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        Protein Information Resource (PIR); Washington DC, USA

Description: Bacillus subtilis strain 168: entries and gene names
Name:        bacsu.txt
Release:     2020_05 of 07-Oct-2020


This documents lists all the Bacillus subtilis strain 168 (and derivatives)
chromosomal entries  present in this  release  of  Swiss-Prot. 

Some relevant references:

 [Pubmed: 9384377] [Article from publisher]
 Kunst F., Ogasawara N., Moszer I., ...(145 authors)..., Danchin A.
 The complete genome sequence of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus
 Nature 390:249-256(1997).

 [Pubmed: 9678589]
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 data management and analysis.
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 [Pubmed: 11752255]
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 SubtiList: the reference database for the Bacillus subtilis genome.
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All inquiries about Bacillus subtilis gene nomenclature should be sent by
email to:

More information on Bacillus subtilis, its  genome, biology and genetics,
is available from the following WWW pages:


________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
Ordered                  Swiss-Prot  AC          Length  Gene name
locus name               Entry name                      and synonyms
________________________ ___________ __________  ______  ______________________________
                         BSRE_BACSU  A0A2K4Z9J5  30      bsrE
                         BSRG_BACSU  L8EAY0      38      bsrG
                         BSRH_BACSU  A0A2K4Z9K4  29      bsrH
BSU00010                 DNAA_BACSU  P05648      446     dnaA; dnaH
BSU00020                 DPO3B_BACSU P05649      378     dnaN; dnaG
BSU00030                 RLBA_BACSU  P05650      71      rlbA; yaaA
BSU00040                 RECF_BACSU  P05651      370     recF
BSU00050                 REMB_BACSU  P37525      81      remB; yaaB
BSU00060                 GYRB_BACSU  P05652      638     gyrB; novA
BSU00070                 GYRA_BACSU  P05653      821     gyrA; cafB; nalA
BSU00080                 YAAC_BACSU  P37526      315     yaaC
BSU00090                 IMDH_BACSU  P21879      488     guaB; gnaB
BSU00100                 DACA_BACSU  P08750      443     dacA
BSU00110                 PDXS_BACSU  P37527      294     pdxS; yaaD
BSU00120                 PDXT_BACSU  P37528      196     pdxT; yaaE
BSU00130                 SYS_BACSU   P37464      425     serS
BSU00140                 DCK_BACSU   P37529      217     dck; dak; yaaF
BSU00150                 DGK_BACSU   P37530      207     dgk; yaaG
BSU00160                 SLEL_BACSU  P37531      431     sleL; yaaH
BSU00170                 YAAI_BACSU  P37532      181     yaaI
BSU00180                 TADA_BACSU  P21335      161     tadA; yaaJ
BSU00190                 DPO3X_BACSU P09122      563     dnaX; dnaH
BSU00200                 YAAK_BACSU  P24281      107     yaaK
BSU00210                 RECR_BACSU  P24277      198     recR; recD; recM
BSU00220                 YAAL_BACSU  P37533      74      yaaL
BSU00230                 BOFA_BACSU  P24282      87      bofA
BSU00240                 GIN_BACSU   P37534      64      csfB; gin; yaaM
BSU00250                 XPAC_BACSU  P37467      204     xpaC
BSU00260                 YAAN_BACSU  P37535      386     yaaN
BSU00270                 YAAO_BACSU  P37536      480     yaaO
BSU00280                 KTHY_BACSU  P37537      212     tmk; yaaP
BSU00290                 DARA_BACSU  P37538      109     darA; yaaQ
BSU00300                 YAAR_BACSU  P37539      146     yaaR
BSU00310                 HOLB_BACSU  P37540      329     holB; yaaS
BSU00320                 YAAT_BACSU  P37541      275     yaaT
BSU00330                 YABA_BACSU  P37542      119     yabA
BSU00340                 YABB_BACSU  P37543      247     yabB
BSU00350                 YAZA_BACSU  O31414      99      yazA
BSU00360                 RSMI_BACSU  P37544      292     rsmI; yabC
BSU00370                 ABRB_BACSU  P08874      96      abrB; cpsX
BSU00380                 SYM_BACSU   P37465      664     metG; metS
BSU00390                 YABD_BACSU  P37545      255     yabD
BSU00400                 YABE_BACSU  P37546      407     yabE
BSU00410                 RNM5_BACSU  P37547      186     rnmV; yabF
BSU00420                 RSMA_BACSU  P37468      292     rsmA; ksgA
BSU00430                 YABG_BACSU  P37548      290     yabG
BSU00440                 VEG_BACSU   P37466      86      veg
BSU00450                 SSPF_BACSU  P37549      61      sspF
BSU00460                 ISPE_BACSU  P37550      289     ispE; ipk; yabH
BSU00470                 PURR_BACSU  P37551      285     purR; yabI
BSU00480                 RIDA_BACSU  P37552      125     yabJ
BSU00490                 SP5G_BACSU  P28015      97      spoVG
BSU00500                 GLMU_BACSU  P14192      456     glmU; gcaD; tms; tms-26
BSU00510                 KPRS_BACSU  P14193      317     prs
BSU00520                 CTC_BACSU   P14194      204     ctc
BSU00530                 PTH_BACSU   P37470      188     spoVC; pth
BSU00540                 FIN_BACSU   P37553      76      fin; subA; yabK
BSU00550                 MFD_BACSU   P37474      1177    mfd
BSU00560                 SPOVT_BACSU P37554      178     spoVT; yabL
BSU00570                 YABM_BACSU  P37555      532     yabM
BSU00580                 YABN_BACSU  P37556      489     yabN
BSU00590                 YABO_BACSU  P37557      86      yabO
BSU00600                 YABP_BACSU  P37558      100     yabP
BSU00610                 YABQ_BACSU  P37559      211     yabQ
BSU00620                 DIVIC_BACSU P37471      125     divIC; divA
BSU00630                 YABR_BACSU  P37560      128     yabR
BSU00640                 SP2E_BACSU  P37475      827     spoIIE; spoIIH
BSU00650                 YABS_BACSU  P37561      245     yabS
BSU00660                 PKN1_BACSU  P37562      338     yabT
BSU00670                 TILS_BACSU  P37563      472     tilS; yacA
BSU00680                 HGPRT_BACSU P37472      180     hprT; hpt
BSU00690                 FTSH_BACSU  P37476      637     ftsH
BSU00700                 COAX_BACSU  P37564      258     coaX; coaA; yacB
BSU00710                 HSLO_BACSU  P37565      291     hslO; yacC
BSU00720                 YACD_BACSU  P37566      297     yacD
BSU00730                 CYSK_BACSU  P37887      308     cysK
BSU00740                 PABB_BACSU  P28820      470     pabB; pab
BSU00750                 PABA_BACSU  P28819      194     pabA; trpG
BSU00760                 PABC_BACSU  P28821      293     pabC
BSU00770                 DHPS_BACSU  P28822      285     sul
BSU00780                 FOLB_BACSU  P28823      120     folB; folA; yacE
BSU00790                 HPPK_BACSU  P29252      167     folK
BSU00800                 YAZB_BACSU  O31417      69      yazB
BSU00810                 DUS1_BACSU  P37567      333     dus1; yacF
BSU00820                 SYK_BACSU   P37477      499     lysS
BSU00830                 CTSR_BACSU  P37568      154     ctsR; yacG
BSU00840                 MCSA_BACSU  P37569      185     mcsA; yacH
BSU00850                 MCSB_BACSU  P37570      363     mcsB; yacI
BSU00860                 CLPC_BACSU  P37571      810     clpC; mecB
BSU00870                 RADA_BACSU  P37572      458     radA; orf5; sms; yacJ
BSU00880                 DISA_BACSU  P37573      360     disA; comY; orf6; yacK
BSU00890                 YACL_BACSU  Q06754      366     yacL
BSU00900                 ISPD_BACSU  Q06755      232     ispD; yacM
BSU00910                 ISPF_BACSU  Q06756      158     ispF; yacN
BSU00920                 SYE_BACSU   P22250      483     gltX
BSU00930                 CYSE_BACSU  Q06750      217     cysE; cysA
BSU00940                 SYC_BACSU   Q06752      466     cysS; spnA
BSU00950                 MRNC_BACSU  O31418      143     mrnC; yazC
BSU00960                 YACO_BACSU  Q06753      249     yacO
BSU00970                 YACP_BACSU  P37574      170     yacP
BSU00980                 RPSH_BACSU  P17869      218     sigH; spo0H
BSU00990                 RL332_BACSU Q06798      49      rpmGB; rpmG; rpmG2
BSU01000                 SECE_BACSU  Q06799      59      secE
BSU01010                 NUSG_BACSU  Q06795      177     nusG
BSU01020                 RL11_BACSU  Q06796      141     rplK; relC; tsp6
BSU01030                 RL1_BACSU   Q06797      232     rplA
BSU01040                 RL10_BACSU  P42923      166     rplJ
BSU01050                 RL7_BACSU   P02394      123     rplL
BSU01060                 YBXB_BACSU  P37872      201     ybxB; ybaA
BSU01070                 RPOB_BACSU  P37870      1193    rpoB; crsE; rfm
BSU01080                 RPOC_BACSU  P37871      1199    rpoC; lpm; std
BSU01090                 RXL7_BACSU  P46350      82      rplGB; ybaB; ybxF
BSU01100                 RS12_BACSU  P21472      138     rpsL; fun; strA
BSU01110                 RS7_BACSU   P21469      156     rpsG
BSU01120                 EFG_BACSU   P80868      692     fusA; fus
BSU01130                 EFTU_BACSU  P33166      396     tuf; tufA
BSU01140                 YBAC_BACSU  P70981      318     ybaC
BSU01150                 RS10_BACSU  P21471      102     rpsJ; tetA
BSU01160                 RL3_BACSU   P42920      209     rplC
BSU01170                 RL4_BACSU   P42921      207     rplD
BSU01180                 RL23_BACSU  P42924      95      rplW
BSU01190                 RL2_BACSU   P42919      277     rplB
BSU01200                 RS19_BACSU  P21476      92      rpsS
BSU01210                 RL22_BACSU  P42060      113     rplV
BSU01220                 RS3_BACSU   P21465      218     rpsC
BSU01230                 RL16_BACSU  P14577      144     rplP
BSU01240                 RL29_BACSU  P12873      66      rpmC
BSU01250                 RS17_BACSU  P12874      87      rpsQ
BSU01260                 RL14_BACSU  P12875      122     rplN
BSU01270                 RL24_BACSU  P0CI78      103     rplX
BSU01280                 RL5_BACSU   P12877      179     rplE
BSU01290                 RS14_BACSU  P12878      61      rpsN1; rpsN; rpsNA; rpsZ
BSU01300                 RS8_BACSU   P12879      132     rpsH
BSU01310                 RL6_BACSU   P46898      179     rplF
BSU01320                 RL18_BACSU  P46899      120     rplR
BSU01330                 RS5_BACSU   P21467      166     rpsE; spcA
BSU01340                 RL30_BACSU  P19947      59      rpmD
BSU01350                 RL15_BACSU  P19946      146     rplO
BSU01360                 SECY_BACSU  P16336      431     secY
BSU01370                 KAD_BACSU   P16304      217     adk
BSU01380                 MAP11_BACSU P19994      248     map
BSU01389                 YBZG_BACSU  C0H3S8      74      ybzG
BSU01390                 IF1_BACSU   P20458      72      infA
BSU01400                 RL36_BACSU  P20278      37      rpmJ
BSU01410                 RS13_BACSU  P20282      121     rpsM
BSU01420                 RS11_BACSU  P04969      131     rpsK
BSU01430                 RPOA_BACSU  P20429      314     rpoA
BSU01440                 RL17_BACSU  P20277      120     rplQ
BSU01450                 ECFA1_BACSU P40735      281     ecfA; cbiO1; ybaD; ybxA
BSU01460                 ECFA2_BACSU P70970      276     ecfAB; cbiO2; ecfA'; ybaE
BSU01470                 ECFT_BACSU  P70972      265     ecfT; ybaF
BSU01480                 TRUA_BACSU  P70973      247     truA; ybaH
BSU01490                 RL13_BACSU  P70974      145     rplM
BSU01500                 RS9_BACSU   P21470      130     rpsI
BSU01510                 YBAJ_BACSU  P70976      255     ybaJ
BSU01520                 YBAK_BACSU  P50862      147     ybaK; ybxH
BSU01530                 CWLD_BACSU  P50864      237     cwlD
BSU01540                 APBC_BACSU  P50863      352     salA; mrp; rec233; ybaL; ybxI
BSU01550                 GERD_BACSU  P16450      185     gerD
BSU01560                 KBAA_BACSU  P16449      198     kbaA; ybaM; ybxC
BSU01570                 PDAB_BACSU  P50865      254     pdaB; ybaN; ybxG
BSU01580                 YBAR_BACSU  P55189      478     ybaR
BSU01590                 YBAS_BACSU  P55190      306     ybaS
BSU01600                 YBBA_BACSU  P55192      250     ybbA
BSU01610                 FEUC_BACSU  P40411      336     feuC
BSU01620                 FEUB_BACSU  P40410      334     feuB
BSU01630                 FEUA_BACSU  P40409      317     feuA
BSU01640                 BTR_BACSU   P40408      529     btr; ybbB; yzbC
BSU01650                 YBBC_BACSU  P40407      414     ybbC; yzbB
BSU01660                 NAGZ_BACSU  P40406      642     nagZ; ybbD; yzbA
BSU01670                 AMIE_BACSU  O05213      441     amiE; ybbE
BSU01680                 PTXBC_BACSU Q797S1      455     ybbF
BSU01690                 YBBH_BACSU  Q45581      283     ybbH
BSU01700                 MURQ_BACSU  Q45582      304     murQ; ybbI
BSU01710                 YBBJ_BACSU  Q45583      160     ybbJ
BSU01720                 YBBK_BACSU  Q45584      151     ybbK
BSU01730                 SIGW_BACSU  Q45585      187     sigW; ybbL
BSU01740                 RSIW_BACSU  Q45588      208     rsiW; ybbM
BSU01750                 CDAA_BACSU  Q45589      273     cdaA; ybbP
BSU01760                 CDAR_BACSU  O34659      483     cdaR; ybbR
BSU01770                 GLMM_BACSU  O34824      448     glmM; ybbT
BSU01780                 GLMS_BACSU  P0CI73      600     glmS; gcaA; ybxD
BSU01800                 3MGA_BACSU  P37878      303     alkA
BSU01810                 ADAA_BACSU  P19219      211     adaA
BSU01820                 ADAB_BACSU  P19220      179     adaB
BSU01830                 NDHF_BACSU  P39755      505     ndhF; ybxE
BSU01845                 YBCC_BACSU  O34688      871     ybcC
BSU01860                 YBCF_BACSU  O34823      175     ybcF
BSU01870                 YBCH_BACSU  O34795      96      ybcH
BSU01880                 YBCI_BACSU  O34380      124     ybcI
BSU01889                 YBZH_BACSU  C0H3S9      100     ybzH
BSU01890                 YBCL_BACSU  O34663      390     ybcL
BSU01900                 YBCM_BACSU  O31421      104     ybcM
BSU01910                 SKFA_BACSU  O31422      55      skfA; ybcO
BSU01920                 SKFB_BACSU  O31423      410     skfB; ybcP; ybcQ
BSU01935                 SKFC_BACSU  O31425      496     skfC; skfD; ybcS; ybcT
BSU01950                 SKFE_BACSU  O31427      239     skfE; ybdA
BSU01960                 SKFF_BACSU  O31428      447     skfF; ybdB
BSU01970                 SKFG_BACSU  O31429      171     skfG; ybdD
BSU01980                 SKFH_BACSU  O31430      141     skfH; ybdE
BSU01990                 YBDG_BACSU  O31431      325     ybdG; ybdH
BSU02000                 YBDJ_BACSU  O31432      223     ybdJ
BSU02010                 YBDK_BACSU  O31433      320     ybdK
BSU02019                 YBZI_BACSU  C0H3T1      87      ybzI
BSU02030                 YBDM_BACSU  O31435      256     ybdM
BSU02040                 YBDN_BACSU  O31436      285     ybdN
BSU02050                 YBDO_BACSU  O31437      394     ybdO
BSU02060                 YBXG_BACSU  P54425      462     ybxG; ybdP
BSU02070                 CSGA_BACSU  P54379      82      csgA
BSU02080                 YBXH_BACSU  P54426      63      ybxH
BSU02090                 YBXI_BACSU  P54427      267     ybxI; ybdS
BSU02100                 CYPC_BACSU  O31440      417     cypC; CYP152A1
BSU02110                 YBYB_BACSU  O31441      86      ybyB
BSU02120                 YBEC_BACSU  Q45577      539     ybeC
BSU02130                 GLPQ_BACSU  P37965      293     glpQ; ybeD
BSU02140                 GLPT_BACSU  P37948      444     glpT; ybeE
BSU02150                 YBEF_BACSU  O31442      82      ybeF
BSU02160                 YBFA_BACSU  O31443      305     ybfA
BSU02170                 YBFB_BACSU  O31444      416     ybfB
BSU02180                 YBFE_BACSU  O31445      94      ybfE
BSU02190                 YBFF_BACSU  O31446      303     ybfF
BSU02200                 YBFG_BACSU  O31447      732     ybfG
BSU02210                 YBFH_BACSU  O31448      306     ybfH
BSU02220                 YBFI_BACSU  O31449      275     ybfI
BSU02230                 PURT_BACSU  P39771      384     purT
BSU02240                 MPR_BACSU   P39790      313     mpr
BSU02250                 YBFJ_BACSU  O31451      132     ybfJ
BSU02260                 YBFK_BACSU  O31452      296     ybfK
BSU02270                 PSS_BACSU   P39823      177     pssA; pss
BSU02280                 YBFM_BACSU  O31453      162     ybfM
BSU02290                 PSD_BACSU   P39822      263     psd
BSU02300                 YBFN_BACSU  O31454      92      ybfN
BSU02310                 YBFO_BACSU  O31455      446     ybfO
BSU02320                 YBFP_BACSU  O31456      295     ybfP
BSU02330                 TRHO_BACSU  O31457      322     trhO; ybfQ
BSU02340                 GLTP_BACSU  P39817      414     gltP
BSU02350                 PTW3C_BACSU P39816      631     gamP; ybfS; yzfA
BSU02360                 GAMA_BACSU  O31458      249     gamA; ybfT
BSU02370                 GAMR_BACSU  O31459      235     gamR; ybgA
BSU02380                 YBGB_BACSU  O31460      91      ybgB
BSU02390                 ILVE1_BACSU O31461      356     ilvE; ybgE
BSU02400                 YBGF_BACSU  O31462      470     ybgF
BSU02410                 HMT_BACSU   O31463      315     ybgG
BSU02420                 GLNT_BACSU  O31464      478     glnT; ybgH
BSU02430                 GLSA1_BACSU O31465      327     glsA1; glsA; ybgJ
BSU02440                 GLNK_BACSU  P40758      410     glnK; nrgB; ycbA; yzgA
BSU02450                 GLNL_BACSU  P40759      314     glnL; ycbB; yzgB
BSU02460                 KDGD_BACSU  P42235      308     ycbC
BSU02470                 KGSDH_BACSU P42236      488     gucD; ycbD
BSU02480                 GUDP_BACSU  P42237      455     gudP; ycbE
BSU02490                 GUDD_BACSU  P42238      455     gudD; ycbF
BSU02500                 YCBG_BACSU  P42239      233     ycbG
BSU02510                 GARD_BACSU  P42240      510     garD; ycbH
BSU02520                 YCBJ_BACSU  P42242      306     ycbJ
BSU02530                 RTPA_BACSU  O31466      53      rtpA; yczA
BSU02540                 YCBK_BACSU  P42243      312     ycbK
BSU02550                 YCBL_BACSU  P42244      226     ycbL
BSU02560                 YCBM_BACSU  P42245      311     ycbM
BSU02570                 YCBN_BACSU  P42246      307     ycbN
BSU02580                 YCBO_BACSU  P42247      228     ycbO
BSU02590                 YCBP_BACSU  P42248      128     ycbP
BSU02600                 CWLJ_BACSU  P42249      142     cwlJ; ycbQ
BSU02610                 YCBR_BACSU  P42250      243     ycbR
BSU02619                 YCZK_BACSU  C0H3T2      58      yczK
BSU02620                 PPBD_BACSU  P42251      583     phoD; ycbS
BSU02630                 TATAD_BACSU O31467      70      tatAd; yczB
BSU02640                 TATCD_BACSU P42252      242     tatC1; tatCd; ycbT
BSU02650                 PCP_BACSU   P28618      215     pcp
BSU02660                 YCBU_BACSU  P42253      370     ycbU
BSU02670                 LMRB_BACSU  O35018      479     lmrB; yccA
BSU02680                 LMRA_BACSU  O34619      188     lmrA; yccB
BSU02690                 ASPG2_BACSU O34482      375     ansZ; yccC
BSU02700                 ESTA_BACSU  P37957      212     estA; lip; lipA
BSU02710                 YCZC_BACSU  O31469      127     yczC
BSU02720                 YCCF_BACSU  O34478      358     yccF
BSU02730                 NATK_BACSU  P70954      318     natK; yccG
BSU02740                 NATR_BACSU  P70955      233     natR; yccH
BSU02750                 NATA_BACSU  P46903      246     natA
BSU02760                 NATB_BACSU  P46904      386     natB
BSU02770                 YCCK_BACSU  P46905      310     yccK; yzaE
BSU02780                 YCDA_BACSU  O34538      354     ycdA
BSU02790                 YCDB_BACSU  O34621      472     ycdB
BSU02800                 YCDC_BACSU  O34772      453     ycdC
BSU02810                 CWLK_BACSU  O34360      167     cwlK; ycdD
BSU02820                 RAPJ_BACSU  O34327      373     rapJ; ycdE
BSU02830                 DHG2_BACSU  P80869      258     ycdF
BSU02840                 O16G2_BACSU O34364      561     ycdG
BSU02850                 ZNUA_BACSU  O34966      319     znuA; adcA; ycdH
BSU02860                 ZNUC_BACSU  O34946      231     znuC; adcC; ycdI
BSU02870                 ZNUB_BACSU  O34610      280     znuB; adcB; yceA
BSU02880                 YCEB_BACSU  O34504      331     yceB
BSU02890                 SCP2_BACSU  P81100      199     yceC
BSU02900                 G16U_BACSU  P80875      193     yceD
BSU02910                 YCEE_BACSU  O34384      192     yceE
BSU02920                 YCEF_BACSU  O34447      257     yceF
BSU02930                 YCEG_BACSU  O34809      537     yceG
BSU02940                 YCEH_BACSU  O34833      363     yceH
BSU02950                 NAIP_BACSU  O34691      400     naiP; yceI
BSU02960                 YCEJ_BACSU  O34724      390     yceJ
BSU02970                 YCEK_BACSU  O34464      100     yceK
BSU02980                 OPUAA_BACSU P46920      418     opuAA
BSU02990                 OPUAB_BACSU P46921      282     opuAB
BSU03000                 OPUAC_BACSU P46922      293     opuAC
BSU03010                 AMHX_BACSU  P54983      383     amhX
BSU03020                 YCGA_BACSU  P55908      477     ycgA
BSU03030                 YCGB_BACSU  P55909      193     ycgB
BSU03040                 AMY_BACSU   P00691      659     amyE; amyA
BSU03050                 LDH_BACSU   P13714      320     ldh; lctE
BSU03060                 LCTP_BACSU  P55910      541     lctP; ycgC
BSU03070                 BMR3_BACSU  P96712      512     bmr3; mdr
BSU03080                 YCGE_BACSU  O31472      154     ycgE
BSU03090                 YCGF_BACSU  P94381      209     ycgF
BSU03100                 YCGG_BACSU  P94382      253     ycgG
BSU03110                 YCGH_BACSU  P94383      446     ycgH
BSU03120                 YCGI_BACSU  O31473      198     ycgI
BSU03130                 NADE_BACSU  P08164      272     nadE; outB
BSU03140                 TMRB_BACSU  P12921      197     tmrB
BSU03150                 AROK_BACSU  P37944      186     aroK; aroI
BSU03160                 YCGJ_BACSU  O31474      253     ycgJ
BSU03170                 YCGK_BACSU  P94387      324     ycgK
BSU03180                 CAH_BACSU   P94388      318     cah
BSU03190                 YCGL_BACSU  P94389      260     ycgL
BSU03200                 PROD2_BACSU P94390      303     putB; ycgM
BSU03210                 ROCA2_BACSU P94391      515     putC; ycgN
BSU03220                 PUTP_BACSU  P94392      473     putP; ycgO
BSU03230                 PUTR_BACSU  P94393      411     putR; prcR; ycgP
BSU03240                 YCGQ_BACSU  P94394      285     ycgQ
BSU03250                 YCGR_BACSU  P94395      294     ycgR
BSU03260                 YCGS_BACSU  P94396      284     ycgS
BSU03270                 FENR1_BACSU O31475      336     ycgT
BSU03280                 NASF_BACSU  P42437      483     nasF; nasBE
BSU03290                 NASE_BACSU  P42436      106     nasE; nasBD; nirD
BSU03300                 NASD_BACSU  P42435      805     nasD; nasBC; nirB
BSU03310                 NASC_BACSU  P42434      710     nasC; narB; nasBB
BSU03320                 NASB_BACSU  P42433      771     nasB; nasBA
BSU03330                 NASA_BACSU  P42432      401     nasA
BSU03340                 GCH4_BACSU  P94398      304     folE2; yciA
BSU03350                 YCIB_BACSU  C0SP99      194     yciB
BSU03359                 YCZL_BACSU  C0H3U7      61      yczL
BSU03360                 YCIC_BACSU  P94400      397     yciC
BSU03370                 YCKA_BACSU  P42399      226     yckA
BSU03380                 YCKB_BACSU  P42400      287     yckB
BSU03390                 YCKC_BACSU  P42401      151     yckC
BSU03400                 YCKD_BACSU  P42402      110     yckD
BSU03410                 BGLC_BACSU  P42403      477     bglC; yckE
BSU03420                 NIN_BACSU   P12669      132     nin; comJ
BSU03430                 NUCA_BACSU  P12667      147     nucA; comI
BSU03440                 TLPC_BACSU  P39209      573     tlpC
BSU03450                 PHI_BACSU   P42404      185     hxlB; yckF
BSU03460                 HPS_BACSU   P42405      210     hxlA; yckG
BSU03470                 HXLR_BACSU  P42406      120     hxlR
BSU03480                 SRFAA_BACSU P27206      3587    srfAA; srfA; srfA1
BSU03490                 SRFAB_BACSU Q04747      3583    srfAB; comL; srfA2
BSU03500                 COMS_BACSU  P80355      46      comS
BSU03510                 SRFAC_BACSU Q08787      1275    srfAC; srfA3
BSU03520                 SRFAD_BACSU Q08788      242     srfAD; srfA4
BSU03530                 YCXA_BACSU  Q08791      408     ycxA
BSU03540                 YCXB_BACSU  Q08793      185     ycxB
BSU03550                 YCXC_BACSU  Q08794      312     ycxC
BSU03560                 YCXD_BACSU  Q08792      444     ycxD
BSU03570                 SFP_BACSU   P39135      224     sfp; lpa-8
BSU03580                 YCZE_BACSU  O34927      215     yczE
BSU03590                 TCYC_BACSU  P39456      247     tcyC; yckI
BSU03600                 TCYB_BACSU  P42200      234     tcyB; yckJ
BSU03610                 TCYA_BACSU  P42199      268     tcyA; yckK
BSU03620                 BSDA_BACSU  P94403      290     bsdA; yclA
BSU03630                 PADL_BACSU  P94404      204     bsdB; ubiX; yclB
BSU03640                 YCLC_BACSU  P94405      473     bsdC; ubiD; yclC
BSU03651                 BSDD_BACSU  C0H3U9      75      bsdD
BSU03652                 YCLD_BACSU  C0SPB5      154     yclD
BSU03660                 YCLE_BACSU  P94407      281     yclE
BSU03670                 YCLF_BACSU  P94408      492     yclF
BSU03680                 YCLG_BACSU  P94409      584     yclG
BSU03690                 YCZF_BACSU  O31479      73      yczF
BSU03700                 GERKA_BACSU P49939      544     gerKA
BSU03710                 GERKC_BACSU P49941      407     gerKC
BSU03720                 GERKB_BACSU P49940      373     gerKB
BSU03730                 YCLH_BACSU  P94411      226     yclH
BSU03740                 YCLI_BACSU  P94412      486     yclI
BSU03750                 YCLJ_BACSU  P94413      227     yclJ
BSU03760                 YCLK_BACSU  P94414      473     yclK
BSU03770                 RAPC_BACSU  P94415      382     rapC; yclL
BSU03780                 PHRC_BACSU  P94416      40      phrC; hprC
BSU03788                 YCZM_BACSU  C0H3V0      29      yczM
BSU03789                 YCZN_BACSU  C0H3V1      37      yczN
BSU03790                 AK3_BACSU   P94417      454     yclM
BSU03800                 YCLN_BACSU  P94418      316     yclN
BSU03810                 YCLO_BACSU  P94419      315     yclO
BSU03820                 YCLP_BACSU  P94420      252     yclP
BSU03830                 YCLQ_BACSU  P94421      317     yclQ
BSU03840                 YCNB_BACSU  P94422      472     ycnB
BSU03850                 YCNC_BACSU  P94423      292     ycnC
BSU03860                 NFRA2_BACSU P94424      249     nfrA2; ycnD
BSU03870                 YCNE_BACSU  P94425      95      ycnE
BSU03880                 YCZG_BACSU  O31480      104     yczG
BSU03890                 GABR_BACSU  P94426      479     gabR; ycnF
BSU03900                 GABT_BACSU  P94427      436     gabT; ycnG
BSU03910                 GABD_BACSU  P94428      462     gabD; ycnH
BSU03920                 GLCU_BACSU  P40420      287     glcU; ycxE
BSU03930                 DHG_BACSU   P12310      261     gdh
BSU03940                 YCNI_BACSU  P94431      204     ycnI
BSU03950                 YCNJ_BACSU  C0SP95      541     ycnJ
BSU03960                 YCNK_BACSU  P94433      190     ycnK
BSU03970                 YCNL_BACSU  P94434      117     ycnL
BSU03981                 PTMCB_BACSU P42956      478     mtlA
BSU03982                 PTMA_BACSU  C0H3V2      143     mtlF
BSU03990                 MTLD_BACSU  P42957      373     mtlD; mtlB
BSU04000                 TTUC_BACSU  P42958      354     ycsA
BSU04010                 LEPU_BACSU  P42959      187     sipU; ycsB
BSU04020                 YCZH_BACSU  O31482      202     yczH
BSU04030                 YCSD_BACSU  P42961      130     ycsD
BSU04039                 YCZO_BACSU  C0H3V3      54      yczO
BSU04040                 YCSE_BACSU  P42962      249     ycsE
BSU04050                 PXPA_BACSU  P42963      257     pxpA; ycsF
BSU04060                 YCSG_BACSU  P42964      404     ycsG; ycsH
BSU04070                 YCSI_BACSU  P42966      257     ycsI
BSU04080                 PXPB_BACSU  P60495      240     pxpB; kipI; ycsJ
BSU04090                 PXPC_BACSU  Q7WY77      335     pxpC; kipA
BSU04100                 KIPR_BACSU  P42968      250     kipR; ycsO
BSU04110                 LIPC_BACSU  P42969      213     lipC; ycsK
BSU04120                 YCZI_BACSU  P42970      81      yczI
BSU04130                 YCZJ_BACSU  O31484      95      yczJ
BSU04140                 PBPC_BACSU  P42971      668     pbpC; ycsM; yzsA
BSU04150                 YCSN_BACSU  P42972      300     ycsN
BSU04160                 MTLR_BACSU  P96574      694     mtlR; ydaA
BSU04170                 YDAB_BACSU  P96575      503     ydaB
BSU04180                 YDAC_BACSU  P96576      181     ydaC
BSU04190                 GS39_BACSU  P80873      286     ydaD
BSU04200                 DLYKI_BACSU P96578      167     ydaE
BSU04210                 YDAF_BACSU  P96579      183     ydaF
BSU04220                 GS26_BACSU  P80238      140     ydaG; yzzA
BSU04230                 AMJ_BACSU   P96581      269     amj; ydaH
BSU04240                 YDZA_BACSU  O31485      96      ydzA
BSU04250                 LRPC_BACSU  P96582      144     lrpC; ydaI
BSU04260                 TOP3_BACSU  P96583      727     topB
BSU04270                 YDAJ_BACSU  O31486      362     ydaJ
BSU04280                 YDAK_BACSU  P96585      283     ydaK
BSU04290                 YDAL_BACSU  O31487      569     ydaL
BSU04300                 YDAM_BACSU  P96587      420     ydaM
BSU04310                 YDAN_BACSU  O31488      703     ydaN
BSU04320                 KIMA_BACSU  P96589      607     kimA; ydaO
BSU04330                 MUTT_BACSU  P96590      149     mutT
BSU04340                 YDAP_BACSU  P96591      574     ydaP
BSU04359                 YDZK_BACSU  C0H3V4      88      ydzK
BSU04360                 MNTH_BACSU  P96593      425     mntH; ydaR
BSU04370                 YDAS_BACSU  P96594      85      ydaS
BSU04380                 YDAT_BACSU  P96595      150     ydaT
BSU04390                 YDBA_BACSU  P96596      272     ydbA
BSU04400                 GSIB_BACSU  P26907      123     gsiB
BSU04410                 YDBB_BACSU  P96597      113     ydbB
BSU04420                 YDBC_BACSU  P96598      119     ydbC
BSU04430                 MCAT_BACSU  P80878      273     ydbD
BSU04440                 DCTB_BACSU  P96600      350     dctB; ydbE
BSU04450                 DCTS_BACSU  P96601      535     dctS; ydbF
BSU04460                 DCTR_BACSU  P96602      226     dctR; ydbG
BSU04470                 DCTA_BACSU  P96603      421     dctA; dctP; ydbH
BSU04480                 YDBI_BACSU  P96604      350     ydbI
BSU04490                 YDBJ_BACSU  P96605      308     ydbJ
BSU04500                 YDBK_BACSU  P96606      246     ydbK
BSU04510                 YDBL_BACSU  P96607      111     ydbL
BSU04520                 YDBM_BACSU  P96608      381     ydbM
BSU04530                 YDBN_BACSU  P96609      59      ydbN
BSU04540                 YDBO_BACSU  P96610      290     ydbO
BSU04550                 YDBP_BACSU  P96611      106     ydbP
BSU04560                 DDL_BACSU   P96612      354     ddl; ddlA
BSU04570                 MURF_BACSU  P96613      457     murF; ydbQ
BSU04580                 CSHA_BACSU  P96614      494     cshA; ydbR
BSU04590                 YDBS_BACSU  P96615      159     ydbS
BSU04600                 YDBT_BACSU  P96616      493     ydbT
BSU04610                 YDCA_BACSU  P96617      199     ydcA
BSU04620                 ACPS_BACSU  P96618      121     acpS; ydcB
BSU04630                 YDCC_BACSU  P96619      338     ydcC
BSU04640                 ALR1_BACSU  P10725      389     alr1; alr; dal
BSU04650                 ENDAI_BACSU P96621      93      ndoAI; mazE
BSU04660                 ENDOA_BACSU P96622      116     ndoA; mazF; ydcE
BSU04670                 RSBRA_BACSU P42409      274     rsbRA; rsbR; ycxR
BSU04680                 RSBS_BACSU  P42410      121     rsbS; ycxS
BSU04690                 RSBT_BACSU  P42411      133     rsbT; ycxT
BSU04700                 RSBU_BACSU  P40399      335     rsbU
BSU04710                 RSBV_BACSU  P17903      109     rsbV
BSU04720                 RSBW_BACSU  P17904      160     rsbW
BSU04730                 RPSB_BACSU  P06574      262     sigB; rpoF
BSU04740                 RSBX_BACSU  P17906      199     rsbX
BSU04750                 YDCF_BACSU  P96623      97      ydcF
BSU04760                 YDCG_BACSU  P96624      146     ydcG
BSU04770                 YDCH_BACSU  P96625      147     ydcH
BSU04780                 YDCI_BACSU  O31489      719     ydcI; ydcJ
BSU_04785                COMPA_BACSU A0A2K4Z9G8  37      cmpA
BSU04790                 SPRTL_BACSU P96628      150     ydcK
BSU04800                 INT_BACSU   P96629      368     int; ydcL
BSU04810                 IMMA_BACSU  P96630      169     immA; ydcM
BSU04820                 IMMR_BACSU  P96631      127     immR; ydcN
BSU04830                 XIS_BACSU   O31490      64      xis; sacV
BSU04839                 YDZL_BACSU  C0H3V5      86      ydzL
BSU04840                 YDCO_BACSU  P96632      86      ydcO
BSU04850                 YDCP_BACSU  P96633      126     ydcP
BSU04860                 YDCQ_BACSU  P96634      480     ydcQ
BSU04870                 NICK_BACSU  P96635      352     nicK; ydcR
BSU04880                 YDCS_BACSU  P96636      89      ydcS
BSU04890                 YDCT_BACSU  P96637      88      ydcT
