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CTCF recruits centromeric protein CENP-E to the pericentromeric/centromeric regions of chromosomes through unusual CTCF-binding sites.

Xiao T., Wongtrakoongate P., Trainor C., Felsenfeld G.

The role of CTCF in stabilizing long-range interactions between chromatin sites essential for maintaining nuclear architecture is well established. Most of these interactions involve recruitment of the cohesin complex to chromatin via CTCF. We find that CTCF also interacts with the centromeric protein CENP-E both in vitro and in vivo. We identified CTCF sites in pericentric/centromeric DNA and found that, early in mitosis, CTCF binds and recruits CENP-E to these sites. Unlike most known CTCF genomic sites, the CTCF-binding sites in the pericentric/centromeric regions interact strongly with the C-terminal fingers of CTCF. Overexpression of a small CENP-E fragment, targeted to these CTCF sites, results in a delay in alignment of some chromosomes during mitosis, suggesting that the recruitment of CENP-E by CTCF is physiologically important. We conclude that CTCF helps recruit CENP-E to the centromere during mitosis and that it may do so through a structure stabilized by the CTCF/CENP-E complex.

Cell Rep. 12:1704-1714(2015) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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