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Molecular cloning and expression in Escherichia coli of a cDNA encoding human pancreatic elastase 2.

Shirasu Y., Yoshida H., Matsuki S., Takemura K., Ikeda N., Shimada Y., Ozawa T., Mikayama T., Iijima H., Ishida A., Sato Y., Tamai Y., Tanaka J., Ikenaga H., et al.

We have cloned a DNA that is complementary to the messenger RNA that encodes human pancreatic elastase 2 from a human pancreatic cDNA library using a cloned cDNA for rat pancreatic elastase 2 messenger RNA. This complementary DNA contains the entire protein coding region of 807 nucleotides which encodes preproelastase of 269 amino acids, and 4 and 82 nucleotides of the 5'- and 3'-untranslated sequences, respectively. When this deduced amino acid sequence was compared with known amino acid sequences it showed 82% homology with rat pancreatic elastase 2. This deduced sequence also contains a 16-amino-acid peptide identical with the N-terminal sequence determined for native human pancreatic proelastase 2. Taking the above findings together, we conclude that the cloned cDNA encodes a mature enzyme of 241 amino acids including 16 and 12 amino acids for a signal peptide and an activation peptide, respectively. Moreover, the predicted key amino acid residues involved in determining the substrate specificity of mammalian pancreatic elastase 2 are retained in the human enzyme. Cloned human pancreatic elastase 2 cDNA was expressed in E. coli as a mature and pro-form protein. Both resulting proteins showed immunoreactivity toward anti-elastase serum and enzymatic activity. We have also cloned and sequenced a porcine pancreatic elastase 2 cDNA.

J. Biochem. 102:1555-1563(1987) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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