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Polymorphisms in the ABCC2 (cMOAT/MRP2) gene found in 72 established cell lines derived from Japanese individuals: an association between single nucleotide polymorphisms in the 5'-untranslated region and exon 28.

Itoda M., Saito Y., Soyama A., Saeki M., Murayama N., Ishida S., Sai K., Nagano M., Suzuki H., Sugiyama Y., Ozawa S., Sawada Ji J.

We found nucleotide variability in the 5'-upstream region and exonic sequences of a gene-encoding canalicular multispecific organic anion transporter/multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 (cMOAT/MRP2) by polymerase chain reaction-based sequencing using genomic DNA from 72 established cell lines derived from 72 Japanese individuals. Four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found in the 5'-untranslational region and 21 in the exonic regions. Of them, 14 were nonsynonymous SNPs. One deletion of seven consecutive adenines resulting in a frameshift variant was also found. Four SNPs, c-24t, g1249a (V417I), c2366t (S789F), and c3972t (I1324I), were the same as those recently reported. A strong association was found between c-24t (5'-untranslated region) and c3972t (exon 28), with the promoter activity of the former worth being compared.

Drug Metab. Dispos. 30:363-364(2002) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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