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Expression of estrogen induced gene 121-like (EIG121L) during early Xenopus development.

Araki T., Kusakabe M., Nishida E.

Estrogen induced gene 121 (EIG121) and EIG121-like (EIG121L) are evolutionarily conserved genes. But, their function is still unknown. Here, we report the expression pattern of Xenopus EIG121-like (xEIG121L) during early development. Its expression was first detected at stage 9 after mid-blastula transition, attained its maximal level at the gastrula stage, and remained constant until the tadpole stage. Whole-mount in situ hybridization revealed that xEIG121L was expressed strongly in the ventral ectoderm at the gastrula stage, and in the anterior ectoderm surrounding the neural plate at the neurula stage. xEIG121L expression was especially high in the presumptive hatching gland and cement gland regions in the neurula. At the tailbud stage, xEIG121L expression was limited to the hatching gland; an inverted Y type staining, characteristic of the hatching gland, was observed. However, at the tadpole stage, xEIG121L was expressed broadly in the head, heart and fin.

Gene Expr. Patterns 7:666-671(2007) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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