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The complete nucleotide sequence of bacteriophage HP1 DNA.

Esposito D., Fitzmaurice W.P., Benjamin R.C., Goodman S.D., Waldman A.S., Scocca J.J.

The complete nucleotide sequence of the temperate phage HP1 of Haemophilus influenzae was determined. The phage contains a linear, double-stranded genome of 32 355 nt with cohesive termini. Statistical methods were used to identify 41 probable protein coding segments organized into five plausible transcriptional units. Regions encoding proteins involved in recombination, replication, transcriptional control, host cell lysis and phage production were identified. The sizes of proteins in the mature HP1 particle were determined to assist in identifying genes for structural proteins. Similarities between HP1 coding sequences and those in databases, as well as similar gene organizations and control mechanisms, suggest that HP1 is a member of the P2-like phage family, with strong similarities to coliphages P2 and 186 and some similarity to the retronphage Ec67.

Nucleic Acids Res. 24:2360-2368(1996) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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