        442  argA
BUsg_442                 MLTA_BUCAP   Q8K9A7        366  mltA
BUsg_443                 RISB_BUCAP   Q8K9A6        159  ribH
BUsg_444                 THIL_BUCAP   Q8K9A5        323  thiL
BUsg_445                 RIBD1_BUCAP  Q8K9A4        147  ribD1
BUsg_446                 RIBD2_BUCAP  Q8K9A3        217  ribD2
BUsg_447                 NUSB_BUCAP   Q8K9A2        138  nusB
BUsg_448                 DXS_BUCAP    Q8K9A1        585  dxs
BUsg_449                 ISPA_BUCAP   Q8K9A0        294  ispA
BUsg_450                 Y450_BUCAP   Q8K999        391  
BUsg_451                 TUSE_BUCAP   Q8K998        114  tusE
BUsg_452                 CYOE_BUCAP   Q8K997        284  cyoE
BUsg_453                 CYOD_BUCAP   Q8K996        108  cyoD
BUsg_454                 CYOC_BUCAP   Q8K995        189  cyoC
BUsg_455                 CYOB_BUCAP   Q8K994        659  cyoB
BUsg_456                 CYOA_BUCAP   Q8K993        290  cyoA
BUsg_457                 Y457_BUCAP   Q8K992        111  
BUsg_458                 TIG_BUCAP    Q8K991        442  tig
BUsg_459                 CLPP_BUCAP   Q8K990        197  clpP
BUsg_460                 CLPX_BUCAP   Q8K989        427  clpX
BUsg_461                 LON_BUCAP    Q8K988        777  lon
BUsg_462                 PPID_BUCAP   Q8K987        621  ppiD
BUsg_463                 QUEC_BUCAP   Q8K986        232  queC
BUsg_464                 MDLA_BUCAP   Q8K985        581  mdlA
BUsg_465                 MDLB_BUCAP   Q8K984        580  mdlB
BUsg_466                 DPO3X_BUCAP  Q8K983        363  dnaX
BUsg_467                 Y467_BUCAP   Q8K982        109  
BUsg_468                 HTPG_BUCAP   Q8K981        625  htpG
BUsg_469                 KAD_BUCAP    Q8K980        214  adk
BUsg_470                 FOLD_BUCAP   Q8K979        285  folD
BUsg_471                 SYC_BUCAP    P46241        463  cysS
BUsg_472                 Y472_BUCAP   Q8K978         87  
BUsg_473                 CSPE_BUCAP   P63238         69  cspE
BUsg_474                 AROE_BUCAP   P46240        273  aroE
BUsg_475                 TSAC_BUCAP   Q8K977        190  tsaC; rimN
BUsg_476                 SMG_BUCAP    Q8K976        157  smg
BUsg_477                 DEF_BUCAP    Q8K975        167  def
BUsg_478                 FMT_BUCAP    Q8K974        314  fmt
BUsg_479                 RL17_BUCAP   Q8K973        138  rplQ
BUsg_480                 RPOA_BUCAP   O69232        329  rpoA
BUsg_481                 RS4_BUCAP    P41186        206  rpsD
BUsg_482                 RS11_BUCAP   Q8K972        130  rpsK
BUsg_483                 RS13_BUCAP   Q8K971        118  rpsM
BUsg_484                 RL36_BUCAP   Q8K970         38  rpmJ
BUsg_485                 SECY_BUCAP   Q8K969        439  secY
BUsg_486                 RL15_BUCAP   Q8K968        144  rplO
BUsg_487                 RL30_BUCAP   Q8K967         59  rpmD
BUsg_488                 RS5_BUCAP    Q8K966        167  rpsE
BUsg_489                 RL18_BUCAP   Q8K965        121  rplR
BUsg_490                 RL6_BUCAP    Q8K964        178  rplF
BUsg_491                 RS8_BUCAP    P59030        130  rpsH
BUsg_492                 RS14_BUCAP   Q8K963        101  rpsN
BUsg_493                 RL5_BUCAP    Q8K962        179  rplE
BUsg_494                 RL24_BUCAP   Q8K961        104  rplX
BUsg_495                 RL14_BUCAP   Q8K960        122  rplN
BUsg_496                 RS17_BUCAP   Q8K959         84  rpsQ
BUsg_497                 RL29_BUCAP   Q8K958         65  rpmC
BUsg_498                 RL16_BUCAP   Q8K957        136  rplP
BUsg_499                 RS3_BUCAP    Q8K956        233  rpsC
BUsg_500                 RL22_BUCAP   Q8K955        110  rplV
BUsg_501                 RS19_BUCAP   Q8K954         92  rpsS
BUsg_502                 RL2_BUCAP    Q8K953        273  rplB
BUsg_503                 RL23_BUCAP   Q8K952        100  rplW
BUsg_504                 RL4_BUCAP    Q8K951        201  rplD
BUsg_505                 RL3_BUCAP    Q8K950        209  rplC
BUsg_506                 RS10_BUCAP   Q8K949        103  rpsJ
BUsg_507                 EFTU_BUCAP   O31298        394  tuf; tufB
BUsg_508                 EFG_BUCAP    Q8K948        702  fusA
BUsg_509                 RS7_BUCAP    P59059        156  rpsG
BUsg_510                 RS12_BUCAP   Q8K947        124  rpsL
BUsg_511                 TUSB_BUCAP   Q8K946         95  tusB
BUsg_512                 TUSC_BUCAP   Q8K945        119  tusC
BUsg_513                 TUSD_BUCAP   Q8K944        128  tusD
