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A survey of the Mycoplasma genitalium genome by using random sequencing.

Peterson S.N., Hu P.-C., Bott K.F., Hutchison C.A. III

A total of 508 random clones from five Mycoplasma genitalium genomic libraries were partially sequenced and analyzed. This resulted in the identification of 291 unique contigs. Sequence information from these clones (100,993 nucleotides), representing approximately 17% of this pathogen's genome, was analyzed by comparison to the DNA and protein sequence data bases. The frequency with which clones could be identified, by virtue of possessing homology to another data base entry, was 46%. Sequence analysis indicated the following. (i) The M. genitalium genome contains many genes involved in various metabolic processes. (ii) Repetitive DNA may comprise as much as 4% of this genome. (iii) The MgPa adhesin gene may be the result of horizontal transfer from an unknown origin. (iv) Not all dinucleotide pairs are present in this genome at the expected frequency. (v) This genome potentially encodes approximately 390 proteins and makes very efficient use of its limited amount of DNA. In addition, this study allowed us to estimate the number of genes involved with various cellular functions.

J. Bacteriol. 175:7918-7930(1993) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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