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Structure and expression of the human creatine kinase B gene.

Mariman E.C.M., Broers C.A.M., Claesen C.A.A., Tesser G.I., Wieringa B.

Various cDNAs for creatine kinase type B (CK-B) were isolated from human cDNA libraries using a 26-oligonucleotide guess-mer probe. One of the cDNAs appeared to be almost full-length and contained an open reading frame coding for the 381 amino acid residues of the human CK-B polypeptide. The nucleotide sequences of the translated region as well as the primary protein structure show a high degree of homology with known CK-B and CK-M sequences of other vertebrates. The level of CK-B RNA as a measure of CK-B gene activity was determined in various human tissues and cultured cells. Our results confirm that CK-B is expressed in a tissue-specific manner and give support to the previously proposed relation between CK-B gene activity and cell proliferation. Screening of genomic DNA with various cDNA regions as probes revealed that there is only one CK-B gene per haploid genome. Gene cloning and sequencing indicated that CK-B is coded for by a relatively small gene of 3.2 kb in size, which is partially overlapped by an HTF island (A. P. Bird (1986) Nature (London) 321, 557-558) with an extremely high G + C content at its 5' end.

Genomics 1:126-137(1987) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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