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Inhibition of T cell responses to alloantigens and polyclonal mitogens by Ly-5 antisera.

Harp J.A., Davis B.S., Ewald S.J.

The effects of Ly-5 alloantisera on the generation of cytotoxic T cells (CTL), on the effector phase of CTL killing, and on polyclonal mitogenesis were studied. Ly-5 antisera added at the beginning of mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) suppressed the production of CTL in an allele-specific manner. Neither Ly-5.1 nor Ly-5.2 antisera inhibited the generation of cytotoxic effectors by Ly-5.1/Ly-5.2 heterozygous spleen cells; however, a combination of Ly-5.1 and Ly-5.2 antisera markedly suppressed the appearance of Ly-5 heterozygous CTL. Similarly, Ly-5 antisera inhibited the effector phase of CTL killing in an allele-specific manner. In addition, Ly-5 alloantisera specifically blocked concanavalin A and oxidative mitogenesis of splenocytes carrying the appropriate Ly-5 alloantigen. The results are discussed in light of a possible functional role of Ly-5 molecules in immune processes.

J. Immunol. 133:10-15(1984) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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