BSU04900                 YDDA_BACSU  P96638      102     yddA
BSU04910                 YDDB_BACSU  O31491      354     yddB
BSU04920                 YDDC_BACSU  P96640      82      yddC
BSU04930                 YDDD_BACSU  P96641      174     yddD
BSU04940                 YDDE_BACSU  P96642      831     yddE
BSU04950                 YDDF_BACSU  P96643      108     yddF
BSU04960                 YDDG_BACSU  P96644      815     yddG
BSU04970                 YDDH_BACSU  P96645      329     yddH
BSU04980                 YDDI_BACSU  P96646      168     yddI
BSU04990                 YDDJ_BACSU  P96647      126     yddJ
BSU05000                 YDDK_BACSU  P96648      266     yddK
BSU05010                 RAPI_BACSU  P96649      391     rapI; yddL
BSU05020                 PHRI_BACSU  O31492      39      phrI
BSU05030                 YDDM_BACSU  P96650      313     yddM
BSU05040                 YDDN_BACSU  P96651      339     yddN
BSU05050                 LRPA_BACSU  P96652      136     lrpA; yddO
BSU05060                 LRPB_BACSU  P96653      149     lrpB; yddP
BSU05070                 YDDQ_BACSU  P96654      180     yddQ
BSU05080                 YDDR_BACSU  P96655      254     yddR
BSU05090                 YDDS_BACSU  P96656      436     yddS
BSU05099                 YDZM_BACSU  Q9K3A9      58      ydzM
BSU05100                 YDDT_BACSU  P96657      228     yddT
BSU05109                 YDZN_BACSU  C0H3V7      61      ydzN
BSU05110                 YDEA_BACSU  P96658      197     ydeA
BSU05120                 CSPC_BACSU  P39158      66      cspC
BSU05130                 YDEB_BACSU  P96659      153     ydeB
BSU05140                 YDZE_BACSU  O31493      78      ydzE
BSU05150                 YDEC_BACSU  P96660      291     ydeC
BSU05160                 YDED_BACSU  P96661      319     ydeD
BSU05170                 YDEE_BACSU  P96662      290     ydeE
BSU05180                 YDEF_BACSU  P96663      462     ydeF
BSU05190                 YDEG_BACSU  P96664      430     ydeG
BSU05200                 YDEH_BACSU  P96665      148     ydeH
BSU05210                 YDEI_BACSU  P96666      197     ydeI
BSU05220                 YDEJ_BACSU  P96667      219     ydeJ
BSU05230                 YDEK_BACSU  P96668      287     ydeK
BSU05240                 YDEL_BACSU  P96669      463     ydeL
BSU05250                 YDEM_BACSU  P96670      141     ydeM
BSU05260                 YDEN_BACSU  P96671      190     ydeN
BSU05270                 YDZF_BACSU  O31494      109     ydzF
BSU05280                 YDEO_BACSU  P96672      290     ydeO
BSU05290                 YDEP_BACSU  P96673      128     ydeP
BSU05300                 YDEQ_BACSU  P96674      197     ydeQ
BSU05310                 YDER_BACSU  P96675      395     ydeR
BSU05320                 YDES_BACSU  P96676      198     ydeS
BSU05329                 YDZO_BACSU  C0H3V9      61      ydzO
BSU05330                 ASER_BACSU  P96677      111     aseR; ydeT
BSU05340                 YDFA_BACSU  P96678      435     ydfA
BSU05350                 YDFB_BACSU  P96679      261     ydfB
BSU05360                 YDFC_BACSU  P96680      306     ydfC
BSU05370                 YDFD_BACSU  P96681      482     ydfD
BSU05380                 YDFE_BACSU  P96682      207     ydfE
BSU05390                 YDFF_BACSU  P96683      226     ydfF
BSU05400                 YDFG_BACSU  P96684      147     ydfG
BSU05408                 YDZP_BACSU  C0H3W0      59      ydzP
BSU05409                 YDZQ_BACSU  C0H3W1      47      ydzQ
BSU05410                 YDFH_BACSU  P96685      407     ydfH
BSU05420                 YDFI_BACSU  P96686      213     ydfI
BSU05430                 YDFJ_BACSU  P96687      724     ydfJ
BSU05440                 NAP_BACSU   P96688      300     nap
BSU05450                 YDFK_BACSU  P96689      229     ydfK
BSU05460                 YDFL_BACSU  P96690      270     ydfL
BSU05470                 MNEP_BACSU  C0SP78      297     mneP; ydfM
BSU05480                 MHQN_BACSU  P96692      206     mhqN; ydfN
BSU05490                 MHQO_BACSU  P96693      312     mhqO; ydfO
BSU05500                 MHQP_BACSU  P96694      129     mhqP; ydfP
BSU05510                 YDFQ_BACSU  P96695      112     ydfQ
BSU05520                 YDZH_BACSU  O31496      78      ydzH
BSU05529                 YDZR_BACSU  C0H3W2      76      ydzR
BSU05530                 YDFR_BACSU  P96696      225     ydfR
BSU05540                 YDFS_BACSU  P96697      235     ydfS
BSU05550                 COTP_BACSU  P96698      143     cotP; ydfT
BSU05560                 YDGA_BACSU  P96699      80      ydgA
BSU05570                 YDGB_BACSU  P96700      90      ydgB
BSU05580                 YDGC_BACSU  P96701      195     ydgC
BSU05590                 YDGD_BACSU  P96702      114     ydgD
BSU05600                 YDGE_BACSU  P96703      157     ydgE
BSU05610                 VMLR_BACSU  P39115      547     vmlR; expZ
BSU05620                 YDGF_BACSU  P96704      458     ydgF
BSU05630                 DINB_BACSU  Q02886      172     dinB
BSU05640                 YDGG_BACSU  P96705      152     ydgG
BSU05650                 YDGH_BACSU  P96706      885     ydgH
BSU05660                 YDGI_BACSU  P96707      209     ydgI
BSU05670                 YDGJ_BACSU  P96708      164     ydgJ
BSU05680                 YDGK_BACSU  P96709      402     ydgK
BSU05690                 YDHB_BACSU  O05493      245     ydhB
BSU05700                 YDHC_BACSU  O05494      224     ydhC
BSU05710                 YDHD_BACSU  O05495      420     ydhD
BSU05720                 YDHE_BACSU  O05496      395     ydhE
BSU05730                 YDHF_BACSU  O05497      236     ydhF
BSU05740                 PPB3_BACSU  P19405      462     phoB; phoAIII
BSU05750                 FRA_BACSU   Q797E6      123     fra; ydhG
BSU05760                 YDHH_BACSU  O05500      165     ydhH
BSU05770                 YDHI_BACSU  O05501      160     ydhI
BSU05780                 YDHJ_BACSU  O05502      325     ydhJ
BSU05790                 YDHK_BACSU  O05503      205     ydhK
BSU05800                 PBUE_BACSU  Q797E3      388     pbuE; ydhL
BSU05810                 PTEB_BACSU  O05505      103     gmuB; ydhM
BSU05820                 PTEA_BACSU  O05506      110     gmuA; ydhN
BSU05830                 PTEC_BACSU  O05507      442     gmuC; ydhO
BSU05840                 GMUD_BACSU  O05508      465     gmuD; bglD; ydhP
BSU05850                 GMUR_BACSU  O05509      237     gmuR; ydhQ
BSU05860                 SCRK_BACSU  O05510      299     gmuE; ydhR
BSU05870                 MANA2_BACSU O05511      315     gmuF; ydhS
BSU05880                 MANB_BACSU  O05512      362     gmuG; ydhT
BSU05900                 THIL_BACSU  O05514      325     thiL; ydiA; ydxA
BSU05910                 TSAE_BACSU  O05515      158     tsaE; ydiB
BSU05920                 TSAB_BACSU  O05516      229     tsaB; ydiC
BSU05930                 RIMI_BACSU  O05517      151     rimI; ydiD
BSU05940                 TSAD_BACSU  O05518      346     tsaD; gcp; ydiE
BSU05950                 YDIF_BACSU  O05519      642     ydiF
BSU05960                 MOAC_BACSU  O05520      170     moaC; ydiG
BSU05970                 REX_BACSU   O05521      215     rex; ydiH
BSU05980                 TATAY_BACSU O05522      57      tatAy; ydiI
BSU05990                 TATCY_BACSU O05523      254     tatC2; tatCy; ydiJ
BSU06000                 YDIK_BACSU  O05524      63      ydiK
BSU06010                 YDIL_BACSU  O05525      244     ydiL
BSU06020                 CH10_BACSU  P28599      94      groS; groES; mopB
BSU06030                 CH60_BACSU  P28598      544     groL; groEL; mopA
BSU06040                 YDIM_BACSU  O34672      126     ydiM
BSU06048                 YDZU_BACSU  C0H3W7      90      ydzU
BSU06050                 YDIN_BACSU  O34608      71      ydiN
BSU06060                 YDIO_BACSU  O34939      427     ydiO
BSU06070                 YDIP_BACSU  O34680      389     ydiP
BSU06090                 YDIR_BACSU  O35025      313     ydiR
BSU06100                 YDIS_BACSU  O34885      343     ydiS
BSU06110                 YDJA_BACSU  O34303      465     ydjA
BSU06120                 YDJB_BACSU  O34778      111     ydjB
BSU06130                 YDJC_BACSU  O34715      116     ydjC
BSU06140                 GUTR_BACSU  P39143      829     gutR
BSU06150                 DHSO_BACSU  Q06004      353     gutB
BSU06160                 GUTA_BACSU  O34368      463     gutA; ydjD
BSU06170                 YDJE_BACSU  O34768      320     ydjE; fruC
BSU06180                 PSPA_BACSU  P54617      227     ydjF
BSU06190                 YDJG_BACSU  O34434      341     ydjG
BSU06200                 YDJH_BACSU  O35004      254     ydjH
BSU06210                 YDJI_BACSU  O34789      323     ydjI
BSU06220                 YDJJ_BACSU  O34733      341     ydjJ
BSU06230                 IOLT_BACSU  O34718      473     iolT; ydjK
BSU06240                 BDHA_BACSU  O34788      346     bdhA; ydjL
BSU06250                 YDJM_BACSU  P40775      123     ydjM; yzvA
BSU06260                 YDJN_BACSU  O34353      348     ydjN
BSU06269                 YDZJ_BACSU  O24817      52      ydzJ
BSU06270                 YDJO_BACSU  O34759      69      ydjO
BSU06280                 YDJP_BACSU  O34592      271     ydjP
BSU06290                 YEAA_BACSU  O34803      329     yeaA; ydjQ
BSU06300                 COTA_BACSU  P07788      513     cotA; pig
BSU06310                 GABP_BACSU  P46349      469     gabP
BSU06319                 YDZX_BACSU  C0H3X2      95      ydzX
BSU06320                 MNES_BACSU  P46348      290     mneS; ydxT; yeaB
BSU06330                 YEAC_BACSU  P94474      320     yeaC
BSU06340                 YEAD_BACSU  P94475      398     yeaD
BSU06350                 YEBA_BACSU  P94476      737     yebA
BSU06360                 GUAA_BACSU  P29727      513     guaA
BSU06370                 PBUG_BACSU  O34987      440     pbuG; yebB
BSU06380                 YEBC_BACSU  O34341      267     yebC
BSU06390                 YEBD_BACSU  O34904      55      yebD
BSU06400                 YEBE_BACSU  O34624      184     yebE; yebF
BSU06410                 YEBG_BACSU  O34700      65      yebG
BSU06420                 PURE_BACSU  P12044      162     purE
BSU06430                 PURK_BACSU  P12045      380     purK
BSU06440                 PUR8_BACSU  P12047      431     purB; purE
BSU06450                 PUR7_BACSU  P12046      241     purC
BSU06460                 PURS_BACSU  P12049      84      purS; yexA
BSU06470                 PURQ_BACSU  P12041      227     purQ
BSU06480                 PURL_BACSU  P12042      742     purL
BSU06490                 PUR1_BACSU  P00497      476     purF
BSU06500                 PUR5_BACSU  P12043      346     purM; ath
BSU06510                 PUR3_BACSU  P12040      195     purN
BSU06520                 PUR9_BACSU  P12048      512     purH; purHJ
BSU06530                 PUR2_BACSU  P12039      422     purD
BSU06540                 YEZC_BACSU  O31497      139     yezC
BSU06550                 YECA_BACSU  O34560      424     yecA
BSU06559                 YEZF_BACSU  C0H3X3      75      yezF
BSU06560                 YERA_BACSU  O34909      580     yerA; yecB
BSU06570                 YERB_BACSU  O34968      331     yerB; yecC
BSU06580                 YERC_BACSU  Q7BVT7      104     yerC; yecD
BSU06590                 YERD_BACSU  O34849      525     yerD; yecE
BSU06600                 PCRB_BACSU  O34790      228     pcrB; yerE
BSU06610                 PCRA_BACSU  O34580      739     pcrA; yerF
BSU06620                 DNLJ_BACSU  O31498      668     ligA; lig; yerG
BSU06630                 YERH_BACSU  O34629      396     yerH
BSU06640                 YERI_BACSU  O34640      336     yerI
BSU06650                 SAPB_BACSU  Q45514      232     sapB
BSU06660                 OPUE_BACSU  O06493      492     opuE; yerK
BSU06670                 GATC_BACSU  O06492      96      gatC; yedA; yerL
BSU06680                 GATA_BACSU  O06491      485     gatA; yedB; yerM
BSU06690                 GATB_BACSU  O30509      476     gatB; yerN
BSU06700                 YERO_BACSU  O31500      289     yerO
BSU06710                 SWRC_BACSU  O31501      1052    swrC
BSU06720                 DAGK_BACSU  O31502      303     dagK; dgkB; yerQ
BSU06730                 RLMCD_BACSU O31503      459     rlmCD; yefA; yerS
BSU06740                 YEFB_BACSU  O34574      300     yefB
BSU06750                 YEFC_BACSU  O35034      111     yefC
BSU06760                 YEEA_BACSU  O31504      879     yeeA
BSU06770                 YEEB_BACSU  O34469      599     yeeB
BSU06780                 YEEC_BACSU  O34352      382     yeeC
BSU06790                 YEED_BACSU  O34950      101     yeeD
BSU06800                 YEZA_BACSU  O31505      68      yezA
BSU06810                 YEEF_BACSU  O31506      669     yeeF
BSU06811                 YEZG_BACSU  C0H3X4      151     yezG; yeeE
BSU06820                 YEEG_BACSU  O31507      340     yeeG
BSU06830                 RAPH_BACSU  Q59HN8      376     rapH; yeeH; yzqA
BSU06839                 PHRH_BACSU  Q59HN7      57      phrH
BSU06840                 YEEI_BACSU  O31509      239     yeeI
BSU06850                 YEEK_BACSU  O31510      145     yeeK
BSU06860                 YEZE_BACSU  Q7WY76      194     yezE
BSU06870                 YESE_BACSU  O31511      147     yesE; yeeL
BSU06880                 YESF_BACSU  O31512      286     yesF; yeeM; yfxB
BSU06890                 COTJA_BACSU Q45536      82      cotJA
BSU06900                 COTJB_BACSU Q45537      87      cotJB
BSU06910                 COTJC_BACSU Q45538      189     cotJC
BSU06920                 YESJ_BACSU  O31513      180     yesJ; yeeN; yfxC; yfxD
BSU06930                 YESK_BACSU  O31514      100     yesK
BSU06940                 YESL_BACSU  O31515      209     yesL
BSU06950                 YESM_BACSU  O31516      577     yesM
BSU06960                 YESN_BACSU  O31517      368     yesN
BSU06970                 YESO_BACSU  O31518      427     yesO
BSU06980                 YESP_BACSU  O31519      309     yesP
BSU06990                 YESQ_BACSU  O31520      296     yesQ
BSU07000                 URHG1_BACSU O31521      344     yesR
BSU07010                 YESS_BACSU  O31522      761     yesS
BSU07020                 RHGT1_BACSU O31523      232     rhgT; yesT
BSU07030                 YESU_BACSU  O31524      220     yesU
BSU07040                 YESV_BACSU  O31525      208     yesV
BSU07050                 YESW_BACSU  O31526      620     yesW
BSU07060                 YESX_BACSU  O31527      612     yesX
BSU07070                 RHGT2_BACSU O31528      217     yesY
BSU07080                 BGAL1_BACSU O31529      663     yesZ
BSU07090                 YETA_BACSU  O31530      857     yetA
BSU07100                 LIPO_BACSU  P37966      502     lipO; lplA
BSU07110                 LPLB_BACSU  P39128      318     lplB
BSU07120                 LPLC_BACSU  P39129      295     lplC
BSU07130                 LPLD_BACSU  P39130      446     lplD
BSU07140                 YETF_BACSU  O31533      231     yetF
BSU07150                 HMOA_BACSU  O31534      108     hmoA; yetG
BSU07160                 YETH_BACSU  O31535      120     yetH
BSU07180                 YEZB_BACSU  O31537      98      yezB; yetI
BSU07190                 YEZD_BACSU  O31538      55      yezD
BSU07200                 YETJ_BACSU  O31539      214     yetJ
BSU07210                 YETK_BACSU  O31540      330     yetK
BSU07220                 YETL_BACSU  O31541      167     yetL
BSU07230                 YETM_BACSU  O06489      369     yetM; yfnL
BSU07240                 YETN_BACSU  O06490      356     yetN
BSU07250                 CYPD_BACSU  O08394      1061    cypD; cyp102A2; yetO; yfnJ
BSU07260                 LTAS1_BACSU Q797B3      639     ltaS1; yfnI
BSU07270                 RFBF_BACSU  O06486      254     yfnH
BSU07280                 YFNG_BACSU  O06485      322     yfnG
BSU07290                 YFNF_BACSU  O06484      303     yfnF
BSU07300                 YFNE_BACSU  O06483      392     yfnE
BSU07310                 YFND_BACSU  O31542      311     yfnD
BSU07320                 YFNC_BACSU  O06481      409     yfnC
BSU07330                 YFNB_BACSU  O06480      235     yfnB
BSU07340                 MTRTR_BACSU Q797A7      461     mtrA; yfnA
BSU07350                 ALDH5_BACSU O06478      485     yfmT
BSU07360                 YFMS_BACSU  O06477      286     yfmS
BSU07370                 YFMR_BACSU  O06476      629     yfmR
BSU07380                 YFMQ_BACSU  O06475      148     yfmQ
BSU07390                 YFMP_BACSU  O06474      140     yfmP
BSU07400                 YFMO_BACSU  O06473      396     yfmO
BSU07410                 YFMN_BACSU  O06472      51      yfmN
BSU07420                 YFMM_BACSU  O34512      518     yfmM
BSU07430                 YFML_BACSU  O34750      376     yfmL
BSU07440                 YFMK_BACSU  O34536      148     yfmK
BSU07450                 YFMJ_BACSU  O34812      339     yfmJ
BSU07460                 YFMI_BACSU  O34440      406     yfmI
BSU07480                 YFMG_BACSU  O34722      487     yfmG
BSU07490                 YFMF_BACSU  O34510      266     yfmF
BSU07500                 YFME_BACSU  O34832      333     yfmE
BSU07510                 YFMD_BACSU  O34933      333     yfmD
BSU07520                 YFMC_BACSU  O34348      315     yfmC
BSU07530                 YFMB_BACSU  O34626      122     yfmB
BSU07550                 G17M_BACSU  P80241      115     yflT
BSU07560                 PLY_BACSU   P39116      420     pel
BSU07570                 YFLS_BACSU  O34726      478     yflS
BSU07580                 CITS_BACSU  O34427      542     citS; yflR
BSU07590                 CITT_BACSU  O34534      226     citT; yflQ
BSU07600                 YFLP_BACSU  O34439      319     yflP
BSU07610                 CITM_BACSU  P55069      433     citM; yflO
BSU07620                 YFLN_BACSU  O34409      264     yflN
BSU07630                 NOSO_BACSU  O34453      363     nos; yflM
BSU07640                 ACYP_BACSU  O35031      91      acyP; AcP; yflL
BSU07650                 YFLK_BACSU  O34542      221     yflK
BSU07660                 YFLJ_BACSU  O34345      45      yflJ
BSU07670                 YFLI_BACSU  O34905      51      yflI
BSU07680                 YFLH_BACSU  O34306      104     yflH
BSU07690                 MAP12_BACSU O34484      249     mapB; yflG
BSU07700                 PTWCB_BACSU O34521      452     nagP
BSU07710                 LTAS2_BACSU O34952      649     ltaS2; yflE
BSU07720                 YFLD_BACSU  O34489      45      yflD
BSU07740                 YFLB_BACSU  O34887      130     yflB
BSU07750                 YFLA_BACSU  O34708      471     yflA
BSU07760                 YFKT_BACSU  O34573      358     yfkT
BSU07770                 YFKS_BACSU  O35036      66      yfkS
BSU07780                 YFKR_BACSU  O35028      384     yfkR
BSU07790                 YFKQ_BACSU  O34486      513     yfkQ
BSU07800                 PTTBC_BACSU P39794      470     treP; treB
BSU07810                 TREC_BACSU  P39795      561     treA; treC
BSU07820                 TRER_BACSU  P39796      238     treR; yfxA
BSU07830                 YFKO_BACSU  O34475      221     yfkO
BSU07840                 NTPES_BACSU O34313      1462    yfkN
BSU07850                 GS18_BACSU  P80876      172     yfkM
BSU07860                 YFKL_BACSU  O34597      396     yfkL
BSU07870                 YFKK_BACSU  O35019      71      yfkK
BSU07880                 YFKJ_BACSU  O35016      156     yfkJ
BSU07890                 YFKI_BACSU  O34418      106     yfkI
BSU07900                 YFKH_BACSU  O34437      275     yfkH
BSU07910                 YFKF_BACSU  O34929      391     yfkF
BSU07920                 CHAA_BACSU  O34840      351     chaA; yfkE
BSU07930                 YFKD_BACSU  O34579      264     yfkD
BSU07940                 YFKC_BACSU  O35043      280     yfkC
BSU07955                 YFKA_BACSU  O34400      373     yfkA; ykfB
BSU07970                 YFJT_BACSU  O35041      61      yfjT
BSU07980                 PDAA_BACSU  O34928      263     pdaA; yfjS
BSU07990                 YFJR_BACSU  O34969      286     yfjR
BSU08000                 YFJQ_BACSU  O31543      319     yfjQ
BSU08010                 YFJP_BACSU  O31544      287     yfjP
BSU08020                 YFJO_BACSU  O31545      466     yfjO
BSU08029                 YFZA_BACSU  C0H3X6      88      yfzA
BSU08030                 DUS2_BACSU  O31546      325     dus2; yfjN
BSU08040                 YFJM_BACSU  O31547      150     yfjM
BSU08050                 YFJL_BACSU  P40773      229     yfjL; yztA
BSU08060                 ACOA_BACSU  O31404      333     acoA; yfjK
BSU08070                 ACOB_BACSU  O34591      342     acoB; yfjJ
BSU08080                 ACOC_BACSU  O31550      398     acoC; yfjI
BSU08090                 DLDH3_BACSU O34324      458     acoL; yfjH
BSU08100                 ACOR_BACSU  O31551      605     acoR; yfjG; yzcB
BSU08110                 SSPH_BACSU  O31552      59      sspH; yfjU
BSU08120                 YFJF_BACSU  O31553      109     yfjF
BSU08130                 YFJE_BACSU  O31554      152     yfjE
BSU08140                 YFJD_BACSU  O31555      185     yfjD
BSU08150                 YFJC_BACSU  O31556      255     yfjC
BSU08160                 YFJB_BACSU  O31557      407     yfjB
BSU08170                 YFJA_BACSU  O31558      104     yfjA
BSU08180                 GLVA_BACSU  P54716      449     glvA; glv-1; glvG; malA
BSU08190                 GLVR_BACSU  P54717      254     glvR; yfiA
BSU08200                 PTOCB_BACSU P54715      527     malP; glv-2; glvC; glvCB; yfiB
BSU08210                 YFIB_BACSU  P54718      573     yfiB
BSU08220                 YFIC_BACSU  P54719      604     yfiC
BSU08230                 CATD_BACSU  P54720      134     catD; yfiD
BSU08240                 CADE_BACSU  P54721      285     catE; yfiE
BSU08250                 YFIF_BACSU  P54722      314     yfiF
BSU08260                 YFIG_BACSU  P54723      482     yfiG
BSU08270                 YFIH_BACSU  P54724      313     yfiH
BSU08280                 YFII_BACSU  P94437      393     yfiI
BSU08290                 LNRJ_BACSU  P94438      400     lnrJ; linJ; yfiJ
BSU08300                 LNRK_BACSU  P94439      220     lnrK; linK; yfiK
BSU08310                 LNRL_BACSU  P94440      311     lnrL; bifL; yfiL
BSU08320                 LNRM_BACSU  P94441      396     lnrM; bifM; yfiM
BSU08330                 LNRN_BACSU  P94442      385     lnrN; bifN; yfiN
BSU08340                 PADR_BACSU  P94443      182     padR; yfiO
BSU08350                 ESTB_BACSU  Q79F14      210     estB; lipB; yfiP
BSU08360                 YFIQ_BACSU  O31559      362     yfiQ
BSU08370                 YFIR_BACSU  O31560      205     yfiR
BSU08380                 YFIS_BACSU  O31561      417     yfiS
BSU08390                 YFIT_BACSU  O31562      178     yfiT
BSU08400                 YFIU_BACSU  O31563      518     yfiU
BSU08410                 YFIV_BACSU  O31564      160     yfiV
BSU08425                 MPRF_BACSU  C0H3X7      856     mprF; yfiW; yfiX
BSU08440                 YFIY_BACSU  O31567      325     yfiY
BSU08450                 YFIZ_BACSU  O31568      333     yfiZ
BSU08460                 YFHA_BACSU  O31569      343     yfhA
BSU08470                 YFHB_BACSU  O31570      293     yfhB
BSU08480                 YFHC_BACSU  O31571      194     yfhC
BSU08490                 YFHD_BACSU  O31572      63      yfhD
BSU08500                 YFHE_BACSU  O31573      36      yfhE
BSU08510                 YFHF_BACSU  O31574      303     yfhF
BSU08520                 RECX_BACSU  O31575      264     recX; yfhG
BSU08530                 YFHH_BACSU  O31576      104     yfhH
BSU08540                 YFHI_BACSU  O31577      397     yfhI
BSU08550                 SSPK_BACSU  Q7WY75      50      sspK
BSU08560                 YFHJ_BACSU  O31578      89      yfhJ
BSU08570                 YFHK_BACSU  O31579      172     yfhK
BSU08580                 YFHL_BACSU  O31580      110     yfhL
BSU08590                 YFHM_BACSU  O31581      286     yfhM
BSU08600                 CSBB_BACSU  Q45539      329     csbB; yfhN
BSU08610                 YFHO_BACSU  O31582      861     yfhO
BSU08620                 YFHP_BACSU  O31583      327     yfhP
BSU08630                 MUTY_BACSU  O31584      369     mutY; yfhQ
BSU08640                 YFHS_BACSU  O31585      74      yfhS
BSU08650                 FABL_BACSU  P71079      250     fabL; yfhR; ygaA
BSU08660                 SSPE_BACSU  P07784      84      sspE
BSU08670                 YGAB_BACSU  P71080      114     ygaB
BSU08680                 YGAC_BACSU  Q796Z1      176     ygaC
BSU08690                 YGAD_BACSU  P71082      580     ygaD
BSU08700                 YGAE_BACSU  P71083      353     ygaE
BSU08710                 GSAB_BACSU  P71084      429     gsaB
BSU08720                 BCP_BACSU   Q796Y8      157     ygaF; bcp
BSU08730                 PERR_BACSU  P71086      145     perR; ygaG
BSU08740                 YGZB_BACSU  Q7WY74      117     ygzB
BSU08750                 YGXA_BACSU  Q04385      294     ygxA
BSU08760                 SP0M_BACSU  P71088      258     spo0M; ygaI
BSU08770                 YGZA_BACSU  O31586      67      ygzA
BSU08779                 YGZC_BACSU  C0H3X8      90      ygzC
BSU08780                 YGAJ_BACSU  P71089      230     ygaJ
BSU08790                 THIC_BACSU  P45740      590     thiC; thiA
BSU08800                 YGAK_BACSU  Q796Y5      451     ygaK
BSU08810                 SENS_BACSU  P21344      65      senS
BSU08820                 CATA_BACSU  P26901      483     katA; kat; kat-19
BSU08830                 SSUB_BACSU  P97027      255     ssuB; ycbE; ygaL
BSU08840                 SSUA_BACSU  P40400      332     ssuA; ygbA; yzeA
BSU08850                 SSUC_BACSU  P40401      276     ssuC; ygaM; yzeB
BSU08860                 SSUD_BACSU  P40402      376     ssuD; ygcA; yzeC
BSU08870                 YGAN_BACSU  P97028      178     ygaN
BSU08880                 RS14B_BACSU O31587      89      rpsN2; rpsNB; yhzA
BSU08890                 YGAO_BACSU  P97029      157     ygaO
BSU08899                 YGZD_BACSU  C0H3X9      66      ygzD
BSU08900                 YHZB_BACSU  O31588      207     yhzB
BSU08910                 QUEG_BACSU  P97030      386     queG; ygaP; yhbA
BSU08920                 YHBB_BACSU  O31589      311     yhbB; ygaQ
BSU08930                 TRML_BACSU  O31590      160     cspR; ygaR
BSU08940                 YHBD_BACSU  P97032      238     yhbD; ygaS
BSU08950                 YHBE_BACSU  P39132      237     yhbE; ygaT; yzdA
BSU08960                 YHBF_BACSU  P39133      235     yhbF; yzdB
BSU08970                 PRKA_BACSU  P39134      631     prkA
BSU08980                 YHBH_BACSU  P45742      392     yhbH; yzdC
BSU08990                 YHBI_BACSU  O31592      154     yhbI
BSU09000                 YHBJ_BACSU  O31593      221     yhbJ
BSU09010                 YHCA_BACSU  P54585      532     yhcA
BSU09020                 YHCB_BACSU  P54586      176     yhcB
BSU09030                 YHCC_BACSU  P54587      124     yhcC
BSU09040                 YHCD_BACSU  P54588      51      yhcD
BSU09050                 YHCE_BACSU  P54589      253     yhcE
BSU09060                 YHCF_BACSU  P54590      121     yhcF
BSU09070                 YHCG_BACSU  P54591      232     yhcG
BSU09080                 YHCH_BACSU  P54592      305     yhcH
BSU09090                 YHCI_BACSU  P54593      313     yhcI
BSU09100                 CSPB_BACSU  P32081      67      cspB; cspA
BSU09110                 YHCJ_BACSU  P54594      276     yhcJ
BSU09120                 YHCK_BACSU  P54595      359     yhcK
BSU09130                 TCYP_BACSU  P54596      463     tcyP; yhcL
BSU09140                 YHCM_BACSU  P54597      151     yhcM
BSU09150                 YHCN_BACSU  P54598      189     yhcN
BSU09165                 YHCO_BACSU  P54599      322     yhcO
BSU09180                 YHCQ_BACSU  P54601      217     yhcQ
BSU09190                 YHCR_BACSU  P54602      1217    yhcR
BSU09200                 SRTD_BACSU  P54603      198     srtD; srtA; yhcS
BSU09210                 YHCT_BACSU  P54604      302     yhcT
BSU09220                 YHCU_BACSU  P54605      131     yhcU
BSU09230                 YHCV_BACSU  P54606      140     yhcV
BSU09240                 YHCW_BACSU  P54607      220     yhcW
BSU09250                 YHCX_BACSU  P54608      513     yhcX
BSU09260                 YHXA_BACSU  P33189      450     yhxA
BSU09270                 GLPP_BACSU  P30300      192     glpP; glpP1
BSU09280                 GLPF_BACSU  P18156      274     glpF
BSU09290                 GLPK_BACSU  P18157      496     glpK
BSU09300                 GLPD_BACSU  P18158      555     glpD
BSU09310                 PGCA_BACSU  P18159      581     pgcA; gtaC; gtaE; yhxB
BSU09320                 YHCY_BACSU  O07527      379     yhcY
BSU09330                 YHCZ_BACSU  O07528      214     yhcZ
BSU09340                 AZR_BACSU   O07529      174     azr; yhdA
BSU09350                 YHDB_BACSU  O07530      80      yhdB
BSU09360                 YHDC_BACSU  O07531      107     yhdC
BSU09370                 LYTF_BACSU  O07532      488     lytF; cwlE; yhdD
BSU09380                 NSRR_BACSU  O07573      146     nsrR; yhdE
BSU09390                 YGXB_BACSU  P37874      552     ygxB
BSU09400                 SP5R_BACSU  P37875      468     spoVR
BSU09410                 PPB4_BACSU  P19406      461     phoA; phoAIV
BSU09420                 LYTE_BACSU  P54421      334     lytE; cwlF; papQ
BSU09430                 CITR_BACSU  P39127      291     citR
BSU09440                 CISY_BACSU  P39119      366     citA
BSU09450                 YHDF_BACSU  O07575      289     yhdF
BSU09460                 YHDG_BACSU  O07576      465     yhdG
BSU09470                 YHDH_BACSU  O07577      451     yhdH
BSU09480                 YHDI_BACSU  O07578      469     yhdI
BSU09490                 YHDJ_BACSU  O07579      142     yhdJ
BSU09500                 YHDK_BACSU  O07580      96      yhdK
BSU09510                 YHDL_BACSU  O07581      358     yhdL
BSU09520                 SIGM_BACSU  O07582      163     sigM; yhdM
BSU09530                 GS69_BACSU  P80874      331     yhdN
BSU09540                 PLSC_BACSU  O07584      199     plsC; yhdO
BSU09550                 YHDP_BACSU  O07585      444     yhdP
BSU09560                 CUER_BACSU  O07586      143     cueR; yhdQ
BSU09570                 AAT3_BACSU  O07587      393     yhdR
BSU09590                 YHDT_BACSU  O07589      461     yhdT
BSU09600                 CRCB1_BACSU O07590      118     crcB1; yhdU
BSU09610                 CRCB2_BACSU O07591      131     crcB2; yhdV
BSU09620                 YHDW_BACSU  O07592      243     yhdW
BSU09630                 YHDX_BACSU  O07593      35      yhdX
BSU09640                 YHDY_BACSU  O07594      371     yhdY
BSU09650                 NPD_BACSU   O07595      247     cobB; yhdZ
BSU09660                 YHEN_BACSU  O07596      282     yheN
BSU09670                 DAAA_BACSU  O07597      282     dat; yheM
BSU09680                 NHAC_BACSU  O07553      453     nhaC; yheL
BSU09690                 NHAX_BACSU  O07552      166     nhaX; yheK
BSU09700                 YHEJ_BACSU  O07551      53      yheJ
BSU09710                 YHEI_BACSU  O07550      585     yheI
BSU09720                 YHEH_BACSU  O07549      673     yheH
BSU09730                 YHEG_BACSU  O07548      206     yheG
BSU09740                 YHEF_BACSU  O07547      41      yheF
BSU09750                 SSPB_BACSU  P04832      67      sspB
BSU09760                 YHEE_BACSU  O07546      72      yheE
BSU09770                 YHED_BACSU  O07545      453     yheD
BSU09780                 YHEC_BACSU  O07544      363     yheC
BSU09790                 YHEB_BACSU  O07543      377     yheB
BSU09800                 YHEA_BACSU  O07542      117     yheA
BSU09810                 YHAZ_BACSU  O07541      357     yhaZ
BSU09830                 YHAX_BACSU  O07539      288     yhaX
BSU09840                 HEMZ_BACSU  Q796V8      501     hemZ; yhaV; yhaW
BSU09850                 KHTU_BACSU  O07536      405     khtU; yhaU
BSU09860                 KHTT_BACSU  O07535      165     khtT; yhaT
BSU09870                 KHTS_BACSU  O07534      112     khtS; yhaS
BSU09880                 YHAR_BACSU  O07533      255     yhaR
BSU09889                 YHZD_BACSU  C0H3Y1      61      yhzD
BSU09890                 YHAQ_BACSU  C0SPB4      298     yhaQ
BSU09900                 YHAP_BACSU  O07523      419     yhaP
BSU09910                 YHAO_BACSU  O07522      408     yhaO
BSU09920                 YHAN_BACSU  O08455      963     yhaN
BSU09930                 YHAM_BACSU  O07521      314     yhaM
BSU09940                 YHAL_BACSU  O07520      70      yhaL
BSU09950                 PRSA_BACSU  P24327      292     prsA
BSU09958                 SSCA_BACSU  C0H3Y2      28      sscA; yhzE
BSU_09959                SSCB_BACSU  L8EBJ6      28      sscB
BSU09965                 YHAJ_BACSU  O07518      172     yhaJ
BSU09980                 YHAI_BACSU  O07517      113     yhaI
BSU09990                 HPR_BACSU   P11065      203     hpr; catA; scoC
BSU10000                 YHAH_BACSU  O07516      118     yhaH
BSU10009                 YHZF_BACSU  C0H3Y3      63      yhzF
BSU10010                 TRPP_BACSU  O07515      172     trpP
BSU10020                 SERC_BACSU  P80862      359     serC; yhaF
BSU10030                 HIT_BACSU   O07513      145     hit; yhaE
BSU10040                 ECSA_BACSU  P55339      247     ecsA; prsT; yhaD
BSU10050                 ECSB_BACSU  P55340      408     ecsB; prsT; yhaC
BSU10060                 ECSC_BACSU  P55341      236     ecsC; prsT; yhaB
BSU10070                 YHAA_BACSU  O07598      396     yhaA
BSU10080                 YHFA_BACSU  O07599      463     yhfA
BSU10090                 YHGB_BACSU  P38048      104     yhgB; yixB
BSU10100                 HMOB_BACSU  P38049      166     hmoB; yhgC; yixC
BSU10110                 PBPF_BACSU  P38050      714     pbpF; ponA
