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Distribution and characteristics of a 90 kDa protein, KG-CAM, in the rat CNS.

Peduzzi J.D., Irwin M.H., Geisert E.E. Jr.

The distribution of a 90 kDa protein, termed KG-CAM, was examined in the developing and adult rat central nervous system (CNS) using the monoclonal antibody 11-59. The amino acid sequence of this protein revealed a sequence homology with a group of chick cell adhesion molecules from the immunoglobulin superfamily: DM-GRASP; SC1; and BEN. Immunolabeling of cells cultured from the embryonic and neonatal rat brain demonstrates that the protein recognized by 11-59 is on the external surface of a subpopulation of neurons and a limited population of glial cells. When the 11-59 antibody was used to stain sections of the adult brain and spinal cord, a number of different structures were labeled. The most intense immunoreactivity was found in the somatosensory system, the basal ganglia, the cortex, the olfactory system, and the circumventricular organs. One of the more interesting aspects of KG-CAM is the spatially and temporally regulated patterns of expression observed during the development of the CNS. For example, the dendrites of layer II pyramidal cells in the granular retrosplenial cortex are immunopositive for 11-59 while the dendrites are in the process of bundling in layer I, but not before bundling begins or after the process is completed. These findings reveal the varied roles of this adhesion molecule in the developing brain and spinal cord, as well as its potential role in the maintenance of the structural integrity of the adult CNS.

Brain Res. 640:296-307(1994) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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