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The lung innate immune gene surfactant protein-D is expressed in adipose tissue and linked to obesity status.

Ortega F.J., Pueyo N., Moreno-Navarrete J.M., Sabater M., Rodriguez-Hermosa J.I., Ricart W., Tinahones F.J., Fernandez-Real J.M.

BACKGROUND: Surfactant protein-D (SFTPD) is a component of the lung innate immunity that enhances clearance of pathogens and modulates inflammatory responses. An inverse association of putative, lung-derived circulating SFTPD with obesity has been reported but no information is available concerning possible SFTPD gene expression in human adipose tissue. METHODS: SFTPD gene expression was analyzed in human omental (OM; n=156) and subcutaneous (SC; n=106) adipose tissue, and in isolated fat cells (n=12) in association with measures of obesity and glucose tolerance. RESULTS: SFTPD gene was expressed in human adipose tissue and adipocytes. This expression was decreased in OM and SC adipose tissue from obese subjects with (-47%, P<0.0001; and -37%, P=0.048) and without (-34%, P=0.001; and -22%, P=0.08; respectively) type 2 diabetes when compared with the control group. Indeed, OM SFTPD was inversely associated with body mass index (r=-0.33, P<0.0001), percent fat mass (r=-0.36, P<0.0001), waist perimeter (r=-0.26, P=0.002), diastolic blood pressure (r=-0.21, P=0.018) and fasting glucose (r=-0.21, P=0.012); and positively linked to the expression of insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1; r=0.25, P=0.004), perilipin A (PLIN; r=0.38, P=0.007) and fatty acid synthase (FASN; r=0.36, P<0.0001). Accordingly, increased SFTPD (4.5-fold, P=0.02) was detected in isolated adipocytes when compared with the stromal-vascular cell fraction, in parallel to IRS1, FASN and PLIN. CONCLUSIONS: Both OM and SC adipose tissue (mainly mature adipocytes) express SFTPD. This expression decreases with obesity and impaired glucose tolerance.

Int. J. Obes. Relat. Metab. Disord. 37:1532-1538(2013) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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