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Expression of alternatively spliced PCTAIRE-1 mRNA in PC12 cells and neonatal rat brain.

Gao C.Y., Chauthaiwale V.M., Rampalli A.M., Zelenka P.S.

A rat PCTAIRE-1 cDNA clone was isolated by immunoscreening of a PC12 cDNA library, followed by 5' RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) to determine the 5' end. The rat PCTAIRE-1 cDNA sequence is 96% identical to mouse PCTAIRE-1 and contains an alternatively spliced exon of 131 bp near the 5' end. Although a mouse cDNA containing this exon has been reported, examination of several mouse cell lines provided no evidence for expression of the corresponding mRNA (Okuda et al., 1992). In contrast, reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction (RT/PCR) across this region using RNA from proliferating, differentiated, and apoptotic PC12 cells demonstrated that alternatively spliced forms of PCTAIRE-1 mRNA with and without this exon are expressed. Both forms of PCTAIRE-1 mRNA are also expressed in vivo in neonatal rat brain, although other tissues examined contained only the form lacking the alternatively spliced exon. In the absence of the alternatively spliced exon PCTAIRE-1 mRNA contains an open reading frame of 1488 bp, corresponding to a 55-kDa protein that is 97% identical to mouse PCTAIRE-1 protein. When the alternatively spliced exon is present, this open reading frame is terminated by a stop codon and a second open reading frame is initiated, predicting a second PCTAIRE-1 protein of 52 kDa. The two predicted PCTAIRE-1 proteins are identical downstream of the splice site, but share no homology at their N-terminal ends.

Gene 176:243-247(1996) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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