BSU10120                 DCUP_BACSU  P32395      353     hemE
BSU10130                 CPFC_BACSU  P32396      310     cpfC; hemF; hemH
BSU10140                 CGOX_BACSU  P32397      470     cgoX; hemG; hemY
BSU10150                 YHGD_BACSU  P32398      191     yhgD; yixD
BSU10160                 YHGE_BACSU  P32399      775     yhgE; yixE
BSU10170                 FABH2_BACSU O07600      325     fabHB; fabH2; yhfB
BSU10180                 YHFC_BACSU  O07601      258     yhfC
BSU10200                 YHFE_BACSU  O07603      346     yhfE
BSU10210                 YHFF_BACSU  O07604      135     yhfF
BSU10220                 GLTT_BACSU  O07605      429     gltT; yhfG
BSU10230                 YHFH_BACSU  O07606      46      yhfH
BSU10240                 YHFI_BACSU  O07607      244     yhfI
BSU10250                 LPLJ_BACSU  O07608      331     lplJ; yhfJ
BSU10260                 YHFK_BACSU  O07609      214     yhfK
BSU10270                 LCFB_BACSU  O07610      513     lcfB; yhfL
BSU10280                 YHFM_BACSU  O07611      131     yhfM
BSU10290                 YHFN_BACSU  P40769      426     yhfN; yzoA
BSU10300                 SUBT_BACSU  P04189      381     aprE; apr; aprA; sprE
BSU10310                 YHFO_BACSU  O07614      149     yhfO
BSU10320                 YHFP_BACSU  O07615      330     yhfP
BSU10330                 YHFQ_BACSU  C0SP94      323     yhfQ
BSU10340                 PHOE_BACSU  O07617      193     phoE; yhfR
BSU10350                 YHFS_BACSU  O07618      364     yhfS
BSU10360                 YHFT_BACSU  O07619      479     yhfT
BSU10370                 BIOY_BACSU  O07620      186     bioY; yhfU
BSU10380                 HEMAT_BACSU O07621      432     hemAT; yhfV
BSU10390                 YHFW_BACSU  O07622      509     yhfW
BSU10400                 YHXC_BACSU  P40397      285     yhxC
BSU10410                 YHZC_BACSU  O31594      77      yhzC
BSU10420                 COMK_BACSU  P40396      192     comK
BSU10430                 YHXD_BACSU  P40398      299     yhxD
BSU10440                 YHJA_BACSU  O07555      89      yhjA
BSU10450                 YHJB_BACSU  O07556      489     yhjB
BSU10460                 YHJC_BACSU  O07557      66      yhjC
BSU10470                 YHJD_BACSU  O07558      120     yhjD
BSU10480                 YHJE_BACSU  O07559      207     yhjE
BSU10490                 LEPV_BACSU  O07560      168     sipV; yhjF
BSU10500                 YHJG_BACSU  O07561      499     yhjG
BSU10510                 YHJH_BACSU  Q796S4      175     yhjH
BSU10520                 GLCP_BACSU  O07563      401     glcP; glcT1; yhjI
BSU10530                 NTDC_BACSU  O07564      350     ntdC; yhjJ
BSU10540                 NTDB_BACSU  O07565      282     ntdB; yhjK
BSU10550                 NTDA_BACSU  O07566      441     ntdA; yhjL
BSU10560                 NTDR_BACSU  O07567      329     ntdR; yhjM
BSU10570                 YHJN_BACSU  O07568      384     yhjN
BSU10580                 YHJO_BACSU  O07569      401     yhjO
BSU10590                 YHJP_BACSU  O07570      575     yhjP
BSU10600                 YHJQ_BACSU  O07571      108     yhjQ
BSU10610                 YHJR_BACSU  O07572      145     yhjR
BSU10620                 ADDB_BACSU  P23477      1166    addB
BSU10630                 ADDA_BACSU  P23478      1232    addA
BSU10640                 SBCD_BACSU  P23479      391     sbcD; yixA
BSU10650                 SBCC_BACSU  O06714      1130    sbcC; yirY
BSU10660                 YISB_BACSU  O06715      100     yisB
BSU10670                 GERPF_BACSU O06716      72      gerPF; yisC
BSU10680                 GERPE_BACSU O06717      133     gerPE; yisD
BSU10690                 GERPD_BACSU O06718      58      gerPD; yisE
BSU10700                 GERPC_BACSU O06719      205     gerPC; yisF
BSU10710                 GERPB_BACSU O06720      77      gerPB; yisG
BSU10720                 GERPA_BACSU O06721      73      gerPA; yisH
BSU10730                 YISI_BACSU  O06722      56      yisI
BSU10740                 YISJ_BACSU  O06723      307     yisJ
BSU10750                 YISK_BACSU  O06724      301     yisK
BSU10760                 YISL_BACSU  O06725      118     yisL
BSU10770                 WPRA_BACSU  P54423      894     wprA; yisM
BSU10780                 YISN_BACSU  O06727      195     yisN; yucA
BSU10790                 ASNO_BACSU  O05272      614     asnO; yisO; yucB
BSU10800                 YIZA_BACSU  Q7WY73      159     yizA; yucC
BSU10810                 YISP_BACSU  O06728      267     yisP; yucD
BSU10820                 YISQ_BACSU  O07940      455     yisQ; yucE
BSU10830                 YISR_BACSU  P40331      287     yisR; yucF; yuxC
BSU10840                 DEGA_BACSU  P37947      337     degA
BSU10850                 IOLX_BACSU  P40332      342     iolX; yisS; yucG; yuxD
BSU10860                 YIST_BACSU  O07939      169     yisT; yucH
BSU10870                 YISU_BACSU  O06730      220     yisU
BSU10880                 YISV_BACSU  Q796Q6      484     yisV
BSU10890                 YISX_BACSU  O06733      212     yisX
BSU10900                 YISY_BACSU  O06734      268     yisY
BSU10910                 CYSC2_BACSU O06735      199     yisZ
BSU10920                 SAT2_BACSU  O06736      389     yitA
BSU10930                 CYSH2_BACSU O06737      236     yitB
BSU10940                 COMB_BACSU  O06738      228     comB; yitC
BSU10950                 PSLS_BACSU  O06739      252     yitD
BSU10960                 YITE_BACSU  O06740      209     yitE
BSU10970                 YITF_BACSU  O06741      371     yitF
BSU10980                 YITG_BACSU  Q796Q1      422     yitG
BSU10990                 YITH_BACSU  O06743      282     yitH
BSU11000                 YITI_BACSU  O06744      149     yitI
BSU11010                 YITJ_BACSU  O06745      612     yitJ
BSU11020                 YITK_BACSU  O06746      163     yitK
BSU11030                 YITL_BACSU  O06747      298     yitL
BSU11040                 YITM_BACSU  O06748      194     yitM
BSU11055                 YITO_BACSU  O06750      309     yitO
BSU11070                 YITP_BACSU  O06751      178     yitP
BSU11079                 YIZB_BACSU  C0H3Y4      115     yizB
BSU11080                 YITQ_BACSU  O06752      195     yitQ
BSU11090                 YITR_BACSU  O06753      97      yitR
BSU11100                 NPRB_BACSU  P39899      538     nprB
BSU11110                 YITS_BACSU  P70945      283     yitS
BSU11120                 YITT_BACSU  P39803      280     yitT; yuxA
BSU11130                 IPI_BACSU   P39804      119     ipi
BSU11139                 YIZC_BACSU  C0H3Y5      65      yizC
BSU11140                 YITU_BACSU  P70947      270     yitU
BSU11150                 YITV_BACSU  P70948      255     yitV
BSU11160                 SUFT_BACSU  P70949      102     yitW
BSU11170                 YITY_BACSU  Q796P5      476     yitY
BSU11180                 YITZ_BACSU  P70952      164     yitZ
BSU11190                 ARGC_BACSU  P23715      345     argC
BSU11200                 ARGJ_BACSU  P36843      406     argJ
BSU11210                 ARGB_BACSU  P68729      258     argB
BSU11220                 ARGD_BACSU  P36839      385     argD
BSU11230                 CARX_BACSU  P36838      353     carA; cpaA
BSU11240                 CARY_BACSU  P18185      1030    carB; cpaB
BSU11250                 OTC_BACSU   P18186      319     argF
BSU11260                 YJZC_BACSU  O34585      59      yjzC
BSU11270                 YJZD_BACSU  O34713      61      yjzD
BSU11280                 YJAU_BACSU  O35001      244     yjaU
BSU11290                 YJAV_BACSU  O34959      185     yjaV
BSU11300                 MED_BACSU   O32436      317     med
BSU11310                 COMZ_BACSU  O32437      63      comZ
BSU11320                 YJZB_BACSU  O34891      79      yjzB
BSU11330                 FABH1_BACSU O34746      312     fabHA; fabH; fabH1; yjaX
BSU11340                 FABF_BACSU  O34340      413     fabF; yjaY
BSU11350                 YJAZ_BACSU  O31596      261     yjaZ
BSU11360                 APPD_BACSU  P42064      328     appD
BSU11370                 APPF_BACSU  P42065      329     appF
BSU11381/BSU11382        APPA_BACSU  P42061      543     appA
BSU11390                 APPB_BACSU  P42062      316     appB
BSU11400                 APPC_BACSU  P42063      303     appC
BSU11410                 YJBA_BACSU  O31597      250     yjbA
BSU11420                 SYW_BACSU   P21656      330     trpS
BSU11430                 OPPA_BACSU  P24141      545     oppA; spo0KA
BSU11440                 OPPB_BACSU  P24138      311     oppB; spo0KB
BSU11450                 OPPC_BACSU  P24139      305     oppC; spo0KC
BSU11460                 OPPD_BACSU  P24136      358     oppD; spo0KD
BSU11470                 OPPF_BACSU  P24137      305     oppF; spo0KE
BSU11480                 YJBB_BACSU  O31600      405     yjbB
BSU11490                 YJBC_BACSU  O31601      192     yjbC
BSU11500                 SPX_BACSU   O31602      131     spxA; yjbD
BSU11510                 YJBE_BACSU  O31603      218     yjbE
BSU11520                 MECA1_BACSU P37958      218     mecA
BSU11530                 COIA_BACSU  O31604      373     coiA; yjbF
BSU11540                 PEPF_BACSU  O31605      670     yjbG
BSU11549                 YIZD_BACSU  C0H3Y6      55      yizD
BSU11550                 YJBH_BACSU  O31606      299     yjbH
BSU11560                 TRHBO_BACSU O31607      132     yjbI
BSU11570                 YJBJ_BACSU  O31608      181     yjbJ
BSU11580                 YJBK_BACSU  O31609      190     yjbK
BSU11590                 YJBL_BACSU  O31610      122     yjbL
BSU11600                 YJBM_BACSU  O31611      211     yjbM
BSU11610                 NADK1_BACSU O31612      266     ppnKA; nadF; yjbN
BSU11620                 YJBO_BACSU  O31613      283     yjbO
BSU11630                 PRPE_BACSU  O31614      244     prpE; yjbP
BSU11640                 YJBQ_BACSU  O31615      614     yjbQ
BSU11650                 TENA_BACSU  P25052      236     tenA
BSU11660                 TENI_BACSU  P25053      205     tenI
BSU11670                 GLYOX_BACSU O31616      369     thiO; goxB; yjbR
BSU11680                 THIS_BACSU  O31617      66      thiS; yjbS
BSU11690                 THIG_BACSU  O31618      256     thiG; yjbT
BSU11700                 THIF_BACSU  O31619      336     thiF; yjbU
BSU11710                 THID_BACSU  O31620      271     thiD; yjbV
BSU11720                 FABI_BACSU  P54616      258     fabI; yjbW
BSU11730                 COTO_BACSU  O31622      227     cotO; yjbX
BSU11740                 COTZ_BACSU  Q08312      148     cotZ
BSU11750                 COTY_BACSU  Q08311      162     cotY
BSU11760                 COTX_BACSU  Q08313      172     cotX
BSU11770                 COTW_BACSU  Q08310      105     cotW
BSU11780                 COTV_BACSU  Q08309      128     cotV
BSU11790                 YJCA_BACSU  O31623      118     yjcA
BSU11799                 YJZK_BACSU  C0H3Y7      68      yjzK
BSU11809                 YJCZ_BACSU  C0H3Y8      49      yjcZ
BSU11810                 SPVIF_BACSU O31625      84      spoVIF; yjcC
BSU11820                 YJCD_BACSU  O31626      759     yjcD
BSU11839                 YJZE_BACSU  C0H3Y9      84      yjzE
BSU11840                 YJCF_BACSU  O31628      140     yjcF
BSU11850                 YJCG_BACSU  O31629      171     yjcG
BSU11860                 YJCH_BACSU  O31630      240     yjcH
BSU11870                 METI_BACSU  O31631      373     metI; yjcI
BSU11880                 METC_BACSU  O31632      390     metC; yjcJ
BSU11890                 YJCK_BACSU  O31633      181     yjcK
BSU11900                 YJCL_BACSU  O31634      396     yjcL
BSU11910                 YJCM_BACSU  O31635      409     yjcM
BSU11920                 YJCN_BACSU  O31636      106     yjcN
BSU11928                 YJZF_BACSU  C0H3Z0      43      yjzF
BSU11929                 YJZG_BACSU  C0H3Z1      57      yjzG
BSU11930                 YJCO_BACSU  O31637      153     yjcO
BSU11940                 YJCP_BACSU  O31638      167     yjcP
BSU11950                 YJCQ_BACSU  O31639      94      yjcQ
BSU11960                 YJCR_BACSU  O31640      175     yjcR
BSU11970                 YJCS_BACSU  O31641      105     yjcS
BSU11980                 YJDA_BACSU  O31642      251     yjdA
BSU11990                 YJDB_BACSU  O31643      115     yjdB
BSU12000                 MANR_BACSU  O31644      648     manR
BSU12010                 PTN3B_BACSU O31645      650     manP; yjdD
BSU12020                 MANA1_BACSU O31646      315     manA; pmi; yjdE
BSU12030                 YJDF_BACSU  O31647      160     yjdF
BSU12040                 YJDG_BACSU  O31648      168     yjdG
BSU12050                 YJDH_BACSU  O31649      131     yjdH
BSU12060                 YJDI_BACSU  O31650      159     yjdI
BSU12069                 YJZH_BACSU  C0H3Z2      64      yjzH
BSU12070                 YJDJ_BACSU  O31651      109     yjdJ
BSU12080                 COXX1_BACSU O31652      320     ctaB1; ctaO
BSU12090                 COTT_BACSU  P11863      82      cotT
BSU12100                 PDAC_BACSU  O34798      467     pdaC; yjeA
BSU12110                 YJFA_BACSU  O34554      157     yjfA
BSU12120                 YJFB_BACSU  O34438      55      yjfB
BSU12130                 YJFC_BACSU  O34458      299     yjfC
BSU12140                 YJGA_BACSU  O35027      132     yjgA
BSU12150                 YJGB_BACSU  O34960      191     yjgB
BSU12160                 YJGC_BACSU  O34720      985     yjgC
BSU12170                 YJGD_BACSU  O34681      186     yjgD
BSU12180                 YJHA_BACSU  O34725      213     yjhA
BSU12190                 YJHB_BACSU  C0SPC3      208     yjhB
BSU12200                 YJIA_BACSU  O34679      92      yjiA
BSU12210                 YJIB_BACSU  O34374      396     yjiB
BSU12220                 YJIC_BACSU  O34539      392     yjiC
BSU12229                 YJZI_BACSU  C0H3Z3      62      yjzI
BSU12230                 YJJA_BACSU  O34394      270     yjjA
BSU12240                 YJKA_BACSU  O34684      250     yjkA
BSU12250                 YJKB_BACSU  O34756      250     yjkB
BSU12260                 YJLA_BACSU  O34428      324     yjlA
BSU12270                 YJLB_BACSU  O34612      165     yjlB
BSU12280                 YJLC_BACSU  O34633      140     yjlC
BSU12290                 YJLD_BACSU  P80861      392     yjlD
BSU12300                 UXAC_BACSU  O34808      473     uxaC; yjmA
BSU12310                 YJMB_BACSU  O34961      459     yjmB
BSU12320                 YJMC_BACSU  O34736      337     yjmC
BSU12330                 YJMD_BACSU  O35045      339     yjmD
BSU12340                 UXUA_BACSU  O34346      359     uxuA; yjmE
BSU12350                 UXUB_BACSU  O34896      278     uxuB; yjmF
BSU12360                 EXUT_BACSU  O34456      422     exuT; yjmG
BSU12370                 EXUR_BACSU  Q9JMQ1      333     exuR; yjmH
BSU12380                 UXAB_BACSU  O34354      480     uxaB; yjmI
BSU12390                 UXAA_BACSU  O34673      497     uxaA; yjmJ
BSU12400                 YJNA_BACSU  O34578      254     yjnA
BSU12410                 YJOA_BACSU  O34334      154     yjoA
BSU12420                 YJOB_BACSU  O34703      423     yjoB
BSU12430                 RAPA_BACSU  Q00828      378     rapA; gsiAA; spo0L
BSU12440                 PHRA_BACSU  Q00829      44      phrA; gsiAB
BSU12450                 YJPA_BACSU  O34446      85      yjpA
BSU12460                 XLYB_BACSU  O34391      317     xlyB; yjpB
BSU12470                 YJQA_BACSU  O34593      125     yjqA
BSU12480                 YJQB_BACSU  O34785      200     yjqB
BSU12490                 YJQC_BACSU  O34423      278     yjqC
BSU12500                 XKDA_BACSU  P39780      198     xkdA; ykxA
BSU12510                 XRE_BACSU   P23789      113     xre
BSU12519                 YJZJ_BACSU  C0H3Z4      59      yjzJ
BSU12520                 XKDB_BACSU  P39781      278     xkdB; ykxB
BSU12530                 XKDC_BACSU  P39782      266     xkdC; ykxC
BSU12539                 YKZK_BACSU  C0H3Z5      55      ykzK
BSU12540                 XKDD_BACSU  P39783      116     xkdD; ykxD
BSU12550                 XTRA_BACSU  P54344      68      xtrA
BSU12560                 PCF_BACSU   P39784      169     xpf; pcf; ykxE
BSU12570                 XTMA_BACSU  P39785      265     xtmA; ykxF
BSU12580                 XTMB_BACSU  P39786      433     xtmB; ykxG
BSU12590                 XKDE_BACSU  P54325      495     xkdE
BSU12600                 XKDF_BACSU  P54326      275     xkdF
BSU12610                 XKDG_BACSU  P54327      311     xkdG
BSU12619                 YKZL_BACSU  C0H3Z6      127     ykzL
BSU12620                 XKDH_BACSU  P54328      118     xkdH
BSU12630                 XKDI_BACSU  P54329      161     xkdI
BSU12640                 XKDJ_BACSU  P54330      146     xkdJ
BSU12649                 YKZM_BACSU  C0H3Z7      72      ykzM
BSU12650                 XKDK_BACSU  P54331      466     xkdK
BSU12660                 XKDM_BACSU  P54332      147     xkdM
BSU12670                 XKDN_BACSU  P54333      148     xkdN
BSU12672                 XKZB_BACSU  C0H3Z8      49      xkzB
BSU12680                 XKDO_BACSU  P54334      1332    xkdO
BSU12690                 XKDP_BACSU  P54335      219     xkdP
BSU12700                 XKDQ_BACSU  P54336      325     xkdQ
BSU12710                 XKDR_BACSU  P54337      88      xkdR
BSU12720                 XKDS_BACSU  P54338      141     xkdS
BSU12730                 XKDT_BACSU  P54339      348     xkdT
BSU12740                 XKDU_BACSU  P54340      192     xkdU
BSU12749                 XKZA_BACSU  C0H3Z9      90      xkzA
BSU12750                 XKDV_BACSU  P54341      687     xkdV
BSU12760                 XKDW_BACSU  P54342      109     xkdW
BSU12770                 XKDX_BACSU  P54343      54      xkdX
BSU12780                 XEPA_BACSU  P39797      279     xepA; xkdY
BSU12790                 XHLA_BACSU  P39798      89      xhlA
BSU12800                 XHLB_BACSU  Q99163      87      xhlB; xpaB
BSU12810                 XLYA_BACSU  P39800      297     xlyA
BSU12820                 SP2SB_BACSU O34800      56      spoIISB
BSU12830                 SP2SA_BACSU O34853      248     spoIISA; ykaC
BSU12840                 PIT_BACSU   O34436      333     pit; ykaB
BSU12850                 YKAA_BACSU  O34454      205     ykaA
BSU12860                 STET_BACSU  O34739      438     steT; ykbA
BSU12870                 MHQA_BACSU  O34689      316     mhqA; ykcA
BSU12880                 YKCB_BACSU  O34575      716     ykcB
BSU12890                 YKCC_BACSU  O34319      323     ykcC
BSU12900                 HTRA_BACSU  O34358      449     htrA; ykdA
BSU12910                 P5CR3_BACSU Q00777      272     proG; ykeA; yzcA
BSU12920                 DPPA_BACSU  P26902      274     dppA; dciAA
BSU12930                 DPPB_BACSU  P26903      308     dppB; dciAB
BSU12940                 DPPC_BACSU  P26904      320     dppC; dciAC
BSU12950                 DPPD_BACSU  P26905      335     dppD; dciAD
BSU12960                 DPPE_BACSU  P26906      543     dppE; dciAE
BSU12970                 LDC_BACSU   O34851      319     ykfA
BSU12980                 AEEP_BACSU  O34508      366     ykfB
BSU12990                 YKFC_BACSU  O35010      296     ykfC
BSU13000                 YKFD_BACSU  C0SP98      329     ykfD
BSU13010                 6PGL_BACSU  O34499      349     pgl; ykgB
BSU13020                 YKGA_BACSU  O34497      286     ykgA
BSU13030                 YKHA_BACSU  P49851      172     ykhA
BSU13040                 HMP_BACSU   P49852      399     hmp; ane3; ykiA
BSU13050                 YKZH_BACSU  O31653      74      ykzH
BSU13060                 YKJA_BACSU  P49853      243     ykjA
BSU13070                 YKKA_BACSU  P49854      175     ykkA
BSU13080                 YKKB_BACSU  P49855      172     ykkB
BSU13090                 GDNC_BACSU  P49856      112     gdnC; ykkC
BSU13100                 GDND_BACSU  P49857      105     gdnD; ykkD
BSU13110                 PURU_BACSU  O34990      300     purU; ykkE
BSU13120                 PROB_BACSU  P39820      365     proB
BSU13130                 PROA_BACSU  P39821      415     proA
BSU13140                 OHRA_BACSU  O34762      141     ohrA; yklA
BSU13150                 OHRR_BACSU  O34777      147     ohrR; ykmA
BSU13160                 OHRB_BACSU  P80242      136     ohrB; ykzA; yzzE
BSU13169                 YKZN_BACSU  C0H400      56      ykzN
BSU13170                 GUAD_BACSU  O34598      156     guaD; gde
BSU13180                 METE_BACSU  P80877      762     metE; metC
BSU13190                 ISP1_BACSU  P11018      319     isp; ispA
BSU13200                 RSBRB_BACSU O34860      277     rsbRB; ykoB
BSU13210                 YKOC_BACSU  O34572      254     ykoC
BSU13220                 YKOD_BACSU  O34362      547     ykoD
BSU13230                 YKOE_BACSU  O34738      199     ykoE
BSU13240                 YKOF_BACSU  O34911      200     ykoF
BSU13250                 YKOG_BACSU  O34903      228     ykoG
BSU13260                 YKOH_BACSU  O34638      454     ykoH
BSU13270                 YKOI_BACSU  O34551      226     ykoI
BSU13280                 YKOJ_BACSU  O35012      170     ykoJ
BSU13290                 YKZD_BACSU  O34405      45      ykzD
BSU13300                 MGTE_BACSU  O34442      451     mgtE; ykoK
BSU13310                 TNRA_BACSU  Q45666      110     tnrA; scgR
BSU13320                 YKZB_BACSU  O34923      51      ykzB
BSU13330                 YKOL_BACSU  O34763      60      ykoL
BSU13340                 YKOM_BACSU  O34949      154     ykoM
BSU13350                 YKON_BACSU  C0SPB9      373     ykoN
BSU13360                 YKOP_BACSU  O34495      183     ykoP
BSU13370                 YKOQ_BACSU  O35040      270     ykoQ
BSU13380                 YKOS_BACSU  O34830      564     ykoS; ykoR
BSU13390                 YKOT_BACSU  O34755      337     ykoT
BSU13400                 LIGD_BACSU  O34398      611     ligd; ykoU
BSU13410                 KU_BACSU    O34859      311     ku; ykoV
BSU13420                 YKOW_BACSU  O34311      800     ykoW
BSU13430                 YKOX_BACSU  O34908      221     ykoX
BSU13440                 YKOY_BACSU  O34997      324     ykoY
BSU13450                 SIGI_BACSU  O31654      251     sigI; ykoZ
BSU13460                 RSGI_BACSU  O31655      381     rsgI; ykrI
BSU13470                 SSPD_BACSU  P04833      64      sspD
BSU13480                 YKRK_BACSU  O31656      233     ykrK
BSU13490                 HTPX_BACSU  O31657      298     htpX; ykrL
BSU13500                 KTRD_BACSU  O31658      449     ktrD; ykrM
BSU13509                 YKZP_BACSU  C0H402      51      ykzP
BSU13510                 YKZE_BACSU  O31659      58      ykzE
BSU13520                 YKRP_BACSU  O31660      340     ykrP
BSU13530                 KINE_BACSU  O31661      738     kinE; ykrQ
BSU13540                 OGT_BACSU   P11742      165     ogt; dat; dat1
BSU13550                 MTNA_BACSU  O31662      353     mtnA; ykrS
BSU13560                 MTNK_BACSU  O31663      397     mtnK; ykrT
BSU13570                 MTNU_BACSU  O31664      259     mtnU; ykrU
BSU13580                 MTNE_BACSU  O31665      398     mtnE; mtnV; ykrV
BSU13590                 MTNW_BACSU  O31666      405     mtnW; ykrW
BSU13600                 MTNX_BACSU  O31667      235     mtnX; ykrX
BSU13610                 MTNB_BACSU  O31668      209     mtnB; ykrY
BSU13620                 MTND_BACSU  O31669      178     mtnD; ykrZ
BSU13630                 YKVA_BACSU  O31670      106     ykvA
BSU13640                 SP0E_BACSU  P05043      85      spo0E
BSU13650                 EAG_BACSU   P06630      143     eag; ykvC
BSU13660                 KIND_BACSU  O31671      506     kinD; ykvD
BSU13670                 MHQR_BACSU  O31672      145     mhqR; ykvE
BSU13680                 MOTB_BACSU  P28612      261     motB
BSU13690                 MOTA_BACSU  P28611      270     motA
BSU13700                 CLPE_BACSU  O31673      699     clpE
BSU13710                 YKVI_BACSU  O31674      347     ykvI
BSU13720                 QUEC_BACSU  O31675      219     queC; ykvJ
BSU13730                 QUED_BACSU  O31676      146     queD; ykvK
BSU13740                 QUEE_BACSU  O31677      243     queE; ykvL
BSU13750                 QUEF_BACSU  O31678      165     queF; ykvM
BSU13760                 YKVN_BACSU  O31679      118     ykvN
BSU13770                 YKVO_BACSU  O31680      248     ykvO
BSU13780                 YKVP_BACSU  O31681      399     ykvP
BSU13789                 YKZQ_BACSU  C0H403      75      ykzQ
BSU13790                 YKVQ_BACSU  O31682      232     ykvQ
BSU13799                 YKZR_BACSU  C0H404      83      ykzR
BSU13800                 YKVR_BACSU  O31683      96      ykvR
BSU13810                 YKVS_BACSU  O31684      61      ykvS
BSU13819                 YKZS_BACSU  C0H405      64      ykzS
BSU13820                 YKVT_BACSU  O31685      208     ykvT
BSU13830                 YKVU_BACSU  O31686      445     ykvU
BSU13840                 STOA_BACSU  O31687      165     stoA; spoIVH
BSU13850                 ZOSA_BACSU  O31688      637     zosA; ykvW
BSU13860                 YKVY_BACSU  O31689      363     ykvY
BSU13870                 YKVZ_BACSU  O31690      321     ykvZ
BSU13880                 GLCT_BACSU  O31691      281     glcT; ykwA
BSU13890                 PTG3C_BACSU P20166      699     ptsG; crr; ptsX
BSU13900                 PTHP_BACSU  P08877      88      ptsH
BSU13910                 PT1_BACSU   P08838      570     ptsI
BSU13920                 SPLA_BACSU  P37955      79      splA; ykxI
BSU13930                 SPL_BACSU   P37956      342     splB; spl
BSU13940                 YKWB_BACSU  Q796K9      226     ykwB
BSU13950                 MCPC_BACSU  P54576      655     mcpC; prg71
BSU13960                 YKWC_BACSU  O34948      288     ykwC
BSU13970                 YKWD_BACSU  O31398      257     ykwD
BSU13980                 PBPH_BACSU  Q796K8      704     pbpH; ykuA
BSU13990                 KINA_BACSU  P16497      606     kinA; gsiC; scoD; spoIIF; spoIIJ
BSU14000                 DAPX_BACSU  P16524      393     dapX; patA; uat
BSU14009                 YKZT_BACSU  C0H406      53      ykzT
BSU14010                 CHEV_BACSU  P37599      303     cheV
BSU14020                 YKYB_BACSU  P42430      154     ykyB
BSU14030                 YKUC_BACSU  O31695      430     ykuC
BSU14040                 YKUD_BACSU  O34816      164     ykuD
BSU14050                 YKUE_BACSU  O34870      286     ykuE
BSU14060                 FADH_BACSU  O34717      254     fadH; ykuF
BSU14071                 FADG_BACSU  O34320      576     fadG; ykuG
BSU14072                 YKZU_BACSU  C0H408      172     ykzU
BSU14080                 YKUH_BACSU  O31696      182     ykuH
BSU14090                 YKUI_BACSU  O35014      407     ykuI
BSU14100                 YKUJ_BACSU  O34588      79      ykuJ
BSU14110                 YKUK_BACSU  O34776      172     ykuK
BSU14120                 YKZF_BACSU  O31697      65      ykzF
BSU14130                 YKUL_BACSU  O31698      147     ykuL
BSU14140                 YKUM_BACSU  O34827      293     ykuM
BSU14150                 FLAV_BACSU  O34737      158     ykuN
BSU14160                 YKUO_BACSU  O34879      297     ykuO
BSU14170                 FLAW_BACSU  O34589      151     ykuP
BSU14180                 DAPH_BACSU  O34981      236     dapH; ykuQ
BSU14190                 DAPEL_BACSU O34916      374     ykuR; dapL
BSU14200                 YKUS_BACSU  O34783      81      ykuS
BSU14210                 YKUT_BACSU  O34897      267     ykuT
BSU14220                 YKUU_BACSU  O34564      180     ykuU
BSU14230                 YKUV_BACSU  O31699      148     ykuV
BSU14240                 ROK_BACSU   O34857      191     rok; ykuW
BSU14250                 CSE15_BACSU O31700      321     cse15; yknT
BSU14260                 MOBA_BACSU  O31701      199     mobA
BSU14270                 MOEB_BACSU  O31702      339     moeB
BSU14280                 MOEA_BACSU  O31703      430     moeA
BSU14290                 MOBB_BACSU  O31704      173     mobB
BSU14300                 MOAE_BACSU  O31705      157     moaE
BSU14310                 MOAD_BACSU  O31706      77      moaD
BSU14320                 YKNU_BACSU  O31707      585     yknU
BSU14330                 YKNV_BACSU  O31708      604     yknV
BSU14340                 YKNW_BACSU  O31709      231     yknW
BSU14350                 YKNX_BACSU  O31710      377     yknX
BSU14360                 YKNY_BACSU  O31711      230     yknY
BSU14370                 YKNZ_BACSU  O31712      397     yknZ
BSU14380                 FRUR_BACSU  O31713      251     fruR
BSU14390                 K1PF_BACSU  O31714      303     fruK; fruB
BSU14400                 PTF3A_BACSU P71012      635     fruA
BSU14410                 LEPT_BACSU  P71013      193     sipT
BSU14420                 YKOA_BACSU  O31715      89      ykoA
BSU14430                 YKPA_BACSU  O31716      540     ykpA
BSU14440                 YKPB_BACSU  O31717      303     ykpB
BSU14450                 AMPS_BACSU  P39762      410     ampS
BSU14460                 YKPC_BACSU  Q45492      44      ykpC
BSU14470                 MREBH_BACSU P39763      335     mreBH
BSU14480                 ABH_BACSU   P39758      92      abh; ylxT; yzaA
BSU14490                 KINC_BACSU  P39764      428     kinC; mskA; ssb
BSU14500                 YKQA_BACSU  P39759      277     ykqA; ylxU; yzaB
BSU14510                 KTRC_BACSU  P39760      221     ktrC; ykqB; ylxV; yzaC
BSU14520                 ADEC_BACSU  P39761      577     adeC; ade; yzaD
BSU14530                 RNJ1_BACSU  Q45493      555     rnjA; ykqC
BSU14540                 YKZG_BACSU  O31718      69      ykzG
BSU14550                 YKRA_BACSU  Q45494      257     ykrA
BSU14560                 DEF2_BACSU  Q45495      184     defB; ykrB
BSU14569                 YKZV_BACSU  C0H409      52      ykzV
BSU14570                 YKYA_BACSU  P21884      223     ykyA; ykrC
BSU14580                 ODPA_BACSU  P21881      371     pdhA; aceA
BSU14590                 ODPB_BACSU  P21882      325     pdhB; aceB
BSU14600                 ODP2_BACSU  P21883      442     pdhC; aceC
BSU14610                 DLDH1_BACSU P21880      470     pdhD; aceD; citL
BSU14620                 SLP_BACSU   P39910      124     slp; pal
BSU14629                 YKZW_BACSU  C0H410      39      ykzW
BSU14630                 SPEA_BACSU  P21885      490     speA; cad
BSU14640                 YKTA_BACSU  Q45497      88      yktA
BSU14650                 YKTB_BACSU  Q45498      212     yktB
BSU14660                 YKZI_BACSU  O31719      62      ykzI
BSU14670                 SUHB_BACSU  Q45499      265     suhB; yktC
BSU14680                 YKZC_BACSU  O31720      142     ykzC
BSU14690                 YKTD_BACSU  Q45500      304     yktD
BSU14700                 NPRE_BACSU  P68736      521     nprE
BSU14710                 YLAA_BACSU  O07625      646     ylaA
BSU14720                 YLAB_BACSU  O07626      89      ylaB
BSU14730                 YLAC_BACSU  O07627      173     ylaC
BSU14740                 YLAD_BACSU  O07628      97      ylaD
BSU14750                 YLAE_BACSU  O07629      203     ylaE
BSU14760                 YLAF_BACSU  O07630      62      ylaF
BSU14770                 BIPA_BACSU  O07631      612     bipA; ylaG
BSU14780                 YLAH_BACSU  O07632      105     ylaH
BSU14790                 YLAI_BACSU  O07633      69      ylaI
BSU14800                 YLAJ_BACSU  O07634      209     ylaJ
BSU14810                 YLAK_BACSU  O07635      442     ylaK
BSU14820                 YLAL_BACSU  O07636      161     ylaL
BSU14830                 GLSA2_BACSU O07637      309     glsA2; ylaM
BSU14840                 YLAN_BACSU  O07638      93      ylaN
BSU14850                 FTSW_BACSU  O07639      403     ftsW; ylaO
BSU14860                 PYC_BACSU   Q9KWU4      1148    pyc; pycA; ylaP
BSU14870                 CTAA_BACSU  P12946      306     ctaA
BSU14880                 COXX2_BACSU P24009      305     ctaB2
BSU14890                 COX2_BACSU  P24011      356     ctaC
BSU14900                 COX1_BACSU  P24010      622     ctaD
BSU14910                 COX3_BACSU  P24012      207     ctaE
BSU14920                 COX4_BACSU  P24013      110     ctaF
BSU14930                 CTAG_BACSU  O34329      297     ctaG
BSU14940                 YLBA_BACSU  O34743      120     ylbA
BSU14950                 YLBB_BACSU  O34682      148     ylbB
BSU14960                 YLBC_BACSU  O34586      346     ylbC
BSU14970                 YLBD_BACSU  O34880      132     ylbD
BSU14980                 YLBE_BACSU  O34958      79      ylbE
BSU14990                 YLBF_BACSU  O34412      149     ylbF
BSU15000                 YLBG_BACSU  O34658      90      ylbG
BSU15010                 YLBH_BACSU  O34331      184     ylbH
BSU15020                 COAD_BACSU  O34797      161     coaD; ylbI
BSU15030                 YLBJ_BACSU  O34765      408     ylbJ
BSU15040                 YLBK_BACSU  O34731      260     ylbK
BSU15050                 YLBL_BACSU  O34470      341     ylbL
BSU15060                 TMCAL_BACSU O34513      415     tmcAL; ylbM
BSU15069                 YLZH_BACSU  C0H411      61      ylzH
BSU15070                 YLBN_BACSU  O34445      172     ylbN
BSU15080                 RL32_BACSU  O34687      59      rpmF
BSU15090                 YLBO_BACSU  O34549      193     ylbO
BSU15100                 YLBP_BACSU  O34468      160     ylbP
BSU15110                 PANE_BACSU  O34661      298     panE; apbA; ylbQ
BSU15120                 BSHC_BACSU  P55342      539     bshC; yllA
BSU15130                 MRAZ_BACSU  P55343      143     mraZ; yllB
BSU15140                 RSMH_BACSU  Q07876      311     rsmH; mraW; yllC; ylxA
BSU15150                 FTSL_BACSU  Q07867      117     ftsL; yllD; ylxB
BSU15160                 PBP2B_BACSU Q07868      713     pbpB
BSU15170                 SP5D_BACSU  Q03524      646     spoVD
