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Cell cycle-dependent chromatin shuttling of HBO1-JADE1 histone acetyl transferase (HAT) complex.

Siriwardana N.S., Meyer R., Havasi A., Dominguez I., Panchenko M.V.

HAT HBO1 interacts with 2 isoforms of JADE1: JADE1S and JADE1L. JADE1 promotes acetylation of nucleosomal histones by HBO1. HBO1-JADE1 complex facilitates cell proliferation by unclear mechanisms. Here we report intracellular chromatin shuttling of HBO1-JADE1 complex during mitosis coupled to phosphorylation of JADE1. In interphase of dividing cells JADE1S was localized to the nucleus and associated with chromatin. As cells approached mitosis, specifically prophase, JADE1S dissociated from chromatin and associated with cytoplasm. JADE1S chromatin re-association began in telophase and paralleled nuclear envelope membrane reassembly. By early G₁, JADE1S was re-associated with chromatin and localized to the nucleus. Importantly, cytoplasmic but not chromatin-associated JADE1 protein was phosphorylated. Mass-Spectrometric analysis of JADE1S protein isolated from G₂/M-arrested cells identified 6 phosphorylated amino acid residues: S89, T92, S102, S121, S392, and T468, including 3 novel sites. Temporally, JADE1S phosphorylation and dephosphorylation during mitosis correlated with JADE1S chromatin dissociation and recruitment. JADE1S chromatin recruitment was accompanied by the global histone H4 acetylation. Pharmacological inhibitor of Aurora A kinase prevented JADE1S protein band shift and chromatin dissociation, suggesting regulatory function for phosphorylation. In vivo experiments supported our in vitro results. In mouse kidneys, JADE1S transiently accumulated in the cytoplasm of tubular epithelial cells during kidney regeneration. The transient increase in the number of cells with cytoplasmic JADE1S directly correlated with activation of tubular cell proliferation and inversely correlated with the number of cells with nuclear JADE1S staining, supporting biological role of HBO1-JADE1 shuttling during organ regeneration.

Cell Cycle 13:1885-1901(2014) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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