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Mechanism of c-Myb-C/EBP beta cooperation from separated sites on a promoter.

Tahirov T.H., Sato K., Ichikawa-Iwata E., Sasaki M., Inoue-Bungo T., Shiina M., Kimura K., Takata S., Fujikawa A., Morii H., Kumasaka T., Yamamoto M., Ishii S., Ogata K.

c-Myb, but not avian myeloblastosis virus (AMV) v-Myb, cooperates with C/EBP beta to regulate transcription of myeloid-specific genes. To assess the structural basis for that difference, we determined the crystal structures of complexes comprised of the c-Myb or AMV v-Myb DNA-binding domain (DBD), the C/EBP beta DBD, and a promoter DNA fragment. Within the c-Myb complex, a DNA-bound C/EBP beta interacts with R2 of c-Myb bound to a different DNA fragment; point mutations in v-Myb R2 eliminate such interaction within the v-Myb complex. GST pull-down assays, luciferase trans-activation assays, and atomic force microscopy confirmed that the interaction of c-Myb and C/EBP beta observed in crystal mimics their long range interaction on the promoter, which is accompanied by intervening DNA looping.

Cell 108:57-70(2002) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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