BSU15180                 MURE_BACSU  Q03523      494     murE
BSU15190                 MRAY_BACSU  Q03521      324     mraY
BSU15200                 MURD_BACSU  Q03522      451     murD
BSU15210                 SP5E_BACSU  P07373      366     spoVE
BSU15220                 MURG_BACSU  P37585      363     murG
BSU15230                 MURB_BACSU  P18579      303     murB; ylxC
BSU15240                 DIVIB_BACSU P16655      263     divIB; dds
BSU15250                 YLXW_BACSU  C0SPA3      231     ylxW
BSU15260                 YLXX_BACSU  Q45544      235     ylxX
BSU15270                 SBP_BACSU   P28265      121     sbp
BSU15280                 FTSA_BACSU  P28264      440     ftsA
BSU15290                 FTSZ_BACSU  P17865      382     ftsZ
BSU15300                 SUBF_BACSU  P16397      1433    bpr; bpf
BSU15310                 SP2G_BACSU  P13801      309     spoIIGA
BSU15320                 RPSE_BACSU  P06222      239     sigE; spoIIGB
BSU15330                 RPSG_BACSU  P19940      260     sigG; spoIIIG
BSU15340                 YLMA_BACSU  O31723      264     ylmA
BSU15350                 FAPD_BACSU  O31724      426     ylmB; thiQ
BSU15360                 YLMC_BACSU  O31725      81      ylmC
BSU15370                 PURNU_BACSU O31726      278     ylmD
BSU15380                 PLPHP_BACSU O31727      230     ylmE
BSU15390                 SEPF_BACSU  O31728      151     sepF; ylmF
BSU15400                 YLMG_BACSU  O31729      90      ylmG
BSU15410                 YLMH_BACSU  P71020      257     ylmH
BSU15420                 DIV4A_BACSU P71021      164     divIVA; ylmJ
BSU15430                 SYI_BACSU   Q45477      921     ileS
BSU15440                 YLYA_BACSU  Q45478      124     ylyA; ylmK
BSU15450                 LSPA_BACSU  Q45479      154     lspA; lsp
BSU15460                 YLYB_BACSU  Q45480      303     ylyB; ylmL
BSU15470                 PYRR_BACSU  P39765      181     pyrR
BSU15480                 PYRP_BACSU  P39766      435     pyrP
BSU15490                 PYRB_BACSU  P05654      304     pyrB
BSU15500                 PYRC_BACSU  P25995      428     pyrC
BSU15510                 CARA_BACSU  P25993      364     pyrAA
BSU15520                 CARB_BACSU  P25994      1071    pyrAB
BSU15530                 PYRK_BACSU  P25983      256     pyrK; pyrDB; pyrDII; pyrZ; ylxD
BSU15540                 PYRDB_BACSU P25996      311     pyrD; pyrDA; pyrDI
BSU15550                 PYRF_BACSU  P25971      239     pyrF
BSU15560                 PYRE_BACSU  P25972      216     pyrE; pyrX
BSU15570                 CYSH1_BACSU P94498      233     cysH
BSU15580                 SULP_BACSU  O34734      354     cysP; ylnA
BSU15590                 SAT1_BACSU  O34764      382     sat; ylnB
BSU15600                 CYSC1_BACSU O34577      197     cysC; ylnC
BSU15610                 SUMT_BACSU  O34744      257     sumT; ylnD
BSU15620                 SIRB_BACSU  O34632      261     sirB; ylnE
BSU15630                 SIRC_BACSU  O34813      162     sirC; ylnF
BSU15640                 RQCH_BACSU  O34693      570     rqcH; yloA
BSU15650                 ATCL_BACSU  O34431      890     yloB
BSU15660                 YLOC_BACSU  O34441      291     yloC
BSU15670                 REMA_BACSU  Q7WY72      89      remA; ylzA
BSU15680                 KGUA_BACSU  O34328      204     gmk; yloD
BSU15690                 RPOZ_BACSU  O35011      67      rpoZ; yloH
BSU15700                 COABC_BACSU O35033      406     coaBC; yloI
BSU15710                 PRIA_BACSU  P94461      805     priA; yloJ
BSU15720                 DEF1_BACSU  P94462      160     defA; def; yloK
BSU15730                 FMT_BACSU   P94463      317     fmt; yloL
BSU15740                 RSMB_BACSU  P94464      447     rsmB; sun; yloM
BSU15750                 RLMN_BACSU  O34617      363     rlmN; yloN
BSU15760                 PRPC_BACSU  O34779      254     prpC; yloO
BSU15770                 PRKC_BACSU  O34507      648     prkC; yloP
BSU15780                 RSGA_BACSU  O34530      298     rsgA; cpgA; engC; yloQ
BSU15790                 RPE_BACSU   O34557      217     rpe; yloR
BSU15800                 THIN_BACSU  O34664      214     thiN; yloS
BSU15810                 SPOVM_BACSU P37817      26      spoVM
BSU15820                 RL28_BACSU  P37807      62      rpmB; yloT
BSU15830                 YLOU_BACSU  O34318      120     yloU
BSU15840                 YLOV_BACSU  O34751      553     yloV
BSU15850                 SDHAB_BACSU O34635      220     sdaAB; yloW
BSU15860                 SDHAA_BACSU O34607      300     sdaAA; ylpA
BSU15870                 RECG_BACSU  O34942      682     recG; ylpB
BSU15880                 FAPR_BACSU  O34835      188     fapR; ylpC
BSU15890                 PLSX_BACSU  P71018      333     plsX; ylpD
BSU15900                 FABD_BACSU  P71019      317     fabD; ylpE
BSU15910                 FABG_BACSU  P51831      246     fabG; ylpF
BSU15920                 ACP_BACSU   P80643      77      acpA; acpP
BSU15930                 RNC_BACSU   P51833      249     rnc; rncS
BSU15940                 SMC_BACSU   P51834      1186    smc; ylqA
BSU15950                 FTSY_BACSU  P51835      329     ftsY; srb
BSU15960                 YLQB_BACSU  O31737      161     ylqB
BSU15970                 YLXM_BACSU  P37104      110     ylxM
BSU15980                 SRP54_BACSU P37105      446     ffh
BSU15990                 RS16_BACSU  P21474      90      rpsP
BSU16000                 YLQC_BACSU  O31738      81      ylqC
BSU16010                 YLQD_BACSU  O31739      128     ylqD
BSU16020                 RIMM_BACSU  O31740      174     rimM; ylqE
BSU16030                 TRMD_BACSU  O31741      243     trmD
BSU16040                 RL19_BACSU  O31742      115     rplS
BSU16050                 RBGA_BACSU  O31743      282     rbgA; ylqF
BSU16060                 RNH2_BACSU  O31744      255     rnhB; rnh
BSU16070                 YLQG_BACSU  O31745      576     ylqG
BSU16080                 YLQH_BACSU  O34867      93      ylqH
BSU16090                 SUCC_BACSU  P80886      385     sucC
BSU16100                 SUCD_BACSU  P80865      300     sucD
BSU16110                 DPRA_BACSU  P39813      297     dprA; smf
BSU16120                 TOP1_BACSU  P39814      691     topA; topI
BSU16130                 TRMFO_BACSU P39815      435     trmFO; gid; ylyC
BSU16140                 XERC_BACSU  P39776      304     xerC; codV
BSU16150                 CLPQ_BACSU  P39070      181     clpQ; codW; hslV
BSU16160                 CLPY_BACSU  P39778      467     clpY; codX; hslU
BSU16170                 CODY_BACSU  P39779      259     codY
BSU16180                 FLGB_BACSU  P24500      129     flgB
BSU16190                 FLGC_BACSU  P24501      150     flgC
BSU16200                 FLIE_BACSU  P24502      106     fliE
BSU16210                 FLIF_BACSU  P23447      536     fliF
BSU16220                 FLIG_BACSU  P23448      338     fliG
BSU16230                 FLIH_BACSU  P23449      208     fliH
BSU16240                 FLII_BACSU  P23445      438     fliI
BSU16250                 FLIJ_BACSU  P20487      147     fliJ; cheF
BSU16260                 YLXF_BACSU  P23454      204     ylxF
BSU16270                 FLIK_BACSU  P23451      487     fliK
BSU16280                 YLXG_BACSU  P23455      140     ylxG
BSU16290                 FLGG_BACSU  P23446      264     flgG; flgE
BSU16299                 SWRD_BACSU  C0H412      71      swrD; ylzI
BSU16300                 FLIL_BACSU  P23452      140     fliL
BSU16310                 FLIM_BACSU  P23453      332     fliM
BSU16320                 FLIY_BACSU  P24073      378     fliY; cheD
BSU16330                 CHEY_BACSU  P24072      120     cheY; cheB
BSU16340                 FLIZ_BACSU  P35536      219     fliZ; cheA
BSU16350                 FLIP_BACSU  P35528      221     fliP; cheC
BSU16360                 FLIQ_BACSU  P35535      89      fliQ
BSU16370                 FLIR_BACSU  P35537      259     fliR
BSU16380                 FLHB_BACSU  P35538      360     flhB
BSU16390                 FLHA_BACSU  P35620      677     flhA
BSU16400                 FLHF_BACSU  Q01960      366     flhF
BSU16410                 YLXH_BACSU  P40742      298     ylxH
BSU16420                 CHEB_BACSU  Q05522      357     cheB; cheL
BSU16430                 CHEA_BACSU  P29072      672     cheA; cheN
BSU16440                 CHEW_BACSU  P39802      156     cheW
BSU16450                 CHEC_BACSU  P40403      209     cheC; ylxJ
BSU16460                 CHED_BACSU  P40404      166     cheD; ylxK
BSU16470                 RPSD_BACSU  P10726      254     sigD; flaB
BSU16480                 SWRB_BACSU  P40405      167     swrB
BSU16490                 RS2_BACSU   P21464      246     rpsB
BSU16500                 EFTS_BACSU  P80700      293     tsf
BSU16510                 PYRH_BACSU  O31749      240     pyrH; smbA
BSU16520                 RRF_BACSU   P81101      185     frr
BSU16530                 ISPT_BACSU  O31751      260     uppS; yluA
BSU16540                 CDSA_BACSU  O31752      269     cdsA
BSU16550                 DXR_BACSU   O31753      383     dxr; yluB
BSU16560                 RASP_BACSU  O31754      422     rasP; yluC
BSU16570                 SYP_BACSU   O31755      564     proS
BSU16580                 DPO3_BACSU  P13267      1437    polC; dnaF; mutI
BSU16590                 RIMP_BACSU  P32726      156     rimP; ylxS; ymxA
BSU16600                 NUSA_BACSU  P32727      371     nusA
BSU16610                 YLXR_BACSU  P32728      91      ylxR; ymxB
BSU16620                 YLXQ_BACSU  P32729      100     rplGA; ylxQ; ymxC
BSU16630                 IF2_BACSU   P17889      716     infB
BSU16640                 YLXP_BACSU  P32730      92      ylxP; ymxD
BSU16650                 RBFA_BACSU  P32731      117     rbfA; ylxO; ymxE
BSU16660                 TRUB_BACSU  P32732      309     truB; ylxN; ymxF
BSU16670                 RIBC_BACSU  P54575      316     ribC
BSU16680                 RS15_BACSU  P21473      89      rpsO
BSU16690                 PNP_BACSU   P50849      705     pnp; comR; pnpA
BSU16700                 YLXY_BACSU  P50850      319     ylxY; ymxI
BSU16710                 YMXG_BACSU  Q04805      409     ymxG
BSU16720                 YMXH_BACSU  Q04811      85      ymxH
BSU16730                 DPAA_BACSU  Q04809      297     dpaA; spoVFA
BSU16740                 DPAB_BACSU  Q04810      200     dpaB; spoVFB
BSU16750                 DHAS_BACSU  Q04797      346     asd
BSU16760                 AK1_BACSU   Q04795      404     dapG; lssD
BSU16770                 DAPA_BACSU  Q04796      290     dapA
BSU16780                 RNJ2_BACSU  O31760      555     rnjB; ymfA
BSU16790                 TEPA_BACSU  Q99171      245     tepA; ylxI; ymfB
BSU16799                 YLZJ_BACSU  C0H413      70      ylzJ
BSU16800                 SP3E_BACSU  P21458      787     spoIIIE; ftsK
BSU16810                 YMFC_BACSU  O31761      241     ymfC
BSU16825                 BBEX_BACSU  O31762      402     ymfD; ymfE
BSU16840                 YMFF_BACSU  O31764      426     ymfF
BSU16860                 YMFH_BACSU  O31766      428     ymfH
BSU16870                 YMFI_BACSU  O31767      242     ymfI
BSU16880                 YMFJ_BACSU  O31768      85      ymfJ
BSU16890/BSU16900        YMFK_BACSU  O31769      269     ymfK
BSU16910                 YMFM_BACSU  O31771      288     ymfM
BSU16920                 PGSA_BACSU  P46322      193     pgsA; ymfN
BSU16930                 CINA_BACSU  P46323      416     cinA; ymfO; yzlB
BSU16940                 RECA_BACSU  P16971      348     recA; recE
BSU16950                 PBPX_BACSU  O31773      391     pbpX
BSU16960                 RNY_BACSU   O31774      520     rny; ymdA
BSU16970                 YMDB_BACSU  O31775      264     ymdB
BSU16980                 SP5S_BACSU  P45693      86      spoVS
BSU16990                 TDH_BACSU   O31776      347     tdh
BSU17000                 BIOF1_BACSU O31777      392     kbl
BSU17010                 MIAB_BACSU  O31778      509     miaB; ymcB
BSU17020                 YMCA_BACSU  O31779      143     ymcA
BSU17030                 COTE_BACSU  P14016      181     cotE
BSU17040                 MUTS_BACSU  P49849      858     mutS
BSU17050                 MUTL_BACSU  P49850      627     mutL
BSU17060                 YMZD_BACSU  Q7WY71      151     ymzD
BSU17070                 YMCC_BACSU  O31780      185     ymcC
BSU17080                 PKSA_BACSU  O34381      205     pksA
BSU17090                 PKSB_BACSU  O34769      225     pksB
BSU17100                 PKSC_BACSU  O34825      288     pksC
BSU17110                 PKSD_BACSU  O34877      324     pksD
BSU17120                 PKSE_BACSU  O34787      767     pksE
BSU17130                 ACPK_BACSU  Q7PC63      82      acpK
BSU17140                 PKSF_BACSU  P40804      415     pksF
BSU17150                 PKSG_BACSU  P40830      420     pksG
BSU17160                 PKSH_BACSU  P40805      259     pksH
BSU17170                 PKSI_BACSU  P40802      249     pksI
BSU17180                 PKSJ_BACSU  P40806      5043    pksJ; pksK
BSU17190                 PKSL_BACSU  Q05470      4538    pksL; outG; pksA; pksX
BSU17200                 PKSM_BACSU  P40872      4262    pksM; pksY
BSU17210                 PKSN_BACSU  O31782      5488    pksN
BSU17220                 PKSR_BACSU  O31784      2543    pksR
BSU17230                 PKSS_BACSU  O31785      405     pksS
BSU17240                 YMZB_BACSU  O31786      118     ymzB
BSU17250                 YMAE_BACSU  O31787      274     ymaE
BSU17260                 APRX_BACSU  O31788      442     aprX
BSU17270                 YMAC_BACSU  O31789      235     ymaC
BSU17280                 YMAD_BACSU  O31790      150     ymaD
BSU17290                 EBRB_BACSU  P0CW82      117     ebrB
BSU17300                 EBRA_BACSU  P0CW80      105     ebrA
BSU17310                 YMAG_BACSU  O31793      91      ymaG
BSU17320                 YMAF_BACSU  O31794      137     ymaF
BSU17330                 MIAA_BACSU  O31795      314     miaA
BSU17340                 HFQ_BACSU   O31796      73      hfq; ymaH
BSU17350                 YMZC_BACSU  O31797      90      ymzC
BSU17360                 YMZA_BACSU  O31798      76      ymzA
BSU17370                 NRDI_BACSU  P50618      130     nrdI; ymaA
BSU17380                 RIR1_BACSU  P50620      700     nrdE; nrdA
BSU17390                 RIR2_BACSU  P50621      329     nrdF
BSU17400                 YMAB_BACSU  P50619      206     ymaB
BSU17410                 CWLC_BACSU  Q06320      255     cwlC
BSU17420                 SP5K_BACSU  P27643      322     spoVK; spoVJ
BSU17430                 HFLX_BACSU  P94478      420     hflX; ynbA
BSU17440                 YNBB_BACSU  P94479      421     ynbB
BSU17450                 GLNR_BACSU  P37582      135     glnR
BSU17460                 GLN1A_BACSU P12425      444     glnA
BSU17470                 YNXB_BACSU  P31844      96      ynxB; ynaA
BSU17480                 YNZF_BACSU  O31799      114     ynzF
BSU17490                 YNZG_BACSU  O31800      83      ynzG
BSU17500                 YNAB_BACSU  P94480      144     ynaB
BSU17510                 YNAC_BACSU  P94481      263     ynaC
BSU17520                 YNAD_BACSU  P94482      170     ynaD
BSU17530                 YNAE_BACSU  P94483      213     ynaE
BSU17540                 YNAF_BACSU  P94484      117     ynaF
BSU17550                 YNAG_BACSU  P94485      91      ynaG
BSU17559                 YNZI_BACSU  C0H415      54      ynzI
BSU17560                 YNAI_BACSU  P94487      156     ynaI
BSU17570                 YNAJ_BACSU  P94488      463     ynaJ
BSU17580                 XYNB_BACSU  P94489      533     xynB
BSU17590                 XYLR_BACSU  P94490      384     xylR
BSU17600                 XYLA_BACSU  P0CI80      445     xylA
BSU17610                 XYLB_BACSU  P39211      499     xylB; yncA
BSU17620                 YNCB_BACSU  P94492      211     yncB
BSU17630                 YNCC_BACSU  P94493      471     yncC
BSU17640                 ALR2_BACSU  P94494      394     alr2; yncD
BSU17650                 YNCE_BACSU  P94495      153     yncE
BSU17660                 YNCF_BACSU  O31801      144     yncF
BSU17670                 YNZH_BACSU  O31802      86      ynzH
BSU17680                 TYSY1_BACSU P0CI79      279     thyA1
BSU17690                 YNCM_BACSU  O31803      250     yncM
BSU17699                 YNZK_BACSU  C0H417      118     ynzK
BSU17700                 COTC_BACSU  P07790      66      cotC
BSU17710                 TATAC_BACSU O31804      62      tatAc; ynzA
BSU17720                 YNDA_BACSU  O31805      132     yndA
BSU17730                 YNDB_BACSU  O31806      144     yndB
BSU17740                 YNZB_BACSU  O31807      62      ynzB
BSU17750                 YNDD_BACSU  O31808      520     yndD
BSU17760                 YNDE_BACSU  O31809      363     yndE
BSU17770                 YNDF_BACSU  O31810      404     yndF
BSU17780                 YNDG_BACSU  O31811      268     yndG
BSU17790                 YNDH_BACSU  O31812      205     yndH
BSU17800                 YNDJ_BACSU  O31813      546     yndJ
BSU17810                 YNDK_BACSU  O31814      121     yndK
BSU17820                 YNDL_BACSU  O31815      252     yndL
BSU17830                 YNDM_BACSU  O31816      179     yndM
BSU17840                 FOSB_BACSU  O31817      144     fosB; yndN
BSU17850                 LEXA_BACSU  P31080      205     lexA; dinR
BSU17860                 YNEA_BACSU  Q45056      105     yneA
BSU17870                 YNEB_BACSU  Q45057      217     yneB
BSU17880                 YNZC_BACSU  O31818      77      ynzC
BSU17890                 TKT_BACSU   P45694      667     tkt; tktA
BSU17900                 SIRA_BACSU  P45707      148     sirA; yneE; yoxF
BSU17910                 YNEF_BACSU  P45708      72      yneF; yoxG
BSU17920                 YNZD_BACSU  O31819      57      ynzD
BSU17930                 CCDA_BACSU  P45706      235     ccdA
BSU17940                 CCDB_BACSU  P45709      120     ccdB; yneI; yoxH
BSU17950                 CCDC_BACSU  P45710      160     ccdC; yneJ; yoxI
BSU17960                 YNEK_BACSU  P45711      142     yneK; yoxJ
BSU17970                 COTM_BACSU  Q45058      130     cotM; yneL
BSU17980                 SSPP_BACSU  P71032      48      sspP; cotL
BSU17990                 SSPO_BACSU  P71031      48      sspO; cotK
BSU18000                 ACNA_BACSU  P09339      909     citB
BSU18010                 YNEN_BACSU  O31820      170     yneN
BSU18019                 YNZL_BACSU  C0H418      41      ynzL
BSU18020                 SSPN_BACSU  Q7WY69      48      sspN
BSU18030                 TLP_BACSU   Q45060      83      tlp; tlpA
BSU18040                 YNEP_BACSU  Q45061      138     yneP
BSU18050                 YNEQ_BACSU  Q45062      99      yneQ
BSU18060                 YNER_BACSU  Q45063      95      yneR
BSU18070                 PLSY_BACSU  Q45064      193     plsY; yneS
BSU18080                 YNET_BACSU  Q45065      135     yneT
BSU18090                 PARE_BACSU  Q59192      655     parE; grlB
BSU18100                 PARC_BACSU  Q45066      806     parC; grlA
BSU18110                 YNFC_BACSU  Q45067      136     ynfC
BSU18120                 ALST_BACSU  Q45068      465     alsT
BSU18130                 GUN2_BACSU  P10475      499     eglS; bglC; gld
BSU18140                 YNFE_BACSU  Q45069      87      ynfE
BSU18150                 XYNC_BACSU  Q45070      422     xynC; ynfF
BSU18160                 XYND_BACSU  Q45071      513     xynD
BSU18170                 YNGA_BACSU  O31821      148     yngA
BSU18180                 YNGB_BACSU  O31822      297     yngB
BSU18190                 YNGC_BACSU  O31823      198     yngC
BSU18200                 NRNB_BACSU  O31824      399     nrnB; yngD
BSU18210                 YNGE_BACSU  O31825      511     yngE
BSU18220                 YNGF_BACSU  O34893      260     yngF
BSU18230                 HMGCL_BACSU O34873      299     yngG
BSU18239                 BLAP_BACSU  C0H419      73      yngHB
BSU18240                 ACCC2_BACSU O34544      444     accC2; accC; yngH
BSU18250                 YNGI_BACSU  O31826      549     yngI
BSU18260                 ACDC_BACSU  O34421      380     yngJ
BSU18270                 YNZE_BACSU  O34356      101     ynzE
BSU18280                 YNGK_BACSU  O35015      510     yngK; yotA
BSU18290                 YNGL_BACSU  O34506      130     yngL
BSU18300                 PPSE_BACSU  O31827      1279    ppsE; pps5
BSU18310                 PPSD_BACSU  P94459      3603    ppsD; pps4
BSU18320                 PPSC_BACSU  P39847      2555    ppsC; pps3
BSU18330                 PPSB_BACSU  P39846      2560    ppsB; pps2
BSU18340                 PPSA_BACSU  P39845      2561    ppsA; pps1
BSU18350                 DACC_BACSU  P39844      491     dacC; pbp
BSU18360                 GALM_BACSU  P39840      325     galM; yoxA
BSU18370                 YOEA_BACSU  O34474      463     yoeA
BSU18380                 YOEB_BACSU  O34841      181     yoeB
BSU18390                 YOEC_BACSU  O35009      181     yoeC
BSU18400                 YOED_BACSU  O34555      76      yoeD
BSU18410                 GGT_BACSU   P54422      587     ggt
BSU18420                 YOFA_BACSU  O34685      285     yofA
BSU18430                 YOGA_BACSU  O35017      329     yogA
BSU18440                 GLTB_BACSU  O34399      493     gltB
BSU18450                 GLTA_BACSU  P39812      1520    gltA
BSU18460                 GLTC_BACSU  P20668      300     gltC
BSU18470                 PROJ_BACSU  O07509      371     proJ; yohA
BSU18480                 P5CR1_BACSU P0CI77      297     proH; proC; yoxE
BSU18490                 RTP_BACSU   P0CI76      122     rtp
BSU18500                 YOXD_BACSU  P14802      238     yoxD
BSU18510                 YOXC_BACSU  P28670      101     yoxC
BSU18520                 YOXB_BACSU  P28671      256     yoxB
BSU18530                 YOAA_BACSU  O34569      177     yoaA
BSU18540                 YOAB_BACSU  O34864      414     yoaB
BSU18550                 YOAC_BACSU  O34861      487     yoaC
BSU18560                 YOAD_BACSU  O34815      344     yoaD
BSU18570                 YOAE_BACSU  C0SP82      680     yoaE
BSU18580                 YOAF_BACSU  O31829      97      yoaF
BSU18590                 YOAG_BACSU  O31830      134     yoaG
BSU18600                 YOZQ_BACSU  Q7WY68      97      yozQ
BSU18610                 YOAH_BACSU  C0SP89      561     yoaH
BSU18620                 YOAI_BACSU  C0SPC0      483     yoaI
BSU18630                 YOAJ_BACSU  O34918      232     yoaJ
BSU18640                 YOAK_BACSU  O34343      225     yoaK
BSU18650                 PEL1_BACSU  O34819      345     pelB
BSU18660                 YOAM_BACSU  O34906      227     yoaM
BSU18669                 YOZS_BACSU  C0H420      101     yozS
BSU18670                 OXDD_BACSU  O34767      392     oxdD; yoaN
BSU18680                 YOAO_BACSU  O34985      162     yoaO
BSU18690                 YOAP_BACSU  O34983      251     yoaP
BSU18700                 YOAQ_BACSU  O31831      118     yoaQ
BSU18709                 YOZT_BACSU  C0H421      79      yozT
BSU18710                 YOZF_BACSU  O31832      165     yozF
BSU18720                 YOAR_BACSU  O34611      303     yoaR
BSU18730                 YOAS_BACSU  O31833      160     yoaS
BSU18740                 YOZG_BACSU  O31834      84      yozG
BSU18750                 YOAT_BACSU  O34535      264     yoaT
BSU18760                 YOAU_BACSU  O34701      290     yoaU
BSU18770                 YOAV_BACSU  O34416      292     yoaV
BSU18780                 YOAW_BACSU  O34541      143     yoaW
BSU18790                 YOAZ_BACSU  O34947      210     yoaZ
BSU18800                 BLAC_BACSU  P39824      306     penP
BSU18810                 YOBA_BACSU  O31835      120     yobA
BSU18820                 YOBB_BACSU  O31836      87      yobB
BSU18830                 PPS_BACSU   O34309      866     pps
BSU18840                 XYNA_BACSU  P18429      213     xynA
BSU18849                 YOZV_BACSU  C0H423      79      yozV
BSU18850                 YOBD_BACSU  O34647      112     yobD
BSU18860                 YOZH_BACSU  O31837      118     yozH
BSU18870                 YOZI_BACSU  O31838      121     yozI
BSU18880                 YOBE_BACSU  O34915      219     yobE
BSU18890                 YOBF_BACSU  O34780      307     yobF
BSU18898                 YOZW_BACSU  C0H424      57      yozW
BSU18899                 YOZX_BACSU  C0H425      74      yozX
BSU18900                 YOZJ_BACSU  O31839      151     yozJ
BSU18908                 YOZY_BACSU  C0H426      86      yozY
BSU18910                 RAPK_BACSU  O34930      371     rapK; yobG
BSU18920                 PHRK_BACSU  O31840      40      phrK
BSU18930                 YOBH_BACSU  C0SPA8      217     yobH
BSU18940                 YOZK_BACSU  O31841      115     yozK
BSU18950                 YOZL_BACSU  O31842      97      yozL
BSU18960                 YOZM_BACSU  O31843      111     yozM
BSU18970                 YOBI_BACSU  O34784      1201    yobI
BSU18980                 YOBJ_BACSU  O34774      280     yobJ
BSU18990                 YOBK_BACSU  O34596      152     yobK
BSU19000                 YOBL_BACSU  O34330      600     yobL
BSU19010                 YOBM_BACSU  O34377      185     yobM
BSU19020                 YOBN_BACSU  O34363      478     yobN
BSU19030                 YOBO_BACSU  O34433      806     yobO
BSU19040                 CSAA_BACSU  P37584      110     csaA
BSU19050                 YOBQ_BACSU  O34901      241     yobQ
BSU19060                 YOBR_BACSU  O34376      247     yobR
BSU19070                 YOBS_BACSU  O34892      191     yobS
BSU19080                 YOBT_BACSU  O34910      233     yobT
BSU19090                 YOBU_BACSU  O34637      160     yobU
BSU19100                 YOBV_BACSU  O34920      313     yobV
BSU19110                 CSK22_BACSU P94497      181     csk22; yobW
BSU19120                 CZRA_BACSU  O31844      107     czrA; yozA
BSU19130                 YOCA_BACSU  O34636      225     yocA
BSU19140                 YOZB_BACSU  O31845      178     yozB
BSU19150                 YOCB_BACSU  O34516      260     yocB
BSU19160                 YOCC_BACSU  O35042      165     yocC
BSU19170                 YOCD_BACSU  O35046      325     yocD
BSU19180                 DES_BACSU   O34653      352     des; desA; yocE
BSU19190                 DESK_BACSU  O34757      370     desK; yocF
BSU19200                 DESR_BACSU  O34723      199     desR; yocG
BSU19210                 YOCH_BACSU  O34669      287     yocH
BSU19220                 RECQ_BACSU  O34748      591     recQ; yocI
BSU19230                 AZOR1_BACSU O35022      208     azoR1; yocJ
BSU19240                 G16O_BACSU  P80872      163     yocK
BSU19250                 YOCL_BACSU  O34976      110     yocL
BSU19259                 YOYB_BACSU  C0H429      75      yoyB
BSU19260                 SLTSR_BACSU O34321      158     yocM
BSU19270                 YOZN_BACSU  O31846      87      yozN
BSU19280                 YOCN_BACSU  O34855      77      yocN
BSU19290                 YOZO_BACSU  O31847      114     yozO
BSU19300                 YOZC_BACSU  O31848      67      yozC
BSU19310                 ALDH4_BACSU O34660      495     dhaS
BSU19320                 SQHC_BACSU  Q796C3      632     sqhC
BSU19330                 SODF_BACSU  O35023      281     sodF
BSU19340                 YOCR_BACSU  O34383      445     yocR
BSU19350                 YOCS_BACSU  O34524      321     yocS
BSU19360                 ODO2_BACSU  P16263      417     odhB; citM
BSU19370                 ODO1_BACSU  P23129      944     odhA; citK
BSU19380                 YOJO_BACSU  O31849      638     yojO
BSU19390                 YOJN_BACSU  O31850      304     yojN
BSU19400                 YOJM_BACSU  O31851      196     yojM
BSU19410                 CWLS_BACSU  O31852      414     cwlS; yojL
BSU19420                 YOJK_BACSU  O31853      405     yojK
BSU19430                 CDAS_BACSU  O31854      207     cdaS; dacB; yojJ
BSU19440                 NORM_BACSU  O31855      452     norM; yojI
BSU19450                 RSBRC_BACSU O31856      282     rsbRC; yojH
BSU19460                 BSHB2_BACSU O31857      221     bshB2; yojG
BSU19470                 YOJF_BACSU  O31858      116     yojF
BSU19479                 YOYC_BACSU  O68260      92      yoyC; yojE
BSU19480                 YOJE_BACSU  O31859      298     yojE; yojD
BSU19490                 GERT_BACSU  Q7WY67      157     gerT; yozR
BSU19510                 YOJB_BACSU  O31861      78      yojB
BSU19520                 YOJA_BACSU  O31862      444     yojA
BSU19530                 YOLI_BACSU  O34882      129     yolI; yodA
BSU19540                 YODB_BACSU  O34844      112     yodB
BSU19550                 YODC_BACSU  P81102      202     yodC; yolG
BSU19560                 MHQD_BACSU  O34842      200     mhqD; yodD; yolF
BSU19570                 MHQE_BACSU  O34543      303     mhqE; yodE
BSU19579                 YOYD_BACSU  C0H431      66      yoyD
BSU19580                 YODF_BACSU  O34745      496     yodF
BSU19590                 CTPA_BACSU  O34666      466     ctpA; orfRM1
BSU19600                 YODH_BACSU  O34954      233     yodH; yolB
BSU19610                 YODI_BACSU  O34654      83      yodI; yolA
BSU19620                 YODJ_BACSU  O34866      273     yodJ; yokZ
BSU19630                 DEOD_BACSU  O34925      233     deoD; punB
BSU19639                 YOYE_BACSU  C0H432      41      yoyE
BSU19640                 YODL_BACSU  O30472      104     yodL; yokX
BSU19650                 PGPB_BACSU  O34349      203     pgpB; yodM
BSU19660                 YOZD_BACSU  O31863      58      yozD
BSU19669                 YOYF_BACSU  C0H433      47      yoyF
BSU19670                 YODN_BACSU  O34414      226     yodN; yokV
BSU19680                 YOZE_BACSU  O31864      74      yozE
BSU19689                 YOKU_BACSU  C0H434      92      yokU
BSU19690                 KAMA_BACSU  O34676      471     kamA
BSU19700                 YODP_BACSU  O34895      275     yodP; yokR
BSU19710                 YODQ_BACSU  O34984      436     yodQ; argE; yokP
BSU19720                 YODR_BACSU  O34466      217     yodR; yokO
BSU19730                 YODS_BACSU  O34317      229     yodS; yokN
BSU19740                 YODT_BACSU  O34662      444     yodT; yokM
BSU19749                 YOYG_BACSU  C0H435      37      yoyG
BSU19750                 CGEE_BACSU  P42093      259     cgeE; cgeBC
BSU19760                 CGED_BACSU  P42092      426     cgeD; cgeBB
BSU19770                 CGEC_BACSU  P42091      101     cgeC; cgeBA
BSU19780                 CGEA_BACSU  P42089      133     cgeA; cgeAA
BSU19790                 CGEB_BACSU  P42090      317     cgeB; cgeAB
BSU19800                 PHYT_BACSU  P42094      382     phy; yodV; yzxA
BSU19820                 YOTN_BACSU  O34850      58      yotN; yokJ
BSU19830                 YOTM_BACSU  O34820      195     yotM; yodV; yokI
BSU19840                 YOTL_BACSU  O31865      80      yotL; yokH
BSU19850                 YOTK_BACSU  O31866      61      yotK
BSU19860                 YOTJ_BACSU  O34699      70      yotJ; yokG
BSU19870                 YOTI_BACSU  Q796A8      120     yotI; yodW; yokF
BSU19880                 YOTH_BACSU  O31867      57      yotH
BSU19890                 YOTG_BACSU  O31868      105     yotG
BSU19900                 YOTF_BACSU  O31869      25      yotF
BSU19910                 YOTE_BACSU  O31870      48      yotE
BSU19920                 YOTD_BACSU  O34407      43      yotD; yokD
BSU19930                 YOTC_BACSU  O34702      63      yotC; yokC
BSU19940                 YOTB_BACSU  O34642      275     yotB; yokB
BSU19950                 SSPC_BACSU  P02958      72      sspC
BSU19970                 YOSX_BACSU  P68583      117     yosX; yojZ
BSU19980                 YOSW_BACSU  O31872      113     yosW
BSU19990                 YOSV_BACSU  O34537      96      yosV; yojX
BSU19999                 YOJW_BACSU  O30602      55      yojW
BSU20000                 YOSU_BACSU  O31873      81      yosU
BSU20010                 YOST_BACSU  O34775      149     yosT; yojV
BSU20020                 YOSS_BACSU  O34919      142     yosS; yojU
BSU20030                 YOSR_BACSU  O34342      80      yosR; yojT
BSU20040                 YOSP_BACSU  O30601      329     yosP; yojQ/yojS
BSU20050                 YOSQ_BACSU  O34479      173     yosQ; yojR
BSU20060                 NRDEB_BACSU O31875      1084    nrdEB; yojP; yosN
BSU20070                 NRDIB_BACSU P68524      129     nrdIB; yosM
BSU20080                 YOSL_BACSU  O31877      117     yosL
BSU20090                 YOSK_BACSU  O31878      66      yosK
BSU20100                 YOSJ_BACSU  O31879      64      yosJ
BSU20110                 YOSI_BACSU  O31880      44      yosI
BSU20120                 YOSH_BACSU  O31881      156     yosH
BSU20130                 YOSG_BACSU  O31882      120     yosG
BSU20140                 YOSF_BACSU  O31883      41      yosF
BSU20150                 YOSE_BACSU  O31884      115     yosE
BSU20160                 YOSD_BACSU  O31885      131     yosD
BSU20170                 YOSC_BACSU  O31886      180     yosC
BSU20180                 YOSB_BACSU  O31887      59      yosB
BSU20190                 YOSA_BACSU  O31888      39      yosA
BSU20200                 YORZ_BACSU  O31889      70      yorZ
BSU20210                 YORY_BACSU  O31890      60      yorY
BSU20220                 YORX_BACSU  O31891      75      yorX
BSU20230                 YORW_BACSU  O31892      121     yorW
BSU20240                 YORV_BACSU  O31893      72      yorV
BSU20250                 MTBP_BACSU  P68585      443     mtbP
BSU20260                 YORT_BACSU  O31894      39      yorT
BSU20270                 53DR_BACSU  P68522      172     yorS
BSU20280                 YORR_BACSU  O31896      165     yorR
BSU20290                 YORQ_BACSU  O31897      51      yorQ
BSU20300                 YORP_BACSU  O31898      71      yorP
