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Interaction between a cellular protein that binds to the C-terminal region of adenovirus E1A (CtBP) and a novel cellular protein is disrupted by E1A through a conserved PLDLS motif.

Schaeper U., Subramanian T., Lim L., Boyd J.M., Chinnadurai G.

Adenovirus E1A proteins immortalize primary animal cells and cooperate with several other oncogenes in oncogenic transformation. These activities are primarily determined by the N-terminal half (exon 1) of E1A. Although the C-terminal half (exon 2) is also essential for some of these activities, it is dispensable for cooperative transformation with the activated T24 ras oncogene. Exon 2 negatively modulates in vitro cooperative transformation with T24 ras as well as the tumorigenic and metastatic potentials of transformed cells. A short C-terminal sequence of E1A governs the oncogenesis-restraining activity of exon 2. This region of E1A binds with a cellular phosphoprotein, CtBP, through a 5-amino acid motif, PLDLS, conserved among the E1A proteins of human adenoviruses. To understand the mechanism by which interaction between E1A and CtBP results in tumorigenesis-restraining activity, we searched for cellular proteins that complex with CtBP. Here, we report the cloning and characterization of a 125-kDa protein, CtIP, that binds with CtBP through the PLDLS motif. E1A exon 2 peptides that contain the PLDLS motif disrupt the CtBP-CtIP complex. Our results suggest that the tumorigenesis-restraining activity of E1A exon 2 may be related to the disruption of the CtBP-CtIP complex through the PLDLS motif.

J. Biol. Chem. 273:8549-8552(1998) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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