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The ribosomal neighbourhood of the central fold of tRNA: cross-links from position 47 of tRNA located at the A, P or E site.

Osswald M., Doering T., Brimacombe R.

The naturally occurring nucleotide 3-(3-amino-3-carboxy-propyl)uridine (acp3U) at position 47 of tRNA(Phe) from Escherichia coli was modified with a diazirine derivative and bound to ribosomes in the presence of suitable mRNA analogues under conditions specific for the ribosomal A, P or E sites. After photo-activation at 350 nm the cross-links to ribosomal proteins and RNA were identified by our standard procedures. In the 30S subunit protein S19 (and weakly S9 and S13) was the target of cross-linking from tRNA at the A site, S7, S9 and S13 from the P site and S7 from the E site. Similarly, in the 50S subunit L16 and L27 were cross-linked from the A site, L1, L5, L16, L27 and L33 from the P site and L1 and L33 from the E site. Corresponding cross-links to rRNA were localized by RNase H digestion to the following areas: in 16S rRNA between positions 687 and 727 from the P and E sites, positions 1318 and 1350 (P site) and 1350 and 1387 (E site); in the 23S rRNA between positions 865 and 910 from the A site, 1845 and 1892 (P site), 1892 and 1945 (A site), 2282 and 2358 (P site), 2242 and 2461 (P and E sites), 2461 and 2488 (A site), 2488 and 2539 (all three sites) and 2572 and 2603 (A and P sites). In most (but not all) cases, more precise localizations of the cross-link sites could be made by primer extension analysis.

Nucleic Acids Res. 23:4635-4641(1995) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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