BSU20310                 YORO_BACSU  O31899      65      yorO
BSU20320                 YORN_BACSU  O31900      49      yorN
BSU20330                 YORM_BACSU  O31901      238     yorM
BSU20340                 YORL_BACSU  O31902      1305    yorL
BSU20350                 YORK_BACSU  O31903      576     yorK
BSU20360                 YORJ_BACSU  O31904      378     yorJ
BSU20370                 YORI_BACSU  O31905      504     yorI
BSU20380                 YORH_BACSU  O31906      156     yorH
BSU20390                 YORG_BACSU  O31907      323     yorG
BSU20400                 YORF_BACSU  O31908      304     yorF
BSU20410                 YORE_BACSU  O31909      123     yorE
BSU20420                 SCP1_BACSU  P68575      104     yorD
BSU20430                 YORC_BACSU  O31910      126     yorC
BSU20440                 YORB_BACSU  O31911      98      yorB
BSU20450                 YORA_BACSU  O31912      586     yorA
BSU20460                 YOQZ_BACSU  O31913      274     yoqZ
BSU20470                 YOQY_BACSU  O31914      131     yoqY
BSU20480                 YOQX_BACSU  O31915      73      yoqX
BSU20490                 YOQW_BACSU  O31916      224     yoqW
BSU20500                 LIGB_BACSU  O31917      270     ligB; yoqV
BSU20510                 YOQU_BACSU  O31918      137     yoqU
BSU20520                 YOQT_BACSU  O31919      49      yoqT
BSU20530                 YOQS_BACSU  O31920      115     yoqS
BSU20540                 YOQR_BACSU  O31921      118     yoqR
BSU20550                 YOQP_BACSU  O31922      113     yoqP
BSU20560                 YOQO_BACSU  O31923      124     yoqO
BSU20570                 YOQN_BACSU  O31924      72      yoqN
BSU20580                 YOQM_BACSU  O31925      92      yoqM
BSU20590                 YOQL_BACSU  O34581      230     yoqL
BSU20600                 YOQK_BACSU  O34326      67      yoqK
BSU20610                 YOQJ_BACSU  O34359      171     yoqJ
BSU20620                 YOQI_BACSU  O34339      64      yoqI
BSU20630                 YOQH_BACSU  O34999      150     yoqH
BSU20640                 YOQG_BACSU  O35030      85      yoqG
BSU20650                 YOQF_BACSU  O34584      67      yoqF
BSU20660                 YOQE_BACSU  O34429      54      yoqE
BSU20670                 YOQD_BACSU  O34449      251     yoqD
BSU20680                 YOQC_BACSU  O34834      135     yoqC
BSU20690                 YOQB_BACSU  O34831      112     yoqB
BSU20700                 YOQA_BACSU  O34988      116     yoqA
BSU20710                 YOPZ_BACSU  O34509      67      yopZ
BSU20720                 YOPY_BACSU  O34730      92      yopY
BSU20730                 YOPX_BACSU  O34401      134     yopX
BSU20740                 YOPW_BACSU  O34838      111     yopW
BSU20750                 YOPV_BACSU  O34869      64      yopV
BSU20760                 YOPU_BACSU  O34937      65      yopU
BSU20770                 YOPT_BACSU  O34498      72      yopT
BSU20780                 YOPS_BACSU  O34766      74      yopS
BSU20790                 YOPR_BACSU  O34558      325     yopR
BSU20800                 YOPQ_BACSU  O34448      460     yopQ
BSU20810                 YOPP_BACSU  O34336      358     yopP
BSU20820                 YOPO_BACSU  O34791      70      yopO
BSU20830                 YOPN_BACSU  P68581      105     yopN
BSU20840                 YOPM_BACSU  O34605      66      yopM
BSU20850                 YOPL_BACSU  O31926      41      yopL
BSU20860                 YOPK_BACSU  O31927      386     yopK
BSU20870                 YOPJ_BACSU  O31928      138     yopJ
BSU20880                 YOPI_BACSU  O31929      177     yopI
BSU20890                 YOPH_BACSU  O31930      178     yopH
BSU20900                 YOPG_BACSU  O31931      43      yopG
BSU20910                 YOPF_BACSU  O31932      71      yopF
BSU20920                 YOPE_BACSU  O31933      83      yopE
BSU20928                 YOYH_BACSU  C0H437      59      yoyH
BSU20929                 YOYI_BACSU  C0H438      76      yoyI
BSU20930                 YOPD_BACSU  O31934      131     yopD
BSU20940                 YOPC_BACSU  O31935      442     yopC
BSU20950                 YOPB_BACSU  O31936      75      yopB
BSU20960                 YOPA_BACSU  O31937      438     yopA
BSU20970                 YONX_BACSU  O31938      168     yonX
BSU20980                 YONV_BACSU  O31939      410     yonV
BSU20990                 YONU_BACSU  O31940      62      yonU
BSU20999                 YOYJ_BACSU  C0H439      83      yoyJ
BSU21000                 YONT_BACSU  O31941      58      yonT
BSU21010                 YONS_BACSU  O31942      203     yonS
BSU21020                 YONR_BACSU  O31943      108     yonR
BSU21030                 YONP_BACSU  O31944      64      yonP
BSU21040                 YONO_BACSU  O31945      839     yonO
BSU21050                 DBH2_BACSU  P68573      92      hup2; yonN
BSU21060                 YONK_BACSU  O31947      63      yonK
BSU21070                 YONJ_BACSU  O31948      405     yonJ
BSU21080                 YONI_BACSU  O31949      136     yonI
BSU21090                 YONH_BACSU  O31950      166     yonH
BSU21100                 YONG_BACSU  O31951      306     yonG
BSU21110                 YONF_BACSU  O31952      589     yonF
BSU21120                 YONE_BACSU  O31953      506     yonE
BSU21130                 YOND_BACSU  O31954      478     yonD
BSU21140                 YONC_BACSU  O31955      178     yonC
BSU21150                 YONB_BACSU  O31956      338     yonB
BSU21160                 YONA_BACSU  O31957      156     yonA
BSU21170                 YOMZ_BACSU  O31958      131     yomZ
BSU21180                 YOMY_BACSU  O31959      84      yomY
BSU21190                 YOMX_BACSU  O31960      216     yomX
BSU21200                 YOMW_BACSU  O31961      168     yomW
BSU21210                 YOMV_BACSU  O31962      236     yomV
BSU21220                 YOMU_BACSU  O31963      265     yomU
BSU21229                 YOUA_BACSU  C0H440      203     youA
BSU21230                 YOMT_BACSU  O31964      75      yomT
BSU21240                 YOMS_BACSU  O31965      118     yomS
BSU21250                 YOMR_BACSU  O31966      405     yomR
BSU21260                 YOMQ_BACSU  O31967      116     yomQ
BSU21270                 YOMP_BACSU  O31968      63      yomP
BSU21280                 YOMO_BACSU  O31969      166     yomO
BSU21290                 YOMN_BACSU  O31970      139     yomN
BSU21300                 YOMM_BACSU  O31971      333     yomM
BSU21310                 YOZP_BACSU  O31972      109     yozP
BSU21320                 YOML_BACSU  O31973      228     yomL
BSU21329                 YDZM_BACSU  Q9K3A9      58      youB
BSU21330                 YOMK_BACSU  O31974      148     yomK
BSU21340                 YOMJ_BACSU  O31975      227     yomJ
BSU21350                 YOMI_BACSU  O31976      2285    yomI
BSU21360                 YOMH_BACSU  O31977      252     yomH
BSU21370                 YOMG_BACSU  O31978      875     yomG
BSU21380                 YOMF_BACSU  O31979      273     yomF
BSU21390                 YOME_BACSU  O31980      644     yomE
BSU21400                 YOMD_BACSU  O31981      274     yomD
BSU21410                 BLYA_BACSU  O31982      367     blyA; yomC
BSU21420                 BHLA_BACSU  O31983      70      bhlA; yomB
BSU21430                 BHLB_BACSU  O31984      88      bhlB; yomA
BSU21440                 BDBB_BACSU  P68571      148     bdbB; yolK
BSU21450                 SUNS_BACSU  O31986      422     sunS; yolJ
BSU21460                 BDBA_BACSU  P68569      137     bdbA; yolI
BSU21470                 SUNT_BACSU  P68579      705     sunT; yolH
BSU21480                 SUNA_BACSU  P68577      56      sunA; yolG
BSU21490                 SUNI_BACSU  O31989      105     sunI; yolF
BSU21500                 UVRX_BACSU  O31990      416     uvrX
BSU21510                 YOLD_BACSU  O31991      110     yolD
BSU21520                 YOLC_BACSU  O31992      111     yolC
BSU21530                 YOLB_BACSU  O31993      118     yolB
BSU21540                 YOLA_BACSU  O31994      155     yolA
BSU21550                 YOKL_BACSU  O31995      177     yokL
BSU21560                 YOKK_BACSU  O31996      192     yokK
BSU21570                 YOKJ_BACSU  O31997      165     yokJ
BSU21580                 YOKI_BACSU  O31998      571     yokI
BSU21590                 YOKH_BACSU  O31999      185     yokH
BSU21600                 YOKG_BACSU  O32000      357     yokG
BSU21610                 YOKF_BACSU  O32001      296     yokF
BSU21620                 YOKE_BACSU  O32002      160     yokE
BSU21630                 YOKD_BACSU  O32003      272     yokD
BSU21640                 YOKC_BACSU  O32004      171     yokC
BSU21650                 YOKB_BACSU  O32005      236     yokB
BSU21660                 YOKA_BACSU  O32006      545     yokA
BSU21680                 MSRB_BACSU  P54155      143     msrB; yppQ
BSU21690                 MSRA_BACSU  P54154      177     msrA; yppP
BSU21700                 YPOP_BACSU  P54182      141     ypoP
BSU21710                 YPNP_BACSU  P54181      445     ypnP
BSU21720                 YPMT_BACSU  P54180      64      ypmT
BSU21730                 YPMS_BACSU  P54179      187     ypmS
BSU21740                 YPMR_BACSU  P40766      255     ypmR; yzjA
BSU21750                 SCO1_BACSU  P54178      193     ypmQ
BSU21760                 YPMP_BACSU  P54177      83      ypmP
BSU21770                 ILVA_BACSU  P37946      422     ilvA
BSU21780                 YPLP_BACSU  P54156      331     yplP
BSU21790                 HLY3_BACSU  P54175      213     yplQ
BSU21800                 YPKP_BACSU  P54174      206     ypkP
BSU21810                 DYR_BACSU   P11045      168     dfrA
BSU21820                 TYSY2_BACSU P11044      264     thyA2; thyB
BSU21830                 YPJQ_BACSU  P54173      177     ypjQ
BSU21840                 YPJP_BACSU  P54172      203     ypjP
BSU21850                 YPIP_BACSU  P54171      257     ypiP
BSU21860                 YPHP_BACSU  P54170      144     yphP
BSU21870                 ILVD_BACSU  P51785      558     ilvD
BSU21880                 YPGR_BACSU  P54169      377     ypgR
BSU21890                 YPGQ_BACSU  P54168      205     ypgQ
BSU21900                 BSAA_BACSU  P52035      160     bsaA
BSU21910                 METAA_BACSU P54167      301     metAA; metA; metB
BSU21920                 UGTP_BACSU  P54166      382     ugtP; ypfP
BSU21930                 CSPD_BACSU  P51777      66      cspD
BSU21940                 DEGR_BACSU  P68731      60      degR; prtR
BSU21950                 YPZA_BACSU  O32007      89      ypzA
BSU21960                 YPEQ_BACSU  P54165      60      ypeQ
BSU21970                 YPEP_BACSU  P54164      226     ypeP
BSU21980                 QPTR_BACSU  P54163      229     ypdP
BSU21990                 RNHL_BACSU  P54162      132     rnhA; ypdQ
BSU22000                 SSPL_BACSU  Q7WY66      42      sspL
BSU22010                 EX53_BACSU  P54161      296     ypcP
BSU22019                 YPZF_BACSU  C0H443      48      ypzF
BSU22020                 YPBS_BACSU  P54160      85      ypbS
BSU22030                 YPBR_BACSU  P54159      1193    ypbR
BSU22040                 YPBQ_BACSU  P54158      168     ypbQ
BSU22050                 BCSA_BACSU  P54157      365     bcsA
BSU22060                 PBUX_BACSU  P42086      438     pbuX; ypaQ
BSU22070                 XPT_BACSU   P42085      194     xpt
BSU22080                 CBP1_BACSU  P50848      501     ypwA
BSU22090                 KDGT_BACSU  P50847      330     kdgT
BSU22100                 ALKH_BACSU  P50846      196     kdgA
BSU22110                 KDGK_BACSU  P50845      324     kdgK
BSU22120                 KDGR_BACSU  P50844      339     kdgR
BSU22130                 KDUI_BACSU  P50843      275     kduI
BSU22140                 KDUD_BACSU  P50842      254     kduD
BSU22150                 YPVA_BACSU  P50831      641     ypvA
BSU22160                 YPTA_BACSU  P50841      63      yptA
BSU22169                 YPZG_BACSU  C0H444      50      ypzG
BSU22170                 YPSC_BACSU  P50840      385     ypsC
BSU22180                 GPSB_BACSU  P0CI74      98      gpsB; ypsB
BSU22190                 YPSA_BACSU  P50838      180     ypsA
BSU22200                 COTD_BACSU  P07791      75      cotD
BSU22210                 YPRB_BACSU  P50837      413     yprB
BSU22220                 YPRA_BACSU  P50830      749     yprA
BSU22230                 YPQE_BACSU  P50829      168     ypqE
BSU22240                 YPQA_BACSU  P50836      139     ypqA
BSU22250                 YPPG_BACSU  P50835      125     yppG
BSU22260                 YPPF_BACSU  P50834      62      yppF
BSU22270                 YPPE_BACSU  P50833      123     yppE
BSU22280                 YPPD_BACSU  P50832      81      yppD
BSU22290                 SSPM_BACSU  Q7WY65      34      sspM
BSU22300                 YPPC_BACSU  P39791      320     yppC
BSU22310                 RECU_BACSU  P39792      206     recU; prfA; yppB
BSU22320                 PBPA_BACSU  P39793      914     ponA
BSU22330                 YPOC_BACSU  P39789      164     ypoC; jooC
BSU22340                 END3_BACSU  P39788      219     nth; jooB; ypoB
BSU22350                 DNAD_BACSU  P39787      232     dnaD
BSU22360                 SYN_BACSU   P39772      430     asnS
BSU22370                 AAT1_BACSU  P53001      393     aspB
BSU22380                 YPMB_BACSU  P54396      161     ypmB
BSU22390                 YPMA_BACSU  P54395      56      ypmA
BSU22400                 DING_BACSU  P54394      931     dinG
BSU22410                 PAND_BACSU  P52999      127     panD
BSU22420                 PANC_BACSU  P52998      286     panC
BSU22430                 PANB_BACSU  P52996      277     panB
BSU22440                 BIRA_BACSU  P0CI75      325     birA
BSU22450                 CCA_BACSU   P42977      397     cca; papS; ypjI
BSU22460                 BSHA_BACSU  P42982      377     bshA; jojH; ypjH
BSU22470                 BSHB1_BACSU P42981      236     bshB1; jojG; ypjG
BSU22480                 MGSA_BACSU  P42980      137     mgsA; ypjF
BSU22490                 DAPB_BACSU  P42976      267     dapB
BSU22500                 YPJD_BACSU  P42979      111     ypjD; jojD
BSU22510                 YPJC_BACSU  P42978      290     ypjC; jojC
BSU22520                 YPJB_BACSU  P54393      264     ypjB
BSU22530                 YPJA_BACSU  P54392      185     ypjA
BSU22540                 QCRC_BACSU  P46913      255     qcrC; bfcC
BSU22550                 QCRB_BACSU  P46912      224     qcrB; bfcB
BSU22560                 QCRA_BACSU  P46911      167     qcrA; bfcA
BSU22570                 YPIF_BACSU  P54391      148     ypiF
BSU22580                 YPIB_BACSU  P54390      179     ypiB
BSU22590                 YPIA_BACSU  P54389      423     ypiA
BSU22600                 AROA_BACSU  P20691      428     aroA; aroE
BSU22610                 TYRA_BACSU  P20692      371     tyrA
BSU22620                 HIS8_BACSU  P17731      360     hisC; hisH
BSU22630                 TRPA_BACSU  P07601      267     trpA
BSU22640                 TRPB_BACSU  P07600      400     trpB
BSU22650                 TRPF_BACSU  P20167      215     trpF
BSU22660                 TRPC_BACSU  P03964      249     trpC
BSU22670                 TRPD_BACSU  P03947      338     trpD
BSU22680                 TRPE_BACSU  P03963      515     trpE
BSU22690                 AROH_BACSU  P19080      127     aroH
BSU22700                 AROB_BACSU  P31102      362     aroB
BSU22710                 AROC_BACSU  P31104      390     aroC; aroF
BSU22720                 CHER_BACSU  P31105      256     cheR
BSU22730                 NDK_BACSU   P31103      149     ndk
BSU22740                 HEPS2_BACSU P31114      348     hepT; gerC3; gerCC; hepB
BSU22750                 MENG_BACSU  P31113      233     menG; gerC2; gerCB; menH
BSU22760                 HEPS1_BACSU P31112      251     hepS; gerC1; gerCA; hepA
BSU22770                 MTRB_BACSU  P19466      75      mtrB
BSU22780                 GCH1_BACSU  P19465      190     folE; mtrA
BSU22790                 DBH1_BACSU  P08821      92      hupA; dbpA; hbs; hbsU
BSU22800                 SP4A_BACSU  P35149      492     spoIVA; spoVP
BSU22810                 YPHF_BACSU  P39911      244     yphF; johF
BSU22820                 YPHE_BACSU  P50744      67      yphE
BSU22830                 GPDA_BACSU  P46919      345     gpsA; glyC
BSU22840                 DER_BACSU   P50743      436     der; engA; yphC
BSU22849                 YPZH_BACSU  C0H445      64      ypzH
BSU22850                 YPHB_BACSU  P50742      297     yphB
BSU22860                 YPHA_BACSU  P50741      199     yphA
BSU22869                 YPZI_BACSU  C0H446      45      ypzI
BSU22870                 IDI2_BACSU  P50740      349     fni; idi; ypgA
BSU22880                 RS1H_BACSU  P38494      382     ypfD; jofD
BSU22890                 KCY_BACSU   P38493      224     cmk; jofC; ypfC
BSU22900                 YPFB_BACSU  P38492      58      ypfB; jofB
BSU22910                 YPFA_BACSU  P38491      217     ypfA; jofA
BSU22920                 YPEB_BACSU  P38490      450     ypeB; joeB; yzuA
BSU22930                 SLEB_BACSU  P50739      305     sleB; ypeA
BSU22940                 PRSW_BACSU  P50738      218     prsW; ypdC
BSU22950                 YPDA_BACSU  P50736      324     ypdA
BSU22960                 GUDB_BACSU  P50735      427     gudB; ypcA
BSU22970                 MECA2_BACSU P50734      194     mecB; ypbH
BSU22980                 YPBG_BACSU  P50733      259     ypbG
BSU22990                 YPBF_BACSU  P50732      147     ypbF
BSU23000                 YPBE_BACSU  P50731      240     ypbE
BSU23010                 YPBD_BACSU  P50730      189     ypbD
BSU23020                 RECS_BACSU  P50729      496     recS; ypbC
BSU23030                 YPBB_BACSU  P50728      352     ypbB
BSU23040                 FER_BACSU   P50727      82      fer; ypbA
BSU23050                 FMNP_BACSU  P50726      190     fmnP; ribU; ypaA
BSU23070                 SERA_BACSU  P35136      525     serA
BSU23080                 AROD_BACSU  P35146      255     aroD; aroC
BSU23090                 RSIX_BACSU  P35166      368     rsiX; ypuN
BSU23100                 SIGX_BACSU  P35165      194     sigX; ypuM
BSU23110                 RESE_BACSU  P35164      589     resE; ypxE
BSU23120                 RESD_BACSU  P35163      240     resD; ypxD
BSU23130                 RESC_BACSU  P35162      391     resC; ypxC
BSU23140                 RESB_BACSU  P35161      542     resB; ypxB
BSU23150                 RESA_BACSU  P35160      179     resA; ypxA
BSU23160                 RLUB_BACSU  P35159      244     rluB; ypuL
BSU23170                 SPMB_BACSU  P35158      178     spmB; ypuK
BSU23180                 SPMA_BACSU  P35157      196     spmA; ypuJ
BSU23190                 DACB_BACSU  P35150      382     dacB
BSU23200                 YPUI_BACSU  P35156      179     ypuI
BSU23210                 SCPB_BACSU  P35155      197     scpB; ypuH
BSU23220                 SCPA_BACSU  P35154      251     scpA; ypuG
BSU23230                 YPUF_BACSU  P17617      174     ypuF
BSU23240                 RIBT_BACSU  P17622      124     ribT
BSU23250                 RISB_BACSU  P11998      154     ribH
BSU23260                 RIBBA_BACSU P17620      398     ribBA; ribA
BSU23270                 RISA_BACSU  P16440      215     ribE; ribB
BSU23280                 RIBD_BACSU  P17618      361     ribD; ribG
BSU23290                 YPUE_BACSU  P35153      50      ypuE
BSU23300                 YPUD_BACSU  P17616      114     ypuD
BSU23310                 LEPS_BACSU  P28628      184     sipS
BSU23320                 YPZC_BACSU  O32012      78      ypzC
BSU23328                 YPZJ_BACSU  C0H447      68      ypzJ
BSU23340                 YPUB_BACSU  P35151      67      ypuB
BSU23350                 YPZD_BACSU  O32013      70      ypzD
BSU23360                 PPIB_BACSU  P35137      143     ppiB
BSU23370                 YPUA_BACSU  P31847      290     ypuA
BSU23380                 DCDA_BACSU  P23630      439     lysA; lys
BSU23390                 SP5AF_BACSU P31845      493     spoVAF
BSU23401                 S5AEA_BACSU P40870      203     spoVAEA; spoVAE
BSU23402                 S5AEB_BACSU C0H450      116     spoVAEB
BSU23410                 SP5AD_BACSU P40869      338     spoVAD
BSU23420                 SP5AC_BACSU P40868      150     spoVAC
BSU23430                 SP5AB_BACSU P40867      141     spoVAB
BSU23440                 SP5AA_BACSU P40866      206     spoVAA
BSU23450                 RPSF_BACSU  P07860      255     sigF; spoIIAC
BSU23460                 SP2AB_BACSU P10728      146     spoIIAB
BSU23470                 SP2AA_BACSU P10727      117     spoIIAA
BSU23480                 DACF_BACSU  P38422      389     dacF
BSU23490                 PUNA_BACSU  P46354      271     punA; deoD; pnp; yqkO
BSU23500                 DEOB_BACSU  P46353      394     drm; yqkN
BSU23510                 XERD_BACSU  P46352      296     xerD; ripX; ykqM
BSU23519                 YQZK_BACSU  C0H451      75      yqzK
BSU23520                 FUR_BACSU   P54574      149     fur; yqkL
BSU23530                 SP2M_BACSU  P37873      214     spoIIM
BSU23540                 YQKK_BACSU  P54573      71      yqkK
BSU23550                 MAO1_BACSU  P54572      439     yqkJ
BSU23560                 MLEN_BACSU  P54571      468     mleN; yqkI
BSU23570                 ASPA_BACSU  P26899      475     ansB
BSU23580                 ASPG1_BACSU P26900      329     ansA
BSU23590                 ANSR_BACSU  Q07683      116     ansR
BSU23600                 YQXK_BACSU  P38423      387     yqxK; yqkH
BSU23610                 ADPP_BACSU  P54570      185     nudF; yqkG
BSU_23616                MCIZ_BACSU  L8EBJ9      40      mciZ
BSU23620                 YQKF_BACSU  P54569      306     yqkF
BSU23630                 YQKE_BACSU  P54568      74      yqkE
BSU23640                 YQKD_BACSU  P54567      305     yqkD
BSU23650                 YQKC_BACSU  P54566      79      yqkC
BSU23660                 YQKB_BACSU  P54565      107     yqkB
BSU23670                 YQKA_BACSU  P54564      343     yqkA
BSU23680                 YQJZ_BACSU  P54563      114     yqjZ
BSU23690                 YQJY_BACSU  P54562      156     yqjY
BSU23700                 YQJX_BACSU  P54561      112     yqjX
BSU23710                 DPO42_BACSU P54560      412     dinB2; yqjW
BSU23720                 YQZH_BACSU  O32014      68      yqzH
BSU23730                 YQJV_BACSU  P54559      410     yqjV
BSU23740                 YQJU_BACSU  P54558      52      yqjU
BSU23750                 YQJT_BACSU  P54557      128     yqjT
BSU23760                 COAA_BACSU  P54556      319     coaA; yqjS
BSU23770                 SDHD_BACSU  P54555      448     dsdA; yqjR
BSU23780                 YQJQ_BACSU  P54554      259     yqjQ
BSU23790                 YQJP_BACSU  P54553      319     yqjP
BSU23800                 P5CR2_BACSU P54552      278     proI; yqjO
BSU23810                 YQJN_BACSU  P54551      547     yqjN
BSU23820                 NAMA_BACSU  P54550      338     namA; yqjM
BSU23830                 YQJL_BACSU  P54549      253     yqjL
BSU23840                 RNZ_BACSU   P54548      307     rnz; yqjK
BSU23850                 G6PD_BACSU  P54547      489     zwf; yqjJ
BSU23860                 6PGD_BACSU  P80859      469     gndA; yqjI
BSU23870                 DPO41_BACSU P54545      414     dinB1; yqjH
BSU23880                 MIFM_BACSU  Q7WY64      95      mifM; yqzJ
BSU23890                 MISCB_BACSU P54544      275     misCB; yqjG
BSU23900                 YQJF_BACSU  P54543      242     yqjF
BSU23910                 YQJE_BACSU  P54542      371     yqjE
BSU23920                 PCCB_BACSU  P54541      507     yqjD
BSU23930                 YQJC_BACSU  P54540      140     yqjC
BSU23940                 YQJB_BACSU  P54539      176     yqjB
BSU23950                 YQJA_BACSU  P54538      322     yqjA
BSU23960                 ARTM_BACSU  P54537      240     artM; yqiZ
BSU23970                 ARTQ_BACSU  P54536      219     artQ; yqiY
BSU23980                 ARTP_BACSU  P54535      255     artP; yqiX
BSU23990                 YQIW_BACSU  P54534      145     yqiW
BSU24000                 BMRU_BACSU  P39074      297     bmrU
BSU24010                 BMR1_BACSU  P33449      389     bmr; bmr1
BSU24020                 BMRR_BACSU  P39075      278     bmrR; bmr1R
BSU24030                 ODB2_BACSU  P37942      424     bfmBB; bfmB; bfmB2
BSU24040                 ODBB_BACSU  P37941      327     bfmBAB; bfmB1b
BSU24050                 ODBA_BACSU  P37940      330     bfmBAA; bfmB1a
BSU24060                 DLDH2_BACSU P54533      474     bfmBC; yqiV
BSU24070                 BUK_BACSU   P54532      363     buk; yqiU
BSU24080                 DHLE_BACSU  P54531      364     yqiT
BSU24090                 PTB_BACSU   P54530      299     yqiS
BSU24100                 YQIR_BACSU  P54529      692     yqiR
BSU24110                 YQZF_BACSU  O32015      78      yqzF
BSU24120                 MMGF_BACSU  P54528      301     mmgF; prpB; yqiQ
BSU24130                 MMGE_BACSU  P45859      472     mmgE; prpD; yqiP
BSU24140                 MMGD_BACSU  P45858      372     mmgD; yqiO
BSU24150                 ACDB_BACSU  P45857      379     mmgC; yqiN
BSU24160                 HBD_BACSU   P45856      287     mmgB; yqiM
BSU24170                 THL_BACSU   P45855      393     mmgA; yqiL
BSU24180                 YQIK_BACSU  P54527      243     yqiK
BSU24190                 YQII_BACSU  P54525      206     yqiI
BSU24200                 YQIH_BACSU  P40770      97      yqiH; yzpA
BSU24210                 YQIG_BACSU  P54524      372     yqiG
BSU24220                 SP0A_BACSU  P06534      267     spo0A; spo0C; spo0G
BSU24230                 SP4B_BACSU  P17896      426     spoIVB
BSU24240                 RECN_BACSU  P17894      576     recN
BSU24250                 ARGR_BACSU  P17893      149     argR; ahrC
BSU24260                 YQXC_BACSU  P19672      281     yqxC; yqiF
BSU24270                 DXS_BACSU   P54523      633     dxs; yqiE
BSU24280                 ISPA_BACSU  P54383      296     ispA; yqiD
BSU24290                 EX7S_BACSU  P54522      84      xseB; yqiC
BSU24300                 EX7L_BACSU  P54521      448     xseA; yqiB
BSU24310                 FOLD_BACSU  P54382      283     folD; yqiA
BSU24320                 NUSB_BACSU  P54520      131     nusB; yqhZ
BSU24330                 YQHY_BACSU  P54519      135     yqhY
BSU24340                 ACCC1_BACSU P49787      450     accC1; accC; yqhX
BSU24350                 BCCP_BACSU  P49786      159     accB; fabE; yqhW
BSU24360                 SP3AH_BACSU P49785      218     spoIIIAH
BSU24370                 SP3AG_BACSU P49784      229     spoIIIAG
BSU24380                 SP3AF_BACSU P49783      206     spoIIIAF
BSU24390                 SP3AE_BACSU P49782      399     spoIIIAE
BSU24400                 SP3AD_BACSU P49781      133     spoIIIAD
BSU24410                 SP3AC_BACSU P49780      68      spoIIIAC
BSU24420                 SP3AB_BACSU Q01368      171     spoIIIAB
BSU24430                 SP3AA_BACSU Q01367      307     spoIIIAA
BSU24440                 YQHV_BACSU  P49779      93      yqhV; yqgE
BSU24450                 EFP_BACSU   P49778      185     efp; yqgF; yqhU
BSU24460                 YQHT_BACSU  P54518      353     yqhT
BSU24470                 AROQ_BACSU  P54517      148     yqhS
BSU24480                 YQHR_BACSU  P54516      178     yqhR
BSU24490                 YQHQ_BACSU  P54515      318     yqhQ
BSU24500                 YQHP_BACSU  P54514      131     yqhP
BSU24510                 YQHO_BACSU  P54513      291     yqhO
BSU24520                 MNTR_BACSU  P54512      142     mntR; yqhN
BSU24530                 LIPM_BACSU  P54511      278     lipM; yqhM
BSU24540                 YQHL_BACSU  P54510      126     yqhL
BSU24550                 GCSPB_BACSU P54377      488     gcvPB; yqhK
BSU24560                 GCSPA_BACSU P54376      448     gcvPA; yqhJ
BSU24570                 GCST_BACSU  P54378      362     gcvT; yqhI
BSU24580                 YQHH_BACSU  P54509      557     yqhH
BSU24590                 YQHG_BACSU  P54508      264     yqhG
BSU24600                 SINI_BACSU  P23308      57      sinI
BSU24610                 SINR_BACSU  P06533      111     sinR; flaD; sin
BSU24620                 TASA_BACSU  P54507      261     tasA; cotN; yqhF
BSU24630                 LEPW_BACSU  P54506      190     sipW; yqhE
BSU24640                 TAPA_BACSU  P40949      253     tapA; yqhD; yqxM
BSU24650                 YQZG_BACSU  O32019      108     yqzG
BSU24660                 YQZE_BACSU  O32020      59      yqzE
BSU24670                 COMGG_BACSU P25959      124     comGG; comG7
BSU24680                 COMGF_BACSU P25958      127     comGF; comG6
BSU24690                 COMGE_BACSU P25957      115     comGE; comG5
BSU24700                 COMGD_BACSU P25956      143     comGD; comG4
BSU24710                 COMGC_BACSU P25955      98      comGC; comG3
BSU24720                 COMGB_BACSU P25954      323     comGB; comG2
BSU24730                 COMGA_BACSU P25953      356     comGA; comG1
BSU24740                 CORA_BACSU  P40948      317     corA; yqhC; yqxL
BSU24750                 YQHB_BACSU  P54505      442     yqhB
BSU24760                 RSBRD_BACSU P54504      278     rsbRD; yqhA
BSU24770                 MGSR_BACSU  P54503      126     mgsR; yqgZ
BSU24780                 YQGY_BACSU  P54502      81      yqgY
BSU24790                 YQGX_BACSU  P54501      211     yqgX
BSU24800                 YQGW_BACSU  P54500      57      yqgW
BSU24810                 YQGV_BACSU  P54499      104     yqgV
BSU24820                 YQGU_BACSU  P54498      353     yqgU
BSU24830                 YQGT_BACSU  P54497      376     yqgT
BSU24840                 YQGS_BACSU  P54496      638     yqgS
BSU24850                 GLK_BACSU   P54495      321     glcK; yqgR
BSU24860                 YQGQ_BACSU  P54494      71      yqgQ
BSU24870                 GLUP_BACSU  P54493      507     gluP; yqgP
BSU24880                 YQGO_BACSU  P54492      57      yqgO
BSU24890                 YQGN_BACSU  P54491      187     yqgN
BSU24900                 RL331_BACSU P56849      49      rpmGA; rpmG1
BSU24910                 YQGM_BACSU  P54490      359     yqgM
BSU24920                 YQGL_BACSU  P54489      156     yqgL
BSU24930                 YQZD_BACSU  O32022      117     yqzD
BSU24940                 YQZC_BACSU  O32023      154     yqzC
BSU24950                 PSTB1_BACSU P46342      260     pstB1; pstBB; yqgK; yzmF
BSU24960                 PSTB2_BACSU P46341      269     pstB2; pstBA; yqgJ; yzmE
BSU24970                 YQGI_BACSU  P46340      294     yqgI; yzmD
BSU24980                 YQGH_BACSU  P46339      309     yqgH; yzmC
BSU24990                 PSTS_BACSU  P46338      300     pstS; yqgG; yzmB
BSU25000                 PBP2A_BACSU P54488      716     pbpA; yqgF
BSU25010                 YQGE_BACSU  P54487      430     yqgE
BSU25020                 SODM_BACSU  P54375      202     sodA; yqgD
BSU25030                 YQGC_BACSU  P54486      160     yqgC
BSU25040                 YQGB_BACSU  P54485      255     yqgB
BSU25050                 YQGA_BACSU  P54484      142     yqgA
BSU25060                 YQFZ_BACSU  P54483      99      yqfZ
BSU25070                 ISPG_BACSU  P54482      377     ispG; yqfY
BSU25080                 YQFX_BACSU  P54481      129     yqfX
BSU25090                 YQFW_BACSU  P54480      193     yqfW
BSU25100                 ZUR_BACSU   P54479      145     zur; yqfV
BSU25110                 YQFU_BACSU  P54478      293     yqfU
BSU25120                 YQFT_BACSU  P54477      84      yqfT
BSU25130                 END4_BACSU  P54476      297     nfo; yqfS
BSU25140                 CSHB_BACSU  P54475      438     cshB; yqfR
BSU25150                 YQFQ_BACSU  P54474      247     yqfQ
BSU25160                 ISPH_BACSU  P54473      314     ispH; yqfP
BSU25170                 GCH1L_BACSU P54472      373     yqfO
BSU25180                 TRMK_BACSU  P54471      238     trmK; yqfN
BSU25190                 C550_BACSU  P24469      120     cccA
BSU25200                 SIGA_BACSU  P06224      371     sigA; rpoD
BSU25210                 DNAG_BACSU  P05096      603     dnaG; dnaE
BSU25220                 ANTE_BACSU  Q7WY63      98      antE
BSU25230                 YQXD_BACSU  P17868      164     yqxD; yqfM
BSU25240                 PDRP_BACSU  P54470      270     yqfL
BSU25250                 CCPN_BACSU  O34994      212     ccpN; yqzB
BSU25260                 SYGB_BACSU  P54381      679     glyS; yqfK
BSU25270                 SYGA_BACSU  P54380      295     glyQ; yqfJ
BSU25280                 RECO_BACSU  P42095      255     recO; yqfI; yqxN
BSU25289                 YQZL_BACSU  C0H452      47      yqzL
BSU25290                 ERA_BACSU   P42182      301     era; bex; yqfH
BSU25300                 CDD_BACSU   P19079      136     cdd
BSU25310                 UDPK_BACSU  P19638      123     dgkA; dgk; yqxF
BSU25320                 YBEY_BACSU  P46347      157     ybeY; yqfG
BSU25330                 PGPH_BACSU  P46344      711     pgpH; yqfF
BSU25340                 PHOL_BACSU  P46343      319     phoH; yqfE
BSU25350                 YQFD_BACSU  P54469      398     yqfD
BSU25360                 YQFC_BACSU  P54468      93      yqfC
BSU25370                 YQFB_BACSU  P54467      139     yqfB
BSU25380                 YQFA_BACSU  P54466      331     yqfA
BSU25390                 YQEZ_BACSU  P54465      437     yqeZ
BSU25400                 YQEY_BACSU  P54464      148     yqeY
BSU25410                 RS21_BACSU  P21478      57      rpsU; yqeX
BSU25420                 YQEW_BACSU  P54463      307     yqeW
BSU25430                 MTAB_BACSU  P54462      451     mtaB; tmtB; yqeV
BSU25440                 RSME_BACSU  P54461      256     rsmE; yqeU
BSU25450                 PRMA_BACSU  P54460      311     prmA; yqeT
BSU25460                 DNAJ_BACSU  P17631      375     dnaJ
