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The mission of UniProt is to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information.


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    Planned changes for UniProt

  • UniProt release 2019_11
    Thicker than water | Functional annotation of different gene products | Changes to FT and CC text format | Cross-references to RNAct | Pr...

  • UniProt release 2019_10
    A scorpion venom toxin may help unravel the mystery of chronic pain | Removal of the cross-references to EcoGene

  • UniProt release 2019_09
    Biological weapon usage in the struggle for life | Change of annotation topic 'Sequence caution' | Cross-references to PlantReactome

  • UniProt release 2019_08
    Magnetic personalities | Cross-references to DrugCentral, Pharos and MassIVE | Change of UniRef clustering method from CD-HIT to MMseqs2 ...

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Every cell is a world of its own. Within its boundaries, there are entities of all shapes and sizes each busy accomplishing specific activities - transcribing genes, synthesizing proteins, modifying proteins, ferrying molecules from one part of the cell to another, building molecular motorways, erecting scaffoldings, repairing scaffoldings, collecting waste, shifting waste, digesting waste..…

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