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Bacillus subtilis genome project: cloning and sequencing of the 97 kb region from 325 degrees to 333 degrees.

Glaser P., Kunst F., Arnaud M., Coudart M.P., Gonzales W., Hullo M.-F., Ionescu M., Lubochinsky B., Marcelino L., Moszer I., Presecan E., Santana M., Schneider E., Schweizer J., Vertes A., Rapoport G., Danchin A., et al.

In the framework of the European project aimed at the sequencing of the Bacillus subtilis genome the DNA region located between gerB (314 degrees) and sacXY (333 degrees) was assigned to the Institut Pasteur. In this paper we describe the cloning and sequencing of a segment of 97 kb of contiguous DNA. Ninety-two open reading frames were predicted to encode putative proteins among which only forty-two were found to display significant similarities to known proteins present in databanks, e.g. amino acid permeases, proteins involved in cell wall or antibiotic biosynthesis, various regulatory proteins, proteins of several dehydrogenase families and enzymes II of the phosphotransferase system involved in sugar transport. Additional experiments led to the identification of the products of new B. subtilis genes, e.g. galactokinase and an operon involved in thiamine biosynthesis.

Mol. Microbiol. 10:371-384(1993) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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