BSU25470                 DNAK_BACSU  P17820      611     dnaK
BSU25480                 GRPE_BACSU  P15874      187     grpE
BSU25490                 HRCA_BACSU  P25499      343     hrcA; yqeS; yqxE
BSU25500                 HEMW_BACSU  P54304      379     hemW; hemN; yqeR
BSU25510                 LEPA_BACSU  P37949      612     lepA; yqeQ; yqxB
BSU25520                 YQXA_BACSU  P38425      112     yqxA; yqeP
BSU25530                 SP2P_BACSU  P37968      401     spoIIP
BSU25540                 GPR_BACSU   P22322      368     gpr
BSU25550                 RS20_BACSU  P21477      88      rpsT; yqeO
BSU25560                 YQEN_BACSU  P54459      347     yqeN
BSU25569                 YQZM_BACSU  C0H453      44      yqzM
BSU25570                 COMEC_BACSU P39695      776     comEC; comE3
BSU25580                 COMEB_BACSU P32393      189     comEB; comE2
BSU25590                 COMEA_BACSU P39694      205     comEA; comE1
BSU25600                 COMER_BACSU P39696      273     comER; comE4; comED
BSU25610                 YQEM_BACSU  P54458      247     yqeM
BSU25620                 IOJAP_BACSU P54457      118     rsfS; yqeL
BSU25630                 YQEK_BACSU  P54456      186     yqeK
BSU25640                 NADD_BACSU  P54455      189     nadD; yqeJ
BSU25650                 YQEI_BACSU  P54454      96      yqeI
BSU25660                 AROE_BACSU  P54374      280     aroE; aroD
BSU25670                 YQEH_BACSU  P54453      366     yqeH
BSU25680                 YQEG_BACSU  P54452      172     yqeG
BSU25690                 SDA_BACSU   Q7WY62      52      sda
BSU25700                 YQEF_BACSU  P54451      243     yqeF
BSU25710                 CWLH_BACSU  P54450      250     cwlH; yqeE
BSU25720                 YQED_BACSU  P54449      208     yqeD
BSU25730                 YQEC_BACSU  P54448      297     yqeC
BSU25740                 YQEB_BACSU  P54447      240     yqeB
BSU25750                 NUCB_BACSU  P42983      136     nucB
BSU25760/BSU26390        RPSK_BACSU  P12254      294     sigK; cisB; spoIIIC; spoIVCB
BSU25770                 CISA_BACSU  P17867      500     cisA; spoIVCA
BSU25780                 ARSC_BACSU  P45947      139     arsC; yqcM
BSU25790                 ARSB_BACSU  P45946      346     arsB; yqcL
BSU25800                 YQCK_BACSU  P45945      146     yqcK
BSU25810                 ARSR_BACSU  P45949      105     arsR; yqcJ
BSU25820                 YQCI_BACSU  P45944      254     yqcI
BSU25830                 RAPE_BACSU  P45943      375     rapE; yqcH
BSU25840                 PHRE_BACSU  O32025      44      phrE
BSU25850                 YQZI_BACSU  O32026      52      yqzI
BSU25860                 YQCG_BACSU  P45942      531     yqcG
BSU25870                 YQCF_BACSU  P45941      192     yqcF
BSU25880                 YQXJ_BACSU  P24809      120     yqxJ; yqdF
BSU25890                 YQXI_BACSU  P24812      159     yqxI; yqdE
BSU25900                 CWLA_BACSU  P24808      272     cwlA
BSU25910                 YQXH_BACSU  P24811      140     yqxH; yqdD
BSU25920                 YQXG_BACSU  P24810      297     yqxG; yqdC
BSU25930                 YQCE_BACSU  P45940      54      yqcE
BSU25940                 YQCD_BACSU  P45939      111     yqcD
BSU25950                 YQCC_BACSU  P45938      366     yqcC
BSU25960                 YQCB_BACSU  P45937      90      yqcB
BSU25970                 YQCA_BACSU  P45936      192     yqcA
BSU25980                 YQBT_BACSU  P45935      348     yqbT
BSU25990                 YQBS_BACSU  P45934      141     yqbS
BSU26000                 YQBR_BACSU  P45933      87      yqbR
BSU26010                 YQBQ_BACSU  P45950      326     yqbQ
BSU26020                 YQBP_BACSU  P45932      219     yqbP
BSU26030                 YQBO_BACSU  P45931      1585    yqbO
BSU26040                 YQBN_BACSU  P45930      149     yqbN
BSU26050                 TXPA_BACSU  P54373      59      txpA; yqcR; yqdB
BSU26060                 YQBM_BACSU  P45929      147     yqbM
BSU26080                 YQBK_BACSU  P45927      466     yqbK; yqbL
BSU26089                 YQZN_BACSU  C0H454      63      yqzN
BSU26090                 YQBJ_BACSU  P45926      145     yqbJ
BSU26100                 YQBI_BACSU  P45925      167     yqbI
BSU26110                 YQBH_BACSU  P45924      120     yqbH
BSU26120                 YQBG_BACSU  P45923      131     yqbG
BSU26130                 YQBF_BACSU  P45922      103     yqbF
BSU26140                 YQBE_BACSU  P45921      311     yqbE
BSU26150                 YQBD_BACSU  P45920      322     yqbD
BSU26160                 YQBC_BACSU  P45919      217     yqbC
BSU26170                 YQBB_BACSU  P45918      305     yqbB
BSU26180                 YQBA_BACSU  P45917      510     yqbA
BSU26190                 YQAT_BACSU  P45916      431     yqaT
BSU26200                 YQAS_BACSU  P45915      239     yqaS
BSU26210                 YQAR_BACSU  P45914      154     yqaR
BSU26220                 YQAQ_BACSU  P45948      151     yqaQ
BSU26230                 YQAP_BACSU  P45913      309     yqaP
BSU26240                 YQAO_BACSU  P45912      68      yqaO
BSU26250                 YQAN_BACSU  P45911      142     yqaN
BSU26259                 YQZO_BACSU  C0H455      49      yqzO
BSU26260                 YQAM_BACSU  P45910      313     yqaM
BSU26270                 YQAL_BACSU  P45909      233     yqaL
BSU26280                 YQAK_BACSU  P45908      284     yqaK
BSU26290                 YQAJ_BACSU  P45907      319     yqaJ
BSU26300                 YQAI_BACSU  P45906      64      yqaI
BSU26310                 YQAH_BACSU  P45905      85      yqaH
BSU26320                 YQAG_BACSU  P45904      189     yqaG
BSU26330                 YQDA_BACSU  P54372      46      yqdA; yqcS
BSU26340                 YQAF_BACSU  P45903      76      yqaF
BSU26350                 YQAE_BACSU  P45902      116     yqaE
BSU26360                 YQAD_BACSU  P45901      55      yqaD
BSU26370                 YQAC_BACSU  P45900      178     yqaC
BSU26380                 YQAB_BACSU  P45899      172     yqaB
BSU26400                 YRKS_BACSU  P54446      54      yrkS
BSU26410                 PSIE_BACSU  P54445      138     psiE; yrkR
BSU26420                 YRKQ_BACSU  P54444      432     yrkQ
BSU26430                 YRKP_BACSU  P54443      231     yrkP
BSU26440                 YRKO_BACSU  P54442      405     yrkO
BSU26450                 YRKN_BACSU  P54441      185     yrkN
BSU26470                 YRKL_BACSU  P54439      174     yrkL
BSU26480                 YRKK_BACSU  P54438      158     yrkK
BSU26490                 YRKJ_BACSU  P54437      261     yrkJ
BSU26500                 YRKI_BACSU  P54436      75      yrkI
BSU26510                 YRKH_BACSU  P54435      377     yrkH
BSU26530                 YRKF_BACSU  P54433      185     yrkF
BSU26540                 YRKE_BACSU  P54432      160     yrkE
BSU26550                 YRKD_BACSU  P54431      63      yrkD
BSU26560                 YRKC_BACSU  P54430      186     yrkC
BSU26570                 YRKB_BACSU  P54429      48      yrkB
BSU26580                 BLTR_BACSU  P39842      273     bltR; bmr2R; bmtR
BSU26590                 BMR2_BACSU  P39843      400     blt; bmr2; bmt
BSU26600                 BLTD_BACSU  P39909      152     bltD; bmr2D; bmtD
BSU26610                 YRKA_BACSU  P54428      434     yrkA
BSU26619                 YRZO_BACSU  C0H458      47      yrzO
BSU26620                 YRDR_BACSU  O07086      321     yrdR
BSU26630                 CZCR_BACSU  P71025      288     czcR; czcD; yrdQ
BSU26640                 CZCO_BACSU  O07085      345     czcO; trkA; yrdP
BSU26650                 CZCD_BACSU  O07084      311     czcD; yrdO
BSU26660                 YRDN_BACSU  P94502      129     yrdN
BSU26670                 GLTR_BACSU  P94501      296     gltR; yrdL
BSU26680                 YRDK_BACSU  P94500      105     yrdK
BSU26690                 BRNQ_BACSU  P94499      440     brnQ; yrdJ
BSU26700                 AZLD_BACSU  O07923      110     azlD; yrdI
BSU26710                 AZLC_BACSU  O07942      254     azlC; yrdH
BSU26720                 AZLB_BACSU  O07920      157     azlB; yrdG
BSU26730                 YRDF_BACSU  O07938      91      yrdF
BSU26740                 CPXY_BACSU  O08469      410     cypA; CYP107J1; yrdE
BSU26760                 YRDC_BACSU  O07081      187     yrdC
BSU26770                 YRDB_BACSU  O07080      123     yrdB
BSU26780                 YRDA_BACSU  O07079      167     yrdA
BSU26790                 AADK_BACSU  P17585      284     aadK
BSU26800                 NMO_BACSU   O05413      347     yrpB
BSU26810                 MURI2_BACSU O05412      265     yrpC
BSU26820                 YRPD_BACSU  O05411      235     yrpD
BSU26830                 YRPE_BACSU  O05410      251     yrpE
BSU26840                 SIGZ_BACSU  O05409      176     sigZ
BSU26850                 YRPG_BACSU  O05408      326     yrpG
BSU26860                 YRAO_BACSU  O05407      438     yraO
BSU26870                 YRAN_BACSU  O07906      289     yraN
BSU26880                 YRAM_BACSU  O07931      367     yraM
BSU26890                 CHIS_BACSU  O07921      277     csn
BSU26900                 YRAL_BACSU  O07917      87      yraL
BSU26910                 YRAK_BACSU  O07937      271     yraK
BSU26920                 YRAJ_BACSU  O07934      118     yraJ
BSU26930                 YRAI_BACSU  O07909      119     yraI
BSU26940                 YRAH_BACSU  O07918      128     yraH
BSU26950                 YRAG_BACSU  O07919      81      yraG
BSU26960                 YRAF_BACSU  O07949      122     yraF
BSU26970                 ADHB_BACSU  O06012      378     adhB
BSU26980                 YRAE_BACSU  O06011      65      yraE
BSU26990                 YRAD_BACSU  O06010      99      yraD
BSU27000                 ADHR_BACSU  O06008      140     adhR; yraB
BSU27010                 ADHA_BACSU  C0SPA5      349     adhA
BSU27020                 YRAA_BACSU  O06006      169     yraA
BSU27030                 SACC_BACSU  P05656      677     sacC
BSU27040                 PTFD_BACSU  P26382      275     levG
BSU27050                 PTFC_BACSU  P26381      269     levF
BSU27060                 PTFB_BACSU  P26380      163     levE; sacL
BSU27070                 PTFA_BACSU  P26379      146     levD; sacL
BSU27080                 LEVR_BACSU  P23914      935     levR
BSU27090                 AAPA_BACSU  O06005      462     aapA
BSU27100                 YRHP_BACSU  O05406      210     yrhP
BSU27110                 YRHO_BACSU  O05405      275     yrhO
BSU27120                 SIGV_BACSU  O05404      166     sigV
BSU27130                 RSIV_BACSU  O05403      285     rsiV; yrhM
BSU27140                 YRHL_BACSU  O05402      634     yrhL
BSU27150                 YRHK_BACSU  O05401      96      yrhK
BSU27160                 CYPB_BACSU  O08336      1054    cypB; cyp102A3; yrhJ
BSU27170                 FATR_BACSU  O08335      194     fatR; bscR; yrhI
BSU27180                 YRHH_BACSU  O05400      180     yrhH
BSU27190                 YRZI_BACSU  O32027      49      yrzI
BSU27200                 YRHG_BACSU  O05399      266     yrhG
BSU27210                 YRHF_BACSU  O05398      122     yrhF
BSU27220                 FDHL_BACSU  Q795Y4      980     yrhE
BSU27230                 YRHD_BACSU  O05396      160     yrhD
BSU27240                 YRHC_BACSU  O05395      76      yrhC
BSU27250                 MCCB_BACSU  O05394      379     mccB; yrhB
BSU27260                 MCCA_BACSU  O05393      307     mccA; yrhA
BSU27270                 MTNN_BACSU  O32028      231     mtnN; mtn; pfs
BSU27280                 YRRT_BACSU  O32029      213     yrrT
BSU27290                 YRZA_BACSU  O32030      67      yrzA
BSU27300                 YRRS_BACSU  O32031      233     yrrS
BSU27310                 PBPI_BACSU  O32032      584     pbpI; yrrR
BSU27320                 GREA_BACSU  P80240      157     greA
BSU27330                 URK_BACSU   O32033      211     udk
BSU27340                 TRHP1_BACSU O32034      422     trhP1; yrrO
BSU27350                 TRHP2_BACSU O32035      309     trhP2; yrrN
BSU27360                 TRMR_BACSU  O32036      217     trmR; yrrM
BSU27370                 MLTG_BACSU  O34758      360     mltG; yrrL
BSU27380                 YRZB_BACSU  O34828      93      yrzB
BSU27390                 YQGF_BACSU  O34634      138     yrrK; yqgf
BSU27400                 YRZL_BACSU  Q7WY61      88      yrzL
BSU27410                 SYA_BACSU   O34526      878     alaS
BSU27420                 YRRI_BACSU  O34472      353     yrrI
BSU27430                 GLNQ_BACSU  O34677      242     glnQ
BSU27440                 GLNH_BACSU  O34563      273     glnH
BSU27450                 GLNM_BACSU  O34671      216     glnM
BSU27460                 GLNP_BACSU  O34606      218     glnP
BSU27468                 YRZQ_BACSU  C0H461      43      yrzQ
BSU27469                 YRZR_BACSU  C0H462      63      yrzR
BSU27470                 YRRD_BACSU  O34402      174     yrrD
BSU27480                 RECDL_BACSU O34481      798     yrrC; recD2
BSU27490                 YRRB_BACSU  O34452      206     yrrB
BSU27500                 MNMA_BACSU  O35020      371     mnmA; trmU; yrrA
BSU27510                 ISCS1_BACSU O34599      379     iscS1; yrvO
BSU27520                 CYMR_BACSU  O34527      138     cymR; yrzC
BSU27530                 YRVN_BACSU  O34528      421     yrvN
BSU27540                 TCDA_BACSU  O32037      254     tcdA; yrvM
BSU27550                 SYDND_BACSU O32038      592     aspS
BSU27560                 SYH_BACSU   O32039      424     hisS
BSU27570                 YRZK_BACSU  O32040      56      yrzK
BSU27580                 YRVJ_BACSU  O32041      518     yrvJ
BSU27590                 DTD_BACSU   O32042      132     dtd; yrvI
BSU27600                 RELA_BACSU  O54408      734     relA
BSU27610                 APT_BACSU   O34443      170     apt
BSU27620                 RECJ_BACSU  O32044      786     recJ; yrvE
BSU27630                 YRVD_BACSU  O32045      107     yrvD
BSU27640                 YRVC_BACSU  O32046      165     yrvC
BSU27650                 SECDF_BACSU O32047      737     secDF
BSU27660                 COMN_BACSU  O32049      98      comN; yrzD
BSU27670                 SP5B_BACSU  Q00758      518     spoVB; spoIIIF
BSU27680                 YRBG_BACSU  O32050      218     yrbG
BSU27690                 YRZE_BACSU  O32051      150     yrzE
BSU27700                 YRBF_BACSU  O32052      89      yrbF; yjaC
BSU27710                 TGT_BACSU   O32053      381     tgt
BSU27720                 QUEA_BACSU  O32054      342     queA
BSU27729                 YRZS_BACSU  C0H463      66      yrzS
BSU27730                 RUVB_BACSU  O32055      334     ruvB
BSU27740                 RUVA_BACSU  O05392      201     ruvA
BSU27750                 BOFC_BACSU  O05391      170     bofC
BSU27760                 CSBX_BACSU  O05390      435     csbX
BSU27770                 YRBE_BACSU  O05389      341     yrbE
BSU27785                 YRZF_BACSU  O32057      215     yrzF
BSU27800                 YRZH_BACSU  O32059      43      yrzH
BSU27809                 YRZT_BACSU  C0H464      46      yrzT
BSU27810                 YRBD_BACSU  O32060      484     yrbD
BSU27820                 YRBC_BACSU  P94447      240     yrbC
BSU27830                 COXA_BACSU  P94446      198     coxA; yrbB
BSU27840                 SAFA_BACSU  O32062      387     safA; yrbA
BSU27850                 NADA_BACSU  Q9KWZ1      368     nadA
BSU27860                 NADC_BACSU  P39666      289     nadC; yrxB
BSU27870                 NADB_BACSU  P38032      531     nadB
BSU27880                 NIFS_BACSU  P38033      395     nifS; iscS
BSU27890                 NADR_BACSU  P39667      180     nadR; niaR; yrxA
BSU27900                 PHEA_BACSU  P21203      285     pheA
BSU27910                 YSZB_BACSU  P21204      147     yszB; pheB
BSU27920                 OBG_BACSU   P20964      428     obg
BSU27930                 SP0B_BACSU  P06535      192     spo0B; spo0D
BSU27940                 RL27_BACSU  P05657      94      rpmA
BSU27950                 YSXB_BACSU  P26942      112     ysxB
BSU27960                 RL21_BACSU  P26908      102     rplU
BSU27970                 SP4FB_BACSU P26937      288     spoIVFB; bofB
BSU27980                 SP4FA_BACSU P26936      264     spoIVFA; bofB
BSU27990                 MIND_BACSU  Q01464      268     minD; divIVB
BSU28000                 MINC_BACSU  Q01463      226     minC
BSU28010                 MRED_BACSU  Q01467      172     mreD; rodB
BSU28020                 MREC_BACSU  Q01466      290     mreC
BSU28030                 MREB_BACSU  Q01465      337     mreB
BSU28040                 YSXA_BACSU  Q02170      231     ysxA
BSU28050                 NTPPA_BACSU Q02169      189     maf
BSU28060                 SP2B_BACSU  P37575      332     spoIIB
BSU28070                 LEP4_BACSU  P15378      248     comC
BSU28080                 FOLC_BACSU  Q05865      430     folC
BSU28090                 SYV_BACSU   Q05873      880     valS
BSU28099                 YSZA_BACSU  C0H465      63      yszA
BSU28100                 YSXE_BACSU  P37964      341     ysxE
BSU28110                 SP6D_BACSU  P37963      575     spoVID
BSU28120                 GSA_BACSU   P30949      430     hemL; hemK
BSU28130                 HEM2_BACSU  P30950      324     hemB
BSU28140                 HEM4_BACSU  P21248      262     hemD
BSU28150                 HEM3_BACSU  P16616      314     hemC
BSU28160                 HEMX_BACSU  P16645      276     hemX
BSU28170                 HEM1_BACSU  P16618      455     hemA
BSU28180                 YSXD_BACSU  P40736      165     ysxD
BSU28190                 ENGB_BACSU  P38424      195     engB; ysxC
BSU28200                 LON1_BACSU  P37945      774     lon1; lonA
BSU28210                 LON2_BACSU  P42425      552     lon2; lonB; ysxF
BSU28220                 CLPX_BACSU  P50866      420     clpX
BSU28230                 TIG_BACSU   P80698      424     tig; yzzH
BSU28240                 YSOA_BACSU  P94569      334     ysoA
BSU28250                 LEUD_BACSU  P94568      199     leuD
BSU28260                 LEUC_BACSU  P80858      472     leuC
BSU28270                 LEU3_BACSU  P05645      365     leuB; leuC
BSU28280                 LEU1_BACSU  P94565      518     leuA
BSU28290                 ILVC_BACSU  P37253      342     ilvC
BSU28300                 ILVH_BACSU  P37252      172     ilvH; ilvN
BSU28310                 ILVB_BACSU  P37251      574     ilvB
BSU28320                 YSND_BACSU  P94563      111     ysnD
BSU28330                 YSNE_BACSU  P94562      151     ysnE
BSU28340                 YSNF_BACSU  P94560      273     ysnF
BSU28350                 YSNB_BACSU  P94559      169     ysnB
BSU28360                 IXTPA_BACSU P94558      198     ysnA
BSU28370                 RNPH_BACSU  P28619      245     rph
BSU28380                 GERM_BACSU  P39072      366     gerM
BSU28390                 MURI1_BACSU P94556      272     racE; glr; murI
BSU28400                 YSMB_BACSU  P97247      146     ysmB
BSU28410                 GERE_BACSU  P11470      74      gerE
BSU28420                 YSMA_BACSU  P11469      147     ysmA
BSU28430                 SDHB_BACSU  P08066      253     sdhB
BSU28440                 SDHA_BACSU  P08065      586     sdhA; citF
BSU28450                 DHSC_BACSU  P08064      202     sdhC
BSU28460                 YSLB_BACSU  P42955      148     yslB
BSU28470                 AK2_BACSU   P08495      408     lysC
BSU28480                 LPA2_BACSU  P08497      24      ask; aecA
BSU28490                 UVRC_BACSU  P14951      590     uvrC
BSU28500                 THIO_BACSU  P14949      104     trxA; trx
BSU28510                 IABF2_BACSU P94552      495     abf2; asd; xsa
BSU28520                 ETFA_BACSU  P94551      325     etfA
BSU28530                 ETFB_BACSU  P94550      257     etfB
BSU28540                 FADB_BACSU  P94549      258     fadB; ysiB
BSU28550                 FADR_BACSU  P94548      194     fadR; ysiA
BSU28560                 LCFA_BACSU  P94547      560     lcfA
BSU28570                 YSHE_BACSU  P94546      134     yshE
BSU28580                 MUTS2_BACSU P94545      785     mutSB; mutS2; yshD
BSU28590                 POLX_BACSU  P94544      570     polX; yshC
BSU28600                 YSHB_BACSU  P94543      177     yshB
BSU28610                 ZAPA_BACSU  P94542      85      zapA; yshA
BSU28620                 RNH3_BACSU  P94541      313     rnhC; ysgB
BSU28630                 SYFB_BACSU  P17922      804     pheT
BSU28640                 SYFA_BACSU  P17921      344     pheS
BSU28650                 YSGA_BACSU  P94538      248     ysgA
BSU28660                 SSPI_BACSU  P94537      71      sspI; ysfA
BSU28670                 YSFB_BACSU  P94536      368     ysfB
BSU28680                 GLCD_BACSU  P94535      470     glcD; ysfC
BSU28690                 GLCF_BACSU  P94534      444     glcF; ysfD
BSU28700                 YSFE_BACSU  P94533      80      ysfE
BSU28710                 CSTA_BACSU  P94532      598     cstA
BSU28720                 IABF1_BACSU P94531      500     abfA
BSU28730                 ARAQ_BACSU  P94530      281     araQ; yseE
BSU28740                 ARAP_BACSU  P94529      313     araP; yseD
BSU28750                 ARAN_BACSU  P94528      433     araN; yseC
BSU28760                 G1PDH_BACSU P94527      394     egsA; araM; yseB
BSU28770                 ARAL_BACSU  P94526      272     araL; yseA
BSU28780                 ARAD_BACSU  P94525      229     araD
BSU28790                 ARAB_BACSU  P94524      560     araB
BSU28800                 ARAA_BACSU  P94523      496     araA
BSU28810                 EABN1_BACSU P94522      323     abnA
BSU28820                 YSDC_BACSU  P94521      361     ysdC
BSU28830                 YSDB_BACSU  P94520      130     ysdB
BSU28840                 YSDA_BACSU  P94519      89      ysdA
BSU28850                 RL20_BACSU  P55873      119     rplT
BSU28860                 RL35_BACSU  P55874      66      rpmI
BSU28870                 IF3_BACSU   P55872      173     infC
BSU28890                 YSCB_BACSU  P94517      221     yscB
BSU28900                 LRGB_BACSU  P94516      231     lrgB; ysbB
BSU28910                 LRGA_BACSU  P94515      146     lrgA; ysbA
BSU28920                 LYTT_BACSU  P94514      241     lytT
BSU28930                 LYTS_BACSU  P94513      593     lytS
BSU28940                 PSP_BACSU   P94512      260     serB; ysaA
BSU28950                 SYT1_BACSU  P18255      643     thrS; thrSV
BSU28960                 YTXC_BACSU  P06569      281     ytxC
BSU28970                 YTXB_BACSU  P06568      213     ytxB
BSU28980                 DNAI_BACSU  P06567      311     dnaI; ytxA
BSU28990                 DNAB_BACSU  P07908      472     dnaB
BSU29000                 NRDR_BACSU  Q45549      152     nrdR; ytcG
BSU29010                 SPEH_BACSU  O34426      126     speH; speD; ytcF
BSU29020                 G3P2_BACSU  O34425      340     gapB
BSU29030                 YTCD_BACSU  O34533      126     ytcD
BSU29040                 YTBD_BACSU  O34367      396     ytbD
BSU29050                 YTBE_BACSU  O34678      280     ytbE
BSU29060                 COAE_BACSU  O34932      197     coaE; ytaG
BSU29070                 YTAF_BACSU  C0SP79      210     ytaF
BSU29080                 FPG_BACSU   O34403      276     mutM; fpg; ytaE
BSU29090                 DPO1_BACSU  O34996      880     polA
BSU29100                 PHOR_BACSU  P23545      579     phoR
BSU29110                 PHOP_BACSU  P13792      240     phoP
BSU29120                 MDH_BACSU   P49814      312     mdh; citH
BSU29130                 IDH_BACSU   P39126      423     icd; citC
BSU29140                 CISY2_BACSU P39120      372     citZ; citA2
BSU29150                 YTWI_BACSU  O34811      154     ytwI
BSU29160                 YTVI_BACSU  O34991      371     ytvI
BSU29170                 YTZA_BACSU  O32064      127     ytzA
BSU29180                 KPYK_BACSU  P80885      585     pyk; pykA
BSU29190                 PFKA_BACSU  O34529      319     pfkA; pfk
BSU29200                 ACCA_BACSU  O34847      325     accA
BSU29210                 ACCD_BACSU  C0SP93      290     accD; yttI
BSU29220                 MAO4_BACSU  O34962      410     ytsJ
BSU29230                 DPO3A_BACSU O34623      1115    dnaE
BSU29239                 YTRH_BACSU  C0H3P8      113     ytrH; spoVIGA
BSU29240                 YTRI_BACSU  O34460      167     ytrI
BSU29249                 YTZJ_BACSU  C0H3P9      63      ytzJ
BSU29250                 NRNA_BACSU  O34600      313     nrnA; ytqI
BSU29260                 YTPI_BACSU  O34922      100     ytpI
BSU29270                 YTOI_BACSU  O34921      439     ytoI; yodW
BSU29280                 YTNM_BACSU  O34430      300     ytnM
BSU29290                 YTNL_BACSU  O34980      416     ytnL
BSU29300                 RIBR_BACSU  P94465      230     ribR; ytnK
BSU29310                 MOXC_BACSU  O34974      442     moxC; ytnJ
BSU29320                 YTNI_BACSU  O34639      93      ytnI
BSU29330                 YTMO_BACSU  O34846      334     ytmO
BSU29340                 TCYN_BACSU  O34900      259     tcyN; ytmN
BSU29350                 TCYM_BACSU  O34931      235     tcyM; ytmM
BSU29360                 TCYL_BACSU  O34315      239     tcyL; ytmL
BSU29370                 TCYK_BACSU  O34852      270     tcyK; ytmK
BSU29380                 TCYJ_BACSU  O34406      269     tcyJ; ytmJ
BSU29390                 YTMI_BACSU  O34350      178     ytmI
BSU29400                 YTLI_BACSU  O35038      308     ytlI
BSU29410                 YTKL_BACSU  Q795U4      227     ytkL
BSU29420                 YTKK_BACSU  O34308      255     ytkK
BSU29430                 YTZD_BACSU  O34503      44      ytzD
BSU29440                 ARLY_BACSU  O34858      461     argH
BSU29450                 ASSY_BACSU  O34347      403     argG
BSU29460                 MOAB_BACSU  O34457      170     moaB
BSU29470                 ACKA_BACSU  P37877      395     ackA
BSU29480                 YTXK_BACSU  P37876      329     ytxK; ythI
BSU29490                 TPX_BACSU   P80864      167     tpx; ytgI
BSU29500                 YTFJ_BACSU  O34806      151     ytfJ
BSU29510                 YTFI_BACSU  O34917      226     ytfI
BSU29520                 YTEJ_BACSU  O34424      164     yteJ
BSU29530                 SPPA_BACSU  O34525      335     sppA; yteI
BSU29540                 NADK2_BACSU O34934      267     nadK2
BSU29550                 YTCJ_BACSU  O34355      529     ytcJ
BSU29560                 YTCI_BACSU  C0SPB0      529     ytcI
BSU29570                 SSPA_BACSU  P04831      69      sspA
BSU29580                 THII_BACSU  O34595      401     thiI; ytbJ
BSU29590                 ISCS2_BACSU O34874      381     iscS2; nifS2
BSU29600                 BRAB_BACSU  O34545      445     braB
BSU29610                 EZRA_BACSU  O34894      562     ezrA; ytwP
BSU29620                 HIS9_BACSU  O34411      268     hisK; hisJ
BSU29630                 YTTP_BACSU  O34970      207     yttP
BSU29640                 YTSP_BACSU  O34553      163     ytsP
BSU29650                 YTRP_BACSU  O34325      579     ytrP
BSU29660                 RS4_BACSU   P21466      200     rpsD
BSU29670                 SYY1_BACSU  P22326      422     tyrS1
BSU29680                 ACSA_BACSU  P39062      572     acsA
BSU29690                 ACUA_BACSU  P39065      210     acuA
BSU29700                 ACUB_BACSU  P39066      214     acuB
BSU29710                 ACUC_BACSU  P39067      387     acuC
BSU29720                 YTXE_BACSU  P39064      242     ytxE
BSU29730                 YTXD_BACSU  P39063      272     ytxD
BSU29740                 CCPA_BACSU  P25144      334     ccpA; alsA; amyR; graR
BSU29750                 AROG_BACSU  P39912      358     aroA
BSU29760                 YTXJ_BACSU  P39914      108     ytxJ
BSU29770                 YTXH_BACSU  P40780      151     ytxH
BSU29780                 YTXG_BACSU  P40779      140     ytxG
BSU29790                 MURC_BACSU  P40778      432     murC; ytxF
BSU29805                 SFTA_BACSU  C0SP86      952     sftA; ytpS; ytpT
BSU29820                 YTPR_BACSU  O34943      201     ytpR
BSU29830                 YTPQ_BACSU  O34496      269     ytpQ
BSU29840                 YTPP_BACSU  O34357      107     ytpP
BSU29850                 YTOQ_BACSU  O34305      148     ytoQ
BSU29860                 YTOP_BACSU  O34924      357     ytoP
BSU29870                 YTZB_BACSU  O32065      105     ytzB
BSU29880                 MAO3_BACSU  O34389      566     malS
BSU29890                 YTNP_BACSU  O34760      281     ytnP
BSU29900                 TRMB_BACSU  O34522      213     trmB; ytmQ
BSU29910                 YTZH_BACSU  O32066      92      ytzH
BSU29920                 YTMP_BACSU  C0SPC1      204     ytmP
BSU29930                 PULA_BACSU  C0SPA0      718     amyX
BSU29940                 YTLR_BACSU  O34799      309     ytlR
BSU29950                 YTLQ_BACSU  O34471      304     ytlQ
BSU29960                 THPR_BACSU  O34570      183     ytlP
BSU29970                 CYSM_BACSU  O34476      311     ytkP
BSU29980                 PEPVL_BACSU O34944      463     ytjP
BSU29990                 PBUO_BACSU  O34978      432     pbuO; ytiP
BSU30000                 YTHQ_BACSU  O35029      385     ythQ
BSU30010                 YTHP_BACSU  O34977      236     ythP
BSU30020                 YTZE_BACSU  O32067      73      ytzE
BSU30035                 YTZG_BACSU  O32068      239     ytzG; ytzF
BSU30050                 MURJ_BACSU  O34674      544     murJ; ytgP
BSU30060                 YTFP_BACSU  Q795R8      420     ytfP
BSU30070                 OPUD_BACSU  P54417      512     opuD; ytfQ
BSU30080                 CSE60_BACSU P94496      60      cse60; yteV
BSU30090                 YTEU_BACSU  O34378      222     yteU
BSU30100                 YTET_BACSU  O34371      428     yteT
BSU30110                 YTES_BACSU  C0SP80      167     yteS
BSU30120                 URHG2_BACSU O34559      373     yteR
BSU30135                 YTEP_BACSU  C0SPB3      321     yteP; yteQ
BSU30150                 YTDP_BACSU  O32071      772     ytdP
BSU30160                 YTCQ_BACSU  Q795R2      498     ytcQ
BSU30170                 YTCP_BACSU  P53561      286     ytcP
BSU30180                 YTBQ_BACSU  P53560      253     ytbQ
BSU30190                 BIOI_BACSU  P53554      395     bioI; CYP107H
BSU30200                 BIOB_BACSU  P53557      335     bioB
BSU30210                 BIOD_BACSU  P53558      231     bioD
BSU30220                 BIOF2_BACSU P53556      389     bioF
BSU30230                 BIOK_BACSU  P53555      448     bioK; bioA
BSU30240                 BIOW_BACSU  P53559      259     bioW
BSU30250                 YTAP_BACSU  O34973      299     ytaP
BSU30260                 MELR_BACSU  O34829      344     melR; msmR
BSU30270                 MELE_BACSU  O34335      426     melE; msmE
BSU30280                 MELD_BACSU  O34706      303     melD; amyD
BSU30290                 MELC_BACSU  O34518      276     melC; amyC
BSU30300                 AGAL_BACSU  O34645      432     melA
BSU30310                 YTWF_BACSU  O32072      103     ytwF
BSU30320                 SYL_BACSU   P36430      804     leuS
BSU30330                 YTVB_BACSU  O34881      111     ytvB
BSU30340                 PHOT_BACSU  O34627      261     pfyP; ytvA
BSU30350                 YTTB_BACSU  O34546      397     yttB
BSU30360                 YTTA_BACSU  Q795Q5      248     yttA
BSU30370                 BCEB_BACSU  O34741      646     bceB; barD; ytsD
BSU30380                 BCEA_BACSU  O34697      253     bceA; barC; ytsC
BSU30390                 BCES_BACSU  O35044      334     bceS; barB; ytsB
BSU30400                 BCER_BACSU  O34951      231     bceR; barA; ytsA
BSU30410                 YTRF_BACSU  O35005      436     ytrF
BSU30420                 YTRE_BACSU  O34392      231     ytrE
BSU30430                 YTRD_BACSU  O34953      325     ytrD
BSU30440                 YTRC_BACSU  O34898      328     ytrC
BSU30450                 YTRB_BACSU  O34641      292     ytrB
BSU30460                 YTRA_BACSU  O34712      130     ytrA
BSU30470                 YTZC_BACSU  O32073      90      ytzC
BSU30480                 YTQA_BACSU  O35008      322     ytqA
BSU30490                 YTQB_BACSU  O34614      194     ytqB
BSU30500                 YTPB_BACSU  O34707      367     ytpB
BSU30510                 PLBAC_BACSU O34705      259     ytpA
BSU30520                 YTOA_BACSU  O34696      171     ytoA
BSU30530                 YTNA_BACSU  O34618      463     ytnA
BSU30540                 ASNB_BACSU  P54420      632     asnB; asn
BSU30550                 METK_BACSU  P54419      400     metK; metE
BSU30560                 PCKA_BACSU  P54418      527     pckA; ppc
BSU30570                 YTMB_BACSU  O34365      80      ytmB
BSU30580                 YTMA_BACSU  O34493      257     ytmA
BSU30595                 YTLA_BACSU  C0SP84      334     ytlA; ytlB
BSU30610                 YTLC_BACSU  O34314      260     ytlC
BSU30620                 YTLD_BACSU  O34649      270     ytlD
BSU30630                 YTKD_BACSU  O35013      158     ytkD; mutTA
BSU30640                 YTKC_BACSU  O34883      134     ytkC
BSU30650                 G20U_BACSU  P80879      145     dps; ytkB
BSU30659                 YTZI_BACSU  C0H3Q1      58      ytzI
BSU30660                 YTKA_BACSU  P40768      145     ytkA; yznA
BSU30670                 LUXS_BACSU  O34667      157     luxS; ytjB
BSU30680                 YIDD_BACSU  O34601      75      ytjA
BSU30690                 YTIB_BACSU  O34872      187     ytiB
BSU30700                 RL31B_BACSU O34967      82      rpmE2; ytiA
BSU30710                 YTHA_BACSU  C0SP90      443     ythA
BSU30720                 YTHB_BACSU  O34505      346     ythB
BSU30739                 YTZL_BACSU  C0H3Q2      52      ytzL
BSU30740                 MNTD_BACSU  O34500      295     mntD; ytgD
BSU30750                 MNTC_BACSU  O35024      435     mntC; ytgC
