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The motheaten mutation rescues B cell signaling and development in CD45-deficient mice.

Pani G., Siminovitch K.A., Paige C.J.

The cytosolic SHP-1 and transmembrane CD45 protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTP) play critical roles in regulating signal transduction via the B cell antigen receptor (BCR). These PTPs differ, however, in their effects on BCR function. For example, BCR-mediated mitogenesis is essentially ablated in mice lacking CD45 (CD45(-)), but is enhanced in SHP-1-deficient motheaten (me) and viable motheaten (mev) mice. To determine whether these PTPs act independently or coordinately in modulating the physiologic outcome of BCR engagement, we assessed B cell development and signaling in CD45-deficient mev (CD45-/SHP-1-) mice. Here we report that the CD45-/SHP-1-) cells undergo appropriate induction of protein kinase activity, mitogen-activated protein kinase activation, and proliferative responses after BCR aggregation. However, BCR-elicited increases in the tyrosine phosphorylation of several SHP-1-associated phosphoproteins, including CD19, were substantially enhanced in CD45-/SHP-1-, compared to wild-type and CD45-cells. In addition, we observed that the patterns of cell surface expression of mu, delta, and CD5, which distinguish the PTP-deficient from normal mice, are largely restored to normal levels in the double mutant animals. These findings indicate a critical role for the balance of SHP-1 and CD45 activities in determining the outcome of BCR stimulation and suggest that these PTPs act in a coordinate fashion to couple antigen receptor engagement to B cell activation and maturation.

J. Exp. Med. 186:581-588(1997) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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