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Preferential humoral immune response in prostate cancer to cellular proteins p90 and p62 in a panel of tumor-associated antigens.

Shi F.D., Zhang J.Y., Liu D., Rearden A., Elliot M., Nachtsheim D., Daniels T., Casiano C.A., Heeb M.J., Chan E.K.L., Tan E.M.


Cytoplasmic p90 autoantigen was recently cloned from a cDNA expression library using serum antibody from a cancer patient. The humoral immune response to p90 in prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) was examined.


An antigenic fragment of recombinant p90 protein and several other tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) were used in ELISA and Western blotting to detect antibodies in sera from patients with prostate cancer, BPH, and other controls.


Autoantibodies to p90 were detected in 30.8% of 133 prostate cancer patients versus 1.5% in 68 BPH patients. When a selected panel of six TAAs including p90 were used for immunoscreening, the cumulative positive reactions in prostate cancer sera reached 92.5%, significantly higher than in BPH and other control sera. Antibodies to p90 showed the highest frequency in prostate cancer (30.8%), followed by antibodies to p62 (22.6%).


A panel of six selected TAAs was shown to have high sensitivity and specificity as immunodiagnostic markers in prostate cancer.

Prostate 63:252-258(2005) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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