BSU30760                 MNTB_BACSU  O34338      250     mntB; ytgB
BSU30770                 MNTA_BACSU  O34385      306     mntA; ytgA
BSU30780                 MENC_BACSU  O34514      371     menC; ytfD
BSU30790                 MENE_BACSU  P23971      486     menE
BSU30800                 MENB_BACSU  P23966      271     menB
BSU30810                 MENH_BACSU  P23974      274     menH; ytfB; ytxM
BSU30820                 MEND_BACSU  P23970      580     menD
BSU30830                 MENF_BACSU  P23973      471     menF; icsM
BSU30840                 YTEA_BACSU  P42408      239     yteA; yzwB
BSU30850                 YTDA_BACSU  P42407      272     ytdA; yzwA
BSU30860                 YTCA_BACSU  O34862      428     ytcA
BSU30870                 YTCB_BACSU  O34886      316     ytcB
BSU30880                 YTCC_BACSU  O34413      407     ytcC
BSU30890                 YTXO_BACSU  P46916      143     ytxO; ytbB
BSU30900                 COTS_BACSU  P46914      351     cotS
BSU30910                 COTSA_BACSU P46915      377     cotSA; ytbA; ytxN
BSU30920                 COTI_BACSU  O34656      357     cotI; ytaA
BSU30930                 YTAB_BACSU  O34694      155     ytaB
BSU30940                 PHSG_BACSU  P39123      798     glgP
BSU30950                 GLGA_BACSU  P39125      484     glgA
BSU30960                 GLGD_BACSU  P39124      343     glgD
BSU30970                 GLGC_BACSU  P39122      380     glgC
BSU30980                 GLGB_BACSU  P39118      627     glgB
BSU30990                 THIT_BACSU  O32074      192     thiT; yuaJ
BSU31000                 YUAI_BACSU  O32075      173     yuaI
BSU31010                 YUAG_BACSU  O32076      509     yuaG; yuaH
BSU31020                 YUAF_BACSU  O32077      174     yuaF
BSU31030                 YUAE_BACSU  O32078      162     yuaE
BSU31040                 YUAD_BACSU  O32079      192     yuaD
BSU31050                 GBSB_BACSU  P71017      402     gbsB
BSU31060                 GBSA_BACSU  P71016      490     gbsA
BSU31070                 GBSR_BACSU  P71015      180     gbsR; yuaC
BSU31080                 BSLA_BACSU  P71014      181     bslA; yuaB
BSU31090                 KTRA_BACSU  O32080      222     ktrA; yuaA
BSU31100                 KTRB_BACSU  O32081      445     ktrB; yubG
BSU31110                 YUBF_BACSU  O32082      87      yubF
BSU31120                 LYTG_BACSU  O32083      282     lytG; yubE
BSU31130                 YUBD_BACSU  O32084      511     yubD
BSU31140                 CDOA_BACSU  O32085      161     cdoA; yubC
BSU31150                 UPPP_BACSU  P94507      276     uppP; bacA; upk; yubB
BSU31160                 YUBA_BACSU  O32086      388     yubA
BSU31170                 IOLU_BACSU  O05265      328     iolU; yulF
BSU31180                 RHAA_BACSU  O05264      424     rhaA; yulE
BSU31190                 RHAM_BACSU  O05263      104     rhaM; yulD
BSU31200                 RHAB_BACSU  O05262      485     rhaB; yulC
BSU31210                 YULB_BACSU  O05261      258     yulB
BSU31220                 YUXG_BACSU  P40747      689     yuxG; yulA
BSU31230                 TLPB_BACSU  P39217      662     tlpB
BSU31240                 MCPA_BACSU  P39214      661     mcpA
BSU31250                 TLPA_BACSU  P39216      662     tlpA
BSU31260                 MCPB_BACSU  P39215      662     mcpB
BSU31270                 TGL_BACSU   P40746      245     tgl; yugV; yuxF
BSU31279                 YUZH_BACSU  C0H3Q3      84      yuzH
BSU31280                 YUGU_BACSU  O05243      132     yugU
BSU31290                 O16G3_BACSU O05242      554     yugT
BSU31300                 YUGS_BACSU  O05241      429     yugS
BSU31310                 YUGP_BACSU  O05248      225     yugP
BSU31319                 YUZI_BACSU  C0H3Q4      87      yuzI
BSU31321                 MSTX_BACSU  Q5BU39      110     mstX
BSU31322                 YUGO_BACSU  Q795M8      328     yugO
BSU31330                 YUGN_BACSU  O05246      134     yugN
BSU31340                 YUGM_BACSU  O05245      123     yugM
BSU31350                 G6PI_BACSU  P80860      450     pgi; yugL
BSU31360                 YUGK_BACSU  O05240      390     yugK
BSU31370                 YUGJ_BACSU  O05239      387     yugJ
BSU31380                 YUZA_BACSU  O32087      78      yuzA
BSU31390                 GS13_BACSU  P80870      130     yugI
BSU31400                 YUGH_BACSU  Q795M6      386     yugH; alaT
BSU31410                 YUGG_BACSU  O05236      166     yugG
BSU31420                 YUGF_BACSU  O05235      273     yugF
BSU31430                 YUGE_BACSU  O05234      86      yugE
BSU31440                 CBL_BACSU   Q08432      387     patB
BSU31450                 KINB_BACSU  Q08430      428     kinB
BSU31460                 KAPB_BACSU  Q08429      128     kapB
BSU31470                 KAPD_BACSU  O05231      205     kapD; yugB
BSU31480                 YUXJ_BACSU  P40760      392     yuxJ; yugC
BSU31490                 PBPD_BACSU  P40750      624     pbpD
BSU31500                 YUXK_BACSU  P40761      137     yuxK; yugD
BSU31510                 YUFK_BACSU  O05249      185     yufK
BSU31520                 MALK_BACSU  O05250      533     malK; yufL
BSU31530                 MALR_BACSU  O05251      235     malR; yufM
BSU31540                 NUPN_BACSU  O05252      359     nupN; yufN
BSU31550                 NUPO_BACSU  O05253      510     nupO; yufO
BSU31560                 NUPP_BACSU  O05254      348     nupP; yufP
BSU31570                 NUPQ_BACSU  O05255      319     nupQ; yufQ
BSU31580                 MAEN_BACSU  O05256      448     maeN; yufR
BSU31590                 YUFS_BACSU  O05257      71      yufS
BSU31600                 MRPA_BACSU  Q9K2S2      801     mrpA; ntrA; shaA; yufT
BSU31610                 MRPB_BACSU  O05259      143     mrpB; yufU
BSU31620                 MRPC_BACSU  O05260      113     mrpC; yufV
BSU31630                 MRPD_BACSU  O05229      493     mrpD; yufD
BSU31640                 MRPE_BACSU  Q7WY60      158     mrpE
BSU31650                 MRPF_BACSU  O05228      94      mrpF; yufC
BSU31660                 MRPG_BACSU  O05227      124     mrpG; yufB
BSU31670                 COMA2_BACSU P14205      126     yuxO; comA2; comAB
BSU31680                 CMPA_BACSU  P14204      214     comA; comA1; comAA
BSU31690                 COMP_BACSU  Q99027      769     comP
BSU31700                 COMX_BACSU  P45453      55      comX
BSU31710                 COMQ_BACSU  P33690      299     comQ
BSU31720                 DEGQ_BACSU  Q99039      46      degQ; amyB; sacQ
BSU31730                 YUZC_BACSU  O32089      122     yuzC
BSU31740                 YUXH_BACSU  P14203      409     yuxH; yufA
BSU31750                 PNCB_BACSU  O32090      490     pncB; yueK
BSU31760                 PNCA_BACSU  O32091      183     pncA; yueJ
BSU31770                 YUEI_BACSU  O32092      132     yueI
BSU31780                 YUEH_BACSU  O32093      82      yueH
BSU31790                 YUEG_BACSU  O32094      73      yueG
BSU31800                 YUEF_BACSU  O32095      369     yueF
BSU31810                 YUZE_BACSU  O32096      129     yuzE
BSU31820                 YUZF_BACSU  O32097      78      yuzF
BSU31830                 YUEE_BACSU  O32098      176     yueE
BSU31840                 BZRD_BACSU  O32099      243     yueD
BSU31850                 YUEC_BACSU  O32100      151     yueC
BSU31860                 YUEB_BACSU  O32101      1076    yueB
BSU31875                 YUKB_BACSU  C0SPA7      1495    yukB; yukA; yukBA
BSU31890                 YUKC_BACSU  P71070      451     yukC
BSU31900                 YUKD_BACSU  P71071      79      yukD
BSU31910                 YUKE_BACSU  C0SP85      97      yukE
BSU31920                 ADER_BACSU  P71073      422     adeR; yukF
BSU31930                 DHA_BACSU   Q08352      378     ald; spoVN
BSU31945                 YUKJ_BACSU  C0SPB1      225     yukJ; yukI; yuxI
BSU31959                 YBDZ_BACSU  C0H3Q6      69      ybdZ
BSU31960                 DHBF_BACSU  P45745      2378    dhbF
BSU31970                 DHBB_BACSU  P45743      312     dhbB
BSU31980                 DHBE_BACSU  P40871      539     dhbE; entE
BSU31990                 DHBC_BACSU  P45744      398     dhbC
BSU32000                 DHBA_BACSU  P39071      261     dhbA; entA
BSU32010                 BESA_BACSU  O32102      289     besA; yuiI
BSU32020                 YUIH_BACSU  O32103      198     yuiH
BSU32030                 BIOYB_BACSU O32104      200     bioYB; yuiG
BSU32040                 YUIF_BACSU  O32105      442     yuiF
BSU32050                 AMPA_BACSU  O32106      500     pepA; yuiE
BSU32060                 YUID_BACSU  O32107      158     yuiD
BSU32070                 YUIC_BACSU  O32108      218     yuiC
BSU32080                 YUIB_BACSU  O32109      106     yuiB
BSU32090                 YUIA_BACSU  O32110      47      yuiA; yumA
BSU32100                 YUMB_BACSU  O05267      406     yumB
BSU32110                 FENR2_BACSU O05268      332     yumC
BSU32120                 YUZG_BACSU  O32111      46      yuzG
BSU32130                 GUAC_BACSU  O05269      326     guaC; yumD
BSU32140                 PAIB_BACSU  P21341      207     paiB; yumE
BSU32150                 PAIA_BACSU  P21340      172     paiA
BSU32160                 SUFA_BACSU  O32113      120     sufA; yutM
BSU32170                 DAPF_BACSU  O32114      284     dapF; yutL
BSU32180                 YUTK_BACSU  O32115      404     yutK
BSU32190                 YUZB_BACSU  O32116      78      yuzB
BSU32200                 YUTJ_BACSU  O32117      355     yutJ
BSU32210                 YUZD_BACSU  O32118      108     yuzD
BSU32220                 YUTI_BACSU  O32119      111     yutI
BSU32230                 YUXL_BACSU  P39839      657     yuxL
BSU32240                 KHSE_BACSU  P04948      309     thrB
BSU32250                 THRC_BACSU  P04990      352     thrC
BSU32260                 DHOM_BACSU  P19582      433     hom; tdm
BSU32270                 YUTH_BACSU  O32123      339     yutH
BSU32280                 YUTG_BACSU  O32124      166     yutG
BSU32290                 YUTF_BACSU  O32125      256     yutF
BSU32300                 YUTE_BACSU  O32126      144     yutE
BSU32310                 YUTD_BACSU  O32127      91      yutD
BSU32320                 YUTC_BACSU  O32128      210     yutC
BSU32330                 LIPA_BACSU  O32129      298     lipA; yutB
BSU32340                 LYTH_BACSU  O32130      326     lytH; yunA; yutA
BSU32350                 YUNB_BACSU  O32131      254     yunB
BSU32360                 YUNC_BACSU  O32132      101     yunC
BSU32370                 YUND_BACSU  O32133      462     yunD
BSU32380                 YUNE_BACSU  O32134      273     yunE
BSU32390                 YUNF_BACSU  O32135      282     yunF
BSU32400                 YUNG_BACSU  O32136      115     yunG
BSU32410                 ALLB_BACSU  O32137      446     allB; pucH; yunH
BSU32420                 PUCR_BACSU  O32138      531     pucR; yunI
BSU32430                 PUCJ_BACSU  O32139      449     pucJ; yunJ
BSU32440                 PUCK_BACSU  O32140      430     pucK; yunK
BSU32450                 PUCL_BACSU  O32141      494     pucL; yunL
BSU32460                 HIUH_BACSU  O32142      114     pucM; yunM
BSU32469                 YUZJ_BACSU  C0H3Q7      43      yuzJ
BSU32470                 XDHE_BACSU  O32143      173     pucE; yurB
BSU32480                 XDHD_BACSU  O32144      745     pucD; yurC
BSU32490                 XDHC_BACSU  O32145      277     pucC; yurD
BSU32500                 PUCB_BACSU  O32146      205     pucB; yurE
BSU32510                 XDHA_BACSU  O32147      330     pucA; yurF
BSU32520                 PUCG_BACSU  O32148      416     pucG; yurG
BSU32530                 ALLC_BACSU  O32149      412     pucF; yurH
BSU32540                 BSN2_BACSU  O32150      288     bsn; yurI
BSU32550                 YURJ_BACSU  O32151      367     yurJ
BSU32560                 YURK_BACSU  O32152      242     yurK
BSU32570                 FRLD_BACSU  O32153      284     frlD; yurL
BSU32580                 YURM_BACSU  O32154      300     yurM
BSU32590                 YURN_BACSU  O32155      292     yurN
BSU32600                 YURO_BACSU  O32156      422     yurO
BSU32610                 FRLB_BACSU  O32157      328     frlB; yurP
BSU32620                 YURQ_BACSU  O32158      124     yurQ
BSU32630                 YURR_BACSU  O32159      372     yurR
BSU32640                 SSPG_BACSU  Q7WY59      48      sspG
BSU32650                 YURS_BACSU  O32160      91      yurS
BSU32660                 YURT_BACSU  O32161      127     yurT
BSU32669                 YUZN_BACSU  C0H3Q8      92      yuzN
BSU32670                 SUFB_BACSU  O32162      465     sufB
BSU32680                 SUFU_BACSU  O32163      147     sufU; iscU; nifU; yurV
BSU32690                 SUFS_BACSU  O32164      406     sufS; csd; yurW
BSU32700                 SUFD_BACSU  O32165      437     sufD; yurX
BSU32710                 SUFC_BACSU  P80866      261     sufC; yurY
BSU32719                 YUZK_BACSU  C0H3Q9      45      yuzK
BSU32720                 YURZ_BACSU  O32166      125     yurZ
BSU32730                 METQ_BACSU  O32167      274     metQ; yusA
BSU32740                 METP_BACSU  O32168      222     metP; yusB
BSU32750                 METN_BACSU  O32169      341     metN; yusC
BSU32760                 YUSD_BACSU  O32170      114     yusD
BSU32770                 YUSE_BACSU  O32171      106     yusE
BSU32780                 YUSF_BACSU  O32172      146     yusF
BSU32790                 YUSG_BACSU  O32173      78      yusG
BSU32800                 GCSH_BACSU  O32174      127     gcvH; yusH
BSU32810                 YUSI_BACSU  O32175      118     yusI
BSU32820                 FADE_BACSU  O32176      594     fadE; yusJ
BSU32830                 FADA_BACSU  O32177      391     fadA; yusK
BSU32840                 FADN_BACSU  O32178      789     fadN; yusL
BSU32849                 YUZL_BACSU  C0H3R0      48      yuzL
BSU32850                 PROD1_BACSU O32179      302     fadM; yusM
BSU32859                 YUZM_BACSU  C0H3R1      81      yuzM
BSU32860                 YUSN_BACSU  O32180      110     yusN
BSU32870                 YUSO_BACSU  O32181      155     yusO
BSU32880                 YUSP_BACSU  O32182      541     yusP
BSU32890                 YUSQ_BACSU  O32183      127     yusQ
BSU32900                 YUSR_BACSU  O32184      129     yusR
BSU32910                 YUSS_BACSU  O32185      109     yusS
BSU32920                 YUST_BACSU  O32186      295     yusT
BSU32930                 YUSU_BACSU  O32187      95      yusU
BSU32940                 YUSV_BACSU  O32188      275     yusV
BSU32950                 YUSW_BACSU  O32189      145     yusW
BSU32980                 YUSZ_BACSU  P37959      280     yusZ; yvxA
BSU32990                 MRGA_BACSU  P37960      153     mrgA
BSU33000                 HTRB_BACSU  Q9R9I1      458     htrB; yvtA
BSU33010                 CSSR_BACSU  O32192      225     cssR
BSU33020                 CSSS_BACSU  O32193      451     cssS; yvqB
BSU33029                 YUZO_BACSU  O32302      54      yuzO
BSU33030                 YUXN_BACSU  P40950      291     yuxN
BSU33040                 FUMC_BACSU  P07343      462     fumC; citG
BSU33049                 YVZF_BACSU  C0H3R3      61      yvzF
BSU33050                 GERAA_BACSU P07868      482     gerAA; gerA1
BSU33060                 GERAB_BACSU P07869      365     gerAB; gerA2
BSU33070                 GERAC_BACSU P07870      373     gerAC; gerA3
BSU33080                 LIAR_BACSU  O32197      211     liaR; yvqC
BSU33090                 LIAS_BACSU  O32198      360     liaS; yvqE
BSU33100                 LIAF_BACSU  O32199      241     liaF; yvqF
BSU33110                 LIAG_BACSU  O32200      290     liaG; yvqG
BSU33120                 LIAH_BACSU  O32201      225     liaH; yvqH
BSU33130                 LIAI_BACSU  O32202      126     liaI; yvqI
BSU33140                 YVQJ_BACSU  O32203      422     yvqJ
BSU33150                 PDUO_BACSU  O34899      193     yvqK
BSU33160                 YVRA_BACSU  O34631      442     yvrA
BSU33170                 YVRB_BACSU  O34451      353     yvrB
BSU33180                 YVRC_BACSU  O34805      314     yvrC
BSU33190                 YVRD_BACSU  O34782      263     yvrD
BSU33200                 YVRE_BACSU  O34940      292     yvrE
BSU33210                 YVRG_BACSU  O34989      580     yvrG
BSU33220                 YVRH_BACSU  P94504      237     yvrH; yvrHb
BSU33222                 RSOA_BACSU  C0H3R4      79      rsoA; yvrHa
BSU33230                 SIGO_BACSU  O34843      176     sigO; yvrI
BSU33239                 YVRJ_BACSU  C0H3R5      112     yvrJ
BSU33240                 OXDC_BACSU  O34714      385     oxdC; yvrK
BSU33250                 YVRL_BACSU  O34686      136     yvrL
BSU33260                 YVRN_BACSU  P46324      409     yvrN; yvrM; yziB
BSU33270                 YVRO_BACSU  O34979      229     yvrO
BSU33280                 YVRP_BACSU  O35007      397     yvrP
BSU33290                 FHUC_BACSU  P49938      269     fhuC
BSU33300                 FHUG_BACSU  P49937      336     fhuG
BSU33310                 FHUB_BACSU  P49936      384     fhuB
BSU33320                 FHUD_BACSU  P37580      315     fhuD
BSU33330                 ARCD_BACSU  O32204      469     yvsH
BSU33340                 SSPJ_BACSU  Q7WY58      46      sspJ
BSU33350                 YVSG_BACSU  O32205      160     yvsG
BSU33360                 YVGJ_BACSU  O32206      617     yvgJ
BSU33370                 YVGK_BACSU  O32207      308     yvgK; yvsE
BSU33380                 YVGL_BACSU  O32208      260     yvgL; yvsD
BSU33390                 YVGM_BACSU  O32209      227     yvgM
BSU33400                 GR_BACSU    O32210      276     yvgN
BSU33410                 YVGO_BACSU  O32211      161     yvgO
BSU33420                 NHAK_BACSU  O32212      670     nhaK; yvgP
BSU33430                 CYSI_BACSU  O32213      571     cysI; yvgQ
BSU33440                 CYSJ_BACSU  O32214      605     cysJ; yvgR
BSU33450                 HELD_BACSU  O32215      774     helD; yvgS
BSU33460                 YVGT_BACSU  O32216      202     yvgT
BSU33470                 BDBC_BACSU  O32217      138     bdbC; yvgU
BSU33480                 BDBD_BACSU  O32218      222     bdbD; yvgV
BSU33490                 CADA_BACSU  O32219      702     cadA; yvgW
BSU33500                 COPA_BACSU  O32220      802     copA; yvgX
BSU33510                 COPZ_BACSU  O32221      69      copZ; yvgY
BSU33520                 CSOR_BACSU  O32222      101     csoR; yvgZ
BSU33530                 IOLW_BACSU  O32223      358     iolW; yvaA
BSU33540                 AZOR2_BACSU O32224      211     azoR2; yvaB
BSU33550                 YVAC_BACSU  O32225      631     yvaC
BSU33560                 YVAD_BACSU  O32226      133     yvaD
BSU33570                 YVAE_BACSU  O32227      119     yvaE
BSU33580                 YVAF_BACSU  O32228      190     yvaF
BSU33590                 YVAG_BACSU  O32229      264     yvaG
BSU33600                 SSRP_BACSU  O32230      156     smpB; yvaI
BSU33610                 RNR_BACSU   O32231      779     rnr; vacB; yvaJ
BSU33620                 EST_BACSU   O32232      246     est; yvaK
BSU33630                 SECG_BACSU  O32233      76      secG; yvaL
BSU33640                 YVAM_BACSU  O32234      256     yvaM
BSU33650                 YVZC_BACSU  O32235      77      yvzC
BSU33660                 RGHR_BACSU  O32236      135     rghR; rghRA; yvaN
BSU33670                 RGHRB_BACSU O32237      139     rghRB; yvaO
BSU33680                 YVAP_BACSU  O32238      108     yvaP
BSU33690                 YVAQ_BACSU  O32239      566     yvaQ
BSU33700                 OPUBD_BACSU P39775      226     opuBD; proZ
BSU33710                 OPUBC_BACSU Q45462      306     opuBC; proX
BSU33720                 OPUBB_BACSU Q45461      217     opuBB; proW
BSU33730                 OPUBA_BACSU Q45460      381     opuBA; proV
BSU33740                 YVAV_BACSU  C0SPB8      177     yvaV
BSU33750                 SDPA_BACSU  O34889      158     sdpA; yvaW
BSU33760                 SDPB_BACSU  O34616      323     sdpB; yvaX
BSU33770                 SDPC_BACSU  O34344      203     sdpC; yvaY
BSU33780                 SDPI_BACSU  O32241      207     sdpI; yvaZ
BSU33790                 SDPR_BACSU  O32242      90      sdpR; yvbA
BSU33800                 OPUCD_BACSU O34742      229     opuCD; yvbB
BSU33810                 OPUCC_BACSU O32243      303     opuCC; yvbC
BSU33820                 OPUCB_BACSU O34878      217     opuCB; yvbD
BSU33830                 OPUCA_BACSU O34992      380     opuCA; yvbE
BSU33840                 OPCR_BACSU  O34709      185     opcR; yvbF
BSU33850                 YVBG_BACSU  O32244      211     yvbG
BSU33860                 YVBH_BACSU  O32245      204     yvbH
BSU33870                 YVBI_BACSU  O32246      232     yvbI
BSU33880                 YVBJ_BACSU  O32247      605     yvbJ
BSU33890                 YVBK_BACSU  O32248      155     yvbK
BSU33900                 ENO_BACSU   P37869      430     eno
BSU33910                 GPMI_BACSU  P39773      511     gpmI; pgm
BSU33920                 TPIS_BACSU  P27876      253     tpiA; tpi
BSU33930                 PGK_BACSU   P40924      394     pgk
BSU33940                 G3P1_BACSU  P09124      335     gapA; gap
BSU33950                 CGGR_BACSU  O32253      340     cggR; yvbQ
BSU33960                 ARAE_BACSU  P96710      464     araE; yvbR
BSU33970                 ARAR_BACSU  P96711      362     araR; araC; yvbS
BSU33980                 YVBT_BACSU  O32254      336     yvbT
BSU33990                 YVBU_BACSU  O32255      292     yvbU
BSU34000                 YVBV_BACSU  O32256      305     yvbV
BSU34010                 YVBW_BACSU  O32257      447     yvbW
BSU34020                 YVBX_BACSU  O32258      344     yvbX
BSU34030                 LUTC_BACSU  O32259      240     lutC; yvbY
BSU34040                 LUTB_BACSU  O07021      479     lutB; yvfW
BSU34050                 LUTA_BACSU  O07020      238     lutA; yvfV
BSU34060                 YVFU_BACSU  O07019      200     yvfU
BSU34070                 YVFT_BACSU  Q795K2      371     yvfT
BSU34080                 YVFS_BACSU  O07017      245     yvfS
BSU34090                 YVFR_BACSU  O07016      301     yvfR
BSU34100                 RSBQ_BACSU  O07015      269     rsbQ; yvfQ
BSU34110                 RSBP_BACSU  O07014      403     rsbP; yvfP
BSU34120                 GANA_BACSU  O07013      429     ganB; galA; yvfO
BSU34130                 BGAL2_BACSU O07012      672     ganA; galO; lacA; yvfN
BSU34140                 GANQ_BACSU  O07011      283     ganQ; yvfM
BSU34150                 GANP_BACSU  O32261      418     ganP; yvfL
BSU34160                 CYCB_BACSU  O07009      421     cycB; yvfK
BSU34170                 GANR_BACSU  O07008      330     ganR; lacR; yvfJ
BSU34180                 LUTR_BACSU  O07007      219     lutR; yvfI
BSU34190                 LUTP_BACSU  P71067      563     lutP; yvfH
BSU34200                 RP54_BACSU  P24219      436     sigL
BSU34210                 YVFG_BACSU  P71066      72      yvfG
BSU34220                 EPSO_BACSU  P71065      322     epsO; yvfF
BSU34230                 EPSN_BACSU  Q795J3      388     epsN; yvfE
BSU34240                 EPSM_BACSU  P71063      216     epsM; yvfD
BSU34250                 EPSL_BACSU  P71062      202     epsL; yvfC
BSU34265                 EPSK_BACSU  P71060      505     epsK; yvfA/yvfB
BSU34280                 EPSJ_BACSU  P71059      344     epsJ; yveT
BSU34290                 EPSI_BACSU  P71058      358     epsI; yveS
BSU34300                 EPSH_BACSU  P71057      344     epsH; yveR
BSU34310                 EPSG_BACSU  P71056      367     epsG; yveQ
BSU34320                 EPSF_BACSU  P71055      384     epsF; yveP
BSU34330                 EPSE_BACSU  P71054      278     epsE; yveO
BSU34340                 EPSD_BACSU  P71053      381     epsD; yveN
BSU34350                 EPSC_BACSU  P71052      598     epsC; yveM
BSU34360                 YVEL_BACSU  P71051      227     yveL
BSU34370                 YVEK_BACSU  P71050      234     yveK
BSU34380                 SLRR_BACSU  P71049      152     slrR; slr; yveJ
BSU34390                 PNBA_BACSU  P37967      489     pnbA; estB
BSU34400                 PADC_BACSU  O07006      161     padC; pad; yveH
BSU34410                 YVEG_BACSU  O07005      156     yveG
BSU34420                 YVEF_BACSU  O07004      30      yveF
BSU34430                 RACX_BACSU  P32960      227     racX
BSU34440                 PBPE_BACSU  P32959      451     pbpE
BSU34450                 SACB_BACSU  P05655      473     sacB
BSU34460                 LEVB_BACSU  O07003      516     levB; yveB
BSU34470                 ASPP_BACSU  O07002      520     yveA
BSU34480                 YVDT_BACSU  O07001      194     yvdT
BSU34490                 YVDS_BACSU  O32262      111     yvdS
BSU34500                 YVDR_BACSU  O06999      106     yvdR
BSU34510                 YVDQ_BACSU  O06998      170     yvdQ
BSU34520                 YVDP_BACSU  O06997      447     yvdP
BSU34530                 COTR_BACSU  O06996      320     cotR; yvdO
BSU34540                 CLPP_BACSU  P80244      197     clpP; yvdN
BSU34550                 PGMB_BACSU  O06995      226     yvdM
BSU34560                 O16G1_BACSU O06994      561     malL; yvdL
BSU34570                 MALPY_BACSU O06993      757     mdxK; malK; yvdK
BSU34580                 MALA_BACSU  O06992      294     yvdJ
BSU34590                 MDXG_BACSU  O06991      278     mdxG; yvdI
BSU34600                 MDXF_BACSU  O06990      435     mdxF; yvdH
BSU34610                 MDXE_BACSU  O06989      417     mdxE; yvdG
BSU34620                 BBMA_BACSU  O06988      588     bbmA; yvdF
BSU34630                 YVDE_BACSU  O06987      316     yvdE
BSU34640                 YVDD_BACSU  O06986      191     yvdD
BSU34650                 YVDC_BACSU  O32263      106     yvdC
BSU34660                 YVDB_BACSU  O06984      530     yvdB
BSU34670                 YVDA_BACSU  O06983      197     yvdA
BSU34680                 TKRA_BACSU  O32264      325     yvcT
BSU34690                 YVCS_BACSU  O06981      646     yvcS
BSU34700                 YVCR_BACSU  O06980      259     yvcR
BSU34710                 YVCQ_BACSU  O06979      356     yvcQ
BSU34720                 YVCP_BACSU  O06978      237     yvcP
BSU34729                 YVZJ_BACSU  C0H3R7      69      yvzJ
BSU34730                 YVCN_BACSU  O06977      254     yvcN
BSU34740                 CRH_BACSU   O06976      85      crh; yvcM
BSU34750                 WHIA_BACSU  O06975      316     whiA; yvcL
BSU34760                 GNGF_BACSU  O06974      317     mgfK; yvcK
BSU34770                 YVCJ_BACSU  O06973      295     yvcJ
BSU34780                 YVCI_BACSU  O06972      158     yvcI
BSU34790                 TRXB_BACSU  P80880      316     trxB; yvcH
BSU34800                 CWLO_BACSU  P40767      473     cwlO; yvcE; yzkA
BSU34810                 YVCD_BACSU  O06968      484     yvcD
BSU34820                 BMRA_BACSU  O06967      589     bmrA; yvcC
BSU34830                 YVZA_BACSU  O32265      119     yvzA
BSU34840                 YVCB_BACSU  O06966      636     yvcB; yvrB
BSU34850                 YVCA_BACSU  O06965      241     yvcA; yvrA
BSU34860                 HIS2_BACSU  O34912      209     hisI; hisIE
BSU34870                 HIS6_BACSU  O34727      252     hisF
BSU34880                 HIS4_BACSU  O35006      245     hisA
BSU34890                 HIS5_BACSU  O34565      212     hisH
BSU34900                 HIS7_BACSU  O34683      194     hisB
BSU34910                 HISX_BACSU  O34651      427     hisD
BSU34920                 HIS1_BACSU  O34520      213     hisG
BSU34930                 HISZ_BACSU  O34459      391     hisZ
BSU34940                 YVPB_BACSU  O34735      250     yvpB
BSU34950                 PLYC_BACSU  O34310      221     pelC; yvpA
BSU34960                 YVOF_BACSU  O34993      172     yvoF
BSU34970                 PPAX_BACSU  Q9JMQ2      216     ppaX; hprP; ptsL; yvoE
BSU34980                 YVOD_BACSU  O34382      312     yvoD
BSU34990                 LGT_BACSU   O34752      269     lgt; gerF
BSU35000                 HPRK_BACSU  O34483      310     hprK; ptsK; yvoB
BSU35010                 NAGA_BACSU  O34450      396     nagA
BSU35020                 NAGB_BACSU  O35000      242     nagB
BSU35030                 NAGR_BACSU  O34817      243     nagR; yvoA
BSU35040                 YVNB_BACSU  O34986      1289    yvnB
BSU35050                 YVNA_BACSU  O34692      157     yvnA
BSU35060                 CYPX_BACSU  O34926      405     cypX; cyp134; cypB
BSU35070                 CDLS_BACSU  O34351      248     yvmC
BSU35080                 PCHR_BACSU  P40762      169     pchR; yvmB; yzhA
BSU35090                 YVMA_BACSU  O34307      403     yvmA
BSU35100                 YVLD_BACSU  O34648      119     yvlD
BSU35110                 YVLC_BACSU  O34719      65      yvlC
BSU35120                 YVLB_BACSU  O34628      365     yvlB
BSU35130                 YVLA_BACSU  O34322      108     yvlA
BSU35140                 YVKN_BACSU  O34604      76      yvkN
BSU35150                 YVZB_BACSU  O34366      160     yvzB
BSU35160                 UVRA_BACSU  O34863      957     uvrA
BSU35170                 UVRB_BACSU  P37954      661     uvrB; dinA; uvr
BSU35180                 CSBA_BACSU  P37953      76      csbA
BSU35190                 YVKC_BACSU  O34796      831     yvkC
BSU35200                 YVKB_BACSU  O34643      189     yvkB
BSU35210                 YVKA_BACSU  O34502      444     yvkA
BSU35220                 MINJ_BACSU  O34375      397     minJ; swrAB; yvjD
BSU35230                 SWRAA_BACSU O32266      117     swrAA; swrA
BSU35240                 CTPB_BACSU  O35002      480     ctpB; yvjB
BSU35250                 FTSX_BACSU  O34876      296     ftsX
BSU35260                 FTSE_BACSU  O34814      228     ftsE
BSU35270                 CY551_BACSU O34594      112     cccB
BSU35280                 YVJA_BACSU  O34792      281     yvjA
BSU35290                 RF2_BACSU   P28367      366     prfB
BSU35300                 SECA_BACSU  P28366      841     secA; div+
BSU35310                 HPF_BACSU   P28368      189     yvyD; hpf; yviI
BSU35319                 YVZG_BACSU  C0H3R9      125     yvzG
BSU35320                 FLIT_BACSU  P39740      113     fliT
BSU35330                 FLIS_BACSU  P39739      133     fliS
BSU35340                 FLID_BACSU  P39738      498     fliD; mrgB
BSU35350                 YVYC_BACSU  P39737      109     yvyC; yviH
BSU35360                 FLA_BACSU   P02968      304     hag
BSU35370                 CSRA_BACSU  P33911      74      csrA; sow; yviG
BSU35380                 FLIW_BACSU  P96503      143     fliW; yviF
BSU35390                 YVIE_BACSU  P96502      191     yviE
BSU35400                 FLGL_BACSU  P96501      298     flgL; yviD
BSU35410                 FLGK_BACSU  P39810      507     flgK
BSU35420                 YVYG_BACSU  P39808      160     yvyG; yviC
BSU35430                 FLGM_BACSU  P39809      88      flgM
BSU35440                 YVYF_BACSU  P39807      139     yvyF; yviB
BSU35450                 COMFC_BACSU P39147      229     comFC; comF3
BSU35460                 COMFB_BACSU P39146      98      comFB; comF2
BSU35470                 COMFA_BACSU P39145      463     comFA; comF1
BSU35480                 DEGV_BACSU  P32436      281     degV; yviA
BSU35490                 DEGU_BACSU  P13800      229     degU; iep
BSU35500                 DEGS_BACSU  P13799      385     degS; sacU
BSU35510                 YVYE_BACSU  P32437      217     yvyE; yvhK
BSU35520                 TAGV_BACSU  P96499      391     tagV; yvhJ
BSU35530                 TAGO_BACSU  O34753      358     tagO; yvhI
BSU35540                 TUAH_BACSU  O32267      397     tuaH; yvhH
BSU35550                 TUAG_BACSU  O32268      252     tuaG; yvhG
BSU35560                 TUAF_BACSU  O32269      226     tuaF; yvhF
BSU35570                 TUAE_BACSU  O32270      488     tuaE; yvhE
BSU35580                 TUAD_BACSU  O32271      461     tuaD; yvhD
BSU35590                 TUAC_BACSU  O32272      389     tuaC; yvhC
BSU35600                 TUAB_BACSU  O32273      483     tuaB; yvhB
BSU35610                 TUAA_BACSU  O32274      179     tuaA; yvhA
BSU35620                 LYTC_BACSU  Q02114      496     lytC; cwlB
BSU35630                 CWBA_BACSU  Q02113      705     lytB; cwbA
BSU35640                 LYTA_BACSU  Q02112      102     lytA; lppX
BSU35650                 TAGU_BACSU  Q02115      306     tagU; lytR
BSU35660                 MNAA_BACSU  P39131      380     mnaA
BSU35670                 GTAB_BACSU  Q05852      292     gtaB
BSU35680                 GGAB_BACSU  P46918      900     ggaB
BSU35690                 GGAA_BACSU  P46917      446     ggaA
BSU35700                 TAGH_BACSU  P42954      527     tagH
BSU35710                 TAGG_BACSU  P42953      275     tagG
BSU35720                 TAGF_BACSU  P13485      746     tagF; rodC; tag3
BSU35730                 TAGE_BACSU  P13484      673     tagE; gtaA; rodD
BSU35740                 TAGD_BACSU  P27623      129     tagD
BSU35750                 TAGA_BACSU  P27620      256     tagA
BSU35760                 TAGB_BACSU  P27621      381     tagB
BSU35770                 TAGC_BACSU  P27622      442     tagC; dinC
BSU35780                 LYTD_BACSU  P39848      880     lytD; cwlG
BSU35790                 MANA3_BACSU P39841      316     yvyI; pmi
BSU35800                 GERBA_BACSU P39569      483     gerBA
BSU35810                 GERBB_BACSU P39570      368     gerBB
BSU35820                 GERBC_BACSU P39571      374     gerBC
BSU35830                 YWTG_BACSU  C0SPB2      457     ywtG
BSU35840                 TAGT_BACSU  Q7WY78      322     tagT; ywtF
BSU35850                 YWTE_BACSU  P96741      286     ywtE
BSU35860                 PGDS_BACSU  P96740      413     pgdS; ywtD
