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The nephroblastoma overexpressed gene (NOV/ccn3) protein associates with Notch1 extracellular domain and inhibits myoblast differentiation via Notch signaling pathway.

Sakamoto K., Yamaguchi S., Ando R., Miyawaki A., Kabasawa Y., Takagi M., Li C.L., Perbal B., Katsube K.

We demonstrate a novel interaction of the nephroblastoma overexpressed gene (NOV), a member of the CCN gene family, with the Notch signaling pathway. NOV associates with the epidermal growth factor-like repeats of Notch1 by the CT (C-terminal cysteine knot) domain. The promoters of HES1 and HES5, which are the downstream transducers of Notch signaling, were activated by NOV. Expressions of NOV and Notch1 were concomitant in the presomitic mesoderm and later in the myocytes and chondrocytes, suggesting their synergistic effects in mesenchymal cell differentiation. In C2/4 myogenic cells, elevated expression of NOV led to down-regulation of MyoD and myogenin, resulting in inhibition of myotube formation. These results indicate that NOV-Notch1 association exerts a positive effect on Notch signaling and consequently suppresses myogenesis.

J. Biol. Chem. 277:29399-29405(2002) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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