BUsg_514                 FKBA_BUCAP   Q8K943        252  fkpA
BUsg_515                 ARGD_BUCAP   P59086        404  argD; dapC
BUsg_516                 TSGA_BUCAP   Q8K942        387  tsgA
BUsg_517                 SYW_BUCAP    Q8K941        336  trpS
BUsg_518                 RPE_BUCAP    Q8K940        228  rpe
BUsg_519                 AROB_BUCAP   Q8K939        360  aroB
BUsg_520                 AROK_BUCAP   Q8K938        173  aroK
BUsg_521                 DEOD_BUCAP   Q8K937        236  deoD
BUsg_522                 DEOB_BUCAP   Q8K936        409  deoB
BUsg_523                 RF3_BUCAP    Q8K935        529  prfC
BUsg_525                 NFUA_BUCAP   Q8K934        192  nfuA
BUsg_527                 SSB_BUCAP    Q8K933        162  ssb
BUsg_528                 DNAB_BUCAP   Q8K932        465  dnaB
BUsg_529                 GSHB_BUCAP   Q8K931        320  gshB
BUsg_530                 YQGF_BUCAP   Q8K930        137  yqgF
BUsg_531                 PLPHP_BUCAP  Q8K929        229  
BUsg_532                 HEMW_BUCAP   Q8K928        376  hemW
BUsg_533                 TRMB_BUCAP   Q8K927        239  trmB
BUsg_534                 MUTY_BUCAP   Q8K926        347  mutY
BUsg_535                 FETP_BUCAP   Q8K925         78  
BUsg_536                 MURI_BUCAP   Q8K924        256  murI
BUsg_537                 EX1_BUCAP    Q8K923        482  sbcB
BUsg_538                 Y538_BUCAP   Q8K922        101  
BUsg_540                 DUT_BUCAP    Q8K921        159  dut
BUsg_542                 RL9_BUCAP    Q8K920        150  rplI
BUsg_543                 RS18_BUCAP   Q8K919         75  rpsR
BUsg_544                 RS6_BUCAP    Q8K918        113  rpsF
BUsg_545                 RNR_BUCAP    Q8K917        726  rnr
BUsg_546                 PURA_BUCAP   Q8K916        430  purA
BUsg_547                 HFLC_BUCAP   Q8K915        307  hflC
BUsg_548                 HFLK_BUCAP   Q8K914        411  hflK
BUsg_550                 MUTL_BUCAP   Q8K913        582  mutL
BUsg_551                 MTLD_BUCAP   Q8K912        388  mtlD
BUsg_552                 PTM3C_BUCAP  Q8K911        649  mtlA
BUsg_553                 G6PI_BUCAP   Q8K910        555  pgi
BUsg_554                 ORN_BUCAP    Q8K909        184  orn
BUsg_555                 AMIB_BUCAP   Q8K908        233  amiB
BUsg_556                 RL31_BUCAP   Q8K907         72  rpmE
BUsg_557                 HSLV_BUCAP   Q8K906        176  hslV
BUsg_558                 HSLU_BUCAP   Q9Z617        443  hslU
BUsg_559                 IBP_BUCAP    Q9Z616        161  ibp
BUsg_560                 FENR_BUCAP   Q9Z615        257  fpr
BUsg_561                 EPMA_BUCAP   Q9Z614        324  epmA; yjeA
BUsg_562                 COAD_BUCAP   Q9Z613        165  coaD; kdtB
BUsg_564                 Y564_BUCAP   Q8K905        112  
BUsg_565                 RSMJ_BUCAP   Q8K904        249  rsmJ
BUsg_566                 PIT_BUCAP    Q8K903        493  pit; pitA
BUsg_567                 Y567_BUCAP   Q8K902        413  
BUsg_568                 DAPF_BUCAP   Q8K901        284  dapF
BUsg_569                 CYAY_BUCAP   Q8K900        121  cyaY
BUsg_572                 RHO_BUCAP    O51891        419  rho
BUsg_573                 THIO_BUCAP   O51890        108  trxA
BUsg_574                 REP_BUCAP    O51889        658  rep
BUsg_575                 ILVC_BUCAP   O51888        491  ilvC
BUsg_576                 ILVD_BUCAP   O51887        617  ilvD
BUsg_577                 ISCS_BUCAP   O51886        404  iscS; nifS
BUsg_578                 ISCU_BUCAP   O51885        128  iscU; nifU
BUsg_579                 HSCB_BUCAP   O51884        165  hscB
BUsg_580                 HSCA_BUCAP   O51883        609  hscA
BUsg_581                 FER_BUCAP    O51882        111  fdx
BUsg_582                 DER_BUCAP    O51881        453  der; engA
BUsg_583                 Y583_BUCAP   O51880        194  
BUsg_PL1                 REPA1_BUCAP  O85060        283  repA1
BUsg_PL2                 YREP_BUCAP   O85061        167  
BUsg_PL3                 REPA2_BUCAP  O85062        250  repA2
BUsg_PL4                 LEU1_BUCAP   O85063        518  leuA
BUsg_PL5                 LEU3_BUCAP   O85064        363  leuB
BUsg_PL6                 LEUC_BUCAP   O85065        469  leuC
BUsg_PL7                 LEUD_BUCAP   O85066        207  leuD
BUsg_PT1                 TRPE_BUCAP   P42387        515  trpE
BUsg_PT2                 TRPG_BUCAP   P42388        196  trpG

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