BSU35870                 YWTC_BACSU  P96739      55      ywtC
BSU35880                 CAPA_BACSU  P96738      380     capA; pgsA; ywtB
BSU35890                 CAPC_BACSU  P96737      149     capC; pgsC; ywtA
BSU35900                 CAPB_BACSU  P96736      393     capB; pgsB; ywsC
BSU35910                 RBSR_BACSU  P36944      326     rbsR
BSU35920                 RBSK_BACSU  P36945      293     rbsK
BSU35930                 RBSD_BACSU  P36946      131     rbsD
BSU35940                 RBSA_BACSU  P36947      493     rbsA
BSU35950                 RBSC_BACSU  P36948      322     rbsC
BSU35960                 RBSB_BACSU  P36949      305     rbsB
BSU35970                 YWSB_BACSU  P96729      178     ywsB
BSU35980                 YWSA_BACSU  P96728      98      ywsA
BSU35990                 GS14_BACSU  P80871      175     ywrO
BSU36000                 ALDC_BACSU  Q04777      255     alsD
BSU36010                 ILVX_BACSU  Q04789      570     alsS
BSU36020                 ALSR_BACSU  Q04778      302     alsR
BSU36030                 YWRK_BACSU  O05224      442     ywrK
BSU36040                 YWRJ_BACSU  O05223      225     ywrJ
BSU36050                 COTB_BACSU  P07789      380     cotB
BSU36060                 COTH_BACSU  Q45535      362     cotH; ywrH
BSU36070                 COTG_BACSU  P39801      195     cotG
BSU36080                 YWRF_BACSU  O05220      205     ywrF
BSU36090                 YWRE_BACSU  O05219      111     ywrE
BSU36100                 YWRD_BACSU  O05218      525     ywrD
BSU36110                 YWRC_BACSU  O05217      158     ywrC
BSU36120                 YWRB_BACSU  O05216      197     ywrB
BSU36130                 YWRA_BACSU  O05215      178     ywrA
BSU36140                 YWQO_BACSU  P96727      73      ywqO
BSU36150                 YWQN_BACSU  P96726      181     ywqN
BSU36160                 YWQM_BACSU  P96725      293     ywqM
BSU36170                 NFI_BACSU   P96724      238     nfi; ywqL
BSU36180                 YWQK_BACSU  P96723      154     ywqK
BSU36190                 YWQJ_BACSU  P96722      602     ywqJ
BSU36200                 YWQI_BACSU  P96721      86      ywqI
BSU36210                 YWQH_BACSU  P96720      140     ywqH
BSU36220                 YWQG_BACSU  P96719      261     ywqG
BSU36230                 YWQF_BACSU  P96718      440     ywqF
BSU36240                 YWQE_BACSU  P96717      254     ywqE
BSU36250                 YWQD_BACSU  P96716      237     ywqD
BSU36260                 YWQC_BACSU  P96715      248     ywqC
BSU36269                 YWZD_BACSU  C0H3S3      47      ywzD
BSU36270                 YWQB_BACSU  P96714      536     ywqB
BSU36280                 YWQA_BACSU  P94593      922     ywqA
BSU36290                 YWPJ_BACSU  P94592      285     ywpJ
BSU36300                 GLCR_BACSU  P94591      258     glcR; ywpI
BSU36310                 SSBB_BACSU  C0SPB6      113     ssbB; ywpH
BSU36320                 YWPG_BACSU  P94589      127     ywpG
BSU36330                 YWPF_BACSU  P94588      136     ywpF
BSU36340                 YWPE_BACSU  P94587      102     ywpE
BSU36350                 YWPD_BACSU  P94586      278     ywpD
BSU36360                 MSCL_BACSU  P94585      130     mscL; ywpC
BSU36370                 FABZ_BACSU  P94584      141     fabZ; ywpB
BSU36380                 RAPD_BACSU  P94583      354     rapD; ywpA
BSU36390                 FLHP_BACSU  P39753      269     flhP; yvyB
BSU36400                 FLHO_BACSU  P39752      270     flhO; yvyA
BSU36410                 MBL_BACSU   P39751      333     mbl
BSU36420                 SP3D_BACSU  P15281      93      spoIIID
BSU36430                 USD_BACSU   O32276      36      usd
BSU36440                 YWOH_BACSU  P94578      137     ywoH
BSU36450                 YWOG_BACSU  P94577      396     ywoG
BSU36460                 YWOF_BACSU  P94576      468     ywoF
BSU36470                 ALLP_BACSU  P94575      490     pucI; ywoE
BSU36480                 YWOD_BACSU  P94574      452     ywoD
BSU36490                 YWOC_BACSU  P94573      189     ywoC
BSU36500                 YWOB_BACSU  P94572      154     ywoB
BSU36510                 AMTB_BACSU  Q07429      404     nrgA; amtB
BSU36520                 NRGB_BACSU  Q07428      116     nrgB
BSU36530                 BCRC_BACSU  P94571      193     bcrC; ywoA
BSU36540                 YWNJ_BACSU  P71045      140     ywnJ
BSU36550                 SP2Q_BACSU  P71044      283     spoIIQ; ywnI
BSU36560                 YWNH_BACSU  P71043      163     ywnH
BSU36570                 YWNG_BACSU  P71042      172     ywnG
BSU36580                 YWNF_BACSU  P71041      144     ywnF
BSU36590                 CLSA_BACSU  P71040      482     clsA; ywnE
BSU36600                 MTA_BACSU   P71039      257     mta; ywnD
BSU36610                 YWNC_BACSU  P71038      127     ywnC
BSU36620                 YWNB_BACSU  P71037      213     ywnB
BSU36630                 YWNA_BACSU  P71036      133     ywnA
BSU36640                 URE1_BACSU  P77837      569     ureC
BSU36650                 URE2_BACSU  P71035      124     ureB
BSU36660                 URE3_BACSU  P75030      105     ureA
BSU36670                 CSBD_BACSU  P70964      62      csbD; ywmG
BSU36680                 YWMF_BACSU  P70963      159     ywmF
BSU36690                 RAPB_BACSU  P70962      377     rapB; spo0P; ywmE
BSU36700                 MOAA_BACSU  P39757      341     moaA; narA; narAB
BSU36710                 FDHD_BACSU  P39756      262     fdhD; narAA; narQ
BSU36720                 YWME_BACSU  P70966      53      ywmE
BSU36730                 YWMD_BACSU  P70961      224     ywmD
BSU36740                 YWMC_BACSU  P70960      227     ywmC
BSU36750                 SP2D_BACSU  P07372      343     spoIID; spoIIC
BSU36760                 MURA1_BACSU P70965      436     murAA; murA
BSU36770                 YWMB_BACSU  O32277      246     ywmB
BSU36780                 YWZB_BACSU  O32278      76      ywzB
BSU36790                 YWMA_BACSU  P70958      157     ywmA
BSU36800                 ATPE_BACSU  P37812      132     atpC
BSU36810                 ATPB_BACSU  P37809      473     atpD
BSU36820                 ATPG_BACSU  P37810      287     atpG
BSU36830                 ATPA_BACSU  P37808      502     atpA
BSU36840                 ATPD_BACSU  P37811      181     atpH
BSU36850                 ATPF_BACSU  P37814      170     atpF
BSU36860                 ATPL_BACSU  P37815      70      atpE
BSU36870                 ATP6_BACSU  P37813      244     atpB
BSU36880                 ATPZ_BACSU  P37816      127     atpI
BSU36890                 UPP_BACSU   P39149      209     upp
BSU36900                 GLYA_BACSU  P39148      415     glyA; glyC
BSU36910                 YWLG_BACSU  P39157      180     ywlG
BSU36920                 YWLF_BACSU  P39156      149     ywlF
BSU36930                 PAP_BACSU   P39155      150     ywlE
BSU36940                 MNTP_BACSU  P39154      185     mntP; ywlD
BSU36950                 SUA5_BACSU  P39153      346     ywlC
BSU36960                 YWLB_BACSU  P39152      147     ywlB
BSU36970                 SP2R_BACSU  P39151      224     spoIIR
BSU36980                 YWLA_BACSU  P39150      120     ywlA
BSU36990                 YWKF_BACSU  P45874      95      ywkF
BSU37000                 PRMC_BACSU  P45873      288     prmC; ywkE
BSU37010                 RF1_BACSU   P45872      356     prfA
BSU37020                 YWKD_BACSU  P45871      128     ywkD
BSU37030                 RACA_BACSU  P45870      184     racA; ywkC
BSU37040                 YWKB_BACSU  P45869      319     ywkB
BSU37050                 MAO2_BACSU  P45868      582     maeA
BSU37060                 KITH_BACSU  Q03221      195     tdk
BSU37070                 RL31_BACSU  Q03223      66      rpmE
BSU37080                 RHO_BACSU   Q03222      427     rho
BSU37090                 GLPX_BACSU  Q03224      321     glpX; ywjI
BSU37100                 MURA2_BACSU P19670      429     murAB; murA; murZ
BSU37110                 TAL_BACSU   P19669      212     tal; ywjH
BSU37120                 ALF_BACSU   P13243      285     fbaA; fba; fba1; tsr
BSU37130                 SP0F_BACSU  P06628      124     spo0F
BSU37140                 YWJG_BACSU  P06629      173     ywjG
BSU37150                 PYRG_BACSU  P13242      535     pyrG; ctrA
BSU37160                 RPOE_BACSU  P12464      173     rpoE
BSU37170                 ACDA_BACSU  P45867      379     acdA; acd
BSU37180                 FADF_BACSU  P45866      705     fadF; ywjF
BSU37190                 CLSB_BACSU  P45865      398     clsB; ywjE
BSU37200                 UVSE_BACSU  P45864      320     uvsE; ywjD
BSU37210                 YWJC_BACSU  P45863      90      ywjC
BSU37220                 YWJB_BACSU  P45862      174     ywjB
BSU37230                 YWJA_BACSU  P45861      575     ywjA
BSU37240                 CLS1_BACSU  P45860      500     ywiE
BSU37250                 NARI_BACSU  P42177      223     narI
BSU37260                 NARJ_BACSU  P42178      184     narJ
BSU37270                 NARH_BACSU  P42176      487     narH
BSU37280                 NARG_BACSU  P42175      1228    narG
BSU37290                 ARFM_BACSU  P46910      158     arfM
BSU37300                 YWIC_BACSU  P46909      239     ywiC
BSU37310                 FNR_BACSU   P46908      238     fnr
BSU37320                 NARK_BACSU  P46907      395     narK
BSU37330                 SYR_BACSU   P46906      556     argS
BSU37340                 YWIB_BACSU  O07624      142     ywiB
BSU37350                 SBOA_BACSU  O07623      43      sboA; sbo
BSU37360                 SBOX_BACSU  Q7WY57      50      sboX
BSU37370                 ALBA_BACSU  P71011      448     albA; ywiA
BSU37380                 ALBB_BACSU  P71010      53      albB; ywhR
BSU37390                 ALBC_BACSU  P71009      239     albC; ywhQ
BSU37400                 ALBD_BACSU  P71008      436     albD; ywhP
BSU37410                 ALBE_BACSU  P71007      386     albE; ywhO
BSU37420                 ALBF_BACSU  P71006      426     albF; ywhN
BSU37430                 ALBG_BACSU  P71005      233     albG; ywhM
BSU37440                 YWHL_BACSU  P71004      458     ywhL
BSU37450                 YWHK_BACSU  P71003      451     ywhK
BSU37460                 RAPF_BACSU  P71002      381     rapF; ywhJ
BSU37470                 PHRF_BACSU  P71001      39      phrF; ywhI
BSU37480                 YWHH_BACSU  P71000      157     ywhH
BSU37490                 SPEB_BACSU  P70999      290     speB; ywhG
BSU37500                 SPEE_BACSU  P70998      276     speE; ywhF
BSU37510                 PBPG_BACSU  P70997      691     pbpG; ywhE
BSU37520                 YWHD_BACSU  P70996      172     ywhD
BSU37530                 YWHC_BACSU  P70995      219     ywhC
BSU37540                 4OT_BACSU   P70994      62      ywhB
BSU37550                 YWHA_BACSU  P70993      139     ywhA
BSU37560                 SYT2_BACSU  P18256      638     thrZ; thrS2
BSU37570                 MMR_BACSU   Q00538      466     mmr
BSU37580                 YWGB_BACSU  P71047      156     ywgB
BSU37590                 YWGA_BACSU  P71046      166     ywgA
BSU37600                 YWFO_BACSU  P39651      433     ywfO
BSU37610                 YWZC_BACSU  O32280      74      ywzC
BSU37620                 RSFA_BACSU  P39650      258     rsfA; ywfN
BSU37630                 YWFM_BACSU  P39649      296     ywfM
BSU37640                 LIPL_BACSU  P39648      281     lipL; ywfL
BSU37650                 CYSL_BACSU  P39647      299     cysL; ywfK
BSU37660                 PTAS_BACSU  P39646      323     pta; ywfJ
BSU37670                 CHDC_BACSU  P39645      254     chdC; hemQ; ywfI
BSU37680                 BACG_BACSU  P39644      259     bacG; ywfH
BSU37690                 BACF_BACSU  P39643      399     bacF; ywfG
BSU37700                 BACE_BACSU  P39642      394     bacE; ywfF
BSU37710                 BACD_BACSU  P39641      472     bacD; ywfE
BSU37720                 BACC_BACSU  P39640      253     bacC; ywfD
BSU37730                 BACB_BACSU  P39639      235     bacB; ywfC
BSU37740                 BACA_BACSU  P39638      204     bacA; ywfB
BSU37750                 YWFA_BACSU  P39637      412     ywfA
BSU37760                 ROCC_BACSU  P39636      470     rocC
BSU37770                 ROCB_BACSU  P39635      566     rocB
BSU37780                 ROCA_BACSU  P39634      515     rocA
BSU37790                 DHE2_BACSU  P39633      424     rocG; gudA; yweB
BSU37800                 BSLB_BACSU  P39632      154     bslB; yweA
BSU37810                 SPSL_BACSU  Q7WY56      151     spsL
BSU37820                 SPSK_BACSU  P39631      283     spsK
BSU37830                 RMLB_BACSU  P39630      315     rfbB; spsJ
BSU37840                 RMLA_BACSU  P39629      246     rmlA; spsI
BSU37850                 SPSG_BACSU  P39627      339     spsG; spsH
BSU37860                 SPSF_BACSU  P39626      240     spsF
BSU37870                 SPSE_BACSU  P39625      373     spsE
BSU37880                 SPSD_BACSU  P39624      289     spsD
BSU37890                 SPSC_BACSU  P39623      389     spsC
BSU37900                 SPSB_BACSU  P39622      474     spsB
BSU37910                 SPSA_BACSU  P39621      256     spsA
BSU37920                 GERQ_BACSU  P39620      181     gerQ; ywdL
BSU37930                 YWDK_BACSU  P39619      123     ywdK
BSU37940                 YWDJ_BACSU  P39618      440     ywdJ
BSU37950                 YWDI_BACSU  P39617      105     ywdI
BSU37960                 ALDH2_BACSU P39616      456     ywdH
BSU37970                 UNG_BACSU   P39615      225     ung; ywdG
BSU37980                 YWDF_BACSU  P39614      268     ywdF
BSU37990                 YWDE_BACSU  P39613      177     ywdE
BSU38000                 YWDD_BACSU  P39612      211     ywdD
BSU38018                 YWZG_BACSU  C0H3S6      112     ywzG
BSU38020                 PDXK_BACSU  P39610      271     pdxK; ywdB
BSU38030                 YWDA_BACSU  P39609      82      ywdA
BSU38040                 SCRB_BACSU  P07819      479     sacA
BSU38050                 PTSBC_BACSU P05306      461     sacP
BSU38060                 YWCJ_BACSU  P39608      256     ywcJ
BSU38070                 SACT_BACSU  P26212      276     sacT
BSU38080                 YWCI_BACSU  P39607      100     ywcI
BSU38090                 SUBV_BACSU  P29141      806     vpr
BSU38100                 YWCH_BACSU  P39606      333     ywcH
BSU38110                 NFRA1_BACSU P39605      249     nfrA1; nfrA; ywcG
BSU38120                 RODA_BACSU  P39604      393     rodA; ywcF
BSU38130                 YWCE_BACSU  P39603      87      ywcE
BSU38140                 QOX4_BACSU  P34959      124     qoxD
BSU38150                 QOX3_BACSU  P34958      204     qoxC
BSU38160                 QOX1_BACSU  P34956      649     qoxB
BSU38170                 QOX2_BACSU  P34957      321     qoxA
BSU38180                 YWZA_BACSU  O32282      81      ywzA
BSU38190                 GALT_BACSU  P39575      513     galT
BSU38200                 GAL1_BACSU  P39574      390     galK
BSU38210                 YWCD_BACSU  P39602      127     ywcD
BSU38220                 YWCC_BACSU  P39601      223     ywcC
BSU38229                 SLRA_BACSU  P0C8M5      52      slrA
BSU38230                 YWCB_BACSU  P39600      102     ywcB
BSU38240                 YWCA_BACSU  P39599      513     ywcA
BSU38250                 YWBO_BACSU  P39598      200     ywbO
BSU38260                 EFEN_BACSU  P39597      416     efeN; ywbN
BSU38270                 EFEM_BACSU  P39596      385     efeM; ywbM
BSU38280                 EFEU_BACSU  P39595      481     efeU; ywbL
BSU38290                 THIE_BACSU  P39594      222     thiE; thiC; ywbK
BSU38300                 THIM_BACSU  P39593      272     thiM; thiK; ywbJ
BSU38310                 YWBI_BACSU  P39592      301     ywbI
BSU38320                 CIDA_BACSU  P39591      128     cidA; ywbH
BSU38330                 YWBG_BACSU  P39590      225     ywbG
BSU38340                 YWBF_BACSU  P39589      399     ywbF
BSU38350                 YWBE_BACSU  P39588      65      ywbE
BSU38360                 YWBD_BACSU  P39587      396     ywbD
BSU38370                 YWBC_BACSU  P39586      126     ywbC
BSU38380                 YWBB_BACSU  P39585      225     ywbB
BSU38390                 YWBA_BACSU  P39584      444     ywbA
BSU38400                 SUBE_BACSU  P16396      645     epr
BSU38410                 SACX_BACSU  P15400      459     sacX; sacS
BSU38420                 SACY_BACSU  P15401      280     sacY; sacS
BSU38430                 GSPA_BACSU  P25148      286     gspA; ywaG
BSU38440                 YWAF_BACSU  P25149      237     ywaF
BSU38450                 YWAE_BACSU  P25150      171     ywaE
BSU38460                 SYY2_BACSU  P25151      413     tyrS2; tyrR; tyrS1; tyrT; tyrZ
BSU38470                 BSAP_BACSU  P25152      455     ywaD
BSU38480                 YWAC_BACSU  P39583      210     ywaC
BSU38490                 MENA_BACSU  P39582      311     menA; ywaB
BSU38499                 YWZH_BACSU  C0H3T3      49      ywzH
BSU38500                 DLTA_BACSU  P39581      503     dltA; dae
BSU38510                 DLTB_BACSU  P39580      395     dltB
BSU38520                 DLTC_BACSU  P39579      78      dltC
BSU38530                 DLTD_BACSU  P39578      392     dltD
BSU38540                 DLTE_BACSU  P39577      252     dltE
BSU38550                 ILVE2_BACSU P39576      363     ilvK; ywaA
BSU38560                 LICH_BACSU  P46320      442     licH; celD; celF
BSU38570                 PTJA_BACSU  P46319      110     licA; celC
BSU38580                 PTJC_BACSU  P46317      452     licC; celB
BSU38590                 PTJB_BACSU  P46318      102     licB; celA
BSU38600                 LICR_BACSU  P46321      641     licR; celR
BSU38610                 YXZF_BACSU  O32283      52      yxzF
BSU38620                 3MGH_BACSU  P94378      196     yxlJ
BSU38630                 CATX_BACSU  P94377      547     katX; yxlI
BSU38640                 YXLH_BACSU  P94376      400     yxlH
BSU38650                 YXLG_BACSU  P94375      258     yxlG
BSU38660                 YXLF_BACSU  P94374      295     yxlF
BSU38670                 YXLE_BACSU  P94373      62      yxlE
BSU38680                 YXLD_BACSU  P94372      68      yxlD
BSU38690                 YXLC_BACSU  P94371      106     yxlC
BSU38700                 SIGY_BACSU  P94370      178     sigY; yxlB
BSU38710                 YXLA_BACSU  P94369      457     yxlA
BSU38720                 NNRD_BACSU  P94368      276     nnrD; yxkO
BSU38730                 CYDD_BACSU  P94367      575     cydD; yxkN
BSU38740                 CYDC_BACSU  P94366      567     cydC; yxkM
BSU38750                 CYDB_BACSU  P94365      338     cydB; yxkL
BSU38760                 CYDA_BACSU  P94364      468     cydA; yxkK
BSU38770                 CIMH_BACSU  P94363      450     cimH; yxkJ
BSU38780                 YXKI_BACSU  P94362      562     yxkI
BSU38790                 YXZE_BACSU  O32284      66      yxzE
BSU38800                 YXKH_BACSU  P94361      279     yxkH
BSU38810                 MSMX_BACSU  P94360      365     msmX; yxkG
BSU38820                 YXKF_BACSU  P94359      297     yxkF
BSU38830                 ALDY_BACSU  P94358      485     aldY; yxkE
BSU38840                 YXKD_BACSU  P94357      278     yxkD
BSU38850                 YXKC_BACSU  P94356      180     yxkC
BSU38860                 GALE_BACSU  P55180      339     galE
BSU38870                 YXKA_BACSU  P55185      168     yxkA
BSU38880                 YXJO_BACSU  P55181      291     yxjO
BSU38890                 YXJN_BACSU  P55182      157     yxjN
BSU38900                 YXJM_BACSU  P55183      406     yxjM
BSU38910                 YXJL_BACSU  P55184      218     yxjL
BSU38920                 PEPT_BACSU  P55179      410     pepT
BSU38930                 YXJJ_BACSU  P94353      87      yxjJ
BSU38940                 YXJI_BACSU  P94352      162     yxjI
BSU38950                 YXJH_BACSU  P42319      377     yxjH
BSU38960                 YXJG_BACSU  P42318      378     yxjG
BSU38970                 YXJF_BACSU  P42317      257     yxjF
BSU38980                 SCOB_BACSU  P42316      216     scoB; yxjE
BSU38990                 SCOA_BACSU  P42315      238     scoA; yxjD
BSU39000                 YXJC_BACSU  P42314      472     yxjC
BSU39010                 YXJB_BACSU  P42313      282     yxjB
BSU39020                 NUPG_BACSU  P42312      397     nupG; yxjA
BSU39030                 YXIT_BACSU  P42311      80      yxiT
BSU39040                 YXIS_BACSU  P42310      96      yxiS
BSU39050                 CATE_BACSU  P42234      686     katE; katB
BSU39060                 CITN_BACSU  P42308      426     citN; citH; yxiQ
BSU39070                 GUB_BACSU   P04957      242     bglS; bgl; licS
BSU39080                 LICT_BACSU  P39805      277     licT
BSU39090                 YXIP_BACSU  P42307      226     yxiP; S3B
BSU39100                 YXIO_BACSU  P42306      428     yxiO; S3AR
BSU39110                 DBPA_BACSU  P42305      479     dbpA; deaD; yxiN
BSU39120                 YXIM_BACSU  P42304      382     yxiM
BSU39139                 YXZJ_BACSU  C0H3T5      43      yxzJ
BSU39140                 YXIK_BACSU  P42302      153     yxiK
BSU39150                 YXIJ_BACSU  P42320      98      yxiJ
BSU39160                 YXII_BACSU  P42301      162     yxiI
BSU39170                 YXZG_BACSU  O32285      150     yxzG
BSU39180                 YXIH_BACSU  P42300      109     yxiH
BSU39190                 YXIG_BACSU  P42299      138     yxiG
BSU39200                 YXZC_BACSU  O32286      122     yxzC
BSU39210                 YXIF_BACSU  P42298      156     yxiF
BSU39220                 WAPI_BACSU  Q07836      142     wapI; yxxG
BSU39230                 WAPA_BACSU  Q07833      2334    wapA
BSU39240                 YXXF_BACSU  Q07835      311     yxxF
BSU39250                 YXIE_BACSU  P42297      148     yxiE
BSU39260                 BGLH_BACSU  P40740      469     bglH
BSU39270                 PTV3B_BACSU P40739      609     bglP
BSU39280                 YXXE_BACSU  P40738      102     yxxE
BSU39290                 YXXD_BACSU  P40737      147     yxxD
BSU39300                 YXID_BACSU  P42296      569     yxiD; J3D
BSU39310                 YXIC_BACSU  P42295      89      yxiC; J3C
BSU39320                 YXIB_BACSU  P42294      121     yxiB; J3B
BSU39330                 EABN2_BACSU P42293      469     abn2; J3A; yxiA
BSU39339                 YXZL_BACSU  C0H3T6      54      yxzL
BSU39340                 HUTP_BACSU  P10943      148     hutP
BSU39350                 HUTH_BACSU  P10944      508     hutH
BSU39360                 HUTU_BACSU  P25503      552     hutU
BSU39370                 HUTI_BACSU  P42084      421     hutI
BSU39380                 HUTG_BACSU  P42068      319     hutG
BSU39390                 HUTM_BACSU  P42087      475     hutM
BSU39400                 PDP_BACSU   P39142      433     pdp
BSU39410                 NUPC_BACSU  P39141      393     nupC
BSU39420                 DEOC_BACSU  P39121      223     deoC; dra
BSU39430                 DEOR_BACSU  P39140      313     deoR; yxxC
BSU39440                 YXXB_BACSU  P39139      275     yxxB; LP6B
BSU39450                 YXER_BACSU  P54957      370     yxeR; LP6A
BSU39460                 YXEQ_BACSU  P54956      445     yxeQ
BSU39470                 SCMP_BACSU  P54955      380     scmP; sndB; yxeP
BSU39480                 YXEO_BACSU  P54954      249     yxeO
BSU39490                 YXEN_BACSU  P54953      224     yxeN
BSU39500                 YXEM_BACSU  P54952      264     yxeM
BSU39510                 SCML_BACSU  P54951      165     scmL; snaB; yxeL
BSU39520                 SCMK_BACSU  P54950      441     scmK; yxeK
BSU39530                 YXEJ_BACSU  P54949      75      yxeJ
BSU39540                 YXEI_BACSU  P54948      328     yxeI
BSU39550                 YXEH_BACSU  P54947      270     yxeH; IP1B
BSU39560                 YXEG_BACSU  P54946      185     yxeG; IP1A
BSU39570                 YXEF_BACSU  P54945      144     yxeF
BSU39580                 YXEE_BACSU  P54944      121     yxeE
BSU39590                 YXED_BACSU  P54943      117     yxeD
BSU39600                 YXEC_BACSU  P54942      132     yxeC
BSU39610                 YXEB_BACSU  P54941      321     yxeB
BSU39620                 YXEA_BACSU  P54940      115     yxeA
BSU39630                 YXDM_BACSU  P42424      622     yxdM
BSU39640                 YXDL_BACSU  P42423      257     yxdL
BSU39650                 YXDK_BACSU  P42422      325     yxdK
BSU39660                 YXDJ_BACSU  P42421      229     yxdJ
BSU39670                 IOLJ_BACSU  P42420      290     iolJ; fbaB; yxdI
BSU39680                 IOLI_BACSU  P42419      278     iolI; yxdH
BSU39690                 IOLH_BACSU  P42418      289     iolH; yxdG
BSU39700                 IOLG_BACSU  P26935      344     iolG; idh
BSU39710                 IOLF_BACSU  P42417      438     iolF; yxdF
BSU39720                 IOLE_BACSU  P42416      297     iolE; yxdE
BSU39730                 IOLD_BACSU  P42415      637     iolD; yxdD
BSU39740                 IOLC_BACSU  P42414      325     iolC; yxdC
BSU39750                 IOLB_BACSU  P42413      271     iolB; yxdB
BSU39760                 IOLA_BACSU  P42412      487     iolA; mmsA; yxdA
BSU39770                 IOLR_BACSU  P46337      251     iolR
BSU39780                 IOLS_BACSU  P46336      310     iolS; yxbF
BSU39790                 YXCE_BACSU  P46335      216     yxcE
BSU39800                 YXCD_BACSU  P46334      102     yxcD
BSU39810                 CSBC_BACSU  P46333      461     csbC; yxcC
BSU39820                 HTPG_BACSU  P46208      626     htpG; yxbB
BSU39830                 YXCA_BACSU  P46332      83      yxcA; E3C
BSU39840                 YXBG_BACSU  P46331      273     yxbG; E3BR; yxaU
BSU39850                 YXBF_BACSU  P46330      380     yxbF; E3A; yxaT
BSU39860                 ALDH3_BACSU P46329      445     aldX; yxaS; yxbE
BSU39870                 YXBD_BACSU  P46328      159     yxbD; yxaR
BSU39880                 YXBC_BACSU  P46327      330     yxbC; yxaQ
BSU39890                 YXBB_BACSU  P46326      244     yxbB; yxaP
BSU39900                 YXBA_BACSU  P46325      89      yxbA; yxaO
BSU39910                 YXNB_BACSU  O34704      160     yxnB
BSU39920                 ASNH_BACSU  P42113      747     asnH; yxaN
BSU39930                 YXAM_BACSU  P42112      399     yxaM
BSU39940                 YXAL_BACSU  P42111      410     yxaL; yxaK
BSU39950                 YXAJ_BACSU  P42109      141     yxaJ
BSU39960                 YXAI_BACSU  P42108      151     yxaI
BSU39970                 YXAH_BACSU  P42107      402     yxaH
BSU39980                 QDOI_BACSU  P42106      337     qdoI; yxaG
BSU39990                 YXAF_BACSU  P42105      191     yxaF
BSU40000                 YXNA_BACSU  O32291      356     yxnA
BSU40010                 YXAD_BACSU  P42103      143     yxaD
BSU40020                 YXAC_BACSU  P42102      230     yxaC
BSU40021                 YXZK_BACSU  C0H3T7      134     yxzK
BSU40030                 GS30_BACSU  P42101      343     yxaB
BSU40040                 GLXK_BACSU  P42100      382     glxK; yxaA
BSU40050                 GNTR_BACSU  P10585      243     gntR
BSU40060                 GNTK_BACSU  P12011      513     gntK
BSU40070                 GNTP_BACSU  P12012      448     gntP
BSU40080                 6PGDH_BACSU P12013      468     gntZ
BSU40090                 AHPC_BACSU  P80239      187     ahpC
BSU40100                 DHNA_BACSU  P42974      509     ahpF; ndh
BSU40110                 BGLA_BACSU  P42973      479     bglA
BSU40120                 PTXA_BACSU  O32292      76      yyzE
BSU40130                 YYDK_BACSU  Q45591      236     yydK
BSU40139                 YYZN_BACSU  C0H3T8      52      yyzN
BSU40140                 YYDJ_BACSU  Q45592      240     yydJ
BSU40150                 YYDI_BACSU  Q45593      209     yydI
BSU40160                 YYDH_BACSU  Q45594      252     yydH
BSU40170                 YYDG_BACSU  Q45595      319     yydG
BSU40180                 YYDF_BACSU  Q45596      49      yydF
BSU40190                 F16PC_BACSU Q45597      641     fbp; yydE
BSU40200                 YYDD_BACSU  Q45598      586     yydD
BSU40210                 YYDC_BACSU  Q45599      132     yydC
BSU40220                 YYDB_BACSU  Q45600      481     yydB
BSU40230                 RLMH_BACSU  Q45601      159     rlmH; yydA
BSU40239                 YYZF_BACSU  C0H3T9      56      yyzF
BSU40240                 YYCS_BACSU  Q45603      137     yycS
BSU40250                 YYCR_BACSU  Q45604      408     yycR
BSU40259                 YYZG_BACSU  C0H3U0      56      yyzG
BSU40260                 YYCQ_BACSU  Q45605      82      yycQ
BSU40270                 YYCP_BACSU  Q45606      387     yycP
BSU40280                 YYCO_BACSU  Q45607      245     yycO
BSU40290                 YYCN_BACSU  O32293      156     yycN
BSU40300                 RAPG_BACSU  O32294      365     rapG; yycM
BSU40310                 PHRG_BACSU  O32295      38      phrG; yycL
BSU40320                 ARGI_BACSU  P39138      296     rocF
BSU40330                 ROCE_BACSU  P39137      467     rocE
BSU40340                 OAT_BACSU   P38021      401     rocD
BSU40350                 ROCR_BACSU  P38022      461     rocR
BSU40360                 YYXA_BACSU  P39668      400     yyxA; yycK
BSU40370                 YYCJ_BACSU  C0SP91      264     yycJ
BSU40380                 YYCI_BACSU  Q45612      280     yycI
BSU40390                 YYCH_BACSU  Q794W0      455     yycH
BSU40400                 WALK_BACSU  Q45614      611     walK; yycG
BSU40410                 WALR_BACSU  P37478      235     walR; yycF
BSU40420                 PURA_BACSU  P29726      430     purA
BSU40430                 YYCE_BACSU  P37479      139     yycE
BSU40440                 DNAC_BACSU  P37469      454     dnaC
BSU40450                 YYCD_BACSU  P37480      66      yycD
BSU40460                 YYZB_BACSU  O32296      67      yyzB
BSU40470                 YYCC_BACSU  P37481      46      yycC
BSU40480                 YYCB_BACSU  P37482      402     yycB
BSU40490                 YYCA_BACSU  P37483      685     yycA
BSU40500                 RL9_BACSU   P37437      149     rplI
BSU40510                 GDPP_BACSU  P37484      659     gdpP; yybT
BSU40520                 YYBS_BACSU  P37485      309     yybS
BSU40529                 YYZH_BACSU  C0H3U2      49      yyzH
BSU40530                 COTF_BACSU  P23261      160     cotF
BSU40540                 YYBR_BACSU  P37486      125     yybR
BSU40550                 PPAC_BACSU  P37487      309     ppaC
BSU40560                 YYBP_BACSU  P37488      148     yybP
BSU40570                 YYBO_BACSU  P37489      435     yybO
BSU40580                 YYBN_BACSU  P37490      145     yybN
BSU40590                 YYBM_BACSU  P37491      251     yybM
BSU40600                 YYBL_BACSU  P37492      236     yybL
BSU40610                 YYBK_BACSU  P37493      251     yybK
BSU40620                 YYBJ_BACSU  P37494      218     yybJ
BSU40630                 YYBI_BACSU  P37495      262     yybI
BSU40640                 YYBH_BACSU  P37496      129     yybH
BSU40650                 YYBG_BACSU  P37497      279     yybG
BSU40660                 YYBF_BACSU  P37498      404     yybF
BSU40670                 YYBE_BACSU  P37499      292     yybE
BSU40680                 ATSE_BACSU  P37500      147     yybD
BSU40690                 YYBC_BACSU  P37501      159     yybC
BSU40700                 YYBB_BACSU  P37502      220     yybB
BSU40710                 YYBA_BACSU  P37503      150     yybA
BSU40720                 YYAT_BACSU  P37504      148     yyaT
BSU40730                 YYAS_BACSU  P37505      201     yyaS
BSU40740                 STA_BACSU   P37506      173     satA; yyaR
BSU40750                 YYAQ_BACSU  P37507      118     yyaQ
BSU40760                 YYAP_BACSU  P37508      188     yyaP
BSU40770                 TCRB_BACSU  P23054      458     tetB; tet
BSU40780                 LPTR_BACSU  P23053      20      tetL
BSU40790                 YYAO_BACSU  P37509      79      yyaO
BSU40800                 YYAN_BACSU  P37510      138     yyaN
BSU40810                 YYAM_BACSU  P37511      305     yyaM
BSU40820                 YYAL_BACSU  P37512      689     yyaL
BSU40830                 YYAK_BACSU  P37513      299     yyaK
BSU40840                 YYAJ_BACSU  P37514      451     yyaJ
BSU40850                 MAA_BACSU   P37515      184     maa; yyaI
BSU40860                 YYAH_BACSU  P37516      126     yyaH
BSU40870                 CCPB_BACSU  P37517      311     ccpB; yyaG
BSU40880                 EXOA_BACSU  P37454      252     exoA
BSU40890                 RS18_BACSU  P21475      79      rpsR
BSU40900                 SSBA_BACSU  P37455      172     ssbA
BSU40910                 RS6_BACSU   P21468      95      rpsF
BSU40920                 YCHF_BACSU  P37518      366     ychF; engD; yyaF
BSU40930                 YYAE_BACSU  P37519      667     yyaE
BSU40939                 YYZM_BACSU  C0H3V8      68      yyzM
BSU40940                 YYAD_BACSU  P37520      338     yyaD
BSU40950                 YYAC_BACSU  P37521      205     yyaC
BSU40960                 SP0J_BACSU  P26497      282     spo0J
BSU40970                 SOJ_BACSU   P37522      253     soj; orf253
BSU40980                 YYAB_BACSU  P37523      146     yyaB
BSU40990                 NOC_BACSU   P37524      283     noc; yyaA
BSU41000                 RSMG_BACSU  P25813      239     rsmG; gidB
BSU41010                 MNMG_BACSU  P25812      628     mnmG; gidA
BSU41020                 MNME_BACSU  P25811      459     mnmE; thdF; trmE
BSU41030                 JAG_BACSU   Q01620      208     jag
BSU41040                 MISCA_BACSU Q01625      261     misCA; spoIIIJ
BSU41050                 RNPA_BACSU  P25814      116     rnpA
BSU41060                 RL34_BACSU  P05647      44      rpmH

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