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CX3CR1+ CD115+ CD135+ common macrophage/DC precursors and the role of CX3CR1 in their response to inflammation.

Auffray C., Fogg D.K., Narni-Mancinelli E., Senechal B., Trouillet C., Saederup N., Leemput J., Bigot K., Campisi L., Abitbol M., Molina T., Charo I., Hume D.A., Cumano A., Lauvau G., Geissmann F.

CX(3)CR1 expression is associated with the commitment of CSF-1R(+) myeloid precursors to the macrophage/dendritic cell (DC) lineage. However, the relationship of the CSF-1R(+) CX(3)CR1(+) macrophage/DC precursor (MDP) with other DC precursors and the role of CX(3)CR1 in macrophage and DC development remain unclear. We show that MDPs give rise to conventional DCs (cDCs), plasmacytoid DCs (PDCs), and monocytes, including Gr1(+) inflammatory monocytes that differentiate into TipDCs during infection. CX(3)CR1 deficiency selectively impairs the recruitment of blood Gr1(+) monocytes in the spleen after transfer and during acute Listeria monocytogenes infection but does not affect the development of monocytes, cDCs, and PDCs.

J. Exp. Med. 206:595-606(2009) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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