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A single gene for human TRAF-3 at chromosome 14q32.3 encodes a variety of mRNA species by alternative polyadenylation, mRNA splicing and transcription initiation.

van Eyndhoven W.G., Frank D., Kalachikov S., Cleary A.M., Hong D.I., Cho E., Nasr S., Perez A.J., Mackus W.J.M., Cayanis E., Wellington S., Fischer S.G., Warburton D., Lederman S.

Human TRAF-3 is a signaling molecule that interacts with the cytoplasmic tails of CD40 and other TNF-receptor family members. TRAF-3 mRNA is expressed as two major classes of approximately 2 and 8 kb and a number of TRAF-3 encoding cDNA clones differ in discrete gene segments. Because this variety of mRNA species could result from mRNA processing events and/or multiple genes, the structure and localization of TRAF-3 encoding gene elements were determined. FISH and radiation hybrid mapping demonstrated that TRAF-3 is located at chromosome 14q32.3, approximately 1 Mb centromeric to the Ig heavy chain gene complex. Physical mapping of four overlapping genomic PAC clones established that TRAF-3 transcripts are encoded by a single gene, comprised of 13 exons and spanning 130 kb. Alternative polyadenylation in the mRNA segment encoded by exon 12 accounts for the difference between the 2 kb and the 8 kb classes of transcripts. Alternative mRNA splicing in the coding region (encoded by exons 3-12) generates transcripts which delete exons 8 (75 nt), 7+8 (156 nt) or 8+9 (168 nt) and that encode distinct protein isoforms (delta25, delta52 and delta56 aa, respectively). Alternative splicing of exon 2 (139 nt) and alternative transcriptional initiation result in mRNA species with distinct 5'UTRs. Together, these data indicate that a single TRAF-3 gene encodes a variety of mRNA species by a combination of alternative polyadenylation, alternative mRNA splicing and/or alternative initiation.

Mol. Immunol. 35:1189-1206(1998) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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